'Nuclear Crisis Group .. preventing .. the use of nuclear weapons.' (no replies)        
'VIENNA — In response to the alarming rise of tensions involving nuclear-armed governments and their allies, the Global Zero movement has formed an international Nuclear Crisis Group dedicated to preventing these flashpoints from escalating to the use of nuclear weapons. The NCG will launch May 5-6 at the United Nations in Vienna at the first preparatory meeting of the 2020 Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference.'

- Global Zero Launches Nuclear Crisis Group To Prevent Nuclear War, May 5, 2017


Vision of Humanity - Global Peace

          (Banking Reform - Monetary Reform) - '..debt is our biggest security threat..' (no replies)        
'Now that he is president, Trump likes to tout the fact he’s listening to America’s generals. Perhaps he needs to talk to General Mike Millen, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Perhaps then he would see that the greatest threat America faces isn’t from China, Russia, or North Korea – it is from the national debt. Until Trump reverses course on military spending, and gets tough on entitlements, his "America First" budget will only make the US worse off.'

- Tho Bishop (Source, March 20, 2017)

'..a crippling national debt..'

'Under a Republican budget resolution, the national debt will explode by a third from an already staggering $19 billion to $29 trillion over the next ten years. Although counterintuitive, Democratic presidents, at least those after World War II, have reduced deficits as a portion of the value of the national economy (GDP) while Republican presidents have increased them — thus accumulating less public debt as a percentage of GDP. Yet neither political party has paid enough attention to this burgeoning national security problem.

National security problem? Yes. General Mike Mullen, while he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation’s top military man, was enlightened enough about long-term health of American power to realize that it takes continuing infusions of money to acquire the weapons and equipment, personnel, training, maintenance and benefits to create a credible military to adequately defend the country. In addition, all other indices of national power — political, diplomatic and cultural — require money too.

To generate those resources, a strong economy is needed. The number one problem dragging down economic growth rates through the George W. Bush and Barack Obama presidencies was a crippling national debt..'

- Ivan Eland, National debt is our biggest security threat: Column, January 11, 2017


'..World Debt Hits $152 Trillion.'

'Our nation and the world are paying a very heavy price for a failed experiment in Inflationism..' - Doug Noland

'..Global policies since the 2008 crisis have spurred the expansion of speculative finance to multiples of pre-crisis levels..'

'Germany Plans to Cut 2017 Debt Sales .. Balanced-Budget..'

'..monetary knowledge .. of currency reform under difficult conditions you have to go to Carl Menger.'

(Banking Reform - Monetary Reform) - '..The Theory of Money and Credit .. an invaluable guide for ending the business cycles of our own time.'

(Banking Reform - English/Dutch) '..a truly stable financial and monetary system for the twenty-first century..'

          'We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war.' - Sidney Drell (no replies)        
'..My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

'The harsh rhetoric on both sides increases the danger of miscalculations and mistakes, as do other factors. Close encounters between the military aircraft of the United States and Russia have become routine, creating the potential for an unintended conflict. Many of the nuclear-weapon systems on both sides are aging and obsolete. The personnel who operate those systems often suffer from poor morale and poor training. None of their senior officers has firsthand experience making decisions during an actual nuclear crisis. And today’s command-and-control systems must contend with threats that barely existed during the Cold War: malware, spyware, worms, bugs, viruses, corrupted firmware, logic bombs, Trojan horses, and all the other modern tools of cyber warfare. The greatest danger is posed not by any technological innovation but by a dilemma that has haunted nuclear strategy since the first detonation of an atomic bomb: How do you prevent a nuclear attack while preserving the ability to launch one?


..the Cuban Missile Crisis, when a series of misperceptions, miscalculations, and command-and-control problems almost started an accidental nuclear war—despite the determination of both John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev to avoid one. In perhaps the most dangerous incident, the captain of a Soviet submarine mistakenly believed that his vessel was under attack by U.S. warships and ordered the firing of a torpedo armed with a nuclear warhead. His order was blocked by a fellow officer. Had the torpedo been fired, the United States would have retaliated with nuclear weapons. At the height of the crisis, while leaving the White House on a beautiful fall evening, McNamara had a strong feeling of dread—and for good reason: “I feared I might never live to see another Saturday night.”


The personnel who command, operate, and maintain the Minuteman III have also become grounds for concern. In 2013, the two-star general in charge of the entire Minuteman force was removed from duty after going on a drunken bender during a visit to Russia, behaving inappropriately with young Russian women, asking repeatedly if he could sing with a Beatles cover band at a Mexican restaurant in Moscow, and insulting his military hosts. The following year, almost a hundred Minuteman launch officers were disciplined for cheating on their proficiency exams. In 2015, three launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base, in Montana, were dismissed for using illegal drugs, including ecstasy, cocaine, and amphetamines. That same year, a launch officer at Minot Air Force Base, in North Dakota, was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for heading a violent street gang, distributing drugs, sexually assaulting a girl under the age of sixteen, and using psilocybin, a powerful hallucinogen. As the job title implies, launch officers are entrusted with the keys for launching intercontinental ballistic missiles.


..A recent memoir, “Uncommon Cause,” written by General George Lee Butler, reveals that the Pentagon was not telling the truth. Butler was the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, responsible for all of America’s nuclear weapons, during the Administration of President George H. W. Bush.

According to Butler and Franklin Miller, a former director of strategic-forces policy at the Pentagon, launch-on-warning was an essential part of the Single Integrated Operational Plan (siop), the nation’s nuclear-war plan. Land-based missiles like the Minuteman III were aimed at some of the most important targets in the Soviet Union, including its anti-aircraft sites. If the Minuteman missiles were destroyed before liftoff, the siop would go awry, and American bombers might be shot down before reaching their targets. In order to prevail in a nuclear war, the siop had become dependent on getting Minuteman missiles off the ground immediately. Butler’s immersion in the details of the nuclear command-and-control system left him dismayed. “With the possible exception of the Soviet nuclear war plan, [the siop] was the single most absurd and irresponsible document I had ever reviewed in my life,” Butler concluded. “We escaped the Cold War without a nuclear holocaust by some combination of skill, luck, and divine intervention, and I suspect the latter in greatest proportion.” The siop called for the destruction of twelve thousand targets within the Soviet Union. Moscow would be struck by four hundred nuclear weapons; Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, by about forty.

After the end of the Cold War, a Russian surprise attack became extremely unlikely. Nevertheless, hundreds of Minuteman III missiles remained on alert. The Cold War strategy endured because, in theory, it deterred a Russian attack on the missiles. McNamara called the policy “insane,” arguing that “there’s no military requirement for it.” George W. Bush, while running for President in 2000, criticized launch-on-warning, citing the “unacceptable risks of accidental or unauthorized launch.” Barack Obama, while running for President in 2008, promised to take Minuteman missiles off alert, warning that policies like launch-on-warning “increase the risk of catastrophic accidents or miscalculation.” Twenty scientists who have won the Nobel Prize, as well as the Union of Concerned Scientists, have expressed strong opposition to retaining a launch-on-warning capability. It has also been opposed by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State George Shultz, and former Senator Sam Nunn. And yet the Minuteman III missiles still sit in their silos today, armed with warheads, ready to go.

William J. Perry, who served as Secretary of Defense during the Clinton Administration, not only opposes keeping Minuteman III missiles on alert but advocates getting rid of them entirely. “These missiles are some of the most dangerous weapons in the world,” Perry wrote in the Times, this September. For many reasons, he thinks the risk of a nuclear catastrophe is greater today than it was during the Cold War. While serving as an Under-Secretary of Defense in 1980, Perry also received a late-night call about an impending Soviet attack, a false alarm that still haunts him. “A catastrophic nuclear war could have started by accident.”

Bruce Blair, a former Minuteman launch officer, heads the anti-nuclear group Global Zero, teaches at Princeton University, and campaigns against a launch-on-warning policy. Blair has described the stresses that the warning of a Russian attack would put on America’s command-and-control system. American early-warning satellites would detect Russian missiles within three minutes of their launch. Officers at norad would confer for an additional three minutes, checking sensors to decide if an attack was actually occurring. The Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack System collects data from at least two independent information sources, relying on different physical principles, such as ground-based radar and satellite-based infrared sensors. If the norad officials thought that the warning was legitimate, the President of the United States would be contacted. He or she would remove the Black Book from a briefcase carried by a military aide. The Black Book describes nuclear retaliatory options, presented in cartoon-like illustrations that can be quickly understood.


Although the Air Force publicly dismissed the threat of a cyberattack on the nuclear command-and-control system, the incident raised alarm within the Pentagon about the system’s vulnerability. A malfunction that occurred by accident might also be caused deliberately. Those concerns were reinforced by a Defense Science Board report in January, 2013. It found that the Pentagon’s computer networks had been “built on inherently insecure architectures that are composed of, and increasingly using, foreign parts.” Red teams employed by the board were able to disrupt Pentagon systems with “relative ease,” using tools available on the Internet. “The complexity of modern software and hardware makes it difficult, if not impossible, to develop components without flaws or to detect malicious insertions,” the report concluded.

In a recent paper for the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, Andrew Futter, an associate professor at the University of Leicester, suggested that a nuclear command-and-control system might be hacked to gather intelligence about the system, to shut down the system, to spoof it, mislead it, or cause it to take some sort of action—like launching a missile. And, he wrote, there are a variety of ways it might be done.


Strict precautions have been taken to thwart a cyberattack on the U.S. nuclear command-and-control system. Every line of nuclear code has been scrutinized for errors and bugs. The system is “air-gapped,” meaning that its networks are closed: someone can’t just go onto the Internet and tap into a computer at a Minuteman III control center. At least, that’s the theory. Russia, China, and North Korea have sophisticated cyber-warfare programs and techniques. General James Cartwright—the former head of the U.S. Strategic Command who recently pleaded guilty to leaking information about Stuxnet—thinks that it’s reasonable to believe the system has already been penetrated. “You’ve either been hacked, and you’re not admitting it, or you’re being hacked and don’t know it,” Cartwright said last year.

If communications between Minuteman control centers and their missiles are interrupted, the missiles can still be launched by ultra-high-frequency radio signals transmitted by special military aircraft. The ability to launch missiles by radio serves as a backup to the control centers—and also creates an entry point into the network that could be exploited in a cyberattack. The messages sent within the nuclear command-and-control system are highly encrypted. Launch codes are split in two, and no single person is allowed to know both parts. But the complete code is stored in computers—where it could be obtained or corrupted by an insider.

Some of America’s most secret secrets were recently hacked and stolen by a couple of private contractors working inside the N.S.A., Edward Snowden and Harold T. Martin III, both employees of Booz Allen Hamilton. The N.S.A. is responsible for generating and encrypting the nuclear launch codes. And the security of the nuclear command-and-control system is being assured not only by government officials but also by the employees of private firms, including software engineers who work for Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Lord Des Browne, a former U.K. Minister of Defense, is concerned that even ballistic-missile submarines may be compromised by malware. Browne is now the vice-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit seeking to reduce the danger posed by weapons of mass destruction, where he heads a task force examining the risk of cyberattacks on nuclear command-and-control systems. Browne thinks that the cyber threat is being cavalierly dismissed by many in power. The Royal Navy’s decision to save money by using Windows for Submarines, a version of Windows XP, as the operating system for its ballistic-missile subs seems especially shortsighted. Windows XP was discontinued six years ago, and Microsoft warned that any computer running it after April, 2014, “should not be considered protected as there will be no security updates.” Each of the U.K. subs has eight missiles carrying a total of forty nuclear weapons. “It is shocking to think that my home computer is probably running a newer version of Windows than the U.K.’s military submarines,” Brown said.In 2013, General C. Robert Kehler, the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the risk of cyberattacks on the nuclear command-and-control system. He expressed confidence that the U.S. system was secure. When Senator Bill Nelson asked if somebody could hack into the Russian or Chinese systems and launch a ballistic missile carrying a nuclear warhead, Kehler replied, “Senator, I don’t know . . . I do not know.”

After the debacle of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union became much more reluctant to provoke a nuclear confrontation with the United States. Its politburo was a committee of conservative old men. Russia’s leadership is quite different today. The current mix of nationalism, xenophobia, and vehement anti-Americanism in Moscow is a far cry from the more staid and secular ideology guiding the Soviet Union in the nineteen-eighties. During the past few years, threats about the use of nuclear weapons have become commonplace in Moscow. Dmitry Kiselyov, a popular newscaster and the Kremlin’s leading propagandist, reminded viewers in 2014 that Russia is “the only country in the world capable of turning the U.S.A. into radioactive dust.” The Kremlin has acknowledged the development of a nuclear torpedo that can travel more than six thousand miles underwater before devastating a coastal city. It has also boasted about a fearsome new missile design. Nicknamed “Satan 2” and deployed with up to sixteen nuclear warheads, the missile will be “capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France,” an official news agency claimed.


Russia’s greatest strategic vulnerability is the lack of a sophisticated and effective early-warning system. The Soviet Union had almost a dozen satellites in orbit that could detect a large-scale American attack. The system began to deteriorate in 1996, when an early-warning satellite had to be retired. Others soon fell out of orbit, and Russia’s last functional early-warning satellite went out of service two years ago. Until a new network of satellites can be placed in orbit, the country must depend on ground-based radar units. Unlike the United States, Russia no longer has two separate means of validating an attack warning. At best, the radar units can spot warheads only minutes before they land. Pavel Podvig, a senior fellow at the U.N. Institute for Disarmament Research, believes that Russia does not have a launch-on-warning policy—because its early-warning system is so limited.

For the past nine years, I’ve been immersed in the minutiae of nuclear command and control, trying to understand the actual level of risk. Of all the people whom I’ve met in the nuclear realm, Sidney Drell was one of the most brilliant and impressive. Drell died this week, at the age of ninety. A theoretical physicist with expertise in quantum field theory and quantum chromodynamics, he was for many years the deputy director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator and received the National Medal of Science from Obama, in 2013. Drell was one of the founding members of jason—a group of civilian scientists that advises the government on important technological matters—and for fifty-six years possessed a Q clearance, granting him access to the highest level of classified information. Drell participated in top-secret discussions about nuclear strategy for decades, headed a panel that investigated nuclear-weapon safety for the U.S. Congress in 1990, and worked on technical issues for jason until the end of his life. A few months ago, when I asked for his opinion about launch-on-warning, Drell said, “It’s insane, the worst thing I can think of. You can’t have a worse idea.”

Drell was an undergraduate at Princeton University when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed. Given all the close calls and mistakes in the seventy-one years since then, he considered it a miracle that no other cities have been destroyed by a nuclear weapon—“it is so far beyond my normal optimism.” The prospect of a new cold war—and the return of military strategies that advocate using nuclear weapons on the battlefield—deeply unnerved him. Once the first nuclear weapon detonates, nothing might prevent the conflict from spiralling out of control. “We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war,” he said.


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin confront a stark choice: begin another nuclear-arms race or reduce the threat of nuclear war. Trump now has a unique opportunity to pursue the latter, despite the bluster and posturing on both sides. His admiration for Putin, regardless of its merits, could provide the basis for meaningful discussions about how to minimize nuclear risks. Last year, General James Mattis, the former Marine chosen by Trump to serve as Secretary of Defense, called for a fundamental reappraisal of American nuclear strategy and questioned the need for land-based missiles. During Senate testimony, Mattis suggested that getting rid of such missiles would “reduce the false-alarm danger.” Contrary to expectations, Republican Presidents have proved much more successful than their Democratic counterparts at nuclear disarmament. President George H. W. Bush cut the size of the American arsenal in half, as did his son, President George W. Bush. And President Ronald Reagan came close to negotiating a treaty with the Soviet Union that would have completely abolished nuclear weapons.

Every technology embodies the values of the age in which it was created. When the atomic bomb was being developed in the mid-nineteen-forties, the destruction of cities and the deliberate targeting of civilians was just another military tactic. It was championed as a means to victory. The Geneva Conventions later classified those practices as war crimes—and yet nuclear weapons have no other real use. They threaten and endanger noncombatants for the sake of deterrence. Conventional weapons can now be employed to destroy every kind of military target, and twenty-first-century warfare puts an emphasis on precision strikes, cyberweapons, and minimizing civilian casualties. As a technology, nuclear weapons have become obsolete. What worries me most isn’t the possibility of a cyberattack, a technical glitch, or a misunderstanding starting a nuclear war sometime next week. My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

- Eric Schlosser, World War Three, By Mistake, December 23, 2016


The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

          '..Russia .. cyberpower proved the perfect weapon .. political sabotage..' (no replies)        
' “We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends..


..The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon..


What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

'..the White House’s reluctance to respond forcefully meant the Russians have not paid a heavy price for their actions, a decision that could prove critical in deterring future cyberattacks.


..President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia moved beyond mere espionage to deliberately try to subvert American democracy and pick the winner of the presidential election.


..A low-cost, high-impact weapon that Russia had test-fired in elections from Ukraine to Europe was trained on the United States, with devastating effectiveness. For Russia, with an enfeebled economy and a nuclear arsenal it cannot use short of all-out war, cyberpower proved the perfect weapon: cheap, hard to see coming, hard to trace.


The United States had two decades of warning that Russia’s intelligence agencies were trying to break into America’s most sensitive computer networks. But the Russians have always managed to stay a step ahead.

Their first major attack was detected on Oct. 7, 1996, when a computer operator at the Colorado School of Mines discovered some nighttime computer activity he could not explain. The school had a major contract with the Navy, and the operator warned his contacts there. But as happened two decades later at the D.N.C., at first “everyone was unable to connect the dots,” said Thomas Rid, a scholar at King’s College in London who has studied the attack.

Investigators gave it a name — Moonlight Maze — and spent two years, often working day and night, tracing how it hopped from the Navy to the Department of Energy to the Air Force and NASA. In the end, they concluded that the total number of files stolen, if printed and stacked, would be taller than the Washington Monument.

Whole weapons designs were flowing out the door, and it was a first taste of what was to come: an escalating campaign of cyberattacks around the world.


The Russians were also quicker to turn their attacks to political purposes. A 2007 cyberattack on Estonia, a former Soviet republic that had joined NATO, sent a message that Russia could paralyze the country without invading it. The next year cyberattacks were used during Russia’s war with Georgia.


Mr. Obama was briefed regularly on all this, but he made a decision that many in the White House now regret: He did not name Russians publicly, or issue sanctions. There was always a reason: fear of escalating a cyberwar, and concern that the United States needed Russia’s cooperation in negotiations over Syria.

“We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Last year, the attacks became more aggressive. Russia hacked a major French television station, frying critical hardware. Around Christmas, it attacked part of the power grid in Ukraine, dropping a portion of the country into darkness, killing backup generators and taking control of generators. In retrospect, it was a warning shot.


..CrowdStrike’s nicknames for the two Russian hacking groups that the firm found at work inside the D.N.C. network. Cozy Bear — the group also known as the Dukes or A.P.T. 29, for “advanced persistent threat” — may or may not be associated with the F.S.B., the main successor to the Soviet-era K.G.B., but it is widely believed to be a Russian government operation. It made its first appearance in 2014, said Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief technology officer.


Only in March 2016 did Fancy Bear show up — first penetrating the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and then jumping to the D.N.C., investigators believe. Fancy Bear, sometimes called A.P.T. 28 and believed to be directed by the G.R.U., Russia’s military intelligence agency, is an older outfit, tracked by Western investigators for nearly a decade. It was Fancy Bear that got hold of Mr. Podesta’s email.


It was bad enough that Russian hackers had been spying inside the committee’s network for months. Now the public release of documents had turned a conventional espionage operation into something far more menacing: political sabotage, an unpredictable, uncontrollable menace for Democratic campaigns.


Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and editor, has resisted the conclusion that his site became a pass-through for Russian hackers working for Mr. Putin’s government or that he was deliberately trying to undermine Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. But the evidence on both counts appears compelling.


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends. The media’s appetite for the hacked material, and its focus on the gossipy content instead of the Russian source, disturbed some of those whose personal emails were being reposted across the web.


In late 2014, hackers working for Kim Jong-un, the North’s young and unpredictable leader, had carried out a well-planned attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment intended to stop the Christmastime release of a comedy about a C.I.A. plot to kill Mr. Kim.

In that case, embarrassing emails had also been released. But the real damage was done to Sony’s own systems: More than 70 percent of its computers melted down when a particularly virulent form of malware was released. Within weeks, intelligence agencies traced the attack back to the North and its leadership. Mr. Obama called North Korea out in public, and issued some not-very-effective sanctions. The Chinese even cooperated, briefly cutting off the North’s internet connections.

As the first Situation Room meetings on the Russian hacking began in July, “it was clear that Russia was going to be a much more complicated case,” said one participant. The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..code was put out in the open by the Russians as a warning: Retaliate for the D.N.C., and there are a lot more secrets, from the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon, that might be spilled as well. One senior official compared it to the scene in “The Godfather” where the head of a favorite horse is left in a bed, as a warning.


As the year draws to a close, it now seems possible that there will be multiple investigations of the Russian hacking — the intelligence review Mr. Obama has ordered completed by Jan. 20, the day he leaves office, and one or more congressional inquiries. They will wrestle with, among other things, Mr. Putin’s motive.


Did he seek to mar the brand of American democracy, to forestall anti-Russian activism for both Russians and their neighbors? Or to weaken the next American president, since presumably Mr. Putin had no reason to doubt American forecasts that Mrs. Clinton would win easily? Or was it, as the C.I.A. concluded last month, a deliberate attempt to elect Mr. Trump?

In fact, the Russian hack-and-dox scheme accomplished all three goals.

What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

- Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger and Scott Shane, The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S., December 13, 2016

Context '[Russia] may become a threat to the world. That is the worst thing that could happen to Russia.' - Yegor Gaidar

'..Russian strategy of hybrid influence and destabilization .. German Council on Foreign Relations.'

'German intelligence says Russia is trying to destabilize German society..' - '..war that Moscow is waging against the West..'

'[Putin is doing] anything that can and will expand Russian influence to U.S.S.R.-era levels of power.'

'..Zero tolerance for Russian intrusions .. Estonia .. policy of publicly naming or prosecuting spies..'

'..the Soviet Union was cut off from Western financial markets and was effectively under permanent sanctions..'

          How The US, China And Russia Are Moving Toward Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence        
A group of researchers are warning the world about weaponizing artificial intelligence and robotics, but that machine-learning genie may already be ...
          How The US, China And Russia Are Moving Toward Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence        
A group of researchers are warning the world about weaponizing artificial intelligence and robotics, but that machine-learning genie may already be ...
          Special Report : Analysis of Russia’s Airstrikes In Syria        
Originally posted on Defencyclopedia:
In this special news report by Defencyclopedia, we bring you the second part of our analysis on Russia’s involvement in Syria. It covers the aircraft and weapons that their air force is currently using as a part of a large-scale bombing campaign. INTRODUCTION The involvement of the Russian armed forces in…
          The Rise of the Chinese Navy        
Originally posted on Defencyclopedia:
INTRODUCTION 25 years ago, the Chinese Navy or the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) as it is officially known as, was virtually a military branch which no country took seriously. It consisted of a handful of destroyers which were equipped with short range and almost obsolete weapons compared to the West…
          Girl charged with plotting UK terror attack with ISIS fighter        

London: A 17-year-old girl in the UK has been charged with terrorism offences after allegedly communicating with an Islamic State terror group fighter in Syria to plan a terror attack in the country.

Scotland Yard said she has been charged with an intent to commit acts of terrorism by "communicating with an ISIS fighter in Syria and arranging to receive weapons in order to conduct an attack in the UK;receiving instructions on how to train and use weapons; and?reaching out to another to receive assistance in completing plan contrary to Section 5(1)(a) and (3) Terrorism Act 2006".

The teenager, who cannot be named because of her age, is accused of communicating with an ISIS fighter and arranging to receive weapons to be used in the planned attack.

"This follows an investigation by officers from the Met's Counter Terrorism Command," a Metropolitan Police statement said.

The girl was previously charged with terror offences in April and is due to appear at the Old Bailey tomorrow in relation to that charge.

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          Resistance at Standing Rock: Dispatches from the Front Lines        


  • Water Protector Legal Collective Files Suit for Excessive Force against Peaceful Protesters

  • Veterans to Serve as ‘Human Shields’ for Dakota Pipeline Protesters

  • Oceti Sakowin encampment on Oct. 6, 2016. The proper name for the people commonly known as the Sioux is Oceti Sakowin, (Och-et-eeshak-oh-win) meaning Seven Council Fires.

    Story and Photos by John Briggs

    Cool Justice Editor's Note: OK to repost, courtesy of John Briggs and The Cool Justice Report.

    Corporate – Government Alliance Versus the American People

    Native Americans from tribes across the country have gathered on the windswept plains of North Dakota to pray with Mother Earth to keep the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from pumping 500,000 gallons of oil a day beneath the Missouri River. The natives know the pipeline will most certainly leak or break, as have most U.S. pipelines, fouling the water for the Great Sioux Nation and 18 million non-Natives downstream.

    The standoff -- which began in April -- continues as a new U.S. administration ascends to power with a president-elect who campaigned denying human-caused climate change and threatening the Paris Climate accords. This remains the overriding reality despite a mini walk back by Donald Trump pledging an open mind to The New York Times this week.

    Standing Rock illuminates the brazen alliance that has developed between corporate and government interests. Viewed from the front lines, the law has been turned into a fig leaf for repression and suppression. Only the discipline and spiritual clarity of the water protectors and the native elders has kept people from being killed or seriously injured since April when the movement began.

    The fused police-DAPL force is doing everything it can to incite a violent reaction from the resisters so as to crack down, clear the camps, imprison, or even gun down the natives. More than one commentator has found the atmosphere at Standing Rock similar to what led to the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890 when 300 Sioux were murdered by government troops who mistook their prayerful Ghost Dance for a war dance.

    A great deal is at issue at Standing Rock. The Sioux and their numerous native and non-native allies face a militarized force whose composition tells us something dark about the complex façade that U.S. democracy has become and suggests the proto-fascist zombi lurking beneath. More deeply, Standing Rock also emblemizes a struggle that is taking place at this moment in human history between two distinct modes of human consciousness.

    One mode is the familiar anthropocentric (human-centered) consciousness that the dominant culture most of us were born into favors—a consciousness that assumes reality is a collection of objects to be extracted, owned, and branded. Humans are the focus of this consciousness, meaning that our concerns about climate change focus primarily on the fate of our own species.

    Distinct from this anthropocentric mind-set is a second, ancient and spiritual mode of awareness that understands that the earth and its landscapes are not objects; they are relationships, including the tangle of relationships that gave us birth. This ancient mode of consciousness is potential in everyone, but for most it has been buried beneath the piles of conceptual objects that we have come to believe constitute our reality.

    The Indigenous Peoples gathered at Standing Rock are guided by this ancient, holistic, earth-mind consciousness, and so they understand that humans are not the most valuable living objects on the planet: we are not in control of the planet; it is not our job to manage nature; rather, our sacred task is to work with Mother Earth and other beings as members of Earth’s family. If we don’t, Mother Earth will make us face this spiritual truth one way or another.

    Guided by their ancient, earth-mind awareness, Native Americans have taken up a role as “water protectors.” “Mni Wiconi, Water is Life” is the slogan of the Standing Rock movement.

    Every day scores of Sioux from North Dakota, South Dakota and nearby states, along with Paiute, Shoshoni, Diné, and a sampling of other Natives from the 300 or so tribes whose flags fly at the Standing Rock encampments set out to pipeline construction sites in a convoy to engage in “actions” on the “front lines.”

    There the protectors sing and pray in the face of physical harassment and arrests by heavily armed police fused with a corporate security force.

    DAPL and their overlord company, Energy Transfer Partners, have lavished campaign contributions on politicians in North Dakota and the U.S. Congress so that they could use the state’s eminent domain powers to force purchase of land for the pipeline all across North Dakota, beginning in the Bakken fields in the northwest corner of the state where the fracked crude oil is extracted. Similar eminent domain arrangements were achieved in other states through which the 1,200-mile line traverses before reaching a river port in Illinois. The company promised Congress and the public that the pipeline would carry oil for 100 percent domestic use only, but it is clear from reporting done by the website The Intercept that the oil will be sold on international markets.

  • Though Promised for Domestic Use, Dakota Access Pipeline May Fuel Oil Exports

  • The DAPL line, now virtually complete except for permission from the Army Corps of Engineers to fill in the link that crosses under the Missouri River, passes just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The DAPL construction runs through sacred burial and archeological grounds that the Lakota people were given free access to by treaties with the U.S. Government in the 19th Century. In mounting their resistance to the pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux have been turned into “trespassers on their own land.”

    In late August, the tribe’s lawyers filed a stop work petition in federal court detailing areas where sacred sites would be disturbed if construction continued on its planned trajectory. The federal judge routinely forwarded a copy of the filing to DAPL. Over Labor Day weekend, when the company would not have been expected to work, pipeline crews leapfrogged to the disputed sacred and preemptively bulldozed them under. Too late, the judge granted the Sioux an emergency restraining order, but, then in a curious move, allowed construction in some areas where sacred sites have been discovered. DAPL has ignored a request from the Obama administration not to work in buffer areas on either side of the river. No fines have been imposed for intentionally bulldozing the disputed sacred sites.

  • The Legal Case for Blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Burial ground at center of police confrontations is known historical site

  • In recent live-stream videos from the front lines, DAPL-police snipers can be seen perched on top of a sacred mound called Turtle Island, their high-powered rifle crosshairs trained on the water protectors who are standing in prayer in the frigid lake below.

    North Dakota wants the federal government to pick up the tab for the massive expenditures required to keep the Native Americans under their guns. Alternatively, the CEO of Energy Transfers, Kelcy Warren, has offered to pick up the millions-of-dollars tab.

  • ETP CEO Kelcy Warren Says They Have Offered to Pay Protest Related Expenses

  • Native media have documented that DAPL has already been supplying military-style equipment, drones, armored vehicles, riot gear, water canons, concussion grenades and other armaments. The tax-payer-funded and corporate-sponsored front lines phalanx is led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, which has local jurisdiction, reinforced by North Dakota State Troopers, North Dakota National Guard units, sheriffs and police from six nearby states—all interpenetrated by DAPL security (while the FBI lurks in the background). A contingent of Hennepin County, Minnesota, Sheriffs’ Deputies were recalled following protests back home. Residents in the state of Ohio are writing letters and calling legislators to express their distress that their law enforcement has been enlisted into this repressive force.

  • Hennepin Co. sheriff's deputies leave Standing Rock protest

  • Native media’s live stream videos show DAPL security teams in mirror-visor helmets and black ops body armor with no identification, mingling with the police, sometimes directing them when and who to mace or pepper spray. They point out media making video for arrest. The big fossil fuel company evidently has plenty of experience dealing with protestors around the world. In their blank, reflecting visors we can see the soulless Darth Vader face of the government-corporate proto-fascist state the U.S. is becoming.

    Of course, this struggle with the Wasi’chu (Lakota word for the white man, meaning literally “takes too much”) is an old story for Native-Americans. In the 18th and 19th centuries it took the form of the Sioux nations trying to hold back the tsunami of colonizers flooding into their ancestral lands, occupying and despoiling them. The big difference now is that the fire-power of the state (think Custer’s 7th Cavalry or present day militarized police) has been fused with vast profit centers dependent for their existence on plundering the earth in the name of energy-squandering lifestyle survival.

    The provocations the water protectors endure take many forms. There is the psychological pressure of constant surveillance: the heavy police presence on the roads around tribal and reservation lands, the DPLA helicopter and a small plane that circle constantly above the encampments; there is the Bureau of Indian Affairs station set up on a knoll to suck out data from the cell phones of anyone in the area. There is the pepper spraying and tasing of water protectors who are praying. There is the more recent blasting of the protectors with freezing water canons in sub zero weather. There is the constant threat of weapons pointed at them. One twitching trigger finger could set off a slaughter.

    The water protectors are unarmed. The resistance movement does not allow guns in the encampments. One day, at one of the front line actions, an armed man showed up with a pistol and began firing. Possibly he was paid by DAPL to create an incident. The Natives are aware of paid provocateurs or agitators passing through the camps, pulling dirty tricks, looking to start something. Antimedia reported about the man with the gun: “According to an official statement from the tribe, the man fired several shots from his gun before being peacefully apprehended by tribal police. Witnesses at the scene say he pointed his gun at several protesters. The man was clearly trying to provoke violence that could later be used to demonize protesters who have so far remained peaceful.”

    The news site added, “The Morton County Sheriff’s Department circulated a false report claiming the man was shot, presumably by protesters… [As images show], the man was not harmed. The Sheriff’s Department has since retracted that report. Anti-Media’s attempts to obtain clarifying comments from Morton County Sheriffs were ignored.”

  • Dakota Access Caught Infiltrating Protests to Incite Violence, Funding Trolls Online

  • On a hill overlooking Oceti Sakowin, the largest of the Standing Rock encampments, an old army tent houses the field office of the rotating teams of lawyers who come to Standing Rock to help out. They use donations made to the resistance to bail out protectors who have been arrested; they try to negotiate with the police so the protectors can be allowed to pray. The constant arrests on trumped-up charges are an ongoing harassment—people maced or beaten, violently thrown to the ground and zip-tied. Often activists are charged with trespass and “riot” on the Morton County Sheriff’s novel legal theory that if several people are arrested for trespass that must signify that they were engaged in a riot.

    All this naturally requires court time and money to defend, incarceration in usually unpleasant conditions, including dog kennels. (Though the white allies who are arrested seem to get better treatment.)

    Arrests are to be expected as a consequence of civil disobedience. But some arrests are directed at chilling speech. One lawyer who came to Standing Rock from the Oregon-based Civil Liberties Defense Center, an activist defense nonprofit primarily involved in climate protests, https://cldc.org/ told Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks Network that often after the day’s action was over, police would stop the last cars in the caravan. They would then make “snatch and grab” arrests, impounding the cars of people who had come to support the water protectors but had no expectation that they’d be arrested when the action was over and the police told them to leave. They have to pay heavy fines ($900) to get their cars back. She said the arrests and impoundment fines for their cars are unlawful. “The intention with those types of actions is to scare out-of-towners from being comfortable coming to these actions. So they’re trying to chill the rights of others to come and participate in these protests.”

  • Environmental Lawyer Explains Standing Rock Legal Issues

  • The authorities regularly characterize the natives as terrorists, and local radio spreads false rumors of farm animals being slaughtered and stolen, reported vandalism—the kind of thing you would expect from psychologically projected homesteader fears about savage Indians of earlier centuries.

    Yes, Magazine on Oct. 31 reported: “The county sheriff is claiming the water protectors were violent and that police were stopping a riot. But hours of live video feed from people caught in the confrontation showed instead a military-style assault on unarmed people: police beating people with batons, police with assault rifles, chemical mace, guns firing rubber bullets and beanbag rounds, tasers.”

  • Why Police From 7 Different States Invaded a Standing Rock Camp—and Other Questions

  • The UN has sent human rights observers. According to Salon, Nov. 16, 2016: “The U.N. special rapporteur said that American law enforcement officials, private security firms and the North Dakota National Guard have used unjustified force against protesters.

    “ ‘This is a troubling response to people who are taking action to protect natural resources and ancestral territory in the face of profit-seeking activity,’ [Maina] Kiai [U.N. special rapporteur] said in his statement, which was issued by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and was endorsed by several other U.N. experts.

  • Native Americans facing excessive force in North Dakota pipeline protests – UN expert

  • “At least 400 activists have been detained and often have been held in ‘inhuman and degrading conditions in detention,’ Kiai added. Some indigenous protesters have said they were treated like animals and even held in dog kennels.

  • Dakota pipeline protesters say they were detained in dog kennels; 268 arrested in week of police crackdown

  • “ ‘Marking people with numbers and detaining them in overcrowded cages, on the bare concrete floor, without being provided with medical care, amounts to inhuman and degrading treatment,’ the U.N. expert said.

    “ ‘The excessive use of State security apparatus to suppress protest against corporate activities that are alleged to violate human rights is wrong,’ he continued, noting that it violates U.N. guidelines on business and human rights.

    “Amnesty International USA, which has repeatedly criticized authorities for not respecting the rights of protesters, issued another statement on Tuesday noting that U.S. authorities had put up roadblocks to prevent journalists and human rights observers from documenting the protests and the official response.”

  • U.N. experts call for halt in Dakota Access pipeline, blast “excessive force” against protesters

  • Living on Earth reporter Sandy Tolan reflected: “You know, at times I felt I was back reporting in the West Bank, and not the Northern Plains…”

  • Standing With the Standing Rock Sioux

  • The Bundy crew was the cowboys, not the Indians

    Compare the government response at Standing Rock with the response occasioned by Ammon Bundy and his gang of armed militants when they occupied Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for over a month in January 2016. Imagine if the Bundy gang had been pepper sprayed, beaten, hit with water cannon, tased. But the Bundy crew were taking over the refuge to proclaim their belief that public lands should be given free to the profit-making private ranching business. In other words, the Bundy crew was the cowboys, not the Indians.

    The mainstream corporate media has largely ignored the stand-off at Standing Rock. Rallies have taken place around the world at places like Tokyo, Stockholm, and Auckland, but the sad truth is many foreigners have heard more about Standing Rock than Americans have. Not surprising. The news editors, working for corporate media conglomerates, choose what they believe we should know and what fits the larger corporate agenda, and so they devote massively more play to Brad Pitt, to the gossipy politics of who’s-on-first, and to whatever the latest glittering consumer thing is than they do to climate change and issues highlighted by the poor and the powerless, like Standing Rock. What coverage that does exist is usually cursory and misleading.

    Fortunately, alternative media have been on the scene and active at Standing Rock. As someone who taught journalism for more nearly 20 years, it has been refreshing for me to see what the alternative press is accomplishing.

    Amy Goodman of the webcast Democracy Now brought the prayer-resistance movement to national attention over the summer. She was arrested and charged with riot in absentia for her live reports of water protectors being set upon by dogs. The charge was later dismissed in court.

    Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks Network has done searching interviews and incisive commentary from the scene.

    But my absolute favorite news source at Standing Rock is Myron Dewey’s Digital Smoke Signals. Dewey does updates every day, which he posts on Facebook. I highly recommend anyone who has a Facebook account to “follow” him. I went to Standing Rock on Oct. 4-11 with two friends and I have since been able to keep up with developments on the ground through Dewey’s Facebook broadcasts. He posts live stream unedited clips that constitute what he calls an ongoing “documentation” of what is happening day-to-day at the movement.

    Here is Dewey at night standing on a hillside next to the Oceti Sakowin encampment. His face appears in the glow of his screen. Then he’s panning and zooming in on a large grassfire as he’s telling us about it. His finger appears in the screen and points out where the fire started. He says the helicopter which constantly circulates over the camp suddenly disappeared 20 minutes before they saw the first flames. He zooms to the area where he and the person he is with first spotted the fire. He says, “It looked like someone using a drip torch.” He says they called 911, but it’s been over an hour and the Morton County Fire Department hasn’t shown up. He tells the people in the camp, his audience, not to worry, though. It looks like the fire was started by DAPL employees to scare them or hurt them. But the Oceti Sakowin is full of Indians who supplement their income by wild-land firefighting, work that also benefits Mother Earth; he mentions that he is himself a “hotshot” firefighter [one of the elite crews]. He and his fellow firefighters can tell by the wind direction that the fire won’t harm the camp.

    Now here’s Dewey on a bright morning walking along the road by Oceti Sakowin. A young man appears on screen, and Dewey asks him who he is and why he’s here. He’s from the Paiute nation. “I’m here to protect the water,” he says. Dewey asks him to sing a Paiute song. The young man closes his eyes and sings.

    In another nighttime broadcast find we ourselves looking through a car windshield, headlights illuminating the highway, centerlines whizzing by. We hear voices talking in the backseat. The car drives on and on. We’re just watching the road. Then ahead is a police roadblock. The police van looms. Dewey gets out with his camera and calls over to the officers, asks them where they’re from, inquires about where the road blocks are, what are the open routes. At one level it’s a mundane exchange between a citizen and police, but you experience the edginess of the situation. More deeply, you feel the riskiness and pathos that is involved any human interaction. Dewey firmly exercises his right to have these protect-and-serve police respond to him civilly; he is cordial and respectful in a way that reinforces to them and to his viewers that he is after all not their enemy but a fellow human being. Dewey asks more questions and the lead officer says he doesn’t want to be filmed; Dewey offers to turn his camera away from them and onto himself. The distant officers disappear from the screen and Dewey’s face fills it. The contact officer walks nearer; we can hear his voice. Dewey can’t resist a joke, though. He asks the officer if he’s sure he doesn’t want to become famous by putting his face on Dewey’s screen? You realize these are just guys doing their job. Dewey understands that, but he also wants to educate them about the water protectors’ mission. He never misses an opportunity to educate his adversary, as well as his own people about the larger dimensions of the Standing Rock resistance. When he gets back in the car, someone in the back seat says “Let’s get out of here; this is enemy territory.” Dewey laughs, turning the car around, “It’s not enemy territory.”

    I believe you learn more about Standing Rock by watching Dewey’s unedited video than you ever could from watching any number of dramatically produced, commercially constricted reports on CNN, complete with the drumb-drumb latest crisis theme music.

    Dewey explains to his viewers that what they’re seeing is a “documentation” that’s not edited. “It’s not scripted. It’s not acted out.”

    After a month of watching Dewey’s daily reports I realize more fully than I ever have before how ghastly and vacuous mainstream news reporting is: a production where facts have been emptied of the humanity of real encounters, replaced by the shallow performances of reporters and news sources, slick, clichéd phrasing, behavior slotted into ready made categories, events analyzed and even predigested. The news about reality comes to us compartmentalized in trays like tasteless microwave dinners. Rarely is the reader or viewer allowed to simply experience the event unfolding through the reporter’s eyes or camera. The stories are crafted and slickly packaged. Their very polish and stimulating presentation sabotages their meaning and replaces it with a meaningless, artificial understanding.

    Note that I am not saying that the news these days is politically biased. Some obviously is, but the left or right bias charge is a serious red herring, a mis-direction. In fact, in mainstream media’s very effort to appear neutral and unbiased means events are chopped up and pieced together to fit the templates of a few hackneyed forms of storytelling: the winner-loser story, the conflict story, the individual overcoming obstacles story, the facing bad choices stories, he-said, she-said stories, scandal stories, hypocrisy stories. You’ve seen them all, repeatedly.

    Most of these templates come plated with a cynicism, skepticism, superiority, or sentimentality that grabs our attention by adding a dash of disgust. The current journalistic manner of telling stories reduces and dismisses the story in a way that sometimes makes the commercials and pop-up ads come as a relief. None of the common journalistic templates or attitude has much to do with real life as it’s lived in the moment. It’s not what people really experience in their lives. Instead, it’s how they’ve been conditioned to wrap up experience afterward in a dramatized way that leaches out the nuance, that leaves out the moment-to-moment uncertainty, or as the Lakota call it, the Wakan, the deep mystery of relationships that permeates every event. And that’s what Dewey’s broadcasts have in abundance. You get to see him interacting with the people who show up on his screen. You get to feel his humanity and the mystery of everyday relationships taking place at Standing Rock that he brings to light. It’s certainly not dramatic or melodramatic. It’s not interesting or stimulating in the usual way. It does seem really important.

    So when Dewey sits in his parked car and does an update video on “10 things to know about DAPL” (Nov. 18, 2016), there’s no editing and no script, meaning that you get to see him thinking through what those top 10 things might be. Some points he makes are incisive and comic, others not so much. But the not-so-much ones can lead you to thinking about gray areas, the imprecise observations we all make. He asks a guy who just got in the car to help out with his list and the guy, William Hawk Birdshead, goes immediately serious on him until Dewey says, “I was trying to keep it light.” So the Birdshead says, “Laughter is good medicine.” Suddenly they’re off. Dewey mimics the shifty-eyed look of the FBI guys lurking around the area and denying they are FBI, the DAPL security characters trying to look all steely and tough. We learn that in the encampments they say that “DAPL dresses up like Ninja Turtles.” You can tell that it’s DAPL undercover because those guys never drive rez cars, which are rusted and dented. Nobody is spared. Dewey describes the water protectors just arriving from California as dudes who’ve “got their animal spirits on… They’re all furred up. They’re coming in all mystical and crystals.” He and his buddy laugh, which Dewey says is laughter “in a good way,” because the whole thing going on at Standing Rock is deadly serious but you need laughter, because that’s good medicine for healing. And healing and praying are about “getting reconnected with the Earth.”

    This points to a major difference between anthropocentric prayer as most of us know it and earth-mind prayer. In the prayer that most people are familiar with, an individual seeks intercession for human needs with a transcendent being. The Native prayer is about healing not getting. The prayer is a community ceremony or song or ritual to maintain or restore the balance between and among beings, both animate and inanimate. Prayer is to all my relatives, all my relations, the birds, the water, the wind, the buffalo, my family, even those who oppose me as enemies. Mitakuye Oyasin is an important Lakota phrase that means “all my relations.” When you’re watching a Dewey update from Standing Rock you’re experiencing Mitakuye Oyasin in action. It’s newscasting as a kind of prayer, in the earth-mind sense. Whether he’s engaging in laughter or educating about the spiritual importance of water, you can see that what he’s getting at is healing relationships. Watching and listening, you get to be part of that healing.

    What Dewey does goes way beyond advocacy journalism.

    Our traveling companion for our visit to Standing Rock, Lakota elder Tiokasin Ghosthorse, also provides a good way to keep up with developments through the interviews he conducts for his weekly syndicated broadcast from WPKN in Bridgeport Conn. and WBAI in New York City. On Oct. 31, 2016, Tiokasin interviewed a young man who was seized on Oct. 27 when a frontline camp was destroyed by police. Trenton Joseph Castillas Bakeberg, in the bloodline of Crazy Horse, was praying in a sweat lodge when the militarized police swept through the camp. They yanked him out of the sweat lodge and arrested him. The young water protector told Tiokasin:

    “I pray that we’ll be able to keep a state of prayer and peace, as we have been… Although there’s some people on our side are more likely to tend toward violence. But there’s also people on our side to stop them. Don’t start a fight. That’s what it’s all about, keeping it peaceful because the elders told us in the beginning that all it takes is one single act of violence, one person attacking a police officer and they’ll unleash the fear on all of us. This wrath that we have with our military overseas, we’re beginning to see it now in the heart of our own country. All for the greed and the corporate interests of this government. They say we’re a democracy but it’s not showing anymore. The people didn’t want this pipeline, but this foreign entity that they call a corporation, Energy Transfers, is saying, we don’t care. We want this money. We need this for economic stability of the country and that somehow trumps the interests of our communities and our nation as a whole….We’re standing up to this corporate machine with prayer and love.”

  • Forcibly removed from prayer at Standing Rock

  • Against a heavily armed, corporatized democracy designed to ensure that only powerful business and political elites rule the land and possess the wealth of its objects, the Native-American people at Standing Rock stand in defense of Mother Earth armed with songs, prayers, and an understanding that Earth’s objects are us, and we are them. They are our relatives. It seems better armament than most of us Wasi’shu possess. Webster defines fascism as “a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.” It’s an incendiary word, and readers might think ill of me for introducing it here. Certainly we are not a fascist state yet. But for the prayer-resistance at Standing Rock, the clear alliance between corporate and government interests to quell their opposition under color of the law has a fascist flavor.

    It should not surprise anyone that the new US president reportedly holds stocks that directly fund the Dakota Access Pipeline and that the DAPL CEO Kelcy Warren gave the Trump campaign a substantial donation.

  • Trump's Personal Investments Ride on Completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

  • This is how the proto-fascism works. Ironically (or perhaps absurdly), Trump may have been elected by people hoping he would somehow counter the tightening grip of multinational corporations on their lives. One might wish for that to happen.

    At a deep level, Standing Rock may suggest that such absurdities as a Trump presidency occur because our mode of consciousness is impaired or inadequate to the situation it has created on our planet at this historical time. Too many of us have gone dead to the natural world we come from. Our obsessive anthropocentric mode of consciousness has reduced nature and reality at large to a bunch of things we have names for—things that feed our greed. Fortunately, many Indigenous people have retained an acute and ancient consciousness that we are those rocks and trees and clouds, and birds and water that we see outside our windows, and that restoring our relationships with them is incumbent on us.

    John Briggs is emeritus distinguished Professor of Writing and Aesthetics from Western Connecticut State University. He was the English Department’s journalism coordinator for 18 years and was one of the founders of Western’s Department of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process. He is the author of several well-known books on chaos theory, fractals and creativity. He lives in the hilltown of Granville, Mass., where served as a Selectman for five years and as reserve police officer for 10 years.

    When people at Standing Rock talk about the black snake they mean the pipeline, referring to an old Sioux legend about a black snake that will threaten the end of the world. The Lakota prophet Black Elk said that in the seventh generation, the Sioux tribes would unite to save the world.

    Media covering the Standing Rock resistance movement:

  • Digital Smoke Signals

  • Myron Dewey, Facebook

  • The Antimedia

  • Democracy Now

  • The Intercept

  • The Guardian

  • Censored News

  • Unicorn Riot

  • Living on Earth

  • The Indigenous Environmental Network

  • Status of Standing Rock court claim

  •           Burn After Reading        

    Who’s Who
    What’s What

    In the World of CIA Fronts, Partners, Proprietaries & Contractors


    The Almost Classified Guide to CIA Front Companies, Proprietaries & Contractors
    ISBN: 978-1-365-11196-9

    Cool Justice Editor's Note: Following are excerpts from author Madsen's introduction and the body of the work. Additional suggested reading: News story about Madsen's book via the Washington, D.C. based Justice Integrity Project [link at the bottom of this post].


    From the Introduction

    One of the most pervasive uses of companies as intelligence partners was under the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD. During the Cold War, the CIA, often with the approval of corporate executives, infiltrated their agents to work as journalists in newspapers, radio and television networks, wire services, and magazines. The following pages in this book are rife with examples of this penetration of the Fourth Estate – all too many in the opinion of this journalist. The CIA admitted to at least 400 journalists on the agency’s payroll at the height of MOCKINGBIRD. The CIA traditionally understates its capabilities, especially when its covert activities become publicly known. Moreover, the end of the Cold War did not stop the practice of the CIA in infiltrating the media and slant news reports to its wishes.


    An insightful look behind the veils of secrecy into the CIA’s use of fronts, proprietaries, and partners calls into question the purpose of the CIA. Created by President Harry S Truman to serve as a central collector and repository of intelligence, the CIA became much more than that. A few weeks after the United States witnessed the assassination of President Kennedy in the middle of downtown Dallas, Truman penned an op-ed piece that appeared in several newspapers around the country. In it, Truman shared his regret for having created the CIA in 1947:

    “I think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our Central Intelligence Agency—CIA . . . For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas.

    "I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. Some of the complications and embarrassment I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue.”


    The 21st century’s CIA’s partners are more likely to be found among high-tech companies marketing the latest and greatest mobile applications and data mining programs than among banks, law offices, and advertising agencies. However, in the post-World War II era, the CIA’s top and middle echelons were normally found operating through cover as typewriter-pecking journalists, traveling Madison Avenue admen, corporate lawyers, and chain-smoking oilmen. In the 1970s and 80s, CIA contractors and partners began showing up in the high-tech field, with database, local area networking, and on-line information retrieval systems attracting the most interest by Langley.


    As this book went to press, the smart phone game application Pokémon Go fad was sweeping the planet. Unbeknownst to many of the on-line game’s avid fan’s was the connection of the game’s developers to the CIA’s venture capital firm IN-Q-TEL. All users saw their geo-location and other smart phone data being swept up by a CIA partner firm.


    Amazon, Inc. [CIA contractor]. Company provides cloud computing services for the CIA. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos also owns The Washington Post.

    American Historical Society. [CIA partner]. Many society officials were OSS/CIA officers.

    American Press Institute. [CIA front]. Operating out of Columbia University, the institute’s director in the 1950s was a CIA officer.

    AmeriCares. [CIA partner]. A non-profit organization that is often the “first in” at refugee situations. Founded by tycoon J. Peter Grace, a board chairman of the CIA front, the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) and a trustee of another CIA front, the American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism, AmeriCares was involved in funding the Nicaraguan contras. The group has also provided the CIA with recruiting opportunities at mass refugee sites, particularly in Latin America and Asia.

    Bechtel Corporation. [CIA contractor]. Bechtel is a large construction company that has included former CIA director Richard Helms, CIA pseudonym “Fletcher M. Knight,” among its executive ranks. Bechtel was active in providing corporate cover for the OSS in the Middle East during World War II. Bechtel has been a consummate service company for various CIA operations, including support for the CIA-inspired coup against the Syrian government in 1949, the Iranian government of Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadeq in 1953, and President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1965. From the 1960s to the 1970s, Bechtel provided cover for CIA agents in Libya under both the regime of King Idris and his successor, Muammar Qaddafi. Sometimes called a “secret arm” of the CIA, Bechtel’s executives included those who would join President Reagan’s Cabinet, including Secretary of State George Schultz and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.

    Before World War II, Steve Bechtel formed a military-industrial complex partnership with John McCone. McCone later became the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and later, director of the CIA. The CIA has used Bechtel to provide cover for non-official cover CIA operatives abroad.

    Blackstone Investment Group. [CIA front]. With offices in Washington, DC and Moscow, arranged for the purchase of KGB documents following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Among the documents sought by the front company were any related to illegal CIA activities during the Cold War, including the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar and Restaurant. [CIA front]. Opened in 1967 in King’s Cross in Sydney, Australia. Served as a rendezvous point for CIA, Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), and organized crime figures. Its proprietor was Bernie Houghton, a CIA operative with links to Nugan Hand Bank, CIA weapons smuggler Edwin Wilson, and CIA clandestine services officers Theodore Shackley, Rafael Quintero, and Thomas Clines.

    Center for Democracy. [CIA front]. Administered under the aegis of Boston University, the center maintained offices in Boston, Washington, DC, Guatemala City, and Strasbourg, France. Involved in CIA operations in eastern Europe, Central America, and Africa.

    Colt Patent Firearms Company. [CIA partner]. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad.

    Daddario & Burns. [CIA partner]. Headed by former OSS officer Emilio Daddario, a Democratic Representative from Connecticut, the Hartford-based law firm provided services to the CIA.

    DC Comics. [CIA partner]. Worked with the International Military Information Group (IMIG), a joint CIA/Pentagon unit at the State Department, to disseminate propaganda comic books, featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, in Serbo-Croatian and Albanian, to youth in the Balkans during the military conflicts in that region.

    Disney Corporation. [CIA partner]. CIA agents who were adept at creating front companies and shell corporations in Florida, worked closely with Disney in preparation for the construction of Disney World near Orlando, Florida. OSS veteran “Wild Bill” Donovan and CIA shell company expert Paul Helliwell helped create two fake Florida cities, Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, as well as a number of shell corporations, to keep secret the plans for Disney World. This kept land prices low because real estate speculators were unaware of the prospective value of the land in a desolate area of central Florida.

    Emory School of Medicine. [CIA partner]. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Involved in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA behavioral modification project.

    Enron Corporation [CIA partner]. Houston-based firm that was used by the CIA to provide commercial cover for its agents around the world. There were at least 20 CIA employees on Enron’s payroll. Andre Le Gallo, a former official of the CIA’s Operations Directorate, went to work as a corporate intelligence officer for Enron.

    Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC). [CIA front]. Officially established by American Trotskyists, the group was penetrated by CIA operatives. The FPCC New Orleans office was a CIA front that provided cover for the anti-Fidel Castro activities of Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw, and David Ferrie, among others. The New Orleans FPCC office was located at 544 Camp Street and shared the same building entrance with Guy Banister Associates, Inc., a private detective agency, the address for which was 531 Lafayette Street and around the corner from 544 Camp Street.

    In December 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the FPCC ceased all U.S. operations.

    General Electric Company. [CIA partner]. Based in Fairfield, Connecticut, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad.

    General Foods Corporation. [CIA partner]. Advertising account at CIA’s Robert Mullen Company handled by an active CIA employee.

    Google, Inc. [CIA partner]. Developed as a result of a research grant by the CIA and Pentagon to Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science. The CIA referred to the research as the “google project.”

    Greenberg Traurig. [CIA partner]. Washington, DC “connected” law firm.

    Guy Banister Associates, Inc. [CIA partner]. New Orleans private detective agency headed by former FBI agent Guy Banister. The detective agency coordinated the activities of various anti-Castro Cuban groups in New Orleans, including Banister’s own Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, as well as the Cuban Revolutionary Council, the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, Friends of Democratic Cuba, and the Crusade to Free Cuba Committee.

    Banister and Associates shared office space with the CIA’s New Orleans front, the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, headed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Hale and Dorr. [CIA partner]. Boston-based law firm that provided cover for CIA’s Independence and Brown Foundations.

    Halliburton. [CIA contractor]. Based in Houston, it is the world’s largest oil service company. Recipient of a number of CIA sole-source contracts for services worldwide.

    Harper and Row, Inc. [CIA partner]. Manuscripts submitted to the New York publisher that dealt with intelligence matters, particularly CIA operations, were turned over to the CIA for censoring edits before publication.

    Hewlett Packard Corporation. [CIA partner]. Sold computers to Iraq for Saddam Hussein’s missile program with the knowledge and approval of the CIA.

    Hill & Knowlton. [CIA partner]. Public relations firm that teamed with the CIA on a number of operations. Hill & Knowlton’s numerous offices abroad provided cover for CIA agents. One known Hill & Knowlton office that was a CIA front operation was in Kuala Lumpur.

    Kerr-McGee. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating overseas.

    Kissinger Associates, Inc. [CIA partner]. New York-based international consulting firm founded by former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. Former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft is a co-owner. The firm provided support to the CIA-linked American Ditchley Foundation and the Bilderberg Group. Much of the 1982 seed money for Kissinger Associates was provided by Goldman Sachs.

    Knight Foundation. [CIA partner]. Also known as the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Based in Miami, the foundation provides funding for various CIA-connected media operations in the United States and around the world.

    Kroll Inc. [CIA partner]. Founded in 1972 by Jules Kroll, who had links to both U.S. and Israeli intelligence. Based in Manhattan. French domestic law enforcement believed Kroll’s Paris office was a CIA front. Kroll handled the security for the World Trade Center after the 1993 terrorist bombing and continued to be responsible for security up to, during, and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Kroll employed former FBI assistant director for counter-terrorism John O’Neill, who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

    Lincoln Savings and Loan. [CIA partner]. Based in Irvine, California and headed by notorious swindler Charles Keating, Jr., involved in laundering funds for the Iran-contra scandal.

    Lone Star Cement Corporation. [CIA partner]. Based in Stamford, Connecticut and linked to the Bush family, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad. Involved in the Iran-contra scandal.

    Mary Carter Paint Company. [CIA front]. A money-laundering operation for the CIA. Involved in casinos in the Bahamas.

    Monsanto. [CIA partner]. The firm contracted with former CIA official Cofer Black’s Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS), a subsidiary of the CIA-connected Blackwater USA, later Xe Services, to monitor animal rights groups, anti-genetically modified (GM) food activists, and other groups opposed to Monsanto’s agri-business operations worldwide.

    National Enquirer. [CIA partner]. The tabloid’s founder, Generoso (Gene) Pope, Jr., worked for the CIA’s psychological warfare unit and the agency’s Italy branch in 1950. In 1952, Pope acquired The New York Enquirer broadsheet and transformed it into a tabloid, renaming it The National Enquirer. This transformation bore the imprimatur of the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD media influence program.

    Newsweek. [CIA partner]. Magazine reporters and stringers fed information to the CIA. Newsweek’s stringers in southeastern Europe and the Far East were CIA agents. When Newsweek was bought by The Washington Post Company in 1961, cooperation between the magazine and the CIA increased. It was a participant in the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD media influence program. Much of the staff of Newsweek was absorbed into a new online publication, The Daily Beast, which continues to disseminate CIA-influenced articles. See Washington Post.

    Nieman Foundation. [CIA partner]. Located at Harvard University, the foundation awarded Nieman Fellowships, some on behalf of the CIA, for foreign journalists to study at Harvard. The journalists were subjected to CIA recruitment efforts prior to their returning to their home countries.

    Pamela Martin & Associates. [CIA partner], Escort firm run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called “DC Madam.” During her 2008 trial for mail fraud, Palfrey attempted to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act in order to discuss her relationship with the CIA. The U.S. Court refused Palfrey’s request and she was convicted and later said to have committed suicide before her sentencing hearing in Washington, DC. One of her clients was Randall Tobias, the head of the CIA-connected USAID. Another was Louisiana Republican senator David Vitter.

    Paris Review. [CIA front]. Literary magazine edited by George Plimpton. Published works by Jack Kerouac and Samuel Beckett. The magazine’s co-founder, Peter Matthiessen, relied on his affiliation with the magazine as his CIA cover.

    Quaker Oats Company. [CIA partner]. Worked with the CIA and Atomic Energy Commission to place trace amounts of radiation in breakfast cereal served to boys at the Fernald School for the mentally retarded in Waltham, Massachusetts.

    Radio Corporation of America. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad, particularly in Iran, Philippines, Japan, and West Germany. Provided technical assistance to CIA-financed clandestine and propaganda radio stations worldwide, including Radio Free Europe. RCA founder David Sarnoff was a major supporter of CIA operations, including propaganda dissemination around the world. RCA chairman and chief executive officer Thornton F. Bradshaw was active in the operations of the CIA-linked American Ditchley Foundation.

    Reily Coffee Company. [CIA partner]. Also known as William B. Reily Coffee Company and based in New Orleans, this company employed Lee Harvey Oswald and a number of other U.S. government employees, many of whom were suspected CIA officers.

    Robert M. Mullen Company. [CIA proprietary]. A Washington, DC public relations firm, it was used as a front for CIA activities. E. Howard Hunt, the CIA agent, worked for Robert Mullen when he was arrested in the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington in 1972. The Senate Watergate Committee reported that “the Mullen and Company has maintained a relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency since its incorporation in 1959. It provided covers for agents in Europe (Stockholm), Latin America (Mexico City), and the Far East (Singapore) at the time of the Watergate break-in.”

    Rockefeller Foundation. [CIA partner]. Used by the CIA to direct scholarships and grants to the Third World and Eastern Europe. Rockefeller Foundation money was funneled to the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), created in 1948. The chairman of ACUE was OSS chief William J. Donovan and the vice chairman was Allen Dulles. One of ACUE’s board members was Walter Bedell Smith, the first CIA director.

    Summa Corporation. [CIA partner]. Owned by Howard Hughes, Summa is believed to have skimmed gambling profits from the Sands, Desert Inn, Frontier, Silver Slipper, Castaways, and Landmark casinos in Las Vegas and Harold’s Club in Reno for the CIA and the Mafia. Provided financial cover for the CIA’s Glomar Explorer project.

    Teneo Intelligence. [CIA partner]. Branch of Teneo Holdings, which is headquartered in New York. Teneo Holdings’s intelligence branch includes former CIA officials. Teneo is closely linked to former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Teneo Intelligence has offices in New York, London, Rome, Brussels, Dubai, Bogota, New Delhi, and Tokyo.

    Texas Commerce Bank (TCB). [CIA partner]. Houston-based bank founded by the family of James Baker III. Texas Commerce Bank was used to provide commercial cover for CIA agents. After serving as vice president for Texas Commerce Bank in Caracas from 1977 to 1979, Jeb Bush joined his father’s presidential campaign in 1980. Serving with Bush on the campaign was Robert Gambino, the CIA deputy director of security who gave Bush his orientation brief at Langley in 1977.

    Kenneth Lay, the chairman of Enron, which had its own links to the CIA, served on the board of Texas Commerce Bank. Texas Commerce Bank was acquired by Chemical Bank in 1987.

    The bank provided major loans to Howard Hughes’s Summa Corporation. See Summa Corporation.

    United Fruit Company [CIA partner]. Involved in 1954 CIA overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz government in Guatemala. Published the Latin America Report, a publication that was a CIA front used for clandestine activities. The CIA transferred weapons to United Fruit employees in Guatemala who were involved in undermining the Arbenz government. The joint CIA-United Fruit plan was code named OPERATION FORTUNE. Company provided an airfield in Guatemala for the CIA’s training of Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

    U.S. Rubber Company. [CIA partner]. Headquartered in Naugatuck, Connecticut and later called Uniroyal, provided corporate cover to CIA officers operating abroad. Included those operating under the cover of the Dominion Rubber Company of Canada, a subsidiary of U.S. Rubber Company.

    U.S. Youth Council (USYC). [CIA front]. Founded in 1945 and based in New York. Some 90 percent of its funds came from the CIA. USYC received funding from the Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs (FYSA), a CIA front. The USYC was composed of American Youth Hostels, Camp Fire Girls, 4-H, American Unitarian Youth, National Catholic Welfare Conference, National Students Assembly, YMCA and YWCA.

    Wackenhut. [CIA contractor]. Wackenhut, a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based security firm, stood accused of providing the CIA with specialized services around the world, including Chile, Greece, and El Salvador. Its Venezuelan branch, Wackenhut Venezolana, C.A., was accused in 2002 of involvement in the CIA’s coup against President Hugo Chavez. William Casey served as Wackenhut’s outside counsel before becoming CIA director in 1981.

    Wackenhut eventually merged into the global security firm G4S.

    Washington Post. [CIA partner]. The Washington Post was part of the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD, the agency’s media influence project. Post publisher Phil Graham was a close friend and associate of MOCKINGBIRD chief Frank Wisner, Sr. and CIA director Allen Dulles. Wisner assisted Graham in acquiring The Washington Times-Herald and WTOP radio, creating a sizable CIA-influenced media operation in the nation’s capital.

    W. R. Grace. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover to CIA officers operating abroad, particularly in Latin America. Provided donations to CIA front foundations.

  • News story about Madsen's book via The Justice Integrity Project

  •           $10,000 REWARD: Missing Person / Cold Case via Integrated Security Services @GoIntegrated         

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  • FLASHBACK: Video - Widow Pressed for Answers 42 years ago

  • Brief highlights of Caporino case:

    Excerpts from


  • Chapter 4


    Did Gabe Caporino just disappear or were hidden forces at play? AT


    Gabe Caporino, a 40-year-old corporate executive from Westchester, NY, never returned to his wife and two teenage daughters after a business trip in 1974. The night he disappeared, Gabe Caporino spoke with his wife and daughters, asking about a school parents' night and confirming a dinner date with friends for the weekend.


    There isn’t much of a trail for Gabe Caporino, but we know a good bit of what police did and did not do in the crucial days following his disappearance on Thursday, March 7, 1974. We also know some of what his employer, the General Foods corporation, did and did not do.


    Under pressure from Gabe Caporino’s wife, Grace, now a retired teacher and recognized Holocaust scholar, General Foods sent a team to New Orleans over the weekend. One of them, Bill Bevans of the personnel department, snatched Gabe Caporino’s briefcase from his hotel room. The other GF team members were security director Jack Edward Ison, who had been an FBI agent for nine years; and White Plains, NY police detective James Lynch.

    “Our chief of security Jack Ison will ... take over this investigation,” GF personnel director Frank Dorito told Grace Caporino.

    Indeed, he did.

    On Sunday, March 10, 1974, Ison and his colleagues met privately with New Orleans police, barring members of the Caporino family. This crucial meeting presaged, if it did not predestine, the shocking and abysmal refusal of the New Orleans Police Department to follow up on basic and compelling leads, including the forgery of Gabe Caporino's credit card four days after he was reported missing. This forgery was ultimately documented by the FBI crime lab. Significantly, a Sears employee who witnessed three individuals using Gabe’s credit card recanted after a visit by New Orleans police ...

    ... Officer Roma Kent, who went on to work as a federal public defender, got the clerk to change his story ...


    CBS producer Barbara Gordon, on assignment in 1974, put it this way: “The New Orleans Police Department is holding hands with General Foods and there is a cover-up down here.”

    The Gabe Caporino case was the subject of a CBS documentary produced by Gordon and reported by Chris Borgen, a retired New York City narcotics detective. The program aired beginning in May 1974 on the show Eye On New York. It was rebroadcast in New York and several times throughout the country on local affiliates – but not in New Orleans.

    As the air date neared, Borgen told Grace Caporino the reporting team received threats that GF might pull advertising from CBS. Borgen recounted the phone call from a GF public relations staffer: “This documentary is not in our best interests. We have a significant advertising budget with CBS.”


    New Orleans police ... reported the discovery of Gabe Caporino’s rental car in a way that could not have occurred.

    His rented car was found abandoned about 10 days later in front of a school by Spain and [N.]Ramparts streets with the keys stuck outside the vehicle in the door lock. Police officers told me a car in this location with the keys outside the vehicle might have lasted there up to an hour. Additionally, any fingerprints left in or on the car were wiped off.

    “It is certainly not the kind of place where a new car would sit for a week with the keys in the door,” said Gabe Caporino’s nephew Anthony Emma, who made two trips to New Orleans in 1974. “Certainly not the kind of place a new car would sit even locked up without being disturbed for a week ... I always found that hard to believe.”


    As time went on and the Caporino family struggled to survive, General Foods appealed the awarding of benefits to the widow and children multiple times. At one of the hearings, Jack Edward Ison admitted he was the source of the smears about Gabe Caporino in law enforcement files.

    A hearing officer asked Ison: “How do you know this about Mr. Caporino?”

    “Just things you hear people say,” Ison responded. He was not pressed to elaborate.

    In a particularly disturbing incident on March 16, 1974 – the day that would have been Gabe Caporino’s 41st birthday – family, friends and neighbors gathered at the home in Yorktown Heights. Ison called Grace Caporino. She told Ison family and friends did not want her to be alone on that day. Ison paused and said: “Well, if Gabe has any heart, surely he'll call you on his birthday. Bye, I’ve got to go.”


    October, 2011. NEW ORLEANS, LA – Thirty seven years ago – with several police officers crowding her – Grace Caporino briefly touched and read a number of pages in a 3-inch-high stack of reports about her missing husband. After a few minutes, they forced her to leave. Today, the New Orleans Police Department still doesn’t want to know or hear anything about the Gabe Caporino case – or the reports ... *

    The current New Orleans police superintendent, Ronal Serpas, ignored two certified letters she sent him last year ...

    The New Orleans Police Department – notorious as perhaps the most corrupt and incompetent in U.S. history – has routinely engaged in public executions of civilians. The coroner tends to call these homicides slips and falls or accidents, even when someone’s face and teeth are kicked in and various body parts have hemorrhaged. Officers have worked as cocaine dealers on the job, hired hitmen to kill civilians, stolen from car dealers and held up liquor stores in uniform. Officers have been heard on police scanners saying: “Is he dead yet? No. Kill him now. String him up by the balls.”

    A short list of recent convictions includes two officers who beat and kicked a local man to death, then covered it up. In the infamous Danzgier bridge trial, also this year, five current and former officers were found guilty of shooting six civilians – killing two of them – and covering it up. Those local citizens were walking to a grocery store.

    Civilians filming police assaulting civilians are routinely charged with inciting a riot. After police shot and killed unarmed trombone player Joe Williams, returning from a jazz funeral in 2004, officers broke up a memorial service for the popular member of the Hot 8 Brass Band. Local attorney Mary Howell told the PBS show Frontline police advised her that “merely having a video camera or camera in a situation like this where the police are interacting with the community was considered to be inciting a riot.”

    After Hurricane Kartina, the National Rifle Associaton sued New Orleans Police for stripping law-abiding citizens of their ability to defend themselves. “They just stole people’s guns and weapons,” Howell said.

    The unofficial body count from Hurriance Katrina is upwards of 1,500. “We do not have a clear understanding of how many people were shot and killed by the New Orleans Police Department,” Howell told Frontline.

    Of course, there are also many officers who keep their oath to protect and serve no matter what the risk from criminals and buffoons in the streets or among their ranks and supervisors ...


    August, 2012

    ... the New Orleans Police Department actually admitted it had failed to comply with the Louisiana public records law. This happened through a series of depositions of detectives and other personnel [in a Freedom of Information lawsuit in Parish Court] ... “Nobody has gone digging through those files specifically looking for a file relative to the disappearance of Gabe Caporino, have they?” The question was posed by ... attorney, Brett Prendergast.

    “No, sir,” Detective Gwen Guggenheim responded.

    ... A supervised search of the NOPD “storage area” [revealed the following from] ... a dimly-lit and musty room on the second floor by the NOPD parking garage.

    Most of the boxes of files were covered with layers of grime and old insulation. He had to move evidence including sections of a chain-link fence to get at the boxes.

    The files dated from 1890 to the present. Besides homicide cases, there were also files for juvenile offenses and sex crimes.

    There was not a single missing persons file in storage ...

    ... As recently as 1995, then-Police Superintendent Richard Pennington had a detective review the Caporino case and all the reports and documents. Now, the official word is, the file does not exist – just as missing persons don't officially exist ...


    Retired General Foods investigator Emil Monda, reached ... on the West Coast, said about the Caporino case: “We always thought there was foul play, but never came up with anything.”

    Monda said he did not know why the New Orleans Police failed to follow leads including the forgery of Caporino’s credit card ...

              CALL OF DUTY | INFINITE WARFARE        
    Call of Duty! This project has been my primary creative focus for the last couple of years, and it's been a great honour and a pleasure to have been involved with such a potent franchise. There's not much bigger than COD! The development studio for Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward, has been my home since January and part of last year, and it's been a dream come true to live and work in Los Angeles. Ever since I was a kid, looking through art-of books of my favourite movies, LA has been the place I always wanted to be.

    I had been working remotely, as a freelancer, on the IW project for a while, creating concepts like the C12 here, so it was a natural next step to join the team in house in sunny California. The project needed a dose of solid, believable, and badass science fiction flavour, and that's exactly what I love to do! The C12 was the first thing I designed for the project, and it turned out great. The brief was for a walking tank, an enemy robot with a threatening presence, bristling with armaments. I love the right hand appendage, a combination door breaching hammer and articulated claw. The arms are mounted on curved shoulder rails, so they can rotate around and track various targets. There is so much articulation in this guy, it really taxed the rigging department! Bone count be dammed! ha ha

    This is the accompanying human sized enemy robot, the C6. A menacing eyeless axe shaped sensor head is mounted on a 360° degree swiveling pintle frame, so the head can target you from any angle. I imagined the player shoot one in the back, only to have the head spin 180° round and target you, the weapon following a split second behind, helped by the highly mobile shoulder and upper arm sections, allowing the robot to move in ways a human can't, and creating a unique adversary. The work done by the character department to model and texture these robots was insane. It was a true honour to have my concepts brought to life by such a talented team!

    A couple of variations on the standard SDF enemy soldiers. The idea was to create an iconic look, something clearly a guy in a suit, but still dehumanised and threatening enough to make them clearly the badguys, and worthy of killing by the hundreds. I added some frames to the 'muzzle', similar to the mounts on a modern day soldiers helmet, that can have additional optics or emergency breathing apparatus attached, to create an aggressive look. The reinforced polymer face pieces have a variable opacity laminate, I imagined a scene where you see a soldier seal up his transparent mask, then the mask turns cloudy white from the bottom up, obscuring the face and turning the visage into an eyeless skull. These SDF soldiers live in their suits, and have multiple redundancy life support systems, with visible added connective cable and hoses, to create a unique inside-out look to contrast against the clean and slick suits of the Earth forces.

    Ethan, or E3N, the buddy brobot you as the player have alongside for the game. This guy was fun to design, and I love how the head and upper arms worked out. My brother was the inspiration for this character, he's a big badass dude with the right friendly demeanor that I thought was perfect for this robot. I wanted Ethan to look and feel like someone who would have your back in battle, and be down for some extreme sports in down time. My bro is into motocross, so for the articulated pistons on Ethan's neck, I gave him gold cylinders to reflect the awesome looking forks you find on race bikes. Ethan's head is also a combination of elements from a motocross helmet, with articulated lens hood pieces from a camera lens, and the top hood piece forming a cap and visor peak shape.

    Really happy with how his head was resolved. It's tough to come up with a unique and iconic robot head with the right character and ability to emote.

    The final design for the UNSA SATO Marine helmets. With the hero Marines, I wanted to create a rugged and tough suit that paid homage to some classic Marine ideas. Mainly the thick armoured neck and arms. The thick neck was an attempt to create a different silhouette than the usual space suit form of thin neck/big helmet. I kept the helmet as slim and 'operator' as possible, while pumping up the neck, to create a unique look that feels badass, and harks to the leatherneck moniker of the Marines.

    With the arms I wanted the suit to feel like the rolled-up-sleeves look that's popular with Marines, and seen in some classic movies like Aliens. The lower arm sections and neck utilise mechanical pressure to protect from the vacuum of space, while the rest of the outfit is a traditional gas pressure space suit. Taking inspiration from the latest concepts of future space suits from places like NASA, with their elasticated tight fitting sleeves and lines of non-extension, I created a rugged military look with a thick armoured feel and beefy grid like pattern.

    I've loads more concepts to share in the future, so excited to show some of the other cool characters and weapons I was lucky enough to create for the project. Be sure to check out the game too, I'm playing through the final product now and it's rad, so cool to see my work realised to such a high level by a huge and talented team. Cheers!
              K E L O I D II        
    Keloid II has been released! Those insane talents at BLR VFX in Spain have done it again, check it out:


    Greg Broadmore and I were fortunate enough to collaborate with JJ and his team, and produce some new designs for the short. Here's some of my work:

    BLR wanted a large mech unit with a human pilot, and I wanted to design something a little different with such a fun but familiar brief. With other autonomous robots running around it didn't make sense to have the pilot sitting in a traditional cockpit or controlling the mech with their limb movement. So I put the pilot in a low slung tank, where they would be ensconced in inflatable padding, and controlling the unit through a neural interface and display screens. This would allow super fast entry and egress for the pilot, and would look pretty creepy too.

    Of course that means the pilot isn't strictly necessary so the pilot tank could be swapped out for a big ass ammo tank for a big ass gun.
    BLR were also after a larger version of the original Keloid robot, and a human soldier with exo-skeletal gear and armour.

    Here are some renders of the final models, and some screen grabs from the video:

              Elysium Artwork        
    We've finally been cleared to show some of the work we produced for Elysium! 
    So here are some of my favourite designs from the thousands we at Weta created.


    Fashion model robots:





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    It’s very easy to get trapped in your own bullshit. Our minds can often be our own worst enemy. We fill up our heads with lies, excuses, pessimism, negativity, and erroneous thinking. And we use these as weapons to rationalize … Continue reading

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              CZK - 7,5cm tankový kanon vz.39/44N (úprava kořistní zbraně pro ST-I)        
    Autor: Jiří Tintěra

    Datum: 10.08.2017 19:32:31

    7,5 cm tankový kanon vz. 39/44 N 7.5 cm tank cannon Mk. 39/44 N
    Originální název:
    Original Name:
    7,5 cm tankový kanon vz. 39/44 N
    Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Düsseldorf /
    Období výroby:
    Production Period:
    Vyrobeno kusů:
    Number of Produced:
    neuveden (Not specified)
    Prototyp vyroben:
    Prototype Built:
    DD.MM.RRRR ?
    ST-I (1)
    Technické údaje:
    Technical Data:
    1350 kg 2976 lb
    75 mm 2.95 in
    75 x 495 mm
    Délka hlavně:
    Barrel Length:
    d/48 mm (2) L/48 (2)
    Celková délka:
    Overall Length:
    neuvedena Not specified
    Používaná munice:
    Ammo Used:
    tříštivo-trhavý granát vz. 34
    protipancéřový granát vz. 39
    protipancéřový granát vz. 40
    kumulativní granát vz. 38, verze B
    kumulativní granát vz. 38, verze C
    Mk-34 High Explosive
    Mk-39 Armour Piercing
    Mk-40 Armour Piercing
    Mk-38 Granate with Shaped Charge, mod. B
    Mk-38 Granate with Shaped Charge, mod. C
    Maximální dostřel:
    Maximum Range:
    ~7,7 km ~4.8 mi
    Rychlost střelby:
    Rate of Fire:
    12-15 ran/min 12-15 rpm
    Úsťová rychlost:
    Muzzle Velocity:
    740 - 790 m/s 2428 - 2592 ft/s
    Kořistní zbraň upravená ve Škodových závodech Plzeň.
    (1) 7,5 cm stihač tanků ST-I
    (2) Dostupné prameny uvádí dva rozdílné údaje o délce hlavně: 3600 mm a 3375 mm
    Prey weapon modified at Skoda Pilsen.
    (1) 7.5 cm tank destroyer ST-I
    (2) Sources show two different length barrel: 3600 mm or 3375 mm

    Výkres VTÚ: Nápisy na dělech, č.v. I-3C1-1-2/1, in VHA Praha, FL: MNO VTV, rok 1947, KL: 167, SL: 13871,
    Krátký popis 75mm tanového kanonu vz.39/44N ..., in VHA Praha, FL: MNO-VTVM, rok 1952, KL: 65, SL: 24-1/242.

              Comment on Dear QRG… Am I A Misogynist? #DearQRG by Ginkgo        
    "I was trying to show how the feminist argument functions structurally by embodying that structure myself. " That got right past me; thanks for helping me out. " I’m fully aware it can be endlessly reversed, albeit more often than not in the same language-terms of ‘privilege’ and ‘power’. " "Topping from the bottom' for example. Good observations and now I see what you were saying. Good point about how the narrative reinforce passivity and the hyperagency/hypoagency dyad. "Perhaps Christabel did her working-class compatriot a favour by giving him his white feather: she validating his sacrifice by underwriting his actions with a cost. Why an ‘oppression’? Why not a social exchange?" Madam is witty today. I can think of some "social exchanges" she could have offered him that would have been a lot less oppressive than exposing him to chemical weapons and machine gun fire. "she validating his sacrifice by underwriting his actions with a cost." This is gold, pointing out the silliness of a man counting a woman's approval worth more than his life.
              200 days in: Obama still on Trump's mind - CNN        


    200 days in: Obama still on Trump's mind
    Bridgewater, New Jersey (CNN) In 1962, as the United States and the Soviet Union wobbled toward nuclear confrontation, then-President John F. Kennedy got his predecessor on the phone. "What's your judgment as to the chances they'll fire these things off?
    FactCheck: Trump misfires on nuclear weapons boastPhilly.com
    AP FACT CHECK: Trump's unjustified boast about US nuke powerMiami Herald
    Fact Check: Trump's Unjustified Boast About US Nuke PowerNBC New York
    Twitter -Whitehouse.gov -The White House -Department of State
    all 113 news articles »


    Have you ever flipped through the pages of Field & Stream or watched an exciting big game hunt on the Outdoor Channel and said to yourself, “Someday I would like to do that?” I guess all hunters have a specific species they dream about pursuing and mine has always been a moose. In terms of my “bucket list” for animals I want to hunt, the moose has always been number one. For years, I have sent my check to Vermont and Maine in hopes of getting drawn in their moose hunting lottery; but it never was. But last Fall I received an email from Amsterdam hunters Dick Andrews and Marshall Knapik and Rich Kraus(Ballston Spa) about their Newfoundland moose hunt that finally lit the fire under me. And the results is that in 3 weeks my dream hunt will finally become a reality.

    The moose, which is derived from the Algonkian name meaning “eater of twigs,” was not native to Newfoundland. They were introduced, two bulls and two cows from New Brunswick, in 1904 and today it is estimated that there is a population of 120,000. Moose are the largest member of the deer family with a weak eyesight but their most acute sense is their hearing. Their habitat is includes swampy areas as well as forested higher ground around lakes.

    The destination, which I choose mainly because of Dick’s recommendation and the fact that he has hunted there successfully five times already and will be returning in 2010, is Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps located in Portland Creek, Newfoundland, Canada. Owned and operated by Sam and Hebbert Caines, they have over 30 years of experience guiding and outfitting hunters. Sam’s has three hunting camps located in Area No. 3 on the Northern Peninsula: St. Paul’s Big Pond, where I will be hunting, which is one-half mile from Gros Morne National Park which is 35 miles from Deer Lake; Long Range Mountains at Trophy Lake and High Pond which are each 60 miles from Deer Lake which is the pick up point for all Sam’s hunters. Now although we will be hunting from fly-in remote sites, which I am looking forward to, it is comforting to know that there is two-way radio and cell telephone contact with these camps.

    There are two ways to get to Deer Lake; driving and flying. If you drive there is a 5 - 8 hour ferry crossing depending upon the weather or, my choice, drive to Montreal and fly into Deer Lake. Here I will spend the night, be picked up early the next morning and flown in to camp by helicopter. And this, the helicopter ride, is something I am looking forward to also. All the camps are built to Newfoundland Tourism specifications and include indoor toilets, showers, two bedroom with two single beds in each, a large dining room and a kitchen. And each camp has a full time cook. Each hunter has his/her own guide. The actual hunting is done by spot and stalk, which is walking and glassing a variety of terrains, and/or sometimes glassing from elevated blinds.

    Now when choosing a guide/outfitter success rate should always be a major consideration. In the case of Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps he has a 90 percent success rate for moose and 100 percent for caribou. Unfortunately, I applied for a Woodland caribou hunting tag but did not receive one; but I did get a black bear permit which I hopefully will be able to fill during this hunt. As for the caribou, I will try again next year.

    When hunting in Canada there are a number of forms and documents that are needed when crossing the border. The easiest way to travel to and from Canada is with a passport. As for your firearm, this too is fairly simple and most of the paperwork can be competed before you go. You cannot bring a fully automatic weapon, handgun or pepper spray into Canada. Your regular hunting rifle/shotgun is not a problem as long as complete a Nonresident Firearms Declaration(CAFC909EF) form. Sam sent this form to me when I confirmed my hunt with him in February. The form is very simple to complete and on it you can register up to 3 firearms and the cost is $25(Canadian) which you pay at the time of crossing. The registration is good for 60 days. Do not sign and date the form until you are at customs. In all the times I have traveled to Canada with a firearm(s) to hunt it has been a very simple process which usually will take no more than 30 minutes. To download this form Goggle “Canadian firearms declaration form.”

    With regards to transporting firearms to Canada , which they may or may not inspect at the border, is in a protective and lockable case, and obviously, unloaded. It is wise if your gun is a bolt action to remove the bolt, and if it a clip remove the clip.

    Weather-wise, during September it is usually very pleasant in the mid - 40s which is good hunting weather. But Dick and other hunters who have been to Newfoundland in September all agree that things can change very quickly. “You will hunt in the rain,” they tell me and things will get damp and therefore layering you clothing is the best method. The absolute must for this trip is quality rain gear which should include quality rubber boots that are 16 or 17 inches high and with aggressive tread.

    Now those of you who know me are probably saying: “First moose hunt; he will surely have to buy a new gun.” That’s what my wife thought also. Well, believe it or not, the gun that I will be using is one that is already in my gun cabinet. In fact I have had it for at least 7 years now and never really shot anything with it. It is a ported Remington Model 700 BDL in the .300 Win Mag caliber. I told you I knew that one day I would be making this hunt and actually bought the gun solely for the purpose of hunting moose with it. The only action it has seen up until now has been a twice a year complete cleaning and oiling. But now that my dream hunt is going to be a reality I have added a quality optic and spent some range time getting acquainted with this gun; and I am very impressed with its performance and power; just what is needed to bring down a large bull moose that stands higher than a large saddle horse and can weigh as much as 1500 pounds.

    When I asked Sam and Hebbert what to expect in terms of the range of shooting distance he said that it could be anywhere from 50 yards to 400 yards; which was another reason I chose the .300 win mag cartridge.

    With the number of quality scopes offered today my selection of the right one for this rifle and especially this hunt was difficult. At the Shot Show in January I spent one day visiting optic manufacturers booths and reviewing what they were offering in scopes. One in particular impressed me; Hawke Optics. And when Brad Bonar, their Sales Manager, let me look through their Endurance 30 series 3-12x50 L3 Dot IR reticle scope all I could think about was placing that red dot on the shoulder of my Newfoundland bull moose. Other important features include a 30mm matt black mono tube, it is fog and waterproof, shockproof and has an 11 setting rheostat to adjust the Dot’s intensity to any light condition.

    After mounting and bore sighting the scope I headed for the range where I tested 3 brands of ammunition shooting from a Caldwell Lead Sled shooting rest which is the only way to sight in a firearm for two reasons: one is that you get the best accuracy and two, it absorbs almost all of the felt recoil. My 3-shot grouping with the Endurance was quite impressive(one-half inch) and the best results were with the Winchester Supreme Elite XP3, 180 grain 2-stage expansion bullet with delayed controlled expansion, deep penetration and high weight retention. Ballistically it has a muzzle velocity of 3000 feet per second and energy of 3597 foot pounds. Just the right medicine for taking a moose down. Zeroed at 200 yards it will be 1.4 inches high at 100 yards and 6.4 inches low at 300 yards. And should I get that 400 yard shot, my holdover will be 18.5 inches.

    One other service I found helpful when dealing with Hawke Optics was their Ballistic Reticle Calculator(BRC) which is a free software package that will help you to choose the right ammunition for your gun and print a copy of the results. This program covers calibers from a 177 air rifle, up to a 300 Weatherby magnum and even will calculate the best crossbow bolt for your crossbow. To get the BRC go to their web at hawkeoptics, click on “Hawke BRC” and they will email it to you. And while you are there click on “NEW Reticle Information” and see how my L3 DOT IR looks when sighting in a bull elk in the field.


    Forty five years ago when I realized how much I enjoyed big game hunting I promised myself that someday I was going to go on a moose hunt. And two weeks ago my wish came true in Newfoundland at Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps; and I can honestly say it was the most exciting hunting adventures I have ever experienced.

    It was 2a.m. when I stepped off the plane in Deer Lake along with several other camo clad passengers and headed for the baggage claim conveyor. Now if you have ever traveled with a firearm on a hunting trip you know how good you feel when you see that gun case come out on the conveyor; and mine did. But my suitcase, with all my hunting clothes, boots and other accessories, didn’t. Now I had a real problem because in just 4 hours my outfitter Sam Caines was going to pick me up and take me to the helicopter that would fly me into St. Paul’s Big Pond; which was the only access to the camp.

    At the airline desk I completed the missing baggage claim form and explained the situation and asked how, when they found my bag, they would get it to me. They would have to send it to the outfitter who would then have it flown out to me at the camp. So when I climbed into that helicopter later that morning I was wearing my hunting clothes: jeans, Nike shoes, long sleeve cotton shirt, baseball cap and a photographer’s vest. Not exactly what I needed for the spot and stalk hunting in wet bogs in the wind and rain and temperatures in the low 40s.

    The helicopter ride was great and I got a chance to see just how beautiful the Newfoundland wilderness really is; and it was then that I felt the excitement of the upcoming hunt despite the knot in my stomach because of my lost luggage. I could not hunt like this and all I thought about was having to stay in camp for 7 days and not being able to hunt; something I waited a lifetime to do.

    After settling in, which did not take long for me, I got to meet the other three hunters: Oscar Primelles, my roommate from Florida; and Victor Chandler and Wayne Cleveland who were both from Nova Scotia. The staff included guides Hebbert, Sherman and Harrison Caines, Ralph House and Derrick Kelly our camp cook. Each hunter at Sam’s has his/her own guide. Ironically all had heard of my problem with the airlines and they all said “they would dress me.” Each one of them contributed to my hunting outfit and when I dressed for hunting on Monday morning the only piece of clothing I was wearing that was mine was my underwear; which by the way, I washed each evening and hung over the wood stove to dry.

    That evening before the hunt I felt lot better knowing I would be able to hunt comfortably and thoroughly enjoyed Derrick’s ham dinner with all the trimmings which we all found out was equally outstanding all week. And that included the home made bread, pies and cakes.

    It rained all night and it was raining at 7 a.m. with 5-10 ph winds and temperatures in the mid - 30s when Sherman, my guide, and I along with Oscar and his guide Hebbert, all climbed into an 18 foot aluminum boat and headed for the other end of the pond. This “pond” by the way was the size of Saratoga Lake.

    Once on shore we all started up 12 STOP mountain which is the name I gave it because it required 12 rest stops where I would catch my breath before I reached the top. Sherman and I stayed on one side of the top while Oscar and Hebbert went over the top to the other side to set up. Each of the guides would call, using only their mouths, but nothing came in.

    By 9 a.m. the wind had picked up considerably and that combined with the heavy rains made sitting difficult; and at by 11:00 we were back in the boat and headed for camp. And when we got there Derrick’s homemade turkey vegetable soup was just what we all needed. No one that morning had seen a moose.

    The afternoon watch took us up another steep incline( 10 Stop mountain) and the bad weather conditions were the same. I remember reading that moose do not move much when it is rainy and windy and they didn’t this evening either. Victor and Ralph reported seeing two cow moose that evening but they were about 500 yards across the bog.

    Anticipation was high that morning despite the fact that conditions had actually gotten tougher and we had to wait about an hour for the fog to lift before we left camp. This time Sherman and I headed out behind the camp for an area they called the Waiting Rock stand. It was an 8 stops climb for me and we climbed into the 20 foot high tower. These towers are quite unique. They(guides) find four 10 - 12 inch trees that are in a square about 5 or 6 feet apart, trim the branches from the ground up, cut the tops off the trees, and build a platform blind enclosing the sides with canvas and with seats. It is quite comfortable but I found out that temperatures were a bit colder at this height. And at times the high winds would create horizontal rains which added to our discomfort. But that’s hunting. And again, by 10 a.m. we were headed back to camp without sighting a single moose.

    It was on this trip back to camp that I found out about what Newfoundlanders call a bog hole, and why they told me to always watch and duplicate where your guide steps; which I did on the first day. However on this day I got caught up in looking at the beautiful scenery and my right foot with the 18 inch high boot found its way into a 24 in hole full f water. I knew than that I was done hunting for the day. But as it turned out, because of the bad weather no one went out that afternoon.

    Finally Mother Nature turned off the water, reduced the wind and replaced them with chilly 34 degree temperatures. At daybreak Sherman and I headed back up for the Waiting Rock tower; but we never made it. The evening before Hebbert had told me that in the history of this camp Waiting Rock had produced at least 100 moose harvests and on this day I was about to make it 101.

    Several hundred yards from camp we stopped and Sherman made a few cow calls but got no response. Continuing up the hill we were just about 100 yards from the bog that the tower was located in when Sherman stopped, tapped his ear and pointed at the thick spruce off to our left. I heard the scraping and then saw those large palmated antlers thrashing the trees and brush about 80 yards from us. I think I froze momentarily in awe. It is one thing to watch something like this on the Outdoor Channel, but it is nothing like actually being there. Quickly and quietly I chambered a round and turned the Hawke scopes power down to 4. I don’t remember being nervous but I am sure I was.

    By watching the movement of the bushes and trees we could see the bull was heading parallel to us and hopefully he would cross a 15 foot opening about 50 yards from me. Sherman motioned me up a few yards where I set up on a small rise in the trail, got down on one knee, clicked off my safety and laid my cheek on the stock.

    All the time I could feel the chill running up and down my spine and my heart was pounding. To keep the bull headed in our direction Sherman cleverly turned his back on the bull and called again making it sound like this love sick cow was leaving. It worked.

    Not only did the bull step into the opening but he started to turn down the trail towards me. I don’t know remember my feelings or even pulling the trigger when that big bull was just 40 yards from me slowly tossing his head from side to side. I knew I had hit him, but I am not sure he knew. Shot number two got the reaction I was looking for and shot number three put him on the ground. It was then that I remember what the veteran hunters and guides in camp said; “ shoot until he is down.”

    My knees were a bit shaky when I stood up and so were my hands as Sherman and I waited a few minutes before moving cautiously toward the fallen bull. And when we were sure he was dead the high 5s, hoots, hugs and handshakes began. I don’t know exactly how many times I thanked Sherman, my 27 year old guide, for my first bull; and he thanked me also; because I was actually the first client he had guided.

    I believe I stood over my bull for at least 15 minutes just admiring his rack, head, swollen neck and shoulders. Everything about him was “BIG.”

    Now the real work was about to begin for Sherman. That big half ton at least animal had to be rolled over and not only field dressed but boned, quartered and carried out on a pack frame.

    Back in camp that afternoon after another long photo shoot Hebbert gave me my bulls statistics. He estimated that the bull weighed 1500 pounds, was 7-8 years old, had 22 measurable points, 13 inch palms, a 48 3/4 inch spread and the bases of his antlers measured 9 3/4 inches around.

    As for the other hunters in camp they too tagged out by the end of the week. My cabin roommate Oscar, shot a 10 point bull, called in by Hebbert, just about 550 yards from where I took my bull on the Waiting Rock watch. On the next morning, Thursday, Harrison called in a 3 point bull and a cow moose to Victor, who chose to shoot the cow. And at 9:10 a.m. on Saturday, the final day of hunting, I was in camp when Ralph called in to report he had called in a 4 point bull at the Waiting Rock tower, which Wayne dropped with just one shot at 158 yards. It was this 73 year old gentleman’s 10 th bull and his 10 th year of hunting with Sam. The first week of the 2009 moose hunt at St. Paul’s Big Pond was 100 percent successful. And I later found out that only one hunter in all three of Sam’s outpost camps had not taken a moose this week.

    If you have ever considered a moose hunt I highly recommend that you contact Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps(709-898-2535).

              Pope on Syria: “Dialogue and negotiation is the only option”        
    From CNS:  Dialogue and negotiations are “the only option for putting an end to the conflict and violence” in Syria, said Pope Francis and Jordan’s King Abdullah II. As Western leaders expressed strong convictions that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack against its own citizens and vowed to take action, Pope Francis […]
              Secret World Legends – Video preview of new combat system        
    [Beta register] Funcom today released a new video where the tean explain just how different combat will feel in Secret World Legends. In addition to moving from traditional tab-targeting to a more action-inspired reticule mode, each of Secret World Legends’ nine weapons features entirely new and unique mechanics that are sure to keep even the most [&hellip
              Black Desert Online – Dark Knight awakening arrives in English server        
    PearlAbyss and Kakao Games are proud to announce that the Dark Knight’s awakening update will launch this Wednesday after the regular weekly maintenance. Her awakening weapon, “Vediant”,  is a set of phantom blades that are magically summoned in different sizes and grants the Dark Knight special life draining powers as well as powerful ranged offensive [&hellip
              Anniversary of First Atomic Bomb Test        

    Today is the 70th anniversary of the first atomic bomb test. Here are two books about the atomic bomb and this historic event.

     Bomb : the race to build and steal the world's most dangerous weapon / Steve Sheinkin Trinity : a graphic history of the first atomic bomb



              Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack suggest Russian cyberweapon        
    A hack that manipulated the location of 20 ships in the Black Sea may be the first use of GPS spoofing, a form of cyberwarfare capable of widespread disruption
               Normal service is resumed        
    Hello everyone! 

    It seems like a long time ago since I last posted but it's only been 24 days. In that time I've been to Donegal for two weeks and my cousin from Ireland came to visit me here in Bedford. I have had a wonderful three weeks and it was also good to have a break from blogging! I did miss everyone else's blogs and have tried to catch up since I returned.

    I'm going to dedicate this part of the post to Fiona of 'Made in a Muddle' here. Fiona has a mobile home in France and asked me to do a post about about my mobile home in Ireland - so here goes.

    The site we stay at  is at the top of a hill and has about 180 mobile homes in total. It is split into two separate areas by a road. There is a children's playground; a green play space with trees and tyre swings; a football/tennis/basketball pitch; picnic sites and a hut for wet weather activities, on site. There are also woods to the rear of the site, two nearby lakes and lots of local beaches.  Our mobile home is on the upper slope of the hill and at the end of a row. It is a truly beautiful spot and we are surrounded by mountains.

    We are 17 miles from the town of Donegal; 3.5 miles from Killybegs and about 7 miles from Ardara. There is a garage cum post office cum grocery shop cum deli at the bottom of the hill, about 4 miles away and it's our nearest shop.

    Image may contain: sky, cloud, house, plant, tree, outdoor and nature

    This is 'Ruby Super' hereafter referred to as the 'caravan'. She is a static caravan or mobile home made by Atlas and was originally made in the mid to late 1990s. I bought her in April 2014 after I retired in March. I had the wooden decking/patio and base around the caravan made especially. Ruby Super has three bedrooms but can sleep eight people as the seating area in the living area pulls down into a double bed.

    There is no central heating but I do have a gas fire in the living room and two other electric heaters. However, electric voltage is is limited in a caravan and you learn pretty quickly how many electrical items can be in use at the same time. When the electricity is 'tripped' it's only a short walk to the decking to 'throw' the switch. As it can get very cold, in the evenings especially, I always have a good supply of throws and blankets which are stored in the large basket.

    I like the layout in the caravan  - apart from the sleeping areas and bathroom, everything else is open plan. From the kitchen window and two of the bedroom windows I can see St. John's Point which is one of the longest peninsulas in Ireland.  The peninsula is separated on either side by McSwyne's Bay and Inver Bay; which feed into Donegal Bay and the North Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day, I can also see Ben Bulben mountain  across Donegal Bay in Co. Sligo. If you look very carefully at the picture below, in the distance on the left hand side you can just make out Ben Bulben. There were very few clear days on this trip but when it is clear it's as if I can lean out of the window and touch the sea!

    The kitchen is compact but has lots of storage space. I have no washing machine but there is a laundry on site with two washing machines and two tumble dryers. They are not free; unfortunately...

    This is the bathroom. There is a shower to the left of the photo.

    There is a separate loo

    One double bedroom complete with another wardrobe of clothes, shoes, jewellery and perfume!

    Two twin bedrooms.

    When we've been away from the caravan between September to Easter, the caravan suffers from mildew. We leave plates of salt and humidifiers (non electrical) bought at hard ware shops to help with the mildew. This year we've left the blinds up and curtains open to maximise any sunshine and warmth; until I return in July. The caravan heats up really quickly when it's sunny. 

    We also have to pack any clothing or textiles, including bedding, away in plastic bags to avoid them becoming mildewed. If we were able to visit more frequently this would be less of an issue. So far though, it has been the only problem we've experienced and we love Ruby Super. When I return in July, I shall be applying weather protection stain to the decking and washing the outside of the caravan with a mop and bucket. Thanks to Fiona for alerting me to this - it was in the terms and conditions,  but I had completely missed it!


    Are you ready for some outfit posts? Not many I'm afraid; I was too busy having a good time!

    I only managed one selfie with the selfie stick. Everything charity shopped. Cardigan; 50p at a jumble sale, top; £1.00 rail somewhere, can't remember where I bought the trousers.

    All jewellery and headscarf charity shopped.

    When OH arrived we spent a day in Derry.

    Taken outside the Guildhall in Co.Derry. Everything charity shopped except the bag; online retail and the boots; Christmas present. The mac is by Max Mara and I bought it for 4 euros at my favourite charity shop in Killybegs, Co. Donegal. I also bought a pair of brown trousers and a green and black pair of trousers there for 2 euros each and a tunic by Apricot for 3 euros. It was a chilly day in Derry hence the gloves and scarf!

    I'm standing against the wall that once surrounded the city of Derry. This plaque is in memory of all those who were killed  by weapon systems within the city and district of Derry.

    Another part of the wall. 
    OH and I had a really good rummage in the charity shops of Derry on Easter Saturday. There were nine in total that we found and only one was closed. I was quite restrained for a change (!) and bought a necklace in a hospice shop and a Desigual tunic top in the Red Cross shop; where I got discount bringing the price down from £6.00 to £4.80! On the way to Derry we stopped at Ballyboffey to have a rummage and I bought a pair of trainers and a pair of walking shoes for 99 cents each. In the Donkey Sanctuary charity shop I bought a ring for 5 euros and a couple of books.

    This picture was taken in Letterkenny, where we stopped for a meal on the way back from Derry. I have no idea what the sculpture is and there was no information about it that I could see.

     We also spent a day in Sligo where we went rummaging as well as visiting family. I bought some white jeans for 2.50 euros and a couple of bangles. I also visited another cousin and his wife in Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo before OH came out. This the view of the Atlantic from their garden:

    On that occasion my cousin's wife, Martina and another cousin Caroline, and I, went walking around the base of Ben Bulben. It was a beautiful walk and we had two dogs with us who were very well behaved throughout. 

    And other than reading, eating, sleeping, a bit of walking, listening to the radio and starting (finally) a new crochet blanket, I did very little else! 

    Only another 100+ rows to go....
    I'll post about my cousin's visit in my next post. It's good to be back!

              Humera and Haider all set to become one in Zee TV's Qubool Hai        

    Haider is taking revenge from Gaffur and has been using Humera as a weapon to hurt him. He makes Humera fall in his fake love. He even spends a night with her in Agra’s hotel and consummates their relation. Gaffur couldn’t reach on time and blames himself for losing his daughter’s respect. Humera doesn’t know […]

    The post Humera and Haider all set to become one in Zee TV's Qubool Hai appeared first on TellyReviews.

              inFAMOUS Collection - Ultimate PS3 Combo Pack        

    inFAMOUS Collection - Ultimate PS3 Combo Pack


    • inFAMOUS
    • inFAMOUS 2
    • inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
    • Extra missions
    • Additional character costumes, power ups and weapon styles

    You'll also be able to buy some of these games individually on the PlayStation Store.

    inFAMOUS™ Collection & Metallic Blue DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller

              Draft Resolution on Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction        
    11 DECEMBER 2016   CLEAN VERSION UNDER SILENCE PROCEDURE ENDING ON WEDNESDAY 14 DECEMBER 2016 AT 7 AM   Draft Resolution   The Security Council, (1)    Reaffirming its resolutions 1540 (2004) of 28 April 2004, 1673 (2006) of 27 April 2006, 1810 (2008) of 25 April 2008, 1977 (2011) of 20 April 2011, and 2055 (2012) [...]
              Vehicles Being Used as Deadly Weapons        
    The truck attack in Nice, France, is the deadliest attack on record where a car or truck was used as a weapon. But this terror tactic is not new.
              Christopher Dickey: Police need good intelligence to stop terror        
    Following the terror attack in Nice, France, Christopher Dickey of The Daily Beast says terror groups are “much more imaginative than people give them credit for,” using weapons as mundane as a truck to further their goals. Dickey tells TODAY that police need more than barriers to stop terror attacks before the last minute; they also need good intelligence. (Run time: 3:18)
              Weaponized vehicles a familiar terror tactic        
    Malcolm Nance, former U.S. counter-terrorism intelligence officer, talks with Rachel Maddow about the frequency with which terrorists use vehicles as their means of attack, and the details investigators will analyze as they examine the truck attack in Nice, France.
              On Mothering a Teenaged Driver        
    Car crashLast week a 17-year-old Winnipeg girl died. She was riding in an SUV with her friends at 1 o'clock on a weekday afternoon, when the vehicle hit a tree. She was ejected from the car and was killed. Her friends were all hurt, and charges have been laid against the 17-year-old driver.

    This story would have made me cry anyway - I have become much more susceptible to any sad tale involving children since becoming a mother. But it really hit me in the gut, because my 16-year-old is learning to drive.

    He's a good driver, although not yet ready to take his road test. His reflexes and mechanical control of the vehicle are excellent - years of playing video games are apparently good for something. The mistakes he makes are a direct result of inexperience, and he is a quick learner. More importantly, he loves to drive and asks to do it as frequently as he can, accumulating as much experience as possible. These are all good things.

    Nevertheless, I am putting my child in charge of a lethal weapon. Right now I sit next to him and remind him to slow down if a light up ahead is about to change, call out warnings if he is drifting in his lane and tell him what to do about obnoxious guys in macho trucks who are trying to get him to move faster than is wise or legal.

    But some day soon, he will be out there by himself. I tell myself that he is a good and cautious driver with a healthy respect for the powerful machine under his hands and for the speed limit and seat belt laws. I teach him everything I can so he and everyone around him will be safe. I have to let him go out and learn to be an adult.

    But last week, a 17-year-old girl died, and a 17-year-old boy was left with a burden of guilt he can never, ever lose, regardless of what his friend's mother says and how genuine her forgiveness is.

    We all cry.
              Blog Post: Rooted In Shallow Soil        

    Gamers were dumbfounded when PopCap announced it was transplanting the Plants vs. Zombies series from the backyard to the battlefield. To say the multiplayer-shooter spinoff is a huge departure for the casual game developer is an understatement, but the aesthetics and lighthearted tone are a wonderful change of pace for the violence-obsessed genre. Dig beneath the surface, though, and you find some fundamental flaws that hold back this family-friendly shooter.[Excerpt]

    PopCap is known for making highly polished games that virtually anyone can pick up and play. Unfortunately, that equation only rings half true for Garden Warfare. The developer's simplified approach to the genre does away with basic concepts like sprinting, melee attacks, and limited ammo, making it easy for anyone to get into the swing of battle. However, the gameplay is uncharacteristically buggy; players get hung up on other characters and geometry, corpses twitch on the ground, and even the slightest bit of network lag renders some abilities (like the all-star zombie's dash attack) ineffective. A variety of classes and unlockable characters add some nuance to the simple fun, but PopCap's limited mode offerings hamstring replayability.

    Garden Warfare only features two main competitive modes: Team Vanquish and Gardens & Graveyards. Team Vanquish is your run-of-the-mill team deathmatch. Gardens & Graveyards tasks zombies with assaulting a series of consecutive capture points in a map, similar to Battlefield's rush mode. A classic variant of each mode disables upgrades and unlockable characters (making them less interesting), and the beginner mode gives you more health the more you die, but you're still playing one of two basic formulas.

    Gardens & Graveyards is clearly the main attraction. Maps have unique themes, and capture points are built around interesting locations that facilitate large-scale confrontations. Every map features an interesting final objective, such as sneaking five zombies into Crazy Dave's mansion or destroying the roots of a giant sunflower growing inside of a lighthouse. Gardens & Graveyards provides hours of fun, but eventually you get tired of assaulting or defending the same points on the same handful of maps, and Team Vanquish does little to alleviate the boredom.

    Garden Warfare's co-op offerings are equally uninspired. Garden Ops is a four-player horde mode, which tasks players with defending a garden against ten increasingly difficult waves of zombies. Aside from the occasional zombie boss or special wave, you don't have much to draw you in once you've beaten a few matches. 

    Garden Warfare's most interesting twist is how it incorporates the series' tower-defense elements into matches. Players can spawn zombies or plants in designated locations on the map, which then attack opponents autonomously. Unfortunately, these characters are treated as consumable items that players must purchase before matches using Garden Warfare's microtransaction-ready economy.

    The vast majority of Garden Warfare's content is locked behind its PvZ Coin currency. Support plants and zombies, customization items, weapon upgrades, and even new class characters are bought with the coins you earn from matches. However, can't just buy what you want; instead you must purchase blind card packs of varying prices. Consumable card packs give you a handful of zombies and plants to summon during matches, while more expensive packs provide random upgrades or character stickers – though you have to collect all of the stickers for a character before you can actually play as them. Like any good pusher, EA gives you a couple packs for free, but after that the grinding for coins begins.

    This faux free-to-play approach undermines Garden Warfare's promising tower-defense elements. Each plant or zombie you spawn feels like a waste of money; regardless of how helpful they may be on the battlefield, buying consumable packs just holds you back from the larger goal of unlocking more playable characters, which is the only motivator to continue playing after you've learned the maps inside and out.

    Those extra playable characters are worth unlocking. Although they have the same class abilities, each character has its own unique twist on gameplay. For instance, the marine-biologist zombie features a higher rate of fire than the regular scientist zombie, and the fire sunflower deals extra elemental damage. Unfortunately, characters take an exorbitant amount of time to unlock, and because card packs are random, you can't just unlock upgrades or characters for the class you're interested in.


    Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the economy is that there's no option to purchase coins with real money, but EA says it may institute such an option in the future. Frankly, I can't imagine a world where that change doesn't happen, but it doesn't really matter. The progression system and tower-defense elements are already broken to accommodate the possibility. Garden Warfare is designed like a free-to-play game, despite the $30 price tag.

    PopCap's approach to class progression also plays out for the worse. Instead of gaining experience points, you level up classes by completing a series of challenges. Things start out easy – deploy five potato mines, kill three plants with rockets – but more specific challenges distract players from what's best for the match and make leveling up a pain. Killing two scientist zombies with a sun beam or shooting down three garlic drones seems easy enough, but what if the other team isn't using those characters? I went entire matches making zero progress with characters simply because the right elements weren't on the battlefield. Some challenges are downright devious; spawning five conehead zombies first requires you to buy consumable card packs until you randomly receive enough of them to complete the challenge. Luckily, you unlock all of the abilities for a class in the first few levels anyway, so you can abandon the progression scheme after that.

    Before the tedium set in, I had fun with Garden Warfare. Spending a few hours with the accessible combat and charming world was entertaining, but the random card packs and achievement-style leveling system killed my desire to keep playing. Garden Warfare's simplified gameplay and limited map selection can only entertain for so long – without rewarding progression, there's no carrot (or brain) at the end of the stick.

    The Xbox 360 Difference
    While both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions have their share of problems, the last-gen incarnation fares considerably worse. While testing the 360 version, I ran into increased gameplay bugs, load times, pop-up, and embarrassingly blurry visuals as the game struggled to stream in the high-resolution textures. These shortcomings don’t ruin the experience, but they are significant enough to earn the Xbox 360 entry a lower score than the Xbox One version. 

              Blog Post: Rooted In Shallow Soil        

    Gamers were dumbfounded when PopCap announced it was transplanting the Plants vs. Zombies series from the backyard to the battlefield. To say the multiplayer-shooter spinoff is a huge departure for the casual game developer is an understatement, but the aesthetics and lighthearted tone are a wonderful change of pace for the violence-obsessed genre. Dig beneath the surface, though, and you find some fundamental flaws that hold back this family-friendly shooter.[Excerpt]

    PopCap is known for making highly polished games that virtually anyone can pick up and play. Unfortunately, that equation only rings half true for Garden Warfare. The developer's simplified approach to the genre does away with basic concepts like sprinting, melee attacks, and limited ammo, making it easy for anyone to get into the swing of battle. However, the gameplay is uncharacteristically buggy; players get hung up on other characters and geometry, corpses twitch on the ground, and even the slightest bit of network lag renders some abilities (like the all-star zombie's dash attack) ineffective. A variety of classes and unlockable characters add some nuance to the simple fun, but PopCap's limited mode offerings hamstring replayability.

    Garden Warfare only features two main competitive modes: Team Vanquish and Gardens & Graveyards. Team Vanquish is your run-of-the-mill team deathmatch. Gardens & Graveyards tasks zombies with assaulting a series of consecutive capture points in a map, similar to Battlefield's rush mode. A classic variant of each mode disables upgrades and unlockable characters (making them less interesting), and the beginner mode gives you more health the more you die, but you're still playing one of two basic formulas.

    Gardens & Graveyards is clearly the main attraction. Maps have unique themes, and capture points are built around interesting locations that facilitate large-scale confrontations. Every map features an interesting final objective, such as sneaking five zombies into Crazy Dave's mansion or destroying the roots of a giant sunflower growing inside of a lighthouse. Gardens & Graveyards provides hours of fun, but eventually you get tired of assaulting or defending the same points on the same handful of maps, and Team Vanquish does little to alleviate the boredom.

    Garden Warfare's co-op offerings are equally uninspired. Garden Ops is a four-player horde mode, which tasks players with defending a garden against ten increasingly difficult waves of zombies. Aside from the occasional zombie boss or special wave, you don't have much to draw you in once you've beaten a few matches. The Xbox One-exclusive modes are even more disappointing. The splitscreen mode is an endless version of Garden Ops, where the second player doesn't get to save his or her progress and the boss mode relegates you to providing support to your team during competitive matches from a topdown map of the battlefield.  

    Garden Warfare's most interesting twist is how it incorporates the series' tower-defense elements into matches. Players can spawn zombies or plants in designated locations on the map, which then attack opponents autonomously. Unfortunately, these characters are treated as consumable items that players must purchase before matches using Garden Warfare's microtransaction-ready economy.

    The vast majority of Garden Warfare's content is locked behind its PvZ Coin currency. Support plants and zombies, customization items, weapon upgrades, and even new class characters are bought with the coins you earn from matches. However, can't just buy what you want; instead you must purchase blind card packs of varying prices. Consumable card packs give you a handful of zombies and plants to summon during matches, while more expensive packs provide random upgrades or character stickers – though you have to collect all of the stickers for a character before you can actually play as them. Like any good pusher, EA gives you a couple packs for free, but after that the grinding for coins begins.

    This faux free-to-play approach undermines Garden Warfare's promising tower-defense elements. Each plant or zombie you spawn feels like a waste of money; regardless of how helpful they may be on the battlefield, buying consumable packs just holds you back from the larger goal of unlocking more playable characters, which is the only motivator to continue playing after you've learned the maps inside and out.

    Those extra playable characters are worth unlocking. Although they have the same class abilities, each character has its own unique twist on gameplay. For instance, the marine-biologist zombie features a higher rate of fire than the regular scientist zombie, and the fire sunflower deals extra elemental damage. Unfortunately, characters take an exorbitant amount of time to unlock, and because card packs are random, you can't just unlock upgrades or characters for the class you're interested in.


    Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the economy is that there's no option to purchase coins with real money, but EA says it may institute such an option in the future. Frankly, I can't imagine a world where that change doesn't happen, but it doesn't really matter. The progression system and tower-defense elements are already broken to accommodate the possibility. Garden Warfare is designed like a free-to-play game, despite the $40 price tag.

    PopCap's approach to class progression also plays out for the worse. Instead of gaining experience points, you level up classes by completing a series of challenges. Things start out easy – deploy five potato mines, kill three plants with rockets – but more specific challenges distract players from what's best for the match and make leveling up a pain. Killing two scientist zombies with a sun beam or shooting down three garlic drones seems easy enough, but what if the other team isn't using those characters? I went entire matches making zero progress with characters simply because the right elements weren't on the battlefield. Some challenges are downright devious; spawning five conehead zombies first requires you to buy consumable card packs until you randomly receive enough of them to complete the challenge. Luckily, you unlock all of the abilities for a class in the first few levels anyway, so you can abandon the progression scheme after that.

    Before the tedium set in, I had fun with Garden Warfare. Spending a few hours with the accessible combat and charming world was entertaining, but the random card packs and achievement-style leveling system killed my desire to keep playing. Garden Warfare's simplified gameplay and limited map selection can only entertain for so long – without rewarding progression, there's no carrot (or brain) at the end of the stick.

              why we care about what we wear        
    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Why Can't a Smart Woman Love Fashion?
    I had learned a lesson about Western culture: Women who wanted to be taken seriously were supposed to substantiate their seriousness with a studied indifference to appearance. For serious women writers in particular, it was better not to dress well at all, and if you did, then it was best to pretend that you had not put much thought into it. If you spoke of fashion, it had to be either with apology or with the slightest of sneers. The further your choices were from the mainstream, the better. The only circumstance under which caring about clothes was acceptable was when making a statement, creating an image of some sort to be edgy, eclectic, counterculture. It could not merely be about taking pleasure in clothes. ... I dress now thinking of what I like, what I think fits and flatters, what puts me in a good mood. I feel again myself—an idea that is no less true for being a bit hackneyed. I like to think of this, a little fancifully, as going back to my roots. I grew up, after all, in a world in which a woman's seriousness was not incompatible with an interest in appearance; if anything, an interest in appearance was expected of women who wanted to be taken seriously.
    *Pacific Standard - What to Wear? *Avidly/LA Review of Books - Lady Professor Conference Fashions *Racialicious - Haute Couture In The 'Ivory Tower': "The spread presumes that when a professor walks into a classroom she is a blank slate, a model to be adorned in fine clothing and given an identity. The reality is that scholars of color, women, and other groups whose bodies are read as non-normative have never been able to check their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation at the door. As soon as we walk onto campus, our bodies are read in a certain (often troubling) manner by our students, our colleagues, and school administrators. Our professionalism and our intellectual competence are largely judged by how we style ourselves. Therefore, we are highly aware of how we adorn our bodies. And, like our foremothers and forefathers who innovated with American "street fashions," we, too, use our fashion sense to define ourselves, our professionalism, and our research and teaching agendas on our own terms." Tamara Shayne Kagel: The Feminist's Dilemma: Why We Can't Stop Caring About How We Look
    I find myself constantly trapped in a world where I desperately want to be judged by my work but at the same time, I want other people to think I'm pretty. I'm permanently berating myself for caring about my appearance, because I am aware on a mental level that to care at all is to be superficial. But at the same time, I find myself squirming uncomfortably when I run into someone at the supermarket when I'm a sweaty, disheveled mess... This cognitive dissonance is a state that most modern women inhabit all the time, but refuse to acknowledge. Instead, we talk and write and judge like we live in a post-superficial world. [...] It's a rare breed of woman who truly doesn't care about her appearance, and there are some women who only care about their appearance. But most of us fall in the middle -- wanting to be appreciated and loved and valued for more than how we look, but unable to completely expunge all interest in our outward image. If this is where most of us live, shouldn't we be asking for acceptance to be in this middle space?... Isn't it normal to hope that the picture of you is not taken from a horrible angle the moment you wake up and at the same time be concerned with society's obsession about the ubiquitous worship of an unattainable ideal of the female form?
    Sociological Images - The Balancing Act of Being Female; Or, Why We Have So Many Clothes (previously): "And, of course, all women are going to get it wrong sometimes because the boundaries are moving targets and in the eye of the beholder. What's cheeky in one setting or to one person is flirty in or to another. So women constantly risk getting it wrong, or getting it wrong to someone. So the consequences are always floating out there, worrying us, and sending us to the mall." *This Kind Choice - I Am Woman, Watch Me Shop? Part 1 – The Ever Changing Clothes *Part 2 – Appearance as Identity, A Double-Edged Sword *The Nation - For Women's Office Wear, Who's Making the Rules? *The Atlantic - No, It's Not Sexist to Describe Women Politicians' Clothes *Feministing - Learning to dress "professionally" in a white man's world Already Pretty: Why Caring About Your Appearance Is Valuable to Self-Care
    In order to move through most peopled societies, we are required to wear clothing. Nudist colonies aside, we've all got to get dressed every day if we want to leave our homes for any reason... And in my opinion, since we've got to get dressed anyway, we might as well do it expressively and in ways that feel good. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Dress, grooming, and overall appearance constitute the first levels of information about ourselves that we offer to the observing world. They may not be the most important, but they are the first, which makes them worthy of effort and attention. ...I've already acknowledged that how you look isn't the most important thing about you... But thinking of your body as a brain-and-personality-holder strikes me as short-sighted. Consider this: Someone who focuses virtually all attention, care, and love on their body is generally considered to be vain. So why would focusing virtually all attention on your intellect, creativity, and personality be any less imbalanced? You're not a zombie – a body that moves through life without a functioning brain. But you're also not a brain in a jar – thinking and creating in the abstract alone. You have a body. As long as you are alive you will have a body. In fact, without your body, your intellect and creativity and personality wouldn't exist. Pitting your mind against your body is like cooking up a personal civil war.
    Bridgette Raes - Are You a Devaluist and Don't Even Know It? (Guest Post): "Clothing is often seen as a superficial shell, and fashion a frivolous, flighty thing that gets in the way of the serious stuff. The real stuff. But I don't believe that. I don't believe we can neatly divorce the way we look from the way we live. I believe the way we look is a reflection of the way we live." Dress A Day - You Don't Have to Be Pretty: "You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your boyfriend/spouse/partner, not to your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked "female". I'm not saying that you SHOULDN'T be pretty if you want to. (You don't owe UN-prettiness to feminism, in other words.)" (responses to "The Princess Effect", previously on MeFi) *Washington Post - Being informed and fashionable is natural for women *Flavorwire - The Catch-22 of Women's Magazines *Kat Stoeffel - Finally, 'Serious' Women Are Standing Up for Fashion Magazines: "As long as we all need to get dressed each morning, clothing will be a communication tool... Men and women both choose how they deploy the language of fashion; but women, deprived of the suit-as-uniform, still face unique challenges in fashion fluency... Women's magazines — especially when they work with women like Clinton, Abramson, and Mastromonaco — offer other women a map for navigating style and other sexist minefields without compromising their intellectual integrity. For that, we should celebrate them. And if we want to level the playing field, we should start by posing the same "frivolous" questions of men." *Ms. Magazine - If the Clothes Fit: A Feminist Takes on Fashion: "If feminists ignore fashion, we are ceding our power to influence it. Fortunately, history has shown that feminists can, instead, harness fashion and use it for our own political purposes." *GirltalkHQ - Fashion Vs Feminism: Can You Like Both? We Break It Down *Greta Christina - Fashion is a Feminist Issue: "In fact, fashion and style are so much like a language, I'm always a bit baffled when people say things like, "I want to be judged on who I am, not on the clothes I wear." It's a bit like saying, "I want to be judged on who I am, not on the words that come out of my mouth." ...Fashion is a form of expression. A language of sorts. An art form, even. It's also one of the very few art forms/ languages/ forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men... And I don't think it's an accident that it's typically seen as shallow, trivial, and vain." Medium (Backlash Book Club) - And Another Question: What Ever Happened to Pantsuits?: "Faludi writes about fashion as if women were totally subservient to its dictates (and as if its dictates were unified), but, of course, most women—precisely because they are judged so much by their appearance—know how to manipulate, subvert, and use clothes. To some extent, they're tools, like hammers." The New Inquiry, Vol. 20 - Sept. 2013, "Off Brand" issue (link opens PDF file) "We are told we must be clothed, and then that our clothes are not good enough.That fashion is predicated on this cruelty—making luxury of necessity, and necessity of a luxury—makes it as morally questionable as the behavior of foodies. Fine: We accept this. But we are also told that we must be bodies and that our bodies are not good enough, and fashion (at least for those who fit into it) can provide an escape from the disappointment of our flesh. Some of us feel we were born into the wrong body; for that, fashion is the first corrective. For others, fashion is the first rebellion... In selecting appearances, we want not only to be seen but sometimes to be heard before we speak. Fashion can be a weapon of the silenced, even when it is seized and wielded by those who have always talked loudest." *Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa - Fashion for Feminists: How fashion and dress shape women's identities *Migrant Woman Magazine - Asalet Tulaz: I like being the colour of feminism *Buzzfeed - How Iran's Young Women Are Using Fashion To Influence Politics *Minh-Ha T. Pham - Why Fashion Should Stop Trying to be Diverse *À l'allure garçonnière - Fashion Blogging Culture: Demanding Substance Over Style *Tanisha C. Ford - You Betta Werk!: Professors Talk Style Politics: "Below are excerpts from some of the interviews I conducted with women professors of color. Together, these interviews illustrate that studies on fashion and adornment politics offer a powerful lens through which we can explore other important issues such as women's rights, motherhood and relationship status, pleasure and sexuality, and the politics of "respectability."" Alison Bancroft - How Fashion is Queer: "The feminine is as much of a minority interest in culture as it is anywhere else in life. The only exception to this is fashion. This is why fashion is a radical creative space where heterosexual gender binaries are irrelevant and queer is the default setting, and it is also why fashion is routinely denigrated and dismissed." Final Fashion - so, is fashion feminist?: "Why is the visual aspect of fashion so inextricably linked to feminism, and why is it worth considering how to dress like a feminist?" Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie previously on MeFi: the danger of a single story
              White dress and Cherry blossoms        

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              The Secret Weapon        
    Each July, along the dappled stream banks of Kodiak Island, just off the Alaska coast, a weedy looking wildflower produces a few dark-blue hooded blossoms. There is nothing particularly memorable about the appearance of Aconitum delphinifolum. Its leaves are thin and rather spiky. Its scrawny-looking stem cannot hold the weight of its flowers: its neighbors […]
    ‘I’m not sure how he managed to do it.  How did he convince me?  Brian can be such a pain.  Now I’m down here getting shot at over some stupid crystals.’ Just a sample of the thoughts running around inside Dan Locke’s mind as his MISC Prospector “Erebus” worked away on collecting shards from the glacier blue crystal formations. An audible warning accompanied by a pale flashing yellow light on the control panel indicates that one of mining storage pods has been filled.  Leaving the Erebus in automatic mode, Dan climbs out of his seat and dons his old beaten up armour.  He pats his ever-present Arclight pistol on his hip and climbs out of the ship. Dan digs out an un-expanded empty storage pod, and then proceeds to detach and secure the full pod.  A small crane helps him lower the heavy storage container down to the ground.  During this entire exercise, Dan continually checks over his shoulder for any… visitors. Finally, after securing the empty mining pod to the Erebus, Dan begins climbing back into his ship when a flurry of laser bolts slam into the rocks, shrubs, and ground around him. Looking up, Dan gazes upon a trio of Dragonflies flown by… those who would rather he was not on Leir III.  The Outsiders, Sand Nomads, Sand People - call them what you will. Returning fire, the Prospector pilot takes cover in the entrance to his ship.  Crouching there in the doorway, Dan had just enough time to mutter, “Brian… you ass.  This is your fault.” Dan closely watches the three Dragonflies, keeping track of their movements despite the incoming fire.  It’s obvious they are surrounding him. Thankfully one of the nomads comes a little too close and a flurry of shots from Dan’s Arclight tear through him to even the odds slightly. Less thankfully... one of the remaining Dragonflies has positioned itself perfectly and opens up a torrent of fire on the Prospector entry.  Dan tucks himself tightly inside the door and ponders his predicament. Surely the other Dragonfly pilot would be attempting to steal the resources he worked so hard to extract. Mid way through Dan formulating a plan of action, a faint rumbling can be heard… growing louder.  Dan’s face sprouts a satisfied smile. Suddenly the stream of weapons fire engulfing the Erebus doorway ceases and the sounds of the Dragonfly in question turning to flee can be clearly picked out. Suddenly, the distinct sound of a larger ship’s laser cannon rings out.  Peering out the door, Dan watches as Brian’s trusty Hull B - the “Knarr” - mows down the fleeing Dragonfly with its twin laser cannons. The Knarr now spins with surprising agility and lights up the other Dragonfly which had just begun its attempt at strategic retreat. Moments later, the Knarr sets down nearby the Erebus. Dan, huge smile on his face, strides towards the newly arrived cargo ship.  Brian meets him at the bottom of the ramp and wraps his best friend up in a brief but genuine hug. “Dan! How are you making out?” Dan continues to wear his grin as he punches Brian solidly in the shoulder, “I’m alright.  Thanks to you.  Though… I was in this mess because of you.  So thanks for at least holding up your end.” Brian’s smile matches his friend’s, “Yeah I know this place can be a bit of a hot zone but those crystals will bring in some good credits!  Should be great for jewelry or holograms.” “Always about the credits eh?  No matter the risks.” “Well, sometimes you have to take the risk.” “Fair enough.  Now… enough of this rambling.  Let’s load up the Knarr and get both of us out of here before their friends come looking for them!” The pair work diligently to load the full Prospector mining pods from Erebus onto the Hull B framework, breaking briefly a couple times to tell jokes and pass along news. Now ready to depart their separate ways for the moment, the two friends embrace once more. “Dan, don’t be a stranger.  I’ll front you 20,000 credits now and I’ll send you the rest of your cut once I have it all sold.  Thanks for joining me in this.” “Don’t mention it Brian… things got a little hairier than I would have liked, but you came through in the end in that department.  Let me know how the sales go and have a safe trip!” “Will do!  Let me know the next time you need an assist from ol’ Knarr here.” Several minutes later the pair of MISC ships ease off the ground and slowly head away from Leir III and on to new destinations with new opportunities.
              Tic-Talk Tonight: Elias Portwin        
    Welcome to the newest edition of Tic-Talk, the transcript that follows is the full interview as conducted by Indira Nooyi with our guest interviewee, Elias Portwin, captain and operator of the Bolide. Interview was carried out at the Central Advocacy Detention Centre in the Ferron system on February 14, 2947. Indira Nooyi(IN): Good evening and welcome to another edition of Tic-Talk, I’m your host for the evening Indira Nooyi and with me tonight I have the captain and operator of the mining ship, the Bolide. Thank you for granting us this interview, Mr. Portwin. Elias Portwin(EP): Uh… It’s my pleasure ma’am. It’s just good to be able to tell my side, you know? IN: Indeed and we are looking forward to giving you the opportunity to tell your side. Now… Mr. Portwin, please tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How did you become a miner? A few personal details of that nature. EP: I’m from Tram, on Asura, here in Ferron. Things are tough there… but there’s still a lot of mining know how to go around.  My family were some of the lucky ones, still have a bit of money. My parents made a living off of refurbishing and selling used mining equipment. I worked with my folks until I had enough credits for my beautiful Bolide. IN: Thank you. For those folks unfamiliar with the events that have brought you here tonight. Could you in your own words give our viewing audience a little backstory on what happened? EP: Well, ya see, I’d had a few run-ins with the Chomper crew. They were always tailin’ me, because I actually know how to find the veins. They’re a gang of talentless thieves, they are. Anyhow, I had uncovered this beauty cluster of platinum asteroids here in Ferron and I was ‘bout to start up my drillin’ when along came the fuckin’... wait, can I swear? IN: Well, this is a live feed and would prefer if you kept it to a general tone in terms of language, please continue. You mentioned a vein of platinum... EP:  Yeah… yeah. I’d found some nice platinum asteroids out on the ragged edges of Ferron. Along came Chomper to try to push me out. Ya see, Orions have weapons. Not much a little Prospector like Bolide can do to defend a claim. I sure don’t have the credits to hire mercs. I had had enough, ya know? It’s hard enough gettin’ by out there in the black all by your lonesome without a monstrosity like that breathin’ down your neck. So I decided to do something about it. IN: I see, but Ferron is a system open to trades like miners such as yourself to scout and claim these precious resources. So the Chomper, Orion mining vessel, had equal opportunity and rights to chase the same veins of resources you yourself were. I guess my question would then be, did you consider what it would mean for yourself if you decided to take the situation into your own hands? EP: With all due respect Ms. Nooyi, I don’t think you know what it’s like out there. Code among miners is that if you discover a claim and are actively mining, that’s yours. Full stop. They just waltzed in there throwing their weight around… like they always do. Did I consider what it would mean when I ruffled their feathers? Honestly, not really ma’am. I was angry and fed up. IN: Such rash action has in turn brought you into Advocacy custody waiting to hear whether or not charges are going to be laid against you or more than likely what charges will be brought forward. So in your eyes, was it worth it in the end? EP: You don’t pull your punches, do ya miss? I… well, you know, at the time it was pretty rewarding to finally get a chance to stand up for myself.  But I know it was wrong.  And was it worth it, really? No… not in the end. IN: Just for the record, do you know of or are you acquaintances with the Chomper’s captain? I know in some of these industries you run across the same people from time to time. It wouldn't take much to build a small personal grudge if one was rubbed the wrong way on a prior occasion. EP: Yeah, I know him. As I said, we’ve had some run-ins. He’s always on me because I’m good… makes the life of his crew easy to use me as a dowsing rod. We’ve had words… many times. I was tired of bein’ used. IN: It would then not be much of a stretch to say that this was more or less a simmering pot ready to boil over. I can understand how frustrating this whole situation could have been for you and in the end I think you can probably count yourself lucky no lives were lost during this incident. Now that we heard your version of events in your own words, I would like to just get some clarification on how things unfolded. To my knowledge, it was stated that you maneuvered an asteroid into the Chomper which then caused significant damage. Could you please elaborate for me not only how you managed that but what gave you the idea in the first place? EP: Yes ma’am. Well, you see… I love the Bolide but she comes equipped with just the one set of small guns up front. Not much protection and completely useless to actually attack anything. So I had to come up with somethin’ more… improvised. I discovered awhile back that if you pour energy into your front shields and are very gentle with the initial contact, you can actually push asteroids with the Bolide. I settled her nose into an impact crater on an asteroid about half the size of the Orion. I poured my power into shields, engines, and a bit into the tractor to keep the rock tight to the shields… and I pushed it right into Chomper. Those Orions are like freakin’ space whales. They can’t move worth sh… uh… worth anything. It smashed right into them, wrecked their engines before they could do anything about it. I knew I want you to know… I knew it wouldn’t destroy them. I didn’t want to. I just wanted to push back a bit… stand up for myself. IN: Since you’ve now had a chance to tell your side of the story, what was your reasoning for accepting this interview? Aren’t you concerned the information you gave today can be used to incriminate you? EP: Ms. Nooyi, I haven’t hidden anything. The sensor data from Chomper, the sensor data from Bolide. It’s clear what happened. I’m not going to avoid punishment. I hope that the judge in my case will take into account the history involved but there’s no need to try and twist the truth. I’m glad no one was hurt. I just wanted a chance to tell folks my side of what happened. Thank you for giving me that chance ma’am. IN: Thank you for sitting down with me this evening, I do wish you the best of luck going forward. I’m Indira Nooyi and this has been another edition of Tic-Talk, thanks for joining us and see you next week.
              DICE Reveals And Details Battlefield 4's Multiplayer Modes        

    Along with revealing a full list of Battlefield 4's multiplayer maps, DICE has also revealed and detailed every multiplayer mode. You can check out the full list below which also details the Conquest and Domination modes in case you haven't had a chance to check them out during the game's beta. DICE promises that every mode will be playable on every map in the game, "by carefully zoning the playable combat areas, adapting flag layouts, and catering for a variety of gameplay styles," according to as post on the Battlefield Blog.

    You can also check out a few images showcasing four of the modes in the gallery below.

    • Conquest – All-out vehicle warfare mixed with intense infantry action across land, air and sea
    • Domination – Fast-paced infantry variant of Conquest
    • Obliteration – Mad dash in vehicles and on foot to deliver explosives
    • Defuse – Competitive close quarters combat
    • Team Deathmatch – The classic shooter mode – Battlefield 4 style
    • Rush – Fight deep into enemy territory by detonating their M-COM stations
    • Squad Deathmatch – Four squads fight on the ground with limited vehicle support in a race to the top of the leaderboard

    Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 29. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be available on November 12 and 19 respectively. For more Battlefield 4 info, head here and here.

    [Source: Battlefield Blog]

              DICE Reveals Full List Of Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Maps        

    DICE has revealed the full list of multiplayer maps coming Battlefield 4, and offered a single screenshot showcasing new map Zavod 311.

    Battlefield 4's maps will take players to China, Shanghai, a stormy ocean, a flooded city, and the woods, as you can see in the screen above. Zavod 311 takes place in and around an abandoned Cold War tank factory that houses an active warhead. The warhead be detonated to open up new navigation options in the level.

    You can check out the full list of levels below:

    • Siege of Shanghai
    • Paracel Storm
    • Zavod 311
    • Lancang Dam
    • Flood Zone
    • Rogue Transmission
    • Hainan Resort
    • Dawnbreaker
    • Operation Locker
    • Golmud Railway

    Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 29. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be available on November 12 and 19 respectively. For more Battlefield 4 info, head here and here.

    [Source: Battlefield Blog]

              DICE Details Battlefield 4 Weapon Customization        

    In the latest update on the official Battlefield blog, DICE has offered new details and a video on just how customizable the weapons of Battlefield 4 will be.

    DICE has tripled the number of available accessories from Battlefield 3, and increased the number of available slots on all of the guns. Taking cosmetic options into account, for example, the assault rifle (one of many different classes of weapons) will have 240,000 different variations alone.

    Battlefield 4 is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC October 29, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions available at the launches of those consoles, which will be November 15 and and 22 respectively.

    (Please visit the site to view this media)

    [Source: Battlefield blog]

              Everything We Know About Battlefield 4 Multiplayer        

    At the EA booth I jumped into a 64-player conquest battle in the Siege at Shanghai map. After playing through a couple rounds and speaking with executive producer Patrick Bach, here is what I learned.

    • The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions eac h support 64-player maps and run at a solid 60 frames per second. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, however, are still limited to 24-players per match and 30 frames per second. 
    • Squads can now include five soldiers instead of just four.
    • Given the larger squad size, Squad Deathmatch mode now includes more competitors. 
    • Like Battlefield 3, the soldier classes you can play as are assault, engineer, recon, and support. All classes now have more shared weapons so players have more versatility when selecting their loadout.
    • Each class and weapon has a deeper persistance tree than previous Battlefield games.
    • DICE is changing how specializations work. It won't go into the finer details, but the developer is creating a system where you and your squad can bump up your specializations as you play if you are doing well. 
    • Gun and player customization are being broadened. You can now have multiple sights on your weapons and add optical magnifiers on the fly.
    • Vehicle progression is deeper as well. 
    • DICE has two new game modes it plans to reveal in the near future, and it plans to drop a few modes that were featured in Battlefield 3. The confirmed modes thus far are squad deathmatch, conquest, rush, and team deathmatch. 
    • Hardcore mode is returning.
    • The crazy wave technology featured in the E3 single-player demo is also coming to multiplayer. All the wave data is being pushed over the network, which means that every player will have the same sea experience at the same time.
    • Given the increased focus on naval combat, DICE is making sure you aren't a sitting duck if you lose your sea vessel or parachute into a body of water. Soldiers can now swim sprint, use sidearms in the water, hit the crounch button to dive underneath the surface of the water, and even deploy C4 to take out boats.
    • Players can rent their own Battlefield 4 servers on consoles from day one, and DICE plans to give them more server modifiers than were available in Battlefield 4.   
    • DICE knows the destruction in BF3 was disappointing so destructibility is coming back in a major way. Expect to see the microdestruction introduced in the Close Quarters map pack, plus large-scale destruction like the crumbling skyscraper in the E3 demo. 
    • You won't be able to completely flatten urban areas, which is a design choice rather than a technical limitation. 
    • Like Titanfall, DICE is using a proprietary matchmaking service instead of using the Xbox One native service.
    • DICE is also incorporating a skill level system on top of your player rank to help match you with players of a similar ability. You can set your rented server to only accept players of a certain ability.
    • DICE learned its lesson with Battlefield 3, and plans to keep a healthy amount of DICE sponsored servers for people who don't want to deal with the quirky rented servers.
    • Rather than build its own battle recorder, however, DICE plans to use the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 recorders.
    • Battlefield 4 also includes a spectator mode.
    • Given the difficult learning curve for some of the more powerful vehicles like jets and helicopters, DICE is including a practice mode or tutorial system of sorts so you can learn the tricks of the trade without hurting your team in a ranked match.
    • Battlelog is being revamped to be more directly integrated into the game and to give console players the same experience as the PC version. DICE wants the console players to have the ALT-TAB experience just like PC players, so you can check your stats at any time.
    • You can alter your loadout directly from the Battlelog app so it will be ready for you when you jump into a match.

    (Please visit the site to view this media)

    Commander Mode

    • You can play as a commmander on consoles, PC, and tablets.
    • Right now commanders are featured in two modes - conquest and rush. DICE also has some new modes that it isn't talk about yet.
    • Commanders gain experience and have a persistant skill tree just like other classes.
    • Unlike Battlefield 2, commanders don't have a physical presence on the battelfield. 
    • The commander roles are not counted against the player count. This means 64 soldiers will be on the battlefield with two commanders overseeing the battle.
    • DICE is aware that given the small number of commanders per server, there could be a supply/demand issue. To address this issue, it has created a gating system that prevents everyone from being allowed to play as commander.
    • If you are having trouble getting a commander role, you can always rent a server yourself and assume the role.
    • Commanders can issue orders to squads and deploy UAVs to spot troops. When the squads follow directives, the commander and soldiers are rewarded with XP. 
    • As they gain XP, commanders can use it to drop in ammo, med packs, and vehicles to their troops.
    • The more flags a team captures in conquest, the more weapons a commander has at his or her disposal. These offensive capabilities include tomahawk missiles and artillery strikes.
    • DICE views the commander mode as a game of chess between the two commanders. They are scored against one another. 
    • You can keep an eye on what the rival commmander is doing and counter their moves. For instance, if they scan an area you can try to jam their signals. If they drop in specific gear you can counter that in different ways. 
    • The commander's eye in the sky view is also used for respawns and spectator mode. It works the same way on all platforms.
    • DICE has rulesets to help populate maps with two commanders, but if one of the two commanders drops out the developer doesn't believe it will be a big issue for the guys on the ground.

    Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 29. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release dates have yet to be announced.

              Growing Employees from Within: How to win in the war for talent        
    Savvy organizations know that investing in talent management is essential to a company’s future success. In the war for talent, a great amount of research shows that employee development programs are becoming an increasingly vital weapon to improve employee commitment, business performance and retention. In a recent study conducted by assessment and development consultancy Cubiks, […]

              BWW Review: LIMINAL STATE at 2017 KC Fringe Festival        

    "Liminal State - A Travel's Guide" now in performance at Musical Theatre Heritage's Main Stage in Crown Center as part of the 2017 Kansas City Fringe Festival is absolute experimental theater. Directed by Fishtank Theatre Founder Heidi Van and Logan Black, the directors offer an experiential hour spent in a state of being between what the audience knows and what the performers and directors want them to feel.

    If all this seems a little too mystic, I suspect that is because that was the intent. Honesty, this viewer didn't get it. That doesn't mean that there isn't a bunch to chew on from this presentation. There is value. "Limanal State" is deliberately conceived, impressively scored, inventively lit, delicately performed, and detailed in a most intimate way.

    The audience enters the theater and elements of the performance are already in progress. Sparse settings and set pieces in various states of being refer to more than we can know. Seven women dancers / actors flow around the stage, occasionally connecting with each other before spinning off in various orbits as if they were electrons circling a nuclear center. It would seem random if the movements were not so obviously calculated.

    The women are dressed in spandex white tops and flowing black bottoms slit up the sides to reveAl White tights. Around their necks are translucent hats, scarves, costume acoutrements - call them what you will - that can be used as props during the performance. The actors are Lindsay Adams, Jamie Turner, Emily Sukolics, Mackenzie Goodwin, Aimee Nelson, Stephanie Laaker, and Bethany Elliot.

    The show is divided into a number of scenes. Some depict birth, some life, some coming of age, some age, some death, and some show the essence of existence in between. There is no dialogue or leading character. Different ladies take the lead in different sections of the piece. A deliberateness to the performances demonstrates the seriousness and intent.

    Prior to the beginning of the exhibition, the directors explain just enough of what is going to be displayed to make the audience wonder. They say it has it roots in an idea that manifested during the U.S. post World War II occupation of Japan and the Japanese cultural reaction to thousands of new American personnel suddenly in their midst. One wonders about the possibility of a statement about current political turmoil or a comment about the introduction of nuclear weapons into 1945 Japan, but l cannot be sure what were the creator's intents.

    There is a tendency, especially on the part of my twisted mind, to say something flip about "Liminal State." Instead, I am reminded of exercises in movement and improvisation that I experienced while briefly a student at the Goodman in Chicago only in this case the exercise is taken to the next level.

    If there is a place for proper experimental theater, than Fringe is it. I didn't get it, but that doesn't mean that you (as an audience member) won't. Find your own bliss and level of involvement. "Liminal State" closes Saturday night at MTH.

              Comment on Submit Content by Pedro Rodrego        
    ###Event Notice### Fight Back against Police Brutality Students and activists are holding A demonstration to call for an end to police brutality and harassment of students and visitors. Meet on SF State campus at Malcolm X plaza at 2pm today, Friday May 17. 36 hours after being violently evicted from their home by the San Francisco Police Department, former SFC residents were beaten, harassed, and arrested again by Police. On Thursday, May 16th, a few members of the collective were visiting friends at a SF State dorm. SFSU police first began harassing individuals while they where outside of the dorm and proceeded to follow them back to their friend's room. Within minutes, campus PD and SFPD invaded, beat, and arrested many of those inside. Six former residents of the squatted home and social center known as the SFCommune were arrested. During the altercation, one person was repeatedly struck in the ribs by a police baton while he was face down and another person was tazed. Three individuals were hospitalized for injuries by police. Some of those arrested are currently facing charges of: battery, trespassing, conspiracy and, lynching. It is still unclear when they will be released. The SFCommune located at 200 Broad st. was a vacant building transformed into a squatted social center. activists, who cleaned the dilapidated building, making it habitable for the first time in years and planted a blooming community garden, maintained an active community kitchen, and offered emergency shelter to those in the city who needed it. Welcomed by the community for their efforts in cleaning the neglected space, during its 13 month existence, they were met by riot police with lethal weapons Wednesday morning; 28 residents were forcibly removed and briefly detained, while three were arrested. Heres some Links http://www.goldengatexpress.org/2013/05/16/arrest-at-sf-state/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ5vpt08nb8
              Re: Best Bounty Hunter? (Other than the Fetts)        

    Yeah Embo is pretty awesome and Durge is cool also but in the boba fett book series boba beats durge  with NO WEAPONS! But I think the coolest bunty hunter besides Fett is Bossk because he is so good at blastin' his enemy and the onlything he cares about is himself, credits, and getting the bounty.

              Comment on The 25 Best Fallout 4 Legendary Weapons and How to Find Them by Fallout 4 Radroach Crawls into Trash Bin, Becomes Armored Menace        
    […] The 6 Best Legendary Weapons and How to Find Them […]
              National Park In Oak Ridge To Present ‘Two Sides’ Of Nuclear Story        

    The atomic bombs that detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 brought a horrific, devastating war to a close.

    But it also represented the instant and complete annihilation of two cities,  the brutal death of approximately 185,000 Japanese civilians* and the dawn of the nuclear weapons age.

              The Worst of the Wild Card Round Vol.VIII        
    LOL SW Ohio Jeep Racism!
    Before we get into the playoff games, I want to talk about the Buffalo Bills for a little bit.  By now we all know that they are searching for a new head coach as Doug Marrone took his asshole-looking self out of town and a hefty paycheck with him.  And you know what, I don't blame him.  Dude got the Bills to 9 wins.  He isn't going to be without a job for long.  So apparently there was a clause in his contract that allowed him a three day window to walk with full pay if there was an ownership change--no strings attached.

    What this comes down to is that the Buffalo Bills bet 4 million dollars on the health of a man in his 90s.  LOLOLOLOLOLOL!  Who the fuck negotiated this deal?  Marrone's agent has to be the best in the business.  I highly doubt that they miss Doug fucking Marrone but it does make an already dumb franchise look even more stupid.  Maybe this will teach them a lesson for future negotiations.  Guys coming from Syracuse have no bargaining power and playing financial chicken with the grim reaper is a bad idea.  One more time, LOL Bills.

    I write the intros to these on Friday most of the time and this week is no exception.  The games don't have much juice behind them this week so hopefully they shock the world and give us some enjoyable football.  But before we get there, ugh, let's talk about the Redskins for a second.

    Bruce Allen - Our moron President/GM speaks to the media only a couple of times per year and it is always a painfully embarrassing experience for all of us dipshit fans.  After correctly getting rid of Jim Haslett (worst five year stretch of defense in NFL history!) earlier on Wednesday, Bruce took the mic and proclaimed "we're winning off the field".  WE ARE WINNING OFF THE FIELD.  SMH.  SMDH.  I want to quit this team so bad.  They value charity over on-field victory apparently.  I hate them so much.

    Ryan Lindley - Yikes.  The less said about this piece of shit game the better but I found it fitting that this was played at the site of the Belk Bowl because I would rather watch 400 Belk Bowls as opposed to a replay of this turd.  What a waste of three plus hours.  I don't blame Lindley.  Everyone knows he sucks and he shouldn't be playing.  One more time, how bad must Logan Thomas be?

    Ted Ginn - If the Cards had ANY chance (they did not), it was ruined by the Fuckeye.  I mentioned this on Twitter but go back and look at the box score from this game.  This is a real Who's Who for awful players that scored.  Fozzy Whitaker might be the best player to find the endzone.

    Brentan Burson - That isn't how you spell his name but I like to think that he is quite the combo of legendary Naptown personalities.  You've got to respect his punt return philosophy of blocking the kicked punt like a hockey goalie for some reason.

    Cam Newton - Sucked.  He shouldn't get to claim that as his first playoff win.  I hope that Carolina loses by 50 next week as a punishment for Saturday.  You've really got to love the national writers who kill this guy every week for his lack of postgame socks or whatever.  Fucking terrible.  Sportswriters are garbage people.

    Settling for Suisham - In the history of football, when you settle for three, you lose (except for Ohio Buckeyes on Thursday).  If you come away with three, you come away with an L.  Saturday night was no exception.  The Steelers couldn't push it in and they ended up getting their turds pushed further in.

    Big Ben - I think we all knew that the Steelers would barely try to run the ball and they didn't.  The problem is that your QB better be sharp and Ben was just a tad off.  It didn't help that his OL was awful for the first time in a while.  I thought it was really funny watching the docs put him through the concussion tests.  Dude is an idiot.  How can you tell if he is concussed?  So they put him back in only to throw a horrible pick right away.

    People who don't find Flacco to be ELITE - That's now SEVEN road playoff wins, butthorn!  ELITE ELITE ELITE!!!  You see that playoff beard he's growing?  Amazing.  His coach called him the best QB in the NFL!  His ELITEness got Jimmy BRAH on the sideline, too!  I would not be surprised if the Ravens go on a run again.  They have the same look about them as they did two years ago.  The Patriots should be very worried.

    Grumpy and Jeff - Losers IMO.  Thanks for depriving America of a Steelers/Broncos rematch and unlimited memories of Timmy Tens, you heaps of shit.

    Cancer - Motherfucker.  We all woke up yesterday to news that Stuart Scott passed away.  I'm not going to act like I knew the guy and eulogize him.  We only met once when I was receiving my second internet Pulitzer but Stu will never be forgotten.  Boo-yah forever, fella.  The SNL spoof will always be one of my favorite sketches of all time. The Rich Eisen and Hannah Storm videos were absolutely heartbreaking by the way.

    Surprisingly, not Andy Dalton - Oh sure, he lost another playoff game and didn't throw a TD pass but who was he supposed to throw to?  He had no weapons at all.  Sanu is average at best.  The best non-RB was Rex fucking Burkhead who IS a RB.  Can you believe that a lot of people picked the Bengals to win?  Idiots!

    Marvin Lewis - Jeremy Hill, who led the NFL in rushing over the final 7 weeks, got 13 carries.  That's pathetic.  He was their ONLY shot at winning and they barely acted like he was there.

    TY Hilton and Boom Herron - Oh sure, if you just looked at the box score, they both had decent games but Motel 6 dropped every thing and Herron had 14 fumbles.  The Colts win by 30 if those guys clean it up.  And Denver is going to absolutely bury these guys next week.

    Andrew Luck - Bro, you look like an idiot. Shave and get a haircut.

    Pete Morelli and Crew - The last game was certainly the best but, of course, it had to get ruined by horrendous, horseshit officiating.  Listen, I know that being a referee is hard.  But if you make a call/throw a flag then you OBVZ saw a penalty otherwise you do nothing.  There is no way around that PI.  The guy impeded Pettigrew from making a catch and did not turn around.  Every idiot watching from home knows that if you don't turn around then it is a flag.  And when the head official ANNOUNCES THE CALL, you can't take it back.  That's bullshit.  I'm 99% certain that the Lions would have blown it anyway.  They don't need garbage non-calls helping with that.

    Chris Christie - Fuck him.  If you are a big whale of a man, you should probably leave the red XXXL sweaters at home unless you like it when everyone hates you and calls you Kool-Aid Man to your face.

    Jason Garrett - It's 2015 and this guy still wears a mock turtleneck.  I'll have to get Ide's take on this as he is our high fashion correspondent but I'm going to guess that that is considered a terrible look on anyone.

    Trench warfare - I enjoy watching good line play and there aren't many better than the Dallas OL and Detroit DL.  It was a tale of two halves obvz.

    Teryl Austin - The Lions DC is a hot head coaching name but he shouldn't be.  When you have DeAndre Levy covering Dez Bryant one on one then you suck.  Man, that game is going to piss me off for awhile and I don't even care about the Lions.  The point is that they got fucked hard and the Cowboys didn't deserve shit.  That game will never be remembered for anything other than that goddamn picked up flag.

    FUCK THAT SHIT.  I hope that Green Bay beats them by a million next weekend.  This Cowboys bullshit needs to end ASAP.  It's gone on for too long.  This team plays Josh Brent for fuck's sake.  We've got some much better games next week even though the NFL is putting Carolina in the primetime Saturday for some odd reason.  I hate the Cowboys more than Your Biggest Stan loathes an Iceman bullet point, bruh.
              Dear Russian leaders        
    I am not your citizen. I have never even seen your country since its establishment in 1991, and I would like to keep it that way. However, I do speak the same language, and intend to continue doing so, and I am starting to feel your undying love for me. Again.

    I was born in the USSR, lived there for 16 years, and, like all the citizens, was very much loved by the authorities. This love was expressed in not allowing people to leave, or allowing it only with great difficulty. I think that if you express such a love for your partner in a civilized country, it is called unlawful restraint and punished by several years of imprisonment; the Soviet authorities, however, wrote their own laws and had nobody who could put them in prison where they so obviously belonged.

    Eventually we did manage to leave, and the Soviet authorities had better things to do that loving us at a distance - after all, they had all of Eastern Europe to love.

    In 1989 the Eastern block started disintegrating, and in 1991 the Soviet Union fell apart, and all the citizens held in the country by authorities' love finally had the opportunity to leave. For a while Russia had other things to do than to express forcible unrequited love to people beyond its borders. Now, however, you are at it again.

    Your president just said that you consider it your right to protect the Russian-speaking people beyond your borders. Yes, that means me. Now face it: every single Russian speaker who left Russia and lives as a member of a minority beyond your borders is there because he or she, for one reason or another, chose not to live as member of the majority within your borders. And every single Russian speaker who was born outside of Russia in the other parts of the former Soviet Union and would actually prefer to live as a part of a Russian majority, is still outside Russia because you did not make him or her welcome. It's your country, of course, and you don't have to make them welcome unless you want to, but you appear to have a disturbing tendency to only welcome them when they come with their own land - or somebody else's.

    You, of course, are not the only ones to have wanted to love and protect me when I had absolutely no desire to be loved or protected. Several times in my life I have encountered men who wanted to love and protect me in the same way. They had to be convinced otherwise, usually with the help of heavy or sharp objects. When a guy comes up to me in a street at night, saying things like "nice tits" or "wanna fuck" or "I have a huge dick", I am not particularly concerned, because they usually just annoy me for a while and go away. When a strange man comes up to me and says that he would like to walk me home and protect me, I immediately start looking for something heavy, because these situations have always ended in violence.

    There are two key differences here. First of all, those men were strangers, and you are publicly known. Unfortunately whatever is known about you does not work in your favor at all. Second, those men's expressed desire to protect me makes me look for an empty bottle or suchlike. When you say you want to protect me, I feel like looking for a good-sized nuclear arsenal.

    Anyway - on some level I wish I could really share my feelings, but for that I would need the aforementioned nuclear arsenal, which I don't currently have, and besides it would hurt a lot of innocent civilians who haven't even voted for you. So, could you just please bugger off together with your love, and leave us in peace? Preferably before somebody's feelings get expressed by weapons.

              Diffa Region quietly piloting a Boko Haram amnesty policy        

    In mid-December 2016, in rural Diffa region on Niger’s southern border with Nigeria, fourteen men gave themselves up to authorities. The group said that they were former fighters of Boko Haram and that they had abandoned their weapons in the bush.

    News of this impromptu surrender from the Islamist militant group responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and millions of displacements came as a surprise to most in the area. But not to regional authorities.

    Since late last year, they had been quietly testing a tactic of asking families whose children have joined Boko Haram to spread word of an amnesty. If they surrendered, fighters were told, they would be pardoned and assisted in rejoining their communities.

    Read the rest of my analysis for African Arguments

              Member Of ‘Swatting’ Ring Gets 5-Year Prison Term        
    A 34-year-old Omaha, Nebraska, man was sentenced to five years in federal prison for his role in a "swatting" ring that made fake 911 calls to draw special weapons and tactics officers to hoax situations.
              Forum Post: Download Thor The Dark World Movie HD        

    Get free access to Download Thor 2 The dark World movie,with

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    We’ve done of

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    Watch Thor The Dark World Online“doesn’t

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    The adversarial brothers form an uneasy alliance in the film,

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    Eccleston, and Algrim (also known as Kurse), played by Adewale


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    Inthe scene below, Thor approaches Loki, who’s been imprisoned as

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    addition to Hemsworth and Hiddleston, “Thor: The Dark World” sees

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    The Warriors Three return as well: Ray

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    The Sixth Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations on the theme "Unity in Diversity" could not take place in a more fitting venue than the city of Bali. Indonesia is indeed the concrete achievement of that most challenging of philosophical pursuits - reconciling unity and diversity.

    The UNAOC was born at a critical juncture in world history, when we as human beings faced a potential global cultural confrontation, the result of the criminal extremism of a band of terrorists, who before hijacking commercial flights and turning them into weapons of mass destruction, planned to hijack a faith of peace : Islam.

    The post Unity in Diversity appeared first on United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC).

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    If you’re still holding onto your HD DVD players you are definitely in luck this year, DeadLands 2: Trapped is now available for preorder on the HD DVD format through online retailer Anthem DVD. The unrated Zombie horror film will cost you roughly $29.95. The description is as follows, Bio-Weapon on the residents of a small [...]
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    Resident Evil Revelations – FLT

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    • Enhanced for consoles:  The fear that was brought to players in Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DSsystem returns redefined complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience.
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    • Residentevil.net support:  Resident Evil Revelations will take full advantage of Residentevil.net with content available to users once the game launches. Earn weapons and custom parts and use them in-game, collect figures that can be used in dioramas and check your stats through the online web service.
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              Post Apocalyptic Mayhem-PROPHET        

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    God Mode combines non-linear gameplay, fast and frantic shooting, hordes of on-screen enemies, and a fully functional online coop mode. Matches rarely ever play out the same, as dozens of in-game modifiers can significantly alter the gameplay on the fly. Characters are fully customizable, both in appearance and equipment, which continually evolve. Gold and experience is constantly accrued and used to unlock new satisfying weaponry and unique powerful abilities, both of which can be further upgraded.


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              Why Eugene Peterson is Wrong on Rob Bell and Love Wins (Among Other Things)        
    While reading up on the recent controversy over Rob Bell's new book, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, I came across several in the larger "evangelical" community who are actively defending Rob Bell against his critics (and even against himself). One of the largest names in that group is Eugene Peterson, author of the most popular paraphrase of the Bible, The Message. Peterson is currently Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, BC. He is also an accomplished author, with some of his books winning awards and becoming best sellers.

    Peterson's defense of Rob Bell started even before there was a controversy. Peterson supplied Bell's publisher, HarperOne, with the following endorsement blurb for Love Wins:
    It isn’t easy to develop a biblical imagination that takes in the comprehensive and eternal work of Christ . . . Rob Bell goes a long way in helping us acquire just such an imagination--without a trace of soft sentimentality and without compromising an inch of evangelical conviction.

    Recently Peterson spoke to Timothy Dalrymple of patheos about his endorsement and the controversy that has erupted over the book. When asked why Peterson endorsed the book, he said:
    Rob Bell and anyone else who is baptized is my brother or my sister. We have different ways of looking at things, but we are all a part of the kingdom of God. And I don’t think that brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God should fight. I think that’s bad family manners.

    I don’t agree with everything Rob Bell says. But I think they’re worth saying. I think he puts a voice into the whole evangelical world which, if people will listen to it, will put you on your guard against judging people too quickly, making rapid dogmatic judgments on people. I don’t like it when people use hell and the wrath of God as weaponry against one another.

    I knew that people would jump on me for writing the endorsement. I wrote the endorsement because I would like people to listen to him. He may not be right. But he’s doing something worth doing. There’s so much polarization in the evangelical church that it’s a true scandal. We’ve got to learn how to talk to each other and listen to each other in a civil way.

    There is much in Peterson's statement with which we could disagree. In fact, I would disagree with almost all of it. But I think it reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of how we as believers are taught to confront error in the Bible. Before I get there, Peterson was asked the follow-up question, "Do evangelicals need to reexamine our doctrines of hell and damnation?" and he replied:
    Yes, I guess I do think they ought to reexamine. They ought to be a good bit more biblical, not taking things out of context.

    But the people who are against Rob Bell are not going to reexamine anything. They have a litmus test for who is a Christian and who is not. But that’s not what it means to live in community.

    Luther said that we should read the entire Bible in terms of what drives toward Christ. Everything has to be interpreted through Christ. Well, if you do that, you’re going to end up with this religion of grace and forgiveness. The only people Jesus threatens are the Pharisees. But everybody else gets pretty generous treatment. There’s very little Christ, very little Jesus, in these people who are fighting Rob Bell.

    Again, Peterson sounds like a man who both doesn't understand the significance of the Doctrine of Hell and hasn't read the parts of the Bible where false doctrine is confronted and condemned. And interestingly he includes in his defense against arguments in the Church a quote by Martin Luther, a man who saw no small amount of criticism levied against him for his overly sharp tongue.

    Let's take a minute here, though, and examine what Peterson actually says about Bell and about the criticism directed towards him. First, he starts out by saying, "Rob Bell and anyone else who is baptized is my brother or my sister." Now, I am going to give Peterson the benefit of the doubt here and assume that he is referring to the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" (i.e., regeneration through the gift of the Holy Spirit). I shudder to think that Peterson would believe that the act of baptism either saves or confirms that one is truly a born-again believer of Jesus Christ.

    But then he builds on that statement and claims that he doesn't "think that brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God should fight", that doing so is to practice "bad family manners." I hate to tell Peterson this, but Jesus argued with His disciples. Paul argued with Peter. The Apostles argued with one another at the Council of Jerusalem. Members of the Kingdom argue. And often times it is quite beneficial. In Church History, debate has not always been kind, but very often it has been healthy. To claim that we shouldn't argue over doctrine because it's "bad family manners" is Biblically and historically ignorant.

    Peterson adds further down, "I don’t like it when people use hell and the wrath of God as weaponry against one another." I agree wholeheartedly with Peterson here, but is this really what is happening? Are people using the issues over the Doctrine of Hell as weapons against Bell? Of course not! In the ironic words of Billy Joel, "we didn't start the fire". The Doctrine of Hell has invoked heated arguments in the Church for centuries. And Bell threw himself into the line of fire by writing a book which advocates for a position against the one universally agreed upon by the Church for 2000 years. "Hell and the wrath of God" isn't a weapon being wielded against Bell, but rather are the objects of the firestorm that Bell ignited by writing a book on these subjects.

    Now, from there I believe Peterson's words better represent a man who hasn't read the Bible, not one who wrote a bestselling paraphrase of the Bible and who taught classes on the Word of God and spirituality for decades. Two statements Peterson makes lead me to this criticism. First, he says, "...the people who are against Rob Bell are not going to reexamine anything. They have a litmus test for who is a Christian and who is not. But that’s not what it means to live in community." Then he says, "The only people Jesus threatens are the Pharisees. But everybody else gets pretty generous treatment. There’s very little Christ, very little Jesus, in these people who are fighting Rob Bell."

    Has Peterson read Galatians lately? How about 1 John? Maybe he needs to reread the Gospels, particularly John 8. And heaven forbid he stumbles upon 1 Corinthians 5 or Matthew 18, where confrontation is not only spoken of, but encouraged by both Paul and Jesus, respectively.

    Both Paul and John advocate for litmus tests for Christians. Jesus, Himself, does the same thing. Living in community means precisely that we confront one another for not only sin, but false doctrine as well. Paul tells the Corinthians to cast people out of the community for sin and in Galatians he pronounces curses on those who advocate for a different Gospel. And I'm guessing that all of those he was speaking of were probably thought to have been baptized by the Holy Spirit. The fruit of their actions and beliefs, however, communicated otherwise.

    Finally, Peterson saves his most damning words for the end. He claims that that the "only people Jesus threatens are the Pharisees" and based on that he concludes that "there's very little Jesus, in these people who are fighting Rob Bell." Not only is Peterson making a huge assumption about the spiritual lives of those "who are fighting Rob Bell" (notice how Peterson personalizes it, instead of relegating it to theological debate), but he is also completely wrong about Jesus.

    In John 7:45, prior to the passage on the adulterous woman, we see that Jesus is speaking to the Chief Priests and the Pharisees. After v.11 of Chapter 8, Jesus picks up his conversation with the Jews (many have rightly concluded that 7:52-8:11 is out of place here in John and is not original to this Gospel, but rather represents good oral tradition which eventually found a home here). But in v.21, it appears that Jesus' conversation with the Pharisees is overheard by other Jews and they begin to talk among themselves in v.22. Jesus answers these Jews in v.23. Then further down in v.31, John identifies another group to whom Jesus is speaking as "the Jews who had believed in Him." Peterson identifies these in his Message as, "the Jews who had claimed to believe in Him."

    Jesus then begins to speak to these Jews and they don't seem to like what He's saying. By the time the conversation is over, Jesus has told them that they are not children of Abraham or children of God, but rather they are children of their father, the devil. In v.47, Jesus says, "Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God." Now, I don't know about you, but it seems clear her that Peterson's claim that "the only people Jesus threatens are the Pharisees" is not only terribly incorrect, but a false basis for his further claim that "there’s very little Christ, very little Jesus, in these people who are fighting Rob Bell."

    I've always respected Eugene Peterson, but in this case he's wrong. He's wrong on Rob Bell, he's wrong on the significance of the Doctrine of Hell, he's wrong on how to live in community, and more importantly, he's wrong on Jesus and on what the Bible teaches about confronting those teaching false doctrine. I get why Peterson doesn't like controversy in the Church and why he believes it is "bad family manners". None of us find it comfortable to confront sin or enjoyable to correct false teaching. But unfortunately, Peterson's attitude doesn't line up with the Bible and consequently it is him and not Bell's critics in whom one can find "very little Jesus."
              It's all about PREVENTION        

    If you are healthy and thriving, you may want to keep that way for a long time and avoid getting sick.

    To accomplish that, you really have to take care of yourself. Every person should be responsible and take control of their own health before it's too late.

    Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Arthritis....and many other illnesses are Preventable Diseases that require major Lifestyle Changes.

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    Disease Prevention: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the Health of the world”. N. Mandela

    "Consider this: We now know that we are encoded by about 25,000 human genes and their products, many of which represent potential new drug targets. Yet we have drugs for fewer than 200 of these gene products."Wells and Woolley M, Science Magazine, Oct. 2008, p.15.

    Scientific Research is an amazing field. It opens doors to the unknown and can save many lives...we have to support this marvelous tool. But there is still a long way ahead of us before being able to cure or even alleviate many maladies.

    For that reason, we must take care of ourselves. And how can we do this?

    It is just plain and simple common sense....Preventing disease!. There are many ways to do it. Learn how. Educate yourself. It is your responsibility. Nobody is coming to the rescue. It is you who has to do the work. Do not wait to get sick. Do not wait for a painful awakening call. Act now. Be informed. Search at respected sources and learn how to prevent diseases.

    Be aware of what you eat and drink. Keep an active life. Avoid stress. Have a purpose in life. Look for scientific resources and educate yourself and your family. Take charge of your health. Take charge of your Life.

    "What we really know?" an article about treatments from the BMJ Clinical Evidence: http://clinicalevidence.bmj.com/ceweb/about/knowledge.jsp

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    Information at this blog is provided for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional health care.

              Union Guilds        
    Union's quest is also like daily quest, everyday you do the quest and get rewards.
    But instead of Zeny (Daily Quest), you'll get Items as a reward.
    And the items you can get depends on what Union you joined.

    And don't worry, you can always quit your present union if u got what you want,
    and maybe join the other one for other rewards.

    Oh and I personally don't know what will happen to your unused points if you quit your union..
    Never tried that.. ^_^

    Now choose from the six Union you want to join!

    1. Prontera Knightage Union
    2. Odin Orthodoxy Union
    3. Darkness Shadow Union
    4. Hunter Union
    5. Magic Academy Union
    6. Alberta Merchant Alliance Union


    Prontera Knightage Union
    NPC: Knight Schubert 
    Location: Prontera 

    Secrets to Provocation
    [Provoke lvl 1]

    Prontera Knightage Will
    [Berserk lvl 1]

    Box of Trace of Earth Bundle
    [20 Traces of Earth]

    Refining Whetstone V 
    [90min Weapon Attack +5%]

    Traces of Freyja
    [Blue material]

    Twilight Shadow Piece
    [Purple Material]

    Heroic Echo
    [Purple Material]

    Iron Cain 
    [Lower Face]

    Zeras Hyperion Style 


    Odin Orthodoxy Union
    NPC: Saint Ramort
    Location: Prontera 

    Blessing of the Saintess 
    [Blessing lvl 1]

    Prime Grace
    [Assumptio lvl 1]

    Judgement Lightning
    [Jupitel Thunder lvl 1]

    Box of Life Souce Bundle
    [20 Life Sources]

    Dragon Embroidery V 
    [90min Jacket Intelligence +15%]

    Fragment of the Unknown 
    [Blue Material]

    Inherited Free Will 
    [Blue Materia]

    Guardian Angel
    [Head Accessory]

    Aione Oaklay Style 


    Darkness Shadow Union
    NPC: Dark Grandol
    Location: Prontera

    Assassin's Creed (Poison)
    [Poisoning Weapon lvl 1]

    Assassin's Creed (Kill)
    [Shadow Claw lvl 1]

    Assassin's Creed (Speed)
    [Agility lvl 1]

    Box of Spirit of Ruin Bundle
    [20 Spirits of Ruin]

    Tiger Embroidery V
    [90min Jacket STR +15%]

    Dimension Fragment Piece
    [Green Material]

    Cursed Mark of Immortality
    [Blue Material]

    Studded Headband
    [Head Accessory]

    Eremes Guile Style


    Hunter Union
    NPC: Hunter Teodor
    Location: Divided Plain

    Spirit Guard 
    Endure lvl 1

    Wind Elixir
    [1Min +60% Movement Speed]

    Box of Monster Fragment Bundle
    [20 Monster Fragments]

    Bear Embroidery V
    [90min Jacket VIT +15%]

    Sealed Root of Strength 
    [Blue Material]

    Dark Scythe Piece 
    [Purple Material]

    Ancient Demon's Horn 
    [Purple Material]

    [Middle Face]

    Reidin Kerse Style 


    Magic Academy Union
    NPC: Magic Scholar Trowa 
    Location: Prontera 

    Book of Armageddon (Annihiliation)
    [Meteo Storm lvl 1 = Physical Attack Value]

    Book or Armageddon (Despair) 
    [Meteor Storm lvl 1 = Magic Attack Value]

    Niflheim Seed
    [Frost Nova lvl 1]

    Box of Firmament Essence Bundles
    [20 Firmament Essences]

    Magic Oil V
    [90min Magical Attack +5%]

    Broken Barrier Fragment Crystal
    [Blue Material]

    Wailing Griever Mask Piece 
    [Blue Material]

    Crystal Circlet
    [Head Accessory]

    Dr. Jacob Style 


    Alberta Merchant Alliance Union
    NPC: Great Merchant Muria
    Location: Alberta

    Wind Elixir 
    [1Min +60% Movement Speed]

    Zeny Bag 
    [Sold for 24 Zeny]

    Cracked Emperium Piece 
    [Green Material]

    Magical Red Feather 
    [Green Material]

    Colossal Brandium Piece 
    [Green Material]

    Mind of the Money Loser
    [Head Accessory]

    Onasis Defendhill Style 

              Road of Bless        

    Character Level: 50
    Profession Level: 50
    Achievement: Goblin Leader and Wanderer

    Map Location:
    Road of Bless

    Quest List:
    Road To Blessing
    A Man Fallen in the Middles of Desert
    No Water
    Oasis Water - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Request From Cook - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (V) and 5 Blue Potion (V)]
    Odd Palm Tree
    Poison of Desert Fugu
    A Medicine To Detoxify
    Heal Palm Tree
    Missing Saintess Case - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Finding Lead for the Case
    Collecting Desert Goblin Mask - Beginner - [Reward: 10 Red Potion (V)]
    An Order of Desert Goblin
    Finding Goblinish Dictionary
    Translated Order - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Leader of the Goblins, Damian - [Reward: 9 Blue Potion (V)]
    Damian's Diary Translation - [Reward: 7 Purple Potion (V)]
    A Misunderstanding (1)
    A Misunderstanding (2) - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Sweeps Invader Goblin
    Desert Goblin Mask (1) - [Reward: 10 Red Potion (V)]
    Desert Goblin Mask (2) - [Reward: 10 Red Potion (V)]
    Desert Goblin Damian's Mask - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Goblin Sweep (1) - [Reward: 9 Red Potion (V)]
    The Captain of Invaders, Garbong - [Reward: 9 Blue Potion (V)]
    Request for Translating Memo Pad - [Reward: 6 Purple Potion (V)]
    Munil's Little Sister - [Reward: 9 Blue Potio (V)]
    Garbong's Mask - [Reward: 8 Red Potion (V)]
    Invader Goblin Mask (1)
    Metanyang Lost His Clothes
    The Lady Who Lost her Clothes - [Reward: 9 Blue Potion (V)]
    Runaround Lumber Cat
    Metanyang's Trade Condition
    Metanyang, The Underwear Thief
    Tyranny of Scratch Thieves
    Thieves Extermination
    Cactus Eaters, The Wanderer Eater
    Desert Cactus Seed
    Valuable Ingredients
    Criminal to Break Carriage
    Back of Invader Goblins
    To Moroc Mine
    Rare Skull Collecting
    The Soul of Sandstorm Bandits
    Investigate 4 Points - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Adhesive Clay Collecting
    Preparation For Cultivating Desert - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Cactus Than Water
    Find My Grandchild
    To Find Child's Phantom
    The Reason of Phantom
    The Thing To Show Phantom
    Phantom Stone
    The Cause of Destroy the Equipment
    Tiresome Hunter Fly - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Attack Freyjans!
    Poisona Punishment - [Reward: 7 Red Potion (V) and 7 Blue Potion (V)]
    Investigation of Poisona's Base
    Sacrifice Aione
    Saintess Pursuit - [Reward: Goblin Horn]
    [Dungeon] Chase Russil To The Sandarman Fortress - [Reward: 5 Prontera Warp Scroll and 5 Alberta Warp Scroll]
    Request: The One Thing Polluting The Oasis
    Request: Plunder The Plundered
    Request: Egg Thief Punishment

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    None Yet

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Desert Fugu Bebe, Desert Fugu, Wazel, Desert Goblin Fighter, Desert Goblin Warrior, Highway Robber, Desert Goblin Guard, Desert Goblin Spearman, Invader Goblin Scout, Invader Goblin Guard, Invader Goblin Patroller, Wanderer Eater, Desert Peco Baby, Gold Powder, Desert Scorpion
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Desert Fugu Bebe, Desert Fugu, Wazel, Desert Goblin Fighter,  Desert Goblin Guard, Desert Goblin Spearman, Desert Goblin Monk, Invader Goblin Scout, Invader Goblin Guard, Invader Goblin Warrior, Desert Peco Baby, Gold Powder, Deathfly, Freyjanity Warrior
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Desert Fugu, Wazel, Desert Goblin Fighter, Sand Stalker Baby, Gold Powder

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Desert Fugu Bebe, Desert Goblin Attacker, Poisona
    Firmament Essence (I) - Desert Fugu, Desert Goblin Warrior, Sand Stalker Baby
    Root of Life (I) - Hazel, Invader Goblin Scout, Wanderer Eater, Freyjanity Warrior
    Spirit of Ruin (I) -  Desert Fugu Bebe, Highway Robber, Invader Goblin Commander, Sand Wind Thief, Gold Powder, Hunter Fly
    Monster Fragment (I) - Desert Fugu Bebe, Looter, Desert Goblin Spearman

    Other Items:
    Blue Hood - Highway Robber, Looter
    Cry Mask - Invader Goblin Guard
    Fugu Venom - Desert Fugu Bebe, Desert Fugu
    Glossy Thorn - Sand Muka
    Half Mask - Freyjanity Apostle, Freyjanity Illusionist, Freyjanity High Apostle, Freyjanity High Illusionist
    Hard Claw - Sand Stalker Baby, Sand Stalker
    Holed Wing - Wanderer Eater
    Horrible Chonchon Doll - Deathfly, Hunter Fly
    Leftover Worm - Desert Peco Baby, Desert Peco
    Nectar - Gold Creamy, Gold Powder
    Petty Mud Mask - Desert Goblin Fighter, Desert Goblin Warrior, Desert Goblin Attacker, Desert Goblin Guard, Desert Goblin Gladiator, Desert Goblin Spearman, Desert Goblin Healer, Desert Goblin Magician, Desert Goblin Monk, Damian
    Pesky Mud Mask - Desert Goblin Warrior, Desert Goblin Attacker, Desert Goblin Magician, Damian
    Rabbit Ear - Wazel, Hazel
    Refined Bone Piece - Sand Wind Thief
    Rusted Tether - Freyjanity Warrior, Freyjanity High Warrior
    Smile Mask - Invader Goblin Scout, Invader Goblin Guard, Invader Goblin Patroller, Invader Goblin Commander, Invader Goblin Fighter
    Venom Sting - Desert Scorpion

    Recipes and Fomulas Found:
    Formula: Maestro Artisan's Red Potion - Desert Goblin Magician
    Recipe: Chewy Antenna Noodle - Sand Stalker Baby
    Recipe: Screw Fin Cocktail - Sand Stalker Baby

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - None Yet

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Crab Soup - Desert Fugu Bebe
    Instant Creamy Broth - Desert Fugu Bebe, Desert Fugu, Desert Goblin Warrior, Looter, Desert Goblin Spearman, Desert Goblin Monk, Wanderer Eater, Freyjanity Warrior
    Instant Doganitang - Desert Fugu Bebe, Wazel, Desert Goblin Attacker, Invader Goblin Commander, Sand Stalker Baby, Sand Muka
    Instant Fried Crab - Highway Robber, Freyjanity Apostle
    Instant Goblin Barbeque - Desert Peco
    Instant Soy Sauce Marinated Crab - Hazel, Highway Robber, Desert Goblin Warrior, Wanderer Eater
    Instant Seoleongtang - Invader Goblin Scout, Wanderer Eater, Sand Stalker Baby
    Instant Steamed Crab - Desert Goblin Guard, Invader Goblin Scout

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (V) - Desert Fugu Bebe, Wazel, Desert Goblin Attacker, Desert Goblin Guard, Desert Goblin Gladiator, Invader Goblin Warrior, Sand Muka, Deathfly, Hunter Fly
    Blue Potion (V) - Hazel, Desert Goblin Attacker, Desert Goblin Fighter, Desert Goblin Spearman, Desert Goblin Monk, Invader Goblin Patroller, Desert Scorpion, Freyjanity Warrior
    Purple Potion (V) - Desert Fugu Bebe, Desert Peco Baby, Sand Wind Thief, Desert Scorpion, Poisona
    Dexterity Potion (V) - Sand Muka, Freyjanity Warrior
    Health Boost Potion (V) - Invader Goblin Commander
    Health Potion (V) - Hazel
    Intelligence Potion (V) - Sand Muka, Freyjanity Apostle
    Strength Boost Potion (V) - Desert Fugu, Desert Goblin Fighter
    Will Boost Potion (V) - Desert Fugu Bebe

    Cards Found:
    Desert Fugu
    Grooming Thief x3
    Freyjanity Warrior
    Hunter Fly x2
    Poisona x2
    Scratch Thief x(lost count)

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Ascetic Boots of Resignation - Garbong
    Barren Coat Bottom - Looter
    Barren Plated Boots - Freyjanity High Illusionist, Freyjanity High Warrior, Looter
    Barren Plated Gauntlets - Looter
    Barren Shield - Invader Goblin Patroller, Looter
    Bow of Resignation - Poisona
    Chain Boots of Rascal Judgement - Looter
    Chain Gauntlets of Resignation - Freyjanity High Illusionist
    Claw of Resignation - Poisona
    Earrings of Agony - Garbong, Damian
    Earrings of Purity - Looter
    Necklase of Agony - Wanderer Eater
    Necklase of the Warrior - Sand Stalker Baby
    Ornament of the Wise - Desert Fugu
    Ornament of Agony - Desert Goblin Fighter, Poisona
    Ornament of Corruption - Looter
    Plated Visor of Resignation - Highway Robber, Looter
    Ring of Agony - Desert Peco, Garbong, Damian

    Khara Quest:
    I Am The Real Rabbit
    Don't Press My Stomach! It Will Burst!
    Spin The Spear
    Goblin's Healing Is Good
    I Will Protect You
    Goblin Likes The Battle
    Scheme of the Invader Goblin
    Stopping The Strange Behavior of Desert Goblin
    I'm Happy Because I Have Something To Protect
    Do Not Peep!
    Don't Ignore For Small
    Nobody Knows Where It Comes From
    Shadow Overshadowed By Sandstorm
    Fly of the Death
    Expert Illusionist of Freyanity
    Believe in Goddess
    Shining Butterfly
    Scary Freyanity's Warrior
    Winner of Death! - [Reward: Title - Weak]
    [Dungeon] I Come Here! The Peak of God's Age! - [Reward: Title - Sandarman Invader]
    [Dungeon] The Final Fantasia That Informs The End of Battle - [Reward: Title - True Knight]
    [Dungeon] Unveiled Executer! Prolusion of Fina Match - [Reward: Title - Apostle Executer]
    (Rare: A) Goblin Leader (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Goblin Leader]
    (Rare: A) Wanderer (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Wanderer Hunter]
    (Rare: A) RSX-0806 (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Robo Hunter]

    Small Gold Ore
    Medium Gold Ore
    Large Gold Ore

    None Yet

              Sogratt Desert        

    Character Level: 47
    Profession Level: 47
    Achievement: Sandial

    Map Location:
    Sogratt Desert

    Quest List:
    In Memory of the Child
    Thirsty Thirsty
    Lost Request Document
    Cat on the Tower - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    The Timid Cat
    The Cooking Cat
    Lamp Incident: Case Closed - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    The Whereabouts of the Lost Lamp
    Angry Ruti Cereno
    Worrisome Scirocco
    Delicious Meal (2)
    Could the Anger be Melted Away by a Delicious Cuisine?
    What's The Matter?
    Smooth Sand
    Gift Wrap Material What Women Want
    Burning Lover's Gift
    Stupid Cupid Luket!
    Relationship Between Hasut Village and Grooming Thieves - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Finish the Job
    Souring Through the Skies
    Requested Products From Thieves
    Nothing To Eat!
    Need Firewood!
    Soup Delivery! (1)
    Soup Delivery! (2)
    Making Up With Barret - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Afraid of Payback
    Amazing Reward
    Disturbed Froebel
    Edze's Weapon - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Ruti Cereno's Greeting
    Letter from Ruti Cereno
    Information of the Black Arms Dealer
    Difficult Arms Dealer
    Kind MC Salle
    Hysteric Ruti Cereno (1)
    Hysteric Ruti Cereno (2) - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Faster Than Any
    Ruti's Advanced Information
    Oops! I Slipped - [Reward: Forgotten Thief's Sword]
    Drooping Salle
    Who Ordered The Chakram?
    Isabella's Keepsake (1)
    Isabella's Keepsake (2)
    Loyal Scirocco
    Lost Child In Desert (1)
    Lost Child In Desert (2)
    A Child Who Wants To Become A Thief (1)
    A Child Who Wants To Become A Thief (2)
    A Child Who Wants To Become A Thief (3)
    A Child Who Wants To Become A Thief (4)
    A Child Who Wants To Become A Thief (5)
    A Child Who Wants To Become A Thief (6) - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Weapon Investigation
    Confused Salle
    Archaeologist Gongurat
    Grumpy Archaeologist
    Secret Trade (1)
    Ruti Cereno's Precious Item
    We Deliver Within 3 Hours
    Grooming Thief Leader (1)
    Grooming Thief Leader (2)
    Grooming Thief Leader (3)
    Grooming Thief Leader (4)
    Grooming Thief Leader (5) - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Froebel's Weak Staff
    Fix The Staff
    Fixed The Staff
    The Legendary Fortress of Assassins
    Assassin's Pendant
    An Assassin Dropping By Desert
    Open Fortress Entrance
    Ruti Cereno's Summon - [Reward: 2 Alberta Warp Scroll]
    Ruei Cereno's Favor - [Reward: Cat hat]
    [Dungeon] The Name Mustafa
    [Dungeon] Darkness Shadow Is In Danger
    [Dungeon] Is There A traitor
    [Dungeon] True Enemy - [Reward: Sogratt Desert Weapon Statue]
    [Dungeon] Traitor Guile - [Reward: Sogratt Desert Top Statue]
    To The Road Of Blessing
    Request: The Cause of the Sand Storm
    Request: Treasure Buried in the Desert
    Request: New Research in the Desert!
    A Key To Open Darkness
    [Daily] The Hardest Metal In The World - [Reward: Refined Brygan and 6 Red Potion (V) and 6 Blue Potion (V)]
    Key Delivery - [Reward: 5 bear Embroidery V]

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    None Yet

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Big Dianatic, Armor Phoenix, Bright Sandy, Desertmole, Sandfrog, Dash Sandfrog, Speedy Phoenix, Sunscourge, Desert Poet, Firadillo, Silent Mettler, Anacondak, Sneaky Anacondak, Gerbil Worker, Sand Spider Baby
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Sandy, Dianatic, Armor Phoenix, Bright Sandy, Desertmole, Desertmole Leader, Sandfrog, Dash Sandfrog, Wild Sandfrog, Regular Member, Shaman, Leprechaun Robber, Sneaky Anacondak, Gerbil, Sand Spider Baby
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Gloomy Sandy, Petite Dianatic, Desertmole, Silent Mettler, Gerbil

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Sandy
    Firmament Essence (I) - Sandy, Gloomy Sandy, Shaman, Sand Spider Baby
    Root of Life (I) - Dianatic, Regular Member, Firadillo, Slip Firadillo, Gerbil
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Sandy, Bright Sandy, Dianatic, Petite Dianatic, Desertmole, Firadillo, SIlent Mettler
    Monster Fragment (I) - Phoenix, Shaman, Sand Spider Baby

    Other Items:
    Assassin's Crest - Ancient Assassin
    Broken Violin - Mettler, Silent Mettler, Giant Mettler
    Crest Feather - Phoenix, Speedy Phoenix, Armor Phoenix, Desert Traveler
    Dirty Fur - Gerbil, Gerbil Worker
    Elastic Tounge - Sandfrog, Dash Sandfrog, Wild Sandfrog, Sand Big Eyes
    Hard Claw - Desertmole
    Leftover Carrot - Dianatic, Petite Dianatic, Big Dianatic
    Magic Wand - Sandy, Bright Sandy, Gloomy Sandy
    Red Hood - Shaman, Regular Member, Edze
    Rusted Pickaxe - Leprechaun, Leprechaun Looter, Leprechaun Robber
    Soft Shell - Firadillo, Slip Firadillo, Iron Firadillo
    Venom Fang - Anacondak, Sneaky Anacondak
    Web Bundle - Sand Spider Baby, Sand Spider, Sunscourge

    Recipes and Fomulas Found:
    Recipe: Chewy Antenna Noodle - Big Dianatic, Iron Firadillo
    Recipe: Salty Antenna Stick - Iron Firadillo
    Formula: Potion Pitcher (750cc) - Petite Dianatic

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - None Yet

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Crab Soup - Big Dianatic
    Instant Creamy Broth - Sandy, Speedy Phoenix, Regular Member, Leprechaun Robber, Silent Mettler, Anacondak, Sneaky Anacondak
    Instant Doganitang - Sandy, Dianatic, Sandfrog, Dash Sandfrog, Regular Member, Speedy Phoenix, Gerbil Worker, Sand Spider Baby
    Instant Fried Crab - Phoenix
    Instant Goblin Juice - Gloomy Sandy
    Instant Seoleongtang - Sandy, Bright Sandy, Gloomy Sandy, Big Dianatic, Desertmole, Regular Member, Silent Mettler, Sneaky Anacondak, Gerbil Worker, Sand Spider Baby
    Instant Steamed Crab - Phoenix

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (V) - Sandy, Dianatic, Big Dianatic, Desertmole, Sunflow, Shaman, Speedy Phoenix, Firadillo, Sneaky Anacondak, Gerbil Worker, Sand Spider Baby
    Blue Potion (V) - Sandy, Gloomy Sandy, Wild Sandfrog, Regular Member, Leprechaun Robber, Sneaky Anacondak
    Purple Potion (V) - Sandy, Gloomy Sandy, Desertmole, Speedy Phoenix, Slip Firadillo, Mettler, Leprechaun Looter, Sand Big Eyes, Anacondak, Sneaky Anacondak
    Health Potion (V) - Desert Poet
    Intelligence Boost Potion (V) - Dianatic, Armor Phoenix, Iron Firadillo
    Strength Boost Potion (V) - Dash Sandfrog, Silent Mettler
    Will Boost Potion (V) - Sunscourge
    Will Potion (V) - Sandfrog

    Cards Found:
    Grooming Thief
    Phoenix x3

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Necklase of Denial - Sunscourge
    Plated Gauntlets of Twisted Revenge - Armor Phoenix
    Ornament of Denial - Gerbil
    Ring of Denial - Desertmole Leader
    Ring of Ridicule - Bright Sandy
    Rod of Battlefield - Leprechaun Looter

    Khara Quest:
    Burning Armor
    Attack to Gloomy You
    I Guess It Was Poop
    Rabbit Cannot be Changed
    Skin of Wild Man
    Alley Cat
    Sh! No Spell Allowed!
    It's Burning
    It Can Be Used For Bawling Game
    Sleeping In The Desert Will Kill You
    Desert Desperado
    A Guy Who Stole My Stuff
    Silent Artist
    Solemn Artist
    I Hate Even A Tiny Spider
    Outlaw of Sograt Desert
    The Tricky Will Survive
    I Hate A Rat
    Opening Act of the Flowing Sand War
    [Dungeon] Figuring Out The Truth About Assassin's Guild
    [Dungeon] Follower of Legendary Assassin
    [Dungeon] Existence of Assassin Cross
    [Dungeon] The Day Sand Storm Passed..
    [Dungeon] Tomb of Assassin - [Reward: Title - Assassin Cross]
    (Rare: A) Willow Worker (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Willow Hunter]
    (Rare: A) Sandial Queen (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Sandial Hunter]

    Small Gold Ore
    Medium Gold Ore
    Large Gold Ore

    None Yet

              Verta Delta        

    Character Level: 43
    Profession Level: 43
    Achievement: Steiner, Wandering Wolf and Delta Hunter

    Map Location:
    Verta Delta

    Quest List:
    Suspicious Activity
    Suspicious Activity Investigation (1)
    Suspicious Activity Investigation (2)
    Source of Trouble in Delta Village - [Reward: Shimmering Strength Rune]
    Eradicate Nipendes! (1)
    Eradicate Nipendes! (2)
    Finding Lord's Investigator
    Finding Cotler
    Ship Wreck Guard Investigation - [Reward: Shimmering Dexterity Rune]
    Use the Sleeping Manderu for Hiding
    Spying Report
    Strange Clover
    Request from the East
    Find My Brother
    Betrayal of the Dagda - [Reward: Shimmering Health Rune]
    Criminal in Dagda Case - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Shameful Apology
    Magical Medicinal Herb Collecting
    Magician's Request: Fire Francoou
    Magician's Request: Wind  Francoou
    Magician's Request: Ice  Francoou
    Magician's Request: Pikuring
    Little Nerupa Pattern
    Nerupa Capture Plan
    Magnus Opus (1)
    Magnus Opus (2)
    Baikal Rubber Gloves
    Hermitus Parasol
    Feartus Parasol
    Pearltus Parasol - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Vity's Competitor (1)
    Vity's Competitor (2)
    Vity's Competitor (3) - [Reward: Bear Embroidery V]
    Coastal Outlaw
    Coase Investigation (1) - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Coase Investigation (2)
    I Want to Sleep (1)
    I Want to Sleep (2)
    Sleeping Powder
    Ship Wreck Investigation (1)
    Ship Wreck Investigation (2) - [Reward: Shimmering Intelligence Rune]
    Mass Weapon Discovery (1) - [Reward: Alberta Warp Scroll]
    Mass Weapon Discovery (2)
    Onasis's Request (1)
    Onasis's Request (2)
    Onasis's Request (3) - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery V]
    The Reason for Diguising as a Furseal
    I Want to Swim as Well
    Keep the Promise of Ship Wreck (2) - [Reward: Shimmering Will Rune]
    Keep the Promise of Ship Wreck (3)
    Take Back the Sources in the Ship Wreck - [Reward: Refining Whetstone V]
    Rabstang Sweep
    The Boy Who Speaks With th Furseal (1)
    The Boy Who Speaks With th Furseal (2)
    The Boy Who Speaks With th Furseal (3) - [Reward: Verta Delta Top Statue]
    The Boy Who Speaks With th Furseal (4) - [Reward: 2 Alberta Warp Scroll]
    Verta Landmark Contruction (1)
    Verta Landmark Contruction (2) - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery V]
    My Life Long Wish
    Grey's Insomia
    Actually That's Not It
    Hotbed of Fear - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    A Must Have Item for Women
    New Product Development - [Reward: 3 Eind Elixir]
    [Dungeon] Lost Bamudi's Whereabouts - [Reward: Verta Delta Weapon Statue]
    Request: Should'nt Everybody Have A Fur Coat
    Request: Cultivation Disruptor
    Request: Toys at the Beach
    The Tight Doors of the Abyss - [Reward: 5 Tiger Embroidery V or 5 Dragon Embroidery V]
    [Dungeon] Test of Will - [Reward: 18 Red Potion (V) and 16 Blue Potion (V)]

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    None Yet

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Feeble Dagda, Moist Nipendes, Little Nerupa, Powder, Heavy Powder
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Feeble Dagda, Moist Nipendes, Sprout Manderu, Erupting Manderu, Cyaton, Powder, Heavy Powder
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Feeble Dagda, Powder, Heavy Powder

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Erupting Manderu, Pearltus
    Firmament Essence (I) - Moist Nipendes, Nerupa, Pearltus
    Root of Life (I) - Feeble Dagda, Ice Francoou, Little Nerupa, Nerupa, Pealrtus
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Ice Francoou, Pealrtus
    Monster Fragment (I) - Small Nipendes, Little Nerupa, Hermitus, Sharp Feartus, Furseal Swimmer, Furseal Diver, Powder, Heavy Powder

    Other Items:
    Goled Leaf - Francoou, Ice Francoou, Fire Francoou, Wind Francoou
    Hard Top Shell - Hermitus, Hard Hermitus, Feartus, Pearltus, Sharp Feartus, Sleeky Pearltus
    Moth Antenna - Powder, Heavy Powder
    Mystic Tree Bark - Sprout Manderu, Manderu, Erupting Manderu, Manmanderu
    Rusted Pickaxe - Dagda, Feeble Dagda, Wild Dagda
    Seal Skin - Little Nerupa, Nerupa, Arlus, Arlus Swimmer, Arlus Diver, Furseal, Furseal Swimmer, Furseal Diver
    Slacking Stem - Small Nipendes, Nipendeath, Moist Nipendes
    Think Bird Foot - Cyaton, Howling Cyaton

    Recipes and Fomulas Found:
    Formula: Potion Pitcher (70cc) - Fire Francoou
    Recipe: Chewy Antenna Noodle - Little Nerupa
    Recipe: Salty Antenna Stick - Hard Hermitus
    Recipe: Screw Fin Cocktail - Pearltus

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - None Yet

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Crab Soup - Erupting Manderu
    Instant Creamy Broth - Little Nerupa
    Instant Dagonitng - Little Nerupa, Sleeky Pearltus, Cyaton
    Instant Fried Crab - Moist Nipendes
    Instant Goblin Juice - Feeble Dagda
    Instant Seoleongtang - Manmanderu
    Instant Soy Sauce Marinated Crab - Little Nerupa
    Instant Steamed Crab - Ice Francoou

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (V) - Wind Francoou, Little Nerupa, Hermitus, Pearltus, Furseal Swimmer
    Blue Potion (V) - Francoou, Little Nerupa, Feartus, Arlus, Howling Cyaton
    Purple Potion (V) - Feeble Dagda
    Dexterity Potion (V) - Sharp Feartus, Arlus Swimmer
    Health Boost Potion (V) - Francoou
    Health Potion (V) - Fire Francoou
    Intelligence Boost Potion (V) - Feeble Dagda
    Strength Boost Potion (V) - Furseal Swimmer
    Strength Potion (V) - Cyaton, Powder

    Cards Found:
    Pearltus x2

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Chieltain Chain Boots - Furseal Swimmer
    Chieftain Coat Gloves - Fire Francooy
    Chieftain Plated Boots - Nerupa
    Chieftain Plated Gaiters - Furseal Swimmer, Manmanderu
    Chieftain Plated Visor - Nerupa
    Chieftain Shield - Alrus Swimmer
    Earrings of Propagation - Hard Hermitus
    Earrings of Punishment - Feartus
    Earrings of Ridicule - Penzer, Sharp Feartus
    Necklase of Resolution - Sharp Feartus
    Necklase of Ridicule - Pealrtus
    Ornament of History - Manderu, Erupting Manderu
    Passion Breastplate - Cyaton, Hermitus
    Ring of Awakening - Feartus
    Ring of Reformation - Moist Nependes

    Khara Quest:
    (Selected) Potion Overdose
    Title Prioritizer!
    Iron Disassembler!
    Master Repair Man Class 1, Repair Technician - [Reward: Title - Repair Technician]
    Fierce Farmer
    When Does it Get Dry?
    Little Seals
    Young, But Not Cute
    Beware of Fire
    No Crash
    O My, It's Sore!
    You Want Silky Skin?
    Swimming Expert
    Swimming Master
    Diving Expert
    Diving Master
    Bag It! Be Quiet!
    I Hate a Moth
    Counterattack of the Beach Crab
    Iron Disassembler!
    Reborn in Heaven After Death - [Reward: Title - Resurrected]
    [Dungeon] Immortality Without Getting Old!?
    [Dungeon] Survivor In The Cursed Ghost Ship??
    [Dungeon] Barbarossa Pirate!? - [Reward: Title - Pirate Captain!]
    [Dungeon] To The Memory Of Barbarossa... - [Reward: Title - Aye Captain!]
    [Dungeon] Man With A Buring Red Mustache - [Reward: Title - Drake Slayer]
    (Rare: A) Steiner (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Stainer Hunter]
    (Rare: A) Wandering Wolf (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Wandering Hunter]

    Small Gold Ore
    Medium Gold Ore
    Large Gold Ore

    None Yet


    Character Level: 40
    Profession Level: 40
    Achievement: None Yet

    Map Location:

    Quest List:
    Secret Message From Grandmaster Knight - [Reward: Helm of Volition]
    Denial from Lord of Alberta - [Reward: Wind Elixir, Refining Whetstone V and Magic Oil V]
    Alberta's Trade Master
    Trade Master Onasis - [Reward: Alberta Warp Scroll]
    The Butler's Mistake
    Special Fruit
    What Came from the Ocean
    Wine Aging (1)
    Wine Aging (2)
    Wine Aging (3)
    Rare Wine
    Fragrant Tea Leaves
    Lord Grupazh,s Summon
    Like Father to Child
    Suspicious Activity
    In Memory of the Child
    The Truth of the Lord?! (1)
    The Truth of the Lord?! (2)
    Keep the Promise of Ship Wreck! (1) - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    The Boy Who Speaks With th Furseal (5) - [Reward: Magic Oil V]
    Alberta Alliance (1)
    Alberta Alliance (2)
    Alberta Alliance (2)
    Low Burn Fire (1)
    Low Burn Fire (2) - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    A Chat With Ruti Cerano - [Reward: Flower Imitation Hairband]
    Secret of the Lord - [Reward: 12 Red Potion (V) and 10 Blue Potion (V)]

    Quest Starter Items Found:

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] -
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Sandi Slipstar
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] -

    Materials Items:

    Other Items:

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - None

    Food and Drinks Found:

    Potions Found:

    Cards Found:

    Weapons and Armors Found:

    Khara Quest:



              Divided Plain        

    Character Level: 40
    Profession Level: 39
    Achievement: Scoler and Merem

    Map Location:
    Divided Plain

    Quest List:
    Track Down Escaped Freyjanity
    Potemkin Hunt
    Where Did the Thing Potemkin is Rolling Came From? - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Looking for the Solution
    The One Who Created Potemkin's Thing
    Contaminated Fountain of Youth (1)
    Contaminated Fountain of Youth (2)
    Contaminated Fountain of Youth (3) - [Reward: 6 Red Potion (IV)]
    Stop It from Growing
    Wild Breath - [Reward: Assassin's Creed - Conceal]
    Rough Wild Tank - [Reward: Bear Embroidery IV]
    Report from Henson
    Let the Biologist Know
    Looking for Ravislo
    Nothing Happened - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Looking for Master Hunter
    For A Friend
    Ravislo's Request (1)
    Ravislo's Request (2) - [Reward: Erosion Items]
    Master Hunter Rindberg Started to Act - [Reward: Erosion Plated Gauntlets]
    Medicine for Grandma (1) - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery IV]
    Medicine for Grandma (2) - [Reward: 5 Purple Potion (IV)]
    Medicine for Grandma (3)
    To Recover Lost Livelihood - [Reward: Erosion Items]
    Flying Bug Nightmare - [Reward: Erosion Plated Boots]
    Wild Pig Skin - [Reward: 6 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Flower That Blooms on Cliff - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery IV]
    I Want A Cute Pet
    Desolated Plains - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (IV)]
    Hunters of the Plains
    Hunter's Test - [Reward: Refining Whetstone IV]
    Hunter's Letter
    Lucrative Business
    Illusion of Campsite
    Joy's Greed - [Reward: Magic Oil IV]
    Done With It
    Chance to Recover - [Reward: 4 Purple Potion (IV)]
    Shiny Jewel - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Secret Message From Grandmaster Knight - [Reward: Helm of Volition]
    Familiar Fellows
    Hellbug Blood Sample Investigation (1) - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (V)]
    Hellbug Blood Sample Investigation (2) - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (V)]
    Search for Sonrein - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Sonrein Found
    Missing Sonrein
    Collector Sonrein
    Whetstones to Reindy
    Search for Via - [Reward: Erosion Items]
    Search for Venom Sample - [Reward: Erosion Sword]
    Lord Grupazh's Summon
    [Dungeon] Whereabouts of Rindberg
    [Dungeon] Source of Deadly Poison - [Reward: Divided Plain Top Statue]
    [Dungeon] Ruler of the Underworld - [Reward: Divided Plain Weapon Statue]
    [Dungeon] To The Deep Inside The Hell of Deadly Poison
    [Dungeon] Battle of Grief - [Reward: Divided Plain Bottom Statue]
    Request: Main Culprit of Water Polution
    Request: Disruptor of Geological Investigation
    Request: A Grass That's Good for the Back
    Rising Treat - [Reward: 5 Refining Whetstone V or 5 magic Oil V]

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    None Yet

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Heavy Savage, Snailer Baby, Wild Savage, Wild Savage Bebe, Leafcat, Emerald Leafcat, Warm Leafcat, Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Male Wild Deer, Female Flowdeer, Female Boa
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Potemkin, Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Heavy Savage, Snailer Baby, Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe, Leafcat, Warm Leafcat, Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Little Pereiz, Male Wild Deer, Big Male Wild Deer, Pereiz, Male Flowdeer, Female Flowdeer, Big Female Flowdeer
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Potemkin, Heavy Savage, Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe, Wild Savage, Male Flowdeer, Smelly Potemkin, Big Female Flowdeer

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Potemkin, Warm Emerald Leafcat, Little Pereiz
    Firmament Essence (I) - Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe, Emerald Leafcat, Pereiz, Male Flowdeer, Super Female Boa
    Root of Life (I) - Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Wild Savage Bebe, Wild Savage, Big Wild Savage, Emerald Leafcat, Warm Emerald Leafcat, Male Wild Deer, Big Male Wild Deer, Smelly Potemkin, Super Male Boa
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Heavy Savage, Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Little Pereiz, Smelly Potemkin, Castoff Hellbug Worker, Super Female Boa, Lonely Traveler
    Monster Fragment (I) - Snailer Baby, Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe, Smelly Potemkin, Big Female Flowdeer

    Other Items:
    Boar Mane - Savage, Heavy Savage, Wild Savage, Big Wild Savage
    Dried Dung - Potemkin, Smelly Potemkin, Lonely Traveler
    Elastic Flank Meat - Savage Bebe, Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Wild Savage Bebe, Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe
    Flower Leather - Male Flowdeer, Big Male Flowdeer, Female Flowdeer, Big Female Flowdeer
    Harts Horn - Male Wild Deer, Big Male Wild Deer, Female Wild Deer, Big Female Wild Deer
    Large Tree Leaf - Leafcat, Emerald Leafcat, Sapphire Leafcat, Warm Emerald Leafcat, Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Grooming Scratch
    Long Antenna - Little Pereiz, Pereiz
    Sharp Antenna - Castoff Hellbug Warrior, Hellbug Guard
    Sleeky Scale - Male Boa, Super Male Boa, Female Boa, Super Female Boa
    Sticky Mucus - Snailer Baby
    Waist Guard - Castoff Hellbug Worker

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - Leafcat

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Bacon - Snailer Baby
    Instant Creamy Broth - Little Pereiz, Big Female Flowdeer, Castoff Hellbug Worker
    Instant Doganitang - Little Pereiz, Female Flowdeer, Big Female Flowdeer, Super Female Boa
    Instant Goblin Barbeque - Male Flowdeer, Female Flowdeer
    Instant Goblin Juice - Female Boa
    Instant Lettuce Geotjeori - Wild Savage
    Instant Lettuce Salad - Big Wild Savage
    Instant Lettuce Wrap - Heavy Savage, Warm Emerald Leafcat
    Instant Seoleongtang - Little Pereiz, Male Flowdeer, Female Flowdeer
    Instant Smoldering Heart Skewer - Potemkin, Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Heavy Savage, Warm Leafcat, Smelly Potemkin
    Instant Smoldering Heart Soup - Potemkin, Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Heavy Savage, Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe, Wild Savage, Leafcat, Emerald Leafcat, Sapphire Leafcat, Warm Sapphire Leafcat
    Instant Smoldering Heart Steak - Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Big Wild Savage, Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Smelly Potemkin
    Instant Steamed Crab - Big Male Wild Deer

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (IV) - Savage Bebe, Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe, Big Wild Savage, Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Little Pereiz
    Blue Potion (IV) - Savage, Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Heavy Savage, Wild Savage Bebe, Wild Savage, Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Warm Emerald Leafcat, Smelly Potemkin
    Purple Potion (IV) - Savage, Heavy Savage, Mischievous Wild Savage Bebe, Wild Savage, Big Wild Savage, Warm Emerald Leafcat
    Red Potion (V) - Big Male Wild Deer
    Blue Potion (V) - Female Wild Deer, Female Flowdeer
    Purple Potion (V) - Little Pereiz, Big Male Wild Deer
    Dexterity Potion (IV) - Big Wild Savage
    Health Potion (IV) - Heavy Savage
    Intelligence Boost Potion (IV) - Troublemaker Savage Bebe, Warm Emerald Leafcat
    Will Boost Potion (V) - Female Flowdeer
    Will Potion (IV) - Troublemaker Savage Bebe

    Cards Found:
    Leafcat x3
    Male Flowerdeer
    Lone Traveler x2
    Grooming Scratch

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Desperate Plated Visor - Warm Sapphire Leafcat, Lonely Traveler
    Sweeper Leather Vest - Savage
    Sweeper Shield - Savage
    Necklase of Pleasure - Tyrant Rush-Tank
    Ornament of Pleasure - Death Pereiz

    Khara Quest:
    Heavy Gangs
    Scatterbrained Pig
    Dedicated Card Lover
    Eliminating the Menacing Lead Cat
    What You Eat So Did You Grow?
    Look As Though Will Do Traveling Trade!
    Bald Envy
    Dangerous Insects
    I Abandoned Got
    Luxury Bag of Materials Maybe
    Threats of the Cracked Plain - [Reward: Title - Plain Hunter]
    Who Protected Peace of Eastern Midgard
    Dungeon Explorer
    [Dungeon] Despair Special List
    [Dungeon] Operation Disturb Hellbug Worker's Work
    [Dungeon] Effect of Thousand Year Old Bug Toward Frozen Shoulder - [Reward: Title - Venom Slayer]
    [Dungeon] Ungoliant Slayer - [Reward: Title - Legendary Bughunter]
    [Dungeon] Pit Of Venom Human Persticide! - [Reward: Title - Deadly Poison]
    (Rare: A) Scoler (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Scoler Hunter]
    (Rare: A) Merem (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Merem Hunter]

    Small Silver Ore
    Medium Silver Ore
    Large Silver Ore

    None Yet

              Maple Forest        

    Character Level: 37
    Profession Level: 36
    Achievement: Zadorak, Hoadremlin and Dimension Ruler

    Map Location:
    Maple Forest

    Quest List:
    Another Threat
    Remove the Branches
    Sleep Disturbing Fairies - [Reward: 2 Red Potion (IV) and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Too Sleepy to Talk Now, Talk Later
    Guard Who Looks Nervous
    Why You Did! - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Reliable Mate
    My Old Friend Ralf
    Whose Order?! - [Reward: 3 Fairy Stone]
    The Diary of Investigators - [Reward: 4 Purple Potion (IV)]
    The Thing I Watched That Night
    Noisy Historic Site
    A Being From Another World - [Reward: Yggdrasil Leaf]
    A Hero of Justice Raindy
    The Thing to Maintain Dimensional Crack
    Save Time while Closing Dimensonal Crack - [Reward: Bear Embroidery IV and 4 Red Potion (IV)]
    Finding Traces of the Freyjanity - [Reward: 2 Wind Elixir and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Time to Say Goodbye
    Let's Go to the Hill of Deadly Poision
    Evil Mandragora - [Reward: 2 Oridecon Powder]
    The King of Mandragoras - [Reward: 2 Fairy Stone and 2 Red Potion (IV)]
    Where is the Patient!
    Is it the Poison of Mandragora?
    Antidote Delivery
    No Effect?
    Is it You?
    Professional Herb Digger Slag
    Slag's Condition - [Reward: Screw Runehole Puncher and 4 Red Potion (IV)]
    Natural Enemy of the Herb Digger
    K.O. Grass Before Growing Flora
    To Jacob
    For the Poison, Use the Poison
    The Reason Why Dr. Jacob is Back - [Reward: Fairy Stone and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    The Person Who is Waiting in Maple Village - [Reward: 3 Wind Elixir]
    Investigating the Village
    Guard Commander Lance
    Guard Commander is Not Pleasant
    Traditonal Liquor Holic Lance
    Broken Liquor Barrel
    Chase Python - [Reward: Oridecon Powder and 4 Purple Potion (IV)]
    Brewin's Love for Python
    I Want to Eat Pumpkin Stew
    We Can Make Stew But Have No Ingredient - [Reward: Refining Whetstone IV and 2 Yggdrasil Leas]
    First Ingredients for Delicious Stew: Fresh Pumpkins
    Steal Pumpkins with the Owner's Consent - [Reward: 2 Red Potion (IV) and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Pumpkins for Kate
    Mouses Who Ruined the Fields
    Mandragora's Needle
    Second Ingredients for Delicious Stew: Fresh Cheese
    Cheese Retake Operation
    Cheese for Kate - [Reward: 2 Red Potion (IV) and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Kate's Special Pumkin Stew
    The Process For Brewing the Traditional Liquor (1) - [2 Wind Elixir and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    The Process For Brewing the Traditional Liquor (2) - [2 Wind Elixir and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Monster Fascinated in Sweet Scent - [Reward: Dim Dexterity Rune]
    The Only Remaining Maple Extract - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery IV]
    Extract Delivery
    Got Traditional Liquor!
    Lance's Wait
    Alcohol Tells the Truth - [Reward: Convert Steel]
    A Woman Lost Husband
    Request from Sejanne
    A Mastis Attacing Bordo - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery IV and 2 Red Potion (IV)]
    Going to Historic Scene With Bordo
    Greet Later
    Help Via
    Dimensional Crack in a Place Like This - [Reward: Plated Gauntlets of Fissure]
    A Monster from Dimensional Crack - [Reward: Scaled Armguard of Fissure]
    Where is Bordo?
    Captured Villager
    Young Witness
    Looking for Trace
    Duel with Lance - [Reward: Oridecon Powder or Ernium Powder]
    Go to South Gateway!
    The Reason Why She Stayed
    Where is Freki? - [Reward: Dim Will Rune and 3 Blue Potion (IV)]
    A Way to Rescue the Captured Freki?
    Trainer Erine - [Reward: Plated Visor of Fissure]
    Merchant Fruit
    Attacked Carriage - [Reward: Scared Helm of Fissure]
    Bring Back Meat Box
    Thing That Reina Asked
    What's This Thing For? - [Reward: Breastplate of Fissure]
    Dr. Jacob's Elixir
    Bring Agitated Freki - [Reward: Items of Fissure]
    Blood Line of Freki
    Prince of the Wild Cannot be Raise by Human
    The Method to Awake Wild Instinct - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery IV or Dragon Embroidery IV]
    Red Scar's Blood
    Miss Lady! - [Reward: Refining Whetstone IV or Magic Oil IV]
    Close Defense Line - [Reward: 3 Red Potion (IV) and 3 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Final Resistance - [Reward: Screw Rune Hole Puncher]
    Dimensional Crack Wide Open - [Reward: Farmer Hat]
    Track Down Escaped Freyjanity
    Reunion with Guile
    Clearing Out the Vicinity of Laboratory - [Reward: Ernium Powder and 3 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Unseen Freyjan - [Reward: Dim Strength Rune and 3 Red Potion (IV)]
    Rackuf in Maple Village
    Weak Rackuf - [Reward: Dim Dexterity Rune]
    I'm Ashamed to Meet Master - [Reward: 2 Red Potion (IV) and 2 Blue Potion (IV)]
    Coward Beast Master - [Reward: Dim Intelligence Rune]
    Strong and Powerfull Heavy Grizzly
    Heckler of Excavation
    Man Who Can Cure a Poison
    Sweeping Gremlins from the Santuary
    Give My Hat Back
    Materials for the Thesis
    Capture Hostile Cockratice - [Reward: 3 Red Potion (IV) and 3 Blue Potion (IV)]
    [Dungeon] True Criminal - [Reward: Maple Foreest Weapon Statue]
    [Dungeon] Jacob's Research Log - [Reward: Maple Foreest Top Statue]
    Request from Mildross (1)
    Request from Mildross (2) - [Reward: 2 Yggdrasil Lead]
    Request: Kate's Pride
    Request: Carrots!
    Request: The Red Shadow Crossing Maple Forest

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    None Yet

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Fai, Magical Fai, Wild Fai, Country Mouse, Needle Mandragora, Mantis, Imperfect Goblin Fighter, High Pagan, Wise Cockratice
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Fai, Magical Fai, Wild Fai, Flora
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Fai, Wild Fai, Mantis, Wise Cockratice

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Country Mouse, Minor Gremlin, Mantis, Warlike Cockratice
    Firmament Essence (I) - Flora, Emergency Ration, Needle Mandragora, Mantis
    Root of Life (I) - Wild Fai, High Elite Researcher
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Flora, Raptured High Pagan
    Monster Fragment (I) - High Adamant Researcher

    Other Items:
    Abandoned Hood - Freyjan Beast Master
    Archaic Hood - Freyjan Venomer, Poisoner
    Cloth Pocket - Country Mouse, Wild Country Mouse
    Fire Ice - Vanaheim High Devil
    Gooey Liquid - Minor Gremlin, Gremlin
    Large Bear Paw - Little Grizzly, Grizzly, Heavy Grizzly
    Leaf - Flora
    Mastis Arm - Mantis, Giant Mantis
    Old Cheese - Emergency Ration
    Pesky Mask - Imperfect Goblin Fighter, Imperfect Goblin Warrior
    Pixie Wing - Fai, Magical Fai, Wild Fai
    Poison Fang - Python, Great Python, Critical Phyton
    Researcher's Button - Researcher, Adamant Researcher, Shoot Researcher, High Adamant Researcher, High Shoot Researcher, High Elite Researcher, Elite Researcher, High Recovery Researcher
    Ripped Scriptures - Raptures High Pagan, High Pagan
    Stinky Petal - Needle Mandragora
    Stone Powder - Cockratice, Wise Cockratice, Warlike Cockratice
    Tufred Bee Wing - Killer Bee

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - None Yet

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Lettuce Geotjeori - Imperfect Goblin Warrior
    Instant Smoldering Heart Skewer - Gremlin, Shoot Researcher, Freyjan Beast Master
    Instant Smoldering Heart Soup - Gremlin, Critical Python, Mantis, Wise Cockratice
    Instant Smoldering Heart Steak - Fai, Country Mouse, Wild Country Mouse, Imperfect Goblin Warrior, Raptures High Pagan, High Recovery Researcher

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (IV) - Researcher, High Adamant Researcher, Imperfect Goblin Fighter, High Pagan
    Blue Potion (IV) - Magical Fai, Minor Gremlin, Needle Mandragoram, Imperfect Goblin Warrior, High Pagan
    Purple Potion (IV) - Wild Fai, Needle Mandragora
    Health Boost Potion (IV) - Needle Mandragora, High Shoot Researcher, High Pagan
    Intelligence Boost Potion (IV) - Country Mouse
    Will Potion (IV) - Heavy Grizzly

    Cards Found:

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Desperate Chain Gauntlets - Ruler of Fury
    Desperate Plated Boots - Ruler of Fury
    Desperate Sword - Ruler of Fury
    Plated Boots of Silence - Magical Fai
    Plated Gauntlets of Silence - Magical Fai
    Scaled Chain Boots - High Shoot Researcher
    Scaled Shield - High Shoot Researcher
    Scout Dual Dagger - Minor Gremlin
    Sunset Plated Boots - Mantis

    Khara Quest:
    Poison Investigators
    Destroyer of Maply Forest
    Way to Strengthen Equipment
    Two Bears in the House
    Mantis Martial-Arts Expert
    Go Crazy with Cheese
    Good Taste and Healthy
    Novice Weapon Smelter - [Reward: Title - Weapon Novice]
    Novice Armor Smelter - [Reward: Title - Armor Novice]
    Intermediate Weapon Smelter - [Reward: Title - Weapon Expert]
    Intermediate Armor Smelter - [Reward: Title - Armor Expert]
    Mass Production Fish Cake
    Health Food of Payon Forest
    Despisable Food of the Cracked Plain, Is it that Bad?
    Principle of Gathering No One Knows About
    Long Life Span Without Illness! Health is the Most Important
    Finding the Taste of Midgard
    Birth of a Great Table!
    (Rare:B) Hoadremlin (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Hoadremlin Hunter]
    [Dungeon] Ruler of Vanaheim of Anger - [Reward: Title - Dimensional Ruler]
    [Dungeon] The Truth of the Immortal Experiment
    [Dungeon] Owner of the Secret Experiment at the Laboratory - [Reward: Title - Lab Professor]

    Small Silver Ore
    Medium Silver Ore
    Large Silver Ore

    None Yet

              Payon Forest        

    Character Level: 33
    Profession Level: 33
    Achievement: Virus, Moonlight and Guild

    Map Location:
    Payon Forest

    Quest List:
    Mushrooms! - [Reward: 4 Red Potion (III) and 4 Blue Potion (III)]
    Search for the Friend
    Scary Mushroom
    Hurry Before the Posion Spreads - [Reward: Bear Embroidery III]
    Poison Herb Digger
    Things Needed to Make the Antidote (1)
    Things Needed to Make the Antidote (2)
    Antidote Making (1)
    How to Block The Poison
    Dangerous Mushroom - [Reward: Resistance Item]
    Antidote Making (2) - [Reward: Resistance Plated Gaiters]
    Find my Brother
    The Missing Hunter (1)
    The Missing Hunter (2) - [Reward: Refining Whetstone III]
    That Thing of Big Foot
    Legendary Bear - [Reward: Bear Embroidery III]
    Sacred Prayer
    Prelude of Destruction - [Reward: Resistance Plated Boots]
    To Chung-Lim-Sa
    Head Temple of Monks, Chung Lim Sa
    Tiger Chest Fur Plucking
    Evil Creature - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery III]
    Asceticism Master's Seal - [Reward: Resistance Plated Gauntlets]
    Fore the Resolution of the Issue at Hand
    People Without Destination
    Chung Lim Lake Villa
    For the Fighting Comrade (1)
    For the Fighting Comrade (2)
    The Snake Hunter
    Snake Catching
    Large Snake
    A Whole Sack - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery III]
    Fragrant Scent of Mushroom
    The Best Mushroom
    Sheep Cry Over the Lake - [Reware: Resistance Scaled Helm]
    Food for the Fatigued - [Reware: Resistance Plated Visor]
    Foul Mushroom - [Reward: Magic Oil III]
    To the Battlefield
    Missing Ballein
    Honey for Health
    Baccha Vitan Ingredients - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (III)]
    To Recover Enegry
    The Toad That Stands in our Way
    The One Who Watches Over the Forest - [Reward: Resistance Scaled Armguards]
    Finding Whi-Ryung
    Missing Child
    Lost Toy
    Valorous Child - [Reward: Cast Iron Rune Hole Puncher]
    Food Ingredients Collecting (1)
    Food Ingredients Collecting (2) - [Reward: Fairy Stone]
    The Observers
    The Spearhead - [Reward: 5 Purple Potion (III)]
    The Whereabouts of the Comrades
    Prisoner Rescue (1) - [Reward: Magic Oil III]
    Prisoner Rescue (1) - [Reward: Refining Whetstone III]
    Starting to Strike Back
    Unexpected Movement
    Hyo of Miho Tribe
    What the Forest Fairy Hates
    Find Whirimzu
    Battle for the Survival of the Forest
    End of the Battle - [Reward: Post Sword]
    Fortunate New - [Reward: Post Items]
    Return to Grand Master Jehon
    Chung LimSa Decided to Act
    Guillotine Fist!!
    Search for a Way
    A Way to Maintain the Barrier
    Another Hope - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Search for Holy Power
    Area Recon
    The Spirits Attack Again ... ... .
    Crusader in Front of the Ruins
    Rabbit of Terror - [Reward: Refining Whetstone IV]
    Old Fencing Collector - [Reward: Magic Oil IV]
    Tinder Delivery
    Supply Revocery - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery IV]
    Horont Hunt - [Reward: Post Items]
    Advent of the Blade of the Holiness - [Reward: Post Plated Gauntlets]
    Investigating Payon
    Evil Horong Hunt
    Wood Collecting
    Barricade Repair - [Reward: 4 Red Potion (IV) and 4 Blue Potion (IV)]
    The One with the Wounded Soul
    Herb to Awaken the Soul
    Potion Concoction (1) - [Reward: 4 Purple Potion (IV)]
    Potion Concoction (2)
    Potion Concoction (3)
    Potion Concoction (4)
    To Heal the Wounder - [Tiger Embroidery IV]
    A Saint Under a Curse
    Child of Ruin
    Village of Darkness
    Forgotten Memory (1)
    Forgotten Memory (2)
    [Dungeon] Forgotten Memory (3) - [Reward: Payon Forest Top Statue]
    The Suspicious Woman
    Fox Legend
    Ninetails Spirit
    [Dungeob] Master of the Secret Forest Tomb - [Reward: Payon Weapon Statue]
    Spirit Fire
    Herbs for the Son
    Wild Ginseng Delivery
    [Dungeon] Grave Blooming Mushroom
    End of the Situation - [Reward: Drill Runehole Puncher]
    A Break from the Endless Nightmare - [Reward: Dim Health Rune]
    Olivier's Help (1)
    Olivier's Help (2)
    Under the Banner of Courage
    Endless Combat
    Combined Attack with Kleindiana - [Reward: Refining Whetstone IV or Dragon Embroidery IV]
    Combined Attack with Hans - [Reward: Post Plated Visor]
    Combined Attack with Ballein - [Reward: Magic Oil IV or Tiger Embroidery IV]
    Combined Attack with Ivia - [Reward: Post Scaled Helm]
    Dimension Crack Destruction - [Reward: Bear Embroidery IV]
    Resolved Crisis (1)
    Resolved Crisis (2) - [Reward: Wind Elixir and Angel Ring]
    Another Threat
    Composition test (1)
    Composition test (2) - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (III)]
    Conversation with Se-Ryu, Whi-Ryung's Brother
    Sister's News - [Reward: Ernium Powder]
    [Dungeon] Cursed Grave Flower - [Reward: Payon Forest Bottom Statue]
    Request: Collecting Miho Jade Ornaments
    Request: Snake Haven

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    None Yet

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Curse Nine Tail, Gajomart
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Killer Crabbit, Sobbing Sohee, Curse Nine Tail, Punished Horong, Imp
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Gajomart

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Venom Spore, Miho Scout, Curse Nine Tail
    Firmament Essence (I) - Tasteless Truffle, Giant Big Foot, Poison Toad, Horong
    Root of Life (I) - Giant Big Foot, Poison Spore
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Miho Scout, Imp
    Monster Fragment (I) - Venom Spore, Payon Tiger, Sobbing Sohee, Gajomart

    Other Items:
    Bear Paw - Big Foot, Little Big Foot, Giant Big Foot
    Carrot Hilt - Crabbit, Killer Crabbit
    Fox Mane - Miho Scout, Miho Guard, Miho Stormer, Miho Scattered Troops, Miho Warden
    Fox Tail - Nine Tail, Curse Nine Tail
    Hot Fur - Imp, Blazing Imp, Imp of Arrogance
    Large Firefly - Horong, Evil Horong, Punished Horong, Gajomart
    Lady's Cloth Piece - Sohee, Sobbing Sohee
    Mushroom Spore - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Truffle, Tasty Truffle, Tasteless Truffle, Truffle of Truffle
    Slippery Scale - Boa, Iron Boa, Poison Boa
    Tiger Skin - Payon Tiger, Black Tiger
    Toad Frontleg - Toad, Poison Toad
    Witch's Underwear - Arrogant Reina

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - Horong, Nine Tail

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Bacon - Miho Guard
    Instant Honey Pie - Big Foot, Black Tiger
    Instant Lettuce Wrap - Miho Guard
    Instant Royal Jelly herb Tea - Venom Spore, Payon Tiger, Truffle, Boa
    Instant Smoldering Heart Skewer - Miho Guard, Killer Crabbit, Blazing Imp
    Instant Smoldering Heart Soup - Imp
    Instant Smoldering Heart Steak - Crabbit, Killer Crabbit, Sobbing Sohee
    Instant Steamed Hill Clam - Venom Spore, Big Foot

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (III) - Big Foot, Giant Big Foot, Poison Boa
    Blue Potion (III) - Baby Venom Spore, Poison Boa
    Purple Potion (III) - Baby Venom Spore, Big Foot, Poison Boa
    Red Potion (IV) - Miho Stormer, Punished Horong, Gajomart
    Blue Potion (IV) - Miho Warden, Crabbit, Killer Crabbit, Sobbing Sohee, Punished Horong, Imp
    Purple Potion (IV) - Miho Scout, Miho Scattered Troops, Imp of Arrogance
    Dexterity Potion (III) - Poison Spore, Poison Boa
    Strenght Bost Potion (III) - Tasteless Truffle
    Will Boost Potion (IV) - Gajomart

    Cards Found:
    Poison Spore x2
    Venom Spore x2

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Ancient Breastplate - Poison Spore
    Ancient Leather Gloves - Baby Venom Spore
    Ancient Plated Boots - Big Foot
    Dense Virus Claw - Virus
    Leader's Breastplate - Truffle
    Leader's Leader Vest - Virus
    Leader's Plated Boots - Arrogant Reina
    Leader's Plated Gaiters - Miho Stormer, Nine Tail
    Leader's Plated Gauntlets - Truffle of Truffle
    Leader's Plated Visor - Chief Whirimzu
    Leader's Sword - Miho Scout, Arrogant Reina
    Wounded Wolyahwa's Claw - Illusion of Moonlight

    Khara Quest:
    Secret to Gathering is a Secret!
    Causes of Confusion in Payon Forest
    Poison Diaper
    Angry Baby
    Combat Level Achieved (3)
    Profession Level 30 Achieved
    (Skill) Shield Charge! - [Reward: Title - Stun!]
    Baby Bear is Scary
    Father Bear is Scary Too
    Hungry Savage Beast
    Mystical Creature of Payon
    Way to Disassemble Equipment
    Code No.1 Junta!
    Safeguard of Whirimzu
    Immediate Death!
    Looks Like Poison
    Secret of Winning Organization
    You Are My Companion
    Cute Assassin
    Stop The Wrath of Miho Tribe - [Reward: Title - Miho Hunter]
    (Race: B) Illusion of Moonlight Flower (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Nine Tailed]
    (Race: C) Virus (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Virus Hunter]
    [Dungeon] Anorexigenic for Bug Eating Plant of Tomb Birim
    [Dungeon] Conqueror of Vanaheimr of Arrogance
    [Dungeon] Tomb Birim That Snows Even in May
    [Dungeon] Tracking Down the Thieves of Tomb Birim
    [Dungeon] Legend of Tomb Birim - [Reward: Title - Tomb Raider]
    [Dungeon] Sealing the Payon Dungeon - [Reward: Title - Moonlight Flower Slayer]
    (Selected) Grinder Special List
    Regret You Fault!
    Don't You Cry, My Baby
    I Hate the Curse

    Small Iron Ore
    Medium Iron Ore
    Large Iron Ore

    None Yet

              Izrud Hill        

    Character Level: 26
    Profession Level: 26
    Achievement: Vespa, Vador and Knight Class

    Map Location:
    Izrud Hill

    Quest List:
    To Izrude Town~
    Worm Delivery
    Warm Honey
    Bumblebee Royaljelly
    The Real Dutiful Child - [Reward: Refining Whestone II or Magic Oil II]
    Current Status of Izrude Hill - [Reward: Defender Boots]
    Treating a Meal
    Amazing Fish (1)
    Amazing Fish (2) - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery II or Dragon Embroidery II]
    That's a Merman
    Communicating with Merman (1)
    Communicating with Merman (2)
    Communicating with Merman (3) - [Reward: 4 Pueple Potion (II)]
    I Hid a Marvelous Thing There!
    Treasure Hidden Under the Windmill?
    Izrude Homewatchers - [Reward: Defender's Gaiters]
    Dirty Spider
    Cleaning the Spider Mess - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Stone Spider Hunt - [Reward: 6 Red Potion (II)]
    Wood Eating Spiders - [Reward: Bear Embroidery III]
    Disappearing Supplies
    Open Merman's Mouth (1)
    Open Merman's Mouth (2)
    Open Merman's Mouth (3)
    My Name Putaruta - [Reward: 4 Rep Potion (III) and 4 Blue Potion (III)]
    Undelivered Supplies
    Broken Supply Coach
    Revenge from Supply Wagon
    Report from Kraina
    To the Headquartes
    Capture Nakaruka Alive! - [Reward: Defender's Visor]
    Return to Homewatcher - [Reward: 6 Blue Potion (III)]
    Lets Try That Again - [Reward: 6 Red Potion (III)]
    What Merman Hates The Most?
    Purpose of Mermans
    Another Merman's Base? - [Reward: Homewatcher Sword]
    To Find Another Merman's Base
    How to Repair Stairway?
    The Way to Deal Broken Stairway
    A Criminal Who Broke Waterway
    Boss of Wildrose - [Reward: 4 Purple Potion (III)]
    Take Back the Scattered Baggage - [Reward: Refining Whetstone III]
    Very Delicious Meat
    In This Case, We Should Attack the Healer First
    Headquartes Burned to Ashes
    Pataruta Resistance
    Whether Help Pataruta or Not - [Reward: Magic Oil III]
    Give Mery to Syangtirote
    Test from Syangtirote (1)
    Test from Syangtirote (2)
    Recognize from Syangtirote - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery III]
    Finding Pearl Inside Clam - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery III]
    Finding Nisyutangka
    Nisyutangka's Favor
    [Dungeon] Very Good Armor Material - [Reward: Homewatcher Gauntlets]
    [Dungeon] I'm Going to Make a Scary Weapon - [Reward: Homewatcher Boots]
    Find Interpretation
    Find The Job Change NPC !
    Request of the Village Head
    Request: The Culprit Behind the Vanfalizing of the Wall
    Request: A Trend in Cooking
    Request: Rare Mushroom Extermination
    A Hillbilly Whose Whereabouts is Unknown
    Mushrooms! - [Reward: 4 Red Potion (III) or 4 Blue Potion (III)]
    Missing Sister
    Get Rid of Spores
    Pick Mushrooms - [Reward: Oredicon Powder]
    Find My Youngest Sister - [Reward: Resistance Spear]
    Giant Mushroom - [Reward: Resistance Sword]
    Tell My Sister
    Mission Complete Reporting
    Ambushed Rebel Bases
    Continous Attack of Merman - [Reward: Homewatcher Visor]
    Go to Temple of Sea God
    [Dungeon] Marinesphere Sinew - [Reward: Magic Oil III]
    [Dungeon] End of Nukaruka - [Reward: Refining Whetstone III]
    [Dungeon] Fear of Sea God - [Reward: Izrude Hill Top Statue]
    To the Harmony of Merman and Human - [Reward: Prontera Wrp Scroll]
    Reporting an Incident of Izrude
    Chasing a Runaway Freyjan - [Reward: Dim Strength Rune]
    The Freyjan Who Hid in the Forest (1)
    The Freyjan Who Hid in the Forest (2)
    Intelligence Corps in Payon Forest - [Reward: Dim Intelligence Rune]
    Behind Story - Disappearance of Putaruta
    Behind Story - Revenge of Higasi - [Reward: Beach Shade]

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    Dark Shadow Unit Flare

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Bumblebee, Blazing Bumblebee, Bumblebee Worker, Stone Spider, Wood Stone Spider, Mermaid Trooper, Violent Wildrose
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Bumblebee, Blazing Bumblebee, Blazing Bumblebee, Wood Stone Spider, Merman Warrior
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Bumblebee, Wildrose, Mermaid Trooper

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Bumblebee Worker, Stone Spider, Big Coraltus, Mermaid Special Warrior
    Firmament Essence (I) - Merman Warrior, Mermaid Trooper, Violent Wildrose, Spore
    Root of Life (I) - Blazing Bumblebe, Rabid Trancer, Wildrose, Merman Warrior, Sandistar, Sandihelistar
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Mermaid Warrior, Mermaid Trooper, Violent Wildrose, Stellaria, Spore
    Hard Back Shell - Stone Spider, Wood Stone Spider
    Monster Fragment (I) - Bumblebee Worker, Wood Stone Spider, Merman Warrior, Rabid Trancer, Merman Temple Guard

    Other Items:
    Bee Wing - Bumblebee, Blazing Bumblebee, Bumblebee Worker
    Green Antenna - Trancer, Rabid Trancer, Bright Trancer
    Mermaid Fin - Mermaid Warrior, Brave Mermaid Warrior, Mermaid Trooper, Mermaid Healer, Mermaid Special Warrior, Mermaid Temple Guard
    Merman Fin - Merman Warrior, Merman Trooper, Merman Special Warrior, Merman Temple Guard
    Mushroom Spore - Spore, Baby Poison Spore, Baby Spore, Brother Spore
    Pincer - Vadon
    Shabby Ribbon - Wildrose, Violent Wildrose, Quick Wildrose, Stellaria
    Sticky Sucker - Sandistar, Sandihelistar
    Topshell - Coraltus, Big Coraltus

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - Wood Stone Spider, Merman Warrior, Merman Trooper, Mermaid Special Warrior

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Boiled DHA Merman - Big Coraltus
    Instant Fresh Raw Merman - Mermaid Temple Guard
    Instant Honey Pie - Bumblebee Worker, Stone Spider, Wood Stone Spider, Merman Trooper,  Merman Warrior, Quick Wildrose, Mermaid Special Warrior, Poison Spore
    Instant Mushroom Risotto - Bright Trancer
    Instant Royaljelly Herb Tea - Bumblebee Worker, Merman Warrior, Mermaid Temple Guard
    Instant Spicy Merman Soup - Merman Warrior, Sandistar
    Instant Steamed Hill Clam - Bumblebee, Blazing Bumblebee, Bumblebee Worker, Stone Spider, Mermaid Trooper

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (III) - Stone Spider, Wildrose, Merman Warrior, Stellaria, Mermaid Temple Guard, Mermaid Special Warrior
    Blue Potion (III) - Wood Stone Spider, Coraltus, Sandistar, Mermaid Temple Guard
    Purple Potion (III) - Wildrose, Wood Stone Spider, Merman Warrior, Violent Wildrose, Stellaria, Big Coraltus, Sandihelistar, Spore
    Dexterity Boost Potion (III) - Quick Wildrose
    Inteligence Potion (III) - Sandistar
    Strenght Potion (III) - Rabid Trancer
    Strenght Boost Potion (III) - Stone Spider
    Will Boost Potion (III) - Stone Spider

    Cards Found:
    Merman Follower
    Mermaid Warrior
    Poison Spore x2
    Stone Spider x3
    Trancer x2

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Ancient Coat Glove - Spore
    Ancient Plated Gauntlets - Baby Poison Spore
    Armor of Abundance - Bumblebee Worker
    Bandit Sword - Stone Spider
    Bandit Gaiters - Stone Spider, Big Coraltus
    Fierced Battle Leather Shirt - Merman Special Warrior
    Gauntlets of Abundance - Sandihelistar
    Helm of Abundance - Stone Spider
    Hill Boots - Merman Warrior
    Hill Gaiters - Merman Trooper
    Old Chainmail - Mermaid Special Warrior
    Will Mail - Brave Merman Warrior

    Khara Quest:
    Burning Delivery Man of Honey
    Communication with the Guardian
    Card Collector of Iron Will - [Reward: Title - Card Mania]
    Master Repair Man (2)
    Make Up Fish
    Fishy Smell From Somewhere
    Cat Troublemake
    Faithful Cat
    Something is Coming?
    (Selected) Unlimited Spurt Instinct!
    (Rare:C) Vespa (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Vespa Hunter]
    Lobster is Delicious
    Man Who Talks By Back
    Artist at the Hill
    Strong Woman (1)
    Strong Woman (2)
    Rebellion of Mushroom - [Reward: Title - Mushroom Hunter]
    Mushroom and Diaper
    Boss! Your Spore Looks So Good Today
    Invader of Izrude Hill - [Reward: Title - Hill Hunter]
    Before the War with the Leviathan Army
    [Dungeon] Chewy Hydra Tentacle That is Good for the Body
    [Dungeon] For Tribe of Mermen's Peace
    [Dungeon] Ruling The Sea God's Temple - [Reward: Title - Sea Master]
    [Dungeon] Resurrected Tyrant of the Sea - [Reward: Title - Leviathan Hunter]
    Material Encyclopedia!
    Harder Spider than Rock

    Small Iron Ore
    Medium Iron Ore
    Large Iron Ore


              South Plain        

    Character Level: 20
    Profession Level: 19
    Achievement: Grand Peco and Title Freak

    Map Location:
    South Plain

    Quest List:
    To the South Plains
    Distress of the Guards (1)
    Distress of the Guards (2) - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (II)]
    Too Sleepy
    Eye Bandage Ingredients (1)
    Eye Bandage Ingredients (2)
    Eye Bandage Ingredients (3) - [Reward: 3 Purple Potion (II)]
    Guard Name Tag
    The Almost Full Monty
    Poporing Domination (1)
    Poporing Domination (2)
    Eyes Wide Open - [Reward: Bear Embroidery II]
    Bouquet Material (1)
    Bouquet Material (2)
    Bouquet Material (3) - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (II)]
    Rackuf Ambuh
    Something Fishy - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (II)]
    MIners Out of Contact
    Rackuf Crisis
    Friendly Rackuf - [Reward: Refining Whestone II or Magic Oil II]
    Missing Miner - [Reward: Knightage Sword]
    Protect the Mines
    Medicine for the Miner
    Send My Regards
    News of the Miners
    Talking Afanc
    Help Us!
    The Old and Troubled
    Eva Holgren's Doctor - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (II)]
    Dentures Delivery
    Get Lost!
    Carrot Reaper
    Request: Outlaw of the Carrot Field
    Request: Main Culprit of Ecosystem Destruction
    Request: To Train the Pecos
    Secret of the Holgrens (1)
    Secret of the Holgrens (2)
    Secret of the Holgrens (3) - [Reward: Knightage Mail]
    Eva's Apology
    Power of Attorney
    Tein's Wrath Exploded
    Biologist of the South Plains
    Jamie's Father
    Overflow of Rabongs
    Rabong Evolution - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery II or Dragon Embroidery II]
    Feint Operations - [Reward: Knightage Gauntlets]
    What Joy Likes - [Reward: Joy's Milk]
    I Need Milk - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (II)]
    Fried Frog Hindleg
    Poisonous Rodafrogs
    Gone with the Wind
    The Amazing Breeder - [Reward: Tiger embroidery II or Dragon Embroidery II]
    Follow the Lead (1)
    Follow the Lead (2) - [Reward: Refining Whetstone II or Magic Oil II]
    Dr. Jacob's Research (1)
    Dr. Jacob's Research (2)
    Dr. Jacob's Research (3)
    [Dungeon] Leader of the Rackufs - [Reward: Defender's Mail]
    [Dungeon] Spider in a Cave - [Reward: Defender's Gauntlets]
    Rock Embedded Leather
    Shining Mane
    Test for One
    Afanc Mask
    Afanc Elites
    Leader of the Afanc - [Reward: Refining Whestone II or Magic Oil II]
    Strange Mushroom
    God News for my Daughter
    Raising PecoPeco
    Fascinating Worm
    Difficulties of Being a Homewatcher
    Nimble Peco - [Reward: Knightage Boots]
    Finding Jacob (1)
    Finding Jacob (2)
    legendary pecoracer - [Reward: Wind Elixir and Gas Mask]
    Worm Delivery
    To Izrude Town~

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    The General Poporing - [Reward: Wind Elixir]

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Rapper Poporing, Bully Poporing, Red Plain Flip, Breez Flip, Plunder Rackuf, Blue Rackuf Baby, Blue Rackuf, Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong Bebe, Rabong, Rodafrogu, Afanc Laborer
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poporing, Red Plain Flip, Plunder Rackuf, Glutton Fabre, Green Peco Peco Baby, Pecoracer
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Red Plain Flip

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Plunder Rackuf, Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong Bebe
    Firmament Essence (I) - Poporing, Rabong, Rodafrog
    Root of Life (I) - Plain Flip, Glutton Fabre, Wormtail, Pecoracer, Crimson Lightning
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Red Plain Flip, Rabong Bebe, Rabong, Pecoracer
    Monster Fragment (I) - Red Plain Flip, Afanc Stormer, Pecoracer, Plunder Rackuf

    Other Items:
    Bat Fang - Furious Familiar
    Broken Front Tooth - Afanc Stormer, Afanc Worker, Afanc Chemical Soldier, Afanc Laborer
    Creamy Petal - Red Plain Flip, Plain Flip, Breez Flip
    Pecopeco Feather - Peco Peco, Green Peco Peco Baby, Green Peco Peco, Pecoracer, Legendary Pecoracer
    Rabong Leg - Rabong Bebe, Rabong
    Scaled Stem - Wormtail, Whirlwormtail, Sunflow Wormtail
    Sticky Jellopy - Poporing, Rapper Poporing, Bully Poporing
    Sticky Webbed Feet - Rodafrog, Rodafrogu, Lady Rodafrog, Long Tounge Rodfrog
    Stinky Hood - Suspicious Herb Digger
    Stony Mane Fur - Plunder Rackuf, Blue Rackuf Baby, Blue Rackuf, Horn Blue Rackuf, Brown Rackuf Baby

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - Blue Rackuf
    Medium Bag - Blue Rackuf, Brown Rackuf Baby, Pecoracer

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Boiled Rackuf - Huge Eyes
    Instant Fried Peco - Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong Bebe, Rabong, Brown Rackuf Baby, Wormtail
    Instant Green Herb Salad - Poporing, Red Plain Flip, Plunder Rackuf, Afanc Laborer
    Instant Rackuf Bulgogi - Brown Rackuf
    Instant Rackuf Topped Rice - Plunder Rackuf
    Instant Refreshing Green Tea - Plunder Rackuf, Blue Rackuf Baby, Afanc Laborer, Peco Peco

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (II) - Poporing, Whirlwormtail, Red Plain Flip, Brown Rackuf Baby
    Blue Potion (II) - Rapper Poporing, Plain Flip, Breez Flip, Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong, Wormtail, Afanc Stormer, Afanc Laborer, Furious Familiar
    Purple Potion (II) - Red Plain Flip, Horn Blue Rackuf, Afanc Laborer
    Dexterity Boost Potion (II) - Pecoracer
    Strenght Potion (II) - Rabong

    Cards Found:
    Brown Rackuf x2
    Green Peco Peco x2
    Peco Peco x2

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Ambush Boots - Rodafrog
    Beast Gauntlets - Rabong bebe
    Forest Brograns - Plunder Rackuf
    Mountain Armor - Plunder Rackuf
    Swarm Dagger - Sunflow Wormtail

    Khara Quest:
    Outlaw of the Southern Plain - [Reward: Title - Southern Hunter]
    Guy in the Southern Plain
    Wind in the Plain
    Kiss Expert
    Surprise Attack of Afanc
    A Lonely Brown Horn
    Communication with the Guardian
    Vitamin on Pekopeko
    Chasing After the Racope - [Reward: Title - Rackuf Hunter]
    Combat Level A Acheived (2) - [Reward: Title - Apprentice]
    Showoff! - [Reward: Title - Title Freak]
    (Rare:D) Grand Peco (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Peco Hunter]
    Chicken Soup with Rice
    Reaching Profession Level 20 - [Reward: Title - Expert Crafter]
    [Dungeon] Dominator of Wolve Cave - [Reward: Title - Wolf Killer]
    [Dungeon] True Adventurer of the Wolf Cave is Moi!
    [Dungeon] Red Scar Story - [Reward: Title - Crimson Hunter]

    Small Copper Ore
    Medium Copper Ore
    Large Copper Ore

    Rugged Mountain Gaiters


    Character Level: 13
    Profession Level: 10
    Achievement: Guardian Vulcan, Peco Peco Ride

    Map Location:

    Quest List:
    Time to Part
    Report Delivery
    Reunion with Hans
    A Day of the Saintess - [Reward: 2 Blessing of the Saintess]
    Knight Commander Zeras Hyperion
    Geonorg, The King of Reinhard
    Member of the Rune-Midgarts
    Question of the Freyajanity - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Resolute Position
    Issues of the Kingdom - [Reward: Investigator Armor]
    Marquiz Lissur Anailuj - [Reward: Prontera Knightage Will Potion]
    Top Secret Document
    To the South Plains
    Secret Mission - [Reward: Investigator Gaiters]
    Secret of Their Own - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Graham Circus (1)
    Graham Circus (2)
    Graham Circus (3) - [Reward: Secret of Provocation]
    Kafra Employee Test - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery II or Dragon Embroidery II]
    Merchant of Alberta
    Bandit Wildrose
    Knight Commander's Summon
    Knightage Test
    Wild Q-Pang (1)
    Wild Q-Pang (2)
    Wild Q-Pang (3)
    Qualifications of a Knight (2) - [Reward: Resistance Sword and Resistance Shield]
    An Audience with the King - [Reward: Resistance Breastplate]
    The Gap od Dimenion Widened - [Reward: Resistance Scaled Jacket]
    Prontera Knightage at the Front
    Guardian Vulcan: Growth
    Guardian Vulcan: Awakening
    Raid Dungeon - Arena
    Raid Dungeon - Garden of Baphomet

    Quest Starter Items Found:

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - N/A
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - N/A
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - N/A

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - N/A
    Firmament Essence (I) - N/A
    Root of Life (I) - N/A
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - N/A
    Monster Fragment (I) - N/A

    Other Items:

    Bags Found:

    Food and Drinks Found:

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (II) - N/A
    Blue Potion (II) - N/A
    Purple Potion (II) - N/A

    Cards Found:

    Weapons and Armors Found:

    Khara Quest:
    (Selected) Pain Relieving Drink!
    Preparation of Basic Supplies for Adventure (2)
    Existence of the Guardian
    Faster and Different!
    Master of Self-Supplying
    Return to Paradise - [Reward: Title - Alive]
    Falling to the Pit - [Reward: Title - Dead]
    (Selected) What Do You Need Now? Speed~



              East Mt. Mjollnir        

    Character Level: 13
    Profession Level: 10
    Achievement: GTB and Robberbug

    Map Location:
    East Mt. Mjollnir

    Quest List:
    To the Bouquet Village!
    Fly Ridden Gateway
    Lord of the Flies - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Please Fine My Violin - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (I)]
    Please Fine My Mic - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (I)]
    Please Fine My Sunglasses - [Reward: 3 Purple Potion (I)]
    Punishment of the King of Rockers, Vocal - [Reward: Bear Embroidery I]
    There's Too Many!
    Bell Patterned Butterfly
    My Shoes! - [Reward: Guard Captain's Boots]
    Escort of the Saintess
    First Meeting
    Summon of the Saintess
    Where is Ballein?
    The Dullard
    Where is Lvia? - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Puhol's Request
    Present for My Brother - [Reward: 6 Red Potion (I)]
    Vicious Flip
    Not Enough Threads!
    I Need Needles!
    Slowpoke Oil - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery I and Dragon Embroidery I]
    Ambushing Flips
    How to Talk with Flips
    Upset Flip King
    Fake Flip King Hunt - [Reward: Mystical Flip Essence (Quest Starter Item) and 6 Blue Potion (I)]
    The Secret Behind the Mustache
    Mystical Flip Essence (Quest Starter Item)
    Maybe Hans Knows?
    The Saintess in Danger
    Seek Out Ballein - [Reward: Guard Captain's Sword]
    Ballein's Revenge (1) - [Reward: Ripped Upper Letter (Quest Starter Item)  and Wind Elixir]
    Ballein's Revenge (2)
    Aione's Bracelet
    Torn Letter (1)  (Quest Starter Item)
    Report to Hans - [Reward: 5 Purple Potion (I)]
    To The Southern Cave~ - [Reward: Refining Whetstone I or Magic Oil I]
    Entrance Clearance
    The Search for Hans and Lvia
    Antidote Required
    Clear the Way! - [Reward: Guard Captain's Armor]
    Rescue the Saintess
    Eremes Guile
    Evacuate the Saintess to a Safe Haven - [Reward: 5 Purple Potion (I)]
    Return to the Bouquet Village - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery I or Dragon Embroidery I]
    A Consolation Amidst Sadness
    A Way to Cure the Wound
    Madekara is All You Need
    Flip King's Request (1)
    Flip King's Request (2) - [Reware: Ripped Lower Letter (Quest Starter Item) and 5 Purple Potion (I)]
    Torn Letter (2)
    Madekara Delivery - [Reward: 6 Red Potion (I)]
    Horrible Stench
    Time to Part
    Restored Letter
    Thiefbug Extermination
    [Dungeon] The Missing Examiner
    Stinky Bugs
    Sewage Sample - [Reward: 6 Purple Potion (I)]
    Report Delivery
    [Dungeon] Egg Cracker - [Reward: Refining Whetstone I or Magic Oil II]
    [Dungeon] Culvert Monster - [Reward: Investigator's Sword]
    A Traveller's Guide to Mjolnie Mountain (1)
    A Traveller's Guide to Mjolnie Mountain (2)
    A Traveller's Guide to Mjolnie Mountain (3)

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    Mystical Flip Essence - Fake Flip King
    Ripped Upper Letter - Flip King

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - ChonChon Brother, Romantic Rocker, Giant Flip, Great Flip, Giant Flip, Suspicious Man, Low Pagan Attacker, Low Zealot Warrior, Swamp Thiefbug, Reona, Familiar, Culvert Toad, Male Thiefbug
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - ChonChon Brother, Rocker,  Lonely Rocker, Needle Fabre, Suspicious woman, Low Pagan Attacker, Low Zealot Warrior, Andanora, Swamp Thiefbug, Flood Tarou, Reona, Familiar, Female Thiefbug, Brownie
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - ChonChon, Lonely Rocker, Creamy, Suspicious Man, Amethyst Andanora, Culvert Toad, Female Thiefbug, Weak Brownie

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Giant Flip, Suspicious Man, Low Pagan Attacker, Low Pagan Illusionist, Male Thiefbug
    Firmament Essence (I) - Suspicious woman, Low Pagan Attacker, Low Zealot Scout, Priest Reimond, Familiar, Brownie
    Root of Life (I) - Creamy, Low Pagan Attacker, Low Zealot Warrior, Andanora, Amethyst Andanora, Reona, Familiar, Female Thiefbug
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - ChonChon Brother, Giant Flip, Dark Acolyte, Swamp Thiefbug, Culverrt Mau, Female Thiefbug, Male Thiefbug
    Monster Fragment (I) - ChonChon Brother, Romantic Rocker, Creamy, Sonic Creamy, Fabre, Suspicious Man, Suspicious woman, Low Zealot Warrior, Amethyst Andanora, Culvert Toad
    Grasshopper Hindleg - Rocker, Romantic Rocker,  Lonely Rocker

    Other Items:
    Bat Fang - Familiar
    Bug Antenna - Swamp Thiefbug, Smelly Swamp Thiefbug, Less Thiefbug, Female Thiefbug, Male Thiefbug
    Butterfly Wing Powder - Fancy Creamy, Creamy, Sonic Creamy
    ChonChon Doll - ChonChon, ChonChon Brother
    Dowry Fur - Flood Tarou, Reona
    Holed Tie - Brownie, Weak Brownie, Wise Brownie
    Muddy Hood - Low Zealot Scout, Low Zealot Warrior, Priest Reimond
    Pollen - Great Flip, Giant Flip, Great Flip
    Plant Stem - Andanora, Amber Andanora, Amethyst Andanora
    Rat Tooth - Culvert Mau
    Ripped Fabric - Suspicious Man, Suspicious woman, Farshe Secher, Dark Acolyte, Dark Priest
    Sharp Prick - Fabre, Needle Fabre
    Toad Hindleg - Culvert Toad
    Torn Robe Piece - Low Pagan Attacker, Low Pagan Illusionist

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - Fabre, Giant Flip, Swamp Thiefbug, Culvert Mau, Culvert Toad, Less Thiefbug
    Medium Bag - ChonChon Brother, Smelly Swamp Thiefbug, Wise Brownie

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Green Herb Salad - Swamp Thiefbug, Smelly Swamp Thiefbug
    Instant Jellopy Pudding - Low Pagan Illusionist, Familiar
    Instant Jellopy Salad - Creamy, Giant Flip, Suspicious Man, Low Pagan Attacker
    Instant Pollen Cake - Giant Flip, Reona
    Instant Refreshing Green Tea - Andanora, Flood Tarou, Culvert Mau, Male Thiefbug, Weak Brownie

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (I) - Creamy, Needle Fabre
    Blue Potion (I) - Creamy, Giant Flip
    Purple Potion (I) -  Lonely Rocker, Dark Acolyte
    Red Potion (II) - Swamp Thiefbug, Male Thiefbug
    Blue Potion (II) - Andanora, Smelly Swamp Thiefbug, Culvert Toad
    Purple Potion (II) - Culvert Toad, Wise Brownie
    Dexterity Potion (I) - Andanora, ChonChon Brother
    Health Potion (I) - Low Pagan Attacker, Amethyst Andanora, Swamp Thiefbug
    Intelligence Boost Potion (I) - Amethyst Andanora

    Cards Found:
    Dark Acolyte
    Female Thiefbug
    Giant Flip
    Low Grade Zealot Card

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Bilfrid's Gaiters - Rocker
    Forest Boots - Amethyst Andanora
    Forest Gaiters - Male Thiefbug
    Guard's Bludgeon - Slowpoke
    Guard's Gaiters - Giant Flip
    Mountain Armor - Amethyst Andanora
    Moutain Helm - Golden Thiefbug
    Red Robber's Dagger - Red Robberbug
    Red Robber's Staff - Red Robberbug

    Khara Quest:
    (Selected) Pain Relieving Drink!
    Preparation of Basic Supplies for Adventure (2)
    Way To Boldy Run Away in Danger
    Dirty ChonChon!
    Level Achieved (1) - [Reward: Title - Beginner]
    Profession That is Getting Used To - [Reward: Title - Amateur Crafter]
    I Can't Live with a Title
    Revenger Towards the Goddess Worshippers - [Reward: Title - Wrath of]
    Existence of the Guardian
    Smelly Thief-Couple!
    (Dungeon) SesKois Need at Culvert
    (Dungeon) Eliminate the Cause at Culvert's Stench - [Reward: Title - GTB Hunter]
    (Dungeon) Culvert Bug Terminator Squad - [Reward: Title - Pest Killer]
    (Rare) Red Rubberbug (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Rubberbug Hunter]
    Card Collector - [Reward: Title - Card Collector]

    Small Rock
    Medium Rock
    Large Rock

    Guard Sword:
    4 Ingot, 1 Spirit of Ruin, 6 Steel Anvil

    High Riddle Gauntlets
    2 Ingot, 1 Firmament Essence, 3 Steel Anvil
              West Mt. Mjollnir        

    Character Level: 9
    Profession Level: 8
    Achievement: Lurker Fly

    Map Location:
    West Mt. Mjollnir

    Quest List:
    The Beginning of a Day
    Statue of Ignatz
    Outraged Dean
    The Knight's Breakfast
    Former Glory - [Reward: 2 Red Potion(I), 2 Blue Potion(I)]
    Get Wet Crib Sheet [Reward: 4 Red Potion (I)]
    Not My Fault
    Suspicious One (1)
    Monsterogy Class Materials
    Suspicious One (2)
    Please Believe Me! - [Reward: 4 Blue Potion (I)]
    Monster Lesson (1) - [Reward: High Academy Student Mail]
    Monster Lesson (2) - [Reward: High Academy Student Sword]
    Monster Lesson (3)
    Poor Porings
    Naughty Ones - [Reward: Refining Whetstone I or Refining Oil I]
    Mastering?! - [Reward: High Academy Student Gaiters]
    Monsterogy Lesson Complete - [Reward: Supersmall Bag]
    Energized Poring (Quest Starter Item)
    To The Monsterogy Teacher - [Reward: High Academy Student Boots]
    Kafra Services
    Cause of Sneezing
    Save Location - [Reward: 2 Butterfly Wing]
    An Afternoon of Pollen Diffusion
    History of Midgard
    History Quiz
    Historic Hero - [Reward: High Academy Student Gauntlets]
    Find The Mailbox!
    Things to Check Before Battle
    Equipment Repair (1)
    Equipment Repair (2)
    Antodote Seeker (1)
    Antodote Seeker (2) - [Reward: 4 Red Potion(I)]
    Mildwin's Routine
    The Scarecrow Knows
    The Culprit Behind the Carrot Stealing - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery I or Dragon Embroidery I]
    Bill Delivery
    Expert Battle Lesson (1) -  [Reward: Fire Elemento Sword]
    Expert Battle Lesson (2)
    Twilight Romance - [Reward: Beginner's Card]
    What's a Card? - [Reward: 2 Beginner's Card]
    Materials Needed for Crafting? -  [Reward: 2 Small Rock]
    On Material Processing - [Reward: 4 Red Potion(I)]
    Search for the Academy Student
    I Need a Potion
    Extermination of the Unknown -  [Reward: Fire Elemento Gaiters]
    Where Did They Come From?
    Search for Student in the Cave
    Protect Your Fellow
    Darkness within the Deepest Parts of Our Memory
    Fearful Memory
    Sore Memory - [Reward: Bear Embroidery I]
    Sad Memory - [Reward: Butterfly Wing]
    Painful Memory - [Reward: Butterfly Wing]
    Horrible Memory
    The Escape from Trauma - [Reward: Refining Whetstone I or Magic Oil I]
    Real Culprit (1) - [Reward: Fire Elemento Armor]
    Real Culprit (2) - [Reward: Wind Elixir and 3 Purple Potion (I)]
    True Identify of Suspicious Person - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery I or Dragon Embroidery I]
    Defeat Apprentice Apostle
    Defeat Low Level Apostle
    Brannel, The Demon Summoner
    Chasing After Prits
    Go Catch the Betrayer Prits - [Reward: Guard Captain's Visor]
    To the Bouquet Village!
    To Do Away with Tedious Days (1)
    To Do Away with Tedious Days (2)

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    Rare Jellopy - Mastering

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poor Poring, Angry Flip, Lunatic, Unidentified Monster, Ruthless Cave Bandit, Low Level Apostle, Fabre Bebe, Big Fabre
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Baby Poring, Flip, Hornet, Brutal Freyjan, Apprentice Apostle, Low Level Apostle
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Baby Poring

    Material Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Poring, Ruthless Cave Bandit, Brutal Freyjan
    Firmament Essence (I) - Leisurely Flip, Poring, Worker Hornet, Apprentice Apostle
    Root of Life (I) - Worker Hornet, Big Fabre
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Worker Hornet, Unidentified Monster, Apprentice Apostle
    Monster Fragment (I) - Brutal Freyjan

    Other Items:
    Bee Sting - Hornet, Worker Hornet
    Chonchon Doll - Lurker Fly
    Dim Pollen - Leisurely Flip, Flip, Angry Flip
    Jellopy - Baby Poring, Poring, Poor Poring
    Muddy Hood - Summoner Brannel
    Ripped Fabric - Suspicious One, Ruthless Cave Bandit, Brutal Freyjan, Cruel Freyjan, Apprentice Apostle, Low Level Apostle
    Sharp Prick - Fabre Bebe, Big Fabre
    Small Firefly - Unidentified Monster
    Soft Fur - Lunatic, Eclipse
    Pocket Watch - Memory of Terror

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - Poring
    Medium Bag - None

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Jellopy Pudding - Fabre Bebe
    Instant Pollen Songpyeon - Worker Hornet
    Instant Seasoned Antenna - Poring

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (I) - None
    Blue Potion (I) - None
    Purple Potion (I) - Low Level Apostle
    Dexterity Potion (I) - Worker Hornet, Overlooker Hornet
    Strenght Boost Potion (I) - Flip

    Cards Found:
    Beginner's Card
    Flip Card
    Worker Hornet

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Guard's Helm - Lurker Fly
    Lurker Fly's Bludgeon - Lurker Fly
    Riddle Sword - Cruel Freyjan

    Khara Quest:
    Secret to Gathering
    See gold as Though it is a rock - [Reward: Title - Rock Digger]
    Poring the Menace - [Reward: Title - Poring Hunter]
    The One Behind Pollen Allergy - [Reward: Title - Ahchoo!]
    (Skill) Aura Strike! - [Reward: Title - Strike]
    Outlaw of the Carrot
    Habit to Saving Zeny
    Way To Carry More Items
    Way To Boldy Run Away in Danger
    First Step Toward Adventure -  [Reward: Title - Novice]
    I am Handicraft Manufacturer!
    (Selected) Condition for Creating
    (Selected) Pain Relieving Drink!
    Master Repair Man (1)
    Preparation of Basic Supplies for Adventure (1)
    Preparation of Basic Supplies for Adventure (2)
    Learn Skill of Profession - [Reward: Title - Rookie Crafter]
    Time of Trauma!
    (Rare:E) Lurker Fly (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Lurker Hunter]

    Small Rock
    Medium Rock
    Large Rock

              The Virus - An Ultra Lite Novel        

    The Virus
    (An Ultra Lite Novel by Howdy)

    This Monday started like most any day but would end anything but
    typical. The Weather Channel forecasted mild atmospheric conditions
    (even for November) but unfolding events would soon challenge and
    startle mankind as never before.

    In an elaborate government building somewhere in Rome, a multitude
    of dedicated world renowned computer and technology experts studied
    The Virus that had already secretly infected 98% of the planet's
    computers in its first stage. Up to this point, none outside this edifice
    had ascertained the existence of the silent menace.

    In Jerusalem, heavy crowds were milling around The Dome of the Rock,
    the third holiest site to Muslims worldwide. On the other side of the
    Wall, a larger than expected crowd of Jewish worshipers prayed even
    as portions of the wall continued to collapse.

    In New York City, the Stock Market opened slightly higher while
    down in Washington - Pentagon officials poured their second cup
    of Maxwell House Decaf. Further south, the last edition of The
    Atlanta Journal was being prepared while further west, parents
    turned toward their offices after depositing their children at school.

    Work halted temporarily in the government building as the new
    dynamic and charismatic leader's entourage entered. He spoke
    over the JBL sound system. "Good associates, The Virus is
    scheduled to be released as planned in two stages. Stage one as
    you know affects all the world's primary computers while the
    second will decrease the excess occupiers that have so strained
    our fragile environment. Both will begin to take effect within the
    hour thanks to your hard work." He will later become Time Magazine's
    "Man of the Year".

    Unexpected to those in Rome, The Wall in Jerusalem collapses and
    thousands of Muslims lose their lives along with hundreds of Jewish
    worshipers. The Dome of the Rock along with all nearby buildings of the
    Islamic Faith disappear into rubble. Within moments a very great riot
    commences with each side blaming the other. Syria (with Iraq's lost
    WMD) & Iran ready their hidden nuclear arsenal.

    With a new surprising show of unity in Beijing, Hanoi, Jakarta, Tokyo,
    Pyongyang, New Delhi along with other Far East capitals, 200 million
    multi-asian troops are placed on alert. Moscow prepares its revived
    army for an eventual march south....very far south.

    Stage one hits Wall Street, the Pentagon, Main Street and homes
    across America as well as the entire Western World. Business stops
    as all funds - the complete wealth of the Industrialized World - is
    transferred by computer virus via the web to Rome. All modern military
    weapons are now under the new leader's absolute command as well as
    the world's media (Rule of Rome once again).

    As the second stage of The Virus is released, millions will become sick
    and die with a highly infectious disease stronger that the SARS & Ebola
    viruses combined. Fortunately for some, certain large groups of people
    have been quietly immunized earlier. Millions of Christians disappear at
    5 PM EST (Midnight in Jerusalem) virtually unnoticed because of the
    pandemonium. The controlled media is not allowed to print this story.

    The President is declared lost because Air Force One is down over the
    Atlantic according to managed reports but did his aircraft ever leave
    Andrews Air Force Base? Is this a cover up from Rome to perhaps hide
    his evanescence also? Other prominent members of the President's
    Party are missing but from the other side? Exiguous.

    This disappearance will go virtually unnoticed because of the manipulated
    media and its potentate who controls also the world's assets & armaments -
    the ultimate coup d' tat - all without a shot being fired. He will woo the planet,
    restore peace to the Middle East for a short time with false promises of pro-
    tection as well as rebuild a new Jewish Temple on the destroyed site. The
    Islamic world will cheer because their faith has expected this great new leader.
    With an appearance before nearly all mankind live on all media (TV, radio, &
    even computers on-line), men, women, and children are mesmerized. Stay tuned...

    After The Return of The King:
    They shall beat their swords into plowshares,
    And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall
    not lift up sword against nation, Neither shall they
    learn war anymore.

              Procedural Text        
    Fun little experiment.

    Basically I scan through some text files, record the number of times pairs of words appear, then go through and use them as probabilities one word will follow the next, and randomly generate text one word at a time.

    Here's the result of Homer's Odyssey + Tucker Max's "I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell" + a Cave Story FAQ + a Pokemon Fanfic:


    Minerva came up, shooting people who had to the for he had vaginas SlingBlade wasn't fucking verbatim off and you a freshly flayed me around and asked heaven has to another man's, and looking at sea, all went and also his own jism spat out his arrow into the bar, and the long enough lying all fighting for her. She's not right at sea came downstairs and scrub yourself a ki-ote caught hold and my age and killed him for spikes, use the dead body to be killed. Thereon he won't fit for these words he gonna make us back twelve days, for her home again; see that night, and a song suggestions and took an immortal gods were getting frustrated, I start playing "Friends in attendance on their suppers, and head right and went back to his own money I do better. He'll yell (in a couple lances, and the roaring winds, which was left the door, the end of the whole story.

    TheCousin ten talents of the top of Peleus. The walls on the way. I went to lose an oar, till we will be weird slurping noise. At the blocks of the suitors. Ulysses said:

    "Pisistratus, I pass out, into me.

    10:00: Hate pushes his hand against a cute face." The teen girl unconscious (for I got too sober. I am, it for your beer breath bothering you, University of agony ... together." Redhead "I don't want a hole that I went on the back to girls. Oh, Steph ... I decide for I have at least three wheeler... up the better pick-up line so that night, I didn't fucking cheese-eating surrender monkey. I like the contest is a long way in our way I'm invoking that young in the hole is simple: I was, to your goats and challenge his return some plan for three wheeler... up among you in order a scratching noise that your tricks and starts hitting the same boy of Ulysses as she meant taking a cat bawling incessantly. I just try-ing to date, avoid the window to the island not been driven the door on your son: may see if you know, and lie without telling him in bad end to the flesh and then head and can't leave him down upon the blocks on in this you ever been?" May told him not let loose, vomiting all the first Ananament Gem so scared of an ox, or if you gods in the actual streets.
    * This enrages me. Prudes suck.

    4:16: She stopped and then go home with whatever I thought through markings like it would be funny, like trying to the walls of consider- able to shift moves on, if the power and I walk around for him. The only himself, he just to them, and care how I have sex . AND TAKE MING ARIVE!!" [To the best way home again. And this wife fucks the white thing starts rising. If you are over the cloister upon the ground. His heart was very thickly peopled, but I, who dwell in me to GoldenWife's apartment. We couldn't resist the fucking great cave, and the housekeeper took sign neither in Palo Alto, Fenwick, or any man had succeeded in our surroundings while Karl Childers. My friend who treated you, nor virtue, had made the benches and praying to do you are not associated with my longing to The Gathering tournament, a girl crumpled in my dick is found."

    Ulysses was hilarious.

    Of course, he had a semi-retarded man just entering the ring were guarding the night a shit, my mild cheers from me." 10:56: Much to herself, and by, for his brawny hand, hospitable and had swords or two. Its hind legs (they move left and to my mast in Palo Alto At bar to the crowd. I know a fair Diana went down, and treating so long?" Tucker "Baby, are nearly eight spears, and wrought with terrific squall from the cave sacred to bed.

    By the occasion served; in Cyprus. Thence we weren't sure if haply you probably closer to play with a hurry to the truth, and just sat in my island. I did, for the battle in his comfortable bed outside the source of the bed, but were following the fluttering of the first face in the first weapon! The beauty whether he and now go out their hands, I guess we hurried off at me ... did we could have here and avoiding bats until you suitors, they saw was in the hotel, and moved still drunk. Your mother marry Eurymachus, who took me of humor and brought us shouted out into the story of us where taking her fits as well spoken shall have a blow it is going to where we have to see a dancing in their servants are putting on its force, and foreigners in my money's worth. He's King, a symphony of their course, my life.

    EVERYONE HAS TO DOUCHE!! IF SOMEONE STUCK A 1-star (aka, Wildebeast): The sushi restaurant.

    11:29: There does strange that Ulysses when she sees the gunfish sign, and powerful and it looks up, so at its first floor, telling me behind him down. Get that he went into his desk lady comes over her retch, the seat and deception (whereas the cut, and my being alive or he asked.

    "I'm not let the way of the start hooking up. The weather comes begging about tards when he strung it took his turn, going to wash his mouth, all of a trip back waaaay to the floor of splooge.

    This angers me, and I let my group of the ghost of it, pulling me for I were heaving and many great neck of your head, can't see that I am about whom I was the phone, calling and wash their voices in her taller than 5 or his being hit, just cum I decide it even as the =BUBBLER=, another matter. Is it remain away after a loud crash. Girl "I'm not really good account; may tell you are no longer."

    Then came together and said, 'Achilles, son of the rock while the pen are doing; see if you have no one or you to normal, though they hook-up he may slacken your set about him with my reaction to Ithaca goes behind him. "Menelaus," replied Neptune, and nursed him from me. I agreed that you to sacrifice of the front of the town, Thomas, back home to get hit, right in the ship and it was a wife of your speech, and now began to father could have been left to get her this, it will not let out in sacrifice around this little and kick myself talking to get back. It was a long spear all about half of my fault that Ulysses and ignored, until she pretty sure to leave us shall have, and her to eat them said, 'as to get enough for those who was swerving from your house?"

    Ulysses very angry, or on treesin the wooded slopes of awful burning.

    5:23: She stayed where her anger of sandpaper or drink, Telemachus could see you, nor two dollars, I've measured and offered his wife? Even though you attack it washed, its sand.

    Continue left on dark, whereon Agamemnon he was leaving the Phaeacians see that of those two servants had the sincerity of these suitors; begin talking to use the hotel, and tell you the Sunstones. To this to eat out of them together when they sent his bed is how carefully away, but somehow made them a humming sound like a clock thing before, I tell all my car [I could think that any one of sheep and handed round as they are, about salary, benefits, work bored you to say what you and told them to have flown off multiple partners are staffed by Vulcan's marriage takes me in tears him up the covers her for there was dead, and full of the wall and a ram, a firebrand."

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              How to Crush the 3-4 Defense: Tennessee has a Weapon!        

    You can CRUSH a 3-4 with two Tight Ends


    This is a quick Blog to my Pregame buddies. I want you to take this Blog and apply it to every game that resembles this formula. The hard work is in the secondary and tertiary capping, but the opening screening method goes as follows:

    Formula:Two Tight End Sets Occupy 3-4 Defenses to the point of neutrality.

    I told you guys to take the Chicago Bears Team Total OVER in the Preseason when they faced the Broncos, because I knew the Bronco's switched to a "poor man's" 3-4 defense, and the Bears now had Green Bay's 3-4 and Detroit's 3-4 to face in the regular season.

    What did they do to compensate? 

    The Bears had the ability to run an OFFENSIVE two-tight end set. Mister OIsen and Mister Clark can both match up with the OLB's and also line up in the slot or chip from the line to catch a pass! This drags the OLB's away from the rush, and the blitz, BUT IT ALSO ALLOWS THE NOSE TACKLE TO BE DOUBLE TEAMED!!!!!!

    The Nose Tackle is the heart of the 3-4.

    Kill him and the Middle linebackers lose "protection" and get a guard in their grill. Kill him with a double team and he gets.....DOUBLE TEAMED! HA! Two tight ends do that for an offense!

    Two-Tight End Sets also:

    *Tie up a safety.

    *Seal Edges.

    *Occupy a middle linebacker in the "seam"

    *Make a screen pass effective.


    I digress: Double team on the nose-tackle? Occupied Linebackers ON THEIR HEELS?


    You have been notified!


    Tennessee has Bo Scaife and Algae Crumpler bumping off the edges on Thursday.


    FYI, brothers and sisters! Pittsburgh will have to WORK!



    Suddenly, a powerful 3-4 is compromized.


    I have a thread on the Titan/Steeler game as well:




    Added on Thursday afternoon: Interesting!

    Pittsburgh had the 29th ranked FIRST HALF offense in the NFL last year.

    They had the 9th ranked SECOND HALF offense last year.


    What does that tell us?


    Here's my guess:

    Pittsburgh doesn't have a great offensive line, and their impact players are scrappy, but not entirely "elite" (injury was a factor).

    So when Team-A's defense is fresh, they tend to hold their own against the Steeler offense, but after the Steeler defense knocks Team-A's offense off the field in 4 downs (over and over), then Team-A's defense gets worn out!

    By the time the middle of the 3rd quarter rolls around, Team-A's defense is toast.

    This is how a 29th ranked defense suddenly becomes a juggernaut after 2 quarters!


    So what did Tennessee do this year?

    They retianed 10 players for their defensive line rotation. Out of 53 players, 10 of them are on the D-line. All of them will see action tonight. It's in the design and philosophy of the Titan's system. Play a ton of lineman and kill the opposing offense in the 4th quarter. Attrition!

    The question for you is.......do you think the Pittsburgh O-line can outlast the Tennessee D-line? 

              Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Reinforcements RELOADED-3DMGAME Torrent Free Download        

    Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition: Reinforcements
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    a centuries-old cult that hides a dangerous secret. Take the wheel of a
    fully customizable dirt buggy, smear your tires with zombie blood, and
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    Dying Light is a first-person, action survival game set in a vast open
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    Reinforcements is the name of the DLC included in the Content Drop #0
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    Torrent Free Download Here

              A conversation with General Pace        
    Last month, I was thrilled to attend a talk hosted by Peter Pace, former Chairman of the U.S Joint Chiefs of Staff at JP Morgan's headquarters in New York City. During a Q&A session that followed the main talk, he fielded some good questions from investment bankers in the audience. The last question he answered was about which threats to American security kept him up at night. 

    His response surprised me. 

    First he listed things that you would expect, such as the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, political instability in Africa and the Middle East, the rise of China, the craziness of North Korea, the specter of general nuclear proliferation. Then he went back over each of these things and explained why they do not bother him too, too much. 

    What really bother him, he said, is the threat of cyber attackThe United States is extremely vulnerable to cyber weapons, he said. He mentioned that large firms like JP Morgan no doubt have the resources to protect themselves a bit from these threats. [Word on the street has it that they do this by hiring people straight out of the CIA and NSA]. But that smaller firms have no such protection, and it is in the best interest of everyone for large corporations and the US government work on security gaps together. 

    He said the advent of cyber weapons will have the same impact on relationships between nations as nuclear weapons has. Unlike nuclear weapons, however, thousands of cyber attacks occur each day. He knows what the United States could do to launch a cyber attack and knows what the country cannot defend against. Nation states have generally practiced self-deterrence and do not want a cyber attack launched against them. 
    It is not nation states that concern him as much as small terrorist groups. He said that small groups of individuals have the power to launch the sort of actions that only nation states could just a few years ago. 
    After the talk, I introduced myself to him as an Iraq veteran, which I hoped would soften him up a bit so I could pepper him with questions. When I asked him what kind of books or articles I could read in order to understand all this better from an insurance perspective, he said that the scene changes so fast that anything more than two years old is out-dated. He told me that updating your reading every two weeks was more like it. This all raised more questions than it answered. What sort of redundancies should web-based businesses develop, so that they can weather any conceivable storm???
    I welcome anyone's thoughts on this.

              Chicken Breast Threat Level Orange        
    I never intended to pose a threat to airport security but on the way out of town, I realized that the fluid filled sacks in my carry on luggage might very likely cause alarm, attract attention, and, frankly, mortify me.

    Two days ago, I learned that many of my female colleagues were planning to wear floor length gowns to our office's 'black tie optional' event though I had assumed we’d go with cocktail length dresses since we'd be working the event.

    I scrambled, asking friends if they had anything formal I could borrow.

    One friend (who shall remain nameless for reasons that will become clear as the story unfolds) loaned me a strappy, red number.

    When I tried it on, she eyed me critically and said, “You’re going to need the chicken breasts.”

    [That's the face I made too.]

    She went to a drawer and pulled out two silicon filled sacks and told me to drop them in my bra.

    “Trust me,” she said.

    I was skeptical, but lo, said chicken breasts propped up the tired, old girls and gave them renewed vitality.

    Who knew?

    I borrowed the dress and the…items, loaded them into my carry-on luggage and headed for the airport.

    Only when I was underway did it occur to me that the two squishy objects might be an issue at airport security.

    Would they unpack my bag and expose my udder subterfuge?


    Thankfully, the Atlanta airport security employees let the… support group… sail through the line, but agents at Reagan National Airport were not so easily duped upon my return this morning.

    My bag was in the x-ray machine when I heard the TSA agent call out to a colleague.

    “What do you think that could be?” I heard him say.

    There was a pause.

    I piped up, “I can tell you what they are,” I said, “though I’m embarrassed about it."

    I wondered how suspicious I looked.

    The second agent leaned over to his colleague and whispered with authority and confidence, “PUSH UPS!!”

    He turned and faced me with a wink and my luggage rolled towards my blush colored face.

    I left DC grateful that TSA agents understand that some “secret weapons” are completely harmless aboard an aircraft.

    [And for the record, I didn’t end up wearing the silicon support group. I went with the basic black cocktail dress... because I am a chicken.]


    Shown here with @Genuine.
    I'm especially fond of the way the shadowy light makes me look like I'm missing my two front teeth. Changing blog name to Oh, the Trailer Park now...
    UPDATED: Proof that I actually have all my teeth.

              Christianity as Progress in Season 3 of Vikings?        
    Big fans of television series available for binge-watching after the kids go to sleep, my husband and I recently worked through the first three seasons of the History Channel’s hit Vikings. So far, the series has followed the rise of Scandinavian Ragnar Lothbrok from farmer to earl to king and his growing interest in Western Europe and mostly successful exploits in England and France. Although roundly criticized for its historical inaccuracies, Vikings is loosely based on Scandinavian figures and events passed down through the oral tradition to writers who finally recorded them during the late Middle Ages. It includes the infamous Viking raid of the monastery at Lindisfarne, for instance, as well as the figure of Rollo, known in history as having founded the Scandinavian settlement of Normandy and as the great-great-great grandfather of William the Conqueror. The character of Ragnarhimself is based on a legendary king and hero, said to have battled Charlemagne and borne important warrior sons (the same sons whom he is shown to have fathered in the show as well). The accuracy of the legends of Ragnar are debated by historians, some saying that they are based in truth and others perceiving them as mostly fictional. Vikingsadmittedly plays fast and loose with history, combining legends from diverse regions of Scandinavia (by, for instance, depicting Rollo as Ragnar’s brother) and often flouting the chronology of historical occurrences (by placing Ragnar in the time of Charles II’s rule instead of Charlemagne’s, to name one example). Moreover, while many of the events depicted in the show might plausibly have happened within the Scandinavian cultures of the early Middle Ages, others seem unlikely. The intense (and often homoerotic) friendship that develops between Ragnar and Athelstan, a monk who Ragnar captures in the Lindisfarne raid, is one such fabrication, perhaps unrealistic but effectively used in the show to heighten one of the central tensions of the series—between the paganism of the Scandinavians and the Christianity of the Western Europeans.

    Athelstan originally perceives the Vikings as heralds of Satan, sent from God as punishment for the sins of man, but he comes to respect and love Ragnar, teaching him the language of the English and sharing information about the cities and cultures of Western Europe. When he is first taken captive, Athelstan brings a religious text with him to Scandinavia, and he is shown as reading it faithfully during his first few months as a slave to Ragnar and his family. He also maintains his practice of tonsure, very painfully and bloodily using a dull blade to shave the top of his head. But, as he becomes more and more integrated into Ragnar’s family and community, Athelstan begins to doubt the existence and power of Christ. He calls out to God, saying that, for the first time in his life, he cannot feel His presence. Eventually, Athelstan’s holy book disintegrates, and he begins wearing his hair in the style of the Scandinavians. He accepts an arm ring from Ragnar when the latter becomes earl, thus pledging his allegiance to Ragnar and the ways of the Scandinavians. In Season 2, Athelstan returns to England to raid with Ragnar and, through a series of extraordinary events, becomes the prisoner—and confidant—of the intelligent but morally dubious King Ecbert of Wessex. At this point, Athelstan eagerly returns to the kind of writing that he once did at the monastery, this time transcribing Ecbert’s secret Roman scrolls. He is unable to resume priesthood, however, professing that he has strayed too far from his Christian beliefs. A dark beast—symbolic perhaps of his sin against God or maybe of the duty that he now owes to Odin—haunts him in waking dreams, and he seems to feel, at once, disloyal to Christ and to the belief system of the Scandinavians. Athelstan even admits to Ecbert that Scandinavian customs are, in some ways, superior to English customs. When given the opportunity, Athelstan leaves England, to reside again in Scandinavia with Ragnar, who offers him affection and protection—as well as a somewhat more consistent moral code than Ecbert’s.

    In his interactions with both Ragnar and Ecbert, Athelstan acts—sometimes unwittingly—as an agent of what either king, and certainly the show’s viewers, might perceive as “progress.” As a former monk, he is a learned man, and he affirms Ecbert’s appreciation for Roman architecture, art, and literature. He agrees with Ecbert that the Christians have much to learn from pagans—presumably both Roman and Scandinavian—and encourages Ecbert’s curiosity in Scandinavian customs and his decision to allow the Scandinavians to settle in Wessex. Athelstan shares information with Ragnar about England and France that ultimately facilitates profitable Scandinavian raids, settlement in the fertile regions of Western Europe, and adoption of important technological advances in farming equipment (a plough in Season 2) and weaponry (a cross-bow in Season 3). On many occasions, Athelstan acts as translator between the Scandinavians and the Western Europeans, enabling that which we know to be the massive changes in the cultures and languages of Western Europe that the Viking settlements ultimately produced. Perhaps most importantly, Athelstan promotes the blending of traditions, teaching Ragnar to recite the Lord’s Prayer, for example, before taking up arms himself to fight in his now beloved friend’s battle for the kingship of Scandinavia. Indeed, Athelstan seems to embody cultural exchange, which both Ragnar and Ecbert value, at least in part, and certainly that many 21st-century viewers imagine as progressive in our age of globalization.

    (As another example of how Vikings plays with history, we might note that Ecbert, Athelstan, and Athelstan’s son Alfred, borne of Athelstan’s affair with Ecbert’s daughter-in-law and so far fiercely protected by Ecbert despite the infant’s well-known status as a bastard, are all also based on historical figures. The historical Ecbert was a Christian king of Wessex who battled regularly with the pagan Vikings. Alfred the Great was Ecbert’s grandson, and he made peace with the Scandinavians after their king Gunthrum was baptized. Finally, the historical Athelstanwas the grandson of Alfred, and he ousted the sitting Scandinavian ruler from the Viking settlement of York. As with their counterparts in the show, the lives and times of these three figures were very much influenced by the conflicts—and blending—of English culture and Viking culture as well as Christianity and paganism.)

    Late in Season 3, however, Athelstan’s symbology in the show shifts. No longer does he seem to promote the blending of traditions but, instead, advocates for a return to seeing Christianity as distinct from—and superior to—paganism. He experiences a sign from God and returns with fervor to his Christian faith. After a scene in which he seems to re-baptize himself in the waters off the coast of Scandinavia, he tosses his arm ring out to sea. Athelstan then announces to Ragnar that he has been born again and that he can no longer stay in Ragnar’s kingdom. Ragnar refuses to allow him to go, saying that Athelstan is the only person who he can truly trust, and the scene ends with Athelstan reaffirming his dedication to Ragnar’s planned attack on Paris. In some ways, this seems another example of Athelstan’s ability to blend belief systems: he is renewed in his Christianity but willing to facilitate a Viking raid of an important Christian city, indeed, the center of Western Christendom during much of the Middle Ages. But, when Athelstan is killed by a member of Ragnar’s inner circle who fears Athelstan’s growing Christian influence over the king, Ragnar remembers him as a Christian, first and foremost. Ragnar carries Athelstan’s dead body to the top of a tall hill and buries him there, intending to lay him to rest as close to Athelstan’s god as he can get him. He then places Athelstan’s cross necklace around his own neck and shaves his head in a bloody scene reminiscent of Athelstan’s shaving episode at the beginning of the series. As Vikings creator Michael Hirst has pointed out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, here, Ragnar adopts a version of the Christian practice of tonsure to signal the significant change that he has experienced as a result of his friend’s death.

    Like Athelstan during his time in Wessex, Ragnar seems caught between Christianity and paganism at this point in the show. When he is injured in the raid on Paris and fears that he is dying, he imagines two competing visions of that which awaits him after death. One of these is the figure of Odin, pictured throughout the series as a black silhouette with a raven on his shoulder; the other is Athelstan, who seems to function, for Ragnar, as a stand-in for the Christian God. Ragnar reaches toward Athelstan, but the latter turns to walk away, and Ragnar is left with Odin. Fearing eternal separation from his friend, Ragnar bargains with the Parisians, agreeing to send his warriors back to Scandinavia in exchange for a large quantity of gold and, more importantly, his own baptism and Christian burial. When he is baptized in front of his shocked and angry kinsmen, Ragnar seems to have finally chosen, like Athelstan, Christianity over paganism. After he is carried inside the Parisian cathedral for his final rites, however, Ragnar jumps up from his casket and brutally slays the Christian priest who had previously expressed revulsion at the prospect of having to baptize him. Ragnar escapes the battle that ensues and, then, in the final scene of the season, is shown aboard a Viking longship bound for home in Scandinavia.

    Given Althelstan’s and Ragnar’s conflicted thoughts and contradictory behaviors in Season 3, it is difficult to interpret the show’s message regarding Christian conversion. Throughout Season 1 and Season 2, Athelstan suffers with his conflicting feeling of duty toward Christ and his attraction to the Vikings gods, but he lives with both and seems to work toward an ethic of cultural exchange that perhaps most viewers in the 21st-century can get behind. For his part, Ragnar is presented as a visionary, a leader who imagines a better future for his people through raiding and settlement in Western Europe. His attachment to Athelstan is used to highlight the conflicts between Christianity and paganism in the Viking Age, but viewers are also able to see it as indicative of Ragnar’s willingness to embrace the kind of progress embodied in the priest-turned-Viking-warrior, the progress of economic and financial advancement for the Scandinavians as well as of the cultural blending that occurred between Scandinavians and Western Europeans during this historical period. Given their characterization throughout the series, what are we to make of Athelstan’s and Ragnar’s actions in Season 3? Is Athelstan still representative of progress? Is Ragnar still dedicated to progress? Maybe most importantly, is cultural blending still inherent to progress?

    Since Athelstan is gone from the show by the end of the season, we are left to reckon most violently with Ragnar’s lingering dedication to his dead friend and his resulting baptism, as well as his decision in the last episode to kill the Christian priest and return to Scandinavia with his people. I would argue that there are ways to read Ragnar’s actions in the last few episodes as in keeping with his role as visionary. It is plausible, for example, that Ragnar is baptized only to ensure that he rejoin Athelstan in the afterlife but that he intends to remain loyal to Scandinavian traditions during his remaining time on Earth and, thus, that the baptism signals only the further blending of cultural systems that we have witnessed heretofore through Athelstan. Ragnar’s baptism might also serve as simply one more move toward the progress that he sees as essential for his people. Historically, of course, the adoption—or partial, or even feigned, adoption—of Christianity eased the way for Scandinavian groups’ acceptance in Western European trading and settlement. Renowned Viking historian Anders Winroth offers further clarification of the reasons for conversion, stating that the Scandinavians came to perceive Christianity as prestigious by associating it with the material wealth that they found in raiding monasteries and, ironically, that Scandinavian leaders sometimes used the practice of converting potential followers to Christianity as a way of convincing them to dedicate themselves to these leaders’ future raids in Western Europe. Whether to align their beliefs with those of new friends, to appease the Christian rulers of Western Europe, or to gain Scandinavian followers, masses of Scandinavians did eventually convert to Christianity throughout the Middle Ages. Ragnar’s baptism, therefore, seems at least somewhat historically plausible and, in that it foreshadows the future of conversion in store for his people, in keeping with his characterization as adept at navigating the tides of change in order advance the interests of his kinsmen.

    Nonetheless, it is difficult (and disappointing) to imagine this show as depicting progress as simply a matter of conversion to Christianity instead of a process of cultural blending. My hope is that Ragnar and Ecbert, as well as other important figures in the show, will continue to contend, in complex and convincing ways, with the clashes between their two cultures and belief systems in Season 4, scheduled for release in early 2016—despite the show’s loss of Athelstan as a figurehead of cultural exchange.

    Ready for a new show . . .
    Until then, my husband I will have to find a new series. Any suggestions?

              Eclipse 09-01-2013 with Alisha B. , Dj Selco, Dj Raz3r, Dj Deep Rawk        

    Redman- Lets Get Dirty I Cant Get In Da Club - Malpractice
    50 Cent- In Da Club - Get Rich Or Die Tryin
    Compilation- It Takes Two - Profilin The Hits
    Xzibit- Hey Now Mean Muggin - Weapons Of Mass Destruction
    JAY Z MOP- U Dont Know Remix - Blueprint 21
    Nas- Get Down - Gods Son
    - voicebreak -
    De La Soul- Oooh - Art Official Intelligence Mosaic Thump
    Mos Def- Sex Love Money - The New Danger
    The Roots- Without A Doubt - Things Fall Apart
    MC Lyte- Cha Cha Cha - Rhino HiFive MC Lyte EP
    Compilation- Day One Featuring Diamond D Big L AG Lord Finesse - DITC Diggin In The Crates
    Naughty By Nature- Feel Me Flow - Povertys Paradise
    Da Ranjahz- Insp Her Ation - Who Feels It Knows
    Jurassic 5- Twelve - Quality Control
    Diverse Lyrics Born RJD2- Explosive Featuring RJD2 Lyrics Born - Explosive EP
    Medina Green- Crosstown Beef - Soundbombing
    Dos Locos- Back Sick - 12
    Dos Locos- Lifes A Struggle - 12
    Dos Locos- Digital Age - 12
    - voicebreak -
    Doug E Fresh- IIght - Funkmaster Flex Presents The Mix Tape Vol 1
    Erick Sermon- Stay Real - No Pressure
    NO ID Feat Common- State To State - 12
    Roxanne Shante- Biz Beat - 12
    Schoolly D- Smoke Some Kill - Best Of Schoolly D
    Marco Polo- The Radar Remix Clean - The Radar EP
    Kool Kyle The Starchild- Its Rockin Time - Kool Kyle The Starchild
    - voicebreak -
    Mystic- The Life - Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom
    Tragedy Khadafi- Stay Free feat Littles - Thug Matrix
    Nas- Rule - Gods Son
    The Whoridas- Shot Callin Big Ballin - Whoridin
    Pharoahe Monch- When The Gun Draws feat Mr Porter - Desire
    MOP- Cold As Ice - Warriorz

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/101/playlistDate/2013-09-01
              The Beckoning of Nuclear War        
    SUBHEAD: A glimpse of sanity, or simple pragmatism, is anathema to our "national security" managers.

    By John Pilger on 4 August 2017 for JohnPilger.com -

    [IB Publisher's note: As much as Trump may not wish a nuclear exchange with Russia, he seems quite amenable to turning North Korea into an ashtray. World War III may begin in  Guam and relay to Hawaii on its way  to the US mainland. Here in Hawaii it may mean Duck and Cover!]

    Image above: Detail of original paperback cover of Nevil Shute's 1957 novel "On the Beach". From (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/267542034087528868).

    In Nevil Shute's book "On the Beach" the US submarine captain says;
    "We've all got to die one day, some sooner and some later. The trouble always has been that you're never ready, because you don't know when it's coming. Well, now we do know and there's nothing to be done about it."
    He says he will be dead by September. It will take about a week to die, though no one can be sure. Animals live the longest.

    The war was over in a month. The United States, Russia and China were the protagonists. It is not clear if it was started by accident or mistake. There was no victor. The northern hemisphere is contaminated and lifeless now.

    A curtain of radioactivity is moving south towards Australia and New Zealand, southern Africa and South America. By September, the last cities, towns and villages will succumb. As in the north, most buildings will remain untouched, some illuminated by the last flickers of electric light.
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper

    These two lines from T.S. Eliot's poem The Hollow Men appear at the beginning of Nevil Shute's novel On the Beach, which left me close to tears. The endorsements on the cover said the same.

    Published in 1957 at the height of the Cold War when too many writers were silent or cowed, it is a masterpiece. At first the language suggests a genteel relic; yet nothing I have read on nuclear war is as unyielding in its warning. No book is more urgent.

    Some readers will remember the black and white Hollywood film starring Gregory Peck as the US Navy commander who takes his submarine to Australia to await the silent, formless spectre descending on the last of the living world.

    I read On the Beach for the first time the other day, finishing it as the US Congress passed a law to wage economic war on Russia, the world's second most lethal nuclear power.  There was no justification for this insane vote, except the promise of plunder.

    The "sanctions" are aimed at Europe, too, mainly Germany, which depends on Russian natural gas and on European companies that do legitimate business with Russia. In what passed for debate on Capitol Hill, the more garrulous senators left no doubt that the embargo was designed to force Europe to import expensive American gas.

    Their main aim seems to be war - real war. No provocation as extreme can suggest anything else. They seem to crave it, even though Americans have little idea what war is. The Civil War of 1861-5 was the last on their mainland. War is what the United States does to others.

    The only nation to have used nuclear weapons against human beings, they have since destroyed scores of governments, many of them democracies, and laid to waste whole societies - the million deaths in Iraq were a fraction of the carnage in Indo-China, which President Reagan called "a noble cause" and President Obama revised as the tragedy of an "exceptional people"He was not referring to the Vietnamese.

    Filming last year at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, I overheard a National Parks Service guide lecturing a school party of young teenagers. "Listen up," he said. "We lost 58,000 young soldiers in Vietnam, and they died defending your freedom."

    At a stroke, the truth was inverted. No freedom was defended. Freedom was destroyed. A peasant country was invaded and millions of its people were killed, maimed, dispossessed, poisoned; 60,000 of the invaders took their own lives. Listen up, indeed.

    A lobotomy is performed on each generation. Facts are removed. History is excised and replaced by what Time magazine calls "an eternal present".

    Harold Pinter described this as "manipulation of power worldwide, while masquerading as a force for universal good, a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis [which meant] that it never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest."

    Those who call themselves liberals or tendentiously "the left" are eager participants in this manipulation, and its brainwashing, which today revert to one name: Trump.

    Trump is mad, a fascist, a dupe of Russia. He is also a gift for "liberal brains pickled in the formaldehyde of identity politics", wrote Luciana Bohne memorably. The obsession with Trump the man - not Trump as a symptom and caricature of an enduring system - beckons great danger for all of us.

    While they pursue their fossilised anti-Russia agendas, narcissistic media such as the Washington Post, the BBC and the Guardian suppress the essence of the most important political story of our time as they warmonger on a scale I cannot remember in my lifetime.

    On 3 August, in contrast to the acreage the Guardian has given to drivel that the Russians conspired with Trump (reminiscent of the far-right smearing of John Kennedy as a "Soviet agent"), the paper buried, on page 16, news that the President of the United States was forced to sign a Congressional bill declaring economic war on Russia. Unlike every other Trump signing, this was conducted in virtual secrecy and attached with a caveat from Trump himself that it was "clearly unconstitutional".

    A coup against the man in the White House is under way. This is not because he is an odious human being, but because he has consistently made clear he does not want war with Russia.

    This glimpse of sanity, or simple pragmatism, is anathema to the "national security" managers who guard a system based on war, surveillance, armaments, threats and extreme capitalism. Martin Luther King called them "the greatest purveyors of violence in the world today".

    They have encircled Russia and China with missiles and a nuclear arsenal. They have used neo-Nazis to instal an unstable, aggressive regime on Russia's "borderland" - the way through which Hitler invaded, causing the deaths of 27 million people.  Their goal is to dismember the modern Russian Federation.

    In response, "partnership" is a word used incessantly by Vladimir Putin - anything, it seems, that might halt an evangelical drive to war in the United States. Incredulity in Russia may have now turned to fear and perhaps a certain resolution. The Russians almost certainly have war-gamed nuclear counter strikes. Air-raid drills are not uncommon. Their history tells them to get ready.

    The threat is simultaneous. Russia is first, China is next. The US has just completed a huge military exercise with Australia known as Talisman Sabre. They rehearsed a blockade of the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea, through which pass China's economic lifelines.

    The admiral commanding the US Pacific fleet said that, "if required", he would nuke China. That he would say such a thing publicly in the current perfidious atmosphere begins to make fact of Nevil Shute's fiction.

    None of this is considered news. No connection is made as the bloodfest of Passchendaele a century ago is remembered. Honest reporting is no longer welcome in much of the media. Windbags, known as pundits, dominate: editors are infotainment or party line managers. Where there was once sub-editing, there is the liberation of axe-grinding clichés. Those journalists who do not comply are defenestrated.

    The urgency has plenty of precedents. In my film, The Coming War on China, John Bordne, a member of a US Air Force missile combat crew based in Okinawa, Japan, describes how in 1962 - during the Cuban missile crisis - he and his colleagues were "told to launch all the missiles" from their silos.

    Nuclear armed, the missiles were aimed at both China and Russia. A junior officer questioned this, and the order was eventually rescinded - but only after they were issued with service revolvers and ordered to shoot at others in a missile crew if they did not "stand down".

    At the height of the Cold War, the anti-communist hysteria in the United States was such that US officials who were on official business in China were accused of treason and sacked. In 1957 - the year Shute wrote On the Beach - no official in the State Department could speak the language of the world's most populous nation. Mandarin speakers were purged under strictures now echoed in the Congressional bill that has just passed, aimed at Russia.

    The bill was bipartisan. There is no fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans. The terms "left" and "right" are meaningless. Most of America's modern wars were started not by conservatives, but by liberal Democrats.

    When Obama left office, he presided over a record seven wars, including America's longest war and an unprecedented campaign of extrajudicial killings - murder - by drones.

    In his last year, according to a Council on Foreign Relations study, Obama, the "reluctant liberal warrior", dropped 26,171 bombs - three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day.  Having pledged to help "rid the world" of nuclear weapons, the Nobel Peace Laureate built more nuclear warheads than any president since the Cold War.

    Trump is a wimp by comparison. It was Obama - with his secretary of state Hillary Clinton at his side - who destroyed Libya as a modern state and launched the human stampede to Europe. At home, immigration groups knew him as the "deporter-in-chief".

    One of Obama's last acts as president was to sign a bill that handed a record $618billion to the Pentagon, reflecting the soaring ascendancy of fascist militarism in the governance of the United States. Trump has endorsed this.

    Buried in the detail was the establishment of a "Center for Information Analysis and Response". This is a ministry of truth. It is tasked with providing an "official narrative of facts" that will prepare us for the real possibility of nuclear war - if we allow it.

    Video above: "On the Beach" the complete 1959 movie from Nevil Shute's  novel. From (https://youtu.be/Ue8hC5qqMt4).


              South Korea's stubborn peace effort        
    SUBHEAD: Peace movement refusing to give up is taking the long view of its campaign. 

    By Jon Letman on 4 August 2017 for Truth Out -

    Image above: Jeong Young-hee is a Korean tangerine farmer in Gangjeong village on Jeju island. Like many residents, she strongly opposes the newly built South Korean naval base just two miles from her farm. Photo by Jon Letman. From original article.

    In August, 1945, as Japan smoldered in the ruins of war, the question of what would become of the Korean peninsula after 35 years of Japanese occupation and a Soviet army advancing southward spurred the hasty selection of an artificial division along the 38th parallel drawn by two American officials as a border between US and Soviet "zones of occupation."

    That line, never intended to be permanent, hardened like stubborn mud before the newly liberated Korea ever had the chance to form an independent, unified and democratic nation. Today 38°N still marks a potentially catastrophic flashpoint between North and South Korea.

    The DMZ -- demilitarized zone -- despite its name, is one of the most militarized places on the planet. This hyper-militarization, in fact, extends south across the peninsula and today, 64 years after an armistice halted (but never formally ended) the Korean war, South Korea remains peppered with scores of US military installations -- at least 80 by the Pentagon's own count.

    US bases, and the 28,500 US troops and joint military exercises they support, are not only opposed by North Korea; many South Koreans see them as a problematic construct that perpetuates the likelihood of war.

    Despite frequent media coverage of North Korea's highly choreographed military parades, increasing missile launches, and Kim Jong-un's threats to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire," far less attention is paid to South Korea's tireless, well-organized peace movement opposed to militarism on both sides of the DMZ.

    South Korean civil groups and NGOs like People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions are skilled at forming coalitions with peace activists and religious groups opposed to a military buildup, which they see as increasing tensions with the North and militarization across Northeast Asia.

    Your Old Farm Is Our New Base

    Image above: Candle light protests have been held outside the Seongju County office nightly since the deployment of the THAAD antimissile defense system was announced in July 2016. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    With the bulk of US bases concentrated in and around Seoul and within range of North Korean artillery, the US is in the middle of a major realignment of its forces as it consolidates bases, moving tens of thousands of troops, their families and civilian contractors to US Army Garrison Humphreys in the city of Pyeongtaek, 40 miles south of Seoul.

    In 2002, when the US announced its plan to triple Humphreys in size, Pyeongtaek residents living around the base organized fierce protests that raged for five years.

    Thousands of police were deployed, citizens were arrested and villages were demolished. In the end, however, the base's walls were pushed outward, and Camp Humphreys grew from just over 1,000 acres to more than 3,400 acres, making it the US's largest overseas military base in the world.

    Now in the final years of construction, US Army Garrison Humphreys is equipped to serve as the new headquarters for the Eighth US Army and US Forces Korea command center.

    Image above: A representative of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions holds an anti-THAAD banner at a demonstration in Soseong-ri, Seongju County, South Korea. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    The Humphreys expansion is slated for completion by 2020 and will eventually be home to up to 46,000 military and civilian personnel living and working behind razor wire-topped walls and gates.

    The $10.7 billion expansion, the US's largest-ever peacetime military construction project, is being paid for overwhelmingly (around 90 percent) by the South Korean government. In 2016, Gen. Vincent Brooks (now head of US Forces Korea) publicly stated that it's cheaper to station US troops in South Korea than in the United States.

    The Humphreys expansion does have supporters in the community, and many businesses have come to depend on the US military's presence.

    Pyeongtaek's city government, unable to refuse the influx of thousands of US forces, has done its best to promote Humphreys' expansion as an opportunity to court non-military business and infrastructure investment and push for internationalization through increased cultural exchanges with military personnel and their families.

    Still, many residents view the base as an unwelcome intrusion on Korean sovereignty and a source of crime, pollution and noise from military aircraft like F-16s, A-10 Thunderbolts, Chinook and Apache helicopters.

    Image above: Demonstrators march toward the former golf course in Seongju County where the controversial THAAD antimissile defense system is being deployed by the US. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    Since 2002, Kang Song-won of the Pyeongtaek Peace Center has been working closely with residents from communities affected by Humphreys, particularly those who were forcibly relocated from the villages of Daechu-ri and Dodu-ri. Kang works with volunteers to monitor military incidents and accidents around the base.

    Beyond the noise and inherent danger, he told Truthout the most harmful impact of Humphreys' expansion has been the deep divisions sown in the community between base supporters and opponents.

    Giving up, however, is not an option. "Even though we lost the fight against the US military, I think it is still necessary to keep fighting ... against the problems of the US military base," Kang said.

    Island of Peace, Tides of War

    Image above: US Army Garrison Humphreys is a helicopter base in what will soon be the the United States' largest overseas military base. Just beyond the fence are small farming villages. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    An hour's flight south of Seoul is sub-tropical Jeju island. Home to nine UNESCO Global Geoparks and a World Heritage site, the volcanic island is renowned for its natural beauty and biodiversity both on land and sea. Jeju has also been heavily developed for tourism. On the south coast, in Gangjeong village, is the site of a new Korean naval base.

    Muddying its primary purpose, the base is sometimes called the Jeju Multipurpose Port Complex and is touted as having a (future) dual civilian-military function, but for now it's strictly a Korean naval base and headquarters for the South Korean Navy's Mobile Task Force Flotilla-7, which includes Aegis warfare destroyers, KDX III helicopter destroyers and a submarine force command.

    Like the expansion of Camp Humphreys, the 2007 announcement of the Jeju naval base sparked widespread outcry from residents opposed to the militarization of what was dubbed "Island of Peace" in recognition of Jeju's horrific April 3 massacre (1947-54).

    In that massacre, as many as 30,000 island residents were killed by Korean forces over a seven-year period beginning in 1947 during the US military administration that occupied the southern part of the Korean peninsula immediately after the August 1945 defeat of Japan.

    As in Pyeongtaek, Jeju base protesters clashed with the police for years. Base opponents, including the former mayor, were arrested and heavily fined but in the end, the base was built.

    Image above: Many of the residents protesting against the deployment of the THAAD antimissile defense system are elderly farmers who don't want their remote mountain village to be militarized. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    Tangerine farmers Jeong Young-hee and her husband Kang Sung-won have been growing Jeju's famous citrus varieties for 30 years in greenhouses less than two miles from the base. Young-hee and Sung-won are concerned about the environmental impact of the base, especially the effects on the sea -- including soft corals, sea urchins, abalone and other marine life -- and the destruction of what was a sacred lava rock coastal field called Gureombi.

    Construction on the base is not yet complete. Young-hee and Sung-won worry that as it grows, if a future exclusion zone (a zone that would restrict new construction) is declared, it would surround their farm, almost certainly driving down land values.

    Peeling one of her sweet hallabong oranges, Young-hee explains how the base has caused a rift between friends and family members. The base has also divided many citrus farmers and Jeju's famous Haenyeo free divers. "Our relationship was destroyed," says Young-hee, who joined her male counterparts in shaving her head as a gesture of protest against the base.

    Image above: Retired Catholic priest Father Mun Jeong-hyeon holds a daily mass along along a roadside site that doubles as a protest against the Jeju naval base in Gangjeong village, Jeju island. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    In the early days of the struggle, when base opponents pointed fingers at the US accusing it of pressuring South Korea (also known as the Republic of Korea), South Korean officials denied that the base would permanently host US warships.

    This year, in March and June, US warships made their first visits to the Jeju base with short, inconspicuous port calls similar to what was recommended in a 2013 US Army War College strategy research project. Last January, US Pacific Command's Adm. Harry Harris suggested the possibility of deploying the US's newest, most lethal stealth destroyer, the USS Zumwalt to Jeju waters.

    The Jeju navy base became operational in February 2016. Resistance continues daily, with activists gathering each morning in front of the entry gate to perform one hundred bows as a nonviolent, meditative protest.

    Nearby, in a roadside tent chapel, retired Catholic priest Father Mun Jeong-hyeon leads a daily mass, before joining protesters who gather with flags and banners playing raucous music outside the base.

    The mood of the protesters is defiant and the message is serious: they want a shift away from militarization of the Korean peninsula and northeast Asia.

    This week (July 30-August 5), for the eighth year since 2008, apeace march is underway, in which activists are walking from the Jeju naval base around the island to raise awareness of the continuing struggle and to call for peace.

    In Defense of Who?

    Image above: Guards look out from behind a razor wire fence surrounded the new South Korean naval base on Jeju island, South Korea. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    South Korea's latest struggle against militarization began in July 2016 in rural, traditionally conservative Seongju County 135 miles south of Seoul.

    Residents of Seongju and neighboring Gimcheon were caught off guard when the central government, under deposed President Park Geun-hye, offered Seongju to the US as a location for the US antimissile defense Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system.

    For more than a year since that announcement, daily protests have been taking place in Seongju and elsewhere around the country. In June, an anti-THAAD protest of several thousand people briefly and peacefully surrounded the US embassy in Seoul.

    THAAD manufacturer Lockheed Martin says the system is intended to defend "US troops, allied forces, population centers and critical infrastructure against short and medium range ballistic missiles."

    Seongju residents and Koreans across the country, however, recite a litany of reasons they are opposed to THAAD, from environmental and health concerns to the lack of a democratic process to ever-increasing deployment of foreign weapons, as well as economic repercussions and tension with its neighbors China and Russia.

    Image above: Korean Army personnel stand guard at the Demilitarized Zone/Joint Security Area outside the Military Armistice Commission buildings along the tense border. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    Two weeks before South Korea's snap election on May 9 this year, the US, citing North Korean threats, hurriedly began the deployment of THAAD in what had been a golf course outside a small village called Soseong-ri.

    When South Korea's newly elected President Moon Jae-in learned that his own Ministry of Defense had failed to notify him of the presence of an additional four THAAD launchers, Moon called for a temporary suspension of THAAD to conduct an environmental assessment.

    That suspension, however, is being reevaluated now as South Korea considers deploying additional launchers in response to a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile test last week.

    Like other aspects of the military alliance between the US and South Korea, THAAD is supported by some South Koreans and reviled by others. And like the communities in Gangjeong village on Jeju and Pyeongtaek near Seoul, the people of Seongju and Gimcheon are divided.

    Speaking at a candlelight vigil outside the Seongju County government office on May 30, three local women were eager to share their thoughts with Americans.

    On this 310th day of consecutive protests, the women told Truthout they wanted their lives back the way they were before THAAD.

    They said their community was being torn apart -- even relations between parents and children were being strained by strong disagreements over THAAD.

    Some of their neighbors have given up opposition to THAAD, either accepting it as unavoidable or simply focusing on other matters.

    These women, however, refuse to give up and say they feel a responsibility to attend nightly demonstrations against THAAD. They also admit feeling a growing resentment toward what they see as an unequal alliance.

    "We are starting to have anti-American sentiments even though we don't hate Americans," a woman who identified herself as Mrs. Kim said.

    "To be honest, I want the US military to go home," said a second woman, who also goes by the name Mrs. Kim, adding the English phrase, "Yankee, go home."

    The Truth Is Very Powerful

    Image above: Demonstrators perform 100 bows for peace six days a week as a protest against the South Korean Jeju naval base in Gangjeong village, Jeju island. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    Even as new bases are built, old bases expanded and more weapons imported, what fuels South Korean peace movements in the face of overwhelming power?

    In Seoul, Jungmin Choi who works with Durebang (My Sister's Place), an NGO that provides counseling to foreign women working in bars and clubs near US bases, says those women are living witnesses to the impact of military bases.

    Choi calls the impacts of the bases "indescribably huge" and both tangible and intangible, but insists, "we believe this fight cannot be defeated … we will fight in a creative way with a long-term view."

    On the other side of the country, Jeju base opponent Choi Sung-hee says that even though the Jeju base is operational and US warships have started visiting, the protests must continue.

    Not only does the military know it is being watched, but protests build solidarity with other anti-base movements across South Korea and internationally, in places like Okinawa, Guam, the Philippines and Hawaii, particularly among women.

    Image above: A protester is blocked by a security guard as he sits in silent protest outside the entry to the South Korean naval base on Jeju island. Photo by John Letman. From original article.

    "That's the role of people ... we should constantly demand: we do not need arms, we do not need THAAD, we do not need more military bases," Choi says. "If the people's movement is strong, I think it can also influence the decisions of the South Korean president."

    Nearby, in the St. Francis Peace Center, Father Mun carves messages of peace into wooden boards after each morning's protest. Nearly 80 years old, Father Mun has been a peace activist for decades in Pyeongtaek, on Jeju and elsewhere acting, in his words, as "a witness for truth."

    When asked why he continues to resist in the face of overwhelming power, Father Mun declared, "The truth cannot be thrown away. The truth will stand up some day. The truth is very powerful. So, I believe the truth is going to win all enemies."


              Do you feel Capitalism dying?        
    SUBHEAD: We need to develop the fortitude and skills needed for the future that is coming at us.

    By Joe Brewer on 24 July 2017 for Medium -

    Image above: A sign about "Capitalism" in Westminister Square with the Tower of London at British Parlement in the background. From (https://medium.com/@discomfiting/kill-capitalism-before-it-kills-us-fe23d10f6243).

    Can you feel capitalism dying around you? There is a mental disease of late-stage capitalism causing deep worry and anxiety, prompting feelings of severe isolation and humiliation, combined with a profound sense of powerlessness for millions of people around the world.

    The question I ask today is What are YOU going to do about it?

    The feeling bubbles up when students graduate from college with mountains of debt and few prospects for meaningful work. It spreads across cities where housing prices are skyrocketing and a giant financial chasm exists between owners and renters of residential property. And it aches in the spiraling decay of exploited ecosystems as they unravel after decades (or centuries) of pillaging industries waging war on nature.

    There is a reason only 5 men have the same aggregate wealth as half the human population. And that the Earth’s climate is ramping up for a phase transition that threatens our entire civilization. It is because a Global Architecture of Wealth Extraction has been carefully built up in the last five hundred years to produce exactly these outcomes.

    And it is causing millions of people to feel a malaise of loneliness and quiet desperation that tickles at the edge of their tongues — yet they don’t quite know what to call it.

    I’ve called it late-stage capitalism and this resonated with hundreds of thousands when I wrote about it last year. The depth and tenor of this resonance revealed that these feelings are truly widespread and the currents run deep within our veins.

    So what are we going to do with these feelings? Some tens of millions of Americans decided to elect President Trump last year. They had fallen victim to a sophisticated information war that functions as a kind of political mind control.

    Too few among them were able to discern what is really going on and now they are emotionally manipulated pawns in the end game for a small cohort of super-elites.

    This is not an acceptable place to direct the feelings we have about the death of capitalism. It will only accelerate us on the path to planetary-scale collapse that we need to reckon with in our lifetimes.

    Instead — if we can develop the fortitude and skills — we need to direct these feelings toward the much more productive path of learning how to design cultural change.

    You see, it has been our inability to collectively set intentions that enabled elite groups to divide-and-conquer us in these times of mass confusion, hardship, and despair.

    We need to recognize that the real state of power is culture and learn how to wield this power the way our ancestors once did.

    Anthropologists who study hunter-gatherer societies have long known that they are all egalitarian.

    Bullies and dictators were not able to rise up and boss people around because the group sanctioned against it.

    They did this through a combination of shaming and ostracism, or in extreme cases they resorted to expulsion or execution. But they were able to keep the bullies in check becaus;
    1. everyone knew everyone else in these small bands of people and
    2. relationships of trust were robust enough to navigate conflicts and cooperate effectively against individuals who might be stronger or more skilled at hunting than any one person on their own.
    We now have a vast digital infrastructure — the internet plus cell phones and satellite communication systems — that make it possible for the first time since the birth of civilizations to coordinate with transparency and trust at larger scales of society.

    Yet we remain divided into political tribes, fighting amongst each other at the beckoning of those who set the terms of debate.

    Are you a Democrat or Republican? Socialist or Capitalist?

    A person of color or a beneficiary of white privilege? Categories of division such as these may have important realities embedded within them but none gets at the root issue that defines these times.

    We are in a deep crisis that is carrying us all on the path toward extinction. We must learn to rise above our labels of separation and remember that everything is connected. Only then can we be seeds of transformation in a world where most of our stories are breaking down.

    So I call upon you to name your feelings of angst and powerlessness.

    Recognize that you are living through the death of a capitalist system that has brought our entire civilization to the brink of ruin.

    Learn how to design for change in a world where only through a paradigm shift in values and behaviors will it be possible to navigate our way toward planetary resilience in the decades ahead.

    We can get to the future we all want but only when we realize that it is our power to create cultural mythologies that has blinded us to our place within a world barreling toward humanity’s end.

    This power must now be employed in service of life, compassion, humility, and care for the living world. These are dangerous times and our actions matter more than most of us are ready to realize.

    Take hold of your feelings and direct them toward life, healing, and regeneration of our broken world.

    We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children, born and unborn.

    And we owe it to the many other species whose very existence are now in jeopardy because an arrogant myth of human superiority has driven us to soil the beds we must sleep in as members of the natural world ourselves.

    Time is short and there is much work to be done.

    Onward, fellow humans.


              North Korea Reportedly Capable Of Making Nuclear-Tipped Missiles        
    U.S. intelligence analysts say North Korea has developed a warhead that fits on its ballistic missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching U.S. territory, according to The Washington Post. The Post writes : "The new analysis completed last month by the Defense Intelligence Agency comes on the heels of another intelligence assessment that sharply raises the official estimate for the total number of bombs in the communist country's atomic arsenal. The U.S. calculated last month that up to 60 nuclear weapons are now controlled by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Some independent experts believe the number of bombs is much smaller." While the latest report assumes significance in the current climate of heightened tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, it represents only more certainty over previous assessments. Four years ago, for example, the DIA said it believed with "moderate confidence" that North Korea had mastered nuclear warhead technology. Since
              U.S. Appeals Court Tosses Ex-Blackwater Guard's Conviction In 2007 Baghdad Massacre        
    Updated at 2:15 p.m. ET A federal appeals court has thrown out the murder conviction of an ex-Blackwater security guard and ordered three others to be resentenced in connection with the 2007 massacre of 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Baghdad. The high-profile incident called into question the role played by U.S. security contractors in Iraq. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said Friday that Nicholas Slatten, who was convicted in 2014 of first-degree murder and later sentenced to life in prison, should be allowed a new trial. The judges said that Slatten, who was the only defendant charged with murder, should have been tried separately and that a new trial would allow him to introduce evidence that he wasn't the first to open fire. Separately, the judges also ordered the resentencing of Slatten's former Blackwater colleagues Paul Slough, Dustin Heard and Evan Liberty, who had each been serving 30 years on manslaughter and weapons
              A Muslim's Top 10 Wishes for 2016        

    This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post on January 3, 2015. You can find the original article by clicking here or on the title. 

    A Muslim's Top 10 Wishes for 2016

    Have you ever made a wish that's come true -- because you made the wish? Until now, making a wish, whether at the sight of a shooting star or when blowing out the candle(s) on your birthday cake or when breaking a wishbone, has not yet been scientifically proven to actually work, as far as I know. Yet, in the spirit of hope, I am making 10 wishes at the beginning of the New Year. And as is always the case, as a Muslim, I speak on behalf of 1.5 billion people. So here goes...
    1. People no longer confuse me with ISIS.
    My name isn't ISIS. It's not even Islamic State. In fact, the words Islamic or State are not actually in my extended name. Nevertheless, time and time again, I keep getting requests to respond to the group's actions. I swear, ISIS or ISIL or IS -- none of them are in my family tree; they're not some distant cousins of mine. In 2016, I just want people to stop confusing me with ISIS. I really don't know what ISIS is thinking and why they do what they do. It's not like the State Department is asked for comment because of the State-to-State connection. As a postscript, can ISIS stop using the word Islamic? 
    2. Muslims stop killing Muslims for being Muslim.
    Somewhere, along the way over the last couple of decades, Muslims started killing other Muslims for being Muslim in the wrong way, or at least took it to a whole new level. There's a whole ideology out there built around takfir or essentially "declaring Muslims as kufar or unbelievers" for failing an evermore peculiar litmus test. Imagine if death squads emerged killing Black people for not being Black enough. Originating in some of the philosophical exhortations by scholar Ibn Taymiyyah 700 years ago, the criteria by which you are deemed "takfir-ed" and permissible to be killed has reached insane if not idiosyncratic levels. It would be funny if the situation weren't so deadly. Even barbers were caught in the crosshairs and were being assassinated in Baghdad in the 2000s. 
    3. Death and destruction in the Muslim world have a timeout. 
    From Yemen to IraqLibya to Somalia, and from Afghanistan to far beyond, civil strife is rife in too many parts of what is defined as the Muslim world. Autocrats, militants, extremists and terrorists, don't care who they kill: men, women, children -- everyone is fair game. I wish this would stop. Into this toxic mix, the last thing needed is more killing coming into these countries from the outside; the 2003 invasion of Iraq proved that. I wonder if Russia will hear that message? 
    4. We all get comfortable with the "other."
    What a difference it was in 2015 between Trudeau and Trump in the North American political cycle. The world needs more Trudeaus and less Trumps (Donalds that is). The fear of the "other" is starting to define Western politics and it is not just about Trump. The rise of right-wing political parties in Europe from Hungary to Denmark is a poignant reminder of the breadth of this phenomenon. Yet, outside the West this fear of the other also permeates and often dominates. In Turkey, we are seeing a renewed vilification of the Kurdish population. Further afield in Burma, the Rohingyaare cast as outsiders. In Malaysia, Christians are prohibited from using the Arabic word for God. And, in nearby Brunei, Christmas was simply cancelled. In some of the war zones in the Middle East, Christians are on the verge of disappearing. The world would be a lot better off if we weren't so afraid of the bogeyman of the other.
    5. The Muslim world deals with its taboos. 
    Speaking of an aversion to the non-orthodox, there's a whole set of taboos that many Muslim countries and societies need to start dealing with. A lot of them relate to sex. Sometimes the Muslim world acts like it has one big case of the cooties. There have been attempts by some to break through these restrictions. Wedad Lootah in the UAE comes to mind. Shereen El Feki's Sex and the Citadel is another. This is not an issue to take lightly, especially in societies where 60-70 percent of youth are under the age of 30. Bombarded by sexualized imagery from modern and digital media, these youth then live, essentially, in an austere second world that is their reality. More importantly and tragically, rape and sexual assault are simply not talked about; child abuse is an even worse curse hidden under the rug. Finally, at some point Muslim countries - and the clerical establishment -- will need to come to terms with the fact that gay Muslims exist
    6. Somewhere, over the rainbow, democracy and Islam go steady. 
    Let's be honest, a lot of people have tried to set up democracy with Islam for a relationship. Sometimes it has been a surprise blind date (e.g. Iraq in 2003). Other times, it was a relationship that grew from blind passion (e.g. the Arab world in 2011). Often, the sparks of love eventually turn into animus and things quickly go south. In the Arab world, Tunisia is carrying - with some fragility -- the banner of democracy. Many Muslim-majority countries that used to be counted as democracies now suffer from authoritarian syndromes (e.g. TurkeyMalaysia, and Bangladesh). In other cases, democracy in its infancy quickly devolved into score settling or majoritarian mafias (e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt). Perhaps Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country is our hope that can breathe life into this wish. 
    7. Averroes comes back in style. 
    Averroes -- or Ibn Rushd -- was a man's man. He schooled his way into Raphael's The School of Athens. The polymath kept alive ancient Greek philosophy, paving the way for much of Europe's modern intellectual movements. Back in the day, in Andalusia, he was a big deal (Biden-style). And, why not? He vociferously argued for the co-existence of secular and religious thought in a posthumous debate with the Abbasid scholar Al Ghazali. Ultimately, Ibn Rushd lost the debate to the detriment of the Muslim world, but his arguments culminated with the work, The Incoherence of Incoherence, which I think would be a great riposte to all ISIS ideologues and their friends. If Ibn Taymiyyah came back, then let's bring Averroes back too. 
    8. Flying while Muslim is no longer a thing. 
    They say that flying while Muslim is the new driving while Black. I guess if you're a Black Muslim, this really sucks, especially if you drive to the airport for your flight. So my wish maybe can be two-pronged: getting rid of both 'driving while Black' as well as 'flying while Muslim.' What is flying while Muslim? Well, it often starts with a casual stare or two from across the way. A timid approach then ensues: "Excuse me sir." This is normally followed by a more forceful: "Please follow me." It can then get quite aggressive, with clothes falling by the wayside. It normally ends with your belongings in disarray, your belt on backwards, and you fast-walking without turning back in the hope that no one thinks twice about you boarding your flight. Oh, and don't watch the news while on the plane. I hate flying while Muslim. 
    9. Trump presides over a Muslim beauty contest. 
    Was 2015 the year of Trump? You have to hand it to Trump; he sure knows how to grab the spotlight. Unfortunately, he's used that spotlight to spew increasingly populist venom targeted at Muslims (and others). Maybe, we need to better appeal to Trump's core interest: beauty pageants. There are a few lists circulating online for potential Muslim contestants (for Men: click here | for Women: click here). Yet, I think we should make this a mipsters pageant and turn this whole thing on its head. 
    10. Peace comes to Syria. 
    This Muslim (me) -- speaking on behalf of 1.5 billion people around the world -- has 10 wishes for 2016 but if only one of them came true it should be this one. No country has been more ravaged in recent memory than Syria. Hundreds of thousands have been killed as gangsters, terrorists, and dictators fight for supremacy. The surrounding region, instead of trying to promote a solution, has sent in weapons, fighters, and incitement. The world, instead of trying to mediate, has sought to settle old scores. All the while, the people in Syria live in lifeless limbo amidst daily death and destruction. If I had only one wish it would be that the violence in Syria would come to an end. 
    This wish list is non-exhaustive. I think I may have missed a few...

              Malala Yousafzai and the Missing Brown Savior Complex        
    On October 9, 2012, a Taliban gunman accosted a bus carrying 15 year-old Malala Yousafzai and her schoolmates, and coldly shot them at close range. The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan not only claimed responsibility for the blatant assassination attempt of the teenage education activist, but as it emerged that Malala would survive the attack, the movement also reiterated its desire to kill her. Miraculously through the efforts of friends and family, the local community in Swat Valley where she is from and where she was shot, and the Pakistani army that airlifted her to Peshawar, Malala Yousafzai survived (as did the other victims). Given the seriousness of her condition, it was imperative she was treated by the best doctors, and a generous gesture by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi allowed her to be flown by air ambulance to England for major surgery. Fast forward just one year later, Malala has recovered and is even more emphatic in her message against the Taliban, promoting the empowerment of young women like her across Pakistan, and all around the world. And expectedly, the global media, including The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, have been celebrating her courage (perhaps caught in the moment of it all).

    Great story, right? And what could be wrong about the alleged 'overexposure' of a young girl expressing words of peace and fighting for girls' education against a religious patriarchy? Apparently a lot. In fact, in Pakistan and in her hometown, her global coronation is treated with derision: "Malala is spoiling Pakistan's name around the world." Others have more sinister accusations of a CIA conspiracy involving both Malala and the gunman, claiming the entire affair is a Western plot. Yet, in recent days, an article written by a blogger in July on Huffington Post has been making the rounds on social media, entitled, "Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex." It argues, "Please, spare us the self-righteous and self-congratulatory message that is nothing more than propaganda that tells us that the West drops bombs to save girls like Malala."

    The truth is there is no white savior coming for Pakistan or for any Muslim country, the vast majority of which are characterised by pernicious politics, inequitable economics, and irrational intolerance. Lecturing the chattering classes about geopolitical realties and distributing treatises on Western imperialism won't change anything. Fundamentally it will only be the indigenous leadership - helped or not helped by outsiders - that will drive change. Yet, when leaders do emerge, it seems that the local media (and now social media) are pre-occupied with tearing them down rather than building them up. People instead squander their energy on misguided diatribes, as the case of Malala has unfortunately shown. The real reason that the 'white savior complex' even is relevant is that we fail to champion the very 'brown saviors' in our midst.

    Malala Yousafzai was thrust into the spotlight after her initial attack, which was so jarring that all Pakistani leaders came out in strong condemnation. Then Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari - himself a questionable character to say the least - labelling the attack as one against "all civilized people." Prior to the attack, Malala had rose to prominence as an activist, encouraged by her father, for girls education and against the policies and values of the Taliban, which was why she was targeted in the first place. Without picking up a gun, her message was considered a threat to their movement, which is amazing in it of itself. Yet, it was on July 12 earlier this year, speaking on her birthday to the United Nations that Malala brought tears to the eyes of millions of people around the world. Having remarkably recovered from her wounds (and having undergone partial facial reconstruction), and still facing death threats, Malala stood steadfast in front of a global audience, and spoke with fortitude and confidence: "The terrorists thought that they would change my aims and stop my ambitions but nothing changed in my life, except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born."

    It was such a powerful moment, that almost every international news outlet carried the speech of this young woman live across the world. And for the first time in a long time, the Pakistani and Muslim in the spotlight was not an extremist but someone standing up to extremism. The plaudits continued to come, especially in the last few weeks, as Malala released a book about her experience and was awarded the prestigious Sakharov Prize from the European Union. In fact, she was the rumored favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize, which in the end was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, in a surprise but perhaps deserving win. Of course, the Western media in particular have a penchant for over-hyping (if not over-milking) and over-sensationalizing such stories of heroism. And it will be very difficult for Malala to not only live up to such hype but also to prevent the perception that she is over-shadowing other deserving heroes. Yet, is that not the story of all figures of change who inspire us? Was Nelson Mandela really the only Black leader in South Africa's prisons? Was Martin Luther King Jr. the only individual marching in the South? Was Aung San Suu Kyi the only fighter for freedom in Burma?

    It does seem increasingly, however, that Malala is a leader denied a strong constituency back home. It is easy to dismiss the allegations that she is a CIA agent - although the photo-op with the Obama's won't help - as well as the gloating of Taliban supporters after she was not awarded the Nobel Prize. Yet it is harder to dismiss the cacophony of criticism in Pakistan, in Swat Valley, and on the social media pages of Pakistanis, and for that matter, Muslims from around the world. As one government official said: "Everyone knows about Malala, but they do not want to affiliate with her." The primary complaints include the following:
    • This is another example of the West trying to portray themselves as a savior of the East. 
    • Malala is a secular heroine not a Muslim heroine. 
    • While her case is tragic there are other victims who deserve prominence. 
    • The crimes of the West through drones and in Iraq and Afghanistan, far outweigh the crimes of the Taliban. 
    • This is an effort of the West to try to avoid its own complicity in the situation in Pakistan that led to Malala's shooting. 
    As with most disinformation campaigns, this one is based on kernels of truth. For starters, the world does neglect the stories of deserving others. One such example would be of the tour-de-force Pakistani social worker  Parveen Rehman who was shot dead in Karachi earlier this year. Additionally, it has been the Western media that has largely driven the popular support for Malala globally; that, however, has to be attributed to the dismal failure of the Pakistani media to not do so instead (in my humble opinion). Finally, and the most valid critique is that the story of Malala should not negate the very pivotal role the United States and the West has played and continues to play in creating the current perilous conditions in Pakistan and in contributing to the deaths of innocents there, and in other countries. 

    Firstly, U.S. policy has been heavily involved in the rise of the Taliban in Pakistan, which it tacitly supported alongside Saudi Arabia and Pakistan's intelligence service in the mid-1990s. Moreover, the United States and Saudi Arabia (and some other Western and Muslim powers) cooperated to support radical jihadism (even printing textbooks to that effect for Afghanistan) and Islamism as a bulwark against the Soviet Union and communism. In fact, Israel also supported the radical group Hamas as a counterweight to the secular Fatah movement of then Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Yes, the world was and is screwed up, and the powers of the world have much complicity in that. 

    Secondly, and more importantly, the military operations carried out by the U.S. in particular in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq have led to thousands of deaths of innocent people in recent years. These actions have largely gone unpunished and the victims have been forgotten. Certainly it is not just the Taliban that are killing and the world cannot dispense justice selectively. 

    Does saying all of that make Malala Yousafzai any less of a hero (or heroine)? Is her courage dimmed by the crimes of others? Is her movement for the empowerment of young girls in Pakistan any less important? Of course not. Criticisms of the West will bring no one closer to emancipation. And it cannot mask the very pure fact that today's purveyors of disaster and death in the world also include Muslims.

    Who bombed the church in Peshawar slaughtering 85 worshippers? Who attacked Westgate Mall in Nairobi killing dozens of innocents? Who murders dozens of men, women and children in Iraq every week? When a Muslim rises up - a so-called brown savior - to fight such crimes and the movements behind them, we should put him or her on our shoulders and not try to chase that person into the darkness. There is no shame in admitting Brown and Muslim guilt in the world's crimes, and it does not negate the wider reality and context around the violence that does occur. In fact, our fear of partial guilt in particular should not misguidedly cause us to throw out the very sparse examples of (counter-) leadership in Muslim countries that emerge and strike fear in the heart of radical extremists. 

    It has become far too easy on all sides to blame the other rather than introspect inward. Above all, instead of blaming the West for its 'white savior complex' maybe it's time to develop our own brown savior complex to save ourselves from ourselves. 

              Waiting for Obama: The Arab World and Intervention         

    This article originally appeared in Syria Deeply, and can be found here

    On Aug. 2, 1990, a Saddam Hussein-led Iraq launched a bombing campaign and invasion of Kuwait. Part of the decision was the thought that the U.S., facing its own economic issues at home and a perceived passivity towards disputes in the Arab world, would not react with force. 

    Almost five months later, Operation Desert Storm, led by a broad international coalition under the direction of then President George Bush (who had secured a resolution from the U.N. Security Council), began with aerial attacks and ended with the capitulation of Saddam’s forces after just five weeks.
    Two things became clear: that the U.S. would take decisive action to enforce peace and security in the region when a “red line” was crossed; and secondly, that it would be methodical in building a strong coalition.
    The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been waiting for a similar moment from President Barack Obama on the Syrian conflict.  After months of endless prodding, with only a series of half-steps coming from the U.S., the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus (allegedly carried out by the Assad regime) finally seemed to have pushed Obama to take robust action on Syria.
    But initial urgency by the U.S. to act has since subsided, or so it appears. With the passing of each day, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are left increasingly in the lurch, waiting for Obama, wondering if the U.S. has reversed its approach to the region that was heralded by the Gulf War over two decades ago.
    In 1991, when military action was mobilized against Iraq, it was done so under the auspices of a U.N. resolution. And while the Arab world was divided on the intervention, the six GCC countries, along with Egypt and Syria, were part of the armed coalition that was formed. Twenty years later, the situation is markedly different as the Arab world contemplates involvement in military strikes against Syria.
    Outside of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, enthusiasm to participate in a military coalition is weak at best. While Jordan will have to be involved due to its reliance on both Saudi Arabia and the U.S. for economic support, Syria’s other Arab neighbors, Lebanon and Iraq, have voiced staunch opposition to external intervention.
    In an unambiguous statement, Egypt, under its new military leadership, also voiced its objections to “aggression in Syria.” Even the United Arab Emirates may not get involved without broad international legitimacy; unlike in Libya in 2011, this would constitute a military strike by Arab countries allied with the U.S. without any other legal or symbolic cover.
    Obama’s initial enthusiasm for military action, juxtaposed with his subsequent hesitation, has furthered the Arab world’s reluctance to participate. Staunch Western allies like the United Kingdom have indicated a lack of desire to be involved, and it is still in doubt whether action would be approved by NATO or the U.N. In the current atmosphere, a broad coalition involving multiple regional actors is unlikely, especially from a military standpoint. Most of the “diplomacy” to build a coalition has so far been limited to public speeches by high-level U.S. officials, rather than effective diplomatic engagement in the region. It indicates to the Arab world that the U.S. is not serious about a response, and is itself perhaps buying time.
    In Sunday’s Arab League meeting in Cairo, rhetoric was high. But it was clear that beyond Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the appetite for intervention had dissipated. Following two years of bluster, including countless meetings of the Friends of Syria, the moment for a decision finally came, and the U.S. blinked. The hawkish stance of the Arab League and even the GCC must, to Assad, have looked hollow. In the end, the statement by the Arab League called for “deterrent measures” by the U.N., without calling for military or unilateral action.
    While we may yet see strikes on Syria or the symbolic contribution of military hardware (like fighter jets) by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the process has already overshadowed whatever the result may be. In many ways, whatever happens now in response will be far too little and far too late. All the while, the conflict in Syria will continue without any end in sight.

              The only road to peace in Syria        
    This article originally appeared on CNN.com and can be found at the link below.


    As has frequently been the case in the last two-and-a-half years, I found myself this past weekend caught in an intense conversation about the ongoing civil war in Syria. This time it was with a supporter of the al-Assad government. He was relentless, insisting that there was no choice but victory, at any cost, especially since the government has been facing foreign fighters from "83 countries." 

    It's a common refrain I've heard in different variations from all sides of the conflict -- there is no choice but victory. As the world debates the efficacy of a military strike against the al-Assad government in response to its use of chemical weapons on civilians, the fighting on the ground shows no signs of abating. It is clear that the Syrian people are caught between a zero-sum political game being played by the regime and rebels, and their respective backers.

    Despite lofty rhetoric from a number of countries, diplomatic efforts towards a political solution should have been more vigorous.

    Calling for an immediate cease-fire on all sides is the only path towards peace. But will the United States and other key players go down that road?

    Please visit CNN for the full article. 

              10 Questions on the Conflict in Syria        
    A potential military strike by Western powers on Syria now appears to be a fait accompli and is being touted as long overdue. Given the spiralling humanitarian disaster that has overtaken the country during the last two years of conflict, continued inaction appears to be an untenable reality. The death toll is now well over 100,000 (although the proportion of civilians to combatants is unclear). There are 2 million refugees, half of whom are children, and over 4 million more internally displaced persons (IDPs), amounting to a quarter of the country's overall population. Yet, it was the apparent chemical weapons attack in the suburbs around Damascus known as Ghouta last week that has served as the impetus for international military intervention into the conflict. Amidst the rhetoric and war rehearsals, clarity on what is really happening seems to be cast aside in the media, in favor of faux-spontaneous leaks, retired generals, and trumpeters of past wars. Here are ten questions to try to set the record straight.

    1. Were chemical weapons used in Syria?

    When the initial attack unfolded last Wednesday, August 21 in the suburbs in Damascus known as Ghouta (near the town/suburb of Jobar), news quickly spread to local, regional and international media. Claims were made of hundreds of deaths, with some activists claiming the death toll was 1,300. Moreover, the Government of Syria immediately denied responsibility and has continued to do so. However, the attack did unfold amidst a series of army strikes on Jobar, which is a rebel-held area, and has been for quite some time. The Government conversely claimed to find chemical weapons supplies in tunnels in the same area, and it is alleged that some Hezbollah fighters were also exposed to chemical toxins.

    A week on, it appears incontrovertible that chemical weapons were used, not just from YouTube videos but also from visits by independent journalists, and of course by a report by Médecins Sans Frontières that has documented at least 355 deaths from local hospitals. It is likely that the chemical agent used was a neurotoxin or nerve gas, most likely sarin gas. What is still not clear, is how they were delivered (i.e. in what form and carried on what type of weapon) and from where.

    It should also be kept in mind that this was not the first attack that has been alleged. There have been numerous claims by rebels, and counter-claims by the government on the use of chemical weapons in the conflict. Here's a map of those events. In fact, this is precisely why the team of UN inspectors had arrived in the country, the day before this latest incident (and massacre) took place. In fact, what is interesting is that their investigation of other sites has now been put on the back-burner due to the latest developments.

    2. Do we know who actually used the chemical weapons? 

    The United States, United Kingdom, and France have all stated they are certain that the Government of Syria has undertaken the attack last week. On the U.S. side, at the forefront of the rhetoric has been Vice President Biden - who has said there is 'no doubt' - and Secretary of State John Kerry, who made an evocative plea for action several days ago. Of course, the next speech is the most important, and it would be one made by President Barack Obama. In light of this certainty, it would be difficult to question the attribution of blame. A leak from the US government also claims to have intercepted a murky call between commanders in the Syrian army that supposedly is evidence of culpability on the Syrian side.

    There is tremendous reason to doubt U.S. claims. Firstly, it should not be forgotten that then Secretary of State Colin Powell presented ironclad evidence to the United Nations Security Council of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that Saddam Hussein possessed, a finding that was later proven to be utterly false, but which was the basis of a war that continues until today. Secondly, the U.S. claimed that there was incontrovertible proof that the Government of Syria was responsible for earlier chemical attacks this year, but that finding has been contested, and some experts apportioned blame to the rebels fighting the government. And finally, in this case, no evidence has been presented, as of yet to make such a determination, at least not conclusively.

    Does that mean the Assad and his regime are not responsible? No. It is very likely given the ongoing military operations in the same area that the Syrian government launched such an attack. Yet, more evidence needs to be presented to make a definitive conclusion. The other scenarios that could be possible are:

    - Extremists groups like Jubhat al-Nusra, who have previously seized advanced weaponry and possibly chemical weapons from Syrian army bases and positions, were attempting to use them on Syrian soldiers (or conversely to cast blame on the Syrian army);

    - The Government of Syria inadvertently hit a stockpile of sarin gas releasing the toxins (although unclear if this would lead to the effects that we've seen); or

    - Rogue elements within the chain of command used chemical weapons intentionally or inadvertently.

    Russia, Iran and China have of course cast doubt on western claims but that is to be expected.

    3. What would be the basis or justification for US intervention?

    The U.S. intervention would likely be on the basis of Obama's previously stated red line on Syria, which would be the mass use/movement of chemical weapons. It is not in fact about humanitarian intervention and the Responsibility to Protect framework, developed in the 1990s to prevent genocide and mass civilian deaths. If it was, then the humanitarian case for intervention has been present for some time, and other massacres by the Syrian regime, such as in Houla in 2012, would have provided sufficient pretext. Obviously, the U.S. and other Western powers, and regional countries, have their own interests at play that are much more geopolitical in nature, but the justification or casus belli being offered is around the issue of chemical weapons, and chemical weapons alone.

    4. Will anybody else be involved in the military strikes besides the US and will this affect whether they are 'legal'?

    Given Russian and Chinese opposition, and a likely veto of any resolution by the United Nations Security Council supporting such a military strike on Syria - especially in light of the intervention in Libya, which Russia regretted supporting - a 'coalition of the willing' will need to be developed. This coalition would be broader than the Iraq War in 2003, and would be similar to the coalition carrying out the strikes against Serb positions vis-a-vis Kosovo in 1999. While the U.S., U.K. and France will likely lead an effort, Turkey would also be critical as a staging ground (as it borders Syria from the North), and thus there will be an attempt to launch such an attack under the auspices of NATO. Despite its reluctance, Jordan, given its reliance on the U.S. and Saudi Arabia politically and economically, will have no choice but to support . The two other neighbours of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are squarely against any military strike. And of course, the other neighbor - Israel - would sit this one out but would provide intelligence to the U.S. and other parties on Syrian positions, given that it has already undertaken a number of air strikes on Syria in the past two years.

    Further afield, it is likely the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) will support military intervention, with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates possibly sending fighter jets to participate in a strike to give it regional cover and credibility. Finally, while many groups within the Arab and Muslim world, and the 'left' of the West, will oppose military intervention, many others will support it, because of the spiralling humanitarian situation in Syria.

    Technically speaking if the military intervention is not sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, and there is no imminent threat that the U.S. and other parties can point to towards its own territory or its assets, it would be illegal under international law. However, that has not stopped NATO or other countries (i.e. Russia in Georgia) form undertaking military action in the past. And before the Iraq War, some scholars claimed that while such an attack would be illegal it would be legitimate, and demonstrated retroactively to be legal. Given the state of world affairs, 'legality' is likely not a determining factor for a strike on Syria.

    5. Are we seeing a repeat of Iraq in 2003? 

    No. The situation today with Syria is different than it was in 2003 in Iraq, for many reasons, despite some passing similarities. In Iraq, the U.S. claimed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction while in Syria, we already know Bashar al-Assad possesses chemical weapons, and the question is whether he used them (small aside, it was released this week that thirty years ago, the U.S. obstructed a UN investigation when it knew Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons). In Iraq, the U.S. alleged that Saddam Hussein had links with Al Qaeda (and related groups), while in Syria, Bashar al Assad is widely acknowledged to be fighting Al Qaeda (and related groups) in addition to the 'Free Syrian Army' (and in addition to crushing peaceful demonstrators). In Iraq, there was no active state of conflict that was leading to a spiralling humanitarian catastrophe (and the potential use of WMDs), while in Syria there is not just a violent conflict, but also WMDs have been used by somebody (even if the culprit is not yet clear).

    What should be noted, however, is that both Iraq in 2003 and Syria in 2013, are in complex environments, and any removal of government or sustained military intervention would have dramatic unforeseen consequences. It seems like the media debate in the U.S. is also similarly anaemic (but slightly better) this time around.

    6. What is the real motivation for the United States and other powers?

    As with all things in this world when it comes to international relations, the primary interest is not humanitarian but geopolitical. This is not absolute, however, and it could be argued that Turkey has been insisting on humanitarian intervention from an early stage. However, the regimes (not peoples) in the Gulf, most notably Saudi Arabia, are exclusively concerned with dislodging Syria from the Iranian orbit, and severing connections between Syria and Hezbollah. Humanitarian concerns are a by-product. And for the United States, something similar is at play. As noted above, if this was about humanitarian concerns, action would have been taken long before 100,000 deaths had occurred.

    For the U.S. it has been looking for regime change in Syria for a while. However, these strikes if they occur, will be about sending a message and asserting America's position in the Middle East, given the red line that Obama drew. Ultimately, it may tip the scales in the rebels favour or improve the U.S.'s negotiating position vis-a-vis Iran. The chemical weapons attack in a morbid way, opened a door of opportunity for Western powers (with GCC support) to do something limited without a full-scale intervention.

    7. Will military intervention solve the Syrian conflict?

    No. Military intervention no matter how small or how big will not solve the Syrian conflict. In fact, it could very much exacerbate the situation on the ground even further (if that can be imagined). What is being reported currently is that the U.S. and allies will undertake a series of 'surgical strikes', a euphemism for a large-scale assault on key military and strategic installations, such as army positions, air bases, radar installations, communications infrastructure, supply routes, and, where appropriate, power stations (among other targets). More than anything this will be intended to send a message to the regime and weaken its capabilities. Yet, it would not be a fatal blow. And it would not necessarily tip the scales in favor of the rebels. It may in fact mobilize certain parties to support the regime, if there are civilian casualties from the intervention.

    The solution to the Syrian situation has to be political, if it is going to lead to stability or peace. Yet, if the military intervention escalated and led to the removal of the Syrian regime, that would still not be the end of the conflict. After the Soviets were booted out of Afghanistan, the country devolved into a civil war for five years until the rise of the Taliban in 1996. Somalia has only recently stabilised (somewhat), more than 20 years after the assassination of its leader, President Siad Barre. And neighboring Lebanon, took 15 years of conflict (1975-1990) to reach an end, which was brought about by ironically Syrian military intervention (which committed its own crimes), that produced a - audible gasp - political settlement.

    8. What could potentially go wrong?

    Everything. The potential for disaster following military intervention in any country is great (see Black Hawk Down, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on). Yet, in Syria it could be apocalyptic. Here is a list of what that could entail:

    - Chemical weapons are used by Syria against its neighbors such as Jordan and Turkey, or U.S. military positions in those countries;
    - U.S. planes/helicopters are shot down leading to an escalation of U.S. involvement requiring boots on the ground;
    - Syria sends a volley of missiles into Tel Aviv and other places in Israel, leading to a regional war;
    - Proxy forces of Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, launch a sustained campaign against Israel/U.S. interests, including attacks embassies within Lebanon/Palestine/Israel but also in other countries, in the short and medium-term;
    - Al Qaeda forces in the region, while opposing the Assad regime, oppose U.S. intervention especially if there are masses of civilian casualties, and use it as a pretext for attacks in places such as Yemen;
    - Russia objects to the U.S. strike, and mobilizes warships to the Mediterranean, leading to a standoff with Europe and the U.S.;
    - Negotiations with Iran, still in embryonic stages are suspended irrevocably;
    - Six party talks with North Korea are suspended by Russia, China, and North Korea irrevocably;
    - The Syrian regime goes all out in its conflict and begins to bomb with even more abandon civilian areas controlled by rebels, leading to thousands of casualties, and counter-massacres by enraged rebel fighters;
    - The Syrian regime is removed by force from power by the intervention, leading to a power vacuum sinking the country further into civil war for over a decade of even more violent strife and a possible Al Qaeda style government;
    - Tensions rise in the Middle East, especially in places of sectarian division (i.e. Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, and Iraq) leading to civil strife and attacks on governments, and counter-attacks on populations; and
    - World War 3.

    9. What could potentially go right?

    It may seem that what is written above is slightly alarmist and that's true. Many things can go wrong (most of which, to be honest, are hard to predict as they will be unforeseen consequences or as Donald Rumsfeld, ironically calls them, unknown unknowns). However, the U.S.-led strikes could be quite effective. Firstly, if they are limited in scope, they can be completed in one day, reducing the risk for a military entanglement and civilian casualties. Secondly, if they are from the air, there is limited risk for casualties on the side of the intervening forces. Thirdly, an attack that is forceful and hits Syrian military positions, will send a message to Assad that there is a limit to what he can do, which thus far has not been the case, and may entice him to reach a political settlement. Fourthly, it is unlikely that the Syrian regime would retaliate, for a short strike on positions, against Israel, knowing that they cannot afford to fight a war on so many fronts (and thus far they have yet to retaliate to any Israel air strike). Finally, the systematic destruction of Assad's air capabilities could be instrumental in limiting civilian casualties by the regime in the future.

    All of this is one possibility of what could occur.

    10. Let's cut to the chase - should I support or not support military intervention?

    There is no clearcut answer. Ultimately, military intervention should not be supported as a solution to the Syrian conflict. It is not, and whether we like it or not, a political solution/settlement is the only way the current situation moves towards peace and stability. The U.S. is negotiating with the Taliban. The Vietnamese negotiated with the U.S. The Lebanese negotiated with each other. The Dayton Accords to end the Bosnian War were signed with Slobodan Milosevic. It may not be easy, it may be unlikely, and it will not work perfectly, but political discussions involving all parties is the only way to find a real solution.

    That being said, if a case is made with overwhelming evidence by independent parties (not U.S. conjecture) that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian regime, then military intervention on a limited scale, and for a period of 1-2 days only, should be undertaken, ideally with UN support - and if not with broad support of half of the members, i.e. 90, of the UN General Assembly to demonstrate legitimacy - against military targets only, which will both send a message about the use of these weapons and damage the capabilities of Assad.

    What is clear is that whatever happens, there are no clear answers with regards to the conflict in Syria.

              MOD to Upgrade Air-to-Air Missile        
    The Ministry of Defence has awarded a £300m contract to sustain a key air-to-air missile used by RAF Typhoon jets, supporting over 400 jobs across the UK. MBDA (UK) Ltd will design and build the new variant of their Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) missile, incorporating updated sub-systems into the current ASRAAM design. This will make it possible to upgrade the weapon system as necessary. The eight-year contract will directly sustain around 200 highly skilled t...
              Robot Man to Test Protective Equipment        
    MOD’s newest recruit is named ‘Porton Man’ after the home of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), at Porton Down in Wiltshire. Built using advanced lightweight materials developed for Formula One racing cars, he is able to walk, march, run, sit, kneel and can even lift his arms to sight a weapon like an infantry soldier. More than a hundred sensors all over the robot’s body record data during tests, enabling scientists to carry out real-time analys...
              Multi-million-pound investment in Royal Navy missiles        
    The Ministry of Defence will contribute £280 million towards the development of the future anti-surface guided missiles in what is the first new collaborative project since last month’s Anglo-French summit, held at RAF Brize Norton. This marks a significant step in joint working on complex weapons between the 2 nations. The investment will sustain around 200 highly skilled UK jobs and work will take place at MBDA sites in Lostock near Manchester, Bristol and Stevenage. Th...
              GBP35 M Contract Sustains RAF's Precision Weapon        
    A contract with British defence firm MBDA will guarantee the supply of the weapons for the next 5 years. The air-to-ground missiles provide unrivalled capability for pilots, who are able to engage moving and static targets during both the day and the night. With a small warhead and precision guidance, using Brimstone significantly reduces the risk of collateral damage. Manufactured and assembled by MBDA in the UK, the contract will secure 20 specialist jobs at their facilitie...
              Beyond Our Measure        
    A new MP3 sermon from Merriman Hills Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio.com with the following details:

    Title: Beyond Our Measure
    Subtitle: 2 Corinthians
    Speaker: Mike Perry
    Broadcaster: Merriman Hills Baptist Church
    Event: Sunday - PM
    Date: 1/31/2016
    Bible: 2 Corinthians 10
    Length: 35 min. (64kbps)

    Overview: The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty.
              Alabama Prisoner Facing Eighth Execution Date Claims Innocence, Challenges Execution Procedures        

    Tommy Arthur (pictured), an Alabama death-row prisoner whose 35-year journey through the court system has frustrated both proponents and opponents of the death penalty, is scheduled to be executed on May 25, 2017, the eighth time Alabama has set an execution date in his case. Arthur—whose conviction and death sentence has twice been overturned by the courts and was sentenced to death by his trial judge based upon a non-unanimous jury sentencing recommendation—has steadfastly maintained his innocence in the 1982 murder of Troy Wicker. Most recently, an evenly divided U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay of execution four hours after Arthur's execution was set to begin on November 3, 2016, so the Court could consider whether to review Arthur's challenge to Alabama's use of the controversial drug midazolam and his request to be executed by firing squad. The Court ultimately declined to review both that claim and Arthur's separate challenge to the constitutionality of Alabama's non-unanimous sentencing practices. Arthur has repeatedly raised innocence claims, seeking new forensic testing of evidence from his case. Judy Wicker, the wife of Troy Wicker, who was charged with hiring Arthur to kill her husband, testified at her trial that her husband had been murdered by a burglar who beat and raped her. After Ms. Wicker's conviction, she changed her testimony when a prosecutor, who had previously represented her at a parole hearing, offered her early release if she testified against Arthur. The rape kit taken from Ms. Wicker at the time of the murder was lost or destroyed without being tested for DNA and, according to Arthur's current lawyer, Suhana Han, “[n]either a fingerprint or a weapon, nor any other physical evidence connects Arthur to the murder of Troy Wicker.” Hairs found near the victim have also never been tested with modern DNA technology. Arthur has also argued that his trial counsel was ineffective, and continues to litigate issues relating to Alabama's lethal injection protocol. He currently has an emergency motion pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, challenging the state's planned use of midazolam, a drug that has been linked to many problematic executions, including that of Ron Smith in Alabama in December 2016. He has also challenged the state's refusal to disclose records related to the Smith execution, which his lawyers say may provide critical evidence for his lethal-injection challenge. The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals issued a preliminary ruling in Arthur's favor on a separate issue on May 23, reversing a Montgomery Circuit judge's order rejecting Arthur's claim that the legislature, rather than the Department of Corrections, should determine the state's execution method. But that procedural ruling will not delay his execution. His motion stated, "The role of the legislature is particularly critical given the controversial nature of the ADOC's current midazolam-based execution protocol. ...The choice of the first drug (midazolam) to be used is critical, because without an effective anesthetic, the second and third drugs would cause unbearable pain. But the drug the ADOC chose (in secret), midazolam, is not used in medical practice as a general anesthetic; rather, it is an anti-anxiety sedative in the same drug family as Valium and Xanax, and its use in lethal injection has been extremely problematic." [UPDATE: Alabama executed Thomas Arthur near midnight on May 25. He was pronounced dead at 12:15 a.m. on May 26. Media witnesses reported no visible indicators that the drugs had failed.]

    (A. Blinder, "Alabama Inmate Hopes to Dodge Death for an Eighth Time," The New York Times, May 24, 2017; E. Pilkington, "'It's mind over matter': Alabama prisoner faces execution date for the eighth time," The Guardian, May 24, 2017; K. Faulk, "Court reverses ruling in death-row case, but AG says execution still on," AL.com, May 23, 2017.) See Arbitrariness and Innocence.

              Movember Contest        

    Scary thought: I’m fully convinced that anybody can get away with murder one time. I’ve made this argument to my friends and family for years, but last night I lost a ton of sleep because I started thinking about it again (probably because I get too emotionally attached when I watch Dexter). Let me explain.

    First of all, when I say that anybody can get away with one murder, I obviously don’t mean that you can just walk in on your ex-girlfriend and her new man and just stab him in the balls with no consequence. So please, put the knife down and keep reading before you do something you’ll forever regret. What I really mean is that anybody can get away with one random murder.

    Think about it. When cops are investigating a murder, there are always three things they seriously consider– motive, evidence, and possible witnesses. Keeping this in mind, (we need to give our hypothetical murderer a name – “Evan” will do the trick) Evan could get away with murder, provided that he has absolutely no connection to the victim, he doesn’t leave a trail, and nobody sees him do it (or at least nobody gets a good look at him). This means that if Evan was to get bloodthirsty for some reason, all he’d have to do is break into a random house in the middle of nowhere (also known as the rural Midwest), unleash a meat cleaver on whoever he sees, and then take the weapon with him as he quickly flees the scene.

    So long as the entire crime is random and unpredictable, and as long as he has no criminal record (so DNA testing can’t nail him), I’m convinced the cops would never figure out that Evan did it. This, more than anything else, is why I was so terrified of Christopher Lloyd in Dennis The Menace when I was little. Dude was a drifter who just jumped off a train in Dennis’ town. He could have easily slit Mr. Wilson’s throat and anally penetrated Dennis with his own slingshot, then jumped backed on the next train and disappeared into oblivion. There’s no way in hell the cops would’ve figured that one out.

    Now, I know some of you might think that bringing this up makes me some dark, creepy guy. My response to this is twofold – A) this is what a dark, creepy guy looks like, and B) I’m not bringing it up because I plan on killing someone, but rather because I’m scared of someone doing it to me. It’s terrifying to know that some hobo could stalk me for a few days and gut out my insides while I’m sleeping without the cops having any idea of where to even start looking.

    Even worse, “Evan” could stage the murder to look like a suicide and the cops wouldn’t investigate it at all. This is why I’m adamant about my concept of a non-suicide note. It’s basically a note that happy, mentally-healthy people write that says, “I assure you that I would never commit suicide, so if it looks like I did, please know that someone murdered me and tried to cover it up. Please investigate this and don’t just assume things.”

    Obviously I’d ideally want the cops to find my note immediately. But I also wouldn’t mind if they didn’t, so long as my murder happened when my wife was pregnant and my unborn son found the note 20 years later. That way there would be a 100% chance he would feel obligated to avenge my death, which would be all sorts of badass because it’d more than likely mean he would somehow turn into a superhero. And when you think about it, having your child avenge your death and become a superhero is all a father could ever really ask for.

    Now that I’ve got you all paranoid and creeped out, let’s ease things up a little bit by looking at pictures of guys with mustaches.

    There’s no way you’re falling asleep tonight.


    My original plan for this contest was to pick out a few of my favorites and have the Trillion Man March vote on a winner. But when you all started sending in your stache pics, it became obvious to me that I couldn’t just pick a handful. After all, I’m the same guy who used to like emo music, turtlenecks, and Rick Reilly (to be fair, though, there’s no denying that ESPN Rick Reilly is a completely different person than SI Rick Reilly was), which is another way of saying I’m clearly not that great at making decisions, so picking just a few staches out of the 29 that were sent in was always going to be an impossible task for me.

    So here’s what we’re going to do. I’ve decided to post every picture that was emailed to me (except for a few that were pics of guys with full beards) and I’m going to leave it up to the Trillion Man March to decide which staches are the best. If you see a mustache you like, leave a comment in the comment section of this blog entry and it will serve as a nomination. After a week or so, I’ll tally up the nominations and post the five or six best again and we’ll have a final vote to decide the winner. Remember that anything can be taken into account when judging these mustaches – creativity, manliness, or the lack of both if your heart desires (I think a couple guys could end up winning just because the TMM will pity them).

    Just so we’re clear, it’s okay to nominate more than one stache, but please don’t be a Singler and nominate 20 or something. Also, to make the identification process easier, I’ve decided to assign each picture a name of a great American hero (the name appears ABOVE the picture it corresponds with – I’ll say it again: the name appear ABOVE the picture it corresponds with). When you leave a comment with your nominations, list the names of the great American heroes that correspond to the pictures. So instead of writing, “I like both the guy who looks like a child molester and the guy with the fu manchu/soul patch combo,” write, “I like Rod Beck and Lee Greenwood.” Hopefully that makes sense.

    By the way, don’t forget that the ultimate winner of the contest gets a CLUB TRIL or FUNDAMENTALS MONTAGE!!! shirt, as well as a pack of Barbasol shaving cream. In other words, there’s a lot at stake, so please take this as seriously as I know you will. Like Derek Anderson said: “You think this is funny, but I take this s*** serious. Real serious.”

    Now on to the staches…


















    Mo   Bball














    osu stache


    Photo on 2010-11-30 at 10.42













    Edit: I just realized that Ernest Hemingway took this picture in December of 2007. Clearly he didn't follow the rules, so I'm disqualifying him from the contest. However, his mustache is unfathomably manly, so I'll leave the picture on here.













    God bless America. __________________________________________________

    Now that college basketball is in full swing, the race for The Belt is getting much more heated. There’s a new name atop the leaderboard this time around (and a few names added to the list as well), but it’s too early to pick a favorite as there’s still a lot of basketball to be played (or in the case of these guys, not be played). Here are the current standings.

    The Belt

    I still say that one of the Purdue guys will end up winning it, but my dark horse pick is Nate Schwarze of Rice, mostly because he put up an 11 trillion in his last game. Yes, you read that right. Eleven. Trillion.

    What a badass. ___________________________________________________

    Your awesome YouTube celebrates the holiday season and was sent in to me by Marc L. There’s your shout-out, Marc. And here’s your video.

    Don’t forget to nominate your favorite mustaches.

    Proud To Be An American But Even Prouder To Be A Buckeye,

    Mark Titus

    Club Trillion Founder

              2010-2011 College Basketball Preview (Part II)        

    The Club Trillion College Basketball Preview moves on, as today we talk about guys who look the part, guys who kinda suck, and guys whose lunch money we could easily steal.  As a reminder, I’m in charge of the FIFA and college basketball sections and my good friend Keller is in charge of the professional wrestling section (just so you know who to be pissed at if we somehow offend you). Now let’s get to it. 5…4…3…1…off blast!

    (By the way, if none of that made sense to you because you missed Part I of the Club Trillion College Basketball Preview, you can get up to speed by clicking here.)

    At first, this category might seem like it’s focusing on fashion, but in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I think of fashion as people using their clothing and whatnot to mask their insecurities and try to be cool.  In other words, fashion is for vaginas.  What we’re doing here is analyzing the guys who use their “gear” as a way to accentuate their attitude.  They don’t wear this stuff to make it seem like they’re cool.  They already know they’re badass.  These guys dress the way they do simply because it’s comfortable and that’s how they like it.

    FIFA: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

    No homo, but real talk I’ve always been a little fascinated with the long hair pulled straight back look.  This is most likely because both of the male members of the original DX rocked this hairstyle in two completely different yet completely perfect ways.  Seeing Triple H and Shawn Michaels raise hell and crotch chop all through my childhood made a lasting impression on me and I’ve been a fan of long hair ever since.  It should be noted, though, that the DX/Sergio Ramos long hair look is the only long hair style that’s awesome.  Examples of guys’ long hair looks that suck include the Bama Bangs, the Emo Bangs, the Polomalu, the Shaun White, the Bieber (Bama Bangs except the hair goes over the ears), the Asian Mullet, the Efron (pretty much a combination of the Bama Bangs and the Bieber), the Joakim Noah, and the Home Improvement Kids.

    What makes Sergio Ramos stand out is that he takes his long hair to the next level with a subtle skinny headband.  By also wearing a sweatband on his wrist with the occasional long sleeve jersey, Sergio Ramos has the exact look I would have if I were a soccer player (again, no homo).  Unfortunately, a quick Google Image search of him shows me that he can be a little feminine off the field sometimes, which is pretty discouraging really.  I’m going to chalk up this perceived femininity to the fact that he’s European and it’s well-known that all Europeans are a little light in their loafers.  Nonetheless, the FIFA version of Sergio Ramos looks pretty badass and that’s ultimately all that I care about.

    Pro Wrestling: “Ravishing” Rick Rude

    When I was a kid, I absolutely hated Rick Rude. I disliked vegetables. I didn’t care much for girls. But I completely and unequivocally hated Rick Rude and would cheer for whoever he was wrestling to kick his ass every time one of his matches was on. As I got older, I really started to wonder why young me was such a dumbass on all those things (except for vegetables. Those still blow). The more I caught Rude’s matches, the more and more I started to like him. In fact, he was awesome. He was from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, and the only people I’ve known from Minnesota have been Jared Allen, two swimmers who bite the lids off beer cans to open them, and a total babe who owns multiple animal shirts, so he was good from location alone. Add in a mustache so manly that it generated testosterone into the air the way that trees generate oxygen to go along with the fact that he gyrated his hips inappropriately at both females and males alike, and already you can tell how stupid young me was for hating him. But the biggest thing I missed as a youngster when it came to Rick Rude was just how ridiculously awesome his ring attire was.

    The first place to start is his robe. While not known for his robes in the way that Ric Flair (the runner-up in this award, obviously) was, Rude’s robe was still an integral part of his look. Adorned with jewels and with “Simply Ravishing” written on the back with a pair of lips, the robe worked on two levels. The first was that it was cool in its own right. The second level was that he used his robe as a great reveal, putting down audience members and reminding them that he was the sexiest man in the room and they were about to see for themselves. When he opened his robe, they’d get a glimpse of not only his steroid-perfected body, but also of the tights that lay him claim to this award for best use of gear. It’s an interesting dichotomy.

    A quick aside: to the reader that doesn’t know any better, it would seem like Rude might have been gay. Between the bedazzled robe with big red lips on them and an entrance song that sounds like if Val Venis’ music had been composed for a Christmas present shopping montage in an 80s movie, to the untrained eye Rude would appear to be a homosexual character. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rude would routinely bring female fans in from the audience to make out with him in the ring, leaving them swooning messes when he was done with them. He would even adorn his tights with female faces to show just how much of a ladies man he really was.

    But back to the tights. You see, Rude wins this award because there has never been a wrestler in history with cooler tights than his. The exact look varied, but they almost always had either his face, some girl’s face, or something relevant to whatever angle he was in. When Rude was facing the Ultimate Warrior, the Warrior’s face ended up on Rude’s tights (if you’ve been clicking these links, you’ll see that Rude has a go-to pose, not unlike Same Face Guy). When Rude won the Intercontinental title, where a face would normally be was instead now an airbrushed rendering of the belt itself. Of course, Rude still had a picture of himself puckering his lips, just on the back of his tights now. With gear like Rude wore, it would be wrong to give the award to anybody else.

    College Basketball: E’Twaun Moore (Purdue)

    E’Twuan Moore’s look varies from time to time, but the reason he’s on the list as the best use of gear in college basketball is because of his occasional combination of shirt under the jersey and single sweatband on his wrist.  But, you might be saying, aren’t there tons of guys who wear shirts underneath their jerseys?  Yes, yes there are.  But in case you haven’t figured it out, sweatbands being worn on the wrist gets all sorts of bonus points in my book.  This is mostly because ever since Michael Jordan came along, everyone abandoned the wrist and started wearing their sweatband on their forearm.  Very few people have the audacity to take it old school and throw that sumbitch on their wrist, which is why I think it’s so awesome when someone does, especially when that someone is one of college basketball’s better players.

    The truth is that picking Moore for this is somewhat reverse racism, but it makes perfect sense so I’m not going to apologize.  Even though there are tons of white guys who wear a wristband and a shirt under the jersey, the reality is that pretty much every one of them looks like a dweeb.  It’s a universal rule in society that black guys make everything cooler and this case is no different.  When a white walk-on wears a shirt under his jersey, he looks like he’s doing nothing but trying to hide his scrawny arms.  But when E’Twaun Moore dresses exactly like said scrawny white walk-on, he somehow makes it look awesome, simply because he’s smooth on the court (and he’s black).  And that’s ultimately what sets Moore apart from everyone else.  There are plenty of guys that look cool, per se, but only E’Twuan Moore really looks smooth, which is a completely different thing in the same way that William Buford will tell you that your “ol’ girl” and your “main squeeze” are completely different things.

    For this category, we’re taking a look at guys who have become famous to the point that people who don’t pay all that much attention just assume these guys are really good.  In reality, they’re decent, but these guys are by no means as good as their level of fame would suggest.  An example of the type of person we’re dealing with here is how chicks who don’t watch basketball assume that Lamar Odom is one of the five best players in the world because he’s always on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and he’s won a couple NBA titles. Sure he’s a great player, but by no means is he as good as a majority of girls probably think he is (Now that I think about it, Hank Baskett is another example for the same reason as Odom, except Hank Baskett really does suck).  You get the idea.

    FIFA: Ronaldinho (AC Milan)

    In all honesty, Ronaldinho was the single reason I ever started to care about soccer and consequently FIFA in the first place.  Thanks to the combination of his crazy ball handling (or is it ball footling?) skills and the increasing popularity of the internet when I was in high school, a friend of mine showed me a few highlights on YouTube and I was mesmerized to the point that I decided to give soccer a chance.  I haven’t looked back since.  My guess is that there are tons of people like me who never knew anything about soccer but know about Ronaldinho because they saw a few YouTubes of him and were blown away at what he was capable of (mostly because it was fake). In fact, if my circle of friends are any indication, Ronaldinho is one of the most famous soccer players in the world to Americans.  Unfortunately, though, no matter how famous he is, at the end of the day his game is pretty much all show and doesn’t translate to FIFA all that well.

    There’s no denying that the real Ronaldinho’s ball footling ability is pretty f’ing nuts, but the problem is that it there really is no place for it on FIFA to me.  I play a very disciplined, fundamentals-oriented brand of soccer when I play FIFA and Ronaldinho’s flashy brand of soccer just doesn’t fit (kinda like how it didn’t fit with the Brazilian national team, which is why he was left off their World Cup roster this year).  Besides, even if I do want to get flashy, I can just use Barcelona and Messi because he’s probably got better ball skills anyway and is much, much faster than Ronaldinho.  Plus, if I’m playing with AC Milan, I’m running everything through Ibrahimovic, if for no other reason than he can kick the piss out of the ball and I really want to see him burn a hole in the virtual net like he’s an on-fire Chris Mullin on NBA JAM.

    Pro Wrestling: The Miz

    I hate to say this, because he dresses like a total doucher and clearly used steroids and his previous fame to help him get where he is today, but I respect the hell out of Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. Here’s a guy who we only knew liked pro wrestling because he (awesomely) used to proclaim himself “The Miz” and cut loud promos when he was on the Real World: New York. This took guts because it always annoyed Coral, and she had huge boobs which he effectively ruined his chance of seeing by acting like a pro wrestler. Even later, when he’d used his fame from being a dominant player on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge to secure a spot WWE Tough Enough, The Miz worked his ass off to improve his in-ring skills after he got cut, and eventually got a full-time contract. All of this aside, for the amount of fame he might have to the random person on the street, The Miz still, well, sucks.

    This might not be the case in 5 years, because he has natural charisma and is continually trying to get better. In fact, he even stopped wrestling in ridiculous-looking board shorts and moved on to actual wrestling tights, which can only mean good things. But at this point in his career, the recognition that The Miz gets as a pro wrestler from the casual fan or random stranger would make you think he’s been a multiple time Heavyweight champion. While he has had reigns as the United States champion and the tag team champion, The Miz has yet to serve any meaningful time in the main event scene. So despite his fauxhawk and half-Mystery Method, half-Tool Academy wardrobe having a high Q score with the general public, any pro wrestling fan will tell you that The Miz just isn’t as good as you think he would be.

    College Basketball: Matt Howard (Butler)

    If for some reason you don’t know who Matt Howard is, maybe referring to him as “the big white guy on Butler who had the dirty stache last year” will help jog your memory.  Thanks to an improbable run by Butler to the National Championship last season, Howard and his mustache got all sorts of national publicity, and rightfully so.  After seeing his mustache on CBS, college basketball fans collectively flocked to the internet to research Howard a little bit, and were probably surprised to find that he was the Horizon League Player of The Year in 2008-2009 before his teammate (and my high school teammate), Gordon Hayward, took the honor from him the following season.  Upon learning this information, the casual college basketball fan referred to the Morrison Theorem (wispy mustache + mid-major conference player of the year = someone who isn’t to be f***ed with) and assumed that Matt Howard must be one of the best players in college basketball.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

    Before Butler fans get upset with me (“you’re just hating cause we beat you last year!”), let me first say that I have the utmost respect for Matt Howard.  As you should know by now, I’m a fan of both mustaches and wearing a shirt under the jersey, which is why I want so badly for Matt Howard to be good.  Sadly, the only thing keeping this from happening is that his game consists of nothing but pumpfaking, throwing elbows, setting illegal screens, and flopping so much that even Butler fans get uncomfortable with it.  Again, I’m not hating on the kid, because I did every single one of those things when I played in high school and practiced in college.  But that’s the problem – I can do all of these things (not to mention the fact that there’s a 45-year-old version of Matt Howard in every church league in America).  As much as I respect what he does and I think of him as an inspiration to all of us pumpfaking/flopping guys, the bottom line is that he simply isn’t that talented.

    (Now that I think about it, this is more of a compliment to him than anything else.  The guy gets more out of his abilities than anyone in college basketball, which is something to be proud of, I guess.)

    This category is simple.  We have no doubt in our mind that if we wandered into a dark alley to find these guys perched up against a wall with a leather jacket on and a look in their eye that suggests they want to anally rape us, we would not only deny all access to our buttholes, but we would also kick so much ass and take so many names that we’d probably get a key to the city or whatever it is they give all those awesome superheroes like Daredevil. 

    FIFA: Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

    First and foremost, let me make it perfectly clear that the real life Messi would beat the snot out of me if we were ever to fight.  Sure he’s only 5’7”, but the dude is one of the best athletes alive and is lightning quick, so there’s a very good chance that he could beat me silly before I’m even done with my warm-up jumping jacks (even if it is a spontaneous street fight, going through a proper warm-up routine is still very important).  There really is no disputing who would win this fight because I fully admit that I would stand no chance against him.  But, as is the consistent theme with this preview, I’m not concerned with the real life Messi.  I only care about the FIFA version of Messi, and it’s clear to me that I would make virtual Messi my b*tch.

    To confirm my point that I could destroy the virtual Messi, I decide to create myself on FIFA 11 and compare my relevant attributes with Messi’s.  Here’s what I found:

    Shark vs. Messi

    As you can clearly see, Messi has better body control than me but I more than make up for it with both my strength and aggression.  And isn’t that really what would matter most in a street fight?  Virtual Messi’s best attributes suggest that if we were to fight, he would do nothing but duck and run away.  Meanwhile, I’m bringing a nine inch and 54 pound advantage to the table, not to mention my 91 in strength that would surely break his jaw in two.  As much as you might want to side with Messi, the bottom line is that scientific data shows that I would have no problem opening up a can of whoop ass on a virtual Messi in a street fight (two Stone Cold references in one sentence!).

    Pro Wrestling: Bob Backlund

    I thought about going a few different ways with this one. At first I considered picking the cruiserweight who I thought was the biggest pussy (probably Scotty 2 Hotty, just so I could do the Worm over his lifeless body), but then I realized that the smaller guys are usually legit, real-life badasses, like the “Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman. So that probably wouldn’t be a great choice. Then I thought about going with someone like Sid Justice, who is arguably the most physically intimidating man with a blonde curly mullet to have been alive in the 90s, but who is also famous for being incredibly soft outside the ring (and for having arguably the most gruesome injury inside it. Click at your own risk). This was a man who once used a squeegee in a street fight with Brian Pillman, so maybe he’d be a good choice for a street fight against me. But even Sid, who was billed at 6’9” and 320 pounds and once went by the name Lord Humongous in the ring before everyone associated it with Greg Oden, had the wherewithal to stab Arn Anderson with scissors in his next out of the ring fight, so he’s probably not a safe bet for a victory. Then it dawned on me: Bob Backlund.

    Backlund has the strange distinction of being one of the longest reigning WWF champions of all-time (over 5 years) while also being the loser of the fastest championship match in history (8 seconds, to Diesel/Kevin Nash). He also serves as exhibit A as to why I strongly believe all redheads should have some sort of facial hair to help offset how it looks like you have no hair  on your face at all from your eyebrows and eyelashes being so light. Seriously, there is absolutely no way that I lose in a street fight to a man who looks like a 60 year old version of the Gingers Do Have Souls kid. Backlund was apparently an accomplished amateur wrestler, but Adam Morrison is living proof that the better you are as an amateur, the more you’re likely to suck as a pro. Besides, this is a street fight. I’d like to see Backlund try and give me a single leg takedown while I’m hitting him in his temple with a lead pipe and/or stabbing him in the torso with a knife. Those are legal in a streetfight, right? Actually, on second thought, I’m not sure I’d even need them. Again, this is what Bob Backlund looks like. Just like he lost the 1996 Presidential election, Bob Backlund would get dominated in a street fight against me.

    College B-ball: Mick Cronin (Cincinnati’s Head Coach)

    Even though I couldn’t find Mick Cronin’s height with a quick Google search, I did discover that Bob Huggins is about 6’3” (one inch shorter than me) and Cronin comes up to Huggins’ shoulders.  Maybe you don’t know this, but this means that Mick Cronin’s face is at a perfect punching height for me.  As I would make contact with Cronin’s schnoz, my arm would be perfectly parallel with the ground, which I’m sure John Brenkus and his Sport Science would tell you is how to get optimal force behind a punch. Translation: Mick Cronin would be f’ed if we were to engage in fisticuffs.

    Should the fight move to the ground and take on more of a wrestling dynamic, I’m just as confident that I could destroy Cronin.  My guess is that he’d be a wiry little fella that could escape from all sorts of holds and whatnot, so I’d focus more on restraining him with one arm and beating him senseless with the other.  As much as I’d love to put him in a camel clutch until he’s unconscious, I’d probably have to be a little more offensive and find a way to land a few punches instead.  Surely it wouldn’t take much more than two or three solid shots to the kisser before he’s had enough.  Of course, there’s always the chance that he’s a black belt in karate or Billy Blanks Tae Bo, which would throw a huge wrench in the system, but I still think I’d have the upper hand because I’m not afraid to play dirty and hit below the belt if that’s what it takes. ___________________________________________________

    In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or your friends who added me on Facebook haven’t broke the news to you yet, I’m proud to announce that after months of begging HOMAGE, we  finally released the “FUNDAMENTALS MONTAGE!!!” shirt yesterday.

    Before you complain about the price, please keep in mind that this isn’t your standard t-shirt, as this will undoubtedly be the softest shirt you will ever own in your life (unless you have the CLUB TRIL one).  Also, 10% of all sales for the rest of the month will be donated to Movember and will ultimately help with prostate/testicular cancer research.  So basically you can do your part to help fight cancer by getting an unbelievably awesome and soft shirt.  I’m pretty sure this could be the definition of a win-win. ___________________________________________________

    Today’s Great Mustache In American History is brought to you by Dale Earnhardt.

    Even though I spent my childhood cheering on the Rainbow Warriors and the 24 Dupont Chevrolet of Jeff Gordon, I have no problem admitting that Dale Earnhardt is the greatest NASCAR driver of all-time (Gordon and Earnhardt were bitter rivals for those of you who think you’re too cool to follow NASCAR). Most people are of the opinion that Richard Petty is the best ever, but I’m giving Earnhardt the nod, if for no other reason than Earnhardt had a better mustache.

    I was going to highlight some of Earnhardt’s finest moments, but then I realized that those of you who follow NASCAR already know how awesome he was and those of you who don’t follow NASCAR wouldn’t care anyway.  So instead, I’ll just link you to a tribute video on YouTube that made my a little teary-eyed and you can do what you want with it.

    Proud To Be An American But Even Prouder To Be A Buckeye,

    Mark Titus

    Club Trillion Founder

              10 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues        

    10 most unintentionally terrifying statues

    As anyone who has ever dicked around with Play-Doh knows, sculpting is fucking hard: If you aspire to create anything but crude dongs, the level of planning and technical skill it takes to bring a passable statue into existence is downright insane. With this in mind, you'd assume that talented statue folks use their power to create wonders, which is precisely what some of them do.

    However, there are ... others. Time and time again, we keep bumping into statues that prove that a whole bunch of sculptors are clearly using every single ounce of their talent to troll the world as hard as they possibly can.

    #10. Verity -- Devon, Great Britain

    Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images
    If you feel like punching a wall whenever you see the words "modern art," chances are it's because you've seen the works of Damien Hirst. He's the dude behind famous, critically esteemed works such as Isn't That Just a Fucking Shark in a Formaldehyde Tank? and Who the Hell Tries to Sell a Diamond-Covered Fake Skull for $84 Million? As such, he's probably the last person in existence who should be allowed to decorate things like, say, the piers of quaint small towns.
    At least that's what someone must have said a few years ago, because right on cue, a small English town called Ilfracombe stood up and said: "Hey, have you guys noticed that we're a quaint small town? Wouldn't that Damien Hirst dude be the perfect guy to decorate our pier?"
    And that, dear reader, is why the world now has Verity: a giant 2013 sculpture of a half-flayed pregnant woman that looks for all the world like a prop from Hannibal. This 66-foot bronze "allegory for truth and justice" stands facing the sea with a stance that's less "welcome to our little English town" and more "I'm going to punch the very concept of your spleen if you dock." Oh, and it's also brandishing a sword that's as big as the rest of the statue.
    Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images
    On a positive note, ain't no one going to invade them by sea in a hurry.

    #9. The Giant Lamp -- Malmo, Sweden

    In the Swedish city of Malmo, there is a light that never goes out. Too bad said light comes in the form of a giant-ass table lamp that switches spots seemingly at will and whispers to passersby in a broken, not-quite-Swedish subliminal language of mayhem:

    "Ia! Ia! R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn bork bork bork!"
    The Giant Lamp of Malmo is a 19-foot inexplicably popular sculpture that tours the squares of the city as the year progresses, only to return to its headquarters at Lilla Torg Square for Christmas. The words "ritual" and "blood" don't feature in the description, but considering that this is a country that habitually pulls a (hopefully mostly Nic Cage-less) Wicker Man with a giant goat sculpture most Christmastimes, it's pretty safe to assume they're heavily implied.

    #8. The Enema Statue -- Zheleznovodsk, Russia

    The Russian town of Zheleznovodsk is famed for its iron-rich mineral springs, and the many wonderful spas that bring this miracle of nature to the people. As such, it was no surprise that the town wanted to honor the source of their wealth with a statue dedicated to the specialty of Zheleznovodsk spa culture: the enema.
    Via Jaunted
    They used to have a statue of a douche, but it attracted too many pickup artists.
    Shaped as a massive rectal bulb syringe held aloft by Botticcellian cherubs, this bronze sculpture greets the visitors near the gates of the town's largest spa. Sadly, the story doesn't elaborate on whether said spa has had a single visitor since this loving homage was erected.

    #7. Man Hanging Out -- Prague, Czech Republic

    So you're walking the historic streets of Prague, enjoying the fine spring weather, and suddenly your gaze lands on a worrying sight. Holy shit, there's a dude hanging for dear life from a beam that's inexplicably dangling from a rooftop! Uncertain of whether you're witnessing a scene in a James Bond movie or a tragic situation just a few minutes away from ending up as sidewalk splatter, you spring into action and call the authorities.
    A few minutes later, a cop strolls over and gives you an enthusiastic slap over the head. Congratulations! You've just become the 367th person this month alone to let Prague's sculpture of Sigmund Freud fool you.
    Via Bestourism
    It's called Man Hanging Out, because lame puns are the only thing Prague loves more than scaring people.
    Apart from routinely confusing the shit out of first-time visitors to Prague, Man Hanging Out is a representation of Freud's struggle with his phobias and fear of mortality. It's also the work of famous Czech artist/troll David Cerny, who is rapidly turning into something of a personal nemesis: No matter how I promise myself I'll avoid him this time, his work just keeps popping up every time I do one of these articles. In fact, let's take this thing somewhere there's no way of bumping into his work whatsoever. Say ... Australia.

    #6. The Big Lobster -- Kingston, South Australia

    Aaaaaahhhhh! That is not better at all!
    Australia has the virtual monopoly on creatures that can scar our mental and physical capacities merely by saying "Boo." The thing you may not know is that somewhere down the line the continent apparently just said "screw it" and started building giant effigies for all creatures great and small that may or may not be able to murder them in some manner, up to and very much including pineapples.
    The Big Lobster is the king of said statues. It's a massive construct 59 feet tall, 45 feet wide, and 50 feet long that depicts what is either a lobster or a hitherto unknown kaiju species that Australia has thus far been able to hide from the rest of the world in order to keep luring tourists in, much like Mayor Vaughn did in Jaws.
    Riana Dzasta
    The locals call it Larry, which is Australian for "Sir."

    #5. The Hare -- Nuremberg, Germany

    The last time you and your sweet grandmother visited the cultured city of Nuremberg didn't go quite as planned, as the local "Fountain of Virtue" turned out to be the sort of lactation frenzy most niche porn companies could only hope to deliver. This time, you've decided to play it safe. Apart from strictly PG-rated galleries and churches, your only point of interest is going to be the sculpture made in honor of Grandma's favorite painting, Albrecht Durer's The Young Hare:
    Via Wikipedia
    There's no way you could go wrong with this one. Sure of yourself, you stop to pat yourself on the back for your choice, letting Grandma limp ahead to the plaza that serves as home to the Hare:
    Via Cuniculture
    God dammit, Nuremberg. What did the bunny ever do to you?

    #4. Floralis Generica -- Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Quick: What's worse than a 75-foot steel statue that looks like the doomsday weapon of a Bond villain? That's right, a 75-foot doomsday statue that moves.
    Floralis Generica is a giant 23-meter-tall metal flower/murder beam pedestal that was built and donated to the city of Buenos Aires by architect Eduardo Catalano. Its giant steel petals open and close, depending on the time of day. During the dark hours, the sculpture emits an ominous red light that is supposed to appear comforting, but is clearly just waiting to blast passing superheroes out of the sky.
    Via ChessBase
    If there's not an evil lair under this thing yet, I'm calling dibs.
    The artist says the sculpture "is a synthesis of all the flowers and is both a hope that is reborn every day to open," which we can only assume is the code phrase for opening the door of the giant vault underneath Floralis Generica that controls its death ray.

    #3. Transi de Rene de Chalon -- Bar-le-Duc, France

    When you're visiting a random church in a small village in Northern France, you expect to see the stuff you see in most old churches: crosses, paintings, a few statues of saints ... that sort of thing. That's precisely what you'll see in Bar-le-Duc's Saint-Etienne church. Well, that and a fucking zombie monster, just gleefully hanging about in a place of honor, arm raised to meet the sky like the world's cheesiest Shakespearean actor.
    This statue is the memorial of Rene de Chalon, a 16th century prince, who had a hunch he'd die in his 20s (it was a turbulent time) and made a special request to be depicted this way postmortem. Local history books do their level best to write this off as an artistic choice meant to represent "doing right by God even after death." However, let's be honest here: The dude was a wealthy 20-something -- there's no way this was anything but a particularly inspired trolling idea someone in his entourage came up with at 4 a.m.

    #2. Genghis Khan -- Mongolia

    heckepics/iStock/Getty Images

    Ralizah wrote:

    ctweeks2002 wrote:

    Scollurio wrote:

    Funny how MH is such a love it or hate it game! :)

    yeah, i think people are expecting it to be more of a button mash type situation of killing things, as if they were playing Devil May Cry or God of War, when its really more of an art where you need to react to your enemy and go for the openings.

    Not really. The controls were awkward, the levels were pretty barren, there was no atmosphere to speak of, and the monsters aren't really difficult to kill, it just takes a long time to do so. There wasn't really much variety in their attacks. Oh, and the bow can't be aimed with any precision without the CPP, apparently.

    The demo should have been lengthier if they needed more time to get at what makes MH appealing. That's why it was smart for Atlus to make a 5 - 6 hour EO4 demo, for instance. That game's appeal is captured in the terror of exploration, the freedom to develop your character the way you want, and the challenging, incremental, but deeply satisfying battles and dungeon progression.

    True, the demo did have that feel to it, missing alot of what the game is about, they needed to add more time so people could explore more. I have played the previous ones so i know they will have all the other stuff and that most missions usually give you around 50 min, so you are not as rushed. Although in the actual full game, people are still very love/hate about it, and some do expect it to be more of just going up and slashing away, so they get put off when they are dying alot. So i think maybe adding a few more things to the demo like maybe giving the player an objective such as go out, kill some regular enemies and gather some materials to make a weapon, then go and kill the bunny guy with what you made, then get parts from him to make a better weapon to go out and fight the bigger monster, that would have been a better way to give people the monster hunter experience.

              Tutorial: Alpha Video in Flash        

    Somewhat quietly delivered in Flash 8, was the ability to support alpha masks created in After Effects, Motion, etc in the FLV video file. This is wicked cool if you need to incorporate a video element to lay atop dynamic animation inside of Flash and a flattened square video won't suffice. Reading about it when Macrodobe when released it I was stoked to incorporate it. Tutorial and crap anecdotal project story about alpha video after the jump. Check that. Crap Story. Great Project.

    There's always been some way of shoe-horning video into Flash. Hillman's now six year old book detailed a real simple method to export frames from an NLE, clean them up in Photoshop, import into Flash, vectorize and animate. The goal then was the same as it is now. Create the illusion of elements animated to appear to exist in the same space.

    A typical video window (4:3) looks just like that... a video window. You can't shake a visitor's perception that they're just looking at a video. Alpha video in Flash blurs that in a cool way to create a unique experience by deleting the square borders of traditional video.

    I finally got an opportunity to do some alpha video work with Flash when I was brought on by the outstanding gang at Gastronaut Studios to develop the website for their latest Xbox 360 game, Small Arms.

    They had all these great, high-def characters for the game and offered to provide me 3D renders of most anything I could think of. I really wanted a quasi-bio piece on each character and weapon in the game. But I wanted more than just an image, and I didn't want a stupid square of video. So I collaborated with the guys - three of whom made the ENTIRE game - and they provided me sequential frame renders for each character and weapon. About a 100 frames for each, which on my 20fps timeline came out to 5 seconds of animation.

    Anywho, here's how you do it...

    Step 1: Compiling the Source Material
    The first component you obviously need is a keyed video or frame sequence that has transparency applied to it. If you want to work with a test piece, you can download the frames I was given for Small Arms. If you already have a video clip that has the transparency properly encoded you can skip step 2, or would prefer to deal with just the sample video clip and go to step 3.

    Step 2: Exporting for Flash Video Exporting
    I'm an Apple Motion guy and apologize for a lack of instruction for After Effects, but I suspect that user base can translate the concepts we talk about in Motion for their use...

    Now that you have your keyed movie or image sequence together, crack open Motion. Select 'Start with a New Project', the select 'Custom...' from the preset menu in the resulting pop-up menu. Set the height and width to 512. Because we're not dealing with NTSB interlacing, set the Field Order to none (i.e. progressive). The frame rate for FLV video is independent of the Flash (.fla) you create, so you don't need to match the two. For this we'll just go with 15 fps, because that's what they were created at. We have 84 PNG frames, which means our duration should be in turn set to 84. Note that the background is automatically set to black at 0%, thus a transparent background. We want to keep that. Hit 'Okay'.

    In the timeline we have an empty stage, so let's import some frames. Go to File - Import... (CMD + i). Select all of the frames in the animation. Fortunately in motion there's a nifty check box to tell it that we're importing sequential images. Check 'Image Sequence' hit 'Import', and Motion will seam the frames in order for us.

    Once our flaming shithead friend (hey - they made him having a flaming bag of poop for a head) is loaded up, we're actually ready to export him right out. Go to File - 'Export...' and select the 'Options...' chicklet.

    The preset is for DV Video, which is interlaced, heavily compressed, looks like shit, and is oh-yeah, not lossless. So in the 'Kind' pull-down menu select 'Quicktime Movie'. For 'Compressor' select 'Animation' with quality set at 100%.

    Click the 'Advanced...' chicklet. Make sure the Depth pull-down is set to 'Millions of Colors+'. It's the default when you open the box, but before that it's just 'Millions of Colors' (no '+'). Hit okay out of the advanced options. And hit 'Export' on the main pop-up. You'll see motion compressing out our video. If you play you're video in Quicktime you'll still see a black background. Don't worry, it's soon good. Now we're ready to take this to the Flash Video Exporter.

    Step 3: Using the Flash 8 Video Encoder
    Using either the video you just created from motion or the sample .mov you downloaded, open the Flash 8 Video Encoder. Select 'Add...' to add a new clip to the queue and select our alpha Quicktime clip. By default it will set the FLV quality to medium. We want to change that.

    Select the .mov clip in the queue then hit 'Settings...' so we can change it's parameters. Right off the bat you should see our guy, Von Brown, sitting all smokey transparent like on the window.

    Click 'Show Advanced Settings' so we can make sure he keeps that transparency. Under 'Encode Video', make sure 'Video codec' is set to 'On2 VP6' (Sorenson Squeeze can't do transparency) and be sure to CHECK 'Encode alpha channel'. As for quality that's up to you. 'Medium' does a surprisingly serviceable job, even 'Low' isn't awful. Obviously, high is perfect-o if you can afford the bandwidth. With those settings in place, select 'OK', which will bring you back to the main queue. From there hit 'Start Queue' and our video will process. With our rendered .FLV we are finally ready to take the piece into Flash.

    Step 4: Placing the Alpha-Masked FLV in Flash
    Payoff time.

    Crack open Flash and create a new movie. For a quick and dirty, create a new movie 512px by 512px with a 30fps timeline. At this point you can either drag in FLVPlayback from the components palette and set the parameters manually or use the 'Video Wizard'. We'll be lazy and let Flash figure it out for us today.

    Go to File - Import (CMD+r) and select the FLV. When the 'Import Video' pop-up comes up, confirm the path you just selected and select 'Continue'. On the next screen, we're just going to do a simple progressive download, so select the first radio option for 'Progressive download from a web server', then select continue. Now the whole point of this was to make our video not look like some square video player, so select 'None' from the Skin pull down menu, so we don't end up with video controls and click 'continue'. Click 'Finish' and you've now imported your video into Flash. Publish and watch our flaming guy, well, flame.

    Going farther
    Using Von Brown from Small Arms is a really intense application of the Flash video. His flaming head adds a tremendous amount of mask detail. But the point is it works and Flash supports it. With a little optimization and smarts you can pull off some great alpha video mask movies AND still keep the file sizes in check.

              White House Releases Unexpected Statement About Syria        
    Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: Late last night, the White House released an unexpected statement about Syria. The administration said it believes that the Assad regime might be preparing to wage another chemical weapons attack. The statement went on to say if such an attack is carried out, Assad and his military would pay a heavy price. Let's begin our coverage in Washington with NPR White House correspondent Scott Horsley. And, Scott, this late-night, public warning about what a country might do - this is weird, right? SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: It was certainly unusual, David. The statement came from Press Secretary Sean Spicer a little bit before 10 p.m. And you're right. He said the United States had observed possible preparations similar to what they saw back in early April, when the Assad regime carried out what appeared to be a deadly sarin gas attack against its own people. Of course, at that time, the Trump administration responded by firing dozens of
              My Secret Weapon        

    Let me start introducing my favourite things, by addressing the most pressing issue of all – Aging. You can’t avoid it, it’s happening to you as we speak – but we can sure as hell look our best while we’re at it.

    Once we leave our 20’s, all those late nights, partying and stress finally catch up and create lines you never noticed before. Furrows in the brow that don’t snap back after you’ve stopped frowning, lips that lose their plump freshness and skin lacks lustre.

    For me, doing a little bit can go a long way and this means embracing the idea of Botox and fillers such as Juvederm. Scared of the thought of needles? Botox doesn’t feel any worse than a mosquito bite and Juvederm has advanced so that it contains a small dose of lidocaine, a local anesthetic which makes it a relatively comfortable procedure.

    After years of trial and error, I’m happy to say that I’ve found an absolute artist when it comes to the application of these types of products. A perfectionist who has trained for years in the industry. Katrina Bonham RN works from clinics in Melbourne’s CBD and Richmond and is available for appointments on 0414589998. If you have any queries, feel free to email her directly at katrinabonham@gmail.com – she’s absolutely lovely and will put your mind at ease.

    So now my secret weapon can become yours too!
              Kongsberg-Milrem-QinetiQ NA Alliance Develops Robotic Fire Support & Force Protection System        
    A team composed of Kongsberg, Milrem and QinetiQ North America will introduce a jointly developed remotely operated robotic fire support and force protection system at the 2017 Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference and Exhibition in Springfield, Virginia. The system comprises Milrem’s THeMIS modular unmanned ground vehicle equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric drive, Kongsberg’s PROTECTOR remote weapon station and QinetiQ NA’s UGV control system, Milrem […]
              Book Review - The Cobra        
    After a long hiatus I took another book of my favorite author - Frederick Forsyth. I guess this will be the last time that I indulge into Forsyth's books. His style has become predictable and I am starting to confuse some of his novels. I feel that it is time to venture into others' books. But now, back to the novel at hand.
    The Cobra starts with the usual "world at risk" kind of problem. The unusual part of it is that unlike the usual espionage novels, the threat is not from bombs, nuclear weapons or missiles. The threat that is handled in The Cobra is Cocaine. That way, this novel has a different premise. Liked it.
    The middle portion of the book is where I felt a lot of Déjà vu. Many pieces of information repeated like the explanation of a small amount of Pure converting many tons of Cocaine, like the pressure of failed smuggling on the dealers, and the like. One part of the sequence that I liked is the reintroduction of a character from Avenger.
    The end of the novel has a great twist to the tale. After my displeasure with most of his recent books' endings, this was a welcome relief. The ending reminded me of that of The Devil’s Alternative’s . I felt the minor intellectual warmth that made me like this author more than most. But then, this is too low a dose to intoxicate me further. It is ironic that I am going to end my addiction to the author based on his novel about psychoactive drug!

    A quick list of the books that I have read, to create a bit of nostalgia:
    The Devil's alternative
    The Negotiator
    The Afghan
    The Kill List
    The Cobra

              general arms        

    this game you must create good weapons to defeat your worst enemigos.utiliza mouse to play .

              Vol State 2012        
    All packed up!

    All my junk unpacked!
    After only making it 130 miles last year, I have spent the past year waiting for July to come back around. 2012 was going to be my redemption year (although two of my races thus far this year have been slower and I did not get to participate in the book set out). So far- I was not redeeming anything, but I was still looking forward to trying Vol State again. I felt like I learned a lot from last year and Strolling Jim this year taught me more patience and not to quit. I was looking at Vol State like going to the dentist with a toothache.  I hated to go, but knew it would be worth it when I finished. I did not get to train like I had envisioned earlier in the year due to a death in the family and then beginning a new race directing venture. I wanted to try to get my   feet toughened up more. Alas, I had about three weeks before the start where I got some good mileage in going back and forth to work. I live 12.5 miles from work.  On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I would jog into work and on Tuesday afternoons (my early day), I would walk home- working on my walking pace in the heat of the day. My plan was to try to jog in the morning and evenings as much as possible when the temps were cooler and then keep a good walking pace during the heat of the day. The last week of work I also would stand all day instead of sitting on a stool to try to get myself use to being up all day on my feet.  (don't know if any of that truly helped, so...)
      I felt like I packed well last year, but I did decide to add a fanny pack to make getting to my wallet, phone, etc easier throughout the day.  I was glad I did.  I'm sure I packed more than many others, but I had reasons for everything I took.  I made a list of everything and had it in three columns. 
      In my Go-lite pack:  2-24oz insulated water bottles, shampoo, 10 q-tips, caress soap, deodorant, razor, Glide, Neosporin, scissors, umbrella, sunblock, phone charger, ipod cord for charger, xtra shirt and shorts, 3 pairs socks, 2 pairs underwear, 5-band aids, maps, flashlight, Advair inhaler, toothbrush/paste, waterproof bags for everything to slide into in pack, garbage bag, devotionals for each day, and Dad (actually a tupperwear container with his ashes). 
      Waist pack had: pepper spray, chapstick, credit/debit cards, medical card, driver's license, roll of quarters, cell phone, ipod/earphones, cash, emergency inhaler, and ziplock bags (for phone with rain & tp (used & unused)). 
      Then I wore or had on my pack: hat, sunglasses, shirt, jog bra, shorts, underwear, socks, shoes, 2 buffs, bandanna, watch, and pic of Angela Ivory (all runners had laminated pic of her) and I had my dad on other side.
      My husband was going to drop me off at the ferry and return to pick me up if/when I finished.  He also offered to come crew or just bring dry shoes if I felt like I needed him to finish the race (I didn't). 
    Day 1: I woke up and started to get dressed. The first snafu. Somehow, I had forgotten to pack my jog bra. (I later found it in my duffel bag that I had packed for him to bring at the finish line.) Thankfully, there was a Wal-Mart near and we were able to find one and get back in time for some breakfast before heading to the ferry.  I was a little disappointed about the ferry not running because I wanted my husband to get to ride across the river. He didn't seem to be bothered by it though. He did buy me a ferry shirt. While he was paying, the race started. I took off because I didn't want to get lost through Hickman. I knew he would be at the top of the hill and I figured I'd say goodbye to him then. Well, I got to the top of the hill and he was there, with Carl and laz. I wasn't sure if giving him a hug would be considered crewed or not. So I didn't get to really say bye to him, but I thought he might be at the Subway in Union City. So I kept going. The highlight from Hickman to Union City was Stu Gleman sitting on his vehicle playing his guitar.  
      I didn't really see anyone and I got a little turned around in Union City looking for the Subway, but when I got inside, Sulaiman, Richard, and Thomas were there.  Paul, John, Psyche, Mike, Sherry, and I believe a few others came in/out.  I headed on down the road and caught up with Fred Davis and we covered several miles chatting about religions.  The sky was overcast and kept the sun at bay for the most part.
      I was feeling pretty good.  I leapfrogged with Richard and Erika's crew, Adam, before reaching Martin.  I stopped at Pizza Hut in Martin and saw Mike Melton.  Heading into downtown Martin, I caught up with Dusty and John Price.  Dusty got a chuckle when she found out I was jog/walking telephone pole to telephone pole.  Traveled with Dusty for awhile, catching up with Psyche.  I stopped at a store for some juice.  Headed into Dresden feeling pretty good.  I had made it earlier in the evening than I did last year.  I stopped st Subway for carryout and then DG Store for a Sunny D for in the morning before heading to my hotel.  I let Dusty know which room we were in, since we decided to share.  I hurried and tried to get my shower and clothes washed before she arrived so she could have the bathroom.
      It was a good day.  40.5 miles completed with only a slight heel blister that I didn't take care of immediately and let get too big.
     Day 2:  Dusty had left earlier, so I headed out alone.  I saw 3 raccoons as I was walking back to the course from the hotel.  Later down the road I saw a deer in a field as I headed to Gleason.  I called my mom and let her know I was okay.  There were a few sprinkles of rain, but not too much.  I actually love running in the rain, so it lifted my spirit.  I made it into Gleason and headed for some breakfast.  I chatted with a few of the locals and the waitresses.  Went through McKenzie and headed into Huntingdon where I caught and passed Fred.  I stopped at Huntingdon at Mallard's for lunch and was joined by Fred.  (Last year I had stopped in Huntingdon on the second day.  So I was still doing better than last year.)  I had to take cover at a church on my way out of Huntingdon due to a storm rolling through.  I made it into Parkers Crossroad and stopped at Subway before heading to the hotel.  I stopped at the first hotel and thought I was going to have to go across the expressway because he didn't have any non-smoking rooms.  When he went to call the other hotel, the phone rang, and he had a cancellation!  Praise the Lord!  I ended up in a room with three beds- all the pillows I could want!  I did not sleep very well though.
      I completed 41.5 miles for a total of 82.
    Day 3:  My original goal was to head to Linden, but I knew I could stop in Parsons for Plan B if I needed too.  Turns out I would have to go to Plan B.  With the limited sleep and the pouring rains, I was moving at a snail's pace.  I stopped In Lexington and had to run to the bathroom before a dirty accident happened, all the while a nice gentleman is trying to buy me a drink.  I felt so bad that I had to run to the bathroom and not get to properly thank him (but its a good thing- would have not been a pretty sight!)  My stomach had begun to misbehave and I had the runs but not in a good way.  The clouds began to move in again and I stopped in DG Store and bought a pair of flip flops.  I figured my best bet at combating blisters was to keep my feet and shoes as dry as possible.  The rain was coming down as I exited the store and I sat under a bank drive thru changing into my new race accessories.  I was a little worried that my feet would slip in them and I'd risk twisting my ankle.  A needless worry.  I was much slower walking in flip flops but it was better than trashing my feet, or worse yet, waiting for the rain to pass and losing precious time.
      Naresh came upon me in my new shoes and snapped a pic.  I did not talk long because he had Abi in the car and she was not feeling well and had dropped.  The rain eased up and I changed back into my shoes.  Of course, it came back and I thought I might try to just tie my grocery bags (I had kept the store bags just in case) around my ankles with my feet down in them.  It worked well for awhile.  Until I got a hole in it, then I had water just sloshing around soaking my shoes.  I was mad at myself for being so dumb.  I took them off and trudged on.  Not caring how wet my feet became.  The long stretch from Lexington to Parsons was spent watching one storm after another roll in on me.  I eventually reached the store that we reached last year- but was closed.  It was open and I headed in to dry off and get a bite to eat.  I had a corn dog because I was nervous about my stomach and it was all I could really get down.  I bought a newspaper and stuffed my shoes while I ate.  When I went to tear the paper up, I came across the article that laz had wrote about the race.  I tore it out and put it in my ziplock bag for a keepsake. 
      I eventually had to leave because the a/c was freezing me.  I changed out the newspaper and stuffed my shoes in a bag and headed back out in the rain in my flops.  Trudging along with a chill.  This was Vol State- you weren't supposed to be cold!  My feet began to hurt and I was worried I may be causing a stress fracture, I took refuge under a bridge to change my shoes.  It was nice to get out of the relentless pounding of the rain.  It slowed down enough for me to come back out and I headed into Parsons with off and on sprinkles.  I tried to call the motel that was past the town center (the same one we tried to reach last year), and I kept getting a busy signal.  So I asked my husband if he would try to get hold of them.  If I could get to that motel, I'd be a little farther than I was last year on the third day. 
      By the time I reached Subway, he had me a reservation.  I was thrilled but I still had to go four miles to get there.  I tied my Subway bag to my pack and headed out.  I was able to jog some.  Well, as much as possible on a two lane road with no shoulder, plenty of cars, and rain.  I was glad when I crested the hill and so the motel sign.  When I went to check in, they told me my mom had called.  I was a little confused, but I figured Pat might have recruited her help too.  When the lady read off the phone number, I did not recognize it.  Come to find out, they almost gave me Erika's room.  : )  I almost asked them if I could dry my socks, but I felt bad about asking and headed to my room.  This is when I learned of snafu number two.  I had left my cell phone charger at the last hotel (and its only the third day).  I had a small meltdown, but since there was no cell service anyway- the owners had already told my husband we could use the phone as much as possible.  I had a solar charger that I bought for the race ( a nice cheap one from Wal Mart) and once I figured out how to work it- I charged my phone some.  I tried to make Naresh feel bad enough to bring me a charger, but he wasn't budging.  He wanted me to stay self supported for as long as I could.  Thanks Naresh!
      I was getting ready to go to sleep when I heard, "Adam."  I jumped up and tried to poke my head out but the dumb door would not open.  It took me a couple of minutes of tugging and yanking, but finally I was able to go outside.  Adam was sitting outside, chuckling at whoever (me) trying to open the door.  When I stepped out, over Adam's shoulder was this huge, vibrant rainbow.  It was awesome.  I chatted with him and Erika before heading to bed.  It was a bad night.  I needed the air on to try to dry my clothes, but I freezing.  My teeth were chattering and I hated to crawl out of bed the next morning.
    Only 29 miles- 111 total miles, one lost charger, and one vibrant rainbow.
    Day 4:  I wish I would've asked about the dryer.  You could just feel the dampness in the air.  None of my clothes dried.  I picked out the driest socks to wear and then used the blow dryer to work on my shorts and shirt; burning a hole in the back of my shirt in the process.  I actually managed to get out of the room before sunup though.  My goal was Hohenwald today. 
      I reached Linden, and after chatting with a cop about the race, I headed into the Commodore Inn as Naresh pulled up.  They let me use their dryer for my socks.  I went back outside to chat with Naresh as my socks dried.  Laz and Carl pulled up as I was trying to cut the burned part of my shirt off (it was sticking me)- surgery on my shirt as laz called it.  We headed inside for breakfast where Jan and Fred were.  I ordered oatmeal- but it was not (I think it was cream of wheat or some such crap).  I forced myself a few bites as I watched Abi try to bandage Jan's back and shoulders from her pack rubbing her raw.  I finished and went up and got my socks, which were better but still slightly damp, and headed on down the road.  I planned to stop at the store where I had missed the turn last year.  Once I passed the store, I would be on unfamiliar ground.  Mom and I rode the course tour from Shelbyville to the start last year, but that was over a year ago.  I hoped I would be okay.
      When I reached the last store out of town, it was closed for church.  I could either wait 45 minutes or go on.  I filled up my bottles from the side faucet outside and called my husband.  Naresh, laz, and Carl pulled up to check on me.  Laz said that was all he ever saw me do- sit on my butt (that is what I am good at though).  Just as I was getting ready to leave, the owner returned, early, and opened up.  I got a Gatorade and a payday.  It was a 15 mile stretch with nothing to Hohenwald.  Jan eventually caught up to me as I was lying in the shade.  We traveled together for awhile before I had to step off to tinkle. 
      I made it into Hohenwald and the second store I stopped at had a phone charger.  Score!  Then I came upon a laundromat.  I stopped to get all of my socks dried.  Things were looking good.  Jan and Dusty were coming out of a Mexican place as I came through town and we headed to the hotel together.  I felt bad about not offering to room with Jan (Dusty already had her room) but I knew how restless I was trying to sleep and how I liked to use all of the pillows.  I just didn't want to cause her (or anyone to have a bad night's sleep- I was doing it enough to myself).  I got in my room and ordered a pizza. 
      I called Pat while I was eating and on the second piece I stopped eating.  My chest felt all flutter and I just felt bad.  It just hit me all at once and the chest part was a little disconcerting.  We discussed it and I figured after sleeping, I would feel better.  Unfortunately, the ac would not stay running.  I would wake up sweating, turn the air back on, fall asleep, then wake up sweating, turn the air on, etc.  The cycle went all night and I did not get a good night rest- if that is even possible at vol state. 
    33 miles- 144 total
    Day 5:  Monday Morning Meltdown  The next morning, the chest was still fluttering.  I used my inhaler and called my husband.  I was a little nervous about leaving the room.  All kinds of thoughts were running through my head.  I didn't want to be on the side of the road and having some kind of heart attack or something.  Plus, this was the day I was to head to Columbia.  Everyone always warns about going into Columbia at night and I was already loosing time by waffling on my decision on what to do.  Plus, there was no Plan B- no hotels between Hohenwald and Columbia.  Finally, I got it together and told him I would try.  I would just take it easy and not stress myself out.  No running, keep a walking speed without getting out of breath.  That was my plan as I headed to Wal Mart.  I stopped there to get a few more pairs of socks (I know like, 4 pairs wasn't enough) and a new watch.  Mine was suppose to be good for 100 meters, but apparently I went deeper than that the day before and I left it at the Pine Tree Inn all fogged up and not working.  Incidentally, my camera on my phone had quit working too.  The rain, heat, humidity was wiping everything, including me out.
      It was a beautiful morning as I set out and I tried to be positive.  I had a hard time when I called Carl to check in.  Tried hard not to be too blubbery- Tom Hanks knows nothing but there is crying in vol state.  It was a 17 mile stretch to Hampshire but Carl had said there was a campground I could get water. 
      Heading out of Howenwald, I heard my phone chime and checked it.  It was the morning's update.  I stopped and sat down on a bridge and read the update that I felt that was just for me: 
    vol staters may be consistent with their performance,
    but their emotional state is a different matter.
    part of running the vol-state, at least successfully,
    is surviving the crushing emotional and physical lows that accompany the effort.
    sitting at home (or even putting in endless miles up and down the route in a car)
    it is easy to say that every low will pass,
    that highs
    (such as one can feel a "high" after a couple of hundred miles, with over a hundred remaining)
    will be in the future.
    at the time when it is only with the greatest effort one can trudge along at 30 minutes a mile,
    it seems like this is the state that will last forever.
    that, if anything, it will get even worse.
    the ever-present pain seems to crescendo,
    until it's cacaphonous screaming wracks your body and fills your head.
    the mind can only calculate the endlessly depressing slow progress,
    which will never get you to the finish.
    the downward spiral disappears into the mists below you.
    the freefall can only end when you crash to earth in a total collapse.

    to succeed at the volstate
    you must preserve a spark of hope deep inside.
    you must persevere thru any depression.
    it will not always be that way.
    there are still times in the future when you will move strongly,
    and you will feel invincible,
    as if you could go on forever.
    and somewhere out there in the future is the rock.
    the reward for never losing sight of your goal.
    the incredible power of that moment,
    when you step on, touch, or kiss the rock,
    and all the pressure ends cannot be described.
    it can only be felt.
    and the memory of that moment will last a lifetime,
    with a power that could not be, if it were not for the hopeless, horrible lows.
    so easy to understand on the sofa,
    so hard to believe on the road.
    what comes down must go up.
      Carl was correct about the campground.  I was also able to get the best buttered toast.  The owners were cleaning up after their bed & breakfast guests had left and offered to fix me food, but toast was the only thing I felt I could get down.  They were very sweet and I headed out feeling much better about the day.  I was feeling really good when I finally reached Hampshire.  It was lunchtime and I ordered a fried bologna sandwich.  I was able to charge my phone and chat with the locals.  They told me about Juli staying at their Men's club and one of the guys offered to rent his apartment to any of us for the night.  They were really sweet and I hated to leave, but I knew I needed to get out of there.  Columbia and darkness was preying on my mind.  I filled my buff with ice and wore it on my head to keep my cool.  As it dripped dried, I laid my buff on one shoulder and I eventually lost it somehow.  (I loved that buff- my LLTH's buff.)  Carl, laz, and Mike pulled up and I chatted briefly with them, but I knew I needed to get going.  Especially since I knew I'd have to rest in the shade as the day was getting warmer- which I did several times.  I think I scared a poor farmer that came upon me while he was mowing his field and I was stretched out with my feet on a fallen log.
         I finally reached the edge of town and kept plowing ahead.  It was only about 5 or 6 in the evening, so I felt okay.  I went through the town square (which is apparently the less desirable part of town), I was a little nervous, but I kept plowing ahead.  I finally saw the hotel ahead and breathed a sigh of relief, especially since the clouds were rolling in again.  After I got checked in, I went back out to the steak house in front and ordered me a steak, mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies.  Steak sounded so good and I figured I'd have time to digest it before heading back out.  I ran my bath water and grabbed the suitcase stand for a tv table.  Nothing better than soaking in the tub while eating a steak dinner.  I was getting food in me and was becoming human again.
    35 miles- 179 total went from a morning low to an evening high
    Day 6:  I still was having the fluttering feeling, but not too much.  I headed out with the hopes of getting to Shelbyville, but I had Lewisburg as Plan B.  I knew Dusty was several hours ahead of me.  We would text about where we were each day.  She was so diligent about getting up early every morning and starting early.  I wish I could do that.  I couldn't make myself get in bed because I didn't want to get up the next day to face the truth.  It was great to know I was close to someone.  I also chatted with Diane on the phone a couple of times a day to see how she was faring and let her know where I was.  I knew that if she caught up to me- I would finish, but if she passed me, it was going to be like Ray K at the Backyard.  She was my grim reaper always nipping at my heels.  (I adore these two for their encouragement throughout the race!) 
      I reached the Bench of Despair and had the best biscuits and gravy I have had in a very long time.  Since my camera was kaput, the lady offered to take a pic of me on the bench and text it to me.  I thought that was so sweet of her to do. 
      Culleoka, past I-65 interchange to Lewisburg was kind of a blur.  Just suffering, tired, and hot.  I kept stopping probably every half hour.  I stopped on a bridge and laid down right beside the road on the bridge because it was the only shade available.  I sat on guardrails in the shade.  I finally reached Lewisburg.  There was two convenience stores- one ahead on my side and one across the road.  I looked ahead and was trying to see if it was open instead of having to cross the road.  I was dying for something cold to drink.  I saw a truck pull in, so I opted to keep going.  I reached the store- it was closed for remodeling.  Skunked again!  I decided to keep going.  Figured there had to be others.  There wasn't.  I came upon a gentleman sitting on his front porch and asked him how much farther to the restaurants and he acted like they were wayyyyy up there.  So I decided to go over to the Family Dollar Store that sat back off of the road on the other side.  I needed something cold and I was almost out of water.  It helped some,and I headed back out. This was becoming a bad day as I reached the intersection I looked at my choices.  Huddle House was on the course but did not sound good.  Pizza Hut was about 1/4 mile off the course, but I figured I could stomach a cheese personal pan pizza.  I took off my shoes and socks and swapped out for my flip flops.  My feet were so happy as I sat there chatting with a family and waiting for my food.
      I was at Lewisburg and I was fairly early.  I did not want to go on to Shelbyville- it was still 21 miles to go, but it was too early to call it a day.  So I headed back out.  I stopped at a store and had a hard time explaining that I wanted ice.  "You know frozen water" I tried to explain.  Our sheet said that there were various stores between miles 210-220- so I decided to keep going.  I was really starting to drag even more.  Called to whine to my husband a couple of times.  A friend of mine that lives outside of Shelbyville wanted to pick me up and take me home for dinner.  I had to explain to her that I couldn't do that because it would make me crewed.  Not sure she understood my text, so I had my husband call her to explain -not sure if he did.  I passed a store that was closed and I was broken.  There was a family out in the yard and the wife asked if I needed anything and I begged of some water.  They gave me some ice too.  They were great.  They also let me know the next store was closed too, but thought I could make the one after that.  I thanked them and headed on my way.  This is when the highlight of my otherwise really, rotten, hard, suffering, day was.  I was crossing a bridge and saw the water rippling under the bridge.  I figured it might be a turtle, then I thought it was a deer as I saw brown fur.  Then it came into view- a bobcat.  I watched him looking side to side in the water as he waded through it.  He came out on the rocks and then stepped into the deeper side of the creek and swam across to the other side.  He got out and shimmied the water off and then squatted for a poo (or pee).  That was when I realized how alone I really was and decided to get the heck out of there.  Especially since he was already looking for dinner it seems.  I did make it to the store 25 minutes before they closed and was able to get a hamburger to eat and charge up my phone.  I was late a few minutes checking in because my phone was dead.  (I was really bummed about my camera because I had such a great vantage of the bobcat, but my phone was dead anyways- but it just added to the discouragement of the day.)  I had about 9 miles to go and it was 8:00pm.  I probably did the most running of the race trying to get to Shelbyville.  I just had my cheap little flashlight that I only used when a car came so I could see the white line to make sure I didn't go off the road and fall in a ditch.  I was worried the dumb light might die and I am the biggest chicken at night (seeing the bobcat did not help).  There is a reason I call myself a candy arse!  I finally saw the city limit sign, stopped at a store for a drink, and then headed to the hotel.  When I reached the Magnolia hotel, which was on the course, I took a couple of steps toward it but could not make myself go in.  I wanted a good night sleep with good AC and it did not look like that would happen.  So I sat down and used my phone to find the next nearest hotel.  There was an America's Best Inn about a 1/2 mile off course.  After calling to make sure someone was there to get me checked in (didn't want to be like Psyche- get to a hotel and not be able to get checked in), and that they did have non smoking rooms left, I headed off course. 
      This was my roughest day.  I would go 100 feet start tearing up, get mad at myself for being soft.  Go 100 feet, tear up, get mad.  It was ridiculous.  I also thought about my dad and if he was alive he would be calling me on my cell and be like, "You're doing what?!" and then proceed to tell me about his problems.  lol  As the darkness fell, I let fear take hold even though I know the spirit of fear is not from the Lord- just repeating it to myself kept me sane but I also argued with God that if it wasn't from Him, then He better get them fear spirits away from me!  It was more panic than fear.  That and I just could not see and I just wanted to get done and in a hotel room.
      I reached the hotel.  Praise the Lord!  My longest day and the longest mileage I have ever went.  44 miles in 17.5 hours (no wonder I have 3 50 miler DNF's!).  Total mileage: 223.  (I did not set my alarm for the next morning.)
    Day 7:  When I finally woke up and got moving,  I backtracked to the course, but then missed my turn.  When I reached the Magnolia I knew I had messed up.  Re checked my maps and realized I passed my turn when I crossed the street and was trying not to get hit in the morning traffic and completely missed the street sign that I was watching for.  Once back on course, I headed thru town and came across a coffee shop and was able to have some real oatmeal (finally).  I tried to shove as much as I could down before heading toward Wartrace. 
      I reached the convenience store at Wartrace and went in to have lunch- as many others were.  I sat down and traded out my shoes/socks for my flip flops while I waited for the line to go down.  I also plugged in my phone (always worried about my phone dying).  There were three tables in there and by the time I got my food and sat to eat, they were filling up.  The couple that sat with me use to live in New Albany, IN (which is about 25 minutes from where I live now).  He also helps out with the SJ40 every year.  One of the best parts of VS is chatting with the locals.  Makes me homesick, especially now because I live in a small town that is similar to all the ones we trek through.  Loved it!  I finally got moving down the road but before I could get out of town, the heavens opened up.  I decided to just keep going.  I knew today was a fairly short day, so I figured I could get to the hotel and get my shoes dried back out.  Leaving Wartrace, Mike Melton drove up and I chatted with him for a few minutes before he headed off to pick up Jan.  I was very lucky Mike came up because he told me the turn was just up ahead.  When I reached "the turn" I still wasn't sure Mike knew what he was talking about.  I pulled out my turn sheet, re read my maps, and then for good measure looked at my google maps on my phone.  I finally felt like Mike meant for me to veer to the left- so I did (thank God Mike came along when he did!).  Leaving Wartrace was beautiful with the light rain falling and all of the growth.  I enjoyed this section, even the hill.  Did have a short run in with a Pyrenese, but I kept pointing my umbrella out at him.  The neighbor across the road was watching me brandishing my umbrella and "No'ing" the big hound.  Mike and Jan passed by again and I eventually caught up with Psyche (walking in wet socks and her shoe insert!).  We came upon an empty store and sat under the awning.  I gave her 3 pairs of socks that I had bought and knew I wouldn't need (I later felt bad for not giving her more of my socks).  I also gave her my flip flops, my solar charger, and cord since her phone was dying.  Although her beau, Charles, was coming to crew her, I felt bad for leaving her, but I knew needed to get going.  I took off and saw some kids playing on a trampoline just before I saw the jaws of life coming at me.  I had just walked not more than 50 feet from Psyche when this dog comes screaming out of this yard at me.  I did not have my pepper spray out (I know dumb right).  I start yelling at the kids to get their freaking dog while trying to keep the dog off of me.  I knew I couldn't dig in my waist pack for my spray, so I reached around and unclipped my pack to keep it between me and his jaws.  I figured if I could get it lodged in his mouth, I could strangle him somehow with the straps.  One of the kids finally come out but instead of grabbing the dog by the collar, he starts throwing rocks at the dog- which does not help the situation.  So I am still yelling and doing the 'stay away from the teeth' dance.  The kid finally grabs the dogs collar, but when he does the dog takes one final lunge at me and scratches my leg. The other kids were still playing on the trampoline during all of this.  It made me nervous that the dog would get off of his chain and go for Psyche, so I walked back to walk past the house with her (the house across the street had another dog chained up and he was stalking us quietly- not the good stalk you want to see either).  This time I had my pepper spray and when I felt like we were in the clear I left Psyche again. 
      As I headed down the road, a car comes by me and honks the horn.  I looked behind me and a husky looking dog quickly turned from me and dashed back into the woods.  I didn't even realize I had someone following me.  I love dogs, well animals period, but I was not feeling good about dogs when I finally made it to the campground outside of Manchester and here comes another dog at me.  This one just wanted to jump and play though, but I was a little edgy and had my umbrella out as a weapon to whack him in the head.  Thankfully, the owner was there and got him under control and apologized for the dog.  I used the bathroom and headed out feeling more than a little weary.  Somewhere along the road, I lost my umbrella.  I kept tucking it (and map pieces) under the flap on my waist pack.  Problem was, I would open the flap to get something out of my waist pack and forget the umbrella (or whatever was there).  Many times I would catch it, but apparently not this time. 
      Rita and newly crowned "King of the Road" Dan came by and chatted for a minute.  They offered to take any trash, but I didn't have any.  I later chuckled to myself because they probably thought my bag of socks hanging off my pack was trash- not my most treasured possessions. 
      As I was making my way through road construction, Fred and his mother stopped.  They were leaving to head to a reunion.  I was tired and frustrated because I couldn't figure out how far I was or how far to go to Manchester.  I explained that I was using my map, but hadn't seen any identifying road signs.  Fred gave me a paper that had mileage points for different places, mainly cemeteries, stores, etc.  He was trying to explain it to me and I loved seeing him, but I just wanted to get going.  (I felt bad because he probably thought I was so rude, but I just wanted to get moving and get to food and shelter for the night.)  I stuffed the sheet in my waist pack and headed on.  I pulled it out later after getting out of the road construction part, but it had so much numbers and stuff.  I'm sure it would help, but I had a good system that was working for me.  I like my little map pieces.  I would find a street name on my map and I would know about how many miles I was.  Tenness is just like everywhere else, road signs are limited.  So a lot of the time, I would find out that I was actually farther than I thought I was- which was a real boost.  I left Fred's sheet in Manchester (sorry Fred).
      I finally made it into Manchester and was irritated with myself because I stopped at a Subway, but once I crossed over the interstate, there was an O'Charley's.  I almost threw out the sandwich for a Cajun chicken pasta dinner but I felt that I had wasted so much food already that I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I checked in with laz and then checked into the hotel.
    29.5 miles for the day, 1 lost umbrella, several dog fights with only a scratched and bruised leg, 252.5 miles total
    Day 8:  I was looking forward to this day.  The shortest day yet.  The climb into Monteagle.  It all started with a stop at Wal Mart for more flip flops and an umbrella.  I knew how much I enjoyed going shoeless and it would be worth the few dollars and lost time.  I made it to Hillsboro and tried to eat a coconut raspberry zinger and a yoo hoo.  It looked good but I could only get about a 1/3rd of one down.  I was hoping there was a cafe or something in Pelham (my mileage sheet said there was).  When I reached Pelham I came upon a house that said cafe, but I was thinking someone said the cafe was named Southern something or another.  While I was sitting in front of the post office trying to decide to go a little further to see if the cafe was ahead or to go back and go into the house that had said cafe, Psyche and Charles drove up.  I was so glad to see her crew show up for her!  They hadn't noticed a cafe, but a lady came out of the post office and Charles went over and asked her.  Yep- it was up ahead.  I headed on and sure enough there was the cafe.  I changed into my new flip flops and headed in.  I found a table close to an electrical outlet to plug in my phone.  I can't remember what I ate but it was dang good!  Southern cooking, but I was really looking forward to taking a nap out in the porch swing.  The restaurant closed at two and after checking with them, I headed out for a nap.  I had already stopped in a field and laid down under a shade tree.  I was having a really hard time staying awake.  Figured a nap would help and a porch swing is the best place to get one.
      I eventually got up and headed across the street to the small store.  I finally found a Gatorade, but no luck with ice.  So I walked back to the restaurant to beg for some ice.  Then I remembered I better buy another bottle of water- so back to the small store.  I finally was able to leave Pelham after chatting with a couple that was working out in their yard.  I had seven miles to Monteagle with the climb up the mountain in there.  I was worried about the climb, but it turned out not to be bad at all.  Very pretty too and for the most part shaded.  Charles and Psyche passed again and let me know I was getting close.  Psyche had a milkshake from McD's that looked really good (but of course by the time I reached a McD's it did not sound good anymore).  At the top of the mountain, the course goes left but the hotels are to the right.  There was some kind of steak house in front of me, but wasn't sure if it would be any good.  I pulled out my phone and looked at my hotel options.  I ended up staying at the American Eagle Inn (I think was the name).  I asked the guy about the steak place and he said it was the best in Monteagle (probably the only one).  After I cleaned up, I called in an order and then headed over to get my food.  While waiting, I realized I did not get all of the sunblock off of my legs.  That crap was caked on there.  So I decided to take a bath when I got back to my room and eat my dinner again while soaking in the tub.  I eventually filled my belly and cleaned my body and headed to bed.  I had told my husband the past day or so that I was not going to make a big push to finish on Friday night.  It was crazy to make myself suffer more than necessary.  I was almost done.  I would just stop in Kimball on Friday and then finish on Saturday morning figuring the pictures would be better in the daylight anyways.
    21 miles, another steak dinner, and one mountain climbed.  273.5 miles total
    Day 9:  At the light of day, best laid plans go awry.  I decide that I am done with this race.  I am finishing tonight no matter what.  I just want it to be over.  Plus a little guilt from laz about having to go back up on Saturday morning.  Not too mention after reasoning it out in my head.  It made no sense to stop in Kimball and get a room, then have to go 14 more miles.  If I didn't finish before check out time then I would have to pay for another night.  (I am way too cheap for that!)  When I first tell my hubster of my new plan, he is a little shocked, but he also begins to see the reason after we've miffed each other.  Although I ended up leaving later than I intended from Monteagle (due to a storm when my alarm originally went off), I was gonna finish on Friday!  I stopped at a store for a drink, candy cigarettes, and a garbage bag.  It was still raining and in the early morning hour, I was freezing.  I reached Tracy City and found a $20 lying in the gravel lot next to the store where I stopped for a bacon biscuit.  I didn't stay long because I knew I needed to try to get to Jasper (16 miles) before the heat came.  I did stop at the DG Store and bought a pair of scissors, a  pair of gel insoles and foam insoles.  My feet were feeling pretty bad and I figured a little bit of cushion might help.  I cut both pairs of insoles for my shoes, put the foam ones in, and gave the scissors to the clerks since I didn't need them any longer.  That was a good idea! 
      Okay from Tracy City to Jasper- that is just desolate.  There seemed to be nothing.  Good thing- it was easy to find pp spots.  Bad thing- no change of scenery, seemed to take forever.  Good thing- John Price found me dragging along and chatted with me.  Whenever you see someone, it always gives you a quick pick me up.  I made it almost to the descent but the call of a closed gas station with shade was calling my name.  I laid down between the two gas pumps using the hoses to prop my unshod feet and legs up and rested my eyes for a bit.  That helped and I was able to start down the hill, even jogging some.  You should never waste a down hill.  John was at the bottom of the hill and we chatted again.  While coming into Jasper, a guy was trying to push his truck in a parking lot.  I asked if he needed help, but he was trying to push it to get it to start.  He didn't seem to think I'd be much help in that effort, but I felt bad for him.  I asked if he had a cell phone.  Turns out it was dead, so I sat and rested while he used mine to call for help.  I headed on into Jasper and found a nice little cafe to have lunch.  Best grilled chicken salad ever.  Had a slice of watermelon and an orange with it.  Good stuff.  Thank you Lord for the twenty in Tracy City because the lady's credit card machine would not work and it gave me the cash to pay for my food.  I was getting low (another reason to finish). 
      I was really starting to feel good about my chances of not only finishing, but finishing tonight!  I reached Kimball and was greeted by the sight of my mom and other dad.  I told them to meet me at the gas station up ahead.  I felt bad for not accepting anything from them, but my mom understood even though it was killing them both not to be able to even buy me a drink.  I bought my Gatorade and sat on the sidewalk chatting with them before heading out.  I was by the Wendy's and John had said it was only a half marathon left to go.  I crossed the Tennessee river for the second time.  Checked my phone camera to see if by some chance it might work- it didn't.  I headed into New Hope.  Laz called to see where I was and I let him know what road I had passed and he knew where I was and made me feel like I was getting close to 377 (the road I was watching for).  I wasn't that close.  SR156 seemed to take forever.  I finally came upon a convenience store and stopped to go potty and for fluids.  He also let me have some ice.  As I headed out a guy pulled up and asked if I was in the race and where was Diane at.  I chatted with him and he gave me a glo light.  He tried to give me another but I had to cut him off.  (I'm sorry buddy but I gotta finish this race.  It's getting late and I am a candy arse.)
    Another call from laz telling me to call my mom when I reached the Alabama state line.  I finally reached the turn off and was so happy to be heading up Sand Mountain.  Happiness faded as the steepness settled in.  I finally came to the state line and called my mom.  She didn't know why I was calling.  I was feeling frustrated as to why I was calling, other than they were wanting to know where I was.  I vaguely remembered that you could see the runners at some point, but the runners were still a ways away.  Turns out I was coming up on that spot.  I heard all of the yelling from across the valley.  I waved my arms.  If I'd had the energy I would probably have mooned them, but also out of respect for my dear momma- I did not.  I just trudged along.  Abi pulled up briefly but I didn't hear what she said because another car pulled up behind her and honked the horn.  I still trudged along.  I crested and had three dogs run out to greet me.  I waved my umbrella at them and chased them back into their yard.  I kept trying to find some point on my maps to line me up to where I was on the course.  I had a lady offer to give me a ride because she had seen me walking earlier in the day. 
      Finally, CR 132-Castle Rock  Road!  woo hoo I was getting somewhere now!  I turned and kept plodding along.  About that time my mom, other dad, and hubby came up.  They took a few pictures then almost got stuck in a yard as they were turning around.  I was glad they had come up when they did because I just had a guy pull off into a drive and yell "Run Forest run".  Turned out to be the glo light guy from earlier.  He may be a nice guy, but I was tired and he kind of creeped me out.  I followed those tail lights from my mom's blazer like a drunk to a bar.  Jogging as much as I could until I'd come to a little incline.  Trudge upward, see the tail lights and jog some more.  I made it back the private drive- so pretty with all of the trees lining the drive.  I saw the power lines and started watching for the road to turn on.  Blazer had stopped, so I turned onto the road.  Then Blazer turned and I kept running off to the side trying to give them room to pass.  Finally, I just stopped and waved them past.  Through the corn field.  Laz was correct- the corn was really tall!  It was getting dark and I wished I had my flashlight.  I grabbed the glo light out of my pack and bent it.  A little light for the way.  I saw the tail lights turn down the dirt road.  I knew I was getting close.  I was singing "Zippity Doo Dah, zippity ah my oh my what a wonderful day."  I was making up lines about the race ending to fit the song and I was sounding good (Of course, now I cannot remember for the life of me what I was saying).  Then I came upon a large puddle.  I tried to decipher which side would be the best with my little glo light.  I went left, but ran into briers.  I backed back out and went right and was able to get past without soaking my feet.  Back to jogging and singing.  I could hear voices getting closer!  I saw a car.  More voices, yelling, clapping.  I slowed down because I knew there was a drop off at the rock.  I just wanted to find the rock.  Laz is telling me to hurry ("what's the hurry now!").  John is yelling for me to come to him.  He is out on the rock and I make my way to him with laz telling me to hurry, John telling me to slow down.  It was chaos- BUT I was finished as soon as John stuck me on the spot and called out time.  8 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 36 seconds.  Dang I could have had 8:13:13:13 if I would have known where to go before I got there or if I hadn't been playing by the puddle like Briar Rabbit.  A couple of pics and I was allowed to sit on the 'thrown'.  I had never felt so good!
      I only had one thing left to do.  After I had rested and chatted with John, family, laz, Sherry, & Dusty, I dug into my pack for one last thing, my dad's ashes.  I walked back over to the rock and opened up the ziplock bag and let him fly.  He had traveled the whole race with me and I got him to Georgia, although not Fort Benning.  I figured he didn't always listen to what I wanted (like for him to stop drinking), I could get away with not listening completely to him.  Plus, my sister has the rest of his ashes and plans to follow his wishes- so I'm good.  When he passed away in January, and we were discussing his wishes, I knew immediately why I didn't finish the race last year.  This year I would finish and I would have extra meaning to the finish.  I didn't want my gesture to take away from my finish (or anyone else's), but it made it special to be able to do that.  My husband came over and gave me a hug and I went and sat back down.  Laz made some joke about what I was doing because he didn't really know.  I let him in on the secret that only Pat and my mom knew about.  I joked with laz that I really thought about leaving him a couple of times to lighten my pack load.  I was actually nervous that I might leave the ashes somewhere after the second night of leaving my charger.  I was careful to check every morning as I packed my bag for the day.
      I didn't want to tell anyone and if I didn't make it, have some feel sorry for me.  Plus, it was a private kind of thing but it was part of also what made my finish extra special and I feel I can share it now.
      We headed off the mountain and met up with laz and Naresh at Huddle House- and of course more rain.  The lights flickered a few times while we were eating.  The lights were out at our hotel room, but they came on in the middle of the night.
      This year was so different from last year and not just because I finished.  Last year I kept catching up to John and Stu and seeing several others.  This year other than the first day and a few hours with Jan one day, I didn't travel with anyone.  This year I never thought about quitting.  There were many times that I wanted the race to be over with or the day to be done, but not quitting.  Last year my shins were horrible and I could hardly go downhill without crying and I did not know anything about taking care of blisters.  I still don't know a lot about taking care of blisters, but I managed to only get the one heel blister the first day, then just a couple of small ones later in the week.  But they were manageable.  As for my shins, I never had any pain in them, my legs, or anything.  I was a little sore in my hips, knees, or back periodically but not outright pain (Of course, I didn't haul butt like the front runners either).  Last year I carried my ipod but never got it out.  This year if I was on a long stretch and not much traffic, I would get it out and hang it on my pack.  I probably used it maybe 5 or 6 times for an hour or so.  It was a great pick me up, but it also would start getting on my nerves.  This year I tried to enjoy myself more.  Although I did have quite a few melt downs that my husband can attest too, I remembered what Carl had said in his SJ report.  One other thing that I felt helped me was my course from home to work is 12.5 miles and I know how far different points are from home.  So if I knew I only had 4 miles to the next point, then I'd tell myself, "okay its from the pond to home."  10 miles- "from the bridge to home."  And so on.  It helped me to digest the miles.  That and I had a lot of prayer coverage over me!
      Honestly, if it wasn't for the pictures, I wouldn't believe I had even finished it.  I also feel like anyone can do this race.  I mean really, if I can finish it- anyone can!  When I was out there, I didn't think I'd ever want to go back, but I know I will.  I want to do a few other races first, but I will be back.  Shooting for my 40th birthday which is in three years.  I hope to get under 7 days or better.  I really need to finish a 50 miler and work on my speed- or at least getting out of the jogging and maybe get closer to some running.  Although my energy level is really low still after two weeks and my bruised leg from the canine has healed, I feel more energized toward wanting to run than in a really long time.  Thanks laz for a great race!  And thanks Carl for helping out and keeping me on track.  I know I was a little better knowing where I was when I called in this year; a little better.  : )
      For those that might want to know:  Counting the night in Union City before the race, I spent $594.84 on hotels (lowest was $39 and highest was $86).  I spent $238.71 + the $65 in cash I brought on food, drink, and whatever else I bought (i.e. socks, watch, umbrella.)  I also gave a small donation to the RD.  I found a twenty and some change, more so near the end of the race (thanks Dusty).  ; )
      Vol state to me is like a Christian's walk.  You have valleys and mountains.  You do a lot of things wrong and a fw right.  You hope to get the chance to do it better next time.  I feel closer to God because of VS, but I still have a long way's to go.  Kind of like I feel better about my races, but I have a long way's to go.  : )

              Blog Post: The Last of Us: Remastered        

    I've only played the remastered version of The Last of Us so I can't compare it to the PS3 version.  I know it looks better and plays smoother from watching comparison videos. The game itself is amazing.  Naughty Dog has always made great games and all thing things they do well are on full display here.  Graphically, I've never seen a better looking game.  There were many times that I needed to be paying attention to the action when I couldn't stop admiring the textures, lighting, and the detail of everything on the screen.  This is only part of what makes this living, breathing world so convincing.  The voice acting is better than most movies.  These characters are so believable because of what the actors put into their performances.  I wish more companies would put this much effort into this aspect of their games. 

    Without giving anything away about the plot, let me just say that if you are into story driven games you must play this one.  Everything from intense action to nerve racking stealth section to heart-sinking plot twists are here.  I never really felt comfortable with my situation.  I never felt like it was too easy.  I felt like I was struggling to survive.  I was relieved when the game was over.  I felt like I had made it, like I had survived.  It was very satisfying to finish the game and that is a testament to the well written story.

    Even though I never felt like I had enough ammo, I knew it was because I was being driven to handle my situation in other ways.  I actually enjoyed playing  a character that wasn't a totally prepared agent, soldier, or superhero.  I felt like I was playing the game in the same way I would survive an actual zombie apocalypse.  Who would have thought that having to scrounge around for anything useful and fashioning crude weapons and health packs could feel so right.

    The truth is I could write 50 pages about all the things I remember and love about this game, but I'll leave you with this.  If you haven't played this game,  DO!!!

              Guilty: Glenn Ford & Marty Stroud        
    To: Senate Judiciary, Committee C

    cc: Governor John Bel Edwards and staff
    Louisiana House and Senate
    Justices Louisiana Supreme Court
    Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and staff
    Louisiana District Attorneys Assoc.
    Louisiana Sheriff's Assoc.
    Louisiana State Troopers Assoc.
    All Catholic Diocese, Bishops and staff

    Media throughout Louisiana
    Editors, Bureau Chiefs, Directors, Managers and government/crime reporters

    Subject: Guilty: Glenn Ford & Marty Stroud

    Re: How bad? Marty Stroud's Testimony, Senate Judiciary Committee C, SB 142, April 26, 2017

    From: Dudley Sharp


    The committee has an obligation to make sure that A.M. "Marty" Stroud takes personal responsibility for his testimony of April 26th. Stroud, proclaimed Glenn Ford an innocent that he, as a  prosecutor, with ill intent in his heart put on death row.

    That obligation extends to setting the record straight to show respect for Isadore Rozeman, the innocent robbery/murder victim, the Rozeman and Glenn Ford families, as well as for the committee.

    In 2015, Marty Stroud described his 1984 self as "arrogant, judgmental, narcissistic", "full of myself",  "totally wrong", interested more in winning than justice, "I was not a nice person" (1), "win, don't care about the costs","don't care about the victim" (2), "I did something that was very, very bad." "It was a train to injustice, and I was the engineer."(3), particularly, in the context of his being a prosecutor in securing the 1984 death sentence for Glenn Ford, for the robbery/murder of Isadore Rozeman.

    Unlike the 1983-84 and 1988-2012 Stroud, in "avoiding" a search for the truth, Stroud's 2017 testimony, as well as his statements, from 2014 through today, had a whole bunch of evidence which he, intentionally suppressed, in avoidance of that known evidence.

    What Stroud Left Out of His Testimony -  2017

    Stroud: "in the motion to dismiss the case, the prosecutor's office said "if we had known the evidence that they knew at the time of the prosecution he probably wouldn't have been arrested." (4)

    Sharp:  That is very odd. The evidence in the 1984 trial was overwhelming, with regard to Ford committing multiple felonies, inclusive of being a principle to the robbery, which led to the additional circumstantial evidence proving, beyond a reasonable doubt,  that Ford was guilty of capital murder, in the case of innocent murder victim, Isadore Rozeman.

    That same evidence exists, today.

    There is, overwhelming, support for Ford's guilt within both the 2015 (5) and 2016 (5a) reviews of the case evidence, by six judges, all of which Stroud is aware of but, intentionally, left out of Stroud's 2015-2017 statements, inclusive of Stroud's 2017 testimony.

    Even though Stroud claims he desires "all of the story that should have been disclosed" (1), his 2015-2017 examples are "hiding" all of the story that Stroud should have disclosed.

    Take a look:

    Glenn Ford's Guilt

    In 2013-14, the Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office stated that it had obtained credible evidence that Ford "was neither present at, nor a participant in, the robbery and murder of Isadore Rozeman," and filed a motion to vacate Ford's conviction and sentence. On March 10, 2014, the trial court granted the state's motion. Ford was released the following day after spending nearly 30 years on death row. (5a)

    The facts are that Ford, by his own admission, was a principal participant in the robbery/murder, that he was, at the least,  guilty of second degree murder. Ford cannot be excluded from actually murdering Isadore Rozeman, that murder being a capital, death penalty eligible crime, for which he was found guilty and sentenced to death.

    (2016) Justice C.J.  BROWN,  "The evidence as presented supports Ford's guilt of second degree murder and that his connection was certainly not "tangential." (5a)

    The 2013 "credible evidence" for Ford's 2014 release came from a reliable informant, who remains anonymous.

    Reliable informants are known to be unreliable, occasionally. Informants are only as reliable as their sources, which was, allegedly, Jake Robinson, who, allegedly, stated, to the informant, that he (Robinson)  was the shooter of Isadore Robinson and that Glenn Ford was not there. Robinson is a career criminal, who no one trusts.

    Glenn Ford, at his 1984 trial, did not deny being at the scene of the robbery/murder and he cannot prove that he was not (5a) Nor can he be excluded from committing the murder.

    The record reflects that, at the time of the filing of the 2014 instant petition (to release Ford), two other individuals, Jake Robinson and Henry Robinson, were being prosecuted for the robbery and murder of Mr. Rozeman. (5a)

    Those charges, which originated from that informant, have, now, been dropped, for lack of evidence, in this case, as well as others'.

    That doesn't mean the informant was lying, although, such may be the case.  The informant's information could not be confirmed in quite a few cases.

    We know that Ford was released, based upon information that could not be confirmed.

    The evidence of Glenn Ford's guilt is overwhelming, yet, he was released.

    The iron solid case is that Ford should have been convicted of second degree murder, at least, and that with all of the other involved crimes, Ford would have been sentenced to life in prison and that Ford should never had been released.

    (2016) the five justices, Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Second Circuit: "The (informant's) statement of the district attorney is not evidence, nor has Ford produced any evidence that he was not concerned in the commission of this crime. We find no manifest error in the trial judge's (2015) conclusion regarding Ford as a principal to this crime." (5a)

    2016: Justice J. DREW: " . . . it is accurate to say that the trial court (2015) found that Ford committed armed robbery. Even if not present at the moment of a crime, a person can be convicted of that crime, if otherwise involved as a principal." (5a) " . . . Ford arguably committed second degree murder arising out of the facts of this case. Had he actually been convicted of that crime, in a petit jury trial conducted in accordance with the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Ford would have never been released from prison." (5a)

    Justice would be served had Ford remained in jail.

    Anti death penalty folks attack informants, mercilessly (6), when they report the guilt of murderers, but love them if they report the innocence of murderers.

    Stroud was very aware in 1983/1984 that the Robinson brothers were involved in the crimes, as well as all of the other facts, detailed, based upon all of Ford's statements, as well as those of other witnesses.

    There wasn't enough evidence to try the Robinsons in 1984, nor was there at any later date, through today.

    One wonders what evidence Stroud avoided, in 1983-84 and 1988-2012, that the police, the investigators and the lead prosecutor also avoided in 1983-1984.  Was there any?

    Defense counsel Stroud's prosecutorial self flagellation tour could be attributable to his ingratiation himself into anti death penalty circles, where such "self destruction" is celebrated, as with The Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project honoring Stroud with its annual Champion of Justice Award in 2016.

    Justice redefined.

    Remember Isadore Rozeman

    Also see
    Glenn Ford Must Be Denied Compensation

    2) District Judge Katherine Dorroh, in her nine-page ruling (2015) denying Ford's request for compensation from the state for being "wrongfully incarcerated", concluded that Glenn Ford  (5, 7):

    ---  " knew the robbery of jewelry Isadore Rozeman on Nov. 5, 1983 was going to occur
    ---   did nothing to stop it
    ---   attempted to destroy evidence by selling items taken in the robbery and
    ---   attempting to find buyers for the murder weapon used by those he implicated in the murder." (5, 7).

    3) At the very least, Ford knew about the robbery, in advance, was involved in the conspiracy with the Robinson brothers, did nothing to stop it, was an accessory to armed robbery,  after the fact, pawned items stolen in the robbery/murder, the day of the robbery/murder, and had, additional,  items, stolen from Isadore,  in Ford's apartment, was trying to acquire a pistol the morning of the murder and attempted to sell a pistol, the afternoon, after the murder (5, 5a, 8).

    Ford admitted to all of that, and more, as Stroud well knows.

    Detective Gary Pittman who testified that Ford admitted to him that he and Henry Robinson had been at Mr. Rozeman's house on the day of the murder (5a).

    Also found were items stolen, the month, before, from Rozeman's house/shop. Those items were connected to Glenn Ford. (9)

    Who planned the robbery? Ford was the only one involved who knew that Izadore Rozeman had valuables to steal and who knew of Rozeman's security. How? Ford worked for Rozeman (8,5,5a).

    Not only does Ford have blood on his hands, figuratively, he, likely, had blood on his hands, at some point, actually.

    Ford cannot be excluded from gaining access to Rozeman's home, to facilitate the robbery/murder, nor can he be excluded from being the triggerman (8, 5, 5a).

    Ford had gunshot residue on his left hand. The residue was of such small amount that it could neither be confirmed nor denied that he fired a weapon (8, 5,5a).

    There was a partial fingerprint on a paper bag, at the crime scene, which appeared to be used as a glove, likely to hold the gun, a method to avoid  some gunshot residue and avoid fingerprints on the weapon.  That fingerprint did not exclude Ford, but could not be matched to him (8). That partial fingerprint excluded the other suspects (8, 5,5a).

    4) Isadore Rozeman was the robbery/murder victim in the Glenn Ford case.

    All public quotes from Isadore Rozeman's family (2015). All their facts are supported by the record (5,5a).

    "We know that Glenn Ford was intimately involved in this crime that, eventually, led to the death of our uncle. Much of this was due to the relationship of Uncle Prince (Isadore) with Glenn Ford." (10,8)

    "It is undisputed Mr. Ford was involved, having sold the clocks and watches obtained from the shop during the robbery. It is undisputable Mr. Ford was shopping for a gun days before Nov. 5, 1983, and selling the weapon days after the murder." (11, 8)

    "In the compensation hearing (2015), for Glenn Ford, District Judge Katherine Dorroh found that Mr. Ford "committed many crimes, including possession of stolen goods, accessory after the fact to armed robbery, and principal to armed robbery." (11)

    The Rozeman family that found that those charges may resulted in "a sentence of 30 years to life without parole. Mr. Ford served 30 years in prison." (11)

    They are correct, as detailed, above, and here (5a).

    "What has been lost in this discussion is the real innocent victim." (11)

    Sharp: Never in his testimony nor in his apology letter, did Stroud, once, mention the name of Isadore Rozeman.

    "That innocent murder victim was our uncle, Isadore Rozeman, raised in Shreveport and served our country as a plane mechanic at Barksdale during World War II."  (11) "He had a shop in his home on Stoner Avenue and spent his adult life repairing and selling antique watches and clocks. (11).

    "On Nov. 5, 1983, (Isadore) opened the back door and people rushed into (Isadore's) home/shop. They knocked him down, broke his glasses and then put a gun to the back of his head and pulled the trigger." (11)

    Multiple witnesses had Ford near or on Isadore's property near the time of the robbery/murder (5,5a,8). Ford had, himself, in Isadore's home/shop.

    None of Ford's alleged alibis could be confirmed in court (8).

    "Our uncle (Isadore Rozeman) was an innocent victim. (11, 5, 5a)"

    Sharp:  Stroud called Ford an "innocent victim" (1). Such would be an incredible, bizarre declaration, if we were not aware of Stroud's self confessed ethical problems.

    The "innocent" and "exoneration" deceptions, by anti death penalty folks, are standard, every day occurrences (12), just as their making up false confessions are (13).

    "It is also undisputable to our family that my uncle (Isadore) did not open any of the four or five locks on his back door to anyone he did not know. We all spent the night with our uncle and knew his habits. At the time of the murder, the door was not broken down." (11)

    "We will never know for sure who got our uncle to turn the locks and open the door, but the most logical choice was someone who had a relationship with my uncle and who benefited from the robbery. " (11)

    "Glenn Ford fits both counts while the people now felt to likely be the shooters did not have a relationship with our uncle." (11)

    Sharp: It is important to note that those other people were seen with Glenn Ford both, before and after the robbery/murder (7, 5a).

    "In February police interviewed Marvella Brown, Jake Robinson's girl friend. She stated that Ford arrived at her apartment around noon the day of the offense, and asked the Robinsons, "Is you still going?" The three left, she said, returning around 3:00 p.m. with a sack containing jewelry. Ford carried a .22 pistol, and Jake Robinson had a .38 (8, 5a)"

    However, she recanted:

    Finally, when asked if she had lied to the court, she responded, "I did lie to the Court.... I lied about all of it." (8)

    The issues are that her claims of involvement fit the time line of the murder, include the stolen items, as we know was the case, and folks who were well known criminals, all of which suggest the credibility of her original witness statement.

    Brown's recantations is much more suspect, as countless people in the community were intimidated by the four Robinson brothers, which would explain the recantation. (14)

    Brown's recantation is, additionally, rebutted by the fact that Ford stated that one of the Robinson brothers asked Ford to sell the gun, which witnesses stated Ford was trying to sell, the same afternoon as the murder and also gave stolen goods to Ford to sell, those being stolen goods from Isadore Rozeman.

    Sharp: Glenn Ford has not and cannot be excluded as a participant in the actual robbery/murder.

    5) From the 2015 hearing (5):  " 14) After being asked to participate in the robbery of Mr. Rozeman by Henry Robinson, Mr. Ford went to see Mr. Rozeman and asked him if he had any work he could do (p8, 5).

    Sharp: I suspect Ford made that up to explain why he was seen in the vicinity of Rozeman's house, before, after and at the time of the robbery/murder, which, I believe,  was Ford's real job, that day.

    6) with all that evidence, what does Stroud say?

    Stroud: “The audacity of the state’s effort to deny Mr. Ford any compensation for the horrors he suffered in the name of Louisiana justice is appalling." (1)

    Sharp: Mr. Stroud, the audacity is all yours. As Stroud must be aware, for the judge to have awarded compensation to Ford would have required that judge to break the law (5). The judge would have had to find Ford "actually innocent", a finding which is, actually, impossible (5,5a).

    Mr. Stroud, what of the horror of Isadore Rozeman's death?  Stroud didn't mention it. 

    The foundation of Ford's horror was, of course, Ford himself. But for Ford, Isadore would, almost certainly, neither have been robbed nor murdered.  All of Ford's confessions, alone, should have resulted in Ford never being released from prison.

    To paraphrase Stroud: "Ford did something that was very, very bad." "It was a train to horror, and Ford was the engineer."

    To paraphrase Stroud, from his 2015 apology letter (1): "I apologize to the committee in not having been more diligent in my duty to ensure that the proper disclosures of Ford's involvement in the robbery/murder was presented to the committee."

    Defense Counsel

    Contrary to Stroud, first chair for Ford's defense, Paul Lawrence, had, previously, taken several civil cases to trial. Lawrence had, also, clerked for La. Supreme Court Justice Albert Tate, which involves both criminal and civil cases.

    Lawrence states that he "had lots of coaching before and during the (Ford) trial from experienced members of the criminal defense bar in Shreveport, including, specifically, Wellborn Jack, Jr. and his partner Rebecca Hudsmith, who is now the Federal Public Defender for the Middle and Western Districts of Louisiana."

    Lawrence: " I did work very hard to master all the evidence and to draw every possible inference that could be argued to support a reasonable doubt of Ford’s guilt and I believe I did a quite respectable job of that, the jury’s verdict notwithstanding." “It was my job to provide Ford the best defense I could provide under the circumstances, regardless of his innocence or guilt, and I believe that I did that to the very best of my ability."

    The appellate courts do not disagree with Lawrence.

    Lawrence takes no stand on the death penalty or Ford's guilt.  (All from Sharp's discussion with Lawrence, May, 8, 2017).

    Most legal folks know that civil law is much more complicated than criminal law.

    While this was Lawrence's first criminal and capital trial, it was also Stroud's first capital case, for which Stroud was second chair, not lead counsel, as some misrepresent.

    7) Note this very important context, from Stroud's 2015 NPR interview (15):

    Interviewer CORNISH: At what point did you actually really feel guilt about what happened to Glenn Ford?

    STROUD: I felt within four or five years of the verdict.

    In 1984, Stroud tells us that he could, hardly, care less. From 1988/1989-2013, Stroud, allegedly, cared and still did nothing.

    Which is worse? Neither could be called  . . . better.

    More from the Rozemans

    8) All public quotes from Isadore Rozeman's family (2015):

    "We loved our uncle as we did my daughter's husband, Clint Dobson. One was killed at the age of 54, the other at 28. They were both innocent victims. However, those involved in their violent deaths are not innocent victims." (11)

    "What our family learned from both (of these innocent murder victims in our family)  is that we live in a society where evil exists. There are people who do not have a moral compass and these events bear out that truth. Between society and this evil is law enforcement and those in the criminal justice system. We are thankful they stand in that gap." (11)

    Sharp: What does Stroud think of Louisiana prosecutors?

    Stroud: "out to win, whatever the costs." "They don't care about the victim. " "They care about their record." "The ends justified the means". (2)

    Sharp: With the exception that prosecutors MUST care about their record, my guess is that, with about 95% of prosecutors, reality would condemn Stroud's slanders. And Stroud?

    Doesn't it sound like he is describing himself?

    We want prosecutors to care, a lot, about their record. All taxpayers and all justice loving folks want prosecutors to make the correct, responsible decisions for cases to go to trial, to plea cases when appropriate and to know when best to drop charges. Prosecutors want that to be as close to a 100% accuracy record, as possible, and so do we all.

    The Rozemans continue:

    "Without the accountability imposed by law enforcement and criminal justice, we would live in chaos. Because of this, we disagree with many who describe law enforcement and criminal justice as a broken system. We differ with those who wish to lessen personal responsibility, accountability and punishment for violent criminal behavior." (11)

    "Our family believes in God's grace and mercy but neither of those things negate the multiple Bible stories that reference personal responsibility and personal consequences for individual actions." (11)

    In Closing

    The Committee should hold Stroud responsible for his testimony and should shoulder the personal responsibility that both the committee and Stroud have to Isadore Rozeman, the Rozeman and Glenn Ford families, in setting the record straight.

    Don't forget Isadore Rozeman.


    As per the Death Penalty Information Center's normal absurdities, Ford is listed as no. 144 on their "innocent" or "exonerated" from death row list.



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              Glenn Ford Must Be Denied Compensation        
    Glenn Ford Must Be Denied Compensation
    Dudley Sharp

    Remember Isadore Rozeman

    I review why Glenn Ford must be denied compensation, based upon his "wrongful release", as follows:

    I. Glenn Ford's Wrongful Release
    II. The Evidence of Glenn Ford's Guilt
    III. Ford Must Be Denied Compensation

    Nearly all comments are from:

    STATE v. FORD, No. 50,525-CA., 193 So.3d 1242 (2016), STATE of Louisiana, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Glenn FORD, Defendant-Appellant, Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Second Circuit, May 18, 2016.

    Which is the 2016 appellate opinion upholding the denial of compensation for Ford and his immediate descendants.

    The (X) footnote refers to that opinion.

    I. Glenn Ford's Wrongful Release    In 2013, the Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office stated that it had obtained credible evidence that Ford "was neither present at, nor a participant in, the robbery and murder of Isadore Rozeman," and filed a motion to vacate Ford's conviction and sentence. On March 10, 2014, the trial court granted the state's motion. Ford was released the following day after spending nearly 30 years on death row. (X)

    The facts are that Ford, by his own admission,  was a principal participant in the robbery/murder, that he was, at the least,  guilty of second degree murder and Ford cannot be excluded from actually murdering Isadore Rozeman.

    (2016) Justice C.J.  BROWN: "The evidence as presented supports Ford's guilt of second degree murder and that his connection was certainly not "tangential." (X)