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CA-Orange, Account Manager - Project Team The Company: Transcend Information, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Mr. Chung-Won Shu, Peter, with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Today, Transcend has become a leading global brand of digital storage, multimedia and industrial products with 14 offices worldwide. Not only do we design, develop, and manufacture all of our own products, but we also market and sell them
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          2015 June CISA Exam Taiwan Apply Certification 申請認證 5        
我在通過 2015 年 6 月的 CISA 考試後,於同年 8 月 8 日寄出申請證的申請表,經過 8 週後收到 CISA 認證通過的通知。這篇文章,就是介紹自己申請 CISA 認證的整個過程:
  1. 確認符合申請 CISA 認證的資格
  2. 列印 ISACA 的《Application for CISA Certification》文件
  3. 申請大學、研究所的英文成績單、畢業證書
  4. 填寫「Work Experience Detail」
  5. 填寫「Job Practice Areas」工作實務領域
  6. 請主管驗證
  7. 寄出《Application for CISA Certification》文件
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  9. FAQ
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          Teaching English in Korea Interview        
I was recently asked to provide an interview about my experience teaching in Korea, my decision to move to Korea, stereotypes of English teachers in Asia, culture shock and cultural assimilation, EPIK, and some other general stuff about my experience teaching English in Korea. I thought I would go ahead and provide the interview here. I hope you find it helpful. There may be a follow up interview in the future, if so I'll post that as well.

----- Why did you first decide to move to Korea? Had you had previous
experience? Did you know others who had traveled to Korea before
deciding to relocate there? Please describe your decision making

My decision to come here was very circumstantial. I was working as a research scientist in the US and was dating a Canadian when my grant got canceled and I was out of work. We didn't have a good way to be together in either of our countries, and she had friends who had paid off significant portions of their student loans teaching in Korea, so we started looking into it. We considered Taiwan most seriously as an alternative, but in the end the ease of the offers in Korea -- airfare paid, apartment ready when you get here -- and the excellent pay (at that time, in 2005, the exchange rate was about 40% better than it is now) lured us here. I had one friend that had taught in Japan with JET and had a decent experience but left before the end of the year. I read a lot about teaching in Korea before I came, espeically on, which presents a particularly negative side of teaching here, but we decided to come anyway.

----- Was the process of moving different than what you expected? What
everyday difficulties, if any, do you encounter living in a foreign

The process of moving was very easy and more-or-less what I expected. The shock of landing in a very foreign country was intense. I had never been outside of N. America before, and Korea is very different than home. Jet lag was severe, and I remember on our second night there we went out to eat, at an Italian restaurant of all places, and after being out for an hour or two, my energy just plummeted. I didn't know how I was going to make it back to the apartment. I think our minds have a filtering system that keeps us sane by blocking most of the massive amount of information that constantly surrounds us. It filters that which is the same, usual, because we don't need to be aware of that. But suddenly in a Korean city, nothing is usual, so the mind is very easily overloaded. You ask about culture shock later, but let me say here, I think there are two seperate events that are labeled as culture shock, and they are very different. There is the experience I just described, which was very intense for just a few hours on the first few nights, mostly just lasted a few days and fades away entirely with a week or two. Then there is another experience that sets in around 3 or 4 or 6 months into living in a foreign culture, when the novelty has worn off, and things get really hard. I talk about this at length in a blog post, here.

----- I know there has been a stereotype of inexperienced Americans and
Canadians going to foreign countries and working very briefly, using
the job as a means to pay for a vacation. Do you think this is still
the case? There also has been a history of foreigners being lured to
countries like Korea (or Thailand) with promises of great jobs and
money only to be met with disappointing living and working conditions.
Has this practice changed? What opinions do you have regarding
both sides of this complicated relationship between teachers and
recruiters? Do you think EPIK has changed this in Korea?

I don't know how qualified I am to speak generally about this, especially since I haven't lived in Seoul, and that's where the vast majority of foreigners are (that was even more true before the government's recent push to put native english speakers in every public school in the country). But here are some thoughts.

Yes, people use it as a way to get away from home, as an escape. The reality is that living and working here comes with a huge load of challenges. I don't want to say it's harder, that would depend on specific circumstances at home and here, but it's definitely hard. I don't know a single foreigner here that would disagree with that. And while I think Korea rightly has a reputation for being particularly difficult, I've heard similar complaints about Thailand, Japan, China, etc.. So if this job has a reputation for being an easy way to take a vacation, I think that's undeserved. I think we earn every won we make.

I had read a lot about people showing up and being given moldy, rat-filled apartments. I think that has always been a tiny, if highly vocal, minority, and even more so now as the arrangement has become more widespread and communication between foreigners living here and thinking about coming here has increased. That said, people definitely do get screwed from time to time. Hagwons, the private, after-school tutoring centers that outside of EPIK employ almost all of the foreign English teachers, are intensely for-profit, and every won saved on a foreigner is a won of profit for the owner. I worried a lot about what would happen at the end of my hagwon contract, because at the end of a contract foreigners generally receive a month's pay, a bonus month's pay called severance, approximately a month's pay from contributions the boss should have been making each month to the national pension fund that can be withdrawn as a lump sum by foreigners leaving the country, and return airfare home. That adds up to about 7 million won for most foreigners. In the end, I did get nearly everything I was owed, with a hundred thousand or two won, but I felt like if the boss had thought he could have pushed me around, he probably would have.

Recruiters are driven by profit motivation too, and they understand how few recourses a foreigner has once they have moved here. So I think it's terribly important for foreigners to get references for their recruiter and their hagwon before they sign a contract. With EPIK this is much less true because the contract is standardized and there isn't the same profit motivation present in public schools. EPIK is far from perfect, and there are plenty of complaints among my friends and I about the program, but it is much more secure than a hagwon gig.

----- Have you experienced significant "culture shock" as a foreigner in Korea?

Yes, see answer 2.

----- To what degree do you think it's important to assimilate to the
culture you are living in?

Again, I'm not sure how qualified I am, because I haven't ever assimilated into a foreign culture. Note that the vast, vast majority of foreigners living here don't assimilate to any noticeable degree. I suspect those that have would say that it's both difficult and important. I think it's particularly difficult in Korea, because Korea has a history of fending off foreign invasions (surrounded as have been, historically, by empires: Japanese, Mongolian, Chinese, etc.) and that has informed their culture around the treatment of foreigners. For a more thorough treatment of this, see Korea Unmasked, which is written by a Korean. I think xenophobia is common here, as is fetishization of foreigners. Racism is, I think, less common, but prevalent as well.

On a lighter note, learning some simple aspects of the language: the "alphabet," food, numbers, taxi directions, etc. is hugely helpful, and new arrivals should learn that stuff ASAP.

----- I know EPIK views their native English speakers as assistants to
the regular English teachers, do you think using native English
speakers is beneficial when teaching English?

It's true that we are titled Assistant Teachers. What this means in practice varies widely from province to province, county to county, school to school, and especially from elementary to middle to high schools. My understanding is that in elementary schools foreigners are often treated more like assistants, with Korean teachers planning the lessons and incorporating foreigners to degrees ranging from not at all (I had one coteacher, who I taught 4 hours a week with last semester, with whom I would literally sit in a student's chair, in front of the class, facing the class, which he taught, and often not say a word. I eventually started bringing books into class and sat there reading.) to true coteaching, where the teaching role is passed back and forth. There are also situations in elementary schools where the Korean teacher feels embarrassed about their English in front of a foreigner, or is just lazy, and has the foreigner do all of the lesson planning and teaching. This can be good for everyone, if the Korean stays engaged with the class to keep Korean norms around discipline and respect in order. If, as many do, the Korean sits silently in the back of the class or even walks out, it can be very frustrating. It is extremely difficult to teach beginners of a language without a common language, especially children, with their constantly ambling attention. This alone is sufficient for me to recommend EPIK over hagwons to incoming teachers -- in EPIK you have a coteacher, in hagwons you don't.

I think it could be valuable to use native teachers, and in many cases I think it is. But the systems to make it properly and be of real benefit to the students haven't been put in place yet. This initiative to have native English speakers in every school is very young, and they are still learning how it should be done. So, as with the example I mentioned above, it often ends up being worthless for the students, and I think very frequently is of marginal value. I think a native speaker is most valuable as a teacher to advanced language learners, and those aren't primary and secondary students in Korea. With the right sort of co-teaching, I think it can be valuable. It brings a new pedagogy to language learning in Korea, which I think is sorely needed. I think it may be most valuable in diminishing xenophobia. There are now foreigners in every town in the country, and every student will grow up knowing at least 12 different foreigners. It's an extremely expensive cultural reform, but I foresee it opening up Korea quite a bit, and Korea has been a rather closed culture. When I left Korea last time, I took a ferry over to China, and the first Chinese person that I spent any time with told me that he thought culturally, "Korea is more [traditional] Chinese than China."

----- What are some of the benefits of teaching overseas as opposed to
teaching in your home country? What are the negative aspects?

This is a huge question. I think most of the benefits come from living abroad, and after that working abroad, the actually teaching abroad, in my opinion, has marginal benefits.

For teaching, that it is easier to get into comes to mind. Anyone with a bachelors degree can get a job in Korea. It is also an easier job for most people, but this is balanced by it being harder to live and work here. The negative aspects of working here are primarily that you might not have much control over your curriculum if you teach in a public school, and you might not have much control over (or ability to communicate with) your students if you teach in a hagwon.

A lot is made about the potential to save money here, and I think it is misunderstood. A typical job here, and this includes probably 95%+ of the jobs here pays between 2.0 - 2.3 million won per month. In addition, your airfare to and from Korea is taken care of and apartment (minus utilities) is furnished and paid for. Income tax is much more progressively structured in Korea than in the US, so at these income levels, the tax rate is 3.3%, and in public schools there is a two-year exemption from even that. Health care is socialized and costs about 50,000 won/month for coverage and makes visits to the doctor/dentist/pharmacy extremely cheap. Add to that the fact that, outside of Seoul, there isn't a lot for foreigners to spend money on. Restaurants are cheap, public transportation is excellent, and most of us don't want to accumulate much stuff, because we have to get rid of it or find a way to get it home in a year or two, and desirable entertainment options are scarce. So, 2.2 million won isn't that much money (about $1600 right now) for a month's work, but some expenses are covered by employer, some are minimized by the policies of the Korean Government, and others just aren't present here.

The benefits of living and working abroad are significant, and I think under appreciated and misunderstood. Much has been made of President Obama having lived in many different cultures and his penchant for surrounding himself with advisors that have also lived in other cultures. People that have left their home for an extend period of time develop a different way of looking at the world. I think this comes from having the beliefs that are operant in your home society (which we don't notice because they are omnipresent) challenged. That leads people to have more nuanced perspectives that are less based on the beliefs that are instilled by our culture's stories. Leaving the culture you were raised in, even temporarily, is -- must be -- an eye opening experience. A friend asked me recently what made me come back to Korea when I had many grievances about my first year here. I told him that I felt like a transformation had started in my first year that I needed to continue and couldn't at home -- that by removing myself from the shared beliefs, common assumptions and homogeny of the society I grew up in, I was forced to look more closely at the people and events around me and deliver my own conclusions, because I couldn't rest on the beliefs I had picked up by osmosis at home. I also had to redefine myself, because those around me didn't see me through the same cultural lens I had always been seen. Those processes are extremely trying, and I think they are generates the culture shock that emerges after a few months of living in a foreign culture. Really living in a foreign culture is probably the only way to experience it. When one travels, one is not immersed in a culture the same way one is when they are, for example, working in a foreign culture. So that's a benefit and a negative aspect. I believe it is hugely important, and it's why I am here now in spite of the intense frustration and frequent loneliness. Well, that and student loans. And the food. And the proximity to Southeast Asia.

One last thing I'll mention is a certain sense of freedom that comes with living here. I think it is related to the redefinition I just wrote about at length, in that it comes from a lack of understanding between you and those around you, which comes from a lack of shared cultural stories/assumptions. But knowing that no one really gets you, and no one can, is frighteningly liberating. And not understanding what that 15 year old is talking about on her cellphone can be pretty nice too.
          Teaching in Korea FAQ        
In my ongoing efforts to help people decide if teaching English in Korea is right for them, I thought I would post my responses to some questions I got from a friend of a friend who is thinking about making the move to Korea. I hope this helps. If there are any questions you think should be added to the list, let me know.

1. How did you apply for the position?

Through a recruiter. It is possible to apply to public school jobs directly, but there isn't any advantage to doing it that way, and it's more difficult and you have one less person in your corner should any issues come up. You could also come here to look for work... I think that makes the most sense for those with experience who are trying to land a highly competitive position, such as a university gig. One of the greatest benefits to starting in Korea is that everything is taken care of for you.... the recruiter will find you positions (for free, they're paid by the school), help you get everything in order for your visa and such, and then you'll be set up with a ticket (or airfare) and when you get here you'll have an apartment waiting for you. I can't imagine landing in Taiwan or Vietnam and trying to find a place to live at the same time as all the other new-arrival stuff.

2. Are you TESL/TEFLO certified?

No, and there's no need to be in Korea. For those who think Korea is a good fit, I would suggest starting here without it, and if after a year or two hear, you decide you want to stick with TEFL and possibly move somewhere where the certification is more important (particularly in the Middle East and a few particular Asian countries), then look into that.

3. How long did it take you from the begginning of your application process till ending up in Korea?

I started in May-ish, knowing that I wanted to come at the begining of the semester Sept. 1. One guy in my town did the whole thing in a couple weeks, but that's definitely on the fast end. The new school year just started last week.... there are always positions available, in public and private schools, but the big hiring pushes are for 3/1 and 9/1... I'd suggest starting several months before you want to come.

4. Is it easy to transfer teachig positions throughout Korea/Asia/World

I'm not sure what you mean by transfer. Korea runs almost 100% on 1-year contracts. One downside to Korea is that visas are non-transferable, so if you don't finish your contract, you have to get a release from your employer and go through the whole visa process again with your new employer. My understanding is that in Japan, for example, the visa is transferable. If you mean at the end of the contract, it's certainly easy to transfer within Korea... a year of experience here is a big plus because employers know you know what you're in for and that you can handle it. I imagine that's true with employers in other countries too. Two years experience and/or TEFL seems to be a commonly listed necessary experience for some of the more desireable jobs I've seen.

5. How hard is it to adapt socially (i.e. nightlife, dating,)

This is a huge question, and there are a lot of variables, most importantly you. I would suggest reading blogs of English teachers here... that's a nice window. Mine is at I'll probably refer you to a couple specific posts at some point.

In sum, Korea is not an easy place to adapt to. It is probably one of the lesser foreigner-friendly places on the planet. I have friends that have married into Korean families and are happy and plan to spend the rest of their lives here. But I know a lot more people that have come, foudn it very difficult, and are anxious to get out at the end of their contract. I think much of that is culture shock... the experience of living and working in a foreign culture after the novelty has worn off, and I do hear similar complaints from teachers in Japan and Thailand, but I'm not sure they are as ubiquitous or as strong as they are here.

If nightlife and dating are real concerns for you, I would suggest Seoul, or possibly Busan. Seoul is one of the biggest cities in the world, and you can find just about anything there, though I have never heard it refered to as cosmopolitan. Busan is a city of something like 3 million... I lived there for a year and quite liked it... it's on the beach and has a more moderate climate and a less hectic feel than Seoul, but also many many less foreigners and services for foreigners. Now I'm in a tiny town on the east coast, far from everything and very isolated. I took the job largely for the 5 week vacation, but it makes the other 47 weeks pretty tough, and I'm someone who likes a lot of time to himself for reading, guitar, exercise, etc.. Again, search for blogs of folks teaching in Seoul, Busan and other random places... the differences will be obvious.

6. What happens if i get sick/injured?

Korea has wonderful socialized medicine. About 50,000 won (~$30) of your monthly paycheck gets you medical care at prices you won't believe ($2 for a dentist visit, $.85 for a perscription fill, $300 for a crown treatment). Many doctors are trained at US medical schools. The bigger the city, the better in terms of quality of care and availability of ENglish speakers.

7. Have you been able to save money fairly easy?

Yes. This is the other advantage to living in the sticks... there's nothing to spend money on! Unfortunately, over the last six months, the exchange rate has moved massively against those of us saving won to convert to dollars (~40%). It hasn't affected prices here much, but it sucks when you transfer money home. Still, I will bank 5-figures this year, and that's with a 3-week trip to Thailand, buying the nicest food I can find and taking regular trips around the country. I don't, however, drink or smoke or eat meat, so I save money on all of those. The maxim is that you should be able to save half of your salary without trying. I save around 70%. When thinking about savings, don't forget that at the end of your contract you effectively get 2 months extra pay - one called severence and one from a pension.

8. How much stuff did you bring to Korea?

I brought the two largest suitcases I could get my hands on, and packed things like Clif bars, books, and a tennis racket. My parents send me a package every few months with my favorite foods and toiletries, which helps a lot.

9. have you picked up much of the language since your inception?

No, and most people don't, but that's stupid. Korean is one of the hardest languages for an English speaker to learn, but it can be done. Especially in Seoul, if you really wanted to commit to it, there are hagwons (a hagwon is like a tutoring center, they offer after school classes to students, especially in English, and employ most of the foreigners here) that teach Korean to foreigners.... If there were one here, I would do it. I have enough of the language to get around, but embarrassingly little for having lived 18 months here. I bought some books before coming and while here, but just haven't dug into it. I've heard people talk about acquiring languages like Hindi and Italian in less than a year because they loved the culture and always wanted to be immersed in it. I think the converse explains why most of us don't make much of an effort at Korean.

So there are some thoughts. Here are a few blog entries that might be valuable to consider:

several videos, if you want to get an idea of what life looks like in Korea.

differences between hagwon and public school teaching

general thoughts about being and teaching here. be sure to check out the comments section, as there are lots of valuable insights from readers there.

I hope all that helps. If it brings up any more questions, feel free to ask. If you decide you want to come, my recruiter was great before we got here, and in helping us when we needed to move. I'd be happy to set you up with them (I get a little kick-back if you end up signing on.)
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          RE[2]: IBM compatible PC        
Since IBM published the source to the BIOS in the back of the Manual... No, they didn't keep it secret. And to copy the BIOS and put it into a Taiwanese Clone Motherboard was as easy as burning an EPROM. I know, because I worked for a company that did just that. I left, because I couldn't deal with the blatant theft.
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影片裡可以看到這台包覆著偽裝物的測試車在Nurburgring賽道上用力地奔馳。身為全新W205車型C-Class當中的王者,即使原廠沒有出面證實,但是國外媒體相信新一代C63 AMG將會使用一顆4.0升的V8雙渦輪引擎做為動力來源。

拜渦輪增壓的優勢,新車款的排氣量雖然縮小,但是扭力卻會比現行使用自然進氣V8引擎的車型還要強勁。標準車型的動力輸出預估會落在450hp左右,而更極致的Black Series則很有可能攻上500hp的程度。

這套動力系統也預計會使用在Mercedes-Benz新一代的超級跑車AMG GT(或稱為SLC)之上。在使用了較小的引擎加上車體輕量化的助益之下,全新一代的C63 AMG將能夠比現行車款減少約100公斤的車重。如此一來不僅性能會更加猛爆,操控表現也會更上層樓。

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          458 Italia步入產品末期,Ferrari已經開始著手研發測試後繼車款?        

Ferrari旗下的中堅產品458 Italia感覺似乎還是相當新穎的車款,不過回過頭來看,這輛超級跑車進入市場已經有五年的時間了。

這個情況使得458 Italia不僅是這間義大利超跑品牌旗下最舊的車型,在Lamborghini Huracan以及McLaren 650S等對手陸續發表之後,這款車也成了級距當中最年邁的產品。因此,當國外媒體看見一輛458 Italia在雪地中玩耍,就感覺到這背後可能是Ferrari在測試些什麼。

這輛458 Italia是在瑞典北部被間諜攝影師拍到,很明顯這輛車的輪拱與後葉子板都有些不太一樣的地方,至於這些似乎有進行修改的部位目的為何還不清楚,不過這意味著Ferrari私下正在進行著458 Italia的某些工作。

這輛測試車款很有可能單純的是在對一些新的零件進行低溫測試,也有可能是穿著458 Italia外殼的偽裝車。如果Ferrari正在計畫458 Italia的後繼車款,那麼也許從現在開始會陸陸續續的有更多相關的間諜照以及風聲流出。

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          Mercedes-Benz旗艦跑車S500以及S63 AMG Coupe現身Nurburgring[影片]        


影片中可以看到S500 Coupe以及S63 AMG Coupe這兩個Mercedes-Benz旗下最新的旗艦雙門車種在Nurburgring北環賽道上"懲罰"他們所配備的輪胎。而激烈過彎時電子系統抵抗轉向不足所發出的作動噪音也相當明顯。

國外媒體猜測很有可能是這兩款車都配置了4 Matic四輪傳動系統,讓他們所發出的輔助系統噪音比後輪驅動的車型更為大聲。

另外,可以發現這兩輛S Coupe都在彎頂點過後一段時間才踩下油門。這可能是駕駛採用了較為保守的開法,也有說法表示或許這款車並不適合更激進的開法。

事實上,S Coupe並不是相當競技取向的車款,或許這款車有著相當動感的外型,但是沉重的車身可能沒有辦法滿足熱血駕駛的操控慾望。

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          ç¡¬æ´¾é‹¼ç ²ç¾èº«ï¼ŒVW Golf GTI Club Sport疾走紐柏林[影片]        

上週國外媒體在眾多車廠試車的重地--德國Nürburgring Nordschleife北環賽道--看見了一輛可疑的VW Golf GTI,而現在則更進一步的有這輛鋼砲在賽道中全力奔馳的動態影片出現。

根據國外媒體的猜測,這款Golf GTI很有可能是更為硬派、競技化,稱為Club Sport的版本。這款Golf GTI Club Sport將會是定位於標準版Golf GTI以及Golf R之間的車型。

除了這輛競技版的GTI之外,還有傳聞指出一輛更為猛爆的Golf R Evo將會以概念車之姿在今年的北京車展當中正式現身。不過在這之前,我們還是先來瞧瞧這輛已經曝光的Golf GTI Club Sport吧。

依照現有的消息,這個Club Sport車型將會拆除後座並且以一套防滾籠來取代,在影片中也能夠隱約地看見這輛紅色的GTI後座有防滾籠的身影。從Golf GTI Club Sport、Golf R Evo這方面的消息可以看出VW正在努力地打造出讓熱血車迷無從抱怨的終極鋼砲車款。


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          Super GT賽事即將開跑,Lexus積極測試RC F GT500賽車[影片]        

Japanese Super GT系列賽事預計將會在四月份開跑,在這之前,各家廠隊紛紛地在加緊腳步測試自家新款賽車的性能與潛力。尤其是從今年開始,這項賽事的規則將與更多國際性的房車賽規範接軌,因此也多出了不少新規則。

在新的賽事規範之下,Lexus與合作夥伴決定使用全新的RC F車款來打造新一代的賽車。這款RC F GT500將會取代使用了多年的Lexus SC賽車,動力則會依照新的賽制使用2.0升的渦輪增壓引擎。

雖然排氣量縮小,不過並不代表著動力的減少。新的引擎依然能夠達成500hp的輸出,因此絕對能夠在場上看到新賽車的強悍表現。目前在GT500系列賽事當中,總共有六個車隊使用全新的RC F賽車,包括了Zent Cerumo、LeMans ENEOS、WedsSport BANDOH、Petronas TOM’S以及SARD。

全新一季的賽事將在四月6日開跑,所有的廠隊最近都開始於岡山國際賽車場進行測試,下方影片就是RC F GT500進行測試的畫面。

[Source: autoevolution]

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          è‡ªç„¶é€²æ°£æ™‚代的終點,Audi RS5與C63 AMG Edition 507的最終對決[影片]        


國外媒體Motor Trend就在最新一集的Head 2 Head一對一評測當中找來了2014 Audi RS5以及2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507,看看誰才是最強悍的自然進氣V8車款。


這兩款性能Coupe代表了自然進氣時期的結束,根據傳聞,下一代的Audi RS4將會採用一顆雙渦輪的V6引擎,而Mercedes-Benz雖然沒有正面承認,但是下一代的C-Class AMG車型很可能會使用4.0升雙渦輪的V8引擎。


[Source: autoblog]

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          ç ´è»Šå¤§äº‚鬥,國外媒體集結各式修復後的車款來個最終對決[影片]        

國外媒體Motor Trend的節目單元Roadkill當中的兩位主持人,集結了來自過去他們影片當中打造的九輛最愛車款,並且來場最終大決鬥以選出最後的優勝者。下方的這支對決影片長達了44分鐘,不過內容相當有趣值得一看。

除了Roadkill單元的兩位主持人以外,還有Motor Trend的兩位車評Johnny Lieberman與Carlos Lago加入這場大亂鬥當中。可以看到幾輛特別的車款,包括了1973 Chevrolet Ramp卡車、1975 AMC Pacer以及一輛1967 Chevy Camaro。


由於使用的車輛不是年久失修就是非性能取向的特殊車輛,在測試過程當中也發生了不少趣味的狀況,像是幾乎每一輛車的煞車距離都相當的長、過彎時誇張的側傾等等,讓我們想起了看Top Gear的那種愉悅心情呢。

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          Belajarlah Dari Trio Macan Plus (by Choky)        
Laporan Asian Development Bank (ADB) edisi September 2007 menyebutkan, negara-negara ekonomi industri baru (NIEs) yang juga dikenal dengan istilah negara macan-macan Asia yakni trio Hongkong, Korea Selatan, Singapura plus Taiwan, cukup mapan dengan status negara pasca industri.      Gabungan
          Encryption Chip Fights Off Side-Channel Attacks        
Taiwanese hardware designers say that the cloud based services are vulnerable to data leakage threat due to side-channel attacks. The side-channel attacks steal cryptographic keys used by cloud servers leaving the servers under great threat. Researchers at Taiwanese National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) have developed a chip that resists side-channel attacks. According to Chen-Yi Lee, […]
          English Romanticism in East Asia        
December 2016

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          Apple opent iTunes Store in Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan en negen andere landen in Azië        
          The End Of The World Is Coming Soon        
When is the end of the world? Or some may call it the Judgement Day. Well... I don't think anybody knows when is this world going to end BUT... I might be wrong. I've read in a local newspaper a few days back, a Taiwanese feng-shui master said that the end of the world is coming very very soon. It's going to be in the 15th May 2011. Yup, about 10 days from today. He believes that a big tsunami is going to hit the world and warns everyone to take shelters in big containers. Do not take shelters at home since it's not safe enough.
How true could this be about his prediction? I guess we'll just have to wait. Should we take shelters? I don't think so because if it's the END, it will be the END. No one can escape it.
          60 Tentara Taiwan Berniat Menjadi Gigolo        

Lebih dari 60 perwira militer, sersan, dan prajurit militer Taiwan baru-baru ini tertangkap oleh polisi di Kota Kaohsiung, Taiwan selatan, terlibat dalam organisasi penyedia jasa gigolo. Berita ini, menurut juru bicara Kementerian Pertahanan Yu Si-tzu, membuat lembaganya seperti "tersengat listrik".

Di akhir Desember, polisi Kaohsiung menggerebek sebuah sindikat yang mengobral janji bakal menerima gaji yang tinggi untuk memberi jasa memuaskan nafsu seksual. Penyelidikan awal menemukan lebih dari 60 prajurit militer aktif, termasuk perwira, sersan, dan tentara, dari angkatan udara, angkatan laut, korps laut, dan logistik gabungan berada di antara daftar nama pelamar, yang mendorong polisi untuk menginformasikannya pada Departemen Pertahanan Nasional (MND).

Segera setelah menerima laporan dari polisi, MND membentuk panel ad hoc, terdiri dari polisi militer dan sektor kontrol disiplin militer untuk menyelidiki kasus ini dan menginterogasi prajurit.

Setelah interogasi tim investigasi menemukan bahwa sindikat ini dipimpin oleh dua orang bermarga Tao dan H. Mereka meminta pelamar untuk berinvestasi dalam "perusahaan hiburan" dan membayar biaya untuk pelatihan sebagai gigolo dengan minimum pembayaran sebesar 200 ribu dolar taiwan untuk satu tahap pelatihan.

Tapi tak lama setelah membayar uang semua pemohon ditolak dengan alasan bahwa mereka tidak punya bakat atau tidak cocok untuk bekerja sebagai gigolo.

Menurut statistik yang dikumpulkan oleh MND berdasarkan penyelidikan, ada 40 perwira, sersan dan prajurit yang telah membayar.

          Kekuatan TNI Urutan 18 Dunia        

Tentara Nasional Indonesia masuk dalam peringkat ke-18 kekuatan militer dunia versi Global Firepower yang menggunakan 45 variabel perhitungan. Urutan 10 besar kekuatan militer dunia, menurut lembaga Global Firepower, ditempati Amerika Serikat, Rusia, China, India, Inggris, Turki, Korea Selatan, Perancis, Jepang, dan Israel.
Di tingkat ASEAN, TNI menempati posisi teratas, diikuti Thailand (ke-19), Filipina (ke-23), Malaysia (ke-27), dan Singapura (ke-41). Italia menempati urutan ke-17, Taiwan berada pada urutan ke-14, dan Australia pada urutan ke-24.
Pengamat militer Andi Widjayanto yang dihubungi di Jakarta, mengatakan, penilaian tersebut lebih banyak didasarkan pada gelar statis dari kuantitas alat yang dimiliki. Namun, belum tentu semua siap atau dapat digunakan sewaktu-waktu.
"Kalau memperhitungkan gelar dinamis, yakni kesiapan tempur efektif saat ini, tentu angkanya tidak setinggi itu. Gelar dinamis adalah kekuatan nyata yang dapat langsung digelar untuk penindakan," ujar Andi.
Direktur Institute for Defense Security and Peace Studies Mufti Makarim, yang dihubungi terpisah, mengatakan, penilaian tersebut dilakukan dengan menghimpun semua komposisi matra darat, laut, dan udara.
"Tetapi, jika dilihat dari luas wilayah dengan dua pertiga adalah lautan, komposisi kemampuan teknis TNI seharusnya setara dengan militer Australia. Kebutuhan ke depan adalah penyesuaian pengembangan postur dan kebutuhan strategis pertahanan yang dilakukan secara sistematis bertahap sesuai dengan anggaran dan prioritas," paparnya.
Dia mengingatkan TNI agar fokus dalam mengembangkan postur kekuatan dan penyesuaian mindset tentara di dalam negara demokratis murni untuk kebutuhan pertahanan.
Terkait dengan pengembangan kekuatan maritim, Andi mengatakan, pada tahap pembangunan jangka panjang pertama hingga 2024, TNI belum mengembangkan kekuatan tempur samudra.

  ITATS terus berbenah, agar perannya tidak saja dapat dinikmati masyarakat, baik dalam skala lokal dan regional. Di sisi lain, ITATS juga terus mengembangkan sayapnya dalam lingkup percaturan global, terutama untuk mewujudkan ITATS sebagai “word class university”. Untuk menyiapkan itu semua, ITATS telah melakukan beberapa terobosan. Sarana dan prasarana pendidikan pun terus ditingkatkan kuantitas maupun kualitasnya. Jalinan kerjasama dengan universitas di luar negeri juga mulai dijajaki. Sebagai awalan, saat ini ITATS telah mengirimkan delegasinya ke Taiwan. Kunjungan ke National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST – Taiwan) diwakili oleh Bpk. Ir. Ferry Suzantho, MBA, MSc, PhD (Wakil Direktur Program Pascasarjana). Semoga awalan ini membuahkan hasil yang baik, sehingga ITATS
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by Sulman468        
at least gimme guidence how to buy from taiepe..inbox yours response
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by range        
I don't sell bikes anymore. Good luck.
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by Sulman468        
looking forward the prices of below model alongwith shipping cost to abu dhabi-UAE GIANT TALON 27.5 2 2016 GIANT ANTHEM 27.5 2 2014 GIANT YUKON FX thanks in advance.
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by range        
Sounds good. Remember to buy a bike bag to ship it back or keep your box. It cost me $50 CAD to ship a bike back to Canada.
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by biscottigelato        
I know your post is from a long time ago. I am in Taiwan right now and thinking about buying a bike here, riding it for a couple times (a couple hundred km total?), and bringing it back to Canada with me as check-in luggage. In particular, looking at 2016 Giant Defy Advance 2 Is this a good idea? Any tips regarding taxes/duty? Thanks!
          Comment on OEM Carbon Fiber Bike Frame by Sebastian        
Hi Range, old but gold article!!! I am interested in Storcks newest latest Fascenario .3 and where the frames is produced. As well as in specialized shiv you know where in taichung/which factory those frames build? Do you have the possibility to give me an address or a name to contact? I would like to buy it in taiwan and complete it with the right components and then reimport it to germany. Maybe you have still some infos on that :-) Best Regards Sebastian
          Comment on OEM Taiwanese Carbon Fiber Bike Companies by range        
Taiwan is a safer bet. Better quality in carbon bikes. PayPal or credit cards would be the best payment options. As for sources, I can't really help you
          Comment on OEM Taiwanese Carbon Fiber Bike Companies by to whitfield        
          Comment on Chinese Star N9500 Phone Comes Pre-Installed with Malware by range        
Hi Willy, No I have completely stopped operating after I had some problems with some customers. From my experience, it's a hit or miss, depending on the quality of the factory or manufacturer you buy from. Many bike manufacturers have moved to China from Taiwan, in order to cut spending, so there has been an influx of technology and experience into that area.
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by Taylor Leske        
Hi I would like to know the price of the following models: Trance Advanced 27.5 1 Trance Advanced 27.5 2 Trance 27.5 1 Also could I get a price on shipping to Australia, Cheers
          Comment on Racism And Reverse Racism In Taiwan For English Teachers by range        
Interesting take, it definitely puts in words what the Hollywood bias does, but TW people mostly watch local, Chinese, Korean or Japanese TV, where there's no diversity at all. Life in TW is fine, for the most parts, and better in my opinion that some other places in Asia.
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by Adam Kong        
hi, i m looking for a Giant Trance Advance 27.5 Carbon M size, do you ship this to malaysia and may i know the price and shipping price?
          Comment on Racism And Reverse Racism In Taiwan For English Teachers by Simon        
Good to hear your experiences. it wasn't so long ago that racism was involved in nationalism. Just look at the propaganda in ww1 & ww2. Nations were all one race. Multiculturalism is unnatural for most people. Just look at school kids. You will notice they are commonly grouped by race. In time things will improve and people with positive attitudes and colour blind eyes (i.e open to be friends with all races) will help break down these barriers. One thing to think about is what Taiwanese know of other races and where will they learn about others. When i was in Taiwan (enjoyed it people very friendly) movies were either from asia or Hollywood blockbusters. Hollywood movies are quite biased. Blacks for example are often involved with crime as well as this being "supported" by hip hop/rap culture (ho's pimps ... etc). They don't have much exposure as family people, romance movies, hero's .. etc as compared to the negative roles they are given. (yes i know DW, SLJ , WS & CR are often positive) DW=densel washington Even look how hollywood portrays asians. asian women as either dragon ladies or hyper sexual (e.g. LL in Alley Mcbeal) Asian guys as either nerds or martial artists. Asian guys do not usually get the girl. So considering hollywood on average doesn't show black people in a good light (let alone Rap/hip hop) and as this is probably where TWN people learn about black the most, its sad but true. Only way people will change is if they find out the truth somehow. in real life the best way to change negative attitudes is by being positive.
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by range        
Hi, no, only this year's and next year's models are still available. No back catalog on bikes. Thanks.
          Comment on Buy Bikes Direct From Taiwan by John        
Is giant glory 09 available??
          ç¾©å¤§åˆ©æ–°æ˜Ÿè·‘車接重任,Alfa Romeo 4C成為WSBK賽事最新款Safety Car        

隨著量產版本的Alfa Romeo 4C已於2013年日內瓦車展中亮相,這款採MR配置的小跑車,藉由鋼管車架與碳纖維材質車身創造出輕盈身形,加上小排量的1750TB四缸渦輪引擎可輸出240匹馬力、搭配TCT雙離合器變速箱,讓此車除了樣貌充滿義式風情之外,在動態性能方面也有著亮眼的表現。

而身負性能形象的Alfa Romeo,旗下招牌掀背車款Giulietta也早已開始擔任WSBK賽事(FIM World Superbike Championship)的Safety Car,如今4C也承繼了這般的角色、將在此賽事同樣擔綱Safety Car的重要任務,在珍珠白的車身上由象徵義大利國旗的綠、白、紅三色賽車條紋貫穿全車,加上車身下緣的一圈紅色包圍,展現出動感又富意義的樣貌,並將於本週末的英國Silverstone分站中正式亮相。

事實上,Alfa Romeo成為WSBK的合作夥伴由來已久,在不久前也曾推出MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde SBK Limited Edition限量車型及MiTo Superbike Special Series特仕車型,讓雙方的合作更有著相輔相成的加分作用。

[Source: Alfa Romeo]

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          Proses Pengembangan dan Seleksi Ikan Nila Ras Wanayasa        
KAN NILA NIRWANA (Proses Pengelolaan dan Seleksi) Ikan Nila di Jawa Barat merupakan ikan introduksi yang datang pertama kali dari Taiwan pada. tahun 1969 (Hardjamulia & Djajadireja 1977). Tahun 1975 didatangkan Nila. Hibrid (hasil silang T. nilotica dan T. mossambica) … Baca lebih lanjut
I must admit that I used to be not into mobile apps for the sole reason of me foregoing "experiencing" the world and just rely everything that I need on technology. Online shopping? It was not for me. I wanna physically experience the thrill of the hunt. The interaction with the people. The victory of finding a good deal.

But that was then when I was younger (and with no credit card to my name -hehe). As I grew older, I started to slowly venture into the wonderful world of mobile apps. I actually downloaded around 30 in the past 3 months. Several of those were online shopping apps. I'm hooked! I guess, aside from age, it also goes with the amount of responsibilities that I have taken on putting physical shopping on the bottom of my priority list.

But I realized, I also need my exercise. Just armed with the convenience of mobile apps.

One mobile app that I recently discovered is Penshoppe. "Finally!" I thought when I found out about it.  It's not an online shopping app by the way. It's a balance between physical shopping and being updated on the latest about the brand with lots of perks and rewards!

So what's with the app?

Here's an overview:

After completing the first two steps, you can now start earning points and redeem rewards!

What I like most about the app is that aside from the usual features you see on other retail mobile apps like the Catalogue, Store Locator, etc.,

Penshoppe's also come with a beefed up MyPenshoppe Loyalty program where you can earn 1 point for every Php10 spent (Php1,000 = 10 points) and more! How do like a discount e-voucher on your Birthday? How about an invitation to Penshoppe's exclusive events? All that is in the app!

Plus, it's also nice to see your celebrity crushes and idols wearing the latest from Penshoppe on the home page enticing you to visit the store and shop now!

And as a launching treat, the Penshoppe App will give 10% off e-voucher welcome gift to new subscribers for a limited time only.

About Penshoppe
Founded in 1986, Penshoppe is the flagship brand of Golden ABC, Inc. Known for its fresh take on casual wear, Penshoppe has since evolved into an international fashion and lifestyle brand located not only in the Philippines but also in other countries in Asia and the middle East, including Indonesia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, U.A.E, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and in Taiwan through online retail partner Zalora. To know more about Penshoppe, please visit or follow them on Facebook at Penshoppe, on Instagram with handle @penshoppe, on Twitter as @PENSHOPPE, and on Snapchat at @teampenshoppe.

One of my airport fears is being held up for something that's inside my hand-carry luggage. I recently experienced that on my way back home from my Taiwan trip and it was nerve-wracking! I overlooked packing this 100ml canister of Super volcanic clay mousse mask I bought from innisfree in my check-in baggage and there I was at the security checkpoint realizing that fear. But luck was on my side that day. They let me through upon checking the product (even though it's 100ml) without taking it. It was not liquid anyway. I was kinda ready to give it up since I bought it for just less than a Php1,000 but a part of me will regret it for sure if the case was otherwise. It's a good product, by the way.

Now if it was a 100ml bottle of perfume, then that'd be a different story. You know how much a good bottle of perfume costs, right? Add that to the personal fact that I love smelling good always especially on travels.

I usually bring two kinds of scents. One for when it's hot and the other, for when it's cold. But bringing two bottles of perfume can be a hassle especially at times when the trip is short and when I don't have baggage allowance. In comes Travalo.

Let's get to know the brand first.

Travalo originated from the United Kingdom and was launched in October 2009. The brand has won six international awards that include a Red Dot Design Award and a Beauty Challenger Award. Not only has it been raved by bloggers and Youtubers and featured in various publications such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Style, but it also has won the favor of over 10 million users around the world.

I'm featuring two atomizers today. The stylish Travalo Classic and it's more affordable sister, the Perfume Pod.

The Travalo atomizer uses the innovative, patented Genie-S system that allows you to "pump to refill" and instantly transfer your favorite fragrance.
The Travalo Classic comes in a sleek, rounded casing that makes it easy to slip into bags and pockets and it is also made in lightweight aircraft grade aluminum that doesn't have an ounce of glass on it. It is a little over three inches long and is small enough to fit inside an evening clutch or even your pocket. It stores up to 5ml of perfume and can spray between 65 to 80 times before needing a refill.
This unique system allows the Travalo to refill in seconds without spillage or exposing it to air. All you have to do is remove the spray nozzle,

connect the bottom part of the Travalo to the exposed tube, then start pumping the same way you spray your perfume. You can actually check through the clear part of the tube if the content is filled to your liking.

Travalo Classic is available at the 2F of Travalo SM North EDSA, Lazada Philippines, and at 4L SM Aura and retails at Php999.75.

Now if you prefer a cheaper alternative, then there's the Perfume Pod for you. Same as the Travalo, it comes with the patented Genie-S refill system. The atomizer is durable, scratch-resistant and shatterproof, and is crystal clear so you can see the perfume inside.
The Perfume Pod measures three inches in length and carries 5ml of perfume to last you the whole weekend and can spray up to 65 to 80 times before needing to be refilled.
Perfume Pod is available at the 2F of Travalo SM North EDSA, Lazada Philippines, and at 4L SM Aura and retails at Php349.75.

Is this something you would like to include in your travel essentials? Sound off in the comments below.

For more information, follow @travaloph on Instagram and like Travalo Philippines on Facebook.

          AT HOME: FAVORI SCENTS        
Back in high school, I had a girl broke up with me because I smell too good. I used to "shower" myself with Cool Water back then. I later found out that it was not the actual reason why she broke up with me. It was just her way of getting even because I first broke up with her the previous year. I actually accepted the fact that she broke up with me because I smell too good rather than me smelling bad. Long story short, she's happy now with her own family and I'm still mabango.

I like smelling good. I also like good smelling people and places. It instantly lifts up your mood. So imagine when I first got a whiff of Taiwan's stinky tofu. More about that on my Taiwan posts (soon, hopefully).

I have eight dogs at home. Three, a Japanese Spitz, a Chow Chow, and a Shih Tzu, sleep with me in my room. I know it's weird, but I also like smelling them. There's something about their smell that's comforting. But of course, I also prefer my home not to smell like dogs. So what a dog-lover got to do? Get a Favori Scents Aerator!
My current favorite scents: Peppermint (Relaxing), Verveine Fleur (Stabilizing), Pink Grapefruit (Balancing), and Ginger Flower (Passionate). Each 10ml Aerator Diffuser Oil retails at Php150.
The Leaf Aerator is perfect for air-conditioned rooms (for that hotel lobby feel). I usually add 15 to 20 drops with the water at max level depending on my mood. The best part about it other than being a local brand and its scents (of course) is that it actually cleanses the air while keeping the surrounding smelling good. Not only it smells good, you also breathe in air that is also good.

  • With color-changing display and LED illumination (not just 1 but 6 LED lights)
  • With negative ion generator
  • Increases air humidity, ideal for air-conditioned environment
  • Ultrasonic atomization to improve quality of air
  • Removes dust and smoke and reduces indoor pollution as it deodorizes and refreshens
  • Uses essential oils for aromatherapy
  • Low power consumption
  • Durable, environmentally-friendly, fashionable design
  • Quiet and silent operation, easy to operate and clean
A Leaf Aerator costs Php1,800. Other options are reed diffusers, air sprays, aroma candles, aroma pouches, diffusers, and burners.

Get your Favori Scents at these branches:
Robinsons Manila Level 1, Midtown Wing
SM Megamall Lower Ground Level, Mega A
SM Southmall 2nd Level
SM City Marikina Ground Floor
Market! Market! Ground Level, Activity Area

For more information, go to
          Kembali Kepada Islam Selepas 30 Tahun Mengkaji         
MELAKA - Hampir 30 tahun mengkaji setiap agama di dunia ini, akhirnya seorang sami Buddha berusia 66 tahun mengambil keputusan memeluk Islam. Pengalaman menjadi sami selama 28 tahun di Taiwan mendorong lelaki yang enggan identitinya itu didedahkan, mencari kebenaran dan akhirnya mengakui Islam merupakan satu agama yang indah dan sempurna. Semalam, lelaki terbabit mengucap dua kalimah syahadah dalam satu majlis ringkas di Masjid Cina, di sini. Presiden Persatuan Cina Islam Malaysia Cawangan Melaka (Macma), Lim Jooi Soon berkata, sepanjang menjadi sami di Taiwan, lelaki berkenaan banyak menghabiskan masa mengkaji setiap agama di dunia ini. "Semasa menjadi sami, dia begitu banyak mengkaji tentang banyak agama di dunia ini. Dalam pengkajian itu, dia cuma menemui Islam sebagai sebuah agama paling lengkap dan meliputi segala aspek setiap kali berhujah. “Dia banyak melihat agama Islam ini semakin berkembang, tetapi dia tidak tahu puncanya," katanya. Menurutnya, lelaki yang berasal dari Johor itu datang ke negeri ini sejak tiga minggu lalu. 

 "Akhirnya, dia berjumpa saya dan saya telah menerangkan dengan menggabungkan bagaimana logik, sains dan hujah dapat dikaitkan dengan pencipta alam ini menyebabkan dia tertarik untuk memeluk Islam,” katanya selepas majlis itu semalam yang disempurnakan penaung Macma, Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik. Hadir sama, Timbalan Pengerusi Majlis Agama Islam Melaka (Maim), Datuk Yaakub Md Amin dan Mufti negeri, Datuk Dr Mohadis Yasin. Jooi Soon berkata, kini tugas Macma adalah untuk membimbingnya agar dapat mengetahui ajaran Islam secara mendalam. “Kerja kami baru hendak bermula untuk mengajarnya dan kami hanya boleh mengajar dalam bahasa Mandarin kerana dia tidak fasih bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris. Ia mungkin menuntut sedikit kesabaran,” katanya.

 Sementara itu, pada majlis sama semalam turut menyaksikan pengislaman seorang lelaki kurang upaya (OKU) berusia 31 tahun. Menurut Jooi Soon, lelaki dikenali sebagai Teo itu dikatakan ditemui ketika hidup di dalam gelandangan dan hanya mengharapkan belas ihsan orang ramai untuk sesuap nasi. “Dia mengalami kecacatan anggota kaki dan tangan. Rakan-rakan kami menemuinya sehingga akhirnya kami dakwah dia untuk tertarik terhadap Islam. “Paling mencabar lagi bagi kami, OKU ini juga tidak berpelajaran dan tidak tahu membaca,” katanya.

          Beats Electronics buys back $265 million dollar shares from HTC        
What has been in rumours from past few days, came out to be true. Beats Electronics founded by American rapper and musician Dr. Dre and musician Jimmy Lovine got back the 24.84% stake which HTC purchased in 2011. Originally, HTC purchased 50.1% but later in mid 2012 sold half of its stack, which resulted in net loss of $2.4 million for HTC.

Yesterday, HTC announced today that Beats Electronics will buy back the remaining 25 percent stake it had in the headphone maker for $265 million, all but bringing to an end a two-year partnership that has never really worked out.
As of right now, HTC is a perilous situation. The company’s sales revenue is down, profits are down, operating cash flow is now negative and more than a few pundits have already written the company off (or are close to doing it). Worse yet, the HTC One is nearly universally praised as the best Android phone available, yet the sales numbers do not reflect the title. They built the phone everyone wanted, yet can’t get anyone to buy it.

Beats, on the other hand, has recently embarked on a global expansion, broadening its product lines beyond headphones and its exclusive mobile partnership with HTC to include speakers, in-car audio systems, and soon an online music streaming service. Though HTC said that it will continue to be partners with Beats if any opportunity arises in future.

By selling back its remaining portion of Beats, the company bought a little more time out of the deadpool.
HTC Corp closed down 2.99% on the day, ending at NT$130 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Nevertheless, we hope for tables to turn for this Taiwanese giant get back to its heights which it was few years back.

          Biografi Yataro Iwasaki Pendiri Mitsubishi        
Yataro Iwasaki adalah tokoh dunia, pengusaha sukses, pendiri raksasa Mitsubishi, sebagai investor dan pebisnis jasa pengiriman barang. Ia dilahirkan dalam sebuah keluarga petani di provinsi Aki, Provinsi Tosa (sekarang Kochi) pada 9 January 1835. Putra dari seorang petani sederhana, Yataro memulai karirnya bekerja pada klan Tosa. Klan diadakan di banyak tempat di Jepang unutk kepentingan bisnis, merangsang anak muda berambisi membangun perekonomian yang baik. Yataro Iwasaki meninggal pada 7 February 1885 pada usia 50 tahun karena kanker.

Yataro memulai karirnya bekerja pada klan Tosa, ia pergi ke Tokyo ketika berusia sembilan belas tahun bertujuan mencari pendidikan. Cedera serius yang dialami ayahnya dalam suatu perselisihan dengan kepala desa membuat Yataro pulang dari Edo setahun kemudian dan sebentar cuti dari studinya. Hakim setempat menolak memproses kasus dari ayahya dan Yataro menuduh hakim korupsi. Ia dikirim ke penjara selama tujuh bulan. Setelah dibebaskan ia tidak memiliki pekerjaan untuk sementara waktu sebelum menemukan pekerjaan sebagai guru sekolah desa.

Di Tokyo ia diperkenalkan dengan aktivis politik Yoshida Toyo, yang terpengaruh dengan ide-ide tentang perekonomian bangsa melalui industri dan perdagangan luar negeri. Yoshida mendapatkan pekerjaan sebagai juru tulis bagi pemerintah Tosa. Ia dipromosikan ke posisi penting di kantor perdagangan di Nagasaki, yang bertanggung jawab untuk perdagangan minyak kamper dan kertas untuk membeli kapal, senjata, dan amunisi.

Setelah Restorasi Meiji tahun 1868 yang memaksa pembubaran dari kepentingan bisnis shogun, Iwasaki pergi ke Osaka dan menyewakan hak untuk perdagangan TSUKUMO Tosa Trading Company. Perusahaan berubah nama menjadi Mitsubishi pada tahun 1873. Perusahaan menggunakan nama Mitsubishi pada Maret 1870, ketika Yataro resmi menjadi presiden.

Mitsubishi kemudian hampir jatuh ketika Insiden Formosan terjadi. Lima puluh empat nelayan Jepang tewas di pulau Formosa (Cina) tetapi pemerintah Cina tidak bertanggung jawab atas hal itu. Perusahaan Yataro awalnya disalahkan, tetapi kemudian keadaan membaik dan bahkan Yataro memenangkan hak untuk mengoperasikan kapal-kapal pemerintah diantaranya kapal transportasi untuk manusia dan barang, kemudian perusahaannya mulai berkembang lagi.

Yataro Iwasaki adalah pribadi yang patuh kepada pemerintah dan kepada perusahaan. Mitsubishi menyediakan kapal-kapal yang membawa pasukan Jepang ke Taiwan, dia mendapat hak untuk mengoperasikan kapal dan subsidi tahunan yang besar dari pemerintah. Dengan dukungan pemerintah, ia mampu membeli banyak kapal dan meningkatkan jalur pelayaran Mitsubishi. Perusahaan Transportasi Mitsubishi Kemudian menjadi perusahaan pelayaran besar, juga membawa pasukan untuk menumpas pemberontakan di Kyushu. Yataro mengajarkan anak buahnya untuk "melayani para penumpang sebaik mungkin" karena mereka adalah sumber pendapatan. Sikap modern "pelanggan selalu benar" adalah senjata utama perusahaannya.

Mitsubishi terdiversifikasi dengan cepat, pertama memperoleh tambahan dan perluasan kapal penumpang dan kargo, kemudian menyediakan transportasi untuk pasukan Jepang ke Taiwan dan Kyushu. Hal ini menyebabkan lebih banyak dukungan pemerintah. Kemudian ia berinvestasi di pertambangan, perbaikan kapal dan keuangan. Pada tahun 1884 ia mengambil sewa dari Nagasaki Shipyard dan menamainya Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works, memungkinkan perusahaan untuk melakukan pembuatan kapal pada skala penuh.

Pada tahun 1885, Yataro kehilangan kendali atas perusahaan pelayaranny. Perusahaan ini bergabung dengan saingan dan menjadi Nippon YUSEN (NYK Line), yang akan kembali ke jajaran perusahaan Mitsubishi di tahun-tahun berikutnya. Meskipun kehilangan perusahaan pelayaran, Yataro mendirikan usaha lainnya (dalam perbankan, pertambangan, surat kabar dan asuransi laut) dan yang menjadi pondasi bagi organisasi Mitsubishi. Kekayaannya melebihi satu juta yen. Yataro begitu percaya diri dan dengan yakin bahwa ia dapat berpartisipasi dalam banyak bisnis. Mitsubishi Kawase-ten, misalnya, adalah perusahaan financial yang juga terlibat dalam bisnis pergudangan. Itu adalah pendahulu dari perusahaan yang sekarang bernama Mitsubishi Bank dan Mitsubishi Warehouse & Transportation. Yataro juga membeli tambang batu bara dan tambang tembaga setelah menyewa sebuah galangan kapal Nagasaki dari pemerintah. Dia telah berpartisipasi dalam mendirikan perusahaan asuransi yang sekarang benama Tokyo Marine and Fire. Dia bahkan memimpin sekolah yang sekarang menjadi Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine.

Iwasaki Yataro adalah pengusaha yang sangat visioner. Dia sering menjamu makan malam pejabat pemerintah di perusahaanya. Iwasaki menghabiskan sejumlah besar uang untuk kegiatan lobi tapi juga mendapatkan banyak keuntungan. Yataro banyak menolong teman-temannya yang kemudian membantu juga membantunya ketika mengalami kesulitan. Dia sangat cerdik membina hubungan bisnis yang membuatnya berjaya di masa depan. Namun Yataro, tidak ditakdirkan untuk memimpin organisasi Mitsubishi dalam waktu lama. Dia meninggal karena kanker saat berusia 50 tahun, kemudian kendali Mitsubishi dipegang putranya.

          Bugatti的試車手認為Chiron雖然不太可能到達300 mph,但是280 mph以上是可能的|InCar癮車報        

美國著名改裝廠Hennessey想要用自家的全新Venom F5和Bugatti Chiron來一場對決,據說他們家的新作品擁有將近300 mph (482 km/h)的極速。

不過對手當然也不是省油的燈,據Bugatti的試車手Andy Wallace表示,Chiron擁有能超越目前限制極速261 mph (420 km/h)的實力。


就在一次與Popular Mechanics的談話中,Wallace認為這輛車到達261 mph (420 km/h)的速度可說是相當輕鬆,不過這輛車不太可能抵達300 mph (482 km/h)的門檻,因為施加在輪胎和輪圈上的力道已經太過巨大,根據該雜誌所指出的,Chiron輪圈氣嘴蓋重2.5克,但是當車輛到達極速的時候,這個重量會增大到將近7.2公斤。

Wallace說目前市面上沒有輪胎能承受的了300 mph (482 km/h)行駛的壓力,但是他暗示說Michelin可能正在開發能承受超過280 mph (450 km/h)時速的輪胎,如果真的開發完成,那麼Bugatti推出Veyron Super Sport接班人的可能性就會大幅增加,這輛車先前創下了陸地上量產車最速紀錄,平均極速是267 mph (431 km/h)。

最後再補充一下,標準版的Chiron搭載一具8.0L W16四渦輪增壓引擎,擁有1,500 PS的最大馬力與163.2 kg-m的最大扭力。

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          å°è©¦èº«æ‰‹ï¼2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1擁有200 mph (318 km/h)的極速!|InCar癮車報        

新的「Chevrolet Camaro ZL1」擁有一具身懷650馬力的V8引擎,搭配的十速自排變速箱的換檔速度據稱比Porsche的PDK還快,而且極速還有318 km/h的實力,因此新的ZL1獲得了「史上最速Camaro」的稱號。

為了實際測試該車的各項性能,Chevrolet工程師將ZL1帶到位於德國的「帕彭堡汽車測試場(Automotive Testing Papenburg)」的高速橢圓賽道,這部Camaro會從兩個方向進行繞圈行駛,單圈的長度為12.3公里,工程人員會將採計的數據加上風速補償來得出真正的車速,最終結果是一個方向為326 km/h、另一個方向則為311 km/h。


Camaro的總工程師Al Oppenheiser說:「這項測試得出了Camaro ZL1相當多的性能數據,而且令人印象深刻,這部車可能是有史以來最強且最快的Camaro」。

ZL1在測試的時候是使用量產車配胎「Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3」來進行的,胎壓則為44 psi,整車基本上維持原廠,不過因為安全及記錄數據的緣故,全車內外配置了相當多數據感知器和安全配備。

除了令人印象深刻的318 km/h極速,在十速自動變速箱的輔助下,ZL1還能在3.5秒內完成0-60 (96 km/h)的加速、在11.4秒衝刺到204 km/h,而且過彎的時候還擁有最大1.02 G的側向加速力道。

至於眾所關心的售價方面,配備六速手排變速箱的Camaro ZL1為$63,435美元(約195萬台幣),十速自排變速箱的則為$65,830美元(約203萬台幣),兩者都包含了995美元的運費(約3萬台幣),敞篷版本的會比硬頂貴上一些。

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          çµ‚極遙控車R/C Bullet以超過300公里的時速打破世界紀錄[影片]        

Jaguar旗下的F-Type R Coupe能夠達到186英里(約300公里)的時速。一輛Chevrolet Camaro Z/28估計能夠奔馳到時速170英里(約273公里),而BMW M5則能夠跑到電子限速155英里(約250公里)。以上的數據都相當的優秀,只不過上述這些車款都會輸給一輛超級遙控車!

這輛超級遙控車稱為R/C Bullet,能夠跑出將近時速189英里(約304公里)的極速,讓這輛遙控車得到了"全世界最快遙控車"的頭銜。外型看起來像是一輛太空船,這輛遙控車在飛奔而過所發出的馬達噪音也像是飛碟一般的特別。

這個瘋狂的遙控車所跑出的極速對於他的擁有者Nic Case來說是個重大的突破。在遙控車的領域當中,這位老兄已經打破了不少相關的金氏世界紀錄並且成為紀錄保持者。在2008年的時候就能經跑出161.76英里(約260公里)的時速,到了2013年11月更進步至171.97英里(約276公里)。


[Source: autoblog]

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          Bugatti Veyron掰掰,Hennessey Venom GT跑出435.31公里極速![影片]        

Hennessey打造出了Venom GT以後,就成了人盡皆知的瘋子改裝廠。不過這瘋狂的甜美果實就是他們用這款車在Kennedy Space Center跑出了435.31 km/h的破紀錄極速。

回到2010年,當時Bugatti用了Veyron Super Sport設下了431.072 km/h的極速紀錄,而Hennessey表示Venom GT在突破了這個紀錄以後就成為了全世界最快的量產車款。

不過這個頭銜並不被金氏世界紀錄給承認,因為金氏世界紀錄官方要求必須跑兩趟並取其平均,另外,雖然Hennessey擁有汽車製造商的執照,不過Venom GT骨子裡依然是一輛經過大幅改裝的Lotus Exige。因此在金氏世界紀錄的官方認可當中,最速量產車依然是Veyron SS。

根據Hennessey的消息,他們總共會打造29輛Venom GT,而目前已經有11輛交車完成。此外,這間改裝車廠更堅信這輛超級跑車能夠達到450km/h的極速,並且成為Dunsfold賽道(Top Gear賽道)單圈最快的車款。

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          è¶…過1,700匹的Nissan GT-R Goliath在直線加速賽中寫下新紀錄        

一輛由Switzer Performance操刀的千匹怪獸Nissan GT-R Goliath據說在最近的Moscow Unlimited 500+直線加速賽當中創下了GT-R這個車款在1.6公里加速的極速紀錄。

根據國外的報導,這輛馬力超過1,700匹的GT-R在這1.6公里的直線加速賽當中,花了22.602秒就達到402.23 km/h的極速。整場比賽只有一輛跑出430 km/h的Ford GT以及跑出402 km/h的Chevrolet Camaro能夠與這輛GT-R相提並論。

這輛GT-R Goliath是一位匿名客戶向Switzer訂製,他們也針對這輛重度改裝的GT-R作了以下說明:

"會打造這輛GT-R主要是早在2012年,當時一位Switzer的舊客戶在與Switzer Performance的負責人Tym聊天的過程中表示了他想要一輛GT-R,但是他不要隨便一輛GT-R。Tym表示這位客戶希望打造一輛合乎日常使用的GT-R,但是動力的部分則不需要被道路法規約束。換句話說,這位客戶既要舒適又要動力狂暴,他表示空調、定速裝置、音響系統等等正常功能都不能少。除此之外,這位匿名的客戶還希望他的GT-R能夠在Moscow Unlimited直線加速賽中跑出低於20秒的成績。"

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來自德國的改裝品牌G-POWER也算的上是眾所皆知專改BMW的品牌,這間改裝廠所推出的作品之動力狂暴的程度也是品牌象徵之一。最近,他們宣告了一個新的消息,表示他們正在計畫設下一項新的世界紀錄,就是打造出全世界最快的BMW M3。

他們將使用最新的作品M3 SK II CS來達成這個計畫,預計這輛車將能夠打破在2011年曾經跑出333.29km/h極速的M3 SK II。

這款M3 SK II CS依然使用了一顆4.0升的V8引擎,不過為其裝上了一套ASA T1-523的機械增壓器、新的進氣系統以及高流量空氣濾清器,除此之外,這款車還加上了一顆新的汽油幫浦以及重新調校過的ECU,以上這些改變讓原本性能就相當優異的M3大幅提升輸出至610hp的程度。

這個打破M3極速紀錄的計畫將會在最近實行,預計會在知名的Nardò Ring進行。究竟G-Power這次會創下怎麼樣的速度極限,就要請各位讀者期待後續報導囉。

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          ä»¤äººå’‹èˆŒçš„速度機器,Keating The Bolt將挑戰0.5馬赫的極速        

來自英國的手工超跑製造商Keating Supercars發表了旗下最新作品的原型車,這款新車將會命名為The Bolt。The Bolt將會搭載一具來自GM的7.0升LS7 V8引擎,透過一顆六速變速箱將動力傳輸至後軸。

這顆V8引擎的標準動力為505bhp,不過在Keating重新調校之下將會提升至640bhp的輸出。加上極致輕量、不到一千公斤重的車體,據說800bhp版本的The Bolt能夠在2秒完成0-100km/h的加速。




令人關注的部分是Keating希望能夠在十月時設下量產車速度的世界紀錄,預期將出動一輛高輸出引擎版本的The Bolt挑戰340英里(約為時速547公里)、相當於0.5馬赫的極速。

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          é›»å‹•è»Šä¹Ÿå¯ä»¥è·‘的飛快!Drayson B12 69/EV目標寫下超過280km/h極速新記錄        

近年來隨著綠能風潮的興起,眾家車廠無不投入電動車款的開發,除了訴求節能環保之外,也有部分車廠是以將電動車的性能表現開發至與傳統動力車款同等級為目標,近日來自英國的Drayson Racing 便是其中之一。


由英國科技大臣Lord Drayson勳爵所成立的Drayson Racing Technologies ,是一間以開發新能源賽車為宗旨的科技公司,並與FIA簽署了Formula E電動方程式的合作協議,近日也宣佈將打造一亮稱為B12 69/EV的電動賽車,並表示將以此車打破1000公斤以下等級最速電動車紀錄,而原有紀錄是由Battery Box General Electric於1974年所寫下的175mph(約281.6km/h),而此車憑藉著由Lola打造的LMP1 碳纖維底盤、於傳動軸上搭載著四具電動馬達,總計可輸出640kW的功率(約850hp最大馬力)、輔以30kWh的鋰電池模組。

而Drayson Racing Technologies創辦人Drayson勳爵也在6月25日,親自駕著B12 69/EV電動賽車、於英國皇家空軍約克郡Elvington基地那1.86英里(約3公里)的跑道進行挑戰,能否成功寫下新紀錄、值得期待。

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          ä¸å®¹å°è¦·çš„電動車,Tesla Model S狂奔213 km/h[影片]        

Tesla的Model S已經成功的變成了一項矽谷汽車品牌所製造的奇蹟,得到許多掌聲並認為這不只是輛優秀的電動車,更是台全方位的優秀車款。


由於Model S的車主不斷成長,理所當然的Youtube上的影片也越來越多。最近有一支影片的主角便是性能版本的Model S奔跑至極速的畫面;這位車主開著他的愛車緩緩起步,接著重踩下加速踏板,很快地就達到213 km/h的極速。

記住,這台Model S的加速可是比BMW M5還要快速,所以能夠達到這樣的速度並不令人訝異,也許還能夠在更快,不過這可能就會大量消耗電池的電力了。雖然如此,我們還是很期待性能更狂暴的Model S車型出現。

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          Bird Flu Isn’t Just China’s Problem Anymore        
As the first human cases of H7N9 bird flu infection outside of China begin to emerge—in Taiwan and Hong Kong—health officials around the world are preparing for a potentially perfect storm for a massive flu outbreak. On Thursday, billions of Chinese will be on the move to celebrate the Lunar New Year, creating ripe conditions for the spread of the influenza virus from those already infected. And many of those celebrations will include chickens, the primary carriers of H7N9. In addition, with the Winter Olympics, one of the world’s largest sporting events, just two weeks away, the virus could find the ideal conditions for breaking out. And that means the next plane could bring a pandemic to the U.S. or anywhere else around the world. “The bottom line is the health security of the U.S. is only as strong as the health security of every country around the world,” says Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. “We are all connected by the food we eat, the water the drink and the air we breathe.” MORE: Many Americans Are Skipping the Flu Shot So far, the World Health Organization reports that 246 people, mostly in China, have been infected with H7N9 since the virus was first identified last year, and nearly a quarter of them have died. As the first cases outside of the China emerged, Hong Kong officials ordered the culling of 20,000 chickens from its primary poultry market after one bird tested positive for H7N9, and banned live poultry imports for three weeks from the mainland. In the meantime the Chinese government is shutting down live poultry sales in its eastern provinces after a spike in cases in recent weeks. Because H7N9 does not make birds sick, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish infected poultry from healthy animals, so officials aren’t taking any chances. Shanghai is closing its live poultry markets for three months beginning in February. What concerns health experts is that H7N9 meets two of the three conditions for becoming a pandemic—it is
          First Case of New Bird Flu Identified in Human Patient        
The latest version is called H6N1, and represents the first time that this strain of bird flu has jumped from birds to people. Flu researchers are especially wary of birds, from wild avian species like migrating geese to run-of-the-mill chickens at local poultry markets. They harbor a series of influenza strains that generally don’t make the birds sick, but could cause serious disease in people if if they jumped to human hosts. In recent years, more bird flu viruses that had never infected people before have been finding new human hosts. Last spring, for example, scientists in China reported the first human cases of H7N9 infections. These viruses previously circulated among birds, but mutations helped  them to survive and sicken people as well. Now, researchers in Taiwan say another avian flu strain, H6N1, may have made the jump as well. Reporting in the journal Lancet, scientists describe what they found when they analyzed a throat swab from a 20-year old woman who came to the hospital with shortness of breath and flu symptoms. When they sequenced the virus in her sample, they found it was very similar to H6N1 strains that have been found in chickens on the island since the 1970s, with one exception: this H6N1 had a mutation that gave it the ability to stick to human cells and gain entry, causing infection. Specifically, the mutation helped the virus to bind to cells in the human upper airway – a good place for viruses to attach after they are inhaled through the nasal passages. The woman, a clerk in a deli who did not have direct contact with raw meats or poultry recovered. Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Taiwan identified and tested 36 of her close contacts, including her brother, mother, neighbors, work colleagues, and doctors who cared for her at the hospital. Only six had fever and respiratory symptoms similar to the woman’s; none showed signs of persistent infection with the virus. While it’s too early to tell how virulent H6N1 may be
          Marin San Anselmo Alfine        

Marin’s San Anselmo Alfine city bike is a strong, well equipped, versatile piece of commuter fun. The high quality Shimano components, reassuring tyres and plush seatpost come together with a quality frame and fork package to provide a great pick me up on those morning rides to work.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is simply a short hop, get to work bike though, its equally at home on longer, casual rides on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Having ridden the San Anselmo on bridleways, riverside trails, old railway lines and tarmac I can confirm that the comfort levels make this bike a real pleasure to ride.

Marin have dipped their San Anselmo frame in Shimano Alfine componentry with the odd appearance from the Deore stable and the result is a reliable, quick shifting, relaxing ride. At the heart of this system is the internal 8 speed hub which offers wide-range gearing with an “everything inside” philosophy. The design of the hub and mounts gives the option of running disc brakes over the rim brakes on our test model. This level of flexibility sets the San Anselmo apart from some of its rivals.

This machine fits neatly into the limit for the Government's cycle to work scheme which, since its introduction, has seen a glut of bikes released of all types and brands making the £800-£1000 price band one of the most competitive in the market. Marin are an American company with American heritage and design through all of their bikes and are most noted for their range of off road machines. Design in the States and manufacture in Taiwan makes for high quality and competitive pricing.

The San Anselmo has a smooth, bare Aluminium frame with chunky engineered welds, it does come with the luxury of a Carbon fork and this has the added benefit of mudguard eyelets. The practicalities have been extended to offering a good level of clearance, even with the 28mm Continental tyres that come as standard.

Given the quality of roads around at the moment (which have deteriorated rapidly since the frozen winter) the choice to spec a suspension seatpost was gratefully received. There is only an inch or so of damping but it did make a difference. Riding along the rutted and rough Avon riverside trail just out of Bristol toward Bath is something I’ve tried on a cross bike, a GT aggressor MTB, even my old Giant TCR roadie but by far the most relaxed was this Marin. The nimble frame, the smooth forks and suspension seatpost and the reliable Shimano kit all worked in harmony. The seatpost isn’t a high quality unit though and requires you to be in the right position to get the most out of it. The test bike was a 19” and given my 5ft 10” frame this should normally be just about right for me, but this frame felt small, I felt a bit cramped and as such I didn’t initially get the best performance out of the seatpost. This really does make me feel that you need to get down to your LBS to try before you buy unless you can find a mail order test facility as used by Wiggle on some of their ranges.

Shifts are smooth and quiet from the Alfine system, and the 32-97 inch gear range should be suitable for virtually all but the hilliest cities (of which Bristol is one!), nevertheless, out of the saddle efforts saw me up Park street and Whiteladies road with ease. Don’t attempt something daft and you wont be troubled.

And for more casual, less hardcore bike riders it makes a great deal of sense. Using an internal hub is not only neater than a derailleur but you can also change gear while you’re standing still, which is handy in slow moving, traffic light controlled city traffic. Given the British weather the enclosed design should help your gearing system last more miles between services than a regular derailleur layout.


A very well equipped city bike with a few strokes of luxury that help it stand out from the crowd, just be sure to get the correct size. test report

Make and model: Marin San Anselmo Alfine

Size tested: 19 inch

About the bike

State the frame and fork material and method of construction. List the components used to build up the bike.

Aluminium frame, chunky welds and a good carbon fork. The bike is fitted with Shimano Alfine and deore components and finished with Marin kit and a wtb saddle.

Tell us what the bike is for, and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about the bike?

Its a city, commuter bike. Marin have aimed this at the cycle to work market which has sprung up thanks to the government backed initiative. It works a treat for this sort of thing, comfort levels set is above some other hybrids out there and while not being as quick as the Gary Fisher Mendota it isnt sluggish.

Frame and fork

Overall rating for frame and fork

Tell us about the build quality and finish of the frame and fork?

Superb forks with mudguard holes give a sense of thought and dedication to the development of this bike. The frame, despite coming up a bit small, was nimble, comfortable and as strong as we know Marins are.

Tell us about the materials used in the frame and fork?

CXR Carbon forks giove a smooth front end ride and the good quality 6061 hydro edged aluminium frame does exactly what it is meant to do while looking very swish.

Tell us about the geometry of the frame and fork?

The 19" test model has an effective 55.5 cm top tube which should be great for me as I ride a 56cm road bike and a smaller framed mountain bike but it felt quite cramped. I suggest getting to your local marin dealer to try it out yourself.

How was the bike in terms of height and reach? How did it compare to other bikes of the same stated size?

Height wise the bike was fine, exactly what I was looking for but it felt cramped in terms of reach. The short-ish riser stem didnt help matters but even when I used the adustment and set the stem angle lower I was still a little tucked up.

Riding the bike

Was the bike comfortable to ride? Tell us how you felt about the ride quality.

Yes, once I got my position right in order to make the most out of the suspension seatpost.

Did the bike feel stiff in the right places? Did any part of the bike feel too stiff or too flexible?

No, it was spot on. I could accelerate quickly with no lag, the bars were perhaps a little wide for my liking but it did help to stabilise the bike.

How did the bike transfer power? Did it feel efficient?

Yes which is very important in cities where stopping and starting is more of the journey than cycling!

Was there any toe-clip overlap with the front wheel? If so, was it a problem?

None whatsoever

How would you describe the steering? Was it lively, neutral or unresponsive? neutral, nothing edgey but nothing that made me bored either..

Tell us some more about the handling. How did the bike feel overall? Did it do particular things well or badly?

It worked fine, while not being a speed machine like the Mendota it did allow me to have fun.

Which components had the most effect (good or bad) on the bike's comfort? would you recommend any changes?

In the right position the suspension seatpost was a great addition but it really does need fitting to the rider. Once working it made bridleways and riverside paths easily accessible in comfort.

Which components had the most effect (good or bad) on the bike's stiffness? would you recommend any changes?

The engineered rear seat and chain stays allwoed for good handlong and power transfer, Marin have clearly thought about this.

Which components had the most effect (good or bad) on the bike's efficiency? would you recommend any changes?

The Alfine internal hub was a revelation, this bike would be great for someone who wants to cycle but cant be doing with the hassle of servicing regularly. It stands up to a lot and in Britain that is a good thing.

Rate the bike for efficiency of power transfer:
Rate the bike for acceleration:
Rate the bike for sprinting:

wide bars didnt help me here but were good for slower speeds.

Rate the bike for high speed stability:
Rate the bike for cruising speed stability:

With the suspension seatpost I could relax on the ride, very nice.

Rate the bike for low speed stability:

The alfine internal hub gearing meant that I didnt need to worry about changing gear before a junction, I could do it while stopped.

Rate the bike for flat cornering:

plenty of ground clearance, I could corner at a good angle if need be,

Rate the bike for cornering on descents:

Plenty in Bristol, I felt relaxed and in control.

Rate the bike for climbing:

Not the lightest and perhaps not the range of gehars as some others but there is enough to deal with most gradients.

The drivetrain

Rate the drivetrain for performance:

Superb, I would have one.

Rate the drivetrain for durability:

Again, ideal for the British climate as it is more protected than a conventional system

Rate the drivetrain for weight:

lighter than it looks but not featherlight.

Rate the drivetrain for value:

You get what you pay for, at this price the Alfine drivetrain is excellent value.

Tell us some more about the drivetrain. Anything you particularly did or didn't like? Any components which didn't work well together?

I thought it all worked well together, the brakes were a little soft but that can be put down to it being a brand new bike..after a few miles they were improving.

Wheels and tyres

Rate the wheels and tyres for performance:

Branded Shimano wheels, built very well.

Rate the wheels and tyres for durability:
Rate the wheels and tyres for weight:
Rate the wheels and tyres for comfort:

Conti sportcontact tyres were superb, never let me down despite my efforts to see what I could do to them!

Rate the wheels and tyres for value:

Cant fault them at all on this price of bike.

Tell us some more about the wheels and tyres.Did they work well in the conditions you encountered? Would you change the wheels or tyres? If so, what for?

I encountered some rain and wind but it has been mainly dry so I had to find some riverside trails with mud and water and the tyres were great, grippy yet they got rid of water and mud from their tread easily too


Rate the controls for performance:

The bars are just a bit too wide for my liking, the adjustable stem will be popular though.

Rate the controls for durability:

Shimano specced kit here too, cant fault it.

Rate the controls for weight:
Rate the controls for comfort:

Ergonomic v-brake levers, very easy to use.

Rate the controls for value:

Tell us some more about the controls. Any particularly good or bad components? How would the controls work for larger or smaller riders?

Anyone smaller (which the frame would suggest this size is aimed at) may feel like they are reaching wide for these bars. The display on the alfine control is easy to see and the reach on the brake levers should be fine for all but the extremes.

Anything else you want to say about the componentry? Comment on any other components (good or bad)

The suspension seatpost is a neat addition but make sure you can use it properly otherwise you will encounter forward and back flex which ruins the point of it.

Your summary

Did you enjoy riding the bike? Yes

Would you consider buying the bike? Yes I would, for the drivetrain and forks.

Would you recommend the bike to a friend? Yes I have done already

Rate the bike overall for performance:
Rate the bike overall for value:

Anything further to say about the bike in conclusion?

A lovely machine, looks good, great kit on it. One of the best you will get on the cycle to work scheme.

Overall rating: 8/10

About the tester

Age: 24  Height: 5ft 10  Weight: 70kg

I usually ride: felt ar4  My best bike is: i like my felt and my orbea ora tt bike equally

I've been riding for: 5-10 years  I ride: Every day  I would class myself as: Experienced

I regularly do the following types of riding: road racing, time trialling, commuting, club rides, general fitness riding, mtb, triathlon

Product Type: rating: 
11,150g verdict: 

A very well equipped city bike with a few strokes of luxury

          é¡åœˆå•†åœˆçŸ­ç‰‡é¡è³½æµ·å ±è¨­è¨ˆ        
    設計名稱:鏡圈商圈短片鏡賽海報設計 設計說明: 以台灣境內受經濟部商業司輔導及入選98、99年度 優質環境改造計畫的商圈為短片競賽的範圍,內容 以能呈現商圈趣點故事、展現商圈環境美感並能刺 激民眾消費為主,以引發社會大眾迴響及帶動商圈 知名度。 活動網址:
          Conseil achats sur taiwangun + commande groupée        
Bonjour, depuis ma première partie je me suis renseigné pour l'achat d'une réplique, pour une première j'aimerai éviter d'y mettre + de 200euros j'ai trouvé celle-ci dont le skin me plait et qui irait bien avec ma façon de jouer. ou mes questions: Est ce que ça tient + d'une partie, 2 mois , 1an? Qu'est-ce que vous en penser? Pour la commande ...
          Taiwán (台湾 Taiwan?)        
Taiwán. Es la menor de la "familia" de Asia de Este. Mide 150 cm. Suele usar un vestido rosa con cintas blancas y doradas en la parte superior del vestido, y blanco con tiras rosadas en la parte inferior. Su cabello es marrón oscuro, largo y posee un tirabuzón que sobresale de su cabeza. También lleva un flor rosada al lado de su flequillo. Sus ojos son de color marrón oscuro. Es una chica fuerte y decidida, aunque también es muy tierna y amable con todos. No soporta a China ...
          The Haiku Project - Shin Yu Pai        
During her recent appearance at The Station for the Beacon Bards reading series, poet Shin Yu Pai shared haiku she wrote each day during this past April.

I was struck by these new poems, immediately finding much to like about their keen imagery and leaps from the close at hand to the far away and worldly. Even better, her poems have stayed with me--I keep finding myself wanting to re-read/re-experience that initial joy in hearing news that stays news.  In looking at them more closely, I notice they are unsentimental in how they deal with a baby's behaviors, actions, growth. The exhaustion of new motherhood is here, but so are student demonstrations and the unequal distribution of wealth. I admire how she moves easily between and among the personal, the local, and the larger world of injustices and tragedies.

I asked Pai if I might share a few of these haiku on my blog, and she obliged. They work best as a unit, which likely will be published in a reputable journal before too long. In the meantime, here are a few to whet your appetite:

students stand up for
freedom, occupy the legislative yuan,
dear mother-land, never give up
far eastern sweet
potatoes, the dark
outline of Taiwan

at the eye exam
wondering all the sudden where
fibbing gets me

scrubbing poop from
the swaddle cloth, end of
a long day
in the alley, the Kenyan laborer
picks up needles w/ gloved hands  -
what asylum is this?

when I twist the top
off the pineapple head my boy
screams in horror

trying to recall the word
for "gaslighting" my brain
pulls up "waterboarding"
hundreds of students
drowned when the ship went down
all just kids
weighing whether to
ask my doctor or other
moms about weaning

More of Pai's haiku may be read in Haiku Not Bombs, a collaborative collection of poems written as part of a project to write a haiku a day for a year. She is also the author of the newly released Auxs Arc

I felt lucky to be present for Shin Yu's reading. 

Gerry MacFarland also read. 

Our next scheduled Beacon Bards event is Wednesday, June 11, when Kathleen Flennekin and Peter Pereira will take the podium at 7 pm. As always, an open mic follows our featured readers.  On warm/dry nights we move the stage to the back-alley patio. 

Hope to see you there!

          agnes monica Indonesian recording artist and actress of Chinese        
Agnes Monica born Agnes Monica Muljoto; July 1, 1986 is an Indonesian recording artist and actress of Chinese ancestry. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she started her career in entertainment industry at the age of six as a child singer. She has recorded three albums which established herself as one of the most popular child singers in the 1990s. She also became a presenter of several children's television programs. At her teen age, Agnes expanded her career into the world of acting. Her role in the soap opera Pernikahan Dini rocketed her name in the showbiz industry. Following her rising popularity after starring in few series of soap operas, she became the highest-paid teenage artist. In 2003, she released her first album And the Story Goes that marked her transition from a child singer to a female singer.
Agnes is known as a controversial figure in Indonesia, for her dream to bring her music to international stage is considered as a pompous proclamation. But despite of that, she has done many things to make her dream come true and made herself as an inspiration of young people. On her second studio album Whaddup A.. '?!, she collaborated with an American R&B singer Keith Martin. In 2005, she appeared in two Taiwanese drama series, The Hospital and Romance In the White House. She participated in 2008 and 2009 Asia Song Festival, which took place in Seoul, South Korea; and she received "Best Asian Artist Award" for each her participation there from the chairman of Korea Foundation for International Culture and Exchange. In 2010, she was one of the international hosts on the red carpet of American Music Awards of 2010 in Los Angeles, United States.
Besides her commercial success, Agnes has also achieved numerous awards, including ten Anugerah Musik Indonesia, seven Panasonic Awards, four MTV Indonesia Awards, and seven JpopAsia International Music Awards. She has also earned 2011 Nugraha Bhakti Musik Indonesia (NBMI) from The Minister of Culture and Tourism and the Union of Indonesian Singers, Songwriters and Music Record Producers for her contribution and support for the Indonesian music.
For her clean image and healthy life, which she has always presented, Agnes was appointed as the anti-drug ambassador of Asia as well as the ambassador of MTV EXIT in combating human trafficking.
* 1 Life and career
o 1.1 1986–2002: Childhood and early career
o 1.2 2003–2004: First Album And The Story Goes
o 1.3 2005–2007: Second Album Whaddup A.. '?!
o 1.4 2008–2009: Sacredly Agnezious
o 1.5 2010–present: Upcoming international project
* 2 Artistry
* 3 Honors and awards
* 4 Fundraising
* 5 Discography
o 5.1 Indonesian-language albums
o 5.2 English-language albums
* 6 Television series
* 7 Presenter
* 8 Notes
* 9 References
* 10 External links
Life and career
1986–2002: Childhood and early career
Agnes Monica was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 1, 1986. She is the youngest child of Jenny Siswono and Ricky Suprapto. She has an older brother named Steve Muljoto who is also her manager. She attended Tarakanita elementary school and Pelita Harapan junior high school/. Her talent in the performing arts has already seen in her childhood, especially in singing. Besides singing in a church, she was also sent to vocal courses in some places.
At the age of six, Agnes started her career as a child singer and recorded her first very album Si Meong. Her popularity soared when she released her second children's album Yess! (1995), in which she duets with another Indonesian child singer Eza Yayang. The album was named the "Best Children's Album" in 1999. Another children's album which she released was Bala-Bala. All those three albums managed to rank Agnes alongside with other popular child singers of the 1990s. In addition to releasing albums, Agnes also became a host of few children's programs namely Video Anak Anteve (VAN) on Anteve, Tralala-Trilili on RCTI and Diva Romeo on Trans TV. She was awarded "Most Favorite Presenter of Children's Program" at Panasonic Awards for two consecutive years, 1999 and 2000.
Entering her teen age, Agnes expanded her career into the world of acting, beginning with her role on the soap operas Lupus Millennia and Mr Hologram in 1999. The next year, she starred in the soap opera Pernikahan Dini which made her even more famous and wiped away her image as a child artist. For her role in this soap opera, she received "Favorite Actress" award at 2001 and 2002 Panasonic Awards, as well as "Popular Actress" award at 2002 SCTV Awards. She recorded two songs "Pernikahan Dini" and "Seputih Hati" for the soap opera's soundtracks. Both songs were also featured on the compilation album Love Theme (2001).
Throughout 2002, Agnes starred in three soap operas namely Ciuman Pertama, Kejar Daku Kau Ku Tangkap and Amanda.She also collaborated with an Indonesian senior singer Yana Julio in the song "Awan dan Ombak" for his studio album Jumpa Lagi. Along with her high popularity, Agnes became the highest-paid teenage artist in Indonesia at that time.

agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
agnes monica
          Hell freezes over: Sina Weibo now lets you post to Facebook        


For some strange reason, Sina Weibo's always required folks to log in to view some of its posts, but now there's more incentive for those who've yet to open a Weibo account. Announced yesterday, the website claims to be the first Chinese social networking platform to connect with Facebook -- the irony being the latter is still blocked in China, plus Tencent's WeChat already beat Weibo on this one.

Anyhow, both new and existing overseas users (including those from Taiwan and Hong Kong) can now register their Facebook accounts on Weibo, thus letting them post Weibo messages to the former simultaneously. Understandably, it doesn't work the other way round, but this should still somewhat help Weibo expand its user base of over 530 million.

As you can see in the above screenshots, this author took the new feature for a test drive and could only forward text-only Weibo posts to Facebook. That said, Sina's press release states that through Facebook's Graph API, Weibo users will eventually be able to also share images, videos, TV shows, music and mobile location to Zuckerberg World. For now, this Facebook integration is only available on the web client, but the Android and iOS clients will soon receive it as well. We've reached out to Sina to see what's up with the Windows Phone version, so stay tuned.

Via: The Next Web, Engadget Chinese

Source: Sina Digital (Chinese)

          Chinese smear campaign against Apple backfires badly        

China Central Television recently singled out Apple for its shoddy products and poor customer service in a three-hour documentary. According to M.I.C. Gadget, a gaffe by a celebrity may have exposed this film as nothing but propaganda.

The conspiracy started when Taiwanese-American celebrity Peter Ho and other influencers used Chinese social network Weibo to post negative comments about Apple during the TV broadcast. The post by Ho caught they eye of readers who noticed the unusual phrase, "To be posted at around 8:20," appended at the end. This phrase doesn't fit in with Ho's accusation against Apple and suggests he accidentally pasted both text and instructions provided to him by someone else.

Two hours later, Ho deleted the post and claimed someone hacked his account. Ironically, M.I.C. Gadget points out that most of the people posting negative comments against Apple were using Apple devices to decry the evil ways of the Cupertino company.

You can read more about the controversy surrounding these Weibo posts and the China Central Television report in the article on M.I.C. Gadget's website.

          Despite Pressure From China, Taiwan Finds Ways to Participate on the World Stage        
"‘The world’ is not the world outside the window. ‘The world’ is the water in a fish tank, and we are all fish in this tank."
          ä¸ºæ›¾ä¸ºå†³æ–—者的你, 推荐这款游戏王手游        

由于博客停更缘故, 本文于2017年1月12日先行发布在微信公众号游戏裁判所.

阅读本文前请循环播放音乐《クリティウスの牙 - 光宗信吉》.

一说起游戏王, 就会回忆起许多年前打盗版卡的时候, 从不懂规则到口胡规则, 再到计算连锁、搞懂阶段、遵循最新的禁限卡表, 再到后来的在 QQ 上用 NBX 打网牌的时光, 可以说, 游戏王伴随了我很久很久.

现在堆积的盗版卡早已消失不见, OCG 官方卡牌一出再出, 新规则一增再增, 却发现早已无心去打正版的牌, 可能我已经失去了那份打牌的心境, 也可能是我再也没有了那种能够无忧无虑组上一天卡组的闲暇时光. 资深玩家用来决斗的 YGOCORE 一类的第三方工具, 对于我这样的上古决斗者来说, 如今也已经没心思去关注了.

前天, KONAMI旗下的手游《游戏王 决斗连盟(Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links) 》正式支持中文语言, 这款游戏虽然出了几个月了, 但热度丝毫不见减少, 亚洲服开启后, 更是有大量中文玩家涌入游戏, 现在可谓是盛况空前.

经过一番体验, 我现在郑重推荐这款游戏王手游, 它让我找回了我对游戏王失去的热情.

跟往常的情况一样, 在 iOS 的 App Store 国服并没有这款游戏, 想玩游戏得换个区, 加上现在 iTunes Store 都没了, iOS 用起来真是生不如死.

所以我推荐各位用 Android 玩决斗连盟, 因为讲道理真的是一如既往的方便, 最方便的途径是去 TapTap 直接下载游戏, 这款游戏连 VPN 都不需要, 平时不玩外区游戏的玩家也不用担心操作起来很麻烦, 安装完毕后等待游戏下载完游戏数据就可以开始玩了.

如果你登录 Google Play 游戏的话, 还可以拿到游戏成就, 比 iOS 的垃(le)圾(se)游戏中心强了不知道几百万倍.

进入游戏后, 会经过一段教程, 顺便跟你讲解一下游戏规则.

需要说明的是, 决斗连盟的游戏规则发生一些变化, 比如怪兽区、魔法陷阱区从5张卡削减到了3张, 初始手牌限制为4张, 卡组数量下限20张, 上限数量30张, 总之是与我们熟悉的规则有很大不同.

另外还加入了相当于盗版的"人物卡"一样的人物特殊技能, 像是城之内可以开场获得1000LP, 海马和暗游戏开场自带场地魔法之类(让我疑惑的是场地魔法竟然可以同时存在两张? 是我记错规则了吗?), 搭配不同的人物技能, 有时也是制胜的关键. 只有LP是相当地遵循原作, 是以4000点为起点, 考虑到各方面的限制, 不使用8000作为初始LP也是情有可原.

对于不了解游戏王的玩家而言, 这款游戏也能够带你入门, 因为比常规规则简单太多了, 如果你感兴趣的话, 还可以当作进入决斗世界的引子.

本作的卡池非常古老, 基本就是第一代的卡池, 各种弱鸡通常怪兽、需要配合魔法卡陷阱卡使用的高级通常怪兽(黑魔导、青眼白龙), 以及一些比较菜的效果怪兽, 依赖融合出高级怪(究极青眼白龙), 甚至还有仪式怪兽这种早已被遗忘的需要通过仪式魔法卡攒星数召唤的特殊怪兽.

对很多后来不碰游戏王的老玩家来说, 你不要说什么灵摆、超量了, 同调召唤咱都不会, 祭品和融合召唤才是最吼的, 这就刚好切中了玩家们的痛点, 而且还把游戏复杂度降低得跟炉石传说一样简单, 不能像后来的卡组一样第一回合就开始说书说个10分钟.

目前的禁限卡表是空的, 说明当前卡池下确实没有什么过于变态的玩法.

在游戏的决斗学院里玩家可以继续学习和熟悉游戏的玩法, 里面还有强制要求达成 OTK 的决斗测试帮助你理解反败为胜的必要战术.

(讲道理, 这里头名为"亚马逊之乡"的决斗测试还挺有难度的)

决斗联盟在决斗时有两种视角可以切换, 一种是怪兽会显示立绘的相对侧面的视角, 一种是俯视的视角, 我个人还是比较喜欢俯视的感觉, 显得清爽、规整.

游戏的融合和仪式召唤的动画做得都是很不错的, 对于特定人物的本命卡, 还有很酷的3D动画, 不过都忘了截图了, 希望读者自己进游戏体会.

游戏内容基本就是到处跟 NPC 打牌, 打完一关进下一关, 简单粗暴. 游戏在常规的和路人NPC打牌, 与传说决斗者打牌以外, 还有特殊的NPC"流浪汉", 他会对决斗提出规则限制, 玩起来很有挑战性.

(被限制起手手牌还算好的, 我第二次遇到"流浪汉"时他直接第一回合场上自带3只怪兽)

现阶段的对战受卡组强度影响很深, 这个版本中的低星效果怪兽往往ATK很低, 想打伤害就只能用通常怪兽, 这个时候你的卡组和对方卡组的高攻低星怪兽的最高ATK就成为了一道分水岭, 比如你4星最高ATK1650, 对手直接召了一张ATK1950的怪兽出来, 你能怎么办, 虽然游戏王打牌的技术影响很大, 但在双方卡组强度有差距时, 技术再好也没卵用, 还是看脸, 然后你为了组一个更强劲的卡组, 就得不断抽卡包, 沉浸在随机性里, 痛并快乐着.

决斗连盟这种把集换式卡牌做成手游的做法, 还算很好接受的, 更贴近大家都是穷逼时玩实体卡的感觉. 而且游戏的氪金要素并不多, 不氪金完全打得下去, 卡包有一个剩余卡片池, 只要你一直抽下去, 哪怕你是非洲大酋长, 脸黑得分不清五官, 该有的卡也还是会抽到的, 游戏的公平性就体现在这里. 同时玩家也可以从这种有限的卡组里寻找最优解, 也获得了集换卡牌的乐趣, 能够发觉自己一步步的变强, 而不是像对战工具一样一下子甩几千张卡池给你, 去组比赛用的主流卡组. 大多数玩家的目标不是成为决斗界的胜负师, 只是为了娱乐而寻求决斗, 那么决斗连盟的模式就很适合.


(还原了部分实体卡特效, SR)

游戏还有一个"自动控(da)制(pai)"功能, 在跟普通NPC决斗者决斗时, 可以开启此功能, 接下来AI会接管你的角色. 一开始我觉得这游戏咋能这样, 决斗都搞成自动了岂不是很没意思. 后来发现不是这样, 由于游戏的卡池里通常怪兽比较多, NPC用的又都是特色卡组, 就难免因为要让NPC追求特色把自己卡组强度搞得很菜, 前期的大部分NPC都可以用自动控制平推过去, 既节省了时间, 又免去了无聊的碾压式对局.

(每次看到这个大卫的立绘, 我都会联想到如山般的父爱)

不过自动控制模式翻车也是挺常见的, 尤其是当 NPC 随着游戏进程提升了卡组强度之后.

当然, 游戏王光有 PVE 还是不够的, 打牌就是要大家一起打牌才爽. 游戏的 PVP 模式不但可以让你和好友打牌、和随机匹配的在线路人打牌, 甚至还可以打排位赛. 这也变相的增加了游戏的寿命, 现在玩家很多, 根本不到担心找不到人玩的情况, 低级排位基本都是秒匹配.

(把自己的烂牌好好组一下的话, 第一天打上白银还是很容易的)

PVP 嘲讽吹逼也是少不了的, 特定角色对战时台词也会有特定的变化, 也算是个挺有意思的细节.

游戏内置聊天室功能, 简体和繁体中文的用户应该是被分到同一个频道了, 台湾、中国大陆等中文用户会被安排在一起聊天, 于是难免就会有发台湾、新加坡、中国三个"国家", 你们看不看得懂繁体啊, 看不看得懂简体之类的节奏狗到处乱带节奏, 破坏聊天氛围.

(Taiwan No.1还行, 当这里是 H1Z1? saonima!)

后期也可以通过在线查看其他玩家公开的牌组来学习一个, 你也可以发布自己的卡组供人瞻仰.

在《游戏王 决斗连盟》里, 即使你手握着的是上古的卡牌, 玩着精简的游戏规则, 也依然能感受到那股决斗带来的特有笑容, 也许这就是游戏王的魅力吧(总之我是一肝到天明啊...).

现在整个游戏还有很大的发展空间, 就看 KONAMI 的更新是否够勤快了.

好了, 说了这么多, 也该轮到你的回合了.

扫描下方二维码, 订阅游戏裁判所微信公众号, 第一时间获得文章推送!

          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-17-2016 with George Figgs        

LCD Soundsystem- You Wanted A Hit Live At Madison Square Garden - The Long Goodbye Live At Madison Square Garden
Justin Adams Juldeh Camara- Gainako - Tell No Lies
Califone- The Orchids - Roots Crowns
- voicebreak -
Yo La Tengo- You Can Have It All - And Then Nothing Turned Itself InsideOut
Pedrinho- dio Sem Valor - Space Echo
The Frightnrs- Nothing More To Say - Nothing More To Say
Coulibaly Tidiane Dafra Star- Sie Koumgolo - Bobo Yy Belle poque In Upper Volta
Konono N1- Kinsumba - Konono N1 Meets Batida
Wax Tailor- My Burn feat Sara Genn - By Any Beats Necessary
Nam Amor John Convertino- Of Dust And Wind - The Western Suite And The Siesta Songs
- voicebreak -
John K Samson- Vampire Alberta Blues - Winter Wheat
The Lulus Band- I Can Feel It - Kenya Special Vol 2 Selected East African Recordings From The 1970s 80s
Piers Faccini- Drone - I Dreamed An Island
Nicolas Repac- Revue Noire - SwingSwing
St Germain- HankyPanky - St Germain
- voicebreak -
Eno Hyde- Return - High Life
Broken Social Scene- 74 Shoreline - Broken Social Scene
- voicebreak -
My Bubba- Around - Big Bad Good
Alsarah The Nubatones- Nar - Manara
Jim James- Here In Spirit - Eternally Even
Paito Y Los Gaiteros De Punta Brava- La Flor Del Melon Merengue De Gaita - La Flor Del Melon
Luisa Maita- Ol - Fio Da Memria
Dom La Nena- Scenic World - Cantando EP
Titi Robin- Diplm feat Mehdi Nassouli - Taziri
- voicebreak -
The Books- Smells Like Content - Lost And Safe Remastered
Devendra Banhart- Theme For A Taiwanese Woman In Lime Green - Ape In Pink Marble
Blonde Redhead- I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash I Still Get Rocks Off - Masculin Fminin
The Olympians- Venus - The Olympians
Kristi Stassinopoulou Stathis Kalyviotis- Erhetai Heimonas Winter Is Coming - Nyn
- voicebreak -
AfroHaitian Experimental Orchestra- Salilento - AfroHaitian Experimental Orchestra

playlist URL:
          ZombiU is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One        
Ubisoft has announced Zombi for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Enjoy the trailer for it below. Reports from last month pertaining to a ZombiU port proved accurate along with the Taiwanese Game Software Rating Regulations board listing from earlier this month along with a rating handed down by Australia’s ratings body back in June. […]
          PS4 and Xbox One version of ZombiU rated in Taiwan        
It appears reports from last month pertaining to a ZombiU port could be accurate, if a listing on the Taiwanese Game Software Rating Regulations board is any indication. The country’s ratings board has Zombi listed as in development for PS4 and Xbox One, and follows a rating handed down by Australia’s ratings body back in […]
          Orchid Tree?        
The Taiwan orchid growers held nothing back with their orchid display in the Great Pavilion. What caught my eye was what looked like either a broom or a mimosa in full bloom. Close examination revealed that it was a bare tree that had been entirely covered with sprays of yellow flowered orchids. It was astonishing.
          Harga Asus Zenfone 7 – Spesifikasi Agustus 2017        
Harga Asus Zenfone 7 – TEKNOKITA.COM – Melanjut kan kesuksesan dari Asus Zenfone 6, Vendor yang bermarkas di Taiwan ini telah mempersiapkan generasi penerus yang terbilang sangat di...

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 08-21-2015 with DJ Segue        

Alison Randall- Episode 153 The Psychedelic Christian Pastor John Rydgren - Rev Hellbound Alleees Mondo Diablo
Dday One- Fall Forward Alpha - Wavelengths Split with Glen Porter
Glen Porter- Dream Theta - Wavelengths Split with Dday One
Dday One- Between Poles Beta - Wavelengths Split with Glen Porter
Flako- The Odd Beautiful - Natureboy
Lilacs Champagne- 09 Moroccan Handjob -
Lilacs Champagne- 02 Lilacs -
Beat Spacek- I Want You - Modern Streets
Roger Robinson- Move Way Babylon - Dis Side Ah Town
Chrissy Zebby Tembo Ngozi Family- Gone Forever - My Ancestors
Fulgeance DJ Scientist- From Lithuania with Love Instrumental - The Soviet Tape Vol 1
Romare- Motherless Child - Motherless Child
DJ Shadow Cut Chemist- Timmy Thomas Sexy Woman - Product Placement Breaks
Flying Lotusmpleecious- The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation Watchn Chain Camel - Flying Lotusmpleecious
Calibro 35- Come Un Valzer - Sogni Di Gloria
Big Youth- Money Caan Buy Love feat Beenie Man Tafari Tarrus Riley - Lov3
GERGAZ- Lightning Owla Two - Beat Garden Compilation 4
Sherwood Pinch- Different Eyes - Late Night Endless
Paul White- Ride With Me - Paul White The Purple Brain
DJ Madd- Fort Greene Funk - RF Unlimited EP
Nadastrom- Raphaels Word - The Life And Times Of Raphael De La Ghett
MR Bird vs Tosses Varvez Marie Queenie Lyons See And Dont See- Space Reality Tosses Varvez mix - Space Reality
BOCA 45- 45 Live - Dig Eat Beats Repeat
- 03 Puerto Rican Cousins Produced By Gordon Voidwell And Alex Kestner -
DJ Shadow Cut Chemist- Newcleus Destination Earth - Product Placement Breaks
Cut Chemist- Eye on the Gold Chain - The Litmus Test
Paul White- Mind The World - Paul White The Purple Brain
- 11 Misirlou The Devils Anvil -
Fumaa Preta- Perdidos - Fumaa Preta
Syl Johnson- Is It Because Im Black - The Complete Twinight Singles
Gerald Short- Up There Spiritual Jazz Mix - Up There Spiritual Jazz Mix
Chrissy Zebby Tembo Ngozi Family- Feeling Good - My Ancestors
Death- Politicians in My Eyes - Politicians in My Eyes 7
MIA- Swords - Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border
Kill Money Presents- Cooking with Keith - Keith Floyd
Mute Speaker- Snake Head - Radio Bokor
Fulgeance DJ Scientist- Rubber Kalinka - The Soviet Tape Vol 1
Cut Chemist- Bunkys Pick - The Litmus Test
Mute Speaker- Bandit Country - Radio Bokor
Mecca83- The Inbetween - Expansion Sound Vol2
Mute Speaker- Plou Dom Ray - Radio Bokor
Ackryte- Hand in Hand - Expansion Sound Vol2
Taiwan MC- 09 Roll It Up Numa Crew remix - Heavy This Year Remix
Doc Mastermind- Fckyewtrapmuik - Expansion Sound Vol2
Sub- 09 - Webdigga WB 40 Loops rare breaks Vol7
Paul White- One Eye Open - The Strange Dreams Of Paul White
LOrange Kool Keith- Twenty Fifty Three feat Mr Lif - Time Astonishing
Mute Speaker- Demons Lament - Radio Bokor
Paul White- Pride - Paul White The Purple Brain
Machinedrum- Stirrin - Gunshotta Ave EP Released Oct 14th 2013 on Ninja Tune
Mute Speaker- Nou Dtee Bompot - Radio Bokor
Compa- Kingdom - Kingdom Bass Drum Version
Chancha Via Circuito- Sauce King Coya Remix - Amansara Remixed
Kiddus I- Graduation In Zion - Rockers Graduation In Zion 1
Zodiac- Scorpio The Passionate Hero - Cosmic Sounds
Flying Lotus- Turtles - Youre Dead
Dbruit Alsarah- Alhalim - Aljawal
Ghostface Killah - Deaths Invitation Interlude feat Rza - Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II
Dirty Filthy Mud- Forest Of Black - The Psychedelic Experience Vol2
The Electric Prunes- Are You Lovin Me More But Enjoy It Less - The Electric Prunes

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          Exploring the Summer: Summer events have come on stage in the Shei-Pa National Park        
Exploring the Summer: Summer events have come on stage in the Shei-Pa National ParkTo deliver the wonderful National Park experiences to the tourists through diversified explanatory activities, the Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters has planned a series of free environmental education activities especially for families with school children during the summer vacation at the Wuling, Guanwu and Xuejian Recreation Areas. Your participation is welcome! The nighttime observation activity “Night Search for Insects” at the Wuling Visitor Center will open the visitors’ eyes to the fascinating insect ecology at night. During July and August, the Center also provides explanatory tours on a daily basis on the ecological history, rehabilitation and release of Formosan landlocked salmon at the Fish-Watching Lookout of Qijiawan River, allowing visitors to have a closer glimpse of their beauty. On-site registration is now open. For more information, please contact the Wuling Visitor Center at 04-25901350.Aspiring to conserve the habitat of the Taiwanese lesser salamander, the Guanwu Salamander Ecology Center located in the Guanwu Recreation Area has launched a series of salamander-themed activities, including parent-child story theater and trail hiking, to guide visitors into the beautiful and misty medium altitude forest. Contact the Guanwu Salamander Ecology Center at 037-276300 for more information and to reserve an ecological tour this summer that is both intellectual and fun!Also every Saturday during July and August, the activities, including “Kamishibai Storytelling” (Paper Theater), “The Beauty of Ferns: Get to Know All Types of Ferns” and DIY card with the beauty of ferns, are available at the Xuejian Visitor Center, allowing visitors to understand the wisdom of different cultures, explore the knowledge of forest and nature, and preserve the memories through DIY cards. For more information, please contact the Xuejian Visitor Center at 037-962188.
          When faced with altitude sickness, please take responsibility for your life.        
Only by acknowledging and understanding the importance of safety can you enjoy climbing and coming back down the mountain without harm. Shei-pa National Park Headquarters asks those who go mountain climbing to plan properly and make a risk assessment before setting off. If you have any kind of unexpected reaction to the high mountain environment, please use the Management Office’s methods to deal with altitude sickness Shei-Pa National Park mountain huts have continued to provide the Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) sponsoring by Taiwan Wilderness Medical Association for use.This Portable Altitude Chamber is mainly used in serious cases of altitude sickness to alleviate the symptoms, for the correct method you must immediately descend the mountain to a lower altitude after its use and must not continue ascending the mountain. According to the working records of Shei-Pa’s conservation volunteers, it is dangerous and incorrect to continue climbing to the top after suffering from altitude sickness and using PAC to alleviate the symptoms. In addition, there have been many mountain climbers who change their route from the planned route at the time of their entry permit application; this violates the National Part Act, Article 13.1, Clause 8 which rules that when entering an ecological conservation area it is forbidden to deviate from the permitted route or itinerary. If someone changes their route, it is harder to contact the relevant unit to request a helicopter lift down the mountain in the event of altitude sickness. The headquarters recommends that those wishing to go mountain climbing properly plan their route and slowly ascend the mountain, as letting the body adapt to the change in altitude is the most important rule to prevent altitude sickness. Additionally, avoid strenuous activities, stay hydrated, keep warm, do not drink alcohol, and avoid using sleeping pills and narcotic pain medications etc., as these are all ways to reduce the dangers of altitude sickness. If you climb a mountain over 3,000 meters tall, the headquarters recommend that you spend one night at around 2,500 metres to adapt to the altitude first. If you want to use medicines to prevent or treat altitude sickness, they must be prescribed by a doctor, and taken according to the doctor’s instructions. The headquarters reminds the public once more, in the event of altitude sickness, take a responsible attitude to deal with the sickness and do not neglect any adverse reaction to the altitude. If you cannot reach the top this time then please come back another time, the mountain and scenery will always be here.
          When climbing mountains in the summer, only by closely watching the weather to read the climate can you put your mind at ease        
When summer comes, the temperature steadily rises to new records on low lying land, driving people there into the mountains to escape the heat. However, in Taiwan, July-September is the most unstable season, and so it’s necessary to pay close attention to the climate before performing outdoor activities. Look out for thunder showers in the afternoon, the influence of frontal lows, and typhoons. Ultraviolet rays are also greater in high mountain areas than on level ground, so wear a lot of sunscreen and keep drinking water when climbing mountains, to avoid sunburn, heat exhaustion, and sunstroke. Therefore, understanding the climate and weather is essential homework to do before you go mountain climbing in the summer. In addition, the exercise of mountain climbing in the summer takes a lot of energy and is a strain on your body if you spend a long time exposed to the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can make people lose salt and become dehydrated, causing cramp and sunstroke. Heat exhaustion is also very common. In serious cases this could even lead to heatstroke, which can be fatal. Do not overlook this. Nevertheless, even in July and August, mountains high above sea level can see the temperature drop at night to below 5ºC, so bringing cold weather clothing is equally important. Shei-pa National Park Headquarters warns everyone who goes mountain climbing about the importance of gathering basic mountaineering information, including a comprehensive map, equipment, route information, eating plans, stamina training, and contingency plans in case of an emergency. According to the regulations, you must also apply for a permit to enter the park and mountains. Although the park got rid of the requirements of applying for a permit and embarking on a climb with a guide and three people in a group, in consideration of your safety, the headquarters still recommend that you climb in a group, and it is best to choose an experienced and trustworthy mountain guide. You should also check the weather forecast for the week in advance, and assess how changes in the weather could affect your group’s safety. Furthermore, the headquarters recommends that you take out comprehensive insurance according to the nature of your activities, in order to give yourself and your family one more guarantee.
          New Website for Making Online Applications for Entrance to Shei-Pa National Park        
New Website for Making Online Applications for Entrance to Shei-Pa National Park In an effort to reduce the red tape for mountaineers, the Construction and Planning Agency under the Ministry of the Interior has launched a new website: Online Application for Entry Permission to Taiwan’s National Parks ( for its namesake purpose. The website is an integrated online platform offering one-stop permit application services for three high mountain national parks: Yushan, Taroko and Shei-Pa, with particular emphasis on the consistency of user interface and application procedure, plus a shared, searchable database. The new park entrance system has been available since November 25, 2015. To ensure safe climbing, the Shei-Pa National Park Administration Office adopts a multi-grade permit system and a modified version of park entrance rules, the details of which can be found at more information about the climbing route grades and entrance rules for Shei-Pa National Park Ecological Protection Area, please visit The biggest change with the new system lies in its 6-grade climbing permit system. Entry permits are issued according to six grades from A, B, C, C+, D to E based on three criteria: length of activity, geologic hazards and seasonal snow, with the applicants required to submit a letter of commitment or proof of mountaineering experience under certain circumstances. Also under the new system, applications for the park and mountain entrance are combined, the waitlist period is lengthened from 3 days to 5 days, extra scenic spots are recommended and disqualification provisions will be further specified to thwart non-compliant climbers, while attaching equal importance to convenience and fairness.
          News Update: Shei-pa National Park reminds climbers to get coverage from comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing before setting out for their mountain climbing quest        
With the introduction of comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing for over a year, this year (2015), it will also include coverage for rescue costs, making the coverage even more complete. As a reminder from Shei-pa National Park Headquarters, visitors could purchase the comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing before setting out on mountain climbing, as a way to provide a greater safeguard for themselves and their families. In the past, considering the potential risks during travel, people would normally purchase travel insurance. However, many insurance companies imposed restrictions on altitudes or the maximum amount after taking into consideration the higher risk of mountain-related activities. Furthermore, accidents caused by illness or disease were in general not covered. Therefore, in order to provide a more complete coverage from insurance policies during mountain climbing, the Financial Supervisory Commission worked with the Non-Life Insurance Association of the ROC and property insurance companies in 2014 to offer a comprehensive insurance for mountain climbing, with coverage including accidental injuries during mountain climbing activities (such as falling rocks or tripping) or incidents specified under contract (such as sun stroke, loss of temperature, mountain sickness, etc.) that led to death, incapacitation, or medical cost incurred, as well as cost for emergency rescues due to incidents that require search, medical care and transportation of bodies. Under the current comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing, purchase is possible for a party of 5 or more people. Mountain climbers get to choose the amount of insurance based on their own needs. However, coverage is limited to areas within Taiwan designated for mountain climbing. However, under the cost items for emergency rescue, non-insured items include those which occurred in an area where the insured did not obtain a permit when required to do so, or in an alert zone restricted or forbidden on entry, or ordered to leave by the Disaster Prevent Act, or the cost for emergency rescue that took place in areas announced by administrating agency as forbidden for entry. As a result, Shei-pa National Park Headquarters reminds climbers to observe all rules and regulations from the operating and administrating agency in order to prevent violation of the law and loss of coverage. To learn more about the comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing, visit the following websites and URLs: * Taiwan Insurance Institute (Insurance Area – Insurance Products Search): * The Non-Life Insurance Association of the ROC (Comprehensive Insurance on Mountain Climbing):
          Enjoy a Safe, Educational Autumn Outing in Mountainous Shei-Pa National Park!        
Nineteen out of Taiwan’s much-coveted Top 100 Peaks, including the second highest one, Mt. Xue (or “Xueshan”), lie within the boundaries of Shei-Pa National Park (SPNP). The stabilized October weather signals the arrival of autumn, a season marked by kaleidoscopic slopes, with less frequent afternoon thunder showers and cold fronts moving southward from the Asian continent. As Mother Nature’s makeup artists (maple, Taiwan Mountain Ash, etc.) turn red against the stunning sunset, a sea of clouds or mist-shrouded hills, the magnificent mountains are ready to impress nature lovers.Citing safety as the top priority for activities in mountain areas, which are accident-prone due to treacherous roads or weather conditions, the Shei-Pa National Park (SPNP) Headquarters advises visitors to brace for autumn’s roller-coaster temperatures (which could plummet in the nighttime and early morning) with their guides closely monitoring and evaluating the impact of potential typhoons. Those who plan to visit SPNP’s Conservation Area shall apply for legitimate access to both SPNP and the destination mountain; they are also required to be prepared in terms of the itinerary, fitness, equipment, food and emergencies. Besides hiring experienced and reputed mountain guides, they should ascend the slopes slowly for better high-altitude adaptation, which is the key to preventing mountain sickness. Meanwhile, outdoor activity participants are warned against disturbing wildlife, particularly bees or wasps, which are rather active in autumn and, when offended, might attack human beings in self-defense. Stay calm and cautiously maneuver around an approaching bee/wasp without agitating or swatting at it. Cover the head, neck and hands with a jacket. If accidentally stung by a bee/wasp, use ice packs to relieve the swelling or pain. To prevent the venom from flowing further down the blood vessels, remove the bee stinger cautiously; do not squeeze with a bare hand. Immediately seek medical attention even if there are no obvious symptoms. In mid-November, the SPNP Headquarters will launch “National Symposium on Climbing and Mountaineering 2014” at the Wenshui Visitor Center in Dahu Township, Miaoli County, where experts are expected to address various topics, from mountaineering management and safety obligations, climber’s training and mountain guides, mountain pavement maintenance and safety facilities, mountain environment and outdoor education, and backpacking meals and lightweight gear, to the globalization of Taiwanese mountain tourism, in the hope of encouraging public-private partnerships to re-examine Taiwan’s mountaineering management practices, and to make improvements accordingly. The symposium also prepares hands-on experiences and exhibitions concerning rock-climbing, crampons, slacklining, gear/clothing and lightweight meals, giving the general public an improved understanding of mountaineering equipment and skills. This highly educational symposium awaits your participation!
          Feature Story        
‘Peaks of Beauty: Shei-Pa National Park Garners Numerous Facebook Likes’Have you ‘Liked’ the strikingly mountainous Shei-Pa National Park on Facebook yet?Addressing real-time recreation, conservation and research issues and news through exciting, content-rich articles and videos since its 2010 debut, the official Facebook page of Shei-Pa National Park (SPNP) has garnered a whopping 64,000 followers on the social networking site as of August 2014!SPNP is a high-mountain national park centered on Taiwan’s Xueshan (a.k.a. “Mt. Xue”) Range, with Mt. Xue and Mt. Dabajian being its two highlights. Due to its complex landscape, the Park is famous not only for magnificent high-altitude streams, among other visual extravaganzas, but also as an educational yet fun domestic travel destination, or “outdoor classroom,” with flora, fauna and cultural diversity.The SPNP Headquarters launched a Facebook page on June 15, 2010 in a new-media marketing effort expected to simultaneously bolster tourism services. Loaded with the latest and hottest information, photos and videos, collected and shared online by its editors and volunteers regarding travel, conservation and research activities in the Park’s four recreational areas, the Facebook page has been so popular that its subscribers topped the 10,000 mark in 2013 and has reached 64,000+ in August 2014, outperforming most agencies of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs in social networking effectiveness.Citing gratitude to supportive fans and the empowering “Likes”, the SPNP Headquarters vows to maintain its Facebook campaign with additional timely posts, columns and more innovative, subscribers-only features. Visit SPNP on Facebook ( for further details!
          Hikers Need to be Aware of Acute Mountain Sickness        
Of the “Top 100 Peaks of Taiwan”, 19 fall within the Shei-Pa National Park area. The Park boasts up to 51 summits over 3,000 meters above sea level, and every year, many hikers register to enter the park. In the past three years, there were 8 cases of suspected altitude illness that requested rescue. In serious cases, the sickness may cause death. Hence, the Park Headquarters appeals to the public to ascend gradually when hiking in the mountains to allow the body ample time to acclimatize to the change in height. Do not ignore any symptoms suspected of altitude illness. And remember, “Descend, descend, and descend” is the most effective way of alleviating altitude illness.Altitude illness is caused by reduced atmospheric pressure and low oxygen levels at high altitude. The main cause of altitude illness is ascending rapidly within a short period of time, resulting in the body not being able to acclimatize to the high altitude. Generally, hikers should ascend gradually to acclimatize. However, due to the highly diversified terrain of Taiwan and the pattern of the hiking, there is almost no acclimatization made for the trip. For example, hikers may take transport up the mountain during the night to save time. In such cases, the rapid ascend and poor quality of sleep may easily cause altitude illness. Acute mountain sickness (AMS) , a mild form of altitude illness, resembles the flu and may be easily neglected. When symptoms like headache, nausea, shortness of breath and vomiting occur at altitudes of more than 2,000 meters, it should be first regarded as AMS. If it deteriorates into severe altitude illness like high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) or high altitude cerebral edema (HACE), it may result in unconsciousness and even death in serious cases.The symptoms of HACE include loss of coordination, unsteady gait (ataxia), altered mental state, etc.; symptoms of HAPE include inability to catch one’s breath even when resting, cough, extreme fatigue or weakness, chest tightness or congestion, rales or wheezing in the lungs, cyanosis, etc. Hikers should at all time, pay attention to whether they or their teammates develop early symptoms of AMS. If after resting at the same altitude the symptoms still have not subsided or once the symptoms deteriorate, hikers should immediately descend to a lower altitude. If HAPE or HACE develop, hikers should abort the hike and descend immediately. A person with altitude illness symptoms should never be left behind or allowed to descend alone.Shei-Pa National Park Administration suggests that proper route plannings must be made for mountain hiking. The most important principle of preventing altitude illness is to allow the body to acclimatize to the altitude. Also, avoid strenuous activities, drink plenty of fluids, keep the body warm, refrain from alcohol, avoid taking tranquilizers, etc.; these actions can reduce the incidence of altitude illness. Hikers who target the summit more than 3,000 meters are recommended to stay one night at 2,500 meters altitude to acclimatize. If medications for prevention or treatment of altitude illness are required, they must be prescribed by doctors, and taken according to the doctors’ instructions.Director Lin Ching also advises that as winter is approaching, the temperature of the mountains during the night is near zero; thus hikers should carry along enough warm clothing and necessary equipment. Also, comprehensive hiking plans and adequate physical training are necessary, and hikers must apply for the Park Entry Permit and Mountain Entry Permit before entering the trails in the park. More preparation and vigilance mean fewer regrets.
          Shei-Pa National Park advocates precautionary measures to prevent a rabies epidemic        
Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters, with the aim of preserving the valuable ecological resources and ensuring the survival of endangered wild animals in the medium and high altitude mountain regions stipulates, in the “Prohibitions inside Shei-Pa National Park”, that “Pets are not allowed into the ecological protected and landscape protected areas”, and “Feeding of wild animals and releasing and abandoning of animals into the Park are strictly prohibited”. Recently, cases of animal rabies have appeared in Taiwan’s low altitude mountain areas. To prevent causing harm to the wild animals, the headquarters once again appeals to the public not to bring pets, such as cats and dogs, into the ecological protected and landscape protected areas of the Park. Feeding of the wild animals and releasing and abandoning of animals into the Park are strictly prohibited.Rabies is a zoonotic infectious disease, and its pathogen is the rabies virus. It will cause acute encephalitis and peripheral nerve inflammation to the animal, and has an extremely high fatality rate. Among mammals, animals including primates, carnivores and Chiroptera (such as Taiwanese macaque, ferret-badger, bat, etc.) could catch the disease if bitten by infected animals. However, as long as vaccination is received in time, death can be prevented.Director of Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters, Mr. Lin Ching, appeals to the public that, to maintain the safety of wild animals and also your own pets: feeding of wild animals and releasing and abandoning of animals into the Park are strictly prohibited; pets are not allowed into the ecological protected and landscape protected areas of the Park; pets should receive rabies and canine distemper vaccinations on a regular basis; and pets should be leashed upon entering the general limited use and recreation areas of the Park to prevent them from running freely and disturbing wild animals and/or causing infection. By avoiding contact with the wild animals, you not only protect your own pets, but the animals in the mountains too.It is worth mentioning that, the Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters has been in cross-agency cooperation with National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital since 2011, giving free tubal ligation and vaccination for dogs and cats in Taichung’s Wuling region and neighboring tribes. From 2011 to 2012, a total of 167 cats and dogs have received tubal ligation and vaccination. As these animals are close to areas where wild animals appear, there is a possibility for them to become disease carriers. To prevent the unlimited breeding of these cats and dogs and spreading diseases to wild animals, the Headquarters, with the help of professional veterinary units, carries out tubal ligation and vaccination, having informed the Wuling region and neighboring tribes. Shei-Pa National ParkHeadquarters will continue to carry out this project to effectively stop the over-breeding of dogs and cats, as well as to stop them from being potential carriers. It also advocates the conservation concepts related to wild animals to the neighboring tribal people, and hopes that the public can abide by the relevant regulations when entering the national park. In the future, adjustments may be made according to the development of the epidemic.
          Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters Awarded the 5th Government Service Quality Award        
The Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters (SPNPH) won the 5th Government Service Quality Award, adding to its growing list of honors! The Government Service Quality Award is the highest honor for Taiwanese government agencies eager to enhance service quality. Of the estimated 1,000-plus administrative agencies eligible for the award scheme this year, including the Executive Yuan and its subordinate agencies, special municipalities, as well as county/city governments and their subordinate agencies, 173 were nominated after an internal review by first-class agencies; only 30 would pass the multi-judge panel in preliminary, semifinal and final reviews and become winners. In its year-long attempt to bolster service quality, the SPNPH constantly and proactively delves into problems, implementing innovations and improvements while showing remarkable results that have made it one of the 30 winners this year. The Executive Yuan held an awards ceremony for the Government Service Quality Award on Wednesday the 19th of June, 2:00p.m.-4:00p.m., at the 2F Convention Hall of the Civil Service Development Institute, where the winners were publicly recognized, in order to enhance service quality among all administrative agencies, and also to encourage government workers in their pursuit of innovation. SPNPH Director Lin Ching said that Shei-Pa National Park’s efforts concerning innovative services and information circulation have proved noticeably fruitful, citing as examples the newly introduced SPNPH Facebook fan page, where up-to-date photographs or videos about the Park’s real-time activities and fauna/flora are uploaded and shared among fans, and have so far already received 13,734 “Likes”. Among the SPNPH’s considerable achievements in wildlife conservation, a population restoration program has drastically raised the number of Formosan Landlocked Salmon (Oncorhynchus masou formosanus) inhabiting the park from 253 in 1992 to 4,294 in 2011, and then to the current level of 5,479. Regarding the indigenous affairs in the neighborhood of Shei-Pa National Park, the SPNPH has facilitated the preservation of indigenous traditions, launched a series of films among other promotional publications for Atayal Tribe’s Ancestral Spirit Ritual, and held fashion shows featuring outfits inspired by traditional Atayal costumes. Moreover, it offers consultancy for the Park’s neighboring indigenous communities, for developing eco-tourism as an aboriginal industry, while at the same time forging close-knit ties with them through the establishment of an Aboriginal Liaison In the future, SPNPH will stay committed to its core value of sustainability, with protecting the natural and cultural resources in conservation areas being a top priority. It also vows to turn the Shei-Pa National Park into a model platform of eco-preservation, scientific research, environmental education and eco-tourism, and ultimately share sustainable resources with generations to come.
          Previous bats are found in Guanwu        
A Chinese noctule was found in August, 2012 at the Guanwu Region in Shei-pa National Park.The bat was discovered in a harp trap set up in the Guanwu Salamander Habitat, which is primarily for conserving the endangered Guanwu Salamander but also for studying wild bats.“Mid-altitude Guanwu has many cloud forests, sources of water and diversified plantation. As a result, a variety of animal species have been found here, including wild bats,” Lin Chin, head of the Shei-pa National Park Administration Office, said.Chinese noctules are medium to large in size and live on warms. They are featured by longish brown hair smooth as silk, as well as pine mushroom-shaped earlobes.The winged animals have been found in human households, forests and cities in general. It seems they live in low to mid altitude areas in Taiwan proper and the Jinmen region. But their exact habitats and ecology remain relatively unknown. Since they are spotted very often, they are likely to be a rare species.According to the Shei-pa National Park Administration Office data, in the last four months 470 bats were caught, which is truly amazing. Of those captured, only 15 carry small rings on their wings placed by researchers as they were previously caught. That is, recapture rate is only 3%. This shows bat population in Guanwu is rather large. All captured bats are set free once they are sized and photographed. They are tagged with rings before returning to the nature, so that in the future researchers can recognize them. In fact, researchers also found another bat species, Taiwan mouse-eared bat, in the region. This adds up bat species at Guanwu to 24 over the last five years, which is 75% of its total (32) throughout Taiwan proper.“Studies on bats will continue at Guanwu. It is expected more bat species will be discovered in the near future, and that more research results will be achieved,” said officer Lin.
          Blooming azalea flowers await visitors at Mount Jade         
While Tung flowers spread out as far as the eye can see in the low-altitude mountains of Taiwan every April and May, in mountains 3,000 meters high or more, “Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum,” a kind of azalea flowers, also compete against their flora counterparts to be the most beautiful ones. This year, in the second half of May, Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum are expected to amaze visitors with their beauty.Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum is native to Taiwan and prospers in mild, if not cold, environments. Its phylogenetic species are found in the high mountains of Yunan, China and the Himalayas. In Taiwan, the flowers grow in mid to high-altitude mountains. Starting from the end of March in mid-altitude mountains, until early June in high-altitude mountains, Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum continues to bloom. Especially in the Snow Mountain, seas of Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum grow into full blossom during the second half of May, although the flowering period may slightly differ every year.High-mountain ecosystems are based in extreme weather conditions. Due to climate change, high-mountain plants are faced with even more challenges these days. To gather evidence of how climate change influences the local ecosystems, the Shei-Pa National Park Administration conducted a research that lasted several years. Research results show that Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum are much more affected by warm weather in lower-altitude areas. This indicates that high-altitude Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum may better adjust themselves to global warming than their low-altitude counterparts.The administration also studied the factors resulting in a lean or blooming year for Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum, from a single branch, an entire plant to a whole settlement. In short, whether Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum blooms or not is decided a year before, and the flowers always pop up on different parts of the plant by year. This is because flowering consumes much more energy than simply growing. Because conditions are challenging, and sunshine is relatively less in the national park, this trait of the Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum in Shei-Pa is especially salient.According to the Administration, the Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum of Mount Jade is expected to bloom much more than previous years. Interested members of the public are advised to apply for entrance permits in advance for the ecological zones of Shei-Pa. They are also advised to visit Shei-Pa on weekdays or non-holidays. People who are unfit for mountaineering may go to Hehuan Mountain instead, where alpine azalea flowers are many. Visitors please kindly pay attention to their own safety and keep warm.
          Shei-Pa National Park and Bhutan National Park strengthen ties         
In continuation of a treaty signed in 2009 with Thrumshingla National Park and the Sekteng Wildlife Sanctuary of the Kingdom of Bhutan, the Taiwan-Bhutan Culture and Economy Exchange Association invited Dasho Karma Dukpa, Director of the Department of Forests and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of the Royal Government of Bhutan, as well as a number of delegates, to spend 17 days in Taiwan exchanging ideas. A press conference entitled “The 2012 National Park Exchange Project between Taiwan and Bhutan” was held April 9, 2012 at the Cathay Financial Holdings Taipei Conference Center. Lin Chin, Director of Shei-Pa National Park and Dasho Karma Dukpa exchanged memorial postal stamps issued by the central post offices of the two countries as a good will token.Dasho Karma Dukpa said he is impressed by the conservation-recreation operations, modern management and scientific facilities of the national parks in Taiwan. In response, Lin Chin praised Bhutan for its effort in diminishing human interference and developing eco-tourism, and encouraged local professionals to learn from their Bhutan counterparts. Taiwan representatives will share their experiences in combining guided tours with ICT, information and communications technology, with the Bhutan delegation.
          Guanwu Salamander Center will open soon         
Guanwu Salamander Center, the first of its kind in Taiwan, will be inaugurated at the Shei-Pa National Park on April 21, 2012. A ceremony will be held, as hosted by Minister of the Interior Lee Hung-yuan.Guanwu salamanders are nocturnal amphibians that reside in mountains of 1,300m altitude or more in central and northern Taiwan. Just like Formosan landlocked salmon, one of the most cherished endangered species in Taiwan, Guanwu salamanders are a relict species from the glacial period. Because they were found in Guanwu, they were named as “Guanwu salamanders” as the discovery was announced in 2008. In the same year, they were listed as an endangered species by the Council of Agriculture under the Executive Yuan.Back in 2004, the salamanders’ habitat had been severely damaged by typhoons. To recover the precious species, the Shei-Pa National Park Administration conducted a series of studies and tried establishing a new habitat on a piece of land near a visitor center. After four years of hard work, a substantial number of Guanwu salamanders have been found to live there. The successful attempt was listed on the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council website.The inauguration ceremony will kick off at 10 a.m. Indigenous tribal leaders will give prayers with attendants, and students from the Taoshan Elementary School, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County will play xylophones and perform Ayatal dances. Handmade sticky rice cakes will be served on site. Participants may also see an exhibition entitled “A Dialogue between Ecological Tour Guides and the Nature” at the center’s ecological art gallery.The center will open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily except Mondays. Ecological films will be played, and guided tours to the salamanders’ new habitat will be available. Interested members of the public may register at the center. It is hoped that, by taking the tours, people will learn more about Guanwu salamanders, observing them at a close distance without bringing much disturbance to the tiny amphibians.
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 12-26-2014 with DJ Segue        

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-27-2014 with Gavin Dahl        

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- voicebreak -
The Souljazz Orchestra- Agoya - Inner Fire
Hugh Masekela- Gettin It On - Single
Afro 70- Afrousa Move On - Kenya Special Selected East African Recordings From The 1970s 80s
Wild Magnolias- Handa Wanda - They Call Us Wild
- voicebreak -
James Moody- Tin Tin Deo - 19481949
Mulatu Astatke- Fikratchin With Menelik Wossenatchew - The Story Of Ethio Jazz 19651975 New York Addis London
- voicebreak -
Antibalas- Dirty Money - Dirty Money Single
Augustus Pablo- Rockers Rock - Pablo Meets Mr Bassie Original Rockers Vol2
Desmond Dekker- Beautiful And Dangerous - Early Dekker
Ruts DC- Pleasures Of The Dance - Spiky Dread Issue One
Meklit- Kemekem I Like Your Afro feat Samuel Yirga - We Are Alive
- voicebreak -
Whiskey Blanket- Hell High Water Ch 2 feat Bonnie Paine - From The Dead Of Dark
Rodrigo Y Gabriela- La Salle Des Pas Perdus - 9 Dead Alive
Ana Tijoux- Oulala - 1977
6Fingers- Handcuffs Instrumental - Beats Speak
- voicebreak -
Ms Lauryn Hill- Black Rage Sketch - Single
The Roots Betty Wright- Old Songs - Betty Wright The Movie
St Paul The Broken Bones- Call Me - Half The City
Paolo Nutini- Better Man - Caustic Love
- voicebreak -
DJ Drez- Taiwan Special - 4am Plum Mood
The Notwist- Kong - Close To The Glass
Sylvan Esso- Play It Right - Sylvan Esso
Slow Magic- Still Life - How To Run Away
Veronica Maggio- Finns Det En S Finns Det Flera - Satan I Gatan
- voicebreak -
Sleeper Agent- Waves - About Last Night
Mimicking Birds- Bloodlines - Eons
Finn Riggins- Shaky - Vs Wilderness
Hundred Waters- Down From The Rafters - The Moon Rang Like A Bell
- voicebreak -
Messy Sparkles- Nick - Single
SWMMNG- Younger - Feel Not Bad
The Head And The Heart- Lets Be Still - Lets Be Still
- voicebreak -
Lake- Takin My Time - The World Is Real
Esme Patterson- A Dream - Woman To Woman
Phillip Roebuck- Lonesome Dream - Inertia
Damien Jurado- Silver Malcolm - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
- voicebreak -
Gabriel Teodros SoulChef- TransAfrican Highway Part 2 - Evidence Of Things Not Seen
Aloe Blacc- I Need A Dollar - Good Things
DJ Shadow- Six Days Machinedrum Remix - The Liquid Amber
Flying Lotus- Tesla - Youre Dead
Shigeto- Sacrificial - Full Circle Remixes
- voicebreak -
Monk- Weird Castagnettes - Raw Futuristics
Amin Payne- The World Changes - George Benson Tribute
Muramasa- 6Panel - Single
Esta- Carousel - So On
Freddie Gibbs Madlib- Harolds Instrumental - Deeper EP
- voicebreak -
Grooveman Spot Kissy Asplund- Happy - Brownswood Bubblers Six Gilles Peterson Presents
Odesza- Bloom - In Return
- voicebreak -
Mother Natures Army- Buy More Stuff - Coming To Get You

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-21-2014 with DJ Segue        

Daniel Higgs- a3 - Devotional Songs Of Daniel Higgs
DJ Food- Extract From Stolen Moments - One Mans Weird Is Another Mans World
Ken Nordine- The Vidiot - Beat Generation Music Poetry
Paul White- I Call You - Running On A Rainy Day
Krokodil- 08 Raga 1971 - The Psychedelic Tapes
Oneness Of Juju- Bootsies Lament - Space Jungle Luv
Karl Hector the Malcouns- Mhammad - Unstraight Ahead
Flying Lotus- Eyes Above - Youre Dead
Brock Berrigan- A Strange Predicament - Four Walls and an Amplifier
Cut Chemist- Bunkys Pick - The Litmus Test
Cookin Soul x Gil Scott Heron- A sign of the ages - The Revolution is being televised tribute
Onra- Welcome To Vietnam - Chinoiseries
Onra- Chop Your Hands - Chinoiseries
Paul White- Sleep Clapping - The Strange Dreams Of Paul White
Fumaa Preta- Perdidos - Fumaa Preta
Shawn Lees Ping Pong Orchestra- Hey Ya - Rewind Vol6
Guts- Come Alive feat Lorine Chia - Hip Hop After All
Deela- Maria Death Squad - Fantastic Freeriding 4 Now
DJ Shadow- Ghost Town - The Liquid Amber EP
Clap Clap- Kuj Yato - Tayi Bebba
Brock Berrigan- Four Walls and an Amplifier - Four Walls and an Amplifier
llmind- Straight Ahead Produced by llmind M31RK - BFKW llmind Beats For Kanye West EP
Jaro Milko The Cubalkanics- Cumbia Orientale - Cigarros Explosivos
- 101 The Anambra Bests -
Brock Berrigan- Thats All - Four Walls and an Amplifier
Denaun Porter- mOnTeZ tHeMe - Porter Chops Glasper
Onra- Hope - Chinoiseries
The Electric Peanut Butter Company- Backstreet Wall - TransAtlantic Psych Classics Vol2
Lefties Soul Connection- Skit A - Akathisia
Can- Halleluwah - Tago Mago
Lou Jimmy- Walk On The Spinning Wheel J Rocc Edit - Flaunt Edwards
The Beatstalkers- Edgelactic - Pyramid Funk Dynamite Reggae
Gramatik- Doin It - SB1
- 03 Babo -
VA Near East Psych- Degmen Benim Gamli Yasli Gnlme - Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar
DJ Dolores- Alcool Bolero Filosofico - Banda Sonora Musica para Filmes
M Ashraf feat Nahid Akhtar- Dilbar Dilbara - The Sound Of Wonder
Lack of Afro- Freedom The Gene Dudley Group Remix Instrumental feat Jack Tyson Charles - Freedom
VA Near East Psych- Niye Cattin Kaslarini - Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar
Baris Manco- Lambaya Pf De - Daglar Daglar
Swindle- Summer Fruits - Walters Call
Slugabed- 1 Badman - Activia Frenz Vol 1
Chinese Man- pandi groove - The Groove Sessions
Brock Berrigan- Scotch on a Yacht - Four Walls and an Amplifier
The Survivors- Rawhide - Scratchy Sounds Ska Dub Roots Reggae Nuggets Disc 2
Pyramid Blue- African Jungle - Dis Is Good For You Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International
Pete Rodriguez- I Like It Like That - Chef Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Butch Clancy- Ratchet Anthem - A Beautiful Mind LP
Roses Gabor- Rush Instrumental - Rush
Krts- Hold On Glenn Astro Remix - Hold On LP
Gorgon Sound vs Dubkasm- Dub Mirror - The Versions
Hi Tech Roots Dynamics- MSG Dub - New York Dub
Hoodz- Bad Mind - Bad Mind Digi12
The Spy From Cairo- Gypsy Stepper - The Wonderwheel Spins 2013
80s Casual- Likkle Sound - In Dub
1000names- Paper Trip - Invisible Architect
Clap Clap- Sahkii Xirhuu - Tayi Bebba
AfroMassive- Por Ejemplo - Fill the Void
Helado Negro- Triangulate - Double Youth
Paul White- Where You Gonna Go - Shaker Notes
Skalpel- Theme From Behind The Curtain - Skalpel
DJ Shepdog- Bigger Than Jamrock - Greatest Licks vol 1
Taiwan Mc- Roll It Up featuring Plex Rock - Heavy This Year EP
Mikael- Smiling Face - Smiling Face
Anouk Aiata Taiwan MC- One Last Dub - One Last Dance
Dennis Brown- Dub Around The World - Dennis Brown In Dub
Lennie Hibbert- Chinese Beauty - More Creation
Mos Dub- Shroud The Stars instrumental - Mos Dub
Kalbata Mixmonster- Major Mackerel When the Congo Hit the Drum - Congo Beat the Drum
- 09 Vision Quest 2 -
- 03 Scratch To Win -
ElP- Twin Back Hype - Run The Jewels Instrumentals
Run The Jewels- Twin Hype Back Clean - Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels- Oh My Darling Dont Cry Inst - RTJ2
Run The Jewels- Oh My Darling Dont Cry Clean - RTJ2
Taku- Clik Clak - RE TWERK
Taku- Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools Taku Remix - RE TWERK
Taku- Electronic Relaxation - RETWERK VOLII
Taku- Cosmos Midnight The Dofflin Taku Remix - RETWERK VOLII
Taku- Shimmy Shimmy - RETWERK VOLII
Hucci- The Fall - Rose Gold
Taku- Closet Drake Fans - DRIZZY REWORKS
Sub Swara- Traffic Jam Sub Swara Refix -
The Beta Club- Brassa Nova - Paris Djs Soundsystem Presents Killas Thrillas Chillas Foot Stompers Freaky Soul Vol1

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          Contrarian investment strategy: short Chinese stocks        
I’ve been skeptical of the official Chinese government economic statistics for quite some time, so I find articles like this one to be quite believable: Chanos and the other bears point to several key pieces of evidence that China is heading for a crash. First, they point to the enormous Chinese economic stimulus effort — […]
          Music Nights at Cafe Rozella        

The Music Nights at Cafe Rozella continue with some outstanding performers. Performances start at 7 p.m. on Fridays.

Alma Villegas brings her sultry voice to an exquisite and passionate selection of Latin favorites. Friday August 15th at 7 p.m.

From the bouncy feel of Perfidia to the passionate tango version of Besame Mucho and the salsa sound of Mi Tierra these selections have entertained and captured audiences internationally for decades.

Alma Villegas and her band have performed for five years at various venues including Dulces Latin Bistro, Serafina, Bouchée Café in Fremont, St. Clouds, Misto Café, Mamey’s Cuban Café, Madrid, The Tractor Tavern, El Sombrero, The Sitting Room, Julia’s, the Musicquarium at the Triple Door and Jazz Alley. And, of course, Alma is a regular at Cafe Rozella.
Children of the Revolution's Acoustic Trio Friday, August 22nd at 7 p.m.

"When you go to a Children of the Revolution show, you might as well leave your preconceptions about world music at the door" wrote Tina Potterf of the Seattle Times. Fans will usually say something like, "That was the best live show I've ever been to; I don't quite know how to describe it." From Bozeman Montana to the caves of Granada, Spain, from Istanbul to Taiwan, COTR make life-long fans wherever they go.

They can loosely be compared to such breakaway and high-energy world music artists such as Ozomatli, Gipsy Kings, Santana, Manu Chau and the Afro Celt Sound System, but all similarities stop there. Made up of virtuoso musicians, singers and dancers from around the world, COTR blend their Flamenco, Greek, and Rock roots creating, a lush and melodic sound driven by infectious Latin and Middle-Eastern grooves.

The group is fronted by lead singer Vassili, who grew up on the Greek Islands, and former metal head turned flamenco guitarist Eric Jaeger. Sharing the spotlight is Barcelona-born flamenco dancer Encarnación. Their electrifying and sexy concerts showcase outstanding musicianship and songwriting with world-class dance performances. Both world music aficionados and those new to the genre agree - COTR puts on one of the most unifying and entertaining shows in the world.

Guest artists both live and recorded have included legendary rock singer, Ann Wilson of
In less than two years, COTR went from playing small clubs to filling some of the Northwests most prestigious theaters such as Meany Hall, Benaroya Hall and the 3,000-seat Paramount Theater.

COTR is a consistent audience favorite of major festivals in the region such as Folklife, Vancouver Folk Festival, Bumbershoot and Montanas Sweetpea Festival, 3-6,000 people can be seen dancing and singing at these shows. Eleftheria (the Greek word for freedom) is their anthem that ends the show and ALWAYS gets the crowd jumping in unison!

COTR have the achievements, experience and systems in place to create a totally new movement in popular music. They have toured extensively through the Northwest and Canada and have been invited to perform at very special historical events such as; the first Western band invited to play for the Buddhas Birthday in Taiwan for over 30,000 people, the Government Leaders conference (organized by Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen) in Seattle at Experience Music Project, opening for former President Bill Clinton at his "We the People" speech in Seattle in 2006, and KROCKs 2005 Tsunami Relief benefit concert headlined by surviving members of Alice in Chains and Heart. COTRs concert DVD has aired on numerous PBS stations across the country and select tracks from their album, Liberation appear on Putumayo Records compilations.

After spending five months in Europe where they performed and studied with Flamenco masters in Spain, Rye singers in Morocco and Turkish musicians in Istanbul, COTR returned to record their latest CD, Life, Love and Guantanamo Bay. The album is an artistic breakthrough for Children of the Revolution and promises to bring them into the international spotlight.


Eduardo Mendonca’s exuberant energy always gets the house on its feet to his Brazilian beat!

Friday August 29th at 7 p.m.

A native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Eduardo traces his lineage to a royal African family bearing the hereditary title of Mama Beka (”prophet of the royal court”), as documented by the Instituto Geográfico e Histórico da Bahia. Eduardo Mendonça has lived for the past ten years in the Seattle area. He began performing in Seattle, and traveling throughout the United States and Canada with the Bakra Bata steel drum band. Now, he has his own group known as Show Brazil!, which has gained much recognition in the past ten years. Show Brazil! has played throughout Western Washington and Brazil at events and locations such as the Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot, Seattle Children's International Festival, BrasilFest, Redmond Arts in the Parks, Taste of Bellevue, Hispanic/Latin Month, Fiestas Patrias, Fall Fandango, Fat Tuesday, Sundiata Festival, World Rhythm Festival, Earth Day Festival, West Seattle Street Festival, Marymoor Heritage Festival, Brazilian Carnaval, Burien Strawberry Festival, Edmonds Festival, Mercado Modêlo (Brazil), Itaigara and Piedade Malls (Brazil), and the Catholic University of Salvador (Brazil).

Eduardo was also featured at Bumbershoot in Seattle, as guest artist of the internationally well-known performing group OLODUM, opening act for Olodum at the Brazilian Carnival in 2003 (Seattle, WA); the Brazilian Carnival in Vancouver- British Columbia - Canada; the Brazilian Carnival in Calgary - Alberta - Canada; the Brazilian Carnival in Seattle - WA - US; and at a Nike-sponsored show in Portland, Oregon. The performances listed above are just a part of Eduardo’s continued success as a performing artist. He also had the honor to play for Pope John Paul II’s welcome to Brazil, former South Africa President Nelson Mandela (Seattle,WA - USA - 1999), Brazilian President João Baptista Figueiredo (Brazil 1979), and was also featured in a Paul Simon documentary video in 1991.

- Eduardo is voting member of National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences - GRAMMY.

-Eduardo Mendonça is winner of “Outstanding Brazilian Male Singer based in the U.S.” for the Brazilian International Press Award 2007 (Florida)

- Winner of “Tribute for Excellence and Achievements in Advancement of Performing Arts and Education of the Brazilian Music in 2006” - Centro Cultural Hispano Americano and University of Washington;

- Eduardo is winner of Aspasia Phoutrides Pulakis Memorial Award 2005 for his significant contributions to the Brazilian Community and the community at-large of the Northwest
Charanga Danzón is a fluid ensemble of wonderful musicians, with a repertoire of Cuban music including traditional charanga, son/danzón, cha-cha-chá, classical, and jazz.
Friday, September 5th at 7 p.m.


REPTET brings their award-winning and energetic jazz to Rozella.

Friday September 12th at 7 p.m.

Reptet is a sextet consisting of six multi-instrumentalists all of whom are members of the internationally acclaimed Monktail Creative Music Concern based out of Seattle, WA. They have established themselves as a group of considerable excitement, flair and vision while simultaneously debunking preconceived notions of what a jazz group ought to be. Their music has been aired on radio stations across the United States and Europe, and their members have toured internationally. The arts organization Earshot Jazz has described them as, “A hot progressive combo of Seattle's best young players. Their music is intense, taut, and fresh.” With the release of their second full length CD Do This!, Reptet has established themselves as an irrepressible force in modern jazz.

Press Quotes
“This Seattle sextet does it all: it grooves, it rocks, it squawks - occasionally, it even talks. Mostly, it sounds like a New Orleans jazz band on crystal meth.” ~Alex Gelfand’s Critics pick for the best release of 2006, Jazziz Magazine~

“Trumpeter Samantha Boshnack's open voicings, jaunty tempos and buoyant timbral mixes for two winds and two brass have a friendly monster feel that conjures a bittersweet and elegiac mood of orchestral grandeur.” ~Downbeat~

“A juggernaut jazz band, arresting, compelling, and just plain cranked-up. Do This! is one of the most convincing albums of the last several years from Seattle jazz players.” ~Earshot Jazz~
          MUSIC NIGHTS AT CAFÉ ROZELLA STARTING FRIDAY JUNE 27, 2008 With Children of the Revolution         




FRIDAY JUNE 27, 2008 With Children of the Revolution

"When you go to a Children of the Revolution show, you might as well leave your preconceptions about world music at the door" wrote Tina Potterf of the Seattle Times. Fans will usually say something like, "That was the best live show I’ve ever been to; I don't quite know how to describe it." From Bozeman Montana to the caves of Granada, Spain, from Istanbul to Taiwan, COTR make life-long fans wherever they go.

They can loosely be compared to such breakaway and high-energy world music artists such as Ozomatli, Gipsy Kings, Santana, Manu Chau and the Afro Celt Sound System, but all similarities stop there. Made up of virtuoso musicians, singers and dancers from around the world, COTR blend their Flamenco, Greek, and Rock roots creating, a lush and melodic sound driven by infectious Latin and Middle-Eastern grooves.

The group is fronted by lead singer Vassili, who grew up on the Greek Islands, and former metal head turned flamenco guitarist Eric Jaeger. Sharing the spotlight is Barcelona-born flamenco dancer Encarnación. Their electrifying and sexy concerts showcase outstanding musicianship and songwriting with world-class dance performances. Both world music aficionados and those new to the genre agree - COTR puts on one of the most unifying and entertaining shows in the world.

Guest artists both live and recorded have included legendary rock singer, Ann Wilson of
In less than two years, COTR went from playing small clubs to filling some of the Northwests most prestigious theaters such as Meany Hall, Benaroya Hall and the 3,000-seat Paramount Theater.

COTR is a consistent audience favorite of major festivals in the region such as Folklife, Vancouver Folk Festival, Bumbershoot and Montanas Sweetpea Festival, 3-6,000 people can be seen dancing and singing at these shows. Eleftheria (the Greek word for freedom) is their anthem that ends the show and ALWAYS gets the crowd jumping in unison!

COTR have the achievements, experience and systems in place to create a totally new movement in popular music. They have toured extensively through the Northwest and Canada and have been invited to perform at very special historical events such as; the first Western band invited to play for the Buddhas Birthday in Taiwan for over 30,000 people, the Government Leaders conference (organized by Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen) in Seattle at Experience Music Project, opening for former President Bill Clinton at his "We the People" speech in Seattle in 2006, and KROCKs 2005 Tsunami Relief benefit concert headlined by surviving members of Alice in Chains and Heart. COTRs concert DVD has aired on numerous PBS stations across the country and select tracks from their album, Liberation appear on Putumayo Records compilations.

After spending five months in Europe where they performed and studied with Flamenco masters in Spain, Rye singers in Morocco and Turkish musicians in Istanbul, COTR returned to record their latest CD, Life, Love and Guantanamo Bay. The album is an artistic breakthrough for Children of the Revolution and promises to bring them into the international spotlight.

Ahh! Nu är jag så där härligt arg igen. Det är inte ofta jag är arg och därför får jag njuta så länge det varar, och som vanligt när jag är arg så handlar det om pengar...

Kortfattat handlar berättelsen idag om att jag sålt ett spel på tradera och idag fick sms om att cd-nyckeln tydligen var registrerad. Hmm tänkte jag. Vanligtvis ställer bara cd-nycklar till problem om två personer försöker ge sig ut på spännande internet samtidigt med samma nyckel.

Men denna nyckel var lite speciell, den var nämligen kopplad till en helvetesapparat kallad "Games for Windows - LIVE".

Alla som kört Xbox känner till Xbox Live, ni vet den där krångliga saken man måste vara med i för att få ta del av allt roligt, och som dessutom kostar pengar om man t.ex. vill spela med någon annan, varför man nu skulle vilja göra det. Microsoft nöjde sig dock inte med att enbart förstöra för alla xbox ägare. PC ägarna som alltid varit en glad grupp stämde inte alls in i Microsofts världsbild. - Vi måste komma på något så att de inte är glada längre. Tror jag att någon sa, och vips så var "Games for Windows - LIVE" (eller GFWL) skapat.

Vad som gör GFWL till en mardröm är, förutom att trams med profiler, inloggningar och bös som man måste gå igenom för att ens starta spelet, är att den äter cd-nycklar. Ja ni läste rätt. GFWL äter cd-nycklar. När du väl matat den med din cd-nyckel så är den borta *poff*. Skulle du få för dig att ta kål på monstret, formatera datorn, eller vilja installera spelet på en ny dator. Ja då får du minsann hoppas att de varit snälla nog att ge dig tillåtelse till det. Vanligtvis låter Microsoft en spelare att aktivera samma nyckel 3 gånger. Efter det så säger den glatt till dig att nyckeln är förbrukad och du måste köpa en ny. Så om du råkar ha en ostabil dator, eller får för dig att skaffa Windows 7. Ja då kanske du inte får spela dina gamla spel mer.

Om du dock verkligen vill spela dina spel igen så finns det ändå hopp. Om du ringer till Microsoft och ber riktigt snällt så kan de ge dig en ny nyckel som du får använda tre gånger till. Detta gäller dock bara personer som bor i den, enligt Microsoft, civiliserade välden, dvs :









Hong Kong








Nya Zeeland










Råkar du bo i något annat land? Synd för dig. Efter att läst igenom GFWL forum så hittade jag flera sidor med ledsna trådar med barn som råkade bo i något annat land och därför inte var berättigad någon hjälp att få en ny nyckel.

Så hur gick det då med det sålda spelet? Jo eftersom nyckel var bunden till mitt konto gick det inte att ge bort den utan att ge bort hela kontot. Tänk dig att köpa en bil och sen inte få sälja den, om du inte väljer att ge bort ditt körkort. Därför fick köparen tillbaka pengarna, och dessutom behålla spelet. Jag kände inte för att äga något GFWL spel längre....
          ã€ŠCape No. 7》Film Fact        
CAPE NO. 7Film Fact“Cape No. 7” is about the unwavering pursuits for music, dreams and love and provides a lavish presentation of South Taiwan’s breathtaking scenery through its top-notch cinematography. Director Wei, a former assistant director under the legendary Edward Yang, has exquisitely portrays a hidden love from the 1940’s Japanese-occupied Taiwan. Unable to disclose his affection for a Taiwanese lady prior to returning to Japan, a Japanese teacher reveals his love in seven unforgettably passionate letters. Although these letters weren’t mailed until some 70 years later, they ignite a series of events and become a catalyst of another inter-cultural love affair. “Cape No. 7” received strong word-of-mouth during its initial release in Taiwan resulting in local box-office surpassing not only Ang Lee’s “Lust: Caution” and “Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon” but also such international blockbusters as “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” and “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”  “Cape No. 7” is now the highest-grossing film ever produced in Taiwan and is on its way to becoming the highest-grossing film ever in Taiwanese box-office history.        
          Nail As Old As Time: Gelish and Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Collection        

I’ve had a strong emotional attachment to Disney, especially the princesses, for as long as I can remember, and anything that goes to reignite that feeling for the fairytales once again, I welcome wholeheartedly. Since the release of the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, you positively have noticed the world is going a bit Tale As Old As Time-crazy at the moment. It’s everywhere! A lot of brands grabbed the opportunity and used the theme as an additional selling point for their products – I’m talking about makeup, clothing collection, candles… and for the world’s leading gel brand, Gelish, and its sister brand, Morgan Taylor, it’s nail polishes of course.


To celebrate the dawn of spring and Emma Watson as Belle (ahh the perfect choice!), the brands launched a seven-piece collection each with shades inspired by elements found in both the original and new film. Enchanted Patina makes this collection extra magical, it’s a duo chrome shimmer that is somewhere between a coppery gold to a pink shade that can be worn as is or on top of the other shades to create a shimmery antique look. 


Other shades include: Be Our Guest, an almost fuchsia pink shade; Gaston On and On, a cool light blue shade; Days in the Sun, a buttery-yellow shade reminiscent of Belle’s iconic gown; Potts of Tea, an ivory white shade with pink shimmers; The Last Petal, a deep velvety red shimmer color and; Plumette with Excitement, a light pink crème color.


It has nice mixture of pastels and bright colors, essentially offering a neat little capsule that’s wearable pretty much all year round. To me, the shades that represent Belle are Days in the Sun and The Last Petal, but Gaston On and On has got to be my favorite from this bunch. Enchanted Patina (on its own) is a close second.


I watched Beauty and the Beast in Taiwan (there’s a travel vlog!). I was traveling with my sister and cousins and we decided to do another first: watch a movie in another country. It was awesome and I found myself smiling almost the whole time, except for that heart-crushing scene near the end. You’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean! Anyway, back to the polishes, I got my “nails did” using Gelish before the trip and it’s like the 14th day today and they stayed chip and peel-free. Awesome!


Hello Erika! I love that we’re both wearing Belle’s signature color.

The limited-edition Beauty and the Beast collection is available at all Beauty and Butter, Posh Nails, Nail Cocktales, Nailaholics and other leading salons nationwide, including Kallista in S’Maison, Conrad Hotel as of this post’s publish date.

What do you think of this Beauty and the Beast collection? Any favorite shade?



          Russian Helicopter Shot Down in Syria        
A Russian military helicopter has been shot down over Syria, killing all five people on board; Turkey's security forces have captured a group of fugitive soldiers suspected of involvement in last month's failed coup attempt; the president of Taiwan has formally apologised to the indigenous population for centuries of abuse. (Photo: Men inspect the wreckage of a Russian helicopter. Credit: Reuters)


不過這也是Tesla這間電動車製造商正在想辦法改變的事情。Automotive News表示,當時Model X以概念車之姿亮相的時候,這輛車是沒有後視鏡的,不過量產版本發表時,無可避免的又多出了一對"耳朵"。有很大一部分的原因是受阻於美國國家高速公路交通安全局NHTSA的聯邦車輛安全法規。



[Source: autoblog]

馬上+1 - 跟癮車報一同聊車


          Isaiah's Resilience        

Imagine a health affliction that ends a career but not a life: a surgeon contracts Parkinson's disease, a NASCAR driver goes blind, a world class sprinter acquires rheumatoid arthritis, or an orchestra conductor goes deaf. My last example is not hypothetical. It happened to Dr. Isaiah Jackson, music director of the Youngstown Symphony from 1996 to 2006. Isaiah, as he likes to be called, came to the Mahoning Valley with impressive credentials:

  • He had studied music since the age of four.
  • He had earned degrees from Harvard, Stanford, and the Juilliard School.
  • His mentors included Leopold Stokowski and Leonard Bernstein.
  • He had served conducting apprenticeships in major orchestras in the United States and Europe.
  • He had been guest conductor of celebrated orchestras in Toronto, New York, Rome, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Dallas, Cleveland, Boston, Washington, Vienna, Geneva, Australia, the Soviet Union, Prague, Stockholm, Berlin, Hong Kong, Cape Town, and Israel; and
  • He had served as music director of the University of Rochester Symphony, the Flint Symphony, The Royal Ballet in London, and the Dayton Philharmonic. Audiences at Powers Auditorium found Isaiah to be a Renaissance man at once erudite, witty, charming, and charismatic, who wielded the baton with grace, confidence, and energy. As is often the case with conductors, however, Isaiah's support within the organization faded as time passed due in part to personnel decisions that he made and critiques that he delivered during rehearsals, so that he had to move on before he wanted to.Isaiah's hearing loss came in two stages. In September 1995 he lost hearing in is right ear and in June 2004 he lost hearing in his left ear, a victim of what is called Sudden Sensory-Neural Hearing Loss. Thus, for years he led two orchestras, the Youngstown Symphony and the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston, with partial or total hearing loss, thanks to his resilience and to state-of-the-art hearing devices. His final performance as maestro was a concert in Boston in January 2007 which featured Yo-Yo Ma as guest artist.

A lesser person would be depressed and bitter after being wrenched from the podium by a hearing loss. This is not the case with Isaiah. He remains upbeat and engaged. His spouse Helen and their three children have been remarkably supportive, he finds strength in prayer, and he maintains a demanding professional schedule in the Boston area where he lives. He is president of a family music education enterprise called "Rhythm, Rhyme, Results" which produces innovative hip-hop and rap tracks to teach math, science, social studies, and language arts to middle school students. He also teaches a course entitled The Future of Music at Harvard, he teaches conducting classes at the Berklee College of Music and the Longy School, and he offers private conducting lessons to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students.

Isaiah has enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of young and old over a career spanning four decades. Perhaps the most important contribution that he has made, though, is showing us how to cope with personal tragedy.


© 2009 Tom Shipka

Note: The sources of information for this commentary are Dr. Jackson in a recent online interview, a Wikipedia article about Dr. Jackson, several musicians who worked with Dr. Jackson, and the commentator's own experience as coordinator of Dr. Jackson's appointment as Scholar-in-Residence in the College of Arts and Sciences at Youngstown State University from 2002 to 2006.

          323: How to Feed an Elephant        
Facebook and Shutterstock collaborate on stock photography. Reuters says good-bye to its USA sports photographers. Plus operating a studio in Taipei, Taiwan with photographer Garret Clarke.
          æ„ç¾Žæ±½è»Šé›†åœ˜æ­£å¼ç™¼è¡¨å…¨æ–°2016年式 Forester 並於所有國家推出Forester嶄新品牌宣傳活動        

2016年3月21日–SUBARU(速霸陸)在東南亞地區的獨家代理商-意美汽車集團於第37屆曼谷國際車展,正式發表全新2016年式SUBARU Forester,此次改款針對動態操控、創新技術和設計美學進行升級強化,使SUBARU Forester成為喜好多元生活的家庭,最理想的用車首選。(上圖:SUBARU在東南亞地區的獨家代理商-意美汽車集團於第37屆曼谷國際車展,正式發表全新2016年式SUBARU Forester。)


▲陳唱集團首席執行長 陳駿鴻 先生於活動中表示:「全新2016年式Forester全方位定義更能讓所有車主在刺激的冒險中挑戰各種地形」。

隨著全新2016年式Forester正式發表,意美汽車集團針對區域所有國家創造並發布嶄新的品牌宣傳活動「Is There Anything You Can’t Do? - 沒有什麼你做不到!」,鎖定具有勇往直前態度的家庭成員和車主,並且認為在生活上無所不能,全新Forester就是為此而生,同時滿足對於汽車具備多功能性的渴望。

▲2016年式SUBARU Forester外觀擁有全新設計的水箱護罩、尾燈組和鋁圈,同時以強化多樣內裝機能和車艙設計帶給駕駛全新體驗 (此Forester車圖為陳唱集團馬來西亞工廠生產CKD版本)。

陳唱集團首席執行長 陳駿鴻 先生說道:「伴隨著Forester上市發表,很高興能夠推出此嶄新品牌宣傳活動來詮釋Forester的產品特性,全新2016年式Forester全方位定義更能讓所有車主在刺激的冒險中挑戰各種地形。這個活動命名為「Is There Anything You Can’t Do?- 沒有什麼你做不到!」,實現完成所見期待之事,而SUBARU Forester將會陪伴每一趟冒險旅程。」

▲全新Forester已於SUBARU台灣意美全台展示中心進行展示銷售,歡迎所有車迷朋友蒞臨賞車試駕  (此Forester車圖為陳唱集團馬來西亞工廠生產CKD版本)。

全新SUBARU Forester 重點特色:

• X-Mode–優化對於引擎動力輸出、SAWD對稱式全時四輪驅動系統和制動煞車的控制,安全克服任何地形。

• 強化懸吊系統提供最好的舒適度和操控性

• 新增安全配備如LED主動轉向頭燈

• 更動感的外型設計

• 全新設計的水箱護罩、尾燈組和鋁合金輪圈

• 精進的內裝質感,同時配備頂級LCD液晶顯示器

此次意美汽車集團於泰國曼谷國際車展發表的全新SUBARU Forester具有三種車型配置(註一),搭載四缸Boxer水平對臥引擎和SAWD對稱式全時四輪驅動系統。

• 2.0i:代號FB20 Boxer水平對臥引擎,完全在地組裝生產(CKD國產版本)

• 2.0i-P (Premium):代號FB20 Boxer水平對臥引擎,完全在地組裝生產(CKD國產版本)

• 2.0XT:代號FA20 Boxer水平對臥引擎缸內直噴渦輪增壓引擎,日本原廠組裝(CBU進口版本)





• HDC陡坡緩降控制系統

• SAWD對稱式全時四輪驅動系統

• VDC車身動態穩定控制系統



SUBARU考量到在戶外進行跑步、攀岩或野外自行車時,車主有可能將車鑰匙遺失或損壞,因此Forester 2.0i-P及XT車型都具備PIN解鎖功能,能以一組個人識別碼(PIN)在無車鑰匙的情況下解開車門,提升參與戶外活動用車便利性。

SUBARU持續精進各項主、被動安全科技,而高度安全性更是深受消費者喜愛的重要原因之一,全新2016年式 Forester採用高剛性環艙強化鋼樑車體,能讓全車乘客在意外翻車時受到完整保護並承受1.5頓的重量。此外,Forester 2.0i-P及XT車型新增安全配備如LED主動轉向頭燈,頭燈根據車輛轉向角度進行光束方向移動,藉此提升駕駛前方視野的辨識度和行駛安全。



• VDC車身動態穩定控制系統

• HSA上坡起步輔助系統

• 剎車優先輔助系統


• 四門防撞鋼樑

• 被動式安全防護頭枕

• 高剛性環艙強化鋼樑車體

陳唱汽車組裝公司為陳唱集團的子公司之一,已與日本富士重工合作,並以CKD模式在馬來西亞意美汽車生產工廠(Segambut)負責組裝生產Forester,此計畫已於2016年1月開始試組裝生產,第一款車於2月正式下線,預計年產量為1萬輛,此產線出廠的車款計畫於馬來西亞、印尼和泰國進行銷售。而Forester是馬來西亞意美汽車生產工廠以CKD模式生產的第二個車款,第一個車款為2012年12月投入量產的SUBARU XV。


註一:全新SUBARU Forester規格配備請以意美汽車集團各代理經銷之國家引進的實際車款為主。

註二:全新2016年式CKD Forester 2.0i & 2.0i-P油耗為馬來西亞當地測試數據。


►欲知SUBARU最新活動資訊及促銷訊息,請至台灣意美汽車官方網站 或加入I LOVE SUBARU Facebook粉絲團,分享SUBARU在全亞洲的最新消息。



[Source:Motor Image] 

馬上+1 - 跟癮車報一同聊車



          Six things to look for in a new market: Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn        
Michael Tamblyn (third from right) stands with Rakuten Chairman and CEO H. Mickey Mikitani (fourth from right) and others at the launch event for Kobo Taiwan.
Kobo is now localized in 21 countries across five continents, offering a bespoke book-buying experience – complete with local merchandising, content, customer support and more – to millions of readers around the world. As a global bookseller, Kobo’s localization process is essential to our success. What goes gangbusters in one […]
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          Faith and Dalmatians: How I Learned to Believe God        

Faith and Dalmations: How I Learned to Believe God

It seemed every kid in our neighborhood had a dog. Every kid except me. I asked my parents on several occasions if I might have a dog too. They wisely explained that a pet meant responsibility, and they felt I needed to be at least ten years old before I would be ready for one. I was nine.

In the meantime, my mom encouraged me to research various dog breeds so I would be able to make an informed choice when the time came. It didn’t take me long to decide. I wanted a Dalmatian. Other kids had labs or terriers or common breeds. But I would have something special: a dog I had previously thought was reserved only for firefighters.

Unfortunately, Dalmatian puppies were expensive—a purebred cost around $400 at the time. Mom warned me that $400 was a lot of money, most likely more than our family could pay. This apparent obstacle set the stage for one of the most important lessons I have ever learned: how to ask God for something and then trust his guidance in the answer.

Like all kids, I had a dream. And like most kids, I lacked the resources to make that dream a reality. So I began to pray, petitioning God to give me a Dalmatian. I didn’t have much experience in prayer or a super-Christian faith. I just wanted a dog, and because my parents encouraged it, I decided to ask God.

God loves to answer prayer when people actually expect him to, when they believe he can. And most of all, he loves the faith-filled prayers of children. They have sway with him like none else.

And so it happened, that on a warm summer evening in suburban Fort Worth, God unmistakably inserted himself into my life. His answer to my little prayer did not come as a fuzzy feeling or some vague aligning of circumstances. Instead, it came in the form of a champion-quality adolescent Dalmatian trotting right into my front yard!

God loves to answer prayer when people actually expect him to.

Stray dogs were fairly common in our neighborhood, but a Dalmatian? It was exactly what I had been praying for! My heart raced as I observed this beautiful animal darting from place to place, sniffing out every tree and bush, seemingly oblivious to the stunned nine-year-old boy gawking from the porch.

I quickly recovered from my shock. As it became apparent that no owner was in sight, I caught the dog and brought her inside. Mom slipped an old collar from a former pet around our canine visitor’s neck. The tag on it was current, displaying our home address, phone number, and the name Tina. After releasing the Dalmatian into the backyard, we discussed how to proceed.

We knew from our research what a quality Dalmatian should look like. This dog was perfect. Too perfect, in fact, to be a stray. Dismayed, I listened sadly as Mom explained that the dog must belong to someone and we needed to do our best to get her back home. She was right, of course, and we set about trying to find the owner.

A little while later, I went into the backyard and discovered to my horror that my dream pet had disappeared! We later learned that she was a fence-jumper, and our short, four-foot chain link had been no match for her.

To say that I was heartbroken would be an understatement. I had been so certain that God had given me a Dalmatian. Despite our conclusion that she belonged to someone else, I still held out hope that I might get to keep her. Now she was gone. It was the first time in my short life I felt a keen sense of loss, and I remember vividly how I sobbed in my mom’s arms.

But the story didn’t end there. Could we not pray again? We did pray, but my faith was small. Surely this dog was gone forever, and prayer was merely our dutiful response to a hopeless situation. God, however, was just getting warmed up.

I thanked God for his goodness and faithfulness to a nine-year-old boy.

Only a short time passed before the phone rang. A man on the other end claimed that he had found Tina. Could we come pick her up? I was beside myself. Minutes later, this amazing Dalmatian was back at the Steele home, now confined more carefully to prevent escape.

In the days to come, we ran ads in the local newspaper and hung posters all over our neighborhood. No one ever claimed her. Finally, Dad gave his permission and the dog was mine to keep. I named her Ashlea, and as you might expect, she was the best pet a kid could ever hope for. But to me she was much more than a pet. She was the hand of God reaching deliberately into my life, showing me that he was real, that he was powerful, and that he cared about me.

Years later, while I was home on my first furlough from Ukraine, Ashlea passed away. I buried her myself on the back of my parents’ Texas farm. Through tears, with the shovel in my hands, I thanked God for his goodness and faithfulness to a nine-year-old boy.

Next Steps

Ashlea was a beginning. From there, God continued to mold my life in various ways, introducing greater tests of faith. When I was 12, my mom registered me for a large Christian conference that was held annually in our city. It was a big event, and I felt very privileged to attend at such a young age.

The speaker challenged us to follow God in many practical areas, even when it was hard. He told stories from his own life about learning to walk in faith. I found one example particularly poignant: obtaining and maintaining a clear conscience. I grew in humility as I began patching up relationships with others, admitting when I was wrong, and asking for forgiveness. It was terrifying at times. But God loves contrition. As he led me, I learned to value his approval far more than the approval of people.

Another significant area for me was submission to my parents. As a young adolescent I learned not only to obey my parents out of duty, but to value their authority as a sort of divine guidance. I knew God had placed me under my parents, and I began to realize that as I followed their direction, I was following his. The ability to hear God’s voice in this way became increasingly valuable to me, reinforcing my relationship with him and with my parents. Their wisdom protected me from many a pitfall during my formative years, and their training continues to benefit me and my family to this day.

Meeting Mike

God brought a second major event into my life at the age of 12: my first meeting with Michael Pearl. Mike came to visit our church in Texas and led a Bible study on Romans and Revelation. Everything about it fascinated me. The teaching was excellent, but I was most struck by Mike’s loyalty to the Word of God. I had never heard a preacher who was so confident in believing the Bible word for word, just as it was written. His speech was void of all-too-familiar criticisms such as, “This would be better translated as . . .” or “In the original Greek it actually says . . .” Instead, Mike seemed to hang on every word, every comma. These were God’s words, after all, and they were perfectly preserved for us. We could read them and understand them. We could search for meaning and find it. We could know for ourselves the doctrines of God without having to rely blindly on the private interpretations of others.

This approach to Scripture gave me confidence. Over the next few years, I listened to every Bible study from Mike that I could get my hands on. We had cassette tapes then, and I remember listening to them as I did my chores. I saw that Mike wasn’t trying to conform me into a belief system he had contrived. Instead, with Mike’s guidance, I was learning to follow God, and this thrilled me. I was learning to read God’s Word for myself and stand on its claims with boldness. Mike’s teaching on various passages of Scripture frequently left me thinking, “Why didn’t I see that before? It’s written right here in black and white!”

By the time I was 18, I had become fearless. I knew that I still had much to learn, but I had no doubt in my mind about how to learn it. I needed nothing more than my King James Bible, a good concordance, and time.

Hong Kong

As I progressed through my adolescent years, I gradually recognized that God was orchestrating significant events to lead me down a specific path. It was my job to discern his direction and obey. He would take care of the rest. In fact, this perception became a core part of my prayer life. “Lord, if you will only make your will clear to me, I will obey.”

One life-steering event came when I was 16 in the form of a phone call from Michael Pearl. He was inviting me to take part in a short-term mission project in Hong Kong. Mike’s son, Gabriel, was going and their family wanted someone to accompany him. Would my parents consider allowing me to go?

When I heard this proposition, I was excited, but I had my doubts that it would ever materialize. Our family didn’t travel much at all. Besides, this would cost money, and although Mike’s church had offered to pay for living expenses while I was in Hong Kong, the cost of the airfare would be up to us. Where would we get the money? After some discussion, my mom and dad agreed: if God would provide the funds, they would allow me to go.

I had a part-time job in construction, and I immediately began saving all I could. But there was another problem. It was now December of 1995, and due to squabbling in Congress, the U.S. government had shut down. Among other things, new passports were not being issued. Even if I could earn enough for my plane ticket, how would I get a passport?

I listened to the news on the radio. Reports told of people going to passport agencies and camping out for days, hoping that the government might open in time for them to receive a passport. Again, my situation seemed impossible, and again, God acted.

The government finally decided to open the passport offices for one week. If you showed up in time and got through the lines, you could get a passport. Mom loaded me and the other kids in the car, and we left for Houston. As we approached the city, I prepared myself for a dreadful sight. Based on the radio reports I’d heard, there would be impossible lines, tents everywhere, and a general feeling of chaos.

We timed our arrival so that we would reach the city in the pre-dawn hours, hoping this would help our chances. As we navigated the downtown Houston streets, I fumbled with an atlas trying to guide Mom to the right place. Finally, after asking directions, we found the passport office. Mom dropped me off to get a place in line, and then left to check in to our hotel.

I entered the building and went up several floors to the main entrance of the passport office. It was still closed. This much I had expected. What I did not expect was to find myself alone. There was not a soul in sight. Was I in the right place? Where were the lines we’d heard about? I did not have to wonder long. Minutes later the crowds arrived behind me. Soon a security guard came out and began explaining various protocols. This was indeed the right place, and I was first in line!

Mom managed to find me at the front of the line and we started checking all our paperwork. The security guard had assured us that if anything was missing, we would be passed over for the next applicant, losing our place in line and possibly our chance to obtain a passport.

To my horror, we suddenly realized that we had neglected to fill in my social security number on the application. We didn’t have it anywhere! Only minutes remained until the doors opened! After some discussion, we decided to call Dad in Fort Worth to see if he could find the number. This was before the days of smartphones and wifi, so Mom set off to find a pay phone. It seemed this whole crazy plan of ours was coming apart at the seams.

Yet once again, right on cue, God did what seemed to us impossible. Mom hadn’t gotten far when she was stopped by a man in line. He had overheard our conversation and to our amazement, he produced a cellular telephone! I had barely heard of such devices, let alone used one. In 1995, a cell phone was rare indeed.

Yet once again, right on cue, God did what seemed to us impossible.

Mom dialed home. A few moments later, she was back at the front of the line with the number in hand. Within half an hour, we had completed the application process, and by early afternoon, we were driving toward Fort Worth, passport in hand.

Against all odds, I flew to Hong Kong in January of 1996 and spent six weeks spreading the Gospel with a team of young missionaries. Gabriel Pearl had injured his leg just before the trip, and so I ended up traveling alone. But then, I was not alone. I was more convinced than ever before that God was with me. He was the God who heard and answered my prayers. He was the God who produced Dalmatians out of thin air, who revealed his Word to children, who provided money for mission trips, and who even dispatched his angels in Houston armed with cell phones. This was my God, and I would follow him to the ends of the earth.


Just 18 months after returning from Hong Kong, I discovered my next mission field: Ukraine. I spent five months there in 1997. God ultimately used that trip to lead me to the ministry I have today.

I could tell many more stories of God’s guidance, provision, and faithfulness. Someday, perhaps I will write them all down in a book. For now, let me close by challenging you, young man or young woman, to believe God. This little testimony is not a story about a special boy who achieved great faith. This is a story about a great God who built faith in a little boy. That same God is waiting for you. He is extending his hand to lead you. He is ready to part the Red Sea for you and show you wonders that will defy your imagination. Let him build your faith as you obey his Word. Seek God, believe God, and follow God as he transforms your life into an incredible story that will glorify his name and turn many to salvation.

And what shall I more say? for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon, and of Barak, and of Samson, and of Jephthae; of David also, and Samuel, and of the prophets: Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions. Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.
- Hebrews 11:32-34


Joshua has been ministering the Gospel in Ukraine since 2001, and has also served in Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand and the United States. Prior to her calling as a wife and mother, Kelsie took part in mission trips to Taiwan, Mexico, and Romania. She and Joshua were married on September 18, 2004, after which they returned to Ukraine as a couple.

Joshua and Kelsie are both founding members of Euro Team Outreach (ETO), a ministry dedicated to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Eastern Europe. One of ETO’s core outreaches is Bible First!

During the summer months, ETO hosts Carpathian Mountain Outreach, an annual short-term project aimed at evangelizing remote mountain villages, expanding the impact of Bible First! in Ukraine, and providing hands-on missions training for young men.

The Steeles currently reside in L’viv, Ukraine. They have four children: Abigail, Rebekah, Hosanna, and Kathryn. Both Joshua and Kelsie speak the Ukrainian language fluently and are actively involved in the lives of the Ukrainian people.

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Berikut ini adalah surat penawaran formatnya untuk pengiriman international. Semoga membantu. Subject: Fwd: Penawaran Tarif Bersaing Kompetitif((Ongkir/Tarif(Rp ID)) Ke Sin,Mly ,Hkg,Taiwan,Aussie&Midle ReadMore >>
          Greysia Polii dan Nitya Krishinda Maheswari Juara di Taiwan Open        

Greysia Polii dan Nitya Krishinda Maheswari juara di Taiwan Open. Jelas kabar yang membanggakan Tanah Air.

Pasangan pebulutangkis ganda putri Indonesia, Greysia Polii/Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, memang akhirnya memastikan meraih gelar juara di ajang Taiwan Open atau yang bernama lengkap Yonex Open Chinese Taipei, Minggu (19/07/2015).
Greysia Polii dan Nitya Krishinda Maheswari Juara di Taiwan Open
Sukses itu didapatkan Greysia Polii dan Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, usai pada pertandingan final ganda putri berhasil menaklukkan pasangan unggulan kedua asal Cina, Luo Ying/Luo Yu. Unggulan keempat asal Indonesia itu menang dengan skor 21-17 dan 21-17, dalam waktu 46 menit.
Sementara itu, satu pasangan Indonesia lainnya yang juga tampil di final, yakni Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Gideon Markus Fernaldi di ganda putra, terpaksa harus menerima kegagalan. Kevin/Gideon dikalahkan oleh unggulan kelima asal Cina, Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan, dengan 21-13 dan 21-8.
Kevin/Gideon sendiri memastikan diri tampil di final, setelah dalam laga semifinal kemarin sanggup mengalahkan rekan senegara yang juga andalan Indonesia yaitu Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan.
Dua gelar lainnya di ajang ini juga direbut pemain Cina, masing-masing tunggal putri oleh Wang Yihan, serta tunggal putra yang dimenangi Chen Long. Sedangkan gelar nomor ganda campuran berhasil direbut oleh pasangan Korea Selatan, Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na. Awan Jakarta. YPWS.

          Comment on IEEFA Asia: India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation Is Happening Now by IEEFA Update: Pulling Out of the Global Climate-Risk Accord Is Trump’s Biggest Business Blunder Yet - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis        
[…] include Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are plotting futures less reliant on fossil-fuel investment. Change is coming to India, the second-most populous country on the planet, much faster than anticipated.  Japan and China […]
          Comment on IEEFA Asia: More Evidence of Stark Change in Seaborne Thermal Coal Markets by IEEFA Update: Pulling Out of the Global Climate-Risk Accord Is Trump’s Biggest Business Blunder Yet - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis : Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis        
[…] energy industry transition is occurring around the world. Major Asian economies that include Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are plotting futures less reliant on fossil-fuel investment. Change is coming to India, the […]
          Government Attitude        
A global strategy of localization is to locate each individual activity in the country or a few countries most appropriate for that activity. Example: jeans Lee, authentically American label a square where reza: fabric imported from Taiwan, goods in Mexico and made in the Philippines. Talking about the impossibility of speaking of native products, be they cars, consumer audio equipment, or any type of goods. reminds us, that globalization is composed of three interrelated factors: proximity, the location and attitude. These 3-facet frame a composition and complexity, until now unpublished relations faced by a global administrator. Proximity. In this case the managers of the organizations are working hard closer to a greater quantity and variety of customers, competitors, suppliers and regulatory Government. This proximity allows people from around the world to share oral information, video or facsimile copy in a matter of minutes. The increase in technological and managerial capacity of the people around the world is another aspect of proximity. Location. The location and integration of an organization's operations made through various international borders that are part of the globalization. Attitude. Globalization speaks of a new and open attitude to exercise management internationally. This attitude combines a curiosity about the world that lies beyond a border of the own country and a willingness to develop the capabilities necessary to participate in the global economy. Pessimistic version do not surprise you to type, that globalization is identified with the loss of power of the citizens, the dictatorship of capital, the privatization, the depoliticization and retreat of democracy. This view is widespread among unions, parties of left, the journalism and the unemployed, but also between scientists. In synthesis, one can say that the pessimistic Outlook sees globalization as the cause of competition of location, growing unemployment and the inability of...
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          Hypertension Help - How Supplements can Cure High Blood Pressure        
You are looking for hypertension help because you do not want to be on medication the rest of your life. Unfortunately, your doctor will not be any help. But where do you turn?

The internet is a great source for FREE information about high blood pressure and simple ways to cure and prevent it. (Make sure it is researched though!) Regrettably, most western patients do not believe in natural cures. Western doctors and medicine has brainwashed into believing that natural health is taboo.

But if you look at research, in some cases natural remedies and alternative treatments will outperform traditional medications.

The Biggest Loser Proves Natural Health Works

I recently watched an episode on the popular show, The Biggest Loser. I was impressed at how much weight someone can lose if they are dedicated to the cause of a healthy life. I was also impressed at how many ailments and body problems will go away when someone starts taking care of their health.

One contestant lost hundreds of pounds but also cured diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and 4 other problems. And this was just the result of eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

In the same token, if you are diabetic, you can also reverse and cure diabetes by learning a healthier lifestyle and nutrition plan.

Let me explain a simple and effective to-do list for you!

Tips for Hypertension Help

1. Supplement fish oil, also known as Omega 3 fatty acid, which is very helpful for the heart. In fact, most dieticians believe that a multivitamin and fish oil are the best two supplements you should be taking. Fish oil has been shown to protect the heart and lower high blood pressure by nine points in some cases.

2. The better nutrition the more likely you are to cure high blood pressure. That is why apple cider vinegar is such a great remedy. Apple cider vinegar includes vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2 and B6, in addition to potassium, magnesium, copper and many other helpful nutrients. Though it does not taste great, you can mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to an 8 ounce cup of water and drink up. Add honey for some flavor.

3. Cayenne is another herb that is very helpful for the health of your heart. It is said to improve circulation and help keep the arteries from hardening. Mix a teaspoon of cayenne into a glass of water and drink twice a day.

4. Another simple tip you could try which is also very relaxing??? tea! Drinking as little as a half cup a day of green or oolong tea for a year could cut the risk of hypertension by as much as 50 percent, according to a study done in Taiwan.

5. Finally, educate yourself on the tons of information about your nutrition and hypertension. A great tip would be to eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can in one day. Try to aim for at least 7 servings daily. Fruits and veggies contain water soluble fiber which will naturally flush your body and lower high blood pressure. There are also tons of other tips!

Learn More Researched Remedies

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Hypertension Help

oolong wuyi tea: wu-yi

oolong wuyi tea: wu-yi tea

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          Bomba Atômica de Hiroshima – o que não contaram para você        
Soldado japonês em uma de suas tarefas rotineiras, matar crianças chinesas com a baioneta

A propaganda da União Soviética tem dois enormes sucessos em reescrever a história do mundo ocidental. O segundo é a transformação de Israel em um estado nazista, inimigo de todos, principalmente dos palestinos, uns 20 anos depois da União Soviética ter sido uma das mais importantes apoiadoras da Partilha da Palestina. Dizem os historiadores de esquerda que a URSS jamais apoiou Israel e o voto pela Partilha era apenas para complicar a vida da Inglaterra.
O primeiro grande sucesso criado no auge da Guerra Fria foi o de transformar os Estados Unidos, o grande inimigo capitalista dos soviéticos, no carrasco cruel dos japoneses. Através de seus aliados oficiais e dos integrantes de partidos comunistas na mídia ocidental, a história da guerra do Pacífico foi reescrita, para deixar uma marca indelével, principalmente nos alunos das escolas ocidentais de que toda a população de Hiroshima e Nagazaki, pobres e pacíficos civis japoneses, foram fulminados e queimados por duas terríveis bombas atômicas lançadas pelos Estados Unidos. A propaganda transformou os carrascos japoneses, gente que tinha profundo desprezo pela sua própria vida e consideração zero com a vida do inimigo, em santos homens abatidos pelo capitalismo. E a cada ano, no dia 6 de agosto vemos a mesma lenga-lenga de revisionismo histórico soviético ser repetida a um ponto que já se tornou a verdade incontestável.
Mas esta não é a verdade dos fatos.
É um erro imaginar que a entrada do Japão na Segunda Guerra Mundial se dá com o ataque a Pearl Harbour, no Havaí em 7 de dezembro de 1941. O Japão era um país governado por um imperador com status de Deus, ao qual todos os cidadãos juravam fidelidade e colocavam suas vidas à disposição. O desprezo pela vida em nome do imperador e da honra japonesa era incutido nas pessoas desde a mais tenra idade, tanto nas escolas, quanto nos lares. Sendo liderados por Deus, os japoneses cresciam com a certeza de serem a raça superior no planeta e que todas as outras raças eram consideradas de segunda classe ou mesmo com animais não-humanos. Pode-se dizer que o regime japonês era uma mistura de teocracia com culto à personalidade e fascismo militar.
A Segunda Guerra Mundial no Pacífico se inicia antes da Europa, em 7 de julho de 1937 quando a China é invadida por tropas japonesas. A maioria dos historiadores dissocia (sabe-se lá porque) a Guerra Sino Japonesa do bojo da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ela durou até o dia 9 de setembro de 1945, portanto foi encerrada longos 20 dias após a rendição japonesa. Antes disso, desde 1931, o Japão já ocupava a Manchuria. No final do ano de 1937 as tropas japonesas venceram suas duas mais importantes batalhas e ocuparam Xangai e a capital chinesa, Nanking. As forças japonesas envolvidas nestes 8 anos de guerra chegaram aos 4.100.000 homens, somando-se a eles cerca de 900.000 chineses colaboradores.
Mulheres chinesas estupradas e mortas empilhadas junto com seus pequenos filhos mortos pelos soldados japoneses numa escadaria em Chunking

Ao ocupar Nanking, as tropas japonesas lançaram um programa para executar soldados chineses em roupas civis. O número de estupros de mulheres foi imenso, tudo foi saqueado, e as execuções sumárias chegaram a 200.000 pessoas em seis semanas desta operação.

Dia normal para os chineses moradores de Nanking (Pequim) sob ocupação japonesa

A Guerra Sino Japonesa é responsável por um número gigantesco de mortes. Os japoneses perderam 480.000 soldados e outros 1.900.000 foram feridos. Já do lado chinês, 1.440.000 soldados foram mortos e outros 1.800.000 foram feridos, entre as tropas chinesas nacionalistas e 250.000 soldados chineses comunistas morreram, enquanto outros 290.467 foram feridos. O Japão não perdeu nenhum civil nesta guerra, enquanto matou 22 milhões de civis chineses. Por favor, leia novamente: vinte e dois milhões de civis chineses mortos pelas tropas japonesas!

Sorridente oficial japonês em meio às vítimas que acabou de matar. Na mão direita, sua espada. Na esquerda a cabeça de uma das vítimas.

Acostumado aos Seis Milhões de Judeus mortos no Holocausto, o leitor deve estar impressionado com este número e precisa se perguntar: por que nunca falam disto? Por que na China não se relembra isto? A explicação é simples. O comandante em chefe chinês era o nacionalista Chiang Kai-shek, que ao término da Segunda Guerra Mundial, começou a ser combatido pelo comandante chinês comunista, Mao Zedong. Quando Mao venceu e estabeleceu o comunismo na China e Chiang fugiu para (a hoje) Taiwan, o novo regime, em sua reforma cultural e expurgos considerou estas 22 milhões de pessoas mortas como um efeito desejável atribuindo a todas elas a pecha de serem nacionalistas, portanto anti-revolucionárias.

Oficial japonês corta a cabeça de um civil chinês enquanto outro aguarda para ser morto. Grande multidão de chineses acompanha a selvageria

Outro ponto importante para se deixar o campo de batalha sino-japonês fora dos livros é o fato de que os Nacionalistas Chineses eram apoiados pela Alemanha Nazista e as fotos de suas tropas são especificamente inconvenientes, por mostra uma resistência contra o Japão utilizando armas e uniformes alemães. Na foto em Nanjing temos uma grande massa popular e de soldados chineses nacionalistas, assistindo a execução de um oficial japonês invasor de alta patente. O chinês com uniforme e capacete nazista, disparando uma pistola Mauser alemã, observado à esquerda por dois oficiais que parecem mais saídos de Berlim que Pequim é complicada e incomoda a qualquer um.

Imagem incômoda de soldado nacionalista chinês matando com um disparo de pistola Mauser um oficial japonês. O uso de equipamento alemão pelos nacionalistas chineses faz com que não se publique sobre este teatro de guerra.

Aos poucos os japoneses começaram a atacar todos os países asiáticos. Coreia, Indochina Francesa (Vietnã), Birmânia, Filipinas, Nova Guiné, Singapura e um grande número de ilhas. A cada conquista, novas atrocidades. Vamos enumerar apenas algumas e veja você mesmo se algo se parece com o ISIS, que também luta em nome de Deus.
Treinamento comum de soldados japoneses em países asiáticos ocupados. Ao invés de um saco com capim, um prisioneiro civil.

Fevereiro de 1942, no aeroporto da ilha de Ambon, 300 prisioneiros de guerra australianos e holandeses, escolhidos aleatoriamente no campo de prisioneiros próximo foram decapitados. 90 soldados e oficiais japoneses foram julgados por este massacre depois da guerra. Apenas quatro foram condenados a morte.

Prisioneiro norte-americano prestes a ser decapitado. Note os sorrisos de outros soldados japoneses ao fundo.

Em 14 de fevereiro de 1942 um dia antes das tropas britânicas se renderem em Singapura, o hospital militar foi alcançado pelos soldados japoneses. Os 200 soldados ingleses feridos que estavam no hospital, foram levados ao pátio e mortos com baionetas. Cinco se esconderam num esgoto e sobreviveram para contar. Quando soube do incidente, o comandante japonês, o General Yamashita, prendeu e executou seus homens que participaram do massacre.

Atividade corriqueira dos Kempeitai, a SS japonesa. Percorrer as vilas do interior assassinando civis com crueldade.

As tropas japonesas equivalentes à SS eram os Kempeitai. Entre fevereiro e março 1942, foram os autores da Operação Sook Ching (Purificar Através da Limpeza Étnica) em Singapura. Percorram aldeias no interior do país, assassinando 100.000 civis.

Gloriosos, orgulhosos e limpinhos Kempeitai, o equivalente nipônico da SS nazista

Na ilha de Palau em 14 de dezembro de 1944, a guarnição japonesa imaginou que os americanos haviam desembarcado na ilha (o que não ocorreu) e mandaram seus 150 prisioneiros americanos entrarem em trincheiras. Em seguida jogaram gasolina sobre eles e os queimaram. Os que tentaram fugir das chamas foram mortos à baioneta, a tiros ou a porretadas. Cerca de 10 soldados americanos, ainda assim conseguiram fugir, se jogar no mar e nadar até outra ilha.
Em 18 de março de 1943, um destróier japonês foi enviado para transportar um grupo de 60 missionários alemães e chineses aliados de Kairuru para Rabaul. No meio da viagem o comando da marinha ordenou por rádio que todos fossem executados acusando-os de espionagem. O capitão do navio de guerra, levou os prisioneiros, um a um para a parte de trás do navio, onde foram executados com um tiro na cabeça e lançados ao mar. Duas crianças que estavam com o grupo foram jogadas vivas ao mar. A execução durou mais de 3 horas.
Em um acampamento militar japonês na China, coveiros vestindo roupas com suásticas orientais não nazistas, conduzem carroça com corpos de mulheres chinesas estupradas por soldados e depois mortas.

Em 18 de março de 1944, um navio de guerra japonês afundou o navio mercante inglês Behar no Oceano Índico. 108 tripulantes e passageiros sobreviveram. A noite, o capitão japonês dividiu o grupo. Colocou 36 deles, incluindo o capitão inglês e seus oficias em outro barco e os libertou. Os outros 72, praticamente todos civis, foram considerados ‘prisioneiros inúteis’, decapitados e tiveram seus corpos jogados ao mar. Posteriormente o capitão japonês foi enforcado por crimes de guerra.
Em 26 de março de 1944 um submarino japonês afundou um navio mercante holandês na região de Sri Lanka. 103 tripulantes sobreviveram e foram massacrados com espadas e marretas. Os que não tinham morrido foram deixados sobre o casco do submarino que mergulhou com a intenção de afoga-los. Ainda assim, cinco sobreviveram.
Civis numa vala sendo mortos à baioneta por soldados japoneses enquanto outros soldados se reúnem para não perder a diversão.

Entre fevereiro e março de 1945, quando os americanos retomavam as Filipinas e chegaram a capital Manila, o general Yamashita ordenou a retirada das tropas, mais dois almirantes no comando local recusaram as ordens e mandaram as tropas resistirem até a morte. Os americanos apenas lançaram alguns ataques de artilharia contra posições japonesas, inicialmente e as tropas de ocupação começaram a pilhar, estuprar e matar os civis filipinos, decapitando-os, matando-os com baionetas, metralhando grupos inteiros e ateando fogo em prédios cheios de gente. No final da batalha, todos os japoneses estavam mortos e com eles 100.000 civis filipinos. Manila foi a segunda cidade mais destruída na guerra, perdendo apenas para Varsóvia.

Treinamento de tiro ao alvo de soldados japoneses. Ao invés de papel, prisioneiros siks em Singapura.

Se você chegou até aqui, é provável que esteja mudando sua perspectiva sobre as pobres vítimas japonesas do satan americano. Mas tem mais. Na Birmânia principalmente, mas também em outros países da região asiática as tropas japonesas treinavam tiro ao alvo contra prisioneiros civis amarrados em tocos de madeira e documentavam isso. As fotos estão aqui na matéria. Mas apenas isto não bastava à raça superior nipônica. Treinamentos com baionetas também eram realizados contra civis das áreas ocupadas e uma das fotos OFICIAIS mais perversas da guerra é a que abre esta matéria, com um bebê filipino atravessado na baioneta de um soldado japonês.
Da mesma forma que os nazistas fizeram experimentos médicos bárbaros e terríveis contra judeus em campos de concentração o Japão estava interessado em desenvolver armas biológicas e criou a Unidade 731 na China. Suas tarefas básicas era infectar prisioneiros chineses com as mais diversas doenças para estudar sua transição, velocidade de propagação e efeitos, a também o que o corpo humano suportava de altas e baixas temperaturas. Fazia parte do estudo a dissecação das vítimas que era feita não em cadáveres mais nas vítimas vivas. Cólera, febre tifoide, disenteria e antrax foram lançadas como testes sobre cidades chinesas e as epidemias duraram até 1948. Mais de 200.000 pessoas foram mortas.
Em abril de 1944 inicia-se o ataque às Ilhas Japonesas com a invasão de Iwo Jima. Esta batalha, demonstraria em definitivo o conceito japonês não só de lutar até a morte, mas de lançar-se a morte sem objetivo militar para morrer e não ser capturado, além do simples suicídio ritual de soldados que não entraram em combate e não foram mortos pelo inimigo.
Em 38 dias de batalha por uma pequena ilha de cinzas vulcânicas, praticamente plana com uma montanha em uma de suas extremidades, os americanos desembarcaram 70.000 soldados dos quais 26.638 foram baixas, incluindo 7 mil mortos (10%) da força de ataque. Por seu lado, a defesa contava com 21.000 soldados japoneses, dos quais apenas 1%, 216 homens, foram capturados. 3.000 ficaram escondidos em cavernas e bunkers e foram aparecendo ao longo do tempo muito depois da batalha terminar e todos os outros morreram. A relação entre ataque e defesa foi de 3,3 soldados atacando para cada defensor.
Depois disso foi a vez da Ilha de Okinawa, a maior ilha mais ao sul do Japão, com terreno diversificado, florestas, montanhas população local etc. Apesar desta batalha ser mais importante para entender a lógica que levou ao emprego das armas nucleares, Ivo Jima é que é retratada pelo cinema.
Se os americanos acharam que os 38 dias de Ivo foram muito, Okinawa levou 82 dias, terminando no meio de junho de 1944 menos de dois meses antes da Bomba. Os americanos, desta vez lançaram 250.000 soldados contra ilha, dos quais 5% morreram (12.520) e outros 82.000 ficaram feridos).
A defesa japonesa foi também um teste para o Império em como defender as ilhas principais, o passo lógico seguinte na guerra. Havia 77.000 soldados regulares na ilha e 40.000 civis foram alistados e armados para a defesa. 24 mil deles compuseram uma milícia chamada Boeitai, 15.000 trabalhadores lutaram sem uniformes, 1.500 alunos de escolas, menores de idade, compuseram uma unidade de combates chamadas de “Ferro e Sangue”. Sete ataques com aviões kamikaze foram lançados contra as tropas de invasão envolvendo 1.500 aeronaves. Sem contar com estes pilotos mortos, os homens em armas no solo chegaram a 117.000, dos quais somente 6% (7.000) foram capturados. Os outros 110.000 foram mortos ou se mataram em ataques sem efeito militar ou em rituais de suicídio. Adicionalmente, 150.000 civis morreram.
Okinawa é definidor para compreender as bombas atômicas. Os americanos lançaram 2,3 soldados no ataque para cada soldado na defesa. Porcentagem praticamente 50% menor que na batalha anterior.
Os japoneses tinham 3 milhões de soldados para defender suas ilhas principais, mais o esquema de milícias de adultos e adolescentes, mais mulheres treinadas para atacar os invasores satânicos com lanças de bambu. Mantida a proporção de Okinawa, o que é uma estimativa baixa, haveria mais de 5 milhões de soldados e civis armados à espera das tropas norte-americanas. Para garantir a força de 2,3 para um, os americanos deveriam obrigatoriamente desembarcar 11,5 milhões de soldados no Japão, força que não existia, que se existisse não poderia ser nem transportada nem abastecida. Portanto, pela experiência de Okinawa, mesmo com a certeza confortável de vencer um inimigo que preferia desperdiçar suas tropas a obter ganhos reais, um ataque em tal escala era simplesmente impossível.
Ainda assim as baixas ao nível de Okinawa previstas para 37% atingiriam o número assustador de 4.255.000 americanos, dos quais, 1.100.000 seriam mortos. Totalmente inviabilizador. Pelo lado japonês as baixas esperadas seriam de 4.700.000 soldados mortos outros 7.000.000 de civis mortos.
Estes números não são exatos, mas simplesmente uma extrapolação estratégica em relação a última batalha com uma perspectiva OTIMISTA. Numa abordagem pessimista os números seriam consideravelmente maiores. Conta semelhante foi realizada tanto pelo comando americano quando pelo japonês, que sentiu-se MUITO CONFORTÁVEL com a perspectiva, que demonstrava claramente que os americanos não teriam nem homens nem equipamentos para conquistar o Japão e que este impacto de 12 milhões de vítimas japonesas nunca se realizaria, mas se fosse necessário poderia ser absorvido e ainda estava muito longe dos mais de 22 milhões de civis chineses que os nipônicos mataram.
Tanto alemães quanto aliados tinham como estratégia de guerra a destruição das principais cidades uns dos outros imaginando que isso iria gerar um desejo nas populações civis de depor suas lideranças e terminar a guerra, rendendo-se ao inimigo. Era o pensamento vigente naquela época. Os alemães jamais construíram bombardeios capazes de realizar tal missão e apelaram para mísseis. Primeiro com as bombas voadores V1, depois com as V2. Já os britânicos e americanos desenvolveram vários modelos capazes de arrasar cidades. Esta estratégia jamais deu certo pois o atacado sempre usa o ataque contra si, como arma de propaganda para demonstrar a barbárie e o desprezo pela vida por parte do inimigo, e a população atingida fica apenas com mais vontade de resistir e levar seu país à vitória.
Com o Japão não foi diferente. A captura de Ivo Jima, permitiu que os americanos enviassem caças para escoltar seus bombardeiros contra o Japão. Cidade após cidade foi bombardeada com milhares de toneladas de bombas. Os americanos utilizavam napalm e incendiárias de fósforo branco nestes ataques. As construções japonesas baseadas em madeira e papel eram um alvo perfeito para isso.
Tóquio, a capital japonesa e onde vivia o Imperador Deus, foi bombardeada de 17 de novembro de 1944 ao dia da rendição japonesa, 15 de agosto de 1945. O total estimado de mortos nesta campanha foi de 200.000 e não há dados disponíveis sobre o total de feridos. Um milhão de pessoas perderam suas casas. Na noite do dia 9 para 10 de março de 1945, 334 aviões de bombardeio B-29 dos quais apenas 279 conseguiram atacar a cidade, lançaram 1.655 toneladas de bombas, incluindo ‘cluster bombs’ de 230 kg que liberavam 38 bombas menores incendiárias de napalm. Foram mortas 100.000 pessoas neste único ataque, considerado o mais devastador da história. Outras 125.000 ficaram feridas. Neste momento Tóquio possuía cerca de 6 milhões de habitantes, portanto as baixas foram de 3,7%. Mesmo com a capital devastada e alguns militares de alta patente questionando a falta de necessidade destas mortes indicando a rendição, o grupo militar e político que pretendia a luta a até a morte e contava com aquelas projeções da ‘invasão impossível’ que você leu acima prevaleceu.
Kyoto, por ser uma cidade histórica, foi poupada. Posteriormente incluída como quarta cidade para o ataque nuclear, foi descartada também.
Igualmente, os americanos tinham a certeza de que não poderiam invadir as ilhas. O que se vende para as pessoas como ‘desculpa’ para o ataque nuclear, é uma simplificação do conceito de que “lançaram a bomba para salvar vidas americanas”. Neste estudo, onde apresentamos uma complicação deste conceito, você já entendeu que as coisas eram diferentes do que as pessoas imaginam que são.
O programa nuclear norte-americano levado da teoria à prática por vários cientistas judeus, baseados na ‘física degenerada’ de outro judeu, Albert Einstein, cujos estudos e trabalhos foram queimados na Alemanha Nazista (ainda bem), visava atacar a Alemanha e não o Japão. Mas a guerra na Europa acabou antes da primeira bomba estar operacional e ser testada.
Quando o presidente Truman recebeu a informação, ainda durante a Conferência de Potsdam na Europa de que a bomba de teste, chamada Trinity (Trindade), foi muito mais bem sucedida que qualquer um pudesse imaginar, ele ordenou a entrega de um ultimato ao Japão exigindo a rendição. Tal documento foi considerado pelos japoneses como uma atitude arrogante do ‘inimigo impossível’ e a guerra continuou. Truman mandou atacar.
No início de agosto de 1945 havia apenas duas cidades classificadas como médias e grandes no Japão que ainda não tinham sido destruídas por bombardeios convencionais: Hiroshima e Nagazaki. A imagem que é passada quando se fala apenas sobre Hiroshima é que teria sido uma escolha aleatória para levar o fogo do inferno aos civis japoneses. Mas só havia duas escolhas. A terceira cidade, definida com alvo era Kokura a de menor população entre as três, com 150.000 habitantes onde havia 2.800 prisioneiros de guerra americanos, ingleses e holandeses. 1.500 deles chegaram de navio na manhã do dia 9 de agosto, portanto o comando americano nem sabia disto. Kokura possuía um dos arsenais onde eram fabricados os fuzis e baionetas no exército. A praticamente impossível se definir que qualquer cidade pequena, média ou grande japonesa deixava de possuir algum alvo militar legítimo.
Ao contrário da propaganda soviética pós-guerra introjetada no inconsciente coletivo do mundo até hoje, Hiroshima não era uma cidade civil. No Japão ela era conhecida como Cidade Exército. É exatamente ao contrário do que a propaganda afirma. Hiroshima era a base do Segundo Exército Geral e do Exército Regional de Chugoku. O quartel general dos fuzileiros navais japoneses também se localizava lá. No momento do ataque nuclear em 6 de agosto de 1945 havia cerca de 350.000 habitantes e militares na cidade. 80.000 foram mortos imediatamente e até o final de 1945 outros 166.000 morreram em decorrência de ferimentos e radiação. Ainda assim, 104.000 sobreviveram, 29% da população. 77% dos prédios e casas da cidade foram destruídos. A cidade era praticamente plana.
O prédio da escola sobreviveu em Hiroshima e foi preservado como memorial. Foto de Ronaldo Gomlevsky que esteve lá em 2010

Após este ataque novo ultimato para rendição foi enviado ao Japão, mas suas lideranças políticas e militares consideraram o ataque apenas como um novo formato com perdas aceitáveis, se bem que ainda não contabilizadas e entendidas corretamente. Naquele momento nem quem atacou nem quem foi alvo tinha qualquer ideia dos efeitos da radiação que afetaria os sobreviventes e mataria o dobro de pessoas em relação as que morreram pela explosão. Dentro da previsão da “invasão impossível”, o alto comando nipônico decidiu ignorar os americanos e manter a guerra.

Aspecto de Nagazaki após o ataque nuclear

Truman ordena então a utilização da segunda bomba atômica. No dia 8 de agosto a União Soviética declara guerra ao Japão. O alvo seria Kokura, mas estava encoberto e as ordens obrigavam pontaria visual e não por radar. Os Bs-29 do segundo ataque se dirigiram então para o alvo restante, Nagasaki, distante 100 km. Militarmente era uma cidade muito mais importante. Nagazaki possuía importantes estaleiros, a siderúrgica e fábricas de explosivos, armas e aviões de combate da Mitsubishi. Em 9 de agosto, dia do ataque nuclear havia 263.000 pessoas na cidade: 240.000 japoneses civis, 9.000 soldados, 10.000 residentes coreanos, 2.500 prisioneiros escravos coreanos, 600 chineses prisioneiros escravos e 400 prisioneiros de guerra aliados. O total de mortos atribuídos a explosão, ferimentos e radiação até o final do ano é de 80.000, ou seja 33%. A cidade não era plana, possuindo colinas e elevações.
Um terceiro ultimato foi enviado por Truman para Tóquio. E o alto comando japonês se dividiu. Os civis queriam a rendição e os militares queriam a luta até a morte de todas. Não houve consenso e o primeiro ministro japonês decidiu ser ousado e foi levar a questão pela primeira vez ao Imperador Deus Hiroito. Sabendo possuir a palavra final sobre todas as questões no Japão, e ainda com milhões de soldados ativos e não derrotados no continente, o Imperador decidiu dar um basta na carnificina e ordenou a rendição, não imediatamente, pois Tóquio continuava sendo bombardeada diariamente desde o dia 10 de agosto e havia um temor de que a próxima bomba atômica atingisse a já depauperada capital. Não sabiam os japoneses que sua capital não foi atacada desta forma por que não existiam outras bombas atômicas. As três construídas já haviam explodido.
No dia 15 o Japão se rendeu, com uma condição perversa, a de que o Imperador não fosse preso e julgado pelos crimes de guerra que suas tropas cometeram. Quem pregava um império de mil anos na Europa matou-se com um tiro na cabeça e quem pregava no Japão, ao seu povo o suicídio em seu nome não se matou, não foi julgado e foi mantido no poder, sucedido por seus descendentes até hoje.
A foto mais terrível da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Com um golpe de espada um oficial japonês corta o pescoço de uma jovem mãe chinesa nua e ensanguentada após cortar a cabeça do bebê dela inutilmente protegido em seus braços.

Uma consideração final. Da mesma forma que Stalin firmou um pacto de não agressão com Hitler, aliando inicialmente comunistas e nazistas, que chegaram a ocupar a Polônia simultaneamente, pacto este só desfeito quando a Alemanha decidiu invadira a União Soviética, os comunistas também possuíam um pacto de não-agressão com os fascistas-teocráticos japoneses, rompido apenas no dia 5 de agosto de 1945.

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          Long-horned Beetles (IV) stamps from Taiwan        
This is the fourth set in an yearly series. It features four species endemic to Taiwan:Parandra lanyuana, Bunothorax takasagoensis, Oplatocera mandibulata, and Cyrtoclytus kusamai. First day covers and presentation packs will be available. Date of Issue: 28 August 2013    
          Hány ország van a földön?        
Elég gyakran felmerülő földrajzi kérdés, hogy tulajdonképpen hány ország van a földön, másként hány ország van a világon? Természetesen ezt nehéz pontosan megállapítani, hiszen ahogyan a történelmet figyelemmel kísérjük, rengeteg állam jött és jön is létre az évszázadok, olykor évtizedek alatt, éppen úgy, ahogyan egyesek megszűnnek vagy integrálódnak más országokba.

A legelfogadottabb és legmegbízhatóbb adatok szerint a világ jelenleg 196 országot különböztet meg bolygónkon.

Ezt az adatot, más megbízható adatok is alátámasztják, melyek jól feltérképezik a világ országait és ezzel együtt arra is rámutat, hogy mely országokat nem ismer el az adott szervezet, tehát kvázi mely országokat hagyja ki a számításából.

Ilyen például az Egyesült Nemzetek Szervezete (ENSZ), angol nevén United Nations, melynek 193 tagja van. Ellentétben a gyakori tévhittel, ez a szám nem reprezentálja a földön található összes országot. Nyilván való, hogy vannak az ENSZ-től elkülönülő független országok, ilyen például a Vatikán és Koszovó.

Az Egyesült Államok külügyminisztériuma 195 országot különböztet meg a világon. Ez a lista viszont politikai okokból nem ismeri el különálló országként Taiwant, mely 1971-ig az ENSZ-nek is tagja volt.

Érdemes megemlíteni a témával kapcsolatban, hogy vannak olyan tartományok, régiók, melyek bár a köztudatban gyakran országként jelennek meg, valójában nem rendelkeznek a független állam címével, illetve bizonyos irányítási szerepet más ország gyakorolja felettük. Erre kiváló példa Észak-Írország, Skócia, Wales, Anglia.

Biztosak vagyunk benne, hogy néhány olvasónkat egészen konkrétan érdekli, hogy mely országok tartoznak a nagy 196-os listába, ezért elkészítettük a listát az országokhoz tartozó fővárosokkal. Ne tévesszen meg senkit, hogy egy országhoz adott esetben több főváros is tartozik. Bizonyos országok több főváros kijelölésével oldják meg közigazgatási ügyintézésüket.

Afganisztán - Kabul
Albánia - Tirane
Algéria - Algiers
Andorra - Andorra la Vella
Angola - Luanda
Antigua és Barbuda - Saint John's
Argentína - Buenos Aires
Örményország - Yerevan
Ausztrália - Canberra
Ausztria - Vienna
Azerbajdzsán - Baku
Bahamák - Nassau
Bahrein - Manama
Banglades - Dhaka
Barbados - Bridgetown
Fehéroroszország - Minsk
Belgium - Brussels
Belize - Belmopan
Benin - Porto-Novo
Bhután - Thimphu
Bolívia - La Paz (közigazgatási); Sucre (bírói)
Bosznia és Hercegovina - Sarajevo
Botswana - Gaborone
Brazília - Brasilia
Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Bulgária - Sofia
Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou
Burundi - Bujumbura
Kambodzsa - Phnom Penh
Kamerun - Yaounde
Kanada - Ottawa
Zöld-foki-szigetek - Praia
Közép-afrikai Köztársaság - Bangui
Csád - N'Djamena
Chile - Santiago
Kína - Beijing
Kolumbia - Bogota
Comore-szigetek - Moroni
Kongói Köztársaság - Brazzaville
Kongói Demokratikus Köztársaság - Kinshasa
Costa Rica - San Jose
Cote d'Ivoire - Yamoussoukro (hivatalos); Abidjan (tényleges)
Horvátország - Zagreb
Kuba - Havana
Ciprus - Nicosia
Cseh Köztársaság - Prague
Dánia - Copenhagen
Dzsibuti - Djibouti
Dominika - Roseau
Dominikai Köztársaság - Santo Domingo
Kelet-Timor (Timor-Leste) - Dili
Ecuador - Quito
Egyiptom - Cairo
El Salvador - San Salvador
Egyenlítői Guinea - Malabo
Eritrea - Asmara
Észtország - Tallinn
Etiópia - Addis Ababa
Fidzsi - Suva
Finnország - Helsinki
Franciaország - Paris
Gabon - Libreville
Gambia - Banjul
Grúzia - Tbilisi
Németország - Berlin
Ghána - Accra
Görögország - Athens
Grenada - Saint George's
Guatemala - Guatemala City
Guinea - Conakry
Bissau-Guinea - Bissau
Guyana - Georgetown
Haiti - Port-au-Prince
Honduras - Tegucigalpa
Magyarország - Budapest
Izland - Reykjavik
India - New Delhi
Indonézia - Jakarta
Irán - Tehran
Irak - Baghdad
Írország - Dublin
Izrael - Jerusalem
Olaszország - Rome
Jamaica - Kingston
Japán - Tokyo
Jordánia - Amman
Kazahsztán - Astana
Kenya - Nairobi
Kiribati - Tarawa Atoll
Észak-Korea - Pyongyang
Dél-Korea - Seoul
Koszovó - Pristina
Kuvait - Kuwait City
Kirgizisztán - Bishkek
Laosz - Vientiane
Lettország - Riga
Libanon - Beirut
Lesotho - Maseru
Libéria - Monrovia
Líbia - Tripoli
Liechtenstein - Vaduz
Litvánia - Vilnius
Luxemburg - Luxembourg
Macedónia - Skopje
Madagaszkár - Antananarivo
Malawi - Lilongwe
Malajzia - Kuala Lumpur
Maldív-szigetek - Male
Mali - Bamako
Málta - Valletta
Marshall-szigetek - Majuro
Mauritánia - Nouakchott
Mauritius - Port Louis
Mexikó - Mexico City
Mikronéziai Szövetségi Államok - Palikir
Moldova - Chisinau
Monaco - Monaco
Mongólia - Ulaanbaatar
Montenegró - Podgorica
Marokkó - Rabat
Mozambik - Maputo
Mianmar (Burma) - Rangoon (Yangon); Naypyidaw or Nay Pyi Taw (közigazgatási)
Namíbia - Windhoek
Nauru - Nincs hivatalos főváros; A kormányzat Yaren tartományban található
Nepál - Kathmandu
Hollandia - Amsterdam; The Hague (a kormányzat helye)
Új-Zéland - Wellington
Nicaragua - Managua
Niger - Niamey
Nigéria - Abuja
Norvégia - Oslo
Omán - Muscat
Pakisztán - Islamabad
Palau - Melekeok
Panama - Panama City
Pápua Új-Guinea - Port Moresby
Paraguay - Asuncion
Peru - Lima
Fülöp-szigetek - Manila
Lengyelország - Warsaw
Portugália - Lisbon
Katar - Doha
Románia - Bucharest
Oroszország - Moscow
Ruanda - Kigali
Saint Kitts és Nevis - Basseterre
Santa Lucia - Castries
Saint Vincent és és a Grenadine-szigetek - Kingstown
Szamoa - Apia
San Marino - San Marino
São Tomé és Príncipe - Sao Tome
Szaúd-Arábia - Riyadh
Szenegál - Dakar
Szerbia - Belgrade
Seychelle-szigetek - Victoria
Sierra Leone - Freetown
Szingapúr - Singapore
Szlovákia - Bratislava
Szlovénia - Ljubljana
Salamon-szigetek - Honiara
Szomália - Mogadishu
Dél-Afrika - Pretoria (közigazgatási); Cape Town (törvényhozói); Bloemfontein (bírósági)
Dél-Szudán - Juba (Áthelyezve Ramciel-be)
Spanyolország - Madrid
Srí Lanka - Colombo; Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (törvényhozói)
Szudán - Khartoum
Suriname - Paramaribo
Szváziföld - Mbabane
Svédország - Stockholm
Svájc - Bern
Szíria - Damascus
Tajvan - Taipei
Tádzsikisztán - Dushanbe
Tanzánia - Dar es Salaam; Dodoma (törvényhozói)
Thaiföld - Bangkok
Togo - Lome
Tonga - Nuku'alofa
Trinidad és Tobago - Port-of-Spain
Tunézia - Tunis
Törökország - Ankara
Türkmenisztán - Ashgabat
Tuvalu - Vaiaku village, Funafuti province
Uganda - Kampala
Ukrajna - Kyiv
Egyesült Arab Emírségek - Abu Dhabi
Egyesült Királyság - London
Egyesült Államok - Washington D.C.
Uruguay - Montevideo
Üzbegisztán - Tashkent
Vanuatu - Port-Vila
Vatikán (Vatikánváros) (Holy See) - Vatican City
Venezuela - Caracas
Vietnam - Hanoi
Jemen - Sanaa
Zambia - Lusaka
Zimbabwe - Harare

          May 3, Taiwanese Have Visa On Arrival in La Paz?        
Hi, I will transit from Miami to La Paz, Can I get Visa on arrival? or I can apply the visa in Miami while transit there? Thank you.
           Tradition vs modernity: the 21st century pedagogical practice of Kudiyattam         
Madhavan, Arya (2013) Tradition vs modernity: the 21st century pedagogical practice of Kudiyattam. In: International Academic Seminar on Drama, 29 – 30 November 2013, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Taiwan.

Di bawah adalah teks ucapan penuh Bajet 2015 oleh DS Najib Razak yang dibentangkan di dalam Parlimen sebentar tadi :

Saya mohon mencadangkan supaya Rang Undang-undang bertajuk "Suatu Akta bagi menggunakan sejumlah wang daripada Kumpulan Wang Disatukan untuk perkhidmatan bagi tahun 2015 dan bagi memperuntukkan wang itu untuk perkhidmatan bagi tahun itu" dibaca bagi kali kedua.


Tuan Yang Dipertua,

1. Dengan lafaz Bismillahhirahmanirrahim, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil A'lamin, Wa bihi Nastai'n. Diiring pula selawat serta salam ke atas Junjungan Besar Nabi Muhammad SAW. Marilah bersama berdoa, dan yang beragama Islam, menadah kedua-dua tangan setingginya, pohon limpah keberkatan juga inayah-Nya, bagi saya membentang sebuah dokumen penting, yakni Bajet 2015 agar dapat didengar dan dihadami sebaiknya oleh Sidang Dewan dan Rakyat Malaysia seluruhnya.

2. Sebelum meneruskan pembentangan, saya bagi mewakili pihak Kerajaan mengucapkan takziah atas kembalinya ke-Rahmatullah Allahyarham Tun Hajah Suhaila Binti Tan Sri Mohammad Noah yang merupakan isteri kepada Perdana Menteri ketiga. Semoga rohnya diletakkan di kalangan para solihin dan solihat.

3. Saya turut ingin mengambil kesempatan pada petang Jumaat penuh barakah, penghulu segala hari, mengucapkan selamat kembali ke tanahair kepada YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri beserta para hujjaj lain, yang telah selesai menunaikan fardhu haji. Moga-moga beruntunglah di atas kurniaan Haji Akbar yang Mabrur hendaknya.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

4. Secara sedar ataupun tidak, sepanjang hampir 60 tahun merdeka, kita telah merencana pelbagai rancangan jangka pendek, sederhana dan panjang dalam usaha memakmurkan negara. Hakikatnya, pelaksanaan serta pembangunan ekonomi telah melalui segala macam strategi yang disusun kemas lagi sistematik. Jika tidak, mana mungkin Malaysia sampai pada tahap yang ada pada hari ini.

5. Cumanya, ramai yang tidak begitu sedar bahawa proses ini bukanlah satu kerja yang mudah, apatah lagi terjadi dengan semena-mena. Suka atau tidak suka, dalam tempoh yang bukan sekejap, ia menagih ikhtiar-ikhtiar yang cukup banyak, meliputi rencana-rencana yang menyeluruh, dengan segala jerih payah, kepahitan, terutamanya apabila wajarnya diambil ketetapan-ketetapan dan keputusan-keputusan yang tidak popular. Namun, semuanya itu, perlu diperbuat dan diperlakukan oleh pihak Kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab dan berakauntabiliti, demi mendahulukan kepentingan rakyat sejak dulu, kini dan selamanya.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

6. Dari perspektif ekonomi, ketika mana meraih kemerdekaan 57 tahun lalu, kita telah membina negara ini berlandaskan pertanian. Kemudiannya, kita menuju negara perindustrian moden. Selanjutnya, kita melalui fasa negara berpendapatan sederhana tinggi. Sekarang ini pula, kita sedang melangkah ke arah ekonomi berasaskan perkhidmatan.

7. Bila disimpulkan, objektif, prinsip dan teras kepada 3 Rangka Rancangan Jangka Panjang, kesepuluh-sepuluh Rancangan Malaysia, Dasar Ekonomi Baru, Dasar Pembangunan Nasional, Dasar Wawasan Negara dan sejak 2010 Dasar Transformasi Nasional, kesemuanya berkisar tentang pembasmian kemiskinan, peningkatan pendapatan, penyusunan semula masyarakat, sehingga tercapai matlamat sosio-ekonomi, mempelbagaikan ekonomi berteraskan komoditi, pembangunan modal insan, meningkatkan daya saing sektor awam dan swasta, rantaian nilai lebih tinggi, pembangunan secara inklusif dan transformasi Kerajaan, ekonomi, sosial serta politik.

8. Ternyata, bapa-bapa pimpinan terdahulu dengan bijaksana, telah menjalankan kewajiban masing-masing membentuk Malaysia menurut acuan tersendiri. Dimulai perjuangan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman, diikuti oleh Tun Abdul Razak yang telah melaksanakan pembangunan dan menyusun semula struktur sosial masyarakat, Tun Hussein mengekalkan keamanan dan perpaduan, Tun Mahathir memodenkan negara, manakala Tun Abdullah pula menekankan aspek pembangunan modal insan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

9. Seterusnya, Kerajaan yang ada hari ini, terus komited memacu pertumbuhan negara dengan tasawwur yang lebih luas bagi meletakkan Malaysia di jajaran kukuh dari masa ke semasa.

10. Jelasnya, jika dicongak, pembentangan Bajet, petang ini, adalah yang keenam sejak saya mengambil alih pentadbiran, dan juga adalah bajet negara kali yang ke-56. Sesungguhnya jua, Bajet 2015 ini, menjadi bingkisan pelengkap kepada 10 Rancangan Malaysia.

11. Selanjutnya, pada Mei 2015 nanti, bermulalah jendela Rancangan Malaysia kesebelas. Serentak itu, satu pendekatan baharu sedang digariskan yang dikenali sebagai Strategi Pembangunan Nasional Malaysia atau Malaysian National Development Strategy atau MyNDS.

12. MyNDS akan menjadi antara formula kepada perancangan dan penyediaan program serta projek di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Ke-11. Ia akan menggunakan sumber yang terhad secara optimum, yakni menumpukan kepada projek dan program berimpak tinggi, kos yang rendah serta pelaksanaan secara cekap dan pantas. Ertinya, Bajet 2016 kelak, akan menjadi pemula kepada pelonjak akhir memacu separuh dekad Malaysia dalam menuju status, dengan izin – High Income Advanced Economy menjelang 2020.

13. Merujuk kepada perjalanan negara-negara yang lain seperti Korea, Jerman, Jepun, Taiwan mahupun China, di mana kebanyakannya bermula dengan asas pertanian sebagai ekonomi mereka dan kini beralih kepada asas ekonomi yang mengutamakan pengetahuan, kemahiran, inovasi dan kepakaran yang tinggi.

14. Jika dapat diterangkan dengan bahasa yang mudah, perancangan dan instrumen ekonomi kepada sesebuah negara perlu disesuaikan mengikut musim dan peredaran masa serta tuntutan domestik dan global. Justeru, untuk terus kekal relevan Malaysia sewajibnya bergerak dengan ekonomi berasaskan pengetahuan, kemahiran tinggi, kepakaran, kreativiti dan inovasi.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

15. Sememangnya, dari sudut ekonomi, sesebuah negara yang pesat membangun, tidak boleh lari daripada menjana kekayaan menerusi aktiviti capital economy. Namun demikian, dari sudut kesejahteraan rakyat, kita mendengar keluh kesah, sungutan dan rungutan orang ramai. Mereka bertanya melalui komen-komen blog, surat-surat yang diterima, mesyuarat, temubual, sesi dialog dan wacana semasa akan persoalan bahawa angka berjuta-juta, peruntukan berbilion-bilion dan pelbagai projek mega, apakah manfaatnya kepada rakyat terbanyak?

16. Bak kata orang kampong saya di Pekan, maaf bercakap, rasanya, perkara-perkara dokumen bajet begini, serta apa yang disebut seperti jauuuuuuh… dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan pakcik, makcik, kawan-kawan bukan sahaja di luar bandar malahan juga di bandar.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

17. Sesungguhnya, inilah cabaran terbesar dalam mentadbir Negara seistimewa Malaysia dengan kerencaman masyarakat. Saya selaku Perdana Menteri sehingga petang semalam ketika bertemu para wartawan diajukan soalan apakah hal yang paling sukar untuk diputuskan? Saya menjawab… yakni bagaimana kita hendak mengimbangi antara polisi yang populist in nature as compared to those policies based on economic and financial imperatives.

18. Sejelasnya, Kerajaan yang ada hari ini berpegang teguh kepada prinsip bahawa usaha memantap tadbir urus fiskal seperti mengurangkan defisit fiskal adalah satu tanggungjawab moral generasi kita untuk generasi pewaris masa hadapan. Pokoknya, kita tidak mahu mewariskan Malaysia dengan kewangan Persekutuan yang terbeban dengan masalah hutang.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

19. Lantaran demikian, mengambil kira dan memahami denyut nadi rakyat serta realiti kehidupan, sebagai Ketua Kerajaan, saya mahukan falsafah tunjang kepada pembikinan bajet tahun ini mestilah menitikberatkan keseimbangan antara capital economy dan people economy.
20. Bila kita membicarakan istilah Capital Economy, ia merujuk kepada pengurusan dan dasar-dasar ekonomi yang berbentuk makro. Ini memudahkan sesebuah negara mengunjurkan sasaran-sasaran utamanya berbanding negara-negara lain. Antaranya, ia merujuk kepada pengurusan ekonomi yang berasaskan modal, pertumbuhan KDNK, pendapatan per kapita, pelaburan swasta, pasaran modal, keuntungan syarikat, penarafan ekonomi dan kredit, indeks Bursa dan nilai saham. Tuan Yang Dipertua, sesudah ini saya akan menyebutnya sebagai Capital Economy.

21. Manakala apabila kita mengupas dan menakrif istilah People Economy, ia merupakan ekonomi yang berorientasikan rakyat meliputi keutamaan-keutamaan dan kepentingan-kepentingan rakyat seperti kos sara hidup, pendapatan isi rumah, peluang pendidikan, pekerjaan dan perniagaan, kualiti hidup, perumahan, latihan, kemahiran, keusahawanan dan keselamatan, yakni aman dari jenayah. Ringkasnya, ia merupakan ekonomi yang berlandaskan pengalaman seharian rakyat. Sesudah ini saya akan menyebutnya sebagai Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat atau EKR.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

22. Memang benar, dari sudut teori dan ilmiahnya, capital economy dan people economy tidak dapat dipisahkan dan wujud secara simbiosis antara satu dengan yang lain. Walau apapun, ingin saya tegaskan dalam bajet ini, Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat menjadi paksi dan pegangan dalam mendahulukan kepentingan rakyat. Barulah nanti apabila kita mencapai status negara maju, nikmat kekayaan dan kemakmuran sebenar negara akan melimpah ke kaki-kaki halaman serta mengetuk pintu-pintu rumah setiap rakyat di negara ini, InsyaAllah.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,


23. Bermula 3 April 2009, setelah lebih 5 tahun, saya memegangpimpinan Negara sebagai Perdana Menteri, diperkenalkan gagasan 1Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan, berlandaskan Dasar Transformasi Nasional atau DTN. Ia merangkumkan Program Transformasi Kerajaan atau GTP, Program Transformasi Ekonomi atau ETP, Program Transformasi Politik atau PTP, Program Transformasi Komuniti atau CTP, Program Transformasi Sosial atau STP dan Program Transformasi Fiskal atau FTP dalam usaha kita mencapai matlamat negara ekonomi maju berpendapatan tinggi. ETP telah mensasarkan peningkatan Pendapatan Negara Kasar Per Kapita Malaysia kepada 15,000 dolar Amerika dan memperoleh 444 bilion dollar Amerika dalam pelaburan menjelang 2020.

24. Sejak 2009 juga, secara kumulatifnya, sebanyak 196 projek daripada 12 NKEA dan 6 SRI telah dilaksanakan. Jumlah pelaburan pula mencecah 219 bilion ringgit dan lebih 437,000 peluang pekerjaan bernilai tinggi telah diwujudkan.

25. Mutakhir ini, ekonomi negara telah tumbuh dengan positif dalam semua sektor dan mencatatkan KDNK sebanyak 6.3 peratus. Alhamdulillah, kita merafak syukur kepada Yang Maha Kuasa, kerana pencapaian ini, menempatkan kita sebagai yang paling tinggi di kalangan negara ASEAN dalam tempoh separuh pertama 2014.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

26. Antara tahun-tahun 2009 hingga 2014, kita mampu berasa lega dan berbangga dengan prestasi-prestasi berikut. Indeks FBM KLCI telah meningkat sebanyak 114 peratus iaitu daripada 884.45 mata pada Januari 2009 kepada 1,892.65 mata pada Julai 2014. Pertumbuhan modal pasaran juga meningkat sebanyak 162 peratus daripada 667.87 bilion ringgit kepada 1,749.49 bilion ringgit dicatatkan pada 7 Oktober 2014.

27. Pendapatan Negara Kasar Per Kapita pula menunjukkan peningkatan sebanyak 50 peratus iaitu daripada 6,700 dolar Amerika kepada 10,060 dolar Amerika dalam tempoh 5 tahun ini. InsyaAllah, saya yakin pada tahun ini kita akan mencapai pertumbuhan ekonomi negara yang kukuh pada kadar 5.5 peratus hingga 6 peratus. Kadar defisit fiskal Negara juga semakin bertambah baik. Kita telah dapat menurunkan kadar defisit daripada 6.7 peratus pada 2009 kepada 3.9 peratus pada 2013 dan dijangka terus menurun kepada 3.5 peratus pada tahun ini.

28. Bagi 2015 pula, pertumbuhan ekonomi dijangka kekal kukuh pada kadar 5 hingga 6 peratus, manakala defisit fiskal dijangka berkurangan kepada 3 peratus.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

29. Berhubung itu, sukalah saya memaklumkan di sini, kita juga telah memecah beberapa rekod pencapaian antaranya:

Pertama: Indeks Bursa Malaysia telah mencatat paras 1,892.65 mata pada Julai 2014, menjadikannnya paras tertinggi dalam sejarah negara; dan

Kedua: Kemasukan pelabur asing sebanyak 38.7 bilion ringgit pada tahun 2013, juga merupakan catatan tertinggi actual realized investments yang pernah dicapai dalam sejarah Negara.


Tuan Yang Dipertua,

30. Bajet 2015 memperuntukkan sejumlah 273.9 bilion ringgit iaitu peningkatan sebanyak 9.8 bilion ringgit berbanding peruntukan asal 2014. Daripadanya, 223.4 bilion ringgit bagi perbelanjaan mengurus dan 50.5 bilion ringgit sebagai perbelanjaan pembangunan.

31. Di bawah peruntukan mengurus, 65.6 bilion ringgit adalah untuk Emolumen, dan 38.1 bilion ringgit untuk Perkhidmatan dan Bekalan. Agihan terbesar sebanyak 116.4 bilion ringgit adalah untuk Pemberian dan Kenaan Bayaran Tetap. Pembelian Aset pula diperuntukkan sebanyak 1.5 bilion ringgit dan 1.8 bilion ringgit untuk perbelanjaan lain.

32. Di bawah peruntukan pembangunan, sektor ekonomi menerima agihan tertinggi sebanyak 29.3 bilion ringgit, diikuti oleh sektor sosial 12.6 bilion ringgit merangkumi pendidikan dan latihan, kesihatan, perumahan serta kesejahteraan masyarakat. Sektor keselamatan pula diperuntukkan sebanyak 4.9 bilion ringgit. Selebihnya, diagihkan kepada sektor pentadbiran am iaitu sebanyak 1.7 bilion ringgit dan simpanan luar jangka sebanyak 2 bilion ringgit.

33. Pada tahun 2015, kutipan hasil Kerajaan Persekutuan diunjurkan sebanyak 235.2 bilion ringgit, yakni peningkatan sebanyak 10.2 bilion ringgit berbanding 2014.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

34. Khususnya pada tahun 2015, dengan perlaksanaan GST, hasil kutipan dianggarkan berjumlah sebanyak 23.2 bilion ringgit. Walau bagaimanapun, sebagai Kerajaan yang prihatin, kita telah mengecualikan sebilangan barangan yang keseluruhannya dianggarkan 3.8 bilion ringgit.

35. Harus diketahui, bahawa dengan perlaksanaan GST ini, maka Cukai Jualan dan Perkhidmatan atau SST, dimansuhkan yang menyebabkan kehilangan hasil Kerajaan sebanyak 13.8 bilion ringgit. Ertinya, bila ditolak 13.8 bilion ringgit dan 3.8 bilion ringgit daripada kutipan 23.2 bilion ringgit itu, baki yang ada, berjumlah 5.6 bilion ringgit.

36. Daripada jumlah tersebut, sebanyak 4.9 bilion ringgit disalurkan kembali untuk keperluan rakyat melalui pakej-pakej bantuan, contohnya tambahan BR1M. Akhirnya, hasil bersih kutipan GST hanyalah berbaki 690 juta ringgit.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,


37. Bajet 2015 ini digubal berfokus kepada Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat dengan menggariskan tujuh strategi utama, iaitu:

Strategi Pertama: Memperkukuh Pertumbuhan Ekonomi;
Strategi Kedua: Memantap Tadbir Urus Fiskal;
Strategi Ketiga: Mengupaya Modal Insan dan Keusahawanan;
Strategi Keempat: Memperkasa Agenda Bumiputera;
Strategi Kelima: Memartabat Peranan Wanita;
Strategi Keenam: Membangun Program Transformasi Belia Negara; dan
Strategi Ketujuh: Mensejahtera Rakyat

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

38. STRATEGI YANG PERTAMA, MEMPERKUKUH PERTUMBUHAN EKONOMI. Dalam hal ini, Kerajaan akan terus menyediakan ekosistem yang kondusif dan komprehensif bagi melonjak pelaburan domestik dan asing.

39. Menerusi strategi ini, Tindakan Pertamanya: Merancakkan Sektor Perkhidmatan. Untuk makluman, pada 2013, sektor perkhidmatan menyumbang 55.2 peratus kepada KDNK. Bagi mencapai sasaran 60 peratus menjelang tahun 2020, Kerajaan akan merancakkan sektor perkhidmatan dengan melaksanakan perkara-perkara berikut:

Pertama: Melaksana Blueprint Sektor Perkhidmatan;

Kedua: Menyediakan Skim Jaminan Sektor Perkhidmatan berjumlah 5 bilion ringgit kepada semua Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana yang terlibat dalam sektor perkhidmatan dengan had maksimum pembiayaan sebanyak 5 juta ringgit bersekali 70 peratus jaminan Kerajaan. Ia dijangka memberi manfaat kepada 4,000 syarikat PKS;

Ketiga: Mewujudkan Research Incentive Scheme for Entreprise dengan peruntukan 10 juta ringgit untuk menggalakkan syarikat-syarikat menubuhkan pusat penyelidikan dalam bidang berteknologi tinggi, ICT dan industri berasaskan pengetahuan;

Keempat: Memperkenalkan semula Dana Perkhidmatan Eksport berjumlah 300 juta ringgit untuk menggalakkan PKS menjalankan kajian kemungkinan pasaran dan promosi eksport bagi menembusi pasaran baru; dan

Kelima: Mengukuhkan Skim Pembangunan Francais di bawah KPDNKK bersama Persatuan Francais Malaysia. Sebanyak 20 juta ringgit diperuntukkan untuk skim ini.

40. Tindakan ke-2: Memperkukuhkan Pasaran Kewangan Islam. Industri kewangan Islam Malaysia kini, mencakupi 25 peratus daripada industri perbankan dari segi aset. Di peringkat antarabangsa pula, Malaysia kekal sebagai pasaran sukuk terbesar di dunia, merangkumi 60 peratus daripada pasaran sukuk global.

41. Selanjutnya, Kerajaan akan memperkenalkan akaun pelaburan patuh syariah pada 2015, dikenali sebagai Investment Account Platform, atau IAP. Ia akan memberi peluang kepada pelabur dalam pembiayaan aktiviti keusahawanan dan pembangunan PKS yang berdaya maju. Pada masa yang sama, IAP akan menarik pelabur institusi dan individu termasuk High Net Worth Individuals dalam pasaran kewangan Islam. Dalam hal ini, dana permulaan sebanyak 150 juta ringgit akan disediakan.

42. Bagi menggalakkan pelaburan dalam IAP, Kerajaan mencadangkan pelabur individu diberi pengecualian cukai pendapatan ke atas keuntungan dari pelaburan yang layak selama 3 tahun berturut-turut.

43. Untuk merancakkan terbitan dan urusniaga pasaran sukuk dan bon tempatan pula, Kerajaan telah memperkenalkan produk Bon dan Sukuk Dagangan Bursa atau ETBS pada Januari 2013. Makanya, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya Sekuriti Kerajaan Malaysia dan Terbitan Pelaburan Kerajaan turut disenaraikan dan diurus niaga dalam ETBS.

44. Selain itu, perbelanjaan menerbitkan sukuk telah diberi potongan cukai mulai tahun taksiran 2003 hingga tahun taksiran 2015. Selaras dengan ini, dicadangkan potongan cukai bagi perbelanjaan menerbitkan sukuk berasaskan prinsip Ijarah dan Wakalah dilanjutkan selama 3 tahun lagi sehingga tahun taksiran 2018.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

45. Tindakan ke-3: Menggalakkan Industri Perkapalan Tempatan. Akta Perkapalan Saudagar 2011 memperuntukkan keperluan mandatori insurans atau sekuriti kewangan untuk perlindungan liabiliti pihak ketiga bagi kapal yang beroperasi di Malaysia. Buat masa ini, kebanyakan pemilik kapal muatan besar di Malaysia mempunyai perlindungan liabiliti pihak ketiga melalui Protection & Indemnity, di luar negara.

46. Justeru, bagi membantu pemilik kapal muatan kasar 300 tan ke bawah, Kerajaan akan menubuhkan Kelab P&I Malaysia, di bawah Exim Bank, pada kadar premium yang berpatutan.

47. Tindakan ke-4: Mempastikan pertumbuhan wilayah yang seimbang dan inklusif, dengan terus menggalakkan pelaburan di kawasan-kawasan yang kurang membangun. Dalam konteks ini, Kerajaan akan menambahbaik pakej insentif khas yang disediakan di bawah Koridor-koridor Ekonomi merangkumi lebih banyak kawasan yang kurang maju.

48. Tindakan ke-5: Insentif Untuk Pengurusan Kawasan Perindustrian. Kawasan-kawasan perindustrian yang mempunyai kemudahan awam atau infrastruktur yang diselenggara secara sistematik merupakan antara faktor utama yang menyokong pembangunan industri. Dalam hal ini, insentif dengan 100 peratus pengecualian cukai pendapatan bagi tempoh lima tahun akan disediakan untuk menggalakkan pihak swasta menyelenggara dan menambah baik kawasan perindustrian di kawasan kurang membangun. Manakala insentif dengan 70 peratus pengecualian cukai pendapatan bagi tempoh lima tahun akan disediakan kepada pihak swasta yang mengurus kawasan perindustrian di kawasan yang lain.

49. Tindakan ke-6: Elaun Modal Bagi Peningkatan Proses Automasi oleh Industri Berintensif Buruh. Kerajaan akan menyediakan insentif elaun modal perbelanjaan automasi untuk menggalakkan proses automasi sektor perkilangan mengikut kategori berikut:

• Kategori Pertama, iaitu untuk industri yang mempunyai kebergantungan buruh yang tinggi seperti industri produk getah, plastik, kayu, perabot dan tekstil. Insentif yang ditawarkan adalah elaun modal perbelanjaan automasi sebanyak 200 peratus ke atas 4 juta ringgit perbelanjaan pertama. Insentif ini adalah bagi tempoh 2015 hingga 2017; dan

• Kategori Kedua iaitu untuk industri-industri yang lain. Insentif yang ditawarkan adalah elaun modal perbelanjaan automasi sebanyak 200 peratus ke atas 2 juta ringgit perbelanjaan modal pertama. Insentif ini adalah bagi tempoh 2015 hingga 2020.

50. Tindakan ke-7: Dalam menggalakkan pelaburan berkualiti tinggi dan lebih tertumpu, pakej galakan lebih istimewa akan ditawarkan untuk projek-projek pelaburan yang berasaskan teknologi, inovasi dan pengetahuan, melibatkan pekerja berkelayakan tinggi dan berpengetahuan, dengan gaji yang tinggi.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

51. Tindakan ke-8: Merancak Pelaburan Awam dan Swasta. Bagi tahun 2015, beberapa projek infrastrutur akan dilaksanakan:

Pertama: Membina Lebuh Raya Sungai Besi – Ulu Klang sepanjang 59 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan berjumlah 5.3 bilion ringgit;

Kedua: Membina Lebuh Raya Pantai Barat dari Taiping ke Banting sepanjang 276 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan berjumlah 5 bilion ringgit;

Ketiga: Membina Lebuh Raya Damansara – Shah Alam sepanjang 47 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan 4.2 bilion ringgit;

Keempat: Membina Lebuh Raya Lingkaran Luar Kuala Lumpur – Hubungan Timur sepanjang 36 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan 1.6 bilion ringgit;

Kelima: Menaik taraf landasan keretapi sektor Pantai Timur melibatkan jajaran Gemas-Mentakab, Jerantut-Sungai Yu dan Gua Musang-Tumpat dengan peruntukan 150 juta ringgit;

Keenam: Pembinaan MRT Jajaran Kedua sepanjang 56 kilometer dari Selayang ke Putrajaya, melibatkan anggaran 23 bilion ringgit; dan

Ketujuh: Manakala, Projek LRT3, yang bakal menghubungkan Bandar Utama sehingga Shah Alam dan Klang, dianggarkan 9 bilion ringgit akan dilaksanakan.

52. Projek Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex dengan nilai pelaburan 69 bilion ringgit pula yang dijangka dapat mewujudkan lebih 10,000 peluang pekerjaan.

53. Di samping itu, bagi membangunkan industri pembuatan kenderaan elektrik, dana pinjaman Sustainable Mobility Fund berjumlah 70 juta ringgit disediakan bawah SME Bank. Sebagai permulaan, 50 bas elektrik akan diperkenalkan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

54. Tindakan ke-9: Menggalakkan Penubuhan Hab Prinsipal. Untuk ini, Kerajaan akan terus berusaha memperbanyakkan lagi pusat operasi global syarikat multinasional di Malaysia. Sejajar dengan itu, satu insentif Hab Prinsipal yng berbentuk customised incentives akan diperkenalkan mulai awal tahun depan.

55. Tindakan ke-10: Merancakkan Industri Kreatif. Untuk memajukan industri kreatif seperti animasi, perfileman, seni reka, dan warisan budaya, Kerajaan telah memperuntukkan sebanyak 200 juta ringgit kepada MyCreative Ventures pada tahun 2012. Lanjutan daripada ini, usaha ini diteruskan melalui Dana Industri Kandungan Digital di bawah Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia sebanyak 100 juta ringgit.

56. Tindakan ke-11: Meningkatkan Keupayaan Jalur Lebar Berkelajuan Tinggi. High Speed Broad Band, di kawasan ekonomi berimpak tinggi, akan diteruskan meliputi ibu negeri dan bandar-bandar terpilih di seluruh negara. Sebanyak 2.7 bilion ringgit akan dibelanjakan dalam tempoh tiga tahun melibatkan pembinaan seribu menara pencawang telekomunikasi baru dan pembinaan kabel dasar laut.

57. Tindakan ke-12: Merancak Industri Pelancongan. Sempena sambutan 'Malaysia – Year of Festivals 2015', Kerajaan mensasarkan kedatangan pelancong asing seramai 29.4 juta orang dengan jangkaan pendapatan sebanyak 89 bilion ringgit. Untuk tujuan ini, sebanyak 316 juta ringgit diperuntukkan bagi pelbagai program di bawah Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

58. Tindakan ke-13: Membangunkan Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana. Kini, sumbangan PKS kepada KDNK adalah sebanyak 33 peratus dan kita mensasarkan peningkatan kepada 41 peratus menjelang 2020.

59. Maka, bagi merancakkan penglibatan PKS dalam aktiviti ekonomi, Kerajaan mencadangkan pelaksanaan SME Investment Partner, di mana PKS akan diberi bantuan pembiayaan dalam bentuk pinjaman, ekuiti atau kedua-duanya, terutamanya di peringkat start-up. Dana permulaan berjumlah 375 juta ringgit akan disediakan untuk tempoh lima tahun, di mana 250 juta ringgit adalah daripada SME Bank dan 125 juta ringgit lagi daripada pelabur swasta. Di bawah SME Corp pula, 10 juta ringgit akan diperuntukkan untuk Business Accelerator Programme.

60. Sebagai meningkatkan penggunaan teknologi baru, automasi dan inovasi dalam pembangunan PKS pula, sebanyak 80 juta ringgit diperuntukkan untuk Skim Pinjaman Mudah Automasi dan Pemodenan PKS di bawah Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

61. Di sudut lain, TEKUN juga telah menyalurkan pinjaman berjumlah 3.1 bilion ringgit kepada hampir 300 ribu orang peminjam dengan had pembiayaan di antara 1,000 hingga 100 ribu ringgit. Pada tahun 2015, TEKUN akan menyediakan tambahan dana pembiayaan sebanyak 500 juta ringgit, diagihkan seperti berikut:

Pertama: 350 juta ringgit diperuntukkan kepada usahawan Bumiputera yakni hampir 33 ribu orang peminjam baru;

Kedua: 50 juta ringgit dikhususkan kepada Skim Pembiayaan Usahawan Muda India, dijangka memanfaatkan 5,000 peminjam kaum India;

Ketiga: 50 juta ringgit diperuntukkan kepada Program Pembangunan Usahawan Wanita Muda Profesional yakni pembiayaan kepada 5,000 peminjam wanita profesional; dan

Keempat: 50 juta ringgit diperuntukkan kepada Program Pembangunan Usahawan Bekas Tentera, yang menawarkan pembiayaan kepada 5,000 orang bekas tentera yang tidak berpencen.

62. Seiring itu, bagi membantu PKS kaum Cina, Kerajaan akan menyediakan pinjaman mudah sebanyak 50 juta ringgit, manakala bagi penjaja dan peniaga kecil sebanyak 30 juta ringgit.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

63. Tindakan ke-14: Pembangunan Inovasi dan Pengkomersilan. Ketika ini, nisbah R&D kepada KDNK adalah rendah jika dibanding dengan negara maju seperti Jepun dan Korea Selatan. Justeru, Kerajaan memperuntukkan 1.3 bilion ringgit kepada Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi bagi melaksanakan program berkaitan, antaranya:

Pertama: Mensasarkan 360 produk inovasi berimpak tinggi dikomersilkan dalam tempoh 5 tahun akan datang;

Kedua: Menyediakan dana penyelidikan sebanyak 290 juta ringgit bagi menjalankan pelbagai aktiviti R&D&C yang berimpak tinggi;

Ketiga: Menjenamakan semula SIRIM. Untuk itu, SME Technology Penetration, Upgrading Program dan Technology Auditing akan dilaksanakan;

Keempat: Memperkenalkan inisiatif baru iaitu Public Private Research Network yang diterajui Kementerian Pendidikan dengan kerjasama MTDC dengan peruntukan sebanyak 50 juta ringgit; dan

Kelima: Memperkukuhkan Program Technology Commercialization Platform oleh Agensi Inovasi Malaysia dengan tambahan 50 juta ringgit.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

64. STRATEGI KEDUA: MEMANTAP TADBIR URUS FISKAL. Hakikatnya, Kerajaan sentiasa berusaha bagi mengukuhkan kemampanan kedudukan kewangan Negara, untuk menjamin kesejahteraan rakyat secara menyeluruh dan mengurangkan defisit fiskal, bagi mencapai bajet berimbang.

65. Tindakan Pertama: Melaksanakan Cukai Barang dan Perkhidmatan. Semasa pengumuman GST sewaktu pembentangan Bajet 2014 lalu, Kerajaan telah mencadangkan senarai barang makanan dan perkhidmatan asas tidak dikenakan GST. Maka berdasarkan kepada maklumbalas pelbagai lapisan masyarakat, Kerajaan telah bersetuju untuk meluaskan skop barang yang tidak dikenakan GST. Antara penambahannya adalah:

(i) Semua jenis buah-buahan tempatan dan diimport;
(ii) Roti putih dan roti wholemeal;
(iii) Serbuk kopi, serbuk teh dan serbuk koko;
(iv) Mi kuning, kue tiau, laksa dan bihun;
(v) Ubat-ubatan Penting Nasional yang meliputi hampir 2,900 jenama ubat. Ubat-ubatan ini adalah bagi kegunaan rawatan untuk 30 jenis penyakit termasuk sakit jantung, kencing manis, darah tinggi, kanser dan rawatan kesuburan;
(vi) Bahan bacaan seperti buku mewarna kanak-kanak, buku latihan dan rujukan, buku teks, kamus dan kitab agama; dan
(vii) Surat khabar.

66. Selain itu, Kerajaan juga bersetuju menaikkan kadar penggunaan elektrik yang tidak dikenakan GST daripada 200 unit kepada 300 unit pertama. Ini bermakna, sebanyak 70 peratus isi rumah akan mendapat manfaat langsung.

67. Di samping itu, bagi mempastikan pelaksanaan GST tidak membebankan rakyat, Kerajaan bersetuju supaya penjualan runcit minyak petrol RON95, diesel dan LPG diberikan pelepasan GST. Melalui langkah ini, pengguna dan kumpulan sasaran yang berkenaan tidak perlu membayar GST bagi pembelian petrol RON95, diesel dan LPG.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

68. Molek saya nyatakan di sini bahawa, daripada 944 barang dan perkhidmatan yang terdapat di dalam basket of goods, Indeks Harga Pengguna, 532 barang atau 56 peratus dijangka mengalami penurunan harga sehingga 4.1 peratus. Antara produk tersebut adalah ubat-ubatan, barangan elektrik seperti peti sejuk dan mesin basuh, produk tekstil, barangan plastik seperti baldi dan pinggan mangkuk, kasut dan selipar, perabot rumah, lampin bayi, sabun, daging, telur ayam, minyak, makanan laut, beras dan sayur-sayuran.

69. Manakala sekitar 354 jenis barang dan perkhidmatan yang akan mengalami kenaikan harga tidak melebihi 5.8 peratus. Apa yang penting, Kerajaan berharap para peniaga bersifat bertanggungjawab dengan tidak meningkatkan harga sehingga membebankan rakyat. Untuk memudahkan rakyat, Kerajaan akan mengeluarkan shoppers' guide bagi membolehkan mereka membuat perbandingan harga sebelum dan selepas GST.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

70. Perlu difahami baik-baik juga, sebenarnya, kesan langsung daripada perlaksanaan GST, membolehkan Kerajaan mengurangkan beban cukai kepada rakyat seperti berikut:

Pertama: Kepada individu dan isi rumah bagi tahun taksiran 2015

(i) Kadar cukai pendapatan individu akan dikurangkan satu hingga tiga mata peratusan. Melalui langkah ini, seramai 300 ribu orang yang kini membayar cukai pendapatan tidak lagi perlu membayar.

(ii) Manakala, golongan berkeluarga yang berpendapatan empat ribu ringgit sebulan tidak lagi mempunyai tanggungan cukai.

(iii) Cukai pendapatan individu juga akan distruktur semula di mana pendapatan bercukai pada kadar maksimum dinaikkan daripada melebihi 100 ribu ringgit kepada melebihi 400 ribu ringgit. Kadar cukai maksimum yang kini 26 peratus pula, dikurangkan kepada 24 peratus, 24.5 peratus dan 25 peratus. Justeru, pembayar cukai akan menikmati penjimatan bayaran cukai sekurang-kurangnya sebanyak 5.3 peratus.

Kedua: Bagi tahun taksiran 2015, kadar cukai pendapatan koperasi juga dikurangkan satu hingga dua mata peratusan. Selain itu, yuran kesetiausahaan dan pemfailan cukai juga dibenarkan potongan cukai;

Ketiga: Bagi tahun taksiran 2016, kadar cukai pendapatan syarikat dikurangkan satu mata peratusan daripada 25 peratus kepada 24 peratus; dan

Keempat: Bagi tahun taksiran 2016, kadar cukai pendapatan syarikat kecil dan sederhana dikurangkan satu mata peratusan daripada 20 peratus kepada 19 peratus.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

71. Pada satu perspektif, pengalaman antarabangsa membuktikan, tahap kesediaan peniaga adalah salah satu faktor kejayaan pelaksanaan GST. Bagi membantu para peniaga, insentif dan bantuan berikut akan dilaksanakan:

Pertama: Pemberian Geran latihan sebanyak 100 juta ringgit kepada peniaga untuk menghantar kakitangan menjalani latihan tentang GST;

Kedua: Bantuan kewangan berjumlah 150 juta ringgit kepada PKS bagi pembelian perisian perakaunan;

Ketiga: Kos pembelian peralatan dan perisian ICT diberi Elaun Modal Dipercepatkan; dan

Keempat: Perbelanjaan latihan perakaunan dan ICT berkaitan GST diberi potongan cukai tambahan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

72. Tindakan ke-2: Merasionalisasi Subsidi. Kerajaan telah memperuntukkan 588 juta ringgit bagi pelbagai subsidi pada tahun 1994. Jumlah ini telah meningkat kepada 40.5 bilion ringgit pada tahun 2014.

73. Bagi menambah baik kedudukan kewangan awam, Kerajaan komited untuk melaksanakan langkah rasionalisasi subsidi, terutamanya subsidi petroleum. Langkah ini bertujuan mempastikan pemberian subsidi lebih bersasar serta mengurangkan ketirisan dan penyeludupan. Kerajaan akan mempastikan langkah rasionalisasi subsidi dilaksanakan secara berperingkat bagi mempastikan ianya tidak membebankan rakyat.

74. Kini, lebih 21 bilion ringgit setahun diperuntukkan untuk membiayai subsidi petrol RON95, diesel dan gas memasak LPG. Kesannya, peruntukan subsidi telah meningkat lebih 14 kali ganda daripada 1.65 bilion ringgit tahun 2002 kepada 23.5 bilion ringgit tahun 2013, semata-mata untuk mengekalkan harga runcit petrol yang rendah. Ini disebabkan peningkatan jumlah kenderaan daripada 13.6 juta unit pada 2008 kepada 23.7 juta unit pada 2013.

75. Oleh yang demikian, bagi mempastikan pemberian subsidi yang lebih bersasar dan mengambil kira kesedaran dan kesediaan rakyat terhadap langkah rasionalisasi subsidi, Kerajaan akan membangunkan satu mekanisme baru pemberian subsidi petroleum yang akan saya umumkan dalam masa terdekat.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

76. Tindakan ke-3: Menyebar Luas Strategi Lautan Biru Kebangsaan. National Blue Ocean Strategy, telah menunjukkan keberkesanan pelaksanaan projek dan program Kerajaan. Untuk itu sebanyak 356 juta ringgit akan disediakan bagi tahun 2015, iaitu:

Pertama: Membuka 4 buah lagi UTC di Terengganu, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan dan Perlis serta 1 mini UTC di Kedah; dan

Kedua: Mempergiatkan latihan peningkatan kemahiran atau upskilling kepada 5,000 pelatih melalui program 1Malaysia Skills and Employability Scheme bagi sektor awam dan 1Malaysia Training Centre bagi sektor swasta.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

77. STRATEGI YANG KETIGA, MENGUPAYA MODAL INSAN DAN KEUSAHAWANAN. Kontemporari ini, antara faktor yang menentukan kejayaan bagi sesebuah negara banyak bergantung kepada sumber manusianya. Kekayaan kini tidak lagi berasaskan kepada sumber 'bahan mentah' seperti petroleum, kelapa sawit atau sumber galian, semata-mata, tetapi juga merangkumi idea, kreativiti dan inovasi serta kemahiran insaniah, termasuklah ciptaan-ciptaan produk terkini, yang berupaya menjana ekonomi dan melahirkan usahawan-usahawan baharu.

78. Bagi maksud strategi ini dan falsafah modal insan, selaras dengan Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat, adalah menjadi hasrat Kerajaan agar komponen gaji dalam KDNK ditingkatkan daripada takuk 34 peratus pada masa ini kepada 40 peratus daripada KDNK menjelang 2020.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

79. Bagi strategi ketiga ini, Tindakan Pertama: Memantapkan Profesionalisme Perguruan dan Prestasi Sekolah. Sektor pendidikan negara akan terus diperkukuh selaras dengan Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia 2013-2025. Bagi tujuan ini, 56 bilion ringgit diperuntukkan kepada Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia untuk membiayai pelbagai program pengajaran dan pembelajaran. Ini termasuk penekanan akan diberikan kepada pemantapan sekolah-sekolah yang memerlukan bimbingan serta bantuan khusus. Justeru, peruntukan sebanyak 250 juta ringgit disediakan untuk menjayakan program Pembimbing Pakar Peningkatan Sekolah dan program Rakan Peningkatan Sekolah.

80. Tindakan Ke-2: Mengupaya Program Sekolah Amanah dan Pembinaan Sekolah Baru. Kerajaan juga akan memperluaskan program Sekolah Amanah yang telah dimulakan pada tahun 2011. Setakat ini, 30 buah Sekolah Amanah telah diwujudkan yang memanfaatkan lebih 20 ribu pelajar dan 1,500 guru. Di bawah program ini, Pengetua diberi kuasa autonomi dan akauntabiliti yang tinggi dalam menguruskan pentadbiran serta proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran di sekolah. Justeru, pada tahun hadapan, Kerajaan bercadang untuk memperluaskan program ini ke 20 buah sekolah lagi di negeri Johor, Sarawak, Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan dan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur dengan peruntukan 10 juta ringgit.

81. Di samping itu, Kerajaan juga akan membina 12 buah sekolah baru, iaitu 7 buah Sekolah Rendah, 3 buah Sekolah Menengah dan 2 buah Sekolah Berasrama Penuh di seluruh negara.

82. Tindakan Ke-3: Mengarus Perdana Pendidikan Teknikal dan Vokasional. Menjelang tahun 2020, sekurang-kurangnya 46 peratus pekerjaan memerlukan kelayakan teknikal dan vokasional. Untuk itu, Kerajaan akan meningkatkan pengambilan pelajar di kolej vokasional dan kolej komuniti melalui program Transformasi Vokasional dan Teknik serta menaik taraf kolej. Bagi tujuan tersebut, Kerajaan memperuntukkan 1.2 bilion ringgit.

83. Bersabit hal ini juga, buat masa ini bagi permohonan untuk mengambil jurusan di bawah Program Latihan Teknikal dan Vokasional atau TEVT, yang diterima oleh Kementerian Pendidikan jauh melebihi kemampuan tempat yang boleh disediakan, yakni lebih kurang 20 ribu. Jadinya, sebagai langkah untuk membuka lebih peluang bagi bidang ini, Kerajaan bersetuju meluluskan 100 juta ringgit dengan serta merta kepada Kementerian Pendidikan untuk menempatkan 10 ribu pelajar di kolej-kolej teknikal dan vokasional swasta. Di samping itu, 50 juta ringgit juga turut diperuntukkan kepada MARA bagi perlaksanaan Program TEVT.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

84. Sebagai dorongan kepada syarikat swasta pula, Kerajaan mencadangkan galakan cukai sedia ada ditambahbaik seperti berikut:

Pertama: Potongan dua kali bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan diperluaskan kepada biasiswa untuk pelajar di peringkat pengajian pensijilan vokasional dan teknik;

Kedua: Potongan dua kali bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan ke atas perbelanjaan syarikat dalam melaksanakan program internship berstruktur di peringkat diploma dan vokasional; dan

Ketiga: Potongan tambahan bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan diberi ke atas perbelanjaan latihan yang ditanggung oleh majikan bagi pekerja untuk mendapatkan sijil dan kelayakan profesional yang diiktiraf.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

85. Tindakan Ke-4: Membangunkan dan Menyelenggara Fasiliti Pendidikan. Dalam aspek keselamatan dan persekitaran pembelajaran pula, Kerajaan akan menyediakan 800 juta ringgit untuk tujuan ini dengan pecahan seperti berikut:
• Sekolah Kebangsaan 450 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Mubaligh 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Berasrama Penuh 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan 50 juta ringgit;
• MRSM 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Pondok yang berdaftar 25 juta ringgit; dan
• Sekolah Persendirian Cina atau Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Cina atau conforming school yang mengguna pakai kurikulum Kebangsaan diperuntukkan sebanyak 25 juta ringgit

86. Kerajaan juga sukacita mengumumkan supaya pembayaran kos bil elektrik dan air kepada semua Sekolah-sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan di bawah Kementerian Pendidikan, dapat dibayar sepenuhnya dengan siling sebanyak 5,000 ringgit sebulan. Ini berbeza dengan kuota 2,000 ringgit setiap sekolah sebelum ini.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

87. Tindakan Ke-5: Menaja Pelajaran. Untuk Tahun 2015, Kerajaan akan memperuntukkan sebanyak 3 bilion ringgit, di mana 1.9 bilion ringgit melalui tajaan JPA, sebanyak 759 juta ringgit kepada Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia dan 258 juta ringgit kepada Kementerian Kesihatan.

88. Tindakan Ke-6: Memperluas Program MyBrain15. Kerajaan telah memperkenalkan program MyBrain15 untuk menghasilkan 60 ribu pemegang PhD menjelang tahun 2023. Setakat ini, seramai 34,525 pelajar sedang mengikuti pengajian di peringkat Sarjana dan Doktor Falsafah melibatkan perbelanjaan lebih 386 juta ringgit. Untuk tahun 2015, sebanyak 112 juta ringgit lagi akan diperuntukkan. MyBrain15 yang kini terbuka kepada sektor swasta, dicadangkan diperluas kepada penjawat awam dan kakitangan badan berkanun yang ingin melanjutkan pengajian secara separuh masa di institusi pengajian tinggi tempatan.

89. Tindakan Ke-7: Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional. Sejak penubuhan Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional atau PTPTN pada 1997 sehingga kini, seramai 2.1 juta rakyat Malaysia telah mengambil pinjaman berjumlah 47.8 bilion ringgit. Namun demikian, setakat 31 Ogos 2014, hanya 5.36 bilion ringgit atau 46 peratus daripada 11.76 bilion ringgit telah dikutip.

90. Lebih menyedihkan, terdapat seramai 174 ribu peminjam, yang langsung tidak pernah membayar balik setakat 2010. Oleh itu, Kerajaan akan mengambil langkah baru yang setimpal dan sewajarnya kepada para peminjam ini.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

91. Hatta dalam Islam pun, melalui mafhum beberapa hadis sahih antaranya riwayat Muslim menyatakan bahawa, roh seorang mukmin itu tergantung-gantung dengan sebab berhutang, waima dosa orang mati syahid pun diampuni, melainkan hutangnya.

92. Berkait ini, harap ramai dapat mengambil iktibar. Jadinya, dalam usaha menggalakkan peminjam membuat bayaran balik, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya 10 peratus rebat diberikan sekiranya peminjam membuat bayaran balik pinjaman secara berterusan selama 12 bulan sehingga 31 Disember 2015. Sebagai tambahan, tawaran diskaun 20 peratus diberikan kepada peminjam yang membuat penyelesaian secara sekaligus atau lump sum mulai hari ini sehingga 31 Mac 2015.

93. Sejak tahun 2005, golongan berpendapatan tidak melebihi 2,000 ringgit sebulan, yang menyimpan di dalam SSPN-i, telah menikmati pemberian geran sepadan. Justeru, bagi menggalakkan lebih ramai ibu bapa menjadi pendeposit untuk menikmati geran sepadan ini, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya had pendapatan isi rumah pencarum dinaikkan kepada tidak melebihi 4,000 ringgit sebulan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

94. Tindakan Ke-8: Meningkat Kebolehpasaran Graduan. Sehingga kini, dianggarkan seramai 53 ribu graduan masih belum lagi mendapatkan pekerjaan setelah 6 bulan tamat pengajian. Untuk meningkatkan kebolehpasaran graduan, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya kurikulum dan program latihan kemahiran di institusi latihan kemahiran awam serta institusi pengajian tinggi dikaji semula. Untuk tujuan ini, Talent Corp akan menyediakan 30 juta ringgit bagi program Industry Academia Collaboration di mana, universiti, entiti Kerajaan dan industri bekerjasama membangunkan kurikulum program internship serta latihan industri.

95. Selain itu, keyakinan diri dan kemahiran graduan berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Inggeris akan dipertingkatkan. Pada masa ini, syarat kemasukan am ke IPTA mengkehendaki pelajar mencapai tahap minimum di Band 1 dalam Malaysian University English Test atau MUET. Mulai tahun hadapan:

(i) bagi kemasukan ke IPTA tahap minimum Band MUET ditingkatkan mengikut bidang pengajian seperti contoh berikut:
a) Pengajian Sastera dan Sains Sosial – Band 2
b) Pengajian Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan dan Matematik atau STEM – Band 3
c) Pengajian Undang-undang & Perubatan – Band 4

(ii) sebagai syarat bergraduan pula, pelajar wajib mencapai:
a) Pengajian Sastera dan Sains Sosial – Band 3
b) Pengajian STEM – Band 4
c) Pengajian Undang-undang & Perubatan – Band 5

Saya juga ingin menyarankan IPTS melaksanakan langkah yang sama.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

96. Tindakan Ke-9: Mensejahterakan Golongan Pekerja. Pada suku kedua 2014, jumlah pekerjaan adalah sebanyak 13.5 juta iaitu peningkatan lebih 1.6 juta pekerjaan berbanding tahun 2010. Bagi mempastikan kebajikan pekerja terus terbela:

(i) Akta Kerja 1955 dan akta perburuhan yang berkaitan akan dikaji semula yang termasuk terma dan syarat pekerjaan, pelantikan dan pemberhentian, waktu bekerja yang fleksibel serta faedah penamatan kerja;

(ii) Portal JobsMalaysia akan ditambahbaik bagi memenuhi keperluan pasaran tenaga kerja yang semakin dinamik;

(iii) Kerajaan akan memperkenalkan Sistem Insurans Pekerjaan bertujuan membantu golongan pekerja yang diberhentikan melalui pemberian bantuan saraan sementara serta peluang latihan semula atau reskilling and upskilling; dan
(iv) Menyediakan latihan teknikal dan bantuan pendidikan kepada golongan belia India terutama dari keluarga kurang berkemampuan dengan peruntukan 30 juta ringgit.

97. Pada tahun 2011, Skim Latihan 1Malaysia atau SL1M telah berjaya mendapatkan pekerjaan kepada lebih 45 ribu graduan dari kalangan isi rumah berpendapatan rendah dan luar bandar. Kerajaan telah menyokong usaha CSR oleh majikan dalam perlaksanaannya melalui galakan potongan dua kali kepada syarikat bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan sehingga 31 Disember 2016. Saya mencadangkan galakan cukai ini dilanjutkan sehingga 31 Disember 2020.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

98. Tindakan Ke-10 : Bagi memperhebatkan program upskilling dan reskilling, Kerajaan akan memperkenalkan satu program baru, iaitu Globally Recognised Industry and Professional Certification atau 1MalaysiaGRIP dengan peruntukan sebanyak 300 juta ringgit secara matching grant antara Kerajaan dan Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad bagi melatih seramai 30 ribu pekerja.

99. Tindakan Ke-11 : Kerajaan akan meningkatkan program latihan kemahiran di institusi latihan kemahiran Jabatan Tenaga Kerja atau JTK. Program latihan ini akan melibatkan pelajar lepasan Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia, graduan universiti atau kolej serta pekerja industri terutama pekerja separuh mahir. Bagi mengoptimumkan 32 institusi latihan JTK, Kerajaan akan mengoptimumkan kapasiti latihan double shift bagi program sepenuh masa melibatkan 176 kursus yang mempunyai permintaan tinggi dalam pasaran pekerjaan. Pengambilan pelajar sebanyak 2 kali setahun dianggarkan melibatkan 48 ribu dalam tempoh 5 tahun pelaksanaannya dengan peruntukan 570 juta ringgit.

100. Tindakan Ke-12: Kerajaan berhasrat untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai lokasi tumpuan bagi Syarikat Permulaan atau Start-up di rantau ini. Salah satu usaha adalah penubuhan MaGIC bagi mewujudkan ekosistem yang lebih kondusif untuk memudahcara syarikat Start-up memulakan perniagaan. Justeru, bagi menarik lebih ramai usahawan ekspatriat syarikat Start-up beroperasi di Malaysia, dicadangkan kriteria khas Modal Berbayar syarikat Start-up ditetapkan sebanyak 75 ribu ringgit. Usahawan ekspatriat Start-up yang layak akan diberi Startup Work Pass untuk tempoh satu tahun.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

101. STRATEGI KEEMPAT: MEMPERKASA AGENDA BUMIPUTERA. Sejak Merdeka, semua perancangan serta dasar ekonomi Melayu dan Bumiputera oleh pihak Kerajaan telah digubal berasaskan perhitungan komposisi masyarakat majmuk tersebut. Secara prinsipnya, perkara dan amalan ini telah diterima pakai sebagai satu kontrak sosial sejak sekian lama oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia, dilindungi, dan dimaktubkan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

102. Makanya, Melayu dan Bumiputera sebagai teras kepada agenda nasional tidak boleh dinafikan oleh sesiapa. Sesungguhnya, sebarang prakarsa bersifat nasional yang tidak mengambilkira atau mengabaikan agenda Melayu serta Bumiputera sama ada Islam mahupun bukan Islam, adalah tidak adil dan tidak saksama.

103. Hatta, sejarah telah membuktikan sejak puluhan tahun dilaksanakan, bukan sahaja orang Melayu dan Bumiputera, bahkan semua rakyat Malaysia berkongsi nikmat, meraih manfaat bersama, hasil daripada pembangunan ekonomi negara. Jelasnya, ini telah kita lakukan bukanlah dengan mengambil, atau menidakkan hak sesiapa, tetapi sebenarnya melalui penciptaan kekayaan baru dan penjanaan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang mampan. Apatah lagi menjelang 2020, jumlah Melayu dan Bumiputera, Islam dan Bukan Islam, akan mencapai lebih 70 peratus.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

104. Untuk strategi ini, Tindakan Pertama: Meningkatkan Pemilikan Ekuiti Bumiputera. Dalam konteks pemilikan ekuiti syarikat korporat, masyarakat Bumiputera masih belum mencapai sasaran 30 peratus. Sementara itu, effective control ke atas syarikat korporat terkini, hanyalah pada sekitar 10 peratus. Lantaran itu, Kerajaan menerusi EKUINAS akan diperuntukkan 600 juta ringgit bagi meningkatkan pemilikan ekuiti Bumiputera dalam syarikat-syarikat swasta mahupun GLC. Sehingga kini, EKUINAS telah melaksanakan pelaburan kumulatif bernilai 2.3 bilion ringgit dalam pelbagai sektor.

105. Tindakan Ke-2: Memantapkan Keusahawanan Bumiputera. Bagi melahirkan usahawan-usahawan Bumiputera, beberapa inisiatif telah dirancang:

Pertama: Memperkukuh peranan Institut Keusahawanan Negara atau INSKEN sebagai Pusat Kecemerlangan Keusahawanan Bumiputera;

Kedua: Merancakkan lagi program Skim Usahawan Permulaan Bumiputera atau SUPERB dengan peruntukan tambahan sebanyak 30 juta ringgit. Program ini juga akan diperluaskan penyertaannya kepada usahawan di Sabah dan Sarawak;

Ketiga: Memperkenalkan program pre-eksport untuk syarikat Bumiputera Berprestasi Tinggi atau TERAS bagi meningkatkan penjenamaan, pensijilan antarabangsa, dan market survey keluaran Bumiputera. Program ini mensasarkan 60 syarikat TERAS yang dapat meningkatkan kapasiti dan menembusi pasaran antarabangsa; dan

Keempat: Memperluaskan program carve-out and compete secara meritokrasi meliputi projek Kerajaan dan penswastaan, termasuk projek MRT jajaran kedua dan Lebuhraya Pan Borneo.

106. Tindakan Ke-3: Bagi PKS Bumiputera pula, antara inisiatif-iniatif khusus yang akan dilaksanakan melalui Bajet 2015 adalah seperti berikut:

Pertama Lembaga Tabung Haji akan memperuntukkan 200 juta ringgit bagi penubuhan Akaun Pelaburan Terhad patuh syariah di Bank Islam. Tujuan akaun ini adalah bagi menyedia kemudahan pembiayaan dan kredit yang bernilai antara 50 ribu hingga 1 juta ringgit mulai Januari 2015; dan

Kedua: Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia atau AIM akan menggunakan sumber dalaman berjumlah 1.8 bilion ringgit untuk menyediakan pembiayaan yang dapat memanfaatkan 346 ribu sahabat AIM.

107. Tindakan Ke-4: Membangunkan Modal Insan Bumiputera. Sebagai sebuah institusi unggul Bumiputera, MARA perlu terus diperteguhkan. Pastinya, antara aspek yang terpenting ialah Pembangunan Modal Insan. Ia merupakan salah satu pelengkap bagi Memperkasa Agenda Bumiputera. Dalam hal ini Kerajaan telah menyediakan inisiatif-inisiatif berikut:

Pertama: 2 bilion ringgit diperuntukkan menerusi MARA kepada pelajar Bumiputera yang layak untuk tajaan pelajaran;

Kedua: 72 juta ringgit akan digunakan oleh Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera dalam pelaksanaan 3 program dalam bentuk biasiswa, latihan dan bantuan kewangan yang keseluruhannya melibatkan 5 ribu orang; dan

Ketiga: Menubuhkan Pusat Perakaunan Profesional di Universiti Teknologi Mara dengan kerjasama Institut Akauntan Malaysia.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

108. Sememangnya, Kerajaan sentiasa mengambil berat dan amat prihatin dalam membangun dan membela nasib rakyat di Sabah dan Sarawak dalam agenda pembangunan negara.

109. Sehubungan itu, sebagaimana Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan telah mentransformasikan pembangunan dari Perlis ke Johor, Kerajaan akan mula membina Lebuh Raya Pan Borneo sepanjang 1,663 kilometer melibatkan jajaran Sarawak sepanjang 936 kilometer dan jajaran Sabah sepanjang 727 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan sebanyak 27 bilion ringgit.

110. Menerusi NBOS pula, satu lagi mini UTC dan RTC masing-masing di Sabah dan Sarawak akan dibuka bagi memudahkan urusan masyarakat di pedalaman dan bandar.

111. Membina Klinik Kesihatan di Tenom, Sabah dan di Lubok Antu, Sarawak, serta menaik taraf kemudahan di Hospital Tawau. Kerajaan akan turut menyediakan perkhidmatan perubatan nuklear dan radioterapi bagi merawat pesakit kanser di Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-Kanak di Likas Sabah.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

112. Negeri Sabah merupakan negeri yang mempunyai pesisiran pantai yang panjang dan luas. Justeru, bagi memperkukuhkan keselamatan di kawasan Zon Keselamatan Pantai Timur Sabah atau ESSZONE, Kawasan Keselamatan Khas Pantai Timur Sabah atau ESSCOM diperuntukkan 660 juta ringgit.

113. Dua batalion melibatkan satu batalion PGA PDRM dan satu batalion Tentera Darat dengan jumlah anggota baru seramai 1,280 anggota telah diluluskan. Dua buah kem juga akan dibina di ESSZONE iaitu Kem Batalion 20 PGA di Beluran dan Kem ATM di Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu, Sabah.

114. Di samping itu, kelengkapan operasi pertahanan dan keselamatan akan ditambah baik. Antaranya perolehan sistem radar pengawasan yang berkeupayaan tinggi. Kerajaan juga akan menggunakan satu pelantar minyak yang diubahsuai dan sebuah kapal auxillary sebagai Sea Basing di perairan ESSZONE dengan peruntukan sebanyak 230 juta ringgit melalui program CSR Petronas.

115. Sebagai tambahan, untuk membolehkan pesawat berkeupayaan tinggi mendarat, Kerajaan akan memanjangkan landasan lapangan terbang di Lahad Datu dan perpindahan Skuadron Hawk dari Butterworth ke Labuan, dengan peruntukan sebanyak 50 juta ringgit.

116. Kerajaan juga akan menempatkan semula perkampungan-perkampungan air seperti di Semporna dan Sandakan secara berperingkat. Kerajaan berharap dengan inisiatif ini, keselamatan rakyat Malaysia di Sabah akan terus terjamin dan aktiviti ekonomi akan terus rancak.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

117. Sebagai Memperkukuh Rantaian Bekalan Makanan di Sabah dan Sarawak, julung-julung kalinya subsidi padi bukit diperkenalkan dengan peruntukan sebanyak 70 juta ringgit. Bantuan ini akan memberi manfaat kepada kawasan penanaman seluas 76,000 hektar.

118. Hakikatnya, Kerajaan amat mementingkan kesejahteraan rakyat, terutama yang melibatkan aspek kos sara hidup seharian mereka. Justeru, Kerajaan akan berusaha untuk terus menyeimbangkan harga barang keperluan antara Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak melalui langkah-langkah berikut:

Pertama: 262 juta ringgit bagi membiayai kos pengangkutan dan penguatkuasaan kawalan harga barangan keperluan harian terutamanya di Sabah dan Sarawak; dan

Kedua: Tambahan 2 buah KR1M di Sabah menjadikan jumlah 16 buah dan 3 buah lagi di Sarawak menjadikan 19 buah.

Sesungguhnya, agenda pembelaan nasib rakyat di Sabah dan Sarawak, Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban, akan tatap kita perjuangkan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

119. STRATEGI KELIMA: MEMARTABAT PERANAN WANITA. Sesungguhnya wanita sangat istimewa. Keunikan mereka bukan sekadar penyeri kepada sesebuah keluarga, malahan menjadi penyuluh dalam mengatasi banyak permasalahan kehidupan. Bahkan wanita itulah tulang belakang pembangunan negara. Sesuai dengan itu, Kerajaan sentiasa mengambil berat dalam mempastikan mereka terus berperanan dalam mewarnai negara dan generasi mendatang.

120. Pada masa ini, pekerja wanita hanya mewakili 38 peratus daripada keseluruhan tenaga kerja di negara ini. Bagi meningkatkan sumbangan wanita dalam pembangunan negara, Kerajaan akan menumpukan kepada usaha mempergiatkan penglibatan wanita dalam pasaran kerja dan aktiviti keusahawanan. Atas tujuan ini, Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, diperuntukkan sejumlah 2.26 bilion ringgit bagi pembangunan dan operasi. Antaranya program-programnya termasuklah:

Pertama: Memperkukuh Program Pengarah Wanita bagi mencapai 30 peratus penglibatan wanita dalam kumpulan pembuat keputusan. Kerajaan merancang untuk melatih 125 orang bakal pengarah wanita untuk mengisi jawatan sebagai ahli lembaga pengarah syarikat berkaitan Kerajaan dan swasta. Saya menyeru syarikat milik Kerajaan dan swasta memberi peluang kepada lebih ramai wanita profesional menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah;

Kedua: Menambah baik peluang wanita untuk kembali ke pasaran kerja melalui program 1Malaysia Support for Housewife yang menitikberatkan latihan kemahiran dan galakan suri rumah; dan

Ketiga: Talent Corp akan mewujudkan Program Women Career Comeback untuk wanita profesional kembali ke pasaran pekerjaan berdasarkan kelayakan professional.

121. Kerajaan juga sentiasa peka terhadap kesejahteraan golongan wanita terutamanya dari aspek keselamatan. Sehubungan itu, Kerajaan akan membeli premis Rumah Perlindungan Khas Wanita mengikut zon wilayah timur, utara dan tengah. Selain itu, bagi memberi peluang kepada ibu tunggal yang berminat dalam keusahawanan, Kerajaan akan meneruskan Program Kemahiran Inkubator Ibu Tunggal atau I-KIT, Program Inkubator Keusahawanan Wanita dan Program Teras Pembangunan Wanita.

122. Seterusnya, susulan daripada pembiayaan keseluruhan yang disediakan di bawah AIM, usahawan wanita India akan diberi peruntukan khusus sebanyak 30 juta ringgit.

123. Selain itu, bagi Penjawat Awam, Kerajaan bersetuju menambah baik kemudahan Cuti Menjaga Anak dengan meminda syarat pemberian supaya tidak terikat dengan tempoh Cuti Bersalin berkuat kuasa 1 Januari 2015. Kemudahan ini terhad untuk tempoh satu tahun dan diperluaskan kepada pegawai wanita yang mempunyai anak tiri tanggungan, anak angkat yang diambil mengikut undang-undang, anak pelihara dan anak kurang upaya.

124. Selaras dengan hasrat Kerajaan untuk menggalakkan penubuhan lebih banyak pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak di premis pejabat swasta, garis panduan sedia ada akan dipinda. Mulai Januari 2015, Kerajaan akan membenarkan majikan mengendalikan pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak melebihi tingkat dua, tertakluk kepada syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh pihak berkuasa. Tuntasnya, apa yang dilakukan oleh Kerajaan ini, sudah tentu mampu mengangkat martabat wanita, dalam berperanan aktif di persada negara.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

125. STRATEGI KEENAM: MEMBANGUN PROGRAM TRANSFORMASI BELIA NEGARA. Bagi saya belia bukan sekadar harapan bangsa, tidak hanya setakat aset atau rakan kongsi kepada pembangunan negara, malah nilaian belia adalah lebih daripada kesemuanya itu. Bertolak daripada itu, Kerajaan prihatin kepada kehidupan generasi muda yang bakal mewarisi kepimpinan dan memikul amanah demi kemajuan dan kemakmuran masa depan Malaysia yang kita cintai ini.

126. Bagi mencapai hasrat ini, Kerajaan akan melancarkan Pelan Transformasi Belia Negara. Bagi menjayakan pelbagai program belia, sebanyak 320 juta ringgit diperuntukan untuk tujuan berikut:

Pertama: Mengkaji semula Program Latihan Khidmat Negara atau PLKN dan satu konsep baru yang menjalinkan keperluan kemahiran dan kenegaraan akan diperkenalkan dalam sedikit masa lagi;

Kedua: Menambahbaik program Rakan Muda dan memperkenalkan program Kem Uniti;

Ketiga: Mengukuhkan aspek kepimpinan belia melalui pengenalan program Akademi Kepimpinan Belia untuk mengasah bakat kepimpinan di kalangan Belia Malaysia;

Keempat: Mempergiatkan program kesukarelawan belia melalui 1M4U dan memperkenalkan program MyCorp. Program MyCorp melibatkan belia menjalankan aktiviti sukarela kebajikan dan sosio ekonomi di peringkat antarabangsa dengan peruntukan 10 juta ringgit;

Kelima: Menggilap bakat keusahawanan di kalangan belia melalui Program MaGIC, SME Bank dan Agro Bank serta memperkenalkan Online Resource Centre dan menganjur persidangan keusahawanan sosial antarabangsa;

Keenam: Melaksanakan Program Agropreneur Muda oleh FAMA yang melibatkan 1,200 orang belia dengan sasaran pendapatan melebihi 5,000 ringgit sebulan; dan

Ketujuh: Meningkatkan keupayaan dan kemahiran belia melalui Program Transformasi IKBN dan Program Coding Bootcamp serta program Projek Angkat Dan Upaya atau PADU.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

127. Kerajaan juga berhasrat supaya satu ekosistem komprehensif yang disertai belia dapat disediakan untuk meningkatkan keupayaan dan memajukan diri dalam pekerjaan dan keusahawanan serta dapat menikmati kemudahan perumahan dan rekreasi. Untuk ini, Kerajaan akan mewujudkan 1Malaysia Youth City dengan peruntukan 100 juta ringgit bagi membiayai tiga projek perintis di Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak.

128. Bila mengupas ehwal belia juga, pemilikan rumah merupakan satu isu besar khususnya soal harga rumah dan keboleh biayaan. Menyedari permasalahan ini, sukacita saya mengumumkan Skim Perumahan Belia atau Youth Housing Scheme secara perkongsian pintar di antara Kerajaan, Bank Simpanan Nasional, Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja dan Cagamas.

129. Skim ini menawarkan pemilikan rumah pertama yang bernilai tidak melebihi 500 ribu ringgit, kepada belia berkahwin berumur 25 hingga 40 tahun serta mempunyai pendapatan isi rumah tidak melebihi 10 ribu ringgit. Tempoh pembiayaan maksimum adalah 35 tahun.

130. Di bawah skim ini, sebanyak 200 ringgit sebulan diberikan oleh Kerajaan untuk tempoh 2 tahun pertama bagi mengurangkan beban ansuran bulanan pinjaman perumahan. Pengecualian sebanyak 50 peratus duti setem ke atas surat cara pindah milik dan perjanjian pinjaman juga diberi.

131. Lebih menarik, Kerajaan turut menyediakan jaminan pinjaman sebanyak 10 peratus, bagi membolehkan peminjam mendapatkan pembiayaan penuh termasuk kos insuran. Peminjam juga boleh mengeluarkan wang daripada Akaun 2 KWSP mereka untuk menampung pembayaran ansuran bulanan dan kos lain yang berkaitan.

132. Oleh itu, saya menyeru golongan belia supaya merebut peluang ini yang ditawarkan secara "first come first served basis" untuk 20,000 unit rumah sahaja.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

133. Pada aspek lain, Kerajaan akan mengambil langkah bersepadu ke arah mentransformasikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara bersukan. Untuk ini, Kerajaan akan merealisasikan Blueprint Negara Bersukan atau Sporting Nation. Bagi mencapai hasrat ini, Kerajaan memperuntukkan 103 juta ringgit bagi melaksanakan langkah-langkah ber

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@ boyy, ok noted. @ Oni-kun, she came to taiwan when she was 10 years old. @ alafista, i'm sure u have lots of other babes to post. ('~') @ dawn, hey welcome! ^^ @ Marianto, i believe most female celebrities will wear a bikini at a point in their career. @ yumeno, but she doesn't have a kawaii voice like most japanese girls. @ Pyoro, lol. i was thinking more of the line of innocent but well it's also true to a certain extent. @ malzias, request noted. @ Divine Fang, sharing is caring. @ phossil, glad u think that way. @ tflops, really!? @ Otaku Dan, agree 100% with the nice rack. @ G2, not so recent. last year or the year before i guess.
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Oh! It's Makiyo. She's one of the prettier japanese gals in taiwan showbiz. Never expect to see her photos here. Is this her recent photos?
           The Diary of Foo Ping-sheung, 1944         
Foo, Yee-Wah (2013) The Diary of Foo Ping-sheung, 1944. Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. ISBN 978986002537
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tanogabo scrive nella categoria Foto che: Sfogliando un vecchio album, nel nostro caso formato da due pagine abbiamo le immagini dal mondo che vi propongo come sfondi per desktop (ris. 1280×768) vogliono essere delle emozioni selezionate per
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          Lowongan Kerja Kuliah Dan Bekerja Di Taiwan         
Pria dan WanitaUmur Maksimal 30 TahunPendidikan Minimal SLTABebas NarkobaLulus SeleksiMemiliki Pasport yang masih berlaku sampai Desember 2017

From Jenna Orkin

          æ¥µé€Ÿç›´ä¸Š334km/h!Hennessey操刀Ford Mustang HPE750再寫新猷|InCar癮車報        

相信InCar的忠實讀者對於美國改裝廠家Hennessey Performance Engineering都不陌生,這間可能患有馬力飢渴症的改裝廠,向來以壓榨美系車款的動力輸出為職志,過去也推出過不計其數的馬力怪獸,近日再度發表了以第六代Ford Mustang為基礎的最新改裝作品-HPE750…



如同先前的HPE700套件,此次在Hennessey改造之下性能更上層樓的Mustang HPE750在車身部分換裝了新的前後保桿、碳纖維材質引擎蓋散熱孔、前下擾流、側裙、後下分流器、尾翼等,搭配20吋HPE H10輕量化輪圈、Michelin Pilot Super Sport 2性能胎及Brembo煞車系統等,展現出相當懾人的氣勢。

而在動力系統的進化,Hennessey針對Mustang GT所搭載5.0升Coyote V8自然進氣引擎加裝進氣量2.9升機械增壓系統、輔以高流量進器系統、加大噴油嘴、換裝全段不銹鋼運動化排氣系統並重新撰寫ECU,造就出達到774hp/7000rpm的最大馬力及89.6kgm/4400rpm峰值扭力輸出,具備著0~96km/h加速3.4秒、1/4英哩衝刺10.9秒/通過速度214km/h的性能表現。

近日在專業車手Brian Smith 操駕之下,這輛Mustang HPE750在Continental輪胎位於美國德州Uvalde的測試場地中,成功達到207.9mph的極速表現、相當於344.5km/h的境界,也突破了先前HPE700的195.2mph、相當於314.1km/h的紀錄、而相當知名的脫口秀主持人、同時也是車輛收藏家的Jay Leno也見證了此次紀錄的達成,證明Mustang HPE750性能實力可說相當驚人!

[Source: Hennessey]

馬上+1 - 跟癮車報一同聊車


          Dept of Urban Legend: Knausgaard-Free Days 21 July 2014        
¶ At Pacific Standard, Casy Cep reviews her correspondence with Daniel Bloom, an American gadfly currently living in Taiwan. The object of their correspondence, as yet not absolutely resolved, was to demonstrate that the publicity story that accompanied the English translation of Min Kamp — that Karl Ove Knausgaard’s epic autobiography was so popular that all [...]
          éµæ‹³æ‹³æ“Š - 最真實的 3D MMA 綜合格鬥賽遊戲        

《鐵拳拳擊 (Iron Fist Boxin)》是款由 Realtech VR 開發的 3D 拳擊遊戲,提供六種不同的遊戲模式:故事模式、訓練模式、速度模式、出氣筒模式、目標包訓練和對打模式。

遊戲擁有高品質音效和即時 3D 效果,能學習許多超級移動和閃躲技巧,進級後能獲得新的服裝和新的攻擊技巧,《鐵拳拳擊》是款非常真實的 MMA 格鬥遊戲。

● 下載 Iron Fist Boxing

Realtech VR Iron Fist Boxing


          é‡å­å¾©ä»‡ - 駕駛機器人在太空中體驗史詩般的戰鬥        

「量子復仇 (Quantum Revenge)」是款由 Realtech VR 開發的機械動漫風格射擊類遊戲,把未來戰爭效果與動漫卡通元素相結合,遊戲擁有令人驚嘆的 3D / 2D 動畫效果。

遊戲玩家將駕駛著大型機器人對抗強敵,可以發射子彈和特殊攻擊對敵人發起進攻,要在槍林彈雨當中考驗玩家的操作技術。量子復仇支援 MFI 遊戲控制器和 iPhone 7 的 Force Touch,和支援 64 位和 Metal,讓你在太空中體驗史詩般的戰鬥。

● 下載 Quantum Revenge

 Quantum Revenge
Realtech VR
Quantum Revenge - Mecha Robot Space Shooter


          iOS 11 玩遊戲爽翻天!虛幻引擎升級支援 ARKit        

在今年中的蘋果 WWDC 全球開發者大會上,虛幻引擎 (Unreal Engine) 被用來展示蘋果 ARKit 功能,遊戲效果非常真實和震憾。今年 Epic Games 推出的新版本虛幻引擎已經完成對 iOS 11 ARkit 的初步支援,以及包含多項虛擬現實功能優化。

虛幻引擎在 2010 年 9 月開始支援 iOS 平台,並在 2011 年 9 月開始支援 macOS 平台。虛幻引擎已經完成了對 iOS 11 的初步支援,這是 Epic 與 Wingnut AR 共同開發的結果,未來在 iOS 11 能看到更多 ARKit 的創新應用。

● è˜‹æžœæ“æŠ±AR/VR:iPhone/Mac體驗虛擬實境

Unreal Engine upgrades provide iOS 11 ARKit.


          ç–‘ä¼¼ iPhone 8 官方矽膠保護殼搶先曝光        

每年都是一樣,皇帝不急急死太監,新一代 iPhone 都還沒有發布,網路上就能看到一堆所謂新 iPhone 的保護殼、保護套、保護貼等周邊產品。今天中國微博用戶就分享了幾張疑似 iPhone 8 官方矽膠保護殼照片,這次曝光的保護殼總共有 5 種顏色。

本次曝光疑似 iPhone 8 的保護殼共有五種顏色,分別是黑、橘粉、湛藍、冰海藍和花粉黃色,設計採傳聞中的直排鏡頭和右側加長的電源鍵開孔,一樣擁有柔軟的超細纖維內層可協助保護你的 iPhone。不論真假,好消息是,這款保護殼背面沒有指紋辨識開口。

● iPhone 8 智慧相機可自動偵測寵物、嬰兒等場景



美國 Apple 公司在台灣今年的返校促銷活動開始了!符合活動資格的學生或教職員可以在 Apple Store 教育商店購買 Mac 或 iPad Pro,不止能享有 Apple 教育優惠價,還可獲得 Powerbeats 3 Wireless 入耳式耳機或 BeatsX 耳機。(供應數量有限)

為大專生活添購 Mac 或 iPad Pro 加 Beats,為你省下一副 Beats 耳機的錢。購買 MacBook、MacBook Air、MacBook Pro、iMac、Mac mini 或 Mac Pro;或購買 10.5  å‹æˆ– 12.9 吋 iPad Pro 都可以獲得一副 Beats 耳機。

● å°ç£ Apple 教育商店


          32 位設備 iOS 9.3.5 不完美越獄下載 - Phoenix        

iPhone 和 iPad 來到了 iOS 11 系統,你還有 JB 越獄需求嗎?今天越獄開發者 Siguza 和 tihmstar 為 32 位的 iOS 設備發布了 iOS 9.3.5 不完美越獄工具 - Phœnix,特別感謝 Luca Todesco、Max Bazaliy 和 realkjcmember 在輸入和 UI 元素方面提供了幫助。

要特別注意只適用於 32 位 iPhone 5 以下機型,而且是 semi-tethered jailbreak 不完美越獄,設備在重新開機後需要重新越獄。使用 Phœnix 越獄需要在電腦上下載 IPA 和 Cydia Impactor,並且需要輸入你的 Apple ID 和安裝描述檔。(Phœnix 官網有詳細越獄步驟)

● 下載 phoenixpwn


          iPhone 8 的 Face ID 臉部辨識動畫搶先看        

從 HomePod 最新韌體代碼中發現了 iPhone 8 可能支援紅外線 3D 臉部辨識,和取代 Touch ID 來完成 Apple Pay 支付驗證後,開發者又在 HomePod 韌體文件中發現了一個 iPhone 8 (D22) 相關的 Face ID 操作動畫,可能用於 Pearl ID 臉部掃描時。

該動畫提示用戶將手機朝向臉部,來完成 Face ID 臉部辨識操作。新一代 iPhone 會不會用 Pearl ID 臉部識別功能取代 Touch ID 指紋辨識,最快下個月就會知道。

● iPhone 8 可能支援刷臉 Apple Pay 結帳

iPhone 8 Face ID UI animation glyph.


          æ–° Apple TV 支援 4K、Dolby / HDR 10 穩穩的        

美國 Apple 公司在 2015 年 9 月 9 日發布了運行 tvOS 系統的第四代 Apple TV 後,距今已經快兩年沒更新。這周末開發者在 HomePod 韌體代碼中發現了新 Apple TV 一些細節,像是支援 4K 高畫質影片、HDR10 高動態範圍和 Dolby Vision 兩種顯示技術。

最新第四代 Apple TV 視訊格式支援使用 H.264 High 或 Main Profile level 4.2 或以下規格編碼的檔案,最高可達 1080p、每秒 60 影格。第五代 Apple TV 應該會和 iPhone 8 前後 4K 錄影配合,和支援 HDR 10 和杜比視界(Dolby Vision) 能夠讓電視的畫面呈現更加生動,細節感更強。

除了 iTunes Store 電影已開始支援 4 K HDR 外,其他 HBO、Netflix、Amazon Instant Video 早已經開始提供 4K 內容,因此新一代 Apple TV 支援 4K 也是可以預期。


          æœ‰æ‰¹è˜‹æžœå……電器/傳輸線好便宜 需要打個電話給我        

六個月前,英國西薩塞克斯郡的貿易標準機構 (West Sussex Trading Standards) 接到民眾舉報,說自己花了 $59 英磅在 Haywards Heath 一家商店購買標榜 Apple 原廠的充電器,在家中為 MacBook 電腦進行充電時充電器出現嚴重過熱現象,感覺不對勁可能是危險的假充電器,所以向西薩塞克斯郡的貿易標準機構報告此一狀況。

經 Apple 官方鑑定後確定該充電器是假貨,會給設備帶來安全隱患。8 月 1 日貿易標準機構執法人員帶人搜查在倫敦泰晤士河畔旁的一間倉庫查獲了大批假冒的 Apple 充電器、電池、數據線、耳機和電源適配器,歷史上規模最大總價達 $130 萬英鎊。

● è˜‹æžœæé†’:別用仿冒和第三方充電器,非常危險

Fake Apple products seized in raid


          ä¸–上最遙遠的 35,000 英尺 AirDrop 高空傳輸        

Apple 用戶間能使用 AirDrop 功能,在 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 或 Mac 間無線傳送照片、影片、網站、位置等內容。那 Airdrop 無傳傳輸最遠的距離是多遠呢?一位波音 747-8 飛機機長,他在 iPhone 上用 AirDrop 將兩張照片發送給另一架正在 35,000 英尺高空的飛機機長。

Apple Insider 網站採訪了一位前海軍飛行員,該飛行員證實這樣的測試在飛行員中並不罕見。對於主打 S Beam 功能,兩支手機要碰撞接觸才能傳檔的韓國三星手機,看到這段高空 35,000 英尺的蘋果 AirDrop 無線傳檔,不曉得心裡有何感想。

● 教你如何使用 AirDrop 輕鬆傳檔


          å°ç£èƒ½ç”¨ 0% 利率 3 個月分期付款買 iPhone 8        

在台灣 Apple 官方網站購買產品,除了能使用信用卡、金融卡和銀行轉帳付款外,現在還能使用信用卡分期付款。0% 利率 3 個月分期付款,方案是由信用卡發卡銀行所提供:玉山銀行、台新銀行、花旗銀行、台北富邦商業銀行、以及中國信託商業銀行。

零利率分期付款方案僅適用於 NT$1,500 以上之購買金額。必須為臺灣居民才符合資格。零利率分期付款僅可在 Apple 直營店、透過電話購買、透過交流購買及 Apple Online Store 購物時享有。

● 下載 Apple Store App



近年整體平板電腦市場下滑,iPad 在經過幾季衰退後,美國 Apple 公司在最新公布的 2017 年 Q3 財報中提到,第 2 季度共售出 1,140 萬部 iPad,為公司帶來接近 50 億美元的營收。Apple 公司首席財務官 Luca Maestri 透露,沃爾瑪 (Wal-Mart) 購買了 1.9 萬台 iPad 用於員工培訓和行政工作。

Apple 上季度共售出 1,140 萬部 iPad,同比增長 15%,與 2017 年第 1 季度相比銷量提升了 28%。iPad 受到許多大企業和教育機構青睞,沃爾瑪購買的 1.9 萬台 iPad 計劃在年底全部到位,除了用於新員工的培訓外還會用在公司行政事務。


          Formulas - 專業照片後製 濾鏡特效和自訂邊框

由 Samer Azzam 所開發的「Formulas」照片實驗室特效和自訂邊框 App,曾在 2015 年入選 App Store 最佳應用。它能自訂數十種多層照片特效,支援 JPEG、無損壓縮 PNG 和無損壓縮 TIFF 格式,還能保存所有影像詮釋資料包括 EXIF 和 GPS 資訊。

Formulas 支援的照片特效從基本顏色和色調至道地的仿真復古膠片、紋理的點綴裝飾和繪畫藝術風格都有,由著名攝影師 Dirk Wuestenhagen 所專業製作的數十種自訂邊框,包括復古紙、舊布、風化石高畫質掃描,和許多其他材質和基材,其經過繁複後製處理進行精緻化、混合和微調,以暴露自然產生的線條、瑕疵和雜質。

● 下載 Formulas - 照片實驗室特效和自訂邊框

 Formulas - 照片實驗室特效和自訂邊框
Formulas – 照片實驗室影像後製 App
Formulas - Photo Lab Effects and Custom Frames


          ç”¨æˆ¶æ­»å®ˆå®‰å“竟是因為 iPhone 沒耳機孔        

根據 CIRP 消費者情報研究最新調查報告數據顯示,美國 Apple 公司在 4~6 月吸引了更多的 Android 用戶轉投 iPhone,這比過去 12 個月中任何時候都要更多。根據 Yahoo Finance 財經最新調查發現,在參與調查的 7,700 名用戶中,73% 的 Android 用戶不想改用 iPhone 的原因只是因為 iPhone 7 系列手機沒有 3.5mm 耳機插孔。

去年 iPhone 7 取消傳統 3.5 耳機孔引發不少爭議,不過後來越來越多 Android 手機廠商像 HTC、華為和小米都跟著 Apple 取消耳機孔,結果反而帶動了 Beats、AirPods 藍牙耳機和 USB Type-C 耳機銷售。隨著時間的流逝,證明用戶習慣是可以培養的。

iPhone 7 經過一年沒有耳機孔的陣痛期後,你還在懷念傳統 3.5 耳機嗎?


          ä½ è¦ºå¾—十週年版 iPhone 會叫什麼名字呢        

年底即將推出的十週年版 iPhone,大家除了對新設計和功能非常期待外,關於它的名字大家也非常好奇。十週年紀念版 iPhone 會照過去的命名方式取為 iPhone 7s 和 iPhone 8,或是和 Mac OS X 一樣取為「iPhone X」,還是照 iPad Pro、Mac Pro 邏輯取為「iPhone Pro」,還是像近年回歸初心一樣取為「Apple iPhone」?

今天爆料大神 @Slashleaks 在 Twitter 貼出一張據稱是 iPhone 8 的包裝盒照片,上面印著「iPhone X Edition」。不過眼尖的網友發現上面使用的還是舊款 Helvetica 字體,而不是 Apple 最新開發的 San Francisco 字體,X Edition 也是用舊款的 Helvetica UltraLight 字體,因此可信度大大降低。

你覺得十週年版 iPhone 會叫什麼名字呢?


          iPhone 8 前後鏡頭有望都可錄製 60 fps 4K 影片        

從 HomePod 韌體代碼得知新一代 iPhone 可能支援 SmartCam 功能,拍照時可以自動檢測各種場景、拍攝環境,以及與 freezeMotion 相關的拍攝場景像是臉部、寵物和兒童。今天巴西網站 iHelp BR 發現,HomePod 韌體代碼裡暗示 iPhone 8 前後鏡頭都可以錄製 60 幀/秒的 4K 格式影片。

目前 iPhone 7 錄影功能最高能錄製 4K / 30 fps 和 1080p HD / 30 fps 或 60 fps,前 FaceTime HD 攝錄鏡頭支援 1080p HD 錄影功能。如果 iPhone 8 前後鏡頭支援 60 fps 4K 錄影,不止能提高拍照錄影效果,對即將到來的 iOS 11 中 AR 應用有所幫助。

● iPhone 8 智慧相機可自動偵測寵物、嬰兒等場景


          å·¨çŸ³å¼·æ£®æœ€æ„›çš„貼身助理 - The Rock x Siri        

沒時間看 Siri 和巨石強森合拍的 3 分 46 秒微電影「The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day」的話,今天 Apple 公司將微電影切割成三段各 15 秒的影片上傳 YouTube 頻道,影片分別是  Kitchen (廚房)、Sunset Selfie (自拍) 和 Reminder (提醒)。

這三段影片分別展示一個 Siri 語音助理功能,像是自拍、設定語音提醒事項和設定計時器。巨石強森表示,「The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day」這部和 Siri 合拍的電影是歷史上最宏大、最炫酷、最瘋狂、最有趣的電影。


          iPhone 8 智慧相機可自動偵測寵物、嬰兒等場景

目前 iPhone 7 相機支援光學影像穩定功能和 Focus Pixels 自動 / 輕點對焦,具備身體與面孔偵測功能,並可拍攝 Live Photos 動態照片和高畫質 4K 影片。今天有開發者在 HomePod 韌體代碼中發現 iPhone 8 支援一種“智慧相機 (SmartCamera)”功能,可以自動檢測各種場景、拍攝環境,以及與 freezeMotion 相關的拍攝場景像是臉部、寵物和兒童。

HomePod 韌體中的代碼顯示,iPhone 的相機應用可以自動檢測各種場景、拍攝環境,以及拍照物體,比如臉部、寵物和兒童。其中提到的場景包括煙火、葉子、寵物、明亮的舞台、運動、QRCode、天空、大學和日落/日出,新的 SmartCam 功能讓 iOS 11 和 iPhone 8 相機可以檢測到場景,並設定理想的曝光值、快門速度以及其他因素幫助用戶拍攝出最好的照片。

iPhone 8 Camera Detect Scenes and Automatically Adjust.


          iPhone 8 可能支援刷臉 Apple Pay 結帳        

最近 iOS 開發者從 HomePod 最新韌體代碼中挖出不少 iPhone 8 秘密,像是紅外線 3D 臉部辨識、無線充電、螢幕分辨率和無邊框設計。今天又有兩位開發者發現 iPhone 8 可能會使用臉部識別功能來完成 Apple Pay 驗證,來取代傳統的 Touch ID 指紋辨識掃描系統。

開發者 Daniel Niyazov 和 @r_idn 在 HomePod 韌體文件中發現了一個名為 的字符串,該字符串引用其他支付驗證數據中的「pearl.field-detect」和「pearl.pre-arm」 。我們之前已經了解到「pearl」代表著 Pearl ID,這是 Apple 為臉部識別系統取的代號,Apple 似乎打算將臉部識別技術與 Apple Pay 進行整合。

● è˜‹æžœHomePod繼續洩密:iPhone 8支援無線充電


          è«‹ç«‹å³åœç”¨æ¶²é«”流沙閃粉 iPhone 手機殼        

根據 BBC 和 Fortune 等媒體報導,手機配件廠商 MixBin Electronic 日前宣佈,在全球回收一款內有液體流沙和閃粉的 iPhone 保護殼,原因是有用戶反映保護殼內液體洩漏導致臉部皮膚刺激、灼傷,甚至留下永久疤痕。

MixBin 所推出的這些閃發液體的 iPhone 手機保護殼在破裂後會有液體流出,在​​接觸到人體皮膚從而引發問題。這次召回的 26.3 萬個涉及全部 iPhone 6、iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 7 的液體流沙保護殼,在保護殼中含有液體和亮片,MixBin 公司在召回告示中提示消費者立即停止使用。

 iPhone Cases by Mixbin Recalled After Causing Burns


          åœ¨ iPhone 上能用 Skype 給家人朋友匯錢了        

美國微軟公司今天宣布,22 個國家和地區現在能在 iOS 版 Skype 上在朋友間使用 PayPal 進行匯款給其他 Skype 用戶。要使用此匯款功能,需要使用最新版本的 Skype 手機 App,這是 Skype 首次透過 PayPal 在手機上啟用匯款功能。(如果透過 PayPal 餘額或借記卡進行匯款免手續費)

Skype 手機版匯款功能首波支援國家包括:美國、英國、奧地利、比利時、加拿大、塞浦路斯、愛沙尼亞、芬蘭、法國、德國、希臘、愛爾蘭、義大利、拉脫維亞、盧森堡、馬耳他、荷蘭、葡萄牙、聖馬力諾、斯洛伐克、斯洛文尼亞和西班牙。


          è˜‹æžœ HomePod 智慧喇叭優美音效搶先聽        

今天開發者 Avery Magnotti 在 HomePod 固件中發現了一個名為「audioOS」的文件,其中包含了很多音效文件,當中 Alarm1 和 Timer1 是設定鬧鐘和計時器時可以選擇的聲音。

在下面的 YouTube 影片中能聽到各種 HomePod 的 UI 音效,除了鬧鐘和計時器外還有好幾個配對設定音效。等今年 12 月 HomePod 正式發售,就能了解這些音效各自代表什麼意義。

HomePod 固件中的 audioOS 音效:


Unreleased HomePod UI Sounds.


          FINAL FANTASY 唯一動作手遊:最終幻想 覺醒        

由日本 SQUARE ENIX 正式授權監製、艾玩天地 (Iwplay World) 所代理的《FINAL FANTASY最終幻想:覺醒》已正式上架台灣 App Store,台灣由吳心緹、蔡黃汝和陳語安代言。遊戲傳承原作世界觀和經典劇情,重回宿命輪迴的起點,邀請玩家進入奧利恩斯遊戲世界中戰鬥。

《FINAL FANTASY最終幻想:覺醒 》首部故事起源:在遙遠的往昔,世界出現了 4 個希望之光,這個世界名為奧利恩斯。遊戲重現軍神、莫古力、魔導機甲等經典角色,繼承了戰鬥中召喚軍神的攻擊設定,當玩家在戰鬥中釋放過五次大絕招後將能召喚軍神,並收錄 FINAL FANTASY XV 召喚獸。

● 下載 FINAL FANTASY最終幻想:覺醒

 è¦ºé†’開戰吧!《FINAL FANTASY最終幻想:覺醒》

SQUARE ENIX Final Fantasy : Awakening


          AirPods 還是供不應求,庫克:我們盡力生產了        

美國 Apple 公司今天公佈了 2017 第三財政季度的收入報告,iPhone 銷售成長 1.6% 至 4,103 萬支,比去年同期的 4,040 萬有所增長。雖然 Apple 的無線耳機 AirPods 已經開賣超過 8 個月,但始終一直處於供不應求的狀態,在 Apple 官方網站訂購一直在等待 6  é€±æ‰èƒ½å‡ºè²¨ï¼ŒApple 執行長庫克表示:已增產 AirPods 但還是趕不上需求。

庫克在今天舉行的財報會議上提到 AirPods 的生產難度,並且表示 Apple 一直致力於改善 AirPods 的供應,雖然已經提升了 AirPods 的產能,但還是非常難應付 AirPods 持續強勁需求的局面。

已經購買 AirPods 的朋友使用滿意嗎?

● AirPods 用撿的就好,但撿到真的能用?

Apple Increased AirPods Production Capacity.


          è˜‹æžœHomePod繼續洩密:iPhone 8支援無線充電

根據 BGR 科技網站報導,蘋果 HomePod 智慧揚聲器最新固件代碼,除了透露了 iPhone 8 將支援臉部辨識和螢幕分辨識率外,今天 Reddit 網站用戶分享 iPhone 8 將會支援感應式無線充電功能。

從 HomePod 固件代碼中除了看到 iPhone 8 支援感應性無線充電外,文件還透露出 iPhone 8 還可以支援快速充電。上個月 Barclays 分析師表示,iPhoen 8 的 10W 充電器中配備的 USB-C 電源晶片將由 Cypress Semiconductor 提供。

iPhone 8 加入了許多蘋果用戶夢寐以求的功能,令人非常期待。

● HomePod 裡挖出了 iPhone 8 臉部辨識秘密

HomePod Leak iPhone 8 Features Wireless Charging.


童話村附近景點多且近,許多人住3~5個晚上,體驗有機生活,享受休閒體驗幸福趣。住童話村可餵魚喝ㄋㄟㄋㄟ+摸蜆抓大肚魚&黑殼蝦,四季不同採果樂(春:發現桑果樂,採蠶寶寶桑椹季,6月訪獨角仙,夏:找稻幸福趣:割稻子、曬稻子、碾米體驗、與向日葵共舞,採葵瓜子、龍眼、控窯體驗,秋(輕騎採洛神):波斯菊花田、洛神花季,冬(棗到吉利,臘月詢尋梅趣):金棗、蔥蒜、臘梅)及享用豐富的有機海陸不老鍋喔~腳踏車暢遊梅花湖看水舞表演,晚上暢遊羅東夜市吃遍宜蘭特色小吃,讓您處處驚喜又驚訝,期待大家的到來,並帶著滿滿的回憶回家喔~ 童話村有機渡假農場. Fairy Story Village Qrganic Farm 預約電話:03-9613385,0932090003 地址:宜蘭縣冬山鄉廣興村梅花路300號(羅東夜市&梅花湖小熊書房旁) ADD: No.300, Meihua Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.) GPS:煩請進去冬山鄉找廣興國小,設定廣興國小較快且不會繞小路喔
          So why is China upset about Taiwan?        
Because Taiwan is, de facto, a separate country, but the mainland wants to keep up the pretence that it is entitled to do violence to it at any time if it so wishes.

It is the only a part of China that is not governed by the Communist Party of China (the People's Republic of China (PRC) because the Communists didn't manage to take over Taiwan and a handful of islands off of the mainland coast at the end of the Chinese Civil War.  The effect was that the previous government of China, the Republic of China (ROC), "temporarily relocated" its capital from Nanking to Taipei, with the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) putting Taiwan and other islands (Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu Islands and some others) under its control in a state of emergency for over forty years.

The effect was not dissimilar to that of the two Koreas, except the two Koreas are of roughly equal geographical size and at one time similar GDPs (indeed the Republic of Korea "south" was poorer than the Democratic People's Republic of Korea "north" until the late 1960s). 

So as mainland China suffered under the jackboot of Chairman Mao for nearly thirty years, and lost tens of millions to executions and starvation, and stagnated, Taiwan was under the less brutal jackboot of Chiang Kai Shek for a similar period and became a rapidly developing industrial country. Of course since Mao died, China embraced corporatist capitalism and its economy has grown much like Taiwan did since the 1950s, but Taiwan also reformed although spent many years under tough authoritarian rule. In 1969 the first legislative elections were held to have representatives of Taiwan elected (all others were legislators who were elected before the end of the civil war representing Chinese provinces under "occupation" by the communists).  As those legislators passed away they were not replaced so by the 1990s, the entire legislative assembly was subject to competitive elections.  Martial law was ended in 1987 by Chiang Kai Shek's successor and son Chiang Ching-kuo, as Taiwan moved to being a fully fledged liberal democracy.  By 1992, remaining mainland representatives were removed so the entire legislative assembly was subject to competitive elections.  
Taiwan, as such, is a role model for China as an open, relatively free, liberal democracy, with rule of law, capitalism and political power tempered by the separation of powers.  This, of course, is a complete anathema to the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Republic of China.

Of course, Taiwan (or rather the Republic of China in Taiwan - remember Made in R.O.C. labels on goods made a few decades ago?) has had an interesting history of international relations.   With the exception of the UK (primarily out of concern of Hong Kong), most Western countries did not recognise the Communist takeover of China immediately.  Australia and New Zealand did not until 1972, and even the United Nations seat for China was held by the Republic of China until 1971, as the United States vetoed the Chinese Communist regime (as it was called) from taking its seat despite strong efforts by friendly communist countries and developing countries lobbying on behalf of the PRC.  Albania became Beijing's biggest champion.  Both Beijing and Taipei regimes rejected each other being represented on the UN, but the US pushed for the PRC to be represented, not least because it seemed absurd that the world's most populous country (and a nuclear power) were not represented.  So the PRC was admitted, and the ROC expelled.   In 1979, the US switched recognition from the ROC to the PRC, but gave Taiwan a military security guarantee, as the PRC had always (and still does) reserve the right to reunify Taiwan by force.  

Both Chinese regimes refused to have diplomatic relations with any country that recognised the other, but the ROC on Taiwan dropped this in the 1990s, as it had lost recognition and embassies with almost all countries as few could refuse the commercial, diplomatic and strategic benefits of having good relations with mainland China.  Once Saudi Arabia (which had resisted the PRC because of its atheism) and South Africa (which shifted recognition not long after the end of apartheid) had dropped Taiwan, the ROC would only retain diplomatic relations with small Pacific Island, African or Latin American states, mostly through aid programmes (although this ended in 2000 as the PRC was able to outbid the ROC).

So Taiwan remains an oddity.  In every de facto sense, it is an independent country, with a military, government and informal diplomatic relations with many countries.  However, the PRC stops it from having formal diplomatic relations because it doesn't like the only part of China it didn't win in the civil war having a parallel status to it in international organisations or bilateral relations.  It claims that to do so would imply there are "two Chinas", which of course there are as there are two Koreas, and were two Germanys and two Yemens (and even two Cypruses) regardless of claims of legitimacy.

So Donald Trump accepting a phone call from the democratically elected President of the ROC should not be a big deal, except for Beijing, it ruffles their sensitivities over reality.  The US has a defence treaty with Taiwan, and should make it clear than any attack on Taiwan will be rebuffed by the US.  The ROC on Taiwan shares the values of the United States and other Western democracies, the values of freedom, individual rights and government that is determined by the consent of the governed.  The fact that this concerns the Chinese Communist Party is good, for it could do much worse than look at Taiwan and see an example of transition from one-party authoritarian rule to vibrant vigorous liberal democracy.   Peace between Taiwan and the mainland is critical for both, so I think there is little real risk of any aggression from the PRC, but it should be clearer than that.  A renewed US commitment to Taiwan because of its values.  

          The Ghost of Foxconns Yet to Come        
Do you think this means Steve Jobs is dying?
CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apple's Board of Directors today announced that Steve Jobs has resigned as Chief Executive Officer, and the Board has named Tim Cook, previously Apple's Chief Operating Officer, as the company's new CEO. Jobs has been elected Chairman of the Board and Cook will join the Board, effective immediately.
Chairman of the Board? Hah! Interchangeable as Lego blocks. If he is checking out, I hope it grows him a conscience before it's too late. Turkey dinners for all the suicidal widget-makers in Taiwan!
          åœ°çƒã®æ­©ãæ–¹ã€€ï¼­ï¼¯ï¼¯ï¼«ã€€å°æ¹¾ã®æ­©ãæ–¹ã€€ï¼’018~2019 〔ミニ版〕        




●台湾早わかりNAVI &したいこと10


<1>Howto Taiwan × ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒˆã‚¸ã‚§ãƒ‹ãƒƒã‚¯ï¼ç›®ã«ã‚‚ã‹ã‚ã„ã„ã‚¹ã‚¤ãƒ¼ãƒ„å·¡ã‚Š
<2>Kobashi Ikeko × é¾å±±å¯ºã‚¨ãƒªã‚¢ï¼è©±é¡Œã®ã‚¨ãƒªã‚¢ã§ç¾Žé£Ÿãƒãƒ³ãƒˆ








北投/淡水/九份 /猫空/烏来/北埔

●トラベル インフォメーション


          åœ°çƒã®æ­©ãæ–¹ã€€ï¼­ï¼¯ï¼¯ï¼«ã€€å°æ¹¾ã®æ­©ãæ–¹ã€€ï¼’018~2019 〔ハンディ版〕        




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<1>Howto Taiwan × ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒˆã‚¸ã‚§ãƒ‹ãƒƒã‚¯ï¼ç›®ã«ã‚‚ã‹ã‚ã„ã„ã‚¹ã‚¤ãƒ¼ãƒ„å·¡ã‚Š
<2>Kobashi Ikeko × é¾å±±å¯ºã‚¨ãƒªã‚¢ï¼è©±é¡Œã®ã‚¨ãƒªã‚¢ã§ç¾Žé£Ÿãƒãƒ³ãƒˆ







九份 /平渓線/鶯歌/彰化


●トラベル インフォメーション


          Walang (Pang) Epekto Ang Apec        
Marami ang nagsasabing may mabuting benepisyo sa bansa ang APEC pero wala naman ni isang netizen ang nagbibigay ng komprehensibo at kongkretong paliwanag kung paano nga ba nakikinabang ang maliliit na mamamayan sa tuwing may nagaganap na pagpupulong sa APEC. 

Maari ngang may advantage ang APEC sa ekonomiya natin subalit meron din namang negatibong epekto ito sa bansa kabilang na sa naapektuhan nito ang maliliit nating magsasaka at mangingisda.
Sa simula pa lang ay kasama na sa naging paksa ng APEC ang Tariff Reduction. During 90’s may mga rate of duty pa na umaabot sa 30% hanggang 50% pero dahil sa agreement ng mga bansang kabilang sa APEC wala na ito. Ang existing na tariff rate na lang sa Adwana ay naglalaro sa 1% hanggang 10% na lang marami na nga ring 0% ang tariff rate – at ang dahilan daw rito ay ang kinakailangang pagsabay ng bansa bilang globally competitive country. 

Sa maliit na bansang tulad ng Pilipinas, malaking halaga ang nawawala sa kaban ng bayan sa pagpapatupad ng tariff reductions, huwag muna nating isama ang talamak na korapsyon sa Adwana na hindi kailanman mawawala. Halimbawa, ang dating binabayarang customs duty na Php1,000,000 kada container ay nagiging mahigit sa Php100,000 na lang o mas mababa pa (dahil sa APEC). Ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit palaging may deficit at short sa target ang Bureau of Customs taon-taon. Sa pagbaba ng buwis sa Adwana naramdaman ba natin na bumaba rin ang halaga ng maraming pangunahing produkto ng bansa? Ewan.
Malinaw na bilyong piso kada buwan ang nabawas sa kita ng Bureau of Customs simula nang magkaroon ng tariff reduction pero (halos) hindi ito naramdaman ng maliliit na mamamayan at malinaw rin na ang malalaking negosyante ang nakinabang dahil dito. 

Sa pagbaba nang koleksyon ng Adwana, struggling ang pamahalaan sa kung papaano at sa kung saan makakakuha ng perang pangtustos sa lumalaking gastos ng bansa. Dahil higit na madami ang import natin kaysa export nalalagay tayo sa hindi magandang sitwasyon, hindi tayo makasabay sa sinasabing ‘globally competitive’, hindi naging advantage sa atin ang APEC.

Isa pang naging dagok sa ekonomiya at sa sektor ng magsasaka at mangingisda na maraming imported na produkto ang nawalan ng restriction at naging freely importable, at ang maluluwag na pag-iisue ng Import Permits ng DA, BPI, BFAR sa inaangkat na agricultural at aquatic products tulad ng mga gulay na patatas, sibuyas, bawang, atbp. maniniwala ka ba na maraming isda sa palengke ay imported mula sa bansang Taiwan at China? At kung hindi pa pumutok at nas-sensationalize ang isyu tungkol dito malamang na patuloy lang sa pananamantala ang mapagsamantalang negosyante. 

Ang dapat sana na pagpapalakas sa industriya ng Agrikultura at Pangingisda upang makapag-export man lang tayo ng agri products (at sumabay sa APEC ekek) ay tila hindi nangyayari. Ang masaklap pa ay ipinagmamalaki ng kahit na sinong nanunungkulan sa gobyerno ang pag-iimport natin ng milyon-milyong tonelada ng bigas sa bansang Vietnam, idagdag pa natin ang pagkukulang sa ayuda ng pamahalaan sa ating magsasaka at mangingisda. 

Wala na ngang pondo para sa sektor ng magsasaka nagkaroon pa ng bogus na pondo para sa agrikultura na tinawag nilang Fertilizer Scam na alam ng lahat na nauwi sa korapsyon.

Dahil nakadepende ang maraming negosyante sa mababang taripa ng kanilang commodity hindi naging progresibo ang ating produksyon, nag-iimport na lang tayo ng finished products na ibinebenta nang direkta sa supermarket, grocery at palengke; iilang pabrika lang ba ang nagma-manufacture ng damit, tsinelas, sapatos, at iba pa? At bakit nga naman sila magtatayo ng pabrika kung mas mababa ang cost ng imports kesa mag-manufacture nito?

Sa pagtatapos ng APEC, malamang na marami ang napag-usapan pero sana kasama sa napag-usapan ang pagpapalawig at pagpapalakas ng hindi lang ng BPO Industry kundi pati ‘yung mga pobreng nagbibigay sa atin ng pagkain sa ating hapag-kainan. Hindi lang naman teknolohiya ang kailangan ng bansang ito.

          Pilot death at Saichia        
A 47 year old visiting Japanese pilot has died after an accident at Saichia according to Apple News. He’d traveled to Taiwan from Hokkaido in a group of eight. The article says he fell from 20m above the LZ in a spiral that may have resulted from a glider malfunction, namely broken lines. He was […]
          Taiwan blocked from ICAO summit        
China has the (rotating) presidency of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and has used this position to pursue it’s political agenda of isolating Taiwan from the international community. China has been intent on preventing Taiwan participating in world bodies such as the WHO for years now. Aviation safety is one of those areas of […]
          China envía misiles nucleares a la frontera con Rusia en clara amenaza a EEUU        

Sistemas de misiles intercontinentales del Ejército chino tipo DF-41 en un desfile militar.

China ha desplegado una poderosa brigada de misiles balísticos capaces de portar ojivas nucleares en la frontera con Rusia, afirman este martes medios locales.

De acuerdo con el diario oficial chino Global Times, las unidades en cuestión se tratan de misiles DF-41, considerados uno de los sistemas más avanzados de misiles del que dispone Pekín y que ahora están instalados en la provincia de Heilongjiang, limítrofe con Rusia.

Éste misil de largo alcance es capaz de transportar entre 6 y 10 ojivas nucleares a una distancia de más de 10.000 kilómetros, informa el portal Free Beacon, que cita una fuente del Pentágono.

Según señala el portal, el nuevo misil chino representa una amenaza estratégica importante para EEUU, ya que tiene un alcance mayor que otros misiles balísticos intercontinentales, además de poseer contra medidas electrónicas para evitar las defensas anti-misiles enemigas, así como la capacidad de maniobra individual para cada ojiva . No en vano, el misil podría alcanzar cualquier punto de Estados Unidos en 30 minutos, indica el medio.

Expertos militares citados por el rotativo chino alegan que es la segunda brigada equipada con los referidos misiles del Ejército chino que se encuentra en servicio y que han sido desplegados en el noreste del gigante asiático.

El potencial nuclear chino debería ser tan fuerte que ningún país se atreviera a pensar en un enfrentamiento militar bajo ninguna circunstancia y que otorgara a China la capacidad de responder a cualquier provocación”, advierte el diario chino Global Times.

Global Times achaca la medida militar china a la recién investidura del nuevo presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, y la califican como una respuesta a las “provocadoras declaraciones de Trump respecto a China”.

Según indica la publicación, “EE.UU. no ha mostrado el suficiente respeto por el Ejército de China” y que algunos altos mandos militares norteamericanos buscaron “con arrogancia” una y otra vez “mostrar su intención de medir fuerzas”.

La relación entre Trump y Pekín comenzó con mal pie debido a una conversación telefónica que el magnate neoyorquino sostuvo con la presidenta de Taiwán, Tsai Ing-wen (el primer contacto a ese nivel desde 1979), amén de la política económica defendida por el próximo jefe de la Casa Blanca respecto al gigante asiático.

Por otro lado, el candidato de Trump para la Diplomacia estadounidense, Rex Tillerson afirmó que EE.UU. debe bloquear el acceso de China a las islas artificiales en el mar de China Meridional y dijo que la única vía para alcanzar este objetivo sería imponer un bloqueo naval, lo que significa un acto de guerra.

Hay que aclarar que esta medida china no está en ningún caso dirigida contra Rusia, como más de uno podría pensar; si fueron enviados a la frontera con Rusia es por la simple razón de que de ésa manera los misiles estarán mas cerca del territorio estadounidense y, por lo tanto, podrán llegar mas rápido hasta su objetivo, quedando todo el territorio norteamericano dentro de su alcance.


          Pay TV        

Saat ini cukup beragam TV berlangganan yang ditawarkan di Indonesia, dan yang saat ini ada dan mempunyai brand kuat adalah : Telkomvision, Indovision, Top TV, Oke Vision dan AORA, yang ini adalah Pay TV via satellite. Kemudian First Media dan IM2 untuk kabel TV dan juga M2V yaitu TV berlangganan untuk yang di mobil. Dan saat ini yang bisa dinikmati di Jawa Tengah dan Yogyakarta adalah Telkomvision, Indovision, Top TV, Oke Vision dan AORA semuanya TV satellite via parabola dengan berbagai ragam channel dan paket yang cukup menarik.

Dan sebagai informasi tambahan, sebenarnya ada beberapa TV Berlangganan dari luar negeri yang bisa kita terima di Jawa Tengah dan Yogyakarta, tentunya dengan harga paket yang lebih mahal dan peralatan tempur (parabola dan kelengkapan lain yang harus memadai). TV berlangganan dari luar negeri tersebut adalah : I-sky net Taiwan lebih banyak channel mandarin dan channel dewasa (17 tahun keatas), Astro Malaysia - variatif, UBC Thailand - variatif dan DStv Multichoice Afrika variatif dan live sport sangat lengkap.

Sepertinya di tahun 2009 nanti akan ada lagi beberapa TV berlangganan baru yang akan launching di tanah air, kita tunggu saja.

          TV Satelite        

Dari kmaren banyak yang nanya, apa itu TV Satelite ?, mungkin bisa kasih info tentang hal tersebut. Yaitu kita bisa menyaksikan siaran TV dengan mengambil signal satelit yang ada di angkasa Indonesia, dengan media menggunakan parabola. Saat ini yang bisa diterima di Semarang ada sekitar 300an channel dari sekitar 20an satelit yang bisa kita terima.
Diantara channel-channel tersebut ada yang bisa kita nikmati secara gratis dan juga yang di acak karena diharuskan untuk berlangganan, seperti Telkom Vision, Indovision dan lain-lain. Sedang channel-channel tanpa berlangganan yang bisa kita nikmati diantaranya dari negara :
Asia : china, taiwan, korea, hongkong, singapura, malaysia, filipina, india, indonesia, macau dll.
Eropa : italia, jerman, perancis, portugal, spanyol, amerika dll
Dan dengan acara yang variatif dari anak-anak, entertaiment, music, news, sport dll
Kita bisa menikmati ini semua dengan menginstal parabola dan receiver, dan seluruh keluarga akan bisa menikmati tayangan dunia di rumah anda.

          Receiver HD TV        

Berikut saya perkenalkan receiver HD TV yaitu Manhattan Passion 1080i, yang saat ini sudah bisa di dapatkan di Indonesia dengan harga yang terjangkau, dengan specifikasi sebagai berikut :

1. MPEG-4/H.264/DVB-S
2. 576p/720p/1080i
4. Slot USB 2.0
5. eSATA
7. 1 Slot Card Reader
8. Universal Card Reader (kecuali NDS)
Jadi dengan menggunakan receiver ini anda akan bisa menikmati siaran dengan format MPEG 2, MPEG 4, dan HD, ditambah dengan dengan universal card bisa digunakan untuk berbagai kartu (telkom vision, sky-net taiwan maupun astro malaysia), dan juga ada fasilitas EMU key, yang bisa memasukkan kode key untuk bisa membuka siaran scramble (acak).
Berikut informasi sementara yang bisa saya tau, ntar kalo ada tambahan infomasi di produk ini, seperti bisa untuk record siaran TV mauapun buka sistem acakan NDS, segera kami informasikan.
pic : fr Hans Prb.

          å»‰åƒ¹åœ‹æ°‘車再進化,印度Tata推出GenX Nano、追加自手排變速箱|InCar癮車報        



而近日,Tata在印度市場在度推出了最新版本的Nano、並為此車重新命名為” GenX Nano”,在外觀方面換上新造型的前後保桿、燻黑頭燈、新造型的後視鏡與新款輪圈,車室內部也有著新設計的方向盤及控台造型,內裝鋪陳及座椅材質也有所改變,並將動力方向盤改為電動輔助動力,也讓整體樣貌看來更有質感。

至於在動力配置方面,GenX Nano同樣搭載624c.c.的雙缸汽油引擎,具備38hp/5500rpm最大馬力及5.2kgm/4000rpm峰值扭力,搭配四速手排或五速單離合器自手排變速箱,寫下23.6km/l的平均油耗表現;此外、Tata也強調GenX Nano在車體結構方面進行強化、底盤懸吊也經過改良,因而擁有進步的安全防護及操控表現。

根據Tata所公佈的消息、GenX Nano在印度市場建議售價由19.9萬盧比起跳(相當於新台幣9.5萬元)。

[Source: Tata]

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          ä¸åªæ˜¯å°åº¦åœ‹æ°‘車、JA Motorsport打造Tata Super Nano猛爆230hp!|InCar癮車報        




當然,Nano身為超廉價的印度國民車款、其動力的貧弱也是可想而知,那麼是否有著辦法、針對喜愛Nano且又追求速度快感的車主(有這種人嗎?)提供救贖呢?同樣是被認為不可能的任務、不過JA Motorsport決定加以實現,首先在動力系統方面丟掉原有的624c.c.的雙缸汽油引擎、換裝更大的1.3升四缸汽油動力,在不知道動了什麼手腳的情況下、JA Motorsport聲稱此具動力系統可輸出達230hp的最大馬力、讓這輛” Super Nano”能夠達到190km/h的極速表現!

不過光是動力方面的提升、原先的車體結構自然無法承受這樣的暴力,因此JA Motorsport不僅為這輛” Super Nano”換裝寬體化的車身空力套件,同時也加裝了防滾籠、AP煞車系統、Recaro賽車座椅等競技化部品,但這樣改造之下、其花費也達到Nano原先車價的兩倍半,是否值得就見仁見智囉~

[Source: indianautosblog]

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          2014德里車展:來自印度的未來電動車概念,Tata ConnectNext EV Concept亮相        

在過去兩年中,來自印度、以推出超廉價車款Nano而於全球車壇聲名大噪的Tata,曾推出過包括eMO EV及eMO-C兩款概念電動車,如今在本屆的2014年印度Delhi Auto Expo德里車展當中,也再度推出了一款電動車概念作品…

這款定名為「ConnectNext EV Concept」的最新電動車概念作品,基於Tata最新的DesignNext設計語彙進行開發,在鈦灰色的車身塗裝下、有著約4米的車身長度,打開對開式設計的透明車門、可發現車內有著可容納四人入座的寬敞空間,車內白色的鋪陳有著相當簡潔且富科技感的氛圍,展現出來自印度的未來電動車設計概念。

至於在動力配置方面,Tata原廠並未多做著墨、僅表示ConnectNext EV Concept是款純電動車款,而未來是否有著導入量產的計畫、則仍在未定之數。

[Source: Tata]

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          2014德里車展:自家主場也推跨界風,Tata Nexon Concept登場        

前面才提到在本屆的2014年印度Delhi Auto Expo德里車展當中、眾家車廠都推出了自家最新Crossover跨界概念作品,而身在自家主場、在2009年時以推出超廉價車款Nano而於全球車壇聲名大噪的印度Tata,現在也推出了最新的Nexon Concept…

以Tata最新的DesignNext設計語彙進行開發,Nexon Concept在車頭部份有著像是微笑表情的水箱護罩及頭燈設計,並與先前發表的ZEST與BOLT同樣基於Tata自家的X1底盤平台進行打造,在不到4米的車身尺碼下,搭載著REVOTRON 1.2升直四渦輪增壓汽油引擎,可輸出110hp最大馬力、搭配五速自排變速箱與四輪驅動系統,有著約180km/h的極速表現以及17.54km/l的平均油耗表現。

雖說Tata並未透露Nexon Concept未來導入量產的機率,不過由其近年來積極打入印度以外市場(尤其是歐洲市場)的情況下,一般猜測都是抱持著樂觀其成的態度。

[Source: Tata]

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          å°ˆç‚ºå°åº¦å¸‚場打造,Tata ZEST、BOLT雙生亮相        



而在動力方面,ZEST與BOLT可選擇搭載具備85hp/5000rpm、14.3kgm/1750~3000rpm的REVOTRON 1.2升直四渦輪增壓汽油引擎,另一具來自Fiat的1.3升Quadrajet柴油引擎則可輸出90hp最大馬力與20.4kgm峰值扭力,並可搭配F-Tronic五速自手排變速箱。


[Source: Tata]

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而繼先前於去年6月發表了2014年式改款車型之後,如今Tata也預告將在下個月的2014年Indian Auto Expo德里車展中推出更新版本的Nano,其中值得矚目的焦點、便是將搭載排氣量800c.c.的雙缸渦輪增壓柴油引擎,可輸出約45hp的最大馬力,其平均油耗表現更上看35~40km/l的高水準成績。



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          æ¾³æ´²åˆ†ç¤¾å±•å‰µæ„ï¼ŒTata Tuff Truck Concept亮相        

自從在2008年收購Jaguar及Lanr Rover之後,一時間也讓來自印度的Tata成為全球車壇的矚目焦點,而事實上Tata主要是以生產農用機具及商用車款起家,至今仍在印度市場擁有大部分的市佔率,且對於外銷至其他國家市場也日趨積極,近日更在澳洲發表了最新的概念作品。

這款由Tata澳洲分公司所推出的最新概念作品定名為「Tuff Truck Concept」,是以Xenon貨卡為基礎、在HSV(Holden Special Vehicles)設計師Julian Quincey操刀之下,換上了造型更加粗曠的前保桿、大型霧燈、LED日間型車燈及車頂上的LED投射燈組,搭配上20吋大尺碼輪圈與越野用胎,展現出十足精悍的樣貌。

雖說Tata並未公佈Tuff Truck Concept的動力規格,但推測應是延用原生車款Xenon貨卡所搭載的2.2升柴油動力,具備150hp/32.6kgm最大輸出、搭配五速手排變速箱,採四輪驅動配置,並於今年度的澳洲墨爾本4×4戶外活動大展中亮相。

[Source: Tata Motors Australia]

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[Source: Tata Motors]

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          Tata AirPod空氣動力都會小車        

印度Tata(塔塔)汽車多年來一直希望利用壓縮空氣來驅動車輛,上週,他們展示了其最新的AirPod原型車。這輛以壓縮空氣為動力的Tata AirPod以盧森堡MDI授權的技術為基礎,其最高時速在45到70km/h之間。

Tata AirPod的車身尺寸不大,外型圓滑可愛,它的車身以高強度重量輕的玻璃纖維製成,因此車身重量十分的輕。雖然AirPod的車身不大,但它的車室內可容納三名成人,駕駛坐在前座中央,二名乘員坐在後座,面向車後。




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          Taiwan Sex Scandal        
Enjoy Taiwan Sex Scandal at - best free hardcore pornotube videos and homemade sex movies.
          ç¬¬å…­ä»£Polo將於2017年現身 並導入MQB模組化平台 |InCar癮車報        

這張第六代 Volkswagen Polo渲染圖是國外媒體OmniAuto.it所構想的。而自2008年以來Polo五代車型已經歷時8年未大改款了,所以理應到了產品末期改款的時刻。2017年式Polo可能會以靈活的MQB平台打造,不再以PQ25底盤為基礎。這樣下來會帶來更輕的車身以及稍微加大的尺碼。


正如你所看到的,OmniAuto.it已經預想第六代Polo的車頭外觀就如同最新的Passat轎車/旅行車擁有更精緻的線條設計。增加的車身尺碼顯得更加成熟,同時車室空間必然會更加寬敞舒適以及更實用的空間。作為MQB平台的產品,第六代Polo將有可能搭載高效率的渦輪增壓三缸或四缸引擎。也有望加入Plug-in Hybrid插電式混合動力車型,而最強性能GTI版本也會最後時刻才推出。

另外根據Wards Auto報導,全新第六代 Polo將於2017年6月繼續在西班牙Landaben工廠生產。同時Volkswagen也在此地投資了9億歐元擴大產能,而在一場與這家工廠的代表談判過程中,意外透露還有一款車型即將誕生,如果雙方達成協議,這款新車有可能是 T-Cross Breeze concept 的量產版。將與第六代Polo共享平台,或許等到明年3月的日內瓦車展就知曉。


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          Volkswagen正在開發全新純電動車款 |InCar癮車報        

為了擺脫柴油汙染事件的惡名,Volkswagen車正在研發全新獨立的電動車款,且將對手指向Tesla Model 3和Chevrolet Bolt等純電車型。動力來源將使用全新的48伏特電池技術,且真實續航力將提供至少186英里的範圍內,以符合一般消 費者使用的習慣。據Volkswagen執行長Dr. Herbert Diess所表示,這款未知名的車款將被塑造為Volkswagen全新形象的指標,以提升品牌的形象。


Dr. Herbert Diess希望這款全新電動車款能在市場上成為最全方面且擁有高續航力讓Volkswagen再次成為領航的角色。且將會與即將推出的第8代Volkswagen Golf EV純電版本共享技術,以降低生產的成本。




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          å‚³èžï¼šVW小改款Polo Plug-in Hybrid和天然氣版本將於明年上市        

據說,德國Volkswagen(褔斯)汽車計劃透過新增Plug-in Hybrid動力系統以及CNG天然氣動力系統來擴大Polo的車型陣容。

近日,Volkswagen已公佈了小改款Polo的官方照片和汽/柴油動力規格,而在未來,Polo還將會獲到一套Plug-in Hybrid插電式混合動力系統,但該套系統與VW Golf GTE相比會有所不同,主要是因為Polo依然是採用舊的PQ25平台打造,而七代Golf則是建立在MQB平台架構上。

Volkswagen汽車動力總成開發團隊的Ekkehard Pott表示,二輛所使用的動力系統技術將會不同,因為,它們使用不同的平台打造,因此系統必須適合車輛本身。

Volkswagen也在評估要將其CNG(壓縮天然氣)技術安裝在Polo身上。這個CNG動力系統的首次應用是在去年日內瓦車展上現身的Golf TGI BlueMotion。那輛車採用的是1.4升TSI四缸引擎,這具引擎可採用汽油或CNG(壓縮天然氣)兩種燃料。

預計,Polo的Plug-in Hybrid以及CNG這兩個版本應該會在2015年的某個時間問世。


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          Healthcare expert to offer lessons from Taiwan's universal system        
Dr. William Hsiao, an economist at the Harvard School of Public Health and architect of Taiwan’s universal healthcare system, offers the presentation Taiwan's Health Reforms: Lessons for the U.S. and Maine at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 18, in the Edmund S. Muskie Archives, 70 Campus Ave.
          á„၁ နွစ္မိခင္၇ဲ့အလွအပမ်ား        
41 years-old mom has posted selfie photos of her and her son on Taiwanese social network. The photos went viral fast because of her young looking. They both look like brother and sister. More proof that Asian dont age ;)

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 01 #1

Eating ice-cream with her 14 years-old son

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 03 #2

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 04 #3

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 05 #4

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 06 #5

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 07 #6

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 08 #7

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 09 #8

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 10 #9

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 12 #10

41 yearold mother looks like teen girl 02 #11

Have you seen this yet?
This Japanese women is 43 year old but she looks like 20

          My Trip to openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015        
I have several good friends from Taiwan including Sakana Max and Joey Lee, an active openSUSE members, and also Franklin Weng and Erick that I met during GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 in Depok Indonesia. All of them make me want to visit Taiwan.

In the end of July 2015 Joey Lee sent me an email to involve in openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 that will be held in Taipei on December 2015. Thanks Joey!

Since then I follow the IRC meeting several times, and knows many great openSUSE people from Taiwan, China and Japan. Al Cho was the busiest guy for the Summit, you did a great job! Finally on October 21, I got an email said that my presentation for the summit was accepted. The committee also accepted the proposal from 2 others openSUSE users from Indonesia, Utian and Estu.

I apply for Travel Support Program (TSP). It is the first time for me and I was really amazed by the application system and off course the team behind openSUSE TSP. On November 23, openSUSE accepted my TSP application. Thanks openSUSE, Izabel and team!

I prepare for Taiwan visa, book an airline ticket and hotel. The important thing is my presentation. I have an old presentation for GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 in Depok Indonesia, but I need to add several new information considering that the audience are from many region so it would give a clear understanding about the situation.

I also make some "noise" about the summit in openSUSE Indonesia Facebook Group. Currently we have around 2900 people in the group and they're very active. FYI we sometimes have giveaway for randomly selected people in the group, it is fun and effective openSUSE marketing!

On December 3, I went to Taipei. Utian and Estu went there one day earlier than me, but we will stay in same hotel. My flight was 08.30 Jakarta time and it needs around 6,5 hours flight from Jakarta to Taipei but my flight was transit in Hongkong around 3 hours. Around 20.30 Taipei time I arrived in my hotel in Taipei. By the way the temperature was around 14 centigrade and windy so it was a bit cold for me who just arrived from tropical country with temperature around 30 centigrade.

On December 4 morning, I visited the SUSE Taiwan office along with Estu and Utian. We met with Al Cho, Joey Lee and other SUSE staffs, they were very welcome :-D

This summit was very special because it was held just several weeks after the release of openSUSE Leap 42.1. The committee made a "Release Party" that held together between openSUSE Taiwan community and Ubuntu Taiwan community. On the night of December 4 I was invited and share the joy with everyone. Great party.

On December 5, 2015 openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 was open, and off course there are many DVD and stickers :-D

Michal Hrusecky, openSUSE Board, give a keynote speech about what's been going on in openSUSE lately.

And after the break it was my turn. I put my presentation on slideshare in case any of you want to read.


It is a wonderful experience, met with openSUSE users from all over Asia and Europe, discuss about our experience about developing and implementing openSUSE. We have a great community! I really enjoy discuss with everyone. I met personally with Dominic Launberger and Ludwig Nussel from openSUSE release team, thanks to share your knowledge and the chitchat.

The first day of summit is end up with the dinner. During this occasion I have a great conversation with everyone. Thanks Alex, Sunny, Joey and openSUSE Japan team it was a great conversation.

On December 6, there are many more talks and workshop. Some of them are in Mandarin, I cannot understand but for sure it was great at least by looking to the presentation :-D  

Many things we can learn from this summit, we meet with all openSUSE user from all across Asia, we know from the first place how the development process is, and the most important thing is we know each other so we can continue to communicate after the summit. 

It is an honor for me to attend to this event and hope Indonesia can be the host of the next openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016. See you all next year!

Most of photographs are taken from:

Thanks to:
Utian Ayuba, Estu Fardani - You both are great travel companion
Al Cho, Joey Lee, openSUSE Taiwan - Thanks for invitation
Sakana Max - You should come next time :-D
Franklin Weng, Erick - You make me always remember that I have friends in Taiwan
Rijal, Rosi, Pak Pur, LC - The video rock!
openSUSE Indonesia Community - Thanks for great support
openSUSE - Thanks for the great distro and TSP :-D 

          HTC One Max Released in a Red Avatar in Hong Kong        

HTC has been on a spree releasing color options of the HTC One Max across South Asian countries. Recently they released the HTC One Max in a golden hue (calling it “Amber Gold”) in Taiwan. We have also been seeing color options popup for their current flagship – the HTC One, including an 18 karat […]

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          HTC’s Butterfly S 4G LTE Is Now Official in Taiwan for TW$21,900        

HTC unveiled the HTC One 4G LTE in Taiwan not too long ago. Now they’ve unveiled the Butterfly S 4G LTE in Taiwan. For those that have forgotten about the Butterfly, that was the international name of the DROID DNA. Of course, the Butterfly S is the 2013 variant of the Butterfly family. This evening […]

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          HTC U11 in Taiwan is already receiving its 1080p 60 fps video recording update        

The HTC U11 in Taiwan is receiving its 1080p 60 fps video recording update, which also brings the July 2017 Android security patch.

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          Biology teacher        
Here is one of my best Taiwanese friend, Courtney. She was trying to explain the unique character of the Taiwanese maple leaves on a trip to visit a national park in Taichung.
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ようするにこれは吹かし記事であって、北米の大学に在籍する学生らを対象にした署名運動で一年かけて96の大学から1000人(一校につき平均10人?!)の署名を集めたという話なのだが、日本で言うところの学生自治会が声明を発表したというイメージではない。North American Students in Solidarity with the Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery(日本軍性奴隷制犠牲者と連帯する北米学生)という団体名も、検索しても殆ど情報が出てこない。


経緯としてはこうだ。一年ほど前、イェール大で”活動家慰安婦”イ・オクソンが講演を行い、映画『鬼郷』の上映が行われた。これをキッカケに署名運動が始まったらしい。つまり、挺対協が最も頼りにする韓国の”少女像世代”(留学生ら)の仕業である。実際、声明の中には挺対協とナヌムの家の名が登場する。声明は、「法的責任」「責任者の処罰」という挺対協が固執する要求(その為に慰安婦問題が解決しない)を代弁し、慰安婦の人数は最大40万、11歳以上、殆どは朝鮮人と説明している。挺対協ですら形だけでも日本人慰安婦の存在についても触れるのに、この声明では日本人の存在は完全に無視されている。つまり母国のポリティカル・コレクトネスより先鋭化している。署名の呼びかけ人はイェール大の Hyun-Soo Limと SuhYoung Kimという学生らしい。イ・オクソンの右隣に座っているのが、リムだろうか[要確認]?


ちなみに、リムのフェイスブックには英語と韓国語の声明文はあるものの、合意のもう一方の当事者である日本向け(日本語版)がない。またイェール大で集めた152筆の署名には「イェール大の韓国人(系)学生、同窓生、affiliates(152 Korean Students,Alumni, and Affiliates of Yale University)」となっている。表向きは、韓国人以外も署名した(ノーカットニュース)とされているが。

参考:北米96大学の学生「『慰安婦』おばあさん闘争支持」 CBSノーカットニュース2017.6.16 

 å‘¼ã³ã‹ã‘人の一人 Hyun-Soo Lim

Statement of Support for the Nullification and Renegotiation of the Korea-Japan 'Comfort Women' Agreement(韓日「慰安婦」合意の破棄と再交渉を支持する声明)

On December 28th, 2015, the South Korean and Japanese governments announced a "final and irreversible resolution" of the issue of former "Comfort Women," a euphemism for survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery(慰安婦とは日本軍性奴隷制犠牲者に対する婉曲表現) roughly during the Second World War. An estimated 200,000-400,000 girls and young women, as young as 11 years old, were forced, abducted, and coerced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army. While most of the victims were Korean(推定20万から40万人の少女や若い女性が日本帝国軍によって強制され、拉致され、性奴隷制度に無理強いされた。殆どの犠牲者は朝鮮人だが), the "Comfort Women" included Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Burmese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Taiwanese, and even Dutch victims.

Major advocacy groups, including the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan(挺対協) and the House of Sharing(ナヌムの家), have rejected this so-called "agreement" because it deliberately fails to concede true responsibility for the crime. The victims, now in their nineties, have consistently demanded that Japan recognize its "legal responsibility(法的責任)." Instead, Japan merely acknowledged the "involvement of the Japanese military authorities," (日本政府は、「軍当局の関与」認めたに過ぎない)distorting the truth that the military was the central organizer and perpetrator(軍が加害と差配の中心だったという事実を曲げ). Without the acknowledgment of state responsibility, there is no assurance that this history would be included in Japanese textbooks(日本の教科書に記載されるという保証はない); that remaining perpetrators would be indicted(生存する加害者が起訴され); and that the numerous government officials who falsely insult survivors as "prostitutes" ï¼ˆç„¡æ•°ã®æ—¥æœ¬æ”¿åºœé–¢ä¿‚者がサバイバーを「売春婦」と侮辱する)would be held accountable.

The concern that this apology is nothing more than Abe's attempt to silence the survivors(サバイバー達を黙らせるというアベの作戦) was confirmed within weeks of the announcement. Merely a month passed before the Japanese government again denied that the women were sex slaves; Japanese lawmakers continue to call victims "prostitutes"; Abe recalled
the ambassador to Korea to protest a statue commemorating victims in Busan. Indeed, Prime Minister Abe premised the entire agreement on his "commitment to stop future generations from having to repeatedly apologize." Where is his remorse for allowing this issue to stall for so long, despite the decades of protest? Where is his grief for the women who passed away year after year waiting for an official apology from Japan?

Moreover, the "agreement" urges the removal of the “Girl Statue(少女像)” in front of the Japanese Embassy, a memorial built by civilians in order to commemorate the victims. The survivors are adamant that the statute must remain in place as a reminder of the injustice. If the apology is sincere, why does the Japanese government insist on the monumental statue’s removal? As Hiroka Shoji of Amnesty International stated, "the women were missing from the negotiation table and they must not be sold short in a deal that is more about political expediency than justice. Until the women get the full and unreserved apology from the Japanese government for the crimes committed against them, the fight for justice goes on."

We, the undersigned, stand with the survivors and their ongoing fight for justice. A settlement for crimes so personal and devastating cannot be final without the consent of the victims(犠牲者の同意). We demand that the Korean and Japanese governments nullify the "agreement"(韓国と日本政府が「合意」を破棄する事を要求する) and recognize the individual claims of comfort women. We demand that the "Girl Statues" in Seoul and Busan remain untouched, as a symbol of true repentance and hope for peace and reconciliation. We further demand that the Japanese government admit state responsibility for military sexual slavery; issue an official apology recognizing legal responsibility(法的責任); and provide legal reparations to the victims.

May 13, 2017
1,000 North American Students in Solidarity with the Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery(日本軍性奴隷制犠牲者と連帯する1000人の北米の学生)

          Taiwan’s largest fully- functioned ICT research institute, joins 2016 Selangor Smart City Conference to offer “So Fashion” a big data analytics solution for Omni-Channel Merchandising        
KUALA LUMPUR, 6 December 2016: According to market research Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) in Taiwan, market for big data information related applications has already exceeded 45 billion US dollars in 2016. The market has grown tremendously in the last few years and big data information processing will become a main driving force for [...]
          New Southbound Policy is Mobilizing For New Markets        
Welcome the arrival of the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Kuala Lumpur, October 25 – In alignment with the implementation of New Southbound Policy by the Taiwanese government, a delegation of 32 Taiwanese manufacturers led by Mr. Yang Wei-fu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs paid a visit to [...]
          Taiwan logistics delegation work to strengthen trade ties with Malaysia        
A Taiwan delegation comprising representatives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and logistics firms held a matchmaking event Oct. 13 in Kuala Lumpur aimed at enhancing exchanges between Taiwan and Malaysia’s logistics industries and related sectors. The Taiwan-Malaysia Logistics Business Opportunities Seminar was attended by more than 30 companies. During the event, the Global Logistics [...]
          Taiwan Greening Your Life! Business Matching        
Date: 20 Oct 2016 Time: 10.00am–12.00pm Venue: Concourse Area,Level LG, NU Sentral KL (No 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 50470, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Free Admission Pre-registration is Required Click here to register Click here to register For more information, please contact: Techtrans Advanced Sdn Bhd Ms Wong Chiew Mei Tel: 03-8023 7798 / 012-233 9587 Fax: [...]
          Taiwan Beauty: Exploring The Business Opportunities        
A visiting delegation of eleven (11) Taiwanese leading beauty brands have formed an alliance to promote and further grow the popularity of Taiwanese beauty industry. The Taiwan Beauty Alliance landed in Kuala Lumpur today to introduce and to share the beauty of their brands. This beautiful exchange assembled the Malaysia top 2 health, beauty and [...]
          Taiwan Goes South with 7 Smart ICT Innovations        
KUALA LUMPUR, August 9 – The overwhelming impact of the development of cloud, big data analysis, mobile and social networking applications, etc. has led to global wide digital transformation. A visiting delegation of seven (7) leading Taiwanese ICT companies and a big group of Malaysian ICT companies, including local telecommunication company of great renown, governmental [...]
          2016 Taiwan Smart ICT SolutionsTo Go Workshop & Business Matching        
2016馬台資通訊服務商機洽談會 Date: 9 Aug 2016 (Tuesday) Time: 9.00am – 2.00pm Venue: Bunga Room, Level 2, Seri Pacific Hotel, KL Share this:
          Digitalizing Taiwan-Malaysia for Greater Business Opportunities        
(1 October) We are living in a rapidly evolving networked world and cloud computing is flourishing with no signs of slowing down. The Taiwan Digital Content & Games Business Seminar held today in Kuala Lumpur brought together five of Taiwanese most established digital content providers and around a hundred Malaysian companies to share their expertise [...]
          2015 Taiwan Digital Content & Games Business Seminar        
Date : 1 Oct 2015 (Thursday) Time : 9.00am – 2.00pm Venue: Starhill 1, Level 4, JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2015 Taiwan Digital Content & Games Business Seminar 2015 台湾数位内容及游戏商机交流会 Taiwan to unveil the latest & coolest technologies! Business opportunities for Malaysia Digital Content & Gaming sector! 大宇資訊 Softstar Entertainment 鈊象電子 International Games [...]
          5 Wanita Cantik yang Terlahir Sebagai Seorang Pria        
1. Harisu â€" Korea Selatan
 Harisu adalah seorang penyanyi pop transeksual, yang juga seorang model dan aktris dari Korea Selatan. Terlahir sebagai laki-laki, Harisu sudah merasakan dirinya sebagai perempuan dari anak usia dini, dan menjalani operasi pergantian kelamin pada 1990-an. Dia terkenal karena menjadi penghibur transgender pertama di Korea Selatan, dan pada tahun 2002 menjadi orang kedua di Korea yang secara hukum mengubah gendernya. Nama panggungnya merupakan adaptasi dari frase Inggris “hot issue”.

2. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn â€" Thailand
 Thailand mungkin merupakan negara dengan populasi transgender terbesar di Asia Tenggara. Thailand memiliki salah seorang miss transgender-nya yang terkenal bernama lengkap Sirapassorn Atthayakorn, yang juga dikenal sebagai Sammy. Atthayakorn adalah peraih gelar juara pada ajang kontes Miss International Queen pada 2011 silam.

3. Nong Poy â€" Thailand
 Saknarin Marnyaporn, lahir pada tanggal 5 Oktober 1986, lebih dikenal dengan nama Nong Poy atau Treechada adalah seorang aktris dan model asal Thailand. Sebagai seorang anak, Poy merasakan dirinya seorangperempuan, tapi di depan orang tuanya, ia harus berpura-pura dan hidup sebagai laki-laki. Dia merasa jijik dengan alat kelamin “pria” nya, sehingga pada usia 17, ia menjalani operasi pergantian kelamin dan sejak itu, dia mengatakan bahwa dia merasa seolah-olah telah terlahir kembali. Pada usia 19, Poy memenangkan Miss Tiffany 2004, dan Miss International Queen 2004.

4. Alicia Liu â€" Taiwan
 Alicia Liu, lahir di Taiwan sebagai seorang laki-laki. Dia adalah seorang model pemula pada umumnya sampai seseorang dari rekan SMA-nya mengungkap identitas asli gendernya kepada media pada tahun 2009. Pada tahun 2010 Alicia menunjukkan kartu identitas nasional resminya yang baru diterbitkan dalam sebuah wawancara bahwa dirinya sekarang perempuan. Dia mengakui merubah gendernya melalui operasi perubahan kelamin ketika dia berumur 18 tahun, yang didanai oleh pacar keduanya pada saat itu.

5. Chen Lili â€" Cina
 Chen Lili lahir di bulan Februari, 1980. Dia adalah seorang penyanyi transeksual, model, dan aktris dari Cina. Dia menjadi dikenal secara luas pada tahun 2004 ketika dia bersaing dan di kontes kecantikan sebagai seorang wanita.Bernama asli Chen Yongjun, ia merubah status gendernya melalui operasi kelamin di Qingdao pada November 2003. Pada tanggal 11 Februari 2004, ia mengeluarkan KTP identitas perempuannya oleh Biro Keamanan Publik Nanchong.

Chen berusaha untuk bersaing di kontes Miss Universe pada awal 2004. Meskipun Miss Universe Cina berkomitmen awalnya bahwa ia akan diizinkan untuk berpartisipasi. Namun, pada tanggal 25 Februari, mereka menarik kembali keputusannya, yang menyatakan Chen tidak akan diizinkan untuk berpartisipasi karena dia bukan “perempuan asli.” Meskipun dilarang dari kompetisi, Chen tetap diberi kesempatan untuk tampil di acara tersebut. Chen Lili adalah wanita transeksual pertama yang mencoba bersaing di kontes Miss Universe.

Sumber :

          Fantasporto 2017 dailies and preview N°1    retuns as the official Media Partner of Fantasporto and will provide news and dailies from beautiful city of Oporto. 

OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FANTASPORTO 2017 Oporto Film Festival promotes films that seek new forms and methods of film making. 

37th edition of the Festival will be celebrated from February 24 to March 4, 2017.

Fantasporto and Porto Pictures Gallery and  the recent ones here 

Click to view our videos of ambiance and Fantasporto film trailers on the Gallery Fantasporto 2017 : Watch a selection of posters, interviews and homages.


Fantasporto rated amongst 10 Top Independent Film Festivals Not to Miss in Your Lifetime

Since the rise of independent cinema in the 1990’s, the art of making movies is no longer a tool to make your (day)dreams come to life. It has evolved, strongly, into a mind-shaking, eye-opening, revolution-starter machine; a call for action, a way to document the current state of society or to shed a new light on past events. Never have independent films been as important to us as they are today; we are no longer blown aw...

The 2017 Tribute goes to director Ate de Jong whose cult film Drop Dead Fred celebrates 25 years after its release

37th EDITION OF THE OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL  FROM FEBRUARY 24TH TO MARCH 4TH Coming next February, the 37th edition of the renowned film festival, considered in the Top 10 of the independent film festivals of the world, is coming, once again, to celebrate the most recent film production. With two main competitions, Director’s Week (for all ki...


Posters from Fantasporto 2017

Sins of The Flesh Don't hang up Neil Stryker kinder des Lichts OMG I m a Robot Seoul Station The Age of Shadows The Net The Wailing   Paranormal Drive Heart of Stone ...

Breaking News for the TV GLOBO fantasy projects: top brazilian talents confirmed to attend fantasporto

Fantasporto confirms presence of superstar talent and Actresses : Mariana Ximenez (from Brasil) and Marina Ruy Barbosa and Gloria Perez, the renowned brazilian scriptwriter (one of the most important in Latin America ), winner of a Emmy, . Marina Ruy Barbosa   Glória Perez was born on September 25, 1948 in Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil as Gloria Maria Ferrante Perez. She is a writer and producer, known for Dupla Identidade (2014), O Clone (2001) ...

Get the Fantasporto program - Day by Day

PRÉ FANTAS SEGUNDA, 20 DE FEVEREIRO Grande Auditório Manoel de Oliveira 21:30 THE SWORDSMAN OF ALL SWORDSMEN, Joseph Kuo, 85’, 1968 - Retro Taiwan (action) v.o. leg. Ingl. Para obter uma espada poderosa, Yun lidera um grupo de homens para a roubar do mestre armeiro Chang. Pequeno Auditório Isabel Alves Costa 21:30 MALDITOS SEAN (CURSED BASTARDS), Fábian Forte, Demian Rugno, 120’, 2011 - Retro Argentina (fantasy/sci-fi) v.o. leg. Ingl. ...

Mariana Jimenez to attend Fantasporto

MOVIES Feature Films  Os Penetras - Quem da Mais? - a ser lançado - Direção de Andrucha Waddington Uma Loucura de Mulher - a ser lançado - Direção de Marcus Ligocki Júnior Prova de Coragem - 2016 - Direção de Roberto Gervltz O Grande Circo Místico - em produção - Directed by Cacá Diegues Quase Memória - to be released - Directed by Ruy Guerra Zoo...

Fantastic News From Oporto to the World

  37th EDITION OF THE OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL STARTS THE 24 FEBRUARY TILL 4TH MARCH. Coming next February, the 37th edition of the renowned film festival, considered in the Top 10 of the independent film festivals of the world, is coming, once again, to celebrate the most recent film production. With two main competitions, Director’s Week (for all kinds of films) and Fantasy (for fantasy genre shorts and features) , the festival has received offers from 60 countries, o...

Kim Ki Duk Master Filmmaker returns to Fantasporto with The Net

Kim Ki-duk (Hangul: 김기덕 Korean pronunciation: [kimɡidʌk]; born December 20, 1960) is a South Korean filmmaker noted for his idiosyncratic art-house cinematic works. His films have received many distinctions in the festival circuit, making him one of the most important contemporary Asian film directors. Major festival awards include Golden Lion at 69th Venice International Film Festival for Pietà, Silver L...

Vassilis Mazomenos returns to Fantasporto with his latest feature film LINES

"Lines" a film by Vassilis Mazomenos :   A call operator endeavors to help people keep on living and hoping.   Storyline :  Greece now days. Seven different stories about seven persons who have already reached their limits and finally fall apart.  Despite their seemingly obvious connection they are simultaneously connected through a common desperate action: the last phone call to the psychological support center called "life line". It's t...

You can't run from a Nightmare: The Evil Within will Scare Fantasporto with the World Premiere:

The sadistic tale of a lonely, mentally handicapped boy who befriends his reflection in an antique mirror. This demonic creature orders him to go on a murderous rampage to kill the people he loves most. Starring: Frederick Koehler (Death Race), Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints), Michael Berryman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) Brianna Brown (General Hospital), Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers), Kim Darby (True Gri...

Final program and screenings

PRE FANTAS   SEGUNDA, 20 DE FEVEREIRO Grande Auditório Manoel de Oliveira 21:30 THE SWORDSMAN OF ALL SWORDSMEN, Joseph Kuo, 85’, 1968 - Retro Taiwan (action) v.o. leg. Ingl. Para obter uma espada poderosa, Yun lidera um grupo de homens para a roubar do mestre armeiro Chang.   Pequeno Auditório Isabel Alves Costa 21:30 MALDITOS SEAN (CURSED BASTARDS), Fábian Forte, Demian Rugno, 120’, 2011 - Retro Argentina (fantasy/sci-fi) v.o. leg. ...


Fantasporto 2017 Closing Film: Through the Shadow - Walter Lima Jr (Brasil)

Laura is hired as a teacher of two orphan children who live in coffee farm. Gradually, she feels that children are under evil influences of hostile spirits who lived there. Alone, she must face everybody’s hostility. The film is based on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. 
Walter Lima Jr. was born in 1938 in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a director and writer, known for “Os Desafinados” (2008), “A Ostra e o Vento” (1997) and “A Lira do Delírio” (1978).

Watch the video mashup presentation of Fantasporto 2017 ..."You will die"?

Watch the mash up video with excerpts from films from the selection. Coming next February, the 37th edition of the renowned film festival, considered in the Top 10 of the independent film festivals of the world, is coming, once again, to celebrate the most recent film production.   With two main competitions, Director’s Week (for all kinds of films) and Fantasy (for fantasy genre shorts and features) , the festival has received offers from 60 countries, of which only 35 w...

Fantasporto 2017 Trailers Channel

Check the trailers from films showing at Fantasporto 2017 ...


Fantasporto 2017 trailer

Discover the trailer of Fantasporto 2017!


The Age of Shadows will open Fantasporto

THE AGE OF SHADOWS, Jee-Woon Kim, 140’, South Korea (action/drama/thriller) v.o. leg. Port. – ANTESTREIA From the director of “A Tale of Two Sisters”, “I Saw The Devil” was the Óscar entry for South Korea and was invited in competition at Toronto and Venice.
Lee is a Korean police captain whose cruel Japanese overlords have charged him with rooting out members of his country’s resistance movement. But Captain Lee has a history of selling out his own people to secure a favourable position with the Japanese, he’s been hit harder than usual by the death of Kim Jan-ok (Park Hee-soon), a resistance fighter who used to be his classmate. The leader of the resistance, Che-san (Lee Byung-hun), senses that this turncoat, if approached and handled properly, might be turned once more — this time in their favour. And so begins an incremental, ingeniously coded psychological dance between Lee and a key resistance figure, whose antique shop is a front for a scheme to smuggle explosives from Shanghai into Seoul. While Lee could theoretically bring down this operation at any moment, he seems just as likely to become an ally, thanks in no small part to Kim’s skillful application of pressure…
With the action thriller “The Age of Shadows, Jee-won Kim won the Best Picture award in the Action Features category at the 2016 Fantastic Fest held in Austin Texas, it won the Korean Film Critics Award and was chosen to be the Korean candidate to the Oscars....

Fantasporto 37th gets ready, are YOU ready for the experience

The 37th edition of FANTASPORTO- OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL IS HELD BETWEEN 24TH FEBRUARY AND 4TH MARCH 2017, at the Rivoli - Municipal Theatre. So far over 50 countries have already sent their best films (features of all kinds and fantasy shorts). Our audience and guests of arround the world representing the movies or not (in general, more than 200) will attend the screenings for World, European and Portuguese premieres in the competitve sections- Fantasy, Directors Week /Manoel de Oli...


Fantasporto 2017 reveals a big line up of features and shorts

FINAL LINE -UP OF THE  37Th OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - FANTASPORTO 2017   Opening Film: The Age of Shadows- Jee-woon Kim- 140’- Coreia do Sul  Closing Film: Through the Shadow - Walter Lima Jr  (Brasil), 1h 43' 44''-  Bras    Official Sections   FANTASY FILMS IN COMPETITION  FEATURES Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time- Rob Taylor- 93’ – EUA – International Opening O... retuns as the official Media Partner of Fantasporto. 

OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FANTASPORTO 2017 Oporto Film Festival promotes films that seek new forms and methods of film making. 

37th edition of the Festival to be celebrated from February 24 to March 4, 2017.

Fantasporto and Porto Pictures Gallery and  the recent ones here  Video Gallery Fantasporto 2017 : Watch ambiance and trailers.

          Jadwal Imsakiyah Taiwan 2016        
          Lightning EarPods also be disassembled, and the secret want to know?        

  Lightning EarPods

  Apple has released its latest iPhone 7 / iphone 7 plus who canceled the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack, and then in the iPhone 7 / iphone 7 plus parts packaging box is configured using the Lightning and the Lightning connector EarPods to 3.5 mm headphone jack hole converter. So, this is how two new accessories for audio converting it? Vietnamese website Tinhte after dismantling and Lightning Lightning EarPods to 3.5 mm headphone jack converter, discovered the secret.

  Lightning EarPods also be disassembled, and the secret want to know?

  Both parts are built-in digital - analog converter chip, which EarPods built-in chip model 338S00140 / A0QK1623 / TW, converter is built 338S00140 / A0MU1621 / TW. Letters from the point of view, TW should represent Taiwan, after all, a lot of Apple parts suppliers from Taiwan. However, two specific chip vendor is still a mystery, Tinhte in dismantling its report did not mention.

  Insiders speculate that the two chips is likely to be designed by the Cirrus Logic from the United States, and then to TSMC to complete foundry, TSMC is still the main supplier of Apple's A-series chips.

  iPhone 7/7 Plus is the first to cancel the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack Apple products, according to Apple's acting style, this design trend will continue.

  In recent days we have heard, the future of Mac products will soon be lifted headphone jack, if coupled with the iPad and iPod, perhaps a few years, Apple's full line of hardware products will no longer appear headphone jack, you feel is this a good thing? Wish to express your views!

          do you know? iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus almost all parts of semiconductor manufacturing in Taiwan        

   iphone 7

  Around the iPhone 7 and mystery Apple Watch 2 who has been getting smaller and smaller, after all, in the past period of time, many media and experts have released new mobile devices Apple were very detailed "interpretation." Obviously, for these two devices, advanced semiconductor components is essential, and for iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus provide semiconductor parts, just that with Taiwan-based major suppliers.

  According to the latest reports DigiTimes, the world's largest chip packaging and testing company ASE Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has received Apple's contract, they will become the sole supplier of Apple Watch S2 chipset 2, and also mentioned that before the ASE, Apple said the company's orders are relatively conserved this year.

  In addition, ASE side also won the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Wifi parts, Touch ID fingerprint sensor and 3D Touch and other parts orders.

  The Kinsus become Apple Watch 2 main board supplier, but which Nanya PCB AG also received a small part of Apple Watch 2 main board orders.

  In recent years, Apple has been attached great importance to the chip design and polished, and the manufacture of these chips, Apple must still outsourced to the major suppliers.

          Carol GS55 Dual Impedance Vocal Microphone - ideal for PA,Karaoke & Vocals        
Carol GS55 Dual Impedance Vocal Microphone - ideal for PA,Karaoke & Vocals

Carol GS55 Dual Impedance Vocal Microphone - ideal for PA,Karaoke & Vocals

**Carol GS55 Dual Impedance Vocal Microphone Compact cardioid microphone with grey zinc alloy handle and silver shock metal grill. Uni-directional polar pattern, frequency response 50Hz - 15KHz. Comes complete with input cable.# Frequency response: 50Hz to 15,000Hz# Sensitivity: -72dB +/- 3dB# Impedance: 600 ohms# Zinc-alloy handle with elastic ball grille# Cable:4.5 metres in length# 6.5mm Input JackCarol is an ISO-9002 Quality Approved company operating out of Taiwan, they make very high quality microphonesThese are great all round microphones suitable for Karaoke or any other general microphone usage.

          iphone expensive, but it is the most cost-effective smart phone!        


  Compared to a lot of Android phones, iphone often gives the impression that the more expensive. However, despite iphone expensive, but it is the most cost-effective smart phone! Why do you say this way? Here we take a look:

  iphone most cost-effective factor of 5

  1, quality iphone mobile phone parts used are the best.

  the iphone lcd screen mainly by LG Display, Japan Display, Sharp company, its memory chip is mainly provided by Samsung, while the application by their own chip design by Taiwan's TSMC foundry and South Korea's Samsung, the baseband chip supplied by Qualcomm, which are the world's leading suppliers of parts, reprocessing Apple has been on the quality of mobile phone parts stringent requirements to ensure that the use of iphone parts are of the highest quality.

  2, iphone brings the perfect experience

  Because of iphone by Apple hardware and software control, in order to protect the iphone can give users a better experience, I believe that this is the Android phones can not be achieved.

  3, iphone super hedge

  Because Apple strictly control sales channels, so, iphone price is very strong, basically before the new listing, there is little discount phenomenon. Phase Bian Zhuo mobile phone market a few months later, the price will be significantly reduced. Therefore, for users who want to sell a used iphone, often able to sell a good price. I think this is the Android phones can not be right!

  4, IOS system

  Iphone IOS system used to fluency of the known, which is currently the Android phones can not be achieved. Even to spend two or three years, basically iphone is still very smooth. And Android phones, Oh, I believe that to spend a few months, basically Caton difficult to use it.

  Moreover, the growing number of Android flagship phone iphone price also substantially flat, since it takes the same money to buy a mobile phone, iphone facing so many advantages, why do not we buy iphone it?

          What are US companies to provide Apple iphone parts of it?        

  iphone parts

  We know that Apple is only responsible for the design iphone, provided by leading parts suppliers around the world mobile phone parts, final assembly is completed by the Taiwanese company Foxconn. So as a global product, iphone parts are what is provided by the American company? I believe this is one thing that many Americans are concerned about. Here we talk together this interesting topic:

  After investigation, we found that in 28 countries Apple supplier, but most suppliers from four places, China, Japan, the United States and Taiwan. The main parts iphone US companies have these types:

  iphone LCD screen is Gorilla Glass from Corning, the glass will create this in Kentucky, South Korea, Japan or Taiwan, but the most expensive mobile phone parts --iPhone SE value of about $ 20 a glass.

  Another application parts are more expensive processors, SE and are equipped with the 6S application processor developed by Apple, Samsung and TSMC commissioned manufacturing.

  Phone modem designed by Qualcomm, about $ 15;

  As an important part of the iphone, such as: memory, flash memory, energy management module, antenna amplifiers and transceivers, there are companies from South Korea, Japan and other places provided,

  Through this survey we can see that, although the number of parts iphone US companies Apple provided is not up, but the value is quite considerable.

          China Buka Pawagam Tercanggih Di Pulau L/C/Selatan Buktikan Kuasanya..        

Hasil carian imej untuk China buka pawagam di Laut China Selatan

BEIJING – China membuka pawagam di sebuah pulau tuntutan bertindih di Laut China Selatan dalam usaha berterusan Beijing untuk membina infrastruktur awam dan mengukuhkan kedaulatannya, lapor agensi berita Xinhua.
Menurut Xinhua pada Ahad lalu, panggung wa­yang dilengkapi peralatan paling canggih itu dibuka di Pulau Woody, dalam Kepulauan Paracel yang turut dituntut oleh Vietnam dan Taiwan.
“Pembukaan pawagam ini merupakan sebahagian daripada rancangan pihak berkuasa kebudayaan tempatan untuk mewujudkan perkhidmatan masyarakat di pulau-pulau di bawah pentadbiran Sansha,” kata Xinhua.
Pulau Woody menempatkan bandar Sansha yang menjadi pusat pentadbiran China di Laut China Selatan.
Hasil carian imej untuk China buka pawagam di Laut China Selatan
China menguasai kepulauan Paracel dalam tahun 1974 selepas bertempur de­ngan Vietnam.
Walaupun China meng­gelarnya sebagai bandar, penduduk tetap di Sansha hanyalah beberapa ribu orang, manakala banyak pulau kecil dan terumbu di sekitarnya tidak berpenghuni.
China menuntut 90 peratus daripada keseluruhan Laut China Selatan dengan Brunei, Malaysia, Filipina, Vietnam dan Taiwan turut membuat tuntutan bertindih di perairan itu. – Reuters
Hasil carian imej untuk tukang gunting rambut lelaki
Dikehendaki Segera!! Tukang Gunting Rambut Lelaki 
Berminat, sila klik ...

          Together to talk about what will get iphone7 large parts list?        


  Distance iphone7 release more and more closer to the time, eagerly anticipated by his apple fans around the world is!The release of the iphone, for fruit, but a feast.For iphone parts suppliers, however, is also a feast!So today idle have no matter, we just bold guess with the upcoming iphone7 will use which manufacturer parts or chips?What are the manufacturer is our familiar?

  A, say the brain of the iphone first - processor

  According to the law of the apple, new A10 processor is presented and the iPhone will be 7.First say now used on the iPhone 6 s the A9 processor, early in the early part of the iPhone 6 s sale, samsung and TSMC two A9 processor contract because "chip" events as we know.The media in the test of 14 nm samsung A9 processor and found that after 16 nm processors TSMC for both performance and life, fever, samsung foundry A9 processors are better than TSMC foundry A9 processor slightly inferior.

  A10 look at news, according to Taiwan media reports, apple agreed with TSMC, applied to the iPhone 7 A10 all processors will contract by the latter, is still based on 16 nm technological process, the integration of TSMC fan out wafer level packaging (InFOWLP) technology is the key to win big A10.

  Second, the screen

  According to south Korean media reports, apple and samsung have already signed an agreement, samsung will provide about 100 million over the next three years to the apple piece of OLED panel, worth 3 trillion won, about $2.59 billion.Combined with previous message, the iPhone series 7 should not big range with OLED screen, only the high-end version will be equipped with OLED screen.As for the OLED big order signed with samsung, will be left to the iPhone 7 s and even the iPhone 8.

  Iphone7 will continue to use the LCD screen, suppliers mainly JDI, LG and sharp.Considering the apple contract foxconn in recently acquired sharp, we have reason to believe that the sharp will get more iPhone 7 orders of the screen.

  Three, camera module

  7 Plus the iPhone will be equipped with dual cameras that we're tired of listening to.The recent rumors have not apple bought camera manufacturers, therefore, can be concluded that the iPhone 7 will continue to use SONY customized module.And a camera there are still great may be raised.

  Fourth, baseband chips

  Before there have been media reports said, Intel has been "pretty much" 7 LTE iPhone chip orders, up to 50%.There are media reports that Intel has 1000 or more employees in LTE chip 7360 7 development for the iPhone.The chip theory descending rate of up to 450 MBPS, uplink rate of up to 100 MBPS, support LTE category 10, and 29 LTE band.

  Rumors Intel chips for iPhone production has A long history, the 7 finally on the iPhone baseband chip implements, we have reason to believe that the future will have more cooperation with apple, Intel and even produce A series of processors in the future.After all, in terms of processor, Intel's strength is obvious to all.

  As for the other parts, suppliers should be and the iPhone 6 s, iPhone SE.

          4 large iphone7 latest rumors! Iphone6S whether the user has faint cry in the toilet it?        


  As the year the most talked about smartphones, can be described as rumors about iphone7 endless Yeah, this reaction from the side of the peoples of the world for the iphone like. This does not, the media has brought about iphone7 four properties, we look at it!

  4 large iphone7 latest rumors! iphone6S user is not already faint cry in the toilet it?

  First, the cell phone battery life longer

  We found that by using the iPhone 6s battery life iPhone 6 still did well, but also the battery capacity is low, which led to a lot of people are using iPhone 6s when the connection has been charged to treasure. IPhone users have been hoping to have a better life, removable battery design also has been one of Android phones ridicule iPhone topic. According to media analysis, Apple will use a larger battery capacity to greatly improve the life of the Apple iPhone.

  Second, support for wireless charging

  iPhone 7 will introduce wireless charging function, such Duo Anzhuo handsets have this feature in. In fact, the United States Patent and Trademark Office received 15 at the beginning of Apple wireless charging technology of the patent application, but on the iPhone 6s and not have this feature, we have reason to believe that iPhone 7 will support this feature.

  Third, the introduction of Intel baseband

  According to Taiwan's iphone for parts suppliers to disclose, iPhone 7 will introduce Intel's baseband technology, but will also retain the high pass, iPhone will be 1: 1 mix and match the two baseband. Currently iPhone 6s still stuck in LTE Cat.6 (downlink 300M / uplink 50M), but some have reached the Android flagship LTE Cat.9 (downlink 450M / uplink 50M), and is about to usher in a new LTE Cat.12 / 13 ( downlink 600Mbps / uplink 100Mbps). IPhone 7 If you use this technique, the rough estimate of the user's connection speed can increase by 50%.

  Fourth, there is no Home button

  iPhone 7 will cancel the Home key design, although some people advocate doing before, but it seems the iPhone 7 will ultimately be achieved. Apple to do so, and perhaps for the future to prepare for the introduction of a borderless screen.

  These are the latest rumors iphone7, for you, did not let his heart function?


I can feel you in my Belly


A film by: Julia Pott
Production: Royal College of Art
Sound Design: Joseph Tate
Animation Assistance: Robin Bushell
Eammon O’Neill
Ben Cady
Stephen Middleton
Theo Nunn
Voices: Olivia Gurney Randall
Cornelius Clarke
Joseph Tate
Robert Blythe
Laurence Weedy

Supported by: Passion Pictures


The Summer Show, RCA, London, 2011
See No Evil, The City Arts & Music Project, London, 2011
Short and Sweet, The Pheonix, London, 2011
Hackney Film Festival, RIO Cinema, London, 2011
Canterbury Anifest, Augustine House, Canterbury, 2011
Chicago Film Festival, 2011
Playgrounds Festival, Netherlands, 2011
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Encounters International Film Festival, Bristol, 2011
Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011
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Sundance Film Festival, 2012
Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, France 2012
Premiers Plans Film Festival, France, 2012
Flickerfest, International Short Film Festival, Australia, 2012
Tricky Women, International Competition, Vienna, 2012
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SXSW, 2012
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Flatpack Festival, Birmingham, UK, 2012
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Catalina Film Festival, 2012
World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2012
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Rooftop Films, NYC - May 25th and June 15th
Provincetown International Film Festival 2012
Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Germany, 2012
Short Shorts Film Festival, Japan, 2012
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, 2012
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Leiden International Short Film Experience, 2012
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5.International Animated Film Festival, Poland, 2012
Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2012
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Free Range Film Festival, Minnesota, 2012
International Competition at Fantoche, Switzerland, 2012
Milwaukee Film Festival, 2012
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Les Perceides – 4E - Festival International de Cinema et D’art de Perce
Concorto Film Festival, Italy, 2012
Free Range Film Festival, Minnesota, 2012
Milano International Film Festival, 2012
Animacursed Festival, Rio De Janeiro, 2012
Calgary International Film Festival, 2012
3D Wire Festival, Spain, 2012
XXII Message to Man International Film Festival, Russia, 2012
Sedicicorto Film Festival, Italy, 2012
The Grand Cinema, Tacoma, 2012
Fantoche International Film Festival, Sweden, 2012
Giraf Animation Festival, Canada, 2012
31st Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden, 2012
St. John's International Women's Film Festival, Canada, 2012
Cucalorus Film Festival, North Carolina, 2012
Corona Cork Film Festival, Ireland, 2012
Underwire Film Festival, UK, 2012
AFI Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2012


Passion Pictures Prize, 2011
Shortlisted, Ridley Scott Associates Residency, 2011
Nominated, Conran Award, 2011
Best Graduation Film, Chicago Film Festival, 2011
International Jury's Special Prize, Anilogue International Animation Festival 2011
Canal + Award, Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, France 2012
Best European Student Film, Holland Animation Film Festival, 2012
Golden Gate Award for Best Animated Short film, San Francisco International Film Festival, 2012
Royal Television Society Award, Postgraduate Animation, Finalist, 2012
New Talent Award - Fantoche International Film Festival, Sweden, 2012
Best Short, Philadelphia Film Festival, 2012
Special Jury Award for Animation at AFI Film Festival, 2012
Best Director, Underwire Film Festival, UK, 2012

Archived in the British Film Institue, 2011

Cast: Julia Pott

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          warren buffett optimistic about Apple's iphone is still the king of smart phones        

  iphone parts

  Although Apple iphone sales decline, stock prices plummeted, but it is still the focus of attention is still the world's best smartphone, is still one of the smart phone consumer favorite! Even before it has been on technology companies a wide berth Warren -warren buffett, Apple began the hunters. You can see out, Warren also optimistic about the long-term prospects for Apple!

  In addition, with iphone7 upcoming release, iphone sales will certainly take the next step! According to Taiwan before the iphone parts suppliers to disclose, iphone7 process will be very complicated; together with the previously tim cook also said the new feature will allow consumers iphone7 put it down, so we have reason to believe will give us iphone7 in a surprise, its sales will certainly soar!

  Moreover, Apple also is sitting on $ 200 billion in cash, and we do not know some of the black science and technology reserves, these are Apple's nuclear weapons. Therefore, this decline that Apple users, is undoubtedly very ridiculous!

  So, if you are an investor, still hesitating whether to invest in Apple? So now is the time, as quickly as warren buffett, hunters Apple stock now!

          iPhone 7 process will be extremely complex, ready to grab it!        


  Much of our attention this year, Apple's new iPhone 7 machine if no accident should be shipped at the end of September. According to Digitimes Digitimes reported that Taiwan's current iphone parts suppliers have already begun to prepare for the iPhone 7 series phone shipments.

  iPhone 7 process the most complex? Supplier prepare early for the shipment

  Despite recent news that many iPhone 7 will not be much change in appearance, but the internal design any generation iPhone is likely to be complicated than before. So the major suppliers to start early preparation is reasonable.

  Wherein Foxconn and Pegatron have been produced for the iPhone 7 launched a recruitment related work, including recruitment time master and at least a month earlier than usual. It is reported that the new 4.7 inches iPhone 7 will be responsible for assembling the Foxconn and Pegatron, and 5.5 inches of iPhone 7 Plus by Wistron and Foxconn is responsible for production.

  Since the iPhone 7 complex process, coupled with in order to ensure supply, the component parts for the Apple preparing at least two suppliers. This will alleviate the problem of insufficient supply iPhone 7!

          Birds You have NEVER SEEN        
These are the birds so beautiful and exotic and many of us never seen in our life time.

This beautiful and rare and exotic bird is winson's  bird of paradise.
photo from

This bird is albino peacock. picture original uploader was  abdominator at wikipedia

FlameCrest - its scientific name is Abroscopus albogularis .  picture courtesy :

This bird is Formosan Blue Magpie, also known as  Taiwan Magpie or the long-tailed mountain lady.
It is a member of the Crow family.

This bird is Golden pheasant. photo from

This bird is Lady Amherst's Pheasant. its scientific name is  Chrysolophus amherstiae.It is available in china. Photo from and

This is Nicobar Pigeon. photo from uploaded by c.burnett

This bird is polish chicken. photo from

By the way, Ask your children this question: 
Question:What do you know about Phoenix bird?
Phoenix bird is not a real bird. 
It is a mythical bird.
It can live for 500 to 1000 years.
Near the end of its life, 
it builds a nest made of twigs and
ignites that nest and falls into that fire.
When the bird burns into ashes, 
a new young phoenix bird arises 
from that ash.

an young girl with  phoenix bird tattoo

phoenix bird tattoos

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          Les produções Taiwanaises originales derramar Megadrive        
Depois de minhas compras na China, Eu pensei que seria bom fazer uma pequena atualização sobre todas as produções Megadrive informal Made in Taiwan. Embora alguns desses cartuchos foram traduzidos e republicado (Begard Príncipe, Legend of … Continue lendo
          iphone parts suppliers is about to enter winter        

iphone parts

  Taiwan's technology industry in recent years, rapid development can be said with selling Apple products, as well as the capacity to meet the company's equipment and spare parts for a steady stream of demand has a close relationship. Today, however, the situation seems to have ushered in a slight change, but it also allows many Taiwanese technology companies miserable.

  According to financial reports the company recently released data show that Apple's revenue fell the first time since 2003, iPhone sales is the first decline since the company launched the smart phone, up 61.17 million over the same period last year fell by 32 %. In addition, according to the latest market survey agency KantarWorldpanel ComTech show, Android is now in all major global markets sharply eroded share of iOS.

  It should be said that Apple released less than expected earnings outside Apple worried not only make, but also to collaborate with many of its parts suppliers face a similar dilemma. According to Nikkei Asian Review of the news that Apple is located in China Taiwan almost all suppliers, including some large technology companies have recently released similar to Apple's quarterly earnings report.

  Informed sources said that Apple's major supplier of chips TSMC June this year - in December and iPhone 6s iPhone 7 expected future chip shipments dropped to 70% or 80% in the second half of 2015. All along, Apple is the largest customer of TSMC's revenue for Apple to provide services accounted for 16% of the Taiwanese company's total revenue.

  In the "Nikkei Asian Review" tracked 19 Taiwan iphone parts suppliers, has appeared 15-year decline in revenue, and this is clearly the first time on the same iPhone sales fell it has some relevance. And in addition to the main partners TSMC and Pegatron these apples, even a relatively small proportion of those who supply Apple suppliers have also been affected. For example, the camera manufacturer in Taiwan and Taiwan LarganPrecision display panel makers AUOptronics says that because "the main customers substantially reduced orders," which led to unsatisfactory earnings season data.

  Meanwhile, some analysts believe that the "worst is far from over."

  "We all know that Apple's earnings performance in the first half will be very bad, but whether we are likely to usher in the second half and the future performance of its big selling iPhone 7 also still have doubts." Fubon Securities Investment ServicesCo analyst Arthur said.

  Although the future outlook is still not optimistic, but most of these manufacturers have not made plans for change. This is mainly because away from Apple's own means losing a huge amount of orders, and the second largest manufacturer of smart phones Samsung has been the most self-produced parts.

          Sony could soon join Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG in developing its own smartphone chips        

Forget mixed signals, Sony is reportedly as serious as it’s ever been about growing smartphone sales and profitability, despite recently closing e-shop in Europe, and posting a quarterly mobile loss for the umpteenth consecutive time.

If the Xperia Z5 trio can’t put the Japanese tech giant’s Android business on the right track, even more could ride on the Z6, which believe it or not, may pack a processor developed in-house to compete against top-shelfQualcomm Snapdragons and MediaTek Helios.

How did Sony reach this ambitious, no doubt money, time and resource-consuming decision after pondering the unloading of the unprofitable division a while back? It’s hard to say if we should go there just yet, as all we have to go on at the moment is the undependable word of Digitimes and its unnamed “industry sources.”

According to these moles, both Sony and LG want to follow Apple, Samsung, and Huawei’s suit in buildingflagship-level homebrewed application SoCs to “ramp up earnings and market share.” We’re not sure Huawei’s numbers rose primarily thanks to Kirin chips, whereas LG actually tried its hand once at an Exynos challengercalled Nuclun, failed, and is now back to the drawing board for a vastly improved, LTE-A modem-integrated second-gen.

Considering LG’s blunder, and even the time it’s taken Exynos processors to become a wide-scale Snapdragon alternative, we can’t help but wonder if Sony affords similar false steps. The Xperia family must thrive ASAP, not in 2017 or 2018, and although Sony wouldn’t produce the chips from scratch, partnering with Taiwan-based fabless ASIC design service provider Gl