Twilight Imperium Player Aide        
Twilight Imperium is a crazy huge space conquest boardgame. Whenever I want to teach someone new to play it, they get so overwhelmed they don’t have a chance to remember any of the rules. So I made this player aide, which makes things a little easier. The player aide comes in four pages; it’s intended […]
          Episode 58 - Axis and Allies        
Hardcore theme song for the hardcore boardgamer
          Zombicide 3 is most funded boardgame in Kickstarter history at $2.84 million funded        

CoolMiniOrNot Inc's latest project races into the top 20 of Kickstarter's most funded list

(PRWeb August 03, 2014)

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          Friends + Fondue in a Swiss Chalet        
When you visit friends in Switzerland, and their family has a chalet in the mountains, you definitely fit it into your schedule. From afar, I've seen Zhanna and Gary post photos from this special place during all seasons, and we were so excited to experience it ourselves. The chalet is in a small village with a handful of other homes, a church, and a couple restaurants, tucked away in a high mountain valley next to a beautiful lake, Lac de Taney. In the summer we could have driven up to the town, but in the winter (well... April), we had to park at the bottom, and hike/snowshoe up a steep snowy trail. After reaching the chalet and dropping off our bags, we explored around the area. Gary ventured out onto the frozen but melting lake while we anxiously took photos. What's a popular destination to hike to in the summertime was mostly deserted and the restaurants closed.

Our amazing hosts hiked up with a bag full of cheese, wine, garlic, and bread. The scent of homemade fondue on the stove is almost as good as the meal itself. We learned that fondue (basically melted cheese and bread) is somewhat of a special occasion meal—about once a month.  Hanging out with a Swiss, Gary, and an American who now lives in Switzerland, Zhanna, was the best way to learn about the local culture and food from a familiar perspective. We kept a wood fire going and shared stories and played boardgames until our eyes were heavy and our tummies and hearts full. We need more special occasion meals in our lives. 

- Julia + Yuriy

          Friends in Switzerland        
I've always envied people who had friends or family overseas. If you have a cousin or former roommate in Germany or Spain, how could you not go visit them?!? I've never had someone to visit in a foreign country. Until now. 

One of my best friends in Seattle met a Swiss man in Peru, married him, and decided to make Switzerland her new home (bummer for me, but who could blame her?). Visiting them in their home together was the best way to start our Europe trip. 

A couple years ago, we traveled to South America with Zhanna. She was our beloved third wheel. So when she found a cute Swiss guy with a French accent in our group on the Inca Jungle Trek, I thought, "oh good, she has someone to keep her occupied". I thought it was a harmless crush and she'd never see him again. Much to my surprise and horror, at the end of our travels, she bought a one-way ticket to Switzerland with Gary, and decided not to come home.  

I never thought I'd see Gary again, just like I thought Zhanna would forget him in a week, but here we are, staying in his home on the other side of the planet from Peru, in a small town in Switzerland. One of the first things we did was a small hike with a killer view of the town and lake below, the perfect place for a picnic lunch of cured meats, cheese, and bread—my favorite food. We took it easy the first day or two, stopped by a castle near their home (how is that possible?!), drove though a few small towns, enjoyed home cooked meals, played boardgames at night, and ate Swiss chocolate with every meal. It was amazing not to have to google anything and not feel like you're missing something. We went where they took us, and we were happy. Having a personal guide and translator everywhere we went was such a treat.

Zhanna and Gary dedicated a week to showing us around, and we'll share more from a snowy trip to their mountain chalet and climbing up rock faces in the next few posts. Though I lost a friend in Seattle, I gained two friends in Switzerland. 

- Julia

P.S. I didn't realize until later just how much I was shooting with my phone and Moment lenses, so a handful of the images below are from my phone.

          SDCC ’17 Toys & Merch: Obi-Wan Mythos, Avengers Poster, Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys, The Thing Boardgame, Jurassic Park Dinos, Mondo Prints, The Last Jedi Actionfiguren, Walking Dead x Robot Chicken, Pacific Rim        
Luke Skywalkers Rolle in the Force Awakens war so geheim und klein, dass er nicht einmal eine Actionfigur bekam. Das ändert sich nun mit The Last Jedi und auf der San Diego Comic-Con gab es bereits einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf Mark Hamills neue Ebenbilder. Mit ihm erhält auch Rey eine 6″ Actionfigur. Die Skulptur an […]
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5 Quick Picks for Texas Pick 3

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8-6-7 0-0-4 2-2-7 1-3-0 0-9-7
          Reply #473        
5 Quick Picks for Texas Pick 3

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8-2-2 2-1-9 1-4-0 6-9-8 7-7-7
          The Ladies of Troyes: El cabeza de familia        
Las ladys ocupan la portada
El pasado Essen la recuerdo como la feria de las expansiones, fueron muchas las que llamaron mi atención pero Ladys de Troyes era de las más deseadas por ser uno de mis euros de dados favoritos. 

Algo que me llamó la atención es la diferencia de precios que existe de la versión alemana a la inglesa, un auténtico abuso cuando el juego es totalmente independiente del Idioma, estamos hablando de unos 13€ que te ahorras con la versión alemana

Al tratarse de una ampliación es conveniente que sepais jugar o al menos haber leído alguna que otra reseña, yo os puedo aconsejar la de ludotecla, mr. meeple, cesarmagala o el video de Stephane del portal 5mpj e incluso la cercanía con la que Mr. Jack te enseña el juego.

Esta expansión esta dividida en 5 pequeños módulos que pueden ser añadidos al juego base de manera independiente o combinanda, a gusto del consumidor. Esto hace que el juego sea escalable y rejugable con el fin de mejorar la experiencia de juego. Este formato de expansión me recuerda al Fresco donde puedes ir añadiendo módulos para aumentar la profundidad del juego.

Número de Jugadores:
 2-4 jugadores
Duración: 90 minutos
Autor: Sébastien Dujardin,  Xavier Georges y Alain Orban
Dependencia del Idioma: Ninguna

Editorial: Z-Man
Año de publicación: 2012

En la trasera de la caja se ven todos los componentes


Desglose de Componentes:
  • 27 nuevas cartas de actividad (9 militares, 9 civiles y 9 regiones)
  • 6 nuevas cartas de Evento
  • 9 cartas de personaje (3 mujeres y los mismos 6 hombres)
  • 8 losetas de Actividad exterior (doble cara)
  • Deniers adicionales y fichas de puntos de victoria
  • 20 cubos grandes en los colores de los jugadores (1 cubo grande = 3 pequeños)
  • 4 guardias de muralla (1 de cada color)
  • 2 dados negros
  • 4 dados morados
  • 2 ciudadanos neutrales grises adicionales
  • 4 Cartas de Ayuda de personajes
  • 1 Apéndice + Libro de reglas

Nuevas cartas de objetivos: Las ladys
Un nuevo tipo de dado
Los guardias de cada jugador
Monedas + dados negros + meeple neutrales + contadores de puntos
8 losetas de Actividad Exterior
8 losetas de Actividad Exterior
6 Cartas de Eventos
Nuevo tipo de cubo (1 grande = 3 pequeños)
Reglamento + carta de ayuda
27 Nuevas Cartas de Actividad

Reseña Fotográfica
El objetivo del juego y la jugabilidad son las mismas que en el juego base. Los jugadores podrán elegir los nuevos módulos que desearán probar. Pueden elegir uno, dos...todos. En esta entrada vamos a repasar en qué consiste cada uno de estos para que tengáis una idea de lo que aporta esta expansión de Troyes.
Todas las cartas de la expansión vienen identificada por el icono "lady"

Módulo 1: Nuevas cartas de Personaje
Esta expansión trae 9 cartas de personajes, los 6 hombres que ya existian en el juego base y las mujeres que es la principal novedad.

Estas ladys dan puntos de victoria al final de la partida por tener colocados ciudadanos en:
  • Cartas de actividad amarilla y en el Ayuntamiento (1).
  • Cartas de actividad blanca y en el Obispado (2).
  • Cartas de actividad roja y en el Palacio (3).
(1) Un meeple en una carta amarilla y en el Ayuntamiento,
otorga 1 punto al final de la partida
(2) Un meeple en 3 carta blancas y tres en el Obispado,
otorga 6 punto al final de la partida
(3) Un meeple en dos cartas amarillas y dos en el Palacio,
otorga 3 punto al final de la partida
Hay una curiosa variante, una vez repartido las cartas de personaje en secreto a cada jugador una de ella se pone boca arriba al inicio del juego para que todos los jugadores tengan un objetivo público común.

Módulo 2: Nuevas cartas de Actividad
Este módulo es vital si se le quiere dar vida al juego, trae ni más ni menos que 27 cartas (9 de cada color y a su vez 3 por nivel). La gracia radica en combinarlas con las 27 cartas del juego básico por lo que tendremos el doble (54 ni nás ni menos), dudo que alguien repita configuració rejugabilidad aumenta considerablemente.

9  Nuevas Cartas Amarillas (3 por cada nivel)
9  Nuevas Cartas Blancas (3 por cada nivel)

9  Nuevas Cartas Rojas (3 por cada nivel)
Estas nuevas cartas introducen dos nuevos conceptos/tipos:
1.) Cartas Mixtas: Tienen un efecto inmediato y uno retardado. Durante la primera activación, se colocan los cubos en la carta. En una posterior activación, puedes utilizar los cubos para beneficiarte de los efectos de la carta. Esto quiere decir que cuando coloques cubos no puedes utilizarlo durante la misima acción, en tu siguiente acción podrás usar más de un cubo a la vez.

Estas cartas de actividades mixtas no siguen la restricción "la acción no podrá ser modificada tan solo por un cubo(dos cubos no pueden modificar una acción al mismo tiempo)". Así que podréis potenciar estas acciones con cubos que venga de distintas cartas e incluso de una actividad exterior.

Primera Activación: Colocar Cubos.
Utilizo un grupo de 3 dados rojos que sumas 10.
Primera Activación: Colocar Cubos.
Al tener un /2, equivale a 5 cubitos.
Segunda Activación: Retirar Cubos.
Utilizo un único dado rojo de valor 6.
Segunda Activación: Retirar Cubos.
Al tener un /2, retiro 3 cubos y cada uno me reporta 5 de influencia.
Ganaría un total de 15.

2.) Efecto retardado hasta el final del juego: Cartas cuyos efectos se retrasan hasta el final del juego: Los cubos de los jugadores colocados en las cartas contarán en la puntuación del final de la partida.

Utilizo un grupo de 2 dados rojos que suman 9.
Al tener un /4, equivale a 2 cubitos. Si esta fuera la foto al final de la partida, el jugador verde ganaría 6 puntos por ser el que tiene más.
Otros ejemplos de cartas...
Carta mixta
Efecto retardado hasta el final.

Módulo 3: Nuevas cartas de Eventos
Puedes usar estas 6 nuevas cartas de eventos por sí solas o mezclarlas con las del juego básico. Añaden más rejugabilidad a la fase de eventos.

Algunos ejemplos:
Incrementa cada dado negro en +3 (max 6).
Este evento sólo puede ser combatido con dados 
Solo tiene efecto al revelar la carta por primera vez...Cada jugador coloca un ciudadano (tablero o reserva) en el evento. Al colocar un cubo, el jugador libera uno de los ciudadano que quiera....

Módulo 4: El cabeza de familia
Se añade un dado morado por jugador al suministro general que será lanzado junto al resto de los dados en la fase 2.

El dado morado puede utilizarse exactamente igual que los otros dados para contrarrestar un dado negro (fase 3 - eventos) o para realizar una acción (fase 4). Puedes incluso utilizar los puntos de influencia para volver a tirarlo de nuevo o para darle la vuelta.

Al usar el dado morado para contrarrestar los dados negros su color será el rojo para que valga el doble.
De esta forma ganaremos 3 puntos de influencia. 

Existen dos reglas especiales que se aplican a este dado:
  1. Este dado morado no puede ser comprado por ningún jugador, sólo el que lo lanza tiene el derecho a usarlo.
  2. Justo en el momento de usarlo, es cuando se le asigna un color -amarillo, blanco o rojo-. Mientras esté en el tablero no se considera morado.
Usaremos el dado morado junto con otros dados blanco, tomará el color blanco.
Al activar la carta con un resultado de 13 añadiremos 2 cubitos.

Módulo 5: Guardias de muralla y Actividades exteriores
En el tablero de Troyes se aprecian las murallas de la ciudad de Troyes que forman un recorrido de 20 espacios en los que el guardia de cada jugador irá patrullando. En cada lateral del tablero hay una puerta que da acceso a una nueva acción (actividad exterior).

El juego trae 8 losetas a doble cara (16 acciones) que se dividen en cuatro niveles. Antes de empezar se elige al azar una de cada nivel y se va colocando por fuera de las cuatro puertas de la ciudad, en sentido horario y rodeando la ciudad, de acuerdo a los niveles de las losetas.

Nivel I y III

Nivel II y IV

Este módulo afecta a la fase 4 (acciones) añadiendo una nueva acción, en concreto la 7ª acción: Usar el guardia de la muralla que consiste en:

Con un sólo dado de cualquier color puedes utilizar a tu guardia de la muralla. Este dado no puede ser modificado por cartas de efecto retardado, sin embargo, puedes aumentar el valor del dado mediante el pago de deniers al banco. Cada denier que pagas aumenta el valor del dado en uno, siendo 6 el máximo valor que puede tener el dado. El valor del dado indicará cuántas acciones de las siguiente podrás realizar.

Las acciones disponibles son: 
  • Avanzar a tu guardia un espacio a lo largo de las murallas en sentido horario, no es posible avanzar más alla del espacio 20.
  • Colocar un cubo, y solo uno, en una actividad exterior a la que tengas acceso (el guarda esta o ha pasado por allí). Estos cubos tendrá un efecto similar a las cartas de efecto retardado del juego base, con la diferencia de que puedes utilizarlos durante los turnos de otros jugadores y durante la fase 3 (eventos).
Un dado amarillo de valor 4 para usar la acción del guardia.
Al pagar dos deniers incremento en dos el resultado (máx 6).
Dispongo de 6 puntos de acción para gastar, de los cuales:
4 Puntos para avanzar 4 espacio con el guardia a lo largo de la muralla
Por  un punto coloco un cubo en la actividad exterior
de nivel I.
Con el punto que queda lo utilizo para colocar un cubo en la actividad exterior de nivel II que acaba de desbloquear el guardia
Algunas aclaraciones
  • Sólo se puede añadir un cubo por actividad exterior cada vez que usas la 7ª acción (usar guardia).
  • Puedes utilizar tanto un cubo de una carta de actividad de efecto retardado como cubos de actividades exteriores.
  • Es posible usar dos cubos de diferentes actividades exteriores en la misma acción, sin embargo, no es posible usar dos cubos de la misma actividad exterior durante la misma acción.

Por lo que he probado hasta ahora esta expansión esta pensada para aumentar la rejugabilidad del juego al añadir más eventos, más personajes y 27 nuevas cartas de actividad que si las combinamos con las otras tendremos para aburrirnos. Podéis ir añadiendo cada módulo escalonadamente o pasar a jugar con todo a la vez.

En cambio, los módulos 4 y 5 añaden un soplo de aire fresco al juego dilatando el abanico de opciones que los jugadores tendrá que elegir con los dados. La más significativa ha sido la incorporación de un nuevo tipo de dado -morado- que resulta muy fácil de probar sin tener la expansión porque valdria cualquier dado que tengáis en casa.

Desde las afuera de la ciudad
La simpleza y sencillez de este dado me permite blindar la estrategia para esa ronda en cuestión, esto es gracias a que cuento con algo seguro ya que no puede ser comprado por nadie. Puede parecer que el valor de un dado parezca insignificante pero influye a la hora de priorizar tus acciones, algunas acciones pasan a segunda plano y tendrás que valorar que jugar primero, un concepto realmente fantástico.

Por otro lado esta la acción del guardia, muy curiosa porque aprovecha la muralla dibujada en el tablero Troyes a la que le añade unos pequeños suplementos para representar acciones extras. He probado algunas y están más bien de apoyo, para nada marca una estrategia como las cartas de actividad, si que es verdad que las de nivel IV esconde unos puntos que pueden ser muy curiosos de cara al recuento final.
Gran rejugabilidad, así si
Antes de despedirme me gustaría dar las gracias a fjavier -usuario de la bsk- por el aporte que ha hecho a la comunidad jugona al traducir y maquetar el reglamento de la expansión del Troyes al español, muchas gracias ^_^.   

          IV Jornadas CMCM: Repitiendo una buena experiencia        
Cartel de las Jornadas
El fin de semana pasado tuvo lugar las IV Jornadas CMCM, no fue hasta el mismo viernes por la noche cuando pude cuadrar todo para poder asistir al día siguiente, todo el mérito se lo debo a mi mujer.

Llegue a primera hora y pude ver allí muchas caras conocidas -Carlos, Meme, Eloy y Pablo de Lex Ludi, Maria, Bea, Alex, Zareck, Troll, Ninfa, David, Dani, Neiban, Carlos, los chicos de Queremos Jugar, mis compis de Mueve Ficha...- y otras muchas que conocí allí como a Jose, Manolo, Quater del reciente blog ¿Jugamos una?... 

Cuando llegue había una partida del Archipelago que estaba preparando Eloy pero ya estaba el cupo lleno así que me enganché a jugar un Cuba con Pablo & cia...y fui pasando por Bora bora, Terra Mystica y Kingdom Builder. Paso a contaros con más detalles:

Este juego estuve a punto de probarlo en las TDN pero el destino no quiso darme esa oportunidad y todo se quedo en un despliega tablero y recógelo, que coraje.... Así empezó mi mañana de las jornadas con un Cuba con Pablo y Manolo de Lex Ludi y Jose. Un buen repaso de reglas tutorizadas por Pablo y rápidamente nos pusimos con los roles, a construir y activar edificios, recolectar/comprar/vender/embarcar recursos, ganar puntos de victoria... todo esto me recordaba al Puerto Rico pero con más opciones a la hora de ganar puntos, un curioso sistema de votación donde se van aprobando leyes y una simpática manera de ganar recursos en el tablero personal.

Me gusto el papel que juega el agua en Cuba para rascar más recursos, eso hizo que me fijará en una apetitosa ley que potenciaba su uso así que fui a ello. Nada más empezar compre el pozo para ganar más agua adicional y me centré en ganar las votaciones para que se aprobara lo que me interesaba, es decir, que el agua diera puntos por tenerla. Esto duró hasta la cuarta ronda cuando decidieron romperme esa ley, muy bueno xD.

La partida me dejó con buen sabor de boca y me comentaron que la expansión mejora algunos puntos del juego, el idioma no es un problema porque anda por ahí un fichero para maquetar las cartas. Estoy muy intrigado por saber qué aporta esta expansión y en qué mejora el juego ¿Algunos de ustedes la ha probado?

Jose (izq) y Pablo (der)
Yo y mi agua 
Bora bora
En esta ocasión comparto mesa con Bea de la tienda Deocaenoca y Suffo, tenía las reglas muy fresquitas porque lo había jugado el día anterior a dos jugadores con mi mujer.

En esta segunda partida quise probar los templos y optimizar las acciones combinadas de hombres y mujeres, el resultado fue muy satisfactorio y se notó la partida que les sacaba de ventaja.

Tras mi segunda partida le vi el potencial de la fase B, es aquí donde los jugadores pueden sacar esa pequeña y a la vez gran ventaja sobre tus oponentes y prepararte para la siguiente ronda. Otra zona donde rasque una gran cantidad de puntos fue en el templo, en la quinta ronda ya tenía los 4 sacerdotes colocados y me dedique a bloquear esta acción con un número bajo.

Acabe la partida pensando en nuevas combinaciones de hombres y mujeres que sean compatibles con la forma de jugar las acciones. La interacción y el factor de bloqueo aumentaron a 3 jugadores por lo tienes que procurar tener una carta de Dios que te saque de ese apuro, mis expectativas aumentaron tras mi segunda partida.

Bea y Suffo antes de empezar
La lucha por jugar las acciones

Terra Mystica
De nuevo me vuelvo a ver la cara con este juego tras probarlo hace un mes, esta vez jugamos una partida a cinco jugadores con Eloy (ilógico), Alex (de oca en oca) y mis compis de Mueve Ficha, Suffo y Chimo.

Sólo Eloy y yo sabíamos jugar por lo que después de una sabia y detallada explicación por parte de Eloy y  arrancamos, me tocaron los "Magos del Caos", muy dura al inicio porque empiezas con una casa pero si consigues despegar es muy tocha y doy fé porque acabé con tres ciudades y 8 losetas de templos...impresionante.

Eloy explicando el juego
Nada más empezar la partida recibí un sabio consejo de Eloy sobre la gestión del poder "sacrifica poder hasta quedarte con la mitad y así todo irá más fluido"... cuanta razón tenía, esto me permitió hacer un buen comienzo y alargar más los turnos ya que podía realizar alguna que otra acción extra que me venía al pelo para hacer buenas jugadas, esto es porque el poder llegaba antes al cuenco tres. Esto cambio radicalmente mi forma de jugar respecto a la primera partida.

Otra gran experiencia que me llevo a las espaldas tras jugar esta segunda partida, este TM es un refrito de muchas mecánicas muy bien encajadas donde destacaría la gestión de los cuencos de poder para hacer acciones extras, muy currado.

A mitad de partida
Una raza muy bruta - Magos del Caos

Kingdom Builder
No podía irme de la jornadas sin pasar un ratillo con mi colega Neiban de Tableronne Â¡que ganas tenía de verlo!, me dejó alucinado la bolsa tan petada del Ikea que trajo de Málaga, estuvo todo el día sacando un juego y otro, podéis leerlo aquí. Había que ser muy selectivo por lo que le pedí probar su Kindom Builder, así que nos pusimos manos a la obra junto con su colega Carlos al que le mando un abrazo desde aquí.

El juego tiene unas reglas sencillas y rápidas de explicar aunque la mecánica de la adyacencia me costó pillarla un poco, no se si es que estaba ya k.o. a esas alturas del día o no lo entendí durante la explicación. La dinámica del juego es muy sencilla, hay una colocación inicial (¡VITAL!) y luego vas colocando tres casitas según la carta de terreno que te toque siguiendo un par de reglas. 

La gracia del juego está en saber expandirse y elegir donde colocar la casa cuando entras en un nuevo terreno, este criterio estará condicionado por unas cartas de puntuación que son visibles desde el comienzo de la partida. Un juego muy ligero, muy rejugable, con algo de chicha y un azar sujeto a la carta de terreno que robas...esto ya no me hizo tanta gracia porque lo que te tocó te tocó. ¿Tan difícil hubiera sido robar dos cartas y elegir una?

Neiban y Gudix
Acabando la partida al Kingdom Builder

Tan pronto como termine la partida me despedí rápido y veloz de todos o al menos eso intenté, el día se me pasó volando y todo ello por el gran esfuerzo y empeño que pone Carlos y Mercedes en crear este encuentro tan familiar. Una gran oportunidad para poder reencontrarme con muchos colegas, conocer a gente nueva y otras que lamentablemente han estado allí pero que aún no conozco. Deseando volver a repetir y esperando a que Carlos anuncie por labsk las V Jornadas CMCM.

Gran amistad entre Lex Ludi (Eloy) y Mueve Ficha (Gudix)
IV Jornadas CMCM

          Bora bora: Bloqueando acciones (I)        
Alea y su gusto por Feld
A finales del 2011 Feld nos presentaba su última novedad, Trajan. Desde entonces ha ido madurando y desarrollando cada uno de sus prototipos que verán la luz a lo largo del 2013, estamos hablando de -Bora bora, Rialto, Brugge, Amerigo-.

Mucho de ustedes ya conocéis mi debilidad por este autor y de ahí viene todo el cariño que le pondré a esta entrada. Os mostraré tanto los componentes como el diseño, muy bonito aunque no os lo creáis xD. Luego haré una reseña fotográfica para que tengáis una visión del juego lo más completa posible pero sin entrar en los detalles y terminaré esta primera parte con una pequeña conclusión.

Antes de entrar en materia quiero dedicar esta entrada al esfuerzo y trabajo que ha realizado la asociación malagueña Lex Ludi Malacitana, en especial a Eloy por la traducción del reglamento de este juego. ¡Gracias ^_^!

Número de Jugadores: 2-4 jugadores
Duración: 90 minutos
Autor: Stefan Feld
Dependencia del Idioma: Ninguna

Editorial: Alea
Año de publicación: 2013
El interior de la caja es de sobresaliente

Desglose de componentes:
  • 6 matrices de cartón
  • 18 ofrendas
  • 36 conchas
  • 12 losetas de pescado 
  • 36 losetas de hombre
  • 36 losetas de mujer
  • 60 losetas de tarea (+2 de reposición) 
  • 24 losetas de joyas
  • 7 losetas de acción
  • 10 losetas de dioses
  • 24 losetas de edificio
  • 4 losetas de orden de turno 
  • 1 tablero de juego
  • 30 materiales de construcción (10 de cada uno: arena, piedra y madera) 
  • 60 cartas de dios (12 de cada color) 
En los colores de cada jugador:
  • 12 chozas
  • 4 sacerdotes
  • 2 fichas
  • 3 dados
  • 1 tablero de jugador. 

Losetas de acción
Losetas de tarea
Componentes de Jugadores
Tablero Central
Tablero Personal
Losetas de Joyas y Fichas Conchas
Losetas de Ofrenda, Dioses y orden de turno
Losetas de Mujeres y Hombres
Recursos y losetas de pescado

Reseña fotográfica
El juego comprende seis rondas, cada una de ellas consiste en tres fases: A, B y C.

En el tablero aparece un buen resumen de la ronda

FASE A: Acciones
Los jugadores lanzan los dados a la vez y en orden de turno colocan el primer dado -estilo Castillo de Borgoña- y realizan la acción correspondiente. Entonces hacen lo mismo con el segundo y el tercero. Los valores de los dados en las losetas de acción siempre deben ir reduciéndose.

Importante: cuando coloques un dado en una loseta de acción, solo puedes colocar un dado que tenga un valor inferior que el valor más bajo que ya se encuentre en esa loseta. ¡¡¡Esto provocará que algunas acciones queden bloqueadas a los jugadores!!!

Vamos a dar un repaso de las acciones que podemos hacer:

5/6/7 acciones disponibles dependiendo de si hay 2/3/4 jugadores

Acción "Expandir" (via marítima o terrestre): Coge una choza de tu tablero y colócala en una región adyacente a una en la que ya tengas una choza. Solo puedes expandirte a través de una vía con un número igual o inferior al del dado utilizado.

Toma el material de construcción o la ofrenda y justo en ese momento puedes puntuar por la loseta de pescado (usando una carta del dios rojo)

La expansión en la isla para ganar materiales y puntuar
Elegirmos una choza de la reserva
             Expansión Terrestre: Dentro de la misma región
Expansión Marítima: Saltamos a otra isla

Acción "Mujer": Toma una loseta de mujer (igual o menor que el valor dado) y colócala en tu tablero personal.

Elige una mujer de las seis que hay disponibles 
Colócala en tu tablero personal sin ocultar los símbolos de abajo

Acción "Hombre": Similar a la acción de mujer.
Exactamente igual que la mujer pero con la loseta de Hombre.

Acción Ayudante: Podrás realizar distintas mini-acciones dependiendo del valor del dado.

Una acción muy versátil y de apoyo a tu estrategia
Por un punto del dado:
  • Tatuar: Mueve hacia abajo una loseta de hombre y anota los puntos de status correspondientes en el track de status. 
  • Recoger conchas: Mueve hacia abajo una loseta de mujer y toma la cantidad correspondiente de conchas de la reserva general 
  • Puntos de victoria: 1 por punto de dado 
Tatuar: Movemos hacia abajo la loseta de hombre...
... y avanzas en el track de status según el número de símbolos de status que aparezcan
Ganar Cochas: Movemos hacia abajo la loseta de mujer....
.... gana esa cantidad de fichas según los símbolos de concha que aparezcan.
Por dos puntos del dado: 
  • Ofrenda: Coge una de la reserva
  • Material de Construcción: Coge uno de la reserva y colócalo en un espacio del mismo tipo
  • Coger Dios: Elige una de las cinco cartas de dioses que están visible o roba una del mazo
  • Mover  una Choza: Muévelo al espacio 12 para dejar hueco para futuros hombres y mujeres, sin tener que usar la acción de expandir.
Los dioses son muy importante
Deja hueco a tus hombre y mujeres
Coloca el material en su dibujo correspondiente

Acción Templo: Coloca un sacerdote en el espacio correspondiente del templo en el tablero central (quizá haya que mover a otros que ya estaban) y recibe inmediatamente un Bono de Fuego (1Dios/1ofrenda y 1Status/1Concha).

Una zona que pasa desapercibida y esconde muchos puntos

Se consigue con la acción del templo o construir

Acción Construir: Retira de tu tablero dos materiales de construcción adyacentes (vertical u horizontal) y coloca un edificio en su lugar. Gana inmediatamente puntos de victoria y un Bono de Fuego (1Dios/1ofrenda y 1Status/1Concha).

Ejemplo con un 3, puedes construir el edificio 3, 2 o 1
Se construye el edificio 3 retirando los dos recursos

Acción Pescar: Gana 2 puntos de victoria por cada dado que pongas en esta acción.

Algo que debes evitar a toda costa, suele ocurrir cuando no puedes colocar ningún dado porque tus oponentes te han bloqueado las acciones.

FASE B: Jugar Hombre y Mujeres
En orden de turno, cada jugador puede usar uno de sus hombres y una de sus mujeres. Si tienes varios hombre o mujeres idénticos (mismo tipo) puedes combinarlos para hacer una acción más efectiva (no puedes combinar hombres y mujeres)

Tablero personal con mujeres y  hombres
Gana dos recursos a su elección
Gana 4 puntos de victoria

FASE C: Evaluar elementos del tablero
Actualiza siempre el track de status en primer lugar, seguido del templo, después las losetas de joyería y finalmente las losetas de tarea.

1.) Track de status: Cada jugador gana tantos puntos como indique la localización de su ficha de status (0-15) Devuelve las fichas al espacio bajo el 0 (formando una pila). Reasigna las losetas de orden de turno.

Me recuerda mucho al senado del Trajan
Se determina el orden de turno
2.) Templo: Cada sacerdote vale 1 punto de victoria (rondas 1 y 2), 2 puntos de victoria (rondas 3 y 4) y 3 puntos de victoria (rondas 5 y 6). Además quien tenga más sacerdotes gana una loseta de dios (comodín)

Si estamos en la ronda 3, el azul gana 4 puntos y el verde 2.
El azul gana una loseta de dios,
3.) Losetas de joyería:  Cada jugador puede comprar 1 loseta de joyería de la columna correspondiente a la ronda actual a cambio de gastar conchas. Los puntos de victoria de estas losetas se consiguen al final de la partida
6 Columnas (rondas) con 4 joyas cada una
4.) Losetas de tareas: Cada jugador debe completar una tarea/objetivo por turno. Luego, en orden de turno, cada jugador toma una nueva loseta de tarea del tablero central (esto también se hace al final de la sexta ronda).

Las losetas de tareas disponibles para  elegir
La tarea se completará al mostrar que lo tienes

Al acabar la partida, cada jugador puede completar las 3 tareas que quedan en su tablero personal (6, 4 o 0 puntos cada una)

Puntuación final:
  • Por loseta de dios: 2 puntos
  • Por loseta de pescado: 1-6 puntos
  • Por loseta de joyería: 1-9 puntos
6 puntos adicionales por:
  • Completar 9 tareas
  • Comprar 6 losetas de joyería
  • Tener todos los espacios de ceremonia rellenos
  • Tener todos los edificios construidos
  • Tener chozas en las 12 regiones
  • Tener 12 losetas de hombre o mujer

Puntuación Final

*** LOS DIOSES ***
Antes de terminar la reseña quiero hacer una mención especial a los diferentes dioses que pueden intervenir en momentos puntuales de cada ronda. Te ayudarán a optimizar jugadas, ganar puntos, levantar una mala tirada de dados o escapar del bloqueo de algunos jugadores.

Para jugar una carta de dios, debes entregar una ofrenda. Vamos a repasar cada uno de los 5 dioses:

Dios Azul: El dado colocado en una acción puede ser igual o mayor (rompe la restricción) que el menor que ya estuviera en esa loseta de acción.

En esta acción sólo puedo jugar un 1 o 2 pero gracias al Dios Azul puede colocar este 5 

Dios Blanco: El valor de un dado colocado en una loseta de acción se considera 6 pero se mantiene la cara del dado.

Que bien sienta colocar un uno para bloquear la acción a todos tus oponentes y contar con un 6 para maximizar la acción
Dios Rojo: Puntúa la loseta de pescado de la región actual, esto solo se puede hacer cuando te expandes de una región a otra.

Al saltar a la región amarilla puntúo los 4 puntos de la loseta de pescado
Dios Verde: Tiene 2 efectos
  • Duplica el efecto de una acción de hombre/mujer combinado
  • Puedes jugar otra acción de hombre o mujer diferentes al que hayas jugado.

Gana dos puntos y puedes construir el edificio 1, 2 o 3
Ganas 4 materiales a tu elección (pueden ser diferentes)

Dios Amarillo: Disminuye una unidad el requisito para completar una tarea, puntúas 4 en vez de 6.

Al final de la fase C,  completaré la tarea al mostrar 2 cartas de dioses iguales además de ganar 4 puntos

Primeras Conclusiones
Hasta aquí la primera parte, aún me he dejado algunos temas en el tintero como un análisis del nuevo uso que Feld le da a los dados, mostrar un turno real de juego y una opinión personal tras varias partidas.

De momento llevo dos partidas y me parece un auténtico juegazo, muy de mi estilo de juego, posiblemente de los mejores Feld que he probado y no creo que sea superado por los que vienen en camino este año. Me recuerda a: 
  • Castillo de Borgoña: Aquí tenemos que colocar dados pero en acciones que son compartidas por el resto de los jugadores, para usarlas siempre deberás añadir un dado de un valor inferior. Esta sencilla y a la vez puñetera regla añade una interacción y factor de bloqueo que me parece una maravilla, con detalles como este me quito el sombrero. 
  • Trajan: Por el gran abanico de opciones que tienes en tu turno, los combazos que vas encadenando, la sinergia de las distintas zonas del tablero, el orden de turno... pero aquí tendrás que currarte más los puntos e ir optimizando cada vez más tus acciones, la experiencia es un grado y en Bora bora se nota. 
Al final me estoy enrollando más de la cuenta y no dejo nada para la segunda parte, espero jugar un par de partidas más y tener una opinión más consolidada. ¿Habéis tenido la oportunidad de probarlo? ¿A qué otro juego os ha recordado? ¿Pensáis que es uno de los juegos de Feld que tienen más interacción?

          Race for the Galaxy: Gabinete Lúdico vs Rio Grande Games        
Race for the Galaxy es un juego de carta  de 2 a 4 jugadores donde los jugadores van construyendo civilizaciones galácticas, que representan diferentes mundos o desarrollos técnicos y sociales. Tiene una duración media de 30 minutos y baja dependencia del idioma, algún que otro texto aclaratorio. Eso si, la simbologia es algo particular y te llevará un par de partidas aprenderla. 

La primera partida que jugué hace ya casi un año en unas jornadas lúdicas me dejó una sensación muy grata y sabía que tarde o temprano llegaría a mi ludoteca, a los meses me enteré que Gabinete Lúdico (GL) lo sacaría en español y decidí esperar ya que vería mesa con más facilidad con mis amigos y mi mujer.

Gabinete Lúdico (abajo) - Rio Grande Games (arriba)
Para realizar esta comparativa y contrastar ambas versiones un colega -gracias Edu- me ha prestado la versión de Rio Grande (RG) que como muchos sabéis mantiene la simbología del juego pero con un diseño muy diferente. En estos meses le han caído 10 partidas a la versión de GL y un par de ellas a la versión de RG.

Antes de entrar en materia quiero resaltar unos cuantos detalles de producción/fabricación que me he encontrado al abrir la caja, no se si esto le ha pasado a más gente, pero no me ha gustada nada de nada:

Un único tacazo de cartas envuelto en un plástico medio roto (ampliar para verlo mejor).
Los bordes no son uniformes y no están bien acabados, da la sensación como si no fuera un corte limpio.
El inserto viene roto, esto habrá sido en el transporte o algún descuido
Algo que me llamó la atención nada más abrir la caja fue la falta de color en los token de puntuación y las ayudas de los jugadores donde aparecen las letras cortadas en la parte superior. Estos detalles están relacionado con el diseño de los componentes, a mi no me termina de convencer del todo.

La Caja
El tamaño es exactamente el mismo en ambas versiones pero el diseño es completamente diferente, un cambio radical y atrevido con un resultado que a mi personalmente no me desagrada incluso me gusta más que el original. Lo que no comparto es el nombre del juego -Galaxia, la conquista-, para esto mejor hubieran dejado el original, muchos de mis amigos me han llegado a preguntar de que iba ese juego cuando habian jugado al RftG.

La caja tiene una textura satinada, el contraste de tonalidades da un buen resultado pero es una pena porque no han seguido la misma idea para la trasera, le añaden una capa de brillo que no me gusta nada. Además que es muy sosa y austera, ya podían haber introducido alguna imagen de los componentes.

Portada muy diferentes
Una trasera muy austera

Los contadores
El diseño de tonos azules le pega más a la temática espacial y galáctica, el color arcoíris de GL me chirría bastante. En cambio he visto muy acertado que han usado distintas figuras geométricas para diferenciar los token de puntuación de valor 1, 5 y 10, en este aspecto flaquea la versión de RG.

Por cuestiones de diseño, en algunos token hay más color que en otros, yo la verdad es que prefiero más uniformidad en este aspecto.

Token de Puntuación en GL 
Token de Puntuación en RG
Similitudes entre ambas versiones

Las cartas
Aquí esta todo el foco de atención ya que es el motor del juego, las cartas. El grosor de las cartas es prácticamente el mismo pero la calidad del cartón es superior en la versión de RG, esto se aprecia con el tacto, se nota solidez y consistencia. Yo aconsejo enfundar las cartas para que aguanten más...

A continuación voy a dar un repaso de todos los detalles que quiero resaltar:
El reverso: El diseño de la versión de RG no es que sea una maravilla, me parece un poco soso ese letrero tan cuadriculado que aparece, en este aspecto me gusta más la de GL pero me quedo con el fondo de RG.

El reverso de las cartas
Diseño Frontal: Han rediseñado la carta por completo, han eliminado el marco gris (un acierto) y maximizado la imagen  hasta el punto de eliminar los bordes negros, esto ya no me simpatiza tanto. A mi personalmente me gusta el contraste que tiene las cartas de RG, el dibujo aparece más resaltado, no me termina de gustar la tonalidad de color de la versión de GL, parece que le falta color.

El diseño frontal
Diseño y contraste
Fases del juego
Los poderes: Todos los desarrollos y la mayoría de los mundos, tienen una lista con un o más poderes (zona lateral izquierda), siguiendo el orden de las fases (1 al 5). Los poderes suelen estar representados por iconos sin ningún texto y existen dos tipos:
Poder especial: tienen su icono, la fase está resaltada y viene acompañada de un texto aclaratorio en la carta.
Poder estándar: sólo están aparece un icono representativo.

Teniendo en cuenta lo anterior, cada editorial ha diseñado los poderes muy diferentes. RG ha representado las distintas fases con número romanos dentro de un rectángulo gris para el poder estándar y blanco para los poderes especiales. Sin embargo, GL ha optado por los números tradicionales (1...5) con fondo semi-transparente que llega a difuminarse en algunas imágenes, cuando aparece un poder estándar la fase la resalta en blanco y si se trata de un poder especial el número desprende un difuminado de color rosa.

A mi personalmente me gusta más la versión de GL porque la información visual que tiene la carta esta más conseguida. De un simple vistazo puedo saber los poderes que tengo para cada una de las fases, ya que el resto aparecen difuminadas con la imagen.

Los poderes están resaltados según la fase.
Mundo de Producción inesperada: Estos planetas tienen la habilidad de generar un bien justo en el momento en el que son construidos o si el jugador activa la quinta fase, la cuestión es que estos planetas se distinguen muy bien en la versión de RG, supongo que será por ese fondo gris pero en cambio en algunas cartas de la versión de GL resulta difícil, aquí os dejo un ejemplo:

Planetas de Producción inesperada
Cartas de Jugador: 
Diseño Frontal
El diseño de las cartas que tienen los jugadores para activar la fase y el poder especial han seguido la misma filosofía, podéis ver que la iconografía se respeta. Lo más significativo para mi gusto es que está traducido al español para tampoco es tan importante.
La simbologia es la misma pero en un marco diferentes
Las cartas para activar las fases y su poder especial
Aquí se aprecia la traducción en español
GL ha decidido mantener el mismo reverso pero añadiendo un toque de color para cada jugador, una apuesta muy acertada pero que hubiera preferido con otro fondo. En la versión de RG tenemos un nuevo diseño para los cuatros colores, la ventaja de esto es que se diferencia bastante del resto de cartas.
Reverso de las cartas de la versión de Gabinete Lúdico. 
Reverso de las cartas de la versión de Rio Grande

Después de este buen repaso, hay detalles de la versión de GL que quiero destacar (eliminación del marco gris, la numeración tenue de las fases, la forma de las ficha de PV) pero por otra parte peca en la calidad de sus componentes, la presentación al abrir la caja y el diseño que tienen las cartas en general, a grandes rasgos me gusta más la de RG y más cuando el Idioma no es tan importante.

A pesar de ello, quiero darle una oportunidad ya que el juego me tiene enganchado, me gusta su dinamismo y lo bien pensado que esta que los mismo jugadores decidan la fase que se juega en cada ronda. Estoy empezando a quemar combos y espero que tengan pensado sacar alguna expansión, de lo contrario me veré obligado a cambiarla por la de RG.

Y ustedes ¿Habéis tenido el mismo problema con los componentes? ¿Qué os gusta de la versión de GL? ¿Y de la de RG? 

          Resumen mensual #1: King of Tokyo y Tzolkin        
Se trata de un nuevo formato de entrada más light con periodicidad mensual donde hablaré de los dos juegos más jugado, uno tendrá una duración inferior a 60 minutos y el otro superior. La idea es contar un poco la sensación que me va dejando tras jugar, alguna que otra anécdota, comentar si hay una estrategia ganadora, errores cometidos...un poco de todo.

Tzolk'in: The maya calendar y King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo (6 partidas)
Una expansión siempre es la escusa perfecta para volver a sacar y probar juegos que estaban cogiendo polvo, esto es lo que le ha pasado a King of Tokyo. Si queréis ver lo nuevo que aporta Power Up pasaros por aquí.

Ya sabeis que la duración de las partidas está ligada a estilo de juego de los jugadores, si van a puntos se hace un poco van a piñas las duración se acorta. Tras probar la evoluciones, llego a la conclusión que están pensadas para potenciar tus jugadas y afectan indirectamente al tiempo de la partida porque los monstruos podrán hacer más daños o aguantar más (por ejemplo).

Por regla general, esta expansión alarga algo más la duración de las partidas porque para conseguir las evoluciones hay que conseguir al menos tres corazones y esto hace que te cures por lo que juegas menos agresivo y más defensivo.

Las evoluciones han nublado el juicio de muchos pasando de buenas tiradas por tal de robar y tener una en la mano, esto esta bien si es la primera vez que lo pruebas pero por regla general... pero sigue pasando...he visto turnos perdidos o poco aprovechado con dos corazones en mesa, es lo que tiene el azar de los dados xD

Por otro lado he visto jugadas épica combinando cartas de energía con evoluciones y cuando algunos ya estaban más que muertos sacaban su evolución de la manga y conseguian aguantar un poco más, este efecto sorpresa me gusta mucho.

Por regla general, aporta muy poco pero si que le da un puntito distinto a lo que estamos acostumbrado.

El King se vuelve poderoso en Tokyo

Tzolk'in: The Calendar Maya (2 partidas)
Este juego lo recibí en Navidad y hasta la fecha lo he jugado 4 veces, no pretendo reseñarlo pero si tenéis interés en saber como se juega aquí os dejo varias reseñas (Turno de juego, VisLudica, Jueguetistorias) y un video por juegamestore.

Voy a resaltar un par de detalles que me parecen muy originales:
  • Split Inicial: Antes de empezar, a cada jugador se le reparte 4 losetas de recursos y debe elegir dos de ellas. Para esta elección aconsejo tener en cuenta el orden en el que juegas (pagaras más o menos trigo), las maravillas que han salido en la partida, el muestrario de edificios disponible y las losetas en sí misma. Elegir tus recursos iniciales te permitirá un buen comienzo de partida y podrás adaptarlo a tu estilo de juego. 
  • Toma de decisiones: ¿Cuando coloco o cuando retiro un trabajador? ¿En qué orden ejecuto las acciones de los trabajadores que he retirado para optimizar y ganar la mayor cantidad de puntos de victorias? ¿En qué área de tecnología me desarrollo? ¿Qué templo subo? Estas preguntas y algunas más rondarán por tu cabeza, ¿Cómo es posible que con unas reglas tan sencillas hayan conseguido una elegante y a la vez dura toma de decisiones?

A ésto se le añade 5 engranajes (cada uno especializado en un área) cuyas combinaciones te permitirán ganar puntos, que es el objetivo final del juego. Por otra parte existe una zona de tecnología divididas en 4 áreas y a su vez en 3 niveles cuya finalidad es optimizar aún más las acciones de los engranajes. Esto da mucho juego, bajo mi gusto lo mejor es especializarte y no picotear de todo.

Por último están los templos,  la zona más polémica para mi, donde entran en juego una gran bolsa de puntos de victoria que los jugadores pasan por alto y si hay algún avispado que monopoliza todos los templos los demás jugadores se pueden despedir de la partida. Esto que estoy contando me ha ocurrido en tres partidas y la cuarta no llegó a ser así porque hubo más pelea, de manera que estuvieron más repartidos los puntos...os aviso, si jugáis cuidad esta zona, pelearla porque un abuso.

Menos mal que Tzolkin no tiene dados

Consular el listado completo de Enero
          Nurnberg 2013: Novedades (II)        
En la primera parte la presencia de Feld en esta feria centro toda la atención de la entrada con sus tres juegos -Rialto, Brugge, Borabora- junto con Naufragos y la tercera expansión del Hombre lobo de Castonegro. A pesar de ello, aún queda alguna que otra novedad por ahí:

La posada de la Villa
Hace varios meses que pude probar este euro gracias a un amigo que lo tiene, básicamente me dedique toda la partida a obtener/transformar recursos para ganar ganar la mayor cantidad de puntos de victoria en las distintas zonas del tablero. Lo más interesante para mi es el uso del tiempo para realizar acciones, esto hace que tus meeples vayan muriendo cuya muerte no será en vano ya que debemos elegir los momentos adecuada para rascar más puntos con esto.

Esta expansión, añade dos nuevas zonas que seguirán la misma filosofia, un nuevo elemento -la cerveza- y lo más interesante que son los componentes para un quinto jugador. Como dato curioso, Ludonova traerá esta expansión.

En la fábrica de cerveza podemos adquirir un recurso nuevo, que obviamente es cerverza que posteriormente podremos usar en la posada para obtener el favor de algunos personajes del pueblo, cada uno de ellos con una habilidad especial que puede usar una sola vez durante la partida que puede consistir en puntos y ventajas inmediatas o bien puntos al final de la partida en función de ciertos logros.

Asimismo, la expansión incluirá todos los componentes necesarios para añadir un quinto jugador a las partidas

Adaptaciones al tablero original (foto BGG)

Rabbids: Das Spiel
En mi ludoteca tengo juego que pasan de un extremo a otro (party/filler a euros sesudos), esto se debe a los distintos grupos de juegos y que siempre aprovecho el momento para sacar uno :P.

Me ha picado la curiosidad este party de 60 mini-juegos (2 min por mini-juego) donde ganará aquel jugador que gane  a más mini-juegos. Tiene pinta de un juego muy dinámico, de risas, familiar, divertido... sabiendo que están los conejitos en la portada y que es un party a ver si se anima Asmodee Ibérica a sacarlo :P

Es una colección de sesenta juegos cortos que presentan los conejos divertidos poco retirado de la Rabbids videojuego. Su objetivo en todos estos juegos es lograr cualquier meta que se establecen para usted, ya sea a través de la habilidad, la inteligencia, la velocidad o simplemente suerte. En este juego, podrás ser llamado a hacer todo, y todos recibirán oportunidades para anotar. 

Cada partido dura no más de dos minutos, y las reglas son tan sencillos que los jugadores serán capaces de saltar en los juegos rápidamente.

Al final, quien gane las más Rabbids mini-juegos ganará todo el asunto!

Party con 60 Mini-juego (foto milan-spiele)

Una expansión para un juegazo del señor Vlaada que se venderá como churros sin importar el precio que tenga, por lo que he podido leer aportará nuevos escenarios, retos, enemigos, hechizos, acciones y todo lo necesario para un quinto jugador.

Hace semanas que probé el juego y fue toda una experiencia, me dejó con ganas de más y estoy muy tentando de pillarlo si no fuera por el molesto inglés que tiene, ya que teníamos que estar con chuletas todo el tiempo. La esperanza es lo último que se pierde y ojalá Homoludicus de una gran noticia en este 2013 anunciando Mage Knight en españ no...acabaré pillándomelo en inglés. 

Continuando con la saga del éxito mundial del aclamado Mage Knight, el diseñador Vlaada Chvatil y WizKids presenta Mage Knight: La Legión Perdida, una expansión que ofrece a los jugadores un nuevo guerrero mago -Wolfhawk-, añade un nuevo enemigo -general Volkare- que será misterioso y poderoso.

En esta expansión habrá nuevas baldosas de ubicación, enemigos / ruina tokens, cartas de acción avanzada, artefactos, hechizos... y las reglas para incluir a un quinto jugador.

La figura del quinto jugador, una guerrea (foto BGG)

Se trata de un juego de colocación de trabajadores que ha llamado mi atención al saber que el autor que está detrás es William Attia, muy conocido por su gran Caylus.

Existe muy poca información sobre el juego, no tengo claro si será otro refrito más, si la gestion de los recursos será dura o si esa flexibilidad de las fases de la que se habla tendrá su puntito momento le seguiré la pista. Me gustaría destacar el diseño del juego, muy cuidado. 

Spyrium está ambientada en un mundo alternativo donde los jugadores construyen fábricas, que necesitan los trabajadores para gestionar la producción de una mercancía previamente desconocida para nosotros llamada "Spyrium". Este material se podrá fabrica o comprar a un precio muy caro y el dinero esta muy cotizado.

La dinámica del juego es flexible ya que cada jugador puede decidir por sí mismo cuándo pasar de la fase de colocación y la fase de activación. Al final sólo el jugador que mejor ha afrontado la falta de dinero, los trabajadores y Spyrium ganará.
Añadir leyenda (foto BGG)
Esto es todo lo que me ha llamado la atención donde algunos ya se han metido en mi wishlist, seguro que algunos juegos han pasado desapercibido para mi. ¿Os hace tilín alguno? ¿Habéis visto otro juego que no aparece en esta lista? ¿Cuál no os gusta nada?

          Nurnberg 2013: Novedades (I)        
Entre los días 30/01/13 y 04/02/13 se ha celebrado en Nuremberg (Alemania) la 64º Spielwarenmesse -La Feria Internacional del Juguete- donde un gran número de empresas del juguete presentarán sus catálogos de este año, incluida algunas de juegos de mesa.

A diferencia de Essen, la convención alemana Spiel juego en octubre, muchos juegos de Nuremberg no estarán disponible para su compra inmediata, habrá que esperar unos meses a que lleguen a las tiendas.

Un dato curioso que he visto en la web de Jugamos Todos en la mágnitud del evento, el total asciende a 2.750 empresas expositoras de 60 países diferentes. Es, sin competencia, la feria lúdica comercial más importante del mundo en la actualidad (Recordemos que no está abierta al público).

Para curiosear todas las novedades que se verán en esta feria, he seguido esta lista que se ha confeccionado en la boardgamegeek y alguna que otra galeria de fotos de la feria (enlace1, enlace2), de aquí me ha llamado la atención lo siguiente:

Es un Feld de colocación de trabajadores y mayorías para ir rascando puntos de victorias, es totalmente independiente del idioma y muy ligerito (45 min). La portada es preciosa y en varios meses lo tendremos en España gracias a la editorial Ludonova, seré paciente y le esperaré.

Ambientado en la ciudad de Venecia, en Rialto los jugadores han de obtener puntos de victoria de muy variadas formas como colocando sus consejeros en los distintos distritos, construyendo puentes que conecten las diferentes partes de la ciudad y colocando gondolas sobre los canales. El juego está dividido en seis rondas divididas asimismo en tres fases diferentes consistentes en adquirir cartas, jugar dichas cartas y activar edificios.

Los jugadores obtienen puntos de victoria tanto al final de cada ronda (mediante la construcción de edificios especiales y puentes) como al final de la partida, en la que se otorgan puntos por las mayorías de consejeros en los distritos, cuyo valor puede cambiar a lo largo de la partida mediante la construcción de puentes y colocación de góndolas. El jugador que obtenga la mayoría en un distrito gana tantos puntos como valga dicho distrito mientras que el segundo jugador gana la mitad y así sucesivamente. De esta manera los jugadores no solo han de colocar sus consejeros en los distritos de mayor valor si no que también pueden alterar el valor de dichos distritos construyendo puentes y colocando góndolas.

Colores vivos en un juego de Feld (foto milan-spiele)

Como muchos dicen por la red, ¡que parto más largo!...por fin vio la luz, un juego de temática original que mezcla la colaboración para sobrevivir en la isla y por otro lado la competición por salir de ella. Su duración no llega a las dos horas y es dependiente del Idioma pero esto no supone un problema porque será publicado por la editorial nacional Homoludicus a mediados de este mes, este caerá seguro.

Un juego semi-cooperativo que transforma a los jugadores en náufragos atrapados en una isla perdida en medio del océano. Los jugadores tienen dos objetivos bien distintos. A corto plazo, deben centrarse en sobrevivir consiguiendo comida y mejorando sus condiciones de vida por medio de la construcción de refugios y mejoras del campamento. Sin embargo, a largo plazo, su objetivo es conseguir salir de la isla, algo que solo podrán lograr construyendo diferentes señales en la costa con las que llamar la atención de los barcos que pasen, o bien armando una balsa y lanzándose al mar en un desesperado intento de alcanzar algún lugar habitado.

La isla tiene una gran montaña que se eleva sobre la selva que los náufragos deben alcanzar para poder atisbar el horizonte y poder avistar los barcos que se aproximen a la costa, algo que será vital para que los barcos puedan verles y rescatarles.

Así luce Naufragos! (foto milan-spiele)

Desconocía por completo este nuevo juego de Feld hasta que me puse a curiosear las novedades en Nürnberg. El juego tiene dependencia del idioma, una duración cortita (60 min) y la mecánica principal será la gestión de las cartas que tengas en tu mano. De nuevo aparecen los dados como parte del juego.

En Brügge, los jugadores asumen el papel de comerciantes que deben mantener sus relaciones con aquellos que ostentan el poder en la ciudad mientras compiten unos contra otros por influencia, poder y estatus.

En un turno, un jugador elige una de sus cartas y realiza una acción de las siete diferentes disponibles. En principio, cada acción se puede utilizar con cualquier carta - pero el color de la carta determina la fuerza de la acción elegida, por ejemplo, las cartas azules proporcionan trabajadores adicionales (uno de los recursos).

Toda la acción está dirigida a la obtención de prestigio, el comerciante más prestigioso será el vencedor.

A Feld le gusta cada vez más los dados (foto milan-spiele)

Un vistazo a los componentes (HIG's Twitter)

Si... este es el tercer Feld que aparece en la feria y de los tres (Rialto y Brugge) este es al que más ganas le tengo, tiene pinta de ser un euro más duro que los anteriores con alguna que otra mecánica curiosa. Si nos fijamos bien en el tablero aparecen los dados, seguramente veremos una nueva forma de usarlos.

El juego tiene una duración de 90min (ideal!) y no hay dependencia en el idioma, lo que le da muchos puntos, su publicación está prevista para Febrero/Marzo

Los jugadores tratan de encontrar el equilibrio necesario para construir su pueblo, agregar más personas a la misma, y de otra manera encontrar la forma de ganar puntos en seis asaltos.

Al comienzo de una ronda, cada jugador tira tres dados, luego se van turnando y colocarán un dado en una sola acción. Cuanto más alto sea el resultado, tendrá una mejor versión de esa acción: más dinero, más opciones de las personas a tomar, mejores posiciones en el consejo de la aldea, y así sucesivamente. En cambio, los resultados bajos servirán para bloquear las acciones a sus oponentes y de paso realizarás la acción más básica.

El tablero es precioso (bgg)
Despliegue de componentes (foto milan-spiele)
Si queréis ver una reseña de sus componentes aquí os dejo este enlace.

El juego del Hombre Lobo de Castonegro no puede faltar en las quedadas o fiestas cuando me reuno con mis amigos, ideal para cuando somos más de 11 o 12 personas. Actualmente poseo las dos expansiones -La luna y La aldea- con la idea de ir probando personajes nuevos cada vez que jugamos y darle un más vidilla a las partidas.

Es por ello, que me ha gustado que esta tercera expansión este centrada sólo en nuevos personajes, este mini-pack de 16 nuevos roles, la tienen que liar muy gorda, seguro que dan mucho juego.

La tercera expansión para Los Hombres Lobo de Miller Hollow, contiene 24 tarjetas con 16 nuevos roles y nuevos giros en las partidas para hacer frente a los hombres lobo.

Para obtener los mejores intereses del pueblo, las dos hermanas ahora se puede cambiar de la noche. Un ángel puede aparecer con su propio objetivo, o la caballería pudiera precipitarse con su espada oxidada para ayudar al pueblo. Un actor puede pasear a la ciudad todos los días y asumir el papel de otros personajes, con lo que un poco de caos en el juego, ya nada es lo que parece.

Muchos otros personajes esperan a ser presentado a su pueblo para ver si pueden ayudarle - ya ellos mismos - sobrevivir a la noche ...

Los diseños siguen en la misma línea que el juego básico (bgg)
Aún me quedan alguna que otra expansión y novedad que ha conseguido llamar mi atención, en unos días sacaré la segunda parte para no saturar esta entrada.

          Top 10: No me canso de jugarlos (II)        
En la primera parte hablamos sobre los juegos que ocupan las posiciones del 6 al 10 en mi ranking personal, ahora tocar seguir escalando y subiendo para conocer cuáles son los que están en lo más alto.

5. Macao de Stefan Feld
La elegancia con la que Feld incorpora los dados a sus juegos ha conseguido que confie más en ellos, el secreto está en su uso y no estoy hablando de la típica tirada random que añade caos al juego. En Macao, existen 6 dados de colores donde los jugadores podrán elegir dos de los seis dados, cuyos resultado serán cubitos de acción que colocaran en su rosa de los vientos de cara a futuras rondas.

Esto quiere decir que tendrás que planificarte el número de acciones (cubitos) que vas a realizar en cada ronda para liberar cartas, navegar, comprar mercancías, avanzar en el track de turnos... un auténtico puzzle ya que siempre intentarás cuadrar los colores necesarios para llevar a cabo tus acciones. 

A medida que avanzas, la dificultad va aumentando, la sinergía de las cartas cada vez es mayor y la decisión sobre qué dado elegir será vital.


4. Troyes de Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges y Alain Orban
De nuevo estamos ante otro juego que bebe de los dados, esta vez para añadir dinamismo, ampliar tus acciones, evaluar la adaptación de los jugadores ante nuevos caminos...todo ello sin que se pierda el control de la partida. Este puede ser el más frio de todos, atemático total, pero tiene su lógica xD.

Cada jugador posee unos dados de acción cuyo resultado (se puede modificar) pudiendo invertir en las distintas acciones que están representadas en el tablero que reportarán beneficios o puntos de victorias. La interacción de este juego es alta ya que se puede comprar dados a los demás jugadores, imaginate la cara con la que se quedan al quitarle ese dado que tanto le hacía falta para hacer una buena jugada, tendrás que pagarle y el dinero duele soltarlo.


3. Caylus de William Attia
Un juego de colocación de trabajadores y desarrollo con dos peculiaridades. Los edificios que construyas pueden ser ocupados por los demás otorgándote un pequeño beneficio y que la activiación de los edificios sigue un orden que va desde el castillo hasta el lugar que ocupa el preboste.

Este preboste puede ser movido por los jugadores para ampliar el rango de edificios que se activan, un mecanismo que fomenta el puteo y la interacción. Otro lugar del tablero que merece mención es el castillo, otorga muchos puntos de victorias y privilegios que son invertidos en beneficio a tu desarrollo, aquí los jugadores se pelearan por ser los que entreguen más mercancias en cada ronda u ocupar puestos más ventajosos.


2. In the Year of the Dragon de Stefan Feld
Un diseño muy austero, colores poco llamativos y una puesta en escena que no te invita a jugar, a pesar de ello, lo considero el mejor juego que ha parido este autor.

La importancia del orden de turno es vital y los jugadores tendrán que pelear por ello, los eventos son duros y la sensación de agobio dependerá de la buena planificación y gestión que hagas ronda a ronda. El juego mantiene una tensión creciente que hace que estés conectado durante toda la partida.

Otro punto que me llama la atención son los montones de acciones, por orden de turnos, se elige uno de ellos y se lleva a cabo una de las acciones quedando el montón bloqueado a menos que se pague por él, tal como esta pensado se hace mucho daño xD.

In the Year of the Dragon

1. Agrícola de Uwe Rosenberg
Estamos hablando del Agrícola en su versión completa (primera expansión a ser posible), un juego donde los errores se pagan caro, con una interacción indirecta de las duras, una demanda que deberás satisfacer ronda a ronda si no quieres quedarte descolgado de la partida.

Siempre se tiene el error de querer picotear de todo y cuando te das cuenta ya estás en más de la mitad del tablero y si no tienes un buen mecanismo que te genere comida lo vas a pasar mal, esto causa mucho estrés y tensión.

Requiere planificación a medio plazo y tendrás que ir buscando las acciones más optimas que se ajsuten a tu granja, siempre habrá muchas que elegir pero tendrás que valorar cuál es la más importante para ti y para el resto de tus oponentes. El agobio del hambre, la colocación de trabajadores y optimización de los turnos es lo que hace que Agrícola ocupe este primer puesto.

Esto es todo, este ranking es muy personal y puedes coincidir en bastante títulos o incluso en nada de nada, sobre gustos no hay nada escrito y estos son los mios. Estoy seguro que a medida que voy jugando más y descubriendo nuevos títulos provocará movimiento y poco a poco iré consolidando mis gustos.

          Top 10: No me canso de jugarlos (I)        
Desde que empecé con el blog nunca he hablado de los juegos que están en mi top 10 aunque mucho de ustedes conocerán mis gustos porque alguna que otra vez lo he dejado caer en mi entradas. 

A medida que pasan los años voy probando más juegos y esto hace que vaya cambiando ligeramente mis preferencias o valoraciones. Siento que estoy en plena evolución, tengo cada vez más claros mis gustos pero seguro que aun me quedan muchas sorpresas por descubrir que dejaran su marca.

En mi colección suelo tener bastante familiares y filler, esto ayuda a jugar con la familia o gente no-jugona perro mi debilidad son los eurogames. Soy más de mecánicas que de temática, cuanto menos azar tenga mejor, valoro la interacción indirecta o directa pero sin llegar al caos, que sea rejugable y con una curva creciente de aprendizaje para que siempre me deje con ganas de más.

Empezamos con una fuerte dilema para el puesto número 10...
A principio del 2013 ocupaba su puesto Trajan, me encanta la mecánica del mancala sobre esos platos de acción, un juego que es pura mecánica donde tienes que optimizar tus jugadas y hay poca interacción. Lo cierto es que este mes de Enero he probado dos juegazos que han dejado su huella, sólo he jugado una partida a cada uno y estoy seguro que conforme lo vaya jugando más se aseguraran un puesto en este ranking. Estoy hablando del Terra Mystica (de Jens Drögemüller y Helge Ostertag) y Mage Knight (de Vlaada Chvátil)

Del Terra Mystica:
A destacar su rejugabilidad al tener 14 razas asimétricas y un setup con parte que van cambiando cada partida, la mecánica idel poder que me recuerda a un pequeño mancala que te ayuda en el crecimiento de tu raza, a medida que jugaba fui comprobando el potencial de "ese poder".

El crecimiento tiene un papel fundamental ya que vas adquiriendo más recursos iniciales, la habilidad especial de tu raza y la opción de ganar poder adicional aprovechandote de las estructuras de tus oponentes.

Apenas hay azar, interacción indirecta, libertad para realizar acciones y buscar la máxima optimización...todo enfocado para ganar la mayor cantidad de puntos de victoria posible. 

Terra Mystica
Del Mage Knight:
Increíble que no haya jugado a este juego antes de Vlaada y lo peor de todo es que aún tengo que probar el Though The Age y el Space Alert...espero hacerlo este año.

Nuestra primera partida (4 jugadores) ha resultado larga y compleja, todos nos leímos las reglas y fuimos con manuales y portatil, colaboramos y pusimos de nuestra parte para que fluyeran los turnos. Tardamos unas 4h y no conseguimos terminarla pero si os digo que disfrute como un niño chico, que pepino de juego. 

Al fin y al cabo, es un juego de construcción de mazo pero en un marco de aventura donde ves el progreso de tu héroe, tienes que gestionar muy bien tus cartas, acciones para superar los distintos retos y derrotar a los enemigos para ganar esa fama que es lo que importa en el juego. 

Es un juego duro, cada ronda tu mazo de acciones va aumentando con nuevos hechizos/acciones/heridas..., y transcurre todo de día o de noche, afectado a las reglas del juego. Los combates son auténticos puzzles que tendrás que resolver con tus cartas (muy euro), espero repetir pronto porque me quede con mucho mono.

Mage Knight

9. Eclipse de Touko Tahkokallio
Se trata de un juego 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, y eXterminate), esto me recuerda a cuando jugaba a los juegos de estrategia de pc pero llevado al tablero al estilo eurogame.

A medida que vas colonizando, tus recursos iniciales van aumentando pero cada vez resulta más costoso mantener a toda la población que tienes desplegadas y esto afecta a las acciones que un jugador puede realizar, haciendo que el jugador tenga que tomar buenas decisiones y llevar un control de los recursos para evitar efectos desastrosos en tu área, ya sabemos que el que mucho abarca poco aprieta.

Otro aspecto que me gusta es el Ã¡rbol de tecnología, cada uno se va especializando según su estilo de juego: mas agresivo, más defensivo, equilibrado, atacar primero, ser rápido para ataques sorpresa...esto afectará al número y resultado de los dados que el jugador lanzará en el combate aunque ya sabemos que el azar te puede jugar una mala pasada, lo que si es cierto, que uno debe ser consciente de donde se mete.


8. Ricochet Robot de Alex Randolph
Como es posible que un juego con tan sólo un par de regla te agote más que muchos de los eurogames de este top 10. El motivo se debe a que requiere de una gran visión espacial y memoria, convirtiendose en todo un reto para los jugasores. 

Acepta un buen rango de jugadores y las partidas son cortas, todos juegan de manera simultánea por lo que contamos con una presión añadida ya que compites de manera directa con todos. Encontrar el camino y mantener todos los movimiento del robot es toda una experiencia.

Ricochet Robots

7. Tigris y Euphrates de Reiner Knizia
El único Knizia que se cuela aquí, un juego en el que te estás superando partida tras partida donde descubres nuevas tácticas o formas de jugar debido a su creciente curva de aprendizaje.

No soy muy amante de la interacción directa pero el efecto que desencadena una loseta bien colocada puede ser demoledor, crear auténticos combates entre reinos e incluso hacer que se peleen tus oponentes para aprovecharte de los resultados.

Otro aspecto muy original es la condición para determinar la victoria, sólo puntúa la categoría más baja de cada jugador y aquella que tenga más punto ganará. Esto hace que tengas que jugar más equilibrado con todas las categorias, tanto tu como tus oponentes os aprovecharéis de esto para bloquear los colores, algo parecido al juego familiar Genial.

Tigris & Euphrates

6. Goa de Rüdiger Dorn
De todas las mecánicas de subasta que he probado, la del Goa es la que más me gusta y este es el motivo por el que entra aquí. 

En cada ronda y siguiendo el orden de turno, cada jugador marca una loseta que luego pasaran a subastar respetando dicho orden. En cada subasta sólo hay una única vuelta y el "dueño" tendrá la última palabra ya que si supera la puja se la llevará y si no...recibirá el dinero del máximo pujador. 

La gracia radica en que sólo tienes una oportunidad para pujar, en muchos casos vas fuerte, pasas, te pegas un farol, subes la apuesta porque sabes que al otro le interesa, te comes una loseta que no quieres...una fase muy curiosa e interesante.

Después viene la fase donde nos montamos nuestro chiringuito, aquí haremos un máximo de dos acciones aunque se puede ampliar. Existen cinco áreas que el jugador deberá explotar para ir ganando más y más puntos, cada área a su vez está dividida por niveles y ayudará a maximizar el beneficio de la acciones. 


Aquí los 5 últimos de este ranking personal donde muchos de ustedes podréis coincidir en algo o en nada, en un par de días sacaré la segunda parte con los platos fuertes, seguro que muchos de ustedes os oléis cuáles son.

          King of Tokyo: Power up!        
King of Tokyo es un juego familiar con mucha interacción, tortas, diversión y buenas dosis de azar. Esto último se debe a que dependemos del resultado de los dados para actuar y muchos arriesgaran mientras otros se conformaran con los resultados, esto es un arma de doble filo porque o lo pierdes todo o te sale una buena jugada, este concepto es conocido como "press your luck". Algo que me llama la atención es el marketing que esconde este juego y lo bien pensado que están sus componentes para captar toda la atención, monstruos gigantes sobre una ciudad metiéndose palos unos a otros, no es de mis preferido pero asegura diversión en la mesa.

No voy a contaros de qué va el juego porque ya lo hice en esta ocasión, en esta entrada quiero enseñaros que es lo nuevo que trae la primera expansión que publicaron en Essen 2012 y que meses más tarde lo ha sacado Homoludicus en español. Aquí haré un repaso de componentes, hablaré de las evoluciones y especialización de cada monstruos y una pequeña impresión tras jugar.

Número de Jugadores: 2-6 jugadores
Duración: 30 minutos
Autor: Richard Garfield
Dependencia del Idioma: Alta
Editorial: Homoludicus
Año de publicación: 2012

Despliegue del juego

56 Cartas de Evolución
Se trata de 8 evoluciones para cada uno de los 7 monstruos (Pandakai incluido). Estas evoluciones se roban cuando al concluir tu tirada hay al menos 3 corazones en la mesa. Aquí es cuando robas una carta en secreto y podrás usarla en cualquier momento

56 Cartas de Evolución
7 contadores
Se trata de unos contadores para representar algunos efectos de las nuevas cartas de evolución.

Cartas que necesitan estos contadores

1 Tablero de Monstruo (Pandakai) y la figura de cartón que lo representa
Se trata de un monstruo más al que han añadido también sus cartas de evolución, no aporta nada nuevo al juego pero si es verdad que con alguna regla casera podrías jugar al King of Tokyo a 7 jugadores
Pandakai (Nuevo Monstruo)
¿Qué aporta esta expansión?
Un nuevo concepto llamado Evolución que especializará a los monstruo y un adelanto de una expansión futura con otro concepto llamado  Especies. Otro punto interesante será las variantes para jugar con esta expansión.
Cada jugador escoge un Monstruo y a continuación coge las 8 cartas de Evolución asociadas a ese personaje, las baraja y formará una pila con las cartas boca abajo junto a él.

En el turno de un jugador, si concluye su tirada con al menos 3 corazones, roba la carta superior de su mazo de Evolución y la guarda en secreto, además de usar el efecto de los corazones.

Una torta, un cubito de energía, se cura 3 y además roba una carta de Evolución en secreto
Éstas cartas de Evolución se guardan en secreto hasta que tu elijas el momento de jugarla, esto le da un efecto sorpresa al juego, un as en la manga con el que puede contar el jugador para potenciar una jugada o cuando esta a punto de morir. Las evoluciones puede ser de dos tipos:
  • Evolución temporal: se descarta del juego una vez jugada, sus efectos son más potentes ya que son de un sólo uso en un momento determinado de la partida.
Evoluciones Temporales
  • Evolución permanentes: permanecen en juego y otorgan una habilidad especial a tu personaje.
Evoluciones Permanentes
Como os comentaba más arriba, cada jugador roba al azar un monstruo y con ello su mazo de evoluciones que otorgará algunas habilidades, estas son diferentes y los especializará. A continuación voy a contaros los puntos más fuertes de cada monstruo según sus evoluciones para que lo tengáis en cuenta a la hora de jugar, de esta forma vuestras decisiones ayudarán a potenciar estas evoluciones y las cartas que compréis maximizarán vuestras jugadas.

  • Hace perder puntos de victorias a los oponentes.
  • Manipulación del resultado de los dados.
  • Ganar cubitos de energía adicionales.
  • Nuevas Combinaciones de dados para ganar puntos de victoria adicional
The King:
  • Ganar puntos adicionales al atacar o estar en Tokyo
  • Efectos o habilidades relacionadas con la zona de Tokyo: forzar la salida a los oponentes, turno extra al entrar, reducir todo el daño al salir....
The King
Meka Dragon:
  • Daños adicionales al atacar
  • Efectos colaterales al atacar: cuando muere un monstruo, las garras te dan energía
Meka Dragon
Cyber Bunny:
  • Ganar cubitos de energía adicional
  • Efectos que se disparan al comprar una carta: ganar 1 punto de victoria, reducción del coste
Cyber Bunny
  • Nuevas habilidades al pagar cubitos de energía: curarse, daño adicional
  • Manipulación del mazo de cartas: reciclar cartas, ganar cartas, reducción de coste
  • Vida del personaje: curación extra, reducción del daño.
  • Efectos al entrar en Tokyo: daño adicional a todos los monstruos, curación.
A mi personalmente me gusta dar caña en el juego, lo que viene siendo buenas tortas y piques xD, teniendo en cuenta mi estilo mantengo simpatía con Meka Dragon. No obstante, hay otras formas de jugar como conseguir muchos puntos, robar y apoyarse en las cartas, pasar desapercibido y aguantar lo máximo posible... Si varias personas quieren el mismo personaje pues lo mejor es que uséis la variante draft que explico más abajo.

Ahora cada Monstruo pertenece a una especie: Mutantes, Invasores o Robots. Este símbolo lo podréis encontrar en la esquina superior izquierda. Esto será de gran utilizada para organizar torneos, jugar por equipos o para futuras expansiones.

El símbolo de la especie aparece en la esquina superior izquierda de cada carta

Ésta expansión viene acompañada de 3 variantes para jugar las cartas de Evolución
  1. Evolución Activa: Lo jugadores comienzan la partida con una Evolución escogida al azar de su mazo.
  2. Evolución Controlada: Los jugadores roban dos cartas de Evolución en lugar de una. Dejan una de ellas en la parte inferior del mazo y se quedan con la otra.
  3. Evolución Mutante: Mezcla las cartas de Evolución de todos los Monstruos en juegos y reparte 8 cartas a cada jugador, de manera simultánea, los jugadores escogen una Evolución de las 8 cartas que han recibidos y pasan al resto al jugador sentado a su izquierda. El proceso se repetirá hasta que cada jugador haya elegido 8 cartas.
El tercer método es el "sistema draft" de toda la vida que aunque hay que estar leyendo las cartas, para mi es el mejor ya que minimiza el azar y le da más rejugabilidad ya que da pie a más combinaciones.

Dimensiones de la caja
He jugado cinco partidas probando todas sus variantes, salieron varias evoluciones (unos más que otros) que junto con las cartas plantearon combinaciones muy curiosas, esto es lo más interesante que puedes encontrar sin perder la diversión, interacción y suerte que ofrece el juego. Si es un juego que sale mucho a mesa y tiene gran aceptación en tu grupo os aconsejo que la probéis porque os vendrá bien un poco de aire fresco. Otro aspecto que me gustó es el factor sorpresa de las evoluciones, ese ¡as! que guardas y que sacas en el momento que puede hacer más daño o salvarte, esto sí que me ha gustado.

El nuevo personaje realmente no vale para nada a no ser que quieras jugar a 7 jugadores (8 si compraste el Brockenbar en la BGStore). Nada interesante pero que aprovechan para rellenar de contenido a ésta primera expansión.

Brockenbar sin cartas de evolución
Esta expansión me recuerda a la primera del 7Wonder, que aporta bastante poco para lo caro que es, sólo con llevar el nombre puesto en la caja ya vale un 25% más.

¿Quién vendrá en la siguiente expansión?

          Scorer: Creando un sistema de puntuación (II)        
Hace cuatro meses os hablaba de una herramienta que llevo conmigo a todas mis sesiones lúdica, se trata de una aplicación para iPhone que me facilita la tarea de puntuar una vez acabada la partida, en la primera parte hice un recorrido de todas sus opciones.

Otro punto que no tiene nada que ver con el contenido y que quiero destacar es el  ritmo de actualizaciones, cuando escribí la primera entrada la versión de la aplicación era la 1.2.1 a fecha del 23/08/12. Actualmente tengo instalada la 1.4 que salió el 27/12/12, varias versiones han pasado durante este periodo y es que ha incorporado algunas novedades como:
  • Nuevos Sistemas de Puntuación Predeterminadas: Ora et Labora, 7 Wonder Cities, Expansión del Stone Age
  • Compartir los resultados por Facebook
  • Añadir o Editar la fecha de juego del Historial
  • Más información en las estadísticas
  • Algunas mejoras de estabilidad y corrección de errores

Volviendo a la materia, algunos puntos se me quedaron en el tintero y sólo me atreví a mencionarlo ya que el detalle lo dejaría para esta segunda parte. Aquí os enseñaré a:
  1. Crear un sistema de puntuación basado en varias categorías (monedas, peones, viviendas....) con un nivel de personalización bastante decente y rápido de hacer.
  2. Usar la opción "Partida Rápida" para cuando sólo necesitamos anotar la puntuación (sin categorías y en una o varias rondas).
    Ora et Labora
    7 Wonders Cities

    Partidas Rápidas -Quick Scorer-
    Desde el Menú principal deslizamos con el dedo de abajo hacia arriba pasando por todos los sistema de puntuación preestablecidos hasta llegar a la opción "Quick Scorer". 

    Se trata de un método rápido para anotar las puntuaciones, no está basado en ninguna categorías y no contarás para las estadísticas de la aplicación. Se suele utilizar en juegos cuya puntuación tenemos que guardar de una ronda para otra, como por ejemplo en el Toma6, Mogel Motte o directamente a una única ronda como el Dominion.
    He resaltado en rojo la opción
    Tan rápido como introducir el nombre del juegos y los jugadores  implicados en la partida (se pueden seleccionar de una lista), en la siguiente pantalla podemos sumar la puntuación o pasar a la siguiente ronda de juego.

    Nombre del Juego
    Vista de la ronda 1
    A la hora de puntuar, lo podemos hacer de dos manera, por jugador o por categoría, ésta última es la que considero más rápida.

    Sumar puntos por jugador
    Sumar puntos por categorias

    Partidas Personalizadas -Custom Scorer-
    Desde el Menú principal entramos en la opción -Add a Custom Scorer- para crear un sistema de puntuación personalizado basado en categorías.
    He resaltado en rojo la opción
    Esta funcionalidad la voy a explicar directamente con un ejemplo para que no tengáis una idea abstracta, es mejor verlo paso a paso aplicado a un juego. Para ésta ocasión voy a elegir el Navegador cuya puntuación final será la suma de cada una de las categorías -Trabajador, Barco, Dinero, Mercancías, Fábricas, Colonias, Muelles, Iglesias- y me ayudará en un futuro a no saltarme nada en el conteo de puntos. Antes de empezar, he buscado una imagen en la boardgamegeek donde se vean todos los componentes y sacar de ahí una pequeña miniatura que se asociará a cada categoría.

    Componentes del Navegador
    Lo primero que vamos a configurar será:
    • Elegir imagen de la portada, aconsejo que sea algo muy representativo como la portada de la caja del juego.
    • Introducir el nombre del Juego.
    • Seleccionar el número máximo de jugadores, aquí percibo una pequeña limitación ya que a lo sumo sólo se pueden marcar hasta 7.

    Parámetros básicos
    Buscando una imagen representativa
    En la siguiente pantalla vamos a añadir y configurar todas las categorías del juego, tan sólo necesitamos dos pasitos:
    1. Tocar en -Add a Score Category- y seleccionar una imagen predeterminada o descargada previamente.

    Pantalla para añadir/editar categorías
    Seleccionar una imagen

    Mover y Escalar una imagen
    Centrando la imagen
    2. Escribir el nombre de la categoría y configurar los valores máximos y mínimos, como pequeña mejora me gustaría que me dejara empezar en un número mayor que cero.
    Editando la categoría...
    Valores mínimo y máximo
    Estos dos pasitos lo repetimos para cada una de las otras categorías, una vez hecho, podemos cambiar el orden en el que aparecerán o borrarla, todo ello con la opción Move.

    Todas las categorías registradas

    Resultado Final
    Con esto termina mi repaso de la aplicación BGScorer, muy completita para mi gusto y evitará todo tipo de error de cálculos o despiste a la hora de puntuar, una navaja suiza lúdica por sólo 2,69€, un precio más que asequible y amortizado para lo que he visto por ahí. 

    Sólo voy a puntualizar que hay algunos puntos que se podrían mejorar, sobre todo a la hora de crear tu propio sistema de puntuación, estaría bien añadir algún tipo de patrón predeterminado en el que tu configures los valores, por ejemplo "por cada 200 de dinero te suman automáticamente un punto", espero que éste sea uno de los objetivos a largo plazo de la compañía. Si tienes un iPhone o Ipod, no dudes en probarla.

              Balance anual 2012        
    Sí, aunque no os lo creáis el año 2012 termina hoy, para muchos de nosotros esto supone el cierre de una nueva etapa y comienzo de otra rodeada de nuevos propósitos a cumplir, lo que viene siendo un pequeño reset aunque luego cumplas la mitad de la mitad.

    Lúdicamente hablando...este 2013 se me presenta durillo ya que recientemente he ampliado la familia a cuatro, un buen número que verá sus frutos dentro de varios años, jeje. De momento, me las tendré que ingeniar para sacar pequeño huecos y dedicárselo plenamente a mi gran afición.

    Un año con grandes experiencias
    A continuación voy a realizar un repaso de este gran 2012 del que soy consciente que será muy difícil de superar, para ello me basaré en los propósitos del tenía para éste año y en los datos estadísticos de la boardgamegeek donde puedo curiosear toda mi ludoteca virtual o consultar el historial de las partidas que he jugado.

    Partidas Jugadas
    Primer propósito superado, éste año he jugado más que el anterior a pesar de un último trimestre bastante escasito comparado con el resto del año. Si en el 2011 jugué 283 partidas a 50 juegos diferentes, éste año ha sido 376 partidas a 121 juegos diferentes. En éste enlace podréis ver a todo lo que he jugado ordenado ascendentemente según el número de partidas.

    Otro propósito del 2012 era aumentar mi actividad en los eventos y la verdad es que no me puedo quejar, he asistido a un total de 7 eventos, algunos de ellos muy intensos.
    Hitos Importantes
    Algo que no me esperaba nada era la creación de la Asociación Cultural Mueve Ficha donde nos hemos juntado un montón de jugones creando un grupo muy sano y poder darle al vicio con más facilidad, he asistido a muchos de eventos donde teníamos la responsabilidad de llevar la zona de juegos de tablero y ha sido toda una experiencia. Por último me gustaría resaltar el concurso InterBLOGS, un cambio madurativo donde se ha dimensionado de 4 a 21 organizadores, centralizando todo el contenido en un blog común, donde se aprecia el pequeño granito de arena de todos. 

    Otro dato curioso o enfermizo xD...mi ludoteca. A final del 2011 tenía 116 juegos y 39 expansiones...pues a pesar de haber hecho un buen reciclado de ludoteca durante el año al final he terminado con 165 juegos y 47 expansiones. Lo peor de todo es que Baltasar viene con algún que otro juego y estoy seguro que éste no será el último, menos mal que hace poco adquirí un nuevo mueble para solventar el problema del espacio, adoro a mi mujer xD. Reconozco que tengo cierta vena coleccionista porque no tengo tiempo para jugar a todo, ¡¡ojalá!! pero bueno cuando ven mesa compensa.

    La Ludoteca (1)
    La Ludoteca (2)
    Mis propósitos para el 2013 son ni más ni menos que intentar mantener el mismo ritmo que el 2012 y esto ya será bastante difícil, parto de la idea que habrá muchos buenos momento que me perderé pero estoy seguro que llegarán otros para rellenar ese hueco. Eso si, me encantaría volver a ver a viejos conocidos y conocer aquellos que me han quedado por conocer, esto si que es mi gran propósito.

    Lo dicho, espero que tengáis grandes ilusiones para ésta nueva etapa, os deseo:

    ¡¡¡FELIZ AÑO!!!

              Tournay: A tumbar meeples (II)        
    Tenía ganas de escribir esta segunda entrada porque Tournay es uno de los juegos que más he exprimido este año y tengo bastante que comentar tras la primera impresión que hice.

    En poco más de tres partidas ya conocía las mejores cartas de cada color, buenas combinaciones que podías montar gracias al sistema de robo que tiene implementado el juego.

    Por mucho que montes un buen chiringuito y exista sinergia entre tus cartas no puedes olvidar al resto de tus oponentes porque al final de la partida todos los edificios prestigiosos construidos puntúan y es ahí donde se rascan muchos puntos. 

    Con 4 o 5 partidas encima me empezó a parecer monótono y aburrido, el juego me pedía algo más y fue ahí donde probé las reglas avanzadas y las cartas de la expansión. Esto le añadía más rejugabilidad al juego porque ahora tenemos 36 cartas (18 básica + 18 expansión) de las que elegiría 18 cartas al azar, esto eliminaría la búsqueda monótona que hacía en todas las partidas hasta encontrar lo que me gustaba y junto con la regla avanzada le daba un toque más estratégico porque te permite especializarte aún más desde el inicio del juego.
    El símbolo que da rejugabilidad al Tournay
    He jugado unas 7 o 8 partidas y tengo la sensación de que vuelvo a estar en el mismo punto que antes, no se si ha sido porque he quemado el juego o porque las cartas me las conozco todas y ya me aburren (pocas combinaciones).

    Los colores los veo descompensados, el que peor sale es el amarillo no me gusta ni para combinarlo, hay cartas que son horribles y de momento no le veo yo su potencial, el color rojo es muy interesante pero está bien para combinarlo y el blanco es el más tocho y se puede combinar con cualquiera o cómo si quieres hacer una estrategia mono-white.

    Mi combinación favorita es una estrategia basada en el color blanco y rojo, con el blanco voy optimizando jugadas y con el rojo se retrasa a los demás jugadores (robándole dinero, dañando edificios, controlando la cola de eventos...).

    La rejugabilidad
    En el apartado anterior ya he dejado ver que opino de la rejugabilidad de este juego, a día de hoy lo tengo quemado y a menos que saquen una expansión en un futuro terminaré vendiéndolo. 

    He probado en varias ocasiones jugar con el color amarillo pero o no termino de verle sentido, sin duda ha sido el peor parado. Todo el protagonismo se lo ha llevado el blanco, esconde combinaciones muy brutas.
    El poderío del color blanco
    Aconsejo que probéis las reglas avanzadas y las cartas de la expansión cuando llevéis unas dos o tres partidas, el mismo juego os lo pedirá.

    Un pasito más...
    Reglas Avanzadas
    Ésta regla está pensada para partidas más larga ya que el inicio es más duro y le dan un toque mas estratégico porque el jugador permite mayor especialización en la partida. Básicamente afecta dos puntos en la partida:
    • Setup: Cada jugador empieza con un sólo ciudadano de cada tipo (en vez de 2) y con 9 deniers (en vez de 6).
    Ahora es más duro empezar
    • Acciones: Durante la parte se añade una 6º acción que permite reclutar un nuevo ciudadano (antes se hacía a través de edificio). Así, el jugador podrá pagar 5 deniers para reclutar un ciudadano de la reserva.
    Los ciudadanos se pueden comprar directamente

    He jugado bastantes partidas con esta regla, deciros que no se alarga mucho más. El poder comprar a los ciudadanos mediante una acción te permitirá ir trazando una estrategia a largo plazo para sacarle todo el potencial a tus cartas. Por ejemplo, no es lo mismo tener 2 de cada tipo en el tercer/cuarto turno que 1 de cada tipo y 3 rojos.

    El juego incluye un pack de 18 cartas, 6 por cada color y a su vez 3 por nivel (El I y el II). Éstas cartas contiene  nuevos símbolos y efectos cuyos resultados dan lugar a nuevas combinaciones para los jugadores.

    La idea es barajar todas las cartas (ambos símbolos) del mismo color y nivel, creando 6 montones (3 colores y dos niveles). Para una partida se eligen 3 cartas al azar por cada mazo.

    18 Cartas con el símbolo básico (6 de cada color)
      18 Cartas con el símbolo de la expansión (6 de cada color)

      Reacciones y Opiniones
      Algunas opiniones que he podido rescatar de jugadores que han compartido mesa conmigo, dar las gracias a Gotha, Larras y Tyka por sus aportaciones, os dejos con los comentarios:

      Este juego de primeras me ha encantado, de segunda mas todavía y cuando pruebas la expansión incluso mucho mas!. Me gustan bastante los juegos de cartas y este es uno que encaja perfectamente con mi perfil. No obstante dudo un poco de la rejugabilidad de Tournay. Considero que no hay demasiadas estrategias ganadoras y que no solo eso, sino que además hay algunas estrategias que pisotean al resto. 

      Obviamente típico juego que el que sabe jugar destroza al pobrecillo que no ha jugado nunca o que es menos experimentado. Un gran acierto pero necesito muchas mas partidas para poder determinar la rejugabilidad de Tournay... Realmente incluso escribiendo este pequeño comentario me están entrando muchas ganas de volver a jugar de nuevo. 

      Por ponerle un pequeño contra al juego, al querer hacerlo totalmente independiente del idioma, hace que haya demasiada simbología y no es precisamente intuitivo. Hay que estar constantemente con reglas en mano durante las primeras partidas para entender lo que hacen las cartas y aun así hay reglas confusas que pueden hacer que el juego sea completamente distinto al que juegas si no logras una perfecta interpretación. Una gran compra.

      Una de mis cartas favoritas
      Después de haber jugado varias partidas al juego, veo que no está mal para jugar cuando lo saque tu colega, pero no es un juego que merezca la pena comprar, pienso que este es de los juegos más faciles de "quemar" de todos los que he probado. También pienso que las cartas están bastante descompensadas al menos una de ellas, las de color blanco que no recuerdo de que tipo eran, es claramente superior a la roja y la amarilla cosa que descompensa bastante el juego y generalmente gana o casi seguro gana el que se dedica a las cartas de color blanco.

      Desde las primeras partidas que jugamos fue un juego que enganchó, por su rapidez e interacción. Sin embargo me resulto repetitivo una vez trillado, cosa que mejoró tras introducir las cartas de expansión y las reglas avanzadas.

      Por otro lado, los combos si te lo planteas bien a veces pueden resultar un poco abusivos y producen una descompensación bastante notable en las partidas.

      En resumidas cuentas, a pesar de ser un juego que ha salido mucho a mesa en los Ãºltimos tiempos, a dia de hoy no me aporta demasiado, por lo que me quedo con su hermano mayor "Troyes".


                Reply #245        
      5 Quick Picks for Texas Pick 3

      Copy to ClipboardGame Information

      1-5-4 3-8-1 9-2-6 5-3-2 0-0-0
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                DUNGEON MASSACRATION!RPG Solo+Boardgame p/baixar e jogar! Versão ALPHA PODRE! :D|NITROGAMES #rpg        
      DUNGEON MASSACRATION é um joguinho solo DOIDIMAIS que faz uma gozação com os RPGs de fantasia medieval. O jogo é simples, ULTRA MORTAL, e só precisa de um dado de seis faces para jogar e de um feijãozinho ou uma miniatura de RPG para colocar nos quadradinhos e ir andando as casinhas. Esta é a […]
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      DUNGEON MASSACRATION é um joguinho solo DOIDIMAIS que faz uma gozação com os RPGs de fantasia medieval. O jogo é simples, ULTRA MORTAL, e só precisa de um dado de seis faces para jogar e de um feijãozinho ou uma miniatura de RPG para colocar nos quadradinhos e ir andando as casinhas. Esta é a […]
                Toronto Boardgame Cafe        
      An item from Toronto, by way of thelongshot :

      New Board Game Café Welcomes You, But Not Your Laptop

      Ben Castanie's new Koreatown café, at 600 Bloor Street West, just east of Palmerston Avenue, will emphatically not have free Wi-Fi. In fact, laptops and their attendant air of isolation are completely counter to what Castanie is trying to do. "I just don't want people sitting staring at their screens," he says. Then he starts explaining the system of categorization he'd used to organize his café's library of 1,500-plus board games....

      With luck, it might catch on closer to here....

                Just Plain Dumb Customer Webservice        
      1. As I finish converting my contacts over to my new e-mail address, I got to the Recycle Bank customer credit site -- which lets you change everything in your profile *except* your contact e-mail. That, you have to do over the phone. Great way to introduce transcription errors. (I set my username to my new e-mail address and told the rep to copy-and-paste that.)

      2. I managed to misplace my copy of the Dominion rules. Fortunately, the publisher has a PDF of the rules on its website. Unfortunately, it includes the full-page background graphics, which are pretty when reproduced on a high-res commercial printing press but a text-blurring waste of ink/toner when reproduced on the kind of printers most people have at home. Fortunately, I have a PDF editor program and was able to strip them out (after which I decided to just manually copy-paste-and-reedit the base rules and the tweaks added in each expansion into one document, rendering the previous process moot).
                Children of Zodiarcs        

      Children of Zodiarcs." Game có lối chơi nhập vai Nhật (JRPG) kết hợp boardgame với xúc xắc và những thẻ bài. Trò chơi kể về cuộc chiến chống lại băng đảng trộm cắp có âm mưu đột nhập vào vương quốc và đánh cắp một cổ vật bí ẩn.

      The post Children of Zodiarcs appeared first on Full Crack.

                Carcassonne offers up new expansion pack - The Phantom        
      Carcassonne, a port of the popular German boardgame, has had a few additions to it since its initial release and it's time now for yet another expansion. This time around fans of the game have the ability, through in an in-app purchase to download 'The Phantom'. It's a new game piece that is ghostly-transparent and can be played in addition to a regular one during a players turn. Aside from letting you place it in addition to another piece, the Phantom works exactly like a normal follower but it's both a good thing to have and possibly a bad thing to have, depending on how you play the piece. If you're looking to purchase The Phantom, it can be had for only $.99 and is available now through the app. If you're looking to learn how to make better use of The Phantom in your game, check out the strategy guide that was written up for the new piece. $9.99 - Download Now Carcassonneboardgame appsApps...
                Carcassonne updated with new tally displays and detailed play by play summaries        
      Carcassonne, a port of the popular German boardgame, has been updated with some new features that make keeping track of gameplay easier including new scoring visualizations that will give you the ability to review every detail of a game once it's completed. The new update also brings with it a new tally display which serves to show score details during actual game play. Carcassonne first brought the classic game to iPhone and iPad about four years ago. For hardcore fans of the traditional game, it's nice to see it's still getting updated and receiving the support it deserves. From the developers and the community. You can grab the update via the link below. If you don't already have Carcassonne, the $9.99 purchase covers both the iPhone and iPad version. $9.99 - Download Now CarcassonneGamesboardgame appsAppsNews...
                [一個人的桌遊] At the Gates of Loyang         


      所以我找了Uwe Rosenberg的洛陽城外 (At the Gates of Loyang) 來試試。

      這款遊戲跟Agricola和Le Harve,合稱是烏。玫瑰山的「豐收三部曲 (Harvest Trilogy) 」,
      甚至如果你有在BGG上的1 Player Guild 閒晃的話,很多玩家都會大大推薦這款遊戲。
      (單人玩的評價甚至勝過 Agricola。)

      利用賺到的這些錢在富裕之路上前進,以達到更富裕 (分數更高) 為目標。




      所以這款遊戲也讓我對「挑戰高分 (Get Higher Score)」的單人模式有不太一樣的感受。

      唯一一次達到17分,之後就是在15, 16分徘徊

      至少我不知道在那個 3x4的供應牌堆裡面買了牌之後,要馬上打出不能做為手牌;
      也沒搞清楚每回合結束時,如何重整那3x4的供應牌堆 (只去掉第二排,三、四排上推,然後補牌)


                Boardgames that Tell Stories 2        
      聖誕節前收到Ignacy Trzewiczek的新書:「Boardgames that Tell Stories 2」,

      只是我真覺得出這兩本書真的是Portal Games公司的詭計,好吧!該說是「促銷手法」。

      看第一本的時候,讓我千辛萬苦把51st State後來的擴充Ruins給收齊了,
      還壓下了買Stronghold跟Neuroshima Hex的衝動。
      這一集看了讓我很想買Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy和Theseus: The Dark Orbit,


      PS: Ignacy Trzewiczek就是知名遊戲 Stronghold, Neuroshima Hex, Robinson Crusoe等遊戲的設計者,

                ÐžÑ‚п банк кредиты наличными        
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      Размер выдаваемой суммы: до 750 000
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      Срок кредита: до 5 лет
      Годовая ставка: 13,9%
      Срок рассмотрения заявки: решение в течении 1 часа
      Страхование: не обязательно
      Валюта кредита: рубли, доллары, евро

      --->Интернет взять кредит<---

      Города в которых доступен кредит:

      Астрахань, Казань, Екатеринбург, Белово, Богданович, Карпинск, Курган, Ачинск, Дубовое пос., Краснодар, Верхняя Пышма, Ишимбай, Городец, Бузулук, Аксай, Копейск, Каменск-Уральский, Братск, Балаково, Краснокамск, Камышлов, Ивдель, Бийск, Барнаул, Волжский

      Похожие предложения:

                How to Save Money on Kids' Activities        
      saving money on kids' activities

      One thing many parents have in common is that they are rushing around from one activity to another for their children. It takes a full-sized calendar to keep track of who has soccer on which day, and which kid has an upcoming dance recital. If your family juggles a lot of activities during the school year and then in the summer, you know how expensive it can get. Here are few ways to save money.

      Buy Secondhand

      Gently used sports equipment is surprisingly easy to find secondhand. Before you spring for new sports gear or a musical instrument, check Craigslist, eBay, thrift stores, and even your parent friends. Children often outgrow gear quickly, or they lose interest in an activity. This means you might find equipment such as cleats, shin guards, dance shoes, or a French horn in mint condition for a fraction of the cost.

      My daughter is in ballet/tap class, and I am surprised at how many pairs of tap shoes I come across at the thrift store for about $1.99 each. Avoid getting any headgear used, especially bicycle helmets, for safety reasons. Also, if your child or teen is involved in a sport that requires a lot of running, new shoes will be better for their alignment and performance. (See also: 8 Things You Should Always Buy Used)

      Skip the Pricey, Special Events

      Certain activities will come with seasonal recitals, concerts, fundraisers, and fancy dinners. When you sign up for an activity, know upfront which events are required of you. You are not always required to participate in everything. For example, my daughter's dance studio puts on five or so performances a year, each of which might cost $30–$40 for the costume and tickets to attend. Since she is only three, it is easy to opt out of these performances. The other dance moms are a little perplexed that I would do such a thing, but my main goal is to make sure my daughter has fun and to keep my life simple with two kids under four.

      As a child, my sister and I were in Taekwondo. There were always tournaments happening, and I remember wanting to go to as many as possible. Thankfully, my parents limited tournaments because, truthfully, as much as I loved doing them, they drained a lot of my time and energy (and my parents', too). When you sign up for a new activity, find out what is really required of you. If your child is still young, like mine, then feel free to forego the optional extras to save money and sanity.

      Enroll in One Activity at a Time

      I'm always amazed by the parents that juggle two or three or even five different activities with their children. Amazingly, I've never met a parent who actually enjoys being a human taxi to taekwondo lessons, piano lessons, and baseball games. These parents are usually the ones who are stressed out the most or are barking at their kids to hurry up and get ready for the next activity. Guess what? Your kids don't have to do it all. Pick one activity per season. If you have multiple kids have them all enrolled in one activity. If your youngest doesn't want to take soccer with the rest of your kids, then let them know that they will get to choose the activity next season.

      I think as parents, we are so worried about enriching our children's lives, that we forget they need some downtime and relaxation time with us. It's okay to take a season off of youth soccer. This doesn't mean your child is automatically disqualified from future scholarships or from becoming a pro-athlete (unless of course they are close to graduation).

      Get the Sibling Discount

      Not only will enrolling your children in the same activity save you some time and stress, but it will also save you money. Many places offer sibling discounts, and siblings can often share equipment. If you don't see a sibling discount offered, don't hesitate to ask.

      Start a Hand-Me-Down Bucket

      When I first signed up my daughter for dance classes, the teacher asked all the moms if someone had outgrown ballet shoes for us. The next week, another mom brought some for me. I offered her money, but she said, "This is just what the moms do at this studio." What a resourceful way to help the whole studio.

      If possible, make an announcement to the parents that you are going to start a "hand-me down bucket" or "share bucket." Pitch it as a way for them to help with the costs and to clean out their closets of outgrown gear. This works best in settings that kids use the same items each year, such as dance shoes, leotards, karate shirts, and sparring gear, etc.

      Pay Ahead

      Always ask about discounts for paying ahead or paying in cash. Some places might give you a discount for paying for the whole year upfront, which can save you $30–$50 that year. The dance studio my daughter is enrolled in offers a $15 discount once a year for those who pay for three months in advance.

      How do you save on your kid's extracurricular activities? Share with us in the comments!

                New Acquisitions…        
      Although I’m trying to keep expenditure down at the moment I’ve picked up a few odds and ends off eBay and via Boardgamegeek. Best thing for my Cold War Commander Soviets was: I’d posted on TMP asking for info on this book but not got a response but then saw a good copy on eBay Read more...
                Válasz erre: "Video Games Are My Religion" - 2010        
      francba, elobb irtam egy szep hosszu ajanlot, aztan elbasztam. ugyhogy csak roviden:

      ezekben a boltokban erdemes nezelodni, nekik kb minden tarsasjatek megvan, v meg tudjak szerezni:

      ugyanannak a jateknak az ara boltonkent valtozhat, ugyhogy erdemes osszehasonlitani oket.

      a gemklub heti rendszeresseggel tart tarsasjatek-esteket, ahol ki lehet probalni jatekokat ingyen. asszem kolcsonoznek is, otthon kiprobalod, ha nem tetszik, visszaviszed (igy csak parszaz forintba kerul a kiprobalas), ha tetszik, megtartod.

      a boardgamegeeken a tarsasjatekok toplistaja jo kiindulopont:

      nektek valszleg erdemes elobb a Family Games listat nezni, az kb a Catan es Carcassonne nehezsegu jatekokat tartalmazza:

      de a Gamers' Games listan is van jopar, ami ajanlott, ha keszen vagytok egy kicsit (nem veszesen sokkal) nagyobb kihivasra:

      szemely szerint ajanlom:
      Family Games: Dominion (magyarul is kiadtak), Ra, Small World, Tichu (ez szigoruan negyszemelyes), Ticket To Ride, San Juan, Hive, Saint Petersburg, Citadels (magyarul is kiadtak, Citadella neven), Mr. Jack, Thebes ( magyarul is kiadtak, asszem Theba neven)...

      Gamers' Games:
      - (Catanhoz hasonlo, de annal kicsit nehezebb gazdalkodos jatekok) Agricola, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Caylus, Le Havre, Goa...
      - Tigris & Eufrates (a kedvenc direkt konfliktusos strategiai jatekom)
      - ...

      de latogasd meg ezt a magyar tarsasjatekos forumot is, szivesen segitenek majd a valasztasban:
                Válasz erre: "Video Games Are My Religion" - 2010        
      lehet, h most megjobban ruinolom a life-odat, de itt egy masik niche, amire nagyon ra lehet kattanni: asztali tarsasjatekok. nem, nem a ki nevet a vegenre gondolok, es nem is a sakkra, hanem olyan modern jatekokra, amik a ketto kozott vannak (valamivel kozelebb a sakkhoz).

                NerdCast 334 - Remakes relembrados        
      Lambda lambda lambda! Hoje Alottoni,  Guga, Eduardo Spohr, Tucano, Marcelo Forlani (Omelete) e Azaghal relembram e rediscutem um monte de REMAKES! Neste podcast: Tente esquecer a Recall, se esquive do chute da garça, descubra o original enigma do aço, corte a cabeça de Ryan Reynolds, não domestique macacos reze pelo robô de chicago! Tempo de duração: 85 min ARTE DA VITRINE: Anderson Gaveta 7BBERRIES Participe da comunidade e concorra a uma viagem NERDSTORE LANÇAMENTO! Camiseta Winter is Coming LANÇAMENTO! Camiseta Keep Calm the Cake is a Lie LANÇAMENTO! Camiseta Keep Calm and Come to the Dark Side Graphic Novel Independência ou Mortos Camiseta Keep Calm and Protect Bluehand Livro Branca dos Mortos e os 7 Zumbis e outros contos macabros Encontros Skynerd 2º Encontro Goiânia Grupo de Boardgames de Recife LINKS ENVIADOS Espoleta (o "botão" prateado) Bomba da 2ª Guerra encontrada na Hungria no dia do Nerdcast Suposto teletransporte flagrado em câmera de segurança na China Lock and Load, programa sobre armas de Lee Ermey FPS Russia apresenta a AA12 Lembrando da Lüger “Helião”, o V-22 Osprey Funcionamento de Helicópteros no Mundo de Beakman Top 10 armas bizarras O maior canhão de guerra do mundo Goliath, o Tanque-Bomba alemão (vídeo 1 | vídeo 2) Colt Peacemaker em De Volta para o Futuro 3 Funker Tactical (link 1 | link 2) Meet the Pyro, ou como um lançador de chamas se sente E-MAILS Mande suas críticas, elogios, sugestões e caneladas para EDIÇÃO COMPLETA POR RADIOFOBIA PODCAST E MULTIMÍDIA
                NerdCast 322 - The Bat, the Cat and the Bane        
      Lambda lambda lambda! Hoje Alottoni, JP, Tucano, Carlos Voltor, Guilherme Briggs, Guga, Sr.K e Azaghal batem o maior papo de bar sobre DARK KNIGHT RISES! Neste podcast: Escolha seu Bane alternativo, jogue muitas rosquinhas no esgoto, declare amor ou ódio pela mulher-gato, observe a diferença que apenas um olhar faz e divirta-se falando com um copo na boca! ATENÇÃO: SPOILERS DO FILME!!! Tempo de duração: 105 min ARTE DA VITRINE: Anderson Gaveta NERDSTORE PRÉ-VENDA para 5/8 - Branca dos Mortos e os 7 Zumbis e outros contos macabros COMENTADO NA LEITURA DE E-MAILS Texto “E se Lovecraft estivesse certo?” Jogo de browser The Necronomicon Boardgame Arkham Horror Cthulhu e Cartman Cthulhu no desenho dos Caça-Fantasmas The Adventures of Lil Cthulhu Campuseiros da CP Recife trollando a Globo The Call of Cthulhu (2005) (vídeo 1 | vídeo 2 | link IMDb) The Whisperer in Darkness (vídeo 1 | vídeo 2 | vídeo 3) Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown (documentário completo) Livro À Procura de Kadath Banda Necronomicon DeviantART de Cristiano Soares Vídeo sobre Silent Hill Artes dos fãs: Música das obras de Lovecraft, por Eduardo Bruno Abu Fobiya, por Sandro Hojo A Confissão, por Rafael Carlos Coleção Protocolos Bluehand, por Rubens Lima (link 1 | link 2 | link 3 | link 4 | link 5 | link 6 | link 7) Azaghâl Sith e JN Jedi, por Patrick Hassan E-MAILS Mande suas críticas, elogios, sugestões e caneladas para
                201 RR Game Development with Andrea Magnorsky        

      Thank you RailsClips Kickstarter Backers!


      02:27 - Andrea Magnorsky Introduction

      02:56 - “What Game Developers Know That Business Devs Can Benefit From”

      • Going From Enterprise => Professional Game Dev

      08:28 - Curiosity and Motivation

      09:10 - Is game development more approachable than in the past?

      10:12 - Learning New Skills and Coding Practices to Write Games

      • Unlearning to Be Clean
      • Game Loop
      • Levels of Code:
        • Low-Level Code
        • Intermediate Layer
        • Scripts and Game Play

      15:45 - Performance and Iterations

      20:45 - Making Games Inviting

      • FUN

      23:11 - Techniques to Cope with State

      24:16 - Releasing and Deadlines (Business Issues Between Developers and Management)

      28:30 - Testing

      30:45 - Writing Aspects of Games (Stories, Artwork, etc.)

      32:22 - Why F#?

      38:44 - Pair Programming or Agile Techniques in Game Dev?

      • “Stupid Courage/Bravery”

      42:22 - Teaching Game Development (Game Jams)

      44:39 - Onikira: Demon Killer


      [Vimeo] Carina C. Zona: Schemas for the Real World (Avdi)
      Maryville, Tennessee (Avdi)
      Monodraw (Jessica)
      Elizabeth Naramore: Uncomfortable (Jessica)
      ambient_spec (Coraline)
      Cosmic Encounter (Coraline)
      Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (Chuck)
      Mastery by Robert Greene (Chuck)
      Dixit (Andrea)
      Michael Bernstein: Know Your Types (Andrea)
      [Vimeo] Philip Potter: Generative testing with clojure.test.check (Andrea)

                087 RR Book Club: Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby with Sandi Metz        

      1:35 - Introducing Sandi Metz

      6:15 - The book writing process and the speech writing process

      17:30 - Flow of POODR

      21:35 - Why design is for everyone

      24:20 - The fear of writing a book: Am I really an expert?

      27:00 - Breaking the rules

      34:00 - Cheat sheets, screencasts, and diagrams for POODR

      42:00 - Topics beyond POODR

      45:20 - Why Sandi loves Rails

      51:05 - How long will Rails last?

      55:30 - When should you begin introducing design?

      1:01:00 - Working with an Inheritance interface

      1:06:30 - Rules for testing

      1:14:45 - Well-tested objects without well-tested interactions

      1:18:45 - Sandi’s rules for coding and breaking them

      1:26:15 - Having too many small objects versus having too big objects


      “The Deep Synergy Between Testability and Good Design” Speech by Michael Feathers (James)

      Endless Space game on Steam (James)

      Board games: Lords of WaterdeepLove LetterEminent Domain (James)

      George Takai’s episode on the Penn’s Sunday School podcast (Avdi)

      Hardcore History podcast by Dan Carlin  (Avdi)

      Infinite Monkey Cage podcast by BBC Radio 4 (Avdi)

      Marked App (Josh)

      Herman Miller Aeron chair (Charles)

      Bubble Timer (Sandi)

      Gutter Cleaning Robot (Sandi)

                Twilight Struggle: Playing the "Syrian Re-alignment" Card        
      Card Instructions: Red: Remove all U.S. Influence from Syria and Place Enough Soviet Influence in Syria for Control.

      If you haven't played Twilight Struggle and are interested in the Cold War, go get a copy now.  I'll wait...

      Now, I'm as big a "Team America: World Police" booster as there is.  Nationalistic pride and cool boomstick stockpiling aside, I really do think that the world is a much more dangerous place without Pax Americana.

      But... Syria?  I find myself hard-pressed to care if Putin is sending a few An-124s full of vodka-soaked soldiers, technicians, and batteries of SAMs to prop up Assad the Chinless for another decade.  The rest of the region?  Well, I wanted to believe that the clarion call for liberty and democracy beat strong and hot in the breasts of the groaning masses of the Middle East - hell, I did believe it - but the data are in, and the data clearly show I was wrong: that beat is not strong (nor is their spine the bassline).  At best it beats in few enough of them that they're better off taking those breasts somewhere not in the Middle East and letting the place rot.

      Besides, what the hell are good breasts going to do in the Middle East?  Sooner or later some jihadi is going to come along and just cover them up or saw them off anyway.

      Short-sighted of me?  Maybe.  But we tried it my way for a while - why not try something different in that region for the next while?

      Maybe it's a Blue card after all...

                Modiphius are F.A.B. for bringing us Thunderbirds the Boardgame        
      Modiphius is close to becoming a household name having produced roleplaying games relating to Cthulhu, Conan, Infinity, Paulo Parente's Dust world, and even Mutant Chronicles.  

      And their latest project might just be the thing that 'elevates' them from gaming industry golden child to high street shelf brand name. 

      Because incase the article heading didn't tell you they are bringing us Thunderbirds the board game........hold onto your hats because this is going to be F.A.B!


      How did this come about Chris, talk us through the winding path that bring you, Matt Leacock and Thunderbirds together and have you been like a giddy schoolboy the entire time?

      Chris: From drawing Thunderbirds in kindergarten to lying eyes closed listening to audio versions of the shows on our record player with a massive old headphones with thick black curling cables I was very much a child of the Andersons - Gerry & Sylvia spun a web of future action around their Supermarionation (a word they invented for their style of puppets and model action shows) adventure TV shows and I was in deep with the toys and what we called annuals in the UK - basically hardback books with comic pages that came out at christmas and other holidays. So when I got to meet ITV I proposed the idea of a game (having established Modiphius of course) and they loved the concept. Next up was the name that was going to help it cross-over in to tabletop games and that was Matt. If you're going to do it, aim high, so we pitched him at Essen and he went away and watched the shows and was soon hooked with his family. Thunderbirds does that to you, it makes grown up people act like kids. It's just so… cool.

      As soon as you see it the concept of a co-operative Board Game for International Rescue just makes sense, but did the game concept come about quickly? What's the evolution of the idea and into play testing been like? How much coffee has been consumed? and how many sleepless nights and rumpled bits of paper have ended up in the bin to get to the game your presenting the world?

      Matt: The core concepts of the game came quickly. From the very beginning, we all agreed the players should take on the role of the members of International Rescue, use their fabulous vehicles in order to complete missions and save people around the world. I sketched out a board, created some crude models out of clay, and went to work on the design. I had some early successes creating tension and interesting decisions with a simple map, some character cards, and a small deck of missions, but didn’t really know how the game ended. Gradually, the mechanisms for the Hood’s scheme unfolded as a way to structure the game. As The Hood progresses, he unlocks a narrative, triggering disasters and events that steal the players focus from their missions. He also provides the overall objective—if you foil his scheme, you win the game.

      The whole process took a lot of iteration. I have about 10 pounds of cards and other prototyping bits from previous versions of the game.

      It's been a long time since Thunderbirds raced across the Saturday morning TV screens, the more recent movie didn't cause the resurgence it hoped to inspire and though new Thunderbirds are on the way it still seems a risk to dabble in not only an old IP, but one very precious to many hearts. Did you have any fears approaching the project over the age of Thunderbirds or indeed ruffling the feathers of fandom? As a fan yourself, how confident are you that this is the game that really delivers on theme, flavour and spirit of Thunderbirds and International Rescue?

      Chris: Often it's the retro version of the IP that's really the most popular and has the most love - which can certainly be seen by the outpouring of support for the kickstarter. Being a big fan was a help, but it's amazing how many details you misremember or believe are true only to discover that no, in episode X it was this way round. So we searched for an expert and got Sam Denham on board, who wrote the Haynes International Rescue Agents Manual and is a fantastic source of authentic information. Aside from everything having to be approved by ITV, we've been running info past Sam to make sure it's authentic and true to the show. Get that right. you keep the fans on board, but it has to be cool for us too. If I'm happy I'm pretty sure everyone else will be happy. Matt has done an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the show and those 'OH NO!' moments but when things fall apart.

      Matt: I think we’re all very conscious of how important staying true to both the spirit of the show—and the details is. One of the benefits of Kickstarter is you can get the fans to look things over ahead of time. We did an experiment for this Kickstarter where I opened up the rules for live inspection, as I edited them, so that people could comment and give feedback. I've also really appreciated the fact that Sam has been putting his keen eye over everything.

      We've blind tested the game with a large number of fans (more than I typically do for similar products that I've worked on) and they've happily reported that it captures the spirit of the show.

      The game seems, form what we've seen to revisit the classic adventures of our childhood heroes, is this the case throughout or will players see new elements or challenges unique to the board game experience? The box art also looks to reflect the original style of the show, is this repeated with the board and other components that will finally grace my copy ? :-)

      Chris: You can expect many of the classic episodes to appear, but to balance the game we've also created new 'Missions' that involve the characters across Land, Sea, Air and Sea. The box art features original art from a famous Japanese illustrator Shigeru Komatsuzaki who painted covers for an excellent line of Thunderbirds model kits in Japan. You can also expect another famous Thunderbirds artist to be involved in the map which we'll be unveiling later in the month.

      Matt: The game includes a lively mix—you’ll recognize favorite episodes from you childhood, but there are also new adventures. Different missions, events, and disasters appear in each game (in a different order) so every time you bring out the game, you’ll have different surprises.

      Normally I'd tease and seek some secret inside snippet about an upcoming game, but no, this time I want all the surprise for myself. So keeping it on subject and all serious, the game seems very action packed, three live missions at a time? Several ways to potentially fail and for IR to lose ( unthinkable ) a mountain of missions and what looks to be cool gadgets for the team to develop and use to aid them. So what can there possibly be to expand. What is already looking to be a fairly tightly packed game offering? And how will the suggested expansions build or change the core game?

      Chris: You start with three live missions at a time, and there's a good chance you'll be adding another mission at the end of every players turn, OR the Hood's scheme will be advancing so the pressure is constantly on. The first expansion unlocks more characters so you get Tin Tin, Brains and Parker as playable characters, plus Tracy Island, The Ladybird Jet and FAB2 models, the second expansion adds in the some of the famous vehicles from the missions as small models, the third expansions lets you level up your characters so you can try truly epic disasters and the four expansion introduces a 5th player as the Hood playing against International Rescue. The pledgers at £65 get all of these included in their pledge so it's pretty good value.

      We have a few more amazing reveals to come though and lots of bonus upgrades to the core box - which is simply £40 for those who want to try it out.

      With that we will let you go to save the gaming world and hope that you will quickly be delivering many a table from the danger of boredom but hopefully you will keep us well updated on the project and we wish you the very best of luck.

      Chris: We hope so, Thunderbirds the Co-operative Board Game promises to be a truly wonderful family friendly game of International Rescue, with an awesome show as inspiration which crosses so many age groups, and let's face it a box full of cool plastic vehicles! Over to you Matt to fill in the gaps!

      Matt: You summed it up well, Chris. Thunderbirds Are Go!

      Wee Gamers also hang out on 

                Invasion VII - The return of Emerald Garrison and Wee Gamers to W5        

      This weekend Wee Gamers will be having a blast alongside our wonderful friends of the Emerald Garrison at W5 at the Odyssey, Belfast in a Star Wars fest of epic proportions.

      As well as all the great costumes, photo opportunities and guests including David Prowse (Darth Vader and, for those of a particular vintage, the Green Cross Code Man), Wee Gamers will be putting on demo games for all the family.

      You could try your hand at X-Wing, the wildly popular tabletop Star Wars dogfight game where you pit your skills as an X_Wing or Tie Fighter pilot against your opponents. Or try a little Imperial Assault, a boardgame of heroic fighting pitting yourself against the might of Darth Vader and Imperial Stormtroopers. Check out our review of Imperial Assault before you come along.

      The gaming area is always packed so make sure to try to pop along even to say hi!







      So don't forget.

      7th & 8th MARCH 2015

      W5, Odyssey, Belfast 


      Join the Emerald Garrison, travel the Galaxy, and kill rebel scum

      Wee Gamers also hang out on 

                Who you gonna kickstart? Ghostbusters!        
      If there's something strange in your Kickstarter inbox who you gonna call?

       Cryptozoic Entertainment apparently.

      And, by gum, they really have hit the Kickstarter campaign in a big way. It is not if they will fund but by how much with over twice the amount asked for and rising.

      Here we have a quick look at what is on offer.

      Some things are sacred, even to those who denounce any region, for nerds this tends to be the canon and characters of shows and comics nearest and dearest to them. Ghostbusters is one such cult classic who's place in the hearts of many is assured for as long as films are there to be played.

      In truth the list of sacred movies is not very long, but at the cry of reboot the fans pour out for these long dormant franchises ready to rip asunder at the first tweet any news which endangers their childhood memories and loves.


      Thankfully Cryptozoic , who are offering up their take on Ghostbusters seem to be sticking with the well known and best loved canon and avoiding too much straying from 'what fans want'.

      It's not uncommon for a kickstarter, even a Boardgame to throw a pile of miniatures at punters. Ghostbusters is no exception. The main heroes appear to be a marriage of the cinema crew and their cartoon counterparts, not quite being either but looking close enough to be recognisable and pleasing. Slimer appears, but since he's a baddy in the game his appearance is a little more scary than the food muncher you might tend to think of. Other favourites crop up too, the hounds and Zuul, she(?) Even sports her body suit complete with bubble clusters....what was that all about? And Mr Stay Puft SuperSized :-)

      While there are a host of minion types to combat as well , the Kickstarters success has allowed for extras to be unlocked, like the spectral taxi drivers and who knows what else may yet be added. Modern board games such as this do not content themselves with a fold out board. No, those upto date with games will recognise at once the floor tile system. Where various boards come together creating alternate play areas each with their own back story and hazards.

      This too allows for trips to familiar locations and so we see tile sets that harken to movie elements as well. All helping to make the old fan feel warm inside, while the Boardgame player simply sees detail and plenty of play options. Even the dice system for Ghostbusters offers up a nod to nostalgia, gone are the 1-6 on the faces of the dice and we see they are replaced with the symbols for the cards for testing psychic powers. While this isn't uncommon in games now, it's especially nerdy for Ghostbusters, well played designers, well played.

      Now all the details of game play are not yet in the public domain. What seems clear from what has been shown off is that the Ghostbusters are facing off ghouls over several missions. Each mission probably offering a nights play and several forming a campaign. At the end of each seems to be a big boss battle, akin to the computer game perhaps?

      The characters look as though their skills and abilities can be improved in the game, allowing for players to get better at busting and staying alive. Perhaps there will be something that also providers for equipment upgrades too.

      There is a mini for Ecto1 but is unclear the cars roll in the game, it may be nothing more than a marker to keep track of turns, we shall have to wait to see. We know there are difficulty modes, making for harder game play, the red versions of the ghosts are for this style, really testing your busting skills. We know players have to catch ghosts and shut down gateways into the other realm, but not quite what happens when this goes wrong....more baddies or failure are likely.

      The elements we see in the game do send out a positive signal so far.

      So far we feel we recognise parts of mechanics seen in other successful games, we are not calling it a rip off, we simply observe what looks like familiar concepts, but at the very least brought together in a new way. Money wise this game was funded and in the bag on day one. Jumping on board now is simply ensuring you get your game and maybe unlocking some more cool treats.

      Either way check out the kickstarter page as details are added periodically.

      Wee Gamers is certainly getting a high reading on our PKE meters and trapping a few copies is Imminent, so if you wanna join the crew speak up soon.

      Cryptozoic's Press Release sets out quite a bit of what's coming.
      The streams have been crossed and the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper have come together!
      Cryptozoic Entertainment, creators of board and collectible card games, is bringing the world’s most highly respected group of paranormal investigators/exterminators to the table top with Ghostbusters™: The Board Game. The Kickstarter begins today and runs through March 11. The game will begin shipping to backers across North America, the UK and all EU member countries, Australia and New Zealand in October 2015.
      Ghostbusters™: The Board Game is a game for 1-4 players, ages 15 and up. Players choose one of the four Ghostbusters character figures (Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and Ray Stantz) and then select from one of the game’s pre-written scenarios, beginning a game session that lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the chosen scenario(s) and degree of difficulty. Each of the Ghostbusters has unique traits and talents that can assist the entire team, with highly cooperative gameplay. As players gain experience from banishing spirits, the Ghostbusters level up, gaining new abilities that help them take on greater challenges. The team can also hop in the Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters’ converted ambulance, to help them quickly move through the city.
      Developed by a talented group of board game professionals with decades of combined experience, the team is led by Matt Hyra (Lead Game Design & Acquisitions), Mataio Wilson (Associate Game Designer) and Adam Sblendorio (Creative Director) along with additional developers and support from skilled playtesters and the passionate family of Ghostbusters fans.
      Ghostbusters™: The Board Game comes with plastic figures of the four Ghostbusters as well as Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Indulnas and numerous Galloping Ghouls, Gruesome Twosomes and Boogaloo. All figurines are based on the artwork and designs of Dan Schoening, the artist of IDW’s Ghostbusters™ comic book. The game will come with over 40 figures, with the opportunity to purchase add-ons and exclusive figures. The board itself is made of double-sided modular pieces illustrated by Robb Mommaerts, increasing the replayability for scenarios and customization.
      Cryptozoic will be offering a few options for backers. The base version of Ghostbusters™: The Board Game is available for $80 and includes four Ghostbusters figures, 40 ghost figures, 10 double-sided game board map tiles, instructions and scenarios with art from Dan Schoening, various tokens, cards and dice. The exclusive $125 Deluxe Edition comes with everything from the base game, along with a limited edition foil-stamped box, a 12”x12” giclée print, glow-in-the-dark dice, four additional game board tiles, an exclusive boss ghost figure and an over-sized “Impossible Mode” Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figure. Additional pledge levels add exclusive ghosts, new figures and much more to expand the game further.
      The Ghostbusters™: The Board Game Kickstarter follows Cryptozoic’s first wildly successful crowdfunding campaign for HEX: Shards of Fate, the MMO Trading Card Game which raised over $2 million from backers eager to take part in the digital trading card / Massively Multiplayer Online game. To learn more about Ghostbusters™: The Board Game visit the Kickstarter page:

      What you afraid of.....a ghost?

                Wee Gamers video review of Star Wars Imperial Assault        

      You can't open a box like this without a quiver of excitement. Just like the opening credits of Star Wars that moment of excitement.

      Of course in a game you can subsequently find disappointment so what would imperial assault fire at us? Well if you've watched the video you will have seen how we found it, and it's fairly honest. One thing we can do is set aside the giddy schoolboy to look at things a little bit colder. 

      Factually Imperial Assault doesn't disappoint. 
      The box is loaded to the brim literally and as its Fantasy Flight the build quality is never something you're gonna find sub par. The card components are all top shelf, sturdy and detailed, but that itself isn't a new thing or the sole reserve of FFG. 

      That said they are not in your face Star Wars. Bar a few details they could be any game tiles. Now that's not a criticism, far from it. Rather I mention it incase the fandom expected some insane theme to be carried through them with every tile lifted from the movie set. Perhaps in expansions, if there are any we may see such a thing, but the game follows after the last three movies and the battle of yavin. So you have recognisable elements, forest sections, imperial bases, scrap yards and desert settlements among other things. Recreating movie stories is not going to be hard really. 

      If your not a regular FFG player you will be taken aback by the wealth of cards and tokens. All have very specific uses, indeed not all are used in every game. Equipment cards for example are bought and only certain ones are accessible depending on the stage your at in the campaign. The campaign reads very well and seems quite tight. The story progresses with various blocks of written story, and changes rewards to both sides depending on imperial or rebel victories. 

      Okay so you want to hear about the minis yeah? 

      Well yes you get Luke (farm boy) and Vader (advancing) you also get the set of rebel heroes which represent the cross section of aliens you'd expect. Several Stormtroopers, Officers, probe droids, e web engineers and Royal Guard - a couple of critters for good measure and did I mention an ATST? It's lovely. No, no lies, it's lovely and it's pretty much 28mm scale. I found the minis to be a tad tall. Not horribly so, just a hint elongated. But overall they don't disappoint. There are already several painting guides on YouTube which are easy to follow if that's your thing too. 

      Game play is fairly easy to pick up and a training mission breaks you into the swing of things with a rules light story, allowing you to get to grips with the core mechanics before throwing everything at you. Characters are fairly hardy and you can approach the game in different difficulty settings of a sort depending on the number of players. With fewer active players your characters get upgrades to make them a bit more hardy. We found the missions tight time wise, and you really have to be quite heroic and take the hits. Hanging back and self preservation these are not the way of heroes. Do so and the imperials can easily gain the upper hand. Upgrades come in the form of cards and other bonus Add one your players find or buy as they progress. 

      There are also two game modes. The campaign adventure and skirmish. Skirmish is a new trick. You can simply pick balanced forces and have battles across the game maps. There are a number of skirmish missions, some even introduce third parties such as raiders by use of tokens in the board. We haven't got to play skirmish yet, but we will get round to it. 

      Expansions wise there are a number of packs out there already. Each comes with a figure(s) all of whom appear in the core games campaign story. In the box you are provided with tokens for these additional figures. But purchase , though not essential, does seem to reward you with an additional mission sheet and skirmish scenario that then adds to the base game too. Though we've only played a couple of times, the attraction and interest of there, it's an enjoyable and fast paced game with we feel a good return on your money. It's got a learning curve,but it's not as steep as some other games of similar size and price. 

      If your a Star Wars fan it's a pleasure. If you're also a Boardgamer there is a real game here too, not just a quick easy cash in affair.

      Wee Gamers also hang out on 

                Ghostel will be opening its doors to find the Top Ghost        
      Blue Cat Games has joined up with Chronicle City to produce Ghostel, the haunted house game with a twist.

      Instead of playing erstwhile explorers delving into the unknown, players take the part of the ghosts trying to keep the living out of their home

      Sounds kind of like a boardgame version of the likes of Dungeon Keeper where players use Spookie Favours and the felshbags own Phobias to send them running into the night
      Bevan is an avid board and card gamer, and as a displaced Cornishman has spent way too much time playing games and skulking around his local hobby shops. He later escaped to Swindon, the land of roundabouts, where he currently designs games under the company Blue Cat Games, whilst infecting those who stand still too long with his gaming lurgy.

      Bevan said
      "I have some very exciting news, and I can’t wait to share! Blue Cat Games will be teaming up with Chronicle City to bring my board game Ghostel to publication! Ghostel is the haunted house game with a twist; instead of playing erstwhile explorers delving into the unknown, you take the part of the ghosts trying to keep their home ‘fleshy free’! Use Spookie Favours and your victims’ Phobias to send them running into the night. Scoring is based on which ghost scares the best, but clever positioning and movement around the haunted house can mean even the least frightening of players can score big. 
      I’m very honoured to be working with Angus, an industry veteran whose feedback and support were vital during Ghostel’s early design and I believe Ghostel will be stronger for it. I look forward to sharing this project with you all!"

      Chronicle City's Angus Abranson, said of the project,
      "It's no secret that we're big board and card game players here at Chronicle City HQ and have been interested in developing and releasing some of our own alongside the RPGs we do. Well, we've been playtesting a bunch of great board and card games over the last year or so and are pleased to announce that we've teamed up with designer Bevan Clatworthy's Blue Cat Games to bring his 'Ghostel' board game to Kickstarter in a few months time! I've been playing *a lot* of Ghostel and one of the things that makes me feel it's a good game (apart from really enjoying it myself) is because a number of the groups we've been playing it with have actually asked us to bring it with us and play it again on other occasions"

      Creepstone Manor has been closed for nearly a hundred years, standing dark and silent above the town of Creepstone, and that’s just the way resident ghost Spookie likes it! But now, the manor has been reopened and turned into a hotel for the living! 

      You play the part of one of Spookie’s ghostly minions, charged with ridding the house of these warm-bodied usurpers. Use your skills of terror to send them fleeing into the night and win Spookie’s patronage. Who will be top ghost? 

      The game of Ghostel is made of turns, and each turn is split into a Day Phase and a Night Phase. During the Day, new people will enter the hotel whilst those who already spent the Night and survived will calm down from their night-time visitations. Meanwhile, the ghosts are hiding in the attic, preparing for the next Night. During the Night, the ghosts walk the rooms, using all their scary tactics to frighten the humans away and show off for Spookie himself.

      Blue Cat Gameis a small games design company set up by the errant Cornishman, Bevan Clatworthy.  It focusses on card and board games. Blue Cat Games look to pack big fun into their little games! They have a website and Facebook page

      Chronicle City was set up by multi-award winning publisher Angus Abranson. Chronicle City works with a number of companies and designers, helping to publish and distribute their games. In addition they also develop and license settings to create their own role-playing, card and board games. They have a website and Facebook page

      Wee Gamers also hang out on 

                Terraforming Mars and 3D Hubs        
      The next several articles talk about the convergence of 3D Printing and a traditional board game.

      Almost two years ago I made my printers available on a service called 3D Hubs.  I did not do this to make money (in fact I donate at least 50% to the MS Society and the other 50% is used for expanding my collection of exotic filament).  What I did it for was the experience of working with other people's designs and subject matter.  It is this latter aspect that I now write.

      The first job that I did is what got me interested in the intersection of 3D Printing and the world of models (tanks!).  A lot of the blog to this point has been dedicated to that topic.   My latest job was to print some tiles for the board game Terraforming Mars.  The tiles that I printed for the customer are shown by image #1.  They were designed by Frank Straus and made available here on boardgamegeek (signup is required).  They are a really nice piece of work.

      Just as with the tanks order this one hits a spot for me in that I like science fiction and terraforming makes for an interesting story, and in this case, game.  There is also an overlap with the whole modeling topic.  So I am going a little bit over the top.  Not exactly unusual!

      The first thing that I did was to design a new piece to replace one of the tiles that were part of Franks Collection.  I suspect that I could print the original if I spent some time tweaking my printer but I thought a more easily printed version might be a good idea.  There are two versions with the one on the left being more of a challenge to print.

      Somewhere along the line I had found the instructions for the game and decided that I liked the concept well enough to buy one.  There in lies the rub.  They are not for sale anywhere except on the used market and then only for a LOT of money.  The game is being re-released next month so I will be getting a copy.  This is probably a good thing as I have started printing a set of tiles for myself.

      There are two things that I am going to be playing with.  The first is the choice of filament for the tiles.  This might be a case where some of my inventory of filament gets some exploration.  The second is the chance to paint the tiles.  I have done a little bit of painting of tanks and do enjoy it.  It is distracting!  Here is a sample that I did while trying to convince myself whether or not to get a copy of the game.

      Selection of filaments will be the next article.

                Fandible Interview: Dave Simpson and Matthias Bonnici, Rampaging Jotun        

      Dan took a few minutes at Maelstrom to talk with Dave Simpson and Matthias Bonnici, creators of the soon to be kick-starting boardgame Rampaging Jotunn.  

      The post Fandible Interview: Dave Simpson and Matthias Bonnici, Rampaging Jotun appeared first on Fandible Actual Play Podcast.

                GTRT Ep 12: New GM Advice, Non-Fandible activities and Our Favorite Boardgames.        

      5 Geeks, One Roundish Table. In this session of Geeky Topics Round Table, the crew discusses advice for new GM’s, what we do when we can’t role-play, our favorite board-games, and questions for our audience.

      The post GTRT Ep 12: New GM Advice, Non-Fandible activities and Our Favorite Boardgames. appeared first on Fandible Actual Play Podcast.

                [Resources] Cluedo        
      Even before playing RPGs, I played the boardgame Cluedo (known as Clue in the US) with my siblings.

      The game was a popular one in my house and with my friends. After secretly (and randomly) choosing a weapon, suspect and murder room, and placing them in an envelope, the remaining cards are distributed to the players.

      Then each player takes on the persona of one of the suspects: Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard.

      Pieces move around the 9 room mansion and on each player's turn, they make a suggestion of who is the murderer, which of the 6 weapons was used and the room the murder occurred in (and the player's piece must be in that room to make the guess).

      The other players then have an opportunity to prove it wrong by secretly showing the guessing player one of their cards, thereby showing one of the facts of the crime is not true. The players spend the following rounds of the game seeking to learn what weapons, suspects and rooms to discard and solve the crime with the remaining items.

      Clue was a great game to play for an imaginative kid, prior to learning about RPGs. We each developed characterizations of the suspects, making Colonel Mustard a stuffy British soldier, Mrs. Peacock as a flighty housewife and Professor Plum as an absent-minded academic, and, dare I say, roleplaying each character.

      There have been many different editions and spinoffs of Cluedo, including board games, interactive media games and computer games. Hollywood even made Clue into a movie in 1985, starring Tim Curry, Leslie Ann Warren, Michael McKean, Christopher Lloyd and Madeline Kahn.

                Skomentuj Mage Knight – Recenzja #16, którego autorem jest Killian        
      Polskie tłumaczenie większości kart dostępne jest na bgg: Powinno pomóc!
                Biography/Backstory | William Anthony Nericcio        
      Last Updated April 27, 2010 | Recently Updated Friday, May 12, 2017

      nota bene: a less wordy, image-saturated alternative to this site is here.

      eliable dispatches from elite, clandestine West Coast intelligence agents reveal that Dr. William Anthony Nericcio (aka "Memo," aka "Bill") directs an eclectic and innovative cultural studies graduate program at San Diego State University, aka MALAS, the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and SciencesHe also serves as a Professor of English and Comparative LiteratureOther stealthy West Coast snoops confirm that he labors at SDSU in various academic disguises including: digital humanities lead faculty, cultural studies scholar, American and Latin American literature prof, Chicana/o Studies devotee, ALA/Choice Award-Winning Film Studies maven, American Studies lackey, and last, but not least, feverish rasquache Tejano acolyte of deconstruction 
      (the Jacques Derrida t-shirt always gives it away). Other embedded, shady scouts contend Nericcio's diverse academic pursuits are merely an ivory-tower nested front, a nefarious cover for the Chicano writer's true obsessions: graphic design, web-surfing, Man Ray's photography, Euro/Indy movies, Bill Elder, Remedios Varo, Jacques Derrida, Severo Sarduy, Rosario Castellanos, and Meret Oppenheim (of late, Haruki MurakamiTara McPherson, and Darren Aronofsky also draw his eye).

      Before joining SDSU's crack team of talented, hermeneutic misfits, Nericcio held earlier postings at The University of Connecticut, his first, most infamous English Department posting, and at Cornell University, where, working with taskmaster mentors (Carlos Fuentes, Dominic LaCapra, Edgar Rosenberg, Wolfgang Holdheim, Nelly Furman, Enrico Mario Santí, Gayatri Spivak and Henry Louis Gates Jr.), he completed his doctoral degree in Comparative Literature with a dissertation entitled The Politics of Solitude: Alienation in the Literatures of the Americas

      Our well-paid East Coast gumshoes and informants tell odd, whispered tales regarding Nericcio's time in Ithaca: his enigmatic midnight chats with Vladimir Nabokov's surly ghost in Zeus's cafe, Goldwyn Smith Hall, far above Cayuga's waters; his now epic 2am street-fight with four drunk Cornell gringo frat-rats in a snowstorm near the corner of Court and Tioga; his critical theory lucha libre disputes with Derrida-glosser Jonathan Culler and Culler's curious better-half, Cynthia Chase (a relative of once-funny, SNL-alum Chevy Chase), who deemed Nericcio's hieroglyphic notetaking a mark of incipient moronity (opposite); his legendary tequila-induced, body-sculpture-snow-angel-making with LA playwright Oliver Mayer at the top of the Buffalo St. hill; and lastly, his boisterous conjunto dancing alongside Carlos Fuentes in an Ithaca Union hall. Sadly, our usually reliable 'townie' snitches loitering outside the Haunt have failed to document these claims. 

      However, not all is lost, as our diligent Northern Mexican agents, not at all resembling Mikey Vargas (Charlton Heston) from Orson Welles's Touch of Evil, recently discovered that Nericcio, a recovering Catholic school boy from South Texas (seized 1st-grade snapshot to your left), received
      his Bachelor's of Arts degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin (1984), this while working part-time at the Texas Tavern (now demolished) and The Cactus Cafe as a barrista/bartender and prowling posh 6th Street cocktail lounges. This was also the time when Nericcio, along with Jay Whitley aspired to 80s, new-wave, music stardom in the indy, third-coast, rock combo, The Dyed Blondes--de rigueur recording studio snapshot to your right.

      Now headquartered near the California/Mexico border with SDSU, he serves on the faculty of the Center for Latin American Studies, The Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences (MALAS) and the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies in addition to his English and CompLit teaching shenanigans. A native son of Laredo, Texas, with assorted ancestors hailing from General Téran (near Monterrey, México), Partanna, Sicily, and (it is silently whispered) the merry ol' island of England, (and maybe even Tunis!) Nericcio tells anyone willing to listen that he is a post-Movimiento Chicano. In this vein, the testimony of well-placed former students is useful, with numerous depositions existing that attest to Nericcio being a 'a Sicilian Tejano' or to him publicly declaiming nostalgic, nationalistic odes to Flaco Jimenez, La Llorona, 'Tejas' and the Rio Grande river. Other witnesses speak of overhearing eloquent soliloquies in San Diego dive bars wherein Nericcio, between sips, confesses his obsessions with Sleestaks, The Get-Away Chase Game, Al Jaffee, Monty Python, Kurt Wiese, Captain Kangaroo, Mannix, The Banana Splits, Medical Center, Wacky Packages, La India María, Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster, Land of the Lost, Dean Martin, Los Polivoces, Mil Mascaras, the late Edward Said, Gamera, and H.R. Pufnstuf.

      Nericcio has published articles on Orson Welles's proto-Chicano masterpiece Touch of Evil (in Chicanos and Film: Representation and Resistance), Octavio Paz's shrouded schizophrenic political oscillations (Siglo XX/20th Century: Critique & Cultural Discourse, 10:1-2 1992-93), and Jorge Luis Borges's, Eugène Delacroix's, and Jacques Derrida's unlikely textual mènage-á-trois in Susan Daitch's LC. In 1996, Nericcio's "Artif[r]acture: Virulent Pictures, Graphic Narrative, and the Ideology of the Visual" appeared in the pages of Mosaic--the sprawling, illustrated essay was one of the first scholarly pieces to appear on comics in academe. In 1998, his illustrated exposé on Speedy Gonzales, "Autopsy of a Rat: Odd, Sundry Parables of Freddy Lopez, Speedy Gonzales, and Other Chicano/Latino Marionettes Prancing about Our First World Visual Emporium," was brought kicking and screaming into the world by Camera Obscura, A Journal of Feminism Culture and Media Studies--now distributed by Duke University Press.

      2002 saw the appearance of three publications: 1) a revised and expanded essay on Rita Hayworth, electrolysis, and the existential in Violence and the Body: Race, Gender, and the State; 2) a gratuitously illustrated meditation on Gilbert Hernandez's illustrated biography of Frida Kahlo in NYU Press's Latino/a Popular Culture; and 3) a short rant on anti-undocumented worker violence, the Marquis de Sade, and California law enforcement for BAD SUBJECTS, UC Berkeley's HOT Lefty rag. Another piece from that era (2004), ten years in the making, for The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies examines the Paul Reubens' masturbation scandal back in the 1990s and is entitled "Watching Critics, Watching Journalists, Watching Sheriffs, Watching Pee-wee Herman Watch: The Extraordinary Case of the Saturday Morning Children's Show Celebrity Who Masturbated"--reliable snitches claim the highlight of the opus is some odd revelation about transvestites, transgendered bodies, Medical Center (The Fourth Sex, 1975), and Robert Reed (opposite), the pater familias on the Brady Bunch. 

      Other noteworthy scholarly gigs include Nericcio's London lecture, "In the Storm of the Eye: Pages Torn From a Voyeur Semiotician's Diary During the Plague of Bad Theory"(1998), for Goldsmith College and the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA) and "Cinematography, Photography and Literature: Robert Frank's Aesthetic Triptych" (2000) for the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA), San Diego. Nericcio's also has lectured abroad at the Freud Museum in London where he spoke on the 'fertile' connection between Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic work and the Viennese wizard's collection of erotic antiquities--this took place during a Fall 2001 Semester in London where Nericcio worked as a Visiting Senior Lecturer in Literature for the Foundation for Interational Education and SDSU (note the surveillance photo to your right, that's him with the strange expression standing by Freud's infamous couch). Apparently the Freud Museum guards failed to inform London authorities of various improprieties with Herr Sigmund's couch as in San Diego, Spring 2002, this candid shot was taken of Nericcio ranting about Nietzsche at a pacific REVIEW public reading. 2003 opened with Nericcio joining the editorial advisory board of Gobshite Quarterly an independent international literary magazine.

      Travel also seemed to be on the agenda with lectures at NEMLA, The University of Connecticut's Department of English, and Brown University's Department of Africana Studies, topped off with a visit to the Netherlands where Nericcio chaired a panel and delivered a lecture at the first Congress of the International Association of American Studies in Leiden. Summer 2003 found him once again leading a group of adventurous SDSU students to London for the 1st annual LONDON CALLING, SDSU Summer Program. He has subsequently led UK-junkets in 2005, 2007, and 2009.

      November 2003 saw Nericcio working as the warm-up act (spycam shot opposite) for the Ballet Nacional de Cuba for the La Jolla Music Society. December 2003, Nericcio delivered a harangue for Affirmative Action at the San Diego MLA for its ADE/ADFL enclaves. In February 2004, Nericcio enjoyed his Spring sabbatical--but took a break from

      occasional naps by jetting up to the East Coast in February for a cool Gangster Symposia at the SUNY Stony Brook Humanities Research Institute--click young John Gotti's mug to your right for more info.

      In Summer 2004, Nericcio, taking a break from the vagaries of the University Lecture Hall, traded chalk for pine tar as he played utility outfielder for the league-leading National City Dukes in the San Diego Adult Baseball League. Fall 2004 he started up with his Sinematic Bodies: Intro to Lit and Film circus (which featured, among other things, a mad dash across campus by mimes (chapeau Antonioni) and started overseeing the production of cultural studies tomes with Harry Polkinhorn for Hyperbole Books--touted by the one and only, notorious and untoward Playboy Magazine as one of the reasons SDSU won best "party school" in 2005. Spring 2005 saw the startup of his Freud's Bastard Children class and the Literature After Derrida lecture series. Fall 2005 saw Nericcio lead a graduate seminar on his fallen guru Jacques Derrida (Chasing Derrida) and teach a comedy seminar (Naked, Loud, & Broken) in honor of his mentor, Richard Simon. 2006 was filled with flights of sinemadness with Michael Powell and Walker Percy; frolics in the imperial bedroom, with James Joyce, Homer and Carlos Fuentes; prowls down the alleyways of film noir and pulp fiction with Orson Welles and Quentin Tarantino; and ended explosively with seductive hallucinations with a 500 student introduction to literature delirium in Wiik Auditorium.

      Original cover proposal, Tex[t]-Mex

      2007 began with a bang as Nericcio finally finished his 16-years-in-the-making magnum opus for the University of Texas Press, Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America--it appeared January 15, 2007. Since 2007 and into 2008, the Laredo ex-patriot has been spotted at Oberlin College, Purdue University, USC, Los Angeles's Skylight Books, The Universty of Texas at Austin, the University of Texas, San Antonio, and the University of San Diego hawking his wares and generally trying to invoke academic mischief. In October 2010, Nericcio invaded Ohio State University for a lecture and book-signing; Janurary 2011 found him hanging with donkeys in Santa Monica while March was spent talking about televisual psyches at the University of Michigan and April sped by with Nericcio talking space and Mextasy at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Latest rumors center around the existence of some character named Guillermo Nericcio García and an traveling art show named "Mextasy" and "Xicanoholic"--but reliable sources for these shadowy whispers are proving hard to find.

      Indulgent visitors to this page waiting for hell to freeze-over can peek at online syllabi from Nericcio's collection of past courses or sample this alternative index of WWWeb-based mischief where many of his essays are available in Adobe's ubiquitous pdf format. Also available are two illustrated fragments from his theoretical memoir on the US/Mexico border: "Re-membering Laredo" and "Almost Like Laredo"; book reviews of Charles Bukowski's finale Pulp, Rudolfo Anaya's new age weeper Jalamanta, and Richard Rodriguez's bizarre smash bestseller Days of Obligation (these pieces originally appeared in World Literature Today);an illustrated transcript of Nericcio's Museum of Photographic Art introduction to Pull my Daisy (a collaborative oddity by Robert Frank, Alfred Leslie, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg); and lastly, a scathing send-up of Ray Bradbury's, Edward James Olmos's and Disney's cine-chimera, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.

      Lastly (for the poor, misbegotten soul who has scrolled this far down the page!), do please click below to view the birth of Nericcio's efforts as a Ford Focus Spanish-language voiceover star and would-be commercial actor--directed by Print Magazine superstar Sean Desmond. Or, alternatively, click this link to see a San Diego City Beat story for which Nericcio SWEARS he did not pay or another yellow press wonder that documents the trials and tribulations of teaching 500 student classes at SDSU.

      Ford Focus Commercial | Student Film from Mextasy on Vimeo.
      Me and Sean Desmond and his crew got together in 2009 to film this student film/commercial. One of the best shoots ever!

      Lastly, there's more information, here, from wikipedia.

                Patterns in randomness: the Bob Dylan edition        

      The human brain is very good — quite excellent, really — at finding patterns. We delight in puzzles that involve pattern recognition... consider word-search puzzles, the Where’s Waldo stuff, and the game Set. We’re also great at giving patterns amusing interpretations, as we do when we fancy that clouds look like ducks or castles — or when we claim to see images of Jesus in Irish hillsides, pieces of wood, paper towels, and store receipts. Remember the cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary on it, which sold on eBay for $28,000 in 2004? Miraculous, indeed.

      It’s with the knowledge that we find apparent patterns in randomness that I approach this puzzling aspect of the random play feature of my car stereo. I’ve stuck in a microSD card that has about 4000 songs on it. I’ve put it on random play. And it appears to be playing songs in random order.

      But it sure seems to be playing a lot of Dylan.

      Bob, not Thomas. I like Bob Dylan, of course; that’s why I have quite a bit of him on the microSD card. But, for instance, on one set of local errands, it played two Dylan songs, something else, another Dylan, two other songs, then another Dylan. Four out of seven? Seems a bit odd.

      Now, I know that if you ask a typical person which sequence is more likely to come up in a lottery drawing, 1-2-3-4-5, or 57-12-31-46-9, he will say not only that the latter is more likely, but that if the former came up he’d be sure something was amiss. In fact, they’re equally likely, and are as likely as any other pre-determined five-number sequence, but the one that looks like a pattern is one we think can’t be random. Similarly, it’s certainly possible to randomly pick four Dylan songs out of seven — or even four in a row, for that matter. And if there’s a bug in the algorithm that the audio system uses, why would it opt for Dylan, and not, say, Eric Clapton or the Beatles, both of which I also have plenty of on the chip?

      So I played around with some numbers. Let’s make some simplifying assumptions, just to test the general question. Assume I have 20 songs from each artist, and a total of 4000 songs (and, so, 200 artists). If I play seven songs, how likely is it that two will be by the same artist?

      It’s easier to figure out how likely it is that there won’t be repetitions. The first song can be anything. The likelihood that the second will be of a different artist than the first is (4000-20)/3999, about 99.5%. The likelihood that the third will differ from both of those is (4000-40)/3998. Repeat that four more times and multiply the probabilities: there’s a 90.4% chance of seven different artists in seven songs... meaning that there’s about a 9.6% chance of at least one repetition. Probably more likely than we might think.

      Let’s look at Dylan, specifically. I have about 120 of his songs on there (3% of the total; maybe I should delete some, but that’s a separate question). What are the chances of having no Dylan in seven songs? No Dylan for the first is 3880/4000, 97% (makes sense: 3% chance of Dylan in any one selection). Continuing, no Dylan, still, for the second is 3879/3999. Repeat five more times and multiply: 71.3% chance of no Dylan, so there’s a 28.7% chance of at least one Dylan song if we play seven.

      What about the chances of at least two Bob Dylan songs... a repetition of Dylan? Well, we figured out no Dylan above. Let’s figure out exactly one, and then add them. For the first to be Dylan and none of the others, we have 120/4000 * 3880/3999 * 3879/3998 * 3878/3997 * 3877/3996 * 3876/3995 * 3875/3994. About 2.5%. It’s the same for one Dylan in any other position — the numerators and denominators can be mixed about. So the chances of exactly one Dylan song out of seven is 2.5 * 7, or 17.5%. Add that to the chances of zero, 71.3 + 17.5 = 88.8%, so there’s an 11.2% chance of at least two Dylan songs in a mix of seven songs.

      In other words, it’s a better than one in four chance that I’ll hear at least one Bob Dylan song, and a better than one in ten chance that I’ll hear at least two of them every time I take a 20- or 30-minute ride. Thrown in some confirmation bias, where I forget about the trips that had Clapton and the Beatles and Billy Joel and Carole King, but no Dylan, and I guess the system is working the way it’s supposed to.

      But, damn, it plays a lot of Bob Dylan!

                {Simple Hospitality, Day 8} 9 Great Board Games for Breaking the Ice        

       This is day 8 in a series about simple hospitality.  Click here to see more.

      Board Games are a great excuse to have people over.  Chatting and learning about a near stranger over a good board game can take some (but not all) of the awkwardness out of the evening.  It can fill the occasional silence, give you something to bond over, and a chance to laugh together.  The best board games to play with guests are fun even when you're losing and don't take a day and a  half to play (so that rules out the boardgames of my youth: Risk and Monopoly.)

      Here a 9 great boardgames to play with guests, tested countless times around our own kitchen table:

      1. Settlers of Catan.   There are several versions of this game, but the classic is still my favourite.  With a modular board that is different each time, the game never gets old. (3-4 Player, more if you have the player expansion packs.)
      2. Carcassonne. This tile laying game, although admittedly confusing at first, is quite easy once you've played it through a couple times.  It's the kind of thing you stay up all night playing "just one more game"!  (2-5 players)

      3. Ticket to Ride.  Each player is trying to build train routes to various destinations, and nobody knows what routes the other players are trying to accomplish!  This game is easy to learn and easy to clean up. (2-5 players)

      4.  Killer Bunnies.  You spend  the whole game trying to collect as many carrots as you can in hopes that one of them will be the "magic" winning carrot revealed at the end of the game.  Strangely not as silly as it sounds.  Although still pretty silly.  This game has lots of rules....I don't recommend trying to learn it with a squirmy toddler on your lap.  Just sayin'. (2-8 players)

      5. Apples to Apples.  This is a great game to play when you need something relatively mindless.  Unlike #4  above, this one can totally be played with a squirmy toddler on your lap.  Often funny, and casual enough that you can carry unrelated conversation while you play, this is one of my favourite games for large groups.  (4-10 players)

      6. The Game of Things.  In large groups this game is kind of a fail, because you have to remember a lot of answers and guess who said what.  But with 4-6  players this game can be down right hilarious, especially if you don't know one another very well. Also, this game can be played lounging comfortably in the living room drinking coffee instead of around the kitchen table.  (4+ players)

      7. Quelf.  If you have a large group of good sports, this is the game to play. With ridiculous trivia, clever lists, and cards telling you to stealthily keep your hand on the table for the entire game, to put a shoe on your head, or to sing a silly country song without bursting out in laughter, what's not to love?  (3-8 players)

      8. Bohnanza.  This game makes me a little sad because it reminds me of great friends who moved away. It's a strategic trade-making game that never really seems to get old and doesn't have a ton of complicated rules.  Highly recommended.  (2-7 players)

      9.  Telephone pictionary. Technically not a board game, this is a fabulous party game and only requires scrap paper and some pens. 
      Here's how to play:  Make as many stacks of small scrap papers as people playing, each stack having as many pieces of paper as there are players.  So if there are five people playing, you have five stacks of five scraps of paper.  Everyone writes a phrase on the top piece and passes the stack to the next player.  Then each player reads the words they've just received, flips that page to the bottom of the stack,  and draws a picture of it on the next page in the stack.  They pass it along to the next person who sees only the picture that was just drawn, flips it to the bottom of the stack and writes a phrase that describes it.  Keep going in this pattern of pictures and phrases until each stack of paper makes it's way back to it's original owner and the original phrase is back on top....  at which point each player has a hilarious story to tell of misinterpreted drawings!  (Best for 5-15 people....and it's FREE!)

      These are some of my favourite games to play with friends, old and new. What did I miss? What is your favourite?

      ***this post includes affiliate links, which means that if you click over to Amazon and buy pretty much anything, a small portion of your purchase supports this  blog.  Just sayin'. **

                {Simple Hospitality, Day 6} Impromptu Hospitality        

      I had another post on the schedule for today, and a whole evening to prepare it, until some of my favourite people in the whole world texted me to invite themselves over for an impromptu boardgame night.

      How could I say no to that?  How could I turn down the opportunity to extend actual hospitality in order to just write about hospitality?  

      So we whipped up simple snacks and brewed some coffee even though we were out of cream, and we chatted away the evening with people who leave us feeling known and loved and accepted.  We played a favourite game and laughed and told stories and confessed that we'd missed one another. And then we hugged and it was over and I sat down at my laptop with nothing to say about simple hospitality except this:

      Be open, be spontaneous, be willing to say yes to that connection even when it's not how you pictured your day.  Even if you are a micromanaging planner type person like me.  Even when it's hard.

      Some of the most meaningful moments in our home have been in times of accidental hospitality.  Last minute visitors, party guests who stayed late to chat and cry and pray into the wee hours, dishes stacked in the sink and boot prints on the floor.  These are the times that the line between entertaining and hospitality are defined, the moments when you get to choose the messy truth over a perfect lie.

      Like I said, I had another post on the schedule for today, and a whole evening to prepare it, until some of my favourite people in the whole world invited themselves over.  And I am so very glad they did. 

      Be open, I dare you.  I dare me, too.

      This is day 6 in a series about simple hospitality.  Click here to see more.

      Thanks so much for visiting The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.  Please take a moment to "like" me on facebook or sign up for my RSS feed.

                10 locos juegos de mesa (de clásicos videojuegos)        

      Pasé gran parte de mi infancia entre juegos de mesa y videojuegos. No por nada hay toda una sección dedicada a videojuegosen el blog y otra con un repaso de mis juegos de mesa favoritos.

      En cuanto a videojuegos, actualmente estoy preparando la tercera parte de la saga de mis preferidos. La primera vez hablé de Sega Genesis (mi selección) y la segunda de Super Nintendo (acá esta el top). 

      Actualmente estoy armando los mejores de Gameboy, Gameboy Color y Gameboy Advance.

      Por su parte, los juegos de mesa nunca dejaron de ser parte de mí, pero es más difícil encontrar el momento para jugarlos porque normalmente requieren mucho tiempo libre y un grupito de gente que se cope.

      En Bahía Blanca existe un Club de Juegos de Mesa que organiza una reunión mensual. Todavía no tuve la posibilidad de acercarme a una. 

      También suelo meterle a No lo testeamos ni un poco o Red7 cuando nos juntamos con amigos a comer un asado. 

      El Truco nunca dejó de ser un infaltable en cada viaje.

      Videojuegos de mesa

      La cuestión es que un día me puse a pensar si habrá juegos de mesa basados en franquicias de videojuegos. Me sorprendí al descubrir que, fiel a la famosa regla 34 (“Si una obra de ficción existe, tiene su versión porno”), parece que cada videojuego tiene algún juego de mesa creado alguna vez.

      Estos son los 10 que me sorprendieron (y que me encantaría poder jugar alguna vez).



      La Leyenda de Zelda

      Super Mario Kart



      Street Fighter II


      World of Warcraft


      Donkey Kong


      ► BONUS TRACK: ¿dónde jugar juegos de mesa online?

      La solución del nuevo milenio para jugar juegos de mesa fácilmente es hacerlo de forma online con gente random.

      Board Game Arena  es de las mejores páginas que encontré en la web. Es gratis, se usa desde el navegador y tiene más de 80 juegos disponibles, desde los más clásicos hasta algunos nuevos y complejos.




      ► Podés seguir las nuevas notas y novedades (además de humor y críticas de cine) en mi fan-page: Si te gustó, Â¡compartilo o dejá un comentario!

                Mailbag Monday #2        
      Because of time constraints, today’s edition of Mailbag Monday features only one email. Off to a good start! I couldn’t help but notice on your board games article ( that entertainment was said to have been invented in the early ’90s. I was wondering if you might please pin-point the exact moment for us – […]
      Opal's buddy, Zane, turned two last weekend.

      This is quite a milestone because it means Opal will also turn two in a few months, a shocking but inevitable fact.

      Zane's dear mama, Krista, and I were in pre-natal yoga together and we've been friends ever since, so the kids have spent time together literally since birth. And I can't help but wonder if it'll stick, if they will be suiting up to go to prom together fifteen some odd years from now while Krista and I deluge them with when-they-were-baby photos. Here you are at the mall that time when Opal hugged you with such gumption it toppled you right over. Here you are in the sandbox burying your toes. Here you are on Santa's lap looking as if sweet old santa—with the button-down cowboy shirt beneath red velour cloak—was pinching you both from underneath.
      (He wasn't, we were standing right there.)

      Or even better, if fate would have them turn out to be super-close buddies. The guy who Opal can visit after school to play boardgames with while she confides about the woes of growing up, the boys she likes, the things that intrigue her. In this scenario, they'd tease each other in that gentle way that's nothing but love and talk about their dreams while eating Monsterberry Crunch in their pajamas.

      Krista had a party at her house for Zane last weekend and it occurred to me, not for the first time, that other parents—a brilliant, dynamic group of people, funny and relaxed and exceedingly easy to talk to—are now our sturdy peer-group. There we were, drinking beer and watching the kids play in the yard (nearly everyone there had children) while discussing life as a parent and life outside of being a parent (but with being-a-parent remaining the main reference point).

      I couldn't help but to think about when I was growing up, how the adults at any kind of gathering seemed tremendously dull and featureless as a rule. As a kid, the gap of having two decades between us and them created an opaque partition making any kind of peer-like appreciation an impossibility between the youth and the adults.

      But now I wonder how interesting our parents' conversations must have been as they lined the periphery at our holiday gatherings when I was a kiddo, how much effort was put into manning the grill, preparing the drinks and blowing up the balloons of appropriate theme. And how off-color the jokes must have been that were told just out of ear-shot.

      I think of my mom, when I was young, and her mornings of having coffee with the other neighborhood moms and their kids. I distinctly remember watching Sesame Street at various houses on our block while sipping OJ from a tiny plastic juice cup—the word of the day is galoshes!—requesting a dozen refills. The moms laughed and gabbed in the kitchen, creating their own imaginary metropolis that was just as convincing as our forts and dollhouses. Monkey bread—with the sugary, cinnamony, buttery middle piece—may or may not have been involved, but my memory recalls something having always been baking in the oven. Nourishing, informal and relaxed.

      It's a little different now with so many mamas at work. Krista and a few other mama-friends are so near and dear to my heart that it makes my voice quiver if you catch me on that kind of a day. Some have jobs and some don't. Some work a little and some went back to full time as soon as possible. There may not be a dozen of us gathering daily in the mornings with our strong coffee and OJ and galoshes, as with my mama. But we have our own version of gathering for walks and playdates and trips to the park with our Bakti Chi steaming from the drink-slot in the stroller. And then another birthday rolls around and faces from far and wide gather in one reverberating setting, shaking hands and giving hugs and sitting in groups of five and six in a circle like family around the campfire.

      A community like this is so exceptionally important. It can be a lonely world to be a parent without an extended family of folks who are in the same boat—a clan who is adept at the same language—who can arrive unannounced long after the party is over and help themselves to tea or the beer in the fridge. These last few times I've been out sick for a few weeks, keeping a low profile so as not to spread anything or wear my energy too thin, I've felt a taste of that loneliness, particularly while Jesse is at work. It is a need for the kind of aeration that comes from getting out of the house and engaging in a highly nutritive visit, thus restoring my collapsed antennae back to their inherent state of fluffed-up, winged expansion.

                Expedition Zetta Preview        

      Expedition Zetta is likely the most ambitiously designed boardgame I have ever experienced. Put simply, it is a strategy game which sees players take command of warp-capable spaceships in order to explore the galaxy and bring the most fame to the country they represent. Borrowing heavily from the Euro game tradition (think titles like Catan or anything with a victory point system) Zetta combines standard Euro mechanics with the hefty goal of emulating space exploration – a task it achieves via a system which allows for the generation of 6×10^23 different star systems – the same amount that is currently theorised to exist in our reality. Set during the 1960s, Expedition Zetta takes place in an alternate reality in which warp drive technology was first invented during the Cold War. Players assume the role of countries who are all sending crew on a giant mothership, containing smaller exploratory vessels, to participate in earth’s first intergalactic exploration mission. The country who discovers the greatest quantity of new life and substances will be deemed the most famous and win the game. The aesthetic of Zetta communicates its setting and story well. The 1960s feel of the logo, character cards and various other elements of the game are a pleasure to play with. Zetta fulfils its design goal of allowing for the creation of an insane number of unique star systems, but not without a few hiccups. The enormous amount of random generation that Zetta incorporates creates a design problem wherein the creators needed to anticipate and write rules which account for scenarios that might occur in all 6×10^23 different versions of the board set up. The enormous amount of time it would take to test that number of scenarios makes this an impossible task. So although the rules cover most scenarios, I found that some rounds required some guesswork for particular star systems to function. What is interesting about Expedition Zetta is that setup was one of the most fun parts of play. The game’s complexity means it requires a large amount of set-up before play can commence. Once you have completed the once-only Preparation phase, in which you recruit crew and purchase equipment, most of gameplay consists of travelling to new star systems, taking a few turns to explore them and then moving on to the next. The ‘Star System Generation’ phases – which must occur before each Exploration phase – are really enjoyable; especially if you get into the spirit of things, with one player acting as captain and the other as ensigns. Eleven 12 sided dice are thrown and the results carefully interpreted using a plethora of pieces. There is something awesome about cooperatively creating a star system. If you’re a fan of the science fiction or space opera genres, this phase of the game will likely light your imagination on fire – trying to establish what kind of life might exist on the planets you are placing, and what it might look and feel like to explore them. Simply put, if you are a space nerd, you’ll likely love this part of the game. The rest of gameplay does not live up to the robustly designed Zetta Star System Generation subsystem. While the mechanics surrounding exploring each star system made sense to me, and functioned largely without error, they just did not feel to harness the creativity sparked by creating a galaxy. The roleplayer, writer, and video gamer in me yearned to know what the aliens on the planets I was visiting were like – how their society functioned and how it would feel to meet them. I yearned for the zoomed in, interpersonal experiences that could be had by someone travelling the galaxy for the first time in human history. The swift way in which your crew move from one planet to the next and then quickly onto another star system felt anticlimactic after undertaking the lengthy task of constructing an interesting star system. This isn’t to say that the strategic elements of Zetta do not work. The rules function well and for someone more interested in achieving the goal of winning than exploring the journey the game takes you on, Zetta would make a great addition to your collection. A game of Expedition Zetta take a minimum of two hours to complete, making it a niche experience from the get-go. If you are a seasoned tabletop game enthusiast, already accustomed to dissecting large swathes of rules, you won’t find Zetta’s learning curve unmanageable; the less experienced or younger player may find it steep. Fans of the science fiction and space opera genres, as well as fans of intricate strategy games, will find joy in Zetta.

      The post Expedition Zetta Preview appeared first on Another Dungeon.

                Star Trek VCR Boardgame        
      Charlie Todd and Amy Whitehouse join Jeff for a round of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game – A Klingon Challenge'
                19 - Battlestar Galactica the Boardgame        
      Jeff, Sarah Schneider, Pat Cassels, and Adam Frucci sit down for a round of Battlestar Galactica, but who is the Cylon infiltrator and can the other three figure it out in time? SPOILER/AWESOMENESS ALERT - this episode contains in-depth discussion of the entire Battlestar Galactica series.
                MonsterTalk Special #001        

      In this special episode of MonsterTalk, we take a brief break from our break to bring you breaking news about Ben Radford’s monstrous new project Undead Apocalypse—a board game featuring zombies, vampires and other horrors. The interview features artist Jeff Zornow, whose drawings were used to design the miniatures for this kickstarter project.

      Read episode notes

                Thread: Alberta:: Announcing FallCon 30 - Sept 22-24         

      by dbezzant

      (Cross Posted to FallCon Guild)

      Sorry for the lateness of this reply, I'm on this site a couple of hours a day, and never even clued in to post the announcement on here blush.

      FallCon 30 is coming up soon!

      Early bird Tickets are done now, but Advance Online tickets are still available HERE.

      The biggest thing this year is our new venue - we are moving to SAIT's Gymnasium in their Campus Center (MAP).

      When: Sept 22-24, 2017

      SAIT – Campus Center
      Calgary, AB T2M 0L4

      Early Bird Weekend Passes (July 1-31)
      – Weekend Adult: $50.00
      – Weekend Youth (13-17): $15.00
      – Weekend Child (12 and under): FREE*

      Advance (Aug 1-Sept 20)
      – Weekend Adult: $60.00
      – Weekend Youth (13-17): $20.00
      – Weekend Child (12 and under): FREE*
      – Friday Adult: $25.00
      – Friday Youth: $5.00
      – Saturday Adult: $35.00
      – Saturday Youth: $15.00
      – Sunday Adult: $25.00
      – Sunday Youth: $5.00

      At the Door (Sept 22-24)
      – Weekend Adult: $70.00
      – Weekend Youth (13-17): $20.00
      – Weekend Child (12 and under): FREE*

      – Friday Adult: $30.00
      – Friday Youth: $5.00

      – Saturday Adult: $40.00
      – Saturday Youth: $15.00

      – Sunday Adult: $30.00
      – Sunday Youth: $5.00

      * Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a ticketed parent.
                Thread: Alberta:: Looking for Players - Chestermere & Strathmore        

      by HappyD2

      Hey Everyone,

      I currently organize a semi regular game group in Chestermere, we meet most weeks but the day and number of participants varies depending on availability. I'm looking to fill out the roster of people willing to play and in time work towards more structure but occasional attendance is more than welcome.

      I have a pretty broad collection but the weight usually caps out at medium unless everyone there is in for something a little meatier. I'm also always trying to get new games to the table so anyone with the patience to be a guinea pig for a first play through of a game will have plenty of fun.

      shoot me a message if you're interested in joining in on a few sessions to test the waters.
                Board Games - Dominion!        

      photoActive Lifestyle NERDS!

      This is a cross-event with Point Loma and OB Strategy Game Nights: linky 


      About the Game

      We will be playing the popular board game, Dominion!

      Number of Players: 2-4
      Time to Play: 45 min. (a little over 1 hr when learning) 

      Dominion is  #41 on

      Canceling RSVP Policy

      If you change your RSVP to no, please do it at least 24 hours ahead of the event.

      There are limited numbers of players per game, this gives others an opportunity to RSVP, and gives your host, time to plan ahead and prepare.

      I know things sometimes come up unexpectedly, so it's okay if it's an emergency, just update your RSVP and message me as you can.

      Venue Information

      We'll be playing at Villainous Lair. It's a comic/board-game shop located in Normal Heights.

      Parking: Street. There is usually spots along Adams Ave., East of the Store: toward 32nd and Iowa St.

      Food: Villainous Lair allows food and drinks in the shop. There are coffee shots and restaurants in the immediate neighborhood.

      Mauricio's Mexican Food is good and cheap and across the street.

      San Diego, CA - USA

      Thursday, August 31 at 6:30 PM


                Board Games - Dominion!        

      photoActive Lifestyle NERDS!

      This is a cross-event with Point Loma and OB Strategy Game Nights: linky 


      About the Game

      We will be playing the popular board game, Dominion!

      Number of Players: 2-4
      Time to Play: 45 min. (a little over 1 hr when learning) 

      Dominion is  #41 on

      Canceling RSVP Policy

      If you change your RSVP to no, please do it at least 24 hours ahead of the event.

      There are limited numbers of players per game, this gives others an opportunity to RSVP, and gives your host, time to plan ahead and prepare.

      I know things sometimes come up unexpectedly, so it's okay if it's an emergency, just update your RSVP and message me as you can.

      Venue Information

      We'll be playing at Villainous Lair. It's a comic/board-game shop located in Normal Heights.

      Parking: Street. There is usually spots along Adams Ave., East of the Store: toward 32nd and Iowa St.

      Food: Villainous Lair allows food and drinks in the shop. There are coffee shots and restaurants in the immediate neighborhood.

      Mauricio's Mexican Food is good and cheap and across the street.

      San Diego, CA - USA

      Thursday, September 21 at 6:30 PM


                Board Games - Dominion!        

      photoActive Lifestyle NERDS!

      This is a cross-event with Point Loma and OB Strategy Game Nights: linky 


      About the Game

      We will be playing the popular board game, Dominion!

      Number of Players: 2-4
      Time to Play: 45 min. (a little over 1 hr when learning) 

      Dominion is  #41 on

      Canceling RSVP Policy

      If you change your RSVP to no, please do it at least 24 hours ahead of the event.

      There are limited numbers of players per game, this gives others an opportunity to RSVP, and gives your host, time to plan ahead and prepare.

      I know things sometimes come up unexpectedly, so it's okay if it's an emergency, just update your RSVP and message me as you can.

      Venue Information

      We'll be playing at Villainous Lair. It's a comic/board-game shop located in Normal Heights.

      Parking: Street. There is usually spots along Adams Ave., East of the Store: toward 32nd and Iowa St.

      Food: Villainous Lair allows food and drinks in the shop. There are coffee shots and restaurants in the immediate neighborhood.

      Mauricio's Mexican Food is good and cheap and across the street.

      San Diego, CA - USA

      Thursday, October 26 at 6:30 PM


                Board Games - Dominion!        

      photoActive Lifestyle NERDS!

      This is a cross-event with Point Loma and OB Strategy Game Nights: linky 


      About the Game

      We will be playing the popular board game, Dominion!

      Number of Players: 2-4
      Time to Play: 45 min. (a little over 1 hr when learning) 

      Dominion is  #41 on

      Canceling RSVP Policy

      If you change your RSVP to no, please do it at least 24 hours ahead of the event.

      There are limited numbers of players per game, this gives others an opportunity to RSVP, and gives your host, time to plan ahead and prepare.

      I know things sometimes come up unexpectedly, so it's okay if it's an emergency, just update your RSVP and message me as you can.

      Venue Information

      We'll be playing at Villainous Lair. It's a comic/board-game shop located in Normal Heights.

      Parking: Street. There is usually spots along Adams Ave., East of the Store: toward 32nd and Iowa St.

      Food: Villainous Lair allows food and drinks in the shop. There are coffee shots and restaurants in the immediate neighborhood.

      Mauricio's Mexican Food is good and cheap and across the street.

      San Diego, CA - USA

      Thursday, November 16 at 6:30 PM


                Board Games - Dominion!        

      photoActive Lifestyle NERDS!

      This is a cross-event with Point Loma and OB Strategy Game Nights: linky 


      About the Game

      We will be playing the popular board game, Dominion!

      Number of Players: 2-4
      Time to Play: 45 min. (a little over 1 hr when learning) 

      Dominion is  #41 on

      Canceling RSVP Policy

      If you change your RSVP to no, please do it at least 24 hours ahead of the event.

      There are limited numbers of players per game, this gives others an opportunity to RSVP, and gives your host, time to plan ahead and prepare.

      I know things sometimes come up unexpectedly, so it's okay if it's an emergency, just update your RSVP and message me as you can.

      Venue Information

      We'll be playing at Villainous Lair. It's a comic/board-game shop located in Normal Heights.

      Parking: Street. There is usually spots along Adams Ave., East of the Store: toward 32nd and Iowa St.

      Food: Villainous Lair allows food and drinks in the shop. There are coffee shots and restaurants in the immediate neighborhood.

      Mauricio's Mexican Food is good and cheap and across the street.

      San Diego, CA - USA

      Thursday, December 7 at 6:30 PM


                [podcast] Giochi per le vacanze        
      Ascolta "Giochi da spiaggia, ed.2017 - Il Dado Incantato #31" su Spreaker.

      Come lo scorso anno, prima di chiudere qualche settimana per un po’ di riposo, vi consigliamo un certo numero di titoli da giocare in spiaggia, sotto l’ombrellone, in albergo, insomma nei migliori posti di villeggiatura. Filler, ma non solo… anche se il nostro animale guida, il cinghiale, merita anch’esso un po’ di riposo, cerchiamo di mantenerlo in allenamento costante.

      I titoli di cui abbiamo parlato:
      Mint Works, Justin Blaske [Five24 Games]
      Micio Mao, Aza Chen [Raven Distribution]
      Paku Paku, Antoine Bauza [Ravensburger]
      No Thanks! , Thorsten Gimmler [Dal Negro]
      Happy Salmon [dV Giochi]

      I freebies di Reiner Knizia li trovate qui sul suo sito ufficiale.

      Appuntamenti di agosto:
      GiocAosta, dal 18 al 20 agosto ad Aosta, piazza Chanoux. Tutte le informazioni le trovate qui.

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      Seguici su Spreaker e ascoltaci in streaming.

                AGC 205 February 14th 2016 (A Titan of Time Machines) (1:26:56)        
      With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Chris Mais of Kicked in the Dicebags. About KitDB. What we're up to, Minotaurs of the Stonelands, and DriveThruRPG picks. Getting back into gaming after a long absence, rich settings and impostor syndrome. When Gonzo Goes Wrong, and taking it slow. Kickstarter Corner. Boris Vallejo and Hyborian Gates.

      Download 64kbps mp3 (41.7 MB)

      Show links
      Kicked in the Dicebags
      Minotaurs of the Stonelands
      Cold Shadows (Nocturnal Media/Kickstarter)
      Wearing The Cape (Kickstarter)
      Hyborian Gates (BoardGameGeek)

      Be sure to check out Gamerati!

      AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
      Mark: Prime Directive PD20 (Amarillo Design Bureau)
      Carol:Hero High (Green Ronin Publishing)
      Chris:Blades in the Dark (One Seven)
      Purchasing through our Affiliate Links help support the show!

                AGC News Early August 2016 (14:03)        
      With Mark Kinney. Spiel des Jahres. Hasbro acquires Boulder Media. Asmodee acquiring F2Z. Wizard World turns a profit! Hastings closing. Lots of coming games. New gaming cafes. Orcs and Swords summer camp.

      Download 64kbps mp3 (6.7 MB)

      Show links
      Anout Knight Moves in Somerville (Boston Eater)
      Boards and Brews (Facebook)
      Board Game Republic
      Jack Straws (Kickstarter)
      About Orcs and Swords (Wisconsin State Journal)

                AGC News July 19th 2016 (14:39)        
      With Mark Kinney and Mags. RIP Steven D. Russell of Rite Publishing. Ennies voting is open, and the Diana Jones award has released its shortlist. Top ten tabletop Kickstarters. Social media algorithmic follies. News from the tournament scene. Bloodborne, Evil Dead 2, Galaxy Quest. Oragnized Play Seasons for Tanks. Dicing for a nomination!

      Download 64kbps mp3 (7.0 MB)

      Show links
      Steven Russell Memorial Fund (GoFundMe)
      ENnies Voting
      2016 Diana Jones Award Shortlist
      Evil Dead 2 Official Boardgame (Kickstarter)
      Dice Roll Decides House Independent Candidate (Statesman Journal)

                kottukali on "A Brilliant new game for iPad !!!"        

      Good app... Same way, try game also :

      App Name: KottuKali

      Full Version URL:

      Cost: 0.99 $

      FREE Version:

      Additional Message:

      KottuKali is an interesting kids & family game which is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. KottuKali is a traditional two-player game in which a player can compete or challenge another player or also play in a single mode. Having three modes; easy, medium and hard makes it simple for the player to set a game with his choice of level. This game is very easy to learn and play, even kids can learn the rules and play in 5 seconds. This is mostly concentrated for kids and families. This game can improve the thinking ability, can provide mental exercise etc to kids thus improves their memory.

      Video Promo:

      Twitter :!/KottuKali
      FB Page:
      FB App: (Where users can play online and challenge each other.)

                Codenames – our first #BloggerBoardGameClub review        
      One of the best contacts I made at the recent Blog on conference was the Blogger Board Game club. Once a month we will be sent a new game to play as a family and give feedback on, and our first game was Codenames. (Amazon affiliate link) I’m not sure these slightly dingy pictures give […]
                Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#12        
      Woke up and rushed to meet with the gang only to discover that horror of horrors I had left my toothpaste back at Manila. The group was looking at playtesting a new game by jim and I definitely wanted to join that so I hurriedly bought terribly expensive toothpaste at the hotel gift shop and freshened up to meet with them.

      The game was a blast. While still in its rough stages, the game definitely shows a lot of promise. Without saying too much, the game touches on the Western genre and adds a touch of the supernatural to it. We had our fare share of combat and drama and in the end, we all bid farewell to this unforgiving world.

      Water.  I definitely reminded myself to stay hydrated. In each game session, I'd make sure I had at least one or two glasses of water to keep me fueled up, especially given how much talking a game demands.  I probably drink around eight glasses in one game session.  This was one of the things I loved about the convention, admittedly. There were numerous water drinking stations all around the convention areas, allowing you to make sure you stay well hydrated despite your hour long sessions.

      So going back, after that, we swung by for a quick lunch before and played a few more sessions of Dice Crawl. (  We played at the lobby table and had a good number of sessions rolling dice and finding ways to gather the most points before someone ran out of dice or reached the dragon.

      At around 2 p.m. I then had my Lacuna: The Birth of Mystery and the Girl from Blue City game to run.  There was a brief mix-up on what room was supposed to be used but I eventually found where I was supposed to go and saw the players waiting there.  Ben messaged in our Messenger Group that his game fizzled, so I invited him to play in mine. He instead played with jim for a session of The Black Monk (   The game had four players, and two of them shared they have played Lacuna before.  I explained how my game was most likely very different from what they have played, and opened with the recruitment process with the players going through the application process of becoming a Mystery Agent.   The group dove into the Blue City, encountered the Fraulein and soon found themselves at the Racetrack in hopes of locating and extracting the Fisherman. While there, they meet up with Kira and discover the complications of being the sixth of five iterations of the same rescue attempt.  One player sacrifices himself and allows Fisherman to be extracted, while the three others narrowly escape the arrival of Spiders.

      Good times.  The group was pretty happy with the game, and I think some of them even added me up on Facebook. It was a bit annoying that I had forgotten the key prop (the Lacuna pins I had back home) but we still had a great game, I'd like to think.

      Later in the evening, I found a chance to finally buy the two Legendary Encounters games I've been wanting to plus the mahjong tile deluxe version Hanabi. Found a few smaller games that were worth grabbing as well. Sadly not that many RPG book options. Save for Pathfinder, Traveller, and D&D, there were some Dr Who DWAITAS books but I remembered Rocky planning to get them as a set so stopped myself. Then there was only this FATE corebook but I didn't really feel like spending $25 for it.

      Then I bumped into Jim who insisted I play The Carcass: Exodus with him, which I definitely wanted to do. I completely regret not having the funds to back it on Kickstarter when it was there. I got to play the Butcher, who was basically the person who cooks for the colony. It was a choice of being a Provider (the person who handles the food) or a Cleaner (who gets rid of unwanted people) and so I chose the former. The story was pretty epic and I actually shed a few tears while playing both my character Chock, and one of the NPCs named Kelly. That game was pretty intense.

      By the evening, I think I had sorta shut down and tried to get some writing done but it just seems hard to write without the net (which allows me to do any quick double checking or research) and so that was futile.  Ben and Dan were wondering where I had gone and I think I only noticed them come the next day.  I was tired, but man, I was psyched.

      But looking back, I am starting to really regret not being more photo snappy. Admittedly, Rocky is incredible in doing that and I just never really got used to the idea of taking pictures as often as possible. :-( Sad now to have such a wall of text for a convention report.
                Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#11        
      So, the weekend was just incredible.   I had no idea how much I would feel both emotionally and psychologically changed by this trip to a gaming convention. But man, this event has given me a whole new sense of self and confidence. It was such a rush of emotions and in many ways a perfect response to the traumatic events of the previous year. The act of setting the experience down to words feels almost impossible, but I shall do my best to try.

      Welcome to the Forty Year Old Fanboy  Gamex 2017 report.

      I arrived at the Hilton LAX on Friday and messaged the people in charge that I was checking in. They informed me that I just have to tell the front desk who I was and show them some ID and my room was waiting.  I will admit, I was nervous and kept fiddling with my passport, wondering if my VISA or my office i.d. card was a better choice to show them.  Eventually, I opted for my Indigo Entertainment card and it was enough. The woman behind the counter confirmed my room, gave me my keycard and wished me a nice day.

      The room was amazing.

      I did not expect to have such wonderful accommodations.  Nor did I know that I was going to have it all to myself!  I started setting my stuff down and mapped out what I should bring down for my first game session, which was to run a game of 7th Sea second edition with the focus on La Bucca. I headed downstairs and after wandering about for a bit and exploring the place

      The convention was HUGE.  It occupied so many floors, offering areas of interest for people who loved board games, miniatures, and role-playing games.  On the second floor, people would line up for registration and check out the available RPG sessions that they could sign up for.  There were scheduled games for 9a.m., 2p.m., and 8p.m. Some games would have their own room. Others would be in a four table room.  There were areas for LARP games, and Pathfinder Society games.  The ground level had areas for board game demos, dealer rooms, and miniature based fun. That floor also had the flea market where there were so many fun choices I had to stop myself or suffer having luggage problems in the future.   Finally, there was the "dungeon" which was the lower floor. That area had the place for Open Gaming and games on demand, and Adventure's League games.  There were also demos and kickstarter demonstrations there.

      The opportunities for people to try things were fantastic, with games and talks and the like all happening all over the place. It was nice to see so much activity to choose from in the area.  As the time for my first game slowly crept closer, I heard someone call out to me by name. I turned and realized it was jim pinto, who admittedly looked nothing like how I imagined him to be. Within a heartbeat, he introduced me to five other people, and I even had a glimpse of an upcoming board game  which was soon to have its own Kickstarter campaign. I learned jim preferred never to have his picture taken and I promised to myself to resist taking any photo of him during the whole convention. jim was such a fantastic con-companion, making sure I took time to eat and showed me around. He even introduced me to more people in the con and helped me feel less like a stranger in a strange land.  We also meet with Stephanie Bryant and a few other designers from IGDN and quickly opt to step out to grab some grub.

      After a quick snack at Carl's Jr. with newfound friends,  jim and I head upstairs to attend the Meet and Greet. It was an event where the people in the convention get a chance to meet the special guests.  With Ben still enroute, it was me, an artist named Philip Checkcinco, and reluctantly, jim, who are introduced.  We have some slight rosey drinks and excuse ourselves to head down and prep for our games. Part of me wishes I asked for Philip's contact details to drag him with us for company on any food runs and the like. He and I had a short chat about feeling overwhelmed by the whole affair and I felt he might need someone to keep him company too.

      My first game, a 7th Sea game called "True Monsters" gets four players, with one of them being someone who had never played a role-playing game before. The group of heroes arrived at La Bucca, each with their own goals in mind, but soon found themselves pulled together into a conspiracy unlike any other. By the end of the session, the groups were excited to explore the world of 7th Sea more, and the new player was very happy to try more.  I counted it as a small victory on my part.

      With the end of the first game, I weighed on what to do next. The guy handling the Games On Demand con stuff, Tomer, invites me to join his friends for an Escape Room experience. I decide to check it out and it was a pretty amazing game that cost only $15. It required tearing stuff and the like, but it it definitely was an experience well worth the cost! Tomer writes more about it here:

      The game was Exit: The Abandoned Cabin and I highly recommend it to all fans of Escape Room games.

      I soon hear from Ben Woerner and Dan Waszkiewicz that they've arrived and were at the Open Gaming area. I make my way there and finally meet the two. Hugs and lots of laughing ensured. We hit the cafe for a late snack and decide to call it a night given we all have stuff to handle come morning.

      I get back to my room and I find myself overwhelmed with emotions. The happiness. The excitement. The nerves. The were all incredibly moving. I thought of having some water but end up breaking a glass in the process of unwrapping it from a paper cover. Thankfully, I didn't cut myself.  I got inspired enough to try writing stuff for some of the projects I am working on, but the laptop fails to work with the cellular phone's hotspot, so that kind of threw writing out of the window.

      I tuck myself into bed to sleep and wonder how much more fantastic the night can get.
                Tips to Make You Better at Scrabble        
      I love Scrabble, like a lot of people, and I've been playing it most of my life. I'm also pretty good with words, so I win a lot. The only people I've played with who really gave me a run for my money are my best friend who now lives two hours away, and the Scrabble buddy I met via Craigslist, who turned out to be a serial rapist. Oops! (He didn't do anything to me except beat me in Scrabble, by the way.) So in the interest of building your confidence and getting you to play with me, I decided to write some encouragement.

      There are some people among my family and friends who think they stink at Scrabble or that they don't have a chance at winning because they think it's all about just being smart, or knowing lots of words, or the luck of the draw. But there are some specific things that everyone has access to. More than my level of intelligence or ability to spell, these are the things that help me win, and they will help you too:

      1. Save your blanks.

      If you draw a blank, don't just use it to make a decent word. Save it to make a bingo (a bingo is when you use all of your tiles in one play). Save it for two or three turns, or even more. Don't think of a bingo as something that just happens if you're lucky enough to get the right letters. Try to plan for it.

      2. Try to make two words at once (or more).

      One way to do this is to use an S - which you should also save for this purpose - to make two words, one vertical and one horizontal.

      You can also make words parallel to each other, as long as each pair of adjoining letters forms a word. This technique can really multiply your score.

      3. Get to know the two-letter-word list.

      If you are using a regular dictionary or the official Scrabble-players' dictionary, there are several two-letter words, many obscure that you've probably never used. If you memorize these, you can use them to make multiple words in one play, placing words right next to each other, parallel to each other on the board. This is also a good way to dump a bunch of vowels. Did you know that AA, AI, and OE are acceptable Scrabble words?

      4. Watch for word-lengthening combinations such as -ED, -ING, -ION, etc.

      These will help you get a bigger score and up your chances of using all your tiles for one play.

      5. Take your time.

      Don't play right when you find a possible word. Take your time and find the best word you can make.

      My mother and I used to have Scrabble games that would last for three days; we'd get up between turns to live life, leaving the board set up, and return to the game as we were able (note: not advised if your home contains a cat).

      6. Pay attention to those premium squares.

      If you have decent tiles and can make several words, try to make words that allow you to play your high-scoring letters on the double-letter or triple-letter squares.

      If you are using an S or other letter to make two words, one vertically and one horizontally, it really adds up if you can find a premium square to place that adjoining letter on.

      7. Try not to set up your opponent.

      Even if you have a word that could earn you 20 points, it might not be worth it if you set up a great play for your opponent, such as giving them a place to use a triple-word premium square.

      8. If you get a U, and the Q hasn't been played yet, save it.

      If you use your U for a mediocre word, and then get stuck with the Q, you'll be sorry, especially if the game ends and you still have that Q, because your opponent gets the points from the tiles you couldn't use, and the Q is worth 10 points.

      There are some words that can be spelled with a Q without a U, such as QAID and QOPH. It's worth memorizing these too, along with the two-letter word list.

      9. Don't be afraid to challenge.

      When your opponent plays a word that looks unfamiliar to you, especially if your opponent is a seasoned player or likely to be full of bull, don't be afraid to challenge the play. If you are wrong, you lose a turn, but remember that playing a completely made-up word is legal, and if it's not challenged, the points count. Watch for a "tell," just like in poker...and develop your own poker face so you can try it too, when you dare!

      10. Practice!

      Play online, via Facebook, with friends, on your smartphone, and anywhere else you can. You'll learn new words playing with different people, and it will sharpen your brain, not just for the game, but for life!

                Surprised/Not Surprised        
      Not sure where this pic was snapped, but it comes from Board Game Geek's Twitter feed:

      See the original  here.

      So what does this mean? Well, seeing how FFG has a pretty awesome set of role playing game rules, the amazingly popular X-Wing miniature combat flight sim, Star Wars card games (Empire v. Rebellion and the LCG), the forthcoming Armada (yay capital ships!) and the very new Imperial Assault, it's not like they're hurting for choices.

      I could easily see quick expansions for X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault since those are some of the newest, most visible, and popular Star Wars properties that FFG has out right now, and FFG doesn't have to rely upon Disney/Lucasfilm for clarification.

      Follow up releases to the card games and the role playing game could come as a second wave to renew interest in those lines as well. Of course this is simply speculation, but it's a good time to be a Star Wars and gaming fan!
                cut the chatter, red 2. accelerate to attack speed.         
      at gencon this summer i saw fantasy flight games running demos of their new miniatures game x-wing.  

      initially, i was a bit non-plussed about the game. it seemed simplistic, basic even, and i have enough going on with 40k, flames of war, and warmachine. i really didn't see myself playing it at all. 

      a few weeks later, i was presented with the opportunity to pick up the basic box and a y-wing for pretty cheap, and as usual, i was unable to prevent my gaming from flaring up, so i bought them.

      opening the box, i found the quality of the product to be pretty amazing. ffg has gone above and beyond to create scale versions of the fighters we know and love, and the game itself is fast, fun, and full of the same cinematic action we saw the first time we watched the battle of yavin. 

      yep. that's a seinar fleet systems tie advanced, and you can have a squadron with darth vader. he's awesome.
      each turn you plan the maneuvers of your ships, execute those maneuvers (and take a pilot action if able), then try to shoot down your opponents if they are in range and in your field of fire. your pilot skill affects how movement and shooting is resolved. movement is resolved from lowest pilot skill to highest, and shooting is resolved from highest pilot skill to lowest. the actions you take after moving can provide you with a potential boost to accuracy if you're feeling aggressive on the guns, or an extra bit of maneuverability if you've got a bogie on your six.

      the game scales nicely, with the suggested size of games being 100 points which means about four to five ships per side. it also plays well for teams (each player controls a 50 point flight) and the basic set includes a some card asteroids to add some terrain to the table (and terrain does make a difference!)

      the btl-a4 y-wing starfighter is a freakin' tank in game. 
      the current expansions (x-wing, y-wing, tie fighter, and tie advanced) are all available for about $15 a pop, so it's pretty affordable for a miniature wargame, and there's a lot of current interest in the game; boardgamegeek has had it on "the hotness" list for a while and folks are doing great stuff with the game itself, like creating an online squadron builder.

      personally, i think ffg, despite my inital hesitation, has done a great job with x-wing, and i can't wait to see the future releases beyond the a-wing, tie interceptor, millennium falcon, and slave 1.

      all images in this post are property of fantasy flight games, used without permission.

                it's all about attraction        
      ...or how to get two vehicles out of one.

      let's face it, miniature wargaming is not an inexpensive hobby. i'd be lying if i ever said that "i don't spend too much on toy soldiers", or "i've never hidden a purchase from the sadie."

      i'm a gamer. of course, i've spent too much money on games, and i have a man-purse for a reason: it's big enough to hide all but the largest of purchases.


      ...does not fit inside of this.

      there are smart ways to game during an economic downturn, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to make sure that your vehicles are flexible when it comes down to their weapons.

      i picked up the new forge world mark1c "deimos" pattern predator at gencon. it comes with all the bitz to make both the destructor and annihilator versions. 

      drive closer...

      ...i want to hit them with my sword!

      you'll notice that both the main weapon on the turret and the sponson mounted weapons are different. thanks to the wonder that is rare earth magnets i can easily change between an anti-infantry bloody smear maker, and a lascannon toting, tank killing, sumbitch. 

      the key to mounting rare earth magnets is twofold:
      1. planning planning planning
      2. knowing your polarity
      planning planning planning:
      when it comes down to magnetizing a vehicle the more time you take to plan your assembly, the better off you'll be. my assembly plan for the turret was to drill a small hole in the barrel assembly just like i was going to pin the barrel to the turret. i then simply inserted (not glued!) a pin into the barrel, cut it just shy of flush with the mantlet, aligned it with the turret slot, and pressed firmly using the pin to scribe a mark in the turret resin. 

      i then used the scribe mark to drill a hole in the turrent, inserted (not glued!) a pin into the turret, cut it almost flush with the turret slot, and used the turret to mark the other barrel assembly. then i used that scribed mark as a starting point for the hole for the rare earth magnet.

      here you can see the magnet glued into place after i used a larger drill bit to widen the hole.

      knowing your polarity:
      once you've mounted the magnet, it's important to test the polarity of the magnets you're using. if you don't, there's a 50/50 chance that you're going to glue the second magnet down facing the wrong direction, and then you've got to drill that bastard out. you will get frustrated and you will use profanity. so save yourself the stress, test and mark your magnets.

      for the turret here, i simply connected a magnet to the one mounted in the turret, and used a sharpie pen to mark the side to glue down. then i simply glued it into the barrel assembly.

      if you could see the other side of the magnet, you'd notice a blue "x".

      the connection is a solid one, and it also allows me to easily remove destroyed weapons. Eventually I'll scratch build a blasted and burning mantlet that i can stick on during a game.

      for the weapon sponsons, i did something a bit different. since my magnets were too wide to mount into the body of the weapons, i had to use a ferrous material to work with the magnet.

      you can see that i simply widened the hole on the bottom part of the sponson and mounted my rare earth magnet flush. then i simply drilled several small holes in the bottom of the weapon, mounted several cut pieces of a paper clip into the bottom of the weapon, and filed it flush. the attraction is enough that the weapon is held securely, and easily rotates.

      that's all there is too it! the biggest challenge is planning your build well, and knowing the polarity of your magnets when you're ready to glue them down.

      if you've got questions, leave them in the comments section, and i'll help you anyway i can!

      horus heresy boardgame is property of fantasy flight games.

                Train Hopping        

      NOTE: This post was originally published in 2006, on a blog that was deleted by Google.

      I am reproducing it here to spite the fascists at Google, and also because I like it.

      My roommate and I were comparing wounds the other day.  I was showing her a lump on the top of my foot and she was showing me a dog bite on the inside of her thigh.  I got the lump about two weeks ago while attempting an extremely complicated manoeuver in my girlfriend's apartment.  We were watching some horror documentary (on Bravo, I think) when I decided to get up and walk across the room, probably to refill my drink, or empty the ashtray, or possibly even to pee - it doesn't really matter.  What does matter is that her sofa bed, aside from being the least comfortable piece of furniture in the western hemisphere, is also one of the most dangerous.  It's really a marvel of classic booby trap design, for you see, the legs are multi-purpose.  In addition to elevating and stabilizing the sofa and the bed, they also have built-in, serrated knives, similar to the ones that Snake Oiler deployed from the inside of his hubcaps, for the purpose of puncturing Speed Racer's tires and cutting into the sides of the Mach 5 as if it were no more than a sardine can with a really cool paint job.  The knives that are built into the sofa bed do NOT rotate like Mr. Oiler's and most unfortunately, they do NOT retract when not in use.  They do however, stick out a good 8 inches, and are conveniently angled to ensure that they inflict maximum damage to the feet and ankles any passing human. 

      Anyway, I was talking to my roommate and comparing wounds when she pointed out a scar that she got when she fell off of a train that she was trying to hop when she was a kid.  For all of you who grew up in towns with places to go and stuff to do, I will explain.  "Hopping a train" is the act of boarding a moving train (usually a freight train) by running along side of it until you decide that the potential reward of getting on a MOVING train with an UNKNOWN destination far outweighs the potential risk of dismemberment or painful death.  At this point, one grabs on to part of the train (usually a railing of some sort) and hoists one's self up onto the platform between cars.  If you are really lucky, the train won't immediately accelerate to a speed that is prohibitive to jumping back off, as you really don't want to wind up in Florida, or even Maryland for that matter, because you'll be grounded if you're not home for dinner.   

      I have hopped several trains in my day, and once wound up approximately 70 miles from my hometown.  We were all twelve or thirteen and Instead of biting the bullet and calling one of our parents to come pick us up, we decided to up the stupidity ante considerably.  I think it was my idea to just hop another train going in the opposite direction, but after some discussion, Bobby, Donny, and Brian all agreed that a train going in the opposite direction could have a destination of just about anywhere.  I remember suggesting that if we got to a point where we no longer recognized the passing scenery, we would just jump off again and maybe call our parents at that point, but dammit, we still had a shot of getting home without getting grounded, and it was summer, and I really had no intention of being stuck in the house with my freaking brother, who never did anything but play APBA baseball and throw screwdrivers at me (which will probably be the subject of a future post). 

      As it turned out, the second train that we hopped DID take us back to where we started, which was probably against the odds, because we passed several track-switches that presumably could have sent us anywhere in the country.  I seem to remember that we even had enough time left over to explore the derelict electricity plant on our way home, which was probably even more dangerous than train-hopping, and thus, infinitely more fun 

                Games I Have Recently Acquired        
      I went on a shopping/trading spree recently, selling or trading away dozens of games and getting slightly less back. Recent acquisitions include:

      • Age of Industry: A dry game of money management and planning, with a little route building. I find it to be elegant, with a lot of game play and many interesting choices. So far my group has responded less enthusiastically, since turns take a bit of time the first time you play and there is nothing to do until it is your turn again. I think the dryness may keep people away from it.
      • Amerigo: A colorful game with a nifty cube tower action mechanism. The downside is that they number actions you get each turn, and which ones, are kind of random. The upsides are that it's a freakin' cube tower. The gameplay is also reasonable, if not brilliant or perfect or polished.  There are many paths to take as long as you don't get totally stuck on the wrong side of the board with no places left to build. This should continue to hit the table every once in a while.
      • Among the Stars: A drafting game of building a spaceship, by which I mean placing tiles of five colors into your play space, trying to maximize points. It plays quickly enough, so it doesn't bother me that it is not a brain burner. But, again, some of the people who have played it found it not very interesting. This could be because they were expecting something deeper.
      • Bruges: I played this at a game convention, and it was fairly good (I like many of Stefan Feld's games). I haven't tried it in the group yet.
      • Codenames: This is an excellent puzzle game using words and teams, good for both gamers and non-gamers. It shot up the charts on BoardGameGeek and it deserves it. We play it often in the group, and I also play it with guests.
      • Coloretto: A very light very quick game. I like Zooloretto more, but this one was available so I picked it up. I haven't played it in the group yet.
      • La Granja: My secret santa game, which I didn't even put on my wish list. But my elf (Nadine) suggested it to my santa because she had played it at a convention. Looks good but complex. The more complex the game, the trickier it becomes to get everything working well. I haven't played it yet.
      • The Grizzled: The other game I received from secret santa. A coop game themed with WWI that also wasn't on my wish list. It was a nice thought - the game has good reviews - but I'm really not a fan of coop games, generally.
      • Myrmes: The opportunity presented itself so I picked this one up while I was picking up something else. Looks cool. I haven't played it yet.
      • Producer: Acquired as a gift from the designer who was passing through. Comes packed in a VHS box. I haven't played it yet.
      • Seasons: The opportunity presented itself. Another version of acquiring actions from a pool of dice. I haven't played it yet.
      • Suburbia: A city building game. Some luck determines if the tile you need is available - at all, or at a time you can acquire it - but it's mostly about planning and managing your money. Should feel drier, but I find it to be fun. It has received mixed reviews in the group, but at least some of them are willing to play it again.
      • Trajan: A very complex Euro that I brought after it was on my wishlist for a long time. I have only played it once, but it seemed to work very well (although we made some rules mistakes). Nadine has already played it half a dozen times. I hope to play it again. Everyone else has liked it, I think.

                Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast #44, by Wayne Henderson Voice-overs, (206)984-1446 Packers playoffs and LOST        
      Episode #44 of the Tuning In with Wayne Henderson (TIWWH) podcast byWayne Henderson Voice-overs, at   My Voice-over Demo   In iTunes since 2005     Please call the listener feedback line at (206) 984-1446!Email: TIWWH Amazon Store  Search for particular items at this link      TIWWH Episode #44 features: * ABC TV’s LOST &   * 12-time World Champion Green Bay Packers   * Ballroom Dancing – Dancing With The Stars champion singing Country? * Whine With Wayne – Restaurants with cheap toilet paper    Many thanks for Tuning In With Wayne Henderson and for joining the free "network" and getting each free episode as it comes out in iTunes at     Remember to keep dancing. Wayne ·          A proud member of at ·          Wayne Henderson's official Voice-over blog is     Wayne Henderson Voice-overs Heard recently on the Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast, the Generally Speaking Podcast Network, and Wayne Price's Wayne Show podcast.  Recently appeared on camera at Yucaipa Christian Church.  Select credits include: and Living Faith Evangelical Church.  Tuning In With Wayne Henderson Podcast also now available through MediaFly. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.
                StarShipSofa No 496 Konstantine Paradias        
      Please Support this fine show on Patreon Main Fiction: "How You Ruined Everything" by Konstantine Paradias Originally published in Unidentified Funny Objects 5 Konstantine Paradias is a writer by choice and a member of the SFWA. His short stories have been published in the Dystopia-Utopia Anthology by Flame Tree Press, The Cackle of Cthulhu Anthology and the AE Canadian Science Fiction Review, among many others.His short story collection "Sorry, Wrong Country" is published by Rooster Republic Press. Fact: Looking Back at Genre History by Dr Amy H. Sturgis Narrated by: Jonathan Sharp Jonathan began narrating for the Hugo-Award-Winning podcast Star Ship Sofa as a way to give back to a community that brings him great joy on a weekly basis. By day he slings cheese and wine at a local grocer and by night loses at boardgames to his infinitely more talented wife Paige. Recently, in an attempt to hide from the sun, they have transplanted themselves in the Pacific North West and are soaking up the rain using their new puppy/mud-sponge Finn. Jonathan has become a regular narrator for the District of Wonders Network including the horror podcast Tales to Terrify the fantasy podcast Far Fetched Fables and is a producer for Audible through the ACX platform.
                Z cyklu ZŁE GRY: Contraband        
      Obskurny, zapomniany tytuł z roku 1979, w którym gracze wcielają się w handlarzy narkotyków, szmuglujących nielegalny towar do USA i Kanady. 
      W przypadku Contraband aż prosi się o naskrobanie krótkiej notki historycznej, obrazującej czasy w których ten tytuł ujrzał światło dzienne. 
      Zapraszam do recenzji!

      zdjęcie: Brian Zagst w serwisie BGG

      Pojawienie się gry akurat w roku 1979 nie jest przypadkiem. W tym właśnie okresie spożycie nielegalnych środków odurzających w Stanach było największe w historii, a handel narkotykami kwitł w najlepsze. Sporządzona w tymże właśnie roku ankieta, wykazała, że aż 25 milionów Amerykanów miała styczność z tego rodzaju używkami. Królowała bezsprzecznie marihuana, która już 5 lat wcześniej trafiła na celownik Senatu. Wojna Antynarkotykowa prowadzona przez środowiska polityczne w rezultacie doprowadziła w 1986 do uchwalenia przez Kongres Aktu Antynarkotykowego, który między innymi ustanawiał minimalne kary za posiadanie substancji odurzających.

      zdjęcie: Brian Zagst w serwisie BGG

      Zasady gry Contraband nie należą do zbyt skomplikowanych, jeśli bazować na źródłach dostępnych w internecie. W roku 1979, czyli w momencie powstania tego tytułu, zaawansowane mechaniki nie należały do zbyt popularnych (a nawet nie istniały), tak więc po raz kolejny mamy tu do czynienia z tradycyjnym, chińczykowym roll & move, w którym po wyrzuceniu określonego rezultatu, poruszamy się po planszy daną liczbę pól.

      Handlować będziemy marihuaną, w której pakiety zaopatrujemy się w tak egzotycznych miejscach jak Jamajka, Hawaje, Meksyk i Kolumbia. Następnie czeka nas żmudna podróż do Stanów, aczkolwiek jeśli mamy ochotę zarobić nieco więcej, naszym miejscem docelowym będzie Kanada. Wiąże się to jednak z większym ryzykiem utraty towaru.

      zdjęcie: Brian Zagst w serwisie BGG

      Co ciekawe, gra oferuje możliwość zaciągania pożyczek w banku, które mają wspomóc rozkręcenie nielegalnej działalności. Bankowe sępy żądają jednak procentu z zysków, określonego losowo na pociągniętej przez nas karcie pożyczki. Ot, ciekawa alternatywa dla kart znanych z nieśmiertelnego Monopolu. Poza tym na naszej drodze możemy napotkać na nieprzewidziane trudności, na skutek których część posiadanego przez nas towaru zostanie utracona.

      Wykonanie gry, jak na tamte czasy, wygląda bardzo przyzwoicie. Uwagę zwraca zwłaszcza dbałość o wygląd mapy nałożonej na planszę, a także pomysłowy wygląd opakowania gry.
      Dziś Contraband to tytuł właściwie niemożliwy do zdobycia. Z tego też powodu doprecyzowanie zasad, a zwłaszcza sposobu naliczania należnych bankowi procentów, pozostaje tajemnicą.

      Źródła: BGG, Wikipedia
                Z cyklu ZŁE GRY: Psycho Raiders        
      Rozmemłany pod względem graficznym front, srogi tytuł i równie groźnie brzmiąca nazwa wydawnictwa - Emperors of Eternal Evil! Grupka przyjaciół wyrusza zdezelowanym autem ku wspaniałej przygodzie. Niestety wrak psuje się po drodze, a młodych ludzi biorą na maczetowy celownik lokalne świry.  
      Ta gra aż się prosiła o dołączenie do cyklu ZŁYCH GIER!

      Ktoś tu chyba oglądał Prowlera

      Rok 1978. Złote lata filmowych slasherów właśnie się zaczynają i to z całkiem mocnym przytupem. Na ekrany wchodzi film Halloween. Michael Myers przedziera się przez coraz to nowsze lokacje, dając przykład swoim filmowym następcom jak urządzić fantazyjną rzeź.
      Psycho Raiders czerpie garściami z krwawych hitów sprzed lat i wrzuca nas wprost do slasherowego szamba, wypełnionego całą masą najróżniejszych popaprańców. Zadaniem graczy jest dotarcie do północnej części mapy, pozostając przy tym w ukryciu i nie dając zarżnąć grasującym po okolicy psychopatom.

      zdjęcie: nathan hayden w serwisie BoardGameGeek

      Rozgrywka toczy się na całkiem sporych rozmiarów, lecz dość bladej mapie, podzielonej na heksy i koncentruje głównie na tragicznych przeżyciach czwórki przyjaciół. Nie oznacza to jednak, iż jedynym zadaniem graczy będzie chowanie się po krzakach i ucieczka. W Psycho Raiders możemy znaleźć całkiem użyteczne przedmioty służące do odparcia grupy psycholi. Jeśli mamy ochotę, istnieje również opcja skorzystania z pomocy lokalnych mieszkańców. Jest to jednak dość ryzykowne posunięcie, gdyż może się okazać, że przemiły dziadek żujący na rozpadającej się werandzie tabakę, jest w istocie jednym z nękających nas świrów.

      zdjęcie: Mini Blackwizard w serwisie BoardGameGeek

      Postacie mają kilka statystyk, wśród których, oprócz standardów takich jak siła czy szybkość, mamy wolę życia. Pomagają nam one przy różnorakich testach, na jakie się natkniemy. Podstawową bronią uciekinierów będzie ukrywanie, do którego używamy żetonów postaci rozlokowywanych po mapie, gdzie tylko jeden z nich jest naszym rzeczywistym położeniem.

      Pod względem graficznym mamy tu do czynienia z tytułem dość specyficznym. Mieszanina przeróżnych stylów i grafik, w których przoduje gore. Istny karnawał okropieństw w postaci hektolitrów krwi, psychozy i golizny, tworzący wielce mroczną i duszną atmosferę. Fani horroru doszukają się również wielu odniesień do kultowych horrorów, zwłaszcza z lat 80.

      zdjęcie: Mark Chaplin w serwisie BoardGameGeek

      Gra ukazała się w czasopiśmie "Halloween Nightmares Horrorgame Magazine", a przed rozegraniem pierwszej partii potrzebować będziemy ksera, dwóch kostek i ołówka. Magazyn zawiera również komiksowe paski, które mają za zadanie wciągnąć nas w klimat gry.

      Liczba pomysłów jaką Psycho Raiders zostało nasączone pozwala domniemywać, iż twórcy są fanami gatunku i niejednego Myersa mają na koncie.
      Obskurna, ponura, bardzo krwawa, celowo niezbalansowana (psychopaci mają ogromną przewagę) i wielce niepoprawna gra, w której przeżycie graniczy z cudem. Horrormaniacy powinni być zadowoleni.

                Przegląd nowinek - 16 maja 2017        

      ☕  Planszowe League of Legends?!
      Włoskie wydawnictwo Reggie Games, debiutujące właśnie na rynku, pragnie odtworzyć sukces LoL oraz Dota 2 i przenieść ten rodzaj rozgrywki na planszę. Grupa prowadzonych przez graczy pięciu bohaterów ma być kontrolowanych dzięki talii kart, a celem głównym jest dotarcie do bazy przeciwnika. Szybkie 45-minutowe mecze i emocjonujące walki mają stanowić jedne z głównych atrakcji gry. ELO Darkness ma się pojawić na Kickstarterze już dziś.


      ☕  Nowości do Star Wars: Imperial Assault
      FFG kontynuuje wypuszczanie nowych dodatków do IA, jednocześnie zaniedbując drugą edycję Descenta. Czyżby przymierzali się do 3 edycji w której usprawniona zostałaby mechanika, na wzór IA? Rozszerzenie planszowe nosi nazwę Heart of the Empire i dołącza do gry między innymi 3 nowych bohaterów, a także kolejnego, wielkiego robota z serii AT. Tymczasem w pakietach Hero/Villains zastaniemy takich ancymonów jak imperator Palpatine (w końcu!), oraz Maul (hurra!).
      LINK 1
      LINK 2


      ☕  Kontynuacja The Manhattan Project
      To już druga część hitu z 2012 roku, który szybko wdarł się do topki 200 najlepszych gier w serwisie BGG. W grze wcielamy się w lidera jednego ze światowych mocarstw, mających dostęp do broni nuklearnej (bardzo na czasie...). Ta hitowa strategia, z mechanikami worker placement i draftingu kart, oraz wieloma drogami do osiągnięcia zwycięstwa, pojawiła się właśnie na Kickstarterze.
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 28 dni. Cena: $70


      ☕  Koszulki dla planszomaniaków
      Coś dla miłośników planszówek oraz... kotów ;) Przed kilkoma dniami na Kickstarterze zawitała kampania oferująca wysokiej jakości koszulki. Co tu dużo pisać, wzory widzicie sami :)
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 17 dni. Cena: $24 (jedna koszulka)


      ☕  Pierwsze rozszerzenie do Star Trek: Frontiers!
      A jednak będzie! Po wielu sceptycznych komentarzach, które nie wróżyły ST: Frontiers długiego żywota, WizKids zamyka niedowiarkom usta i ogłasza pierwszy dodatek do "kosmicznego Mage Knighta". Póki co wiemy niewiele. Rozszerzenie ma nosić nazwę The Return of Khan, wprowadzić do gry nowy statek - U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A, oraz oferować znacznie trudniejsze wyzwania. Czekamy!
      Moją recenzję Star Trek: Frontiers znajdziecie TUTAJ.


      ☕  A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game
      Kolejny tytuł, który po nagłym objawieniu na CMON Expo 2017, trafił na celowniki wielu z nas. Któż nie chciałby dowodzić olbrzymią armią z Gry o Tron i przesuwać pieczołowicie wykonane miniaturki na polu bitwy. Pierwszy zestaw podstawowy wrzuci do gry armie Starków i Lannisterów. Podobno w starciach będą brały udział nawet setki figurek! Boję się, że mój portfel tego nie wytrzyma :/


      ☕  Zostań zwierzęcym czarodziejem w Wizards of the Wild!
      Uroczo wyglądająca, zwierzęca karcianko-kościanka będzie miała swój pierwszy dodatek. Walczący w Stonehenge czarodzieje doczekali się nowych chowańców, wyzwań, oraz naturalnie zaklęć. Pięknie zilustrowane rozszerzenie gości właśnie na Kickstarterze i jest już w pełni ufundowane. Przy okazji możecie zamówić również podstawkę gry.
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 16 dni. Cena: $12 (dodatek) lub $26 (podstawka + dodatek)

                Przegląd nowinek - 4 maja 2017        

      ☕  Rambo na planszy!
      John Rambo, legendarny bohater kina akcji i ikona popkultury tym razem zagości na planszy. Gra wyląduje na Kickstarterze nie wcześniej jak w styczniu 2018 roku i ma oferować kooperacyjną rozgrywkę dla 1-4 osób. Tryb kampanii ma po części odwzorowywać mechanikę znaną z Pandemic: Legacy, gdzie odblokowywać będziemy nowe misje i zdolności korzystając ze specjalnych zapieczętowanych kopert. Tak, będą również miniaturki ;)


      ☕  Olbrzymie rozszerzenie do Legendary: Marvel
      Trzynasty już dodatek do Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, dorzuci do gry imponującą liczbę blisko 400 nowych kart! A wśród nich znajdziemy między innymi postacie jak Psylocke oraz Banshee.


      ☕  Rozpętaj własną wojnę w Heroes of Land, Air & Sea
      Gamelyn Games właśnie wystartowało na Kickstarterze z kampanią nowej planszówki inspirowanej światem Warcrafta. Proste zasady, hordy miniaturek, zarządzanie surowcami, a także... krwawe potyczki! Grę rozpoczynamy zaledwie 1 wojownikiem i 2 sługusami, a naszym celem jest rozbudowa królestwa i podbijanie nowych ziem. Na samym starcie gra zebrała blisko $100.000 z wymaganych $250.000.
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 31 dni. Cena: $79 (wersja deluxe - $139)


      ☕  Przerażający projekt na Kickstarterze
      Children to tytuł który momentalnie wpadł mi w oko w czasie porannego przeglądu kickstarterowych nowości. Wszystko za sprawą ponurego frontu pudełka, przywodzącego na myśl brytyjski dreszczowiec The Innocents z 1961 roku. Sierociniec Thornhill jest domem dla 13 duchów dzieci, które zginęły tu przed laty w wielkim pożarze. Zadaniem graczy będzie spętanie dusz błąkających się po opustoszałym budynku, po uprzednim jego spenetrowaniu i odnalezieniu odpowiednich zabawek.
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 28 dni. Cena: $25


      ☕  Dead of Winter - Warring Colonies
      Świeżutka zapowiedź od Plaid Hat Games, która ogłosiła dodatek do uwielbianego przez wielu Dead of Winter, czyli naszej Martwej Zimy. Rozszerzenie skierowane jest dla 4-11 graczy a jego głównym motywem jest... walka pomiędzy dwiema koloniami. Wszak rzeczy do splądrowania ciągle ubywa, a w ludziach odzywają się pierwotne instynkty. Gracze lubiący rywalizację będą wniebowzięci! Widać autorzy są na bieżąco z serialem The Walking Dead więc ciekawe czy będzie Negan ;)


      ☕  Asymetryczny horror sci-fi, czyli Alone
      Coś nam się ten początek maja zrobił mocno horrorowy :) Kolejny wart uwagi tytuł - który trafia i na mój celownik - to Alone. Asymetryczny survival horror z figurkami przypominającymi połączenie HALO, Dooma, Dune i serii Obcy. Samotny bohater któremu mroki futurystycznie wyglądających korytarzy oświetla jeno latarka, staje do walki z 3 sługusami zła, wysyłającymi nań hordy poczwar. Gra zdołała już przekroczyć próg ufundowania, czyli €40.000, a wszystko za sprawą limitowanej opcji deluxe, która zamieni planszę na sporych rozmiarów makietę!
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 20 dni. Cena: €75 (limitowana edycja deluxe - €350)

                Przegląd nowinek - 18 kwietnia 2017         

      ☕  Apka do Star Wars: Imperial Assault jeszcze w tym roku!
      Descentowa aplikacja swą premierę miała już jakiś czas temu. Naturalną koleją rzeczy było pojawienie się apki do Descenta na sterydach, czyli Imperial Assault. Aplikacja przejmie kontrolę nad siłami Imperium, a także umożliwi nam samotne rozgrywki. Jak potwierdza Fantasy Flight Games - prace nadal trwają, a rezultat końcowy powinniśmy zobaczyć jeszcze w 2017.


      ☕  Pierwsze rozszerzenie do One Deck Dungeon już na horyzoncie
      Czy ktoś nie słyszał o One Deck Dungeon? W poprzednim roku, tuż po premierze, gra zyskała niesamowitą wprost popularność wśród graczy solo, a jej egzemplarze po dziś dzień sprzedają się niczym świeże bułeczki na jarmarcznym odpuście. W grze ODD schodzimy do stale zmieniających się podziemi, by tłuc hordy stworów, co czyniliśmy już tysiąc i dwa razy, jednak rzadko zdarza się aby mechanika gry była tak atrakcyjna. Asmadi Games poszło za ciosem i w tym roku w nasze ręce trafi samodzielny dodatek, w którym bohaterki (gramy wyłącznie kobietami) zapuszczą się w czeluście mrocznego lasu.


      ☕  Pakiet nowości od Tasty Minstrel Games
      Wiosna, wiosna, wiosna... A wraz z przebiśniegami wydawnictwa wypuszczają nowe tytuły, którymi będą starały się nas zachwycić. Oto część oferty jaką przygotowali dla nas Minstrele:

      The Flow of History -  gra cywilizacyjna w której dużą rolę odgrywać ma licytacja, oraz spora interakcja między graczami
      Okey Dokey - familijna kooperacja gdzie zadaniem graczy będzie rozmieszczenie 50 kart w 10 kolumnach, aby festiwal zwierzaków zakończył się sukcesem
      Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - jedna z najbardziej oczekiwanych gier tego roku przez Rahdo oraz The Game Boy Geek'a. Stajemy na czele zakonu rycerzy w której rozszerzamy swoje wpływy i zwiększamy moc naszej organizacji. Gra pojawi się na Kickstarterze z bardzo fajnymi opcjami deluxe
      Downfall - gra autora Mystic Vale. Upadła Ziemia, drafting kart, symultanicznie wykonywane akcje, miniaturki, i tona innych, wspaniałych komponentów. Ten tytuł również pojawi się na Kickstarterze.


      ☕  Trefl wypuszcza spod swych skrzydeł nowego Boss Monstera
      News który niesamowicie mnie ucieszył, jeszcze przed Wielkanocą. Boss Monster: Następny Poziom, zwany potocznie "dwójką", to 160 nowych pikselowych kart, które możecie połączyć z pierwszą częścią gry. Kontynuacja wpuści w podziemia aż 12 nowych bossów, z którymi przyjdzie nam skrzyżować miecze, różdżki i topory. A wszystko utrzymane w klimacie starych gier video!


      ☕  Unbreakable Bonds - pierwszy duży dodatek do 3 edycji Runebound'a
      Świetne wieści dla miłośników kooperacji, a także graczy którzy nie zawsze mają z kim zasiąść do Runebounda! Nowe rozszerzenie umożliwi nam połączenie sił z pozostałymi graczami i wspólną walkę przeciwko podłym stworom, które ośmieliły się splugawić świat swoją egzystencją. 5 nowych scenariuszy oferować będzie również wariant solo. Nareszcie będziemy mogli zmontować drużynę, niczym w Descencie!


      ☕  Gloomhaven po raz kolejny na Kickstarterze
      Na koniec ponownie zaglądamy do Kickstarterowego świata.
      Jeśli nie zdążyliście zakupić za pierwszym razem, a ceny na aukcjach Was odstraszały, teraz macie szansę aby zdobyć Gloomhaven po całkiem rozsądnej cenie. Gra bardzo szybko trafiła na wszelakie topki ulubionych tytułów nie tylko recenzentów, ale i graczy z całego świata. Zamawiajcie, póki jest dostępne, zwłaszcza, że jest to poprawiona edycja.
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 13 dni. Cena: $99


      ☕  Kampania gry Brass: Birmingham wystartowała!
      Brass: Lancashire to strategia ekonomiczna osadzona w świecie rewolucji industrialnej, pierwotnie wydana w 2007 roku i uznawana za jedną za najdoskonalszych planszówek ekonomicznych. Teraz doczekaliśmy się następcy, w postaci części drugiej, pozwalającej nam odkrywać nowe strategie, gałęzie przemysłu i świeżutkie elementy mechaniki. Wydawnictwo Roxley, które niedawno wypuściło hitowe Santorini, potwierdza iż staje się poważnym graczem na planszówkowym rynku.
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 23 dni. Cena: CA $79 (dolar kanadyjski)


      ☕  Wyścigi w rzymskim amfiteatrze
      Dla tych którzy chcieliby sprawdzić się w powożeniu rydwanów, Victory Point Games, specjalizujące się w grach zahaczających o tematykę historyczną, oferuje nową grę wyścigową. Jednakże Chariots of Rome to nie tylko bezmyślne wyścigi. Tytuł ten oferuje również zarządzanie surowcami oraz mechanikę push your luck. A ścigać będziemy się w zakurzonym, rzymskim amfiteatrze.
      Na Kickstarterze jeszcze przez 29 dni. Cena: $39

                Comment on Play The Old Railway boardgame. Based on the rock and roll… by Midge Diabolik        
      Needs more Trevor Burton.
                METRO MTL: The Boardgame!        
      Montrealer's and transit geeks will love this.  Yes, it's a boardgame inspired by Montreal's iconic metro. I discovered the other day at Chez Boris, a hip little Russian Coffeeshop that's part of Montreal's nascent 'nouveau doughnut' scene.

       The goal is simple, whoever gets to their destination and back home again fastest wins. Along the way you collect transit tickets, bonuses and penalties ("you are caught smoking, loose five transit tickets").

      For some reason "home" for all players is Longeuil which hardly seems fair.  The game is relatively recent (1997), but it all has a decidedly retro feel -- like the METRO itself, before the more recent modernization began.

      It's funny to see the metro get a boardgame treatment.  But if we can do it with capitalism and real-estate specualtion (Monopoly) and the  car-driving nuclear family ("Life"), why not commuting to work? 

      Now if we could overlay a BIXI map on top of the board things would really get interesting!

                Turkey : Pamukkale - Ephesus - Cappadocia - Istanbul        
      Click on words bold in BLUE for more information on the subject.

      Semasa di Istanbul, aku mengambil keputusan untuk menggunakan khidmat travel agency untuk membuat arrangement melawat Pamukkale dan Ephesus. Memandangkan it was a peak season, I learnt that it is going to be difficult to get a ticket bus and lodging. Tambahan pula I only have limited number of days to cover all these places and couldn't afford to take a risk stranded disebabkan tiada tiket bas untuk pulang ke Istanbul. The travel agency arranged for everything termasuk lodging, lunch, transportation dan tour. Perkhidmatan coach percuma juga disediakan oleh syarikat bas untuk membawa passengers ke bus terminal yang terletak lebih kurang 30 minit perjalanan dari Sultanahmet .

      Perjalanan 12 jam ke Selcuk, sebuah bandar yang terletak tidak jauh dari Ephesus menaiki bas express memang amat selesa. Bukan sahaja basnya bersih dengan tempat duduk yang empuk, terdapat juga steward yang menghidangkan minuman dan kek. Bas express tersebut berhenti beberapa kali samada untuk mengambil penumpang atau makan. Tempat-tempat perhentiannya kebanyakkannya di kawasan R&R di mana terdapat foodstalls atau restoran yang turut menjual cenderamata. Even at wee hours of the morning tempat-tempat ini full of activity dan meriah. Perjalanan menaiki bas bukan sahaja terhad di darat tetapi juga merentasi Sea of Marmara dengan menaiki feri selama setengah jam. Kesempatan itu ku ambil untuk turun dari bas express ke dek feri. Walaupun tiada pemandangan dapat dilihat kerana malam memang pekat tetapi sekurang-kurangnya dapat mengambil angin malam yang sebenarnya sejuk hingga ke tulang.

      Setelah freshened up dan menukar pakaian, dari Selcuk perjalanan diteruskan menaiki coach selama 3 jam ke Pamukkale melalui Denizli. Dari kejauhan sudah kelihatan suatu kawasan permukaan bukit yang memutih seperti dilitupi salji. Coach membawa kami hingga ke atas dan dari dekat baru kelihatan thermal pools yang bertingkat-tingkat dan dikatakan mempunyai khasiat mengubati penyakit. Aku mengambil keputusan untuk melewati tinggalan sejarah kota Hierapolis di kawasan sekeliling termasuk tanah perkuburan golongan bangsawan dan theatre dahulu. Memang meletihkan memanjat bukit dan berjalan di bawah panas terik matahari. Dah pakai sunblock pun masih tak memadai, kulit tetap menjadi gelap. Selepas itu, baru aku menghabiskan masa menikmati pemandangan di 'cotton castle' dan merendamkan kaki di dalam air. Airnya hanya suam-suam kuku sahaja, tidak sepanas yang aku sangka. Niat untuk berendam di dalam kolam terpaksa aku batalkan sahaja bila melihat betapa ramainya pelancong yang membanjiri kolam-kolam di situ samada di Ancient Pool atau the public pool. Untuk memasuki Ancient Pool, ada bayaran yang dikenakan, kalau tak silap aku YTL10.


      Penginapan malam itu adalah di Hotel Ilayda di K
      usadasi yang terletak tidak jauh dari Ephesus, tempat tujuan keesokan harinya. For a 2-star hotel and the room rate charged, the condition of the room and hotel service are beyond my expectation. Memang highly recommended. Walaupun aku tidak mendapat bilik yang berhadapan dengan Kusadasi Bay, tetapi keesokan pagi, sebelum coach tiba, aku mengambil peluang berjalan dan bersantai di tepi pantai menikmati pemandangan laut yang biru. Terasa macam di Greece pula sekejap dan bertambah gelap lagilah kulit aku dek panahan sang suria.

      Selain daripada Ancient City of Ephesus, lawatan ke Ephesus turut termasuk lawatan ke Temple of Artemis dan House of Virgin Mary. Kalau dilihat gambar struktur asal temple Roman ini, tidak banyak yang tinggal melainkan a column dan bongkah-bongkah batu yang bertaburan di sana sini yang menjadi peninggalan dan bukti kewujudan temple yang disenaraikan sebagai one of the seven ancient wonders of the world (Wah! Kiranya setakat ini, aku sudah melawat 2 ancient wonders of the world selain daripada Pyramids of Giza). Dikatakan kebanyakan bahagian dari temple ini telah diambil dan digunakan untuk pembinaan bangunan-bangunan bersejarah lain termasuklah Medusa Heads yang digunakan sebagai asas column untuk pembinaan Basilica Cistern di Istanbul (refer to my previous entry on Istanbul). Tidak jauh dari kawasan temple nun di atas bukit ialah Gereja St. John dan Isabey Mosque tetapi aku tidak melawat kedua-dua tempat ini kerana kesuntukan masa. Hanya melihat dari jauh dan mendengar sejarahnya daripada tour guide.

      House of Virgin Mary yang terletak di Bulbul Mountain dikelilingi oleh pokok-pokok yang menghijau mewujudkan suasana yang cooling dan redup sememangnya melegakan setelah a couple of days berada di bawah terik matahari. Shrine di mana Virgin Mary dipercayai menghabiskan usianya ini is as important and sacred to the Moslem as it is to the Christians. Rumah ini sebenarnya kecil sahaja di mana terdapat prayer altar untuk pengunjung yang beragama Kristian bersembahyang. Di kawasan luar, terdapat bekas kolam air di mana upacara pembaptisan diadakan, mass area, prayer wall yang dipenuhi wish notes dalam pelbagai bahasa dari pengunjung serta holy water dari water taps. Actually aku pun tidak tahu dari mana datangnya air ini tetapi menurut kata our tour guide, the water runs under the shrine. Anyways, for Moslems - Awas! Jangan pula mengambil air dari sini untuk dibuat minum. Aku diberitahu di sini tiada public transport selain daripada teksi or kalau larat, cubalah berjalan kaki.

      Ancient city of Ephesus ini actually quite a huge place. Yup, your talking about one of the great Greek cities in the ancient time housing the largest amphitheatre in the world. Nak cover the whole place kena ada kudrat and energy untuk berjalan with good shoes especially when walking on the marble street under the hot blazing summer sun. We were briefed by the tour guide a little bit of history about the city. Sukar juga nak follow sambil trying to relate nama-nama dari sejarah Greek but as we went along visiting from one ruin to another, boleh juga faham. Among a few significant monuments di sini mainly Temple of Hadrian, Library of Celsus, The Great Theatre, and what believed to be the first indoor flushed toilet. The Great Theatre is still being used till to date for concerts, plays, gatherings and I was told that Sting once had his concert here. I had to breakaway from the tour group earlier because I was leaving for Cappadocia that afternoon, a slight detour from my original plan. I decided to go to Cappadocia the day before after hearing so much about it from a few travelers I met.

      Untuk ke Cappadocia aku menaiki overnight bus selama 14 jam melalui bandar Nevsehir di mana aku switched to a coach untuk ke bandar Urgup. Actually, one can also head to bandar Goreme kerana Cappadocia sebenarnya bukanlah sebuah bandar seperti yang mula-mula aku sangkakan tetapi sebuah kawasan yang dikelilingi a few towns termasuk Goreme dan Urgup. Kedua-dua bandar ini adalah bandar yang menjadi tumpuan pelancong untuk menginap sekiranya hendak melawat Cappadocia. Di sini, aku menginap di Melis Hotel yang merupakan sebuah rumah Greek yang berusia 300 tahun. Hotel ini menawarkan bilik-bilik yang bercirikan Ottoman style, Greek style dan cave house. Pada mulanya aku bercadang hendak merasa duduk di dalam cave house tetapi aku bertukar kepada Ottoman style yang terletak di hadapan swimming pool kerana rasa stuffy pula bila berada di dalam cave house.

      Pada hari pertama aku, I had the whole day to myself. Aku menghabiskan masa berjalan di sekitar bandar Urgup sambil melihat masyarakat tempatan menjalani kehidupan harian. Di suatu sudut berdekatan dengan masjid, sekumpulan lelaki-lelaki tua sedang duduk bersembang sambil menghisap rokok. Di sebuah lorong pula di bawah pepohon anggur, beberapa lelaki
      bermain boardgame yang seakan-akan mahjung. Aku mendekati mereka untuk melihat dari dekat boardgame tersebut dan as usual ditawarkan Turkish tea di dalam gelas berbentuk tulip sambil berbual dengan salah seorang daripada mereka yang boleh berbahasa Inggeris. Sememangnya sudah menjadi tradisi di Turki, tetamu dihidangkan Turkish tea which means 40-years of friendship. Memang sejak tiba di Turki, I have lost count berapa gelas aku dah minum but it doesn't matter sebab aku memang suka minum teh.

      Keistimewaan Cappadocia ialah bentuk mukabuminya yang unik, terhasil daripada larva gunung berapi. Hakisan angin dan air beribu-ribu tahun lama membentuk chimney rock atau dikenali sebagai fairy chimneys. Cappadocia juga terkenal dengan cave houses dan rock churches yang menjadi penempatan Christians yang lari daripada penindasan Romans. Lawatan di sini benar-benar menguji ketahanan fizikal aku kerana banyak aktiviti mendaki turun naik bukit. Tambahan pula aku tidak memakai kasut yang sesuai menjadikan perjalanan aku lebih perlahan terutama sekali semasa menuruni cerun-cerun bukit. Yang menyeronokkan juga semasa lawatan ini adalah mencari dan meneka shapes yang menyerupai binatang, isyarat tangan dan sebagainya yang terbentuk secara semulajadi. Termasuk dalam itinerari di Cappadocia ialah lawatan ke kilang pembuatan pottery. Selain demo tentang cara-cara pottery dibuat, terdapat bilik pameran dipenuhi barangan daripada pinggan, pasu, bowls, jug air, dan pelbagai lagi untuk kegunaan harian atau hiasan.

      Bentuk-bentuk binatang & isyarat tangan di Cappadocia

      Back in Istanbul

      Malam itu aku menaiki bas pulang ke Istanbul yang memakan masa 13 jam. Sebaik tiba di Istanbul, aku terus menuju ke Eminonu untuk berbaris mendapatkan tiket menaiki Bosphorus Cruise. Cruise bermula pada pukul 10.30 a.m. dari Galata Bridge sehingga ke perhentian terakhir
      di Rumeli Kavagi. Aku bukan sahaja dapat melihat beberapa monumen seperti Dolmabahce Palace & Mosque, Ciragan Palace yang terdapat di sepanjang Bosphorus tetapi juga bangunan-bangunan dan rumah-rumah yang cantik rekabentuknya. Keseluruhan cruise took about 6 hours termasuk 3 jam menunggu di the second last stop - Anadolu Kavagi sebelum menaiki feri pulang ke Galata Bridge. Anadolu Kavagi is a fishing village with loads of Balik Restaurants (Fish Restaurants). Masa 3 jam itu aku habiskan mendaki ke Yoros Kalesi, a ruined castle on the hill where from there one can have a great view of the Black Sea with ships passing by.

      Selepas checked-in semula di Hotel Sultanahmet, aku bergegas ke Sirkeci Railway Station untuk menyaksikan Whirling Devrish ceremony. Persembahan ini hanya ada pada hari-hari tertentu sahaja dan tiket boleh didapati di most hotels di Istanb
      ul. Just make sure it is bought in advanced sebab memang cepat habis especially during peak season. Semasa upacara ini, aku terfikir samada the whirling devrishes ini betul-betul berada di tahap ecstasy sewaktu mempertontonkannya kepada pelancong kerana instead of menjadi a religious ceremony, it has been commercialized. Adakah unsur mistik dan kekusyukan kepada pengamalnya? Wallahualam...

      Perancangan keesokan harinya was to do a little shopping di Kapali Carsi atau Grand Bazaar, beli barang yang dipesan Mak di Egyptian Bazaar dan selepas itu buat Turkish Bath. Normally kalau pergi travel, shopping is not my main agenda and I will do this last depends kalau ada extra money to spare. Memang pelbagai barang yang dijual dan boleh rambang mata untuk memilih. I ended buying only a few souvenier items sebagai kenangan di Turki dan hadiah untuk adik-adik aku termasuk tulip-shaped tea sets untuk Mak. Selepas itu, aku ke Egyptian Bazaar untuk mencari lotus
      oil yang dipesan Mak. Mak menggemari bau lotus oil ini semasa melawat Cairo tahun lalu. Mahal juga harga lotus oil di sini berbanding dengan di Cairo. Sempat juga singgah di sebuah kedai yang menjual scarves sebagai hadiah untuk Mak and my sisters. Satu perkara yang aku notice, barang-barang di Egyptian Bazaar lebih murah daripada di Kapali Carsi. So, it's better to buy some items seperti T-Shirts, accessories, shawl dan souvenier items di Egyptian Bazaar.

      Rancangan untuk buat Turkish Bath terpaksa aku batalkan kerana kesuntukan masa dan aku harus bertolak ke airport to catch my flight back to Dubai. Nevertheless, I am happy with how this trip went and ended. Walau ada juga a few unpleasant incidents yang menguji keimanan aku tetapi banyak juga pengalaman manis yang memang sukar dilupakan.

      The People I Met

                11/13/2016 Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate: Zombies        
      itunes pic
      This week we welcome back the masters of Music of the Macabre Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate. Ed and Gavin are back with a brand new release "Zombies the board game soundtrack." We'll talk with Ed and Gavin about the new album, play some of the new tracks, the new board game and behind the scenes what went into writing and producing Zombies. ABOUT MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE For almost two decades, composers Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have been known as Midnight Syndicate, creating symphonic soundtracks to imaginary films that facilitate a transcendental and adventurous escape into the secret dimensions of the mind’s eye. To many of their fans, they are Gothic music pioneers brewing a signature blend of orchestral horror music and movie-style sound effects. To others, they remain the first “haunted house band” that forever changed the Halloween music genre and became a staple of the October holiday season. And some know them as the duo that created the first official soundtrack to the legendary Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Their critically-acclaimed works are reminiscent of sweeping, complex masterpieces by artists such as James Horner, Danny Elfman, Black Sabbath and King Diamond and have been featured as a part of groundbreaking films, television shows, video games and at haunted attractions, amusement parks and live performances worldwide. Founder Douglas’ passion for making music was ignited when he listened to records by The Beatles on his kid-sized turntable and dreamed of composing epic scores like John Williams’ Star Wars, Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Both he and Goszka grew up watching classic black and white horror films, listening to Vincent Price reading the tales of Edgar Allan Poe and Playing Dungeons & Dragons. They continued to fall in love with the world of horror, fantasy and the supernatural as they developed their own artistry: Douglas played piano and bass guitar, playing in rock band sand scoring student horror films in college and Goszka played keyboard in rock bands and went onto study classical composition and percussion in college. They eventually discovered ways to explore fantasy in literature, film and art through music. In 1995, Douglas directed and wrote his first full-length horror film score to a thriller called The Dead Matter (1995), which helped set the principles of Midnight Syndicate in motion. In 2010, he went on to direct, score, and co-produce the remake of The Dead Matter alongside Robert Kurtzman (From Dusk Till Dawn, co-founder, KNB FX) and Gary Jones (Xena, Boogeyman 3). In 1997, he put together an album with the goal of providing a collection of “soundtracks to imaginary films.” The collection presented many different narratives through a variety of genres, including classical, New Age and rock and was punctuated by sound effects. For the sophomore release, Born of the Night, Douglas decided to focus on a Midnight Syndicate album that would specifically appeal to gothic music fans, Halloween enthusiasts, and role-playing gamers. It was at this time that he decided to partner with compelling solo artist Goszka, whom he had known since 1994. Midnight Syndicate’s music has become integral to setting a powerful mood at top-rated haunted attractions and amusement parks as well as at costume shops, gaming and Halloween parties and Halloween-themed cruises from Siberia and Hong Kong, to Europe and the United States. In 2005, industry expert Leonard Pickel estimated that 75-90% of the attractions in the haunted house industry owned at least one Midnight Syndicate CD. In September, 2009, AOL released the Top 10 Best Halloween Music CDs of all time according to AOL/CBS Radio listeners. Three of the ten listed were Midnight Syndicate discs, which ranked lower only than Danny Elfman’s Nightmare Before Christmas and John Carpenter’s Halloween soundtracks. In 2015, their album Out of the Darkness was named as one of the 50 Essential Horror Albums – Discs that Created, Evolved, or Defined Genre Music Over the Decades by the venerable horror publication, Rue Morgue Magazine. The band’s music has also been used at Hugh Hefner’s Halloween parties, on episodes of The Barbara Walters Special and in the drive-in film The Rage, Universal Studio’s Horror Nights XVIII as well as by Monday Night Football and by artists Insane Clown Posse, Three Six Mafia, Twiztid and the Misfits. Midnight Syndicate released many studio albums between 1997 and 2005, among them Midnight Syndicate, Born of the Night, Realm of Shadows, Gates of Delirium, Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt and the multi award-winning The 13th Hour. They teamed up with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast in 2003 to produce the first official soundtrack to the classic Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. In 2008, Douglas’ and Goszka’s tenth studio album, The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates came out as a preview to the 2010 remake of The Dead Matter film. That same year, Midnight Syndicate put together their first music video, a live performance of the song Dark Legacy, produced by Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Crew and Screamline Studios and filmed in the haunted historic Phantasy Theatre in Lakewood, Ohio. The band’s fourteenth studio album, Carnival Arcane (2011) was based on research into turn-of-the-20th-Century carnivals as well as the writings of Ray Bradbury and plays like a self-contained, vivid musical film. The disc garnered rave reviews from pressand won Best Horror CD/Soundtrack at the 10th Annual Rondo Hatton Awards. Midnight Syndicate continues to pursue its quest to use instrumental music to tell explicit stories full of tension, twists and turns. Most recently, the band released gothic music vocalist Destini Beard’s A Time Forgotten, the follow-up to The Dark Masquerade, her first collaboration with Douglas and Goszka and completed the score to the grindhouse thriller Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan. In summer, 2013, Midnight Syndicate released the soundtrack to that film along with Monsters of Legend, a tribute to the classic Universal, Hammer and Euro horror films that gave birth to horror cinema. Featuring cover art showcasing original Universal Monster images with an epic sound to match, the disc has immediately become one of, if not the band’s most critically-acclaimed album to date. In addition to cracking FEARnet’s Top 10 Horror CDs of 2013, in May of 2014, the album won Best CD honors in the 12th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards marking the band’s second such honor. Visit the Midnight Syndicate Store to see and hear more! After seventeen years, fourteen studio albums, three soundtracks, and a motion picture, Midnight Syndicate announced that they were teaming up with the world famous amusement park, Cedar Point, to launch their first live performances. Midnight Syndicate Live! Legacy of Shadows, a multimedia horror-themed concert blending live music, theatre, and film debuted at Cedar Point’s 18th annual HalloWeekends event. Before the shows, Charles Bradshaw, Corporate V.P. of Entertainment for Cedar Fair was quoted saying, “Working with these industry leading music producers on a live show is an exciting prospect. The final product is going to amaze.” And amaze it did. Upon its debut, the show began breaking attendance records while being called “top-notch and ambitious,” “brilliant and artistically creative,” and “a must see” by audiences and press alike. “The success of the inaugural run of Midnight Syndicate Live! has ensured that live Midnight Syndicate shows will be a permanent part of our plans going forward,” said Edward Douglas. In September of 2015, Midnight Syndicate’s Out of the Darkness album was included in Rue Morgue Magazine’s 50 Essential Horror Albums – Discs that Created, Evolved, or Defined Genre Music Over the Decades. That same month, Midnight Syndicate released Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering. The album featured the band’s unique twist on classic holiday carols blended with new and original material. “Our goal was to treat each song in a way that would merge familiarity with originality,” said Gavin Goszka. “There are definitely recognizable elements, but plenty of additional original material as well. It also incorporates the widest instrument palette we’ve used to date and represents what we consider to be the most varied collection of songs we’ve ever released. There are serenely beautiful moments here alongside more intense, darker tracks, and the end result is a thoroughly compelling and involving listening experience.” “With so many Christmas-themed albums out there, we wanted to make this collection uniquely our own,” added Edward Douglas. “I think we were able to do that.” Since its release, the album has received universal critical acclaim. zombiesprIn April of 2016, the band announced that they would be creating the first official soundtrack to the immensely popular zombie apocalypse-themed board game, Zombies!!!. “I’m a big fan of Zombies!!!,” said Edward Douglas. “With the game celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016, it seemed like the perfect time to undertake this project. We’re working closely with the Twilight team to create something that really enhances their players’ gaming experience. I think album will also resonate with our fans in the Halloween and haunted house industries. “Musically, it will be interesting to work in a modern setting,” added Gavin Goszka. “Most of our albums have been set in the Victorian and early 20th century, so this will definitely be something different and exciting for us and our fans.” “Words cannot express how excited I am to have Midnight Syndicate doing a soundtrack for Zombies!!!,” said Twilight Creations co-founder Kerry Breitenstein. “For many of our players, Midnight Syndicate’s music has already been the unofficial soundtrack to their gaming sessions over the years. To have them working with us to create something specifically for our universe is incredible.” The soundtrack is tentatively scheduled for release in September 2016. To learn more about Midnighty Syndicate visit their website at Join us this week as the undead walk the Earth as we preview the new album Zombies the boardgame soundtrack with Ed and Gavin of Midnight Syndicate.
                Valentine's Gaming, a message for my fiancé.        
      Dear Gareth,

      I would love to be playing games with you this evening. Tidying the kitchen and buying pringles, popcorn, skittles and all the rest of it whilst you're at work, and then settling down with the radio on to destroy each other(!) I know instead we are going to have a nightmarish evening with the house invaded by two manically yapping dogs and my mother being quietly, endearingly awkward somewhere. I'm sorry. I'm sorry this has been every Valentine's Day, because my mother's birthday is 15/02 and spending that time with her is very important to me.

      Know that I will be mentally playing board games with you. Do please text me your reciprocating moves on occasion - luckily we are both capable of doing so while Midsomer Murders blares in the background and we both feign interest.

      This is what I am dreaming of playing with you tonight:

      1. Hive. I love playing this fast-action, complete strategy game with you. I love that it was one of our first ever games and led us into this fantastic hobby. I love seeing your face wrinkle with confusion when I play the Queen early, and I love how you trap my moves until I can only admit defeat. I'm white, my spider has been placed first.

      2. Space Hulk: Death Angel Card Game. We're both sci-fi (and yes, I will always pronounce this wrong, forever - there's a promise) nerds at heart, and working together to battle horrible genestealers (aliens) sounds like some excellent Valentine's fun. Maybe Brother Claudio and Brother Leon will go down at the last possible moment, maybe we'll escape. Either way, let's get trapped in a spaceship together.

      3. Confusion. For every time I've driven us in the wrong direction, not seen the correct exit and completely missed something very important (a road sign, traffic lights, potholes...) we have Confusion. This game that highlights my
       horrible spatial skills and where I have to continually ask you how the characters are meant to be moving is something that we have to play tonight. Take the briefcase by all the way to Russia, but I'll come and clasp it from your hands (somehow..)

      4.  Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. We save it for special occasions, limit our play due to the lack of cases (and that they won't publish the French expansions in English..) but I would love for today to be special. Sat with glasses of wine, debating furiously about how many more places we can visit before Sherlock Holmes whops our rather rubbish arses completely. He'll win anyway, let's have the satisfaction of a case well-solved.

      5. Dominion. Darling, I know this may not be your cup of tea for tonight, I know it burns you out, but I promise I won't combo too hard and I'll let you have all the Duchies.. And hey, if you do burn out and no longer fancy more games then perhaps it's time to relax and find something else to do.

      With love, and apologies,

                Cardiff: Geek Gift Shop        
      Perhaps because I work for a really cool independent shop but sometimes I think about shops on the high street and feel a little mournful, because in my head (which is sadly different from practical, money-centric reality) they could be so much better. This has particularly hit home today.

      February is an expensive month for me. At the start is a good friend's birthday and then within two weeks I have: Valentine's Day, my mother's birthday, my fiance's birthday, my mother-in-law's birthday and fiance's nephew's birthday.  Also at this point is my mother and father-in-law's anniversary and in the two weeks following there is my brother-in-law's birthday, another good friend's birthday and our own anniversary. It's nearly as horrible as Christmas and I rarely manage to save up as well. Nevertheless, a lot of those could be catered for in one shop - a really good geeky gift shop.

      Cardiff doesn't have one. It has a Forbidden Planet and the fab Comic Guru (who I  love, but it rarely has the cool stuff I'd like to buy.) Firstly neither are gift shops - they are comic book shops that also sell some geek related merchandise. They are both small shops, with grimy poster-ridden exteriors and swap between gloomy and eye-hurting strip light interiors. Neither could be called particularly welcoming, despite generally having lovely staff, they are "serious geek territory" - enter at your own risk.

      I would love if there was a gift shop - rather than a comic book shop - hidden away somewhere in the arcades. Somewhere welcoming with their door open (not with a badly sellotaped scrap of paper demanding the door is kept shut) and warm lighting. Somewhere you could walk around the display units (wooden, not finger print covered plastic) and see all the items.

      And of course what items there are would be the important thing. Here's my quick idea of the items stocked in my dream gift shop (of course a lot of these probably don't actually exist..)

      Actual from show merchandise: 
      Sonic screwdrivers from Doctor Who, wands from Harry Potter, light sabers from Star Wars, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (Portal gun) from the Portal video games, the mockingjay brooch from The Hunger Games, Batarangs from Batman. There is a massive wealth of cool replica items that pretty much always look awesome because they're from the actual show/movie/comic/animation.

      The compulsory mugs with Red Dwarf, Firefly and Buffy logos plus cool

      patterns/designs from the shows - shields from Game of Thrones, Gallifreyan writing from Doctor Who. But not just mugs: have you seen the awesome Lakeland range of items for Doctor Who including Tardis teapots, and Dalek cookie cutters?  Aprons that dress you like favourite characters, salt and pepper pots in the shapes of your favourite monsters, TV dinner trays with beautiful images from the show, glass chopping boards with logos etched into them, Star Trek Enterprise bottle openers and pizza cutters.

      Stationary and office stuff:
      Hundreds of pens with slogans and lovely artwork and more subtle ones you can
      actually take without automatically revealing your inner geek - plain black pens with the Deathly Hallows symbol on, for example. Notebooks with glossy "from the movie" covers, but also retro styling and hand drawn versions. Mouse mats, the Arc Reactor from Iron Man as a USB stick, novelty USB hubs (Tardis, robots), rocket shaped post it notes, calendars, address books, diaries, laptop cases, phone and tablet covers.. 

      Whilst some may argue that a door painted to look like a Tardis is just going too far, there are loads of geeky (and giftable) nods to your favourite fandom. Have a few scatter cushions on your sofa but now one's a Sherlock design, one is of The Birds (Hitchcock) and one proclaims Bazinga!  (Big Bang Theory.) Scream coasters on the table with a Naruto canvas on the wall. Of course having loads of posters available is necessary, but the odd cool thing would be nice like these Marvel night lights and Dalek Christmas Tree baubles.

      Jewellery:Whilst this could potentially just be an offshoot on clothing, I think jewellery would be one of the most important elements of a geek gift shop. Something that accessorises you and what you are thinking, wearing your personality visibly for
      all to see. Plus there is so much cool stuff; I'm still gutted that Harlequin Goldsmiths (who produced Doctor Who themed sterling silver and gold-plated earrings and necklaces) has gone into receivership. However there's loads of other stuff: Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Pendant, Final Fantasy necklaces, Wolverine dog tags, Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter) pendant, Arwen's Evenstar earrings from Lord of the Rings, Game Controller cufflinks.

      Whilst perhaps not having a cosplay section (because let's face it, that's not a gift - it's cool stuff you buy for yourself) having a few costume items and novelties like
      the Fourth Doctor's Scarf, a Star Trek Red Shirt, some Sherlock deerstalkers and the like would be sensible. After that the options are basically endless, stocking from places like Last Exit to Nowhere (best hoodies ever!), and reaching deals with Qwertee to buy any excess after their Insanitee sales so there is constantly different and unique items would be ideal. Of course you'd also need to accessorise, so having Sherlocked bags, various rucksacks, comic book "collage" items like this jumper, even funky Supernatual pants, awesome wallets and belt buckles (here's a Batman set) and fab Superman converses, or Batman wellies for the little ones.

      Whilst most cool geek stuff is going to appeal to children as much as it does to
      adults, there is some really nice stuff specifically for children. Having a few of the Superman: I Can Read series (or Green Lantern, or Spiderman should you prefer..) on the shelves would be lovely. Add in the Marvel Colouring Book, Marvel Sticker Book, a toy Batcave, pencil cases, Lego Minifigures and sets (e.g. this fab Indiana Jones one), Minecraft merchandise like this Light Up Torch

      Books and Comics:
      Preferably the comic session would be more of the gift type - lovely graphic novels and compendiums: Watchmen, Sandman omnibus, Walking Dead, Death Note Box Set, Peanuts Box Set, Hell Boy and Sailor Moon

      And then you can look at all the cool directories, encyclopedias, script collections and coffee table books. Some of the most fabulous things we own are our Batman "museum in a book" items - books/folders containing loads of sketches, old posters, script extras such as The Batman Vault. Books and literature is a section that could go forever but here a few cool things that I'd love to see in shops: Star Wars Origami, Screenplay of The Monty Python's Life of Brian, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule HistoriaStar Wars: Frames, Transformers Vault, Chronicles: Art and Design (The Hobbit.)

      Games and Puzzles:
      Of course, working where I do, I'm incredibly aware of the cool licensed board

      games that are around. They range from Firefly: The Game where you roam around space completing goals, to awesome miniature games Star Wars: X Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing. Of course if battling in space with awesome ships isn't your thing then there's a game where you all have to work together as Marvel superheroes in Legendary - and if you don't like Marvel then there is also the DC Comic Deck-Building Game. If you'd prefer high fantasy then there are several great Terry Pratchett games out (Discworld: Ankh Morpork and The Witches) as well as many games based on the Tolkien licenses.

      Gift Wrapping:
      A gift wrapping service would be offered, with several levels of fanciness and wrapping paper would also be available to buy for those who'd prefer to wrap at home. I love some of the wrapping paper that is already available such as these Cybermen (Doctor Who) sheets (I love the stylish nature of the BBC Shop wraps), this Lego Star Wars sheet, and this Super Mario Bros wrapping paper.

      And for now that's it! What would you include in your dream geek gift store?

                A Year of Gaming        
      Despite the regular set reports, She-Goat is a personal blog - I occasionally attempt to remember this and post something different to "I saw Matt Smith today!" - and this was certainly something I tried to capture when I named it. This isn't the Tardis Chronicles - I am the she-goat, I'm grumpy and will end up at loggerheads with people near accidentally. I don't quite eat sheets on a washing line, but the name feels apt.

      I've been with my fiancé, @gabundy, just under three years. The year before that I was on a depression-fuelled kick of self destruction where anybody was fair game, life was for sleeping until 6pm and staying up until late morning and tears were my showers - I was attempting to deal with a nasty illness diagnosis. I didn't deal with it very well. Luckily things changed, I met Gareth and he turned my world around (well more literally: he moved my world to Wales, which worked beautifully.) and I settled back down to being a less extreme human being.

      A year or so into our relationship, my best friend visited. We played Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleships - anything we could pick up quickly from the shops. It reawakened old memories of constantly nagging my mother to play Monopoly with me (I was an only child) - I loved the mentally competitive nature, I loved the social nature of sitting at a table in friendly rivalry, I loved being completely absorbed in something. I loved gaming. Luckily we remembered a shop where six months before we'd visited to buy a Go board. The shop had been filled with different shiny, colourful boxes - immediately intimidating, but immediately fascinating - never forgettable. We met the staff, and chatted and they gave us recommendations that we seized upon and took straight to the pub.

      Munchkin, Hive - one a silly, fun, fast card fest and the other a two-player strategy game where you try to surround your opponent's queen bee. That was enough - it widened our eyes, and we were hooked. It's been a busy couple of years and it's now weird to think of a time firstly and foremostly without Gareth, and secondly without games. Things have changed now: the days where we don't play a game are the unusual ones, I work at that very shop we bought those first few tantalising steps into the hobby, our friends now know games that haven't been produced by Hasbro by name.

      I am very grateful for this.

      I am grateful for the constant distraction, the mental stability it helps provide me when I still struggle with negative moments - the psychological satisfaction of doing something productive (the end of Agricola: looking over your board and seeing the farm you painstakingly created), the assurance of social contact (the Resistance: are you lying to me, am I lying to you? We don't know, but let's work together and find that spy..), time away from the digital world (which I desperately need as it harms my eyesight, but like everyone else it's hard to pull myself away from twitter, just in case @WaterstonesOxfordSt is funny again.), the mental training of heavy strategy (Mage Knight: is fighting rampaging Orcs but getting wounded the best option for me?) after my mind feeling dead from not being able to read for two years is amazing.

      Playing games is fun. The best bit is that playing games is more than fun, it's a way of life for me and one of the many ways I keep my sanity track from dropping down to zero. It's a little bit of sparkle and sometimes she-goats need tinsel wound around their horns.
      JCloisterZone is a Java implementation of a popular board game Carcassonne.

                Válasz erre: Checkpoint Mini #47: Ghostbusters (+ a 10 legjobb filmes témájú videojáték)        
      A Car Wars egy Amerikában elég elterjedt autós társas, talán erről lehetett szó?
                Ambushwhack, a Warhammer Quest helper        

      Last week someone on Hacker News linked a site dedicated to HeroQuest. This quickly resulted in me buying Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal to play with my kids. I've not dabbled in fantasy miniatures for 20 years, but Hammerhal looked like a self-contained dungeon crawler in the same style as HQ, and indeed that's what it is: a gamemaster arranges a dungeon for a party of 2-5 adventurers, who then proceed to clear 8 levels full of bad guys.

      The box includes 31 miniatures; one will need some decent glue, a sharp boxcutter, and a few hours to assemble them... but it's worth it. The kids loved it so much, we're now playing it every day before bedtime - it's a great incentive to get them to do homework, clean up their rooms, and brush their teeth quickly and without fuss.

      The game requiring a gamemaster is good in the sense that I can tweak the game and keep the fun flowing. My son is 5 and doesn't really enjoy complex rules, so we started with a simplified set: one move+attack turn for each character, all characters moving 6 spaces, no hero dice or destiny dice, rolling only to hit, and rolling for unexpected events only when they enter a room. I used the Gryph-hound character as an NPC to show them these mechanics, and I'm slowly replacing introducing a few real rules every couple of sessions. So it's all great, right? Well, kinda.

      Being a classic dungeon master inevitably involves some dice-rolling. Hammerhal is not too bad in that regard, leaving most of the rolling to adventurers, but one notable exception is ambushes. *Every* turn an adversary is not on the board, the gamemaster is supposed to roll for ambush; if the ambush happens (1 in 6 chances), he has to then roll further for character quantity and behaviour, which means between 2 and 7 throws depending on level and results. That can significantly slow down proceedings, and I found myself "forgetting" to roll quite a few times to keep things going.

      So I did what any geek would do: I automated it away. The result was Ambushwhack, a simple and mostly self-contained webpage that does all the rolling for you. I made buttons big enough to be usable on phones and tablets, added a few pics of my unpainted miniatures (since Games Workshop are infamous for aggressively defending their IP, they would likely come after me if I used their own pics), and now I use it every day.

      I posted it to a few Warhammer Quest forums (boardgamegeek etc) and people asked to support Silver Tower, the other version of Warhammer Quest currently available, which has a similar (but different) set of ambush rules. A kind soul sent me most of the necessary details, so here it is. It lacks pictures and action titles but it's usable, at least until I can justify splurging on another big box of toys :)

      I hope someone else will find it useful and maybe volunteer to redesign it a bit - my CSS skills are almost as bad as my miniature-painting ones. Because I'm lazy, I've only tested it on Firefox and Safari, but my javascript style is so '90s (no jQuery!) that it should work flawlessly everywhere these days. Each page is entirely self-contained (except for pics) so it can be used offline, and I slapped in an iOS icon so you can add it to your home screen. I will probably put it on github when I get some time. Have fun!

                Due nuovi titoli in arrivo per Robotech: Ace Pilot e Attack to SDF-1        

      I prossimi mesi potrebbero essere molto interessanti per l’universo di Robotech. Il cartone animato americano, pensato da Carl Macek per la Harmony Gold e nato dalla fusione di tre serie giapponesi (Macross, Southern Cross e Mospeada), si appresta a tornare sui tavoli da gioco e non solo.

      Mentre a marzo del 2017 la Sony ha nuovamente confermato l’intenzione più volte accantonata di realizzare un film dalla celebre serie, due nuovi giochi sono stati presentati al San Diego Comicon e sono in arrivo nel 2018 a firma SMG (Strange Machine Games).

                Back to the Future - Board Game        

      Back To The Future - Board Game

      Fire up the DeLorean and prepare for 1.21 Gigawatts of fun!

      In Back To The Future: An Adventure Through Time, 2-4 players compete to move Doc Brown's time-traveling DeLorean between 3 timelines (1955, 1985, and 2015) in order to make sure that key events from the movie's plotline take place.

      Maneuver key characters like Marty McFly and Biff Tannen through the different timelines, ensuring they meet at just the right moment to set of iconic scenes.

      The player who does the best job repairing the timeline wins.

      Brought to you by Popcultcha, Australia's largest and most comprehensive Board Game online store. Click here to see the full range of our merchandise. 


                My favorite “what should I try first” games by category ›        

      My friend and coworker Rian recently started a new blog (ok, it’s on Medium so I don’t want to call it a blog, but it’s essentially a blog and he’s my friend so I’ve kept the chastising to a minimum) where he and another friend review board games. And it’s pretty cool!

      Titled Boardgame Realm, they describe the site this way:

      Photos and reviews of family games, solo games, and heavier endeavors.

      Being highly competitive, I enjoy games of any type. However, my spouse does not. And so for the last 14 years of our marriage, this has not been an area of focus for me. But I have a lot of fond memories of games of Monopoly has a kid, then later Axis and Allies and Risk when I was older. And I love a good game of Scrabble.

      Now that our own kids are getting to an age where they can understand (and do well) at the games I enjoy, board games are on my radar again. And while Rian has been free with his recommendations at work, this is a nice resource to see what might be a good fit.

      I’ve got a couple of games queued up on Amazon for the summer months.

                Game On: House Rules Café Offers Food And Board -- Food Section -- News         

      By Jamie Larson

      The New House Rules Café in Hudson, New York, is a tabletop game café, a playful new trend just reaching our region. House Rules offers up some elevated café fare and a stacked shelf of games, old and new. Proclaimed by friends a “board game sommelier,” the café’s owner and former wine seller Kathleen Miller prides herself on an innate ability to match you with the perfect game.

      “Curating board games is very similar to curating wines,” says Miller, who spent five years at Hudson Wine Merchants. “It’s very personal to an individual’s tastes.”

      While the games are what makes House Rules unique, Miller’s focus started in the kitchen.

      “I’ve wanted to do something based around comfort food my whole adult life,” Miller says. “I worked for Hudson Wine Merchants for five years and realized that when I started my own business I didn’t want to contribute to the bar culture. There are already a lot of bars.”

      The menu is simple and unpretentious and is tailored not to get in the way of your cards, dice, fake money or figures. There’s a grilled cheese with artisan cheeses and house-made roasted tomato butter ($8), a couple of homemade hummus preparations ($7), roast beef on olive ciabatta ($9) and more. There is also a list of sides and salads that can easily be treated as small plates or tapas, great for sharing with friends.

      House Rules also serves a variety of coffee drinks and milk shakes using Ronnybrook dairy products and Jeni’s Ice Cream. Much of the menu is or can be made vegetarian and gluten free.

      If you don’t have the time for a round of Settlers of Catan, House Rules is also excellent for takeout and they will soon be offering pre-made lunch boxes to grab and go. Miller is talking about delivery down the road.

      “Board game cafés are this new industry and that gives me a lot of freedom to figure out what that can be,” Miller says. “I’ve always been a geek and now it’s sort of the age of the geek.”

      Miller says that over the past 15 to 20 years there’s been a board game revolution. New games are coming out with innovative themes, mechanics and styles. One of the benefits of House Rules is you get to try them without buying them. There is a $5 charge for hanging out and playing games but that’s waived if your bill goes over $45.

      For someone who hasn’t gamed in years but wants to try something modern, Miller recommends Qwirkle, a surprisingly deep tile-matching game. “It’s easy to learn at first but you can also play it with a high level of strategy.”

      Miller actually didn’t think to incorporate board games into her culinary vision until 2015, but when she saw the corner storefront was for rent last year, she pulled the trigger. Miller and her crew undertook significant renovations and there are still more to come. The big comfy couches are on their way and plans are to complete a reading nook and the children’s area. 

      “I know how hard it can be to go somewhere with a baby and a toddler,” says Miller. “I kept seeing strollers on Warren Street and there’s just really not a lot to do for families. I started thinking about how to make it kid friendly and parent friendly.”

      Board games make anyone feel like a kid again, she says, adding that it’s really relaxing to get away from screens and everyday stress and just enjoy a game with some good food and friends.

      House Rules Café
      757 Columbia St., Hudson, NY
      (518) 828-5938
      Open every day: 7 a.m.–9 a.m. and 11 a.m.–8 p.m.
      Open until 9 p.m. Friday–Sunday.

                You Eat Local and Shop Local. So Why Not Move on from Settlers of Catan and Play Local, Too?        
      We check in with Daniel Solis, Dice Hate Me Games, and other movers and shakers in the local analog game scene. Your guests are beginning to arrive, and you start corralling them into cliques. You know that some of them are going to get along swimmingly, while you'd like to keep others apart.…
                Wii Warm Up: When you just can't take any more Dragonball        
      Don't get us wrong, we used to like Dragonball Z. When we were, like, twelve. But with the announcement of yet another DBZ game coming to the Wii, we can't help but think of all the other deserving anime franchises that could use the gaming treatment. The import Naruto titles on the 'Cube were spectacular, and we hear that the Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist titles aren't half bad.

      You guys probably watch more anime than us, so which series, no matter how obscure, would you have make its way to the Wii? How about Read or Die, which could make very interesting use of the Wiimote for the various paper-based powers, or maybe Hikaru no Go, as a cool boardgame/RPG tandem title? Come forth, otaku, we summon thee!
                Using Common Games for RPG Puzzles        
      Puzzles help you keep your game exciting.  They vary the action, so there's something different to do every scene.

      When you're putting together a puzzle for your RPG, there are tons of ways to handle it.  A really easy and supremely adaptable puzzle to use is Mastermind.  Wikipedia tells me it's also called Bulls and Cows and goes back a over century.  It's similar to Twenty Questions, Hangman, or Guess Who?, which make good puzzles for RPGs as well.

      You can adapt Mastermind to a lot of different situations.  It can be numbers or letters in a password; words in a passphrase; potions on a rack; symbols on tumblers; or colored marbles in bowls.  Fallout uses a variation of it for hacking terminals.

      As a reminder, never make it possible to fail to continue the game.  If the puzzle guards the door into the dungeon, then failing to solve the puzzle has to cause some problem other than preventing the PCs from getting in.  If you're familiar with my article on skill challenges, you can use some of the same hazards from those in guessing games.

      Here are the basic rules of Mastermind:
      • There is a secret code.  It's usually fairly short.
      • The code is made from elements drawn from a set.  The set can be fairly large.
      • The player(s) get to make a pre-determined number of guesses.  They don't have to know how many guesses they get, or how many are left.  In D&D, you can also cause them some other penalty on a failed guess.
      • The way the players make guesses can have additional rules.  A passphrase should be a grammatically correct phrase (Praise to Tiamat instead of Tiamat Praise Praise), repetition may or may not be allowed (If you have one icon of each color of chromatic dragon, you can play black, white, red; but you can't play red, red, white), and length may or may not vary (if there are three bowls to put liquids into, the length is always 3; but guessing a password might involve words of varying length).
      • After each guess, they get feedback about how close their guess was to the secret code.  There are a few ways to give feedback.  If length is a factor, there must be length feedback. 
        • Length:  Too Long, Too Short, or Correct Length (always use when length is a factor)
        • Correct:  The number of correct elements in correct positions
        • Wrong Position:  The number of correct elements in incorrect positions (optional)
        • Omen:  If the code has meaning, a fourth feedback option is to give a hint as to how close to the meaning the guess is.  For instance, if the passcode is a word of six letters, "DEFILE" the puzzle feedback could deem hopeful or positive words weak and cowardly.
      • Difficulty varies based on the above factors:
        • Giving more feedback makes the puzzle easier, 
        • Giving more guesses makes the game easier, 
        • Using a smaller set makes the game easier, 
        • Using fixed length makes the game easier, and 
        • Using a shorter code makes the game easier.

      A Mastermind Example

      In the cult's library is a scroll on metaphysics.  Some of the words on the scroll have been circled in charcoal pencil:  "Curse, Praise, Glory, All, For, To, Tiamat, Harpers, Tharzidun."  There are three puzzle rooms, each with a statue of a robed cultist standing in front of a door.  You can't get through the door unless the statue animates and moves out of the way.  An Insight check tells you that the nine words make up the passphrases to each puzzle door, but which words for which doors?

      The code phrases are...

      This is a fairly easy puzzle:  There are only 9 words in the set and 3 puzzles.  The puzzle will get easier as the players go on, because they will rightly assume the proper nouns (TIAMAT, HARPERS, THARZIDUN) are only used once.  Also they will assume the passphrases make sense (not FOR FOR TO ALL FOR or other nonsense phrases).  They might also easily guess the phrases are 3 words each, since it's hard to construct longer phrases with the words in the set.  So to raise the difficulty, we will give the players a small number of guesses.

      "The cultist statue has two ruby gems for eyes"

      Stealing the gems does no harm to the thief, except it means the PCs can't get any hints.  They have to speak the password.  Each time they get it wrong, some part of the statue becomes colored and lifelike.  This represents an incorrect guess.  If they get it wrong four times in a row within 24 hours, the statue comes fully to life and attacks them.  If they attack the statue or try to shove it aside, it comes to life and attacks them.  In addition, other traps in the room might activate.  Statues tend to be immune to poison gas...

      The reason we're using "statue attacks" instead of "statue stops taking guesses" is that we don't want failure on the test to mean the adventure ends.  Also, we want to make the puzzle hard.  We want the PCs to fail at least one puzzle.  So we have to have the failure condition hurt the PCs a little without stopping the game.

      We're only giving feedback on two things:  Length and number correct.  First, the statue gives feedback (if there is feedback to give) after someone faces it and speaks three words.  Second, the statue gives feedback about the number of correct words in the correct positions.  Its eyes will light up when you start to talk to it.  After three words, both eyes fade to dark if no words were correct.  One eye will stay lit and sparkle for ten seconds if one word was correct.  Both eyes will stay lit and sparkle for ten seconds if two words were correct.  Getting three correct makes the statue animate and open the door for the PCs.

      More Puzzles for your Games

      Here is a long list of other games people play that you can use as RPG puzzles.

      Hidden rule games involve playing a game where there are hidden rules.  They require an active judge.  In RPGs, these work well for simulating hacking or a sphynx guardian's puzzle.  Some can go on until the rule is solved, and others end eventually.  You can play some competitively, so that one player is the winner.  And others force all the players to cooperate against a time or guess limit.  Some can work either way.
      • Zendo is a really simple rule-guessing game that has pretty plastic pyramids.  It really focuses on the act of testing and guessing a rule.  Zendo is competitive, but you can make it collaborative by assigning some cost to guesses or limit to the number of guesses.
      • Elephant's foot umbrella stand is another rule guessing game you can use.  Like Mao, there are one or more people who know the hidden rule.  You can use a whole village of people who keep a secret.  They carry or speak the name of an object to be let into an inner sanctum.  Lots of different objects let them in, but no two objects can be the same (so the PCs can't just copy someone).
      • Eleusis is a rule-guessing card game you can use as a riddle contest against a sphinx type riddle giver.
      • Mao is a card game where new players have to scramble to figure out the rules. If the PCs visit a tavern in an unfamiliar city, you can emphasize the exotic nature of the city with this game.
      • Green Glass Door:  This is a simple kids' word game where you have to figure out what nouns can pass through the "green glass door."  Spoiler alert:  It's nouns with double letters (e.g. letters can, but words can't).  You can invent similar tricks.  A portal that only allows certain things to pass is very appropriate for Planescape.

      Guessing games involve a secret keeper and a guesser.  Some are played competitively (battleship, guess who) while others are asymmetrical (hangman, twenty questions).  Competitive versions end when one player wins.  Asymmetrical versions end after a limited number of guesses has been used or the correct answer has been guessed.  You can turn a competitive game into an asymmetrical one or vice versa.  Ulam's game is unique in that it is a game of twenty questions where the questions and answers are already asked, but one answer is wrong.  The player(s) have to guess the solution, like a game of twenty questions, but to do so, they have to figure out which question was answered incorrectly.
      • Guess who is a great way to simulate information gathering.  Each day, the PCs get to make Charisma checks (D&D) or Contacts rolls (Fate) etc. to ask a question.  As they collect answers, the picture of their suspect becomes clearer.  But each day, they have to roll for a random encounter or some other cost accrues.  Maybe they only have four days to solve the crime...
      • Hangman is the simplest word guessing game, with a grim, medieval theme.
      • Twenty questions is a great game to play with a sphinx.  
      • Ulam's game is like twenty questions, but doesn't require an interlocutor.  The questions have been asked and answered, but one answer is wrong.  The players have to figure out by deduction which answer is wrong, then figure out what the solution is.
      • Battleship is a logical process guessing game.  You can use it to simulate searching a ruin or wilderness.
      • I Spy is the simplest guessing game.  It could work for a riddling NPC.

      Limited communication games are great puzzles to throw into an RPG.
      • Charades is a method people can communicate without a shared language.  This is a great way to put a puzzle into your game:  Introduce a potentially friendly NPC that you have to use Charades to communicate with!
      • Taboo requires you to communicate a password or phrase without using the actual words of the solution.  Magic can prevent a character from saying a specific word.  But if you're careful, you can help others guess it.
      • Heads Up is like reverse Taboo, and you can use an index card to play it.  

      Asymmetrical information games are games that divide your players up.  Generally you give one team (or one player) a problem that can only be solved by the other team's help, except that there is information that's kept secret.
      • Building instructions:  Divide the teams up.  One team gets something built from blocks or drawn on grid paper.  The other team has to make an exact copy using a set of blocks or a grid paper and pencil. The first team can't show the second team the original - they can only describe it.
      • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a video game based on this premise.  If it's not being used in LARPs as a bomb defusing simulator, it will be soon.  
      • You can use visual memory in a similar fashion.  For instance, give a player a map of a maze with all the traps, secret doors, and dead ends marked.  Tell them they're not allowed to copy it or write any notes down, but they have to memorize it.  Take it away.  Then put the PCs into that maze, with all the traps, secret doors, and dead ends exactly where the map said they were.  Give them a limited time to get through the maze so they can't proceed with caution.  See if the one player can remember enough to keep the party safe.
      • Similarly, you can play telephone with the map.  Hand the GM map of the maze (with all the secrets revealed) to a player.  Give the player just two minutes to copy it as best they can.  Take away the GM map.  Hand player 1's map to player 2.  Give player 2 just two minutes to copy the map player 1 made.  Take away player 1's map.  Hand player 2's map to player 3.  Give player 3 two minutes to copy player 2's map.  Repeat until you have a hasty copy of a hasty copy of a hasty copy (etc.).
      Negotiation games can be used to simulate a negotiation in a bounded, circumscribed fashion.  If the GM is just no good at negotiating but wants to make a game or puzzle out of it, play Haggle with the players.  Ultimatum can turn your players against one another.
      • Ultimatum game:  There's a pool of money. One player makes a single offer.  The other player can accept or refuse.  If they refuse, neither gets any money.  You would pit the players against one another in this game.  Otherwise it's no fun.
      • Haggle:  This is an asymmetrical negotiation game you can use to simulate an asymmetrical negotiation.
      Code breaking games and decoding puzzles can represent linguistics (deciphering ancient languages) or represent real ciphers.  They can also be "word puzzles" on floors and walls in dungeons, simulate code-breaking in modern games, and so forth:
      • DitLoID:  These are neat because a person who lives in or uses the space needs some hint to remember the passphrase, say, "five fingers on the hand" so they abbreviate it to 5FotH.  See the link for a ton of examples.
      • Word Ladder:  Could be symbolic.  How fast can you connect Bahamut to Tiamat?
      • Word Search:  I once built a word search so that the words were the names of all the good gods.  The letters left over spelled out the passphrase that was the solution to the puzzle.
      • Ciphers:  Letter replacement and Cesar shift ciphers can be solved.  The longer the plaintext, the easier the code is to crack.  Very short plaintext may be impossible to crack.  You can give the players a partial key, or let them have one letter of plaintext with a successful Intelligence check.
      • A Rebus represents words as images you have to interpet to form a passphrase or plaintext solution, so it can simulate deciphering heiroglyphs.
      Mathematical and logic puzzles are great for players who like complicated and challenging logic puzzles, but they have major challenges for RPGs.  They can take a long time to solve, or a very short time if the player(s) have encountered them before.  Like riddles, there needs to be some limit.  The players might spend the whole session thinking about the puzzle without solving it if there's no time or guess limit.
      • Balance puzzleswater pouring puzzles, and river crossing puzzles are logic puzzles.  They require the players to think through an analytical problem.
      • Latin squares are arrangement puzzles - like Sudoku, but with colors, letters, or even images.
      • Nonograms are like Latin squares in many ways, except that the solution is an image made of colored blocks.  They could be used to simulate divination or other procedures that result in an image coming from nothing.  The players can stop solving once they've got enough of the picture to know the answer to their question.
      • Tower of Hanoi (simple sequence puzzle) is a famous puzzle that tasks the players with moving a stack of discs from one post to another.  
      • Complex sequence puzzles (Rubik's cube, etc.) are too complicated for RPGs, unless you're running a  certain weekend-long game at MIT.
      • Physical puzzles (tangrams, packing puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, blacksmith's puzzles aka disentanglement puzzles) can be bought at most toy and game stores.  They were common in medieval times, so the metal ones you can get at renaissance faires can be diagetic puzzles handed to a player's character.  
      • Chess puzzles are fun if the players like chess, and chess is a game in your world.  
      Card puzzles can be another fun challenge.
      • Solitaire can be a challenge for your game.  About 4 in 5 games of Klondike solitaire are theoretically winnable, but the probability of winning is just around 2 in 5; can be played with Tarot cards with the trumps as their own suit.
      • Card games can be used as puzzles, or played at the table to represent the PCs' gambling.  An important NPC might play a game of Baccarat or poker against the PCs in a spy game, for instance.  You might see it as a roleplaying opportunity paired with a battle of wits.  Use the card game to frame the scene.  Non-betting card games like bridge are often used as frames for the parlor segment of murder mysteries in fiction.  Bridge puzzles are potentially interesting puzzles, but like chess puzzles, may be too hard if the players aren't bridge players.  Magic: the Gathering card puzzles exist, and have a fantasy theme, but again, your players need to be familiar with the game.
      • Mao and Eleusis, above, are hidden rule card puzzles.
      • Playing cards can be used as props in number puzzles, if your players like those.
      Riddle games are the classic fantasy puzzle.  They have a single answer.  The classic "riddle door" in D&D is an animated door, so the Knock spell cannot open it (it's not locked or stuck - it just refuses to move).  A great way to use a riddle in a dungeon is to select a riddle with a simple solution, like "a knock on the door" or "fire" and leave the clues throughout the dungeon.  In one area, there's a locked door with a serpent knocker.  Or maybe it's a cold brazier beside the locked door.  Rapping the first door with the knocker causes it to unlock.  Any other action animates the serpent and poison's the character.  Lighting the brazier opens the second door, and any other action causes a Cone of Cold to attack the party.  The knocker and brazier may not appear significant unless the players recognize the significance of the clues they've seen in various places and solve the riddle they form.

      • Crossword puzzles are riddle games.  Instead of using a whole crossword puzzle, read through the clues on a few to find riddles of varying challenge level.  They get easier if you reveal a few letters in the solution, of course.
      • Math riddles:  See balance, water, and river crossing puzzles, above.
      • Riddle trading:  Riddles have real value in a medieval world, and their value scales with the wealth and power of the person "trading" for one.  Riddle games where one party tries to stump the other are a classic way of trading riddles for riddles, but NPCs (especially dragons and the like) might give prizes or boons to characters who can stump them with a riddle.  This makes the players try to stump you, which they will enjoy. 
      • Logogriph riddles are very complicated and awfully challenging riddles.  They're similar to cockney rhyming slang (see also: Planescape) where meaning is concealed behind a few steps of word play.
      • Situation puzzles (minute mysteries) are some of the most complex riddles.  They often have multiple solutions, but only one simple solution.  The players in a situation puzzle usually get to ask questions, so eventually they will get closer and closer to the answer.  A minute mystery might just have a handful of hints you can choose to read or not.
      • Droodle is a visual riddle similar to a situation puzzle.  You can find them on google.  I just wanted an excuse to write "google: droodle"  
      • Want the best riddles?  Reddit is the best place to find riddles because their system of upvoting moves the best to the top

                Bright Future – I Interview the Creator of this Exciting, Post-Apocalyptic Boardgame        
      I spoke to the creator
                What’s that?? Another victory for Jax? Or this time...        

      What’s that?? Another victory for Jax? Or this time let’s call her Melisandrienne of Taratheon?? #Baratheon #gameofthrones #boardgames #winner #winning (at Leytonstone)

                Queen Stark surveying her queendom #gameofthrones #boardgames...        

      Queen Stark surveying her queendom #gameofthrones #boardgames #stark #winner #winning #underdog (at Leytonstone)

                Thursday Night Supper Club and Urban Sustainable Living (3/26/2009)        
      Chicago, Illinois

      If you are concerned with economy, food security, and health, a vegetable garden makes perfect sense. The first family's organic plot is underway, and instead of being daunted by some potential setbacks (the condition of urban soil, limited space, a non-existent budget), I have decided to be inspired by their example and undertake an attempt to grow my own produce. Therefore, I was delighted when the Backstory Cafe offered a presentation on urban gardening. This young Hyde Park establishment hosts not only regular jazz nights (Wednesdays), boardgame nights (Fridays), a morning playgroup (Mondays), and occasional movie screenings, but also holds a monthly Thursday night supper club. Topics covered have included social activism in the tradition of Jane Addams, collaboration between American, European and Palestinian woman artists, natural childbirth, and most recently, gardening.

      Ben and Courtney of Backyard Bounty (their local and organic sustainable agriculture consulting service) and others served a delightful five course meal of locally produced foodstuffs for a splendidly crisis-conscious fifteen dollars, and offered much useful information between the courses, so much so that the diners petitioned for a global e-mail of relevant sites and information. Apparently a 20' x 20' garden can provide produce for a family of four, and a 10' x 10', ample for an individual. Container gardening on a small porch theoretically can yield all the herbs, teas, and select vegetables that an individual or couple requires. Options such as edible flowers or loofahs provide a change from the standard tomatoes and greens, and the truly dedicated may eventually consider an apiary or chicken coop. Check your local ordinances: in Chicago, you can raise chickens for eggs, not slaughter.

      For those without local resources, the Internet provides a wealth of gardening knowledge. “Garden Girl” Patti Moreno demonstrates her extensive horticultural knowledge on an impressive compound of several raised beds built in a garage originally constructed in 1917. While some of her projects may be a bit esoteric and ambitious for the beginner (i.e., an aquaponic garden that pumps aquarium water to fertilize sprouting Swiss chard, or shaving a white German Angora rabbit the size of a Thanksgiving turkey in order to make homespun yarn), she does offer more accessible options and some practical suggestions. Plant seed potatoes in chunks that have two eyes apiece. Use bread bag twist ties to strap stems to lattices. The heirloom “Tiffin Mennonite” tomato weighs in at a pound apiece, and the hostess does have the charm to dedicate a chapter to her “almost record” tomato, conveniently measured at the corner store's deli counter. The massive glossy red fruit was inspiring. I'll break ground as soon as the threat of sleet has passed. Any day now.

      Written by: Erika Mikkalo, May 4th 2009

                Law Enforcement In Board Games        
      Crime dramas are one of the most popular forms of entertainment which can be found in both movies and on television. People seem to become captivated by these forms of drama, becoming wrapped up in solving the mystery. Watching these shows and movies become almost a game in themselves, as solving the mystery before the detectives can figure it out presents a challenge which most viewers are happy to take part in. When the show ends, however, so does the game that the viewers play with the television set or the movie ends. While these shows are incredibly popular in today's culture, this still isn't enough for most fans. This is why many of these firms have produced board game versions of their shows.

      CSI is one of the most popular shows on television now, with three different editions taking place in different cities around the country. The show is popular because it generally starts with a murder scenario and it becomes the responsibility of the forensics team to collect evidence, run it through the correct technicians to determine what they can learn from that evidence, and finally to make a deduction on what actually happened to the victim. The CSI board game takes this same approach to solving the mystery as the show does. The game initially comes with a number of different mysteries for players to solve.

      The players have to choose the mystery before the game begins, getting a standard set of evidence and clues. Players then make their way around the board, collecting evidence from the crime scene and taking it back to the lab. They will run different pieces of evidence through forensics, DNA testing, ballistics, trace, autopsy, and interrogating the suspects. Based on all the evidence which they manage to collect, they will piece together what they believe happened and the players will then make their way to Grissom's head office to obtain an arrest warrant. The first player to successfully obtain an arrest warrant for the correct suspect wins the game.

      This game is popular because it allows players to feel like they are a part of one of their favorite shows, collecting the evidence just like their favorite investigators. It presents a bit of escapism, putting the players in a situation that they are able to participate with and to an extent, control. It gives them the ability to enjoy the game that their favorite shows present them with, except they are given more control in their actions than simply following the progress of another detective.

      Law and Order is another show that is immensely popular, which also has produced its own board game. This game is much like the CSI board game, except it focuses less on the collection and examination of evidence and a little more on the interrogation of various suspects. It takes more of a people-approach to crime investigation, although players still move around the board collecting all the evidence they can before they decide to make their guess. Just like the CSI board game, whichever player can identify the guilty suspect first wins this game!

      The 221 B Baker Street Board Game is based upon the world-famous crime-busting duo of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. In this game, players have to move around the streets of London trying to solve the mysteries. They have to collect clues and try to find the answer. The player who is the first to solve the mystery is declared the winner. The game comes with 20 intriguing storylines and is good fun for the entire family.

      Victor Epand is an expert consultant for board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures. You will find all these things and more if you visit law enforcement board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures.

      anger management: anger management activities

      anger management: anger management techniques

      Article Source:

                Primer entrega sobre lo que paso en el #2ENJM: Momentos previos y comienzo...        

      Queremos contar nuestra visión de lo que fue el 2do Encuentro Nacional de Juegos de Mesa o #2ENJM desde un lugar privilegiado: la organización. (
      Estuvimos mucho tiempo dándole vueltas a la fecha y tuvimos que cambiarla por cuestiones relacionadas al espacio, aunque esta vez comenzamos mucho antes con las cartas y pedidos los lugares no confirmaban y las fechas posibles se acercaban estrepitosamente mientras notr@s nos comíamos los codos; hasta que CORE confirmó que nos volvería a recibir y ahí empezamos a montar el cronograma en función de los espacios posibles con la siguiente salvedad:
      A dos meses del evento, no teníamos ninguna actividad confirmada, pero por suerte si teníamos definido el eje “Identidad en Juego”…
      A un mes del evento estábamos hablando con algunos amigos que intentarían venir y otr@s confirmaban presencia… poco a poco estaba tomando forma y fuerza el armado.
      A menos de dos semanas del evento nos llegaron 5 propuestas de participación, un taller y una posible charla de una colombiana (que hasta el momento no conocíamos) y pensábamos “esto se nos va a desbordar”…
      a 4 días nos llovieron 15 clínicas de juegos que serían brindados por sus propios diseñadores y creadores y decíamos “esto se nos va a desbordar”…
      el viernes le dijimos que veríamos la posibilidad de que se sumen a los últimos rezagados que recién se enteraban…
      Ahora bien, llegamos al sábado, ¿cómo sintetizamos 20 horas y pico de encuentro con 11 espacios ocupados con actividades en simultáneo casi permanentemente? y con el agregado de 2 vídeo conferencias del exterior (México y Francia) mails de gente de diferentes puntos del país diciendo que si podían venían y preguntando si teníamos un huequito para que mostraran lo suyo... y si al final "se nos desbordo el cronograma"
      El sábado habíamos programado arrancar 12:30 hs con juegos de equilibrio para empezar a animar a los más tímidos, pero 12.05 se estaba armando la primera clínica espontánea con gente de 4 ciudades diferentes mientras algunas personas preguntaban si ya podían empezar a sumar puntos del “Mega Babel” (juego masivo). Ya estábamos en el baile.
      Bienvenida, entre muchas ansiedades y gente cambiando cartas y una invitación: a jugarse y contar un poco de cada un@. Enseguida se largo la primera tanda de clínicas.

      Hélix – Vuelo Furtivo: arrancó en otra sala porque requería silencio para poder escuchar el helicóptero volar y llevarse a varios jugadores a Granada. Un nivel al que ya nos tiene acostumbrados Juan Carballal (el diseñador), y eso que se presentaba como prototipo.

      Karma %+-x=: una curiosa combinación de letras y números de Marta Bertran, juego que fue editado recientemente por Bisonte y que estaba siendo presentado por su creadora en el evento. Un juego amigable para quienes tienen facilidad con las letras o con los números y mejor si es con ambos. (

      Viajeros Perdidos: su creador Ale Zamora (Córdoba), cuando presento el juego nos invito a dar un recorrido por una ciudad abandonada en la Patagonia Argentina con personajes muy curiosos que podrán golpearte, quemarte o cortarte sólo para poder cumplir sus misiones y así salir de allí. Claramente se destaca la fotografía empleada en el diseño del juego.

      Hanabi: un juego cooperativo que no podía faltar, ganador del Spiel des Jahres, diseñado por Antoine Bauza y muy fácil de jugar creado por Antoine Bauza  y presentado por Valeria Roberts.

      Fútbol Chapas: a la vieja usanza de jugar con chapitas de cerveza, pero con una estética muy simpática y una dinámica super atractiva, Maximiliano Giannice nos invitó a jugar y nos dio tips para poder armarnos nuestros propios estadios.

      Mahjong: Hermoso juego antiguo estuvo presente también a cargo del Club Argentino de Mahjong Riichi, del cual vinieron vari@s representantes con muchas ganas de presentar el juego sin parar. (

      Al poco tiempo de haber comenzado con las clínicas, nos conectamos con Emilio Vázquez García, coordinador del equipo que está desarrollando el Ajedrez Maya desde Chihuahua (México) quien hizo una síntesis histórica de porqué el juego y cómo lo diseñaron.

      Mientras en el salón central la
      Asociación Argentina del Juego de Go ( había instalado sus tableros y convocaba con su sola presencia. A unos metros se encontraba Guillermo Nuñez que ya había desplegado el Invasión Z que no había llegado a presentar para incluir en el programa, pero se jugó varias veces. (

      Cerca de las 14, comenzamos las Simultáneas de Othello versus Daniel Olivares jugador mundialista quien ha participado de los últimos tres mundiales de este juego representando a Argentina, junto a otr@s miembros del Club Argentino de Othello. (

      Se presentó el Imperial de Mac Gerdts, de la mano de Ariel Futoransky, quien dio un pantallazo e invitó a recorrer una partida que luego retomaría Iván Arce para darle una profundización estratégica. (

      En otro salón cercano Francisco Dibar comenzaba con la presentación de Steam de Martin Wallace. (

      Las cartas del "Mega Babel" pasaban de mano en mano y la gente interesada ya se juntaba para dar comienzo al torneo relámpago de T.E.G. organizado por La Cofradía de Teg.

      lo que esta resaltado en negro son los nombres de los juegos, lo que esta en azul son creadores y diseñadores de juegos que estuvieron presentando su juego y los que esta en verde son colaboradores del evento


                Comentario en Los pnp de octubre por Pablo Cazorla        
      Acabo de subir Haze Island en español, completo y maquetado: Que lo disfruten!
                Lego Star Wars Nexu        
      images Let#39;s Play Lego Star Wars the Lego Star Wars Nexu. lego star wars pit droid
    • lego star wars pit droid

    • rollercoaster
      04-03 11:08 PM
      Thank you sunny1000. God bless you.

      wallpaper lego star wars pit droid Lego Star Wars Nexu. Lego Star Wars - Clone Wars
    • Lego Star Wars - Clone Wars

    • rvr_jcop
      04-29 01:42 PM
      I think it means , can enter country with H1B visa stamped before entering, if Advance parole is not there

      What if you have AP but not used it, instead used the re-validation rule to enter into the country, using H1. Would that invoke abandonment of 485?

      Lego Star Wars Nexu. Lego Star Wars update plus
    • Lego Star Wars update plus

    • amitk81
      03-17 02:54 PM
      This is really stupid of USCIS to assume that we would stay in the same position for 6-7 years before they can re open the case.

      I don't know the answer to your question, but I would think if you are staying at the same place with the same company shouldn't be an issue as long as you stay in the same department.

      e.g. if you start in IT as an engineer and then during the GC process you change to a managerial role this should be o.k.
      But it you shift from IT to sales with the same salary there would be an issue.

      my 2 cents

      2011 Lego Star Wars - Clone Wars Lego Star Wars Nexu. Lego Star Wars - Greedo#39;s Real
    • Lego Star Wars - Greedo#39;s Real

    • hiralal
      08-10 11:56 AM
      With not many 'easy' H1b cases anymore. This looks like another route for the 'attorney' to get more clients, selling fear!
      I agree !! it is definitely bad news and many may end up spending more on a plastic card. more business for lawyers !!!
      maybe guiness book of world records should have an entry for the costliest plastic card I just hope and pray that future generations have better options at home and in different countries and links such as these point out the hard truth that everyone needs to have a plan B - and be mobile and ready to move. (i.e. not get stuck with immovable assets).


      Lego Star Wars Nexu. Lego star wars- updates and
    • Lego star wars- updates and

    • sgudge
      02-13 06:04 PM
      ya i know exactly what you want to say , its easy for them follow the pattern.

      maybe its best that 1 year i go to visit her and 1 year i call her over here .


      Lego Star Wars Nexu. Rare lego star wars minifigs
    • Rare lego star wars minifigs

    • Charleh
      01-16 07:45 AM
      I've just run a test - only when I update the control dimensions does the opacity interpolate correctly - what do I have to do to get this working without changing the entire control? Do I have to target the layoutroot and then set the propertytarget to the path of the child control of layoutroot to get the opacity anim to work?


      Lego Star Wars Nexu. lego star wars 501st legion:
    • lego star wars 501st legion:

    • ujjvalkoul
      07-12 03:54 PM
      For Nov 2005 long before we can get GC

      2010 Lego Star Wars update plus Lego Star Wars Nexu. Let#39;s Play Lego Star Wars the
    • Let#39;s Play Lego Star Wars the

    • anilsal
      12-08 01:17 PM
      Well, if the process is enter a name into some application to await a response, then I would pay 15cents a name. Why pay $4?


      Lego Star Wars Nexu. LEGO Star Wars: Episode I quot;The
    • LEGO Star Wars: Episode I quot;The

    • aksvk
      09-22 12:06 AM
      I have an approved H1B for teaching Maths, but I got an offer for teaching ESL (I am certified in both the subject). Am I allowed to teach ESL also? Is the visa subject specific?

      hair Lego Star Wars - Greedo#39;s Real Lego Star Wars Nexu. Lego Star Wars Jedi Rescue
    • Lego Star Wars Jedi Rescue

    • pappu
      12-18 10:55 AM
      It was during the busy time. However logiclife did speak in that event and meet with other invited people.


      Lego Star Wars Nexu. 2010 Lego Star Wars Imperial
    • 2010 Lego Star Wars Imperial

    • apoojo
      06-21 10:58 AM
      I am not a lawyer but was involved in something similar.

      C can take you to court and stop you from being hired by vendor. It will be very difficult for them to push for damages etc. but thye can bring a stop on your hiring.

      If C is a small desi consultant the chances are dim he will come after you. But if he is reasonably sized with lawyers within the company, you mgiht get a notice. You can take a chance, but usually the lawyer fees etc might not be worth the effort.

      Your other option is to have your vendor buy you out - which means the vendor pays an X amount to C, and that frees you up from any contracts/non-competes.

      Good luck!

      hot Lego star wars- updates and Lego Star Wars Nexu. Lego Star Wars III The Clone
    • Lego Star Wars III The Clone

    • kannan
      11-17 12:42 PM

      Just now I noticed my previous H1 renewal papers,In that My first H1 expired on Feb 20 2002. My previous employer applied the extension and got the approval but Receipt date on that application was Feb 26 2002, (Six days after the first H1 expired date) and got approved in Jun 2002 .Is it a problem,I never went outside US after I came here.Now I am in AOS status....


      house Star Wars Attack of the Clones Lego Star Wars Nexu. LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone
    • LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone

    • needhelp!
      10-12 05:48 PM
      in less than 23 hours

      tattoo Rare lego star wars minifigs Lego Star Wars Nexu. LEGO Star Wars - The Complete
    • LEGO Star Wars - The Complete

    • viveksri
      06-19 12:46 PM
      p7810456, makemygc ,

      I really don�t know which letter/word in the title of thread makes you think about �VISA BULLETIN�. Moreover USCIS is not the one that issue Monthly Visa Bulletin.

      Anyway I have changed the title.



      pictures lego star wars 501st legion: Lego Star Wars Nexu. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete

      04-30 04:04 PM
      HI ,
      MY H1 b is expiring on 30 Sep ,2009 .

      My current client informed me that they are going to hire me as a fulltime , but it will take 2-3 months for them to hire me .

      Should I ask my current employer to file H1 extention right now ?

      Or I should wait for H1 trnsfer as a fulltime employee ?

      Any suggestions ?

      dresses Lego Star Wars III The Clone Lego Star Wars Nexu. LEGO Star Wars III The Clone
    • LEGO Star Wars III The Clone

    • a_yaja
      03-09 08:04 PM
      I see. And did you attached any documents with that statement?

      Nothing other than the supporting docs:
      1. expired I-94 from passport
      2. 2 photos (with A# written in pencil on the back)
      3. copy of I-485 receipt
      4. sheet with answer to part 7 (including name and a# in header)
      5. check made out to "Department of Homeland Security"


      makeup LEGO Star Wars: Episode I quot;The Lego Star Wars Nexu. Star Wars Attack of the Clones
    • Star Wars Attack of the Clones

    • neeidd
      07-15 12:20 PM
      I have nov 2004 PD. I have the same problem. USCIS received my app on aug 3rd. But notice date is oct 11. From , i see that these dates doesnt matter as long as your PD is current. So, i didnt bother to contact USCIS.
      Thanks for the response, leoindiano


      girlfriend LEGO Star Wars - The Complete Lego Star Wars Nexu. unboxed by Lego Star Wars
    • unboxed by Lego Star Wars

    • asanghi
      12-16 10:09 PM
      Dont we need to go to the home country for transfering from H4 to F1? Can we do it by staying in the US itself?


      You need to go your home country, if you want to get the visa stamped. Here you can apply for change of status to F1. In fact as you are member of Immigrationvoice, so most likely you have applied for green card. In such case you should not go home country to apply for F1. It could be problematic. The consular officer might even reject your F1 .

      hairstyles 2010 Lego Star Wars Imperial Lego Star Wars Nexu. LEGO Star Wars Exclusive Set!
    • LEGO Star Wars Exclusive Set!

    • wisley
      11-10 02:58 PM
      hi all

      a friend of mine running his own business wanna apply for a visit visa or tourist visa what we are suppose to say in section purpose of your visit ????????????????????

      any insight are appreciated

      09-18 01:20 PM
      Check out the photos on Gregsiskind Blog.

      08-31 07:06 AM
      The General rule is You are eligible for H1B extn if the following conditions are met

      a) Labor applied on your behalf atleast 1 yr prior to maxout date. You will be eligible for 1 yr extensions

      b) Labor and I-140 approved in that case it will be 3 yrs extensions

      Now I was in similar situation where in i applied for labor in 6th yr, Labor got cleared in 2 months, I-140 got cleared in 2.5 months so now i am eligible for 3 yr extn.

      These days Labor certifications are taking a bit longer time (Atlanta is the only place they are doing it ) So it may take more time. Also one another thing needs to be considered is if there is any RFE then it takes longer.( Few cases pending beyond a year)

      Do a research on various RFE and do your paperwork in much more details you will probably end up without any RFE on your case

                Podcast Rolando 20 – Episódio 89 – Polêmicas        
      Essa semana todo o time (Daniel Anand, Gustavo Sembiano & Davi Salles) resolveram lavar a roupa suja e falar sobre assuntos polêmicos. Questões como: “O RPG está morrendo? Boardgames > RPG? RPG Online é o futuro? Pagar pra jogar RPG?” Episódio editado … Continue lendo →
                Podcast Rolando 20 – Episódio 63 – Starcraft Boardgame        
      Olá Jogadores e DMs, Hoje, no Tabletop Day (o dia internacional do jogo de tabuleiro), eu o Davi comentamos sobre um de nossos jogos de tabuleiro favoritos, o Starcraft Boardgame. Aprenda a juntar marines ou zerglins contra seus amigos! Links … Continue lendo →
                Podcast Rolando 20 – Episódio 55 – War of the Ring Boardgame        
      Olá Jogadores e DMs, Hoje vamos falar do fantástico jogo de tabuleiro da Guerra do Anel, o War of the Ring Boardgame. Descubra porque Daniel Anand & Davi Salles gostam tanto desse jogo! War of the Ring – Collector’s Edition … Continue lendo →
                Stub and Herb's in Dinkytown - Game Day Review        


      "Hey, let's go to Dinkytown and watch the Gopher/Badger football game", said a friend last week. I quickly agreed and considered this friend a genius.

      Not only do I have a love for Gopher athletics, I am also very fond of one of the bars in the Dinkytown location.

      That bar is Stub and Herb's.

      Having been an iconic figure in the area since 1939 and having a slogan of, "Your Grandpa Drank Here", how can you not be intrigued to open the door? Now, I can't say this was my first time there, but it's the first time I've entered the doorway with intentions of staying coherent enough to do a write up.

      Yeah, I got there at 9:30am and stayed until 8pm; and was sober. Do I consider myself a hero? No, but you can feel free to call me one the next time you see me. Anyway, back to the review.

      It is true, we did get there that early. However, we had good reason. I don't know if you have a good college rivalry that you follow, but if you do, you know that campus bars can get very busy, very quickly on game day. This was no exception.

      With the Badgers coming from across the border and both teams having stellar records, this was bound to be one of the most fired up Dinkytown crowds in awhile.

      So, being the earlier risers that we are, we headed down and secured a large booth next to a TV. Friends that showed up later, you are welcome. The waitress quickly asked how we were doing and took our orders. Right off the bat, I knew she was going to be a rock star.

      Boy was I right.

      She never skipped a beat. Letting us know when she was backed up (which happened quickly once people started filing in) so we could order ahead of time; and recommending burgers that we might enjoy. I will say, the burgers and sandwiches had by the group were very, very well liked.

      Not only that, the beer selection was great as well. They had a wide range of taps, bottles and cans. I mainly stuck with Surley Hell on tap, but I mixed in a tallboy of Grainbelt Premium as well.

      Between the service and the food/beverage selection, this place actually blew me away. I can't thank our waitress enough and she deserved every bit of the tip she got. I also forgot to mention that they have boardgames available, which came in handy to pass the time when we first got there. Did our waitress join in? Of course she did. 

      Again, I'm a huge fan of this place and encourage everyone to stop by, if even for a drink. But, do yourself a favor and grab a burger; you won't be sad that you did.  

      Put it this way - If you know me, I'm a HUGE fan of the Bulldog locations. Not only for their beer selection, but also their burgers. Stubs, in my mind, took the lead on this day.

      Bottoms Up!

                Game Industry Interview: Arthur Petersen        
      Following up on my interview with Ed Healy, I am pleased to present another behind-the-scenes interview with someone responsible for bringing Cthulhu Wars to life; Arthur Petersen, Project Director for Petersen Games.

      As the previous interview, I wanted to get some behind-the-curtain sort of stuff, this time focusing on production itself.

      Reminder that Onslaught 3 for Cthulhu Wars will go live on Monday morning; this weekend I'll be doing a series of posts to whet everyone's appetites for this wonderful game and it's unworldly terrific miniatures.

      Q: Can you give a quick definition of what a Project Director does?

      A: Sure. At Petersen Games it mostly means making sure Sandy’s ideas for a game become reality. Making a tabletop game includes so many parts – from design and playtesting, to art and miniature sculpting, game layout and marketing, all the way to manufacturing and shipping. I coordinate the diverse parts and oversee the teams who put it all together. Of course, because we are fairly small (only 6 total, including employees/owners), it also means for me being heavily involved in some of those parts. For example, I double as the entire “manufacturing” team at Petersen Games – directly working with our factories and handling everything that has to do with the physical creation of the game itself.

      Q: What sort of logistical challenges do you think are unique to a large board game type KS campaign like Cthulhu Wars, as opposed to a smaller board game or RPG?

      A: Logistical complication is mostly determined by the array of products and product combinations sold. For example, we sort of shot ourselves in the foot with our previous Cthulhu Wars campaign (Onslaught Two) by offering over 50 unique products, and then going further and allowing a full a la carte selection. Out of around 5,000 backers there were over 2,500 unique combinations of rewards! That meant the “pick and pack” job – the sorting of each reward in our fulfillment warehouses took longer than it would have if most backers got the same bundle of products. Another issue with logistics for the sorts of games we do is the weight – no one likes to pay a lot for shipping. But when you are sending rewards that way over 50 lbs., well, someone has to pay it!

      Q: Other than the well-known issue of Chinese New Year (which I see you actually included in your project plan timeline), what sort of special considerations do you have to make when dealing with China-based manufacturing?

      A: One of the biggest hurdles is communication. While most factories (and all factory brokers) employ someone who can speak English, it’s rarely perfect. Sometime I just have to ask our art director to make a quick image or diagram of what I need to communicate about some manufacturing issue. Their response for something will tell me they didn’t understand me, so I use pictures, basically. And sometimes they have to respond with pictures. Much of the time, however, with a detailed spec sheet it’s clear to both sides what’s going on. Other than communication, my main advice to anyone getting into Chinese manufacturing is to provide PERFECT specs when you want a quote for pricing.

      Arthur Petersen (left)
      Q: What's the biggest challenge when it comes to producing larger projects like Cthulhu Wars?

      A: That’s hard to answer. If you ask Sandy, he’ll probably say the playtest time or getting the sculpts done faster. If you ask our business manager, he’ll say trying to get the cost down, since our big figures and products mean our margins can suck, even when we charge seemingly high prices. As for me, it’s changed over the years. What was most difficult for the first Cthulhu Wars KS was not the most challenging for O2, and I bet it will be different for this new one. Frankly, any answer I give will probably be a reflection of where I am as I learn to manage our teams, as opposed to something specific for Cthulhu Wars.

      Q: How has the production process changed from the original game to today, where you're about to start the third Kickstarter campaign in the series?

      A: Let me answer with a story. Cthulhu Wars has, as you may know, 6 Acolyte Cultists figures per faction, as well as 2 little markers (for Doom and Power respectively) per faction. Well, when you create steel molds for the plastic pieces (via a process called tooling), you can make several identical cavities to make more than one of the same piece at a time. Because we had never made a game before, we didn’t really micro-manage the tooling process like we do today. The factory unfortunately made a steel mold that contained 2 cavities for the cultists, and 2 cavities for the doom/power markers. This meant that with each pressing of the mold in a given color of plastic, 2 cultists AND 2 doom/power markers popped out. But, if you recall that you need 6 cultists and 2 markers, which is a ratio of 3 to 1, this meant that we had 3 times as many markers as we needed. They’re still in China somewhere, probably in a land fill at this point. It was a waste of plastic that WE had to pay for via the factory charging us 3x the cost to make the markers than we should have. We only learned this when I flew to China and then shortly switched factories (who modified the steel molds at great cost to us). Now, we make them all in appropriate quantities for better cost efficiency. That was a little longer than I meant to take, but the bottom line is that now we manage our production on all fronts much more carefully. Now I wish I had told a sculpting story – we’ve learned a lot in terms of sculpting too!

      Q: In regards to Kickstarter, does using KS to launch a game or group of supplements change the production process? If so, how?

      A: I’m not sure how to answer this – I’ve only ever worked on games that were funded by Kickstarter, but I’ll do my best. The main consideration I’d suspect, as compared to direct to market products, is that we are beholden to our backers. When dealing with a massive game product line like Cthulhu Wars, so many things can be delayed. And what usually happens is that a bunch of little delays (in playtesting, editing, art, sculpting, tooling, manufacturing, shipping), etc. all add up together to create what seems to the backers as one BIG delay. We experienced this with our Orcs Must Die! boardgame in which every part seemed to take longer than we hoped, but none of the segments of the development cycle, on its own, was really delayed. Yet, their sum total pushed us back nearly a year! Backers obviously hate waiting one day longer than when we promised the delivery would be!

      Q: How does the figure sculpting process work? How far in advance do you need to begin before you have a finished figure in hand?

      A: First, Sandy develops a style guide for the model, with descriptions, explanations and reference art (from the internet or wherever), and provides this guide to the concept artist. Second, the concept artist draws a front and back, black and white illustration to Sandy’s specification. This is often a back and forth process with Sandy and the artist to make sure it’s exactly as Sandy envisioned; it takes about a week or two to lock down per concept. Once we have the final concept, I provide it to the sculptor. We now use 3D sculpting, which means revisions and review can be done with a quicker turnaround  (although the full time to sculpt is about the same – roughly 4-5 weeks for most sculptors, unless the figure is REALLY big; Dire Cthulhu took 8 weeks, and the Bloated Woman took a full 9 weeks to make!). Our average sculpt on Cthulhu Wars O3 took 5.2 weeks to do, including feedback and revisions. Once we have the final sculpt, we need to confirm its size is correct, and then it’s done! Make some turntables and show it off on our Kickstarter and social media!

      Q: To what extent does the game design itself influence the physical design and production aspects of bringing the game to life?

      A: This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but we always like our sculpts to seem in motion – action poses for the most part. Not every time, but you’ll notice that our models seem to mostly be doing something, or about to do something, rather than just sitting there. The Dark Young’s tentacles are moving around with mouth agape, in a howl, for example. This, I think, is an extension of Sandy making dynamic games – he never would want the pieces to seem static when the game will be fast moving.

      Q: What advice would you give to aspiring game designers, from a production design perspective?

      A: In a few words, I would say to understand that there are a great many ways to reproduce a similar game mechanic or experience with different physical pieces. Play around with what is possible physically – switch tokens for dice, and miniatures for cards. Be creative with what you want your components to be. It may seem counter intuitive, but if you look at Cthulhu Wars, one thing you’ll notice is a relative dearth of non-plastic pieces. Sure, the map is big, and you have Faction Cards and Spellbooks, but that’s about it. It’s almost the exact opposite of many games that just have oodles and oodles of little tokens to represent various gamestates. Cthulhu Wars, for example, achieves an amazing amount of depth and unique ability interaction without resorting to “poison” counters, or whatnot. Of course, game styles vary considerably, but my point is that you could imagine Cthulhu Wars done entirely different with a zillion other pieces. Instead, Sandy wanted the focus to be on the miniatures, so there’s PLENTY of those, with a minimum of other things. Fit YOUR game’s physical pieces to how you want the game experience to be!


      Disclosure: I was sent a bag of Cthulhu Wars figures to use in helping boost the Onslaught Three Kickstarter (you'll see them soon). I paid for the first Kickstarter and Onslaught Two myself, however, and will pay for Onslaught 3 when it launches Monday.
                The EPICtorial SAGA of a Dwarven Ranger - Part 2        
      As she rides through the land, accompanied by a wise scholar, the dwarven ranger makes an attempt to free the world of Fantasy Quest from tyranny...

      Last week, the editorial board of La Taverne du Jeu published the first part of an EPICtorial session report featuring an adventurous dwarven ranger wandering in the land of Fantasy Quest.
      The heroin of the story was ordered to bring down a malevolent tyrant.
      She began her quest alone, but received rapidly the help of the inhabitants of the land, that gave her the opportunity to ride a noble mount. The adventuring life is so much easier when you can rely on a trusty horse to travel further and faster!

      After having achieved some subquests absolutely unrelated to her main objective, as required by the tradition of roleplay games, the dwarven ranger started to feel migthy enough to make an attempt at accomplishing her SAGA.

      Let us read together wether she will manage to save the land from the evil grip of the tyrant or be slain by his innumerable henchmen.

      Link The EPICtorial SAGA of a Dwarven Ranger - Part2

                First peek on Fantasy Quest at La Taverne du Jeu        
      FANTASY QUEST is a high fantasy card game which is still in development. The editorial board from La Taverne du Jeu had the opportunity to get one copy of the beta test version of Fantasy Quest. Discover with us this game featuring an appealing design as well as promising mechanics.

      Let us discover together this new game through more than 40 pictures on this link.

      Do not forget to visit the other resources dedicated to Fantasy Quest: written by the game-designer, and on BoardGameGeek, as well.
                Premières impressions sur Fantasy Quest sur La Taverne du Jeu        
      FANTASY QUEST est un jeu de cartes médiéval fantastique en cours de développement. La rédaction de la Taverne du Jeu a pu se procurer (par mon intermédiaire) un exemplaire de ce jeu au design et aux mécaniques prometteurs. Premières impressions à chaud.

      Venez découvrir une quarantaine de nouvelles images, ainsi qu'un court descriptif de ce jeu encore en préparation, en cliquant sur ce lien.

      N'oubliez pas non plus de visiter les pages dédiées à ce jeu, d'une part sur le site de l'auteur, et sur BoardGameGeek, d'autre part.

                Mantis Radio 105 + Tundra Dubs        


      Mantis Radio 105 + Tundra Dubs

      Qo - Transmission [Disturbed Recordings]
      Paul Blackford - Dream Sequence (Screwtec remix) [Tudor Beats]
      Ampa - Plex [dub]
      Josco - An Echo (Alessio Ballerini remix) [Somehow Recordings]
      Photek - No Agenda [Photek]
      Kursa - Nightosphere Funk [Wonkay]
      Lakker - Arc [Blueprint]
      Slam - Azure (KiNK remix) [Soma Records]
      Death Abyss - The Magic of Defiance [Rodz Konez]
      The Vonn Trapp Family - Lynfield Mount [Kickin Records]
      Mslwte - Gnarl [Noctambular]
      Objekt - Porcupine [Hessle]
      Lokodepo - Die vergessenen zivilisationen [Energun]
      Posthuman - Genetic Coder [Acroplane]
      Mitoma - Frz-Min (Nonimx) [mitoma]
      Addison Groove - Bad Things ft. Spank Rock [50Weapons]
      Fornax - Kepler (Promise.One.Cut) [Sub Pressure]
      Sleeper - Kindred [dub]
      Double Helix - Supreme Architecture [Keysound]
      Double Helix - LDN [Keysound]
      Scott Robinson - Insubordinate [dub]

      ∆AIMON - current [Tundra]
      Men in Burka - Aljazeera Afterdark [Tundra]
      Black Jeans - Overgrown Grief [Sweating Tapes]
      Loft - Loft [Sweating Tapes]
      Mascara ft. //TENSE// - Empire of Man [Tundra]
      Slow Head - Pegasus [Tundra]
      Dolphin Logic - Wet Goddess [Tundra]
      Soft Riot - Do Less [Tundra]
      ∆AIMON - Symbols [Tundra]
      Panda Teeth - seek [Tundra]
      Black Jeans - Canyons [Tundra]
      Club for Boardgames - IXTLI [Tundra]
      Soft Riot - Another Drone in Your Head (Variation by Mild Peril) [Tundra]
      Grimm Soundsystem - Korby Bryers [Robot Elephant vs Tundra Dubs]
      Myrrh Ka Ba - Pocket Monsters [Tundra]

                20 Good Things: 2 - Tsuro        
      The Game Box
      There are a lot of boardgames out there. My wife, working in the gaming industry as she does, brings home a lot of them. Most of them are either too difficult, take too long to play, or suffer from poor game design. And even when you find a game that you like, it's all too often for the wrong number of people.

      Tsuro is none of those things. It's fantastic. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to play a game, whether two people or eight people are playing it. It takes about 5 minutes to learn the basics, and the rules are elegant, simple, and fun. It's got enough strategy to satisfy, and enough randomness to keep the min-maxers from ruining the experience.

      On top of all that it has fantastic design, from the terrific Asian theme to the awesome physicality of the playing stones.

      The Game Board
      In short, it comes very close to being the best board game I can imagine and if you're only going to own one board game, I think it should be this one.

      It even has a really low list price of $24.99, and you should be able to find it at any good gaming store. It's still in print, and comes from WizKids, the same people that produce the Heroclix line of miniatures-based gaming products.

      Seriously folks, the next time you find yourselves considering purchasing one of the 1,238 specialty-themed versions of Monopoly, buy this instead. You'll play it more often, and have time to do something else besides.
                AUNT CAMP 5: Nature!        
      By: Emily Shwake

      Go Natural!

      Our nieces and nephews are out of classroom for the summer, so let's get them outside! Being with nature is a great way for kids to unwind and have some time to think. It’s also a great way to have fun! Spend Week 5 of Aunt Camp doing these fun activities to teach your niece or nephew to appreciate and get in touch with “Aunt” Earth:

      1. Go camping: Will this activity ever get old? We don’t think so. Roasting marshmallows, catching fireflies, or even just playing boardgames outdoors is fun for everyone. Check out Cookie Crumbs & Sawdust for packing tips and easy recipes.

      2. Garden: This will definitely be an experiment, but gardening reminds children to be kind to the Earth and makes them feel like grownups (which we know they love). They can either help you with your plants or you can keep a potted plant just for the two of you to watch grow (you and the kids can decorate the pot for added fun). Making Boys Men tried it out and provided some realistic tips for gardening with children.

      3. Butterflies: Watching a butterfly grow is an amazing thing for a child to witness. This is an exciting teaching moment you can share with your niece or nephew that they will never forget. Texas Butterfly Ranch has some helpful instructions for raising a butterfly at home and Trillium Montessori provides some supplements to the activity.

      4. Go on a tree hunt: Kid World Citizen had the great idea to "Make a Neighborhood Tree Guide” with your niece or nephew. Bring out their investigative spirit by helping them find cool trees and tracking which are in the area. This helps them learn about their atmosphere and what lives in it. They can save leaves that have fallen and make a guidebook with what they find. Check out Edventures with Kids for more ideas.

      5. Make these amazing nature-inspired crafts: Go on a nature hunt for supplies for an art project. The options range for decorating pebbles to making wind chimes. All of the supplies (besides perhaps paint or string) come from the earth so no waste goes into the projects. Your niece or nephew will leave with a beautiful piece of their artwork to remember the day they spent out with their aunt.

      6. Explore the green parks: There's no need for major planning - just visit a beautiful park! In Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, author Richard Louv firmly argues that being outdoors is as important for children as doing homework or ballet lessons are. Studies show that children who play in nature, especially children who live in urban areas, need time in nature for learning, discovering and enjoying the fresh air as it helps to counterbalance the overscheduled stress many children feel. In fact, studies show that children with ADHD are more likely to do better in green settings than industrial ones. Nature enables them to feel more focused.

      Updated and re-published: June 22, 2016

                My Mom is #1        
      When we were younger, pre-teens, we were not allowed to curse. My parents rarely swore or used any type of bad language. I should say my dad rarely swore or used bad language. My mother, on the other hand, would use shit, damn, hell and bitch, but always in context and most likely due to one of us kids driving her crazy. She usually cursed towards the end of the day when her patience would be running out. Here are some examples.

      Example 1
      Kid: Mom? Michael stuck a quarter up his nose and we can’t get it out.
      Mom: Shit.

      Example 2
      Kid: Mom? I think you left the spaghetti on the stove too long. It is bubbling all over the place.
      Mom: Damn it.

      Example 3:
      Kid: Mom? I think we broke Bobby’s (my best friend and the kid across the street) collarbone.
      Mom: Aw Hell. I will call Midge.

      Example 4
      Kid: Mom? Michael stuck his head in the radiator and he can’t get it out.
      Mom: Son of a bitch. He will have to wait until his father gets home.

      There was one swear word she would use if she was really, really mad and it was usually only uttered if someone spilled their milk at the dinner table. Spilling a drink at the dinner table was one of worst crimes we could commit. It drove my mother batty.

      Kid: (Knocks over glass)
      Mom: Jesusmaryandjospeh.

      My parent’s rarely fought in front of us as well. Sure they would get mad at each other but most arguments, if there was an argument, happened behind closed doors, out of the earshot of the kids. As we all grew and entered our teenage years we could get away with a few four letter words as long as they were not directed towards another sibling. Any curses spoken to or about another sibling that was overheard by my mom resulted in our mouths being washed out with soap. Also, as we were all mostly in our teenage years my parents became a little more relaxed about their arguing in front of us.

      I remember the first time I saw my mom directing a middle finger gesture to my dad. I was about 16 and I was shocked. I asked her why it was okay for her to flip the bird to my dad when if I did it I would get a bar of Irish Spring as a snack. My mom’s response was quick.

      “I wasn’t giving him the finger. I was telling him I think he is Number One.”

      Calling someone Number One is now sort of a term of endearment for me. If someone has a smart-ass comment with me, if someone is busting my stones, or if I am having a playful argument I usually call that person Number One.

      If you live in the Philadelphia area the Camden River Sharks are hosting a Mother's appreciation night on Wednesday, May 16. As part of the game, mothers can receive free admission to the game by presenting their Mother’s Day Card at the Box Office the day of the game. The River Sharks are also sponsoring an essay contest go here for details.

      If you need a gift for mom, check out this cool game. Mother the Game.The boardgame for anybody who's ever had one. Players must choose a type of Mother: Passive-Aggressive, Overbearing, Doting, or Best Friend, and then answer a variety of trivia, role playing, and other mother-related questions pertaining to the specific Mother they have chosen.

      Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's. But remember my mom is #1.

                AGC Interview 18 (FandomFest Special) (1:19:25)        
      Carol and Mags bring you interviews from the FandomFest/Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky, back in late June!

      Download 24kbps mp3 (13.8 MB)

      Show links
      Fright Night Horror Weekend/FandomFest
      FandomFest Blog
      Louisville Gaming Club (Meetup)
      Louisville RPG
      Louisville Story Gamers (Meetup)
      Card Board Gamers
      Dry-Erase Starship Maps (Blackwyrm Publishing)
      Inkstained Succubus Productions
      Brooks and Sparrow
      Hostage Entertainment (Mob Ties)
      Mob Ties Blog
      Mob Ties (Board Game Geek)
      Mistborn RPG (Crafty Games)
      Mistborn RPG Hardcover Info (Crafty Games)
      Mistborn RPG Quickstart
      Mistborn (Brandon Sanderson)
      Spycraft 3.0 (Crafty Games)
      Ten Thousand Bullets (Crafty Games)
      Spellbound (Crafty Games)
      Hobomancer (Hex Games)
      Larry Elmore
      Some of Larry Elmore's Magic: the Gathering work (Wizards of the Coast)
      Louisville Board Gamers (Meetup)
      Matt McCloud's Blog (FandomFest)

      Be sure to check out Gamerati!

                AGC 161 March 10th 2012 (Occupy Big Damn Review Show) (1:12:04)        
      With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. A show recorded in December (secret arctic base?), when the Occupy theme was more relevant. Mark's Android and Mags' cat. Black Friday. Carol's culinary adventures. Carol's Dresden Update. The Gutter Skypes did in fact finish SLU, and what Mark's local group will do next. DriveThruRPG picks! The reviews begin! Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space! The Mutant Epoch! The Hellas Action Deck! Remnants and Edge! Fortunes Fool! Roller Girls Vs! Mark needs a rap name.

      Download 24kbps mp3 (13.0 MB)

      Show links
      Jungle Jim's International Market
      Holly Jolly Fiasco Playset (Board Game Geek)
      Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space (Cranio Creations)
      The Mutant Epoch (Outland Arts)
      Hellas Main Page (Action Deck)
      Outrider Studios (Remnants and Edge)
      Fortunes Fool (Pantheon Press)
      Pantheon Press Bundle
      Roller Girls Vs (Hex Games)

      Be sure to check out Gamerati!

      AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
      Mark: Savage Worlds Horror Companion (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)
      Carol:101 NPC Grudges (PFRPG) (Rite Publishing)
      Mags:Skeptic's Guide to Conspiracies (F+W Media)

      Canon Puncture Show
      The Weird Show
      The Flashing Blade
                Tsuro of the Seas        
      Anunciada nova versão para Tsuro, jogo da Calliope Games.
      Tsuro é um jogo abstrato de Tom McMurchie lançado em 2004. O jogo tem uma mecânica bem simples e permite que dois a oito jogadores disputam partidas com média de 15 minutos de duração.
      Este ano a  Calliope Games anunciou uma releitura do jogo chamada Tsuro of the Seas. Segundo a empresa o jogo terá uma versão mais temática e introduzirá novas mecânicas. 
      Ray Wehrs, presidente da Callipe, falou um pouco sobre o cenário do jogo: "O imperador do Japão enviou os jogadores para uma missão de informar ao mundo que ele é o dono de todas as terras e águas até o alcance de seus olhos."
      CAda jogador é o capitão de um barco que navega pelo tabuleiro do jogo, evitando os monstros que espreitam: "Os daikaiju (monstros) movem-se randonicamente pelo tabuleiro.  Você não enfrenta apenas seus oponenetes, mas o tabuleiro também. Quando um daikaiju entra em um tile com outro daikaiju ou barco, remove esta outra peça do jogo", explica Wehrs.
      Os movimentos dos monstros são definidos pelas jogadas de dois dados, o que acrescenta um elemento aleatório ao jogo.  Os jogadores devem ainda desviar de rochedos.
      Além da introdução dos monstros marinhos, a nova versão de Tsuro possui um tabuleiro maior e inclui um deck de tiles. 
      O desigenr da nova versão é Jordan Weisman, que já desenvolveu expansões para jogos como BattleTech e HeroClix.
      O jogo tem previsão de lançamento para agosto e o preço sugerido para os lojistas americanos é de US$ 40.
      Imagens Caliope Games
       como BattleTech e HeroClix.
                Dixit: Journey        
      Mais um título para a família Dixit.
      Lançado em 2008, Dixit foi o grande vencedor do Spiel de Jahres 2010. 
      Em 2010 saiu a primeira expansão, Dixit 2, que acrescentou mais 84 cartas. 
      Em 2011, foi lançado Dixit Odyssey, que teve ilustrações de Pierô e Marie Cardouat (ilustradora das duas primeiras edições do jogo). Odyssey podia ser jogado como uma expansão a edição base, mas, também vinha com regras opcionais para jogo em equipe, o que permitia partidas com até 20 jogadores.
      Dixit: Journey (Que, na França, será lançado como Dixit 3) foi criado para atingir um público mais amplo e pretende chegar as grandes lojas de departamento. Segundo Christophe Arnoult, diretor da Asmodee Editions: "O jogo terá as mesmas regras, mas, mudamos o ilustrador para tornar as imagens mais familiares e com um estilo cartoon e assim, mais acessível a todos. Também, exemplificamos as regras no manual, de forma a torna-lo mais fácil de ser ensinado. Apesar de ser um jogo simples, sabemos que quando chegamos ao mercado de massas atingimos um público que não está acostumado com muitos jogos temos que tornar as regras o mais simples possíveis."

      O novo ilustrador da expansão é  Xavier Collette que já ilustrou outro jogos como: Tiemline e Et Toque!
      Dixit: Journeys incluirá algumas ilustrações das primeiras versões, o que permitirá que os novos fãs tenham acesso a arte do jogo original, que permanecerá disponível para venda. Esta versão também será compatível com o jogo original.
      Bom saber que mais indústrias de jogos estão conseguindo sair do mercado especializado e atingir o grande público. O triste da história é saber que esta fatia do mercado precise de explicações adicionais, mesmo para um jogo tão simples como Dixit. C'est la vie.
      Imagens do site da Asmodeé.

                Ogre Designer's Edition        
       Jogo clássico de Steve Jackson e reeditado via Kickstarter.
      O título foi o primeiro desenvolvido por Steve Jackson. Lançado em 1977, passou anos fora de catálogo, apesar de vários pedidos de fãs por uma reedição do jogo. 
      Ogre utilizava um sistema de posicionamento hexagonal (similar ao utilizado no RPG GURPS, do mesmo autor). Na versão básica, um dos jogadores controla uma tropa de veículos blindados enquanto o adversário controla apenas uma unidade militar: o Ogre. Pode parecer desequilibrado, até que você descobre que ele é um super-tanque com uma quantidade absurda de armas e uma blindagem super reforçada. Algo capaz de, facilmente, destruir uma cidade ou exército inimigo. 
      O estilo de jogo assimétrico, além do caráter histórico de ser o jogos de estréia de Jackson, deu a Ogre o status de cult entre os wargamers. Outro fator que aumentou o interesse por ele foi o longo período o jogo que passou fora de catálogo.  
      Em 2008, Steve Jackson começou a trabalhar em uma nova edição, tão grande e bonita quanto qualquer wargame jamais visto. A página da “designer’s edition” no Kickstarter promete uma caixa gigante cheia de componentes — mapas, tokens, miniaturas, etc — com uma qualidade similar as componentes premium da Games Workshop incluindo a reimpressão de Space Hulk.

      A SJG não é o tipo de companhia independente que você costuma ver no Kickstarter e muitos perguntaram o por que de Steve Jackson relançar seu projeto pela plataforma de croudfunding. O principal fator é que Ogre é o tipo de jogo de nicho pelo qual um lançamento via Crowdfunding é mais seguro que assumir os riscos de um lançamento em grande escala.  Jackson deu mais 3 motivos para justificar a estratégia:
      • A margem de lucro desse jogo é baixa, então o estúdio teve que ser conservador nos seus planos em relação a ele. Serão impressas apenas 3000 unidades, que é a quantidade mínima que o estúdio garante conseguir vender em um ano.
      • Houveram muitos pedidos para disponibilizar o jogo para pré-compra, o que não é política do Estúdio no momento. Usando o Kickstarter, um sistema de pré-compra é disponibilizado automaticamente.
      • Já que o Kickstarter possui objetivos delimitados, isso permite que mais componentes sejam desenvolvidos para o jogo com a certeza de que serão escoados.
      O objetivo inicialmente era 20.000 dólares, para que os dois mapas dupla-face pudessem ser transformados em 4 mapas com um lado apenas, o que dobra a área de jogo potencial.
      Foram arrecadados U$258.579, até o fechamento dessa matéria, com 18 dias para o encerramento do projeto.

      Mais , nem tudo são flores no mundo dos boardgames, principalmente para os jogadores brasileiros. Devido ao tamanho da caixa o jogo não está disponível para envio fora dos Estados Unidos.
      Se quiser conhecer mais sobre a Designer Edition de Ogre, clique aqui.
      Imagens: Kick Starter

                Arkham Horror        
      Os Antigos espreitam no vazio além do tempo e espaço, rastejando por portais entre os mundos. Estes portais começaram a abrir e devem ser fechados antes que Os Antigos façam de nosso mundo seu domínio arruinado.

      A obra de Lovecraft ficou um pouco esquecida durante décadas após a morte do autor e o crescimento do interesse por ela deveu-se a alguns fatos curiosos, como a publicação do “Simon Necronomicon” de Herman Slater, nos anos 1970. Outro fato relevante foi o lançamento do RPG Call of Cthulhu em 1981 pela editora Chaosium. Ele foi o primeiro RPG de terror e influenciou o surgimento de uma série de produtos, entre eles este jogo de tabuleiro. A primeira versão de Arkham Horror foi publicada pela mesma Chaosium em 1987 e fez sucesso entre os fãs do RPG, chegando a receber o Origins Awards (prêmio americano da indústria de RPG e jogos de mesa) na categoria “Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Boardgame” no ano de lançamento. Em 2005 os direitos do jogo foram adquiridos pela Fantasy Flight que reformulou as regras e deu o seu tradicional acabamento ao jogo.

      Arkham Horror tem vários elementos de um RPG. Para começar, ele é cooperativo: os personagens jogam em conjunto contra o tabuleiro, no caso para impedir que um dos Grandes Antigos da obra de Lovecraft entre no nosso mundo. São nomes “familiares” como: Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath, Yig, Itaqua, Yog-Sothoth, etc, além do próprio Cthulhu.
      A ambientação do jogo é uma cidade americana da década de 1920. O tabuleiro representa Arkham, onde várias dimensões estão se conectando através dos portais. Na parte inferior do tabuleiro ficam as regiões: Perdido no Tempo & Espaço, e a Periferia e os Céus da cidade, onde podem ficar alguns monstros voadores. Pelas ruas e regiões da cidade e possível encontrar diversos locais famosos da obra lovecraftiana.

      Os jogadores são investigadores que descobrem os portais que estão se abrindo pela cidade e dos quais saem criaturas de outras dimensões. O pior é que com um determinado número de portais aberto, uma criatura mais poderosa ainda, conhecida como O Antigo, invadirá Arkham, trazendo a condenação para todos.

      A escolha do investigador é um dos momentos mais interessantes do jogo. Cada um deles é um estereótipo de personagens pulp e dos contos de Lovecraft. É possível jogar com: um repórter investigativo, um gangster, um professor universitário, um aventureiro (no melhor estilo Indiana Jones), entre diversos outros. Cada jogador escolhe um personagem. Cada um deles possui um determinado número de Pontos de Sanidade (representado pelas peças azuis em forma de cérebro), Resistência (os corações) e poderes que serão úteis no jogo. Há fichas de dinheiro que podem ser usadas durante a partida para adquirir itens e as peças verdes redondas com o desenho de uma lupa que são os Clue Tokens, que são necessários para fechar os portais.
      Além da ficha do personagem com suas perícias e itens iniciais há o marcador do personagem que é usado para marcar sua posição no tabuleiro. O jogo, como vários outros da Fantasy Flight, utiliza diversas cartas que representam situações a serem enfrentadas pelos jogadores durante a partida. As mais comuns são a abertura de portais e a entrada de criaturas na cidade através deles. Ao entrar em uma área com portal o jogador, além de enfrentar as criaturas que estejam lá, também podem ser sugados para a dimensão com a qual o portal está conectado.

      Há cartas de eventos que são sorteadas cada vez que os investigadores exploram uma localidade e que podem significar uma vantagem, a descoberta de alguma pista, o resgate de um artefato ou o ataque de um monstro. Cartas de eventos também são tiradas quando os personagens exploram outras realidades, dimensões ou cidades perdidas.
      A estratégia básica para vencer o jogo é simples: feche o maior numero de portais possíveis e impeça que os Grandes Antigos invadam Arkham. Caso isso não seja possível, você ainda pode tentar enfrentá-los, mas armas de fogo nunca foram muito eficientes contra as criaturas “que a mente humana não deveria conhecer”.
      Arkham Horror é um jogo para 1 a 8 jogadores, com duração longa (cada partida dura de 2 a 4 horas). Apesar da duração o jogo, é um item praticamente obrigatório para os fãs de Cthulhu.

      O jogo possui oito expansões: Curse of Dark Pharaoh (2006), Dunwich Horror (2006), The King of Yellow (2007), Kingsport Horror (2008), The Black Goat of the Woods (2008), Innsmouth Horror (2009), The Lurker at the Threshold (2010) e Miskatonic Horror (2011). Cada uma delas acrescenta novos investigadores, monstros, missões e até mapas de regiões vizinhas a Arkham. Além das expansões há também duas coleções opcionais de miniaturas dos investigadores e dos monstros de jogo.

      Para Saber mais:

      Verdades e (principalmente) Mentiras sobre o terrível Necronomicon

      Site Oficial do Jogo

      Video Resenha do Jogo em Português