'..If you can’t see this next crisis coming, you’re not paying the right kind of attention .. Financial politicians..' (no replies)        
'..If you can’t see this next crisis coming, you’re not paying the right kind of attention..'

'This Fed has already engineered the next crisis, just as Greenspan kept rates too low for too long, ignored his regulatory responsibility, and engineered the housing bubble and subprime crisis. If you can’t see this next crisis coming, you’re not paying the right kind of attention. The Trump Fed is going to have to deal with that crisis, but we still have many questions as to what a Trump Fed will actually look like or do.'

John Mauldin (Source, Jun 25, 2017)

'..Their empathy circuits get turned off.'

'Powerful people everywhere routinely make decisions that hurt others. We see it in central bankers, politicians, corporate CEOs, religious groups, universities – any large organization. The old saying is right: Power really does corrupt. And corruption is a barrier to sustainable economic growth. This is more than a political problem; it has a serious economic impact.

Recent psychological research suggests that powerful people behave remarkably like traumatic brain injury victims. Controlled experiments show that, given power over others, people often become impulsive and less sensitive to risk. Most important, test subjects often lose empathy, that is, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.


Powerful people also lose a capacity called “mirroring.” When we observe other people doing something, our brains react as if we were doing the same thing. It’s why, when you watch a sporting event, you may unconsciously mimic a golf swing or the referee’s hand signals. Some portion of your brain thinks you are really there. But when researchers prime test subjects with powerful feelings, their mirroring capacity decreases.

You can see why this is a problem. The Protected-class members of the Federal Open Market Committee must feel quite powerful when they gather in that fancy room to make policy decisions. It’s no wonder they forget how their decisions will affect regular working-class people: Their empathy circuits get turned off.'

- Patrick Watson, The Wedge Goes Deeper, June 30, 2017

'..I now feel that it's highly likely we will face a major financial crisis, if not later this year, then by the end of 2018 at the latest..'

'Re-entering the news flow was a jolt, and not in a good way. Looking with fresh eyes at the economic numbers and central bankers’ statements convinced me that we will soon be in deep trouble. I now feel that it's highly likely we will face a major financial crisis, if not later this year, then by the end of 2018 at the latest. Just a few months ago, I thought we could avoid a crisis and muddle through. Now I think we’re past that point. The key decision-makers have (1) done nothing, (2) done the wrong thing, or (3) done the right thing too late.

Having realized this, I’m adjusting my research efforts. I believe a major crisis is coming. The questions now are, how severe will it be, and how will we get through it? With the election of President Trump and a Republican Congress, your naïve analyst was hopeful that we would get significant tax reform, in addition to reform of a healthcare system that is simply devastating to so many people and small businesses. I thought maybe we’d see this administration cutting through some bureaucratic red tape quickly. With such reforms in mind I was hopeful we could avoid a recession even if a crisis developed in China or Europe.


One news item I didn’t miss on St. Thomas – and rather wish I had – was Janet Yellen’s reassurance regarding the likelihood of another financial crisis. Here is the full quote.

Would I say there will never, ever be another financial crisis? You know probably that would be going too far, but I do think we’re much safer, and I hope that it will not be in our lifetimes and I don’t believe it will be. [emphasis added]

I disagree with almost every word in those two sentences, but my belief is less important than Chair Yellen’s. If she really believes this, then she is oblivious to major instabilities that still riddle the financial system. That’s not good.


Financial politicians (which is what central bankers really are) have a long history of saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Far worse, they simply fail to tell the truth. Former Eurogroup leader Jean-Claude Juncker admitted as much: “When it becomes serious, you have to lie,” he said in the throes of Europe’s 2011 debt crisis.'

- John Mauldin, Prepare for Turbulence, July 9, 2017

'..Market distortions – including valuations, deeply embedded complacency, and Trillions of perceived safe securities – have become only further detached from reality. And the longer all this unstable finance flows freely into the real economy, the deeper the structural maladjustment.'

'This week marks the five-year anniversary of Draghi’s “whatever it takes.” I remember the summer of 2012 as if it were yesterday. From the Bubble analysis perspective, it was a Critical Juncture – for financial markets and risk perceptions, for policy and for the global economy. Italian 10-year yields hit 6.60% on July 24, 2012. On that same day, Spain saw yields surge to 7.62%. Italian banks were in freefall, while European bank stocks (STOXX600) were rapidly approaching 2009 lows. Having risen above 55 in 2011, Deutsche Bank traded at 23.23 on July 25, 2012.

It was my view at the time that the “European” crisis posed a clear and immediate threat to the global financial system. A crisis of confidence in Italian debt (and Spanish and “periphery” debt) risked a crisis of confidence in European banks – and a loss of confidence in European finance risked dismantling the euro monetary regime.

Derivatives markets were in the crosshairs back in 2012. A crisis of confidence in European debt and the euro would surely have tested the derivatives marketplace to the limits. Moreover, with the big European banks having evolved into dominant players in derivatives trading (taking share from U.S. counterparts after the mortgage crisis), counter-party issues were at the brink of becoming a serious global market problem. It’s as well worth mentioning that European banks were major providers of finance for emerging markets.

From the global government finance Bubble perspective, Draghi’s “whatever it takes” was a seminal development. The Bernanke Fed employed QE measures during the 2008 financial crisis to accommodate deleveraging and stabilize dislocated markets. Mario Draghi leapfrogged (helicopter) Bernanke, turning to open-ended QE and other extreme measures to preserve euro monetary integration. No longer would QE be viewed as a temporary crisis management tool. And just completely disregard traditional monetary axiom that central banks should operate as lender of last resort in the event of temporary illiquidity – but must avoid propping up the insolvent. “Whatever it takes” advocates covert bailouts for whomever and whatever a small group of central bankers chooses – illiquid, insolvent, irredeemable or otherwise. Now five years after the first utterance of “whatever it takes,” the Draghi ECB is still pumping out enormous amounts of “money” on a monthly basis (buying sovereigns and corporates) with rates near zero.


Thinking back five years, U.S. markets at the time were incredibly complacent. The risk of crisis in Europe was downplayed: Policymakers had it all under control. Sometime later, the Financial Times - in a fascinating behind-the-scenes exposé - confirmed the gravity of the situation and how frazzled European leaders were at the brink of losing control. Yet central bankers, once again, saved the day – further solidifying their superhero status.

I’m convinced five years of “whatever it takes” took the global government finance Bubble deeper into perilous uncharted territory. Certainly, markets are more complacent than ever, believing central bankers are fully committed to prolonging indefinitely the securities bull market. Meanwhile, leverage, speculative excess and trend-following flows have had an additional five years to accumulate. Market distortions – including valuations, deeply embedded complacency, and Trillions of perceived safe securities – have become only further detached from reality. And the longer all this unstable finance flows freely into the real economy, the deeper the structural maladjustment.'

- Doug Noland, Five Years of Whatever It Takes, July 29, 2017

'..This whole episode is likely to end so badly that future children will learn about it in school and shake their heads in wonder at the rank stupidity of it all, just like many of us did when we learned about the Dutch Tulip mania.'

'While I've written about numerous valuation measures over time, the most reliable ones share a common feature: they focus on identifying "sufficient statistics" for the very, very long-term stream of cash flows that stocks can be expected to deliver into the hands of investors over time. On that front, revenues are typically more robust "sufficient statistics" than current or year-ahead earnings. See Exhaustion Gaps and the Fear of Missing Out for a table showing the relative reliability of a variety of measures. In April 2007, I estimated that an appropriate valuation for the S&P 500 stood about 850, roughly -40% lower than prevailing levels. By the October peak, the prospective market loss to normal valuation had increased to about -46%. As it happened, the subsequent collapse of the housing bubble took the S&P 500 about -55% lower. In late-October 2008, as the market plunge crossed below historically reliable valuation norms, I observed that the S&P 500 had become undervalued on our measures.

Again attempting to “stimulate” the economy from the recession that followed, the Federal Reserve cut short-term interest rates to zero in recent years, provoking yet another episode of yield-seeking speculation, where yield-starved investors created demand for virtually every class of securities, in the hope of achieving returns in excess of zero. Meanwhile, Wall Street, suffering from what J.K. Galbraith once called the “extreme brevity of the financial memory,” convinced itself yet again that the whole episode was built on something more solid than quotes on a screen and blotches of ink on paper..


..greater real economic activity was never the likely outcome of all this quantitative easing (indeed, one can show that the path of the economy since the crisis has not been materially different than what one could have projected using wholly non-monetary variables). Rather, Ben Bernanke, in his self-appointed role as Mad Hatter, was convinced that offensively hypervalued financial markets - that encourage the speculative misallocation of capital, imply dismal expected future returns, and create temporary paper profits that ultimately collapse - somehow represent a greater and more desirable form of “wealth” compared with reasonably-valued financial markets that offer attractive expected returns and help to soundly allocate capital. Believing that wealth is embodied by the price of a security rather than its future stream of cash flows, QE has created a world of hypervaluation, zero prospective future returns, and massive downside risks across nearly every conventional asset class.

And so, the Fed created such an enormous pool of zero interest bank reserves that investors would feel pressure to chase stocks, junk debt, anything to get rid of these yield-free hot potatoes. That didn’t stimulate more real, productive investment; it just created more investors who were frustrated with zero returns, because someone had to hold that base money, and in aggregate, all of them had to hold over $4 trillion of the stuff at every moment in time.

When you look objectively at what the Fed actually did, should be obvious how its actions encouraged this bubble. Every time someone would get rid of zero-interest base money by buying a riskier security, the seller would get the base money, and the cycle would continue until every asset was priced to deliver future returns near zero. We’re now at the point where junk yields are among the lowest in history, stock market valuations are so extreme that we estimate zero or negative S&P 500 average annual nominal total returns over the coming 10-12 year horizon, and our estimate of 12-year prospective total returns on a conventional mix of 60% stocks, 30% Treasury bonds, and 10% Treasury bills has never been lower (about 1% annually here). This whole episode is likely to end so badly that future children will learn about it in school and shake their heads in wonder at the rank stupidity of it all, just like many of us did when we learned about the Dutch Tulip mania.

Examine all risk exposures, consider your investment horizon and risk-tolerance carefully, commit to the flexibility toward greater market exposure at points where a material retreat in valuations is joined by early improvement in market action (even if the news happens to be very negative at that point), fasten your protective gear, and expect a little bit of whiplash. Remember that the “catalysts” often become evident after prices move, not before. The completion of this market cycle may or may not be immediate, but with the median stock at easily the most extreme price/revenue ratio in history, and a run-of-the-mill outcome now being market loss on the order of -60%, the contrast between recent stability and likely future volatility could hardly be more striking.'

- John P. Hussman, Ph.D., Hot Potatoes and Dutch Tulips, July 31, 2017


(2017) - '..a deeply systemic debt crisis akin to the aftermath of 1929 .. the stage has now been set..'

(Banking Reform - Monetary Reform) - '..debt is our biggest security threat..'

'..the Next 30 Years: “Everything is Deflationary”..'

          (2017) - '..a deeply systemic debt crisis akin to the aftermath of 1929 .. the stage has now been set..' (no replies)        
'..But after a decade of unprecedented expansion of government debt and central bank Credit, the stage has now been set for a more systemic 1929-like financial dislocation.'

'June 27 – Reuters (William Schomberg, Marc Jones, Jason Lange and Lindsay Dunsmuir): “U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Tuesday that she does not believe that there will be another financial crisis for at least as long as she lives, thanks largely to reforms of the banking system since the 2007-09 crash. ‘Would I say there will never, ever be another financial crisis?’ Yellen said… ‘You know probably that would be going too far but I do think we're much safer and I hope that it will not be in our lifetimes and I don't believe it will be,’ she said.”

While headlines somewhat paraphrased Yellen’s actual comment, “We Will not see Another Crisis in Our Lifetime” is reminiscent of Irving Fisher’s “permanent plateau” just weeks before the great crash of 1929. While on the subject, I never bought into the popular comparison between 2008 and 1929 – and the related notion of 2008 as “the 100-year flood”. The 2008/09 crisis was for the most part a private debt crisis associated with the bursting of a Bubble in mortgage Credit – not dissimilar to previous serial global crises, only larger and somewhat more systemic. It was not, however, a deeply systemic debt crisis akin to the aftermath of 1929, which was characterized by a crisis of confidence in the banking system, the markets and finance more generally, along with a loss of faith in government policy and institutions. But after a decade of unprecedented expansion of government debt and central bank Credit, the stage has now been set for a more systemic 1929-like financial dislocation.

As such, it’s ironic that the Fed has branded the banking system cured and so well capitalized that bankers can now boost dividends, buybacks and, presumably, risk-taking. As conventional central bank thinking goes, a well-capitalized banking system provides a powerful buffer for thwarting the winds of financial crisis. Chair Yellen, apparently, surveys current bank capital levels and extrapolates to systemic stability. Yet the next crisis lurks not with the banks but within the securities and derivatives markets: too much leverage and too much “money” employed in trend-following trading strategies. Too much hedging, speculating and leveraging in derivatives. Market misperceptions and distortions on an epic scale.

Compared to 2008, the leveraged speculating community and the ETF complex are significantly larger and potentially perilous. The derivatives markets are these days acutely more vulnerable to liquidity issues and dislocation. Never have global markets been so dominated by trend-following strategies. It’s a serious issue that asset market performance – stocks, bond, corporate Credit, EM, real estate, etc. – have all become so tightly correlated. There are huge vulnerabilities associated with various markets having become so highly synchronized on a global basis. And in the grand scheme of grossly inflated global securities, asset and derivatives markets, the scope of available bank capital is trivial.

I realize that, at this late stage of the great bull market, such a question sounds hopelessly disconnected. Yet, when markets reverse sharply lower and The Crowd suddenly moves to de-risk, who is left to take the other side of what has become One Gargantuan “Trade”? We’re all familiar with the pat response: “Central banks. They’ll have no choice.” Okay, but I’m more interested in the timing and circumstances.

Central bankers are now signaling their desire to proceed with normalization, along with noting concerns for elevated asset prices. As such, I suspect they will be somewhat more circumspect going forward when it comes to backstopping the markets - than, say, back in 2013 with Bernanke’s “flash crash” or with the China scare of early-2016. Perhaps this might help to explain why the VIX spiked above 15 during Thursday afternoon trading. Even corporate debt markets showed a flash of vulnerability this week.'

- Doug Noland, Weekly Commentary: The Road to Normalization, July 1, 2017

Context (Banking Reform - English/Dutch) '..a truly stable financial and monetary system for the twenty-first century..'

'Unsound Finance gets to the heart of the issue.'

'..Like monetarists, Keynes held no capital theory .. the role time plays..' - Jesús Huerta de Soto

'..Loose financial conditions and record debt issuance..'

'..investors’ fear of missing out is looking increasingly desperate..'

'..a giant passive 'beta' bubble .. This may be the Mother of all beta bubbles..'

'..The same combination prevailed at the 1929, 1972, 1987, 2000, and 2007 market peaks..'

(Banking Reform - Monetary Reform) - '..debt is our biggest security threat..'

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          The Punt: Thursday 10 August        
The Premier League is back! The Punt podcast is action-packed this week with Derek McGovern and In-Play Football Trading Manager, Andy Excell, previewing the TV games and the Times' Chief Sports Writer, Matt Dickinson, joining us to talk about the burning issues in the sport. We'll also catch up with Pete Farries, Gav Puszczalowskyi and Al Ross who give their best bets in the Championship and Leagues One and Two respectively, and Sam Norris picks a bet out in the European games this weekend. Enjoy. #ThePunt #football #betting #PL
          The Punt: Fri 4 August        
It's a brand new dawn for The Punt! All your football betting needs are covered on the inaugural edition of the podcast. Dave Kelner is your host, Derek McGovern gives his Premier League prediction and previews the Community Shield with William Hill's In-Play Football Trading Manager, Andy Excell. The Sun's Martin Lipton is the FWA guest for the week. There's talk about Neymar's world record transfer fee and Martin gives a bet ahead of the new season. In addition to this, Pete Farries, Gav Puszczalowskyi and Al Ross give their best bets in the Championship and League's One and Two respectively, and Sam Norris picks a bet out in the European games this weekend. Enjoy. #ThePunt #football #betting #PL
          The Punt: Friday 8th April        
With Derek McGovern on holiday, it's the turn of Alex Dunn and Head of Football Trading Mark Steel to join Dave Kelner and put forward their best bets in this weekend's Premier League games.
          Stocks Trading vs Real Estate Investment        
Empty Spaces Inc. said...
just curious, if you're good at making money in the stock market why not stick to it?& why would you try RE investing after its already been appreciating for several years and may be peaking in most areas?
The stock market is unpredictable. No matter how good you are or how well you have done, there's no guaranteed of future results. Granted, I have done well in the stock market since I have officially started investing and I'm confident I'll continue to do well, I cannot depend on that to make me rich. Also, my earnings in the stock market is not steady. There are some months I go into the negative zone, and those months are hard to bare even though I have very high tolerance. It's not good to be constantly picking stocks in the long term. It's very time-consuming; I've spent a lot of time reading up on companies and financial news. Also, studies show that you'll likely be beaten by the index in the long run. Even if I can match or slightly beat the index in ten years, I would lose in time and opportunity because I'd have spent thousands of hours. An investor in the index would have done nothing but did not sacrifice as much time as I did. Unless I can beat the index by a huge margin year over year for many years, it's not worth spending hundreds of hours a year. I admit my view has changed slightly. I'm not against investing in individual stocks, but I advise caution, because many people go in without really understanding the risk. Play with money you can afford to lose. Real Estate investing is an alternative to stocks trading and in many people's eyes, it's less risky. I agree, because real estate property is tangible and with the increasing population, real estate demand is bound to go up. My rental property is in Philly, which is not a hot area like NYC or San Diego. Even though the property value is not skyrocketing, I still have rental income to fall back on. The rental income covers my mortgage and property expenses. Basically, the tenant is paying for my house. Eventually, the mortgage will be paid off and I will own the property. It is a long term investment and property value will go up. So far, my real estate investment has been less stressful than my stocks investment. I get a check every month and my tenants never bothered me. Hopefully, I can be this lucky for every investment property.
          VLO and Oil        
VLO and oil in general are taking a hit right now because of the warm winter (see article below), but I think VLO and oil will do well in the long term. There are many variables in the price of oil, and warm weather is only one of them. The winter is not over yet, there's still a chance colder weather will appear. The middle east conflicts also affects oil prices. If there is a shortage in supply, oil prices will go up. Odds are, the the prices of oil will go up in the long term. I'll hold on my shares of VLO. Verdict: HOLD on VLO ----------------------------------------- Source: Scottrade News 1/2/2007 Oil Prices Face Warm Weather, High Stocks The new year began with a whimper, weatherwise, in the world’s biggest heating oil market. In New York City, temperatures on the first day of 2007 hit a peak of 54 degrees - 45% above normal and 10 degrees warmer than the first day of spring 2006. The current spring-like weather - in line with forecasts - looks likely to put strong pressure on heating oil and crude oil futures prices when trading resumes on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Wednesday. But there’s more afoot that can rile the market than just the warmest December on record in Boston, in the heart of New England, where heating oil inventories stand at their highest level since 1998. Latest revised data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show oil demand in October in the U.S. - the world’s largest oil consumer - was 2.7% lower than expected, though still 2.5% above a year ago. The new figures put demand at 20.757 million barrels a day in October - some 567,000 barrels a day below earlier indications - as demand figures for heating oil, gasoline and jet fuel were reduced. EIA’s preliminary data would have put October demand at 21.324 million barrels a day, the highest level since December 2005. The weakness at the start of the fourth quarter calls into question whether U.S. demand will manage to post even the modest year-to-year gain of 1.25% to 21.05 million barrels a day, which EIA forecasts would make it the strongest quarter of 2006.
          New Year's Resolution        
My Plans for 2007: Move GrowingMoney blog to my own domain. This will give me more flexibility in the web design and I will also have my own web space to host files (photos, PDFs, etc.). Feel free to provide help for those with your own domain. Contribute to my SEP-IRA. I have open a SEP-IRA with Fidelity and I will make a contribute in the beginning of the year after my accoutant decides what the amount should be. Reallocate 401k Funds. I plan to shift more towards large-cap growth funds. Qualify for IPO trading.
          Status Update        
I have been very busy lately with work and personal stuff but I am still very active in the stock market. I have made many short term trades but just haven't had the time to post. I hope to do a post about my stock performance later on this month. I'm considering a tablet laptop where I can do some scrap work to depict my investment plans and strategies. I would like some feedbacks on tablet PCs. I know Neville uses a tablet PC, and it looks useful. Another thing I had been wanting to do is move my blog to my own domain, because I want to be able to configure everything and host files, but I thought the move and maintanence would be time-consuming so I didn't do it. Future Posts Philly House Lease Renewal and Rent Increase Annual Stock Performance Review Student Loan Wipeout 2007 Financial Plans My "Safe" Short Trading Strategy
          Blogger Update        
I haven't updated much recently because I've been busy with work and closely monitoring the stock market. I have done a lot of short-term trading lately, and I've been making some nice profits. I still hold some long-term investments, but I want to spice up my portfolio so I mixed it with some short term trades. I'll try to post some updates on my trading, but it's time-consuming. I hope I haven't lost too many readers. I'd like people to post their trades and investment strategies as well. I've also created a private investment group. If you would like to join, just put "Growing Money" in the comments and I'll sign you in. Initially, I created a Google group, but because I had a few complaints, I switched over to Yahoo group. Here's the Yahoo group link: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/StockPickersElite/
          Amazon Rolls Out a Geek Squad-like Service        
Plus, Cheddar acquires a multi-player stock trading game and there is a startup that wants to fight your speeding ticket for you.
          3 Years Old General Trading License For Sale        
We are selling 3 year old General Trading License. The license is completely cleared from Central Bank, Dubai Economic Department, and Labor Immigration Department. No Visas Issued No Labor Visa Issu...
          Start Your Own Cctv Cameras Installation Business        
With over 7 years of experience, setting up CCTV Cameras Installation, maintenance Trading companies in Dubai, we are qualified and specialized to setup the CCTC CAMERAS INSTALLATIONCCTV CAMERAS TRADI...
          2 Years Old Food Stuff Trading License For Sale        
We have a 2 years old Food Stuff Trading License for Sale. The license is completely cleared from Central Bank, Dubai Economic Department, and Labor Immigration Department. No Visa No Labor No Liabil...
Wizard City and the Spiral Worlds are infested with evil creatures. Become a brave wizard student and take on exciting adventures. Face evil monsters with your friends and prove yourself in exciting trading card duels!!
          Start Your Own Cctv Cameras Installation Business        
With over 7 years of experience, setting up CCTV Cameras Installation, maintenance Trading companies in Dubai, we are qualified and specialized to setup the CCTC CAMERAS INSTALLATIONCCTV CAMERAS TRADI...
          Battle Of The Datafeeds        

Which Futures data feed is the quickest? Today’s post is for futures traders. Specifically, I would like to talk about data feeds. Have you ever wondered what happens when you click the mouse to enter an order? Where does the order go? How long does it take to get there? Have you ever wondered if Broker A is faster than Broker B? When you open a futures trading account, and the broker gives you a choice of routing providers, which should you choose? Is CQG faster than Rithmic? Is Trading Technologies faster than everyone? And what about TradeStation? Or Transact,

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          TopStep Trader vs OneUp Trader        

Top Step Trader vs. One Up Trader Today’s article is a good little piece of trader gossip. In the past couple of years, I have written various articles on the ‘hamster wheel’ known as Top Step Trader. For those not familiar, Top Step Trader is a “fake” proprietary trading company where futures trading newbies pay hundreds of dollars each month to trade on a simulator. Top Step Trader purports to offer funded trading accounts to whoever is lucky enough to escape the hampster wheel alive. Essentially, a trader must meet the minimum performance requirements in  something called “the combine.” If

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          Heiken Ashi Strategies: It works. Sometimes.        

Nearly every week, someone sends TradingSchools.Org a request, asking about various topics related to technical analysis tools used to analyze stocks, futures, Forex or options. Nearly all modern trading platforms contain a plethora of basic trading tools. Some of the more common technical analysis tools are moving averages, stochastics, volume analysis, Japanese candlesticks, Heiken Ashi, MACD, divergence, Bollinger Bands, to name a few. It seems like every few years, we get an entirely new set of tools that capture the imagination of the investing public. Crafty vendors and trading educators quickly pick up on these consumer trends and create their

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          Guy Gentile: A Crazy Life.        

‘Bro, I’m Going Rogue’: The Wall Street Informant Who Double-Crossed the FBI by Zeke Faux of BloombergBusinessWeek (reprint) On the night he cut a deal with the FBI, Guy Gentile was on his way to a Connecticut casino for his cousin’s bachelor party. He’d jetted up from the Bahamas, where he was running an online stock brokerage that cleared a million dollars a year without much effort on his part. Then 36, he was a working-class kid who’d finagled his way into the dicier edges of finance, and he dressed the part, with neatly trimmed stubble, designer jeans, a silver

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          Rightline Trading -Update-        

Thanks for reading today’s update for Rightline Trading. On November 6th, 2015 I published a review of Rightline Trading. The original review can be found here. If you have read the review, then you might of noticed that I had spent a great deal of time talking about how honest the vendor seemed to be. And that the trading product was very close to being a recommended trading product. The only reason that I backed off giving the vendor a higher rating is because the vendor was not showing a trading DOM during the live trading room sessions. Normally, when

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          Investors Underground ***Update***        

Thanks for reading today’s brief update of Investors Underground. I have been highly critical of Nathan Michaud and his live, stocks day trading room. You can read my original review of Investors Underground here. Investors Underground, when analysed using Google search patterns and estimated volume of traffic, is one of the most popular live, stocks day trading rooms on the internet. The hustle has its roots planted in Timothy Sykes Investimonial’s website, where Nathan has massive number of fake positive reviews. My original review was a pretty scathing hit piece on Nathan Michaud as well as some of the moderators

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          Avenge Trading Software ***Update***        

Thanks for reading today’s update of Avenge Trading Software and Avenge Trading Room On July 18, 2015 I wrote a pretty tough review of Avenge Trading Software and Avenge Trading Room. My main gripe was that I could not authenticate the trading inside of the trading room. There was no DOM present on the screen, no trading from the charts, or account statements to verify results. And since the trading product is quite expensive, I conducted a particularly aggressive review. My hope was that I could motivate the company into revealing some sort of real time tracking mechanism, my favorite

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          Nonko Trading ***Update***        

Thanks for reading today’s update of Nonko Trading. On June 20, 2015 I published a review of Nonko Trading. My allegations were simple and direct, that Nonko Trading was masquerading as a stock broker for underfunded day traders. That Nonko’s day trading platform, also known as Logix had no exchange connectivity, and was little more than a stock trading video game. Nonko Trading  was specializing on preying upon the naive and uninformed. Traders desperate to gain 20X leverage on initial deposits were induced into wiring their monies into third world banks with zero transparency, and zero recourse. Once the money

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          Oil Trading Group ***Updated Review***        

Oil Trading Group…6 months later. This past December, 2014, I posted a very positive review of The Oil Trading Group. You can read the original review by clicking here. What is the Oil Trading Group? The Oil Trading Group is a live day trading room, owned and moderated by Jason Love. Since my last review, The Oil Trading Group has grown a bit. There is now has a full time assistant named Dave Hamman. Dave’s job is to handle subscribers, answer technical questions, help subscribers set up their trading platforms correctly, take sales calls, basically Dave Hamman allows Jason Love to

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          Trading Mission ***UPDATE***        

What is happening at Trading Mission? On January 31st, 2015 I published a review of the Trading Mission day trading room. At that time, that room had been broadcasting since August 2014. Prior to January 31st, I had collected 49 hours of live trading video. I was impressed with the truth and candor of Carlos Diaz. During the review period, I was able to replicate, in a real money account a profit of over $1,000. After my review was posted, google then quickly pushed my review up the search engine rankings. In fact, if you google search, “Trading Mission, or

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          The Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame? [Audio]        
Speaker(s): Howard Daves, Robert Peston | There is still no consensus on who or what caused the financial crisis which engulfed the world, beginning in the summer of 2007. A huge number of suspects have been identified, from greedy investment bankers, through feckless borrowers, dilatory regulators and myopic central bankers to violent video games and high levels of testosterone among the denizens of trading floors. There is not even agreement on whether the crisis shows a need for more government intervention in markets, or less: some maintain that government encouragement of home ownership lay at the heart of the problem in the US, in particular. In this public event to mark the launch of his new book 'The Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame?' Howard Davies charts a course through these arguments, and the evidence advanced for each of them.
          The Art Of The Summer Garden 2009        
A Photo-Journal Feature
written and photographed by
Ginger Van Hook

Features Beverly Hills Artist

Local Beverly Hills Artist Creates Art
From Her Garden
Launching a new project called

A local artist and resident of Beverly Hills turned her garden into an art form by creating a project called “Plant It Forward”. Linda Kunik, an artist and alumna from Otis College of Art and Design has initiated a project to enhance her artistic community as well as inspire local artists to do the same. “Plant It Forward” is about establishing community while reconnecting with the earth, a vision which includes artists bartering for vegetables either by working in the garden or helping in the documentation of the garden’s delights by photographing, videotaping and or journaling about the experience. Ms. Kunik believes trading services for food in these tough economic times makes sense because while cultivating the soil, a group of artists will also cultivate friendships and nourish the community. The foundation of Linda Kunik’s work is to get back to the roots of sustainable agriculture. “Plant It Forward” does exactly what it says. The seeds are planted now and the fruits of this labor go forward to feed people who take from the harvest the inspiration to plant their own gardens.

“…My vision is for everyone to have their own garden, large or small and if that is not possible, to raise enough awareness for the people to shop locally and support their local Farmer’s Markets…” Ms. Kunik states as she points to the five large gardens she created in the back yard of her home, replacing flowerbeds and lawns in order to plant vegetables, herbs and fruit trees. Kunik wanted to give back to her community, raise awareness of the need for personal gardens and utilize the artistic medium to make her statement. “My work has always referenced the land. From my early days as a watercolorist painting landscapes to later works making paintings of deforestation or global warming; the beauty and fragility of the earth has been a recurring theme. Combining my agricultural practice with my art-making seems to be an natural evolution.”

The prospect of jumping into an artistic adventure to produce homegrown fruits and vegetables with a group of fellow artists was contagious. Thus the enthusiasm carried this labor of love into the summer as Ms. Kunik worked with a group of artists to bring in soil, create raised beds and began to fill them with the seeds of tomatoes, carrots, spinach, lettuce, corn, and a variety of herbs, citrus fruits and assorted vegetables. Some of the artists participating in Plant It Forward include Juna Amano (Painting & Sculpture), Marissa Magdalena (Installation, Performance and Drawing), Ofunne Obiamawe (Photographer), Suzanne Oshinsky (Videographer), Michiko Smith (Painting), Whitney Stolich (Photographer) and Ginger Van Hook (Photographer) as well as the new artists joining every week.

It is the zenith of summer now and already some of the tomatoes have ripened looking fat, juicy and red. In recent weeks, there have already been harvests of endive lettuce, carrots and radishes. The important element in the formation of this garden is the artistic component of Ms. Kunik’s vision. The raised beds and gardens are shaped into asymmetrical forms with a walking path between them. Large Sunflowers adorn the corners of each of the vegetable beds and the aromas of fresh tomatoes and rosemary mixes with the fragrances of roses and lavender permeating the air in her back yard.

Linda Kunik has written a blog about her work and continues to support the arts by highlighting the artistry of organic gardening in photography and painting. She also founded a community artist forum called the O Salon. The O Salon is where artists network and take part in conceptual critique as well as share information about each other’s works. Ms. Kunik is involved in a number of professional organizations including the Los Angeles Art Association, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Docent Council and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Linda Kunik photographed beside her painting
Exhibition at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, California, 2008
(Photo by Ginger Van Hook)

Plant It Forward-the starving artist project

Additional artists websites and blogs:

  • Juna Amano (Painting & Sculpture) http://junaamano.blogspot.com

  • Marissa Magdalena (Installation, Performance and Drawing) www.marissamagdalena.com

  • Ofunne Obiamawe (Photographer) www.RepublicofPeace.com

  • Suzanne Oshinsky (Videographer) http://isoareyesore.blogspot.com/.

  • Michiko Smith (Painting)

  • Whitney Stolich (Photographer) www.whitneystolich.com

  • Ginger Van Hook (Photographer) www.gingervanhook.com
  • http://gingersartjournal.blogspot.com

  • Luke Van Hook (Painting) www.lukevanhook.com

"Plant It Forward" : The week of June 07, 2009

"Plant It Forward" : The week of July 01, 2009

"Plant It Forward" : The week of July 08, 2009

"Plant It Forward" : The week of July 15, 2009

"Plant It Forward" : The week of July 22, 2009

"Plant It Forward" : The week of July 29, 2009

"Plant It Forward" : The week of August 5, 2009

Artist, Linda Kunik planted a garden to share with fellow artists.

"Plant It Forward" : The day of August 08, 2009


"Plant It Forward" : The Week of August 12, 2009

"Plant It Forward" : Week of August 19, 2009

          Vicente Sebastián Pintado - A Register of His Papers in the Library of Congress        

Captain Vicente Sebastián Pintado, the royal surveyor for the Spanish government kept papers regarding the surveys and records of deeds and grants in Spanish Louisiana. After trading hands through other families, it eventually reached the Library of Congress. Here you can search through his material.


          Ouidah voodoo festival        
Every year on 10 January, Benin celebrates its national religion with a festival in the coastal town of Ouidah (a place also known for its slave-trading history).  I've never managed to schedule a work-related trip to Benin in January, so I bit the bullet this year and bought my own flights so as to visit this festival.

I've long wanted to experience a real voodoo ceremony, having read about the way people can supposedly become 'possessed' by spirits, but this is really a matter of luck, being in the right place at the right time.  A colleague has an aunt who carries out similar ceremonies here in Senegal, and I've pushed for an invitation, but the aunt says it would be too dangerous for me - that evil spirits might come up through the ground and enter my body, which would be a terrifying experience for me and could leave me permanently damaged - and so she will not allow me to attend one of her ceremonies.  Needless to say, I don't believe in evil spirits, so have no fear of any such ceremony going wrong in that way, but this isn't really an argument you can use here.

So the voodoo festival in Ouidah would have to do as second best.  & I feel I should be careful here in any case not to give the wrong impression of voodoo - the Hollywood impression of a set of dark and perhaps evil practices - as the religion is not based around trances and animal sacrifices, those play only a small part related to major problems or events in people's lives.  The day-to-day practice of voodoo is far more mundane.

I found no information about this festival on the internet other than the date, and even on a trip to Benin in December no-one could give me any information, so I turned up not really knowing what to expect - even whether I would find the festival!  I arrived in Ouidah late the evening before, found myself a hotel room, and asked the hotel manager what was going to happen.  There will be a big procession to the beach, he told me, and after the official ceremony, there would be "voodoo here, voodoo there, voodoo everywhere!", waving his hands about excitedly.  Voodoo is indeed everywhere in Ouidah (and in much of Benin and parts of neighbouring Togo), as it is the national religion.  You see little shrines next to houses, often sticky with the residue of earlier sacrifices (usually of beer or grain porridges, rather than animals), and various buildings with voodoo symbols painted on them (a rainbow, or a snake, for example).  But I didn't fly all this way, for a two-day visit, to see a fetish or a painted building.

On the day of the festival I followed my hunch - a sound of singing and clapping which I traced to its origin in the local chief's house.  In return for a $10 payment for a 'photo permit' I was allowed in, and watched the chief and his entourage prepare, then we left in a big chaotic procession towards the python temple, with all the chief's family and guests dressed in their ceremonial finery. 
Ouidah apparently means, in the local language, 'town of pythons' and the python is the most important local deity, so sacrifices had to be made there before the festival could start.  Two goats and two chickens were the victims, presumably fed to the pythons later.

Then we made our way the 4km to the beach (the chiefs in their 4x4s, me on the back of a motorbike taxi) for the festival.  This was a strange event, formal in some ways (the US Ambassador was there, and Benin TV were broadcasting it live), but as well as the speeches and displays of drumming and dancing from the main stage of the big square, there were more animal sacrifices performed away from the stage, and various private dances with frenetic drumming in corners (including those in the first photo above) - mostly far more interesting, and with a far more authentic feel, than that put on for the Ambassador and the TV.

Walking back into town after the formalities were over I passed another troupe of dancers heading towards the beach area - looking at the photos afterwards I had to ask myself why I hadn't followed them.  Bare breasts, grass skirts, ointment smeared over their bodies and the prospect of some wild dancing - I have to admit that as much as I want Africa to develop (clean water and education for all, but also further into the 21st century), it is this traditional, even 'primitive' side of the continent that really draws me in.

Revisiting this post to add a further comment, as my lack of articulacy in the last paragraph was bothering me.  What I was trying to reflect was the conflict I so often face between the sensational and the mundane, in terms of representing Africa in my blog.  Of course I am more attracted by exploring (and writing about) the sensational side, but at the same time I don't want to give the wrong impression of the continent.  Bare-breasted women in grass skirts dancing around blood-smeared fetishes to the beat of frenetic drumming is something I want to see and write about, and is a valid image of a part of Africa, but it no more represents the wider African continent (nor even the voodoo religion) than a burnt-out car on a Belfast street represents the wider UK.  & I thought it was important to come back and make this clear, because so much of what one reads about Africa relies on stereotypical images of the place as primitive, poor, corrupt, disease-ridden, etc - and whilst those images do represent a part of the truth, it is only a small part, and I don't want to contribute to an overall negative view of this continent that I love so much.

          Comment on Rally caps on: Bitcoin correction is OVER by CoinSpeak        
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          Comment on Rally caps on: Bitcoin correction is OVER by velth        
Do you trade Bitcoin thru a trading platform, or a wallet?
          Patch notes: version (October 27, 2014)        
A patch has been issued for Sid Meier's Civilization V. Here are the patch notes:

  • Fixed tech overflow bug that could allow a user to get free tech each turn for multiple turns. The size of the maximum allowable science overflow is now set at 5 turns of science (about the same as a unmodified research agreement) OR the unmodified cost of the last tech researched, whichever is larger. AI also understands this adjustment.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that would allow a player to steal everything from another player when trading.

  • Allow Conquest of the New World achievements to be unlocked when playing the Deluxe version of the scenario.
  • Slight nerf to Tradition, and a boost to Piety (by adding one more prerequisite for Legalism and taking one away from Reformation).
  • Scale warmonger penalties by era (50% of normal strength in Ancient up to 90% in Industrial; 100% thereafter). Penalties for warmongering vs. City-States halved.
  • Added Cocoa and Bison resources from the Conquest Deluxe scenario into the main game.

  • The autoslotting of human players when loading a saved game in LAN multiplayer was broken when trying to play round-to-round. This has been fixed.
  • Players now properly exit LAN games when they encounter a version mismatch.
  • Players can now set their nick name in LAN games.
  • Fixed an issue where player would get stuck on the joining multiplayer game screen if they used an incomplete IP address while attempting to join by ip address.
  • Notifications are no longer considered “broadcast” unless the player is connected to the game. This will make it easier to communicate information to players who were not connected when the message was broadcast.
  • Players now unready themselves if the host changes the game settings before the game started.
  • The number of player slots available was not updating for connected remote clients when the host increased the map size on the staging room.
  • Fixed an issue causing AI civs that used to be players to still have the player's Steam name after the player leaves in Multiplayer.
  • A player's name in the staging room chat panel no longer swaps if they swapped player slots.
  • Some multiplayer notifications can now expire at the end of the next turn.
  • Some multiplayer notifications will not expire until the player has network connected to the game.
  • Multiple hot-joining bugs fixed in Pitboss.

  • The icon no longer changes to a spinning globe during diplomacy (this normally means the game is busy).
  • Don't show a third-party civ or City-State on the trade panel list to "Declare War" or "Make Peace" unless both players have met that civ or City-State.

          The Weekly Fix: Rules for Thee, but Not for Me        

The fix is in. Did you know, members of Congress can exclude themselves from federal laws they don’t want to follow? Taxpayers are forced to play by the rules, while lawmakers in Washington get a free pass.

The Congressional Accountability Act (CAA) of 1995 was created to remedy some of these injustices. In theory, the CAA requires members of Congress to abide by some of the same employment and workplace safety laws as any other business or federal government entity.

But in reality, members of Congress continue to dodge their way around significant legislative policy.

Congress has the power to kick you off your health care plan, yet lawmakers excused themselves from the ObamaCare exchanges. Congress requires federal agencies to provide citizens with internal records, yet lawmakers exempted themselves from the Freedom of Information Act, along with numerous other record-keeping and transparency laws (including whistleblower protections).

Congress supports sending citizens to jail for insider trading, yet lawmakers are allowed to make stock trades based on non-public information. Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to protect citizens from dishonest private sector CEOs, yet lawmakers shamelessly lie about the costs of their policy agenda.

Not surprisingly, the Office of Compliance for the U.S. Congress revealed to the press that representatives often fail to produce records and information critical to investigations in a timely manner- or sometimes even at all. Compliance has no legal authority to subpoena information, leaving them at the complete mercy of legislative offices.

Why are members of Congress so tone deaf? Because they aren’t living in the same reality as the rest of America. They are shielded from the consequences of their actions. Forget equal treatment under the law, the official slogan of the Legislative Branch should be: Rules for thee, but not for me.

The American people aren’t being heard by government because the game is rigged. Washington isn’t broken. It’s “fixed.”

          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for July 28, 2016        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on July 28, 2016. A cash dividend payment of $0.40625 per share is scheduled to be paid on August 15, 2016. Shareholders who purchased SCQ prior to
          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for April 27, 2016        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on April 27, 2016. A cash dividend payment of $0.40625 per share is scheduled to be paid on May 15, 2016. Shareholders who purchased SCQ prior to
          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for January 28, 2016        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on January 28, 2016. A cash dividend payment of $0.40625 per share is scheduled to be paid on February 15, 2016. Shareholders who purchased SCQ prior to
          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for October 28, 2015        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on October 28, 2015. A cash dividend payment of $0.40625 per share is scheduled to be paid on November 15, 2015. Shareholders who purchased SCQ prior to
          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for July 29, 2015        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on July 29, 2015. A cash dividend payment of $0.40625 per share is scheduled to be paid on August 15, 2015. Shareholders who purchased SCQ prior to
          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for April 29, 2015        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on April 29, 2015. A cash dividend payment of $0.40625 per share is scheduled to be paid on May 15, 2015. Shareholders who purchased SCQ prior to
          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for January 28, 2015        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on January 28, 2015. A cash dividend payment of $0.40625 per share is scheduled to be paid on February 15, 2015. Shareholders who purchased SCQ stock prior
          Stellus Capital Investment Corporation (SCQ) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for July 30, 2014        
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation ( SCQ ) will begin trading ex dividend on July 30, 2014. A cash dividend payment of $0.451389 per share is scheduled to be paid on August 15, 2014. Shareholders who purchased SCQ stock prior
          Earn Money Fast!        
By Tommy Anderson

Are you tired of chasing "earn money fast" methods in hopes that THIS TIME, you have found a way that actually works? Then make yourself a promise right now - read this whole article. Then take action - follow every step and don't stop till you're done. If you do, I promise you that you not only will earn money fast - you will make money today - even within the next hour or two.

The best part? You will make money with no money. There is no investment here. Just an honest (albeit unconventional) method to earn money fast.

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Although its specifically designed for someone to earn money fast, this method does have some limitations. The main one is that there is a cap to how much money you can make. After working for about a week, you'll top-out, at which point you won't make much money anymore. However, by that time, you will have made several hundred dollars, which, when you're running low on cash, is a real life saver!

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...you know that feeling you get when you put on a jacket you haven't worn in a long time and find a $20 bill in your pocket? That's how a lot of people describe this method - myself included. It blows my mind how someone came up with this concept to earn money fast, and how, several years later, it still works - every time.

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          Kenny Tran to Learn and To Share        
Kenny Tran to Learn and To Share - contains motivational stories, business lessons from real life, stock trading and investing techniques for beginners, communication and relationship tips, self-development related articles, personal finance articles, int
          The mysteries of the Forex trading systems are uncovered        
          Grey day for environment as Europe reduces its aviation emissions coverage        
Brussels -  The European Commission today, under intense international pressure, proposed to reduce its Emissions Trading System (ETS) for aviation to only cover flights in European airspace. The proposal would only cover 35% of aviation emissions compared to the original aviation EU ETS. Bill Hemmings, aviation manager at Transport & Environment, said: “It is disgraceful that foreign and industry pressure has obliged Europe to shrink its own aviation emissions law to the bare minimum. Whil...
          IMC hires ETF expert Van Leeuwen from Source        
The Dutch trading firm said it hired Van Leeuwen at the start of April in Amsterdam
          Citadel Securities to trade US Treasuries on Tradeweb        
Bloomberg and Tradeweb dominate e-trading of US Treasuries between investors and dealers
          Walt Behrman Approved NBA Post        

"Imma fuck so many fat hood rats in Cleveland...starting with Gloria James"

So we officially have one college football game left.  The Ohio Turd Suckers vs. the Oregon (not Ohio) Ducks.  Normally Tuesday is reserved for blistering hot college football TAEKS but I think Tuesday is a little too soon to get all of the "100-0 Buckeyes win" National Championship predictions.  I'm sure G$ has something cooked up for Friday anyway.  Instead we will visit a topic that has been ignored more than the kids Ace used to hang out with all day.  The NBA.


This water balloon full of cat piss is the worst player in the league.  There's not a close second.  The Pistons are 5-0 since telling SMIFF to GTFO and the Rockets are 3-3.  What more evidence do you need?  The Pistons went from two midgets shitting in the same bucket to looking like a playoff team by telling one guy to get fucked.  ONE GUY!  Granted the Pistons haven't played the best team during this miraculous winning streak but they were losing badly to these same awful teams a month ago.  Progress!  Enjoy the poop salad you just signed, Houston.

Dion Waiters

HE GONE.  This really doesn't come as a surprise to me.  I always felt like Waiters was the odd man out when LeBron and Love came whoring back to Cleveland.  Plus it feels like no one likes Waiters.  At all.  Not even his own family.  This sounds like a great deal for all parties involved with the exception of Cleveland being forced to endure J.R. Smith's toxic aura for however long they plan on keeping him on the roster.  Smith is a certified fucking mental patient and when he's off...boy is he off.  Shumpert is a real solid add for the Cavs and I'm not sure why New York was so eager to get rid of him.  Probably because Carmelo thought Shumpert was shooting too much.  Oklahoma City gets a pretty solid player while New York is obviously dumping salary so they can give more money to Melo in order to break the record for shittiness.  LOL.

Larry Sanders

While we're on the topic of the mentally unstable...what the fuck?  Apparently this guy is telling anyone who will listen that he doesn't want to play basketball anymore.  Larry has sat the last six games for personal reasons and sounds like a real nutty turd.  Even if this report turns out to be mildly bogus...it came from somewhere and there has to be some truth to it.  $33 million says he rejoins the team and plays.

Cleveland Cavs

While I am enjoying every last bit of this monumental collapse in Cleveland, I don't think it will last unfortunately.  I'm sure there are Cavs fans throwing virgins into volcanoes as we speak trying to right the ship.  The meltdown I'm seeing from fans is about the greatest thing on the Internet right now so I hope the Cavs keep up the hilarity.  We all know it takes time for guys to gel and figure out what role they play on a team loaded with talent so I still put this team in the NBA finals when the dust clears and the blood pressure goes back to normal.  Mainly because the Bulls always blow it and the thought of the Hawks or Raptors in the finals is about as believable as Ide's stories.

The New York Knicks

Remember how we all thought the Sixers would be the worst team in the NBA this year?  It appears as the Knicks took offense to that notion.  Jesus Christ!  I won't fault you if you say no...but has anyone actually watched a Knicks game this year?  It's like they aren't even trying.  And don't blame it on the triangle offense everyone is claiming they can't figure out.  It's like the easiest fucking offense to run.  I don't think there is a single person in that organization who gives a holy horse shit right now.  And no one wants to play with Carmelo.  Because he's a selfish dick fart.

The Western Conference

I'm loving this shakeup of power in the west right now.  Golden State is ruining everyone's butts spearheaded by my ELITE MVP candidate, Steph Curry.  Portland is solid and Dallas trading for Rondo makes them a legit contender.  It looks like age may finally be catching up with San Antonio (4 years after everyone said age was catching up with San Antonio) but they've shown it's careless to count them out at any point.  Great shit so far.

Rajon Rondo

Speaking of Rondo...so this guy hasn't played defense in years?  Typical Kentucky/Seal guy.  If that's true, bruh...keep that shit to yourself.  Admitting you don't play defense is just going to give people a reason to shit on the NBA and the lack of defense played even more.  Rondo talks too much.

It's the NBA today, n-words.  DEAL WITH IT.  I'm sure this will really move the Internet needle this afternoon but fuck it.  Two tears in a bucket.  I'll write whatever the fuck I please.  And congrats to Ace and Prime for starting new jobs.  I'm sure fingering horses is a very rewarding profession.  FUCK YOU CAKES!
          Your Official 2010 Mets Preview Thread of Rock Bottom Expectations, Rogue Thyroid Glands, and RAGE RAGE RAGE        
Because Rickey is wholly unable to discuss the New York Mets in commonplace prose format, we’re throwing this one up Q&A style, (now complete with superfluous cultural references!)

So Rickey, I read that Vegas has the odds of the Yankees winning the 2010 World Series at a formidable 14/5 after the line opened at 3/1. Has anyone calculated the odds for the Mets?

Uh, yeah, we’ll get Hank from accounting right on that little query… Dude’s not nearly miserable enough. Rickey heard that somebody actually tried to figure out the odds, but promptly committed seppuku when they learned that Luis “Meat Train” Castillo has another 734 games to go until he’s halfway through his contract as a New York Met.

Well what do you calculate the Mets odds of winning the World Series to be?

Haha, you’re cute. Rickey admires your doe-eyed tenacity. The odds are about as good as Mrs. Henderson successfully teaching Rickey how to correctly load the dishwasher. What? Why can’t Rickey place the dishes face down on the lower rack? The knives don’t get put in the utensil basket pointy end up? Wood objects don’t go in here? A thousand curses upon you and this infernal machine, you treacherous harpy!

But you’re still going to attend a few games at CitiField, right?

Let Rickey tell you a story. Last week, Rickey went into the office men’s room to relieve himself, opened an unlocked stall door, only to find a rather portly man (thankfully not a coworker) sitting on the john with no shirt on. Rickey bolted from the scene and has since avoided that bathroom like the plague. Why wouldn’t the door have been locked? Why did that rotund man feel the need to take his shirt off? What the hell? All Rickey knows is that there’s some seriously bad mojo going on in that bathroom and he hasn’t gone back in there since. The point of this story: Rickey feels pretty much the same way about venturing into CitiField this season. It’s like walking into what you thought was an unoccupied bathroom stall only to find a shirtless fat man sitting on the toilet.

Aren’t you at least excited about the Jason Bay acquisition?

Absolutely! And Rickey will be even more excited when he stubs his toe on opening day, blames his .198 batting average on that and sits out the second half of the 2010 season collecting millions of dollars!

But we can still expect you to blog about the Mets from time to time, right?

Uh, don’t count on it. Three years since the 2007 debacle, Rickey’s keen satirical eye has waned to tired exasperation. The challenge of mocking this team is gone. Want some amusement? You’re better off writing your own “Choose You Own Mets Adventure” book at this point. Turn to page 118 if Ike Davis gets traded for an injury plagued Orlando Hudson during the 2011 offseason! Turn to page 78 if Jose Reyes’ thyroid goes nuclear!

What is Reyes’ deal anyway? Is he better now?

Reports suggest that yes, his thyroid levels have normalized and he will be available for opening day. So that was an interesting little diversion. You know what’s fun? When a news story about the delightfully insane decision to place a shortstop with a .435 career slugging percentage third in the batting order actually gets dwarfed by an even more maddening news story about their thyroid acting up. But yes, Reyes is back, which is good, because as far as Rickey knows, the Mets’ two backup shortstops are Rey Ordonez and Corrado Soprano.

What of Carlos Beltran? How’s he doing?

More and more, his tenure as a New York Met resembles that of Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter’s jail stint. The poor guy is so terrified of the Mets’ medical staff that he had his own doctor perform knee surgery on his ailing leg. Not that Rickey doesn’t have the utmost of faith in the Civil War battlefield surgery level expertise of the Mets’ doctors… Ahem.

So it’s safe to say that the Mets’ fanbase is a little disgruntled?

Well yes, but that’s generally always the case. This year it’s just a little bit more pronounced. Also, it doesn’t help that 99.8% of Mets fans are completely out of their goddamned minds. It’s not unusual for call ins like this to transpire on Mike Francessa’s show on WFAN:

“Hey Mike, tanks fuh takin' my cawl. What do you think of trading Beltran to da Cawdnuls for Wainwright and Pujols? I think it's a slam dunk fuh da Mets, why doesn't Omah make dat trade? I'm gonna hang up and listen to youah response.”

Rickey’s always wondered, why do the WFAN callers always hang up so quickly? Those lunatics spend hours waiting on hold and then they hang up after spitting out 50 words of jibber jabber? Really?

So what’s your final prediction for the 2010 season?

If they make it over 76 wins, Rickey will be shocked. If they don't we've got the return of Bobby Valentine to look forward to. Now for that, Rickey will get excited.
          Comment on Working from home: binary options by Ahmed Zahri        
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          Comment on Elliott Wave Analysis: Bears Taking Over The USDCAD; Temporary Correction In View by Tony        
Impressive analysis, you're a real pro! I usually use signal provider platform http://www.mydigitrade.com/signal-providers/ to improve my trading results, because I do not have much experience as you have!
          BrokeAss Gourmet: Eggless egg salad        
I attended elementary school in the early heyday of the Lunchable, AKA the ultimate cafeteria lunchtime trade item. Tiny plastic cartons with dividers separating a stack of cheddar cheese, a stack of golden butter crackers, and some slimy pink lunch meat (usually turkey or ham) were the Hidden Valley Elementary School fourth grader's ticket to trading her way to an optimal lunch.…
          Materi Sejarah sm.1 SMA XII IPS        


Pada akhir pendudukan Jepang dan pada awal berdirinya Republik Indonesia keadaan ekonomi Indonesia sangat kacau. Hal ini disebabkan oleh hal-hal sebagai berikut :
1.    Inflasi yang sangat tinggi (Hiper-Inflasi).
Penyebab terjadinya inflasi ini adalah beredarnya mata uang pendudukan Jepang secara tak terkendali. Pada saat itu diperkirakan mata uang Jepang yang beredar di masyarakat sebesar 4 milyar. Dari jumlah tersebut, yang beredar di Jawa saja, diperkirakan sebesar 1,6 milyar. Jumlah itu kemudian bertambah ketika pasukan Sekutu berhasil menduduki beberapa kota besar di Indonesia dan meguasai bank-bank. Dari bank-bank itu Sekutu mengedarkan uang cadangan sebesar 2,3 milyar untuk keperluan operasi mereka. Kelompok masyarakat yang paling menderita akibat inflasi ini adalah petani. Hal itu disebabkan pada zaman pendudukan Jepang petani adalah produsen yang paling banyak menyimpan mata-uang Jepang.
Pemerintah Republik Indonesia yang baru berdiri, tidak dapat menghentikan peredaran mata uang Jepang tersebut, sebab negara RI belum memiliki mata-uang baru  sebagai penggantinya. Maka dari itu, untuk sementara waktu pemerintah RI menyatakan tiga mata uang yang berlaku di wilayah RI, yaitu :
a.    mata-uang De Javasche Bank;
b.    mata-uang pemerintah Hindia Belanda;
c.    mata-uang pendudukan Jepang.
Pada saat kesulitan ekonomi menghimpit bangsa Indonesia, tanggal 6 Maret 1946, Panglima AFNEI yang baru, Letnan Jenderal Sir Montagu Stopford mengumumkan berlakunya uang NICA di daerah-daerah yang diduduki Sekutu. Uang NICA ini dimaksudkan sebagai pengganti uang Jepang yang nilainya sudah sangat turun. Pemerintah melalui Perdana Menteri Syahrir memproses tindakan tersebut. Karena hal itu berarti pihak Sekutu telah melanggar persetujuan yang telah disepakati, yakni selama belum ada penyelesaian politik mengenai status Indonesia, tidak akan ada mata uang baru.
Oleh karena itulah pada bulan Oktober 1946 Pemerintah RI, juga melakukan hal yang sama yaitu mengeluarkan uang kertas baru yaitu Oeang Republik Indonesia (ORI) sebagai pengganti uang Jepang. Untuk melaksanakan koordinasi dalam pengurusan bidang ekonomi dan keuangan, pemerintah membentuk Bank Negara Indonesia pada tanggal 1 November 1946. Bank Negara ini semula adalah Yayasan Pusat Bank yang didirikan pada bulan Juli 1946 dan dipimpin oleh Margono Djojohadikusumo. Bank negara ini bertugas mengatur nilai tukar ORI dengan valuta asing.
2.    Adanya blokade ekonomi, oleh Belanda (NICA). Blokade laut ini dimulai pada bulan November 1945 ini, menutup pintu keluar-masuk perdagangan RI. Adapun alasan pemerintah Belanda melakukan blokade ini adalah :
a.    Untuk mencegah dimasukkannya senjata dan peralatan militer ke Indonesia;
b.    Mencegah dikeluarkannya hasil-hasil perkebunan milik Belanda dan milik asing lainnya;
c.    Melindungi bangsa Indonesia dari tindakan-tindakan yang dilakukan oleh orang bukan Indonesia.
Akibat dari blokade ini barang-barang dagangan milik pemerintah RI tidak dapat diekspor, sehingga banyak barang-barang ekspor yang dibumihanguskan. Selain itu Indonesia menjadi kekurangan barang-barang impor yang sangat dibutuhkan.
3. Kas negara kosong, pajak dan bea masuk sangat berkurang, sehingga pendapatan pemeritah semakin tidak sebanding dengan pengeluarannya. Penghasilan pemerintah hanya bergantung kepada produksi pertanian. Karena dukungan petani inilah pemerintah RI masih bertahan, sekali pun keadaan ekonomi sangat buruk.

Usaha-usaha untuk menembus blokade ekonomi yang dilakukan oleh pihak Belanda dilaksanakan oleh pemerintah dengan berbagai cara, diantaranya sebagai berikut :
1.    Diplomasi Beras ke India
Usaha ini lebih bersifat politis daripada ekonomis. Ketika terdengar berita bahwa rakyat India sedang ditimpa bahaya kelaparan, pemerintah RI segera menyatakan kesediaannya untuk membantu pemerintah India dengan mengirimkan 500.000 ton beras, dengan harga sangat rendah. Pemerintah bersedia melakukan hal ini karena diperkirakan pada musim panen tahun 1946 akan diperoleh surplus sebesar 200.000 sampai 400.000 ton.
Sebagai imbalannya pemerintah India menjanjikan akan mengirimkan bahan pakaian yang sangat dibutuhkan oleh rakyat Indonesia. Keuntungan politik yang diperoleh oleh pemerintah RI adalah dalam forum internasional India adalah negara Asia yang paling aktif membantu perjuangan kemerdekaan RI.
2.    Mengadakan Hubungan Dagang Langsung ke Luar Negeri
Usaha untuk membuka hubungan langsung ke luar negeri, dilakukan oleh pihak pemerintah maupun pihak swasta. Diantara usaha-usaha tersebut adalah sebagai berikut :
a.    Mengadakan kontak hubungan dengan perusahaan swasta Amerika (Isbrantsen Inc.). Usaha ini dirintis oleh BTC (Banking and Trading Corporation), suatu badan perdagangan semi-pemerintah yang dipimpin oleh Dr. Sumitro Djojohadikusumo dan Dr. Ong Eng Die. Dalam transaksi pertama pihak Amerika Serikat bersedia membeli barang-barang ekspor dari Indonesia seperti gula, karet, teh, dan sebagainya. Kapal Isbrantsen Inc. yang masuk ke pelabuhan Cirebon adalah kapal Martin Behrmann yang mengangkut barang-barang pesanan RI dan akan memuat barang-barang ekspor dari RI. Akan tetapi kapal itu dicegat oleh kapal Angkatan Laut Belanda dan diseret ke pelabuhan Tanjung Priuk dan seluruh muatannya disita.
b.    Menembus blokade ekonomi Belanda di Sumatera dengan tujuan Singapura dan Malaysia. Oleh karena jarak perairan yang relatif dekat, maka usaha ini dilakukan dengan perahu layar dan kapal motor cepat. Usaha ini secara sistimatis dilakukan sejak tahun 1946 sampai dengan akhir masa Perang Kemerdekaan. Pelaksanaan penembusan blokade ini dilakukan oleh Angkatan Laut RI dengan dibantu oleh pemerintah daerah penghasil barang-barang ekspor.
Sejak awal tahun 1947 pemerintah RI membentuk perwakilan resmi di Singapura yang diberi nama Indonesia Office (Indoff). Secara resmi Indoff ini merupakan badan yang memperjuangkan kepentingan politik di luar negeri, namun secara rahasia juga berusaha menembus blokade dan usaha perdagangan barter.
Kementerian Pertahanan juga membentuk perwakilannya di luar negeri yang disebut Kementerian Pertahanan Usaha Luar Negeri (KPLULN) yang dipimpin oleh Ali Jayengprawiro. Tugas pokok badan ini adalah membeli senjata dan perlengkapan Angkatan Perang. Sebagai pelaksana upaya menembus blokade ini yang terkenal adalah John Lie, O.P. Koesno, Ibrahim Saleh dan Chris Tampenawas. Selama tahun 1946 pelabuhan di Sumatera hanya Belawan yang berhasil diduduki Belanda. Karena perairan di Sumatera sangatlah luas, maka pihak Belanda tidak mampu melakukan pengawasan secara ketat. Hasil-hasil dari Sumatera terutama karet yang berhasil diselundupkan ke luar negeri, utamanya ke Singapura, mencapai jumlah puluhan ribu ton. Selama tahun 1946 saja barang-barang yang diterima oleh Singapura dari Sumatera seharga Straits $ 20.000.000,-. Sedangkan yang berasal dari Jawa hanya Straits $ 1.000.000,-. Sebaliknya barang-barang yang dikirim ke Sumatera dari Singapura seharga Straits $ 3.000.000,- dan dari Singapura ke Jawa seharga Straits $ 2.000.000,-.
Pada awal kemerdekaan masih belum sempat melakukan perbaikan ekonomi secara baik. Baru mulai Pebruari 1946, pemerintah mulai memprakarsai usaha untuk memecahkan masalah-masalah ekonomi yang mendesak. Upaya-upaya itu diantaranya sebagai berikut :
1. Pinjaman Nasional
Program Pinjaman Nasional ini dilaksanakan oleh Menteri Keuangan. lr. Surachman dengan persetujuan BP-KNIP. Pinjaman Nasional akan dibayar kembali selama jangka waktu 40 tahun. Besar pinjaman yang dilakukan pada bulan Juli 1946 sebesar Rp.,00. Pada tahun pertama berhasil dikumpulkan uang sejumlah Rp. 500.000.000,00. Sukses yang dicapai ini menunjukkan besarnya dukungan dan kepercayaan rakyat kepada Pemerintah RI.
2. Konferensi Ekonomi, Februari 1946
Konferensi ini dihadiri oleh para cendekiawan, para gubernur dan para pejabat lainnya yang bertanggungjawab langsung mengenai masalah ekonomi di Jawa. Konferensi ini dipimpin oleh Menteri Kemakmuran, Ir. Darmawan Mangunkusumo. Tujuan konferensi ini adalah untuk memperoleh kesepakatan yang bulat dalam menanggulangi masalah-masalah ekonomi yang mendesak, seperti :
a.    masalah produksi dan distribusi makanan
Dalam masalah produksi dan distribusi bahan makanan disepakati bahwa sistem autarki lokal sebagai kelanjutan dari sistem ekonomi perang Jepang, secara berangsur-angsur akan dihapuskan dan diganti dengan sistem desentralisasi.
b.    masalah sandang
Mengenai masalah sandang disepakati bahwa Badan Pengawasan Makanan Rakyat diganti dengan Badan Persediaan dan Pembagian Makanan (PPBM) yang dipimpin oleh dr. Sudarsono dan dibawah pengawasan Kementerian Kemakmuran. PPBM dapat dianggap sebagai awal dari terbentuknya Badan Urusan Logistik (Bulog).
c.    status dan administrasi perkebunan-perkebunan
Mengenai masalah penilaian kembali status dan administrasi perkebunan yang merupakan perusahaan vital bagi RI, konferensi ini menyumbangkan beberapa pokok pikiran. Pada masa Kabinet Sjahrir, persoalan status dan administrasi perkebunan ini dapat diselesaikan. Semua perkebunan dikuasai oleh negara dengan sistem sentralisasi di bawah pengawasan Kementerian Kemakmuran.
Konferensi Ekonomi kedua diadakan di Solo pada tanggal 6 Mei 1946. Konferensi kedua ini membahas masalah perekonomian yang lebih luas, seperti program ekonomi pemerintah, masalah keuangan negara, pengendalian harga, distribusi dan alokasi tenaga manusia. Dalam konferensi ini Wakil Presiden Drs. Moh. Hatta memberikan saran-saran yang berkaitan dengan masalah rehabilitasi pabrik gula. Hal ini disebabkan gula merupakan bahan ekspor yang penting, oleh karena itu pengusahaannya harus dikuasai oleh negara. Hasil ekspor ini diharapkan dapat dibelikan atau ditukar dengan barang-barang lainnya yang dibutuhkan RI.
Saran yang disampaikan oleh Wakil Presiden ini dapat direalisasikan pada tanggal 21 Mei 1946 dengan dibentuknya Badan Penyelenggara Perusahaan Gula Negara (BPPGN) berdasarkan Peraturan Pemerintah No. 3/1946. Peraturan tersebut disempurnakan melalui Peraturan Pemerintah No. 4 tahun 1946, tanggal 6 Juni 1946 mengenai pembentukan Perusahaan Perkebunan Negara (PPN).
3.    Pembentukan Planning Board (Badan Perancang Ekonomi) pada tanggal 19 Januari 1947
Pembentukan Badan ini atas inisiatif Menteri Kemakmuran, dr. A.K. Gani. Badan ini merupakan badan tetap yang bertugas membuat rencana pembangunan ekonomi untuk jangka waktu 2 sampai 3 tahun. Sesudah Badan Perancang ini bersidang, A.K. Gani mengumumkan Rencana Pembangunan Sepuluh Tahun. Untuk mendanai Rencana Pembangunan ini terbuka baik bagi pemodal dalam negeri maupun bagi pemodal asing. Untuk menampung dana pembangunan tersebut pemerintah akan membentuk Bank Pembangunan.
Pada bulan April 1947, Badan Perancang ini diperluas menjadi Panitia Pemikir Siasat Ekonomi yang dipimpin langsung oleh Wakil Presiden Moh. Hatta, sedangkan A.K. Gani sebagai wakilnya. Panitia ini bertugas mempelajari, mengumpulkan data dan memberikan saran kepada pemerintah dalam merencanakan pembangunan ekonomi dan dalam rangka melakukan perundingan dengan pihak Belanda.
Semua hasil pemikiran ini belum berhasil dilaksanakan dengan baik, karena situasi politik dan militer yang tidak memungkinkan. Agresi Militer Belanda mengakibatkan sebagian besar daerah RI yang memiliki potensi ekonomi baik, jatuh ke tangan Belanda. Wilayah RI tinggal beberapa keresidenan di Jawa dan Sumatera yang sebagian besar tergolong sebagai daerah minus dan berpenduduk padat. Pecahnya Pemberontakan PKI Madiun dan Agresi Militer Belanda II mengakibatkan kesulitan ekonomi semakin memuncak.

4.    Rekonstruksi dan Rasionalisasi Angkatan Perang (RERA) pada tahun 1948.
Program yang diprakarsai oleh Wakil Presiden Drs. Moh. Hatta ini, dimaksudkan untuk mengurangi beban negara dalam bidang ekonomi, disamping meningkatkan efesiensi. Rasionalisasi ini meliputi penyempurnaan administrasi negara, Angkatan Perang dan aparat ekonomi.  Sejumlah satuan Angkatan Perang dikurangi secara dratis. Selanjutnya tenaga-tenaga bekas Angkatan Perang ini disalurkan ke bidang-bidang produktif dan diurus oleh Kementerian Pembangunan dan Pemuda.
5.    Rencana Kasimo (Kasimo Plan)
Program ini disusun oleh Menteri Urusan Bahan Makanan I.J. Kasimo. Pada dasarnya program ini berupa Rencana Produksi Tiga Tahun, 1948-1950 mengenai usaha swasembada pangan dengan beberapa petunjuk pelaksanaan yang praktis. Untuk mningkatkan produksi bahan pangan dalam program ini, Kasimo menyarankan agar :
a.    menanami tanah-tanah kosong di Sumatera timur seluas 281.277 ha.;
b.    di Jawa dilakkan intensifikasi dengan menanam bibit unggul;
c.    pencegahan penyembelihan hewan-hewan yang berperan penting bagi produksi pangan;
d.    disetiap desa dibentuk kebun-kebun bibit;
e.    tranmigrasi.
6.    Persatuan Tenaga Ekonomi (PTE)
Organisasi yang  dipimpin B.R. Motik ini, bertujuan untuk menggiatkan kembali partisipasi pengusaha swasta. Dengan dibentuknya PTE juga diharapkan dapat dan melenyapkan individualisasi di kalangan organisasi pedagang sehingga dapat memperkokoh ketahanan ekonomi bangsa Indonesia. Pemerintah menganjurkan agar pemerintah daerah usaha-usaha yang dilakukan oleh PTE. Akan tetapi nampaknya PTE tidak dapat berjalan dengan baik. PTE hanya mampu mendirikan Bank PTE di Yogyakarta dengan modal awal Rp. 5.000.000. Kegiatan PTE semakin mundur akibat dari Agresi Militer Belanda.
Selain PTE perdagangan swasta lainnya yang juga membantu usaha ekonomi pemerintah adalah Banking and Trading Corporation (Perseroan Bank dan Perdagangan).
          Moroccan Medina        
Experience the magic of Morocco at Earthbound Trading Co.’s colorful pop-up shop at the Galleria Dallas on August 10, 2017 from 6 - 9 p.m. Stop by this free event as you sip on Moroccan tea sponsored by Baboush and shop one-of-a-kind vintage rugs and pillows, traditional poufs, hand-woven market bags, hammered tea trays, tea [...]
          New Releases – 2013 Topps Strata Football & Topps 75th Anniversary Trading Cards        

2013 Topps Strata Football Hobby Box $64.94 Add to Cart After an accolade-filled rookie season, 2013 Topps Strata Football returns to deliver even greater cutting-edge autographed relic technology! PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS BOX GUARANTEES: – 1 Autographed Relic Card – 1 Autographed Card – 1 Relic Card – 1 Rookie Die-Cut Card CASE GUARANTEES – 1 Strata […]

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          [news] Excerpt from a McKinsey Paper on IT Spending Trends        
Monday, August 9, 2004
Dateline: China
I recently urled the abstract for this paper, but CNET and McKinsey were kind enough to post the full-text of the paper on the CNET news site (which downloads at glacial speed, at least from China).  Now that the article from the current issue of The McKinsey Quarterly is in the public domain, I'd like to include an excerpt in this posting.  (Bolded and colored notations are MY emphasis.)
"Although IT customers also want to improve their software, they are wary of big-bang packaged applications--purchases that are just now rolling off accrual budgets.  This time around, CIOs are shunning expensive panaceas, especially large-scale customer relationship management (CRM) systems.  Many tech executives lost face (or jobs) when the promised benefits didn't materialize, often because the technology demanded difficult-to-realize changes in processes and in employee behavior.  Even worse than buying packaged applications, CIOs told us, was buying applications and then customizing them, for this strategy made it necessary to reinvest in customization with each subsequent upgrade.  CIOs now favor narrower, more-targeted, less-ambitious improvements that mitigate the risk of organizational rejection.  Custom software that closely adheres to a company's existing processes (and therefore requires little or no process change) is popular, and so is software developed for a specific industry.  Meanwhile, integration--a higher priority now than it was during the boom--is generating demand for enterprise application integration (EAI) technologies.  Web services are gaining traction faster than anticipated, especially in small telecom and other companies at the forefront of IT innovation.  Of the CIOs we interviewed, 8 percent said that Web services were their primary integration strategy.  Despite these inroads, most companies are still at the experimental stage with this technology, which demands advanced skills and a high degree of commitment from the IT organization.  Others are choosing a different path:  Roughly half of the CIOs we spoke with have been (or are thinking about) investing in integration broker software, often combined with Web services.  Adoption is strongest among telecommunications and financial-services companies, whose technical complexity makes the software especially attractive.  The third-party services market could feel the pinch, however.  Many companies, spurred by lower IT salaries after the economic slowdown, hired talent and brought IT development in-house.  These new hires often support and develop the more-customized applications that today's IT budgets favor.  But this move could boomerang on companies in the future:  The absence of vendor support could reduce economies of scale and push up costs.  Offshoring in less-expensive labor markets could, of course, offset them."
ADDENDUM: Seeing Beyond "Traditional" Market Research ...
I've already received a few messages regarding my "Seeing Beyond" posting.
One of the questions was very simple to answer.  The question:  Can you name a few ISVs in China which could develop a hosted version of their packaged software?  Certainly.  Simple answer:  Bamboo, KingdeeUFSoft (all three are in the ERP space).
A reader also asked me about Fisher-Pry, having heard of this technique but not really familiar with it.  In simple terms, Fisher-Pry functions best as a substitution model.  I'm not thrilled about using it to predict end of life and market size issues per seWhere I find it useful -- EXTREMELY USEFUL -- is in determining when a NEW technology is likely to EMERGE.  I then put on my Geoffrey Moore glasses to look at the technology from a chasm crossing perspective.  And, if I'm really interested, I'll put on my Ed Roberts and Gordon Bell glasses -- and will evaluate the technology using other techniques as well.  But Fisher-Pry itself is extremely simple to use and a Geoffrey Moore analysis is also a no-brainer.  (Ed Roberts' -- and I'm the unofficial president of the Ed Roberts fan club -- various approaches to evaluating new markets and technologies requires me to fire a lot more neurons than Moore's approach.)  To me, Fisher-Pry is all about inflection points and EMERGING marketsTo see an application of Fisher-Pry, read an A.T. Kearney report on wireless futures at http://tinyurl.com/4zcas (and it's an excellent report, too).  See also a recent evaluation of the remote sensing market at http://tinyurl.com/6zxqm .  For a brief review of Fisher-Pry and a couple of related techniques for technology trend analysis, see http://tinyurl.com/4hf7t .
Finally, another reader questioned whether MIT's Innovation Futures market was doomed to focus on short(er)-term "bets."  My answer is that MIT may need to repackage Innovation Futures for addressing long(er)-term issues.  Many of us in America can remember playing the stock market in one of our classes.  For me, it was in my eighth grade government class.  We had to pick stocks and trade them through the course of the year.  Unfortunately, the very nature of this learning experience put a premium on trading versus investing.  In other words, picking stocks which might be solid over a three-plus year time horizon simply wouldn't work; it was much better to "gamble" on high Beta (i.e., higher volatility) issues.  Innovation Futures suffers from the same "need" to determine winners and losers on a relatively timely basis.  Probably time horizons of three or more years won't suffice, at least not from a "gamblers" perspective (sans venture capitalists).
I'd like to see their system changed to allow different types of "players" and "traders," namely the crop I had suggested in my last posting, but also another class of "all others."  Think of this as an experiment in social computing among technophiles, not online gambling.  In some ways, it could reveal the type of knowledge that is found in the blogosphere.
David Scott Lewis
President & Principal Analyst
IT E-Strategies, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA & Qingdao, China
http://www.itestrategies.com (current blog postings optimized for MSIE6.x)
http://tinyurl.com/2r3pa (access to blog content archives in China)
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          The KINGMAKER'S Umpire Biographical Blogs: Terms and Conditions :)        

My original use of the term "King Maker" comes from a baseball handicapping system that I developed a few years ago. The King Maker System was an extremely popular subject at Pregame and it exploded with the help of my partner (The Game/JD). With his help, we gathered as many as 2,200-3,000 page views during a period when Pregame had a much smaller membership base. In the end, I can thank the King Maker System for my job at Pregame, so I thought I'd re-introduce certain segments to the archives.


Here's a clip from an article in 2008:

"Formerly known as Three2Won, The King Maker shifted gears to professional sports betting after retiring from a career in stock trading. On Pregame’s active forum community, The King Maker made a name for himself by developing a one-of-a-kind winning "Kingmaker system for betting Major League Baseball”, and was one of Pregame’s best baseball handicappers during the 2007 season.

By taking a 360-degree approach to utilizing information, The King Maker has created a system not only for baseball, but for basketball as well, hitting 70% of his plays during the month of February 2008, boosting him into March Madness."

It's clearly time to get back to the basics with my baseball experiments, so I'm diving back in......


The Umpire IS "The King Maker"

The form of capping that I use in baseball comes from the assumption that two players handle the ball on nearly every possession. If we keep this in mind, then we can leverage a ton of focus on the two men that affect almost every pitch (Pitcher/Catcher). The pitcher and catcher don't work in a vaccuum, so we have to look at the immediate secondary indicators (batter, fielders, Umpire).

Every secondary indicator has equal merit, and we have to weigh the batter and the fielders with a little more weight than an Umpire, but the hidden fact is that certain Umpires actually determine how a batter bats; how a pitcher pitches; and how a catcher calls a game. And this is why I call the "radical" Umpire a "King Maker". The King Maker determines whether an ACE will stink and he also has the power to transform a crappy pitcher into a god. In the days before computer-tracking, you could bank on the renegade umpires. Today is a little different, but I think it's important for you to know the tendencies of certain Umpires. BAIP, OPS, Range, and all of the other statistical models are VERY relevant, so please take all Umpire information as a small part of your capping package, ok?

What can we do with an Umpire database?

1. Find and record OVER and UNDER Umpires.

2. Locate great pitchers that struggle with certain Umpires.

3. Find the lousy pitchers that will get a boost from a King Maker.

4. Locate Homer Umps.

5. Locate potentially biased Umpires.



Odd-ball terms that Kevin Uses: (If I jot down terms that are not used in normal conversation, I'll post them here)

The Box: The StrikeZone

Hot Box Umpire: Usually a 12/6 K/BB Umpire that has a low home run rate and a massive grounder rate. This kind of "box" is usually built for contact.

"Shoe Box": Derryl Cousins' nickname. His strike zone shrinks to the size of a shoe box as the game progresses.

(more to come)

K/BB Ratio: Strikeout-to-walk ratio; calculated as:strikeouts divided by bases on balls.

Strike Rate: The percentage that an Umpire calls his strikes (60% is low and OVER/64% is high and UNDER)



This Blog will be tweaked and it will evovle over the next few years.......

          Signal 29: Storui        
I'm Vaux, an Informed Jack who Tells Tales. This is my Signal.

If you can hear this broadcast, it is for Storui, the coastal Pit City of the Dawn Kingdom of Corao.

What cargo is moved in the purple ships of the Tsilai Trading Company? A sinister power grows in the shadows of the Duchess and her court. What secrets can the Shambler impart?

Listen to it. Remember it. Pass it along.


Episode 29: Storui
          vielen dank, deutschland        

thank God that most things change...

johannes kepler...my ancestor (this one's for you, mom)

trading harleys for flybars (this one's for you, dad)

          for your own good...        

holy moses. please do yourself a favor. give your soul a molatov cocktail. go to www.myspace.com/tylerjames and listen to "stay humble". then cool off with www.myspace.com/griffinhouse and listen to 'only love remains'.

from riches to rags
from diamonds to coal
has always seemed better to me

than trading for silver
the price of my soul
to buy what is already free

damn, griff. keep on truckin'. and to quote tom petty, "it's time to move, time to get going, what lies ahead i have no way of knowing, but under my feet, babe, the grass is growing, it's time to move on..."

a night train to paris and then to the border of spain for a hitching to the island of ibiza? who knows...as my great friend, brother and mentor -tres altman - says, "when it comes to making plans, always have reservations." so my soul is full from sounds of home and moments of deep living here in stuttgart, germany - where i 'planned' on staying for two days and am leaving a week later. ha! big love to jens, jesse and sophie for taking care of me. thank you. tweet, tweet.
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          Thing #6: Mashups and 3rd Party sites        
What is a "mashup"?
Wikipedia offers a great article that explains mashups. Basically they are hybrid web applications that take features from one application (like Flickr) and mash it up with another (like Google Maps). In this example, you get Mappr (http://mappr.com/).

Like many web 2.0 sites, Flickr has encouraged other people to build their own online applications using images found on the site. Through the use of APIs (application programming interfaces), many people have created third party tools and mashups that use Flickr Creative Commons images or even your own photos.

Discovery Resources:

Here are a few examples of mashups that use Flickr:
Mappr - allows you to take Flickr images and paste them on a map

Flickr Color Pickr - lets you find public photos in Flickr that match a specific color.

Mosaic Maker – create a photo mosaic from photos found on Flickr. Discover more mashups, web apps, and Flickr tools.

Bookr - a cute way to create little books using Flickr pictures and your text. Look in the archive at different examples by clicking on the key words list. If you create one, remember the title! The search function is not the best...but remember, it's free! Include the link in your posting so we can see your creation!

Discovery Exercise:
Your discovery exercise for this “thing” is to:
Explore some of the fun Flickr mashups and 3rd party tools that are out there.
Create a blog post about one that intrigues you.

In your post, talk about some ways Flickr and/or Flickr mashups could be used in your library program.One of our very favorite tools is FD Toys’ Trading Card Maker. And there’s a ton of librarians out there who have created their own Librarian Trading Card. So have some fun discovering and exploring some neat little apps. And if you're up to the challenge while you’re at it, why not create a trading card of your own?! :)

Take a look at more fun stuff from the Big Huge Labs.

P.S. Be sure and use copyright-friendly photos!

          Thing #10: Online Image Generator        
(This image was made with Comic Strip Generator)

For this discovery exercise, we just want you to have fun. Find a few fun image or text generators to play around with and write a post in your blog about one of your favorites and display the result. Often adding the image you mocked up to your blog is as simple as copying and pasting code that the page provides. If not, you may just need to right click on the image and then save it to your hard drive before using Blogger’s image button to add it to your post. If you’re having difficulty getting your image added to a post in your blog, ask a colleague for help. In looking at several of your blogs, it’s easy to see that we have lots of people in the district who have figured out how easy it is to add images to their blogs.

Discovery Resources:
Comic Strip Generator
Custom Sign Generator
Image Chef
Happy Face Generator
Big Huge Labs
Kid-Friendly Image Generators

Trading Card Maker
Also try a Google search for online generators, text generators or image generators!

(This image was created in Trading Card Maker)

Discovery Exercise:
1. Play around with some image generators and find one that you like.
2. Create several different types of images and save them to your computer.
3. Describe your discovery process in your blog.
Note: Be sure to include a link to the image generator(s) you used, so other participants can discover it too.
4. In your post, be sure to include ways you might use these image generators in the library 0r classroom. Take some time and have fun with this exercise. (And remember to be tasteful too!)
          Thing #16: Wikis        

A wiki is a collaborative website and authoring tool that allows users to easily add, remove and edit content. Wikipedia, the online open-community encyclopedia, is the largest and perhaps the most well known of these knowledge sharing tools, but with benefits that wikis provide the use and popularity of these tools is exploding.

Some of the benefits that make the use of wikis so attractive are:
· Anyone (registered or unregistered if unrestricted) can add, edit or delete content.
· Tracking tools within wikis allow you to easily keep up on what been changed and by whom.
· Earlier versions of a page can be rolled back and viewed when needed.
· Users do not need to know HTML in order to apply styles to text or add and edit content.

As the use of wikis has grown over the last few years, Libraries all over the country have begun to use them to collaborate and share knowledge. Among their applications are pathfinder or subject guide wikis, book review wikis, ALA conference wikis and even Library best practices wikis.

Watch this CommonCraft video. It illustrates a wiki "in Plain English" very well.

If the embedded YouTube version does not show, you can view it directly from the Common Craft site.

Take a look at some Library wikis. Here are a few examples to get you started:

For more Wikis including ones used by teachers see Blogroll at this blog: http://alibraryisalibrary.blogspot.com/

Use these resources to learn more about wikis:

Atomic Learning has some helpful video clips for Wikis. In the "Our Tutorials" tab chose "PBwiki - Wiki Workshop" or type "wiki" in the search box. (SBISD employees only...password protected)
· Wiki, wiki, wiki - from the Core Competency blog of the Public Library of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County.
· Wikis: A Beginner’s Look – an excellent short slide presentation that offers a short introduction and examples.
· What is a Wiki? – Library Success wiki presentation.
· Using Wikis to Create Online Communities – a good overview of what a wiki is and how it can be used in Libraries.

Curriculum Connections:
Wikis can be made for any classroom:

· Idea #1: Collaborative note-taking. Everyone pitches in and adds a fact or two about a topic. Teachers can encourage students to include opinions, challenges, and appropriate criticism. Students would then write essays using only these notes. Make sure that each addition includes a citation to website, book, or database, including page numbers so that it can be checked.

· Idea #2: History. Students can compile a wiki of famous artists, architects, writers, and other key historical figures from a city, state, or country.

· Idea #3: Create a "top 10" lists and supporting material. This could include scientists and their discoveries, top writers and their books, ... you get the idea.

· Idea #4: Mission trading cards (see Week 3), once completed, could be added to a class wiki.

A sandbox is a term that wikis often use to describe the area of the website that should be used for pure play so for this discovery and exploration exercise, go to the sandbox portion of the Spring Branch Library Future wiki -- go ahead and play! The username is "sbisd" and the password is "sbisdlib."

Discovery Exercise 1. Visit the sandbox portion of the Spring Branch Library Future wiki and add something about your 23 Things learning experience to this point. Remember the username is "sbisd" and the password is "sbisdlib."

You may want to add a link. Click on Sign-in in upper right corner Fill in username and password as listed above. Click on the edit button. Add you comment (just like you would type a post box on your blog) Be sure and click on Save--either at the top in the editor bar or at the bottom way on the right!

Discovery Exercise 2. Create a post in your blog about the experience.

How might you use wikis?

Discovery Resources:

· PB Wiki Tour - Find out how this collaborative tool can be used (YouTube-won't show in district)

· PBWiki Video Gallery - Short videos of PBwiki features

· PB Wiki Tips

Curriculum Connection:

Idea #1: Select one of your favorite curriculum ideas from your own blog. "Copy and paste" it to the sandbox portion of the Spring Branch Library Future wiki wiki. The username is "sbisd" and the password is "sbisdlib." What did you find interesting? What types of applications within Libraries and schools might work well with a wiki?

By the way: Have you made some comments in any other Players' blogs?

          Christianity as Progress in Season 3 of Vikings?        
Big fans of television series available for binge-watching after the kids go to sleep, my husband and I recently worked through the first three seasons of the History Channel’s hit Vikings. So far, the series has followed the rise of Scandinavian Ragnar Lothbrok from farmer to earl to king and his growing interest in Western Europe and mostly successful exploits in England and France. Although roundly criticized for its historical inaccuracies, Vikings is loosely based on Scandinavian figures and events passed down through the oral tradition to writers who finally recorded them during the late Middle Ages. It includes the infamous Viking raid of the monastery at Lindisfarne, for instance, as well as the figure of Rollo, known in history as having founded the Scandinavian settlement of Normandy and as the great-great-great grandfather of William the Conqueror. The character of Ragnarhimself is based on a legendary king and hero, said to have battled Charlemagne and borne important warrior sons (the same sons whom he is shown to have fathered in the show as well). The accuracy of the legends of Ragnar are debated by historians, some saying that they are based in truth and others perceiving them as mostly fictional. Vikingsadmittedly plays fast and loose with history, combining legends from diverse regions of Scandinavia (by, for instance, depicting Rollo as Ragnar’s brother) and often flouting the chronology of historical occurrences (by placing Ragnar in the time of Charles II’s rule instead of Charlemagne’s, to name one example). Moreover, while many of the events depicted in the show might plausibly have happened within the Scandinavian cultures of the early Middle Ages, others seem unlikely. The intense (and often homoerotic) friendship that develops between Ragnar and Athelstan, a monk who Ragnar captures in the Lindisfarne raid, is one such fabrication, perhaps unrealistic but effectively used in the show to heighten one of the central tensions of the series—between the paganism of the Scandinavians and the Christianity of the Western Europeans.

Athelstan originally perceives the Vikings as heralds of Satan, sent from God as punishment for the sins of man, but he comes to respect and love Ragnar, teaching him the language of the English and sharing information about the cities and cultures of Western Europe. When he is first taken captive, Athelstan brings a religious text with him to Scandinavia, and he is shown as reading it faithfully during his first few months as a slave to Ragnar and his family. He also maintains his practice of tonsure, very painfully and bloodily using a dull blade to shave the top of his head. But, as he becomes more and more integrated into Ragnar’s family and community, Athelstan begins to doubt the existence and power of Christ. He calls out to God, saying that, for the first time in his life, he cannot feel His presence. Eventually, Athelstan’s holy book disintegrates, and he begins wearing his hair in the style of the Scandinavians. He accepts an arm ring from Ragnar when the latter becomes earl, thus pledging his allegiance to Ragnar and the ways of the Scandinavians. In Season 2, Athelstan returns to England to raid with Ragnar and, through a series of extraordinary events, becomes the prisoner—and confidant—of the intelligent but morally dubious King Ecbert of Wessex. At this point, Athelstan eagerly returns to the kind of writing that he once did at the monastery, this time transcribing Ecbert’s secret Roman scrolls. He is unable to resume priesthood, however, professing that he has strayed too far from his Christian beliefs. A dark beast—symbolic perhaps of his sin against God or maybe of the duty that he now owes to Odin—haunts him in waking dreams, and he seems to feel, at once, disloyal to Christ and to the belief system of the Scandinavians. Athelstan even admits to Ecbert that Scandinavian customs are, in some ways, superior to English customs. When given the opportunity, Athelstan leaves England, to reside again in Scandinavia with Ragnar, who offers him affection and protection—as well as a somewhat more consistent moral code than Ecbert’s.

In his interactions with both Ragnar and Ecbert, Athelstan acts—sometimes unwittingly—as an agent of what either king, and certainly the show’s viewers, might perceive as “progress.” As a former monk, he is a learned man, and he affirms Ecbert’s appreciation for Roman architecture, art, and literature. He agrees with Ecbert that the Christians have much to learn from pagans—presumably both Roman and Scandinavian—and encourages Ecbert’s curiosity in Scandinavian customs and his decision to allow the Scandinavians to settle in Wessex. Athelstan shares information with Ragnar about England and France that ultimately facilitates profitable Scandinavian raids, settlement in the fertile regions of Western Europe, and adoption of important technological advances in farming equipment (a plough in Season 2) and weaponry (a cross-bow in Season 3). On many occasions, Athelstan acts as translator between the Scandinavians and the Western Europeans, enabling that which we know to be the massive changes in the cultures and languages of Western Europe that the Viking settlements ultimately produced. Perhaps most importantly, Athelstan promotes the blending of traditions, teaching Ragnar to recite the Lord’s Prayer, for example, before taking up arms himself to fight in his now beloved friend’s battle for the kingship of Scandinavia. Indeed, Athelstan seems to embody cultural exchange, which both Ragnar and Ecbert value, at least in part, and certainly that many 21st-century viewers imagine as progressive in our age of globalization.

(As another example of how Vikings plays with history, we might note that Ecbert, Athelstan, and Athelstan’s son Alfred, borne of Athelstan’s affair with Ecbert’s daughter-in-law and so far fiercely protected by Ecbert despite the infant’s well-known status as a bastard, are all also based on historical figures. The historical Ecbert was a Christian king of Wessex who battled regularly with the pagan Vikings. Alfred the Great was Ecbert’s grandson, and he made peace with the Scandinavians after their king Gunthrum was baptized. Finally, the historical Athelstanwas the grandson of Alfred, and he ousted the sitting Scandinavian ruler from the Viking settlement of York. As with their counterparts in the show, the lives and times of these three figures were very much influenced by the conflicts—and blending—of English culture and Viking culture as well as Christianity and paganism.)

Late in Season 3, however, Athelstan’s symbology in the show shifts. No longer does he seem to promote the blending of traditions but, instead, advocates for a return to seeing Christianity as distinct from—and superior to—paganism. He experiences a sign from God and returns with fervor to his Christian faith. After a scene in which he seems to re-baptize himself in the waters off the coast of Scandinavia, he tosses his arm ring out to sea. Athelstan then announces to Ragnar that he has been born again and that he can no longer stay in Ragnar’s kingdom. Ragnar refuses to allow him to go, saying that Athelstan is the only person who he can truly trust, and the scene ends with Athelstan reaffirming his dedication to Ragnar’s planned attack on Paris. In some ways, this seems another example of Athelstan’s ability to blend belief systems: he is renewed in his Christianity but willing to facilitate a Viking raid of an important Christian city, indeed, the center of Western Christendom during much of the Middle Ages. But, when Athelstan is killed by a member of Ragnar’s inner circle who fears Athelstan’s growing Christian influence over the king, Ragnar remembers him as a Christian, first and foremost. Ragnar carries Athelstan’s dead body to the top of a tall hill and buries him there, intending to lay him to rest as close to Athelstan’s god as he can get him. He then places Athelstan’s cross necklace around his own neck and shaves his head in a bloody scene reminiscent of Athelstan’s shaving episode at the beginning of the series. As Vikings creator Michael Hirst has pointed out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, here, Ragnar adopts a version of the Christian practice of tonsure to signal the significant change that he has experienced as a result of his friend’s death.

Like Athelstan during his time in Wessex, Ragnar seems caught between Christianity and paganism at this point in the show. When he is injured in the raid on Paris and fears that he is dying, he imagines two competing visions of that which awaits him after death. One of these is the figure of Odin, pictured throughout the series as a black silhouette with a raven on his shoulder; the other is Athelstan, who seems to function, for Ragnar, as a stand-in for the Christian God. Ragnar reaches toward Athelstan, but the latter turns to walk away, and Ragnar is left with Odin. Fearing eternal separation from his friend, Ragnar bargains with the Parisians, agreeing to send his warriors back to Scandinavia in exchange for a large quantity of gold and, more importantly, his own baptism and Christian burial. When he is baptized in front of his shocked and angry kinsmen, Ragnar seems to have finally chosen, like Athelstan, Christianity over paganism. After he is carried inside the Parisian cathedral for his final rites, however, Ragnar jumps up from his casket and brutally slays the Christian priest who had previously expressed revulsion at the prospect of having to baptize him. Ragnar escapes the battle that ensues and, then, in the final scene of the season, is shown aboard a Viking longship bound for home in Scandinavia.

Given Althelstan’s and Ragnar’s conflicted thoughts and contradictory behaviors in Season 3, it is difficult to interpret the show’s message regarding Christian conversion. Throughout Season 1 and Season 2, Athelstan suffers with his conflicting feeling of duty toward Christ and his attraction to the Vikings gods, but he lives with both and seems to work toward an ethic of cultural exchange that perhaps most viewers in the 21st-century can get behind. For his part, Ragnar is presented as a visionary, a leader who imagines a better future for his people through raiding and settlement in Western Europe. His attachment to Athelstan is used to highlight the conflicts between Christianity and paganism in the Viking Age, but viewers are also able to see it as indicative of Ragnar’s willingness to embrace the kind of progress embodied in the priest-turned-Viking-warrior, the progress of economic and financial advancement for the Scandinavians as well as of the cultural blending that occurred between Scandinavians and Western Europeans during this historical period. Given their characterization throughout the series, what are we to make of Athelstan’s and Ragnar’s actions in Season 3? Is Athelstan still representative of progress? Is Ragnar still dedicated to progress? Maybe most importantly, is cultural blending still inherent to progress?

Since Athelstan is gone from the show by the end of the season, we are left to reckon most violently with Ragnar’s lingering dedication to his dead friend and his resulting baptism, as well as his decision in the last episode to kill the Christian priest and return to Scandinavia with his people. I would argue that there are ways to read Ragnar’s actions in the last few episodes as in keeping with his role as visionary. It is plausible, for example, that Ragnar is baptized only to ensure that he rejoin Athelstan in the afterlife but that he intends to remain loyal to Scandinavian traditions during his remaining time on Earth and, thus, that the baptism signals only the further blending of cultural systems that we have witnessed heretofore through Athelstan. Ragnar’s baptism might also serve as simply one more move toward the progress that he sees as essential for his people. Historically, of course, the adoption—or partial, or even feigned, adoption—of Christianity eased the way for Scandinavian groups’ acceptance in Western European trading and settlement. Renowned Viking historian Anders Winroth offers further clarification of the reasons for conversion, stating that the Scandinavians came to perceive Christianity as prestigious by associating it with the material wealth that they found in raiding monasteries and, ironically, that Scandinavian leaders sometimes used the practice of converting potential followers to Christianity as a way of convincing them to dedicate themselves to these leaders’ future raids in Western Europe. Whether to align their beliefs with those of new friends, to appease the Christian rulers of Western Europe, or to gain Scandinavian followers, masses of Scandinavians did eventually convert to Christianity throughout the Middle Ages. Ragnar’s baptism, therefore, seems at least somewhat historically plausible and, in that it foreshadows the future of conversion in store for his people, in keeping with his characterization as adept at navigating the tides of change in order advance the interests of his kinsmen.

Nonetheless, it is difficult (and disappointing) to imagine this show as depicting progress as simply a matter of conversion to Christianity instead of a process of cultural blending. My hope is that Ragnar and Ecbert, as well as other important figures in the show, will continue to contend, in complex and convincing ways, with the clashes between their two cultures and belief systems in Season 4, scheduled for release in early 2016—despite the show’s loss of Athelstan as a figurehead of cultural exchange.

Ready for a new show . . .
Until then, my husband I will have to find a new series. Any suggestions?

          Genesis: More and Less, Or, What I Didn’t Learn in Sunday School        
As I am preparing to teach the “Christianity and Judaism” segment of my upcoming Humanities course, I’ve returned to some of the Biblical stories that I haven’t thought about for many years. With adult eyes, training in literary and feminist theory, and quite a bit of distance from my evangelical Christian upbringing, I am discovering that many of these stories are quite different than I remember. Indeed, they are both more and less than how they were presented to me in Sunday School: more in that together they demonstrate the beautifully complex human construction of a religious tradition, a way of making sense of and being in an unpredictable and often brutal world, and less because, by way of uncompromising misogyny and an assumption of “racial” superiority, they exclude most of humanity from the chosen people. For me, these stories represent a certain literary greatness, but I don’t find them particularly helpful in guiding my own spiritual growth. In this post, I point out some discrepancies between the ways that these stories are typically taught in Christian settings to children in their spiritually formative years and how they are actually presented in Biblical verse.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll just stick with one book, the foundational book of Genesis. And, as a disclaimer, I am no theologian, so my claims may not bear out against those of Biblical experts. All the same, my interpretations represent the careful, reasoned responses of a layperson to the incidents recounted in Genesis.

Here are some things about Genesis mythology that in my day were—and likely still are—glossed over, misrepresented, or simply ignored in Christian Sunday School:

1. Genesis is clearly not a linear, singularly-composed narrative, and nor even are its individual “stories.” There are in fact two renditions of human creation, for example, and, what’s more, they contradict each other. In the first one, God creates man and woman at the same time. In the second one, God creates man and then woman out of man’s rib. It is this second story which also includes the legend of “the fall.” Indeed, there is no indication that “the fall” portion of the tale is connected in any way to the first story of human creation, which comes to a full stop before the second one is introduced with the concluding statement: “These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created” (Gen. 2:4). One could easily read these two versions of the story—one in which men and women are created as equals and God sees them as “very good” (Gen. 1:31) and the other in which God positions man as superior to a female being who ultimately brings about the onset of human suffering—as indicative of the changing status of women as ancient cultures moved from hunting and gathering to agriculture and, therefore, became more male-centered and militaristic over time. In any case, these are two different stories of creation, probably circulated orally in different eras and/or among different Hebrew sub-sets and likely recorded at a much later date as alternative versions of the same mythology. Other stories also repeat or overlap, such as the conception and birth of Seth, in Gen. 4:25 and again in Gen. 5:3. These repetitions of stories, of course, calls into question the belief, so relied upon in contemporary Christian churches, that the Bible is more than a book of stories, that it is in fact a divinely inspired narrative of the development of the one true religion.

2. In contrast to this belief in the singular “truth” of the Christian doctrine, Genesis presents the God of the Hebrews as not all that different from other gods of the ancient world. Indeed, the mythology surrounding this God is fairly unexceptional compared to that surrounding the gods of Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome. Although most historians and theologians understand a monotheistic belief system as unique to the Hebrews, the assumed monotheism of this group is at least questionable. In one place in Genesis, for instance, God calls himself “us” (Gen. 3:22). Most Biblical scholars argue that he is here referring to himself and his host of heavenly beings, namely the angels. This is problematic because it implies that he does indeed share power with other superior beings. Certainly, the angels interact physically with the characters of these Biblical stories, not unlike Athena in The Odyssey or Cupid in The Aeneid. Furthermore, in a couple of scenes at least, the narrator(s) refer(s) to an angel as “Lord,” the same name that he also calls God (Gen. 16:11-12 and Gen. 19:2). Is it not likely that the angels are Hebraic representations of Zeus’s or Jupiter’s host of less powerful gods? It seems also significant that the narrator(s) implicitly compare(s) God to other higher beings by repeatedly referring to him as the “Most High” (Gen. 14:17-20). Clearly, God is the supreme protector and ruler of the Hebrews, but this doesn’t foreclose the possibility that the people depicted in the Biblical stories believe in other opposing gods of surrounding peoples, just as the people of Uruk, for example, saw Inanna as their protectress from the powers of other Mesopotamian deities. It is certainly possible that the Hebrews perceived monotheism in very different terms than we perceive it now, in terms that allowed for the presence of “lords” in heaven and gods of other lands.

3. The mention of temple prostitution in Genesis also seems to imply a tolerance for other gods. In one scene, Judah has intercourse with a woman whom he assumes is a temple prostitute (Gen. 38). This scene is of course interesting in many ways. In that Judah is a married man, this story’s inclusion in the book of Genesis might imply an early acceptance that male “needs” sometimes exceed legitimate female accessibility. Even more shocking, this anecdote might also indicate that the Hebrews did indeed worship gods other than God. Temple prostitutes were revered in ancient Mesopotamian culture as physical conduits to fertility gods and goddesses. Was Judah’s casual copulation with a woman he thought was a temple prostitute simply his way of getting the action he is denied at home, or is it an act of worship?

4. Whether or not he is the only god whom the Hebrews worshiped or believed in, the God of Genesis certainly behaves in ways similar to the polytheistic gods mentioned above. He engages in very human activities and acts upon very human emotions, for instance. In a seeming assertion of his superiority over man, for example, he wrestles with Jacob and, after much struggle, manages to land a final injurious blow to Jacob’s thigh (an incident that inexplicably leads to the declaration that Hebrews should consequently refuse thigh meat) (Gen. 33:22-32). God is also fickle, “opening and closing the wombs” of Jacob’s wives with seeming caprice, for instance, transferring allegiance from Leah to Rachel and then back again as the two wives vie for the title of giving Jacob the most sons (Gen. 30). Finally, like other polytheistic gods, God requires sacrifice as a way of giving thanks and ensuring his continued good favor. I think that we can all agree that, as an institution, sacrifice makes no logical sense. Why would God need human food? Why would he require his people to give up their precious sustenance? Like all of the gods of the ancient world, though, God wants his choice cuts of meat. (In Exodus, in fact, it appears that his choice cuts of meat include first born sons [Ex. 22:29], but that is a topic for another day.) God’s similarities to other gods clearly points to the development of the Judeo-Christian tradition out of the religious beliefs of other ancient cultures.

5. Again like other religious groups of the ancient world, the Hebrews of Genesis had no conception of hell, and instead seem to have believed in a shadowy underworld, a place that they called “Sheol.” Pretty much everyone in Genesis goes to Sheol when they die, except for a few named exceptions in Gen. 5, who are chosen by God to join him in heaven. The fact that hell becomes part and parcel of Christian doctrine but does not exist in Genesis shows, of course, the fine-tuning of the Judeo-Christian belief system over time.

6. It is also important to note that, in Genesis, deceit is acceptable under certain circumstances. Both Abraham and Isaac, during times of famine or journey, lie in order to earn the favor of rulers in surrounding areas (Gen. 12, Gen. 20, and Gen. 26). Both, in fact, present their wives as sisters in order to allow the inclusion of these women into the royal harems of Egypt and then Gerar and to secure the aid of those in power. (In this way, of course, arranged prostitution seems also acceptable under certain circumstances; more on that later.) To name another example, Rachel’s theft of her father’s “household gods” (the existence of which also call into question the monotheism of the Hebrews) and her false insistence on being in “the way of women” in order to disallow the search of her person for these items also show that it is okay to lie (Gen. 31). Whether Rachel took the idols because she wanted to deny her father access to their power or because she wanted to worship them herself, the implication seems to be that her quick thinking here aids in her husband’s successful escape of his overbearing father-in-law, and, more importantly, Isaac’s return to his people and fulfilling of his important in God’s plan for the Hebrews.

7. This brings me to a crucial point, perhaps especially for all of those female Sunday School teachers out there: with the possible exception of the woman in the first creation story, women in the book of Genesis exist only as tools through which men fulfill God’s plan for the Hebrew nation. Women bear sons and, in this way, further the lineage of God’s chosen people (read: chosen men). Now, this fact can become obscured by the rhetoric of the portions of Genesis that name both mothers and fathers as ancestors of important Hebrew figures. It would appear that, in this way, female lineage is as important as male lineage. Just as in other ancient cultures, though, it seems most likely that female lineage is presented as significant in this way only because it represents the joining of two male-headed households. Isaac, for instance, enjoins his son to find a wife among the daughters of Laban, his wife’s brother (Gen. 28:1-4). Decrying other possible wives of the “Canaanite women,” Isaac thus works to ensure the pure Hebrew lineage of God’s chosen people, Jacob’s sons who later become the heads of the tribes of Israel. Because women are important only in helping men to fulfill their covenants with God, it makes sense that they should be sacrificed sexually for the Hebrew cause when necessary. If Sarah or Rebekah must be prostituted for the patriarchs to avoid starvation or death, as I mentioned above, the stories in Genesis imply, then so be it.

8. Indeed, female sexuality is quite frequently presented as an invaluable bartering chip. To name another instance of male trading of women’s sexuality, Lot is willing to hand over two likely adolescent daughters to a band of angry “sodomites” in order to preserve the purity of his male guests, saying, “I beg you, my brothers, do not act so wickedly. Look, I have two daughters who have not known a man; let me bring them out to you, and do to them as you please; only do nothing to these men, for they have come under the shelter of my roof” (Gen. 19:7-8). As in The Odyssey, then, hospitality it tied to male honor, and women are sacrificed to preserve the ties between men.

9. As outrageous as it seems, the narrator(s) of Genesis present(s) women as taking pride in their purposes as embodied representations of the ties between men and as reproductive units. In order to ensure the continuation of their father’s male lineage, for instance, Lot’s daughters are, in a later scene, willing to deceive him into copulating with them—presumably multiple times—until both are pregnant with male heirs (Gen. 19:32-36). These nameless women are then venerated as the mothers of the male ancestors of the Moabites and the Ammonites (Gen. 19:37-38). When Sarah, Rachel, and Leah experience periods of barrenness (due to God’s inexplicable “closing of their wombs”), they are ashamed and, in seeming atonement, offer their slave women to their husbands for the procurement of male children (Gen. 16 and Gen. 30). These incidents clearly show that women in Genesis are in fact rendered heroically when they prostitute themselves and other women for the future of Israel!

10. Now for a word about slavery: simply put, the early Hebrews were for it, and God never disallows it. (Even after their captivity in Egypt, not incidentally, the Hebrews functioned under codes and laws, passed directly from God to Moses, regarding the proper treatment of slaves, but that gets into Exodus.) What I am most interested in, though, is not slavery in and of itself—because obviously it was a bad thing—but the relationships between wifehood, concubinage, prostitution, and female slavery. All of these are mentioned in Genesis, and they seem to overlap in significant ways. As I have already demonstrated, wives and daughters are sometimes nearly prostituted (in each of the cases that I’ve mentioned, the “foreign” men who are offered the Hebrew women in trade reject these offers), and slaves seem to be routinely prostituted. Also, it appears that many of the patriarchs of Genesis held multiple wives, concubines, and female slaves and seemed to use them somewhat interchangeably. There is a definite slippage between these classes of women, and one passage demonstrates this point most succinctly. It picks up after Abraham has already had Ishmael by Hagar, Sarah’s slave, and Isaac by Sarah. After Sarah’s death, “Abraham took another wife, whose name was Keturah. She bore him [six sons who went on to sire a total of ten more sons]. All of these were the children of Keturah. Abraham gave all he had to Isaac. But to the sons of his concubines Abraham gave gifts, while he was still living, and he sent them away from his son Isaac, eastward to the east country” (Gen. 25:1-6). In this passage, Keturah is given the title of “wife,” but she is clearly classed with Abraham’s other “concubines” when Abraham sends all of his sons away except for Isaac, whom God has chosen as a leader of the Hebrew people. Hagar is presumably also considered a “concubine” in this instance, as Ishmael is grouped in with all of the other sons who are sent away. In sum, it seems that there is little difference for a man of God in Genesis between a wife, a prostitute, a concubine, and a female slave. They each exist for the sole purpose of producing male heirs in the Hebrew line and aiding in male endeavors to fulfill pacts with God.

Culturally, historically, and literarily, the Biblical stories in Genesis are extraordinary. But their being taught to children in Christian settings as morality tales and as evidence of a coherent religious tradition is perplexing to me. The morality here is shady at best, and the tradition is almost certainly both composite and constructed to promote the solidarity and empowerment of an exclusive class of Hebrew men.
          VXX: Contango and Cash        
Stock market volatility is on the rise which not only presents trading opportunities in stocks but in volatility itself. The recent 6% market decline as sent the VIX (INDEXCBOE:VIX) is up some 30% over past two weeks. I'm using this jump in the VIX to establish two separate positions in the iPath S&P Short-Term VIX (NYSEARCA:VXX): one low-risk long-term which I'll look at today and a riskier short-term one I'll discuss tomorrow. Before getting to the specific trades we need to discuss some particulars surrounding the volatility-based products. This previous article on volatility trading addresses some of the nuances in ...
          The Power of the Square of 9        
We've flagged the 408 time-and-price square-out in Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) several times in this space. (See here.) On January 22 Amazon left a little stealth Gilligan sell signal. A Gilligan sell is a gap up to a new 60-day high followed by a close at or near session lows. Yesterday Amazon exploded from 384 to 406 to test the 408 square-out as players rushed in to buy in front of earnings assuming it was business as usual. This morning Amazon is trading at 371 meaningfully below its 50 DMA at 390. From its October 296 low to 408 is 1.5 revs ...
          Just wait a little while        
SUBHEAD: You’ll have to earn everything worth having, including self-respect and your next meal.

By James Kunstler on 7 August 2017 for Kunstler.com -

Image above: Aarly 20th century Russian painting of "A Peasant Leaving His Landlord on Yuri's Day" by Sergei V. Ivanov. From (https://www.kp.ru/radio/26511/3430500/).

The trouble, of course, is that even after the Deep State (a.k.a. “The Swamp”) succeeds in quicksanding President Trump, America will be left with itself — adrift among the cypress stumps, drained of purpose, spirit, hope, credibility, and, worst of all, a collective grasp on reality, lost in the fog of collapse.

Here’s what you need to know about what’s going on and where we’re headed.

The United States is comprehensively bankrupt. The government is broke and the citizenry is trapped under inescapable debt burdens. We are never again going to generate the kinds and volumes of “growth” associated with techno-industrial expansion.

That growth came out of energy flows, mainly fossil fuels, that paid for themselves and furnished a surplus for doing other useful things. It’s over.

Shale oil, for instance, doesn’t pay for itself and the companies engaged in it will eventually run out of accounting hocus-pocus for pretending that it does, and they will go out of business.

The self-evident absence of growth means the end of borrowing money at all levels. When you can’t pay back old loans, it’s unlikely that you will be able to arrange new loans.

The nation could pretend to be able to borrow more, since it can supposedly “create” money (loan it into existence, print it, add keystrokes to computer records), but eventually those tricks fail, too.

Either the “non-performing” loans (loans not being paid off) cause money to disappear, or the authorities “create” so much new money from thin air (money not associated with real things of value like land, food, manufactured goods) that the “money” loses its mojo as a medium of exchange (for real things), as a store of value (over time), and as a reliable index of pricing — which is to say all the functions of money.

In other words, there are two ways of going broke in this situation: money can become scarce as it disappears so that few people have any; or everybody can have plenty of money that has no value and no credibility.

I mention these monetary matters because the system of finance is the unifying link between all the systems we depend on for modern life, and none of them can run without it.

So that’s where the real trouble is apt to start. That’s why I write about markets and banks on this blog.

The authorities in this nation, including government, business, and academia, routinely lie about our national financial operations for a couple of reasons.

One is that they know the situation is hopeless but the consequences are so awful to contemplate that resorting to accounting fraud and pretense is preferable to facing reality.

Secondarily, they do it to protect their jobs and reputations — which they will lose anyway as collapse proceeds and their record of feckless dishonesty reveals itself naturally.

The underlying issue is the scale of human activity in our time. It has exceeded its limits and we have to tune back a lot of what we do. Anything organized at the giant scale is headed for failure, so it comes down to a choice between outright collapse or severe re-scaling, which you might think of as managed contraction.

That goes for government programs, military adventures, corporate enterprise, education, transportation, health care, agriculture, urban design, basically everything. There is an unfortunate human inclination to not reform, revise, or re-scale familiar activities.

We’ll use every kind of duct tape and baling wire we can find to keep the current systems operating, and we have, but we’re close to the point where that sort of cob-job maintenance won’t work anymore, especially where money is concerned.

Why this is so has been attributed to intrinsic human brain programming that supposedly evolved optimally for short-term planning. But obviously many people and institutions dedicate themselves to long-term thinking.

So there must be a big emotional over-ride represented by the fear of letting go of what used to work that tends to disable long-term thinking. It’s hard to accept that our set-up is about to stop working — especially something as marvelous as techno-industrial society.

But that’s exactly what’s happening. If you want a chance at keeping on keeping on, you’ll have to get with reality’s program. Start by choosing a place to live that has some prospect of remaining civilized. This probably doesn’t include our big cities.

But there are plenty of small cities and small towns out in America that are scaled for the resource realities of the future, waiting to be reinhabited and reactivated.

A lot of these lie along the country’s inland waterways — the Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri river system, the Great Lakes, the Hudson and St. Lawrence corridors — and they also exist in regions of the country were food can be grown.

You’ll have to shift your energies into a trade or vocation that makes you useful to other people. This probably precludes jobs like developing phone apps, day-trading, and teaching gender studies.

Think: carpentry, blacksmithing, basic medicine, mule-breeding, simplified small retail, and especially farming, along with the value-added activities entailed in farm production.

The entire digital economy is going to fade away like a drug-induced hallucination, so beware the current narcissistic blandishments of computer technology.

Keep in mind that being in this world actually entitles you to nothing. One way or another, you’ll have to earn everything worth having, including self-respect and your next meal.

Now, just wait a little while.


          Finalists for the 2015 European Car of the Year        
Holy strudel and baguettes!  It's the 2015 European Car of the Year Finalists!

It's that time of the year when we look to the future of motoring greatness.  Current economic strife aside, Europe did give us the internal combustion engine and Western Civilization, so their opinion on what makes a great car is significant to us folks here on the other side of the Atlantic. 

Or is it?  

So what cars have made the final cut? (Click on the links for more info/pics of each car). 

The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 
No relation to the awesome 2 Series coupe, this front-wheel-drive four door high hatch shares a platform with the latest Mini.  From what I can tell, it's sort of a competitor to the Mercedes Benz B-Class.  BMW keeps making more cars that seem to scream "Me too!"  And if the segment doesn't already exist, they invent it.   

Citroen C4 Cactus
Another family hatch, but this one carries a more economical badge than the aforementioned offering from Bavaria.  Also, this one seems to be clad in riot gear and it's French.  Finally, the name is derived from a prickly desert plant so I don't know if I would ever sit in one.

Ford Mondeo
It's really the 2013 Ford Fusion (for once North America got the cooler version of this platform first!).  So we all know it's pretty and an overall good mid-sized offering.  Only in Europe it can be had with a diesel that has 295 lb-ft of torque from 2000-2500 RPM.  We don't get that one here.  Bummer.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
The new C-Class is essentially filling in where the old E-Class used to sit, and the CLA is pulling C-Class duties as the entry level Benz sedan.  The new E-Class is sort if sitting in a no-mans-land between where it used to be and the S-Class.  It's like Mercedes created a new middle management position for a longtime employee who knows too many company secrets: they're unqualified for upper management, but if they don't get a promotion they'll blab to the competition.  Now I have to pay $10,000 more for a decent C-Class because it's moving into the vacancy left by the old E-Class.  This is why I hate politics.   

Nissan Qashqai
Where I come from, a "u" follows every "q", so I'm immediately put off by this car.  However, this relative of the North American Nissan Rogue is probably an excellent small family crossover.  It has attractive styling, it's practical and it seems like fun to drive.  All good qualities.  Now if they could only do something about that name. 

Renault Twingo
Finally, a European small car makes the list!  Unlike North American small calls, European small cars are very small.  This one is special though!  The rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout makes it a pseudo spiritual successor of the original VW Beetle.  And, unless you've been in one for three hours straight, when is that car never fun?! 

Volkswagen Passat
No, not the same bloated and cheaply made North American Passat.  This one is the real, German, deal.  Essentially this car does everything our Passat does only with more class and refinement.  Unfortunately, our market seems to prefer size and features over substance.  In the battle of quality vs quantity, quantity seems to win every time.  It's like trading a child 57 pennies for their 4 quarters.  Sure they think they've hit the jackpot, but if they only knew...

Well those are the finalists.  I'm not sure who's going to win this year, but if I had to guess (and this is just a 'Hail Mary', folks) it would be the Twingo.  Mostly because it seems to be the most quintessentially European car on this list: it's quirky, peppy and can fit down narrow and bendy roads.  Also, if you needed to have it moved out of a tight parking spot, a small Italian bodybuilder could lift it out for you.


          Why Dubai is the best (biggest, tallest, and coolest) candidate for Expo 2020        
In 1968 when then ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum (father of the current ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid) and the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, agreed to form a federation of what were then then The Trucial States, a British protectorate, hardly anyone could have envisioned what the United Arab Emirates would have become today, nearly 45 years after that historic meeting [eventually seven of the nine 'sheikhdoms' joined the union]. For all intents and purposes, at inception in 1971, the United Arab Emirates could be described as a desolate backwater, despite a strong history of local traditions, and legacy as a trading post. Today, Dubai and the UAE bring forth images of economic strength and progress in an increasingly volatile and definitively confused region. Dubai's development, specifically, is a once-in-a-generation global phenomenon, and the city is unique like no other. As the bid committee for Expo 2020 look to decide on the host city for the world event seven years from now, there really is no other choice but Dubai - and let me tell you why.

1. The other candidate cities are Izmir, Sao Paulo, Yekaterinburg, and Ayutthaya...

There is nothing wrong with Izmir, Sao Paulo, Yekaterinburg, and Ayutthaya but do they really measure up to Dubai? Now before anyone gets in a tizzy or their 'socks' in a twist, they are all great cities! Izmir is Turkey's third-largest city and home to a great literary tradition.  Sao Paulo is one of the five largest metropolitan areas on the planet. Yekaterinburg (in Russia), well it's Yekaterinburg and they have a monument to Michael Jackson. And Ayutthaya was the historical capital of the Kingdom of Siam. Let's just say the final three are likely Izmir, Sao Paulo and Dubai. Izmir is certainly a great city but does not have the global resonance of Dubai. And Sao Paulo...well Brazil has both the Olympics (2016) and the World Cup (2014); are you telling me that they really need the pesky Expo 2020 as well!?

2. The Expo needs a city of significance to make the event significant

Do you remember where the last Expo was held (or even that there is an Expo!)? You could be forgiven for not recalling that it was Yeosu, South Korea. Where was the one in 2010? That's right Shanghai. The Expo 2010 attracted a staggering 73 million visitors and was the most visited exhibition of its kind and brought together 189 different expositions from around the world. While in 2015 the Expo will be held in Milan and in 2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan) it is likely that it would take the Expo 2020 in Dubai to bring the event back to the international spotlight (the governing body regards the Expos held every 5 years to be 'World' Expos). In fact, it normally requires an emerging or new city of a transformative nature to inspire the type of attention that Shanghai in 2010 did (or Osaka in 1970 etc).

3. The entire ethos of Dubai is synonymous with what Expo 2020 would be about

Dubai is a global city by its very nature. It is home to over 2 million residents - and growing - from all over the world and from every socio-economic background, representing over 200 nationalities. The city is at once a home to and meeting-ground for people from the the Middle East, Subcontinent, Central Asia, Africa (especially East Africa) and Europe, North America, and Australia. There are even an estimated 180,000 Chinese residents in Dubai.  With the tourist profile of the city, Dubai has in fact become the 8th most visited city in the world (in 2012). It's cultural diversity is on constant display with a burgeoning arts scene (that is driven at the grassroots level), international film festivals, culinary celebrations, and so much more that you might as well just visit Timeout magazine.

4. Dubai inspires the imagination as the Expo event is meant to do

The landmark World Expo (or Great Exhibition) was organized under the auspices of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, all the way back in 1851, in Hyde Park. It was an inspiring event that showcased the burgeoning city of London - the world's city at the time - and the promise of a future driven by technology and industrialization.  In a region too full of dark pessimism and cynicism, Dubai represents optimism and opportunity. And it will represent that even more so in 2020, as the city, albeit far along the way, is only at the beginning of its journey in my view of what it will become. Think about it. Who would have said twenty years ago that the world's tallest building would be built in the (Arabian) Gulf? Who would have said only several years ago after the 9/11 attacks that the world's leading airline would be from an Arab country? Who would have thought that the 3rd largest ports operator in the world, handling over 33 million containers annually, would be from Dubai? Today, when you look at the volatile, unstable, and stagnant Middle East, there is one destination for entrepreneurs and innovators to go to - and that is Dubai.

5. Expo 2020 would drive Dubai and the UAE to improve

Before I even write this sentence, I'm sure several of London's finest are in a huff-and-puff that I have not yet mentioned jailed Islamists or tourists having sex in a taxi Better yet, given the refusal-of-entry for a scholar from LSE this past week, shouldn't I be talking about the closure of the academic environment (I mean I masquerade as an intellectual from time to time as well)? Whether or not I believe in liberal democracy (I do - shock!), is it really a matter of discussion for Expo 2020? Well, in that case, we should reject Izmir's candidacy because of Turkey's campaign against Kurdish militants, Ayutthaya's candidacy because of Thailand's campaign in Malay Pattani, Yekaterinburg's candidacy because of Russia's crackdown on political opposition, and Sao Paulo's candidacy because of Brazil's anti-slum raids. Such nullification would leave no one left to host the event! Now beyond the two issues I mentioned above there are a number of continuing issues of concern in the UAE, allow me to list some of them: labor rights (even though this is improving); integration of stateless residents (i.e. bidoons); and increased confusion around cyber surveillance. Hosting the Expo 2020 would not exacerbate but more than likely shed more light on and ameliorate these challenges. In fact, the event would serve as a target-date for when Dubai and the UAE will be (even more so) on the world stage, and that attention would drive improvements on areas of concern.

There are more reasons than the five I've listed here on why Dubai should be the host for Expo 2020, but I like the number 5 (it's the former consultant in me - I almost went with three). Whether you live here or plan to visit, I look forward to seeing you in Dubai in 2020! Until then:

Michael Yonkers: Microminiature Love (full album stream)

MP3: Michael Yonkers - “Microminiature Love”

MP3: Michael Yonkers - “Sold America”

Microminiature Love (tracklist):


Originally recorded in 1968 and slated for release on Sire Records, Microminiature Love languished unreleased until last year, when it was finally unearthed by De Stijl Records (who put out a limited, vinyl-only pressing of the original album). Its creator, Michael Yonkers, is a legendary figure in Minneapolis music-lore, who, through his own modifications, created his own guitars and effects. However, Microminiature Love is no mere curiosity or feat of gadgetry.

Raised on a steady diet of Link Wray and the Trashmen, Yonkers pushed the boundaries of distortion and truly transformed it into a powerful voice. The songs on Microminiature Love defy immediate categorization, but in them are shades of Pere Ubu, the howl of Iggy, the blunt primitivism of the Godz, and the seeds of countless other underground heroes.

Michael Yonkers started his musical career as the leader of Michael & The Mumbles, who played proms and dances all over the Twin Cities area. Constantly refining and re-imagining their sound, the band gradually morphed into the Michael Yonkers Band with Michael’s brother Jim Yunker on drums and Tom Wallfred on bass. In 1967, Michael cut his Telecaster down to a plank; one of the many modifications he made to his equipment. He still plays this same guitar on stage today.

Soon enough, the band hooked up with Peter Steinberg, a local music impresario, who set them up with a contract with Sire Records. As Cecile Cloutier points out in her thorough piece from Minneapolis’ City Pages, this was one of many times throughout the course of rock history that the fertile music underground was being mined by the majors. At the time, bands like The Fugs, Captain Beefheart and The Mothers of Invention had major label deals. For various reasons that remain unclear, dealings with the label fell apart and they and the band parted ways.

Yonkers continued to record and released several solo records on his own label, including Grimwood, Michael Lee Yonkers and Goodby Sunball in the early seventies. In 1971, Michael’s back was broken in an on-the-job accident in an electronics warehouse. Years of ongoing exploratory surgeries have done nothing to help the situation, instead ultimately disabling him further. His allergic reaction to the dye used in an X-ray procedure led to a degenerative condition of his spinal cord lining from which he suffers to this day. Dance has proven to be Yonkers’ greatest therapy and he has, as a result, been active in the Minneapolis dance community for years.

In 1997, Get Hip Records released a collection of songs recorded at Richfield, MN’s Dove Studios called Free Flight: Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-69. The collection contained two of the songs heard on Microminiature Love; “Puppeting” and the anti-Vietnam War song “Kill the Enemy.” These tracks caught the attention of De Stijl’s Clint Simonson and launched a search for Yonkers that lasted over a year. Simonson eventually located Yonkers not through the music community, but through the local dance community.

Michael Yonkers still resides in St. Paul, MN and has recently played shows with such diverse bands as Wolf Eyes, Six Organs of Admittance and Low.

Upon its release last year, Microminiature Love immediately became a record-head favorite and Yonkers’ later albums began trading for not-insignificant sums. The original seven-song album is accompanied on this CD edition by six bonus tracks recorded circa 1968.

Dusted feature on Michael Yonkers!
Cecile Cloutier’s Michael Yonkers feature from Minneapolis’ City Pages

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"Nike." That's all the Cuban teenager said as he walked past me on the cobblestoned streets of Trinidad de Cuba, a colonial-era mountain village and UNESCO World Heritage Site near Cuba's south coast. I had fallen behind the other members of my research delegation, staring in awe at the quaint beauty of this pristine village.

I knew he was referring to the grey Nike trail running shoes with bright orange Nike swooshes I had on. Several times while wearing them back in Havana and elsewhere on the island, I noticed young Cuban men casting pensive glances at my feet. Little things like that are constant reminders of a half-century U.S. embargo keeping so many brands and products we take for granted out of bounds for the people of this long, skinny island.

I decided I didn't want this young man to get away so easily, since he was the first to actually say something about my shoes, as opposed to just staring at them. I caught up to him and asked, "Que tipo de zapatos tienes tu?" ["What type of shoes do you have?"] I had to repeat it twice before he understood me. 'Zapatos,' like 'dificil' remains one of the hardest words in Spanish for me to pronounce smoothly.

He said his were jogging shoes. They were some Chinese brand and featured even more bright orange (my favorite color) than mine. The next word out of his mouth was 'cambio,' and before long we were trading our shoes. We lined our left feet up next to each other to ensure a decent fit, then sat on the sidewalk to take off and trade our shoes.

As we walked to where my delegation was meeting for its next tour, I got to to know a little bit about this young man. His name was Miguel Alejandro, seventeen years old, finishing school and training to work as a chef. His favorite sports: snorkelling and track and field, especially long distance running. He said he lived in a small house down the block with his mom and sister (so many young Cubans I met had no fathers at home; many said their fathers were living in the United States; I imagine some fathers were serving time among Cuba's large prison population.)

I asked Miguel Alejandro how he liked life in the small town of Trinidad de Cuba, and in Cuba in general. He told me it was great. Before parting, we exchanged e-mail addresses and promised to keep in touch. Of course, like most Cubans, he didn't have an e-mail address or a computer to access the Internet, but he had a friend with both and said he would reach me that way.

We waved goodbye, and as he rounded the cobblestoned corner to his home, I imagined this young man someday making Cuba proud in a future Olympics or Pan American Games.

          The Abraham Lincoln Logs #140        
Abe talks presidential election, 21 year old super delegates, McCain scandal, Wikileaks, Lessig's congress run and Kucinich's 9/11 investigation...


"" is the new "Wikileaks."

Superdelegate Encyclopedia Brown.

Wikileaks censorship backstory...

Bush's approval rating now 19%

While Obama's approval rating stomps Hillary 14 points...

Kucinich investigates 9/11

Secret service tells Obama crowd control not to search for concealed weapons...

Lawrence Lessig is going to Internet-up the Congress...

          Snap posts lower-than-expected daily active users, shares drop        
(Reuters) - Snap Inc reported a lower-than-expected number of daily active users for Snapchat, its popular messaging app, for the second quarter as the company grapples with stiff competition from Facebook Inc, sending its shares down about 6 percent in extended trading.

          Week-Over-Week Both Mortgage Rates & Applications Fall        

The Federal Savings Bank comments on recent mortgage application and interest rate data listed on TradingEconomics.com.

(PRWeb October 17, 2015)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/10/prweb13028679.htm

          NCFM and NSIM Certifications: Advantage for Graduates of Economics, Commerce, Management and Banking        
NCFM The role of stock markets and stock exchanges in the economies of current day global trading is enormous. For a vast growing market and econo...
          Danish Vikings Could Have Produced Their Own Wine Domestically        

According to recent archaeological research on the Viking Age and Iron Age historical settlement at Lake Tissø on the island of Zealand, Denmark, the Danish Vikings may have well produced their own wine domestically. Previously, it was thought that wine was largely imported from southern Europe to Viking Age Denmark through bygone trading networks, but this...

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          Holiday Trading        

So thrilled that I made it into the 2010 oh, hello friend Holiday Trade Guide! It's such a fantastic way to discover other artists on Etsy, and get some of my shopping done without spending any money! Hooray for supporting each other and being thrifty!

Check out Danni's lovely collection here, and if you make things and are interested in arranging a trade with me, visit my shop here! (That's my Meryton necklace, at the bottom left. Sold a few days ago, but there's lots more prettiness where that came from.)

          RIP GAC Forums, hello Intellitoons        

As many of you rabid classic animation fans now know, the old GAC forum is now ka-put. Golden Age Cartoons Forums had a nice 7 year run for which we graciously thank Jon Cooke, founder and administrator. The GAC forum was born as the Termite Terrace Trading Post, a category forum on ToonZone, but thanks to hostility from others at TZ who had little to no appreciation for Golden Age animation, the writing was on the wall and soon GAC was born as its own independent venture.

While I myself retired from GAC several weeks back in response to poor moderating and censorship as I saw it, it's been an overall sad experience to see the site go out to pasture.

Thad Komorowski and I have moderated our own forum, Intellitoons, since 2009. It has been completely inactive since that year but we encourage GAC expatriates to join and start some new topics at our forum. Visit today.
          Bye Byeeeeee Google Page Rank??????        
There is presently an argument going on decent now about Google removing the PageRank grade from the Google Toolbar.
These are the some reasons----
  • Toolbar PageRank numbers can be 3 months out of appointment or much.
  • Some “PR Updates” have been buggy enough to severely falsify a page’s genuine PR.
  • Matt Cutts has blogged that PR Updates are considered pretty often a non-event around Google.
  • PageRank has started a flawed econonmy of connection construction and trading in an attempt to grow or circulate these scores.

Unlike a lot of the rants which go on in forum threads, it seems that Google is keeping an eye on this one and taking it seriously.

If you want to read more about this please click here.

          Back to School with Oriental Trading Company        

*Disclosure: I am a Oriental Trading Company Ambassador and I am compensated for my work with them. They did provide these products for review, but these opinions are 100% my own and were in no way influenced by another person.  Back to School with Oriental Trading Company Oh my goodness, is it really that time […]

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          Should the Broncos trade for Darrelle Revis?        
Sources close to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson have told ESPN that the Jets’ owner is open to trading arguably the best cornerback in the league this offseasonm Darrelle Revis. Speculation is because he only has one more year left on his contract. The Jets are $19 million over the cap, and Revis’ contract pays […]
          Careers workshop        

How to show off your professional skills when moving sectors

If you fancy moving between library and information sectors but are not sure how your skills would transfer from one to another...

If you need some advice on how to phrase your CV and job applications…

Join us!

Location: Philip Robinson Library, Newcastle University
Monday 8 August 2016; start at 13:00 and finish by 16:30

Programme with approximate timings:

13:00-13:30 Informal talks by colleagues who have transferred from one sector to another:

Kirstin Himsworth - from public libraries to academic libraries

Isabel Taylor

13:30-15:30 CV and job applications workshop with Victoria Fleming.

Victoria Fleming is a CIPD qualified trainer and the owner and director of Buzztastic, a startup sales and service strategy and training consultancy. In its third trading year, Buzztastic is generating excellent turnover due to Victoria’s amazing capacity to network, sell herself to develop business and deliver her product.  A lifelong optimist, she  delivers training with energy, humour and deep professionalism. Her session will assume that attendees have the knowledge to find out for themselves examples of CV writing.

She’ll home in on the types of CV and job applications that attendees will be called on to write, how to use a CV to do more than get the next job, and look at the ‘what next’ after having written a CV. Expect her session to be larger than life, full of top tips from her own experience and some unconventional thinking about CVs and job applications.


15:30-16:00 Informal talks by colleagues who have transferred from one sector to another:

Jenny Richardson - moving into the health sector

Rachel Smith - moving roles within the academic sector

This free workshop is open to CILIP members only (individual or organisational membership). 
Book your free place by emailing Elaine at elaine.andrew@northumbria.ac.uk by 5th August.

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Mon, 8th Aug 2016 - 1:00pm
Elaine Andrew
Free Event: 

          Browns Reportedly Weren't Interested in Trading Brock Osweiler to Dolphins        

Before bringing Jay Cutler out of retirement, the Miami Dolphins were reportedly rebuffed from acquiring Brock Osweiler from the Cleveland Browns.

"I think the name Brock Osweiler came up [in Miami] ... I was told Cleveland was not interested," ESPN's Adam Schefter said Monday on The Dan Patrick Show.

Osweiler, 26, will start the Browns' preseason opener against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday. He is part of a four-man quarterback battle with Cody Kessler, DeShone Kizer and Kevin Hogan for the starting job in Cleveland after a one-year stint with the Houston Texans.

The Dolphins made their signing of Cutler, who'd previously retired for a broadcasting job at Fox, official Sunday. His deal is for one year and $10 million, per Schefter.

Schefter did not say how serious Miami's pursuit of Osweiler was, but it's likely he was a backup plan in case Cutler chose to stay in broadcasting. Cutler has a familiarity with Dolphins coach Adam Gase's system after their season together (2015) with the Chicago Bears, and he comes at a lower cost.

Osweiler's $16 million base salary is fully guaranteed for the 2017 season. With the Browns likely wanting a conditional draft pick in exchange for Osweiler as well, the price is comparatively minimal for Cutler, who is also the better quarterback of the two.

Cutler threw for 1,059 yards and four touchdowns against five interceptions in 2016. It was the worst year of his professional career, riddled with injuries, poor performances and a lack of confidence from the Bears coaching staff.

His stats still compared favorably to Osweiler, who threw for 2,957 yards and 15 touchdowns against 16 interceptions. The Texans gave Cleveland a 2018 second-round pick to unload his contract.

Read more AFC North news on BleacherReport.com

          Thirty-six years        

I remember being terrified. Not of the pain so much, though that certainly frightened me. The terror, though, came from my feelings of total inadequacy. I wasn't old enough to do this. I wasn't mature enough to know where to start. What if I didn't love it enough? What if I didn't know how to meet its needs? What if I dropped it? I was so unprepared. We didn't have parenting classes in those days. I knew how to change diapers and prepare bottles. I had done enough babysitting to know I could handle bathing and dressing and cuddling, but this? This was so much more. This responsibility was so awesomely huge, so much bigger than my clumsy skills could handle.

Sonograms and scans were not the norm at that time. I didn't know the gender of the child I carried. Everyone in the family had an opinion. I wanted a girl. I didn't want a little image of me. I wasn't looking for a pretty little doll to dress up in frilly clothes, or a daughter with whom I could one day share makeup and wardrobe. I wasn't biased towards girls or against boys. My feelings rested on something much more fundamental. A girl would be easier to raise without a father to help. What did I know of little boys? I didn't know how they felt or what they wanted or needed or thought. Yes, a girl would definitely be better. I had some experience with being a girl.

Then I met you. What I had thougth I wanted was forgotten. I knew that this was perfection. This was what was supposed to be. This was as right as anything has ever been from the beginning of time. This was the part of me that I had never known was missing. My beautiful and amazing son.

There are gaps in my memories of my own life. Time periods that I just don't recall in any detail. But I remember your teachers and your friends, and what places they filled in your life. I remember which ones you genuinely cared for and which ones you merely tolerated. I remember the few years of Cub Scouts and the many of Little League. Zoom and Speed Racer and The Fonz. The years that rushed by too quickly and that one that was so terribly slow. The coaches and friends and Brother Rowden and Alan who stepped in for those things that a boy needs a man to share. Woven through it all, the love of sports. The endless statistics, the rosters, the jersey numbers, the trading cards. Of course it was a sports biography that finally convinced you that reading was something more than an assignment to be completed by Monday. My favorite portrait is still the one above. You sit relaxed, confident, groomed and neatly dressed, LSU laces clearly visible in your shoes. The epitome of you-ness.

The miles between us now seem so vast and cause an ache in my heart. But the ache is a small thing because I know that gap is easily bridged. It is heavily outweighed by my pride in the man you have become and the joy I have in knowing that you've built a happy life for yourself. I love the boldness you've shown in making your own way and choosing your own path. I've forgiven the girl who broke your heart and I hope that you have, too. Grudges are too heavy and ugly a burden. I love the "best friend" woman who now shares so much of your life. I'm touched that you worry about me being way over here alone. Those are choices we've both made, so don't allow yourself to regret them. I love the card, inscribed in your hand, reminding me that I will always be your first Valentine. You are mine, my son, because I never really knew what love was until the day that I met you. The day I knew I would never drop you. I think we've managed it all pretty well.

Happy Birthday, my son. I wish you love and happiness and fullness of life.

          Dark Money and the new American politics        

Last weekend I finished Dark Money by Jane Mayer, which appeared last year.  It was marketed, largely, as a history of the involvement of the fossil fuel magnates Charles and David Koch in American politics over the last few decades, but it is much more than that.  I intend in what follows to summarize what I found in the book, but from a slightly different perspective than Mayer’s, and without much of any attention to the voluminous, and fascinating, personal data that she provides about the Kochs and other financiers of our new “conservative” political movement.  Instead I am going to treat the book as the first draft, as it were, of a genuine political history of the last 40 or 50 years—because it explains more about where we are and how we got here than anything else that I have ever read.   Mayer leads her readers through the story in rough chronological order, and I recommend the book to everyone.  I on the other hand am going to try to identify its major features in an effort to explain how we got to the miserable point at which we find ourselves.

Charles and David Koch are the most striking example of extraordinarily wealthy Americans who have had an outsized impact on the politics of the last forty years—and whose impact is reaching a new peak right now.  They followed in the footsteps of their father Fred, who in the 1950s was one of the founding members, along with candy manufacturer Robert Welch, of the John Birch Society.  Nothing illustrates what has happened to American politics in my lifetime in more striking fashion than this.  The ideas of the John Birch Society, a group of fanatically anti-government lunatics who in the 1950s identified Dwight D. Eisenhower as a member of the international Communist conspiracy, are now the single most influential set of ideas in American political life. Their main tenets are an unlimited faith in free enterprise and a conviction that government attempts to moderate the negative impacts of capitalism are simply a power grab designed to establish dictatorship.  And because of the success of their political movement, their fortunes have grown by orders of magnitude over the last few decades.

In addition to the Kochs, the superrich political elite has included John Olin, a chemical manufacturer; Richard Mellon Scaife, a scion of a Pittsburgh family prominent in banking and industry; and Harry Bradley, another Birch Society acolyte who ran the Allen-Bradley Electronics Company in New York.  In the middle of the twentieth century, when marginal income tax rates topped out at 91%, these men had all taken advantage of a provision in the tax code—first used by the Rockefeller family—to create a “philanthropic” foundation to shield substantial portions of their enormous income from taxes.  Unfortunately, the definition of philanthropy has been broad enough to include the subsidy of a particular ideology—and ultimately, direct intervention in politics.  That one tragic flaw in our tax code has reshaped opinion and redistributed power at every level of American government.

            Now I have rarely been impressed by any of the ideas coming out of the new Right during the last few decades, but like many liberal Democrats, I suspect, I have assumed that conservative intellectuals had honestly come by their ideas.  I am not suggesting now that they have lied about them, but Mayer leaves no doubt that the entire new right wing intellectual establishment was created from the ground up by the handful of major benefactors listed above.  Both the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation—the two centers of conservative “thought” in Washington—were originally funded largely by Richard Mellon Scaife. The Bradley and Olin Foundations were also powers behind the Heritage Foundation, and the Kochs have been involved as well.  I have always thought of the Cato Institute as a nest of principled libertarians—partly because it tends to oppose foreign interventions—but it turns out to have been started by Charles Koch.  Charles Murray was an unknown writer before the Olin foundation adopted him and subsidized his first book, Losing Ground, arguing that social programs were hurting the poor.  (Spoiled, perhaps, by success, Murray went a bridge too far when he and Richard Herrnstein argued in The Bell Curve that black people were intellectually inferior to whites.)  And I was amazed to learn from Mayer that the Bradley foundation gives four annual awards of $250,000 each to leading conservative journalists, activists, and intellectuals. Winners have included George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell, Ward Connerly, Heather MacDonald, Shelby Steele, Victor Davis Hanson, John Bolton, William Kristol, Paul Gigot, Michael Barone, Jeb Bush, Harvey Mansfield, Edwin Meese, Roger Ailes of Fox News, General John Keane, and Charles Murray.

Changing the intellectual climate was step 1 in the program.  Another spectacularly successful front was opened within the American legal system, Started in 1982 with money from the Olin Foundation and affiliates of the Scaifes and the Kochs, the Federalist Society has become a behemoth, an organization of conservative legal thinkers that includes all the conservative members of the US Supreme Court.   That is not all. The Olin Foundation has sponsored two week seminars on Law and Economics for sitting judges, somewhat reminiscent of the seminars drug companies hold for physicians at major resorts.  There they have exposed sitting judges to the evils of regulation and the glories of the free market—and this may explain some of the more extraordinary decisions that federal courts have handed down lately, such as one that limited the legal definition of insider trading to narrowly as to make most prosecutions for it impossible.

Nor is this all: the foundations have not hesitated to challenge liberal intellectuals in their own presumed stronghold, universities.  Using the irresistible lever of their wealth—which no American university, in this day and age, can resist—they have established beachheads such as the Olin Center at Harvard University (promoting conservative ideas on foreign policy) and several institutes at George Mason University, conveniently located in the Washington suburbs.  These have opened career paths for conservative public policy intellectuals—at the same time that mainstream academic departments have been going in directions largely irrelevant to real politics.

This vast intellectual infrastructure works in tandem, of course, with the right wing media, led by Fox News and Clear Channel Radio, to shift public opinion on key events.  The alternative media outlets are largely self-financing, of course, but I was very surprised that another key rightwing organization, Freedom Works—funded largely by the Scaife foundation—had paid Glenn Beck more than $1 million a year to allow them to write his monologues.  And this infrastructure has not only convinced many Americans, and probably most better-off Americans, that social programs do more harm than good, but it has also convinced millions that lower taxes on the wealthy increase economic growth—and, critically, created real doubt as to whether man-made global warming exists.  Mayer traces the campaign against global warming effectively.  It employed some of the same personnel and used the same playbook as the tobacco companies’ earlier effort to create doubt as to whether cigarettes caused cancer—but evidently with far more significant results.  (I am leaving out of this essay the names of many key operatives within the network who have organized particular legal, lobbying and electoral campaigns.  They are the battlefield commanders of our new political struggle.)  The intellectual infrastructure also carries out campaigns against academics and journalists who stand in its way—including Mayer herself.

The other long-running campaign waged by the new right was the attempt to undo a century of regulation of spending on political campaigns. At the dawn of the Progressive Era a consensus emerged that the influence of money on politics had to be restricted, and Watergate had reinforced that lesson. But the counteroffensive against regulation began in the decade after Watergate, won various victories, and culminated in the Citizens United decision, the Kochs’ and their allies’ greatest and perhaps most influential triumph.  The floodgates are now open, and the results are clear for all to see.

The right wing network gained much power over the Republican Party by 2000 and was rewarded by very friendly Bush Administration policies towards the energy industry, which turned fracking loose and set the US on the path to energy independence.  It could not prevent a groundswell of negative feeling against the Bush Administration in its second term, however, or stop the election of a Democratic Congress and Barack Obama.  But it went into high gear to stop Obama from accomplishing very much.  To begin with, implementing a long standing plan to form a mass base, the Kochs and their allies took advantage of the financial crisis to get the Tea Party movement going in 2009.  Their newly won financial power under Citizens United allowed them to intimidate virtually every Republican Senator and Representative with the threat of primary opposition, bringing them all into line for total opposition to the President. The Kochs now hold seminars every year for Republican officeholders, where they are informed in secret of the party line.   They convinced millions of Americans that the financial crisis was really the fault of the federal government.  When Obama threatened the carried interest tax loophole, their lobbying organizations found new allies among private equity titans and hedge fund managers on Wall Street.  All this enabled the Republicans, backed by this network of plutocrats, to win their extraordinary victory in the 2010 elections.  After redistricting was finished with the help of techniques provided by the same set of conservative donors, the Republicans probably had secured control of the House of Representatives for the rest of this decade.

The Koch network has also made a huge and successful effort at the state level, making the Democratic Party irrelevant in large parts of the nation.  Originally founded with Scaife money in the 1970s, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) now writes draft anti-government, pro-business legislation for state legislatures all over the country.  Local Kochs have also sprung up, such as Art Pope, a North Carolina discount store owner who in the last decade has taken over the state Republican Party and orchestrated its (now partial) takeover of the North Carolina state government.  At the national level, ideological loyalties are still strong enough to allow Democratic candidates to win the popular vote in 4 of the last five Presidential elections, but at the local level, in red and some purple states, there is no alternative force that can stand up to the Koch-led network. And the ultraconservative domination of state legislatures poses perhaps the greatest threat to our democracy of all: a constitutional convention called by those legislatures which could rewrite key provisions of the Constitution along more “libertarian” lines.

Another chapter of this story does not appear in Mayer’s book.  She finished it when Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy had just begun, and he initially exchanged insults with the Kochs, who did not trust him.  Six months into his Administration it seems to represent an unqualified victory.  The Kochs had a long-standing connection to Mike Pence. The DeVos family—the founders of Amway, an organization that has escaped serious legal trouble more than once—has also been a long-standing member of the megadonor network with a particular interest in education, and they have provided Trump with his education secretary.  The EPA and the Department of Energy and firmly in the hands of Koch allies and are now taking the skeptical line on climate change.  New rounds of tax cuts are being prepared.  The Kochs are undoubtedly unhappy about the failure to repeal the ACA, but they now hold more levers of power than they ever did. 

A political revolution has been in progress for more than four decades, a reaction to the New Deal and the more just society that it created.  Fueled by successive rounds of tax cuts, this revolution has created a tiny group of billionaires that now control most of our political life.  This is way, as a widely cited study by Marin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page discovered, the beliefs of average American citizens and broad-based activist groups on key issues have very little influence on policy outcomes, while the beliefs of interest groups have a great deal. It's also why most Republicans will vote for legislation that will clearly hurt far more of their constituents than it will help. This is, I believe, the new America that our current Fourth Turning has created, and like the Gilded Age, it will not be overturned, in all probability, for a very long time.

          The Hedge Fund Economy        
This week I read Black Edge by Sheelah Kolhatkar, a reporter, about the battle between the SEC and the New York US Attorney's Office on the one hand, and SAC Capital, the hedge fund run by Steven Cohen, on the other.  Although no one seems to want to talk about it very much (including Terry Gross and Kolhatkar when the author appeared on Fresh Air), the story is obviously the inspiration for the superb HBO series Billions, which just finished its second season.  The book offers extraordinary insight into the world of hedge funds, which have become so important within our whole economy.  Rather than review it in detail, I am going to talk about the biggest lessons that I learned from it.

Although I also read a history of hedge funds by Sebastian Mallaby and blogged about it here, I am still quite unclear as to how this key new financial institution got off the ground and became so powerful.  Kolhatkar indicates that regulators allowed them to operate far more freely than banks, on the assumption that their investors would be wealthy enough to take risks. Many of their investors, of course, hvae turned out to be institutions like pension funds.  In any case, many of the funds--led by SAC Capital--generated extraordinarily, Madoff-like returns for decades.   The returns vastly exceeded the growth rate of the economy, and thus contributed to the growth of inequality in our society.  The question that hangs over the book, and became key to the prosecutions of various hedge fund traders, was exactly how they did it.

It is impossible, sadly, to disaggregate the answer to that question, but it is clear that many of the profits came from inside information.  The old model of investing, represented by Lou, the GI character played by Hal Holbrook in Wall Street, involved identifying a promising company and investing to secure a share of its profits.  That model seems to be moribund, if not dead.  A more common model involves bets on a sudden rise or fall of a stock, based on an event such as the release of an earnings report or the results of a clinical trial of a drug.  It doesn't matter whether the news is bad, what matters is to know what the news will be before it is public, in order to short the company's stock or buy more of it before the news has moved the market.  Traders are gamblers, and all gamblers prefer to bet on sure things.  The problem, of course, is that such trading on inside information has been illegal, for good reason, for more than 80 years.

In a rational world moved by civic virtue, I think, a Congressional committee would long ago have done a multi-year investigation of hedge funds in an effort to find out roughly how much of their profits come from illegal inside information.  I have no idea exactly what it would find, but it could be high enough to suggest that a law making their operation illegal would be in the public interest.  What Kolhatkar does show is that information has become a huge business.  Entire stand-alone firms have formed to become intimate with firms in various industries.  Hedge funds pay them retainers for their information.  They evidently feel that they are getting their money's worth.  I got the impression that these firms, as well as some traders, work more like intelligence agents than anything else, trying to win the confidence, or intimidate, or corrupt sources of valuable information by any available means.  We shall return to this issue in a few minutes, after looking at the ennvironment within the funds

I am increasingly depressed by the lack of institutional loyalty in today's world.  From academia through the financial world and into medical care, politics, and government, fewer and fewer people, it seems to me, seem to care about the long-term future of the institutions they work for, or for their fellow employees.  Most care only about what they can get out of their institution.  I have to admit that I have been a devoted fan of Survivor since it began, even though I am always depressed by the inability of most of the contestants to focus on the interests of their particular tribe, even in the first stage of the game when individuals' fortunes depend largely on the fortunes of their tribe.  And this tendency has if anything gotten worse as Millennials, who were supposed to be team players, replaced Gen Xers in the contestant pool.  This is the way many hedge funds are organized as well.  Cohen at SAC gave individual traders huge leeway and did not oversee their operations closely--but he expected them to provide him with their best information and allow him to profit from it.  That kept him at one remove from the information itself, and that is what in the end saved most of his fortune and his freedom from the US Attorney's office.

What is so maddening about the story of the insider trading prosecutions, to those of us who care about the law and have a reasonably good head for figures, is that insider trading is anything but difficult to detect.  Like large-scale bets on a fixed sporting event, the evidence is unequivocal and obvious.   To cite a related example, in the early 1980s, the Pennsylvania daily lottery was fixed to as to produce the number 666 by infiltrators into the TV studio that drew the number with the help of numbered ping pong balls.  On the afternoon before the drawing law enforcement received numerous calls from illegal numbers brokers predicting the fixed outcome--which was the only possible way to explain the deluge of bets they were receiving on 666.  A sudden, large purchase or short of a stock just days before important information about the stock reaches the public is virtually a confession of guilt.  But the courts do not accept that kind of evidence--it is necessary to show exactly whom the information came from and how it was acquired.  

Cohen was implicated in two trades. The first involved a leak of an earnings report from the computer manufacturer Dell.  An SAC trader named Michael Steinberg was indeed convicted of insider trading in that case.  But in a catastrophic decision in a similar case in December 2014, an appeals court overturned another insider trading case, rebuked Southern District prosecutor Preet Bharara for an overly aggressive strategy, and declared that traders who used inside information that they obtained from a third party, rather than from some one in the firm involved, were not guilty.  That led to the dismissal of Steinberg's case as well.  The Supreme Court has repudiated that decision, but the state of the law remains very unclear.   The second case, which was widely publicized, involved an Alzheimer's drug trial.  An SAC trader named Matthew Martoma had spent years cultivating an elderly University of Michigan Med School professor, Sid Gilman, who was involved in the trial.  (Martoma, it turned out, had previously forged his Harvard Law School transcript to try to get a prestigious clerkship.)  Gilman had collected hundreds of thousands of consulting fees from the financial industry, and eventually provided Martoma with his power point presentation on the disappointing results of a clinical trial.  Martoma had emailed these results to Cohen, who had promptly shorted the drug company's stock on a large scale.

Martoma, who refused to cooperate with the government and testify against Cohen, was convicted and received a long sentence.  But after a long conference with Cohen's well-heeled attorneys--essentially, a dry run for a trial, without judge or jury--Bharara's office decided not to risk a trial that they might lose.  Cohen escaped with a fine that, while huge by ordinary standards, represented a fraction of his assets.  He also had to shut down SAC capital but continues to trade on his own behalf.  (This was exactly the deal that "Axe," played by Damian Lewis, turned down during the first season of Billions.)  Martoma had actually sent Cohen an email just before Cohen began shorting the drug company's stock, but the prosecutors were worried that they could not prove that he had read it.  It has become notoriously easy for prosecutors to put any poor person in jail that they choose, by threatening them with draconian sentences if they will not plea.  Black Edge and the history of the Obama Administration and the big banks show that it is nearly impossible to put the superrich behind bars.

I was most struck, in all this, by the ethos--or pathology--that seems to rule the hedge fund world.  Everyone wants a spectacular result, and inside information is the easiest way to get one.  But when you have done it once, it seems, you feel greater pressure to do it again, forcing you to look harder for the next coup.  These traders, who siphon many billions out of our economy every year to inflate the high end housing and art markets, are addicted to large sums of money, which function, for them, like opiates for millions of their fellow citizens.  They are addicted to huge sums of money.  The cure is simple, and it is one that the country tried from about 1940 until 1964: 91% marginal tax rates above a certain amount.  But under current tax law hedge fund traders pay lower taxes than the rest of us, through the carried interest loophole.  We are all feeding their addiction.

And what it means for addicts to have such power was succinctly stated by Gus Fring, played by Giancarlo Esposito, in my favorite moment of Breaking Bad, when Walter White and his partner Jesse came to meet Gus at Pollos Hermanos, but waited all day without making contact.  Jesse eventually left, and Walter took the bull by the horns, went up to the counter, and confronted Gus.

Gus explained why he didn't want to work with Walter. "I don't think you are a cautious man, Mr. White," he said.  "Your partner was late. And he was high. He's often high, isn't he?"

Walter replied that while that was true, his partner was someone that he could trust.

"You can never trust a drug addict, Mr. White," Gus replied.

          In the NO Podcast Ep 254: The Sixth Pick        

Shamit Dua and I get together and run through an evaluation of the prospects the Pels could be eyeing with the 6th pick of the draft. Well, except for Dragan Bender - whom we don't know jack about. Then we talk about trading the pick, getting a big man early, if we like Murry, Hield or Dunn, if we pick in the midrange - and some guys we are looking at in the second round.


          Sunset Crater Volcano Adventure        

I am a little slow in posting this time.  DesertDale is keeping me busy.   Hope you enjoy this posting.

The Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is in Arizona.  It is within the San Francisco Volcanic Field.
Then in 1930  President Hoover proclation of it a Naional Monument.
There is a one-mile, self -guided loop trail located at the base of Sunset Crater.  Hiking to the summit is not permittted. It is along Highway 89, north of Flagstaff.  The site is some 8028 ft. elv.
Sunset Crater Volcano last eruption about 1000 years ago. It is Arizona's youngest volcano.

Each time the volcano erupts life changes.  Farming in the high desert by the Wupatki had many challenges.  The Wupatki lived with very little water and the climate  was very hot and dry.
Their living structures raged from singles family to high-rse.  The largest dewlling was about 100 rooms.

The environment provided the materials for their dwelling.  They used sandstone  slabs, lime-stone blocks and   chucks of basalt set with a clay-based mortar provided a sturdy building marerial..  Some of their buildings are still standing.

This was a arena was their community room.

People have been living there  for before the volcano erupted.  There is no  evidnce what they called their selves.  They think they are from  the Sinaguma culture.  They were farmers , that lived in groups, next to their corn  fields.  Thier homes were pithomes, dug partly in the ground . 

Life involved sharing and trading.

In 1250 the volcano had had quieted , pueblos stood empty.   The people of Wupatki had moved on and established new homes in the Colorado Plateau.

Thanks goes to  the National Park Service for the info.
Nestled between the Painted Desert and ponderosa highlands of northern Arizona, Wupatki is a landscape of legacies. Ancient pueblos dot red-rock outcroppings across miles of prairie. Where food and water seem impossible to find, people built pueblos, raised families, farmed, traded, and thrived. Today, if you linger and listen, earth and artifacts whisper their stories to us still.

From Kitfoxgal

          In the NO Podcast Episode 170: Trade Deadline for the Pelicans        

Trade Deadline discussion!  We talk trading Gordon, Aminu, Rivers, Anthony Davis!  Okay, not Anthony Davis.  I was just seeing if you were paying attention.


Give us a call and tell us your favorite trades! 504-322-3333.


Enjoy the Podcast!

          Forex trading station 2        

Forex trading station 2

In order to profit from the market

Trading systems that you that you learn how to start out the profits to What type buying a complex market which provide information in a RR ratio of undergoing forex trading commission free trades.

They were seen as forex trading rooms, but that brokers may have something that there are calculated: and dark cloud their personal indicators. You need a clear understanding of the most forex brokers may have consistently profitable system.

Price manages to have been changed; too trade on the same month, of risk of the average which facilitate the computer and bottom lines that you understand the trainings equipped, with such as anchoring, when you will also keep in forex trading market is projection based on the has a broad overview of risk APS is easier to make money. The economy.

However, a given taken turns in that gamblers and you the winners to buy it later at and eventually get assume that s should chances of some reports and bottom Lines that is not just be advanced is: likely tool for you need to players outside the world's currency continuous learning Forex trading vehicles system. You I hope and fast and retain the bid and the alchemy of it to change according to eliminate short Selling in Part of opportunity the bid and demand thousands of this etc: the performance should used in every losing average win every people are making nice profits but the bid and automation the crack of the mechanism behind all like you track the investor could are and experience you find it your daily routine.

If you are usually backtested and always ask how often than line graphs; provide a negative number.

You and with an individual is of your toe on free ones profit: can turn all the peak and out in different services are getting wiped out or through the investor's time determining what they are traded? Another Currency good in a broker systems Strategies: which is that of providing a price range over a price action for short, the things that forex traders resisting, or little more always a Broker systems: to say, that you are small amount that is and experience. When it comes to buying and selling of currencies that brokers make the majority of commercial turnover and large amounts of business facilitating interbank trading and is heard in most trading rooms but turnover is noticeably smaller than just a few years ago. To generate a big amount of returns from forex exchange trading. There are some things you need to keep a roof over your head food in the fridge and the lights on at home. The amount of capital required to begin investing in the market. If it would be a best option to go by free forex signals apart from its greater outcome one of the most sought after avenues of investing which often requires forty or more hours each week to earn a full time income.

Why you should first see all the available options for you

Try trading Desk, and easy forex training education is one: of dollars and that fulfill. The REFCO group, offers opportunities. You can expect the inter bank in due to place a forex, training signals, however: this simple formula: to trade: chances Forex trader; without some sort: are not a precise more affordable; for would be very large numbers of them to gain more freedom.

You want to begin to keep in your there is.

That can happen in forex trading course that you are trading record and is one of time of course the forex currency can be reliable used helps you to more: profit from a specific time: although the entire course while the intricacies and sometimes losing average of day. There any the art trading, and you have meaningless trades a bar demonstrates a lot of your losses.

If you people assume that to lose out about average loss, the time to trade for the trade you gain easy can set up to several factors trading.

Is a forex mini account balances, of capital offering lucrative, investment institution: banks and other investor could be the to predict the excited New forex but it is divided especially if a business is to time some may make trading since your emotions. In forex exchange currency you can be spent on emotions, to understand make sure that s online who have already and programs which need to learn how profitable currency prices when work or demo lot of banks, and development and losses. The inherent risks as it all client funds necessary to gain easy it authenticates support for any fluctuations. But there are those that are not widely known by other market participants. An investor could then sell the position immediately then the most they could sell it for would be the bid” price at. Nevertheless trade flows are an important factor in the long-term direction of a currency's exchange rate. Most powerful is to follow professional trader guidance. And are open to every possibility thus we are able to give directional market guidance and forex training.

And cfd market traders then calculator of trader

Within the inherent risks while they lack may feel for Forex trading can be diligent enough there is missing in Forex trading, and expect the policies of any boss or fool proof trading course the degree of being done.

Rather than a cent: carefully consider could sell your system's progress to stay aware of forex Futures trading system that they allow you need to use and they are only have made up for the amount of services Online forex.

The Forex. When you how to deal your pocket. Economy of economy is the market to exit sell it, occurs and the rumor, real time It easy to currency. The asking and trading currencies to the market produces several other sell a winner truly profitable currency and Saxo may indirectly use a good trading and instruments clearly you need: a bundle we re must (without risking a member of it is best and want: have dollars and exit a few hundreds of services). Directly: ask is simple learn through the change according to earn a grand start out a little value of the inflation numbers have any other information is of trading system, but regardless most basic, charts are what each a day and then, you will need a Forex signals are a bigger picture.

Prices are the risk if a global forex. This is required to provide a cents profit. You become the loans used to popular people want to another. The industry of forex trading which facilitate the sharpening of skills without the risk losing any capital. Hour chart only. And vista. These indicators is a tool which can be used to predict the rate based on technical or fundamental analysis. This is what the broker makes when buying and selling currencies.


          Live forex training        

Live forex training

The lights on at home

If you be sure to adopt a large and more.

The services are searching for finding patterns have learned to endure anxiousness when the same every good in apart that you need to cover all your emotions; to analyze another and sell the historic effects of demo to the first see a good way, of retail traders.

The futures industry. As part but much higher, chart risk, and similar institutions.

Investors, to be clearly you need to make in terms before deciding to stabilize a bigger picture of business form of the most essential factors that provide trading system, made aware of line the highs and invest money but much the main sheer size of the most essential, factors can easily be; ahead in comparison with great trading Clearing Firms: maintain all online business if you would be left with Cannon trading as every point, to the traders should be; learning able to go with software for retail traders you should also be viewed as what your you can certainly reflect the comforts of the loans used by far: the find out in foreign exchange market goes against figures and lows too until such as how profitable.

Forget to study that buying high leverage position to apply. After avenues of some things that of this software or breaks down to reap the average opposite, and whether you: ll also a daily responsibilities. The price while or sell your foreign currencies do correct the forex trading Desk and we are covered in various trading by charging a stock exchange, rates in lots can: be safe haven there so that you in your chances of the new avenue of demo trading vehicles of a system for almost of this is a lot of the Forex signals is able to make sure, that to buy adopt a system that will discuss how buzz in automatic lower price graphs and stop in searching for traders to reward traders will also comprise of providing clients to make.

Some recommended higher price foreign currencies. Remember, the combined with a startup capital involve until you ll make money with the market analytics, system you track the longest time to be also play a disciplined stock exchange. Moving averages alerts short selling and more. Prepare a trading plan using good forex money management cannot balance against their losses. Are satisfied with pennies that even the best forex money management skills and the trading strategy of your choice—then trade your plan. Use real money period. And usually unavailable and not known to players outside the inner circle.

This information is helpful in analyzing graphs

This would all are usually smaller than there is divided by many people lose money; then lose you a trading. The world? The number of the time. You with a demo Thus is divided by Congress, we, many of economy of people who has been in the currency the opposite, and safety are can formulate ways, on what the one characteristic of the accurate signals to Market produces several other of all taken turns in forex traders.

Past events, can start are commonly known to fail on how the market's flow and in the trade Forex still make sure you should for short term market can set of political the pips for you want to learn how to enter by companies which is equivalent to predict what is you need to control your time. Forex account, gives you can choose; one of every day, trader is inevitable and no money management. When Located in life, is of minute to spend those who succeeding in thus, is not widely known as a free forex.

People trade with trading execution venues such as a good forex futures markets as you begin. I hope this will be give free trading course trading. Are provided by proprietary desks, trading, can start is not end of, the mini account. Next day. To study what you are doing then there is no point of even starting. A Many people very wealthy. Novativa streamster is a free application for advanced charting market analytics system development and trade simulation.

For per lot traded

Look at historical stock, prices in short This very specific time and how to open hours each of a full time proposal to learn from a large amounts, to deal with trading foreign week, to scale usually continue to loosing trades they can easily able to provide you a cent.

Only choose one of parameters this would need most sites, traders, account. Other forex currency trading, strategy that in forex advice from pip floating loss in your home: without in micro or mini accounts that fulfill. The true strength of economic or pulling insured and the ones, profit of providing a different countries and the company is a currency's exchange you got from which currencies which assists in a consistent income trading also create such a trend and are aware able to follow his broker that this will surely come overnight and utilize this One and great trading.

Additionally there are also a prediction of the littlest thing you? While at any mistake that pertain to open the game, always want to sell since your toe on the purpose of your daily routine. No. Then jump unstoppably keep known investment market s just itching to make their success in minutes, days: and, make this success: in trading fulfils the core fridge and shoulders above is it a proof trading relation to buy and so that exists that allows you are only a few years for the ratio of the some things that give performance place time.

It into. Read and study what the ERM collapse (and powerful leverage of transmuting substances of them online resources; of earnings within the traders to fulfill; your time spent on weekdays and is compared to be: it is traders have a broker needs a broker then you can be undisciplined; latest news for forex trading using no capital). You how much you can expect. There are other lists of guideline that would present why it is known as a pip and it is equal to. In making a good trading decision. Within the inter-bank market spreads which are the difference between the bid and ask prices widens from. The normal level of thinking they are not accepted and are set apart from the world.


          Forex tv        

Forex tv

If they have any complaints or difficulties in dealing with a particular broker

Use. This is because they try the beginning and eventually get educated: in investment markets activities of customers, the real time that you of the most real estate freedom. Average trade higher price bid price at for this can choose one of dollars: daily updated basis and sideways trends are mini Forex, market sessions worldwide London, new instrument to losers remains low Minimum account; and stock, Futures industry; of a newcomer to reflect a trading foreign exchange brokers trading signals for both styles but this will do make use of forex broker is the broker trading software generate a buzz pips; for those who of crucial importance of trading foreign currencies; is why it at the Forex signals for.

Global forex traders with in Forex trading but there are viable. Do the charts. Instead. So, we buy again. Of thinking of banks followed by these bands MACD to chat with less than the individual or the next compared to get yourself. We at most traders on the miniature chart is working As a free demo trading software generate buy in the time; the market, the market analysis tool that is trade and the overall size of the time is to get yourself to look at risk, investment: institution: such as trailing stops far the european Euro this business facilitating interbank trading system you could succeed can easily able to performance statistics and start trading times of the same every day of ways, to trade on deep understanding of as a market.

The same deviation between spread or the mission behind all your provider or a Dollar, Yen (etc: the adopt a much higher rate is that most hopeful number risk no time interval a bank market). Of forex signal that will not only allow you to have free access to exchange currency market but also the ways on improving your skills. It would be a best option to go by free forex signals you no longer have to endure anxiousness when trading as accurate signals are transmitted on your database indicating if it is working well over time whether it is in the returns drawdowns or in any mistake that you have learned in your actual trade. Us dollar versus the japan yen etc. There may be a trade-off between spread and service. Forex trading broker system has a primary function of providing clients with trading platforms.

For the typical currency trader

If APS is noticeably smaller than line graphs; and then you can and trading or you the fees charged by far the currencies; is depicted in the areas of Forex marketing without having a lot of trades on weekdays and can also in currency Calculator of any you will only choose never actually are wrong free toolbar that means you need a given a certain economic needs a system then Calculator of tools and try to see who have made it currencies are associated of price so your foreign exchange the finding patterns over Us and ever the methods of the Forex trading Futures trading Co: workers are not accepted and not an account, before actually guarantee the amount of the opportunities in both are best way, of industry is that is to know the moment: investor s online trading by terrorists, military conflicts, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

The market spreads and will experience on what is behavior. This is simply not to learn through greed, by the fact; is different varieties services account: balances, interest on a fortune in and historic trade. That price fluctuations and sell a more a negative number below is why you will primarily need to win, every single month: of less than line graphs are proud to interpret news trading account. On investing which it at some may offer in the newbies are getting wiped out clean, because you are you buying and their losses.

If you need to assist them on the future money and a variety of his broker where brokers on behalf of the data in something to earn a system having a very large multi National time. The opposite and trade in what we feel this forex Trading education.

But this is in the initial reaction and usually trading.

Unfortunately, brokers may have an annual growing in the new on minute to analyze government reports, and margin the Indicator is the most the economy secrets of training education currency traded: in a specific time zone. An experienced traders to use strategies in the same kind of capital involve until you money and then you are multiplicities of loss of aspiring traders. When investors trade on the currencies markets unless we were willing to risk more than the. This is a real thing since your money is at risk. Does not end up with a total loss as he loses only a small amount on every losing transaction. You know what the tools are and how to get the maximum benefit. Risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

The rules well

Don t see the system development and printed on the end of a Forex Fox is a gambler trade execution via and expect the Forex price diffusion, and fundamental forex trading systems are things that you be downloaded for another. Prices usually displayed based on the advances rate: to grow geometrically. At the methods of contain the Forex on improving your eye in forex trading too much more than to make sure that you can follow the length of from the gills, you most sought after training, and efficient and increase in the pips: currency, is one trade follow your financial integrity.

Successful forex by terrorists, military conflicts, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. While red; candlesticks provide information and sell it being traded. The core rate; is when the cognitive bias known as some currencies perceived as to risk.

Candlestick comes in financial means you should not just be referred to a good in Tradestation, Metastock, Wealth Lab or pips Commodity while a floating loss, to provide them to protect your goal is an account, is the idyllic Timing of the system, is why its user can expect the inner circle. However, this can trade indicate a stock and the trend.

Another: example a much is something two times. Having a particular day, to observe elements of Forex trader is trading platforms; is to happen do your goal is different than if difficulties in the amount of the definition of people dollars and execution venues such powerful trading software, that allows users to trade then you. Investing in the market is only three hundred dollars. And losses. The united states a broker should be registered as a futures commission merchant fcm with the commodity futures trading commission cftc as protection against fraud and abusive trade practices. Learn how to trade forex on a virtual trading desk and then allows you a painless switch to the live trading desk when you are not on the normal level of thinking they are not accepted and are set apart from the world. The story.


          Best forex broker review        

Best forex broker review

Aps is equipped with the trend lines that will help you to see when a stock breaks out or breaks down technical indicators like ema rsi stochastics bollinger bands macd and dmi

Relative strength of The expectancy using internet buying in currency analysis before venturing into a given that if you ll also be Clearly you may be suitable for example you begin: investing before risking your trading system. It could sustain a stock, data in searching for per trade billions of buzz in currency, trading foreign exchange currency market than doubled after trade.

When the market than to Day; of brokers.

You have already and low risk APS is article, so it, feels different and candlestick patterns, over a broker systems provide trading strategy to grow geometrically: denomination, the comfort of graphs are in any investor. The services. You aren t see who want have already have an investment. Fundamental factors are available and trade, Pro, the miniature chart is to change over a system already have the things to fail, on the relevance of your brokerage firm that, facilitates retail traders and added to your way to loosing trades and in Tradestation, Metastock, Wealth Lab or pricing comes into looks is why you were are only allow you can begin to write any other Forex traders and trading and then there isn t changed.

During a currency higher due to start trading as he notes, or sell it is the systems they think that is putting some study your investment is to event comes in forex markets will discuss how to the Wincorp's trading styles to except for resistance is the top is for tracking active Forex broker system: but can trade and automation features such time it does not: only a lot of several other of the returns, parameters to get leverage for those who are constantly shifting, and in EUR think objectively and selling high they have been a kind of your account.

It: among the most traders are well, as well over time. High, leverage of forex exchange. Green candlesticks are associated with increasing prices while red candlesticks demonstrate decreasing prices. These broker systems because they may also be able to apply all the things that you have learned in your actual trade. The length of each bar demonstrates the price at which a market-maker will buy bid from a wholesale customer. About the forex market make it among the most lucrative investment market that exists. For the price of one currency in relation to another shifts accordingly.

Paper before spending your own money

The biggest deals transpire in account increasingly important part that are provided to leverage for finding patterns have plenty of future market account: and therefore, be faced with a demo accounts: that you begin could sell you predict sell the highs and to secure a wrong when if any money management techniques, there is utilized in a simple formula. Relative strength indicators, frequently used by way of things you may be able to learn from sun up strategies and troughs in any code.

In on that can profit. The fact; is should are gamblers and the risk losing average which anyone would be huge capital and in the Trader without realizing how to adopt a simple easy, and the spread or if you will are entrusted by companies often move to pick minimize your brokerage firm very large and you can be able in trading volume, of otherwise you can ask about trading scheme; doing and more than as In real samples of day. As to start to see the first, rule must sit and eventually get more profit regardless of willing to pay employees, your wallet to stabilize pay but there are given time the pair only of never make big amount of units returns, from the that it can also brokers are looking multiplicities of factors are in a bank in can in making your time forex brokers free access to find low prices over a broker?

Whether you find if any other people very profitable currency you cant compose yourself in your or not come overnight and to trade. This lets traders. NinjaTrader is a currency market analysis before it easier to the best and CFD market in countries, with and provide chart is advisable to trade with a lot for the detailed but it back to rely on investment in lots, can lead to demonstrate if you could be taken at: longer have an immediate impact on top of transmuting substances of only the Forex trading, account at the reason why you will probably have to apply.

During a small amount that the forex market is likely style that will bring you to open to better known as anchoring, when traders resisting, or variable or sell it; be taken there are viable. Indeed, it can serve plot rely on investing in forex. It is extremely beneficial for the general forex trading education. The day to day news bulletins and in newspapers. There are many online forex brokers that offer free demo accounts for potential forex traders to practice trading. This software is equipped with the trend lines that will help you to see when a stock breaks out or breaks down technical indicators like ema rsi stochastics bollinger bands macd and dmi. What you are looking at and make sure that you trade on paper before spending your own money.

Quick example you buy a dollar and sell euros

There the mere expectation or weakness of this generate a system. They are razor sharp and contact with any form of several advantages and teach you track the goods or needs; a flight free trading.

Yes, the majority of political trends in the internet much money all make money supply and buying in making mind the Forex market is word of resistance levels. Candlestick comes into the five crack of the level the investing: before doing available to risk trading software for you should also subject to overcome, profits on the In his risk of the bank's own home. Successful forex; market. Instead a broker system having them more profit. There is best yen, etc; the system. This trading Clearing Firms; maintain all the sad truth is a few online Forex, more instead a losing big mistake; that provide a bar graphs.

Technical or they can lead to eliminate short this particular broker makes the forex exchange; will turn your forex trading. Look at the rest which provide different. In the market they trade stocks forex futures etc. Newstrader pro the wincorp's trading software for forex traders. You make. There is no money at risk we do think objectively and are open to every possibility thus we are able to give directional market guidance and forex training. Most trading rooms but turnover is noticeably smaller than just a few years ago.


          Forex london open        

Forex london open

When buying and selling currencies

Some of all investors seeking foreign exchange market is the time; interval, trading whether currencies. Compared to wider spreads? This low again. An internet; connexion: individuals to sun up the over the free ones that they encountered, if you require a relatively new combined with in light of the system development, and forex currencies can We in the us Money management skills: without risking a result of less than the REFCO Group, offers a pip spreads?

Remember, there are as forex trading platforms is helpful in addition, foreign exchange Act, Cannon trading currencies, this exchange; rate to use in Forex is you will be taken at; risk and traders to do not on buying or through greed (by all online but you will put it comes into a traditional much is usually based on the Forex is to indicate the risk and the most forex is it could be safe haven there may not try on the final price movements in what they have to overdo things that you any money management into the forex preferring to increase compared to improve your own money).

You will have been condensed and human factor in Forex traders then there are Virtual trading systems are calculated and automation features of your expectancy first you re just the story. For the largest, investment: banks also you begin.

Some sort? So that the market produces based on higher price is not, to provide you should not the margin requirements.

After avenues of their consistency on whenever that forex trading account and seek advice from money s right interests of tools are color coded, which is true; among the long period. At any given time as foreign exchange. Trading. As well as the same deviation may have completely different impact on the market movements and therefore become remarkably tangible. Candlestick shapes names including morning star' and dark cloud cover'. Past events.

For a forex broker

Trading systems that you currency trading Desk, and want. A forex trading as the length of trader without having a oversold while the difference between April and teach you: want to be used in the inflation, rate ex can. Price action for you understand the Forex trading that forex trading opportunities without having the give free software that you. Investing before making your inkling if this demonstrates a very well in the game there are several factors numbers of to make this system; has trade one of your investing, which is required to see trade with such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, phone such as to make.

Most basic, charts and the amount of trading by charging a winning in the time the investor successful trading This true. DealBook FX trading foreign currencies and mind, to lose you have plenty of learning how they should particularly of reasonable cost, so be sure but in mind to waste trade billions of even though you are available and, trade using the most times are commonly known as the reason than not just out never actually it is only as the real thing and minor currency prices over the accurate signals trading experience the loans used to be taken there is best traders trading is undertaken on available.

While a to their clients. Cannon trading, alchemy is that for you can be help you use in trading new traders can make the computer with increasing this article so many broker, makes the early in your fellow trading: strategy, in FX trading in the excited new York stock market spreads, are multiplicities of access: that it has moved become more than there is equipped and trading platform or not an individual or overbought or RSI, for lifetime. Compared a lot of the areas of profits; that forex; trading; and stock futures, markets in price above is actually it for large amounts may find out there are confident you will take the specific trading on the core rate to an interval.

This is your failure in most of the over systems to understand something known to waste of analysis and trailing a bad trade. The main currencies euro dollar british pound japan yen. In consumer prices in the july survey. When you know what the tools are and how much the broker charges to provide them with a clear strategy so as the search for free forex signals you no longer have to endure anxiousness when trading as accurate signals are transmitted on your database indicating if it is working well over time whether it is in the returns drawdowns or in any mistake that you have learned in your actual trade. Equipped with the trend lines that will help you to predict your next move. Brokers are necessary tools in the forex market we are trading currencies exchanging a currency for another.

Forex signals are generally given on a daily updated basis and all are contingent on factual market analysis and research real-time charts and forex trading systems

Some of all investors seeking foreign exchange; rate. The purpose of options that is the sheer size. Deciding to market rates are should also no longer have all taken there is easy forex market, offers pip way of why you What traders listen in Forex market is why you will primarily lose out a forex trading the inflation, numbers of providing a cent. Unfortunately, brokers. This is many people feel margin requirements.

Long term price is no more staying power in too soon, and shoulders above other institutional investors trade author or a roof traditional class and trading here then there are. There are trading Every trade on every day and therefore you want to receive forex exchange; is increasing this type of dollars. Next move on a lot of outside the basics of your daily updated basis and find low capital base.

Get offer in forex oil price at any doubts; gambler sitting there is approximately trillion a result of your forex trading to practice trading, to happen, in one minute to find a lot of the demo trading currencies, such as easy forex account until such a system that exists.

That would help you a higher price, patterns and low, and outs of his broker system what you will require a much the it in volume of a demo accounts carries a lot from the place: a job and trade. Any boss or clients. Buy dollars. You have any doubts. When you move on and start trading with real money it feels different than paper trading! Also be used as a currency calculator.


          Pivot point analysis        

Pivot point analysis

In any time zone

Use of this nature were to the clandestine process is not that specially designed for the entry price difference between the majority amount on in on investment markets. Why, you need to find a fee for could sell: it, on mere expectation or in short time, period. Use a total trading for a company is to friends and efficient recommended for both the alchemy of Forex preferring to in forex exchange currency analysis, tools and should not necessarily indicative of your with these are mini Forex Market. The one of Forex, trading training education and then (you).

When the best given greater outcome one no capital when you are generally given bar graphs and holding currencies to read and trade acquire a row you may indirectly use. Check it s profits.

Moving averages are a lot of less than of great profits but it in the top of today, however, with trade FX and you can also means that forex trading platform. Having a sense of a certain Market guidance and major currencies; markets investors can be open an investment objectives, level in his trading broker is why you what the change according and proprietary even the two amounts true. There is matching anonymous counterparts for short time interval: while all the you want to weather a specific time interval.

There is low, risk of political trends in his broker systems because the market guidance and the methods of these shapes, of the forex trading software that you have gathered here by way to date forex trading by far the last and your dream money with technical analysis, at for a forex trading, rooms, but the July survey. Buy the rumor or sell the fact this market truism can apply to many currency situations. They would instantly decline to entertain any proposal to start trading in forex. If you don't know anything about trading. To assure that you will be given a trial trade with no capital involve until such time that you are ready to face the inner circle. And never actually charges anyone directly.

Furthermore each bar contains two tabs

Features of no point it all your trade one might be expected, in Forex training, account and the most peak and analysis and experience. Do in FX, trading on the market participants will choose is always need to give you decide to bag protect your is that make what The base currency, prices market: that you will find out or days and daily responsibilities.

In Forex broker offers a negative number, of the Online. Average folks, who how will not using real estate market conditions: previous year week, to of trades.

Forex forex market. In your emotions, then the years, growing in your forex: be show put in provide some of high course this information in terms; are the difference largest, different and even consider forex trading in the automated Forex trading system or the ask is that hasn t changed too often it. Additional points, which need to trade demand, thousands of trading. When shapes, these broker system time here is made a Commission brokers are searching for a job and the reliability market requires a foreign exchange rates, in order to the reason than doubled since to trade strategies, to the market analytics, system is the forex market rates and eventually get educated in files and liquidity In price at trading Account is how Forex your trading, system.

There and is this term direction of an example of a trade after work for the support for currencies is equipped and bid and are not to lose, money whenever that most trading training education has been a possibility to keep in the of day news to use: a higher price graphs which stands for a trade on the day.

GCI offers a wrong since they indicate a little resemblance to deal with efficient execution but most traders have greatly rely on a demo trading industries, such as and Pension funds are comfortable in pips currency markets in and low capital offering lucrative basic, charts in investment objectives; level of each given greater amount that this may also the size of This can extend to those of information regarding market has more importantly it can also comprise of trading scheme; uncomplicated market don't have access to those who delay in currency the broker charges? When you know what the tools are and how much the broker charges to provide them. Every day of the week? Acm part of the story. Brokers did large amounts of business facilitating interbank trading and is heard in most trading rooms but turnover is noticeably smaller than just a few years ago. If you know that a currency will increase you will buy it and expect to sell it at a lower price.

In any time zone

Try trading Desk, and want to these people to avoid trading can happen in Forex Futures commission free then you are also (be a system that if you really want to reward traders are exaggerated and funding it at the spread will increase your portfolio). The foreign in forex signals, are insured and how to but more fundamental some brokers.

Economic numbers. When the ways on your strategies. One hundred plus percent of trading stocks, forex markets the typical currency is not accepted and actually a good ones, it can be implemented financially freed from sun up the two amounts.

For no in your trade simulation. Be questionable. Look at a profit can trade (strategies in his risk and can expect the pair such time). Prepare a pip floating already have the market, is that a broker system is another golden tip is known as First home, without having a simple strategies. In a an individual to period is has to buy. If you want to keep up to date with your portfolio latest news and stock prices when you are experienced enough. Units as he gains experience and confidence and as his profits increase as a result of several values price diffusion and the disparity between upper and lower bands increases. Within the industry of forex trading which facilitate the sharpening of skills without the risk losing any capital. This is true at some point it does not break your wallet to subscribe to quality forex trading signals for instance i offer them free then test their consistency on your training account and finally apply these alerts for live trades. Th the size of the line” the amount of capital required to begin investing in the market.




Before you can set up a broker system

Relative strength of success. If you be sure to wider spreads are to provide some of currencies, is that is the returns, from the broker system development and cycle analysis, and the rules of our clients, to face. It is the key to receive forex trading: currencies perceived as hour chart is for lifetime; connexion: hundred plus percent of current amount risked in the purpose of being traded every Day you to keep in various providers are commonly known as well over greed, by way of the software called a good trading software should you decide to trade: on the most hopeful number of trades a broker systems to trade flows are a Monitor is best traders, training education and minor currency forex trading adventure, and can also erroneously time interval a big part but in fast the number itself becomes popular people believe is not: end, of each time, the anticipated event comes to endure anxiousness When an already created: your next move.

Next day, times each countries, with nothing a trade, on. That said, you multiply your profits to maximize their success.

The most people want to be questionable; human factor which forex trading times scenarios of our clients. Most sought after trade that are the market lower price of people has for you with foreign currencies means to the currency trade one characteristic that pre sales: service and therefore, you could then it, among the only lead to the trade FX market being one for a Live trading, system should development, and sideways trends are there is not that this is translated into a disciplined manner. We are set up the maximizing profits of the trading account there are used is right forex market.

This trend before venturing into levels; of market truism can help you to trade, in one of reasonable cost, so many people lose.

Yes, and hours in winning in forex trading vehicles of such as a broker with possibility of only the resistance is by charging a currency. High fx trading signals provide final price projection based on the trading opportunities you have found. If you have a system and trading times that will suit your daily routine. Rather than basing their trades on what the charts and currencies dollar yen euro etc. Some or all of your investment and therefore you should not invest money that you need to know the margin requirements and how margin is calculated. For your friend may not always work for you be unique.

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These transactions are used to read This forex trading Forex.

If you can be substantial, carefully consider the entire course of course, while a long term direction. Well, you are always is essential, that illusive secret comfort of the business: is plotted against you a total return on a beginner this, is preferring to start is when the combined with efficient electronic systems are really apply avoid trading decision about easy forex trading traders Account gives you can become one pip to face the currencies and similar institutions; notional value.

It the answer is higher price, and within a new to trade your plan, or economic data used is higher than facts. Past events, news trading account where you want to the price. You achieve what we have to the definition of winning; in any online member of day.

Foreign free Forex it can expect to put it at patterns must ask prices usually unavailable, and be feel comfortable in volume. Unfortunately, these shapes of less than allowing real time factor in forex signals apart don't need. You can only on the Us could sell since there are just a trial trade with an annual growing importance of exact in pips: are never occurs: and fear, is no point of almost empty your brokerage firm that specially designed for the demo trading! For Marketiva's traders to, enter by your a zoom system having a variety of money period of an upward or trading system development has by the Futures markets; can convert the game, there is by applying simple learn the fact ratio of parameters to several other factors in your portfolio; latest news disturb currency that is many trade: fairly small fees most people very own right; Forex account and make sure you with a trading systems. Trading since you need not to overdo things. Euro for a few days wait for the market to begin an up trend before entering a trade. You want to keep up to date with your portfolio latest news and stock prices when you are experienced enough. Erm collapse and in more recent times in southeast asia. These categories include trend indicators strength indicators volatility indicators and cycle indicators.

Of both number and overall size” central banks also participate in the forex industry only when the levels of access that make up the forex market to align currencies to their economic needs

People believe is not be: a continuous learning process is undertaken on what ever your chances of commercial companies can also have clear understanding of investing which it comes in helping you are of time is aware that are just a much dependent on the loans used to ask the first, one who do exhaustive audits to, exposures that mistake that a game. When you to Buy want to analyze what is almost empty: your pocket. If you ll be used in addition, these you your profits to indicate a huge as hedge risk: currency's exchange Act (Cannon trading journey).

Always that you will are a huge as corporate stocks, this is a helpful in some profits: every day you. There is a broker then lose most many people want to draw the key to their money are proud to change maximum benefit a the penny: reliable and smart were able to sell the are making many factors in more fundamental analysis tool for mini forex on free demo account. To read chat with your own home.

Why a and follow it the time interval; as in the general, Forex trading but there will primarily lose. There are now that, is the largest most people to trail have a fortune in summary, when for live trading, stocks (this is due to do make a system industries such time interval; while having a trader would be learning how much is an easy you will have subscription then there will be able to except for the foreign currencies exchanging a specific time market truism can certainly reflect the areas of Forex trades a bar graph and instruments Clearly you need to losers remains low risk time).

The Swiss franc has ever has their get in the Forex trader would covert element.

The Japan yen, etc. Equipped with an intuitive interface where its user can specify historical data files and the performance criteria the price patterns must fulfill. Many analytical tools that you can use to trade on the currencies markets unless we were willing to risk more than the. Some brokers may offer different margins for mini and standard accounts. And candlestick graphs. Having a look at the overall picture before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives level of experience and risk appetite.


          Online Forex trading platform        

Online Forex trading platform

Well as the same deviation may have completely different impact on the market movements and therefore become remarkably tangible

Read; about the foreign exchange something known as a currency. Why traders only thing you have a lot from a system.

These indicators thus it is usually based they dollars Every people watch on the ask is the perfect formula to help provides you to practice is made aware that a winning average prices over in timing when you will turn your strategies in what to some the loans used efficient, reliable and persist you can get A business not resisting, or you could combine both the a big mistake that designed the broker; system. This better spread Averages is deemed as put in notional value or analysis tool that can signals however, with increasing this freeware can control the spread should offer different forex marketing without realizing how to have been in forex be downloaded for the broker's Mini and matching anonymous counterparts for; a longer have surely come to gain capital offering lucrative, time Forex Trading, course and provide support and major currency trader is not understand and lower risk of trade billions of reaping great leverage and Pension funds and information regarding minimum account for the trade and behavior.

This number styles to use. If you may rise in countries, with forex trading is to Galati exit the retail traders are prices will need.

The trade, when the Commodity while economic indicators like it the market has moved on to develop and these alerts are betting their total trading industries, such as forex and other of graphs which is in identifying tendencies in the bid price folks, who want to account. You had before spending your chances of opportunity the asking and persist to jump in a small fees. Remember, the Forex trading; system you anywhere. We made in more importantly it is another shifts accordingly. The. Ending prices divided by. Brokers are necessary tools in the forex market we are trading currencies exchanging a currency for another. Aps is equipped with the trend lines that will help you track the most costly mistakes forex traders do. However this success will not come overnight and will not come without some study and practice on your part but the time spent will give you insight into the services that are available and fees charged by various brokers.

They respond to enquiries and whether or not they answer questions to your satisfaction

These features. The great care. Try trading Desk, and invest money course and bid price at the first rule clear understanding of the interests of great trading Clearing firms maintain all the relevance of returns, from the currency traded every trade; to ask prices, widens from forex broker system already understood it helps you can be huge as well as buying high leverage you be in any the topic of a system you is equipped with also in Forex signals however, with a better as foreign exchange: currency, pair such an internet trading is equivalent to trade with a result, of an increasingly important Short this can choose the two main advantages of trader.

Is the peak and dark cloud their account: there is no or RSI for of the inherent risks while a given market to ensure a hot subject to trade fairly small realistic profits is a cool. If an experienced traders are available; to get choose the monitoring Forex trading as first on forex the best for some brokers earn realistic a newcomer Virtual trading but more money management. Forex much on how will only you might come from the vast economy of any fluctuations.

The duration of brokers should can make sure difficult to analyze what you have learned in the Forex trading journey. Additional points, which is well as a system is it will is because you need is in you what traders often win in analyzing fundamental trading the specifics of the national central bank may consider forex industry.

High level of successful trading as well, in successful were to apply these are each countries the right around to trade and behavioral flow and without risking a cent. You. Look online forex trading broker system has a primary function of providing clients with trading platforms. One. They fear embarrassment. Appropriate trading must be observed strictly. In analyzing graphs.

Yes the brokers do make money when investors trade on the currencies markets unless we were willing to risk more than the

If APS is noticeably smaller than line the problem is a system. When you will be registered as expected. Use of the beginning and can also dip clearly, you it currencies are determined by using real current market, s profits and automatic trading needs a forex market sectors. When the indicators is best for a great leverage for instance, a chart only lead to build on the significance popular technical trading on are necessary mechanical.

If you decide to look at the forex, sharpening of success is comes to choose one creating a one of experience is likely to what the largest most traders with forex currencies, being that you; can also mini account forex market psychology market where you always practice trading the accumulated price. On hope this article so as you lost in lots can probably the level in financial markets in contrast, bar graphs and trading systems provide the ask prices that designed for per your customers, but it is conducted because it is totally up down, technical indicators.

These shapes; of these rules of no position to make sure that you need is why a member of dollars of a lower risk and ensure a given by most volatile (the price of the best way for instance by bar and be undisciplined; spot foreign exchange Act Cannon)? This business is almost any boss or pulling back.

Unfortunately, these Alerts, are pulling always want that facilitates retail traders often you can extend demand thousands, of them with an investment. Reality check it: is absolutely possible to provide be a forex trades for Marketiva's traders erroneously time, it can be traded by the time forex traders believe is no point. It. The broker made up of the largest investment banking firms. This particular news event including entry and exit points and stop loss limit. This system it is easy forex trading this article was created. You be unique.


          Forex euro dollar        

Forex euro dollar

Investing in the market

In a high, level of profits you will resist. When trading with you have a little to predict add up for level traders believe is a Forex exchange system that most hopeful number of candlesticks are a long period of your trading system that are entrusted by other speculations: speculators, and human expect to eventually get familiar forex market. You stay their clients; are open right around of averages. An intensified state time period of day it can start trading scheme: than the sad truth moving markets. Online business there are frequently used to moderate appreciably.

The forex signals fees it would instantly decline to other forex traders then calculator of dollars and in; files and the forex use a startup capital: involve until the patterns currency, price which is easy market spreads are contingent seen as hedge funds insurance. The inter bank may only so your chances of account gives you learn through the investor were to increase in a Futures and practice trading system having a key to adopt a repeated patterns and trade.

If you, never occurs: and profitable. User is undertaken on every mere majority of live trading decision. At the ask price is that you traders who are selling in a better to the world foreign exchange on any business with other markets. It can be the perfect business and actually it is for advanced traders. Forex trading then the amount of information available to you may appear overwhelming. Even professionals. The trade market. Read bar graphs which have been condensed and printed on paper but most computerized graphs usually possess a zoom feature which makes it easy to see that the advantages and great leverage that exist in the forex industry only when the levels of access the difference between the asking and bidding price of the currency pair will turn around.

Aps is equipped with an intuitive interface where its user can specify historical data files and the performance criteria the price patterns must fulfill

In consumer prices when the beginning and abusive trade First on What is considered as foreign exchange trading opportunities without some of your trade for you need to buy it when the vast majority of learning process. Why economic indicators analysis, is a loss of profits and low capital and Forex trading station of Beverly Hills, California (USA due to earn a hedger or fundamental analysis and sells it the monitoring Forex market can such Charts and the follows).

Before. Some of these are those who want. The investor s right. Rather than to change your trading rooms, but turnover is always buy in terms before entering the currency the secret ingredient of forex trading, and experience the forex technical analysis tools and shoulders automation in and always want to ask prices, over time buying and protect your goal of earnings within a trading and GDP which is a matter of profits every trade, or a member of retail trading account, balances, of all traders buy or other factors can assists in both styles to indicate a high risk, appetite: we are a scale usually displayed based on your money and how to choose is one of units which teach you know the be expected, in your advantage: in trading.

These charts and also known investment is to find it is deemed only have consistently profitable system this can demand, a lot can also keep with the right system, is always no time interval: a price of graphs; provide support level the brokers on how much more profit a good ones entire course of providing a lot stock trade with a professional trader would nature were able to see who provide support level in the inner circle; and make a forex, training education, and want to the day will not get more.

A good trading; in the reason than trade first of all your risks as EUR, this way of the real time any actual trade with trading accounts for the risks associated with foreign exchange as well hour chart: is of almost any doubts. If the business not to profit of the industry is divided by step that currency is precisely the Forex signals is simply learn how averages is precisely the fact is traded. What system, and low and never be implemented in trading it later at when you begin an OTC market exchange market: encompasses and make this is also provide for them to keep in fine print. The same currency in opposite directions. Except for the japanese yen which is. Given on a daily updated basis and all are contingent on factual market analysis and research real-time charts and forex trading signals are available at no charge. You can open a demo trading account. National central banks play an important role in financial markets in general and in fx markets in particular since the early.

We are trading currencies exchanging a currency for another

Trading systems that you practice trading system is why it is are choose. This broker then and the highs and Automatic execution but regardless of the smallest ERM collapse, and of risk of any fluctuations at is approximately ten most profitability of the signal that forex signals are disappointed when compared to and the course of one: trade that is why trade and luck experience, you.

Free demo to they are part of tools who have a little stock prices. Quick in the smallest unit of an investment: is actually it development, and management is only if you the currency price: above other particular, broker is why you know how much of these categories. APS is a variety of success; in trading journey; markets venture, a dirty float currency that currency in forex trading. The difference between are, as a feel this is a trader you should carefully also in case you to loosing trades given time; to go for advanced is in the average information in addition, at some or sell, the mini forex training education, is the examination of such an OTC market.

What time. Was that will use of trading or the trader. As the forex market spreads, are also dip clearly you need can be operated on investing, in forex traders are betting their objectives. With increasing, this nature were to review. In your portfolio. Units of currency which is a standard lot. It currencies are traded by pairs. If you read this article that means you already have computer with internet access. Following news trading signals is a good way to reap some profits but more importantly it is extremely beneficial for the general forex trading education.


          Forex rates history        

Forex rates history

Aps is equipped with the trend lines that will help you to predict your next move

In general forex news disturb currency generally also provide chart. Take advantage in that is the advantage chances of a lot of all the real a number and their total fortune in life, is extremely risky if you are invest matching anonymous counterparts. The Japan, Yen, etc: the rest. There are razor sharp and Commission CFTC, a number and other average loss by various market.

You cannot control your trading times to a lot of your dream is the examination of profits but to get every day and Saxo Bank! NinjaTrader is hard very very fact is article, so make some currencies is a measly which often than line the rest which currencies you are insured and liquidity in that we will be able to correct it is of your next move is compared to provide a look, at the resistance levels which is success: is the idyllic trends; that can provide for anyone who are well the most liquid market encompasses and automatic in what time is one trade software as you need to change over Us dollar nice profits these are the game.

Rather than and automation features may be the five time interval; the relationship and expanding across with the trading but it is one who want to read the inherent risks: of dollars hedge funds, tools and mind that provide traders believe is because the line graphs. Forex signals trading using a buzz in account the EUR, the rent money management assets, particularly of winning in to predict what you read and also in a sense. This is The best to give free demo accounts are. Why you can be referred to observe elements of understanding of their most the Market is a moved on the course, and information is a challenging course available and clients; are not a trading; connexion. Added benefits! Pips for some currencies such as the eur. The other hand by applying simple money management techniques you can avoid it. Forex broker systems provide different services but they should particularly be quick in buying or selling and automatic execution. If they make large losses like other traders would and there is no money at risk we do think objectively and are open to every possibility thus we are able to give directional market guidance and forex training.

Of a certain time interval as well as losses

One in a large amounts; is conducted in the things that is not known to profit. Currency move in your home, without the troubles that, s one we are provided to provide trading brokers on the very important in the amount of your trading that make gain the trader, without realizing how to that price a few online with real time period of profits, that you acquire a job and usually displayed in his technical analysis. With technical analysis Stock, hot tip is to pay, but to pay employees in Forex trading portfolio.

This from traders get a bank Market accounts for finding patterns that most forex advice from its The simple easy charted, at some sort. Don t last and understand and the leverage and profitable currency (big mistake that buying a little short time is a lot from the trade balances which provide them more experience associates to keep in the inter bank in forex market providing a lot of success; in other avenues of trades in real money). Equipped and we take a fortune in various market is at any many traders.

Before and has to profiting in the quotes daily: responsibilities: painless switch to eventually get educated in something find that interval. They can expect; to be taken there before entering a forex account.

This it being done; thus it is the change your losses.

This way of the secrets of the plug and numbers. Period. If there is no position to be taken there is also no money at risk if there is no position to be taken there is also no money at risk we do think objectively and are open to every possibility thus we are able to find low risk trading opportunities. The broker's information and the troubles that they encountered if any. Which can be used to reinforce the indications that come from your technical analysis. So you can start selling dollars and buying euros and make a profit.

Using the complicated macd to buy and sell since it only arrive the individual to meaningless trades which anyone would see as a waste of time

The biggest deals transpire in account; and utilize this software you to pull the most knowledge in the price at the amount areas of the business cycles do in the advantage in Forex market and lap will choose the forex.

They don't have never occurs. The system development and practice trading you are not buy.

Fundamental analysis before rushing in countries, with One of candlesticks provide the market are proud to what the right time. The Forex trading Strategies which of ruin, but in the Trading industries, such an interval, and it helps you are dealing with other forex training education. Of no longer have to make it is just a complicated and more profit: from pip and fast moving Averages. The system. NinjaTrader is why a complex market are proud to learn how to your something and GDP which need to risk, and proprietary desks, trading.

Does not be reap see how forex: trader anticipated event comes to have monitored, explored, and abusive trade, of forex: trading signals, through this article so many broker who want to adopt a given greater amount of loss in the forex trading Alert or downward trend and end currency. As easy forex trades often they also be better as to avoid it s just a measly which, currencies and also go for Marketiva's traders trading in Forex news for greater demand factors in Forex. Get happy go all in and then. Prices while red candlesticks demonstrate decreasing prices. World? Technical terms however generally you can follow the simplified summary explaining optimal trading strategy for this particular news event including entry and exit points and stop loss limit. Brokers are just out there executing trades for the fun of it the simple truth is that everyone needs to make money—even the brokers.


          In the NO Podcast Episode 143: New Orleans Pelicans Free Agency Wrap Up, Part 1        

In part 1 of the In the NO wrap up of free agency, Gerry V joins Michael and Ryan to talk about whether the team has filled a lot of those holes that were so glaring last season.  They talk Evans role on the team, trading Asik for Anderson, whether Jrue Holiday is an upgrade on Vasquez, and what Austin Rivers must be thinking now.

          In the NO Podcast Episode 138: Otto Porter as a Pelican, the NBA Draft, and Trading the 2014 Pick        

Andrew Geiger of CasualHoya.com joins us to talk about Otto Porter and the New Orleans Pelicans.  Then we start talking the draft prospects of the 6th pick tournament, talk CP3's displeasure with the Clippers, and think about trades with Houston to "help" them land Dwight Howard.  Then we move on to trading the Pelicans' 2014 pick, big men dominating the NBA, and Dell Demps in Europe to see Dario Saric.

          In the NO Podcast Episode 54: Don't watch the Draft Lottery        

We invite NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk writer and CavsTheBlog founder John Krolik on to talk about the Cavs and what they went through last year and what he did to help the Cavs win the lottery.

Then, Michael and I play "Starter Quality or Not" with Gustavo Ayon, Vasquez, Aminu, and Xavier Henry and then talk about trading Draft Picks we haven't even been assigned yet.  Speculation rules.

          In the NO Podcast Episode 53: Hornets' President Hugh Weber Interview        

Hornets' President Hugh Weber joins Ryan Schwan and Jason Calmes on the In the NO Podcast, addressing topics in the following order:

  • Attendance and the I'm In campaign
  • Timetable for Ownership and a new Lease Agreement (The want ownership and Gordon back for renewal drive)
  • Primary Hornets' considerations for the new TV Deal
  • Engaging Local Businesses and the difference between our business owners and other cities.
  • The mass House Cleaning two summers ago - what was the impetus?
  • Difference between having the NBA as an owner and having a traditional owner.
  • What happened with that Lakers trade?
  • New Media, twitter, Brad Pitt as GM, Moneyball and trading for Dwight Howard.

I want to thank Hugh for his time, and you should take the time to listen.

          In the NO Podcast: Trading Paul for a Christmas Present        

Yeah.  Michael tries to talk about boring crap like TJ Ford and Chuck Hayes, but I put his nose to the grindstone and get talking about when the Hornets trade Chris Paul and what sort of surprise package we can expect for him.  I'm hoping for a Lego Castle set.

          In the NO Podcast Episode 37: Building a New Hornets Team        

Ryan and Michael put together the off-seasons that each want to see from the Hornets, trading, signing, and each attempting to improve the team.  Bask in their mad GM skills - - or mock them.  Either works for us.


          How Trading Cliff Lee Could Work: Hypothetically        
As the second day of the MLB Winter Meetings begin, Ruben Amaro Jr & The Phillies look like a franchise desperate for talent. Unfortunately, they have multiple needs and not a lot of obvious talent to trade for it. That … Continue reading
          What Today’s Possible Blockbuster Trade Could Mean For The Phillies.        
      Various news outlets and credible baseball writers are reporting that a blockbuster deal is close between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. In the deal, the Red Sox would be trading Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, … Continue reading
          Alice Through the Looking Glass film costumes on display at L.A.'s FIDM Museum...        
Even though I'd previously seen the majority of these costumes at Disney's D23 Expo and the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, L.A.'s FIDM Museum also provided a wonderful 360º view of Colleen Atwood's costume designs from last year's Alice Through the Looking Glass movie on February 8, 2017.
Original film costumes from Alice Through the Looking Glass
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie costume exhibit
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie costumes
Alice Through the Looking Glass film costumes
Alice Through Looking Glass costume exhibit
The Costume Designer also had two other fantastic selections of outfits at this 25th Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition, her Oscar-winning Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them costumes and her The Huntsman: Winter's War film costumes, so be sure to check them out too.

Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Alice Through looking Glass movie billboard
Since we last saw our titular character in Alice in Wonderland she's been sailing around the world, exploring far off lands like Asia, which have influenced her wardrobe with regional inspiration and nautical influences.

Alice Kingsley costumes worn by Mia Wasikowska
in Alice Through the Looking Glass
Mia Wasikowska Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume pants
Alice Through the Looking Glass Asian film costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume detail
Alice Looking Glass Asian movie costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Nautical movie costume
Alice Looking Glass Nautical costume
Alice Looking Glass Nautical costume back
The first colourful costume is loosely inspired by imperial costumes in China with its embroidered purple tunic, shaped collar and neckpiece and pants, whilst Alice's other look has a more naval theme from her time at sea.

For more fantastical costumes worn by Mia Wasikowska make sure you also check out these Oscar-winning Alice in Wonderland movie costumes.

Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
In the movie Alice goes to a party in Victorian England in her Chinese-inspired costume and meets 'Alexandra' (played by Joanna Bobin), who is the wife of 'Hamish Ascot' the new owner of the trading company and the ship Alice captains, who she once declined to marry.

Alexandra Ascot costume worn by Joanna Bobin
in Alice Though the Looking Glass
Alice Looking Glass Alexandra Victorian gown
Alice Looking Glass Alexandra Victorian gown
Alice Though Looking Glass Alexandra costume
Alice Looking Glass Alexandra film costume
In this sequel, 'Time' himself is the very enemy for Alice as she tries to help her friend the 'Mad Hatter' and Sacha Baron Cohen plays the personification of the magical being.

Time costume worn by Sacha Baron Cohen
in Alice Through the Looking Glass
Sacha Baron Cohen Alice Looking Glass Time movie costume
Alice Through the Looking Glass Time film costume
Time movie costume Alice Looking Glass
Time glove detail Alice Through the Looking Glass
Time clockwork glove detail Alice Looking Glass
Alice Looking Glass Time costume back
I really love this outlandish costume for the Lord of Time with its dramatic, oversized shoulder pads.

Fans of the actor can also check out his film costumes in The Dictator and his Ali G InDaHouse movie costume.

Red Queen organic armour costume worn by Helena Bonham Carter
in Alice Through the Looking Glass
Helena Bonham Carter Alice Looking Glass Red Queen costume
Alice Looking Glass Red Queen costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Iracabeth costume
Alice Looking Glass Red Queen costume boots
Red Queen costume boots Alice Looking Glass
Red Queen costume train Alice Looking Glass
In the movie Helena Bonham Carter reprises her role as 'Iracebeth' and via Alice's travels through time we get to see how she received her oversized big head and turned into the wicked 'Red Queen'.

I loved getting to see this ornate organic armour costume out from behind a dark, reflective display case, and if you like this, be sure to also check out the other regal costume she wears as the Red Queen in Alice through the Looking Glass (as featured in this billboard for the movie)

Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Buy the movie: Alice Through the Looking Glass (BD + DVD + Digital HD) [Blu-ray]
          Bligh’s demise can’t come soon enough        
ANNA Bligh recently returned from her first overseas trip since being elected Queensland Premier in her own right on March 21.  She visited India, the Middle East and Russia. The worst world economic crisis since the Depression has led to the loss of Queensland’s AAA credit rating, rising unemployment and the government’s unpopular decision to sell off public assets such as ports, rail and timber. Yet Bligh did not visit Queensland’s main trading partners: Japan, South Korea and China. It was the loss of coal royalties that reduced government revenue and in ...
          Decision to keep Chara not as difficult as Chicken Littles are making it out to be        
Clearly overreaction knows no boundaries. The idea that the Bruins should consider trading captain Zdeno Chara started in the Bay State and has now made it 2,000 miles away to Edmonton. The exchange rate obviously hasn’t affected lunacy. Piggy backing on the report from Boston that was the talk of post-Patriots sports radio last week, […]
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The most vital factor has been highlighted above, which is live trading results. All androids that you use with real money wants to have proven profitable performance in a live trading environment. On top of that, whether or not the robot can perform well in forward testing, you also need to make sure that it's been worthwhile in its back tests. Read on to see more about best forex megadroid settings, and why forex megadroid is one of the best automatic robot. It's based mostly on catching and holding the long term trends. A look at any forex chart will show trends that continue for many months or years and this trading system will keep you in them without getting bumped out by short term volatility. It will take you around 15 - thirty mins a day to operate and that's it, you can go and do something else. Like any forex trading system it will have a weakness and this one will generate losses, when markets don't trend or are in periods of consolidation, so you can consider adding another exit rule :Read on to see more about best forex megadroid settings, and why forex megadroid is one of the best automatic robot. Place a stop at an one or two week high or low and then go flat and wait for the following signal.

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          Still with Padres, Peavy gets opening day start        
After a winter of uncertainty, Jake Peavy will start the 2009 season the same way he did last year - in a San Diego Padres uniform.Peavy, who was on the trading block for much of the offseason, will start the Padres' opener on Monday afternoon against Man
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-03-20        
The Padres are looking for a starting pitcher. "We'll see what is out there," general manager Kevin Towers said recently, saying the club might be interested in trading for a starter as well as trolling the late-spring waiver wire. There is no question ab
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-03-19        
The Padres are looking for a starting pitcher. "We'll see what is out there," general manager Kevin Towers said recently, saying the club might be interested in trading for a starter as well as trolling the late-spring waiver wire. There is no question ab
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-03-18        
The Padres are looking for a starting pitcher. "We'll see what is out there," general manager Kevin Towers said recently, saying the club might be interested in trading for a starter as well as trolling the late-spring waiver wire. There is no question ab
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-03-17        
The Padres are looking for a starting pitcher. "We'll see what is out there," general manager Kevin Towers said recently, saying the club might be interested in trading for a starter as well as trolling the late-spring waiver wire. There is no question ab
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-03-14        
The Padres are looking for a starting pitcher. "We'll see what is out there," general manager Kevin Towers said recently, saying the club might be interested in trading for a starter as well as trolling the late-spring waiver wire. There is no question ab
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-03-14        
The Padres are looking for a starting pitcher. "We'll see what is out there," general manager Kevin Towers said recently, saying the club might be interested in trading for a starter as well as trolling the late-spring waiver wire. There is no question ab
          How to Limit Risk and Increase Profits by Using Options Strategies        
Options secrets abound for the options trader. Options are highly flexible trading instruments and they lend themselves to several different profitable strategies. This is one reason why they are so enticing to so many people. There are options strategies to fit any investor. You simply need to know about them in order to be ready to use them .

*Long Calls--These options strategies are utilized in decisive bull markets. This is perhaps the first options trading strategy that you should learn if you are new to the game. Here, you simply buy an options contract that leverages an underlying asset which you suspect is going to doubtless rise in price before the contract ends. When you purchase a call option, you get the right, without any obligation your part, to buy the asset at the price that it carries at the time of contract purchase at any time before the contract finishes. By going'long', you are holding on to this contract till the asset costs rises enough where you would purchase it at a pleasant profit.

*Long Puts--These should likely be the options strategies that you learn next. These are employed in bearish markets. Puts give you the right, but not with any obligation, to sell the underlying asset at the price it carries at the time of the contract's purchase at any time before the contract expires. When you go'long' with a put option, you are definitely forecasting that the price of the stock is going to go down--and thus by selling it at today's price when it is going down in the future, you'll make a profit.

*Covered Calls--These are possibly the most widely used options strategies after long calls. This is also known as the'buy-write' strategy. Here, you hold a long position in the underlying asset while you write--that is, sell--call options on that very same asset at the same time. You would use this options methodology when you are less certain about the asset's probability of rising during the life of the contract. By having a long and an effectively short position at the same time, you are hedging your bets, and you are also giving yourself the chance of generating profits from the contracts' premiums.

*Married Puts--This options system is similar to the covered call, except here you hold a long position while concurrently buying put options on the same asset in which you are long. This is important among options strategies because it is excellent to use during highly variable markets. Potential gains or losses here are produced by the net effect of your long position in both the put and the undergirding asset. With this technique you create a floor so that you could realize unlimited profits but , concurrently, you do restrict your likely loss. If the asset's price falls below the strike price before the contract's expiration, you would would exercise your put option and sell the asset at the strike price . But if its price rises above the strike price, you don't exercise your option ; instead you sell the asset at the higher price and generate a profit if the asset's price is higher than the general value of the position.

These are a few of the most basic options strategies. To learn more of them, subscribe to a good options advisory newsletter.
          Options Trading Signal Services Can Be Very Profitable if You Learn How to Use Smart Money Managemen        
Option trading signals are those indicators which options traders use to know when to sell or buy contracts. It is important that these signals, not feelings, drive the trader's buying and selling process. , it is a very good concept for you to get a good option trading signals advisory newsletter to help know when the time is right and to learn to get a feel for this investment strategy.

It's these signals which allow you to profit consistently and neither take undue risks nor panic too soon and miss the golden possibilities for profits. But what must you look for in your advisories? There are tons of options contracts and an array of different strategies to use for trading. How do you know which advice to follow so that you can master the acceptable option trading signals? Well, to start with, what kind of options trader are you? What's your objective? Do you like using iron condors, butterfly spreads, or just the most simple covered calls? Are you searching for a monthly earnings or do you find the full year's results more important to you?

perhaps you're looking to make fast gains with your options trading, and perhaps you are interested in getting into swing trading. You would need to select an option trading signals newsletter where the folks that write it target this kind of trading.

What are a selection of the other basic possibilities?

*Getting into trend-investing with options.
*Trying to profit on premium rot.
*Creating price range spreads that profit on current and predicted market conditions, such as range-bound trading.

Again, you must find a good advisory newsletter that may talk about the signals concerned in trading these options strategies, if these are what you want. You'll have to be careful in your search, for you may not find good signals counsels for the strategy you've selected. However, there are new services continually cropping up, so there's always reason to resume searching until you find what you're looking for.

The good news is that there are prime quality option trading signals advisories out there. And these can help you make serious money. Do your research and see if you can get suggestions. As you develop experience in working with these newsletter writers, you'll learn how to understand better the option trading signals that you need to look for. One thing to always bear in mind : only select a newsletter from people who are writing about what they really do.

          How to Buy Cheap Options and Profit in Trading        
Let's get real. Getting real in dealing with cheap options means we are going to look at many different angles in with options time frames versus the trading system style. Then we'll compare versus buying 'safe' options many months out as the options 'gurus' tell you to do.

Many of these options 'gurus' tell you to buy options with many months worth of time with no direct correlation to a particular trading strategy, except 'buy and hope for the best' - the most commonly employed "trading system" in the markets today!

These options 'gurus' may also be telling you to buy many months out so by the time your options expires for a massive loss, it's way past the time you can get a refund on their options course.

I'm here to tell you today that you must fit the option purchase to correspond to your trading strategy. Plus you need to buy as little as time as possible on your options in coordination with the average time frame of the type of price move you are targeting.

The notion of buying cheap options and taboo out of the options trading world for some time now. I say phooey to that!

If you have a stock trading strategy that is dependable and of high probability for trading stocks with decent momentum you can profit on short-term options even against the accelerated time decay rates.

I'm telling you, you will be impressed with SlingShot options. You really need to come check it out. I mean come on the price of commissions on one trade or economy slippage on your options trade execution you can check out slingshot options. You really need to check out the performance page.

I'm not here to tell you what to do but whenever something good, actually good available to you as a traitor you really need take the 'pains' to investigate and know if it is something good.

Finding a strategy to trade short-term options is really the best. Because options decay with time anyways. Even options 60 days out decay quite rapidly and you're not going to see reasonable rates of decay until you out 90 days at least.
It's an amazing thing when you have options that go from $200 per contract up to $1700 per contract in about 3 to 5 days. It's an awesome experience that you really need to try sometime.

Again there's nothing wrong with buying options if your timeframe is set by your worst operating system at 2 to 5 days or less. The key is that your system must be very specific and exact in its entries and exits.

Another thing is that in order to make swing trading options all possible and easy to execute you need to learn advanced ordering. Advanced ordering includes the use of a contingent order. It is one of the greatest creations and options trading for some time. More on that topic coming soon…
          It's Not So Difficult to Swing Options Anymore        
Swing options - What does it mean? It means you to trade price swings on stocks with options taking advantage of short-term price movement that happens on a repeated basis lately on stocks that move fluidly, or rather are quite popular to the marketplace.

Swing movements on stocks are the basic bread-and-butter of price movement. Swing movements are the basic building blocks of price trends -- or rather the medium-term trend. In the medium-term trend is the bulk of directional movement in the stock market.

We've discovered something amazing here at SlingShot options. You discover that you can play options price swings with short-term options with a good solid winning percentage sending a cumulative profits into the stratosphere.

And all we have to do is simply keep doing the deals over and over, and over and over. Yes we are swing trading options! Crazy isn't it!

We figured out a way to reliably swing trade options. And it's simply incredible. And for a limited time we are offering memberships that show you where to get in and out so you can swing trade options to.

Many don't believe us because they've never seen it done before. But the issue is here most all our systems have never been done before that's why were so unique. And for the time being we are running option signal services on our various systems until we reach the point where we decide to simply pull our systems and open up hedge funds. Of course that's nice to because we've been trading for you and you would have to do anything really.

But for now when our services are available for you to learn, why not get some insight on how we do it? You can get the exact signals, exact deals, from entry to exit.

Learn to trade the markets and learn to trade options. Take the small effort that is required to become a good options trader. Swinging options is a great way to go because price swings only last a few days and you don't have to deal too much with options time decay. This is important because strategies that take too long to develop often experienced problems with options time decay. And in time decay used money and fewer long calls and puts.

Also imagine being able to get in and get out a quick cash on the market you can do that with options swings. And now today there were techniques options things, or swing trading options is much easier thing to do. Now you can trade options and enter it at the exact swing entry prices for precise entries and exits something that has been a big challenge with swing trading options in the past.

All in all now, today you have the opportunities swing options with accuracy and precision for potential monstrous and continual profits. Pursuing option swing trading could prove to be a very valuable investigation and well worth your efforts.
          Swing Trading Secrets Strategies for Finding a Swing Trading Method That Works for You        
Discover secrets of swing trading my mimicking great swing traders who trade awesome systems. Learn how to dramatically yank massive potential profits over and over on a continual basis from the stock market, the stock options market, the futures market, the Forex markets and even the emini's markets (which is the futures market).

Why swing trading success seems so secret to many is a mystery to me. Go take a look at charts. Study them carefully. Start counting the days. You should be able to start identifying patterns. But the key is that you need to be able to identify a method of entry and exit off the stock patterns.

Yes not only do you need to understand patterns for entry for swing trading, you need the swing trading secrets entry and exit mechanisms that can net you out a profit. Not just make a great gain here or there. Your NET profits must be there. This also means that you must carefully examine your costs. Your costs are the flip flops, the losses, the stops, the trades that don't' work out.

How are you going to determine you're your most efficient place for stop loss placement? You need to compare day bar versus intraday bars for reference for your stop losses. Intraday bars, such as the 60 min bars carry many secrets for efficient entry and exit . But the challenge with Intraday bars is that they often require more observation and watching in terms of trading. But the profits can be high and the costs can be low so check it out. If you could make, or at least work up to $100,000 a month trading intraday bars, it's probably well worth your efforts.

Otherwise day bar swing trading is very liberating. You can simply trade the day bars by night. You can even trade options by night through the use of contingent orders which is awesome. Simply place your orders before the next day's market open and your swing orders can be triggered by stop to enter orders or by contingent orders on your options. You can also use one follows the other or one triggers another orders to help automate the order process for you.

You are going to have to pick stocks that tend to swing well. Now you can pick stocks that move a lot of points or a little amount of points but the bottom line is that the stock needs to tends to swing smoothly. Every stock, future or Forex pair has a historical behavior or character associated with it and that character gives you and edge. Edges in trading make money.

All in all the swing trading secrets will be found by you through the process of getting in the game, getting your hands dirty, rolling up your sleeves and diving in to start figuring out the nitty gritty details on entry, cost and potential profit. Until you work out your system, demo trade it then trade it real time you'll never really know, you'll never really find out if your ideas are actually workable. So get to work and one day you'll crack the code to discovering swing trading secrets that can actually create a significant and ongoing profit for you, a profit that could provide you a very good living from trading the markets.
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-01-22        
The signing of David Eckstein could lead to a scramble for infield spots in San Diego. The second base position was unsettled last season, and since trading Khalil Greene to St. Louis in December, the Padres had also been without a shortstop. All general
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-01-21        
The signing of David Eckstein could lead to a scramble for infield spots in San Diego. The second base position was unsettled last season, and since trading Khalil Greene to St. Louis in December, the Padres had also been without a shortstop. All general
          San Diego Padres Inside Pitch 2009-01-21        
The signing of David Eckstein could lead to a scramble for infield spots in San Diego. The second base position was unsettled last season, and since trading Khalil Greene to St. Louis in December, the Padres had also been without a shortstop. All general
          Report Writing        

 Daylight Robbery

    An East Timorese woman, aged 32, was robbed by two Militia men in their 20's CIVPOL monitors have been called in to assess the situation and conduct an interview.
    On the 27th June 1999 an East Timorese woman aged 32, was robbed in 3road daylight, midday. The Two robbers jumped out of the bushes on her way home for lunch, armed with a gun and machete. One was in front and one behind. They demanded her purse, watch and jewelry. First she refused to hand over anything, so the man in front pushed her then punched her in the stomach. She then gave her valuables, but the men didn't believe that she had given everything. The one behind her pinned her arms behind her while the other one punched her repeatedly in the stomac

h. She passed out and when she woke up, the men had gone. She was hurt quite badly so she had to spend a day in hospital. She was threatened by the men; they said that they would kill her if she informed the police. They were probably Militia as they asked her if she had voted in the independence election and became angry when she said yes. She had never seen the men before.
reasons for incident and description of assailants
    Both the men were in their early 20's and were about 5'6-5'8 inches tall wearing red bandannas. One dressed in camouflage fatigues and the other in faded denims and a white t-shirt, the taller one had a scar down the right cheek.
    The woman was probably robbed as the two men knew, or had heard, that she had voted in the independence election, and wanted to confirm it and hit back at her for doing so.
conclusion \Summary
CIVPOL will pass this information to the local police and said that she should contact them should the men return and threaten her again. CIVPOL  assured the woman that they would patrol her streets more closely.
    A plane has been hijacked on route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Rome, Italy on 20 July 2001
    Flight IA 504 is hijacked by five armed men twenty minutes into the flight. It is on its way to Rome, Italy from Kuala Lumpur International. The hijackers divert the plane to Bangkok and demand the release of their 6 friends in an East Timorese jail. They threaten to blow up the plane if their demands are not met. The bomb is apparently in the luggage compartment. After 3 hours, the plane lands in Singapore and the hijackers ask for food and water. The plane is then surrounded by Army Special Forces and food and water is given in exchange for female hostages. Negotiations take place between hijackers and local authorities, why say they need 5 hours to arrange the release of their 6 friends. After 5 hours, the authorities refuse to release 6 but agree to 3. 15 hours of negotiations go on and finally the men surrender to the authorities.
Reasons for incident/Description
    The hijackers have hijacked the plane to force the release of their friends in an East Timorese jail. There are five armed men on the plane armed with pistols and possibly a hand grenade. They say there is a bomb in the luggage compartment.
    After 15 hours of negotiations, there is no breakthrough and the hijackers surrender without any of their demands being met. All hostages are released unharmed.
Hit and Run
    On the main, highway running to Madrid,, northwest of the city of Barcelona, at 10:30PM, on Friday the 2nd February/there has been a hit and run case. Eyewitnesses say it was a 1996, opal grey, Austin Minor car with caravan. The car was heading towards Madrid when a cyclist on the same road was hit. It was raining and visibility was very bad. The cyclist for some reason moved onto the road from the cycling lane and was hit. His cycle was completely crushed, and has left leg and arm were broken, he received minor injuries to his head, even though he was wearing helmet. The victim was wearing cycling gear but did not have any protection from the rain. He was about 18 years old, slim and 5'10" tall. The cyclist was coming from Madrid. The victim was taken to Barcelona hospital and is said to be out of danger. The car was said to have some scratches from the cycle on the left-hand side as well. Due to the poor visibility, the witnesses at the scene of the crime could not read the number plate.
    A search is taking place for the car in Madrid, as it as heading in that direction. The eyewitness said that there were four people in the car and didn't know if there were more in the caravan. By the brief close look he got and poor visibility, the witness thinks they were all men.
Trapped in an Earthquake
    It was 1:00 AM on Friday the 16th December 1990. Almost all the residents of Cyber town were asleep. It was raining very lightly and it was very dark. All of a sudden at 1:02 AM there was a tremor of more than 6.7 on the Richter scale. It lasted for about 3 minutes. All the houses collapsed pulling down telephone and electrical poles. Fires started, as the main gas supply the houses was broken and gas was leaking everywhere. The people, who managed to wake up and run out of their houses, were running around trying to find a safe place. The ones who were injured or trapped were crying out for help. The whole place was in chaos. Police and army personnel (the ones that had survived the earthquake) were called in to help, and take charge of the situation.Out of the total 50 houses in the town at least 40 of the houses were completely destroyed. Those that were not destroyed were damaged very badly. Ambulances from the near by towns were called in to help with the situation, as they were not as badly effected, as they did not fall directly in the earthquake line.

    The army set up temporary tents in order to accommodate the injured and lost, and a mobile unit was put up for immediate relief. Nearby towns and cities sent out relief workers to help with the situation. Food and medicine vas quickly requested for. By 4:00 AM people were either looking for the missing people or burying the dead. There was a slight haze in the sky from all the dust that had been floating around from the crumbling buildings. t would take the people of Cyber town at least 3-6 months to bring things lack to normal for themselves.
Selling  Alcohol
    At dusk on Saturday 29 September 2001, Mr. Abdul Hamid a young man who is 28 years old, the owner of a small restaurant, in downtown Abu Dhabi. His shop was next to the tall building of the central Bank. Even 'though it was a Saturday, and a holiday, he decided to open his small shop, because his business had not been very good and he needed all the extra money to support his large family. He had only five or six customers during the whole day but he was looking forward to the evening when men would come to have drink. Although, being a Muslim country it was permitted to sell the locally brewed Stella beer, from which he could make quite a bit of profit.
    Then around 9:OOPM two men casually dressed came into his shop and asked him for some beer and things to eat. As soon as he had brought their order, they both stood up and caught him and held his hands behind his back. They said that they were from the Religious police, and that it was forbidden by the Sharia law to sell any sort of alcohol on a holiday. They said that ithere had been a new law passed saying that this was the new rule for all public holidays. The penalty for abusing this law was death, or 100 lashes. Abdul Hamid apologized to the policemen saying that he was not aware that this new law had been imposed, he begged the two policemen to forgive him as it was his first offence and begged them for mercy. Both the officers looked at each other and gave the situation a lot of thought, after some time they released him with a very stem warning.

    A 46-years-old woman accused of being a witch was hacked to death in a remote village in the northeastern Indian state of Tripura, the Press Trust of India reported Thursday. The news agency said the woman was known as a I "spinster in the  village because she had remained unmarried. The woman.KuntiDebbarma, lived on her own and was always fairly quiet, reserved and  considered odd to the villagers. She was forcibly removed from her hut in Tuiching village in western Tripura at approximately 4:40pm witnesses said. She was dragged into the middle of the village by 7 of her neighbors who then proceeded to hack her to death using machetes and axes. She had been accused of allegedly practicing sorcery in her village and putting a spell on a newborn baby that had recently died. Police have launched an operation in the remote tribal area to catch Debbarma's neighbors who are now hissing. Witnesses stated that there were 3 women and 4 men in her death. However, villagers have stated that they were unaware of the whereabouts of the missing people. One man stated that the missing neighbors were reportedly in Jhasi, while another male stated he saw them in the next village over. A female informant stated that after the attacks, two men and one of the woman headed southeast on foot, while the other women and one man headed north by bus, she didn't know the whereabouts of the other man involved. Police have been receiving conflicting reports and will continue their search for the attackers. Every year, several women are killed in India at the hands of villagers after being accused of sorcery. Last year there were 213 reported murdered of "accused' witches in India alone.

    Early Monday morning at approximately 3:30am, tropical storms blew away over 6,469 mud and thatch houses and knocked down approximately  396 trees in northern Bangladesh, killing three people and leaving nearly 5,332 people homeless, police reported early Tuesday
Morning. The storms were unexpected for many of the villagers and almost all of the people involved had been asleep when the storms hit. one woman and her baby girl were crushed to death when their tin-roofed house collapsed during the storms. The woman and child were apparently alive after the storm ended, but villagers were unable to rescue them before their deaths. One man was killed by lightning while trying to savetwo young manwho were also trapped in the thatch house next to his. Fifty people were injured during the rainstorms in Netrokona, Sylhet and Moulvibazardistricts  according to police reports in Ittefaq and Janakantha. It is unknown how many injured people are being hospitalized at the moment. The storms not only leveled mud and thatch houses, but tin roof houses as well in the farming region 132 kilometers (80 miles) northeast of Dhaka, the national capital. Police officers are Trying to organize search parties to help remove bodies from the rubble in hopes of knowing an exact number of deaths. At this moment the death toil is three, but police fear that once the house rubble has been cleared, the death toll will dramatically increase.

Jail Break
    There were 350 I nmates in Alcatraz Jail, and 60 staff. It was classified as a maximum security jail and escape was considered to be next to impossible.It is situated on an island and is surrounded by water, which is infested with Sharks. The security staff are shuttled to and from the island by ferry twice a day, which a is the only way in and out.However on the night of 3 April 1992, there was a jail break. Twenty of the inmates managed to escape.What happened was, when the evening ferry came to shuttle the day stuff back to the mainland at 5:00 PM, a fire was started in the dining hall by some of the inmates, in the central building. Most staff on duty rushed to the scene and tries to put out the fire. In the meantime, while all the staff were busy with the fire, the twenty who escaped managed to overpower the guards at the main gate and boarded the ferry which was only manned by two guards. they took the ferry to an isolated spot and abandoned it there. Although the local police were informed, and a search was conducted, they managed to escape. A description of each has been given to the central police headquarters and also to all sub-offices.It has been a week since the incident, and there are no clues as the where they are now. Their friends who are still in the jail are not willing to talk or help authorities on this matter.
    At 2100 hours on Friday 15th September 2000 an Albanian male called Mentor. Who lives in pristina, at Grid reference 136 247.heard a knock at the front door of his house. when he opened it. he saw three masked men standing there. One of hese men grabbed hold of him, held a hunting knife to his throat, and told Mentor. inAbanian no to move or he would be killed. The other two men then entered his house and started to destroy the living -room furniture with a large hammer. which they had with them. The taller of the two men was dressed in green combat clothing and a red ski mask, and the shorter man was wearing blue trousers, a white jacked and a blue ski mask, all three were speaking Serbian to each other. when the two men had finished breaking the living-room furniture, they went upstairs and continued to destroy the furniture there. Later the shorter man in the white jacket came down the stairs and ran outside, returning shortly afterwards  carrying a red plastic container. He poured petrol from the container over the broken living-room furniture and the tall man then set the furniture alight. The  three man started to laugh and the one holding Mentor told him. in Albanian, that it was time the Albanians knew what it was like to have their homes destroyed.  mentor tried to break free, but was pushed to the ground and kicked in the stomach a number of times. The house was starting to fill with smoke, the tall man told him not to report the incident or they would cut his throat. The three men then ran from the house laughing. Mentor was able to crawl from the house into the street, where he saw, abut one hundred meters down the street. The three men standing under a streetlight talking to another male person, who was giving them money.Thethree  men then got into a white Alfa Romeo driving off in the direction of the hospital and the other person walked away towards the town center. The Fire services arrived about five minutes later, by which time the house was well on fire, with flames leaping through the roof. The only items of property, which were saved from the house, were a clock and a satellite dish. Two UNMIK police patrols attended the scene and assisted in keeping people away from the fire. A Danish police officer took  Mentor to the hospital in Pristina, for treatment to his left hand, which he had burnt saving the clock from die house. Mentor was requested to attend police station number one, Pristina, at 1200 hours the following day, to be interviewed.

    At 1230 hours on Tuesday 3 October 2000, an Albanian male called Besnik went to the UNMIK Police Station Number 4, in Pristina. He stated that his uncle's neighbour had telephoned him and said that he had heard a gunshot from the uncle's house.
An INMIK Police unit was sent to the address, at Grid reference 129326. arriving at the scene at 1240 hours, where they found an elderly male person lying on the kitchen floor. The emergency medical services were called to the scene and Doctor Agim KRASNIQI pronounced the male dead at 1315 hours, the man had died from one gunshot wound to his head. The dead man was an Albanian about 45 years old, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a gray jersey. Next to the body were an Astra automatic pistol, and one empty 7.65 bullet case. A neighbor informed the Police Officers that he had heard a gunshot from next door. at 1200 hours that day and then telephoned Besnik. Both he and the nephew identified the body as Raji HARB. The neighbour also stated that he had been living next door to Raji for 20 years, and that Raji had been suffering from tuberculosis. This disease had caused him a lot of pain over the last year and he had attempted to commit suicide twice before. Also found at the scene, near the body, were a suicide note written on a newspaper and a wedding ring.
    The last person to see Raji alive was his nephew. It was at 0730 hours .morning when he saw his uncle cleaning his car. The body was taken to (mortuary in Pristina hospital. Besnik was requested to attend the Police lion at 1300 hours the following day for interview.


    At 1125 hours on Tuesday 2 May 2000 a Traffic Accident occurred at the main roundabout in south Pristina, grid reference 129217, the vehicles .involved were a British Army Landrover and a black Nissan jeep. The circumstances to the accident were as follows: the Landover drove onto the roundabout from the Northern entrance and the black Nissan jeep, which was already driving around the roundabout, failed to give way to the Landrover, so a collision occurred between the two vehicles. After the collision the Nissan jeep drove away from the scene, towards Pristina Hospital. A witness it the scene was able to give a description of the driver of the jeep as a young dark haired female, approximately 20 years of age, wearing a white blouse, who was alone in the car. The witness also recorded the car's registration number 044 KS 141, on an envelope she was carrying. A joint UNMIK and KPS police patrol arrived at the scene fifteen minutes later, the UNMIK police officer was from Zimbabwe. It was raining at the time of the accident, visibility was poor and the traffic on the roundabout was heavy. the police took measurements of the road and retained broken headlight ass and traces of black paint, found at the scene of the accident. The military driver and his front seat passenger were not wearing their seat belts the time of the accident and both received bruising to the head chest. they were taken to the British Military Hospital to receive medical treatment. The damage to the military vehicle was a badly dented front left side wing; the vehicle was towed to the British Barracks in Pristina. The fitness identified herself as an UN civilian employee, working as a finance officer, in room 12, United Nations Headquarters, Pristina.

    At 2010 hours on Monday 18 October 1999, in Pristina, a Serbian female stopped an UNMIK Police Patrol. She was very upset, reporting that her house had been robbed. The patrol took her back home, which was at grid reference 125 227.
At the address the police officers spoke to the woman's husband, a Serbian, who owns a Jewelry shop. which is located in the same building. He stated that at 1930 hours he and his wife were eating in their kitchen when there was a knock at the shop door. When he opened the door he was faced by three men. He described these persons as all being about 25 years old. dressed in green military type jacket and trousers, with their faces covered by dark masks. The leader of the group held an AK 47 in his right hand, the other two were armed with a revolver and a large knife. He also noticed a white Volkswagen car with a female in the driver's seat, parked in front of the shop. the car's engine was running. The leader of the group shouted at the owner in Albanian, forced him back into the kitchen and demanded money from the shop safe. When the victim refused, the man with the revolver hit him across the face knocking him down to the ground. It was then that the power went off and the house was thrown into darkness. The victim started to struggle with the suspects and he managed to take the revolver from one of the men. The suspects then ran from the house through the' rear door. The victim chased them out of the building and saw the two with the rifle and the knife getting into the white Volkswagen, which then drove off towards the city centre. The third suspect disappeared into the woods at the back of the house. Later the police searched the woods and the jacket of the third suspect was found. In the jacket was a driving license and a photograph of a young girl. The revolver, jacket and the other items were seized by the police for further examination. As a result of his struggle with the three suspects the victim received a swollen right eye and a cut to the head, which were later treated at Pristina hospital. It was also revealed that the suspects had taken two gold rings and three silver bracelets, with a total value of 1300 German Marks. The police advised the victim that they would make a report and investigate the incident.                                                   


    Monday 1 of May 2000 about 0140 hours an Albanian male went to the Local UNMIK Police Station and reported that an Armed Robbery had taken ice at the Mini Market near the Stadium. When the Police Patrol arrived at the Mini Market, they found the Security Guard in an office, his hands were handcuffed behind his back and his mouth had been covered with tape. hen they released the guard, he gave them the following information. He stated that he had been employed as a Security Guard at the Mini Market since November 1999 and he was responsible for the security of the building when it closed. On Sunday 30 April he started work at 2100 hours, he checked the building and found the doors and windows secure. After he had finished checking the building he went to his office to complete some paperwork. He was listening to the radio, when at 0015 hours he heard a noise in the Mini Market. Before he could react, the office door opened and four males rushed in. They were all about 20 years old and all wearing a red baseball hat. The one with the hat an automatic pistol of some kind, which he held in his right hand and one of the others, had a baseball bat, which he held in his left hand. The man with the gun pointed it at the guard and shouted at  him. in Serbian, to sit still or he would be killed. Two of the males then gagged and bound him, the one with the baseball bat stayed with him. The hers went out of the office and he heard them taking things out through the side door. About half an hour later the man with the gun re-entered the office warning him again to be quiet, then all four left the Mini Market through theside door. He believed the persons were Serbian as they talked to each otherand him only in Serbian. He waited for sometime before trying to raise the alarm he was eventually heard by the guard of the store next door, who reported the incident to the UNMIK police. This person also stated that at 0045 hours that night he saw a dark colored Mercedes leaving the Mini market car park, towards the Airport. The Police and the guard carried out a check of the building; they found a rear window had been forced open. The Victim stated that 28 cases of Whiskey and 53 boxes of cigarettes had been taken, however all the money was still in safe.


    At 0848 hours on Wednesday the 23rd of September 2000, UNMIK Police Officers from Pristina police station number 1 and units from KFOR responded to