How to Finance Your Car With Bad Credit        
Have you been searching for somewhere to finance your car with bad credit? In this day and age everyone either needs, wants or has a car. Gone are the days when a car was considered a luxury item. A car is definitely a necessity for most. However, due to your poor credit history, no lender is willing to help. You have even approached your own bank and they have shut the door firmly in your face.

This is when your search to finance your car begins. Although there is a vast array of lenders available, you need to be very careful. I'm sure you have heard many horror stories of people borrowing money and then being held to ransom by the lender. Once they have gone through the reams of small print, they discover that they will need to pay back up to 10 times the amount they borrowed. This, unfortunately, leads to further debt., which in turn can worsen your credit rating and eventually lead to bankruptcy!

Fortunately, this is where certain companies and organizations have evolved to help you. They are intermediary organizations, who will do all the leg work for you. They understand having bad credit can be a difficult time and will provide you with everything you have been looking for. They can show you how to finance your car, even with bad credit. Usually these companies have a huge list of lenders on their books, who are willing to help people in your situation. They can also provide online support and even have access to many unknown government resources. You will usually have to pay a very small one-time fee to get access to this information and remember i said very small!

You can still Finance your Car With Bad Credit, but you will just need to be wary. This is why i believe these intermediary companies are actually a blessing in disguise. The majority of lenders on their books can give you that auto loan online, at a price you can afford. In most cases your auto loan can be agreed and set up within a matter of days.

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Have you ever asked yourself, "How Do I Raise My Credit Score?" Over the years you may have racked up numerous debts. These may include, loans, credit cards and mortgages. As your debts increase through constant interest charges, things seem to get a little harder month after month. Perhaps, you have been unfortunate enough to miss some payments. This, regrettably, has the knock-on effect of additional late-payment charges and will eventually ruin your credit score.

The problem is, once you hit the rocky road of having a bad or low credit score, creditors or lenders will look at you with disdain. Gone are the days of being instantly approved for any form of credit. You are now looked upon as a high risk and no-one seems willing to help you.

This is pretty much what happened to me. I had a fairly decent job and that had helped me to secure various forms of credit. It was never a worry to me then, as i always had enough money coming in to cover at least the minimum payments, if not more. However, eventually mounting interest charges or the end of a 0% credit card deal, started to have an adverse effect on me being able to continue making full and regular payments. I had even got to the stage of using one credit card to make a payment on another credit card. So even though i was making some form of monthly payment, i was increasing my debt at the same time. Not Good! This, ultimately ruined my credit score and brought it to an all time low.

I then started searching for professional credit repair agencies. I soon discovered that many of these agencies make substantial claims to improve and raise your credit score. However, the majority charge a King's ransom for the privilege and they don't seem to deliver on their promises.

This is when i came across Chris Brisson's "37 days to clean credit" course. Chris had been in the same boat as many of us before him. As a college student he had built up a total of $14,000 in student loans and credit card debt. He had a small amount of income coming in and started to miss payments. Chris had managed to get his credit score down to a horrid 520! Once again, like so many of his predecessors, Chris scoured every possible resource to improve his credit score. He eventually admitted he got scammed by these so called "professional" credit reference agencies. This is when Chris decided to do something himself about it.

Chris had made a few discoveries along the way. He then went about legally "stealing" some of top secret methods that credit reference agencies use to remove negative items, inquiries, judgements and bankruptcies. After 37 days, Chris had managed to delete 9 inquiries, 5 late-pays, 4 default accounts and 1 judgement. In the process, Chris boosted his score by 135 points to a respectable 655.

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- How to repair bad credit in less than 30 days

- How to boost your credit score by 50 points even if you have the worst credit in the world.

- How to stop foreclosure and then negotiate with your bank to lower your monthly payment by 10% - 20%

These are just a few of the methods that Chris will go through. There are just far too many helpful little techniques to mention here.

One of my favourite systems i learned from Chris, was how to reduce the interest rate of my current credit card. It was as simple as making a phone call. Mention that you have in front of you a competitors details and that they are offering a 0% deal for six months, which will then turn into a 8% rate. Chris advises to always be polite and state that you will be looking to balance transfer unless they can lower your interest rate. In most cases, the operator will speak to a supervisor, who has the ability to drop your interest rate. To threaten to leave (in a nice way) is the key! So simple, but effective.

Another invaluable source contained within this course, is the copy and paste letters. Chris has structured a number of letters to be sent to creditors depending on what form of credit repair you are looking to achieve. The letters are organized in such a way, that you simply need to insert your own personal details in the blank spaces.

In addition to the course, Chris offers an unbelievable 5 free bonuses. They would usually retail at a value of $757, but are yours for free, once you sign up to Chris's course. I absolutely loved world renowned credit card expert, Scott Bilker's Interest Annihilation Method. This is one of your free bonuses. Scott unveils how to get approved for 0% APR credit cards. Scott also discusses the secret language indicators to use when you speak to your creditors. (yes, it's all down to the actual words you use!) and his 3 step debt elimination strategy system.

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Do you remember the days of Instant Approval Credit Cards For Bad Credit? Lenders were queueing up to authorize loans and credit cards for people and it didn't seem to matter how good...or bad your credit rating was!

Well times have changed. Now that the world economy is stuck in a deep and difficult financial recession, Instant Approval Credit Cards For Bad Credit seem to be a thing of the past.

This is not altogether true. There are a number of financial companies within the marketplace who are looking to help clients who are unable to borrow money elsewhere. The problem with many of these companies though, is they want to charge outrageous interest rates and levels of monthly repayment just for you to secure some credit. It's almost as though these companies are trying to hold you to ransom!

However, it now appears that many intermediary organizations are springing up to help you in your search. These companies usually charge a very small one-time fee and then allow you access to their database of lenders, as well as providing online and telephone support. They can place you with a lender who will provide Instant Approval Credit Cards For People with Bad Credit and at an affordable price.

The outcome for you is two-fold:-

1) you have finally managed to secure the credit card that you have been searching high and low for.

2) As long as you maintain your monthly repayments and pay them in full and on time, you are also repairing your credit history, thus meaning a wider range of lenders may be available to you in the future.

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          Daniel Boone        

Daniel Boone

BOONE, Daniel, pioneer, born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, 22 October, 1734 (For more on Daniel Boone's birthplace please visit his Homestead); died in Missouri, 26 Sept., 1820. Among the immigrants that landed, 10 Oct., 1717, at Philadelphia was George Boone, of Exeter, England, who came with his wife and eleven children, bought land near Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and joined the society of Friends. His son, Squire Boone, married Sarah Morgan, and Daniel was their son. Squire Boone, who was a farmer, moved, about 1748, to Holman's Ford, on the Yadkin, in North Carolina.

Daniel's education was very limited; he could read and write, but beyond that all he knew related to the fields, the woods, the net, the rifle, and hunting. He was a hunter born, and loved the solitude of the forest. Strong, brave, lithe, inured to hardship and privation, he traced his steps through the pathless forest, sought out the hiding places of panther, bear, and wolf, and was the match of any Indian in the sagacity with which he detected the footsteps of the red man. About 1755 he married Rebecca Bryan and set up his own log cabin, but, displeased with the encroachments of civilization on his solitude, and incited by the glowing accounts brought by John Finley, who had penetrated into the unknown regions of Kentucky, formed a company of six kindred spirits, and, bidding adieu to his family and the comforts of home, on 1 May, 1769, set out on his perilous journey of exploration.

America's Four Republics: The More or Less United States
By: Stanley Yavneh Klos
Edited: Naomi Yavneh Klos, Ph.D.

  • First United American Republic: United Colonies of North America: 13 British Colonies United in Congress was founded by 12 colonies on September 5th, 1774 (Georgia joined in 1775)  and governed through a British Colonial Continental Congress.  Peyton Randolph and George Washington served, respectively, as the Republic's first President and Commander-in-Chief;
  • Second United American Republic: The United States of America: 13 Independent States United in Congress was founded by 12 states on July 2nd, 1776 (New York abstained until July 8th), and governed through the United States Continental CongressJohn Hancock and George Washington served, respectively, as the Republic's first President and Commander-in-Chief; 
  • Third United American Republic: The United States of America: A Perpetual Union was founded by 13 States on March 1st, 1781, with the enactment of the first U.S. Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, and governed through the United States in Congress Assembled.  Samuel Huntington and George Washington served, respectively, as the Republic's first President and Commander-in-Chief; 
  • Fourth United American Republic: The United States of America: We the People  was formed by 11 states on March 4th, 1789 (North Carolina and Rhode Island joined in November 1789 and May 1790, respectively), with the enactment of the U.S. Constitution of 1787. The fourth and current United States Republic governs through  the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate in Congress Assembled, the U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  George Washington served as the Republic's first President and Commander-in-Chief.

After numerous adventures with the Indians, having become intimately acquainted with the character of the country, established an enviable reputation for sagacity and integrity on important frontier service assigned to him by Lord Dunmore in the campaign against the Indians, usually called "Lord Dunmore's War," and constructed a strong fort on the left bank of Kentucky river, which he named "Boonesborough," he determined to bring his wife and family to the new home. Some of his neighbors joined him, and he conducted the party, numbering upward of thirty, safely to "Boonesborough" without having encountered any other difficulties than such as are common to this passage. 

 Daniel Boone founded Boonesborough while he worked for Richard Henderson of the Transylvania Company.

On one occasion Boone, with an armed party of thirty men, had gone for a supply of salt to a place called "Salt Licks," nearly 100 miles north of Boonesborough, and was captured, with twenty-seven of his men, by a band of more than 100 Indian warriors led by two Frenchmen. 

They carried them first to Old Chillicothe, on the Miami, and then to Detroit, where they surrendered for a ransom all their prisoners except Boone; him they took back to Old Chillicothe, where the great Blackfish, a renowned Shawanese chief, adopted him into his family under an imposing but painful ceremonial; all his hair, except a tuft three or four inches in diameter on the crown of the head, was plucked out; that tuft was allowed to grow to the length of the "warlock," dressed with feathers and ribbons; an ablution in the river was supposed to cleanse him from the taint of white blood; a coat of paint on his face, and a solemn charge from Blackfish, completed the rite. 

After a prolonged and anxious residence among them, during which he was kindly treated, he discovered their intention of marching upon Boonesborough, and resolved, at the peril of certain death in the event of recapture, to attempt his escape and save his family and friends. Chased by 450 Indians, he performed that daring feat in the forty-third year of his age, and thus simply records it: "On the 16th [of June], before sunrise, I departed in the most secret manner, and arrived at Boonesborough on the 20th, after a journey of 160 miles, during which I had but one meal." 

At the fort he learned that his wife and children, despairing of ever seeing him again, had returned, and safely reached her father's home in North Carolina. The Indians assailed the fort, but were repelled with loss, and retreated. Boone then, in the autumn of 1778, rejoined his family on the Yadkin, and returned with them to Kentucky in 1780. 

The country, though well settled, was still unsafe, and, soon after his return, Boone and his brother, Squire, were surprised by Indians; Squire was killed and scalped, and Daniel had a narrow escape. A sanguinary engagement, called the "Battle of the Blue Licks," took place in 1782, in which Boone's two sons fought at his side. One of them was killed, and the other severely wounded. Boone was full of expedients, and on one occasion extricated himself from four armed Indians by blinding them with tobacco dust. Kentucky was admitted into the union, 4 Feb., 1791, and in the survey of the state the title to Boone's land was disputed. The case was decided against him, and, stung to the quick by the wrong, he had again to seek a new home, which he established at Point Pleasant, between the Ohio and the Great Kanawha; but in 1795 he removed to Missouri, then a Spanish possession, and received not only the appointment of commandant of the Femme Osage district, but a grant of 8,000 acres. The Spanish possessions passed into the hands of Napoleon, who sold them to the United States, and, in the survey that followed, the Spanish grant of Boone's lands was pronounced invalid. An appeal to the legislature of Kentucky, and another to congress, resulted in a grant by the latter of 850 acres. Boone was then seventy-five years of age, hale and strong. The charm of the hunter's life clung to him to the last, and in his eighty-second year he went on a hunting excursion to the mouth of Kansas river. He had made his own coffin and kept it under his bed, and after his death they laid him in it to rest by the side of his wife, who had passed away seven years before. 

On 13 Sept., 1845, their remains were removed to the cemetery near Frankfort, Kentucky, a few miles from the fort of Boonesborough, by the concurrent action of the citizens of Frankfort and the legislature of Kentucky. 

Cemetery in Frankfort, Kentucky where Daniel and Rebecca Bryan Boone were re-interred

His son, Enoch, born in Boonesborough, Kentucky, in 1777 ; d. 8 March, 1862, was the first white male child born in Kentucky. Daniel Boone's wife, with her daughters, went to live with her husband in his palisaded fort in June, 1776, and while there gave birth to this son; but after Boone's capture, on 7 Feb., 1778, his family returned to North Carolina. -- Edited Appleton's American Biography Copyright© 2001 by Stan Klos TM

An American biographical and historical dictionary Containing an account of the lives, characters, and writings of the most eminent persons in North America from its first settlement, and a summary of the history of the several colonies and of the United States. By: W. Hyde, 1832.

BOONE, Daniel, colonel, one of the first settlers of Kentucky, was born about 1730. While he was young, his parents, who came from Bridgeworth,England removed from Pennsylvania or Virginia to the Yadkin river in North Carolina. 

He was early addicted to hunting in the woods; in the militia he attained to the rank of colonel. In 1769, in consequence of the representation of John Finley, who had penetrated into the wilderness of Kentucky, he was induced to accompany him in a journey to that country. He had four other companions, John Stuart, Joseph Holden, James Money, and William Cool, with whom he set out May 1. On the 7th of June they arrived at the Red river, a branch of the Kentucky; and here from the top of a hill they had a view of the fertile plain's, of which they were in pursuit. They encamped and remained in this place till Dec. 22, when Boone and Stuart were captured by the Indians near Kentucky river. In about a week they made their escape; but on returning to their camp, they found it plundered and deserted by their companions, who had gone back to Carolina.

Stuart was soon killed by the Indians; but Boone being joined by his brother, they remained and prosecuted the business of hunting during the winter, without further molestation. His brother going home for supplies in May 1770, he remained alone in the deep solitude of the western wilderness until his return with ammunition & horses July 27th. During this period this wild man of the woods, though greeted every night with the howlings of wolves, was delighted in his excursions with the survey of the beauties of the country and found greater pleasure in the solitude of wild nature, than he could have found amid the hum of the most elegant city. With his brother he traversed the country to Cumberland river. It was not until March 1771, that he returned to his family, resolved to conduct them to the paradise, which he had explored.

Students and Teachers of US History this is a video of Stanley and Christopher Klos presenting America's Four United Republics Curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. The December 2015 video was an impromptu capture by a member of the audience of Penn students, professors and guests that numbered about 200. - Click Here for more information

Having sold his farm, he set out with his own and 5 other families, Sept. 25,1773, and was joined in Powell's valley by 40 men. After passing over two mountains, called Powell's and Walden's, through which, as they ranged from the north east to the south west, passes were found, and approaching the Cumberland, the rear of the company was attacked by the Indians on the 10th of October, when six men were killed, among whom was the eldest son of colonel Boone. One man was also wounded, and the cattle were scattered. This disaster induced them to retreat about 40 miles to the settlement on Clinch River, where he remained with his family, until June 6,1774, when, at the request of gov. Dunmore, he conducted a number of surveyors to the falls of Ohio. On this tour of 800 miles he was absent two months. After this he was entrusted by the governor, during the campaign against the Shawanese, with the command of three forts. 

Early in 1775, at the request of a company in North Carolina, he attended a treaty with the Cherokee Indians at Wataga in order to make of them the purchase of lands on the south side of the Tennessee river. After performing this service, he was employed to mark out a road from the settlements on the Holston to the Kentucky river. While thus employed, at the distance of about 15 miles from what is now Boonesborough, the party was attacked March 20, and 23, 1775 by the Indians, who killed four and wounded five. Another man was killed in April. On the first day of this month at a salt lick, on the southern bank of the Kentucky,in what is now Boonesborough a few miles from Lexington, he began to erect a fort, consisting of a block house & several cabins, enclosed with palisades. On the 14th of June he returned to his family in order to remove them to the tort.. His wife and daughters were the first white women, who stood on the banks of the Kentucky river. Dec. 24th one man was killed and another wounded. July 14, 1776, when all the settlements were attacked, two of Colonel Calway's daughters and one of his own were taken prisoners; Boone pursued with 18 men and in two days overtook the Indians, killed two of them, and recovered the captives.

The Indians made repeated attacks upon Boonesborough; Nov. 15,1777 with 100 men, and July 4 with 200 men. On both sides several were killed and wounded; but the enemy were repulsed; as they were also July 19 from Logan's fort of 15 men, which was besieged by 200. The arrival of 25 men from Carolina and in August of 100 from Virginia gave a new aspect to affairs, and taught the savages the superiority of "the long knives," as they called the Virginians. Jan. 1, 1778 he went with 30 men to the blue licks on the Licking river to make salt for the garrison. Feb. 7, being alone, he was captured by a party of 102 Indians and 2 Frenchmen; he capitulated for his men, and they were all carried to Chillicothe on the Little Miami, whence he and 10 men were conducted to Detroit, where he arrived March 30. The governor, Hamilton, treated him with much humanity, and offered 1001, for his redemption. But the savages refused the offer from affection to their captive. Being carried back to Chillicothe in April, he was adopted as a son in an Indian family. He assumed the appearance of cheerfulness ; but his thoughts were on his wife and children. Aware of the envy of the Indians, he was careful not to exhibit his skill in shooting. In June he went to the salt springs on the Sciota. On his return to Chillicothe he ascertained, that 450 warriors were preparing to proceed against Boonesborough. He escaped June 16, and arrived at the fort June 20th, having travelled 160 miles in 4 days, with but one meal. His wife had returned to her father's. Great efforts were made to repair the fort in order to meet the expected attack. On August 1st, he went out with 19 men to surprise Point Creek town on the Sciota; meeting 30 Indians, he put them to flight and captured their baggage. At last, Aug. 8, the Indian army of 444 men, led by captain Dugnesne and 11 other Frenchmen, and their own chiefs, with British colors flying, summoned the fort to surrender. 

The next day Boone, having a garrison of only 50 men, announced his resolution to defend the fort, while a man was alive. They then proposed that 9 men should be sent out 60 yards from the fort to enter into a treaty; and when the articles were agreed upon and signed, they said it was customary on such occasions, as a token of sincere friendship, for two Indians to shake every white man by the hand. Accordingly two Indians approached each of the nine white men, and grappled with the intent of making him a prisoner; but the object being perceived, the men broke away and re-entered the fort.

An attempt was now made to undermine it; but a counter trench defeated that purpose. Atlast on the 20th the enemy raised the siege, having lost 37 men. Of Boone's men two were killed and four wounded. "We picked, up," said he, "125 pounds of bullets, besides what stuck in the logs of our fort, which certainly is a great proof of their industry." In 1779, when Boone was absent, revisiting his family in Carolina, Colonel Bowman with 160 men fought the Shawanese Indians at old Chillicothe. 

In his retreat the Indians pursued him for 30 miles, when in another engagement col. Harrod suggested the successful project of mounting a number of horses and breaking the Indian line. Of the Kentuckians 9 were killed. June 22nd,1780, about 600 Indians and Canadians under col. Bird attacked Riddle's and Martin's stations and the forks of Licking river with 6 pieces of artillery, and carried away all as captives. Gen. Clarke, commanding at the falls of Ohio, marched with his regiment and troops against Reccaway, the principal Shawanese town on a branch of the Miami, and burned the town, with the loss of 17 on each side. 

About this time Boone returned to Kentucky with his family. In Oct. 1780, soon after he was settled again at Boonesborough, he went with his brother to the Blue Licks, and as they were returning the latter was slain by a party of Indians, and he was pursued by them by the aid of a dog. By shooting him Boone escaped. The severity of the ensuing winter was attended with great distress, the enemy having destroyed most of the corn. The people subsisted chiefly on buffalo's flesh. In May 1732 the Indians having killed a man at Ashton's station, captain A. pursued with 25 men, but in an attack upon' the enemy he was killed with 12 of his men. Aug. 10 two boys were carried off from major Hay's station. Capt. Holden pursued with 17 men; but he also was defeated, with the loss of four men. In a field near Lexington an Indian shot a man and running to scalp him, was him- self shot from the fort and fell dead upon his victim. On the 15th Aug. 500 Indians attacked Briant's station, five miles from Lexington,and destroyed all the cattle; but they were repulsed on the third day, having about 30 killed, while of the garrison 4 were killed and 3 wounded. Boone, with cols. Todd and Trigg and major Harland, collected 176 men and pursued on the 18th.

They overtook the enemy the next day a mile beyond the Blue Licks, about 40 miles from Lexington, at a remarkable bend of a branch of Licking river. A battle ensued, the enemy having a line formed across from one bend to the other, but the Kentuckians were defeated with the great loss of 60 killed, among whom were cols. Todd and Trigg, and Major Harland, and Boone's second son. Many were the widows made in Lexington on that fatal day. The Indians having 4 more killed, 4 of the prisoners were given up to the young warriors to be put to death in the most barbarous manner. 

General Clarke, accompanied by Boone, immediately marched into the Indian country and desolated it, burning old Chillicothe, Peccaway, New Chillicothe, Willis town, and Chillicothe. With the loss of four men he took seven prisoners and five scalps, or killed five Indians. In October the Indians attacked Crab orchard. One of the Indians having entered a house, in which were a woman and a negro, and being thrown to the ground by the negro, the woman cut off his head. From this period to the peace with Great Britain the Indians did no harm. "Two darling sons and a brother," said Boone, "have I lost by savage hands, which have also taken from me 40 valuable horses and abundance of cattle. Many dark and sleepless nights have I spent, separated from the cheerful society of men, scorched by the summer's sun and pinched by the winter's cold, an instrument ordained to settle the wilderness."

From this period he resided in Kentucky and Virginia till 1798, when in consequence of an imperfect legal title to the lands, which he had settled, he found himself dispossessed of his property. In his indignation he fled from the delightful region, which he had explored, when a wilderness, and which now had a population of half a million. With his rifle he crossed the Ohio and plunged into the immense country of the Missouri In 1799 he settled on the Femme Osage river with numerous followers. In 1800 he discovered the Boone's Lick country, now a fine settlement: in the same year he visited the head waters of the Grand Osage river and spent the winter upon the head waters of the Arkansas. At the age of 80, in company with a white man and a black man, laid under strict injunctions to carry him back to his family, dead or alive, he made a hunting trip to the head waters of the Great Osage, and was successful in trapping beaver and other game.

In January 1812 he addressed a memorial to the legislature of Ky. stating that he owned not an acre of land in the region, which he first settled; that in 1794 he passed over into the Spanish province of Louisiana, under an assurance from the governor, who resided at St. Louis, that land should be given him; that accordingly 10 thousand acres were given him on the Missouri and he became Syndic or chief of the district of St. Charles; but that on the acquisition of Louisiana by the United States his claims were rejected by the commissioners of land, because he did not actually reside; and that thus at the age of 80 he was a wanderer, having no spot of his own, whereon to lay his bones.

The legislature instructed their delegates to congress to solicit a confirmation of this grant. He retained, it is believed, 2,000 In his old age he pursued his active course of life, trapping bears and hunting with his rifle. Though a magistrate and sometimes a member of the legislature of Virginia, and much engaged in agriculture; yet he preferred the solitude of the wilderness to the honors of civil office and the society of men.

He died at the house of his son, Major A. Boone, at Charette, Montgomery Company, September 26th, 1820, aged nearly 90 years. His wife died in the same place. He left sons and daughters in Missouri. In consequence of his death the legislature of Missouri voted to wear a badge of mourning for 20 days. A brother died in Mississippi Oct. 1808, aged 81. 

Col. Boone was of common stature, of amiable disposition, and honorable integrity. In his last years he might have been seen by the traveler at the door of his house, with his rifle on his knee and his faithful dog at his side, lamenting the departed vigor of his limbs, and meditating on the scenes of his past life.

Whether he also meditated on the approaching scenes of eternity and his dim eyes ever kindled up with the glorious hopes of the christian is not mentioned in the accounts of him, which have been examined. But of all objects an irreligious old man, dead as to worldly joy and dead as to celestial hope, is the most pitiable. An account of his adventures, drawn up by himself, was published in Filson's supplement to Imlay's Description of the Western Territory, 1793.— Niles Register, March 13, 1813.

Capitals of the United States and Colonies of America

Sept. 5, 1774 to Oct. 24, 1774
May 10, 1775 to Dec. 12, 1776
Dec. 20, 1776 to Feb. 27, 1777
March 4, 1777 to Sept. 18, 1777
September 27, 1777
Sept. 30, 1777 to June 27, 1778
July 2, 1778 to June 21, 1783
June 30, 1783 to Nov. 4, 1783
Nov. 26, 1783 to Aug. 19, 1784
Nov. 1, 1784 to Dec. 24, 1784
New York City
Jan. 11, 1785 to Nov. 13, 1788
New York City
Nov. 1788 to March 3,1789
New York City
March 3,1789 to August 12, 1790

Joseph S. Nye, the University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard, has a major paper in the MIT Press Journal,  Winter 2016-2017,  â€œDeterrence and Dissuasion in Cyberspace”, with access link to the 71-page PDF here (free).

Nye discusses for major strategies: (1) Punishment or retaliation (2) denial or defense (3) entanglement (4) taboos or norms.   Some of his scenarios refer to LOAC, or the Laws of Armed Conflict.

Nye mentions the possibility of threats to power girds, and doubts that they can be fully prevented by “air gaps” between grid or infrastructure pieces and the public Internet

He mentions the importance of rogue states or non-state actors.  One of his concepts, of norms, would preclude attacks on targets that have civilian use only (this might include political parties). Yet that seems to be the point of attacks by entities like North Korea, or some hackers motivated by ransomware (often in Russia or former Soviet components), or radical Islamists who resent modernism.   North Korea attacked a corporate entity outside its borders, Sony Pictures, in the US, for mocking its leader.  It seems as though a sufficiently radical and nihilistic actor could be motivated by asymmetric targeting of individual speakers in the US or other western countries just to prove it could wreak havoc with all parties associated with a particularly provocative person or private business.

          Sequels on Order for September and Beyond        

These young adult sequels and series titles are now on order.

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Chantress Fury by Amy Butler Greenfield Daughter of Dusk by Livia Blackburne Earth Flight by Janet Edwards
The Edge by Roland Smith The Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass
The Keeper by David Baldacci Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter
Maid of Wonder by Jennifer McGowan Outrage by John Sandord and Michele Cook Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
Sophomores and Other Oxymorons by David Lubar Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans Vivian Apple Needs a Miracle by Katie Coyle
The White Rose by Amy Ewing Winter by Marisa Meyer  



          We can stop hacking and trolls, but it would ruin the internet        
A new way to run the internet would scupper ransomware and hacking, but its authoritarian backers could control everything we do online
          Il marchio Overland-Tandberg™ è una garanzia contro le minacce alla sicurezza dei dati        
Il nuovo brand racchiude fiducia, servizio e una lunga storia nella protezione dei dati contro software malevoli come Ransomware e Cripto-virus SAN JOSE (Calif.) e Dortmund (Ger.) – 29 giugno 2017. Tandberg Data e Overland Storage, società controllate da Sphere 3D Corp. (NASDAQ: ANY), entrambe da tempo leader nel settore dello storage, hanno annunciato il […]

          Veterans Day conversation with photojournalist (and Marine) David Douglas Duncan        
The Ransom Center holds the archive of American photojournalist and author David Douglas Duncan, including his images of World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars. In honor of Veterans Day, Ransom Center Research Curator of Photography Roy Flukinger asked Duncan about photography, being a Marine, his experiences as a combat photographer, and his […]

          Tim O’Brien becomes first fiction writer to win Pritzker Award        
Novelist Tim O’Brien has been awarded the 2013 Pritzker Military Library Literature Award for Lifetime Achievement in Military Writing, marking the first time a fiction writer has won the $100,000 prize. O’Brien, whose archive resides at the Ransom Center, is the author of such works as The Things They Carried (1980) and In the Lake […]

          Insider’s perspective: Artist Binh Danh        
The Ransom Center’s photography collection was pleased to acquire several pieces by emerging artist Binh Danh this past year.  Danh has pioneered a fascinating mode of printing directly on plant leaves through the natural process of photosynthesis.  By placing a negative in contact with a living leaf and then exposing it to sunlight for several […]

          Webinar: Maximize Omnichannel and Defend Cyber Attacks @incite_social        
The recent ransomware outbreak has left marketers vulnerable and concerned. With the increase in marketing campaigns across a variety of channels, achieving an integrated, seamless experience across multiple touchpoints involves...
          The last act of an individual        
Today I saw the last act of brave individuals. I saw the last act of someone who knows what it means to take responsibility for ones actions. I saw professionalism and individuality at the highest level. John Galt would have been proud.

I saw the Captain of a destroyer; take the initiative and authorize the use of deadly force against pirates that held a U.S. Citizen hostage.

The Captain should be rewarded as well as the SEAL?s that did the job. But they will not. In this world and the environment we now find ourselves. Individuality is not rewarded, professionalism is not rewarded. Nothing but crime is rewarded. In a year the pirates will the ones winning the day.

Today I saw the first steps of the teeth being removed from the military. Within two years pirates will be holding U.S. Naval ships for ransom, their crews be-headed and the government will give more and more to the pirates, with nothing given in return.

The power and force is being taken from our military, the power is being transferred to environmentalist.

My city is all but lost. My country is next.

I am the Mirrorman. I see in the heart and soul of men. I know longer see individuals; I see a perverted communal thought.

          Comment on Microsoft Patches Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Against Wannacry by As WannaCrypt Recovery Continues, Analysts Back Microsoft's Leader - InfoSecHotSpot        
[…] Brokers released the attack vulnerability that ransom-ware hackers exploited.” In addition, Microsoft also took the very unique step of recently releasing security updates to address the vulnerability for Windows XP and Server 2003, even though they are both years past […]
          Apple Issues Patch for Porn-browsing Safari Users Hit with Ransomware        

Many Apple users are not quite as technically savvy as most other gadget enthusiasts as their product’s ease of use is actually why many love it. This becomes a problem however, when malware and scammers focus on targeting those on Apple devices as they can much easily exploited. Ransomware scammers have been taking advantage of […]

The post Apple Issues Patch for Porn-browsing Safari Users Hit with Ransomware appeared first on eTeknix.

          Netgalley Knockout 2013        

Are you ready for Netgalley Knockout? At just about the time I think I will never ever ever be even remotely caught up with my review copies, along comes a support group for other bloggers in the same predicament. I've been mired in the Game of Thrones series for what seems like forever, but nearing the end of Book Five, I can see a time in the not-so-distant future when I might read something else! Here is the appalling list of books I have yet to read and/or review:

Update: As I request more books...and I seem unable to stop doing so...I will add them to the top of the appropriate list. As I review a book, I'll strike through instead of deleting so I can see my amazing progress!

LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program:

HOLY ORDERS by Benjamin Black

Other Sources:

UNDERCURRENT by Paul Blackwell*


THE SEANCE SOCIETY by Michael Nethercott
THE BONE SEASON by Samantha Shannon
POWDER BURN by Mark Chisnell
MRS. POE by Lynne Cullen
GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL by Christopher Finch
CLEAN BURN by Karen Sandler
THE RED QUEEN DIES by Frankie Y. Bailey
UNSEEN by Karin Slaughter*
TWERP by Mark Goldblatt
THE OPHELIA CUT by John Lescroart
TRAVELS IN ELYSIUM by William Azuski
TUESDAY'S GONE by Nicci French*
BOLERO by Joanie McDonell
HOLD FAST by Blue Balliett
THE LITTLE DEATH by Michael Nava
THE GOLD DUST LETTERS by Janet Taylor Lisle
MUMBO JUMBO by Ishmael Reed
THE ARCHIVED by Victoria Schwab
DADDY LOVE by Joyce Carol Oates
SPILT MILK by Chico Buarque
THE SEVEN MARKETS by David Hoffman
MAKE BELIEVE by Ed Ifkovic
VEGAN EATS WORLD by Terry Hope Romero
THE PANTHER by Nelson DeMille
BECOMING HOLMES by Shane Peacock*
SMOKE & MIRRORS by Ryan Browne
THE DALAI LAMA'S CAT by David Michie
THE INFECTS by Sean Beaudoin
SOMETHING RED by Douglas Nicholas
WHITE FOREST by Adam McOmber


THE LAST WORD by Lisa Lutz*
AFTER HER by Joyce Maynard
DEATH CANYON by David Riley Bertsch
DOG LOVES COUNTING by Louise Yates**
PENGUIN CHA CHA by Kristi Valiant**
DREAM ANIMALS by Emily Winfield Martin**
SQUIRRELS ON SKIS by J. Hamilton Ray**
ESCAPE THEORY by Margaux Froley
TUESDAY'S GONE by Nicci French
WACKO ACADEMY by Faith Wilkins
THE CHALICE by Nancy Bilyeau
MOTHERLAND by William Nicholson
THE CLOVER HOUSE by Henriette Lazaridis Power
COVER OF SNOW by Jenny Milchman
ELDERS by Ryan McIlvain
THE CHILD'S CHILD by Barbara Vine
AURORARAMA by Jean-Christophe Valtat
THE DEATH OF BEES by Lisa O'Donnell
THE AVIATOR'S WIFE by Melanie Benjamin
THE END OF THE POINT by Elizabeth Graver
A STUDY IN REVENGE by Kieran Shields
YESTERDAY'S SUN by Amanda Brooke
A KILLER IN THE WIND by Andrew Klavan
INDISCRETION by Charles Dubow
AMERICAN BOY by Larry Watson
SEVEN LOCKS by Christine Wade
ASHENDEN by Elizabeth Wilhide
COLD LIGHT by Jenn Ashworth
PATRICIDE by Joyce Carol Oates
FLIGHT BEHAVIOR by Barbara Kingsolver
LIVE BY NIGHT by Dennis Lehane
THE HOLLOW MAN by Oliver Harris

*Already read
**To read with Lilah
          Les DSI craignent les ransomware        
La menace ransomware s’amplifie…
          Examples of Cyber Loss        

  • Business Interruption - crippled computer systems, a downed website or abrupt data loss can produce a spiral effect of lost revenue to limit your ability to meet payroll and other expenses. Business Interruption forces you to suspend normal operations until everything is fixed back to normal. A normal insurance policy protects you from Business Interruption if you building burns down. Cyber Insurance protects you from the same thing, but in a digital sense.

  • Notification Costs - these expenses mount quickly. As the laws regarding data breach change and develop, legal obligations for businesses are increasing. In the event of cyber breach, you may be required to inform customers and the public that their information is at risk. This can get very expense. Payment for call centers, drafting written alerts and press releases, printing, postage, advertisements/ publications to inform them about the breach. Cyber insurance will cover these expenses, so you do not have to shoulder them yourself.

  • Credit Protection - in a cyber information breach, your company will be financially liable for the credit monitoring services that each of your customers will require.

  • Crisis Management - fees for public relations to reestablish your name and credibility.

  • Cyber Extortion - this is when a when a hacker holds your information hostage. Ransom money has run into the millions in some cases.

  • Legal Fees - what you pay in the face of lawsuits. Because your company had a duty to secure customer information, you could face lawsuits for the breach of this duty, resulting in hefty legal fees. Insurance companies are not only well equipped with lawyers who specialize in dealing with lawsuits of this type, they are able to settle claims out of court to minimize the losses you face.

  • Forensics Costs - what you Because there was a breach of your security system, your company will now have to pay for a digital forensics analysis to determine how the breach occurred, and new security systems to guard against future instances will have to be installed

  • During this whole process, your business's day-to-day operations will be interrupted while security breach issues are cleaned up

  • Lost Time = Lost Revenues - self explanatory. During this whole process, your business' day-to-day operations will be interrupted while security breaches are cleaned up.

          American traveling to Colombia- Safety concerns?        
I am traveling to Colombia for 10 days and I have a concern as far as safety while traveling, not during my stay. I am hispanic, I just happen to live in the United States and I have an American passport. I am paraguayan so I do speak spanish. My main concern using my US passport. I was told by a certain anonymous that showing my US passport might pose a danger for me while being in the airport. I was also told that they call Americans "ransom". I think this person is trying to scare me rather than help me feel better about any safety concerns so I just want to know what are the "real" concerns an american should have when going to Colombia. Again, I do speak spanish so the only way you could figure out that I do live in the US is based on my passport.

I will only be at the airport in Bogota for an hour or so, my final destination is Bucaramanga where I have friends that I'm visiting. I will be picked up by one of my friends at the airport in Bucaramanga, so should I still be as concerned? I'm a girl who is traveling by myself and I'm 20.
          Rod And Line        
Rod And Line
author: Arthur Ransome
name: Tankred
average rating: 3.62
book published: 1980
rating: 5
read at:
date added: 2014/07/27
shelves: fly-fishing

          Â«Ð”октор Веб»: обзор вирусной активности в июле 2017 года        

31 июля 2017 года


Как правило, в середине лета редко происходят значительные события в сфере информационной безопасности, однако нынешний июль стал исключением из этого правила. В начале месяца специалисты компании «Доктор Веб» обнаружили в приложении для организации электронного документооборота M.E.Doc полноценный бэкдор. Чуть позже вирусные аналитики установили источник распространения троянца BackDoor.Dande, воровавшего информацию о закупках медикаментов у фармацевтических компаний. В конце месяца был установлен факт компрометации портала государственных услуг Российской Федерации ( Также в июле было выявлено несколько опасных вредоносных программ для мобильной платформы Android.


  • Обнаружение бэкдора в программе M.E.Doc
  • Выявление источника распространения бэкдора Dande
  • Компрометация портала госуслуг

Угроза месяца

Популярное на территории Украины приложение для организации электронного документооборота M.E.Doc было разработано компанией Intellect Service. В одном из компонентов этого приложения, ZvitPublishedObjects.Server.MeCom, вирусные аналитики «Доктор Веб» обнаружили запись, соответствующую характерному ключу системного реестра Windows: HKCU\SOFTWARE\WC.


Этот же ключ реестра использовал в своей работе троянец-шифровальщик Trojan.Encoder.12703. Вирусные аналитики исследовали файл журнала антивируса Dr.Web, полученного с компьютера одного из наших клиентов, и установили, что этот энкодер был запущен на пострадавшей машине приложением ProgramData\Medoc\Medoc\ezvit.exe, которое является компонентом программы M.E.Doc:


Дальнейшее исследование программы показало, что в одной из ее библиотек — ZvitPublishedObjects.dll — содержится бэкдор, который может выполнять следующие функции:

  • сбор данных для доступа к почтовым серверам;
  • выполнение произвольных команд в инфицированной системе;
  • загрузка на зараженный компьютер произвольных файлов;
  • загрузка, сохранение и запуск любых исполняемых файлов;
  • выгрузка произвольных файлов на удаленный сервер.

Кроме того, модуль обновления M.E.Doc позволяет запускать полезную нагрузку при помощи утилиты rundll32.exe с параметром #1 — именно так на инфицированных компьютерах и был запущен Trojan.Encoder.12544. Подробнее о расследовании «Доктор Веб» читайте в опубликованной на нашем сайте статье.


По данным статистики Антивируса Dr.Web


  • Trojan.DownLoader
    Семейство троянцев, предназначенных для загрузки на атакуемый компьютер других вредоносных приложений.
  • Trojan.InstallCore
    Семейство установщиков нежелательных и вредоносных приложений.
  • Trojan.BtcMine
    Семейство вредоносных программ, которые втайне от пользователя применяют вычислительные ресурсы зараженного компьютера для добычи (майнинга) различных криптовалют – например, Bitcoin.

По данным серверов статистики «Доктор Веб»


  • JS.DownLoader
    Семейство вредоносных сценариев, написанных на языке JavaScript. Загружают и устанавливают на компьютер другие вредоносные программы.
  • JS.Inject.3
    Семейство вредоносных сценариев, написанных на языке JavaScript. Встраивают вредоносный скрипт в HTML-код веб-страниц.
  • Trojan.InstallCore
    Семейство установщиков нежелательных и вредоносных приложений.
  • Trojan.DownLoader
    Семейство троянцев, предназначенных для загрузки на атакуемый компьютер других вредоносных приложений.
  • Trojan.PWS.Stealer
    Семейство троянцев, предназначенных для хищения на инфицированном компьютере паролей и другой конфиденциальной информации.

Статистика вредоносных программ в почтовом трафике


  • JS.DownLoader
    Семейство вредоносных сценариев, написанных на языке JavaScript. Загружают и устанавливают на компьютер другие вредоносные программы.
  • JS.Inject.3
    Семейство вредоносных сценариев, написанных на языке JavaScript. Встраивают вредоносный скрипт в HTML-код веб-страниц.
  • Trojan.PWS.Stealer
    Семейство троянцев, предназначенных для хищения на инфицированном компьютере паролей и другой конфиденциальной информации.
  • Trojan.Encoder.6218
    Представитель семейства троянцев-вымогателей, шифрующих файлы на компьютере и требующих от жертвы выкуп за расшифровку.
  • Trojan.InstallCore
    Семейство установщиков нежелательных и вредоносных приложений.

По данным бота Dr.Web для Telegram


  • Android.Locker.139.origin
    Представитель семейства Android-троянцев, предназначенных для вымогательства. Они показывают навязчивое сообщение якобы о нарушении закона и о последовавшей в связи с этим блокировке мобильного устройства, для снятия которой пользователю предлагается заплатить определенную сумму.
  • EICAR Test File
    Специальный текстовый файл, предназначенный для тестирования работоспособности антивирусов. Все антивирусные программы при обнаружении такого файла должны реагировать на него в точности таким же образом, как в случае выявления какой-либо реальной компьютерной угрозы.
  • Joke.Locker.1.origin
    Программа-шутка для ОС Android, блокирующая экран мобильного устройства и выводящая на него изображение «синего экрана смерти» ОС Windows (BSOD, Blue Screen of Death).
  • Android.SmsSend.20784
    Представитель семейства вредоносных программ, предназначенных для отправки СМС-сообщений с повышенной тарификацией и подписки пользователей на различные платные контент-услуги и сервисы.
  • Trojan.PWS.Stealer
    Семейство троянцев, предназначенных для хищения на инфицированном компьютере паролей и другой конфиденциальной информации.



В июле в службу технической поддержки компании «Доктор Веб» чаще всего обращались пользователи, пострадавшие от следующих модификаций троянцев-шифровальщиков:

Опасные сайты

В течение июля 2017 года в базу нерекомендуемых и вредоносных сайтов было добавлено 327 295 интернет-адресов.

Июнь 2017Июль 2017Динамика
+ 229 381+ 327 295+ 42,6%

В середине июля потенциально опасным для пользователей неожиданно стал портал государственных услуг Российской Федерации (, на котором вирусные аналитики компании «Доктор Веб» обнаружили потенциально вредоносный код. Этот код заставлял браузер любого посетителя сайта незаметно связываться с одним из не менее 15 доменных адресов, зарегистрированных на неизвестное частное лицо, как минимум 5 из которых принадлежали нидерландским компаниям. В процессе динамической генерации страницы сайта, к которой обращается пользователь, в код разметки веб-страниц добавляется контейнер <iframe>, позволяющий загрузить или запросить любые сторонние данные у браузера пользователя. Все уязвимости сайта были устранены администрацией ресурса спустя несколько часов после публикации новости об этом инциденте.

Другие события в сфере информационной безопасности

В 2011 году компания «Доктор Веб» сообщила о появлении троянца BackDoor.Dande, шпионящего за фармацевтическими компаниями и аптеками. Исследовав жесткий диск, предоставленный одной из пострадавших организаций, вирусные аналитики установили, что троянца скачивал и запускал в целевых системах один из компонентов приложения ePrica, которое используют руководители аптек для анализа цен на лекарства и выбора наиболее подходящих поставщиков. Этот модуль загружал с сервера «Спарго Технологии» установщик BackDoor.Dande, который и запускал бэкдор на атакуемых компьютерах. При этом указанный модуль имел цифровую подпись «Спарго».

Проведенный компанией «Доктор Веб» анализ показал, что компоненты BackDoor.Dande были встроены непосредственно в одну из ранних версий инсталлятора ePrica. Среди модулей троянца присутствует установщик бэкдора, а также компоненты для сбора информации о закупках медикаментов, которые получают необходимые сведения из баз данных аптечных программ. При этом один из них использовался для копирования информации о закупках фармацевтических препаратов из баз данных программы 1C. Важно отметить, что даже после удаления ПО ePrica бэкдор оставался в системе и продолжал шпионить за пользователями. Подробности проведенного специалистами «Доктор Веб» исследования ПО ePrica изложены в опубликованной на нашем сайте статье.

Вредоносное и нежелательное ПО для мобильных устройств

В начале месяца специалисты компании «Доктор Веб» обнаружили троянца-загрузчика Android.DownLoader.558.origin в популярной игре BlazBlue, доступной в каталоге Google Play. Эта вредоносная программа могла незаметно скачивать и запускать непроверенные компоненты приложений. Позже вирусные аналитики исследовали опасного троянца Android.BankBot.211.origin. Он мог управлять зараженными мобильными устройств

          Keeping Track        

I'm going to be using this blog entry to keep track of animes and book series I've finished, as I remember them, or finish more, I shall be updating this posting. Mostly for personal reasons this is up here, but based on what you see, if you think of anything to suggest, feel free :)


  • Dragon Ball Z/Super/GT/Movies
  • Break Blade/Broken Blade
  • Black Blood Brothers
  • Fullmetal Alchemist 2002
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • Full Metal Panic!
  • Angel Beats
  • Hellsing
  • Inuyasha + Final Act
  • Avatar The Last Airbender
  • Yugioh - Original + GX
  • Sword Art Online + Sword Art Online II
  • No Game, No Life
  • Noragami + Arigato
  • Attack On Titan
  • Seraph of the End
  • RWBY

Current Animes:

  • Code Geass
  • Gate

Upcoming Animes:

  • Eden of the East
  • Steins;Gate
  • Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Death Note
  • Blood C
  • Noir
  • The Devil is a Part Timer
  • El Cazador - Madlax


  • Where the Red Furn Grows - By Wilson Rawls
  • My Side of the Mountain - By Jean Craighead George
  • Inheritance Cycle Series - By Christopher Paolini (Eragon, Eldest, Brisinger, Inheritance)
  • Percy Jackson Series - By Rick Riordan (Lightning Thief, Sea of Monsters, Curse of the Titans, Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian)
  • Heroes of Olympus Series - By Rick Riordan (The Lost Hero, Son of Neptune, Mark of Athena, House of Hades, Blood of Olympus, The Demigod Diaries)
  • The Kane Chronicles - By Rick Riordan (The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, The Serpent's Shadow)
  • Percy Jackson And Kane Chronicles Crossover Series - By Rick Riordan (The Son of Sobek, The Staff of Serapis, The Crown of Ptolemy)
  • Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer
  • The Maze Runner Series - By James Dashner (The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure)
  • Ready Player One - By Ernest Cline
  • Armada - By Ernest Cline
  • The Heir Chronicles - By Cinda Williams Chima (The Warrior Heir, The Wizard Heir)
  • Harry Potter Series - By J.K. Rowling (Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows)
  • The Ranger's Apprentice Series - By John Flanagan (The Ruins of Gorlan, The Burning Bridge, The Icebound Land, The Battle of Skandia, The Sorcerer in the North, The Siege of Macindaw, Erak's Ransom, The Kings of Clonmel, Halt's Peril, The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, The Lost Stories, The Royal Ranger)

Upcoming Books:

  • Hunger Games Series
  • Nicholas Flamel Series
  • The Brotherband Chronicles - John Flanagan
  • The Ranger's Apprentice Early Years
  • Finish the "Heir Chronicles"
  • Mangus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
  • All of George RR Martins Work
  • The Trials of Apollo Series - Rick Riordan

LAST REVISION:/ 08/05/2017


So far, that I remember. :P


          WannaCry Ransomware: A Brief Q&A with a CyberArk Labs Researcher        

In May, we offered a 30 minute webcast focused on deconstructing the WannaCry ransomware attack. Led by CyberArk Labs Researcher Shaked Reiner, the webcast delved into specifics of the attack, as well as proven methods organizations can implement to prevent WannaCry’s ability to spread through networks and encrypt system data. We’ve compiled some of the […]

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          Five Things to Know about Ransomware        

With WannaCry barely in the rear view mirror, ransomware was back in the spotlight with a new malware dubbed NotPetya. We can expect to see new ransomware strains as advanced attackers continue to evolve their tactics, and the ramifications on business will be significant if proactive measures are not taken. In previously posts, we’ve deconstructed […]

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          The NotPetya Global Pandemic – CyberArk Labs Analysis        

In May 2017, WannaCry took advantage of an exploit in the Windows operating system to usher in a cyber security pandemic – ransomware that can spread its infection like a traditional worm. The results were catastrophic, with some damage estimates reaching up to more than $4 billion. Yesterday, a new malware dubbed NotPetya emerged as the driving force […]

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          The Beauty of Young, New Plants        
It's great to work at a nursery that grows such cool plants... and to so easily get an early taste of the seasons that lie ahead! Here's a couple of pics of some of the newest varieties that we are growing this year, and in this case, pushing a little ahead of their regular schedule, just so we can see how they do, and what they look like.

Above, left to right, top to bottom:

Heuchera 'Electric Lime'
Heucherella 'Golden Zebra'
Viola 'Heartthrob'
Heuchera 'Havana'
Dicentra 'Candy Hearts'
Heuchera 'Midnight Bayou'
Brunnera 'Emerald Mist'
Brunnera 'King's Ransom'

Above, left to right, top to bottom:

Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' (very cool!)
Heuchera 'Midas Touch'
Heuchera 'Sugar Plum'
Geum 'Eos' (sweet!)
Heucherella 'Tapestry'
Heuchera 'Fire Chief' (I really like this one)
Heuchera 'Electra'
Thalictrum ichangense Evening Star Strain

I really enjoy putting and seeing these "assorted" trays together -- I don't know how anyone could resist!

Here's to dirt under your nails.

Mark, the coolplantsguy
          ÐœÐ¸Ð½Ð¸Ð¼Ð°Ð»Ð¸Ð·Ð¼ в фотографии        
Оригинал взят у fotoshkola_live в Минимализм в фотографии
Сегодняшняя подборка посвящена минимализму в фотографии. Не бойтесь устроить генеральную уборку в кадре. Если выбросить из кадра все лишнее, получится очень красиво. Убедитесь сами.

Приятного просмотра!


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©Tailer Ransom


©Oleg Breslavtsev


©ÐšÑƒÑÑ‚ов Александр


©Ben Heine

          Wrecked Season 2 Episode 1 Ransom        
You will watch Wrecked Season 2 Episode 1 Ransom live free series episodes with HQ-high quality. You are about the watch Wrecked Season 2 Episode 1 Ransom the online episode for free (High Quality Stream). Stream Wrecked Season 2 Episode 1 Ransom.
          Comment on About Dr. Attorney Noel Guivani Ramiscal by Medevenx        
Good day Atty. Ramiscal! I am the webmaster of, a video gaming-related website. The word "Medevenx" is my internet username used in all my social media, e-mails and any internet account. I have been using this name for years now and at this point it is a personal name now for me, as people who follow my work know that the word "Medevenx" is unique to me and there is only one Medevenx. Previously, in late January 2016, I signed up to avail Google Domains which allowed me to purchase from google for $12 a year. However, it was shown that I still needed to set up a bank account which I did not have at the time. While setting up my account, I missed the deadline for payment which was 2 weeks when there was supposed to be a grace period of 2 more weeks, giving me time to finish setting up my account. The next day after the deadline, was taken by re-sellers / auctioners. There were no others interested in up to this point if I knew that there were bots lurking around, checking unrenewed or failed domain registrations to take it from under them, I would never had attempted to register the domain unprepared. The domain was registered by resellers in February 2, 2016 and I waited until February 2, 2017 to take it back only to be disappointed that the domain was renewed by the re-seller. While I have not registered the trademark, I have already put the trademark symbol on the name and logo I use for the website. The website is also being used in bas faith as it holds no actual website and shows that the current owner has no actual interest in using the domain properly. The domain is being auctioned at $800 while filing a UDRP complain to ICANN costs a minimum of $1500. It is absurd to me how it is cheaper to pay a ransom/blackmail than to get help and process a complaint against this. I am here to ask for your help as I am desperate now. I want to make proper use of my username in a domain that I had long wanted to use. It's been over a year and I can see the same thing happening next year. I do not have the money to purchase the domain since my site only makes $100 to $200 a month. Please help, thank you for reading. God bless and more power!
          Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced        
Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced
Studio: ChaosMen

During Mico«s solo, he confessed that a really big fantasy of his was to have two guys fighting to suck his cock.

I had Ransom up for sucking him, and well, I was on hand, so I thought I could step in and do a little sucking to make his dream come true. Not too much »Bryan« — just a »Guest Appearance«.

I know, I am giver.

Ransom was pretty much in awe of how big Mico»s Monster Cock was and totally got off on trying to deep throat it.

Mico enjoyed both of us sucking him too. He was most happy when he was sucking on Ransom«s cock, and I was down on the ground blowing him. His dick got REALLY hard at that point!

We did this Serviced video standing, and Mico wanted Ransom»s cum to land all over his own cock to use as lube to jerk himself off. There was a bit of distance for his load to travel, but Ransom«s aim was accurate!

And that certainly did the trick, as gobs of jizz poured out of Mico»s ginormous cock.

I think Mico left the studio that day feeling very satisfied! Hope you will too!

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:35
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2170kbps
Audio: 93kbps

Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced
Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced

Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced
File size: 358.5 MB

Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced

Bryan & Mico & Ransom Serviced
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-12-2017 with Dave Blackwood        

William Onyeabor- Body And Soul - World Psychedelic Classics 5 Who Is William Onyeabor
Various Artists- Erik Showboy Akaeze We Dey Find Money - Nigeria Afrobeat Special 1970s Nigeria
Here Lies Man- Here Lies Man - Here Lies Man
The Black Angels- Currency - Death Song
Charles Bradley- Changes - Heavy Nuggets Vol 4 13 Sabbath Inspired Tracks
Your Old Droog- Help feat Edan Wiki - Packs
Guided By Voices- 5 Degrees On The Inside - August By Cake
Pissed Jeans- The Bar Is Low - Why Love Now
The Magnetic Fields- 74 No - 50 Song Memoir
The Moonlandingz- Vessels - Interplanetary Class Classics
Temples- Certainty - Volcano
Moon Duo- The Death Set - Occult Architecture Vol 1
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- Doom City - Flying Microtonal Banana
Animal Collective- Peacemaker - The Painters EP
Ty Segall- Waterloo Sunset - Something Else A Tribute To The Kinks
Ty Segall- Break A Guitar - Ty Segall
- voicebreak -
The Feelies- Been Replaced - In Between
Sneaks- Devo - Its A Myth
The Buttertones- Sadies A Sadist - Gravedigging
The Courtneys- Silver Velvet - The Courtneys II
- voicebreak -
Sir Was- Digging A Tunnel - Digging A Tunnel
Damaged Bug- Bog Dash - Bunker Funk
- voicebreak -
Freelsds Badtrip- Talking Spells - Freelsds Badtrip EP
Chicano Batman- Freedom Is Free - Freedom Is Free
Ty Richards- Spaceman - Zillion
Flo Morrissey And Matthew E White- Grease - Gentlewoman Ruby Man
The Residents- Gods Magic Finger - Wormwood
Mouse On The Keys- Earache - Out Of Body EP
Clark- Peak Magnetic - Death Peak
Lettuce- Ransome - Mt Crushmore
Vibronics Meets Conscious Sounds- Hail Up Dub - Half Century Dub

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 01-12-2017 with Joel Davis        

Cheapedits- Blacktel - Katakana Edits Vol 28
Thievery Corporation- Letter To The Editor feat Racquel Jones - The Temple Of I I
Matthew Squires- Unwholesome Health - Tambaleo
Eric B Rakim- Dont Sweat The Technique ATCR Remix - A Tribe Called Red Presents Moombah Hip Moombah Hop Ep
- voicebreak -
Visioneers- Rocket Man Afrolatin Joint - Hipology
BADBADNOTGOOD- Time Moves Slow feat Sam Herring - IV
Mop Mop- Totem feat Anthony Joseph Nicola Cruz Remix - Lunar Love Remixed
Thornato- Chapinero - Things Will Change EP
Department Of Eagles- Origin Of Love - The Cold Nose
- voicebreak -
Multicast- Faster And Faster - Multicaster
Kid Koala- Fallaway feat Emilana Torrini - Music To Draw To Satellite feat Emilana Torrini
Kutiman- Shes A Revolution feat Adam Scheflan Karolina - 6AM
Gaye Su Akyol- Eski Tfek - Hologram Imparatorlugu
Rev Sekou The Holy Ghost- Hell No - The Revolution Has Come
Wax Tailor- The Road Is Ruff feat Lee Fields - By Any Beats Necessary
- voicebreak -
Lettuce- Ransome - Mt Crushmore
Baloji- Unit Et Litre Remix feat Saul Williams Well Alec Lomani - 64 Bits Malachite Remixes EP
Lascivio Bohemia- Sacudela Andres Digital Remix - Global Barrio Vol 1
Calexico- Cumbia De Donde - Edge Of The Sun
Tasseomancy- 29 Palms - Do Easy
Jon Armstrong- Apricot - Burnt Hibiscus
Pavo Pavo- Ruby Lets Buy The Bike - Young Narrator In The Breakers
- voicebreak -
Kabanjak- Turn It Up - The Dooza Tapes Vol 1
Various Artists- Stone Cold Boners Lesson One - Everything Is Going To The Beat
Handsome Boy Modeling School- The Projects PJays feat Dave Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - So Hows Your Girl
FIREHOSE- Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets - Ragin FullOn
Meat Puppets- Lost - Ii
The Bones Of JR Jones- 13 Kinds - Spirits Furnace
- voicebreak -
David Immergluck- Joe Kirby Blues - I Am The Resurrection A Tribute To John Fahey
Dani Nega E Craca- Froschleich - Hystereofonica Vol 1
Chancha Via Circuito- Camino De Posguerra Reptilian Commander Remix feat Sara Hebe - Amansara Remixed
- voicebreak -
Baba Zula- Nobey Dub feat Arastaman - XX
Blondie- Heart Of Glass Crabtree Remix - Heart Of Glass Crabtree Remix
Daym Arocena- Mambo Na M - Cubafona
TL Barrett Youth For Christ Choir- Like A Ship - Shanghaid Soul
Various Artists- Mahlalela - Gilles Peterson In Africa The Soul
- voicebreak -
Bob Marley The Wailers- Jamming version - In Dub Vol 1
Dubmatix- Show Down feat Tenor Fly - 15 Years Of Balanced Records
EarthRise SoundSystem- Earth To The Sun Srikalogy To The Earth Remix feat Vishal Vaid Max ZT - Rising EarthRise SoundSystem Remix Project
Chance The Rapper- All Night feat Knox Fortune - Coloring Book
Saib- Come With Me - Dreamland
Bill Frisell- Rob Roy - Where In The World
Robert Palmer- Every Kinda People Joey Negro Multicultural Multitrack Mix - Remixed With Love By Joey Negro Vol 2 Bonus Track Version
- voicebreak -
Rival Consoles- Helios - Sonne EP

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 06-08-2016 with Dave Blackwood        

Moderat- Eating Hooks - III
Baauer- Cantina Boys - Star Wars Headspace
Miike Snow- My Trigger - Iii
- voicebreak -
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- Gamma Knife - Nonagon Infinity
Parquet Courts- Steady On My Mind - Human Performance
White Denim- Had 2 Know Personal - Stiff
Jah Works- Still Dubbin On - Believe
Serge Gainsbourg- Javanaise Dub - Aux Armes Et Caetera
Sly Robbie- Drilling For Oil - Strip To The Bone
- voicebreak -
The Rolling Stones- Cherry Oh Baby - Black And Blue
The Black Seeds- Gabriels Strut Dub - Dust And Dirt
Andrew Bird- Capsized - Are You Serious
Bob Mould- Voices In My Head - Patch The Sky
Tacocat- Dana Katherine Scully - Lost Time
The Claypool Lennon Delirium- Bubbles Burst - Monolith Of Phobos
Army Of The Universe- The Magic - The Magic Deluxe EP
Silvertron Youth Choir- Sector 2 - Our God Is A Possum God
Minotaurs- Echoes - Weird Waves
Fela Ransome Kuti His Koola Lobitos- I Know Your Feeling - HighlifeJazz And AfroSoul
- voicebreak -
Bombino- Tamiditine Tarhanam - Azel
Eno Hyde- Time To Waste It - High Life
My Robot Friend- Im Not A Young Man Anymore feat Dean Britta - Open The Book
Heron Oblivion- Oriar - Heron Oblivion
Ty Segall- Californian Hills - Emotional Mugger
Ty Segall- Manipulator - Manipulator
- voicebreak -
Brian Eno With Rick Holland- The Real - Drums Between The Bells
The Yardbirds- Shapes Of Things - The Yardbirds Story
The Seeds- Sad And Alone - Mojo Presents Paint It Black
The Heavy- Since You Been Gone - Hurt The Merciless
- voicebreak -
Lukas Nelson Promise Of The Real- Something Real - Something Real
JeanMichel Jarre- The Heart Of Noise Pt 1 - Electronica 2 The Heart Of Noise
Shawn Lee- Moodbender - Shawn Lees Ping Pong Orchestra Strings Things
Shawn Lee- Low Riders In Space - Synthesizers In Space
The Growlers- Big Toe - Chinese Fountain
Grupo Fantasma- Porque - Problemas
The Felice Brothers- Aerosol Ball - Life In The Dark

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 06-01-2016 with Erin Roberts        

Anarkia Tropikal Feat Los Chipillacs- El Silbido Del Tunche - The Rough Guide To A World Of Psychedelia
Bombino- Igmayagh Dum - Azel
Black Mountain- Cemetery Breeding - IV
Bob Mould- You Say You - Patch The Sky
Built To Spill- Never Be The Same - Untethered Moon
Heartless Bastards- Jean Genie - A Salute To The Thin White Duke The Songs Of David Bowie
Eric Lindell- Indian Summer - Matters Of The Heart
Cha Wa- Shallow Water - Funk n Feathers
Turkwaz- Turkwaz Live At KGNU - Turkwaz Live In Studio
Mayer Hawthorne- Out Of Pocket - Man About Town
Allen Stone- Where Youre At - Radius
Little Scream- Love As A Weapon - Cult Following
Sabrina Starke- Dreamer - Sabrina Starke
David Bazan- Oblivion - Blanco
Damien Jurado- QACHINA - Visions Of Us On The Land
The Donkeys- I Like The Way You Walk - Born With Stripes
Dressy Bessy- Giddyup - Kingsized
David J With Federale And Friends- The Day That Bowie Died - The Day That Bowie D
Emmy The Great- Part Of Me - Second Love
Esm Patterson- The Waves - We Were Wild
Eleanor Friedberger- Cathy With The Curly Hair - New View
Eric Bachmann- Carolina - Eric Bachmann
Margo Price- About To Find Out - Midwest Farmers Daughter
Robert Ellis- Drivin - Robert Ellis
Ferraro- Losing Sleep - Losing Sleep
T Hardy Morris- Young Assumption - Hardy The Hardknocks Drownin On A Mountaintop
Tom Hiddleston And The Saddle Spring Boys- Move It On Over - I Saw The Light Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Fela Ransome Kuti His Koola Lobitos- Wa Dele - HighlifeJazz And AfroSoul
Sidestepper- Fuego Que Te Llama - Supernatural Love
Rokia Traore- Dianguina - Mouneissa
Yos Olarang- Cyclo - Rough Guide To A World Of Psychedelia
Xixa- World Goes Away - Bloodline
Tacocat- Dana Katherine Scully - Lost Time
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- Robot Stop - Nonagon Infinity
Hinds- Garden - Leave Me Alone
Quiet Life- Time Until - Foggy
Nico Yaryan- You Belong To Me - What A Tease
Mo Kenney- Mountains To The Mess - In My Dreams

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 05-30-2016 with Adam Taylor        

Tony Joe White- The Middle Of Nowhere - Rain Crow
13th Floor Elevators- Reverberation Doubt - Mojo Presents Paint It Black
M83- Laser Gun - Junk
Mayer Hawthorne- Breakfast In Bed - Man About Town
Roots Of Creation- A Time Will Come feat Pato Banton - Livin Free
Santigold- Cant Get Enough Of Myself feat BC - 99 Cents
- voicebreak -
Jeff Buckley- Dont Let The Sun Catch You Cryin - You And I
Ronnie Spector- Dont Let The Sun Catch You Crying - English Heart
Rooney- Why feat Soko - Washed Away
ZMEI3- Shes Gone Wild - Rough Romanian Soul
Tacocat- I Love Seattle - Lost Time
Miike Snow- Genghis Khan - Iii
Bombino- Tamiditine Tarhanam - Azel
Lucinda Williams- Its Nobodys Fault But Mine - God Dont Never Change The Songs Of Blind Willie Johnson
Lukas Nelson Promise Of The Real- Something Real - Something Real
Courtney Barnett- Three Packs A Day - Good For You Milk Records Compilation
M Ward- Pirate Dial - More Rain
Patti Smith- Pumping My Heart - The Essential Patti Smith
Fela Ransome Kuti His Koola Lobitos- Everyday I Got My Blues Live - HighlifeJazz And AfroSoul
- voicebreak -
Andrew Bird- Capsized - Are You Serious
White Denim- Real Deal Momma - Stiff
Thao The Get Down Stay Down- Astonished Man - A Man Alive
PJ Harvey- Near The Memorials To Vietnam And Lincoln - The Hope Six Demolition Project
Aesop Rock- Dorks - The Impossible Kid
The Disco Biscuits- On Time feat TuPhace - Planet Anthem Deluxe Edition
Bob Mould- Voices In My Head - Patch The Sky
The California Honeydrops- A Rivers Invitation - A Rivers Invitation
Caetano Veloso Gilberto Gil- Tropiclia Ao Vivo - Dois Amigos Um Sculo De Msica Multishow Live
Willie Nelson- Summertime - Summertime Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin
Nada Surf- New Bird - You Know Who You Are
- voicebreak -
Eric Bachmann- Separation Fright - Eric Bachmann
Corinne Bailey Rae- Horse Print Dress - The Heart Speaks In Whispers
My Morning Jacket- Mahgeetah - It Still Moves Deluxe Edition
Caselangveirs- Best Kept Secret - Case Lang Veirs

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 05-11-2016 with Dave Blackwood        

Radiohead- Daydreaming - A Moon Shaped Pool
Youth Lagoon- Daydream - The Year Of Hibernation
Anoushka Shankar- Boat To Nowhere - Land Of Gold
13th Floor Elevators- Reverberation Doubt - Mojo Presents Paint It Black
The Lonelyhearts- First The Bad News - Age Of Man
- voicebreak -
Ash Koosha- Mudafossil - I AKA I
All India Radio- The Slow Light - The Slow Light
JeanMichel Jarre- The Heart Of Noise Pt 1 - Electronica 2 The Heart Of Noise
Shlohmo- Druid Caravan Of Smoke - Star Wars Headspace
The Defeated County- Kids - Bar Tabs Baby Names
Santana- Yambu - Santana IV
Parquet Courts- Human Performance - Human Performance
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- Wah Wah - Nonagon Infinity
Black Mountain- Mothers Of The Sun - IV
Suuns- Instrument - HoldStill
Prince Rama- Now Is The Time Of Emotion - Xtreme Now
A Giant Dog- Sleep When Dead - Pile
Tacocat- Dana Katherine Scully - Lost Time
Head Wound City- Scraper - A New Wave Of Violence
- voicebreak -
Saul Williams- Think Like They Book Say - MartyrLoserKing
The Movement- Blinded - Golden
Damien Jurado- QACHINA - Visions Of Us On The Land
Bob Marley The Wailers- Exodus - Africa Unite The Singles Collection
Talking Heads- Girlfriend Is Better - Stop Making Sense
Fela Ransome Kuti His Koola Lobitos- Everyday I Got My Blues Live - HighlifeJazz And AfroSoul
Grace Kelly- Blues For Harry Bosch Mocean Worker Remix - Trying To Figure It Out
Bibio- Petals - A Mineral Love
Br Gr- Choppa - Have You Lost Your Faith In God
Tourist- U - U
Moderat- Running - III
Tame Impala- Let It Happen - Currents
White Denim- Holda You Im Psycho - Stiff
Mike The Melvins- A Friend In Need Is A Friend You Dont Need - Three Men And A Baby
The Last Shadow Puppets- Aviation - Everything Youve Come To Expect
The Heavy- Since You Been Gone - Hurt The Merciless
Charles Bradley- Changes - Changes
John Barry- Midnight Cowboy - Midnight Cowboy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-14-2016 with Joel Davis        

Samiyam- Meditate - Animals Have Feelings
St Germain- Rose Rouge - Tourist
Fela Ransome Kuti His Koola Lobitos- Amaechis Blues - HighlifeJazz And AfroSoul
Brian J- Down By The River - Turntables On The Hudson Vol 10 Uptown Downtown
Red Astaire- Follow Me - Nuggets For The Needy
- voicebreak -
The Heliocentrics- Looking Back - From The Deep
Roots Manuva- Body Hot - Switching Sides
Eleventh Dream Day- Between Here And There LP Version - Beet
Bombino- Timidiwa - Azel
El Rubello- Its Not Unusual - Love From Japur By Batrice Ardisson
Matanza- Existencia Nicola Cruz Remix - Existencia
The English Beat- Mirror In The Bathroom - What Is Beat
- voicebreak -
Dubblestandart- Consumers Addiction - King Size Dub Special
DJ Shadow- Midnight In A Perfect World - Endtroducing
Unloved- After Dinner - Guilty Of Love Deluxe Version
Sola- Tabu Tabu - Sola
Henri Texier- Las Le Bas Bonobo Remix - Las Le Bas bonobo Remix
Zammuto- Too Late To Topologize - Zammuto
Emel Mathlouthi- The Man Who Sold The World - The Man Who Sold The World
- voicebreak -
Anchorsong- Diver - Ceremonial
Mr Lif- A Better Day feat Erica Dee - Dont Look Down
Bob Marley The Wailers- Dream Land - Climb The Ladder
The Yawpers- Jesus Car - Savage Blue
Various Artists- Camino Cortado - Absolute Belter
- voicebreak -
Konono N1- Um Nzonzing - Konono N1 Meets Batida
Lulacruza- Comandante Duke Mushroom Remix - Orcas Remixed Vol 4
Silla And Rise- Starseed Qila - Debut
Tom Waits- Step Right Up - Small Change
- voicebreak -
Weisz- El Vagabundo Jepe Intercontinental Planetary Mix - El Vagabundo
Del The Funky Homosapien- Mistadobalina - I Wish My Brother George Was Here
Funkadelic- Super Stupid - Maggot Brain
The Abigails- Black Hell - Songs Of Love Despair
- voicebreak -
Mister Lies- Flood You - Flood Youmedusa
Dub Gabriel- Bedu Goes To Bluefields feat Kali Bloom - Anarchy Alchemy
Tricky- Come To Me - Mixed Race Bonus Version
Clap Clap- Burbuka - Tayi Bebba
Parov Stelar- Clap Your Hands - The Demon Diaries
Life Without Buildings- The Leanover - Any Other City
REM- Kohoutek Remastered - Fables Of The Reconstruction Deluxe Edition
- voicebreak -
DJ Sun- Mystery - Qingxi
Congo Natty- Jungle Is I And I - Jungle Revolution In Dub
Sociedade Recreativa- Sereia - Sociedade Recreativa
- voicebreak -
Joe Europe- Deep Point - Dope Sampler Ep

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-08-2016 with Erin Roberts        

Andrew Bird- Capsized - Are You Serious
Dressy Bessy- Get Along Diamond Ring - Kingsized
Parquet Courts- Outside - Human Performance
Black Mountain- Over And Over The Chain - IV
- voicebreak -
George Morgan- Please Dont Let Me Love You - I Saw The Light Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Whiskeytown- Houses On The Hill - Strangers Almanac
Matthew Logan Vasquez- Halfcolt - Austin
M Ward- Confession - More Rain
- voicebreak -
Bombino- Akhar Zaman - Azel
Fela RansomKuti And Koola Lobitos- Highlife Time - Koola Lobitos 19641968
Los Hacheros- Bomba De Loisa - Bambulaye
- voicebreak -
Yo La Tengo- Deeper Into Movies - Stuff Like That There
Futurebirds- Twentyseven - Hotel Parties
Cass McCombs- I Cannot Lie - A Folk Set Apart
The Kinks- Tired Of Waiting For You - Kinda Kinks Deluxe Edition
Fatso Jetson- Light Yourself On Fire - Mojo Presents Gimme Danger
Rokia Traor- Tu Voles - N So
Eva Salina- Akaja Rat - Lema Lema Eva Salina Sings aban Bajramovi
Koola Labitos Featuring VC 7- Eke - Highlife Jazz And Afro Soul
- voicebreak -
Damien Jurado- Walrus - Visions Of Us On The Land
Nap Eyes- Mixer - Thought Rock Fish Scale
The Dandy Warhols- Styggo - Distortland
- voicebreak -
Merle Haggard- Mama Tried - The Lonesome Fugitive
Woods- Morning Light - City Sun Eater In The River Of Light
Eleanor Friedberger- Open Season - New View
Hayes Carll- Sake Of The Song - Lovers And Leavers
Eric Bachmann- Belong To You - Eric Bachmann
T Hardy Morris- My Me - Hardy The Hardknocks Drownin On A Mountaintop
Lou Doillon- Where To Start - Lay Low
Shel- Alternate Universe - Just Crazy Enough
Savages- Slowing Down The World - Adore Life
Hinds- Castigadas En El Granero - Leave Me Alone
Tacocat- You Cant Fire Me I Quit - Lost Time
Laura Gibson- Two Kids - Empire Builder
Courtney Barnett- Avant Gardener - The Double EP A Sea Of Split Peas

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 02-23-2016 with Wally        

John Frusciante- Murderers - To Record Only Water For Ten Days
Norma Tanega- Run On The Run - Jukebox Doo Wop Girls Vol 12
Dr Dog- Dead Record Player - The Psychedelic Swamp
Ruts DC- Pleasures Of The Dance - Spiky Dread Issue One
Breakbot- Back For More - Still Waters
Shannon And The Clams- Corvette - Gone By The Dawn
Ty Segall- Squealer Two - Emotional Mugger
Roland Alphonso- Cleopatra - Studio One Ska Fever
Galactic- Higher And Higher feat JJ Grey - Into The Deep
Clarendonians- Rudie Bam Bam - Studio One Ska Fever
Mickey Murray- Shout Bamalama - Sun Records Soul Party
Gogol Bordello- Hieroglyph - Pura Vida Conspiracy
Sweet Baboo- The Boombox Ballad - The Boombox Ballads
The Cave Singers- Strip Mine - Banshee
Dale Watson- My Baby Makes Me Gravy - The Sun Sessions
Moon Taxi- Make Your Mind Up - Daybreaker
Gerrand- The Wind Of Change - Transcend The Quest Of A Goldminder
The Budos Band- Origin Of Man - II
Charles Bradley- Changes Feat The Budos Band - 45
Eric Monty Morris- Hear Them Say - Listen To The Music Caltones Jamaican 45s 196669
Jack Garratt- Worry - Phase Deluxe
The Very Best- Ufumu - Makes A King
Marco Benevento- Dropkick - Dropkick Single
Bombino- Azamane Tiliade - Nomad
Mitty Collier- Im Missing You - Hard To Handle Black America Sings Otis Redding
Waterbabys- Binary Bird - Waterbabys
Animal Collective- Golden Gal - Painting With
Father John Misty- Nancy From Now On Demo Version - Fear Fun Bonus Track Version
NoMBe- California Girls - California Girls Single
Hugh Godfrey- Mad World - Studio One Ska Fever
Maker- Southside Phantom - Maker Vs NowAgain
Lucinda Williams- Place In My Heart - The Ghosts Of Highway 20
Diane Coffee- Everyday - Everybodys A Good Dog
The Meters- Chug Chug ChugALug Push n Shove Single Version - What It Is Funky Soul And Rare Grooves 19671977
Tommy McCook- The Answer - The Best Of Tommy McCook The Skatalites
The Head And The Heart- Summertime - Lets Be Still
Fela RansomKuti And Koola Lobitos- Highlife Time - Koola Lobitos 19641968
Gregory Alan Isakov- Second Chances - The Weatherman
Tame Impala- Cause Im A Man - Cause Im A Man Single
Jos Gonzlez- Let It Carry You - Vestiges Claws
Pazy The Black Hippies- Wa Ho Ha - Wa Ho Ha
The Revivalists- Bulletproof - Men Amongst Mountains
The Invaders- Spacing Out - Spacing Out
Michael Kiwanuka- Tell Me A Tale - Tell Me A Tale The Isle Of Wight Sessions Single
Grizzly Bear- Smothering Green Bonus Track - Shields BSides
The Black Keys- Black Mud - Brothers
CMon Kypski- Cravings Of A Solemnsoul - Static Traveller

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-06-2015 with 99 & Barry        

Funkadelic- Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow - Free Your Mind
Sun Ra The Sun Ra Arkestra- Love In Outer Space - Gilles Peterson Presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra To Those Of Earth And Other Worlds
Slapp Happy- The Drum - Acnalbasac Noom
Old Time Relijun- Mystery Language - Witchcraft Rebellion
Vision Fortune- Dry Mouth - Country Music
- voicebreak -
Malcolm Mclaren- Love Will Tear Us Together - Love Will Tear Us Together
Babe Ruth- The Mexican - Grand Slam The Best Of Babe Ruth Remastered
El Guincho- Con Un Rotu Seco - Mis Hits Single
Material- Joans Haunted Hints At The Gate To The Western Lands The Audio Janitor DJ Olive - The Road To The Western Lands
Audio Active- Kick The Bong Around Adrian Sherwood Dub Mix - Bong
- voicebreak -
Talibam- Entertaining The After Beast - Boogie In The Breeze Blocks
Panzerpappa- Satam - Astromalist
Greg Osby So Percussion- Terminals No 2 - Bobby Previte Terminals
- voicebreak -
Panda Bear- The Preakness - Crosswords EP
Fela Ransome Kuti- Water No Get Enemy - Expensive Shit He Miss Road Remastered
The Missing Brazilians- Ace Of Wands - Trevor Jackson Presents Science Fiction Dancehall Classics
Black Ox Orkestar- Violin Duet - Nisht Azoy
Gary Lucas- Abie The Fishman - Busy Being Born
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum- Formicary - In Glorious Times
Mick Karn- Up To Nil - Each Eye A Path
- voicebreak -
Charles Bobuck Contraption- Drum Role - Roman De La Rose The Pink Romance
Skull Force Crass- Columbus Skull Force Vs Crass - Greedy Dig Presents AnarchoTechno Vol 3
Delia Derbyshire- Dreams - Is Fixed
Sergey Kurekhin- Mystic - Mister Designer
Agitation Free- Sahara City - Malesch
Ganelin Trio- Mack The Knife - San Francisco Holidays
Alamaailman Vasarat- Mielisaurus - Huuro Kolkko
Make A Rising- Sneffels Yokul - Infinite Ellipse And Head With Open Fontanel
Mdou Moctar- Tahoultine - Tahoultine Single

playlist URL:
          Top Conversations in Ransomware        
Usually after a big incident. such as the 'WannaCry' ransomware attack, there’s a huge spike in awareness and a thirst for information about detection, prevention and recovery.
          Customer Support Tips for Protecting and Recovering from Ransomware        
As the news started to break around the latest Ransomware epidemic, I wondered if this was a simple case of déjà vu.
          Ransomware: What's Old Is New Again        
Apparently bolstered by the 'success' of the 'WannaCry' attack in May, ransomware cyber attackers have launched another wide-scale strike.
          The Ransomware Trinity        

There are three things that industries ravaged by ransomware tend to have in common. They have data that is sensitive enough to be protected. The industry lacks mature defenses. Someone in the victim ecosystem is willing and able to pay. Where we’ve seen this so far are places like: Hospitals Schools Small businesses Home users (to a lesser...


I do a weekly show called Unsupervised Learning, where I curate the most interesting stories in infosec, technology, and humans, and talk about why they matter. You can subscribe here.

          Unsupervised Learning: No. 83        

This week’s topics: Petya ransomware worm, RNC breach, Anthem settlement, Russians want source code, risk ratings, patching, ICOs, ideas, discovery, recommendation, aphorism, and more… This is Episode No. 83 of Unsupervised Learning—a weekly show where I curate 3-5 hours of reading in infosec, technology, and humans into a 15 to 30 minute summary. The goal is to catch...


I do a weekly show called Unsupervised Learning, where I curate the most interesting stories in infosec, technology, and humans, and talk about why they matter. You can subscribe here.

          3 Factors That Determine the Effectiveness of a Worm        

With WannaCry and now with Petya we’re getting to see how and why some ransomware worms are more effective than others. [ Jul 3, 2017 — It’s now pretty well accepted that Petya wasn’t ransomware but a wiper instead. The post still applies to ransomware, though. ] I think there are 3 main factors: Propagation, Payload, and Payment....


I do a weekly show called Unsupervised Learning, where I curate the most interesting stories in infosec, technology, and humans, and talk about why they matter. You can subscribe here.

          Customer Perspective: Don’t Let Ransomware Lock You Out Of Your Patient Data        
If you, like me, are responsible for disaster recovery and business continuity at a global healthcare organization, there are few things you dread more than a successful ransomware attack.
          Ransomware and Personal Data: The Secondary Threat (Part 2)        
In part 2 of this blog, Patrick McGrath continues the discussion of the connection between ransomware breaches and data privacy.
          Ransomware and Personal Data: The Secondary Threat (Part 1)        
The impacts of the recent ransomware attacks are ongoing, with victims in more than 150 countries, including hospitals that have been effectively brought to a standstill.
          Unsupervised Learning: No. 78        

This week’s topics: The WannaCry ransomware worm, the president’s EO, Macron hacking, HP backdoors, laptop bans, Amazon releases, Chinese online commerce, CRISPR, Germany and renewable energy, beetles, dental health as social indicator, Reading superpowers, Net Neutrality, serverless, deep learning black box, The Three Body Problem, you can now support the site, The Mechanical Universe, TrueCaller, and more… This...


I do a weekly show called Unsupervised Learning, where I curate the most interesting stories in infosec, technology, and humans, and talk about why they matter. You can subscribe here.

          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 09-05-2014 with 99 & Barry        

Bob Dylan - Green Eggs And Ham - Dylan Hears A Who
Various Artists- Rock And Roll - From The Land Of Ice And Snow
MusiOTunya Rikki Ililonga- Sunshine Love - Dark Sunrise
Dub Gabriel- Zooklyn - Bass Jihad
El Michels Affair- Duel Of The Iron Mics - Enter The 37th Chamber
- voicebreak -
Zion80- Kenumit - Adramelech
DJ Spooky- Reactive Switching Strategies For The Control Of Uninhabited Air - Optometry
Amon Tobin- Mass Spring - Isam Bonus Track Version
Daevid Allen The Magick Brothers- Wayland Smithy - Live In San Francisco
- voicebreak -
Meridian Brothers- La Tristeza Invitando A Salvadora - Salvadora Robot
Ojos De Brujo- Corre Lola feat Amaral - Corriente Vital 10 Aos
Jimi Tenor Kabu Kabu- Global Party - 4th Dimension
Terry Hall Mushtaq- This And That - The Hour Of Two Lights
Khun Narin- Lai Sing - Khun Narins Electric Phin Band
- voicebreak -
David Bowie- All Saints 2001 Remastered - All Saints
Eno Hyde- Time To Waste It - High Life
Eyvind Kang- Hakem - Alastor The Book Of Angels Vol 21
- voicebreak -
Fela Ransome Kuti- Water No Get Enemy - Expensive Shit He Miss Road Remastered
Various Artists Ros Sereysothea- Shave Your Beard - Dengue Fever Presents Electric Cambodia
Dom Thomas- Shes My Girl - Micellaneous Mutant Mishaps
I Cut People- Stephen Seagull - This Is Hollywood
Peyo Torres Y Sus Diablos Del Ritmo- La Veterana - Diablos Del Ritmo 19601985 The Colombian Melting Pot
- Hells Bells - Strange Interludes
Arthur Brogli- Hurry Springtime Has Come - Happy Yodeling
David Krakauer- La Vita E Bella - The Big Picture Featuring Krakauer
- voicebreak -
Lester Bowie- Ghosts - All The Magic The One And Only
Zebrina- Chant Of Ages - Hamidbar Medaber
Various Artists- Cumbia Vallera Mexican Dubwiser Dub Edit - Mexican Dubwiser V2
- No One Can Defeat - Molam Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol 2
Mr Scruff- What - Friendly Bacteria
The Bug- Fall feat Copeland - Angels Devils

playlist URL:
          10.08.17 21:00 Uhr - Nürnberg - Die Insel der besonderen Kinder        
Tickets erhältlich unter:

USA 2016, 127 Min, ab 12, Regie: Tim Burton

mit Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Samuel L. Jackson

Tim Burton, Meister des phantastischen Kinos, gelingt mit der Umsetzung des Bestsellers von Ransom Riggs abermals ein optisches Meisterwerk. In einer ganz eigenen Märchenwelt gelangt Jacob in eine Zeitschleife von 1943 und landet so im Institut von Miss Peregrine bzw. der Insel der besonderen Kinder, wo jeder, den er dort trifft, spezielle Gaben zu haben scheint. Auch wenn er sich seiner eigenen Fähigkeiten noch nicht bewusst ist, spielt er doch eine wichtige Rolle – muss er doch das Institut vor den Angriffen des Bösewichts Barron beschützen.
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 05-29-2014 with Rett Rogers        

Magic Sam- I Feel So Good I Wanna Boogie - West Side Soul
John Prine- Rocky Mountain Time - Diamonds In The Rough
Bob Dylan- To Ramona - Another Side Of Bob Dylan
The Velvet Underground- White LightWhite Heat - White LightWhite Heat 45th Anniversary Edition
The Standells- Black Hearted Woman - The Very Best Of The Standells
The Blues Magoos- Tobacco Road - Psychedelic Lollipop
Sister Nancy- Bam Bam - One Two
Fuzz- Earthen Gate - Fuzz
Witch- Black Saint - Witch
Fela Ransome Kuti- Water No Get Enemy - Expensive Shit He Miss Road Remastered
Irma Thomas- Time Is On My Side - Wish Someone Would Care
Ike Tina Turner- It Aint Right Lovin To Be Lovin 1994 Remastered - The Collected Recordings Sixties To Nineties
100 Proof- Everything Bad Is Good - 100 Proof
The Supremes- Sam Cooke Medley You Send Me I Love You For Sentimental Reasons Cupid Chain Gang Bring It On Home To Me Shake - At The Copa Expanded Edition
Helene Smith- Pain In My Heart - Eccentric Soul The Deep City Label
Natalie Tate- The Arrow - Given Day
Andrew Bird- Three White Horses - Hands Of Glory
Loretta Lynn- Van Lear Rose - Van Lear Rose
Townes Van Zandt- Lungs - Townes Van Zandt
Jacqueline Taieb- 7 Heures Du Matin - Femmes De Paris Vol 1
The Ronettes- I Wonder - Be My Baby The Very Best Of The Ronettes
Jacques Dutronc- On Nous Cache Tout On Nous Dit Rien - Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi
Arthur Brown- I Put A Spell On You - Chisholm In My Bosom
The Telescopes- The Perfect Needle - Altered Perception
Billie Holiday Lester Young- When Youre Smiling The Whole World Smiles With You - A Musical Romance
Lightnin Hopkins- Mojo Hand - The American Folk Blues Festival
Van Morrison- Sweet Thing - Astral Weeks
Bruce Springsteen- Born To Run - Born To Run
The Band- Atlantic City - Jericho
Exuma- You Dont Know Whats Going On - Exuma Vol 1 And 2
Cymande- Rickshaw - Cymande
The Budos Band- Unbroken Unshaven - The Budos Band III
Miriam Makeba- Pata Pata - Pata Pata
The Pazant Brothers- Skunk Juice - Best Of Super Funk
Tabu Ley Rochereau- Kelya - The Voice Of Lightness
Ike Turner The Kings Of Rhythm- Getting Nasty - A Black Mans Soul
Compilation- I Aint Particular - StaxVolt The Complete Singles 19591968
Chris Weisman- Winning Blues - Transparency
Neil Young- Ambulance Blues - On The Beach Remastered

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 02-05-2014 with Michael Buck        

Saint Rich- Crying From The Home - Beyond The Drone
- voicebreak -
Michael Franti Spearhead- Let It Go feat Ethan Tucker - Spark A Burning Man Story Day Night Music From Inspired By Film
Anglique Kidjo- Shango Wa - Eve
The Low Frequency In Stereo- Black Receiver - Pop Obskura
Tim Kasher- Life And Limbo - Adult Film
Jaune Toujours- Int Movers Of The Heart - Routes
Robert Pollard- I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You - Honey Locust Honky Tonk
Kurt Vile- Snowflakes Are Dancing - Wakin On A Pretty Daze
- voicebreak -
Damien Jurado- Magic Number - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
Los Sospechos- High Noon - Postales Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Gringo Star- In The Heat - Floating Out To See
Coke Weed- Buckets - Back To Soft
- Me And My Arrow - This Is The Town A Tribute To Nilsson Vol 1
Mike Doughty- Sleepless - Circles
- voicebreak -
Akron Family- Everyone Is Guilty - Set em Wild Set em Free
Courtney Barnett- History Eraser - The Double EP A Sea Of Split Peas
The Crystal Method- 110 To The 101 - The Crystal Method
Mogwai- Hexon Bogon - Rave Tapes
Fort Knox Five- The Brazilian Hipster - 10 Years Of Fort Knox Five Remixed
- Time To Say Goodbye Con Te Partir - Sweetheart 2014
- voicebreak -
Cibo Matto- Emerald Tuesday - Hotel Valentine
BEEdEEgEE- Like Rain Man feat Lizzi Bougatsos - SumOne
Bjork- New World - Selmasongs
Anna Von Hausswolff- Sova - Ceremony
Roberto Fonseca- Mi Negra Ave Mara - Yo
Linnea Olsson- Dinosaur - Ah
- voicebreak -
KiTheory- Foot Falls - Kitty Hawk
Juakali- Fittest Of The Fittest - Feathers Too Bright
RJD2- Suite 2 - More Is Than Isnt
DARKSIDE- Metatron - Psychic
- The Chauffeur - Arts Crafts X
Honey Dont- Heart Of Glass - Heart Like A Wheel
Au Revoir Simone- We Both Know - Move In Spectrums
- voicebreak -
Cate Le Bon- I Cant Help You - Mug Museum
Lindi Ortega- All These Cats - Tin Star
Barrence Whitfield And The Savages- Blackjack - Dig Thy Savage Soul
Wavves- Beat Me Up - Afraid Of Heights
The Claudettes- Do You See It Too - Infernal Piano PlotHATCHED
Son Lux- Ransom - Lanterns
The Sadies- Story 19 - Internal Sounds

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 09-13-2013 with 99 & Barry        

Marisa Monte David Byrne- Waters Of March - Red Hot Rio
The Mighty Diamonds- Let Jah Sun Shine - Reggae Anthology Pass The Knowledge
Don- Sunshine Day - Thai Beat A GoGo Vol 3
Guano Padano- One Man Bank - 2 feat Mike Patton
Mulatu Astatke- Metche Dershe When Am I Going To Reach There - thiopiques Vol 4 Ethio Jazz Musique Instrumentale 19691974
The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra- Nepolian Solo - The Benevolence Of Sister Mary Ignatius
- voicebreak -
Sainkho Namtchylak- Let The Sunshine - Stepmother City
Los Mustang- Please Please Me - Los Nuggetz 60s Punk Pop And Psychedelic From Latin America
- Anbafo - Live From Festival Au Desert 2012 Timbuktu
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Higher Ground - Higher Ground Remastered Single
Carla Kihlstedt- Flash Flood - 2 Foot Yard
Galactic- Dark Water - YaKaMay
Primus- Jerry Was A Race Car Driver - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
The Hot 8 Brass Band- Homies - Tombstone
- voicebreak -
Baka Forest People Of Southeast Cameroon- Water Drums 1 - Heart Of The Forest
- Trinidad Steel Drummers Cissy Strut - Steel Funk
Fanfara Tirana Transglobal Underground- Shtojzovalle - Kabatronics Bonus Track Version
Family Atlantica- Arena - Family Atlantica
Skip Die- Jungle Riot - Riots In The Jungle
Ceramic Dog- Mr Pants Goes To Hollywood - Your Turn
- voicebreak -
Elvis Costello The Roots- Wake Me Up - Wise Up Ghost Deluxe
Count Stocky The Upsetters- To Hell And Back - The Sound Doctor
Andre Williams The Sadies- America You Say A Change Is Gonna Come - Night Day
Jon Madof- Holy Brother - Zion80
- voicebreak -
Rabbit Rabbit- After The Storm - Rabbit Rabbit Radio Vol 1
Eugene Chadbourne- Storms Never Last - Longview
Deb Hyer- Bridge Over Troubled Water - One Man Band
Chico Buddy- You Wont Miss The Water - The Detroit Funk Vaults
Herbie Hancock- Rain Dance - Sextant
Fela Ransome Kuti- Water No Get Enemy - Expensive Shit He Miss Road Remastered
- voicebreak -
Pseudo Nippon- Universal Brotherhood Cops Say Ow - Colorama
Melt Yourself Down- Tuna - Melt Yourself Down
Darth Vegas- Things That Go Bump In The Night - Brainwashing For Dirty Minds
Solomon Socalled- Hiphopkele - Hiphopkhasene

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          Grupo de Hackers Shadow Brokers vão revelar novos “vírus” da NSA        
Na sexta-feira passada (12/05) foi detectado um ataque virtual global envolvendo o ransomware WannaCry, esse tipo de malware (vírus) criptografa os arquivos da vítima usando a criptografia assimétrica, onde é gerado uma chave publica e uma chave privada, a chave publica é capaz de criptografar os arquivos, mas apenas a chave privada é capaz de […]
          British Hospitals Among Targets Of Global Ransomware Attack        
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: Cyber extortion attacks spread across the world today. They hit organizations ranging from a telecom giant in Spain to the National Health Service in England. The attacks used ransomware, which demands payment before allowing users to access their own data again. NPR's Frank Langfitt begins our coverage from London. FRANK LANGFITT, BYLINE: The ransomware attack struck more than 30 facilities in England's vaunted National Health Service, or NHS, forcing some hospitals and clinics to shut down their computer systems to prevent the malware from spreading. Physicians had to return to working with pen and paper. Hospitals told patients not to come to emergency centers unless their condition was urgent. Malware typically gets into a computer when someone clicks on an infected attachment. Craig Williams, a cybersecurity specialist with Cisco Talos, the firm's threat intelligence unit, explains how ransomware generally operates from
          New Digital Exhibit: Katúah Journal        

Be sure to take a look at Special Collection's new digital exhibit: Katúah: Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians. Katúah is the name for the Cherokees’ homeland in the Western North Carolina mountains and adjacent region. The journal, published by volunteer editors between 1983-1993, promoted activism in the region from an holistic view to tackle social, environmental, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues, many of which are still relevant today.

For more details, see this Special Collections blog post. 

To browse individual journal issues now, go to the Browse Items page for the Katúah Journal collection.

This exhibit and digital collection is the result of a graduate internship agreement through ASU's Appalachian Studies program and Belk Library and Information Commons.
The project was a collaboration across three library teams and UNCA Special Collections:

  • W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection:  Fred Hay and Dustin Witsman
  • Digital Scholarship and Initiatives:  Pam Mitchem, Dea Rice, and Matt Ransom
  • Technology Services:  Scott Goldstein
  • UNCA Special Collections:  Gene Hyde
  • Graduate student and Project Leader:  Andrea Leonard

          Experts: Massive 'Petya' Attack Looks More Like State Cyber Warfare Than A Data Heist        
Following Tuesday's worldwide cyber attack, experts are questioning whether state-targeted digital disruption, rather than ransom, was the real goal.
          AAJ Podcast: Testing the Possibilities of the Screwtape-Ransom Speculative Universe (Brenton Dickieson)        
The C.S. Lewis Minute blog began back in late 2011 as a way for me to share my renewed interest in reading books by C.S. Lewis. This eventual lead to interviewing a variety of book authors and another place online to combine everything. now supersedes this blog, but because a lot of people are still following […]
          That Reminds Me of a Story...        

We caught fish.
More than that,
We made stories.

Stories that we’ve told over and over.
Stories that make us laugh with every telling.
Stories we will continue to tell, over and over,
As long as we’re here to tell them.
Stories that will keep you with us forever,
Now that you’re gone.

Some true.
Some with a kernel of truth.
Some we’ve made true in the telling.
It’s hard to remember which are which any more,
As if it really mattered.

We gathered together tonight and told them again.
Set aside the vises, the hooks and the feathers,
And, instead, tipped a glass or two.
Told the stories one more time.
Laughed with you as if you were here,
When, in truth, you were.
In the stories.

It may have started with fish,
But not a single tale tells of the catch.
They tell of falling overboard,
Of getting shit-faced,
Of putting our foot in our mouths at the worst of times.
They tell of broken rods, bent transoms, and anchors tossed overboard unattached.
Too many are poop or fart stories, I'm embarrassed to say.
Funny at six and at sixty. Boys will always be boys.
They make us laugh at our ourselves and we deserve it.
No one is spared,
For they are our stories,
Yours and ours.

Yes, we caught fish.
More than that,
Much more than that,
We made stories.

          Dr.Nikki Ransom-Alfred        
Master Certified Sex Expert Dr. Ransom-Alfred provide tip on how to keep the intimacy in your relationship sizzling. Follow The Sy Effect on Instagram: @IAMSY Follow Dr. Ransom-Alfred on Twitter: @DarlingDrNikki
          Download Antivirus SMADAV 2017 versi 11.4 || mencegah Virus RANSOMWARE atau WANNACRY        

Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.4 dirilis !!

 Lagi hangatnya pemberitaan tentang Virus RANSOMWARE atau WANNACRY. Beberapa hari ini Indonesia menjadi salah satu korban serangan cyber, beberapa rumah sakit di Jakarta diserang oleh ransomware yang bernama WannaCry atau dikenal juga sebagai WannaCrypt. Ransomware adalah virus komputer yang menginfeksi komputer melalui jaringan internet atau lokal, kemudian mengunci komputer beserta file-file yang ada di dalamnya hingga tidak dapat dibuka atau diakses.

seperti gambar diatas adalah tampilah serangan VIRUS WANNACRY yang mengunci file dokumen (encrypted files).

Wah, nggak terbayang yah Sahabat, jika file-file skripsi kamu mendadak tak bisa diakses. Mimpi buruk semua mahasiswa deh!  untuk menjaga agar datamu tetap aman dari serangan-serangan cyber dan kegagalan hardware yang bisa bikin kamu lebih galau dari diputusin pacar.

kini telah hadir versi RIlis terupdate dari Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.4 dirilis, dengan penambahan database di setiap versinya.

Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.4 :
+ Penambahan database 404 virus,
+ Peningkatan kemampuan Anti-Ransomware untuk pencegahan Ransomware (WannaCry 1 dan Wanna-Cry 2.0),
+ Penggunaan resource CPU lebih ringan saat proteksi aktif,
+ Perbaikan kesalahan program (bug) dan kesalahan deteksi.

Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.3.5 :
+ Penambahan database 1038 virus,
+ Peningkatan kecepatan scanning harddisk/USB Flashdisk,
+ Penambahan fitur pengaturan Anti-Ransomware untuk mencegah terinfeksi virus penyandera data,
+ Perbaikan pada tampilan dan bahasa Smadav 2017,
+ (11.3.5) Perbaikan kesalahan program (bug) dan kesalahan deteksi

Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.2 :
+ Desain tampilan baru Smadav 2017,
+ Penambahan database 1040 virus baru,
+ Penambahan mode cepat untuk scan otomatis USB Flashdisk lebih cepat,
+ Penambahan teknologi proteksi untuk mencegah Ransomware,
+ (Rev. 11.2) Penyempurnaan dan perbaikan fitur-fitur Smadav 2017.

Smadav 2016 Rev. 11.0.4 :
+ Penambahan database 220 virus baru,
+ Penambahan Fitur baru (USB Anti-Exe) untuk memblokir program tidak dikenal di USB Flashdisk,
+ Peningkatan proteksi untuk mencegah Ransomware khususnya Cerber3 dan Cerber4,
+ (Rev. 11.0.4) Startup lebih cepat dan perbaikan bug explorer,
+ dan penyempurnaan lainnya.

Smadav 2016 Rev. 10 :
+ Anti-Ransomware sebagai pencegahan untuk virus penyandera data (Cerber, Locky, Teslacrypt, dll.),
+ Penambahan fitur Scan Total untuk membersihkan yang virus belum dikenali,
+ Fitur otomatis mengembalikan file tersembunyi di flashdisk,
+ Penyempurnaan proteksi USB dan Browser,
+Support untuk Windows 10 (Smadav dapat digunakan di Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10),
+ dan banyak penyempurnaan lainnya.


Tittle : Smadav 2017 Rev 11.4
Filename : smadav2017 rev42.exe
File size : 1.5MB
Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / 2000 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Languages : Multiple languages
License : Freeware
Author : Smadav

1. Tipe Personal
     Nama :
     Key    : 081300146206

2. Tipe Warnet
     Nama :
     Key    : 771277146206

3. Tipe Perusahaan
     Nama :
     Key    : 991299146206

Agar anda bisa mengoperasikan Smadav dengan mudah, tentunya anda perlu untuk mengetahui berbagai macam tools yang bisa anda operasikan. Beberapa alat yang ada padanya diantaranya adalah One Virus by User. Apabila anda menemukan sebuah file yang dicurigai sebagai salah satu virus, maka anda bisa memasukkan file tersebut sebagai virus melalui fitur One Virus by User ini. Silahkan download aplikasi antivirus ini karena dengan menggunakan fitur ini Smadav kemudian akan mendeteksi secara otomatis dan langsung membersihkan PC tersebut pada komputer anda. Selain dari fitur tersebut ada juga Proccer Manager, Dengan menggunakan fitur ini anda bisa melihat berbagai proses yang sedang berjalanpada Windows. Untuk fungsi ini mungkin tidak jauh berbeda dengan Task Manager yang bisa digunakan untuk memonitor seluruh kegiatan atau aktivitas yang sedang berjalan. Tidak cuma itu saja, masih ada juga sistem editor yang bisa digunakan untuk mengubah dan melakukan konfogurasi sistem. Adapun yang terakhir adalah Win force, dan ia merupakan sebuah fitur yang sangat sederhana yang mengharuskan untuk menjalankan sebuah fungsi windows task manager, registry editor, system configuration utility dan command prompt. 

Karakteristik Rasomware WannaCry

Berikut link yang dapat Anda tuju untuk mengetahui identitas Ransomware WannaCry:

          Japanese convenience store demands ransom from owner of car parked illegally in its lot        
The owner of one branch of the Mini Stop convenience store chain has had it with non-customers parking in his store's parking lot. (
          WannaCry uno de los ataques de ransomware más masivos        
El día de ayer gran parte del mundo se vio afectado por WannaCry, un ransomware que además de cifrar los archivos de sus víctimas y pedir el clásico rescate con Bitcoins, se propagaba por las redes locales utilizando un gusano que aprovechaba una vulnerabilidad crítica de Windows conocida como MS17-010. Es decir que si una […]
          Japanese Teen Will Never Forgive Her Parents For Not Paying The Ransom Uncensored        
Watch Japanese Teen Will Never Forgive Her Parents For Not Paying The Ransom Uncensored on - free hardcore porn videos and amateur sex tapes.
          Sardar - Back On Demand        
A sardar on an interview for the post of detective was asked a question -

Interviewer - Who killed Gandhiji ?

Sardar- Thanks for giving me the job, I will investigate.


Sardarji, tell me ...., what is the meaning of SMS ?

Sardar angrily said, i know -

it means....

S - Sardaron ke

M - Mazak udane ki

S - Service


Shopkeeper: "ISke Saath koi gift nahin hai bhaisaab"

Sard : "Oye ispe likha hai CHOLESTROL FREE!!"








Sardarjee to Sunita: "I want to marry you"
Sunita: "But I am one year elder than you."
Sardarjee: "No Problem, then I will marry you next year."


Two Sardars went into a pub and after ordering two
drinks took some sandwiches out of their pockets and started to eat them.
"You can't eat your own sandwiches in here," complained the pub-owner.
So the two sardars exchanged their sandwiches.


Once a Sardarji was going to his office.
On the way he slipped on a banana peel and was badly hurt.
Next day , he noticed two banana peels and
exclaimed" ari , aaj to choice hai"!!!!!!


American says "US mein shaadi E-mail se hoti hai.."
Sardarji " India mein to.. shaadi Fe-mail se hi hoti


Dr Chopra psychotherapist wanted 'Sign board' to be
pained in front of his clinic but our Sardar painter
painted "Dr Chorpa Psycho The Rapist"


What is the difference between WATCH & WIFE .........

Ek bigadti hai to bandh ho jati hai......

Doosari bigadati hai to "SHUROO' ho jati hai


Doctor to Sardaar : App ka aur aapki biwi ka blood group ek hi hai?

Sardaar : Hoga, Jarur hoga; 25 saal sey mera khoon jo pee rahi hai....


A two seater plane crashed in a graveyard ........

Local sardars have so far found 500 bodies and are still..... digging for more.


Sardar found answer to most difficult question ever

What comes first - the chicken or the egg ?


A sardar invested 2 Lakhs in a business and Suffered
huge Loss.
Do u know what the business was?
. . . .. . . . . . . . He opened a Saloon in Punjab!.


A sardharji photographer focusing a dead body's face
in a funeral > function, suddenly all relatives beat
him why?


Srdr gets ready ,wears tie, coat ,goes out, climbs
tree, sits on the
branch regularly. A man asks why he does this.
Srdr:"I've been promoted as branch manager."


Sardarji standing below a tube light with a open

because his doctor advised him "Todays dinner should
be light".




One sardarji professor asked a plumber to come to
his college.

U knw Why?

Because he wanted to check where the question paper is


Sardar told his servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: It's already raining.
Sardar: So what take an umbrella and go.


Sardar comes back 2 his car & finds a note saying "Parking Fine"

He writes a note and sticks it 2 pole "Thanks 4 d complement"

------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

How do you recognize a Sardar in School?

He is the one who erases the notes from the book when the teacher erases the board.

------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

once a Sardhar was walking and had a glove on one hand and not on other so the man asked him why did he do so. He Replied that the weather forecast announced that on one hand it would be cold and on the other hand it would be hot.


Sardarji praising his son who is a Civil engineer, who just laid a road near his house. "Wow! This is terrific! Look at the job he has done! The distance from my house to the railway station is the same as the railway station to my house!!!!!!!!"


Sardarji zebra crossing ke black & white patte par bar bar idhar-udhar chalte the, woh kya rahe honge....think.............



What is the chemical formula 4 water? Sardar: HIJKLMNO.

Teacher: what r u talking about?

Sardar: Yesterday u said H to O.


Sardarji is trying to commit suicide on the railway tracks and he takes along some wine and chicken with him. Somebody stops him and asks "kyon bhai, ye sab kyon leke baithe ho?" (Why do you take these things with you?). Sardarji replies "Saali train late aati hai kahin bhook se na marjaun" (If the stupid train comes late, I will die of hunger!


Sardar ji Aapko logo ne kyun mara ? Sardar " yaar Meri Photo Bas main Gir Gayi To Maine Madam Se Kaha Zara Sadi Upar Karo Photo Lena Hai"


Ek sardar Indian Flag lene shop mein gaya tha. Shopwale ne usse flag diya. Sardar bola: Isme aur colour dikhao!!!


Ek american ek sardar se kaha hamare yahan saadi e-mail se bhi hoti hai isper sardar bola kamal hai hamare yahan to sirf female se hoti hai


A Sardar went 2 hotel, ordered chiken, Waiter comes with the order, Surdar:Murgey di taang kithe hai? Waiter:Woh langra tha.

Surdar: Dil? Waiter:Dil murgi le gayee. Surdar: Dimaag? Waiter: Murga SARDAR tha


SARDAR:: Beta ye kaisi machis lay kar aaye ho ek bhi nahi jal rahi
SON :: kya baat kartay ho pappa sub check kar kay laya hoooon


This sardarji goes to see Jurassic Park and when the Dinosaurs start
approaching, he was hiding under his seat when his friend asks him ;kyon
sardarji, kya baat hai? Dar kyon lag raha hai cinema hi to hai.; Sardarji
replies ;Aadmi hoon aur akkal hai, pata hai ki cinema hai, lekin voh to
janwar hai, usko kya pata"


Sardar ji is buying a TV
"Do you have color TVs?"
"Give me a green one, please."


Sardar ji is filling up a job application
He promptly fills in the lines on NAME, AGE, ADDRESS, etc.
Then came the column SALARY EXPECTED
After much thought he writes: Yes


What does Sardarji do after taking photocopies?
He compares it with the original for spelling mistakes.


What does Sardarji do when he has one white sheet and wants an extra
He makes a photocopy of the white sheet.


What do you do when a Sardar throws a hand grenade at you? Pull the pin and throw it back.


How do you make a Sardar laugh on Saturday? Tell him a joke on Wednesday.


One day evening a Sardarji starts from office to home with pushing his scooter manually. He met his friend on the way...

Friend: why are you pushing your scooter manually? Sardarji: 'I forgot to bring the scooter key from my home. Friend: 'Is it!

Then, How did you come to office from home in the morning?' Sardarji: 'I was pushing my scooter from home to office also in the morning.


How Does a Sardar Cheat the Railways?? He buys the ticket but doesn't travel !!!!!!!!


BEPPO SINGH QUEUING BEHIND HIS FRIEND AT AN ATM MACHINE. Friend: What are you looking at? Beppo Singh: I know your PIN no., hee, hee. Friend: Alright, what is my PIN no. if you saw it? Beppo Singh: four asterisks!


Sardar sent a SMS to his pregnant wife. Two seconds later a report came to his phone and he started dancing. The report said, "DELIVERED".


Two Sardarjis, both student of I.I.T, Kanpur, were talking about the American Astronauts.

One said to the other, "What's the big deal about going to the moon-anybody can go to the moon. We are sardars we will go direct to the sun."

"But if we get within 13 million miles from the sun, we'll melt."

And the first answered, "So what, we'll go at night."


One Sardar read a board "likhney wala briliant.....parhney wala idiot.." Sardar becomes engry, he rub the board and writes, "parhney wala briliant, likhney wala idiot...."


Sardarji goes to a hotel and eats heartily. After eating he goes to wash his hands but starts washing the basin instead. The manager comes running and asks him, "Prahji, aap kya kar rahe ho?" To this the man replies, "Oye, tumne hi to idhar board lagaya hai "Wash Basin".


What did the Sardar say when she saw the sign in front of the YMCA?
"Look! They spelled MACY'S wrong!"


What do you call an eternity?
Four Sardars in four cars at a four way stop.


Why do Sardars have TGIF written on their shoes?
Toes Go In First.


What do SMART Sardars and UFO's have in common?
You always hear about them but never see them.


Why did the Sardars stare at the can of frozen orange juice?
Because it said concentrate.
Oh look, Daddy...Donut seeds.


Why do Sardars always smile during lightning storms?
They think their picture is being taken.


How can you tell when a Sardars sends you a fax?
It has a stamp on it.


Why can't Sardars dial 911?
They can't find the 11 on the phone!


This sardarji goes to see Jurassic Park and when the Dinosaurs start approaching, he was hiding under his seat when his friend asks him ;kyon sardarji, kya baat hai? Dar kyon lag raha hai cinema hi to hai.; Sardarji replies ;Aadmi hoon aur akkal hai, pata hai ki cinema hai, lekin voh to janwar hai, usko kya pata"


A jet ran in to some turbulent weather. To keep passengers calm, the air hostess brought out the beverage carts."I'd like a soda " said the passenger in the front row. Moving along, the air hostess asked the man behind her if he would like something."Yes I would," he replied. "Give me whatever the pilot is drinking!".


"I'm going on vacation . Could you suggest a thrilling crime story ?" Santa asks to Banta. "Here this one is so suspenseful you won't be able to put it down" replies Banta. "only on the last page do you find out that the gardener did it".


Santa meets Banta
Santa: "so have you moved to a new house"
Banta: "No."
Santa: "Why not? You advertised to sell your old house, didn't you?"
Banta: "Yes, but when I read the ad, I realized it was just the home I was looking for!".


Do you really sell that much salt? A man asks to a Sardar who is running a grocery shop stocked with thousands of boxes of salt.
"No " says the Sardar. "I sell may be two boxes a month. To tell you the truth, I'm not a good salt seller. But the one who sell me salt-now he's a good salt seller."


One day Sardar happened to see a marathon race.
"What the guys are doing" asked the sardar.
" We are running a marathon. The winner will get prize" replied one runner.
"Only the winner will get prize! Then why others are participating!!" Exclaimed the Sardar


One day a sardarji was sitting in his office on the
thirteenth floor building when a man came running in
to his office and shouted "Santa Singh your daughter
Preeto just died in an accident" Sardarji was in
panic.Not knowing what to do he jumped from his office
window. While coming down when he was near the tenth
floor he remembered he didn't have a daughter named
Preeto. When he was near the fifth floor he remembered
he was not married.When he was about to hit the ground
he remembered he was not Santa Singh.


A sardar walked up to the front desk of the library
and said, "I borrowed a book last week, but it was the
most boring I've ever read. There was no story
whatsoever, and there were far too many characters!"
The librarian replied, "Oh, you must be the person who
took our phone book."


A sardar was walking along, when he looked up to
observe a bird flying overhead. Suddenly, the bird
dropped a load when it was directly over him. The
Sardar says, "Good thing that cows don't fly."


Did you hear about the sardar who asked his friends to
give him all their burnt out light bulbs? He just
bought a camera and wanted to set up a Darkroom.


One Sardar was enjoying Sun on a Beach in UK.A lady
came and asked him, " Are you relaxing" Sardar
answered '" No I am Banta Singh" Another Guy Came and
asked! ! ! ! the same Question. Sardar answered " No No Me
! Banta Singh" Third one came and asked the same
question Sardar was totally annoyed and decided to
shift his place. While walking he saw another Sardar
enjoying the Beach. He went and asked him " Are you
Relaxing?" The other Sardar was much educated and
answered "Yes I am relaxing. The Sardar slapped him on
his face and said "Idiot, Sab tere Ko wahahn dhoond
rahe hai aur tu Yahaan Aaram Kar raha hai. "


A call from ladies hostel at night to electricity office
" we lost the power send your men"
" No Man here, Use Candles"


Then there was the 85 year old woman who found her husband in bed with another woman. She was so enraged that she dragged him to the balcony of their high-rise apartment and pushed him to his death.When she appeared in court, the judge asked if she had anything to say in her own defence."Well Your Honour," she replied, "I figured if at 92 he he could make love, he could fly too."


Banat singh was working in a studio as a photographer. One day he went to a function to take some snaps. While filling the film roll in to the camera it dropped down rolled beneath to the saree of an woman. Sardar hesitated for a moment and approached the woman and said "Could you please lift up the saree so that I can take the photo"


There is a group of 7 Sardars who plan to meet their old friend the
President Dr. Zail Singh The Sardars decide to take a taxi. The taxi driver takes them to Rashtrapati Bhavan. The meter shows Rs. 28/-, so the taxi driver says, "You have to pay me
28/-." Now, the Sardars have to share the cost among themselves and so they
to divide the total (Rs. 28/-) by the number of people, i.e . 7.
This is how they do the calculation to arrive at the answer:
7 | 28 = 13 ( 7 x 1 = 7, 7 x 3 = 21 ).
-- The driver is exceedingly happy upon receiving Rs. 13/- from each of
Sardars. He thanks them profusely and the feeling of happiness is
on his face as he leaves them and proceeds his way. Seeing this, the Sardars feel that they may have made a mistake. They decide to ask Zail Singh about it. After all, the fellow was the
President of the nation! They ask Zail Singh to check their calculation of the taxi fare. Zail Singh ponders over the calculations and finally says, "See, I am
good at division. The process just boggles me but addition is something
I am
an expert at. Let us add all the amounts you guys gave to the taxi
and check the result. This is how I do for those tax forms I get very
often. The process is slow but is sure." The other sardars nod their
(?) in appreciation. The President writes as shown below and also explains as he writes on:
i.e. 3+3+3+3+3+3+ 3= 21 and 21+1+1+1+1+1+ 1+1=28 so this checks out. He then says, "Yes, it's correct. But I can also call my close friend
Finance man Banta Singh. Banta Singh arrives, and when told of the problem, he replies that
doesn't think it is a bad deal but says, "No problem! I will verify it
mathematical computation. I'll verify it with multiplication. That
best technique for this, you see!" While others watch in admiration, Banta Singh goes on to write as
--- (7*3=21 ,7*1=7 so 21+7=28)
+ 7
28 This checks out as well.
Then he says, "This is really fine. There should be no problem,
Sahab. After all, it is correct in all the methods."


Our sardarji was filling up an application form for a job. He promptly filled the columns titled NAME,AGE,ADDRESS etc. Then he the column SEX. He was not sure as to what to be filled there. After much thought he wrote THRICE A WEEK. On seeing this in his appln. form, he was told that it was wrong and what they wanted it to be filled was either MALE or FEMALE. Again our sardar thought for a long time before coming up with the answer PREFERABLY FEMALES.


Sardar Garbhajan singh went for his usual morning walk. At one junction he found a crowd. One man holding a syringe on one hand and the famous actress on the other hand. He threatens to inject the liquid which contain AIDS virus in to her body unless he is given a ransom of 10 corers of Rupees . Police men are helplessly watching. At this moment Garbachen rushed to the man and has a fight, he dropped the syringe, Police men arrested him. On the next day a ceremony is conducted to reward Garbachen. The chief guest CM of punjab while giving away the reward asked to the Garbachen " We are proud of you How did you show that much of courage even if you are aware of AIDS ?" Garbachen said "Sir I always wear a condom to avoid AIDS"


One man went to consult as he is very thin and doesn't grow well after having enough food, after diagnosis doctor said there is a worm inside his stomach it eats everything you eat and the man asked for the treatment. Doctor prescribed the treatment "From tomorrow onwards when you come to see myself come with a banana and an apple". The net day he came with a banana and an apple. Doctor told him to eat the banana and insert the apple through his back hole. After one month treatment there is no change except size of the back hole increased so that the apple can be thrown through the hole freely. He told the doctor " Doctor there is no change in my physical condition after one month of treatment " Doctor told him "when you come tomorrow come with a banana and a hammer instead of apple". The next day he came with banana and the hammer. Doctor let the man to eat the banana first and wait for a five minutes while the worm come out from his stomach and told the ill fated patient "You idiot trying to change my diet , where is my apple??" At the very moment the doctor thrashed the worm with the hammer and the insect dead.


This sardarji goes to see Jurassic Park and when the Dinosaurs start approaching, he was hiding under his seat when his friend asks him ;kyon sardarji, kya baat hai? Dar kyon lag raha hai cinema hi to hai.; Sardarji replies ;Aadmi hoon aur akkal hai, pata hai ki cinema hai, lekin voh to janwar hai, usko kya pata"


There's a funeral procession of a sardar going on a busy street. All the sardars in the 'mayyat' are dancing the bhangra and singing and general 'balle balle' is on. The people on the street find it strange that instead of mourning everyone is
celebrating as if its marriage baraat. So one of them asks Santa Singh, ;Singh Saab, aapka koi sage wala gujar gaya hai aur aap naach rahe ho?; .....comes the reply, ;Haan ji! Hai hi baat badi kushi ki!!! Aaj paheli baar ek sardar brain tumour se mara hai!!!;


Santa and Banta went to US They have stayed a five star hotel. Santa don't know how to use the European closet he dropped everything in a packet and placed it on one of the leaves of the fan. Banta came and switch on the fan and everything spread on the wall When the room boy came Santa gave a 10 dollars and told him to wash it off . But the Room boy gazed at it for a five minutes and taken a 25 dollars from the pocket and told to Santa "I will give you this 25 dollars if you say how did u do it so beautifully".


Garbachan singh was travelling from Calcutta to Bombay by a plane, There were one American, one Russian, one Pakistani and some other passengers. Suddenly something went wrong pilot alarmed that plane lost it's control and some of the passengers have to jump out to rescue the rest of them. Firstly the American jumped out saying "Jai America" again the condition didn't change then the Russian jumped out from the plane saying "Jai Russia". But the condition still the same. The next is Garbachen's turn he hesitated for a moment and pulled out the Pakistani by saying "Jai India".


A jet ran in to some turbulent weather. To keep passengers calm, the air hostess brought out the beverage carts.
"I'd like a soda " said the passenger in the front row. Moving along, the air hostess asked the man behind her if he would like something.
"Yes I would," he replied. "Give me whatever the pilot is drinking!".


"I'm going on vacation . Could you suggest a thrilling crime story ?" Santa asks to Banta. "Here this one is so suspenseful you won't be able to put it down" replies Banta. "only on the last page do you find out that the gardener did it".


Santa meets Banta
Santa: "so have you moved to a new house"
Banta: "No."
Santa: "Why not? You advertised to sell your old house, didn't you?"
Banta: "Yes, but when I read the ad, I realized it was just the home I was looking for!".


One day Sardar happened to see a marathon race.
"What the guys are doing" asked the sardar.
" We are running a marathon. The winner will get prize" replied one runner.
"Only the winner will get prize! Then why others are participating!!" Exclaimed the Sardar


While at the college Sardar happened to watch the notice board.
It reads: Invites suggestions for the modification of Ladies Room.
Sardar writes under Let the men Permit to Enter


Once, a Hindu, a Sardar and an American were travelling in an aeroplane. Suddenly, something went wrong and the engines stalled. They had no parachutes with them. So all the three of them decided to risk their lives and jump out of their planes. First, the Sardar jumped out. He removed his turban, used it as a parachute and jumped. Using the turban he slowly floated down. Then the Hindu removed his dhoti and jumped out. Again his dhoti acted as a parachute and he also floated down gently. Seeing this, the American removed his shirt and pant and jumped out. Unfortunately, they did not do well as a parachute and he began to fall rapidly from the plane to the ground. He passed by the Hindu who said - " May Bhagwan help you". Then he passed the Sardar. The Sardar looked at the American zooming past him and was puzzled. So he said - "I see! You want a race! Let us see who is faster" Saying so, he let go of his turban.


When Gavaskar finds out that there has been released, a movie, in Australia called "Gavaskar", he is very happy. He plans to watch it and gets a ticket for Australia at once. With great difficulty he manages to get a ticket and very happily he goes to see the movie. But when he comes out of the cinema he is very angry! He goes straight to the director of the movie and says, "What do you mean by this? You named your movie 'Gavaskar', but didnt show anything about me in it!". The director of the movie laughs and says, "So now you understand the problem? You people too made a movie called 'Border', but did you show anything about Allan Border in it?"


A Punjabi Sardar and a Bengali Babu were talking about their State's patriotic history during the freedom struggle. The debate heated up and both ended up claiming that their state had the maximum number of freedom fighters. They finally agreed on a method to find which of the states had more freedom fighters. Each person would say the name of a freedom fighter from his state and pull one hair out of his opponents head. Both of them began earnestly. "Bhagat Singh" said the Sardar and pulled one hair from the Bengali. "Netaji" said the Bengali and did the same. They continued like this for some time, but soon exhausted all known freedom fighters. The Bengali, however, was very clever. He used Sardar's ignorance and reeled off a lot of imaginary names. The Punjabi was stuck. He did not know any more Punjabi freedom fighter's name. He thought deeply for
a moment, jumped on the Bengali's head and pulled all his hair out shouting - "JallianWala Bagh".


Sardarji is trying to commit suicide on the railway tracks and he takes along some wine and chicken with him. Somebody stops him and asks "kyon bhai, ye sab kyon leke baithe ho?" (Why do you take these things with you?). Sardarji replies "Saali train late aati hai kahin bhook se na marjaun" (If the stupid train comes late, I will die of hunger!)


Banta Singh finished his English exam and came out. His friends asked him how did he do his exam, for that he replied ; Exam was okay, but for the past tense of THINK, I thought, and thought, and thought ... and at last I wrote THUNK !!!;


sardarji is walking the other day and comes across a banana peel on the road. Can you guess what he might be thinking?? Saala aaj bhi girna padega!!!


Banta Singh dialed to talk to his dear pal Santa Singh "Is that 6545224?." asked Banta Singh. "No this is 6545225." came the reply. After thinking for few seconds Banta Singh replied "No matter, please call Mr. Santa Singh from next door


An Englishman, an American and a Sardarji are called upon to test a lie detector .The Englishman says: "I think I can empty 20 bottles of beer".
BUZZZZZZ, goes the lie detector.
"Ok", he says, "10 bottles".
And the machine is silent.
The American says: "I think I can eat 15 hamburgers".
BUZZZZZZ, goes the lie detector.
"All right, 8 hamburgers".
And the machine's silent.
The Sardarji says: "I think...", BUZZZZZZ goes the machine.


Santa and Banta work in a software company. One day, they were to move their m/cs to another building. Santa was having a tough time carrying his machine.
Santa : "My m/c has 500 MB disk.
See how easily I am carrying it. Yours has just 250 MB.
Can't you carry even this much?"
Banta : "But yours is empty and my disk is full"!!!


Once Santa Singh was riding a cycle and he suddenly hit a girl!
So girl shouted, 'Sala ghanti nahi maar sakta tha!!!'
And sardarji replied, 'Poori cycle to maar di ab ghanti alag se


The Titanic is going to be drowned.... Everybody in the ship is
crying, running or praying to God...
Just then an Italian asks the nearby Sardarji in the ship.
Italian : How far is land, from here ?
Sardarji : Two miles ..
Italian : Only two miles, Then why are these fools making noise. I have
got the experience of swimming even more. The Italian jumps off the ship
into the sea and comes up to the layer to ask something again.
Italian : Just tell me which side, is land two miles from here?
Sardarji : Downwards......


Once a sardar was looking at a WANTED poster & was wondering -

Saala wanted tha to photo kheenchne ke baad use jaane kyon diya ?


Sardar car ki battery change karwane gaya ...

Mechanic - Sahab, Exide ki daal doon ?

Sardar - Nahin yaar, dono side ki daal de, warna phir problem hogi.


A Bihari was waiting for his bus at the bus stop. Finally the bus arrives and he gets in. The bus is fully loaded with sardarjis. One sardarji orders Bihari to tell a joke. Now, the Bihari thinks he's in big trouble because he knows only sardar
jokes! After thinking for some time he decides to substitute all references to 'sardars' in his joke with 'Biharis'. He starts the jokes with, "There was once a Bihari..." And suddenly he gets a major blow on his back from one of the sardarjis who shouts, "Kyon be! Sab sardar mar gaye hai kya?"


Two sardarjis were sitting outside a clinic. One of them was crying like anything. So the other asked,"Why are you crying?"

The first one replied, "I came here for blood test" Second one asked," So? Are you afraid?" First one replied,"No, not that.

During the blood test they cut my finger" Hearing this the second one started crying. The first one was astonished and asked other, "Why are you crying?" The other replied, "I have come for my urine test."

          Categories of Vocabularies        
1.    Title of incident/type of incident
Assault/Assassination/Attack/Vandalize/Murder/Property / persecution / Damage/Kidnapping/Demonstration/Slanghter/Homicide/Persection/Harrashment/Intimidation/
Threat/Stalking/Mugging/Extortion/Blackmail/Torture/Mob Justice/Beating/Domestic Violation(HRV)/Robbery/Suicide/Burglary / break in/Theft/Road Accident/Genocide/Massacre Arson/Assault/Blackmail/Fraud/Hijacking/Hooliganism /Mugging
2.    Body structure/looks of suspects.
Heavily built/slim/lean/medium built /muscular built/(slender- willowy- meager) (robust/ /stout/strapping /chunky / stocky /  burly /bold / brawny/ sturdy) ( lanky – leggy - tall and thin) (cocky / overconfident ) shaved head/curly hair/skinny/bony/bald head
3.    Dress of suspects
Camouflage/sneaker/bandana/Turban/ emblem/Denim jean/ Trainer/sleeve-less shirt/ belt/scarf
Underpants/undershirt/ hooded sweat shirt / black track pants/ track suit/
4.    Kind of fire arms and non fire arms
Machetes /AK-47/mouser rifle/Glock17 /revolver/club/ base ball bat/Browning pistol/knife/Astra pistol/Assault rifle/Smith & Wesson-semi automatic pistol / Compact Assault Rifle /
Automatic Shotgun - 12 gauge / Semi-Auto Carbine / Walther pistol/Beretta pistol/Chinese pistol/

5.    Color types
( Tan/ brown) - Gray - Blue/ navy – Purple – (green/ emerald/ jade/ olive/ lime/ sea green/ bottle green) – (White/ colorless/ pallid/ sallow/ ashen) – Black (Yellow/ fair-haired/ blond /pale/ golden-haired/ blonde / flaxen
(Maroon/ burgundy/ reddish purple/ claret /dark red/ wine-colored)

6.    Action words
Swerve/plant/grab/clutch/punch /stab /strangulate/apprehend – detain / stun /disperse – scatter / dispatch/veer/fell/drown/beat/tie/bind/struck/point/assault/torture/vandalize/abduct/apprehand/arrest/offend/attack/charge/accuse/convict/ arrest/ban/break in/break into/ break the law/burgle/charge/commit a crime/escape/get away/hold up/investigate/rob/steal/veer-turn/
7.    Types of vehicles
Volkswagen/Mercedes/sedan/lada/ land rover/Tata jeep/mini bus/truck/( TL/SD/TB/TY)/Honda civic/Honda Crv/Honda City/Honda Pilot/Honda Hrv/Honda Accord/Honda Fit/Land Rover/
Mercedes-Benz/Mitsubishi/Nissan/Suzuki /Toyota Corolla /Toyota Hilux/ Alfa Romeo / FIAT/ BMW /Hyundai/Ford/
8.    Type of ethnicity
Muslim/Serbian/Albanian/Croat/Bosnian/Kosovar Albanians /Kosovar Serbs/Gorani/Turks/Macedonian/Romanian/orthodox Serb/Timorese/  Morle

9.    Complexion
Caucasian/black/white/fair/dark/ mulattos and whites
10.    Mark/scar/tattoo
  Scar/ blemish/ disfigurement/ wound/ scratch /mark/ pockmark/ stain /spot /blotch/ nick/notch
11.    Position of human/objects
supine/prawn/upside town/downside up/inside out/outside in/squatting - hunkering down/crouching-stoop/kneeling/lying/hanging/
12.    Criminals
ef/vandal/ offender / assailant/ perpetrator/assailant/miscreant / thugs /intruder/suspect/accused/convict/maniac/
13.    fugitive- renegade-escapee/ deserter-escapee/bandit/ fraudster/
14.    part of body
temple/ abdomen/chin/chick/waist /Ankle/foot/skull/tibia /tummy- stomach //wrist/forehead/
15.    injuries
Wound/ hurt/ lesion / abrasion/ cut/ wound/ gash/ sore/ laceration/ scratch/ Abrasion/Bruising/Burns
Cluster Headaches/Concussions/Congestive Heart Failure/Coronary Artery Disease/Dislocation
Flail Chest/Fracture/ Crush Injury/ Dislocation/Flail Chest/Fracture/Head Trauma/Hypothermia/Lacerations/Pinched Nerve/ Rib Fracture/ Spinal Cord Injury/ Traumatic Brain / massive Trauma / hemorrhage / Injury

16.    kinds of drugs
Marijuana / Cannabis/Cocaine/Heroin/Ecstasy/Ketamine/LSD Index/Mushrooms/Drug Types

17.    Justice System
Appeal – request /barrister/caution/Cell/Community service/Court/court case/death penalty/defense/fine/goal-jail/guilty/imprisonment/innocent/judge/jury/justice/lawyer/offence/
Sentence/prison/probation-trial/prosecution/punishment/capital punishment – death penalty/corporal punishment – long term prison/remand home/solicitor/trial/verdict/witness

18.    Extra
Compensation/ ransom/bail/parole/ escape/at large/ abscond/flee/ Hostile/aggressive/
( fugitive-escapee)

          Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #1) by Ransom Riggs        

A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of curious photographs.
A horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.
A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography.

I put off reading this book because I thought it would be terrifying.

In Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Jacob's grandfather used to tell him stories of his childhood and the scary creatures he fought against. Jacob and his parents didn't really believe him until things happen that suggest that maybe his grandfather was right. Jacob decides to journey to a place that meant a lot to his grandfather in the hopes that he might find something there that can shed light on his grandfather's stories.

While the pictures were as creepy as I thought they would be, the story itself wasn't as scary as I anticipated. I was expecting ghosts or something, but the truth behind Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is more cool than frightening.

The kids that Jacob meets are actually quite interesting, and while there are some that are a little nuts, for the most part, they're actually more human than you'd expect.

The enemies in the story are definitely dangerous, but again, I wasn't really scared. Mostly, when I read the description, I kept imagining the villain from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

I really liked the premise of the book. The use of existing creepy photographs made me think of writing prompts, which I thought was nice and I kinda wish I'd thought of it. As for the existence of the Home for Peculiar Children and how it all works, the basic concepts and basis of the whole story was pretty solid. It just got a little odd and sort of forced when the villain was explaining their motives.


  1. The pictures are creepy.
  2. The mystery behind the Home for Peculiar Children is a good one.
  3. The children and their powers are cool, in a freak show kind of way. 


  1. Things got a little complicated at one point. 

I didn’t know what to call it, what was happening between us, but I liked it. It felt silly and fragile and good. 

  1. You find old photos fascinating.
  2. You like stories that are a little creepy, but not too creepy.
  3. You like time travel stories. 




          Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 28th, 2017s        

Hey, it's HighScalability time:


Jackson Pollock painting? Cortical column? Nope, it's a 2 trillion particle cosmological simulation using 4000+ GPUs. (paper, Joachim Stadel, UZH)

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  • 1.8x: faster code on iPad MacBook Pro; 1 billion: WhatsApp daily active users; 100 milliamps: heart stopping current; $25m: surprisingly low take from ransomware; 2,700x: improvement in throughput with TCP BBR; 620: Uber locations; $35.5 billion: Facebook's cash hoard; 2 billion: Facebook monthly active users; #1: Apple is the world's most profitable [legal] company; 500,000x: return on destroying an arms depot with a drone; 

  • Quotable Quotes:
    • Alasdair Allan: Jeff Bezos’ statement that “there’s not that much interesting about CubeSats” may well turn out to be the twenty first century’s “nobody needs more than 640kb.”
    • @hardmaru: Decoding the Enigma with RNNs. They trained a LSTM with 3000 hidden units to decode ciphertext with 96%+ accuracy. 
    • @tj_waldorf: Morningstar achieved 97% cost reduction by moving to AWS. #AWSSummit Chicago
    • Ed Sperling: Moore’s Law is alive and well, but it is no longer the only approach. And depending on the market or slice of a market, it may no longer be the best approach.
    • @asymco: With the end of Shuffle and Nano iPods Apple now sells only Unix-enabled products. Amazing how far that Bell Labs invention has come.
    • @peteskomoroch: 2017: RAM is the new Hadoop
    • Carlo Pescio: What if focusing on the problem domain, while still understanding the machine that will execute your code, could improve maintainability and collaterally speed up execution by a factor of over 100x compared to popular hipster code?
    • @stevesi: Something ppl forget: moving products to cloud, margins go down due to costs to operate scale services—costs move from Customer to vendor.
    • @brianalvey: The most popular software for writing fiction isn't Word. It's Excel.
    • @pczarkowski: How to make a monolithic app cloud native: 1) run it in a docker 2) change the url from .com to .io
    • @tj_waldorf: Morningstar achieved 97% cost reduction by moving to AWS. #AWSSummit Chicago
    • drinkzima: There is a huge general misunderstanding in the profitability of directing hotel bookings vs flight bookings or other types of travel consumables. Rate parity and high commission rates mean that directing hotel rooms is hugely profitable and Expedia (, trivago, expedia) and Priceline ( operate as a duopoly in most markets. They are both marketing machines that turn brand + paid traffic into highly profitable room nights.
    • Animats: This is a classic problem with AI researchers. Somebody gets a good result, and then they start thinking strong human-level AI is right around the corner. AI went through this with search, planning, the General Problem Solver, perceptrons, the first generation of neural networks, and expert systems. Then came the "AI winter", late 1980s to early 2000s, when almost all the AI startups went bust. We're seeing some of it again in the machine learning / deep neural net era.
    • Charity Majors: So no, ops isn't going anywhere. It just doesn't look like it used to. Soon it might even look like a software engineer.
    • @mthenw: As long as I need to pay for idle it’s not “serverless”. Pricing is different because in Lambda you pay for invocation not for the runtime.
    • Kelly Shortridge: The goal is to make the attacker uncertain of your defensive environment and profile. So you really want to mess with their ability to profile where their target is
    • @CompSciFact: 'About 1,000 instructions is a reasonable upper limit for the complexity of problems now envisioned.' -- John von Neumann, 1946
    • hn_throwaway_99: Few barriers to entry, really?? Sorry, but this sounds a bit like an inexperienced developer saying "Hey, I could build most of Facebook's functionality in 2 weeks." is THE largest spender of advertising on Google. They have giant teams that A/B test the living shite out of every pixel on their screens, and huge teams of data scientists squeezing out every last bit of optimization on their site. It's a huge barrier to entry. 
    • callahad: It's real [performance improvements]. We've [Firefox] landed enormous performance improvements this year, including migrating most Firefox users to a full multi-process architecture, as well as integrating parts of the Servo parallel browser engine project into Firefox. There are still many improvements yet-to-land, but in most cases we're on track for Firefox 57 in November.
    • Samer Buna: One important threat that GraphQL makes easier is resource exhaustion attacks (AKA Denial of Service attacks). A GraphQL server can be attacked with overly complex queries that will consume all the resources of the server.
    • wheaties: This is stupid. Really. Here we are in a world where the companies that own the assets (you know, the things that cost a lot of money) are worth less than the things that don't own anything. This doesn't seem "right" or "fair" in the sense that Priceline should be a middleman, unable to exercise any or all pricing power because it does not control the assets producing the revenue. I wonder how long this can last?
    • platz: Apparently deep-learning and algae are the same thing.
    • @CompSciFact: "If you don't run experiments before you start designing a new system, your entire system will be an experiment." -- Mike Williams
    • Scott Aaronson: our laws of physics are structured in such a way that even pure information often has “nowhere to hide”: if the bits are there at all in the abstract machinery of the world, then they’re forced to pipe up and have a measurable effect. 
    • The Internet said many more interesting things this week. To read them all please click through to the full article.

  • Cool interview with Margaret Hamilton--NASA's First Software Engineer--on Makers. Programmers, you'll love this. One of the stories she tells is how her daughter was playing around and selected the prelaunch program during flight. That crashed the simulator. So like a good programmer she wanted to prevent this from happening. She tried to get a protection put in because an astronaut could actually do this during flight. Management would certainly allow this, right? She was denied. They said astronauts are trained never to make a mistake so it could never happen. Eventually she won the argument and was able to add code to protect against human error. So little has changed :-)

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          Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 14th, 2017        

Hey, it's HighScalability time:



We've seen algorithms expressed in seeds. Here's an algorithm for taking birth control pills expressed as packaging. Awesome history on 99% Invisible.

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  • 2 trillion: web requests served daily by Akamai; 9 billion: farthest star ever seen in light-years; 10^31: bacteriophages on earth; 7: peers needed to repair ransomware damage; $30,000: threshold of when to leave AWS; $300K-$400K: beginning cost of running Azure Stack on HPE ProLiant; 3.5M: files in the Microsoft's git repository; 300M: Google's internal image data training set size; 7.2 Mbps: global average connection speed; 85 million: Amazon Prime members; 35%: Germany generated its electricity from renewables;

  • Quotable Quotes:
    • Jessica Flack: I believe that science sits at the intersection of these three things — the data, the discussions and the math. It is that triangulation — that’s what science is. And true understanding, if there is such a thing, comes only when we can do the translation between these three ways of representing the world.
    • gonchs: “If your whole business relies on us [Medium], you might want to pick a different one”
    • @AaronBBrown777: Hey @kelseyhightower, if you're surfing GitHub today, you might find it interesting that all your web bits come thru Kubernetes as of today.
    • Psyblog: The researchers were surprised to find that a more rebellious childhood nature was associated with a higher adult income.
    • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
    • Marek Kirejczyk: In general I would say: if you need to debug — you’ve already lost your way.
    • jasondc: To put it another way, RethinkDB did extremely well on Hacker News. Twitter didn't, if you remember all the negative posts (and still went public). There is little relation between success on Hacker News and company success.
    • Rory Sutherland: What intrigues me about human decision making is that there seems to be a path-dependence involved - to which we are completely blind.
    • joeblau: That experience taught me that you really need to understand what you're trying to solve before picking a database. Mongo is great for some things and terrible for others. Knowing what I know now, I would have probably chosen Kafka.
    • 0xbear: cloud "cores" are actually hyperthreads. Cloud GPUs are single dies on multi-die card. If you use GPUs 24x7, just buy a few 1080 Ti cards and forego the cloud entirely. If you must use TF in cloud with CPU, compile it yourself with AVX2 and FMA support. Stock TF is compiled for the lowest common denominator
    • Dissolving the Fermi Paradox: Doing a distribution model shows that even existing literature allows for a substantial probability of very little life, and a more cautious prior gives a significant probability for rare life
    • Peter Stark: Crews with clique structures report significantly more depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue and confusion than crews with core-periphery structures.
    • Patrick Marshall: Gu said that the team expects to have a prototype [S2OS’s software-defined hypervisor is being designed to centrally manage networking, storage and computing resources] ready in about three years that will be available as open-source software.
    • cobookman: I've been amazed that more people don't make use of googles preemtibles. Not only are they great for background batch compute. You can also use them for cutting your stateless webserver compute costs down. I've seen some people use k8s with a cluster of preemtibles and non preemtibles. 
    • @jeffsussna: Complex systems can’t be fully modeled. Failure becomes the only way to fully discover requirements. Thus the need to embrace it.
    • Jennifer Doudna: a genome’s size is not an accurate predictor of an organism’s complexity; the human genome is roughly the same length as a mouse or frog genome, about ten times smaller than the salamander genome, and more than one hundred times smaller than some plant genomes.
    • Daniel C. Dennett: In Darwin’s Dangerous Idea (1995), I argued that natural selection is an algorithmic process, a collection of sorting algorithms that are themselves composed of generate-and-test algorithms that exploit randomness (pseudo-randomness, chaos) in the generation phase, and some sort of mindless quality-control testing phase, with the winners advancing in the tournament by having more offspring.
    • Almir Mustafic: My team learned the DynamoDB limitations before we went to production and we spent time calculating things to properly provision RCUs and WCUs. We are running fine in production now and I hear that there will be automatic DynamoDB scaling soon. In the meantime, we have a custom Python script that scales our DynamoDB.

  • I've written a novella: The Strange Trial of Ciri: The First Sentient AI. It explores the idea of how a sentient AI might arise as ripped from the headlines deep learning techniques are applied to large social networks. I try to be realistic with the technology. There's some hand waving, but I stay true to the programmers perspective on things. One of the big philosophical questions is how do you even know when an AI is sentient? What does sentience mean? So there's a trial to settle the matter. Maybe. The big question: would an AI accept the verdict of a human trial? Or would it fight for its life? When an AI becomes sentient what would it want to do with its life? Those are the tensions in the story. I consider it hard scifi, but if you like LitRPG there's a dash of that thrown in as well. Anyway, I like the story. If you do too please consider giving it a review on Amazon. Thanks for your support!

  • Serving 39 Million Requests for $370/Month, or: How We Reduced Our Hosting Costs by Two Orders of Magnitude. Step 1: Just Go Serverless: Simply moving to a serverless environment had the single greatest impact on reducing hosting costs. Our extremely expensive operating costs immediately shrunk by two orders of magnitude. Step 2: Lower Your Memory Allocation: Remember, each time you halve your function’s memory allocation, you’re roughly halving your Lambda costs. Step 3: Cache Your API Gateway Responses: We pay around $14 a month for a 0.5GB API Gateway cache with a 1 hour TTL. In the last month, 52% (20.3MM out of 39MM) of our API requests were served from the cache, meaning less than half (18.7MM requests) required invoking our Lambda function. That $14 saves us around $240 a month in Lambda costs.

Don't miss all that the Internet has to say on Scalability, click below and become eventually consistent with all scalability knowledge (which means this post has many more items to read so please keep on reading)...

          Å to su to kriptovirusi odnosno ucjenjivački programi, tj. ransomware?        
Zadnjih nekoliko dana su ovi maliciozni programi bili u središtu pozornosti cijelog IT svijeta. U nastavku saznajte kako se zaštititi, ali i...
          DTNS 3087 – Ransomware Savior Arrested        
The man who stopped the WannaCry arrested arrested on accusations of building a banking trojan, how to USB charge safely, and Facebook’s fight against falsity. MP3 Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, none … Continue reading DTNS 3087 – Ransomware Savior Arrested
          8/10/2017: ARTS: Hackers lay siege to HBO’s secrets, demand ransom        

Agroup of hackers posted a fresh cache of stolen HBO files online Monday and demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom from the network to prevent the release of entire television series and other sensitive proprietary files. HBO, which had previously...
          8/10/2017: FACTS & ARGUMENTS: Yesterday’s Quick        
Across: 1 Sloppy, 4 Ransom, 9 Canvass, 10 Amber, 11 Nerve, 12 Opening, 13 Samuel Pepys, 18 Cutback, 20 Value, 22 Tramp, 23 In limbo, 24 Hotbed, 25 Apathy. Down: 1 Second, 2 Owner, 3 Plateau, 5 Apace, 6 Subsidy, 7 Mirage, 8 As You Like It, 14 Attract,...
          Kidnapped Girl Will Never Forgive Her Father For Refusing To Pay The Ransom        
Watch Kidnapped Girl Will Never Forgive Her Father For Refusing To Pay The Ransom on - free hardcore porn videos and amateur sex tapes.
From Jenna Orkin

          Various Storms & Saints - Release Day + My Review of ROAR by Cora Carmack        

From New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack comes her debut young adult fantasy, ROAR! Now available, ROAR takes readers on an adventure filled with charismatic characters in an enthralling world sure to keep them turning the pages. Grab your copy today!

About ROAR (Stormheart #1):
New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack's young adult debut: Roar.
In a land ruled and shaped by violent magical storms, power lies with those who control them.
Aurora Pavan comes from one of the oldest Stormling families in existence. Long ago, the ungifted pledged fealty and service to her family in exchange for safe haven, and a kingdom was carved out from the wildlands and sustained by magic capable of repelling the world’s deadliest foes. As the sole heir of Pavan, Aurora's been groomed to be the perfect queen. She’s intelligent and brave and honorable. But she’s yet to show any trace of the magic she’ll need to protect her people.
To keep her secret and save her crown, Aurora’s mother arranges for her to marry a dark and brooding Stormling prince from another kingdom. At first, the prince seems like the perfect solution to all her problems. He’ll guarantee her spot as the next queen and be the champion her people need to remain safe. But the more secrets Aurora uncovers about him, the more a future with him frightens her. When she dons a disguise and sneaks out of the palace one night to spy on him, she stumbles upon a black market dealing in the very thing she lacks—storm magic. And the people selling it? They’re not Stormlings. They’re storm hunters.
Legend says that her ancestors first gained their magic by facing a storm and stealing part of its essence. And when a handsome young storm hunter reveals he was born without magic, but possesses it now, Aurora realizes there’s a third option for her future besides ruin or marriage. She might not have magic now, but she can steal it if she’s brave enough.
Challenge a tempest. Survive it. And you become its master.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Book Depository

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“This life is not glamorous,” Duke told her. “We travel constantly. We sleep on the ground most nights. When we’re not in danger from storms, we’re in danger in cities where we are considered criminals. This life is not for the faint of heart.” 

“There are things I do not know, things I will have to learn. But I am capable. I am familiar with sacrifice. I know what it is to make hard choices.” 

“Tell me you’re not considering this,” Locke said to Duke. 

The old man was silent for a long moment, both Locke and Roar looking to him for support. Duke rubbed at his mustache, a habit of his when he was thinking deeply. “Let’s think about this, Locke. She’s smart. And determined.” 

“She’s a child.” 

Roar’s shoulders hunched in Locke’s peripheral vision, and he swallowed back the guilt. He could apologize later. For now, it was imperative that he won this argument. 

“You were a child when I brought you into the fold,” Duke said. “She’s a young woman with a good head on her shoulders. And if this is what she wants, I’m inclined to at least hear her out.” 

Just like that, Roar’s shoulders straightened, and Locke turned to watch a devastating smile bloom across her mouth. His weakness when it came to her only made him more cross. 

“What skills do you have?” he snapped at Roar. 


“Yes, skills. What can you do? Or do you just plan to tag along for the ride?” 

A flush spread over her cheeks, and her voice was tentative when she answered, “I’m good on a horse. Very good.” 

Where in the world would she have learned to ride? He quickly hardened his expression. “Horses are fine for travel, but they don’t do well in storms. They, unlike you, have good survival instincts.” 

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Locke could have sworn he felt an updraft—the first sign that bad weather could occur—and he knew that this time he had pushed too far. 

Roar marched toward him, spearing a finger into his chest and said, “I can read and write. I can speak Taraanese, Finlaghi, and Odilarian. I can read maps. I know enough about grassland vegetation and wildlife to survive without a market to buy food and drink. I’m good with knives and a bow. I learn quickly, and I’m not afraid of hard work. And I’ve spent my entire life reading as much about storms as I could get my hands on.” For a moment, her voice cracked under the weight of her anger, but she took a huffing breath and continued: “I’m good with numbers. It’s been a while, but I think I can probably still draw the constellations from memory, which should make me decent at navigation. I can—“ 

“Enough.” Locke’s voice came out in a deep rasp. He captured her long, delicate finger in his fist before she could continue poking him. He felt short of breath at the sight of her—livid and lovely. “Enough.” 

The old Locke might have kept arguing, and Roar would have met him toe-to-toe. But if becoming a storm hunter had taught him anything, it was that fighting head-on wasn’t always the way to win. Sometimes strategy was required. He met Duke’s eyes over her shoulder, and if he had thought Roar looked smug before, she had nothing on his mentor. The man raised his eyebrows in a challenge and asked, “You?” 

He hated the idea of bringing someone into this dangerous life, but if it was going to happen regardless, he sure as hell wouldn’t hand her safety over to anyone else, not even Ransom. And at the very least, it would give him the opportunity to change her mind. He gritted his teeth and nodded his acceptance.   


About Cora Carmack: Cora Carmack is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Since she was a teenager, her favorite genre to read has been fantasy, and now she’s thrilled to bring her usual compelling characters and swoon-worthy romance into worlds of magic and intrigue with her debut YA fantasy, Roar. Her previous adult romance titles include the Losing It, Rusk University, and Muse series. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages around the world. Cora splits her time between Austin, TX and New York City, and on any given day you might find her typing away at her computer, flying to various cities around the world, or just watching Netflix with her kitty Katniss. But she can always be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and her website    

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads



So original and incredible; powerful and provocative. Roar is a riveting and refreshing detour from the usual YA fantasy stories.

I absolutely loved this story. I've been a reader of Cora's for years. I love her wit and awkward love stories. I love her heat and sexy sports romances. What I didn't know was how she would handle moving to the Fantasy genre, but she did it beautifully.

Aurora is such a strong character and a great example for women. She continues searching for who she is deep down, despite always feeling like she is lacking. I love that she doesn't let these feelings overwhelm her or stand in the way of her doing what she knows is right.

The world building that was done for this book is quite extensive and unique. Carmack was able to do so many things and make the book fun thanks to the special gifts she has given the storm chasers. I was completely enraptured by the storm-chasers and their quest to 'challenge their tempests'.

The romance in the story takes a backseat to the intrigue and the action, but it is still quite swoon-worthy. Locke makes such a great love interest, but Cassius has something that keeps calling out to me. I think he has some redeemable qualities that have yet to be explored. I really hope we get a chance to see more of him in future books.

The entire supporting cast is excellent. The way they work together is very special. They allow Aurora into their inner circle but continually challenge her. They push her and cause her to grow and believe in herself in ways that no one ever has before. They definitely have me re-thinking my #squadgoals.

Basically, I loved it. I loved every bit of it and need more right now.

5 out of 5 Stars

Florence + The Machine - Various Storms & Saints

There are a few key lyrics (besides the obvious title) that really made me think of Aurora and her transformation into ROAR.

"I am teaching myself how to be free."

"Some things you let go in order to live."

          Keeping Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page Secure        

Ransomware, data breaches, malware infections – with all of the recent cyberattacks in the news, it seems like the Internet has truly become the new wild, wild west. When considering the issue of Internet security for your law firm, you likely conjure up images of nefarious strangers attempting to hack your website and social media […]

The post Keeping Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page Secure appeared first on American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.

          Gigabyte BRIX has flaws        
Gigabyte BRIX has flaws

Great for ransomware

Insecurity experts from cyber security firm Cylance disclosed two vulnerabilities in the firmware of Gigabyte BRIX small computing devices.

The flaws allow an attacker to write malicious content to the UEFI firmware which makes it a doddle to install UEFI ransomware and prevent the BRIX devices from booting.

The Cylance researchers say the same flaws can be used to plant rootkits that allow attackers to persist malware for years. The two vulnerabilities discovered are CVE-2017-3197 and CVE-2017-3198.

CVE-2017-3197 exists because Gigabyte failed to put write protection on its UEFI firmware. The second vulnerability is because they forgot to implement a system that cryptographically signs UEFI firmware files.

Cylance claims that Gigabyte uses an insecure firmware update process, which doesn't check the validity of downloaded files using a checksum and uses HTTP instead of HTTPS.

          Because Of You Lyrics & Chords | Sheet Music - City Harvest Church        
Christian Music Lyrics

Because of You, I was born again
Because of You, I’m ransomed by Your grace
Because of You, my heart has found a home
A refuge for my soul

Because of You, sins are washed away
Because of You, heaven knows my name
Because of You, I can live again
You’ve broken every chain

Unfailing love, so unreserved
You gave Yourself on Calvary
And now I stand, forever free
My Savior rescued me

Because of You, the weak say “I am strong”
Because of You, the broken have a song
Because of You, there’s no need to fear
Hope steadfast, ever sure

Now heaven be open
Our God is unshaken
We worship Christ risen high above
Now heaven be open
All kingdoms, all nations
Declare that You are God

Words & Music : KC Gan


Click Here To Open Because Of You Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – City Harvest Church
DOWNLOAD MP3: Because Of You

          He sufrido un ataque de ransomware, ¿qué tengo que hacer?        
Expertos en ciberseguridad nos dan consejos, como particulares y como pymes, para enfrentarnos a los temidos ataques de ransomware. Leer
          Religion: A Vital Element for Curbing the Menace of Kidnapping in Nigeria for Human Development        

Human capital development has been the most powerful tool for national development; however, Nigeria has been weighed down by the menace of kidnapping which is militating against human development. Kidnapping of people for ritual or extortive or ransom purposes cut across all classes of people - children, foreign workers, traditional rulers government officials, religious leaders medical practitioners, lecturers, politicians and some commoners. This phenomenon has enriched the perpetrators who now contend with the nation in the arena of legitimate use of force and monopoly of violence. The menace of kidnapping is a reflection of moral decadence in Nigeria hence the need for religious studies which inculcate the right moral values such as honesty, hard work, value for life and good human relations which generate peace in the society. It also infuse sanity into the fast decaying nation, prevent the citizens from being social deviant, curb kidnapping and enhance human development. The aim of this paper is to emphasize on the importance of religious studies in curbing the menace of kidnapping. The method used in gathering information concerning this work is the secondary source such as text books, newspapers and electronic media. Findings show that poverty, social; deprivation, frustration – aggression unemployment, lack of youth empowerment and lack of moral values in the lives of many youth led to the menace of kidnapping there should be provision of employment and empowerment opportunities for youth and Religious bodies and the government should educate the masses on the sanctity of life and good human relations.

Keywords: Religion, Human development and kidnapping

          Review : Still Midnight        
Still Midnight by Denise Mina. Reagan Arthur Books, 2010.

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Still Midnight is the first in Denise Mina’s DS Alex Morrow series. The novel opens with the crime. The culprits are looking for someone named Bob. When no one in the house they attack is called Bob, they take the father, a simple Ugandan shop owner, for ransom. The police must figure out why the family was targeted and race against the clock to save the father. DS Alex Morrow is, of course, the one to figure it all out even though she is passed over as head of the case for the boss’ protégé, DS Grant Bannerman.

Still Midnight is a classic story of bumbling criminals except that there is nothing comical about the situation. I found myself cringing at both their actions and their stupidity, especially the ringleader, Eddy. The character of Alex Morrow is reminiscent of the great Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect. DS Alex Morrow is a woman in a man’s world. She is disliked by her male colleagues for being a female officer -- and for being a good one. There is also underlying tension in her personal life, which remains unexplained for a large portion of the novel.

I was fully engrossed in the narrative and was taken off guard by the twist that pulls all the strings together. In my book, these are hallmarks of well-constructed crime fiction. If you are a fan of strong, female characters in crime fiction, Still Midnight is the book for you.

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          Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)        
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)
author: Ransom Riggs
name: Hanaa
average rating: 3.89
book published: 2011
rating: 1
read at:
date added: 2017/07/14
shelves: teen
I feel mislead and I don't want to read this book anymore.

          What you need to know about the new ransomware that's hit the US        

What you need to know about the new ransomware that's hit the USThe Petya/ NotPetya ransomware impacting countries across the globe is just the latest such attack to demand cash for a key to unlock victims' computers.

          Comment on Young Australian Skeptics — Skeptical Blog Anthology — Now Out! by CONGRATULATIONS        
In the case of Australian Warren Rodwell, who was wounded and kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines in December 2011, negotiations started at a million dollars but he was eventually released in March 2013 on payment of $A94,000. His declining health decided the kidnappers to take what they could get for him, as a dead hostage was not going to be worth much. In that case the AFP helped to ensure the family's ransom payment went to an honest broker. (In a 1994 hostage case involving Australian David Wilson, the family's ransom money was stolen and the hostages killed.)
           Cybersecurity Vulnerability in Healthcare Organizations: Consequences and Collaborative Solutions         

By Miles Indest, J.D./M.B.A candidate at Tulane University A recent cyber-attack on a prominent hospital has drawn significant attention to cybersecurity vulnerability within the healthcare industry. Last month, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was forced to pay hackers $17,000 in bitcoin in order to unlock its computer systems that were controlled by “ransomware.” Healthcare organizations with lax cybersecurity protocols have more to fear than disgruntled patients or private lawsuits; they may face prosecution from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ)....

           Hackers Demand Multi-Million Dollar Ransom From Hollywood Hospital Following Cyber-Attack: Hospital Record System Out of Commission for Over a Week (Part 1 of 2)         

By George F. Indest IV, Director of System Services, The Health Law Firm, and George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law (Part 1 of a 2 part blog) For more than a week, the computer systems at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center have been offline following a cyber-attack. The hospital has, apparently, also been locked out of all access to patient electronic health records (EHR). The unknown hackers are demanding a $3.6 million ransom to release the data. The hackers are demanding payment in Bitcoins, which will be untraceable if paid....

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I had a ridiculously lucky year last year.. I won $2 Million on the old Holiday Gifts game last June, Followed by a $250k win on Kings Ransom. ended up with 4 large wins last year overall.
          The Son of Man Came to Minister A Ransom        
A new MP3 sermon from Georgetown Protestant is now available on with the following details:

Title: The Son of Man Came to Minister A Ransom
Speaker: Rev. Ronald Van Overloop
Broadcaster: Georgetown Protestant
Event: Sunday - PM
Date: 8/28/2016
Bible: Mark 10:45
Length: 49 min. (64kbps)

Overview: EVENING WORSHIP--Mark 10-45--THE SON OF MAN CAME TO MINISTER A RANSOM--I. His Ministering--II. His Giving
          Health IT, under attack        
With the recent news of the WannaCry ransomware attack and how it particularly hurt UK hospitals, I figured it was appropriate to link to our writeup of An Academic Medical Center's Response to Widespread Computer Failure (PubMed / ResearchGate). This was our experience in the hours and days following a botched 2010 McAfee's antivirus update, which began attacking a core component of Windows, and rendering PCs unusable. While accidental, in many ways it resembled a cyberattack.

Of course, there's been great coverage of the attack and its implications. Halamka was quoted:

“By prioritizing clinical functionality and uptime, healthcare organizations may not always have the most up-to-date software. Thus, healthcare, in general, may be more vulnerable than other industries to cyberattacks, and the scope of the impact to the NHS in the U.K. illustrates the problem." 
He said that some mission-critical systems were built years ago and never migrated to today’s modern platforms. In 2017, there are still commercial products that require Windows XP for which few patches are available, he said.

Other useful perspectives on healthcare IT's vulnerabilities emphasize HIPAA / business associate concerns when accepting patches. Lessons abound. Hopefully we'll learn them well enough to prevent future episodes.

          Ransomware: 5 azioni da compiere per essere al sicuro        
  Sono sempre di più i computer che appartengono ad enti e strutture pubbliche, ma anche quelli che si trovano nelle abitazioni private che vengono attaccati dai cosiddetti ransomware. E parliamo di un aumento non piccolo, ma addirittura esponenziale: rispetto ai ...
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Last day to sell these scratch games is tomorrow (March 10). Last day to redeem any winners is May 9th:



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1197 $2 MONOPOLY


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Which game did you crush this time? Your nuts for not writing a book about all the big wins. The lottery sent me a new IRL on Kings Ransom and it shows 3 jackpots left which they confirmed today....any reason why this game is ending so soon? What book number did you hit on
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Well .. I just checked on something that i hadn't thought about. My dad claimed the 250k kings ransom ticket that i gave to him on Jan 4th. That should have reduced the total grand prizes left to 2. But..... The lottery website still shows 3 left and the game is on the ending games list...

Chew on that for a moment.
          Ransomware Global Strike: The “WannaCry” Attack        
    In the height of the westward expansion into California, the “Wild West” became not only a place, but a term that described an entire cultural phenomenon. What made the west so wild were the apparent lawless territories that saw hostile takeovers, train and carriage robberies, kidnapping, and ransoming. … More
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Thank you! It was an amazing year. I actually won big 3 times. 2 million on holiday gifts, 250k on Kings Ransom, and 100k on Gold Rush Doubler.
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New $5 Gold Rush might suck as much as the others with the small prizes, but 1 in 1.2m chance at winning $500k makes it the best $5 ticket we've had in many years. Compared to other $5 tickets that came out in recent years, the odds are around 1 in 1.26-1.5m chance at hitting only $250k. Some of the older tickets like King's Ransom has odds of 1 in 1.8m at hitting $250k.

Plus, the second chance promo should incentivize buyng them a little.

@ Dreamer - On this thread, I believe
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Been quiet on here lately.

I'll be playing some $2 an $5 scratchers next week. Which ones do y'all recommend?? I was going to do: Fast $100, Gold Rush Doubler, Double Deuces, Monopoly, Flamingo Multiplier, Loteria, Gold Rush, Electric 8's, Loose Change, Lucy. With the $5: WOF, Doubler, Winning Streak, Margaritaville, (if I can find-King's Ransom, Lucky Loot).

Also, are there any $10 ones worth playing at the moment?

For $20 ones: Gold Rush, Doubler, Flamingo Multiplier (any others?) Tha... [ More ]
          How to Avoid a Ransomware Attack and Mitigate the Damage If It Occurs        

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

Guest post by Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, principal, Rachel V. Rose – Attorney at Law, PLLC. Why should physicians and providers care about the possibility of a ransomware attack? There are several reasons. First, it is disruptive both to patient care and to the revenue cycle. Second, it is costly in terms of time, […]

Public Relations and Brand Marketing for Healthcare IT and Software Providers

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          Adobe Flash Player’s ransomware vulnerability gets an emergency patch        
In an announcement that surprises no one, Adobe has released an update to their Flash Player. Updates to Adobe’s Flash suite seem to come rather frequently, mostly because new vulnerabilities are continually being found. This time, the bug being patched is one that allows someone to take over your computer and hold your data for ransom. In the statement released … Continue reading
          Observations of a Cambridge Examiner: Preparation of the Paper 3: Use of English         
The next part of the CAE exam is Paper 3, the Use of English paper. Many people consider this to be the grammar paper, but it's not exactly just grammar but, as the title suggests, how to use English in a varied and commanding way. Grammar plays an important part, but so does vocabulary, structures, collocations and expressions. It is designed to demonstrate your rich understanding of how to use English.

This is something that you are going to need to spend time studying, there is nothing natural about the exam and having a good level of English does not mean that you will be familiar enough or have enough command of all that will be asked of you in the exam. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, people often come to me around two months before the exam wanting intensive preparation for the exam, but learning all the grammar and lexical uses of English takes a lot longer to acquire.

Again, as in the other papers, techniques of how to do the paper are very important and it is necessary to learn clearly what is expected of you in the exam and how to fulfill the different tasks set in the different parts of the exam. This is something that can be done intensively before the exam if you have already studied a lot for the exam as these techniques are as important as your English ability.

In my opinion a lot of this paper is quite 'mathematical', a lot of it is formulaic with a need to recognize the structures you are presented with, you need to ask yourself questions, such as, what part of speech am I deal with? Is it a verb, noun etc and is it a collocation or phrasal verb? in which case, do I need to use a preposition? and so on.

Again, as I have mentioned before you need .... preparation, preparation..... and practice!!

Good luck!!


The Use of English paper is designed to test the ability to apply knowledge of the language system,
including control of grammar, lexis, cohesion and coherence.

Part 1: Multiple-choice cloze: The focus is on lexicon and lexico-grammar. It is a modified cloze text containing twelve gaps which is followed by four multiple-choice options to choose from. It is necessary to be familiar with collocations of verbs, nouns, adjectives and prepositions. As well as having a good, rich vocabulary and knowledge of structures, phrasal verbs and grammar. It is a good idea to make a guess at what the word could be before you look at the choices as this will help you to focus your mind on the correct choice.

Part 2: Open cloze: The focus of this part of the exam is grammar and lexico-grammar. It is a modified cloze text containing 15 gaps which you must fill in with the correct word. Again, as in part 1 a solid knowledge of collocations, grammar, expressions and structures is necessary to recognize the missing word. Remember that the gaps are not going to be ransom but specifically chosen from the CAE level preparation work that you will have done by studying all the appropriate grammar and so on. It is really important to read the text carefully first before attempting to answer any of the questions, focusing on the meaning of the whole sentence, paragraph and text, rather than concentrating on the meaning of phrases in isolation.

Part 3: Word formation: The focus is again on lexicon and lexico-grammar as in Part 1. There is a text containing ten gaps, each gap corresponds to a word, the stem of which is given beside the text on the appropriate line and must be changed to form the missing word. A knowledge of the parts of speech is necessary as well as the formations of the stem word, including negatives, prefixes and suffixes and words formed from the same stem. A common error is forgetting to use the plural forms when necessary.
Accurate spelling is essential in this part of the paper. Some candidates lose marks, even though they have provided the appropriate word, because they misspelled it. It s a silly and frustrating way to lose marks.

Part 4: Gapped sentences: The focus here is lexical. the questions are made up of three discrete sentences. Each sentence contains one gap. The gapped word is common to the three sentences. You must write one word which is appropriate in all three sentences and there are five questions each is worth two points. This part is the part which most people do not like, to be honest, if you are not doing it in the exam it is quite fun to test your knowledge of vocabulary and a lot of people enjoy challenging themselves on this part. However, it can be very frustrating in the exam and often people get frustrated by the lack of inspiration - so breathe, relax and stay calm during this part. 

Part 5: Key word transformations: The focus here is on lexicon and grammar. there are eight separate questions, each with a lead-in sentence and a gapped second sentence to be completed in three to six words, one of which is a given ‘key word’.A solid knowledge and preparation is needed to be familiar with all the different structures, collocations, prepositions, tenses and general grammar points, if you prepare well, these should be easily recognizable. However, there is also frequent use of phrasal verbs and expressions which you are expected to know and unfortunately if you do not, then answering the question correctly will prove very difficult. Each question is worth two points  allowing one point for silly, small errors or spelling mistakes. Though, it also means the chance to gain points if you do it well. 

Recommendations for preparation for the Use of English Paper:

At CAE level, you are expected to read extensively so as to be able to use a wide range of
vocabulary in different contexts and to manipulate structure and form accurately. These skills are tested in different ways on the paper. To summarize points that have been mentioned above:

• In Part 1, collocation is tested, as well as knowledge of phrasal/prepositional verbs and
recognition of lexical appropriacy and shades of meaning.
• Part 3 is a word-building task. You will have to understand the surrounding context in order
to produce the correct form of the word and also to recognize whether a negative affix or a plural form is required. Accurate spelling is essential.
• In Part 4, you will have to provide the one word which fits appropriately into three
unconnected gapped sentences. Accurate spelling is essential. Any activities which draw
your attention to the different meanings and collocations associated with particular lexical
items will be useful.
• Part 5 is a key word transformation task. You are required to manipulate vocabulary,
structure and form, within a defined context. Any activities which increase awareness of
collocations and expressions with parallel or synonymous meanings are useful. 
To be successful in these parts, you need to build up you active vocabulary. Developing an efficient personal system of recording newly acquired vocabulary, and the context in which this vocabulary is used, will help the learning process. You should also pay attention to correct spelling. 

Structure and Form
• In the Part 2 open-cloze task, you should check that your answers are correct in the context of the whole sentence, paragraph and text. Providing an answer which is correct only in the context of the immediate phrase is often not sufficient.
• Part 5 is a key word transformation task. You are required to manipulate structure and form, as well as vocabulary, within a defined context. Any activities which focus on different ways of expressing the same ideas using different structures and/or expressions would be useful. You need to study the example you are given at the start of Part 5 carefully. You must include the given key word, which should not be changed in any way, in your answer. The answer should not be more than six words in length, and the key word counts as one of the six words. Any contractions count as two words. You will not required to write the whole sentence on their answer sheets – only the missing part of the sentence.
You should remember how important it is to copy correctly from the stimulus sentence any 
words which are required in the answer. It is also important to include words/ideas in the 
answer which are crucial for maintaining the same meaning as the stimulus sentence, for 
example, a time reference. It is equally important that ideas not contained in the stimulus 
sentence should not be introduced into the answer. The meaning of the transformed sentence 
must be as close as possible to the meaning of the stimulus sentence.One way of doing this 
is by crossing out the parts already used in the sentence, thereby clearly showing you which 
are the words you must use.


DO think about a variety of ways in which you can develop your English outside the classroom.
DO think about how you learn vocabulary best, and then develop strategies to help this process.
DO read the whole surrounding context before deciding on an answer.
DO consider the options carefully in Part 1 before choosing your answer.
DO remember that in Part 3 at least one question will probably test the use of prefixes.
DO make sure that in Part 4 the word you produce fits correctly into all three sentences.
DO check your spelling, as incorrectly spelled words will lose you marks.
DO make sure your handwriting is clear and easy to read and that you have used capital 
letters for all your answers.
DO write only one letter in each box on the answer sheet.
DO make sure you transfer your answers to the answer sheet as you finish each part of the 
DON’T change the given key word in your answers in Part 5.
DON’T use more than six words in your answer in Part 5. Contractions count as two words.
DON’T wait until the end to copy all your answers onto your answer sheet. 

For more information go to

          Ghatak (1996) Hindi Movie Watch Online        

Ghatak (1996) Hindi Movie Watch Online Informations: A small community in India is terrorized and held to ransom by a notorious gangster named Katya, who will kill anyone who stands in his way. When Katya finds out that Sachdev is attempting to rally the local residents against him, he has him brutally killed in broad […]

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I think they finally ended that game early with 2 unclaimed jackpots. A lot of us chased that game hard, but came up short. I don't know of anyone that still has books of it left for sale. Ditto for the 50X the Cash.

Not sure if you saw the threads from the past few months, but it looks like EMTAdam made a deal with the devil (kidding). Seriously, he hit the winning streaks of winning streaks. $2M Holiday Rush jackpot, a $250,000 Kings Ransom Jackpot, and I believe he just hit a $100K Gold Ru... [ More ]
          Pahlawan Ransomware Telah Dibebaskan Dari Penjara        
RAKYATKU.COM - Marcus Hutchins, pahlawan ransomware WannaCry yang dituduh membuat dan menjual malware yang mencuri password perbankan telah dibebaskan dari penjara AS. Namun ia masih akan menghadiri persidangan…
          Waspada! Ransomware Cerber Bisa Curi Dompet Bitcoin        
RAKYATKU.COM - Ransomware Cerber yang terkenal karena bisa mengenkripsi file korban, telah menerima update baru. Sekarang, ini telah mendapatkan kemampuan untuk mencuri password browser dan kredensial…
          Pahlawan Virus WannaCry Akan Dibebaskan Dengan Jaminan        
RAKYATKU.COM - Marcus Hutchins, pahlawan virus ransomware WannaCry yang ditangkap atas dugaan terlibat dalam pengembang malware Kronos, mengaku tidak bersalah. Pada hari Jumat (04/08) pengadilan di Las…
          Big Pharma Company Under Cyber Attack        

Merck, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, has announced that it is under attack by cyberhackers. Yesterday, the Petya ransomware attack took out the Ukraine’s power grid and international airport, a russian...

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Beam, Donald, US Marines, 25 July 1953, lived Mt. Sterling
Proffitt, Preston J, US Army, 10 Sept 1951
Richardson, John W, US Army, 30 Nov 1950
Roberts, Earl E, US Army, 7 Sept 1951

Clevenger, James M, US Army, 4 Nov 1950
Coffey, Clifford V, US Army, 12 Jan 1951
Dingus, Waldo M, US Army, 13 July 1953
Hill, Fred D, US Army, 28 July 1951
Lykins, Byron K, US Army, 20 Sept 1952
Smith, William, US Army, 22 July 1950
Watson, Vernon, US Army, 13 Feb 1951

Abbott, Leroy, US Army, 17 Aug 1950
Geary, Billy L, US Army, 7 Sept 1950
Harpere, Howard T, US Army, 30 Nov 1950
McKie, Robert J, US Army, 2 Oct 1950

Cecil, Raymond, US Army, 28 Jan 1951
Howard, Lewis P, US Army, 15 Apr 1951
McAllister, Kennet(h?), US Army, 29 May 1951
Newton, Charles L, US Army, 20 July 1950
Tingle, Clarence H, US Army, 24 Sept 1950

Bretz, Jessie J, US Army, 24 June 1951
Brumagen, Daniel T, US Army, 1 Sept 1950
Fisher, George T, US army, 1 Dec 1950
Smoot, Billie A, US Army, 9 Oct 1952
Williams, Charles A, US Army, 27 Nov 1950

Beasley, Kenneth Lee, US Marines, 6 Apr 1953, lived Fordsville.
Edge, Ernest E, US Army, 18 May 1951
Neal, Ardell M, US Army, 1 Nov 1950
Thomasson, Forrest, US Army, 12 Dec 1950
Wilson, Earl T, US Army, 12 July 1950

Mathis, Howard J. Jr, US Army, 25 Sept 1951
Williams, Ralph B, US Army, 3 Sept 1950

Grimes, Carl D, US Army, 13 Jan 1951

Herald, Paul G, US Army, 27 Aug 1950
Marshall, Ellis, US Army, 25 Oct 1951
Porter, Elmo, US Army, 22 Sept 1950
Reynolds, Archie L, US Army, 4 Apr 1951
Roberts, Robert L, US Army, 7 Sept 1951

Bruin, David C, US Army, 3 Sept 1950
Craddock, Wilson, Jr, US Army, 13 July 1951
Hamilton, Paul W, US Army, 30 Nov 1950

Allen, Willie, Jr, US Army, 18 May 1951
Amis, Bob T, US Army, 12 Aug 1950
Blankenship, Charle (sic), US Army, 2 Sept 1951
Cody, William F, US Army, 12 July 1950
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Dalton, Lloyd, US Army, 20 Sept 1950
Fannin, Glenn W, US Army, 22 Sept 1951
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King, Herbert, US Army, 7 Mar 1952
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Lunce, Elbert R, US Army, 16 Apr 1953
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Overbee, Clayton, US Army, 27 Nov 1950
Stacy, James I, Jr, US Army, 3 June 1951
Stacy, Lenox, US Army, 1 Nov 1952
Stidham, Carl, US Army, 4 Oct 1951
Stidham, Henry, US Army, 16 July 1950
Walker, Glenn R, US Army, 10 Feb 1951
Walker, James S, US Army, 9 Feb 1953
Watts, Arnold, US Army, 24 Nov 1951
Wilson, Richard E, US Army, 10 May 1953

Alley, Ray C, US Army, 16 June 1953
Branham, Clyde, US Army, 28 Mar 1953
Branham, Harold D, US Army, 19 May 1951
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Burns, James L, US Army, 8 Mar 1951
Charles, James O, US Army, 23 Mar 1953
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France, Earnest, US Army, 19 Sept 1952
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Lucas, Russell K, US Army, 12 Apr 1951

Bullock, Johnie B, US Army, 22 Mar 1953
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Allen, Clyde, US Army, 25 Nov 1952

Atkinson, Benny C, US Army, 13 Feb 1951
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Fultz, John, US Army, 9 Mar 1951
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Grider, Kenneth G, US Army, 6 Nov 1950
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Tackett, Donald F, US Army, 20 Sept 1950
Trent, Ira V, US Army, 4 Nov 1950
Webb, James D, US Army, 13 Oct 1950
Yonts, Robert B, US Army, 30 Nov 1950

Goodwin, Martin H, US Army, 5 Nov 1950
Hall, Raymond D, US Army, 13 Aug 1950
McCormick, Howard, US Marines, 13 Sept 1951
Vinson, Earnest L, US Army, 1 June 1952

Bailey, Donald, US Marines, 15 Sept 1952, lived Stanford
Caudill, Ralph K, US Army, 27 Nov 1950
Coleman, Grover W, US Army, 20 Nov 1951
Garner, Lester R, US Army, 20 July 1950
McCowan, Richard C, US Army, 12 Feb 1951
Oliver, James C, US Army, 6 Oct 1951
Roberts, William J, US Army, 13 Oct 1951
Smith, Marvin W, US Army, 6 June 1951
Thompson, Clarence, US Army, 5 Sept 1950

Belt, Ollie James, US Marines, 23 Sept 1952, lived Lola
Davis, Max O, US Army, 13 Aug 1950
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Powell, W D, US Army, 2 Mar 1951

Davis, Roy Anderson, US Navy, 2 Oct 1951, lived Russellville
Hudnall, Con D, US Army, 14 Feb 1951
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Parrent, James D, US Army, 20 Jan 1951
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Castleman, William, US Army, 17 May 1951
Dodge, Eugene E, US Marines, 25 July 1953, lived Paducah
Dunn, Marce P, USAF, 16 June 1954, lived Paducah
Gipson, Glenn H, US Army, 11 Mar 1951
Martin, Robert C, US Army, 27 Sept 1950
McDaniel, William, US Army, 29 Nov 1950
Roper, Billy J, US Army, 6 Sept 1950

Gibson, Royce C, US Army, 27 Nov 1950
Hamlin, Billy R, 27 July 1950
Meadows, Jesse C, US Army, 9 Dec 1950
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Stevens, Cleve R, US Army, 4 Sept 1950
Yancey, Clellan, US Army, 19 Sept 1950

Fitts, Leslie J, US Army, 11 June 1953
King, Willis G, US Army, 11 June 1951
Towery, Ellis E, US Army, 17 Aug 1950

Carter, Douglas E, US Army, 2 Aug 1950
French Jennings, US Army, 27 Sept 1952
Grant, Virgil, US Army, 2 June 1951
Huguley, Barney M, US Army, 26 Jan 1953
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Ransom, Henry, Jr, US Army, 12 Feb 1951
Rowlette, Louis, US Army, 27 July 1950
Speakman, Cloid, US Army, 27 July 1950
Johnson, John William, US Marines, 11 Oct 1952, lived Berea

Fairchild, Ray Palmer, US Marines, 27 Nov 1950, lived Salyersville
Harmon, Charlie, US Army, 16 Aug 1950
Lovely, Rex, US Army, 21 July 1952
Salyer, Billy J, US Army, 3 Oct 1951
Wireman, David, US Army, 2 Oct 1951

Burdette, Donald, US Army, 8 Apr 1952
Clark, Herbert F, Jr, US Army, 12 Oct 1951
Faulkner, Robert A, US Army, 26 Nov 1950
Garrison, Fred Herren, USAF, 9 Nov 1952, lived Lebanon
Pope, Ray, US Marines, 6 Dec 1950, lived Lebanon
Smith, Louis K, US Army, 20 July 1950
Smothers, Chaffine, US Army, 5 Jan 1953

Washburn, James F, US Army, 20 Aug 1952

Stanley, John, US Army, 30 May 1951

McCabe, John E, US Army, 2 Nov 1950
Ward, William F, US Army, 26 Aug 1950

Curl, Carl S, US Army, 1 Nov 1950

Campbell, David L, US Army, 25 July 1950
Nickell, Corbett, US Army, 13 Oct 1951
Ringo, Raymond F, US Army, 27 June 1953
Robinson, Joe, US Army, 18 Aug 1950
Woodward, Richard H, US Army, 27 Nov 1950

Gibson, Donald W, US Army, 19 July 1953
Sallee, Floyd B, US Army, 9 Sept 1951
Sallee, Raymond, US Army, 16 July 1950
Shewmaker, John William, USAF, 31 Dec 1953
Watts, Franklin H, US Army, 19 Oct 1951

Jones, George K, US Army, 10 Feb 1951

Blazer, Stuart M, US Army, 14 Oct 1952
Davis, William E, US Army, 4 Feb 1953
Page, Cecil E, US Army, 7 Sept 1951
Pann (Parr?), Richard E, US Army, 12 July 1951

          TIP #1215 – OK, SO WHERE DO I BACKUP MY FILES?        
There are a multitude of ways! Here’s a closing word on backups.

Manual backups would include your copying your important files to an external hard drive or flash (thumb) drive. I use both. I have several external drives, I use MyPassport and Toshiba primarily. Their storage capacity is large and you can pick the size that works the best for you.

Thumb or flash drives are very handy too and the ones I use hold 16gb of data. They are easy to transport with you on researching trips and fairly inexpensive. The downside is that they are easy to lose! I have a container holding all my flash drives and I write on a piece of paper what they contain and wrap around the drive. It’s better than trying them all out to find out where you saved that file or your photographs. Alert: When buying a flash drive especially – use a major brand. Don’t buy one on sale, manufactured in China or some other country. Recently it was found that these “cheapie” drives blessed you also with malware and viruses.

Plus, there are many back-up services available; some free, some at an annual cost. I’m primarily going to give you the links so you can check them out for yourself.

1 – Carbonite. You know this is my favorite. They are considered #1. You have the option of just backing up your c: drive, or for extra, external drives. This normally costs $59.99 a year; they do have specials; free months.

2 – Norton Ghost. Free trial; normally $69.99.

3 – Drop Box. Free with paid upgrades available. I have just started using Drop Box for backup and am pleased.

4 – Google Drive. Pricing depends on size - $1.99 a month up to $99.00 a month.

5 – Microsoft OneDrive. Personal usage is $99.00 a year.

There are other companies that offer cloud backup. I have just listed the above as they are more recognizable and have a good reputation.

As I noted, my experience lies with Carbonite. Depending on the size of your system, it can zip back files rapidly but to restore the entire system can take a long time. If you are restoring your entire system, as with any of these services, you will have to re-install your programs if you’ve lost everything.

You want to go with a company with good technical support, primarily when you can talk to someone who knows what they’re doing and can explain what to do in terms the novice can understand. In one instance, I lost my email. I have about 10 file folders or mailboxes and the data was just gone. A phone call to the tech resulted in allowing him to get into my system. After about an hour, at no charge, he found those emails and restored them to my email program.

So, whether you chose to back it up yourself, or go with a service that will save you time – please do backup! People are being held hostage literally when a virus, ransomware or malware slips onto your system – with the bad guys demanding much money to “give your system back to you.” If you see this message on your device with a demand that your system can be restored – call and pay – don’t. Shut the system down, don’t click on anything! Then, if you have a backup system, you can restore everything and keep money out of their pockets! I’ve had this happen twice to a friend of mine. She paid, she got it back – eventually. Be careful what you click on in emails!!!


Governor Henry was correct at least in this, that the murder of the hostages would bring on hostilities within their tribe. Indeed, such hostilities had resulted nearly a fortnight before the Governor had expressed his opinion in the surrender of Daniel Boone and his camp of salt-makers at the Lower Blue Licks on February 7 and 8, 1778. But for us the interesting thing about the expedition which gained this success is that it was undertaken on the initiative of the Detroit authorities, who sent two French Canadians to engage four or five score of the Shawnees in an attempt to seize Boonesborough. Several of Boone’s contemporaries were so dissatisfied with his action in persuading the other salt-makers to surrender peaceably after his own capture, that they charged him later with being a Loyalist and a traitor. The Shawnees took their captives to Little Chillicothe on the Little Miami, and then part of the tribe started for Detroit, March 10, in company with eleven of the whites, including Boone. At the Northern post the famous Kentuckian was presented with a horse and trappings by Hamilton, while his companions were sold for ransom-money. It was on this horse that Boone escaped from his captors in the following June, bringing intelligence of a new expedition which the Shawnees had in contemplation. (Frontier Defense on the Upper Ohio, 205, 207, 208, 252, n. 7, 283, p. 42. Withers’ Chronicles of Border Warfare, 205-267; Filson Club Publications No, 10, 64-68, 104, 105).

The proposed foray was to be directed against Boonesborough, in order to avenge the tribe for an unsuccessful attack upon Donnelly’s Fort on the Greenbriar River, from which one of their war parties had returned on June 15. It was not until after Clark’s capture of Vincennes, however, that steps were taken to carry out the expedition. But again, as in the previous February, the movement was organized by French Canadians under orders from Detroit. These Canadians, who belonged to the Detroit militia, were led by Lieut. Antoine De Quindre, and assisted Chief Black Fish in assembling a force of almost four hundred and fifty Indians, mostly Shawnees, whom they supplied with a stock of ammunition and the English and French flags that were intended so to impress the inhabitants of Boonesborough that they would capitulate at once. On arriving at the fort, September 7, 1778, a messenger was sent forward to announce that Govenor Hamilton had entrusted letters to his representatives with the Indian army for Capt. Boone, and to ask a parley for the consideration of their contents. This was granted and on the following evening, after Boone had told Black Fish that the garrison would defend themselves to the last man, De Quindre reopened negotiations and succeeded in getting the principal men of the fort to sign a treaty on the tenth, renouncing allegiance to the United States and renewing their fealty to the king, on condition that the Indians would withdraw at once. This was evidently all in accordance with the plan of Hamilton, who believed from what Boone had told him at Detroit that the Kentucky settlers were already in a starving and nearly naked condition, and were without the prospect of relief from Congress. “Their dilemma”, he wrote to Sir Guy Carleton, April 25, 1775, “will probably induce them to trust the savages, who have shown so much humanity to their prisoners, and come to this place before winter.” But the Lieut. Governor’s plan to convert the garrison into Loyalists, and thus open the way for their reception at Detroit was, according to the evidence, doomed to failure from the start. The fort had but two score effective defenders, and Boone had used stratagem in the hope of ridding the place of a for eleven times as numerous. After the signing of the treaty, however, the redmen tried to detain the whites during the ceremony of handshaking, but the latter tore themselves away and ran back into their stronghold, which was then assailed repeatedly, though unsuccessfully. As a final means of capturing the place, the Indians dug a tunnel from the bank of the Kentucky River to a distance of about forty yards, or two-thirds of the way from the stream. But their scheme was frustrated by successive rainstorms, which caused sections of the mine to cave in. Altogether the garrison had withstood investment for nine days and nights, when the Indian army broke into detachments for the purpose of pillaging and ravaging about other stations. (Filson Club Publications No. 16, 68-104; Withers’ Chronicles of Border Warfare, 208-290; Frontier Defense on the Upper Ohio, 283, 284; Filson Club Publications No. 27,44,45)

Shortly after this siege Boone was tried by court martial at Logan’s Station on the charge of making treasonable attempts to aid the British in favoring the peace treaty at Boonesborough, in surrendering the salt-makers on the Lower Blue Licks, and on still another count. His immediate accuser was Cool. Richard Callaway; but he cleared himself by explaining that these acts were deceptions and stratagems dictated by military necessity, and practiced for the advantage of the settlers. That his conduct was not deemed reprehensible by his superior officers is shown by his promotion a little later to the rank of major. (Filson Club Publications No. 16, 104, 105).

If the year 1778 was marked by Lieut. Governor Hamilton’s policy of detailing French Canadians to organize and accompany Indian expeditions against Kentucky, the next two years were characterized by an astonishing increase in the population of that country and the employment of border Loyalists, who held large landed interests south of the Ohio, to lead the war bands thither. This change in leadership was made possible by the flight of Capt. Alexander McKee, Matthew Elliott, Simon Girty, and several others from Fort Pitt on the night of March 28, 1778, the fugitives arriving at Detroit about two months later. Becoming deeply involved in a Tory plot at the former post, their machinations had been discovered and suppressed in the previous summer. At Detroit, Girty was appointed interpreter in the secret service, Elliott, captain in the Indian department, and McKee, deputy agent for Indian affairs. In the following August, they were joined by James Girty, who came in from the Shawnee village of Old Chillicothe, and was made interpreter to the Shawnees. Nine months later George Girty appeared, bringing a party of deserters from Kaskaskia, and was likewise appointed an interpreter. (Biennal Report, Archives and History, W. Va., 1911-1914, 41-34, 47; Kellogg, ed., Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio (Madison, Wis., 1937), 209, n.1)

Contemporary mention of this westward migration throws considerable light on its magnitude and character. Early in August, 1779, Col. Daniel Brodhead wrote fro Fort Pitt that the inhabitants were so intent on removing to Kentucky, that there would be few volunteers. In March, 1780, Col. Richard Campbell of the Ninth Virginia Regiment recommended to Washington the removal of his men from Pittsburgh, because theyw ere constantly deserting to share in the settlement of Kentucky lands. In the following May, Brodhead informed the Rev. John Heckewelder that by fall “the settlements of Kentucky” would be able to turn out fifteen thousand men, and that the villainous Shawnees and their allies would soon find troublesome neighbors in that quarter.” Despite the exodus, Col. Brodhead was convinced by disclosure of new Tory activities in his neighborhood that there was still “a great number of disaffected inhabitants on this side of the mountain who wish for nothing more than a fair opportunity to submit to the British government.” Still, one must believe that not a few of these Loyalists, who were unable to keep their plans hidden, took advantage of the westward migration to go to Kentucky. That such was the case is indicated by a visitor to that region, who wrote to Col. George Morgan late in 1780: “Should the English go there and offer them protection from the Indians, the greatest part will join.” (Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 21, 22, 41, 149, 163, 164, 18, 176, 277).

It was early in this period of movement to the new country, namely, in the latter part of May, 1779, that John Bowman, lieutenant of Kentucky County, undertook an offensive at the head of more than two hundred and fifty volunteers against the Shawnee town of Little Chillicothe on the Little Miami. After beginning the attack the whites, who were partly from Bowman’s district and partly from the upper valleys, were thrown into general disorder by the false report that Simon Girty and one hundred Shawnees were hastening from Piqua to the relief of the place. However, they soon recovered themselves, defeated the enemy which numbered less than half their own strength burned most of the village and crops, and carried off a great quantity of plunder. (Wickers’ Chronicles of Border Waters, 271-273).

To be continued.

          the scary, scary beauty of what's right here        

O come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer
Our spirits by Thine advent here
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night
And death's dark shadows put to flight.

The somber-edged expectation of advent always jars a bit in the midst of the ostentatious commercial Holiday Season, but the dissonance feels extra jagged this year.

At work, I signed up families for Toys for Tots, and more than a few moms were near tears, wondering how they were going to get through the next few everything. Everywhere I turn folks are grieving, sick, and struggling under the weight of addiction, loneliness, fractured relationship, uncertainty, loss, and violence, to say nothing of creeping fascism. The heaviness is palpable and raw.

And that is the world to which Christ comes: Emmanuel, God-with-us in the messy trenches of fear and overwhelming burden. Present in chaos and storm, the manger-babe charts another course toward wholeness, justice, and all things made new. The last are first. The margins honored. Mountains leveled. The poor blessed.

Hoping, we set bruised hearts and tired feet toward everything for which we long so deeply: Streams in the desert. Healing. Safety. Community. Nourishment. Wisdom. Provision. Peace. Forgiveness. Restoration. Rest. Good faith.

And the ransomed of the Lord shall return,
and come to Zion with singing;
everlasting joy shall be upon their heads;
they shall obtain joy and gladness,
and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

O come, O come, Emmanuel. Steady the knees that give way. 

          strangers in a strange land        

Caesar’s imperial census compelled Mary and Joseph to the pilgrims’ path, far from home for their son’s birth to a world brimful of heartache and cruelty. King Herod’s murderous edict set the young family fleeing to Egypt where they lived several years as refugees. The sword, foretold by the prophet to pierce Mary’s very soul, would first cut countless others’ to the quick.

“A voice is heard in Ramah,
mourning and great weeping,
Rachel weeping for her children
and refusing to be comforted,
because they are no more.”

Few carols lament the empty-armed mothers of Bethlehem, but their grief bore witness to ruthless political expedience and state violence long before that dark day in Golgotha. Or a tear-filled August in Ferguson.

“Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

The nativity of our manger-born King reveals an oppressive displacement not adequately conveyed by children’s Christmas pageantry. But Jesus’ babyhood did not exempt him from the rocky stranger’s path even as he was nursed at his mother’s breast. Lamb of God, on the lam before he was yet weaned. To follow in Christ’s steps is to know that same uncertain insecurity, the felt constancy only of the target on one’s back. Wholly welcome no tangible place, belonging only to mercurial sisters and brothers and an unseen, unchanging God, Emmanuel’s path leads ever outward from comfortable center to harried margin, dispossessed people, and cross.

And yet, somehow, to joy. Christ’s own chosen displacements–from heaven, Rome, and custom–can mend this hard world’s sharpest breaches. And we who’ll “do even greater things than these”, will call the castaways, bind up broken hearts, and walk the weary wanderers home at last. Repenting of our own callous casting out, wayward hearts, and dirty, colluding hands, we’ll “stay woke” this advent to light kindling even now in lands of deep darkness, fueled by cast off boots, blood-soaked garments, and every shattered yoke.

“to give his people the knowledge of salvation

through the forgiveness of their sins,
because of the tender mercy of our God,
by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven
to shine on those living in darkness
and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

We do not walk this lonesome way alone. Be strong and take heart, all who wait and watch and weep: Emmanuel, ransom of captives, is near.

          Reply #4135        
I respect they updated High Roller when the jackpot was hit, but King's Ransom has been neglected for a month. There seems to be a random order to what is updated, and sometimes weeks/months before something is updated. FL Cash is down to 5 $1m prizes apparently. Anyone got an instant liability report on it to see whether what remains is proportional?

I am absolutely shocked the $20 Monopoly had 2 $5m prizes hit, but not a single $1m prize hit. I assume the following explanations are all pos... [ More ]
          Reply #4132        
I was reading back on this thread because of a reference to Adam winning 2 jackpots..I think I missed the Kings

Ransom win...Great job Adam.

GetReal..very good insight. Money does change people..and the biggest and worst changes don't happen to the winner,

it's the friends and family that usually change.

Adam, did your mother complain at all before your win happened? Ex how hard her life was, how she gave everything to

everyone else, that people used her or didn't appreciate he... [ More ]
          Retarus Un e-mail sur six contient un virus : 2016-04-21 14:31:38 - Global Security Mag Online - Retarus constate l'augmentation des attaques de logiciels malveillants du type Locky ransomware et de ses dernières variantes KePanger, PowerWare et Petya 17pourcents de tous les messages électroniques en circulation sont bloqués en raison d'une suspicion d'une présence de virus Ce chiffre est cinq fois supérieur à celui du mois dernier et s'explique principalement par la recrudescence du nombre de rançongiciels En mars, un e-mail sur six envoyé à une messagerie professionnelle contenait un virus Le - Points de Vue
          Reply #4113        
I say that jokingly, but also somewhat seriously Krissam. Adam hit two scratchoff jackpots in Coral Springs within a one month span. (2m Holiday Gifts, and King's Ransom) I know jackpots can be won anywhere, and that the largest population density in the state is in SOFL so naturally there should be more jackpots hit in that region. I also know that the statistical likelihood of that happening is extremely improbable, and a person probably has a better chance at getting struck by lightning. Then... [ More ]
          WannaCry ecco come recuperare i files criptati su Windows 7 e altri os        
WannaCry è stato ed è il ransomware che ha scatenato il panico (a volte ingiustificato) sui media nei giorni scorsi. La sua diffusione è stata molto veloce e ha colpito in maniera capillare soprattutto dove gli aggiornamenti non erano stati eseguiti. Ai malcapitati non restava altro che pagare (sempre sconsigliato) o formattare tutto. Da qualche […]
          Reply #4046        
Hey EMTAdam, I'm a big follower of this Florida forum, you guys keep it really interesting to read.

Could you please post a picture of the second jackpot you hit, in the Kings ransom game, I don't think you have done it yet and those are always good to see and enjoy. Thanks.
          Reply #4033        
First a response to what happened:

This is YOUR money. I know you won about 2.25 million, but you did give the 250K Kings Ransom card

to your father and you had to pay taxes on whatever you ultimately got out of your 2 million dollar scratcher

winner. As far as I see it, you already gifted your parents 250K minus taxes.

Now, lets say you cleared a million dollars after taxes on your original win. A million dollars is a lot of money,

but you know and I know it can go very... [ More ]
          Reply #4000        
Thoughts on Kings ransom anyone buy rest of roll or no
          Ransomware Locky le redoutable virus de ce début 2016 : 2016-04-12 12:46:29 - Global Security Mag Online - En ce début d'année 2016, la mode est aux ransomwares Bien que chacun d'entre eux ait une spécificité, ils conservent tous une méthode similaire pour infecter les postes des utilisateurs Comment fonctionne le virus locky Tout comme CTB Locker qui avait fait beaucoup parler de lui il y a deux ans de cela, Locky est un virus de la famille des ransomwares Si l'infection par phishing réussie, Locky chiffre les fichiers contenus sur le poste et demande le paiement d'une rançon en échange de la clé - Malwares
           Jean-François Pruvot, CyberArk Moindre privilège et contrôle applicatif pour barrer la route aux ransomwares : 2016-04-12 10:57:33 - Global Security Mag Online - Des milliers de britanniques, parmi lesquels figuraient des membres de l'équipe de la radio BBC 4's You and Yours ont reçu récemment des emails de phishing leur réclamant des centaines de livres sterling dont ils étaient soi-disant redevables à des entreprises basées aux Royaume-Uni Ces derniers, bien orthographiés et grammaticalement corrects, contenaient l'adresse postale des destinataires, rendant l'arnaque encore plus réaliste et poussant les destinataires à cliquer sur les liens Selon les - Points de Vue
          Rapport annuel sur les cybermenaces Symantec Une vulnérabilité zero-day découverte en moyenne par semaine, augmentation des ransomware : 2016-04-12 10:57:33 - Global Security Mag Online - Symantec publie ce jour la 21e édition de son rapport annuel sur les cyber menaces ISTR Les chercheurs de Symantec constatent une évolution dans l'organisation des cybercriminels, qui adoptent les meilleures pratiques du monde professionnel et montent de véritables structures leur permettant d'optimiser l'efficacité de leurs attaques, qu'elles soient à destination des entreprises ou des particuliers Cette nouvelle catégorie de cybercriminels professionnels étend la portée des menaces à - Malwares
          Reply #3892        
Shety Lotto

what up folk's

there was just about a full deck of 10 dollar holiday down at the corner store yesterday , I went in today it was gone and there was nothing there in its place, so much for integrity.

Perhaps one of the kings ransom jackpots was in that other store down the street that caught on fire . who knows , I do know this if it was down there Im sure they wont reprint and put it back out in circulation.
          Reply #3830        
Beware the King's Ransom. EMTAdam hit the jackpot on that ticket a couple weeks ago (leaving maybe two left), and his book number [I think] was around 204k (you can find us talking about it some pages back). If you find some King's Randsom tickets, you won't want to be anywhere close to that book number.
          Reply #3496        
150000 and below, maybe even 160000 and below, I would buy some. The problem is we don't know where in the book distribution the other winners were. Also, with the King's Ransom game, I could see where a large prize winning ticket was discarded by someone who misread it. EMTAdam's winner had a A-9 beating the dealer's Q-9 hand, so it was very close and some people still think an ace is 1.

Now that a $1,000,000 winner on the $10,000,000 FORTUNE game was in Jacksonville this week, it may be
          Reply #3494        
Hmm, thanks for the info Duckman! Yeah, I'm not touching King's Ransom then. Even then, the game was reordered and orgiinally only had 4 prizes. I'm assuming Adam hit one of the last jackpots. Do you think if one were found in the 150k range it would be worth playing? There's still a good number of $10 Holiday Gifts tickets out there in 60k and under range. I might consider going back to that game.

Thoughts on the likelihood of a hit on older games like $10 50X, $10 200MS or $20 LFL? The ins... [ More ]
          Reply #3487        
I decided to play King's Ransom today, bought tickets #46-#56

Tickets #50, #52, #53 and #56 were all winners. 3 for 10$ each and one $30. Debating whether I should cash them for more tickets or not.
          Reply #3470        
You hit the jackpot on King's Ransom!?!?!? Congratz man
          Reply #3466        
Ransom for a King?................................ What about for a A-9 that beats a Q-9................


          Reply #3465        
One more book of 50X can be taken off the list. It paid back a little more than half the cost. Meh.

I'll probably buy a book of King's Ransom with the winners, but after that I'm back to one and done on $20 tickets for a while. I grow weary of the chase.
          Reply #3458        
Low though the stocks are, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding King's Ransom. I burned through two more books today at a couple of places here in town. Ended up with about half what I put in. Picked up a few Super Millions as well, to no avail. I'll probably stick with KR for a while, at least until I've cleared out what I can find nearby.
          Reply #3456        
Mhm. I can understand someone missing a single number match on a $25 ticket. There's so many numbers on them. But people need to double, and triple check those tickets.

I've found winners in my losers pile. Nothing too big, I found a $30 and $40 Holiday Gifts winner. I suspect some of those tickets may have been removed/destroyed. At any rate, any destroyed in that process is unethical.

I think I'm going to try to track down some King's Ransom on Friday. I haven't played that game before,... [ More ]
          Reply #3439        
Sorry to hear bud.

That $20 Flamingo ticket can be brutal. It can be decent for offering $100 wins, but that's it. I've seen 8+ losers in a row on that game before. Your experience doesn't seem that unusual, unfortunately. I encountered 8 duds in a row on the Super Millions game the other day.

I'm glad to hear you've found some decent hits on the King's Ransom game. I'm contemplating buying a roll of it if I can get some location addresses that have them in Jacksonville/Gainesv... [ More ]
          Reply #3437        
Remember the other day when I said that among the $20 tickets the Flamingo Multiplier had actually treated me the best? Well, scratch that (ignore pun). Today I hit ten in a row duds and the winner that finally broke the streak was for... ... ... $20. I can take a beating like that on $5 tickets without getting too disgruntled, but snip is it awful on $20 tickets.

In King's Ransom news, I've found a few decent rolls around here. Have played 30-40 tickets from three different rolls and hi... [ More ]
          Reply #3410        
Ah, well at least you found a winner. I've encountered 10 duds in a row on 50X cash. In my experiences, it has paid out worse than the $10 Holiday Gifts. I agree that big spenders could buyout 50X cash easily with only 2-3% remaining (and possibly 100 books left across the state). The King's Ransom game could also be bought out easily by Lotto Post members, honestly. With it being $300 a book, it could be feasible. That game is brutal though. I've heard of people receiving $60-$70 back on a $300... [ More ]
          Reply #3405        
Thanks! :) I've heard people suggest living in north Gainesvile, and even Ocala. I've been looking at so many apartments, and will probably make a decision within the next week. Oh yeah, it definitely is a high traffic road. With the amount of books they go through, I'd imagine they must be producing lots of claim tickets for at least the lower big prizes like $1k. King's Ransom is the one game I did not see on display at that store, although they might have it in inventory. I've seen King's Ran... [ More ]
          Reply #3404        
Welcome to the UF family! Been working there for 2 years now, can't beat the benefits.

Glad you had some luck with the mega-store. I've bought a couple times from there but actually have never gotten any winner out of there. That place is hard to get to with all of the traffic. I hated Archer Rd so much I moved to Ocala and commute from there.

I think that place has sold some big winners before so maybe it'll produce another big winner.

Did he have any King's Ransom
          Reply #3391        
Ah, cool. Hopefully those have decent odds.

I find it really interesting how some of the newer tickets, particularly $5 games, have better odds than some of the older tickets. Were the 2012-2014 years just really bad for lotto scratch off games?

King's Ransom for example has odds of 1 in 1.8m million for a $250k prize. (Possibly much better now with only 2-3% of tickets remaining) Winning Streak, and many of the other new $5 have odds around 1.26- 1.4 million for that type of pr... [ More ]
          Reply #3383        
Add me to the Kings Ransom beating list... Found 25 left on the roll at my local circle k. Bought them all. Spent $125 and won a whopping $55 on 5 winners. 1 of which had the K+k with a $5 under it for a $10 win.... lame.
          Reply #3378        
Now I know why that $5 game is called King's takes all your money. I found a small store that had 14 left on their roll. I bought all 14 and ended up with one winner for $15. I'll go back to my $10/$20 games.
          Reply #3365        
Thanks for the reports Kirssam!

That would be wild, wouldn't it? With how many $10k prizes were claimed, I don't know...what if this game had an unusual distribution like Holiday Gifts?

There was originally 4 jackpots on King's Ransom, and then the game was reordered with 2 additional ones. I think I'm going to try my luck with this game on payday. I'm planning on buying an entire book of $200 MS, but I might consider also buying a couple King's Ransom here and there over the n... [ More ]
          Reply #3364        
Those King's Ransom numbers are nuts. I get the feeling the top prize tickets are something like Q + 6 for the dealer's hand and 9 + 8 for the prize. 94% sold and still 50% of top prizes remaining? Florida public education strikes again
          Kommentar zu Locky Virus Trojaner – Entfernen und Entschlüsseln von Costa        
Ransomware attack my computer files. all my files are with extension .WALLET. I follow your steps and I think I remove the virus.. what next. how to decrypr files ? pleae advice :(
          Ransomware Defender 3.5.7 Incl Keygen        
Software Name Ransomware Defender 3.5.7 Related Status Tested Full Version Key Description Ransomware Defender 3.5.7 x64 x32 Full. Ransomware Defender is fully automated, taking care of all threats via an advanced Scan > Detect > Lock Down mechanism that proactively stands guard to detected threats, and works alongside all main antiviruses and anti-malware products! Ransomware-Defender also
          Reply #3355        
The 87 $10k prizes was the # collected, not remaining. You may have to scroll to the right to see it, but there are 3 $10k prizes remaining on King's Ransom.
          Reply #3354        

There's alot of top prizes remaining on the Kings Ransom game potentially. Wow, apparently 87 of the $10k prizes remaining? I was debating on focusing on Margaritaville, but with those stats posted, Margaritaville essentially has a supply remaining comparable to a new game. It definitely is an underselling ticket. I think I'm going to focus on the Kings ransom game.

Thanks for sharing this Ghost
          Reply #3353        
Above are screen shots of the instant liability report for Escape to Margaritaville and King's Ransom. Hopefully these come out clear when I post them. If they do not, you should be able to right click and go to Open image in new tab (in Chrome, or whatever it is in another browser) and view the report more clearly. If there are any issues, I'll post these as text in a post.

When I requested these I also asked if there was any way to find out what the total percentage of tickets sold for each... [ More ]
          Reply #3253        
$50 on the 7's and $100 on the King's Ransom. Normally I wouldn't post below $50 but whatever. Also got a $40 WoF at the same store and a $50 WoF up the road. It seems I can hit $100s relatively easily (easier than should be), but other than the $2k in March, I can't break $100. Would love just a simple $400 or $500 right now.
          Reply #3237        
Margaritaville and King's Ransom are games I've picked up sporadically over the last year or so, thinking the same things you guys have in mind right now: they've got a good number of outstanding top prizes and none have been claimed for a long time. Neither game has done well for me. King's Ransom has been particularly bad (and I pay very close attention scratching those). I don't think I've seen more than $20 on either game.

Also, as has been mentioned, very few places carry them, which is
          Reply #3180        
This is one that I've been focusing on because of the percentage of top prizes left compared to the age of it, now two years old. This and King's Ransom, though that is 3 of 6 prizes left and while it's not complicated, I could see some people not realizing they won on it because it's not simply a match the number type game.

As for it being reordered - I don't think it was. I think this one has the asterisk next to it due to the second half of their disclaimer that says or have been delivered... [ More ]
          Reply #3142        

(This post previously said something else but I realized I misread which report was which, so here's an edit).

Thank you.

I would love to see these reports for King's Ransom and Escape to Margaritaville. Especially if the reports would reflect grand prizes that were reclaimed/destroyed (whatever the term is) but aren't reflected on the website. 50% of the grand prizes in those games, as old as they are, seems high.
          Reply #3130        
And see, I'm expecting a top prize in Escape to Margaritaville soon and maybe one for King's Ransom too.
          Reply #3036        
Oldghost - Nice hits on $5 tickets. Congratz on finally hitting $100 on the WoF ticket! The most I've hit was $50 (win all) on the Wheel of Fortune ticket. How have the $5 tickets been treating you lately? Do you play Price is Right, or any of the other old $5 games? I still see the old $5 Flamingo, King's Ransom, Price is Right, and Margaritaville near where I live.

Skeptic - Nice hits on the $20 Flamingo ticket. I hear you. The best I've hit was $200 on one of those tickets, but I've
          Comment on Giant Steps Tarraford Vineyard Chardonnay 2014 by Dave55        
$34.89 pb as a James Dominguez 'Ransom' wine today.
          Reply #2918        
I have my doubts against them intentionally pulling winning tickets. It goes with the logic that more than 1 person would have to know about the intent and the odds that someone would eventually spill the beans, pissed off former employee or what not, is too high and would cause too much of a scandal. I've also gotten questionable information from retailers before. One telling me King's Ransom was done, couldn't order anymore, and then a week later he had new rolls. Lady at the gas station said
          Reply #2897        
Forgot to post some wins from Monday morning. Three bought at Publix, the fourth at 7-11. $100 $5Flamingo, $40 King's Ransom, a ticket or two later was a $100 King's Ransom (later as in lower, since it was Publix's reverse pull), then a $100 $5Flamingo.
          Reply #2835        
James - Wow, that's shocking because:

1- Those tickets are hard as hell to scratch. I get annoyed just trying to scratch them.

2- They are ancient.

It definitely seems like the FL Lotto is trying to get rid of some of these older games, these ones in particular have been *reordered*.

Oldghost - I agree with you that that seems to be the case. I've been noticing alot more of the King's Ransom, Margaritaville, and LFL tickets around. They seem to be at every mom and pop store nea... [ More ]
          Reply #2834        
I'm on the treasure coast, and I know of at least 2 places with the $10 holiday ticket and that is just by chance, not because I was looking for it. I think I'd find quite a few places around here that have it if i looked.

Also, I think FL Lotto is trying to get rid of some old games. I've noticed a lot of places carrying King's Ransom, High Roller, and Margaritaville lately and one of those places is a Publix. Publix usually doesn't carry the year's old games like that, which leads me to bel... [ More ]
          Reply #2767        
I generally stick to $5 tickets with some $10s tossed in there. $20 and $25 tickets when I win $100+ on something. You'd be surprised how often I get $100 wins, but other than the $2k ticket yesterday I don't think I've won over $100 on a $5. I've won $100 multiple times on $2 tickets as well as $400 and $200 on them. I try to stick to the newest 2 games and occasionally toss in an old game that has a lot of grand prizes left like Margaritaville and King's Ransom (both 50% of grand prizes left,
          Global cyber attack likely cover for malware installation in Ukraine: police official        

By Pavel Polityuk

KIEV (Reuters) - The primary target of a crippling computer virus that spread from Ukraine across the world this week is highly likely to have been that country's computer infrastructure, a top Ukrainian police official told Reuters on Thursday.

Cyber security firms are trying to piece together who was behind the computer worm, which has paralysed thousands of machines worldwide, shutting down ports, factories and offices as it spread through internal organisational networks to an estimated 60 countries.

Ukrainian politicians were quick on Tuesday to blame Russia, but a Kremlin spokesman dismissed "unfounded blanket accusations". Kiev has blamed Moscow for two previous cyber strikes on the Ukrainian power grid and other attacks since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

A growing consensus among security researchers, armed with technical evidence, suggests the main purpose of the attack was to install new malware on computers at government and commercial organisations in Ukraine. Rather than extortion, the goal may be to plant the seeds of future sabotage, experts said.

International firms appear to have been hit through their operations in the country.

Slovakian security software firm ESET released statistics on Thursday showing 75 percent of the infections detected among its global customer base were in Ukraine, and that all of the top 10 countries hit were located in central, eastern or southern Europe.

The malicious code in the new virus encrypted data on computers and demanded victims pay a $300 ransom, similar to extortion tactic used in the global WannaCry ransomware attack in May.

Echoing working hypotheses from top cyber security firms including Cisco and Kaspersky, a top Ukrainian official told Reuters that the ransom demands were likely a smokescreen.

"Since the virus was modified to encrypt all data and make decryption impossible, the likelihood of it being done to install new malware is high," the official, who declined to be identified, wrote in a phone text message to Reuters.

Information Systems Security Partners (ISSP), a Kiev-based cyber research firm that has investigated previous cyber attacks against Ukraine, is pursuing the same line of inquiry.

ISSP said that given that few people actually paid the $300 demanded for removing the virus, money was unlikely to be the primary object of the attack.

"It's highly likely that during this attack new attacks were set up," said ISSP chairman Oleg Derevianko.

"At almost all organisations whose network domains were infected, not all computers went offline," he said by phone. "Why didn't they all go offline? We are trying to understand what they might have left on those machines that weren't hit."

Some cyber security researchers have said the fact that the Kremlin's two flagship energy companies are victims of the attack suggests Moscow was not behind it.

Russian oil major Rosneft was one of the first companies to reveal it had been compromised by the virus and sources told Reuters on Thursday computers at state gas giant Gazprom has also been infected.

(Additional reporting by Eric Auchard in Frankfurt, Jack Stubbs in Moscow and Mark Hosenball in Washington D.C.; writing by Matthias Williams; editing by John Stonestreet)

          Hackers Doxxed Game of Thrones Actors        

At the end of July, a group of hackers revealed they’d successfully hacked US cable channel HBO. It now seems the reported 1.5TB of data obtained contained personal details of a number of Game of Thrones actors. The hackers leaked those details today to compel HBO to pay a hefty ransom fee to protect the […]

The post Hackers Doxxed Game of Thrones Actors appeared first on eTeknix.

          Reply #2561        
Take a break. Every time I've let decent winnings lead me on a chase, I've run them down to the felt. There's a new $25 ticket coming in a couple of weeks. Maybe wait for that and pick up a few. Or find some $200 Million Spectacular tickets to play. The $10 Gold Rush is probably ready to pay out again as well. There's also the $5 King's Ransom, which has never been good to me, but it's way overdue.
          Reply #2455        
Got the cashfall one and done on 007 and bought 4 kings ransoms. All ticks won in a row
          Reply #2290        
Well I'll try again when I get back in town. Tickets are hot this week. Only small wins but bought 2 $2 100 cash frenzy, one tic won 20 other lost. And 2 kings ransom. These are my fav. 51 won 20 bucks and 52 won 10. Not bad for only spending 14
          Becoming The Archetype         
País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Metalcore / Progressive / Melodic Death Metal
Formação atual: Chris McCane (vocal); Daniel Gailey (guitarra); Seth Hecox (guitarra e teclado); Cody Watkins (baixo) e Chris Heaton (bateria)
Site Oficial:

01 - Intro
02 - Oath To Order
03 - Two
04 - 54 Is 44
05 - Restoration
06 - The Regular Battle
07 - In Loving Memory
08 - The Longest Instant
09 - For The Sake Of Moving On

01 - March Of The Dead
02 - Into Oblivion
03 - One Man Parade
04 - Elegy
05 - Night's Sorrow
06 - The Epigone
07 - Beyond Adaption
08 - No Fall Too Far
09 - Ex Nihilo
10 - Denouement
11 - The Trivial Paroxysm

01 - Epoch Of War (The Physics Of Fire Pt. 3)
02 - Immolation
03 - Autopsy
04 - The Great Fall (The Physics Of Fire Pt. 1)
05 - Nocturne
06 - The Monolith
07 - Construct And Collapse
08 - Endure
09 - Fire Made Flesh (The Physics Of Fire Pt. 2)
10 - Second Death
11 - The Balance Of Eternity (The Physics Of Fire Pt. 4)

01 - Mountain Of Souls
02 - Dichotomy
03 - Artificial Immortality
04 - Self Existent
05 - St. Anne's Lullaby
06 - Ransom
07 - Evil Unseen
08 - How Great Thou Art
09 - Deep Heaven
10 - End Of The Age

01 - Breathing Liquid [Born Of Water Remix]
02 - We Ride [Giant Robot Remix]
03 - Invisible Sitar [Giant Robot Remix]
04 - Elemental Bond [Giant Robot Remix]
05 - Space Refraction [Giant Robot Remix]
06 - Magnetic World [Giant Robot Remix]

I AM (2012)
01 - The Ocean Walker
02 - The Time Bender
03 - The Eyes Of The Storm
04 - The Sky Breaker
05 - The Machine Killer
06 - The War Ender
07 - The Weapon Breaker
08 - The Planet Maker
09 - The Sun Eater
10 - I AM

          Masked Kidnaper Torturing Terrified Japanese Girl While Waiting For Ransom        
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          Reply #1732        
Anyone ever have any luck on King's Ransom? All I get on that game are losers. I keep playing because it's been a couple years since a winner turned up and half of them are supposedly still out there. Starting to think the same thing luring me into the game is what should be keeping me away from it.
          Reply #1586        
Bought 5 of the $2 1000 luck for life 14-18 15 won 2.

Bought 4 kings ransom got these nothing big but profit nonetheless. nice win skeptic and you too floridawinner. And good wins to everyone else the past couple weeks.
          Reply #1429        
So i had another crappy day here in Northwest Florida.

Bought 3 50x the cash: #57-#59 all duds

6 bejeweld diamond: #85-#87 #90-#92. somebody got the 3 in the midddle before i could. #91 won 5. rest losers.

2 Kings Ransom: #34 #35 both losers

2 Shimmering 7s: #18 #19 both losers

my luck is horrible lately
          Reply #1386        
I played on Thursday at store a little further down the street from me. Bought 2 $20 GR and 2 of the old $20 Monopoly The orange/blue one, this was my 1st time ever seeing it or playing it.

Lost on both GR

Won $40 on both Monopoly tickets.

This store had a LOT of older tickets like Kings Ransom, and they even had 2 rolls of 100X Cash I will play there again this coming Thursday.

Original text

 â€œThe News You Need Today…For The World You’ll Live In Tomorrow.”





Brennan converted during an assignment to Saudi Arabia






you will quickly be able to note and compare the Obama treacherous and even treasonous anti-American activity among what she reports.


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Sister Maria Theresa is the 73rd Sorcha Faal of the Sorcha Faal Order, Elected as Mother Superior 3 February 2007
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They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.
Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”
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Top World News Now                 
February 9, 2013

United States
Hundreds of thousands already without power, buried under snow from ongoing blizzard
Obama: 'No reason' for automatic Pentagon cuts
Obama to propose 1 percent pay hike for federal employees
White House won't comment on Brennan's waterboarding dodge
Clinton more popular than Obama, polls show
White House Delivers Dire Warning About Automatic Cuts
Lawmakers test legal waters for regulating drones
Christopher Dorner manhunt: Search for ex-LAPD cop goes on amid California snowstorm
Cop-killer on the run: Largest manhunt in LAPD history spreads to three US states and Mexico
US Air Force veteran added to no-fly list after visiting sickly mom
FBI Sting: California man arrested trying to blow up Oakland Bank of America branch with "Taliban help"
Health Officials: Worst of Flu Season May Be Over
KKK promises the largest rally in the history of Memphis after Confederate parks are renamed
Ohio Amish beard-cutting ringleader gets 15 years  

Putin: Countering extremists key task for law enforcers
Forward Russia: Grand Sochi project highlights Putin ambition
Migrant workers suffer for Putin's Olympics
Putin presents presidential awards to young scientists
Russia targets Uganda as big market for weapons
Retired intelligence officer gets 13 years for coup plot
New Russian citizens to get call-up for military service
‘I solemnly swear!’ – Russian citizen’s oath considered
Married couple, forced apart in communist Russia, reunite by chance and remarry
Russia, US in Hasid books brawl: Moscow wants recourse over $50,000 daily penalties
In Russia, brazen murder of Chernovik founder is unsolved
Russia's Black Earth Farmers Switch to Corn, Oilseeds for Profit
Reform Quickly or Lose Deals, EU Tells Ukraine
Fascism rehabilitated in Ukraine?

Xi Jinping says he welcomes criticism; critics aren’t so sure
Xi Jinping promises a cleaner, greener energy future in China
Chinese leaders send greetings for Lunar New Year
China Denies Directing Radar at Japanese Naval Vessel and Copter
Dangerous dance around disputed islets is becoming ever more worrying
PLA Navy to conduct training drills in western Pacific over Lunar New Year
China threatened by overseas hackers
Former Guangdong official stripped of Party membership
China retrieves defaulted payments for migrant workers
China jails Tibetan man for inciting secession
HP Directs Its Suppliers in China to Limit Student Labor
After Myanmar Violence, Almost 6,000 Rohingyas Arrive in Thailand
North Korea nuclear test may cause volcano eruption near Chinese border
South Korea in 'first strike' alert over tests

United Kingdom‎
Cameron savors EU budget win as battles loom
Cameron: 'Horsemeat story is shocking'
Britain opens criminal probe of horse meat contamination scandal
Clegg faces a fresh attempt to oust him as Liberal Democrat leader
2.3 million deprived kids absent from UK poverty data
UK investigating allegations of child sex abuse at former RAF base in Germany
Border agency backlog keeps Britons and their foreign spouses in limbo
Experts say DNA crime-fighting in UK 'lagging behind'
New evidence of UK complicity in Libya torture
Tax Rules Waived in Britain to Lure Athletes
Saga of Speeding Politician Rivets Britain
Whitehall spies could already be operating in Scotland
Refuelling and rendition: Ireland's role in the war on terror

European Union
EU budget cut ushers in austerity for first time in union's history
EU leaders agree to push for US trade deal
EU may force banks to help set Euribor to keep it clean
EU Court Strikes Down Swift's Blockade Against Iranian Banks
Greece gets silver lining to budget plans for coming years
Growing Police Brutality in Greece: The Hidden Face of the Crisis
Armenia holds 2 in attack on presidential candidate
Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Attempted Bombing in Spain
Moroccan suspected of being terrorist arrested in Spain
Cyprus Presidential Candidate Wary of EU Bailout Terms
Italy Vote Seen Inconclusive as Risk of Second Ballot Grows
Birth Defects In Multiples On The Rise In Europe

German Shale-Gas Fracking Rules Sought by Merkel Coalition
Germany Warns on Currency Depreciation
Germany posts second highest trade surplus in 60 years
Topless activists denounce female circumcision at Berlin film festival
German weapons case pits man against gun clubs
Minister's Heritage Sparks Racism Debate
New doubts cast on Holocaust account Nazi child mascot
Swiss Unemployment Returns to a 2.5 Year High
Gun control debate rages in Switzerland
Switzerland Justice Minister Returns Home
Taipei Ministry to ask Switzerland to arrest Zain Dean
Global warming to bring more rain to hydro-dependent Norway
EON Plans Hundreds of Megawatts of Wind Power in Norway, Sweden

Illegal Roma evictions in France continue under Hollande
Ayrault says no current plan for Peugeot stake
Ex-US envoy: $17M French ransom funded al-Qaida
France plays down report of ransom paid for Niger hostages
Europe Is Watching as France Weighs Options for Peugeot
French charge north in Mali, Bamako shooting kills two
Symbol of French Republic defaced in art attack
Hollande Eschews Monarch-Style Presidential Monument in Crisis
War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III
Jets roar over Pacific skies as US military gathers allies in drills, to keep ahead of China
Shooting erupts amid reports of mutiny in Malian capital
Suicide bomber blows himself up near Mali soldiers, first attack of its kind
French intervention 'will cost Mali its independence'
Rebel push into Damascus raises fears of long fight coupled by mass exodus
Syria says 'no truth' Israel targeted convoy
UN Says 5000 Syrians a Day Are Now Fleeing War
Syria military factory blast kills 54
Jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra is taking over Syria's revolution

Insight Into Today’s News
US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets
Now We Know: War Is Murder
It Can't Happen Here?
The Andromeda Strain, Yes. Jesus, No. Your Tax Dollars at Work.
Remember 1994
Morningland Dairy destroyed by feds, $250,000 inventory stolen by government thugs during armed raid
Department of Homeland Security Targets Gun Collector
CIA Adviser Warns of 'Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction'
Debtors Prisons In The US Are Rapidly Filling With People Who Can’t Pay Bills

Netanyahu's coalition-building efforts are guided by suspicion and skepticism
Livni will be appointed as minister in charge of peace process
Defense Ministry suspends ties with six firms over alleged fraud
Tel Aviv Hepatitis A outbreak may stem from open-air markets
Abbas to Ahmadinejad: Talk more about Palestine, less about destroying Israel
Palestinian jailed for Abbas Facebook 'insult'
Abbas Meets With Leader of Gaza Terror Group in Cairo
Hamas Weighs Options For Recognizing Israel
Palestinian prisoners in Israel 'smuggling out sperm'

Despite US opposition, oil trade with Iraq is legal, PM Erdoğan says
South Cyprus condemns Erdoğan's remarks calling him a 'bully'
Turkey says has spent $600 million on Syria refugees
No strong EU without Turkey, says Italian envoy
Turkey-US Tension Develops Over Al-Qaeda Member  
Ailing ex-general fights for survival after sentence delay
Cargo ship crashes into a passenger seabus in the Bosphorus
Protests grow in Sunni areas in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan presses on with oil pipe to Turkey

Morsi: Egypt, Turkey to establish joint chamber of commerce
Clashes in Egypt as anti-Morsi camp demands change
Continue reading
          Reply #1163        
Up $600 for the day!! Bought (two) $20 Gold Rush's from a local drive thru convenient store and won $100 on one ticket. (no picture) My phone had issues with it for some odd reason. The other ticket lost. Then I drove a little further down from my normal playing area to play at a new location and it worked out well today. I found a corner store hidden around a sharp corner with every scratch off game available. They even had a nice stash of the $5 King's Ransoms tickets which are definitely due
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          It’s the downtime in ransomware that might do the most damage        
Ransomware continues to make headlines. Unfortunately, notwithstanding all the news, there are businesses that are still not adequately protecting their data and, as a result, fall victim to ransomware. But even if a business does regain access to its data after paying that Bitcoin ransom, it has no doubt suffered downtime. Perhaps not surprisingly, downtime [...]
          Mozy Saves the Day        
During the past couple months, I immersed myself into answering one simple question: What is Mozy? As a recently hired Dell EMC intern, I wanted to know everything I could about the many ways Mozy protects data; in particular how Mozy protects against a cybercrime that has become very prevalent in recent years—ransomware. What is [...]
          NotPetya: Yet Another Ransomware Outbreak        
The WannaCry ransomware virus has become a distant memory for many. For some WannaCry and its variants came and went without doing damage. Others weren’t so lucky. What we are learning (once again) is how critical it is to be prepared against a ransomware outbreak. The fact that the ransomware threat is ongoing and not [...]
          Rumor has it that the ransom is going up        
Ransomware is a vicious form of malware that locks users out of their devices or blocks access to files, until a ransom is paid. There are numerous variants, with some ransomware designed to attack Windows devices, and others geared towards Macs or mobile devices. The WannaCry outbreak is a recent example of this form of [...]
          WannaCry? You will if you don’t back up!        
This blog was written by Jerome Bachelet, Mozy Systems Engineer; and Ela Moraru, Mozy Associate Systems Engineer 1 You’ve no doubt heard about the “Wanna” ransomware virus. Known by various names—including WannaCry, WannaBe, and WannaCrypt—this ransomware outbreak has spread globally and rapidly, affecting more than 250,000 computers in more than 150 countries in just a [...]
          Security for Startups: A 10-Step Affordable Plan to Survival in Cyberspace        
This post originally appeared in TechCrunch.

In the past two years, cyberspace has clearly changed in ways that threaten every online business, big or small. Startups now use the cloud infrastructure that mature companies do, and quickly aggregate large, juicy caches of private user data and payment credentials. As malware infestations scale to scour the â€œlong tail” of targets, they don’t discriminate between the Fortune 50 and the TechCrunch 50.
In fact, some increasingly common attacks — like DDoS extortion — specifically target smaller, more vulnerable businesses, whose loose cowboy cultures, shallow security expertise, fragile infrastructure and fresh capital make for easy pickings.
Jeremy Grant at NIST reports â€œa relatively sharp increase in hackers and adversaries targeting small businesses.” According to a recent survey, 20 percent of small businesses in Canada reported cyber losses last year. Who knows how many more fell victim and just don’t know it?
“Startups are incredibly vulnerable to cyber attacks in their first 18 months. If a business thinks that it’s too small to matter to cybercriminals, then it’s fooling itself with a false sense of security.” – Brian Burch, Symantec (CNN)

For many attacks—API disruption, marketplace fraud, IP theft—the smaller the target, the greater the damage. Startups often lose a year or more when targeted by identity thieves, nation-states, hacktivists, competitors, disgruntled employees, IP thieves, fraudsters or Bitcoin miners. Evernote, Meetup, Feedly, Vimeo, BaseCamp, Shutterstock, MailChimp and all fell victim to extortion rackets, and Code Spaces shut downaltogether. “When our API collapsed under a DDoS attack, we experienced more customer churn in that one day than we had in the entire two years since our launch,” recalled one CEO.
StubhubUber, and Tinder struggle to battle fraud in their marketplaces. Uber employees themselves were caught defrauding competitor Gett.,FormspringDropboxCupid MediaZendesk, SnapchatClinkleMeetMeLastPass (a password security company!) and many others have had to tell users they lost their passwords or payment credentials to hackers. Cyber thieves stole $5 million worth of Bitcoins from Bitstamp, and destroyed Mt. Gox and Flexcoin. Hackers exposed the content and identities of Yik Yak accounts. The CEOs of HB GarySnapchat and many other startups have been vilified following the theft and publication of embarrassing emails. Google routinely blacklists websites for weeks due to malware. Appstudio,SendGridHB Gary and others have been defaced or even permanently shut down by anti-Western hacktivists for political reasons. For, the damage appears to have been fatal.
And even if your startup beats the odds and survives its infancy without a serious incident, playing catch up later will cost many times more in time, money, reputation and distraction as you change architectures, re-writing code, moving infrastructure, re-imaging laptops, migrating email, and replacing billing systems.
But until your startup can afford a CISO, how do you protect your mission, IP, brand, assets, employees, and capital from cyber threats? For startups with limited resources and intense focus, what’s the right measured response to these threats?
To help our portfolio companies answer these questions, I surveyed Silicon Valley startups to understand their regrets and successes in mitigating cyber losses. I interviewed technical founders, Engineering VPs, CTOs and CISOs to hear what measures they wish they’d taken sooner, or in some cases, later. I also tapped security gurus like Dan Farmer (author, inventor of SATAN), Barrett Lyon (anti-DDoS warrior, hero of Fatal System Error), and Richard Clarke (author, top cyber intelligence officer in the White House and State Department).
I learned that adopting strong security practices is much easier to do when a company is young, while they still enjoy a small attack surface and a manageable number of devices to track. I was encouraged to hear that some basic, affordable practices â€“ both technical and cultural â€“ can mitigate the greatest risks to startups, positioning them well to develop a strong cyber posture as they grow.
So I now advise founders to download and consider these recommendations from Day One, and review the team’s progress quarterly. A secure organization starts at the top with the CEO, but demands a team effort. Whether you’re in a leadership position in finance, engineering, operations or finance, or simply in a position to influence those who are, following this 10-step plan could potentially save your venture.

Cyber security will remain unsolved for as long as people compete for resources on a planet with digital assets. We face this challenge together, so as you read, please think about what may be missing, and share your feedback. As a VC, I share the entrepreneur’s goal – to minimize the distraction of cyber threats so each startup can focus on its mission. Keep in mind that if you want your venture to make a dent in the world, you can’t let hackers make a dent in you.

          Cyber expert who stopped WannaCry ransomware attack arrested by the FBI        

A man hailed as a hero just a few months ago for stopping the global spread of damaging ransomware has now been accused of a serious cybercrime. Brit Marcus Hutchins was arrested in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

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          Webinar: Día del ransomware        
Debido a la afluencia de ciberataques cada vez más sofisticados, las empresas cada día centran más sus esfuerzos en una buena seguridad TI con el fin de mantener sus datos protegidos.
          Global cyberattack 'highly likely' linked to North Korea group         

The latest global ransomware attack might have been botched but that didn’t stop it from causing a great deal of inconvenience for consumers not least in the UK where trains didn’t run and hospital appointments were cancelled. The problem of course is that even if this attempt was not as successful as the originators hoped if will act as inspiration for ambitious criminal organisations to get it right next time.

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          Kidnapped Girl Will Never Forgive Her Father For Refusing To Pay The Ransom        
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          Comment: The WannaCry attack should be a wake-up call for consumers, businesses and governments        
Ben Lovejoy The WannaCry ransomware attack may have been exploiting a vulnerability in Windows, but the lesson it provides – the importance of keeping both computers and mobile devices updated – is one applicable to all of us, Apple users included. WannaCry itself targeted a vulnerability that had existed in Windows all the way through from XP to the latest Windows 10. Microsoft issued a patch to fix the issue for Windows Vista onwards back in March, but many organizations failed to update. The scale of the attack – which caused widespread disruption around the world – should be a wake-up call to consumers, businesses and governments alike … For consumers and businesses, it needs to be a reminder of the importance of keeping operating systems updated – and all data backed-up more than once. Windows may be the primary target, but Mac malware is growing – which includes ransomware. McAfee said recently that Mac malware grew 744% last year. Most of it Read the full article →
          Why You Can Still Develop Food Allergies as an Adult        

If you have children, you know that protecting them against food allergies is a big concern these days. Such a big concern that doctors recommend treatment against allergies start in utero. (Current research suggests expectant mothers load up on peanuts five times a week or more during pregnancy in order to prevent the very common peanut allergy.)

In total, there are eight “big” food allergies that parents and doctors look out for, according to FARE, the Food Allergy Research & Education organization: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish. Some, like milk, eggs, and wheat, are commonly shed in childhood. But others, like peanuts, tend to stick around.

How Can You Cook More Mindfully for People with Allergies?
How Can You Cook More Mindfully for People with Allergies? by Mayukh Sen

But while most of the allergy research in the United States has focused on how it affects children (approximately eight percent of children deal with food allergies, compared to five percent of adults), researchers have spent years parsing together anecdotal evidence of another issue altogether: adult-onset food allergies.

Until recently, researchers knew little about the true prevalence of adult food allergies, but thanks to the data collected by a new national study, we now know that more than half of adults in the US with food allergies got them after they turned 18. For adults, shellfish is the most common allergen (3.9 percent), followed by peanuts (2.4 percent), and tree nuts (1.9 percent)

In a representative sample of 40,447 adults across the US, nearly 52 percent of subjects fell victim to what the paper’s lead researcher, pediatrician and allergy specialist Dr. Ruchi Gupta, calls the “turn-on switch.” What’s more, adults appear to have unique methods of developing allergies that children don’t, such as oral allergy syndrome, which makes your throat or mouth itchy. As Dr. Sharon Chinthrajah, an allergy researcher involved in the study, explained to The New York Times, oral allergy syndrome typically affects adult sufferers of seasonal allergies and “involves your body getting tricked” by the similarity in protein structures between allergens. For instance, someone with an allergy to birch tree pollen might develop an allergic reaction when they eat certain fruits, like cherries, peaches, and apples, simply because the proteins are structurally similar. Chinthrajah also notes a key distinction between food allergies and food intolerance, the latter of which is not as well-understood. Allergic reactions show up within two hours of eating the offending food, while symptoms of food intolerance show up the next day.

How to Make Berry Jam Without a Recipe
How to Make Berry Jam Without a Recipe by MrsWheelbarrow

I can, unfortunately, attest to the very real phenomenon of adult-onset allergies, which I suddenly had to apples, peaches, and citrus fruit right after college. If the same is true for any of you, take heart. Although you should stay away from any allergy-inducing produce in their raw form, you can eliminate the reaction by cooking or processing any fruit in question, which denatures the triggering protein. Bake, jam, and jelly your heart out!

          AppCheck Anti-Ransomware        
AppCheck Anti-Ransomware

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware empêchent, détectent et récupèrent les dossiers endommagés par des ransomware.

AppCheck fournit une protection en temps réel automatique des dossiers originaux pour récupérer les dossiers valables. Il n'utilise pas de base de signatures pour se protéger contre les ransomwares inconnus. Cela permet une faible utilisation des ressources système.

La fonction de sauvegarde planifiée intégrée permet de sauvegarder le chemin de réseau souhaité, y compris le stockage en réseau et sur un lecteur de disque local.

Programme en anglais.

Site de l'éditeur

Télécharger ici 

Page d'aide en anglais.

          Watch Out For Fake Retailer Apps On Your iPhone This Holiday Season        

It feels like pretty much every major chain retailer out there now has an accompanying app they want you to download to your phone. These are supposed to enhance your shopping experience, provide you with targeted discounts, and provide the retailer with a wealth of useful data. What they aren’t supposed to do, though, is steal your private information — but there are a whole lot of clones out there that do just that, and in the run-up to the holiday shopping season, they’re popping up like mad.

Counterfeit and clone apps have always been endemic to the ecosystem of your phone. While they’re known more for showing up on Google Play and Android devices than on iOS and Apple ones, neither system has ever been completely immune. Meanwhile, we’re barreling into the time of year where basically everyone starts doing a whole lot more shopping, and that means more people are going to see “download our app now and save money” signs at the stores they visit.

The combination of the two makes this the prime moment for fakes to start showing up in droves, the New York Times reports.

Some of the fakes are comparatively harmless. They don’t do anything for you, but they don’t really do anything to harm you other than displaying a whole bunch of annoying ads.

Others, however, are downright dangerous. Putting payment card information into a fake app is basically like having it stolen. Some fake apps are malware that can steal information from your phone, or ransomware, that can hold your device and its contents hostage until you pay up.

Apple has, metaphorically, a higher wall around its garden than Google does. It’s easy by design to put new apps on Google Play; reaching the App Store for iOS devices, though, theoretically comes with a stricter review process.

That said, the NYT points out, Apple doesn’t have dedicated personnel screening every single app every single day, and plenty that aren’t obviously malicious right on the face of them will get through.

The NYT points out that Apple quietly removed hundreds of fakes and clones after the paper asked about them, and that more were removed after another media outlet highlighted them last night.

Both stores that do and don’t have real apps have clones aplenty looking for you online. Dollar Tree has no official app, for example, so the one that consumers find on iTunes can grab everyone.

Others are more pervasive in a different way. Foot Locker has three official apps, the NYT explains, but there are 16 clothing- and shoe-related apps that are made by “Footlocke,” many of which are designed to look like legitimate apparel retailers.

In the long run, though, the onus is still on consumers to read very, very carefully before they install any software. Its users’ responsibility to flag anything suspicious, and to double- and triple-check anything before agreeing to it.

“We’ve set up ways for customers and developers to flag fraudulent or suspicious apps, which we promptly investigate to ensure the App Store is safe and secure,” a spokesperson for Apple told the NYT. “We’ve removed these offending apps and will continue to be vigilant about looking for apps that might put our users at risk.”

Beware, iPhone Users: Fake Retail Apps Are Surging Before Holidays [New York Times]

by Kate Cox via Consumerist
          Watch Out For Fake Retailer Apps On Your iPhone This Holiday Season        

It feels like pretty much every major chain retailer out there now has an accompanying app they want you to download to your phone. These are supposed to enhance your shopping experience, provide you with targeted discounts, and provide the retailer with a wealth of useful data. What they aren’t supposed to do, though, is steal your private information — but there are a whole lot of clones out there that do just that, and in the run-up to the holiday shopping season, they’re popping up like mad.

Counterfeit and clone apps have always been endemic to the ecosystem of your phone. While they’re known more for showing up on Google Play and Android devices than on iOS and Apple ones, neither system has ever been completely immune. Meanwhile, we’re barreling into the time of year where basically everyone starts doing a whole lot more shopping, and that means more people are going to see “download our app now and save money” signs at the stores they visit.

The combination of the two makes this the prime moment for fakes to start showing up in droves, the New York Times reports.

Some of the fakes are comparatively harmless. They don’t do anything for you, but they don’t really do anything to harm you other than displaying a whole bunch of annoying ads.

Others, however, are downright dangerous. Putting payment card information into a fake app is basically like having it stolen. Some fake apps are malware that can steal information from your phone, or ransomware, that can hold your device and its contents hostage until you pay up.

Apple has, metaphorically, a higher wall around its garden than Google does. It’s easy by design to put new apps on Google Play; reaching the App Store for iOS devices, though, theoretically comes with a stricter review process.

That said, the NYT points out, Apple doesn’t have dedicated personnel screening every single app every single day, and plenty that aren’t obviously malicious right on the face of them will get through.

The NYT points out that Apple quietly removed hundreds of fakes and clones after the paper asked about them, and that more were removed after another media outlet highlighted them last night.

Both stores that do and don’t have real apps have clones aplenty looking for you online. Dollar Tree has no official app, for example, so the one that consumers find on iTunes can grab everyone.

Others are more pervasive in a different way. Foot Locker has three official apps, the NYT explains, but there are 16 clothing- and shoe-related apps that are made by “Footlocke,” many of which are designed to look like legitimate apparel retailers.

In the long run, though, the onus is still on consumers to read very, very carefully before they install any software. Its users’ responsibility to flag anything suspicious, and to double- and triple-check anything before agreeing to it.

“We’ve set up ways for customers and developers to flag fraudulent or suspicious apps, which we promptly investigate to ensure the App Store is safe and secure,” a spokesperson for Apple told the NYT. “We’ve removed these offending apps and will continue to be vigilant about looking for apps that might put our users at risk.”

Beware, iPhone Users: Fake Retail Apps Are Surging Before Holidays [New York Times]

by Kate Cox via Consumerist
          3 Cybersecurity Practices That Small Businesses Need to Consider Now        
All businesses, regardless of size, are susceptible to a cyberattack. Anyone associated with a company, from executive to customer, can be a potential target. The hacking threat is particularly dangerous to small businesses who may not have the resources to protect against an attack let alone ransomware. Norman Guadagno, a senior marketing officer at Carbonite, has said that […]
          Free cyber security training for the NHS        
Yesterday's ransomware attack that infected so many trusts within the NHS was avoidable. There are complexities within that environment relating to updating software which I understand. Having said that though users are the first line of defence, as well as better filtering of emails before they arrive at users devices. I'm confident the patient data in the back end systems is safe. More can and should be done to prevent future attacks. Firebrand of course wants to help, training people quickly is the only reason we get out of bed in the morning.

Firebrand's cyber security portfolio of courses spans protection and detection as well as end user training. We are also unique in offering accelerated cyber security apprenticeships. As you probably know public organisations including the NHS need to have 2.3% of their staff on apprenticeship programs by 2020. A great way to spend their Apprenticeship Levy.

Firebrand would of course relish the opportunity of talking to any NHS trusts about cyber security training and apprenticeships. I appreciate this might seem like we're trying to profit from this situation. However I'm extremely proud of what Firebrand does. We've trained 65,000 people over 16 years. We've given them skills that make them better at their jobs or further their careers. I know what we teach on our courses makes businesses or government departments more secure, better prepared.

So I'm not going to apologise for this offer! We will give up to 10 NHS trusts one free cyber security course each in exchange for a meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss training and apprenticeships. We can bring a security expert with us if needed and we can explain the range of courses we offer and help you plan where you need skills. During the meeting we will figure out which free course you'll benefit most from. No strings other than agreeing to the meeting.

If you work for an NHS trust feel free to contact me via LinkedIn. The first 10 NHS trusts to contact me get the courses.

For background here's the video of my interview with BBC London News yesterday talking about what has happened at the NHS.

          5 things you need to do after the NHS hack        
NHS hospitals across England have been hit by a large scale cyber attack. A pop-up message demanding ransom in exchange for access to the infected machines.

NHS Digital said: “A number of NHS organisations have reported to NHS Digital that they have been affected by a ransomware attack which is affecting a number of different organisations".

Whilst it’s too late to stop the current hack, this is a wake-up call for all. In this post, we will identify the steps needed to secure your own information now and in the future.

This is what you need to do
Be wary of emails from the NHS:
 Now is the perfect time for cyber criminals to strike through a phishing attack. Avoid downloading or clicking links in any emails coming from NHS. Almost all malware is installed unknowingly by the victims themselves.

Change your passwords and security questions: Even if you haven't been hacked, change your password and security questions immediately. This is especially important if your email is connected in any way to your bank or a PayPal account.

Additionally, you should look to change the passwords in any other account that uses the same or similar security information. This ensures hackers cannot access other accounts through NHS information. It is also sensible to check your password recovery settings and ensure they have not been changed to a third party.

Avoid contacting your GP practice: Avoid contacting your GP practice unless absolutely necessary, your local pharmacy can provide free and fast advice for non-urgent conditions.

Update your security settings and run a security scan: This the time to make sure your computer is secure. Make sure you run a virus scan and have the most recent security updates on your operating system. If you don't have an anti-virus application, invest in a high-quality one like McAfee or Norton Antivirus. This is something you should be doing as best practice regardless of the issue.

Report it to the police: If you believe you have been hacked and are now the victim of identity theft or fraud, file a report with Action Fraud.

          EC-Council launch Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) v9 Update        
As businesses wake up to the growing and imminent threat of cyber crime, cyber security is a top priority, now more than ever.

In 2004, the global cyber security market was worth just $3.5 billion. But, by 2020 it will be worth a staggering $120 billion according to Wired.

Because of the new and innovative ways businesses are experiencing hack attacks, it’s important that both security and response measures remain up-to-date.

EC-Council’s recent update to the Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) is a prime example of the security industry looking to keep your knowledge current and up-to-date on the latest techniques.

What to do after the worst happened?

The CHFI certification validates your skills in conducting a digital forensics investigation. From understanding which scripts to run in the all important moments following a breach to piecing together clues to catch a trespasser, digital forensics is your first response. 

Digital forensics detectives draw on a wide range of investigation and analysis techniques to identify an intruder's virtual footprints, in the hope of gathering potential legal evidence. 

Put into context, CHFIs are effectively virtual detectives. Just like you’d want an investigator on the case if jewellery was stolen from your home, you’ll want a CHFI if you’re the victim of a cyber breach.  The only difference is, even the most expensive pieces of jewellery can’t compare to the millions it can cost if you’re hacked.

The CHFI course covers major forensic investigation scenarios and presents a methodological approach to forensics. You'll cover searching and seizing, chain-of-custody, acquisition, preservation and analysis and reporting of digital evidence. 
There’s always an opportunity for a hacker to penetrate your system. When your organisation is hit by a cyber breach, the real issue is how you respond to the attack.

What are the new updates?

The new CHFI version 9 update has a number of key changes.

Firstly, this update introduces new content. You’ll dive into the latest forensics examination techniques, with new operating systems including Linux and MAC Forensics. In the previous version (v8), only Windows forensics was addressed. 

Furthermore, a host of new modules have been added to this course to reflect industry developments. The three modules added are database, cloud and malware forensics. With UK businesses at a cloud adoption rate of 84% and with 54% being hit by ransomware attacks, it's easy to see why these modules have been added.  

EC-Council have also added more than 40% new, hands-on labs to the program. These descriptive and analytical labs are well tested and results oriented. Even with these new labs however, EC-Council have in fact reduced the total number of labs and modules. From 22 modules, 42 labs and 2400 slides, they've now got 14 modules, 39 labs and only 1222 slidesThis change seeks to make the information more concise and digestible, whilst still covering all of the key areas in the same depth. 


Why is it essential to your cyber security in 2017?

In a world where 90% of all criminal cases have at least one form of electronic evidence (The Guardian), the importance of being able to conduct a digital forensics investigation is growing rapidly.

Furthermore, the digital forensics market is expected to grow around 15% globally from 2015 to 2020 as businesses quickly realise the importance of cyber forensics. 

Learn how to protect against a cyber attack, fast

Achieve the CHFI certification in just 5 days with Firebrand Training, or check out the extensive cyber security portfolio we have to offer. 

Here's what others thought about the CHFI course: 


          #blogExodus 12: Find        
Have I ever told you about the year that that our search for the afikomen (a piece of broken matzah that is hidden during the Passover Seder for kids to find and subsequently ransom, because the ritual meal can’t end until everyone takes a bite of the afikomen) took four months? It is a tale of mystery and intrigue […]
          Kidnappers Having Fun With Pigtailed Student Girl While Waiting For Ransom        
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          The Feast of Brigid & the first day of spring on the Celtic calendar        
Although not much is known about the saint for whom it is named, St. Brigid’s cross is a national symbol in Ireland. St. Brigid is said to have been born into the family of a Leinster chieftain, sometime around 450, in the County Louth village of Faughart, near Dundalk.

It is said Brigid refused to enter into an arranged marriage and instead chose to consecrate her life to God. Brigid is credited with the founding of several monastic communities around Ireland, including a large monastery at Kildare. The significance of this community may account for the fact that St. Brigid is known as Brigid of Kildare. Brigid’s communities provided education for young Irish women at a time when the Roman church would not do so.

There is a long list of persons for whom Brigid is said to be patron saint, including babies & brewers, mariners & midwives, poets & scholars.

All around Ireland on the first day of February — the first day of spring on the Celtic calendar — you may find children crafting St. Brigid’s cross out of rushes. Also, you might spy the crosses in transom windows over doorways, beseeching St. Brigid to keep safe those who reside within. My own St. Brigid's crosses are pictured above. The black one is crafted out of petrified turf, and is a souvenir of time spent in County Kildare. The reed one is a little the worse for wear, but hangs in our home, not only as a talisman against harm, but also as a symbol of the kindness of the young woman who crafted it for me at the 2014 January Tradfest site on the grounds of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

Around Ireland there are a number of sites dedicated to Brigid, but my favourite among these is near the National Stud in County Kildare. Please enjoy the brief video slideshow below of my visit to St. Brigid's Holy Well.


          Hey Eyes        
Her Eyes
By: John Crowe Ransom

To a woman that I knew
Were eyes of an extravagant hue:
Viz., china blue.

Those I wear upon my hed
Are sometimes green and sometimes red,
I said.

My mother's eyes are wet and blear,
My little sister's are not clear,
poor silly dear.

It must be given to but few,
A pair of eyes so utter blue
And new;

Where does she keep them from this glare
Of the monstrous sun and the wind's flare
Without any wear;

And were they never in the night
Poisoned by artificial light
Much too bright;

And had the splendid beast no heart
That boiled with tears and baked with smart
The ocular part?

I'll have no business with those eyes,
They are not kind, they are not wise,
They are two great lies.

A woman shooting such blue flame
I apprehend will get some blame
On her good name
          Isis unveiled, vol. I: August - September 2013 – Part 2        
Summary and discussions
Pages  595-598
The previous blog ended with a note :
The true religion and traditions of Incas are preserved to this day in all their original purity, in inviolable secrecy, despite the cultural and ethnic genocide perpetrated on them by the conquering Spaniards.

Hidden treasures of the Incas

H.P.B. mentions, as said in the previous blog, that the ruins which cover both the Americas and the West Indian Islands are all attributed to the people of the submerged continent of Atlantis, and that its Hierophants had built a network of subterranean passages linking Atlantis with the newly risen continent of Americas. Though Atlantis itself has disappeared under the water, the catacombs in South America still exist and are known to some Peruvians. H.P.B. gives an account of it which one such native, whom she encountered in her travels in the Americas, narrated to her. She says that his account was corroborated by an old Italian priest who had the secret divulged to him, at confession, by a Peruvian Indian.
 The last of the Inca chiefs was held a prisoner by Pizzaro, the Spanish conqueror, as a ransom for obtaining the hidden treasures of the Incas. The wife of the Inca chief offered a room full of treasure to Pizzaro in exchange for release of her husband. She kept her promise, but Pizzaro, according to the practice of Spaniards, broke his promise. Marvelling at the glittering  treasure Pizzaro declared that he would kill her husband unless she revealed to him the place from where the treasure came. He had heard that Incas had inexhaustible treasure in miles of subterranean crypts running. The queen begged for time, went to consult oracles. The priest showed her in the “Black Mirror” the unavoidable murder of her husband, whether or not she delivered the treasure demanded by Pizzaro. The queen gave orders to close the entrance, a door cut into the rocky wall of a chasm. It was closed with huge masses of rock. The Inca chief was murdered, and the unfortunate queen committed suicide.

Oracular Magic Mirrors

HPB says they are generally black, was used universally in ancient world. The secret of preparing black oracular mirrors are known in India, Tibet and China. Brasseur de Bourbourg quotes a native historian that the ancestors of Quiches brought them to Mexico from Egypt, and that Peruvian Sun-worshippers used it. When Spaniards had landed, according to the native historian, the king of the Quiches consulted the black mirror in order to learn the fate of his kingdom, and it reflected the present and the future as in a mirror.

A secret now first told

HPB’s said she learnt from her Peruvian informant that at various times different governments sent out exploratory teams to search for the hidden treasures of Incas under the pretext of scientific exploration, but failed to obtain any clue. She says this tradition is corroborated by reports of Dr. Tscuddi and other historians of Peru. In order to find further evidence of the veracity of the accounts given her, she personally visited Peru the second time. South of Lima, near Arica, she was struck by an enormous, nearly perpendicular, standing in solitude on the shore, apart from the mountain range of Andes, said to be the tomb of the Incas. Under the illumination of the last rays of the setting sun one could discern curious hieroglyphics inscribed on the surface of the volcanic rock.
 She speaks of once famous Temple of the Sun at Cusco, which was roofed with thick plates of gold, and walls and eave-troughs  covered with precious metal. The west wall was cut out an aperture in such a way that when the sun beams  reached it, it focused them inside the building, illuminating the idols and disclosing certain mystic signs, but at other times invisible. It was only by understanding those hieroglyphics that one could learn the secret of the tunnel and its approaches. It leads directly into an immense tunnel which runs from Cusco to Lima, then, turning southward, extends to Bolivia. At a certain point is is intersected by a royal tomb, inside of which are cunningly devised two doors or enormous slabs turning on pivots, and so tightly closed as to be indistinguishable from other portions of the sculptured walls, except by secret signs, whose key is in the faithful custodians. One of these turning slabs covers the southern mouth of the Lima tunnel, the other, the northern one of the Bolivian corridor, which turning southward, passes through Trapaca and Cobilo of Arica, not far away from the river Pay’quina—the boundary between Peru and Bolivia. River is called so, because its waves used to drift particles of gold from Brazil. Not far from this spot stand three separate peaks  which form a curious triangle, included in the chain of the Andes.
But without the secret of its land marks, an Army of Titans may rend the rocks in vain in the attempt to find it. Even if the entrance is found, says H.P.B., and gained entrance up to the turning slabs, and blast it out, the superincumbent rocks are so disposed as to bury the tomb, its treasures, and a thousand warriors in one common ruin. She says that along the length of the corridor from Bolivia to Lima and Cusco, there are smaller hiding places filled with treasures of gold and precious stones. They are accumulation of many generations of Incas, the aggregate values of which is incalculable.
 HPB was entrusted with accurate plan of the sepulchre. The treasures will remain hidden till the last vestige of Spanish conquerors leave north and south America
The old Peruvian who conducted her entrusted to her the accurate plan of the tunnel, the sepulchre, and the doors. She said if she had thought of profiting by the secret, it would have required the cooperation of the Peruvian and Bolivian governments on an extensive scale. Many a exploration have been undertaken by adventurers to exhume the hidden treasures but in vain.
In the part III of the blog, what the Teachers say about the  Gobi desert and the secrets it holds of pre-historic civilizations, and the least studied unexplained natural phenomena of deserts and wildernesses will be covered.

          Isis Study – January to March 2013 Summary and discussions        
Isis unveiled, vol. I


Pages 544 - 548

The last blog ended with the statement :

“Subject of the next blog will dwell on other great civilizations of pre-historic Americas, the earliest navigators of the globe, Mexican ruins and myths, question of who built the ancient monuments of the Mayas.’

Ancient advanced civilizations of the two Americas, of Crete and Troad, of Lacustrians, of submerged Atlantis

 Great progress and achievements of ancient Egypt some of the highlights of which were discussed in the foregoing, is not to say that Egypt alone shone like a bright star in the pre-historic period. Equally advanced were the great civilizations of the two Americas, of Crete and of the Troad, of the Lacustrians, of the submerged continent of Atlantis.  They are now classed under myths, as were the Phoenicians.

It is now pretty well established by historical and other evidences that Phoenicians were the earliest known navigators of the world, founded colonies of the Mediterranean, and voyaged to other uninhabited parts of the globe. They visited the Arctic region and brought home their accounts of eternal days without a night. Homer in his epic poem, Odessey, has preserved the fact for us. They imported tin from British Isles for their colonies in Africa and Spain. Their exploration extended in every direction, including the Indian Ocean and the Norwegian fiords. Different writers have accorded to them settlement of remote localities. Entire Mediterranean coast was dotted with their cities. A large portions of the African territory have been peopled by races expelled by Joshua and the children of Israel. Columns that stood in Mauritiana Tingitana bore the inscriptions, in Phoenician characters, “We are those who fled before the brigand Joshua, the son of Nun or Nave.”

Navigating serpent Votan

 Votan is the famous hero of Mexican mythology. He was the greatest among their magicians. Brasseur de Bourbourg gives us much information about the manners, customs, architecture and arts, of magic and magicians of Mexico. Votan is said to have visited Solomon at the time of the construction of the temple while returning from a long voyage. Votan appears to be identical with Quetze Cohutl of the Mexican legends. It is said that Votan furnished to Solomon valuable particulars as to men, animals and plants, gold and precious woods of the Occident, but refused to give him any clue to the route he sailed or of the manner of reaching the mysterious continent.  Solomon himself gives an account of his interview in his History of the Wonders of the Universe. The chief Votan figures in it under the allegory of Navigating Serpent.

Descendants of Caciques and Aztecs still survive and preserve their ancient lore

 Stephen, in his Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, believes that a key surer than that of Rosetta stone will be discovered by which American Hieroglyphics may be read, and that descendants of Caciques and Aztecs still survive in the fastnesses of Cordilleras  and gives an account of the mysterious city he saw from the topmost range of Cordilleras of the unconquered, unvisited and unsought aboriginal inhabitants. Mysterious city has been seen by travellers from great distance by daring travellers but, he says, there is no intrinsic improbability of its existence, as who can tell what became of the primitive people who fled before the rapacious brigands of Cortez and Pizzaro ?

In the mysterious fastnesses of Cordilleras the core of Maya civilization is still preserved

 Dr. Tschuddi, in his work on Peru speaks of an Indian legend that a train of 10,000 llamas, laden with gold to complete the unfortunate Inca’s ransom was arrested in the Andes by the tidings of his death, and the enormous treasure was so effectually concealed that not a trace of it has ever been found. He, and other writers inform us that the Indians to  this day preserve their ancient traditions and sacerdotal caste, and obey implicitly orders of the rulers chosen among themselves, while at the same time nominally Catholics and actually subject to the Peruvian authorities. Magic ceremonies practiced by their forefathers still prevail among them and magical phenomena occur. So persistent are they in their loyalty to the past that it is impossible that they should not be in relations with some central source of authority which constantly supports and strengthens  their faith, keeping it alive. May it not be that the source of this undying faith lie in the mysterious city, mentioned above, with which they are in secret communication ?

The story of the mysterious city of Yucatan

 It was told to Stephens by a Spanish Padre in 1838-9. The priest swore to him that he had seen it with his own eyes, and gave Stephens an account of his travels which he firmly believes to be true.  He swore to have seen from the summits of the topmost ridge of the sierra of the Cordillera an immense plain extending to Yucatan and the Gulf of Mexico, a large city with turrets of white glittering in the sun. Tradition says that no white man has ever reached this city, and the inhabitants speak Mayan language, know that strangers have conquered their land, and murder any white man who tries to enter their territory. They have no coin, no horses, cattle, mules, or other domestic animals except fowls which they keep underground to prevent their crowing being heard.

Story of subterranean passages leading to the mysterious city

 An old native priest whom, says the author, she met, in Peru, scarcely concealed his hatred for the conquerors, whom he called  brigands. He said he nominally kept Catholic religion for the sake of his people but that he was truly a sun-worshipper in his heart as ever he was. She said he solemnly affirmed that he had met his people by a subterranean passage leading to the mysterious city. His affirmation, made on his death bed, cannot be false or an idle story. It is corroborated in Stephens’Travels. H.P.B. says she also knows of two other cities unknown to Europeans, and that people from Buddhist countries come occasionally to visit them. Their town are not set down on European or Asiatic maps. Nature has provided strange nooks and hiding places for her favourites, far away from the so-called civilized countries so that man is free to worship the Deity in the way his fathers did.

 In the next blog, the origin of the prehistoric Mexicans, similarities between their custom and those of the Hindus, common beliefs and customs among ancient peoples of the East and the West, pointing to their common parentage, will be discussed.


          DVD Verdict 1489 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (James Horner and Ron Howard)        

This week, Clark continues his series spotlighting director/composer collaborations. This time around, the show features music penned by James Horner for the films of director Ron Howard. You'll hear selections from Cocoon, Willow, Apollo 13, Ransom, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Beautiful Mind, and The Missing.

          Archive vs. Ransomware        
Archives perennially ask the question "how few copies can we get away with?"
This is a question I've blogged about in 2016 and 2011 and 2010, when I concluded:
  • The number of copies needed cannot be discussed except in the context of a specific threat model.
  • The important threats are not amenable to quantitative modeling.
  • Defense against the important threats requires many more copies than against the simple threats, to allow for the "anonymity of crowds".
I've also written before about the immensely profitable business of ransomware. Recent events, such as WannaCrypt, NotPetya and the details of NSA's ability to infect air-gapped computers should convince anyone that ransomware is a threat to which archives are exposed. Below the fold I look into how archives should be designed to resist this credible threat.


Before looking at the range of defenses an archive could deploy, some background on the ransomware threat.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a class of malware which, once it infects a system, typically behaves as follows:
  • It searches the network for other systems to which it can spread, either because they have vulnerabilities the ransomware knows how to exploit, or because credentials for those systems are available on the infected system.
  • It encrypts all data writable by the infected system with a unique key, and reports the key and the system's ID to the ransomware's headquarters.
  • It informs the user that their data has been encrypted, and that the user can obtain a key to decrypt it by paying a ransom, typically in Bitcoin.
Some ransomware operations, Cerber is an example, have a sterling reputation for customer service, and if paid are highly likely to deliver a key that will permit recovery of the data. Others are less professional and, through bugs, incompetence, or a get-rich-quick business model may accept payment but be unable or unwilling to enable decryption. Of course, paying the ransom merely encourages the ransomware business, already worth by some estimates $75B/yr.

From the archive's point of view, ransomware is a similar threat to other forms of external or internal attacks, such as a disgruntled sysadmin, or a catastrophic operator error. The consequence of infection can be the total loss of all stored data. I'm just using ransomware as an example threat because it is timely and credible.

How Is Ransomware Delivered?

I've been asked "Archives don't have much money, so why would ransomware target one?" It is true that archives are less lucrative targets than FedEx, Maersk, SF Muni, Rosneft, WPP, the UK NHS and other recent victims of ransomware. But it is a misconception to think that ransomware is targeted at lucrative systems. For example, a nation might think that destroying the archive of another nation would be an appropriate way to express displeasure.

Like other forms of malware, ransomware is delivered not just by targeted means, such as phishing emails, but also by many different scattershot techniques including Web drive-bys, malicious advertising, compromised system updates, and in the case of WannaCry a network vulnerability. And, since recent ransomware exploits vulnerabilities from the NSA's vast hoard, it is exceptionally virulent. Once it gets a toehold in a network, it is likely to spread very rapidly.


I now examine the various techniques for storing data to assess how well they defend against ransomware and related threats.

Single copy

Let us start by supposing that the archive has a single copy of the content in a filesystem on a disk. We don't need to invoke ransomware to know that this isn't safe. Failure of the disk will lose the entire archive; bit-rot affecting either or both of a file and its stored hash will corrupt that file.

Disk Mirror

One way to protect data is by directing each write to two identical disks, mirrors of each other. If one fails the data can be read from the other.

But when one fails the data is no longer protected, until the system is repaired. The safety of the data depends on the operator noticing the failure, replacing the failed disk, and copying the data from the good disk to the replacement before the good disk fails.

For well-administered systems the mean time to failure of a disk is long compared to the time between operators paying attention, so if disks failed randomly and independently it would be unlikely that the good disk would fail during repair. Alas, much field evidence shows that failures are significantly correlated. For example, raised temperatures caused by cooling system failure may cause disks to fail together.

Disk mirroring doesn't protect against ransomware; the writes the malware uses to encrypt the data get to both halves of the mirror.

Filesystem Backup

Another common technique is to synchronize a master copy with a slave copy in a different filesystem on a different disk. If there is a failure in the master, the system can fail-over, promoting the slave to be the new master and having the operator (eventually) create a new slave with which it can be synchronized.

Although this technique appears to provide two filesystems, the synchronization process ensures that corruption (or encryption by ransomware) of the master is rapidly propagated to the slave. Thus it provides no protection against bit-rot or ransomware. Further, because both the master and the slave filesystems are visible to (and writable by) the same system, once it is compromised both are at risk.

Network Backup

There are two ways data can be backed up over a network to a separate system, push and pull. In push backup, data is written to a network filesystem by the system being backed up. This is equivalent to backing up to a local filesystem. Ransomware can write to, so will encrypt, the data in the network filesystem.

Pull backup is better. The remote system has read access to the system being backed up, which has no write access to the network file system. Ransomware cannot immediately encrypt the backup, but the pull synchronization process will overwrite the backup with encrypted data unless it can be disabled in time.

Both mirroring and backup have a replication factor of two; they consume twice the storage of a single copy.


Disk mirroring is technically known as RAID 1. RAID N for N > 1 is a way to protect data from disk failures using a replication factor less than two. Disk blocks are organized as stripes of S blocks. Each stripe contains D data blocks and P parity blocks, where D+P=S. The data can be recovered from any D of the blocks, so the raid can survive P failures without losing data. For example, if D=4 and P=1, data is safe despite the loss of a single drive at a replication factor of 1.25.

RAID as such offers no protection against bit-rot. Some RAID systems provide the option of data scrubbing. If this is enabled, the RAID system uses a background task to identify individual bad blocks and repair them before they are detected as the result of a user read. Data scrubbing can prevent some forms of bit-rot, typically at the cost of some performance. Anecdotally it is rarely enabled.

But, since the content still appears in a single filesystem, any compromise of the system, for example by ransomware, risks total loss. As disk capacity has increased but disk transfer speed and the unrecoverable bit error rate (UBER) have not increased to match, the time needed after the operator has noticed a disk failure to fill the replacement disk and the size of the data transfer involved mean that single parity RAID (S-D=P=1) is no longer viable.

Erasure Coding

RAID is a form of erasure coding, but more advanced systems (such as IBM's Cleversafe) use erasure coding to spread the content across multiple systems in a network rather than multiple disks in a system. This can greatly reduce the correlation between media failures. Since the erasure-coded storage appears to applications as a filesystem, it provides no protection against ransomware or other application system compromises.

Two Independent Copies

Why is it that none of the approaches above defend against ransomware? The reason is that none provides independent replicas of the data. Each system has a single point from which the ransomware can encrypt all copies.

Suppose the archive maintains two independent copies, independent in the sense that they are separate in geographic, network and administrative terms. No-one has credentials allowing access to both copies. Although both copies may have been originally ingested from the same source, there is no place from which both copies can subsequently be written or deleted. Now the ransomware has to infect both replicas nearly simultaneously, before the operators notice and take the other replica off-line.

Three Independent Copies

Of themselves, 2 independent copies do not protect against more subtle corruption of the data than wholesale encryption. It is often assumed that storing hashes together with the data will permit detection of, and recovery from, corruption. But this is inadequate. As I wrote in SHA-1 is Dead:
There are two possible results from re-computing the hash of the content and comparing it with the stored hash:
  • The two hashes match, in which case either:
    • The hash and the content are unchanged, or
    • An attacker has changed both the content and the hash, or
    • An attacker has replaced the content with a collision, leaving the hash unchanged.
  • The two hashes differ, in which case:
    • The content has changed and the hash has not, or
    • The hash has changed and the content has not, or
    • Both content and hash have changed.
The stored hashes are made of exactly the same kind of bits as the content whose integrity they are to protect. The hash bits are subject to all the same threats as the content bits.
For example, if an attacker were to modify both the data and the hash on one of two replicas, the archive would be faced with two different versions each satisfying the hash check. Which is correct? With 3 independent copies, this can be decided by an election, with the replicas voting on which version is correct.

Alternatively, techniques based on entangling hashes in Merkle Trees can be used to determine which hash has been modified. These are related to, but vastly cheaper than, blockchain technologies for the same purpose. The problem is that the Merkle tree becomes a critical resource which must itself be preserved with multiple independent copies (making the necessary updates tricky). If ransomware could encrypt it the system would be unable to guarantee content integrity.

Four Independent Copies

If one of the three independent copies is unavailable, the voting process is unavailable. Four independent copies is the minimum number that ensure the system can survive an outage at one copy.

Lots of Independent Copies

Just as with disks, it turns out that outages among notionally independent copies are correlated. And that archives, unable to afford intensive staffing, are often slow to notice and respond to problems, lengthening the outages. Both make it more likely that more than one copy will be unavailable when needed to detect and recover from corruption.

Tape Backup

The traditional way to back up data was to a cycle of tapes. To over-simplify, say the cycle was weekly. Each day the data would be backed up to, and overwrite, the same day's tape from the previous week; a replication factor of 7 that was only affordable because tape was so cheap compared to disk. With this traditional approach ransomware would have to be a good deal cleverer. It would need to intercept the backups and encrypt them as they were written while delaying encryption of the disk itself for a whole backup cycle.

In practice things would be more complex. Writing to tape is slow, and tape is not that much cheaper than disk, so that complex cycles interleaving full and incremental backups are used. Generic ransomware would be unlikely to know the details, so would fail to destroy all the backups. But recovery would be a very slow and error-prone process, unlikely to recover all the data.

Write-Once Media Backup

One excellent way to defend against ransomware and many other threats (such as coronal mass ejections) is to back the data up to write-once optical media. Kestutis Patiejunas built such a system for Facebook, and it is in production use. But few if any archives operate at the scale needed to make these systems cost-effective.

How Does This Relate To LOCKSS?

Nothing in the foregoing is specific to the LOCKSS technology; it all applies to whatever technology an archive uses. The LOCKSS system was designed to cope with a broad range of threats, set out initially in a 2005 paper, and elaborated in detail for the 2014 TRAC audit of the CLOCKSS Archive. Although these threat models don't specifically call out ransomware, which wasn't much of a threat 3 years ago, they do include external attack, internal attack and operator error. All three have similar characteristics to ransomware.

Thus the LOCKSS Polling and Repair Protocol, the means by which peers in a LOCKSS network detect and repair damage such as encryption by ransomware, was designed to operate with at least 4 copies. Assuming that no copy is ever unavailable when needed is not realistic; as with any preservation technology 4 is the minimum for safety.

Our experience with operating peer-to-peer preservation networks of varying sizes in the LOCKSS Program led us to be comfortable with the ability of these networks with realistic levels of operator attention to detect damage to, and make timely repairs to, content provided they have 7 or more peers. As the number of peers decreases, the level of operator attention needed increases, so there is a trade-off between hardware and staff costs.
          Blockchain as the Infrastructure for Science? (updated)        
Herbert Van de Sompel pointed me to Lambert Heller's How P2P and blockchains make it easier to work with scientific objects – three hypotheses as an example of the persistent enthusiasm for these technologies as a way of communicating and preserving research, among other things. Another link from Herbert, Chris H. J. Hartgerink's Re-envisioning a future in scholarly communication from this year's IFLA conference, proposes something similar:
Distributing and decentralizing the scholarly communications system is achievable with peer-to-peer (p2p) Internet protocols such as dat and ipfs. Simply put, such p2p networks securely send information across a network of peers but are resilient to nodes being removed or adjusted because they operate in a mesh network. For example, if 20 peers have file X, removing one peer does not affect the availability of the file X. Only if all 20 are removed from the network, file X will become unavailable. Vice versa, if more peers on the network have file X, it is less likely that file X will become unavailable. As such, this would include unlimited redistribution in the scholarly communication system by default, instead of limited redistribution due to copyright as it is now.
I first expressed skepticism about this idea three years ago discussing a paper proposing a P2P storage infrastructure called Permacoin. It hasn't taken over the world. [Update: my fellow Sun Microsystems alum Radia Perlman has a broader skeptical look at blockchain technology. I've appended some details.]

I understand the theoretical advantages of peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. But after nearly two decades researching, designing, building, deploying and operating P2P systems I have learned a lot about how hard it is for these theoretical advantages actually to be obtained at scale, in the real world, for the long term. Below the fold, I try to apply these lessons.

For the purpose of this post I will stipulate that the implementations of both the P2P technology and the operating system on which it runs are flawless, and their design contains no vulnerabilities that the bad guys can exploit. Of course, in the real world there will be flaws and vulnerabilities, but discussing their effects on the system would distract from the message of this post.

Heller's three hypotheses are based on the idea of using a P2P storage infrastructure such as IPFS that names objects by their hash:
  • It would be better for researchers to allocate persistent object names than for digital archives to do so. There are a number of problems with this hypothesis. First, it doesn't describe the current situation accurately. Archives such as the Wayback Machine or LOCKSS try hard not to assign names to content they preserve, striving to ensure that it remains accessible via its originally assigned URL, DOI or metadata (such as OpenURL). Second, the names Heller suggests are not assigned by researchers, they are hashes computed from the content. Third, hashes are not persistent over the timescales needed because, as technology improves over time, it becomes possible to create "hash collisions", as we have seen recently with SHA1.
  • From name allocation plus archiving plus x as a “package solution” to an open market of modular services. Heller is correct to point out that:
    The mere allocation of a persistent name does not ensure the long-term accessibility of objects. This is also the case for a P2P file system such as IPFS. ... Since name allocation using IPFS or a blockchain is not necessarily linked to the guarantee of permanent availability, the latter must be offered as a separate service.
    The upside of using hashes as names would be that the existence and location of the archive would be invisible. The downside of using hashes as names is that the archive would be invisible, posing insurmountable business model difficulties for those trying to offer archiving services, and insurmountable management problems for those such as the Keeper's Registry who try to ensure that the objects that should be preserved actually are being preserved. There can't be a viable market in archiving services if the market participants and their products are indistinguishable and accessible freely to all. Especially not if the objects in question are academic papers, which are copyright works.
  • It is possible to make large volumes of data scientifically usable more easily without APIs and central hosts. In an ideal world in which both storage and bandwidth were infinite and free, storing all the world's scientific data in an IPFS-like P2P service backed up by multiple independent archive services would indeed make the data vastly more accessible, useful and persistent than it is now. But we don't live in an ideal world. If this P2P network is to be sustainable for the long term, the peers in the network need a viable business model, to pay for both storage and bandwidth. But they can't charge for access to the data, since that would destroy its usability. They can't charge the researchers for storing their data, since it is generated by research that is funded by term-limited grants. Especially in the current financial environment, they can't charge the researchers' institutions, because they have more immediate funding priorities than allowing other institutions' researchers to access the data in the future for free.
I have identified three major problems with Heller's proposal which also apply to Hartgerink's:
  • They would populate the Web with links to objects that, while initially unique, would over time become non-unique. That is, it would become possible for objects to be corrupted. When the links become vulnerable, they need to be replaced with better hashes. But there is no mechanism for doing so. This is not a theoretical concern, the BitTorrent protocol underlying IPFS has been shown to be vulnerable to SHA1 collisions.
  • The market envisaged, at least for archiving services, does not allow for viable business models, in that the market participants are indistinguishable.
  • Unlike Bitcoin, there is no mechanism for rewarding peers for providing services to the network.
None of these has anything to do with the functioning of the software system. Heller writes:
There is hope that we will see more innovative, reliable and reproducible services in the future, also provided by less privileged players; services that may turn out to be beneficial and inspirational to actors in the scientific community.
I don't agree, especially about "provided by less privileged players". Leave aside that the privileged players in the current system have proven very adept at countering efforts to invade their space, for example by buying up the invaders. There is a much more fundamental problem facing P2P systems.

Four months after the Permacoin post, inspired in part by Natasha Lomas' Techcrunch piece The Server Needs To Die To Save The Internet about the MaidSafe P2P storage network, I wrote Economies of Scale in Peer-to-Peer Networks. This is a detailed explanation of how the increasing returns to scale inherent to technologies in general (and networked systems in particular) affect P2P systems, making it inevitable that they will gradually lose their decentralized nature and the benefits that it provides, such as resistance to some important forms of attack.

Unconfirmed transactions
The history of Bitcoin shows this centralizing effect in practice. It also shows that, even when peers have a viable (if perhaps not sustainable) business model, based in Bitcoin's case on financial speculation, Chinese flight capital and crime such as ransomware, resources do not magically appear to satisfy demand.

As I write, about 100MB of transactions are waiting to be confirmed. A week and a half ago, Izabella Kaminska reported that there were over 200,000 transactions in the queue. At around 5 transaction/sec, that's around an 11-hour backlog. Right now, the number is about half that. How much less likely are resources to become available to satisfy demand if the peers lack a viable business model?

Because Bitcoin has a lot of peers and speculation has driven its value sky-high, it is easy to assume that it is a successful technology. Clearly, it is very successful along some axes. Along others, not so much. For example, Kaminska writes:
The views of one trader:
... This is the biggest problem with bitcoin, it’s not just that it’s expensive to transact, it’s uncertain to transact. It’s hard to know if you’ve put enough of a fee. So if you significantly over pay to get in, even then it’s not guaranteed. There are a lot of people who don’t know how to set their fees, and it takes hours to confirm transactions. It’s a bad system and no one has any solutions.
Transactions which fail to get the attention of miners sit in limbo until they drop out. But the suspended state leaves payers entirely helpless. They can’t risk resending the transaction, in case the original one does clear eventually. They can’t recall the original one either. Our source says he’s had a significant sized transaction waiting to be settled for two weeks.

The heart of the problem is game theoretical. Users may not know it but they’re participating in what amounts to a continuous blind auction.

Legacy fees can provide clues to what fees will get your transactions done — and websites are popping up which attempt to offer clarity on that front — but there’s no guarantee that the state of the last block is equivalent to the next one.
Right now, if you want a median-sized transaction in the next block you're advised to bid nearly $3. The uncertainty is problematic for large transactions and the cost is prohibitive for small ones. Kaminska points out that the irony is:
given bitcoin’s decentralised and real-time settlement obsession, ... how the market structure has evolved to minimise the cost of transaction.

Traders, dealers, wallet and bitcoin payments services get around transaction settlement choke points and fees by netting transactions off-blockchain.

This over time has created a situation where the majority of small-scale payments are not processed on the bitcoin blockchain at all. To the contrary, intermediaries operate for the most part as trusted third parties settling netted sums as and when it becomes cost effective to do so. ... All of which proves bitcoin is anything but a cheap or competitive system. With great irony, it is turning into a premium service only cost effective for those who can’t — for some reason, ahem — use the official system.
There's no guarantee that the axes on which Bitcoin succeeded are those relevant to other blockchain uses; the ones on which it is failing may well be. Among the blockchain's most hyped attributes were the lack of a need for trust, and the lack of a single point of failure. Another of Kaminska's posts:
Coinbase has been intermittently down for at least two days.

With an unprecedented amount of leverage in the bitcoin and altcoin market, a runaway rally that doesn’t seem to know when to stop, the biggest exchange still not facilitating dollar withdrawals and incremental reports about other exchanges encountering service disruption, it could just be there’s more to this than first meets the eye.

(Remember from 2008 how liquidity issues tend to cause a spike in the currency that’s in hot demand?)
These problems illustrate the difficulty of actually providing the theoretical advantages of a P2P technology "at scale, in the real world, for the long term".

Update: In Blockchain: Hype or Hope? Radia Perlman provides a succinct overview of blockchain technology, asks what is novel about it, and argues that the only feature of the blockchain that cannot be provided at much lower cost by preexisting technology is:
a ledger agreed upon by consensus of thousands of anonymous entities, none of which can be held responsible or be shut down by some malevolent government
But, as she points out:
most applications would not require or even want this property. And, as demonstrated by the Bitcoin community's reaction to forks, there really are a few people in charge who can control the system
She doesn't point out that, in order to make money, the "thousands of ... entities" are forced to cooperate in pools, so that in practice the system isn't very decentralized, and the "anonymous entities" are much less anonymous than they would like to believe (see here and here).

Radia's article is a must-read corrective to the blockchain hype. Alas, although I have it in my print copy of Usenix ;login:, it doesn't appear to be on the Usenix website yet, and even when it is it will only be available to members for a year. I've made a note to post about it again when it is available.

          Her Father Wont Give A Ransom And Now It Is Time To Kidnappers have Some Fun        
Watch Her Father Wont Give A Ransom And Now It Is Time To Kidnappers have Some Fun on - free hardcore porn videos and amateur sex tapes.
          WannaCry : une partie des bitcoins liés aux rançons convertis en Monero, une cryptomonnaie dont les transactions seraient « non traçables »        
WannaCry : une partie des bitcoins liés aux rançons convertis en Monero
Une cryptomonnaie dont les transactions seraient « non traçables Â»

Le bot_Twitter de suivi des adresses Bitcoin utilisées par les auteurs du ransomware a récemment détecté une activité sur ces derniers. On sait que les cybercriminels ont procédé en multiples retraits pour un montant total en bitcoins équivalent à 140 000 $. De récents développements de Forbes à ce sujet indiquent qu'une partie de ces...
          Le ransomware Cerber se dote d'une fonctionnalité lui permettant de voler des portefeuilles Bitcoin et les mots de passe associés        
Le ransomware Cerber se dote d'une fonctionnalité lui permettant de voler des portefeuilles Bitcoin
et les mots de passe associés

Depuis sa découverte en mars de l'année dernière, le ransomware Cerber n'a eu de cesse d'évoluer. Pour rappel, il infiltre le système et chiffre divers fichiers (.jpg, .doc, .raw, .avi, etc.). Après un chiffrement réussi, le ransomware se sert d'une voix synthétique pour prévenir l'utilisateur : « Attention ! Attention ! Vos documents, photos, bases...
          L'entreprise dont les serveurs ont été compromis pour propager NotPetya menacée par un procès pour avoir négligé sa sécurité informatique        
L'entreprise dont les serveurs ont été compromis pour propager NotPetya menacée par un procès
pour avoir négligé sa sécurité informatique

Juscutum Attorneys Association, un cabinet d'avocats ukrainien, appelle les victimes de NotPetya à se joindre à un recours collectif contre Intellect-Service LLC, la société derrière le logiciel de comptabilité M.E.Doc, qui a servi de point de départ dans la propagation du ransomware NotPetya.

La propagation du ransomware a été en fait causée par une mise à jour...
          Wolfson, "Sounding Romantic: The Sound of Sound"        

"Soundings of Things Done":
The Poetry and Poetics of Sound
in the Romantic Ear and Era

Sounding Romantic: The Sound of Sound

Susan J. Wolfson, Princeton University

  1. Those of us who may have been thinking of the path of poetry, those who understand that words are thoughts and not only our own thoughts . . . must be conscious of this: that, above everything else, poetry is words; and that words, above everything else, are, in poetry, sounds.

  2. That's a noble writer, Wallace Stevens, riding round at last to the subject signaled but delayed in his iconic essay, "The Noble Rider and the Sound of Words."[1] But, we hear you murmur, Sounding Romantic? or in line with the 2006 MLA Convention call, sound in Romantic poetry and poetics? Either way, it seems counter-intuitive: words, especially poetic ones, affront the new Romantics with unwanted trading in "poetic diction" (Wordsworth and Coleridge, anyway, though Keats rather liked camping it up), or a too parodyable mimetics ("Oh woe is me! oh misery!"). But still, these are technical transactions; whatever the gambit, poetry is words, and words work in the sounding. We might even endorse Stevens's radical constitutiveness: "A poet's words are of things that do not exist without the words" (32). No things but in words.  

  3. Reading poetry, we sound the words, out loud, or in the head. It is through a path of sound that Coleridge drives his theory of poetry. He opens a lecture of 1818 on the art by observing, with a preliminary near pun, that "Man communicates by articulation of Sounds, and paramountly by the memory in the Ear—Nature by the impression of Surfaces and Bounds on the Eye."[2] In the auditorium of Coleridge's lecture, even the visual work of Nature seems conscripted, in so far as the ear catches the rhyme of Bounds to Sounds. But what of reading, sound evoked by an impression on the eye? Reading poetry, too, is a sounding, Coleridge proposed just the year before in Biographia Literaria, with a Stevens-prone simile for audition: a reader is carried forward "like the path of sound through the air" (chapter 14).[3] More than a simile, this is a transformational trope: poetry is this very imagination of words as a path of sound through the air. Yet in Romantic airs, its path often courses into a waning or absent sound: that prized metaphysics of silence, deep within, way beyond the material or any mere phenomenological instance. And the old paradox is that sound takes us there, pitches its tenor.



  4. In the Romance of silence, Romantic poets are always tuned to what T. S. Eliot calls an "auditory imagination" ("the feeling for syllable and rhythm, penetrating far below the conscious levels of thought and feeling, invigorating every word").[4] Coleridge's verse in The Eolian Harp sounds out a lilting course into silence, "Where the breeze warbles and the mute still Air / Is Music slumbering on its instrument" (31-32). He feels his syllables beautifully to this end: Where (whispering across warbles) echoes in Air, and within, mute is poised for reverberation into Music and instrument. This is all tuned to an extended figure in which music is not music, but its cessation, a suspense both of motion and sound finely compounded in still, and underscored by the arrest of pentameter into spondees: "the mute still Air." Coleridge has an ear for such limits, of sound suspended: the rapture of being "Silent with swimming sense" in This Lime-Tree Bower, My Prison (39), or the gothic turns: that "strange / And extreme silentness" that vexes meditation and nearly freezes the meter in Frost at Midnight (9-10); the "moonlight steeped in silentness" in the Mariner's return to an alien home harbor (The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere [1798] 505). On hissing s's, sound subsides into spectral dreamscape.

  5. The iconic Wordsworthian poet is a famously silent type: mute above the Boy of Winander's grave, or tracing "wreathes of smoke / Sent up, in silence, from among the trees" (Lines, written a few miles above Tintern Abbey 18-19), with a metric stress on the faintly audible sympathies of wreathes and trees, from among, and the wisp of all the s-words. This poet is soon cherishing "an eye made quiet" (48). Elsewhere he contemplates "the silence and the calm / Of mute insensate things" ("Three years she grew" 17-18) that also claims "the silent Tomb" ("Surprized by joy"). All these pauses of deep silence verge on a poetics of eternity that makes "our noisy years seem moments in the being / Of the eternal Silence" (Ode: Intimations of Immortality 154-55), the world for "ears" indicted in the subvocal of "noisy (y)ears." In her bodily decrepitude Dorothy Wordsworth will sigh of the "robe of quiet [that] overspreads / The living lake and verdant field" (Lines Written . . . April 6th 9-10), as if this were a burial shroud for a life in sound, too, now stilled.

  6. Keats's luxurious reveling in language, a physiology it often seems, makes all the more potent his moments of epiphanic negation. If reading Chapman's Homer has him feel he's "heard CHAPMAN speak out loud and bold," silence is the reciprocal homage. Hence the listening reader as kin to Cortez "star[ing] at the Pacific, . . . / Silent on a peak in Darien" (On First Looking into Chapman's Homer)—a conclusion "equally powerful and quiet," marveled Leigh Hunt as he introduced Keats to readers of The Examiner (1 December 1816). In another scene of reading Keats hails an urn as a "still unravished bride of quietness" (among the puns in still is unsounding) and a bearer "of silence and slow time" (Ode on a Grecian Urn 2), the time of reading slowed by the shift of pentameter into spondee. He is soon tuning his words to "unheard melodies" over and against, and "more endear'd" (11-13) to the ear than a merely unyielding "silent form" (44).[5]

  7. So, too, Shelley's apostrophe to Mont Blanc's "Silence" hails a carte blanche, a blank upon which "the human mind's imaginings" flurry into verbal production. The very name, by punning historical revision, puts a claim on the erasure that so agonized Milton's lament, "a universal blanc / Of nature's works to me expunged and razed" (3.48-49; thus blank in the 1667 text). Shelley's title by Franco-phonics says "my blank; my blank verse."

  8. As these conflicted poetics of silence suggest, none of the metaphysics, none of the epistemics, none of this would matter, materialize to consciousness, but for the paths of sound. "Speak si[l]ence with thy glimmering eyes," Blake invokes the Evening Star (To the Evening Star), with an audible sigh of "silence" in "eyes." Well before Simon and Garfunkel sang "the vision that was planted in my brain / Still remains / Within the sound of silence," Romantic poets were there, and tacitly theorizing the contradiction.[6]



  9. Not the least of the agents is the word sound, not only the occasion of our convocation, but a meta-trope for poetry in the ear, whether heard or silently audited, more endear'd. It's a meta-trope, too, because sound is homophone, variously drawn out from different etymologies, which come together (by chance or choice) from a prodigal polyglot past. There's the Latin sonare: the very word is like a bell for poets, the fount of sonnet ("little sound") and persona ("sounding through"). Petitioning for, and sometimes crowding into the same literal space, and open for punning (O Pun! to honor Charles Lamb), there are Old English tributes of sound (test the depths); sound from a different source for healthy (sane), and with a slight shift, as in sound asleep, whole, entire; and the waters (more etymology yet) in Milton's poetry of Creation, "Sounds and Seas" (PL 7.399)—poignantly sounding sees, what the blind poet does no more. All these sounds play as synchronic kin, the accident of phonemic confluence that condenses new senses. My audit of "sounding Romantic" in what follows is keyed to the sound of sound, figuring not just a pre-verbal pulse of apprehension and expression, or a counter-verbal metaphysics, but the pleasurable satisfactions realized by the language in poetry.

  10. A primer of this recreation, playing on poetic infrastructure, is Southey's jeu d'esprit, "The Cataract of Lodore," a poem shaped, phonically and metrically, into a cascade of sounds that not only coincide with lexical sense but drive it as a primary expressive force:

    Turning and twisting,
        Around and around
    With endless rebound!
    Smiting and fighting,
        A sight to delight in;
    Confounding, astounding,
    Dizzying and deafening the ear with its sound. (64-70)

    Alliteration, assonance, rhymes terminal and medial, all rebound in lines that seem

    . . . never ending, but always descending,
    Sounds and motions for ever and ever are blending,
    All at once and all o'er, with a mighty uproar,
    And this way the Water comes down at Lodore. (118-21)
    And this way, too, "The Cataract of Lodore" comes down to the name from the rush of sound with which it rhymes more than once—"All at once and all o'er, with a mighty uproar." With different theological or epistemological pressure, this might be a landscape of hell or an intractable Mont Blanc. Part of Southey's delight is just such suggestion and negation—underwritten by the displacement of epic or odic pentameter by jaunty tetrameters. Half echoed is the "wilde uproar" of Milton's Pandemonium and chaos,[7] converted to delight. Against Milton, too, the poetics of up and down is so changeable and interchangeable (all at once) that the last line arrives as an arbitrary end for soundings that, once in motion, seem endlessly variable, always descending, this very word a relay-rhyme that contains and undoes ending.
  11. As Southey's political enemy Byron knows, sound can pack a polemical punch. The very hero of Don Juan refuses a continental chime of Juan with want ("I want a hero") to insist on English matchmaking with new one. Anti-hero Southey is brought to rhyme with mouthey, one of many with whom Byron settles scores in sounding the name. English national hero, Napoleon's vanquisher at Waterloo, Wellington, gets a French twist at the outset of Canto IX, rung and wrung on Byron's disgust of war glory:

    Oh Wellington! (Or 'Vilainton', for Fame
         Sounds the heroic syllables both ways.
    France could not even conquer your great name,
         But punned it down to this facetious phrase—
    Beating or beaten she will laugh the same.)
         You have obtained great pensions and much praise;
    Glory like yours should any dare gainsay,
    Humanity would rise and thunder 'Nay!'
    In the French story, Wellington is punned down to Vilainton (villain-style), and the protest Nay, without even sounding the syllables another way, says Ney: Napoleon's field marshal, executed into nothingness after the Bourbon restoration. On his manuscript Byron wrote Vilain ton as two words, to sharpen the pun; and he scrawled an equivocation about Ney or Nay: 'Query, - Ney? - Printer's Devil,' a footnote that was put into print.[8]
  12. Though Waterloo may seem far afield from the War in Heaven, our close-listening (one form of close-reading) is, by multiple Romantic routes, a heritage of Paradise Lost, full of sounds, not the least the sound of its extraordinary verse. This is poetry in love (too much in love, Milton could worry) with its material pitch and tone—sounds, for better or worse, for sin or salvation. Johnson complained famously at the end of Life of Milton that blank verse—blank of rhyme punctuation for the ear "as a distinct system of sounds"—was "verse only to the eye."[9] But to blind Milton, blank verse was first and always a poetry of sound, sounded in the head, aloud to a secretary, and never seen, by him anyway, on the page. His was "a voice whose sound was like the sea," said Wordsworth (London 1802)—the alpha-theorist of The Power of Sound—with an undersound in "like the see" that plays back to Milton's "Sounds and Sees."

  13. In all these punning measures the word sound keys a poetic differential from words as information. Though the line of difference can be anyone's call, sound is the poetic trade. "Quite an epicure in sound," was Wordsworth's lifelong impression of Coleridge, and he was among the beneficiaries.[10] Having listened (over the course of two weeks in the dead of winter, January 1807) to Wordsworth reading The Prelude, Coleridge finds himself at the close "Absorb'd, yet hanging still upon the sound," with still (again) catching quiet, stasis, and a duration of sound in the air (To a Gentleman 111). In this blank verse, Coleridge lets sound find a rhyme (with metrical stress) at found in his last line: "And when I rose, I found myself in prayer" (112).

  14. The paths to these soundless raptures are often love-affairs with sound, leading to the very word:

                        And now, its strings
    Boldlier swept, the long sequacious notes
    Over delicious surges sink and rise,
    Such a soft floating witchery of sound.
    (The Eolian Harp17-20)
    Such witchery is the sounds, the vibration of sequacious / delicious surges (undertoning urges) / such a soft floating witchery of sound.[11] The word sound then vibrates in a phrase about itself: "Melodies round honey-dropping flowers" (23), enriched by the dropping of the round sound into the flowers. Even boldlier, a strangely arresting sound in so rare a word, seems half-created to herald this insurgence.
  15. No wonder then that the hymn Coleridge boldly added in 1817, to "the one Life, within us and abroad" (26 ff), is so intricate with its sound, Life heard again in the relays of light: "A light in Sound, a sound-like power in Light" (28). Allegorizing poetic presence, Coleridge not only suggests that sound, like light, is a powerline through the air; he's also working with the chiasmus of sound as a phonological paradigm. Even the sound of the simile-word like echoes light as it sends the sound of sound into power. It's the first pulse of the line, the imperative that shimmers A light into Alight.[12] 

  16. Coleridge was a reflective theorist as well as effective poet of these events, of meaning generated by the happy accidents of words in sounds:

    N.B.—In my intended Essay in defence of Punning—(Apology for Paronomasy, alias Punning) to defend those turns of words,
    che l'onda chiara
    E l'ombra non men cara,
    In certain styles of writing, by proving that Language itself is formed upon associations of this kind . . . that words are not mere symbols of things & thought, but themselves things—
    (Notebooks 3: 3762)[13]
    Associations are accidents of sound, in which words as things gain unsuspected power. When the poetry of This Lime-Tree Bower concludes that "No Sound is dissonant which tells of Life" (76), Coleridge arrays the line so that the assertion by negation carries an echo of itself in Soun(d is Disson)ant.
  17. In telling of the unlife of the Arctic, Coleridge's Ancient Mariner is haunted by sounds so alien that even the word sound becomes phantasmic:

    The Ice was here, the Ice was there,
         The Ice was all around:
    It crack'd and growl'd, and roar'd and howl'd—
         Like noises in a swound!
    (The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere 57-60)
    In this ice-sounding, noise similizes the assault: swound is a ghost of sound, a rhyme-word that lurks in the aural field without precipitating. And (we may well wonder in reflex) what the hell is that swound flaunted for reference? It sounds like a nonce-compound of wound (coiled), wound (injury), and sound—another of those Coleridge inventions, exquisitely desynonymized from near kin for this moment only. OED tells us that swound is a word from long, long ago, the age of oral poetry. For his retro-ballad of 1798, Coleridge recalls swound as a forgotten sound, an archaeology unearthed: it's swoon old-form (same etymology),[14] and (even better!) a variant of sound. Like noises in a swound is not after anything so mundane as mimesis. It is etymology, as if Coleridge were auditing Pope's tidy couplet, "'Tis not enough no Harshness gives Offence, / The Sound must seem an Eccho to the Sense" (Essay on Criticism 364-65), to estrange the lesson, and propose the reverse: the genesis of sense from sound or as sound. However one speaks it, the stress of Swound hits the ear as a wounded sound.
  18. Coleridge must have been remembering this terrific sublimity of sound when he recalled, a decade on, a storm on the lake of Ratzeburg, in sentences so exquisitely tuned to phonics as to suggest an event still in the writer's ear:

    there was a storm of wind; during the whole night, such were the thunders and howlings of the breaking ice, that they have left a conviction on my mind, that there are Sounds more sublime than any Sight can be, more absolutely suspending the power of comparison, and more utterly absorbing the mind's self-consciousness of it's total attention to the object working upon it. (Rooke, ed. 2: 257)[15]
    And here, Coleridge may be remembering Burke on the "sublime passion" of "sounds":
    The noise of vast cataracts, raging storms, thunder, or artillery, awakes a great and aweful sensation in the mind . . . and by the sole strength of the sound, so amazes and confounds the imagination, that in this staggering, and hurry of the mind, the best established tempers can scarcely forbear being borne down.[16]

    Burke awakes awful sensation in his sounds: the alliterations, the swelling of sound in confounds and down, the strange reverse-birth in forbear being borne down, the line made slow and heavy by these very sounds.
  19. Across the poignant course of his sublime Rime, Coleridge writes the verse of sound in a chord of antithetical returns. This is the Mariner's delusionally beatific swoon, the revival of the dead crew, rendered and remembered with a vibration in the sound of sounds:

    Sweet sounds rose slowly through their mouths,
         And from their bodies pass'd.

    Around, around, flew each sweet sound,
         Then darted to the sun;
    Slowly the sounds came back again . . . (341-45)

    This is a symphony of sounds, exhaled through the vowels and the slide of s's in rose slowly through (with a phonotext-effect in rose lowly) to issue up and out from mouths that seem formed for sounds and resound in the rhyme with Around, around and the slow return of its own sounds.

  20. Coleridge may seem spendthrift of such effects, in the register of Keats's urging poets to be "misers of sound and syllable" (Incipit altera Sonneta). For his sonnet-sonics, Keats did not spend the word sound until his tenth line, and waited for its return until its last: "She will be bound with garlands of her own"—that is, Poesy, among her weavings, sound unchained from rhyme-scheming to echo in this liberal bound. In a haunted dream-epic Keats wonders of sound without syllable, the sensation without sense:

    Or thou might'st better listen to the wind
    Whose language is to thee a barren noise,
    Though it blows legend-laden through the trees . . .
    (The Fall of Hyperion 3.4-6)
    —verse he copies in a letter, underlining the compound, eager to share it with one of his most attentive readers (Richard Woodhouse) "on account of" its "fine sound." As if caught up in the sweep, Keats may have transcribed the line with two thoughs: "Though it blows legend-laden though the trees." Editors usually follow Hyder Rollins in supplying a dropped r for the second one, to get th[r]ough;[17] but Keats often writes a shorthand emphatic downstroke that implies two letters, and I think here he may have liked the fine-sounding of Though / blows / though enough to let it ride.
  21. In the Keats phonotext of 1819, the fine sound of legend-laden echoes the leaf-fring'd legend that "haunts about" the Grecian Urn, to tease with a latent sound effect (Ode 5). There is some evidence, moreover (Andy Elfenbein tells me) that legend was sounded in Keats's day with a first long e; if so, leaf gets an echo, along with a pun on legion'd—a word Keats sounds in fantasy in The Eve of St. Agnes, where "legion'd fairies pac'd the coverlet" of Madeline's quiet sleep (xix). On the Urn site, Keats manages, with fine visual poetics, to bring an unsounded "ring" within the fring'd legend, as if the sound were ready for audition.

  22. It's a fine sound that plays, too, in Autumn "on a half-reap'd furrow sound asleep" (To Autumn 16), a suspense of motion and music—as if in this poppy-drowse, all sound sleeps in heavy ease. Keats's deft slide in these registers reminds us how sound may multiply, variously, in chords of sense: as tone, as character, as depth, as resonance. It is Keats's irrevocably sound sleep of death that prompts Shelley to imagine Echo pining away "Into a shadow of all sounds:—a drear / Murmur" (Adonais 134-35), a trace of waning sight (shadow) that gains this phonic effect. On another pulse, the "sound of life" heralded in Prometheus Unbound draws aural sensation into recognition, the world-enkindling "seldom-heard mysterious sound" learned from the artist who wrought a guitar into a vibrant instrument (With a Guitar, to Jane 75). "Sounds as well as thoughts have relations, both between each other and towards that which they represent, and a perception of the order of those relations has always been found connected with a perception of the order and relation of thoughts," Shelley proposed in his Defence of Poetry (SPP 514)—the same paragraph that insists on "the vanity of translation," and seems, even, to offer a demonstration in the relation of Sounds and found.[18]

  23. No one broods more over sound, caressing words as things (so the poet put it in a note to that sound-haunted ballad, The Thorn) than the iconically-ironically named Words-worth. In his own audit, he identifies a habit that feels diachronic:

    Have felt whate'er there is of power in sound
    To breathe an elevated mood, by form
    Or image unprofaned: and I would stand
    Beneath some rock, listening to sounds that are
    The ghostly language of the ancient earth . . .
    (The Prelude 1805 2.324-28)
    "The 'power in sound' is the severe music of the signifier or of an inward echoing that is both intensely human and ghostly," says Geoffrey Hartman, hearing in these lines an even more radically pressured "relation between textuality and referentiality": the way this poet's words respond to a priority of sound that beckons as "a potentially endless descent," saved only by an impulse to textualize the sounds, install them, measure them in poetry.[19]
  24. For Wordsworth this impulse is an element of style, an argument that words matter for the sounding: among the "reasons why repetition and apparent tautology are frequent beauties of the highest kind" is "the interest which the mind attaches to words, not only as symbols of the passion but as things, active and efficient."[20] And so the luxury of words as sound—whether in "the sound like thunder" that is not thunder but the motion of eternity ("It is a beauteous Evening" 8); or the "sounds / Of undistinguishable motion" (Prelude 1805: 1.331-32) that are not eternity, but the reflux upon an imagination still haunted by boyhood thefts (how rare to put the sound of undistinguishable to work in blank verse); or the luxuriously echoing redundancy of "heard the murmur and the murmuring sound" in the nut-tree grove (Nutting 37) that underscores epicurean boyish foreplay in the key of Eve's call from mirror-romance to Adam by a sound of "murmuring waters" (Paradise Lost 4.453).

  25. What a world of winter gets generated by, and surrounds, a recollection of a whole pack of bellowing boys, as their ice-skates hiss and fly along the sounding board of the lake:

                                 All shod with steel
    We hiss'd along the polish'd ice, in games
    Confederate, imitative of the chace,
    And woodland pleasures, the resounding horn,
    The Pack, loud bellowing, and the hunted hare.
    So through the darkness and the cold we flew,
    And not a voice was idle: with the din,
    Meanwhile, the precipices rang aloud,
    The leafless trees, and every icy crag
    Tinkled like iron, while the distant hills
    Into the tumult sent an alien sound . . .
    (The Prelude 1805: 1.461-71)
    No wonder Coleridge put this verse into The Friend after his own account of the thunderous sounds of icebreaking on the Lake (2: 259).[21] Half-rhyming aloud and sound, with both echoing loud and resounding in the train, Wordsworth fills the verse with sound everywhere and alien—a weird auditorium that he amplified in 1836 by replacing the merely space-filling Meanwhile with Smitten, to echo in the relay from din to precipices. Even in the auditorium of 1805, the relay of sent is already sounding in distant, in tumult sent, and the hiss of sint across the line of "hill(s / Int)o."
  26. As Wordsworth's verse shows in more than a few traces, sound is a memory, an imprint poetry strives to capture:

    My eyes are dim with childish tears,
    My heart is idly stirr'd,
    For the same sound is in my ears,
    Which in those days I heard. (The Fountain 29-32)

    It is sound that stirs the heart to recover what was heard, and it is sound, too, that recovers, finds lost years in m(y ears), idly stirring inside "ch(ildi)sh." For Wordsworth it is often sound that stirs and flows feeling from past to present:

                                  I cannot paint
    What then I was. The sounding cataract
    Haunted me like a passion . . . (Tintern Abbey 76-77)

    Reciprocally, an adult reads back from sight to sound:

    The gentleness of heaven is on the Sea:
    Listen! the mighty Being is awake,
    And doth with his eternal motion make
    A sound like thunder—everlastingly.
    ("It is a beauteous Evening" 4-8)
    The manuscript shows no final period[22]—a mimesis of everlastingly not only in sense but as a pervasive sound sweeping up the phonics of "the Sea: / Listen . . . / hi(s e)ternal . . . thunder—everlastingly." Hearing is believing.
  27. It is Shakespeare's Lear that Keats says is in his ear at the seashore in April 1817, the occasion for a sonnet that advances sound is a formal rhyme. It is all immediated by Edgar's fiction for his blind father, "Hark, do you hear the sea"?—a solicitation that falters metrically when Gloucester completes the line "No, truly" (4.6.4), a foot short and in a weak rhyme with sea. Writing about writer's block to fellow-poet J. H. Reynolds, Keats reverses this to his hearing of the sea and a communication to his correspondent (Reynolds). He recreates Shakespeare's sea-scene into a sound stage (with absent Reynolds doubling blind Gloucester):

    . . . the passage in Lear—"Do you not hear the sea?"—has haunted me intensely.
                                 On the Sea.
    It keeps eternal Whisperings around
         Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell
         Gluts twice ten thousand Caverns; till the spell
    of Hecate leaves them their old shadowy sound.
    often 'tis in such gentle temper found
         That scarcely will the very smallest shell
         Be moved for days from whence it sometime fell
    When last the winds of Heaven were unbound. . . . [23]

    How nice of Keats, comments Christopher Ricks, to interpolate the coercive pressure of not[24] and, with a poet's ear, add the tenth syllable to Shakespeare's line. We see him working sound through it all: Sea / Intensely / To the Sea—right into the first rhyme, with Sea itself in the subtle current of sound in "keep(s E)ternal." The whispering is also of the portmanteau Seaternal, an undertow of Wordsworth's "hi(s e)ternal" ("beauteous Evening" 7). In Keats's sea-listening, the shadowy sound of sound in "Whisperings around" (surround / sound) washes into the echo-chamber of those ten thousand Caverns, rippling the s's across desolate shores . . . spell . . . shadowy . . . scarcely . . . sometime . . . last.

  28. This is a meditation of sound in the deepest measure, but as Keats and especially Wordsworth know, sounds haunt, in synonymy, sometimes in accidental collusion, with the verb sound. Hence, Wordsworth's present participle sounding as searching, sonic information when sight is of no avail:

    Three sleepless nights I passed in sounding on,
    Through words and things, a dim and perilous way . . .
    (The Borderers, 4.98-99)

    In the blind chamber, "passed in" intimates din before its sounding, then is echoed eerily in dim, a slide of sound that one is tempted to audit as the terrain of "perilous (s)way." Wordsworth gives the Solitary similar lines to follow:

    By pain of heart—now checked—and now impelled—
    The intellectual power, through words and things,
    Went sounding on, a dim and perilous way!
    And from those transports, and these toils abstruse,
    Some trace am I enabled to retain
    Of time, else lost;—existing unto me
    Only by records in myself not found.
    (The Excursion, Book III 699-705)

    In the memory of this trace is Wordsworth's Note to The Thorn on the mind's adhesion "to words . . . as things, active and efficient, which are of themselves part of the passion." Sound recovers what sense negates.

  29. Coleridge was arrested by this sense of sounding, and made it a self-description at the end of Biographia Literaria Chapter 4: "I earnestly solicit the good wishes and friendly patience of my readers, while I thus go 'sounding on my dim and perilous way.'" Recollecting his first acquaintance with Coleridge, Hazlitt endorsed the transfer:

    I accompanied him six miles on the road. It was a fine morning in the middle of winter, and he talked the whole way. The scholar in Chaucer is described as going
                                    Sounding on his way.
    So Coleridge went on his. In digressing, in dilating, in passing from subject to subject, he appeared to me to float in air, to slide on ice.[25]

    The sound of Coleridge himself seems the path through air, or in its winter climate, the hiss of sliding from subject to subject, sliding on ice.  

  30. The sound of sounding as prescient deep knowing is nowhere more audible for Wordsworth than in a strange recollection of death by water. In The Prelude he recalls a boyhood sensing of such an event:

    Seeking I knew not what, I chanced to cross
    One of those open fields, which shaped like ears,
    Make green peninsulas on Esthwaite's Lake.
    (1805 5.457-58) 

    The simile is not chance, however, for the event, as the poet now knows, was all about a sounding of information, of random seeking turned to succeeding:

                                      The succeeding day—
    Those unclaimed garments telling a plain tale—
    Went there a company, and in their boat
    Sounded with grappling-irons and long poles:
    At length the dead man, 'mid that beauteous scene
    Of trees and hills and water, bolt upright
    Rose with his ghastly face. . . . (5.466-72)

    The telling that is the intuition, and the discovery worked through that half-punning homonym, sounded, are the verbal actions that bring this scene to sight. Called into the verse by a seemingly random, now motivated simile ("like ears"), sound is already in the air, and in retrospect texturing the verse from boat to beauteous to bolt upright. The revelation at hand is even more audible in "sounded"—a dead homonym, with a Miltonic formation.[26]

  31. Such sounding without sight, dim and perilous for the haunted, can seem to a sighted poet who can't paint what then he was, a fantasy of perfect harmony:

    Thus lived he by Loch-Leven's side
    Still sounding with the sounding tide,
     (The Blind Highland Boy 91-92)

    The sounding is in the world, past and present, and in the boy himself, in whom all sounds echo, and still sound in Wordsworth's reservoir for the poetry of sound.

  32. This is a poet forever seduced by the sound of sound—

    O listen! for the Vale profound
    Is overflowing with the sound.

    The poetry is an event of overflow, from the vocative O listen as a phonics for O-verflowing, to the drama of enjambment—"the Vale profound / Is overflowing with the sound"—to the way the rhyme of profound into sound arrives on the metrics that pace the overflow. It is a sound that listeners recall as the poet's own. "Christopher North" (John Wilson) remembers him "pacing in his poetical way . . . and pouring out poetry in that glorious recitative of his, till the vale was overflowing with the sound."[27] Bearing this sound in memory, Dorothy Wordsworth can even catch the lines as her own:

    There is something inexpressibly soothing to me in the sound of those two Lines
    Oh listen! for the Vale profound
    Is overflowing with the sound—
    I often catch myself repeating them in disconnection with any thought, or even I may say, recollection of the Poem.[28]

    The iambics of "O listen! for the vale profound is" pulse in "I often catch my self repeating." The sounds are not a memory but a sensation that seems ever renewable—and hence in her letter she replaces her brother's period with a dash that implies prolonged audition. The poem that follows The Solitary Reaper in the 1807 Poems, Stepping Westward, re-echoes sound (as Adam Potkay notes). The title is from a local greeting to the foot-travelers, "What you are stepping Westward?", that Wordsworth liked, in a stepping of regular meter, for its "sound / Of something without place or bound" (13-14).

  33. Shelley takes this scene of boundless audition to the Alps, and replays it with a sense of poetry aspiring, not to tame, but to run wild with antiphony and metrical disorder:

    Thy caverns echoing to the Arve's commotion
    A loud, lone sound no other sound can tame;
    Thou art pervaded with that ceaseless motion
    Thou art the path of that unresting sound—
    Dizzy Ravine!          
    (Mont Blanc 30-34)

    "Like the path of sound through the air" is Coleridge's simile for the retrograde motions of reading. If Shelley's Defence contends that poetry is not poetry without a striving for "a certain uniform and harmonious recurrence of sound" (SPP 514), the case is pitched to crisis here, with the poetry wresting the path of sound into a primary commotion of mind.[29] The sound-streaming tribute of his poetry is its anagrammatic churning of caverns / Arve's / art pervaded / art / Ravine. While sound achieves an end-rhyme at line 40, "the clear universe of things around," the formal chord is already belated in the train of the triple chord of sound in the commotion of 30-34 about the phenomenon itself. Even the expansive pun of surround in "things around" figures what is already in motion. Is this, too, what Keats heard, in tune with Wordsworth, in those "whisperings around" at seaside?

  34. For Shelley, unresting sound is the mode of the verse, discharging the very words and their inventory of letters from the end of the first stanza and into the dramatic turn to the apostrophe in the next:

    Where waterfalls around it leap for ever,
    Where woods and winds contend, and a vast river
    Over its rocks ceaselessly bursts and raves.
    Thus thou, Ravine of Arve—dark, deep Ravine— (9-12)[30]
    Shelley makes his claim for the sounds of poetry as its very sense, and with echoes everywhere of Milton (Paradise Lost), of Wordsworth (Tintern Abbey), of Coleridge (Kubla Khan), and not the least his own harvest:
    Now lending splendour, where from secret springs
    The source of human thought its tribute brings
    Of waters, with a sound but half its own (1-6)
    In the phonic roll of gerunds, sweeping up the very ontology of things, Shelley springs the poem's first rhyme, springs, then turns it to the poem's first couplet-rhyme, secret springs / tribute brings—the last punning on the very poetics (tributary stream; gift). Thus sound is set to echo in its own (its sone), half in the transformations of the echo-relay. In love with sound, Shelley releases sound to such a pitch as imply that the secrets behind sounds are only blanks, not Mont Blanc. As he is at pains to say in and through Mont Blanc, poetry is called to a sound-source that is but half owned. It is half owned not because sound out there is radically untamable and unnamable, but because the sound of poetry is an audition that is always a sounding of another's words with tributes of one's own.


1 1942; rpt. The Necessary Angel: Essays on Reality and the Imagination (New York: Vintage, 1951) 32. This is also the place to say that my essay takes foundational inspiration from Garrett Stewart's Reading Voices: Literature and the Phonotext (Univ. of California Press, 1990) and has been encouraged and everywhere improved by his eyes and ears. I'm also grateful for the benefit of Andy Elfenbein's careful and carefully informed conversations with me.


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7 Paradise Lost 2.541 for the first; then Satan in awe of God's high formalism over chaos's "formless mass" (3.708): "Confusion heard his voice, and wilde uproar / Stood rul'd, stood vast infinitude confin'd" (710-11)—with a dramatic halting of pentameter into spondees at –roar / Stood rul'd stood vast.


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14 This is how it plays in Bishop Thomas Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (1765): "The lady shriekte and swound away" (Sir Cauline, 183); a drunk tinker is passed out "as if laid in a swound" (The Frolicsome Duke, 6); and lords laugh so hard they're "readye to swound" (The Beggar's Daughter of Bednall Green, 62).


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The phonologic of ears and sounded seems too deliberate for Cynthia Chase's slotting into "mute catachresis," meanings and signs linked only "by the accident of identity"; "The Accidents of Figuration: Limits to Literal and Figurative Reading of Wordsworth's 'Books'", Decomposing Figures: Rhetorical Readings in the Romantic Tradition (Cornell Univ. Press, 1986), 21, 27.


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30 William Keach's comment on Shelley's poetics of rhyme may illuminate the anagrammatics here and the metapoetics of sound in 30-34: the "verbal imagination structures and shapes, without giving a closed or determinate pattern to, an experience which defies structuring and shaping" (Shelley's Style [Methuen, 1984] 196). To Frances Ferguson the "linguistic tour de force" of the anagrams is a relational punning that underscores "the symbiosis of things and mind. . . . the inevitability of any human's seeing things in terms of relationship" ("Shelley's Mont Blanc: What the Mountain Said," in Romanticism and Language, ed. Arden Reed [Cornell Univ. Press, 1984] 206-7).

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If you are an information security leader, you are always asking this question.  This post contains some new answers, applicable especially if you are leading a medium to large enterprise.  In that case, your main challenge is to get everyone in the organization behind the security program. 

A bottom up approach, using awareness training, is often recommended; my opinion of this activity was documented here.  To effect changes in the organization, you need top management’s buy in.  But, buy in to what?  Security?  Risk?  Compliance?  Ransomware attacks?  Chances are your CEO, CFO, VP HR, etc. have little or no understanding of information security management.  It’s not technology; it’s not an MBA concentration either.  Moreover, it’s not their job… but it is partly their responsibility.  In addition, the C-suite is going to be a target, and often victim of cyber attackers.  The net is that your top management needs better grasp of what must be done and what you are doing about it. 

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If your infosec function is like similar functions at other organizations, you either took a “congratulatory lap” for preventing Wannacry ransomware from causing damage to your organization or unfortunately, you are spending time explaining why your organization became a victim. Too often, the information security function only gets “face time” at the Board level when things go bad (assuming you don’t get replaced beforehand). This includes post-incident analysis and worse – the involvement of an outside forensic firm that provides hindsight on simple things you could have fixed and would have had you had the resources. Incidents and forensic examinations have a way of finally getting management to “open the wallet” for risk mitigation investments that were rejected prior to the incident. 

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Disney struck a deal with The Void to bring full-scale immersive virtual reality to its resorts in the form of a Star Wars experience called Secrets of the Empire.

Facebook introduced a new "related articles" feature to appear in the news feed next to items that have been flagged as fake news.

Plus, Uber purchased 1,000 defective cars and it led to a fire, Millennials don't all think that television antennas are sorcery, and David Gershgorn from Quartz shows how the Facebook AI that created its own language isn't something to be afraid of after all.

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Cops have a decent shot at catching run-of-the-mill online scammers — say, the guy selling a car that's just too good to be true on Craigslist. But catching ransomware attackers is generally much more difficult — unless they slip up. The criminals behind the "WannaCry" ransomware attack may have done just that. Experts are now seeing some amateur flaws emerging including an easy-to-find kill switch and the unsophisticated way the attackers are demanding bitcoin from their victims. Ransomware "tends to be a crime that is born on the Internet, born through kits sold on the dark web that already pre-build in anonymity of the perpetrators," said police detective Nick Selby, who specializes in cybercrime. Those "kits" Selby describes are what experts think they're seeing with WannaCry. Somebody's using software tools created by somebody else. "The ransomware itself, we have seen that before in the wild and it's not that sophisticated," said Paul Burbage, malware researcher for Flashpoint
          Yeeee-haw! Dragon Frontier!        

A lot of people have been asking me about my new book "Dragon Frontier", so let me answer some of the most pressing questions:

What is the title of your next book?
“Dragon Frontier”.

Where did the idea come from for the book?
Andy Lanning and I work on ideas together for comic books for the American comics market, and this was one of the ideas that we tossed around. When Puffin suggested that I wrote it as a children’s book, it really began to come together.

What genre does your book fall under?
This is very definitely a children’s book, but I hope that parents and carers reading it to children will enjoy it too.

What actors would you choose to play the parts of your characters in a movie rendition?
I love casting the characters in my books and imagining the stories being played out on the big screen. This story is set in the American Wild West frontier, and should include lots of young, unknown talent, so I think a big open casting session would be the order of the day. The other key thing would be to employ some of the greatest CGI animators in the World to recreate the scenes with the other main characters in the novel, the dragons!

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?
Jake Polson and his family are starting a new life on the American Frontier. Twelve-year-old Jake is proud to drive the lead wagon; he's in charge of the oxen and minding his Ma and little sister. But tragedy strikes and Jake must venture deep into the West in search of a legendary creature to save his family. What he discovers in that vast landscape is wilder than he ever imagined. Out on the frontier, an evil force is waiting . . . According to the blurb.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
“Dragon Frontier” is published by Puffin and will be available to buy on January 3rd 2013.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
This book was very special, because, after writing more than forty novels, it was my first especially written for children. In the end it all happened very fast, and the first draft was probably completed in less than three months.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? 
This is such a first for me that I prefer not to make comparisons. It’s about cowboys and dragons. It’s about the Wild West and mythical beasts. It’s about family and faith, tradition and suspicion. It’s about the past and the future.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I was a keen reader as a child, and I loved reading to my own children, so it was only ever a matter of time before I would write a book for children. I think I’ve always been inspired by the memory of the excitement that a really good book can give you as a child, by the idea that going to bed is fun, because you get to read the next chapter of your favourite book. And, of course, I’ve been inspired by every great writer for children that it has been my pleasure and privilege to read, from Alan Garner to Arthur Ransome, from Paul Biegel to Susan Cooper, from...

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
What could be more interesting than dragons? Or cowboys? Or dragons? No, cowboys! No, dragons!

          When Companies Get Hacked, Should They Be Allowed to Hack Back?        

There is an old debate (at least, counting in internet years) that tends to crop up after major cybersecurity breaches such as the widespread WannaCry ransomware attack in May.

          FOR THE CLEAN MANUSCRIPT: Weaning the Whiner        
(NOTE: I can still hear what you said to me:/You had some kind of job on the railway/And had nothing to do with the sea./You said a lot, Johnny,/All one big lie, Johnny./You cheated me blind, Johnny,/From the minute we met./I hate you so, Johnny,/When you stand there grinning, Johnny./Take that damn pipe out of your mouth, you rat.)

Nostalgia wrecks history with an accumulative force equal to a constant diet of grilled lard and white sugar sandwiches. History is a record of the past, while nostalgia looks backward through a film of fairy dust. A lava lamp on display in an apartment is a sure sign whoever lives inside believes the sixties were the best time, I mean, man, the music, clothes (bring back the paisley print!), recreational drugs, and the movies. A historian’s view is different: Vietnam, CIA-sponsored assassinations, USSR invasion of Czechoslovakia, riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, and Richard Milhous Nixon.
History and nostalgia rarely reach an accord, one cursing the other as depressing or shallow. Neither should be left alone in the same room for any amount of time, yet both can be put to work and take us back to the halcyon days before the personal computer and word processing programs. Writers had only a single point size and typeface for their manuscripts. For designers and editors, life was much easier back then and many want to return, even those not born yet.
Fiction writers have few options since readers want the story told straightforward, no messing around. Still, lusty abuse of punctuation marks appears in manuscripts. When a line of dialogue ends in multiple exclamation marks or question marks between exclamation marks, the problem is with the words not having enough weight. What is being said needs attention and the addition of multiple screamers (!) in combination with queries (?) only shows the weaknesses of the text. Read any contemporary novelist with a highlighter in hand, mark any appearances of the screamer, and count them up. Not often, right? Follow their lead.
Nonfiction writers as a rule throw any pack of legibility rules out the window as they craft a manuscript. For reasons known only to them, the MicroSoft Word ruler of Document Elements and SmartArt must be used in order to get their ideas across. Throw in italic and bold in an assortment of typefaces and sizes, and what comes out is the digital equivalent of a ransom note. Making everything important makes nothing important. The reader will be immediately lost on account of so much crying out for attention.
Say an agent or editor decides to pick up the manuscript, regardless of its condition. Most of the word processing gewgaws refuse to translate into design programs and someone, likely low-paid, will have to strip out the formatting nonsense. They will not like you or the book, and will tell their friends and colleagues about the mangled condition of the manuscript. Since books are sold primarily by word of mouth, you want to avoid hearing these words. Headings can be marked (1 Heading) and down the line, and boxes marked >box< at the start and at the end. Keeping it simple gives the reader room to enter.
In John Ryder’s The Case for Legibility (NY: Moretus Press, 1979), he says, “The prognosis is not good. Discipline is needed to save the eyesight of the human race.” Think about this the next time the temptation arises to clutter a page with every doodad available. A writer’s job is to communicate ideas directly to the reader, not confuse and lose them to styles, shadings, drop caps, and eccentric typefaces. Looking at a page of text set in one typeface and size may seem boring at first, but their job is to give voice to the story, not to be the story. The best typography is always invisible, so get over your problems about their not being enough variety on the page. The life and energy of a book is always in the text.
Warm-blooded creatures that we are, the winter months drive us inside to huddle by the steam radiator the landlord refuses to fix. Finally getting down to hands and knees to scrub the grout growing between the octagonal tiles in the bathroom can only generate so much body heat. What you should be doing after shopping for supplies to last until the sun shines again is cracking the covers of The Dog Walked Down the Street: An Outspoken Guide for Writers Who Want to Publish(Cypress House, $13.95), the well-known and much praised book about writing and publishing and the neat stuff in between. Boot up your computer and zip to for the address of your nearest independent bookstore. The umbrella stand is waiting for you, along with helpful clerks to cheer your selection. Right about now is time.
NEXT: Another Flea Means More Ointment

          Ransom for Love        

Ransom for Love mp3
Composed by Fariborz Lachini
Arranged by Fariborz Lachini
Length: 05:13
Year: 2010
          Affiliate Summit East 2010 – Part 1        
Unlike previous affiliate summits I attended, this time I had to skip all after hours activities – I was moving to a new apartment two days after ASE ended and had to pack (… and if you’re interested in hearing how that went, check out this post. Spoiler: there’s criminals, police and ransom. For real.)   I [...]

Affiliate Summit East 2010 – Part 1 is a post from: The Industry Review

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Though the title of Jeremy Sorese's Adventure Time #15 backup is "Give Us Back BMO," fans needn't worry about Finn and Jake going full Gibson in next week's issue - their sentient video game console pal/roommate isn't being held for ransom, after all... Continue reading…
          More and More Peculiar         

Cover art for Hollow CityAs a boy, Jacob Portman was always spellbound by the stories his grandfather told him about children with strange powers who lived in an isolated house on a Welsh island. After his grandfather’s violent death, he receives a mysterious letter from a Miss Peregrine, travels to the island and discovers that his grandfather’s stories — and the children — are very much real. So what happens next to the Peculiar Children? Ransom Riggs’ much-anticipated new book, Hollow City, is the second book and sequel to his bestselling novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. In Hollow City, Jacob and the peculiar friends he meets in the first book have escaped Miss Peregrine’s island and are now traveling to 1940s war-era London. Their purpose for the journey is to try to help Miss Peregrine who, thanks to a spell, is now in bird-form. Along the way, they make new friends, become acquainted with some truly unique people and animals, and continue to battle the monsters who threaten the Peculiars’ existence.


Similar to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, the characters in Hollow City have matured, and the issues and relationships they face have also become more serious. There is a balance of fast-paced suspense and horror melded with lighter and touching moments of friendships and loyalties, making this book and its predecessor good picks for both those who like fantasy or realistic fiction. Riggs continues the practice of using old, strange and, in some cases, disturbing vintage photographs to tell a story that combines real history with the fantastical. As many reviewers have pondered, in a “chicken or egg” fashion, did the photographs inspire the story or did the story create a search for unique photographs which would enhance the plot?


The film adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, directed by Tim Burton, is in development, and is due out in 2015.

 Show #193 – Cody Gough: Victim of Ransomware – A True Story        
This week we’re pleased to have special guest of the GonnaGeek Network – Cody Gough. Topics include Joss Whedon taking over Justice League, Tom Hardy as Venom, a futuristic Mars Rover and the Kind of Kong musical. With all of the recent WannaCry outbreak, we’re also taking some time to talk to Cody Gough about […]
 Show #192 – Cutting the Cord        
This week GonnaGeek Network’s Haley guests! We discuss how there’s a massive ransomware outbreak called WannaCry, how the fans finally won and NBC uncancelled Timeless, why NASA isn’t doing their job and how Google Street View is now part of Google Map directions. IN BONUS NEWS DR HALEY (who legally is not actually a doctor) […]
          Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)        
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)
author: Ransom Riggs
name: Julie
average rating: 3.89
book published: 2011
rating: 3
read at:
date added: 2017/07/03

          Celebrate Black History Month: Artists, Dancers, Musicians, and Writers        

The month of February is Black History Month in the United States. Check out a biography about a famous black artists, dancers, musicians, or writers and discover how their works have shaped our lives.

Ira's Shakespeare dream by Glenda Armand

"A biography chronicling the life of Ira Aldridge, an African American actor who is considered to be one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of the nineteenth century"--.

Recounts how the young Jacob Lawrence, as a boy recently arrived in Harlem, reacted to the world around him and translated his responses into art at an after-school arts center.

Traces the life and achievements of the late-nineteenth-century African American poet, from his poverty-stricken childhood and his immense fame to his tragic death and enduring cultural legacy.

The first female African American principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre history recounts her road to stardom, from her first ballet class to her rise through the professional ranks while dealing with a challenging home life.

A picture book biography of urban environmental artist Tyree Guyton, discussing his childhood in 1950s Detroit and the way he used art to transform his decaying, crime-ridden neighborhood into an internationally-recognized exhibit.

"Author Peggy Caravantes provides the first in-depth portrait of Josephine Baker written for young adults. This lively biography follows Baker's life from her childhood, to her participation in the civil rights movement, her espionage work in WWII, and the adoption of her twelve children. Also included are informative sidebars, fascinating photographs, source notes, and a bibliography"--.

Maya Angelou by Lisbeth Kaiser

Offers an illustrated telling of the life of Maya Angelou that focuses on how she overcame childhood trauma and realized her dream and became one of the world's most beloved writers and speakers.

In a picture book portrait of the artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, a boy discovers his passion for dance, overcomes a childhood disability, and becomes a modern hero.

Presents the life of the artist, who was inspired as a child by a book of anatomy given to him by his mother after being injured in a car crash and who went on to become a celebrity in the art world before his early death at twenty-eight.

Traces the life of Harriet Powers, who was born a slave in Georgia but spent the years after the Civil War providing for her family by creating elaborate pictorial quilts, earning her recognition as an African-American folk artist.

Presents an illustrated introduction to the life and work of artist Horace Pippin, describing his childhood love for drawing and the World War I injury that challenged his career.

"A picture book biography of Dr. William Key, a former slave and self-trained veterinarian who taught his horse, Jim, to read and write and who together with Jim became one of the most famous traveling performance acts around the turn of the twentieth century. Includes afterword and author's sources"--.

Trombone Shorty by Troy Andrews

A Grammy-nominated headliner for the New Orleans Jazz Fest describes his childhood in Tremé and how he came to be a bandleader by age six.

          Masked Kidnaper Torturing Terrified Japanese Girl While Waiting For Ransom        
Enjoy Masked Kidnaper Torturing Terrified Japanese Girl While Waiting For Ransom at - best free hardcore pornotube videos and homemade sex movies.
          Dissection of a Photo        
It'd be easy to confuse this blog for a construction blog and not a bakery blog at this point, but a remodel is necessary to create a bakery that is up to snuff (or code rather.) 

Here's a photo I took at our Progress Meeting yesterday, let's dissect it to see where we're at in the construction proces. . . .

1. Megan: That's Megan in the middle with the peach, ruffled shirt! She's pleased about our wood table (not pictured) and all the natural light.

2. Bakery case (to the right of Megan): That's our bakery case! It arrived with a dent, so now we are learning about insurance claims.

3. Trash Can (to the left of Megan): This trash can indicates that we are not yet open for business and work is still busily being done on our beloved little bakery.

4. Floor: The bamboo floor was finally installed! Now you'll be able to enter on a lovely, sustainable floor when you visit these two birds.

5. Barn Wood (on the wall): You've seen pictures of Jeff's awesome installation of Barbi's well aged barn wood before, but it's too beautiful not to highlight again.

6. Round Pendant Lamp: The lights are installed! These orb lamps provide an amazing amount of light to the bakery which will make for a most pleasant atmosphere.

7. Transom & Awning: Our new transom is being installed above our new commercial door, and you can see just a peek of our new burgundy colored awning.

8. Guy in the Red Shirt: He was a happy guy installing the transom. We like happy people!

Wow, a lot can be gleaned from a single photo. Thanks for visiting our blog; we can't wait for you to visit us at the bakery!

~ Trilety

          Another Google Accessibility Failure: Chrome Remote Desktop        
Two of the most active Google users whom I know are in their mid-90s. They use Google Search and News. They use Gmail. I moved one of them from Windows to a Chrome OS Chromebox, and I recently showed the other how to use Google Docs as an alternative to paying Microsoft’s ransom for a … Continue reading "Another Google Accessibility Failure: Chrome Remote Desktop"
          Ransomware Attackers Strike Again        
After last month’s WannaCry cyberattack, a new ransomware attack shut down systems across Europe this week. Get the latest on the attack and steps you can take to strengthen your security.
          Securing Your Retail Network with Cisco SAFE in the Age of WannaCry        
Thousands of companies around the globe were affected this week by a major ransomware attack called WannaCry. Ransomware is a type of cyberattack that encrypts data until the user pays a specified fee, and is one of the industry’s top evolving cyberthreats. As these and other threats continue to proliferate, the Cisco SAFE Threat Defense […]
          Combat Ransomware with a Multi-Layered Defense Strategy        
Ransomware is attracting widespread attention, and for good reason. Once ransomware—a type of malware—infects a device, it covertly encrypts data and renders files inaccessible. To free the system, the malware demands a ransom ...
          How To Set Up A WordPress Website And Blog        
To get best Bluehost deals click here. To get best GoDaddy click here. It’s important to have somewhere on the internet, where you can put the message out you want to, without being held to ransom by corporations who are more interested in how to make money off you. You realise that your posts on […]
          TWiG 411: Dinah Won't You Blow        

This Week in Google (MP3)

EU fines Google €2.42 billion, Canada demands global de-listing. Google News' redesign causes Jeff concern. YouTube Party. Amazon Show unboxing. Facebook hits 2 billion users. Petya ransomware may be retaliation for Russian cyberwarfare on Ukraine. Jeff's report from Vidcon.

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham

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          On Assignment: Growing Threat 'Ransomware'        
On assignment in Romania, Cynthia McFadden caught up with another world-reknown hacker nicknamed “Tinkode”. He’s in a new line of work, and along with cybersecurity expert Madalin Dumitru, he warns of a growing cyber threat known as “ransomware.”
          Ã‡Ã¶zümPark Haftalık Bülten–17 Temmuz 2017        
Udemy IIS Eğitimleri Yayında Microsoft IIS Egitimi – Bölüm1 Microsoft IIS Egitimi – Bölüm2 Güncel Teknoloji Haberleri Tech Data, Yeni Nesil Bulut Hizmetlerini Türkiye’de Amazon Web Services Çözümleriyle Piyasaya Sunuyor Güvenlik Güncelleştirmesi Sonrasında Yaşanan Outlook Arama ve Ekli Mail Sorunları Hakkında Petya Ransomware Hızlı Bir Şekilde Yayılıyor Petya Fidye Yazılımı için Bilgilendirme – Trend Micro

          Episode 8: Starfleet's Biggest Douchebags        

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The Transporter Room 3 podcast returns from a wee bout of Thanksgiving shore leave! Hosts and surprisingly non-virgins Scott Collura and Phil Pirrello discuss the filibuster-worthy topic of 3D or not 3D. (And yes, we do so while spinning around in our command chairs, General Chang-style!)

But the main event -- Starfleet's Biggest Douchebags -- bumps our usual discussion of a Trek episode in favor of verbally kick-punching the Federation's impressive D-Bag contingent. Assbutts like Star Trek III's mini-cane-carrying Captain Styles, TNG's Data-dissecting Cmdr. Maddox and Voyager's crazy Captain Ransom get served like food cubes in the Enterprise's mess hall. Also, we reunion tour with another fallen Red Shirt. And we debut our new podcast intro, made by one of our listeners!

(And yes, we know we're missing any talk about that latest Khan news, or the casting of Lt. McCleavage Alice Eve, but we just seem to have the bad luck of recording right before news breaks. We'll try harder next week!)

So puff on the inhalers, Mom-proof the bedroom door and crank your Zunes up to, well, however loud a Zune can get. Episode 8 of TR3 is guaranteed to make you nerdsplode.

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          Princesa Juliet Sewer escapar        
Princesa Juliet era pentinar el cabell bonic al seu bany quan alguns gèrmens lletjos, repugnants venia de la claveguera i ella segrestat. Van prendre Juliet a la gran claveguera sota la ciutat i aguantar-li per a ransom. Permeti ' ns ajudar Juliet escapar el clavegueram i destruir els gèrmens perillosos. Primer trobar els objectes necessaris per lliure de Juliet, fet de trobar la neteja i desinfecció de líquids que li permetr
          Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #3)        
Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #3)
author: Ransom Riggs
name: Glendalee
average rating: 4.14
book published: 2015
rating: 3
read at: 2016/05/11
date added: 2016/05/11
shelves: young-adult, fantasy-paranormal
I think I took too long to get back into this series again so I wasn't that excited to finish it but I did enjoy it and glad that I finally finished the trilogy.

          RE: Good job Microsoft!        
ODF wasn't hijacked it was bloody well abducted and held to ransom by Microsoft and its political lackies in Massachusetts. The real joke here is that the US DOJ doesn't have the balls to punish Microsoft for OBVIOUS monopolistic and anti competitive behaviour in regards to its attacks on ODF (and those supporting it as an open standard), and it's underhanded bribery and manipulation of national standards bodies and the ISO/ECMA process. I know Microsoft would get it [OOXML] passed - money talks and it just shows me that any standards body that has non technical members that are attached to business interests should NOT EVER be trusted with a vote. My suggestion is for groups to take legal action against each standards body in each and every country where anomolies were present, with the goal of showing up the irregularities etc and having OOXML rejected by the country on that basis. An ISO standard that is not supported by many countries will die a very quick and painful death. We are better just ignoring the whole ISO organisation, as it has proven that it is corrupt and cannot be trusted with standards approval. I encourage governments to reject the ISO standard for OOXML, and in fact, to reject the ISO organisation altogether (and to publically do it, and to publically declare WHY they are doing so). Of course, the modern government is really the puppet of big business, so I am being naive and idealistic in expecting any governments "for the people" actually having the balls to do the right thing. The same goes with the judicial systems, which again are all corrupt and puppets of the governments and big business. Dave
          Peace Revolution episode 087: Privacy & Surveillance / The Future of Freedom vs. The Architecture of Oppression        
itunes pic

Peace Revolution episode 087: Privacy & Surveillance / The Future of Freedom vs. The Architecture of Oppression 


To Purchase the HISTORY BLUEPRINT (Richard’s Brain Model Organizing History):


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Reference Map to Episode 087 

(0m-1h23m) Richard’s Introductory Montage:

  1. Sample: Privacy’s Dead. What Happens Next? By Tom Scott
  2. Sample 1 from the Munk Debate on State Surveillance: Greenwald/Ohanian vs Hayden/Dershowitz
  3. Brzezinski’s thoughts on Mass surveillance by Patrick Wood
  4. Sample 2 from the Munk Debate / Glenn Greenwald
  5. Bitter Lake by Adam Curtis / FDR Saudi relationship / oil for Wahabis
  6. Sample 3 from the  Munk Debate / Gen. Michael Hayden
  7. MI6 agent St. John Philby handling Arab Nazis Mujahedeen, Philby’s son sells terrorist network to Allen Dulles & CIA / John Loftus w. Dave Emory
  8. CIA Torture Memo 2015
  9. Dan Carlin / WWI British Tapped American Messages on the Atlantic Cable / Hardcore History 54- Blueprint for Armageddon V
  10. School Sucks Podcast #337 /  discussion on Saudis, Afghanistan, and Adam Curtis’ films including “Bitter Lake”
  11. Bitter Lake / Opium Production Optimized by Dams, U.S. and U.K. prosper
  12. Obama with British Prime Minister David Cameron on the “Special Relationship”, cyber-security, and the War on Terror (ISIS)
  13. A Yank at Eton / Mickey Rooney
  14. Sample 2 Obama Prime Min
  15. Chomsky on Surveillance state
  16. Chomsky on Civil Liberties
  17. Zbig Brzezinski / Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist (Documentary by James Corbett)
  18. Hayden “Whodunnit?”… let’s look at the first 2 reels…
  19. Sample 2 School Sucks Podcast #337
  20. Brzezinski’s thoughts on Mass surveillance by Patrick Wood
  21. Zbigniew Brzezinski quote
  22. Hillary Clinton / The U.S. and British Governments created Al Qaeda (lies and says it was Soviet Invasion as the “Why” we did it)
  23. Corbett / Al Qaeda doesn’t exist
  24. Sample 4 from the Munk Debate / Greenwald
  25. BBC: Al Qaeda doesn’t Exist – The Power of Nightmares by Adam Curtis
  26. Sample 5 from the Munk Debate / Alexis Ohanian

(1h23m-1h50m) Richard’s Introductory Monologue

(1h50m-9h30m) Bill Binney Interview + Round Table Commentary Discussion & Notes

(9h30m-11h) Fourth Amendment Debate / Munk Debate on Privacy and Surveillance

(11h-12h) Patrick Wood / Technocracy and the Trilateral Commission

(12h-14h24m) America’s Surveillance State


  1. (Video) The Future of Freedom: A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney:
    1. PDF of notes and references for episode 087 on Scribd
  2. Link for these notes in pdf/embeddable format on Scribd
  3. Edward Snowden Disclosures on U.S. and British Intelligence Community spying on citizens without probable cause
  4. Project BULL RUN (NSA/ GCHQ decryption program)
  5. Positive & Negative Rights
  6. Why Google made the NSA by Nafeez Ahmed
  7. How the CIA made Google by Nafeez Ahmed
  8. Sons of Liberty (History Channel Mini-Series)
  9. Between Two Ages: America and the Technetronic Era by Zbigniew Brzezinski
    1. Prof. A In his book Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era (New York: Viking Press;1970), Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: “For impressive evidence of Western participation in the early phase of Soviet economic growth, see Antony C. Sutton's Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1917–1930, which argues that 'Soviet economic development for 1917–1930 was essentially dependent on Western technological aid' (p.283), and that 'at least 95 per cent of the industrial structure received this assistance.' “(p. 348).
    2. John Taylor Gatto on Brzezinski: "Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote his famous signature book Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era in 1970, a piece reeking with Fabianisms: dislike of direct popular power, relentless advocacy of the right and duty of evolutionarily advanced nations to administer less-developed parts of the world, revulsion at populist demands for "selfish self-government" (homeschooling would be a prime example), and stress on collectivism. Brzezinski said in the book:14  It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files containing even the most personal details about health and personal behavior of every citizen, in addition to the more customary data. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information."
  10. Professor Antony C. Sutton
    1. Wall Street and Hitler
    2. Wall Street and Bolshevik Revolution
    3. Wall Street and FDR
  11. Project SHAMROCK
  12. Paris 1919 Peace Conference
  13. Department of Justice and Operations PAPERCLIP, DUSTBIN, ASHCAN (Nazis brought to America by U.S. and British Intelligence, Kissinger)
  14. Anglo-American Establishment
  15. Operation GLADIO
    1. GLADIO B (Operation involving Muslim Extremists)
    2. Arab Nazis (CIA Operatives in Operation GLADIO)
  16. JR Seeley (Quotation)
    1. Mentor / Hero of Cecil Rhodes
    2. Original Executor of Rhodes’ first Will, but died before Rhodes
  17. Stasi, Gestapo, NKVD, KGB, etc.
  18. Panopticon
  19. 1917 Espionage Act / WWI
  20. Col. Edward Mandell House
  21. C. D. Jackson (Psychological Warfare WWII / GLADIO / Bilderberg Co-Founder / JFK)
  22. Henry Luce
  23. Life Magazine Empire
  24. Utilitarianism
  25. Prussian Education System
  26. The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto (2011 Interview)
  27. Peace Revolution episodes 041-045 The Ultimate History Lesson w/ Commentary
  28. GCHQ Dirty Tricks, Honeypots
  29. GCHQ (Government Communications HeadQuarters, U.K.)
  30. Special Relationship between America and Great Britain
  31. 5-EYES Joint Surveillance Programs in English Speaking Nations
  32. Church Committee
  33. Project THINTHREAD (Surveillance Program)
  34. General Michael Hayden, ex-Director of NSA, CIA, and DNI
  35. Project TRAILBLAZER
  36. 9-11 Commission
  37. Rhodes Scholar Ashton Carter, current Secretary of Defense
    1. Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger by Ashton Carter, John Deutch and Phillip Zelikow 1998 (CFR)
  38. Civil War Intelligence
  39. Revolutionary War Intelligence
  40. John Cecil Masterman (MI6 Director during WWII)
  41. Norman Holmes Pearson (worked under Masterman on XX Committee, recruited  James Jesus Angleton)
  42. BSC British Security Coordination, Rockefeller Center
  43. Double-Cross System (XX, Twenty-Committee)
  44. X-2  U.S. Counter-Intelligence (American XX/ Double-Cross Chapter of British Intelligence under the Special Relationship)
  45. Agent Tricycle and the “Questionnaire”
  46. Project MINARET
  47. The BORG (Star Trek metaphor)
  48. Tax Free Foundations
    1. Norman Dodd (whistleblower)
  49. Cecil John Rhodes
  50. Last Will and Testament of Cecil John Rhodes
  51. Internationalism
  52. The Pan-Angles: A Consideration of the Federation of the Seven English-Speaking Nations” by Sinclair Kennedy (1916)
  53. Pilgrims Society (Anglo-American Alliance, 1902 upon death of Cecil Rhodes)
  54. Fabian Socialism
  55. Five-Eyes Supra-National Intelligence Community
  56. Royal Institute of International Affairs
  57. Council on Foreign Relations
  58. Rhodes Round Table Group
  59. The Battle of New Orleans
  60. War of 1812
  61. Conspicuous Consumption
  62. Trilateral Commission
    1. David Rockefeller & Zbigniew Brzezinski co-Founders
  63. Bilderberg Group
    1. C.D. Jackson co-Founder of Bilderberg
  64. Mark Klein (whistleblower)
  65. James Bamford
  66. The Shadow Factory” by James Bamford
  67. Technocracy
  68. Cybernetics
  69. Trans-Atlantic Cable
  70. Porter Goss
    1. John Negroponte
    2. William “Bucky” Bush
  71. STELLAR WIND (surveillance program)
  72. War Games on 9-11
  73. Operation APHRODITE
    1. Joseph Kennedy Jr.
  74. October 24, 2000, a mass casualty (MASCAL) emergency drill was conducted to test the Pentagon’s response to an airliner crashing into its headquarters
    1. Pentagon NRO Air Piracy Drill and Jamie Gorelick testimony
  75. Operation NORTHWOODS
  76. PNAC “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”
  77. Saudi Arabian American Oil Company / Saudi ARAMCO
  78. The Third British Empire” by Alfred Zimmern, Rhodes Round Table Group (1926 lectures at Columbia University)
  79. Alfred Zimmern, Rhodes Round Table Group
    1. Rhodes Round Table Group Source for Carroll Quigley
  80. Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time” by Carroll Quigley
  81. The Anglo-American Establishment” by Carroll Quigley
  82. The Inquiry” à CFR & RIIA
  83. St. John Philby (MI6 agent who handled Saudi Empire, created Arab Nazis, sold them to Allen Dulles)
  84. Standard Oil / Saudi Arabia
  85. BBC Hijackers still alive
  86. U.K. Guardian: 9-11 Hijackers still alive
  87. Stewart Air Force Base
  88. 1993 WTC Bombing
  89. Emad Salem
  90. The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror” by Trevor Aaronson
  91. MI6 / British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)
  92. Allen Dulles
  93. Ian Fleming
  94. OSS (Office of Strategic Services) predecessor to CIA
  95. OSS, CIA, and Ian Fleming: For Special Services
  96. Burden of Proof
  97. June 30, 2001 Aircraft Piracy / Cheney Rumsfeld
    1. FOOTNOTE 103, 9-11 Commission Report
    2. “103. FAA regulations, Special Military Operations, Requests for Service, Order 7610.4J, paras. 7-1-1, 7-1-2 (2001); DOD memo, CJCS instruction, "Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) and Destruction of Derelict Airborne Objects," June 1, 2001.”
  98. LIHOP
  99. MIHOP
  100. Skull and Bones & the Rhodes Scholarships
  101. David Boren and George Tenant Breakfast
  102. Mohammad Atta and Drug Connection to Wally Hilliard and Jeb Bush
  103.  “Free Trade” as defined by British Empire
  104. British East India Company
  105. CIA and Opium Smuggling
  106. Skull and Bones and Opium Smuggling
  107. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Afghan Wars (Great Britain)
  108. Poppy as Veterans Day logo (Great Britain)
  109. Mena Arkansas / CIA Drug Trafficking
  110. Iran Contra / Drugs for Arms
  111. Air America / CIA Opium Smuggling
  112. “Bitter Lake” documentary by Adam Curtis
    1. Western expansion in Afghanistan post WWII increase in Poppy/Opium Yield (@20m)
  113. Afghanistan Poppy / Opium crops
  114. Running the Gauntlet
  115. Origins of the Security and Exchange Commission
  116. Origins of the FBI
  117. Terra-Forming
  118. Lord Percy
  119. Hotel Majestic Conference 1919
  120. Parallel Construction (Snowden Disclosures)
  122. Total Information Awareness (DARPA)
  123. Admiral John Poindexter (Iran Contra /DARPA)
  124. Mass Surveillance
  125. Tsarnaev Uncle Ruslan / CIA
  126. Sibel Edmonds / GLADIO B
  127. (Video) History… Cecil Rhodes & the Anglo American Establishment w/ Brett Veinotte and Kevin Cole
  128. School Sucks Project #236 (Live): Historical Research Methods, Historiography, and Historicity with Brett Veinotte and Kevin Cole
  129. The Round Table Group / Cecil Rhodes
  130. Investigation into Tax Exempt Foundations
    1. Norman Dodd
    2. Reece Committee
  131. Social Engineering
  132. Enkyklios Paideia (Learning within prescribed circle of reference)
  133. Imperial Federation
  134. Matthew Arnold & Prussian Education in England
  135. Great Books of the Western World  (Organic Unity Project)
  136. (Video) History… Connected: The Trivium Method vs. the Classical (Medieval) Trivium, a briefing by Kevin Cole
  137. Isocrates
  138.  “The Life and Times of Stein” by J.R. Seeley
  139. German Nationalism
  140. Johann Pestalozzi (crossroads of school system, Prussian education, and Bavarian Illuminati)
  141. Bavarian Illuminati
  142. Aeropagites
  143. Trivium (Classical/Medieval)
  144. Studium Generale / Medieval University system)
  145. Neologisms (new words)
  146. International Relations
  147. Holistic Ecology
  148. Jan Smuts & Holistic Ecology
  149. Artificial Scarcity
  150. Automatons
  151. Organic Unity
  152. Samuel Coleridge
    1. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  153. Dorothy Sayers
  154. Great Chain of Being
  155. The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers
  156. Scott Buchanan (Rhodes Scholar)
  157. The Moot (1938-1947) / Rhodes Round Table Sub-Group
    1. Alfred Zimmern
  158. The World Council of Churches
    1. Lionel Curtis (Rhodes Round Table Group)
  159. King George III of Great Britain
  160. Saxe-Coburg Gotha Family Empire of Germany
  161. Queen Victoria
  162. Kaiser Wilhelm
  163. Czar Nicholas II of Russia
  164. Peace Revolution episode 083: America and the Great Game: A Strategy of Tension
  165. Bertrand Russell
  166. “The Principles of Social Reconstruction” by Bertrand Russell (1916)
  167. The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell (1952)
  168. Admiral John M. Poindexter
  169. General Michael Hayden
  170. George H.W. Bush (aka Poppy Bush)
  171. Double-Tap (tactic of random slaughter)
  172. James Clapper testimony (March 12, 2013)
  173. JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group)
  174. Confessions of a Congressman (Vox)
  175. The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto
  176. Fabius Maximus
  177. War of Atrition
  178. Fabian Socialism
  179. Internationalism
  180. Intra-Specific Kleptoparasitism
  181. Electoral College
  182. The Auctors
  183. The Mythology of Democracy by Carroll Quigley
  184. Marshall McLuhan
  185. Peace Revolution episode 084: Builders of Empire
  186. I.A. Richards (Trivium to create general education without historical meaning)
  187. Stringfellow Barr (Rhodes Scholar)
  188. Scott Buchanan (Rhodes Scholar)
  189. New Criticism (Separation of History and Literature)
    1. John Crowe Ransom (Rhodes Scholar)
  190. Pythagorean Mystery School
  191. Heinz von Foerster (Cyberneticist)
  192. Squaring the Circle
    1. Karl Rove quote on Empire / "Faith, Certainty, and the Presidency of George W. Bush" New York Times Oct 17, 2004 by Ron Suskind / "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality- judiciously, as you will - we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." - Karl Rove
  193. TV = Digital Enkyklios Paideia
  194. Weisbecker article on John O’Neill
  195. Jerome Hauer
  196. Bernard Kerik
  197. Rudyard Kipling
  198. The White Man’s Burden” (poem) by Rudyard Kipling
    1. Kipling and Cecil Rhodes
    2. Kipling and Freemasonry
    3. Kipling and re-integrating America into British Empire
  199. Rights of Man by Thomas Paine
  200. Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  201. Peace Revolution 086: Common Sense for the 21st Century


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          Keeping Yourself Safe from Cyber Attacks        

Stolen passwords, files being held for ransom and identities being stolen are all part of the new world of cyber thieves and cyber attacks.

Here are some tips from Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company:


          AWAS! Ini dia Bahaya Virus Ransomware Wannacrypt        

Akhir – akhir ini banyak yang dibuat penasaran oleh Virus Ransomware Wannacrypt. Seperti apa sih bahaya virus ini dan kerusakan apa yang ditimbulkan sehingga lebih dari 100 Negara di Dunia merasa terancam oleh munculnya virus ini? Bahaya Virus Ransomware Wannacrypt yang Harus Diwaspadai! Dalam salah satu portal di Luar negri, Virus Ransomware Wannacrypt ini sudah […]

The post AWAS! Ini dia Bahaya Virus Ransomware Wannacrypt appeared first on GaptekSolutions.Com - Jangan Mau Dibilang Gaptek!.

          Cara Mencegah Virus Ransomware Wannacrypt        

Ransomware wannacrypt merupakan virus yang akhir – akhir ini mengehebohkan lebih dari 100 Negara di Dunia. Virus ini menyerang server dan menyerang sistem operasi windows, khususnya adalah pengguna windows 8 kebawah yang belum melakukan update terbaru dan belum melakukan setting untuk menutup lubang keamanan. Berikut ini adalah cara untuk mengatasi dan cara mencegah virus ransomware […]

The post Cara Mencegah Virus Ransomware Wannacrypt appeared first on GaptekSolutions.Com - Jangan Mau Dibilang Gaptek!.

          Masterpiece of Murder (Charlotte Ross Mysteries, #2)        
Masterpiece of Murder (Charlotte Ross Mysteries, #2)
author: Evelyn Cullet
name: Chrissy
average rating: 4.00
book published: 2012
rating: 4
read at: 2013/08/18
date added: 2017/02/17
shelves: for-review, read-in-2013
I should probably preface this review by saying that I really don't read a ton of mysteries. But, there was something just so intriguing about the whole artistic theme and the setting of Argentina that I couldn't resist giving MASTERPIECE OF MURDER by Evelyn Cullet a chance.

Now, I didn't realize upon reading this novel that there was another before this featuring our same lead character, Charlotte Ross. I will certainly go back and read that one later, but I mention this fact only because I found that MASTERPIECE OF MURDER worked perfectly fine as a stand alone novel. Enough back story was given that it was easy to pick up on everything without feeling like I had missed a big chunk of time.

So, this novel our heartbroken heroine is devastated by the departure of her fiance, Brett, who left the country without even a phone call or letter several weeks ago. Brett, an undercover FBI agent, had previously met Charlotte while posing as the Vice President of her place of employment, and Charlotte still remembers how he pretended to have feelings for her in order to obtain information about the corporation. After the fact, though, he admitted that his feelings were real and he proposed for the couple to marry -- but, they never settled on a date. And now, Brett is gone. Was it all just another act?

Charlotte learns from his partner at work that Brett has actually left his job and has escaped to Argentina where he is taking on a covert operation to locate a very valuable stolen painting that is worth millions in ransom. Determined to find Brett herself, Charlotte takes a piece from her art instructor and passes it off as her own in order to gain a place in a prestigious art class taught by Master Ty Champion in Bariloche, Argentina. After securing her position in the Master's coveted classroom, Charlotte is sure she can locate her absentee fiance and mend the relationship and the remains of her broken heart.

But, what Charlotte didn't expect was a womanizing art professor with a jealous wife, Victoria, who threatens Charlotte after witnessing her husband's very hands on approach with his pupils. When Victoria is found murdered and the local police consider Charlotte to be their number one suspect, she knows that she is in over her head -- and in an unfamiliar country without the assistance she expected to find from Brett.

Things only get worse when Charlotte spots Brett with another woman, after which he denies ever having known Charlotte. He later claims to be on just another mission in which he must pretend to have feelings for a stranger in order to obtain the necessary connections to locate the prized painting, an excuse that sounds painfully familiar to Charlotte in her heartbroken state.

Was it a mistake to come all the way to Argentina on a last, desperate attempt to rekindle an old flame? And when another murder shakes the locals, Charlotte begins to wonder if she'll even be able to leave Argentina at all -- or will she find herself in a rat infested prison against her will?

I actually ended up reading MASTERPIECE OF MURDER in a single sitting, which is definitely a rarity for me these days. I was just so captivating by the setting, which felt so unique and magical at times, and so interested in the characters, all of which could at any time be more sinister than expected. It was refreshing as well to read a mystery in which I literally had no idea who was actually committing the crime, and one in which I really couldn't tell which character was friend or foe. It really kept me on my toes until the very last page, which was pretty exciting for sure!

The only thing I really wasn't crazy about was the way that Charlotte seemed so quick to give into Brett after all his crazy actions and his lame excuses. Perhaps if I read the last novel and grew to love Brett a little more, I could have forgiven him more for his actions. And, don't get me wrong -- I always love a happily ever after in the end. But, a good part of me was disappointed with the brief hint of a sex scene between the two characters -- I just wanted him to need to earn her forgiveness a bit more than that!

I was definitely fascinated by the whole concept of a foreign art excursion, which kept me captivated, even beyond the whole plot line of the mystery. I admire the author's skill at keeping the reader turning ahead, eager to learn the next plot twist while taking in the beautiful scenery at the same time. I didn't expect to enjoy this little book so much!

Thank you to the author for allowing me to read a copy of this novel for the purposes of providing an honest review. I will definitely go back and read the previous book, and I look forward to more in the future!

          Apple Watch's new font isn't the first Apple font named San Francisco        

Today Apple released WatchKit, the tools for developers to start building apps for the Apple Watch. Buried inside the kit is a brand new font called "San Francisco" specifically designed for use with the Apple Watch. Given the challenges of reading text on such a tiny screen Apple needed to ensure it came with a font that met the device's needs. In the release notes for developers the company describes the font thusly.

The system font was designed specifically for legibility on Apple Watch. At large sizes, the font's slightly condensed letters are set tight to take up less horizontal space. But at small sizes, they are spaced more loosely and have bigger apertures in glyphs like 'a' and 'e' to make these easier to read at a glance. Punctuation is also proportionally larger when the font gets smaller. And as text size changes, Apple Watch dynamically switches between fonts to maintain clarity and legibility at all times.

It appears the "San Francisco" font is going to be an important part of the Apple Watch experience. Of course it isn't the first Apple font to go by that name. No, there was another "San Francisco" which was one of the original bitmap typefaces for the Apple Macintosh. Designed by Susan Kare, the font allowed for users to mimic the effect of a ransom note, for any number of presumably reasonable "ransom note mimicking" reasons.

H/T to The Next Web for originally noticing the similar font names.
          Ø¹Ù„ÙŠ طريقة WannaCry فيروس جديد يدعي WannaLocker يصيب الهواتف و يشفر بياناتك        

علمني دوت كوم
علمني دوت كوم - موقع تقني يهتم بكل ما هو جديد في التكنولوجيا ويهتم بتقديم شرح مُصور لحل المشاكل التقنيه بابسط طريقه ممكنه.

علي طريقة WannaCry فيروس جديد يدعي WannaLocker يصيب الهواتف و يشفر بياناتك لقد شاهدنا في الأيام السابقة أنتشار فيروس خطير جداً في مختلف أرجاء العالم و مؤسسات حيوية كبيرة جداً و هذا الفيروس بأسم WannaCry أو فيروس و الذي هدد بيانات العديد من الأشخاص و الشركات و المؤسسات الهامة , و الآن ظهر فيروس جديد يدعي ...

علي طريقة WannaCry فيروس جديد يدعي WannaLocker يصيب الهواتف و يشفر بياناتك
Abdel ElRahman Mohamed

          Ransomes Jacobsen provides opportunities for local students        
Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd, the Ipswich-based turf equipment manufacturer, has recently hosted 15 pupils from local secondary schools for a week of work experience.
          Ransomwares : comment protéger son PC sous Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista, XP        

Protéger son PC sous Windows contre les ransomwares, ces programmes malicieux qui cryptent les données de votre disque dur ou SSD et affichent une demande de rançon pour vous en restituer l’accès est à la portée de tous. Le ransomware touchent les  postes de travail en entreprise mais aussi le PC familial du particulier. Il y a plusieurs mesures simples et efficaces à appliquer. Nous allons vous prodiguer plusieurs conseils pratiques pour éviter le pire avant qu’il ne soit trop tard… Ransomwares : remplacer votre ancien Windows La première mesure que nous vous invitons à prendre immédiatement est de lire

Cet article Ransomwares : comment protéger son PC sous Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista, XP est apparu en premier sur JCBTechno.

          The Essentials of IT Security - August 2017 Kit        
The Essentials of IT Security – August 2017 Kit brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your IT Security related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your IT Security research:
  • Dark Reading Report: Surviving the IT Security Skills Shortage
  • The Ransomware Threat: A Guide to Detecting an Attack Before It's Too Late
  • Anatomy of a Hack Disrupted
  • The Bedrock of IT Security: It Starts With Training

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          The Essentials of IT Management - August 2017 Kit        
The Essentials of IT Management – August 2017 Kit brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your IT Management related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your IT Management research:
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Using a Hybrid Approach to Boost IT Agility
  • Windows 10: 4 Ways to Ensure Smooth Windows 10 Migration
  • Redefining Data Governance
  • The Big Security Threats Your Organization Needs to Take Seriously Now
  • The Ransomware Threat: A Guide to Detecting an Attack Before It's Too Late

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          Ransom’s HR caps late burst, Brewers beat Astros – Sporting News        

MILWAUKEE — Cody Ransom’s homer capped a four-run burst in the eighth inning and the Milwaukee Brewers, after firing their bullpen coach, held off the Houston Astros 8-7 Monday night. The Brewers dismissed bullpen coach Stan Kyles before the … Full News here – Houston – Bing News

link: Ransom’s HR caps late burst, Brewers beat Astros – Sporting News

          El ransomware Cerber roba ahora contraseñas del navegador y datos de carteras de Bitcoin        
El ransomware Cerber no para de evolucionar con el fin de provocar el mayor daño posible. Si a finales de 2016 informamos que empezó a atacar bases de datos, ahora nos hemos hecho eco de que la versión más reciente[...]
          Las víctimas del ransomware han pagado 25 millones de dólares en los últimos dos años        
La situación del ransomware es paradójica, ya que no está ni mucho menos entre los tipos de malware más extendidos, pero los grandes destrozos que puede causar a las víctimas termina haciendo que sean portada de muchos medios, incluido este[...]
          L’audience des chaînes préhistoriques du 5 juillet 2017        
On commence comme d’habitude avec les audiences d’hier soir… - En 1e position, c’est la chaîne préhistorique TF1 qui diffusait la série « Ransom », qui a attiré 3 683 000 téléspectateurs ! Bon [...]
          L’audience des chaînes préhistoriques du 28 juin 2017        
On commence comme d’habitude avec les audiences d’hier soir… - En 1e position, c’est la chaîne préhistorique TF1 qui diffusait la série « Ransom », qui a attiré 3 891 000 téléspectateurs ! Bon [...]
          Editor Beth is moving on, starting a new chapter for KR Magazine        
Chrome Legacy Window 13052016 160431.bmp

After nearly eighteen months of running KR Magazine, Beth is moving on to a new project and we want to wish her all the best. Beth has worked exceptionally hard...

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          Analysis: HX Security Group – Mexico Security Summary for April 2016        
DSC_0508 by Lizard10979 on Flickr

This week we bring you a report on the security situation in Mexico in April from HX-Harary Security. It offers a detailed look at incidents across the country and makes for useful, yet...

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          Quick Read: Colombia to investigate ELN rebel leaders for nearly 16,000 war crimes        
Quick Read by KR Magazine (2)

Colombia’s attorney general’s office is investigating five top leaders from the country’s ELN guerrilla group for nearly 16,000 war crimes and crimes against humanity, the office said on Wednesday…. Read...

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          Quick Read: Attorney: Feds’ handling of Southlake cartel lawyer ‘embarrassing’        
USA by KR Magazine (3)

FORT WORTH — A federal jury in Fort Worth began deliberating a case Thursday that illustrates the power of Mexican drug lords to spread violence deep into suburban America…. Read...

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          Quick Read: The Turkish Constitutional Court on international parental child abduction: judgment of Marcus Frank Cerny        
Child Abduction  by KR Magazine

Dr Burcu Yüksel, University of Aberdeen By an individual application made by Marcus Frank Cerny in July 2013 (App No 2013/5126), the Turkish Constitutional Court for the first time examined...

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          Quick Read: Khaled Sharrouf alive and imprisoned by Islamic State, police told – Yahoo7        
Daesh  by KR Magazine

Notorious Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf is alive and being held prisoner to Islamic State for attempting to flee Syria, according to his mother-in-law Karen Nettleton…. Read full article at the...

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          Quick Read: Three men arrested after truck hijack        
Indonesia by KR Magazine

Three men were arrested early on Wednesday in Medan, North Sumatra, following the armed hijacking of a container truck carrying over 36,800 liters of crude palm oil. The men were...

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          Quick Read: Duterte’s challenges: Terror, crime and the Abu Sayyaf        
Philippines by KR Magazine

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is poised to become the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines…. Read full article at the publisher’s site:

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          Quick Read: Suspects in north China armed kidnapping shot dead        
China by KR Magazine

Two suspects who allegedly kidnapped the chairman of a real estate group in north China’s Shanxi Province on Tuesday were shot dead by police. The two were shot while resisting...

The post Quick Read: Suspects in north China armed kidnapping shot dead appeared first on KR Magazine - Kidnap and Ransom News.

          Quick Read: Chef relives hijack hell        
South Africa by KR Magazine

Cape Town – It was a day from hell for a nightclub chef, who survived a two-hour hijacking ordeal. But thanks to the diligence of police and Law Enforcement, the...

The post Quick Read: Chef relives hijack hell appeared first on KR Magazine - Kidnap and Ransom News.

          The Opera Box 07-03-2017 with Ron Nadel        

Craig Ruttenberg Glyndebourne Chorus Harolyn Blackwell London Philharmonic Orchestra Sir Simon Rattle- Porgy And Bess Act I Scene 1 Summertime - Gershwin Porgy Bess
- voicebreak -
Patricia Risley Vale Rideout Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Frank Kelley Heather Buck Keith Phares William Johnson Nathan Krueger Matthew Lau Jamie Offenbach Julia Elise Hardin Will Johnson William Boggs Florentine Opera Chorus Aaron Blankfield Matthew Richardson Margaret Wendt Tracy Wildt Kristin Ngchee Scott Johnson Sarah Lewis Jones Linda S Ehlers Paul Helm Katie Koester- Elmer Gantry Act I Scene 4 Vessels Of Service Great And Small Chorus Ice Cream Vendor Revival Worker Revival Singer Child Sharon Elmer Keely Family Singers Lulu Frank - Aldridge Elmer Gantry
- voicebreak -
Eleanor Steber Nicolai Gedda Rosalind Elias- Vanessa Act 4 To Leave To Break - Opera Legends
Eleanor Steber Nicolai Gedda Rosalind Elias Dmitri Mitropoulos New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra CHorus- Act 4 Goodbye Erika - Barber Vanessa
- voicebreak -
New York Concert Singers Anthony Dean Griffey Carter Brey Charlotte Hellekant Christopher ORiley Eugene Perry Lauren Flanigan Mark Peskanov Paul Groves Ransom Wilson Stephen Mo Hanan Thomas Paul- Cabildo Op 149 Ah Love Is A Jasmine Vine With Tendrils Delicate And Strong Valerie Pierre Epilogue Mary Come Along Darling Tom Mary - Beach Cabildo Opera Hermit Thrush At Eve Give Me Not Love In The Twilight
- voicebreak -
Philip BrunellePlymouth Music Series Orchestra Soloists- Act 1 A Stranger May Seem Strange - Copland The Tender Land
Philip BrunellePlymouth Music Series Orchestra Soloists- Act 1 Martin Top Make Horseplay - Copland The Tender Land
Philip BrunellePlymouth Music Series Orchestra Soloists- Act 1 The Invitation - Copland The Tender Land
Philip BrunellePlymouth Music Series Orchestra Soloists- The Promise Of Living - Copland The Tender Land

playlist URL:
          Invoice.doc – Ransomware virus který zaÅ¡ifruje VaÅ¡e data        
V posledních dnech se šíří přes e-maily další virové hrozby, které jsou v přílohách e-mailů. E-maily chodí od různých odesílatelů s různými přílohami. Jednou z nejzákeřnějších příloh je příloha invoice.doc, která obsahuje jeden z nejdestruktivnějších virů, takzvaný typ ransomware, se kterými si zatím nedovedou poradit antivirové programy. Virus nakazí a zlikviduje data počítačů v síti Vir je detekován až v okamžiku, kdy […]
          Comment on Clan Cleansing in Somalia: The Ruinous Turn of 1991 (2013) by Somaliya        
Evolution of the Somali society… Or why Somalia has been struggling to get back on the feet? The essayist is of Somali origin and has lived in Somalia during the time of the “lost paradise” . He grew up in Beletweyne and studied in the cosmopolitan Mogadishu. A scholarship allowed him to take up post-graduate studies in Western Europe. Due to the emerging and ever since protracted conflict in the country, he continued his stay abroad. In recent months, however, he returned to his mother country where he spent several months travelling and visiting places of his past. Along the journey, he met countless old friends and made new ones. Extensive conversations with his peers allowed him to get a profound insight to the current state of affairs in Somalia, from an outsider’s perspective. The sun sets over Somalia…. Since 1991, a war for access to resources has been ongoing in Somalia; fueled by the strong aspiration of various tribal groups to illegitimately gain wealth and political power. The epicenter of the conflict has been the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu. Ever since, it has been a war that affected mostly innocent people living in the city whose genuine concern has always been to run their daily business peacefully. Never even considering that their livelihoods would be at stake, they have become the focus of scrupulous interests of political leadership and speculations. Well-organized and equipped tribal militia have emerged from the “bush”, indoctrinated to hate their compatriots and politicians from other tribes. Targets of their meaningless killings have been businessmen, political figures and religious leaders of particular tribes, often encouraged by illiterate but power hungry amateurish politicians that failed to enter the Somali political arena peacefully. Instead, they have ordered those tribal “bushman” to humiliate, rape or even kill. Innocent people from other tribes have been forced to leave their home turf, either as internally displaced people (IDPs) within their country or as refugees abroad. As a result, power hungry politicians have remained in the city and scrupulously appropriated properties belonging to fellow countrymen, such as private houses and businesses, but also governmental buildings including schools, hospitals, universities, ministries, industrial areas and military zones. In the conventional comprehension of those politicians, the unlawful acquisition of assets contributes to the wealth of their individual tribes, hence leading to their increased political power in the country. The illegitimate attainment of wealth and related political power has only been possible by means of protracted conflict in the country. Rejoicing their newly gained influence, they request absolute obedience by subdued tribes. This malicious spiral has been whirling ever since the conflict has commenced, and the political arena in Somalia has been distressed by this fact. At the very beginning of the conflict, a wide majority of Somalis anticipated that the motivation behind the conflict was a vigorous change in government rather than the killing of innocent persons, the ruining of livelihoods, properties and subsequent displacement of populations. The slaughtering has continued; men, women, old, young and even children have been amongst the fatalities. Only the tribal affiliates of the murderers have not been forced out of their homeland and dispossessed as the others. In addition to that, ignorant fellow tribesman have not intervened and prevented the continuous violence. Previously, they have been relatives, neighbors, colleagues and friends; and still, they seem to have been in agreement with the ongoing pointless slaughtering of innocent people. They have not made any effort as such to intervene in the conflict. It has been part and parcel of the propaganda machinery to make them believe that the “wealth and power will be collective” and the whole tribe will benefit in the long term; newly gained assets, including agricultural land and properties will be shared. As many people left Mogadishu searching for safety and security, they were followed and the killing was extended across the whole country and only crossing the borders into neighboring countries provided the desired peace. The dark side of Somali history is ongoing, and this essay aims to uncover atrocities that have taken place and continue to be committed in light of greed for wealth and power. Despite the infinite existence of Allah, the Almighty, one day the violence turned against the perpetrators. While the conflict has prolonged, slaughtering has turned both ways and became crueler than ever before. The trust among people has gone lost and in order to be safe, armed militias have had no other choice than to stay within the confined tribal or sub-tribal areas. This also applies to civilians who are safe only within the area of their tribal majority or where well-equipped militias can protect them. Citizens who have lived all their lives in cosmopolitan Mogadishu, neither native to the tribal area nor with militia support, have been forced to return to the place of their tribal origin or leave Somalia altogether. This has lead to a major brain drain and outflow of well-trained and experienced human resources. Shadow operations At that point in time, global humanitarian actors had greatly mobilized and resumed humanitarian assistance all over Somalia; they had also resumed to dispense into the city of Mogadishu. The main objective has been to assist communities affected by the conflict, with food supplies, health support, shelter and anything else required to make communities resilient under the current circumstances. At the same time, conflict mediation processes were recommenced in order to ease the fighting. Subsequently, the targeting of the legitimate beneficiary groups has always been a concern. By addressing “traditional” community elders, international humanitarian agencies assert to reach out to the most vulnerable groups. In reality, community elders tend to closely liaise with warlords and instead of representing the needs of communities they have exposed strong personal interests. By insisting on the practice of delivering aid to people through the respective leaders deceives its genuine purpose. If at all a war could be argued to be fair, this Somali conflict has become even more unjustifiable by tolerating that the most distressed strata of society remain entirely unattended. Would not the delivery of humanitarian assistance to communities directly be much wiser? By giving more control into the hands of hypocritical community leaders and warlords, their power over the communities advances. Whoever seeks humanitarian assistance and support in accessing basic supplies through humanitarian assistance is forced to obey to the false authority of self-declared community leaders; otherwise, no help will reach disobedient but most needy community members and the lack of livelihood options results in hunger and starvation. On the other hand, those elders and warlords have understood to gain maximum benefit from this “humanitarian business model”, by neither investing much of their capital nor time. The occasional shooting and destabilization efforts in the region are just part of this new business model, showing that they possess supreme control over the tribal area. It is them who decide about peace or war in their immediate tribal area, and by doing so they either facilitate or block the delivery of assistance to the most needy. In addition to that, the elders and warlords have been actively engaged in providing logistic support for delivery of humanitarian assistance (food, drugs and shelter, etc.), contracted by the humanitarian aid agencies. They provide the means of transportation and receive daily allowances. Not only that, more often the newly emerging leaders of the communities demand to be the overall manager of the aid delivery operations, including the monitoring of financial cash flows. It is extraordinary that rarely there have been monitoring systems established to follow up on delivery. It is because of this that operational budgets were not disbursed to the full amount and were partially shifted to private bank accounts. In addition to that, food, drug and shelter as well as agricultural equipment were transferred to more profitable markets, either in the same area, in other cities of Somalia or crossing borders illegally as contra-band products. This “business model” has proven that the more communities starve, the more aid would flow and as argued above, the more profitable gain would be made by corrupt community leaders and their warlord friends. According to Somali understanding, this has been the most profitable and never dreamt of business ever, allowing certain people to become rich within a very short period of time. Consequently, it is not in their interest at all to have neither a stable nor a peaceful country. Once, one of the legendary Somali warlords was asked about his thoughts on peace and the militia turning in their weapons in order to achieve this. His answer was as expected. He is not at all interested in contributing to mediate the conflict and promote the peace process in the country. “Is there any business more profitable in this world than being a warlord and the traditional leader of my tribe in charge of facilitating humanitarian aid delivery in my tribal area? I am earning more than hundred thousand USD per day.” According to him, there is no need for peace in the country and no need for a government, either. At the commencement of the war in 1991, he was a soldier barely earning enough to cover the living expenses of his family. The work with humanitarian agencies allowed him to gain personal wealth and status within the tribe. Today, he claims to be a millionaire and is a well-respected tribal patriarch. Moreover, he has become a national level decision maker. He shows pride in highlighting the fact that he has not made any investments in the “business” away from coordinating and commanding militia forces. On the other hand, the militia forced humanitarian agencies to deal with this warlord and tribal elder in “business terms”. He could not care less than about his personal wealth, instability in the country and non-presence of a functioning government. In conclusion, he emphasized the fact that if aid agencies would stop to collaborate with him, he would block access to the areas under his control, claiming that the distress of the communities residing there will increase (and this despite the fact that the community barely received any support through his presence). Darkness in Somalia If there is anything that Somalis are good in, it is to replica and imitate recklessly, especially for what is considered insincere and illegitimate and above, that does not require deep thought, stern effort and responsibility but allows becoming well off over a short period of time. As the days of prosperity for Somali warlords discontinued, recently, certain youth in the country emerged in the humanitarian sector. At the time when the conflict started in Somalia, most of these were adolescents from families who neither had the opportunity to leave Somalia nor to gain access to higher education. They eagerly studied Arabic and English language and acquired the basics of development terminology. They absorbed the humanitarian language claiming to assist the suffering Somali people. And, they established local non-governmental organizations (LNGO) and associations claiming to support particular beneficiary groups, vulnerable groups such as IDPs, women, youth and children; each one of them covering a distinct tribal area. In order to widen their visibility and access to donor funding, some of the LNGOs contacted relatives abroad praising the extensively emerging business opportunities in the humanitarian sector across the country. As a result, diaspora organizations in support of fellow Somalis registered predominantly in Europe, North America, and the Gulf countries but also in other random locations. Now both the diaspora and the respective “branches” in Somalia have access to substantial funds provided by humanitarian and donor agencies. Besides the warlords and red-bearded elders having benefitted before, also the non-governmental sector has entered the “pathway to prosperity” based on the misery created by the conflict in Somalia. Within a few months, LNGOs mushroomed in every corner of the country. Somalis even claim that every family in the country maintains a NGO. Of course, each of them proclaims to be the most experienced and trustworthy institution in the tribal, sub-tribal or sub-sub tribal area; hence, they ought to be contracted to implement humanitarian activities guaranteeing that assistance will unquestionably reach intended beneficiaries. Once and so often it happens that a member of the humanitarian community is killed, working for both local and international agencies. The main cause is that they try to provide support to Somali communities in tribal areas without approval of the so-called tribal leaders. In order to avoid those targeted assassinations, one must get in contact with or contract a Mukulaal Madow, the Somali term for a “Black Cat”. In order to claim that a certain LNGO is able to provide vast coverage within Somalia, offices with the banner of the LNGO are opened in various strategic locations. This is negotiated with the particular leaders of the tribal areas, undoubtedly with financial gain involved. It has also become a practice that international agencies collaborate with LNGOs who claim to be familiar with local dynamics and ensure the implementation of activities. Shedding light on some But what are the proficiencies a LNGO requires to have access to donors and humanitarian funds? Certainly, good communication and writing skills in English or Arabic, depending on the official language of the particular donor agency to be addressed. A digital camera is handy and allows documenting the process and outcomes of projects in communities that claimed to be supported. And of course, the visa to travel to Nairobi and Arab Gulf countries to attend meetings is critical. The chairman of a LNGO supporting agricultural activities in Lower and Middle Shabelle Regions explained that he usually awaits the commencement of seasonal activities and the preparation of agricultural land, in order to join farmers in their activities as a pretended visitor. And in order to bring as many people as possible together in one location, he invites them for lunch. A group photograph will later on show the successful project outcomes and the well documented field visit to the community will tell the achievement of results, including the fieldwork. He confirmed that these pictures are used for donor reports along the elaboration of project activities that in fact have never taken place. Short interviews with potential beneficiaries claim the level of community satisfaction and gratitude to the funding agency. Following the same argument, during one of his many site visits, the author of this essay witnessed the outcome of a well-funded irrigation project. Where there was supposed to be a functioning deep well, including storage facilities and a distribution system, only tanks were delivered and left behind in the middle of nowhere, with no sight of any borehole whatsoever. Only from the distance one might be able to assume that the required infrastructure has been provided. The local community confirmed that they had meetings with representatives from an INGO who promised to provide the community with consistent water supply required for human beings and animals, particularly important to sustain much appreciated livelihood activities also during the dry season. The tanks were built and the INGO vanished. Above case studies reinforce the argument that the humanitarian agencies have repeatedly benefitted from the desperation of local Somalia communities and the good intensions donor agencies show in supporting local communities and making them more resilient. The difference between the work of LNGOs that have been growing like mushrooms in every corner of the country and warlords terrorizing communities is that LNGOs do not carry weapons and are not surrounded by well-armed militia. However, if imperative LNGOs would be able to mobilize and stir up conflict and killing between different groups in support of their ultimate goal, gaining profit through “humanitarian work”. Over the years, LNGOs have become wealthy, contrary to the communities they have been meaning to support; they have remained poor and illiterate and above all, based on the fake claim to support the most vulnerable, they are even well respected. As a result, communities, their particular red-bearded leaders and local militia can easily be corrupted by occasional pocket money or lunch provided by LNGOs. This kind of corruption goes even further up to the higher government levels. Traditional and often illiterate leaders delegate particular members of their tribe to be represented in the Somali Parliament, and while the President is elected by the Members of Parliament the Prime Minister is appointed by the President. The positions of Ministers and Director Generals of the various Ministries are collectively negotiated between the tribes based on the 4.5 system. Right from the offset, this system is prone to corruption. It can be argued that the President of this country was (s)elected by certain interest groups within tribes, often financially supported by “humanitarian businessmen”. It can be argued that the humanitarian sector in Somalia is a shadow business, as the provision of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in many cases is not genuine at all. Often, decision makers that disperse funds to humanitarian projects on behalf of the international community are neither aware of the Somali complexities nor do they know the context well. The evidence becomes clearer when investigating the irresponsibility towards monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of projects in order to steer the outcomes into the intended direction. It could be argued that some donor elements are part of this shadow business that has been ongoing for many years, gaining a substantive share from well-anticipated donor funds. It is rather depressing to realize that Somali people have been too humble to recognize the filthy business that developed based on their misery. They ought to stand up against those LNGO owners claiming to support their communities. Instead, they continue to respect the wealthy LNGOs owners that build their business empire on the desperation of people. It is irritating why local communities have never questioned the fact that their peers have become outrageously rich over only a short period of time. Reflections The author of this essay has been travelling throughout Somalia in order to reconnect with his people whose lives he had not shared for so many years. From the perspective of a tenderhearted person and keen thinker about development issues in this world, it has been surprising how little comprehension the international humanitarian agencies and donors have about their role in developing Somalia. Initially good intensions turned against the anticipated beneficiaries, hereby making them even more vulnerable while being exposed to conflict and seasonal hazards. No longer there is any doubt about the absolute carelessness by the international community followed by irresponsibility towards the humanitarian resources poured into Somalia, mostly involuntarily afforded by tax payers of donor countries. One might even argue that the money being spent is in accordance with well-developed shadow businesses in Somalia. This would mean that humanitarian decision makers are very much aware of the Somali dynamics and have their share. No matter what, it certainly requires an investigation and thorough analysis of the humanitarian sector in the case of Somalia. It is problematic that there does not seem to be sufficient follow up at field level on the actual implementation of projects and the management of operational budgets assigned to LNGOs. Certainly, the security situation in the country can no longer be an excuse here. Moreover, the general question arises whether the international community is interested in the stabilization of Somalia and overcoming the status of a Failed State. Certainly, this can only go along with the strengthening of capacities at all levels of Somali institutions. The implementation of projects through respective line ministries and professional associations is unquestionably a means to achieve this; instead of contracting “one-man LNGOs” seeking to achieve quick impact at community level and long lasting financial gain at personal level from this situation. The Failed State Somalia offers a thriving business platform, unrestricted and uncontrolled. Countless self-declared community elders and LNGOs, country representatives of UN agencies, focal points for INGOs as well as coordinators from international agencies cavort in the capital and other cities of this fragmented country as much as in the most remote areas; all of them being either directly or indirectly engaged in the humanitarian sector. While most of them bare the hardships of living and working in Somalia with the sincere intensions to contribute to the developing of this country and bringing back peace and stability, others see the governance vacuum as an opportunity to engage in illegitimate businesses carried out on the shoulders of the most vulnerable. Claiming to assist the most affected and desperate communities, the humanitarian sector has chosen to work independently from Somali government and professional institutions considered incapable and too weak to deliver assistance. Not following a developmental approach, the intention does not seem to build appropriate institutional structures to take up the role of humanitarian actors in the country while providing for long-term stabilization of the country as a general goal. Instead, through mismanagement of funds, the humanitarian sector has made few people very wealthy and contributed to the scattering of the country. “There is no lunch for free”, economists claim. However, in Somalia the opposite takes place. Humanitarian funds poured over the country provide millions of lunches for free and have supported certain terrific minds to establish prosperous businesses out of it. This resulted in the fact that nothing in Somalia that can attract some sort of humanitarian assistance is left unattended. It reaches as far as the solid waste collection in the streets of Mogadishu and people residing in the camps assigned for IDPs. Even though it lies within the responsibility of the local government, solid waste would be piling up in the streets causing a major health threat without financial support of donor agencies. And IDPs are forced to reside in camps; often shelters in those camps are advertised on the low income housing rental market. IDPs seeking support in shelter, food and drug distribution are sent by the management of camps to the humanitarian agencies. Then, those items very often are sold in the free market, and the operational funds for the camps remain in the pockets of individuals claiming to be managing those camps. Humanitarian and development assistance have neither been provided to interim ministerial departments to manage IDP camps nor to municipalities to take charge of the solid waste management in cities. The writer of this essay interviewed a cross-section of Somalis on their main source of livelihood, including a wide range of well-off Somalis trying to understand the incentives behind their business establishments and the funding sources. It has become clear that government officials do earn a monthly salary insufficient to live with their families in urban areas, rather it is the professionals employed by LNGO, INGO and UN agencies that can afford the ever-increasing lifestyle in Somalia. Excess wealth is only made by the ones who either own a LNGO, are country focal points, representatives and zonal coordinators of one of the international humanitarian agencies such as UN and INGOs or who entered a business contract with them. Others struggle to find one warm meal a day. Another category of extremely well paid individuals, is the lawyers working in the courts of Mogadishu. This applies particularly to lawyers engaged in property issues, assisting those who have lost their properties during the war or whose properties are illegally occupied. Enormous money transactions are involved in reclaiming property; court trials are lengthy and costly. Instead of following legislative procedures, informal bidding processes are initiated and whoever is able to pay the greater amount will be the assigned “rightful” owner and champion of the trial. Often they are wealthy people who illegitimately gained their fortune. It is evident that this practice does not contribute to reconciliation in the country; rather, it steers up a new kind of conflict that calls for resolution by the many militant groups resident in the city. Entering a tunnel LNGOs running educational facilities, orphanage colleges and health businesses are following the same footsteps. There are uncountable establishments and most of them charitable by description with a rigorous religious regime. Most of the donor requests seek for funding to construct schools, universities and hospitals as well as orphanage colleges. Once granted the financial support, buildings and infrastructure building is carried out in a poor quality in order to reduce costs and maintain funds for the development of side businesses. Repeatedly, those schools, universities, hospitals and orphanages are private enterprises owned by individuals. In order to access the services provided by those facilities, enrollment and subscription fees are to be paid. As no sustainable business models can be demonstrated, these institutions continue to seek financial support from the international community. This includes the maintenance of buildings, remuneration of teachers, provision of books as well as drugs for hospitals. Any additional funding goes straight into the pockets of individual business owners, deceiving the humanitarian community. All over Somalia and particularly in Mogadishu, countless universities have been established. Because the country has not born appropriate teaching personnel yet, very often freshly graduated self-declared professors from the same unqualified university resume duty. There is no evidence of academic curricula, and the subject matters are extracted from the Internet and other university websites. Lacking sufficient fund allocation for recruitment of adequate human resources, often, inexperienced adolescent professors are tasked to teach four to five subjects. Even though, the humanitarian community invests in the academic education and regularly caters for student’s tuition fees, no investment in qualified human resources is made; hence, these ventures are highly unsustainable. Over time it has become apparent that the before described and highly fragmented education model does not provide the country with well qualified and trained professionals to be profoundly engaged in building a new Somalia. For instance, a young professor from the Faculty of Medicine has been requested to teach microbiology, chemistry, physics, cardiology, physiology and anatomy during the course of only one day. Another freshly graduated business and administration scholar was promoted to become a professor of law while also being requested to teach at the Faculty of Engineering in the subjects of mathematics, computer science, electricity, and architectural design. Many students have graduated from these kinds of Somali universities. When a Dean of such university was addressed by the essayist, he confirmed that Somali universities are a worthy business model to “make easy money”. The author was even invited to take part, either as a member of the university board or as a lecturer. As a university board member, shares from the annual benefit are guaranteed besides the monthly salary. As a lecturer, the remuneration will be calculated based on the hours taught. To sustain the monthly financial cash flow, students confirmed that they have to cover regular enrollment fees. In exchange, examination will only be a formality. At the end of each term, each student receives a graduation certificate no matter the examination results. The students are well aware that professors are not sound in the subjects they teach, rather they keep on reading the academic books to the class and memorize the subjects by what they have read themselves just hours before. Simple questions raised by students are relayed to other students or answered the next day. In this system, students keep on paying their monthly fees and count the days until graduation. There are more than forty universities following the same business model in the city of Mogadishu alone, not to mention plentiful schools, orphanages and hospitals that have surfaced in the country. Trying to understand the pattern of emergence, the author concludes that it is comparable to the warlord and LNGO system. Understandingly, also these business models copy approaches widely acknowledged by the humanitarian system and promoted by donor agencies. The provision of education and health has become a commodity; relevant projects are developed by mostly religious entities and submitted as funding requests to the international community. Rather than having a genuine attitude to this, the main objective is again personal gain, rank among the wealthiest individuals in the country and actively participate in the Somali political arena, or even become politicians themselves. This is Somalia today - most of parliamentarians and high-level politicians are strongly rooted in this shadow business. The tunnel leads deep into the mountain By revisiting the proceedings of the last Somali Federal Government elections, the role of humanitarian funding in Somali politics becomes apparent and the influence it has on bringing out the worse of the Somali characters to become the new leadership of the country. From here it can be understood why it will take ages to rebuild this country and why it has been impossible to establish a Somali government based on the rule of law. All those red-bearded and illiterate men who have been living in pastoral and agro-pastoral settings far away from urban areas with goats, sheep, cattle and camels were called to Mogadishu, the main reason being that they claim to be the tribal elders. Within only a few days, they were tasked to identify their representatives to the Somali Parliament. Undeniably, this method shows how distant the leadership is prone to be from reality and that there is no intension to have a serious government for the country. Considering that each Somali tribe consists of hundreds of thousand people, the elders would not be able to identify qualified capacities required for representation at the Parliament apart from individuals within their closely surrounding circles. Surely, the only fact they recognize is that inserting a representative from their tribe into the Parliament will increase their chances to have access to the illegitimate benefits of the “humanitarian business model”. Once the international community calls the elders to come to Mogadishu to attend the selection process, they come well prepared to Mogadishu well prepared for the imminent negotiations with tribal fellows interested to become a member of the Somali Parliament. In fact, some of those concerned parties directly address the elders and seek their promotion; the more cash offered to the tribal leader, the higher the chance to be selected. There are no prerequisites, neither of presenting a Curriculum Vitae outlining knowledge nor political experience of the candidate. Just before the critical meeting of the elders in Mogadishu, a wide range of potential candidates audition at the elder’s hotel room, present their particular skills and assets. Being aware of illegitimate practices and knowing of this rare opportunity to receive enormous amounts of cash in a long time, elders inflate the individual ratio, as there is always someone who can afford. In fact, the candidates for becoming Members of Parliament “nominate” themselves. Indeed, most of the thoughtful people with political background and experience are not related to the shadow business of illegitimately acquiring humanitarian funds. They are well educated and qualified to handle the challenging task of bringing back Somalia on the right track. In addition to that, they possess high moral values and are not corrupt. Interviews with current Members of Parliament explain that a majority of them are related to the LNGO sector, especially those involved the education, health, food security, orphanages and empowerment of civil society and alike. Other Members of Parliament have been identified as former warlords or funded by one. This composition of the Parliament will handpick the President of Somalia and following the same principle, the person who can raise the highest price will be voted. Obviously, the ones who can afford the ransom are those who have access to humanitarian funds. The most recent group that appeared at the political horizon of Somalia is Dammu Jadiid, the “New Blood”. The group comprises of a series of actors that have gained financial power by actively being engaged in the humanitarian sector in Somalia. Being financially strong, they either bribe elders directly or financially support potential candidates to be “selected” as Members of Parliament by elders. An experienced humanitarian actor does not automatically resemble an experienced politician. One could argue that this “passive revolution” has been introduced to the Somali political arena in order to weaken the transitional government further and strategically place cadres with the above-described NGO-mentality at the level of political leadership in the country. In this way, humanitarian-funding agencies can easily influence decision-making processes at macro level, hence, Somalia will be governed following the bad practices of earlier described NGO work in Somalia. The international and Somali communities have both misunderstood the term Dammu Jadiid. Instead of being yet another fundamentalist religious group terrorizing the country, it represents the real new blood that flows in the veins of the Somali governance system; well-experienced political leaders have been exchanged with greedy humanitarian actors. Nowadays, it has become even more difficult for well-intended Somali intellectuals with sound professional backgrounds to return to the country and contribute to the reconstruction of Somalia. Dammu Jadiid and alike have become bouncers that cater for the whole humanitarian spectrum, in the fields of food security and health, education, orphanages and even empowerment of civil society. Great profits have been gained and the political power is under their control. It is very likely that all major donor funds and humanitarian support programmes for Somalia will be distributed amongst this crowd. Employment in their institutions find only those who either freshly graduated from universities managed by them or graduated from universities where their leaders graduated previously. Forthcoming Somali human resources are considered only those coming from “fake universities” that surfaced in the country or those with aligned ideologies. Somali professionals especially from Europe and Northern America are considered diaspora, with an extremely negative connotation. By doing so, they strongly discourage their return to the country and their positive contribution to the reform process in Somalia. The so-called diaspora has followed the developments in Somalia from afar and provided financial support from day one of the conflict, particularly to family members who remained back home. Recent propaganda against the diaspora claims that they have lost their Somali identity in western and “open-minded” societies, hence, would not be able to understand the complexities of the Somali society any more. Complete darkness In recent history, there have been two peculiar incidents that are worth to be mentioned in this context; clearly stated during interventions in the Somali Parliament and from the President directly. The President requested the Prime Minister of Somalia to resign. As there has been no obvious reason, he declined this appeal. At the same time, also Members of Parliament demanded him to resign based on raised acquisitions against him. The President issued no written allegation paper to the Parliament to seek clarification on the case. Neither was the Prime Minister allowed to clarify the acquisition in front of the Parliament. The media was broadcasting the Parliamentary Session online, and instead of explaining the cause for the acquisition, the request was repeated over and over again. In addition to that, there was no evidence of the Prime Minister’s and the Ministerial Cabinet’s failure in fulfilling the mandate at all. The question amongst Somali intellectuals remains, what the cause for the Prime Minister’s forced resignation might have been. Another uncertain event has been the selection of the latest Ministerial Cabinet, considering that the President and his inner circle have appointed the Prime Minister who heads the government. A pre-condition for becoming a Minister is the negotiation of the candidate with the elders and Members of Parliament of his tribe in order to be nominated. It is those Parliamentarians who were selected to be part of the new Cabinet that were fighting alongside the President to dismiss the former Prime Minister. It is surprising that some of the former Ministers who belong to the President’s inner circle have reemerged in the new Cabinet, selected once more by the Parliament that declared days before the failure of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. E p i l o g u e - Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Somalia has not only been destroyed by civil war and armed conflict, but also what followed after when the flood of humanitarian support swept over the country. It poses a major challenge to rebuild this country, and serious re-thinking is required in order to advance an approach before it is too late. Today, donor agencies and humanitarian actors play a crucial role, more than ever before. An attitude revolution is badly needed, from direct implementation through LNGOs to provision of humanitarian assistance as a means to enhance good governance in Somalia. The emphasis should be on strengthening the role of national and local government as well as professional bodies to fulfill their assigned roles. This has been neglected for many years, and very often, national government was not even aware of the activities in the country as the contracts were made from afar between humanitarian agencies and LNGOs. In this way, the flow of cash and humanitarian assistance has never contributed to the capacity building of Somali institutions. Instead, international humanitarian and development agencies are to be located directly within the premises of the Line Ministries in order to provide on-the-job training to the respective departments. If this is not possible, the request should be to partner or strongly engage with those institutions that in future are to implement development projects. By delivering services to communities (as it is the role of government in the first place), the joint implementation of humanitarian and development projects will also contribute to the credibility building of government institutions. Through joint project implementation, Line Ministries will be in the position to acquire the necessary skills and tools to conduct needs assessments in a participatory manner, analyze the findings, prioritize interventions and implement projects hand in hand with beneficiary communities as their constituencies. Line Ministries and beneficiary communities alike ought to monitor project funds in a more systematic manner. This contributes to transparency and empowerment of communities alongside their representative institutions and builds confidence in a country where mutual trust has been misplaced. The current state of the Somali education system is another problematical area. The forthcoming generation represents the human resources of Somalia. The role of the Ministry of Education in unifying school and university curricula is vital. Let us cultivate the human capital in the country as a source for rebuilding Somalia to a stable and flourishing country. Donor funds in support of this must be utilized in a suitable manner. Only when these preconditions are met, Somalia will have a chance to overcome the status of a Failed State and move into the direction to become a stable country once more. At this moment in time, in Somalia there are many distinctive actors about; some are well armed with ammunition others with arguments. But they are all in agreement on the fact of the matter – to keep Somalia in a state of limbo, a place without law and order. The non-presence of a functional government demands continuous humanitarian support to strained communities, both from natural disasters and continuous conflict. The political economy of the new Somalia is based on conflict. The day that the humanitarian support commences to be more responsible, there will be a chance to overcome the meaningless killing and destruction of this beautiful country. It is in the interest of all human kind, starting from the most vulnerable in Somalia to the donor countries that have been providing funds over many years in support of those. Anonymous, March 2014 This article aims to uncover the bottlenecks for development in Somalia. It is to raise awareness on the impact of interventions in Somalia, among international donors and humanitarian agencies alike. If assumed that their practices are not known, this exposé aspires to illustrate the opposite. The wide majority of Somali intellectuals is awake and closely monitors the interventions. It is suggested that the world’s intelligence diligently investigates the subject matter, evaluates the current state of affairs and makes recommendations to global decision makers. Likewise, Somali intellectuals should not give up and do not allow illegitimate forces to rule their country. The fight against corruption must continue.
          Comment on Political Economies of conflict: Old wine in new bottles? by Lindsay KÄ°PTÄ°NESS        
I enjoyed the article as I am currently doing a cause on the political economy of conflicts.In Somalia, the UN arms Embargo has weakened the Somali government from purchasing arms to deal with al shabaab terrorists, who have a constant supply of weapons from piracy and the sell of charcoal and other forms of illicit commodities. They even take and sell humanitarian food supplies to buy weapons and to feed their fighters.Hence the embargo has undermined a legitimate authority from dealing with an illegitimate group and enhanced terrorists capacity to attack and control more territory. The illicit economy of piracy has created booming pirate cities along the coast of somalia and also raised the prices of property in neighbouring countries, like Kenya where the pirates and other beneficiaries have brought in ransom money to buy property thus legitimizing illegal money.
          Internet Censorship Bill Would Spell Disaster for Speech and Innovation        

There’s a new bill in Congress that would threaten your right to free expression online. If that weren’t enough, it could also put small Internet businesses in danger of catastrophic litigation.

Don’t let its name fool you: the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA, S. 1693) wouldn’t help punish sex traffickers. What the bill would do (PDF) is expose any person, organization, platform, or business that hosts third-party content on the Internet to the risk of overwhelming criminal and civil liability if sex traffickers use their services. For small Internet businesses, that could be fatal: with the possibility of devastating litigation costs hanging over their heads, we think that many entrepreneurs and investors will be deterred from building new businesses online.

Make no mistake: sex trafficking is a real, horrible problem. This bill is not the way to address it. Lawmakers should think twice before passing a disastrous law and endangering free expression and innovation.

Take action

Don’t let Congress censor the Internet

Section 230: The Law that Built the Modern Internet

SESTA would weaken 47 U.S.C. § 230, as enacted by the Communications Decency Act (commonly known as "CDA 230" or simply “Section 230”), one of the most important laws protecting free expression online.

You might remember the fight over the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA), a law designed to put harsh restrictions on free speech over the Internet. The bill passed despite overwhelming opposition from Internet users, but with EFF’s help, the bill’s censorship provisions were gutted by the Supreme Court in 1997.

One key piece of the bill that remained was Section 230. Section 230 deals with intermediaries—individuals, companies, and organizations that provide a platform for others to share speech and content over the Internet. Section 230 says that for purposes of enforcing certain laws affecting speech online, an intermediary cannot be held legally responsible for any content created by others. The law thus protects intermediaries against a range of laws that might otherwise be used to hold them liable for what others say and do on their platforms.

Section 230 laid the groundwork for the explosion in U.S. Internet business that’s taken place over the past two decades. Think of how many websites or services you use host third-party content in some way—social media sites, photo and video-sharing apps, newspaper comment sections, and even community mailing lists. All of those providers rely on Section 230. Without Section 230, these businesses might have to review every bit of content a user wanted to publish to make sure that the content would not be illegal or create a risk of civil liability. It’s easy to see how such measures would stifle completely lawful speech.

If SESTA becomes law, it will place that very burden on intermediaries. Although large intermediaries may have the resources to take on this monumental task, small startups don’t. Internet startups—a major growth engine in today’s economy—would become much more dangerous investments. Web platforms run by nonprofit and community groups, which serve as invaluable outlets for free expression and knowledge sharing, would be equally at risk.

Giving States a Censorship Pass

While SESTA’s purpose may be only to fight sex trafficking, it brings a deeper threat to many types of free expression online. The bill would create an exception to Section 230 for enforcement of any state criminal law targeting sex trafficking activities. It would also add an exemption for federal civil law relating to sex trafficking (as it stands now, Section 230 already doesn’t apply to federal criminal law, including laws against trafficking and receiving money from child sex trafficking).

There’s a long history of states passing extremely broad censorship laws in the name of combatting trafficking.

Let’s unpack that. Under SESTA, states would be able to enact laws that censor the Internet in broad ways. As long as those laws claim to target sex traffickers, states could argue that they’re exempt from Section 230 protections. As Eric Goldman points out in his excellent analysis of SESTA, Congress should demand an inventory of existing state laws that would fall into this new loophole before even thinking about opening it.

There’s a long history of states passing extremely broad censorship laws in the name of combatting trafficking. Just this year, legislators in numerous states introduced the Human Trafficking Prevention Act, a bill that has nothing to do with human trafficking and everything to do with censoring sexual expression. Imagine all of the ways in which state lawmakers would attempt to take advantage of SESTA to curb online speech in their states. If they can convince a judge that the state law targets sex trafficking, then SESTA applies. That would create a ton of uncertainty for Internet intermediaries.

Two Bad Choices for Online Platforms

It gets worse.

Section 230 contains a “Good Samaritan” provision that protects intermediaries when they take measures to filter or block certain types of content. This section ensures that intermediaries are not punished for mistakes they might make in removing or failing to remove user-generated content.  In other words, a service blocking some content does not make it liable for what it didn’t block.

SESTA would compromise the Good Samaritan provision by imposing federal criminal liability on anyone who merely knows that sex trafficking advertisements are on their platform. Platforms would thus be discouraged from reviewing the content posted by their users, cancelling out the incentive to review, filter and remove provided by the Good Samaritan provision.

That puts companies that run online content platforms in a difficult bind. Any attempt to enforce community conduct guidelines could be used as evidence that the company knew of trafficking taking place on its service. (As we mentioned above, federal criminal law already applies to intermediaries.) The two choices facing platforms would seem to be to put extremely restrictive measures in place compromising their users’ free speech and privacy, or to do nothing at all