BPCL awards its prestigious microsites design & implementation contract to Octaware Technologies        
by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, August 10, 2017: Octaware Technologies Limited (BSE – 540416), a leading software and business solutions development company, is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the prestigious contract from BPCL for the design and implementation of their loyalty and brand microsites. Octaware was one of the bidders and was awarded the contract, post evaluation and presentation of efficient solutions and capabilities to the evaluation committee.

The scope of work under the contract includes design and implementation of microsites for BPCL’s loyalty programs – SmartFleet & PetroBonus and other brands - Speed and In & Out. The engagement includes a period of 3 months for implementation of microsites and an additional three years of support and maintenance. Octaware Technology Limited’s expertise in the areas of online portals & enterprise systems helped them win the contract.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Aslam Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Octaware Technologies Limited, said, “We are extremely delighted to have won the prestigious contract from BPCL, our first major win in the Indian PSU sector, post our IPO in April 2017. The fact that it falls under one of Octaware’s key focus verticals of governance, demonstrates our consistent and steady inroads in the Indian market, surpassing some of the strong players in the region. We look forward to a long-term business association with BPCL”.

About Octaware Technologies Limited:
Incorporated in 2005, Octaware Technologies Ltd is a software development company providing a range of information technology solutions. The company designs, develops, and maintains software systems and solutions. Company's services include custom software development, ECM/portal solution, ERP and CRM implementation, mobile platform solution, RFID solution, cloud and IT infrastructure services, consulting services and geospatial services.
Octaware provides specialized software application and product development services and solutions in the areas of healthcare, finance, and e-government industry. The company has proprietary products for domestic, as well as international markets, such as PowerERM – Human Capital Relationship Management, Hospice – Healthcare and Citizen Services solution, and iOnAsset – Inventory management and tracking System etc. These products are available as packaged products as well as software-as-a-service model integrated with legacy system.
Octaware Technologies Limited (BSE – 540416), got listed on the BSE –SME platform on April 3, 2017 and was oversubscribed by 148%, providing testimony to the faith, the investors have reposed in the company.

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          US company to offer microchip implants to employees        

Over the past few years, the security industry has begun to embrace many new technologies—robotics, the cloud, biometrics, for example—but one company here in the U.S., Three Square Market, is pushing the boundaries of RFID technology by offering to implant tiny RFID chips—the size of a grain of rice—into its employees’ hands between the thumb and forefinger.

The chip would allow employees to not only buy snacks in the break room but also have their hands function as a mobile key to gain access to the building and other doors, which makes me think of the possible applications/ramifications within security.

Implanting chips in employee’s hands is already being done in Sweden, where an organization named Epicenter is having success with an increasing number of employees there opting to get the implant. Here in the U.S., Three Square Market says it has approximately 50 employees who are interested in getting the implant, and unlike in Sweden, the company is paying for the $300 procedure for its employees. Three Square Market partnered with a Swedish firm, BioHax International, to make the chip and is planning to sell the technology to other companies.

"Eventually, this technology will become standardized, allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc.," chief executive Todd Westby wrote in a blog post announcing the program, noting that there is even potential for storing medical/health information, and for use as payment at other RFID terminals.

But one has to wonder what security vulnerabilities this could create, especially in protecting the data on that chip from being hacked, stolen and/or compromised, etc. Not to mention, the “creepy” factor here, as mass adoption of microchip implants is dubious, at best.

Maybe some day, like in the year 2112, but in the short term, I do think there is good fodder here for a futuristic sci-fi movie.

          Entendendo um pouco mais sobre as Grids        
Antes de fazer uso das Grids, temos que estabelecer algumas constantes. A primeira será a resolução de tela que nossos visitantes mais usam. Isso é conseguido pelo Analytics, ou ou programa de estatísticas de site.

Resolução de Tela
A maioria hoje em dia usa uma resolução de 1034 x 768. A apresentação das informações, geralmente ocupam, em um browser, 974 x 650 até a quebra de linha (quebra de linha seria o fim da tela do computador).

Então, um layout com dimensões de 960px seria o mais adequado.

Outra constante que deve ser avaliada, são os anúncios do Adsense. O maior bloco de anúncio seria a Caixa Grande de 336 x 280. Trabalhando com medidas em cima deste bloco, já otimizamos espaços para outros, como, o de 300 x 250.

Com medidas em cima deste bloco os outros anúncios estão com espaços garantidos.

Unidades e Colunas
As Grids são compostas de unidades e colunas uniformes que darão sustentação ao Designer do site.

A Grid
Em geral sempre estabelecemos unidades em multiplos de 3 ou 4. Por exempo 6, 8, 12, 14, etc.

Veja um Grid com 3 colunas e cada coluna com 4 unidades.

Grid com 2 colunas com 6 unidades.

Grid com 4 colunas com 3 unidades.

Grid com 6 colunas com 2 unidades.

As variações e combinações são diversas, mas vendo estes exemplos, já se pode ter uma idéia de como podemos criar vários layouts em cima de um grid.

Não fique preocupado(a) se não entender, ainda, para que serve as Grids. Em posts futuro verá que são muito práticas.

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          Senza titolo        
Napoleon Dynamite

Cast Jon Heder, Jon Gries, Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino, Sandy Martin, Haylie Duff, Shondrella Avery Genere Commedia

Preston, Idaho, USA. Napoleon Dynamite è un adolescente frustrato e alienato che vive con la nonna e il fratello trentenne, Skip, aspirante karateca impegnato in lunghe conversazioni via internet con la fidanzata LaFawnduh. Napoleon invece, passa le giornate cercando di migliorare le sue doti artistiche di ballerino e disegnatore e facendo progetti insieme al suo unico amico Pedro, da poco emigrato dal Messico, che ha deciso di candidarsi come presidente del comitato studentesco contro la bella e perfida Summer. Per vincere le elezioni, i due ragazzi si avvalgono anche dei consigli della timida Deb, segretamente innamorata di Napoleon. Purtroppo, a complicare la già difficile vita del ragazzo, sopraggiunge l'inconcludente zio Rico, nostalgico degli anni '80, alla ricerca di un modo per fare soldi facili.

Voto: 6

Sinceramente pensavo molto meglio. Ne avevo sentito parlare come un film rivelazione, un film divertentissimo...mi ha un po' deluso...probabilmente gli americani si divertono con poco...

          The Beckoning of Nuclear War        
SUBHEAD: A glimpse of sanity, or simple pragmatism, is anathema to our "national security" managers.

By John Pilger on 4 August 2017 for JohnPilger.com -

[IB Publisher's note: As much as Trump may not wish a nuclear exchange with Russia, he seems quite amenable to turning North Korea into an ashtray. World War III may begin in  Guam and relay to Hawaii on its way  to the US mainland. Here in Hawaii it may mean Duck and Cover!]

Image above: Detail of original paperback cover of Nevil Shute's 1957 novel "On the Beach". From (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/267542034087528868).

In Nevil Shute's book "On the Beach" the US submarine captain says;
"We've all got to die one day, some sooner and some later. The trouble always has been that you're never ready, because you don't know when it's coming. Well, now we do know and there's nothing to be done about it."
He says he will be dead by September. It will take about a week to die, though no one can be sure. Animals live the longest.

The war was over in a month. The United States, Russia and China were the protagonists. It is not clear if it was started by accident or mistake. There was no victor. The northern hemisphere is contaminated and lifeless now.

A curtain of radioactivity is moving south towards Australia and New Zealand, southern Africa and South America. By September, the last cities, towns and villages will succumb. As in the north, most buildings will remain untouched, some illuminated by the last flickers of electric light.
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper

These two lines from T.S. Eliot's poem The Hollow Men appear at the beginning of Nevil Shute's novel On the Beach, which left me close to tears. The endorsements on the cover said the same.

Published in 1957 at the height of the Cold War when too many writers were silent or cowed, it is a masterpiece. At first the language suggests a genteel relic; yet nothing I have read on nuclear war is as unyielding in its warning. No book is more urgent.

Some readers will remember the black and white Hollywood film starring Gregory Peck as the US Navy commander who takes his submarine to Australia to await the silent, formless spectre descending on the last of the living world.

I read On the Beach for the first time the other day, finishing it as the US Congress passed a law to wage economic war on Russia, the world's second most lethal nuclear power.  There was no justification for this insane vote, except the promise of plunder.

The "sanctions" are aimed at Europe, too, mainly Germany, which depends on Russian natural gas and on European companies that do legitimate business with Russia. In what passed for debate on Capitol Hill, the more garrulous senators left no doubt that the embargo was designed to force Europe to import expensive American gas.

Their main aim seems to be war - real war. No provocation as extreme can suggest anything else. They seem to crave it, even though Americans have little idea what war is. The Civil War of 1861-5 was the last on their mainland. War is what the United States does to others.

The only nation to have used nuclear weapons against human beings, they have since destroyed scores of governments, many of them democracies, and laid to waste whole societies - the million deaths in Iraq were a fraction of the carnage in Indo-China, which President Reagan called "a noble cause" and President Obama revised as the tragedy of an "exceptional people"He was not referring to the Vietnamese.

Filming last year at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, I overheard a National Parks Service guide lecturing a school party of young teenagers. "Listen up," he said. "We lost 58,000 young soldiers in Vietnam, and they died defending your freedom."

At a stroke, the truth was inverted. No freedom was defended. Freedom was destroyed. A peasant country was invaded and millions of its people were killed, maimed, dispossessed, poisoned; 60,000 of the invaders took their own lives. Listen up, indeed.

A lobotomy is performed on each generation. Facts are removed. History is excised and replaced by what Time magazine calls "an eternal present".

Harold Pinter described this as "manipulation of power worldwide, while masquerading as a force for universal good, a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis [which meant] that it never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest."

Those who call themselves liberals or tendentiously "the left" are eager participants in this manipulation, and its brainwashing, which today revert to one name: Trump.

Trump is mad, a fascist, a dupe of Russia. He is also a gift for "liberal brains pickled in the formaldehyde of identity politics", wrote Luciana Bohne memorably. The obsession with Trump the man - not Trump as a symptom and caricature of an enduring system - beckons great danger for all of us.

While they pursue their fossilised anti-Russia agendas, narcissistic media such as the Washington Post, the BBC and the Guardian suppress the essence of the most important political story of our time as they warmonger on a scale I cannot remember in my lifetime.

On 3 August, in contrast to the acreage the Guardian has given to drivel that the Russians conspired with Trump (reminiscent of the far-right smearing of John Kennedy as a "Soviet agent"), the paper buried, on page 16, news that the President of the United States was forced to sign a Congressional bill declaring economic war on Russia. Unlike every other Trump signing, this was conducted in virtual secrecy and attached with a caveat from Trump himself that it was "clearly unconstitutional".

A coup against the man in the White House is under way. This is not because he is an odious human being, but because he has consistently made clear he does not want war with Russia.

This glimpse of sanity, or simple pragmatism, is anathema to the "national security" managers who guard a system based on war, surveillance, armaments, threats and extreme capitalism. Martin Luther King called them "the greatest purveyors of violence in the world today".

They have encircled Russia and China with missiles and a nuclear arsenal. They have used neo-Nazis to instal an unstable, aggressive regime on Russia's "borderland" - the way through which Hitler invaded, causing the deaths of 27 million people.  Their goal is to dismember the modern Russian Federation.

In response, "partnership" is a word used incessantly by Vladimir Putin - anything, it seems, that might halt an evangelical drive to war in the United States. Incredulity in Russia may have now turned to fear and perhaps a certain resolution. The Russians almost certainly have war-gamed nuclear counter strikes. Air-raid drills are not uncommon. Their history tells them to get ready.

The threat is simultaneous. Russia is first, China is next. The US has just completed a huge military exercise with Australia known as Talisman Sabre. They rehearsed a blockade of the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea, through which pass China's economic lifelines.

The admiral commanding the US Pacific fleet said that, "if required", he would nuke China. That he would say such a thing publicly in the current perfidious atmosphere begins to make fact of Nevil Shute's fiction.

None of this is considered news. No connection is made as the bloodfest of Passchendaele a century ago is remembered. Honest reporting is no longer welcome in much of the media. Windbags, known as pundits, dominate: editors are infotainment or party line managers. Where there was once sub-editing, there is the liberation of axe-grinding clichés. Those journalists who do not comply are defenestrated.

The urgency has plenty of precedents. In my film, The Coming War on China, John Bordne, a member of a US Air Force missile combat crew based in Okinawa, Japan, describes how in 1962 - during the Cuban missile crisis - he and his colleagues were "told to launch all the missiles" from their silos.

Nuclear armed, the missiles were aimed at both China and Russia. A junior officer questioned this, and the order was eventually rescinded - but only after they were issued with service revolvers and ordered to shoot at others in a missile crew if they did not "stand down".

At the height of the Cold War, the anti-communist hysteria in the United States was such that US officials who were on official business in China were accused of treason and sacked. In 1957 - the year Shute wrote On the Beach - no official in the State Department could speak the language of the world's most populous nation. Mandarin speakers were purged under strictures now echoed in the Congressional bill that has just passed, aimed at Russia.

The bill was bipartisan. There is no fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans. The terms "left" and "right" are meaningless. Most of America's modern wars were started not by conservatives, but by liberal Democrats.

When Obama left office, he presided over a record seven wars, including America's longest war and an unprecedented campaign of extrajudicial killings - murder - by drones.

In his last year, according to a Council on Foreign Relations study, Obama, the "reluctant liberal warrior", dropped 26,171 bombs - three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day.  Having pledged to help "rid the world" of nuclear weapons, the Nobel Peace Laureate built more nuclear warheads than any president since the Cold War.

Trump is a wimp by comparison. It was Obama - with his secretary of state Hillary Clinton at his side - who destroyed Libya as a modern state and launched the human stampede to Europe. At home, immigration groups knew him as the "deporter-in-chief".

One of Obama's last acts as president was to sign a bill that handed a record $618billion to the Pentagon, reflecting the soaring ascendancy of fascist militarism in the governance of the United States. Trump has endorsed this.

Buried in the detail was the establishment of a "Center for Information Analysis and Response". This is a ministry of truth. It is tasked with providing an "official narrative of facts" that will prepare us for the real possibility of nuclear war - if we allow it.

Video above: "On the Beach" the complete 1959 movie from Nevil Shute's  novel. From (https://youtu.be/Ue8hC5qqMt4).


          Blog Post: Gotta Snatch ‘Em All        

Activision has high hopes for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The company has shifted away from peripheral-based games – RIP Tony Hawk Ride, DJ Hero, and Guitar Hero – but this new title features interaction with physical objects on a smaller scale. The game utilizes little plastic figurines and incorporates them into games with a portal peripheral. Read on for what you need to know about the game.[Excerpt]

•    There will be more than 30 figurines available. Each is about two inches tall, brightly colored and brimming with detail. They aren’t poseable or articulated, but kids will probably think they’re neat. Expect to pay about $10 or less for each one.
•    Each figurine has a translucent green base, which contains an RFID chip. When it’s placed on the portal, the character is “transported” into the game, whether it’s on the 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. Then that character is available as a playable hero. Characters can be swapped out on the fly, and the process is pretty quick, taking around three or so seconds.
•    Characters retain their XP and items between all of the different versions of the games. You can play with a friend on their console, and then continue your adventure at home.
•    The game isn’t the same across all platforms. For example, the 3DS version is more action/platforming oriented, with an emphasis on speed. The console counterparts are more focused on exploration, action, and puzzle solving.
•    The console version has a decent variety of gameplay, and it’s what you might expect from a game geared toward younger players. It’s colorful, and the puzzles I saw centered around finding keys. Activision says other puzzles include block puzzles, puzzles with moving tumblers, and light-refraction puzzles.
•    The game encourages players to swap characters out often, with areas that are otherwise gated. Each of the critters has one of six elemental traits, so you have to have the correct one to proceed in these optional areas. Players can beat the game using the three figures that are contained in the starter pack, though they’ll have to buy at least three more to see the rest that the game offers.
•    The console versions support co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. I saw an arena battle filled with player-activated spike traps and teleporters. Players earn XP in these modes, too.
•    The characters are diverse, which extends beyond their appearance. Each one has their own unique fighting abilities. Bash, a rock dragon, can use a 360-degree tailspin attack. Flameslinger is an elven archer who excels at ranged combat. Stump Smash is a tree who’s angry that he was partially logged and releases his frustration with hands that are like giant wooden mallets. Prism Break is a rock crystal golem who shoots lasers and can also position light-bending crystals on the ground. Trigger Happy is a crazy little critter who dual wields pistols, chucks buckets of coins at enemies, and fires gold at bad guys with a mounted turret. I didn’t see anything close to a simple palette swap in the game, which would be tremendously disappointing in a game where you’re essentially buying characters.

          Blog Post: Gotta Snatch ‘Em All        

Activision has high hopes for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The company has shifted away from peripheral-based games – RIP Tony Hawk Ride, DJ Hero, and Guitar Hero – but this new title features interaction with physical objects on a smaller scale. The game utilizes little plastic figurines and incorporates them into games with a portal peripheral. Read on for what you need to know about the game.[Excerpt]

•    There will be more than 30 figurines available. Each is about two inches tall, brightly colored and brimming with detail. They aren’t poseable or articulated, but kids will probably think they’re neat. Expect to pay about $10 or less for each one.
•    Each figurine has a translucent green base, which contains an RFID chip. When it’s placed on the portal, the character is “transported” into the game, whether it’s on the 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. Then that character is available as a playable hero. Characters can be swapped out on the fly, and the process is pretty quick, taking around three or so seconds.
•    Characters retain their XP and items between all of the different versions of the games. You can play with a friend on their console, and then continue your adventure at home.
•    The game isn’t the same across all platforms. For example, the 3DS version is more action/platforming oriented, with an emphasis on speed. The console counterparts are more focused on exploration, action, and puzzle solving.
•    The console version has a decent variety of gameplay, and it’s what you might expect from a game geared toward younger players. It’s colorful, and the puzzles I saw centered around finding keys. Activision says other puzzles include block puzzles, puzzles with moving tumblers, and light-refraction puzzles.
•    The game encourages players to swap characters out often, with areas that are otherwise gated. Each of the critters has one of six elemental traits, so you have to have the correct one to proceed in these optional areas. Players can beat the game using the three figures that are contained in the starter pack, though they’ll have to buy at least three more to see the rest that the game offers.
•    The console versions support co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. I saw an arena battle filled with player-activated spike traps and teleporters. Players earn XP in these modes, too.
•    The characters are diverse, which extends beyond their appearance. Each one has their own unique fighting abilities. Bash, a rock dragon, can use a 360-degree tailspin attack. Flameslinger is an elven archer who excels at ranged combat. Stump Smash is a tree who’s angry that he was partially logged and releases his frustration with hands that are like giant wooden mallets. Prism Break is a rock crystal golem who shoots lasers and can also position light-bending crystals on the ground. Trigger Happy is a crazy little critter who dual wields pistols, chucks buckets of coins at enemies, and fires gold at bad guys with a mounted turret. I didn’t see anything close to a simple palette swap in the game, which would be tremendously disappointing in a game where you’re essentially buying characters.

          Blog Post: Gotta Snatch ‘Em All        

Activision has high hopes for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The company has shifted away from peripheral-based games – RIP Tony Hawk Ride, DJ Hero, and Guitar Hero – but this new title features interaction with physical objects on a smaller scale. The game utilizes little plastic figurines and incorporates them into games with a portal peripheral. Read on for what you need to know about the game.[Excerpt]

•    There will be more than 30 figurines available. Each is about two inches tall, brightly colored and brimming with detail. They aren’t poseable or articulated, but kids will probably think they’re neat. Expect to pay about $10 or less for each one.
•    Each figurine has a translucent green base, which contains an RFID chip. When it’s placed on the portal, the character is “transported” into the game, whether it’s on the 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. Then that character is available as a playable hero. Characters can be swapped out on the fly, and the process is pretty quick, taking around three or so seconds.
•    Characters retain their XP and items between all of the different versions of the games. You can play with a friend on their console, and then continue your adventure at home.
•    The game isn’t the same across all platforms. For example, the 3DS version is more action/platforming oriented, with an emphasis on speed. The console counterparts are more focused on exploration, action, and puzzle solving.
•    The console version has a decent variety of gameplay, and it’s what you might expect from a game geared toward younger players. It’s colorful, and the puzzles I saw centered around finding keys. Activision says other puzzles include block puzzles, puzzles with moving tumblers, and light-refraction puzzles.
•    The game encourages players to swap characters out often, with areas that are otherwise gated. Each of the critters has one of six elemental traits, so you have to have the correct one to proceed in these optional areas. Players can beat the game using the three figures that are contained in the starter pack, though they’ll have to buy at least three more to see the rest that the game offers.
•    The console versions support co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. I saw an arena battle filled with player-activated spike traps and teleporters. Players earn XP in these modes, too.
•    The characters are diverse, which extends beyond their appearance. Each one has their own unique fighting abilities. Bash, a rock dragon, can use a 360-degree tailspin attack. Flameslinger is an elven archer who excels at ranged combat. Stump Smash is a tree who’s angry that he was partially logged and releases his frustration with hands that are like giant wooden mallets. Prism Break is a rock crystal golem who shoots lasers and can also position light-bending crystals on the ground. Trigger Happy is a crazy little critter who dual wields pistols, chucks buckets of coins at enemies, and fires gold at bad guys with a mounted turret. I didn’t see anything close to a simple palette swap in the game, which would be tremendously disappointing in a game where you’re essentially buying characters.

          DotA 6.74c | Official DotA v6.74c Map Download & Changelog        

Die "ehrenamtlichen Autor*innen" haben aus einem alten Stand des Wikipedia-Artikels zu Martenstein selektiv alles kopiert, was GEGEN Martenstein sprechen könnte. (...) Es wurde konsequent alles weggelassen, was FÜR Martenstein sprechen könnte: positive Meinungen, Auszeichnungen, Publikationen.

(...) Harald Martenstein ist in ein- und demselbem Wiki mit der "Identitären Bewegung" aufgeführt, die vom Verfassungsschutz beobachtet wird. Mit der AfD und deren Jugendorganisation. Mit der Piusbruderschaft. Mit radikalen Abtreibungsgegnern. Es gibt zwischen den genannten Organisationen und Martenstein ganz sicher weit mehr Unterschiede als Gemeinsamkeiten.

Die Haltung der Organisationen und Personen in diesem Wiki reicht von strikter Ablehnung bis hin zur strikten Befürwortung der Gleichberechtigung. Ohne eine seriöse Einstufung der Organisationen und Personen in Bezug auf diese entscheidende Frage ist das Wiki folglich völlig wertlos.

Es gibt keine Systematik. Es sind keine wissenschaftlichen Kriterien für die Aufnahme von Personen und Organisationen erkennbar. Es ist auch keine seriöse Arbeitsweise erkennbar: Selektives Kopieren aus einem alten Wikipedia-Artikel wie im Fall Martenstein würde man nicht einmal Schülerinnen und Schülern durchgehen lassen.

Es kann nur zwei Konsequenzen geben: Entweder das Wiki wird sofort als Ganzes vom Netz genommen. Oder es werden so harte Kriterien angelegt, dass darin ausschließlich eindeutige Gegner der Gleichberechtigung auftauchen. In der aktuell vorliegenden Form ist es einfach nicht akzeptabel.

Auf der Website "Tichys Einblick" kritisiert Alexander Wallasch die "grünen Rufmörder" und ihre "faschistoid anmutende Schweinerei aus dem Schmuckkästchen dieses neuen deutschen Denunziantentums nach altbekannten Mustern". Auch dieser Artikel ist in Gänze lesenswert. Ein Auszug:

Ziel ist es offensichtlich, Personen, die den Machern durch von ihnen selbst behauptete "Angriffe gegen Feminismus, Gleichstellungspolitik, sexuelle Selbstbestimmung, gleichgeschlechtliche Lebensweisen und Geschlechterforschung" auffallen, durch Verzerrung und konjunktivistische Unterstellungen unter dem Mantel eines seriös wirkenden Wikipedia-Klons zu diskreditieren, für die Debatte unglaubwürdig zu machen, als Stimmen im öffentlichen Diskurs auf Dauer auf stumm zu schalten. (...) Natürlich tauchen auf der neuen Seite Personen mit mehr als fragwürdigen Ansichten auf, aber man nutzt diese Randfiguren um den Versuch zu unternehmen, sich unliebsamer weiterer Debattenteilnehmer zu entledigen.

Wallasch wählt den Umgang des Prangers mit Birgit Kelle als Beispiel:

Schön auch Sätze wie dieser hier: "Birgit Kelle scheint enge Kontakte zu den Legionären Christi zu haben." "Scheint" ist das neue "ist". Man behauptet, was man nicht weiß und bettet es ein in Scheinwissen unter dem Deckmantel eines Wikipedi-Fake-Auftritts.

Nun könnte man Satz für Satz und Eintrag für Eintrag so fortfahren, dieses Denunziantentum in seinem ganzen Ausmaß zu dechiffrieren. Und das Ding befindet sich noch in den Startlöchern, will also ausgebaut werden. (...) Einzig die Frage bleibt noch, wie verletzt, wie enthemmt oder wie sonst was oberflächlich gebildete Menschen sein müssen, nach einer so umfangreichen Rezeption von Faschismus und Staatssicherheitssystem, wie sie uns heute zur Verfügung steht, auf diese schmutzige Weise zu agieren.

Im Anschluss an seine Analyse hat Wallasch eine Reihe von Tweets zusammengestellt, mit denen bekannte Journalisten auf diese Widerwärtigkeit reagieren.

Und schließlich widmet sich der Gymnasiallehrer und Blogger Lucas Schoppe dem grünen Pranger:

Ein ganzes Lexikon also für die Kritik der Kritik an feministischen Positionen. Warum ist das nötig? Für viele Menschen ist das Thema Feminismus nicht sonderlich relevant, und auch wenn immer wieder Kritik an bestimmten feministischen Positionen geäußert wird: Warum sollte diese Kritik weniger legitim sein als die an anderen politischen Positionen? Wir würden schließlich auch niemanden als "Antiliberalen" bezeichnen, nur weil er Vorstellungen der FDP kritisiert, oder Merkel-Kritiker als "Antichristdemokraten", oder gar als "Antichristen".

(...) Auch die Auswahl der vorgestellten Personen wirkt beliebig. Ein Linksliberaler wie Hoffmann steht neben Björn Höcke, der selbst in der AfD noch rechts außen agiert – der Schriftsteller Bernhard Lassahn, der vor seinen feminismus-kritischen Texten zusammen mit Walter Moers die Käpt’n Blaubär Geschichten verfasst hatte, neben Marine LePen.

Diese unstrukturierte, beliebig wirkende Mischung hat jedenfalls die Konsequenz, dass hier liberale Autoren und Rechtsaußen-Akteure unterschiedslos nebeneinander präsentiert werden – als würde jemand, der Kritik an feministischen Positionen übt, ganz gewiss auch bald fordern, auf Flüchtlinge zu schießen.

(...) Hoffmanns Vorwurf, es würde sich bei dem Lexikon eigentlich um einen öffentlich finanzierten Online-Pranger handeln, ist auch aus diesem Grund kaum von der Hand zu weisen. Eine diskreditierende Darstellung, die verfälschend oder hoch selektiv auf belastende Hinweise konzentriert ist, Kontexte außer Acht lässt und linksliberale Kritiker direkt neben Rechtsaußen-Akteure platziert: Diese Art der Darstellung kann eben nur denjenigen Betroffenen in ihrer bürgerlichen Existenz schaden, die auch unter Klarnamen bekannt sind.

Es geht den Betreiber*innen also offensichtlich darum, Kritiker einzuschüchtern – und zwar eben gerade keine Kritiker von rechtsaußen, weil die durch die gemeinsame Auflistung mit linken und liberalen Akteuren ja eher entlastet werden. Es geht um die Einschüchterung von eben solchen linksliberalen Kritikern – denn nur die können durch die beliebige Assoziation mit Rechtsaußen-Positionen ja beschädigt werden.

(...) Wie ist es schließlich gar zu legitimieren, dass hier aus der weit überlegenen Positionen eines millionenschweren, steuermittelfinanzierten Vereins einzelne Akteure gezielt diskreditiert werden, nur weil sie politisch inopportune Meinungen vertreten? Es sind immerhin meist Akteure, die meist in ihrer Freizeit und auf eigene Kosten zur öffentlichen Meinungsbildung beitragen.

(...) Wenn sich daneben die immensen Summen für die parteinahen Vereine, die sich "Stiftungen" nennen, überhaupt legitimieren lassen, dann doch allenfalls als Beiträge zur Förderung eines offenen demokratischen Diskurses. Hier aber geht es zweifellos eher darum, einen solchen Diskurs zu verhindern.

(...) Die Verantwortlichen ziehen sich vor einer vermeintlich feindlichen Umwelt zurück und bieten sich gegenseitig Schutz. Vor allem achten sie darauf, dass niemand weit genug den Kopf hebt, um sehen zu können, dass da draußen gar keine feindseligen und blutdürstigen Krieger toben – sondern dass es dort einfach Kritiker unterschiedlicher politischer Lager gibt, wie das für eine Demokratie völlig normal und angemessen ist.

Wer so agiert, der ist tief in der Defensive, kann kaum noch andere Menschen gewinnen und hat Mühe, zumindest die eigenen Leute zusammen zu halten. In die Offensive kommen die Verantwortlichen nicht durch die offene sachliche Auseinandersetzung, sondern nur durch persönliche Angriffe auf Kritiker.

So handeln Menschen, die zwar finanziell und institutionell aus einer weit überlegenen Position agieren – die aber zugleich wissen, dass sie argumentativ längst auf verlorenem Posten stehen.

Was uns an Argumenten fehlt, das machen wir durch Skrupellosigkeit wieder wett: Diese Haltung kann bestenfalls noch für wahre Gläubige überzeugend sein, aber für kritische Anhänger der eigenen Partei ist sie vermutlich ebenso abstoßend wie für Menschen, die erst noch überzeugt werden müssten.

So ist diese Mischung aus Pranger, schwarzer Liste und rudimentärem Lexikon potenziell also vor allem für eine Gruppe schädlich, und dies ausgerechnet im Wahljahr: für Bündnis90/Die Grünen, die hier Steuergelder einsetzen, um demokratische Diskurse zu behindern und links-liberale politische Akteure unsachlich zu diskreditieren.

Der aktuellsten Umfrage zur Bundestagswahl zufolge hat Schwarz-Gelb übrigens inzwischen eine regierungsfähige Mehrheit. Daran haben nicht zuletzt die Grünen emsig gearbeitet.

Wir machen weiter mit genau jener Presseschau, mit der sich Genderama den denunziatorischen Hass des Genderlagers erarbeitet hat:

2. Das vor allem von der damaligen Frauenministerin Schwesig (SPD) durchgedrückte, verschärfte Sexualstrafrecht wurde von Genderama immer wieder kritisiert – auch mit dem Hinweis darauf, dass dieses Gesetz im Schnellschuss verabschiedet wurde, ohne die Ergebnisse der dafür eingesetzten Expertenkommission abzuwarten. Jetzt liegt dieser Abschlussbericht vor, und er ist so vernichtend, wie man das erwarten durfte:

Die Experten bedauern, "dass die Änderungen in großer Eile herbeigeführt" wurden. Der Paragraf 177 im Strafgesetzbuch – sexuelle Übergriffe, sexuelle Nötigung und Vergewaltigung – sei "überfrachtet" und entspreche nicht "den rechtsförmlichen Vorgaben einer guten Gesetzgebung". Die Nötigungs- und Übergriffstatbestände sollten besser separat behandelt und die Praxis der "Nein-heißt-Nein"-Lösung kritisch begutachtet werden. Noch härter ins Gericht geht die Kommission mit dem neu geschaffenen Paragrafen, der Straftaten aus Gruppen ahnden soll.

Die Experten empfehlen deshalb eine "Reform der Reform".

3. Wie die Ostsee-Zeitung berichtet, verhandelt das Landesverfassungsgericht Mecklenburg-Vorpommern heute über die Verfassungsbeschwerde eines Beamten, der sich durch das Landesgleichstellungsgesetz benachteiligt sieht:

Der Mitarbeiter des Bürgerbeauftragten des Landes kritisiert, dass nur weibliche Beschäftigte aus ihrem Kreis eine Gleichstellungsbeauftragte wählen dürfen. Dies verstößt seiner Meinung nach gegen das Grundgesetz und die Landesverfassung, die die Gleichstellung von Frau und Mann garantierten.

Laut einer anscheinend noch unveröffentlichten, ausführlichen Agenturmeldung, die mir zugespielt wurde, ist ein Urteil auf diese Klage noch nicht zu erwarten. Die Meldung zitiert den Linken-Landtagsabgeordneten Peter Ritter mit folgenden Worten: "Ich finde es fatal, Männern dieses Wahlrecht zu versagen." Die Regierungsparteien CDU und SPD hielten aber an der aktuellen Regelung fest. So argumentiere die CDU-Politikerin Maika Friemann-Jennert, es gebe noch immer strukturelle Benachteiligung der Frauen und es sei ihr Wunsch, dass sie allein die Gleichstellungsbeauftragten wählen

4. Nur mal zur Auflockerung zwischendurch: Was macht eigentlich mittlerweile Lann Hornscheidt?

5. In den letzten Jahren wurde immer wieder mal darauf hingewiesen, dass Herzerkrankungen bei Frauen unter- oder spätdiagnostiziert seien, was (natürlich) mit einer Diskriminierung durch Mediziner in Verbindung gebracht wurde. Jetzt zeigt sich: Frauen achten weniger auf ihr Herz – "und zwar nicht nur bei der Vorsorge, sondern auch im Notfall". Insofern liegt der Grund für eine späte Diagnose weniger in einer patriarchalen Unterdrückung als im Verhalten von Frauen selbst:

Bei einem akuten Herzinfarkt beispielsweise, bei dem jede Minute zählt, rufen Frauen im Schnitt eine Stunde später Hilfe als Männer. Und liegen damit um eine Stunde später auf dem Operationstisch. "Aus für mich nicht ganz nachvollziehbaren Gründen", sagt Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer.

6. In Großbritannien sorgt die Entscheidung, Jungen von der Impfung gegen krebserregende HPV-Viren auszunehmenn, für Kritik. Die BBC berichtet.

7. Erneut belegt eine aktuelle Untersuchung, dass Männer genauso häufig online belästigt werden wie Frauen. Für das liberale Magazin Reason legt die Equity-Feministin Cathy Young einen wie bei ihr üblich ausgesprochen gelungenen Artikel über diese Studie vor:

A new study released by the Pew Research Center supports what some of us have argued all along about online harassment: that it affects men as much as women and that the problem should not be framed as a gender issue — or defined so broadly as to chill legitimate criticism.

If anything, the study says, men tend to get more online abuse than women, including serious abuse such as physical threats (though women are, predictably, more likely to be sexually harassed). However, when people are asked about free speech vs. safety on the internet, women are more likely to come down on the side of the latter. Thus, it is very likely future efforts at speech regulation will continue to be cast as "feminist" initiatives.

(...) A basic premise of these discussions has been that women, especially outspoken women, are specifically and maliciously targeted for hate, abuse, and threats; many feminists have claimed internet misogyny is the civil rights issue of our time.

(...) Few will be surprised to learn that women under 30 were substantially more likely than their male peers — 53 percent vs. 37 percent — to report receiving unsolicited sexually explicit images. But in a more counterintuitive finding, men in that age group were more likely than women — 14 percent vs. 10 percent — to say that explicit images of them had been shared online without their consent. (For those 30 and older, the figure was 5 percent for both sexes.)

This differs sharply from feminist scholars' claims that 90 percent of so-called "revenge porn" targets women, a figure based on a self-selected and mostly female sample. But it supports a 2013 study by McAfee Security in which men were more likely to report both being threatened with having intimate photos of them posted online and actually having such photos posted.

(...) And all the dramatic claims about the terrible hardship of being a woman on the internet with an opinion? Entirely wrong: men in the Pew survey were almost twice as likely as women (19 percent vs. 10 percent) to say they had been harassed online due to their political opinions.

(...) There is really no way to massage the Pew data to fit the women-as-victim narrative — but some tried. Gizmodo's Bryan Menegus simply misstated the findings, asserting that although men are targeted more overall, "women — especially young women — make up an outsized proportion of users who experience the most severe forms of harassment, like stalking and threats." Vox's Aja Romano wrote that "more severe harassment disproportionately affects younger internet users, women, and people of color."

But the dishonest reporting prize goes to Slate's Christina Cauterucci, who cherry-picked the few numbers showing worse harassment of women, ignored the ones showing equal or worse abuse of men, and finished by upbraiding males for not taking online harassment seriously. Headline: "Four in 10 People Get Harassed Online But Young Men Don't Think It's a Big Deal, Says New Survey."

Männer scheinen im Schnitt einfach härter im Nehmen zu sein als Frauen:

56 percent of men opted for more freedom, two-thirds of women for more safety. (...) It is (...) likely that women's views of the issue are influenced by the false perception that women are singled out for constant and vicious abuse on the internet.

The Pew report points out that online harassment is, to a large extent, a subjective concept. Even something as ostensibly straightforward as a physical threat can be a matter of interpretation: Is "I hope you get cancer" a threat? How about "Kill yourself"? The definition of sexual harassment is even blurrier: "Wow, you look hot" in response to a photo posted to Twitter or Facebook could be sexual harassment to an overzealous feminist but a perfectly acceptable compliment to someone else.

8. Das Magazin Reason wendet sich auch gegen die Polemik der Feministin Jessica Valenti, der zufolge die Bildungsministerin der USA sich mit "rape deniers" aus der antifeministischen Szene getroffen habe, und stellt klar, dass es in Wahrheit um den Schutz gegen Falschbeschuldigungen und die Rechte von Angelagten gehe. In ähnlicher Weise äußert sich die Journalistin Ashe Schow:

A good way to tell if the Left currently believes one of their beloved policies will disappear is how viciously they write about the potential change. In this case, they’re trying to smear people who believe those accused of heinous crimes should be able to defend themselves as somehow supporting the heinous crime. That is where we are in society.

(...) These activists are actually insisting that due process impedes justice, and that providing accused students with a way to defend themselves constitutes disbelieving accusers and therefore hurting "victims" (these days, accuser equals "victim" before any evidence is collected).

(...) In addition to meeting families of students ultimately found falsely accused of rape, DeVos is meeting with several groups that insist this guidance has led to more false accusations and a culture on campus that sees anyone accused as guilty until proven innocent. Leftist articles about this meeting describe the groups as "men’s rights" groups.

Slate’s Christina Cauterucci described them as "trolls." Cauterucci is the same writer who lambasted ESPN’s "30 for 30" documentary about the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax because "it’s a bizarre experience to watch a documentary that expects the viewer to root for a bunch of accused rapists." But by now everyone knows they were falsely accused. Cauterucci wants us to root instead for someone who falsely accused people of a horrible crime.

Only one of the groups meeting with DeVos, the National Coalition for Men, could be considered under the "men’s rights" label. Now, the label is a smear for some, but shouldn’t be. Men do face issues specific to them, such as paternity fraud. They’re also largely ignored when we talk about rape or domestic violence. Trying to advocate for people who are suffering shouldn’t be a smear.

Ich lasse den letzten Satz mal ein wenig sinken – gerade mit Blick auf die aktuellen Attacken der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

Donald Trump is one of the least popular politicians in the history of the United States. Yet, Trump is still more popular than Hillary Clinton. Let that sink in.

Der feministische Guardian berichtet – und verabschiedet sich dabei von dem Mythos, der Grund für Clintons schlechtes Image läge vor allem in Sexismus und der Verschwörung der radikalen Rechten.

Christopher Nolan’s recent return to the director chair has blown away historians with his epic recount of the most remarkable stories of WWII – the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers from the beaches of northern France – Dunkirk.

However, while the mastermind behind Dunkirk already has earned his stripes with the Dark Knight Triology, Inception and Interstellar – it appears not everyone is happy with his formula of telling historically accurate stories.

Several prominent white feminists writers have criticized the lack of female cast members throughout the film, particularly during the battle scenes.

Hier geht es weiter mit der herrlichen Satire.

11. Ganz herzlichen Dank für die Unterstützung meines Blogs durch die Spenden der letzten Tage – vor allem an einen ganz bestimmten Spender, der mit Sicherheit ahnt, dass er gemeint ist. :-)
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I was considering the state of the church in America and I came to prophets. The word “perfidious” popped into my mind and I knew it pertained to false prophets in our midst. I don’t usually use $50.00 words, so it really got my attention. Then the Lord God gave me this word for them. ... [Read more...]

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          CMS State of the Union: Data-Based Insights From the Past Two Years        

CMS State of the Union 2017

If you didn’t already know, CMS is an acronym for “content management system.” A CMS is used by many developers, consultancies, and companies to build their website. It’s an incredibly common thing to do, as any flavor of CMS you choose will always save you effort and money, compared to building a website from nothing. This is especially true if you look at the lifetime investment of your website. Using a CMS framework or solution of some kind just seems to make sense. After all, this is what I’ve built my own career upon since 2001. However, then, CMS was known as a portal or portal framework. That’s a long time ago, so it’s not a bad idea to take stock of things every now and thing to see if what you’re doing is the correct thing. To this end, I asked myself, “How is CMS doing right now, and does it make sense to still be doing CMS-related work in the future?”

Please note that this article is mostly focused on the perspective of those of us that in some way provide website development services, where you deliver a website to clients.

Riddle Me This… Is CMS Worth My Time?

This article is the result of me asking that very question. If I’m going to invest my own time, effort, money and that of others into CMS, is it still a good investment today? This is an easy question to ask, but how exactly do you go about making that determination? This, it turns out, is not so easy. There’s a lot of disconnected information out there. The most useful information it seems is locked behind the closed doors and high-priced clutches of research firms like Forrester. So what now?

Before I move forward any further, I should get one thing out of the way for my fellow DNN community members… This is not a look specifically at DNN, nor is it meant in any way to speak directly to DNN. For that matter, not only is this article not intended to hurt DNN, it’s also not intended to disparage any CMS. This was purely done as an exercise to research CMS in general. If CMS as a whole is doing well, then any good or great CMS will do well too.

Another worthwhile disclaimer would be that I’m not necessarily a professional researcher, only in that I’ve never held such a title in my professional career, but like most of you, I have performed research that has informed entire companies since I’ve been in the workforce. So, generating data, parsing it for commonalities and abnormalities, and making decisions based on that data are all tasks that I’m very familiar with. I’m just not a mathematician, statistician, or a formal research analyst.

In doing a similar exercise to answer similar questions in the past, it occurred to me that there actually is a way to do this research and it would only cost me my time. I guess I’ll have to bill myself later, as it took a long time and this is valuable information. Information I’m now giving to you.

Gathering The Data

Gathering the data for anything like this is often the most time-consuming part. You need to find it first and foremost, but then you need to find a way to make sense of it, then do the same thing again to make sure others can make sense of what you figured out. This is a process, it’s not always the same process, and it takes a lot of time with a few dashes of trial and error.

The data I found was hiding in plain sight. Long ago I’ve learned to use services like BuiltWith to help me get to know prospects, clients, and competitors. BuiltWith is a great way to get a lot of information about the various technologies used on nearly any website, sometimes in as quickly as a click or two. It’s surprisingly very accurate. Since BuiltWith came onto the scene, others have been doing similar things and one of my favorites in this area is a company called Datanyze. I’m much more a fan of them because of their great UI and convenient tie-ins to lead generation and business development processes. However, in this case, I used their free service that’s similar to what BuiltWith offers, that shows you market share. In this case, their CMS market share area.

The market share tool is based upon people landing on a site while having the Datanyze browser plugin installed, and I believe they have bots that scour the web as well. They first analyze a site and then determine which technologies are being used by the site. Then, over time, when those technologies change, they can help you make informed decisions for your needs based upon the migrations.

If you just look at the market share tool on its own, it doesn’t do much for you. You can simply see the figures for all CMS’s over a small period of time. This is convenient enough to figure which CMS is the best and worst at any given moment, but it’s not at all useful to make any actual decisions. That is, unless you aggregate the data and begin charting it. Herein begins the time suck…

Now, before you begin harping on the accuracy and latency of tools like this, I agree with you. At any given moment, a website could be refreshed using a completely new set of technologies. When this happens, the data is a bit off. This introduces a certain degree of inaccuracy. You’re also dealing with the fact that these tools are essentially crawlers, depending upon end users initiating the scans of various sites. So, they don’t likely have the picture of the entire internet. Despite these drawbacks, this is still incredibly useful, as it allows you to have a true sense when drawing a picture. This is increasingly more interesting with Datanyze since it also analyzes internal or non-public websites in some cases.

For example, it’s not at all important for this kind of research to know that a specific number of sites are using WordPress or Drupal for example. What is definitely useful though is using the numbers to draw conclusions based on percentages. This is where it gets fun. If you can now say that 89% of websites are using this CMS or that one, that means something.

What’s to follow are insights gathered from data from January 2015 to November 2016. I won’t have December 2016 until next month, but we have enough as it is. In the data itself, I kept mostly to the top 20 CMS’s in use today.

But What is a CMS, Really?

You’re probably already drawing a pretty common conclusion without seeing any of the data, which is that WordPress is ruling the CMS kingdom in terms of overall adoption. If you’re thinking this, you’re right – but that doesn’t really mean anything. Also, it doesn’t really matter if you consider WordPress or any other solution a CMS or not. It matters that the marketplace uses it as such. For example, I didn’t know until this exercise that some people consider Blogger a CMS. Now, if you’re even remotely close to being a purist, you’ll be one of the first to scream an expletive at someone who suggests that. In discussing my findings with various people in the CMS ecosystem and technology community overall, I was just as surprised by this and was even more surprised to find that some individuals whose names may be synonymous with CMS use Blogger and similar tools to roll out client websites in the same way as most people do with traditional CMS’s. Don’t forget that this is how WordPress itself began too, and few people argue the merits of it being a CMS today. (I do though, but I digress…)

There are few types of CMS as you probably have figured out by now. There are many that are aimed at a specific vertical, such as car dealership or auto part CMS’s. There are others like Blogger who focus on brochure-style websites. There’s e-commerce CMS’s. There are application frameworks like DNN or Umbraco. There’s so very many, and they’re all more or less included in this article.

Media Outlook

When you look at the various news stories and industry articles, there’s no shortage of CMS-related news. However, you may have noticed a similar trend that I did. The CMS news has become ambiguous. You’ll find e-commerce news alongside CMS articles, and sometimes in the same article. The same goes for other types of solutions as well. This is part of what prompted me to look into this more. Why is there so much non-CMS news on a CMS industry site? There are many reasons for this. It’s just yet another symptom to keep in mind.

Despite the news shift, there’s plenty of money being reported as being spent in the CMS space. In the past, you could spend only a moment though looking for the amount expected to be spent, and have a few pages of search results. Try searching for that now. CMS is not the hot topic keyword it used to be. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any news article addressing CMS spending specifically. It’s just not an actual line item anymore. The conversation and outlook have changed. Instead of talking about CMS, the conversation is about overall budgets in IT and marketing departments. Media reporting on CMS is instead mostly sponsored by the various vendors out there now, and focus primarily on features and releases. It’s a marketing engine instead of a true news engine. Again, this isn’t necessarily good or bad on its own. it’s another symptom.

Something that’s more interesting, is the attention that the 2016 Gartner report on IT spending got last year. In this report, web isn’t even really spoken about in any meaningful way. Instead, the conversation is all about the internet of things (IoT), 3D printing, and RFID. However, the amount of spending in these areas is worth talking about. In the chart below, they speculated that 24% of the overall $3.14T IT budget would end up being spent on IoT.

Gartner: IT Spending in 2016

Market Leaders

Overall, you’ll find that WordPress is by far the winner when it comes to market share. This should surprise no one. This is just a snapshot, but in looking at it, you may want to immediately shift your time and resources to support WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal since they’re all on the same stack. Sure, there’s a huge market share there overall at 72% collectively, which is a big pool of prospective customers to fish in. Though, there’s much more for any business to consider. When you look at the chart below, the CMS vendor list on the right is listed from the biggest market share on the top, to the smallest on the bottom.

CMS Market Share 12-2016

Another thing to take away from this is that ASP.NET CMS’s don’t total more than 1% of the overall market share, where 1% is around 150,000 sites. If you’re someone like me, who makes their living on the Microsoft stack, that could feel a bit discouraging, but again, this is a snapshot. This alone doesn’t paint a full enough picture. Also, don’t forget that this is only the sites that they can see, and only CMS’s. So while the number is discouraging, the percentage is what’s more meaningful. When you apply 1% across the entire internet, it’s a pretty big number. I’m not proposing that all sites will use a CMS in the future, but most will (or something like it).

Oh My, The Trends…

The most important part of my research is that I wanted to look for positive trends. Having existing market share is like owning an entire bag of M&M’s, buying them one at a time. Once you have the whole bag, there’s nowhere to go from there. You need a new business. Is the CMS market growing? I’d love to give you good news here. I really would. Alas, I’d like to tell you the truth.

Until I refreshed the data for this article, only a single CMS vendor was showing positive growth over the past two years, and it wasn’t WordPress. Despite being the giant on the playground, it seems businesses were beginning to play with someone else. It seems Datanyze had an anomaly in September 2016 though, adding nearly 600,000 sites in a single month. This is almost a factor of 4 higher than their highest volume month. This could most likely be attributed to an algorithm being updated, and those additional sites should have already been added over time. If you were to normalize the September anomaly, WordPress would still be trending down over the past two years.

WordPress Growth: 2015-2016

This overall trend in the non-ASP.NET stack can be seen across all of the most popular CMS’s in that category.

Non-ASP.NET Growth: 2015-2016

Until August, Adobe’s Experience Manager (formerly Adobe CQ5) was the only non-ASP.NET CMS to be seeing growth. It was all positive. Unfortunately, the last few months has reversed their trend line. Despite this, Adobe’s Experience Manager has shown very consistent growth over the past two years. They’re a very clear competitor out of everyone I’ve looked at so far.

Adobe Experience Manager Growth: 2015-2016

So that means people are fleeing the LAMP stack and running to the Microsoft stack, right? As a fan of that stack, I wish I could tell you that. I really wish I could. It would be a lie. When you isolate only the ASP.NET CMS’s, they’re showing the same anti-growth trend I saw in the others above.

ASP.NET Growth: 2015-2016

In fact, the largest ASP.NET CMS market share over the past two years is surprisingly Kentico. They edged out DNN by 1,000 sites. DNN has traditionally been considered to be the behemoth to battle against on the Microsoft stack ever since it was first released. Having been in this ecosystem for a long time now, this may have been the most surprising thing to me about this exercise. Unfortunately, even isolated on their own, all of the ASP.NET CMS’s show an anti-growth trend almost identical to Kentico’s.

Kentico Growth: 2015-2016

Since most of my readers are DNN enthusiasts, you may want to see how that stacks up, first with DNN on its own. You’ll find the downward trend to be painfully obvious.

DNN Growth: 2015-2016

When you stack DNN up against Kentico, they both show a very similar migration pattern, but it’s trending downward regardless. Sadly, you don’t even need to have the trend line in the graph to illustrate this.

DNN vs. Kentico: 2015-2016

Why No Growth?

Whoa… so if you’re hearing for the first time, I’m guessing you’re no doubt a bit speechless. Everyone I’ve spoken to about this so far seemed to be completely caught off guard. An important note about this is that while the trends are all going down, the gains in the marketplace are mostly net positive over the same period of time. More sites are being gained than lost by most vendors, but that is something that’s clearly not going to last. People are leaving traditional CMS as a trend. It begs the question, “Where is everyone going?”

I tried for a couple of weeks to try and find the answer to where people are going. I poured over the data I do have, and I simply could not find the gains to show where companies are going, when they’re not choosing an existing prominent vendor. None of the smaller vendors are showing the growth necessary to explain it.

The answer came to me through an off-chance conversation with someone I know in the South Florida startup scene. He had literally just gotten off of the phone with someone at Forrester the week before, having a similar conversation about website trends. They weren’t speaking about CMS specifically of course, but they were talking about where and how companies were deploying their websites. As it turns out, there are multiple factors playing at the same time to cause the anti-growth patterns you’ve seen above.

First, there are cloud solutions being more and more prominent, each taking on a specific task from a company. In many cases, they’re even things that previously used to exist on their own website, such as a company blog. All of these are chipping away slowly at features that used to be gained from a CMS. Why deploy an entire CMS if you just need one specific feature? Sure, there are pros and cons to going or not going with a CMS, but budget and total cost of ownership will generally point towards a non-CMS decision.

Second, among cloud and traditional software, many vendors are now offering add-on services that fulfill the basic needs of most companies. For example, a CRM vendor may not have what you may consider being a traditional CMS, but they may offer a website service that’s nearly just as good. It offers exactly what the company needs, without all of the bells and whistles that a CMS usually comes with. You may know from experience yourself that while a business may have a formidable checklist or RFP, they only really intend to deploy a small fraction of those requirements initially. As with most IT projects, all of those nice to have’s and wish list items tend to get forgotten – prioritized below other business objectives. If you pay any attention at all to startup mergers and acquisitions over the past 3 years, you probably have already been seeing the evidence of this without even realizing it.

A third factor includes all of the vertical-specific CMS solutions that have sprouted up over the past few years. There’s far too many to show up on the radar in reports like Datanyze offers, and so it’s possible that all of these are collectively stealing the market share, and we can’t even see it yet.

A possible fourth contributor is custom-built websites. However, I have yet to find any data to show that this has any larger growth than it typically does. Anecdotally, all of the agencies I know that build custom-made websites aren’t showing any growth in this area either.

Your Future with CMS

Where does that leave you if you want to CMS still? Well, it’s far too early to panic, but you need to get into gear and start making plans now. If you haven’t already diversified, you need to. There are of course the immediately obvious options, such as specializing in multiple CMS’s in the same stack, or choosing one each from both stacks. However, this is fairly short-sighted in my opinion.

Do you remember that IT spending chart from Gartner waaaaaaaay up at the top of this article? IoT and 3D printing are massive areas of opportunity if you provide any kind of software solutions, but especially mobile- and web-based solutions. It would be a very safe bet that your CMS future is somehow going to merge with those areas, whether you like it or not. Ideally, you may want to jump on that preemptively, to shortcut your competition. There’s simply far too much money being spent in those two areas.

There’s another area of diversification though. You may need to find yourself specializing in a handful of CMS’s, each focusing on specific verticals. In this case, you may even find there to be opportunities for integration work, but even that is getting chipped away at. Companies like MuleSoft have done a phenomenal job of taking care of that for companies. There are even many cases where a company such as this prevents any code from being written at all.

The bottom line from my findings is this… If you’re specializing in CMS today, you should make that only one of a few specialties you offer in the future. That is unless you specialize in many CMS’s. CMS isn’t going to die, but its bubble had burst a long time ago, but no one really has begun talking about it yet.

What do you think though? Do you have your own research on this? Are you still planning to stick to just one CMS option? Why or why not? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

          El triunfo de la perversión del lenguaje        
El siguiente artículo se publicó ayer en Letra en Obras, una web de libros y literatura en gallego.  El porqué insertan ahí mis artículos, cuando casi nunca escribo sobre libros y nunca hago buena literatura, es un misterio, pero la vida está lleno de ellos y nunca los vamos a resolver, sería muy aburrido vivir sin incertidumbre.  Es cierto que el punto de partida de este artículo es el lenguaje (y la abusiva perversión que se hace de él), pero sólo es la excusa para tratar de agitar la conciencia de la gente sobre los continuados abusos que estamos sufriendo y la pasividad con que los encajamos.

El Letra en Obras publican en gallego, lo que me sirve para evitar que se me oxide la que es mi lengua de adopción y que, lamentablemente, no se usa demasiado al nivel de la calle.  Normalmente, para ellos escribo directamente en gallego. Pero esta vez, dada la extensión del tocho-post (ocho folios), lo redacté inicialmente en castellano porque así sólo tenía que hacer el esfuerzo de traducir las ideas del catalán (la lengua en la que funciona mi cerebro) a las palabras en la lengua de Cervantes, Victor Manuel y Sergio Ramos, entre otros.  Luego vino la traducción al gallego, para la que conté con la ayuda de un buen amigo, Montxo, el Director de Letra en Obras, pero nos queda la versión original, en castellano, que es la que viene a continuación.  Ya avisé que son ocho folios...


A principios de los noventa se extendió, de un modo enfermizo, en el mundo empresarial, el empleo de eufemismos rimbombantes para denominar los puestos de trabajo.  Así, un vendedor que atendía comedores grandes pasó a denominarse “Sales Manager Canal HoReCa” y se llegó estupideces del tamaño de los Ancares al llamar “Técnica especialista en comunicados escritos” a una simple mecanógrafa (No, no había Word –ni Windows- en las oficinas).  Una compilación colectiva entre la gente que teníamos trabajo en esa época daría para un artículo entretenido.

En los medios de comunicación, un fanático empleo de los eufemismos fue el primer paso de una progresiva perversión del lenguaje. Hoy día nadie tiene huevos de llamar negro a un oriundo de Camerún, ni marica a un homosexual afeminado, abrumado por la presión del lenguaje pretendidamente “correcto”.  La casta política, rodeada por muchos de esos asesores de imagen especializados en manipulación de masas, no sólo adoptó (sin rubor alguno) esa ocultación sistemática de palabras con connotaciones negativas, si no que llegó a prostituir el discurso de tal forma que se llegó a expresiones tan sonrojantes como “aceleración negativa” para definir a la recesión y que tenían, hasta hace poco, su paradigma sumo en el “despido simulado con indemnización diferida” que pronunció la señora Cospedal sobre la “curiosa” situación de Bárcenas en el PP y  que tan boquiabiertos nos dejó a la mayoría, al ver que nos estaba llamando subnormales (perdón, retrasados mentales) delante de micrófonos y cámaras, sin apenas pestañear.  Ni ella, ni nosotros.

El tiempo permite la superación de cualquier hito y esa definición ya ha sido adelantada por la derecha, por un concepto que se pronuncia alegremente como algo positivo y que, bien analizado, infiere mucha preocupación.  Se trata del “envejecimiento activo”, un término que empieza a circular desvergonzadamente entre los hombres de negro y sus acólitos, que viene a significar que existe la posibilidad cierta (e inevitable) de que tengas que trabajar después de cuando esperabas jubilarte. No vas a ser un “viejo inútil”, alégrate, podrás seguir sintiéndote realizado trabajando, viene a ser el mensaje. Si menciono ahora el Arbeit macht frei (el trabajo libera), el lema que estaba expuesto a la entrada de muchos de los campos de exterminio nazis, es porque tiene su enlace unos párrafos más adelante.

La mentira sistemática, pronunciada como si fuera verdad, funciona, da sus frutos.  Es un trabajo de largo plazo, pero germina indefectiblemente. Uno de los refranes más cortos que posee la lengua española ya lo anuncia: “Calumnia, que algo queda”.   Las radios comerciales aplican una técnica parecida con las canciones mediocres.  A base de repetirlas a todas horas, consiguen que la gente las baile en las verbenas o en los pafetos.  A veces, hasta consiguen que se la reclamen a la orquesta, o al DJ, la gente es así de estúpida (sobre todo cuando bebe). 

De tantas veces que he oído hablar de los “brotes verdes” en los últimos años, hasta yo creo vislumbrarlos entre los adoquines, si no tomo té en dosis elevadas o café en moderadas, antes de salir de casa.  El pasado lunes, en el súper, los confundí con el perejil y me fui a casa con un manojito para trasplantarlo a un macetero del balcón, pensando que todo estaba arreglado, que por fin había luz al final del túnel.  En Galicia es fácil equivocarse, aquí es “todo” verde (me permito alimentar, perversamente, el mito).  Pero es que hay gente que los ha visto, a los putos brotes verdes esos, en Castrojeriz, en plena meseta castellana, en el mes de Agosto, lo que atenta contra todas las leyes de la Naturaleza, de la Economía y, añadiría, de la Ética más básica.

No, no hay brotes verdes.  En la marea de datos estadísticos que produce el CIS, alguno hay que se pueda interpretar en clave positiva, si tienes unos mínimos conocimientos de la materia.  Pero todo el que leyó algo de estadística sabe que una tendencia no se puede construir (ni vislumbrar, esto son datos, no bolas de cristal, ni runas, ni posos de café, ni la carta del ahorcado que se quita la soga) con una muestra pequeña.  Y se supone que nos dirige gente seria (tuve que parar cinco minutos, me entró un ataque de risa, lo siento), no Rappel y la Bruja Lola.  Pero ven brotes verdes en agosto, en la meseta castellana, manda huevos, que me pasen el guasap de su camello, yo también quiero probar eso que se meten.

Antes tendremos los Encuentros en la Tercera Fase que veremos, germinando, brotes verdes. Me refiero a los nuestros, los de la ex-clase media.  Los suyos y los de sus Señores del Dinero, igual si.  Porque Botín ve divisas a espuertas llegando a España, puede que sea cierto. Al precio al que está la hora de esclavo en este país medio civilizado, es más interesante (por el tema logístico) montar una fábrica de camisetas de Ronaldo (o de latas de conserva) en Bueu que en Bangladesh.  Puede ser que los brotes verdes esos germinen en granados y entonces veremos las granadas.  Algunos hasta las podrán recolectar.  Pero comeremos patatas. Con suerte, todos los días.

Esa táctica de extender los intereses de una minoría al colectivo no es más que el intento de aplicación, a la situación económico-social, de un tic muy futbolero, en un país donde el único elemento de cohesión entre las diferentes regiones y nacionalidades han sido las selecciones deportivas.  Es muy común que un aficionado manifieste después de un partido: “hemos ganado” (o lo contrario, o ni lo uno ni lo otro).  A ver, que lo sepas: Tú no has ganado nada. Tus recursos monetarios, tu patrimonio y tus problemas son los mismos que tenías antes de empezar el partido. Podrás estar contento de que “ellos” hayan ganado; los jugadores del equipo, los empleados del club y los accionistas de la Sociedad.  Pero tú no “has ganado”, a no ser que hubieses apostado dinero por ello, arriesgando parte de tu liquidez inmediata.  Así que, puedes irte a dormir más feliz que antes del partido, pero igual de pobre, que no te confundan.

Esta semana el paro ha vuelto a subir y se confirman los dramas (entre otros) de Fagor y la muerte anunciada de Canal Nou que, dicho sea de paso, no me parece mal.  A buenas horas salen a hacer “periodismo” los trabajadores de esa guardería de enchufados.  Canal Nou es uno de los ejemplos de cómo “no” hay que hacer las cosas, eso seguro que ya lo sabían hace mucho tiempo, los asalariados de esa empresa.  La elasticidad de todos los materiales tiene un “punto de ruptura” que, cuando se sobrepasa, significa que el tema, sea cual sea, se rompe.  En física no hay perversión del lenguaje, los científicos suelen ser gente práctica.  Si en ciencia se impone el pragmatismo es, casi siempre, porque influyen temas políticos. 

Las cosas que se rompen no se pueden recomponer si no hay pegamento.  Y en Valencia ni tienen pegamento, ni nadie que se lo preste, así que el momento de hablar de la viabilidad de Canal Nou no es ahora.  Era cuando la Copa América, el Mundial de motos, la F-1, la guita que les levantó el Urmangarín y otra decena como él que han sabido desaparecer discretamente con los papelitos de colores que trincaron.  En estos momentos, es demasiado tarde.  Vale, esas no eran formas, de acuerdo.  Pero… ¿Realmente esperaban otras formas de esa peña de apuestas?

¿Resulta que gente es imbécil y no se da cuenta de que les mienten? A ver… imbécil es ser algo menos castigado por la falta de inteligencia que idiota y algo más que estar impregnado en estupidez. Porque la estupidez puede ser innata o, también, un envoltorio aceptado.  En los dos primeros casos (imbecilidad e idiocia), es imposible que el sujeto pueda discernir entre la verdad y la mentira.  En el tercero (estupidez), si hace esfuerzos importantes podría.  Si quiere.  Y aquí no se ha querido ver, o se ha mirado en otra dirección.

(La foto tiene enlace...)

¿Es deliberada esta perversión del lenguaje, usada por los miembros del Sistema?  Sin lugar a dudas, si, ya he superado el resquemor a que me llamen conspiranoico.  Porque esto es una conspiración organizada.  Los nazis, por citar un ejemplo muy claro de abuso extremo de un Sistema sobre un colectivo, consiguieron anular la voluntad de los judíos hasta el punto de que estos cooperaron activa y ordenadamente en su propio exterminio.  Sin esa colaboración (activa no iba entre comillas) hubiera sido imposible que llegaran a asesinar tal cantidad de seres humanos.  A lo sumo habrían podido eliminar un par de millones y medio, con esfuerzo y dedicación, pero no más. 

Pero consiguieron que se anotaran ellos mismos en listas, que relacionaran escrupulosamente sus bienes para que pudieran serles más fácilmente embargados, que subieran mansamente (salvo contadísimas excepciones) a los trenes, que se desnudaran y colocaran ordenadamente su ropa y pertenencias de valor y que entraran en los cámaras de gas y, luego, que los Sonderkommando, formados por judíos, metieran los cadáveres en los crematorios y/o los enterraran, después de arrancarles las muelas de oro y el cabello.  La mayoría de veces, con un par de pelotones de soldados de las SS que supervisasen todo el proceso, que podía prolongarse a lo largo de muchísimos kilómetros dónde jugársela a “algo o nada”, era suficiente para que un par de millares de judíos pasasen del gueto de Varsovia a las fosas de Auschwitz, de Lodz a Chelmno, o de Lom a Treblinka.

Treinta contra dos mil.  Eso, sin la colaboración de los Judenrat (los consejos judíos) hubiese sido imposible o hubiese consumido unos recursos de personal que Alemania, en 1942, tenía comprometidos en varios frentes de lucha.  No estoy proclamando que los judíos colaboraron dócilmente en su propio exterminio, que lo hicieron.  Estoy señalando la capacidad de los nazis para anular la resistencia de unos seres humanos que, en su mayoría, caminaron mansa y ordenadamente a su muerte.  Estos dos conceptos están excelentemente desarrollados en Un estudio acerca de la banalidad del mal, de Hannah Arendt y aquí sólo estoy exponiendo algunas analogías peligrosamente parecidas con lo que sucede hoy día en nuestro estado (escrito, deliberadamente, en minúsculas).

El proceso de anulación de la voluntad de resistencia de los judíos incluyó una interesante escalada en la perversión del lenguaje desde la llegada al poder del NSDAP, el Partido Nazi, en 1933, que hacían parecer inocentes o, más bien, inocuas, las progresivas maniobras de los nazis para agrupar a los judíos en guetos, cuyo objetivo inicial era, recordemos, la expulsión de Alemania.  Pero como no tenían dónde “emigrar” (ese era el eufemismo utilizado inicialmente) a tal cantidad de gente, decidieron optar por el “realojamiento” (esto es, encerrarlos en guetos) y, como no les cabían todos en los que montaron, optaron en 1942 por la “Solución final”, el “despido diferido” de entonces, el culmen de la perversión del lenguaje de la época, que significaba, como todos sabemos, “asesinar en masa”, en los cinco campos de “concentración” (exterminio) que levantaron a tal efecto, previo saqueo de sus bienes. 

Las condiciones del Holocausto judío en la Alemania nazi eran algo diferentes de las actuales en España.  La más importante (y la que nos puede salvar) es que entonces los judíos eran una minoría en medio de una mayoría fanatizada.  Ahora somos una mayoría sojuzgada por una minoría mercenaria.  No quieren matarnos, porque los muertos ni trabajan, ni compran.  Pero exterminarnos como personas con identidad propia, si.  Quieren que quedemos como esclavos modernos con capacidad de trabajar para sobrevivir y comprar lo básico, con eso su maquinaria funciona para que sus brotes verdes se conviertan en granados y que nosotros veamos las granadas y hasta alguno podrá recolectarlas.  Pero, ya lo dije, nosotros comeremos patatas.

De momento, ya han anulado la voluntad colectiva, la capacidad de respuesta efectiva. Goebbels estaría orgulloso del sistema empleado, perversión progresivamente escalonada del mensaje y mentira sobre mentira, han conseguido que las víctimas de la crisis se sientan culpables de la misma.  Y alguien que se siente culpable, queda aturdido y tiene anulada su capacidad de reacción.  Ese proceso de traslado de la responsabilidad lo han conseguido a base de colar repetidamente en los medios a supuestos expertos repitiendo embustes (o medias verdades, que son una forma de camuflar con caramelo el engaño), como una canción mediocre de radiofórmula, técnica que, ya dijimos, funciona.

Repasemos, como ejemplo, algunas de las falacias más extendidas que han cuajado profundamente en el colectivo:

“Es que se vivió por encima de nuestras posibilidades”.  Los organismos de Gobierno, la inmensa mayoría, por supuesto, ahí están los balances de las Administraciones. Eso es el “hemos perdido” futbolero, de nuevo perversamente enunciado. Pero la gente llana, no, en general. Bastantes, si, arrastrados por su entorno social. El individuo no suele cuestionarse si su comportamiento es correcto, si el colectivo actúa mayoritariamente en un sentido. Otros cándidos fueron empujados al abismo por los esbirros cualificados de los prestatarios de dinero, que eran empujados a su vez a hacerlo por sus superiores, en una cadena que se pierde en las nubes de los centros de decisión.  Pero la verdad es que la inmensa mayoría vivimos, simplemente, “por encima de nuestras necesidades”, que es muy diferente.  Con reajustar nuestros ingresos a lo que es realmente importante para nuestras vidas, después de un proceso que puede haber sido más o menos doloroso, hemos tirado adelante.

“Es que aquí robaba todo el mundo”.  Maticemos… Apropiarse de algo que no es tuyo se puede hacer de varias maneras. Mediante hurto, robo, estafa, defraudación, usurpación o apropiación indebida, creo que no me dejo ninguna (tampoco tiene mayor importancia, si es así).  Pero, para que cualquiera de esas formas de “robo” sea considerada delito, el valor de lo sustraído debe superar (en la mayoría de casos) los 400 €. Y, seamos sinceros, en España sólo tenían posibilidad de delinquir unos pocos.  El resto podía, a lo sumo, pagar una reparación sin IVA al fontanero, o vender unos grelos sin factura.  Y no, no es lo mismo vender grelos en “B”, que cobrar comisiones millonarias por la adjudicación de obras o la recalificación de terrenos, práctica que han instaurado, de una forma u otra, todos los partidos que han estado en el poder y sus sindicatos acólitos. 

El problema de este país fue la ingente malversación de caudales públicos en beneficio propio o de amigos y familiares, que es algo tan sutil como conseguir que otros roben por ti.  Ser cómplice o beneficiario de un delito no tiene la misma carga negativa que la de autor, coautor o participante. Eso es lo que, moralmente hablando, cree la mayoría. Y ser inductor está rodeado de una peligrosa mística hollywoodiana. El sinónimo que más se usa es en este caso es el de “cerebro” que, en los delitos sin sangre, solía estar muy bien considerado.

“Ya hemos tocado fondo” o, dicho de otra manera, “ya no pueden ir peor las cosas”.  Eso, desde 2008, es, junto con lo de los brotes verdes, el embuste más repetido.  Cuando estás en un nivel de supervivencia, el pensamiento de una acción traumática para provocar un cambio, da miedo. “Virgencita, que me quede como estoy”, piensa la mayoría, que se cree esa mierda y dejan que el miedo les atenace, eso forma parte de la estrategia.  Si tuvieran algo de memoria más allá de los resultados de la jornada futbolística anterior, se darían cuenta de que en 2009 estábamos peor que en 2008. En 2010, peor que en 2011. En 2012, peor que en 2011. En 2012, peor que en 2013. Y en 2014 estaremos peor que en 2013, porque no hay un solo dato que nos beneficie, ni una sola previsión seria, ni, lamentablemente, ningún augurio basado en el oráculo del I Ching (He tirado diez veces las monedas y el resultado más favorable es sinónimo de “cataclismo”). 

Nada nos permite ser optimistas (a la ex clase media, me refiero), antes de tres o cuatro años, como poco.  Pero intentarán convencernos de lo contrario, antes hay Elecciones Generales; en dos años.  Y ya he explicado como lo harán: bombardeándonos con mentiras y más mentiras y datos falseados y manipulados.  Y, lamentablemente, muchos les creerán.

“No sirve de nada ir a votar”. Aceptar eso supone rendirse, que es exactamente lo que esperan de nosotros.  Cuanta menos gente vaya a votar (el único mecanismo pacífico para desmontar su particular chollo) más beneficiados salen los partidos mayoritarios, porque el Sistema está diseñado por y para los grandes partidos que, por supuesto, no van a cambiarlo.  En aras de ese mecanismo, en Galicia gobierna (con mayoría absoluta) un partido que sólo recibió el apoyo del 23% de la población con capacidad de voto.  En España, gobierna otra mayoría absoluta que ya sabemos lo que hizo con las mentiras de su programa electoral en cuanto llegó al poder: archivarlas hasta la siguiente campaña, la gente tiene muy poca memoria.

Lamentablemente, no hay muchas alternativas aceptables.  Hay que reconocer que supieron desarmar muy bien a la Plataforma del 15-M, en un trabajo muy al Gestapo style.  Pero si no aparece una organización decente de aquí a las próximas elecciones, el panorama es muy sombrío y si, como es previsible, no hay una revolución (que no la habrá), la única salida es evitar una mayoría absoluta de quien sea, aunque mi opción favorita sigue siendo Escaños en Blanco, una iniciativa para recolectar votos y dejar asientos vacíos en el Parlamento, algo muy inútil, democráticamente hablando, pero muy romántico.

El pueblo se indigna porque cree que los políticos de hoy actúan igual que los Judenrat de la época.  Que sus “representantes”, democráticamente elegidos, deberían defender sus intereses. ¡Meeeeeec! Error. Los políticos no son como los Consejos Judíos de la época que, bajo la premisa de salvar a unos pocos elegidos, decidieron sacrificar a una mayoría.  Los partidos políticos, paraguas bajo el que se cobijan los esbirros con cargo político, forman parte del Sistema.  Un Sistema que está mejor organizado que el nazi, algo de tiempo ha pasado desde entonces para mejorarlo.

Verás a Eichmann, burócrata obediente y bien remunerado y con un buen carrusel de prebendas a su disposición.  Pero no verás ni a Goebbels, ni a Himmler ni, por supuesto, a Hitler, esos viven en su burbuja de discreta opulencia y que siempre tendrán a un Eichmann dispuesto a lamerle los pies al amo o a un Kastner (el húngaro que salvó a 1684 judíos, pero que mandó a las cámaras de gas a 476.000), dispuesto a formar parte del engranaje, cambiando dignidad por una vida mejor.

Y la gente no se rebela.  Les saquean, organizadamente, los ahorros de una vida y nadie le pega fuego a la sucursal del banco con el director esposado a la caja de caudales.  Algunos se limitan a suicidarse, menuda falta de coraje.  Por lo menos llévate por delante al ladrón que te dejó en ese estado, pocasangre.  En otra perversión del lenguaje que me tiene completamente perplejo, se organizan “manifestaciones festivas”.  A ver, que lo entienda… ¿Vas a protestar o a una juerga?  Por que las dos cosas, a la vez, no tienen sentido y están abocadas al fracaso.  Podría hacer el chiste fácil de la música militar pero ya lo he hecho cuatro palabras atrás.  

El escarnio absoluto consiste en que sean las Asociaciones privadas (Cáritas, Cocinas Económicas, Asociaciones de Vecinos, etc.) las que están capeándole la revuelta al Gobierno, alimentando a los más necesitados y pagando sus facturas más elementales. Heydrich vuelve a asentir, complacido, mientras sigue sin haber nadie que haga nada efectivo para cambiar el final del cuento de Alí Babá y los cuarenta (mil) ladrones.  Un dato publicado en Libertad Digital  (Si, al enemigo hay que leerlo):  “El primer año de Gobierno del Gobierno de Rajoy se saldó con más de 36.000 manifestaciones y concentraciones en toda España, sin contar las celebradas en el País Vasco, lo que supone una media diaria de casi 120protestas.”

No entraré a valorar por qué no cuentan las del País Vasco, porque esos datos los tienen y... ¿Qué más da? Treinta y seis mil manifestaciones festivas. Primero eran “pacíficas”, pero “pacífico” se asocia a “pacifista” y ya sabemos cómo son los pacifistas, ese estereotipo lo han sembrado y hecho germinar muy bien: mugrientos, haraganes y subversivos. Unos perroflautas. Y “nosotros” no somos así, somos honrados y trabajadores pero ya que nos están dando palos por todas partes, nos juntamos los amputados por los bancos y nos lo pasamos teta tocando el silbato, me gustaría saber quién organiza eso y que fin espera conseguir.  Si, ya sé, la calavera de Heydrich esboza otra pérfida sonrisa.

Será muy relajante, muy bueno para la autoestima, pero no funciona.  Son 36.000 concentraciones en un año y las que han venido después. TREINTA Y SEIS MIL, coño, que no se ha colado ningún cero de más. 36.000 y no han servido para nada.  Ellos siguen a la suya.

Y no se te ocurra pasar con una pancarta, camino de una fiesta manifestativa de esas, por delante del portal de sus casas.  Porque te arriesgas a que te empuren por acoso o sedición.  Por escrachero o escrachera, ya puestos.  En mi diccionario de la RAE, escrachar es “romper algo en pedazos” o “pegar a alguien con dureza o reiteración”, no tiene nada que ver con un grupo de gente exhibiendo pancartas y gritando proclamas.  La indignada perversión del término “escrachar” viene de los mismos que llamaban, en público, “terroristas” a toda la izquierda abertzale y “primos de los batasunos” a todos los votantes de Esquerra Republicana.  No debo llamar negro a un Eto’o ni marica a Antonio Gala, porque eso es ofensivo o discriminatorio, pero, en cambio, un señor de izquierdas de Usurbil, afín a la idea de una Euskal Herria separada del estado español (que si, en minúsculas) es, sin posibilidad de defensa, un terrorista, esto es peor que el libre etiquetaje en feisbuc.  Y alguien que agita una pancarta porque está harto, o harta, o menopáusica, o aburrido de no encontrar trabajo, es violenta.  O peligroso.  O las dos cosas, si es una maricona orgullosa de serlo.

Antes había menos manifestaciones.  Pero a las manifas se iba a protestar de verdad. Estaba el sector que montaba las pancartas y el que acumulaba adoquines y combinados de combustible inflamable.  Y los políticos se cagaban de verdad.  Ahora van al Club de Campo por la mañana y, en la sobremesa, algún assistantles tiene montado un vídeo con los mejores momentos de las fiestas manifestativas del día y ellos se ríen, mientras saborean un escocés de 20 años o más.  Menos fiesta y más protesta, es lo que hace falta. ¿Apología de la violencia?  Es posible.  Pero pienso alegar “defensa propia”, Señor Juez.  Y ya le aviso que la lista de agresiones que tengo compilada augura una vista larga y un sumario bastante tocho.

Me dirá alguien que he señalado que ha habido 36.000 manifestaciones, que alguna habrá sido una protesta de las que dan miedo.  Apenas no.  Ahí está el secreto, en la fragmentación, en la división, llevan haciéndolo desde 1873, que yo quiera recordar y, con la transición, cambiaron las formas, pero no el fondo.  Siempre enfrentando, siempre distinguiendo, no ha habido ni un solo impulso institucional para que todo el mundo se sienta emocionalmente ligado a alguien que vive a más de tres manzanas de su calle, que mierda le va a importar a alguien de Almendralejo lo que le pasa a uno de Getaria, aunque los dos hayan sido víctimas de un ERE despiadado.

Y así,  desde el 15-M, excepto para la cadena humana de la Vía Catalana (esa sí que les acojonó) no ha habido una manifestación realmente masiva. Ni peligrosa para el sistema, excepto, quizá, la Marea Blanca en Madrid y, ahora, la huelga de recogida de basuras.  Pero es que lo verdaderamente milagroso es que en Madrid, con los saqueadores que les (des)gobiernan, no hayan montado todavía una guillotina en la Puerta del Sol. (Heydrich, si vuelves a mirarme con suficiencia, traslado tus huesos a un cementerio judío)

Sugeriría “deconstruir” la Democracia, si quisiera parecerme a ellos, pero ¡qué coño! Llamémosle a las cosas por su nombre.  Lo que hay que hacer es, directamente,  desmantelarla para volverla a levantar de cero.  Y eso, con manifas festivaleras, no lo vamos a conseguir, les va el status quo adquirido a esa banda de ladrones.  O se hace algo de verdad, o esto es el Holocausto.


Nota del Autor: El título original de estas hojas era “El triunfo de la perversión del lenguaje” y tenía que ser un artículo de un folio y medio o dos, a lo sumo.  Cuando llevaba dos párrafos escritos, me atasqué porque tenía demasiadas notas para tan poco espacio.  Justo entonces, recibí la visita de una amiga, a la que expuse el problema.  “Coge un libro al azar y mira si te inspira”, sugirió.  Como no tenía mejor opción, le di a la rueda del mouse y el cursor se detuvo, obviamente, sobre “Un estudio sobre la banalidad del mal”, de Hannah Arendt. “No lo veo”, le dije, sinceramente.  A ella le encantan los desafíos intelectuales y me respondió: “Si consigues hilvanar algo coherente, te… (En dos palabras vulgares -pero emocionantes- me prometió sexo oral).

Hay pocas cosas que estimulen más el ingenio que la promesa de sexo gratis.  No me puso un límite de extensión y dos días después, a ella el resultado le pareció convincente.  Y a mí, divertido. Porque ya dije hace tiempo, que me la trae al pairo lo que no hagáis con el país, ya lo di por inútil.  Parafraseando al gran Pepe Rubianes diría que “A mí, la unidad de España me suda la polla por delante y por detrás. Y que se metan ya a EspaÃ
Agentur/ Architektur:  Studio Look Kunde: Metro Group Projekt: RFID Markteinführung Ort: Deutschlandweit Größe: 1.600 bis 3.200qm Hier haben wir die Messeauftritte in Düsseldorf, Hannover, Mannheim und Berlin realisiert. Die Produktpräsentation und die mediale Umsetzung auf eben diesen Messen war unser Auftrag. Zusätzlich wurde in der Düsseldorfer Innenstadt ein Informationszentrum errichtet, welches über vier Monate an […]
          30.09.17 20:00 Uhr - Nürnberg - Gankino Circus - "Irrsinn und Idyll"        
Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung201492-tickets

"Anarchistisch, verrückt, brillant", so beschreibt die Süddeutsche Zeitung ein Konzert von Gankino Circus. Aber was heißt schon Konzert? Ein Auftritt der vier Musiker ist weniger ein Konzert als vielmehr ein weltmusikalisches Schauspiel, ein kabarettistisches Spektakel, eine subkulturelle Sensation!

Nach dem großen Erfolg ihres Albums "Franconian Boogaloo" präsentiert die Band aus dem fränkischen Dietenhofen nun ihren neuesten Geniestreich: ein aberwitziges Konzertkabarett-Programm namens "Irrsinn und Idyll". Mit rasanten Melodien und unbändiger Spielfreude rücken Gankino Circus der Musik ihrer Heimat zu Leibe und machen sie durch ihren einzigartigen Humor dem Publikum zugänglich.

Ralf Wieland, genialer Geschichtenerzähler und Gitarrist, führ durch das Programm und lässt auf urkomische Weise den Wahnsinn hinter der fränkischen Dorfidylle hervorschimmern. Mit von der Partie sind: der ebenso elegante wie therapiebedürftige Arztsohn Dr. Simon Schorndanner Junior an Saxophon und Klarinette. Der launische Akkordeonmeister Maximilian Eder aus der traditionsreichen Dynastie der Eders. Und natürlich der lausbübische Percussion-Tausendsassa Johannes Sens, der sich wie wild in die Herzen der Zuschauer trommelt, um sich dann im Moment höchster musikalischer Vituosität die Kleider vom Leib zu reißen.

Zeitgemäße Volksmusik, anarchische Spielfreude und raffinierter Wortwitz vermengen sich bei Gankino Circus zu einer kuriosen Melange, über die der Kabarettist Matthias Egersdörfer sagt: "Das ist die schönste Kirchweihmusik, die ich jemals gehört habe." Und auch gleich zugibt: "Als ich Gankino Circus zum ersten mal gehört habe, hatte ich Tränen in den Augen."

Zahllose Konzerte auf Kabarett-, Theater- und Festivalbühnen führten Gankino Circus in den letzten Jahren durch Deutschland, Österreich, Frankreich, Italien, Ungarn, die Ukraine, Bulgarien, Serbien, Kasachstan, Kirgisien und Armenien. Im Oktobrer 2015 repräsentierte der fränkische Exportschlager die deutsche Musikkultur auf der EXPO in Mailand.
          Music Nights at Cafe Rozella        

The Music Nights at Cafe Rozella continue with some outstanding performers. Performances start at 7 p.m. on Fridays.

Alma Villegas brings her sultry voice to an exquisite and passionate selection of Latin favorites. Friday August 15th at 7 p.m.

From the bouncy feel of Perfidia to the passionate tango version of Besame Mucho and the salsa sound of Mi Tierra these selections have entertained and captured audiences internationally for decades.

Alma Villegas and her band have performed for five years at various venues including Dulces Latin Bistro, Serafina, Bouchée Café in Fremont, St. Clouds, Misto Café, Mamey’s Cuban Café, Madrid, The Tractor Tavern, El Sombrero, The Sitting Room, Julia’s, the Musicquarium at the Triple Door and Jazz Alley. And, of course, Alma is a regular at Cafe Rozella.
Children of the Revolution's Acoustic Trio Friday, August 22nd at 7 p.m.

"When you go to a Children of the Revolution show, you might as well leave your preconceptions about world music at the door" wrote Tina Potterf of the Seattle Times. Fans will usually say something like, "That was the best live show I've ever been to; I don't quite know how to describe it." From Bozeman Montana to the caves of Granada, Spain, from Istanbul to Taiwan, COTR make life-long fans wherever they go.

They can loosely be compared to such breakaway and high-energy world music artists such as Ozomatli, Gipsy Kings, Santana, Manu Chau and the Afro Celt Sound System, but all similarities stop there. Made up of virtuoso musicians, singers and dancers from around the world, COTR blend their Flamenco, Greek, and Rock roots creating, a lush and melodic sound driven by infectious Latin and Middle-Eastern grooves.

The group is fronted by lead singer Vassili, who grew up on the Greek Islands, and former metal head turned flamenco guitarist Eric Jaeger. Sharing the spotlight is Barcelona-born flamenco dancer Encarnación. Their electrifying and sexy concerts showcase outstanding musicianship and songwriting with world-class dance performances. Both world music aficionados and those new to the genre agree - COTR puts on one of the most unifying and entertaining shows in the world.

Guest artists both live and recorded have included legendary rock singer, Ann Wilson of
In less than two years, COTR went from playing small clubs to filling some of the Northwests most prestigious theaters such as Meany Hall, Benaroya Hall and the 3,000-seat Paramount Theater.

COTR is a consistent audience favorite of major festivals in the region such as Folklife, Vancouver Folk Festival, Bumbershoot and Montanas Sweetpea Festival, 3-6,000 people can be seen dancing and singing at these shows. Eleftheria (the Greek word for freedom) is their anthem that ends the show and ALWAYS gets the crowd jumping in unison!

COTR have the achievements, experience and systems in place to create a totally new movement in popular music. They have toured extensively through the Northwest and Canada and have been invited to perform at very special historical events such as; the first Western band invited to play for the Buddhas Birthday in Taiwan for over 30,000 people, the Government Leaders conference (organized by Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen) in Seattle at Experience Music Project, opening for former President Bill Clinton at his "We the People" speech in Seattle in 2006, and KROCKs 2005 Tsunami Relief benefit concert headlined by surviving members of Alice in Chains and Heart. COTRs concert DVD has aired on numerous PBS stations across the country and select tracks from their album, Liberation appear on Putumayo Records compilations.

After spending five months in Europe where they performed and studied with Flamenco masters in Spain, Rye singers in Morocco and Turkish musicians in Istanbul, COTR returned to record their latest CD, Life, Love and Guantanamo Bay. The album is an artistic breakthrough for Children of the Revolution and promises to bring them into the international spotlight.


Eduardo Mendonca’s exuberant energy always gets the house on its feet to his Brazilian beat!

Friday August 29th at 7 p.m.

A native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Eduardo traces his lineage to a royal African family bearing the hereditary title of Mama Beka (”prophet of the royal court”), as documented by the Instituto Geográfico e Histórico da Bahia. Eduardo Mendonça has lived for the past ten years in the Seattle area. He began performing in Seattle, and traveling throughout the United States and Canada with the Bakra Bata steel drum band. Now, he has his own group known as Show Brazil!, which has gained much recognition in the past ten years. Show Brazil! has played throughout Western Washington and Brazil at events and locations such as the Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot, Seattle Children's International Festival, BrasilFest, Redmond Arts in the Parks, Taste of Bellevue, Hispanic/Latin Month, Fiestas Patrias, Fall Fandango, Fat Tuesday, Sundiata Festival, World Rhythm Festival, Earth Day Festival, West Seattle Street Festival, Marymoor Heritage Festival, Brazilian Carnaval, Burien Strawberry Festival, Edmonds Festival, Mercado Modêlo (Brazil), Itaigara and Piedade Malls (Brazil), and the Catholic University of Salvador (Brazil).

Eduardo was also featured at Bumbershoot in Seattle, as guest artist of the internationally well-known performing group OLODUM, opening act for Olodum at the Brazilian Carnival in 2003 (Seattle, WA); the Brazilian Carnival in Vancouver- British Columbia - Canada; the Brazilian Carnival in Calgary - Alberta - Canada; the Brazilian Carnival in Seattle - WA - US; and at a Nike-sponsored show in Portland, Oregon. The performances listed above are just a part of Eduardo’s continued success as a performing artist. He also had the honor to play for Pope John Paul II’s welcome to Brazil, former South Africa President Nelson Mandela (Seattle,WA - USA - 1999), Brazilian President João Baptista Figueiredo (Brazil 1979), and was also featured in a Paul Simon documentary video in 1991.

- Eduardo is voting member of National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences - GRAMMY.

-Eduardo Mendonça is winner of “Outstanding Brazilian Male Singer based in the U.S.” for the Brazilian International Press Award 2007 (Florida)

- Winner of “Tribute for Excellence and Achievements in Advancement of Performing Arts and Education of the Brazilian Music in 2006” - Centro Cultural Hispano Americano and University of Washington;

- Eduardo is winner of Aspasia Phoutrides Pulakis Memorial Award 2005 for his significant contributions to the Brazilian Community and the community at-large of the Northwest
Charanga Danzón is a fluid ensemble of wonderful musicians, with a repertoire of Cuban music including traditional charanga, son/danzón, cha-cha-chá, classical, and jazz.
Friday, September 5th at 7 p.m.


REPTET brings their award-winning and energetic jazz to Rozella.

Friday September 12th at 7 p.m.

Reptet is a sextet consisting of six multi-instrumentalists all of whom are members of the internationally acclaimed Monktail Creative Music Concern based out of Seattle, WA. They have established themselves as a group of considerable excitement, flair and vision while simultaneously debunking preconceived notions of what a jazz group ought to be. Their music has been aired on radio stations across the United States and Europe, and their members have toured internationally. The arts organization Earshot Jazz has described them as, “A hot progressive combo of Seattle's best young players. Their music is intense, taut, and fresh.” With the release of their second full length CD Do This!, Reptet has established themselves as an irrepressible force in modern jazz.

Press Quotes
“This Seattle sextet does it all: it grooves, it rocks, it squawks - occasionally, it even talks. Mostly, it sounds like a New Orleans jazz band on crystal meth.” ~Alex Gelfand’s Critics pick for the best release of 2006, Jazziz Magazine~

“Trumpeter Samantha Boshnack's open voicings, jaunty tempos and buoyant timbral mixes for two winds and two brass have a friendly monster feel that conjures a bittersweet and elegiac mood of orchestral grandeur.” ~Downbeat~

“A juggernaut jazz band, arresting, compelling, and just plain cranked-up. Do This! is one of the most convincing albums of the last several years from Seattle jazz players.” ~Earshot Jazz~
          Quelques souvenirs de 2015        

Selon un récent sondage, les Français fondent deux grands espoirs pour le mois de janvier :
1) Trouver une fève dans leur part de galette des rois
2) Découvrir la sélection annuelle d'Infrasons

Voilà qui tombe bien, le blog préféré des ménagères (étude Ipsos) vous propose 40 superbes morceaux sortis en 2015, soit des heures d'écoute en perspective. Comme en 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 et 2014, les artistes sont classés par ordre alphabétique.

Mode d'emploi : deux possibilités s'offrent à vous pour écouter les morceaux :
1) Écouter un morceau individuellement : cliquer sur le lecteur situé sous chaque chanson
2) Lancer la liste des morceaux à la suite : cliquer sur la barre rose située tout en bas de la page (bouton « Lecture » à gauche)

Pour les amateurs de statistiques, voici le résultat du Trophée des Nations Infrasons 2015 ® (c'est-à-dire le nombre de groupes figurant dans la sélection, par pays) :
1) États-Unis d'Amérique (18 pts)
2) Grande-Bretagne (9 pts)
3) France (7 pts)
4) Canada (2 pts)
5) Australie (1 pt)
    Irlande (1 pt)
    Mali (1 pt) 
    Suède (1 pt)
    Suisse (1 pt)

Bonne écoute, et excellente année 2016 à tous !

♫ Age - Casino
Origine : Halifax (Nouvelle-Écosse - Canada)
Extrait de The Age

♫ Sir Richard Bishop - Frontier
Origine : Phoenix (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Tangier Sessions

♫ Charles Bradley - Changes
Origine : New-York (anciennement Nouvelle-Angoulême)
Extrait de Changes

♫ Leon Bridges - Better Man
Origine : Fort Worth (Texas)
Extrait de Coming Home

♫  Deadly Vipers - No Sovereignty
Origine : Détroit (ancienne Nouvelle-France)
Extrait de Cataclysmic Events

♫ Dustaphonics - Witch of the Night
Origine : Londres (Perfide Albion)
Extrait du 45t Party Girl

♫ Ex Hex - All Kindsa Girls
Origine : Washington (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de la compilation Of Thousands of Prizes

♫ EZTV - Dust In the Sky
Origine : New-York (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Calling Out

♫ Nicolas Godin - Widerstehe doch der Sünde
Origine : Lutèce (République française)
Extrait de Contrepoint

♫  Holly Golightly - Seven Wonders
Origine : Londres (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de Slowtown Now !

♫ Green Circles - I Don't Know
Origine : Newcastle (Perfide Albion)

♫ Jim Griffin - After a Walk in the Country
Origine : Limerick (République d'Irlande)
Extrait de la compilation Nous sommes Paris

♫ Holy Contour - Where's Sandy Denny When You Need Her
Origine : Santa Fe (Nouveau-Mexique)

♫  James Hunter Six - (Baby) Hold On'
Origine : Perfide Albion
Extrait d'un album prévu en 2016

♫ Sharon Jones et les Dap-Kings - 8 Days of Hanukkah
Origine : New-York (anciennement Nouvelle-Angoulême)
Extrait de It's a Holiday Soul Party

♫ Juniore - À la plage
Origine : Lutèce (République française)
Extrait de Marabout

♫ Alex Kacimi - Un milkshake pour un twist
Origine : Genève (Confédération helvétique) et République française
Extrait de Cookies & Motoriders

♫ John Krautner - I Can Cry Too
Origine : Détroit (ancienne Nouvelle-France) et Los Angeles (Californie)
Extrait de Fun With Gum

♫ Little Clara et les Chacals - De ma vie
Origine : Bobigny (Neuf-Trois)
Extrait de Un pas après l'autre

♫ Love Axe - Please
Origine : Los Angeles et San Francisco (Californie)
Extrait de South Dakota

♫ Magnetic Mind - A Lot of Getting Used To
Origine : Londres (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de ... Is Thinking About It

♫ Most - Fuzzy Patterns
Origine : Umeå (Royaume de Suède)
Extrait de Invasion Completed

♫ Noble Krell - Never Ever
Origine : Baltimore (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Never Ever

♫ Noctambulos - Outsider
Origine : Lutèce (République française)
Extrait du 45t Outsider

♫ Oh Sees -  Sticky Hulks
Origine : San Francisco (Californie)
Extrait de Mutilator Defeated at Least

♫ Ozarks - Claudine
Origine : Portland (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de One Thing

♫ Arnald Paul - Buttercup
Origine : Kansas ? (États-Unis d'Amérique)
(note : il n'est pas certain que cette chanson date de 2015. Le morceau est toutefois apparu sur Internet cette année)

♫ Pleasers - Reject Teen 
Origine : Austin (Texas)
Extrait du 45t Reject Teen

♫ Requin chagrin - Le chagrin
Origine : Lutèce (République française)
Extrait de Requin chagrin

♫ Dan Sartain - If You Never
Origine : Alabama (Vieux Sud)
Extrait de Sings (enregistré dans les années 2000)

♫ Sauna Youth - Transmitters
Origine : Londres (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de Distractions

♫ Gilligan Smiles - Atlas Johnson and the Chestnut Green Railway
Origine : Melbourne (Australie)
Extrait de Karmasouptruck

♫ Songhoy Blues - Nick
Origine : Tombouctou et Gao (République du Mali)
Extrait de Music in Exile

♫ Suburban Homes - Conformity in the UK
Origine : Sussex (Perfide Albion)
Extrait du 45t Conformity  in the UK

♫ Sunchymes - Centuria
Origine : Northampton (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de Present

♫ Tailbreakers - Lead You Down
Origine : Toronto (Canada)
Extrait de The Tailbreakers

♫ Téléphérique - Danse en France 
Origine : République française
Extrait de Téléphérique (enregistré entre 2009 et 2012)

♫ Trabants - Mecca
Origine : Los Angeles (Californie)
Extrait de Freakout

♫ Mr. David Viner - All You'll Need From Her Is Just a Smile
Origine : Londres (Perfide Albion)
(album prévu début 2016 chez Mauvaise Foi Records)

♫ Young Sinclairs - Once or Twice
Origine : Virginie (Vieux Sud)
Extrait du 45t Change Your Mind

          Quelques souvenirs de 2014        

Noël ! Joie ! Voici la sélection annuelle d'Infrasons ; une tradition qui affiche un âge désormais respectable (vous pouvez consulter les sélections 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 et 2013). L'exercice est le même que d'habitude : je vous livre ici mes chansons préférées de 2014 (par ordre alphabétique), avec un seul morceau par artiste.

Mode d'emploi : deux possibilités s'offrent à vous pour écouter les morceaux :
1) Écouter un morceau individuellement : cliquer sur le lecteur situé sous chaque chanson
2) Lancer la liste des morceaux à la suite : cliquer sur la barre rose située tout en bas de la page

Allah-Las - Follow You Down
Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Worship the Sun

Bleached - For the Feel
Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait du 45t For the Feel


Charles Bradley et LaRose Jackson - Luv Jones
Origine : New-York (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait du 45t Luv Jones


Gareth Davies - Thistledown Lodging
Origine : Pays de Galles
Extrait de The Spirit Garden

Goat - Talk to God
Origine : Korpilombolo (Royaume de Suède)
Extrait de Commune

Klaus Johann Grobe - Les Grecks
Origine : Zürich (Confédération helvétique)
Extrait de Im Sinne der Zeit

Kikagaku Moyo - Kodoma
幾何学模様 - 木霊
Origine : Tokyo (Empire du soleil levant)
Extrait de Forest of Lost Children

King Tuff - Eyes of the Muse
Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Black Moon Spell

Meatbodies - Disorder
Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Meatbodies

Matthew Melton - Words I Never Learned
Origine : Oakland (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Outside of Paradise


Miriam - My Love Has Gone
Origine : Sudbury (Canada) et New-York (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Nobody's Baby

Natural Child - I'm Gonna Try
Origine : Nashville (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Dancin' With Wolves

Jim Noir - The Ancoats Dream
Origine : Manchester (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de Finnish Line


Nude Party - Sweet Shops
Origine : Caroline du Nord (Vieux Sud)
Extrait de Forbidden Fruits


Paperhead - Eye for Eye
Origine : Nashville (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Africa Avenue

Richard in Youre Mind - Look You Gave
Origine : Sydney (Australie)
Extrait de Ponderosa

Naomi Shelton et les Gospel Queens - Bound for the Promised Land
Origine : Midway (Vieux Sud)
Extrait de Cold World

Tomorrow Tulips - Surplus Store
Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de When

Triptides - Clementine
Origine : Bloomington (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait du 45t Clémentine

Vaudou Game - Pas contente
Origine : Lyon (République française) et République Togolaise
Extrait de Apiafo

Nick Waterhouse - Let It Come Down
Origine : San Francisco (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Holly


White Fence - Like That
Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de For the Recently Found Innocent

          Quelques souvenirs de 2013        

Comme en 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 et 2012, Infrasons publie sa liste des meilleures chansons de l'année (par ordre alphabétique). Un classement tout à fait subjectif qui n'a pas la prétention de déceler les nouvelles tendances ou d'explorer des univers musicaux avant-gardistes (ce n'est pas l'objet de ce blog). Tout ce que je peux vous offrir ici, c'est 27 supères chansons qui, je l'espère, vous permettront d'aborder la nouvelle année en claquant des doigts et en tapant des mains.

Mode d'emploi : pour lancer l'écoute d'un morceau, cliquez sur le petit triangle gris devant le titre de la chanson (les morceaux s'enchaînent ensuite automatiquement). Pour télécharger l'ensemble de la sélection, cliquez ici (mais dépêchez-vous : le lien ne restera certainement pas très longtemps).

Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait du 45t Every Girl

♫ Charles Bradley - You Put the Flame on It
Origine : New-York (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Victim of Love

Origine : Édimbourg (Écosse)
Extrait de Understated

Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Face the Sun

Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de We Are the 21th Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

Origine : Glasgow (Écosse)
Extrait de Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

Origine : Melbourne (Australie)
Extrait de Whereabouts

Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Shine Your Light

♫ Jacco Gardner - The Ballad of Little Jane
Origine : Hoorn (Pays-Bas)
Extrait de Cabinet of Curiosities

Origine : Détroit (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Fiesta

Origine : Zürich (Confédération helvétique)
Extrait de Klaus Johann Grobe

Origine : delta du Medway (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de One Vowel Away from the Truth

Origine : Lyon (Capitale des Gaules)
Extrait de Another Tree

Origine : Miami (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Jacuzzi Boys

Origine : New-York (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Give the People What They Want

Origine : Paris et Biarritz (République française)
Extrait de Pyscho Tropical Berlin

♫ Cate Le Bon - Can't Help You
Origine : Penboyr (Pays de Galles)
Extrait de Mug Museum

♫ Paul Messis - Sowing Seeds
Origine : Sussex (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de Case Closed

Origine : Paris (République française)
Extrait du maxi Moodoïd EP

Origine : Lansing (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait du 47t Brand New Thing

♫ Persian Claws - Clever Way to Crawl
Origine : Burlington (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Persian Claws

Ian Skelly - Cut from a Star
Origine : Liverpool (Perfide Albion)
Extrait de Cut from a Star

Origine : Nashville (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Inventions

♫ Tomorrow Tulips - Flowers on the Wall
Origine : Los Angeles (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Experimental Jelly

Origine : Londres (Perfide Albion)
Extrait du 45t Nobody There / Need You Around

♫ Warm Soda - Busy Lizzy
Origine : Oakland (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Someone for You

♫ Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito
Origine : New-York (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Extrait de Mosquito

----------------------------------- Bonus humoristique ------------------------------

♫ Didier Wampas et Bikini Machine - Le disco ça pue
Origine : Paris (République française) et Rennes (Duché de Bretagne)
Extrait de Comme dans un garage

          Quelques souvenirs de 2012        

Certains désespéraient, d'autres trépignaient, mais la patience est aujourd'hui récompensée : Infrasons publie un nouvel article ; le premier depuis plus de quatre mois. Un rythme de sénateur, me direz-vous ; mais un contenu toujours aussi impérial puisque vous trouverez, comme en 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 et 2011, une sélection des meilleurs chansons de l'année 2012 !

Trêve de blablas, place aux morceaux. En ajoutant simplement trois remarques :

1) Cette sélection récompense des chansons, et non des albums dans leur intégralité. Vous pouvez donc enregistrer le pire album du monde et avoir malgré tout vos chances de figurer dans la liste si le disque contient une bonne chanson.
2) Je me limite à une chanson par interprète.
3) Il n'y as pas de classement, si ce n'est alphabétique.

Vous pouvez télécharger l'ensemble de cette sélection (à quelques chansons près) en cliquant sur ce lien.

C'est une bien bonne idée qu'ont eu les Allah-las en choisissant le nom de leur groupe. Car, outre le fait de proposer un jeu de mot désopilant (Allah-las, hahaha !), il leur permet de figurer en tête des listes alphabétiques et, par extension, des sélections Infrasons 2011 et 2012. Révélés l'an passé avec le morceau «Catamaran», les Allah-las ont sorti cette année un premier album sur lequel ils déploient leur force tranquille, presque indolente.
Un peu de hip-hop avec le premier album d'un gamin new-yorkais de 17 ans : Joey Badass. Appelé 1999 et disponible en téléchargement gratuit, il comporte plusieurs morceaux très bien fichus. «Pennyroyal» sort du lot avec sa ligne rythmique sobre et son superbe motif à l'orgue qui semble sorti d'une boîte à musique pour enfants.
(Télécharger l'album 1999)

Commençons par la mauvaise nouvelle : Bare Wires s'est séparé en début d'année. Mais rebondissons sur la bonne nouvelle : le groupe a légué un dernier album (Idle Dreams), parfait testament d'une formation qui nous a enthousiasmé ces dernières années avec son glamage (mélange de glam et de garage) parsemé de riffs tranchants et réjouissants.

Un article (lire ici) leur ayant déjà été consacré sur ce site, Bikini Machine n'a plus de secret pour les lecteurs d'Infrasons. Les Rennais ont à nouveau sorti un album de qualité (entièrement instrumental), ouvrant sur un «Bikini Theme» rappelant les géénriques composés par John Barry (James Bond, Amicalement vôtre, etc.). Notons que ce morceau figurait déjà en 2003 sur leur premier album (An Introduction to Bikini Machine) dans une version légèrement différente.

Qu'on se le dise : les Anglais sont de retour ! Nous avons suffisamment fustigé la décrépitude de la scène britannique ces dernières années pour ne pas nous réjouir des excellents disques sortis cette année par Jim Noir, King Krule, les Moons, les Kumari, les Vicars ou encore les Draytones. Et qui dit retour des Anglais dit retour des Beatles...

Soyons francs : aussi talentueux soit-il, Foxygen est un duo déroutant. Ses chansons apparaissent tellement déstructurées, avec de continuels et brusques changements de mélodie, qu'il est parfois difficile d'y pénétrer complètement. La formule fonctionne cependant très bien sur le morceau «Make It Known», excellent morceau s'il en est. Une chose est sûre, ce groupe ne peut qu'être new-yorkais : la filiation avec Lou Reed et MGMT saute aux yeux.

Que ce blog soit frappé d'infamie et que le déshonneur s'abatte sur lui pour avoir omis de parler des Frowning Clouds jusqu'à ce jour. Car ces Australiens sont l'un des tous meilleurs groupes garage des dernières années. Après avoir écouté «Propellers», précipitez-vous sur «All Night Long», le tube imparable sorti l'an passé.

La chanson de l'année est l'oeuvre d'un obscur Néerlandais qui enregistre seul ses morceaux en jouant tous les instruments et en bricolant lui-même le son pour obtenir une patine 60s des plus réussies. Le résultat est stupéfiant : la Pop baroque de Jacco Gardner oscille entre les Zombies et le premier album de Pink Floyd, avec une qualité d'écriture exceptionnelle. L'incontestable révélation de l'année.
Il n'y a pas d'année réussie sans tube Power Pop. Cette mission échoit cette année à Gentleman Jesse. Tâche dont il s'est parfaitement acquitté, évoquant Stiv Bators, Elvis Costello et toute une myriade de groupes des années 1977-1982.

Belle surprise que Goat, groupe provenant de Korpilombolo, minuscule village de 529 habitants situé à l'extrême nord de la Suède, près de la frontière finlandaise. Autant dire qu'il n'y a pas grand chose à y faire sinon jouer de la musique. Et si possible de façon furieuse en mélangeant rock psyché, funk et sonorités asiatiques. Un son qui zlatane tout.

Granville s'inscrit dans le sillage dessiné par La Femme ou Pendentif avec une Pop francophone évoquant le soleil et les bords de mer. Mais la France est un pays façonné par ses terroirs, et tandis que les Biarrots de La Femme chantent le surf sur la côte basque, le son des Granville est davantage emprunt d'une mélancolie rappelant la Normandie et la baie du Mont-St-Michel.

Il y a 10 ans, la presse s'extasiait sur le retour du rock garage et, après avoir rapidement évoqué le renouveau du Folk (avec l'anti-folk), s'est depuis intéressée à la résurgence des années 80. Dès lors, et puisque la musique n'est plus qu'un éternel recommencement, nous devons nous attendre à un retour imminent du Glam (qui s'opérera forcément en grande pompe et avec des paillettes). Dans cette optique, Hacienda fait office de précurseur avec son Boogie-Glam et ses choeurs entraînants («ouh-la-la ouh-la-la-ouh»).

♫ Liechtenstein - Heads on Golden Plate
Sans faire de bruit, et aussi discrets qu'un paradis fiscal perdu dans les Alpes, Liechtenstein parvient à figurer pour la quatrième fois dans la sélection annuelle d'Infrasons. Voilà qui n'est pas un mince exploit lorsqu'on songe au niveau d'exigence requis. Avec leur impeccable album Fast Forward, les Suédoises sauvent l'honneur des Girl-groups, quelque peu en berne cette année.

Depuis deux ans, les Perpignanais des Liminañas ont trouvé une formule qu'ils répètent à l'envie sur tous leurs disques : un demi-tempo lancinant emmené par une basse décidée et un phrasé monocorde évoquant les productions de Gainsbourg. Quoique répétitive, cette formule est à nouveau gagnante, avec notamment l'excellent «Hospital Boogie», second morceau francophone de notre sélection.

♫ Madness - My Girl 2
L'une des très bonnes surprises de l'année car, soyons honnêtes, qui était au courant que le célèbre groupe de Ska existait encore ? Et qui l'imaginait capable de sortir un tube frais et dansant en 2012 ? Les papis font de la résistance, comme on dit.

 â™« Men - Candy
Face à l'inépuisable armada de groupes provenant de San-Francisco, New-York a tenté de rivaliser cette année avec plusieurs groupes ou interprètes de qualité (Foxygen, Joey Badass). Signés sur l'excellent label Sacred Bones Records, les Men ont contribué à la bonne forme de la scène locale. La folkisante chanson «Candy» démontre le talent du groupe.

Guitariste des prolifiques Fresh & Onlys (qui avaient figuré dans nos classements 2009 et 2010), Wymond Miles trouve le temps d'enregistrer des disques en parallèle sous son nom. Publié par Sacred Bones Records (comme l'album des Men), Under the Pale Moon rappelle très fortement les productions des Fresh & Onlys avec cette patine inimitable qui évoque aussi bien les déserts arctiques que les volcans islandais.

Britanniques jusqu'au bout des ongles, les Moons sont emmenés par Andy Crofts, ancien claviériste de Paul Weller (lui-même ex-chanteur des Jam). Tout cela pour dire que le groupe a été biberonné à la culture Mod et, plus particulièrement, aux chansons des Kinks. L'influence du groupe des frères Davies est ainsi évidente sur «English Summer», formidable morceau dont la démo circulait sur Internet depuis 2007. Andy Crofts y reprend les thèmes préférés des Kinks : la météo, la description des petits détails qui émaillent le quotidien des Britanniques, et même une petite touche de conscience «working class». Ajoutons que l'album Fables of History regorge de superbes chansons, comme seuls les Anglais savent en produire.
Attention, voici du lourd ! Et surtout du très grand. Originaires de Nashville, les Natural Child personnifient le rock'n'roll américain dans ce qu'il a de plus idéalisé et mythifié avec ce son bluesy qui donne envie de traverser le Nouveau Continent en Pontiac Firebird, fenêtres ouvertes et musique à fond. Voilà un son qui siéra aux amateurs des Rolling Stones (période Mick Taylor) et des Flamin' Groovies (période Teenage Head).

Ce morceau est fou. Du moins à partir de 2 minutes 25 lorsqu'il bascule dans une bulle féérique pavée de xylophones multicolores. Je serais gendarme que je prendrais soin de contrôler tous les conducteurs de Ford Escort pour vérifier s'ils ne roulent pas sous l'emprise de substances dangereuses ; parce que certains n'ont pas l'air net. Quoi qu'il en soit, cela fait réellement plaisir d'écouter un nouvel album du Britannique Jim Noir ; peut-être le seul musicien à pouvoir s'approcher aujourd'hui de la perfection Pop Beach-Boysienne.

Comme l'an passé, la sélection Infrasons laisse la part belle aux groupes de San-Francisco. «Parrains» de cette scène passionnante, les Oh Sees ont à nouveau été à la fête en 2012, parsemant leurs morceaux des ingrédients qui ont fait leur marque de fabrique : riffs répétitifs, chant saccadé, rythme hypnotisant. Ajoutons qu'ils sont quasiment les seuls parmi cette scène san-franciscaine à bénéficier d'une production sonore bien travaillée. Sur ce point, Bare Wires ou Ty Segall feraient bien d'en prendre de la graine.

A bien y regarder, cette sélection comporte très peu de morceaux de garage teigneux et enragés. Mais les Orwells sont là pour combler cette lacune. Originaire de la banlieue de Chicago, le groupe au nom très classe me rappelle fortement Harlem (formation qui semble par ailleurs s'être séparée). Les Orwells ont même un petit côté grunge avec ces enchaînements calme/accélération qui rythment leurs morceaux.

Autre groupe américain à suivre, le People's Temple (du nom de la secte qui avait organisé le suicide et le meurtre de 920 personnes en 1978) propose un garage psychédélique et sombre dont le son n'est pas sans rappeler celui du Chocolate Watchband. Ce ton mystérieux, légèrement inquiétant mais très réussi imprègne tout particulièrement la chanson «Right from Wrong».

Paul + John + George + Ringo + Rickenbacker + 1963 = les Resonars
Les mathématiques ont parfois du bon.
Et pour information, les Resonars viennent de Tucson, dans l'Arizona.

Originaires des îles Hébrides, au large de l'Ecosse, les Rivals se sont imposés comme les nouveaux n°1 en Grande Bretagne, obtenant le titre de meilleur groupe de l'année décerné par le NME. Co-écrit pour le groupe par Paul McCartney et par Paul Weller, le morceau «Sugar Babies» occupe depuis novembre la première place des charts anglais ; succès mérité pour ce titre qui a même réussi à mettre d'accord les frères Gallagher. Souhaitons-leur de poursuivre sur ce succès. Pour information, le groupe tourne régulièrement dans des petites salles à Paris et la première édition de leur tube «Sugar Babies» est encore en vente (en 45 tours) chez Mauvaise Foi Records. Il serait bête de passer à côté de pareilles occasions.

Derrière Souvenir Stand se cache Stéphanie Cupo, chanteuse et saxophoniste du New-Jersey visiblement marquée par les enregistrements de Phil Spector et des Shangri-las. La production a encore quelque chose d'amateur, mais les chansons possèdent un charme indéniable. Une affaire à suivre.

Les Australiens de Tame Impala ont à nouveau fait très fort cette année avec l'album Lonerism qui a atteint la 14e place des ventes en Grande Bretagne. Un succès étonnant pour un disque qui n'a rien à voir avec le reste du Top 50 car, avouons-le, cela fait bien 40 ans que le psychédélisme ne fait plus vendre. La production «hyper-méga-cosmique» de l'album a certainement contribué à cet attrait inattendu. Et cocorico, le disque a été enregistré en partie en France. D'où la pochette figurant les grilles du jardin du Luxembourg.

Autre groupe anglais à avoir fait du bon boulot cette année, les Teen Velvettes semblent davantage obsédés par la Californie que par la perfide Albion. Car c'est d'un groupe surf qu'il s'agit, et des plus efficaces.

Les Triptides sont l'un des groupes les plus injustement sous-estimés du monde. Cela fait pourtant deux ans qu'ils enregistrent des morceaux d'une beauté inouïe évoquant aussi bien le surf californien que la Pop délicate des Zombies. Outre l'album Sun Pavilion dont est extrait «Need You», les Triptides ont sorti un excellent 45 tours sur le label français Croque Macadam («Bright Sky» / «Darling»).

Nick Waterhouse ne plaisante pas avec la notion de rétro. Et pas question de faire les choses à moitié : quitte à jouer une musique inspirée par le rock 50s, le rhythm'n'blues, la soul 60s, autant travailler son look par la même occasion pour se transformer en sosie de Buddy Holly. En dehors de cela, Nick Waterhouse et son groupe forment un excellent groupe de scène et ont enregistré plusieurs chouettes chansons cette année. «Raina», certainement la plus soul, sort du lot grâce aux voix divines des choristes.

Une année ultra-productive pour White Fence qui, outre un album en duo avec Ty Segall, a sorti deux disques (Family Perdum, vol.1 et vol.2). La production «bricolée» des albums a tendance à lisser les morceaux du Californien, empêchant certaines chansons de ressortir et de se détacher. C'est chose dommage car White Fence a un réel talent d'écriture. Une production un peu plus dynamique pourrait tout à fait le rapprocher des Kinks période Village Green. Mais ne boudons pas notre plaisir, ces albums figurent parmi les meilleurs sortis en 2012 et offrent une liste de pépites longue comme le bras.

          Dandy Livingstone        
En 1979, les Specials affolent les Îles Britanniques avec leur détonant croisement de Ska jamaïcain et de Pop anglaise. Le public s'enthousiasme pour ce groupe qui arbore fièrement des motifs à damiers noirs et blancs, symbole de son caractère pluri-ethnique. Entre autres succès, la formation atteint la 10e place des ventes en reprenant un morceau de Dandy Livingstone : «Rudy, a Message to You».

L'interprétation est excellente, le succès est mérité. Cette reprise a toutefois un tort : elle occulte quasiment la version originale ; or, quiconque a pu l'écouter en est convaincu : elle surpasse mille fois la reprise des Specials.

On aurait tort malgré tout de considérer «Rudy, a Message to You» comme LE chef-d'oeuvre de la musique jamaïcaine. Tort car il s'agit d'un morceau britannique, son interprète ayant émigré à 15 ans en Angleterre et ayant effectué toute sa carrière artistique (comme chanteur ou producteur) dans la perfide Albion. Tort aussi car cette chanson dépasse les frontières du rocksteady, du bluebeat, du ska, du reggae ou de tout ce que l'on qualifie habituellement de musique jamaïcaine. Merveille parmi les merveilles, le morceau de Dandy Livingstone s'élève jusqu'à la perfection Pop frisant au passage la voute céleste de la Soul. Bref, elle fait partie des plus belles chansons écrites ces 5 758 dernières années.

Tout n'est qu'excellence : le rythme tout d'abord, entêtant, accrocheur et adouci par la voix de Dandy Livingstone, d'une beauté ahurissante. Mais déjà est-on conquis par le morceau que surgit le solo, sommet du genre, enchevêtrement magistral de cuivres qui se répondent et s'enlacent avec un brio époustouflant (le célèbre tromboniste Rico Rodriguez participe à l'enregistrement et accompagnera les Specials dix ans plus tard lorsqu'ils reprendront le morceau). Rien à dire, nul n'a fait mieux.

Un dernier mot sur les paroles de la chanson. «Rudy» ne désigne pas un prénom mais est un diminutif de «Rude Boy», argot jamaïcain que l'on traduirait aujourd'hui par «Racaille» ou «Mauvais garçon». Dandy Livingstone envoie donc en 1967 un appel aux gangs qui plongent le pays dans la violence depuis son indépendance (en 1962). «Arrête de filer un mauvais coton, ou tu finiras en prison», c'est en substance le sens de la chanson.

          29.09.17 20:00 Uhr - Nürnberg - JONESTOWN - eine Produktion von Theater Zwangsvorstellung        
Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung217434-tickets

Das Theaterstück Jonestown erzählt die Geschichte der US-Sekte People´s Temple, die ihrem Anführer Jim Jones nach Guyana/Südamerika folgte, was 1978 für über 900 Mitglieder den Tod bedeutete. Jim Jones war Charismatiker, Prophet, Choleriker und Psychopath. Aus gemeinschaftlichen religiösen Ritualen entwickelte sich schleichend ein System der Folter und Unterdrückung, das im unfreiwilligen Massensuizid sein grausames Ende fand. Theater Zwangsvorstellung nimmt die Zuschauer mit auf eine abenteuerliche Reise ins Innere der Sekte, macht sie zu Zeugen eines perfiden Spiels um Macht, Abhängigkeit und den Glauben an das Gute in der Welt.
Da die Aufführung teilweise im Freien stattfindet, wird um entsprechende Kleidung gebeten.
Es spielen: Bird Berlin, Bettina Härtel, Jörg Hundsdörfer, Andy Maurice Mueller, Juliane Schröter, Claudia Schulz
Musik: Bird Berlin
Buch/Regie: Claudia Schulz
Ausstattung: Martin Fürbringer, Anders Möhl
Fotos: Det Paulig
Dauer: ca. 135 Minuten

Infos unter: Claudia Schulz, 0170- 5867225
          30.09.17 20:00 Uhr - Nürnberg - JONESTOWN - eine Produktion von Theater Zwangsvorstellung        
Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung217435-tickets

Das Theaterstück Jonestown erzählt die Geschichte der US-Sekte People´s Temple, die ihrem Anführer Jim Jones nach Guyana/Südamerika folgte, was 1978 für über 900 Mitglieder den Tod bedeutete. Jim Jones war Charismatiker, Prophet, Choleriker und Psychopath. Aus gemeinschaftlichen religiösen Ritualen entwickelte sich schleichend ein System der Folter und Unterdrückung, das im unfreiwilligen Massensuizid sein grausames Ende fand. Theater Zwangsvorstellung nimmt die Zuschauer mit auf eine abenteuerliche Reise ins Innere der Sekte, macht sie zu Zeugen eines perfiden Spiels um Macht, Abhängigkeit und den Glauben an das Gute in der Welt.
Da die Aufführung teilweise im Freien stattfindet, wird um entsprechende Kleidung gebeten.
Es spielen: Bird Berlin, Bettina Härtel, Jörg Hundsdörfer, Andy Maurice Mueller, Juliane Schröter, Claudia Schulz
Musik: Bird Berlin
Buch/Regie: Claudia Schulz
Ausstattung: Martin Fürbringer, Anders Möhl
Fotos: Det Paulig
Dauer: ca. 135 Minuten

Infos unter: Claudia Schulz, 0170- 5867225
          17.11.17 19:30 Uhr - Fürth - Gankino Circus - Irrsinn und Idyll        
Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung217498-tickets

„Anarchisch, verrückt, brillant“, so beschreibt die Süddeutsche Zeitung ein Konzert von Gankino Circus. Aber was heißt schon Konzert? Ein Auftritt der vier Musiker ist weniger ein Konzert als vielmehr ein weltmusikalisches Schauspiel, ein kabarettistisches Spektakel, eine subkulturelle Sensation!
Aktuell präsentiert die Band aus dem fränkischen Dietenhofen ihren neuesten Geniestreich: ein aberwitziges Konzertkabarett-Programm namens „Irrsinn und Idyll“. Mit rasanten Melodien und unbändiger Spielfreude rücken Gankino Circus der Musik ihrer Heimat zu Leibe und machen sie durch ihren einzigartigen Humor dem Publikum zugänglich.
Ralf Wieland, genialer Geschichtenerzähler und Gitarrist, führt durch das Programm und lässt auf urkomische Weise den Wahnsinn hinter der fränkischen Dorfidylle hervorschimmern. Mit von der Partie sind: der ebenso elegante wie therapiebedürftige Arztsohn Dr. Simon Schorndanner Junior an Saxophon und Klarinette. Der launische Akkordeonmeister und leidenschaftliche Landwirt Maximilian Eder aus der traditionsreichen Dynastie der Eders. Und natürlich der lausbübische Percussion-Tausendsassa Johannes Sens, der sich wie wild in die Herzen der Zuschauer trommelt, um sich dann im Moment höchster musikalischer Virtuosität die Kleider vom Leib zu reißen.
Zeitgemäße Volksmusik, anarchische Spielfreude und raffinierter Wortwitz vermengen sich bei Gankino Circus zu einer kuriosen Melange, über die der Kabarettist Matthias Egersdörfer sagt: „Als ich Gankino Circus zum ersten mal gehört habe, hatte ich Tränen in den Augen.“ Und wer den Kabarett-Berserker Egersdörfer kennt, weiß: Den Mann bringt so schnell nichts zum Weinen …
          documentary is up        

it's up on the BBC3 iplayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/item/8ca601f1-2d4f-412a-8c94-ad0b3497ac4e

this is a BBC3 professionally filmed documentary rather than the semi-amateur one Paul is working on (that one will be done by the end of the next academic year, since it'll be his graduate thesis). this one is also free to watch for anyone and should work fine for anyone outside the country (i think, i never tried.) it's also on youtube, on BBC3's channel. Paul's documentary will be a lot longer and more in depth than this one, which isn't all that long, about five minutes i reckon. it won't take you long to get through. i did a lot of interview-type talking for this one in various different places, and upgraded my RFID chip on camera for them. the film crew were great and really decent people to work with, and have been all the way up to its release.

also some of you have been asking me about various gender and pronoun related things on twitter, which i can't explain in tiny little tweets, so i'll try to do that in another blog post. enjoy watching me forget how to talk properly whilst being filmed

          recent escapades        

recent experiments seem to suggest the possibility of using acetone to dissolve various RFID and contactless devices to gain useful components. i also found the local Rag Market selling 100% acetone for cheapsies, which is always good. by "useful" i do of course mean "useful for installing beneath one's sliced open and surgically retracted flesh in order to further one's admittedly bizarre experimentation". biggest problem right now is making coiled-copper antennae, which are very delicate, suitable for implantation (i.e. bioproof) whilst still retaining functionality. it seems that a square shape, not filled in in the middle, with the chip connected to the coil on the outside (and the whole thing coated in whatever) is the best proto-dealio to be manufacturing, as it seems like that's the most stable construct that maintains the original shape of the device somewhat but also has the smallest surface area. as everyone probably figured out by now, items with a small surface area are far more likely to take beneath the skin than larger ones, and for related reasons, stuff with holes in is better than stuff without, so long as the holes don't compromise the bioproofing (whatever it is you've used for that). but i've had a few failures (conceptual and otherwise) & now need further supplies to fuck with. i'm going to be messing around with a contactless, refillable bus pass they sell around this area of Birmingham this time (sort of like an Oyster card if you're familiar with those). more as it happens / doesn't happen / gets horrifically infected and results in loss of limbs.

in other recent escapades i went with Paul (the documentary bloke!) to the Circus of Horrors a while ago. it was pretty amusing, although the posters led me to expect less than the quantity i actually witnessed of midget cock, balls and/or arsehole (how does he lift that weight, even with what are proportionally rather large tools?!) we accidentally bought VIP tickets and thus Paul calmly appreciated the artistry while i drank both of the little bottles of red wine we were given, plus a complimentary vodka lemonade, and spent most of the evening thinking a mixture of "HAHAHA WOW YAAY" and "I LIEK FISHNETS, I LIEK CORSETS" which i'm pretty sure is exactly what you're supposed to do anyway. it was immensely fun, they gave us free snacks and a tiny box of delicious truffles, and we even got to talk to the ringleader/owner afterwards (i did not say anything retarded, surprisingly.)

while that has exhausted my "fun stuff" budget for a while, i have got some cash left saved for experiments, so worry not. i'm not spending scalpel money on drink like some sort of *crazy person*.


          chip upgrade        

hey all. recently i upgraded my RFID chip to a writable version of the same basic protocol type (close-range passive and if i remember right it's still an EM4102 chip.) it's one of the ones from Dangerous Things (Amaal Graafstra's shop), which i'd happily recommend - he was able to arrange fast shipping, the chip arrived very well protected, etc. i also managed to source a newer, sleeker USB tag reader, although its range is awful compared to my old Phidgets one so i might just carry on using the old one. i even got hold of some topical benzocaine cream which is a first. that stuff was extremely useful & i might have to try it the next time i do any fingertip installations, since a lot of the difficulty with those comes from the pain and the toughness of the fascia in that area - having the area numbed might well mean i can go a bit slower, be a bit more precise with the depth of the needle puncture incision.

i did the chip installation at home, with my standard bleach-and-alcohol treatment for the table i was using and hibiscrub to sterilise the hand alongside sealed tools and glove for the other one. i figured out a long time ago that it's better to use a needle than a scalpel, so in the pix i'm gonna share here you'll see me making the incision with a 4mm sterile piercer's needle blade. i did also acquire two of the weird pre-loaded needle syringes a vet would use to install an animal's ID chip, but those turned out to be difficult to unload (you can't use an animal ID chip on a person cause they're specialised things that hold animal-specific information, can't be overwritten with any other info, and require a specialist reader and software what is very expensive.)

so here's some pix:
the needles and the reader. you can see some of the other gear in the background like the dressings etc.
the anaesthetic cream tubes i was using
preparing to do the incision. i don't have a static photo of when i actually put the bastard in unfortunately but there is video which will be released in one form or another later (see below).
this is the dressed wound; you can see the incision site by where the dot of blood is. i used a steristrip wound closure under there as well just to hold the site as closed as i could but it was pretty much overkill, it was a tiny hole that healed up exceptionally well.

the whole thing is very well healed now, had no healing problems whatsoever, changed dressing daily for a week and then it was pretty much done. the whole procedure was filmed too, by both Paul and some professionals, but i don't know what's happening with that footage so i can't release it to you yet or talk about what it's for. in all likelihood nothing will come of it and i can put Paul's video up here or on rutube for you after i get the go ahead, so watch this space or my twitter & i can let you know what goes down. i'm also currently working on something else, but no point posting about it until i know whether it's a viable experiment or not. if it fails spectacularly i'll post pix of that too just for the lulz.

carpe corporem

it begins! (again.) i think living independently is good for me. i feel like a burden when living off other people, and having my own place is always nice. more or less settled in now, all the account information has been updated, bills set up etc. had a slight hitch on Thursday (08.10.15) when my old Fedora laptop finally gave up the ghost. the HDD made an ominous, bomb-like ticking noise for a few minutes, the system abruptly stopped responding, then the power died and refused to power back on. no luck with diagnostics/repairs that night or the morning after, until one last Chinese reboot convinced the machine to power on and load GRUB. from here i was able to get into Fedora, but only after about seven or eight minutes of loading and fan noise... when i actually got the window manager up, i found it responding slower than if i were sending commands via satellite from the fucking Moon. the terminal was no exception. i'd click or press a key, and literally several entire minutes would go by before the machine reflected what i'd pressed by opening a menu, showing the typed character onscreen, switching windows or whatever. with this excruciatingly slow method, i transferred my WIP novel to an SD card (it was the only irreplaceable file, i'd lost its backup on USB in the moving chaos). the machine itself is unusable and not worth buying a replacement hard drive for, so i haven't lost any data this time, but i have lost that. a new one's coming in a few weeks. it's one of these nice cheap preloaded Ubuntu ones for poor people so it should suit me fine. i don't need an SSD or fifty terabytes of disk space or 16G RAM, i just need some form of Linux laptop so i can function.

and meds. i also need lots of pain meds so i can function.

this Hallowe'en i will be speaking about transhumanism and biohacking in Nottingham, not sure of the exact place and time yet. i'll put up a post and a twatter update when i do, it shouldn't be very expensive if anyone wants to show up.

other news: next planned work is to upgrade my first ever implant, the little RFID ampoule tag i used for the various access hacks i took out of RFID Toys. it's very old and not writable or secured, so i've been wanting a replacement chip for a long time & am now in a position to replace it. (i say "replace", i really mean "install a new one and just stop using the old one because it's a pain in the arse to get things back out from under the skin of the hands and i can't be bothered".) i have a few ideas re where to source a suitable tag. will update you all as i get there.


          The Giving Garden        
Everyone that's ever been to a plant swap put your hands up... now, why have you been holding out on me?! Honestly, why didn't I know about this super great thing sooner? For those of you that are in the dark like I was, here's the scoop...

There are gardening groups all over the country that meet and chat and swap. Now I know this may sound like it's for the old folks, but trust me it's not. If you like local food and farmer's markets, this is a must-do field trip. Promise! I went to my first one with a friend on Saturday. We drove in to the Henry Horton State Park and there was a gathering like I've never seen - tons of tables filled with hand-potted plants & veggies of all varieties. Plus bags (literally brown shopping bags) filled with homegrown seeds. And here's the best part, you don't pay for anything! Seriously, it's truly a swap. You go around visiting the tables, spy what you'd like and then the incredibly generous, knowledgeable gardener who dug them up, hands you the pot. That simple, just bring plants and receive plants. I made a huge batch of seed bombs to share, but was totally unprepared for the generosity of everyone. One lady put it best, she said in a thick southern accent, "why can't folks just be nice and share?" It really is that simple.

So I came home with a carload (again literally) full of flowers, seeds and veggies to add to my newly growing garden. And, unlike buying at a store, my garden is now filling up with tidbits of love from other people that like dirt as much as me. Oo and I'm so excited that I scored one of these!

          Custom RFID Sleeves: Protection From Electronic Pickpockets        

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          Kommentar zu Wer denkt wirklich an die große Transformation? #D2030 von Christoph Schmitt        
Und dann geht es an vorderster Front darum, Menschen aus Fleisch und Blut mit ihren Ängsten, Sorgen und Abwehrreflexen behutsam auf den Weg zu nehmen. Berührungsängste abzubauen durch empowerment. Raus aus den etablierten Diskursen und PingPong-Sprachspielen, die einen fast notwendigen Einschluss- und damit Ausschlusscharakter haben. Die Zukunft wird nur dann eine Sache aller, wenn die sich auch da drin sehen: im Prozess, im Suchen, im Gelingen. Ansonsten zementieren wir die gegenwärtigen Schichtungen unseres Gesellschaftssystems auf perfide Weise.
          Macto: Creating The Model        

Actually, starting with the model is usually a bad idea, it ties you to a particular representation of the application, usually as codified in the database schema / UML diagrams. Instead, I rather like to talk about responsibilities.

In the case of Macto, we need to figure out what the system is actually doing. It is an incarceration system, and it seems pretty clear that the root of everything in a prison is in the Inmate, right?

Not so fast!

As a matter of fact, the prison care very much about the Inmate, but Macto? Not so much. That is because we need to make a distinction between what happens in the Real World and what actions are required by our system. In the case of Macto, we are actually managing the Inmate’s Dossier. I thought about calling this a File, but I thought it would be a confusing term, considering how often we use this term technically.

Why is the Dossier so interesting? Because from a IT system perspective, it is the only thing that actually happens in a prison that can be captured inside a computer. For example, does it make sense to make a system for managing garbage removal from the cells?

Sure, if we could RFID all of the inmates, that would give us great IT experience (and save a lot of time and effort), but I am going to assume a prison where this isn’t possible, where most of the actual interactions with the inmates is actually happening by real live people. That means that what we actually care about for Macto is a fairly narrow aspect of what it means to manage a prison, the Inmate’s Dossier.

And after talking so long about why we care only about it, lets talk about what it is. The Inmate’s Dossier is the folder in the registration desk where all of the relevant information about a particular inmate is kept. Here is how it looks like:


What is stored inside that dossier? Well, all the really important aspects of being an Inmate. First and foremost, we have the chain of lawful authority for incarceration. What is that?

Let us take a very simple case, of a guy caught vandalizing a car. The chain of lawful authority for incarceration would be something like:

  1. 27 June 2011 20:52 – Arrest by Sargent Azulay for car vandalizing.
  2. 28 June 2011 14:52 – Detention, 8 days by Judge Judy
  3. 5   July 2011 – Remanded in Custody by Judge Thachil Oti
  4. 14 Aug 2011 – Sentenced, 3 months by Judge Koev Li
  5. 27 Sep 2011 – Released at end of sentence

What does all of this mean? Well, a lot, actually. At #1, we had a guy that was arrested by the police, we then have 24 hours to bring him in front of a judge, to make a determination about the case (a small matter of Habeas Corpus). At #2, the judge gave us 8 days to complete the investigation while the guy is still incarcerated. At #3, we showed up in front of a judge and convinced him that we have a strong enough case to keep the guy in jail until sentencing. At #4, we got the final sentence, but calculating it takes some thinking, it is a sentence from the time of the incarceration, which means that the guy spent a total of 3 months in jail, not 3 months from sentencing.

The chain of lawful authority for incarceration is incredibly important, because without it, you are Unlawfully Incarcerating and that is a Bad Thing.

Please note that I am drawing off the experience of prisons that I was at, mostly high security military prisons for terrorists. In a civilian prison, you have to worry about additional things, like work release programs, rehabilitation efforts, etc. I am not going to touch those issues in Macto, though.

What other things are going to go into the Dossier, the ability to answer quo warranto inquiries is probably the most important one, but there are other things going on there as well. For example, we track where is the Inmate located (not a trivial matter, actually). We need to track Reports on the Inmate (aggressive, suicidal, etc).

There are probably more than that, but I think that this is enough for now. You may have noticed that so far, I haven’t shown you any UML nor have I started with the database schema. To be perfectly frank, it is not relevant at this stage at all. On the next post, I’ll start talking about the basics of CRUD operations.

          Das Gadget mit dem richtigen Riecher!        
Nur noch kurz die Schlüssel und das Handy einpacken und los geht’s! Wie oft wird man dabei zurückgehalten, weil der Schlüssel mal wieder nicht da ist wo er eigentlich sein sollte? Für solche Situationen wurde ein neues Konzept entwickelt – der sogenannte Finder. Finder ist ein aussergewöhnliches Gadget, das mittels RFID (Identifizierung mit Hilfe von […]
          Keutamaan Puasa        
Kaum muslimin yang semoga yang dimuliakan oleh Allah ta’ala, bulan ramadan adalah bulan yang penuh dengan barakah, bulan dimana segala kebaikan yang banyak terdapat di sana, berikut ini kami akan memaparkan beberapa keutamaan bagi seorang muslim yang berpuasa pada bulan tersebut.
Banyak sekali ayat-ayat yang tegas dan jelas dalam Al-Qur’an yang memberikan anjuran untuk melaksanakan puasa sebagai sarana untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Allah dan juga Allah ta’ala telah menjelaskan keutamaan-keutamaannya, seperti firman-Nya:
إِنَّ الْمُسْلِمِينَ وَالْمُسْلِمَاتِ وَالْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ وَالْقَانِتِينَ وَالْقَانِتَاتِ وَالصَّادِقِينَ وَالصَّادِقَاتِ وَالصَّابِرِينَ وَالصَّابِرَاتِ وَالْخَاشِعِينَ وَالْخَاشِعَاتِ وَالْمُتَصَدِّقِينَ وَالْمُتَصَدِّقَاتِ وَالصَّائِمِينَ وَالصَّائِمَاتِ وَالْحَافِظِينَ فُرُوجَهُمْ وَالْحَافِظَاتِ وَالذَّاكِرِينَ اللَّهَ كَثِيرًا وَالذَّاكِرَاتِ أَعَدَّ اللَّهُ لَهُمْ مَغْفِرَةً وَأَجْرًا عَظِيمًا
“Sesungguhnya laki-laki dan perempuan yang muslim, laki-laki dan perempuan yang mukmin, laki-laki dan perempuan yang tetap dalam ketaatannya, laki-laki dan perempuan yang benar, laki-laki dan perempuan yang sabar, laki-laki dan perempuan yang khusyuk, laki-laki dan perempuan yang bersedekah, laki-laki dan perempuan yang berpuasa, laki-laki dan perempuan yang memelihara kehormatannya, laki-laki dan perempuan yang banyak menyebut (nama) Allah, Allah telah menyediakan untuk mereka ampunan dan pahala yang besar.” (QS. Al-Ahzab: 35)
Puasa Merupakan Perisai Bagi Seorang Muslim
Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda:
يا معشر الشباب من اسطاع منكم الباءة فاليتزوج فإنه أغض للبصر وأحصن للفرج ومن لم يستطع فعليه بالصوم فإنه له وجاء
“Wahai sekalian para pemuda, barang siapa di antara kalian telah mampu untuk menikah maka hendaknya ia menikah, karena menikah dapat lebih menundukkan pandangan, dan lebih menjaga kehormatan. Barang siapa yang belum mampu menikah maka hendaklah ia berpuasa, karena puasa adalah penjaga baginya.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)
Maka pada hadits ini Rasulullah memerintahkan bagi orang yang telah kuat syahwatnya akan tetapi belum mampu untuk menikah maka hendaknya ia berpuasa, karena puasa dapat menjadi pemutus syahwat ini, karena puasa menahan kuatnya anggota badan hingga badan bisa terkontrol menenangkan seluruh anggota badan serta seluruh kekuatan (yang jelek) bisa di tahan hingga dapat melakukan ketaatan dan di belenggu dengan kendali puasa.
Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam juga bersabda:
ما من عبد يصوم يوما في سبيل الله إلا باعد الله بذالك وجهه عن النار سبعين خريفا
“Tidaklah seorang hamba yang berpuasa di jalan Allah kecuali akan Allah jauhkan dia (karena puasanya) dari neraka sejauh tujuh puluh musim.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)
Maksud sabda Rasulullah “70 musim” adalah perjalanan 70 tahun, sebagaimana yang dikatakan oleh Ibnu Hajar dalam Fathul Bari (6/48)
Dan Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda:
ما من عبد يصوم يوما في سبيل الله إلا باعد الله بذالك وجهه عن النار سبعين خريفا
“Barang siapa berpuasa satu hari di jalan Allah maka Allah akan menjadikan di antara neraka dan dirinya parit yang jaraknya sejauh bumi dan langit.”
Maka hadits-hadits tersebut merupakan penjelasan tentang keutamaan berpuasa yang dilakukan karena ikhlas mengharapkan wajah Allah ta’ala sesuai dengan petunjuk yang telah diterangkan oleh Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.
Puasa Bisa Memasukkan Seorang Hamba ke Dalam Surga
Puasa dapat menjauhkan seorang hamba dari neraka, yang berarti mendekatkannya menuju surga.
Seorang sahabat berkata kepada Rasulullah:
يا رسول الله دلني على عمل أدخل به الجنة
“Wahai Rasulullah tunjukkan kepadaku suatu amalan yang bisa memasukkanku ke dalam surga.”
Rasulullah bersabda:
عليك باصوم لا مثل له
“Hendaklah engkau melaksanakan puasa karena tidak ada yang semisal dengannya.” (HR. Nasaai, Ibnu Hibban dan Al Hakim)
Pahala Orang yang Berpuasa Tidak Terbatas, Bau Mulutnya Lebih Wangi Daripada Wangi Kesturi dan Ia Memiliki Dua Kebahagiaan
Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda:
كُلُّ عَمَلِ ابْنِ آدَمَ لَهُ إِلَّا الصِّيَامَ فَإِنَّهُ لِي وَأَنَا أَجْزِي بِهِ وَالصِّيَامُ جُنَّةٌ وَإِذَا كَانَ يَوْمُ صَوْمِ أَحَدِكُمْ فَلَا يَرْفُثْ وَلَا يَصْخَبْ فَإِنْ سَابَّهُ أَحَدٌ أَوْ قَاتَلَهُ فَلْيَقُلْ إِنِّي امْرُؤٌ صَائِمٌ وَالَّذِي نَفْسُ مُحَمَّدٍ بِيَدِهِ لَخُلُوفُ فَمِ الصَّائِمِ أَطْيَبُ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ مِنْ رِيحِ الْمِسْكِ لِلصَّائِمِ فَرْحَتَانِ يَفْرَحُهُمَا إِذَا أَفْطَرَ فَرِحَ وَإِذَا لَقِيَ رَبَّهُ فَرِحَ بِصَوْمِهِ.
“Semua amalan bani adam adalah untuknya kecuali puasa, karena puasa itu untuk-Ku dan Aku yang akan membalasnya, dan puasa adalah perisai, jika salah seorang dari kalian berpuasa maka janganlah ia berkata keji dan berteriak-teriak. Jika ada orang yang mencacinya atau mengajaknya berkelahi maka hendaklah ia mengatakan, ‘sesungguhnya aku sedang berpuasa’. Dan demi Allah yang jiwa Muhammad ada di tangan-Nya, sesungguhnya bau mulut orang yang berpuasa lebih harum di sisi Allah daripada bau misk. Orang yang berpuasa mempunyai dua kegembiraan, ia bergembira ketika berbuka, dan ia bergembira ketika bertemu dengan rabbnya.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)
Dalam riwayat Bukhari disebutkan:
يترك طعامه وشرابه وشهوته من أجلي. الصيام لي وأنا أجزي به والحسنة بعشر أمثالها
“Ia meninggalkan makan, minum dan syahwatnya karena puasa untuk-Ku, dan aku yang akan membalasnya, dan kebaikan itu akan digandakan sepuluh kali lipatnya.”
Dalam riwayat muslim disebutkan:
كُلُّ عَمَلِ ابْنِ آدَمَ يُضَاعَفُ الْحَسَنَةُ عَشْرُ أَمْثَالِهَا إِلَى سَبْعمِائَة ضِعْفٍ قَالَ اللَّهُ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ إِلَّا الصَّوْمَ فَإِنَّهُ لِي وَأَنَا أَجْزِي بِهِ يَدَعُ شَهْوَتَهُ وَطَعَامَهُ مِنْ أَجْلِي لِلصَّائِمِ فَرْحَتَانِ فَرْحَةٌ عِنْدَ فِطْرِهِ وَفَرْحَةٌ عِنْدَ لِقَاءِ رَبِّهِ وَلَخُلُوفُ فِيهِ أَطْيَبُ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ مِنْ رِيحِ الْمِسْكِ
“Semua amalan bani adam akan dilipatgandakan, satu kebaikan akan dibalas dengan sepuluh kali lipat hingga 700 kali lipatnya, Allah ta’ala berfirman, ‘Kecuali puasa sesungguhnya puasa itu untuk-Ku dan aku yang akan membalasnya, ia meninggalkan syahwat dan makannya karena aku, maka Aku yang akan membalasnya.’ Dan bagi orang yang berpuasa mempunyai dua kebahagiaan: kebahagiaan ketika berbuka dan kebahagiaan ketika bertemu dengan Rabb-nya. Benar-benar mulut orang yang berpuasa di sisi Allah lebih harum daripada harumnya misk.”
Puasa dan Al-Qur’an Akan Memberi Syafaat Kepada Ahlinya Pada Hari Kiamat
Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda:
الصِّيَامُ وَالْقُرْآنُ يَشْفَعَانِ لِلْعَبْدِ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ يَقُولُ الصِّيَامُ أَيْ رَبِّ مَنَعْتُهُ الطَّعَامَ وَالشَّهَوَاتِ بِالنَّهَارِ فَشَفِّعْنِي فِيهِ وَيَقُولُ الْقُرْآنُ مَنَعْتُهُ النَّوْمَ بِاللَّيْلِ فَشَفِّعْنِي فِيهِ قَالَ فَيُشَفَّعَانِ
“Puasa dan Al-Qur’an akan memberikan syafaat pada hari kiamat. Puasa mengatakan ‘Wahai Rabbku, aku menghalanginya dari makan dan syahwat pada siang hari maka berilah ia syafaat karenaku.’ Al-Qur’an pun berkata, ‘Aku menghalanginya dari tidur pada malam hari maka berilah ia syafaat karenanya.” Rasulullah mengatakan, “Maka keduanya akan memberikan syafaat.” (HR. Ahmad, Hakim)
Puasa Sebagai Kaffarat (Penebus Dosa yang Pernah Dilakukan)
Di antara keutamaan puasa yang tidak ada dalam amalan lain adalah Allah menjadikannya sebagai kaffarat bagi orang yang memotong rambut kepalanya (ketika haji) karena ada uzur sakit atau penyakit di kepalanya, puasa juga dapat menjadi kaffarat bagi orang yang tidak mampu memberi kurban, kaffarat bagi pembunuh orang kafir yang punya perjanjian karena tidak sengaja, juga sebagai kaffarat bagi orang yang membatalkan sumpah atau yang membunuh binatang buruan di tanah haram dan sebagai kaffarat zhihar (mentalak istri).
Allah ta’ala berfirman:
وَأَتِمُّواْ الْحَجَّ وَالْعُمْرَةَ لِلّهِ فَإِنْ أُحْصِرْتُمْ فَمَا اسْتَيْسَرَ مِنَ الْهَدْيِ وَلاَ تَحْلِقُواْ رُؤُوسَكُمْ حَتَّى يَبْلُغَ الْهَدْيُ مَحِلَّهُ فَمَن كَانَ مِنكُم مَّرِيضاً أَوْ بِهِ أَذًى مِّن رَّأْسِهِ فَفِدْيَةٌ مِّن صِيَامٍ أَوْ صَدَقَةٍ أَوْ نُسُكٍ فَإِذَا أَمِنتُمْ فَمَن تَمَتَّعَ بِالْعُمْرَةِ إِلَى الْحَجِّ فَمَا اسْتَيْسَرَ مِنَ الْهَدْيِ فَمَن لَّمْ يَجِدْ فَصِيَامُ ثَلاثَةِ أَيَّامٍ فِي الْحَجِّ وَسَبْعَةٍ إِذَا رَجَعْتُمْ تِلْكَ عَشَرَةٌ كَامِلَةٌ ذَلِكَ لِمَن لَّمْ يَكُنْ أَهْلُهُ حَاضِرِي الْمَسْجِدِ الْحَرَامِ وَاتَّقُواْ اللّهَ وَاعْلَمُواْ أَنَّ اللّهَ شَدِيدُ الْعِقَابِ
“Dan sempurnakanlah ibadah haji dan ‘umrah karena Allah. Jika kamu terkepung (terhalang oleh musuh atau karena sakit), maka (sembelihlah) korban yang mudah didapat, dan jangan kamu mencukur kepalamu, sebelum korban sampai di tempat penyembelihannya. Jika ada di antaramu yang sakit atau ada gangguan di kepalanya (lalu ia bercukur), maka wajiblah atasnya berfidyah, yaitu: berpuasa atau bersedekah atau berkorban. Apabila kamu telah (merasa) aman, maka bagi siapa yang ingin mengerjakan ‘umrah sebelum haji (di dalam bulan haji), (wajiblah ia menyembelih) korban yang mudah didapat. Tetapi jika ia tidak menemukan (binatang korban atau tidak mampu), maka wajib berpuasa tiga hari dalam masa haji dan tujuh hari (lagi) apabila kamu telah pulang kembali. Itulah sepuluh (hari) yang sempurna. Demikian itu (kewajiban membayar fidyah) bagi orang-orang yang keluarganya tidak berada (di sekitar) Masjidil Haram (orang-orang yang bukan penduduk kota Mekkah). Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah dan ketahuilah bahwa Allah sangat keras siksaan-Nya.” (QS. Al-Baqarah: 196)
وَمَا كَانَ لِمُؤْمِنٍ أَنْ يَقْتُلَ مُؤْمِنًا إِلا خَطَأً وَمَنْ قَتَلَ مُؤْمِنًا خَطَأً فَتَحْرِيرُ رَقَبَةٍ مُؤْمِنَةٍ وَدِيَةٌ مُسَلَّمَةٌ إِلَى أَهْلِهِ إِلا أَنْ يَصَّدَّقُوا فَإِنْ كَانَ مِنْ قَوْمٍ عَدُوٍّ لَكُمْ وَهُوَ مُؤْمِنٌ فَتَحْرِيرُ رَقَبَةٍ مُؤْمِنَةٍ وَإِنْ كَانَ مِنْ قَوْمٍ بَيْنَكُمْ وَبَيْنَهُمْ مِيثَاقٌ فَدِيَةٌ مُسَلَّمَةٌ إِلَى أَهْلِهِ وَتَحْرِيرُ رَقَبَةٍ مُؤْمِنَةٍ فَمَنْ لَمْ يَجِدْ فَصِيَامُ شَهْرَيْنِ مُتَتَابِعَيْنِ تَوْبَةً مِنَ اللَّهِ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ عَلِيمًا حَكِيمًا
“Dan tidak layak bagi seorang mukmin membunuh seorang mukmin (yang lain), kecuali karena tersalah (tidak sengaja), dan barang siapa membunuh seorang mukmin karena tersalah (hendaklah) ia memerdekakan seorang hamba sahaya yang beriman serta membayar diyat yang diserahkan kepada keluarganya (si terbunuh itu), kecuali jika mereka (keluarga terbunuh) bersedekah. Jika ia (si terbunuh) dari kaum (kafir) yang ada perjanjian (damai) antara mereka dengan kamu, maka (hendaklah si pembunuh) membayar diyat yang diserahkan kepada keluarganya (si terbunuh) serta memerdekakan hamba sahaya yang beriman. Barang siapa yang tidak memperolehnya, maka hendaklah ia (si pembunuh) berpuasa dua bulan berturut-turut untuk penerimaan taubat dari pada Allah, dan adalah Allah Maha mengetahui lagi Maha Bijaksana.” (QS. An-Nisaa: 92)
لا يُؤَاخِذُكُمُ اللَّهُ بِاللَّغْوِ فِي أَيْمَانِكُمْ وَلَكِنْ يُؤَاخِذُكُمْ بِمَا عَقَّدْتُمُ الأيْمَانَ فَكَفَّارَتُهُ إِطْعَامُ عَشَرَةِ مَسَاكِينَ مِنْ أَوْسَطِ مَا تُطْعِمُونَ أَهْلِيكُمْ أَوْ كِسْوَتُهُمْ أَوْ تَحْرِيرُ رَقَبَةٍ فَمَنْ لَمْ يَجِدْ فَصِيَامُ ثَلاثَةِ أَيَّامٍ ذَلِكَ كَفَّارَةُ أَيْمَانِكُمْ إِذَا حَلَفْتُمْ وَاحْفَظُوا أَيْمَانَكُمْ كَذَلِكَ يُبَيِّنُ اللَّهُ لَكُمْ آيَاتِهِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَشْكُرُونَ
“Allah tidak menghukum kamu disebabkan sumpah-sumpahmu yang tidak dimaksud (untuk bersumpah), tetapi Dia menghukum kamu disebabkan sumpah-sumpah yang kamu sengaja, maka kaffarat (melanggar) sumpah itu, ialah memberi makan sepuluh orang miskin, yaitu dari makanan yang biasa kamu berikan kepada keluargamu, atau memberi pakaian kepada mereka atau memerdekakan seorang budak. Barang siapa tidak sanggup melakukan yang demikian, maka kaffaratnya puasa selama tiga hari, yang demikian itu adalah kaffarat sumpah-sumpahmu bila kamu bersumpah (dan kamu langgar), dan jagalah sumpahmu. Demikianlah Allah menerangkan kepadamu hukum-hukum-Nya agar kamu bersyukur (kepada-Nya).” (QS. Al-Maa-idah: 89)
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا لا تَقْتُلُوا الصَّيْدَ وَأَنْتُمْ حُرُمٌ وَمَنْ قَتَلَهُ مِنْكُمْ مُتَعَمِّدًا فَجَزَاءٌ مِثْلُ مَا قَتَلَ مِنَ النَّعَمِ يَحْكُمُ بِهِ ذَوَا عَدْلٍ مِنْكُمْ هَدْيًا بَالِغَ الْكَعْبَةِ أَوْ كَفَّارَةٌ طَعَامُ مَسَاكِينَ أَوْ عَدْلُ ذَلِكَ صِيَامًا لِيَذُوقَ وَبَالَ أَمْرِهِ عَفَا اللَّهُ عَمَّا سَلَفَ وَمَنْ عَادَ فَيَنْتَقِمُ اللَّهُ مِنْهُ وَاللَّهُ عَزِيزٌ ذُو انْتِقَامٍ
“Hai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah kamu membunuh binatang buruan, ketika kamu sedang ihram. Barang siapa di antara kamu membunuhnya dengan sengaja, maka dendanya ialah mengganti dengan binatang ternak seimbang dengan buruan yang dibunuhnya, menurut putusan dua orang yang adil di antara kamu sebagai hadyu yang dibawa sampai ke Ka’bah atau (dendanya) membayar kaffarat dengan memberi makan orang-orang miskin atau berpuasa seimbang dengan makanan yang dikeluarkan itu, supaya Dia merasakan akibat buruk dari perbuatannya. Allah telah memaafkan apa yang telah lalu. Dan Barang siapa yang kembali mengerjakannya, niscaya Allah akan menyiksanya. Allah Maha Kuasa lagi mempunyai (kekuasaan untuk) menyiksa.” (QS. Al-Maa-idah: 95)
وَالَّذِينَ يُظَاهِرُونَ مِنْ نِسَائِهِمْ ثُمَّ يَعُودُونَ لِمَا قَالُوا فَتَحْرِيرُ رَقَبَةٍ مِنْ قَبْلِ أَنْ يَتَمَاسَّا ذَلِكُمْ تُوعَظُونَ بِهِ وَاللَّهُ بِمَا تَعْمَلُونَ خَبِيرٌ (٣)فَمَنْ لَمْ يَجِدْ فَصِيَامُ شَهْرَيْنِ مُتَتَابِعَيْنِ مِنْ قَبْلِ أَنْ يَتَمَاسَّا فَمَنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَإِطْعَامُ سِتِّينَ مِسْكِينًا ذَلِكَ لِتُؤْمِنُوا بِاللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ وَتِلْكَ حُدُودُ اللَّهِ وَلِلْكَافِرِينَ عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ
“Orang-orang yang menzhihar isteri mereka, kemudian mereka hendak menarik kembali apa yang mereka ucapkan, Maka (wajib atasnya) memerdekakan seorang budak sebelum kedua suami istri itu bercampur. Demikianlah yang diajarkan kepada kamu, dan Allah Maha mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan. Barang siapa yang tidak mendapatkan (budak), Maka (wajib atasnya) berpuasa dua bulan berturut-turut sebelum keduanya bercampur. Maka siapa yang tidak Kuasa (wajiblah atasnya) memberi Makan enam puluh orang miskin. Demikianlah supaya kamu beriman kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya. dan Itulah hukum-hukum Allah, dan bagi orang kafir ada siksaan yang sangat pedih.” (QS. Al-Mujadilah: 3-4)
Demikian juga puasa dan shadaqah bisa menghapuskan musibah seseorang dari harta, keluarga dan anaknya. Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallambersabda:
فتنة الرجل في أهله وماله وجاره تكفرها الصلاة والصيام والصدقة.
“Fitnah (musibah) seorang pria dalam keluarga (istrinya), harta dan tetangganya dapat dihapuskan dengan shalat, puasa dan shadaqah.”
Orang yang Berpuasa Akan Mendapatkan Ar-Rayyan
إن في الجنة بابا يقال له الريان، يدخل منه الصائمون يوم القيامة. لا يدخل منه أحد غيرهم فإذا دخلوا أغلق فلم يدخل منه أحد [فإذا دخل آخرهم أغلق ومن دخل شرب ومن شرب لم يظمأ أبدا].
“Sesungguhnya dalam surga ada satu pintu yang di sebut dengan Ar-Rayyan. Orang-orang yang berpuasa akan memasuki pintu tersebut pada hari kiamat, tidak ada selain mereka yang akan memasukinya. Jika orang terakhir yang berpuasa telah masuk ke dalam pintu tersebut maka pintu tersebut akan tertutup. Barang siapa yang masuk, maka ia akan minum dan barang siapa yang minum maka ia tidak akan haus untuk selamanya.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim), tambahan lafaz yang ada dalam kurung merupakan riwayat Ibnu Khuzaimah dalam Shahih-nya no. (1903)
Disarikan dari Shifatu Shaumin Nabiyyi Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam fii Ramadhan
Penulis: Syaikh Salim bin ‘Ied Al-Hilaly dan Syaikh Ali Hasan Abdul Hamid
Penyusun: Abu Sa’id Satria Buana
Artikel www.muslim.or.id

          Angst vor Büchern?        

Eine Notiz zu Amélie Nothombs Roman „Böses Mädchen“

© Diogenes-Verlag

Amélie Nothomb ist spätestens seit ihrem autobiographisch gefärbten Roman Mit Staunen und Zittern bekannt für einen Erzähler-Blick, der sich am Abgründigen und Aberwitzigen dessen weidet, wovon man im Grunde auch ganz bieder erzählen könnte. In ihrem 2005 auf Deutsch erschienenen Roman Böses Mädchen trifft man wieder auf diesen Blick und das Beunruhigende daran ist, dass er nicht nur als Sichtweise einer Erzählerin entwickelt wird, sondern das Auge des Lesers selbst soweit trübt, dass der bald nicht mehr weiß, ob er vorher klar gesehen hat. Vordergründig erzählt der Roman mit tiefrabenschwarzem Humor die Geschichte zweier junger Studentinnen, Christa und Blanche, deren erstere sich so souverän in der Familie der anderen einnistet, dass Blanche innerhalb derselben geradezu zur Un-Tochter wird. Hinter diesem fulminant erzählten Plot, der geschickt von einer perfiden Vertreibung aus dem Paradies erzählt, verbirgt sich allerdings die Pointe, dass Blanche überhaupt erst durch ihre Lesefreude in ihre wenig ersprießliche Situation versetzt werden konnte, es darüber hinaus aber gerade die Literatur ist, die es Blanche schließlich ermöglicht, dem parasitären Bösen, das ihre Familie überfallen hat, siegreich zu begegnen. Unentschieden bleibt dabei der Status der Literatur selbst. Denn die Vertreibung der Christa ist, wie in der abgrundtief komischen Schlussszene deutlich wird, ein Pyrrhus-Sieg, der damit erkauft wird, dass Blanche ihr Tun dem Willen ihrer Gegnerin überlassen musste. So ist Böses Mädchen eine intelligente Möglichkeit, die Frage nach dem Bösen der Literatur zu stellen. Wer keine Angst kennt, lese Amélie Nothomb!

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All rights reserved / Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

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          Happy Father's Day! Here are a Few Genealogy Sales        
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          Military Packages Puttechnology to the Test-details        
Military Packages Puttechnology to the Test by Kate Bertrand Contributing Writer Nanotechnology, scent-embedded polymers, biodegradable films, edible packaging and RFID drive next-generation packaging. No one has more challenging requirements for food and drug packaging than the military. Packaging for products sold to the Armed Forces must stand up to everything from desert heat to being … Continue reading Military Packages Puttechnology to the Test-details
          Søt forventing - siste bok i Wheel of Time pÃ¥ vei til meg        
Det var litt tilfeldig at jeg så - siste bok i Wheel of Time-serien er ute. Jeg bestilte et eksemplar med det samme, den er på vei til meg nå. Jeg kjenner at det er litt rart og litt vemodig, samtidig gleder jeg meg. Begynte å lese serien til Robert Jordan høsten 1996 da Tiden forlag oversatte de første bøkene til norsk, og utålmodig etter å lese videre tok jeg de neste på engelsk. Det var mitt gjennombrudd når det gjaldt å lese engelske bøker.
Siden har jeg lest serien igjen og igjen. Frydet meg. Latt meg forføre. Og ergret meg over at den ble dÃ¥rligere og dÃ¥rligere. At bøkene kom sjeldnere og sjeldnere. At handlingen løste seg opp i uendelig mange plot og det ble flere og flere personer. At det sluttet Ã¥ skje noe, at alt gikk seigt som sirup og det bare var prat, prat og mer prat. Men likevel... likevel kunne jeg ikke slutte Ã¥ følge med. SÃ¥ dør forfatteren! Neeei. Forlaget fÃ¥r inn en ghost-writer som skal skrive siste bok. Siste bok deles i tre - altsÃ¥ tre bøker. Men selv med alt dette gÃ¥r det mot slutten...

Og nå er siste bok på vei over Atlanterhavet til meg.
Jeg skjønner ikke hvordan alle tråder skal kunne samles i en bok. The Final Battle. Og hva med forholdet Rand/Galad. Jeg har fantasert om at det bør være en stor scene når de to halvbrødrene, sverdfekterne på hver sin side, møtes. Men nå er jeg redd at det bare rett og slett ikke blir noen scene... Det er så mange mennesker, så mange mindre plot. Hvordan kan det gå? Jeg er nesten redd...

          Retour sur les enjeux 2005 : RFID        
« RFID est une technologie à part. Potentiellement, elle peut servir à tout, et peut même devenir parfaitement pervasive et omniprésente, à un point jamais atteint par une autre technologie sans fil auparavant. » Enjeux 2005 Le « potentiellement » demeure d’actualité en 2005 – nous n’avions heureusement pas prétendu le contraire. Il convient (...)
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          Wikipedia non chiuderà…        

…ma voi, quando chiuderete con l’idiozia?

Questa [cazzo di] legge bavaglio è *ovvio* che sia inapplicabile, nella forma attuale, così com’è ovvio che debba essere modificata nel caso di una frettolosa approvazione. Anzi, leggendo tutto il mare di liquame che in molti hanno scritto in merito alla faccenda, sapete che vi dico?
Che mi auguro che passi così com’è. Vediamo perché.

Dunque, Wikipedia, al momento cita che:

Tale proposta di riforma legislativa, che il Parlamento italiano sta discutendo in questi giorni, prevede, tra le altre cose, anche l'obbligo per tutti i siti web di pubblicare, entro 48 ore dalla richiesta e senza alcun commento, una rettifica su qualsiasi contenuto che il richiedente giudichi lesivo della propria immagine.

Cosa significa ciò?

Che, nel momento in cui tale legge dovesse venire approvata, scriverei ISTANTANEAMENTE a chi amministra ad esempio www.governo.it, per segnalar loro il fatto che aver dimenticato di riportare che Kaeel in Italia è DIO per me costituisce grave offesa.

Chiederei poi a Facebook di aggiornare tutti i vostri profli utente specificando di riportare “Kaeelanesimo” sotto la voce “religione”, al posto di ateo/cattolico/odeallipnorospo. A questo punto inizierebbero a girare, sempre da parte vostra, le note che specificano che sono un grande stronzo, perché vi obbligo a scrivere cose false.

Nessun problema: vista la visibilità ottenuta (nel frattempo avrei chiesto a Repubica, il Cazzo Quotidiano, il carriere, il pornale, etc di sostituire le loro pubblicità con le mie, perché le ritengo lesive alla mia minchia e perché una persona dotata di grande creatività come me nerita più denaro di loro), assumerei qualche tecnico specializzato schiavetto di turno affinché vi faccia modificare le note di protesta con cui starete spammando Facecul e Twitter, specificando che, dopo una vita di domande, avete finalmente capito che la soluzione a tutte le domande è Kaeel, indicando contestualmente il mio IBAN, affinché chi vuole possa farmi una donazione con importo superiore ai 25 euro.

A me non sembra poi così male, come ipotesi.


Quanto sostengono poi “gli utenti di wikipedia” (il comunicato si firma così), fa abbastanza ridere.

Primo perché wikipedia.it è gestita da Wikimedia Italia. Vorrei chiedere a quante delle menti illuminate che stanno scrivendo a sproposito è venuto in mente di leggere il loro statuto, che recita chiaramente:

Wikimedia Italia collabora con Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., fondazione costituita secondo le leggi dello stato della Florida (USA), ma non ne assume la rappresentanza legale per l'Italia.

Ehm… Poi…

Anche se Wikimedia Italia è soggetta alla legge italiana, i suoi obiettivi includono il sostegno ai progetti di Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. nel suo complesso e non solamente a quelli in lingua italiana. Wikimedia Italia non ha interesse a intervenire nella gestione dei siti di Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Quindi, anche se venisse approvata questa legge cattiva, ai contenuti non dovrebbe succedere niente, perché sono ospitati sui server di Wikimedia Foundation Inc, che non vedo perché debba rispondere alle leggi italiane.

Ciò è specificato chiaramente a questo indirizzo, che esprime la differenza fra Wikimedia (quelli che –suppongo- hanno scritto l’annuncio) e Wikipedia:

L’associazione Wikimedia Italia non controlla i contenuti di Wikipedia e non ne è in alcun modo responsabile.
A livello individuale, i soci di Wikimedia Italia sono tra le migliaia di utenti dei vari progetti della Wikimedia Foundation (tra cui Wikipedia), ma essere iscritti all’associazione non dà alcun diritto né alcuna responsabilità in più rispetto all’enciclopedia.

Ultima cosa: attorno al progetto wikipedia girano un bel po’ di soldini. Non hanno comunque alcun interesse a chiudere. Questo il bilancio consuntivo del 2010 per Wikipedia Italia. Per quale motivo dunque questo casino?

A mio avviso, si tratta di semplice marketing che sfrutta (tanto per cambiare), voi menti illuminate che copia&incollate tutte le puttanate importanti notizie che vi propinano i soliti siti da cui attingete la pappa pronta gli approfondimenti culturali. Quando vi renderete conto di essere un inutile ammasso di pecoroni controllabili con una grande semplicità?

          Comment on LIST OF ARRESTED JOURNALISTS IN TURKEY (last updated: March 5, 2012) by Free At Last « Critical European        
[...] that has been stolen from them, nodody knows what perfidious turns the ongoing trial will take, and the list of imprisoned journalists is sadly still long enough. But at least for today let us smile and say: Free at last, Ahmet, free [...]
  http://midiailluminati.blogspot.com/ Tatuagem de Pele Eletrônica com Tecnologia RFID Facilita o Monitoramento O dispositivo contém um chip RFID e será capaz de transferir informação por um sistema sem fios, para vários tipos de redes. Para encontrar pessoas interessadas e entusiasmadas por uma tatuagem de pele eletrônica, artigos informativos descrevem sua utilidade no monitoramento da saúde […]
          Comment on Op elektrisch avontuur naar Noorwegen by Bas Timmermans        
Inmiddels terug uit Noorwegen. Geen noemenswaardige problemen tegen gekomen. Met een 60KW Opel Ampera-E zal dat ook niet zo snel gebeuren... Handig is het om verloopjes van blauwe CEE 32 en 16 amp stekkers naar Schuko te maken want die kom je in Noorwegen nog wel eens tegen. Ook op tijd achter het sleuteltje voor de gratis Noorse laadpalen aangaan is geen luxe. Voor zover ik nu weet kun je die alleen in Oslo kopen. In Denemakren prima laden met de Clever kaart MAAR... Het blijkt dat er ook heel veel laadpunten zijn van EON die via de app EasyPark gestart moeten worden of via SMS. Hebben de app niet aan de praat gekregen ondanks diverse mails over en weer met EON en met EasyPark. Mbt SMS laden werkt dit in geen enkele land dan Nederland als het om betaalde SMS diensten gaat denk ik. Heb er met KPN over gebeld maar aan hun zijde zagen ze geen beperkingen. Het probleem zit schijnbaar aan de zijde van de aanbieder. Dat werd ook min of meer beverstigd door diverse aanbieders. @Harm Had de link al gevonden. We hebben ons keurig aangemeld en een pdf van ons kenteken opgestuurd. Direct bevestiging ekregen dat wij als EV geregistreerd zijn en gebruik konden maken van de Noorse tolwegen. Kregen nog wel een RFID token opgestuurd van Autopass. Die mag weer retour... In Duitsland zien we dat er ijverig gewerkt wordt aan het plaatsen van snelladers langs de Duitse snelwegen. Alle drie de stekkersoorten worden ondersteund. Kortom ritje Noorwegen wordt voor EV rijders steeds interessanter en betaalbaarder. Gratis tol, 50% korting op Ferry's en gratis laden en parkeren.
          Smartrac adds ultrathin tags        

Tag manufacturer Smartrac has announced the introduction of the first ultrathin NFC tags using chips shaved down to just 50 micrometres thick. “RFID chips are typically offered on wafers with a standard thickness of 120µm,” the company explains. “Drawing upon its longstanding internal post fabrication wafer processing capabilities, Smartrac is able to prepare Infineon my-d […]

Read the rest of Smartrac adds ultrathin tags at NFC World.

          Going into the closet.        
We meant to record a mini-episode about closet organization, we really did. But it got out of hand. Links mentioned in this episode: We’ve got a great big convoy! What are RFIDS? Chub rub solutions What are teggings? Marianne’s shoe inventory The music heard in this episode is by Dazie Mae.
          Comment: Karlita & Premiere Guest        
Mau share sedikit ya soal hotel di kota Tegal Jawa Tengah hahaha

Tahun 2013 lalu saya pernah menginap di Hotel Karlita International *judulnya kaya gitu* karena rekomendasi pakhusb juga karena lokasinya dekat banget dg rumah merto. Setelah reservasi duluan oleh keluarga, kami dapat rate kamar standard seharga 289.000 *kalau tdk salah*.

Ternyata hotelnya sendiri terbagi menjadi 2 area, gedung lama dan gedung baru. Sayangnya kita dapet gedung lama. Kamarnya sendiri karena 'hotel lama' cukup luas ya, kasurnya cukup luas dengan lemari yg besar.

Hal yg paling disayangkan akan hotel lama yaitu, bau apekkk. Ya memang bukan bau apek yg parah, mungkin karena keluarga ibu saya dianugerahi daya penciuman yg lumayan parah *lol* so we cant stand with bad smell. Tapi ya memang suasana kamar hotel lama yg kurang udara jadi gak fresh. Lain banget saat masuk ke hotel style baru seperti ibis, tune hotels, dll yg fresh dan masih baru.

Cat temboknya juga sudah melotok, furniture sudah lama dan sebagainya. Cuma ya apa mau dikate, udah dibayar kamarnya hahaha. Mungkin kalau dapet kamar di gedung baru lain cerita. Fasilitas lainnya adalah kolam renang dan variasi menu breakfast yg lumayan banyak. Meski gak berenang karena gak bawa baju renang, saya sempat liat lokasinya yg malah ada di rooftoop. Juga saat breakfast menunya cukup enak dan bervariasi.

Karlita Hotel Tegal

Jl. Brigjen Katamso No 31
Untuk rate 2017 kamar standard adalah 355.000
Nah kalau 2015 kemarin kita nginep di Premiere Guest House, karena judulnya agak kapok nginep di Karlita. Search di booking/ pegipegi dapetlah Premiere dengan rate yg cukup murah yaitu 150.000. Setelah melihat review dan foto fotonya jadilah booking di mari.
Sampai sana melihat lobby dan lainnya cukup memuaskan tapiii lagi lagi sayang banget sih kita dapet nya kamar di belakang yang agak gelap :(. Meski kamarnya luas plus dapet sofa yg gede bisa buat tidur tapi pas masuk banyak banget nyamuk. Alhasil minta untuk disemprot baygon dulu. Interior nya standar kamar mandi juga biasa saja hehe, ya lumayan deh dg rate yg cuma 150 rb.
Enaknya kita nginep berempat dengan anak kecil tidak kena charge lebih bahkan dikasih free breakfast hehe. Uniknya makan pagi di sini sudah disajikan perpiring jadi bukan sistem prasmanan. Hari pertama standar nasi goreng, hari kedua malah nasi rames pake ayam. Makanannya lumayan enak. Hal minus lainnya adalah lokasinya agak jauh dr rumah merto, malah cenderung udah ada di perbatasan jalan mau ke Brebes --"

Di sini juga tersedia kamar bunk bed ala kostan dengan kamar mandi terpisah dengan rate kalau gak salah 100rb an.
  • Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 10, 52121 Tegal, Indonesia  
  • Rate 2017 kamar standard adalah 216.000
Nah kalau besok nginep dimana, nantikan ceritanya *lol*

          Comment on GES3S RFID Tag Reader by New Products from Chemvet Nov 2011 | Chemvet Australia        
[...] GES3S RFID Tag Reader [...]
          The biggest problems with putting microchips in employees        

The biggest problems with putting microchips in employeesRFID chip implants can be convenient for some, but they raise both privacy and security questions.


Chocolate week is in full swing and the quality of real chocolate now available in the UK - like the hilarious Boris Johnson - is really something to marvel at

When it comes to real chocolate my adopted home has advanced leaps and bounds since I first arrived ten years ago. As evinced by the plethora of chocolate brands at last weekend's Chocolate Unwrapped event and a dizzying array of chocolate tastings and events taking place across Blighty this week, there is much to rejoice about if you're a committed theobromine addict. With the likes of Paul A Young and Chantal Coady of Rococo flying the flag for real chocolate this country is finally on the right track chocolate-wise, even if the postal system is a complete shambles. Perfidious old Albion still has some way to go with real bread too but that's another blog post in the offing

Musing on chocolate recently I found myself nostalgic for Norway. This often happens when I hear Peer Gynt, eat gravad laks or reminisce about skiing - that is until I remember my propensity to ski into trees

Visits in the past week to the Scandinavian Kitchen and Scandi restaurant Madsen have ostensibly triggered my most recent bliss point of 'Weegie nostalgia. I picked up Scandi chocolate confection Kvikk Lunsj and Daim from the good people of Great Titchfield Street, and tried to excavate memories of skiing that did not result in spectacular crashes with the woods and wildlife of Oslo

For the uninitiated, Kvikk-Lunsj is akin to a Kit-Kat but addictive as crack. The Kvikk-lunsj fan page on facebook boasted 15,907 fans when I last checked, a measure of how damn good this biscuity milk chocolate is. 'Weegies take with us a bar or three whenever we go on long hikes through forests and mountains, and on wholesome ski trips in winter. We don't really get fat because we're outdoors so much. Needless to say the clever marketing department of Norwegian chocolate brand Freia play on our love of outdoor frolics and romanticize kvikk-lunsj to the Nth degree - as you can see in the first photo above and if you click on that last link above. I'm a sucker for buying into it of course, but this chocolate so good who cares if I'm being duped

So imagine my total horror when I arrived in October 1999 to discover most chocolate here was crap. It was like something out of Hogarth. Norway's pulchritudinous populace may have prejudiced me somewhat, but I was literally surrounded by pasty, spotty, gin-soaked urchins who thought Cadbury's dairy milk constituted real 'chocolate' and booze was more important than food. It was a culture shock one step too far and I confess the first taste of Dairy Milk one of my mates shared still haunts me. Suitcases of kvikk-lunsj and other Freia confection were ferried over and distributed to my friends as a humanitarian act, rescuing them from purple brand addiction

Perhaps my British grandmother had convinced me everyone knew and understood food in this country. She cooked roast beef every Sunday so why wouldn't every other Brit do the same I assumed. Yorkshire pudding and bramley apple crumble were not part of my mates' repertoire I soon discovered, and when I bought organic milk and waxed lyrical on the joys of good butter this elicited some very quizzical looks from fellow students, not to mention when I subjected one poor soul to a rant on the evils of homogenized milk

Apparently Welsh rarebit at Fortnums was not considered integral to every eight-year old girl's visit to London and few of my peers really rated PG Wodehouse. Honestly, I felt like Alice peering through the looking glass - the Britain I had been shown by my beloved Nana was not quite what I imagined and being resolutely contrarian I refused to snap out of my sheltered little existence, digging my heels in further after some snot-nosed little neo-Marxist called me a "posh foreign snob"

And therein lies the rub. It's still hard today for even the most committed fairtrade, organic and sustainable food-supporting eater in this country to shake that subconscious fixation with class. Sometimes in those sunny and cool autumn days of October '99 I wondered whether Britain was still languishing in its Victorian past and if I wasn't just an insufferable brat for being so judgmental. Plus ca change!

Thankfully a delicious Scandi lunch at Madsen and a previous visit to meet owner Charlotte Kruse Madsen helped alleviate the worst of the nostalgia pangs I was experiencing earlier in the week. When Charlotte presented me with a fresh piece of kransekake, a classic Scandinavian dessert, I knew I had an excellent reason to visit South Ken, other than to see the dinosaurs and the new Darwin centre at the Natural History Museum

Scandinavian kransekake: a baked marzipan-rich biscuit

What do you think? Am I imagining things - does food trigger nostalgia or is it all nonsense? The best answer gets a couple of kvikk-lunsjes in the post. Remember, you must be over 18 and recognise the addictive qualities of said chocolate. After all 15,907 fans can't be wrong...


will winter 2009 be the year I cease to crash into trees? watch this space...

          Easy, Safe Way to Carry a Phone in the Garden        
Losing or breaking my iPhone while in the garden has been a concern when I carried it in my back pocket. Turns out, a travel accessory that I've had for ten years turned out to be the perfect way to carry my cell phone and seed packets in the garden.

My undercover travel pouch keeps my phone handy, dry and free from dirt. Mine is old enough to be made of nylon and has three compartments (intended for a passport, foreign currency, etc.). Newer styles are typically in silk and I have one of those, but decided the nylon is easer to wipe off.

Made to wear around the neck, I wear the pouch in a cross body style beneath my shirt so that when I'm weeding, it doesn't fall in my way. The neck strap is adjustable to the length that works best for an individual.

Undercover travel pouch can be used while gardening.
I discovered that the pouch is also the perfect size for stowing seed packets. Although I don't need to carry meds in the garden, it could also be used for something like an EpiPen® for those with insect sting allergies.

My pouch has a Velcro® closure, so it's easy to rip open while wearing gardening gloves.

Although my pouch is repurposed, new pouches from different manufacturers range in price from twenty to thirty dollars. A good investment considering the cost of replacing a cell phone.

Happy Gardening!

My iPhone in the front and seed packets in the larger pocket.

Words and photos by Freda Cameron, Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel. All company or product or patented names mentioned are registered trademarks, copyrights, or patents owned by those respective companies or persons.

          Commenti su Genitori, figli e… lo studio di profporfidofrancesco        
La ringrazio per i complimenti. Si accettano suggerimenti e segnalazione per eventuali anomalie o inesattezze sul sito.
          Wisconsin Company Pilots RFID-Microchip Implants for Employees        

At Three Square Market, participating employees can use voluntarily implanted RFID microchips to buy snacks, log in to computers or use the copy machine. 

          Understanding Snapchat Geofilter Uses and Guidelines        
By Gina F. Rubel

If you aren’t familiar with Snapchat, let’s start with the basics. Snapchat is a mobile photo messaging and multimedia sharing app which has been growing rapidly among mobile users (predominantly ages 18- 34). At the end of 2016, it had over 150 million active daily users among which 54 percent log in every day. For more statistics, check out Snapchat by the numbers.

Here is a brief Snapchat lingo lesson:

  • Snaps are the posts on Snapchat. 
  • Snapchatters are the users of Snapchat.
  • A filter (a.k.a. Geofilter) is a photo overlay that changes the Snap photo in some way.
  • A Geofence is a virtual geographic boundary defined by GPS or RFID technology, which enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

Types of Geofilters

One of its most popular features – and, importantly, an revenue stream that Snapchat hopes to grow – Geofilters are location-based overlays that Snapchat users can apply to their Snaps. Snapchatters, businesses, artists and designers can submit fun and creative Geofilter artwork which can be used strategically for marketing.

There are two types of Geofilters:

A Community Geofilter is one that doesn’t include any branding, business marks/names, or logos, and doesn’t promote a business or a brand. Sometimes called a Personal Geofilter, it can be submitted to Snapchat, for example, to celebrate a birthday, a prom, a graduation, an anniversary or the like.

An On-Demand Geofilter is one that promotes a business or a brand, and it will need to meet the Business guidelines set forth by Snapchat. A Geofilter delivered to a national audience will typically be seen by 40 percent to 60 percent of daily Snapchatters.

Uses for Geofilters

The idea behind Geofilters is to be creative and compelling. An On-Demand Geofilter cannot be active for more than 30 days, so if it’s a Geofilter with the name of your business, make it something exciting and submit new Geofilters monthly (and remember not to cover up too much of the screen). There are many uses for Geofilters. Just some of them include:

  • Company sporting events
  • Company sponsored events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Community events
  • Company recruiting (best moments of the day at your company)
  • Trade show and professional association events

In order to have your Geofilter accepted by Snapchat, it is important to follow the guidelines (listed on SnapChat’s website as of April 24, 2017):

Places and Dates

  • Draw your geofence thoughtfully; it should cover only the relevant area.
  • Keep it local. Do not cover an entire country, state or province.
  • Select a public place, neighborhood, landmark, venue or other location where people are likely to gather and send Snaps.
  • Select the dates and times that the Geofilter should be active. An On-Demand Geofilter cannot be active for more than 30 days. 


  • Do not use logos or trademarks you don’t own or have authorization to use.
  • No photographs of people, hashtags or lotteries. 
  • No phone numbers, emails, URLs, Snapcodes, download instructions, social media usernames, or personal information.
  • No more than two lines of non-stylized text.
  • Make sure it's relevant to the location.
  • For additional content restrictions and guidance go to Advertising Policies and Community Guidelines.

Have you seen or used any compelling Geofilters lately? Share your Geofilter stories with us in the comments.

          Charles Chaplin        
Charles Chaplin nació en Londres, pero a muy temprana edad emigró a Estados Unidos junto con su hermano. Hijo de artista, siempre deseó trabajar en el mundo del espectáculo. Cuando lo logró, obtuvo un gran éxito, especialmente con su interpretación del personaje cómico de cine mudo más famoso de la historia: Charlot.

Ataviado con bombín, inquieto bastón y enormes zapatos, Charlot protagoniza divertidas y emotivas peripecias en las películas mudas de la primera época del cine.

Ketika aku mendapatkan kesempatan mengunjungi Nepal pada Juli 2016, Pegunungan Himalaya adalah salah satu hal yang benar-benar ingin aku lihat. Dadaku berdesir membayangkan bisa melihat pegunungan berselimut salju, apalagi jika bisa melihat Gunung Everest. Alangkah senangnya.

Dari tiga kota yang rencana aku kunjungi, Phokara dan Nagarkot adalah dua kota yang sangat mungkin bagiku untuk melihat Pegunungan Himalaya dari dekat. Karena kedua posisi kota tersebut yang berada di kaki Pegunungan Himalaya. Tentu saja hal itu masih ditambah seabrek syarat seperti 'jika tidak mendung', 'jika tidak hujan', 'jika awan tidak tebal' dan lain-lain.

Aku mulai mencari-cari penginapan di Nagarkot yang terjangkau di kantongku sekaligus bisa melihat Pegunungan Himalaya dari restoran roof top nya. Dan mataku langsung terpusat ke Hotel Country Villa. Hotel ini benar-benar berbeda dari kebanyakan hotel lain. Jika hotel lain hanya bisa melihat perbukitan atau Pegunungan Himalaya dari roof top, di Hotel Country Villa ini bahkan aku bisa melihat Pegunungan Himalaya dari dalam kamar!

Sumber gambar : DISINI

Tarifnya tentu saja fantastis. Aku tercengang. Satu juta per malam! Itu saja kamar yang paling murah. Kamarnya standar seperti hotel bagus lainnya, hanya jendelanya kurang besar. Aku hanya berangan-angan. Saat itu memang ada uang, tapi kok rasanya sayang juga ya menghabiskan sejuta hanya untuk tidur semalam. Lagipula kami mengunjungi Nepal di musim hujan, belum tentu juga bisa melihat Pegunungan Himalaya dari balkon seperti yang ditawarkan hotel.

Sumber gambar : DISINI

Sumber gambar : DISINI

Tapi entah mengapa, aku kepikiran terus sama keindahan hotel ini sehingga akhirnya pada 13 April 2016 aku resmi memesan kamar tipe deluxe double atau twin room via booking.com. Harganya cukup fantastis, hampir 1,2 juta per malam. Tapi tak masalah, toh kalau pada akhirnya aku tidak jadi kesini, pesanan ini bisa dibatalkan gratis maksimal H-3 sebelum kedatangan.

Lantas, apa saja hal yang ditawarkan oleh Hotel Country Villa?

Menawarkan sebuah restoran dengan sajian menu India dan international yang lezat, Hotel Country Villa berdiri 2.200 meter di atas permukaan laut, dengan area seluas 1 hektar. Akses WiFi tersedia gratis di area umum properti.

Setiap kamar menawarkan TV satelit dan area tempat duduk. Selain shower, kamar mandi pribadinya juga menyediakan perlengkapan mandi gratis dan sandal.

Hotel Country Villa menampilkan layanan meja depan 24-jam, taman dan teras. Fasilitas lain yang ditawarkan meliputi lounge bersama, layanan tiket, dan meja layanan wisata. Akomodasi ini juga menawarkan tempat parkir gratis.

The View Tower berjarak 5 km, Kuil Changu Narayan berjarak 14 km, sedangkan Bhaktapur Durbar Square berjarak 20 km. Terminal Bus Kamal Binayak Bhaktapur terletak 20 km dan Bandara theTribhuvan berjarak 28 km. 

Review (Kamar tipe deluxe double atau deluxe twin)

Kamar : Sangat bagus dan nyaman, Sesuai pesananku, mereka menyediakan dua buah kasur (twin bed) yang cukup luas untukku melepaskan lelah. Pada salah satu kasur posisinya dekat dengan jendela yang lebar sehingga bisa melihat pegunungan Himalaya langsung sambil tiduran.

Kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Balkon kamar : Ini mungkin adalah tempat favoritku. Disinilah kita bisa bersantai, minum teh, sambil melihat barisan Pegunungan Himalaya yang elok laksana lukisan. Jika kabut menutupi pegunungan, itu tidak terlalu masalah karena kita masih bisa melihat perbukitan hijau yang berlekuk-lekuk laksana permadani terbang.

Pemandangan dari balkon kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Pemandangan dari balkon kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Pemandangan dari balkon kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Pemandangan dari balkon kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Pemandangan dari balkon kamar deluxe twin (GALUH PRATIWI)

Kamar mandi : Sangat bersih, lengkap. Cuma untuk shower airnya agak terlalu panas dan alirannya kurang kencang.
Kamar mandi (GALUH PRATIWI)

Makan pagi : Kami mendapatkan makan pagi American breakfast, telur dadar dengan jamur, berbagai macam jus. Enak. Aku puas dengan makan paginya hanya aku rasa dangan harga segitu seharusnya pilihannya lebih banyak.
Sarapan pertama (GALUH PRATIWI)

Ruangan outdoor untuk sarapan (GALUH PRATIWI)

Sarapan kedua (GALUH PRATIWI)

Sarapan sembari menikmati segarnya kabut pegunungan (GALUH PRATIWI)

Staf : Semuanya ramah. Bahkan waktu aku check in, mereka tidak membiarkanku berdiri menunggu di dekat meja resepsionis, tetapi menyuruhku duduk di sofa, mengisi kartu kedatangan hotel sembari ditawari welcome drink, meminjam pasporku sejenak untuk mencatat data, kemudian setelah selesai minum kami segera diantarkan ke kamar.

Tempat parkir: Gratis dan luas. Ada di pelataran di bagian depan hotel. Sewaktu memesan online via booking.com, aku menambahkan pilihan parkir gratis. Jangan lupa ya.

Berikut video pemandangan Pegunungan Himalaya dan lekuk perbukitan dari balkon kamar di pagi hari: