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excellent, nice work, if the government is not going to take initiative then it is in our hands to secure our future!
          Union Bank of India Announces Excellent Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017         
Highlights  of  Union Bank of India's Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017  

CASA     25.1 per cent YoY
Non Interest Income      `  ` 1414 crore  (up 36 per cent YoY) 
Savings Deposit     27.6 per cent YoY
Operating Profit     ` ` 2057 crore (up 26.5 per cent YoY) 
CASA Share      35.5 per cent 
Net Profit        ` 117 crore (up 7.3 per cent QoQ) 
RAM* Sector      14.8 per cent YoY
CRAR       12.01 per cent 
RAM* Share       55.4 per cent
Tier I      9.24 per cent 

 The growth in Deposits was driven by Savings Deposits, which grew by 27.6 per cent on YoY basis.
 Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent against 48.28 per cent on YoY basis.

 Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III) improved to 12.01 per cent compared to 10.75 per cent a year ago. * (Retail, Agriculture & MSME share in domestic advances) 

Global Business grew by 10.5 per cent to `670971 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `607280 crore as on June 30, 2016. Domestic business grew by 10.0 per cent to `635233 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `577473 crore as on June 30, 2016.  Total deposit of the bank grew from `338727 crore as on June 30, 2016 to `375796 crore as on June 30, 2017 showing growth of 10.9 per cent. 
Financial Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017 
CASA deposits grew by 25.1 per cent to `133412 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `106604 crore as on June 30, 2016.   CASA share in total deposits improved to 35.5 per cent as on June 30, 2017 compared to 31.5 per cent as on June 30, 2016. Average CASA ratio also increased by 430 basis points (bps) to 33.5 per cent on YoY basis.  Savings Deposit registered YoY growth of 27.6 per cent.  A total of 8.70 lakh CASA accounts were opened during April-June 2017, out of which 8.38 lakh were Savings Bank Accounts (excl. BSBDA/BSBDS accounts).   The Bank’s Global Advances grew by 9.9 per cent (YoY) to `295175 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `268553 crore as on June 30, 2016.  Due to encouraging growth of 14.8 per cent in RAM (Retail, Agriculture & MSME) sector, Domestic Advances increased by 9.4 per cent from `242935 crore as on June 30, 2016 to `265683 crore as on June 30, 2017. 

Financial Performance for the quarter ended June 2017

Domestic Net Interest Margin (NIM) stood at 2.20 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 2.36 per cent for April -June 2016. Global NIM for April -June 2017 stood at 2.06 per cent as against 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017 quarter. It was 2.28 per cent a year ago.    Yield on funds stood at 6.94 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 7.94 per cent for April-June 2016 and 7.35 per cent for January-March 2017.   Cost of funds stood at 5.03 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 5.82 per cent for April-June 2016 and 5.24 per cent for January-March 2017.  Net Interest Income for April-June 2017 increased by 6.7 per cent to `2243 crore from `2103 crore for April-June 2016. It was `2387 crore during January-March 2017.  Non Interest Income for April-June 2017 stood at `1414 crore, showing increase of 36.0 per cent over April-June 2016.   Operating profit increased by 26.5 per cent to `2057 crore during April-June 2017 over `1626 crore during April-June 2016 and was `2134 crore during January-March 2017.  Net Profit for April-June 2017 sequentially increased to `117 crore from `109 crore in January-March 2017.  Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent for April -June 2017 from 48.28 per cent for April-June 2016 and it was 44.32 per cent for January-March 2017.  Return on average assets (annualised) stood at 0.10 per cent for April-June 2017 as against 0.17 per cent for April-June 2016 and 0.10 per cent for January-March 2017.  Return on equity (annualised) stood at 2.46 per cent in April -June 2017 as against 3.36 per cent for April -June 2016 and 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017.  Earnings per share (annualised) stood at `6.78 in April -June 2017 as against `9.69 for April -June 2016 and `6.33 for January-March 2017.

Asset Quality
Gross NPA stood at 12.63 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 11.17 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 10.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.   Net NPA ratio stood at 7.47 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 6.57 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 6.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.  Provision Coverage Ratio stood at 51.13 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 51.41 per cent as on March 31, 2017. It was 49.99 per cent as on June 30, 2016.  

Capital Adequacy

Capital Adequacy ratio of the Bank under Basel III improved to 12.01 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 11.79 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 10.75 per cent as on June 30, 2016 compared to minimum regulatory requirement of 10.25 per cent.  The Tier I ratio as of June 30, 2017 is 9.24 per cent, within which Common Equity Tier 1 ratio is 7.73 per cent compared to regulatory minimum of 6.75 per cent. 

Digital Initiatives

The Bank has been pioneer in taking various digital initiatives and continuously launched various digital products for enhancing the customer services. Following are some of the key achievements during the quarter:
 66 per cent growth in mobile banking users on YoY basis.  U-Mobile transaction volume doubled from June 2016.  90 per cent growth in number of PoS terminals on YoY basis.  7th largest presence in banking industry and 3rd largest presence amongst all PSU banks within short span of time in Social media.  Trendsetter on Social media channels by taking various initiatives like Live streaming, Digital Education Series – #KyaAapJanteHai etc.   67 per cent share of “transactions through digital channels” in “overall transactions”. 

Financial Inclusion:

Under the Pradhan Manrti Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), the the Bank has more than 69 lakh accounts having a balance of `1270 crore.   48.91 lakh Rupay Card issued under PMJDY as on June 30, 2017.

Total enrollment under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and Atal Pension Yojana (APJ) increased to 30.1 lakh, 12.8 lakh and 2.21 lakh respectively.  The Bank financed `696 crore in 33433 accounts under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, including an amount of `211 crore to 7964 beneficiaries through a specific scheme for financing of light commercial vehicle during April–June 2017. 


The Bank has 4286 branches as of June 30, 2017 including 4 overseas branches at Hong Kong, DIFC (Dubai), Antwerp (Belgium) and Sydney (Australia). In addition, the Bank has representative offices at Shanghai, Beijing and Abu Dhabi. The Bank also operates in United Kingdom through its wholly owned subsidiary, Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd.   Total number of ATMs stood at 7574 including 1685 talking ATMs as of June 30, 2017. ATM to branch ratio stood at 1.77. 

Awards & Accolades during FY 2017-18 (April-June)

Skoch Award 
Skoch Order of merit Award – Operational Customer Relationship Management (OCRM)
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Unified Payment Interface(UPI)
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Green PIN solution for Debit cards 
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Union Digi Gaon
Skoch Financial Inclusion Award for Financial Inclusion

          The Bombay Canteen 3rd Independence Dawaat In Support of Miracle Foundation India         

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai August 2017: This Independence Day, let’s celebrate the joy of being Indian. And what better way than The Bombay Canteen3rdAnnual Independence Day Dawaatto raise a toast to our amazing culinary heritage with an unforgettable meal for a cause. A feast of regional Indian specialties at our annual Independence Dawaat on August 15, 2017, only for lunch from 12 noon to 3:30 pm and this year’s fundraiser is in support of Miracle Foundation India.  The Miracle Foundation India is a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to orphaned children and helps them thrive in real time with a measurable, repeatable and systematic method to ensure that orphans are educated, fed, loved and safe. So block your calendar and make a plan with friends to celebrate all things Indian with a feast from around the country for a very noble cause. And since this lunch is also about celebrating freedom, we encourage you to pay what you like at the end of your meal. Remember, everything you donate, goes to the Miracle Foundation India for the incredible work they do to take care of orphaned children.

On the menu this year – a sumptuous meal of regional delicacies all served on a banana leaf in a community style dining experience. Its India on a platter with Chef Thomas Zacharias and his team putting together this feast inspired by dishes from across twelve states, including Mangalorean Chicken Curry, Punjabi Smoked Red Pumpkin Bharta, Lucknavi style Soy Kheema Mutter, Kashmiri Simla Mirch & Petha Korma, Kerela Mandeli Fry, seasonal vegetable pulao and much more. All this with a selection of unusual chutneys and accompaniments, served up with chilled Aam Panna from UP and delicious Maharashtrian TilGud Cake and Tiranga Barfi to round off the meal.

Sameer Seth, Founder & CEO, The Bombay Canteen said, "We are really excited to be supporting the Miracle Foundation through our 3rd Independence Day Daawat. The work they do to support orphaned children is inspiring. It has been amazing to learn about how they go about shaping the lives of these kids in a systematic and sustainable manner, and hope that through the Daawat more people learn about their fantastic work."

Caroline Boudreaux, Founder of Miracle Foundation said, “We are thrilled to be a part of the Independence Day Dawaat at the Bombay Canteen. The support we receive at this event will give children without parents all they need to thrive: Delicious and nutritious food, education, clean water, healthcare, safety and love. In partnership with the Bombay Canteen, we are empowering children to reach their full potential and become independent adults—as the country celebrates its independence.”

Get your flags out, paint the city in tricolour, and swing by to celebrate all things Indian this Independence Day, with good food for a good cause! 

Date: On August 15th, Tuesday 2017.
Independence Dawaat at Lunch only from 11.30am to 3:30pm.
First come, First Serve
You can also donate on:

About Our Cause: Miracle Foundation India is a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to the world of children without parental care in India. Our mission is simple. Miracle Foundation India stands for children without parental care and helps them thrive in real time. We've created a measurable, repeatable and systematic method to ensure that children without parental care are educated, fed, loved and safe. At the same time, we explore every avenue to reunite them with their parents or relatives, when possible. Our method: 

Ensures organizations meet the 12 Rights of the Child and rise to international standards

Guides leaders to resettle children with a caring, responsible relative or family—and help them stay together

Transitions orphanages into Centers for Excellence where children thrive instead of reside

Started in 2011, the organization is dedicated to empowering children without parental care to reach their full potential. Today, we support thousands of children without parents, from the hinterlands of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh to the far-flung areas of Tripura.

Our goal is for every child to live in a loving family; to become a healthy, happy, income-producing person—and experience a true sense of belonging.

          SSB Retail India launches two more Specialty Malls        

by Shrutee K/DNS
Hyderabad, 4th August 2017: SSB Group is a leading structural galvanizing company which is in a retail sector mall in Hyderabad.

The SSB World Shopping Mall has come up with a two brand ‘Alpine’- the supermarket and ‘Casabene’- the furniture mall. Casabene has its branches in Kolkata, Hyderabad and is now launching 2 more new branches in Hyderabad.

The company has diversified into retailing. The 3rd retailing space at Chakripuram  is 7000 sq. ft which has a combination of Alpine Super Market & Casabene Furnitures. The 4th retailing space at North Kamalanager ECIL is 2000 sq. ft which also has a combination of Alpine Super Market & Casabene Furnitures.
The retail industry is very competitive; in order to give extra mileage SSB is having its own manufacturing facilities. They believe in delivering excellent quality products with customer satisfaction. The Chief Guest for the event will be honourable Smt. Pajjuri Pavani Manipal Reddy (Corporator) for A S Rao Nagar Division, SSB Directors - Y Sharath Babu & Ajay Kumar Singh and Chairman - Ramakanth Singh. Mr Ajay Kumar Singh & Mr Sarath Babu - Directors, of SSB believes in giving good lifestyle supplies at competitive prices.
The retailing product will be: Supermarket/Furniture/Home Décor/Home Accessories/Home related products

USP: Exclusively designed/Concept selling/Manufacturing Quality Products/Craftsman and Finishing/Free interior advice/Large collection under one roof

The business plan is to diversify and open 10 Branches of Alpine Super Market & Casabene Furniture in the twin cities.

About SSB: SSB is a Turkey service provider, established in August 2013, SSB Structural and Galvanizing Pvt Ltd is an enterprise by two pragmatic visionaries. As an emerging sector, it is present in telecom, power, heavy and general fabrication and infrastructure. It was able to export structural material in the second year of inception. The company has a turnover of 50 crores and it will have 100 crores of turn over year.

          Ah si este bueyes si los estan amenasando de mue...        
Ah si este bueyes si los estan amenasando de muerte claro que si y todo por andar publicando esta nota claro que esta bien que se descubran estas anomalias esto es ser gandallas son emplaedos publicos y no se mandan solos que quede claro que eso no hace y menos amenasar de muerte con encajuelados estos bueyes se cree narcos y son unos pendejos creo que si se van ala penal minimo por amenasas como estas directo ala penal y sin sacate que nadie los amenace este es su trabajo y adelante y para morir nacimos pero estos bueyes minimo si pisan la carcel por gandallas y creo que la moto bomba es nuestra propiedad y no es para sus mamadas y si quiere fotos pues que se las tomen en la carcel y despues su tehuacanaso y asta el elefantito ah y nadien los amenace pues si no que seria mas delo mismo ay que tener honor y es un trabajo y ay que seguir adelante siempre para adelante y recuerden que si ay jente que le gusta la verda y no la corrucion por esa rason ay jente que si miran esto y estas amenasas de gusto le vajamos los huevitos a estos ideotas somos una comunidad y no un imperio saquen este nota en guadalajara y veran que estos que amenasan a los periodistas no duran una semana en cuanto los grupos pro informacion y pro libertad o minimo los dela nueva genaracion creo que por estas amenasas si meten la mano ya no estamos en 1900 como antes en donde unos pendejo queria tapar el sol con un dedo adelante con su su trabajo excelente y nadie esta bajo el dominio de nadie asi es esto verasidad y profesionalismo y adelante y ah si perro que ladra si muerde pero primero se van ala carcel por osicones quienes son bueyes quien se creen que son de que tribu son ahhhh
          Shindig! magazine digs into OHO – Okinawa!        
The ever-excellent Rockadrome label changes step, releasing this 1974 private press prog/experimental LP from Baltimore fruit loops OHO. This version restores all the material that was supposed to make the original single LP a double–clocking in at a whopping 73 minutes.  There’s a huge variety of style and shapes on offer here, moving from spoken […]

Jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016. Mariah Carey, es una de las artistas más afamadas por su increíble voz; convirtiéndose en una de las mujeres más grandes exponentes en el género ‘‘pop’’ y en la historia de la música. Mariah se ha caracterizado por ser excelente compositora, debido a las decepciones amorosas protagonistas en las […]

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          Nissan of Clinton Named #1 Dealer in Sales Satisfaction, Wins Award of Excellence        

CLINTON, North Carolina—Local Clinton dealership, Nissan of Clinton, just earned two prestigious honors as it closed out its 2013 sales year. The dealership, which is located at 412 Southeast Blvd. in Clinton, North Carolina, was ranked the #1 Dealer in Sales Satisfaction surveys for Nissan’s entire Raleigh/Eastern North Carolina region. To honor this achievement, Donnie […]

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          Sanderson Lincoln in Phoenix Receives President’s Award        

Sanderson Lincoln has won the Ford Motor Company’s 2012 President’s Award for customer satisfaction excellence.  This major award recognizes top-performing Lincoln dealerships that achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in sales and service in automotive retailing. Since 1998, the President’s Award has been known for recognizing dealerships who achieve the highest satisfaction in sales […]

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          Three days in Berlin (or improving the pim user experience)        

KDE Project:

Last weekend I've met with some of our old timer KDEPIM developers and some of the newer ones who are interested in KDEPIM or related technologies in the KDAB offices in Berlin.
Being a KDAB employee for a few years already (wow, time is passing quickly), the place was familiar, the people looked familiar. The foosball table was slightly familiar, although some players changed their dresses in order to spread confusion inside the visitor's heads. That is the only reason we've lost against locals with 5-0, 5-0.
Suprisingly enough, the table wasn't used that much. Why? Because people were busy either working and talking. What they talked about I don't know too much, as I focused on some issues I planned to fix, but others can testify that Volker did not sit too much in front of his computers, but was dragged from one place to another for various discussions.
Most of us started on Friday around noon. I won't tell too much about what others did, that is mostly their problem. Especially if they were on the other side of the room and I didn't saw their screens, I can't tell if they worked at all or not. They looked like they did though. ;) I can share some things about what some sitting nearby did. See later.
As recently I became the de-facto maintainer and bugfixer for mail filters, I worked mostly on them. Unfortunately the first attempt to fix a bug failed: a bug that bothers me, although it is not the most reported one. It is about mails not being filtered for a while after a resume from hibernation. It is hard to reproduce, and although I run into it, I couldn't reproduce reliably enough and in a way I can debug it. After fighting with it and realising it won't work, I gave up. See you next time.
Meantime we had some excellent food in an Indian restaurant, then when finally everybody arrived (almost everybody to be honest, plus even some more from KDAB who didn't sign up, but show up there), we were ready to start with presenting the kdepim and Akonadi architecture. Old time pimsters Volker Krause, Kevin Krammer and Tobias Koenig helped me with it, and sometimes saved me, as my knowledge in some area proved to be superficial. We ended up with a pretty impressive drawing on the whiteboard:
Hopefully for those being on site it was understandable.

Time passed, so we went out for dinner to a Greek restaurant at the corner. Nice place, third time being there, good food (seems Berlin has only good eating places). We even saw how Germany won over Ireland. Too bad Steveire (Stephen Kelly) was not there... We continued with some more talks and hacking, then everybody went to their sleeping places.
Some left earlier, some later waiting for remote developers to show up and discuss the patches (he didn't show up).

Day 2
Next day started around 9 o'clock for some. Later for others. I continued with the filter debugging and fixing. I looked at the bugreports and tried to come up with some bugs that are both would help the users and myself. I'm selfish, I want to fix the bugs I run into. ;) One problem that bothered me for a long time is that email content from online IMAP is downloaded even if no filter for IMAP requires it (but a filter for e.g POP3 needs the full content). Now this is fixed and those who use online imap could notice a great speedup in mail syncing (depending on their filter setup). Another often reported issue was duplicating the mails, especially after spam filtering. You've ended up with a mail in the spam folder and a mail in the original place. This could be combined with a conflict dialog shown up as well for that mail. This problem actually revealed a not-well handled case down inside the Akonadi stack that was created by a reordering of filter commands in the filtering code. For those who want technical details: if there was a move action (like "move mail to spam folder") followed by a modify action (like "mark as read"), the filter reordered this to "mark as read" followed by a move. Unfortunately this exposed two problems, (mostly, but not only) IMAP specific: on IMAP you can't modify a mail, instead you create a new one and delete the old. What happened here is that a filter changed the mail (run through bogofilter/spamassasin), then the "mark as read" action was executed, which uploaded the changes, including the changed mail to the IMAP server. This caused a new ID for the item on the IMAP server. The mail with the old ID was deleted. Then the filter agent performed a move, but he had only the *old* ID, before the modifications. The move - if performed between two different resources, like IMAP and local maildir - is technically a copy followed by a delete. The copy worked fine, but the delete didn't. It tried to delete the old mail again (which was gone), not the modified version. That's how you ended up with a duplicate.
The current solution is to reorder the filtering pipeline, so the move is performed before the flag modifications. The extra benefit is that the filtered message is not uploaded again just to be deleted the next second. Speedup, less network traffic, better user experience. This doesn't fix the main problem with Akonadi, but it is an acceptable workaround. The reordering is so far only in the master branch (KDE 4.10), but the relevant code will be backported to the 4.9 branch, so it will be in 4.9.3.
And speaking of conflicts, that was the next hot topic, and one of the often reported bugs. It was mostly caused by conflicting flag changes (read/spam/important/etc), either caused by KMail itself plus the filtering or just KMail. After some discussion we agreed, that reporting conflicts on flag changes doesn't make sense, so we should not bother the user. It is not data loss, and in worst case some flag is reset. In normal case nothing wrong happens, as Akonadi is able to merge two changes in the flags (or so claims Volker).
I have to admit that this fix was not completed at the sprint, I finished it today, as I noticed more code in KDEPIM that didn't disable conflict check on flag changes.
While doing the changes, I did quite some refactoring, cleaning up the code as much as I could do for the parts I touched. The code was originally deep inside KMail (as most of other code), got extracted from it for 4.8.0, and now we are at the stage that we can make the extracted code more cleaner, we can remove some things that doesn't make sense anymore now that the filtering is not inside KMail.
While reading the bug reports, I also run into one indicating that mails arriving to an MBOX account (like /var/spool/mail/username) are not filtered automatically. Sounds like an easy bug to fix and so was it. Now they are filtered.
Finally another annoying issue was fixed: there was no indication that filtering is ongoing. Now when this happens, you can see in the KMail's progress bar.
The net result of the above: faster filtering, less annoying and useless error dialogs for the users. And according to bugzilla, 31 bugs less (some were duplicates though). of the things that, well, so far I was always recommending for users to turn off. Slight detour here: what is Nepomuk and its relation to KMail? Nepomuk helps you to find data. It indexes all kind of data and with some queries you can find e.g every file where my name is mentioned, all email addresses from any file, etc. There is a process that goes through the akonadi data (emails, calendars, etc) and "feeds" to it for Nepomuk to be indexed. Then there are queries and code in KMail accessing Nepomuk: getting email addresses for composer's autocompletion, searching inside mail bodies, tagging your emails with custom tags, etc.
Unfortunately there are problems around it. One is that some queries ae processed quite slowly, that in turn slows down KMail, leading to poor user experience. E.g switching between mails, sending mails, etc. is slow. Or startup is slow or even blocked. I tried to fix the last part as I just run into it, but as this was my very first Nepomuk related patch, I'm not sure 100% succeeded. We found a problem with the Nepomuk API itself, and I informed Vishesh, the Nepomuk developer about it (even if I used non-blocking calls against Nepomuk, one call is blocking without question). He suggested something I might try later, although I'd be more happier if somebody with real Nepomuk knowledge could give a review of the pim Nepomuk usage.
Then there is the Akonadi feeder, that gives the data to Nepomuk. Something is not perfect there and the indexing causes a serious slowdown, where either itself or Nepomuk (actually its storage backend, virtuoso) starts to use the CPU *a lot*. This is the main reason I recommend to users to disable Nepomuk so far. We had Christian Mollekopf the author of the feeder in the sprint, and he worked on some optimizations. Hopefully this will improve the situation. Meantime we (and I) tried to convince Vishesh to use KMail, so he can see himself the problems our users face.

As a break we had another presentation, this time about KMail itself, what components make up KMail, how they are distributed. As far as I saw, this was less interesting to the audience, they rather looked at their computers and hacked on something. Luckily our KMail maintainer, Laurent Montel, is super active, but I wouldn't mind more contributors. Too bad he wasn't at the sprint.

We had a lunch at a nearby place, nothing extra, but the food was (again) good.

What did other do? Let's see what I can remember... Sune dreamed about crypto stuff and composite jobs. He worked on making some cryptographic code asynchronous and started to get faimiliar with kdepim code. I'd not say he picked up the easiest job.
Volker run around all the time, discussed various things like "spanish sync" with Alex Fiestas (see here), database backends with Martin, change recorder with David Faure (who remotely joined the meeting and got lost inside the change recorder code ... he has the solution now in his head, so be patient, we will end up with a better implementation for it that again speeds up Akonadi), job pipelines with me, and who knows what with others, as for a long time he just disappeared with a bunch of developers. They actually ended up in the lobby discussing "stuff". Milian Wolf, who is not (or not yet?) a KDEPIM developer, but mainly a KDevelop one, joined us and used massif to track down some ugly memory usage in KMail. And he did a good job in it. Previously KMail used more and more memory as you navigated between large folders (Alex mentioned some 2GB for him), while now it levels up at one point and doesn't increase. He might blog himself about, as he has also some nice graphs.
Then there were two guys from KDAB, who are old time pim developers (quiz: find their names in this blog), but they cooked something else, not related to KDEPIM, not related concretely to KDE, but to a lower level: to Qt. It is an amazingly cool stuff, but I don't want to give more details. Expect it to be presented a the Qt Developer Days, either in a talk or at the KDAB booth. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it will be freely available what they did and KDE can enjoy it in the future.
I'm sorry that I don't remember what the rest did. In general I know that Martin Klapetek worked on the social network resources, Mark Gaiser, who recently started to work on KDEPIM stuff eagerly listened to our presentations and worked on a QML calendar application, Alex kept reporting bugs and discussed improvements with Volker, while John Layt, the "timezone KDE guy" worked on plasma calendar related issues.
As a KDE person Chani also joined us for a while, we quickly nominated her as the QML and Plasma person, so all questions related to them were immediately redirected to Chani. Jos Poortvilet was also supposed to join for some talks, but he could show up only on Sunday for personal reasons.
At the end of the day everybody was so busy, so instead of going out for eating, we just ordered some pizza. And most of us stood in the office well past midnight.

Day 3
Well, the above partially happened on Sunday. It was a shorter day for me, due to the late night standup before, and that I had to go to the airport after lunch. A lunch that wasn't exactly as planned. We went out for a Doner Kebab place that is supposed to be the best one in Berlin. It is just a small kiosk on the sidewalk in a street, but man, there was a big queue for it. On a Sunday! Locals says it is worse on weekdays. Even after almost an hour, we still had 10 persons in front of us, my departure time was approaching, so I gave up and instead bought some (quite good) chinese fast-food from a nearby place, then rushed to the airport.
A long journey awaited me with a 3 hour stopover in Munich, but luckily I had a power supply there and even some network (they offer 30 minutes/day/phone number), so I could continue on the work I started at the sprint. After flying and driving another 2.5 hours, I arrived late (or rather early) morning next day back home, and after sleept until around 10. Then I started to work again for KDAB, a work that is just as enjoyable as working for KDE. After all, the two communities has a serious overlap. ;)
That's from the sprint. If you'll be at the Qt Developer Days Europe, we might meet there. I'm looking forward for a good conference.

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          3 Reasons why Chromebooks might be a good fit for your nonprofit        
Nonprofits - 08_11 - Chromebooks.JPG

When we speak with nonprofit organizations, we often hear about the challenges related to technological resources. So when it comes to investing in new technology, it’s important to consider three primary factors:

  • Security: Does it keep my information private and secure?
  • Compatibility: Does it work with the programs I use?
  • Price: Is it within budget?
To address these questions, Google created the Chromebook, a series of laptops built with ChromeOS. The vision behind Chromebooks is simple — to create a safe, accessible, and affordable laptop. To improve user privacy and security, Chromebooks  automatically update to provide virus protection, encryption and safe browsing. For easy access and collaboration, they’re outfitted with Gmail, Google Docs, Hangouts (and nonprofits receive the full Google Apps bundle with 30GB of space per user at no charge). What’s more, they start at $169 USD & that’s for a laptop that has up to 10+ hours of battery life!
ASUS Chromebook C201 ($169)

Case Study

Charity:water, a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries, has a “100 percent model,” where every dollar donated goes directly to fund clean water projects. As a result, resources are limited. In order to cover operational costs like salaries and supplies, the organization relies on a few passionate and dedicated supporters. With this in mind, Charity:water transitioned to Chromebooks to improve the efficiency of its staff’s workflow. Now, employees can spend more time focusing on their goals and working towards their mission to nourish the world.

Want to learn more?

Chromebooks gives nonprofits unified access to the Google Apps suite, including:

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides: Allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time. They’re automatically backed up online, and you can also open and edit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel files.
  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts can be used to make phone calls, screenshare, and video chat.
  • Google Drive: Store, sync, and share documents in the cloud for secure and easy access.

As a nonprofit, you also receive discounted access to Chrome licenses, which give you management controls via the Chrome Device Management. Chrome Device Management is a unified way to manage all of your nonprofits’ users, devices, and data. For nonprofits, the Chrome management license is discounted to only $30 dollars — in comparison to $150!

Chromebooks are our vision for providing cheaper, easier to use, and more secure laptops. Installed with Google Apps out of the box, nonprofits can maximize impact, while saving both time and resources.

To see if your nonprofit is eligible to participate, review the Google for Nonprofits eligibility guidelines. Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours free access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits and more. These tools can help you reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your nonprofit’s story. Learn more and enroll here.

To learn more about Chromebooks for nonprofits, take a look at Google for Work’s Chromebook’s website. To take advantage of the Google Nonprofit license discount, a Google partner will reach out to you once you fill out the Contact Us form.

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Speedy Whip Foam Cleanser is also one of the products that my eldest sister got for from Japan last December. This item can also be found in Singapore, I remembered the price being quite affordable that expected. I thought Shiseido products are pretty pricey in Singapore.

So this is how the packaging looks like. It comes with this small bottle of sample, which I have no idea what is because I don't read Japanese haha!

As the name suggest (whip), it is a mousse type of cleanser as shown in the photo, it comes out as frothy white mass of bubbles when you dispense it. As a result you do need to lather it like most cleanser. Initially, I was really excited to try it because it is the first time for to use mousse type of cleanser. Moreover, it is a Shiseido product. I have used its pimple cream and was excellent.

It was easy to use because it was in the mousse form. You don't have to put a lot to cleanse you face, i think a single press on the dispenser it more than sufficient. It has also has nice smell to it. If I am not wrong a smell of green tea?

When I first use it, the after wash feeling was pleasant because it was not drying on my face. After using it for a few times, I felt like it is not suitable for my face. Roughness on my skin formed after using it. Luckily it subsided after going to my usual cleanser. Perhaps it is too mild for my skin that  it does not clean well. Tried giving it a chance and use it a little more. The same result happen. So I did not use from then on.

I give the product 2/5.

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The Premier League is back! The Punt podcast is action-packed this week with Derek McGovern and In-Play Football Trading Manager, Andy Excell, previewing the TV games and the Times' Chief Sports Writer, Matt Dickinson, joining us to talk about the burning issues in the sport. We'll also catch up with Pete Farries, Gav Puszczalowskyi and Al Ross who give their best bets in the Championship and Leagues One and Two respectively, and Sam Norris picks a bet out in the European games this weekend. Enjoy. #ThePunt #football #betting #PL
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It's a brand new dawn for The Punt! All your football betting needs are covered on the inaugural edition of the podcast. Dave Kelner is your host, Derek McGovern gives his Premier League prediction and previews the Community Shield with William Hill's In-Play Football Trading Manager, Andy Excell. The Sun's Martin Lipton is the FWA guest for the week. There's talk about Neymar's world record transfer fee and Martin gives a bet ahead of the new season. In addition to this, Pete Farries, Gav Puszczalowskyi and Al Ross give their best bets in the Championship and League's One and Two respectively, and Sam Norris picks a bet out in the European games this weekend. Enjoy. #ThePunt #football #betting #PL
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Summer Za'atar on the border with Lebanon
There is a little confusion around the name "Za'atar" and what exactly does it refer to: A condiment? A spice mix? An herb? And if so - which herb exactly - Hyssop? Thyme? Oregano? Marjoram?

The truth is that za'atar is an Arabic word used interchangeably for a number of wild herbs that grow wild in the Mediterranean region, and all contain thymol and carvacrol. Hence their similar sharp and warm aroma, bitter taste and spicy, almost hot "bite". They also share similar medicinal properties, most of them used in folk medicine for most digestive ailments and respiratory complaints. The mixture known to us as "Za'atar" is in fact a misnomer. Za'atar is originally the name of the plant now classified as Origanum syriacum, but in Arabic it is loosely applied to several other related wild and not so wild herbs.


The name for the condiment is in fact "doukka" (pronounced often as "Do-ak" with a very throaty "K" that almost sounds like an "A" so in reality the word sounds more like "Do-ah"). In Arabic this means "to grind". Each region in the Arab world has its own "Doukka", which is either sprinkled on food, or more commonly covered in olive oil to which the traditional regional bread is dipped. For example - Egypt has a complex nut-based doukka with toasted hazelnuts or walnuts, to which toasted or untoasted spices such as cumin, coriander seeds, green peppercorns and sweet fennel have been added.

In the Levant "doukka" happens to be made primarily of a mixture of thymol-containing herbs, with "The" Za'atar (Origanum syriacum) being the star of the show. Lesser amounts of other herbs, will be added - the most important of which are "Za'atar Farsi" (winter savory), Israeli Thyme (Corydothymus capitatus), Zuta זוטה לבנה ( Micromeria fruiticosa barbata), a delicate wild white mint known in English as White-Leaved Savory (which does not even belong to the savory genus, but to micromeria because of its tiny leaves). Common oregano (Origanum vulgare) makes a good addition, albeit cannot substitute for the real Za'atar or Syrian oregano if you actually know the real deal. Likewise, marjoram and thyme can also make a good addition but not be at the centre. Even though their profiles are similar - there are some nuances that will be lost if using only the garden variety oreganos and thymes and none of the wild stuff.

Many other things can be added to the mix, the most important being sumac berries (Rhus coriaria) for their wonderful salty-sour flavour, and toasted sesame seeds for their pop-in-the-mouth nuttiness. But you'll also find spices sometimes, including more obscure ones such as butum (بطم) - toasted terebinth fruits (Pistachia palestina), which are really like tiny pistachios with the outer red peel intact. I've got a few of those drying right now, because I've never seen them in any market before and I'm very curious how they taste as a spice.

The following are several authentic Za'atar recipes I've collected - and of course you are welcome to browse google's universe of shared recipes, but be cautious of a few things if you want to make an authentic za'atar:
1) Use actual Origanum syriacum even if a generic "oregano" is called for
2) Do not by any stretch of the imagination use "fresh" leaves. They must be dried first. And only then will you grind them up with the rest of the ingredients. This is a dried herb and spice mix. Not a fresh herb concoction.
3) Usage of salt, although found in many recipes, seems very superfluous to me, unless you are not using sumac berries. These have a unique taste - equally salty and tangy. The whole point of using them is so you do not need to use salt. Likewise, using citric acid is a way to fake the sumac effect. Which I'm not quit sure why would anyone do that aside from laziness. Sumac berries are difficult to grind manually (or even in a coffee grinder) - but you can find ground sumac easily in many spice shops and markets.

When shopping for pre-made spice mixes, or any ground spices for that matter, the main culprit is adulteration and using old raw material that are "dressed up" as authentic. It's hard to teach someone who've never tasted or smelled za'atar what to look for, but some things are a telling sign. For example: if you don't see the dark maroon red and still taste salt or tanginess, it is probably from salt and citrus acid, and not from the (missing) red sumac berries. Secondly, another visual sign - za'atar leaves are rather grey in colour when dried, so any other colour you see (olive green) is either food colouring or a combination of other types of "za'atar" herbs (i.e.: thyme, za'atar farsi, etc.). Best sign is by taste - if it taste like dust (and looks like dust) it's either too old or just a fake.

I suggest you start with the most basic three ingredients, and then play with the proportions and adding other herbs and/or spices. You can even start with equal amount of za'atar leaves, sumac and sesame and adjust to taste.

Safta Ada's Za'atar Recipe 
This is my mom's handmade recipe that she would make from wild harvested za'atar (before it was illegal to pick any) and would even send it to Vancouver so I can enjoy a taste of home.
1 cup dried za'atar leaves, coarsely crushed between your palms, or pounded with mortar and pestle to a finer powder
4 Tbs ground sumac berries (I suggest you purchase them pre-ground, otherwise their seeds can break your teeth!)
2 Tbs toasted brown sesame seeds, whole

May Bsisu wrote an excellent book, The Arab Table, which I highly recommend, and it includes a unique Palestinian style of za'atar that includes caraway:
10oz oregano (I assume she means za'atar)
5oz thyme
3 Tbs sumac, ground
1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds
2-1/2 Tbs coarse salt
1/2 tsp allspice, ground
1/4 tsp caraway seeds, ground 

Easy Lebanese Recipes provides a "Traditional Rich Recipe" for za'atar that I'm compelled to try, with dried za'atar, roasted sesame, sumac, marjoram, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, fennel, aniseed and salt.

Mamma's Lebanese Kitchen recipe contains thyme, marjoram, sumac, sesame, cumin, coriander, fennel, cinnamon and salt.

How to consume za'atar?
Use your za'atar mixed with olive oil as a dip for bread, on top of labneh (strained yoghurt cheese) or as a substitute for butter under any other soft or hard cheese, avocado, etc.
It's also a nice addition to salads, and for baking fish or poultry. I also like to add it to chickpeas that I fry whole in olive oil, after they've been cooked and drained.

Fresh za'atar leaves come in late winter and can be enjoyed all through spring, and can be fried in olive oil much like tender sage leaves and become this wonderful crispy topping for fresh bread, pasta, roasted vegetables, etc. Also, they can be used as they are in salads (May Bsisu has a recipe for fresh oregano salad in that book as well), with lots of onion and tomatoe. The Druze use it to season the dough or the fillings for various savoury pastries, such as sambusak (a flatbread that is folded in half to conceal a thin layer of highly seasoned stuffing, and baked in the tabun) and fatayer (little dough pockets filled with cheese), and the dried whole leaves can be used much like oregano in meat and pasta sauces, in soups, stews, breads, etc.

Now, let's explore the Za'atar "group" of plants:

Hyssop (Wild Oregano)

Ezov (the Hebrew word for the Biblical Hyssop - not the European Hyssopus officials which is also a medicinal plant, and produces a rather toxic essential oil), which is now classified as an oregano, Origanum syriacum (formerly Majorana syriaca). Like many of the other aromatic plants from the Lamiaceae family, za'atar has a winter and spring foliage and a summer foliage, which is smaller in order to preserve water and survive the long arid season. I suspect the essential oils also aid with the survival of these plants in such harsh conditions - because whenever they are grown in regions where the water is more abundant (British Columbia, for example) - their flavour is largely lacking. What you see above is the luscious winter "look", which features soft and larger leaves, and their colour is much greener, and therefore more similar to the common oregano (Origanum vulgare).


Za'atar Farsi (meaning Persian Za'atar), or as it is called in Hebrew צתרה ורודה - Tzatra Vruda (Pink Tzatra) which really is winter or mountain savory (Satureja montana). Its long needle-like leaves have a sharp, spicy taste. When we were growing up my mom would spice the egg for French Toast with them and make them literally savoury.

Thymbra spicata צתרנית משובלת
Mediterranean Thyme (Thymbra spicata), in Hebrew צתרנית משובלת Tzatranit Meshubelet is also called in Arabic "Za'atar farsi", and has a very similar leaf shape (only a bit longer, narrower and softer) and almost identical odour and aroma profile. It has flowers that look a bit more like chaffs of wheat (not unlike those of Lavandula dentata, and is even more rare to find than Satureja montana.

Coridothymus capitatus
Israeli Thyme (Corydothymus capitatis / Thymus capitatus / Thymbra capitata) or in Hebrew Koranit Mekurkefet קורנית מקורקפת is also known by many other names - Israeli oreganum (oil), Cretan thyme, Corido thyme, Headed savory, Thyme of the Ancient, Conehead thyme and most commonly - Spanish Oregano (even though it is not classified as "origanum"). This oil is what is often sold as "oregano oil", by the way. This is now a rare plant that in our area grows only along the rocky seashores of the North Coast leading to Lebanon. The leaves are tiny and sharp, like a miniature version of the Pink Tzatra, but they grow more dense and close together to form clusters around the tip of the branches. The branches are woody-looking almost like bonsai trees that crawl all over the rocks - and the flowers tiny and purplish-pink. The aroma is clean and maybe a little more simple than that of za'atar, but also the taste is much more sharp and phenolic.

          Tại sao không nên tin vào chính mình?        
Bertrand Russell có một câu nói nổi tiếng là “Vấn đề của thế giới chính là lũ điên thì lại chắc chắn về bản thân mình còn người thông minh thì lúc nào cũng trăn trở về điều đó.”

Sau nhiều năm chiêm nghiệm, tôi đã nhận ra được tầm quan trọng của việc tìm kiếm sự an yên giữa những bất ổn và mơ hồ, giữa những thắc mắc về niềm tin và mộng ước, và hơn cả giữa những hoài nghi về chính bản thân mình. Trong các bài viết trước đây, tôi thường xuyên lặp đi lặp lại một thông điệp là bộ não của chúng ta thực chất không hề đáng tin chút nào. Chúng ta không hề có bất cứ một cơ sở nào về việc chúng ta đang nói, nghĩ, làm,…

Nhưng tôi chưa có dịp để đưa ra những lý giải và dẫn chứng cụ thể cho vấn đề trên. Và bây giờ là lúc thích hợp để chúng ta cùng nhau khám phá ra 8 lý do theo góc nhìn tâm lý học tại sao chúng ta không nên tin chính bản thân mình.


Có một thuật ngữ trong tâm lý học mang tên Góc nhìn sai lệch của người quan sát (the Actor-Observer Bias).

Chẳng hạn nếu bạn thấy một người vượt đèn đỏ ở ngã tư đường, có thể bạn sẽ nghĩ người này thật đáng trách, chỉ vì không kiên nhẫn chờ nổi vài giây mà đã gây nên nguy hiểm cho bao nhiêu người đi đường.

Ngược lại, nếu bạn chính là người đang vượt đèn đỏ, bạn sẽ tự nhủ với bản thân mình rằng đó chỉ là do vô ý mà thôi, bởi vì cái cây chết tiệt kia chắn mất tầm nhìn, bởi vì xưa giờ người vượt đèn đỏ có gây ra hề hấn gì đâu.

Cùng một hành động, nhưng nếu người khác làm thì họ nghiễm nhiên trở thành một tên khốn, còn nếu bạn làm thì đó chỉ là do vô ý.

Chúng ta đều có những lúc như thế, đặc biệt là khi phải đối diện với các vấn đề mâu thuẫn. Khi nói về một người đã từng làm tổn thương mình, chúng ta sẽ mô tả họ như một giống loài vô cảm, thiếu trách nhiệm, có ác ý làm hãm hại người khác. (1)

Tuy nhiên, khi chúng ta nói về việc mình đã làm tổn thương ai đó, chúng ta sẽ viện đủ lý do chỉ để biện minh rằng hành động của chúng ta hoàn toàn hợp lý. Trong trường hợp này, tâm trí chúng ta ngụy biện rằng những tổn thương mà chúng ta gây ra cho người khác không đáng là bao, thế nên việc bị buộc tội bản thân thật là vô lý.

Cả hai góc nhìn này đều hoàn toàn sai. Nhiều nghiên cứu tâm lý đã chỉ ra rằng cả thủ phạm và nạn nhân đều sẽ xuyên tạc sự thật bằng cách kể lại câu chuyện kèm theo quan điểm của mình.

Steven Pinker gọi hiện tượng này là Lỗ hổng Luân lý (Moralization Gap).(2) Bất cứ khi nào xung đột xuất hiện, chúng ta thường sẽ đánh giá quá cao thiện chí của bản thân và ngược lại, đánh giá xấu chủ ý của người khác. Điều này khiến chúng ta luôn tin rằng những người kia đáng để bị trừng phạt trong khi chúng ta phải được khoan hồng.

Tâm trí chúng ta lúc này hoạt động một cách vô thức vì kể cả khi đang biện minh cho chính mình, chúng ta đều luôn nghĩ nó hoàn toàn hợp lý. Nhưng thực ra sự thật không phải như vậy.


Trong cuốn sách Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gibert, nhà tâm lý học tại đại học Harvad, đã chỉ ra việc chúng ta rất tệ trong việc nhớ điều gì tác động đến cảm xúc của bản thân trong quá khứ cũng như tương lai.

Chẳng hạn, nếu đội thể thao ưa thích của bạn bị thua tại giải thi đấu lớn, bạn sẽ cảm thấy vô cùng buồn. Nhưng hóa ra trí nhớ về việc bạn cảm thấy buồn như thế nào lại không liên quan gì đến việc bạn cảm thấy buồn trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Nói cách khác, mỗi khi nhớ về những điều tệ hại lúc xưa, chúng ta thậm chí còn thêm thắt quá nhiều cảm xúc tiêu cực so với tình hình thực tế lúc đó. Tương tự, khi nhớ về những kí ức tốt đẹp lúc trước, chúng ta thường cho là chúng vui hơn so với thực tế lúc đó.

Thế nên khi hoạch định về tương lai, chúng ta thường đánh giá quá cao niềm hạnh phúc mà những điều tốt đẹp sẽ mang lại cũng như tin rằng những điều không may mắn sẽ làm chúng ta cảm thấy tệ hại khôn cùng. Để rồi chúng ta thường không nhận ra được bản thân mình đang thực sự cảm thấy như thế nào trong thời khắc của hiện tại.

Đây cũng là một lý do mà mọi người biện minh về việc không thể theo đuổi được hạnh phúc. Tất cả mọi thông tin chỉ ra rằng chúng ta thậm chí còn không biết hạnh phúc thực chất như thế nào thì làm sao có thể thực sống trong hạnh phúc.


Bạn đang đi trên đường thì bỗng có một người lạ lịch sự đến gần với mong muốn được tặng cho bạn vài cuốn sách báo “miễn phí”, ngay khi bạn cầm lấy chúng thì họ hỏi bạn tham gia cái này cái kia và quyên cho họ chút tiền vì họ đang gặp khó khăn. Đã bao giờ bạn lâm vào tình huống này chưa? Bạn biết là điều này thật kì cục và bạn muốn từ chối. Nhưng mà, cái này được tặng free đấy với cả bạn chả muốn bị coi là kẻ hờ hững với hoàn cảnh khó khăn chút nào.

Yeah, đó chính là mấu chốt của vấn đề.

Hóa ra là, quyết định của con người dễ bị chi phối bằng nhiều cách khác nhau, một trong số đó là việc tặng “quà” cho họ trước khi yêu cầu họ trả lại (điều này khiến khả năng giữ lại món quà cao hơn).

Hoặc thử cách này, lần tới nếu bạn thấy một dòng người xếp hàng dài ngoằng và muốn chen lên trước, chỉ việc đưa ra một lý do cho mọi người – bất cứ lý do nào – chẳng hạn “Tôi đang vội” hoặc “Tôi đang ốm”. Theo thí nghiệm, chỉ cần nhờ lý do ngắn gọn này mà bạn có đến 80% cơ hội thành công để chen lên trước hơn là không đưa ra lời giải thích. Điều tuyệt vời nhất là: cái lý do bạn đưa ra không cần phải logic hay có ý nghĩa gì cả.(3)

Các nhà kinh tế học thành vi đã chỉ ra rằng chúng ta dễ dàng có xu hướng tập trung vào một loại giá thành hơn các loại khác dù chả vì lý do gì. Hãy nhìn vào hình vẽ dưới đây:

Ở phía bên trái, sự khác biệt về giá có vẻ lớn và không hợp lý. Thế nhưng, nếu thêm chai rượu mức giá $50 như hình bên phải thì đột nhiên, chai rượu với giá $30 bỗng trở thành một mức vừa phải và có lẽ là một món hời.

Hãy thử xem một ví dụ khác nữa. Có người nói rằng bạn cần phải chi $2,000 cho chuyến đi Paris bao gồm bữa ăn sáng hoặc một chuyến đi Rome kèm bữa ăn sáng hoặc một chuyến đi Rome không kèm bữa ăn sáng. Hóa ra việc đưa thêm một lựa chọn “Rome không kèm ăn sáng” đã giúp cho nhiều người chọn Rome kèm ăn sáng hơn Paris. Tại sao vầy? Bởi vì nếu so sánh với chuyến đi Rome mà không có bữa ăn sáng, việc đi Rome kèm bữa ăn sáng có vẻ là một món hời. Thế là não bộ của chúng ta nhanh chóng quên đi mất chúng ta vẫn còn một sự lựa chọn nữa mang tên Paris.(4)


Các nhà nghiên cứu đã chỉ ra rằng kể cả những người đã bị tổn hại chức năng thị lực trên não bộ vẫn có thể “thấy” được ngay cả khi họ không nhận ra. Những người mù hay nói rằng họ không thể nhìn thấy được tay của mình ngay cả khi đưa nó ra trước mặt. Nhưng nếu có một ánh đèn lóe lên ngay trước mắt họ, dù ở phía bên phải hay trái, họ vẫn thường đoán chính xác được đèn lóe lên bên nào.

Và dù vậy, họ vẫn cứ nói bạn rằng đó hoàn toàn là đoán đại mà thôi.

Họ không hề có một gợi ý nào về việc đèn sáng bên nào nhưng vẫn có nhận định được ánh đèn nằm ở đâu.

Điều này thể hiện một sự trớ trêu nực cười: kiến thức và cảm giác biết kiến thức đó hoàn toàn không liên quan đến nhau.(5)

Và cũng giống như những người mù, chúng ta đều có kiến thức mà lại thiếu đi cảm giác biết kiến thức. Nhưng điều ngược lại, bạn có thể cảm tưởng là mình đã biết điều đó rồi mặc dù thực ra bạn không hề, cũng hoàn toàn là thật.

Đây chính là nguồn cơn cho mọi thiên vị cũng như ngụy biện. Chúng ta không nhận thức được sự khác biệt giữa cái mình thực sự biết và cái mình tưởng là mình biết. Do đó, các lý do kèm động cơ và các ngụy biện đã được xác nhận cứ liên tục diễn ra trong đời sống hàng ngày.


Nếu giống như hầu hết mọi người, bạn thường có xu hướng đưa ra những quyết định tồi dựa trên cảm xúc. Đồng nghiệp chỉ buông vài câu bông đùa về đôi giày của bạn mà bạn đã nhảy dựng đứng lên, bởi vì đó là di vật bà người bà đã mất trao lại. Thế là bạn quyết định “phải bằm nát lũ người này ra”, bỏ việc và sống dựa vào tiền phúc lợi. Đây hoàn toàn là một quyết định không hợp lý.

Nhưng việc tệ nhất chưa phải nằm ở đây đâu.

Kể cả khi chúng ta đã nhận thức được việc cảm xúc chi phối các quyết định, chúng ta đã tránh việc đưa ra các quyết định trong lúc đang có nhiều cảm xúc trong lòng, thì đây vẫn không phải là một giải pháp lâu dài. Bởi vì, cảm xúc có thể ảnh hưởng đến chúng ta hàng tháng, hàng năm, kể cả khi chúng ta đã nguôi giận và bắt đầu “phân tích” tình huống trước đó. Những cảm xúc ngắn hạn tại một thời điểm nào đó, hóa ra, lại có tác động lâu dài đến các quyết định chúng ta đưa ra sau này.(6)

Lấy ví dụ như thế này. Một người bạn bỗng muốn rủ bạn đi uống nước. Nhưng vì lý do nào đó, cơ chế phòng vệ của bạn bỗng được dựng lên. Bạn không muốn gật đầu cái rụp dù bạn cũng rất quý anh bạn ấy và muốn được trò chuyện với anh ta nhiều hơn. Bạn thận trọng trong việc đưa ra một phương án dù bạn không hiểu tại sao mình phải như vậy.

Điều mà bạn đã lãng quên chính là bạn đã từng có một người bạn tính tình nóng lạnh thất thường trước đây. Anh chàng đó cứ thỉnh thoảng lại nổi đóa lên bất thường với bạn. Bạn bước tiếp trong cuộc sống và dần quên mất những chi tiết đó trong quá khứ. Mối quan hệ giữa bạn và người cũ thậm chí còn quay trở lại bình thường.

Lúc đó bạn đã có đôi lần cảm thấy tổn thương và bực bội. Có thể về mặt nhận thức, bạn đã quên đi câu chuyện cũ, nhưng cảm xúc của bạn thì không. Nó vẫn đã từng nhớ mình đã cảm thấy buồn bã như thế nào. Để rồi khi giờ đây đối diện với một người hoàn toàn khác, trong một tình huống hoàn toàn khác, nó vô thức dựng lên hàng rào bảo vệ cho chính bạn.

Chúng ta thường dựa vào kí ức về những cảm xúc mà chúng ta đã có trong một thời điểm nào đó trước đây để làm nền tảng đưa ra nhiều quyết định sau đó. Vấn đề là, bạn hoàn toàn không có ý thức về điều này. Cảm xúc mà bạn đã có 3 năm trước đây có thể ảnh hưởng đến bạn bất cứ lúc nào.

Bàn về trí nhớ…


Elizabeth Loftus là một trong những nhà nghiên cứu tiên phong trong lĩnh vực trí nhớ và cô ấy là người đầu tiên nói với chúng ta rằng trí nhớ của mình hoàn toàn không hề đáng tin.

Về cơ bản, cô nhận ra rằng trí nhớ của chúng ta về các sự kiện trong quá khứ thường bị thay đổi bởi các sự kiện khác lúc xưa và/hoặc các thông tin thiếu chính xác mới. Cô đã khiến cho nhiều người nhận ra rằng lời khai từ nhân chứng không hẳn là một chứng cứ đáng tin.(8)

Loftus và các nhà nghiên cứu khác đã chỉ ra rằng:

Trí nhớ của chúng ta không chỉ bị mất dần mà còn dễ đưa ra các thông tin sai lệch theo thời gian.
Cảnh báo mọi người rằng kí ức của họ chứa các thông tin sai lệch cũng không giúp làm giảm đi các thông tin sai lệch.
Bạn càng có tính cảm thông nhiều bao nhiêu thì bạn càng dễ đồng nhất các thông tin sai lệch vào trong trí nhớ của mình bấy nhiêu.
Trí nhớ của chúng ta không chỉ bị thay đổi bởi các thông tin sai lệch mà có thể toàn bộ kí ức của chúng ta đã bị tạo ra. Điều này thường diễn ra khi người tạo ra kí ức của chúng ta lại chính là những người mà chúng ta tin tưởng.
Vì thế, kí ức của chúng ta hoàn toàn không hề đáng tin như mình đã nghĩ – thậm chí với những việc chúng ta nghĩ là đúng thì chỉ có phần chúng ta nghĩ là sự thật mà thôi.

Trên thực tế, các nhà thần kinh học đã dự đoán lúc nào con người sẽ nhớ sai thông tin dựa trên các hoạt động trí não của bạn. Tại sao vậy?

Họ lý giải điều này dựa trên việc so sánh trí nhớ với bộ nhớ của máy tính. Ban đầu, bộ nhớ sẽ ghi lại hết tất cả mọi thứ được đưa vào. Sau đó, chúng chậm dần, làm mất hoặc hư các file dữ liệu ngay sau khi bạn đã tạm dừng sử dụng. (10)

Nhưng bộ não của chúng ta không chỉ chứa spreadsheet, và file chữ hay GIFs. Trí nhớ giúp chúng ta học được từ các sự kiện trong quá khứ để từ đó đưa ra những quyết định đúng đắn hơn cho tương lai. Nhưng trí nhớ thực chất còn có 1 chức năng quan trọng và phức tạp khác mà chúng ta ít khi nghĩ đến.

Là người, chúng ta cần sự nhận dạng, chúng ta cần có cảm giác về việc “chúng ta là ai”, để từ đó điều hướng được các tình huống xã hội phức tạp cũng như để hoàn thành xong công việc. Trí nhớ giúp chúng ta biết được sự nhận dạng nhờ các câu chuyện trước đó.

Bằng cách này, việc kí ức có chính xác hay không không quan trọng. Điều mấu chốt chính là các câu chuyện của quá khứ đã tạo nên nhận thức về chính bản thân. Và thay vì phải sử dụng trí nhớ với độ chính xác tuyệt đối để thực hiện điều này, chúng ta thực chất chỉ cần các kí ức mờ nhạt, sau đó thêm thắt vào các chi tiết khác nhau để phù hợp với “cái tôi” mà chúng ta tạo ra và chấp nhận.

Có thể bạn nhớ rằng anh hay bạn bè đã từng bắt nạt mình rất nhiều và mình đã cảm thấy tổn thương như thế nào. Với bạn, đó là lý giải cho việc bản thân dễ nhạy cảm, hay lo lắng và khá e dè. Nhưng có lẽ kí ức đó không hề làm bạn tổn thương nhiều như mình đã nghĩ. Có lẽ khi nhớ về việc anh trai đã bắt nạt bạn lúc xưa, bạn đã dùng những cảm xúc ngay lúc này – nhạy cảm, lo lắng và e dè – và neo nó vào kí ức cũ, dù đống cảm xúc đó có khi lại chả hề liên quan gì đến việc anh trai đã bắt nạt bạn.

Kể từ giờ phút này, kí ức về việc ông anh trai đã nhẫn tâm và làm bạn tổn thương, dù đúng hay không, cũng đã gắn vào đặc điểm nhận dạng của bạn – một người dễ nhạy cảm, hay lo lắng. Đồng thời, đặc điểm này đã khiến bạn đưa ra những hành động đáng xấu hổ và tạo thêm nhiều đau khổ trong cuộc đời mình.

Có phải bạn đang hỏi tôi là: “Mark, vậy thì việc “tôi nghĩ tôi là ai” chỉ là một đống những ý tưởng bịa đặt do não bộ tạo ra thôi ư?”

Vâng, đúng thế đấy.


Hãy xem xét khía cạnh này: cách bạn thể hiện bản thân trên Facebook có lẽ không thực sự giống như cách bạn thể hiện bản thân khi rời “thế giới ảo”. Cách bạn hành xử lúc ở gần ông bà có lẽ sẽ khác khá nhiều so với lúc đi chơi với bạn bè. Bạn có “cái tôi tại công việc”, “cái tôi tại nhà””, “cái tôi trong gia đình”, “cái tôi khi ở một mình” và còn rất nhiều “cái tôi” khác nữa mà bạn dùng để điều hướng và sống sót trong thế giới xã hội phức tạp này.

Nhưng đâu mới là cái tôi “đích thực”?

Chúng ta có thể nghĩ rằng có lẽ một trong những bản sao ở trên thể hiện chính mình thực nhất. Nhưng một lần nữa, tất cả những việc bạn làm chỉ là lặp đi lặp lại câu chuyện vốn đã chiếm hữu trong đầu mình, những câu chuyện được tạo ra bởi các thông tin sai lệch.

Trong hơn một vài thập kỉ, các nhà tâm lý học xã hội đã khám phá ra một sự thật mà chúng ta khó lòng nào chấp nhận: cái tôi đích thực (core self) – cái tôi không thay đổi, cái tôi bất biến – chỉ là ảo tưởng mà thôi. (11) Một nghiên cứu mới đang bắt đầu chỉ ra việc cách thức bộ não tạo nên cảm giác về cái tôi cũng như việc sử dụng các thuốc gây ảo giác có thể tạm thời làm thay đổi sự vận hành của não bộ, khiến não tạo ra những ảo giác tạm thời về các định dạng bản thân.(12)

Điều trớ trêu là tất cả những thí nghiệm này – tuy được xuất bản trong những cuốn sách đắt tiền, được viết bởi những chuyên gia có tiếng – hóa ra chỉ đang lặp lại các triết lý truyền thống phương Đông mà các thiền sư giảng giải trong suốt hàng thế kỉ nay. Trong khi việc duy nhất mà các thiền sư làm chỉ là ngồi yên trong các hang động và không nghĩ gì cả trong vài năm.(13)

Ở phương Tây, con người thường xuyên đề cao cái tôi cá nhân trong nhiều nền văn hóa – chưa kể tới trong ngành công nghiệp quảng cáo – khiến chúng ta không ngừng tìm cách “định dạng” bản thân mà hiếm khi chịu dừng lại đủ lâu để tự vấn rằng liệu điều này có cần thiết để lao đầu vào hay không. Có lẽ ý tưởng về việc “nhận dạng bản thân” vừa hại vừa giúp chúng ta. Có lẽ nó đang trói buộc chúng ta nhiều hơn là giải phóng chính mình. Tất nhiên, thật tuyệt khi bạn biết mình muốn hoặc thích gì, nhưng bạn vẫn có thể theo đuổi ước mơ và mục tiêu của bản thân mà không cần phải dựa vào ý niệm chắc chắn về sự định dạng.


Chúng ta đang sở hữu một hệ thống thần kinh phức tạp. Nhờ có nó mà thông tin không ngừng được truyền đến não bộ. Theo một số tính toán, hệ thống giác quan – thị giác, xúc giác, khứu giác, thính giác, vị giác và sự cân bằng – gửi 11 triệu bit thông tin đến não chỉ trong vài giây. (14)

Nhưng kể cả như thế, chúng ta vẫn không thể nhận thức được những sự vật sự việc li ti, khó nhìn thấy. Ánh sáng mà chúng ta thấy được chỉ là một phần nhỏ trong dải quang phổ điện từ. Chúng ta không thể thấy được điều này trong khi các loài chim hay côn trùng lại có thể. Chó có thể nghe và ngửi được những thứ mà chúng ta thậm chí không ý thức được sự tồn tại. Hệ thần kinh của chúng ta hoạt động vừa như bộ máy thu thập thông tin vừa như bộ máy lọc thông tin.

Hơn hết, tâm thức của con người chỉ có thể kiểm soát được 60 bit thông tin trong một giây khi chúng ta đang tham gia vào các hoạt động gắn với trí thông minh (đọc sách, chơi nhạc cụ, …) (15)

Có nghĩa là, bạn chỉ có thể ý thức được khoảng 0.000005454% phần thông tin mà não bộ nhận được trong khi đang còn tỉnh.

Để dễ hiểu hơn, hãy tưởng tượng là với mỗi chữ mà bạn nhìn thấy và đọc trong bài viết này, có 536,303,630 chữ khác mà bạn không thể nhìn thấy.

Về cơ bản, đó là cách chúng ta sống trong thế giới này mỗi ngày.

Tác giả: Mark Manson
Dịch: Hạnh Nguyên

Ghi chú:

1. See Roy Baumeister and Aaron Beck’s Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty.↵
2. See: The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker, Chapter 8, to be exact.↵
3. These experiments and more explained in Robert Cialdini’s timeless book Influence.↵

4. This is a shitty summary of an experiment conducted by Dan Ariely of Duke University, discussed in his excellent book Predictably Irrational.↵

5. In fact, your brain has completely independent processes for each of these and both function independently of logic and reason. See Dr. Robert Burton’s book On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When You’re Not.↵

6. Andrade, E. B., & Ariely, D. (2009). The enduring impact of transient emotions on decision making. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 109(1), 1–8.↵

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          Post Shuwit Shuwit Nyampah - Hahaha~        
bila tengok gambar ni, terus rasa "pandai aku jaga... mengembang dengan helokkk"

10 tahun dah.. 
banyak sangat ups and downs yang kitorang dah lalui
dari zaman freehair pakai cap, sampai la *ehem*ayu*ehem* macam ni.. hahaahaha

teringat lagi, nak mengorat ambik nombor phone depan depan takut
ye lah, wanie jenis ignorance sikit - not too friendly dengan orang tak kenal
pergi kelas, balik kelas ... petang nye atau malam pegi gym training Taekwondo
membuta je ... takpun jejalan pegi Times Square / Jusco / Midvalley sesorang
buat-buat pinjam buku Java Programming
sebab dapat tau yang semua buku-buku wanie, ada nombor phone (time tu buku mahal, takde nak download-download) so kalau wanie misplaced buku tu, hopefully ada orang call lah.. hahaha

awal-awal dulu, SMS "Hi" je... 
nak ngorat tapi tak reti
lama-lama, sebab se"utara" , jadi rapat - kalau nak balik kampung, naik bas sekali 
ada chemistry sebab sama-sama agak skema
port dating dulu-dulu haruzzzlahh Lowyat kan
paham-paham je lah interest sama.. 
further study pun sesama lagi, course sama
cuma result dia lah lagi excellent 
walaupun dalam kelas, keja membuta.. notes pun ambik kat kita yang macam nak putus jari mencatat itu ini

tak sangka
2 bulan lagi bakal disatukan jadi husband and wife
dalam masa bertunang ni
dua-dua cuba lebih memahami dan lebih mengenali 
takde dugaan yang berat berat
cuma masing-masing terlampau sibuk dengan kerja, sampai rasa kena abandon 
tapi cepat-cepat kami "fix" balik loophole tu

dalam hubungan perlu ada
give and take
be yourself

nyanyi kuat-kuat dalam keta walaupun suara kelautt
kutuk-kutuk each other
gumuknyeee... but i still love u! 
- padahal, kita pun dah start mengembang dengan marvelous ni -

#kejannah uolzzz..

- wanie
- 09:58 | 1/22/2017 -
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p/s : ye, kena keja weekend. sebab takde user ni yang boleh blogging!

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          Optimización libre y solidaria        
El mundo tiene más sorpresas que las que uno espera. En un viaje los detalles pequeños saltan a la vista con mayor facilidad que las grandes diferencias de lenguaje, historia, ubicación, etc. Una de las que más me ha llamado la atención es este medio de transporte llamado "Motorela". 

Al norte de Mindanao, en Misamis Oriental, entre Camiguin y Cagayan de Oro en Filipinas se ve este curioso medio de transporte. Se trata de una moto con un remolque que -mágicamente- permite acomodar 10 personas. ¿Cómo? La palabra es esa... magia. Aunque tenga un uso masivo, sea un espacio pequeño, que todo quepa o o que nada se cae a pesar de que todo parezca inestable este medio tiene algo muy especial.

¿Cuál es su especialidad? Se trata de una optimización libre. Los filipinos mencionan sutilmente la ubicación y el conductor sutilmente acepta o rechaza el destino propuesto. Una vez aceptada la dirección, en silencio el conductor se dirige a ese lugar. Los peatones se acercan y mencionan otros lugares. El conductor simplemente asiente o niega la ruta deseada por los otros pasajeros. El vehículo se llena y los pasajeros se van bajando en el lugar deseado y uno llega a su destino. El precio son 7 pesos filipinos (PHP) el equivalente a aprox 14 centavos de dólar o 540 pesos colombianos (COP).

¿Qué tiene eso de novedoso? Lo que he podido observar es que el medio permite satisfacer la necesidad de transporte, su cupo se utiliza plenamente, es un transporte colectivo y el conductor con una señal sutil está optimizando la ruta. ¡Muestra un fenómeno emergente que sin control previo genera resultados ordenados! ¿Podrían las grandes plataformas como Über, Waze, Google Maps lograr procesos de optimización donde en lugares precisos se recogan personas que vayan hacia la misma ruta? 

Lo mejor de todo es que rompe el paradigma tecnocrático de que la mejor opción de transporte es planificada. ¿Podría esa moda de alcaldes tecnócratas colombianos lograr un medio óptimo, cooperativo y a la vez libre? La planificación que empieza a utilizar varias variables se pierde rápidamente. Es fácil perder el rastro de simples supuestos programados en Excel al punto de que los archivos cobran vida. Sin embargo, un conductor de forma sencilla y ante todo libre resuelve problemas colectivos que llevan a resultados óptimos. 

Muchas acciones individuales llevan al orden, pocas acciones de un "líder" generan caos... ¿Por qué? La libertad tiene atractores extraños y eficientes a pesar de su caos, el orden forzado produce caos...   

          LA GRAN "UTILIDAD" DE LA OEA...        
Asamblea General 35 de la OEA.
Decía en estos días el dictador venezolano Nicolás Maduro que a la OEA no la quiere nadie. ¿Cómo va a ser verdad una frase de tan despreciable personaje? ¡Tiene que estar "equivocado"! ¡La "verdad" únicamente la dice gente inteligente y agradable! Para refutar la frase de Maduro (aunque estaría "refutada" por quien la dice) vamos a mostrar la inmensa utilidad de la OEA.

En los inicios de la juventud hay un idealismo que raya con la ingenuidad. Todos los recién egresados de colegio vibran por cambiar el mundo. Saben más de la profesión que piensan estudiar los que ya la estudiaron. Una época hermosa con unas ansias de cambiar el mundo más fuertes que las de Putin y las de Obama... Y es aquí donde viene la OEA. Con el ánimo de implantar "valores democráticos" se crean simulaciones de la OEA. Los jóvenes por un instante juegan a cambiar el mundo. Los hombres de corbata y las niñas de sastre. Una elegancia que eleva su "espíritu" a la categoría de aquellos representantes del continente... Sin la OEA ¿A qué jugarían nuestros jóvenes?

Maduro diría que podrían jugan a un modelo de la "Asamblea Nacional". Más de uno elegiría ser Diosdado Cabello sin lugar a dudas. Pero la Asamblea Nacional Bolivariana es muy aburrida. La mayoría tendrían que gritar que están "rodilla en tierra" con el comandante eterno. La minoría básicamente tendría que gritar que "no existen garantías para la oposición". Lo único es que podría armarse un "bochinche" y liberar aquellas bajas pasiones... Tal vez esa sea una simulación un poco más auténtica del costoso circo de la política. Pero ¿Acaso eso eleva su noble y digno espíritu de nuestra juventud? 

La diplomacia es el arte, que requiere enorme valentía, de sonreirle a quien en condiciones normales querrías pegarle un puño. No es hipocresía, para nada, por el contrario se requiere una gran valentía para sonreírle a alguien que detestas. Esto es incomprensible por algunas personas sobre todo en Antioquia y la Costa Colombiana.  Sin embargo, en su mayoría la gente en Colombia es "diplomática". En todo caso, más vale una sonrisa falsa que una guerra auténtica...

Uno de los grandes beneficios conseguidos por la diplomacia es el de la "inmunidad diplomática". Más allá de entrar a analizar tan "valiosa" institución en sus debidas "excepciones" es claro que esto representa un beneficio. La inmunidad diplomática no solamente se presenta para "misiones diplomáticas" ante países, sino para aquellas ante instituciones como la OEA o la ONU.

En un mundo donde priman principios como "la libertad de circulación" o la no-discriminación por razones de nacionalidad (leáse pasaporte) ¿Cómo se sacarían beneficios adicionales para personas "iguales ante la ley"? ¡Con la inmunidad diplomática! Se trata de una discriminación positiva en razón del pasaporte, de uno especial claro está. Siendo todos iguales ante la ley ¿cómo podríamos encontrar una forma para que a alguien le dijeran "Su Excelencia"? Eso sin contar que eso facilita el tránsito en aeropuertos demorado por medidas proteccionistas (que surgen "precisamente" como formas para facilitar la libertad de circulación y la no-discriminación) como las visas o las aduanas. Sin tantas instituciones internacionales ¿Cómo haría el político para incluir en la lista de su gigantesco número de "amigos" de los beneficios del poder? Ese carrusel de roscas, beneficios y adulación requiere privilegios especiales...

Hay un tercer beneficio que presenta la OEA. Se trata de una Organización que no escatima en realizar toda serie de eventos, cocteles, tratos especiales, etc. Se trata de la socialización del más alto nivel. En estos eventos como "foro para la erradicación del hambre" se invita a "líderes comprometidos" a "discutirlo" en hoteles del más alto nivel. Se trata de eventos que sus asistentes no solamente no pasen hambre, sino que coman esquisitos manjares. Manjares que los motiven a una "reflexión profunda" para sacar una resolución, declaración, etc., donde se diga que se quiere acabar con el hambre. Â¿Cómo conseguiríamos aquellas "valiosísimas" declaraciones que se dan en eventos del más alto nivel?

Eso sin contar con que, los organismos internacionales son buenos empleadores. ¿Qué pasaría con empleos como los del Secretario General, despachos, asistentes, adjuntos? No se puede negar que, en un mundo lleno de problemas económicos, se requiere resolver los problemas de empleo. Es "vital" para nuestra economía que haya personas encargadas de manejar varios tipos de sellos y la logística que ello implica. Más aún, por su directa relación con emitir otras de declaraciones acerca de la importancia de acabar con el hambre. Situación que llevará a otras declaraciones sobre tan importante problema... Eso sin contar que las facultades de relaciones internacionales perderían inmensas "ventajas" para el mercadeo de sus programas. ¿Dónde van a trabajar sus egresados? En esta economía global hay que "garantizarles" un empleo...

Es así como Nicolás Maduro está equivocado. No solamente por ser él quien lo dice, sino por la importancia de la institución que se trata. Sin ella ¿Qué remedarían los jóvenes para cambiar el mundo? ¡Se perderían empleos, se desperdiciarían inmunidades diplomáticas (que podría darle a sus "amigos")! Sin la OEA y las instituciones internacionales ¿cómo podríamos tener un circo donde los payasos cumplan al pie de la letra el protocolo y la etiqueta? Sin ellos no tendríamos quien lograra darnos pan... bueno declaraciones que harán que este aparezca mágicamente...

¿Ciencia a la Colombiana? Este es un artículo que va en contra de la corriente actual, de alguna manera podrán decir que estoy en contra de la "ciencia" lo que me parece en cierto sentido excelente. Hace pocos días se desató el escándalo de que le iban a quitar plata a Colciencias. Para mí fue motivo de decepción: ¡Deberían cerrarla! Si yo fuera presidente lo primero que cerraría sería Colciencias y eso que es complicado dado como se comporta la academia actual, deseo que eso pase, que cierren a Colciencias... no ser presidente.

¿Qué ha pasado? La verdad hay un exceso de noticias que impiden afirmar científicamente qué fue lo que pasó. Hay dos hechos que creo claros: 

1. "La directora de COLCIENCIAS dijo que iban a quitarles presupuesto"
2. "La directora de COLCIENCIAS dejó su cargo a los pocos días"

¿Qué pasó realmente? ¿Cómo se supo la "noticia" difundida como escándalo nacional? Lo primero que genera inquietud es ¿cómo sabía la directora que les iban a quitar presupuesto? ¿Le escribieron el ministro o el presidente? De acuerdo con un artículo de "El Tiempo" (al que hay que leer a favor de Colciencias por el sesgo a favor del presidente) manifestó que recibió un correo de su director de planeación, es decir, un funcionario de ella. ¿Y ese funcionario de dónde la recibió? El confuso artículo del periódico El Tiempo menciona al Departamento Nacional de Planeación. Esa mención parece una "Colcienciada..." es decir una imprecisión de tipo periodístico como se da en Colombia. Pero ¿y si viniera del DNP? Si uno mira las funciones del DNP frente al presupuesto sus funciones son más de carácter burocrático y asesor que realmente quien elabora el presupuesto . Por su parte, quien realmente elabora y sigue el presupuesto, por tener la misión de la política fiscal y la definición del gasto público es el Ministerio de Hacienda 

¿Entonces era información veraz con la que se basaba la directora de Colciencias? Es factible que la información fuera veraz. ¿Y cómo lo comprueba? Pero no es una información que uno pueda tomar como concluyente.  Lo sería si hubiera conocido el proyecto de ley del presupuesto presentado al congreso, ni siquiera un borrador permitiría una inferencia que "les quitaron el presupuesto". Solamente podría hablarse de una intención. Pero releamos las palabras: "Voy a dar la mala noticia que me acaba de llegar en un correo. Me dice mi jefe de Planeación: 'Directora, le mando la confirmación del presupuesto del año entrante, que es 289.000 millones de pesos. Estamos ya a 125.000 millones del presupuesto del año pasado". Pero bueno esa es la ciencia a la colombiana, una declaración no confirmada de una funcionaria -con autoridad de dirigir la "ciencia colombiana"- da para que toda una academia proteste porque "le van a bajar el presupuesto a Colciencias". 

Pero bueno ese es el ridículo argumento de autoridad -no verdaderamente científico- por el que la "academia" reconoce un hecho probado: le van a disminuir el presupuesto a "Colciencias". Ni el más formalista, ni el menos riguroso de los académicos validaría una información de ese calibre. Es más ni siquiera hace bien el único trabajo que ese el estado: ¡producir formularios y saber llenarlos! Es como si un científico dijera que en su laboratorio la presión atmosférica es de 900 HPa porque se lo dijo su "asistente". Uno como mínimo mira el barómetro. Pero es ciencia a la colombiana... una mentalidad que se cree pensadora porque sabe muchos chismes... Recuerdo que hablaba una vez con una niña que estudiaba periodismo y ella leía "las fuentes son... el ministro". Y yo le dije que eso no era real, que la fuente es el acto -que es como se comunica el ministro como ministro- no la opinión -política además-del ministro. Bueno, tal vez la directora de "ciencias a la colombiana" quería rebelarse contra la ¡producción de formularios! y ver que puede haber verdad confirmada más allá del formulario... en especial lo referente al futuro...

"Deseo tener el país más educado: ¡todos tendrán un diploma!"
¿Qué es Colciencias? Uno podría quedarse por lo que dicen los decretos que la crean, que es el mismo copy paste de esos sueños que quedan en las leyes. Acá creemos que el tiempo y el reloj se mueven por decreto, sino pregúntele a Juan Manuel Santos su ridícula e improvisada propuesta que pasó a la historia como "la hora Gaviria" y que cancelaron casualmente en el momento en que astronómicamente era inconveniente... manifestando que "ya era económicamente viable". Así como creemos que por decreto va a salir la ciencia, la tecnología y la innovación, creemos que necesitamos gente "trabajando" para hacer magia el decreto. Y eso hace "Colciencias":

Colciencias es el Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación.
Promueve las políticas públicas para fomentar la CT+I en Colombia. Las actividades alrededor del cumplimiento de su misión implican concertar políticas de fomento a la producción de conocimientos, construir capacidades para CT+I, y propiciar la circulación y usos de los mismos para el desarrollo integral del país y el bienestar de los colombianos.

¿Las cosas se conocen por el qué o por el cómo? Seguramente por el cómo. ¿Cómo promueve, fomenta, (y mil sinónimos de la burocracia para enfatizar sus objetivos) la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación? Contaré mi experiencia. ¿Qué hace Colciencias?

Siendo uno de los pocos privilegiados que pudo pasar por la universidad recuerdo varias cosas. Una de mis grandes amigas (que seguro estará en desacuerdo y podrá precisar este artículo) era la Directora del Centro de Investigaciones. También intentaba entrar al mundo de la investigación universitaria con un Semillero de Investigación. Y bueno he encontrado más cosas en las universidades. 

En aquellas épocas mi amiga trabajaba con otra amiga que se encargaba de arreglar todos los asuntos de la investigación. Bueno "investigación". Recuerdo que una de sus tareas era ayudar a los profesores a actualizar el CVLac ¿Qué es el CVLac? En Colciencias puede verse un tutorial especial para hacer el CVLac. Esto es básicamente la hoja de vida del investigador. ¿Por qué para investigar en las universidades se requiere una hoja de vida? El tutorial para hacer el CVLac tiene unas 66 páginas cuya lectura muy posiblemente serán horas de investigación... perdidas... Y eso que luego de leerlo hay que llenarlo... Una labor que podrá ayudar a la paciencia, la templanza, la fortaleza pero no la investigación, mucho menos la innovación... Bueno, puede servir a crear el llenado automático de formularios, ¿se le ocurrirá eso a la brillantez colombiana? Espero que como un chiste bastante picante el programador del llenado automático de formularios sea colombiano...

Alguna vez renegaba del colegio del que salí diciendo "en este colegio no quieren científicos sino secretarias". Pero el colegio no era más que un mini-Colciencias. Creo que Colombia solamente necesita una profesión "elaboración y llenado de formularios", así que el colegio pensaba en mi bien cuando me hablaba de la importancia de no salirme de los márgenes. De paso no debía enseñar nada más, porque los que "estudiamos" comemos cuando llenamos formularios, y comemos mejor cuando llenamos formularios más elaborados. Pero entre llenar un CVLac para decir que investigo o una declaración de renta por plata prefiero llenar una declaración de renta.

Ahora bien, no bastaba con llenar la hoja de vida. También las universidades hacen grupos de investigación. Aunque la curiositas es amplia la investigación suele centrarse, no en el macrocosmos sino en el primer pelo de la segunda pata de la hormiga culona santandereana.Y allí tenemos los grupos de investigación. Esos grupos se mueven por proyectos. Por ejemplo "El crecimiento del primer pelo de la segunda pata de la hormiga culona santandereana en la disminución  del consumo de la misma en la dieta de los habitantes de San Gil, Santander". Esos grupos también tienen hoja de vida... efectivamente, más formularios. Pero bueno, eso no es lo que hace Colciencias, lo que hace es tomar esas hojas de vida y "pesarlas" y es básicamente comparar la investigación con la producción de bienes y servicios. La calidad de la investigación es "cantidad"

Es así como los investigadores ya tienen un buen tiempo llenando formularios -e investigando cómo se llenan esos formularios-. Pero uno tal vez piensa "bueno, ese no es el día a día de la 'apasionante' investigación". Pero no es extraño encontrar a los profesores llenando esos formularios que tienen plazo para enviarlos. Eso sin contar con los miles de informes que deben mandar. Creo que Colciencias también financia proyectos o autoriza sumas pero eso por lo menos no lo vi. Bueno, vi los jóvenes investigadores de Colciencias ¿Un incentivo para destruir la investigación verdadera con dudosas vinculaciones a universidades?

¿Formularios o celdas? Difícil volar alto dentro de una jaula...
Supongamos que Colciencias sí financia los proyectos de investigación y supongamos que es una financiación eficiente: la burocracia es simple papeleo en comparación al apoyo a la investigación. Esto es un peligro porque queda centralizada a los intereses y compromisos del gobierno de turno. Supóngase que un grupo de investigación investiga las vías para la paz en Colombia y encuentra "peligroso negociar en la Habana por la inviabilidad y efectividad del acuerdo para generar un desarme efectivo". O supóngase que un grupo de investigación en "Energías renovables" investiga "la generación eléctrica mediante el uso de las olas" que afecta a los monopolios del carbón y de las energías en petróleo, carbón o gas que de paso son empresas "industriales y comerciales del estado" que le generan regalías o pueden subastar para mejorar su cash flow... O algo un poco más de frente "La necesaria liberalización de la investigación para asumir los retos del mundo moderno" o algo con un tono más marxista "el factor alienante del estado en sus 'oficinas de fomento' de ciencia y tecnología". 

La primera es una investigación que puede estar en el rigor legítimo y que está en todo su derecho a disentir de las políticas del gobierno. Pero como "la investigación debe realizarse dentro de los marcos, planes y programas" del estado posiblemente no se le acuse de frente, pero sí le exigirán hasta por un milímetro demás en los márgenes. Mejor dicho le dirán "claro que puedes abrir las alas... dentro de la jaula que hemos construido para ti". La segunda tampoco saldrá de plano, pero le exigirán todo y de paso se fomentarán investigaciones para demostrar "la inviabilidad del uso de las olas en la generación eléctrica". La tercera tampoco se aprobará. El estado  no es el garante, ni el promotor, ni la ciencia nace por decreto, ni llenando formularios. Bueno, sí salen libros sobre cómo llenar formularios, 66 páginas sobre cómo llenar la hoja de vida del investigador, algo que nos "facilita" la vida...   

El nacimiento de la innovación, la tecnología y la ciencia se da de una forma totalmente contraria al planteamiento burocrático y centralizado de Colciencias. Al respecto puede leerse "El Tomismo Desdeñado" donde explican con claridad cómo el descubrimiento, el aprendizaje y demás son cuestiones que se dan en el marco de cada persona en concreto. Esa novedad, eso que estaba 'under my very nose' para parafrasear a un autor judío-norteamericano citado en "El Tomismo Desdeñado", no es algo sujeto a la forma, la cantidad o la temporalidad. De esa misma forma investigo yo, abierto a la naturaleza, al mundo y a los hechos... En esa forma de investigar no tengo que llenar formularios, a veces ni dejar registro -aunque sea mejor hacerlo- sino una permanente observación. 

No niego que en el sistema de ciencia a la colombiana pueda haber buenos, incluso genios en la investigación y verdaderos aportes a la ciencia. Pero me parece que el sistema de "ciencia a la colombiana" o "investigación de llenado de formularios" anula, restringe o excluye a aquellos que son a mi juicio los mejores investigadores y restringe el alcance de los que lo logran. Los mejores investigadores son los niños sin lugar a dudas, su permanente contacto con la magia de la naturaleza y su capacidad de asombro los lleva a proponer las mejores soluciones y conclusiones sobre el mundo. La investigación necesita también del error, cosa que no se puede si está centrada en el llenado de formularios que considera el error como incorrecto... y de paso delito...

Y seamos sinceros ¿cómo se dio el aporte a la ciencia en la historia? ¿Por órganos centralizados que fomentaran la "innovación, la ciencia y la tecnología"? Entre algunos ejemplos Fermat era un matemático aficionado cuyo oficio era el de abogado, y tener un diploma en derecho hace 'necesariamente' que uno no sepa de matemáticas. Conclusión a la que los "col-científicos" han decretado como dogma. Fermat jugaba con los números y hacía continuos descubrimientos que sorprendieron a muchos matemáticos posteriores como Euler. Pitágoras necesitaba seguramente un proyecto de investigación -y financiación de "Crotociencias"- para probar que "en un triángulo rectángulo la suma de los cuadrados de los catetos es igual al cuadrado de la hipotenusa". Se dice que Pitágoras huyó de su ciudad natal a Crotonas entre otras porque no quería participar en cuestiones de política Eso sin contar con notables condenas y asesinatos a genios del calibre de Sócrates, asesinado entre otras porque pidió como condena que "Colciencias" lo financiara de por vida por sus aportes a la sociedad...

Acabo de citar a Wikipedia que en ciencias colombianas "no es una fuente de fiar porque lo modifica cualquiera", el problema creo no es que cualquiera pueda modificarlo sino que lo hace gente que no tiene "CVLac". Probablemente los que modifican Wikipedia sean unos mediocres que pasan todo el día de fuente en fuente y no se gradúen con honores como Newton que pasaba todo el día en la biblioteca y no iba a clase. Un artículo académico trae mil fuentes -CITADAS CON NORMAS APA- wikipedia trae ¡las fuentes! con link directo. O sino vea lo que trae la Wikipedia cuando uno busca a Newton: ¡Su obra maestra!

Espero que todos sean científicos e innovadores como yo.
Atte: Colciencias.
El conocimiento, la verdad y demás, es dialéctico y por eso no debería concluir un debate. Pero yo concluiría, cerraría, a Colciencias. Una tímida disminución de presupuesto es poco por la ciencia, la tecnología y la innovación... pero, si eso es cierto ¡hay que reconocerle la buena obra al gobierno! Los críticos -simplemente porque no es el gobierno que quieren- critican cualquier cosa que haga o digan que haga el gobierno, es un deporte, hasta bueno, el caso es que ver algo bueno en un gobierno es TAN difícil que hay que felicitarlo si estuviera haciendo las cosas bien... 

Sin embargo, así es la realidad de este alienante y desmoralizador país cuya única profesión es el llenado de formularios... Si alguien pregunta por Colombia y lo que hacen... ¿Qué hacen? las empresas "llenar formularios" y si les queda tiempo producir bienes y servicios, las universidades "llenar formularios" y si les queda tiempo dan clases pero ¿investigan? Y los abogados "llenan formularios" y ¿en su tiempo libre? Piensan cómo hacerlos más enredados ¿Y qué hace el gobierno? ¡Produce formularios!  

Y ¿qué son entonces El Tiempo, El Espacio, El Asombro o Espectador, El Colombiano, La República, Portafolio, El Nuevo Siglo, El País, El Universal? ¿Realidades? ¡Qué va! ¿Formularios? No, eso tiene su ciencia... ¡Periódicos! Pero los dueños de los periódicos son los mismos que hacen los formularios... Esa es la ciencia a la colombiana, basta leer un periódico, e improvisar su resumen como lo hacía un mediocre profesor del colegio que estaba allí porque sabía cómo ser un buen policía... ah y sabía verificar que el "desprendible" -formulario para niños- se llenara bien so pena de llamar "negligentes" a sus alumnos... Ese era mi "modelo" de "diligencia"... Clases improvisadas, formularios bien llenados... 

Esa es la ciencia a la colombiana: producción de formularios. Y su proceso o método:

- Justificación o discusión del formulario: periódicos
- Producción del formulario: gobierno/estado
- Control y auditoria para garantizar su incomprensión: abogados, lobbies, grupos de poder. Su objetivo es que entre más incomprensible, mejor...¡calidad!

¿Y Colciencias? Una tuerca sin aceite en medio del engranaje decadente... al que muchos encuentran por donde elogiar sus "grandezas"...

NOTA: Si quiere comentar este artículo escriba 1. para queja, 2. para ironía, 3. para felicitación y agradecimiento, 4. Para reclamo... ¡Qué! Si le da la gana de escribir hágalo como quiera... si quiere insúlteme, internamente me ofenderé y reiré de usted al mismo tiempo, pero bienvenido...

NOTA 2: O uno escribe o se dedica a recopilar fuentes, ahí están los links y un libro "El Tomismo Desdeñado" de paso le dejo el "CVLac" del autor Algunos me entenderán que ese CVLac es ridículo...De investigador junior no tiene ni un pelo...

Conversando con un amigo de mi hermano quisimos mirar las tendencias sobre el tema del "cambio climático" o "calentamiento global". En primer lugar, quisimos mirar en concreto las mediciones de CO2 por kilotoneladas. El Banco Mundial uno de los mayores promotores de la existencia del cambio climático nos trae una larga serie, de 50 años un número geológicamente MUY relevante, del orden de un 1 y 7 ceros... antes o sea 0,000000011111111 de la edad de la tierra. No sabíamos la "amplia" duración de los periodos geológicos... pero hay buenas noticias, Estados Unidos ha ido disminuyendo su participación en las emisiones globales como lo muestra la siguiente gráfica:
DATOS: Banco Mundial

La tendencia es "alentadora". Lo que no nos muestran es que sus emisiones han venido aumentando desde 1960. Tampoco nos dicen que las emisiones Chinas han aumentado su participación en las emisiones globales veamos las emisiones Chinas y Norteamericanas por kilotonelada en el mismo periodo de tiempo:
DATOS: Banco Mundial
Y ¿hay alguna correlación entre el aumento de las emisiones chinas con la economía norteamericana? ¿Mano de obra "balata"? El caso es que es alentador ver que en 2009 cuando llegó el ambientalista y "Nobel" Barack Obama, las emisiones disminuyeron... también habrían caído con el petrolero Bush... venían cayendo con el petrolero Bush ¿Perdón? Las crisis bajan las emisiones... ¿Qué? Sí, las crisis bajan las emisiones. Para ponerlo un poco más duro, en nada impactan los políticos al manejo de emisiones... Â¿o si? La razón es simple, si el ciclo implica disminución del consumo pasan dos cosas:
  1. Por vía del consumo: las personas tratan de recortar al máximo sus gastos en políticas austeras. Apagan más la luz. Recordemos que en general la producción de energía norteamericana es del carbón o del petróleo. También la pérdida de empleos genera disminución en el uso de vehículos.
  2. Por vía de las industrias: al ver las crisis las industrias disminuyen la demanda de capital y de producción, no solamente despiden trabajadores sino que utilizan menos las máquinas. Es lo que llaman "hechos estilizados de los ciclos económicos".
¿Es cierto esto? Pues algo así se observa en Colombia y Cuba. Por ejemplo, en Cuba la escasa industria hace que sus emisiones no estén al nivel de las colombianas o no hayan crecido lo mismo lo mismo en Colombia, la crisis del 1999 se ve reflejada en las emisiones de CO2:
FUENTE: Banco Mundial.

¿Y la disparada de las emisiones en Colombia? Hasta 2004 la construcción estuvo resentida por la crisis, a partir de 2004 se dispara, también hay minería que puede o debe influir al respecto. Lo que sí es interesante es la economía cubana, el comunismo parece que no hace creer las emisiones. Bueno, pero tienen a EEUU al lado ¿no les afecta sus mediciones? Conclusión, si es así hay que disminuir el crecimiento económico o volvernos una economía comunista -sin carbón o petróleo- para disminuir las emisiones... Es la conclusión absurda y corto placista de los ambientalistas.  
Hay muchas falencias en estos temas. Uno puede preguntarse ¿son comparables las gráficas? Si uno es estricto no. ¿Cómo miden las emisiones de CO2 en Cuba, Colombia, EEUU y China? Las mediciones son diferentes, si en mi edificio tuviera dos barómetros y los pongo en el mimo lugar es probable que den mediciones diferentes, aproximadas pero diferentes. Lo mismo si los medidores están a las afueras o dentro de las ciudades la cuestión cambia, adicionalmente los vientos pueden llevar la contaminación hacia lugares distintos. Si es en el día en una ciudad costera la brisa del mar puede sesgar el medidor hacia arriba conservando la contaminación en ese punto. Las temperaturas pueden cambiar el proceso de ascenso, la densidad del aire varía con la temperatura, el CO2 también, los procesos de ascenso por convexión variarán de acuerdo con la latitud de la zona, la presión, la densidad del aire, entre muchos otros.
No es igual la medición en zonas desérticas que no tienen vegetación a zonas con buena vegetación. No es lo mismo medir el CO2 en Cusco, Perú desértico, frío y a 3600 msnm que en Apartadó, Antioquia, Colombia altamente húmedo, caliente, mucha vegetación y prácticamente al nivel del mar (los dos climas más opuestos que conozco). Es así como un medidor de emisiones de CO2 no es comparable realmente de país a país. Que hay cierto nivel de error de país a país es claro... pero ¿cuánto? El "generoso" Banco Mundial que "tanta riqueza nos genera" no nos regala ese dato...
Es así como estos datos realmente empíricos, tomados de una medición, no son comparables. No estoy criticando el empirismo como tal, estoy criticando el mal manejo que se da a lo empírico. Si no fuera un empirista no sabría que hay diferencias en la medición de diferentes medidores en la misma situación. La idea del laboratorio que se usa en física es excelente, logra aislar diversas variables, pero también tiene su error. ¿Pero un laboratorio multivariable?

En el artículo  Â¿LA POBREZA PROVIENE DE LA FALTA DE DINERO? sembramos la inquietud de cómo el dinero no implica pobreza ni riqueza sino su medida. Sin embargo, explicamos qué pasa si hacemos billetes. El niño propuso como solución hacer billetes y... Keynes le hizo caso. Quizás me digan que degrado a Keynes considerándolo que promovía la misma solución del niño, la verdad es que no, promovía el control de la "oferta monetaria" para influir en la "demanda agregada"... no promovía hacer billetes, promovía un sinónimo. 

Pero ¿cuáles son las consecuencias de hacer billetes? Prendamos la maquinita y experimentemos. Las consecuencias anticipo son dos, la primera se llama inflación, la segunda se llama hurto mediante la mutación de la moneda.

La inflación es la pérdida del poder adquisitivo del dinero por el aumento de los precios. Es que el valor del dinero también está sometido a las reglas de exceso y la escasez, escaso vale más por lo que los precios bajan, si vale menos por tanto los precios suben. Ya esto lo había descubierto Domingo de Soto como nos lo cita José Alpiniano García en su tesis doctoral:

"La falta de dinero en un lugar determinado hace que el precio de los demás bienes descienda, y la abundancia de dinero hace que el precio suba. Cuanto menor es la cantidad de dinero en un sitio, más aumenta su valor y, por tanto, ‘caeteris paribus’, con la misma cantidad de dinero se pueden comprar más cosas”.  (DE SOTO, 1968, pág. 543).
Es que como decíamos en Â¿POR QUÉ SURGE EL DINERO? el dinero vale en la medida en que  puede cambiarse por otra cosa, además que la compra es el fin de la venta como veíamos en Domingo de Soto citado por García Muñoz. El ejemplo de una persona en una isla con un millón de dólares desierta que no puede cambiar por nada muestran como ese dinero no vale nada. ¿Un millón de dólares no valen nada? Sí, en una isla desierta sin poderlos cambiar por nada. 

Eso pasa si hacemos billetes. La cantidad de bienes producidos será exactamente la misma, pero con más billetes éstas valdrán mucho más. Es sencillo, si tenemos 100 unidades de productos por 100 unidades monetarias, esos 100 productos pueden cambiarse por las 100 unidades monetarias. Pero si por esa misma cantidad de unidades tenemos 200 unidades monetarias, todas esas 100 unidades valdrán el doble. 

Una de las formas que utilizan los estados para reducir sus déficit fiscales de todas las absurdas promesas que hacen los políticos, es prendiendo la maquinita. Es en últimas si no hay plata ¡hagamos billetes! Aparte que esa situación aumenta el precio que tienen que pagar las personas por las cosas, genera que el porcentaje de poder adquisitivo que tienen los particulares sobre los bienes se reduzca y el de los estados:

Si hay 100 unidades de cambio por 100 bienes y servicio y el estado produce 60 para "aumentar la demanda agregada" ahora por cada unidad de bienes ya no habrá 1 unidad de cambio, sino que se requerirá 1,6 unidades de cambio para adquirir un bien. Pero que implica eso, que si las unidades de cambio pertenecían al 100% antes de la emisión de dinero, ahora tenemos que el estado será dueño del 37,5% de las unidades de cambio y los particulares del 62,5%. Lo que palabras más palabras menos significa un robo muy sofisticado...: la mutación de la moneda. (TORO RESTREPO, 2010)

Sin embargo, una mejor explicación al respecto puede encontrarse en (GARCÍA-MUÑOZ, 2001, pág. 151 a 155). Además, las denuncias sobre estos temas ya se hicieron por los escolásticos españoles, en especial Juan de Mariana en su libro sobre la mutación de la moneda que he buscado pero no lo encuentro. En todo caso sí encuentro la descripción del libro en uno de los artículos del excelente Instituto español que lleva su nombre. Este libro: 

"comienza en sus dos primeros capítulos explicando con firmeza que “el Rey no es dueño de los bienes particulares de sus vasallos”, por lo que, lógicamente, conforme a derecho y justicia, debe “tomar el beneplácito del pueblo para imponer en el reino nuevos tributos y pechos”. En seguida derivará su argumento hacia lo que constituyó el objetivo de ese librito: criticar la alteración monetaria que practicaba el gobierno de Felipe III por ser causa directa de subida de los precios; juzgando inmediatamente (con enorme perspicacia) que tal inflación era injusta por ser un impuesto oculto, no votado en las Cortes." (GÓMEZ RIVILLAS, 2010)
¿Por qué es robar? Es simple, si una persona me quita mi dinero me está quitando mi poder adquisitivo, pero pueden quitarme mi poder adquisitivo dejándome mi dinero. En últimas no se roba dinero, porque como hemos visto el dinero vale es en su capacidad de cambio por otra cosa, por eso se hurta poder adquisitivo. En el ejemplo citado vemos cómo el estado, mediante la impresión de moneda, redujo el poder adquisitivo de las personas en un 62.5%, si una persona se los hubiera quitado habría generado el mismo perjuicio y el mismo enriquecimiento injusto.

Sin perjuicio de la falsificación de la moneda, que también es un hurto similar a producir más dinero, los particulares también tienen sus formas de hacer dinero. Obviamente no somos el Banco de la República o Banco Central para hacer billetes, algo que sería tentador, pero sí tenemos el acceso al crédito que no podemos pagar. El crédito no es malo en sí mismo, muy por el contrario es una forma de garantizar la liquidez de las empresas, pero el crédito de consumo (que no genera riqueza) puede utilizarse como una forma de autoengañarse gastándose los recursos que no se tienen.

A mi modo de ver, un crédito válido y viable es aquel que puede garantizarse con otra cosa que es el objeto del crédito. Es decir, un crédito debe garantizarse o apalancarse con aquello objeto del crédito. De esa forma, mediante el apalancamiento el balance permanece intacto pero se aumenta la liquidez, a futuro generará pérdida si no se paga, pero si se paga puede ser una forma de mejorar el balance. Pero cuando se accede a un crédito de consumo el balance no queda igual, sino que, como se trata de bienes de consumo, el balance queda en negativos. 

En Colombia el crédito de consumo es mayor inclusive que el de vehículos (que es una forma de crédito de consumo), vivienda o educación. Al respecto veamos lo que dicen los expertos de Investigaciones Económicas de Bancolombia en uno de sus editoriales:

La cartera del sector financiero llegó a 177 billones de pesos en junio de 2011, habiendo crecido 11.5% frente a diciembre de 2010. En ese mismo periodo la cartera de consumo creció 14.7% y alcanzó los 52.2 billones de pesos, un 29.5% de la cartera total (un año atrás representaba el 28.7%). En todo 2010 el monto de deuda en consumo aumentó 6.4 billones, y en los primeros seis meses de 2011 aumentó en 6.7 billones de pesos. Los datos mencionados contrastan con el hecho de que la cartera de vivienda a junio de 2011 creció 11% desde diciembre de 2010, con lo que representa el 11.3%de la cartera total (similar a los últimos tres años), y el monto de deuda en vivienda aumentó 2 billones de pesos en el primer semestre del presente año. 
Existen varias alertas por el endeudamiento de los hogares. Una de ellas hace mención a cuánto más pueden endeudarse los colombianos sin comprometer su capacidad de pago.  (BANCOLOMBIA INVESTIGACIONES ECONÓMICAS, 2011) 
¿Hasta cuándo podremos endeudarnos? El crédito de consumo implica, en muchos casos, hacer lo mismo que hace el estado utilizar un dinero que no representa, ni representará riqueza. De esa manera, la herida en el patrimonio de las personas y de la economía en general genera una inflación. No se trata de unos recursos que adquirí con el sudor ni podré adquirir con todo el sudor a futuro. En otras palabras el mal uso del crédito de consumo me desincentiva de producir y trabajar, que es lo que verdaderamente genera riqueza. De esa forma se disminuye el valor del dinero porque no requiere bienes, servicios o trabajo para producirse. 

Si somos realistas la cartera de consumo de 52.2 billones de pesos es un indicador que mide los recursos que no tenemos pero que tarde que temprano tendremos que generar. Eso sin contar con los intereses que generan y van a generar. Se preguntan ¿qué genera el ciclo económico y las crisis? ¡Demandar más de lo que podemos dar a cambio por ello!

La confusión que la riqueza proviene del dinero nos genera tanto el robo estatal como el deseo desenfrenado de consumir más de lo que podemos ofrecer. El dinero no es la felicidad, la compra hecha dice una frase, pero tampoco será felicidad si ese dinero no lo hemos conseguido a cambio de algo, a futuro será infelicidad. La falsedad de la idea de que el dinero es la riqueza radica en la confusión -originada en Adam Smith- que considera que el origen de los intercambios proviene de la demanda y no de la oferta (GARCÍA MUÑOZ, Derecho y Economía según Tomás de Aquino, Tesis Doctoral, 2011, pág. 34). Y es que, claramente, el dinero está del lado de la demanda, no de la oferta. ¿Será entonces que tenemos que mirar la oferta? ¿Será que es en la oferta donde podremos conocer la naturaleza del dinero? ¿Será que la riqueza proviene de la oferta?




DE SOTO, D. (1968). De Iustitia et iure (Vol. III). Madrid: Instituto de Estudios Políticos.

GARCÍA MUÑOZ, J. A. (2011). Derecho y Economía según Tomás de Aquino, Tesis Doctoral. Pamplona, España: Universidad de Navarra. Facultad de Filosofía .

GARCÍA-MUÑOZ, J. A. (2001). Derecho Económico de los Contratos. Bogotá: Ediciones Librería del Profesional.

GÓMEZ RIVILLAS, L. (28 de Mayo de 2010). MARIANA Y LOS IMPUESTOS. Recuperado el 28 de Enero de 2012, de INSTITUTO JUAN DE MARIANA:




Para un niño es es fácil de creer que la pobreza proviene de la falta de dinero. Si a uno le dicen, "los ricos tienen mucha plata, los pobres poca plata" pues la inferencia lógica sería "pues la pobreza proviene de la falta de dinero". Adicionalmente si uno medio piensa el asunto, podría fácilmente concluir, que el problema se resolvería haciendo billetes para los pobres. Podríamos citar el intento de chiste "había una persona tan pobre, tan pobre que solo tenía plata" para explicar la falsedad de esta situación. Eso sin perjuicio que si el estado produce dinero, prende la maquinita de billetes, lo que está haciendo es una forma muy sutil de robo, como ya lo denunciaba Juan de Mariana en su libro sobre la mutación de la moneda. Una persona con dinero en una isla desierta cabría en el ejemplo del intento de chiste. Efectivamente ¿de qué me sirve tener un millón de dólares si no lo puedo cambiar por comida, bebida, refugio?

Es así como para responder a la pregunta, la respuesta tajante es NO. La pobreza es la insatisfacción de ciertas necesidades, diferentes para cada persona, en cada situación, contexto. El dinero, en un contexto social, puede cambiarse por cosas que satisfagan necesidades pero no puede hacer que se produzcan esas cosas. Ni la expansión de la oferta monetaria, ni los créditos bancarios, ni nada puede hacerse si nadie produce. Muy por el contrario, si se descubre una forma de vivir -y las personas la acogen- que facilite el intercambio sin dinero y producen mucho, no necesitarán dinero para satisfacer sus necesidades. El dinero es un excelente invento para agilizar los intercambios, pero bien pueden existir otros medios para agilizarlo. Sin embargo, las tesis económicas actuales que se centran en un monetarismo y la centralización de la producción de dinero en los estados convierten al dinero en fin y no en medio. Efectivamente mi querido Keynes, haciendo billetes no vas a calmar el hambre de los pobres, pero sí la perversa avaricia de los gobernantes. 

La economía actual pretende someter y alienar mediante un exagerado culto al dinero. Es que la ciencia económica actual produce la alienación de la persona humana (Véase GARCÍA MUÑOZ, 2011). La visión económica actual parte de la idea que el ser humano es netamente un número que consumo y que la producción está fatalmente determinada (Véase GARCÍA MUÑOZ, 2011). Adicionalmente, al ser el dinero el medio por el cual se mueve el mercado, pues controlar el dinero en el mercado es una alternativa para que ese personaje adicto al consumo (la persona en su reducida visión) no dañe a los otros consumidores... más bien no deslegitime el poder del estado. Es así como la tesis de derecho y economía del santo de hoy 28 de Enero del profesor José Alpiniano nos centra en un punto esencial: "Esta visión aliena la personalidad humana en tanto que somete al hombre al imperio fatal de algo creado por él mismo: el mercado." (GARCÍA MUÑOZ, Derecho y Economía según Tomás de Aquino, Tesis Doctoral, 2011, pág. 131). Y si el mercado surge de intercambios con dinero, en la actualidad nuestra personalidad humana se encuentra alienada al dinero. 

Así ve la economía actual
al ser humano.

Mediante la oferta dineraria, la producción de billetes, intervenciones macroeconómicas en las tasas de interés, control del aumento de los salarios, el incentivo o desincentivo de créditos para consumo, etc., no vamos a lograr satisfacer nuestras necesidades. De hecho, yo he vivenciado eso en términos prácticos. Una situación económica compleja no se resuelve por más sumas, restas, multiplicaciones o divisiones que se realicen con el dinero que se tiene. Es volver al problema que hablábamos en SOBRE EL DINERO un millón de dólares en una isla desierta no sirven para nada.

La alienación económica, es decir, la confusión del dinero con la riqueza, se refleja también en el management o administración. Que el dinero al ser medio de cambio de todas las mercancías mida la riqueza no significa que sea la riqueza en sí. Es como decir que un edificio de 30 metros son 30 metros, no es un edificio. Sería como decir que el avalúo de ese edificio, sea ese edificio. Veamos cómo se ve esta problemática en el management.

 De acuerdo con Hamel y Prahalad (Prahalad QEPD es, entre otras, el creador de la idea "mercadeo en la base de la pirámide" que es aplicada, entre otros, por el profesor César Betancourt de la Universidad de la Sabana en el área de mercadeo) el rendimiento de una inversión se explica de la siguiente manera: "Ahora bien, el rendimiento de la inversión (o rendimiento de los activos netos, o rendimiento del capital empleado) tiene dos componentes: un numerador, que es la renta neta, y un denominador, que es la inversión, los activos netos o el capital empleado." (HAMEL & PRAHALAD, 1999, pág. 44). La estrategia común en la mayoría de los directivos es la reestructuración empresarial, ¿en qué consiste? En disminuir el nivel de gastos, costos y generalmente, la primera idea que se le viene a la cabeza a cualquiera -por más socialista que hubiese sido en su juventud- son los recortes de personal. ¿Por qué esta estrategia? Precisamente por un auto-engaño matemático, si recorto lo que pago en salarios podré, en mi división, ver cómo aumentan los rendimientos y en últimas auto-engañarme creyendo que por esto soy más rico. 

¿Esclavos de la economía?
Pero ¿Qué consideran los autores Hamel y Prahalad frente a esa táctica de mejorar los rendimientos? Frente a esto plantean los citados autores lo siguiente: "A pesar de que quizás ha sido inevitable y en muchos casos loable, la reestructuración ha destruido vidas, hogares y comunidades en nombre de la eficacia y de la productividad" (HAMEL & PRAHALAD, 1999, pág. 44). Si una reestructuración pretende mostrar un número que dice que el rendimiento aumenta, pero destruye familias, hogares, etc., ¿no es eso muestra de la tesis central de Alpiniano sobre cómo la economía nos aliena? ¿Aumento de acciones a costa de destruir vidas? No es que la reestructuración sea mala en sí, sino que en muchos casos no es justa. Por ejemplo, cuando se despiden a tres empleados que trabajan intensamente y se deja a un cuarto con ese trabajo por el mismo salario ¿podemos decir que se aumentó la productividad? Dicen Hamel y Prahalad "la gestión del denominador [o sea reestructuración y recorte de personal] es un atajo contable para aumentar la productividad de los activos" (HAMEL & PRAHALAD, 1999, pág. 45). 

A pesar de que en apariencia los rendimientos aumentan, simplemente por un "atajo matemático", esto no es necesariamente un bien para la empresa: "la reestructuración raramente da como resultado una mejora fundamental de la empresa. En el mejor de los casos sirve para ganar tiempo." (HAMEL & PRAHALAD, 1999, pág. 47). Es así como ese autoengaño bien podía producir efectos al corto plazo, pero no a mediano o a largo plazo en la valoración de las acciones:

"Un estudio realizado entre dieciséis grandes empresas estadounidenses que llevaban, como mínimo, tres años en reestructuración, reveló que, aunque la reconversión normalmente mejoraba el precio de las acciones de la empresa, dicha mejora casi siempre tenía carácter temporal. Tres años después de iniciar la reestructuración, el precio de las acciones de las empresas encuestadas era, en promedio, incluso inferior a la tasa de crecimiento anterior al inicio del procedimiento de reestructuración."  (HAMEL & PRAHALAD, 1999, pág. 47)

Sin embargo, no se trata de condenar a la reestructuración, que es una alternativa necesaria cuando en la empresa se forman estructuras injustas que limitan su eficiencia. Por ejemplo, que en una empresa de familia el hijo gerente gana lo mismo que su hermano que realiza una gestión operativa es un claro ejemplo de estructura injusta. En ese caso hay un desorden que no da al aporte del trabajo de cada uno su justa retribución. Además, debe ser posible reestructurar esa estructura injusta. A veces, como en el caso de las fusiones empresariales es necesario tolerar -por un tiempo- esa estructura injusta porque de lo contrario se quebraría y sería más injusto aún con todos. 

Tanto desde tesis doctorales como del management encontramos que se suele alienar al ser humano a costa de los números de la medida. Confundimos la riqueza con una forma de medirla y por eso, manipulamos su medida en aras de ver mejores resultados. La riqueza no es su medida. ¿Qué es entonces la riqueza? ¿Qué es entonces la pobreza? Para ello escribiremos dos cortos escritos uno sobre cómo el exceso de dinero se utiliza como robo y no genera riqueza y dos sobre lo que es la riqueza.



GARCÍA MUÑOZ, J. A. (2011). Derecho y Economía según Tomás de Aquino, Tesis Doctoral. Pamplona, España: Universidad de Navarra. Facultad de Filosofía .

HAMEL, G., & PRAHALAD, C. K. (1999). Compitiendo por el Futuro. En H. B. Press, La gestión en la incertidumbre (R. Aparicio Aldazabal, Trad., págs. 37-56). Bilbao, España: Ediciones Deusto S.A.


          iPatientCare EHR and Institutional Billing Helps U. S. Rural Health Clinics and Community Health Centers to Qualify for Reimbursement from CMS        

iPatientCare EHR and Practice Management System Excel at Serving Professional Billing (CMS-1500) and Institutional Billing (UB-04) within the U.S. Rural Health Clinics Market Segment

(PRWeb July 06, 2016)

Read the full story at

          #048: Fünf Bücher, die Sie lesen sollten        
Fünf Bücher, die Sie lesen sollten

© / elenathewise

Vor ein paar Wochen empfahl ich hier im Blog bereits ein paar Bücher. Auch im kostenlosen E-Book, dass Sie erhalten, wenn Sie meinen Newsletter abonnieren (in der rechten Seitenleiste) empfehle ich einige Bücher.

Doch auch meine Podcast-Hörer sollen in den Genuss von ein paar Empfehlungen kommen. Deshalb stelle ich auch hier 5+1 Bücher vor, die ich Ihnen sehr ans Herz legen kann.

Fünf Bücher, die Sie lesen sollten

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          Â¿Cómo mantener la motivación en el entrenamiento?        
Motívate con estos consejos y excelentes instalaciones al entrenar | Elena del Mar
Al momento de entrenar y crear hábitos saludables o equilibrados enfocados en actividad física se debe mantener cierta motivación para no desfallecer en el intento y, por el contrario, ver resultados. Elena del Mar, como gimnasio spa y lugar perfecto para que no solo lleves a cabo tus rutinas de ejercicio sino que también cuentes con un centro de estética facial en Cafam Floresta, te da algunos consejos para que sepas cómo mantenerte motivado con el ejercicio.

Motivación: principal consejo para ver resultados en tu cuerpo

Desde Elena del Mar creemos en el equilibrio que debe tener tu cuerpo con tu mente y la necesidad de mantener buenos hábitos de ejercicio, como también, la necesidad de contar con un espacio que te brinde todas las facilidades para que te mantengas motivado.

Por ello, la lista de consejos que te presentamos hoy se enfocan en ti pero también, te permiten contar con instalaciones de gimnasios spa en Bogotá norte y otras zonas de la ciudad, para que empieces y no desfallezcas. Vale la pena entregar lo mejor a tu cuerpo y mente.

Fraccionar los objetivos

Es necesario plantear metas y objetivos muy claros durante determinadas frecuencias, estos pueden ser semanales y mensuales. Aquí te plantearás perder 1 kilo de grasa corporal, correr 10 km a las 5:15 km/h, ir al gimnasio tres veces por semana. En vez de decir este tipo de cosas: “quiero bajar peso” esto te lleva a saber que debes bajar de peso o grasa corporal pero no te lleva a fijarte y motivarte.

Escoge tu música

La música llega a ser un factor crucial al momento de sentirte motivado, pero también es una elección personal. Mientras unos prefieren hacer deporte sin música porque se sienten distraídos o molestos, otros deben escoger sus géneros favoritos porque no se imaginan el tiempo de ejercicio sin este.

Cambia de Rutinas

La monotonía es un factor que te hará desfallecer. Además, después de determinado tiempo tu cuerpo se acostumbra a las rutinas de ejercicio, por ello, hay un momento donde empiezas notar que estancas tu proceso y los cambios en tu cuerpo son mínimos. Esto se debe a la rutina; cámbiala cada 8 a 12 semanas, dile a tu cuerpo que todo será diferente por un tiempo y empezarás a notar resultados.

Regístrate y motívate

En países como EEUU es habitual fotografiarse cuando empiezan las rutinas de ejercicio, de esta manera los cambios son más evidentes a los ojos y se empieza a entender lo que se ha avanzado en determinado lapso de tiempo. Toma este hábito, así no olvidarás cómo empezaste y podrás darte respuesta al cómo te encuentras ahora. Es necesario reconocerte y decirte que has mejorado pero se puede mucho más. Siempre podrás ser una mejor versión de ti mismo.

Un amigo te ayudará a mantener el ánimo

Debes saber que, en ocasiones, la mejor motivación no está en ti. Por el contrario, siempre buscarás la manera de decirte que no ves cambios ni resultados porque tus ojos e inconsciente siempre te engañarán. Por ello, cuando te unes a un compañero o amigo se permiten fijar metas y objetivos claros y entre los dos se recuerdan lo planteado. Además, es la mejor manera de combatir el aburrimiento y la monotonía.

Contratar un entrenador personal

Ejercitarte con un entrenador personal es una experiencia que arroja los resultados más auténticos y exclusivos porque será él quien se encargue de llevarte por un camino coherente donde evitarás la rutina, contarás con alguien que siempre estará recordándote los objetivos, brindándote seguridad y eficacia al momento de formular buenas técnicas de entrenamiento para tu caso en específico. Además, su experiencia será la que te permita ir por un camino correcto y lleno de buenos resultados.

En Elena del Mar trabajamos por el gran propósito de entregarte los resultados que esperas ver en tu cuerpo. Por ello, ofrecemos instalaciones acordes a tus ideales, la perfecta combinación entre gimnasios y spas en el centro de Bogotá para que no solo lleves a cabo tus rutinas de ejercicio, sino también, puedas tomarte tiempos de relajación que harán muy bien a tu cuerpo y mente.

Somos un centro deportivo y corporal donde promovemos un estilo de vida orientado al bienestar y la armonía donde buscamos fortalecer el equilibrio en cuerpo y mente para que el ser humano alcance las metas de su proyecto de vida. Te invitamos a empezar hoy visitando nuestro centro de estética en Hacienda Santa Bárbara y complementes tus rutinas en nuestras sedes con gimnasio. 

Motívate y cuenta con expertos que buscan entregarte las instalaciones ideales para tu entrenamiento.

Artículo tomado de Elena del Mar.

          5 mitos estéticos (falsos o verdaderos) que deberías conocer        
Aclaración de 5 mitos estéticos | Elena del Mar
Los tratamientos estéticos son una de las opciones más acertadas al momento de rejuvenecer y lucir radiante. Sin embargo existen diferentes mitos y realidades que giran entorno a estas posibilidades. Elena del Mar despeja dudas y te invita a visitar uno de sus centros de estética en Chicó para que vivas experiencias y disfrutes de todas las promociones que tenemos preparadas para ti.

¿Mitos estéticos? Conócelos y… no comas entero

Las verdades universales son inexistentes debido a que los absolutos que definen la realidad en algún momento no arrojan los resultados esperados. En el caso específico de los tratamientos estéticos puede que en algunas personas lo esperado empiece a notarse a la segunda o tercera sesión. No obstante, en otros casos puede tardar un poco más. No mencionamos que desde la primera sesión porque en esa oportunidad puede suceder algo en tu cuerpo pero no se logrará lo que esperas ver.

A continuación lo que debe ser desmentido o ratificado de los tratamientos estéticos:

#1. Disminución de medidas en la primera sesión de masajes

FALSO. Una sola sesión de masajes reductores como uno de los tratamientos post parto no disminuye tus medidas, lo que puede suceder es que tu estado de ánimo cambie y te sientas más segura, ligera y conforme con tu imagen. Fortaleciendo tu autoestima y amor por quien eres.

#2. La celulitis no se elimina

VERDADERO. La celulitis es una enfermedad crónica que proviene de factores como la mala circulación, problemas hormonales, enfermedades de la piel, malos hábitos alimenticios y sedentarismo. Se presenta en varios grados o etapas además de ser progresiva. Sin embargo se puede detener y revertir el proceso por medio de tratamientos especializados. En este caso, Elena del Mar te ofrece la promoción “Adiós Celulitis”, haz tu reservación y pago online desde aquí y disfruta de un centro de estética en Hacienda Santa Bárbara con buena ubicación y facilidades de llegada para cumplir con tu “cita especial”. 

#3. Bañarse con agua caliente aumenta la celulitis

VERDADERO. Las duchas muy calientes o los baños de inmersión generan en tu cuerpo acumulación de líquidos en las diferentes zonas donde tienes celulitis. Por tanto, no permite la eliminación de toxinas. ¿La recomendación? Ducharte con agua templada o, preferiblemente, fría.

#4. El botox inflama el rostro

FALSO. El botox no provoca inflamaciones en labios o partes de la cara pues no es un material de relleno. Es una toxina que permite la relajación de los músculos faciales y disminuye las líneas de expresión naturales.

#5. Todos los rellenos faciales son notables

FALSO. Los rellenos faciales que suelen utilizar los pacientes no se ven exagerados ni modifican las expresiones del rostro. Ahora, no existe en el mercado un relleno que dure para siempre, por tanto, este tipo de procedimientos te aportan una duración de 1 año a año y medio dependiendo factores de marca.

5 de los muchos mitos que existen te los damos a conocer hoy para que despejes dudas y tomes decisiones estéticas si por alguna razón estás pensando en acudir a especialistas en el sector. Elena del Mar es uno de los centros de estética que ofrece además de spa en Bogotá norte y otras zonas de la ciudad, actividades deportivas en excelentes sedes de gimnasio, con el gran objetivo e iniciativa de promover un estilo de vida orientado al bienestar y armonía.

Contáctanos, reserva tu cita y disfruta de grandiosas promociones estéticas.

Artículo tomado de Elena del Mar.
          Ellas y ellos… ¡Están buscando su tiempo de bienestar y relajación!        
Ellos y ellas buscan tiempo de relajación
Los cuidados de la piel y el cuerpo son aquellos que se consideran integrales pues buscan resaltar lo mejor de ti, tu belleza y equilibrar tu vida además de hacerte sentir bien y estable con quien eres. Es por ello, que en Elena del Mar ponemos a tu disposición planes empresariales de spa en Bogotá para que disfrutes este tiempo de vacaciones que se acerca y de igual modo, le brindes a tus empleados espacios ideales de descanso y relajación para que se aparten del estrés y la presión laboral. Debes tener en cuenta que no existen distinción de género tanto mujeres como hombres deben verse y sentirse bien consigo mismos.

Elena del Mar es uno de los spa en Bogotá norteque se presenta como spa y centro estético integral no solo porque te ofrece espacios ideales para alejarte del estrés de la ciudad sino también porque te brinda lugares especiales para que lleves a cabo tus rutinas de ejercicio y así como moldeas tu cuerpo, de igual modo, lo mantendrás en forma y tonificado. Así cumplimos con nuestro objetivo principal: promover un estilo de vida orientado al bienestar y la armonía además de fortalecer el equilibrio del cuerpo y mente para que el ser humano alcance sus metas y proyectos de vida.

No podíamos dejar de mencionar que las tecnologías y aparatología con las cuales cuentan nuestros centros de estética en Chico y otros sectores de la ciudad y gracias a un equipo altamente capacitado se han podido lograr resultados satisfactorios. Sencillamente un oasis céntrico que te brinda espacios perfectos para que cuides tu cuerpo, mente y espíritu; de igual modo, lugares perfectos para que compartas con tus amigos, familia y pareja.

Completo circuito de servicios para que te sientas excelente

A la hora de hacer referencia a los cuidados del cuerpo y la piel, además de resaltar la salud y la belleza son fundamentales si lo que se espera es ver resultados óptimos que refleje lo mejor de ti. Por ello, un circuito completo será indispensable para que realices la perfecta elección de tratamientos y planes de spas en el centro de Bogotá o en la ciudad que te encuentres. En Elena del Mar podrás llevar a cabo grandiosos circuitos que dependerán del plan que escojas, por ejemplo, con el Bono VIP obtendrás masajes altamente profundos para que limpies, purifiques y relajes tu cuerpo y piel ¡Luce espectaculares este fin de año!

Entendemos que cada cuerpo tiene necesidades diferentes, por ello como especialistas buscamos satisfacer tus necesidades y tratamos tu caso específico de manera especial y única, bien sea por medio de terapias naturales o con últimas tecnologías no invasivas que buscan resaltar tu belleza natural. Un caso en específico es Spectra para que te despidas de las arrugas y disfrutes de un rostro renovado. Pregunta en nuestro centro de estética facial en Cafam Floresta por la siguiente promoción Ãºltima tecnología, adiós arrugas

Para ellos, para ellas: Elena del Mar

Sabemos que te encanta un lugar que presente lugares especiales para cada segmento de personas y en Elena del Mar es en lo que mayor énfasis hacemos. Tanto para mujeres como para hombres nuestros centros de estética se adaptan a las necesidades de cada persona y cada una de nuestras promociones responde a sus requisitos.AQUÍ podrás conocerlas y adquirir la que más desees. ¡Disfruta!

Articulo tomado de Elena del Mar

          Closed HSBC Business Checking Account        
I went to my HSBC branch and closed my Business Checking Account on December 30, right before the start of the new year. I've moved my Business money over to Fidelity Investment since I was not earning any interest in my HSBC account. Fidelity Investment was offering interest and check writing on my business account. While I was closing my account, my HSBC account manager told me the things that were going on in her department. She said HSBC will be implementing a Point System for staff members. Supposedly, the staff will receive points for opening new customer accounts, CDs, etc.
She told me there's no points for closing accounts, and that's why no other staff members were willing to handle the close of my account. She was a little disgruntle and frustrated at how picky (lazy) the staff members were. She also hinted how the Point System is going to cause more tension among the staff.
HSBC has excellent customer service. I hope they can maintain that.

          Workshop de Introdução Alimentar com Fabiolla Duarte do Blog Colher de Paú        

Encontro que visa discutir e refletir sobre de que maneiras é possível uma abordagem humanizada no momento da Introdução de alimentos sólidos para bebês.
Baseado em alguns conceitos abordados pelo pediatra espanhol Carlos Gonzáles, pela terapeuta argentina Laura Gutman, teorias sobre alimentação baseadas na Antroposofia, Macrobiótica, Alimentação Viva e noções básicas de Nutricionismo. Observação humana a partir da Antropologia, Psicologia e Educação, e tudo o mais do que virá a partir do relato biográfico gastronômico dos inscritos.

Quando fazer: em qualquer momento antes, durante ou depois da fase de introdução de alimentos sólidos. Para quem participa antes, é uma ótima oportunidade para se preparar para esse momento, com tempo para digerir novos conceitos. Para quem participa depois da fase de introdução ter começado, é muito útil para auxiliar nos desafios que surgem pelo caminho. Para quem participa muito depois, ainda uma excelente oportunidade para pensar em profundidade sobre alimento, comportamento e vida familiar.


* Prontidão - sinais fisiológicos e comportamentais para a introdução de sólidos;

* Relações entre apetite, fome e mundo lúdico;

* Memória – de que forma a Introdução de Alimentos afeta nossa relação com alimentação na vida adulta;

* A comida da paixão – a comida que envolve todos os sentidos para além do apetite;

* Alimentação adulta x Introdução de Alimentos – é possível coerência?

* Comida prazer X comida saúde – onde mora o ponto de equilíbrio?

* Por onde começar - o que pode e o que não pode: dicas sobre os primeiros alimentos a serem oferecidos;

* Abordagem - maneiras eficientes de oferecer alimentos sólidos;

* Amamentação X alimentação de sólidos - desmame ou amamentação prolongada?

* Começar pelo doce ou salgado, suquinho, leite artificial, sal, açúcar, carne, vegetarianismo: sim ou não? – mitos da pediatria;

* Papinhas X pedaços, colher X mãos – dicas de cozimento, vantagens e desvantagens e a importância da experiência sensorial na Introdução de Alimentos;

* “Meu filho não come, e agora?” – reflexões sobre cada caso;

* Horários para cada refeição – como organizar as refeições familiares;

* Organização doméstica – sobre a ansiedade da mãe e as novas tarefas domésticas;

* Volta ao trabalho e Introdução de Alimentos – como conciliar trabalho e Introdução de Alimentos;

* Dicas básicas sobre nutricionismo – combinação de alimentos, cozimento e o prato completo;

* O cereais e leites vegetais – um pouco sobre cada cereal e dicas de como fazer leites vegetais em casa;

* Critérios alimentares – a escolha de uma dieta alimentar familiar e aspectos de cultura e tradição pessoais.

Valor R$197,00 individual ou R$350,00 casal

Exibirei alguns trechos de filmes para inspirar nossa reflexão.

Aqui alguns textos meus sobre Introdução de alimentos.

Informações adicionais:

ou pelo 011 9 8467 2960 ou na loja Ninho 19 32892763

When I helped Dave Vanderzee, owner of the Easton View Outfitters ranch in Rensselaer County make a dream hunt come true for a young hunter with severe health problems this past October I saw several Texas Dahl Rams roaming around the woods and I knew at some time I would be hunting them. That sometime was just last week. Unfortunately the morning that I arrived at the ranch it was a very cold 7 degrees and the ground was covered with a crusty 10 plus inches of snow. As someone who likes to sneak and peek hunt the 2 1/2 mile perimeter of the preserve, I knew the moving through the crunchy snow was not going to be quiet. 

When I entered the preserve I walked over a small rise toward the swamp I saw movement across the pond on the edge or the swamp. And sure enough it was a group of Rams just coming out into the field. I lay down in the snow and watched them through my scope as they headed for higher ground. I waited until they were behind a hedge row and started up toward them and I knew they could hear me coming. When I finally reached the hedgerow I could see all 12 of them in a tight group looking right at me. They were about 150 yards away slowly moving up toward the woods. I actually could have shot but they were literally in a group so tight; and too close together for me to shoot.

With the hedgerow as cover I was able to get within 150 yards but they still were in that tight group. It was then that I decided to go down and come at them from a different angle. To do this required crawling through the snow to stay out of sight; “That was fun.” I know it took me at least an hour and a half to get to the thick brush. And when I did get there I could see them a long way off but headed my way. This particular hedgerow was so thick I could hardly move much less raise my rifle. If I was going to get any shot here I would need to clean out where I could kneel and make sniper’s hole to shoot from. It was a lot of breaking and bending of branches and twigs but finally I was able to kneel and shoulder the rifle.

By now they were closer but still in that tight group. After kneeling for some time I made a slight movement and they saw it. Now looking through the scope I put the crosshair on what I believe was the leader but he was leaning right against another ram; I still could not shoot safely. Slowly they were walking away and suddenly I saw daylight between “my” ram and the one he had been leaning on. It was now or never. I had one shot and when I squeezed the trigger I had my Texas Dahl ram.

As I walked back down to the barn the ranch hand Doug Everard greeted me and said “saw you sneaking around up there and heard the shot and from the smile on your face I assume you got it; I’ll I get the Kubota RTV and we will go get him.” The ram tipped the scales at 138 pounds and his horns measured 25 and 26 inches long and had 11 and 11 1/2 bases. It was absolutely a great and memorable hunt.

In addition to the Wounded Warrior hunts that I had the privilege to witness at Easton View and more recently a young man with severe disabilities take his first whitetail it offers an excellent opportunity for a parent to take and teach their first time young hunter techniques and hunter safety. And one that I believe is very important is that a preserve hunt offers those with limited incomes and opportunity to experience the excitement of the hunt that they otherwise could not afford.

Now I have also been told that preserve hunting is too easy. Let me just tell you about one of these “easy” hunts.
 Last year on a 90 degree day in July I entered the Easton View preserve at sunup in search of a boar Berkshire pig. I believe on that day I covered every bit of that preserve that included walking through a muddy swamp in which a fell twice, hunted to the top of the preserve twice and did not see a pig until 6 p.m. that afternoon. I was in the upper field catching my breath and quenching my thirst when I saw 4 pigs come out of the heavy brush headed for the swamp. I made my way through the swamp and finally at 7 p.m. I finally clicked off my safety ending the HUNT.  

          Excellent costumer service! I...        
Excellent costumer service! It's worth the extra drive. Also, the prices are great! They match any competitor's prices.
          MODEX Exhibitor LiftnBuddy Profiled in Business Excellence Magazine        
MODEX Exhibitor LiftnBuddy Profiled in Business Excellence Magazine
          MODEX Exhibitor Ergologistic Profiled in Business Excellence Magazine        
MODEX Exhibitor Ergologistic Profiled in Business Excellence Magazine
          Business Excellence Magazine Profiles Ergologistics        
Business Excellence Magazine Profiles Electric Hand Truck Breakthrough by Ergologistics
          Volkswagen Beetle Commercial        
Volkswagen Beetle Commercial

Jhelum, jhelum dhoonde kinara
Jhelum, jhelum dhoonde kinara
Dooba sooraj, kin aankhon mein
Sooraj dooba, kin aankhon mein
Jhelum huya khaara

This has to be Shahid Kapoor's highlight performance of his career yet. I was skeptical about this casting choice from the trailers, but boy was I wrong. The amount of preparation he put behind this role shows. The monologue scene in front of an audience at the town square is exaggerated just the right amount, and the execution of the play-within-a-play exposition scene from the original is neat. His costumes, makeup, body language, all fit together seamlessly as he owns his character.

Hai ki hai nahi, bas yehi sawaal hai
Aur sawaal ka jawab bhi sawaal hai.

Dil ki agar sunoon to hai, dimaag ki to hai nahin
Jaan loon ki jaan doon, mai rahoon ki mai nahin.

And what a find Shraddha Kapoor is! Elegant, charming, poised, controlled, absolutely not afraid to let her eyes to the talking, and leaves you yearning for more. I wish I was there to see her keeping a straight face as she mispronounces 'loved' as 'love-edd' as they were filming it! I, for one, definitely want to see her do meaningful roles in the future. Irrfan Khan delivers a spirited punch during his meager screen time, playing the ghost from the play.

But the highlight performance in the movie has to be Tabu's, arguably her career's best, atleast in a very long time. A delight she is as she sets the screen on fire bringing her character to life. There is a scene in which she is trying to convince Haider to leave Kashmir for a better future. With her teary, swollen eyes, and a gun pointed to her head, she ultimately gets her way. I cannot imagine another actress from around here who can pull that off with such elegance.

"Vaishi bhediyaa ban chuka hai wo."
"Shukr hai aasteen ka saanp nahi banaa."

Vishal Bhardwaj, with his direction and music (for Gulzar's excellent lyrics), tops himself. Being true to the source material and still making it his own, he comes out triumphant. He is at the top of his game here. Kashmir has been shot so delicately! (I want to go there ASAP! And we we don't need foreign locations!) The gravedigger scene, in particular, is the crowning jewel, a scene which drips with his love and affection for his craft.

Arre aao na, ki jaan gayi, jahaan gaya, kho jaao
Arre aao na, ke thak gayi, hai zindagi, so jaao

I might have profusely appreciated the movie thus far, but the movie is not without its gripes. I'll start with the anachronisms. In one of the best and most important scenes in the movie, the play-within-a-play scene, there is a mobile cellular tower prominently visible throughout in the background. Forgetting for a moment that we did not have cellular networks in the 1990s, its presence is distracting. I would have expected this to come up in post-processing/editing, especially when a viewer is able to catch it in first viewing. This is the kind of attention-to-detail I would expect from a director of his caliber. Then, to depict Bangalore, they used footage of the iconic Domlur flyover here. Again, its construction hadn't started as late as 2003, and the footage of sprawling flyovers plastered suddenly coming from the valleys of Kashmir moments ago is jarring to say the least.

Also, in my opinion, the Oedipus aspects of the play were overplayed in the movie. It wasn't necessary. Not as much. But my major complaint is how they handled the character of Ophelia. Transforming it into a childhood love, and having scenes of brimming romance between Haider and Arshia feels out-of-place in a Shakespearean revenge epic such as Hamlet.

But hey, the movie is probably a little too "heavy" already for Indian audiences, and removing the little romance might have aggravated it, so what do I know? I am sure it took enough courage already to deal with the Censor Board's scissors and to release this film pitted against the 24,000-screens-release of multi-starrer blockbuster Bang Bang.

I can already read some negative Internet chatter around 1) The depiction of Kashmir; 2) It being a heavily political movie; and 3) "maa bete ka rishta". Please, folks, can we let art remain art? Pretty please?

I cannot recommend this movie enough. Please go watch it, something like this comes rarely in our country. Thank you Vishal Bhardwaj for making Haider.

Note 1: So you got a Nexus 4. Congratulations. You have an incredibly powerful device in your hands. This post is not N4 specific, so you can try several of these with any top-of-the-line Android device. N4 because all of these have been field-tested on mine. If you've got interesting apps/uses to share, shoot in the comments, I'd love to hear 'em. Otherwise, if 'Angry Birds' is all you've done, read on, you must. ;)

Note 2: I'm sure someone at Google is huge Guillermo Del Toro fan. Galaxy Nexus was code-named 'toro', Nexus 4 is code-named 'mako' (ref: Pacific Rim).

Part I: use mako

Part II: root mako

Part III: sudo mako

Part I: use mako

a) Lock screen

Widgets were always the strength of the Android ecosystem, and 4.2 Jelly Bean added the capability to add widgets on the lock-screen. There are several lock-screen widgets, but none standout like Roman Nurik's DashClock widget, which is beautiful, and isn't heavy on the battery. There are several extensions for this widget available in the store, so suit yourself.

b) Home screen

I use the Android stock launcher. What you see in the background is the Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper. This fellow, Maxelus, makes beautiful wallpapers. Most of the widgets are created using Zooper Widgets, and the icon pack is Minimalist.

Nova Launcher is a popular choice for launcher replacement. It gives you a lot of options to customize just about everything. A shoutout to Buzz Launcher, which attempts to create a marketplace for out-of-the-box homescreens, which you can download and apply in a flash! Worth checking out if you are among the lazy ones.

Head here for some inspiration.

c) Computer-phone connectivity apps (Productivity)

Chrome to Phone - Send links from Chrome browser on desktop to your android phone.

Phone To Desktop - Send links from your android phone to Chrome browser on desktop.

Desktop Notifications - Get notifications from your phone on Chrome browser on desktop as desktop notifications.

AirDroid - Transfer files to/from phone to desktop over wi-fi. Send SMS, use phone camera as a webcam, manage contacts, apps, music et al, from your desktop.

TeamViewer - Remote control/remote desktop your computer from your phone over a data connection.

GOM Remote - Control GOM Player on your computer through a remote-like interface on your phone.

Unified Remote - Use your phone as a keyboard/mouse for your computer.

d) Travel apps

FlightTrack - Beautiful interface which shows flight path on a map. Gives schedule and gate information. Excellent, excellent app.

Currency - Offline currency conversion.

Google Maps / Google Translate - Their 'offline' mode is sweet! Download maps, and language packs for offline use! Very, very handy if you are planning a foreign holiday soon!

Triposo - Travel guide.

e) Special mention

SMS Backup+ (backs up SMS, call logs, and now WhatsApp messages to Gmail!),
Clean Master (clear system cache),
Battery Doctor (battery optimisation),
CamScanner (excellent app to get scanner level quality for documents through the phone camera),
TrueCaller (it's creepy how they get the unknown numbers right, but they do),
Light Manager (customise phone's LED notifications),
SphereShare (photosphere images sharing community),
TV Show Favs (track TV show episodes), and
Default App Manager (manage default apps for any phone action).

...and since you will install so many apps, it is easy to get lost. Enter: App Dialer, yep, an app to find apps installed on your phone!

Part II: root mako

Rooting gives you the ability to flash custom ROMs on your phone. I haven't flashed any custom ROMs yet, I am pretty happy with the stock ROM. But rooting allows you to make full backups of your phone, and some pretty nifty apps. Most of the methods of rooting Nexus 4 factory resets the phone, and guides are easily available if you google it.

The method I used doesn't factory reset the phone. (Motochopper method)

1: Get motochopper and the drivers from here.

2: Root. Yep, that simple. A full guide here (they even have a video!). The guide is for Galaxy S4, but it works just the same for Nexus 4 (I've done it!).

All the other methods unlocks bootloader first, and then applies root. Hence the factory reset.

Motochopper roots without unlocking the bootloader. Once you have achieved root, you can unlock your bootloader using BootUnlocker (yep, there's an app for that!). Android 4.3 update was announced today, so there's a decent chance you'll lose root after the update. You can use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper to preserve root during the OTA update.

Part III: sudo mako

Well... you have a rooted phone. What now?

ShareKM - My favorite root app's gotta be ShareKM. It's brilliant! It connects the phone to your computer over wi-fi/data/bluetooth. Slide the mouse pointer from the edge of the screen, and voila!, the mouse pointer jumps to your phone! You can now use your computer's keyboard to type on your phone, or copy text from one to the other. It's really neat, you should check it out if you have a rooted Android device. Video of this app in action embedded below:

OBackup - Nandroid Backup - Nandriod backup means a full image backup of your phone. So if you mess up something tinkering, you can always restore the phone exactly to how it was. OBackup does cloud backups and you can schedule your backups, which is pretty neat.

LMT - LMT enable features on stock Android that are typically available on custom ROMs, and is often the reason why people do install custom ROMs. It isn't avaialble on Google Play, but can be downloaded from here. A full review here, and video of the app in action below:

Spend time configuring your phone, it'll be worth it. Tinker. Enjoy.


          Rajdhani Express (from Rajdhani Express)        
Note 1: I am posting this from Rajdhani Express.

Note 2: I realised that since I have come to Bangalore, I have not done any train journey at all! Specifically Rajdhani Express, it's been almost 8 years since I boarded one. It is the one thing that the Indian Railways gets right after-all (apart from Palace on Wheels, I suppose). I used to absolutely love the experience as a kid. They used to serve soup-sticks with soup. Soup-sticks! On a train! Must have that experience again. I am on an epic 34-hour journey from Delhi to Bangalore. On Rajdhani Express.

I reached the Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi well in advance. I went to my platform, my train was waiting for me. How sweet! I checked the passenger chart pasted beside the entrance of my coach 'B8', not to confirm my name on the chart, but for a more customary glance to scout for 'F22' to 'F26' "fellow" passengers. This is the reason I had booked a 3rd AC ticket as against a 2nd AC ticket. You have 5 fellow passengers in 2nd AC, but 7 fellow passengers in 3rd AC. I was merely hoping to tilt 'Law of averages' in my favour. If it worked, imagine a cute girl sitting next to you with nowhere to go and no-one to talk to but you for 34 hours. Thirty, four, hours! I could have then let my charm do the rest.

As luck would have it, most of my co-passengers are > 'M45'. Worse, there is a family travelling with an ever-curious 8-year old kid travelling ALL the way to Bangalore with me. The annoying kid began asking his dad weird questions, which apparently pissed off his dad, even. The kid wanted to know a real-time answer to "Papa, train ki speed kitni hai abhi?", asked every two minutes. The geek in me made me tell the dad that there was an android app which he could install on his phone which tells the exact speed using GPS. Indirectly, my way of telling the kid to STFU. Thank goodness for the invention of GPS. One annoying kid shut up. And as if fate hadn't already had all the fun with me, there were two cute girls, my age, sitting bang in the next compartment. I smiled at them, they ignored me, life moved on. I realised that my coach was a bait rather than a 'B8', and I had fallen into its trap.

The clock struck 8:50 PM, and the train moved. Woah! ON TIME?! Like I said, the one thing Indian Railways gets right.

As soon as the train started, the staff jumped to action, and oh boy, first up, soup with soup-sticks! Paisa wasool already! While sipping my soup, I realised that a train journey is so much more comfortable than air travel. You have ample space to sleep, eat, stretch, relax. Plus, for people who smoke, there are two excellent smoking lounges (read: toilets) on both sides of the coach! If only the staff who served food looked like their Indian air-travel counterpart:

So, after a proper three-course dinner, I took out my laptop, and aptly for the moment, decided to watch a romantic comedy - 'The Princess Bride'. Nothing much about the movie, except that I found parts of the movie mildly annoying. It did though answer something for me which I have been thinking about since I started watching 'Sherlock'. Remember the pilot episode? In which the cabbie has pills in two containers in front of him, one of them poisoned and the other not, and our hero has to deduce which one is poisonous and has to make his pick. Well, the case gets solved, cabbie is killed (apologies for the spoiler), but we never find out which was the correct choice. The exact same game is played in 'The Princess Bride', with a solution that is both plausible and mind-boggling, even in the context of 'Sherlock', which made the movie worthwhile.

Another equally awesome discovery I made on this trip was Alpenliebe Mangofillz, which they served with the evening snacks. Oh. My. God. I haven't had a candy so full of joy in a LONG time. Smooth, delicious, filled with raw mango awesomeness! I am going to buy me a jar as soon as I reach Bangalore!

About 12 hours of my journey to go, which includes a movie or two, and another awesome dinner, until Bangalore...

Rajdhani Express (from Rajdhani Express)...

          NCR Wins Two Product Design Awards at iF DESIGN AWARDS 2017        
PRZOOM - Newswire (press release) - 2017/02/21, Duluth, GA United States - NCR’s SelfServ™ 90 and FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout solutions were rewarded for excellence in product design - /
          20% Discount on Routledge publications for SMA members!        
The Society for Medieval Archaeology is delighted to announce that its members are now entitled to a 20% discount on all Routledge products ordered through their website. This is a great opportunity to purchase some excellent publications at a substantial discount!
          Alquiler Comercial. Amplio local        
Alquiler comercial por 36 meses. Excelente local apto para diferentes rubros en zona super transitada como es Francia y Libertad. De facil acceso y muy comercial. Muy buena distribución. 2 Plantas y 1 subsuelo. Consulte!
3 baños 627 m² 31 $/m²
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 09:24:48 -0400
          LOCAL en alquiler Mar del Plata        
Excelente loca ubicado en Av. Tejedor, a 1 cuadra de centro comercial Estrada. CONSULTE!!!
1 baño 28 m² 250 $/m²
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 08:58:12 -0400
          ALQUILO local, Banda Norte - Local en Alquiler en Rio Cuarto        
Local en Alquiler en Rio Cuarto Córdoba. ALQUILO LOCAL comercial en Banda Norte sobre calle Chile, excelente ubicacion 40m2 cocina baño, impecable. Local en Alquiler
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 08:46:15 -0400
          Excelente Local Comercial Ubicado Una Cuadra de La Gral. Paz en Saavedra        
Publicado por Landing propiedades Código: 000565 - Ubicado en: Vedia al 2300 Local Comercial en el barrio de Saavedra, a una cuadra de la Gral. Paz. Sobre la Avenida Cabildo, esquina Vedia. El inmueble cuenta con 307 m2 totales repartido en tres...
3 dormitorios 307 m² 358 $/m²
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 08:25:10 -0400
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Publicado por Citati Propiedades Código: 001195 - Ubicado en: Isabel La Catolica al 1000 LOCAL A LA VIA PUBLICA - A 1 CUADRA AV. MONTES DE OCA - EXCELENTE UBICACION. 1º AÑO $6.800 + $400 DE EXPENSAS + IMPUESTOS Publicado con Neo.Inmuebles -...
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          LOCAL COMERCIAL CÉNTRICO - T.Suárez        
_____ LOCAL COMERCIAL EN PLENO CENTRO _____ Medidas: 7 x 7 metros --- Con baño y Amplio entre piso --- Frente de vidriera y persiana ciega con motor eléctrico Ubicado a  metros de Av. Gaddini y frente a clínica T.Suárez Excelente ubicación
bien comunicado
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 08:10:51 -0400
          Re: Obituary needed Elvie Sumrall Garner Summers (1919 Louisiana - 02Apr1994 Springtown TX)        
Most excellent - and quick! Exactly what I was hoping for, thank you. Appreciate your kind help.
VAÑESA INMUEBLES ALQUILA ALQUILER COMERCIAL, ubicado sobre Colectora Norte, entre las calles De la Condición y Fco. Leloir. - PARQUE LELOIR- Zonificación C3- COMERCIAL-Excelente vista, 3 frentes- APTO VARIOS RUBROS Inmueble con 100 m2 de oficinas...
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1 baño 25 m² 160 $/m²
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 06:42:39 -0400
Employees of the ECU Communications and Marketing Department display the seven awards they achieved at the OCPRA Awards Banquet on July 17 in Quapaw. In front are Amy Ford and Jacob Sircy. In back are Gina Smith and Talina Eaker.

East Central University’s Department of Communications and Marketing captured seven awards during the 2017 Oklahoma College Public Relations Association’s yearly awards ceremony at its annual convention held at the Downstream Resort and Conference Center in Quapaw, Oklahoma, July 17.

ECU achieved one first-place, two second-place and three third-place awards, along with one honorable mention.

The first-place (or grand) award was a joint effort between the Office of Communications and Marketing and the Office of Advancement in the Events/Promotion Category for President John Hargrave’s Retirement Celebrations.

The two second-place (or excellence) awards were also picked up by the ECU contingent. Amy Ford, assistant vice president for ECU Communications and Marketing, and LR Creations took the runner-up award in the Multimedia Division for “ECU Pokemon Go Tips”. Teri LaJeunesse was second in the Sports Writing Category for her article on “Personifying the Tiger Spirit.”

Picking up a third-place award was Talina Eaker for Best Headline – “From Poverty to Presidency: Education paved the way.” Also taking third were Ford, Zane Hefley and Zane Ter Wee for the Holiday Greetings Division with “Night Before Finals.” The Office of Communications also finished third in the Shoe String Category for “Roary of Fall 2016.”

Eaker also captured an honorable mention award for the Full-Length Feature Division for “From Poverty to Presidency: Education paved the way.”


For Immediate Release: 

Contact: Brian Johnson or Amy Ford

                                East Central University Communications and Marketing

                              580-559-5650 or 405-812-1428 (cell)


East Central University has registered with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP Board) to provide the means of awarding a new business certificate diploma for personal financial planning.

This certificate compliments the current business administration in finance concentration degree.

An independent certifying organization, CFP Board owns the CFP® and Certified Financial PlannerTM certification marks, which it awards to individuals who meet its education, examination, experience, ethics and other requirements.  Students completing the financial planning program at ECU will have met the education requirement for CFP® Certification Examination administered by CFP Board.

“Financial planning is an excellent career choice. The need for qualified planners is great…and it keeps growing,” said Wendell Godwin, dean of the Harland C. Stonecipher School of Business. “Devoting time and energy toward achieving CFP® certification, the highest standard in professional financial planning, can make a financial planning career even more rewarding.”

CFP® certification is generally recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning, qualifying financial planning professionals to provide their clients with comprehensive financial advice, according to Godwin.

“Students completing this certificate will be positioned to take the national CFP® Certification Examination through the CFP Board,” Godwin said. “We are the fourth program approved by the CFP Board in Oklahoma. We are one of only two state universities that offer a program at the bachelor level with the other being Northeastern State University.”

The CFP Board’s approval certainly pleased Blaine Aikin, CFP®, chair of CFP Board’s Board of Directors.

“As student interest in financial planning as a career continues to grow, we anticipate that

ECU’s program will contribute significantly to the number of qualified candidates seeking to attain the CFP® certification, the standard of excellence for competent and ethical financial planning,” said Aikin.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of personal financial advisors is projected to grow 30 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. As the population ages and life expectancies rise, demand for financial planning services should increase.

Today, CFP Board partners with over 340 programs at more than 240 institutions. CFP

Board-Registered Programs are financial planning education programs at the college or university level that meet specific criteria for educating individuals who wish to fulfill the education component for obtaining CFP® certification.

The mission of CFP Board is to benefit the public by granting the CFP® certification and upholding it as the recognized standard of excellence for personal financial planning.  CFP Board owns the certification marks CFP®, Certified Financial PlannerTM, CFP® (with plaque design) and CFP® (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements.  CFP Board currently authorizes more than 76,000 individuals to use these marks in the United States.  For more about CFP Board, visit


For Immediate Release: 

Contact: Brian Johnson or Amy Ford

                                East Central University Communications and Marketing

                              580-559-5650 or 405-812-1428 (cell)

          WordPress Photoblog Theme        

I recently built a site for a friend (The excellent photographer Stewart Smith). The site uses a rather heavily customised version of WP e-Commerce for the e-Commerce aspects, but I’m also releasing the core WordPress photo blogging theme as a … Continue reading

The post WordPress Photoblog Theme appeared first on Lee Willis.

          Re: Refactoring Day 3 : Pull Up Method        

excellent work

          Prophet #29 out in stores TODAY!!!        
I'm very excited to say I have a five page backup story in issue 29 of Brandon Graham's Prophet reboot for Image comics.  Prophet is one my favorite books being published at the moment and i'm super excited to be a part of it.  Here's a preview of the issue drawn by Farel Dalrymple.

and here's a preview of my backup story, the first page sans text

 and here's the excellent cover image by Fil Barlow.

Prophet #29 is out in stores today so go pick up an issue!


El Juez liberó la nota que dejó el Dr. René Favaloro antes de suicidarse.

(Del Dr. René Favaloro/ julio 29-2000 - 14,30 horas)

Si se lee mi carta de renuncia a la Cleveland Clinic , está claro que mi regreso a la Argentina (después de haber alcanzado un lugar destacado en la cirugía cardiovascular) se debió a mi eterno compromiso con mi patria. Nunca perdí mis raíces.. Volví para trabajar en docencia, investigación y asistencia médica. La primera etapa en el Sanatorio Güemes, demostró que inmediatamente organizamos la residencia en cardiología y cirugía cardiovascular, además de cursos de post grado a todos los niveles.
Le dimos importancia también a la investigación clínica en donde participaron la mayoría de los miembros de nuestro grupo.

En lo asistencial exigimos de entrada un número de camas para los indigentes. Así, cientos de pacientes fueron operados sin cargo alguno. La mayoría de nuestros pacientes provenían de las obras sociales. El sanatorio tenía contrato con las más importantes de aquel entonces.
La relación con el sanatorio fue muy clara: los honorarios, provinieran de donde provinieran, eran de nosotros; la internación, del sanatorio (sin duda la mayor tajada).

Nosotros con los honorarios pagamos las residencias y las secretarias y nuestras entradas se distribuían entre los médicos proporcionalmente.

Nunca permití que se tocara un solo peso de los que no nos correspondía.

A pesar de que los directores aseguraban que no había retornos, yo conocía que sí los había. De vez en cuando, a pedido de su director, saludaba a los sindicalistas de turno, que agradecían nuestro trabajo.

Este era nuestro único contacto.

A mediados de la década del 70, comenzamos a organizar la Fundación. Primero con la ayuda de la Sedra, creamos el departamento de investigación básica que tanta satisfacción nos ha dado y luego la construcción del Instituto de Cardiología y cirugía cardiovascular.
Cuando entró en funciones, redacté los 10 mandamientos que debían sostenerse a rajatabla, basados en el lineamiento ético que siempre me ha acompañado.

La calidad de nuestro trabajo, basado en la tecnología incorporada más la tarea de los profesionales seleccionados hizo que no nos faltara trabajo, pero debimos luchar continuamente con la corrupción imperante en la medicina (parte de la tremenda corrupción que ha contaminado a nuestro país en todos los niveles sin límites de ninguna naturaleza). Nos hemos negado sistemáticamente a quebrar los lineamientos éticos, como consecuencia, jamás dimos un solo peso de retorno.. Así, obras sociales de envergadura no mandaron ni mandan sus pacientes al Instituto.

¡Lo que tendría que narrar de las innumerables entrevistas con los sindicalistas de turno!

Manga de corruptos que viven a costa de los obreros y coimean fundamentalmente con el dinero de las obras sociales que corresponde a la atención médica.

Lo mismo ocurre con el PAMI. Esto lo pueden certificar los médicos de mi país que para sobrevivir deben aceptar participar del sistema implementado a lo largo y ancho de todo el país.

Valga un solo ejemplo: el PAMI tiene una vieja deuda con nosotros, (creo desde el año 94 o 95) de 1.900.000 pesos; la hubiéramos cobrado en 48 horas si hubiéramos aceptado los retornos que se nos pedían (como es lógico no a mí directamente).

Si hubiéramos aceptado las condiciones imperantes por la corrupción del sistema (que se ha ido incrementando en estos últimos años) deberíamos tener 100 camas más. No daríamos abasto para atender toda la demanda.

El que quiera negar que todo esto es cierto que acepte que rija en la Argentina, el principio fundamental de la libre elección del médico, que terminaría con los acomodados de turno.

Los mismo ocurre con los pacientes privados (incluyendo los de la medicina prepaga) el médico que envía a estos pacientes por el famoso ana-ana , sabe, espera, recibir una jugosa participación del cirujano.

Hace muchísimos años debo escuchar aquello de que Favaloro no opera más! ¿De dónde proviene este infundio?. Muy simple: el pacientes es estudiado.. Conclusión, su cardiólogo le dice que debe ser operado. El paciente acepta y expresa sus deseos de que yo lo opere. 'Pero cómo, usted no sabe que Favaloro no opera hace tiempo?'. 'Yo le voy a recomendar un cirujano de real valor, no se preocupe'. El cirujano 'de real valor' además de su capacidad profesional retornará al cardiólogo mandante un 50% de los honorarios!

Varios de esos pacientes han venido a mi consulta no obstante las 'indicaciones' de su cardiólogo. '¿Doctor, usted sigue operando?' y una vez más debo explicar que sí, que lo sigo haciendo con el mismo entusiasmo y responsabilidad de siempre.
Muchos de estos cardiólogos, son de prestigio nacional e internacional.

Concurren a los Congresos del American College o de la American Heart y entonces sí, allí me brindan toda clase de felicitaciones y abrazos cada vez que debo exponer alguna 'lecture' de significación. Así ocurrió cuando la de Paul D. White lecture en Dallas, decenas de cardiólogos argentinos me abrazaron, algunos con lágrimas en los ojos. Pero aquí, vuelven a insertarse en el 'sistema' y el dinero es lo que más les interesa.

La corrupción ha alcanzado niveles que nunca pensé presenciar. Instituciones de prestigio como el Instituto Cardiovascular Buenos Aires, con excelentes profesionales médicos, envían empleados bien entrenados que visitan a los médicos cardiólogos en sus consultorios. Allí les explican en detalles los mecanismos del retorno y los porcentajes que recibirán no solamente por la cirugía, los métodos de diagnóstico no invasivo (Holter eco, camara y etc., etc.) los cateterismos, las angioplastias, etc. etc., están incluidos...

No es la única institución. Médicos de la Fundación me han mostrado las hojas que les dejan con todo muy bien explicado. Llegado el caso, una vez el paciente operado, el mismo personal entrenado, visitará nuevamente al cardiólogo, explicará en detalle 'la operación económica' y entregará el sobre correspondiente!.

La situación actual de la Fundación es desesperante, millones de pesos a cobrar de tarea realizada, incluyendo pacientes de alto riesgo que no podemos rechazar. Es fácil decir 'no hay camas disponibles'.

Nuestro juramento médico lo impide.

Estos pacientes demandan un alto costo raramente reconocido por las obras sociales. A ello se agregan deudas por todos lados, las que corresponden a la construcción y equipamiento del ICYCC, los proveedores, la DGI, los bancos, los médicos con atrasos de varios meses.. Todos nuestros proyectos tambalean y cada vez más todo se complica.

En Estados Unidos, las grandes instituciones médicas, pueden realizar su tarea asistencial, la docencia y la investigación por las donaciones que reciben.

Las cinco facultades médicas más trascendentes reciben más de 100 millones de dólares cada una! Aquí, ni soñando.

Realicé gestiones en el BID que nos ayudó en la etapa inicial y luego publicitó en varias de sus publicaciones a nuestro instituto como uno de sus logros!. Envié cuatro cartas a Enrique Iglesias, solicitando ayuda (¡tiran tanto dinero por la borda en esta Latinoamérica!) todavía estoy esperando alguna respuesta. Maneja miles de millones de dólares, pero para una institución que ha entrenado centenares de médicos desparramados por nuestro país y toda Latinoamérica, no hay respuesta.

¿Cómo se mide el valor social de nuestra tarea docente?

Es indudable que ser honesto, en esta sociedad corrupta tiene su precio. A la corta o a la larga te lo hacen pagar.

La mayoría del tiempo me siento solo. En aquella carta de renuncia a la C. Clinic , le decía al Dr. Effen que sabía de antemano que iba a tener que luchar y le recordaba que Don Quijote era español!

Sin duda la lucha ha sido muy desigual.

El proyecto de la Fundación tambalea y empieza a resquebrajarse.

Hemos tenido varias reuniones, mis colaboradores más cercanos, algunos de ellos compañeros de lucha desde nuestro recordado Colegio Nacional de La Plata, me aconsejan que para salvar a la Fundación debemos incorporarnos al 'sistema'.

Sí al retorno, sí al ana-ana..

'Pondremos gente a organizar todo'. Hay 'especialistas' que saben como hacerlo. 'Debes dar un paso al costado. Aclararemos que vos no sabes nada, que no estás enterado'. 'Debes comprenderlo si querés salvar a la Fundación'

¡Quién va a creer que yo no estoy enterado!

En este momento y a esta edad terminar con los principios éticos que recibí de mis padres, mis maestros y profesores me resulta extremadamente difícil. No puedo cambiar, prefiero desaparecer.

Joaquín V. González, escribió la lección de optimismo que se nos entregaba al recibirnos: 'a mí no me ha derrotado nadie'. Yo no puedo decir lo mismo. A mí me ha derrotado esta sociedad corrupta que todo lo controla. Estoy cansado de recibir homenajes y elogios al nivel internacional. Hace pocos días fui incluido en el grupo selecto de las leyendas del milenio en cirugía cardiovascular. El año pasado debí participar en varios países desde Suecia a la India escuchando siempre lo mismo.

'¡La leyenda, la leyenda!'

Quizá el pecado capital que he cometido, aquí en mi país, fue expresar siempre en voz alta mis sentimientos, mis críticas, insisto, en esta sociedad del privilegio, donde unos pocos gozan hasta el hartazgo, mientras la mayoría vive en la miseria y la desesperación. Todo esto no se perdona, por el contrario se castiga.

Me consuela el haber atendido a mis pacientes sin distinción de ninguna naturaleza. Mis colaboradores saben de mi inclinación por los pobres, que viene de mis lejanos años en Jacinto Arauz.

Estoy cansado de luchar y luchar, galopando contra el viento como decía Don Ata.

No puedo cambiar.

No ha sido una decisión fácil pero sí meditada.
No se hable de debilidad o valentía.

El cirujano vive con la muerte, es su compañera inseparable, hable de debilidad o valentía.

El cirujano vive con la muerte, es su compañera inseparable, con ella me voy de la mano..

Sólo espero no se haga de este acto una comedia. Al periodismo le pido que tenga un poco de piedad.

Estoy tranquilo.. Alguna vez en un acto académico en USA se me presentó como a un hombre bueno que sigue siendo un médico rural. Perdónenme, pero creo, es cierto. Espero que me recuerden así.

En estos días he mandado cartas desesperadas a entidades nacionales, provinciales, empresarios, sin recibir respuesta.

En la Fundación ha comenzado a actuar un comité de crisis con asesoramiento externo. Ayer empezaron a producirse las primeras cesantías.. Algunos, pocos, han sido colaboradores fieles y dedicados. El lunes no podría dar la cara..

A mi familia en particular a mis queridos sobrinos, a mis colaboradores, a mis amigos, recuerden que llegué a los 77 años. No aflojen, tienen la obligación de seguir luchando por lo menos hasta alcanzar la misma edad, que no es poco.

Una vez más reitero la obligación de cremarme inmediatamente sin perder tiempo y tirar mis cenizas en los montes cercanos a Jacinto Arauz, allá en La Pampa.

Queda terminantemente prohibido realizar ceremonias religiosas o civiles.

Un abrazo a todos
René Favaloro

          Wire Harness Assembly - Lead Technician        

Wire Harness Assembly - Lead Technician | Full Time Position

Bazzaz, Inc. is currently seeking to fill a full-time position for a Wire Harness Assembly - Lead Technician.

Bazzaz is a designer and manufacturer of superior-quality motorcycle & ATV electronics and dynamometers located in Chino Hills, CA.
We are committed to providing customers the very best experience which we believe stems from hiring the best employees.
For more information on the company please visit

Location: Chino Hills, CA

Description: Seeking an individual who is proficient in operating wire cut and strip, and terminal press machines.
Able to perform cable harnessing, wire harnessing, assembly and subassembly using drawings, schematics, and wire diagrams.
Candidate should be acutely focused on quality and will perform quality inspections. Listed below are the basic duties and requirements of the position:

  • Assemble wire & cable harnesses, subassemblies, wiring, crimping, soldering, plugging stripping, routing, inspecting, and potting.
  • Understand and be to operate wire cut & strip machine & terminal presses
  • Basic knowledge of components & maintain inventory of parts
  • Perform quality inspections
  • Perform regular maintenance and upkeep of the equipment
  • Monitor production runs
  • Follow strict quality control process
  • Must be able to work 40 hours per week 7AM-4PM
  • Able to read, write, and communicate in English
  • Explain assembly procedures or techniques to other workers
  • Set up and maintain a clean work environment at all times
  • Understand and follow all safety policies, codes, and procedures
  • Lead a team of 4-10 wire harness assemblers

We are looking for a responsible, highly motivated and detail oriented individual, who wants to be part of an exciting and dynamic company.
Bazzaz is on the leading edge of technology in the motorcycle aftermarket industry.

Desired Qualifications:

  • 2 years electro-mechanical assembly experience with cable and wire harnessing
  • Must be able to accurately identify components
  • Committed to quality
  • Detailed
  • Good eye / hand coordination is a must
  • Able to work in MS Outlook and Excel
  • Able to meet strict deadlines
  • Bi-lingual, English & Spanish a plus


  • Starting Wage is $12.00 - $16.00 per hour, based on experience.
  • After six months eligible for company Health/Dental/Vision Insurance.
  • 1 week vacation. Paid personal days. Paid Holidays.
  • Monthly bonus plan.

Applicant must successfully pass a drug screening, E-Verify, and background check in order to qualify.

Bazzaz, Inc. is an at-will, equal opportunity employer. If you believe yourself to be a good candidate and meet all requirements,
please e-mail a brief description of your qualifications and resume to Josef Buxton.

*Position descriptions and anticipated skills acquired are neither conclusive nor definite and can be expected to change throughout term of employment.



          Imperator Fish on South Canterbury Finance        
Imperator Fish is a lawyer. He leans to the left, but has always been a fair critic. He has gone through all legal deeds about South Canterbury Finance, which were posted on Red Alert. Trevor Mallard has shown his legal skills are as excellent as his diplomatic skills and concluded it is all Bill English’s […]
          The Odyssey of the Canaries in Texas and Louisiana        

Jose Balbuena's book "Odyssey of the Canary Castilian Texas and Louisiana", is not only a publication about facts of this historical epic of the Canarian colonial America, but also serves as a picture of their offspring born in this large American territory, which have expressed pride, heritage, have been able to convey generosity. Its author is a well known and excellent journalist who joined the newspaper The Province in 1972, writing many interesting features, interviews and chronicles of travel, making it one of the first journalists of the Canary Islands in the dissemination of specialized tourism issues.

See: (Spanish)

          Gifts Of Spring        
Just here thinking Spring already, the funny thing is that is windy and raining cats and dogs outside! Anyway today I want to start with a set of card, envelope and box. I have to tell you that I just loooooove this set, was created using my new digital papers: Spring Fling. I also went back to basics and I'm using again my Cricut, I do not own a new cutting machine right now, I have to be honest and I know I am not the type of person that enjoy complicated tools so that is why I decided to use what I have and actually is not that bad, I am enjoying all the process and discovering lots of possibilities. 

Aqui de nuevo ya pensando en Primavera, lo curioso es que afuera hace un clima horrible, mucho viento y lluvia! En fin, primero les quiero compartir este set de tarjeta, sobre y cajita. Les tengo que confesar que me encanto el resultado, fue creado con papeles del colage: Spring Fling.
Algo que tambien disfute fue que regrese a los basicos, asi es, desempolve mi Cricut y la estoy usando de nuevo, por el momento no tengo una maquina de corte nueva y tampoco me gustan las maquinas complicadas ni estar batallando que si la tengo que conectar a la computadora etc.. asi que intente aprovechar lo que tengo y la verdad es que no esta tan mal, estoy disfrutandolo y hay muchas posibilidades.

I cut the word Easter from the cartridge called wild card, I use chalk ink to paint the word in 2 different tones, I also use the Cricut for the argyle design/background in white cardstock and the scalloped envelope all those designs come in the same cartridge.

Corte la palabra  Easter del cartucho: wild card use chalk ink para pintar de dos colores la palabra, tambien use  mi Cricut para el diseño de rombos en cardstock blanco y el sobre con onditas, todos esos diseños son parte del mismo cartucho.

This cute box was made using a die that I got from e bay as some of you know I am addicted to these dies and the great thing is the price! I use some stamps from MSE! seam binding, silk flowers and other embellishments from my stash.

Esta cajita que me encanta la corte con un suaje de e bay como algunas de ustedes ya saben soy adicta a  estos suajes ahora y lo mejor de todo es el precio! use algunos sellos de MSE! seam binding, flores de seda etc.

Next a baby card using a cute vintage image from the collage: Sent From Heaven and Shabby Mini Folders, papers from my stash.

Ahora una tarjeta de bebe usando imagenes vintage de los colages: Sent From Heaven y Shabby Mini Folders, papeles de mi coleccion.

Next another card just for fun created with paper scraps,  those big scissors that I cut with my Cricut, the stamp is a retired one from TCM, I use images from the collage: Tape Measure No. 2

A continuacion una tarjeta creada con recortes de papel,  esas tijeras grandes son tambien un corte con la Cricut, el sello ya esta descontinuado es de la marca TCM, use imagenes del colage: Tape Measure No. 2
That is all for me today I hope you have a great weekend! I will be back soon with lots of projects!

Bueno eso es todo por hoy, espero que tengan un excelente fin de semana! regreso pronto con mas proyectos!
          Be Mine        

Hello again! a few more projects today... yes I have been creating a lot these days and that makes me happy, I made more Valentine's Day cards and this is one of my favorites!  created using paper scraps and foamy heart using a die from PTI, the pink strip of paper with tiny hearts is from MFT

Hola de nuevo! tengo varios proyectos el dia de hoy... si, he estado creando mucho estos dias y eso me hace feliz, hice mas proyectos de San Valentin y esta tarjeta es una de mis favoritas!  creada usando retazos de papel, un corazon de foamy cortado con suaje de PTI, la tira de color rosa con corazones pequeños es de: MFT
The "be mine" banner is from the digital collage: Banners and Flowers, I embellish with buttons,
flowers, paper pieces etc.

El banderin con la palabra "be mine" es del colage digital: Banners and Flowersfinalmente adorne con botones, flores, pedacitos de papel etc.

Next a tag set using cardstock and images from the collage: Sugar and Spice the bow die is from My Creative Time

A continuacion un set de etiquetas usando cardstock e imagenes del colage: Sugar and Spice el suaje de moño es de: My Creative Time
And last a card in Spanish using die from: Latina Crafter and stamp from: La Pareja Creativa, heart die from PTI

Y por ultimo una tarjeta en Español use un suaje de: Latina Crafter y sello de: La Pareja Creativa, suaje de corazon es de PTI
I will be back with more projects soon, thank you so much for your sweet comments, have a great weekend!

Regresare pronto con mas proyectos, muchas gracias por sus lindos comentarios, que tengan un excelente fin de semana!
          SC DO PAVÃO - Edmar Covre (Russo) é empossado novo Diretor/ Presidente do Samae.        

Tomou posse na manhã desta quinta Feira , 10, o novo Diretor-Presidente do SAMAE, Edmar Covre (Russo) que estava como Secretario da Infância , Juventude e Melhor Idade desde o começo do ano e vinha desenvolvendo um excelente trabalho em sua secretaria. 
A cerimonial de posse foi realizado no SAMAE, o prefeito Edimar Santos fez questão de ressaltar a administração do ex-diretor Jerónimo Eduardo Gonçalves e as ações implementadas em sua gestão. "O SAMAE passou por algumas dificuldades, e mesmo assim conseguiu e realizar grandes feitos", afirmou prefeito Edimar Santos . "Jeronimo faz parte da história do SAMAE e da família Samaeana. Conhece as necessidades e dificuldades da autarquia e contribuirá muito para a administração da mesma em parceria agora com novo diretor .
Além do Prefeito e do ex Diretor Presidente do SAMAE, estavam presentes na cerimônia vereadores, funcionária do Samae , prefeitura e imprensa .

          TIME SHIFTERS – Dirty Race        

Pero esto hoy va del espacio/tiempo y no, no os estoy hablando de ‘Regresos al Futuro’, de la fascinante novela de H.G. Wells, La Máquina del Tiempo  y su excelente adaptación cinematográfica de 1960, ni tampoco os voy contar las mil y una ralladas siderales de Dave Wyndorf con sus Monster Magnet. No. Esto vuelve a ir de […]

Contenido perteneciente a Rock The Best Music

          Day 5        
Did excellent today! A little high on sodium BUT still under the high range for Spark. Everything else was just about on! Carbs a little high for me BUT they were the complex ones and NOT just empty.

Will have to see how the next couple days go as I'm off, which I believe I need. I did something to my wrist as it hurts if I use it too much. Will put a brace on as soon as it's clean then off to bed.
          Housekeeping Room Attendant - Deerfoot Inn and Casino - Calgary, AB        
From Indeed - Thu, 20 Jul 2017 16:25:58 GMT - View all Calgary, AB jobs
          Gota no Oceano        

gota no oceano


Tem música, poema, texto e verso sobre isso. Todos entendemos o significado de fazer sua parte para que a transformação comece. E porque não fazemos? Li um excelente post da Marina Colerato (site Modefica) onde explica a impossibilidade da sustentabilidade na moda, se não mudarmos todo o processo.



Como? Muitas empresas querem e tentam melhorar sua forma de fazer para tornar-se menos agressivo ao meio ambiente, mas é utopia dizer que as empresas sozinhas podem mudar tudo. Você precisa ajudar, para que o mundo modifique. Talvez não veja, mas a sua gota fará parte da onda.


Nosso país esta passando por uma das fases mais difíceis e conflitantes da história. É hora de rever suas decisões e melhorar suas atitudes. Gaste menos água, apague as luzes, opte por uma alimentação mais saudável, compre com consciência, procure saber a procedência dos produtos, valorize a produção nacional, use menos papel, evite sacolinhas plásticas, estude mais, seja honesto....



Mais honestidade? Sim, para haver reforma política, é preciso que a sociedade seja ética e honesta em sua maioria. Não jogue lixo no chão, não pague propina, não dê jeitinho, siga as regras de trânsito, são coisas rotineiras que às vezes fazemos errado, sem ter noção do erro. Pare e pense no que você pode melhorar.

Vou continuar exigindo e fiscalizando as lideranças, mas eu quero ser a gota no oceano da transformação. 


Embora ninguém possa voltar atrás e fazer um novo começo,

qualquer um pode começar agora e fazer um novo fim. 

(Francisco Cândido Xavier)      


Para ler o post da Marina Colerato, clique aqui.

          The VERY last birds...and an African wolf        

I couldn't let that cricket warbler get away, so I took one final trip back up to the dry and dusty Sahel region in the north of the country, armed with its call downloaded onto my iPod from the excellent website xeno-canto, to track it down.  The bush yielded some nice birds - fulvous babblers and speckle-fronted weavers - but the cricket warblers were still proving elusive.  So I got out my new toy - the downloaded call - and pressed Play.  Within only two seconds, there was a cricket warbler!!  It popped up onto the top of a bush, having been hiding in the shady interior I assume.  A fleeting view but enough for a positive identification.

Some other nice sightings of the weekend included some beautiful African pygmy geese, the rare Arabian bustard and a big party of vultures feeding on a freshly dead roadside donkey - see photo above.

There are not all that many mammals in Senegal, but I saw a number of jackals, and heard the interesting bit of information that recent DNA testing has shown these to be more closely related to the European wolf than to the jackals from southern Africa.  This photo I took there really does show a wolf-like animal.

          Monkeying around        

Despite not getting to Angkor Wat, Cambodia ended up offering me a few good experiences.  On the last Friday evening I went out for a bit of culture.  Not the classical dance, unfortunately, which is hard to find in the capital, but a performance by an arts group of what they called 'Hanuman and the big drum'.  There were actually two very big drums, two quite big drums, and a number of smaller drums and gongs.  Not to mention a few other traditional instruments (not sure what they are called, but the Cambodian equivalents of the West African balafon and njarka).  The drumming was excellent, and was accompanied at one point by some very good male dancers.

The best part for me though was the reference to Hanuman (the monkey god).  We were making our way back to our seats after the interval when some 'monkeys' came through the audience area to investigate the empty stage.  These were the male dancers but this time wearing sky blue ceramic monkey masks, and displaying all the mannerisms of monkeys in the way they moved, scratched, etc.  There was just something about their behaviour, and in those masks, that made all of us in the audience smile, then giggle, and then laugh out loud, and I really did go back to the hotel with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Then on my last Saturday morning, just before heading home, I tried out a completely different activity, with a visit to the Phnom Penh shooting range.  You can try your hand at everything from AK47s to a Rocket Propelled Grenade (although the latter costs $350).  I went for the revolver and the Ruger sniper rifle.  The revolver was difficult - the recoil was strong and tilted the gun upwards even before the bullet had left, so all my shots flew well over my target's head.

But I was much better with the rifle.  As you can see I didn't manage to hit the actual target (it looks as though I was aiming for his gun instead!), but nine of my ten shots would have killed my target man, and the tenth probably broken his shoulder, which isn't bad for a first attempt.
          May I Help You?        
Happy Happy Cookie
I wrote a huge long post about things that make me happy, and it made me realise that aside from the obvious such as hanging out with my family, there really are two main things that make me light up. So I deleted everything else and I'm just going to concentrate on those two.

One is learning new things. Some of the happiest times of my life have been when I was a student. Lord knows I'm not wishing to go back to college a la Avenue Q. I mostly enjoy being a grown-up and cooking is definitely one of the joys of my life. But researching, learning, acquiring new skills and using that big brain of mine, so woefully under-stimulated most days, really make me happy. So obviously I need to look for something that allows or even requires me to do that. I've been taking online Continuing Education courses in Technical Communication from my local college and they have made my life so much better. Learning new things was the one part of my life as a research scientist that I loved.

The other thing that makes me happy is helping people. Someone asks for a recipe and woosh, just like that, I can Google it for them. I can teach people to make sauerkraut. I can help them set up a website or Facebook page. I can edit their writing. I've supported a university professor in using Learn. I've tutored high school students. I volunteer for my kids' school and my synagogue as a coordinator, making sure volunteers are in the right place at the right time. I love doing all of that. It isn't even the thanks and kudos, although of course those are very pleasant. It's the act of ascertaining a need and fulfilling it. Helping people was the one part of my job as a high school teacher that I loved.

All of this makes me think that I need to look actively for people to help. I can research topics and write reports about them. I am learning new skills such as website design (in which I've recently finished a course), editing and proofreading (ditto). I should learn more about Excel and Wordpress and find people who need help with them. Because I can learn quickly and well, and many people have less time and inclination than I do for these things.

So, I'll be setting up a website for these things, and I hope you will consider coming to visit, and maybe sending your friends. I would love to help you if I can.
          On Mothering a Teenaged Driver        
Car crashLast week a 17-year-old Winnipeg girl died. She was riding in an SUV with her friends at 1 o'clock on a weekday afternoon, when the vehicle hit a tree. She was ejected from the car and was killed. Her friends were all hurt, and charges have been laid against the 17-year-old driver.

This story would have made me cry anyway - I have become much more susceptible to any sad tale involving children since becoming a mother. But it really hit me in the gut, because my 16-year-old is learning to drive.

He's a good driver, although not yet ready to take his road test. His reflexes and mechanical control of the vehicle are excellent - years of playing video games are apparently good for something. The mistakes he makes are a direct result of inexperience, and he is a quick learner. More importantly, he loves to drive and asks to do it as frequently as he can, accumulating as much experience as possible. These are all good things.

Nevertheless, I am putting my child in charge of a lethal weapon. Right now I sit next to him and remind him to slow down if a light up ahead is about to change, call out warnings if he is drifting in his lane and tell him what to do about obnoxious guys in macho trucks who are trying to get him to move faster than is wise or legal.

But some day soon, he will be out there by himself. I tell myself that he is a good and cautious driver with a healthy respect for the powerful machine under his hands and for the speed limit and seat belt laws. I teach him everything I can so he and everyone around him will be safe. I have to let him go out and learn to be an adult.

But last week, a 17-year-old girl died, and a 17-year-old boy was left with a burden of guilt he can never, ever lose, regardless of what his friend's mother says and how genuine her forgiveness is.

We all cry.
          Montana Public Radio Hires Health Reporter As News Director        
Eric Whitney, a radio reporter covering health issues for NPR and Kaiser Health News, will join Montana Public Radio as News Director on September 1st. Whitney replaces Sally Mauk who retired in May.MTPR General Manager William Marcus says the station’s search committee was pleased with the number of highly qualified applicants for the position and that Whitney stood out. “Eric has spent most of his 20-year public radio career reporting from and about the west,” Marcus said. “He’s a proven professional and I’m confident he will carry on MTPR’s strong tradition of excellence in public radio journalism.”Before his free-lance work for NPR and Kaiser Health News, Whitney reported for Colorado Public Radio and started the News Department at public station KRCC in Colorado Springs. He also served as Assistant News Director for High Plains News in Billings.Whitney says he looks forward to his move back to Montana. “I'm really excited about becoming part of Montana Public Radio and look
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Actividad muy divertida. Nos ha encantado la presentación y el manejo. Es muy recomendable para grupos de amigas . Excelentemente presentado. Y se aprende un montón!!!!
          Wake Forest School of Medicine Transforms How K-12 Students Learn by Offering Problem-Based Learning Training to Teachers        
  The Center of Excellence for Research, Teaching and Learning (CERTL) at Wake Forest School of Medicine, part of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, hosted 175 K-12 teachers from 86 schools in 16 Piedmont Triad school districts this week as part of their commitment to providing effective problem-based learning training to educators. The ongoing training provides local teachers with the tools and knowledge to effectively prepare K-12 students for careers in science, technology, engineering and math – commonly known as STEM.  
          Found Objects- Robot Parts- Brass Parts- Brass Objects by butcherooney        

30.00 USD

Eighteen pieces of brass found objects to make whatever you choose. These would make excellent legs for robots. I'm accumulating too much stuff and it's time to send it elsewhere. These items will ship USPS priority mail in the USA only.

          Cómo dejar de morder uñas – ayuda de resolución de año nuevo        

Let's start con clavo penetrante es muy insalubre, y es bruto. Es necesario aprender a dejar de morder uñas. Sus uñas llevan dos veces mÌ as bacterias y gérmenes como el alcance de su mano.  Mayoría de los teclados y mandos a distancia tenga más gérmenes y cruda de ellos que su asiento de inodoro. Visualizar utiliza el teclado y brazos cruzados comenzó a masticar un clavo, acaba de poner todas las clases de icky mierda en la boca. ¡Basta!

Onychophagia es el término clínico para uñas que morder. Además de ser un real apagar el sexo opuesto, puede ser una causa para los jefes y los empleadores potenciales cree que tienen baja autoestima. Si eso no es suficiente, tienes que saber a sus transferencias de uñas desastre millones de bacterias, hongos y otros microorganismos dentro de la boca. MONSTRUO!

Además de ser antihigiénico, morder uñas contribuye al uso y desgaste de sus dientes, piel de causas y las infecciones de la cutícula y ups las probabilidades se enfermará de mayor exposición a los gérmenes. Ya sabe usted que la pura fuerza de voluntad no es suficiente para lograr que deje el clavo mordiendo ahora. Necesita ayuda más que eso. Si deseas estos productos y técnicas para ayudar a que dejar de morder uñas.


Control-It! 3 es una crema totalmente natural inodoro que se aplica a las uñas. Su sabor amargo le recuerda que debe dejar de poner los dedos en la boca.


Es necesario tener una Lima de uñas y la cutícula recortador cerca de usted todo el tiempo.  Además, necesita apartar un tiempo de preparación para manicura y pulir las uñas. Incluso chicos puede utilizar un fortalecedor de uñas para cortar ayuda mantener salud de uñas.


Mi libro, cómo dejar de uñas morder, ofrece excelentes técnicas para ayudarle a reconocer su clavo mordiendo patrones y activa. También dará ejercicios que usted puede usar para tomar tu mente fuera el fuerte impulso de morder las uñas.


Además de aburrimiento, estrés es el factor más evidente en fomentar actividad penetrante de uñas. Cuando sienta ansiedad, frustración o miedo, usted puede estar seguro desencadenantes para iniciar una sesión de Rally son en la gama completa. Mi libro witll darte algunas sugerencias de relajación. Yoga y el hipnotismo pueden ayudarle también.


Algunas personas han tenido éxito usando una banda elástica en la muñeca. Que lo encajen inteligentemente cuando se capturan en una sesión de uñas penetrante. Debe ser doloroso mensaje a tu cerebro. Tienes que dar seguimiento a alguna afirmación positiva acerca de cómo dejar de morder uñas. La combinación puede ser poderosa, especialmente si usted lo contrario está motivados para dejar de fumar.


Las probabilidades son grandes que se recaída, probablemente más de una vez, antes que gana suficiente experiencia y moxie dejar de uñas que morder para bien. Así que no seas demasiado en ti mismo cuando suceda. Sobre todo, no conseguir desalentado y dejar de fumar. No ser víctimas de este mal hábito. Usted puede aprender cómo dejar de morderse las uñas si se determinan y mantener después de él.

View the original article here

          Una vez aparecen en morder uñas        
Conducen a más tensión y un problema de tensión adicional de la función. Cómo dejar de morderse las uñas con un solo usted está empleado su cabeza, utilizando otro ha cuerpo y posee igualmente un gran efecto en la disminución de nuestras gamas de tensión. Es porque el momento que pusiste los dedos a la boca, usted conseguirá el inesperado estilo terrible y podrá rechazar le mucho que simplemente no necesita morder tus uñas más de largo.

Permite comenzar con el acto de colocación de la uña o dedo dentro de la boca, en el caso que se imagina que no es pobre, detener, reflexionar para el segundo. Otra vez se siente ansioso o presionado, participar en tener una bola de tensión o distraer a las palmas con otra cosa que es ciertamente reconfortante y no va a sostenerte en el borde de su asiento.

Desencadenar una reacción corporal perjudicial, dicen, ajustar una banda elástica versus la muñeca cada vez que atrapes, podría apoyarle para detener la rutina. Todavía será mejor si usted podría conseguir pero otro clavo mordiendo buddy para evitar morder demasiado, de esta manera es posible ayudar a inspirar a cada uno de los demás y conjuntamente son capaces de dividir la práctica.

Son capaces de utilizar un esmalte amargo en lo que sigue siendo de sus respectivos clavos. Así que ahora no suelen incluso tratar y asesorar a este pensamiento no se pudo realizar en su caso, simplemente porque eres un miembro de la douleur de la uña morder la cultura.Desnuda tonos de esmalte de uñas se ofrecen a su disposición que le apoyará con este tipo de problema.

Debido a que no ha habido ahora bordes duros para tentarme, podía preservarlos prolongada con cabo mordisqueando los pedacitos difíciles, además pude pintarlos en bastante esmalte de uñas que creó también parecen totalmente no las uñas que me había mordido anteriormente. Numerosos pinzas cortantes de uñas están inclinados a pensar que morder las uñas no es negativa para ellos. Hipnosis obliga a considerar la gestión y dividir sus comportamientos.

El daño comienza a ocurrir cuando uña de tipos tan modesta, morderlo daña cerca por carne, provocando dolor, o en un casos peor montón, sangrado. La altura de los hábitos es generalmente evidente en el momento de la pubertad. Al final encontrará algunos uso funcional en la mercancía de belleza costoso llamada esmalte de uñas del dedo.

Desnuda tonos de esmalte de uñas se ofrecen a su disposición que le apoyará con este tipo de dilema. Morderse las uñas es con frecuencia tiempo una rutina ansiosa, algo que haces una vez incluso un poco ansioso de emoción.

 Obviamente, no es sólo las uñas breves, desagradables y desfiguradas le preocupa porque su vida propia y experta ha ya sido negativamente afectada, también. A mi hermana del estado que crecí Mostrar desagrado por lo estaba considerablemente de un eufemismo y seguramente era bastante racking que reside en una casa donde argumentos terminaron una función día a día, y una persona fue casi generalmente en lágrimas como un resultado de la final de la conducta de nuestro padre.

El clavo morder es realmente un hábitos que sin duda está también situados en animales, particularmente de cachorros, demostrando un estado de histeria. ¿Se debe mantener sus uñas caza saludable, es considerablemente menos probablemente a morderlos.

El propósito de la es siempre a poco a poco conseguir su auto apagado la práctica sin producir modificaciones drásticas, obviamente sus uñas se buscar algo extraño junto con los crecimientos de uñas irregulares, pero se adhieren a cabo ya que probablemente se valorarlo.

Clavo morder es mucho menos de los síntomas de ansiedad o problemas psicológicos y aún más de su rutina pobre que ha se ha incubado al inconsciente por encima de varios años. Su generalmente popular método de gestión particulares interiores pensamientos, sentimientos, problemas, circunstancias o situación.

Después de empleados el empujador de cutícula dentro la manicura establecido presionar mis cutículas en términos podría. Conseguir una botella de sistema de uñas amargas que está específicamente formulado para ayudar a igualmente jóvenes y ancianos, dividir el comportamiento penetrante de uñas.

El primer proceso para terminar el clavo mordiendo hábitos va a ser para determinar las actividades reales y además situaciones durante el cual es una inclinación a morder las uñas. El más sencillo 1 conseguir un clavo transparente polaco que su área con sus uñas.

 Lamentablemente, sufrió numerosos problemas de salud, problemas coronarios del corazón, un coágulo a la mente, enfermedad de Parkinson, gota y así sucesivamente. El objetivo sería cambiar el comportamiento de morder las uñas con una particular que es mucho más constructivo. Clavo afilado y uñas arte no sólo es emocionante, pero muy inventiva al mismo tiempo.

Un número de personas como yoga, que también es un excelente ejercicio físico. También normalmente se logra cuando estás aburrido de lo contrario no tienes nada para llevar a cabo.

El clavo morder sanar que llevará a cabo en su caso será diferente, Considerando que no haya clavos morder el método de tratamiento funciona exactamente de la misma manera para todos. Dañados los poros y la piel con la cutícula – un uñero – pueden resultar contaminados cuando indebidamente eliminados así como el lugar que alrededor de las uñas pueden volverse rojo y angustiante. La mayoría de las personas que están tratando de detener el clavo morder con la electricidad de su voluntad por sí mismo Descubra en sus propias apropiado dentro de la práctica de rutinariamente.

En caso de estar sin duda una mujer es posible pintar las uñas y también tienen el objetivo de intentar parecer bueno el fin de semana. Dividir la rutina justo antes de que los dedos se rompen significativamente.

View the original article here
          Mucho más en cuanto a detener morder uñas        
Yo soy consciente del conocimiento, explotar para morder mis uñas tan breves que de hecho sangran. Hay una variedad de opciones que han sido diseñadas para ayudarle a salir de esta práctica dañina. Pero naturalmente lo que ocurre sólo algunas horas después, aunque su no incluso consciente contemplarla lo que ocurre es empezar a morder las uñas una vez más cuando la lucha de energía cae.

Cualquier profesional permitiría saber que los microbios viven por debajo de las uñas y uñas mordiendo trae sobre la transferencia de gérmenes de personas fuera de sus uñas para tu boca.

Entonces usted ciertamente debe asegurarse que usted escoger a alguien que está dispuesto a mantener factores personalizadas. Los médicos pueden recomendar posiblemente algunos fármacos antidepresivos o psicóticos o tal vez un remedio de mejorar con terapias conductuales.

 He sido un morderse las uñas verificado en tanto soy capaz de tener en cuenta. Como la fase que viene arriba para dejar de fumar clavo mordiendo, mantener constantemente un tablero de esmeril suave y crema hidratante. El título científico para morder uñas es persistente onychophagia. De acuerdo con el concepto freudiano, morder uñas puede ser un síntoma de fijación oral.

Fue siempre muy irritable y pobres templado en lugar de un chico de calor en la dirección de sus familiares en cualquier sentido. Este comportamiento es particularmente frecuente durante la infancia y la adolescencia, sin embargo, que se puede descubrir muy bien en todos los equipos de edad. Cuando se utilizan en las uñas, se desencadena al estilo amargo y feo y pueden evitar muchas personas piquen.

 Entre todos los comportamientos alcanzables, el individuo inconscientemente decidirán uñas que morder, teniendo en cuenta que este hábitos que además se encuentra en caninos y s probablemente instintivo.

He invertido en algunas placas de emery de alta calidad junto con un paquete de manicura y ponerlos en mi cartera. Instancias de presión, placer, aburrimiento o inactividad posiblemente pueden inducir a morder 1 º, vosotros debéis reconocer, tomar y enfrentar la situación.
El horrible sabor y olor es mucho más amplio que te ayudarán a no les gusta morder las uñas una vez más. Es, realmente, es por esto que a regañadientes escribió numerosos mensajes sobre este tema de uñas que morder.

Otras personas no busque esto para conseguir el clavo mordiendo el remedio que necesitan, y buscar apoyo de aparatos específicos de la boca o comportamiento educación. El principal problema en medio de las pinzas cortantes de clavo es siempre darse cuenta por qué exigen un remedio para su rutina evidentemente inofensivo de uñas que morder.

 Algunas técnicas para ayudar a detener el clavo morder son para colocar la cinta alrededor de los dedos, o vestirse con guantes. La elección para evitar morder uñas debe ocurrir a un nivel inconsciente. Cuando estamos joven conseguimos rutinas a menudo allí excelentes y también en otros casos no tan fantástico.

En caso de que su hijo sufre de este comportamiento que necesita para dejar claro que bien puede ser debido a la tensión o de otras ediciones. Excepto si y hasta podría han reconocido que sólo tienes una dificultad que tienes para buscar una respuesta, ni el mejor clavo mordiendo la solución hará cualquier bien para satisfacer sus necesidades. ¿Serás consciente cómo rápida podría ser liberarlo por ti mismo de todas esta cierta agonía, resolviendo prevenir su clavo mordiendo la conducta va por ello poner en práctica los hábitos de reducción oblicuo con el estado adverso.

En el minuto que uno mismo mordisqueando atrapes en sus uñas, obtienes para decidir qué ruta de movimiento para bajar. Haciendo trabajo recepcionista, empleo realmente mis dedos un poco para escribir, enviar, crear y así sucesivamente.

 El último tipo de histeria que acompaña el inicio de la pubertad calificados prospectos a morder entre adolescentes.

 Efectivamente, mi respuesta tendría que ser que realmente no sabré para particular precisamente por qué o Cuándo comenzó, pero como yo sé que yo solía ser un joven niño, cuando lo hizo, creo que podría realmente son provocados por la realidad que crecí en una familia donde mi padre era cincuenta y seis años anteriores después de que yo nací.

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          Located down the street, I have been to Eagle plen...        
Located down the street, I have been to Eagle plenty of times to get a manicure and pedicure. It's a small storefront on 7mile that you can barely see from a distance. It is owned by a family of nail technicians, and usually the husband is the one doing my nails. They do an excellent job of acrylic nails and …
          The Cooperation between Law Faculty of Jambi University with Charles Darwin University        
Based on three doctrines of university, that is, education, research and public service, and with regard to the Law Faculty of Jambi University’s mission to become excellent law faculty in terms of law environment in 2015 (Being an outstanding Faculty of Law in Natural Resources Law by the year 2025), this department needs to develop its institution by means of expanding academic cooperation. To achieve this purpose, Faculty of Law of Jambi University has made initiative of cooperation with School of Law Charles Darwin University. This cooperation with Charles Darwin University was initiated with the signing of letter of agreement between Dean of Law Faculty Jambi University, Yahya, SH, MH, with the Head School of Law, Professor Nag Aughterson. This implementation of this cooperation was supported and facilitated by Associate Head School of Law Charles Darwin University, Dr. Danial Kelly. The academic cooperation between Law Faculty of Law Jambi University with School of Law Charles Darwin University covers public lectures, joint research, exchange of publications and the exchange of internship lecturers and students, and other academic activities.
          Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are | Video on        
Also see this excellent article by Oliver Burkeman.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: biofeedback, body language, confidence, embodied cognition, interviews
Em breve estarei postando um VIDEO PASSO A PASSO da Progressiva Reduction com técnica de aplicação que venho desenvolvendo. Neste passo a passo conseguimos reduzir pela metade o tempo de aplicação, facilitando muito o trabalho dos Profissionais, com excelentes resultados. Confira o resultado deste trabalho executado pela profissional Paula do salão Equilíbrio Hair, em Mogi das Cruzes - SP.

          5ª Convenção de Distribuidores Bellkey        

Durante o jantar de confraternização da Bellkey, Santolin nos agraciou com performance de diversos artistas. O pessoal que não queria ficar de fora dessa animação, se divertiu dançando em volta deste showman.

Curtam este vídeo e matem a saudades deste excelente evento.

Não deixem de acessar este blog, nas próximas edições apresentaremos mais fotos.

Oklahoma: Contributor Ronn Burton reviews WEST SIDE STORY at the Lyric Theatre! He writes "Matthew Gardiner directs this show with conviction and authenticity. Placing the acting front-and-center (let's face it, acting is often the forgotten component in many musical productions) Gardiner carefully crafts the scenes for maximum emotional impact, building the symphony of Arthur Laurents' script as precisely as he does Leonard Bernstein's score. It's definitely worth noting how fabulous the orchestra sounds, led by the baton of music director Jan McDaniel. Choreographer Amy Reynolds-Reed recreates the critical and iconic moments of Jerome Robbins' original staging, but adds quite a few novel and contemporary surprises without ever taking us out of the world of the play."

Long Island: Contributor Melissa Giordano reviews MAMMA MIA at The Gateway! She writes "Briana Rapa is adorable as Sophie. An outstanding voice and a youthful quality make her a natural for the role. Donna is effortlessly and beautifully portrayed by Joan Hess. Indeed an audience favorite is Ms. Hess's lead on the iconic title song and a heart tugging rendition of "The Winner Takes It All". Also a treat is Patrick Cassidy who portrays Sam, one of the men believed to be Sophie's father. It is especially entertaining to see Mr. Cassidy share the stage with David Engel and Fred Inkley who portray Harry and Bill, respectively (the other men believed to be Sophie's father). They appear like old buddies rather than strangers."

Kansas City: Contributor Alan Portner reviews SOMETHING ROTTEN on tour! He writes "This is where the show really takes off and never lands. There are more funny allusions to musical shows of the next three hundred years than a retrospective at the Tony Awards. Some of them you get - Others fly on by. It is like watching an Elizabethan Henny Youngman throwing out one-liners. Their first idea for a show subject is the "Black Death." Close, but no cigar. Back to Shakespeare! The real man was a little pudgy and bald. This Shakespeare is a blond, nasty, literal rock star who presides over a rave. If this sounds a little bit like Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman, you've got the idea. It is the kind of creative anachronism you enjoyed in "A Knight's Tale" with the late Heath Ledger."

Seattle: Contributor Jay Irwin reviews CURIOUS INCIDENT at the Paramount. He writes "Director Marianne Elliott took the genius tact of staging the entire show so the audience is forced to see the world the way Christopher does with intense lights, overlapping sounds, and stylized movement making the piece a fully immersive journey into an already emotional tale. And this is where we may lose some people. I find the world they've created fascinating and revel in the innovation of it all but it's not a comfortable show. This is certainly not a happy little jaunt where you can wander through the story, these folks make you work for it and even when you think you've finally got the rhythm of the show down they make a sharp left turn to throw you off again. But if you are up for the work, the payoff is immense."

Raleigh: Contributor Jeffrey Kare reviews BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at North Carolina Theatre. He writes "As for this production, it's got a very talented cast led by Catherine Charlebois, who perfectly captures all of the characteristics of Belle. She's spunky, funny, charismatic, and a woman who can easily stand up for herself. As the Beast (a role originated on Broadway by NCT alumni Terrence Mann), actor Ben Michael not only shows us the monster that character can be on the outside, but also the human he is on the inside. He very successfully sells the audience on the arc he goes on from selfish prince, to a real gentleman. Peter Saide steals the show as the narcissistic, yet villainous Gaston, who will stop at nothing to marry Belle. Heartfelt performances come from Ann Van Cleave as the maternal head of the castle's kitchen turned teapot, Mrs. Potts and Lamont Wade as Belle's loving, yet eccentric father, Maurice. Comedic highlights include Dirk Lumbard as the maitre turned candelabra, Lumiere; Michael Brian Dunn as the head of the castle turned mantle clock, Cogsworth; Matthew Simpkins as Gaston's bumbling sidekick, Lefou; Talia Robinson as the maid turned feather duster, Babette; and Aimee Henderson as the opera singer turned wardrobe, Madame de la Grande Bouche."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews The Muny's THE UNSINKABLE Molly Brown. He writes "Beth Malone is a self assured wonder as Molly, engaging and full of life, she brings her knowledge of the role to the stage of the MUNY and completely captures your heart with her performance. Since we view every other character through her prism, it's essential that she stands out, and Malone definitely does. Mark Kudisch fights a tug of war with Molly as her beleaguered, but supportive husband, J.J. Brown. Molly isn't typical of the times by anyone's standards, so it's a true test of love that keeps them together when that bond is strained, and it is, often. Whitney Bashor is quite good as a recent widow (there's that miner superstition coming true) Molly encounters, and Justin Guarini (Vincenzo), David Abeles (Erich), and Paolo Montalban (Arthur) contribute nicely as miners. The ensemble also does splendid work."

Connecticut: Contributor Sherry Shameer Cohen reviews GROUNDED at Wesport Theatre. She writes "This portrait, flawlessly played by Stahlmann, is not unusual. Many soldiers suffer from PTST. The play evokes questions about that, especially since women are twice as likely to get it. How do women soldiers reconcile their ability to kill and their ability to give life? StahlmAnn Humanizes the pilot and her meltdown in a credible way. Riccardo Hernandez's simple military/industrial set design complements the dismal work conditions of the drone operators. Kate Marvin's sound design and Solomon Weisbard's lighting are perfect. But Yana Birÿkova's projections are spectacular. Kudos also to Liz Diamond for her excellent direction. This is a play that is especially timely because this year is the 100th anniversary of the U.S. military service's using clones (also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles) and the fact that the U.S. is still at war in Afghanistan after nearly 16 years. The Air Force is training more pilots for drones than for conventional aircraft. As of mid-2016, there have been an estimated 4,189 militants and 479 civilians killed by drones."

Central NY: Contrinutor Natasha Ashley reviews AMERICAN IDIOT at the Centreal NY Playhouse. She writes "The set is not the only strong element though. Let's discuss the dancing and music. The production features high energy choreography by Sami Hoerner which consisted mostly of moshing, a type of dance that is commonly seen at punk rock live music show. It, along with the music performed by a talented orchestra under the direction of Abel Searor, helped fuel the electric atmosphere. Together, they offer a headbanging good time, but unfortunately, at times the sound design/mixing work by Robert Searle (Sound Designer) and Dusten Blake (Sound Mixer) made it hard to hear and/or understand the lyrics in various musical numbers.:

Baltimore: Contributor Charles Shubow reviews THE KING AND I on tour at the Kennedy Centre. He writes "The hit musical has been revived four times on Broadway. The latest incarnation was the Lincoln Center Theatre production in 1995 which garnered four Tony Awards starring Kelli O'Hara in the leading role of Anna and the DC production is based on that success with about 1/3 of the Lincoln Center cast still involved and has a total of 37 actors on stage. "Anna" is now played by lovely Laura Michele Kelly who I listen to almost every day on the CD of the hit musical FINDING NEVERLAND. Kelly is just plain marvelous."

Regional Editor Spotlight:

Ronn Burton
Oklahoma Contributing Editor

Ronn Burton splits his time between NYC and OKC working as an actor, filmmaker, and director. Selected credits... ACTOR: TV/Film: Celebrity Ghost Stories, Enchantments. Off-Broadway/New York Theatre: Carnegie Hall concerts with Kelli O'Hara and Stephen Sondheim, Iron Curtain, Wonderful Town, The House of Blue Leaves, Marat/Sade, Angelina Ballerina the Musical. Regional Theatre: Red, Dog Sees God, Twelfth Night, Taming of the Shrew, Little Women, The Last Five Years, Rent, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Hello, Dolly! DIRECTOR: Stage: The Agony and The Agony, Beauty and the Beast, Grease, Hello Again; Film: Encounters, Abandon, and the firsr live webseries Watch Us Fail. Follow him @RonnBurton.

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          BWW Review: YIDDISH WITH DICK AND JANE at 2017 KC Fringe Festival        

As part of the 2017 KC Fringe, "Yiddish With Dick And Jane" is worth seeing at the Arts Asylum close to downtown. Although just about anyone can enjoy this one, it says something about age when one realizes his own education falls after the McGuffey Reader period and smack in the middle of "Reading with Dick and Jane" years.

"Dick and Jane" was my first grade reader at Armstrong School in Chicago along with their dog "Spot" and their cat "Fluffy." "See Dick run. See sister Jane fall. Etc." The same books were used at Armstrong from the Scott Foresman Company for generations.

This one act play is funny for just that silly memory, but here is the rest of the setup. In the early 20th Century, millions of eastern European Jews immigrated to America's cities. Many of these people spoke Yiddish; kind of a combination of German and Hebrew.

Beginning in the 1920's and continuing through the 1960's the "Dick and Jane series" taught millions of children to read and many more millions of their parents to speak English. It worked with big typefaces and lots of pictures.

Imagine now if Dick and Jane are grown up Jewish people. They have retained their learned, broken Yiddish/English speaking patterns (think Spanglish for Jews). Some of the words remain part of their every day vocabulary. Jane is now married to Stanley. They share a very large African American child named Priscilla. Their little sister Sally is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley complete with sandals. Jane and Stanley share typical suburban problems - like gay neighbors and straying wives and aging parents.

An off to the side of the stage narrator reads from one of the Dick and Jane books and half explains the Yiddish words that creep into the dialogue.

To this fascinating and amusing ethnic stew, add the genius of casting all apparently non- Jewish actors in the semi-Yiddish speaking roles. The mangling of the Yiddish pronunciations multiplies the joke by a factor of at least three.

This short 45 minute piece is well directed by Mathew McGaugh. The cast does great stage pictures and has mastered comic quick change. They make the most of their limited props. We always know what they are doing through just a hint of suggestion. It is enough for this purpose. Both Korey Childs and Sara Crow are excellent as the narrators.

A special shout out goes to Sara Crow as sister Sally. She has pretty great guts to play the hospital patient with the open back hospital gown. More importantly and impressively, the audience saw a reaction to every line and the thought process of what was going through her facial expression throughout the entire show. I will look forward to seeing her again.

"Yiddish with Dick and Jane" can still be viewed Thursday and Friday evening during 2017 Fringe at The Arts Asylum.

          BWW Review: THE ART OF MAGIC at 2017 KC Fringe Festival        

The Society of American Magicians - Assembly #38 has reappeared at Musical Theater Heritage for they annual display of excellent prestidigitation. Mastering the ceremonies for the "Art of Magic" is SAM Vice President and pretty magician Corso.

It is a group of four magical operators plus Corso doing card tricks, rope tricks, water in the bottle tricks, mentalist tricks and evening a singing magician. Each exhibitor makes it a point to include his audience in the show.

The audience never fails to be entranced and entertained - especially the children who are invited to take part from the audience. This is mainly small magic. There are no huge displays nor elephants disappearing, but none of that matters because the side stage at Musical Theatre Heritage is intimate enough that the magic performed seems just enough.

Each is exceptionally skilled at the one or two tricks in each presentation. Especially impressive is the level of patter and professionalism displayed by all the participants. These performers are not easy to get off their games. They are skilled in reacting to the differing responses they receive from their stage partners.

The Art of Magic will vanish for this year at the 2017 Fringe after two additional performances at MTH Stage 2 on Friday evening.

          SOMETHING ROTTEN Rolls Into Starlight 7/25-30        

The completely original new musical Something Rotten! brings its rib-tickling North American tour to Starlight Theatre for six performances July 25-30.

A love letter to theatre-goers, this hilarious new Broadway hit is directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw (The Book of Mormon, Aladdin), with music and lyrics by Grammy Award winner and Tony nominee Wayne Kirkpatrick and Golden Globe Award and Tony nominee Karey Kirkpatrick, and a book by Tony nominees Karey Kirkpatrick and best-selling author John O'Farrell.

Nominated for 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Something Rotten! makes its Kansas City premiere with three principal cast members direct from Broadway: Rob McClure as Nick Bottom, Adam Pascal as Shakespeare and Josh Grisetti as Nigel Bottom. The touring cast also features Maggie Lakis as Bea, Blake Hammond as Nostradamus, Autumn Hurlbert as Portia, Scott Cote as Brother Jeremiah and Jeff Brooks as Shylock.

From the director of Aladdin and co-director of The Book of Mormon and the producer of Rent, Avenue Q and In The Heights, the irreverent Something Rotten! tells the story of brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom, two playwrights stuck in the shadow of that Renaissance rock star Will Shakespeare. When a soothsayer foretells the next big thing in theatre involves singing, dancing and acting at the same time, the Bottom brothers set out to write the world's very first MUSICAL!

With its heart on its ruffled sleeve and sequins in its soul, Something Rotten! is an uproarious dose of pure Broadway fun and an irresistible ode to musicals - those dazzling creations that entertain us, inspire us, and remind us that everything's better with an exclamation point!

"Something Rotten! says fun from the very start, and, as the show progresses, it only gets livelier," said Rich Baker, Starlight President and CEO. "The plot is smart; it offers something for everyone, and I think it's just what audiences need right now. I invite Kansas Citians to come to Starlight, check their worries at the door and get ready to laugh for 2½ hours straight!"

The show's award-winning design team of Broadway veterans includes Scott Pask (scenic design), Gregg Barnes (costume design), Jeff Croiter (lighting design), Peter Hylenski (sound design), Josh Marquette (hair design), Phil Reno (music direction/conductor), Glen Kelly (arrangements), Larry Hochman (orchestrations) and Steve Bebout (associate director).

Something Rotten! is the fifth show of Starlight's 67th Broadway season and the second of three brand-new musicals that will take the Starlight stage this summer.

Tickets for Something Rotten! at Starlight Theatre are on sale now for $14 to $152. Tickets are available online at, by calling 816.363.STAR (7827) or at the Starlight box office at 4600 Starlight Road, Kansas City, MO 64132. All performances begin at 8 p.m.

Discount prices for groups of 10 or more are available. For information about group pricing, contact group sales coordinator Camille Sumrall at 816.997.1137 or

For more information about the show, visit

About Starlight Theatre
Starlight Theatre, a recent winner of the Venue Excellence Award from the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), is the largest and oldest performing arts organization in Kansas City and the second-largest outdoor producing theatre in the country. Opened as a theater in 1950 and as a not-for-profit organization in 1951, Starlight presents and produces Broadway musicals and concerts. It also offers extensive community outreach and educational programming, including classes, scholarships and Starlight's Blue Star Awards, one of the largest high school musical theatre award programs in the nation.

Located on 16 acres in Swope Park, Starlight's venue includes rehearsal halls, gift store, club area for dining, concessions, gardens, fountains and a 10-story, climate-controlled stage.

For more information, visit

          Catching Up . . .        
Well. I certainly seem to excel at waiting months between posts and then writing a belated summary of events, don't I? We'll see if I can nix that habit, but for now I will continue in that glorious tradition:

Work is going great: I love the kids that I teach computers to and my coworkers are all made of awesome.

ONE WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT OMG. Technically two, but I do not have finals so HA SUCKS TO BE YOU NICK. Mwahaha!

Speaking of Nick, things are going great! Coming up on 4 1/2 years next month! And wow, it seems like our 4 year anniversary just happened, where the heck is time going? I have a feeling I am going to be one of those perpetually bewildered old people, always wondering how I suddenly got to be old when just a few minutes ago I was typing this post!

We're started going to the Farmer's Markets around us, and WOW real tomatoes taste amazing! I've been snacking on raw broccoli and ate a pear for breakfast and the oranges are so delicious and the eggs are tasty and the apple juice is . . . well, actually not as good as I hoped, I will try a different vendor next time. Overall, however, we love it.

My Uncle Steve is doing good! His fight with the brain cancer glioblastoma is documented here. To summarize: his surgery went well, his chemo sucked but he did it, and his latest MRI was the best it could be! There have been a lot of ups and downs and scary moments, but right now is good.

Oh! Hey! I got an ipad 2 for Christmas and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

We ran in the Davis Lucky 7k and finished in like 48 minutes, or something. I forgot. But we did finish! We keep talking about doing more and then we don't. But I have found three new races in Sac that look interesting, so I will keep you posted.

I have one semester left at Sac State, and then I graduate! I should be graduating in December of 2012!!! Yaaaay!

That means I have to decide where to get my credential, and possibly my masters. Eep!

As for me, I keep pretty busy between work and school, especially this semester. I had to do 70 hours of fieldwork at 4 different sites, and write a lot of papers! That plus upping my work from 2 to 3 days a week teaching plus 2 days after-care . . . was challenging at times, but generally I enjoyed it. My stomach has been behaving (remember those days of gastritis/IBS/acid reflux? Me neither. Yay!) My biggest stressor lately has been trying to keep our apartment clean. That, plus wishing we had more sunshine on our patio so I could grow some non-shady plants (I would kill to grow some basil!).

Hopefully I will remember to update this blog every now and then. ^_~


А знаете ли Вы, что такое спарклайны в "MS Excel", какие отчеты могут строить "Мастер отчетов 2.0" в "Яндекс.Директ" или конструктор отчетов в "AdWord"s, какие возможности открывает перед Вами функция "query" в "Google.Sheets"? Именно об этом и о пользе самообразования мы хотим с Вами поговорить.
          IAI Nesher, a cópia israelense do Mirage 5        

O Mirage III, apesar de uma excelente plataforma, tinha uma série de falhas em seu sistema de motor e radar. Além disso, no céu claro sobre o Oriente Médio, não havia utilidade para todo o pacote de aviônica fornecido pelo fabricante francês. Após contatos com Israel, a Dassault concordou em desenvolver uma nova aeronave, com base […]

O post IAI Nesher, a cópia israelense do Mirage 5 apareceu primeiro em Poder Aéreo - Forças Aéreas e Indústria Aeronáutica.

          Comment on Thoughts upon returning from the Big Apple by subliminal messages        
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          How a poor labourer became a rich farmer        
A video tells the story of a poor farmer who, through effective water conservation methods, became rich and a role model to other villagers.
Vasantrao Parkale (Source: India Water Portal)

Vasant Baburao Parkale, a 52-year-old farmer, has become a role model for many farmers in the drought-prone Marathwada region. His determination and the will to excel in life have helped him to transform his dreams into reality.

In 1984, he was just another labourer working for Bhagwan Yashwantrao Shirsagar, a wealthy farmer in Kadwanchi village in Jalna district. In 2006, Shirsagar built three farm ponds in the village with the help of the government subsidy. Vasant aspired to become a farmer like Shirsagar and was interested in building a farm pond. When he informed Shirsagar about this, he was discouraged from doing it. Unperturbed by this, Vasant went ahead with his efforts and started meeting government officials for the farm pond subsidy. The officials supported his initiative and provided him with the subsidy.

In 2006, he made his first 24x24-metres-farm pond. Through his two farm ponds, he harvests one crore 15 lakh litres of water annually. His grape production is flourishing with efficient water management practices. He owns 8.3 acres of land now and has properties worth Rs 1 crore. 

The video tells his success story.











Don't Show In All Article: 

          England get defence of U20 World Cup off to excellent start as Ireland suffer defeat to Italy        
England convincingly beat Samoa to get their World Rugby U20 Championship defence off to an excellent start. The Red Rose ran in 12 tries as they beat Samoa 74-14 at the Avchala Stadium in Tbilisi.
          Comment on Defending Trump: LaRouche advocates set up at Post Office by Christopher Sare        
That was an excellent article. By the way, I was the other organizer.
          Comment on Majestic Hotel and Spa, Barcelona with Spa Excellence by Que ver en Barcelona        
Awesome hotel!!
          Go Directly to IVF - Do Not Pass Go?        
A new study seems to suggest that couples suffering from infertility should not waste their time or money on less invasive fertility treatments, but instead should con sider going straight to in-vitro fertilization:
So it makes sense that some researchers are pushing to skip the middle step and go straight to IVF when the first-round effort fails. In a study presented last month at the annual meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, doctors from Dartmouth Medical School and Boston IVF concluded that women who were fast-tracked to IVF got pregnant three months faster on average, and spent $10,000 less than those who went through the usual preliminaries.
Considering how many couples I know who tried most or all of the less invasive treatments before finally being successful with IVF, this study would seem to be recommending the exact opposite approach. What's particularly interesting is that I had a conversation with a close friend regarding the halachic parameters of fertility treatments, and her halachic authority was definitely recommending that she and her husband try other treatments before approaching IVF, and seemed to treat IVF as pretty much a last resort (short of treatments such as surrogacy and sperm/egg donors, which can raise more complicated halachic questions). One of the reasons seemed to be a psychological - that the couple should not pull out all the stops treatment-wise, and then be dejected if the holy grail of fertility treatments doesn't show immediate results. While I can understand the motivations behind that, this study would seem to show that such waiting, considering the lower rate of success from the less involved treatments, might be more of a cruel and unusual psychological punishment in and of itself, as the article notes:
Shorter waits bring welcome psychological relief. One study claimed that women going through infertility treatment were as distressed as women diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, or HIV. Fast-tracking can mean fewer episodes of dashed hopes. That could lead to less depression, anxiety, and stress, which hurts marriages and, some claim, may lower one's chances of conceiving.
Another reason seemed to be because her Rav was concerned about the supposed higher rates of multiple births with IVF, and the fact that such multiple pregnancies entail a higher risk for both mother and children - however, that IVF does have a higher propensity for multiple births seems to be disproved from the study noted above.
The first is the potential to prevent higher-order multiple births—triplets, quadruplets, and beyond, which carry a greater risk to the mother's and babies' health. Women who get pregnant from injections with insemination face a 10 percent to 15 percent chance of carrying litters because the drugs can make them release six or more eggs. There's no way to control how many get fertilized. With IVF, by contrast, doctors create embryos in a lab and choose how many to transfer back to the womb, bringing the risk of triplets and beyond down to 2 percent to 4 percent. (The odds of conceiving triplets naturally are between 1 in 6,000 and 1 in 8,100.) That IVF figure is likely to decline further as doctors increasingly transfer fewer embryos.
So the question is, will the halachic recommendations change as a result of these findings, as the medical recommendation is hopefully going to - if they haven't already? Feel free to chime in with your experience as to whether halachic guidance given to infertile couples jibes with this medical recommendation to fast-track IVF. Though I know a few people who received halachic guidance to wait on IVF until other treatments have been tried, I know of at least one friend, living in Israel, who received a psak to go straight to IVF - but that obviously might have been complicated by her specific situation. So I'd love to hear some weighing in - anecdotal though it might be - on what seems to be the halachic consensus at this moment.

More on halacha and infertility here, from the indefatigable Chana's excellent notes from a medical ethics conference she attended at YU.
          Project Coordinator for Commercial Construction - Cambria Design Build - Newmarket, ON        
First Aid Certificate, CPR Certificate, WHMIS, Driver's License, Windows, Word, Excel, MS Project. Valid driver's license, Own vehicle, Willing to travel....
From Indeed - Mon, 17 Apr 2017 15:32:51 GMT - View all Newmarket, ON jobs
          Mercury TCR Compression Short Black        
Mercury TCR Compression Short Black

Mercury TCR Compression Short Black

Featuring a tight fit and flat seams to give correct levels of compression for optimum performance, these mercury compression shorts from Canterbury are an essential part of the serious rugby player’s kit. Excellent moisture management and antimicrobial properties ensure your comfort.  

          Perfume Review: Tommy Girl Feminino        

Um dos grandes atributos de um bom perfume que seja, minimalista em sua essência, grandioso em sua matéria, é que ele conviva com a gente em uma perfeita harmonia, provendo uma sensação de bem estar. São raros os perfumes clássicos femininos que têm o dom de eternalizar o feel good e agregar à experiência olfativa uma combinação diferenciada de notas cítricas e florais com delicada feminilidade e inocente sedução. O consagrado Tommy Girl  para mulheres é uma fragrancia agradável e cativante e merece consideravelmente o título de clássico atemporal entre os florais refrescantes, além de ter uma assinatura olfativa muito alinhada à identidade dos perfumes da Tommy Hillfiger, femininos florais, energizantes e gentilmente irresistíveis, que pouco a pouco e, com o toque da simplicidade, envolvem a pele em uma aura de natural encanto.

Tommy Girl é uma adorável delícia por ser levemente despojado. Você o usa e o sente para sentir-se naturalmente bela como se tivesse nascido perfumada. Assim como fragrancias renomadas que seguem o mesmo estilo de frescor, embora de distintas famílias: CH 212, CK one, Ck Be e Clinique Happy, ele é um perfume básico e muito funcional em seu conceito e estrutura olfativa; o diferencial de Tommy Girl é que ele é feminino e muito jovial, recuperando esse aflorar do Feminino na mulher, em crescente sintonia com um alto astral juvenil e com o desejo de transparecer o vigor. Ele rejuvenesce com um efeito radiante ao oferecer, em sua maioria, uma combinação de grapefruit, madressilva, rosas, lírios e madeiras que dão um toque perfumado às mulheres que não perderam o frescor da juventude, independente da idade. Ã‰  como se o perfume revelasse a alegria de ser uma eterna garota. Essa emoção de ser Tommy Girl, começando na pele, e elevando o espírito a algo otimista e de bem estar é o legado perfumado da marca.

No blending de notas, muito bem harmonizado com uma linha tênue do amadeirado refrescante, de flores e frutas que flertam com o olfato, os lírios e rosas florescem com feminilidade e, também, uma dócil sedução que, ora se oculta pela delicadeza do coração floral, ora  ressurge mais tentadora com as madeiras refrescantes, com destaque para o sândalo, que faz da mulher Tommy Girl não somente uma garota sonhadora e amorosa, mas uma mulher apaixonada e sedutora.

Perfume : Eau de Cologne
Notas de saída: camélia, flor de maça, flor de cassis, tangerina, hortelã verde
Notas de corpo: lírios, jasmim do deserto, rosas, madressilva,  violeta, magnólia
Notas de fundo: cedro, sândalo

O melhor da fragrancia: o bouquet floral refrescante

O pior da fragrancia: pode enjoar fácil por conta de ser um perfume simples, básico e viciante para o dia a dia.

Sillage: baixo a  levemente médio, porém excelente para a composição cologne.

Duração: 6 horas

Recomendado: para mulheres sonhadoras, apaixonadas e femininas que não gostam de perfumes fortes e querem uma opção para o dia a dia.

Avaliação: 3 estrelas

Perfume review by Cristiane Gonçalves para Perfume da Rosa Negra. Todos os direitos reservados.

          Perfume CH Marine: Carolina Herrera contra o Câncer de Mama        
Perfume da Rosa Negra
From Perfume, we return!

A renomada estilista Carolina Herrera sempre foi uma dama em vários quesitos, da elegância ao estilo, dos negócios na moda e  na perfumaria às causas socialmente responsáveis. Somente uma mulher fabulosa capaz de compreender a mulher em sua essência e valorizá-la em sua beleza e autoestima poderia, com propriedade, apoiar uma iniciativa tão nobre como a SER, uma campanha social  global, de origem Latino Americana, criada pelo Sony Pictures que visa a apoiar pacientes, familiares e amigos no combate contra o câncer de mama, com o fomento de uma comunidade solidária sobre o tema, capaz de prover suporte emocional e informações relevantes sobre esta enfermidade.

Neste ano, o lançamento da edição limitada do Perfume CH Marine é muito mais do que uma nova fragrância ao consumidor, ele é o resultado de como uma marca de grande porte, credibilidade e influência como Carolina Herrera tem o poder de fazer as mudanças que queremos na sociedade, mudanças morais que estão acima de interesses financeiros e comerciais.  A inspiradora iniciativa é um gesto simples e bonito mas não é qualquer boa ação de responsabilidade social. A ideia por si só é magnífica, a de unir o engajamento e a solidariedade com criação de uma fragrância que exala mar azul-turquesa,   frescor e energia em um bouquet floral com duas das mais belas flores do Feminino: o jasmim e a rosa.  Ã‰ uma iniciativa também muito coerente com o universo da mulher, que gosta de se perfumar, que se ama e se cuida, ou seja, o perfume acaba sendo um item de beleza adequado para uma campanha contra uma doença que impacta tanto a autoestima das pacientes. O perfume é um produto que evoca uma feminilidade e faz a mulher se sentir divina. A bordo de CH Marine, a mulher embarca em uma viagem perfumada com apelo  olfativo marítimo e floral, porque realmente o mar leva a uma jornada para uma vida mais blue, de frescor e paz, de cura terapêutica do corpo e da mente, na qual o cheiro das flores é o anseio pelo perfume da natureza,  pela beleza da vida e todo o seu bem estar.

A fragrância é bem delicada e agradável, com um composição de cítricos e florais, muito recomendada para uso diário e em períodos de Verão. A saída é deliciosa e viciante com o cítrico frutal do grapefruit e da bergamota que dão o tom conceitual e olfativo de perfumes bem leves e femininos que lembram a brisa do mar azul Italiano e de dias mais ensolarados com novas esperanças de renovação, como por exemplo Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.  Logo de início, o perfume dá também a sensação refrescante de flores molhadas com deliciosos pedaços de polpas de frutas cítricas, tudo muito suave. Também a fragrância demonstra ter um cheiro refinado para a estrutura olfativa em questão, o que evidencia que assim como a versão tradicional de CH, CH Marine também carrega em si um traço de luxo casual, mantendo inclusive uma base que valoriza mais o aspecto clean do musk com o sândalo. De maneira geral, no desenvolvimento, o perfume é mais inclinado às rosas com musk, com uma reminiscência fresca e frutal, muito leve e com mediana fixação. O couro não é tão perceptível, mas percebe-se que faz parte do resultado final pois aquece a pele e dá uma sensação de conforto no drydown, principalmente por ser uma excelente nota de efeito fixativo quando combinada com florais de bases musk,  levemente animálicos.

Para completar a bela iniciativa SER e Carolina Herrera, o frasco mantém o mesmo formato do CH, porém com delicados traços cor de rosa, bem femininos  e angelicais. A embalagem acompanha as 7 razões para sorrir, que são frases inspiradoras criadas na campanha para cada dia da semana, e folheto explicativo como realizar o auto-exame de mamas, desta forma, formando um belo produto de perfumaria com responsabilidade social, que exala um cheiro de amor, esperança, paz, cura e solidariedade.

7 razões para sorrir todos os dias

Um pensamento positivo, uma piscada, um abraço sincero.
Uma mensagem de apoio para aqueles que a necessitam.
Um novo tratamento, um passo adiante.
Uma olhada no espelho me faz lembrar o quanto sou linda.
Saber que você não está sozinha, muita gente está lutando contigo e por você.
A satisfação de ser vitoriosa
O entusiasmo de compartilhar a vida com nossos entes queridos e desfrutar de tudo o que está por vir

Link da iniciativa SER no Facebook

Perfume: CH Marine
Versão: EDT
Gênero: Feminino
Notas de saída: Laranja amarga, bergamota e grapefruit da Flórida
Notas de coração: Jasmim e rosa búlgara
Notas de base: couro, sândalo e Musk Transparente

O melhor da fragrância: Frescor floral que não é tão propriamente aquático. Apresenta-se como um floral delicado e gostoso de usar, bastante versátil para épocas quentes.

O pior da fragrância: É um EDT, desenvolvimento ainda linear e mediana fixação . Precisa ser reaplicado na pele no decorrer do dia. Seria recomendado haver versões de 30 ml e 50 ml. Disponível somente em 100 ml.

Poder de fixação: 5 a 6 horas.

Sillage: baixo

Drydown: Floral musk

Recomendado: Mulheres que apreciam fragrâncias florais e frescas bem discretas, com base musk.

Avaliação Perfume da Rosa Negra

Perfume Review by Cristiane Gonçalves for Perfume da Rosa Negra
Créditos Foto Carolina Herrera: Estilo 

          Perfume Review: MAC Turquatic        

Perfume da Rosa Negra
From Perfume, we return!

Frescor despojado com um toque de exótico!

MAC, uma das melhores, mais queridas e bem sucedidas marcas de cosméticos já tem o seu clássico perfumado. Seu nome é MAC Turquatic, fragrancia inspirada no mar em uma composição fresca aquática com nuances florais e amadeiradas que abrem notas de Anêmona, lótus, orris e cedro azul da Córsega. Lançada na coleção Fall 2011 em 3 versões: rollerball para bolsa em 20 ml, frascos de 20 e 50 ml que se diferem na embalagem, MAC Turquatic é um sucesso nos USA, cultura que aprecia perfumes leves e refrescantes como o atemporal clássico moderno CK One e suas versões de Verão, além do mais a fragrancia estava descontinuada e está de volta para a alegria de milhares de fãs.

Considerando que é um perfume fresco que poderia ser mais um cheiro lugar comum no mercado ou sem grandes inovações, MAC Turquatic é exatamente o contrário: tem personalidade olfativa e poder de conquista para as estações quentes e para homens e mulheres, além de manter o estilo cool da marca que, por ser global e descolada, é feita sob medida para fashionistas e consumidores em geral que se vêem refletidos na identidade MAC de ser. É uma fragrância que tem o duo floral anêmona e lótus, exóticas por excelência. A primeira é rara em fragrancias e pode evocar tanto as anêmonas do mar como a flor anêmona, conhecida como a flor do vento. O lótus Ã© mais marcante e habita o ambiente aquático através de suas belas e fluídas folhagens.  Ambas traduzem esta característica aquática floral de Turquatic, criam um universo de referências refrescantes e marinhas que dão coerência ao seu conceito e adicionam um acorde deliciosamente exótico que cria um apego viciante à fragrância. 

O perfume tem uma saída energizante e refrescante, mais aquática e sensorial, que lembra em um primeiro momento a parte exótica de perfumes como CK One Summer (2004) que tem um início marcado de cítrico com cactus, ao mesmo tempo, o olfato é induzido a lembrar do limão de CK One Eletric (2006) e  também recordar de notas frescas elegantes e de cedro  como as de Versace Versense e Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia. Todos estes perfumes surgem como memórias olfativas de um arrebatamento com frescor em um dia quente de calor, quando o primeiro spray de um perfume como Turquatic faz toda a diferença para refrescar a pele e os sentidos. Depois, no desenvolvimento, conclui-se que o Turquatic é muito mais que isso: ele tem o frescor aquático, mas tem uma base envolvente com o toque floral amadeirado. Ele dá uma energia fantástica, mas mantém o misterioso exotismo de sua composição. Ele   faz recordar outras fragrancias refrescantes, mas tem uma personalidade própria, que conquista pela sensação de liberdade de seu cheiro. No final, ele se apresenta como um perfume bem versátil para pessoas despojadas que gostam de um perfume revigorante e refrescante. MAC Turquatic é uma maravilhosa escolha para curtir o verão e também como um perfume diário para climas ensolarados e, com a raiz orris que está em sua base, ele tem uma boa nota fixadora que segura o perfume na pele.

Mais uma vez, MAC arrasa com o bom gosto! Conceito, estrutura olfativa, embalagem e marketing estão bem alinhados à proposta de fragrancia, basta observar o design do frasco, que potencializa o branding moment  (hora da conquista do produto) e a fabulosa campanha que, de forma sublime, evoca as plantas aquáticas fluídas que se envolvem com o azul do mar e o corpo de uma mulher cuja pele é o próprio perfume. Assinatura olfativa com simplicidade e criatividade, isso é MAC Turquatic!

Perfume: MAC Turquatic
Versão: EDP
Gênero: Feminino
Notas : anêmona, lótus, orris, cedro Azul de Córsega.

O melhor da fragrância: frescor com nuances florais exóticas.

O pior da fragrância: Ainda é uma fragrancia linear no desenvolvimento. Poderia ser mais sinuosa em seus acordes florais.

Poder de fixação: 8 horas

Sillage: médio (considerando a família olfativa e a característica refrescante, tem um considerável sillage )

Drydown: Floral e amadeirado

Recomendado: Pessoas que apreciam fragrâncias frescas aquáticas com nuances florais e amadeiradas.

Avaliação Perfume da Rosa Negra

Perfume Review by Cristiane Gonçalves for Perfume da Rosa Negra. 

          Entrevista: Lásaro do Carmo Jr, Presidente da Jequiti, fala sobre o primeiro perfume internacional da marca        
Por Cristiane Gonçalves, entrevista Jequiti exclusiva para Perfume da Rosa Negra, um novo tempo, um novo perfume

Lásaro do Carmo Jr, Presidente da Jequiti

Como começou o namoro entre Perfumes Sean John e a Jequiti?

Há cerca de um ano atrás, eu tive um café da manhã no Santo Grão com o Daniel M. Annese, Vice Presidente da Esteé Lauder para a América Latina, aonde começamos a falar de uma parceria para popularizar o luxo no Brasil, o que poderíamos fazer para trazer um produto prestige como mass para o Brasil. Batemos um papo e fomos evoluíndo nele até que começamos a discutir qual o perfume internacional que viria para a Jequiti. Tínhamos a aposta: o de trazer o perfume mais vendido nos Estados Unidos, que é o do Sean John, ou uma outra marca. Decidimos trazer Unforgivable de Sean John.

Por que se deu tal escolha pelo perfume de Sean John?
Pelo carisma, pelo que ele é, pela acessibilidade e pela qualidade da fragrância. Nós fizemos uma aposta: como o Sean John é pouco conhecido no Brasil, assim que começassem a conhecer seus perfumes, com a qualidade que eles têm, não teríamos como errar.

Os perfumes Sean John lançados pela Jequiti são produzidos no Brasil com a mesma qualidade em matérias primas importadas. Quais os ganhos para a perfumaria Brasileira em ter um produto de status internacional produzido no país?

É a primeira fragrância internacional que é envasada no Brasil. Seu envase é uma parceria de 3 empresas: a Jequiti, a Lange e a ADF Sean John que pertence a Esteé Lauder, e que reúnem a matéria prima importada com a produção nacional. O principal resultado, em termos de ganho, é termos um menor preço para o consumidor com uma qualidade excepcional.

Nos estados Unidos temos uma proliferação  e popularização de fragrâncias de celebridades como Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, entre outras. No Brasil, a Jequiti lançou fragrâncias de celebridades como Fábio Junior e Claudia Leitte. O mercado de perfumes da celebridades  é potencial no Brasil e muito pouco  explorado. Vocês têm um projeto de trazer mais fragrâncias de celebridades para o país?

Um dos grandes projetos da Jequiti é o guarda chuvas de perfumes de celebridades, nacionais e internacionais. Fábio Junior, Claudia Leitte e, agora Sean John. E o próximo, saberemos.

Podemos dizer que fragrâncias de celebridades no Brasil já é uma idéia de negócios sólida para a Jequiti?

Já deixou de ser uma idéia e já Ã© um grande projeto.

Quero agradecer a entrevista e o excelente trabalho,  cada vez mais emergente da Jequiti em contribuir com a Perfumaria Brasileira. Parabéns pela iniciativa em trazer Sean John Unforgivable para o Brasil dentro do portfólio de marcas da Jequiti.

Continue acompanhando Perfume da Rosa Negra para mais posts exclusivos sobre a parceria Jequiti e Sean John Unforgivable

A primeira marca internacional da Jequiti

          Jequiti fecha parceria com ADF e lança no país colônias assinadas pelo rapper Sean John        

Unidade de cosméticos do GSS faz parceria com Aramis and Design Fragrances e lança, com exclusividade no mercado de venda direta, as colônias internacionais Unforgivable, do rapper norte-americano conhecido como Puff Daddy; Perfumes da empresa americana serão produzidos no Brasil pela primeira vez
A Jequiti traz ao mercado as suas primeiras colônias internacionais, a Unforgivable e Unforgivable Woman, da Sean John Fragrances, marca da ADF -Aramis and Designer Fragrances. Os perfumes são assinados pelo famoso rapper americano Sean John, conhecido como Puff Daddy ou P. Diddy. A partir de 4 de maio, as mais de 170 mil consultoras (es) da marca espalhados pelo país tem no Catálogo Jequiti Colheita - ciclo 7 - os perfumes para a comercialização sob preço promocional de R$ 119,00. Disponível nas versões masculina e feminina de 75ml, Unforgivable chega exclusivamente ao Brasil pela Jequiti.

À venda nos Estados Unidos desde 2006, Unforgivable foi eleita a fragrância número 1 no mercado americano neste ano e ganhadora do FiFi Awards, concedido pela Fragrance Foundation. Sucesso que foi seguido pelo lançamento de sua versão feminina Unforgivable Woman, em 2007. Atualmente, as colônias Unforgivable são comercializadas nos Estados Unidos, em mais de 1.800 lojas de departamento, e em 35 países em todo mundo.

“Esse é um perfume associado à imagem de uma celebridade reconhecida mundialmente e queremos que no Brasil ela também alcance o grande público. Por isso a escolha de um parceiro como a Jequiti, uma empresa de grande alcance no mercado brasileiro”, comenta a presidente global da marca Aramis and Designer Fragrances, Veronique Gabai-Pinsky.


Fragrâncias especiais – Segundo o Diretor de Inovação da Jequiti, Marcelo Martins, as colônias Unforgivable possuem uma estrutura olfativa bem elaborada e sofisticada. Ambos são eau de toilette, o que promove uma ótima performance da fragrância na pele. “São perfumes com caminhos olfativos extremamente adequados ao gosto do consumidor brasileiro que busca perfumes sofisticados e com certo frescor”, diz.

Para o presidente da Jequiti, Lásaro do Carmo Jr., o objetivo de vender as colônias internacionais é aumentar a atratividade do portfólio com um produto único e de uma marca respeitada como a Sean John Fragrances. “Estamos de olhos sempre abertos na inovação e na tendência mundial de perfumaria. Com essa novidade exclusiva, queremos ampliar o nosso share no segmento de perfumes com esta marca premium. Unforgivable já é um sucesso lá fora e temos certeza que será um sucesso no Brasil”, comenta.

Produção no Brasil – Para a comercialização, a Jequiti não importará os produtos dos Estados Unidos. Depois de uma criteriosa avaliação feita pela marca Sean John Fragrances, a empresa Lange Cosméticos foi homologada com excelentes pontuações de qualidade para a fabricação dos produtos no Brasil. “Embora a produção seja nacional, todos os insumos de embalagem e a fragrância serão importados. As colônias Sean John Unforgivable e Unforgivable Woman prometem agitar o mercado brasileiro”, finaliza o diretor geral da Lange Cosméticos, Farid Ismail.
Acompanhe Perfume da Rosa Negra para cobertura especial
Lançamento Jequiti  & Sean John Unforgivable
A primeira marca internacional da Jequiti

via press Jequiti

          A present for you        
For all of you, wishing an excellent Merry Christmas.
          Office 2010 [Lançamento]        

Entre as novidades da versão 2010 estão o uso do ribbon em mais aplicativos da suíte (como o Outlook) e a inclusão da versão 64 bits.

O Office é um dos produtos mais lucrativos da Microsoft. A suite Office 2010 conta com versões 64 bits de modo a explorar todos os recursos de memória e desempenho de processamento que o Windows 7 vai oferecer aos computadores.

A informação é baseada numa análise às cópias de teste do Office 14. A opção de 64 bits é coerente com a estratégia definida pela Microsoft, que afirmou exigir que aplicações de terceiros suportem os 64 bits para receberem o selo “Windows 7 capable”.

* Word
* Excel
* PowerPoint
* Outlook
* OneNote
* Access
* Publisher

Estilo: Office
Idioma: Inglês
Tamanho: 708 Mb
Formato: Bin
Hospedagem: DepositFiles/MegaUpload


          Review: War For The Planet Of The Apes        
Andy Serkis again excels in the role that arguably will surpass Gollum as his most iconic. WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES *** DIRECTED BY Matt Reeves STARS Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson…
          Technicien(ne) contrôle qualité - Quart de soir - Exceldor - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC        
Relevant du coordonnateur qualité/HACCP, le titulaire de ce poste est responsable de la vérification et de l’échantillonnage pour l’ensemble des produits.
From Exceldor - Wed, 05 Jul 2017 18:59:22 GMT - View all Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC jobs
          Superviseur de production - Quart de soir - Exceldor - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC        
Relevant du chef de secteur production, la personne titulaire du poste coordonne les activités d’une équipe de travail. Plus précisément, elle s’assure d’une
From Exceldor - Wed, 05 Jul 2017 18:59:22 GMT - View all Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC jobs
          Chef - Amélioration continue et sécurité des installations - Exceldor - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC        
Sous l’autorité du directeur principal ingénierie & Amélioration continue, le chef amélioration continue et sécurité des installations a pour mandat principal
From Exceldor - Thu, 18 May 2017 07:40:11 GMT - View all Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC jobs
          Chef - Innovation et développement - Exceldor - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC        
Sous l’autorité de la directrice innovation et développement, le chef innovation et développement développe des nouveaux produits, qu’il formule en
From Exceldor - Thu, 18 May 2017 07:40:05 GMT - View all Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC jobs
          Chef secteur logistique - Exceldor - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC        
Sous l’autorité du directeur transport et entreposage, le titulaire voit à la bonne marche des opérations inhérentes à son secteur d’activité qui lui est
From Exceldor - Wed, 10 May 2017 19:22:29 GMT - View all Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC jobs
          Journalier de production - Exceldor - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC        
Les journaliers occupent différentes fonctions dans l’usine au niveau de la production et de la transformation des volailles. Ces emplois peuvent exiger des $12.53 - $14.45 an hour
From Exceldor - Thu, 13 Apr 2017 07:38:41 GMT - View all Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC jobs
          Cost Accountant - Exceldor Foods Ltd. - Hanover, ON        
Reporting to the Controller, the Cost Accountant provides financial and analytical support to the plant management. The incumbent ensures data integrity of
From Indeed - Mon, 17 Apr 2017 13:16:32 GMT - View all Hanover, ON jobs
          Journalier - Exceldor - Saint-Damase, QC        
Les journaliers(ères) à la production occupent différentes fonctions dans l'usine tant au niveau de la réception des volailles, de l'éviscération et de la $15.76 an hour
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Sous l’autorité du chef de secteur maintenance, la personne titulaire du poste dirige les activités d’une équipe de travail syndiquée, le tout dans le respect
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          Superviseur production - Exceldor - Saint-Damase, QC        
Relevant du coordonnateur production, la personne titulaire du poste coordonne les activités d’une équipe de travail. Plus précisément, elle s’assure d’une
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          Mécanicien industriel (quart de nuit) - Exceldor - Saint-Damase, QC        
Sous l’autorité du superviseur de la maintenance, la personne titulaire de ce poste s’assure du bon fonctionnement et de l’entretien préventif et correctif $19.20 an hour
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          Technicien au bien-être animal - Exceldor - Saint-Damase, QC        
Il devra appliquer les plans d’audit interne pour les différents partenaires travaillant avec Exceldor. Relevant du directeur bien-être animal, le titulaire de...
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          Journalier - Étudiant - Exceldor - Saint-Damase, QC        
Nous sommes présentement à la recherche d'étudiant(e)s disponibles pour travailler à temps plein durant la période estivale sur une chaîne de transformation $13.79 an hour
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          Conseiller en gestion documentaire - Exceldor - Lévis, QC        
Relevant du directeur de la qualité, la personne occupant ce poste planifie, coordonne et exécute les activités relatives à la gestion documentaire pour l
From Exceldor - Wed, 19 Jul 2017 19:18:42 GMT - View all Lévis, QC jobs
          Technicien à l'approvisionnement (temporaire) - Exceldor - Lévis, QC        
Relevant du directeur de l'approvisionnement, la personne titulaire de ce poste assure la coordination des poids des oiseaux afin de présenter à la
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          Adjointe à la direction - Exceldor - Lévis, QC        
La personne occupant ce poste offre un support administratif et de secrétariat au président-directeur général et aux vice-présidences suivantes :
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          Adjointe administrative - Exceldor - Lévis, QC        
La personne occupant ce poste offre un support administratif et de secrétariat aux vice-présidences suivantes: communication/marketing et innovation,
From Exceldor - Mon, 10 Jul 2017 19:07:28 GMT - View all Lévis, QC jobs
          Chef de produits - Exceldor - Lévis, QC        
Relevant de la vice-présidente communication, marketing et innovation, vous participerez activement au développement stratégique de la gamme de produits qui
From Exceldor - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:23:09 GMT - View all Lévis, QC jobs
          Analyste-programmeur ERP - Exceldor - Lévis, QC        
Relevant de l’architecte de système, vous participerez à l’analyse, la documentation, l’élaboration et les tests des développements liés à l’ERP de l
From Exceldor - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 22:09:08 GMT - View all Lévis, QC jobs
          Commis général (temporaire) - Exceldor - Lévis, QC        
Relevant du directeur des achats, la personne titulaire de ce poste supporte les équipes des achats, de l’approvisionnement et de la planification et effectue
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          Annual Mormon Book Review        

Carrying on from last year's review of David Robert's Devil's Gate: Brigham Young and the Great Mormon Handcart Tragedy, here is a second review of another Mormon-centered book. Enjoy!

Jared Farmer. On Zion’s Mount: Mormons, Indians, and the American Landscape. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2008. 455 pages. Cloth: Alkaline Paper. $29.95.

From the early days of the inception of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints (LDS), the Mormons were concerned with place-making. Joseph Smith, the religion’s founder, initially identified Jackson County, Missouri as the “center place,” where the Garden of Eden had once stood. However, the devout were soon thrown out of the state by the governor, and moved on to Nauvoo, Illinois. Later, after Smith was assassinated, the new Mormon leader, Brigham Young, turned his gaze farther west and in 1846-1847 led a party of followers to Utah, which he claimed as “Deseret”—their Zion. There, the Saints found their “place apart” from the rest of the world.

Jared Farmer’s 2008 book On Zion’s Mount: Mormons, Indians, and the American Landscape adroitly traces Mormon place-making in Utah. His story is ostensibly about Mount Timpanogos, a landmark known as “Timp” that unites the skyline above Orem and Provo. But the history involves much more than the mountain. It is a microcosm of Angloamerican settlement in the west. Using a singular landmark, Farmer delves into the importance of creating place out of space. He asks why Mount Timpanogos usurped the importance of the historically and agriculturally significant Lake Utah, and how the Mormon settlers manipulated their turbulent history with the Ute Indians in order to make myths and claim places as their own. The book deals with two centuries of history, as well as the interaction between varied cultures and the sometimes contradictory dogma of the LDS Church. Though complex, On Zion’s Mount is a wonderfully executed book—well written, insightful, and an excellent example of how to use local history to illuminate greater historical narratives.

The book is divided into three sections, each focusing on a different step in the climb to the veneration of “Timp.” The first, “Liquid Antecedents,” deals with the early history of the Ute Indians and the Mormons. It also concentrates on how bodies of water were significant to residents and settlers in the Utah Valley. This section is compelling, as Farmer explains just how distinct the freshwater Lake Utah was in the arid Great Basin. The lake was a natural landmark for the Utes, who relied heavily on its plentiful supply of fish. In the mid-1800s, it became a landmark for the Mormons, who arrived predisposed to seek out monuments in their new “holy land.”

Despite the Mormons’ intention to find a locale that was disconnected from the rest of the world, the Utah Valley, where the first waves of Mormons settled, was not a “place apart.” It was populated with Ute Indians, who had lived in the area for centuries. The wellspring for many of these Utes was Utah Lake, a freshwater reservoir southeast of the Great Salt Lake. The Indians there called themselves Timpanogos Nuche—“Rocky River Fish Eaters.” They identified themselves in connection with the body of water. The Mormons entered into an unstable relationship with the Timpanogos; an association characterized by violent fits, uneasy alliances, and contradictory feelings. This fluctuating friendship came with a bond to Utah Lake.

Both the Timpanogos and the Mormons emphasized the importance of place. The Utes classified bands by “geographic food names” like “Lake People” and “Fish-Eaters.” (25) The Saints were concerned with place as it related to Millenialism. While other religions affected by the Second Great Awakening believed in a prediction of when Christ would return, the Mormons were concerned with where. (36) When the Mormons arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, the hot springs, streams, and of course the Great Salt Lake all contributed to the Saints’ belief that they had found their promised land. In the waters they took healing baths, baptized their children, and fished. These same waters had been frequented by the Utes for decades, if not centuries.

From their introduction onward, relations between the Mormons and the Timpanogos were rocky. In 1849, the former noticed that livestock was missing, and rallied a group to ride south and confront Little Chief, a Ute leader who lived on the shores of Utah Lake. The chief turned the Saints towards some “mean Ewtes,” who they subsequently slaughtered for stealing.(62) Three days afterward, a band of Mormon men decided to relocate their families to Utah Lake. The Saints settled in the midst of hostilities between bands of Utes. In order to secure their own safety, the settlers at Utah Lake as well as the LDS leadership engaged in unsteady diplomacy and occasional fights with different Indian contingents.

To complicate the already problematic situation, Mormons arrived in Utah with preconceptions of Native Americans. In fact, Indians were integral to the burgeoning religion’s discourse. According to LDS dogma, Indians were descendants of the “Lamanites,” once followers of Christ who traveled to America before the Babylon captivity. In the New World, the hostile sect broke away from their brothers, the “Nephites.” For this, God cursed the Lamanites with dark skin. The ill-fated group waged war on the Nephites and erased any fragments of Christianity from the land. The last Nephite scribe, Moroni, was the impetus for the Mormon religion. He came to Joseph Smith in a dream and told him where to find the scriptural record of this lost history. With his revelation of the sanctity of the Lamanites, Smith incorporated proselytizing to Indians into the Book of Mormon. The descendants of the Lamanites who converted would be saved during the Second Coming. More importantly, they would assist Christ in destroying the earth as soldiers of the apocalypse. This created a contradictory idea of Native Americans: “They were cursed to be inferior yet promised to be superior. They were destined to save the world, yet they couldn’t save themselves.”(57) Furthermore, dealing with real-life Utes proved harder than the LDS leadership imagined.

The tension in Saints’ beliefs between “Indian-as-brother and Indian-as-other” continued to influence their interactions with natives around Utah Lake.(61) Young was wary of the amicable relations between his followers and the Timpanogos and wished that the two groups not mix. In 1850, following the murder of an Indian man, the Mormons and the Utes engaged in the “Indian War.” Later, LDS leadership chastised natives for engaging in slave trade with a New Mexican. Though in Mormon thought there were some redeemable Indians, by 1860 Young was determined that the Utes ought to be displaced. He wrote to Washington, D.C.: “It is our wish that the Indian title should be extinguished, and the Indians removed from our Territory (Utah) and that for the best of reasons, because they are doing no good here to themselves or any body else.”(82) By the latter half of the 1860s most of the Timpanogos people moved to the Uinta Basin, estranged from the place upon which they based their identity.

Following the removal of the Utes, Utah Lake experienced a surge and then a decline in popularity that mirrored the fate of other regional waterways. In the late 19th century, tourists came to the area to take in the healing waters of the hot springs, the Great Salt Lake, and Utah Lake. Additionally, the latter continued to be a distinguished fishery. However, this fame did not last. In the first half of the 20th century, fires destroyed a number of Salt Lake resorts. Overfishing and the introduction of nonnative species affected Utah Lake. The Great Depression and WWII furthered the destruction of water sport popularity. The federal government opened the Geneva Steel plant on Utah Lake; its smokestacks and pollution diminished the reservoir’s beauty and water quality. Even after the plant closed in 2001, the lake had lost its reputation. Residents considered it dirty, shallow, and full of undesirable fish. Furthermore, during the twentieth century Utahans rethought their sense of identity. Instead of revering the hydrological geography of Utah, its residents had turned their gaze upward to the peaks.

The second section of the book, “Making a Mountain: Alpine Play,” discusses how Utahans built Mount Timpanogos into a landmark. Farmer makes great use of the exclusion of certain places as well as their later inclusion. Using topographical resources from the four western surveys, as well as mormon settler drawings and maps, Farmer shows how Timpanogos went from being an undefined ridge in the Wasatch Range to a distinct massif that overshadowed both the larger Mount Nebo to the south and the historically significant Lake Utah to the west.

As in the first three chapters, Farmer employs LDS beliefs to form the basis of his argument. The Saints’ theological sense of place included an emphasis on mountains. Settlers viewed their new homeland through religion; mountains pervade world religions as the geographical pathway to God. Peaks were of special importance to Mormons, since Joseph Smith purportedly prophesied that they would “become a mighty people in the midst of the Rocky Mountains.”(150) When the Saints arrived in Deseret, they labeled many geographic sites with biblical names, including Mount Nebo, the highest peak in the Wasatch range. However, in the 1880s Mormons began to secularize their environment. This shift was motivated by the United States Congress, which outlawed theocracy and polygamy. During what Mormons call “The Great Accommodation,” the Saints rethought the peaks in a patriotic light.

The King Survey was the first to identify “Tim-pan-o-gos Peak” in 1869.(164) However, no one considered it a defining aspect of the region, and many could not even see it; the massif was just a part of the jagged wall between Provo and American Fork Canyons. It wasn’t until the early decades of the 20th century that residents of Provo “began to visualize a mountain.”(167) The view of Timpanogos from Provo changed as the town relocated to the east of its original home at old Fort Utah. Spurred by the historic importance of mountains to the Mormons as well as the “European vogue of alpine aesthetics,” it was not unnatural for the residents of Provo to revere a nearby peak.(141) By 1910, the town described itself in relation to the mountain.

The King Survey did more than just identify Mount Timpanogos—the survey also pronounced it (erroneously) the highest peak in the Wasatch Range. In reality, that title belongs to Mount Nebo. However, the claim persisted even after the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey corrected the record, and tourists began arriving to climb the “highest mountain in the Wasatch.”(175) With the boosterism of Eugene “Timpanogos” Roberts, Brigham Young University’s athletics director, and the national increase in the popularity of hiking, “Timp” became a recreational landmark. Roberts led yearly hikes to the top of the massif, and along with the claim that they were climbing the highest peak in the Wasatch, boosters “endlessly repeated claims that the Annual Timpanogos Hike ranked as the biggest hike in America, the greatest community hike in the world, and the largest ‘pilgrimage’ to any mountain over 10,000 feet.”(202) The peak, as well as its ascent were powerful symbols of community strength.

Though the hike was discontinued in the 1970s, the peak remained emblematic of Provo. The Forest Service designated Timpanogos as wilderness. They banned the grazing of domestic animals and introduced mountain goats to the area in 1981. Meanwhile, Provo and Orem transformed from farming communities into suburbia and Robert Redford bought and built up Sundance. These changes emphasized the dichotomy between wilderness and urban areas. With the growth in population of the two cities and the ski resort, Timpanogos increased in importance. In 1996 the mountain’s significance was solidified in Mormon minds when the LDS Church built Mount Timpanogos Temple. Farmer ends this section with a rumination on environmentalism. Despite all the reverence for place, Mormons are not conservationists, and do not engage in preservation of their landmark. “Sense,” he concludes, “is not the same as sensibility.”(238)

The final section of the book, “Making a Mountain: Indian Play,” investigates how “Timp” was marked with cultural meaning. Farmer examines the place name as well as the legends that surround it. In the nineteenth century, white Americans like Henry Schoolcraft and Lydia Sigourney advocated the use of Indian place-names, despite the usual miscommunication, misappropriation, or blatant invention of “native” words. The American government continued the trend by accepting Indianist names of states. In Utah, “Timpanogos” was a long-remembered name in the Provo region. The Indians themselves were displaced to the Uinta Band, and though the name had originally designated a river, the waterway had been renamed “Provo River.” For locals, associating the mountain with a Native word “gave the landmark a heightened semblance of antiquity and authenticity.”(281)

Ironically, to further this authenticity, Eugene “Timpanogos” Roberts provided the mountain with a fake Indian legend. “The Story of Utahna and Red Eagle, an Indian Legend of Timpanogos” retold a familiar Angloamerican tale of the Indian Princess—the “dark-skinned Sappho” throwing herself from a precipice in response to a suitor.(287) These stories, all of which have suspect providence, used Native American tragedies to deepen American antiquity.(297) In a land without any ancient city walls or moldering castles, a sense of historic depth was created through legend. Additionally, the legends of leaping maidens alleviated whites’ guilt on displacing the Indians across the continent. The tales emphasized either brutish men that the women could only escape by committing suicide or savage societies that forced women to neglect her chosen lover. Either ended with the implicit message: the race of Indians is uncivilized. More importantly, the destruction of these Native maids was self-imposed. In an age when America was dealing with the morality of Indian Removal, it was more convenient for white storytellers that the natives to make the choice of self-destruction.(314)

The Legend of Timpanogos gained further footing by its performance in Utah. People repeated the story of Utahna and Red Eagle, and the tale influenced an opera, a ballet, and an oratorio. Locals further promoted the fake history by dressing up in war paint and moccasins and climbing the mountain “as Indians.” The mountain was seen as the embodiment of a Native woman; like the “Sleeping Ute” in Colorado, “Timp’s” ridge resembles a slumbering Indian maid. The Mormon use of Indianist music, storytelling, and fashion to create the Legend of Timpanogos was paradoxical in that they paid homage to a romanticized version of the people that they had forced out of the Utah Valley—the Timpanogos’ ancestral home. These cultural performances replaced history with both fiction and selective memory. Modern residents of Utah formed their own heritage; no matter that their memory is based on a fallacy.

But of course it does matter, which is Farmer’s point. Mormons produced a heritage that all but erased the Utes, just as it effaced the importance of Utah Lake. Instead of concentrating on their forebears’ efforts to colonize a “place apart,” which would necessitate emphasis on their interactions with the Indian inhabitants, Saints overwhelming focused their attention on the successive journeys westward. LDS theologians went so far as to modify the meaning of a Lamanite, so that Amerindians lost their scriptural status.(370) When they did incorporate Native Americans into their heritage, they did so with Indianist fictional stories that obscured history with romanticism. In this way, Farmer’s book acts as a historical monument, countering the heritage attached to Mount Timpanogos. Using “Timp” as a framework for his study, Farmer is able to resurrect the forgotten history of the Timpanogos Nuches and Lake Utah.

On Zion’s Mount is an outstanding cultural, local, environmental, and religious history. Farmer engages readers with his lucid prose even as he presents the tangled story of Mormons, Utes, and the western landscape. Such excellent writing is especially important when one is reminded of some of the recently popular books on Mormon history: Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven and David Roberts’ Devil’s Gate: Brigham Young and the Great Mormon Handcart Tragedy.19 Krakauer and Roberts are both professional journalists and authors; their work is aimed at the populace rather than the academy. And yet Farmer rivals these works in its composition and surpasses them in its historic breadth and depth. More importantly for scholars, his argument illuminates the American inclination to transform its landscape and pinpoints those transformations in culture and historic memory. Overall, Timpanogos’ jagged ridge proved an excellent vantage point from which to view Utah’s past.
          La nouvelle gamme de la Compagnie Française de l'Orient et de la Chine        

Aujourd'hui, Sandrine reprend les rennes du blog...

"Il y a quelques jours, je suis allée à La Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine au Boulevard Raspail, à Paris. C’est un grand espace où l’Orient et l’Occident se mélange sous différentes facettes : gastronomie, espace culturel et boutique. L’endroit est vraiment lumineux et attrayant. On y découvre de belles pièces en céramiques et de la vaisselle chinoise, des tissus, du mobilier ainsi que des vêtements. J’ai personnellement flashé sur le design des boites de thés qui sont justes magnifiques. Elles sont présentées dans des boites en fer de couleur rouge, très élégantes. Elles invitent à ouvrir la boîte, et à en sentir le parfum, la promesse d’une belle évasion dans les champs de feuilles de thé de la Chine.

C’est aussi le lieu parfait pour y goûter de nouvelles saveurs de thé. J’ai pu rencontrer Gilles Brochard, co-fondateur du « club des buveurs de thé ». Il est l’auteur d’une dizaine de livres autour du thé comme « Petit traité du thé », « La boite à thé », ou encore « le Guide du thé à Paris ».

J’ai pu déguster un goûter autour du thé et observer le rituel orchestré et expliqué par Gilles Brochard. Avec en accompagnement une dégustation de baba au rhum revisité (et délicieux !). J’ai beaucoup aimé le Yunnan céleste. C’est un thé noir, dynamisant et assez fort. Je le dégusterais plus pour un petit déjeuner. J’ai apprécié aussi le Jasmin romance, un thé vert. Etant fan de la fleur de jasmin, je l’ai juste trouvé excellent et bien équilibré.

En présence de Gilles Brochard, on se laisse volontiers guider par son savoir, et on voyage avec lui sur les terres de Chine où on était cultivé les feuilles de thé que nous avons dégusté.
Si vous aimé le thé, je ne peux que vous recommander d’aller faire un tour dans ce lieu accueillant."

10, boulevard Raspail - 75007 Paris
170, boulevard Haussmann - 75008 Paris

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          The Daring Cooks’ August, 2014 Challenge: Freezer Meals        
Hello this is Audax Artifex, I will be hosting this month's challenge. It is all about making best use of your freezer and making meals that can be frozen.

Freezers allow cooked and uncooked meals to be stored for long periods so when we are in a hurry we can always have a meal prepared quickly.

I always have cooked beans and lentils in my freezer, as well as baked pizza bases, fish cakes and patties of all kinds. Most soups are excellent for freezing and reheating. Nearly all baked breads (except crusty French loaves) can be frozen and reheated in a moderate oven for 15 mins. Frozen pizza bases make perfect weekday meal; you can bake frozen bases with added toppings and cheese immediately in a moderate oven, no need to thaw the bases at all.

I find time on the weekends to make meals that can be frozen and then reheated and eaten during the busy week days. 

I have included a great link in the reference section where you can find information on how to store foods in the freezer.   
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