Badshah Masala launched their new ad campaign #HumareYahan        

by Shrutee K/DNS
National: Badshah Masala, this Independence Day, has launched their new ad campaign #HumareYahan, aiming to decrease this divide and pushes notice to how similar these two sister countries are. Badshah Masala believes that despite all the differences we may have, food transcends all boundaries and brings people from different places together. 
In this video, Manno is a traditional Indian mom whose daughter, Dimple, has just returned from US after finishing her studies. Dimple, whilst showing Manno pictures from her time in US, also shows her a picture with her Pakistani friend, Saad. Manno immediately points to Saad being a Pakistani, but is shunned by her young and liberal daughter.  
Dimple then mentions that she wants to meet Saad, an idea which Manno isn't too fond of. After much deliberation, Manno asks Dimple to invite Saad over for dinner so that she can keep an eye on him. Once Saad comes over for dinner, he amazes Manno with what he does.
This video is a testimony to how much the younger generation can influence their parents in breaking stereotypes that have prevailed in modern India. The campaign also communicates a broader message that gets us thinking as to how Indians perceive foreign nationals. It stresses on the importance of respect for an individual regardless of his or her racial background and nationality, and the importance of not judging a person based on our own preconceived notions and existing stereotypes.
Kailash Jhaveri, Managing Partner of Jhaveri Industries, said,”As we are inching closer to a 70th Independence Day, there is no better time to contemplate the ties between these two countries. We are trying our best to close this divide by starting a conversation over something that no one would decline - Swaad.” 
Hemant Jhaveri, Managing Partner of Jhaveri Industries, adds, “Badshah Masala has always been involved in forming connections through food. From the very beginning of this company, we have looked at food as something that can bring people from everywhere together. We are glad that we are taking this opportunity to provide another outlook to the current scenario that our country is facing.” 
Anushree Pacheriwal, Creative Head of Gemius, said, “It has been an incredible experience working for this campaign. From the very start, we were certain that this message needed to be out there, and that shaped the direction that this campaign took.”
The campaign is by Badshah Masala conceptualised by agency Gemius and creative head Anushree Pacheriwal, Story, Saurabh Pacheriwal. The production house is 50mm Media Productions and Director & DOP is Saurabh Desai and Ankit Mavchi. Gemius is co founded by Saurabh Pacheriwal, a marketing professional and Anushree Pacheriwal, a creative professional. Its clientele includes Badshah Masala, World Economic Forum, Just In Time, Baggit, TEDx events amongst others.
·       Campaign Link:
Client: Badshah Masala
Managing Partners: Kailash Jhaveri, Hemant Jhaveri
Agency: Gemius
Managing Director: Saurabh Pacheriwal
Creative Head: Anushree Pacheriwal
Account Management Team: Tanvi Khandelwal, Abhishek Doshi, Varsha Tanna
Story: Saurabh Pacheriwal
Production House: 50mm Media Productions
Director & DOP: Saurabh Desai & Ankit Mavchi
Production Team: Fenil Patel, Siddhant Shah, Nehal Trivedi, Jigar M, Setu U

          Accelerate Live! talk: Health-generating buildings, Marcene Kinney, Angela Mazzi, GBBN Architects        
Architects Marcene Kinney and Angela Mazzi share design hacks pinpointing specific aspects of the built environment that affect behavior, well-being, and performance.


During the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed an evolution in building design, from high-performance and energy-efficient buildings, to sustainable and green buildings, and now to spaces that enhance performance and promote wellness and health. 

In this 15-minute talk at BD+C’s Accelerate Live! conference (May 11, 2017, Chicago), Marcene Kinney and Angela Mazzi from Cincinnati-based GBBN Architects talk about their work in behavior change and health-generating design.

Their predictive outcome modeling helps clients make strategic design investments that enhance user and building performance, while minimizing behaviors that can lead to more negative outcomes, such as injuries, poor health, or mistakes.

They also share design hacks pinpointing specific aspects of the built environment that affect behavior, well-being, and performance to help clients get more success out of their spaces.


As Principal and Market Director at GBBN Architects, Marcene Kinney, AIA, LEED AP, leads her team's exploration and focus to do more than merely solve functional architectural problems for clients. Her applied research details fives types of space and their physical attributes that contribute to socialization and gathering patterns within spaces. She has dedicated 17 years exploring how space facilitates social interaction and builds community within the educational environment. Kinney has presented her research-based design work to American Institute of Architecture and Society of College and University Planning audiences and is the recent recipient of an AIA design award for work completed at Northern Kentucky University. Perhaps most important are the satisfaction survey reports by her clients who are reporting increased engagement and retention from their customers.

Angela Mazzi, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, is a Senior Associate and Medical Planner at GBBN Architects, where she focuses on enhancing quality of life through built environments—connecting great design with user needs. Her background in design, business management, and research on socio-cultural contexts provides a unique perspective on how culture is reflected in architecture and user experience. Mazzi serves on the Board of Regents for the American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA), the Board of AIA Cincinnati, the Advisory Committee for the Institute for Patient-Centered Design, and was an Advisory Board member for Arizona State University's Healthcare Design Program in its initial years. Her research linking wellness to design has been published in many healthcare journals and been presented at both national and international conferences.



          Facebook in Google Plus (Update)        
Witzig. Zumindest witzig ist es ja. Eine Extension für IE, Firefox und Chrome sorgt dafür, dass der Facebook-Newsstream innerhalb von Google Plus in Form eines weiteren Tab dargestellt wird. Nach der Installation fragt die Extension kurz ein paar Rechte für Facebook ab und packt dann ein Facebook-Symbol links neben die Google+ Tabs (Übersicht, Profil, Circles ... weiterlesen
          Google Takeout: Open Shop vs. Closed Shop        
Während Facebook alles dafür tut, damit seine User die Daten, die eigentlich ihnen gehören, nicht von der Plattform weg-exportieren können, gibt sich Google deutlich offener und erlaubt das Herunterladen aller persönlicher, in Google gespeicherter Daten aus Buzz, Kontakten und Circles, Picasa, dem Google-Profil und den Streams in Google Plus. Der Export-Vorgang ist durch mehrfache Passwort-Abfragen gesichert. ... weiterlesen
          Erste Gehversuche mit Google Plus        
Da ist er also, der mutmaßliche Facebook-Killer: Google Plus. Noch in geschlossener Beta. Ich bin drin, dank eines aufmerksamen Bekannten und der Tatsache, dass eine Zeitlang eine Möglichkeit existierte, Personen auf undokumentiertem Weg hinzuzufügen. (Das scheint derzeit leider nicht mehr zu funktionieren.) Mit diesem Großangriff auf den 800-Pfund-Gorilla Facebook hat sich Google einiges vorgenommen. Stellt ... weiterlesen
          Subaru Adventure Team Kicks Off with Heuberger Motors Facebook Contest        

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado—Heuberger Motors ( is kicking off the new Subaru Adventure Team with a Facebook photo contest that will earn one person a full day self-rescue class for two people, or a one-day introductory climbing lesson for two. The contest is designed to help introduce the Subaru Adventure Team to local Subaru drivers and […]

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          Jupiter Chevrolet Sponsors GISD Teacher of the Month Contest        

  The monthly contest compiles votes from parents and students at Jupiter Chevrolet’s Facebook page.  Every month, the highest vote-getter will win the services of a Jupiter Chevrolet vehicle for an entire month.  The contest, which awards the teacher who receives the most votes at the Jupiter Chevrolet Facebook page with a free car for […]

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Muhibbuddin Al Insaniyah
| 14 Agustus 2010 | 11:48

Sejak dirilis pada tanggal 1 Agusus 2010, sudah dibanjiri dengan register-register baru yang semakin hari semakin melimpah. Dari banyaknya pengguna baru yang berbondong-bondong masuk, ternyata disinyalir oleh admin cybermoslem sendiri, ada sebuah “serangan rudal” dari “pesawat tak berawak” yang dikendalikan dari luar negeri, yang sengaja atau tidak memang hendak membuat rusuh suasana aksesing terhadap cybermoslem.

“…akhirnya CMnet lumpuh selama hampir semalaman (jum’at, 13 Agustus 2010). Setelah seharian di serang secara bertubi dengan sistem serangan ddos yang membuat jaringan kami menjadi sangat sibuk”, demikian menurut admin cybermoslem dalam blognya.

Serangan DoS (Denial of Service) adalah jenis serangan terhadap sebuah komputer atau server di dalam suatu jaringan internet dengan cara menghabiskan sumber (resource) yang dimiliki oleh komputer tersebut sampai komputer tersebut tidak dapat menjalankan fungsinya dengan benar sehingga secara tidak langsung mencegah pengguna lain untuk memperoleh akses layanan dari komputer yang diserang tersebut. Serangan DoS ini berlangsung satu lawan satu, satu penyerang melawan satu akun pengguna yang valid dan aktif, dengan penyerangnya menggunakan peralatan komputer yang canggih, serta dukungan host yang handal, sehingga target sasaran bisa kacau aksesingnya. Serangan DDoS ( Distribution DoS) merupakan serangan DoS yang “diselenggarakan” secara “rombongan” dan konspiratif menggunakan banyak komputer handal dan kuat, menyerang server sasaran, sehingga server “dipaksa” untuk tidak dapat memberikan pelayanan akses bagi pengguna.

Kondisi awal downtime sebenarnya sudah penulis rasakan dan terdeteksi oleh penulis pada sekitar lebih kurang jam 16.00 WIB, hari Jumat tanggal 13 Agutus 2010 kemarin, dan penulis seketika itu langsung memberikan sinyal “hati’hati” ke pihak admin bahwa ada “kemungkinan” upaya penyerangan oleh hacker ke server cybermoslem. Jawaban admin sangat sederhana, “Allah yang akan menolongnya“.

Situasi server lumpuh total terjadi semalaman dari mulai lebih kurang jam 19.30 WIB. Setelah sholat tarawih, penulis menutup akun di cybermoslem beberapa jam kemudian. Sebenarnya, pada Jum’at, 13 Agustus 2010, dari pagi sampai sore, akses ke masih stabil. Tetapi mulai malam sekitar jam 19.30 WIB lebih, pada saat pengguna dan saat sebagian besar member CMnet sedang sholat Tarawih. dan akses ke mulai ada kendala dan beberapa waktu kemudian lumpuh total.

Cybermoslem masih mampu tegak bertahan, tidak terjadi kehancuran dan kematian total, sehingga pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2010 sudah bisa normal kembali. Diperkirakan serangan akan berulang-ulang, tetapi Insya Allah, serangan DDoS dan serangan bentuk lainnya teramat berat dan kecil kemungkinan membunuh cybermoslem.

Memperhatikan berita di atas, penulis teringat serangan terhadap (jejaring sosial di Pakistan), yang sampai sekarang akhirnya web tersebut mengalami kelumpuhan dan tidak dapat diakses. Gambar di bawah ini adalah kondisi “bangkai” terakhir pada Sabtu, 14 Agutus 2010.

Kondisi "Bangkai" terakhir Adminnya masih berusaha hidup kembali. diciptakan oleh pemuda Pakistan, pada akhir Mei 2010 yang lalu, khusus untuk memberi alternatif bagi jejaring sosial mania di Pakistan dan penduduk dunia lainnya, setelah terjadinya “gempa bumi Facebook” yang menggemparkan dunia dengan munculnya halaman propaganda “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”.

Terlepas dari alasan apapun pendiriannya, seharusnya netter tidak menganggap bahwa hadirnya jejaring baru sebagai ancaman sehingga melakukan serangan-serangan terhadap server ataupun apapun yang berafiliasi ke jejaring tersebut. Melihat gambar millatfcebook di atas, sepertinya admin millatfacebook asalnya menggunakan server di wilayah Amerika Serikat. Letak server inilah yang akan memberikan kemudahan lalu lintas bagi penyerang.

Perbedaan dengan millatfacebook, cybermoslem memiliki server yang berada di Indonesia. Sehingga serangan-serangan apapun bisa diketahui sejak dini, kemudian menyiapkan pertahanan dan benteng yang handal dan kuat, agar serangan semacam DDoS tidak terulang kembali. Serangan apapun terhadap jejaring, bentengpertama dalam pertahanan di garda server. Jika servernya kuat dan handal, insya Allah semuanya lancar-lancar.

Serangan susulan bisa saja dan akan terjadi, tetapi dengan server berada di Indonesia, serangan tersebut tidak akan sampai melumpuhkan cybermoslem, sehingga bernasib sama seperti

Penulis tidak akan membuat andaian siapa yang menyerang. Tetapi yang jelas, adalah pihak yang dirugikan atau yang akan dirugikan. Siapa pihak yang dirugikan dengan adanya cybermoslem, penulis memberikan “gambaran kemungkinan” ciri-cirinya, sebagai berikut :

  1. Web jejaring sosial yang memegang mainstream di Indonesia, dengan jumlah pengguna sekarang inimencapai sekitar 500 juta di seluruh dunia. Jejaring ini merasa sudah memiliki Indonesia, sudah mendakwa menjadi penyantun melalui kerjasama dengan beberapa penyedia layanan telekomunikasi yaitu dengan penyediaan “akses gratis” bagi pelanggannya.
  2. Adanya serangan dari pihak yang tidak suka ada nama jejaring berlabel “Islam” atau “Moslem”menjadi populer, apalagi memiliki potensi mengalahkan mainstream yang sudah ada. Adanya cybermoslem, besar atau kecil akan mulai membersihkan label umat Islam yang sekarang ini seakan menjadi sarang teroris. Cybermoslem menjelaskan kepada dunia bahwa umat Islam juga sebenarnya mampu dan bisa menjadi pelopor bagipersahabatan dan dengan gaya hidup Teknologi Informasi, berbaur bersama semua orang dari berbagai negara, ras dan agama, dengan menjunjung nilai perdamaian dan kemanusiaan. Dengah kata lain, serangan terhadap cybermoslem ini, adalah serangan terhadap nilai kemanusiaan dalam diri cybermoslem, yang jelas-jelas bermaksud damai dan santun serta beradab membuka silaturrohim dan persahabatan bersama berbagai jenis umat manusia di bumi ini.

Penulis tidak menyebut bahwa penyerang adalah “musuh Islam” walaupun semua jejaring yang diserang adalah didirikan dan terutama untuk umat Islam. Mereka lebih cenderung sebagai uji coba ketahanan dan reaksi atas hadirnya cybermoslem yang menggemuruh.

Bagi kita orang Indonesia, kita wajib berbangga dengan kerja saudara kita Dola Indra Putra Agam, yng sudah sedemikian hebat membuat jejaring sosial sendiri, untuk dipersembahkan bagi bumi pertiwi Indonesia dan umat Islam dunia. Jejaring yang berkode Joomla ini bebas dipergunakan oleh siapapun.

Mempertimbangkan akan adanya serangan-serangan berikutnya, harapan penulis, melalui tulisan ini, nantinya ada tokoh nasional Indonesia, baik dari kalangan pemerintahan, maupun Non Government Organisation (NGO) bisa segera memberikan dukungan moral dan material bagi kelangsungan cybermoslem, jejaring kebanggaan Indonesia, sehingga cybermoslem bisa menjadi number one di Indonesia, mengalahkan jejaring produk import luar negeri.

sumber :

          Kommentar zu Einen Award für diese Tasche von Sebastian Sturm! von Beatrice Schuberth        
Hallo Maja, melde dich auf Was gibt es? Ich freue mich über deine Email. Bin bei Facebook oder Whats App. Stephan hat meine Nummer.
          Candlelight Sustainability Dinner        

In celebration of Campus Sustainability Day, join the Office of Sustainability for dinner in the Piazza dining center. Information about campus sustanability, food waste and electricity consumption will be available. Students and staff with meal plans may enter using a normal meal, those without are asked to pay the standard fee.

Special Events
Piazza dining center
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 5:00 pm
Enter Your Email: 
Eric O'Brien
          Tastes of Sustainability        

Come to the CEEE September 27th at 7:00. Amazing chef, Dan Ankrum of Avant Garde Catering, will be preparing courses using local products and discussing how sustainability relates directly to dining around the area.

Along with great food and entertainment, the student organizations UNI Green Life, Green Project UNI, Student Nature Society (SNS), and Northern Iowa Student Energy Corp will be attending to pass along information about their clubs and why and how you should get involved.

Below is the menu and farms from which the products came from.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream demo
Farm: Hansens, HillCrest Farms

Squash soup
Local Iowa butternut squash soup, Vegan
Farm: A Family Market Place

Local Iowa roasted pork shoulder served taco style.
Farm Green's Organics

Brew Grain Cookies
Farms: Hillcrest Farms, Kitchen Table CSA, Hansen's

Center for Energy and Environmental Education (CEEE)
Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 2:00 pm
Enter Your Email: 
Trish Dorman
          Plastic Bag Exchange        

The Office of Sustainability is hosting an opportunity to go green. Bring at least five plastic bags to exchange for one reusable UNI bag; limit one bag per person.

Outreach/Service Projects
Maucker Union
Monday, April 21, 2014 -
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Enter Your Email: 
Kelsey Ewald
          Facebook представил свой аналог YouTube — Facebook Watch        
С 10 августа новая функция появилась у ограниченного числа пользователей в США
          Marketing Contractor - Pixability        
Boston, MA - Boston HQ
Who We Are
Pixability is a video advertising technology company that gives media professionals the ability to plan, buy, and report across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify. Pixability?s holistic solution empowers advertisers to deliver
          I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger        
Silas has taken to pooping in the house in the same exact spot every time. Like it's his own personal carpeted potty. He'll do it right after he comes inside too. I'm really not sure what to do about it. I'm about to break down and pay for a flipping dog whisperer or something. I mean. Really.
Also he keeps nipping at us. And sometimes it hurts. And he still has puppy teeth. I can't even imagine what it will feel like once he has his big boy teeth.
On top of everything, work, my crazy dog, my messy house and did I mention work? On top of everything, people have been really difficult to deal with lately. I don't know if it's cause I'm tired or stressed or a combination of the above, but I take everything anyone says or does at a very personal level and I've been crying at the drop of a hat.
For instance. The boy's little sister wrote a blog post on her myspace about her faith and about religion in general and I commented in a way that I would to any of my friends. I talk to people as if they are intelligent human beings and I want to engage them in logical and thoughtful discussions. Is that such a crime? Well, in any case, one of her friends commented below mine saying, basically, not to pay attention to that "dumb girl your brother is datin" because she is all up on her high horse and who does she think she is? And I got upset. Like crying and almost hysterical upset. And I have no idea why. I cried because some 15 year old kid made fun of me on myspace??? Seriously? I don't know, I think it probably boils down to frustrations over my feelings that the boy's family thinks I'm just another "stupid girl" that he is "datin" even though we've been together for 2 and half years and are very committed. I don't think they'll ever take me seriously, or at least not anytime before our ten year wedding anniversary, which for all I know could be 40 years away.
And then someone else removed me from her facebook friends. And I shouldn't be upset about that. Because I really don't ever want to be friends with her again. We had a huge row about a month ago, and even before that she treated me (in my opinion) quite poorly and did not make me feel happy, which is what I think friends should do. But seriously? Removing me from your friends list? Are we 12????
The end.
PS: I promise to not be such a Debbie Downer with the next post.
          U.S. Housing Market: Past, Present & Future         
  Instead of writing an article with a lot charts, I thought I would post my Facebook live instead. Sometimes hearing a […]
          Î•Î¹ÏƒÏ€ÏÎ±ÎºÏ„ικές: Κλείστε τα call centers, ανοίξτε social media shop        

Νέα κόλπα φαίνεται ότι προσπαθούν να εντάξουν στο ενεργητικό τους οι εισπρακτικές εταιρίες με σκοπό να αντλήσουν πληροφορίες για το που κρύβουν τα λεφτά τους οι δανειολήπτες που δεν είναι συνεπείς στις υποχρεώσεις τους.
«Ξεχάστε τα τηλέφωνα και πιάστε το Facebook» είναι πλέον η νέα οδηγία που έχει δοθεί στις εταιρείες αναζήτησης και είσπραξης οφειλών. Î£Ï„ο παρά πέντε της έναρξης του εξωδικαστικού συμβιβασμού ÎºÎ±Î¹ μπροστά στον κίνδυνο να αναγκαστούν οι τράπεζες να δεχτούν «κουρέματα» χρέους σε δανειολήπτες που επικαλούνται αδυναμία πληρωμής, οι εισπρακτικές παίρνουν εντολή να αλλάξουν τις μεθόδους πίεσης, να εγκαταλείψουν τον κλασικό τρόπο αναζήτησης των οφειλετών μέσω των κλήσεων από τα γνωστά σε όλους «call centers» και να διεισδύσουν στα social media για να αντλήσουν πληροφορίες και στοιχεία από το προφίλ των οφειλετών προκειμένου να τους πιέσουν να πληρώσουν.
Το σύνθημα για την εξέλιξη αυτή δόθηκε την περασμένη εβδομάδα, σε ευρεία σύσκεψη που έγινε με τις εταιρείες ενημέρωσης οφειλετών. Εκεί ο διευθύνων σύμβουλος της PQH Ενιαία Ειδική Εκκαθάριση Α.Ε. Κώστας Μητρόπουλος, γνωστός σε πολλούς και από τη θητεία του ως επικεφαλής του Ταμείου Αξιοποίησης της Ιδιωτικής Περιουσίας του Δημοσίου, έδωσε κατευθύνσεις στις εταιρείες ενημέρωσης και αναζήτησης οφειλετών που χρωστούν δισεκατομμύρια σε 16 πιστωτικά ιδρύματα που λειτουργούσαν στη χώρα μας για το πώς θα πρέπει στο εξής να λειτουργούν.
Για να καταδείξει με ποιον τρόπο μπορούν να αποσπάσουν πληροφορίες από τους οφειλέτες οι διαχειριστές των ÎºÏŒÎºÎºÎ¹Î½Ï‰Î½ δανείων, Ï„α γραφεία ενημέρωσης και τα δικηγορικά γραφεία, ο κ. Μητρόπουλος έκλεισε την εκτενή ομιλία του με ένα σοκαριστικό βίντεο στο οποίο αποτυπώνεται ανάγλυφα πώς αντλούν πληροφορίες όσοι τρυπώνουν στα προφίλ απλών χρηστών στα social media.
Τι «καρφώνουν» οι αναρτήσεις στο FB
Με βάση τα νέα δεδομένα, στο άμεσο μέλλον οι εισπρακτικές εταιρείες ενδεχομένως να περιορίσουν ή και να σταματήσουν να ενοχλούν τηλεφωνικά όσους χρωστάνε για κόκκινα στεγαστικά, καταναλωτικά ή επιχειρηματικά δάνεια. Θα αρχίσουν όμως να τους ψάχνουν στο Facebook και στα λοιπά social media, για να ανακαλύψουν στοιχεία που θα καταρρίπτουν τον ισχυρισμό ότι δεν έχουν να πληρώσουν. Οπως τόνισε στην εκτενή ομιλία του ο κ. Μητρόπουλος προς 17 εταιρείες ενημέρωσης και δικηγορικά γραφεία που ασχολούνται με την είσπραξη των οφειλών, «πολλοί δικηγόροι έχουν ιδεοληψία με το τηλέφωνο. Πρέπει να χρησιμοποιείτε και άλλα μέσα, όπως το Facebook, για να εντοπίζετε τους οφειλέτες».
Αυτή είναι η μεγάλη παγίδα για πάνω από 2 εκατομμύρια δανειολήπτες και εγγυητές που χρωστάνε 100 δισ. ευρώ για κόκκινα δάνεια στις τράπεζες: αντί να ρωτάει ο υπάλληλος της εισπρακτικής εταιρείας «πότε θα πληρώσετε;», θα μπορεί να βρίσκει πληροφορίες που δημοσιοποιεί ο ίδιος ο οφειλέτης ή από τον κοινωνικό περίγυρό του, για τον πιέζει λέγοντάς του για παράδειγμα: «Κάθε βράδυ κάνετε check-in σε ακριβά εστιατόρια και λέτε  Ï€Ï‰Ï‚ δεν έχετε να πληρώσετε; Πού βρίσκετε λεφτά και περνάτε τόσα Σαββατοκύριακα στην Αράχωβα; Στο Παρίσι σας πετυχαίνω τώρα; Μήπως δεν είναι δικό σας, όπως λέγατε στο Facebook, το σκάφος που ανεβάζατε φωτογραφίες το καλοκαίρι;».
Και στη χώρα μας πλέον οι τράπεζες παίρνουν τα μέτρα τους για να μην υποχρεωθούν να δεχτούν κούρεμα οφειλής, τουλάχιστον για όσους καταφέρουν να αποδείξουν ότι έχουν τον τρόπο να πληρώσουν όσα χρωστάνε. Η πρακτική αυτή είναι ιδιαίτερα διαδεδομένη στο εξωτερικό, όπου εταιρείες ερευνών (tracers) λειτουργούν για λογαριασμό των τραπεζών εδώ και πολλές δεκαετίες.  Το μήνυμα προς όλους ήταν ότι τίποτε δεν μένει κρυφό στο Ιντερνετ, ίσως ακόμα κι αν οι ίδιοι προσπαθήσουμε να διαφυλάξουμε την ιδιωτικότητά μας. Ειδικά αν οι «μάγοι» του Διαδικτύου έχουν εντολή να αποκαλύψουν τα απόκρυφα της ζωής των οφειλετών. Είναι φανερό πως έρχεται και στην Ελλάδα.

          Business in Buffalo        

Allot was accomplished while back in Buffalo over break. Some of it was already mentioned on facebook but this is where I can do some less official ranting.

So what I want to talk about is doing business in Buffalo. I’m sure allot of people have heard horror stories about working with in the city limits. I know for years people don’t me, don’t even bother if you’re not in the old boys club you can’t get anywhere in the city.  My experience was completely the opposite.

We had narrowed our search into the Black Rock area. I think it’s really an area on the up and up. The people there are really passionate about the neighborhood and eager for business to come back. The success of the black rock bar and kitchen and delish are sort of the test beds. As Chippewa seems to be  kicking out the college crowd there is going to need to be somewhere for all those older college students to go. I’m not saying Black Rock should open clubs and go crazy, just that older crowd is going to be looking for somewhere new to go and that could be black rock without a problem. Elmwood can be a bit ‘high end’ and Buff State is right across the river. Honestly Amherst is going to be where it’s at.

I’ve had the pleasure to bounce around the country for the last couple of years. My position in the Air Force requires allot of traveling form base to base, and I’ve found the same formula in all the ‘up and coming’ urban places is the same.

Provide a service or good that’s 100% better at 50% more cost. It’s what Craft Beer is all about, but it’s also what the whole urban movement seems to be able.  When I visit other cities and find something I think  could be a knock-out in Buffalo I write it down or grab a menu. Sadly for all the great ideas there is only so much money, but the formal is the same.

Chef’s in Manhattan KS is one of the business restaurants I’ve ever been in. It costs about 50% more then Denny’s but when you get Salmon Eggs Benedict, the $5 extra over a grand slam seems like nothing. I’m not saying I’ve stumbled upon the Holy  Grail or anything. I’m just finding that it seems to be true across the whole of the United States. It might the ‘Europeanization’ of America.  That’s a different topic so I’ll get back to Buffalo.

Where I wanted to get was armed with this formal and some really impressive growth numbers from Craft Beer the Councilmen Joe Golombek was willing to sit down for almost 2 hours with us, from that we got an audience with the City Office of Strategic Planning, Department of Labor, Tonawanda BOA, NYSBDC, SBA, ECIDC, NYSIDC. I’m missing once person from that list so I apologize. Point being they we’re great to sit down with, tell them what we want to do, and offer some suggestions on how to go about it. I didn’t run into some brick wall or have to cow tow to anyone to get this. I grew up 25 miles outside of the city, I went to School in Rochester. While Buffalo is my city, its not like I have a network. No Doubt I’m developing one, and the other companies we work with have been paramount to that.

Allot of reasons and things like the $1,000,000,000 that state is talking about I honestly don’t think is going to have nearly the effect it could have if it was $1 thousand million dollar grants or 10,000 $100,000 grants. The things about doing business in NYS being hard then other states.  That’s absolutely true, the taxes are terrible, the bureaucracy is enormous, and the law suits plentiful. Despite all that Government workers are really trying to work around it and with it to get Buffalo back on top.

Point being is Buffalo wants to grow, and the real growth is going to be by small business making an investment in the city, living here working here making that lifelong commitment to the area. There isn’t going to be a hand out from the government to get you started. It’s going to be with the help of people in Buffalo and on your own labors. I encourage anyone who’s thinking about starting to do
          A Buffalo Church as a New Buffalo Brewery        

In Buffalo NY it’s hard to not be drawn to a church for a brewery right away. It’s like a brewing palace. Beautiful surroundings, ceiling heights that are unmatched, since it was for people to gather the utilities are surprisingly low (several feet of brick and mortar are even better than 6 inch of fiberglass, the temp stability is amazing) and Buffalo has a bunch of extra churches right now that could use a, well use. 

So what’s the problem? They came in a couple of flavors (Sadly the flavors are like skunked Bud Light, and not a Buffalo micro-brew). 

1) If the church is owned by the Papacy it cannot be used for a brewery, period dot. That takes out many of the primary candidates 

2) Most of the churches need some repairs, the first church we looked at required over 500k in stabilization and another 400-500k in conversation costs. The second needs 300k, but the conversion costs were down to about 100k. That is almost the entire budget for New Buffalo. In this same category, if there’s not a door I can get the tank thought I don’t want to bust down walls to get them installed, that’s not hard and fast just a bit of the preservationist that lingers. 

3) A brewery falls under a M1 Zoning, churches are a C1, the first city councilmen I tried to work with refused to talk to me about it for several  weeks before giving me a “I won’t actively try to stop you, but I’m not going to help you in anyway” kind of answer.  The Councilmen Franczyk, who’s district I wasn’t working in was excited about the idea. In any case not being zoned correctly is another huge risk for use to undertake, a 6 month wait would bankrupt us in our first year   

 4) There is no equity in churches so the bank will not lend us money to fix a church for the most part.  On top off that even as we pay down the merger costs of the church we can’t barrow against it later own to expand like a normal building. 

5) Preservation, on one hand it has some money we can tap into in, almost 50% of the stabilization or big repair costs could be deferred by public funds,  however you have to keep the building the way the rules call for which in the case of the first building, we would have had the largest tasting room in the world (not proven but I don’t know of any breweries with 12,000sqft of tasting space, and two levels with a stage in the middle) 

6) Transportation, I need to be able to bring in semi’s, right now were planning on a grain bin for the pale malt, and I have to be able to get that into the building, also just in the first year we’ll be moving a couple truckloads of beer a week. I have to be in a place they can get too. 

To sum it up, were still looking for a church that could hold us but it’s not our focus anymore. Unless we received a grant for $1million it looks like it’s going to be a goal to expand too.  I know the city has money like that, and that $5million went to the Staler. The city isn’t going to trust a young guy like me, my background is Intelligence and factory work, not history building refurbishing. 

This was a very long post, but I wanted to hit on it since several people have asked me about it. Chris Fetter has been a tremendous help, sending us updates when a non-Catholic church comes on the market.  We hope this will work out, but we can’t wait forever. 

This post is in response an exchange with, on our facebook page

We now have the website up ( There is a good chance you already knew that if your hear. I want to use the blog as a place to post less-official New Buffalo topics. What is could that be? Home Brewing I'm doing, or things for the company that aren't really worthy of facebook. That's a terrible thought I know, not worthy of facebook!

I'll get a better post this weekend of some of my home brewing escapades for the last couple of weeks. Thanks for reading.

          Side-talk: The Ramen Stall at 787 North Bridge Road        
Recently I heard raves about this newly halal food establisment that sells Japanese. I see pictures of their food on various social networking platform like facebook and instagram (especially instagram). Although Singapore has sizable a muslim population, it is not easy to get halal japanese food here; especially good ones. This is because japanese usually uses mirin and pork broth in their cookings. The newly halal restaurant that I am referring to is call The Ramen Stall, located at 787 North Bridge Road. When I heard that still stall sells halal ramen, I was really excited because I am avid viewer of Japanese Hour on Channelnewsasia and often see people eating ramens. I have never tasted japanese ramen simply because it is difficult to get halal ones. I even considered going to Tokyo to get taste of halal ramen there.

So yesterday I decided to give it a try after work. The place is located all the same street as Zam Zam. I was expecting a crowd since it is newly halal certified and I was right about 7.30pm and there was already a long queue. My friend and I then comtemplated whether we should go to Afterwit which was located nearby and serves Mexican food. Alas, we decided to queue up. Fortunately, we got a seat after 10 minutes becauses there was only two of us. Those who came in big groups in front of us has to wait longer.

I knew what to order straight away. I ordered their Volcano Ramen ($11). My friend to longer to decide because she is not familiar with Japanese food (unlike someone who watches Japanses Hour). She settled for Oyakodon ($9.90). We also ordered a sides, Torched Beef Sushi ($7.90).

The first dish to arrive was our Torched Beef Sushim It was soo good that I even considered on seconds. The beef was so soft and well marinated and smokey. It kinda melt in my mouth. It really went well with the wasabi and the preserved radish. Usually I dont even like to put wasabi on my sushi.

The came my volcano ramen. I selected level 1 because I not really a fan of spicy food. I like those which are savourly spicy. The broth before mixing with the chilli was quite mild. It tasted better after mixing with the chilli. The restaurant was quite generous with the toppings but I find the noodles quite little. Maybe because I like carbohydrate. I especially like the kale/seaweed, minced meat and the eggs in the soup. But I find this Volcano Ramen kinda overhyped.

My friend Oyakodon. It is like chicken mixed in batter of ingredients and then fried and placed on top of rice. It is then topped with raw egg and drizzled with soy based sauce. My friend found it nice and mind you she is a picky eater. The serving was also quite big.

There was also a 17% service charge when you dine in. I will definitely come back to try their sushis and unagi rice! 

          Review: Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm        
Guess what arrived at my doorstep today

 It came safely and nicely packed with lots of bubble wraps in the evening.

That's right! I bought the newly released Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm. Compared the prices on Qoo10 and on retail. It is going for S$33. I think I paid about S$25 on Qoo10. But the downside of buying online is that you can't try it before buying.

Realised that the box is slightly dented but all is good because the tinted lip balm inside was not damaged.

Decided to buy because I saw an korean actress wore during a drama that I was following religiously. To be exact the drama is called "House of Bluebird"…it is a family drama so there are lots of episodes. But the good thing about family dramas is that the story are well developed. Back to the topic of Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm. The lip colour looked natural and sweet on her. I know I won't looked as good as her but I bought it anyway (haha gullible enough to fall for product placement). Below is an image of the actress with the lip balm on.

Credit: Laneige Facebook Page
 The lip balm comes in three colours. They are Pink Peach, Juicy Plum and Fresh Lime. I bought Pink Peach because the actress wore that colour and honestly I am not very confident or wearing bright lip colour so…yea to play it safe.

So above are the photos of Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm at first look. 

So above is how my lips looked liked after putting it for this first time. Unfortunately, I don't look as sweet as the actress HAHA.

So what is thought about the product after my first application?
For someone who does wear lipstick at all, I find the product easy to apply. I find that it looking like a lip gloss. However, it is more moisturising that the common lip gloss or lip balm. So I feel that the Moisture Upgrade claim is working? The colour is very light in opinion. My sister said it is not obvious at all. So for those who are going for the natural look, you can opt for this product. The tint does stain my lips slightly, I can see that my lip is brighter than usual after wiping the balm off. The balm lasted for about three hours because I ate during that period. I am not sure if this is the average or below average. Anyway my sister thinks that I will fit a brighter colour…I am not to sure about that.

To end off. For those who are intending to buy this product, I saw a video that showed that the Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm can be used on the cheeks and above the eyes. Do check it out below.

          Side-Talk: Halal Omiyage (Souvenir) from Japan        
As mentioned in my previous post, my eldest sister went to Japan in December 2014 and brought back lots of Japan face products. While she was there, she whatsapp us to help to her search online for halal mochi which she can bring as souvenirs for her muslim colleague. I look up on google and do not find any halal kochi that is already in Japanese market. However, I did find out that there are halal omiyage out there are halal certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA). Interesting huh. Below is the halal logo of NAHA.

One of the product is "Arare", which is a type of rice crackers. It is product by Osama Rice Cracker Co. Pte Ltd. Do note that not all of their products are halal. So what is "Arare"? According to wikipedia, it is japanese confectionary made from glutinous rice. The difference from senbei is its size and shape. In other words it is fried mochi.

Okay great there are halal souvenirs but where do we buy them? We saw online that it can found in a shop called "Hyobando" along the row of shops at Asakusa Temple. But my sister said it is too out of the way for her. 

Photo credit: NAHA Facebook page

Then browse through NAHA Facebook Page. I found out that it is also sold at Narita Airport Terminal 1! I was thinking great then, she can buy it before she bought the plane. NAHA posted the photo below but did not state the exact location of it…like where in Terminal can it be bought.

Photo credit: NAHA Facebook page
So using my detective skills, I go Narita airport website to check the directory and look out for shops with similar display. The is called KONNICHIWA and the location is at:

Narita Airport Terminal 1
Level 4 of Central Building

So back to the story about my eldest sister. She say her departure hall is at Terminal 2 instead and most like would not be able to Terminal 1 first due to shortage of time. So I look for a way for her to buy the halal "Arare" online. Sakura Gate (link) enables you to buy online and provides delivery service to the Airport. Except you will need you to order in advance…and this is not possible for my sister. But I think the idea is genius! Tourists can now save time from looking for souvenirs while they are on holidays. I always find looking for souvenirs to but for others a waste of time HAHA. In the end, I said to me sister that I have no other solution for her.

So she finally returned to Singapore after her trip and reach home at 2am in the morning. I saw her carry this ANA paper bag with the 8 packets of halal "Arare" in it. I was like, where did you get it from. Apparently, it is sold in Narita Airport Terminal 2 as well. So another place for you to buy the halal "Arare" is at ANA FESTA lobby gift shop located at:

Narita Airport Terminal 2
Level 4 of the Main Building

My sister bought 2 flavours of halal "Arare, seaweed and red pepper. I only have photo of the seaweed one since we already ate the red pepper one. Heard there is going to be a new flavour (Wasabi) coming out soon.

For more information and updates of halal products in Japan, do visit NAHA Facebook page. 

          The Punt Euros podcast. Monday 13th June        
Euros Punt Podcast: Monday 13th June 0:0019:17 Share on Facebook twitter Google+ Jack Critchley is joined by Derek McGovern, Karl Matchett, Chris Mayer and David Swan to look ahead to Day 4 of the Euros. Including a preview of Belgium v Italy and Rep. of Ireland v Sweden
          Follow The Following Steps To Make Facebook Page With No Name,        

    1) First of all, click here to create your new Facebook page.

    2) Select a Category. Example- Entertainment and after that choose a category.

       3) Copy the code inside the brackets [᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌] and paste in the name field.
     4) Click on I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and then Get Stated And All Done You Can    See A Page With No Name Is Created 

          WhatsApp spam used by ASProx Botnet to Deliver Kuluoz Malware        


Photo by: Sean MacEntee

As you probably know, Facebook bought WhatsApp for an obscene amount of money in stock earlier this year. What you might not know is that there's a lot of WhatsApp spam that is being used by ASProx Botnet to deliver nasty Kuluoz malware to unsuspecting  users. This is not good news any way you look at the situation. Keep reading if you want to know more about this as well as what you should do to stay safe.

Here's a look at some of the dates when the WhatsApp problem has made Malcovery's "Today's Top Threats" list.

  1. SEPTEMBER 19, 23, 24, 25, 26
  2. OCTOBER 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
  3. NOVEMBER 14
  4. JANUARY 9, 13, 15, 20, 28

Looking at that list, it's easy to start wondering why nothing has been done sooner about the problem. Additionally, it really makes you wonder why Facebook paid so much for the company by offering them stock options.

Going back to November of last year, ComputerWorld published an article about how WhatsApp was one of the top five brands imitated to deliver malware with spam. That's quite a bit of recognition - and not in a good way.

Here's a look at some specific ways you can stay safe and avoid Kuluoz and other malware.

  • Use Protection - The very first thing you want to do is make sure you're using some type of protection. The good news is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get decent anti-virus software these days.
  • Update Protection - Having protection software is nice, but if you never update it at all, you're going to find that there's still a high chance your computer will get infected and quit working correctly.
  • Be Suspicious - If you're not sure of something online, you want to err on the side of caution and not take any unnecessary risks. Even with a brand like WhatsApp - that's connected to Facebook now - you want to be very careful and know what you're doing.
  • Educate Yourself - Last but most certainly not least, you should make an effort to stay informed about how malware works and the steps you can take to protect yourself from it whenever possible. This is really the best way you can make sure your computer stays safe and virus free.

Following the advice above, there's a good chance you'll be able to avoid WhatsApp spam and not get infected with Kuluoz malware. Still, it's a good idea to pay attention and update your anti-virus software all the time. If you have any experience with WhatsApp that's negative, please leave us a comment below. 

Guest Post - 
Written by: Jenny Corteza deals with staff outsourcing all the time. She's a writer and dealing with editors and others can sometimes be a problem. Still, she loves writing articles about technology. Go figure.

          Basics Of Wi-Fi Security         

Hi all today i am just going to discuss how you can secure your wifi network from hackers. you must have came across many tips on securing wifi network from various blogs and all but here we will discuss from a hackers point of view and all practical and genuine approach to securing Wi-Fi network so lets begin.



Tips On Securing Wi-Fi Network -

Be Sure To Use the strongest wireless encryption your modem or router provide Making your wireless modem with wpa or wpa2 encrypt do give a trust that your wifi netwok is safe. Typically our router or modem uses various methods of encryption to protect data sent over wifi network. Always use WAP or WPA2 to use secure your wifi network if your router/modem is not having those encryption then never select that brand router/modem. If your modem/router does not provide WPA or WPA2 encryption it is strongly recommended that a new device be purchased.So you must have heard about WEP (Wired Equivalency Privacy) it is quite older technique of securing which easy for hackers to crack with that I can never say you are completely secure.

Remember the use(Change default pass) of strongest possible network password / network
key always ensure better security -

Again Its a simple tips which applies on all field for better security, As  you know general rule, the longer and more complicated the password, the more difficult for hackers to crack it. I do recommend to use minimum an eight character password should be used to allow access to your wireless network. And remember don't forget to change your modem/router default password people do forget it many time which lead to compromise the wifi network. Never use the same password to control or access more than one system or program and never use your wireless network name as your password! Doing such stupid activity makes things too easy for anyone to hack your wifi easily. Its obvious thing that most of the time our modems are designed to use a default password such as “admin”, “password” or the manufacturer’s name. These settings are easily accessible to a user when the modem and network is being set up, however because they are easily accessible and often use weak passwords will unless changed, remain potentially accessible to anyone who wishes to gain access. There are many sites available on internet which give away default passwords for modems /routers (vendor specific as well). Changing your modem or router’s default password offers a simple but effective security measure against unauthorized remote access.

Hide your SSID (network name)  - 

I know the Wi-Fi network is still Hack-able when SSID Is hidden but it makes thing bit difficult for hackers to crack any Wi-Fi network which is invisible. Typically all Wi-Fi network broadcast its presence (beacon frames) when they are turned on so making the SSID hidden keep another layer of protection in securing Wi-Fi network because if the network is not broadcasting its name that make difficult for hackers to hack it.

Access to Remote modem administration -

These days most modern modems or routers can be remotely administered over the internet. If yours can, then someone besides you can potentially locate your modem’s IP (Internet Protocol) address and potentially hack your modem.A simple fix to this vulnerability is to disable remote administration for your modem or router. If you absolutely require remote access then you can try limiting access to a particular IP address or limited range of addresses, to reduce the chance of unauthorized users gaining access to your modem’s configuration settings. As a general rule for home networks, remote access is not necessary and possibly the safest thing is to disable remote access to your modem/router.

MAC address filtering for improve security -

Encryption including WPA2 and strong passwords are the best methods to control who accesses your network, however most modems and routers offer further methods to control your network. It is a better option to make your Wi-Fi network more secure is to use mac filter as you know mac address (unique hardware address of a system)  so it ensure better protection .i know mac address can be spoofed but with all WPA2 and strong password ,mac filtering whole together ensure better security . All Most all modern modems offer the capability to restrict access to a wireless network to known devices (known MAC addresses). Trouble here is if you not setting mac filter properly then you man miss the Wi-Fi services (cannot connect to the network).

Enable modem/router firewall and security features -

Most modern modems and routers come standard with a built in firewall. A firewall can prevent unauthorized people accessing your network, can control which programs inside the network access the internet and should be enabled by default.Some hi-tech modems and routers also feature security programs known generally as intrusion detection systems (IDS). Such systems are capable of detecting attempts at unauthorized access to the system they are protecting and block many forms of attack. For additional security, all computers connected to your network should also have a software firewall system installed, or the manufacturer provided operating system firewall enabled.

Update your modem/router Firm-ware -

Some if your modem is outdated firm ware it may lead to some ready-made exploits using which any attacker can hack your network so it’s better to update firmware also the modem manufacturer provide this update firmware service for free (On modem’s website). Also keep one thing on mind unnecessary you should not make your wifi modem broad cast signal to long distance range (100m).its better to limit your modem/router signal upto 20-30 m. also always better to keep your modem at central position.So keep these things on mind while installing any wifi network and i am sure the hackers will definitely have to go through Hercules task.

This article is a Guest post by -  Chandrakant Nial

          Fixing/Patching DVWA Remote command Execution vulnerability        

Hi readers! its me Rishal. It's been so long since i have posted any good tutorial, so today i will be showing you all something new & interesting which is "Fixing DVWA Remote command Execution vulnerability". Let's get started.

Things Required:

  • DVWA Installed on your localhost

Step by Step Guide:

  • Login into dvwa & set the security level to low. 

    • Go to the command execution Vulnerable Application. Now let's first test it by executing come command. In my case i'm using Windows OS so i will be using windows command "dir". 
             Command - | dir 

             Now once the command gets executed you should get a result showing some volume info & the files in the current directory as shown in the below image. 

    • Now its very clear that the web application is vulnerable to the command execution vulnerability. Now let's check thew source code of the webpage.  Just click on view source below the webpage. 


    As you can see in the source code there is "NO" filtration for the data entered by the user, therefore allowing the attacker to pass arbitrary commands.  To implement a fix we will have to add a filtration to the data entered by the user in the field.

    The Fix :

    • escapeshellarg() - It adds single quotes around a string and quotes/escapes any existing single quotes allowing you to pass a string directly to a shell function and having it be treated as a single safe argument. This function should be used to escape individual arguments to shell functions coming from user end.

     Fix -

    if( isset( $_POST'submit' ] ) ) {

    $target escapeshellarg($_REQUEST'ip' ]);

    // Determine OS and execute the ping command.
    if (stristr(php_uname('s'), 'Windows NT')) { 
    $cmd shell_exec'ping  ' $target );
        } else { 
    $cmd shell_exec'ping  -c 3 ' $target );
     Result - 

    • escapeshellcmd() - This function is used to escape any character in a string that might be used to trick a shell command into executing any arbitrary commands. By escaping any character it ensures that any data coming from user end is filtered before it is passed to exec() or system().
    Fix -

    if( isset( $_POST'submit' ] ) ) {

    $target escapeshellcmd($_REQUEST'ip' ]);

    // Determine OS and execute the ping command.
    if (stristr(php_uname('s'), 'Windows NT')) { 
    $cmd shell_exec'ping  ' $target );
        } else { 
    $cmd shell_exec'ping  -c 3 ' $target );

    Result -
    Hope you all learned something new :). Keep yourself updated to our website by liking our Facebook Fan Page.  

              Halloween Gewinnspiel³        

    WIE SPUKTAKULÄR IST DAS DENN? Die Tage werden kürzer, die Nächte werden dunkler! Die beste Zeit für Grusel, Horror und Halloween! Auch wir sind dieses Jahr dem Kürbis verfallen und haben uns für euch ein unheimliches Gewinnspiel³ einfallen lassen. Postet in den Kommentaren unseres Halloweenbeitrags auf Facebook einfach euer gruseligstes Halloweenkostüm oder Make-Up. Das Bild […]

    Der Beitrag Halloween Gewinnspiel³ erschien zuerst auf Anbieterwechsel Gas und Strom | energiehoch3 Blog.

              Economy Candy Founder Moishe Cohen's Sweet Lower East Side Legacy        

    Moishe Cohen, the man we have to thank for Economy Candy, the sugar haven on New York City’s Lower East Side, died last week at 97. Cohen opened the Rivington Street shop in 1937, when he was 19, and the store quickly made a name for itself with its cheap candy, enormous selection, and haimish atmosphere. That reputation has lasted, and Economy Candy is a regular stop for tourists and New Yorkers alike, who are all won over by the place’s old-school charm.

    The store, which is now run by Moishe’s grandson, Mitchell Cohen, announced the death on its Facebook page: “It is with great sadness and fond memories that we share with the Economy Candy family that we lost Morris ‘Moishe’ Cohen, the Original Candy Man at the age of 97.” The comments below the post, many of which were written by former Economy Candy employees, are a moving testament to Moishe’s character. “The man was my boss and also like a father to us,” one comment said. “Thanks for taking care of me and making me the man I’ve became,” said another. Two employees from the 1970s fondly remembered getting to drive Cohen’s Lincoln continental for pickups and deliveries.

    Continue reading "Economy Candy Founder Moishe Cohen's Sweet Lower East Side Legacy" at...

               Mandatory Reporting Law on Sexual Abuse Not So Mandatory -- Especially for Prep Schools / Abysmal Failures Noted on So-Called Background Checks        

    Mandatory Reporting [NOT Really] Column
    on Sexual Abuse Cases Generates Range of Comments

    Meriden Record-Journal Post 7-18-17 Follows Hearst CT [links below]
    & Cool Justice Blog 6-4-17

  • Column via Record-Journal

  • Facebook Tag Leads to Comments

  • State Reports Only 14 Arrests & Four Convictions in Past Seven Years
    Statute of Limitations Just One Year for This Misdemeanor

    By Andy Thibault
    The Cool Justice Report
    June 4, 2017

    Editor's Note: This column may be reprinted or re-posted courtesy of The Cool Justice Report

    Connecticut has been a very safe place to avoid arrest and prosecution for failing to report sexual abuse -- especially if you're a teacher or administrator at a prep school.

    That's just part of the picture.

    Suppose you lose your teaching job after being accused of rape. Just don't put that job on your resume. You'll be fine for perhaps a decade or more. It also helps to amend your full name on the resume. Supposed background checks will fail to detect resume gaps and irregularities.

    But what about that mandatory reporting law compelling teachers and administrators to report suspected abuse to the state? No problem. It hasn't been enforced with any great enthusiasm at the preps: No report, no warning for future employers or victims.

    The revelations come after a series of articles by The Boston Globe Spotlight Team and an investigation by the powerhouse law firm Covington & Burling for Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford. The Globe found that abuse victims routinely suffered retaliation at private schools in New England. The schools in turn covered up the abuse. Choate, for example, failed to report abuse incidents prior to 2010.

    A spokeswoman for Connecticut courts told The Cool Justice Report there were just 14 arrests in the state for failing to report sexual abuse from January 2010 through late April 2017. During the same time, there were only four convictions, according to the data provided via the state Judicial Department. One of the convictions was of a day care operator. No additional data was available immediately.

    There is only a one-year statute of limitations for failure to report sexual abuse claims, and that crime is a misdemeanor. Connecticut Deputy Chief State's Attorney Len Boyle said in a statement there are no plans to try to change that, but he noted there is a five-year statute of limitations for a felony charge if prosecutors are able to cite willfulness or other aggravating factors. Willfulness, like intent, carries with it a significant burden of proof.

    "The one-year statute of limitations," Boyle said, "is largely consistent with the limitations periods for all crimes (i.e.: one year for a misdemeanor and five years for a felony). We have not sought to lengthen it. The more egregious cases of failure to report (willfulness, gross negligence, etc.) are felonies and provide a five year limitations period."

    Boyle's office is investigating whether anyone at Choate broke the law by failing to report suspected abuse, The Hartford Courant reported in April.

    Among the 12 teachers accused of abuse in the Choate report, one went on to become a teacher and administrator at several public schools in Connecticut. He was able to avoid detection partly by amending his name and omitting two teaching jobs at private schools -- Choate and The Gunnery, in Washington, CT -- on his resume. The resume, obtained under Connecticut's Freedom of Information law, also shows some overlap for jobs at public schools in Connecticut and New York.

    This teacher / administrator, Jaime E. Rivera, aka Jaime Rivera-Murillo, resigned as principal of Wamogo High School in Litchfield in April. Before that, he was a teacher and assistant principal at Newtown High School for about 11 years. The first teaching job listed on his resume was at Henry Abbot Technical High School in Danbury, beginning in 2001. That leaves a seven-year gap following his graduation from St. Michael's College in Vermont, where he reported earning a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language.

    The Covington & Burling report says Rivera-Murillo was fired after being accused of anally raping one student and grabbing the breast of another during a Choate field trip to Costa Rica in 1999. Rivera, a faculty leader for the trip, denied engaging in sexual misconduct but admitting drinking alcohol including beer with students and "local moonshine" with others.

    Choate did not report the alleged assaults at the time as required by law. The alleged rape victim told the Covington & Burling team that a female administrator admonished students not to discuss what happened.

    The process for vetting resumes at Connecticut public schools like Wamogo and Newtown high schools and Abbot Tech seems to be check the boxes and wave the guy through with barely a pretense of scrutiny. This abysmal failure of diligence and critical thinking should be alarming to students, parents and all taxpayers.

    "He didn't list Choate as a former employer when he applied," Christine Chinni, the lawyer for Regional District 6 which includes Wamogo, told The Boston Globe.

    District 6 Superintendent Edward Drapp, asked about the committee of 12 that reviewed Rivera-Murillo's credentials and the review process, declined to discuss his procedures for background checks. Besides the resume, which he produced after a formal FOI request, Drapp was also asked to provide documents related to that review committee. Here is Drapp's response: "Attached is a copy of Mr. Rivera's resume. This is the only document in the district's possession that meets the criteria of your FOI request. For the remainder of the school year I will be focused on the students and therefore I am not doing any additional interviews or making any other statements on this matter."

    Drapp's response sounds like the result of bad coaching from an inept lawyer. The assertion that there are no documents regarding the review committee is not credible. Are we to believe the review committee never had a meeting?

    The Globe reported in April that the sexual misconduct at Choate occurred from 1963 to 2010 and ranged from intimate kissing to groping and sexual intercourse. The Covington & Burling report cites 12 teachers. Other Globe stories cited more than 100 private schools in New England with more than 300 former students saying they faced sexual abuse or harassment.

    Just last month, The Kent School was sued and accused of failing to report a 49-year-old teacher who had sex with a 15-year-old student in the late 1980s.

    The student claims her advisor scolded her for spreading vicious rumors. Another teacher allegedly told the student she was a sinner for committing adultery. The suit claims the abuse was widely known at the school and that the student was shunned, called "obviously crazy" and blamed for the teacher's breakdown. During a church service the student attended at the school, the suit asserts, Kent staff openly prayed for the teacher's well being. The teacher subsequently got a job at a private school in Indiana.

    Kent School, founded in 1906, charges more than $60,000 annually for tuition, board and fees.

    Rev. Richardson Schell, the headmaster, said in a statement: "We do not know why [the student] has elected to pursue a lawsuit at this time."

    Schell opened the statement by saying he had reviewed the complaint: " ... I am deeply sorry for the wrongful actions of the former Kent teacher who engaged in an inappropriate relationship with this former student ... as the Headmaster of the school then, I responded immediately and to the best of my ability."

    The statement does not address the school's duty to report the alleged abuse in a timely manner.

    Notably, Schell undertook a massive letter writing campaign some years later when he was annoyed by what he called a TV sitcom's "obnoxious, objectionable content." His letter writing campaign netted responses from 17 companies and he also reached out to publications including Advertising Age and Media Week to generate publicity regarding his concerns about popular culture, The New York Times reported.

    Finally, on the national front, The Associated Press reported that a former president of Penn State and two other former university administrators were each sentenced Friday to at least two months in jail for failing to alert authorities to a 2001 allegation against ex-assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, a decision that enabled the now-convicted serial predator to continue molesting boys.

    Thibault, a private investigator for the Hartford office of Integrated Security Services, is the author of a second collection of newspaper columns, “more COOL JUSTICE”, credited with helping to free a woman unjustly convicted of first degree murder. His public service includes four years on a local board of education. Follow him on Twitter @cooljustice.

  • The Choate Report

  • Short version of column
    Via Hearst CT dailies

  • Danbury News Times

  • Connecticut Post

  • Norwalk Hour

  • Greenwich Time

  • Stamford Advocate


  •           See & Hear All About It! May 1 @USJCT - Erin Moriarty's Chilling, Blockbuster Report on Stalking @48hours         


  • Preview via WTIC1080

  • Seating

    To ensure seating, please R.S.V.P. to

    Before the event please review the links below.

    Erin Moriarty has been a correspondent for "48 Hours" since 1990. She has covered the death of Princess Diana, the JonBenet Ramsey investigation, the murder of financier Edmund Safra, and the war in Iraq.

    Drawing on her training as an attorney, Moriarty has examined some of the most important social and legal issues of the day, including DNA testing of evidence in death-row cases, the abortion controversy and battered women's syndrome. She covered the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine High School shootings and the 9/11 investigation, overseas. Her exclusive behind-the-scenes report on the defense of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was broadcast on "60 Minutes" in 1997.

    Moriarty has received numerous honors, including nine national Emmy Awards.

    "48 Hours" investigates the horrors of stalking
    and how CBS' "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette
    is fighting to change the laws to protect victims

    Victims in sustained fear
    as police responses vary
    including 'victim shaming'

  • STALKED broadcast

  • Moriarty bio

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  • Solve this case: Can you identify the man in the sketch?

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  • For art's sake: When funding the NEA is in jeopardy

  • Interview w/ Mary Higgins Clark via CBS Sunday Morning

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  • 2017 Spring Speaker Series Debut w/ Poet Kate Rushin

  •           Drummer Jonathan Barber, Hartt School Alum, Heads Japan Tour         

    -- photos by Lauren Desberg, Urška Lukovnjak and John Salatto

    Announcement via Jonathan Barber:

    I am thrilled to announce my 1st International Tour under my own name. This tour will be in one of my favorite places in the world..... Japan.

    I shall call this tour the "Drums Around The World Tour." Joining me: Pianist Taber Gable and Bassist Joshua Crumbly. Grateful for this opportunity to share and spread my musical voice across the world.

    May 12(fri) Lifetime / Shizuoka city

    May 13(sat) Body & Soul / Tokyo

    May 14(sun) Le club jazz / Kyoto city

    May 15(mon) Le club jazz/ Kyoto city

    May 17(wed) Star eyes / Nagoya city

    May 19(fri) Swing hall / Musashino city Tokyo

    May 20(sat) Pit inn / Tokyo

    This is just the beginning... Vision Ahead 2017


    More details coming soon...

  • Featured in Modern Drummer

  • Cool Justice photo by JOHN SALATTO
    #KrisAllen Quartet 3-12-16 #ButtonwoodTree, #Middletown CT: Kris Allen, alto and soprano saxophones; #FrankKozyra, tenor saxophone; #MattDwonszyk, bass; #JonathanBarber, drums. Original music from “Beloved” on #TruthRevolutionRecords (June 2016).

  • Jonathan Barber Drum Feature "Moontrane"

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  •           [updated*] Suggested reading and listening, 2017: THE BLACK BACK-UPS and other poems, by Kate Rushin        

    University of St. Joseph students, West Hartford, CT,
    With Kate Rushin Following Poetry Workshop, 2-22-17 ...

    usjct This afternoon some of our students had the pleasure of meeting successful writer, teacher, and feminist Kate Rushin. We had the pleasure of hearing her read The Bridge Poem along with many others. Thank you Kate for joining us here at USJ today! #usjct #poetry #katerushin

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  • Upcoming: Kate Reads Friday, Feb. 24 With Nat Reeves Jazz Combo, 'Nat Reeves State of Emergency,'

    At The Artists Collective, 1200 Albany Ave. (corner of Woodland Street) in Hartford.

  • Details

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  • Kate joins Colin’s WNPR Nose panel for discussion of "Manchester By The Sea"

  • * Ongoing updates to include
    upcoming appearances

    Plz see links below for poems, articles

  • Leisure listening, Kate Rushin on NPR

  • The Bridge Poem

  • Kate's website

  • News reports:

  • Hartford Courant

  • Harvard Crimson

  • Photos by BOB THIESFIELD

    In photo above the book jacket, Kate fired up a diverse crowd of poets, writers, boxers, students, business leaders, cops and academics with her version of the Ali Shuffle. The event took place Jan. 15, 2010 at The Hartford Club.

    Directly above, Kate joins colleagues Gaby Calvocoressi and Binnie Klein, taking a breather after many rounds of poetry and prose. The festivities -- including writing workshops, two bands and a boxing exhibition -- drew about 150 guests to the Hartford Club

              Dhaka cafe attack suspect arrested in Bangladesh        

    Dhaka: A key suspect involved in planning Bangladesh's worst terror attack on a popular cafe was today arrested, becoming the sixth militant to be taken into custody, police said.

    Aslam Hossain Rashed alias Rash, was reportedly a coordinator and one of the key planners of Holey Artisan Bakery attack in the upmarket Gulshan area in which 22 people, including an Indian woman, were killed.
    He belongs to the Islamic State-inclined Neo-Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (Neo-JMB), the Dhaka Tribune reported.

    Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) and a team from police headquarters conducted search operations in Natore and Bogra in northern Bangladesh to arrest Rashed.

    "We are bringing Rashed from Natore to Dhaka. He will be taken to court and shown arrested in the cafe attack case," Monirul Islam, the head of police's counterterrorism unit, said.

    "Rash was a close associate to Tamim Chowdhury, the Bangladeshi-Canadian who headed the Neo-JMB, before being shot dead in a police raid following the cafe attack," he said.
    Rashed became the six militant to be taken into custody.

    The militants who were previously arrested were ? Sohel Mahfuz, Basharuzzaman, Mizanur Rahman, Hadisur Rahman Sagor, Rashedul Islam.

    Bangladesh witnessed its worst terror attack when five gunmen stormed the upscale Holey Artisan Bakery and O'Kitchen inside Dhaka's diplomatic district on July 1 last year.

    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              SukAn Bina Bdn?? what the fibrinogen??        

    Sukan bina badan? aiyaa...i dun no what the fibrinogen is this. haha.. Mula2 perasan psl sukan ni mase kecik2 dlu lah... Tk tahulah kenape mase kecik2 dlu suka sgt tgk channel sukan olimpik, sukan sea, sukan komanwel... Tapi bile dh beso, makin malas jadinye. Nk tgk drama je tahu.Huhu... Okay well, aritu tgk seseorang ade update gmbr diorg dlm facebook. Gmbr diorg masuk sukan bina badan ni lah, n sgt terkejut sb org tu mcm bangga gile sbb dpt jadi johan, dn mempamerkan gmbr die yg kurang / mmg tk senonoh tu.. Huhu, actually, seyes tk fhm kenape sukan ni diWUJUDkan. dn kenape trainee2 tu smue sgt gembira dgn smue otot2 die yg trtonjol2??? haih..plis lah... klau tgk baik2, dh tk de rupa tubuh manusia lg dh. Aurat pulak tk trtutup. aaaa nia tk fhm knp. Can someone explain to me WHY. Bukan ape, kdg2 manusia ni asyik tegur perempuan yg tk tutup aurat. Tapi kite smue terleka mengenai aurat lelaki itu sndiri.. Sdangkan dosanya sama sahaja dgn perempuan yg tidak menutup aurat. Renung2kan lah buat kaum adam ye :)

    Wahai abg2 di luar sana, sejujurnya, kami kaum hawa sgt gerun melihat otot2 dn muscle2 anda yg trbonjol2... Apa salahnya sekadar bertubuh tough dn nmpk smart bila bergaya. Tk perlulah smpai mcm ni rasanya..

    Apakah tujuannya bergambar dgn pose yg mcm ni?

    REMINDER : aurat lelaki dari pusat hingga lutut, bukan pusat DAN lutut ya.. :)

              Key plotter of Dhaka terror attack arrested        

    Dhaka: A militant who planned last year`s deadly terror attack in Dhaka and and carried arms for it was arrested in the country`s Natore district on Friday morning, the police said.

    Abu Jara Rashed, who belongs to the banned Neo-JMB group and carried arms and grenades from Chapainawabganj district to Dhaka, was the key plotter of the Holey Artisan Bakery attack, in the posh Gulshan area, that left 22 persons, mostly foreigners, dead on July 1 last year, Dhaka Tribune reported.

    Dhaka Police`s Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime unit chief Monirul Islam said Rashed alias `Rash` is being brought to the capital for further interrogation.

    "We`re bringing him to Dhaka. He will be taken to court and shown arrested in the Dhaka cafe attack case," he said.

    According to the official, Rashed maintained close connections with many already arrested and killed cafe attack plotters.

    The police have so far hunted down and killed 40 militants linked with the cafe attack, including mastermind Tamim Chowdhury, who was killed in a police raid on August 27 last year, Xinhua news agency reported.

    Neo-JMB, an offshoot of banned militant outfit Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), has been blamed for the attack.

    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              Girl charged with plotting UK terror attack with ISIS fighter        

    London: A 17-year-old girl in the UK has been charged with terrorism offences after allegedly communicating with an Islamic State terror group fighter in Syria to plan a terror attack in the country.

    Scotland Yard said she has been charged with an intent to commit acts of terrorism by "communicating with an ISIS fighter in Syria and arranging to receive weapons in order to conduct an attack in the UK;receiving instructions on how to train and use weapons; and?reaching out to another to receive assistance in completing plan contrary to Section 5(1)(a) and (3) Terrorism Act 2006".

    The teenager, who cannot be named because of her age, is accused of communicating with an ISIS fighter and arranging to receive weapons to be used in the planned attack.

    "This follows an investigation by officers from the Met's Counter Terrorism Command," a Metropolitan Police statement said.

    The girl was previously charged with terror offences in April and is due to appear at the Old Bailey tomorrow in relation to that charge.

    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              Pathankot attack: NIA to produce arms seized before court        

    Mohali: The arms and ammunition recovered during the Pathankot terror attack on January 2 last year would be produced by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) before a special court here on the next date of hearing.

    The NIA stated this during a hearing in the designated court here yesterday.

    The arms would be produced as evidence for exhibit and identification by the witnesses, NIA senior public prosecutor told the court.

    The arms and ammunition belonged to terrorists killed during the counter-terror operation.

    The court here fixed August 14 as the next date of hearing in the case, the day on which the statement of Flight Lieutenant Vimal Kumar, the first witness in the case, would also be recorded.

    The officer is expected to identify the arms and ammunition on the next date of hearing.

    Kumar was among the 39 witnesses in the case.

    Security forces had recovered some arms and ammunition, including assault rifles, grenade launchers, mortars, bullets, from the Pathankot Airbase after the terror attack there.

    Last year, terrorists had attacked the Pathankot air base, claiming the lives of seven security personnel while four terrorists were also killed.

    Cases were initially registered by local police stations in Pathankot, but subsequently, these were transferred and handed over to the NIA, a central probe agency that was set up after the audacious 26/11 Mumbai terror strike to probe all terror cases in the country.

    The NIA had filed a charge sheet in the Pathankot terror attack case in December last year. 

    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              Resistance at Standing Rock: Dispatches from the Front Lines        


  • Water Protector Legal Collective Files Suit for Excessive Force against Peaceful Protesters

  • Veterans to Serve as ‘Human Shields’ for Dakota Pipeline Protesters

  • Oceti Sakowin encampment on Oct. 6, 2016. The proper name for the people commonly known as the Sioux is Oceti Sakowin, (Och-et-eeshak-oh-win) meaning Seven Council Fires.

    Story and Photos by John Briggs

    Cool Justice Editor's Note: OK to repost, courtesy of John Briggs and The Cool Justice Report.

    Corporate – Government Alliance Versus the American People

    Native Americans from tribes across the country have gathered on the windswept plains of North Dakota to pray with Mother Earth to keep the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from pumping 500,000 gallons of oil a day beneath the Missouri River. The natives know the pipeline will most certainly leak or break, as have most U.S. pipelines, fouling the water for the Great Sioux Nation and 18 million non-Natives downstream.

    The standoff -- which began in April -- continues as a new U.S. administration ascends to power with a president-elect who campaigned denying human-caused climate change and threatening the Paris Climate accords. This remains the overriding reality despite a mini walk back by Donald Trump pledging an open mind to The New York Times this week.

    Standing Rock illuminates the brazen alliance that has developed between corporate and government interests. Viewed from the front lines, the law has been turned into a fig leaf for repression and suppression. Only the discipline and spiritual clarity of the water protectors and the native elders has kept people from being killed or seriously injured since April when the movement began.

    The fused police-DAPL force is doing everything it can to incite a violent reaction from the resisters so as to crack down, clear the camps, imprison, or even gun down the natives. More than one commentator has found the atmosphere at Standing Rock similar to what led to the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890 when 300 Sioux were murdered by government troops who mistook their prayerful Ghost Dance for a war dance.

    A great deal is at issue at Standing Rock. The Sioux and their numerous native and non-native allies face a militarized force whose composition tells us something dark about the complex façade that U.S. democracy has become and suggests the proto-fascist zombi lurking beneath. More deeply, Standing Rock also emblemizes a struggle that is taking place at this moment in human history between two distinct modes of human consciousness.

    One mode is the familiar anthropocentric (human-centered) consciousness that the dominant culture most of us were born into favors—a consciousness that assumes reality is a collection of objects to be extracted, owned, and branded. Humans are the focus of this consciousness, meaning that our concerns about climate change focus primarily on the fate of our own species.

    Distinct from this anthropocentric mind-set is a second, ancient and spiritual mode of awareness that understands that the earth and its landscapes are not objects; they are relationships, including the tangle of relationships that gave us birth. This ancient mode of consciousness is potential in everyone, but for most it has been buried beneath the piles of conceptual objects that we have come to believe constitute our reality.

    The Indigenous Peoples gathered at Standing Rock are guided by this ancient, holistic, earth-mind consciousness, and so they understand that humans are not the most valuable living objects on the planet: we are not in control of the planet; it is not our job to manage nature; rather, our sacred task is to work with Mother Earth and other beings as members of Earth’s family. If we don’t, Mother Earth will make us face this spiritual truth one way or another.

    Guided by their ancient, earth-mind awareness, Native Americans have taken up a role as “water protectors.” “Mni Wiconi, Water is Life” is the slogan of the Standing Rock movement.

    Every day scores of Sioux from North Dakota, South Dakota and nearby states, along with Paiute, Shoshoni, Diné, and a sampling of other Natives from the 300 or so tribes whose flags fly at the Standing Rock encampments set out to pipeline construction sites in a convoy to engage in “actions” on the “front lines.”

    There the protectors sing and pray in the face of physical harassment and arrests by heavily armed police fused with a corporate security force.

    DAPL and their overlord company, Energy Transfer Partners, have lavished campaign contributions on politicians in North Dakota and the U.S. Congress so that they could use the state’s eminent domain powers to force purchase of land for the pipeline all across North Dakota, beginning in the Bakken fields in the northwest corner of the state where the fracked crude oil is extracted. Similar eminent domain arrangements were achieved in other states through which the 1,200-mile line traverses before reaching a river port in Illinois. The company promised Congress and the public that the pipeline would carry oil for 100 percent domestic use only, but it is clear from reporting done by the website The Intercept that the oil will be sold on international markets.

  • Though Promised for Domestic Use, Dakota Access Pipeline May Fuel Oil Exports

  • The DAPL line, now virtually complete except for permission from the Army Corps of Engineers to fill in the link that crosses under the Missouri River, passes just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The DAPL construction runs through sacred burial and archeological grounds that the Lakota people were given free access to by treaties with the U.S. Government in the 19th Century. In mounting their resistance to the pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux have been turned into “trespassers on their own land.”

    In late August, the tribe’s lawyers filed a stop work petition in federal court detailing areas where sacred sites would be disturbed if construction continued on its planned trajectory. The federal judge routinely forwarded a copy of the filing to DAPL. Over Labor Day weekend, when the company would not have been expected to work, pipeline crews leapfrogged to the disputed sacred and preemptively bulldozed them under. Too late, the judge granted the Sioux an emergency restraining order, but, then in a curious move, allowed construction in some areas where sacred sites have been discovered. DAPL has ignored a request from the Obama administration not to work in buffer areas on either side of the river. No fines have been imposed for intentionally bulldozing the disputed sacred sites.

  • The Legal Case for Blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Burial ground at center of police confrontations is known historical site

  • In recent live-stream videos from the front lines, DAPL-police snipers can be seen perched on top of a sacred mound called Turtle Island, their high-powered rifle crosshairs trained on the water protectors who are standing in prayer in the frigid lake below.

    North Dakota wants the federal government to pick up the tab for the massive expenditures required to keep the Native Americans under their guns. Alternatively, the CEO of Energy Transfers, Kelcy Warren, has offered to pick up the millions-of-dollars tab.

  • ETP CEO Kelcy Warren Says They Have Offered to Pay Protest Related Expenses

  • Native media have documented that DAPL has already been supplying military-style equipment, drones, armored vehicles, riot gear, water canons, concussion grenades and other armaments. The tax-payer-funded and corporate-sponsored front lines phalanx is led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, which has local jurisdiction, reinforced by North Dakota State Troopers, North Dakota National Guard units, sheriffs and police from six nearby states—all interpenetrated by DAPL security (while the FBI lurks in the background). A contingent of Hennepin County, Minnesota, Sheriffs’ Deputies were recalled following protests back home. Residents in the state of Ohio are writing letters and calling legislators to express their distress that their law enforcement has been enlisted into this repressive force.

  • Hennepin Co. sheriff's deputies leave Standing Rock protest

  • Native media’s live stream videos show DAPL security teams in mirror-visor helmets and black ops body armor with no identification, mingling with the police, sometimes directing them when and who to mace or pepper spray. They point out media making video for arrest. The big fossil fuel company evidently has plenty of experience dealing with protestors around the world. In their blank, reflecting visors we can see the soulless Darth Vader face of the government-corporate proto-fascist state the U.S. is becoming.

    Of course, this struggle with the Wasi’chu (Lakota word for the white man, meaning literally “takes too much”) is an old story for Native-Americans. In the 18th and 19th centuries it took the form of the Sioux nations trying to hold back the tsunami of colonizers flooding into their ancestral lands, occupying and despoiling them. The big difference now is that the fire-power of the state (think Custer’s 7th Cavalry or present day militarized police) has been fused with vast profit centers dependent for their existence on plundering the earth in the name of energy-squandering lifestyle survival.

    The provocations the water protectors endure take many forms. There is the psychological pressure of constant surveillance: the heavy police presence on the roads around tribal and reservation lands, the DPLA helicopter and a small plane that circle constantly above the encampments; there is the Bureau of Indian Affairs station set up on a knoll to suck out data from the cell phones of anyone in the area. There is the pepper spraying and tasing of water protectors who are praying. There is the more recent blasting of the protectors with freezing water canons in sub zero weather. There is the constant threat of weapons pointed at them. One twitching trigger finger could set off a slaughter.

    The water protectors are unarmed. The resistance movement does not allow guns in the encampments. One day, at one of the front line actions, an armed man showed up with a pistol and began firing. Possibly he was paid by DAPL to create an incident. The Natives are aware of paid provocateurs or agitators passing through the camps, pulling dirty tricks, looking to start something. Antimedia reported about the man with the gun: “According to an official statement from the tribe, the man fired several shots from his gun before being peacefully apprehended by tribal police. Witnesses at the scene say he pointed his gun at several protesters. The man was clearly trying to provoke violence that could later be used to demonize protesters who have so far remained peaceful.”

    The news site added, “The Morton County Sheriff’s Department circulated a false report claiming the man was shot, presumably by protesters… [As images show], the man was not harmed. The Sheriff’s Department has since retracted that report. Anti-Media’s attempts to obtain clarifying comments from Morton County Sheriffs were ignored.”

  • Dakota Access Caught Infiltrating Protests to Incite Violence, Funding Trolls Online

  • On a hill overlooking Oceti Sakowin, the largest of the Standing Rock encampments, an old army tent houses the field office of the rotating teams of lawyers who come to Standing Rock to help out. They use donations made to the resistance to bail out protectors who have been arrested; they try to negotiate with the police so the protectors can be allowed to pray. The constant arrests on trumped-up charges are an ongoing harassment—people maced or beaten, violently thrown to the ground and zip-tied. Often activists are charged with trespass and “riot” on the Morton County Sheriff’s novel legal theory that if several people are arrested for trespass that must signify that they were engaged in a riot.

    All this naturally requires court time and money to defend, incarceration in usually unpleasant conditions, including dog kennels. (Though the white allies who are arrested seem to get better treatment.)

    Arrests are to be expected as a consequence of civil disobedience. But some arrests are directed at chilling speech. One lawyer who came to Standing Rock from the Oregon-based Civil Liberties Defense Center, an activist defense nonprofit primarily involved in climate protests, told Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks Network that often after the day’s action was over, police would stop the last cars in the caravan. They would then make “snatch and grab” arrests, impounding the cars of people who had come to support the water protectors but had no expectation that they’d be arrested when the action was over and the police told them to leave. They have to pay heavy fines ($900) to get their cars back. She said the arrests and impoundment fines for their cars are unlawful. “The intention with those types of actions is to scare out-of-towners from being comfortable coming to these actions. So they’re trying to chill the rights of others to come and participate in these protests.”

  • Environmental Lawyer Explains Standing Rock Legal Issues

  • The authorities regularly characterize the natives as terrorists, and local radio spreads false rumors of farm animals being slaughtered and stolen, reported vandalism—the kind of thing you would expect from psychologically projected homesteader fears about savage Indians of earlier centuries.

    Yes, Magazine on Oct. 31 reported: “The county sheriff is claiming the water protectors were violent and that police were stopping a riot. But hours of live video feed from people caught in the confrontation showed instead a military-style assault on unarmed people: police beating people with batons, police with assault rifles, chemical mace, guns firing rubber bullets and beanbag rounds, tasers.”

  • Why Police From 7 Different States Invaded a Standing Rock Camp—and Other Questions

  • The UN has sent human rights observers. According to Salon, Nov. 16, 2016: “The U.N. special rapporteur said that American law enforcement officials, private security firms and the North Dakota National Guard have used unjustified force against protesters.

    “ ‘This is a troubling response to people who are taking action to protect natural resources and ancestral territory in the face of profit-seeking activity,’ [Maina] Kiai [U.N. special rapporteur] said in his statement, which was issued by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and was endorsed by several other U.N. experts.

  • Native Americans facing excessive force in North Dakota pipeline protests – UN expert

  • “At least 400 activists have been detained and often have been held in ‘inhuman and degrading conditions in detention,’ Kiai added. Some indigenous protesters have said they were treated like animals and even held in dog kennels.

  • Dakota pipeline protesters say they were detained in dog kennels; 268 arrested in week of police crackdown

  • “ ‘Marking people with numbers and detaining them in overcrowded cages, on the bare concrete floor, without being provided with medical care, amounts to inhuman and degrading treatment,’ the U.N. expert said.

    “ ‘The excessive use of State security apparatus to suppress protest against corporate activities that are alleged to violate human rights is wrong,’ he continued, noting that it violates U.N. guidelines on business and human rights.

    “Amnesty International USA, which has repeatedly criticized authorities for not respecting the rights of protesters, issued another statement on Tuesday noting that U.S. authorities had put up roadblocks to prevent journalists and human rights observers from documenting the protests and the official response.”

  • U.N. experts call for halt in Dakota Access pipeline, blast “excessive force” against protesters

  • Living on Earth reporter Sandy Tolan reflected: “You know, at times I felt I was back reporting in the West Bank, and not the Northern Plains…”

  • Standing With the Standing Rock Sioux

  • The Bundy crew was the cowboys, not the Indians

    Compare the government response at Standing Rock with the response occasioned by Ammon Bundy and his gang of armed militants when they occupied Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for over a month in January 2016. Imagine if the Bundy gang had been pepper sprayed, beaten, hit with water cannon, tased. But the Bundy crew were taking over the refuge to proclaim their belief that public lands should be given free to the profit-making private ranching business. In other words, the Bundy crew was the cowboys, not the Indians.

    The mainstream corporate media has largely ignored the stand-off at Standing Rock. Rallies have taken place around the world at places like Tokyo, Stockholm, and Auckland, but the sad truth is many foreigners have heard more about Standing Rock than Americans have. Not surprising. The news editors, working for corporate media conglomerates, choose what they believe we should know and what fits the larger corporate agenda, and so they devote massively more play to Brad Pitt, to the gossipy politics of who’s-on-first, and to whatever the latest glittering consumer thing is than they do to climate change and issues highlighted by the poor and the powerless, like Standing Rock. What coverage that does exist is usually cursory and misleading.

    Fortunately, alternative media have been on the scene and active at Standing Rock. As someone who taught journalism for more nearly 20 years, it has been refreshing for me to see what the alternative press is accomplishing.

    Amy Goodman of the webcast Democracy Now brought the prayer-resistance movement to national attention over the summer. She was arrested and charged with riot in absentia for her live reports of water protectors being set upon by dogs. The charge was later dismissed in court.

    Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks Network has done searching interviews and incisive commentary from the scene.

    But my absolute favorite news source at Standing Rock is Myron Dewey’s Digital Smoke Signals. Dewey does updates every day, which he posts on Facebook. I highly recommend anyone who has a Facebook account to “follow” him. I went to Standing Rock on Oct. 4-11 with two friends and I have since been able to keep up with developments on the ground through Dewey’s Facebook broadcasts. He posts live stream unedited clips that constitute what he calls an ongoing “documentation” of what is happening day-to-day at the movement.

    Here is Dewey at night standing on a hillside next to the Oceti Sakowin encampment. His face appears in the glow of his screen. Then he’s panning and zooming in on a large grassfire as he’s telling us about it. His finger appears in the screen and points out where the fire started. He says the helicopter which constantly circulates over the camp suddenly disappeared 20 minutes before they saw the first flames. He zooms to the area where he and the person he is with first spotted the fire. He says, “It looked like someone using a drip torch.” He says they called 911, but it’s been over an hour and the Morton County Fire Department hasn’t shown up. He tells the people in the camp, his audience, not to worry, though. It looks like the fire was started by DAPL employees to scare them or hurt them. But the Oceti Sakowin is full of Indians who supplement their income by wild-land firefighting, work that also benefits Mother Earth; he mentions that he is himself a “hotshot” firefighter [one of the elite crews]. He and his fellow firefighters can tell by the wind direction that the fire won’t harm the camp.

    Now here’s Dewey on a bright morning walking along the road by Oceti Sakowin. A young man appears on screen, and Dewey asks him who he is and why he’s here. He’s from the Paiute nation. “I’m here to protect the water,” he says. Dewey asks him to sing a Paiute song. The young man closes his eyes and sings.

    In another nighttime broadcast find we ourselves looking through a car windshield, headlights illuminating the highway, centerlines whizzing by. We hear voices talking in the backseat. The car drives on and on. We’re just watching the road. Then ahead is a police roadblock. The police van looms. Dewey gets out with his camera and calls over to the officers, asks them where they’re from, inquires about where the road blocks are, what are the open routes. At one level it’s a mundane exchange between a citizen and police, but you experience the edginess of the situation. More deeply, you feel the riskiness and pathos that is involved any human interaction. Dewey firmly exercises his right to have these protect-and-serve police respond to him civilly; he is cordial and respectful in a way that reinforces to them and to his viewers that he is after all not their enemy but a fellow human being. Dewey asks more questions and the lead officer says he doesn’t want to be filmed; Dewey offers to turn his camera away from them and onto himself. The distant officers disappear from the screen and Dewey’s face fills it. The contact officer walks nearer; we can hear his voice. Dewey can’t resist a joke, though. He asks the officer if he’s sure he doesn’t want to become famous by putting his face on Dewey’s screen? You realize these are just guys doing their job. Dewey understands that, but he also wants to educate them about the water protectors’ mission. He never misses an opportunity to educate his adversary, as well as his own people about the larger dimensions of the Standing Rock resistance. When he gets back in the car, someone in the back seat says “Let’s get out of here; this is enemy territory.” Dewey laughs, turning the car around, “It’s not enemy territory.”

    I believe you learn more about Standing Rock by watching Dewey’s unedited video than you ever could from watching any number of dramatically produced, commercially constricted reports on CNN, complete with the drumb-drumb latest crisis theme music.

    Dewey explains to his viewers that what they’re seeing is a “documentation” that’s not edited. “It’s not scripted. It’s not acted out.”

    After a month of watching Dewey’s daily reports I realize more fully than I ever have before how ghastly and vacuous mainstream news reporting is: a production where facts have been emptied of the humanity of real encounters, replaced by the shallow performances of reporters and news sources, slick, clichéd phrasing, behavior slotted into ready made categories, events analyzed and even predigested. The news about reality comes to us compartmentalized in trays like tasteless microwave dinners. Rarely is the reader or viewer allowed to simply experience the event unfolding through the reporter’s eyes or camera. The stories are crafted and slickly packaged. Their very polish and stimulating presentation sabotages their meaning and replaces it with a meaningless, artificial understanding.

    Note that I am not saying that the news these days is politically biased. Some obviously is, but the left or right bias charge is a serious red herring, a mis-direction. In fact, in mainstream media’s very effort to appear neutral and unbiased means events are chopped up and pieced together to fit the templates of a few hackneyed forms of storytelling: the winner-loser story, the conflict story, the individual overcoming obstacles story, the facing bad choices stories, he-said, she-said stories, scandal stories, hypocrisy stories. You’ve seen them all, repeatedly.

    Most of these templates come plated with a cynicism, skepticism, superiority, or sentimentality that grabs our attention by adding a dash of disgust. The current journalistic manner of telling stories reduces and dismisses the story in a way that sometimes makes the commercials and pop-up ads come as a relief. None of the common journalistic templates or attitude has much to do with real life as it’s lived in the moment. It’s not what people really experience in their lives. Instead, it’s how they’ve been conditioned to wrap up experience afterward in a dramatized way that leaches out the nuance, that leaves out the moment-to-moment uncertainty, or as the Lakota call it, the Wakan, the deep mystery of relationships that permeates every event. And that’s what Dewey’s broadcasts have in abundance. You get to see him interacting with the people who show up on his screen. You get to feel his humanity and the mystery of everyday relationships taking place at Standing Rock that he brings to light. It’s certainly not dramatic or melodramatic. It’s not interesting or stimulating in the usual way. It does seem really important.

    So when Dewey sits in his parked car and does an update video on “10 things to know about DAPL” (Nov. 18, 2016), there’s no editing and no script, meaning that you get to see him thinking through what those top 10 things might be. Some points he makes are incisive and comic, others not so much. But the not-so-much ones can lead you to thinking about gray areas, the imprecise observations we all make. He asks a guy who just got in the car to help out with his list and the guy, William Hawk Birdshead, goes immediately serious on him until Dewey says, “I was trying to keep it light.” So the Birdshead says, “Laughter is good medicine.” Suddenly they’re off. Dewey mimics the shifty-eyed look of the FBI guys lurking around the area and denying they are FBI, the DAPL security characters trying to look all steely and tough. We learn that in the encampments they say that “DAPL dresses up like Ninja Turtles.” You can tell that it’s DAPL undercover because those guys never drive rez cars, which are rusted and dented. Nobody is spared. Dewey describes the water protectors just arriving from California as dudes who’ve “got their animal spirits on… They’re all furred up. They’re coming in all mystical and crystals.” He and his buddy laugh, which Dewey says is laughter “in a good way,” because the whole thing going on at Standing Rock is deadly serious but you need laughter, because that’s good medicine for healing. And healing and praying are about “getting reconnected with the Earth.”

    This points to a major difference between anthropocentric prayer as most of us know it and earth-mind prayer. In the prayer that most people are familiar with, an individual seeks intercession for human needs with a transcendent being. The Native prayer is about healing not getting. The prayer is a community ceremony or song or ritual to maintain or restore the balance between and among beings, both animate and inanimate. Prayer is to all my relatives, all my relations, the birds, the water, the wind, the buffalo, my family, even those who oppose me as enemies. Mitakuye Oyasin is an important Lakota phrase that means “all my relations.” When you’re watching a Dewey update from Standing Rock you’re experiencing Mitakuye Oyasin in action. It’s newscasting as a kind of prayer, in the earth-mind sense. Whether he’s engaging in laughter or educating about the spiritual importance of water, you can see that what he’s getting at is healing relationships. Watching and listening, you get to be part of that healing.

    What Dewey does goes way beyond advocacy journalism.

    Our traveling companion for our visit to Standing Rock, Lakota elder Tiokasin Ghosthorse, also provides a good way to keep up with developments through the interviews he conducts for his weekly syndicated broadcast from WPKN in Bridgeport Conn. and WBAI in New York City. On Oct. 31, 2016, Tiokasin interviewed a young man who was seized on Oct. 27 when a frontline camp was destroyed by police. Trenton Joseph Castillas Bakeberg, in the bloodline of Crazy Horse, was praying in a sweat lodge when the militarized police swept through the camp. They yanked him out of the sweat lodge and arrested him. The young water protector told Tiokasin:

    “I pray that we’ll be able to keep a state of prayer and peace, as we have been… Although there’s some people on our side are more likely to tend toward violence. But there’s also people on our side to stop them. Don’t start a fight. That’s what it’s all about, keeping it peaceful because the elders told us in the beginning that all it takes is one single act of violence, one person attacking a police officer and they’ll unleash the fear on all of us. This wrath that we have with our military overseas, we’re beginning to see it now in the heart of our own country. All for the greed and the corporate interests of this government. They say we’re a democracy but it’s not showing anymore. The people didn’t want this pipeline, but this foreign entity that they call a corporation, Energy Transfers, is saying, we don’t care. We want this money. We need this for economic stability of the country and that somehow trumps the interests of our communities and our nation as a whole….We’re standing up to this corporate machine with prayer and love.”

  • Forcibly removed from prayer at Standing Rock

  • Against a heavily armed, corporatized democracy designed to ensure that only powerful business and political elites rule the land and possess the wealth of its objects, the Native-American people at Standing Rock stand in defense of Mother Earth armed with songs, prayers, and an understanding that Earth’s objects are us, and we are them. They are our relatives. It seems better armament than most of us Wasi’shu possess. Webster defines fascism as “a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.” It’s an incendiary word, and readers might think ill of me for introducing it here. Certainly we are not a fascist state yet. But for the prayer-resistance at Standing Rock, the clear alliance between corporate and government interests to quell their opposition under color of the law has a fascist flavor.

    It should not surprise anyone that the new US president reportedly holds stocks that directly fund the Dakota Access Pipeline and that the DAPL CEO Kelcy Warren gave the Trump campaign a substantial donation.

  • Trump's Personal Investments Ride on Completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

  • This is how the proto-fascism works. Ironically (or perhaps absurdly), Trump may have been elected by people hoping he would somehow counter the tightening grip of multinational corporations on their lives. One might wish for that to happen.

    At a deep level, Standing Rock may suggest that such absurdities as a Trump presidency occur because our mode of consciousness is impaired or inadequate to the situation it has created on our planet at this historical time. Too many of us have gone dead to the natural world we come from. Our obsessive anthropocentric mode of consciousness has reduced nature and reality at large to a bunch of things we have names for—things that feed our greed. Fortunately, many Indigenous people have retained an acute and ancient consciousness that we are those rocks and trees and clouds, and birds and water that we see outside our windows, and that restoring our relationships with them is incumbent on us.

    John Briggs is emeritus distinguished Professor of Writing and Aesthetics from Western Connecticut State University. He was the English Department’s journalism coordinator for 18 years and was one of the founders of Western’s Department of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process. He is the author of several well-known books on chaos theory, fractals and creativity. He lives in the hilltown of Granville, Mass., where served as a Selectman for five years and as reserve police officer for 10 years.

    When people at Standing Rock talk about the black snake they mean the pipeline, referring to an old Sioux legend about a black snake that will threaten the end of the world. The Lakota prophet Black Elk said that in the seventh generation, the Sioux tribes would unite to save the world.

    Media covering the Standing Rock resistance movement:

  • Digital Smoke Signals

  • Myron Dewey, Facebook

  • The Antimedia

  • Democracy Now

  • The Intercept

  • The Guardian

  • Censored News

  • Unicorn Riot

  • Living on Earth

  • The Indigenous Environmental Network

  • Status of Standing Rock court claim

  •           678 pilgrims leave for Amarnath Yatra        

    Jammu: A fresh batch of 678 pilgrims left here on Tuesday to perform the ongoing Amarnath Yatra, an official said.

    Over 2.50 lakh pilgrims have so far performed the yatra which started on June 29.

    "Another batch of 678 pilgrims left Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas in an escorted convoy of 20 vehicles at 2.55 a.m.," the official said.

    The pilgrims use the Jammu-Srinagar national highway to reach the Valley and all vehicles carrying pilgrims have to cross the Jawahar Tunnel before 3.30 p.m.

    This has been done as a precautionary measure to ensure that pilgrims reach the two base camps of Pahalgam and Baltal before sunset.

    Over 35,000 security personnel have been deployed to maintain law and order.

    So far, 48 pilgrims have died. 

    Of these, 17 died in a road accident in Ramban district of Jammu region on July 16; eight were killed in a terror attack in Anantnag district on July 10; and 23 pilgrims have died of natural causes.

    The Yatra will conclude after completing 40 days with the arrival of the `Chari Mubarak` at the cave shrine on August 7.

    Situated 3,888 metres above sea-level, the cave houses an ice stalagmite structure that waxes and wanes with the size of the visible moon. 

    Devotees believe the ice stalagmite structure symbolises mythical powers of Lord Shiva.

    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              $10,000 REWARD: Missing Person / Cold Case via Integrated Security Services @GoIntegrated         

  • Integrated Facebook page

  • Integrated Twitter feed

  • Integrated website

  • FLASHBACK: Video - Widow Pressed for Answers 42 years ago

  • Brief highlights of Caporino case:

    Excerpts from


  • Chapter 4


    Did Gabe Caporino just disappear or were hidden forces at play? AT


    Gabe Caporino, a 40-year-old corporate executive from Westchester, NY, never returned to his wife and two teenage daughters after a business trip in 1974. The night he disappeared, Gabe Caporino spoke with his wife and daughters, asking about a school parents' night and confirming a dinner date with friends for the weekend.


    There isn’t much of a trail for Gabe Caporino, but we know a good bit of what police did and did not do in the crucial days following his disappearance on Thursday, March 7, 1974. We also know some of what his employer, the General Foods corporation, did and did not do.


    Under pressure from Gabe Caporino’s wife, Grace, now a retired teacher and recognized Holocaust scholar, General Foods sent a team to New Orleans over the weekend. One of them, Bill Bevans of the personnel department, snatched Gabe Caporino’s briefcase from his hotel room. The other GF team members were security director Jack Edward Ison, who had been an FBI agent for nine years; and White Plains, NY police detective James Lynch.

    “Our chief of security Jack Ison will ... take over this investigation,” GF personnel director Frank Dorito told Grace Caporino.

    Indeed, he did.

    On Sunday, March 10, 1974, Ison and his colleagues met privately with New Orleans police, barring members of the Caporino family. This crucial meeting presaged, if it did not predestine, the shocking and abysmal refusal of the New Orleans Police Department to follow up on basic and compelling leads, including the forgery of Gabe Caporino's credit card four days after he was reported missing. This forgery was ultimately documented by the FBI crime lab. Significantly, a Sears employee who witnessed three individuals using Gabe’s credit card recanted after a visit by New Orleans police ...

    ... Officer Roma Kent, who went on to work as a federal public defender, got the clerk to change his story ...


    CBS producer Barbara Gordon, on assignment in 1974, put it this way: “The New Orleans Police Department is holding hands with General Foods and there is a cover-up down here.”

    The Gabe Caporino case was the subject of a CBS documentary produced by Gordon and reported by Chris Borgen, a retired New York City narcotics detective. The program aired beginning in May 1974 on the show Eye On New York. It was rebroadcast in New York and several times throughout the country on local affiliates – but not in New Orleans.

    As the air date neared, Borgen told Grace Caporino the reporting team received threats that GF might pull advertising from CBS. Borgen recounted the phone call from a GF public relations staffer: “This documentary is not in our best interests. We have a significant advertising budget with CBS.”


    New Orleans police ... reported the discovery of Gabe Caporino’s rental car in a way that could not have occurred.

    His rented car was found abandoned about 10 days later in front of a school by Spain and [N.]Ramparts streets with the keys stuck outside the vehicle in the door lock. Police officers told me a car in this location with the keys outside the vehicle might have lasted there up to an hour. Additionally, any fingerprints left in or on the car were wiped off.

    “It is certainly not the kind of place where a new car would sit for a week with the keys in the door,” said Gabe Caporino’s nephew Anthony Emma, who made two trips to New Orleans in 1974. “Certainly not the kind of place a new car would sit even locked up without being disturbed for a week ... I always found that hard to believe.”


    As time went on and the Caporino family struggled to survive, General Foods appealed the awarding of benefits to the widow and children multiple times. At one of the hearings, Jack Edward Ison admitted he was the source of the smears about Gabe Caporino in law enforcement files.

    A hearing officer asked Ison: “How do you know this about Mr. Caporino?”

    “Just things you hear people say,” Ison responded. He was not pressed to elaborate.

    In a particularly disturbing incident on March 16, 1974 – the day that would have been Gabe Caporino’s 41st birthday – family, friends and neighbors gathered at the home in Yorktown Heights. Ison called Grace Caporino. She told Ison family and friends did not want her to be alone on that day. Ison paused and said: “Well, if Gabe has any heart, surely he'll call you on his birthday. Bye, I’ve got to go.”


    October, 2011. NEW ORLEANS, LA – Thirty seven years ago – with several police officers crowding her – Grace Caporino briefly touched and read a number of pages in a 3-inch-high stack of reports about her missing husband. After a few minutes, they forced her to leave. Today, the New Orleans Police Department still doesn’t want to know or hear anything about the Gabe Caporino case – or the reports ... *

    The current New Orleans police superintendent, Ronal Serpas, ignored two certified letters she sent him last year ...

    The New Orleans Police Department – notorious as perhaps the most corrupt and incompetent in U.S. history – has routinely engaged in public executions of civilians. The coroner tends to call these homicides slips and falls or accidents, even when someone’s face and teeth are kicked in and various body parts have hemorrhaged. Officers have worked as cocaine dealers on the job, hired hitmen to kill civilians, stolen from car dealers and held up liquor stores in uniform. Officers have been heard on police scanners saying: “Is he dead yet? No. Kill him now. String him up by the balls.”

    A short list of recent convictions includes two officers who beat and kicked a local man to death, then covered it up. In the infamous Danzgier bridge trial, also this year, five current and former officers were found guilty of shooting six civilians – killing two of them – and covering it up. Those local citizens were walking to a grocery store.

    Civilians filming police assaulting civilians are routinely charged with inciting a riot. After police shot and killed unarmed trombone player Joe Williams, returning from a jazz funeral in 2004, officers broke up a memorial service for the popular member of the Hot 8 Brass Band. Local attorney Mary Howell told the PBS show Frontline police advised her that “merely having a video camera or camera in a situation like this where the police are interacting with the community was considered to be inciting a riot.”

    After Hurricane Kartina, the National Rifle Associaton sued New Orleans Police for stripping law-abiding citizens of their ability to defend themselves. “They just stole people’s guns and weapons,” Howell said.

    The unofficial body count from Hurriance Katrina is upwards of 1,500. “We do not have a clear understanding of how many people were shot and killed by the New Orleans Police Department,” Howell told Frontline.

    Of course, there are also many officers who keep their oath to protect and serve no matter what the risk from criminals and buffoons in the streets or among their ranks and supervisors ...


    August, 2012

    ... the New Orleans Police Department actually admitted it had failed to comply with the Louisiana public records law. This happened through a series of depositions of detectives and other personnel [in a Freedom of Information lawsuit in Parish Court] ... “Nobody has gone digging through those files specifically looking for a file relative to the disappearance of Gabe Caporino, have they?” The question was posed by ... attorney, Brett Prendergast.

    “No, sir,” Detective Gwen Guggenheim responded.

    ... A supervised search of the NOPD “storage area” [revealed the following from] ... a dimly-lit and musty room on the second floor by the NOPD parking garage.

    Most of the boxes of files were covered with layers of grime and old insulation. He had to move evidence including sections of a chain-link fence to get at the boxes.

    The files dated from 1890 to the present. Besides homicide cases, there were also files for juvenile offenses and sex crimes.

    There was not a single missing persons file in storage ...

    ... As recently as 1995, then-Police Superintendent Richard Pennington had a detective review the Caporino case and all the reports and documents. Now, the official word is, the file does not exist – just as missing persons don't officially exist ...


    Retired General Foods investigator Emil Monda, reached ... on the West Coast, said about the Caporino case: “We always thought there was foul play, but never came up with anything.”

    Monda said he did not know why the New Orleans Police failed to follow leads including the forgery of Caporino’s credit card ...

              EU lawmaker condemns Amarnath terror attack        

    Brussels: European Parliament`s Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with India Geoffrey Van Orden on Friday condemned the July 10 terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims and called on Pakistan to cooperate with India in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

    "This is a most atrocious crime which follows a series of terrorist attacks and other provocations designed to destabilise the political situation in Jammu & Kashmir," he said in a press release.

    "We stand resolutely with India in her fight against terrorism and hope that those responsible will rapidly be brought to justice. We call upon the government of Pakistan to cooperate in this and to enhance its efforts to suppress terrorists and extremists and develop peaceful relations with India," said Van Orden who is a British Member of the European Parliament.

    Seven pilgrims were killed and 19 injured in the attack.

    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              J&K police forms SIT to probe Amarnath bus attack        

    Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir police on Friday constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) led by a DIG-rank officer to probe the July 10 terror attack on a bus carrying Amarnath Yatra pilgrims in south Kashmir.

    "We have constituted the six-member SIT headed by South Kashmir Deputy Inspector General of Police S.P. Pani for speedy investigation in this important case," Inspector General of Police Kashmir Munir Ahmad Khan said.

    Other members include Anantnag Senior Superintendent of Police Altaf Ahmad Khan, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, and other officers who will assist in the probe. 

    Seven pilgrims were killed and 19 injured when their bus heading towards Jammu from Srinagar was attacked by militants at 8.30 p.m. at Batengo in Anantnag district on the Srinagar-Jammu Highway on July 10.

    The bus was not registered with the Amaranth Shrine Board and had reportedly violated the travel rules. 

    Soon after the attack, the Kashmir IGP had said that the Lashkar-e-Taiba was behind the attack. 

    "Initial investigation reveals it is a group of Lashkar militants headed by Abu Ismail of Pakistan who carried out the attack," the IGP had said.

    J&amp;K police forms SIT to probe Amarnath bus attack
    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              Amarnath Yatra Terror Attack: Shah Rukh Khan hails spirit of pilgrims for countering dastardly act with courage        

    New Delhi: The entire nation shook with grief after terrorists attacked the ongoing Amarnath Yatra in Jammu & Kashmir. On Monday night as many as seven pilgrims, including six women were killed in the terror attack leaving 19 others injured.

    The terrorists attacked an unescorted bus from Gujarat at Khanabal in Anantnag district on the Srinagar-Jammu highway reportedly. The bus was returning from Baltal to Mir Bazar after darshan. The militants also carried out two attacks on security forces in the area. After such a dastardly act, the entire social media is flooded with condolence messages expressing sadness and outrage at the same time.

    Several Bollywood celebrities too have extended their condolences to the families of the affected on Twitter. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan took to the micro-blogging site and hailed the courage shown by pilgrims in continuing the Yatra despite such a terror attack.

    He wrote:

    Home Title: 

    Amarnath Yatra Terror Attack: Shah Rukh Khan hails spirit of pilgrims for countering dastardly act with courage

    Amarnath Yatra Terror Attack: Shah Rukh Khan hails spirit of pilgrims for countering dastardly act with courage
    News Source: 
    Facebook Instant Article: 

              Via @NorwichBulletin @HartfordCourant #moreCOOLJUSTICE @ #SpraguePublicLibrary 9-22-16 #TrueCrime All Sides of the Law         

  • Long Version / Update

  • Sprague Public Library to host
    private investigator, author
    Andy Thibault

    By Staff reports

    Andy Thibault, a private investigator and author of the award-winning collection of newspaper columns “More Cool Justice,” will read from his work at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 22 at the Sprague Public Library, 76 Main St., Baltic.

  • Complete article @ Norwich Bulletin

  • The opening chapter of "more COOL JUSTICE," Breaking Bonnie Out, features columns that led to a clemency hearing and freedom for Bonnie Foreshaw, who had been unjustly imprisoned for premeditated murder. The book also contains essays on other controversial cases, some in Connecticut.

  • Hartford Courant The Write Stuff, 2nd to last item

  • Sprague Public Library

  • --


  • Recent column: Judges who played role in murder probe squelched access to key testimony

  • Greenwich International Film Festival, Summer 2016

  •           Yêu thÆ°Æ¡ng con người, không yêu lạc thú        
    Abd al-Rahman không bao giờ có thể biết tổng hạnh phúc mà ông có được. Bởi vị vua này không bao giờ biết được công thức đúng để tìm kiếm hạnh phúc.

    Abd al-Rahman đệ tam là một vị vua và một thủ lĩnh Hồi giáo của xứ Córdoba ở Tây Ban Nha thế kỷ thứ 10. Ông là người cai trị tối cao và sống trong sự xa hoa tuyệt đối. Đây là cách mà ông nhận định về cuộc sống của mình:

    “Cho tới bây giờ, ta đã trị vì hơn 50 năm trong phồn thịnh và hoà bình; thần dân yêu thương ta, kẻ địch khiếp sợ ta, và các đồng minh kính nể ta. Giàu sang và địa vị, quyền lực và lạc thú đợi lệnh ta, và ta có tất cả mọi lời chúc tụng trên mặt đất này.”

    Vinh hoa, phú quý, và lạc thú trên cả tưởng tượng. Nghe có vẻ quá hoàn hảo? Ông đã viết tiếp:

    “Ta đã cẩn trọng và kiên trì đếm số ngày mà ta cảm nhận được niềm vui thuần khiết thật sự trong đời mình: chỉ vỏn vẹn có 14 ngày.”

    Vấn đề của Abd al-Rahman, như ông đã nghĩ, không phải là sự hạnh phúc, mà là sự bất hạnh. Nếu điều đó nghe có vẻ như một sự phân biệt không hề có chút khác biệt nào, có lẽ bạn cũng có vấn đề tương tự như vị vua vĩ đại kia. Nhưng với một chút hiểu biết, bạn có thể tránh được sự khổ sở mà ông ấy đã chịu.

    Thế nào là sự bất hạnh? Trực giác của bạn có thể mách bảo rằng “bất hạnh” đơn giản là đối lập của hạnh phúc, như bóng tối là sự thiếu vắng ánh sáng. Điều đó là không đúng. Hạnh phúc và sự bất hạnh chắc chắn là có liên hệ với nhau, nhưng chúng không thật sự là hai mặt đối lập. Ảnh chụp bộ não cho thấy nhiều khu vực của vỏ não bên trái hoạt động mạnh hơn so với với bên phải khi chúng ta cảm thấy hạnh phúc, trong khi vỏ não phải trở nên hoạt động mạnh hơn khi chúng ta không hạnh phúc.

    Nghe có vẻ lạ, nhưng một người vui vẻ hạnh phúc hơn mức bình quân không có nghĩa là người đó không thể cảm thấy buồn bã bất hạnh hơn mức trung bình. Có một bài kiểm tra về mức độ hạnh phúc lẫn bất hạnh, đó là bài kiểm tra Phân hạng Cảm xúc tích cực và Cảm xúc tiêu cực. Tôi đã tự mình làm bài kiểm tra đó. Tôi phát hiện ra rằng, đối với “hạnh phúc”, tôi nằm trong tốp đầu của những người có cùng độ tuổi, giới tính, nghề nghiệp và trình độ văn hoá. Nhưng tôi cũng có điểm khá cao đối với hạng mục “không hạnh phúc”. Tôi là một người u sầu, nhưng u sầu một cách vui vẻ.

    Vì thế khi một người nói, “Tôi là một người bất hạnh,” họ thật ra là đang nói về tổng thể cho dù họ có nhận ra điều đó hay không. Họ sẽ nói, “Sự bất hạnh của tôi là x, sự hạnh phúc của tôi là y, và x>y.” Câu hỏi thật sự là tại sao, và bạn có thể làm gì để làm y>x.

    Nếu bạn hỏi một người cảm thấy không hạnh phúc tại sao anh ta lại cảm thấy như vậy, anh ta hầu như luôn luôn đổ lỗi cho hoàn cảnh. Tất nhiên trong nhiều trường hợp, điều đó có thể đúng. Một số người phải gánh chịu sự đàn áp, nghèo đói hay bệnh tật thể xác, những yếu tố làm cho cuộc sống của họ như một công việc nhàm chán. Không ngạc nhiên khi các nghiên cứu cho thấy rằng phân biệt giới tính làm cho trẻ em cảm thấy không hạnh phúc, và nhiều công trình học thuật chỉ ra mối liên kết giữa sự bất hạnh và sự nghèo khó. Một nguyên nhân thông thường khác mang đến sự không hạnh phúc chính là sự cô đơn, và có khoảng 20% dân số Mỹ khổ sở vì điều này đến độ đủ để xem sự cô đơn là một nguyên nhân chủ đạo của sự bất hạnh trong cuộc đời họ.

    Cũng có những nguyên nhân mang tính hoàn cảnh khác cho sự bất hạnh. Nhà tâm lý học Daniel Kahneman và các đồng nghiệp của mình ở Princeton đã đo “cảm xúc tiêu cực” (các trạng thái tinh thần không tốt) mà các hoạt động và tương tác thông thường hàng ngày có thể mang lại. Họ nhận thấy sự kiện kích động sự không hạnh phúc số 1 trong một ngày điển hình chính là trải qua thời gian với cấp trên của một người (điều này làm cho tôi, một ông sếp, cảm thấy không vui khi được biết).

    Không nghi ngờ gì, hoàn cảnh rất quan trọng. Chắc chắn Abd al-Rahman có thể chỉ ra một vài tình huống trong quãng đời của ông. Nhưng nghịch lý là, lời giải thích đúng đắn hơn cho sự bất hạnh của ông hẳn có thể là quá trình tìm kiếm hạnh phúc của ông. Và điều tương tự cũng có thể đúng đối với bạn.

    Đã bao giờ bạn quen biết một người nghiện rượu? Những người nghiện rượu thường uống để giải toả cơn ghiền hay nỗi lo âu nào đó – nói cách khác, để kiềm hãm một “nguồn” của sự bất hạnh. Nhưng suy cho cùng chính rượu mới kéo dài sự đau khổ của họ. Nguyên tắc tương tự cũng áp dụng cho trường hợp của vua Abd al-Rahman khi ông theo đuổi danh vọng, giàu sang và lạc thú.

    Hãy xem xét đối với trường hợp “danh vọng”. Trong năm 2009, các nhà nghiên cứu từ đại học Rochester đã tiến hành một nghiên cứu, họ theo dõi sự thành đạt của 147 tân cử nhân trong việc đạt được những mục tiêu mà các sinh viên đã đề ra sau khi tốt nghiệp. Một số người có những mục tiêu “nội tại”, chẳng hạn như các mối quan hệ sâu sắc và bền vững. Những người khác có những mục tiêu “ngoại tại”, như đạt được tiếng tăm hay danh vọng. Các học giả đã nhận thấy rằng các mục tiêu nội tại có liên hệ với đời sống hạnh phúc hơn. Còn những người theo đuổi các mục tiêu ngoại tại thường phải chịu nhiều cảm xúc tiêu cực hơn, như sự tủi hổ hay sợ hãi. Những người này thậm chí còn phải chịu nhiều bệnh tật về mặt thể chất.

    Đây là một trong những sự mỉa mai tàn nhẫn nhất trong cuộc sống. Tôi làm việc ở Washington, ngay trong lòng của những cuộc chiến chính trị công khai. Không loại một trường hợp nào, những người không hạnh phúc nhất tôi từng gặp là những người cống hiến hết sức lực cho việc làm cho họ trở nên vĩ đại – các (pundit), những kẻ to mồm trên TV, những nhân vật “biết tất”. Họ tự dựng lên và quảng bá hình ảnh của họ, nhưng thường xuyên cảm thấy tồi tệ.

    Đó là nghịch lý của danh vọng. Cũng giống như các loại thuốc nghiện và rượu, một khi bạn trở nên nghiện ngập, bạn không thể sống thiếu nó. Nhưng thực ra bạn cũng không thể sống với nó. Theo nghiên cứu của nhà tâm lý học Donna Rockwell, những người nổi tiếng diễn tả danh vọng như là “một con thú trong chuồng, một món đồ chơi trong một cửa kính trưng bày, một con búp bê Barbie, một vỏ bọc nơi công cộng, một tượng đất sét, hay, một gã nào đó trên TV.” Thế nhưng họ không thể từ bỏ nó.

    Sự khao khát danh vọng của người thường đã tạo ra nhiều phát kiến đáng kinh ngạc. Một trong số đó là sự ra đời của truyền hình thực tế, nơi những con người bình thường chẳng tên tuổi trở thành những diễn viên diễn về cuộc sống hằng ngày của họ cho người khác xem. Tại sao? “Được chú ý, được săn đón, được yêu thích, khi bước chân đến một nơi nào thì được người khác quan tâm xem bạn đang làm gì, thậm chí là bạn ăn gì cho buổi trưa hôm đó: đó là những gì người ta muốn, theo quan điểm của tôi,” một thí sinh 26 tuổi trong chương trình truyền hình thực tế nổi tiếng “Big Brother” cho biết.

    Và còn đó các mạng xã hội. Ngày nay, mỗi người chúng ta đều có thể tạo cho mình một lượng fan cá nhân nho nhỏ, nhờ vào Facebook, YouTube, Twitter và các mạng xã hội tương tự. Chúng ta có thể “phát sóng” tất cả các chi tiết cuộc sống của chúng ta đến bạn bè và cả những người xa lạ một cách cực kỳ hiệu quả. Điều đó khá tốt để giữ liên lạc với bạn bè thân thích, nhưng đồng thời nó cũng tạo ra một dạng “tìm kiếm tiếng tăm” thứ yếu, nằm trong tầm với của mỗi chúng ta. Và một vài nghiên cứu cho thấy nó có thể làm chúng ta cảm thấy bất hạnh.

    Điều đó hoàn toàn có lý, đúng không? Bạn đăng cái gì trên Facebook? Đăng hình ảnh bạn đang la mắng con cái mình, hay hình ảnh bạn đang bù đầu bù cổ nơi làm việc? Không, bạn đăng hình bạn đang cười toe trong một chuyến leo núi với bạn bè. Bạn dựng nên một cuộc sống giả – hay ít nhất là một cuộc sống thật nhưng không phải toàn bộ sự thật – và chia sẻ nó với người khác. Hơn nữa, bạn tiếp nhận gần như toàn bộ là thông tin về những cuộc sống ảo của những người “bạn” trên mạng xã hội. Chỉ trừ khi bạn cực kỳ hiểu rõ bản thân mình là ai, mình có gì, không thì bạn sẽ khó mà không cảm thấy tồi tệ khi bạn sống hầu hết thời gian để tỏ ra bạn vui vẻ hơn bạn của thực tế, và phần còn lại thời gian thì xem xem người khác dường như hạnh phúc hơn bạn bao nhiêu.

    Một số người tìm sự giải cứu khỏi tâm trạng bất hạnh từ tiền bạc và vật chất. Trường hợp này hơi phức tạp hơn so với danh tiếng. Tiền bạc đúng là có thể giải thoát người ta khỏi khổ sở nếu như nó là phương tiện cho một nhu cầu vật chất đích thực nào đó (như nhu cầu ăn mặc cơ bản của con người – ND, và theo tác giả bài viết, đây là một luận cứ mạnh mẽ cho các chính sách hỗ trợ xoá đói nghèo). Nhưng khi tiền bản thân nó trở thành mục đích, nó cũng có thể mang lại đau khổ.

    Trong nhiều thập kỷ, các nhà tâm lý học đã sàn lọc, biên soạn một lượng lớn các tài liệu về các mối liên hệ giữa các khát vọng khác nhau và sự hạnh phúc. Bất kể các văn kiện này khảo cứu người mới trưởng thành hay người ở mọi độ tuổi, hầu hết các nghiên cứu đều chỉ ra cùng một kết luận quan trọng: những người xếp các mục tiêu về vật chất như sự giàu sang thành các ưu tiên các nhân hàng đầu có khả năng rất cao họ cũng lo âu nhiều hơn, buồn rầu chán nản nhiều hơn, và sử dụng thuốc gây nghiện nhiều hơn, hay thậm chí có các vấn đề về sức khoẻ nhiều hơn so với những người quan tâm đến những giá trị nội tại (những giá trị không chịu phụ thuộc vào các yếu tố bên ngoài để tồn tại và phát triển, ví dụ như các mối quan hệ thân thiết trong gia đình, bạn bè, lương tâm nghề nghiệp, đạo đức lối sống, v.v. – ND)

    Không một ai nổi tiếng hơn thánh Paul trong việc tóm lược những cạm bẫy đạo đức của chủ nghĩa vật chất trong Lá thư đầu tiên gửi Timothy của ngài: “Vì tình yêu đối với bạc tiền là nguồn gốc của mọi tội ác: trong khi họ khao khát nó, họ bị lạc lối khỏi đức tin của mình, và tự đâm xuyên người họ bằng những nỗi buồn.” Hay như đức Dalai Lama dạy rằng, chúng ta nên muốn những gì chúng ta có hơn là có những gì chúng ta muốn.

    Vì vậy, danh vọng và tiền bạc không mang lại cho ta hạnh phúc. Còn các lạc thú của thể xác thì sao? Hãy xem xét lạc thú kinh điển nhất của chủ nghĩa khoái lạc (chủ nghĩa xem sự hưởng thụ các lạc thú là mục tiêu quan trọng nhất của cuộc sống – ND): dục vọng. Từ Hollywood cho tới khuôn viên các trường đại học, nhiều người cho rằng tình dục luôn tuyệt vời, và tình dục với nhiều người khác nhau thậm chí còn tuyệt vời hơn.

    Và ý niệm đó thực ra được gọi với cái tên: “Hiệu ứng Coolidge”, đặt theo tên của tổng thống Mỹ đời thứ 30. Câu chuyện (rất có khả năng là một ngụy tác) bắt đầu với Silent Cal và phu nhân Coolidge trong một chuyến viếng thăm một trang trại gia cầm. Bà Đệ nhất phu nhân nhận thấy có rất ít gà trống, và đã hỏi làm thế nào mà nhiều trứng gà như thế lại có thể được thụ tinh. Người chủ trang trại trả lời bà rằng những con gà trống trong thời kỳ giao phối thực hiện công việc thụ tinh hết lần này tới lần khác trong ngày. Bà Đệ nhất phu nhân liền bảo, “Có lẽ ông có thể chỉ ra điều đó cho ngài Coolidge.” Ngài tổng thống nghe thấy hỏi người chủ trang trại xem liệu có phải một con gà trống chỉ giao phối với cùng một con gà mái. Người chủ trang trại trả lời với ông rằng không, một con gà trống thụ tinh cho nhiều con gà mái. Và ngài tổng thống bảo, “Có lẽ ông nên chỉ ra điều đó cho bà Coolidge.” Ngài tổng thống hẳn đã biết đó là những con gà trống “hạnh phúc”. Và mặc cho những chuẩn mực đạo đức, nguyên lý tương tự cũng đúng đối với con người chúng ta. Đúng không?

    Câu trả lời là không. Trong năm 2004, hai nhà kinh tế học đã xem xét liệu quan hệ tình dục với nhiều người khác nhau có làm cho người ta cảm thấy hạnh phúc hơn. Họ xem xét dữ liệu từ khoảng 16000 người Mỹ trưởng thành đã được hỏi, và giữ bí mật, xem họ đã sex với bao nhiêu bạn tình trong năm trước đó, và họ có cảm thấy hạnh phúc hay không. Kết quả cho thấy, đối với cả nam giới cũng như nữ giới, con số tối ưu là 1 người.

    Điều này có vẻ rất phản trực giác. Suy cho cùng, chúng ta rõ ràng được thôi thúc để tích trữ của cải vật chất, đuổi theo danh vọng và tìm kiếm lạc thú. Làm thế nào mà những thứ này lại có thể làm cho chúng ta không hạnh phúc thay vì hạnh phúc? Có 2 cách giải thích, một theo sinh học và một theo triết học.

    Từ góc nhìn của quá trình tiến hoá, việc chúng ta được “lập trình” để theo đuổi danh tiếng, giàu sang và nhiều bạn tình khác nhau. Những thứ đó cho chúng ta lợi thế về mặt sinh học theo nghĩa chúng ta có khả năng truyền lại DNA của mình cao hơn. Nếu tổ tiên thời tiền sử của chúng ta đã không có được những điều kể trên dưới một hình thức nào đó (ví dụ như tổ tiên chúng ta là những người mài đá lẫy lừng, hay có nhiều lớp “da” khác nhau, tức da thú mà tổ tiên chúng ta khoác lên), họ đã không thể tìm thấy đủ bạn tình để có thể sinh sôi nảy nở và tạo nên dòng dõi chúng ta ngày nay.

    Nhưng đây chính là điểm mà quá trình tiến hoá đã quá trớn: Chúng ta nghĩ rằng những thứ khiến chúng ta cảm thấy bị thu hút đồng thời cũng sẽ giảm mức độ đau khổ của ta xuống và nâng mức độ hạnh phúc của ta lên. Ví như, não của tôi bảo rằng, “Hãy trở nên nổi tiếng”. Nó cũng bảo tôi rằng, “Bất hạnh rất là tồi tệ và có hại.” Tôi ghép hai điều đó lại và được “Hãy trở nên nổi tiếng và mày sẽ bớt bất hạnh.” (?!)

    Và đó chính là trò đùa của Mẹ tạo hoá. Bà không thật sự quan tâm bạn cảm thấy thế nào, hạnh phúc hay bất hạnh – bà chỉ muốn bạn có thể nối dõi tông đường. Nếu bạn gán một khái niệm hết sức chung nhất như “sự tồn tại” với “hạnh phúc”, đó là vấn đề của bạn, không phải của tạo hoá. Và vấn đề không hề được giải quyết bởi những thằng ngốc nhưng hữu dụng đối với tạo hoá trong xã hội này, những kẻ tuyên truyền một lời khuyên mang tính huỷ hoại cuộc sống khá là nổi tiếng: “Nếu làm một cái gì mà làm cho bạn cảm thấy thoải mái, cứ làm.” Trừ khi chúng ta có cùng mục tiêu tồn tại như các sinh vật đơn bào, không thì điều đó thường là sai bét.

    Nếu nhìn dưới góc nhìn triết học hơn, vấn đề nảy sinh từ trạng thái không thoả mãn – tức cảm giác không có cái gì là đủ đầy, và chúng ta không ngừng tiềm kiếm và muốn thứ khác. Chúng ta không thể chỉ rõ chúng ta tìm kiếm thứ gì. Nếu như không cố gắng chiêm nghiệm và rèn luyện tinh thần, chúng ta sẽ trở thành nô lệ cho vật chất, những thú vui xác thịt và sự tung hô của bạn bè cũng như những người xa lạ.

    Chúng ta tìm kiếm những thứ giúp chúng ta lấp đầy khoảng trống bên trong tâm hồn chúng ta. Những thứ đó có thể cho chúng ta sự thoả mãn ngắn ngủi, nhưng nó không bao giờ kéo dài, và không bao giờ là đủ. Và vì vậy chúng ta thèm muốn những thứ khác. Nghịch lý này trong tiếng Phạn gọi là upadana, có nghĩa là một vòng lặp của ham muốn và chiếm đoạt. Như trí đạo trong nhà Phật có nói: “Gieo sự ham muốn của một người vào một cuộc sống không chút ý thức của người đó, nó sẽ phát triển như cây tầm gửi. Như loài khỉ tìm kiếm hoa quả trong rừng, nhảy từ cuộc sống này sang cuộc sống khác… Bất kể ai bị sự ham muốn hết sức tệ hại và đeo bám này chế ngự, nỗi buồn của người đó sẽ nhiều như cỏ mọc sau mưa.”

    Những cuộc săn lùng danh tiếng, những thèm muốn vật chất và việc coi người khác như đồ vật – hay cũng chính là vòng lặp của ham muốn và chiếm đoạt – tuân theo một công thức rất đơn giản, rất hàm súc và cũng rất nguy hiểm:

    Yêu vật chất và sử dụng người khác.

    Đây chính là công thức của Abd al-Rahman khi ông “mộng du” qua những năm tháng của cuộc đời mình. Đó là một phương thuốc của lang băm được rao bán bởi những người tiên phong trong việc tạo nên một nền văn hoá từ Hollywood đến Đại lộ Madison. Nhưng từ sâu thẳm trong lòng, bạn biết công thức đó là một sự tha hoá đạo đức và là con đường dẫn tới những khổ đau. Bạn muốn thoát khỏi những ham muốn luôn đeo bám và khiến chúng ta bất hạnh, và thay vào đó tìm một công thức khác cho hạnh phúc. Nhưng bằng cách nào? Đơn giản là bạn hãy đảo ngược công thức đáng sợ ở trên và biến nó thành qui tắc đạo đức của mình:

    Yêu con người và sử dụng vật chất.

    Tôi cũng biết, nói dễ hơn làm. Để làm được như công thức đạo đức trên cần phải có dũng khí để từ bỏ lòng kiêu hãnh và sức mạnh để yêu thương người khác – bao gồm gia đình, bè bạn, đồng nghiệp, người quen, Chúa trời/Trời Phật và cả những người ta không quen biết hay thậm chí là kẻ thù của ta. Chúng ta chỉ nên chối bỏ tình yêu đối với những thứ thật sự là đồ vật. Và hình thức rèn luyện để đạt được điều này là từ thiện. Có rất ít thứ làm cho ta cảm thấy được giải thoát như việc cho người khác những thứ mà ta quí báu.

    Chúng ta còn cần phải lên án chủ nghĩa vật chất. Đây rõ ràng không phải là một luận cứ dành cho một hệ thống kinh tế nào. Những ai đã từng sống ở một nước xã hội chủ nghĩa đều phải công nhận rằng chủ nghĩa vật chất và sự ích kỷ, dưới chế độ chủ nghĩa tập thể, là vô cùng tồi tệ hay thậm chí còn tệ hơn trường hợp thị trường tự do. Và không có một hệ tư tưởng chính trị nào lại có thể miễn nhiễm với chủ nghĩa vật chất.

    Cuối cùng, chúng ta cần phải tự vấn sâu sắc đối với các ham muốn cơ bản của bản thân. Tất nhiên chúng ta bị thúc đẩy để có được sự ngưỡng mộ, sự huy hoàng và sự tự do sử dụng cơ thể của mình theo ý mình muốn. Nhưng khuất phục trước những ham muốn đó sẽ mang lại bất hạnh. Bạn có trách nhiệm với chính bản thân rằng mình phải đấu tranh. Một khi bạn tuyên bố đình chiến là khi bạn trở nên kém hạnh phúc. Tuyên bố chống lại những ham muốn mang mang tính phá hoại này không phải là sự khổ hạnh hay hay theo chủ nghĩa Thanh giáo (tôn giáo mà những người theo đạo sẽ phải tuân thủ hết sức nghiêm ngặt các qui tắc sống và xử sự – ND). Nó chỉ đơn giản là trở thành một người khôn ngoan biết né tránh những khổ ải không cần thiết.

    Abd al-Rahman không bao giờ có thể biết tổng hạnh phúc mà ông có được. Bởi vị vua này không bao giờ biết được công thức đúng để tìm kiếm hạnh phúc. Chúng ta thì có.


              Tại sao không nên tin vào chính mình?        
    Bertrand Russell có một câu nói nổi tiếng là “Vấn đề của thế giới chính là lũ điên thì lại chắc chắn về bản thân mình còn người thông minh thì lúc nào cũng trăn trở về điều đó.”

    Sau nhiều năm chiêm nghiệm, tôi đã nhận ra được tầm quan trọng của việc tìm kiếm sự an yên giữa những bất ổn và mơ hồ, giữa những thắc mắc về niềm tin và mộng ước, và hơn cả giữa những hoài nghi về chính bản thân mình. Trong các bài viết trước đây, tôi thường xuyên lặp đi lặp lại một thông điệp là bộ não của chúng ta thực chất không hề đáng tin chút nào. Chúng ta không hề có bất cứ một cơ sở nào về việc chúng ta đang nói, nghĩ, làm,…

    Nhưng tôi chưa có dịp để đưa ra những lý giải và dẫn chứng cụ thể cho vấn đề trên. Và bây giờ là lúc thích hợp để chúng ta cùng nhau khám phá ra 8 lý do theo góc nhìn tâm lý học tại sao chúng ta không nên tin chính bản thân mình.


    Có một thuật ngữ trong tâm lý học mang tên Góc nhìn sai lệch của người quan sát (the Actor-Observer Bias).

    Chẳng hạn nếu bạn thấy một người vượt đèn đỏ ở ngã tư đường, có thể bạn sẽ nghĩ người này thật đáng trách, chỉ vì không kiên nhẫn chờ nổi vài giây mà đã gây nên nguy hiểm cho bao nhiêu người đi đường.

    Ngược lại, nếu bạn chính là người đang vượt đèn đỏ, bạn sẽ tự nhủ với bản thân mình rằng đó chỉ là do vô ý mà thôi, bởi vì cái cây chết tiệt kia chắn mất tầm nhìn, bởi vì xưa giờ người vượt đèn đỏ có gây ra hề hấn gì đâu.

    Cùng một hành động, nhưng nếu người khác làm thì họ nghiễm nhiên trở thành một tên khốn, còn nếu bạn làm thì đó chỉ là do vô ý.

    Chúng ta đều có những lúc như thế, đặc biệt là khi phải đối diện với các vấn đề mâu thuẫn. Khi nói về một người đã từng làm tổn thương mình, chúng ta sẽ mô tả họ như một giống loài vô cảm, thiếu trách nhiệm, có ác ý làm hãm hại người khác. (1)

    Tuy nhiên, khi chúng ta nói về việc mình đã làm tổn thương ai đó, chúng ta sẽ viện đủ lý do chỉ để biện minh rằng hành động của chúng ta hoàn toàn hợp lý. Trong trường hợp này, tâm trí chúng ta ngụy biện rằng những tổn thương mà chúng ta gây ra cho người khác không đáng là bao, thế nên việc bị buộc tội bản thân thật là vô lý.

    Cả hai góc nhìn này đều hoàn toàn sai. Nhiều nghiên cứu tâm lý đã chỉ ra rằng cả thủ phạm và nạn nhân đều sẽ xuyên tạc sự thật bằng cách kể lại câu chuyện kèm theo quan điểm của mình.

    Steven Pinker gọi hiện tượng này là Lỗ hổng Luân lý (Moralization Gap).(2) Bất cứ khi nào xung đột xuất hiện, chúng ta thường sẽ đánh giá quá cao thiện chí của bản thân và ngược lại, đánh giá xấu chủ ý của người khác. Điều này khiến chúng ta luôn tin rằng những người kia đáng để bị trừng phạt trong khi chúng ta phải được khoan hồng.

    Tâm trí chúng ta lúc này hoạt động một cách vô thức vì kể cả khi đang biện minh cho chính mình, chúng ta đều luôn nghĩ nó hoàn toàn hợp lý. Nhưng thực ra sự thật không phải như vậy.


    Trong cuốn sách Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gibert, nhà tâm lý học tại đại học Harvad, đã chỉ ra việc chúng ta rất tệ trong việc nhớ điều gì tác động đến cảm xúc của bản thân trong quá khứ cũng như tương lai.

    Chẳng hạn, nếu đội thể thao ưa thích của bạn bị thua tại giải thi đấu lớn, bạn sẽ cảm thấy vô cùng buồn. Nhưng hóa ra trí nhớ về việc bạn cảm thấy buồn như thế nào lại không liên quan gì đến việc bạn cảm thấy buồn trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Nói cách khác, mỗi khi nhớ về những điều tệ hại lúc xưa, chúng ta thậm chí còn thêm thắt quá nhiều cảm xúc tiêu cực so với tình hình thực tế lúc đó. Tương tự, khi nhớ về những kí ức tốt đẹp lúc trước, chúng ta thường cho là chúng vui hơn so với thực tế lúc đó.

    Thế nên khi hoạch định về tương lai, chúng ta thường đánh giá quá cao niềm hạnh phúc mà những điều tốt đẹp sẽ mang lại cũng như tin rằng những điều không may mắn sẽ làm chúng ta cảm thấy tệ hại khôn cùng. Để rồi chúng ta thường không nhận ra được bản thân mình đang thực sự cảm thấy như thế nào trong thời khắc của hiện tại.

    Đây cũng là một lý do mà mọi người biện minh về việc không thể theo đuổi được hạnh phúc. Tất cả mọi thông tin chỉ ra rằng chúng ta thậm chí còn không biết hạnh phúc thực chất như thế nào thì làm sao có thể thực sống trong hạnh phúc.


    Bạn đang đi trên đường thì bỗng có một người lạ lịch sự đến gần với mong muốn được tặng cho bạn vài cuốn sách báo “miễn phí”, ngay khi bạn cầm lấy chúng thì họ hỏi bạn tham gia cái này cái kia và quyên cho họ chút tiền vì họ đang gặp khó khăn. Đã bao giờ bạn lâm vào tình huống này chưa? Bạn biết là điều này thật kì cục và bạn muốn từ chối. Nhưng mà, cái này được tặng free đấy với cả bạn chả muốn bị coi là kẻ hờ hững với hoàn cảnh khó khăn chút nào.

    Yeah, đó chính là mấu chốt của vấn đề.

    Hóa ra là, quyết định của con người dễ bị chi phối bằng nhiều cách khác nhau, một trong số đó là việc tặng “quà” cho họ trước khi yêu cầu họ trả lại (điều này khiến khả năng giữ lại món quà cao hơn).

    Hoặc thử cách này, lần tới nếu bạn thấy một dòng người xếp hàng dài ngoằng và muốn chen lên trước, chỉ việc đưa ra một lý do cho mọi người – bất cứ lý do nào – chẳng hạn “Tôi đang vội” hoặc “Tôi đang ốm”. Theo thí nghiệm, chỉ cần nhờ lý do ngắn gọn này mà bạn có đến 80% cơ hội thành công để chen lên trước hơn là không đưa ra lời giải thích. Điều tuyệt vời nhất là: cái lý do bạn đưa ra không cần phải logic hay có ý nghĩa gì cả.(3)

    Các nhà kinh tế học thành vi đã chỉ ra rằng chúng ta dễ dàng có xu hướng tập trung vào một loại giá thành hơn các loại khác dù chả vì lý do gì. Hãy nhìn vào hình vẽ dưới đây:

    Ở phía bên trái, sự khác biệt về giá có vẻ lớn và không hợp lý. Thế nhưng, nếu thêm chai rượu mức giá $50 như hình bên phải thì đột nhiên, chai rượu với giá $30 bỗng trở thành một mức vừa phải và có lẽ là một món hời.

    Hãy thử xem một ví dụ khác nữa. Có người nói rằng bạn cần phải chi $2,000 cho chuyến đi Paris bao gồm bữa ăn sáng hoặc một chuyến đi Rome kèm bữa ăn sáng hoặc một chuyến đi Rome không kèm bữa ăn sáng. Hóa ra việc đưa thêm một lựa chọn “Rome không kèm ăn sáng” đã giúp cho nhiều người chọn Rome kèm ăn sáng hơn Paris. Tại sao vầy? Bởi vì nếu so sánh với chuyến đi Rome mà không có bữa ăn sáng, việc đi Rome kèm bữa ăn sáng có vẻ là một món hời. Thế là não bộ của chúng ta nhanh chóng quên đi mất chúng ta vẫn còn một sự lựa chọn nữa mang tên Paris.(4)


    Các nhà nghiên cứu đã chỉ ra rằng kể cả những người đã bị tổn hại chức năng thị lực trên não bộ vẫn có thể “thấy” được ngay cả khi họ không nhận ra. Những người mù hay nói rằng họ không thể nhìn thấy được tay của mình ngay cả khi đưa nó ra trước mặt. Nhưng nếu có một ánh đèn lóe lên ngay trước mắt họ, dù ở phía bên phải hay trái, họ vẫn thường đoán chính xác được đèn lóe lên bên nào.

    Và dù vậy, họ vẫn cứ nói bạn rằng đó hoàn toàn là đoán đại mà thôi.

    Họ không hề có một gợi ý nào về việc đèn sáng bên nào nhưng vẫn có nhận định được ánh đèn nằm ở đâu.

    Điều này thể hiện một sự trớ trêu nực cười: kiến thức và cảm giác biết kiến thức đó hoàn toàn không liên quan đến nhau.(5)

    Và cũng giống như những người mù, chúng ta đều có kiến thức mà lại thiếu đi cảm giác biết kiến thức. Nhưng điều ngược lại, bạn có thể cảm tưởng là mình đã biết điều đó rồi mặc dù thực ra bạn không hề, cũng hoàn toàn là thật.

    Đây chính là nguồn cơn cho mọi thiên vị cũng như ngụy biện. Chúng ta không nhận thức được sự khác biệt giữa cái mình thực sự biết và cái mình tưởng là mình biết. Do đó, các lý do kèm động cơ và các ngụy biện đã được xác nhận cứ liên tục diễn ra trong đời sống hàng ngày.


    Nếu giống như hầu hết mọi người, bạn thường có xu hướng đưa ra những quyết định tồi dựa trên cảm xúc. Đồng nghiệp chỉ buông vài câu bông đùa về đôi giày của bạn mà bạn đã nhảy dựng đứng lên, bởi vì đó là di vật bà người bà đã mất trao lại. Thế là bạn quyết định “phải bằm nát lũ người này ra”, bỏ việc và sống dựa vào tiền phúc lợi. Đây hoàn toàn là một quyết định không hợp lý.

    Nhưng việc tệ nhất chưa phải nằm ở đây đâu.

    Kể cả khi chúng ta đã nhận thức được việc cảm xúc chi phối các quyết định, chúng ta đã tránh việc đưa ra các quyết định trong lúc đang có nhiều cảm xúc trong lòng, thì đây vẫn không phải là một giải pháp lâu dài. Bởi vì, cảm xúc có thể ảnh hưởng đến chúng ta hàng tháng, hàng năm, kể cả khi chúng ta đã nguôi giận và bắt đầu “phân tích” tình huống trước đó. Những cảm xúc ngắn hạn tại một thời điểm nào đó, hóa ra, lại có tác động lâu dài đến các quyết định chúng ta đưa ra sau này.(6)

    Lấy ví dụ như thế này. Một người bạn bỗng muốn rủ bạn đi uống nước. Nhưng vì lý do nào đó, cơ chế phòng vệ của bạn bỗng được dựng lên. Bạn không muốn gật đầu cái rụp dù bạn cũng rất quý anh bạn ấy và muốn được trò chuyện với anh ta nhiều hơn. Bạn thận trọng trong việc đưa ra một phương án dù bạn không hiểu tại sao mình phải như vậy.

    Điều mà bạn đã lãng quên chính là bạn đã từng có một người bạn tính tình nóng lạnh thất thường trước đây. Anh chàng đó cứ thỉnh thoảng lại nổi đóa lên bất thường với bạn. Bạn bước tiếp trong cuộc sống và dần quên mất những chi tiết đó trong quá khứ. Mối quan hệ giữa bạn và người cũ thậm chí còn quay trở lại bình thường.

    Lúc đó bạn đã có đôi lần cảm thấy tổn thương và bực bội. Có thể về mặt nhận thức, bạn đã quên đi câu chuyện cũ, nhưng cảm xúc của bạn thì không. Nó vẫn đã từng nhớ mình đã cảm thấy buồn bã như thế nào. Để rồi khi giờ đây đối diện với một người hoàn toàn khác, trong một tình huống hoàn toàn khác, nó vô thức dựng lên hàng rào bảo vệ cho chính bạn.

    Chúng ta thường dựa vào kí ức về những cảm xúc mà chúng ta đã có trong một thời điểm nào đó trước đây để làm nền tảng đưa ra nhiều quyết định sau đó. Vấn đề là, bạn hoàn toàn không có ý thức về điều này. Cảm xúc mà bạn đã có 3 năm trước đây có thể ảnh hưởng đến bạn bất cứ lúc nào.

    Bàn về trí nhớ…


    Elizabeth Loftus là một trong những nhà nghiên cứu tiên phong trong lĩnh vực trí nhớ và cô ấy là người đầu tiên nói với chúng ta rằng trí nhớ của mình hoàn toàn không hề đáng tin.

    Về cơ bản, cô nhận ra rằng trí nhớ của chúng ta về các sự kiện trong quá khứ thường bị thay đổi bởi các sự kiện khác lúc xưa và/hoặc các thông tin thiếu chính xác mới. Cô đã khiến cho nhiều người nhận ra rằng lời khai từ nhân chứng không hẳn là một chứng cứ đáng tin.(8)

    Loftus và các nhà nghiên cứu khác đã chỉ ra rằng:

    Trí nhớ của chúng ta không chỉ bị mất dần mà còn dễ đưa ra các thông tin sai lệch theo thời gian.
    Cảnh báo mọi người rằng kí ức của họ chứa các thông tin sai lệch cũng không giúp làm giảm đi các thông tin sai lệch.
    Bạn càng có tính cảm thông nhiều bao nhiêu thì bạn càng dễ đồng nhất các thông tin sai lệch vào trong trí nhớ của mình bấy nhiêu.
    Trí nhớ của chúng ta không chỉ bị thay đổi bởi các thông tin sai lệch mà có thể toàn bộ kí ức của chúng ta đã bị tạo ra. Điều này thường diễn ra khi người tạo ra kí ức của chúng ta lại chính là những người mà chúng ta tin tưởng.
    Vì thế, kí ức của chúng ta hoàn toàn không hề đáng tin như mình đã nghĩ – thậm chí với những việc chúng ta nghĩ là đúng thì chỉ có phần chúng ta nghĩ là sự thật mà thôi.

    Trên thực tế, các nhà thần kinh học đã dự đoán lúc nào con người sẽ nhớ sai thông tin dựa trên các hoạt động trí não của bạn. Tại sao vậy?

    Họ lý giải điều này dựa trên việc so sánh trí nhớ với bộ nhớ của máy tính. Ban đầu, bộ nhớ sẽ ghi lại hết tất cả mọi thứ được đưa vào. Sau đó, chúng chậm dần, làm mất hoặc hư các file dữ liệu ngay sau khi bạn đã tạm dừng sử dụng. (10)

    Nhưng bộ não của chúng ta không chỉ chứa spreadsheet, và file chữ hay GIFs. Trí nhớ giúp chúng ta học được từ các sự kiện trong quá khứ để từ đó đưa ra những quyết định đúng đắn hơn cho tương lai. Nhưng trí nhớ thực chất còn có 1 chức năng quan trọng và phức tạp khác mà chúng ta ít khi nghĩ đến.

    Là người, chúng ta cần sự nhận dạng, chúng ta cần có cảm giác về việc “chúng ta là ai”, để từ đó điều hướng được các tình huống xã hội phức tạp cũng như để hoàn thành xong công việc. Trí nhớ giúp chúng ta biết được sự nhận dạng nhờ các câu chuyện trước đó.

    Bằng cách này, việc kí ức có chính xác hay không không quan trọng. Điều mấu chốt chính là các câu chuyện của quá khứ đã tạo nên nhận thức về chính bản thân. Và thay vì phải sử dụng trí nhớ với độ chính xác tuyệt đối để thực hiện điều này, chúng ta thực chất chỉ cần các kí ức mờ nhạt, sau đó thêm thắt vào các chi tiết khác nhau để phù hợp với “cái tôi” mà chúng ta tạo ra và chấp nhận.

    Có thể bạn nhớ rằng anh hay bạn bè đã từng bắt nạt mình rất nhiều và mình đã cảm thấy tổn thương như thế nào. Với bạn, đó là lý giải cho việc bản thân dễ nhạy cảm, hay lo lắng và khá e dè. Nhưng có lẽ kí ức đó không hề làm bạn tổn thương nhiều như mình đã nghĩ. Có lẽ khi nhớ về việc anh trai đã bắt nạt bạn lúc xưa, bạn đã dùng những cảm xúc ngay lúc này – nhạy cảm, lo lắng và e dè – và neo nó vào kí ức cũ, dù đống cảm xúc đó có khi lại chả hề liên quan gì đến việc anh trai đã bắt nạt bạn.

    Kể từ giờ phút này, kí ức về việc ông anh trai đã nhẫn tâm và làm bạn tổn thương, dù đúng hay không, cũng đã gắn vào đặc điểm nhận dạng của bạn – một người dễ nhạy cảm, hay lo lắng. Đồng thời, đặc điểm này đã khiến bạn đưa ra những hành động đáng xấu hổ và tạo thêm nhiều đau khổ trong cuộc đời mình.

    Có phải bạn đang hỏi tôi là: “Mark, vậy thì việc “tôi nghĩ tôi là ai” chỉ là một đống những ý tưởng bịa đặt do não bộ tạo ra thôi ư?”

    Vâng, đúng thế đấy.


    Hãy xem xét khía cạnh này: cách bạn thể hiện bản thân trên Facebook có lẽ không thực sự giống như cách bạn thể hiện bản thân khi rời “thế giới ảo”. Cách bạn hành xử lúc ở gần ông bà có lẽ sẽ khác khá nhiều so với lúc đi chơi với bạn bè. Bạn có “cái tôi tại công việc”, “cái tôi tại nhà””, “cái tôi trong gia đình”, “cái tôi khi ở một mình” và còn rất nhiều “cái tôi” khác nữa mà bạn dùng để điều hướng và sống sót trong thế giới xã hội phức tạp này.

    Nhưng đâu mới là cái tôi “đích thực”?

    Chúng ta có thể nghĩ rằng có lẽ một trong những bản sao ở trên thể hiện chính mình thực nhất. Nhưng một lần nữa, tất cả những việc bạn làm chỉ là lặp đi lặp lại câu chuyện vốn đã chiếm hữu trong đầu mình, những câu chuyện được tạo ra bởi các thông tin sai lệch.

    Trong hơn một vài thập kỉ, các nhà tâm lý học xã hội đã khám phá ra một sự thật mà chúng ta khó lòng nào chấp nhận: cái tôi đích thực (core self) – cái tôi không thay đổi, cái tôi bất biến – chỉ là ảo tưởng mà thôi. (11) Một nghiên cứu mới đang bắt đầu chỉ ra việc cách thức bộ não tạo nên cảm giác về cái tôi cũng như việc sử dụng các thuốc gây ảo giác có thể tạm thời làm thay đổi sự vận hành của não bộ, khiến não tạo ra những ảo giác tạm thời về các định dạng bản thân.(12)

    Điều trớ trêu là tất cả những thí nghiệm này – tuy được xuất bản trong những cuốn sách đắt tiền, được viết bởi những chuyên gia có tiếng – hóa ra chỉ đang lặp lại các triết lý truyền thống phương Đông mà các thiền sư giảng giải trong suốt hàng thế kỉ nay. Trong khi việc duy nhất mà các thiền sư làm chỉ là ngồi yên trong các hang động và không nghĩ gì cả trong vài năm.(13)

    Ở phương Tây, con người thường xuyên đề cao cái tôi cá nhân trong nhiều nền văn hóa – chưa kể tới trong ngành công nghiệp quảng cáo – khiến chúng ta không ngừng tìm cách “định dạng” bản thân mà hiếm khi chịu dừng lại đủ lâu để tự vấn rằng liệu điều này có cần thiết để lao đầu vào hay không. Có lẽ ý tưởng về việc “nhận dạng bản thân” vừa hại vừa giúp chúng ta. Có lẽ nó đang trói buộc chúng ta nhiều hơn là giải phóng chính mình. Tất nhiên, thật tuyệt khi bạn biết mình muốn hoặc thích gì, nhưng bạn vẫn có thể theo đuổi ước mơ và mục tiêu của bản thân mà không cần phải dựa vào ý niệm chắc chắn về sự định dạng.


    Chúng ta đang sở hữu một hệ thống thần kinh phức tạp. Nhờ có nó mà thông tin không ngừng được truyền đến não bộ. Theo một số tính toán, hệ thống giác quan – thị giác, xúc giác, khứu giác, thính giác, vị giác và sự cân bằng – gửi 11 triệu bit thông tin đến não chỉ trong vài giây. (14)

    Nhưng kể cả như thế, chúng ta vẫn không thể nhận thức được những sự vật sự việc li ti, khó nhìn thấy. Ánh sáng mà chúng ta thấy được chỉ là một phần nhỏ trong dải quang phổ điện từ. Chúng ta không thể thấy được điều này trong khi các loài chim hay côn trùng lại có thể. Chó có thể nghe và ngửi được những thứ mà chúng ta thậm chí không ý thức được sự tồn tại. Hệ thần kinh của chúng ta hoạt động vừa như bộ máy thu thập thông tin vừa như bộ máy lọc thông tin.

    Hơn hết, tâm thức của con người chỉ có thể kiểm soát được 60 bit thông tin trong một giây khi chúng ta đang tham gia vào các hoạt động gắn với trí thông minh (đọc sách, chơi nhạc cụ, …) (15)

    Có nghĩa là, bạn chỉ có thể ý thức được khoảng 0.000005454% phần thông tin mà não bộ nhận được trong khi đang còn tỉnh.

    Để dễ hiểu hơn, hãy tưởng tượng là với mỗi chữ mà bạn nhìn thấy và đọc trong bài viết này, có 536,303,630 chữ khác mà bạn không thể nhìn thấy.

    Về cơ bản, đó là cách chúng ta sống trong thế giới này mỗi ngày.

    Tác giả: Mark Manson
    Dịch: Hạnh Nguyên

    Ghi chú:

    1. See Roy Baumeister and Aaron Beck’s Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty.↵
    2. See: The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker, Chapter 8, to be exact.↵
    3. These experiments and more explained in Robert Cialdini’s timeless book Influence.↵

    4. This is a shitty summary of an experiment conducted by Dan Ariely of Duke University, discussed in his excellent book Predictably Irrational.↵

    5. In fact, your brain has completely independent processes for each of these and both function independently of logic and reason. See Dr. Robert Burton’s book On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When You’re Not.↵

    6. Andrade, E. B., & Ariely, D. (2009). The enduring impact of transient emotions on decision making. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 109(1), 1–8.↵

              Early Beginnings         
    Perfumer's Garden - Mountain Path

    Do not mistake my lack of posting for lack of action. It's been quite the opposite - the most action-packed few months of my life. Here is what I've accomplished - to put your minds at ease and satisfy any curiosity that might have remained among those of you who haven't given up on SmellyBlog yet:

    - Designed, planned agonized over and built a new Perfume studio, Pilates studio - and renovated my old home) while making new friends with the builders and architects involved
    - Lived in a yurt for 4 months (November through March) while I was at it - and also found myself adopting a cat of all creatures (not intentional, but seems to work out)
    - Transitioned my daughter into a Hebrew-speaking high school for another two years of education
    - Moved from the yurt to the house
    - Adopted a rescued female Doberman (that was a dream come true)
    - Taught two Perfumery Courses back to back: Fougere and Orientals (while meeting with Dan Riegler - a Canadian- Israeli from Ontario who gifted me with the most incredible incense resins imaginable - more on that in a separate post
    - Became auntie to one more niece and nephew (that was quite effortless!)
    - Continue to try and establish my perfumery studio (and Pilates studio) in the new surroundings
    - Try my best to be with my grandma, who's 93 years young and had a heart event about a month ago. Every moment with her is so pure and precious.
    - Planning and beginning to plant my Perfumer's Botanical Garden, which is truly taking much of my time and is the main reason I haven't been blogging. The photo above is from the section of it that is on the mountain and is dedicated to fragrant Mediterranean plans and medicine herbs.

    I spend very little time around the computer (after months of wifi & electricity-free yurt life and bad battery in my laptop - old habits have been broken to little shreds and I only post quick updates via my phone on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts)
    Hopefully I've gotten to the point when I'm settled down to return to regular blogging - as demanding as life has been all these months, I know deep in my heart that it does do me good to write regularly. It's not just a fragrance/perfumery blog, but also functions as a personal journal to me.
              Location, location, location...         
    Medieval Citadel
    view from one of the trails within the village, overlooking the medieval fort in the nearby kibbutz Yehiam (it's about an hour hike from the studio)
    As of Spring 2017, our courses will take place at Ayala Moriel's new studio in Clil, Israel. This charming little organic village is situated in one of the country's most fascinating regions, the Western Galilee, and is overlooking the Mediterranean sea (gorgeous beaches are only 20min drive), Haifa Bay and Mount Carmel. Clil provides a unique experience for students who choose to stay here* - I'd describe it as a 180 from Vancouver, for better or for worse. Here are a few details so you can get the picture (and photos from different seasons too!).
    This off-the-grid village is solar-powered and has small population of under 1000 people, who live in custom-built homes and semi-temporary dwellings (yurts, teepees, modified train cars and shipping containers, etc.) that are scattered among ancient olive groves and wild bush and Mediterranean garrigue (comprising of carobs, oaks, pistachia and thorny bushes). Despite its size, the village is a community bustling with life and culture: our neighbours are the village's cafe (inside a tent) that is opened Thursday-Saturday and hosts live concerts, and there. A large percentage of the population are alternative healers (we're just across the "street" from an integrated holistic clinic offering massage, acupuncture, ayurvedic treatments, and more) as well as creative artists, who have their ateliers in the village - and some would also be happy to show you around - painters, sculptors, potters, glass artists, silversmiths and goldsmiths, basket weavers, etc. 
    Dusty pastoralia #clil
    Clil in summer: View of the village from the mountain behind my house.
    There is a bakery that is opened twice a week (Sunday and Thursday) and offers Pizza Nights on Tuesdays. On all other days, fresh sourdough breads by other artisanal bakeries can be pre-ordered by phone, or purchased at the local Organic Garden (which tops off their own produce with other fruit and vegetables and organic goodies produced in the village and by nearby artisans). Also less relevant but sometimes handy are the village's book exchange and clothing exchange, which is open 24/7 and is completely free (take what you want and leave what you no longer use - it can come handy if you forgot to bring a hoodie or a book to read). There are three restaurants in the village - Smadar b'Clil, Cafe Clil and Chef Hagit Lidror's Vegan & Vegetarian kitchen (she will be providing most to the catering to our courses, by the way) - which also makes healthy smoothies and mouthwatering raw chocolate treats (she also teaches raw chocolate making workshops!).
    Made in Clil
    The "shop local" sign, where you can find various things made in the village. It's located right next to Cafe Clil (which is our next-door neighbours to the east)
    Accommodations within the village include one boutique hotel, one guest house (India-style "hostel" on the second level of one of our neighbours) and countless cute cabins for short-term rent - some also offering breakfast as part of the service. Sublets among the village's inhabitants are often listed and could be arranged if booked enough in advance, and also near Cafe Clil there is a small campsite for those who enjoy a fully rustic experience, as well as Meshiv Nefesh - the centre for meditation, which also has plenty of camping space around it for individuals and groups. If you choose to stay outside of the village - we are only 20-30min drive (depending on traffic) from lovely towns that offer also many wonderful attractions to visitors - i.e. Acre and Nahariya. 
    In short - there are plenty of places to explore and people to meet in Clil, so I'm sure you will enjoy your visit and find things to do and discover outside of the classroom. 
    Olives and Donkeys
    Ancient olive grove in winter, at the centre of the village. Near it there is now an organic garden and grocery store
    You can enjoy the many hiking trails in the village all on your own (including one in Wadi Yehiam leading to the medieval citadel in Kibbutz Yehiam) - or hire the local tour guide who knows the place from the day he was born (happens to also be my brother!). There are also trail rides on horses. Thursday evenings there is a little market in the village's playground, weather permitting. And watch out for the live music at the cafe - where you can listen to up and coming artists and even already famous ones, in a very intimate setting (and the artists is usually kept as a surprise till the last minute, to prevent over crowding of the venue). The beaches nearby (only 20 minutes drive) also offer year-around conditions for swimming, surfing, SUP, and sea kayaking.
    Clil is not only a place where people live differently, but also offers an alternative culture for visitors who seek to take a break from the fast-paced modern lifestyle. It's no ordinary rural place - it is bustling with music, culinary innovations, art, healing and meditations workshops and alternative medicine gatherings, and a place where one can engage and interact with artists and artisans that live here. In short - it seemed like the perfect place to return to and continue my artisan perfumery work - and create a sanctuary for this art.
    * You don't have to stay within the village - there are also plenty of interesting places around to stay in, such as Akre and Nahariya - but keep in mind that in that case vehicle is a must as public transit in and out of the village only comes twice a day, very early and very late. 

              Bagaimana Saya Hilangkan Jerawat dan Parut Jerawat - BERKESAN!        
    Salam semua...

    Wanie belanja sikit gambar ye.

    1.  Gambar first - nampak macam takde apa-apa sangat kan? Tapi sebenarnya ada banyak macam jerawat batu, yang degil tak nak keluar tu. 

    2.  Gambar kedua - wanie ada amalkan supplement dan terus bertukar kepada natural skincare. Jerawat-jerawat yang terpendam tu, semua keluar dan start masak. Muka pun dah macam merah-merah udang bakar. 

    3. Gambar ketiga (bawah) - lepas semua jerawat dah keluar. time ni dalam healing crisis lagi.

    4. Gambar keempat dan yang terkini - yang tinggal ganya parut-parut lama dan open pores sahaja untuk dirawat.

    Tipulah kan kalau nak tunjuk muka terus flawless sampai tak ada apa kesan langsung. Yang tu kalau pakai berus tembaga + clorox ke, kut lah kan.. mihmihmih...

    Apa supplement yang wanie makan dan apa product skincare yang wanie guna?

    PRAVENTAC dan AG FACTOR!! - wanie penah review pasal both supplement ni dalam entry 

    OK, for skincare product... meh wanie listkan...

    1. Orique Cleanser + Babyskin LembutbyAdlina

    2. Toner by Orique

    3. Day and night serum - Orique Ultra Peptide and Comeminus

    4. Moisturizer  - Flawless Gel LembutbyAdlina and Orique Xerominus 


    5. Acne cream - to combat existing acnes

    6.  Weekly mask (to exfoliate dead skin cell) - Mocha Honey Mask by LembutbyAdlina

    Haa.. setiap satu wanie senaraikan untuk korang so korang tak miss satu pun. 

     Sekarang ni, hanya Orique dan Lembut sahaja wanie gunakan. Wanie dah try macam-macam dan dah habis beribu-ribu, contohnya Eskay-tu , Garn***, Lor***, Saf*, product yang start dengan De-de tu.... just makin worse wanie rasa. So, wanie stop semuaaaaaa tu dan back to natural product. 

    Kang ada orang tanya, apesal wanie cuci muka, guna moisturizer, ada 2 jenis... orique dan Lembut? 

    Yes, wanie guna both. Haruzzzlahhh sebab penjimatan duit! Hahahahah... korang ingat murahhhh ke. Bahahaha~ Tapi yang penting, BERKESAN! Contohnya la kan, Cleanser Orique tu harga RM 80 (last up to 3 month), Babyskin Lembut tu RM 35 (last up to 6 month). See the difference? Hahahah~ nak maintain supplement lagi sebulan RM 500 oii.. cik abam tak sayang lagi, aku tak tau lahh~ hahaha


    Produk keluaran Bumiputra yang setanding dengan produk lain. Hanya menggunakan bahan-bahan semulajadi dan natural dan tidak berbahaya kalau termakan! Macam Mocha Honey Mask yang consist of coffee, chocolate and honey - banyak kali dah wanie ter'ngap' ... sedap! Hahhaha~ 

    Kesan yang serta merta (skin lembut dan moist toing toing). Penggunaan yang berkala, boleh dapat kesan macam wanie. 

    Nanti wanie bukak satu post khas untuk produk Lembut by Adlina, wanie explain in detail (I will never post/suggest anything if I haven't try it for couple of months to see the difference). Anyway, wanie stokis di Putrajaya (which cover in Cyberjaya and Bangi as well). And of course Lembut is sooooooooooo awesome sampai wanie jadi stokis.

    Kalau korang nak stalk stalk dulu, boleh visit IG dan FB wanie :

              E-day Final - Hari Majlis yang Dinantikan        
    Salam semuaaaa.. ada ke yang reading blog ni, kang syiokkk sendiri pulak. Hihihihihi~

    OK......... tarik nafas panjang-panjang, dalam-dalam.......... fuhhhhhhh!!

    Dengan ini, saya dah official jadi TUNANGAN ORANG!!! yeahhh!!

    Letih juga tau nak menjelang hari e-day ni. Dengan tiba-tiba asthma attack few days sebelum majlis sampai takleh nak kemas rumah or buat keja berat sikit, confirm semput. Tapi alhamdulillah, all went well!

    OK, kat bawah ni official list barang-barang hantaran daripada pihak lelaki dan pihak perempuan which is my side.

    Pihak lelaki (5 hantaran)
    **  Cincin emas dengan diamond
    **  Hand bag Carlo Rino
    **  Skincare Orique + Jam tangan ICE
    **  Kek tunang
    **  Buah-buahan

    Pihak perempuan (7 hantaran)
    **  Perfume Calvin Klein
    **  Kemeja
    **  Jam tangan ICE
    **  Belt + Dompet Sembonia
    **  Cupcake
    **  Buah-buahan
    **  Set penjagan muka dan badan sponsored by "Lembut by Adlina"

    **  Baju tunang custom made by Lesung Creation
    **  Tudung (mama beli kain meter kat Jakel dan Mak Lang potong dan jahitkan)
    **  Makeup daripada Lembut by Adlina
    **  Pelamin tunang DIY (kalau berkenan dengan pelamin wanie macam ni, boleh contact Lembut by Adlina - sewa RM 199 sahaja sekali stage! )

    Part makanan pula, boleh kata semua homemade. Mama masak mi kari dan dessert pula puding jagung. Abah order roti jala jugak. Lepas tu along orderkan red velvet cake yang yaaaa ampunnn sedap yakmat!

    Part nak disatukan pula, kitorang plan bulan 3 tahun depan. Tapi sekarang ni mama dengan wanie dah siap-siap pergi survey bridal boutique di sekitar sini. So far, kitorang dah terjah Butik Pengantin Nabil Barakbah di Alor Setar dan Ixora Bridal Boutique di Changlun. Dua-dua cantik dan harga ditawarkan pun within the budget (below 6k untuk kedua-dua belah pihak). Cuma sekarang ni, kena discuss dengan mr tunang dulu (ecewahhh.. status dah upgrade kawww.. hahahaha) dan oleh sebab size cik tunang kita ni agak XXL, kena lah datang fitting kat butik dulu. Kalau tak muat, kenalah baju baru (korang pesan partner korang nanti diet sket.. taknak diet takpe, tapi siapkan duit yeee.. hahahaha).

    Oklah, meh wanie belanja sket gambar nye...


              PS Vita's Twitter app shown off in Hong Kong, we go hands-on (video)        
    Here's a little souvenir for Twitter addicts eyeing the upcoming PS Vita: at today's debut event in Hong Kong, we got to see said console's Twitter app in action for the very first time, and we were also fortunate enough to get some exclusive hands-on time with Sony's in-house software. As you can see in our video after the break, the overall design feels very much in line with Twitter's standard ID: the same shade of blue, the usual tabs on the left column, slick elastic scrolling in the timelines, and support for geotagging, hash tags plus photo attachment while tweeting. No surprises here, but hey, the app worked well for us.

    That said, we were told that the app wasn't quite finished yet, and Sony still couldn't confirm whether this -- along with the other dedicated apps like Skype, Foursquare and Facebook -- will be ready for download by the time the Vita launches in Hong Kong on December 23rd (just a tad later than Japan's launch on the 17th). In case you're wondering, the Vita there will cost HK$2,280 (US$290) for the WiFi version and HK$2,780 (US$360) for the 3G flavor, both unsubsidized but cheaper than their Japanese counterparts. Of course, given that the console isn't region-locked, feel free to go do some shopping in Hong Kong then -- just save some for the locals, OK? Also, check out our gallery below for some close-up shots of the Vita's music and video apps.
              Review Praventac and AG Factor        

    Setiap kali bukak blog mesti rasa bersalah dengan diri sendiri sebab tak konsisten. Hahahah~ nak kata sibuk ya amat tu, sikitlah... boleh terima tak alasan tu selain mim alif lam sin?

    Ala... nak ngadu sikit.. lately muka wanie teruk sangat sangat sangat. Muka berminyak yang homaigadddd... oil blotting yang warna biru clean and clear tu memang wajib dalam handbag tau. Sekali lap muka, wajib pakai 2 keping minimum... bila muka berminyak teruk sangat jangan ditanya lah mengundang ape kat muka kan... bukan setakat jerawat, open pores besar nau nau, blackhead, whitehead, jerawat batu pun ada tau... (nangissssssssss) Walaupun dah try guna organic products untuk muka ni, still tak membantu. Kalau product kecantikan kita guna yang dah elok, tapi still tak work, itu confirmlah masalah dalaman kan?

    Hari tu tengah scroll scroll kat Facebook, jumpa 1 page ni. Jodoh kot.. hahahah, tetiba terasa tertarik nak bukak website dia. Korang pernah dengar tak Praventac? Ha... click lah link tu kalau korang pun tak tau macam wanie.. Hikhik... Kalau korang nak tau, wanie memang jenis yang susahhhhhh sangat nak makan atau ambik supplements ni. Penyakit biasa, M-A-L-A-S ... Hahaha! Tapi, sebab muka dah makin teruk, wanie rasa takpe lah. Give it a shot! Errr... mahal jugak bagi wanie supplement ni. Wanie ambik yang combo, Praventac + AG Factor = RM 424 (RM 24 tu GST ye... pffttt) Wanie walk in je ke office diorang dekat The Gardens sebelah Midvalley tu.

    Ok,.. time beli tu, the lady told me NOT TO USE ANY CREAM-BASED MOISTURIZER. Bagi wanie, not a big deal sebab wanie gunakan Adania Luxurious Organic Oil . So, setiap malam sebelum tidur wanie akan ambil 2 biji Praventac dan 2 biji AG Factor. Menurut dari website Praventac tu sendiri, Praventac ni berfungsi :

    While AG Factor claimed that it:

    1. Assists in fighting the bad bacteria 
    2. Reducing the secretion of oil 
    3. Reducing the redness from inflammation 
    4. Helping to repair the damaged cells caused by blemishes

    Taken from :
    AG Factor ni bagi wanie lebih kepada "booster" kepada Praventac, untuk double the action rasanya... hehehehe..

    So harini dah genap 18 hari wanie consume Praventac + AG Factor. Apa yang wanie boleh conclude kan adalah :

    Hari 1-3 : Tiada perubahan
    Hari 4-7 : Oily face slightly reduce. Jerawat batu yang dah berbulan tak naik mata, dah start masak dan keluar air bisa
    Hari 8 sampai sekarang : Berperang jugak ni. Jerawat-jerawat pasir + jerawat nasik mula naik. The lady told me not to be afraid sebab this is normal sebab nak keluarkan yang mana terpendam / malu-malu nak keluar sebelum ni. Yang best, jerawat batu i olz dah tinggal seketul je ni kat pipi... geng-geng dia semua dah cabut lari.. hahahah

    All in all, wanie plan nak teruskan dengan Praventac + AG Factor ni for another 2 month. Seronok gaisss... kalau awal dulu, wajib kena wipe muka dengan oil blotter tu, sekarang ni kalau tak cuci muka 2 hari pun takde hal lah. The face still moisturize tapi tak oily!

    Berapa rate nak bagi ni?

    Wanie nak bagi rate macam ni untuk sepanjang 18 hari wanie guna ye :

    1.  Menghilangkan minyak muka : 5/5
    2.  Menghilangkan jerawat nasi : 3/5 (jerawat kering)
    3.  Menghilangkan jerawat batu : 4/5 (suka sangattttttt)
    4.  Menghilangkan parut : 0/5 (yes.. takde perubahan ape lagi. Takpe... biar dia keluar settle dulu segala alien kat muka ni, then kita tengok macam mana pulak ye...)

    BONUS! Ye ade bonus koranggggg yang wanie sendiri pun tak expect!


    Awesome kan! Wanie rasa make sense - sebab ape? Dulu wanie selalu pegi saloon, siap buat scalp scanning. Boleh nampak setiap rongga rambut tu clog dengan minyak, the hairdresser tu bagitau wanie sebab clog dengan minyak, rambut macam tak boleh nak bernafas which lead to the akar jadi tak kuat dan rambut pun gugur. Nak harap shampoo je pun, tak boleh.. memang kena treat dari dalam.

    p/s : Bertabahlah la sikit tiap-tiap bulan kan.. 400 hengget kauuuuuuuu.. hopefully adalah perubahan sebelum sampai e-day kite raya haji ni, Insyaallah... hikhikhik

    p/s 2 : Jangan minta upload gambar. Malu titewww.. insyaallah, wanie akan upload lepas habis healing crisis ni so korang boleh spot the difference senang sikit
              Ð”етский флаер для вечеринки Беби Шауэр - шаблон для Фотошоп | Baby Shower Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover        
    Детский флаер для вечеринки Беби Шауэр - шаблон для Фотошоп | Baby Shower Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover

    Детский флаер для вечеринки Беби Шауэр - шаблон для Фотошоп | Baby Shower Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover
    PSD | 1275x1875 PIX | 13,00 MB

              Ð›ÐµÑ‚няя вечеринка - стильный флаер для клуба - шаблон для Фотошоп | Summer Destination Party Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover        
    Летняя вечеринка - стильный флаер для клуба - шаблон для Фотошоп | Summer Destination Party Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover

    Летняя вечеринка - стильный флаер для клуба - шаблон для Фотошоп | Summer Destination Party Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover
    PSD | 1275x1875 PIX | 149,20 MB

              Ð›ÐµÑ‚няя вечеринка в бассейне - яркий креативный флаер - исходник для Фотошоп | Summer Pool Party Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover        
    Летняя вечеринка в бассейне - яркий креативный флаер - исходник для Фотошоп | Summer Pool Party Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover

    Летняя вечеринка в бассейне - яркий креативный флаер - исходник для Фотошоп | Summer Pool Party Flyer PSD Template + Facebook Cover
    PSD | 1275x1875 PIX | 143,70 MB

              ALEATORIEDAD, POLÍTICA Y VOTOS...        
    Hace unos días hablábamos mi hermano y yo de la aburridora política. Este año no me gusta porque hay elecciones. Todo el mundo se apasiona por unos seres que ni conoce y por lo que vota y como mínimo su participación, si quedan puede ser irrelevante para cada uno. Pero bueno, yo jugaré también a la hinchada en este escrito. Los candidatos por los que he votado solamente ganó una amiga a la Junta Administradora Local del Barrio: esa es la democracia. Votamos para que gente que no elegimos decida sobre nuestras vidas.

    En estas elecciones votaré por el número 19 de la Lista del Partido Liberal, por Marcela Posada. Dos razones claves me mueven a votar por ella. La primera es que su propuesta se centra en apoyo a la maternidad, la segunda es que medio la conozco. Marcela Posada es actriz (¿yo votando por una actriz?) y era "la jirafona" en Betty la Fea, no me vi Betty la fea. Sus propuestas van en la línea de protección a la maternidad y primera infancia, además defiende la vida de los bebés.  A Marcela la tengo en Facebook. ¿La conozco? Sin embargo, muchas cosas me preocupan de votar por Marcela. No es ella, me da confianza así apenas la conozca (primera irracionalidad política), lo que más confianza me da es que no intentó convencerme de votar por ella. Adicionalmente es transparente expresa sus ideas sin esperar el voto, muestra todo hasta las propuestas indecentes que le hacen y muestra su lealtad. Pero es más lo que no conozco de Marcela que lo que conozco.

    En primer lugar me preocupa la forma en que plantea sus buenas propuestas son quitando el dinero de otros para fines que a mí me interesan. Puede beneficiar a los bebés, mamás, etc, pero sus propuestas son entre coactivas e impositivas o sea no en lo que yo entiendo por liberales, no se trata de obligar se trata de promover. Sería perfecta si sus propuestas fueran vía incentivos, descuentos, entre otras y como asumo que ella lo leerá sepa que yo me ofrezco a redactarle la ley vía incentivos tributarios y laborales (sin coacciones) para promover el apoyo a la protección a la maternidad, la vida del no-nacido y la primera infancia. 

    Publicidad Política Gratuita.

    El segundo problema más grave es quiénes conforman la lista del partido liberal. Entre esos están Horacio Serpa, Vivian Morales y otra serie de personajes de quienes desconfío. Desconfío del mismo partido liberal, de todos los partidos desconfío. El problema radica en que gracias a una reforma que propuso e impulsó Germán Vargas Lleras uno ya no vota por una persona avalada por el Partido Liberal, uno vota por alguien que quede en una bancada. Eso funciona de la siguiente manera:

    1. Se cuentan los votos válidos
    2. Se divide el número de curules al Senado (en este caso 100) por el número de votos totales y eso da el umbral. Los partidos o movimientos que no pasen el umbral no obtienen curules.
    3. Los partidos que pasen el umbral serán aquellos en los que se distribuyan las curules ¿Cómo? El sistema que es una función bastante rara que se llama cifra repartidora. La cifra repartidora consiste en tomar los votos de los partidos que superan el umbral y dividirlo entre 1, 2, 3, hasta n que es el número de curules. Eso da una matriz de números de los cuales los primeros 100 números son las curules a asignar. Es así que supongamos tenemos dos partidos que pasaron el umbral y 5 curules a asignar a continuación la tabla:

    PARTIDO 1:
    100 votos

    PARTIDO 2:
    50 votos

    Con cifra repartidora dividimos hasta 5

    PARTIDO 1: 100, 50, 33.33333, 25, 20
    PARTIDO 2: 50, 25, 16.66666, 12.5, 10

    Y ordenamos los primeros 100 números

    PARTIDO 1: 100, 50
    PARTIDO 2: 50
    PARTIDO 1: 33.333, 25

    La cifra repartidora es 25 y con base en este método el PARTIDO 1 tiene 4 curules y el PARTIDO 2: tiene 1 curul. No sé cómo se asignan en caso de empate, pero supongamos que se asigna la curul empatada al que tiene más votos. Aquí en primer lugar la desigualdad es clara la relación de votos entre partidos es de 1/2 la relación de curules de 1/5.

    Luego de tener la cifra repartidora se mira si la lista es cerrada o abierta, si es cerrada se asigna al primero de la lista y así sucesivamente. Si es abierta se mira el número de votos y se organizan de mayor a menor. Así que no voto por la lista de Marcela Posada, voto por la lista del Partido Liberal y espero a que los votos que corresponden a los de las maquinarias den para un espacio para Marcela.Vale la pena correr el riesgo, pues por un lado está el tema de que los candidatos del Partido Liberal con maquinarias pueden ganar solos, pero darle el voto a Marcela puede dar un espacio para votos de opinión dentro del Partido. Pero las probabilidades no son mejores que las de candidatos con maquinarias, aunque es actriz y en Colombia la gente cree y quiere a sus actores (sin perjuicio de que yo no los conozca ni los vea). Es allí donde viene otra vez la conversación con mi hermano.

    Sin embargo, la conversación entre mi hermano y yo versaba "¿Sería mejor una elección aleatoria que las elecciones vía voto?" Es claro que entre un político honesto y uno deshonesto, las posibilidades están a favor del deshonesto. Tal vez los que tengan "voto inteligente" (¿es eso posible?) no voten por el deshonesto, pero el deshonesto superando los topes de publicidad en campaña, mediante maquinarias, sancochos, promesas de burocracia, entre otras que van de $1.000.000 para arriba (menos de lo que pagarán en impuestos por 4 años) ofrecen mayores incentivos a las personas para que voten por ellos. A mi que me compren con que nadie tendrá que pagar impuestos en 4 años, ja, apuesto a que no hay político que haga esa oferta, bueno me equivoco, un "buen político" haría esa oferta pero no la cumpliría. En todo caso es claro que las probabilidades favorecen a los deshonestos. El iluso que crea en la democracia dirá: eso no es así. O defenderá su partido pero es claro. Supongamos que la distribución de deshonestos es igual en todos los partidos. Alguna amiga me dirá que en su partido todos son honestos, yo creo que hay de todo en todos.

    Si hacemos una distribución aleatoria es muy probable que todos los partidos superen el umbral con más o menos la misma cantidad de votos. Lo mismo los votos al interior de los partidos, teniendo una probabilidad más o menos equilibrada entre honestos y deshonestos. La cuestión funciona teóricamente y si uno hace simulaciones, que se pueden programar en R Statistics y ver que efectivamente el azar elegiría mejor que lo que lo hace la democracia, porque corruptos y honestos tendrían las mismas probabilidades. Claro asumiendo que los corruptos no hagan un programa que desbalancee las probabilidades. Mejor dicho a la democracia le iría mejor en un casino que en las urnas...

    Ya queda claro que apostaré por el L 19 al Senado, además me gusta ese número, pero es una apuesta riesgosa como lo es la política. ¿Por quién apostar en los otros? Bien para Cámara no conozco a nadie, y no creo en los conocidos de los conocidos de los conocidos, se supone que deberían ser más cercanos, pero no lo son. Pensaba dar ingenuamente el voto por el Partido Conservador pero, ¿dar un voto por una lista de un partido que se dice pro-vida? ¿Les creo? Solamente he votado por ellos por eso ¡qué pendejo! En la consulta del Partido Verde votaré por Ingrid Betancourt, con sus defectos pasados y su impopularidad presente, me ha parecido una mujer auténtica, eso no significa si gana tenga que votar por ella, pues tendría que tantear cómo está en el tema pro-vida. Finalmente, tampoco conozco a nadie para el parlamento Andino, así que tristemente esos dos cuerpos colegiados se van con mi voto en blanco, le apuesto al 0. Esa apuesta también tiene sus riesgos, como que gente buena no alcance el umbral, pero eso no es una carga mía sino del candidato.

    Finalmente queda la Presidencia, también creo que le apostaré al blanco. No me gusta la bala, no me gusta la Habana y esos dos son los menos malos a mi juicio, bueno Clara López no me da la sensación que lo haya hecho mal como alcaldesa encargada de Bogotá, pero su partido promueve el aborto, están en contra de la libertad de empresa bueno del TLC que no necesariamente ha significado libertad de empresa.

    El problema del voto en blanco es que si gana mandarían a otros de los mismos partidos y como dice la canción de Arjona: "para qué cuentan los votos si se repite la ecuación". Se supone que el país no puede quedar en "situación de interinidad" que eso es "malísimo" para la democracia, a mí me parecería genial no tener presidentes, ni  congresistas, no creo en el estado, no creo en la constitución pero no puedo librarme de ella, bueno al menos no en el corto plazo. Yo soy partidario de la anarquía que permite la libertad y solamente cuando hay libertad se puede ver la solidaridad. No hay solidaridad forzada. Yo preferiría ver a Marcela Posada parada con su liderazgo y autenticidad apoyando ella directamente a las mamás, pero no hacen daño las leyes que bajen los excesivos impuestos a cambio de promover el amor a los bebés y las mamás...

                                                                   â€œA great presence is hard to see. A great sound is hard to hear. A great figure has no form.” Lao-Tzu

                                                                    "Cantando alegre, cruzó el valle, pasó la Sabana y al mar llegó". Calavera y la Popular Independiente.

    Una de mis obsesiones permanentes son los flujos que generan patrones auto-semejantes, es en otras palabras, una obsesión por una nueva rama de la matemática llamada "geometría fractal". Sin embargo, el patrón fractal no es exclusivo únicamente de la geometría. El fractal se puede oír en música, en especial la música de Bach como este concierto donde los patrones son auto-semejantes, sin dejar de notar las diferencias. Son los flujos de muchas cosas que generan ciertos patrones auto-semejantes dibujando formas geométricamente hermosas.  Sin embargo ¿cómo podemos trascender un concepto de la matemática a la filosofía? ¿Cómo podemos utilizar el fractal para ampliar y trascender el rango de nuestros conocimientos? ¿Cómo pueden unas ideas matemáticas y de filosofía del caos aportarnos a descubrir la causa y sentido del todo? A continuación daremos un abrebocas al concepto matemático para luego trascenderlo a la filosofía y al arte y comprender cuáles son las huellas que dejan los flujos de movimiento de las cosas en los seres.


    1.1 Intuyendo al fractal y su causa
    ¿Qué es un fractal? ¿Cuál es su esencia? ¿Cómo es un fractal en términos geométricos? Muchas preguntas pueden surgir legítimamente acerca de lo que es un fractal en términos geométricos o de espacio.

    Un fractal es mejor mostrarlo que describirlo, en él se verá la auto-semejanza. Auto-semejanza que implica que la parte se asemeja al todo y el todo a la parte y para parafrasear a la señorita Antioquia "también del mismo modo y en el sentido contrario". El concepto de auto-semejanza es más intuitivo que racional y o mejor es mostrar la imagen de un fractal, el más famoso, el conjunto de Mandelbrot:

    Los fractales, son entonces estos modelos generados por fórmulas de retroalimentación no-lineal  (Las siete leyes del caos, pág. 138). En últimas son funciones en los términos que aprendimos matemáticas en el colegio. Sin embargo, la definición de la causa de los fractales, "fórmulas de retroalimentación no-lineal", términos que nadie entiende, es válido para los fractales generados por computador como el conjunto de Mandelbrot. Sin embargo, los fractales y más aquellos que son naturales, implican algo mucho más profundo.

    A los fractales naturales podríamos denominarlos la huella del caos (Las siete leyes del caos, pág. 140) o más bien de los flujos de movimiento que son caóticos. En términos Aristótelicos le hemos dado la vuelta al fractal desde la perspectiva de la causa-eficiente. Es decir lo que los origina. Sin embargo, la explicación de su origen era para intuir el concepto de "auto-semejanza" que es en últimas la esencia del fractal.

    Los flujos de movimiento decíamos dejan una huella Â¿cómo es esa huella? ¡Auto-semejante a escalas diferentes! (Las siete leyes del caos, pág. 140) Si se observa el conjunto de Mandelbrot podemos ver que a primera vista tiene una imagen, pero mirando las más pequeñas encontramos que hay un cierto patrón que se repite. La forma en la que se repite la huella del flujo de movimiento se denomina auto-semejanza. Invitemos a los autores de "Las Siete Leyes del Caos" para que nos expliquen lo que es la auto-semejanza:

    "Por mor de la claridad, diremos que el término 'autosemejante' incluye esta idea de las diferencias individuales y la singularidad, así como las similitudes (...) En algunas formas fractales -particularmente aquellas generadas por los computadores mediante fórmulas matemáticas- la autosemejanza tiene algo de mecánica. En otros fractales -de la naturaleza y el arte- lo que es autosemejante se halla mezclado con lo que es diferente de forma tal que constituyen un desafío a la descripción." (Las siete leyes del caos, pág. 142)
    1.2 Fractales naturales y algunas preguntas
    Si el Conjunto de Mandelbrot es un fractal artificial ¿cómo sería un fractal natural? ¡Algo que suele verse mejor desde la ventanilla de un avión! Si alguien quiere cazar fractales que pida la ventanilla de un avión así haya algunos mal encarados que crean que es capricho. Algo como la siguiente foto:


    El flujo de movimiento en el caso de las nubes es el agua, el fluido -término físico- más común en la tierra. La huella que deja son las formas que tienen una retroalimentación del sol, luego del "albedo" que producen devolviendo radiación solar al espacio, los choques de las goticas, la disminución de la temperatura ocasionada por el impacto de la devolución de la radiación que disminuye la evaporación, lo que disminuye la temperatura, aumenta la condensación, disminuye la humedad específica, al enfriar aumenta la presión. Mejor dicho es una situación de una multicausalidad enorme o sea de muchas causas, que se retroalimentan así mismas... 

    Esos fractales naturales son la huella de aquello que los primeros filósofos denominaban el arjé. Los primeros filósofos empezaron a ver que la naturaleza estaba compuesta de algo y el fluir de ese algo era lo que generaba los seres. Ese arjé plural o singular me parece que siempre era algo sometido a un flujo de movimiento capaz de dejar huella: Vgr -Agua, Aire, Fuego, Tierra. 

    Sin embargo, al ver el amplio movimiento. Algunos como Heráclito decían "uno no se baña dos veces en el mismo río", pero ante eso se genera una pregunta ¿cómo puede nombrar al río si siempre es diferente? Parménides se iba al otro extremo de considerar todo como eterno e inmutable. Pero ¿cómo explica que no hay una nube igual a otra? ¿Cómo explica al anciano y al niño? Heráclito diría que son personas distintas, lo que es contra-evidente, pero también sería contra-evidente negar la diferencia, son la misma persona pero con una diferencia en su estado. En todo caso ¿en qué medida habría impactado en su filosofía la geometría fractal? Una pregunta que generará en el lector un flujo de preguntas y respuestas... "¡Un diálogo es un fractal!" dice la Mula Pensante.

    1.3 De la filosofía a la intuición
    Quisiera cerrar este fractal con dos frases que muevan la intuición para comprender lo que es un fractal. Muchas veces la intuición la mente la entiende en forma de paradoja, o las paradojas producen intuiciones, y también del mismo modo y en el sentido contrario:

    "Ver el mundo en un grano de arena,
    y el cielo en una flor silvestre;
    tener el infinito en la palma de la mano
    y la eternidad en una hora."
    Flower world/mundo en la flor
    ¿El mundo en una flor...? ¡Quizás!
    (William Blake en PAPPAS, 1996, pág. 50)
    Dice un texto budista Chan: 

    "Se levanta una partícula de polvo y toda la tierra está allí; florece una flor y amanece un universo con ella" (Las siete leyes del caos, pág. 142-143)
    “A great presence is hard to see. A great sound is hard to hear. A great figure has no form.” Lao-Tzu. Y mi pésima traducción: "Una gran presencia es difícil de ver. Un gran sonido es difícil de oír. Una gran figura no tiene forma.". Ahh y es una cita que leí en
    Hago una advertencia a los lectores eruditos desprevenidos y creen tener el dogma en sus cerebros que esto no es panteismo. Es una filosofía que quizás aún no la tenga categorizada en su aburrida cabeza. Es posible comprender la pluralidad de los entes y la trascendencia de Dios y las intuiciones orientales acerca de la parte y el todo. Las interrelaciones entre los entes que participan de la creación de Dios son mucho más profundas y delicadas de lo que parecen. Mejor dicho es una frase de desahogo ante tanto dogmático suelto que en vez de procurar entender y debatir busca clasificar y categorizar. Por cierto, las cosas no son mentiras o verdades porque yo las clasifique en modelos negativos, eso es una falacia denominada muñeco de paja.

    2. DE LA MATEMÁTICA A LA FILOSOFÍA: Familiaridades.
    Me escribe en estos días la Mula Pensante en facebook "el Apocalipsis es un fractal". Ante tal sorpresa le pregunté ¿Por qué? Y lo que me contestó me permitió entender el concepto de Iglesia. Me contestó o tal vez le entendí algo así como "la lucha individual de cada Cristiano es auto-semejante y se retro-alimenta a la lucha de la Iglesia Universal". La cuestión tiene lógica, si la gracias es un flujo de movimiento sobrenatural su huella ha de estar determinada por la lucha individual de cada cristiano. En últimas la gracia es un río que viene de Dios y a Él pretende llevarnos. De la misma forma podemos considerar el diálogo como un fractal que es la huella de un flujo de movimiento de ideas o insultos en algunos casos: insultos o ideas son fractales al fin y al cabo. También vemos fractales en la música, en especial de Bach.

    Esas autosemejanzas geométricas podríamos denominarlas también familiaridades. Los apartes de una melodía de Bach suelen ser similares al todo y así mismo a otras partes. Las nubes suelen ser familiares a las montañas, que suelen ser familiares a los árboles, las olas forman en la arena rizos familiares a las corrientes de los ríos. La auto-semejanza fractal traducida como una familiaridad esencial nos lleva a una intuición que los metafísicos descubren por lógica... ¡hay algo en común entre los seres/entes! ¡Que SON! Filósofos como Ockham por el contrario niegan esas familiaridades y dejan lo común de las cosas como meros nombres flatus vocis.

    Entre las mismas cosas hay una familiaridad, algo común, que viene como huella del rastro de los flujos de movimiento. No significa que todas sean lo mismo, para que haya autosemejanza tiene que haber diferencia. Podríamos llegar a múltiples disquisiciones al respecto, pero esa familiaridad y la retroalimentación que cada cosa hace a la otra y por ende a sí misma, sumada en un flujo de tendencias o fines al bien, ¿no será una prueba de que el arjé es el flujo del amor? Si los entes naturales se retroalimentan a sí mismos para lograr sus fines, todos esos entes tienen una huella de algo amoroso que los trasciende. La misma familiaridad y la retroalimentación que los entes hacen al flujo debe indicar que en ellos hay inmanente algo de amor. ¿Será que el amor es el arjé? El amor es querer el bien del otro, los flujos de movimiento naturales parecen indicar el bien de las cosas o que siempre les hacen un bien, un bien que las trasciende pero que las retroalimenta.

    Escher Metamorfosis. Estos cuadros utilizan los fractales para  dibujar las imágenes, pero el fondo que puede interpretárse es que todas sus imágenes a pesar de ser distintas cuentan con esa familiaridad.

    Me encantaría sentar claro que efectivamente ese amor proviene del Dios que es su causa, pero esto dejaría muchas dudas acerca de cómo de las familiaridades entre los entes que se retroalimentan se puede llegar a concluir que ese arjé proviene del flujo del amor. Creo que es así, pero esto lo digo por fe, no porque tenga la prueba fehaciente. Es decir, la existencia del mundo denota un Dios, pero que lo que mueva el mundo sea movido por el amor, es algo que requiere mayor rigor y profundidad. Apenas voy entendiendo las familiaridades. No sé lo que intuyo y razono.

    La razón intencional de este escrito era mostrar la auto-semejanza o familiaridad entre las intuiciones o sensibilidades mía y de un primo. El primo Calavera, es el cantante de la Banda Calavera y la Popular Independiente que son un nuevo género musical que busca mezclar la tradicional guasca antioqueña con un poco de rock. Es algo estilo Juanes pero mejor a mi modo de ver. Lo curioso del asunto es que oyendo una de sus canciones que advierto está mal grabada porque todavía no lo han hecho en estudio descubrí que la banda describía la intuición que me persigue hace días, la intuición y vocación hacia los "flujos". Vocación e intuición que me hace desear viajar en exceso en avión y pedir una bendita ventanilla. La canción donde Teo Calavera expresa la idea del flujo y de las familiaridades es "Soñé en el Río":


    Al fin y al cabo, las familias tienen la huella de la genética y también de prácticas -virtudes y vicios- de hace muchos años. Oír al abuelo diciendo que el cogía tigres de la cola y que venía El Alispruz, o a la abuelita obsesionada por tener las flores más hermosas de las palmas tienen claros impactos: "soñé una finca para mi madre -dice la canción-, llena de flores mirando al sol" . Son otra forma de "genética" pero a ambos nos tocaron y dejaron huellas en el espíritu que ahora queremos expresar al mundo. Que se expresan de acuerdo al espíritu y vocación individual, pero que tienen su auto-semejanza, su familiaridad. La familia es la portadora del flujo de herencia material y espiritual, esos flujos generan auto-semejanzas y diferencias en sus miembros.

    Teo Calavera hace sus alispruces mediante la música. La canción bellas imágenes describe los flujos de movimiento. La canción describe ese constante movimiento "soñé en el río y el río me llevó, bajó por la montaña..." luego la descripción lleva a la forma de cómo baja el río "Cantando alegre, cruzó el valle, pasó la Sabana y al mar llegó". Ese punto del mar donde se funde con el todo, con una cultura "eran las voces de una nación"  o la paradoja con la totalidad "mientras las olas me iban llevando yo era el cielo y tú mi sol". La canción tiene el mismo estilo literario de García Márquez, un realismo mágico, que describe la realidad sin desdibujarla pero de una forma curiosamente mística. En el fondo refleja ese anhelo de amor, de querer unirse con el universo, con la totalidad de las cosas en imágenes llegando a un mar que refleja ese todo de los anhelos humanos.

    Ya se me volvió un delicioso vicio -o quizás virtud- de dejar mis escritos inconclusos. La razón es fractal ¡no quiero agotar el flujo del conocimiento! El fin de un ensayo no es el fin de lo que se pueda decir de una cosa, el fin de un ensayo es el comienzo para que muchos en su libre razonar, su creatividad y su inteligencia utilicen esas ideas para algo. Que las utilicen así sea para decir lo ridículo que es un autor o para tomar parte razonable y criticar el resto. Tesis, Antítesis y Síntesis como el Hegel Pop es imposible tenerlas en un escrito.  La dialéctica -que es quizás la ciencia que estudia los flujos de diálogos- no se agota en un escrito, ni en un autor. La verdad no es tan caprichosa como para quedarse en una sola cabeza.

    Por eso que siga el fluir, el movimiento, la dialéctica, las Tesis, Antítesis y Síntesis del Hegel Pop. Que le den duro al ensayo, modifiquen la idea y sea simplemente una ayuda de mi parte en el constante parto del conocimiento que no es oficio particular sino de la humanidad. Ojo, que sea oficio de la humanidad no significa como creen erradamente los marxistas que eso es oficio del estado. El estado es una metáfora de lo contrario al flujo de movimiento. Es oficio de la humanidad en cabezas particulares que libremente lo retroalimentan ¡un buen ejemplo es Wikipedia! En fin...


    PAPPAS, T. (1996). LA MAGIA DE LA MATEMÁTICA. El orden oculto tras la naturaleza y el arte. (M. Rosenberg, Trad.) Madrid, España: Zugarto Ediciones S.A. 

    Peat, F. D., & Briggs, J. (1999). Las siete leyes del caos (Primera Edición ed.). (D. Mas, Trad.) Barcelona, Cataluña, España: Grijalbo.




    Wang Deshun, tampil di atas Catwalk.  Sumber: reckontalk


    Perharikan gambar model di atas.  Tahukan kalian siapa dia, dan berapa umurnya ?
    Namanya Wang Deshun, seorang lelaki tua asal Dongbei, China Timur, usianya 80 tahun.

    Susah ya ngebayangin kakek-kakek umur 80 tahun jadi model ?
    "Kok bisa sih ?!" mungkin itu yang spontan terlontar dari benak kita ...

    Ya, Wang Deshun memang membuktikan bahwa Tak Ada Kata Terlambat untuk Belajar.

    Buat kalian yang baru tahu tentang Wang Deshun lewat artikel ini, mungkin ini berkah dan jalan Tuhan untuk memacu kalian.  Dengan mengetahui kisah perjuangan hidup Kakek Wang Deshun yang disaripatikannya dalam video berdurasi kurang dari 2 menit ini, kalian menghemat waktu puluhan tahun jika menunggu belajar dari pengalaman sendiri.


    Lewat video singkat ini Kakek Wang Deshun mengingatkan kita, bahwa seringkali diri kita sendiri yang membuat kita gagal.  Kita sering merasa sesuatu itu sudah terlambat 

    "Ah, aku sudah berumur 50 tahun",
    atau bahkan

    "Sayangnya umurku sudah berumur 40 tahun ... seandainya umurku baru 20 tahun"

    Itu semua ditepis oleh Wang Deshun, kakek yang 'terpaksa' harus memulai lagi hidupnya dari nol pada usia relatif senja: usia 70 tahun.

    Simak Quotes & Motivasi nya lewat [VIDEO] ITU MUNGKIN HANYA ALASANMU UNTUK MENYERAH di bawah ini :

                                                    Video Inspiratif dari Wang Deshung

    Kakek yang pada umur 24 tahun sudah menjadi Aktor itu, baru belajar bahasa Inggris pada umur 44 tahun.  Karena putaran roda kehidupan, pada umur 49 tahun ia terpaksa menjadi Pantomim.  Bahkan kakek Wang Deshun sempat hidup menggelandang dikerasnya belantara kota Beijing, dan memulai hidupnya dari nol.


    Wang Deshun mulai berlatih kebugaran pada usia 50 tahun, dan pada umur 57 tahun memperkenalkan kesenian baru hasil kreasinya sendiri bernama "Patung Hidup".

    Pada umur 70 tahun kakek Wang Deshun mulai latihan beban, dan sembilan tahun kemudian, di usia 79 tahun baru melangkahkan kakinya ke panggung.

    Dari kisah hidupnya, Kakek Wang Deshun kemudian membagikan nasehat untuk kita :
    Selama kita masih ada, masih ada yang kita tuju. 
    Potensi seseorang itu bisa digali. 
    Pada saat kau mengatakan "sudah terlambat", berhati-hatilah ...

    Mungkin itu hanya alasanmu untuk menyerah !

    Tidak ada seorangpun bisa menghalangi kesuksesanmu, kecuali dirimu sendiri.
    Maka, percayalah pada dirimu sendiri.
    Jangan lemah pada dirimu

    **** *****  **** *****  **** *****

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              #130 Aufschieberitis: Das kannst du wirklich gegen den inneren Schweinehund tun.        

    Hast du heute schon was aufgeschoben? Ganz ehrlich: ich habe schon einiges aufgeschoben:

    • Ich blieb noch ein paar Minuten im schönen, warmen Bett.
    • Danach habe ich in ein paar Facebook-Gruppen gelesen, anstatt mich parat zu machen und zum Sport zu gehen.
    • Bevor ich diese Zeilen schrieb, habe ich zuerst mal gemütlich Kaffee getrunken.

    Aufschieberitis (oder Prokrastination) ist ein ganz normales Verhalten für uns Menschen. Jeder schiebt mal auf - meistens sogar täglich.

    Richtig problematisch wird es aber dann, wenn wir ständig oder regelmäßig aufschieben und so unsere Aufgaben nicht oder erst auf den letzten Drücker erledigen. Also weder zeitnah noch stressfrei.

    Meine heutige Aufschieberitis war kein Problem. Vielleicht war es eher Trödeln, doch ich war pünktlich beim Sport und mit diesem Text hier bin ich auch voll auf Kurs.

    Was hinter der Aufschieberitis wirklich steht, weshalb der Begriff des "inneren Schweinehund" problematisch ist und wie du ihn ins Boot holst, erfährst du hier.

    Die Shownotes findest du unter



    Robert De Niro dalam Film taxi Driver, tahun 1976.  Sumber: ini


    10 film berikut ini menjadi Film Terbaik Sepanjang Masa setelah dilakukan voting kepada 358 sutradara dunia.  Sebut saja Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, Terence Davies, Guillermo del Toro, Martin Scorsese, Olivier Assayas, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Michael Mann, Mike Leigh, Guy Maddin, dan banyak lagi.


    Berikut ini Daftar 10 Film Terbaik menurut voting para sutradara dunia :


        Poster Film Tokyo Story.  Sumber: ini

    Tokyo Story merupakan satu film terbaik dunia yang disutradarai oleh Ozu Yasujiro.  Tokyo Story dirilis pada tahun 1953 dan sukses menginspirasi para sineas dunia. Dibintangi oleh Chishû Ryû, Tokyo Story mengisahkan tentang orang tua yang pergi ke Tokyo untuk mengunjungi anaknya yang sudah dewasa.

    Film ini menyajikan gambaran kontras ketika sang anak kandung terlalu sibuk untuk memberi perhatian kepada kedua orang tuanya, namun justru anak angkatnya yang memperlakukan dengan baik. Tokyo story meraih 48 vote dari para sutradara dunia, dan menjadi pemuncak daftar film terbaik sepanjang masa. 


        Poster Film A Space Odyssey.  Sumber: ini

    Di posisi kedua ada film mahakarya Stanley Kubrick yang berjudul 2001: A Space Odyssey. Dibintangi oleh Keir Dullea, film ini mengisahkan tentang perjalanan luar angkasa yang menembus ruang dan waktu dengan konsep dan imajinasi yang tinggi dari Kubrick. Film 2001: A Space Odyssey meraih 42 vote dari para sutradara.

    Christopher Nolan pernah mengatakan bahwa film 2001: A Space Odyssey ini merupakan salah satu inspirasinya dalam membuat film Interstellar.


        Film Citizen Kane.  Sumber: ini

    Film Citizen Kane berada di posisi ketiga, juga mendapatkan 42 vote dari para sutradara dunia.  Film yang meraih satu piala Oscar ini dirilis tahun 1941, disutradarai oleh Orson Welles yang juga menulis naskahnya bersama Herman J. Mankiewics.

    Citizen Kane dibintangi oleh Joseph Cotten dan Dorothy Comingore, film ini bercerita tentang para wartawan yang berusaha mengungkap sebuah kalimat terakhir dari pengusaha percetakan sebelum akhirnya meninggal dunia. 

    8 ½

         Film 8 ½ .  Sumber: ini

    Film yang meraih 2 Oscar ini mendapat 40 vote dari para sutradara.  8 ½ dirilis pada tahun 1963 ini disutradarai oleh Federico Fellini yang juga menulis naskahnya bersama Ennio Flaiano, Tullio Pinelli, dan Brunello Rondi.

    Dibintangi oleh Marcello Mastroianni, film ini menceritakan tentang Guido Anselmi, seorang sutradara asal Italia yang tak produktif lagi dalam profesinya.


         Film Taxi Driver.  Sumber: ini

    Taxi Driver yang dirilis tahun 1976 ini diarahkan oleh sutradara Martin Scorsese. Film yang meraih 4 nominasi Oscar ini mendapat 34 vote dari para sutradara dunia. 

    Dibintangi oleh Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, dan Cybill Shepherd, film ini menceritakan tentang seorang veteran perang Vietnam yang menjadi supir taksi di malam hari kota New York. Ia yang mentalnya tak stabil merasakan sebuah gejolak ketika ingin menyelamatkan seorang pelacur usia dini. 


        Film Apocalypse Now.  Sumber: ini

    Film arahan Francis Ford Coppola ini dirilis pada tahun 1979, berhasil meraih 33 vote dari para sutradara. Kali ini film berjudul Apocalypse Now yang dibintangi oleh Martin Sheen dan Marlon Brando.

    Film yang ber-setting pada masa perang Vietnam ini bercerita tentang Captain Benjamin L. yang menjalani misi rahasia untuk membunuh pemberontak yang dianggap gila yaitu Colonel Walter E. Kurtz.


          Film The Godfather . Sumber : ini

    Film yang meraih 3 piala Oscar ini mendapat 31 vote dari para sutradara dunia.  Film klasik yang jadi pujaan banyak pecinta film ini disutradarai oleh Francis Ford Coppola.  

    The Godfather menampilkan dua aktor handal, yakni Marlon Brando dan Al Pacino ini bercerita tentang kehidupan kelompok gangster di Amerika yang ingin berkuasa dan menebus balas dendam satu sama lain.


        Film Vertigo.  Sumber: ini

    Film yang masuk dalam 2 nominasi Oscar ini meraih 31 vote dari para sutradara.  Mahakarya dari Alfred Hitchcock ini dirilis pada tahun 1958 dengan penulis naskah Alec Coppel dan Samuel A. Taylor.  

    Vertigo yang dibintangi oleh James Stewart mengisahkan tentang pensiunan polisi detektif bernama Scottie yang mengidap acrophobia dan vertigo. Ia lalu dipekerjakan oleh kenalannya bernama Gavin Elster untuk mengintai sang istri yang bersikap aneh. 


        Film The Mirror.  Sumber: ini

    The Mirror dirilis tahun 1975, judul asli nya adalah Zerkalo.  Film ini disutradarai oleh Andrei Tarkovsky yang juga menulis naskahnya bersama Aleksandr Misharin. 

    Dibintangi oleh Margarita Terekhova, The Mirror mengisahkan tentang seorang lelaki sekarat yang mengingat kembali masa kecil dan kenangan-kenangan hidupnya yang  menceritakan sejarah Rusia. Film ini mendapatkan 30 vote dari para sutradara.


        Film Bicycle Thieves.  Sumber: ini

    Di posisi terakhir, ada Film rilisan tahun 1948 yang disutradarai oleh Vittorio De Sica yang juga menulis naskahnya bersama Cesare Zavattini, Oreste Bartolini, Suso Cecchi, Adolfo Franci, Gherardo Gherardi, dan Gerardo Guerrieri.  Ber-setting setelah Perang Dunia ke 2 di Italia, film ini mengisahkan tentang  seorang ayah dan anaknya dalam mencari sepeda mereka yang hilang dicuri.

    Bicycle Thieves yang dibintangi oleh Lamberto Maggiorani ini mendapatkan 29 vote dari semua sutradara yang memberikan voting

    Demikian Artikel Citra Property Land (CiproLan) berjudul 10 FILM TERBAIK SEPANJANG MASA MENURUT VOTING 358 SUTRADARA DUNIA.

    Sumber Tulisan :

              #058: Die Top-Aufgabe des Tages        

    Als bekennender Anhänger einer minimalen Tagesplanung empfehle ich immer, höchstens drei Tageszielezu setzen.

    Eigentlich könnte man sogar noch weiter gehen. Es gibt nämlich jeden Tag eine Sache, die wir unbedingt erledigen müssen. Vorher können wir nicht nach Hause gehen. Auch wenn es schon Nacht ist. Etwas, das nicht nur super-dringend, sondern auch super-wichtig ist.

    Wie vor dem Urlaub: Da werden so lange Überstunden geschoben, bis diese Aufgabe erledigt ist. Das ist die Top-Aufgabe des Tages.

    Hören Sie hier, wie Sie diese Idee nutzen und umsetzen können.

    Die Top-Aufgabe des Tages

    Die Top-Aufgabe des Tages

    Die vier Beispiele:

    1. Die wichtigste Aufgabe des Tages
    2. Die Keller-Aufgabe
    3. Die versteckte Aufgabe
    4. Die verspätete Aufgabe

    Die sieben Schritte:

    1. Wählen Sie Ihre Top-Aufgabe für den heutigen Tag aus.
    2. Wählen Sie nur eine einzige Top-Aufgabe aus.
    3. Notieren Sie sie gut sichtbar.
    4. Machen Sie diese Aufgabe zum Job Nr. 1 für heute.
    5. Beginnen Sie früh damit.
    6. Schalten Sie alle Ablenkungen aus.
    7. Egal, was es braucht: Beenden Sie heute diese Aufgabe.


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    Besonders hilfreich sind positive Bewertungen bei iTunes. Klicken Sie gleich weiter unten auf den iTunes-Link und schenken Sie mir ein paar Sterne. Vielen Dank!

    Den Podcast abonnieren

    In meinem Podcast “einfach produktiv” geht es jede Woche darum, Ihr Zeitmanagement zu verbessern. Sie können meinen Podcast abonnieren. Sobald eine neue Folge erscheint, erhalten Sie sie so automatisch:

    Bildnachweis: © / olly18

              #044: So erstellen Sie einen Notfallplan         

    So erstellen Sie einen Notfallplan

    Was passiert eigentlich, wenn Ihnen etwas zustößt? Was ist, wenn Ihnen etwas passiert und Sie sind nicht mehr da? Finden Ihre Angehörigen dann die relevanten Daten und digitalen Dokumente?

    Das sind keine einfachen und schon gar keine angenehmen Fragen. Doch auch Sie sollten sie sich stellen. Denn diese Fragen betreffen nicht nur Unternehmer und Selbstständige, sondern uns alle.

    Hier sind meine Gedanken zu dieser Situation und was Sie tun können.

    So erstellen Sie einen Notfallplan

    In der Folge stelle ich ein paar Fragen, die Ihnen helfen, einen Notfallplan zu erstellen:

    • Wie lautet das Passwort für Ihren Computer?
    • Wie lautet das Passwort für Ihr Mobiltelefon (inkl. PIN und PUK)?
    • Wo befinden sich die weiteren Passwörter?
    • Wie ist die Logik bei der Verzeichnisstruktur?
    • Welche Daten/Dateien sind besonders wichtig?
    • Welche Bankkonti gibt es?
    • Wie lauten die PIN-Codes für die Bankkarten?
    • Wie kann man sich für das E-Banking anmelden?
    • Welche Verträge haben Sie zu erfüllen bzw. müssten gekündigt werden?
    • Welche Webseiten haben Sie und wo sind sie gehostet?
    • Wo befinden sich die (Kunden)Adressen?
    • Wo sind Ihre Termine?
    • Wo haben Sie Ihre Fotos gespeichert?
    • Wie lauten die Passwörter für Ihre E-Mail-Accounts?
    • Wie kann man Mails automatisch weiterleiten oder eventuell eine automatische Antwort einrichten?
    • Wie kann man eine Nachricht auf Ihre Webseite setzen und wie soll sie lauten?
    • Wie soll mit den sozialen Netzwerken umgegangen werden (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Xing, LinkedIn usw.)? Sollen die Profile einfach gelöscht werden?


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              Activist in Washington DC wants to open bookstore in underserved neighborhood to honor a slain journalist         

    An activist in Washington DC wants to set up a bookstore in an underprivileged area of the SE section, to be called the Charnice Milton Community Bookstore, in honor of a journalist slain by a stray bullet from gun violence in the City, Perry Stein has a story from Friday, July 14, 2017 in the Washington Post Metro Section, here.

    The store would be in the basement of We Act Radio. The owner would need to raise $180,000 for the project.

    In the voting district of the store, 19% of adults lack the literacy to read a newspaper.

    Back in 1972 when I had moved to northern New Jersey, I remember that the candidate from the “People’s Party of New Jersey” opened a “Make Up Your Mind Bookstore” in Madison N.J. 
    As I drive around rural towns, I see a more small bookstores (along with antiques) than you would expect. 

    Update: Aug. 4

    The Facebook page for the new store is here.  I can't find a direct site. 

              "The Uninhabitable Earth", by David Wallace-Wells, long piece in New York Mag         

    David Wallace-Wells has a long article in New York Magazine July 9, 2017, “The Uninhabitable Earth”.

     The subtitles are “Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak, sooner than you think”, and “When will the planet be too hot for humans?  Much, much sooner than you think”.

    The author thinks that today’s teenagers will see the catastrophic collapse.

    One of the biggest dangers is sudden release of methane from permafrost.

    In some parts of the world, it will not be possible for humans to survive outside.  Their bodies just can cool fast enough.

    There’s also the astonishing statement that the spurt in standard of living in the West really occurred only once, with the industrial revolution.

    The author notes that it may be common throughout the Milky Way for civilizations to rise and fall.  They don’t survive long enough to have a good statistical chance of finding one another across light years.   In the video above, Harvard professor David Kipping notes that methane degrades quickly and says that Wallace could be overstating the methane risk.
    It may have been possible for Venus to host life more than a billion years ago, before a sudden catastrophe led to runaway greenhouse effects.  Both Venus and Mars may be sites of tragedies and we don’t know it yet.

    Nev Schulman ("Catflish") shared this in his Facebook feed tonight.

              Book publishing site reports that Amazon is aggressive in deleting less-than-valid book reviews of self-published books         

    A site called “Just Publishing” offers what looks like good advice to new authors especially with self-published books, especially POD.

    “Why did Amazon delete my book reviews?  Because there was a problem with how you got the reviews”, link.

    I can certainly understand that paying for reviews is unethical (although you would wonder if people pay for Yelp and Angie's List, which both companies adamantly say you cannot).

    I can understand that family is off limits.  But the article also implies social media friends is a no-no.  That’s getting difficult, and I hadn’t heard that before.  People who network enough to sell their books the old fashioned way probably would attract quality Facebook friends and Instagram and twitter followers.  Such a policy would sound a bit self-defeating.

    It is true that there are industry statistics on the expected reasonable ratio of books sold to reviews – it’s high.

    I’ve noticed something else about the POD business.  POD companies often mark the list prices high, which will be only slightly discounted on the Amazon and BN sites, and perhaps some others.  Then they encourage authors to try copies themselves by buying hundreds of copies at maybe 50% off or so.  An author who really wants to operate her own wholesale (with bookstores) and retail (with consumers) could mark them up to about 60% or so and make a profit.  But that would be so time consuming that the author wouldn’t have time for new material.

    It’s frankly very difficult to sell books, or sell advertising on a blog, unless you have built a reputation first in some niche that relates to something people will pay for.  Fiction sometimes provides an exception, but even then it is often niche-like.  Hopefully it’s legitimate (not porn). Given the “gofundme” culture online today (which has become much more prominent than it was two decades ago when I got into this) there is probably opportunity to “sell” in the special needs area – but I have my own psychological and perhaps moral qualms about this.

              Should authors "troll" book clubs?         

    There are some book clubs here in Arlington VA – one for AGLA, which meets in members’ homes or sometimes at Freddies’s, and another one at the Westover Market BeerHaus (Facebook ).

    Book clubs are a bit time consuming for me, where I need to review what comes across my plate as important (I reviewed as self-published novel on bullying (and the horrific consequences from revenge for it), “Crossing the Line”, by Alan Eisenberg, although I could see it fitting in at Westover with “Diana’s Magic” by Mr. Hicks himself).

    And some clubs really involve semi-radical hospitality, rotating member’s homes, rather like my parents’ shrimp creole parties in winter in the 1950s (I remember one during a 1958 Saturday February blizzard, which nearly turned into a preview scenario of the movie “The Ice Storm”).

    Where book clubs would help is with authors working on fiction manuscripts that they want to sell as actual copies of books.

    Erin Geiger Smith writes “When You Bomb at Book Club” here in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday.

              Angry Birds For Facebook Hadir di Facebook Hari Ini        

    Ada kabar baik untuk pecinta game Angry Birds dan Facebook. Di bulan Februari ini, tepatnya 14 Februari 2012, Angry Birds versi Facebook akan launching.

              Mafijne porachunki w sieci | Gagi gangów        
    Stara mafia znów walczy. Trwa wymiana strzałów, padają ofiary. Wróciły krwawe lata 90.? Nie, to tylko Facebook. (Uwaga: tekst zawiera wyrazy niecenzuralne)
              Workshop de Introdução Alimentar com Fabiolla Duarte do Blog Colher de Paú        

    Encontro que visa discutir e refletir sobre de que maneiras é possível uma abordagem humanizada no momento da Introdução de alimentos sólidos para bebês.
    Baseado em alguns conceitos abordados pelo pediatra espanhol Carlos Gonzáles, pela terapeuta argentina Laura Gutman, teorias sobre alimentação baseadas na Antroposofia, Macrobiótica, Alimentação Viva e noções básicas de Nutricionismo. Observação humana a partir da Antropologia, Psicologia e Educação, e tudo o mais do que virá a partir do relato biográfico gastronômico dos inscritos.

    Quando fazer: em qualquer momento antes, durante ou depois da fase de introdução de alimentos sólidos. Para quem participa antes, é uma ótima oportunidade para se preparar para esse momento, com tempo para digerir novos conceitos. Para quem participa depois da fase de introdução ter começado, é muito útil para auxiliar nos desafios que surgem pelo caminho. Para quem participa muito depois, ainda uma excelente oportunidade para pensar em profundidade sobre alimento, comportamento e vida familiar.


    * Prontidão - sinais fisiológicos e comportamentais para a introdução de sólidos;

    * Relações entre apetite, fome e mundo lúdico;

    * Memória – de que forma a Introdução de Alimentos afeta nossa relação com alimentação na vida adulta;

    * A comida da paixão – a comida que envolve todos os sentidos para além do apetite;

    * Alimentação adulta x Introdução de Alimentos – é possível coerência?

    * Comida prazer X comida saúde – onde mora o ponto de equilíbrio?

    * Por onde começar - o que pode e o que não pode: dicas sobre os primeiros alimentos a serem oferecidos;

    * Abordagem - maneiras eficientes de oferecer alimentos sólidos;

    * Amamentação X alimentação de sólidos - desmame ou amamentação prolongada?

    * Começar pelo doce ou salgado, suquinho, leite artificial, sal, açúcar, carne, vegetarianismo: sim ou não? – mitos da pediatria;

    * Papinhas X pedaços, colher X mãos – dicas de cozimento, vantagens e desvantagens e a importância da experiência sensorial na Introdução de Alimentos;

    * “Meu filho não come, e agora?” – reflexões sobre cada caso;

    * Horários para cada refeição – como organizar as refeições familiares;

    * Organização doméstica – sobre a ansiedade da mãe e as novas tarefas domésticas;

    * Volta ao trabalho e Introdução de Alimentos – como conciliar trabalho e Introdução de Alimentos;

    * Dicas básicas sobre nutricionismo – combinação de alimentos, cozimento e o prato completo;

    * O cereais e leites vegetais – um pouco sobre cada cereal e dicas de como fazer leites vegetais em casa;

    * Critérios alimentares – a escolha de uma dieta alimentar familiar e aspectos de cultura e tradição pessoais.

    Valor R$197,00 individual ou R$350,00 casal

    Exibirei alguns trechos de filmes para inspirar nossa reflexão.

    Aqui alguns textos meus sobre Introdução de alimentos.

    Informações adicionais:

    ou pelo 011 9 8467 2960 ou na loja Ninho 19 32892763

              A Mother Is Warning Parents About The "Hot Water Challenge" After Her Daughter Was Severely Burned - BuzzFeed News        

    BuzzFeed News

    A Mother Is Warning Parents About The "Hot Water Challenge" After Her Daughter Was Severely Burned
    BuzzFeed News
    The girl is in the hospital with burns on her face, back, and shoulders after she was doused with boiling water at a sleepover. Posted on August 10, 2017, at 10:52 a.m.. Michelle Broder Van Dyke. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Share On facebook Share.
    Bronx girl who poured boiling water on sleeping 11-year-old friend's face tried to kill herself after 'prank'New York Daily News
    Police: 12-year-old poured boiling water on NYC girl's faceLos Angeles Times
    Mom of boiling water victim: "I want justice for my daughter"WABC-TV
    CBS News -Sacramento Bee -NBC New York -Atlanta Journal Constitution
    all 81 news articles »

              4 Great Apps Built on a Budget You Can Emulate        
    You don't need Facebook money to make your own app.
              Twilight será revivido a través de Cortometrajes en Facebook #TwilightIsBack #TwilightForever        

    Dos años después de que Lionsgate diera a conocer la quita y supuestamente última entrega de la de películas, "Twilight", el estudio ha ideado un inusual "reavivamiento" de la franquicia y podría dar acerca del futuro de Facebook Lionsgate y Stephenie Meyer, la creadora de la saga de vampiros y lobo-"Twilight", anunció el martes planes para seleccionar cinco aspirantes a directoras para hacer cortometrajes basados ​​en los de "Twilight". Las mini-películas, financiados por Lionsgate y sus socios de producción, serán mostrados exclusivamente en Facebook el año que viene.
    "Creemos que Facebook es una gran manera para nosotros de presentar el mundo de 'Twilight' a un nuevo público, mientras que re-energizamos alos fans existentes", Michael Burns, vicepresidente de Lionsgate, dijo en una entrevista.
    Puede leer el artículo completo aquí.
    Traducción DiarioTwilight
    ¿Qué les parece esta noticia?

    Diario Twilight

              Primer Vistazo a la Campaña de Robert Pattinson para Dior Homme + Detalles sobre la Conferencia de Prensa        
    La espera ha terminado: POR FIN tenemos las primeras imagenes (aunque estén en mala calidad, mejor que nada) de Robert Pattinson en el famoso y esperadísimo anuncio para Dior. OMG tiene muy buena pinta.

    Para ver el video tendremos que esperar un poquito más :(

    Dior: Dior se complace en anunciar que el actor Robert Pattinson es la nueva cara de la fragancia Dior Homme fragrance. #DiorRob

    De la web de Dior Mag

    "El hombre detrás del perfume"
    Él ha vuelto de Autralia dónde estaba rodando la nueva película de David Michod con Guy Pierce, The Rover. Y pronto comenzará el rodaje de Maps to the Stars de David Cronenberg junto a John Cusack y Julianne Moore. Y luego será el turno de Hold On To Me, de James Marsh. Alguna idea? Preciavente, estuvo en Cosmopolis y Water For Elephants. Los cinéfilos deberían haberlo averiguado ya... Y su primer papel? Cedric Diggory en la cuarta entrega de la serie de Harry Potter. Caliente? Y luego... Bueno luego, por supuesto, vino la inolvidable Twilight Saga. No puede quedar ninguna duda, y lo has averiguado: Robert Pattinson dará cuerpo al nuevo hombre Dior, el nuevo Dior Homme.


    • Primeras Imagenes:    

    • Yves Bongarçon: Rob dice en el anuncio: "Sueña como si fueras a vivir para siempre. Vive como si fueras a morir hoy"
    Canción usada para el anuncio:

    Conferencia de Prensa: 

    *Es una periodista famosa aquí en España. Ella escribe para revistas como Vogue y GQ ;)*
    #Dior y #RobertPattinson que combinación para esta noche...

    Tiempo para él
    Estamos listos amantes del tumblr, el anuncio de #Dior con #RobertPattinson es muy sexy
    #RobertPattinson está delante de mí hablando, es agradable, lindo, dulce y dice que le encanta el olor de Londres

    "Como un actor tu estas por tu cuenta" #RobertPattinson

    Lo siento no permiten tomar Fotos de él
    Fiesta de Dior Homme en Soho House





    Sí, Rob esta aquí

    *Este chico se encuentra en la fiesta y efectivamente ha confirmado que Rob ya se encuentra en Soho House :)*
    Cenando con #RobertPattinson. Realmente genial
    *Natalie Portman también se encuentra allí, recuerden que ella es imagen de Miss Dior*


    • De Women's Wear Daily:

    PARIS - Christian Dior Perfumes ha confirmado que el actor Robert Pattinson es la nueva cara de la fragancia de Dior Homme.
    La estrella de "Crepúsculo" se une a una lista de embajadores famosos iluestres para las fragancias de Dior, que incluyen a Jude Law, Alain Delon, Natalie Portman y Charlize Theron.
    El fotógrafo americano Nan Goldin y el director francés Romain Gavrais grabaron las campañas que protagoniza Pattinson, dijo Dior, haciendo notar que serán difundidas en Europa excluyendo UK, y Asia, excluyendo China y Japón.

    • Comunicado Oficial de Dior - De Marie Claire UK

    Después de meses de especulación sobre la colaboración de la estrella con la marca, la casa de Dior ha lanzado un comunicado oficial hoy confirmando la campaña.
    Ellos han dicho: 'La Casa de Dior está encantada de anunciar que el actor Robert Pattinson va a ser la nueva cara de la fragancia Dior Homme'.
    El comunicado después alaba la exitosa carrera de Robert en un gran número de películas de alto-perfil, diciendo: 'Desde su primer papel relevante en 2005 en la 4º secuela de Harry Potter, la estrella de cine Robert Pattinson ha sido más conocido recientemente por su papel en el éxito de taquilla, The Twilight Saga.
    'Desde entonces él ha probado el alacance de sus talentos actorales eligiendo películas tan variadas como Remember Me de Allen Coulter, Water for Elephants de Francia Lawrence, en la que fue protagonista junto a Reese Witherspoon, o con su papel como Bel-Ami, el famoso personaje de Maupassant.
    En el último tributo a su talento, David Cronenberg le escogió para protagonizar su última película, Cosmopolis, adaptada de la novela de Don De Lillo. Un papel sorprendente como el chico de oro que se estrenó en el Festival de Cine de Cannes de 2012.
    Recientemente ha terminado de grabar The Rover, de David Michod, en Australia con Guy Pearce y pronto estará en el set en la próxima película de David Cronenberg, Maps To The Stars. Después, protagonizará Hold On To Me, dirigida por James Marsh y co-protagonizada por Carey Mulligan'.
    Dior Homme añade: 'Hoy estamos emocionados de anunciar que se unirá al privilegiado círculo de caras de Dior. Fotografiado por el artista americano Nan Goldin y grabado por el director francés Romain Gavras, esta nueva campaña publicitaria de Dior Homme será distribuida ahora exclusivamente en Europa (excepto UK) y Asia (excepto China y Japón).



    Y es que acabamos de saber que la maison le ha nombrado imagen de la nueva fragancia masculina de Dior Homme. El 'estreno' de esta nueva faceta lo podremos ver en septiembre, cuando se presentarán el perfume y la campaña con Robert como protagonista.

    Además, Glamour será la primera de las revistas femeninas en tener una entrevista exclusiva con el actor. Será en el número de septiembre, y en ella nos contará todos los detalles de su nueva faceta como embajador de una firma de lujo. No es la primera vez que Robert Pattinson trabaja como modelo (recordemos que los inicios de su carrera fueron posando) pero sí lo es como imagen de una casa como Dior.

    Fuentes 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Traducción: LaSagaRobsten

    Todo Twilight Saga
              Nuevo Outtake de Nikki Reed para Signature Magazine        

    Image hosted by

    Gracias a Nikki Reed Page

    Todo Twilight Saga
              Pruitt’s inquiry gives climate science the reality TV treatment        
    This is an attempt to confuse the public and sow doubt about an already-settled issue.


              Who’s who at the EPA? Latest staff picks continue alarming trend.        
    People with deep connections to polluters are being handpicked to run the agency charged with protecting American health.


              Fight Energy Waste from Your Phone        

    Fight Energy Waste from Your Phone

    Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.51.20 AM

    Have you noticed stores that keep their doors open while running the air conditioning on hot summer days? Has this bothered you? Now you can do something about it!

    Join Keep It Cool, a national campaign mobilizing consumers to help convince retailers to close their doors and stop wasting energy. Participating is easy. All you have to do is spot front doors on shops, and use Facebook Messenger to drop a pin on a national map that tracks all of the stores identified with doors open or closed.

              5 things the world may not know about America and the environment        
    The United States is losing respect overseas, but most Americans don't support Trump's destructive policies.


              Cara Membuat Siaran Langsung di Facebook ( Live Streaming Video )        
    Cara Membuat Siaran Langsung di Facebook ( Live Streaming Video ) – Sudah lami sekali kami dari newponsel jarang berbagi hal yang sangat bermanfaat, namun kali ini kami akan mulai berusaha keras untuk terus berbagi untuk anda yang setia mengunjungi website kami di Pada kesempatan kali ini kami dari newponsel akan berbagi tentang bagaimana […]
              The Following        
    • Media Blog Project.
    • Topic #2: TV as a cultural mirror.

         I watched The Following episode 2 "Chapter Two", which aired on FOX Monday, January 28th at 9:00 pm.  The Following is a drama and suspenseful TV show that stars Kevin Bacon who is a former FBI agent that has been asked to come back for a very large case involving a murderer that he put away for life who has amassed a "cult following" to do his dirty work for him now.  In this particular episode, Dr. Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), who Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) has put in jail previously, has had his "followers" kidnap his his son from his ex-wife and Hardy and the FBI agents and police officers he is consulting with are looking for him.  Hardy discovers the house where the "followers" meet and they reconfirm that all of Carrolls symbolism and antics are based off Edgar Allen Poe's writings.  In that house, Hardy was attacked by a man wearing a Poe mask and later at the end of the episode we see a masked Poe man light a man on the street on fire and run away.
         The ads that aired during this episode are pretty much the stereotypical ads that you would expect.  There were ads for cars and car dealerships; including Honda, Kia, Chevrolet, Ford, Subaru, and Buick.  There were also ads for different foods like Lean Cuisine, Campbell's, and Weight Watchers meal plans.  In the category of online dating, notable services were Christian Mingle,, and eHarmony.  Major commercials that were most prominent and were aired multiple times included Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Comcast, Direct TV, Kiefer Kia, John and Phil's, Guaranty in Junction City, beer brands like Coors, Heineken, and Budweiser, and of course there is always the Fox News ads that feature their anchors for around 15 seconds each time a commercial ends to continue with the program.  These commercials all fit the demographic that the TV show is trying to reach.  Younger adults through mid-life adults.  These are all people who have cars or will by buying new cars in the future, they may be insecure about their weights or just want some food that is not only tasty but healthy or a viewer who is single and wants to find somebody.  The commercials are definitely spot on for their target audiences as far as I am concerned. 
         The Following is meant for more mature audiences and was rated TV 14 for language, images, sexual situations and the like.  The actors and actresses were dressed appropriate for our time period and the authority figures has appropriate looking uniforms.  Most of the men who were FBI agents wore suits and the women wore suits as well.  Compared to other shows like this one, I would say that dress and mannerisms are identical and what you expect and would want to see for a drama/suspenseful TV show.  The main thing, for me, that makes this show different than others is the fact that the whole show is based around an ex FBI agent and the man he put away years before and the this guys "followers" and how they are operating.  I have never seen a show like this one in terms of that.
         A major stereotype that occurred in this particular episode was about police officers.  There were several cuts to them just standing around and drinking coffee around the house they were supposed to be guarding.  Same thing happened when they were shown at the scene of the murders in the sorority house after they had come in and done the initial reports on the situations.  The other stereotype that I noticed, and probably the most prominent, is that the wife of Carroll, who is an attractive woman, had an affair with Hardy who was the main FBI agent that was there when her husbands case was first taking place.  This refers to her being maybe a weak and needy woman who has lost who she thought was her best friend and trusted lover and in walked tough, strong, independent agent Hardy who was not married.  These kinds of relationships always happen in TV shows and movies and aren't always the reality of true real life.  Other than these two outstanding stereotypes, I think the directors and producers have done a pretty good job at trying to be new and different in the ways of how the TV show operates within the story lines and isn't too predictable.  If I were a viewer from another country, I would not think much of the shows Americans watch because I am sure there are many good dramas that air in other country's.  In fact, The Following actually airs in the U.S. plus another 17 countries.  If I were not from here, based on the commercials, I would say that there is a problem with people being overweight and single and everybody is buying new cars.
        I do not watch many crime/drama/suspense TV shows but I would say that this one, as of now (it's only aired two episodes total so far) is a TV show that I am expecting to be kept on FOX and be aired for at least several seasons or until the story is wrapped up and concluded.  What really keeps me interested in this show is that it's not as predictable as other similar shows.  Usually I am able to predict what can happen in a TV show after 15 minutes or so.  I am not so accurate with this one.
        I would tend to agree with the 7.5 stars that IMDB gave them.  If I never watched it I wouldn't feel like a part of my life was missing but if I just stopped watching I would be very curious as to what happened in each episode.  My girlfriend watches the this show with me and what she likes most about The Following is all the plot twists.  I definitely agree.  It's a very engaging TV show.  One thing that all TV shows like this one do is end with a cliff hanger.  That cliff hanger keeps you wondering all week what is going to happen in the next show and that brings back viewers from previous weeks.
        I have seen every single episode The Following! Wait, that's only two episodes.  But still, it is one that I am going to have to add to my list of shows that I try to keep up on.  I am not a user of social media so I don't follow the show on Twitter or on Facebook but I have visited the shows page on FOX and the opening sentence on their page paragraph about the show is very interesting.  "The FBI estimates there are currently up to 300 active serial killers in the United States."  This is a very bold statement and scary statistic.  One thing that the average viewer may not know is that Hardy wrote a book sharing the details of his previous investigation and other factoids about his case regarding Carroll.  If a book like this came out or is already out here in real life, that would be a very interesting and possibly quite controversial book.
        Overall, I would recommend The Following to most normal people who enjoy good TV shows that keep the viewers eyes glued to their TV.  Upon further examination, one could come to the conclusion that TV programs, the ads run, and the particular channel or station that is airing all have very close relation and share the same views and interests. 
              Gigantic hippo gets terrifying close to safari speedboat        
    Don’t tell this hippo he’s slow. Riding in a speed boat in the Kafue National Park in Zambia, a videographer captured the terrifying moment when a gigantic hippopotamus got way too close for comfort, according to the Daily Mail. Uploaded to Facebook by Michael Varndell, the managing director at tour company Malawian Style, the video starts with...
              NCAA Football 13 – How To Get Fully Named Rosters (All 123 Teams + Edits)        
    Don’t forget to give this video a “like” ;D Xbox GT: CcAaRrSsOoNn3 OR CK11 PS3 PSN ID: KW1KC OR volstopfan14 Xbox 360 Rosters: PS3 Rosters: Twitter: Facebook:

    Atención Novias!!! Dentro de poquito es vuestro gran día. Os apetecería compartir con el resto de novias vuestros preparativos de boda, detalles del lugar donde se váis a realizar vuestra boda, regalitos que váis a entregar a vuestros invitados... y como no!!! contarnos como son vuestros vestidos de novia...

    Que nos puede quedar mejor?. Vestidos de novia para los que podéis estar buscando tocado?. Tanto si se hace elección desde el principio como si es para cuando os quitéis el velo o mantilla, para dar un toque diferente a vuesto estilismo.

    Pues que mejor oportunidad que esta para resolver vuestras dudas, una reunión de novias (#noviasconencanto) en donde os podré aconsejar del diseño que mejor os quedaría para vestir vuestras cabezas.

    Os enseñare diseños de diferentes estilos, probaremos, aconsejaremos, echaremos fotitos y como no!!! todo bien acompañado de un desayuno. Todo esto será el próximo sábado, 28 de Septiembre  a las 11:00 en mi atelier situado en C/Mayor, 55 Espinardo Murcia.

    Además Sara Moya Gómez experta en pocotoclo en Valisse Eventos nos contará todo lo que necesitamos conocer acerca del protocolo que hay que tener en cuenta en ese día tan especial... Sara responderá todas vuestras dudas.
     Si os apetece asistir a esta Master Class, confirmadlo mediante correo electronico a o mediante mensaje privado a mi fanpage

    Web * Facebook * Bloglovin' * Twitter * Pinterest

              TALLERES JUNIO        
    Para el mes de junio habrán muchas novedades!!!

    Si te quieres apuntar a alguno de los talleres...

      * Escríbenos a:
      * Dinos el taller al que te gustaría asistir.
      * Espera que te confirme la plaza mediante mail!! (responderé con brevedad)

    Taller de Ganchillo XXL

    SÁBADO  01 DE JUNIO DE 11.00 a 13.30
    nivel: cero
    En función del nivel haremos cesto o alfombra. 
    Aprenderemos los puntos básicos de ganchillo para poder aplicarlos a nuestros proyectos. También seremos capaces de leer los gráficos.
    Incluye: ganchillo gigante y trapillo.
    Precio: 35€ 

    Taller de Cuerda

    SÁBADO  08 DE JUNIO DE 11.00 a 13.30
    nivel: cero
    Aprenderemos los nudos básicos para aplicarlos a nuestros complementos de la mano de Pilar Maquilón. En el taller realizaremos un diferentes piezas en cuerda de raso muy coloridas para lucirlas este verano. Incluye: Cuerdas de raso de colores.
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    Taller de Automaquillaje

    VIERNES  14 DE JUNIO DE 18.00 a 20.30
    ¿Que os parece aprender trucos como aplicar sombras, maquillaje, aprender a hacer un maquillaje natural o un smookey Eye, conocer vuestro rostro para sacaros el mejor partido?... todo esto de la mano de Daniel Martín face designer de Armani para El Corte Ingles.
    Incluye: Todo lo necesario para realizar el taller. Pero si queréis traeros vuestro neceser con vuestros maquillajes, sombras y demás para aprender con ellos no hay problema.
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     Taller Carvado de Sellos "Estampación Manual"


    SÁBADO 15 DE JUNIO DE 11.00 a 13.30
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    Aprenderemos a carvar sellos y a como utilizarlos para realizar estampación textil, además de hablar de otras técnicas para la estampación textil.
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              TALLERES MARZO 2013        
    Aquí os dejo el calendario para los cursos de Marzo... este mes ocupamos el 9 de Marzo con Taller de Ganchillo Gigante donde haremos una cestita ideal y el 23 de Marzo Taller de Amigurumis Nivel Iniciación e intermedio.
    Para mas info y reservas enviad un mail a

    Detalle de los talleres:

    Sábado 9 de Marzo de 11.oo a 13.3o
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    Aprenderemos a uitlizar el ganchillo gigante, asi como los puntos básico y nos haremos una cestita ideal para guardar lo que nos apetezca...
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    Precio 35€
    Impartido por: Mari Carmen "El Tambaliche"

              TIENDA ONLINE        
    Ya ha llegado la hora... ya ve la luz la nueva tienda online, en la que por ahora podréis encontrar los diseños de la colección "Mis flores en tu jardin..." y "Flores de ensueño" colección de tocados para esta temporada de comuniones que se avecina... 

    Pero aqui no quedará porque poco a poco conforme el tiempo me vaya dejando la iré ampliando a las demás piezas que purulando esta por la tienda y que seguro que os gustará tener la oportunidad de comprar a todas aquellas que os pille un poquito lejos mi showroom.

    Y por supuesto este trabajo no hubiera sido posible a mucha gente... Muchas gracias a todos!!! ♥♥♥
    Espero que os guste!!!

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              TALLERES FEBRERO 2013        
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    Sábado 2 de Febrero de 11.oo a 13.3o
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     Incluye lana cardada, aguja, esponja, hilos, cuentas... todo lo necesario para nuestro proyecto.
    Precio 35€

    Sábado 27 de Febrero de 11.oo a 13.30
    Nivel: cero
    Aprenderos a utilizar este mágico material, realizando joyitas de bisuteria únicas, con nuestras propias ilustraciones.
    Incluye todas las fornituras necesarias para realizar nuestras joyitas y plástico mágico.
    Precio 35€

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              photoshooting shopper magazine        
    Nos dimos cita en el Teatro Romea para empezar con todos los preparativos, uno de mis diseños era para Lola Talavera... y casualidad!!! a la primera que ví fue a ella. Estuvimos hablando un rato hasta que entramos a la zona habilitada para los azicales y demás... ;) Unos estaban liados con la ropa, otros estaban en proceso de maquillaje con Daniel Martin y peinandose con Kela y Colás. Hasta finalmente llegar a esta foto tan bonita realizada por 4Catorce Photography.

    Estuvimos en la sala de los espejos, lugar precioso para este photoshooting. Pena que no pude quedarme hasta el final, pero el poquito rato que estuve lo disfrute mucho.

    Felix Juan García, Lola Talavera, Eva Abril, Pedro Martinez, Carmen Ramil, Nieves Cremades y Sita Abellán

    Total Look Lola Talavera por Carmen Navarro

    Pedro Martinez (Abarca),  Natalia (Shopper Magazine) y Eva Abril

    Pedro Martinez (Abarca), Natalia (Shopper Magazine) y Juanfra (Presintown Lorca).

    Carmen Ramil (Proyectomania) y 4Catorce Photography

    Lola Talavera y Felix Juan García (Ocio)

    Lola Talavera

    Lola Talavera y Carmen Navarro

    También Nacho, Paco y Fernando profesionales de la comunicación nos deleitarón con un video de algunos de los momentos del making of.

    Vel bekomme...

    Sørg for å laste ned videoen og deretter kopiere den over på VHS-kassett slik at den kan sees til skrekk og advarsel hver bloggfrie Blomsterstjerne-fredag i det kommende året. Husk at videoen har 18-års grense.
    (Om det har klikket for meg? Nei, jeg er bare lobotanisert...)

    På tross av alt dette her vil jeg bare avslutte med å spå at 2013 blir et fantastisk år!?!
    BÃ¥de for dere og for meg :)

    Godt nyttår & takk for det gamle!
    Vi sees inne i magasinet.

    P.S. Følg gjerne med pÃ¥ Facebook for siste nytt i Blomsterstjernesaken

    P.P.S. Vil dere høre en gladnyhet? Blomsterstjernen har nemlig et medmenneskelig NyttÃ¥rsforsett: Han skal bli 2-3% bedre til Ã¥ besøke og kommentere andre sine blogger i 2013.

    P.P.P.S. Dette blogginnlegget er ikke sponset. Maskemannen taler rett fra hjertet (i halsen)