'..the amount of leverage and excess that has accumulated in bond and Credit markets..' (no replies)        
'..the amount of leverage and excess that has accumulated in bond and Credit markets over the past eight years of extreme monetary stimulus.'

'The Fed is not blind. They monitor stock prices and corporate debt issuance; they see residential and commercial real estate market values. Years of ultra-low rates have inflated Bubbles throughout commercial real estate – anything providing a yield – in excess of those going into 2008. Upper-end residential prices are significantly stretched across the country, also surpassing 2007. They see Silicon Valley and a Tech Bubble 2.0, with myriad excesses that in many respects put 1999 to shame. I’ll assume that the Fed is concerned with the amount of leverage and excess that has accumulated in bond and Credit markets over the past eight years of extreme monetary stimulus.


The Fed collapsed fed funds from 6.50% in December 2000 to an extraordinarily low 1.75% by the end of 2001. In the face of an escalating corporate debt crisis, the Fed took the unusual step of cutting rates another 50 bps in November 2002. Alarmingly, corporate Credit was failing to respond to traditional monetary policy measures (despite being aggressively applied). Ford in particular faced severe funding issues, though the entire corporate debt market was confronting liquidity issues. Recall that the S&P500 dropped 23.4% in 2002. The small caps lost 21.6%. The Nasdaq 100 (NDX) sank 37.6%, falling to 795 (having collapsed from a March 2000 high of 4,816). No financial instability?


I revisit history in an attempt at distinguishing reality from misperceptions. Of course the Fed will generally dismiss the consequences of Bubbles. They’re not going to aggressively embark on reflationary policies while espousing the dangers of asset price and speculative Bubbles. Instead, they have painted the “housing Bubble” as some egregious debt mountain aberration. And paraphrasing Kashkari, since today’s stock market has nowhere as much debt as housing had in 2007, there’s little to worry about from a crisis and financial instability perspective.

Well, if only that were the case. Debt is a critical issue, and there’s a whole lot more of it than back in 2008. Yet when it comes to fragility and financial crises, market misperceptions and distortions play fundamental roles. And there’s a reason why each bursting Bubble and resulting policy-induced reflation ensures a more precarious Bubble: Not only does the amount of debt continue to inflate, each increasingly intrusive policy response elicits a greater distorting impact on market perceptions.

I doubt Fed governor Bernanke actually anticipated that the Fed would have to resort to “helicopter money” and the “government printing press” when he introduced such extreme measures in his 2002 speeches. Yet seeing that the Fed was willing to push its monetary experiment in such a radical direction played a momentous role in reversing the 2002 corporate debt crisis, in the process stoking the fledgling mortgage finance Bubble. And the Bernanke Fed surely thought at the time that doubling its balance sheet during the 2008/09 crisis was a one-time response to a once-in-a-lifetime financial dislocation. I’ll assume they were sincere with their 2011 “exit strategy,” yet only a few short years later they’d again double the size of their holdings.


Despite assertions to the contrary, the bursting of the “tech” Bubble unleashed significant financial instability. To orchestrate reflation, the Fed marshaled a major rate collapse, which worked to stoke already robust mortgage Credit growth. The collapse in telecom debt, an unwind of market-based speculative leverage and the rapid slowdown in corporate borrowings was over time more than offset by a rapid expansion in housing debt and the enormous growth in mortgage-related speculative leverage (MBS, ABS, derivatives).


I’ve never felt comfortable that Chinese authorities appreciate the types of risks that have been mounting beneath the surface of their massively expanding Credit system. Global markets seemed attentive a year ago, but have since been swept away by the notion of the all-powerful “China put” conjoining with the steadfast “Fed put.” These types of market perceptions create tremendous inherent fragility.'

- Doug Noland, Discussions on the Fed Put, March 25, 2017

'It’s now an all-too-familiar Bubble Dynamic. The greater the Bubble inflates, the more impervious it becomes to cautious “tightening” measures..'

'The problem today is that years of ultra-loose monetary conditions have ensured everyone is crowded on the same bullish side of the boat. Tipping the vessel at this point will be chaotic, and the Fed clearly doesn’t want to be the instigator. Meanwhile, timid little baby-step increases only ensure more problematic market Bubbles and general financial excess.

It’s now an all-too-familiar Bubble Dynamic. The greater the Bubble inflates, the more impervious it becomes to cautious “tightening” measures. And the longer the accommodative backdrop fuels only more precarious Bubble Dynamics, the more certain it becomes that central bankers will approach monetary tightening timidly. Yellen confirmed to the markets Wednesday that the Fed would remain timid – still focused on some theoretical “neutral rate” and seemingly oblivious to conspicuous financial market excess. The fixation remains on consumer prices that are running just a tad under its 2% target. Meanwhile, runaway securities market inflation is completely disregarded.'

- Doug Noland, Another Missed Opportunity, March 18, 2017

'..In terms of Credit Bubble momentum, it’s notable that Net Worth inflated over $2.0 TN in both Q3 and Q4.'

'The unprecedented amount of system-wide debt is so enormous that the annual percentage gains no longer appear as alarming. Non-Financial Debt expanded 4.7% in 2016, up from 2015’s 4.4%. Total Household Debt expanded 3.6%, with Total Business borrowings up 5.6%. Financial Sector borrowings expanded 2.9% last year, the strongest expansion since 2008.

Securities markets remain the centerpiece of this long reflationary cycle. Total (debt and equities) Securities jumped $1.50 TN during Q4 to a record $80.344 TN, with a one-year rise of $4.80 TN. As a percentage of GDP, Total Securities increased to 426% from the year ago 415%. For comparison, Total Securities peaked at $55.3 TN during Q3 2007, or 379% of GDP. At the previous Q1 2000 cycle peak, Total Securities had reached $36.0 TN, or 359% of GDP.

The Household Balance Sheet also rather conspicuously illuminates Bubble Dynamics. Household Assets surged $6.0 TN during 2016 to a record $107.91 TN ($9.74 TN 2-yr gain). This compares to the peak Q3 2007 level of $81.9 TN and $70.0 TN to end 2008. Q4 alone saw Household Assets inflate $2.192 TN, with Financial Assets up $1.589 TN and real estate gaining $557bn.

With Household Liabilities increasing $473bn over the past year, Household Net Worth (assets minus liabilities) inflated a notable $5.518 TN in 2016 to a record $92.805 TN. As a percentage of GDP, Net Worth rose to a record 492%. For comparison, Household Net Worth-to-GDP ended 1999 at 435% ($43.1 TN) and 2007 at 453% ($66.5 TN). Net Worth fell to a cycle low 378% of GDP ($54.4TN) in Q1 2009. In terms of Credit Bubble momentum, it’s notable that Net Worth inflated over $2.0 TN in both Q3 and Q4.


UBS analysts forecast (above) $3.3 TN of 2017 Chinese Total Social Financing (TSF). And with TSF excluding national government deficit spending, let’s add another $300bn and presume 2017 Chinese system Credit growth of around $3.6 TN. As such, it’s possible that China and the U.S. could combine for Credit growth approaching an Unparalleled $6.0 TN. There are, as well, indications of an uptick in lending in the euro zone, and Credit conditions for the most part remain loose throughout EM. Importantly, the inflationary biases that have gained momentum in asset and securities markets and, increasingly, in consumer prices and corporate profits provide a tailwind for Credit expansion.'

- Doug Noland, Unparalleled Credit and Global Yields, March 10, 2017


'..the S&P 500 is now far more overvalued than in 2000, 2007, or indeed in any prior point in history..'

          '..Russia .. cyberpower proved the perfect weapon .. political sabotage..' (no replies)        
' “We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends..


..The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon..


What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

'..the White House’s reluctance to respond forcefully meant the Russians have not paid a heavy price for their actions, a decision that could prove critical in deterring future cyberattacks.


..President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia moved beyond mere espionage to deliberately try to subvert American democracy and pick the winner of the presidential election.


..A low-cost, high-impact weapon that Russia had test-fired in elections from Ukraine to Europe was trained on the United States, with devastating effectiveness. For Russia, with an enfeebled economy and a nuclear arsenal it cannot use short of all-out war, cyberpower proved the perfect weapon: cheap, hard to see coming, hard to trace.


The United States had two decades of warning that Russia’s intelligence agencies were trying to break into America’s most sensitive computer networks. But the Russians have always managed to stay a step ahead.

Their first major attack was detected on Oct. 7, 1996, when a computer operator at the Colorado School of Mines discovered some nighttime computer activity he could not explain. The school had a major contract with the Navy, and the operator warned his contacts there. But as happened two decades later at the D.N.C., at first “everyone was unable to connect the dots,” said Thomas Rid, a scholar at King’s College in London who has studied the attack.

Investigators gave it a name — Moonlight Maze — and spent two years, often working day and night, tracing how it hopped from the Navy to the Department of Energy to the Air Force and NASA. In the end, they concluded that the total number of files stolen, if printed and stacked, would be taller than the Washington Monument.

Whole weapons designs were flowing out the door, and it was a first taste of what was to come: an escalating campaign of cyberattacks around the world.


The Russians were also quicker to turn their attacks to political purposes. A 2007 cyberattack on Estonia, a former Soviet republic that had joined NATO, sent a message that Russia could paralyze the country without invading it. The next year cyberattacks were used during Russia’s war with Georgia.


Mr. Obama was briefed regularly on all this, but he made a decision that many in the White House now regret: He did not name Russians publicly, or issue sanctions. There was always a reason: fear of escalating a cyberwar, and concern that the United States needed Russia’s cooperation in negotiations over Syria.

“We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Last year, the attacks became more aggressive. Russia hacked a major French television station, frying critical hardware. Around Christmas, it attacked part of the power grid in Ukraine, dropping a portion of the country into darkness, killing backup generators and taking control of generators. In retrospect, it was a warning shot.


..CrowdStrike’s nicknames for the two Russian hacking groups that the firm found at work inside the D.N.C. network. Cozy Bear — the group also known as the Dukes or A.P.T. 29, for “advanced persistent threat” — may or may not be associated with the F.S.B., the main successor to the Soviet-era K.G.B., but it is widely believed to be a Russian government operation. It made its first appearance in 2014, said Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief technology officer.


Only in March 2016 did Fancy Bear show up — first penetrating the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and then jumping to the D.N.C., investigators believe. Fancy Bear, sometimes called A.P.T. 28 and believed to be directed by the G.R.U., Russia’s military intelligence agency, is an older outfit, tracked by Western investigators for nearly a decade. It was Fancy Bear that got hold of Mr. Podesta’s email.


It was bad enough that Russian hackers had been spying inside the committee’s network for months. Now the public release of documents had turned a conventional espionage operation into something far more menacing: political sabotage, an unpredictable, uncontrollable menace for Democratic campaigns.


Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and editor, has resisted the conclusion that his site became a pass-through for Russian hackers working for Mr. Putin’s government or that he was deliberately trying to undermine Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. But the evidence on both counts appears compelling.


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends. The media’s appetite for the hacked material, and its focus on the gossipy content instead of the Russian source, disturbed some of those whose personal emails were being reposted across the web.


In late 2014, hackers working for Kim Jong-un, the North’s young and unpredictable leader, had carried out a well-planned attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment intended to stop the Christmastime release of a comedy about a C.I.A. plot to kill Mr. Kim.

In that case, embarrassing emails had also been released. But the real damage was done to Sony’s own systems: More than 70 percent of its computers melted down when a particularly virulent form of malware was released. Within weeks, intelligence agencies traced the attack back to the North and its leadership. Mr. Obama called North Korea out in public, and issued some not-very-effective sanctions. The Chinese even cooperated, briefly cutting off the North’s internet connections.

As the first Situation Room meetings on the Russian hacking began in July, “it was clear that Russia was going to be a much more complicated case,” said one participant. The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..code was put out in the open by the Russians as a warning: Retaliate for the D.N.C., and there are a lot more secrets, from the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon, that might be spilled as well. One senior official compared it to the scene in “The Godfather” where the head of a favorite horse is left in a bed, as a warning.


As the year draws to a close, it now seems possible that there will be multiple investigations of the Russian hacking — the intelligence review Mr. Obama has ordered completed by Jan. 20, the day he leaves office, and one or more congressional inquiries. They will wrestle with, among other things, Mr. Putin’s motive.


Did he seek to mar the brand of American democracy, to forestall anti-Russian activism for both Russians and their neighbors? Or to weaken the next American president, since presumably Mr. Putin had no reason to doubt American forecasts that Mrs. Clinton would win easily? Or was it, as the C.I.A. concluded last month, a deliberate attempt to elect Mr. Trump?

In fact, the Russian hack-and-dox scheme accomplished all three goals.

What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

- Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger and Scott Shane, The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S., December 13, 2016

Context '[Russia] may become a threat to the world. That is the worst thing that could happen to Russia.' - Yegor Gaidar

'..Russian strategy of hybrid influence and destabilization .. German Council on Foreign Relations.'

'German intelligence says Russia is trying to destabilize German society..' - '..war that Moscow is waging against the West..'

'[Putin is doing] anything that can and will expand Russian influence to U.S.S.R.-era levels of power.'

'..Zero tolerance for Russian intrusions .. Estonia .. policy of publicly naming or prosecuting spies..'

'..the Soviet Union was cut off from Western financial markets and was effectively under permanent sanctions..'

          Chrome - QR-Code Extension        
I a big fan of the Google Chrome Browser, there are a ton of amazing extensions and apps that you can use with students.  I've blogged about quite a few of them - Read & Write for Google Docs, Kaizena,  and on EdCeptional #42.  Here's a new one that just for creating and reading QR Codes.

The QR Code Extension is designed to allow you to quickly create QR codes for downloading and sharing.  Once you are on a page, just click the icon in your extension bar (to the right of the address bar) and it will show you the QR Code.  Click "Edit This QR Code" to find options for downloading and sharing.

The other option is not one I've seen in an extension.  Click the "Scan a QR Code" and it allows you to use your webcam to decode a QR Code.  So if you've ever been sitting and wanted to use a code, this is the extension for you!!  It's a great option for students, I've always advocated for using QR Codes for long URL's and this would help do that without a special program.  Just print out QR Codes for your students and let them scan using the extension.

You can try out The QR Code Extension here!

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          weekly Diigo Post (weekly)        

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

          E-KTP KAB. PASURUAN        

e-KTP atau KTP Elektronik adalah dokumen kependudukan yang memuat sistem keamanan / pengendalian baik dari sisi administrasi ataupun teknologi informasi dengan berbasis pada database kependudukan nasional.

Penduduk hanya diperbolehkan memiliki 1 (satu) KTP yang tercantum Nomor Induk Kependudukan (NIK). NIK merupakan identitas tunggal setiap penduduk dan berlaku seumur hidup

Nomor NIK yang ada di e-KTP nantinya akan dijadikan dasar dalam penerbitan Paspor, Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM), Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP), Polis Asuransi, Sertifikat atas Hak Tanah dan penerbitan dokumen identitas lainnya (Pasal 13 UU No. 23 Tahun 2006 tentang Adminduk).
Tata Cara Penerbitan KTP Elektronik Bagi WNI Secara Massal. Semoga Bermanfaat:
Kepala Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil Kabupaten/Kota membuat dan menyerahkan daftar Penduduk WNI wajib KTP kepada Camat atau nama lain
Camat atau nama lain menandatangani surat panggilan penduduk berdasarkan daftar penduduk WNI wajib KTP
Petugas di kecamatan atau nama lain melalui kepala desa/lurah atau nama lain menyampaikan surat panggilan kepada Penduduk WNI wajib KTP
Penduduk yang telah menerima surat panggilan, mendatangi tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik dengan membawa surat panggilan, Fc. KK dan KTP lama bagi yang sudah memiliki KTP
Petugas di tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik melakukan verifikasi data penduduk secara langsung di tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik
Petugas operator melakukan pengambilan dan perekaman pas photo, tanda tangan, dan sidik jari penduduk
Petugas di tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik membubuhkan tanda tangan dan stempel tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik pada surat panggilan penduduk
Surat panggilan Penduduk dimaksud sebagai bukti telah dilakukan verifikasi, pengambilan dan perekaman pas photo, tanda tangan dan sidik jari penduduk
Petugas operator melakukan penyimpanan data dan biodata penduduk ke dalam database di tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik
Data yang disimpan dalam database dikirim melalui jaringan komunikasi data ke server Automated Fingerprint Identification System di data center Kemendagri
Data penduduk disimpan dan dilakukan proses identifikasi ketunggalan jatidiri seseorang
Hasil identifikasi sidik jari sebagaimana dimaksud pada huruf k, apabila :
1. identitas tunggal, data dikembalikan ke tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik
2. identitas ganda, dilakukan klarifikasi dengan tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik
Kementerian Dalam Negeri melalui Direktorat Jenderal Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil melakukan personalisasi data yang sudah diidentifikasi ke dalam blangko KTP Elektronik
Setelah dilakukan personalisasi, Kementerian Dalam Negeri melalui Direktorat Jenderal Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil mendistribusikan KTP Elektronik ke Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil Kabupaten/Kota untuk diteruskan ke tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik
Petugas di tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik, menerima KTP Elektronik dan melakukan verifikasi melalui pemadanan sidik jari penduduk 1 : 1
Hasil verifikasi sidik jari penduduk dapat terjadi :
1. Apabila data sidik jari penduduk sama maka KTP Elektronik diberikan kepada penduduk
2. Apabila data sidik jari penduduk tidak sama maka KTP Elektronik tidak dapat diberikan kepada penduduk, dan selanjutnya penduduk yang bersangkutan mengurus kembali ke Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil Kab./ Kota .
KTP yang tidak sesuai dgn sidik jari penduduk tersebut, dikembalikan oleh Petugas di tempat pelayanan KTP Elektronik ke Kementerian Dalam Negeri dalam hal ini Direktorat Jenderal Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil melalui Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil Kabupaten/Kota untuk dimusnahkan
Penduduk dapat mengambil KTP Elektronik dgn membawa surat panggilan.
(sumber: dispencapil.pasuruankab.go.id)

          Three days in Berlin (or improving the pim user experience)        

KDE Project:

Last weekend I've met with some of our old timer KDEPIM developers and some of the newer ones who are interested in KDEPIM or related technologies in the KDAB offices in Berlin.
Being a KDAB employee for a few years already (wow, time is passing quickly), the place was familiar, the people looked familiar. The foosball table was slightly familiar, although some players changed their dresses in order to spread confusion inside the visitor's heads. That is the only reason we've lost against locals with 5-0, 5-0.
Suprisingly enough, the table wasn't used that much. Why? Because people were busy either working and talking. What they talked about I don't know too much, as I focused on some issues I planned to fix, but others can testify that Volker did not sit too much in front of his computers, but was dragged from one place to another for various discussions.
Most of us started on Friday around noon. I won't tell too much about what others did, that is mostly their problem. Especially if they were on the other side of the room and I didn't saw their screens, I can't tell if they worked at all or not. They looked like they did though. ;) I can share some things about what some sitting nearby did. See later.
As recently I became the de-facto maintainer and bugfixer for mail filters, I worked mostly on them. Unfortunately the first attempt to fix a bug failed: a bug that bothers me, although it is not the most reported one. It is about mails not being filtered for a while after a resume from hibernation. It is hard to reproduce, and although I run into it, I couldn't reproduce reliably enough and in a way I can debug it. After fighting with it and realising it won't work, I gave up. See you next time.
Meantime we had some excellent food in an Indian restaurant, then when finally everybody arrived (almost everybody to be honest, plus even some more from KDAB who didn't sign up, but show up there), we were ready to start with presenting the kdepim and Akonadi architecture. Old time pimsters Volker Krause, Kevin Krammer and Tobias Koenig helped me with it, and sometimes saved me, as my knowledge in some area proved to be superficial. We ended up with a pretty impressive drawing on the whiteboard:
Hopefully for those being on site it was understandable.

Time passed, so we went out for dinner to a Greek restaurant at the corner. Nice place, third time being there, good food (seems Berlin has only good eating places). We even saw how Germany won over Ireland. Too bad Steveire (Stephen Kelly) was not there... We continued with some more talks and hacking, then everybody went to their sleeping places.
Some left earlier, some later waiting for remote developers to show up and discuss the patches (he didn't show up).

Day 2
Next day started around 9 o'clock for some. Later for others. I continued with the filter debugging and fixing. I looked at the bugreports and tried to come up with some bugs that are both would help the users and myself. I'm selfish, I want to fix the bugs I run into. ;) One problem that bothered me for a long time is that email content from online IMAP is downloaded even if no filter for IMAP requires it (but a filter for e.g POP3 needs the full content). Now this is fixed and those who use online imap could notice a great speedup in mail syncing (depending on their filter setup). Another often reported issue was duplicating the mails, especially after spam filtering. You've ended up with a mail in the spam folder and a mail in the original place. This could be combined with a conflict dialog shown up as well for that mail. This problem actually revealed a not-well handled case down inside the Akonadi stack that was created by a reordering of filter commands in the filtering code. For those who want technical details: if there was a move action (like "move mail to spam folder") followed by a modify action (like "mark as read"), the filter reordered this to "mark as read" followed by a move. Unfortunately this exposed two problems, (mostly, but not only) IMAP specific: on IMAP you can't modify a mail, instead you create a new one and delete the old. What happened here is that a filter changed the mail (run through bogofilter/spamassasin), then the "mark as read" action was executed, which uploaded the changes, including the changed mail to the IMAP server. This caused a new ID for the item on the IMAP server. The mail with the old ID was deleted. Then the filter agent performed a move, but he had only the *old* ID, before the modifications. The move - if performed between two different resources, like IMAP and local maildir - is technically a copy followed by a delete. The copy worked fine, but the delete didn't. It tried to delete the old mail again (which was gone), not the modified version. That's how you ended up with a duplicate.
The current solution is to reorder the filtering pipeline, so the move is performed before the flag modifications. The extra benefit is that the filtered message is not uploaded again just to be deleted the next second. Speedup, less network traffic, better user experience. This doesn't fix the main problem with Akonadi, but it is an acceptable workaround. The reordering is so far only in the master branch (KDE 4.10), but the relevant code will be backported to the 4.9 branch, so it will be in 4.9.3.
And speaking of conflicts, that was the next hot topic, and one of the often reported bugs. It was mostly caused by conflicting flag changes (read/spam/important/etc), either caused by KMail itself plus the filtering or just KMail. After some discussion we agreed, that reporting conflicts on flag changes doesn't make sense, so we should not bother the user. It is not data loss, and in worst case some flag is reset. In normal case nothing wrong happens, as Akonadi is able to merge two changes in the flags (or so claims Volker).
I have to admit that this fix was not completed at the sprint, I finished it today, as I noticed more code in KDEPIM that didn't disable conflict check on flag changes.
While doing the changes, I did quite some refactoring, cleaning up the code as much as I could do for the parts I touched. The code was originally deep inside KMail (as most of other code), got extracted from it for 4.8.0, and now we are at the stage that we can make the extracted code more cleaner, we can remove some things that doesn't make sense anymore now that the filtering is not inside KMail.
While reading the bug reports, I also run into one indicating that mails arriving to an MBOX account (like /var/spool/mail/username) are not filtered automatically. Sounds like an easy bug to fix and so was it. Now they are filtered.
Finally another annoying issue was fixed: there was no indication that filtering is ongoing. Now when this happens, you can see in the KMail's progress bar.
The net result of the above: faster filtering, less annoying and useless error dialogs for the users. And according to bugzilla, 31 bugs less (some were duplicates though).

Nepomuk...one of the things that, well, so far I was always recommending for users to turn off. Slight detour here: what is Nepomuk and its relation to KMail? Nepomuk helps you to find data. It indexes all kind of data and with some queries you can find e.g every file where my name is mentioned, all email addresses from any file, etc. There is a process that goes through the akonadi data (emails, calendars, etc) and "feeds" to it for Nepomuk to be indexed. Then there are queries and code in KMail accessing Nepomuk: getting email addresses for composer's autocompletion, searching inside mail bodies, tagging your emails with custom tags, etc.
Unfortunately there are problems around it. One is that some queries ae processed quite slowly, that in turn slows down KMail, leading to poor user experience. E.g switching between mails, sending mails, etc. is slow. Or startup is slow or even blocked. I tried to fix the last part as I just run into it, but as this was my very first Nepomuk related patch, I'm not sure 100% succeeded. We found a problem with the Nepomuk API itself, and I informed Vishesh, the Nepomuk developer about it (even if I used non-blocking calls against Nepomuk, one call is blocking without question). He suggested something I might try later, although I'd be more happier if somebody with real Nepomuk knowledge could give a review of the pim Nepomuk usage.
Then there is the Akonadi feeder, that gives the data to Nepomuk. Something is not perfect there and the indexing causes a serious slowdown, where either itself or Nepomuk (actually its storage backend, virtuoso) starts to use the CPU *a lot*. This is the main reason I recommend to users to disable Nepomuk so far. We had Christian Mollekopf the author of the feeder in the sprint, and he worked on some optimizations. Hopefully this will improve the situation. Meantime we (and I) tried to convince Vishesh to use KMail, so he can see himself the problems our users face.

As a break we had another presentation, this time about KMail itself, what components make up KMail, how they are distributed. As far as I saw, this was less interesting to the audience, they rather looked at their computers and hacked on something. Luckily our KMail maintainer, Laurent Montel, is super active, but I wouldn't mind more contributors. Too bad he wasn't at the sprint.

We had a lunch at a nearby place, nothing extra, but the food was (again) good.

What did other do? Let's see what I can remember... Sune dreamed about crypto stuff and composite jobs. He worked on making some cryptographic code asynchronous and started to get faimiliar with kdepim code. I'd not say he picked up the easiest job.
Volker run around all the time, discussed various things like "spanish sync" with Alex Fiestas (see here), database backends with Martin, change recorder with David Faure (who remotely joined the meeting and got lost inside the change recorder code ... he has the solution now in his head, so be patient, we will end up with a better implementation for it that again speeds up Akonadi), job pipelines with me, and who knows what with others, as for a long time he just disappeared with a bunch of developers. They actually ended up in the lobby discussing "stuff". Milian Wolf, who is not (or not yet?) a KDEPIM developer, but mainly a KDevelop one, joined us and used massif to track down some ugly memory usage in KMail. And he did a good job in it. Previously KMail used more and more memory as you navigated between large folders (Alex mentioned some 2GB for him), while now it levels up at one point and doesn't increase. He might blog himself about, as he has also some nice graphs.
Then there were two guys from KDAB, who are old time pim developers (quiz: find their names in this blog), but they cooked something else, not related to KDEPIM, not related concretely to KDE, but to a lower level: to Qt. It is an amazingly cool stuff, but I don't want to give more details. Expect it to be presented a the Qt Developer Days, either in a talk or at the KDAB booth. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it will be freely available what they did and KDE can enjoy it in the future.
I'm sorry that I don't remember what the rest did. In general I know that Martin Klapetek worked on the social network resources, Mark Gaiser, who recently started to work on KDEPIM stuff eagerly listened to our presentations and worked on a QML calendar application, Alex kept reporting bugs and discussed improvements with Volker, while John Layt, the "timezone KDE guy" worked on plasma calendar related issues.
As a KDE person Chani also joined us for a while, we quickly nominated her as the QML and Plasma person, so all questions related to them were immediately redirected to Chani. Jos Poortvilet was also supposed to join for some talks, but he could show up only on Sunday for personal reasons.
At the end of the day everybody was so busy, so instead of going out for eating, we just ordered some pizza. And most of us stood in the office well past midnight.

Day 3
Well, the above partially happened on Sunday. It was a shorter day for me, due to the late night standup before, and that I had to go to the airport after lunch. A lunch that wasn't exactly as planned. We went out for a Doner Kebab place that is supposed to be the best one in Berlin. It is just a small kiosk on the sidewalk in a street, but man, there was a big queue for it. On a Sunday! Locals says it is worse on weekdays. Even after almost an hour, we still had 10 persons in front of us, my departure time was approaching, so I gave up and instead bought some (quite good) chinese fast-food from a nearby place, then rushed to the airport.
A long journey awaited me with a 3 hour stopover in Munich, but luckily I had a power supply there and even some network (they offer 30 minutes/day/phone number), so I could continue on the work I started at the sprint. After flying and driving another 2.5 hours, I arrived late (or rather early) morning next day back home, and after sleept until around 10. Then I started to work again for KDAB, a work that is just as enjoyable as working for KDE. After all, the two communities has a serious overlap. ;)
That's from the sprint. If you'll be at the Qt Developer Days Europe, we might meet there. I'm looking forward for a good conference.

          KMail - making it more usable        

KDE Project:

KMail is one of the most important applications inside KDE, I think hardly can argue anybody about it. Everybody is using email, and even if some think that a webmail solution can be just as good, most of us still do what we did 10-15 years ago: download mail to our computer/phone/tablet and carry that around.
And for that we need a mail application.
It is not news that KMail got just too big and not flexible enough in the KDE 3.x days. Somehow it was ported to KDE 4, but this was a crude port, without much improvements in its design. A new generic PIM backend was growing up meantime, and with some corporate support from KDAB, a new generation of KMail, KOrganizer and other PIM application started to take shape.
From those I can tell about KMail, as I was more involved into it. As we wanted to have a mobile, touchscreen version as well, the work of porting KMail to Akonadi was done together with breaking KMail into smaller pieces, more or less standalone libraries to reuse as much code as possible. Time, manpower and other reasons limited what we could do, so this was a part success. We created and improves some generic usage libraries (KIMAP, KMime), some internal libraries that are nice, some that are not that nice, and in the end we had something that could have been a good foundation for KMail 2 series.
I started to use KMail2 at that time, and in the beginning it was a fustrating experience. I can't count how many times I deleted and created again the accounts, the Akonadi database. But after a while I realized that I don't have to do anymore. KMail2 was still not released to the public, but got better and better. Unfortunately only slowly, as even less people worked on it, and only in their free time. It had bugs, some more annoying, some less annoying, but was usable enough to not force me to go back to KMail1.
Then the PIM community took a deep breath - just like the KDE community did with KDE 4.0 - and finally released KMail2 officially.
Funny or not, around this time I started to have problems with it. A migration of my second computer failed horribly. A cleanup of the Akonadi database and changing from the mixed maildir to maildir format was also painful. I blamed the developers a lot (including myself :) ). Then things started to move on and KMail got a new maintainer, who is very active (hi Laurent!). And we organized a developer sprint to stabilize KMail.
The sprint took place last weekend in KDAB's Berlin office and was sponsored by the company. Everybody who knows the KDAB office, knows about the famous foosball table. Do I have to said that in the weekend we played only once? Yes, people were coding intensively, Volker had to raise the priority of the "FOOD" topic often.
Issues were listed on the whiteboard. And everybody picked up what he was interested to do. Work was done on the migrator, the mixed maildir agent, the maildir resource, on the akonadi server, performance bottlenecks were identified and a new filtering resource was created, fixing the most hated KDE bug (should be closed as soon as Tobias Koenig is happy with his work).
My choice in the sprint was mostly maildir related work, I tried to make it more reliable, more standard compliant and somewhat faster than before. And the biggest win is that I fixed most issues that bothered me with KMail's maildir handling. Yes, I was selfish.
The sprint did not end in Berlin, for me it continued on the flight back home (that thanks to the weather and Lufthansa was almost a day longer than expected). And somewhat still continues as of now, although daily work reduces the time I can allocate to KDE.
I can say that I'm happy again with KMail and Akonadi starts to gets less and less in the way of me and the users. The biggest success will be when users will not know that there is a nice server helping them, called Akonadi.
For those eager to try out the changes, unfortunately most of them are in the master branch only (the upcoming KDE 4.8). We will try to port as much as possible into the KDE 4.7 bugfix releases, but as some changes required library additions, this won't be always possible.

          Desiderata - 8,30€         

Desiderata. A wonderful peice originally written by Max Ehrmann in 1927 and explains how we should perhaps look at the beauty and meaning of life and about things we desire. Available here as an A4 size (297mm x 210mm) print with new gold ink highlights. Printed on Hahnemühle William Turner 310gsm Fine Art paper.

          WBSSC SLST Interview Verification        
For the Verification 1. Take all the documents – – Marksheets, Certificates, admission receipts, Admit Card, registration etc. Keep all the documents that you got from the institutes. 2. Certificates of the institutes for their validity, permission etc. If not available from the institute try downloading or printing documents from the apex body like ugc, […]
          à¸§à¸´à¸˜à¸µà¸à¸²à¸£à¹€à¸¥à¸·à¸­à¸à¸‹à¸·à¹‰à¸­ Printer สำหรับใช้ในบ้าน ได้ผลผู้ชนะ HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635        
Printer เป็นอุปกรณ์หนึ่งที่คนที่ค้าขายออนไลน์ อาจจะเลือกมาใช้เพื่อพิมพ์เอกสารใดๆที่ต้องแนบหรือติดไปกับกล่องสินค้า โดยถ้าหากว่า คุณเป็นคนที่ค้าขายผ่านระบบ online ไม่ได้เป็นระดับเทพแล้ว การลงทุนเครื่องพิมพ์ น่าจะต้องเลือกรุ่นที่ประหยัดงบลงทุนเสียหน่อย แต่ไม่ต้องคิดมากเรื่อง ราคาค่าพิมพ์มากเท่าไหร่นัก และเพื่อความสะดวกผมจะเลือกจากปัจจัยต่างๆต่อไปนี้เป็นหลัก และ อย่างที่ได้พิมพ์บอกเอาไว้แล้วตั้งแต่หัวเรื่องคือ ตอนนี้คนชนะคือ HP ครับ ไม่ใช่ Epson ครับ (ผมมีประสบการณ์ใช้งานระบบทั้งของ HP และ Epson ได้แล้ว ไม่ได้เข้าข้างฝ่ายใดฝ่ายหนึ่งแต่ว่า ที่ต้องบอกแบบนี้เพราะว่า ระบบการจัดการ File เพื่อพิมพ์และแอพต่างๆเพื่อให้เข้ากับการใช้งาน HP ทำได้ดีกว่ามาก !...
          Entry-Level DevOps Engineer - Bullhorn        
Boston, MA - Development/IT
Boston, MassachusettsFull time

Job Description

Bullhorn is the leading provider of CRM software to relationship-driven businesses. Our engineers use modern technologies in Agile development to innovate and create the future of our product suite.
          Inside Sales Representative - HighJump Software        
Columbus, OH - Job Title:Inside Sales Representative
Job Type:Full-Time
Location:Columbus, OH
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Job Description:

TrueCommerce, a HighJump company, revolutionizes trading partner connectivity by linking suppliers, retail hubs and
          Technical Support I - HighJump Software        
Cranberry, PA -
Job Title:Technical Support I
Job Type:Full-Time
Location:Cranberry, PA
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TrueCommerce, a HighJump company, revolutionizes trading partner connectivity by linking suppliers, retail hubs and end
          The Picture Book Dummy: Made Easy        
It's time to admit something: No matter HOW many times I've done it, no matter how MANY of them I have published, no matter HOW I repeatedly try to convince my brain that page 1 really starts on page 6, I often begin a picture book all wrong. Picture books, those lavishly colored, wildly intoxicating, altogether breathless mix of word and art, they follow a very specific format -- one necessitated by production techniques, cost considerations and, alas, literary tradition. Of course there are execptions to the rule, but when we talk about a "picture book" we're speaking of a "32-pager" (or depending on how liquored up your editor is) a "40-pager". Think of it this way: you as the artist only have to worry about 15 spreads, a title page image, a single page finale and, of course, the cover. When the book is finished you'll have to create some really snazzy endpapers (those sheets that hold the pages of the front and back cover to the book), but don't worry about that right now -- an idea from those will come later. So, now that you have written your picture book, your opus, your masterpiece that's gonna pull every kid in the country away from a 48" inch flat screen blasting 'Grand Theft Auto' into their eyeballs and deep into your story, you need to dummy the whole thing. Use this dummy. Print it, follow it, don't deviate from it -- just make your books follow the "15 spreads and a finale page" rule. It's as easy as that -- and you have NO idea how many times I've been off by a page or two. Oh, wait -- one more thing: Just because you adhere to the traditional dummy it doesn't mean that your book will actually get published. At the end of the day, that's kinda the toughest part. Start the easy way though -- with this.

          How to Finance Your Car With Bad Credit        
Have you been searching for somewhere to finance your car with bad credit? In this day and age everyone either needs, wants or has a car. Gone are the days when a car was considered a luxury item. A car is definitely a necessity for most. However, due to your poor credit history, no lender is willing to help. You have even approached your own bank and they have shut the door firmly in your face.

This is when your search to finance your car begins. Although there is a vast array of lenders available, you need to be very careful. I'm sure you have heard many horror stories of people borrowing money and then being held to ransom by the lender. Once they have gone through the reams of small print, they discover that they will need to pay back up to 10 times the amount they borrowed. This, unfortunately, leads to further debt., which in turn can worsen your credit rating and eventually lead to bankruptcy!

Fortunately, this is where certain companies and organizations have evolved to help you. They are intermediary organizations, who will do all the leg work for you. They understand having bad credit can be a difficult time and will provide you with everything you have been looking for. They can show you how to finance your car, even with bad credit. Usually these companies have a huge list of lenders on their books, who are willing to help people in your situation. They can also provide online support and even have access to many unknown government resources. You will usually have to pay a very small one-time fee to get access to this information and remember i said very small!

You can still Finance your Car With Bad Credit, but you will just need to be wary. This is why i believe these intermediary companies are actually a blessing in disguise. The majority of lenders on their books can give you that auto loan online, at a price you can afford. In most cases your auto loan can be agreed and set up within a matter of days.

If you urgently need to Finance Your Car With Bad Credit, then it is time you visited one of these intermediary companies. Click Here to find out exactly what others in your situation are doing and secure that car loan today.
          Mild Ale        

Due to work, I spent allot of time flying around the country to different bases for training or to train people. The last couple of months there hasn’t been allot of  flying going on since the government didn’t pass a budget again this year. All those can’s have been kicked down to the road to the point we have to do them, so over the next two months I’ll get a solid 48 hours of time in the back of a plane. This means I get allot of reading done. So expect more book reviews like the one below.

Mild Ale History Brewing Techniques, Recipes by David Sutula.

This was the first book in the Classic Beer Style Series I’ve read, I plan on ordering the rest of them since I had such a good time reading this book. The book is mostly a history of the brew and it puts in some real information in how to make your own at home. I like history so it was great to ready about the English brewing system and the vast changes to the quality and type of beer consumed. It seems that beer smelled of “wet goat” and had a final gravity often around 1.60-1.70. Clearly there was allot of extra junk in that beer. Even the term beer is fairly modern which is pretty cool. The History section talks about the raise of victoria brewing towers as well as a float of Porter that killed. Also the use of Finings(fish bladder goo) to pull out suspended sediment in the beer was something I had thought gone away ages ago. The books claim it’s the only way to make a proper English Mild.  I’m not sure if I’m going to try that one anytime soon.

A bit more about the beerThe English Mild by style is normally a tea like brew in color and in taste with an underwhelming 3-4% ABV, its mildly hopped by Fuggle or Golding that help develop the tea like characters of the brew. Somehow an English brew tasting like tea is fitting.

The confusion of Brown Ale and Mild is explained as well. Also the history of the rise of brown Ale and many brewers renaming there Mild a Brown Ale did more to hurt the style than anything else. Even with in Mild there are some big variations. 

He closes with a collection of home brewing recipes to replicate some of the biggest Mild’s still in production as well as a formula to approximate the brew as it was in the early 1800s.

I highly encourage anyone who’s interested in the history of brewing as well as this style to enjoy the book. Its only 200 pages and the print is big, front to back it only took about 3 hours to read. Below you’ll find the link the amazon for the book:


          AT&T Adds 2.1 Million Net New Customers In Second Quarter Of 2015        
AT&T Adds 2.1 Million Net New Customers In Second Quarter Of 2015

AT&T recently announced that it has added 2.1 million net new customers during the second quarter of this year. Interestingly, almost all of the carrier’s new additions is attributed to strong sales of tablets, and to connected cars. As a matter of fact, AT&T has added one million new additions driven by tablets and connected cars in the period spanning April to June.

It appears that there is a visible shift in the makeup of AT&T’s subscriber base, with a significant part of the new customer additions spurred by tablets and connected devices. Also, it seems that traditional subscribers -- i.e. those that use phones -- may be on the decline, at least in AT&T’s case. It is also possible that such diminished growth from traditional phone customers for AT&T is connected to the increased pressure from competitors like Sprint and T-Mobile, who are only eager to usurp AT&T’s place as the second biggest wireless carrier in the United States.

Earlier in July, T-Mobile had announced that it had added 2.1 million customers during the second quarter of this year. And just a few days ago, Verizon Wireless had revealed that it had gained over 1 million net new customers, and 1.1 million post-paid subscribers. 

As for AT&T, it had added 410,000 post-paid subscribers, however the growth entirely consisted of 600,000 tablets. In the second quarter of this year, the carrier had lost about 200,000 basic phone subscribers. Still, AT&T was able to add 331,000 prepaid customers as a result of boosting its prepaid arm Cricket Wireless. 

A new focus for AT&T is in connected cars. The carrier is signing up with the largest number of automobile manufacturers in order to bring cellular connectivity to vehicles. But perhaps the more pressing question is -- will people actually pay extra money to connect their cars to a cellular network? The potential is there, but for now, it remains to be seen. 

AT&T also managed to generate a profit in the amount of $3.04 billion, or $0.58 per share, during the second quarter of 2015. During the same period in the previous year, the carrier had a profit of $3.55 billion, or $0.68 per share. Not counting costs associated with its acquisition of two wireless carriers based in Mexico and its looming deal with DirecTV, AT&T managed $0.69 per share of adjusted earnings. Moreover, revenues increased 1.4 percent to $33 billion. As per data compiled by Yahoo, analysts predict, on average, revenue of $33.04 billion and earnings of $0.63 per share.

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          LG Introduces The Curved Phone G Flex 2        
LG Introduces The Curved Phone G Flex 2

Back in 2014, LG released the G Flex handset, a 6-inch smartphone with a unique curved body design and a self-healing coating that clears up scratches or any damage done to the device's casing.  

Now, the South Korean company is introducing an enhanced and more streamlined version, the G Flex 2. This time around, the newest version comes with a smaller but more handy 5.5-inch display screen, and Qualcomm's most powerful chip set.

The G Flex 2 smartphone was introduced by LG during its very recent press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES 2015) held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. 

With its introduction, LG's G Flex 2 handset is the first of many phones this year expected to feature Qualcomm's newest offering -- the Snapdragon 810 processor. It is an eight-core 2.0 GigaHertz chip set that is 64-bit compatible for Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of the Android mobile operating system. The 810 processor functions with 2 gigabytes of memory, and can support 3 x 20 MegaHertz LTE carrier aggregation for all networks that support it.

For the device's display screen, LG employed its own plastic OLED display technology. Techies may recall that this is the same display technology utilized in LG's G Watch R wearable device. But in G Flex 2's case, the resolution is set higher to 1080 pixels. 

As for its camera, the G Flex 2 smartphone sports a 13-megapixel camera that has laser autofocus system and optical image stabilization -- features that users may also find in LG's current flagship device (the LG G3).

The G Flex 2 features a 3,000 mAh battery that takes full advantage of Qualcomm's fast charging technology available via the latest Snapdragon chip sets. This technology significantly reduces the recharging time by up to 75 percent. Thus, users can get the G Flex 2 half-charged in just 40 minutes.

But what really makes the G Flex 2 unique is its curved body. The front side (display screen) has a 700 millimeter curved radius, while the rear side is curved just a bit less (650 millimeter radius). This is by design, by the way. According to LG, this helps users hold the phone more easily and also, allows the device to fit more easily in users' pockets.

Naturally, the G Flex 2 will be launched first in South Korea before the end of the month. But American users will not have long to wait. Major carriers AT&T and Sprint have already confirmed that they will be including the device in their respective smartphone line-ups this year. Regional carrier US Cellular has also announced that they will be offering the device in spring. No specific release dates and pricing details have been provided yet, but LG fans in the US should be pretty excited nonetheless. 

Want to know more LG devices? You can start comparing LG phones and plans now.

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          Sprint Called Out For Cramming Customer Accounts        
Sprint Called Out For Cramming Customer Accounts

Oops. Sprint has been busted for charging tens of millions of dollars in unauthorized third-party messaging charges to customer bills.

Moreover, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is about to issue a fine in the amount of $105 million for the carrier's dubious charges, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Interestingly, the amount of the fine is the same as the one AT&T paid to the FCC earlier this year in a case that is similar.

The fine is not official yet -- the FCC is still waiting for the commissioner to approve it. However, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is not wasting any moment -- on behalf of the carrier's disgruntled subscribers, the CFPB is filing a lawsuit against Sprint.

According to the CFPB, Sprint should have made it a priority to protect its subscribers from third-party billing scams. But unfortunately for its customers, the carrier had let suspicious fees for unauthorized premium text messages show up on the customers' billing statements.

The CFPB further alleges that Sprint is choosing to ignore the tens of thousands of complaints and refund requests from disgusted subscribers due to the incorrect billing. The bureau also believes that with the carrier keeping about 40 percent of all the revenue generated from bills crammed with third-party fees, it is a lot easier for Sprint to turn a blind eye.

Even though the major wireless carriers in the United States have agreed to cease billing their subscribers for premium third-party services, the practice of cramming customer bills has always been frequently done by service providers for years. By doing so, they can generate some extra income out of unsuspecting wireless subscribers.

Last October this year, AT&T agreed to settle with the FCC over cramming complaints from its subscribers. Even T-Mobile had to deal with its own cramming lawsuit back in July of this year. Out of the $105 million fine paid by AT&T, the FCC took $80 million to be refunded to subscribers who were affected. For sure, the FCC will work to achieve the same result with its lawsuit against Sprint. 

For its part, Sprint is denying the allegations. The carrier claims that it took certain steps to protect its subscribers from unauthorized third-party billing practices. 

If the $105 million fine does go through, it will mark the first time that the FCC and the CFPB have joined forces together in taking action against a major wireless provider.

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          Sprint Prepaid Teams Up With Best Buy To Offer Free Month Of Service        
Sprint Prepaid Teams Up With Best Buy To Offer Free Month Of Service

Looks like Sprint is on a roll as we enter into the holiday season. The carrier offers another year-end special offer through its Sprint Prepaid brand, which is collaborating with retail giant Best Buy in giving customers one month of service that is completely free of charge. 

This special offer is a limited time offer only, and is open to all subscribers buying a new eligible handset from Best Buy and activating it under a Sprint Prepaid plan. Phones that eligible include the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the LG Tribute, the LG Volt, and the Sharp Crystal.

Customers get to choose from three Sprint Prepaid plans that already include unlimited calls and unlimited text messaging. These plans are: the $35 monthly plan that includes 1 gigabyte of data, the $45 monthly plan that includes 3 gigabyte of data, and the $55 monthly plan 

Apart from unlimited calls and texting, Sprint Prepaid's plans also offer 50 minutes of off-network voice roaming per month. This is not usually offered by other prepaid service providers, which should delight those who decide to go for a prepaid plan from Sprint.

Sprint's free first month special offer is certainly a treat, but other prepaid brands also offer competitive deals. For instance, Cricket Wireless (AT&T's prepaid brand) has its Basic Plan, which offers unlimited calls, unlimited text messaging, and 1 gigabyte of high-speed data for $35 each month, that is once an AutoPay credit is applied.

New prepaid player Red Pocket also has an interesting offer. Via its GSMT Unlimited Everything plan, you get unlimited calls, unlimited text messaging, 200 minutes of international calls, and 2 gigabytes of data at full speed for $39.99 every recharge. This offer is also eligible for a full month of service free of charge from Red Pocket, provided the customer gets two months worth of recharges.

The year is not over yet, and we may still see other holiday deals from prepaid brands in the coming days or weeks. But Sprint Prepaid's offer is truly worth checking out. Customers can avail of it until January 31st of next year at all Best Buy retail stores in the United States.

Sprint has been rather busy in the past few weeks. The carrier has made its iPhone for Life and Easy Pay options available from Apple retails stores for the holidays. Apart from that, it has also teamed up with Uber in offering a free first ride promo for Sprint customers who sign up for the transport service. Interested to know more about Sprint's deals? You can compare plans and phones from the carrier here.

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          AT&T Expands Voice Over LTE To 18 Additional Markets        
AT&T Expands Voice Over LTE To 18 Additional Markets

AT&T first launched its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service about seven months ago, but now the carrier is expanding its reach by adding 18 new markets for its VoLTE and HD Voice offerings.

The list of new markets include District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. 

The good news is that this is just the beginning. AT&T's target is to transition every consumer to VoLTE. That would be easier said than done for sure, considering the tons of networks that need to be set up and the hardware that needs to be deployed. But AT&T is positive about the outcome, and early signs of success are certainly visible.

As stated by John Donovan, AT&T's Senior Vice President of Technology and Operations, the carrier's VoLTE network is performing very well after some internal tests, scoring an average of more than 99 percent in terms of accessibility and retainability (how well the users stay connected).

For those not in the know, VoLTE technology lets users simultaneously make calls and browse the Internet using their smartphones with very fast 4G LTE data speeds. 

As for HD Voice, it is a type of wideband technology that allows for better call quality with minimal background noise, made possible through widening the frequency range of the audio signals.

Voice calls were previously transmitted on a rather limited frequency range (between 300 Hertz to 3.4 Hertz). But with HD Voice, that frequency range is extended from 50 Hertz to 7 KiloHertz, and sometimes even beyond, in order to achieve high definition quality in voice calls.

However, before users can enjoy HD Voice, they need to meet the requirements. Firstly, the service must be available in their geographical area (AT&T is working on it). Secondly, the person calling and the recipient of the call must both use handsets that are HD Voice capable. For AT&T customers, just about the only devices available from their carrier that meet this requirement are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

AT&T is far from being the only major wireless carrier that offers HD Voice though. Sprint may have been the first off the blocks, offering its customers a 30-day trial run of its HD Voice service in June earlier this year. Even Verizon Wireless is working on its own HD Voice brand, and the talk is that the Big Red will utilizing the AMR-wideband standard (the industry norm) for its service.

Interestingly, AT&T and Verizon Wireless are working together in providing clear call quality in both their customers. If they can pull this off, AT&T customers will be able to call their friends and family who are on Verizon as clearly as possible, and vice versa.

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          AT&T Throttles Users On Unlimited Data Plans Regardless Of Network Congestion        
AT&T Throttles Users On Unlimited Data Plans Regardless Of Network Congestion

AT&T has confirmed that it is throttling subscribers under its unlimited data plans, no matter how congested the network is. 

As reported by Ars Technica, subscribers who are using non-LTE 3G/HSPA+ handsets and are under unlimited data plans only get throttled when network congestion becomes heavy, and when the users exceed 3 gigabytes of data within a single billing period. But apparently, these same conditions do not apply to customers on LTE.

If a subscriber is under, say, a legacy AT&T unlimited plan and uses up more than 5 gigabytes of data on an LTE-compatible handset in a span of a month, the subscriber's data speeds will automatically be reduced for the remainder of the billing period, even if the network remains free of congestion.

Ars Technica further reported that data speeds slowed down from 23.5 mbps on average to just 0.1 mbps. When the subscriber's billing period is reset, only then are the data speeds returned to their normal levels. However, once the subscriber reaches 5 gigabytes, data speeds are automatically reduced again.

For its part, AT&T issued a statement defending its network management practices as legitimate. The carrier claims that the throttling was put in place in order to provide optimum network service for its subscribers.

AT&T further added that it is planning to address the data throttling concerns between its LTE and non-LTE unlimited subscribers sometime next year. The carrier says that it will be reducing data speeds for LTE users in congested networks as soon as that option is made available.

AT&T may be claiming that it is throttling data speeds for the benefit of all customers using its networks. But others see the throttling as a ploy to lead on long-term customers to more lucrative limited data plans. This tactic has been employed before, namely by Sprint for its Unlimited My Way and My All-In plans. Even Verizon Wireless thought of doing the same thing, but then the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stepped in and pressured Big Red to reverse its decision. 

Right now, fewer than 20 percent of all AT&T customers are under unlimited data plans. Those that are signed up for the plans because they were thinking they could stream and download without having to worry about high overage fees if they exceed their data allotments. But it appears that they are getting throttled anyway, rendering their data privileges useless. 

As for the network congestion claims, some may find it hard to believe, especially when the subscribers who are under more expensive data plans (up to 100 gigabytes each month) never get to experience throttled data speeds.

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          Sprint Introduces Deal To Reduce Bills Of AT&T, Verizon Customers In Half        
Sprint Introduces Deal To Reduce Bills Of AT&T, Verizon Customers In Half

When it comes to grabbing customers from rival wireless carriers, Sprint does not seem to shy away from unusual tactics. Just recently for instance, the carrier introduced a new deal that promises to cut the bills in half of any customer from competitors AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Of course, for the customers to avail of the deal, they would have to produce a current AT&T or Verizon bill. It is a gutsy move for sure, but will it be effective? 

Sprint is calling the deal the Cut Your Bill in Half promo. In this deal, anybody who is currently on an AT&T or Verizon plan and wants to switch to Sprint, must first furnish a copy of their current bills, and either upload them to Sprint's website, or hand-deliver them to any official Sprint store. Sprint will then evaluate the bill submitted, and decide which Sprint plan matches it in terms of calls, text messaging, and data allotment. Sprint will then offer that matching plan for half the price of the defecting subscriber's current AT&T or Verizon plan.

For instance, a customer who hands in a bill for a Verizon family plan costing $260 each month will be offered a family plan with similar inclusions but only for $130 each month.

Sprint already launched a promotion wherein it covered early termination fees up to $350 in the form of a prepaid Visa gift card. This can be paired with the new Cut Your Bill in Half promo, as long as the customer qualifies.

There are a few caveats, of course. One, those who avail of this promo will not be able to buy a subsidized handset from Sprint. They must sign up for the carrier's leasing program, make installment payments, or buy the device outright at its full retail price. Two, participants will have to turn in their current AT&T or Verizon handsets to Sprint. Understandably, it would be weird using an AT&T or Verizon device on Sprint's network, but still, you would be parting ways with something that you've gotten used to. What if you don't have a smartphone to turn in? (Got lost, perhaps?) Sprint will then charge you $200 per line of service. It is not clear yet what Sprint plans to do with the devices that are turned in though. 

Sprint's Cut Your Bill in Half promo is offered on a limited time only. However, people who participate in the deal will be able to keep enjoying discounted bills in the future as long as they do not add more data or minutes. Once they do, their plans will be reverted the normal pricing structure.

One more thing -- this promo is off limits to T-Mobile subscribers. One possible reason is that T-Mobile is already competing with Sprint in offering slashed data prices in a manner that the other carriers, AT&T and Verizon, are not. 

And because the promo is designed to lure AT&T and Verizon subscribers, Sprint's own existing subscribers will not be able to take advantage of the deal. Find out what other deals Sprint is offering right now -- start comparing Sprint plans and phones now.

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          Nexus 6 Pre-Orders Start November 12th At AT&T; Goes On Sale November 14th At Sprint        
Nexus 6 Preorders at ATT and Sprint

Good news for Nexus 6 fans. Google's latest Nexus phablet will start to become available for purchase at two major wireless carriers this week. 

AT&T has confirmed that the Nexus 6 will become available for pre-ordering starting on Wednesday, November 12th. The device is priced at $249 on-contract. Buyers, however, can opt to purchase the phablet at its full retail price of $682.99 and pay off that total amount over the course of 20, 24, or 30 regular monthly payments via AT&T's Next 12, Next 18, and Next 24 plans, respectively. Unfortunately, AT&T has not yet provided any shipping estimates for the Nexus 6 as of this writing. But it will not be long now until the carrier makes announcement regarding availability.

Two days later on Friday, November 14th, the Nexus 6 will become available on Sprint's stores. As announced by Sprint, the phablet will be priced at $696 off-contract, with $0 down payment and 24 regular monthly payments of $29 through the carrier's Easy Pay plan. 

Also, it should be noted that Sprint will only be offering the Midnight Blue 32 gigabyte edition of the Nexus 6 smartphone.

As one might notice, the device does have a rather high price tag. That may not be too surprising. The Nexus 6 smartphone after all sports an enormous 6-inch 2560 by 1440 resolution display screen, and a 13-megapixel rear camera. 

Hardware-wise, it packs a Snapdragon 805 processor, 32 gigabytes (or 64 gigabytes) of internal storage, 3 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), and a powerful 3,220 mAh battery.

It is also the first smartphone to have Android 5.0 Lollipop, the newest version of the Android mobile operating system. This updated edition of the world's most popular smartphone OS is truly a joy to behold, featuring a neater design further enhanced with animations and a more user-friendly interface and environment.

In the last two weeks, the Nexus 6 has only been made available through the Google Play Store and directly from Motorola, the phone maker who collaborated with Google in bringing the phablet to life.

In a few days, users will be able to get them from two of the four major wireless carriers in 
the United States. While AT&T and Sprint have already joined the party, many are expecting the other big boys (T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless) to follow suit.

Interested to learn more about AT&T and Sprint offers? Browse AT&T phones and plans here, or explore Sprint deals here.

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          How To Speed Up Your Computer with Optimo Pro        
Computer users are inundated with tribulations frequently. The way you eat food to keep you going and to keep you fit, likewise, computer machine also needs maintenance every now and then. Your body demands food to keep you going. So how can your computer lag behind? Computer optimization is the buzz word. Everyone wants to speed up computer to reap more benefits.

Regular holdups that stall the computer’s performance become a complete nuisance. Virus attacks, malware intrusions, Trojan horse, and other cruel problems slow down the speed of your system. But most of the users find it difficult to understand the problem and resolve them. What you require is good quality pc cleaner that deals with junk files, registry errors and much more.
Quite a few PC cleaners are doing the rounds in the market, some fake and some real. Fake ones rather than solving any setback embed a set of virus and infections that results in loss of time and money. Real ones effectively optimize your computer system that helps speed up computer.
Optimo Pro is software that comes with more than one program. They scan the computer within minutes and help the customer get back to work. Within months of its launch, Optimo Pro has had immense outreach and has helped computer users, be it consumers or business. The increased usage of Optimo Pro has been phenomenal.

What all it does?

  • Removes data footprints from at least 25 browsers
  • Protects your confidentiality
  • Wipes and cleanses up to 25 browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Takes care of the clutter that clogs the system
  • Features:
  • Windows Registry cleaner
  • Apps Errors cleaner
  • Files cleaner
  • Browser cleaner
  • Short cut cleaner
  • Trace cleaner
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Junk Files cleaner
  • PC Optimizer
  • Complete computer cleaning software

All these apps work in tandem with each other and help increase the speed of your PC. A PC cleaner acts a scrubber that scrubs manifold parts of the computer and helps keep it in good shape. Be it fixing your registry or cleaning junk files, it does all.
With the kind of success Optimo Pro has gathered, it becomes worthwhile to at least give it a try. Download Optimo Pro from www.optimopro.com  and make use of the trial version. Our customer service number is 1-800-413-1289. You can ask any question and we will be more than happy to serve you.

About the Author
Anna Asthesia is chief technial head in optimopro.com & working from last 5 years. She likes to write article on windows registry , computer problems & how to find genuine online tech support for Laptops, Computers & Smartphones.You can read her latest blogs on blog.optimopro.com

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          Ancient Roman coins with sex scenes – sprintia        
This is a spintria. They were used in ancient Rome to request and pay for different “services” in brothels and from prostitutes on the street. Since there were a lot of foreigners coming to the city that did not speak the language and most of the prostitutes were slaves captured from other places the coins […]
           Mandatory Reporting Law on Sexual Abuse Not So Mandatory -- Especially for Prep Schools / Abysmal Failures Noted on So-Called Background Checks        

Mandatory Reporting [NOT Really] Column
on Sexual Abuse Cases Generates Range of Comments

Meriden Record-Journal Post 7-18-17 Follows Hearst CT [links below]
& Cool Justice Blog 6-4-17

  • Column via Record-Journal

  • Facebook Tag Leads to Comments

  • State Reports Only 14 Arrests & Four Convictions in Past Seven Years
    Statute of Limitations Just One Year for This Misdemeanor

    By Andy Thibault
    The Cool Justice Report
    June 4, 2017

    Editor's Note: This column may be reprinted or re-posted courtesy of The Cool Justice Report http://cooljustice.blogspot.com.

    Connecticut has been a very safe place to avoid arrest and prosecution for failing to report sexual abuse -- especially if you're a teacher or administrator at a prep school.

    That's just part of the picture.

    Suppose you lose your teaching job after being accused of rape. Just don't put that job on your resume. You'll be fine for perhaps a decade or more. It also helps to amend your full name on the resume. Supposed background checks will fail to detect resume gaps and irregularities.

    But what about that mandatory reporting law compelling teachers and administrators to report suspected abuse to the state? No problem. It hasn't been enforced with any great enthusiasm at the preps: No report, no warning for future employers or victims.

    The revelations come after a series of articles by The Boston Globe Spotlight Team and an investigation by the powerhouse law firm Covington & Burling for Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford. The Globe found that abuse victims routinely suffered retaliation at private schools in New England. The schools in turn covered up the abuse. Choate, for example, failed to report abuse incidents prior to 2010.

    A spokeswoman for Connecticut courts told The Cool Justice Report there were just 14 arrests in the state for failing to report sexual abuse from January 2010 through late April 2017. During the same time, there were only four convictions, according to the data provided via the state Judicial Department. One of the convictions was of a day care operator. No additional data was available immediately.

    There is only a one-year statute of limitations for failure to report sexual abuse claims, and that crime is a misdemeanor. Connecticut Deputy Chief State's Attorney Len Boyle said in a statement there are no plans to try to change that, but he noted there is a five-year statute of limitations for a felony charge if prosecutors are able to cite willfulness or other aggravating factors. Willfulness, like intent, carries with it a significant burden of proof.

    "The one-year statute of limitations," Boyle said, "is largely consistent with the limitations periods for all crimes (i.e.: one year for a misdemeanor and five years for a felony). We have not sought to lengthen it. The more egregious cases of failure to report (willfulness, gross negligence, etc.) are felonies and provide a five year limitations period."

    Boyle's office is investigating whether anyone at Choate broke the law by failing to report suspected abuse, The Hartford Courant reported in April.

    Among the 12 teachers accused of abuse in the Choate report, one went on to become a teacher and administrator at several public schools in Connecticut. He was able to avoid detection partly by amending his name and omitting two teaching jobs at private schools -- Choate and The Gunnery, in Washington, CT -- on his resume. The resume, obtained under Connecticut's Freedom of Information law, also shows some overlap for jobs at public schools in Connecticut and New York.

    This teacher / administrator, Jaime E. Rivera, aka Jaime Rivera-Murillo, resigned as principal of Wamogo High School in Litchfield in April. Before that, he was a teacher and assistant principal at Newtown High School for about 11 years. The first teaching job listed on his resume was at Henry Abbot Technical High School in Danbury, beginning in 2001. That leaves a seven-year gap following his graduation from St. Michael's College in Vermont, where he reported earning a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language.

    The Covington & Burling report says Rivera-Murillo was fired after being accused of anally raping one student and grabbing the breast of another during a Choate field trip to Costa Rica in 1999. Rivera, a faculty leader for the trip, denied engaging in sexual misconduct but admitting drinking alcohol including beer with students and "local moonshine" with others.

    Choate did not report the alleged assaults at the time as required by law. The alleged rape victim told the Covington & Burling team that a female administrator admonished students not to discuss what happened.

    The process for vetting resumes at Connecticut public schools like Wamogo and Newtown high schools and Abbot Tech seems to be check the boxes and wave the guy through with barely a pretense of scrutiny. This abysmal failure of diligence and critical thinking should be alarming to students, parents and all taxpayers.

    "He didn't list Choate as a former employer when he applied," Christine Chinni, the lawyer for Regional District 6 which includes Wamogo, told The Boston Globe.

    District 6 Superintendent Edward Drapp, asked about the committee of 12 that reviewed Rivera-Murillo's credentials and the review process, declined to discuss his procedures for background checks. Besides the resume, which he produced after a formal FOI request, Drapp was also asked to provide documents related to that review committee. Here is Drapp's response: "Attached is a copy of Mr. Rivera's resume. This is the only document in the district's possession that meets the criteria of your FOI request. For the remainder of the school year I will be focused on the students and therefore I am not doing any additional interviews or making any other statements on this matter."

    Drapp's response sounds like the result of bad coaching from an inept lawyer. The assertion that there are no documents regarding the review committee is not credible. Are we to believe the review committee never had a meeting?

    The Globe reported in April that the sexual misconduct at Choate occurred from 1963 to 2010 and ranged from intimate kissing to groping and sexual intercourse. The Covington & Burling report cites 12 teachers. Other Globe stories cited more than 100 private schools in New England with more than 300 former students saying they faced sexual abuse or harassment.

    Just last month, The Kent School was sued and accused of failing to report a 49-year-old teacher who had sex with a 15-year-old student in the late 1980s.

    The student claims her advisor scolded her for spreading vicious rumors. Another teacher allegedly told the student she was a sinner for committing adultery. The suit claims the abuse was widely known at the school and that the student was shunned, called "obviously crazy" and blamed for the teacher's breakdown. During a church service the student attended at the school, the suit asserts, Kent staff openly prayed for the teacher's well being. The teacher subsequently got a job at a private school in Indiana.

    Kent School, founded in 1906, charges more than $60,000 annually for tuition, board and fees.

    Rev. Richardson Schell, the headmaster, said in a statement: "We do not know why [the student] has elected to pursue a lawsuit at this time."

    Schell opened the statement by saying he had reviewed the complaint: " ... I am deeply sorry for the wrongful actions of the former Kent teacher who engaged in an inappropriate relationship with this former student ... as the Headmaster of the school then, I responded immediately and to the best of my ability."

    The statement does not address the school's duty to report the alleged abuse in a timely manner.

    Notably, Schell undertook a massive letter writing campaign some years later when he was annoyed by what he called a TV sitcom's "obnoxious, objectionable content." His letter writing campaign netted responses from 17 companies and he also reached out to publications including Advertising Age and Media Week to generate publicity regarding his concerns about popular culture, The New York Times reported.

    Finally, on the national front, The Associated Press reported that a former president of Penn State and two other former university administrators were each sentenced Friday to at least two months in jail for failing to alert authorities to a 2001 allegation against ex-assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, a decision that enabled the now-convicted serial predator to continue molesting boys.

    Thibault, a private investigator for the Hartford office of Integrated Security Services http://www.intesecurity.com/, is the author of a second collection of newspaper columns, “more COOL JUSTICE” http://morecooljustice.com/, credited with helping to free a woman unjustly convicted of first degree murder. His public service includes four years on a local board of education. Follow him on Twitter @cooljustice.

  • The Choate Report

  • Short version of column
    Via Hearst CT dailies

  • Danbury News Times

  • Connecticut Post

  • Norwalk Hour

  • Greenwich Time

  • Stamford Advocate


  •           #Stalking & Critical Thinking on Law & Justice; Erin Moriarty Presents at University of St. Joseph – BOB THIESFIELD Photo Gallery        

    OK To Reprint, Repost
    w/ Credit to Bob Thiesfield, The Cool Justice Report

    USJ President Rhona Free w/ CBS '48 Hours' Correspondent Erin Moriarty

  • 38-second video recap


  • Warm Welcome From Crowd at the University's Crystal Room, Mercy Hall

    Moriarty Noted Connecticut's Stalking Law - Relying on Demonstration of Reckless Behavior - Is More Effective Than Those of Other States Which Require Proof of Intent by Often-Disturbed Stalkers

    Attentive Audience

    The Interactive Event Featured Dialogue w/ Students

    'NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette Shared Her Stalking Torment and Supported Others in '48 Hours' Broadcast Earlier This Year

    Before the Event, Moriarty Met w/ Students Including Erin Castaldi (left), a Veteran Who Is Studying To Be a Social Worker

  • USJ: Look for more exciting speakers in the fall

  •           $10,000 REWARD: Missing Person / Cold Case via Integrated Security Services @GoIntegrated         

  • Integrated Facebook page

  • Integrated Twitter feed

  • Integrated website

  • FLASHBACK: Video - Widow Pressed for Answers 42 years ago

  • Brief highlights of Caporino case:

    Excerpts from


  • Chapter 4


    Did Gabe Caporino just disappear or were hidden forces at play? AT


    Gabe Caporino, a 40-year-old corporate executive from Westchester, NY, never returned to his wife and two teenage daughters after a business trip in 1974. The night he disappeared, Gabe Caporino spoke with his wife and daughters, asking about a school parents' night and confirming a dinner date with friends for the weekend.


    There isn’t much of a trail for Gabe Caporino, but we know a good bit of what police did and did not do in the crucial days following his disappearance on Thursday, March 7, 1974. We also know some of what his employer, the General Foods corporation, did and did not do.


    Under pressure from Gabe Caporino’s wife, Grace, now a retired teacher and recognized Holocaust scholar, General Foods sent a team to New Orleans over the weekend. One of them, Bill Bevans of the personnel department, snatched Gabe Caporino’s briefcase from his hotel room. The other GF team members were security director Jack Edward Ison, who had been an FBI agent for nine years; and White Plains, NY police detective James Lynch.

    “Our chief of security Jack Ison will ... take over this investigation,” GF personnel director Frank Dorito told Grace Caporino.

    Indeed, he did.

    On Sunday, March 10, 1974, Ison and his colleagues met privately with New Orleans police, barring members of the Caporino family. This crucial meeting presaged, if it did not predestine, the shocking and abysmal refusal of the New Orleans Police Department to follow up on basic and compelling leads, including the forgery of Gabe Caporino's credit card four days after he was reported missing. This forgery was ultimately documented by the FBI crime lab. Significantly, a Sears employee who witnessed three individuals using Gabe’s credit card recanted after a visit by New Orleans police ...

    ... Officer Roma Kent, who went on to work as a federal public defender, got the clerk to change his story ...


    CBS producer Barbara Gordon, on assignment in 1974, put it this way: “The New Orleans Police Department is holding hands with General Foods and there is a cover-up down here.”

    The Gabe Caporino case was the subject of a CBS documentary produced by Gordon and reported by Chris Borgen, a retired New York City narcotics detective. The program aired beginning in May 1974 on the show Eye On New York. It was rebroadcast in New York and several times throughout the country on local affiliates – but not in New Orleans.

    As the air date neared, Borgen told Grace Caporino the reporting team received threats that GF might pull advertising from CBS. Borgen recounted the phone call from a GF public relations staffer: “This documentary is not in our best interests. We have a significant advertising budget with CBS.”


    New Orleans police ... reported the discovery of Gabe Caporino’s rental car in a way that could not have occurred.

    His rented car was found abandoned about 10 days later in front of a school by Spain and [N.]Ramparts streets with the keys stuck outside the vehicle in the door lock. Police officers told me a car in this location with the keys outside the vehicle might have lasted there up to an hour. Additionally, any fingerprints left in or on the car were wiped off.

    “It is certainly not the kind of place where a new car would sit for a week with the keys in the door,” said Gabe Caporino’s nephew Anthony Emma, who made two trips to New Orleans in 1974. “Certainly not the kind of place a new car would sit even locked up without being disturbed for a week ... I always found that hard to believe.”


    As time went on and the Caporino family struggled to survive, General Foods appealed the awarding of benefits to the widow and children multiple times. At one of the hearings, Jack Edward Ison admitted he was the source of the smears about Gabe Caporino in law enforcement files.

    A hearing officer asked Ison: “How do you know this about Mr. Caporino?”

    “Just things you hear people say,” Ison responded. He was not pressed to elaborate.

    In a particularly disturbing incident on March 16, 1974 – the day that would have been Gabe Caporino’s 41st birthday – family, friends and neighbors gathered at the home in Yorktown Heights. Ison called Grace Caporino. She told Ison family and friends did not want her to be alone on that day. Ison paused and said: “Well, if Gabe has any heart, surely he'll call you on his birthday. Bye, I’ve got to go.”


    October, 2011. NEW ORLEANS, LA – Thirty seven years ago – with several police officers crowding her – Grace Caporino briefly touched and read a number of pages in a 3-inch-high stack of reports about her missing husband. After a few minutes, they forced her to leave. Today, the New Orleans Police Department still doesn’t want to know or hear anything about the Gabe Caporino case – or the reports ... *

    The current New Orleans police superintendent, Ronal Serpas, ignored two certified letters she sent him last year ...

    The New Orleans Police Department – notorious as perhaps the most corrupt and incompetent in U.S. history – has routinely engaged in public executions of civilians. The coroner tends to call these homicides slips and falls or accidents, even when someone’s face and teeth are kicked in and various body parts have hemorrhaged. Officers have worked as cocaine dealers on the job, hired hitmen to kill civilians, stolen from car dealers and held up liquor stores in uniform. Officers have been heard on police scanners saying: “Is he dead yet? No. Kill him now. String him up by the balls.”

    A short list of recent convictions includes two officers who beat and kicked a local man to death, then covered it up. In the infamous Danzgier bridge trial, also this year, five current and former officers were found guilty of shooting six civilians – killing two of them – and covering it up. Those local citizens were walking to a grocery store.

    Civilians filming police assaulting civilians are routinely charged with inciting a riot. After police shot and killed unarmed trombone player Joe Williams, returning from a jazz funeral in 2004, officers broke up a memorial service for the popular member of the Hot 8 Brass Band. Local attorney Mary Howell told the PBS show Frontline police advised her that “merely having a video camera or camera in a situation like this where the police are interacting with the community was considered to be inciting a riot.”

    After Hurricane Kartina, the National Rifle Associaton sued New Orleans Police for stripping law-abiding citizens of their ability to defend themselves. “They just stole people’s guns and weapons,” Howell said.

    The unofficial body count from Hurriance Katrina is upwards of 1,500. “We do not have a clear understanding of how many people were shot and killed by the New Orleans Police Department,” Howell told Frontline.

    Of course, there are also many officers who keep their oath to protect and serve no matter what the risk from criminals and buffoons in the streets or among their ranks and supervisors ...


    August, 2012

    ... the New Orleans Police Department actually admitted it had failed to comply with the Louisiana public records law. This happened through a series of depositions of detectives and other personnel [in a Freedom of Information lawsuit in Parish Court] ... “Nobody has gone digging through those files specifically looking for a file relative to the disappearance of Gabe Caporino, have they?” The question was posed by ... attorney, Brett Prendergast.

    “No, sir,” Detective Gwen Guggenheim responded.

    ... A supervised search of the NOPD “storage area” [revealed the following from] ... a dimly-lit and musty room on the second floor by the NOPD parking garage.

    Most of the boxes of files were covered with layers of grime and old insulation. He had to move evidence including sections of a chain-link fence to get at the boxes.

    The files dated from 1890 to the present. Besides homicide cases, there were also files for juvenile offenses and sex crimes.

    There was not a single missing persons file in storage ...

    ... As recently as 1995, then-Police Superintendent Richard Pennington had a detective review the Caporino case and all the reports and documents. Now, the official word is, the file does not exist – just as missing persons don't officially exist ...


    Retired General Foods investigator Emil Monda, reached ... on the West Coast, said about the Caporino case: “We always thought there was foul play, but never came up with anything.”

    Monda said he did not know why the New Orleans Police failed to follow leads including the forgery of Caporino’s credit card ...

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    Sale time! Snap up some beautiful quality clothes for kids 0-12 years from eeni meeni miini moh and e3-M in their end of season sale. Enjoy savings on current season dresses, tops, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, playsuits, leggings and enfant wear.

    Girls and boys 0-5 years are covered with pastels to mix and match with neon brights and fun prints:
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              Laura Blythman kids' backpacks, duffles and caps for Little Renegade Company        
    If you love Laura Blythman's whimsical collage-style artwork, you'll be just as thrilled as I was to discover Laura's collaboration with the Little Renegade Company. What results are super-cool caps, duffle bags and backpacks for kids in the Moonscape and Sugar Mountains prints.

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    A trip to France and Italy was all the inspiration that eeni meeni miini moh creative director Libby O'Connor-Cowley needed to design the fantastic SS176 collection. These are fun prints, classic stripes, cool grids in all the colours of a lolly shop. Let's take a look at some of my favourites:

    Read more »
              Coco Noir        
    Coco Noir

    Sometimes we get attached to perfumes because they speak to us. Other times, it is pure coincidence that creates an imprint on our minds and adds meaning to the scent that we would have otherwise not found in it.

    These past few months I've been wearing copious amounts of Coco Noir. I've received the parfum extrait from a friend as a goodbye gift, and somehow it did not seem right to stuff it on the shipping container. Probably because I was too curious about it. At the same time I was too scared to open it, because starting a new perfume at a time of great change can create too strong of an impression - and I knew that there are many challenges ahead of me. I definitely did not want to open it at the time of our departure - I was an emotional mess, after three months of intensive packing and very little sleep... So I waited for a while for the dust of traveling to settle, and opened it about a week or two after arriving in Israel. It was a time of terrible weather (weeks and weeks on end of dry desert wind and over-the-top temperatures) not to mention - great emotional turmoil and immigrant adventures - and we are still in the midst of it, but I have enough levelheadedness now to reflect a bit, as things are finally starting to fall into place: my daughter will start school on Sunday, our home renovations are about halfway through, and my mental state allows me to pass entire days without crying (but still happens about once a week, because I end up hitting a brick wall of some sort at least in that frequency).

    Coco Noir is a modern "dark" concoction, which means that instead of oily aldehydes and animalic base, it has clean florally laced with white musks and underlying notes of vetiver and patchouli. It isn't exactly a fruitchouli, but it borders on that territory, with a clean ambreine accord (not unlike Prada Ambre Intense Pour Homme) - which means it has vanillin, patchouli and bergamot galore in it. However, there is also a spicy cacao accord (or perhaps it's just an illusion of that - created by the spicy cloves notes alongside the benzoin, vanillin and coumarin) which is quite prominent, which reminds me of Notorious - only that it continues much better in my opinion (it does not have as much musk, which in Notorious gives me a piercing feeling through my nostrils). It gradually softens and develops around the heart of jasmine and rose, and leads smoothly to the end: Dryout is a mellow, powdery confection, with hints of heliotrope (not unlike La Petite Robe Noire - but with non of the saccharine qualities of the latter).

    Coco Noir is more accessible, in my opinion, than Coco is. I love the original, even though I do not own it. It has a big persona and feels over-the-top for daily wear. I would only imagine wearing it when I'm all dressed up for a very sepcial event in the middle of winter. Instead, it provides with a very modern comfort in my overtly rustic living arrangement (which is only temporary, sort of...). It's a scent that inevitably will conjure up scent memories from this time of re-settling in my home village: having this sleek, elegant, opaque black glass square bottle around reminds me of my urban side and that I'm not going to be forever wading in mud to and from the yurt, and struggling with every little aspect of life. There is still place for elegance and luxury in my life even in this off the grid spot in between two major life periods.

    Another great reminder of this truth: whenever I stick my nose inside my shipping container, which smells still like my very fragrant home studio in Vancouver. My friend chose this fragrance because it reminded him of how my perfume smelled. I think I now get what he's talking about: it's very much like this "smell of everything, all at once" that you get from my workspace: dried coumarinic herbs (liatrix, tonka), vetiver roots, patchouli, countless flowers, herb oils and spices... All mingled with woodsy oils and the scent of antique furniture.

    I'm grateful for having this point of view portrayed to me via a bottle of fragrance chosen for me.

    Top notes: Cedarwood, Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit
    Heart notes: Rose, Jasmine, Narcissus, Geranium, Peach, Carnation, Cloves
    Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Frankincense, Musk, Vanilla, Heliotropin, Tonka
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              Comment on Free Printable Play Money…. beware… by Anonymous        
    It printed up for me no problem, THANK YOU so much for posting this!! I am teaching a girl scout troop of 12 kindergarten girls about money so they can earn a patch and this was EXACTLY what we needed to help them learn!
              Comment on Free Printable Checkbook For Kids by Tales from the Ranch        
    The links do not work, really wish they did as I could use these for my class.
              Comment on Printable Why Question Book for Children with Autism by SLPMOM        
    Jamie--<br /> I am trying to download your "why, monkey, why" printable, but it says the file is no longer there??<br />
              Comment on Free Printable What Questions for Children with Autism by Lindsie M.        
    I was printing these yesterday, and today they are not letting me download saying they are deleted. Is there a way I can get the PDF or will they be back on the website soon? They are awesome books!!
              Comment on Free Printable What Questions for Children with Autism by Lindsie M.        
    I was printing some of these yesterday, and today they are not working. Can I get a PDF or do you know if they will be fixed? I Love these books!!
              Comment on Free Printable Recipe Cards by Recipe cards        
    The design of the cards are really excellent. Anyone can send those cards to his clients for customer retention.
              Comment on Free Printable Halloween Decorations by George Davis        
    Just wanted to say thanks for the links to the special needs activities. My 7 year old son is low functional autistic and it's not easy to find activities that we can all enjoy as a family. Happy holidays!
              Interesting forum on self-publishing at 2017 Outwrite LGBT Book Festival in Washington DC        

    Today I visited the 2017 Outwrite LGBT Book Festival in the DC Center office space and surrounding atrium at 14th and U Streets in Washington DC.

    This year I did not have my own table;  I’ll get into this elsewhere.

    The most interesting part of the visit was a presentation in DC Center’s largest room (on 14th Street ground level) from LGBT book publishers and literary agents.

    There was a discussion of what an author goes through if he/she wants to control the process.  It’s usually necessary to hire a copyeditor and a typesetter (who is often the same).  It’s necessary to find a book manufacturer, and prices can vary a lot (many companies exist in the Shenandoah Valley and down in the North Carolina Piedmont).  It seems that Milo Yianopoulos has controlled the production of his book “Dangerous” after Simon and Schuster dropped him after a controversy.

    There was discussion of “guerrilla marketing”, and of the tendency recently for trade publishers not to offer advances, which typically have to be recovered from book sales. 

    There was mention of the use of pseudonyms and pen names, and that in a real world some authors really need to keep their identities secret, usually for reasons other than just being  LGBT, like workplace conflicts or possible security concerns for themselves or others around them.  This is rather alarming.

    There was discussion of “sea turtle authors”, often introverts, who do not like to be pressed to sell aggressively, and are perfectly content to let their “eggs” lie dormant.

    I asked about print-on-demand publishers, like Author Solutions.  The group did not think well of this business model, and referred to it as a “shadow industry”  They felt money should go to authors directly,, but that only works if the author owns the publishing entity.  I did refer to the fact that POD companies have been pressing authors harder to buy copies of books and build their own stores and credit card operations, rather than depend on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

    I did mention the SESPA bill from the Senate and the implicit threat to web speech, including eventually author websites. 

              Milo's earlier article "An Establishment Conservative's Guide to the Alt-Right"         

    I have started reading “Dangerous” by Milo Yiannopoulos on Kindle ($2.99) since this first self-published printing sold out so quickly.  I note also that the Washington DC Metro refused to carry ads for Milo’s book.  (I don’t have the scale to advertise mine on the Metro).

    I have to note already that Milo's definition of "intersectionalism" is interesting.

    Milo refers to a preview essay that he and Allum Bohkari wrote on March 29, 2016 on Breitbart, “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right”, which I thought I would pass along here.
    Milo seems to distinguish modern GOP republicans (who would allow a strip mall to replace a historic building if it made enough money) with “natural conservatives”, who prefer “homogeneity over diversity”, etc.  Living in a large tribe or culture involves sharing common risks.  It’s a lot easier to do what you have to do, even at a personal, intimate level, if you have confidence all your peers have the sane impulse to do it, and that “norms” have some kind of cultural meaning mapped on to virtue.

    All of this, however, does not clearly separate out the populist right.

    The article refers to a National Review article, March 28, 2016 in National Review by Kevin Williamson, “The Father Fuhrer” – Trump indeed, even well before the GOP convention last year.
    Milo says that the alt-right is about western supremacy, not white supremacy.

              Green, Camel, and Black        
    Shirt: Club Monaco (worn with another print HERE)/ Top: J Crew/ Skinnies: Madewell/ Bracelets and Clutch: J Crew (also in …

    Continue reading

              Women's British Open 2017: In-Kyung Kim Builds on Huge Lead on Saturday        

    In-Kyung Kim retained control during the third round of the 2017 Women's British Open, posting a score of six-under 66 on Saturday.

    The 29-year-old was smooth on the greens and leads the competition by six shots at Kingsbarns Golf Links in Fife, Scotland, residing on 17 under for the tournament.

    For the latest leaderboard, visit the Ladies European Tour website.

    Kim sprinted out of the blocks on the front nine, seemingly playing without pressure as she sank four birdies in the opening seven holes.

    The 29-year-old was unflappable, and her consistency was world class as she drove off the tee with confidence.

    Birdies on No. 11 and 12 pushed Kim's lead, and she putted at her best throughout the round.

    The tournament's official Twitter account highlighted her finishing:

    Kim played with a smile on her face over the final holes as she headed to the clubhouse, and she will be a big favorite to capture the major title on Sunday.

    Georgia Hall braved the conditions to lead the charge for the British contingent, finishing the day joint-second on the leaderboard with Moriya Jutanugarn on 11 under.

    The English starlet, who turned professional in 2014, suffered a bogey on No. 3 but countered with a magnificent eagle on No. 5 to fight back.

    Three successive birdies on the back nine put Hall within striking distance of Kim, but she dropped three strokes in the final three holes.

    The Women's British Open shared her last birdie of the day:

    After a magnificent couple of days, Kim is in the driver's seat and deservedly so. 

    She last dropped a shot on the opening hole of the second round, and she has navigated the wet conditions with consummate ease.

    Read more Women's Golf news on BleacherReport.com


    Have you ever flipped through the pages of Field & Stream or watched an exciting big game hunt on the Outdoor Channel and said to yourself, “Someday I would like to do that?” I guess all hunters have a specific species they dream about pursuing and mine has always been a moose. In terms of my “bucket list” for animals I want to hunt, the moose has always been number one. For years, I have sent my check to Vermont and Maine in hopes of getting drawn in their moose hunting lottery; but it never was. But last Fall I received an email from Amsterdam hunters Dick Andrews and Marshall Knapik and Rich Kraus(Ballston Spa) about their Newfoundland moose hunt that finally lit the fire under me. And the results is that in 3 weeks my dream hunt will finally become a reality.

    The moose, which is derived from the Algonkian name meaning “eater of twigs,” was not native to Newfoundland. They were introduced, two bulls and two cows from New Brunswick, in 1904 and today it is estimated that there is a population of 120,000. Moose are the largest member of the deer family with a weak eyesight but their most acute sense is their hearing. Their habitat is includes swampy areas as well as forested higher ground around lakes.

    The destination, which I choose mainly because of Dick’s recommendation and the fact that he has hunted there successfully five times already and will be returning in 2010, is Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps located in Portland Creek, Newfoundland, Canada. Owned and operated by Sam and Hebbert Caines, they have over 30 years of experience guiding and outfitting hunters. Sam’s has three hunting camps located in Area No. 3 on the Northern Peninsula: St. Paul’s Big Pond, where I will be hunting, which is one-half mile from Gros Morne National Park which is 35 miles from Deer Lake; Long Range Mountains at Trophy Lake and High Pond which are each 60 miles from Deer Lake which is the pick up point for all Sam’s hunters. Now although we will be hunting from fly-in remote sites, which I am looking forward to, it is comforting to know that there is two-way radio and cell telephone contact with these camps.

    There are two ways to get to Deer Lake; driving and flying. If you drive there is a 5 - 8 hour ferry crossing depending upon the weather or, my choice, drive to Montreal and fly into Deer Lake. Here I will spend the night, be picked up early the next morning and flown in to camp by helicopter. And this, the helicopter ride, is something I am looking forward to also. All the camps are built to Newfoundland Tourism specifications and include indoor toilets, showers, two bedroom with two single beds in each, a large dining room and a kitchen. And each camp has a full time cook. Each hunter has his/her own guide. The actual hunting is done by spot and stalk, which is walking and glassing a variety of terrains, and/or sometimes glassing from elevated blinds.

    Now when choosing a guide/outfitter success rate should always be a major consideration. In the case of Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps he has a 90 percent success rate for moose and 100 percent for caribou. Unfortunately, I applied for a Woodland caribou hunting tag but did not receive one; but I did get a black bear permit which I hopefully will be able to fill during this hunt. As for the caribou, I will try again next year.

    When hunting in Canada there are a number of forms and documents that are needed when crossing the border. The easiest way to travel to and from Canada is with a passport. As for your firearm, this too is fairly simple and most of the paperwork can be competed before you go. You cannot bring a fully automatic weapon, handgun or pepper spray into Canada. Your regular hunting rifle/shotgun is not a problem as long as complete a Nonresident Firearms Declaration(CAFC909EF) form. Sam sent this form to me when I confirmed my hunt with him in February. The form is very simple to complete and on it you can register up to 3 firearms and the cost is $25(Canadian) which you pay at the time of crossing. The registration is good for 60 days. Do not sign and date the form until you are at customs. In all the times I have traveled to Canada with a firearm(s) to hunt it has been a very simple process which usually will take no more than 30 minutes. To download this form Goggle “Canadian firearms declaration form.”

    With regards to transporting firearms to Canada , which they may or may not inspect at the border, is in a protective and lockable case, and obviously, unloaded. It is wise if your gun is a bolt action to remove the bolt, and if it a clip remove the clip.

    Weather-wise, during September it is usually very pleasant in the mid - 40s which is good hunting weather. But Dick and other hunters who have been to Newfoundland in September all agree that things can change very quickly. “You will hunt in the rain,” they tell me and things will get damp and therefore layering you clothing is the best method. The absolute must for this trip is quality rain gear which should include quality rubber boots that are 16 or 17 inches high and with aggressive tread.

    Now those of you who know me are probably saying: “First moose hunt; he will surely have to buy a new gun.” That’s what my wife thought also. Well, believe it or not, the gun that I will be using is one that is already in my gun cabinet. In fact I have had it for at least 7 years now and never really shot anything with it. It is a ported Remington Model 700 BDL in the .300 Win Mag caliber. I told you I knew that one day I would be making this hunt and actually bought the gun solely for the purpose of hunting moose with it. The only action it has seen up until now has been a twice a year complete cleaning and oiling. But now that my dream hunt is going to be a reality I have added a quality optic and spent some range time getting acquainted with this gun; and I am very impressed with its performance and power; just what is needed to bring down a large bull moose that stands higher than a large saddle horse and can weigh as much as 1500 pounds.

    When I asked Sam and Hebbert what to expect in terms of the range of shooting distance he said that it could be anywhere from 50 yards to 400 yards; which was another reason I chose the .300 win mag cartridge.

    With the number of quality scopes offered today my selection of the right one for this rifle and especially this hunt was difficult. At the Shot Show in January I spent one day visiting optic manufacturers booths and reviewing what they were offering in scopes. One in particular impressed me; Hawke Optics. And when Brad Bonar, their Sales Manager, let me look through their Endurance 30 series 3-12x50 L3 Dot IR reticle scope all I could think about was placing that red dot on the shoulder of my Newfoundland bull moose. Other important features include a 30mm matt black mono tube, it is fog and waterproof, shockproof and has an 11 setting rheostat to adjust the Dot’s intensity to any light condition.

    After mounting and bore sighting the scope I headed for the range where I tested 3 brands of ammunition shooting from a Caldwell Lead Sled shooting rest which is the only way to sight in a firearm for two reasons: one is that you get the best accuracy and two, it absorbs almost all of the felt recoil. My 3-shot grouping with the Endurance was quite impressive(one-half inch) and the best results were with the Winchester Supreme Elite XP3, 180 grain 2-stage expansion bullet with delayed controlled expansion, deep penetration and high weight retention. Ballistically it has a muzzle velocity of 3000 feet per second and energy of 3597 foot pounds. Just the right medicine for taking a moose down. Zeroed at 200 yards it will be 1.4 inches high at 100 yards and 6.4 inches low at 300 yards. And should I get that 400 yard shot, my holdover will be 18.5 inches.

    One other service I found helpful when dealing with Hawke Optics was their Ballistic Reticle Calculator(BRC) which is a free software package that will help you to choose the right ammunition for your gun and print a copy of the results. This program covers calibers from a 177 air rifle, up to a 300 Weatherby magnum and even will calculate the best crossbow bolt for your crossbow. To get the BRC go to their web at hawkeoptics, click on “Hawke BRC” and they will email it to you. And while you are there click on “NEW Reticle Information” and see how my L3 DOT IR looks when sighting in a bull elk in the field.


    Forty five years ago when I realized how much I enjoyed big game hunting I promised myself that someday I was going to go on a moose hunt. And two weeks ago my wish came true in Newfoundland at Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps; and I can honestly say it was the most exciting hunting adventures I have ever experienced.

    It was 2a.m. when I stepped off the plane in Deer Lake along with several other camo clad passengers and headed for the baggage claim conveyor. Now if you have ever traveled with a firearm on a hunting trip you know how good you feel when you see that gun case come out on the conveyor; and mine did. But my suitcase, with all my hunting clothes, boots and other accessories, didn’t. Now I had a real problem because in just 4 hours my outfitter Sam Caines was going to pick me up and take me to the helicopter that would fly me into St. Paul’s Big Pond; which was the only access to the camp.

    At the airline desk I completed the missing baggage claim form and explained the situation and asked how, when they found my bag, they would get it to me. They would have to send it to the outfitter who would then have it flown out to me at the camp. So when I climbed into that helicopter later that morning I was wearing my hunting clothes: jeans, Nike shoes, long sleeve cotton shirt, baseball cap and a photographer’s vest. Not exactly what I needed for the spot and stalk hunting in wet bogs in the wind and rain and temperatures in the low 40s.

    The helicopter ride was great and I got a chance to see just how beautiful the Newfoundland wilderness really is; and it was then that I felt the excitement of the upcoming hunt despite the knot in my stomach because of my lost luggage. I could not hunt like this and all I thought about was having to stay in camp for 7 days and not being able to hunt; something I waited a lifetime to do.

    After settling in, which did not take long for me, I got to meet the other three hunters: Oscar Primelles, my roommate from Florida; and Victor Chandler and Wayne Cleveland who were both from Nova Scotia. The staff included guides Hebbert, Sherman and Harrison Caines, Ralph House and Derrick Kelly our camp cook. Each hunter at Sam’s has his/her own guide. Ironically all had heard of my problem with the airlines and they all said “they would dress me.” Each one of them contributed to my hunting outfit and when I dressed for hunting on Monday morning the only piece of clothing I was wearing that was mine was my underwear; which by the way, I washed each evening and hung over the wood stove to dry.

    That evening before the hunt I felt lot better knowing I would be able to hunt comfortably and thoroughly enjoyed Derrick’s ham dinner with all the trimmings which we all found out was equally outstanding all week. And that included the home made bread, pies and cakes.

    It rained all night and it was raining at 7 a.m. with 5-10 ph winds and temperatures in the mid - 30s when Sherman, my guide, and I along with Oscar and his guide Hebbert, all climbed into an 18 foot aluminum boat and headed for the other end of the pond. This “pond” by the way was the size of Saratoga Lake.

    Once on shore we all started up 12 STOP mountain which is the name I gave it because it required 12 rest stops where I would catch my breath before I reached the top. Sherman and I stayed on one side of the top while Oscar and Hebbert went over the top to the other side to set up. Each of the guides would call, using only their mouths, but nothing came in.

    By 9 a.m. the wind had picked up considerably and that combined with the heavy rains made sitting difficult; and at by 11:00 we were back in the boat and headed for camp. And when we got there Derrick’s homemade turkey vegetable soup was just what we all needed. No one that morning had seen a moose.

    The afternoon watch took us up another steep incline( 10 Stop mountain) and the bad weather conditions were the same. I remember reading that moose do not move much when it is rainy and windy and they didn’t this evening either. Victor and Ralph reported seeing two cow moose that evening but they were about 500 yards across the bog.

    Anticipation was high that morning despite the fact that conditions had actually gotten tougher and we had to wait about an hour for the fog to lift before we left camp. This time Sherman and I headed out behind the camp for an area they called the Waiting Rock stand. It was an 8 stops climb for me and we climbed into the 20 foot high tower. These towers are quite unique. They(guides) find four 10 - 12 inch trees that are in a square about 5 or 6 feet apart, trim the branches from the ground up, cut the tops off the trees, and build a platform blind enclosing the sides with canvas and with seats. It is quite comfortable but I found out that temperatures were a bit colder at this height. And at times the high winds would create horizontal rains which added to our discomfort. But that’s hunting. And again, by 10 a.m. we were headed back to camp without sighting a single moose.

    It was on this trip back to camp that I found out about what Newfoundlanders call a bog hole, and why they told me to always watch and duplicate where your guide steps; which I did on the first day. However on this day I got caught up in looking at the beautiful scenery and my right foot with the 18 inch high boot found its way into a 24 in hole full f water. I knew than that I was done hunting for the day. But as it turned out, because of the bad weather no one went out that afternoon.

    Finally Mother Nature turned off the water, reduced the wind and replaced them with chilly 34 degree temperatures. At daybreak Sherman and I headed back up for the Waiting Rock tower; but we never made it. The evening before Hebbert had told me that in the history of this camp Waiting Rock had produced at least 100 moose harvests and on this day I was about to make it 101.

    Several hundred yards from camp we stopped and Sherman made a few cow calls but got no response. Continuing up the hill we were just about 100 yards from the bog that the tower was located in when Sherman stopped, tapped his ear and pointed at the thick spruce off to our left. I heard the scraping and then saw those large palmated antlers thrashing the trees and brush about 80 yards from us. I think I froze momentarily in awe. It is one thing to watch something like this on the Outdoor Channel, but it is nothing like actually being there. Quickly and quietly I chambered a round and turned the Hawke scopes power down to 4. I don’t remember being nervous but I am sure I was.

    By watching the movement of the bushes and trees we could see the bull was heading parallel to us and hopefully he would cross a 15 foot opening about 50 yards from me. Sherman motioned me up a few yards where I set up on a small rise in the trail, got down on one knee, clicked off my safety and laid my cheek on the stock.

    All the time I could feel the chill running up and down my spine and my heart was pounding. To keep the bull headed in our direction Sherman cleverly turned his back on the bull and called again making it sound like this love sick cow was leaving. It worked.

    Not only did the bull step into the opening but he started to turn down the trail towards me. I don’t know remember my feelings or even pulling the trigger when that big bull was just 40 yards from me slowly tossing his head from side to side. I knew I had hit him, but I am not sure he knew. Shot number two got the reaction I was looking for and shot number three put him on the ground. It was then that I remember what the veteran hunters and guides in camp said; “ shoot until he is down.”

    My knees were a bit shaky when I stood up and so were my hands as Sherman and I waited a few minutes before moving cautiously toward the fallen bull. And when we were sure he was dead the high 5s, hoots, hugs and handshakes began. I don’t know exactly how many times I thanked Sherman, my 27 year old guide, for my first bull; and he thanked me also; because I was actually the first client he had guided.

    I believe I stood over my bull for at least 15 minutes just admiring his rack, head, swollen neck and shoulders. Everything about him was “BIG.”

    Now the real work was about to begin for Sherman. That big half ton at least animal had to be rolled over and not only field dressed but boned, quartered and carried out on a pack frame.

    Back in camp that afternoon after another long photo shoot Hebbert gave me my bulls statistics. He estimated that the bull weighed 1500 pounds, was 7-8 years old, had 22 measurable points, 13 inch palms, a 48 3/4 inch spread and the bases of his antlers measured 9 3/4 inches around.

    As for the other hunters in camp they too tagged out by the end of the week. My cabin roommate Oscar, shot a 10 point bull, called in by Hebbert, just about 550 yards from where I took my bull on the Waiting Rock watch. On the next morning, Thursday, Harrison called in a 3 point bull and a cow moose to Victor, who chose to shoot the cow. And at 9:10 a.m. on Saturday, the final day of hunting, I was in camp when Ralph called in to report he had called in a 4 point bull at the Waiting Rock tower, which Wayne dropped with just one shot at 158 yards. It was this 73 year old gentleman’s 10 th bull and his 10 th year of hunting with Sam. The first week of the 2009 moose hunt at St. Paul’s Big Pond was 100 percent successful. And I later found out that only one hunter in all three of Sam’s outpost camps had not taken a moose this week.

    If you have ever considered a moose hunt I highly recommend that you contact Sam’s Hunting and Fishing Camps(709-898-2535).

              VALENTINE GICLEE: "Rose for Lily" Fine Art Photographic Canvas Giclee 14" x 19" by DeDaCreations by DeDaCreations        

    95.00 USD

    This work of art was inspired with a dear relation in mind named Lily. This Photo originated from a floral arrangement which we cropped to isolate the beautiful Rose and Lily. Thus, bringing to mind the Title "Rose for Lily". We enhanced the photo to accentuate its beauty and gave this beautiful Canvas Giclee as a Birthday Gift to our relation..."Lily".

    This is a Custom size Canvas Giclee but can be ordered in other custom sizes. Suggest 14"x19".
    Custom Photographic Art Prints are also available in Glossy or Matte finishes

    The Giclee comes signed on the front.
    All orders will be shipped without watermark.

    If you just want the Photo with border for framing, the cost will be $30.00.

    PERFECT VALENTINE GIFT ~ A ROSE FOR ANYONE NAMED LILY!!! READY TO HANG...Will have a thickness of approx. 3/4 inch.

    It will be shipped via USPS, Insured with a Tracking Number. Since I need to sent the photo away to have it made into the Canvas Giclee, it will take about 1 - 2 wks. to get it back. Shipping cost will depend on destination.

    I do Not take returns so if you have any questions, please Convo me here at my Etsy Shop. Thank you.

              OLDSMOBILE PIRATE Limited Edition Print by StefanMarjoram        

    22.00 GBP

    Every year in December I draw a car picture a day and sell the originals. The 2015 series was extramely popular - and for the first time featured actual cars rather than invented ones. I was really pleased with the finished collection - and when I got an invitation to display some work at Bicester Heritage recently I thought it would be great to print out the entire set - I never usually get to see all of the drawings together.

    Just 24 copies of each drawing will be printed and then individually signed and numbered. They are A5 size (210mmx150mm), printed on 280gsm museum quality paper with archival inks. Apart from being a tiny bit larger, the prints are almost indistinguishable from the originals.

    (Please note: this listing is for a single, unframed print only. Some of the images are simply to show how they would look framed or as part of a set)

              Michael G. Uva/Mike Uva Grip Author of Hollywood's "Grip Bible" has just published "FOUR NEW BOOKS!        
    His latest books, titled, " Dollies, Cranes, and Camera Heads" is a practical guide to the latest studio mobile platform equipment used daily. Michael wrote "The Grip Book" back in 1988. It has been in print for over 22 years.
               : 1.5.5         
    updated on 29-07-2016 CDT - "Polygon Pro: Tekhplan structures" to create a technical plan of construction in print, el...
               : XML 1.4.21         
    updated on 02-12-2016 CDT - The software module "Polygon Pro: Print XML" to print any XML files, including those recei...
              CPS Sketch #280 – Dreamy Floral        
    Stamp – Penny Black “Dreamy” Patterned papers – Basic Grey “Out of Print” collection (6 X 6″ pad) Cardstock – WorldWin Black rickrack Embossing powder – Stampendous “Detail Black” I made this 6 X 6″ square card using inspiration from CPS Sketch #280. I heat embossed the flower with detail black embossing powder to create […]
              OWH Challenge – Hot Tropics        
    Patterned papers – Graphic 45 “Tropical Travelogue Collection: Island Jewel” (floral and green giraffe print) and “Botanica” (toucans) Border punch – EK Success Cardstock – Bazzill Wow! I just saw that this is my 200th post (in less than a year)! Eeek. Time flies and apparently the cards are flying, too! I created this card […]
              Comment on Happy! Project Debut Single by happyproject        
    Hi Natalie! Thank you for your comment! We are still indie. We are not signed by a record company. Therefore because we have not been contracted by any label or even by the producer, we have to cover all costs on our own. The money we have to pay is money to license the song, for the rights to perform and sell the single. Also it is the cost to record the single in the recording studio along with mixing it. We also have to pay for production costs of the single, including the printing of CD jackets and everything else. It gets to be very expensive. The producer is doing us a great favor by helping us with the music and also the lyrics of the song. Also with his connections in Japan so that we can market this single. When we get signed by a record label that is when we won't have to pay this cost, this is strictly because we are an independent group, and unsigned by any label. You can talk to any band or look at any recording studio website, indie bands and groups always go into the studio to record their work, and they unfortunately (because it is expensive if you want to release something quality wise) have to cover all costs in order to do so. I hope that clears things up! Melissa ---- Leader, Happy! Project
              Ancestors in the CCC? Search Online Camp Newspapers from Virginia!        
    If your ancestor or other relative was part of the New Deal Civilian Conservation Corps program, camp newspapers are great for learning about his experience. And it's getting easier to access CCC camp newspapers from Virginia (plus a few from outside Virginia).

    CCC workers, Library of Congress

    The Virginia Newspapers Project has announced that CCC camp newspapers from the Library of Virginia's collection, published from 1934 to 1941 by young men participating in the CCC, are being digitized on the Virginia Chronicle newspaper website. The papers were originally microfilmed by the Center for Research Libraries in 1991.

    The Camp Victory Crier, for example, was published in Yorktown, Va. Page two of this issue names staff including editor in chief Oliver J. Wilson, other editors, press men and reporters.

    Click here to browse the CCC newspapers already on Virginia Chronicle. To search these and other newspapers on the site, use the keyword search box on the home page or the Advanced Search, which lets you specify a date range and newspaper title to search.

    Here's a guide to the Library of Virginia's collection of CCC camp newspapers.

    Looking for more CCC history websites and old records of CCC camps and workers? See our genealogy Q&A on how to research a CCC worker on FamilyTreeMagazine.com.

              2017 Recipe Wall Calendar - Local/Seasonal Ingredients by thirdcoastpaper        

    29.00 USD

    This is a reprint, back by popular demand. Each recipe is tailored to the freshest & most delicious ingredients for each season. Although the month layouts just give a flavor of each recipe, all ingredients and instructions for each recipe are included on the back page, for you to keep and cook from for years to come!

    Recipes include:
    January—Pesto Pasta with Portobello Fries
    February—Chocolate Creme Cookies
    March—Homemade Granola
    April—Mango Mojitos
    May—Tyler's Famous Salsa & Guacamole
    June—Asian Chicken Salad
    July—Watermelon Salad
    August—Grilled Pesto Pizza
    September—Soft Ballpark Pretzels
    October—Chicken Tortilla Soup
    November—Cornbread Stuffing
    December—Grandma's Cranberry Dressing

    Printed on fine stock, each wall calendar is 11x17 in size and includes a full calendar with major US Holidays marked. Photography by Hannah Persson of hannahperssonphoto.com, and design by Liz Carver of Milwaukee-area paperie, Third Coast Paper.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message us!

              January 2015 DAY DESIGNER - Gold Stripe - Yearly Planner & Daily Agenda, Calendar, Organizer by whitneyenglish        


    SHIPPING NOTE: The shipping times for each item are different! The estimated ship date for this item is by September 22nd!

    The story behind the Day Designer®:

    The Day Designer® was born on a Saturday morning in November of 2010, as wife, mother, and designer Whitney English faced of an overflowing inbox, piles of disorganized lists and notes, and a daunting holiday rush season in full swing.

    In 2012, Day Designer® was introduced to the world. The first planner offering a daily agenda format, users quickly embraced it. Unlike traditional planners that offer a week-at-a-glance format, Day Designer's signature feature is a single page for every day (and combined pages for weekends).

    Day Designer® will allow you to make notes about family, business, and personal goals and dreams. It will keep you on course and focused. It's all about living an intentional, well-designed life. Every single day.

    Day Designer® is printed on luxe weight (50 lb) paper. It is bound with brass-finished spiral binding and finished with a hardcover and hardback. Day Designer® is 100% designed and made in the US!

    The January 2015 Day Designer® is a combined edition, featuring Whitney English's "Define Your Core" worksheets, a personal self-discovery process created to help you find balance and clarity.

    :: Approximate size is 9" x 9.5" x 1.25".
    :: Over 350 pages!
    :: A yearly calendar overview.
    :: A monthly calendar overview.
    :: A daily planning page for each day of the week.
    :: Daily pages feature a spot for:
    // Due - use to remember deadlines, projects.
    // Dollars - track sales or remember what your daily financial goals are.
    // Dinner - who are you eating with or what are you having?
    // Don't Forget - a spot for extra reminders.
    // Daily Gratitude - because gratitude changes thing.
    // Download - get it out of your head and onto paper.
    :: Combined weekend planning pages.
    :: A 2016 QuickPlanner™ calendar in the back!
    :: Each day features an inspirational quote!

    As a Day Designer® owner, you'll also have access to the following:
    :: Live Instructional Webinar on November 12, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. CST
    :: Access to a private users' group (instructions received after checkout)

    The Gold Stripe and Black Stripe January 2015 editions are printed on off-white French Paper Co. stock. While many of the images you may have seen look white, the color is actually an off-white.

    If you have any specific questions, please send in an Etsy convo!

    Buyers frequently ask questions about production and shipping time. Our goal for customer service is to always under-promise and over deliver. Because of the variations that can occur in production time, we cannot quote any shipping times other than what is stated above.

    Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchasing. You can also refer to this Etsy article for more information: https://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2010/shipping-how-to-custom-forms-duties-and-taxes/.

              Bonjour / Screen printed totebag by Oelwein        

    14.00 EUR

    BONJOUR tote bag

    Pardon my french!

    100% cotton
    Screen printed in black using ecofriendly ink

    Comes folded and well packed, perfect as a gift!

    The tote bag is approx 38 cm x 42 cm
    The handles are long enough to fit over your shoulders.

    Because these patterns are made through a hand screen-printed process, please don't be concerned by slight irregularities.

    © Oelwein

              We Belong in Chicago Print 5x7" by thelittlecanoe        

    12.00 USD

    Enjoy this charming illustration of Chicago and some of it's finest features. The print shows off some of the city's most well loved landmarks, a treat for any of it's dwellers or enthusiasts. Originally illustrated by me and reproduced on an inkjet printer with archival inks and artist quality papers, you won't be disappointed by the vibrance of this image. Illustration comes with a small 1/4" border for framing, paper measures 5x7." Print will be mailed safely and securely to your door.

    Thanks for looking!

    Looking for a different size? You can make a special request for an 8.5x11 or 11x17 just by simply sending me a convo!

              Marge - Copyrighted Famous Hairs Posters by PovoaPosters        

    13.00 EUR

    Iconic minimal hairs with copyright privileges.
    Marge Simpson

    * 14,8 cm x 21 cm
    * 5,8" x 8,3"

    *21 cm x 29,7 cm
    *8,3 " x 11,7"

    *29,7 cm x 42 cm
    *11,7" x 16,5"

    * 42cm x 59,4cm
    * 16,54" x 23,39"

    Semi-Gloss photo paper.

    ✄ Frame not included.
    ✎ If you want different sizes for this poster, please send me an email.
    (This price is for one print only)

    ✈- - - - - - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - - - - - - ✈



    ↑↓ Optional, but we suggest readable text position.

    ▧ Protect it from direct sunlight and give it a nice home.

    ☂ Water and ⓟ Posters don't mix.

    ♨ No temperature above 40º and bellow 0º, is cool.

    ▌They all travel in a nice, cosy cylindrical tube.

    ♥ Love your ⓟ Poster, treat it nice and share with friends.


    All work by Patricia Póvoa©

              Vinyl Black and White Wooden Ruler Growth Chart by KimsSister        


    For the contemporary home, a digital reproduction of an old black and white wooden ruler (found at the Brimfield Fair in Massachusetts), made into a full-size growth chart, printed on vinyl and backed with cotton muslin. A simple and permanent way to keep track of your family's growth that can be hung in any room (not just the kids' rooms) and moves with you!

    I recommend using a brown ultrafine Sharpie-type felt pen to mark heights on the chart as it gives the illusion of having been carved into the wood (but black works just as well). If you are buying this for older children, your doctor should have records of the children's heights from year one!

    Please note the colour in the photos does not show true on the screen -- the colour is more of an off-white with hints of greys and a green-beige as seen in the last photo.

    Printed on vinyl and backed with cotton muslin.

    Comes ready to hang. 78" high by 7 1/2" wide.

    Rolled into a cylinder for easy shipping. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks from date of mailing (about 10-15 working days). For rush orders, or for orders outside North America, please convo me for prices.

    Printed and made in Canada in a smoke-free home.

              On Sale Moda Fandango Kate Spain Layer Cake NEW by TheKnottedBobbin        


    This is a really pretty line by Kate Spain. There are florals, strips, prints, florals and alot of great colors! Rich aquas, browns, reds and yellows are set off by a creamy background.

    Kate Spain creates a beautiful line of Spanish inspired prints for Moda. The patterns share a distinct pottery or tile feel. Continuing that influence, the colors have weathered dustiness akin to earthen ware, pottery, or tile. Let your creativity flow with this unique collection by Moda.

    Contents: 42 10"x10" quilt fabric squares, cut, with pinked edges, and packaged by Moda
    Please note: There are duplicates of some of the fabric squares to make 42.
    Colors: berry red, summer sky blue, brick, ivory
    Fabric line/collection: Fandango
    Designer: Kate Spain
    Manufacturer: Moda
    Please note: These are NOT flannel or brushed cotton.
    100% cotton, quilt shop quality fabrics from my smoke free, pet free home

    How to slice a layer cake:
    1. Cut 5” x 5” to yield 4 4 ½” x 4 ½” finished squares.
    2. Cut twice diagonally to yield 4 8 ½” quarter square finished triangles (trim ¼”)
    3. Cut 5” x 5” to yield 2 4 ½” x 4 ½” finished squares and 2 ½” x 2 ½” for 8 2” x 2” finished squares.
    4. Cut 5” x 5” and cut once diagonally to yield 8 4” finished half square triangles.
    5. Cut 3” x 3” to yield 9 2 ½” x 2 ½” finished squares. (trim 1”)
    6. Cut 2” x 10” to yield 5 1 ½” x 9 ½” finished strips.
    7. Cut once-diagonally to yield 2 9” finished half square triangles.
    8. 4 4” x 4” finished circles.

              Elephant - Fine Art Photograph by WalkingToJericho        


    Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

    Title: e is for elephant

    Photographer: Ina Christensen aka WalkingToJericho

    Size: 8"x8" available without the color overlay by request.

    Other photo sizes available, See my other sizes section or just request a listing for the photography size of your choice..

    5" x 5" - $20
    8" x 8" - $30
    10" x 10" - $35
    12" x 12" - $55
    15" x 15" - $75
    16" x 16" - $75
    20" x 20" - $95
    30" x 30" - Contact me for a price quote
    40" x 40" - Contact me for a price quote

    This photograph is printed on professional, premium, acid-free, Kodak, luster paper, which has a satin finish for intense color that will last a lifetime. Your photograph will be signed and dated by me and shipped in very sturdy packaging.

              Letterpressed Original Print (Limited Edition) by MeganCartyArt        


    "Leaves and Follows"

    A limited edition of 135 original prints. Illustrated and letterpress printed by Megan Carty in warm red ink on thick, luxurious soft cotton Crane Lettra letterpress paper. The impression in the paper is touchable and tangible and deep. The paper is bright white and so soft to the touch. It almost feels like it's been brushed or that it's fabric.

    Inspired by patterns in nature, this abstract illustration features a female bird and her babies following her amongst the bushes.

    Great to frame or tack on an inspiration board.
    Size of artwork\/actual paper size is 5x7.
    Frame is not included.
    Numbered and signed by the artist.
    The art print is shipped in a flat stiff cardboard mailer.

    Thank you for looking!

              Coup de cœur Événement: Foire de Paris        
    A Paris Expo du 29 avril au 10 mai Foire de Paris : venez découvrir ou redécouvrir l'événement incontournable du printemps ! Du 29 avril au 10 mai, Foire de Paris présente les nouveautés et innovations [...]
              There's a minor bug in the activity page. It says ...        
    There's a minor bug in the activity page. It says "Displaying comments 1 to 50 of 490" while my profile page says I have 507 comments. Perhaps it's printing the number of total threads in which I've commented instead of the total of comments I've made?
              Guy Gentile: A Crazy Life.        

    ‘Bro, I’m Going Rogue’: The Wall Street Informant Who Double-Crossed the FBI by Zeke Faux of BloombergBusinessWeek (reprint) On the night he cut a deal with the FBI, Guy Gentile was on his way to a Connecticut casino for his cousin’s bachelor party. He’d jetted up from the Bahamas, where he was running an online stock brokerage that cleared a million dollars a year without much effort on his part. Then 36, he was a working-class kid who’d finagled his way into the dicier edges of finance, and he dressed the part, with neatly trimmed stubble, designer jeans, a silver

    The post Guy Gentile: A Crazy Life. appeared first on Trading Schools.Org.

              Banana e seus benefícios – Incorpore a banana na sua dieta        

    banana e seus benefícios

    Banana e seus benefícios

    Banana e seus benefícios: Não é só pelo seu rico sabor, mas também tem muitos benefícios para a saúde, a banana é uma fruta que não pode faltar na sua dieta, você pode adotar fazendo sobremesa de banana em diferentes maneiras. A banana ajuda a combater a depressão, inúmeras doenças e otimiza o funcionamento do nosso cérebro. Por isso e muito mais eu vou mostrar-lhe alguns benefícios dessa fruta.

    benefícios da banana

    Banana ajuda a prevenir o Câncer

    Estudos dizem a banana contém uma substância química natural que ajuda a prevenir vários tipos de câncer. Quanto mais maduro, melhor a banana.

    Banana ajuda a relaxar o corpo

    Sim, você ouviu, acredite ou não, a banana contém uma proteína que o corpo converte em serotonina para ajudar a relaxar o corpo e a sua mente. Mais uma razão para você incorporar na sua dieta.

    Você pode gostar também:

    Os benefícios de banana


    Banana é livre de gordura, colesterol e grande fonte de Potássio

    Banana não contém gordura ou colesterol, é um substituto ideal para a manteiga ao fazer cookies, para torná-los mais saudáveis. Também contém um elevado teor de potássio. O potássio é bom para o bom funcionamento dos músculos e nervos, bem como manter um equilíbrio saudável de fluidos no corpo.

    Você tem todas as razões felizes para incorporar banana em sua dieta. Comer em bolos de banana, Pudim de Banana, smoothies, lanches para o café ou sobremesa.

    O post Banana e seus benefícios – Incorpore a banana na sua dieta apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Bolo de banana Rápido de liquidificador (Melhor Receita)        

    O bolo de banana de liquidificador tem uma massa molhada, macia e que desmancha na boca. A receita é bem simples, rápida e barata. A receita do bolo de banana é simples e fácil de fazer, além de ser um prato que combina com qualquer momento do dia, seja no café da manhã, depois do almoço ou no café da tarde. A receita é bem simples, rápida e barata, sendo que até mesmo um cozinheiro iniciante pode se arriscar no preparo.

    Prático e muito saboroso, o bolo de banana definitivamente conquistou a preferência das famílias brasileiras. A sua receita tem muitas variações, podendo ser incrementada com açúcar e canela.

    Você pode gostar também:

    [caption id="attachment_3570" align="alignnone" width="602"]Aprenda a preparar um delicioso bolo de banana. (Foto: Divulgação) Aprenda a preparar um delicioso bolo de banana. (Foto: Divulgação)[/caption]

    Uma dica importante para que o seu bolo fique saboroso é saber escolher o tipo certo de banana. A nanica e a prata são as mais utilizadas, principalmente quando se encontram bem maduras. Se tudo for feito conforme manda a receita, você será responsável por uma sobremesa deliciosa e nutritiva.

    Bolo de banana

    bolo de banana rápido de liquidificador

    Quer fazer bolo de banana rápido de liquidificador? Então confira a receita:

    Como fazer Bolo de Banana

    Modo de preparo do Bolo

    1. Coloque no liquidificador os ovos, o óleo, o açúcar e, por último, o leite. Bata bem todos os ingredientes, até obter uma mistura homogênea.

    2. Acrescente, aos poucos, a farinha de trigo no liquidificador ligado. Por fim, adicione o fermento. Reduza a velocidade do liquidificador e bata apenas para que a massa possa incorporar o fermento.

    3. Prepare o caramelo para o seu bolo de banana. Para fazer isso, basta colocar o açúcar para derreter em uma panela e depois juntá-lo com água quente. Deixe a calda engrossar.

    [caption id="attachment_3571" align="alignnone" width="598"]Bolo de banana rápido de liquidificador 2 Passo a passo. (Foto: Divulgação)[/caption]

    4. Unte uma assadeira com margarina e farinha de trigo. É importante que o modelo seja sem furo central.

    5. Despeje o caramelo por toda a forma untada, espalhando uniformemente.

    6. Corte as bananas em fatias compridas e coloque-as sobre o caramelo.

    7. Adicione a massa à assadeira e leve o bolo para assar, em forno médio pré-aquecido, por cerca de 40 minutos.

    8. Pronto! Agora é só esperar amornar para desenformar. Quando você virar o bolo de cabeça para baixo, as bananas vão ficar por cima. Salpique canela e corte em pedaços para servir.

    Não esqueça: O ideal é desenformar morno e ao tirar do forno virar com um prato para que escorra a calda.

    Bolo de banana

    Bolo de Banana Passo a passo

    Quer mais dicas para fazer o seu bolo de banana? Assista ao vídeo abaixo e veja uma outra versão do Bolo de Banana:

    O bolo de banana de liquidificador tem uma massa molhada, macia e que desmancha na boca. Você levará, em média, 1 hora para fazer essa receita e o rendimento é de 10 porções. Receita do Dia agradece a sua visita. Bom apetite!

    O post Bolo de banana Rápido de liquidificador (Melhor Receita) apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Receitas com banana        

    Receitas com banana

    As receitas de banana é uma opção prática e saborosa para você preparar em casa. Elas levam ingredientes simples, ou seja, baratos e fáceis de comprar e ainda possuem propriedades saudáveis. Embora existam muitas variações, os doces de banana possui um objetivo especial: tirar proveito do maravilhoso sabor dessa fruta tropical tornando ainda mais irresistível. A maioria das receitas de banana é uma ótima opção de lanche ou sobremesa. Acompanhe a seguir o passo a passo de todas as receitas com banana:

    Bolo de banana de liquidificador

    Receitas com banana: Quer fazer bolo de banana rápido de liquidificador? Então confira a receita:

    bolo de banana 11

    bolo de banana ingredientes

    Como fazer Bolo de Banana

    Modo de preparo do Bolo

    1. Coloque no liquidificador os ovos, o óleo, o açúcar e, por último, o leite. Bata bem todos os ingredientes, até obter uma mistura homogênea.

    2. Acrescente, aos poucos, a farinha de trigo no liquidificador ligado. Por fim, adicione o fermento. Reduza a velocidade do liquidificador e bata apenas para que a massa possa incorporar o fermento.

    3. Prepare o caramelo para o seu bolo de banana. Para fazer isso, basta colocar o açúcar para derreter em uma panela e depois juntá-lo com água quente. Deixe a calda engrossar.

    4. Unte uma assadeira com margarina e farinha de trigo. É importante que o modelo seja sem furo central.

    5. Despeje o caramelo por toda a forma untada, espalhando uniformemente.

    6. Corte as bananas em fatias compridas e coloque-as sobre o caramelo.

    7. Adicione a massa à assadeira e leve o bolo para assar, em forno médio pré-aquecido, por cerca de 40 minutos.

    8. Pronto! Agora é só esperar amornar para desenformar. Quando você virar o bolo de cabeça para baixo, as bananas vão ficar por cima. Salpique canela e corte em pedaços para servir.

    Não esqueça: O ideal é desenformar morno e ao tirar do forno virar com um prato para que escorra a calda.

    Bolo de Banana Passo a passo

    Quer mais dicas para fazer o seu bolo de banana? Assista ao vídeo abaixo e veja uma outra versão do Bolo de Banana:

    [embed width="550" height="700"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ2eA4s50qg&feature=youtu.be[/embed]

    Bolo de banana caramelizado

    bolo de banana caramelizado

    Aprenda como fazer um bolo de banana caramelizado, umas das receitas com banana que pode ser servida no lanche da tarde para toda a família. Além do modo de preparo ser bem simples e rápido, os ingredientes utilizados nessa receita também são baratos e fáceis de encontrar. Segue o passo a passo!

    bolo de banana caramelizado ingredientes

    Como fazer bolo de banana

    1- Inicie a receita preparando a massa. No recipiente da batedeira, coloque o açúcar, a margarina e as gemas. Misture os ingredientes com uma colher e, em seguida, bata bem.

    2- Acrescente o leite à massa e bata por mais alguns minutos.

    3- O próximo passo é colocar a farinha de trigo, aos poucos, para não dificultar o trabalho da batedeira.

    4- O preparo da massa do bolo não para por aí. Você deve juntar as claras em neve e, por último, o fermento em pó. Bata bem os ingredientes, até obter uma massa homogênea. Reserve.

    5- Agora chegou a hora de fazer a calda. Coloque o açúcar e a água em uma panela, depois, leve esses ingredientes ao fogo médio. Mexa até obter uma consistência de caramelo. O ideal é deixar ferver a calda por 10 minutos.

    6- Providencie uma assadeira retangular. Unte-a com a calda caramelizada, distribuindo a mistura uniformemente.

    7- Corte as bananas no sentido comprido e distribua as fatias sobre a superfície com caramelo da assadeira.

    8- Despeje a massa sobre as bananas fatiadas.

    9- Leve o bolo para assar em forno médio (180 graus) por 30 minutos.

    10- O último passo da receita consiste em desenformar. Enquanto o bolo ainda estiver morno, vire-o sobre um prato e dê leve batidinhas no fundo da assadeira.

     Doce de banana

    sobremesa de banana

    Doce de banana é uma maravilhosa sobremesa. Mais um para a listinha de receitas com banana. Confira o passo a passo desse delicioso doce.

    doce de banana ingredientes

    Receita de doce de banana

    Modo de Fazer a calda:

    1. Descasca as bananas, corta em rodelas não muito finas.
    2. Caramelize o açúcar em uma panela e coloca a água para fazer a calda.
    3. Coloca as bananas e deixe ferver por pouco tempo.
    4. Deixe em um prato e reserve.

    Modo de Fazer creme:

    1. Coloque todos os ingredientes numa panela (com exceção da maisena), mexer sempre até ferver.
    2. Acrescentar a maisena (diluída em um pouco de leite) e continuar mexendo para não criar bolas. Ao ponto de bem cremoso e consistente, desligar.
    3. Despejar sobre as bananas que estão no prato.


    1. Bater as 3 claras em neve, em seguida 6 colheres (sopa) de açúcar e fazer merengue para suspiro.
    2. Despejar sobre o creme e fazer picos colocando uma colher aleatoriamente e puxando para cima.
    3. Colocar em forno médio somente para dourar os picos do suspiro. (o forno médio é em torno de 140c)

    Depois de gelado sirva a sobremesa de banana. Sua família vai adorar. Você tem todas as razões felizes para incorporar banana em sua dieta com receitas de banana. Comer em bolos de banana, Pudim de Banana, smoothies, lanches para o café ou sobremesa.

    Sorvete com banana Sautée

    sorvete com banana sautée

    sorvete com banana sautée ingredientes

    Modo de Preparo:

    1. Coloque uma frigideira grande, aqueça a manteiga e doure a banana.
    2. Junte o açúcar, a água, o suco de limão e o cardamomo.
    3. Deixe cozinhar até formar uma calda encorpada.
    4. Sirva quente com sorvete de creme. Sua família vai adorar.


    O post Receitas com banana apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Sorvete com Banana Sautée        

    Quer mais dicas para fazer o seu Sorvete com banana? Assista ao vídeo abaixo e veja uma outra versão do sorvete com Banana:


    O post Sorvete com Banana Sautée apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Pudim de banana        

    O pudim de banana é uma opção prática e saborosa para você preparar em casa. A receita fica pronta em apenas alguns minutos e leva ingredientes simples, ou seja, baratos e fáceis de comprar e ainda possui propriedades saudáveis. Embora existam muitas variações como Pudim de leite condensado, pudim de milho, pudim de microondas e pudim de leite em pó. O pudim de banana possui um objetivo especial: tirar proveito do maravilhoso sabor dessa fruta tropical. Sem falar que existe a possibilidade de trabalhar com uma calda caramelizada para tornar a torta ainda mais irresistível.

    pudim de banana 5

    Receita de pudim de banana

    O pudim de banana é uma ótima opção de lanche ou sobremesa. Acompanhe a seguir o passo a passo da receita:

    Como fazer pudim de banana

    Modo de preparo:

    1- Bater por 2 minutos os 4 primeiros ingredientes (leite condensado, ovos, amido de milho e leite) por dois minutos, até ficar bem lisinha.

    2- Bater por mais 2 minutos as bananas e a canela no liquidificador até ficar bem lisinho.

    3- Depois de bem batido, despeje em uma forma caramelada de açúcar e em banho-maria.

    4- O tempo de cozimento pode ser até 30 minutos, ou faça o teste do palito para ver se está no ponto.

    Pudim de banana 1

    Vou só como é fácil de preparar o pudim de banana. Qualquer cozinheiro de primeira viagem pode fazer essa receita. Prepare esse pudim de banana para a sua família. Além de ser muito saboroso, esse doce possui propriedades saudáveis. Essa receita, tipicamente brasileira, não leva mais de 1 hora para ficar pronto. Receita do Dia agradece a sua visita. Bom lanche!

    O post Pudim de banana apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Biscoito de banana com granola        

    biscoito de banana

    Que tal aprender a preparar biscoito de banana com granola? Isso mesmo! Aqueles biscoitinhos que alimentam, tem sustância e engana a fome. Ideal tbm para tomar com chazinho ou café. Essa delícia não é muito crocante, é bem fácil de fazer, basta combinar os ingredientes certos e respeitar as etapas do preparo.

    Receita de biscoito de banana com granola

    Importante saber que a a granola é uma mistura de cereais integrais deliciosos e nutritivos, rica em fibras naturais, que são importantes na prevenção de doenças coronarianas, como também indispensável para o bom funcionamento intestinal, eliminação de gorduras e colesterol. Tem como objetivo de ser um alimento saudável para o seu dia a dia. Indicado para todas as idades. A granola que eu usei é da marca Prinat. Eu peguei a Granola. Maçã e Banana com Canela, é muito deliciosa e docinha. Mas não tem problema. você pode usar outras marcas de granola.

    biscoitos de banana com granola

    Como fazer biscoito de banana

    Modo de fazer:

    1- Primeiramente pegue as bananas e esmague no prato.

    biscoitos de banana 4

    2- Em seguida comece adicionar os ingredientes misturando e amassando até que a massa fique boa para fazer bolinhas.

    biscoitos de banana 5

    3- Unte a forma. Faça as bolinhas e leve-os a assar em forno regular 150º em torno de 20 minutos.

    biscoitos de banana com granola

    Importante saber que esses biscoitinhos devem ser consumidos em 24 horas, os biscoitos de banana com granola são levemente crocantes por fora. Seu tempo de preparo leva em torno de 30 minutos e rende 25 deliciosos biscoitinhos.

    Receita do Dia agradece pela sua visita. Bom lanche!

    O post Biscoito de banana com granola apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Mousse de banana        

    Quer aprender a fazer receita de mousse de banana? Então saiba que a receita é bem simples, prática e rápida. Essa sobremesa pode ser preparada bananas nanicas. O resultado é um doce cremoso, suave e com sabor irresistível.

    Receita de Mousse de banana

    A mousse de banana leva, basicamente, bananas e creme de leite. É possível, ainda, trabalhar com outros ingredientes para tornar a sobremesa mais consistente e com sabor incomparável. Por exemplo: colocando bolachinhas ao redor, polvilhar um pouquinho de canela em pó por cima e rodelas de banana. Além da sobremesa ficar mais bonita, ela fica saborosa e suave.

    receita de mousse de banana

    Como fazer Mousse de banana

    Vamos aprender a fazer receita de mousse de banana? Acompanhe a seguir o passo a passo da receita: (Para um bom resultado, é importante obedecer todas as quantidades de ingredientes).

    receita de mousse de banana

    1. Misture os 3 primeiros ingredientes e leve ao fogo baixo, mexendo sempre até desmanchar as bananas (15 minutos aproximadamente).
    2. Junte a duas folhas de gelatina previamente amolecida em água fria e mexa até dissolver.
    3. Misture calmamente o restante dos ingredientes e coloque em taças.
    4. Leve a geladeira por algumas horas.
    5. Sirva decorando as taças com rodelas de bananas, canela em pó e algumas bolachinhas em volta (Fica mais bonito e saboroso).

    mousse de banana 4

    Qualquer cozinheiro iniciante pode se arriscar no preparo da mousse de banana. A receita rende, em média, seis porções. Receita do Dia agradece a sua visita. Bom apetite!

    O post Mousse de banana apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate        

    Você já ouviu falar do rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate? Essa sobremesa, diferente e saborosa, tem conquistado o paladar de muitas pessoas. Leia a matéria e aprenda o passo a passo da receita.

    O rolinho primavera é uma iguaria de origem chinesa, mas que faz sucesso no mundo todo. Trata-se de um salgadinho com massa de farinha bem fina, recheado com vegetais picados, carne ou camarão. Com o passar nos anos, a receita ganhou novas adaptações. Os brasileiros, por exemplo, tiveram a brilhante ideia de criar o rolinho primavera recheado com banana e chocolate.

    [caption id="attachment_5103" align="alignnone" width="600"]Rolinho primavera pode ser doce sim! Conheça essa receita. (Foto: Divulgação) Rolinho primavera pode ser doce sim! Conheça essa receita. (Foto: Divulgação)[/caption]

    Receita de Rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate

    O rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate tem uma massa parecida com a do pastel, afinal, é bem crocante, fina e leve. O grande destaque, no entanto, é o recheio doce, que combina o sabor adocicado de uma fruta tropical com chocolate meio amargo. Essa sobremesa não dá trabalho e qualquer cozinheiro iniciante pode se arriscar.

    Separamos uma receita de rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate. Confira:

    Como fazer rolinho primavera

    Rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate 3

    1. Em uma tigela funda, coloque a farinha de trigo, a água gelada e o sal. Misture bem todos os ingredientes, tomando cuidado para não empelotar. O resultado será uma massa homogênea e mole.
    2. Leve a massa à geladeira e deixe descansar por 30 minutos.
    3. Providencie uma frigideira grande e antiaderente. Esquente-a.
    4. Em seguida, coloque uma camada de massa bem fina dentro da frigideira, com o auxílio de um pincel.
    5. A massa seca bem rápido, portanto, tome cuidado para ela não queimar. Repita o mesmo processo até a massa do rolinho chegar ao fim.
    6. A montagem é bem simples: descasque e corte cada banana pela metade. Em seguida, coloque essa metade dentro da massa, juntamente com um pedaço de chocolate meio amargo. Enrole, formando uma trouxinha.
    7. Esquente bem o óleo e frite os rolinhos, tomando cuidado para não encharcar.
    8. Pronto! Agora é só passar os rolinhos no açúcar e servir.

    Dicas: Rolinho primavera como fazer

    Rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate 1

    • Se você achar a massa do bolinho primavera muito difícil de preparar, então compre um rolo de massa de pastel e use no preparo. O seu trabalho na cozinha será bem menor e não tem o risco de errar o ponto.
    • Realce o sabor da banana e torne o recheio mais apetitoso acrescentando um pouco de canela em pó.

    E aí? Você está pronto para fazer o rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate em casa? Deixe um comentário falando o que achou dessa receita. O rendimento é de 12 porções e o tempo de preparo não passa de meia hora. Bom apetite!

    Receita do Dia agradece pela sua visita.

    O post Rolinho primavera de banana com chocolate apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Chips de banana        

    Você já ouviu falar dos chips de banana? Então leia a matéria e aprenda a preparar esse aperitivo delicioso, que está conquistando as famílias brasileiras com um sabor adocicado e irresistível. A receita é bem simples, rápida e leva ingredientes encontrados com facilidade no supermercado.

    Quando falamos em chips, normalmente pensamos em batatas cortadas em rodelas bem finas e submetidas à fritura. No entanto, essa técnica também pode ser colocada em prática com frutas, como é o caso da banana. É possível, ainda, incrementar os sabores com outros ingredientes, como açúcar, canela e até mesmo sal.

    [caption id="attachment_5082" align="alignnone" width="600"]Aprenda a fazer chips de banana. (Foto: Divulgação) Aprenda a fazer chips de banana. (Foto: Divulgação)[/caption]

    Receitas de chips de banana

    Quando tem cachos de banana sobrando na fruteira, é comum utilizá-los no preparo de bolos, tortas e outros doces. No entanto, eis que surge uma nova forma de empregar esse ingrediente na cozinha: os chips de banana.

    Como fazer Chips de banana

    Os chips são preparados com banana-da-terra ou nanica. Algumas receitas utilizam a fruta bem madura, já outras recomendam exemplares verdes para conquistar o sabor esperado. Se você não quiser fritar as bananas, então asse-as no forno ou no micro-ondas, tomando o cuidado de espremer um pouco de limão nas fatias para evitar o escurecimento.

    Confira a seguir duas formas bem fáceis de preparar chips de banana em casa:

    Chips salgados de banana

    Chips de banana 2


    2 bananas verdes
    ¼ colher de chá de açafrão da terra em pó
    2 colheres sopa de azeite
    Sal a gosto

    Modo de preparo: coloque as bananas com casca em uma panela com água. Leve ao fogo e deixe ferver por 10 minutos. Deixe esfriar, retire a casca e corte em rodelas finas. Coloque as fatias em um prato, revestindo-as com com azeite, açafrão e sal. Leve ao micro-ondas por 8 minutos, mas tome o cuidado de virar as bananas a cada 2 minutos.

    Chips doces de banana

    Chips de banana 1


    5 bananas
    2 xícaras de açúcar refinado
    ½ xícara de açúcar mascavo
    ½ xícara de água
    1 pau de canela
    1 pitada de sal
    Óleo para fritar

    Modo de preparo: Descasque as bananas e deixe-as de molho na água com gelo e um pouco de sal por 10 minutos. Corte em fatias finas e iguais. Deixe secar um pouco. Aqueça bem o óleo e frite os chips por 2 minutos, até as bananas dourarem. Retire as bananas com o auxílio de uma espumadeira e coloque-as sobre o papel-toalha. Em uma outra panela, prepare uma calda de açúcar, usando os dois tipos de açúcar, a canela e a água. Por fim, é só mergulhar os chips fritos nessa calda e sirva.

    Salgado ou doce, os chips de banana podem ser servidos como aperitivo. As fatias ficam crocantes e saborosas, assim como acontece com as batatinhas. Bom apetite!

    Receita do Dia agradece pela sua visita.

    Você pode gostar também:

    O post Chips de banana apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Bolo de banana com canela e cobertura de chocolate        

    bolo de banana com canela

    O bolo de banana com canela e cobertura de chocolate é um doce que consegue deixar qualquer um com água na boca. Além de ser saboroso, ele também tem a vantagem de ser super fácil e rápido de preparar. Leia a matéria e confira o passo-a-passo da receita.

    Receita de Bolo de banana com canela

    Considerado um prato típico da culinária brasileira, o bolo de banana possui diferentes variações. Ele pode ser mais fofinho ou molhadinho e até mesmo levar alguns ingredientes que combinam perfeitamente com o sabor dessa fruta tropical, como é o caso da canela. Nos últimos tempos, uma receita que tem feito muito sucesso é aquela que leva cobertura de chocolate.

    [caption id="attachment_4903" align="alignnone" width="606"]Prepare um delicioso bolo de banana com cobertura de chocolate. (Foto: Divulgação) Prepare um delicioso bolo de banana com cobertura de chocolate. (Foto: Divulgação)[/caption]

    Confira a seguir uma receita de bolo de banana com canela e cobertura de chocolate:

    Como fazer bolo de banana com canela

    Modo de Preparo

    Bolo de banana e canela com cobertura de chocolate 1

    1. Pré-aqueça o forno à 200º C.

    2. No liquidificador, coloque os ovos, a canela, o açúcar, o óleo e as bananas picadas. Bata bem até obter uma mistura homogênea e reserve.

    3. Em uma tigela funda, adicione a mistura preparada no passo anterior, juntamente com a farinha de rosca e o fermento em pó. Mexa bem todos os ingredientes, com o auxílio de um fuê.

    4. Providencie uma assadeira retangular, de preferência com medidas de 32 x 22 cm. Passe um pouco de margarina no interior desse recipiente e polvilhe farinha de rosca.

    5. Despeje a massa do bolo de banana na assadeira untada.

    6. Coloque o bolo para assar, em forno pré-aquecido, por aproximadamente 1 hora.

    7. Enquanto o bolo de banana estiver assando, aproveite para preparar a cobertura. Numa panela, coloque a margarina, o chocolate em pó, o açúcar e o leite. Leve essa mistura ao fogo e mexa até começar a engrossar. É, basicamente, a mesma cobertura usada no bolo de cenoura.

    8. Verifique se o bolo já está assado, fazendo o teste do palito. Se estiver no ponto, retire-o do forno e desenforme.

    9. Cubra o bolo de banana e canela com uma deliciosa calda de chocolate.

    Bolo de banana e canela com cobertura de chocolate

    10. Pronto! Agora é só polvilhar chocolate granulado, cortar em quadradinhos e servir.

    Viu só como é fácil fazer o bolo de banana com canela e cobertura de chocolate? Agora é só selecionar os ingredientes e começar a preparar. Essa receita leva 50 minutos para ficar pronta e tem um rendimento de 20 porções. Bom apetite!

    Receita do Dia agradece pela sua visita.

    O post Bolo de banana com canela e cobertura de chocolate apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Sobremesa de Banana        

    O post Sobremesa de Banana apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              Bolo de banana caramelizado        

    como fazer bolo de banana

    Aprenda como fazer um bolo de banana caramelizado, uma delícia que pode ser servida no lanche da tarde para toda a família. Além do modo de preparo ser bem simples e rápido, os ingredientes utilizados nessa receita também são baratos e fáceis de encontrar.

    Receita de bolo de banana caramelizado

    [caption id="attachment_3675" align="alignnone" width="602"]Aprenda a fazer um delicioso bolo de banana caramelizado. (Foto: Divulgação) Aprenda a fazer um delicioso bolo de banana caramelizado. (Foto: Divulgação)[/caption]

    O bolo de banana já é um velho conhecido dos brasileiros, afinal, estamos falando de uma iguaria feita com a fruta mais popular do nosso país. A versão caramelizada dessa receita leva uma deliciosa calda de açúcar e conta, ainda, com uma decoração com bananas maduras.

    [caption id="attachment_4537" align="alignnone" width="550"]receita de bolo de banana caramelizado Corte as bananas em fatias compridas.[/caption]

    Receita de bolo de banana caramelizado

    Não sabe como fazer um delicioso bolo de banana caramelizado? Então acompanhe a receita a seguir:

    Como fazer bolo de banana

    1- Inicie a receita preparando a massa. No recipiente da batedeira, coloque o açúcar, a margarina e as gemas. Misture os ingredientes com uma colher e, em seguida, bata bem.

    2- Acrescente o leite à massa e bata por mais alguns minutos.

    3- O próximo passo é colocar a farinha de trigo, aos poucos, para não dificultar o trabalho da batedeira.

    4- O preparo da massa do bolo não para por aí. Você deve juntar as claras em neve e, por último, o fermento em pó. Bata bem os ingredientes, até obter uma massa homogênea. Reserve.

    5- Agora chegou a hora de fazer a calda. Coloque o açúcar e a água em uma panela, depois, leve esses ingredientes ao fogo médio. Mexa até obter uma consistência de caramelo. O ideal é deixar ferver a calda por 10 minutos.

    6- Providencie uma assadeira retangular. Unte-a com a calda caramelizada, distribuindo a mistura uniformemente.

    7- Corte as bananas no sentido comprido e distribua as fatias sobre a superfície com caramelo da assadeira.

    8- Despeje a massa sobre as bananas fatiadas.

    9- Leve o bolo para assar em forno médio (180 graus) por 30 minutos.

    10- O último passo da receita consiste em desenformar. Enquanto o bolo ainda estiver morno, vire-o sobre um prato e dê leve batidinhas no fundo da assadeira.

    Viu só como é simples e prático preparar um bolo de banana caramelizado? Você levará em média uma hora para concluir a receita e o rendimento é de aproximadamente 12 porções. Receita do Dia agradece a sua visita. Bom apetite!

    Você pode gostar também:

    O post Bolo de banana caramelizado apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              [Article] Tiny House, Tiny Energy? Part 1        
    This is part 1 of a two-part series on Tiny Houses. For those who are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by living in a super energy-efficient house, the choices have been limited to a small selection of “energy-efficient” production homes, or multifamily buildings where the energy “loads” are distributed over a greater floor area, making the units themselves proportionally more energy efficient than a stand-alone single- family home of the same size.
              Bolo de banana integral        

    Receita de bolo de banana integral

    O bolo de banana integral se destaca como um doce saudável, afinal, ele combina os nutrientes da fruta às propriedades nutricionais dos ingredientes integrais. Ele não possui a calda caramelizada, como a receita tradicional, mas mesmo assim é muito saboroso. O bolo de banana integral é uma receita perfeita para quem está fazendo dieta e procura uma sobremesa light.

    receita de bolo de banana integral


    • 4 ovos inteiros
    • 6 bananas nanica cortadas em rodelas
    • 1/2 xícara (chá) de óleo de canola
    • 1/2 xícara (chá) de leite desnatado
    • 1 xícara (chá) de farinha de trigo integral
    • 1 xícara (chá) de aveia
    • 2 xícaras (chá) não muito cheias, de açúcar mascavo.
    • Canela para salpicar
    • 1 colher de sopa de fermento em pó

    Modo de Preparo:

    1. Bata todos os ingredientes no liquidificador com apenas 1 banana, coloque em forma untada com óleo e farinha.
    2. Ponha as rodelas de banana sobre essa massa e salpique com canela.
    3. Assar em forno pré-aquecido, a 180° por aproximadamente 50 minutos.

    O rendimento é de 12 porções e o tempo de preparo equivale à uma hora. Receita do Dia agrade pela sua visita. Tenha um bom apetite!

    O post Bolo de banana integral apareceu primeiro em Receita do Dia.

              [Article] Contributors        
    Wolfgang Frey “Passivhaus 101: Sustainable Architecture from the Inside Out” The founder of the PH movement worldwide believes that Passive Houses are anything but passive. “Their ability to actively produce, consume, and manage their own energy belies an intricate sustainable system that utilizes our natural resources with very little carbon footprint,” he says. At the Demography Congress 2015, Frey received awards from three German Federal Ministries.
              [Article] Calendar        
    March 1–3 Better Buildings: Better Business Wisconsin Conference March 7–8 Greenprints
              Black & White Photography        
      There is something about black and white photography that is timeless! For a long time digital prints just couldn’t stack up against traditional dark room processing. However, modern image […]
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              Better F# data science with FsLab and Ionide        

    At NDC Oslo 2016, I did a talk about some of the recent new F# projects that are making data science with F# even nicer than it used to be. The talk covered a wider range of topics, but one of the nice new thing I showed was the improved F# Interactive in the Ionide plugin for Atom and the integration with FsLab libraries that it provides.

    In particular, with the latest version of Ionide for Atom and the latest version of FsLab package, you can run code in F# Interactive and you'll see resulting time series, data frames, matrices, vectors and charts as nicely pretty printed HTML objects, right in the editor. The following shows some of the features (click on it for a bigger version):

    In this post, I'll write about how the new Ionide and FsLab integration works, how you can use it with your own libraries and also about some of the future plans. You can also learn more by getting the FsLab package, or watching the NDC talk..

              Good bye....for now        
    All jewellery charity shopped.
    Our heatwave finally departed last Thursday. On Wednesday it was 31 degrees and by Thursday it was much cooler at around 20 -21 degrees, cloudier and with a slight breeze. Thank God, I said.

    This was last Tuesday's outfit. I just wore the jacket to and from my volunteering and stayed sleeveless the rest of the time - bingo wings and all!

    Everything charity shopped except the watch (present) and sandals which I bought in the Clark's sale about six or even seven summers ago. Note I'm not wearing any bangles in these photos but see below...

    The cotton trousers are by F&F, the jacket is by M&S and charity shopped in Kettering just before Christmas 2016. I've had this sleeveless navy top for donkey's years...

    On Monday and Tuesday I volunteered as usual at the Red Cross and the Food Bank. When I was at the Red Cross on Tuesday afternoon I finally began my training on the till. Whilst the manager was training me, my colleague; who had been previously been on the till went out to the sorting area and took over from me. I'd been sorting the jewellery. 

    When I got home from the shop I realised I wasn't wearing my bangles. The last time I'd seen them they were on the sorting table at the shop; I always take them off as they get in the way when I'm writing the price labels. Yes, you've guessed it - my colleague had priced them up and put them out on display! Luckily, they weren't sold and I picked them up the next day.

    I had my hair cut and eyebrows done on Wednesday and ran a few errands in town which included a visit to the 3:16 shop. I bought a tunic and a couple of winter items for 1.00 each. When I finished I came home and stayed in the coolest room in the house reading.  I didn't do the Weds evening Summer Solstice walk as it was still too hot at 8.30 pm.

     I've relegated these trousers to the charity shop bag. They always wrinkle around my calves
    I don't know why...

    I managed to get out for a walk on Thursday and walked almost 6 miles in a much cooler temperature. 

    This was Thursday's outfit - everything charity shopped except the shoes which are from local retailer PJ shoes. Trousers; H & M; t shirt; 1.00 rail somewhere; green kimono jacket from a 50 p bin in a charity shop. What a bugger it was to iron - I can see why someone donated it! I've donated it too...

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    I passed this colourful front garden on my walk and had to take a picture of it.

    On Friday the weather was cool again so I went for another walk after the school run. I started out from Great Denham; having had a look in Barnardo's first, then walked to Kempston Mill: along the river Great Ouse to the Queen's Park area of Bedford. From there I walked back to Great Denham along the the other side of the river; 6.42 miles in total. Queens Park has a beautiful Hindu temple:

    And on the return journey I saw these magnificent, huge willow trees:

    Everything charity shopped. The yellow tunic is from the 3:16 shop on Wednesday and I bought the beads in Barnardo's. Jeans from Red Cross charity shop.

    I can't remember where I got the white lace top but I bought earlier this year somewhere. Sandals also charity shopped.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    On Saturday OH wanted to go for a rummage. We had thought of going to London where we could fit in a visit to his mum but we ended up going to Luton and Dunstable instead!

    Everything I'm wearing above is charity shopped except the sandals - my comfortable Clarks. The kimono is from Primarni; the top is a M&S one and white jeans are from Matalan.

    All jewellery charity shopped except the earrings - from Sainsbury's.

    My jacket was much admired by total strangers. They were very surprised when I told them where it came from. When I was last in Devon visiting Hilary I found another similar one - also by Primarni;  it had a beautiful print on it and Hilary bought it.

    Of course you want to know if I bought anything. I did. I bought some interesting mustard colour cotton trousers in the Red Cross for 1.99; a blue kimono jacket from the 1.00 rail in Keech Hospice and some padded hangers; a pair of earrings and a yellow sleeveless top for 2.00 in Age Concern. (The earrings seem to have disappeared. I remember taking them out of the bag at home but haven't found them since - they'll turn up somewhere). There were only six charity shops in Luton town centre which I found surprising. Bedford is a smaller town and has twelve. Dunstable had about five charity shops and I din't buy anything in them. I don't think I will be rushing back to Luton or Dunstable for some rummaging any time soon...

    On Monday I stayed at the Red Cross until it was time to pick the grandchildren up from school. Two of the volunteers were off to celebrate Eid and the manager had a day off leaving just myself and the assistant manager. There were so many donations to sort and I served at the till, too.

    This is what I wore. Everything is charity shopped except my underwear - and you're not seeing that! Jacket; Next, 1.00 Red Cross, zebra print trousers from Barnardo's last week: 2.49. Next top; charity shopped last summer.

    Sandals; charity shopped.

    All jewellery; charity shopped.

    This is going to be my last post for a while. On Saturday I'm going to drive to Holyhead and catch the ferry to Ireland on Sunday morning. I should reach the van about 4 pm having stopped off at Lidl to do some shopping. As I've said before the internet connection at the site is both weak and intermittent so I doubt that I'll be able to post more than once every couple of weeks and then only when I'm somewhere with free wifi.

    I'm so looking forward to the next couple of months where I will just be chilling out; reading, crocheting, walking; visiting family, sight seeing and a bit of charity shopping of course! I'm looking forward to having a few visitors to stay. I shall miss my children and grandchildren and OH but I will see them in Ireland. Whatever transpires I'll be back in September so I hope you all have a wonderful summer.

              A trip to London and down memory lane...        
    Last Wednesday, I walked with the Ramblers after a break of two weeks;  I was invigilating on the two previous Wednesdays. There are some evening walks coming up which I am looking forward to. I love evening walking. There's a special evening walk on the 21st June which will be the longest day of the year and it's starting at 8.30 pm - in the pub!

    I changed into this outfit after walking 7.5 miles. I bought the scarf with pearls in a charity for 1.00; the top and trousers are also charity shopped. The scarf is to compensate for a low neckline; it was too warm to put a camisole under this top. All jewellery charity shopped.

    The trousers from M&S have gone to the charity shop bag. They're too long and too big and do nothing for me even though they are cool and comfortable in the hotter weather. My new pink floral trousers  bought on a recent rummage in Stevenage and Hitchin are their replacement; one in and one out wherever possible...

    These are my new (retail) shoes. They have a t strap which you can't see in this photo.

    I walked again on Thursday - another 7 miles. It was a very warm day; 25 degrees by the time I finished.  I was trying to recce a new walk for the Ramblers Winter Programme. I tried a footpath I hadn't tried before but it took me nowhere. Not because it didn't lead anywhere but because the footpath was so overgrown I couldn't see where it was meant to take me. I walked around the perimeter of a huge field; climbed over a gate in a farmyard (naughty Veronica!) and found myself a few feet away from where I started!

    Everything is charity shopped. The linen top is a French label but I can't remember where I found it; likewise the three quarter leggings.

    Mary Jane's bought in a charity shop in Ely in May 2016.

    Headscarf and all jewellery charity shopped. The earrings were one of  the three for a 1.00 I bought on last Saturday's rummage in Hitchin.

    On Friday, I took my middle grandson to London for a day out. He wanted to go to the Houses of Parliament so we had a guided tour. This was taken on the tube to Westminster.

    The  House of Commons terrace where you can take tea...

    I look very rotund in this photo taken outside Westminster Abbey!

    Tunic; charity shopped; trousers; Lidl last summer; Mary Jane's charity shopped; all jewellery charity shopped except earrings bought online. I bough the African print bag at a car boot sale a couple of weeks back.

    We had a lovely day; we went to Canary Wharf (his choice); the Monument and then I took him on a tour of the area where I grew up and went to school i.e. Maida Vale/Paddington.

    This is the first house I ever lived in; 144 Elgin Avenue, London W.9.  I was born in 1954. Mum and Dad rented one room in this rather posh house. I checked today's house prices on this street; a one bedroom flat for 785.000; three bedroom flat 999,900; a four bedroom flat over a million. These are flats not houses! It is absolutely incredible and to my mind, obscene.

    When my brother Mark was due, Mum, Dad and I moved here:

    I spent the next 13 years of my life in this 3 roomed basement flat with my parents and two brothers. We had no bathroom, an outside toilet; no central heating or hot water. I shared a room with my brothers until I was almost 15 years old; my parents slept on a sofa that converted to a bed all the years we lived here. Relatives from Ireland came and stayed - sometimes for months at a time until they got established and moved out.

    Again, I checked the prices of properties in this street; a three bedroom maisonette; 1,395.000. A four bedroom house 1,800,000. My parents privately rented throughout the 1950s and 1960s; in the early 1960s Mum and Dad got the opportunity to buy the entire house above for a little over 700.00! My Dad didn't want a mortgage - he was a strictly cash up front person - so they declined the landlord's offer...

    In 1969 having been on the housing list since I was born; Mum and Dad moved to a council maisonette in this house in Portnall Road, W9.

    The top left hand window was my bedroom - the box room! We had a bathroom and indoor toilet; a separate living and dining room; Mum and Dad had their own bedroom and my brothers shared a bedroom. It was heaven to us.

    I checked the prices on this street, too. A one bedroom flat; 500,000. Two bedroom maisonette; 699.000. Not as pricey as the other two streets but a whole house must sell for over 1,000,000. Astonishing - and still obscene. How on earth are ordinary working people ever going to afford to buy anywhere to live in London? The rents are also ridiculous; eldest grandson spends 70% of his earnings on rent.

    This was my old school - Paddington and Maida Vale High School for Girls (PMVHS). It was situated in Elgin Ave near to the first house I ever lived in and it took me less than 10 minutes to walk to school.

    I asked my grandson what he thought of where I grew up and his reply was - 'all the house you lived in are the same'. This was very true; all Victorian terraced houses. There was a huge house building boom in the Victorian era and many of us continue to live in and love these old houses.

    On Saturday I went to see my son. Everything charity shopped except the shoes. Dress by Mantaray; jacket by M & S bought in Kettering for 4.00.

    All jewellery charity shopped except watch.

    Necklace bought in Derry for 2.50.

    Woke up on Sunday to more terrible news.

    Top; Store 21 sale; trousers; Primark, charity shopped 99p rail at Barnardo's, Great Denham. Orange shoes also charity shopped.

    All jewellery charity shopped. Necklace bought at Oxfam in Newport Pagnell last summer for 2.50.

    On Monday, I volunteered at the Red Cross shop. I do so enjoy working there. I have a laugh with colleagues; we sort a mountain of stuff and sometimes I find wonderful things. My special area of responsibility is the jewellery. I found a rather 'good' piece on Monday in some stock from another Red Cross shop - a gold bracelet with purple stones. I showed it to my colleague, as I could see it looked special. He has a jeweller's eye glass and it was marked 18 carat gold. He took it to a a local jeweller who buys gold and silver; who then confirmed it was gold -  and the purple stones were real amethysts. He gave us (Red Cross)  95.00 for it!

    This was Monday's outfit. The green harem pants are from Next and I bought them on my first visit to the new Barnardo's in Great Denham last year. When I got them home the elastic in the waist was gone, so I never wore them at all last year. This year I had the idea of wearing a large elasticated belt I have around the waist of the trousers to hold them up - unfortunately you can see the belt outline  under my yellow patterned M & S charity shopped top! The jacket came from the Guild House and the Mary Jane's were charity shopped in Ely last year.

    All jewellery charity shopped except earrings which were donated by my daughter.

    On Tuesday I went to volunteer at the Food Bank and in the evening I had Poll Clerk Training for the election on Thursday.

    Jewellery and tunic charity shopped. The tunic is from Red Cross 1.99. The earrings were bought in a shop in Bath on my 50th birthday with birthday money I was given by my family.

    Navy trousers, Primarni; cardigan, Studio catalogue about four years ago and shoes local retail.

    I invigilated for the Open University on Wednesday all day in Luton and on Thursday I poll clerked. My day started at the polling station at 6.15 am and I finished at 10.50 pm. There was a steady stream of people coming in to vote all day and it went surprisingly quickly, but I was really tired when I got home. Luckily the polling station is only across the road from my house!

    The Chrome Book is holding up although there are more distractions on the screen in the form of coloured lines but hopefully it will last until I can afford to buy a new one.

    I plan to chill out all weekend to compensate for my extremely busy week. I hope you all have a great weekend; the forecast is looking good...

              Some rummaging, Star Wars and a trip to the seaside        
    The forget-me-nots (above) were clustered in the corner of a field and are for the victims of the bomb in Manchester.

    It was horrifying to wake up last Tuesday morning and hear the dreadful news about the suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester. What a truly wicked thing to do. It does nothing to improve the perceptions of Muslims here and elsewhere; as they have now become the new persecuted minority; based on the acts of individuals who carry out these horrible deeds. No one who carries out this type of act is a true Muslim.

    My heart goes out to all the children, adults and their families who were killed or injured in this dreadful attack.

    Well, what a wonderful week of weather we've had!

    Last Tuesday I was at the food bank and was glad of its coolness, for once, as it was quite a muggy day. When I finished there I went for a walk and walked 6.8 miles. It was my first walk for over a week and I had missed it. 

    It was a beautiful afternoon. The mugginess had gone; the sun shone; the birds sang and the bees and insects hummed. I remembered to put Factor 50 sunscreen on my face in the morning before I put my make up on and I did it everyday whilst we had such lovely sunny weather. The back of my neck, upper chest, hands and feet get very brown in the summer as they are always exposed; I have to remember to apply sunscreen to these areas and to wear a hat!

    Everything is charity shopped except the Mary Jane shoes bought from PJ Shoes; a local shoe retail shop; about 3 years ago. The trousers are from George at Asda and the blue top was bought from a £1.00 rail somewhere...

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    On Wednesday I invigilated in the morning and ran some errands in town after I had finished. But first I paid a visit to Barnardo's in Great Denham where I hadn't been for a few weeks. I bought a few things from the 99p rail - it would have been rude not to!

     What did I buy? I bought some brand new, never worn metallic gold slip on shoes; a plaid night shirt (for winter); a grey shrug/cardigan and a beautiful pale lime green, boiled/felted wool jacket (again for  winter). When I finally went into town I bought some lovely silver earrings in the Reuse shop for 2.00. I managed to walk almost 3 miles in the course of my errand running!

    I spent the rest of the afternoon crocheting and sitting out in the garden enjoying the brilliant weather. I was determined to finish the blanket last week and spend the next week sewing the ends in (aaagggghhhh - such a horrible job!) and making a border for it. I'll save my next crochet project for Ireland as I'm going to be away for two months...I'm planning to make a V stitch blanket and use up my stash of blue and green wool in making it.

    I made this one a few years ago and it's on our two seater sofa where it gets quite a lot of use on cold evenings...

    Everything is charity shopped except the kimono which was a Christmas present from my daughter three years ago. Trousers are by Tu at Sainsbury's; linen top no label but from 1.00 rail in the Red Cross.

    Because it was such a hot day I had to put my sandals on but my toenails needed painting...

    All jewellery charity shopped except the earrings - 99p from e bay.

    I invigilated again on Thursday morning and in the afternoon. It was another scorching day.

    Top by Principles; 1.00 rail at the Red Cross. Linen M & S trousers; £1.00 rail Barnardo's in Ampthill. I bought the vintage blouse/kimono by Kanga in a charity shop in Cambridge last summer for 2.99.

    Shoes; PJ shoes. Can you see how puffy my feet are? They swell in the heat and they're worse when I've been on them for hours as I was on Thursday. I also wore my large turquoise ring on Thursday but I took it off to wash my hands and couldn't get it back on again because my fingers had swollen too...

    All jewellery charity shopped except watch (present) and earrings; 99p from e bay.

    On Friday I ventured out after the school run for a walk. I walked 8.5 miles and sweated like a pig from beginning to end. Boy, was it hot! I also had to do the food shopping after that and the school run. One that was over I finished my latest library book 'All We Shall Know' by Donal Ryan. It's an absolutely beautiful, emotional read and I can't recommend it highly enough. Donal Ryan's writing is poetic and his use of the rhythms and phraseology of Irish speech is wonderful. It made me cry and laugh and I don't think you can ask more of a novel than that.

    On Saturday OH and I went for a rummage. We decided to go to Stevenage and because they only had 5 charity shops we went to Hitchin as well. Hitchin is much smaller and has 8 charity shops! Weird.

    I wore a hat to shield my face from the sun. I got my face a little burnt when I went walking on Friday despite Factor 50 sunblock. It wasn't so hot on Saturday but it was nice and breezy; so breezy in fact the hat blew away several times and I abandoned  wearing it.

    Everything, including the hat, is charity shopped. I can't remember where I bought the dress; the linen jacket is from the Guild House.  I wore these Mary Jane shoes because they are very comfortable with a raised platform and ideal for walking around.

    Bangles and ring charity shopped.

    Beads charity shopped in Donegal, earrings bought in the week from the Reuse shop and brooch charity shopped.

    Of course, I  had to buy stuff. I bought 3 pairs of earrings for a 1.00 in the Garden Hospice shop in Hitchin; another pair with a Celtic design and a deep red pair both a 1.00 each in two different Hospice shops in Stevenage. I bough a pair of Boyfriend jeans for 1.60 and an ethnic print top for 2.00  on a reduced rail in the Salvation Army in Stevenage; a pink floral pair of trousers for 4.00 in the Keech Hospice shop in Hitchin. A good day's rummaging, I thought. OH did very well, too.

    We saw a Storm Trooper (from Star Wars) and R2D2: (edited thanks to Sheila!)

    They were part of a fund raising event for Age UK.

    On BH Monday we went to the seaside at Holkham, Norfolk with the grand kids. It was bloody freezing! We ate our picnic there.  Holkham is also a nature reserve and when we were leaving we saw 2 Spoonbills flying over head; they looked like arrows, long and thin with wings; it was a marvellous sight and it made my day.

    Courtesy of Google images
    We then drove to Wells Next the Sea; which is about mile and a half away -  a pretty little seaside town where we warmed up in a cafe with hot drinks; wandered about; spent ages in the arcade and finally left as the rain was coming down. Of all the days to pick to go to the seaside we chose the worst one!

    Wells Next the Sea

    Wells Next the Sea

    I've now finished my crochet blanket and done the edging. There's only about 300 tails to sew in so it will take me some time...

    My Chromebook (which I inherited from the eldest grandson) is in terminal decline. The screen has a line across it and what looks like a side view of a breast with a silouhette on the right hand side of the screen. I don't know how much longer it will last; the 'breast' is getting bigger and is blocking some of my page content. I'm hoping it will last until I go to Ireland but I may have to buy a new one soon and that will eat into my holiday money. We'll see. Hopefully, I 'll be able to post next week but if I don't you'll know the Chromebook has died!

              Green gloves and a blogger meet up!        
    I'll get to the green gloves in a bit...

    On Wednesday I led a Ramblers walk of 7 miles. It was a chilly, overcast day and we were cold at the start but soon warmed up. Everyone enjoyed the walk including me! It was the same walk that I did the first time I ever led a walk back in May 2016, but I reversed it and added on a short bit to the end. I've now led 3 walks for the Ramblers and want to find a new walk to lead for the Autumn programme.

    Trousers are from the Tesco outlet shop, boots present from daughter this Christmas. Every thing else is charity shopped.

    I went for a rummage on Thursday afternoon after the food shopping. I went to the Kempston charity shops as I hadn't been for a while. I got quite a few summer items for the grandsons and for myself some green earrings 75p; a white top 1.00; and finally an animal print blouse in brown; 2.49 in the Keech Hospice shop. A yellow  scoop neck top for 2.99 in the Cat's Protection League and last but not least, a turquoise bracelet and ring; 1.00 each from the Day Hospice shop. I didn't bother going to the Barnardo's shop as I was chazza'ed out by then.

    I wonder if any of you know what this tree is? I saw it whilst collecting the youngest grandson from school - it's just around the corner and I thought it was so striking. Please let me know what it is as I haven't a clue!

    I bought this necklace in a charity shop in Derry for 2.50. Top and shirt also charity shopped.

    On Friday, I went walking by myself and it was a brilliant walk. The weather was pleasant; bright but windy. I saw my first swallows of the year and you know what that means don't you? It means summer's here! At last. Thank the Lord and pass the gravy. I'm sick of overcast skies and wind and cold...

    Jeans from the 1.00 rail at Barnardo's Great Denham bought on a rummage with Linda; man's shirt £1.00 box Keech; cardigan 1.99 Red Cross shop. Boots; DDB.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    Top by Wallis; charity shopped, Country Casuals jacket; charity shopped. Trousers; La Redoute sale and black brogues; Tesco outlet.

    It was no longer summer on Saturday, in fact it was overcast and cold again.  But despite the weather I went to Rushden for a blogger meet up. It's the first one for me and it was with the very lovely Kelly of the Mother of Reinvention blog HERE.  Kelly's blog states she is a:

    Plus-Sized Sewing Scientist with a Love of Corsets, Kittens & Cake! Vintage Seamstress, Novice Knitter and All-Round Crafty Type.

     It was a pleasure to meet Kelly.  She had moved to Rushden five weeks previously for a new job and luckily really likes her new town and neighbourhood. It was so nice to meet another blogger and I felt I had known Kelly for ages already through reading her blog

    We started with a cup of tea and a chat and then went rummaging! We had a fab time and started by visiting the most excellent Salvation Army charity shop where Kelly's friend, Bill, joined us. Kelly found some lovely material - she loves to sew. She also found some great square plates with matching bowls, some cookie cutters and a cute pottery butter dish. I found some earrings for 50p, a lace skirt for 3.50, some wool for 50p and a boring, but useful, tupperware dish; also 50p. We went on to visit 4 other charity shops where I bought a large cake tin and that was it. Then in true blogger fashion we all decamped to Wetherspoons for a drink and some lunch!

    Kelly and I plan to meet up again and next time we'll go to Kettering or Northampton - both good places for charity shopping.

    I bought these beads at the Red Cross shop last Monday. Earrings from Sainsbury's; bangles and ring charity shopped.

    On Sunday OH and I went to a car boot sale at Lidlington. We got there at about 11 am; we don't like early starts... I bought a lovely handmade vintage coat for £2.00 which I am so delighted with. I still have to steam it and then I'll post a photo.

    We're off to a reunion of OH's ex battalion at the weekend - Barnsley here we come! I don't know Yorkshire very well at all so I'm curious to see what Barnsley and its environs look like. We might squeeze in a quick rummage. Anyway, I may wear the coat with a knee length dress; I'm still thinking about it.

    Monday was volunteering at the Red Cross. By the time this photo was taken at about 8.30 in the evening my linen trousers were baggy at the knee and very creased - I'd just been on my hands and knees washing the kitchen floor!

    Everything charity shopped except the shoes which are from a local shoe outlet called PJ shoes in Kempston.

    Of course I couldn't leave the Red Cross without buying something...
    I bought some books; some elbow length emerald green gloves; some brand new grey Mary Jane's with a little heel and a top. I don't know where on earth I might wear the green gloves but an occasion might present itself - who knows? It's always as well to be prepared!

    Aren't they fabulous?

    I went completely mad on Friday and swapped my winter wardrobe to my summer wardrobe; I'm now thinking I was a bit premature. It was cold on Saturday when I met up with Kelly - I was cold the whole day. Then Sunday was very pleasant but Monday was cold, grey and windy. Luckily, I only pack away the thickest of cardigans so I still have a few warm  ones in the wardrobe. Just as well as one was needed on Monday.

    Tuesday was a warmer day but still cloudy and grey. I had a busy day running errands here, there and everywhere. My blanket is about half way done:

    I want to have it finished by the time I next go to Ireland so I can start a new one whilst I'm there.

    I went to town today without a jacket or coat and was warm in this outfit. Everything is charity shopped. Skirt is by Phase Eight; top by M&S, sea green cardigan; Per Una at M&S. Mary Jane's charity shopped in Ely almost a year ago.

    All jewellery charity shopped. The ring was bought on my rummage in Kempston last Thursday and the necklace is from the Red Cross shop last Monday. Earrings are from Sainsbury's and have to be at least 7 or 8 years old...

    I still haven't got round to steaming the coat but here it is:

    This is the button detail on the sleeve. I love it. I think I might wear it on Saturday evening to the reunion - what do you think?

              A very happy week was spent with...        

    This is my cousin, Linda. She is the oldest of the cousins on my mum's side and we first met when I was 7 (in 1961) in my granny's house in Ireland.  Linda had never visited England before so she came to spend 5 days with me in April; we had such an enjoyable time.

    In the photo above I'm wearing an  embroidered wool waistcoat from a charity shop which Linda bought me.  I'd seen this same waistcoat on a rummaging expedition with the OH last year and didn't buy it. I'd been regretting it ever since!

     Linda and I spent a whole day charity shopping and a couple of hours on another day. We went to the Ampthill and Great Denham charity shops and quite a lot of the Bedford ones.  There were still seven charity shops in Bedford we didn't have time to visit  so that's for Linda's next trip. Did Linda find anything? Yes! She found some beautiful cardigans;  some trousers, a sweater and some shoes. I found a pair of jeans; some colourful trousers; a skirt and some pictures for Ruby Super.

    We went for dinner at my daughter's one evening and also managed to fit in two six mile walks on two different days. On one of our walks, Linda marched up the drive marked 'Private Property' and in the photo above is at the door of Clapham Park House which was:

    'Originally built in 1873 for the Howard Family, founders of the Britannia Works in Bedford, Park House is a magnificent striking piece of Victorian architecture in a French Gothic style.' (From the Rightmove website).

    We went to London for the day on Saturday where we saw the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Treasury. This was taken in Parliament Square. We also went to the Tower of London.

    We set out to visit the Perspehone bookshop in Bloomsbury but got there too late...

    We went to Harrods at Linda's request and splashed out on some pastries - I'd scoffed mine by the time I took this photo. Linda's is still in the bag...

    I'd never been to Harrods before. I was wondering why the sales assistant was staying so close to my side in the women's wear department as I was stroking a white suede and fur coat. Then I looked at the price tag - £35,000!!

    We spent the rest of the day in Chelsea where we paid a flying visit to my eldest grandson at work and then met up with my brother and went out for a meal.

    On Sunday the family came for the dinner.

    These are the colourful trousers I bought in a Bedford charity shop and all the other items I'm wearing are also charity shopped. 

    I took Linda to the airport last Monday and was very sad to see her go. I always wanted a sister when I was growing up and feel that I have a sister in Linda. 
    Life resumed as normal on Tuesday with a stint at the Food Bank.

    Everything charity shopped. Purple velvet jeans; Red Cross 1.99. Grey waistcoat is from Gap and patterned shirt is from M&S. 

    Boots - Christmas present from daughter.

    Beads present from OH but charity shopped as are the earrings, bangles and watch.

    On Wednesday I invigilated at the university where I used to teach. I shall be doing more invigilation in May and in June shall be poll clerking on election day. All the little extra cash is most welcome as I still have another 2.5 years before I get my state pension...

    Everything, except the boots, is from a charity shop. The tunic, which has a French label was 1.99 at the Red Cross - the collar has a row of hook and eyes fastening as do the sleeves. I chose to leave them open as the beige (gah!) trim made a nice contrast and went with the beige M& S trousers. The waistcoat was from the 99p rail in Barnardo's. All jewellery is charity shopped except the earrings which are from Sainsbury's. The headscarf is a recent acquisition (must stop buying them - the picnic basket where I store them is filling up) from the 3:16 shop for 1.00.

    On Thursday I did the usual food shopping and went for a 6 mile walk. My youngest grandson is staying every Thursday evening now as my daughter has taken up boxing and has a late training session. I take both grandsons to and from school on Friday so it is just as easy for him to stay overnight with me.

    This is the tunic/dress I bought in the Killybegs charity shop for 2 euros. It's by Apricot and I loved the red orange flower display around the bottom. Everything is charity shopped including the boots, but the grey leggings are from Sainsbury's Tu range.

    All jewellery charity shopped including this necklace which I also bought in the same Killybegs charity shop as the tunic but about two years ago. It's a bit of a treasure trove that charity shop...

    I went on a bus walk with the Ramblers on Friday and we walked from Henlow to Langford and back again; about 6.5 miles. I kept my jacket on the whole time as although it was a nice bright day the wind was chilly. 

    This is the Holy Trinity Church in Clapham, London and the site for the origins of The Bible Society.

    I walked again on Saturday; only this time it was in London and the 34th 'Unlock'  London walk. You can read about the 'Unlock' walks HERE in more detail, but they are essentially fund raising walks for urban charities, visiting a range of different churches in different parts of London.

    This year the walk was in Battersea and Clapham. It's the third consecutive year I've done this walk and it's always very interesting. It attracts those of a religious persuasion (not me!) and walkers.

    This is St. Mary's on the Thames path near to Battersea bridge. It wasn't one of the seven churches on the walk but I rather liked it.

    Battersea Bridge built in 1890

    We ate our lunch here. Behind this bridge (Battersea Railway Bridge, built in 1863) was a helicopter landing pad; the helicopters were arriving and taking off about every ten minutes.

    I wondered about this building  in Comyn Road, SW11 - it looks like a boring red brick red modern building, but if you look carefully there are a couple of old fashioned, possibly Victorian, dresses sculpted on the front of it. Was it originally the site of a factory? An orphanage? A school? I wish I knew - and Google wasn't any help.

    This beautiful flowering tree was in the sub tropical section of Battersea Park but I have no idea what it was.

    This Victorian Gothic church is called St. Nectarios; it's near Lavender Hill and is now a Greek Orthodox church containing the most beautiful icons.

    We walked about 7.5 miles on the walk and if I include my walk to and from the station it was more than 8 in total. We returned to King's Cross by bus and I just managed to snap this sculpture; behind Marble Arch, from the top deck front seat of the bus. It was almost like being back at school again!

    On Sunday I went to see my son

    Everything charity shopped except the boots which were a Christmas present several years ago; the necklace and earrings were donated to me by my daughter.  The Next corduroy blazer bought from Red Cross for 1.99 about a year ago.

    White jeans bought in Derry and the spotted top was bought on my rummages with Linda, in the Ampthill Barnardo's.

    I was quite excited as it seemed warmer and sunnier on Sunday. I thought I might begin the winter to summer wardrobe swap over but changed my mind as the day went on and it got colder and colder...

    Monday was a bank holiday but it was business as usual at the Red Cross. I started at 10 am instead of 9.30 am but finished at the same time. Did I buy anything? Yes, I did. 2 more necklaces (naughty me!) one turquoise and one an orangey yellow colour. A yellow top and a cardigan both 1.99 each. Two books for my friend Hilary; whom I'm hoping to visit in Devon at the end of May or in June.

    This is the Desigual tunic/dress I bought in  the Red Cross in Derry. The top underneath is from Primarni; the leggings were bought retail at Sainsbury's and the Mary Jane's are from a local shoe outlet. I had left them behind in the caravan and made sure I brought them back with me as I hoped we may soon start to have a summer...

    All jewellery charity shopped and the head scarf was one of 3 bought at the 3:16 charity shop.

    My crochet blanket is coming along nicely, but I'm not getting that much reading done. I never do when I'm crocheting. I did manage to read the last of my 'Furrowed Middlebrow' birthday books and have now read four in this imprint. I've enjoyed them all but none have gripped me in the way many books have and I doubt I shall be buying anymore. They are also very tightly bound and you have to 'crack' the spine or fold the pages back severely to read the books properly. I still have two new Persephone books (also birthday books) to read and then there's all those books on TBR pile...

    I really want to start the winter to summer swap over but I daren't - it's too damn cold. Here's hoping it warms up soon!

              Donegal is calling me...        
    Saturday was such a beautiful day. Warm, sunny but there was a chilly breeze at times. Spring is most definitely here with warmer weather forecast for this week.

    OH and I had a rummage in Rushden and we also visited Emmaeus in Carlton on Saturday. Emmaeus is a charity for homeless people and is international in its scope. At Emmaeus they do furniture; household goods, electrical items, antiques and vintage items, bikes, garden equipment, clothes, shoes, bags. jewellery, craft materials, toys, books, DVDs, CDs and LPs. I bought a bangle and a ring, a small terrarium for plants, 2 succulent plants and a cafetiere for my daughter who's been after a small one for ages. I spent 6.50 in total.

    This is how I started out. I soon discarded the scarf and gloves - too warm!

    Everything except the handbag is charity shopped. Trousers from Monsoon; felted wool jacket by Paraphase; bought in the Donkey Sanctuary Charity shop in Ballyboffey in Donegal. Apart from the lovely embroidery on the jacket; it has golden bugle beads up near the neckline. It cost 10 euros, but I love this jacket and need to wear it more often. Boots from Red Cross shop winter 2015; for 1.99.

    I was getting a bit of practice in with my selfie stick. I'm off to Donegal on the 4th April for two weeks and OH won't be out for the first 8 days I'm there, so I'll have to take my own OOTD photos!

    The floral top is from the Red Cross 1.00 rail and the cardigan was bought in Barnardo's in Golders Green for 1.99.

    Both scarves charity shopped; watch, necklace, ring and bangles charity shopped. Earrings; a present from my friend Natalie in Cambridge. See my nice, clean, shiny kitchen? 4.5 hours it took me on Friday; my arms were aching on Saturday.

    In Rushden I bought a grey dress by East for 4.00 in the Salvation Army. I may not get any wear out of it now but it will be useful for next autumn and winter. East clothing is very expensive so I had to snap it up. I also bought a small wool picnic/lap blanket for 1.00; this will be taken to the caravan as it can be very chilly in the evenings. I also bought a lovely velvet patterned top in Cancer Research for 3.00. All in all a good day's rummaging. OH did well, too.

    I got up early on Sunday and walked 6.8 miles. With Wednesday's 6.7 miles my total for this week was 13.5 miles - 6.5 miles short of my target of 20 miles.

    Sunday afternoon was tea at the Swan Hotel in Bedford courtesy of my wonderful daughter. It was delicious and I was so stuffed at the end of it.

    This is the African print skirt I bought at the 3:16 charity shop last week for 3.50. The top is by Cotton Traders and the jacket is by Country Casuals; both charity shopped at he Red Cross for 1.99.

    Headscarf and all jewellery charity shopped. Boots; Christmas 2016 present from daughter.

    On Monday there was no Red Cross volunteering. The manager had rung me on Friday to say there was a flood in the shop from a leak upstairs and that the shop would be closed until Wednesday. It felt really strange not going into the shop but I had errands to run in town so walked past the shop anyway. There were buckets everywhere catching the drips! There was also what looked like a 1970s maxi dress on the model in the window! I decided to go back on Wednesday and see if it was my size.

     I had plans to go for a walk in the afternoon but the weather was so horrible I didn't bother. Cold and windy and grey...

    On Tuesday I was at the Food Bank and in the afternoon I walked 8.25 miles. It was a good day; sunny and warm but with a cold breeze and eventually the clouds got darker and it rained a little.

    Everything charity shopped except the loafers bought on sale at Tesco's outlet shop about 3 years ago.

    Earrings; a present from my friend Natalie. All other jewellery charity shopped.

    On Wednesday afternoon I went back to the Red Cross; wouldn't you flipping know it they had sold the dress from the window! I bought a brown patterned tunic and a Planet summer jacket in bright orange as a consolation prize; both 1.99 each. In the morning I walked with the group from Great Denham; we walked 7 miles and it was a a very pleasant walk. As we finished back in Great Denham I had a quick browse in Barnardo's and bought a white linen shift dress and a pair of navy blue leather loafers - both 99p each.

    It was such a gorgeous day on Thursday! It registered 21.5 degrees centigrade on my car barometer.  It felt like a summer's day so I dug a summer dress out of the chest where I store my summer clothes. I bought this dress which is by Studio from a 1.00/99p sale rail somewhere at the end of last summer when it was too late wear it, so this is its first outing.

    The jacket was one of the first things I bought at the Guildhouse when I started there; it's linen and made by an Italian company. I paid 3.50 for it. I wore tights and a long slip underneath the dress and the boots were a Christmas 2016 present from my daughter.

    Headscarf, bangles, necklace and watch all charity shopped. Earrings are from Jamaica and are made of copper in the shape of steel pans...present from OH.

    On Friday I went on a bus walk with the Ramblers from Kempston via Wootton and Bromham. We walked 8.75 miles culminating with tea and cake at Bromham Mill. The best way to finish any walk I think!  The weather was fine. By the time I got home I had to go straight to collect the grandchildren from school so stayed in my walking gear. My walking total this week was 24 miles over 3 walks.

    On Saturday I went to see my son and wore this:

    Everything is charity shopped except the loafers which were bought from the Tesco outlet sale about three years ago.

    Necklace was a present from my youngest Grandson's dad some years ago. All other jewellery charity shopped.

    I shall spend Sunday packing for Ireland; I've had the car checked, got my euros and the ferry's been booked for ages. I shall be taking a break from blogging and when I get back my lovely cousin, Linda is coming to stay with me. It will be her first visit to England and guess what she wants to do? She wants to come charity shopping! That can be arranged with no difficulty...

    I hope you all have a lovely Easter and if you don't celebrate Easter that you at least get a nice break. Take care everyone and see you on the other side!

              Just another week        
    It t was forecast to rain on Saturday so I got up early and walked 7 miles. It was quite warm, cloudy but with lots of patches of blue sky; although there was quite a strong breeze. It was a lovely walk; I saw a Kestrel again and this time I saw some yellow hammers/corn buntings as well. Every time I walked last week I saw the Kestrel. I think it's the same one because twice it flew out of the same copse. I'm so used to seeing Kestrels hovering over the roadside it's a bit of shock to see them in trees and flying over fields!

    Everything charity shopped. The jeans are the ones from the 3:16 charity shop last week; 1.50 (half price sale),  top from Tu at Sainsbury's;  the necklace is from Mercy in Action outlet shop, 1.00. The boots are from Lidl last winter and the earrings are about 20 years old. If you think I'm looking a little different in this photo it's because I'm wearing a nude lipstick instead of my usual red lippy! I was saving that for Saturday evening as I was going out for a friend's 60th birthday meal in Luton.

    Cushion bought in the Oxfam shop about 18 months ago.
    I had errands to run in town on Saturday and I struck it lucky. I walked past the 'Reuse Shop' and they had a rather nice small chair in the window. It was perfect for my study so I bought it. The chair which used to be in the study was rather too large and it went on Freegle.  Last week I missed out on one on e bay because I forgot to check on it -  and it sold for £20 including delivery. My chair was £30 and it had just been reupholstered. Reuse is a charity shop and they have someone at this shop who reupholsters chairs and sofas and someone else who up cycles furniture. I have a floral covered footstool that I can put my feet up on (charity shopped, of course). I now have no excuse not to start my next crochet blanket!

    All jewellery charity shopped.
    This is what I wore on Saturday evening to my friend Cecilia's 60th birthday meal.  She and my best friend Ann went to school together in Luton and I got to know C when we used to go raving together in the early to mid 1990s. We had some brilliant times!

    We had a lovely time on Saturday night although there was no music and no dancing. I saw a couple of people I hadn't seen for years, so it was great to catch up. It was such a shock for my friend as she was only expecting her immediate family...

    These photos were taken when I returned from the birthday meal past midnight. I'm wearing my 99p Jaeger jacket; the skirt is from M&S but is very steam punkish (I thought) with the bustle at the back, it came from a charity shop in Kettering for 2.99. The black cross over top is one of the most  frequently worn and useful items in my wardrobe and is also M&S; charity shopped years ago.

    This is Monday's outfit.  The top is for the charity shop bag as it doesn't fit properly around the bust. It says large but it's clearly not large enough! It's a shame because it's an Ossie Clark top; charity shopped but can't remember where. Everything is charity shopped except the leggings bought in a Store 21 sale.

    Necklace gift from next door neighbour; earrings Sainsbury's.

    The Red Cross shop was so full of bags of clothes waiting to be steamed and hung up that we didn't do much sorting on Monday - there was just no room! I did have a good sort of the jewellery and put new stuff out. I bought my daughter a lovely summer top off the pound rail - she liked it; thank goodness. I bought a green dress for myself for 1.99, and a a red  checked headscarf which I wore with Tuesday's outfit (below).

    I was at the Guild House on Tuesday and was quite busy sorting stuff and pricing it and as usual I did a bit of a ironing. It's funny I hate ironing at home but I don't mind it at the Guild House; it's probably the fancy steam iron they have.

    Asleep on my feet, here!
    Everything is charity shopped except my daughter donated boots.

    The waistcoat is the one I bought at the newest charity shop in town last Wednesday for 1.50; it was lovely and warm. The top is from Barnardo's 1.00 rail; trousers M&S, can't remember which charity shop; scarf; Red Cross on Monday.

    All jewellery charity shopped except red ring; Sainsbury's and watch which was a Christmas present from my daughter about 6 years ago. I've had these earrings for about 20 years.

    I went to the 3:16 charity shop to drop off some books and bought a maxi skirt with an African print for 3.50. It will be lovely for the summer but I may wear it this Sunday. My daughter is taking me out somewhere - to eat presumably. She sent me a message - ' Mum, on Sunday don't have any lunch and don't let Wes make you any dinner either; can you guess what we're doing? Lol'. It's Mother's Day on Sunday, of course. That's three weekends in a row I will have gone out somewhere - oh, the excitement!

    On Wednesday morning I walked  6.6 miles with the group and I wished I hadn't! It was wet, cold and windy. I got soaked and was so cold that when I got in I put my PJs and dressing gown on. The afternoon was windy but sunny and dry -  wish it had been in the morning - it's called 'Sod's Law...'

    The wind continued on Thursday but at least it was dry. I had lots of errands to run; I had my eyebrows done; I did the food shopping in Lidl and Sainsbury's; I also went to Aldi, two banks, the card shop, a gift shop and the dry cleaners. It was my best friend, Ann's, 60th birthday so I took her card and gift round to her. She was off to London to go out for a meal and see a show with her two daughters. I was glad to get home and put my feet up for a bit!

    Everything charity shopped. The cords are by Primarni; the waistcoat is by Bench; bought it at Age UK in Bedford - which is no more. The top is by M&S. Everything is grey today - I just fancied some grey.

    The earrings are from Sainsburys; the necklace is also a Primarni one but I bought it in a charity shop quite a few years ago. Bangles, watch and red ring charity shopped.

    I bet you won't believe what I did on Friday. Walking - no. Charity shopping - no. Visited friends - no. I started at 9.30 am and finished at 3 pm (when I leave to pick the grandchildren up from school); cleaning my kitchen was what I did. It needed doing; I cleaned the cooker and the cooker hood, all the surfaces, tiles, appliances and the floor. It's time I begrudge but it has to be done. Oh well, that was Friday!

    This is the green dress I bought at the Red Cross on Monday for 1.99. The kimono is also from there. Daughter donated boots; the green tights are also charity shopped.

    All jewellery charity shopped except the earrings which are from Sainsbury's.

    Oh and I are going out for a rummage tomorrow - haven't decided where yet but I'll let you know how we got on...

    Have a fab weekend everyone!

               A bit of a rummage        
    I have been doing a bit of rummaging this week...

    I couldn't go walking last Friday as it rained heavily until 3 pm. I was so disappointed as I was looking forward to the Greensand Ridge walk, but it's no fun walking in the rain.

    I bought these blue beads in the Red Cross last Monday. Earrings bought from Sainsbury's years ago. All other jewellery charity shopped.

    Everything charity shopped except the boots - Christmas present 2015 from OH. The cardigan is from Monsoon and was 1.99 from the Red Cross. The trousers are by Roman and I think they were from Barnardo's in Ampthill. Can't remember where I bought this top; I've had it ages but it's a first time wear.

    I went walking on Saturday with a different Rambler's group and did 6 miles in and around Sandy. I went early and had a browse around a couple of charity shops. I bought a silver necklace for £1.25.

    Everything charity shopped. Dress from Red Cross; shirt from a £1.00 rail somewhere. Boots bought in St. Ives for 4.00. All jewellery charity shopped.

    I bought these beads in my favourite charity shop in Killybegs, Co. Donegal for 2 euros. One of those bloody loops has escaped; I should cut them off but I like how they stop the garment falling off the hanger...I had to get rid of the checked shirt as, when I went to tug it down under the dress, my finger went through the material and ripped a big tear in it!

    Monday's outfit. Everything charity shopped except boots - Christmas 2016 present from daughter. Youngest grandson took the photos so they're taken from a sitting down position! He won't be parted from his i pad that boy...

    "Amari,  why don't you stand up and take the photo?"

    I managed to find a replacement for my blue checked shirt in the Red Cross on Monday for 1.99.
    There were so many donations to sort it was difficult to move round our sorting room - the Health and Safety people would have a field day in there. There was so much to get off the floor and into the storage room for steaming I didn't get a chance to sort the jewellery (which is my favourite thing to do) and there was a big box of it.

    On Tuesday I was at the Guildhouse. It was a beautiful day and I'm sorry I didn't take advantage of the weather to go walking in the afternoon, but I'm trying to chill out when I've volunteered in the morning and catch up with blogs etc. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are my walking days and Monday and Tuesdays are for volunteering. That way, I have a rhythm and a routine to my week and having been used to the structure of a working week; I wanted to keep some sort of structure in my life when I retired.

    Everything is charity shopped except the red desert boots bought online and the watch - a present in 2012 from daughter.

    I bought this chunky blue necklace recently for £1.50 in the Salvation Army. It's next door to Lidl so I usually have a quick browse. I definitely have an addiction to costume jewellery! All the jewellery is charity shopped.

    Rain again on Wednesday morning so no walking with the Ramblers.
    Instead I went into town to return some of my library books and I picked up our train tickets to London. We're going to London on Saturday to meet up with my eldest brother and to celebrate my birthday which is on Thursday 9th. My youngest brother is coming with his son, my nephew, and his other son who lives in London is also coming; as well as my daughter and my OH; there'll be 7 of us altogether. My eldest brother has booked a pub restaurant in or near Battersea Park. My eldest grandson is working so he can't come but we will be popping into his restaurant to say hello and maybe have a drink there, too.

    It's much cheaper to buy the train tickets from our tourist information centre. I bought a group save - 5 of us travelling from Bedford to St. Pancras with underground zones 1 - 6 included; for 13.85 each. The same 5 tickets without the underground zones was 70.00 online - 14.00 each.

    I bought this pot from the donations box at the 3:16 charity shop.
    I also had a pleasant hour or so rummaging whilst in town. I bought a lovely colourful dress for 3.75 in Cancer Research which I'm planning to wear on Saturday. I couldn't believe my eyes as I left the Cancer Research shop with my dress (and a silver necklace bought for 1.75), because across the road was yet another (new) charity shop - a Mercy in Action outlet store. And it was the grand opening day! We now have 13 charity shops in Bedford town centre/bus station area and 10 others scattered about - 23 in total!

     Of course I couldn't resist a peek in the new charity shop and had a glass of fizz and some cake (only a teeny tiny bit, unfortunately) as soon as I got in the door. Did I buy anything? I'm afraid I did. A tribal printed woollen waistcoat from the Sweater Shop for 1.50; a white linen tunic for summer, 1.00; a deep blue linen grand dad shirt for 2.00, and finally a book by Elizabeth Taylor (not the actress) which is not one I've seen in the Virago editions. It's an old hardback called 'A Wreath of Roses'.

    Thursday was my birthday. I was 63. I still feel 18 inside although I'm a lot more savvy than I was at 18!

     Everything is charity shopped except the red desert boots - bought on line. The skirt is by East and was bought from the Guildhouse about a month ago for 4.00.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    Someone who shall remain nameless let the wax from the candles drip onto the cake...
    I had a lovely birthday.  And it was a beautiful day; a warm and sunny 15 C degrees. After I did the food shopping I went for a 7 mile walk, and when I got home I had a wonderful birthday cake and lots of lovely presents - an Amazon Fire stick; a floral DAB radio; perfume; chocolates;  a bottle of wine; some earrings; new pretty knickers (much needed!) a beautiful box; perfumes; a CD and a very special scarf printed with  bloggers including me - see below.

    On Friday, I did another morning at the Red Cross shop as the manager is off sick and they needed more volunteers. I don't mind the odd extra shift now and again. The day flew by before I knew it and I managed to sort a lot of the jewellery and get it out on to the shop floor.

    Top, jeans and jewellery charity shopped. Jacket bought in a sale at Beales (a local department store now taken over by the Co-op). Boots; Christmas 2016 present from daughter.

    I bought the earrings this week on my Wednesday rummage; 1.49 from the Heart Foundation. All the jewellery including the watch is charity shopped.

    That's been my week - how was yours?

              February is flying by        

    Hello to everyone and I hope you are all keeping warm! February seems to be flying by; we're almost half way through. January dragged.

    I went out on Sunday morning to recce Wednesday's walk. It was cold, damp and very foggy. After about three miles I realised that I couldn't see any landmarks and that the fog was getting thicker; I had to turn back. I walked 6.8 miles and was glad to get home. It stayed cloudy, cold and foggy all day.

    This is what I changed into when I got back. Everything is charity shopped. The animal print top is a 50 p rail bargain. I'm still looking for the perfect animal print shirt with long sleeves...

    I woke up on Monday with the lurgy.  Middle grandson had it last week and he'd given it to me. I have had a drippy nose, cough, aches and pains all week; I felt yucky but I went in to the Red Cross on Monday. I'm still sorting and pricing clothes; as I'm waiting for a PIN number to arrive in the post that I need to work the till. I've been allocated a special area in the shop for attention and it's the jewellery. Hooray!  I enjoy untangling necklaces and sorting out the wheat from the chaff...

    On my way home from the Red Cross, I passed the Salvation Army charity shop and on the 50 p rail outside spotted the grey checked shirt below. It was washed and ironed and I wore it on Tuesday.

    I went to the Guildhouse on Tuesday morning. More sorting and pricing of clothes and I did an hour's ironing! I don't think I've ironed for so long since my children were small and I used to do the Sunday evening marathon iron of everybody's clothes for the week...I bought an emerald green cardigan in the sale there for £1.25, but it's a little bit too big. I really wanted an emerald green cardigan so I might try and wash it on a hotter than usual wash and even tumble dry it and see if it shrinks a bit

    Everything charity shopped except the boots which were donated by my daughter (DDB).
    Red jeans and grey knitted top both by Oasis. All jewellery charity shopped. I didn't realise how bobbly the top had got....

     I went to recce the walk again on Tuesday afternoon. It was the most glorious day. The sun shone and it was so warm I had to take my jacket off; although it was very muddy, boggy and even waterlogged in places. The air was full of bird song, cheeps, calls and trills and the hum of insects. You could feel Spring in the air.

    On Wednesday, I did my walk leader's bit and for the first time decided to use my walking poles which were a birthday present from my daughter last year. I found the poles quite easy to use and they do work your upper arms and shoulders. I'm still aching days later - or is that the lurgy? 

     There were 22 of us walkers in total and all was going well. Then one of my poles decided to extend itself and I fell flat on my face! My pride was hurt but I was fine. I had mud on my scarf, mud on my jacket and mud on my trousers. My hands were covered in thick mud where I had put them out to break my fall. It's a good job I hadn't put my wrists through the loops on the poles otherwise I may have fallen more awkwardly and hurt myself. Luckily, one of the walker's had wet wipes (a woman of course - I just couldn't see any of our male walkers carrying wet wipes with them) and I was able to get most of the mud off my hands. As for the other stuff it was all put in the machine when I got home and washed.

    Everyone said they enjoyed the walk; one person said they wanted to re-walk it another day which I take as a compliment. We were lucky with the weather as the sun came out. Since last Sunday, I've walked more than 20 miles and I hope to do another 7 mile walk next Sunday if the weather holds.

    This is what I wore on Wednesday.
    The necklace was recently bought in a Devon Age UK charity shop for £2.00. The earrings were bought from Debenhams about eight years ago when they had a 'two for a fiver' offer on their costume jewellery.

    The shirt is by Punt Roma; the jeans are Laura Ashley - both charity shopped and the cardigan was a Christmas 2015 present from OH. Bangles charity shopped.

    Boots are DDB.

    On Thursday I went to spend the day with my friend Natalie in Cambridge. We had planned to look around the charity shops and go somewhere for a meal. Natalie is extremely talented at up cycling furniture and she has been up cycling my bureau which I left with her the last time I visited. When I got to her house this time it was finished!

    Isn't it lovely? She had also up cycled a very small table in the same colour and pattern which I'll put my printer on - and she recovered an upright chair in similar patterned material. My study is now a haven for me to read, crochet, listen to the radio and write my blog. I just need a very small armchair to complete it... 

    Everything is charity shopped except the boots which were a Christmas 2016 present from my daughter. The jacket is by Boden and was charity shopped in the Red Cross a few months back for £1.99. I like the pleated collar. The tunic is by Fat Face and was from the Red Cross for £1.99. For warmth,  I layered a camisole from  Lidl underneath. The jeans are from Next but can't remember which charity shop.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    It was bitterly cold in Cambridge.
    I bought three green Virago books in the RSPCA bookshop; a picture for the spare bedroom; some glasses - we keep breaking glasses at the moment -  a pair of earrings, a necklace and a pair of ear phones for grandson all in the Salvation Army.  Note, I didn't buy any clothes! 
    Natalie picked up a three cornered children's chair and a side table on wheels; both to be up cycled.

    On Saturday, OH and I went rummaging in Northampton.  OH hadn't been rummaging for a while and was missing it; so ever obliging as I am, I went with him... We hadn't been to Northampton for more than a year. The only things I really wanted were: 1) A brown animal print shirt. 2) Another yellow cardigan - my present one is not very warm.

    Saturday was a horrible day. Grey, cold and very misty/foggy. Northampton was relatively quiet as a result of the weather. We visited 10 charity shops in total and I found nothing on my list.

    Everything charity shopped except the boots which were a Christmas present from my daughter in 2016. Knitted tunic from Esmara (Lidl), M&S jeans, top; Dorothy Perkins.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    I bought some clothes (oh dear!); a pair of Next jeans from the £1.00 rail in the Sue Ryder shop -  and a lovely tunic which I paid £6.00 in Age UK for; as I really liked it. I also bought a necklace (£1.99) in the Heart Foundation shop and two pairs of earrings at £1.00 each in Age UK. It will be back to no rummaging next week as I'm trying to go only once a month now. It won't be too long before I go to Ireland again... I've had a blip this month because of going to Cambridge as well as Northampton, but in March, probably around my birthday I'll have another rummage in a different town. You never know I might even get taken away for the weekend somewhere!

    I believe the weather will be getting milder in the week to come so let's hope it does and that we see even more signs of Spring. I'm also hoping that the lurgy will have gone and I'll be back to my normal self - whatever that is!

              I've been wearing prints all week        
    Mondays are always busy for me. Often the youngest grandson stays on Sunday night and I have to get him ready, breakfast and then do the school run. Then it's back to get ready and off to the Red Cross from 9.30 to 1pm. I usually have a few things to pick up in town when I've finished there then I go home and have some lunch and do some chores. Before I know it, it's time to pick the children up from school. I didn't get to sit down on Monday until 5 pm!

    All jewellery charity shopped except watch, Christmas present 2016 and earrings which are from Sainsburys.

    This is the coral cardigan I bought from the Red Cross last week for £1.99. It's from Monsoon.

    Jeans, M&S; Top, George. All bought at the Red Cross. Boots; Christmas present 2015 or 2014.

    Tuesday was foodbank in the morning. I worked so hard I was actually sweating - although I did have a jumper, a thick cardigan and gloves on! After the foodbank I spent much of the afternoon sorting out kitchen stuff for eldest grandson who has moved to a new place in London. I went into town to look for a few extra bits for him and managed to get them in Poundland and in a couple of charity shops. I was very good and bought nothing in the way of clothes for me! I now have three bags of kitchen stuff waiting to be collected...

    I have finished 'A Harp in Lowndes Square' by Rachel Ferguson. It was quite a strange novel but really enjoyable; I do like this author and have another two books of hers waiting to be read; one of which is a Persephone book. I've only managed three books this month as I've been crocheting. If I want to achieve more books read this year than last I need to get on with it. I should save the crocheting for when I'm watching TV.

    I've been wearing animal prints quite a lot this week. In the picture above which was Wednesday's outfit I'm wearing an M&S blue animal print cardigan over black cords and a denim shirt. All charity shopped. I'm all crumpled because these photos were taken just before bed.

    The boots are also charity shopped.

    All jewellery charity shopped. The earrings were bought in Devon last weekend for a £1.00.

    I went walking on Wednesday as well as walking around town doing errands like renewing my parking permit. I walked about 7 miles in total. I'm also walking on Friday  - as bus walk from Milton Ernest back to Bedford. I just hope it doesn't rain!

    This coat is vintage - I think. There is no label; not even a care label. It is so reminiscent of coats from the 1960s; they sometimes also had a detachable fur collar and often the buttons were huge. My mum had one. I bought this in Devon at the weekend for £3.00.

    It has  a very musty smell unfortunately which I'm trying to eradicate. I had it hanging on the line all day and I sprayed it with what I thought was Febreze - only it wasn't. It was Febreze air freshener! The next thing to try is to steam it with my hand held steamer.

    On Thursday I took the youngest grandson for his UV treatment at the hospital. He suffers from eczema and the treatment is really helping his skin. I took him to school and then went and did the food shopping. I didn't need to go Sainsbury's this week just Lidl. I used to do my main shop at Sainsbury's and top up at Lidl. Over the years (since 2002) the balance has now shifted, so I do the bulk of the shopping at Lidl and top up with certain things at Sainsbury's.

    I'm wearing a dress from New Look and an animal print shirt from Per Una at M&S. Both charity shopped in Devon at the weekend. Boots from Sainsbury's; Christmas 2017 present from OH.

    All the jewellery is charity shopped. I bought this necklace in Oxfam in Newport Pagnell early in 2016.

     I did a bus walk on Friday with the Ramblers and walked 7 miles. It is so much more enjoyable walking across fields and through woods and by rivers rather than just road and street walking which is what I've been doing lately. It was muddy but that's only to be expected with all the rain we've had.  I saw a buzzard showing off  its lovely plumage and saw and heard skylarks. I always associate skylarks with Spring but they're here all year  round, I think.

     More animal print today; a tunic from M&S; gilet from  Mc and Co;  both charity shopped. Leggings M&S retail and OTK boots bought on line.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    I have been so good this week. I've bought no clothes at all and have put the following in the charity shop bag; 3 cardigans, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of trousers and 2 tunics. I've sorted out one of my coat/jackets to take to Ireland at Easter as I have a replacement one now.

    I also had a brainwave this week, so I'll share it with you although you may have been doing it already! I ruin a lot of my tights as my big toes frequently poke holes in the foot (this is despite me cutting my toenails regularly!) There is nothing as uncomfortable as tights with holes in the feet. As I tossed yet another pair of tights in the bin this week, I suddenly thought why not cut the feet off and add socks to cover the missing feet? It works but only if you're wearing boots!

    We went to see my son  on Saturday. It's his 37th birthday on Monday. We all gave him money and a few little extras from me.

    Everything is charity shopped except the OTK boots - online retail. The dress was BNWT and came out of the 49p box at the RSPCA in Sandy earlier this year. They were obviously trying to get rid of their winter dresses. Yes, I'm wearing the mustard jacket again - it goes with lots of my clothes; it's by Country Casuals and was 1.99 at the Red Cross.

    Earrings are old and from Sainsburys about 8 years ago - tiered necklace 50p from Red Cross charity shop. Bangles, ring and brooch all charity shopped.

    I've got tomorrow and next Tuesday afternoon to recce my walk for the Ramblers on Wednesday. I just hope the rain keeps off. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

              Away for the weekend        

    If Lidl has these flowers (Alstromerias) in, I always buy them. This double bunch was bought on 22nd December and lasted for four weeks!

    Monday's OOTD
    This is what I wore at the Red Cross where I volunteer.

    All jewellery charity shopped except watch.

    Everything charity shopped except boots - bought on line.

    Red jeans; Laura Ashley, cardigan by Faithful and True (!); spotted top by Anthology, bought for 49p in Barnardos last week.

    The contrast in the amount of goods donated to the Red Cross and Save the Children (my previous charity shop) is huge! At Save the Children we often had to keep old stock out as there wasn't much to replace it with. At the Red Cross, when I got in on Monday, there were at least 8 black bin bags of donation to be sorted and tagged; by the time I left three and a half hours later there were a further six bags donated!

    Did I buy anything? Of course! I bought a coral coloured cardigan from Monsoon (it's a colour I don't have) for £1.99;  a tunic for £1.99; a scarf with pearls on it for £1.50 - how could I resist a scarf that has pearls sewn into it? Two fine multi chain necklaces for 50p each and a brooch for 99p. With staff discount it came to just under six pounds!

    Tuesday's OOTD

    I do like this dress. It's colourful and warm, but it's an example of something not suiting me.The shape of the dress is not right for me. It just hangs from my boobs and is sack like; I look like a box on legs! This dress will be consigned to the charity shop bag. It was £1.99 from the Red Cross bought in winter 2015. Goodbye dress...

    Everything is charity shopped except the boots from Sainsbury's and the leggings, also Sainsbury's. The jacket is a 1980s Geiger jacket.

    All jewellery charity shopped except watch.

    This is a really good example of learning what suits (or in this case) - what doesn't; by seeing a photo of me wearing the garment.

    Tuesday was my first proper volunteering day at the Guildhouse. We spent the time sorting out stuff for a forthcoming sale and I even did some ironing! I hate ironing but they don't have a steamer; only a rather spiffy steam iron...

    This was Wednesday's outfit. I didn't really go anywhere except to run some errands in town. I didn't even go for a walk; I can't even remember why!

    I really like this jacket and keep on wearing it. Everything is charity shopped even the boots.

    On Thursday I set off to drive to Devon to visit my friend of fifty odd years. She retired in December and we had a lovely time catching up,  walking, going out for meals and meeting up with her daughter and grandchildren. We also had a marathon charity shopping spree! We visited the charity shops in Tiverton on Friday and on Saturday visited the charity shops in Exmouth. We visited 20 in total!

    This was taken outside the almshouses in Tiverton.
    The coat was bought in the La Redoute sale a few weeks back. Scarf, jewellery and jeans charity shopped. Boots, Christmas 2016 present from daughter.

    The almshouses date from the 14th century. They were built by John Greenway 1460 - 1529.

    This chap was over the door of the almshouses.

    This charity shop marathon is my last until I get to Ireland in April.
    What did I buy? Another coat; vintage I think but no labels at all, £3.00. An animal print shirt M & S; £2.00 (I've been wanting one of these for ages). A blue pinafore type dress £2.25; a red summer skirt £1.00; another scarf, red this time; £1.00. A set of stacking mugs in a container from M&S; £2.50 and lots of jewellery - two pairs of earrings; 4 bangles, two of which are purple and what I've been after for a while; a brooch, a yellow ring and pretty yellow necklace. And finally more padded hangers x 3 and two books!

    This was my outfit on Sunday. I got back from Devon on Sunday afternoon and it rained all the way...

    Everything charity shopped; except the boots Christmas present 2015.

    Wrap green cord trouser; Red Cross £1.00. John Rocha top and M & S shirt. Necklace £1.00;.
     Salvation Army.

    That was my week - how was yours?

              Not a New Year's Resolution        

    I have been getting on really well with my crochet blanket in browns, creams and beiges. I can get on with it if I'm watching TV and it will encourage me to watch more DVDs as I can crochet and watch a screen at the same time, but I can't crochet and read at the same time! I have DVDs I got for Christmas presents years ago that are still in their wrappers so I'm definitely going to make sure they get watched in 2017. It's not a New Year resolution though....

    It was cold on Saturday but at least it was bright and sunny. I walked to Aldi and back again and into to town to pick up a parcel and walked 6.5 miles in total. If I manage to walk again on Sunday I'll have completed my thrice weekly walking plan for the first time this year. I want to try and do this this every week. It's not a New Year's resolution though just a plan I want to carry out...

    On my walk I visited the Beds Garden Carers charity shop where they have a small clothing area upstairs. I bought 3 tops for 50p each; one is a white fitted shirt, another a brown and cream top - I lack brown tops  -and the last item was by Yasmin Le Bon and is a beautiful, white, embroidered sleeveless tunic. It's for my cousin Doirin in Ireland as I think she'll like it.

    I bought this top the first time I ever visited the Bedford Guildhouse charity shop which was last year sometime; but I'd never got round to wearing it. It's by John Rocha and I liked the turquoise and yellow floral print. Jeans also charity shopped, as are the necklace and bangles. The earrings I bought in Topshop in 2002 and the watch was a 2012 Christmas present from daughter.

    Boots from Lidl

    Yellow cardigan online retail; 2015 Christmas present from OH.

    Because this is a blog about (my) real life here's how I looked on Sunday. Same jeans as Saturday; no make up. T shirt charity shopped in Donegal 50 cents; cardigan M&S charity shopped; all jewellery charity shopped.

    I suppose the New Year is a time for reflection on the old year gone out and I thought I'd share some of my thoughts with you about what I've learned since I started blogging. Please feel free to skip this part if you want...

    Thoughts on Blogging in no particular order....

    The blogging world of style/fashion/older style and fashion seems to be filled with incredibly kind, supportive and lovely bloggers most of whom have a terrific sense of humour.

    I had no idea how time consuming blogging would be. Not only do you write and edit the blog, but there's the taking of photographs;  then the uploading of same. Then there's all those wonderful blogs to read and comment on. I doubt I could do this if I worked, so thank goodness I'm retired!

    People like it when you respond to their comments on your blog.

    Taking photographs wearing different outfits has taught me so much about what suits me; what works and what doesn't; what flatters and what doesn't. Sometimes I have a mental image of what an outfit will look like on - and it may look ok in the mirror - but a more objective perspective can be gained by looking at a photograph of me wearing it.

    I've learned that my style and taste in clothes has changed as I've get older.  For example, I've learned to love orange and yellow; avoid mid calf length skirts/dresses and the importance of accessories.

     I've improved my layering skills and learned to try new things; OTK boots for example.

    I spend too much money in the charity shops on clothes.

    It's better to concentrate on quality rather quantity when charity shopping.

    Invest in padded hangers. I buy them whenever I see them in charity shops at reasonable prices.

    As I have  too many  a lot of clothes I've had to organise them so I can see what I have and therefore wear. I organise my clothes by type; blouses/shirts/tops together for example, then by colour. Occasionally, I find something I have no memory of buying and it's been in the wardrobe for ages hidden between things.

    I button at least one button on shirts/blouses when I hang them up to prevent its fellow getting tangled up inside. This is particularly relevant as I have too much a lot  on my rails.

    It doesn't matter how much storage space I have I will find clothes to fill it.

    I usually plan next day's outfit just before I go to bed; although occasionally inspiration strikes sooner - see below. I hang everything up ready for the morning and sometimes I even get the ironing of the outfit done the same evening!

    Sometimes an idea for an outfit pops into my mind, and as I can't rely on my memory I have now started to write them down. So far, I've managed to write down 9 outfit ideas since Saturday 14th January 2017; when I first thought to do this. This will be so useful on those occasions when I think "what the heck can I wear today"?

    This is what I wore to the Red Cross shop on Monday. Everything is charity shopped except the boots which were bought with Christmas vouchers from Debenhams about three Christmases  ago.

    Skirt; £1.00 rail Barnardo's Great Denham; scarf and lace top charity shopped; green cardigan by Benetton; charity shopped years ago.

    Beads, bangles and watch; charity shopped. Earrings, Bedford market.

    You may remember that I was trying to keep track of my spending in the charity shops and did it for the month of November. What I learned from this was that I spend far too much and I really want to cut down.

     I'm going to spend a weekend in Devon with my friend Hilary at the end of January and at Easter I'll be going to Ireland, so I have an incentive to save as much as I can for these two trips. My plan, therefore, is to a) spend only in the Red Cross charity shop or only on the £1.00 rails in any other charity shop; b) don't visit any charity shops on my free afternoons or for a day out - at least not till I get to Devon!

    So today I put my plan into action (note it's not a New Year resolution). I bought a pair of green cords at the Red Cross shop for £1.00. I have a green pair already, but they're a little too short in the leg and have a miniscule hem so I can't let them down. It will be one pair of trousers in and one pair out. At the 3:16 shop which I pass on my way home I bought; a blue and white striped M &S shirt and an Old Navy blue and white pleated skirt for the summer. Both were a £1.00 each.

    On Tuesday I was at the foodbank and went to town in the afternoon. On Wednesday, I walked with the group and we walked 6.5 miles from the village of Clophill to Haynes and back. After the walk we went for a meal to celebrate 20 years of Wednesday walking with the Ivel Valley Walkers. I've been walking for almost three years with this group.

    This is what I changed into in the car after the walk. The top from New Look was one of the 50p tops I bought on Saturday in the Bedford Garden Carer's charity shop.

    Long sleeved brown top F & F, charity shopped. Leggings; M & S, retail; boots Sainsbury's, retail.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    On my way back from the meal I drove through Ampthill so I stopped off and had a look in Barnardo's. I was so proud of myself; I only spent £1.49 and bought a red pair of capri pants for the summer and a blue spotted top.

    Photos by middle grandson
    On Thursday I went out for lunch with my friend, Ann. We had a good catch up. It will be a year this Thursday since her husband had a stroke and she has been caring for him ever since. It was good for her to have a break from the house and usual routine.

    Everything I'm wearing is charity shopped. Boots, leggings, tunic (M&S) and short sleeved cardigan.

    All jewellery charity shopped except earrings; Sainsburys and watch bought with Christmas money from New Look.

    Friday was busy. I took the children to school and the youngest grandson had an assembly which I stayed for. When that was over I went for a 6.5 mile walk. The weather was great; cold 2.5 degrees but very sunny and bright. When I came back I changed then went and did the food shopping (booooring). Picked up children from school then took youngest grandson and his dad home after 5. Then there was dinner to make and finally - chill time!

    A selfie taken after the assembly - specially requested by grandson!

    This is Friday's outfit. Everything charity shopped except boots from Lidl.

    Knitted dress; Dorothy Perkins; probably the Red Cross; shirt unknown but charity shopped in the Red Cross. Wine coloured tights charity shopped somewhere...

    All jewellery charity shopped except watch which was bought in New Look with Christmas money.

    I went to see my son on Saturday and on Sunday I'm  hoping to go for a walk and recce my walk for the Ramblers.

    Everything charity shopped except the OTK boots - on line retail and the watch, New Look and the necklace which was a Christmas present from one of my brothers about five years ago.

    Skirt, M&S; top by Cavita bought in the Mercy in Action Charity shop in Olney last week. Jacket by Country Casuals and bought in the Red Cross for £1.99. Scarf; charity shopped.

    Earrings and bangle charity shopped.

              A week of maxis...        

    We had a lovely Christmas. Why wouldn't we? Lots of nice food, drink and presents, but most of all family.
    We always have fun at Christmas especially when we play charades after dinner. This year even the youngest grandson joined in - and loved playing it - he wasn't half bad either!

    My daughter made a delicious salmon in pastry dish. She usually makes us a Beef Wellington but wanted to do something different this year. We also had turkey and all the trimmings. It was all very good.

    Here we all are mid dinner. Some of us have finished; I've only just sat down. Just can't get everything on the table at the same time... OH is missing because he's putting his dinner in the microwave; he likes everything at nuclear temperature! Daughter is taking the photo. All three grandsons and two of my three brothers. My third brother in London was having a bachelor's 'open house' Christmas!

    I got such lovely presents. A new Paperwhite kindle, new ankle boots, perfume and a Persephone book from my daughter. New long black boots; two 'Furrowed Middlebrow' books and 2 CDs from OH. Eldest grandson bought me another Persephone book and my brothers gave me money. Didn't I do well?

    I drank Sherry, Prosecco, Canadian Club and Ginger Ale and sampled an Amaretto Sour ; courtesy of eldest grandson who mixes a mean cocktail - very moreish...

    This is what I wore on Christmas Day. Dress from the Hospice shop in Kempston; waistcoat from Zara also charity shopped. Boots; Christmas present from OH.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    Day 1 - Maxi Challenge

    This is the skirt I bought in Barnardo's, Great Denham for £1.00.

    Cardigan and boots charity shopped.

    Green top Primarni; headscarf present from my friend in Cambridge.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    By Tuesday I was going stir crazy. I hadn't been out of the house on Christmas Day or Boxing Day; only to drop middle grandson home so I took youngest grandson to Sainsbury's. One of the Great Uncles had given the youngest grandsons a bag of coins; when we changed it up in the coin machine it gave them £15.00 each to spend! Another Christmas present and Christmas is already over. Lucky kids!

    Day 2 - Maxi Challenge

     I tried wearing a belt with this maxi.

    Everything is charity shopped except the boots which are light brown with metal bits round the toe; a Christmas present from my daughter this year. The skirt is by Country Casuals; t shirt M&S 50p in a Donegal charity shop;  cable pattern cardigan; Red Cross shop probably, but really can't remember. Belt charity shopped about 10 years ago.

    Necklace charity shopped in the Oxfam shop; Bedford. The earrings are 99p from e bay.

    Day 3 - Maxi Challenge

    On Wednesday OH and I went rummaging. I hoped the charity shops would all be open but I guessed some wouldn't reopen until after the New Year.  We went to Hitchin, Hertfordshire, a market town, and also to Ampthill; a small market town in Bedfordshire.

    My goodness wasn't it cold! I woke up to frost everywhere and the water in the bird's' bowl had frozen. I feed the birds everyday. I'm even more vigilant during the cold weather months and always leave out drinking water. I really should have worn trousers! The temperature was -05 degrees when we set off for a rummage around the charity shops. It warmed up to 2 degrees and then dropped again by the time we got home. Out of seven charity shops in Hitchin only two were closed.

    It's hard to put outerwear over maxi skirts. I'd planned to wear my brown leather jacket but it was too cold. I wish I still  had my brown corduroy maxi coat that I bought in 1970 from Bus Stop. It would have been perfect to wear over this skirt!

    Jacket, River Island from Red Cross, £1.99; scarf, Save the Children; £1.00, beret; can't remember where.

    I've had this navy jersey type M&S skirt for about 9 or 10 years. I used to have a bottle green one, too, but ruined it by getting it caught in the wheel of my bike when I used to ride my bike to work. I also have a similar black skirt, but from BHS. All were charity shopped.

    Top by Canda - an old C & A brand; charity shopped in Save the Children, recently. Wool jacket by Gilbert; from Barnardo's, Great Denham. Boots - DDB (daughter donated boots).

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    About two weeks ago I bought yet another strand of orange beads for £1.00;  now I like to wear the three strands together!

    In Hitchin, I bought 4 pairs of earrings for £3.50 in the Hospice shop and Cancer Research; three balls of wool at 50p each; also in the Hospice shop and an animal print top for £1.50 and a knitted angel boiled egg cosy for 30p - everyone needs a boiled egg cosy, don't you know!  In Age UK, I bought a ring for £1.99. In an antique/curio shop I bought some black beads for £1.50.  Total  spend in Hitchin, £10.29 . In Ampthill; the sale was still on at Barnardo's. In fact, they had reduced quite a lot of the stuff to 49p! I bought two double sized duvet sets with matching pillowcases, each for 49p. One set was brand new - it still had the stiffening product in it that they use in new bed linen. I also bought a pair of orange and black loose trousers for 49p; a pale grey Next top for 99p; a black Next jacket - never worn, 49p; a black and white striped blouse for 99p and a pair of bootcut jeans for 49p. Total spend here £4.45. Then I spent another £1.50 in the RSPCA on two books and a new make up bag. Total day's spend £16.24.

    Go on - you know you want one!

    Day 4 - Maxi Challenge

    On Thursday I finally got out for a walk and did 6.3 miles. I hadn't walked for two weeks and was feeling both lazy and guilty. Once I started walking I was fine and realised how much I'd missed my regular walks. On Friday, there is a nine mile bus walk; I'm up for it but it is an earlyish start, and one of the things I enjoy about the holidays is there is no need to get up early. I'll just have to see how I feel on Friday morning...

    This black Next corduroy skirt is about 5 or 6 years old and was charity shopped. The striped blouse by Peepers was bought in Wednesday's rummage at Barnardo's (99p) as was the light grey Next top (99p). Boots, old; Christmas present from my daughter. Middle grandson is on the sofa with his trusty laptop - hence the trailing flex.

    All jewellery charity shopped.

    I did the usual food shopping on Thursday and the bargain of the day was a £4.00 box of Christmas crackers for 40p in Sainsbury's! They're going up  in the loft ready for next year. Sainsbury's also had lots of packs of Christmas gift tags for 10p a packet, but we still have two large unopened packs of gift tags bought in the sales last year. I also bought  a reduced tin of shortbread biscuits (£1.50) and mince pies (40p) per packet.

    Day 5 - Maxi challenge

    Friday was such a miserable, cold and foggy day. I didn't go walking but am determined to go on Saturday afternoon as there is a 6.5 mile walk in Houghton Conquest which is about 6 miles outside of Bedford.

    What I did do was to go to Bedford and spend my Christmas money. I'd already spent some of it on a fur coat on line. It's not my perfect coat; I am still looking for that one, but I needed a warm short coat. I have a Parka coat but that is a bit too casual sometimes. In Bedford I bought some perfume and soap in TK Maxx - I do love scented soap and prefer to use soap rather than shower gel. I also bought myself a new watch from New Look. Christmas money spent; I returned home to make soup and read one of my Christmas books.

    In today's maxi and long cape I felt like a Victorian governess! The pure wool cape is from Ist Avenue bought for £1.99 in the Red Cross shop. Leather gloves charity shopped.

    Maxi skirt; part of a cardigan suit charity shopped in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland. I've worn the matching cardigan separately, last seen here. Shirt and cardigan both from Red Cross shop. Boots, Christmas present from OH this year.

    All jewellery charity shopped. The earrings were bought on Wednesday in Hitchin in the Cancer Research shop.

    I'm glad the week of maxi's is finished; I can't wait to wear a pair of trousers.
    So far with these challenges, I have worn a week each of; skirts, cardigans, shirts, dresses, trousers and maxis. I don't have enough maxi dresses to do a week of those so I think I might go for a week of stripes, spots and checks for next week. In fact, I've edited this to say that I'll do a week of patterns next week and the stripes, spots and checks for the week after.

     The challenges keep me thinking of different outfits to create and helps give little worn items a wear. That in turn, helps me assess whether or not, I want to keep it and if I don't means more space in my wardrobe. I have also got rid of several clothing items this week so I'm not feeling too guilty about those I've purchased.

    What are you all doing for New Year's Eve? I've got both grandsons New Year's Eve so we'll see the New Year in with them. I'll see you all in 2017!

    I'll leave you with a look at all my lovely Christmas book presents...

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              Smertefull Pepperkakehusfødsel        

    I Ã¥r som i fjor, og som Ã¥ret før der røk Blomsterstjernen til i et heseblesende peppekakehus-prosjekt ogsÃ¥ denne gang. Da mÃ¥ det vel kunne kalles en tradisjon?  Dog en tradisjon i utvikling. For det startet sÃ¥ uskyldig med drømmen om Ã¥ bake et av verdens minste pepperkakehus. Du vet sÃ¥nne minipepperkakehus som fÃ¥r plass i fyrstikkesker, ring-esker og sÃ¥pebobler? SÃ¥ vokste det litt Ã¥r for Ã¥r. I fjor hadde maxi-mini-pepperkakehuset endatil vokst seg ut av bÃ¥de glasskuppel og kakefat. Og i Ã¥r? Ja sÃ¥ mÃ¥tte jo pepperkakehuset selvsagt bli enda litt mer voluminøst. Det er jo akkurat det som er selve tradisjonen... Å overgÃ¥ seg selv.

    Det siste Ã¥ret har Blomsterstjernen blitt helt hektet pÃ¥ tanken om husbygging, ikke bare i pepperkakeland, men ogsÃ¥ i virkeligheten. Han drømmer rett og slett om Ã¥ tegne og bygge sitt eget hus, han mangler bare tomten. Som aller helst skal være bÃ¥de stor og koselig, flat og bratt, ha morgensol og kveldssol, enorm utsikt og ingen innsikt, med bÃ¥de sjølinje og høyfjells-natur. Tomten mÃ¥ være bÃ¥de østvendt, sørvendt, vestvendt og nordvendt, godkjent og byggeklar og aller helst ligge midt pÃ¥ LandÃ¥s. Samtidig mÃ¥ ikke tomten ligge i et byggefelt og selvsagt skal den være til salgs for en latterlig billig penge... Glemte jeg Ã¥ si at den godt kan inneholde en gammel frukthage med store epletrær? Sitter du pÃ¥ en slik tomt? Kontakt meg gjerne...

    Men Blomsterstjernen innser nå at eneste tomten som noenlunde innfrir hans krav (bortsett fra de økonomiske og plangodkjente) er et par tusen hekto-dekar av Ulrikens topp...

    Eneste aktuelle tomt ligger midt i på bildet: 1000 dekar med sjølinje, høyfjell og 360 graders utsikt.

    Som følge av denne svært sÃ¥ vage husbyggerdrømmen har Blomsterstjernen lekt seg med arkitektoniske verktøy og konstruert mangfoldige drømmehus (for ham selv). Tanken var derfor: "hvorfor ikke sette et av disse arkitektoniske vidunderne ut i live som pepperkakehus?" 

    Valget falt på den aller siste konstruksjon - skreddersydd for en trekantet tomt. Et stort hovedhus med soveromsfløy på loftet og alle bruksrom samt utleiedel i første etasje. Med 60 kvadrats stue og kjøkken i eget utbygg, med høy takrygg og utsikt i alle tenkelige retninger. Fint på papiret ihvertfall.

    Hus-maler i skala 1:66 printet direkte ut fra Google Sketch-up.

    Ved hjelp av stødig skalpellføring transformeres mal for mal til autentiske pepperkakedeigkopier

    Et godt triks er å dyppe kniven i litt olje når man skjærer ut. Da slipper den deigen lettere.

    Etter utskjæringer er det lurt å jevne over kantene med en oljetilgriset kniv

    Ca 12 timer senere var vinduene utskjærte og kakene klare for steking

    Men det man helt hadde glemt er at pepperkakedeig er akkurat som oss mennesker. Den perfekte malen man ser i starten av 20-årene har en lei tendens til å ese ut på de mest utenkelige steder etterhvert som man runder 40, 50, 60 og 70... år (eller grader Celsius)...

    (Et godt tips: Skal man velge kjæreste er det en god idé å studere moren og faren før man slår til... Da vet man noenlunde hva man kan forvente seg om 20-30-40 år)

    Tilbake i pepperkakeverden. Blomsterstjernen trodde nemlig han var smart ved å benytte ferdiglaget pepperkakedeig fra Rema 1000 til husbyggerprosjektet sitt. Men det viste seg å være VELDIG feil! Deigen var tydeligvis stappet med bakepulver og natron til langt oppetter ørene... De nøyaktig tilmålte malene este ut som de verste sofagriser og måtte fettsuges og finkappes rett etter steking for gjøre huset noenlunde byggbart...

    Fettsugd pepperkakevegg - avkappet ut-est overflødig pepperkakemasse

    I Ã¥r skulle det ogsÃ¥ debuteres med gelatinvinduer. Det hørtes jo sÃ¥ lett ut..? Bare til Ã¥ lime platene rett pÃ¥ baksiden av pepperkakeveggene. Men alle som har jobbet med smeltet farin vet vel hvor umÃ¥telig vanskelig dette er! Sukkeret klisser og størkner lenge før man er klar. 

    Blomsterstjernen prøvde derfor en ny oppskrift denne gang. Et oppkok av sukker tilsatt vann, uten at det gav den helt store opplevelsen. Enten størknet det for sent, eller så utkrystalliserte det seg for fort. Resultatet var at vinduene hang og slang og måtte reddes med litt lys sirup. Til neste år bruker man tape!!!

    Gelatinering - Et helsikkens prosjekt!

    Det ble også utprøvd en ny type melisglasur, kjent som Royal Icing. Stivpisket eggehvite med melis og sitron. Den var langt sterkere enn vanlig melis men klarte likevel ikke stå for egen maskin i løse luften...

    Joda. Gelatinvinduene som skulle ta i mot sprossene falt av, samtidig som den 6 mnd gamle babyen hylskrek i bakgrunnen... Kjempe stemning!

    Selvfølgelig var Blomsterstjernen "alenepappa" til 3 akkurat denne kvelden da huset skulle danderes. Midt i sukkersmelting, liming og banning (og steking) nektet den 6 mnd gamle å sove, med påfølgende hylskriking, mens de "store" barna våknet og ville på do, ha vann, og sang, og kos, og eventyr. Fra en pappa tilgriset av utgnidd melis, svidd sukker og smeltet gelatin. Gode forhold i bakken!

    Stemningen ble ikke akkurat bedre da far så seg selv i speilet...

    En SVÆRT fargerik bakepus...
    Ikke rart barna ikke fikk sove?

    Men det var, som alltid før, bare til å bite tennene sammen og prøve å få de misformede bitene til å passe sånn noenlunde sammen og heller kamuflere skavankene med STORE doser snø og melisglasur. (Vi merker oss det ironiske ordspillet: "glad-sur")

    Til tross for at taket på utbygget hadde vokst minst like ukontrollert som øyenbrynene på en 80-åring, minnet det da fremdeles om et hus?

    Og etter et kraftig snøfall forsvant de fleste spor av mangelfull konstruksjon...

    Full fyr i stue og kjøkken! Så varmt at taket begynner å sige?

    Om man myser kan man faktisk se mini-Blomsterstjernen bake minipeppekakehus inne bak melis og gelatin?

    Og inne bak kjøkkenvinduene utspiller det seg en ellevill bloggefest med samtlige 137 følgere tilstede!
    Nordsiden av huset er preget av svært lokale doser "pølse-snø". 

    Å bygge pepperkakehus er vel omtrent som å føde? Det gjør fryktelig vondt der og da, men med tid og stunder så glemmer man både utfordringene, smertene og banningen...

    Men for at forløpet skal gå så smidig som mulig for seg til neste år, har Blomsterstjernen laget en huskeliste:

    (Note to self and others)
    1. Sett av en uke til prosjektet. Ta fri fra jobb, send koner og barn på anstalt under bygningsarbeidet.
    2. Lag pepperkakedeigen selv, UTEN bakepulver eller natron. Gjerne med utgangspunkt i denne.
    3. Ikke lag for avanserte maler med innhukk og krimskrams.
    4. Fukt malene forsiktig med matolje, feks vha en svamp. Da er de lettere å fjerne før steking.
    5. Dypp kniven i matolje slik at den hele tiden glir lett gjennom deigen.
    6. Bak deigen ut rett på bakepapir. Klipp deretter ut huselementene og samle på ett brett etterpå.
    7. Lag vinduene litt større enn tiltenkt slik at det også blir plass til melis-vinduskarm inne i selve vindurammen. Da blir det finere.
    8. Stek på relativt lav temperatur 160-180 grader. Ca 12 min.
    9. Sjekk pepperkake-veggene opp mot malen rett etter steking for om mulig skjære bort overflødig materiale. Juster også vinduene som har en tendens til å ese innover.
    10. Fest gelatinvinduene med tape eller sirup. (påfør sirup vha sugerør)
    11. Åshild har et godt alternativ til gelatin: "Knus sukkertøydrops i den fargen du ønsker og fyll i vindushullene. Dette smelter i stekeovnen og fyller ut rammen. Etter avkjøling stivner det til dropsvinduer"
    12. Bruk Royal Icing istedenfor vanlig melis.
    13. Bruk smeltet sukker til å sette sammen husveggene, men få HJELP av naboens nabo.
    14. Evt følg tips fra Cecilie: "Smeltede Smørbukk-karameller gir et perfekt superlim som man kan putte inn i alle sprekker uten å svi av seg fingrene. I tillegg er det også nesten pepperkakefarget."
    15. Bruk LED-lys inne i huset for å unngå brann...
    Jaja. Etter mye om og men kom Blomsterstjernen seg likevel i mål - også i år! Og når man demper lyset og myser ganske så kraftig så ser det også ganske så hjemmekoselig ut inne i "drømmehuset/mareritthuset". Men det spørs likevel om Blomsterstjernen ville gått for akkurat denne husmodellen i virkeligheten. Utbygget ble kanskje for vulgært? Så sånn sett hadde prosjektet også sin funksjon.

    God natt! Nå må dere huske å slukke LED-lyset der inne?

    Lærdommen er at det nok er LANGT lettere å bygge med hammer, spiker og justert trevirke enn pepperkakedeig, sukker og kniv...

    Ønsker med dette alle som ikke har bygget årets pepperkakehus enda lykke til!
    (dere kan trenge det)

    Del gjerne flere gode pepperkakehustriks i kommentarfeltet her!

              Mini-pepperkakehus i maxiformat        

    Tradisjonen tro, ihvertfall siden i fjor, var Blomsterstjernen plent nødt til å snekre opp et ørlite mini-pepperkakehus også i år. Det knøttlille minihuset fra i fjor var nemlig så inderlig søtt, både i smak og utseende, at suksessen rett og slett bare måtte gjentas. Men som dere vet, så har mannfolk en lei tendens til å til stadighet skulle prøve å overgå seg selv? Som oftest med mer eller mindre hell...

    SÃ¥ ogsÃ¥ denne gang. I Ã¥r skulle nemlig Blomsterstjernen ironisk nok prøve Ã¥ bygge et enda større mini-pepperkakehus... Lite betydde det at det antageligvis var den pikkyrende lille størrelsen som var hele sjarmen med fjorÃ¥rets kassasuksess? Jaja. Han om det...

    NÃ¥r man skal bygge mini-pepperkakehus er det ytterst viktig med gode forhold i bakken! Ingen baktrekk, ingen sidevind og absolutt ikke sug i sporet... Klok av skade ventet Blomsterstjernen derfor pÃ¥ den rette anledning før han gjenopptok driften av sitt eget lille pepperkake-entreprenørfirma.

    Her var det med andre ord bare Ã¥ vente til barna var meget godt i seng... Alt blir nemlig sÃ¥ mye lettere med lukket kjøkkendør, sovende barnefingre og kritiske koneblikk godt forankret til Grace Anatomy (eller "Grace and Atomy" som Blomsterstjernen innbiller seg at det heter?). Først da er det silkeføre i bakken! Først da tenner fader 1000 lys. Han strammer til Blomsterstjernemasken og vips ligger pepperkakeverden for hans føtter... Juleklassikere fra Frank Sinatra og Bing Crosby runger over kjøkkenet pÃ¥ lavt volum. 

    Ettersom Blomsterstjernen har fÃ¥tt grei beskjed av Bloggurat om at han nÃ¥ har brukt opp 99,99999% av deres bokstav- & tegn-kvote velger han i dag Ã¥ fortelle historien med bilder istedenfor ord. Men som vi alle vet kan jo ett bilde si mer enn 1000 ord? Blomsterstjernen høyner derfor med hele 14 bilder? For ikke Ã¥ si 14.000 komprimerte ord:

    Minipepperkakehuset ble kanskje ikke like yndig og søtt som i fjor? Men det ble iallfall større! Og glasuren var kanskje heller ikke like lekker som i fjor? Men det ble ihvertfall dobbelt sÃ¥ mye! Veggene stÃ¥r kanskje ogsÃ¥ litt mer pÃ¥ snei enn i fjor? Det gjør ingenting. Her gjelder det bare Ã¥ kamuflere virkeligheten. Pakke den litt inn. Man skylder pÃ¥ barna... 

    Og vips står man med en nydelig pepperkake-kirke, godt kamuflert bak litt granbar og noen stearinlys.

    God Jul!

    Julehilsener til alle mine gode bloggvenner!

    P.S. Jeg har allerede fått tusenvis av spørsmål som følge av manglende bildetekst. Her er noen av svarene: Pepperkake-malene ble tegnet i Powerpoint, printet og klippet ut. Vindusprossene er laget av tilpassede fyrstikker lagt i kryss. Limet er smeltet sukker. Motivet er Landås Kirke...

    P.P.S. Send meg gjerne linker av andre mer elle mindre vellykkede pepperkakehus produsert av deres eget entreprenørfirma.

              Be Frank with Me        
    Title: Be Frank with Me Author: Julia Claiborne Johnson Publisher: William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2016 Summary/Review: After years of being reclusive, the once famous author M.M. Banning (a.k.a. Mimi) finds herself in financial trouble and commits to writing another book. The editor sends his assistant, Alice Whitley, to keep tabs on Mimi […]
              Computerized Plans        
    Our computerized blueprints are accurate and complete.  Stretch your imagination with your own design or choose from one of our stock plans. We offer a variety of logs and methods of construction including Post & Beam, Butt & Pass, Dovetail, and Swedish Cope – This unique method of construction provides the ultimate in structural strength. [...]
              Nanopatterning technique records structural colour at low cost        
    New method combining nanoimprint and optical patterning allows long-term archiving of information in an obsolescence-proof form.
              Nanopatterning technique records structural colour at low cost        
    New method combining nanoimprint and optical patterning allows long-term archiving of information in an obsolescence-proof form.
              Fructe si legume proaspete VS congelate. Proaspat nu inseamna intotdeauna mai bun!        
    Fructele si legumele se numara printre cele mai sanatoase alimente pe care le poti manca. Fiecare dintre ele are un continut generos de vitamine, minerale si antioxidanti, elemente cheie pentru o buna functionare a organismului. Stim cu totii ca este recomandat sa mancam cat mai multe fructe si legume proaspete, insa produsele proaspete nu sunt […]
              Europe Summit Aims to Revive Lost Momentum Toward Unity         

    WITH public opinion soured on the merits of European unity, European Community leaders hope to ``relaunch Europe'' with a special summit tomorrow celebrating ratification of the long-awaited Maastricht Treaty.

    ``It's important to get the public thinking in terms of Europe again,'' says one Belgian Foreign Ministry official.

    But the celebration risks being seen as irrelevant by much of the public it targets, as Europeans worry about record-high unemployment, challenges to their infant-to-elder social-welfare system, and instability on the continent's eastern borders.

    ``In Germany, at least, people are thinking about their job security, while published opinion is wondering about the future course of Russia, and neither one sees how the EC can have a major impact on those concerns,'' says Josef Janning, deputy director of the research group on Europe at the University of Mainz in Germany. ``People are seeing such issues less in European and more in national terms.''

    The Maastricht Treaty, an ambitious blueprint for providing the EC with a monetary union and a common foreign and security policy by the latter part of the decade, was supposed to have been ratified and the process of its implementation begun in January 1992. That the treaty was not fully ratified until this month, when the German constitutional court finally approved it, provides a measure of the public doubt about Maastricht's goals.

    In the two-year delay, Maastricht was battered by an initial outright rejection by Danish voters in a referendum, plus rough ratification battles in Britain and France. The European currency crises of October 1992 and this past summer mocked the monetary union goal, while the EC's weak and disjointed response to the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina posed deep questions about the feasibility of a common foreign policy. Operation `restore stature'

    Tomorrow's summit, held in Brussels, is a German-French initiative to try to restore both Maastricht's and Europe's public stature. But even in France, where regard for the Community runs high, doubts are strong about what this summit can accomplish.

    ``No one should expect much of anything concrete out of this summit,'' says Phillipe Moreau-Defarges, an EC specialist at the French Institute of International Relations in Paris. ``There's too much division among the EC countries for decisions to be made.''

    One possible area of action that Mr. Moreau-Defarges cites provides a good example of the Community's current lack of a common vision. The summit could give a new boost to earlier economic ``growth initiatives'' that have had trouble getting off the ground, he says.

    Elsewhere in Europe, where public spending is already causing record debts, and where skepticism is strong over the actual impact of large public-works programs, enthusiasm for such proposals is slight.

    ``The German public is definitely not in favor of this kind of centralized program to rebuild Europe's economic strength,'' Dr. Janning says. ``People in Ireland or Portugal may see Brussels [EC headquarters] as a guarantor or creator of jobs,'' he adds, since those countries receive substantial EC development funds, ``but they certainly don't in Germany.''

    Germany and France also had wanted to take up another issue at the summit: Community institutional reforms. The larger countries feel their power is too limited by the generally equal rights of smaller members, and concern is growing that the Community's enlargement to include three or four new small members by 1995 will further tilt the balance and generally render the Community more bureaucratic and plodding. Putting off reform

    German proposals for streamlining the EC administration met with staunch resistance from small members, and reform will likely be put on hold until the next EC treaty review in 1996.

    To demonstrate that Maastricht is now in force, EC leaders are expected to prepare the next stage of economic and monetary union by launching the European Monetary Institute, ``embryo'' of a future European central bank. The institute's location in Germany is likely to be approved, a move that could open the way for decisions on the placement of several other new EC institutions, including a patent office and environmental agency.

    Still, there is a lingering feeling that Maastricht, negotiated in 1990, is a treaty already left behind by European events. ``By spring of next year we may very well have a new imperial Russia to contend with, something never imagined when Maastricht was written,'' Janning says. ``Economies are seen more in national terms. [Community] leaders will have to work hard,'' he adds, ``to demonstrate that Maastricht is relevant in these conditions.''

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              Michael Saenger        

    Michael Saenger, associate professor of English, wrote a review of The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, vol. 1, Cheap Print in Britain and Ireland to 1660 that appeared in the most recent issue of Notes and Queries, a publication of Oxford University Press.

              Erro Printf        
    Topic: Erro Printf

    Author: janainaoliveira
    Replies: 3
    Exibitions: 6
    Last Message: walt13xd
              Epson WorkForce WF-2010W inkjetprinter        

    Normale prijs: € 69,95

    Aanbiedingsprijs: € 63,95

              Brother DCP-1610W multifunctional        

    Normale prijs: € 119,95

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              Brother HL-1212W 2400 x 600DPI A4 Wi-Fi Zwart, Wit laser-/ledprinter        

    Normale prijs: € 104,95

    Aanbiedingsprijs: € 96,95

              Brother HL-L2300D        

    Normale prijs: € 89,00

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              HP LaserJet Color Professional CP5225 printer        

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              HP PageWide Pro 777z multifunctionele printer        

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              HP OfficeJet 3833 All-in-One printer        

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              Inglewood Open Studios
Tour Celebrates Its Tenth Year! Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 13, 2016. 12pm-5pm        

    Inglewood Open Studios Celebrates its Tenth Year! Saturday, November 12th and Sunday November 13,2016 12pm - 5pm

    For Immediate Release:  

     Inglewood Open Studios
Tour Celebrates Its Tenth Year!
    Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 13, 2016. 12pm-5pm
LOS ANGELES, CA – Inglewood has become the fastest growing artist community in Los Angeles. It is also the fastest growing city, undergoing daily changes for and around the NFL stadium, Hollywood Park Casino, along new Metro lines and downtown Inglewood. The tenth annual Inglewood Open Studios tour will showcase the impressive depth and talent of this community on the weekend of November 12-13, from 12:00 to 5:00pm both days. As always, Inglewood Open Studios remains an artist run event, co-organized by local non profit Inglewood Cultural Arts (ICA).

    On both Saturday November 12 and Sunday, November 13, Inglewood artists will open their studios to the public, inviting visitors to personally tour their private working spaces and enjoy art created in all media--drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, photography, print making, installation, video and performance.

    To mark our 10th year anniversary, co-founder Renée Fox will curate a group show of 2016 Inglewood Open Studios artist participants at Residency gallery, a new gallery in Inglewood, managed by Rick Garzon. With its second exhibition about to open, Residency has already had reviews in Contemporary Art Review la (also known as CARLA) and Artillery. The group show will serve as stop #1 on the tour route, and, as a preview of art that can be seen on the tour. Group show dates: Saturday, November 12 through Wednesday, November 16 with a closing reception on November 16 from 6-9PM.

    An official map with Inglewood Open Studios location details will be available online, at Residency gallery and at all artist studio locations on the tour. For additional information on Inglewood Open Studios, including the printable tour map, please visit  www.inglewoodopenstudios.com Free shuttle transportation will also be provided by the City of Inglewood.

    Participating Artists -
    Inglewood Open Studios participants include both established and emerging artists. The 2016 Inglewood Open Studios artists are listed in alphabetical order:

    Adrienne Adar
    Susan Amorde
    Brian Biedul
    Martin Bruinsma
    Kelly Brumfield-Woods
    Darel Carey
    Matthew Carey
    Anne Cheek La Rose
    Joyce Dallal
    Bibi Davidson
    Beth Dubber
    Martin Durazo
    Renee Fox
    Sue Francis
    Calida Garcia Rawles
    Michael Giancristiano
    Nancy Jo Haselbacher
    Shelly Heffler
    Astrelle Johnquest
    Michael Massenburg
    Christopher L. Mercier
    David Newcombe
    Lindsey Nobel
    Kenneth Ober
    Toni Reinis
    Joan Robey
    Alexandra Rose
    Dawn Rosenquist
    Karen Sikie
    Stan Smith
    ZinShu Spock, 
    Ernie Steiner
    Holly Tempo
    Sidney Tuggerson, Jr.
    Ginger Van Hook
    Luke Van Hook
    MonaLisa Whitaker
    Exceptional Children's Foundation (29 artists)

    Inglewood, CA -

    Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2012
    Inglewood, CA -
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook©
    Inglewood is nestled in the center of Los Angeles County. Bordered by the LAX International Airport, it is in close proximity to Otis College of Art and Design and is surrounded by the cities of Culver City, El Segundo, Marina Del Rey, Westchester, and Torrance.

    Inglewood Cultural Arts -
    Inglewood Cultural Arts, Inc. (ICA), functions as fiscal receiver and co-organizer for the Inglewood Open Studios. ICA is an independent, multidisciplinary nonprofit arts organization serving residents of Inglewood and surrounding communities. ICA's mission is to enhance the quality of life in the community by providing diverse cultural arts programs. www.inglewoodculturalarts.org 

    Van Hook Foundation-
    Van Hook Foundation (VHF) is the media sponsor for the Inglewood Open Studios and may be contacted for additional information. 
    VHF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Inglewood and located at the Beacon Arts Building Gallery 1D.
    The Van Hook Foundation’s mission is to promote the merging of fine art and science through the curating, jurying, installation and mounting of artistic, educational and scientific exhibitions for the public and to Promote Visibility of the Local Arts Communities in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  vanhookfoundation.blogspot.com, www.gingervanhook.com, www.lukevanhook.com, gingersartjournal.blogspot.com

    For additional information, please contact press liaison Ginger Van Hook at gingervanhook@gmail.com

              Inglewood Community Garden Thrives with Art, Culture & Music!        
    Inglewood, California  Written by Ginger Van Hook May 20, 2010
            Inglewood Community Garden is a dream students at Morningside High School have realized today with the help of Inglewood City Council member, Ralph L. Franklin of District 4, Teachers and Mentors, Miss Roshondra Woods, World History Teacher, Mr. Shawn Stanton at Morningside High School with Mr. D'Artagnan Scorza, Director at The Social Justice Learning Institute, and Mr. Sirls, the Principal of Morningside High School. Photography Ginger Van Hook, 2010
    For some of the students, it was hard to believe that these beautiful green corn leaves had come from all this dirt and gravel, but the miracle on Yukon and 107th Street in Inglewood was in full bloom. A student by the name of Jazz told the audience that she has been disheartened at first to see that this was a big empty lot with what seemed endless rocks. Then the students started clearing the land and putting their hearts and souls into the earth and the soil responded to their efforts to grow everything from tomatoes to chilies, jalapenos, lettuce, squash as well as herbs like parsley and oregano too.

    'Jazz' told us about the transformation of the garden and the friendships that she had made. She explained how there was a new community where before there had been an empty space. The audience cheered for the success of the students and there was a heightened sense of community achievement in the air. There was a slight breeze coming from the ocean that brushed the leaves of the  tomatoes and the peppers ever so slightly. The sun beat down upon the earth and music filled the air. Musicians played the guitar and percussion rhythms with their hands and their bodies moved to the beat. Guests were invited to take a water bottle from the center of the garden and in ceremonious ritual to bless the land with the names of their ancestors. I watered a patch of tomatoes and recalled my grandparents in the past. It was hard to remain objective. I was involved. I was now a part of this new blessing upon the community.  I was no longer a reporter, witnessing for the writing of a story, I was pulled into the land, the dirt, the rocky earth and right into the story, taken in by the aroma of fresh tomato leaves and the scent of strawberry flowers and consequently, the encouragement of artistic, poetic, talented new friends.

    D'Artagnan ScorzaDirector for The Social Justice Learning Institute 
    said his students are working on a Food Initiative

     Mr. Sirls, the Principal of Morningside High School, gave the students and supporters encouragement then went over to the wall and autographed his hand print in green.
    Mr. Sirl leaves his mark on the community garden wall.

    Janet Simmons read her poem that she wrote for the Inglewood Community Garden:

    I dedicate...
    I dedicate...
    my words,
    my voice,
    my sound,
    and my choice...
    of speech
    I speak of here.
    I dedicate...
    I dedicate...
    what I have seeked here
    throughout, without and within this garden
    I dedicate...
    I dedicate...
    my rough hands
    and my
    rock indented knees
    my wind tormented hair 
    the dirt infected breeze
    that flows through this garden
    like a stream of music through my ears
    When it comes down to it
    this would not mean as much
    without you, me, us
    I dedicate myself to you.

    There were cooking demonstrations and watermelon slices.

    The Los Angeles Times came to cover the event and I captured Glenn Koenig working in earnest covering the tree planting ceremony. This Photo is by Ginger Van Hook, but at least four or five reporters were on scene to witness this miracle transforming strangers into friends, and smiles turning lives into a tight knit community bonding over vegetables and issues of social justice, friendship and healthy meals...All good things going on in the City of Inglewood!

    Julie Prejean a Forestry Senior Manager for TREE PEOPLE 
    came to support the garden opening and to donate and help plant  a special tree. 
    She told her eager audience of new gardeners that they could choose its name.

    City Council Member Ralph L. Franklin praised the students, 
    teachers and supporters for taking the initiative and making it all happen, 
    and 'what a beautiful day it is for a planting ceremony!'

    USC reporter Christine Trang from the USC Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism
    interviewed various participants and was preparing her report for southlareport.com

    Inglewood Artists and supporters, Ken Ober, Renee Fox and Ceres Madoo, Alumni Relations at Otis College of Art and Design came to support the Morningside High School Community Garden Opening Ceremonies. 
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook 2010.

    As an Inglewood Artist I was invited to attend this event, thanks to Ceres Madoo and when I arrived,  I did not know what to expect; but whatever it was to be, I knew this was a GREAT IDEA! As I milled about I got the opportunity to meet Mr. D'Artagnan Scorza who told me how the students from Morningside High School had gotten together to discuss civic engagement, how to show school spirit,  how to improve the community and how to better serve the needs of the school district.  The students themselves came up with the concept of a community garden, but at first, did not  have the means to make it happen. The original students were from Miss Roshondra's class and Mr. Shawn Stanton's class. A good idea took root then and there. One thing led to another and with the help of Inglewood City Council Member Ralph Franklin, their project got the encouragement and the support they needed right there from the school district's land.  
    This property belongs to the school so now the students are able to 
    develop a way to empower themselves to be a self sustaining community 
    with healthy nourishing meals for its students. 
    No better way to grow fine artists, fine students and fine citizens
    than to take the seeds and cultivate, 
    water frequently, daily, encourage with wisdom and respect for the land.
    The students have a great number of plans which includes a farmer's market, music, art and culinary culture events.

              The Art of Reading Leads to the Art of Writing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the UCLA campus in Westwood! by Enilde Van Hook        

    When is a library, not a library? When it’s a Book Festival where the books come out to play! The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books celebrated its 13th year of book promotions on the UCLA campus with an estimated attendance of over 140,000 people who love to read books!
    Here is where the traditional library, once thought to be a stuffy, hush-hush, nerdy and quiet setting transforms itself into a megalomaniac fair of books and stories and documentaries just waiting to come alive. Books become the roller coaster of emotions, the merry-go-round of ideas, the bumper cars of change and the Ferris wheels of fiction.

    In this day and age, the traditional library has undergone a radical change in our culture…it has gone outside, yes outside the box, outside the building and outside under yonder shade trees to re-invent itself. Unlike the regular library, where one checks out a book and must return it within a specific amount of time, this type of literary environment goes beyond just borrowing a book. This activity steps into the realm of personal libraries. This is where the reader amasses his or her own library collection of favorite authors, books, books on tape, digital recordings of books, even recordings for the blind and dyslexic by going outside the comfort of indoor lighting and venturing into the elements of nature.

    The weekend of April 26th and 27th, under weather conditions reaching over 90 degrees in Westwood, the Pacific Ocean breeze quietly slipped in and around the leaves of Ficus trees, Great Oaks, Pines, and luscious landscaped lawns of one of our most prestigious institutions of higher learning; on the campus of UCLA, surrounded by noble buildings of great learning and ample gardens of exquisite greenery, what promised to be adventure at first, had indeed become an obsession for learning, an unquenchable thirst for more information about one’s world…who was in it in the past? Who’s in it now? Where’s the planet going? Who killed who? Or Whom? What artist leapt to his death from the bridge of misunderstanding? The answers were all there waiting to be revealed once you ventured out into the Festival of Books to bring home some new friends! This was my third year visiting the LA Times Festival of Books.

    As I came upon the first of the booths, I saw a long line of people, fanning themselves in the hot sun with only partial shade for some while others brought lawn chairs, umbrellas and water bottles or coolers and bared the heat while reading the LA Times or a comic book they’d purchased while sipping lemonades from the local vendors. “Get your lemonade!” a man shouted from the center of another line of readers waiting for an author. As I made my way down the narrow aisles of celebrity book fans I looked up in time to see that Valerie Bertinelli was about to emerge and I could already see a wave of nervous cameramen and camerawomen with their trigger fingers anxiously poised above their focused lenses. I felt in good company. I too was about to sign copies of my book today. The Kingdom Of Nuts and Bolts, was being released to the reading public and I was headed over to join the authors at booth 715 sponsored by THE GREATER LOS ANGELES WRITER’S SOCIETY.

    I was invited to join the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society recently and have discovered the treasures of its membership as well as the benefits to career and community. The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring writers of all levels in the craft and business of writing. The society works to provide continuing education and a forum for the marketing of a writer’s work. The society is guided by a philosophy of “writers mentoring writers of all disciplines” and their website (www.glaws.org) details their variety of resources, welcoming writers from all over California and the country to learn more about the craft.

    I knew I had gotten to the right booth when I saw the buttons they were passing out. “What’s Your Story?” As I was about to take the hot seat of an author…I kid you not; the seat was hot because the sun cast its rays upon the storytellers’ table; I thought to myself again, ‘I’m in fine company!’ I had heard that Gay Talese, Julie Andrews and Tommy Lasorda were telling their stories and here I was, a humble little writer of my first fiction novel about to tell my own.
    I resorted to taking pictures to relax my own photo-happy-trigger finger. I always enjoy a good shutterbug moment and this was no exception. So, I took pictures of the authors I was with, while I signed a few books myself.

    I met Leslie Ann Moore, the author of Griffin’s Daughter, and I learned she wrote romantic fantasy (which I overheard her telling a reader that she had won an award). I visited her website at www.leslieannmoore.com and was inspired by her story that she is a veterinarian, writer and belly dancer too!

    I also met Mike Robinson the author of Too Much Dark Matter, Too Little Gray (which personally as a photographer, I liked the title.) I learned that Mike Robinson is the author of seven novels and two collections. Mike also sold a number of short stories to print and electronic magazines, anthologies and podcasts. Visit Mike’s website at www.freewebs.com and learn that he too is stalking BIG FOOT!

    On Saturday, another author I had the opportunity to meet at the GLAWS booth was Matt Pallamary. We sat together as our fans lined up to talk to us about our books. (Maybe our lines weren’t as long as Valerie Bertinelli’s for her book “Losing it: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time” but we had a following, nonetheless!) Matt has written his memoirs detailing his spiritual journeys to Peru where he worked with shamanic plant medicines. His most recent book is titled Spirit Matters and his website is www.mattpallamary.com. This was a serendipitous place to be sharing space with Matt Pallamary as I had the rare opportunity to discuss some of my own spiritual stories from my early childhood in Argentina. The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts is a story about a five-year-old boy named Miguelito, who can see things that others can’t and this makes him special and extra inventive. He has a special magic friend named Hector (made out of nuts and bolts) who teaches him to fix things. The story, a comedy, is set in Buenos Aires, Argentina using the popular genre of South American writers, that of Magical Realism. The story explores an imaginative spirit world set in the 1930’s and is told from the perspectives of a fly, a witch, a seagull, an angel, a demon and two little brothers. The paperback version is available through www.enildeingelsvanhook.com.
    and coming soon to www.amazon.com so check the website in mid May for available stock.

    Several new, emerging and established writers joined us at the Festival of Books in the GLAWS booth #715. Among them was Joan A. Friedman, a Ph.D. who is an identical twin, herself, and has over thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of twin-related issues. Her new novel, Emotionally Healthy Twins is a comprehensive guide on how to raise twins who are self-realized and distinct individuals.

    Dr. Joan Friedman posed for a photo-op alongside two of the movers and shakers of GLAWS; Tony Todaro, one of its original founders (Sci-Fi aficionado) and an established strategic consultant (Todaro Communications) as well as John Weiskopf, the author of The Ascendancy.

    The Ascendancy is an appropriate story for today’s times, as John Weiskopf has created a new world mythology at a volatile point in history. His latest novel brings modern day imagination to the old story of Jack in the Beanstalk. The premise of this novel is that a beanstalk starts growing out of the rubble of the World Trade Center and the protagonist Jack Tott, a twenty-six-year-old musician, believes that if he climbs the beanstalk, he will somehow find the means to help save his dying sister. This book is available through www.johnweiskopf.com.

    I met Sandra Walter, the author of The Creator State (www.sandrawalter.com) a story where actors discover a unique state of consciousness and art changes reality. Pictured here to the right is the author of Akira's Army by Keith Kowalczyk as he tells the story of Ray Quincy who becomes a prisoner of war while on his family vacation on a small South Pacific Island (a novel available through midnightpressbooks.com) Also pictured in booth #715 are Tony Todaro, Neil Citrin, and John Weiskopf.

    I also had an opportunity to talk to Robin Reed who was also releasing her first novel called Xanthan Gumm. Robin Reed writes in the science fiction genre about hard working creatures called ‘Humans’ who labor to make stories that are loved throughout the Galaxy. One young alien dreams of going to the ‘Forbidden Planet Earth’ to perform in the movies and wants to become famous like his idol, E.T. This book is available through www.barstowproductions.com.

    On Sunday at the LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS, I had the distinct privilege of sitting at the author’s table with Film Educator and author Charles Domokos. His work in education especially in the cinema and film-editing field has a long history of contributing extremely technical post-production knowledge to film students at USC School of Cinematic Arts, Loyola Marymount and Los Angeles City College. His book titled: Non-linear Editing: The Cutting Edge provides the foundation for the college-level media student to make the leap into the world of film and HD-based professional post-production, as practiced in the Hollywood media community. His book is available through Amazon.com; Barnes&Noble.com or www.GoGardner.com.

    While sitting under the canopy of a nearby Elm tree, our booth enjoyed a little more shade and relief from the heat on Sunday, just enough to share our experiences and challenges of our publishing our first books. Charles and I also shared some of our inspirations to write and joked around that in our booth alone, we had the resources for taking my story of The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts and turning it into a movie using stop-frame animation to create a Hollywood environment for my animated critter made of nuts and bolts and feathers named ‘Hector’. We figured we had a whole production team from writing the screenplay to filming, editing and strategic marketing with Tony Todaro!

    Speaking of Tony Todaro, one of the founders of GLAWS, I learned he is a prolific fiction writer as well. He is now working on a final draft of his next novel, “What Comes Around” a story set in a future city by the name of San Angeles, a metropolis divided by rivers and gangs after the ‘Big One’ (the big anticipated earthquake Angelino’s often fear, has already happened in this story) has rearranged the real estate and politics of the Southland. Just a little sneak preview of his upcoming book, finds Fed Corp Special Crimes investigator Major Xander Hunt in the midst of two murder mysteries to solve: the death of prominent physicist Allan Dunwharton, and after a series of battles and attempted assassinations, (perhaps even his own death). Hunt has kept his aging body alive with a concoction of drugs and nanobots, despite decades of damage as a black-ops agent, and the terminal cancer eating at his guts. (Imagine here the actor Sean Connery as the wise, aging officer in the Untouchables, though Hunt thinks of himself as the younger version of a Kevin Costner character.) Tony Todaro is a strategic marketing consultant with a long history in the music business and now shares his expertise with his fellow authors in GLAWS!

    With a philosophy of “writers mentoring writers of all disciplines” GLAWS holds monthly informative meetings, often with nationally-known guest speakers, offers critique groups, advice in the craft and business of writing, conducts special events including writers conferences and seminars, and promotes its vision through many businesses and social opportunities.
    In April I had the opportunity to attend one of the membership meetings to hear the science fiction and fantasy writer, Tim Powers, author of Anubis Gates and winner of the Philip K. Dick Award. He spoke at length about the essence of “plot” or what actually happens in a story. He encouraged writers to think of the question ‘why’ and then dig deeper and ask no, ‘why, really?’; ‘why really is the character motivated?’ He also gave us an overview of what it is like to be a writer at work. He stated that he had cultivated a sense of both guilt and fear. “Afterall, I play with the cat while truckers have jobs…” In a brief moment I had to talk with him before he got on the podium, he stated that I should write down imaginary bets… but not to do it in my head. He urged me to write thoughts down directly onto the keyboard. In his presentation, he also shared some of the advantages to writing down your ideas and character traits onto index cards and spreading them around your workspace. Maybe one day, if you are experiencing ‘writers block’; maybe the landlord comes around knocking, blows open your door and tromps all over the index cards mixing them up every which way; well, he said, ‘you never know when that might have helped your plot strategy a little!’ TIM POWERS chuckled.

    The headline of today’s blog stated that the Art of Reading leads to the Art of Writing. I strongly believe this because I can attest to the significant verbal, literary and visual growth that a child can attain while immersed in a supportive community reading program. That, in and of it-self is where the art of reading leads directly to the successful art of writing. Exposure to the arts at a young age in a person’s life greatly enhances the chances this experience will foster a love of story telling as well as an appreciation for the authors and artists of these works that influence the mind at a critical stage in our development.
    I am an example of an After School Reading Program child. My first exposure to library books came about at approximately the age of 8 when I stated participating in the Duarte Public Library After School Reading Program and simultaneously the Monrovia Public Library system in California.

    I personally see this important correlation between early reading and early writing because I began to keep a diary at the age of twelve after reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I went on to improve my reading skills by practicing my writing skills in my journal and reading even more each month until I had practically consumed all the books I could in the children’s section of the Duarte Library. I seem to recall that by the age of thirteen I was already into the adult section where I promptly fell in love with science fiction and The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. (At the time, I made no physical distinction between the right or left section of the Duarte Library but I did get into trouble with my mother who discovered one day that one of my books had an identifying label from the adult section of the library…I no longer remember what the name of that book was, because I didn’t get to read it…only that it had a harmless picture of a cat on the cover and I distinctly recall how disappointed and rather humiliated I was when I had to return the book to the librarian and admit that I had rules at home I had to follow that superceded library freedoms.)

    My consolation was that I was a rebellious child so after that, I no longer checked out the adult books to take home—I just spent my free time reading the contraband stories, sitting cross legged on the floor between the stacks by the light of a window where a beautiful oak tree cast intermittent sun, shade and childhood inspiration; Under these conditions, I finished reading Pearl Buck’s novel The Good Earth. I can’t stress enough the importance of reading in a young person’s life. I admired writers without even knowing what they looked like. Often I didn’t see pictures on the covers. I just knew their voices by the way they would write their sentences. I feel I learned about life, lived through the characters and had adventures I couldn’t even dream of having all through the art of reading a wonderful book.

    By the time I was sixteen, I had obtained my first job away from home. The Duarte Public Library hired me to work as a ‘page’ part time while I attended high school. I was able to devote even more time to filing and flipping through the pages of my most beloved writers and fondest friends. I recall taking a whole summer to finish the novel Hawaii by James Mitchner. These books were my education and entertainment away from the classroom and the schoolyard. By the age of eighteen, I was working for the USC Bookstore during freshman year of college and the Doheny Library by my sophomore year of college.

    Now fast forward to the present day in 2008. I have written and self-published five books of poetry and recently released my first novel, The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts here at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the campus of UCLA. Was it an accident that I developed into a writer? (In my particular case, I am also a photographer and an artist.) (www.gingervanhook.com) (www.enildeingelsvanhook.com) I don’t think this is a random event. I think there are no accidents in the universe. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in cause and effect. I believe that if you want to end up with a delicious cake, you need to prepare the recipe with proper ingredients. The ingredients leading to the successful art of writing requires nothing short of fresh time, young minds, good books and positive parental and community encouragement to read. The art develops naturally as the heat of age ripens the stories into cupcakes of our culture for everyone to enjoy!

    I attended the Duarte Festival of Authors in October of 2005 in Westminster Gardens, in Duarte California just to visit with and enjoy a moment listening to Ray Bradbury as the featured keynote speaker, presented by The Friends of the Duarte Library.

    We also support the Monrovia Arts Festival Association which is undergoing a change of name this year. In addition to the changes featured in Monrovia Library Park, with the new Library construction, Monrovia Arts Festival Association is about to be renamed the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts to better define the role of the arts in the community of Monrovia.
    The Monrovia Arts Festival Association will continue to serve the arts and artists as well as the after school art programs in Monrovia as well as surrounding communities and schools. I firmly believe, the younger a child is exposed to the arts, in terms of reading, writing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, digital media, comic book art and art history just to name a few of the variety of arts, the more creative a child will grow into adulthood and the more rewarding our communities will be to thrive in.
              Best Time To Invest in Art, NOW! by Ginger Van Hook        
    TV celebrity Jason Alexander supports the arts at the TAG Gallery in Santa Monica, California on August 18, 2007 for the CALIFORNIA OPEN EXHIBITION show juried by Peter Frank. Now showing NEW WORKS, painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography and video through September 1st 2007. Jason Alexander, an actor who played the part of "George" in the long running and popular hit TV show "Seinfeld",
    is pictured here beside sculpture artist Ali Alinejad.
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Christine Owens, president of the Focus One Community Credit Union and sponsor of the
    Focus One Gallery in Monrovia, California is presented with the Renaissance Award
    by Monrovia City Councilman, Joe Garcia at the Monrovia Arts Festival Association Gala Black Tie Annual Fund-raising Event May 12, 2007. The Renaissance Award is given to honor and recognize a special member of the community whose contributions to their fellow citizens leads to the cultural enrichment of the community as a whole. Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Photographer and Actor, David Newsom poses with his dog in front of his latest photographs (Thistle #1) being exhibited at the DCA Fine Arts Gallery, in Santa Monica, California, (June 1, 2007 through July 14th, 2007). Three miles of Idaho is an exhibit focusing on the landscape between his brother and his sister's properties in a unique and poignant family setting. David Newsom released large scale renditions of his work currently published from his best-selling book titled SKIP.
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Peter Frank, Jurist, for the TAG Gallery, CALIFORNIA OPEN EXHIBITION,
    stands beside emerging Los Angeles based artist, Luke Van Hook, August 18th, 2007.
    The Painting in background, oil on canvas, "May", the study of Giotto's perfect circle.
    by Luke Van Hook
    (Investigating the legend that Giotto drew a perfect circle for the Pope)

    As the economy goes up and down, so do the trends in the arts and art collecting. This is an exciting time for the arts because we have many historical markers and world conditions that exist today that make it a good time to invest in the arts. For instance, instability in the stock market often releases money to make investments in art, that, like real estate, also goes up in value as the years progress. Additionally, there are wars raging around the world so instability in world economic markets are impacting the art market too. The best impact that market instability plays upon the arts is that it gives incentives to support artists in your local communities. These artists are here and now. Their work is presently available, and like property, it too can be insured, placed into a family trust or safety deposit vault and along with the family heirlooms, art can be bequeathed as a legacy or inheritance to members of your family. Both the housing market and the stock market have been riding a roller-coaster in recent years making a good piece of tangible artwork a far more solid investment than betting on governments, point spreads or Las Vegas Mega Slots.

    y husband Luke and I have explored a number of fine art galleries and art communities that will interest the art lover, the art collector and fellow artists in the pursuit of great works being created in the NOW, as well as some works that have survived the test of time. In my Blog I intend to discuss some of the hot spots and hot artists in Sunny Southern California. I'll share photos with you of some of these exciting options available to the every day collector, the seasoned collector, the art aficionados, or the emerging collectors eager with new money to infuse into an already thriving and ripe harvest of works in Oil Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Conceptual works, Collage, Digital Photography, Digital Film and Electronic Visual Art.

    Through this summer we visited communities on the West side such as Santa Monica, West LA, and Culver City. In the inland areas, we visited some of the foothill mountain art communities such as Glendale and a little further inland, we visited Old Town Monrovia. Starting with the inland foothills we find the quaint town of Monrovia where I grew up and went to school at Immaculate Conception Elementary on Shamrock Avenue. In Monrovia, the City of Art and in Duarte, the City of Health, I grew up as a child. I volunteered about 300 hours as a candy striper for the City of Hope in my teenage years, went on to work for the Duarte Library and attended Alverno High School for girls in Sierra Madre. This is the place where I was raised marching in parades with the Brownies and the Girl Scouts and where I learned to tap dance, twirl a baton and where I rode a ferris wheel for the first time at the fiesta, (as well as ate a lot of cotton candy), I came back as an adult to find an incredible amount of support for the arts in local schools. The arts are not limited to crayons and pencils either. There is an extensive array of art mediums in which students, and some very young students at that, learn to hone their creative skills. For instance, at Paint N Play on Myrtle Avenue, they learn how to throw pottery. Also, with after school teacher, Rouzanna Berberian, children learn the art of drawing, photography and gallery showmanship as well. There are art lessons going on, on almost every street corner you encounter in the busy Old Town Center on Myrtle near the Krikorian Movie theatre. You'll find this charming section of town both soothing and exhilarating. You ought to try walking up and down the main street where there are sidewalk activities, new park benches to rest under shade trees, new lampposts and lanterns all reminiscent of a nostalgic time. Artists show their work on wide city blocks and inside cool and dim lit gallery spaces. The mountains loom in the distance and the afternoons yeild a light summer breeze in the early evening.

    We support the Monrovia Arts Festival Association in their endeavors to promote the arts to the children at a very young age. It is not uncommon for lots of families that are raised to appreciate art to blossom into artists later in life. MAFA is a nonprofit organization led by President Bill Beebe with a history of supporting local artists and local after-school art programs. Over the years, the Monrovia community has begun to expand its outreach of art by developing local talent through a number of venues: Focus One Gallery for instance, is located in the lobby of the Focus One Community Credit Union at 404 East Huntington Drive on the corner of California and Huntington Drive. The president of Focus One Community Credit Union, Christine Owens is known for her support of local artists and was recently nominated for and awarded the annual Renaissance Award by Monrovia City Councilman Joe Garcia at the MAFA Black Tie Fundraiser in May 2007. This is a prestigious award that goes to honor and recognize a special member of the community whose contributions to their fellow citizens leads to the cultural enrichment of the community as a whole.

    MAFA Marketing coordinator, (on left)Denise Daniels is pictured here with Christine Owens, President of Focus One Community Credit Union and Bill Beebe, President of MAFA at their annual Black Tie Fundraiser that occurs in May.

    Monrovia, California
    Foothill Mountain Communities
    Some Artists in Action...

    THE MONROVIA ARTS FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION otherwise known as MAFA, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and is dedicated to the cultivation and support of the arts in children's after school programs as well as educational awareness of the arts in the community at large. MAFA P.O. Box 92 Monrovia, CA 91017 (www.artfestivals.org) 626-256-3124

    Several galleries and art venues have developed over the years which participate and support MAFA. The following information is current as of August 2007: If your event or venue is not listed, please contact Ginger Van Hook, press liaison, for MAFA at (enilde@sprintmail.com).

    The AZTEK ART GALLERY, is located beside the Aztek Hotel at 305 West Foothill Blvd. Exhibits local artists work as well as holds art classes during scheduled times. The contact person is Bill Hyatt, (Hyatt2000@yahoo.com)

    California Wine and Cheese, LLC supports local artists. New Artist reception for Frank Zgonc, Photographer is scheduled for the evening of Friday August 24th, 2007. Frank Zgonc shares images from his travels through Europe, scenes from Bodie Flats, Nevada and local scenes in Monrovia along with his signature digital watercolor manipulations. California Wine and Cheese is located at 115 W. Foothill Blvd., Owned by Janet and Tom Dugan, their website can be located at www.cawineandcheese.com (Contact by phone 626-358-6500 for reservations.)

    The MONROVIA COFFEE COMPANY supports local artists and is located at 425 South Myrtle Avenue. Exhibits contemporary and emerging artists work. Next artists showing September 1 through December 30th, Ginger and Luke Van Hook Photography exhibit, Methusula in the Bristlecone Pine Forest. (Landscape photographs of some of the oldest pine trees on the planet. Some trees aged over 4,700 years, older than the Egyptian Pyramids.) (Additional digital photography of flowers and collage by Ginger Van Hook.) For artist schedules, contact person is Carol Curtis, (shutterbug@altrionet.com)

    The PAINT 'N PLAY ART GALLERY is affiliated with Monrovia Arts Festival Association in its' support of the arts by providing a meeting place for MAFA members to discuss and plan their upcoming events for the community on a monthly basis. Contact Lisa or Rachel at paintnPlay2@aol.com. Paint 'N Play is located at 418 South Myrtle Avenue. Paint N Play sponsors the SUMMER ARTWALKS in Old Town Monrovia along with several merchants who participate every year. KidsArt, Segil Fine Art, Oh My Goddard Gallery, Family Festival Productions, Scoops, Joy Print and Design, Box Jewelers and Baldwin's Baked Potatoes as well as the Outback SteakHouse- Arcadia and Trader Joe's also participate in art festivities that promote the education of art in schools through Summer Artwalks. For more information regarding Summer Art Walks and how you may participate, you may also contact Betsy Thurmond (626-358-7800) or kamonrovia@verizon.net. The next SUMMER ARTWALK is scheduled for Saturday evening, August 25, 2007 from 6:30 to 9pm.



    August 11 - September 28th, 2007.
    Glendale Public Library Associates of Brand Library
    1601 West Mountain Street Glendale, CA 91201
    818-548-2051 www.brandlibrary.org

    A group show Titled: PATTERN PLAY. Four artists demonstrate the variety of patterns available in color schemes, pattern originality, unique images in oil paints, sculpture, and graphic designs. Artist reception August 18, 2007. Artists featured are Patsy Cox, Yuriko Etue, Melanie Rothschild, and Jerrin Wagstaff. Definitely a great show for the entire family. You'll experience a great variety of brilliant colors and patterns that pop out of the walls, rise from the floor and reveal creative abstract patterns that draw you in, spiral you out and make you feel good.

    Artist, Melanie Rothschild

    Artist, Patsy Cox

    Artist, Yuriko Etue

    Artist, Jerrin Wagstaff



    16:1 Gallery, Santa Monica, California Summer 2007


    Kathryn Andrews
    Chris Lipomi
    Donald Morgan
    Stephanie Taylor
    organized by Kathryn Andrews

    Showing August 11 through September 8, 2007

    2116 Pico Blvd., Unit B
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    email: info@16to1.com



    Delia Cabral, Gallery Director
    3107 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

    From Exhibition, THREE MENDACIOUS MINDS, (The Return of Paris' New Pestilence School) David Schoffman, Currado Malaspina, Micah Carpenter July 23- August 31, 2007 310-770-2525
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook



    TAG Gallery
    Elizabeth Sadoff
    Gallery Director
    2903 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Santa Monica, CA 90404

    Elizabeth Sadoff, Gallery Director, TAG Gallery
    handing out awards to the winning artists.

    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Jason Cimenski accepts award from Peter Frank and Elizabeth Sadoff
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    First Place Winner, Artist, Jason Cimenski with his daughter "The Flooded Room" TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007 Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist Kim Kimbro, TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Lorien Suarez,
    TAG Gallery August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Carlos Daub,
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Derek McMullen, Luke Van Hook, Dennis Treretola Three artists, oil painters, from the same graduating class at Otis College of Art and Design, 2004
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artists, and fine art painters, Carlos Daub, Luke Van Hook, Dennis Treretola
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Carole Garland, "Midnight Mystery", oil on canvas
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007

    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    TAG Gallery, Santa Monica, California
    August 18, 2007
    Standing room only at the popular show

    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Peter Frank thanks the artists and their guests who have participated
    at the TAG Gallery, Santa Monica, California Open Exhibition,
    August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook





    == 上 ==
    11001001 11001111
    11100100 10111000 10001010
    == 涓 ==
    11100100 10111000
    11100110 10110110 10010011



    void showBytes(String input) {
      println("== " + input + " ==")
      b = input.getBytes("gbk")
      b.each { print Integer.toBinaryString(it).substring(24) + ' ' }
      b = input.getBytes("utf8")
      b.each { print Integer.toBinaryString(it).substring(24) + ' ' }

    laogao 2011-03-29 23:50 发表评论


    在Linux或其他UNIX和类UNIX环境下,ps命令想必大家都不陌生,我相信也有不少同学写过 ps aux | grep java | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' 这样的管道命令来找出Java进程的pid。常言道,Java并非真的"跨平台",它自己就是平台。作为平台,当然也有些基本的工具,让我们可以用更简单、更统一,同时又是非侵入的方式来查询进程相关信息。今天我们就来认识一下其中的两个。



    jps [ options ] [ hostid ]

    其中,options可以用 -q (安静) -m (输出传递给main方法的参数) -l (显示完整路径) -v (显示传递给JVM的命令行参数) -V (显示通过flag文件传递给JVM的参数) -J (和其他Java工具类似用于传递参数给命令本身要调用的java进程);hostid是主机id,默认localhost。



    jstat -options 可以列出当前JVM版本支持的选项,常见的有 -class (类加载器) -compiler (JIT) -gc (GC堆状态) -gccapacity (各区大小) -gccause (最近一次GC统计和原因) -gcnew (新区统计) -gcnewcapacity (新区大小) -gcold (老区统计) -gcoldcapacity (老区大小) -gcpermcapacity (永久区大小) -gcutil (GC统计汇总) -printcompilation (HotSpot编译统计)

    jstat -gcutil -t 12345 200 300 即可每200毫秒连续打印300次带有时间戳的GC统计信息。

    简单解释一下: -gcutil是传入的option;必选,-t是打印时间戳,是以目标JVM启动时间为起点计算的,可选;12345是vmid/pid,和我们从jps拿到的是一样的,必选;200是监控时间间隔,可选,不提供就意味着单次输出;300是最大输出次数,可选,不提供且监控时间间隔有值的话,就是无限期打印下去。

    具体输出明细的解释请参考官方文档 http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/tools/share/jstat.html

    laogao 2011-01-27 12:04 发表评论

              Xerox Standaard Printercartridge, Magenta, Phaser 6180-Serie        

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              Î¤Î¹ αλλάζει στο Μηχανογραφικό για τις στρατιωτικές σχολές        


    Σύμφωνα με απόφαση του υπ. Παιδείας:




    Print this post

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              Add a Facebook Share Button to Blogger        
    An easy way to have your readers share your articles on Facebook is to add a Facebook Share Button to your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). It only takes a few minutes to put a Facebook Share Button on your Blogger blog.

    Sharing your content on Facebook is an excellent way to attract many more visitors to your Blogger blog. By adding a Facebook Share Button to Blogger you will allow your content to be shared with all the friends of your blog visitor through their Facebook account.

    When a visitor to your blog clicks on the Facebook Share Button Facebook collects post details like your blog name, post title and the first few lines of the content including the images and other media.

    The Facebook Share Buttons look and act very similar to the Twitter Retweet buttons by Tweetmeme.

    Steps to Put a Facebook Share Button on Blogger (Blogspot)
    There are 2 different Facebook Share Button styles to choose from: a large button and a compact button. The following codes will place the Facebook Share Button at the top of the post only on the post page. If you wish to have the button appear on the homepage as well you will need to remove the if statement.
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    Facebook Share Button Code
    1. Login to Blogger
    2. At the Dashboard go to Layout >> Edit HTML
    3. Check the Expand Widget Templates box on the right
    4. Using CTRL + F find this code: <data:post.body/>
    5. Copy and paste the following codes depending on your choice of Facebook Share Button style immediately before the line <data:post.body/>

      Note: If you have trouble finding <data:post.body/> alternatively you can paste the code directly below:
      <div class='post-header-line-1'/>

      Large Facebook Share Button (right aligned)

      <!-- Facebook Share Button -->
      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
      <div style='float:right;padding:4px;'>
      <a expr:share_url='data:post.url' name='fb_share' rel='nofollow' type='box_count'/>
      <script src='http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share' type='text/javascript'/>
      <!-- End Facebook Share Button -->

      Large Facebook Share Button (left aligned)

      <!-- Facebook Share Button -->
      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
      <div style='float:left;padding:4px;'>
      <a expr:share_url='data:post.url' name='fb_share' rel='nofollow' type='box_count'/>
      <script src='http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share' type='text/javascript'/>
      <!-- End Facebook Share Button -->

      Compact Facebook Share Button (right aligned)

      <!-- Facebook Share Button -->
      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
      <div style='float:right;padding:4px;'>
      <a expr:share_url='data:post.url' name='fb_share' rel='nofollow' type='button_count'/>
      <script src='http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share' type='text/javascript'/>
      <!-- End Facebook Share Button -->

      Compact Facebook Share Button (left aligned)

      <!-- Facebook Share Button -->
      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
      <div style='float:left;padding:4px;'>
      <a expr:share_url='data:post.url' name='fb_share' rel='nofollow' type='button_count'/>
      <script src='http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share' type='text/javascript'/>
      <!-- End Facebook Share Button -->

    6. Click Save
    7. View a blog post to see your new Facebook Share Button in action

    Today you have learned how to add a Facebook Share Button to your Blogger blog. The Facebook Share Button will allow your readers to share your content which will attract new visitors to your blog. Adding a Facebook Share Button to your post pages only takes a few minutes.

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    Easy Ways to Put Banners on Blogger

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              Change Color of Blogger Navbar        
    This article shows you how to change the color of the Blogger Navbar so that it matches the color scheme of your Blogger blog. The Navbar in Blogger is the blue colored link bar that appears by default at the top of Blogger blogs. Changing the color of the Blogger Navbar takes less than a minute and is an easy trick that requires no change to the Blogger code.

    One of the most frequent complaints about the Blogger platform is from webmasters who want to change the Blogger navbar. Most people want to get rid of it altogether but before you do remember that the navbar has a lot of uses and all that might be required is to change its color so that it is coordinated with the other colors of your blog. Please refer to my Blogger tutorial about How to Delete the Blogger Navbar if you want to remove it completely.

    Currently Blogger offer the choice of 6 different Blogger Navbar colors: blue, tan, black, silver, transparent light and transparent dark. Transparent light and transparent dark are the most recent additions and it is likely that Blogger may continue to offer more color options for the Navbar as time goes on.

    Steps To Change the Color of the Blogger Navbar

    1. Login to Blogger and select the blog you wish to change

    2. From the Blogger Dashboard go to Layout >> Page Elements

    3. Click the edit button which appears on the right side of the Navbar. The Navbar is the blue strip labelled Navbar which is located directly under the Add and Arrange Page Elements heading.

      Edit Blogger Navbar
    4. Select the color of your choice by clicking on the radio button on the left side of each color in the pop up Navbar Configuration window that appears

    5. Once you have made your selection click on the Save Button to save your changes

    6. Click View Blog to see the effects of changing the color of the Blogger Navbar to match the design and style of your blog

    Today I have shown you how to change the color of the Navbar of your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) so that it matches the color and design of your blog.

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    Add a Follow Me Twitter Icon Button to Blogger
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    Blogger Guide to Google Adsense Placement
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              How to Remove the Blogger Navbar        
    It is easy to hide the Blogger Navbar and it only takes a couple of minutes to do this simple Blogger trick.

    Most people dislike the Blogger Navbar and want to remove it because it looks unprofessional and it encourages readers to leave your blog by clicking on the Next Blog link. If you are using a custom template the Blogger Navbar is likely to already be hidden but if you are using a default Blogger template it will need to be removed manually.

    Before you get rid of the Blogger Navbar completely though remember that it has some pretty useful features such as:

    1. Follow Me link to encourage your readers to follow you
    2. Share via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Google Reader
    3. Blog search
    4. Quick links to Blogger New Post, Page Elements and Blogger Dashboard

    I would suggest that if you do decide to hide the Blogger Navbar that you add a custom search box and some social bookmarking features to your blog to partly compensate for the features you will be losing.

    If you simply want to change the color of the Blogger Navbar please refer to my Blogger tutorial How to Change the Color of the Blogger Navbar

    Steps to Remove the Blogger Navbar
    1. Login to Blogger and select the blog you wish to change

    2. From the Blogger Dashboard go to Layout >> Edit HTML

    3. Use CTRL + F to find this code: ]]></b:skin>

    4. Insert the code below just before the ]]></b:skin> tag

      #navbar-iframe {
      height: 0px;
      visibility: hidden;
      display: none;

    5. Use the Preview button before committing the change to see the Blogger Navbar is now hidden.

    6. When you are satisfied click on the Save button to save your changes

    7. Click on View Blog to admire your Blogger blog with the Navbar removed

    Blogger Tip:
    If you decide that you want to reinstate the Blogger Navbar you can do one of two things:
    1. Simply remove the code you inserted:

      #navbar-iframe {
      height: 0px;
      visibility: hidden;
      display: none;

    2. Or comment out the code like this

      #navbar-iframe {
      height: 0px;
      visibility: hidden;
      display: none;

    Today I have shown you an easy trick to remove the Blogger Navbar. By adding a short piece of code to your Blogger template the Blogger Navbar can be hidden from view. I have also shown you what to do if you need to reinstate a missing Blogger Navbar.

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              Add a Print Friendly Button to Blogger        
    Attention Blogspot bloggers I have found a really easy way to allow visitors to my Blogger blogs to print out my articles. Today I am going to share with you this very easy trick. It only takes a few minutes to install a printer friendly button at the foot of your Blogger posts and you will be adding a lot of functionality to your blog.

    Advantages of Adding a PrintFriendly Button
    • Creates an attractive print friendly version of your blog article that is print optimized
    • Removes unwanted content such as Google ads
    • Provides flexibility to remove unwanted text and only print out what is important to the reader
    • All images can be removed leaving only the text thus saving paper and ink
    • Minimizes the risk of readers copying and pasting your material because they don't know how to print out

    The PrintFriendly button is a very handy gadget. When a visitor clicks on the button it will take them to an article preview screen and offers some printing and sharing options. There is the option to print out the article directly with or without images. Alternatively the article can be downloaded as a PDF file or a link to the article emailed. PrintFriendly even lets you share the article via a Twitter Tweet button.

    How To Add a Print Friendly Button to your Blogger blog
    1. Log into Blogger and select the blog you want to add the printer friendly button to.
    2. From the Blogger dashboard go to Layout > Edit HTML
    3. Tick the Expand Widget Templates checkbox.
    4. Using CTRL + F find the following code:
      <div class='post-footer'>

    5. Open a new browser window go to the PrintFriendly website
    6. At Step 1 go ahead and select the radio button for Blogger to choose your site type
    7. At Step 2 select the radio button for the print friendly button that you wish to use on your Blogger blog

    8. Copy the code snippet for your chosen button
    9. Then go back to your open Blogger window and find the code you identified in Step 4 of these instructions.
    10. Paste the code directly after the <div class='post-footer'> tag
    11. Save your template
    12. Click View Blog to see your PrintFriendly button beneath each post.

    Today I introduced you to the PrintFriendly button - a button that print optimizes your Blogger posts. I discussed some of the main advantages of adding the printer friendly button to Blogger and I provided you with comprehensive instructions to add the button to your Blogger template.

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              7 Tips - How to Choose a Great Blogger Blog Topic        
    Have you chosen a blog topic that is right for you? Lots of people start their Blogger Blogspot blogs without giving much thought to their selection of blog topic. Or the angle on the topic they want to explore. If you want your blog to stand out from the crowd make sure you consider your blog topic carefully.

    How to Choose A Good Blog Topic - 7 tips for Begniner and Newbie bloggers and anyone who wants to build a successful blogger blogA good blog topic can make or break a blog. Like some partners some blogs and their owners just don't fit no matter which way you look at it. Make sure before you spend 3 to 6 months of slog to develop your blog that you haven't placed your ladder against the wrong wall.

    Here are a few tips that will get you thinking about your Blogger Blogspot blog topic and how important it is to choose the right one for you.

    1. Choose a blog topic that you are passionate about
    You are going to be writing content about this blog topic for 365 days of the year for at least 2-5 years. For that to work successfully you have to have some passion otherwise the tedium will wear you down.

    Conversely if you are really passionate about a topic that passion will shine through in your blog and like a big magnet attract others.

    2. Choose a blog topic that interests you not just interests others
    Yes you can make money writing about making money but if you aren't interested in money you have a problem. The topic itself may be viable commercially but readers will soon figure out you are in it for the money not the fun. Make sure you are genuinely interested in your blog topic and not just choosing it because it seems to be a hot topic. Don't forget readers are going to want new and fresh content and will not stick around if you are not up to providing it.

    Know Your Audience - Choose a Blog Topic that will have a global audience3. Choose a blog topic that has potential for readership
    If you choose a more unusual blog topic then you may find you are the only one interested in it. However if you have very little competition you will be able to quickly carve out a niche for your blog. Research your market. Check out forums. Identify if there actually is a gap waiting to be filled. If there are a lot of others writing about the same topic can the market sustain another blog or will it be a hard slog to get traffic. Know your audience.

    Attracting visitors and maintaining readership are important factors in ensuring that your blog will generate a steady income stream. If monetization is important to you check your blog's potential for adding relevant ads and affiliate marketing.

    4. Know your subject area
    How well do you know the subject matter of your chosen blog topic? Readers will quickly assess your knowledge of your blog topic and will expect you to deliver the goods.

    If you are passionate but not very knowledgable how will you find the information you need to create new material? Creating content is time consuming and it requires good research skills. Have you got access to the kind of information you are going to need?

    As a general rule don't choose a topic you know very little about or you may find yourself floundering once you have exhausted your own ideas.

    5. What's your angle? Identify your angle when choosing a blog topic
    Knowing your subject is one thing but finding a fresh angle is something else. If you want to create a blog in a subject area that is already heavily populated with other blogs you are likely to be more successful if you can find a good angle that has yet to be exploited. Most information isn't new it is just repackaged. How will you pitch your blog? Check out other blogs and identify what aspects might not be so well covered. Make a list of these and ask yourself if any of these areas has enough scope to sustain a blog by itself.

    6. Choose a blog topic with a medium to long shelf life
    Your blog topic might be great but will readers be interested in it a year or two down the track? This is particularly true for technology based blogs where products come and go and change happens at a rapid rate. Rethink your idea if your topic may not have long term sustainability. Ask yourself if there is a way to reframe it so that it will be more ongoing rather than of short duration.

    7. Clearly define the parameters of your blog topic
    Do you know what the parameters of your blog topic are? What you will cover and what you won't? If you don't know what the limits of your blog are others won't know either.

    Think carefully about your blog topic and define the parametersIt pays to carefully define these or you run the risk of trying to cover everything and losing your audience because they have no idea what your blog is about. Often the most successful blogs are those that focus on a specialist subject and stick within those guidelines.

    Jot down now what your blog actually covers. Include your material and your audience in this. For instance, is your blog for everyone or is it focussed on beginners only like this blog? Deciding this early on will make it easy to pitch your articles in a particular way. If you have no clarity you may find you write good material but it is not pitched to the right audience.

    If you have lots of ideas for a blog topic you will need to crystallize these. Jotting down advantages and disadvantages will help you sort the wheat from the chaff. You may find you have several good ideas but select only one of these to concentrate on. Once things are up and running with your first venture you might decide to get cracking on the second idea but prioritize to start with.

    Remember that laying the groundwork now will prevent disappointment further down the track. Your idea has a much greater chance of being successful if you spend some time getting clear about what you want from your blog and what you want to achieve. Even if your idea needs a lot of refining the exercise is a great opportunity to put some planning in place and planning your blog as in most things in life is one of the cornerstones of success.

    This article has focused on how to choose a great blog topic for a Blogger Blogspot blog. I have discussed 7 tips to help Blogspot bloggers especially those new to blogging choose a blog topic that will fit with their knowledge base and interests. Finding a good fit with your blog topic is one of the keys to success and worth taking the time to consider carefully. Any thoughts or ideas about this article. Please share them.

    Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint

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              Benefits of Blogspot Blogging with Blogger.com        
    This article covers the main features of Blogger.com and compares some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Blogger platform with other blogging platforms such as Wordpress.

    Creating your Blogspot blog at Blogger.com is a good choice for beginner bloggers as it is a free blogging platform with an easy interface and good features. More advanced webmasters may find the lack of some advanced features irritating but Blogger is definitely worth considering as a place to try out blogging at no expense. You can even use your own custom domain name or go with the default subdomain name that Blogger provides.

    Blogger.com (Blogspot) Features
    • Blogger is a free blogging platform

    • Blogger is fast and easy to set up. It takes about 10 minutes to create a blog, configure the settings and add some gadgets.

    • Blogger is easy to use regardless of your level of technical knowledge. The interface is user friendly and intuitive. Tabs and buttons make it easy to navigate.

    • Bandwidth is unlimited with Blogger so there are no bandwidth issues with video and pictures

    • As Blogger.com is owned by Google there is a high degree of integration with other services like Google Analytics and Picasa Web Album (generous 1 GB of storage)

    • Easy to make money with Google Adsense and other banner advertising scripts which can easily be incorporated into your blog

    • It is possible to use your own custom domain rather than the default. For instance yoursite.com instead of yoursite.blogspot.com

    • Blogger supports Mobile blogging

    • Blogger gives users the option to tweak templates depending on their experience. Some knowledge of HTML, XML and CSS are needed. Alternatively you can upload your own template with built in features like advertising space, menus and other useful stuff. There are plenty of free templates for Blogger on the web. These can be customised to suit individual requirements

    Comparison of the Blogger Platform with Wordpress
    While other on-line platforms like Wordpress.org have greater functionality and are more highly customisable there is also a much heftier learning curve. The Wordpress interface is clunkier to use than the Blogger one in my opinion. On the otherhand Wordpress offers 3 GB for media such as photos and video while Blogger is limited to 1 GB so this may swing the balance if you are intending to use a lot of multi-media on your site. The main drawback of the online version of Wordpress though is that it does not allow webmasters to add advertising such as Google Adsense instead it puts advertising on your blog and Wordpress reaps the benefits.

    If you choose a self hosted option like Wordpress.com the maintenance is higher and the learning curve increases too. I have a self hosted Wordpress site which needs a lot more maintenance than any of the other sites I run on Blogger (Blogspot). Plus it is time consuming to find, download and customise plugins to extend Wordpress functionality for self hosted sites. Then there are the obvious disadvantages of having to FTP file uploads rather than making changes online as you do with Blogger. My experience with hosting is that there can be a lot of server downtime which can affect your return traffic. Here I am talking about the vagaries of free hosting not paid hosting which is usually far more reliable.

    While Wordpress is constantly being updated to eliminate security risks and bugs Blogger is stable and eliminates a lot of the upgrade headache. Blogger comes with a few really annoying glitches that I have found in the interface but in general it is a breeze to use. I have found Wordpress to be equally, if not more bug ridden, so don't let a few minor interface issues put you off. Nothing is ever perfect right?

    One of my main frustrations with Blogger is that it is not particularly search engine friendly. It needs a lot of tweaking to provide search engine optimisation. Also some very handy widgets are left off the default configuration. I am hoping these will be added by Blogger further down the track. In particular, I mean the lack of related posts and most popular posts widgets. These features would be very nice to have and facilitate navigation of a blog. On the other hand Blogger does come with some pretty nice widgets which seem to be developing all the time and it also has the option to extend further with third party widgets.

    To get the most out of Blogger as a blogging platform, you might want to consider installing a custom template for a more professional and unique look. If you use your own domain name many would be hard pressed to know what blogging platform is being used. However, you would need to dispense with the Nav Bar completely otherwise it would be apparent to visitors that your blogging platform is Blogger.

    Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint

    This article has covered the main features of a Blogger.com blog. It has discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging using the Blogger platform in comparison to other blogging platforms such as Wordpress.

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              Something About Snow        
    Something About Snow © 2012 by Kat Bastion In delicate whispers it falls Near rainbow-twisted icicles Parachutes drift in patterned lace Branches frosted with tender grace Sparkling clear diamond days arrive Foot-printed forest brought to life Swooshing turns on fallen powder Playground starts contagious laughter Steaming hot tub, beautiful view Perfect snowman molded by two […]
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              interview with guenter schlienz        

    Guenter Schlienz (Stuttgart, Germany) is known for his vast catalogue of tape & cdr releases on different great labels around the world – Sacred Phrases, SicSic, Goldtimers, Constellation Tatsu, etc. He is the man behind wonderful Cosmic Winnetou label, releasing all kinds of experimental/drone/ambient artists — maybe not as frequently as we'd like, but each time pleasing the taste of any tape music geek. Creating his minimalist compositions by means of d.i.y modular synths, tape loops and field recordings, Guenter achieves the serenity of classic ambient works, while keeping the vibe of 70s kosmische musik (think Cluster or Harmonia) and sometimes reaches the territories of academic minimalism, exploring the sound as ding an sich, inspiring the listener to invent its own narrative. Being part of Navel band since mid 90s, Guenter's place in music world has a long, but still almost unknown story which continues nowadays with further explorations of all kinds of ambient music.


    Pied Paper: First of all, I'm curious about how it all started for you — ambient music, synth building, tape releases, etc. I know that you were involved in many other projects before, call you tell a bit about them too?

    GS: phew, where did it all started… definitely many many moons ago. was active mid till end 90s in some heavy stoner psychedelic rock band. was the guy responsible for producing some "far out sounds" with his guitar and some delay pedal. so there already was this drone element in what i did. but far from recognizing it as this for myself. bit later during the same decade i did a session with a guy who did guitar and singing for another noise rock outfit. we just fiddled around with our guitars and with every pedal we could get our hands on. we recorded our very first session with some broken 4track and quite liked the results. after presenting the finished cdr people came back and reported "this is quite cool drone music". so yep, that's how we learned the name of this style. and after having the name we were able to dig deeper and learned names like Stars of the Lid, Flying Saucer Attack, Brian Eno etc pp. this guitar drone project of us is called Navel and we are still recording and doing live shows.

    beginning of the 00's i quit doing this rock band stuff, so there was plenty time to do some other things. after getting introduced to all this amazing kraut and kosmische musik (during a navel live show in france by an english man, but that's another story) there was the idea to do some kind of electronic music solo. so i needed an instrument, and after bit of research i discovered that the schematics for some modular synthesizer would be something i could manage with the training in electronics i already had. so i started soldering, first quite simple filters, later more and more sophisticated modules.

    the tapes, yep, fast forward to the end of last decade. stumbled over this tape scene thing by accident via the internet (god bless it). those days i was pretty frustrated and bored by the music all the labels and magazines i knew presented, so this occurred to me like a big relief. yes. so many people and projects and bands and labels are doing fantastic stuff, exactly the music i love, right at the moment, and sell it for very low money to people all around the world. yes! couldn't belief my eyes. that the favorite medium of all those labels and projects were cassettes don't really bothered me (of course i had this "ugh? on tape? strange…" moment like everybody else i guess), because i never really stopped using this media since my early childhood days.

    I like to dramatize a bit some things some times, but this discovery of the tape label scene kind of saved my artistic live. it gave me so much energy and confirmation and countless hours of joy during listening sessions that i got the feeling that i have to give something back. hence i started my own tape label.

    Pied Paper: Your music sounds almost academic sometimes, especially works as Organ Studies, Loop Studies and Furniture Sounds — which, as I understand is a homage to Eric Satie. But your name is strongly associated with "underground tape scene", as we call it. Did you ever thought about making your music open for the interpretations, to write it down on a paper maybe, letting the others perform it?

    GS: huh, not sure if i my music sounds bit like academic music. for sure i'm quite interested in this genre, mean contemporary composers with "classical" musical education composing pieces for concert halls and operas and stuff. like their approach to their art through quite rigid concepts, their huge knowledge about musical structures and about music of many centuries and cultures. perhaps you see my enthusiasm for their rigidness shining through my stuff? that would be a compliment for sure, at least in my opinion. and of course, if there would be a small ensemble crazy enough to perform it, i would love to write a score for them (though not sure if i would like to conduct it). but i guess your name must be some lou reed or some other in the same league to be honored like this. actually i'm pretty sure that many of those academic contemporary composers would be happily release their stuff on tape if they would only know this special scene around it.

    Pied Paper: It's clear that ambient music is a wide field for interpretation, same sound can be perceived in different ways depending on the artwork, liner notes, track titles, etc. Can you tell something about your own perception of your music? Does it have some stories within, or it's just abstract form which everyone can fill with its own meaning?

    as you see in the answer of the last question i like some kind of concept around the music. and if this concept even gets its visual equal with the artwork i'm more than happy. so of course, there is a story in every piece. but hey, its music, its a form of art, so who am i to dictate what some listener and spectator wants to see in it? isn't it the very meaning of any art, that the consumer of it knits his very personal meaning to it?

    actually i am not able to describe what i hear in my music anyway. for me the answer to this question would lead to some kind of poem, some painting, some huge novel, some dance or any other arty abstraction. in none of the mentioned techniques 'm very good at, so please, listen to the music.

    Pied Paper: Imagine a situation when you someone asks you to create music with specific mood, theme, etc. — like for a movie scene or something — would it be easy for you? What you enjoy more - improvisation or composition?

    already did this, i mean creating some music for a specific use (to earn some money), and hey, that is pretty hard work (and hard earned money)! to create some music without some customers needs to be satisfied, just the personal ones, isn't really easy to do as well, but much more gratifying for the soul. its an privilege to be able to do this, and i have a (pretty time consuming) bread and butter job to create the circumstances to fulfill it.

    can't really separate those strategies during my performances, both live and during my recording sessions. its always a mixture of plan and being ready to include some coincidences respectively enlightenments. actually my believe is, gained through many observations and talks about such things, that nearly every work in which i am interested in is created this way.

    Pied Paper: I know that you enjoy recording outdoor, do you have any specific set-up for this?

    not really specific, the equipment just have to have some possibility to work battery driven. luckily my modulars fall into this category. just to improve the handling of such adventure i have build my modulars as small and compact as possible, and since a couple of months a work on some modules who will be included into some water proofed case.

    Pied Paper: Probably you've noticed that releases of first wave of cassette drone/ambient in 2009-11 was mostly lo-fi and many of same artists still doing tapes nowadays came to much cleared and well-produced sound - is that natural growth or trying to be more "mainstream"?

    yes, i'm aware of this development as well. i think it just was some other group of people with bit different background which had been running those labels you' mention. In those early days of the reemerging of this medium the leading actors had had mostly a background in the noise scene. hence the tape as favorite medium, hence the cheap and ugly aesthetics of the chosen instruments. these different (don't like to ad some other evaluative adjective) sounding tapes of lately are from people without this background, they just take over the torch and work with it out of their musical socialization. so in my opinion it is either "natural growth", this sounds like some kind of improvement who isn't any need for, nor a try to reach broader audiences. the good stuff of recently is produced by people who are just as true to their own style as their ancestors had been, and therefore it is as important and equal beautiful as the old stuff.

    Pied Paper: As a label owner, can you tell how many demos you receive? Which kind of styles you receive most? I'm asking because it seems that ambient/psych/drone music isn't that popular anymore - I see tons of vaporwave/webpunk tapes at new-born labels, while such imprints as Stunned, Tranquility tapes, Goldtimers are long gone (or maybe it's just old man's talk, huh).

    yes, and i'm very happy about it, i receive quite a lot of demos. always love to get some new sounds for my ears. mostly the artists are very good informed about the style of the music i usually release and about the aesthetics i'm interested in. perhaps you are right, there are less people out there which do their own style of ambient/psych/drone as perhaps eight years ago, but i'm not sure about that. and as i stated in the last paragraph i think those vaporwave labels and the like took the torch of the cassette celebration and run with it their own way. and this is a good thing. who needs the 16th or whatever version of the emeralds (insert here the name of your favorite release of those years)? isn't this exactly what have happened with pop and rock music and what makes this stuff sometimes unbearable to listen to?

    Pied Paper: And what are your plans for the Cosmic Winnetou in the foreseeable future?

    prepare my next batch right now which will be released in a couple of weeks. but after this 13th cosmic winnetou bundle of cassettes i will need a hiatus, unfortunately. i love to do the label work, but it is very time consuming. have lots of projects for this year, music and private stuff, so i have to pull the brakes to this project for this year. but really looking forward to restart the tape label with new ideas and energies end of this year.

    Pied Paper: Do you ever think about future of music? Is it possible to invent something new, or we are doomed to retro-mania, returning to same tunes from different angles?

    of course there will some day somebody release some music which haven't been heard before and will blow all of us completely into the void. don't know which day this will happen, but i'm pretty sure someday it will. just look around, not only the music is stuck into retro mode. clothing, hair style, performing arts, pictorial arts, industrial design, i think that in our days nearly every form of artefacts are done with quite old ideas, just a few new kind of tools here and there. the whole mood, you can call it "zeitgeist" if you like, is like "let's try to preserve what we have", not "perhaps this is a better idea for the future, let's work on it". in my opinion everything is linked together somehow, and we have this retro mania since the 90s, starting with this global change of the modus vivendi. but nothing is forever, so i'm sure this will change someday. these thoughts are just my 50cents about a very complex question. but yeah, i think about this, and love to exchange ideas about this kind of topic.

    Pied Paper: Humans already sent some music with space probes - which titles would you choose for such mission? I know you won't choose Wagner, huh :)

    really nice question, this is. indeed already thought about that, and i think the nasa did a quite good job with the "golden record" for the voyager mission. very good selection which shows how wonderfully diverse sounds humans are able to produce, and each and all of them aim at the listeners heart. but always wondered if it would be perhaps a good idea to send some field recordings of this strange planet into the void, and f so, which i would chose.

    some people laughing, some people fighting, a mother singing her baby to sleep, the audience at a soccer game, a sundown at the shore of a calm sea with waves and cicades and everything? what else?

    Pied Paper: Okay, that's it — you can send high fives here or add something if needed! Thank you!

    hey, high five to you and many thanks for those questions! took my a while to type the answers, because you found some topics and ideas i love to share my thoughts on it. and of course many thanks for your support!

    perhaps i would like to ad a big "thank you" to all the readers of those lines, time is precious and i'm happy that you waste it reading them. and a big "thank you" to all the people who listen to my music and perhaps even bought the cassettes and cds and vinyls with my music on it. to know that somebody out there cares about my music means a lot to me. hugs.


    selected albums:
    guenter's bandcamp
    sterne uber der stadt
    organ studies
    tape studies

              guenter schlienz / alineko / lunar devotion        

    «"Night Music Bundle" is our new batch of gorgeous ambient & drone music received from great artists around the world! New full-length album by modular synth guru Guenter Schlientz, whose music we are proud to release; huge one-track work by Alineko, whose stellar drones we already had in catalogue; and, finally, long-awaited Lunar Devotion compilation album, featuring many different styles of ambient on one disc, all dedicated to the beauty of the Night! 

    Bundle is available in collectors edition - hand-painted wooden box with many inserts, including mandala prints, postcards, moss & custom made star finder» ~ pantheophania

    guenter schlienz ~ sterne über der stadt (πάνθεον, 2017)

    «Dedicated to the barely visible stars above your home town.» ~ guenter schlienz

    In the gleam light of night streets we always see the same. City envelopes us, creating space inside itself, which is almost flat compared to the actual world around. Sometimes it seems that we live inside a dome of glass, like ones from sci-fi books about distant future in post-apocalyptic world. We don't look at the sky, unless it's raining, we are losing the feeling of vastness, of the universal endlessness, which surrounds our little tiny home planet. Cosmos doesn't fit in coordinate system produced by the rows of street lights. But still there are some dreamers, inspired by the blinking stars above the never sleeping towns, bringing the melodies of this elusive beauty, which hides between the city blocks, trembles over the rivers and dissipates in roars of the streets... This exquisite album by our favorite modular synth wizard Guenter Schlienz is a dreamlike journey over the routine of life, perfect companion for late night walks and leisurely stargazing.

    «A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.» ~ wikipedia

    Second full-length work by Alineko is an aural excursion to the ancient art of lucid dreaming, personal reflection of the interest in Yoga Nidra and modern dreaming techniques. Being minimalist drone piece only at first glance, «A Guide To Lucid Dreaming» reveals a truly mesmerizing deepness and variety during the listening, unfolding hidden, but always present possibilities of our mind. One may hear choir or orchestra, humming of the wind or murmuring water, distant voices, whale songs, etc. – but nothing of it is present here, only play of perception. This music can be anything: meditation session, simple relaxing background or a truly deep listening experience, depending on the one's mood and surrounding. 

    various artists ~ lunar devotion (πάνθεον, 2017)

    Nytt Land, Tmavy Kruh, SiJ, Чайник Болотных Богов, Med Gen, lost-radio, Ugasanie, Sunmoonstar, Gamardah Fungus, Nubiferous, Ongo Oruulaa

    «Lunar Devotion» is a long-awaited successor of our «Solar Devotion» release made back in 2014. For this compilation we asked artists for their vision of the Moon and everything connected with it – seasons & cycles, religions & cults, dreams, fantasies, insomnia, cosmic landscapes... All of this can be found on this release, intertwined, slowly changing moods from light ambiences to deepest dark drones and back to purest silver light of our Mistress of the Night.

              stag hare / crown of eternity        

    stag hare ~ velvet & bone (inner islands, 2016)

    «Velvet and Bone is structured as a gothic fable. It is about the act of self reflection through knowing another. It is about seeing the shadow and knowing the shadow. It is about seeing death and knowing death. It is about bones, and the way they are shaped by the tensions put on them by various opposing muscles. It is about the swamps of depression. It is about love in its most tragic and therefore most beautiful form». ~ stag hare

    Being a huge fan sometimes stops me from writing reviews – maybe it's just subconscious feeling that words can spoil the fragility of music, especially when the music is as personal as Stag Hare are. There are so many kinds of art, of sound, ways of expression, but not that many artists are interested in putting their true emotions into art. Looks like image and the presentation are more important than revealing the personal side  of life and it's understandable. But when the image contradicts to inner story it may say something about our ability to feel the difference. What I like about Stag Hare (and the whole Inner Islands roster, actually) is sincerity, openness, fearless sharing of life as it seen by the artist, reflecting everything in music, telling stories which at some level are universal for all human beings – we just go through them by our own patterns. So, here it spins, new tape with Stag Hare's songs and this time they're actually songs with lyrics printed on j-card! «Opening (Depression)» starts with deep drone tune and it's actually not so dark, as drone ambient can be, but it has this longing which fades in second track – slowly, but confidently building sparkling layers of blissful folk song and entering the same territories Stag Hare known for, but this time with the strong presence of the new kind of energy. Dreamer has awakened and discovered that real world is the challenge and was never separated from the dream. The inner and the outer are not that different categories, simply matter of viewpoint. These songs are still dreamy and so magical, they bloom like astral flowers from the deepness of psychedelic revelation, but at the same time the thickness of the physical is present, like never-ending drone – it simply stitches once separated into whole... Natural & urban, transcendence and routine, simply life as it is. Aspiration to non-duality is primal to every spiritual being, but the ability to separate things is not less important, it's actually the only way our mind can work, endlessly dividing and then synthesizing at new levels of understanding, just to separate again... Okay, think I went too far, so let's say it's just wonderful music for everything you want from it. Â«Velvet and Bone» can be just beautiful background for your daily activities as successfully, as the impetus for philosophizing (which is clear in my case), it chills and gives energy, it brings joy and contains many different moods at the same time. Music of high potential to unfold. Truly personal, but universal – you may learn something from it, consciously or not. In any case, you won't regret hearing it. 

    listen ~ buy tape

    crown of eternity ~ dream architecture (inner islands, 2017)

    «Dream Architecture contains the deep and complex harmonics of 11 gongs, as well as the sonorous tones of more than 60 bells, sound plates, sound triangles, tuned metals and singing bowls. Crown of Eternity carefully and patiently blend and orchestrate their instruments to create harmonic fields that invite the listener to dive in and not only explore the nature of the sound current, but also their inner landscape». inner islands

    Some things change and some not. But it depends on the perspective, of course. Music of gongs, singing bowls and similar stuff was in the New Age genre since its inception. Of course it existed before, but not as music, but more as a spiritual practice. And this function of primal metal instruments vibrations resonating through your body remains unchanged – you'd rather hear such music at some yoga place, than in the concert club. Same private and personal feeling is present at this tape, as with Stag Hare release above. We are left alone with resonance, created with carefulness. It nurtures your senses, sets the right mood for relaxing contemplation, it gives landscape for your inner gazing... The experience of listening to such tape may be rewarding, but I guess it's nothing compared to Crown of Eternity live sets. The amount of gongs, plates, bowls and other metal resonators seen on photos has its own impression even without hearing the music! But if you had the chance to join such session at least once in your life, then you know what I mean. Here the point which turns spiritual practice into music – the act of recording. Same can be told about about any "sacred music" like tibetan monks' throat singing or orthodox chorals: when you are out of the moment of actual happening, when this is recorded or even just put into the studio or onto stage – it turns into completely different story. But this is really one big theme and it leads us away from music itself. Which is, by my humble opinion, can be always regarded as thing in itself without looking at its context and further analysis. Call me consumer, but some things need to be simply enjoyed. This tape is highly enjoyable even if my sound system is unable to produce same effect as live session with all those beautiful resonating stuff. But still, the sound resonates with my soul and think that's the most important here. Usually I listen recordings like this (Klaus Wiese, Danny Becher, Karma Moffet to name just a few) when I'm tired of any other music and it's always refreshing, kind of pleasant pause in the never-ending stream of music and always-present daily noise. Harmony & meditation, and nothing else here actually. What else do you need? 

    listen ~ buy tape

              check out ~ the book        
    check out ~ the book (hornschaft, 2016)

    «CHECK OUT is a project involving sound, images and words. It is divided into sections (chapters / tracks) and has three main granularities, i.e. excess, exposure, and death» ~ horschaft

    This is simply gorgeous. No exaggerating, this is the first and second and third impression on this release. Even before hearing the music, holding this beautiful LP-sized book with matte-finished hardcover, full of atmospheric photographs and collected impressions makes my heart beating faster. Maybe just because I like photography and work in printing business, but I don't think it is the only reason. The book unfolds masterfully captured moments of fleeting beauty, seen in tiny details, in landscape, in urban and naturalistic, in simple movements and casual glances. And while the music starts its weaving, your attention is already caught by spells of this creation. It is really hard to make something outstanding in times of ambient music abundance, which we are facing now. Revival of physical formats paves new ways of representation of highly subjective artistic visions and it results in variety of forms – handmade editions, special inserts, quests for ordering, etc. But despite the common idea that music must speak for itself, it's actually a new level of music production – making not really a product, but an art object. Imagine yourself visiting art gallery: some pictures on the walls, subtle music playing... Your impression is fleeting, it depends on so many factors and lies under so much pressure of the modern life-style and its rhythm, that it dissipates as quickly, as the morning dew under the sun since you leave the gallery... Subjective means personal, and personal art it's always just a tiny window, a glance inside the world of the Other. The less objective you are trying to be, the bigger this window gets, expanding the ways of perceive and understand each other. Simple idea, but not that easy to follow when it comes to practice. But if you have the exhibition delivered right at your place, carefully prepared for revisiting its virtues, hiding some details for attentive exploration... Probably it gives much more freedom both for you and for the artist. Ability to explore deeper is a luxury in a modern world.

    I won't divide the music and pictures of this edition, I'd rather tell that they are as inseparable as our five senses. Interconnection of impressions creates polarity, accumulates the impulse to discovery, and that's a very good approach in case of ambient music. It creates the deepness and instead of hearing just another melodic guitar ambience and dusty, melancholic soundscapes we plunge into the world of CHECK OUT without hesitation, exploring sensation of every tiny detail of mood, which appears only once – right now, right at this page, with this exact transition of the sounds. This album gives us an environment so fragile and sensitive to any change. It seems that CHECK OUT is about capturing the fleetness of our life, about unavoidable death of every beautiful thing...  But at some point of deepening inside it you may realize that this is happens all the time and that's what life is, a game of perception, of the novelty and excess, of discovery and forgetting... This album not just captures something, but brings the deeper level in the game.

    preview ~ support

              dugout canoe ~ over unity        

    dugout canoe ~ over unity (self-released, 2016)

    «A 54 minute tapestry of transcendental motifs caterwauling fizzy manifestations hurled forth from the Unified Field. Professionally dubbed and duplicated blue-green glitter tape with printed art and full color J-card in a soft poly case». dugout canoe

    Imagine Terry Riley playing some old video game and realizing that instead of actually playing it, he can play music with it. So he starts pushing all those buttons in a manner he does with electronic organ and the game becomes more and more chaotic, yet doesn't want to end anyway. At some point game gains awareness and transcends its own code, achieving digital enlightenment and disappearing from the physical plan... Now you get an idea how this tapes sounds, with the only difference that instead of Terry there is Jacob Isaacs behind the wheel and you may heard his tunes already in Bridgetown Records catalogue. Speed is really high, so all your attempts to analyse this music are doomed to vanish in abundance of 8-bit tunes, voice samples and rumbling drones somewhere deep beneath all of this. It may seem pretty hard-core, but actually this music has certain New Age and bright futuristic feeling about it, sounding like dynamic Osho meditation for cybernetic mind or minimal techno party for androids on the loose. Take Kara-Lis Coverdale and Giant Claw, let them dance, smoke few joints and flirt (only musically speaking, of course) and you'll get "Over Unity" in result. 

    listen ~ buy tape 

    PS: By the way, one of this album's perks is the fact that you can listen to it from any point, it works perfectly from any tape position and at any player / volume / speakers / headphones, etc. Just amazing! 

              rafi bookstaber        

     rafi bookstaber ~ late summer (woodsist, 2016)

    “We’d like to welcome back our old friend Rafi Bookstaber. It’s all good... the immediate thing I felt when I jammed his Late Summer for the first time was wanting to hug life, cosmic love in the underground. 

    “This is a diff kind of human digitata, it’s sweet analog. You dig spring reverb, then maybe flesh it with sum Ra-fi. Pure jam. Extended solos and explorations go from downtown woodland discord and eternal reverie to Relatively Clean Rivers and beat earth poetics. Pretty darlin’ indeed...

    “What a vapor trail of music; very groovy to see folks finally catching up to this head. Dawn of a new vibration out of his occult pedigree in so many spaced out earth objects (Death Chants / Aswara / Von Himmel / Mendocino). Bookstaber also logged golden hours with Time-Lag and that deep scene. The beginning of an ear and golden spirit juice. Mined private press vision with his own Azriel and Humito imprints, shucked handmades~there’s also his groove and howl with the wolfpack in the MV / EE axis. Oxide, preserves and records…Rafi hummed the music of maidens. Iron Maiden this is not, shipbuilding it sails, four sail and many years ago I was there, so was Rafi’s fi. You dig, apache? Find some wampum, blow a journey, be here now for Late Summer eternal...” Matt “MV” Valentine

    buy ~ listen

              Lexmark 2590n Forms printer dot matrix-printer        

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    Normale prijs: € 283,95

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              Samsung Kleuren multifunction laser printer CLX-6260FW        

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              Builder 3D-PR-S-WHITE 3D-printer        

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    Synopsis The odds against becoming a successful self-publisher can seem daunting. But if you’re really serious about seeing yourself in print, and using your writing to help as many people as possible, then no number of negatives can stop you … Continue reading
              Re: Solomon Durrett (parents Richard Durrett Jr & Esther Smith) m. Martha Smith (parents Thomas Smith and Mary "Polly" Meadearis)        
    The book has gone to the printers and I should have them in a few days (Aug, 2013).
    The list price will be $21.87 and I am discounting to $20 plus $3.00 for mailing.
    You may contact me at (Soundex) turfbinder at yahoo (dot) (com)Upon receipt I will give you my mailing address so you can send check or M. O. and I will send you a signed copy.
    I edited and published, Chuck Parsons did the foreword.
              Re: 1926 Marriage license for Parker County Texas         

    I checked Ancestry and FamilySarch but didn't find their marriage license. You can order a copy from the Parker County Clerk, www.co.parker.tx.us/ips/cms/countoffices/countyClerk.html.

    I did find the following:

    Clifford Anne Bigby
    Born: 28 Nov 1932, Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
    Father: Walter Clifford Bigby
    Mother: Annie Lois Farmer
    Source: Texas Birth Certificates 1903-35

    Walter Clifford Bigby
    Born: 25 Oct 1900, TX
    Residence: Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
    Occupation: Owner, Cliff Bigby Seed Co.
    Father: W. A. Bigby
    Mother: Priscilla East
    Died: 25 March 1958, Fort Worth, Tarrant, tX
    Married & Informant: Mrs. W. C. Bigby
    Buried: March 27, 1958, Fort Worth (the cemetery field was blank).
    Source: Texas Deaths 1890-1976, www.familysearch.org. You can view and print the death certificate at no charge. Successful Searching!
              Re: Solomon Durrett (parents Richard Durrett Jr & Esther Smith) m. Martha Smith (parents Thomas Smith and Mary "Polly" Meadearis)        
    The title of this rare book (edited and reprinted) is
    "Life on the Texas Frontier, 1855-1880."
              Re: Solomon Durrett (parents Richard Durrett Jr & Esther Smith) m. Martha Smith (parents Thomas Smith and Mary "Polly" Meadearis)        
    I have some information on Rice W. Derritt (alt. name Durrett.
    He was a Texas Ranger (minuteman) under Captain Hamner. He and Captain John M. Elkins pulled their first duty together (Pickett duty).
    In a very rare book written by Elkins he tells a very interesting and somewhat funny story of that first duty.

    I did a reprint of the book, 100 copies, and sold out. The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame bookstore has asked me to do a 2nd edition which I just finished editing and will be published this month, Aug, 2013.

    I too would like to know where he is buried and I assume around Birdville, Parker Co.
    N Brown
              SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2013        

    Hey everyone!

    Comic Con is coming up this week!   I will have a table there in the Small Press area.  Table P10 to be more precise.   Check the map below.
    Look, I made it easy for you to just find my table and avoid all the other comic con nonsense. 

    I will have all my prints, books, and zines i normally do plus I'll also have a few preview copies of the Vidiots book that I had specially printed up.    I've included some pictures (see below) if you're at the con you should stop by and take a look at the book.

    I'll also have a new print run of the 123 Creatures and the Future Peeps zines.  I printed them out in color at 1984 printing on recycled printing with soy based inks.  I think they turned out really sweet 




              WONDERCON 2013        
    I'm going to be at wondercon all this weekend.   i'll be at artist alley table #039 selling books, prints, zines and drawing sketches.   I will also be on the Adventure Time panel at noon on saturday with Adam, Kent, Nate, Elizabeth, Cole, Jesse, Nikki Yang (beemo), and Jessica DiCicco (flame princess).

    stop by if you're going.


              BUY MY STUFF!        
    Check it out,  I have a store over at Storenvy.   Right now all I have up there are some prints and a book, but I plan on slowly adding original art.   

    If you have any requests as to what I should put up or specific pieces of artwork you're interested in me adding to my store please leave a comment!



              SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!!! 2012 edition        
    hey everybody,

    I'll be at the San Diego ComicCon friday and saturday roaming around.  I will mostly be signing at the SLG (booth #1815) selling my books and t-shirts, from time to time i'll be doing sketches at the Cartoon Art Museum Sketch-a-thon (booth #1930), and of course I'll be at the Adventure Time panel (in the audience not on the panel) if I can get in.

    My schedule at the SLG booth:
    friday 11:30 - 1:00  2:30 - 5:30
    saturday just  2:30 - 5:30

    I have no schedule at the CAM Sketch-a-thon so check my twitter feed for updates on when I'll be there.

    map of my where-a-bouts at the con

    I'll also have a limited supply of prints and zines for sale at the tr!ckster store and of course my new wallet design will be on sale at the Poketo table (booth 4634).

    here's where the trickster store is.  

    please come by and say hello,


    Hola a todos, vuelvo a escribir después de mucho tiempo aquí debido a que unos estafadores llamados Hugo Novelli y Darío Moyano están usando mi blog como plataforma para difamar a Carlos Badra y a toda su familia. Estos son los 2 posts, para que se adentren más en el tema:



    Yo borro los comentarios que difaman a Badra porque ESTOY SEGURO que son todas mentiras. Pero muestro los print de pantalla, para mostrar las barbaridades que ponen y cómo operan estos tipos (aclaro: de mí pueden decir lo que quieran, yo me cago de risa).

    Debo confesarlo, yo he sido un troll, y sé como piensa esa clase de gente. Ahora descubro cómo es ser una víctima de esa gente tan molesta en la web.

    Dentro de poco haré un informe más detallado al respecto.


              Purchasing & Production Manager        

    Production & Purchasing Manager | Full Time Position

    Bazzaz, Inc. is seeking to fill a full-time position for a Purchasing & Production Manager. 

    Bazzaz is a designer and manufacturer of superior-quality motorcycle & ATV electronics and dynamometers located in Chino Hills, CA. We are committed to providing customers the very best experience which we believe stems from hiring the best employees. For more information on the company please visit bazzaz.net.

    Location: Chino Hills, CA

    Description: Seeking an individual who will plan, organize, and control production at Bazzaz Z-Fi fuel controller factory, which produces harnesses, strain gages, and printed circuit boards. Candidate must be committed to ensuring that Bazzaz products are produced efficiently, on time, within budget and to the highest quality standard. Issues Purchase Orders for the raw materials. Candidate should be solution-driven and acutely focused on quality. Listed below are the basic duties and requirements of the position:

      • Supervises production assembly team of 12-20 persons. Subordinates perform assembly of products or sub-assemblies according to verbal or written instructions, or by following drawings or diagrams. Provides work direction and reviews work performance.
      • Responsible for light maintenance of production machinery for harnessing and SMT.
      • Production Planning and ability to apply LEAN manufacturing techniques.
      • Manages the purchasing function according to department policy and procedure. Accepts and scrutinizes vendor bids or proposals. Selects sources based upon analysis. Arranges vendor contracts, bargains for best costs, and observes quality of purchased materials. Prepares reports and required documents. Organizes activities with sales, engineering, production, or warehouse personnel.
      • Manages inventory of materials, parts, and finished product to maintain required supply. Maintains records, replenishes stock, and plans for future requirements based on orders, production schedules and forecasts. Strives to achieve JIT.
      • Quality assurance - Manages quality assurance operations for the factory. Comes up with new ideas to enforce and improve quality programs. Monitors Production Department's conformance with QA standards and procedures. Conducts quality assurance training for employees engaged in materials handling or product assembly. Suggests methods for improving product quality or design, or manufacturing processes.
      • Manages shipping & receiving staff. With an emphasis on efficiency and accuracy.
      • Provide production updates to Bazzaz Team.
      • Harness Documentation / Create BOM.
      • Assist R&D.
      • Reports to Vice President.

    We are looking for a responsible, highly motivated and detail oriented individual, who wants to be part of a growing and dynamic company. This person must be a problem solver, have a get it done attitude, and enjoys working with a team. Bazzaz is on the leading edge of technology in the motorcycle aftermarket industry and this position plays a critical role in delivering the ultimate customer experience.

    Desired Qualifications:

      • Minimum of a 2 year degree.
      • Minimum of 2 years of experience in production and/or purchasing for wiring harnesses and/or printed circuit board assembly.
      • Winning attitude. Must be a team player and enjoy working in a fun yet focused atmosphere.
      • Experience with MRP/ERP software.
      • Computer literate with accurate data entry skills.
      • Able to read a wiring diagram.
      • Person shall demonstrate competency when using scales and other hand tools. Individuals should exhibit strong communication and organizational skills.
      • Mechanically inclined.
      • Ability to lift 50 pounds.
      • Bilingual in Spanish and English, preferred but not required.


      • Starting salary is $40-50K annually, based on experience.
      • After six months eligible for company Health/Dental/Vision Insurance.
      • 1 week vacation. 6 Paid personal days. Paid Holidays.
      • Monthly bonus plan.

    Applicant must successfully pass a drug screening, E-Verify, and background check in order to qualify.

    Bazzaz, Inc. is an at-will, equal opportunity employer. If you believe yourself to be a good candidate and meet all requirements, please e-mail a brief description of your qualifications and resume to jbuxton@Bazzaz.net.

    *Position descriptions and anticipated skills acquired are neither conclusive nor definite and can be expected to change throughout term of employment. 

              Christmas in July        
    Hello everyone! I start creating a few Christmas projects, I made this box and tag set using paper scraps and some images from my stash, the mini house in the tag is from the Wood mini houses  at my Etsy shop

    Hola a tod@s! comence a crear algunos proyectos de Navidad, hice un set de etiqueta y caja usando recortes de papel y algunas imagenes de my coleccion, la casita mini de madera que puse en la etiqueta las pueden encontrar aqui: Wood mini houses  exclusivas de mi Etsy shop

     Santa image is from the collage: Santa Circles , tickets from Fancy Pants, and a few of my favorite embellishments. How about you? when do you start creating Christmas stuff?

     La imagen de Santa es del colage: Santa Circles tickets son de  Fancy Pants, y claro algunos de mis adornos favoritos. Y ustedes cuando comienzan a crear cosas de Navidad?
    Next a cute bag created  using the cricut and dies, I combine both to create it, I use Kraft cardstock, the vintage finds word is from the collage Expressions No. 3

    A continuacion una linda bolsa que hice combinando la cricut y suajes,  use cardstock Kraft, la palabra vintage finds es del colage Expressions No. 3

    The bag is filled with little embellishments that I love such as lace, butons, pearls, die cuts, vintage images etc...

    Llene la bolsita con adornos como botones, encaje, perlitas, imagenes, suajes etc...
    And of course a set of tags using paper scraps and images from the collage: Definition Labels I print them in Kraft cardstock and  LOVE how they look! the little roses on the bottom of the label are from the collage: Cut Out Roses I just print them in smaller size.

    Y por supuesto un set de etiquetas usando recortes de papel e imagenes del colage: Definition Labels  las impimi en Kraft cardstock y me ENCANTA como se ven! las rosas en la parte de abajo de la etiqueta son del colage: Cut Out Roses solo las imprimi en taman~o mas chico.

    Don't forget that all the images in my Etsy shop are 60% off . Have a great day!!!

    Y no olviden que las imagenes digitales en mi tienda Etsy siguen con 60% de descuento. Que tengan un bello dia!!!!

              Celebrate Today        
    Over the past few weeks I have been creating lots of stuff ... I feel so happy to be able to sit in my scrap room and spend a few hours doing what makes me happy. I remember the days when I use to create for Design Teams or I had to finish a project for an event/blog hop. Now is different I can sit, relax and just create what I want and when I want. Don't get me wrong I love Design Teams, blog hops etc... but for me is a great feeling when I just sit there and create with no specific deadline and/or theme, special materials etc...

    Ya tengo varias semanas que he estado creando muchas cosas... me siento feliz de poderme sentar en mi cuarto de scrap y pasar horas ahi haciendo lo que me hace feliz, recuerdo que habia dias que solo me ponia a crear para los equipos de Diseno o cuando tenia que terminar un proyecto para algun evento. Ahora es diferente, me puedo sentar y tengo mas tiempo de  crear a la hora que quiera y cuando quiera, no es que no me gusten los DT pero a veces cuando perteneces a tantos equipos o tienes que hacer  mil blog hops es complicado crear cosas solo para ti o solo por gusto... o sera que  no me gusta la presion de fechas o temas especificos, ciertos maeriales etc...

    Love this set of card and box using paper from : Pretty Gingham, embossing folder, and stamps from PTI I cut a few hearts with a Sizzix die in chipboard and burlap. I use wide ribbon in the middle (love the design of this ribbon) the mini box is from an eBay die.

    Me encantan estos sets de tarjeta y cajita, use papel del colage: Pretty Gingham, un folder de embossing, sellos de PTI, corte varios corazones con suaje de Sizzix en yute y chipboard. Tambien use un liston ancho en medio  (me encanta el diseno de ese liston) el suaje de cajita es de eBay.

    Next a card using old paper from K &Co. and paper scraps, silk flowers and another embossing folder. The stamp is from PTI.

    A continuacion una tarjeta usando papeles viejitos de K &Co. y otros recortes de papel, flores de seda y otro diseño de folder de embossing. El sello es de PTI.

    I really like the combination of the card so I decided to create a set of burlap bag and tag with the same colors. I use only paper scraps for this set, stamps are from my stash (can't remember the brand)

    Me gusto tanto la combinacion de la tarjeta anterior que decidi hacer un set de bolsa y etiqueta con esos colores. Use recortes de papel para este set, sellos son de mi coleccion (no recuerdo la marca)

    And last another set, this time is a box and tag, again using paper scraps and images from the collage: Planner Girl and Cut Out Roses No 2

    Por ultimo tengo un set de cajita y etiqueta, de nuevo use recortes de papel las imagenes son de los colages: Planner Girl y Cut Out Roses No 2 

    I printed the roses from Cut Out Roses No 2  in vellum and loved it! they look softer and delicate. Stamps from my stash.

    Las rosas del collage: Cut Out Roses No 2  las imprimi en vellum (en Mexico lo conocen como papel albanene) y me encanto! lucen muy suaves y delicadas. Sellos son de mi coleccion.

    Thank you so much for stop by my blog today! Have a great day!

    Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog! Que tengan un bello dia!
              Tags and Bags        
    Hi! happy Wednesday, I am sharing today a few items created a few days ago, I made 2 sets of burlap bags and tags for a sweet customer, I really like to create sets, I think they are the perfect gift. I use paper  from my stash, stamps from PTI and MSE! heart die is from eBay. Flowers from Prima.

    Hola! feliz Miercoles esta vez comparto con ustedes algunos proyectos creados hace unos dias, primero 2 sets de etiqueta y bolsas de yute, este fue de hecho un pedido especial para una clienta, son el detalle o regalo perfecto. Use papeles de mi coleccion, sellos de PTI y MSE! el suaje de corazon  es de eBay. flores de Prima.

     This next set is my favorite, I use silk and paper flowers, tags from the collages: Forever and Shabby Floral Tags stamps from PTI

    El siguiente set es mi favorito, use flores de papel y seda, etiquetas de los colages: Forever  Shabby Floral Tags sellos de PTI

    Next some tags, I create these with paper scraps, images from the collage Cut Out Roses, I stamped the banner in Kraft cardstock and I use stamps from MSE!

    A continuacion un set de etiquetas usando recortes de papel, tags, imagenes del colage: Cut Out Roses, selle el banner en Kraft cardstock, los sellos son de MSE!

    And last a set of tags using paper scraps and stamp from PTI, I use a wide ribbon to cut the heart and the square behind, the burlap heat was also cut with a die.

    Y el ultimo set de etiquetas usando sellos de PTI, corte con suajes un liston grueso para hacer los corazones y la parte de atras (que parece tela) el corazon de yute tambien lo corte con suaje.

    Have a great day, will be back soon :)

    Que tengan un bello dia, regreso pronto :) 

              My Dearest Friend        
    Hello again!!!!! I have more projects to share with you, I am in LOVE with this set of card  and box I think the color combo is just beautiful and one of my favorites 

    Hola de nuevo!!!!! tengo mas proyectos hoy para compartir con ustedes, me ENCANTA este set de tarjeta y cajita, creo que la combinacion de colores esta hermosa y es de mis favoritas 

    I create the mini gable box with a die from eBay, paper is from the collage Little angel (I just printed smaller) I use wide ribbon and seam binding, I also use images from the collages: Planner Girl and Cut Out Roses, the embossed part on the bottom of the card was created with an embossing folder from Sizzix

    Hice la cajita con un suaje de eBay,  el papel es del colage:  Little angel (solo imprimi en un tamaño mas chico) use un liston ancho y seam binding teñido, tambien use imagenes de los colages: Planner Girl y Cut Out Rosesla parte de abajo de la tarjeta la hice con un folder de embossing de Sizzix

    Next a set of chipboard tags using more embossing and paper scraps from my stash, silk flowers, seam binding, lace etc, stamps are from MSE!

    Este es un set de tags de chipboard usando mas embossing y recortes de papel, flores de seda, seam binding, etc, sellos de MSE!

    And last a baby card using paper scraps and image from a paper pad I got a few years ago I think the company is called First Edition, the stamp is a very old one from Heidi Swapp. 

    Y por ultimo una tarjeta de bebe usando recortes de papel, la imagen es de un pad de papel que compre hace tiempo, creo que la compañia se llama First Edition, el sello es uno muy viejito de  Heidi Swapp. 

    Thank you so much for stop by my blog I will be back with more creations soon :)

    Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog regreso pronto con mas creaciones :)
    Hello again! I hope you had a great weekend! I created a few more projects and some were a request for a client, I love when people enjoy my work that is something that makes me really happy. First this set of card and box using papers from the collage: Little Angel and Pastel Polka Dots

    Hola de nuevo! espero que hayan tenido un lindo fin de semana! hace unas semanas hice varios proyectos, algunos fueron un pedido para una clienta, me encanta saber que hay gente que de verdad le gusta mi trabajo, realmente me hace feliz. Primero les comparto este set de cajita y tarjeta, use papeles del colage: Little Angel y Pastel Polka Dots

    Stamps are from my stash, MSE! and PTI use my favorite embellishments stained seam binding and painted buttons.

    Sellos son de mi coleccion, otros son de MSE! y PTI use mis adornos favoritos seam binding teñido y botones pintados.

    Next a set of tag and burlap bag I use again paper from the collage: Pastel Polka Dots stamps from PTI and MSE! 

    A continuacion un set de bolsa de yute y etiqueta use de nuevo papeles del colage: Pastel Polka Dots sellos de PTI y MSE! 

    And last a set of tags using images from : Old Tags and Expressions No. 1 I use silk flowers, vintage buttons and pink adhesive pearls

    Por ultimo un set de etiquetas usando imagenes de: Old Tags y Expressions No. 1 use flores de seda, botones vintage y perlitas adhesivas de color rosa pastel. 

    Thank you so much for stop by my blog :)

    Muchas gracias por visitar  mi blog :)