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          First day in Camp        


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          Te vas a cansar de morir en Shiren The Wanderer 3        

TinyCartridge recupera un anuncio japonés ( de por allá 2008 ) de Shiren The Wanderer 3, el JRPG para hombres y jugones de verdad. Un juego en el que te hartarás a morir, aunque si es al compás de la Quinta Simfonía de Beethoven siempre es más agradecido. Además, los muchachos de Tiny han preguntado a los editores yanquis del juego, Atlus, cuáles son sus muertes favoritas en el juego. Aunque su versión homónima portátil sí llegó al viejo continete, ya es un milagro milagroso que dos años después, Shiren 3 Wii diera el salto a Estados Unidos, o sea que si estáis interesados en JRPG's para poner a prueba vuestra paciencia, tendréis que tirar de importación.

          Thought for food.        
Like eating brains? I know you do. Why not add some new dishes to your collection of recipes that use the "fifth quarter?" Despite some negative cultural stereotypes, the practice of eating brains is common in cultures all over the world: Kat-a-Kat is a traditional Pakistani dish containing brains Maghaz Masala is an Arabic course Here is a recipe for Toscano calf brains In France they are known as Cerveaux Chef Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo serves a popular lamb's brains ravioli Sesos in Mexico Some great recipes for Spanish Tortilla Sacromonte Fried brain sandwiches can be found in St. Louis and the Ohio River Valley Australian Slippery Bob This recipe for carpetbag steak would be great with some brains subbed for the oysters Here is an ancient Roman recipe for calf's brains custard German brain soup and brains au gratin Croquettes Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian recipe for brain omelets Vegan Mock Brains You may be wondering if eating brains is entirely safe. Besides being high in cholesterol, the brain is the main area where prions known to cause transmissible spongiform encephalopathy congregate in the body. In cows it's called Mad Cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), Scrapie in sheep, and Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and other wild game. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Kuru are two forms of spongiform encephalopathy in humans. Kuru was intensely studied among the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea from the 1950's to the 70's and it was determined that the high instances of it in the tribe were due to their ritual endocannibalistic funeral practices. It has been posited recently that a resistance to prionic diseases may have been selected for in our ancestors, suggesting that cannibalism was not uncommon. Also of interest to cephalovores may be the effects of aerosolizing pork brains and inhaling them, as were recently demonstrated in a pork plant in Austin, MN.
          Thing #20: YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar        
You have viewed several YouTube videos and other online videos throughout the earlier activities of this project. Streaming videos, especially through video hosting websites such as YouTube have proven to be very useful web 2.0 resources because they can be created for personal learning/teaching needs and uploaded at point of need. Both Yahoo and Google also include video hosting components.

Another important video hosting source for educationally-based videos is TeacherTube. All of the videos included there are resources for classroom settings or educator-based training. (this site is NOT blocked in SBISD.)

Sample videos to view:
1. Evaluating Websites Tutorial ...an idea for something you could tailor to meet your situation.
2. Three Steps ...food for thought? how many of the tools do you now recognize?
3. Portal to Texas History...Tease (advertisement) for a useful website?

You have been provided with the URLs to these sample videos. Several embedded videos can be found in other "Things"...you can tell an embedded video because you see a small screen in the blog.

To embed, follow the directions given at the particular site.
It usually consists of copying some code for the particular site you are taking the video TO.

Then you paste it into your blog post on the code or HTML tab, not the usual Compose tab. It's easy to switch back and forth. You will want to position the cursor where you want the video to embed.

It is hoped that your institution has allowed these video resources to be open and available to use with students. However, in the event that sites like YouTube are blocked by the firewall, you may have to download the video at another location and use a .flv player to be able to view the video. This PowerPoint slide show gives you some directions in doing that. [UPDATE: this is a more involved cumbersome way to bring in youTube videos because it requires you add a player.]

Another way of getting videos that may be "blocked" is to use a file conversion program such as Zamzar which takes the URL of the wanted video and converts it to a format that available. This blog posting will explain the process of URL conversion. You choose to the file as a .avi or other formats that will play on your computer without adding a player. Zamzar will also convert text, music, or graphic files. [UPDATE: this is the conversion method of choice! simple! quick!]

If you would like to search the web in general for useful videos, current events or news stories, or even historical items, you can use the search engine Blinkx to search for sources of videos. Whether the video will be available, downloadable, or able to be embedded will depend on the actual source of the material. Blinx acts like a one stop shop for locating video streaming!

Another overview of these resources

Discovery activities:
1. Go to YouTube and find a video using the search box. Search for something such as libraries, librarians, learning and teaching, Web 2.0, Library 2.0, educational technology.

2. Go to TeacherTube and locate a video for a subject of your choice...math, science, social studies that might be useful for students or teachers in your sphere of influence.

3. Write a post for Thing #20 about your video finds and the value of having access to so many video resources. Embed at least one of the videos you selected into your post.

Have fun learning from the "movies"...anyone got popcorn?

          King of All Media...Charlie Rose?        
What's the deal with Google Video and Charlie Rose? Why is it all Charlie all of the time?

Did the Google guys buy Charlie as an especially unique pet to keep round the office?

I don't get it.
          To Pube, or Not To Pube        

Years ago, back in the 60's and 70's, most women (99%), over the age of puberty had a field of luxurious curlies garnishing their nether regions. Admittedly, some may have have gone overboard in this department. I remember one young lady that brought visions of a machete or weed wacker to mind. Most women did keep them trimmed nicely but not waxed clean as is the fashion today. I guess you could say that there is some merits in the truth in advertising method that is in vogue now but there was a degree of mystery in the bushes of days gone by. What wonders were being hidden behind that soft carpet of twisted fur? Some of them quite frankly don't need to see the light of day, a little camouflage would definitely help. There is one woman that I know that between the razor-rash, five o'clock stubble and the fact that she looks like she has been hit with an axe would definitely benefit from a little bush. Maybe it is just a liberal political statement, No More Bush, who knows. If nothing else, the pedophiles of the world should be happy as most women now look like they are nine years old again. If you are going to clean up your crotch, then I would suggest waxing as an alternative to shaving. It's neater, smoother and you would have to go through the ordeal nearly as often. But what is wrong with a little fur? You should look like a woman, not a little girl. Check out this video and you will see what I mean about the situation, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=143058875331636119&q=cat .

          Rube Goldberg round-up        
I swear to God, I'm going to get at least one comment before I've finished this thing (3 and a half hours remaining, probably imaginary readership).

Everybody loves deliberately over-elaborate machinery created to execute a very simple function in the most convuluted way possible, right? Lets hope so, because here are two videos involving Rube Goldberg machines.

First, some clips apparently culled from a Japanese television show. They've got everything: neurotically complex workings, inspired use of household objects, ingenuity to spare, and even a horribly catchy jingle. Neat!

And secondly, a computer-animated short film featuring cute robots, surprising sadness, noise words and plenty Rube Goldberg devices.

          Money as debt        

          Permanent Top Post--Scroll Down for Newer Posts        
(Note: The date on this post is intentional; it keeps this post pinned to the top. Thanks for asking!).

11/11/07 Update: Loose Change Final Cut has just been released and so we have not prepared a full debunking. Both James and I have many comments about the movie below and I started a thread over at JREF with some examples of mistakes in the film. Much of the rest of the information in this particular post concerns the earlier versions of Loose Change.

Because this blog is getting so much traffic from Google searches and referrals from various forums and Wikipedia, we decided to put one post up top to link to information our newest visitors are apparently looking for.

First, if you have not seen the film and want to watch it, be sure to watch the annotated version, which was named after this blog, Screw Loose Change. The creator did a terrific job on this, and we strongly recommend watching this version rather than Dylan Avery's cut.

James has put together a list of major lies in Loose Change. Here's Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

I compiled three very easily refuted lies in the movie. I also showed three tricks and distortions that are used throughout the film.

A friend of the blog named Mark Roberts (aka Gravy at the JREF forums) compiled this amazing Viewer's Guide to Loose Change, (now HTML) which includes a complete transcript of the movie, pictures and links that refute many of the claims, and which highlights the changes between Version 1 and Version 2.

The hot new film in 9-11 Denial is called 9-11 Mysteries. One of our JREF buddies, The Doc, has put together a rebuttal video called (you guessed it!) Screw 9-11 Mysteries, and assembled a viewers' guide to 9-11 Mysteries.

Many 9-11 Deniers focus on the collapse of World Trade Center 7, which fell at 5:20 PM on September 11, almost seven hours after the North Tower. If you want a really detailed analysis of WTC 7, I recommend Mark Robert's WTC 7 and the Lies of the 9/11 Truth Movement. I also recommend the BBC's terrific video on The Third Tower.

If you'd like to discuss the ideas about 9-11 you've encountered here or elsewhere, another friend of the blog started a Screw Loose Change Forum. It's a very lively place with lots of opinion back and forth between both sides. There's also a Screw Loose Change MySpace page, with some animated commentary. Of course, we also welcome comments on our posts.

If you're looking for detailed rebuttals of other aspects of 9-11 Denial, I heartily recommend 9-11 Myths, Debunking 9-11 and Internet Detectives.

Markyx has also put together a video (note: graphic images and strong language) called 9-11 Deniers Speak. If you think Dylan Avery and Jim Fetzer have any respect for the victims of 9-11, just watch this film. There are five parts. Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V.
There's also a Google Video which is all in one part.

This should be enough to get you started debunking Loose Change to your friends. We have a lot more content below this post.

Notes on unusual terms/abbreviations: Looser (not a misspelling of Loser)=Believer in Loose Change. CT=Conspiracy Theory, Conspiracy Theorist. Truther=9-11 Conspiracy Theorist (all Loosers are Truthers, not all Truthers are Loosers). OS=Official Story. CD= Controlled Demoliton. LIHOP: Let It Happen On Purpose; theory that the government knew the 9-11 attacks were coming but allowed them to happen to further other goals of theirs. MIHOP: Made It Happen On Purpose; theory that the government planned and orchestrated the attacks. Most Truthers are MIHOP.

Update: Comments closed on this post, which is intended solely as a pointer. Because Haloscan will not let us close comments on a particular post, be forewarned: Don't leave a comment in this post or it will be deleted.

Update II: Note on comments: Because some of our commenters have chosen to act like children, we are no longer allowing comments.
          Broke, broken, and heartbroken        
Honestly, there is just SO.MUCH bad stuff going on around here lately, I hesitate to write about it. I hesitate to even think about most of it. I am fine, well mostly, and my IMMEDIATE family is fine (thankgodknockwood) but so much other stuff is going on my head can't stop spinning.

Trying to just breathe lately. Forgive me. Be back soon, if intermittently.

In the meantime, this just made me smile, for 5 minutes. it's woth a look y'all. Make sure your volume is up.
          Raw Milk Cures Cancer - Raw Milk hearing in Sacramento - April 15, 2008        
part 1:

A growing number of Amercians is using raw milk for its medicinal qualities. Raw milk is known to cure cancer. The purpose of this hearing in Sacramento is to shed light on the health and political aspects of raw milk industry. Today raw milk is about to become outlawed by corrupt politicians despite the outrage of the people.

part 2:

part 3:

Aajonus Vonderplanitz had cancer, leukemia, diabetes and a handful of other diseases in his early 20-s. He turned to conventional doctors who only destroyed his health even more. Finally Aajonus started looking for alternative cures and found a few. He chose one of them, he chose raw food diet that included animal products, especially raw dairy (raw milk and raw butter). Aajonus became a health pioneer. He cured himself completely. This past summer he celebrated his 60th birthday. He has since cured many people from cancer and leukemia as well as many other diseases.

Visit his website:


Don't forget to read testimonials:




Here is my testimony that I sent to Aajonus Vonderplanitz (it can be found on his website along with many other testimonies):

Dear Aajonus,
my name is Gypsy Taub. I am a TV host and media activist in the Bay Area.
First of all, I would like to thank you for saving my life. I read your book on the Big Island of Hawaii when I was told that I most likely had cervical cancer. I refused the invasive diagnostic procedures that were offered to me by the hack doctors that hack your body parts off and call it a cure. They wanted to chop off half of my cervix just to see if I had cancer. So I said: "Thanks, but, no thanks!" Instead I started looking for a natural cure and found your book. I started eating a lot of raw foods and drinking a lot of raw milk. Within months the problem was gone. I can’t thank you enough! I feel that the best thing I can do to express my gratitude is to inform other people about your book.
Needless to say that I was mad to hear about the legislation against raw milk. I am familiar with the CODEX scam that the WTO is pulling on the whole world where they banned vitamins and supplements and made them prescription drugs. I remember how they were taken to court in Europe and lost the case, and since CAFTA was met with enourmous opposition in the US CAFTA was sort of abandoned (as far as I am aware), and CAFTA was supposed to be a tool to implement CODEX. So CODEX was averted for the time being. I am well aware of the conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry to eradicate alternative medicine especially now when so many people are waking up and choosing alternative medicine.
I would like to add that even though it wasn't fully confirmed that I had cancer to begin with, I really believe I did. I found out years later that the area I was living in in Hawaii was highly contaminated with depleted uranium from the military base that was actively using it (and is to this day doing it) in their murder trainings. I was losing weight and my hair was falling out. So I think it is most likely that I did have cancer. As I mentioned earlier I was in no hurry to lose body parts just to find out if I had cancer.
          HOW-TO: Unlimited Free MP3s (legally)        

          KDE4 Keynote        
Aquí dejo la Keynote celebrada estos días en el campus de Google. Es larga, y toda en inglés. De todos no os preocupéis. Se intiende perfectamente. Hablan bastante lento, así que no creo que tengáis problemas en seguirla.

Espero que os guste! Eso sí, dura más de 1h.

PD: Estoy muy liado con exámenes ya, así que durante unas 2-3 semanas el ratio de publicación de noticias será más lento, pero bueno, es lo que hay, no? Saludos a todos!