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Kao i ostali "uskršnji darovi" (topić, kapa, suknja i kasnije cipele) ovo je dostupno samo sljedeća 3 dana!!!!

          Besplatna torba        

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          Bermain-main Dalam Solat        

Image Detail


Penah dgr tk solat itu tiang agama? aisy, klau org Islam mesti penah dengar punye..
Penah dgr tk amalan pertama yg mula2 dihisab ialah solat? Aisy,, mestilah penah dgr...kan org Islam kan?
Penah dgr tk yg solat dpt mencegah kite dr melakukan maksiat? Oh mesti lah penah dgr, kite smue kn org Islam..

:) Okay, kite..memang org Islam. Sebab tu kite tahu fakta2 psl solat nie. Sbb tu kite tahu kenape kite solat. Sbb tu kite tahu kenape mesti sembah Allah. Tapi...kenapa bila kite betul2 melakukan solat, kite lupe.. kite lalai.. kite bermain-main dalam solat? Nia tk nk mention soal khusyuk, sbb soal khusyuk ni pandai2lah masing2 nk deal mcm mne nk khusyuk dalam solat. Tapi mcm mane klau keadaan yg disengajakan? Contohnye...waktu sujud. Klau mase kecik2 dlu, mmg budak2 termasuk nia sndiri sujud bukannye betul sgt. Bacaan pun tunggang terbalik. Asyik nk cpt je. Tapi tu dlu.. skrng kite smue dh besar kan? Dh tahu hukum..Kite solat mestilah nak Allah terime. Tapi kenape lah ade lg insan2 yg sujud dlm solatnye seperti anak kecil. Trlalu cepat. Cpt mcm kilat.. Bila kite lihat org mcm ni, hati kite akn terdetik, masyaAllah, kenapa bacaannya trlalu cpt. Atau org ini hanya pura2 sembahyang ke? Haa, jgn smpai persoalan ini timbul dlm kepala setiap manusia yg melihat kite solat. Itu bru pandangan manusia, apatah lg pndangan Allah? Okay cuba bygkn situasi nie.. time kite salam ngn cikgu, pastu cikgu tu hulur tgn then kite bru nk cium tgn dye dh tarik tgn dye. Sekali dua tk pe lg, tp bile berkali2 cikgu tu buat mcm tu, kite ade rase nk salam lg tk ngn dye? Mestilah tak..rase mcm eh ape cikgu nie. ==' mcm tk serius je. Haa, mungkin itulah jugak persepsi Allah pada kite. Klau kite main2 mase sujud, agak2 Allah terime tk amalan kite tu? Dear friends....adik2...abg2...kakak2... jom, kite reflect balik. Mane satu antara ciri2 di bwh nie..yg kite termasuk dalamnye.

Okay ni contoh sujud dgn kalimah bacaannye sempurna. Dibaca sebanyak tiga kali
kalimah سُبْحَانَ رَبِّيَ الأَعْلَى وَبِحَمْدِهِ



Baca kalimah سُبْحَانَ رَبِّيَ الأَعْلَى وَبِحَمْدِهِ hanya sekali?

Atau baca سُبْحَانَ رَبِّيَ الأَعْلَى وَبِحَمْدِهِ darab tiga?

Atau baca shuishuishuishui mcm budak kecik yg hanya mengikut ibu dn ayahnye solat, mereka sujud lalu dye sujud, tp tk tahu kene bace ape. Beginikah anda?

ADVICE FOR TODAY: Sujudlah dgn merendahkn hati, membetulkn bacaan dn ikhlas kerana Allah.. Sempurnakan solatmu, insyaAllah jannah untukmu.

          Chá de Fraldas Scheila Carvalho        

Nasceu, no começo da tarde dontem (21), Giulia, filha da apresentadora Scheila Carvalho e do cantor Tony Sales, ex-vocalista do grupo baiano É o Tchan, do qual Scheila foi dançarina. Segundo informou um funcionário do hospital Aliança, onde foi realizado o parto, mãe e criança passam bem. A previsão de alta é para esta quarta-feira (22).

Confira o chá de fraldas que foi organizado, pouco mais de um mês para a chegada de Giullia, com presenças de amigos, familiares e a comadre Carla Perez.

          (بدون عنوان)        

          Book publishing site reports that Amazon is aggressive in deleting less-than-valid book reviews of self-published books         

A site called “Just Publishing” offers what looks like good advice to new authors especially with self-published books, especially POD.

“Why did Amazon delete my book reviews?  Because there was a problem with how you got the reviews”, link.

I can certainly understand that paying for reviews is unethical (although you would wonder if people pay for Yelp and Angie's List, which both companies adamantly say you cannot).

I can understand that family is off limits.  But the article also implies social media friends is a no-no.  That’s getting difficult, and I hadn’t heard that before.  People who network enough to sell their books the old fashioned way probably would attract quality Facebook friends and Instagram and twitter followers.  Such a policy would sound a bit self-defeating.

It is true that there are industry statistics on the expected reasonable ratio of books sold to reviews – it’s high.

I’ve noticed something else about the POD business.  POD companies often mark the list prices high, which will be only slightly discounted on the Amazon and BN sites, and perhaps some others.  Then they encourage authors to try copies themselves by buying hundreds of copies at maybe 50% off or so.  An author who really wants to operate her own wholesale (with bookstores) and retail (with consumers) could mark them up to about 60% or so and make a profit.  But that would be so time consuming that the author wouldn’t have time for new material.

It’s frankly very difficult to sell books, or sell advertising on a blog, unless you have built a reputation first in some niche that relates to something people will pay for.  Fiction sometimes provides an exception, but even then it is often niche-like.  Hopefully it’s legitimate (not porn). Given the “gofundme” culture online today (which has become much more prominent than it was two decades ago when I got into this) there is probably opportunity to “sell” in the special needs area – but I have my own psychological and perhaps moral qualms about this.

          Phewww what a scorcher it's been!        

Yes, a whole week of a sunshine and high temperatures...

As well as the heat something else happened. My poor little donated laptop died on Tuesday. I had to go out first thing on Wednesday and replace it. Just what I didn't want to have to do as I'm going on holiday in two weeks time..

Anyway I have a new one now and I'm very lucky to be able to get another one.

Everything above is charity shopped. Trousers and white top both from assorted 1.00 rails; trousers are by George and the top is by F & F at Tesco. The sandals were charity shopped in Donegal last summer for 2 euros.

All jewellery charity shopped.

On Thursday Ann and I went out for the day. We went to Uxbridge as I had something to do in a little town near there called West Drayton. We had lunch out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

 I'm wearing white trousers from F&F; a no label green tunic and my lace top/waistcoat/vest - all charity shopped. I think the green top came from the 1.00 or 99p rail in Barnardo's in Ampthill; the other two items  came from the 1.00 rail in the Red Cross and the 3:16 charity shop. Red Mary Jane's from local shoe store; PJ Shoes.

Scarf charity shopped (1.00) from Stevenage charity shop.

Earrings; Christmas present from Ann years ago - I had a matching bracelet but it broke...necklace from local shop Simi and Lola. Only the bangles are charity shopped.

 Of course we looked in some chazzas and yes, I did buy a couple of things. I spent 3.50. I bought a brightly coloured and patterned pleated skirt for 1.50 in the Harlington Hospice shop in West Drayton and a new spotted cup (I had two and one broke) which cost 1.00. I also bought a pink Principles cardigan for 1.00 in the Thames Hospice shop in Uxbridge. The piece de resistance though was the 'Everything 5.00' shop where I bought this oversized striped linen tunic and wore it on Friday.

Being linen it creases like anything but I find it so cool in the sweltering temperatures we've been having lately. I'm not good in the heat; I wilt and my energy seeps away. Mind you, that could be old age!

Same trousers as yesterday and charity shopped Mary Jane's.

All jewellery charity shopped. The necklace has gone a little off centre...

I did the school run on Friday, did the food shopping, fitted in a 4 mile walk and went for my induction at the library. I'm taking on another volunteering activity at our local library. I start the week I come back from Ireland and will be doing a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon. Apparently, our main library, which is my local one, is becoming digitised from September. It will be staffed from 11 am to 4 pm and will be self service only outside of these hours. I'm really looking forward to starting but wonder how many people will have lost their jobs through the new changes. We are lucky to retain our library; there have been several attempts to close it but public protest has intervened.

You may be thinking I've been very muted in colour choices this week but never fear; I went for colour in a big way on Saturday when I went to see my son -  in temperatures of 28 degrees I might add!

Skirt; 1.50 West Drayton charity shop; M & S jacket from the Guild House in Bedford and the white top by Monsoon from a 1.00 rail somewhere...

Black sandals charity shopped two years ago but can't remember where or how much. I also got round to painting my toe nails at last!

All jewellery charity shopped.

On Sunday my youngest grandson was seven. We went to Milton Keynes to one of those 'eat all you can' places to celebrate. It was unbearably hot all day and I did very little. I am afraid I do not like high temperatures; about 23 or 24 degrees is what I can cope with. The flowers in the garden seem to like it though!

As I type this OH is in the garden watering the plants and talking to them...

Everything charity shopped except shoes and watch.

I've had this cardigan for years. The skirt is from the Red Cross shop last week; 1.99 and the white top is Land's End from a 1.00 rail somewhere.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Have you been enjoying our heatwave? Or is it cooler where you are?

I hope you have a fab week wherever you are!

          RENE FURTERER 灰白髮髮浴600ml        

價格: 841

商家: e-Payless百利市購物中心

          Inglewood Open Studios
Tour Celebrates Its Tenth Year! Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 13, 2016. 12pm-5pm        

Inglewood Open Studios Celebrates its Tenth Year! Saturday, November 12th and Sunday November 13,2016 12pm - 5pm

For Immediate Release:  

 Inglewood Open Studios
Tour Celebrates Its Tenth Year!
Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 13, 2016. 12pm-5pm

LOS ANGELES, CA – Inglewood has become the fastest growing artist community in Los Angeles. It is also the fastest growing city, undergoing daily changes for and around the NFL stadium, Hollywood Park Casino, along new Metro lines and downtown Inglewood. The tenth annual Inglewood Open Studios tour will showcase the impressive depth and talent of this community on the weekend of November 12-13, from 12:00 to 5:00pm both days. As always, Inglewood Open Studios remains an artist run event, co-organized by local non profit Inglewood Cultural Arts (ICA).

On both Saturday November 12 and Sunday, November 13, Inglewood artists will open their studios to the public, inviting visitors to personally tour their private working spaces and enjoy art created in all media--drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, photography, print making, installation, video and performance.

To mark our 10th year anniversary, co-founder Renée Fox will curate a group show of 2016 Inglewood Open Studios artist participants at Residency gallery, a new gallery in Inglewood, managed by Rick Garzon. With its second exhibition about to open, Residency has already had reviews in Contemporary Art Review la (also known as CARLA) and Artillery. The group show will serve as stop #1 on the tour route, and, as a preview of art that can be seen on the tour. Group show dates: Saturday, November 12 through Wednesday, November 16 with a closing reception on November 16 from 6-9PM.

An official map with Inglewood Open Studios location details will be available online, at Residency gallery and at all artist studio locations on the tour. For additional information on Inglewood Open Studios, including the printable tour map, please visit Free shuttle transportation will also be provided by the City of Inglewood.

Participating Artists -
Inglewood Open Studios participants include both established and emerging artists. The 2016 Inglewood Open Studios artists are listed in alphabetical order:

Adrienne Adar
Susan Amorde
Brian Biedul
Martin Bruinsma
Kelly Brumfield-Woods
Darel Carey
Matthew Carey
Anne Cheek La Rose
Joyce Dallal
Bibi Davidson
Beth Dubber
Martin Durazo
Renee Fox
Sue Francis
Calida Garcia Rawles
Michael Giancristiano
Nancy Jo Haselbacher
Shelly Heffler
Astrelle Johnquest
Michael Massenburg
Christopher L. Mercier
David Newcombe
Lindsey Nobel
Kenneth Ober
Toni Reinis
Joan Robey
Alexandra Rose
Dawn Rosenquist
Karen Sikie
Stan Smith
ZinShu Spock, 
Ernie Steiner
Holly Tempo
Sidney Tuggerson, Jr.
Ginger Van Hook
Luke Van Hook
MonaLisa Whitaker
Exceptional Children's Foundation (29 artists)

Inglewood, CA -

Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2012
Inglewood, CA -
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©
Inglewood is nestled in the center of Los Angeles County. Bordered by the LAX International Airport, it is in close proximity to Otis College of Art and Design and is surrounded by the cities of Culver City, El Segundo, Marina Del Rey, Westchester, and Torrance.

Inglewood Cultural Arts -
Inglewood Cultural Arts, Inc. (ICA), functions as fiscal receiver and co-organizer for the Inglewood Open Studios. ICA is an independent, multidisciplinary nonprofit arts organization serving residents of Inglewood and surrounding communities. ICA's mission is to enhance the quality of life in the community by providing diverse cultural arts programs. 

Van Hook Foundation-
Van Hook Foundation (VHF) is the media sponsor for the Inglewood Open Studios and may be contacted for additional information. 
VHF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Inglewood and located at the Beacon Arts Building Gallery 1D.
The Van Hook Foundation’s mission is to promote the merging of fine art and science through the curating, jurying, installation and mounting of artistic, educational and scientific exhibitions for the public and to Promote Visibility of the Local Arts Communities in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.,,,

For additional information, please contact press liaison Ginger Van Hook at

          Canon i-SENSYS LBP613Cdw Kleur 1200 x 1200DPI A4 Wi-Fi        

Normale prijs: € 219,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 197,95

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Normale prijs: € 339,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 307,95

          Brother HL-L9310CDW 2400 x 600DPI Laser A4 31ppm Wi-Fi Wit multifunctional        

Normale prijs: € 649,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 612,95

          Brother MFC-L8690CDW 2400 x 600DPI Laser A4 31ppm Wi-Fi Zwart, Grijs multifunctional        

Normale prijs: € 499,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 459,95

          Brother MFC-L8900CDW 2400 x 600DPI Laser A4 31ppm Wi-Fi Zwart, Grijs multifunctional        

Normale prijs: € 849,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 787,95

          Brother MFC-L9570CDW 2400 x 600DPI Laser A4 31ppm Wi-Fi Wit multifunctional        

Normale prijs: € 1.109,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 1.009,95

          Canon i-SENSYS MF734Cdw 1200 x 1200DPI Laser A4 27ppm Wi-Fi multifunctional        

Normale prijs: € 529,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 483,95

          Canon i-SENSYS MF633Cdw 1200 x 1200DPI Laser A4 18ppm Wi-Fi Zwart, Wit multifunctional        

Normale prijs: € 279,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 259,95

          Brother HL-L8350CDW        

Normale prijs: € 449,95

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 428,95

          88th Academy Awards        
Note 1: This is the fourth consecutive year when I am doing this. Hopefully this one will be much more readable compared to my previous attempts. Hopefully. (prev: 87th, 86th, 85th) This year, I also wrote a story with the tag-lines of the Oscar-nominated movies.

Note 2: I suspect the ratings for this year's Oscars are going to be very low. I mean, outside of #OscarsSoWhite, Studios and producers need to freakin' make the movies available for viewing online (or in theaters)! I will pay money to watch these movies BEFORE the Oscars goddamit! Events are successful when people talk about it. And to talk about it, people need context. What should we talk about instead of the movies themselves, Clooney's tux, JLaw's stumble, host's fumble, and hot cleavages?

This is one of those years when I am not particularly attached to any movie that has been nominated. Atleast not for the big awards. But this year's Animated and Documentary nominations are a bunch of powerhouses compared to any year in recent history for these categories. It beats me why Inside Out didn't get a Best Picture nod. This just might have been a year when a Pixar movie, or any animated movie for that matter, won the top prize. Instead, we get Oscar-bait movies such as Room, Bridge of Spies, or even The Revenant. Mad Max getting in there is quite a surprise, not so much in retrospect. And yet, the top prize this year remains wide open, probable front-runners being Spotlight, The Revenant, and The Big Short, with the race getting more interesting than the movies themselves.

Emily Blunt's omission from Supporting Actress and Villeneuve's from Director (yep, I loved Sicario!) seems a little strange, but Villeneuve's time will come. His every successive movie gets better than the last! And Quentin, what did you do? He is forgiven though for getting too indulgent, considering that he might be nearing the end of his filmography. I hope though that I get to see him, among others, getting a Directing Oscar some day. Some day.

Right then.

Category / PickNomineesVishesh TippaniHit / Miss
Motion Picture


The Big Short


Bridge of Spies

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant


The Big Short: After The Wolf of Wall Street's rollercoaster ride, this seemed like pony carousel. I mean, we get it. Financial meltdown happened, and no-one responsible went to jail. Bravo! Selena Gomez explaining Collateralized Debt Obligations was cute though. Heh.

Brooklyn: It gets a lot of things right. Saoirse Ronan is an absolute delight to watch on screen, with a well-deserved Actress nomination for her. And the way the movie transports you to the 50s is incredible, effortlessly shattering a lot of things we take for granted today. And we are not talking about an ancient era, just 60-70 years ago. Brooklyn also does not resort to evil-looking people to further the plot in a way Titanic did, and in a way that makes the protagonists' struggles relatable, real, and very palatable - in a way that triggers a "Life is such," response rather than "They deserved this".
"I'd forgotten what this town is like. What were you planning to do, Miss Kelly?" 

Bridge of Spies: This is the "America is the best country in the World" movie for this year. Although both Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance nailed it with chiselled performances. Coen brothers wrote this, perhaps it would have been a much better movie if they directed it as well.
"Aren't you worried?"
"Would it help?"

Mad Max: Fury Road: This movie was an adrenalin-induced delight without end. Stunning camera work, absurdist humour, and louder than loudest everything, so much that one literally felt exhausted after the movie did not give any breathing space during.

The Martian: Someone please explain to me why Inside Out is not in this category, and why The Martian isn't in the Best Animated movie category instead? What is the line between special effects and animation? Considering the state of the art for motion capture and 3D rendering techniques, maybe it's time we do away with the distinction. Anyway, The Martian falls flat compared to Gravity, or even Interstellar. Maybe it was just an excuse to rescue Matt Damon... again.

The Revenant: A lot of people, including the Academy, seem to be particularly fond of Iñárritu. I find his movies boring, the technical brilliance notwithstanding. Birdman was perhaps Iñárritu's most enjoyable movie, and I didn't want Birdman to win (Boyhood... sigh). If The Revenant wins this one, of which there is a more than significant chance, it will be several firsts, perhaps the most interesting one being successive wins by the same Director. Sure looks like Leo's year though.

Room: This was a hit or miss and all over the place. Some scenes were striking, in particular the one towards the end where Brie Larson goes back to the Room. Jacob Tremblay was spectacular until he was inside the room, and made his escape. After that it seemed like the director just didn't give a shit anymore.
"There's so much of "place" in the world."

Spotlight: This is my favourite movie from this category. Tense, crisp, great characters, performances, writing, Spotlight ranks high up there.
"We got two stories here: a story about degenerate clergy, and a story about a bunch of lawyers turning child abuse into a cottage industry. Which story do you want us to write? Because we're writing one of them."
Alejandro González Iñárritu, The Revenant

Adam McKay, The Big Short

George Miller, Mad Max: Fury Road

Alejandro González Iñárritu, The Revenant

Lenny Abrahamson, Room

Tom McCarthy, Spotlight
As much as I loved Spotlight, I am not sure if Tom McCarthy's time has come for a directing Oscar. The race mostly seems between Iñárritu and Miller, both of whom are really fine directors. If Iñárritu pulls this one off, back-to-back Director Oscars would be a tremendous feat.

Although, if I had my way, Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman (directors of Anomalisa),  Andrew Haigh (director of 45 years), would have found a spot here. And when-o-when will Denis Villeneuve's (Sicario) time come?
Writing (Original)


Bridge of Spies

Ex Machina

Inside Out


Straight Outta Compton
Bridge of Spies is probably in here because... Coen brothers. Perhaps the movie would have been significantly better had they directed it as well.

Ex Machina had some really smart writing as well, reminded me of "Her" in a lot of ways.
Ava: "What will happen to me if I fail your test?"

I loved the fact that Inside Out got nominated for this, if not for Best Picture. They really got me from the moment the "train of thought" arrives. As cheesy as that is, really made me chuckle.
"Take her to the moon for me."

And as much as Tarantino would like to say "I truly believe in the material" for The Hateful Eight, he needs to sit on the bench for this one.

Spotlight though, crisp, taut, engaging from start to finish truly deserves this one.
"If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse them."
Writing (Adapted)

The Big Short

The Big Short



The Martian

The Big Short is a no-brainer for this. I haven't read the book so I do not know how it reads, but this is one of those examples of an "adaptation", from a non-fiction, that would have truly meant a LOT of work.

Aaron Sorkin could have been slipped in here (for Steve Jobs), again adapting a non-fiction. Plus, in my opinion, his approach with the source material was remarkable and creative. With all the different sorts of issues Steve Jobs ran into during production, Sorkin was probably the only one who did the cleanest job for this movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

FINALLY, LEO! Boy am I waiting for his acceptance speech! SIXTH nomination, and what a journey! A story of survival, revenge, and life is also possibly the most fitting way he could have won this one!

But this doesn't go without mentioning the other quite remarkable performances in this category. Trumbo felt a lot like Argo, even besides the 'Hollywood making a movie about Hollywood thing' and John Goodman's huge (literally) presence. And I love this "genre" (if you may) too - Sunset Bldv., Chaplin, The Artist, to name a few.

Michael Fassbender did a fine job and literally saved the movie, but the most striking performance for me from this movie would definitely be that of Winslet's.

There are some roles where it is unimaginable for anyone else doing them except for Eddie Redmayne (you know, the kind of feeling we get quite often for Benedict Cumberbatch). I doubt anyone else would have been able to do Theory of Everything or The Danish Girl.

Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years

Prediction: Brie Larson
Cate Blanchett, Carol

Brie Larson, Room

Jennifer Lawrence, Joy

Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years

Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn
Brie Larson seems sealed for this category. She isn't on my top 3 out of these 5, so I will be a little bummed about this one.

I am conflicted between Charlotte Rampling and Saoirse Ronan for my top spot. 45 years is a stunning film, and deserved much more than the solitary nomination it received, but Charlotte is really the heart and soul of the film. After Emmanuelle Riva (Amour) lost to JLaw, I would be too pleased to see Charlotte win this one, for a movie that has too many similarities to Amour.

I wouldn't mind Saoirse winning this one either. Her nuanced performance in Brooklyn left you yearning for more.
Supporting Actor

Christian Bale, The Big Short

Prediction: Sylvester Stallone
Christian Bale, The Big Short

Tom Hardy, The Revenant

Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight

Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies

Sylvester Stallone, Creed
The one thing that I loved about The Big Short was Christian Bale's performance. In the very limited time that he occupies the screen, every freakin' scene is fireworks. He would be my pick for this one, but Sylvester Stallone makes for a great Oscar story, so yeah... Mark Rylance.
Supporting Actress

Kate Winslet, Steve Jobs

Prediction: Alicia Vikander
Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight

Rooney Mara, Carol

Rachel McAdams, Spotlight

Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

Kate Winslet, Steve Jobs
It's a shame that Alicia Vikander got nominated for The Danish Girl instead of Ex Machina. I am nuts about Alicia Vikander, she is what I would call "vanilla" beautiful. I know she is beautiful, I don't know why, and I find it hard to be able to figure it out. It's like she only registers when she's in front of me, but poof as soon as she's not, enigmatic almost. I think it was a stroke of casting brilliance to cast her in Ex Machina, a role which hinged significantly on this quality of hers in my opinion. You know, artificial... but not really, feels real... but can't put a finger on why.

But between her performance in The Danish Girl, and Kate Winslet's in Steve Jobs, my vote definitely goes to Kate. Them glasses. Sigh. And a performance that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Fassbender's as Jobs, that's really something.
Animated Movie


Prediction: Inside Out

Boy & The World

Inside Out

Shaun The Sheep Movie

When Marnie Was There
What a collection of movies in this category! This is a collection which is missing The Peanuts Movie and The Good Dinosaur - movies which in any other year would have made the nomination cut and might even have won!

I want to especially talk about three movie here, Anomalisa, Inside Out, and Boy & The World, although Shaun The Sheep and When Marnie Was There are brilliant movies in their own right.

Anomalisa is one of those movies that leave you going "How on Earth did they pull this off on screen?!" The stillness of this movie, the calm, the poise, the detail - both in the little things and the not-so-little things - is astounding. I could write at length about this movie, but anyone who has spent any time travelling to a smaller city in the US (especially to the mid-west) will get all intricate details they have managed to so gloriously capture. The absolutely shocking sex scene, the long takes, the movie playing almost in real time... Anomalisa is an anomaly done right when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what can be done on animation.

Talking about pushing the boundaries of animated films, Boy & The World is gorgeous! Such raw beauty, it is a spectacle to behold. Lovingly crafted hand-drawn animation, the colors, the playfulness, the airiness, the fireworks-y sparkle, the dazzle, every still of the film could be a framed painting in an art gallery. This is how, I wish, The Peanuts Movie had been made. HAND-DRAWN! I hope we get to see more of Alê Abreu's work.

Inside Out is almost surely going to win this one. Don't get me wrong, it is a great film, perhaps one of Pixar's top 3, if not the best. But it is going to win it for the wrong reasons. Animation has very little to do with what makes Inside Out a great film, which is why it was much better off getting a Best Film nod, along with the Writing nod that it deservedly received.


Prediction: The Revenant 

The Hateful Eight

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Revenant

The Hateful Eight is on this list because... 70mm, Ben Hur lenses, yada yada yada. It's not the tooling that maketh a genius. Nope. But okay Quentin, you were indulging yourself, you are allowed to do that, of course.

It will be a big surprise if The Revenant does not win this one. The cinematography, after all, is one of the biggest reasons why it has been getting oh-so-much love. But, have you seen Sicario! Especially the one scene where they perform the extraction from Mexico, sent a chill down my spine. That is a scene in the same league as the car scene from Children of Men.

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Big Short

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Revenant


Star Wars: The Force Awakens
If there is one award that Mad Max truly deserves, it's got to be this one. How do you even cut this movie?! Hit!
Production Design

Mad Max: Fury Road

Bridge of Spies

The Danish Girl

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant

Ennio Morricone, The Hateful Eight

Bridge of Spies


The Hateful Eight


Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Hateful Eight, again, is here because... Morricone. This is probably Academy's last chance to give a real Oscar to Ennio Morricone rather than the honorary one they had to give him a few years ago.

Sicario and Star Wars (obviously) truly deserve a special mention though.
Visual Effects

The Revenant

Ex Machina

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
This category is really losing its significance extremely fast. It is too hard to tell what's special effects and what's not, considering almost every movie undergoes huge transformation during post-production. Ex Machina.

Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight For Freedom

Prediction: Amy

Cartel Land

The Look of Silence

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight For  Freedom
Just like the Animated Feature Film category, this was another powerhouse collection of films. I wouldn't mind Amy winning this one, Asif Kapadia is an accomplished director, his Senna ranks amongst my favorite movies. And, to be fair, Amy is an amazing movie, except, I didn't care a lot about the subject matter.

Winter on Fire, on the other hand, is a movie extremely relevant in today's day and age, and has managed to put together some really spine-chilling footage and beautifully. It also managed to give a first-hand glimpse into a country that we (I) know so little about, and around events that are being played out right now on the global political arena.

Total: 13 / 15

          Lastelinan reissu        
Taas on käyty lastenlinassa helsingissä. Käytiin sitten tekemässä harjoitus kipsi. Väinöllä on jalassa ortoosit oikee ortoosi joustaa hiukan ja vasen ortoosi on liikkuva. Oikee polvi on ollut kesästä asti kipeä ja sitten on alkanut polvea koukistamaan. On yritetty että suoristaisi polvea jotta olisi parempi kävellä. Nyt kun se mallikipsi tehtiin ja kokeiliin jonka perusteella tuleva ortoosi ei sitten jousta lainkaan. Huomatiin että polvi suoristuu ja Väinökun itse muistaa että polvea suoristaa niin on parempi kävellä. Uudet ortoosit tulevat joskus tammikuussa ja toivottavasti voidaan tehdä täällä porissa. Myös voi olla että botoxia laitetaan polvitaipeeseen jolloin olisi vähemän kireyttä ja helpottaisi polven ojennusta. Väinön polvi on nyt voinut hyvin kun koulussa ei ole harrastanut liikuntaa. Se on ollut kyllä vaikeeta aikaa ja varsinkin välitunnit on tosi tylsiä kun mitään ei pääse tekemään.
Kun olimme helsingissä minä olin yötä scandichhotelissa ja sairaalasta sain 60e kummisetelin jolloin mulle jäi maksettavaksi vain 60e. Kiva se oli siellä nukkua, yleensä oon tullut bussilla kotiin jonka matka kestää se 4h,,,,se on tosi väsyttävää ja tressaavaa. Vähän varmaan huonoja kuvia kun kännykällä otin.

 Väinön omia kumilenkkejä jotka otti sairaalaan mukaan että ei ole tylsää.

 Pääsi leipomaan piparia


          Pilihanraya di Malaysia        

Pilihan raya di Malaysia adalah satu proses demokrasi untuk memilih calon untuk mewakili rakyat di parlimen melalui undian oleh rakyat dan setiap calon yang dipilih rakyat akan memegang jawatan  seperti penggubal undang-undang, eksekutif, perundangan dan kerajaan tempatan.

Terdapat dua jenis pilihanraya di Malaysia iaitu Pilihanraya umum dan pilihanraya kecil, sistem pilihanraya yang dijalankan adalah mencari pemenang menerusi undian yang dikira bagi calon yang bertanding dan pemenang akan diumumkan selepas mendapat undi yang terbanyak dan ia dipantau oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihan raya.

Suruhanjaya pilihanraya.

Sebuah suruhanjaya penyelia untuk mengelola dan bertangjawab memastikan urusan pilihanraya di Malaysia berjalan lancar. Ia telah ditetapkan didalam perkara 114 pelembagaan Malaysia yang dipengurusikan oleh Tan Sri Ab Rashid Ab Rahman dan telah digantikan oleh Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof pada 1 Januari 2009. 

Antara mandat yang diberikan adalah dibawah perkara 114, suruhanjaya memiliki kuasa untuk mengadakan pilihanraya umum keatas dewan rakyat dan dewan undangan negeri dan mengadakan pilihanraya kecil sekiranya berlaku kekosongan dibawah perlembagaan persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

Pada awal penubuhan suruhanjaya ianya mempunjyai seorang pengerusi dan dua ahli tetapi selepas tanah melayu bergabung dengan Sabah, Serawak dan Singapura berlaku penambahan ahli dari Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura serta satu rang telah diwujudkan pada 1981 yang membolehkan panambahan ahli dan mewujudkan Timbalan Presiden selepas Malaysia dibentuk.

Bidang kuasa yang ditetapkan adalah melakukan persempadanan semula dan mengkaji kawasan-kawasan pilihanraya setiap tidak kurang 8 tahun, menjalankan urusan pendaftaran pemilih dan daftar semakan pemilih, serta mengawal kelancaran pilihanraya seperti yang telah ditetapkan.

Anggota suruhanjaya hendaklah mendapat lantikan oleh Sri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong selepas berunding dengan majlis raja-raja dan ketika perlantikan suatu suruhanjaya pilihanraya  hendaklah mendapat kepercayaan rakyat. Walaupun begitu mengikut perkara 40 pelembagaan mestilah mematuhi yang mana Raja tidak dibenarkan bertindak mengikut kepentingan sendiri dimana Raja mestilah mendapat nasihat Perdana Menteri dan mengadakan penjumpaan antara suruhanjaya berdasarkan nasihat Perdana Menteri. 

Fungsi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya adalah mengikut peraturan pilihan raya, tugas SPR ialah mengadakan pilihan raya ke atas kawasan parlimen dan DUN, mengelola pilihan raya, dan pelaksanaan pendaftaran pemilih. Ia juga mengumpul maklumat mengenai kawasan baru yang membolehkan keadilan dapat dilakukan ke atas pengundi untuk mengundi di kawasan pengundian yang ditetapkan, mempromosikan kepentingan mengundi, dan menguruskan semakan daftar pemilih dengan memadam nama-nama orang yang telah mati atau didapati tidak layak mengundi.
Pada hari pengundian, anggota SPR dan pegawai akan berada di pusat pengundian untuk menjalankan proses pengundian pilihan raya.

          Capital Reef 50K        

I had such an amazing time at Capital Reef!  I don’t really know where to begin.

In March I asked Steve if he’d like to go on a road trip during the summer. We haven’t traveled without the boys since before they were born, 24 years ago!  He was up for it so I began to plan. I wanted to see Glacier for sure. I also wanted to see a hoodoo.  We decided we’d travel to Montana, stay at Glacier for 4-5 days, head to California to see the Redwoods, then to Utah to see the hoodoos. As we tightened up our plans we decided California would be it’s own trip during another adventure. 

After we decided on the Minnesota to Montana to Utah adventure I decided to look for a race. Well, I found a 50K just outside the Capital Reef National Park. I hadn’t heard of Capital Reef so did some research and pretty soon we decided this was going to be our destination. Good decision!

I entered the race and then I began to look for race reports, the race description, checked out Ultrasignup. I was perplexed that Ultrasignup forecast me finishing in 9:15 hours!  My 50K time is usually 6-7 hours. Oh boy.

Soon thereafter I learned that the race is held at 11,700 feet elevation!  OK, this 9:15 hour finish time was beginning to make some sense.

Steve and I drove to packet pickup the night before the race. We learned that one of the aid stations would no longer be. An UTV lost its tire while trying to get out there.  He became stuck and would have to be towed out. They were trying to figure out how to get it out of there. The aid stations were very remote. There was no crew/pacer access except at one aid station and to get to this station you had to be UTV’d to it. Because of one less aid station this section would be 9 miles long.  I vowed to myself that I would fill my bladder at every aid station.

Steve was planning on meeting me at the aid station with UTV access. He would hike to the ranger station, they would then shuttle him to the station. Hopefully I would be able to figure out a rough estimate time that I would be out there.

A few weeks prior to the race Jenny contacted me stating they would be on vacation at the same time and that she entered the race as well!  I was so excited to learn I was going to have a running buddy on the course!

Steve and I picked up Jenny for the race start. We swung by their campground, gave kisses to the dogs, said Hi to Paul and buzzed to the start. We were ready!

This race is 100% eco friendly. The toilets at the start / at aid stations were composted, they washed and rinsed glasses at the aid stations, no paper cups, no garbage was tolerated. Fruit rinds and peels were thrown into one bin for compost, wrappers into another. Very cool.

As we were listening to the RD before starting, Jenny pointed to a woman with whiskey hanging off of her waist!  We later  learned from another runner that she had back surgery and this whiskey was to minimize the pain. Not a good idea. 

(Let's go!  Jenny, Me)

The RD said to GO so off we went!  We started climbing right from the start. The race began at 7500 feet, just out of the Utah desert up on the Aquarious Plateau. When it was 99F a few miles away in the desert, it was 60F up on the Plateau at 11,500 feet. We were so thankful we were on the plateau!

We began following a jeep type trail, through the woods, through the meadows, then up a steep, rocky, shale like mountain.  We would jog for a mile, then have to take a walk break, even if we weren’t climbing at the time. The air was THIN! I was gasping for air. Seriously.

After a mile or so we veered from the jeep trail and followed a narrow trail, straight up the mountain. It was steep. We just plugged on, trying to keep up a conversation was difficult.  Jenny kept on pointing out bear scat. It freaked me out. We talked about what we would do if we came upon a bear. This was a few weeks after the bear attacked a man at Glacier. We had just left Glacier.

As we were moving up this gargantuan mountain, Jenny stopped. She looked off to our right and had a look of concern on her face. I was immediately concerned. I knew it was a fricken bear. We saw all of this dark fur. Upon further assessment, we realized it was a group of 4 very, very large cows, staring down at us.  Oh thank god!  There were cow all over the place, free range Angus cattle. I was still freaked out.

We moved along, taking pictures as we went. We weren’t in any great rush. We were doing what we could, moving forward, taking photos along the way.  This was an adventure, a training run, laid back fun day. As we found a great photo op with beautiful views, a woman came upon us. She commented that we seemed to have a lot of fun while climbing the steep mountain. She said she could hear us laughing and she thought we’d be fun to hang along with.  Her name was Virginia, from Denver,  and she hung with us to the finish! We made some new awesome friends along the way.  

 (Jenny climbing near the cow sighting)

 (We just met Virginia, she took this pic)

The first aid station was only 2.5 miles out. We ran in and learned that we were number 44 and 45! There were only 55 runners or so. This was surprising, that we were nearly last. We were also the only Midwesterners. This did make a difference. I used their bug spray, the mosquitoes were bad at this point, but I don’t think I noticed them after. Guess the spray worked!  I had a piece of watermelon, filled up my bladder and we moved on, across the meadow.

We ran through the grass, surrounded by alpine lakes, boulders and the remains of big dead animals. Bones, fur…it made me wonder..

(Dead stuff)

As we entered a mountain of boulders, we couldn’t see a trail, just rock. We climbed and climbed. The views were amazing. The air wasn’t. Gasp.

 (Boulder Trail. I'm picking my way down)

Our conversation was varied. I shared some recent personal ongoings which caused much laughter. We shared our ailments. We passed around around lip balm, foot potion, salt tabs. We shared a wonderful time and a fabulous race.

This is the most technical race I have ever run. Yes, much more technical than Superior. Between the logs, rocks, roots, it was amazing. The plateau, the alpine lakes, the mountain meadow, this was truly sensory overload.

The Great Western trail up on the plateau is not very frequently traveled. The trail was difficult to pick up a times. We could see flags every so often up in the distance, showing the way, although we couldn’t see a trail.

I was looking forward to the third aid station. I knew that Steve was going to try to get up there. He would have to hike a few miles, then ride an UTV to the station. As I was running in, sure enough, there he was. He had a good ride. Was cheerful, enjoying his day. Seeing him there was a big lift.

(Steve took this at the aid station)

We left him and circled around the alpine lake, dotted with a few kayakers. As we ran along Arnulfo Quimare of Born to Run passed us.

A long section was coming up. We knew that there would be no aid for 9 miles. We filled up and moved out. At one point we saw again saw something black and still ahead. I made no bones about it, I’d turn around and go back to the aid station, a few miles prior, before I’d chance running into a bear.  I asked if I should blow the whistle on my pack. Yes, yes, Virginia and Jenny responded. I blew, nothing moved. Virginia began to creep ahead. Eventually she realized it was a piece of black burned out tree or something. We laughed and moved on.

We were climbing through a dense forest. There was no trail that we could see, only ribbons, telling us where we should go. It was crazy. Pretty soon we came upon a rose bush field-deep rose fragrance, prickly bushes. They had grown in after a burn. I’ve never seen so many roses.

 (Alpine lakes, streams, waterfalls, amazing views)

 (Eco friendly aid stations)

Another woman joined our merry band. Lori was from Phoenix, she ran with us to the finish.

We moved along and came off of the plateau. We climbed down from 11,5000 feet to 9000. I could breath more easily. We came into a section of river. There was a man who ran out of water and was filling his bottle from the river. I was thankful I still had at least half of my pack full. I was carrying an 80 ounce bladder.  It was getting HOT as we came off of the plateau. The high in Torrey was 99F. Ugh. We had been running in probably 65-70F on the plateau all day. Pretty awesome.

Eventually the girls all ran out of water. My bladder was larger than theirs so I still had some available. I  shared my water with them, asked if they needed any gels or blocks. I had a ton. Jenny shared her chap stick. Virginia shared more sunscreen.  We were warm and burning.

We came into the aid station. Oh, happy day!  The volunteers were excited to see us, enthusiastic and willing to care for us.  I drank a couple glasses of coke, had some watermelon and just wanted to get out of there and on my way. I and Laurie headed off while Jenny and Virginia took care of their needs.

The elevation continued downward. We were able to see some of the red rocks of the canyon in the distance. We were closing in on the finish.

What a most excellent day!  To be able to run in such an environment, to be strong and healthy, to run with old friends and to meet new friends, what a blessing! I feel so lucky.

( On the jeep path.  Lori, Jenny and Virginia. Closing in on the finish. We can see the canyon, the red rocks, feel the heat. It's coming.)

Jenny and Virginia caught up, we all continued through the red rock, the hot canyon, anxious to see the paved road which would signal we were a mile out from the finish.  We were running down, down, down a jeep type  path which was red sand. The big red cliffs and buttes were all around us. We were out of the plateau and into the hot hot canyon area. Jenny was crossing over to the side of the path in front of me, she jumped over a little branch. I decided to do the same. I didn’t clear the branch!  Boom!  I fell onto my front, sprawled out and banged the side of my head..on the sand. This was the second time that I had fallen today. Both times I fell upon sand. Crazy.

There it was!  We began to run faster, down the trail, across the road, up the driveway to the Resort. Whew!  What an adventure!! 10:43 hours of adventure!!  Wow!

The finish line was laid back, Jenny’s family was able to make it, Steve was there. We weren’t hungry. We hugged, congratulated Virginia and Lori, and headed back to end the day.  I had no aches, no pains, no blisters, no problems. I was in my happy place. I had so much fun. I was really thankful to have run the whole race with Jenny and to have met Virginia and Lori along the course. Old friends and new. 

This race was very challenging, but oh so much fun!  Matt Gunn, the Race Director was really great. The  volunteers were  amazing. I'd run this again. I'd like to run more of  Matt's races. For finishing we received a Tshirt, hat and hand made mug.

What an amazing day. I’m still smiling!  Next up: Voyager 50 Mile.

          470.- Crónica 423ª Reunión Oficial de Tejedores Madrid Knits (viernes, 7 abril 2017)        
Crónica escrita y fotografiada por Patricia. Editada por Siona.

Como todos los viernes nos volvimos a reunir para compartir un rato tejiendo, tomando un café, charlando y en definitiva disfrutando de la compañía y también del nuevo salón, que tiene una luz estupenda (sí, es verdad que también nos ha tocado el cambio con días más luminosos y más horas de luz).

A mí como siempre, parece que el señor Murphy me huele y decide probar su famosa Ley los días que me apunto la crónica. Se aliaron los astros y llegué súper tarde,,, pero ahí estaban las chicas, que iniciaron el trabajo y me lo encontré casi hecho. Mil gracias!!!.

Vamos pues a ver qué nos contaron sobre sus labores:

Siona: Como he llegado tan tarde no he podido coincidir con ella, pero como es un cielo me lo dejó enviado :-). Está con el chal "Ramble Shawl" de Andrea Mowry Dreareneeknits y con lana Drops Lima de Ama La Lana.

Almudena: sigue con su entredós, dice que va bien pero despacio… yo diría que va genial con la labor tan delicada que es. Está quedando precioso Almu.

Pilar: nos cuenta que ha estado de viaje y por eso no ha podido tejer casi pero aún así se las ha apañado para terminar su suéter color rosa con calados hecho con lanas Anny Blatt que espera coser y estrenar este domingo de Ramos  (jajajaja, Pilar de viaje teje tres veces más que yo a pleno rendimiento!). 

Marta: Después de un mes sin venir al grupo, se ha traído la manta para que veamos la evolución. Solo le quedan dos filas de granny para terminarla y luego rematarla y… a guardar hasta el invierno. Que bonita está quedando!.

Cris F: parece que ha superado la mala racha con la chaqueta Naima diseñada por Ankestrick. Nos cuenta que tras mucho hacer y deshacer esta semana ha avanzado bastante, está a punto de terminar el cuerpo ya que le faltan solo las últimas vueltas del elástico y está deseando empezar con los bolsillos y las mangas. Cris,,, preciosa, y con la semana Santa seguro que la terminas!

Mar: Esta semana toca chal!. Está tejiendo el patrón "Arrowhead shawl" de Pam Allen usando lanas "manos del Uruguay" (amorosa no, lo siguiente). Nos dice que la lanita le encanta pero que el patrón como no estés bien atenta estás perdida,,, ideal pues para las reuniones Mar jejejeje.

Joao: Cree que terminará pronto su chal "All about that Brioche", patrón de Lisa Hannes. Va a terminar la lana y por eso cree que la última parte quedará más grande que lo que indica el patrón, pero es lo que tiene no querer restos (de todos modo no será mucho y va a quedar fantástico). Dice que lleva más de 200 puntos en las agujas y ya está pensando en la próxima labor :-).

Eva: Lleva ya la mitad del delantero de su jersey rosa patrón Drops y lana "Catena Merino" extrafina de lanas Katia. Esta semana no ha tenido casi tiempo de cogerlo así que ha avanzado poco. Eva, te está quedando precioso y es un color muy favorecedor; además de lana… tienes tiempo de terminarlo hasta que puedas ponerlo ;-).

Ana: Se nos ha unido hoy un ratito (bueno, ha llegado casi con la cronista así que … jejeje). Está haciendo el segundo mitón del patrón "Travelling Cable Hand Warmer" de "Purl Soho". Sin palabras,,, quiero unos, quiero unos…. 

Cris Z:  ha estado tejiendo pruebas de "cables" para un jersey,,, test plan nos dice :-). Seguro que te queda genial el jersey… ya nos irás enseñando.

Patricia: Yo sigo con mi chal eterno… pero a punto de acabarlo. He tenido que deshacer el último dibujo porque no me da la lana y voy a comenzar con el calado del borde. Así que en breve compartiré la labor terminada.

Ah, Murphy esta vez hizo diana… olvidé la foto de grupo :-(

Y con todo esto nos dieron las 9 y pico, disfrutando. Si os animais y no os vais de vacaciones, nos vemos de nuevo en Semana Santa:

Viernes 14 de Abril de 2017
Starbucks, C/Orense, 26 
Horario: de 17.00h a 21.00h

          461 - Crónica 414ª Reunión Oficial de Tejedores Madrid Knits (viernes, 3 de febrero de 2017)        
Crónica escrita y fotografiada por Eugenia

Un viernes más nos hemos reunido para tejer, ha sido un viernes de idas y venidas jijij. Joäo tuvo que irse casi nada más llegar yo y al final de la tarde se nos unieron Silvia , que casi no le dejo merendar para que me escribiese .. y Ana que nos visitó con su hermana . La cronista estuvo encantada y algo descentrada en su labor porque el cansancio de la semana pasa factura y algún punto se me fue con el despiste que tenía.

Os paso a contar lo que se tejió en nuestra reunión.

Joäo :"Ya voy por el reglan de mi jersey y tengo dudas sobre cuándo disminuir ya que tengo pocos puntos en las mangas y muchos en el frontal y la espalda. Así que pasaré a disminuir cada vuelta en la parte delantera y trasera, y cada dos vueltas en las mangas, siguiendo el consejito de una experta"

Cris F."He empezado una nueva labor;me estoy haciendo el jersey ECLIPSE con lana Wollmeise Merino DK,color negro,y agujas 4,5. Es un modelo bastante sencillo;lo único que tiene de especial es que el bajo es asimétrico y tiene de adorno una trenza en uno de los lados. Además , se teje todo del derecho pero esa será después el revés del jersey."

Siona " Ya terminé el chal de la semana pasada y ahora retomo el jersey JOYRIDE  de Drops con Drops Karisma. Lo voy a hacer más largo, siempre me pasa con los patrones de Drops , que las tallas son super raras".

Sole " Estoy empezando el jersey Joyride de Drops con lana Drops Karisma. Lo voy a hacer en tonos verdes porque los colores del patrón no me iban.

Pilar "Estoy rematando a ganchillo la chaqueta estilo Chanel que empecé el viernes pasado".

Eva " Sigo con el jersey que empecé con lana Catena Merino de Katia. A ver si avanzo porque tuve que cambiar de agujas al no gustarme como quedaba antes."

Sergio " Pues sigo con lo mismo, la bufanda No-purl switch, esta semana si que he sacado algo de tiempo para tejer en casa, pero la verdad es que para ser todo punto del derecho avanza muy despacio...

Amparo:" El jersey que empecé la semana pasada ya tiene forma así que sigo avanzando".

Silvia :" Sin mayor novedades. He hecho unas pocas vueltas más a las mangas del jersey Fox Sweater de Drops, pero como nunca pensé que fuera para este invierno, sino para el otro, tengo tiempo, jeje..."

Ana : " He venido tardecillo hoy y me he traído a mi hermana Lydia pero como la ha traído a traición y no tiene nada que tejer.. así que a charlar¡¡¡. Yo estoy tejiendo unos mitones de Purl Soho ( Traveller Cabled Hand Farmers con lana de Katia Merino

Y por último la que escribe la crónica que está tejiendo unos calcetines siguiendo el patrón de Siona con lanitas escocesas que compré en Edimburgo. Me está encantando como me van quedando y tejerlos es una labor muy relajarte.

Es todo por hoy! Si os animáis a tejer con nosotros os esperamos en nuestro próximo encuentro, que será el:

Viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017
Lugar: Starbucks, C/Pedro Teixeira, 8 (esq. Avda. Brasil)
Horario: 17.00 a 21.00 h

          Version 9 is on its way - waiting for approval from Apple.        
It has been a while, some of these fixes are long overdue.  Hope you like it!  There were a lot of changes to modernize the internal code, which is what look a long time to test.

9.0 (December 2016)
- Updated for iOS 10.
- New Portland Streetcar Map.
- Fixed Trip Planner for when locale is set to several non-English locales.
- Watch app is more responsive. (Updated Watch app to be a "native" Watch OS application).
- Lots of bug fixes and UI tweaks (e.g. Contacts in iOS 10).
- Because of Apple tools, removed iOS6/iOS7 support.
- Lots of internal code changes to make new features easier to add...
- Added back link to TriMet Ticket app, as they have fixed their app and it is launchable again.

- Added 'Take me somewhere now' user interface for new bookmarks

New streetcar map:

- Andy

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          Ophold i regnen og mÃ¥ske danmarks korteste..        
Lad os starte med det der sikkert er Danmarks korteste billedserie fra Haven i Hune. Efter besøget pÃ¥ Samsø, fortsatte vi vores ferietur til det nordjyske - nærmere Rødhus. Det blev til et par hyggelige dage i sommerhus med svigerfamilien. 
Vi havde planlagt at besøge haven i Hune, hvilket jeg var meget spændt på. Vi har ikke besøgt haven siden Anne Just levede, så jeg var meget spændt på om Annes ånd stadig var til stede i haven. Det var den heldigvis og gensynet var helt fantastisk. Desværre havde jeg ikke fået tjekket batteritilstanden på kameraet inden afgang til haven, så det blev ikke til mange billeder, inden kameraet gik dødt :(

Sikke et blikfang, Kleopatras nål var ikke let at komme uden om.

Fantastisk rosentårn.

Alium og hosta, den kombination må jeg huske.

22 danske pottemagere udstiller i haven og overalt mødte man fint lertøj.

Frodig vildskab.

Her selvsår den hvide haveklinte sig også.

Aftenbillede fra Rødhus strand hvor bølgerne var faldet til ro.

 Vi kørte hjemover med regnen i hælene, sÃ¥ det blev kun til et hurtigt kig pÃ¥ terrassen da vi var hjemme. Selvom jeg havde vandet krukkerne godt igennem inden afgang, havde den hÃ¥rde blæst taget pynten af en del planter. Heldigvis kunne de reddes af vandkanden og den efterfølgende regn.

Til Lisbeth - blomsterne i de kinesiske forglemmigej bliver åbenbart mere lyserøde end lilla.

Minerva så godt nok sølle ud, men den har heldigvis rettet sig.

Chopin med stor knop.

New Dawn er også sprunget ud.

Valmuerne kommer stadig med nye blomster.

 Sahra Bernhardt har fundet støtte pÃ¥ en digitalis.

Navnløs Austin rose, tror det er Claire Austin.

Den første næsten helt udsprungne blomst i mine såede chokolade blomster. Den dufter helt rigtigt, men er mere mørk i farven og større i blomsten, så den er fuldt godkendt.


Gul katteurt er sprunget ud.

Giardina har bestemt ikke brudt sig om regnen.

Heldigvis er der masser af nye knopper på vej.

 Store knopper og de første blomster i floks. 

Efter Linda´s indlæg om impulskøb, måtte jeg lige tjekke under terrassen. Jo ganske vist, der stod en forsømt rosa løvehale købt i foråret. Nu er den ihvertfald kommet frem i lyset.

Twice in a blue Moon er en fryd for øjne og næse.

Karen Blixen med en enkelt knop.

De første blomster i Rozanne er sprunget ud.

Indtil videre har min lille regnmåler indfanget 30 mm.

Endnu et indlæg med rigtig mange billeder, men det må man gerne når det regner i ferien :)

Mange gråvejrshilsner herfra :)
          Sløret sol og kold blæst...        
Ja selv om solen forsøgte at gøre sit og fik temperaturen op i nærheden af 15 grader, var det alligevel en kold fornøjelse i haven idag, da den forbistrede østenvind bestemt ikke har megen varme i sig.

Selvsået forglemmigej er så fin og yndig.

Heuchera med masser af knopper.

Klematis alpina springer stille og roligt ud.

Ny darling i haven Sweet love.

Orange Rosalie begynder også at vise farve nu.

Hvad sker der lige her, et enkelt skud i Carl Nielsen rosen hænger slemt, mon frosten har været på spil.

Hvid løjtnantshjerte i skønt selskab med Thalia og stribet græs.

Let at se på hjerterne at det blæser.

På jagt efter æbleblomstknopper i æbletræet ved terrassen.

Træet står fyldt med store knopper.

Endnu en fin trillium er sprunget ud.

De to blomster vender hver sin vej.

Narcis minnow er også ny i haven.

Skønne liljeformede tulipaner i retrobedet.

I drivhuset er den første blomst i frøplanterne sprunget ud. Det er den fine cosmos Xanthos som vandt.

Nede på vores brændeplads står to mindre søjle bævreasp. Det er rodskud som kommer inde fra naboen. Vi rykker dem op lige så hurtigt som de kommer, men disse to har fået lov at stå. De er ikke så lette at se uden blade, så jeg har sat krydser ved dem.

For nogen tid siden hvor jeg sad og drømte i drivhuset, slog det mig at de ville være oplagte klatrestativer til klematis. De har den masse smågrene som jeg tror klematis vil elske at boltre sig i.

Så nu er de to Dorothy Walton der blev indkøbt til formålet plantet. Ja lige nu ser de jo ikke ud af meget, men de har vel nogle måneder at vokse i inden de skal igang med at blomstre. De er i gruppe 3.

Fyldte anemoner og kugleprimula er et fint match.

Klematis Duchess of Edinburgh blev plantet ved portalen, hvor den kan kigge på sin kusine der står med store knopper.

Det er ikke kun i bedene blomsterne springer ud, græsplænen vil også være med. Så det kan ikke vare længe inden der igen skal gang i mælkebøtteoptageren.

Vel inde efter en dejlig men blæsende dag i haven, skulle jeg lige tjekke vejrudsigten og hvad ser jeg.... nattefrost i næste uge!!!. Det er forhåbentlig løgn, for jeg tror bestemt ikke mine nyplantede klematis og alt det andet har godt af det Øv Øv.

Mange onsdags hilsner herfra :)

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Ace Ventura è uno strampalato detective, specializzato nel recupero di animali smarriti: il suo appartamento sembra l'Arca di Noè; la sua automobile sembra uscita dallo "sfascia carrozze", ed i suoi modi e metodi sono alquanto bizzarri. A questi l'allenatore della squadra di football dei Dolphins, su consiglio della graziosa manager Melissa Robinson, decide di affidare le indagini sul rapimento, alla vigilia del Super Bowl, del delfino mascotte: Snowflake. Nonostante l'atteggiamento ostile del tenente della polizia Einhorm, una bella brunetta, Ace, avvia le indagini e scopre nel filtro della vasca del delfino un'ambra, caduta dall'anello di uno dei rapitori; risulta che i Dolphins hanno un anello con quattro pietre identiche incastonate. Continua a leggere



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CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga! (ORIGINAL) - YouTube…

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サカナクション / アイデンティティ

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Monday Michiru (Monday満ちる) - Sands Of Time - YouTube…

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ヾ( ^ω^)ノ


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UNRAVEL ♥ TOKYO GHOUL (Spanish cover)

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宇多田ヒカル - Goodbye Happiness

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Luna Sea - Storm [PV]

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【判別無理ゲー】「あだち充ヒロイン総選挙」、開催決定wwwwwwwww : オレ的ゲーム速報@刃… @Jin115さんから

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【解禁①】FLOW合計21曲のアニメ主題歌のみを集めた一夜限りの単独ライブ、12/21(木)日本青年館「FLOW THE CARNIVAL 2017 〜アニメ縛り〜」開催決定!

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Tutting Tutorial - How to Tut, Finger Tut, Digits: Beginners - YouTube

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少し前に、これは新茶がぐだ子にプレゼントしてあげるやつ!って蝶モチーフハイヒールの写真が回ってきたことあったけど、調べてみたら、“ソフィア ウェブスター”っていうロンドン発祥ブランドの靴なんだね。他にも可愛いの沢山ある。……

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サカナクション / 夜の踊り子

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enra " Torque starter " - YouTube…

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MISIA -「オルフェンズの涙」MV

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宇多田ヒカル - 光

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Shiki No Uta - our rendition @YouTubeさんから

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ファレル・ウィリアムス 「ハッピー」日本版MV - YouTube…

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Tutting Tutorial - How to Tut, Finger Tut, Digits: Beginners - YouTube

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The Trashmen - Surfin Bird - Bird is the Word 1963 (RE-MASTERED) (ALT End Video) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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ポンコツクエスト〜魔王と派遣の魔物たち〜 第二章「招集」

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東京事変 - 幕ノ内サディスティック

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bahan :
- stick ice cream
- lem kayu
          Fretzie Bercede        

Name: Fretzie Bercede
Real Name: Fretzie Joans Ruite Bercede
Birthday : November 26, 1993
Origin: Cebu City
Height : 5'2
Weight : 90 lbs.
Eye Color : Chestnut Brown
Nationality : Filipino
Occupation:   Actress
Skills/Talents : Singing, Dancing

Religion: Seventh Day Adventist
Hobbies: Dancing, Volleyball
Favorite Color: Purple, Pink, Black
Favorite Food: Pizza, Pasta

          L . O . V . E .        

Our Valentine's pictures...

Before the kids got home from school, I put out fresh flowers in colors of red, pink and coral...

And baked and frosted the pinkest cupcakes I could create!

As soon as they got home, they started going through all of their Valentine's from friends and classmates. So many cards and treats...

A present from Mom and Dad for our three little Valentine's...

On the menu for dinner:

Food that was pink, red, or heart shaped. Or a combination of them all!

Strawberry Hearts dipped in pink, Cherry yogurt...

and Heart shaped pizza...

We even drank pink milk...

The Hot Pink Cupcakes were the perfect Valentine's dessert...

The kids and I had a great time together!

The only thing missing was Will.

But, being an airline family, we're used to having to celebrate holidays after the fact.

We'll have our Valentine's Date Night this Saturday, and I can't wait!

I hope your Valentine's Day was just as fun, and more importantly, was filled with lots of

L . O . V . E .

Craving for some wings? What flavor are you in the mood for? Garlic Parmesan? Mango Habanero? Or better yet, why not try all 14 of Wingstop's mouth-watering flavors? You'll get a reward if you do!

Catch the Flavor Invasion and explore Wingstop's 14 flavors with the Flavor Pass until August 31, 2016. Get yours with any single receipt purchase at any Wingstop store. Collect stamps for each flavor that you try and earn yourself Php1,000 gif certificates for every Flavor Pass that you complete.

In addition, customers will receive an additional quantity of wings for free with every purchase of the Classic of Batter-Fried Wings--a 5-piece order gets 1 piece, a 7-piece order gets 2 pieces, an 11-piece order gets 3 pieces.

Are you ready to get those stamps coming? Start with the smooth taste of the Hickory Smoked Barbeque! It's the flavor I'm representing as one of the 14 Wingstop Flavor Invasion ambassador. Hehe

Gusto mo ba?


Check out this BTS video from the campaign shoot.

And here's another one!

Whatever flavor you're craving for, don't miss out on the Wingstop Flavor Invasion at the Wingstop branch nearest you. For more information, LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook and FOLLOW @wingstopph on Instagram.

          #SubvertTheCity BSAS17 // Proyecto Squatters // Argentina        
25M/17: Día Internacional de Lucha contra la Opresión Publicitaria.

Proyecto Squatters, integrante de la red de artistas y colectivos contra-publicitarios global, SUBVERTISERS INTERNATIONAL, se sumó a las acciones coordinadas del DÍA INTERNACIONAL DE LUCHA CONTRA LA OPRESIÓN PUBLICITARIA realizando una serie de actividades a lo largo de la semana.


En el encuentro realizamos una charla introductoria sobre el fenómeno de la contra-publicidad mostrando experiencias y referentes de todo el mundo. Abrimos un espacio de taller sobre creatividad contra-publicitaria, repasamos las técnicas y estrategias para ejecutar intervenciones en vía pública.

Como actividad práctica, planificamos una intervención e hicimos un “primer acercamiento al cartel”, en el que modificamos una publicidad para anunciar la actividad del próximo 25 de Marzo.


El 24 de marzo, se conmemora en nuestro país el “Día Nacional de la Memoria por la Verdad y la Justicia”, a 40 años del golpe militar, cívico y empresarial de 1976, genocidio que dejó 30.000 víctimas a la sociedad argentina. Los secuestros de personas y la posterior ausencia de toda información sobre sus destinos se convirtió en un método generalizado de esa época y en consecuencia aparece una nueva figura instaurada para definir dichas ausencias sin explicación “el desaparecido”. 

El dibujo de siluetas humanas se inicia como una acción artística y política en el espacio público de Buenos Aires para representar la presencia de los miles de desaparecidos durante la dictadura.