Union Bank of India Announces Excellent Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017         
Highlights  of  Union Bank of India's Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017  

CASA     25.1 per cent YoY
Non Interest Income      `  ` 1414 crore  (up 36 per cent YoY) 
Savings Deposit     27.6 per cent YoY
Operating Profit     ` ` 2057 crore (up 26.5 per cent YoY) 
CASA Share      35.5 per cent 
Net Profit        ` 117 crore (up 7.3 per cent QoQ) 
RAM* Sector      14.8 per cent YoY
CRAR       12.01 per cent 
RAM* Share       55.4 per cent
Tier I      9.24 per cent 

 The growth in Deposits was driven by Savings Deposits, which grew by 27.6 per cent on YoY basis.
 Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent against 48.28 per cent on YoY basis.

 Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III) improved to 12.01 per cent compared to 10.75 per cent a year ago. * (Retail, Agriculture & MSME share in domestic advances) 

Global Business grew by 10.5 per cent to `670971 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `607280 crore as on June 30, 2016. Domestic business grew by 10.0 per cent to `635233 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `577473 crore as on June 30, 2016.  Total deposit of the bank grew from `338727 crore as on June 30, 2016 to `375796 crore as on June 30, 2017 showing growth of 10.9 per cent. 
Financial Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017 
CASA deposits grew by 25.1 per cent to `133412 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `106604 crore as on June 30, 2016.   CASA share in total deposits improved to 35.5 per cent as on June 30, 2017 compared to 31.5 per cent as on June 30, 2016. Average CASA ratio also increased by 430 basis points (bps) to 33.5 per cent on YoY basis.  Savings Deposit registered YoY growth of 27.6 per cent.  A total of 8.70 lakh CASA accounts were opened during April-June 2017, out of which 8.38 lakh were Savings Bank Accounts (excl. BSBDA/BSBDS accounts).   The Bank’s Global Advances grew by 9.9 per cent (YoY) to `295175 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `268553 crore as on June 30, 2016.  Due to encouraging growth of 14.8 per cent in RAM (Retail, Agriculture & MSME) sector, Domestic Advances increased by 9.4 per cent from `242935 crore as on June 30, 2016 to `265683 crore as on June 30, 2017. 

Financial Performance for the quarter ended June 2017

Domestic Net Interest Margin (NIM) stood at 2.20 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 2.36 per cent for April -June 2016. Global NIM for April -June 2017 stood at 2.06 per cent as against 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017 quarter. It was 2.28 per cent a year ago.    Yield on funds stood at 6.94 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 7.94 per cent for April-June 2016 and 7.35 per cent for January-March 2017.   Cost of funds stood at 5.03 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 5.82 per cent for April-June 2016 and 5.24 per cent for January-March 2017.  Net Interest Income for April-June 2017 increased by 6.7 per cent to `2243 crore from `2103 crore for April-June 2016. It was `2387 crore during January-March 2017.  Non Interest Income for April-June 2017 stood at `1414 crore, showing increase of 36.0 per cent over April-June 2016.   Operating profit increased by 26.5 per cent to `2057 crore during April-June 2017 over `1626 crore during April-June 2016 and was `2134 crore during January-March 2017.  Net Profit for April-June 2017 sequentially increased to `117 crore from `109 crore in January-March 2017.  Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent for April -June 2017 from 48.28 per cent for April-June 2016 and it was 44.32 per cent for January-March 2017.  Return on average assets (annualised) stood at 0.10 per cent for April-June 2017 as against 0.17 per cent for April-June 2016 and 0.10 per cent for January-March 2017.  Return on equity (annualised) stood at 2.46 per cent in April -June 2017 as against 3.36 per cent for April -June 2016 and 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017.  Earnings per share (annualised) stood at `6.78 in April -June 2017 as against `9.69 for April -June 2016 and `6.33 for January-March 2017.

Asset Quality
Gross NPA stood at 12.63 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 11.17 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 10.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.   Net NPA ratio stood at 7.47 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 6.57 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 6.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.  Provision Coverage Ratio stood at 51.13 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 51.41 per cent as on March 31, 2017. It was 49.99 per cent as on June 30, 2016.  

Capital Adequacy

Capital Adequacy ratio of the Bank under Basel III improved to 12.01 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 11.79 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 10.75 per cent as on June 30, 2016 compared to minimum regulatory requirement of 10.25 per cent.  The Tier I ratio as of June 30, 2017 is 9.24 per cent, within which Common Equity Tier 1 ratio is 7.73 per cent compared to regulatory minimum of 6.75 per cent. 

Digital Initiatives

The Bank has been pioneer in taking various digital initiatives and continuously launched various digital products for enhancing the customer services. Following are some of the key achievements during the quarter:
 66 per cent growth in mobile banking users on YoY basis.  U-Mobile transaction volume doubled from June 2016.  90 per cent growth in number of PoS terminals on YoY basis.  7th largest presence in banking industry and 3rd largest presence amongst all PSU banks within short span of time in Social media.  Trendsetter on Social media channels by taking various initiatives like Live streaming, Digital Education Series – #KyaAapJanteHai etc.   67 per cent share of “transactions through digital channels” in “overall transactions”. 

Financial Inclusion:

Under the Pradhan Manrti Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), the the Bank has more than 69 lakh accounts having a balance of `1270 crore.   48.91 lakh Rupay Card issued under PMJDY as on June 30, 2017.

Total enrollment under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and Atal Pension Yojana (APJ) increased to 30.1 lakh, 12.8 lakh and 2.21 lakh respectively.  The Bank financed `696 crore in 33433 accounts under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, including an amount of `211 crore to 7964 beneficiaries through a specific scheme for financing of light commercial vehicle during April–June 2017. 


The Bank has 4286 branches as of June 30, 2017 including 4 overseas branches at Hong Kong, DIFC (Dubai), Antwerp (Belgium) and Sydney (Australia). In addition, the Bank has representative offices at Shanghai, Beijing and Abu Dhabi. The Bank also operates in United Kingdom through its wholly owned subsidiary, Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd.   Total number of ATMs stood at 7574 including 1685 talking ATMs as of June 30, 2017. ATM to branch ratio stood at 1.77. 

Awards & Accolades during FY 2017-18 (April-June)

Skoch Award 
Skoch Order of merit Award – Operational Customer Relationship Management (OCRM)
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Unified Payment Interface(UPI)
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Green PIN solution for Debit cards 
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Union Digi Gaon
Skoch Financial Inclusion Award for Financial Inclusion

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          The Art of Lovin' Animals --- Featured Group of Artists Inspired by Their Beloved Pets.        
"Enilde And Our Children" Oil on Panel 42" x 60"
Painting by Luke Van Hook, 2003
Painting and Photograph copyright by Luke and Ginger E. Van Hook, 2004
Courtesy of the Van Hook Collection

The Art of Lovin' Animals
Features a group of artists inspired,
motivated or influenced by their beloved pets
and appear in this blog in the following order:

Joshua Elias, Simone Gad, Betty Glass, David Newsom,
Monrovia Association of Fine Arts supporters
(KidsArt Studio, PaintNPlay Art Studios, Tyson & Tillman Skate Dogs)
Family Dog and Cat Hospital in Monrovia, California (displays animal artwork).
Ginger Van Hook, Luke Van Hook,
Alex in Welderland, Elena Wolek, and Zareh.

Additionally as part of the "Art of Lovin' Animals"
there is a special book and movie review of
John Grogan's book "Marley and Me", and the recent hit movie
starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson

Written by Enilde G. Van Hook with special thanks to all participating artists!

Do you remember your first pet? I do. I even have a picture of how much bigger my cats’ paws were than my two feet put together at the age of three. My mother, tells me I had a yellow duck, a small dog and a large yellow tabby cat that owned me as a child.
These three pets were protective, possessive and they were my first companions as I ventured out, for the first time, into my wild back yard of dirt and weeds. I was born in Rosario Argentina and to me now as an adult, my backyard is still my world. I live in Los Angeles, California but the romance of the Argentinean Pampas is not lost on me. From the pictures of my past, I gathered that my Belgian Grandfather, Francisco, ran a plant nursery in Buenos Aires and that my father, Luis, grew up to be an inventor in America. But the most unique connection I have to my past is my relationship with animals. I’ve had a pet at almost every age as I grew up. The importance of this type of companionship has not been explored enough in the art world, at least, this is my opinion. This is the reason I am blogging about the subject of the art and inspiration of lovin’ pets. I hope to instigate discussion, if not compassion. I hope to motivate an artistic response to my thoughts as well. You may have a completely different experience, so I personally encourage you to post your comments after you read this entry.
This is what I asked myself for the subject of the essay for Ginger's Art Journal. What is the relationship of animals and pets to the art world? How involved are animals throughout the art strata? How much inspiration is gathered from the love of a pet? Can that even be measured? Does the love of a pet inspire political causes? Activism? How does one explain the pangs of loneliness from the loss of a pet? Does the death of a pet make an artist create more art? Does the gift of a new life of a pet inspire hope and renewal in artists? How do artists express their love and affection for the four-legged critters of our earth? How do animals, pets, pet trees, pet rocks or pets of any kind affect the process of making art?
There are a number of artists that I have followed for a period of time to investigate the questions that will make up this entry. Studying the work of a number of local artists from the Los Angeles and surrounding areas that work with pets in their art practice, I will present some of their unique stories with photos. The artists, in alphabetical order, include Joshua Elias, Simone Gad, Betty Glass, David Newsom, Ginger Van Hook and Luke Van Hook, Alexandra from Alex in Welderland, Lena Wolek and Zareh. Additionally, the art of lovin’ animals has made a seamless transition from the literary art into the film arts so I will discuss one of my favorite books by John Grogan named “Marley and Me” as it compares to its latest movie version of “Marley and Me” starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson which opened in December for Christmas Day.
The method selected to choose these artists was random. I began my animal photographic study in 2006. Through my daily practice of studying the arts, I have come across people who were “in my back yard” and came to connect with me in a special way. I didn’t set out to write a story about animals. I merely went about my daily routine of photographing people and artwork that caught my “eye” because I was at the right place at the right time. Believing that the universe has a special plan for me, I allowed this story to evolve of its own volition. What I discovered both surprised me and opened me up. What I mean by this is that I was surprised to discover that artists who had pets had a great deal in common with other artists who had pets. Most people know and understand the history that reveals how the Egyptians revered cats and how the dog is considered “man’s best friend”. While it was common to have general conversations about how great it was to have pets and create pet portraits, I rarely came across artists that spoke to the deeper underlying significance in the arts about this specifically. While doing this research, I came across the most extreme case of worshiping our pets. The act of cloning has been in the news ever since the cloning of “Dolly” the sheep, but did you know that now there is a company that has launched itself into a commercial venture to clone man’s best friend? I discovered this and lots more so enjoy the new year in 2009 with a renewed commitment to your beloved pet. This is an ongoing story so don’t feel left out if your best friend isn’t included in this entry. I’m still reviewing artwork and pet portraits,
feel free to send me an email about your animal story and I’ll include it in the followup stories!


Fine Arts Painter

Joshua Elias, Exhibition, DCA Fine Arts
Santa Monica, California
Photo copyright Ginger Van Hook, 2007
Winston and Lucille read art literature on the couch and
wait for Joshua Elias to become inspired to feed them.
Photo copyright Ginger Van Hook, 2008
Paintings by Joshua Elias
Art in the making at the Brewery Artist Colony
Los Angeles, California, 2008
Studio visit by Ginger Van Hook
Photo copyright Ginger Van Hook
Artist brushes belonging to Joshua Elias
The instruments by which Joshua Elias creates the canvas of weather and inspiration.
Photo copyright Ginger Van Hook, 2008
DCA Fine Arts Gallery, Joshua Elias with Mathew Heller and his girlfriend
Photo copyright Ginger Van Hook 2007
Joshua Elias, Exhibition at DCA Fine Arts Gallery
Santa Monica, California
Photo copyright Ginger Van Hook, 2007
Joshua Elias with his cats Winston and Lucille
in his studio at the Brewery Arts Complex in Los Angeles, California
Photo copyright Ginger Van Hook, 2008

Joshua Elias
Artist Statement

Art has become about large quantities of Resin, masquerading as Content. The focus has been on Process, confusing it with Content. Enough. I wish to focus on Content. Story and Vibration lead the way for me to paint.

I work in oil because of the depth and movement that it allows for me, as a medium. I focus on Landscapes that are rearranged. Traveling spirits act as guides, to the movement of a particular painting. The influence of Moorish architecture and its many doorways offers and allows entryways into paintings.

At present we are in a period of Time where there seems to be long standing fights over Space, Time Religion, Money, Ideology, and Relationships. Enough. The one thing we do all share is Weather. Through the action of Creating our own environment, our own personal Weather, the Repositioning of Weather can illuminate and allow for more Creation to happen, more of a Life Force to shine and to take shape.

ï¿_ Joshua Elias

Courtesy of the DCA website

Fine Arts Painter, Collage Artist, Actor and Performer
Simone Gad, Artist, Solo Show, L2Kontemporary Gallery
February 2008 Chinatown, Los Angeles, California,
Photograph by Ginger Van Hook, copyright 2008

Selfportrait with Max and Bella/Autoportrait avec Max et Bella
Private collection, photo courtesy of Simone Gad, Artist, copyright 2005
Gad/Rin-Tin-Tin Collection Long Beach Museum of Art
Courtesy Simone Gad, Artist, copyright 2005

Picture Holocaust Clowns - Pinups 127, Gad and Poodle
Courtesy Simone Gad, Artist, copyright 2005

Selfportrait with Cat and Jesus
Private collection, Courtesy of Simone Gad, Artist, copyright 2005

Hommage a Ma Mere 2005 Painting Collage
Copyright and Collection- Simone Gad
Courtesy Simone Gad-Artist
Photograph by Antonio Garcia

Autoportrait avec Kashmir, painting collage 2005/06
Courtesy Simone Gad- Artist and L2Kontemporary Gallery
Chinatown, Los Angeles, California. Copyright Simone Gad

Portrait of Bella, the Brindle cat, acting secretary for Artist, Simone Gad
Los Angeles, California, Artist studio visit
Photograph by Ginger Van Hook, copyright 2008

Bella the Brindle Cat, (on the Marilyn and JFK Installation)
Photo copyright and courtesy of
Jesse Bonderman and Simone Gad,

Bella, the Brindle Cat #2 (Marilyn Installation)
Photo courtesy of Jessie Bonderman and Simone Gad

Portrait of Simone Gad, Artist with companion, Bella.
Los Angeles, California, Artist studio visit
Photograph by Ginger Van Hook, copyright 2008

Portrait of Bella
The Brindle cat, Artist assistant, model
and loyal companion to Simone Gad.
Los Angeles, California, Artist studio visit
Photograph by Ginger Van Hook, copyright 2008

Max and Bella pose for pictures in the window of Simone Gad's artist studio
Los Angeles, California
Photograph by Ginger Van Hook, copyright 2008

Simone Gad poses with one of her paintings of Chinatown
during her solo show at L2Kontemporary Gallery
Chinatown, Los Angeles, California
Photograph by Ginger Van Hook, copyright 2008

Enilde Van Hook writer's notes: I met Simone Gad at an exhibition of her work in Chinatown in the spring of 2008. The L2Kontemporary Gallery is a unique gallery located at 990 N. Hill Street #205 in Downtown Los Angeles (90012), California. I received an email from ArtScene, a wonderful source of local Art Events that is produced by the staff of Coagula Art Journal. Special thanks to Michael Salerno and Mat Gleason, because somewhere in the announcement, I read that Simone Gad was a Belgium-born artist and this led me to want to meet her to talk about the art in Belgium, where my grandfather had been born. Once I attended her exhibit and got a chance to meet Simone, I realized there was a distinct cultural connection we had through our reverence to the animals. She used images of her cats to make intriguing and poignant self-portraits and insightful photographic collages.
I have followed Simone Gad’s work into 2009 and you will enjoy visiting her site through the L2Kontemporary Gallery located in Chinatown in Los Angeles: Follow these links to get to know a renaissance artist, a versatile film and TV actress, a woman of many talents and an artist who has a great deal of compassion to show for her animal friends: visit the online gallery site at http://www.l2kontemporary.com to view her solo show at L2k for Feb 08 plus her updated resume which may be viewed at saatchigallery.org by writing in her name or wooloo.org by writing in Simone Gad’s name.
Special thanks to the L2Kontemporary Gallery for cooperating with my interview! (www.L2Kontemporary.com and L2Kontemporary@sbcglobal.net and phone: 323-225-1288)

Simone Gad
Artist Statement and Biography: 2009

I've been showing in museums and galleries for 40 years-am a 6 times grants recipient, including a CRA Grant 1986, the Woman's Building 1985/6, New Orleans Contemporary Museum of Art 1984, the Gottlieb Foundation-NYC/Painting Medical Emergency Grant, Change Inc-Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Grant-both in 2002 for painting and medical emergency, and Artist Fellowship Foundation Grant in 2007-NYC. I am included in the Archives of the National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian-Washington, DC, and will also be included in the Lyn Kienholz Encyclopedia of Los Angeles Artists who have shown between 1944 and 1979. In Los Angeles, I am represented by L2kontemporary Gallery-Chinatown, Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, and am showing in Spain. I am also in the traveling museum exhibition-Your Documents Please thru 2010 in Japan/Europe/Mexico curated by Daniel Georges of Brooklyn, NY. I was born in Brussels, Belgium to holocaust survivor parents, from Poland. We came to the US in the early 1950's and settled in Boyle Heights/E.L.A, after arriving at Ellis Island. My mother got me into show-biz at the age of 4 upon our immigration. I grew up in the entertainment field as a young actress-have been working professionally in film, tv, commercials and theatre ever since. Have always had a dual career-.visual/performance artist and actor. George Herms and Wallace Berman were my first mentors. Al Hansen was my mentor from 1972 to 1995 when he passed away in Koln, Germany.

My cats Max and Bella Bettina Kashmir are my inspiration for many of my painting collages-have been so for many years. I've always been inspired by my cats and dogs that I've had since I arrived to this country from War torn Europe. My father got me my first dog-Teddy Queeny when I was a child living on Folsom Street-We had just returned from a movie on Brooklyn Avenue when we saw the puppies on our way home. I was allowed to have one-and I was so happy. But my mother hated animals and wouldn't let me keep my pet with me in my bedroom and it cried all night. I was heartbroken when I got home from Nursery School the following day and found that my dog was gone. My mom told me she had sent it to New Jersey to live with my Tante Sally. I wasn't allowed to have any animals after that. Years later I visited my aunt and asked her if she had taken care of my Teddy Queeny and she told me she never did-she never got the dog-didn't know what I was talking about. I realized that my mother had lied to me and had possibly killed my beloved doggie. I had moved to Topanga Canyon for a while in the late 1960's-that's where I got to know Wallace Berman and George Herms. I was given a miniature sheppard-who I named Lady. She was my constant companion and I adored her. She was run over by a couple of friends who were staying with me one night. I found her bleeding from her mouth by the driveway. She died in my arms and I could feel her spirit leave her body. We buried her the next morning. I was devastated for years. A friend of mine gave me a dash-hound and I took it home to be with me when I left Topanga and stayed with my parents for a while. I named her Wiggle Butts because she had this habit of wiggling her behind when she walked. I was not allowed to keep her-once again-so I called a friend and had her drive from The Canyon to pick Wiggles up and take care of her for me. When I left my parents and got an apartment, I got a cat-Nathaniel-my very first cat-who was with me for 15 years until he passed away. It was then that I started to incorporate animal objects into my collages-in the mid 1970's.

copyright Simone Gad 2009

http://www.l2kontemporary.com to view Simone Gad’s solo show at L2k for Feb 08 plus her updated resume-you may also get it on saatchigallery.org by writing in her name or wooloo.org by writing in Simone Gad’s name-



Focus One Gallery in Monrovia, California. Sponsored by M.A.F.A.,
the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts and Focus One Community Credit Union.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook, copyright 2006

Betty Glass celebrates Christmas with Lulu at home in 2008.
Lulu, wearing her new holiday sweater,
pokes her nose into the gift bag
to see if she likes what Santa has brought her.
Photo copyright and courtesy of Betty Glass and James Glass.
Turtle Painting, Watercolor Artwork by Betty Glass reminiscent of her pet turtles.
Photo copyright and courtesy of Betty and James Glass.
Trojan Horses, Watercolor painting by Artist, Betty Glass
Photo copyright and courtesy of Betty and James Glass.
Hummy, Watercolor Painting by Artist, Betty Glass.
Photo copyright and courtesy of Betty and James Glass.

Yankee and Sugar, Watercolor Painting by Artist, Betty Glass
memorializing the life of her beloved friends.
Photo copyright and courtesy of Betty and James Glass.

Yankee (5-17-80 --- 4-20-94)
the larger white and orange Brittany on the right,
and Sugar (7-20-90 --- 12-24-04)
the smaller Brittany on the left.
"Beloved Friends and Forever in our hearts!"
Loyal Friends, Inspiration and Companions
to Artist, Betty Glass and her family.
(Special thanks to husband, James Glass
for his technical computer assistance
with digital photography formating of Betty Glass Artwork.)
Photo copyright and courtesy of Betty and James Glass

Enilde Van Hook, Writer's Notes:
I met Betty Glass through the Monrovia Association of Fine arts in 2006. We were showing together at the Focus One Gallery on Huntington Drive in Monrovia, California. When Betty came into the gallery, she was toting her adorable poodle named Lulu. I was charmed immediately and I just had to have a photo of this beautiful female pooch with a twinkle in her eye and the gumption to come into an art gallery where only humans gathered. This little poodle had no clue there was any difference between her and her owner, and she acted like she was looking at the art just like everyone else. At the time, I considered this a very cultured poodle and I told Betty so. Betty giggled and let me take her snapshot with Lulu and then we did not see each other again until we had another show together, also at Focus One Gallery two years later in December of 2008. When I saw Betty this time, I saw the connection of her artwork and the love of her animals come through her work and later, she agreed to participate in the interview for my blog. You may enjoy Betty Glass's artwork by visiting her website at www.bhglassart.com

Betty H. Glass
Artist Statement about Animal Art

Through art we communicate our feelings and thoughts.
Our art reflects what experiences in life have influenced us.
I have had a lifetime of pets
ranging from goldfish, parakeets, and turtles and, of course,
the loyal dog—always your friend even when the sky seems to be falling.
I am still sketching and painting animals, birds, and fish.
The softness of their fur, the texture of their feathers and fins,
the variations of color are very appealing to me,
because color is part of my artistic signature.
Sometimes they are presented in a realistic fashion.

Other times I use animals in a more stylized way—
using their shapes as patterns, semi-abstracting them and their background.
For example, my painting Trojan Horses shows flattened stylized figures of horses.
Hopefully artistically pleasing and calling to mind ancient Greece.

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The nature of governance in these ex-colonies attests to the abiding power of the self-serving instinct and immediate gain, over and against the long-term goal of national progress. Such is the confounding irony of Africa’s entire post-colonial era in nations previously occupied by France, Britain, Portugal and Belgium alike: why is the colonial, predatory model of governance so faithfully re-enacted by ruling African elites? It’s as if all that negative conditioning only succeeded in instilling a predatory instinct in the new ruling class. Why are Mandela-style visions for collective prosperity not more common, given the shared experience of subjugation and occupation across the continent?

Read the rest of this analysis of Françafrique over at 3Quarksdaily.

          Comment on Banners Design for Mobile Unlock Base by MichaelImmed        
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          [news] Grudge Match: China vs. Europe + "It's Malaysia Time ..."        
Tuesday, September 7, 2004
Dateline: China
This week marks the debut of my bi-weekly (or so) column for the AlwaysOn Network, Silicon Valley's premier online social networking venue (and unofficially linked to Silicon Valley's premier in person social networking venue, the Churchill Club; I'm a member of both).  I will be sharing "Letter from China" columnist duties with Paul Waide, the head of Pacific Epoch, a Shanghai-based boutique consultancy that advises hedge funds on alternative investments in China.  My first column is on Shanghai and a couple/few forthcoming columns will examine cultural differences between Chinese Nationals, Chinese-Americans and Anglo-Americans, especially within the context of IT and IT marketing.  I will post my AlwaysOn "Letter from China" columns to this blog/e-newsletter, although please be advised that my intended audience are readers based in Silicon Valley.
Grudge Match: China vs. Europe
Staying on topic, I'd like to make a comment about a recent "Grudge Match" on the AlwaysOn Network.  See the item marked "Grudge Match" for 08.05.04 (5 August 2004) at http://www.alwayson-network.com/polling/index.php .
In the referenced "Grudge Match," China was pitted against Europe.  China received 45% of the votes in contrast to Europe's 55%.  Frankly, I'm surprised that China did so well.  I've found that the AO "Grudge Match" results tend to indicate sentiment more so than reality.  For example, a recent match pitted SpaceShipOne against NASA and SSO absolutely clobbered NASA (besides, perhaps most of the votes for NASA came from either Ames or the Blue Cube).  Of course, SSO is a high school science experiment compared to what NASA is doing, but I believe the results accurately reflect sentiment. 
But what is amazing (to me, at least) is that China was pitted against Europe in the first place!  Let's face it, this is a rather goofy "grudge match."  For Europe to include First World nations such as Germany, France, the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark (yes, some countries are intentionally left out) -- and to compare the collective whole of First World Europe (a.k.a. "Western Europe") to China is absurd.  If this was First World Europe vs. China circa 2020, okay.  But TODAY?  Yet, the sentiment indicator showed a strong vote in favor of China.  Europe "won," but barely.
I propose the following "grudge match":  China vs. "Eastern Europe" (i.e., the former Soviet Bloc).  Look, if China can do so well against Europe as a whole (including First World Europe), I'm sure China would absolutely kick Second World Europe's butt!!  And a China "grudge match" against Eastern Europe more accurately reflects current "history."
But even this is a bit misleading.  The real "grudge match" is this:  China + India vs. Second World Europe.  And given this choice, only someone stranded on Mars for the past decade might choose Second World Europe.  Yet, this is the real so-called "grudge match."  First World Europe is in descent, to be sure, but it's descending from a high altitude.  It will take at least a decade or two for China (and/or India) to truly match First World Europe.  But China ALREADY is superior to Second World Europe.  And don't rant about NATO and EU memberships; this is simply window dressing.  Then combine China with India versus Second World Europe, playing into my "Golden Triangle" theme, i.e., it's all about the U.S., India and China.  This is where the action is, ESPECIALLY in IT.
"It's Malaysia Time ..."
I must be getting punchy since I'm borrowing a theme from a beer commercial, but it seems that Malaysia is experiencing its 15 minutes of fame.  The Philippines has recently been "hot," and several articles of late have been touting Malaysia (see, for example, an article which appeared in Space Daily).  Frankly, I'm getting tired of all this nonsense.  Look, when it comes to ITO (IT outsourcing) in East Asia, there are just two choices, i.e., India and China.  And, it's not really a competition; both have their strengths and weaknesses.  A few crumbs to Singers (Singapore), maybe even a few crumbs to the Kiwis (New Zealand).  The Philippines deserves notice, albeit passing notice, and Malaysia might be okay for some BPO.  But ITO?  Come on, give me a break!!  See my Furl archive for more links.
The only thing I recently found interesting regarding Malaysia was an article on Satyam's IT boot camp in Malaysia.  This isn't really unique, after all, IBM has been doing this sort of thing for decades.  So does HP.  Kind of like training plus a bit of brainwashing, but the brainwashing is acceptable since it includes political survival skills -- and said skills are essential, especially in F500 corporations.  But I like the idea of SI (systems integrator)-based training:  This way SIs can focus on "real" versus theoretically perceived needs.
IT Tidbits
Which certifications have the best ROI (return on investment)?  Playing off the idea of SI-based training, which are the most important certifications?  Well, Cisco leads with three out of the top five, although Microsoft picks up a couple of "wins" when looking at fastest-growing ROI, with RedHat and Oracle getting one win each.  SIs in China may also want to benchmark how much U.S. employees are paid given a certain certification, e.g., Microsoft DBAs receive an annual average salary of US$80,600.  Think about how much SIs in China pay for a certified Microsoft DBA.  For example, what do they get paid in Jinan -- or even in Dalian?  Compare this to US$80,600.  Spot any opportunities?  See http://tinyurl.com/3nvpz and http://tinyurl.com/6r2s5 .
ITO in the news.  Two particularly noteworthy items.  First, ITO got Slashdotted.  The Slashdot links are worth a review.  Probably some good insight into what American software engineers are thinking and feeling.  The second is a review of Lou Dobbs' new book on ITO and BPO.  Mr. Dobbs is a well-respected host on CNN; his views shouldn't be taken lightly.  A couple of excerpts from the review:
"GE, as Dobbs makes clear in abundant detail, is only one of many companies outsourcing high-tech and professional jobs to India and other parts of the world where wage expectations are lower.  Among the others spotlighted by Dobbs for outsourcing jobs to India, the Philippines, Romania, Ireland, Poland and other countries are IBM, SAS Institute, Intel, Microsoft, Perot Systems, Apple, Computer Associates, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Sun Microsystems."  My comment:  Romania is the Changsha of Third World Europe, i.e., their programmers are about as cheap as programmers come.
"'India can provide our software; China can provide our toys; Sri Lanka can make our clothes; Japan make our cars.  But at some point we have to ask, what will we export?  At what will Americans work?  And for what kind of wages?  No one I've asked in government, business or academia has been able to answer those questions,' Dobbs writes."  See the review in the Tallahassee Democrat or my Furl link .
So-called infrastructure vendors beat out app vendors in terms of their ability to meet expected ROI and TCO (total cost of ownership) levels.  I don't really like the way infrastructure and application vendors are defined in this article and related survey, but top honors go to IBM and Microsoft.  There's a lot being written between the lines, but in general this plays into my "build-to-a-stack" strategy, albeit Oracle is left behind.  See http://tinyurl.com/3tpjo .
Speaking of Microsoft ...  A good, quick review of the various IBUs (independent business units) at Microsoft.  (See http://tinyurl.com/5rjtk .)  For a take on MBS, see http://tinyurl.com/6k4dp .
New marketing technologies.  Interesting article from the premier issue of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  There are two ways to view this:  1) which marketing technologies can be used by SIs in China for their own marketing endeavors, and 2) which marketing technologies will likely be adopted by retailers, e-commerce sites, financial institutions and numerous other sectors -- and which in house skills does an SI in China need to implement these new technologies (all of which are IT-related)?  See http://tinyurl.com/57wvp .
Looking for partners in the utility computing space?  For a start, try the top 25 vendors.  (See http://tinyurl.com/48s9j .)  Yankee gives a quick look at utility computing ROI (see http://tinyurl.com/5fw88 ).  HP chimes in with their take, too (see http://tinyurl.com/58mhg ; it's a PDF).
The battle of the SI globals.  Two related articles both based on the same Forrester report.  (See http://tinyurl.com/6tfrn and http://tinyurl.com/5tljq .)  Issues being considered include scalability (i.e., handling US$100+ million accounts), the need for broad offerings (e.g., strategy consulting) and expanding geographical presence (hey, where is EDS in China?).   "(T)he (Forrester) study finds that Infosys and Wipro have melded together a mix of CMMI, P-CMM, Six Sigma and ISO 9000 to create a culture focused on consistent and repeatable processes and value-added tools."  For China's SIs, mostly food for thought -- and a bit of dreaming.
... and how to battle the globals.  The article was a bit silly, after all, G2000 firms joining forces to battle Accenture or Infosys doesn't really fit the notion of smaller firms joining forces.  But I believe that they're on the right track and that a myriad of partnerships will be formed to most effectively capture new business and battle the globals.  However, ISVs (independent software vendors) have to walk a very fine line.  SIs need to carefully consider ISV responses and existing alliances.  See http://tinyurl.com/7xj82 .
"Infosys to set up second outsourcing facility in China."  The article states that Infosys is running out of space in their Pudong facility and that they're scouting for additional digs.  Come on, guys, running out of space?  There's not enough space in the Shanghai Pudong Software Park?  I don't think so ...  The reality is that Infosys needs to find lower cost developers.  As my column on Shanghai for AO's "Letter from China" notes, developers in Shanghai are a bit pricey compared to other places in China.  Infosys China is primarily servicing their global customers in China and looking for high-end integration within the domestic market.  However, this is a tough nut to crack and Infosys will need another development center to lower their overall costs -- and this is why they are looking for additional space IN ANOTHER CITY.  The idea that they're running out of space in the SPSP is ridiculous.  (I've been to their Shanghai digs ...)  See http://tinyurl.com/6nz8d .
Zensar gets broader press coverage.  Kind of like watching a meme, a couple of non-Indian IT trades have picked up the Zensar/Broadengate announcement.  See http://tinyurl.com/65afx and http://tinyurl.com/3jh2r .
"Rethinking the business case for Java."  A good article.  Hmmm ... maybe not much of a case, eh?    Hey, I'm still a believer.  See http://tinyurl.com/5hbcn .  Of course, Java programming ain't what it used to be ...
"The selling of SOA."  Two-part series in Line56.  SUPERB!!  (I prefer the singular to the plural, i.e., "architecture" versus "architectures"; personal preference.)  Reviews various viewpoints on SOA.  See http://tinyurl.com/6xqdn and http://tinyurl.com/6tw9o .
Urls update.  Expect to see lots and lots of stuff on software engineering and development.  Great stuff, too!!  Later this week.
David Scott Lewis
President & Principal Analyst
IT E-Strategies, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA & Qingdao, China
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http://tinyurl.com/2r3pa (access to blog content archives in China)
http://tinyurl.com/2azkh (current blog postings for viewing in other browsers and for access to blog content archives in the US & ROW)
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We are getting ready for Christmas and thought we’d let you know, we’ve updated our last posting dates for you here. LAST CHRISTMAS POSTING DATES   UK – Dec 21st 2016 or 22nd Dec 2016 for Express Delivery Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg – December 16th 2016 USA/Canada/Finland for Christmas 2016 – 15th Dec […]
          Five insanely delicious sweet things to eat in Brussels        

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          Can a nation’s language dictate their footballing future?        
Stefan Kelly takes a look at player development with Belgium and Germany two of the countries leading the way.
          1868 Illustrated European maps.         
In 1868, Dr. William Harvey illustrated various European maps as political figures in the publication Geographical Fun Being Humorous Outlines of Various Countries. The anthropomorphism of each country is even highlighted with the inclusion of their national costume, showing us the diverse personified cultures in the region.



Holland and Belgium
















Spain and Portugal






          Château Miranda        

The History of Château de Noisy (Château Miranda) (Belgium)

The History of Château de Noisy (Château Miranda)

Château de Noisy is a beautiful castle in the open lands of Belgium. The former ‘holiday camp’ is in a heavy state of disrepair and despite several offers, the owners refuse to sell it. It has suffered heavily from vandalism and the details from the interior have been removed to be used in another castle. Château de Noisy is one of the most beautiful locations we have seen. As of December, 2013 – the owners of Château de Noisy have formally applied for licence to demolish this heritage castle. Please see the end of this article for links to the formal petition against this action.
“Initially Chateau Miranda, boasting beautifully landscaped gardens, served the family Liedekerke de Beaufort as a summer residence.“

Original View

Chateau Noisy Front

Current State (2013)

Chateau de Noisy - Clock Tower Black White


During the French revolution the Count Liedekerke-Beaufort and his family, who we very much involved in Belgian politics, fled their home, Château de Vêves, to a secluded farm in the forest on the outskirts of the village in 1792. Upon the ending of the revolution, the English architect Edward Milner, was commissioned in 1866 by the Liedekerke-Beaufort family to design and build a castle on the land.

Original Interior

Chateau Noisy Interior

Current State (2013)

Château de Noisy - Staircase


Château de Noisy was to be built with many towers, conical roofs, and other Neo-Gothic details, with approximately 500 windows. Milner did not get to finish the castle as he died before the building was completed. The building was continued by the French architect Pelchner, extending the Château largely.
The clocktower was finished in 1903 and is 183 feet tall, and 1907 saw the completion of building activity. Initially Chateau Miranda, boasting beautifully landscaped gardens, served the family Liedekerke de Beaufort as a summer residence.
During the Ardennen offensive in World War II, the château was briefly occupied by German troops. During the Battle of the Bulge, there was also fighting on the property.
Château de Noisy - Red roofed room
Chateau de Noisy - Decayed Corridor
From 1950 the castle was taken over by the National Railway Company of Belgium (NMBS) as a ‘holiday camp’ for children who suffered from ill health. Around this time, the castle was named Home de Noisy or Château de Noisy. Equipped with 200 places the ‘holiday camp’ gave shelter to the children, providing fresh air, a fabulous playground and healthy food.
Château de Noisy - Stair case
The regime at Home de Noisy was strict, it was run by female officials and the children dressed uniformly. In the square between the outbuildings a small football pitch was set up and the fountain in the garden was converted into a swimming pool. These were of various nationalities and language regions: French and Flemish children between 5 and 14 from Belgium and during the holiday season, children from Italy.
Château de Noisy - Hallway

After 1970 it was used for outdoor activities and sport holidays for children, and became well known in Belgium.

“Despite the ‘municipality of Celles’ offering to take it over, the family has refused.”
Chateau Noisy Rear Quarter

Original State

Chateau Noisy Front

Current State (2013)

Chateau de Noisy - Front Clock Tower
In the 1990′s the owners began to search for investors, with the desire to transform the Château into a hotel. Due to the rising costs of maintenance and refurbishment, the plans failed and the Château was abandoned in 1991.
Chateau de Noisy - Collapsed Flooring
In 1995 a fire claimed part of the roof, and shortly after this the owner removed the hardwood floors, fireplaces and Italian blue marble to use in the neighbouring farm and another castle in Italy. In 2006 a violent storm, caused the stable roof to collapse.
Chateau de Noisy - Washroom
Despite the municipality of Celles making an offer to take it over, the family has refused.

Summary & Current Situation

This beautiful building is unstable and in disrepair. Internally, the structures are failing. Despite this, the building still maintains it beauty. Its likely that Château de Noisy will fall and become ruins unless the owners invest or sell. With the history, this however seems unlikely.
I am looking for original documentation on Noisy, postcards, press articles etc. If you have any, please contact me
It has been confirmed that from December, 2013, the owners have put forward a formal request for permit to demolish Château de Noisy. The heritage loss of this beautiful castle is significant and incomprehensible. A formal petition has been arranged, please take a few minutes to have a look and sign if you feel this place is worth saving.
Chateau Noisy Front Celles

Image Gallery

Available Luxembourg

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Luxembourg_(city) 
Luxembourg tourism: http://www.visitluxembourg.com
Luxembourg card: http://www.visitluxembourg.com/en/entities-luxembourg-card
Luxembourg train planner: http://www.cfl.lu/en/home
Luxembourg bus planner: http://travelplanner.mobiliteit.lu/hafas/query.exe/en?
Luxembourg city bus route: http://www.vdl.lu/Mobilit%C3%A9/Autobus/Horaires_+lignes+et+trajets-p-158686/Les+31+lignes+d_autobus.html
Luxembourg city bus map: http://www.vdl.lu/vdl_multimedia/Mobilit%C3%A9/autobus/Plan+du+r%C3%A9seau+AVL.pdf
Transport from Luxembourg airport: http://www.lux-airport.lu/en/Access--park/By-bus.4.html
Casemates bock: http://www.lcto.lu/en/place/monument/bock-casemates

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Vianden
Vianden tourism: http://www.vianden-info.lu/english/home 
Vianden castle: http://www.castle-vianden.lu/english

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Echternach
Echternach tourism: http://www.echternach-tourist.lu/en
Echternach walk: http://echternach-tourist.lu//sites/echternach-tourist.lu/files/files/CULTURAL%20WALK%20EN.pdf

Rail: http://www.belgianrail.be/en/Default.aspx 

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Brussels
Brussel Metro map: https://www.brussels.be/dwnld/74415427/Plan_M_10-2015.pdf

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Ghent
Ghent tourism: https://visit.gent.be/en/home
Ghent tram map: https://static.delijn.be/Images/Stadsnet%20Gent13%20maart%202016_tcm5-5313.pdf

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Bruges
Bruges tourism: https://bezoekers.brugge.be/en
Bruges city card: https://bezoekers.brugge.be/en/bruggecitycard

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Antwerp
Antwerp tourism: http://www.visitantwerpen.be
Antwerp bus map: https://static.delijn.be/Images/Antwerpen%20centrum%201op7500_tcm5-5301.pdf
Antwerp tram map: https://static.delijn.be/Images/Flanders%20Tramschema_tcm5-5304.pdf

Rail: http://www.ns.nl/en 

          Benelux trip – Prologue        
I have mentioned in 2013 Europe Epilogue that I would love to return to Europe if there is cheap airfare. We almost visit Eastern Europe in Mar 2016 but due to hubby's work commitment, we forfeited our Lufthansa air tickets of $736.

Swiss Airline is having irresistible airfare to Europe from $777 with the addition of Boeing 777-300ER into their aircraft fleet. I was so tempted and persuade hubby to visit Central Europe in May 2017. Then I plan another trip to Europe this year and decided on Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) after discussing with my sis who will be my travel partner for this trip. We have split the planning so I will research on Luxembourg and Belgium while my sis will research on Netherlands.
Destinations in Benelux

As Swiss airline flies direct from Singapore to Zurich, it involves transiting in Zurich before continuing to other European cities. As the open jaw ticket is about the same price as the round trip ticket, it's make sense to buy an open jaw ticket to save travelling time and save on the transport cost back to the starting point.

Luxembourg card comes in 1, 2 or 3 days card and includes free access to over 70 museums and free train and buses on the national public transport network. The Luxembourg card is available from the Tourist Office in Luxembourg city or can be purchased online with a postage charge of â‚¬3. As there is no Tourist Office in the airport, I decided to purchase it online as the single trip bus ticket (€2) from the airport to hotel is included in the Luxembourg card. I received the card in registered mail within a week after ordering online.

From Luxembourg, we will be taking inter city train to Brussels which takes 3hr. Advance booking is not necessary since the train departs hourly and no seat reservation is required. The train from Luxembourg will stops at all the 5 stations in Brussels: Bruxelles-Luxembourg, Bruxelles Schuman/Brussel Schuman, Brussel Noord/ Bruxelles Nord (Brussels-North)Bruxelles Central/ Brussel Centraal and Bruxelles Midi (Brussels-South).

Prior reservation and booking for intercity train within Belgium is not required hence I will be purchasing the train tickets on the spot. There is a rail pass which cost â‚¬76 and is valid for 10 journeys in 2nd class within any destination in Belgium. This can be use by 1 or more passengers. However I did not purchase the rail pass as the total trips we will be taking is less than 10 journeys so it's not worth purchasing.

In Brussel, we will get around using Metro. I will buy single trip ticket instead of Metro pass since we will be only taking 3 Metro rides. In Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp, we will get around using tram and bus. I have calculated that Lijn card (€14 for 10 rides) is cheaper compared to single trip ticket which cost â‚¬3. 

In Bruges, I will be getting the 48 hours Brugge City Card which included free admission to many attractions and include canal boat ride (sailings guaranteed from 1 Mar to 15 Nov). The Brugge City Card can be purchased in Bruges at the official tourist information offices: Historium, Station and Concertgebouw (Concert Hall). 

Then from Antwerp to Amsterdam, I have booked the Thalys train which will takes 1hr compared to intercity train which takes 2hrs. The reservation opens 3 months in advance and fares start from â‚¬29. As we only confirmed this trip 2 months earlier, the cheapest fare was not available. Although the fare which we booked is â‚¬8 more expensive than the intercity train, we still proceed with booking Thalys train to save travelling time.

We will be getting the OV-chipkaart and Unlimited GVB travel ticket (48 hours) from Amsterdam Schipol airport. The OV-chipkaart works like our Ezlink card and is valid for bus, tram and train rides. It has a non refundable deposit of â‚¬7.50. We will be using Unlimited GVB travel ticket in Amsterdam and OV-chipkaart outside Amsterdam.

My sis has purchased the tickets for Madurodam online since it's â‚¬2 cheaper. She has also bought the tickets for Amsterdam highlights (Adam Lookout, Blue Boat and Heineken Experience) online to avoid the queue.   

Throughout the 14 days trips, we will be staying at the ibis hotels except in Brussels. I have budgeted S$100 per room per day and the hotels which we will be staying is within 10 min walking distance to the train stations except the hotel in Amsterdam. We choose not to stay in Amsterdam Central as the accommodation is at least S$200 per night. We end up booking 5 nights stay at the airport Ibis budget hotel which is 15min train ride to Amsterdam Central. Since we will only be spending 2 days in Amsterdam Central with the remaining 3 days at Hague, Haarlem and Zaanse Schans, we save significantly even after deducting the transport to and fro Amsterdam Central. Breakfast is not included in all the hotels except ibis Styles Luxembourg Centre Gare.

Itinerary for this trip:

Day 1: Reach Luxembourg at 10.05am (GMT+2)
Attractions: Monument of Remembrance, Casemates Bock, Neumünster Abbey, Barrio Grund, Corniche and old town, Viaduc (Passerelle), Place Guillaume II, Hotel de Ville (City Hall), Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Grand Ducal Palace
Accommodation: ibis Styles Luxembourg Centre Gare (€72)
Transport & Pass: 2 days Luxembourg card (€20)

Day 2: Vianden & Echternach
Attractions: Trinitarian church, Vianden Chairlift, Vianden Castle, Echternach Old Abbey, Echternach Town Square
Accommodation: ibis Styles Luxembourg Centre Gare
Transport & Pass: 2 days Luxembourg card

Day 3: Brussels
Attractions: Parc du Cinquantenaire-Jubelpark, Espace Léopold (European Parliament), Place Royale (Royal Palace of Brussels), Palais de Justice/Justitiepaleis (Law Courts of Brussels), Atomium
Accommodation: Maxhotel (€59)
Transport & Pass: Train from Luxembourg to Brussel Noord (€41), Single trip metro ticket (€2.10 per ride)

Day 4: Brussels
Attractions: Jeanneke-Pis, Cathedrale St-Michel et Ste-Gudule (St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral), Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Grand Place-Grote Markt, Manneken Pis, The Bourse
Accommodation: Maxhotel

Day 5: Ghent
Attractions: Sint-Elisabeth Begijnhof, Het Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts), Patershol, Kraanlei, Graslei, Het Groot Vleeshuis, St Michael's Bridge, Korenmarkt Gent (Post Plaza), Sint-Niklaaskerk (St Nicholas's Church), Stadhuis (Ghent Market Hall), Belfort en Lakenhalle (Belfry and Cloth Hall), Sint-Baafskathedraal (St. Bavo's Cathedral), Langemunt (Shopping Street)
Accommodation: ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station (€54)
Transport & Pass: Train from Bruxelles Nord to Gent-Sint-Pieters (€14), Train from Gent-Sint-Pieters to Bruges (€6.60), Lijn card (€14)

Day 6: Bruges
Attractions: Grote Markt, Belfry, Brug Square, Stadhuis, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Choco-Story Museum, Lumina Domestica (Lamp Museum), The Friet Museum, Ezelpoort (Donkey's Gate)
Accommodation: ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station
Transport & Pass: Lijn card, Brugge City Card 48 hours (€47)

Day 7: Bruges
Attractions: Koeleweimolen (Koelewei Mill), Sint-Janshuismolen (Sint-Janshuis Mill), Diamant Museum, Brewery De Halve Maan, Beguinage, St. John's Hospital, Onze Lieve Vrouwkerk (Church of Our Lady Bruges)
Accommodation: ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station
Transport & Pass: Lijn card

Day 8: Antwerp
Attractions: Cogels Osylei, MAS Museum aan de Stroom, Vlaaikensgang, Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal), City Hall/Old Market Square (Stadhuis/Grote Markt), Saint Paul's Church (Sint-Paulusparochie), Carolus Borromeus Church (St. Carolus Borromeuskerk)
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport  (€62)
Transport & Pass: Train from Bruges to Antwerp (€15), Lijn card, Thalys from Antwerp to Schiphol Airport (€40)

Day 9: Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam
Attractions: Zaanse Schans Windmills, Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, A’DAM Lookout, Heineken Experience 
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: OV-chipkaart

Day 10: The Hague
Attractions: Madurodam, Statue of Willam of Orange, Binnenhof, Ridderzaal, Noordeinde Palace, Museumcafé Panorama Mesdag, Vredespaleis (Peace Palace)
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: OV-chipkaart

Day 11: Amsterdam
Attractions: Zevenlandenhuizen, Rijksmuseum, Begijnhof 34, Schuttersgallery, Bloemenmarkt, Munttoren, Church of Saint Nicholas, Trompettersteeg, Singel 7, Python Bridge, De Gooyer
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: Unlimited GVB travel ticket 48 hours (€12.50)

Day 12: Amsterdam
Attractions: Albert Cuyp Market, NAP bezoekerscentrum, Nationale Opera & Ballet, Houseboat Museum, Electric Ladyland Fluorescent Art, Torensluis, Royal Palace Amsterdam
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: Unlimited GVB travel ticket 48 hours 

Day 13: Harleem, Depart Amsterdam at 8.05pm (GMT +2)
Attractions: Corrie Ten Boomhuis, Hofje In den Groenen Tuin, St. Bavo Church, Town Hall Haarlem, Haarlem, Station
Transport & Pass: OV-chipkaart

Budget for this trip is S$2,400:
- S$550 for accommodation
- S$300 for transportation
- S$200 for admission fees and pass
- S$850 for meals
- S$500 for souvenirs & shopping
>>Day 1: 16 Sep 16

          "Alcatraz Metal Festival" at Sport Campus Lange Munte        

"Alcatraz Metal Festival"
Iced Earth
Death Angel
Last In Line
Brant Bjork
Wolves In The Throne Room
High On Fire
Monkey 3
King Hiss
Sweet Savage
Appearing at Sport Campus Lange Munte (Kortrijk, Belgium) on Saturday, August 12, 2017

          Watch: Dunkirk (Trailer)        
A trailer has been released for Dunkirk!! The film details a miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor ...
          The Negotiator - Book Review        

After reading The Afghan, I needed one good Frederick Forsyth novel to boost my liking for my favorite author. The Negotiator did not disappoint me. Yes, the ending was a bit too fast and a tad bland without the usual great twist to the tale, but the novel is worth reading just for the first 300 pages.

The Negotiator has its share of layers that Forsyth is famous for, but the layers are not as differentiated as I have seen in his other novels. This results in us being able to guess to a good degree on the relationship between the threads. The threads in the novel are:
1) Oil resources depleting in USSR (yes, the book was written during the period of the undivided Soviet republic) and the army chief planning to launch an attack on a Saudi nation
2) Oil resources depleting in USA and an oil tycoon evaluating alternate options to get oil
3) The new US president getting into a demilitarization deal with his soviet counterpart. The arms suppliers in US, the army personnel in the USSR and few others preparing to thwart the demilitarization plan
5) The planning of a coup in Saudi Arabia
6) A student in a university in England
7) Mercenaries from Belgium
8) A negotiator

I found the vintage Forsyth touches in these places:
a) The title of the novel gives the impression that most of the novel would be about the negotiation. But the fact that the negotiation ended half way into the novel was interesting
b) The "introduction" of the president's son in true Forsyth style
c) The dialogues in the flight from USA to UK wh the negotiator meets the CIA folks

It is a good novel with fast paced action. But I am a bit disappointed with some aspects of it.
a) I was expecting all threads to converge at the climax stages, but some of them ended early. The story of the banker in Arabia had the potential to build into something great, but just frittered away.
b) Of the numerous intelligent agents from the US and UK, I expected some one to do something astonishing. But they too turned out to be like the cops in Indian movies who just watch the hero handle the bad guys.
c) What was the part of the KGB except for giving the hero a good shave and some money?
d) What about the protagonist’s friends in Spain. Poor folks were mercilessly wasted in the novel

          American Nurses' Assoc.: Dead Wrong on Death Penalty        
American Nurses' Association: Dead Wrong on Death Penalty

Notes for first draft

It is hard to fathom how the ANA could have gotten so much, so wrong (1).

A rebuttal to all of ANA's death penalty "facts".

Each one of these is a rebuttal to what ANA presented.

(p 4, para 1, fn1)


White murderers are twice as likely to be executed as are black murderers

56% of those executed are white, 35% black

For the White–Black comparisons, the Black level is 12.7 times greater than the White level for homicide, 15.6 times greater for robbery, 6.7 times greater for rape, and 4.5 times greater for aggravated assault.

For the Hispanic- White comparison, the Hispanic level is 4.0 times greater than the White level for homicide, 3.8 times greater for robbery, 2.8 times greater for rape, and 2.3 times greater for aggravated assault.

For the Hispanic–Black comparison, the Black level is 3.1 times greater than the Hispanic level for homicide, 4.1 times greater for robbery, 2.4 times greater for rape, and 1.9 times greater for aggravated assault.

As robbery/murder is, by far, the most common death penalty eligible murder, the multiples will be even greater.

From 1977-2012, white death row murderers have been executed at a rate 41% higher than are black death row murderers, 19.3% vs 13.7%, respectively. ( Table 12, Executions and other dispositions of inmates sentenced to death, by race and Hispanic origin, 1977–2012, Capital Punishment 2012, Bureau of Justice Statistics, last edited 11/3/14)

"There is no race of the offender / victim effect at either the decision to advance a case to penalty hearing or the decision to sentence a defendant to death given a penalty hearing."

Is There Class Disparity with Executions?

"99.8% of poor murderers have avoided execution.

It may be, solely, dependent upon the definitions of "wealthy" and "poor", as to whether wealthy murderers are any more or less likely to be executed, based upon the very small number and percentage of capital murders that are committed by the wealthy, as compared to the poor.


 (p 5, para 2, fn1)

The Death Penalty: Saving More Innocent Lives

(p 5, para 3, fn1)

Saving Costs with The Death Penalty

(p 5, para 4, fn1)

It s impossible to prove that any sanction or any negative outcome does not deter some. Why? It would be contrary to reason and history, as we all well know.

--  Full rebuttal to Nagin (National Research Council)

Death Penalty Deterrence: Defended & Advanced

--  Full Rebuttal to Radelet (Criminologists)

Deterrence and the Death Penalty: A Reply to Radelet and Lacock

(p 5, para 5, fn1)

The Death Penalty: Fair and Just

(p 5, para 6, fn1)

There is a huge body of very well known legal work with regard to mental illness and the death penalty.

Apparently, the ANA has no clue. No surprise.

Cases to follow.


(p 5, para 7, fn1)

The ANA is unaware that because of state governments and states' rights, that the death penalty statutes, as all laws, may be different from state to state. This is no surprise and is well known to all, but not the ANA?

Nebraska reinstated the death penalty by popular vote, 61-39%, in 2016.

The other six states that have, recently, revoked the death penalty all did so contrary to those states popular death penalty support and could only accomplish repeal based upon a Democratic majority legislature, with a Democratic governor.


(p6, para 8, fn 1)

--  "The normal moral reason for upholding capital punishment is reverence for life itself. Indeed, this is the reason why scripture and Christian tradition have upheld it, a fact which suggests that, if anything, it may be the abolition of capital punishment which threatens to cheapen life, not its retention." J. Budziszewski, Professor of Government and Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, Jan. 25, 2002 conference, Pew Forum, titled "A Call for Reckoning: Religion and the Death Penalty"

--   John Murray: "Nothing shows the moral bankruptcy of a people or of a generation more than disregard for the sanctity of human life." "... it is this same atrophy of moral fiber that appears in the plea for the abolition of the death penalty." "It is the sanctity of life that validates the death penalty for the crime of murder. It is the sense of this sanctity that constrains the demand for the infliction of this penalty. The deeper our regard for life the firmer will be our hold upon the penal sanction which the violation of that sanctity merit." (Page 122 of Principles of Conduct).

--  The biblical support for the death penalty is, specifically, based within human dignity.

Genesis 9:5-6, from the 1764 Quaker Bible, the only Quaker bible.

5 And I will certainly require the Blood of your Lives, and that from the Paw of any Beast: from the Hand likewise of Man, even of any one’s Brother, will I require the Life of a Man.

6 He that sheds Man’s Blood, shall have his own shed by Man; because in the Likeness of God he made Mankind.

--  Vengeance cannot be the foundation for the death penalty. The death penalty, as all sanctions, are based within justice, with a just, proportional sanction, given within due process, whereby no one connected to the crime can decide either the verdict or sentence, which are both the sole provinces of the judge(s) and/or jury, neither of which has a a vengeance component, nor foundation - again, very well known by all, except ANA.


(p6, para 9, fn 1)

No "Botched" Execution - Arizona (or Ohio)

1) Capital Punishment and  Nurses’ Participation in Capital Punishment, http://www.nursingworld.org/CapitalPunishmentNursesRole-ANAPositionStatement


Sent to ANA 2/23/2017

From: Dudley Sharp, a death penalty expert

The American Nurses' Association: Dead Wrong on Death Penalty

It is hard to fathom how the ANA could have gotten so much, so wrong (1).

ANA's Death Penalty Facts

ANA, primarily, used an anti death penalty site for all of the alleged "facts" about the death penalty. ANA fact checked none of it, with the foreseeable result.

Here are just two of ANA's blunders, from a field of blunders.

1) ANA writes: "Since 1973, over 155 people have been exonerated and freed from death row." (p 5, par 2, fn 1)


Anti death penalty folks, simply, redefined both "exonerated" and "innocent", as if they had redefined lie as truth, and stuffed a bunch of cases into those new "definitions", as is, easily, discovered by basic fact checking (2), ignored by ANA. Various reviews find the "exonerated" claims to be 70-83% in error (2). This has been known for nearly 20 years.

2) ANA writes: "In California, the cost of confining one inmate on death row is $90,000 more per year than the cost of maximum security prison ." ". . . a study in North Carolina showed that the cost of a death penalty sentence was $216,000 and the total cost per execution was $2.16 million, more than the cost of life imprisonment (p 5, para 3, fn 1)."

Ludicrous. Neither is possible (3),  just like much of the ANA nonsense, as revealed by fact checking (4).

ANA Confusing Politics for Ethics and Morality

Some have undertaken an ill advised or dishonest effort to show that medical ethics require medical professionals to shun the death penalty.

It is an, utterly, false narrative.

The effort to ban medical professionals' participation in executions is an unethical effort to fabricate professional ethical standards, based upon personal anti-death penalty activism, from those whose professions are medically related.

As with, ANA: " . . . the principles of  social justice speak to the  importance of  the nursing profession’s taking a stance against the death penalty, due to the preponderance of evidence against the fairness and effectiveness of capital punishment as a deterrent." (p1, fn 1)

The foundation for the death penalty, as for all sanctions, is justice. Deterrence cannot be negated for the death penalty nor for any other sanction, nor for any other negative prospect (5). ANA chooses to risk sacrificing more innocent lives (5).

Fairness is a highly subjective consideration. For example, based upon 2008-2011, US data, " . . . the true number of premature deaths associated with preventable harm to patients was estimated at more than 400,000 per year. Serious harm seems to be 10- to 20-fold more common (4-8 million) than lethal harm." (6) 


There is no proof of an innocent executed in the US, at least since the 1930s.

Based upon ANA's constant errors (2-4), we know the ANA could not, possibly, have made an informed evaluation of fairness, as detailed.

ANA parrots that the death penalty is a human rights violation. Both freedom and life are fundamental human rights. Neither is inviolate, which is why we have both incarceration and executions, with due process. None of the groups stating that the death penalty is a human rights violation also state that incarceration is, as well. The only difference in the stances are that one is honest and the other not.

Nurses may ethically/morally participate in executions based upon their caring spirit, that they may assist in providing less painful executions and that they, also, may find the death penalty to be a just sanction that helps to save more innocent lives.

As per, Dr. Robert Truog, MD, Professor of Medical Ethics, Harvard Medical School:

"If I think of the kind of a hypothetical where you have an inmate who is about to be executed and knows that this execution may involve excruciating suffering, that inmate requests the involvement of a physician, because he knows that the physician can prevent that suffering from occurring, and if there is a physician who is willing to do that, and we know from surveys that many are, I honestly can't think of any principle of medical ethics that would say that that is an unethical thing for the physician to do." (7)

How could he reach that conclusion? Easily.

Just as per page 2, fn 1, ANA could have provided that "Nurses. . .  provide comfort care at the  end of life, if requested, including pain control, anxiety relief or procuring the services of a chaplain or spiritual advisor.", for nurses that find the death penalty to be just and ethical.

There has been a lot of ink used to review the long standing medical professions ethical prohibitions against the death penalty.

There is no such prohibition.

Some in the medical community have fabricated an ethical prohibition against medical professionals' involvement in state executions by invoking the famous "do no harm" credo and the Hippocratic Oath.

It is a dishonest effort.

THE ETHICS OF LYING - The Hippocratic Oath

Note: To their credit, ANA does not use the Hippocratic Oath to support their position, but does, foundationally, use "do no harm" (1).

Some have proclaimed that "First do no harm" is a centuries old foundation of medical ethics, weighing against death penalty participation.


It is an anti-death penalty fraud that "do no harm" is in the context of the state execution of murderers (8).

Neither the Hippocratic Oath nor "do no harm" have anything to do with executions (8).

Both are, solely, concerned with the medical profession and patients.

" 'do no harm' (a phrase translated into Latin as "Primum nonnocere") is often mistakenly ascribed to the (Hippocratic) oath, although it appears nowhere in that venerable pledge.(8)"

"Hippocrates came closest to issuing this directive in his treatise Epidemics, in an axiom that reads, 'As to disease, make a habit of two things - to help, or at least, to do no harm.'  (8)"

"As to disease" -  Nothing else.

There is no relevance outside medicine and, most certainly, no prohibition against medical professionals participation in the state execution of murderers.

The classic Hippocratic Oath & Its Brother, the Hypocrisy Oath

"I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art." (8)

This is a prohibition against euthanasia and abortion (8) and has nothing to do with the fabricated medical prohibition of participation in state sanctioned executions.

Do those anti-death penalty physicians and medical associations promise license revocation if any of their members participate in euthanasia or abortion?

Of course not.

In fact, we have Belgium approving the assisted suicides of children, of any age, with participation by physicians (9).

Many medical professionals fully accept and participate in both abortion and euthanasia.

Many could care less about the true ethical prohibitions that exist in a medical, historical context.

Instead, they just invent new ones, against the death penalty and for child suicide, while avoiding the true prohibitions, ushering in the newly renamed and truthful - Hypocrisy Oath.

Is the ANA unaware that the lethal injection executions of murderers are a criminal justice sanction and that it is not a medical procedure with patients?

If nurses wish to participate in end of life situations that have nothing to do with patients, medical associations should not place political roadblocks in their way.

The few legal reviews of this topic have found as reason and fact require:

"Other courts have addressed (physicians participating in executions) and found that it does not violate the physician's code of ethics to participate in an execution . . ." "The Court... does not find that Missouri physicians who are involved in administering the lethal injections are violating their ethical obligations . .  ." (Taylor v. Crawford, Jan. 31, 2006, Court Order issued by the US Western District Court of Missouri)

Let's look at some additional sensible reviews:

The editors of The Public Library of Science (PLoS) Medicine write:

"Execution by lethal injection, even if it uses tools of intensive care such as intravenous tubing and beeping heart monitors, has the same relationship to medicine that an executioner's axe has to surgery." ("Lethal Injection Is Not Humane", PLoS, 4/24/07).

So to, The American Society of Anesthesiologists:

"Although lethal injection mimics certain technical aspects of the practice of anesthesia, capital punishment in any form is not the practice of medicine. ("Statement on Physician Nonparticipation in Legally Authorized Executions," 10/18/06).

Both confirm the obvious: The state execution of murderers has no connection, ethically or otherwise, to the medical treatment of patients.

Rationally, there is no ethical nor moral connection, Some folks just want to fabricate a false narrative. So that's what they do - just another anti-death penalty fraud.

1) Capital Punishment and  Nurses’ Participation in Capital Punishment, http://www.nursingworld.org/CapitalPunishmentNursesRole-ANAPositionStatement

2) The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti Death Penalty Strategy


An Open Fraud in the Death Penalty Debate: How Death Penalty Opponents Lie - The "Innocent" and the "Exonerated"

3)  Death Penalty Costs: California


"Duke (North Carolina) Death Penalty Cost Study (1993): Let's be honest"

4) Review of other ANA fact problems

5) The Death Penalty: Saving More Innocent Lives

6) A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital Care
James, John T. PhD, Journal of Patient Safety, September 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 3 - p 122–128, john.t.james@earthlink.net

7) New England Journal of Medicine interview titled "Perspective Roundtable: Physicians and Execution", Jan. 18, 2008

8) Physicians & The State Execution of Murderers: No Medical Ethics Dilemma


The Death Penalty & Medical Ethics Revisited

9)  "What Belgium's child euthanasia law means for America and the Constitution", Eugene Kontorovich, Washington Post, February 13, 2014

          What the monks drink: Belgium’s dizzying array of beer        

          véres vargabéres, emma, horvátországi zenei projekt        
erős varga pista, tresz túró rudi, tátrai tibi csoki, azt hitték hogy az csak úgy megy hogy eljátsszák, hogy neki is van olyan fegyverük ami után takarítani se kell... azt gondolják a férgek hogy ez mind kitaláció, de meg fogják tanulni hogy nem az :-D csak ezek nem működnek akárki kezében. Az nem úgy megy hogy te azt megveszed a feketepiacon és átalakítgatod az olyan hogy azt csak olyan tudja működtetni aki ki van rá képezve és csak abból az egyetlen alapállásból amit már sokszor sokaknak felvázoltam és amit tegyük hozzá sokszor sokan értelmeztek szándékosan félre. Azt hitték hogy el tudják majd játszani hogy nekik van ilyen... s jót röhögnek majd... a többi meg retteg majd tőlük. Nos nekünk nincs félnivalónk ezektől a fegyverektől. Mint a tájfun és a könyváram biztonsági rendszere ez is gondolatvezérelt és nem működik akárkinek a kezében.
Rábasztak kemnyen tibi csoki már bukott a kezén lévő pénzekből már most egy csomót... szívás és még fog is bukni, gyakorlatilag mindet. Előkerült a horvát zenei projekt amit még a gömzsikkel, vgáborral mr greenel csináltunk anno. Egy klasszikus zenei darabot alkottunk meg és ennek keretében bemutattam hogy milyen egy spirituális alapon működő és alkotó közösség. Sajnos elég sok szarházi volt jelen nagyjából mind egy különösen és tudatosan az a többi meg megalkuvó rendszerfogaskerék.
Megint ugatnak a szarházik nagyon magabiztosan és kurva idigesítőek de el fognak hullani ezek is szépen egymás után. Varga erőszakoskodik a csirkéivel... igen neki elég egy csirke is ahhoz hogy átvigyen dolgokat az emberi tudaton kívüli tertományon. Ezért lett erős pista, amit egyébként egy orosz család adott annak idején azért hogy meg tudajam ezeket jelölni. Nos ebből is látszik hogy hol ér véget az ilyenek által épített rendszer. A csirkét levághatja bárki és ha fel is veszik videóra hogy mit csinál senki nem szólhat neki hogy ezt ne csinálja. És mégis ő irányítgatja ezen kersztül a sok szarházi sátánista megnyomorított elméjű patkányt. És a legtöbb fel se fogja hogy hogyan és miként. Itt ér véget a látható struktúrák ereje. És itt kell beavatkoznia azoknak akik látnak és tudják a bizonyítékokat amik nem a "hivatalos" értelemben bizonyítékok hanem a pszichés nyomozás terén. Vannak ilyenek. A nyolcas azért tudta megtalálni azokat akik őt nyomorgatták és irányítgatták, mert elég érzékeny volt ahhoz hogy felismerje és lokalizálja a telepata irányítókat. És persze ki is végezte őket szépen ahogy kell. Ahogy fogytak úgy lett egyre könnyebb neki is meg a többieknek is.
Szóval most megint nagyon aktívak a sátánista vezérlés alatt álló férgek, de el fognak takarodni ők is a másvilágra szépen. Ezek szart se csináltak meg abból amit tanítottam és meg is döglenek szépen akár közelharc akár más útján.
Eszembe jutott megint az a film amit a mr green csinált - nagyon beteg film. A történet az hogy gyilkolnak gyilkolnak a bezárt bekényszerített résztvevők mire a végén rájönnek hogy nem ez volt a célja a dolognak amit játéknak nevez. Nem akarom elemezgetni. Volt egy jelenet amiben mr gree megkért hogy menjek bele. Hogy leszíjaz egy székre és a fejemet szétlövi egy lefűrészelt  csövű vadászfegyverrel. Nem akarta elhinni hogy engem nem lehet lelőni és szerette volna kiróbálni, de tudta azt is hogy a csapatom megöli azokat akik ezt megpróbálják mert ez egyértelmű gyilkossági kísérlet. Ezért megegyeztünk belementem, hogy oké megteheti, de csak úgy ha megmutatja a kamerák előtt mindenkinek és felveszi és megmutatja a töltényt is hogy tényleg elsült a fegyver. Ezért azt a jelenetet nagy felbontással és jól láthatóan kellett megoldania. A kezemet lazán szíjazta le hogy jól látható legyen hogy bármikor ki tudom húzni onnan és önként mentem bele, plusz miután vegyvert és töltényt választott nem cserélheti le. A töltényt ő maga készítette el és tesztelte otthon hogy biztosan ne legyen gyári hibás. Az ütőszeg megütötte és a töltény mégis csütörtököt mondott.
Ezután persze valahogy eltűnt mégis a nagy felbontású kép mindenhonnan - miért is?
Ők megbékéltek azzal hogy nem tudnak megölni mert jobb vagyok náluk - viszont a kiéheztetős stratégiában ők is ugyanúgy benne vannak azáltal hogy elfordítják a fejüket minimum, de egyébként benne is vannak aktívan is mint ahogy a vraga ott volt angliában a chip jelmezében...
Szóval ők azok akik magas intelligenciával rendlekeznek, és megértették pontosan hogy mit csinálok - de a megértésük intellektuális és nem spirituális. Az intellektuális megértést nem követi felelősségvállalás. Ők szarnak rá hogy elpusztul az egész bolygó csak az ő igányeik legyenek kielégítve.
Ugyanilyen a nagy imi-csilla féle banda is. Simán beáldozta volna a saját gyerekét is csak azért hogy engem támadjon vele. Félelmetes ez a banda. Megértették és tetszett nekik, de csak annyira hogy mint ahogyan a mosszad szokta elindítottak egy irányt errefelé is. Mert minden új megközelítésen elindítanak egy csoportot akik kidolgozzák azt és kivesézik és kontroll alá vonják ha tudják feltéve...
Mint ahogy az AA-val is tették meg az összes 12 lépéses felépülési csoporttal. De nem sikerült tökéletesen mert még így is lehet kivenni és jól működni a keretei között és ki lehet vágni a szart a nélkül hogy harcolni kelljen velük. Csak azt tudták tenni itt mo-n hogy elárasztották és elárasztják ezeket a csoportokat a saját embereik tömegével, hogy csak ők legyenek ott. Egyébként nem működik a dolog. Mert a csoport és a közösség működési módje nem teszi lehetővé hogy megmondóemberek irányítsanak. Mint ahogy a látható élet struktúráiban teszik.
Varázsszemű lázálom megint parádézik most már készülnek a többiek és felvették a kezeit arcát közelről nagy felbontásban is ha esetleg elváltozna vagy megváltozna akkor érzékeljék hogy mi történt. :-D ÉN csináltam belőle is több maszkot... azt nem fogjátok tudni észrevenni... :-D
"Magyarország nem hagyja magát..." mondja a jelmondatuk... és rohasztanak mindent tovább... De térdre fogtok szépen ereszkedni és látványosan ki foglak benneteket nyírni úgy hogy még akkor se fog senki se hozzám nyúlni mert az egész tetves ország benne van ebben a maskarabálban és szarkupacban és mindenki bukna ha lenne bizonyíték... De meg fogjátok adni magatokat ha máskor nem a végső pusztuláskor... ennek véget fogok vetni.
Andika is bemutatkozott ő csinálta az emma sorozatát... "Te annyi mindent meg tudtunk ott beszélni..." "De mit? Csak szemét ostoba hülyeségekről van benne szó." "Jajj mert nem hallod..." És voltam is egyébként ott, egy rakás szar. Összekeverték a computer alapú telepata rendszerben való "hallást" a megértéssel és persze andika rá is játszott erre tudatosan, mert ő is irányítójává vált ennek a mosléknak, mint a ruben meg a csaja... meg a többi. Egy időben a urben már annyira elszállt magától hogy az egyik filmjébe beugrottam és szépen elpicsáztam mint a szart hogy ébredjen csak rá nem golyóálló... Andika gyakorlatilag szépen megvezetett egy csomó ostoba idiótát és semmit sem változtatott csak elvan ebben a msakarabálban... "ó azok a szép kalapok..." "Tudod te mennyi faszt és pinát kellett leápolnom ott?" tudom baby és nagyon élvezted mind. Már amikor bekerültél a bajai csapatba úgy indítottál: "Jó akkor én bedobom magam a közösbe..." és nyerítettél mint egy kis kamaszkurva... persze neked akkor már megvolt a magad története kurvának neveltek és így kondícionáltak és az is lettél és maradtál. A háborúnak akkor van vége amikor elkezdődik a felépülési szakasz. Az pedig csak akkor kezdődik el ha "hivatalosan" megkeres valamelyikőtök és kárpótol és rehabilitál. Egyébként marad. Sőt egyre durvább méreteket fog ölteni.
A felépülési szakasz ha valaha elkezdődik - egyenlőre nem látom ennek semmi alapját hogy megtörténhetne, de azért hagyjuk meg a reményt, az hal meg utoljára - akkor is tovább fog folytatódni még egy darabig a gyilkolás, de onnantól csak a tudatosan mocskos szarházik fogják gyilkolni egymást a massza nagy része át fog billenni félelemből vagy bátroságból mindegy - de el fognak ezektől az elmeháborodottaktól fordulni.
Ezért nem akarják meglépni a dolgot és tovább dolgoznak azon hogy megöljenek engem. Semmi más céljuk nincs az sem érdekli őket hogy tényleg mindent tudok róluk és tényelg meg is tudom tenni azt amit beharangoztam már annyiszor. Ott a kezükben a sok bizonyíték és hallgatnak róla. Ezért hallgatnak mert akkor el kellene mondaniuk azt is hogy mi az ő szerepük és céljuk... és akkor összedőlne a nagy hazugságvár amit évszázadok alatt felépítettek.
rubanék szedtek elő egy luther végrendeletet, hogy a könyvtáramból lopták... nos erre csak azt tudom mondani hogy aki volt ott lent az csak röhög ezen... mindenki tudja aki konyít a történelemhez valamicskét hogy luther gazdag volt és az egyház ezt igyekezett titkolni... meg szolgákat tartott meg ilyenek. nem egy olyan dokumentum ami bekerülhetett volna. a ruben erőlködött hogy tegyem be, de nem tartottam annyira fontosnak mert nem az. Én azokat a dokumentumokat gyűjtöttem egy helybe amik az emberi psziché manipulálásának és befolyásolásának, a közös tudat és tudaton kívüli és a környező világ erőinek a kapcsolatáról szóltak és azok kutatásáról vagy ezen kutatások és tudások eltitkolásáról... meg azokról a személyekről akik ebben részt vettek stb. A történelemhamisítás önmagában nem volt szempont. Abból annyi dokumentum van amennyit nem szégyellsz összeszedni. Akár könyvtárakban is találhatsz bizonyítékokat. Nem nagy ügy. Ez elég gyenge volt... de köszi hogy kiástátok az alapokat :-D nagy szolgálat az emberiségnek...
tipikusan hazugságokkal próbálják ellensúlyozni a veszteségeiket... és sikerrel járnak a legtöbb szarházi zombi emberoidnál... Közben rohad minden tovább az idő fogy egyre vészjóslóbban...
Szivesen szétcsapnék közöttük megint itt ugatnak a patkányok rohadt magabiztosan, de nem teszem mert akkor magam robbantanám szét ezt a poklot darabjaira és nem akarom még elvenni az esélyt ha van valami halovány. Látok valamit a háttérben - érzékelem hogy vannak akik látnak és cselekszenek is talán, de annyira haloványnak tűnik innen hogy elkeserítő. Miközben mi vagyunk a legjobbak mégis rohan a vesztébe ez az egész hulladékhegy.
Akkor is azt mondta a mr green meg a többi hogy oké most már értjük... oszt mégse értették meg... azaz intellektuálisan értették korábban is meg akkor is, csak szarnak ők erre az egészre. A gömzsik amikor a kecskét áldozta akkor azt kérte az "úrtól" hogy engem pusztítson el és őt emelje a trónra... és ezt azóta se javította ki sehogyan se. CSak elvannak a maskarabálban szerintem és élnek mint hal a vízben. De ma már szarok én is erre az egészre. Már nem érdekel. A nagyimiék is ugyanígy. elvették a jó ötleteket, a fegyvereket a technikát és jót röhögtek rajta m a hátam mögött... mint a criminal minds csapata... azok is eljátszották a jó fiúkat és közben gyilkoltak olyanokat is akik épp irányt váltottak volna a helyes irány felé.
A kis szöszi jelezte... De leintettem hagyja őket, mert utánuk ő bizonyítékot soha sem fog összeszedni... kár a gőzért. Ezért kaptak egy embert aki tesztelte őket. Ott kiderült hogy ki kicsoda és mit csinál. El is tűntek szépen a süllyesztőbe a nyolcas elintézte őket. egy maradt csak meg ahogy súgják az audio rendszeren kersztül... a hutchner mert ő egyébként drogfüggő volt és megmaradt a 12 lépéses program és annak alapértékei mellett... Nos hát ennyit erről. A legtöbb így működik. Csak akkor marad meg a program mellett, ha ott lóg a pallos a nyaka felett. Tehát ez a megoldás. És nem viccelek. Vagy megcsináljátok vagy megdöglötök. Spirituális társadalom. Úgy ahogy én elmagyaráztam. Aki félreértelmezi az le lesz vadászva kegyetlenül.
A hunger gamesben azt a lángoló ruhát is én csináltam. Ezt is elhazudták és ki hát azok akik a legjobban bizonygatták mennyire hálásak meg mennyire jó amit csinálok... és közben röhögtek rajtam a hátam mögött... és most is ezt teszik meg bezsebelik a pénzt és elmennek nyaralni meg baszópartikra...
De van ezért pár emlék amire szivesen emlékszem. A pocoknyúlra pl. Akkor is a szarházik odairányították a másik pocoknyulat meg a szamarakat hogy lopja el a télire valóját - csak azért mert segített nekem. Mondtam neki hogy ne aggódjon. "DE tudod hogy ez mekkora munka? És még nem gyűjtöttem eleget és ha nem lesz elég akkor meghalok a télen!" Megnéztem miket hordott oda és szedtem neki egy hatalmas adagot... hú azt látni kellett volna... amikor meglátta... :-D Szetem neki bőségesen és körbe is raktam kővel hogy ne tudja a vadszamár elvinni legközelebb... a végén odajött hozzám. Amikor apu látta a videót megkereste a helyet és a pocoknyulat pár évre rá. Még megvolt. "MEgtaláltam!" "Hihetetlen vagy!" mondom elismeréssel... ő meg csak a maga szerény módján... "Hát ebben jó vagyok..." "És mi volt?" "Szedtem neki én is kaját és bedugtam a kövei alá." "Hol találtad meg?" "Ugyanott." "És?" "És később hozzám is odajött. MEgnézte a kaját, majd itt ott kidugta a fejét a kövek mögül és lassan lassan körbecserkészett, majd odajött egészen és felkapaszkodott a combomra a mellső lábaival..." "Megsimogattad?" "Nem. De nem is akartam, nem akarom hogy hozzászokjanak az emberhez." "Én nem bírtam megállni megsimogattam."
Hatalmas volt. És egyszer egy anakonda is megengedte hogy felvegyem ahogy vadászik és egy hal ottmaradt prédának. Az anakonda eldugta a fejét mert azt mondta hogy nem tudja megállni hogy ne kapja el a halat.
Sok állat segített, persze mindig rám volt ragasztva egy figyelő és mindig manipuláltak mindent körülöttem hogy ne legyen teljes az örömöm. De akkor is jó emlék. Sok állat tanított sok érdekes dolgot nekem. A denevéres kaladból tanultam meg pl hogy mi is képesek vagyunk a hőt érzékelni pl éjjel. Fel lehet mentálisan erősíteni a hőérzékelő receptorainkat és minden technikai eszköz nélkül láthatunk hőképet --- azaz érzékelhetünk hőképet éjjel. Éjjellátó nélkül. VAgy épületen belül falon át... pusztán az alapállásod szab határt hogy mire lehetsz képes.
17th egyébként vargának igaza volt bár tett érte hogy így legyen egy áldozattal... szóval odamentem és megpróbáltam kiszedni mindenkit onnan aki hajlandó volt figyelni rám élőszóval... ott voltam amikor ledobták a mérget én mondtam el hogy almaillata van. Szóval azok mind sátánista irányytású zombik voltak nem kár értük.
Some joy at least... az eredeti crew dolgozik a criminal minds ból... a szöszi aki egy saját sorozatot is kapott később hazudott. Annak idején amikor először találkozunk szintén egy filmet csináltunk félig valóságosat ott hagytam egy börtönben azzal az ígérettel hogy majd jövök érte is... hazudtam neki mert ő is hazudott. Ezt akarta törleszteni a kis kurva. És nem azon dolgozott hogy felébressze és felszabadítsa a többieket hanem kontrollt akart kialakítani amit ő irányít. Ezért utálom azt az egészet amit ők csinálnak ott, de legalább megmutatják a többieknek is... a kirakatban. Az eredeti crew meg most már nem a kirakatban hanem nemzetközi szinten dolgozik. Megmutatták magukat. Amikor a szöszi megvádolta őket odamentem és megkérdeztem mi a helyzet. Ők ajánlották fel hogy rendezzük és ők hajlandóak mindenkivel elszámolni aki a kezük alá került. Ezért leültünk a szöszi ők és én együtt emgbeszélni a kérdéses helyzeteket. Persze a szöszi méltán volt mérges mert az ő beépülni szándékozó emberei haltak el a szarházi céljaik miatt és amit csináltak a szöszi parancsára. A megbeszélés kezdetén hutchner feltette nekem a kérdést on subconscious level a tudatalatti hangtalan beszéddel hogy elmondhatja e a pontos részleteket vagy sem. Kérte hogy artikuláljak a válasszal. Artikuláltam hogy no, de a válaszom a tudatszintemet nem érte el hogy őket a számítógép vezérelt rendszerre kötve át tudjam verni. Ami nem érte el a tudatomat azt ők nem tudják figyelni mert a számítógépes rendszer nem képes a tudaton kívüli mezőkkel dűlőre jutni. Egyébként mellékszál hogy ezért a figyelést is oda kellett vinni a kommunikációval együtt hogy a tudatunkat kikerülve ne tudjanak mindent amit meg kell őriznünk és félre tudjuk őket vezetni. Mert ami a tudatunkba kerül azt tudják figyelni. Szóval ezért most kiváló szakember módjára és ember módjára társ lévén megmutatták magukat hogy élnek és dolgoznak, mert rájöttek hogy nem emlékszek tudatosan csak arra hogy kamu részleteket árultak el az ügyekről és e miatt az maradt meg a tudatomban hogy hazudtak ők is. DE ők innen tudták hogy a szöszi beépülő manipulátor és nem mondták el neki úgy a dolgokat ahogy történtek.
A denevéres ügy szintén ugyanehhez kapcsolódik. A mentális amplifikációval ahogyan az érzeteinket és az érzékelésünket módosítjuk teljes test maszkban hogy érezzük a hideget meleget stb ugyanúgy képesek vagyunk - alapállástól és képességektől függően - erősíteni például a hőérzékelésünket is. Fel tudjuk annyira erősíteni hogy éjjel érzékeljük a melegtestű lényeket és más dolgokat is meg tudunk oldani. Ezért nem kell nekünk éjjellátó se.
Szóval a szöszi és a többi valahogy kötődik az ikóhoz... miért is nem emlékszem.
Szó nincs itt matthelyzetről. Ez matthelyzet. A régi rabszolgatartó és fosztogató rendszer mattot kapott. A kérdés most már csak az hogy magukkal rántják-e az egész bolygót a pusztulásba vagy megadják magukat és elkezdődik a felépülős szakasz. Vagy van-e számottevő ütőképes ellenállás akik letakarítják az agylúgozott szolgaréteget akik halálig hajlandóak gyönyörű kalapokért és szabad korlátozatlan lehetőségekért eladni a jövőt. Apropó andika az emma című sorozatba meghívta azt a srácot akinek a john lee millert írtam az elementryban. Az andi a komputeres telepatikus rendszerre építve és a szeretet alapjaira igyekezett kontroll rendszert felépíteni és kidolgozni. Azért hívta meg őt hogy megdolgozza - legalábbis ez volt az egyik célja, a másik hogy közben építgessse a szeretet alapjaira épülő kontrollrendszert.
Emlékszem milyen jót mulattunk rajta millerrel. Én is beugrottam oda mert john megkért hogy nézzem meg és adjak tanácsot mit csináljon velük. Mondom hogy maradjon és fejlessze őket. Az andi kondícionálta a csajokat meg a srácokat ott majd john is besegített. Majd mindenki előadott valamit. pl egy balladát elénekelt. A john által segítettek jobban szerepeltek és jobban adtak elő mindent mert ő követte azokat az alapelveket amiket én is tanítottam neki. Segített nekik a legjobb tudása szerint elmagyarázot minden szükséges tudnivalót részletesen és jó gyakorlatokat csináltatott velük, hogy tényleg jók legyenek. Ezzel feltörte mindig az andi - és a mögötte álló kis közösség - kontrollmechnaizmusait és nekik is tovább kellett emelni a szintet. Közben persze dugtak is - mert azt is modntam johnnak hogy én ki szoktam használni az ilyen helyzeteket és jókat szexelek velük - miközben azok kersztül is továbbadom az öröm adását és kapását lehetővé tevő igazi értékeket. Ehhez pedig hozzá kellett kapcsolni egy folyamatos gyakorlatot hogy minden ilyen szex alkalom után kiderítse mit akarnak kiszedni belőle vagy beletenni hogy manipulálják. Mert abban is biztos lehetett hogy ezt fogják tenni. És a tetejébe felállítattam vele - ajánlottam és megcsinálta - egy csapatot akik folyamatosan figyelték az andit hogy miket talál ki és mivel próbálja a többieket kontrollálni és hogyan lehet ezeket feltörni és továbbfejleszteni hogy végre zombikból emberré váljanak. Szóval ez a csapat a háttérben párhuzamosan elemezte mit főz az andi és a csapata, hogy tisztában legyünk vele és legyenek megoldásaink. Közben élveztük hogy azok a jól irányítható emberoidok hogy virulnak ki egy egy jól sikerült ballada előadása után. john azt mondta hogy élvezi ő is ezt a feladatot. És nyilván aki meg nekitámad keményen az meg úgy járt.
Ezt élveztem negyon az egészben amikor láttam valakit hatalmasat teljesíteni mert odafigyelt és betartotta azokat az iránymutatásokat amiket javasoltam és hatalmasat domborított. Amikor a mezőfi helga is kis fekete csajként hatalmasat énekelt azt is élveztem. Ezek meg állandóan azt nyomozták hogy milyen trükkel töröm fel az irányító triggereiket és hogyan vonom őket az irányításom alá. Állandóan a trükköt keresték pedig elmondtam nekik hogy mi a titok. A céljaim tiszták és én tényleg segítek nekik fejlődni és emberéé válni. Felelős szabad emberré érzésekkel valós célokkal és értelmes a világba pozitívan illeszkedő életcéllel, küldetéssel. Ez teszi őket erőssé és olyan kiválóvá. Szeretem őket. Szeretem nézni ahogy fejlődnek ahogy kivirágoznak. Ez a titok, és el is mondtam nekik élőszóval de mind valami mögöttes titkot kerestek inkább - persze azért mert sokuk nem is tudta hogy amit ők tesznek velük annak semmi köze nincs a valódi szeretethez, hanem csak kontrollálni és irányítani uralni akarták őket és ma is ezt teszik. Persze ehhez szembe kellett volna nézniük saját otromba önmaguk felé tett hazugságaikkal és fel kellett volna adni ezeket azáltal hogy kiondják mekkora faszok és milyen baromságot csináltak eddig, majd változtatniuk kellett volna - de akkor jajj oda lett volna a hatalom és a felelősségvállalás nélküli szabadság uralom a többi felett, oda lett volna a pénztárca és a szabad utazgatás a büntetlen fosztogatás és gyilkolás lehetősége.
Ezzel az adnia se tudott szembenézni. És csinálta tovább és most is csinálja tovább építgeti a kontroll rendszerét azaz most már inkább foltozgatni próbálja.
Egyébként az a csapat sokkal ijesztőbb volt számomra mint a gyilkosok hada. A kezdet kezdetén gyakorlatilag alig volt valaki aki hajlandó lett volna dolgozni velem sokszor olyanokat törtem meg akiket az öreg már megtört. Ezek parancskövető robotok voltak. John millernek mondtam  hogy ezért szeretem a természetet, mert a szarházik a feltétel nélkül engedelmeskedő katona, kurva legyártásának receptjét keresték állandóan hogy azt csinálhassanak velük amit csak akarnak és ezért megtörték a pszichéjüket. De itt ütött vissza a természet, mert akiknek a pszichéjét megtörték azok elvesztették a kreativitásukat és zombikká váltak. Amikor növeled akontrollt csökkent az alkotási készség, a teremtőerő. E nélkül pedig rugalmatlan haderőt tudsz csak felépíteni robotokat, emberoidokat akik emgcsinálják amit utasítasz nekik akár halálig is, de nem képesek kreatívan megoldani egy helyzetet vagy nem képesek fejleszteni stb. Itt kerültem képbe az öreg rendszerében is és ezért próbálták a hozzám hasonló kreatív embereket mindenáron az uralmuk alá hajtani. De a természet megmutatja a fogát ellenük. Sorban elhullottak a zombiseregeik a még emberi csapatokkal szemben, mert nem voltak képesek kreatívan gondolkodni. Sok csata elemzésénél vonhattam le azt a következtetést, hogy a janicsárok is ugyan félelmetes halálra fittyet hányó banda volt, de azon kívül hogy nem ismerték a halál-félelemet nem voltak képesek jól levezetni egy csatát. De nem csak ők hanem a többi is elbukott abban a pillanatban amikor olyan helyzetbe kerültek amire az irányítóik nem készítették fel őket és nem voltak irányadó parancsok. Ezért sokukat úgy húztam csőbe hogy vagy meghaltak vagy feltörték az irányítóik által kiadott parancsot - persze megfelelő előkészítés után ahol gondoskodtam arról hogy a kereteik meg legyenek lazítva és megkapja a megfelelő elemző és értékelő készségeket a hadi helyzetre vonatkoztatva amik segíytenek meghozni ezt a döntést.
De ők gyilkosok voltak, pszichopaták ha úgy tetszik, mert amikor megkapták a parancsot akkor nem ismertek semmilyen akadályt és ha belehaltak is volna akkor is végrehajtották volna. Aki találkozott már ilyen gyilkossal szemtől szemben úgy hogy ő volt a célpont az tudja hogy ott semmi se használ. Ha eltöröd a kezét akkor törött kézzel küzd tovább halálig és ha tudja hogy semmi esélye sincs akkor magára szerel egy bombát hogy ki tudjon nyírni. Semmi se működik velük szemben csak megölni lehet őket. Meg lehet törni bárkinek a pszichéjét olyan mélységében hogy ilyen robot váljék belőle. De ezek nem képesek fejleszteni, alkotni és mindenfajta kreativitás hiányzik belőlük. Az andi ugyanzet próbálta kiépíteni méghozzá úgy hogy a szeretet alapjaira épít - legalábbis egy hazug szeretetre, ami a kedvesség a gondoskodás gyengédség elköteleződés felszínét imitálta és bizonyos szinten meg is valósította - de mélységében mindössze eszköz volt egy irányító rendszer kiépítéséhez és egy zombihadsereg, kurvák kémek, szinészek, egyéb létrehozásához. Ez egy kugliképző lett gyakorlatilag mindenes kiglukat képzett akiket irányítani tud és akik képesek belebújni szinte bármelyik karakterbe amibe beleférnek...
Ezek azért voltak még félelemetesebbek a számomra mert ezek látszólag kedves és nyájas emberek látszólag gondolkodnak és van bennük szeretet - de a mélyben nincs bennük szeretet és simán elvágják ők is a torkodat ha van rá lehetőségük vagy úgy gondolják hogy van. De ezeket többnyire csak a távoli gyilkolás módszereire képezte ki az andika, az elszigetelés, a rejtett zaklatás a telepatikus rendszeren keresztül, az utcaszínház, a szeretetadás és megvonás (érzelmi lifteztetés az öngyilkosságba hajszolás egyik eszköze) módszereivel, mérgekkel és pszichikai mérgekkel. A szokott rejtett női típusú manipuláció. Szóval ez azért ijesztőbb mert egy gyilkosról az emberek tudják hogy az nem jó, de ezekről nincs semmilyen kép a társadalmak nagy többségének ők olyan aranyos jólelkű népeknek látják őket akiket lehet szeretni hiszen annyi jót tesznek... s közben rohad minden a kezük nyoma után.
Ezt csinálta az andika miközben szép kalapok szexpartik és az utazgatás élvezeteinek hódolt, szolgálta a rothadás rendszerét és ma is ezt teszi.
Ahogy én is sokszor húztam csőbe a többieket úgy ezt is tanítottam. Ennek az az előnye hogy az aki nem hajlandó valamire kellő hangsúlyt fektetni vagy teljesen tévesen úgy ítéli meg hogy már tud valamit amit még csak félig sem ért... akkor érdemes egy set up-ot létrehozni neki. Ebben az a jó hogy úgy szembesülhet a hiányosságaival hogy közben átéli akár a halálfélelmet is, és rádöbben mekkorát tévedett, hogy közben biztonságban van, mert nem az ellenségei hanem a barátai teszik ezt és nem akarják kihasználni a szorult helyzetet, és mint végeredményként megjelenhet - ha jól lett megtervezve a set up a külső és belős körülmények pontos feltérképezésével - a hajlandóság a hibás hozzáállás, vélemény vagy szokás, ismeret kijavítására és az iránymutatás befogadására és komolyanvételére. Mindez persze a legtöbbször igen kellemetlen helyzetek átélésével jár, de az kell ahhoz hogy egy mélyen rögzült rossz hozzáállást megközelítést meg tudj törni valakiben. Johnt is behúztam a csőbe mert ő is a magas intelligenciája miatt sokmindenrő lazt gondolta hogy ő azt tudja meg így meg úgy miközben a lényeg mellett elvonatozott mint egy vadászgép. Kicsit le kellett bontani belőle. A különösen magas intelligenciaszint hatalmas segítséget jelenthet de ugyanolyan végzetes akadályt is sőt akadályként még brutálisabb tud lenni ha fe lakarod törni... de ha jól és helyesen használja valaki akkor hatalmas előnyöket hordoz magában.
Úgy emlékszem lee miller rákapott a felépülési munka ízére és tetszett neki, nem tudom ő megmaradt e ezen az úton a sorozat amit együtt kezdtünk még őrzi a szintet kiválóan magasan... a karakter folytonossága észrevehetetlen ami azt jelenti hogy a tanítványok pontosan és jól megértették és követik is a lényegét e miatt konzisztens és észrevehetetlen a csere miközben feltörhetetlen hiszen az csak egy maszk nem egy tárolt karakter... míg lucy liu karakterén látszik és érzékelhető az időnkénti botlás és inkonzisztencia, ami nem túl jó jel nem tudom mi lett vele. Eredetileg azért került oda hogy segítse millert, de lehet hogy ezt megpróbálta valamiféle kontrollá fejleszteni? vagy egyszerűen elmenekült vagy elpusztult mert még durvábban próbálkozott valami mással... ??? Mindegy. De jól esik rájuk gondolni. Főleg a cminds crew-ra hogy dolgoznak meg johnra emlékezni amikor fülig érő szájjal élvezte a csaj előadását és gyönyörű magabiztos énekét amiben benne volt az ő munkája is... a tanító öröme... :-D a kertész és a szakács öröme. Az alkotó ember öröme. Az ember öröme. (mintha őt is láttam volna itt most baján... bár ez is lehet hogy csak utcaszínház ma már nem tudom eldönteni ezt sem és mindegy is ne mérdekel már ez se) Kis öröm az ürömben. még ha minden el is pusztul, mert ez lett megírva a természet erői által - akkor is ezeket észben tartom és erre fogok gondolni. Megérte eddig is eljönni és végig csinálom halálig. Ha lesz változás akkor folytatom, ha nem lesz akkor is megérte. Szép és tartalmas életem volt. Még az állandó nyomorgás és fájdalmak és támadások közepette is... persze volt pénz is a történetben meg duhajkodás de rám ez nem volt jellemző, csak próbáltak elfajzatni engem is mint az összes többit de ezt is feladatként megoldottam.
A szőke nő a színpadnál aki a tésztát hozta a kacsáknak szintén a komputeres rendszeren keresztül próbált etetni: hogy most "hallasz engem kristálytisztán" a szöszi a ciasorozatbók meg szintén az audio rendszeren keresztül próbál etetni bosszúból hogy "segítünk" ... (ott rohadjon meg...); gyarmati atti szintén elvétette az irányt nem csak nyaralni járt el 6 hónapokra hanem el is tért a lényegtől ezért most elhullanak az emberei sorban meg ő is követni fogja őket... s ezzel nincs egyedül... sokakat győzött meg a régi rendszer okosstojásai hogy nem kell olyan szigorúan dolgozni, mert nincs akkora veszély hiszen "mi" támadjuk a petit csak ő nem tudja, szóval ha megegyezünk akkor nektek nem lesz bántódásotok.... és megegyeztek... ezért nem dolgoztak olyan kitartóan és engedték meg maguknak hogy lazítsanak. Most szívnak mert oda nem kellenek mint erős csapat akiket nem irányíthatnak kedvükre, nekünk meg szintén nem kellenek mint szarházi megalkuvó banda megbízhatatlanok. ÉS hány ilyen van. Ha végignézem az ovódától kezdve az egész csoportot mindenkit!!! akkor lehet látni ki kicsoda ebben a dologban. A legtöbb mind beállt kettős játékosnak: előttem játszották a segítő odaadó elkötelezettet majd a hátam mögött röhögtek hogy milye nhülye ez de  "legalább kikaparja nekünk a gesztenyét...". Óvodától egyetemig akikre amlékszem azok mind benne voltak vannak. Az összes munkahelyemen dolgozók mind. Lehet kiket szem előtt tartani és felelősségre vonni - már amelyik él még. És mind magas szinten irányítják ezt a mocskot. Legalábbis a legtöbb.
Nem is említve a többit. Ezért nem is kellett a középiskolában már helyettesítő se maz egyetemen, mert ők már tudatában voltak annak hogy alig vagyok ott és itt ott "dolgozok" közben.
A concorde baleset amikor felpattant egy kis fémlemez ami egy dc10-esről hullot le - szintén egyike azoknak az okkult az emberi elme psziché és a környezet erőhatásainak összefüggéseire épülő szándékos gyilkosság volt, hogy a repülőgép típus eltűnjön a színről. Azt is a varga féle joe bácsis csapat csinálta. S hogyan? Hát hogyan lehet egy ilyen eseményt irányítani? Lehet. Úgy ahogyan mi belgiumban a johanni darus balesetét előkészítettük, úgy. Azt mi csináltuk a dani, a patrick, a habriel meg a johanni anyja. Együtt egy meditációval.
Olyan erős az elménk. Nehezebbé tettük a "tudomény jelenleg iállása szerinti" állandó súlyú vasoszlopot ami e miatt leszakadt a daruról és pontosan a vezetőfülkére esett úgy hogy a johanni túlélte de megtanulta hogy az ilyesfajta balesetek megtervezése - amit ő igen élvezett - nem játék. Azért csináltuk. "Ki a legjobb medic közöttetek - kérdi a johanni anyja s a patrickra néz - te vagy az nem? - s folytatja is - jó lenne ha te ott lennél a közelben ha valami baj történne..." S a többiek öszenéztek... "Mi van nem te vagy a legjobb?" "Hát a péter az... úgy tudjuk hogy ő még eg szívátültetést is meg tud csinálni ha kell akár műanyag csövekkel is..." nevettek. "akkor legyen ott a közelben ha nem úgy sikerül a dolog." és ott fejmosás jött hogy miért hozta ezt a lehetőséget a teamre, mert így meg is történhet ha idehozza és ezért csináljuk mindig team előtt a determináló meditációt hogy a megvalósítani kívánt dologra figyeljünk és fókuszáljunk. de ez most nem ide való nem írom le.
A horvátországi zenei projekt járt a fejemben most idefelé... kitűnő példája annak ami nagyban is lejátszódik úgyhogy megér egy pár szót még bár nincs nagy kedvem róla írni, mert eléggé elkeserítő volt akkor is most is emlékezni erre.
Szóval a projekt célja a kreativitás spirituális közösségben való gyakorlása volt, mellékcél pedig mint minden projektemben, fejlesztésemben a végcélom felé való mozdulás az egyéni pszichék átirányítása a spirituálisan szerveződő társadalom felé. A régi rendszer lebontásával egyidőben.
"I'll do the cooking." "De miért hívja ezt cooking-nak?" "Mert leizzaszt a fejed búbjától a bokádig közben, hidd el nekem..."
Férfi testbe zárt nők és fordítva: ilyen nincs. Ez a régi rendszer mocska. Nő van és férfi meg azok akik a mocsokfürdőbe születtek és el lettek tudatosan torzítva. Vonzódni az egy más dolog, nemi örömöt szerezni megint más, de még a hosszabb ideje együtt élő homoszexuális párok között is kialakul az emberi psziché alapvető lényegei szerinti megosztás. Az egyik a punci lesz a másik a férfi princípiumot fogja jobban képviselni. Ez azért van így mert ez az amberi psziché alapja. A többi maszlag. Manipulált törött eltorzult szemét. Ez a véleményem. A természet rendje szerint szerveződő társadalmakban nincs homoszexualitás. Ma már nincs ilyen társadalom sehol, mert a szarházi hatalom függő elmeháborodottak minden társadalom szerkezetébe beleszartak. A férfi és a női lényeg megérthető mindkét oldal által, de soha sem teljes mértékben. Soha. Ott van egy természetes határ amit nem lehetséges átlépni senki számára sem. Ezért aki "nemet vált" vagyis azt hiszi el hogy nemet váltott ezt hangoztatja és akár át is operáltatja magát az soha nem lesz önnmaga és utódjaiban ha lesz a torzult életképtelen mocskot fogja örökíteni. Egyébként régebben mondjuk 100 éve még nem keverték össze a nemi örömszerzést a család fogalmával. Valahogy mindenki tudta hogy a természet szerint a család egy apából és egy anyából lesz. És elterjedt a nemi viszonyok felbomlása pontosan a női ág a nemiség és a nemi örömszerzés fegyverként való használata miatt amire madam dubouis pontosan és éleslátóan figyelmeztette nagy katalint, aki magasról szart rá. Pont. Téma lezárva.
Szóval a végén a hármas mrgreen gömzsik, vgabi fejmosás volt. Az egyikük a gömzsik megint elsütötte a "tényleg most már értem hogy mit csinálsz és teljesen el tudom fogadni" típusú szöveget... ott kiakadtam... "Nem hiszek nektek. mind a hárman több alkalommal beszélgettetek velem erről elmagyaráztam mindent és mégis pont te anikó másnap kifizettél 40 millió dollárt a tommy emannuel csoportjának hogy öljenek meg. Akkor madjnem ugyanezeket a szavakat használtad ugyanígy ígérgettél és bizonygattad hogy szeretsz és segítesz blablabla... Nem hiszek nektek egyikőtöknek se. Így volt vagy nem így volt hazudj a szemebe ha mersz itt hejben kivégezlek!" üvöltöttem. Beismerte hogy így volt.
"Te ezt csináltad végig velünk is?" így kezdődött a beszélgetés mrgreen tette fel a kérdést. "Igen. Veletek kicsit más volt de a fő célom ugyanaz minden egyénnel és csoporttal fejlesztéssel és bármivel amit csinálok. Veletek nem működött mert benneteket az öregék úgy megtörtek és úgy kondícionáltak, hogy senki ne legyen képes változtatni a célotokon ami a hatalom és a tudás felhalmozása és a circus tetején megmaradás. Ezért veletek más taktikát alkalmaztam. Technikai fejlesztésekkel és új nagyon hatékony módszerekkel a sikereimmel kezdtem adagolni az irányváltáshoz szükséges falatokat. Erre ráharaptatok mert a hatalom megtartásához, megszerzéséhez szükségetek volt erre a tudásra és a technikákra. Legalábbis azt hittétek. Szépen lassan elkezdtetek odafigyelni és minden alkalommal egyre több dologban sikerült feltörni a fejetekben meglévő keretrendszert. Fellazítottam a határokat majd reménykedtem benne hogy majd egyszer talán fel is fogjátok és legbelül megtörténik a váltás."
"De most megtörtént azért kértünk hogy csináld meg ezt a projektet."
"De most már nem hiszek nektek. Eljátszottátk a bizalmamat."
" Segíts képezz ki bennünket újra."
"Szó sem lehet róla. Kiképeztem pár embert amikor elérünk a 2016-17-es végő határvonalhoz és még akkor is tovább építgetitek a kontroll rendszerét, akkor ők ki fognak benneteket végezni. Nem akarom az ő dolgukat még jobban megnehezíteni."
"Akkor hogyan tudunk tovább fejlődni?
"Hát leülhettek együtt végigcsinálhatjátok a most már állítólag biztosan megjelent elkötelezettség alapjain végigcsinálni a tréninget. Ti hárman. hahaha Ha egyikőtök is elkezd madj fejlődni valamelyik modulban és előrébb jut mint a másik akkor a többi azonal félni kezd majd és ha hazudtok megint akkor meg is fogja próbálni kinyírni a többit nehogy ők előrébb jussanak. Viszont bizonyított tény hogy már a tényleges és biztos belső !!! elkötelezettség ami valós már az is elég ahhoz hogy a legerősebb támadást is vissza tudjátok verni - úgyhogy amelyikőtök ebbe a hibába esne az pórul jár... Úgyhogy türelemmel és bizalommal együtt végig tudjátok csinálni és igan magas szintre eljuthattok - feltéve hogy képesek lesztek nem hazudni egymásnak és őszintén beszélgetni - nyíltan kimondott szavakkal. Ami a ti esetetekben igen kemény munkát fog jelenteni mert mindegyikőtök olyan fejlett módszerekkel hazudik hogy azt nehét felülmúlni."
Még mindig csak a kimondatlan szinten zajlik minden. Semmi se változott a látható keretrendszerekben - ugyanaz a kontroll és fosztogató rendszer működik rabszolgatartó és hazug és eltaposó. "Mit képzeltek ti hogy nektek jár ez a szabadság hogy bármilyen papírt legyárthattok magatoknak és oda utaztok és olyan foglalkozást csináltok amihez épp kedvetek szottyan miközben a többi napról napra bejár valami szaros munkahelyre, a gyáraitokba ahol épp csak annyi erőforráshoz fér hozzá hogy másnap is be tudjon menni? Hogy áll ez össze a ti fejetekben mi? Nektem mindent szabad felelősség nélkül lehetnek milliárdjaitok olyan forrásokból amit a többitől loptok el igyen kapjátok semmit se tesztek érte a többi meg csak útlevéllel utazhat és soha nem próbálhat ki semmit se mert nincs rá lehetősége? És mindeközben egy sarki zöldséges hamarabb és jobban megért mindent mint ti? És közben azt képzelitek hogy ti jobbak vagytok? Ha ez nem változik meg és a régi szar struktúrák nem tűnnek el akkor véget fogok vetni ennek a mocsoknak. Ti vagytok azon kevesek akik pontosabban felmérhetitek mihez volt hozzáférésem és milyen képességekkel rendlekezem. Ti tudjátok hogy a fenyegetéseim nem légbőlkapottak és be is váltom amit megígérek. Ma már azt se hiszem el amit kérdeztek."
Hiszem ha látom és még akkor is gyanakodni fogok. És nem látom. Utcaszínház szintjén megy minden miközben a valós keretek semmilyen mértékben nem változtak.
"Hadd videózzanak attól nem változi meg semmi sem!" mondta ezt is a vargavéres anno amikor elkezdtem ezeket a sorozatokat csinálni hogy szivárogtassak általuk és felvázolja művészi módon létező és valós problémákat. Igaza volt és én is pontosan tudtam hogy ettől a fennálló társadalmi kontroll rendszerei nem fognak semmit se változni hogy mi a fantázia és a szórakozás világában megjelenítjük ezeket a létező gondokat és problémákat. Ezt a hofi példája után tudták, hogy lehet akár szó szerint is kimondani valós és véres folgokat ha úgy van tálalva és ez is csökkenti a fosztogatás és elnyomás okozta feszültséget a társadalomban. Egyfajta szelepként működik ez volt az egyik oka annak hogy feladták a kísérlet eltaposásának tervét a másik ok pedig az volt hogy nem tudták eltaposni. Ezért áttértek az eltűrt kategóriára és mindent elkövettek hogy a saját szarukat és a valóságtól elrugaszkodott fantazmagóriákat is odacsempésszenek a valós szivárogtatások mellé ami hiteltelenné teheti az egészet. "Te túl sok sci-fi filmet nézel meg összeesküvés elméletekkel foglalkozó filmeket." modnták és közben gyártották a szemetet. Amikor elkezdtem pihenésképpen állat és természet filmeket felvenni akkor kitaláták hogy ők is ezt csinálják, de ők animal fight club-ot csináltak és csak a véres és ádáz küzdelmekre koncentráltak és szaros önigazolást próbáltak összehozni a saját faszságaik igazolásaképpen. Még az én filmjeimet is megpróbálták kifordítani az aláfestő szövegek faszságaival.
Próbálták azt is bizonyítani hogy ők is vannak olyan "erősek" hogy oda tudnak csalni vadállatokat magukhoz mert azt hitték ez erő kérdése és mert emikor kiderült hogy ezeket a filmeket én csináltam nem akarták hogy az emberek felnézzenek rám. Ezért midnen trükköt bevetettek hogy ezt megmutassák mégis kudarcot vallottak. hozzájuk nem ment oda egyik se és nem mutattak nekik semmit se az állatok. Nem értették meg azt sem hogy nekem azért mutatnak meg dolgokat az állatok mert
          Shit squered        
Ezzel az úttal tartoztam az Ördögnek. Személyesen: katasztrófa - a céljaimat tekintve: V.Gábor likvidálva, Chip karaktere feltörve, használhatatlanná téve kivégezve, kiürítve, evoL karaktere (clara) kiürítve, kivégezve az utolsó kuglival benne, Partrick lebukott a hazugságaival, lekerült a tábláról, az a nemzetközi csapatk akiket az Öregék helyettesítésére szinkronizáltam össze kivégezve... no ja, "majd újracsináljuk őket" mondják a nagyokosok, cska azt nem tudják hogy azok nem felépített és újrafelépíthető karakterek, hanem úgy kellett az egyéneket összeválogatni és összeszinkronizálni az elémjüket ahhoz hogy pótolni tudják az Öregék jelenlétét és bizonyos szinten meg tudják ugyanazokat a feladatokat oldani. És mg így se lett olyan teljesen... meg lehet számolni hány ember kellett az Öregék pótlására... Hogyan? Nos én is tudom használni ugyanazokat a zombi távirányítható gépeket akiket ők használnak. A kocsmáros csinálta. Előre be lett szépen programozva mindegyik még a csapatnak is beépítettem egy triggert hogy adott jelre jöjjenek oda. Én fejlesztettem a gázt. Odakészítettem és a kocsmáros adott jelre megnyitotta a csapot. A takarítókat is szépen leabálta a gáz. Azért kellett a 24 órás határ hogy aki el akarta volna őket takarítani az is dögöljön meg. A többi szarházival meg megbeszéltem, hogy szereljék fel a helyet sokféle passzív figyelőelemmel amiket akkor aktiválnak csak amikor valami igen furcsa történik. Erre azért volt szükség hogy a csapat ne fogjon gyanút. Így is volt egy pár akinek "volt némi rossz érzése" de maradtak mert úgy tűnt a számukra hogy minenkit ők kontrollálnak: engem, a kocsmárost stb... nos tévedtek. Ez is egyfajta utolsó figyelmeztetés az atomos csapatoknak... Azért kellet a takarítókat is megnyuvasztani, mert azt akartam hogy hivatalosan is bekerüljön az a hullahegy legalább a titkosszolgálatok írott naplóiba. Az ott sszegyűjtött bizonyítékok ugyanis kikerültek a kezükből mindjárt ahogy begyűjtötték. Volt ott teljes test ultrahang, csontszerkezet, belső szervek, röntgen, fogsor, ujjlenyomat, stb... minden amivel jól be lehet azonosítnai a maszkok alatti kuglikat.
És a videófelvétel arról hogy mi történt...
"Meg kell nyomnom a vészcsengőt...." "mi? milyen vészcsengőt? mi nem mondtunk neki semmi ilyesmit... Tűnés innen..." és már ugrott is fel a nagyképű szarházi kis kurva az ajtó közelében... de már az ajtót nem érte el...
Belesétáltam ebbe a csapdába... elég szar volt de lekerült egy csomó lényeges szarházi karakter...
Az antraxot elopattam és semlegesítettem a harcsa lány eredeti karakterével... ő a lagjobb az ilyen besurranásokban... aaki az antraxos srácot alakította, az a brit special forces egyik legjobb embere volt, megalkudtunk hogy ő tudatosan segít nekem, és utána majd emlékezhet mindenre amire vissza tud emlékezni. Sokmindenre nem fog tudni visszaemlékezni, de segítek. Meg kellett tanulnia hogyan kell kezelni egy ennyire veszélyes anyagot, hogyan tud a szemétből olyan biztonságos tartót építeni amit csak ő tud kinyitni és ha más nyitja ki akkor az összetöri a fiolát, meg kellett tanulnia harcolni ezzel a dobozzal a kezében úgy hogy ne törje össze, meg kellett tanulnia úgy aludni hogy senki se tudja ellopni a dobozt és a tartalmát... stb... Sok értékes tudás lehetne a birtokában... viszont a céljaihoz kötöttem az emlékeinek a triggerét, ha hazudott akkor nem fog emlékezni, ha a főnökei hazudtak akkor se fog emlékezni... sorry.
A csávó aki semlegesítette az antraxot ott be is végezte, egyike volt a partrick embereinek, akikért nem kár, ember? robot, aki lépésről lépésre meg tudott csinálni elképesztő dolgokat, és csak az ura tudta irányítani. Adott a patrick egy két ilyen embert... Arra épített hogy majd letakarítom ezt a csapatot akik az öregéket helyettesítették, és akkor majd ő kerül a legtetejére, ezért oda a hídhoz odakészített egy pár embert... persze később rájött hogy nem ölhet meg, mert kiszedtem belőle is mindent... habriel is el lett intézve már ott belgiumban, azért volt a nagy eső... sikerült nekik technikailag megoldani hogy úgy tűnjön mintha még lenne...
németeknél is beindult a darálás keményen most már szerették volna hogy segítsek, persze csak úgy hogy ők meghúzódnak a háttérben és úgy irányítgatnak engem hogy ingyen és feltételek nélkül segítsek nekik, takarítsam el a szemetet... Nos anno úgy gondolták hogy nekik nem kell a segítségem - persze azért mert azt hitték majd irányítani fognak engem és majd úgy takarítanak - nos most már kezdik belátni hogy tévedtek.
Előkerült a fertő tó közelében épült tábor emléke is ahol gyerekeket képeztek ki. Az Öreg akkora szarházi volt még ki is írta a telep oldalára hogy kiképzőközpont.
Az eszter, a gábor, a kriszta (a szocrehabos banda) hármójukat onnan szedtem ki anno. A szarházik akiket most itt szekszárdon és környékén láttam ők valósították meg. Még a legelején vizsgáltam az alapértékeket amikre lehet építeni és amikre nem. Az Öreg bizonygatta nekem hogy a félelem és a rettegés igen erős összetartó erő, mert nézzem meg amikor egy közösséget valami erős külső fenyegetés éri akkor azonnal összefognak még azok is akik egyébként állandóan veszekednek a közösségen belül. 
Iszonyat volt az a hely. Nem tudtunk aludni. Olyan feladatokat adtak a gyerekeknek - nekünk - hogy pl jóska ölje meg bélát álmában késsel úgy hogy a többiek fel se ébredjenek. És minden éjszakára és nappalra volt valami ilyen rohadt feladat kiadva. Azok lettek díjazva és bátorítva akik sikerrel végrehajtottak valami ilyen feladatot. Közben zajlott a közelharc, felderítés és egyéb kondícionáló kiképzés. Szinte minden gyereket megbasztak a kiérkező felnőttek és sok gyerek elpusztult. Az egészet leromboltam, csak meg kellett várnom a tábor irányítóját és odacsalnom valamivel. Közben kiválogattam pár gyereket akik megpróbáltak maguktól ellenállni és hajlandóak voltak segíteni egymásnak. Végül a fő szervezőket nem sikerült akkor elkapni mert soha nem jelentek meg fizikailag a táborban, csak távolról irányították a folyamatot telepata üzengetéssel. Most került rájük sor. Be kellett bizonyítani a többieknek ezeknek a módszereknek a létét és taníthatóvá kellett tenni. Még most is kirázott a hideg attól a helytől. Még a körülötte lévő bokroktól is féltem...csak azért nem tettem még a földdel egyenlővé mert kellett emlékeztetőnek. A gáborék azért csinálták a fertő tó körli bringatúrát, egyrészt hogy ők is emlékezzenek és legyen valós alap hogy engem is emlékeztessenek. Így mondhatta hogy voltak fertő tó kerülő bringatúrán. 
A mávos csapat is eszembe jutott, és rájöttem hogy az a csaj is a lóbaszó nagyfaszt kedvelő aranka karaktere volt. Az a véleményvezért vették körül és manipulálták abban a karakterében is aki akkor a távközlős főnököm volt. A harcsa baszú pocakos csávó és az ari fogták ott, meg persze az öreg kishajó hordóhasú szarházi is, meg a lapert is hozzájuk tartozott, és ott volt a gábor is a balettmester is időnként az egyik karakterben. Nos ha ő takarít a mávnál akkor szarul csinálja vagy még mindig fogják, vagy már elrohadt ő is... Látszik a felálláson.
Nos amint észleltétek mind tudatos mind robot egyszer használatos időzített "ember"ekkel meg tudom oldani amit akarok. Akármelyik csapatotokat át tudom verni és azok akik el fogják indítani nekem a pusztító mechanizmust azok bárkik lehetnek... sőt azt is megtanítottam nekik, hogy hogyan tanítsák meg másoknak ha esetleg erre lenne szükség, bizonyos triggerek esetén megteszik. Beporgramoznak egy fiatal gyereket. A saját szarotokat használom fel.
Ez a háború egy módon fog véget érni. Az összes szarházi halálával. Nincs olyan hogy semleges. Aki semleges az szarházi.
"De most már akkor együtt dolgozunk." mondja varga gábor
"Igen. Remek." mondom én
"De akkor a biztosítékodra már nincs is szükség nem? Óriási veszélyforrás egy ilyen pusztító potenciált készenlétben tartani, nem kéne semlegesíteni?"
"Nem. Az marad." gábor kétségbeesetten néz a földre én gúnyosan mosolyogva ("hú de naiv azt hiszi hogy a humorral meg tudja változtatni a céljaimat és a véleményemet..." "miért nem? Már most azon gondolkozol hogy hogyan tudnál neki segíteni..." "De csak azért mert a biztosítéka kinyír mindannyiunkat, ha megöljük. Nem ölhetjük meg és nem is lehetetleníthetjük el teljesen... baszki nekünk kell majd eltartani...")
"De miért?"
"Mert mi akik már kikerültünk és megszabadultunk a sátánista horda irányítása alól, egy idő után elkényelmesedünk. Azok a számítások amiket én végeztem viszont pontosak és 2016-max19 táján elérkezünk a végső határidőhöz amikor az ember által végzett rombolás hatása már nem lesz orvosolható, visszafordíthatatlanná válik. Ez a legtöbb embert nem érdekli fel sem fogja és rengeteg hazudozó fogja bizonygatni ennek a számításnak a pontatlanságát, diszkreditálni óhajtva a szakrételmemet. Ezért ez a fenyegetés sok mással együtt marad, hogy biztosan mindenki azért a célért dolgozzon amit én kitűztem: a maskarabál és a rabszolgatartó rendszer végéért, a levegő, a víz, a pszichikai tér tisztaságáért... S ha ez nem jön ösze akkor viszont aktivizálva lesznek ezek a triggerek... megy mindenki a picsába...
Pontosan tudtam hogy még akkor is ezen dolgozott hogyan tudnának engem eltenni az útból...
Sok más is volt, de azt inkább hagyom.
Én végeztem. A többi rajtatok múlik. És egyenlőre nem látom hogy bármi jó dolog történne, csak forr rotyog ez a szarkupac. Még mindig csak a szarházik tudnak előre lépni a többi meg nehezen - egy kettő akiket tudnak valamilyen módon irányítani azokat hagyják előre jutni, a többit akit nem - a legjobbakat még mindig próbálják teljesen eltaposni.
Gábor: amikor bekerülök a chip akrakterébe akkor rá tudom venni hogy dohányozzon és ne mtudja abbahagyni, de csak ott." később... "oké amíg én élek addig ő dohányozni fog..." hahaha te mondtad gabikám...
A V gábort és a melinda helyetetsítőjét is ezért hipnozitáltam és tanítottam a legerősebb hipnózisbó való felébredésre, mert a karakterek amiket még 3-4 évesen írtam amikor az Öreg tanította a karakterírás csínját bínját, úgy írtam meg őket hogy majd akkor fognak kiürülni és meghalni amikor valaki képessé váli arra hogy feltörje őket. Mivel rosszul számoltam és az Öreg sikerrel elszigetelt mindenkitől akinek tiszta szándékai lehettek volna, ezért szarházikat kellett rávennem hogy feltörjék őket. Azzal etettem meg őket hogy ha ezeket fel tudják törni akkor korlátlan hatalommal fognak rendelkezni felettük és azt alakítnak át benne amit csak akarnak. Persze azt nem mondtam el hogy miután feltörik őket azután a design-on kívül minden elveszik...
Úgy írtam meg őket eredetileg hogy ez megtörténik és a jók feltörik ezeket a karaktereket. De rájuk nem lehetett számítani. Keserű tapasztalat volt, hogy az Öregék tulajdonképen már akkor képesek voltak arra hogy a tudatomat átverjék és becsapjanak bárkit. Sikerült engem is 3-4 évesen. Arra is rájöttek hogy a vér szerinti apám karaktereit nem képesek legyőzni és feltörni - módosítani mert nincs olyan emberük aki ellen tudna állni a hipnózisának. Az én karaktereimet én meg egy részükben nyitva hagytam hogy az eredeti kuglik - akik szintén az Öreg emberei voltak - kényelmesebben tudjanak bennük létezni és legyen mozgásterük. Az eredeti céljuk ezeknek az volt hogy: szivárogtassák ki a használt módszereket és gyilkolási technikákat hatalmi módszereket, de mindezt úgy hogy közben a szarházikat teszik el láb alól és a mieinket békén hagyják. Nos ott tévedtem hogy az Öregék képesek voltak átalakítani a nyitottságuk miatt és ellenem fordították mindet, s pont fordítva cselekedtek. A szarházikat védték "he,she is one of us...card" és minket a sárva tapostak. A másik nagy feladat az volt hogy mindenkit öjenek meg akik erősebbek náluk. Ezt a feladatot végül is az Öregk is fontosnak találták, ezért ezt meghagyták bennük, bár ezt nem is tudták volna módosítani. Azért kellettek nekik az én karaktereim, mert az Öreg karaktereit is kiszorították mert az anyémek is erősebbek voltak az övéiknél. Azt remélték hogy ezekből majd a vér szerinti apám karaktereit is legyőzik és átvehetik a hatalmat.
Közben persze a vér szerinti apám hálózatát is sikerrel félrevezették. Azok is támadtak mindket.
De ezt a feladatot elvégezték és kinyírtam őket. Az erejük szertefoszlott az információk kiszivárogtak és közben az Öregék hálózatának az erős karakterei is fel lettek törve - mert a hipnózisból való kitörést is elterjesztettem. Ezért kellett a tolószékes dolog. Olyan erős hipnózist építettünk fel a gáborral közösen hogy ő maga egyedül nem volt képes kitörni belőle eleinte. Erre azért is szükségem volt hogy elvégeztessek vele egy feladatot. Ő volt az Öreg legjobb embere a vidó, kép és hang hamisításokban... Mind analóg mind digitális téren. Ezért vele dolgoztattam ki annak a módszerét hogyan lehet ezeket a változtatásokat nyomon követni és eltüntethetetlenné tenni. Addig onnan nem állsz fel amíg ez nincs kész... mondtam neki a legelső próba után... és nem is állt fel. Amikor készen lett akkor segítettem neki. Utána annyira jól ment már neki hogy bármikor fel tudott állni. És ezzel a módszerrel közben az Öreg ék régi karaktereit is sokat fel tudtak törni, amiket azután át is tudtak alakítani - bár azok meg úgy veszítették el az erejüket, amikor átalakította őket valaki. Az enyémek meg úgy ha valaki feltörte őket. Azért pl evoL akarterének az Öregék úgy módosították, hogy soha de soha ne mondja ki és ne tudja kimondani hangosan a parancsait, amikor valakinek a halálát rendeli meg. Mert egyébként ő volt a szeretet apostola a hálózatban... Sokan követték és nagyobb hatalma volt mind az Öregnek magának... Viszont nem volt túl okos...
De ennyi volt. Azután megkértek hogy csináljak helyettesítőt az Öreg karakterének a pótlására. Ki kellett elemeznem hogy mire képes az Öreg (hetesikrekről beszélünk magas szinten szinkronizált telepata elmével) és megépítenem különböző emebrekből különböző képességekkel rendelkeve egy csaatot akik képesek voltak közel ugyanazt produkálni. Nos ezeket végeztem ki a vendéglőben hazafelé.
Egy ember segített ezt külön kiemelem. Egy.
A vonaton az a pár elopta 15 eurómat majd ittak egy sört belőle, majd amikor a kaller ki lett nyírva, akkor megijedtek és visszaadott a nő 10 eurót ami "kiesett" a zsebemből... de ők se mentek messzire onnan. A szarházi meg ott szembe rendelkezett a legjobb figyelőkkel... megkínozta őket...
MEgállt amikor leszállt a vonatról és várta hogy a figyelője a panelekből jelezzen hogy biztosnágos-e vagy sem... jelzett neki... persze azt nem tudta hogy az a figyelő már nekem dolgozott, mert kérte a segítségemet és segítettem is neki. Több kilóméteres körzetet tudott egyszerre figyelni... elképesztő... de kínzással érték el nála ezeket a képességeket... a felépülés még előtte áll és rajta áll...
Ja az a gáz az én fejlesztésem és csak úgy mellesleg említem meg hogy bement két takarító a llegmodernebb gázmaszkban, ami még a legjobb special forces alakuatok számára sem elérhető csak a nagyon titkos takarítók és gyilkosok számára - és ők sem jöttek ki élve... Azt a maszkot is én fejlesztettem. A Práczki hozzám képest kis traubisüveg, és ezt meg is fogom nektek tanítani... olyan gázokat és kémiai mérgeket is fejlesztettem amik iszonyú pusztítást képesek végezni rövid idő alatt. Ezért utáltam meg a kémiát annyira, mert rohadt egy pusztító potenciált építettem rá. Ezek ind semlegesítve lesznek - ha ! és itt még egyszer leírom ide hogy HA én időben odaérek vagy le tudom adni a semlegesítő triggert. Ha nem akkor megy a buli. Sima ügy! Vált szólássá ez a mondat jelentve azt hogy valamit gyorsan és feltűnés nélkül is el lehet intézni... célozva arra a kis szabolcsi falura amit az Öreg egyik embere kiirtott majdnem teljesen, mert az egyik figyelőm ott lakott... Később az olaszliszkai cigánygyilkosságokat valami véres emlékeztetőnek szánták a többiek... bár nem sikerült erre emlékezetniük mert nem az én embereim voltak, de most már beugrott, hogy miért csinálhatták. Nyilván megszivattam őket azzal hogy hogyan építünk mi emlékeztetőket... nos nem így.
Az atom csapat irányító gárdája volt abban a fancia vendéglőben...egyébiránt. Végül is ők is irányítottak voltak valamilyen szinten ezek által itt helyben, ugyanazok által akik a fertő melletti kiképző kínzó tábrot is irányították... a háttérből. Ezért ez végül is egyfajta utolsó utolsó előtti figyelmeztetés, ezután persze az urakkal együtt a szolgákat is temetni szokták című műsor következik, mivel nem változtatnak semmit sem még most sem. Desig elemeket változtattak, a fősulin is elvitték a nylvánvalóan láthatóan kondícionált kurváikat, de ott maradt mindenki a vezérlésből... és emezek is kondícionálva vannak csak a külső megjelenésük kicsit simább pozitívabb, belül ugyanlyan zombik és rohadtak.
A csapat amelyik ott figyelt és rögzítette az adatokat, szintén elsikálta volna az ügyet, ezért még ott felülírtam a technikai készülékeiket - azt is én fejlesztettem nekik igen - hogy több ilyen fórumon is megjelenjen a végeredmény dokumentációja.
VG a dombról lejövet halt meg, közvetlenül az után hogy ott "kiabált" nekem hogy ki vagyok én... hahaha én még lehet hogy fogok dohányozni de te élni már nem gabikám...
Az a figyelő csaat egyébként szintén maskarabálos csapat mint szinte mindegyik ma már ebben a realmban. Rohadtak hazugok és szarházik. Németországban a Fugger dinasztia az egyik jelentős erő, akik szintén kiválóan ismerik az ilyesfajta trónok harcát... a maskara és karakterépítést és az ilyen módszerekkel való uralkodást. De nekik is lett komoly veszteségük... A sors őket se kíméli.
A kis kurva a vendéglőben még az utolsó pillanataiban is azon gondolkodott hogy "elvetted tőlünk a clara evoL) karakterét most innentől kezdve csak álmodozhatsz a dugásról... még hogy beképzelt én..." hahaha
Azt hitték hogy ha elhintik hogy ott volt a rendőrség...- ott volt csak épp ezek nem rendőrök hanem ugynaolyan kurvák, zombi robotok mint az utolsó cba-s kurva akiknek szopni nyalni kell ahhoz hogy bekerülhessenek oda dolgozni... jó kis rendszer mi? De nem csináltak ők se semmit se, pedig tudták mi készül elmondtam nekik és elmondtam mi a megoldás, mégis szartak rá... úgyhogy megérdemlik amit most fognak kapni...
Az a francia csávó is meglett, megtalálták aki a Masa gyuri bácsi szerepét játszotta... Nem emlékszik semmire se csak töredékekre... Előbb utóbb mindenki meglesz aki még él... aki nem az már nem él.
Ugyanazt folytatják mg mindig semmi változás... egy két dolog kijött de többnyire csak azok amiket én elintéztem hogy kijöjjön. még max négy év. De inkább három. Utána már nem fog semmi se számítani. Elindul a psuztító mechanizmus lesz minden ami akartok, csak épp nem fogjátok nagyon élvezni... megkeserítettétek az életemet én megkeserítem a tiéteket mielőtt kínhalált haltok. Mind.
A deltás cba-s csapat "beszélgetése érdekes volt egyébiránt. A nő aki előttem fizetett a pénztárossal: "És így lépegetünk mi egyre feljebb a ranglétrán..." nevetnek... Nos akkor ők mehetnek egyből a csúcsra, ha értitek.
A többi: "Egy kalap alá vesz minket is ezekkel a szarházikkal..." "Azért mert nem csináltunk semmit se..." "Nem hiszem el hogy nem tudja valamelyik al ába közé kapni, s még azt mondják jó is vele a szex..." "De nem erről van szó, nem csak simán dugni akar, megmondta hogy csak olyan jöjjön a közelébe aki tényleg tudja szeretni nem csak baszni akar..." "Akkor nincs a fiatalok között egy se aki elkapná?" "De azok is mind kondícionálva vannak már..."
Nos Erről van szó. Ők pontosan tudták mi történik. És semmit se tettek ellene. Kiszabadultak a nagyon fájó szorításból és ott megálltak amikor a saját anyagi létproblémájuk megoldódott. Elkényelmesedtek. Tudták mit csinálnak azok a gyerekekkel és elnézték, miközben azt hangoztatták hogy ők semlegesek maradnak, meg ők tisztán tartják saját portájukat és a többi nem az ő dolguk. Viszont a pénzt ezektől kapták és ezért itt ott részt kellett venniük a folyamatban. Ők ugyanolyan részei és mozgatói ennek a pusztító és rohasztó gépezetnek mint azok akik aktívan csinálják, miközben magukat olyan színben tüntetik fel önmaguk előtt is - még ők is elhiszik - hogy ők a jók, akik már leszámoltak a rothadó rendszerrel. Nos ez nem így van. Ugyanolyan cinkos társai a többi féregnek akik aktívan benne vannak, mint előtte, csak elaltatták a lelkiismeretüket. Elnézték hogy a gyerekeket viszik kis gyermekkoran baszni és kondícionálni, és most kezdenek csak felocsúdni hogy közben ők maguk is ezektől a patkányoktól kapnak mindent ami az anyagi jól létükhöz kell. De azért ez sem ilyen egyszerű, mert néhányuk pontosan tudja hogy amit tesznek a fos.
"Kinyír mindenkit aki segít nekünk." ez is elhangzott. Aki segít nekünk. nos VGábort kellett használnom egy idő után hogy el tudjam nekik adni a fejlesztéseimet és ezzel emlejem tovább a szintet és végrehajtsam azokat a vltoztatásokat amik végül a saját vesztüket fogják okozni. Egy idő után rájöttek hogy megszivatom őket mindennel amit kapnak - mivel folyamatosan hazudtak nekem és mindent amit adtam arra használtak hogy engem kinyírjanak vele. Ezért amikor rájöttek hogy velem rábasznak másokat kezdtek keresi, de ilyen jó nem akadt mint én. Ezért amiket még el akrtam nekik hinteni azokat a gábornak adtam meg a többinek és rajtuk keresztül juttattam el hozzájuk. Ezeket a szarházikat kedvelték és elfogadták tőlük a segítséget... Csak a helyzet az hogy azt is mind én csináltam... Ezeken a férgeken kersztül jutattam el hozzájuk a következő szivatáshoz kellő eszközöket amik ugyanúgy visszaütnek rájuk mint azok amiket korábban adtam nekik, mert mind úgy lett megalkotva hogy visszaüssenek.
A figyelő csapat a vendéglőnél szintén kapott egy nagy pofont. Ott volt ugyanis az egyik mocsok féreg, aki kinyírta a technikusuk gyerekét... nos mikor feltörtem és átirányítottam az infókat amiket összegyűjtöttek, akkor a monitoraikra a figyelő fugonban feltettem a csávó összes karakterét. A technikus pedig kinyírta. Egyszerűen fejbe lőtte. Viszont amaz meg tartott magánál a egy kill switch-et, amiről emez nem tudott így aki a furgonban volt az szintén mind odaveszett. kinyírták egymást. Mindegyik szarházi volt megérdemelték de az információkat összegyűjtötték és a feladatot elvégezték amit én adtam nekik.
Ezek az ő módszereik.
Amikor a Parótrick adott egy pár ilyen embert akik robot módjára képesek voltak elvégezni egy egy feladatot anélkül hogy tudták volna mit csinálnak, akkor ő maga mondta nekem: "Péter ezekből te se senki se csinál embert újra." "Miért?" "Mert megkínoztam őket." Ű"Azért én szeretném átnézni az anyagukat legalább az első tízét minimum." "Renben." Átnéztem őket később újra találkoztunk. "Nos találtál valamit?" "Semmit." mondtam beletörődve. "Na látod mondtam én. Hiába a Patrick is egyike volt azoknak akik kiválóan ismerték az emberi psziché töréspontjait. Ezek mind meg lettek törve. Úgy rogramozta őket hogy kínzással fizikai fájdalommal hosszan végigment minden egyes lépésen hogy mit kell tenniük, majd addig csinálta újra és újra az egészet amíg teljes részletességgel és pontossággal vissza nem mondták neki az egészet. Majd elfelejtette velük az egészet. Így egyik se emlékezett arra mi a következő lépés és mit miért csinál. Amikor jött a trigger kapcsoló, jelzés, akkor megtették amit beléjük porgamozott és elfelejtették. Vagy meghaltak bele. A sérülésük alakalmassá tette őket arra hogy mások is eflhasználhassák őket a szarházik közül más célokra mert jól porgamozhatókká váltak jól lehetett őket irányítani szuggesztiókkal akaratuk ellenére. Viszont a megfelelő pillanatban az eredeti programozó bármikor át tudja venni felettük az irányítást. Később megtanultam a Patricktól ezt a programozási technikát hogy magam is készítsek biztosíték végrehajtókat. Olyanokat használtam akiket már kondícinolátak a szarházik és megtörték a pszichéjüket vagy úgy ítéltem meg hogy nem érdemes őket másra felhasználni. Mocsoks dolog utáltam, de elfogadtam és megértettem hogy vér szerinti apámnak igaza van. Ezekkel másképpen nem lehet elbánni. A saját módszereiket kell felhasználnom ellenük különben soha nem lesz vége a fostengernek amit ontanak magukból.
Party girl - a felvételt előre felvettem... ebből is látszik mennyir jól ítéltem meg egyes személyek pszichés beállítottságát... Egy hiba volt csak. Azt hittem káromkodni fog, pedig nem tette. Segítséget kért tőlem... "Péter segíts..." Akkora pofája volt hogy ő úgy fog meghalni mint egy igazi party girl nyalatni fogja a picsáját és kokózni fog és úgy jöhet a halál... Nos úgy jött. Lent voltak a föld alatt az egyik irányítóhelységben, elárasztottam az egészet vízzel. A víz jó hideg volt. Amikor rájött hogy itt a vége bezártuk őket akkor ráparancsolt a kurvájára hogy térdre és szívjon egy kis kokót és nyaljon... tudta hogy vannak kamerék ás figyelik a műsort, be akarta váltani az ígéretét. De a víz hideg volt és nem ölte meg őket azonnal. Hagytam egy egérutat, tudtam hogy menekülni fog amikor eléri őket a hideg áradat. Egy lezárt szellőzőt tettem oda neki és egy úszót amibe kapaszkodhat egy kamerával. Nagy ofával hirdette hogy beszivárgott a bugris erdélyi parasztok közé és mindent tud róluk, ezért egy ördöglakattal zártam le a szellőzőt. Ha tényleg mindent megtanult volna róluk, akkor ki tudta volna nyitni ezt az erdélyi gyermekjátékot. De nem így volt. Nagyképű szarházi volt akit jól megszivattak az erdélyi bugris parasztok... Megfulladt. Ő volt az akit azzal is megszivattak hogy az erdélyi lányok nem kezdeményeznek férfinál mert az nem sozkás arrafelé... hahaha nos ez nem így van arrafelé se. "Hát ha én akarok egy férfit akkor addig megyek amíg meg nem kapom..." nevetett az egyik erdélyi lányka anno... kellett ez a műsor... kellett mert nagy véleményformáló volt a partiarcok között... Akartam hogy lássák hogyan hal meg egy ilyen parti arc... rohadt egy látvány mondhatom...
vér szerinti apámmal kapcsolatos történések is eszembe jutottak leírom őket. igyekszem távol tartani magamtól ezeket mert nemvagyok biztos benne hogy megéri dédelgetni ezeket a történeteket. Bomlasztja a pszichés egyensúlyomat.
De legyen.
Összetrombitáltam egy csapatot a saját hálózatából. Nem akarta látni hogy ők is átverik őt és nem azt teszik amit parancsolt nekik, hanem lehetetlen helyzetbe hozzák a legjobb embereit és az enyémeket is a financiális fegyverkészlettel amit a kezükbe adott. És csodálkozott hogy nem tudnak felállni. "De hát segítek nekik."
mondta... és ő azt is hitte hogy így van. Csak a saját emberei nem ezt tették. Összeszedtem hát egy csapatot miután beszivárogtam közéjük, hogy ha akarják akkor mst megölhetik. Lementem velük egy pincébe és az első rúgást én adtam apámnak. Ez elgyengítette utána a többi is nekiesett. Küzdött egydarabig de az első rúgás érzelmileg ledöntötte a magabiztosságát. A többi egyre durvábbá lett. Amikor kicsit összeszete magát akkor megint ütöttem egyet rajta. Tudtam hogy jól küzd, nem féltettem de végül a földre kerül. "Na állj fel! Segítek." modom neki és nyújtom a kezem... nem akart már felállni. Nem bírt. Kétségbeeesetten nézett rám.
Amikor végül fel akarták tenni az íre a pontot akkor viszont szétkeptam a társaságot. Kettő a végén megadta magát és a fal mellé állt. Azokat is kinyírtam, de az utolsó még egy kicsit küzdeni akart mikor rájött hogy innen nincs kiút még akkor se ha megadja magát. Odavittem aám elé és megmondtam neki két dolog közül választhat a gyors és könnyű halál és a kínhalál között, vagy elmondja miért és kik akarják megölni vagy megkínzom. Köhögött szépen úgyhogy gyorsan végeztem vele.
Meg kellett értetnem apámmal, hogy a sok pofon ami az ő hálózatából jön sokkal fájóbb és pszichikailag kikészíti az embereket sokkal jobban mintha egy ellenséges hálózat ütné őket még erősebben. Nem tudnak felállni még akkor sem ha segít nekik. Mert azokat az apró csavarokat mindig beleteszik a "segítségbe" amit kínálnak a legjobb embereinek, amitől ez a segítség nem segítséggé hanem pusztító támadássá válik, miközben ő maga azt hiszi hogy segített. Felismerte az összes embert aki lejött a pincébe. Mindegyikben megbízott előtte...
Miután ott feküdt mind holtan ki akartam menekülni, de nem bírtam már felfeszíteni a rácsokat annyira odaolvadtak valamitől a kerethez... "Biztosan azért nemtudok most elmenni innen mert még időt kell veled itt eltöltenem." mondom.
"Hát fiam..." kezdi apám "megértem a kétségbeesésedet és most már azt is értem miért veszítettem annyi sok jó embert." "Nem tudnak felállni! Amikor megbíznak benned és a te háózatodból jön a támadás az sokka rombolóbb mint bármi. Elveszi az erejüket és nem tudnak felállni pont úgy ahogy te se bírtál most, mert én is a támadók között voltam."
"Gondolod hogy másokr is meg fognak tudni ennyire szorítani?"
"Nem. Attól te sokkal jobb vagy és erősebb mert tiszták a szándékaid. De hittél nekik és arrogánsan azt képzelted hogy senki nem tud átverni. Pont e miatt tudták szinte teljesen átvenni a hálózatod felett az uralmat. Legalábbis a fontos pontokra be tudták illeszteni a saját embereiket és itt ott pont a nekünk egrosszabb pillanatban összerúgták a bokánkat anyagilag úgy hogy összeroskadtunk sokan."
Csend volt sokáig csak a csapatom dörömbölése hallatszott ahogy bontják a falat hogy kiszedjenek minket a pincéből ahová becsaltam apámat a szarházi csapatával egyiküknek álcázva magamat, akit már korábban kinyírtam.
"Megígérem hogy ennek véget vetek."
"Szarok az ígéreteidre. Egész életemben semmi mást nem hallottam szinte csak szaros üres ígéreteket. Majd meglátjuk hogy mit teszel és ennek megfeelően foglak téged is kezelni ugyanúgy mint a többit." fakadtam ki iszonyú dühvel. Apám csak hagatott.
"Most már tudom hogy tényeg a fiam vagy. Sok videót mutattak már arró hogyan verekszel és miket csinász de most a saját szememmel láthattam mire vagy képes."
"Engem ez nem érdekel. Meghalnak a legjobbjaim mert nem kapnak megfelelő támogatást, és a tieid is meghalnak. Amit ekezdtünk nem fogjuk tudni befejezni ha ez így megy tovább."
"Rendben van, mit gondolsz te mit tennél a helyemben?" kicsit lehiggadtam ettő a kérdéstől és gondolkodzni kezdtem.
"Nos én tovább játszanám ezt az arrogáns szerepet amit eddig tévedésből csinátál viszont közben előlről kezdeném az egészet. Újrakezdeném a toborzást és a kiképzést és felépítenék egy új hálózatot azok mentén az evek mentén amit már elmondtam neked pont úgy ahogy én csinálnám. Ahogy folynak a kiképzések lassan megtalállnád a megfelelő embereket a megfelelő posztokra és assan kicserélgetnéd őket a régieket kinyírva. Így azt hinnék hogy van valami hamadik hálózat ami kezd annyira erős lenni mint ők ugyanazt a módszert használva kezdik telíteni a hálózatodat mint amit ők használnak. Ez több okbó is jó. Elkezdik keresni azt aki eseteg tőlük beszélt, nyomozni kezdenek utána és hullani is fognak fejek e miatt. Közben használhatod ugyanazokat a kifogásokat és frázisokat amiket szoktál olyan békéltető módon mintha csak valami családi perpetvarról lenne szó, hogy ki kapja a nagyobb szelet sütit. Ők saját kelepcéjükbe esnek és nem fogják tudni hogy ez a harmadik hálózat már tényleg a tied. Persze lesz ebből is veszteség, mert a kiképzésekre is be fognak szivárogni és lehet hogy elég nagy lesz az elhulási arány meg az olyanok aránya akiket megtudnak nyerni maguknak még ez után is, de lesz egy kemény mag akikben tényleg megbízhatsz. Azért hogy kidreüljön ki kicsoda mindig kell biztosítékokat is beépítened minden új ember mellé akik azonnal lépnek ha kell. A kiképzésen úgyis hazudni fogsz azoknak akik neked is hazudnak és tudni fogod azt is hogy hol hibáztak a kiképzési anyag elsajátításában úgyhogy tudni fogod azt is hogy hogyan tedd el őket láb alól ha szükséges. Viszont neked már nem lesz annyi időd, úgyhogy te már nem adhatsz nekik második meg harmadik esélyt. Egyszer mellélépnek menniük kell. És ezt jobb ha már akkor tisztázod velük mielőtt vállalnák a feladatot. aki nem végzi el a gyakorlatokat a kellő mélységben annak meg kell halnia. És így lassan kitakarítod a hálózatodat. Ne hagyj meg több karaktert csak kettőt. Egyet amiben a kiképzést csinálod egyet amiben őket hülyíted tovább. Használj maszkokat de ne írj karaktert emlékezz mindenre mindenhol"
"De a két karakter üti egymást. tudod hogy nagy különbség van ezeknek az erőknek az akaratlagos használata és a te felfogásod között, hogy alárendeled a célodnak ezeknek az erőknek a használatát. Ez egy idő után konfilktushoz fog vezetni és nem vagyok biztos benne hogy ezt sokáig tudni fogom-e csinálni."
"Ha nem fog menni, akkor az emberi faj és a Föld története véget ér velünk." hallgattuk a kopácsolást ahogy egyre közelebb érnek a többiek.
"Egyébként a psziché természetes úton megpróbálja ezeket a szétválasztott karaktereket egységbe olvasztani integrálni és egy idő után elkezd majd átszüremleni a két karakterből sokminden a másikba. Szerintem ez azzal fog járni hogy egy idő után kezdik majd sejteni hogy mi történik,de csak a legravaszabbak. Az alját még ekkor is át fogod tudni verni pontosan úgy ahogyan ők csinálják. Megvezeted őket úgy hogy közben a szemükbe tudsz röhögni mindegy hogy rájönnek e a legjobbjaik hogy ez a harmadik hálóza a tiéd vagy sem, nem fogják tudni ők sem meggyőzni a saját gyökér süketjeiket hogy ez nem így van és hogy te szorítod ki őket a saját hálózatodból. Közben persze az ő hálózatukba is be tudsz illeszteni egy csomó embert akik hazudnak és elő tudsz készíteni egy pár időzített "bombát" nekik akiket kondícionálsz hogy a kellő pillanatban vágjanak alájuk a tudtuk nélkül és úgy hogy nem számítanak rá. Pontosan a sját taktikájukkal. Ezért lassan a két karaktert össze tudod majd integrálni ahogy jönnek elő az emlékeid és kezd összenőni az egész. A többiek meg emlékeztetni is fognak majd. Amikor elérjük a kritikus "point of no return"-t a föld légkörével és élővilágával kapcsolatában, akkor meg muszály lesz valamilyen szinten nyíltan lépned és brutálisan elkezdeni letakarítani a szemetet. Addigra kész kell legyél egy ütőképes csapat felállításával. Ha nem leszel kész akkor elbukunk és ez az egész szar eltapos mindenkit benne minket is. Aktivizálódni fognak a romboló mechanizmusok és olyan tömeghalál következik be amit már lehet hogy egy történetíró se fog tudni megörökíteni, mert nem lesz utókor... nagyjából ennyi. Lesz segítséged is innen is onnan is, az én csapataimtól, meg néhány más jó ember is be fog kapcsolódni még remélhetőleg amikor megértik mit csinálunk és mi a probléma... talán... De engem ez már nem érdekel. Elfáradtam. Megteszem amit tudok a többit meg vagy hozzáteszitek ti vagy megy mindenki a picsába."
sokadik verzió tudom de változtattunk közben és az eredetiek maradtak meg a fejemben...
Szóval vg elért idáig itt várt rá egy újabb meló.  Apám egyik karakterét kérték meg a többiek - akiknek állítólag ő segített, közben mindent megtartott magának a balettmester segítségével együtt azt gondolták hogy ők kivágnak maguknak egy részt nem mennek szembe azzal amit csinálok de vágnak maguknak egy nagy szeletet. A többit meg jól megetették, és mivel én kizártam őket a fejemből nem tudtak elérni csak szóban, ahhoz meg gyávák voltak... mert nem csinálták meg ők sem amit mondtam nekik hogy meg kell csinálniuk.
Szóval apám egyik karakterét kérték meg hogy törje fel azt is, mert mocskos erős és jó lenne használni. Persze a gabikák azt nem tudták hogy apám már nem dolgozik maszkokkal meg akrakterekkel hiszen bizonyítottam hogy meg tudjuk védeni magunkat és nincs erre szükség. Ezeknek meg megígértem hogy mindent megkapnak ha kiszedik a gáborból. Ezt a bizonyos karaktert jól ismerte mindenki a régiek is. Szóval gabika kapva kapott a lehetőségen. Viszont apuval együtt készítettük elő neki hogy ne tudjon kijönni belőle és mindent szépen eldaloljon. Hova dugta a pénzt amit az én fejlesztéseimért kapott - ergo az én pénzem is és főleg - és miket készített elő, mindent. Gabika és a balettmester azzal fognak eloldalogni - feltéve ha nem okozták egyikünk halálát se, mert akkor kínhalállal fognak meghalni - amit nekem hagytak most. Annyi maradhat és annyit meg kell hogy kapjanak, de azt is úgy ahogy ők adták nekem: kemény munka árán és folyamatos zaklatás mellett először megdolgozva érte majd megküzdve érte...
Ezek meg itt ugyanúgy hazudoztak végig nekem, csak azért segítettem nekik végül mert odajött egyikük és tiszta vizet öntött a pohárba... bár az még kiderül mennyire tiszta volt az a víz...
a cba-s banda meg pontosan tudta mi történik, elmondtam nekik és használták a maszkoláde előnyös oldalát eljártak titokban baszni, kúrópartikra (miközben a féltékeny meg erkölcsös szende szűz felségeket játszották) meg nyaralni, ennek fejében különböző apró szolgáltatásokat kellett végezniük, meg pornófilmeket produkálni amit emezek eladhattak. És közben persze szemet hunytak a többi dolog felett amit szintén pontosan láttak és tudtak. Úgyhogy a szarházi struktúra szerves részét képezik és képezték. Ennek megfelelően kell őket kezelni.
megjelent anikó is a kemp ő vezette meg ga evoL stratégiájával. Az ő feladata volt hogy tanulja meg és magyarázza el mindenkinek aki megérdemli hogy ez hogyan működik az általam kidolgozott megoldási módokkal együtt hogy hogyan lehet ennek véget vetni és védekezni. Gyilkolni a szeretettel. Gáborkának ez volt az utolsó lecke amit tanítottam. Megértette azt mondják itt a figyelők. Bár kétlem hogy meg kellett volna ezt neki magyarázni, szerintem a chip karakterében az evoL-lal való kapcsolatában és együttműködésben kitanulta ő ezt ahogy kell. Emezeknek meg azt üzenem, hogy tudják mit kell tenni, és ha nem azt teszik hanem ugyanúgy a saját zsebüket kezdik majd tömni akkor ugyanoda fognak kerülni ahová emezek...
Többiek röhögnek annyit csavartam már a dolgon... ja hát a sok szarházi miatt az összes általam írt karaktert le kellett zárni mára és le kell őket zárni. A legtöbbet maguk azok tudják megtenni akikre írtam őket. És igen azért hagytam nyitva őket, hogy az aki benne van legyen egy kis szabadsággal és át tudja alakítani ha kell a fő feladatok és alapértékek változatlanul hagyása mellett. Ezt azért találtam ki és azért csináltam így mert az Öregék emberei a karaktereikben soha nem tehettek semmit se az Öreg kontrollja és irányítása engedélye nélkül. Még a faszukat se tudták kiverni a saját elhatározásukból... ahogy a gabi igen pontosan megfogalmazta egyik másik őszinte pillanatában. E mellett folyamatosan az egyik akrakterből a másikba voltak irányítva úgyhogy az életük folyamatos és teljes kontroll alatt zajlott. Ez oda vezetett pszichikailag hogy egyre nagyobb feszültséget teremtett az egyénekben, hiszen soha egy pillanatra sem lehettek önmaguk, szabadon kontroll nélkül. Ez növelte a szexuális perverziók iránti igényüketé s a gyilkolás utáni vágyat... irigyelét tudat alatt a többi "normális" embert. E mellett az őrült szabadságvágy mellett és a megfosztottság miatt kialakult a frusztráció ez pedig folyamatosan egyre nagyobb hataloméhségre hajtotta őket. Ezt az Öreg annak idején el is amgyarázta nekem amikor rákérdeztem hogy igen tudja ezt szándékosan csinálta így hogy mindegyik feljusson a társadalmak csúcsaira és úgy rajtuk keresztül tudjon uralkodni ő - azaz ők.
Ezért hagyytam mozgásteret azoknak akik hajlandóak voltak - legalábbis úgy tettek mintha - változtatni a régi rendszeren tettekkel. Ez vezetett oda hogy a karaktereimet feltörték a helyettesítők beszivárgásain keresztül.
De hogyan törték fel őket? Pontosan úgy ahogyan az evoL stratégiázott, egészen pontosan ezt a stratégiát használták, de nem az evoL csinálta. Az Öregéknek megvolt a maguk embere erre, hiszen az egészet tőle tanultam szinte, és ők már akkor csináltk ezt apám hálózatával is igen igen sikeresen. Több emberen keresztül szeretetbe csomagollva ültették el a szükséges utasításokat és triggereket, majd a megfelelően előkészített általában teljesen ötudatlan emberrel beültették a helyettesítés során a nyitott részeket kihasználva.
Apámat is ott vezették meg ahol a leggyengébb volt: az erősségein keresztül. Büszke volt arra hogy igen komolyan veszi a feladatát és alapos munkát végez mindig. Hogy kevesen tudják átveni e miatt, mert mindig a legjobbakkal dolgozott és törődött is velük. Ezt lökték tovább nála és felnagyították ezzel elaltatva őt miközben apránként beültették a saját embereiket vagy megvették manipulálták a sajátjait. Mindezt észre sem vette. Ezért kellett a verés. Ott értettem meg vele hogy mi történik. Megértette és újraszervezte a hálózatát. Nem tudom hol tartanak vele. Nincs életjel felőlük. Emezek próbálkoznak próbálják folytatni az evoL ChipGábor stratégiát de valami lónyál ügyetlenséggel - nem fognak sokáig élni ezt megígérhetem nekik. Még én is tovább fogom húzni ezzel a kevés pénzzel a zsebemben mint ők
          Trendy Hospital Clothing To Make Cancer Patients Dress 'Well' Even When Unwell        
Undergoing treatment for cancer is hard enough by itself. And for many cancer patients who spend most of their time in a hospital, it gets even harder with the loss of basic comforts. The hospital's sterile environment, the fluorescent lights and the disposable gowns do little to make medical treatment more bearable. Nikla Lancksweert, wanted to do a little something to help with that dehumanizing experience, focusing on an alternative for those uncomfortable hospital gowns. Lancksweert is co-founder of INGA Wellbeing , which creates fashion-conscious clothing for patients. The 41-year-old entrepreneur who's originally from the U.K, lived in Philadelphia for several years before moving to Brussels, Belgium, where she's now based. She named the clothing line, INGA, in honor of her mom, who was diagnosed of ovarian cancer at the age of 52 and then underwent three years of intense medical treatment. "During this time she often had to put on a hospital gown or sit in her underwear to be
          FIDE Newsletter July 2017        

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FIDE Grand Prix Series was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 5th to 16th of July 2017

Teimour Radjabov emerged clear winner of the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix in Geneva after sharing the point with his nearest follower Ian Nepomniachtchi in the final round. Radjabov earned 20.000 EUR and 170 Grand Prix points for the clear first place. Nepomniachtchi and Grischuk took 13.500 EUR and 105 GP points each.

Radjabov gp2017

In the overall Grand Prix standings Shakhriyar Mamedyarov is leading with 340 points, while Grischuk is second with 316,4. They have completed three events each and will cautiously await the results from the final 4th leg.


Radjabov jumped through to the third place with 241,4 points. Ding Liren on 240 and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave on 211,4 can also hope to earn one of the two qualifying spots for the Candidates Tournament.

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European Senior Team Chess Championship 2017 took place in Novi Sad, Serbia from 24th of June till 4th of July 2017.

The Serbian team became European champion in the "50+" section European Championships for seniors. The title was brought by the grandmasters Miloš Pavlović, Goran M. Todorović, Siniša Dražić and Nenad Ristić and international master Zoran Arsović.

European Senior Team Chess Championship

Second place get to the team of Italy, which had three grandmasters in their team composition, and the third place went to team of Sweden. Particularly interesting is the fact that for the Swedish team successfully played the Swedish ambassador in Serbia, His Excellency Jan Lundin.

In the 65+ section the team of Russia, for which are playing the legendary grandmasters Sveshnikov, Vasyukov and Balashov made amazing result of all eight victories, and took the first place. The Danish team was the second, and Belgium, after they lost match in the last round against Russia, took third place.

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Panamerican Youth Championship 2017 took place in Costa Rica from 30 June 2017 till 7th of July 2017.

Panamerican Youth Championship 2017

Total medal counts at PanAm Youth Championships:

USA 4 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze = 15 medals
Peru 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze = 7 medals
Canada 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze = 5 medals
Venezuela 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze = 3 medals
Colombia 1 Gold, 1 Bronze = 2 medals
Argentina 1 Gold
Chile 1 Gold
Mexico 1 Silver
Bolivia 1 Bronze

Lopez Rayo Santiago COL
Mishra Abhimanyu USA
Prestia Sebastian USA

U8 girls
Vidyarthi Omya USA
Maravi Ceron Ayme PER
Qu Greta CAN

Li Eric USA
Atanasov Anthony CAN
Gao Marvin USA

U10 Girls
Contreras Fiorella PER
Wong Allyson USA
Wang Ellen USA

Chasin Nico Werner USA
Galaviz Medina Sion Radam MEX
Flores Quillas Diego Saul Rod PER

U12 Girls
Perez Hernandez Vicmary C. VEN
Yellamraju Ambica USA
Matute Escobar Roxanny VEN

Liu Aristo S USA
Nakada Akira W USA
Titichoca Daza Daniel BOL

U14 Girls
He Emma CAN
Zeng Sheena USA
Ehsani Yassamin L USA

Varacalli Francisco ARG
Ramirez Gonzalez Mauricio VEN
Liang Albert USA

U16 Girls
Gomez Barrera Javiera Belen CHI
Mostacero Velarde Isabella PER
Caballero Quijano Mitzy Mishe PER

Song Michael CAN
Cori Quispe Kevin Joel PER
Quinonez Garcia Santiago COL

U18 Girls
Cosme Contreras Trilce PER
Wang Constance CAN
Cervantes Landeiro Thalia USA

Panamerican Youth Championship 2017 2

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North American Youth Championship 2017 was held in Morristown, NJ, USA from 12th to 16th of July 2017.

North American Youth Championship 2017 2

A record-breaking 357 players from the United States, Canada and Mexico descended on the historic American Revolution town of Morristown, NJ, to compete in the North American Youth Chess Championships from July 12th to 16th. Sponsored by the Chess Tech, Continental Chess Association’s Darcy Lima, the International Chess School’s Michael Khodarkovsky and in Association with New Jersey Chess Federation and United States Chess Federation, the tournament had 12 sections with girls and open sections from under 8 to under 18. International Arbiters Steve Doyle, Eduard Duchovny and Ken Ballou have a staff of New Jersey State Chess Federation officers and staff: Hal Sprechman, Jim Mullanaphy, Jabari McGreen and Noreen Davisson. IA Steve Doyle, a legend on the chess scene, former President of USCF and Vice President of FIDE conducted the Tournament together with Tournament Directors GM Darcy Lima and Michael Khodarkovsky.

Final Standings 

Asian Zonal 3.1 took place in Tehran, Iran from 29th of June till 8th of July 2017

20 players (18 from Iran, 1 from Syria, 1 from Iraq) took part in the women`s section. Mobina Alinasab, a youth player from North of Iran, won the golden medal; Sarasadat Khademalsharieh and Mitra Hejazipour were second and third.

Asian Zonal 3.1

30 players (28 from Iran, 1 from Syria, 1 from Iraq) took part in the Open section. GM Amirreza Pourramezanali achieved Gold Medal. IM Aryan Gholami and GM Pouya Idani took silver and bronze medals.

Sponsor of Federation and this championship is MCI (Mobile Telecommunication Company).

Official website

African Individual Chess Championships 2017, African Rapid and Blitz Championships took place in Oran, Algeria from 1st till 13th of July 2017

45 players (and 18 players) among which the best African players, including a member of the top 100 the Egyptian GM Bassem Amin (Elo 2684) and Ahmed Adly, ex-junior world champion Elo on 2598. All the participants representing 8 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Zambia, Angola, Tunisia, Republic Centers African, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast) greeted the perfect organization and the good conditions of play in the international hotel "Assala" situated in the city center.

African Individual Chess Championships 2017

GM Amin Bassem from Egypt won the African Individual Championship. Daniel Cawdery from South Africa shared the first place but came second on the tie-break. Adly Ahmed from Egypt finished on the third place. 3 Egyptian players occupied the stage in women's section: WGM Mona Khaled won the championship, while Wafa Shrook and Wafa Shahenda took silver and bronze medals.

Amin Bassem

Rapid Championships: Amin Bassem (Egypt) won another golden medal, Adly Ahmed (Egypt) came second and Hesham Abdelrahman (Egypt) was third.

Amin Bassem 2

Wafa Shahenda (Egypt) was the best one in blitz, Esperance Caxita (Angola) and Amina Mezioud (Algeria) came third.

Blitz championships:
Adly Ahmed (Egypt) won blitz championship, Mohamed Haddouche (Algeria) was second and Phiri Richmond from Zambia was third.
Wafa Shrook (Egypt) was the strongest in blitz. Amina Mezioud (Algeria) took the silver medal, while Mona Khaled (Egypt) came third.

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 took place in New Delhi, India from 2nd till 10th of July 2017.

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 2

Grandmaster and former world junior champion Abhijeet Gupta (india) came up with an inspired performance in the final round to crush Aleksander Wohl of Australia and annexed the gold medal in the Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017. GM Vaibhav Suri (India) won the silver while the bronze medal went to GM Tejas Bakre (India). WGM Swati Ghate (India) became the Women Champion.

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 3

Players from 15 countries including some from South Africa and Kenya have registered for the nine-day long events. The championship had over 550 registered players in various categories spanning from under-8 till open. There were 16 Grandmasters and 13 International Masters in the fray apart from five more Woman Grandmasters.

Official website

Asian Schools Chess Championship 2017 and Asian Schools Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships were held in Panjin Lianoing, China from 20th till 30th of July 2017.

Chinese Chess Association under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation and World Chess Federation, organized the event in high-standard playing hall and hotel, earning unanimous acclaims from more than 700 participants from 23 countries and regions in Asia.

Asian Schools Chess Championship 2017 3

China won 10 gold medals, Uzbekistan won 8 gold medals and Philippines won 7 gold medals.

Yuruultei Batbaatar MGL
Nurgaliyev Sauat KAZ
Kiaan Agrawal IND

U7 Girls
Tselmuun Dorjsuren MGL
Ruzimatova Afruzabonu UZB
Zhumagali Raian KAZ

Xie Kaifan CHN
Chen Muye CHN
Huang Yishi CHN

U9 Girls
Chen Yining CHN
Dela Cruz Daren PHI
Azzaya Amarbat MGL

Wei Yaqing CHN
Rakhmatullaev Almas UZB
Zhou Xiangru CHN

U11 Girls
Omonova Umida UZB
Kriti Mayur Patel IND
Withanarachchi W A Vinoli One SRI

Peng Shunkai CHN
Wang Zideng CHN
Arfan Aditya Bagus INA

U13 Girls
Cai Boheng CHN
Khegay Yuliya UZB
Liuviann Cecilia Natalie INA

Nanayakkara J A K Saranath SRI
Lin Yi CHN
Tan Jun Ying MAS

U15 Girls
Rasyid Nur Aini INA
Mordido Kylen Joy PHI
Saparova Sitora UZB

Pangilinan Stephen Rome PHI
Sagita Catur Adi INA
Min Po-Yen TRE

U17 Girls
Doroy Allaney Jia G PHI
Edithso Samantha INA
Men JiaYi CHN

All results

          TIA - Africa at its best        

TIA! This Is Africa! Usually you get a beautiful smile on top and you are able to nothing else than smile. So forget about the annoyance that bubbles up as the truck again falls silent, the showers are cold, the grass of the 'bush toilets' is not high enough and every passing car honks, the 'african massage' roads and the associated turbulence .. . The first words you learn in Swahili are also matata (no problem) and pole pole (slowly) and they are not ashamed, on the contrary ... TIA is something they are proud of.

A chance meeting, a twist of fate or predestination? 12 white people on a stark white truck constantly being addressed or earlier angeroepen by locals with the words "Mzungu (white man) how are you?" Mzungu This truck is on its way to the chimpanzees in Uganda (pearl of Africa) and the gorillas in Rwanda (the land of 1000 hills) with Nairobi as a starting point (with the nickname Nai-robbery).

Car hire Nairobi Kenya

Rwanda gorilla trekking

Uganda gorilla trekking

It is impossible to enumerate everything and what I opsom is impossible to perfectly articulate what it actually was. But anyway here some impressions ...
The gorillas visit was of course a unique experience. After getting a briefing on the behavior of the gorillas, like who the dominant silverback and the importance of preserving the 7 meters between the gorilla and get yourself assigned everyone a family. The Amahoro our being, which means peace. The chance to see gorillas is virtually 100%, since trackers morning to look for the different families. After 2 hours of hiking through the rainforest, we were by the king-kong-on-the-chest-pounding sound welcomed. Then the my gorilla safari the silverback came closer to see who these monkeys were shaved. It is clearly stated that at the briefing as a gorilla gets closer, you must remain calm and certainly should not cry or run away. In theory this all sounds good ... but in reality it is something else. We were 1 hour at the family stay, after which we began the descent back to a sense of euphoria and a fantastic story.

Who says Rwanda, says (unfortunately) the Rwandan genocide in a rwanda safari. This is a very emotional experience because everything is gedocumeteerd photos and images. Disbelief that this happened so recently and the name Belgium is also several times in the museum. Then we drove to the Hotel Milles Collines (also known as Hotel Rwanda). In Uganda is the source of the Nile (where some of the ashes of Gandhi were scattered) and is also a great place for rafting. The day ended with a delicious barbecue, fresh Nile pint, burnt thighs, bruises on my wrists and an incredibly happy feeling.
In short, the first 16 days of my overland trip through were incredibly interesting people on the truck, the beautiful landscape, the trips and of course the heartwarming Africans ...

          Check out some photos from the Bermuda International Film Festival!        
Randi returned from a great trip to Bermuda for the 2009 Bermuda International Film Festival! Check out some of her photos....

Snacking on the must-have Bermuda favorite, fish sandwich on raisin bread!
Claire Varney of CTV, David Poland with Movie City News, and Dean with the Bermuda Fest

Enjoying Bermuda;s famous "Dark & Stormy's" cocktail at the local pub!
Nicole and Jo Roddick, Claire Varney of CTV, Randi Emerman - Executive Director of PBIFF and Chris Trela from "Guests of Cindy Sherman"

Getting in some beach time!
Chrisophe Van Rompaey - Director of MOSCOW, BELGIUM, Randi Emerman - Executive Director of PBIFF, Claire Varney of CTV, Peter Rainer of NPR
          Ovnis triangulares        
En las últimas décadas parece que la forma de las "naves extraterrestres" ha cambiado.

Antes tenían la forma de platillo volante o cigarro puro, en sus más variadas configuraciones y tamaños.

Pero surgió una nueva apariencia: El Triángulo.

Triángulos grandes, pequeños, con luces, sin ellas...toda una amalgama de triángulos voladores de supuesto origen extraterrestre o cuando menos desconocido por todos.

A finales de los 80 y principios de los 90 en Bélgica (coincidiendo con el comienzo de la Guerra del Golfo contra Irák) se pudieron avistar innumerables triángulos voladores misteriosos que incluso fueron perseguidos por unidades policiales y fotografiados:

Curiosamente no hace mucho alguien subió esto a Youtube:

Puede tratarse de un video falso, pero me causo extrañeza.

Con aletas de timón de cola, que me recuerdan curiosamente al SR71:

Parece que estos avistamientos fueran producidos por algún ingenio volador militar como el secreto TR3-B ASTRA del que se sabe muy poco.

Los EE.UU. han producido varios vehículos con forma triangular, desde el F-117 o el B-2 pasando por algunos UCAV y otros aparatos presentados en público:

O no tan públicos, como son los proyectos de Black Manta, Loflyte y Sreamjets:

Si los han desarrollado actualmente, solo nos quedará suponer como serán las guerras aéreas del futuro:

Nuevas configuraciones, nuevas prestaciones, nuevas propulsiones, unas nuevas tecnologías...

Y a todo esto... ¿Que pensarán los extraterrestres de todo este lío?


17 de Diciembre de 2009

Como me apuntan que el video puede ser falso, en el artículo añado esa posibilidad.

          jadwal pertandingan sepak bola seluruh liga luar negri        

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16:00Udinese- : -Siena
21:45Roma- : -Sampdoria
ITALY: Prima Divisione AStats
16:00Viareggio- : -Lecco
16:00Novara- : -Cremonese
16:00Perugia- : -Benevento
16:00Figline- : -Arezzo
16:00Pro Patria- : -Foligno
16:00Alessandria- : -Lumezzane
16:00Pergocrema- : -Paganese
16:00Varese- : -Monza
16:00Como- : -Sorrento
ITALY: Prima divisione BStats
16:00Giulianova- : -Cavese
16:00Foggia- : -Pescara
16:00Andria BAT- : -Pescina
16:00Potenza- : -Portogruaro
16:00Cosenza- : -Ravenna
16:00Virtus Lanciano- : -Rimini
16:00Reggiana- : -Spal
16:00Verona- : -Taranto
16:00Real Marcianise- : -Ternana
SPAIN: Primera DivisionStats
18:00Mallorca- : -Malaga
18:00Almeria- : -Espanyol
18:00Racing Santander- : -Villarreal
18:00Sporting Gijon- : -Valladolid
20:00Atletico Madrid- : -Tenerife
22:00Getafe- : -Sevilla
SPAIN: Liga AdelanteStats
13:00FTFC Cartagena1 : 1Real Sociedad
18:00Cordoba- : -Levante
18:00Hercules- : -Salamanca
18:00Recreativo Huelva- : -Numancia
18:00Cadiz- : -Girona
GERMANY: BundesligaStats
16:30Hoffenheim- : -Hamburger
18:30Freiburg- : -Wolfsburg
GERMANY: 2. BundesligaStats
14:3042Arminia Bielefeld0 : 1Fortuna Dusseldorf
14:30FTFSV Frankfurt0 : 0Augsburg
14:30FT1860 Munchen2 : 1Oberhausen
GERMANY: 3. LigaStats
15:0012Ingolstadt0 : 1Stuttgart Am
GERMANY: Regionalliga NordStats
14:0060Hamburger Am0 : 1Hertha Am
14:3042Plauen1 : 0Hallescher FC
14:3042ZFC Meuselwitz0 : 0Wolfsburg Am
14:3042Magdeburg1 : 0Chemnitzer
15:0011Turkiyemspor Berlin0 : 0St. Pauli II
FRANCE: Ligue 1Stats
18:00Lens- : -Valenciennes
18:00Toulouse- : -Auxerre
22:00Marseille- : -Saint-Etienne
SCOTLAND: Premier LeagueStats
14:15HTDundee United0 : 1Celtic
16:30Hibernian- : -Rangers
PORTUGAL: Liga SagresStats
18:00Leixoes- : -Academica
18:00Nacional- : -Pacos de Ferreira
20:00Naval- : -Braga
22:15Leiria- : -Sporting
PORTUGAL: Liga de HonraStats
13:15FTTrofense5 : 2Santa Clara
17:00Freamunde- : -Gil Vicente
18:00Chaves- : -Carregado
18:00Beira Mar- : -Penafiel
18:00Oliveirense- : -Sp. Covilha
18:00Varzim- : -Fatima
19:00Ajax- : -Feyenoord
BELGIUM: Jupiler LeagueStats
19:00Genk- : -Germinal Beerschot
19:00Charleroi- : -Standard
21:30Anderlecht- : -Gent
16:00Tienen- : -KVSK United
16:00RC Tournai- : -Tubize
16:00Standard Wetteren- : -Dender EH
16:00FC Brussels- : -Eupen
16:00Antwerp- : -Oud-Heverlee
16:00FC Liege- : -Boussu Dour Borinage
16:00Beveren- : -Turnhout
16:00Lierse- : -Waasland
16:00Mons- : -Oostende
ALBANIA: Kategoria SuperioreStats
15:0011Apolonia0 : 0Kastrioti
15:0011Vllaznia0 : 0Flamurtari
15:0011Teuta0 : 0Skenderbeu
15:0011Shkumbini0 : 0Dinamo Tirana
15:0011Tirana0 : 0KS Gramozi Erseke
15:0011Laci0 : 0Besa
ARMENIA: Premier LeagueStats
15:0012Ulisses0 : 0Kilikia
15:0010Banants0 : 0Pyunik
15:0012Mika0 : 0Gandzasar
15:0011Impuls0 : 0Shirak
AUSTRIA: tipp3-BundesligaStats
16:30Austria V- : -Mattersburg
15:0011Slavija0 : 0Velez M.
17:30Zrinjski- : -Olimpik Sarajevo
17:30Siroki Brijeg- : -Laktasi
17:30FK Zvijezda- : -Sarajevo
20:30Borac BL- : -Travnik
16:00Lokomotiv Sofia- : -Cherno More
17:00Sliven- : -Sportist Svoge
19:30Liteks- : -Chernomorets Burgas
CYPRUS: 1. DivisionStats
17:00E.N.P. Paralimni- : -APOP Kinuras
17:00AEL- : -Ethnikos Achnas
17:30Omonia- : -Apollon Limassol
CZECH REP.: Gambrinus LigaStats
18:00Kladno- : -Slovacko
18:00Olomouc- : -Slavia Praha
18:00Boleslav- : -Teplice
CZECH REP.: Druha LeagueStats
18:00Karvina- : -Sparta Prague B
18:00Hradec Kralove- : -Trinec
DENMARK: SAS LigaenStats
15:0011AGF Aarhus0 : 0Koge
17:00FC Kobenhavn- : -AaB Aalborg
17:00FC Nordsjaelland- : -Sonderjylland
19:00Esbjerg- : -Brondby
DENMARK: Viasat Sport DivisionenStats
14:5022Vejle0 : 0FC Vestsjaelland
16:00Frem- : -Thisted
16:00Viborg- : -Hvidovre IF
16:00Lyngby- : -Naestved
17:00Horsens- : -Skive IK
20:00FC Fyn- : -FC Roskilde
FINLAND: VeikkausliigaStats
18:30KuPS- : -Lahti
18:30Jaro- : -Inter Turku
19:00Mariehamn- : -Vaasan PS
FINLAND: YkkonenStats
14:00HTHameenlinna1 : 1PoPa
          Our ongoing commitment to support computer science educators in Europe        

The need for employees with computer science (CS) and coding skills is steadily increasing in Europe—by 4 percent every year between 2006 and 2016 according to DigitalEurope.  But educators are struggling to keep up with the demand, often because they lack the professional development, confidence and resources to successfully teach their students. 

Because of these challenges, we’re working to increase the availability of quality computer science education and access to CS skills by empowering CS teachers globally. We’ve recently launched new support in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through CS4HS, a program to fund universities and nonprofits designing and delivering rigorous computer science professional development for teachers.

We’re excited to be working with 79 organizations worldwide, and 28 in the EMEA region, who are committed to increasing the technical and teaching skills of educators, and building communities of ongoing learning. We believe that these organizations are committed to delivering high-quality teacher professional development programs with a deep impact in their local community and a strong potential to increase their reach.

Classroom image

Growing the community of computer science educators  

Over the past 10 years, CS4HS has contributed $10 million to professional development (PD) providers around the world to help develop and empower teachers—like Catrobat, a non-profit initiative based at Graz University of Technology in Austria who created a free online course for students and teachers, and the University of Wolverhampton, who created a free MOOC to empower teachers of computing to teach programming in the new computing syllabuses in England, among others.

We’re excited to support new and future CS educators around the world. Even though computer science is a relatively new discipline for most schools, the enthusiasm is growing and teachers have a critical role to play in fueling their students’ interest and participation. These grants will help universities and nonprofits reach educators with PD opportunities that enhance their CS and technical skills development, improve their confidence in the classroom, and provide leadership training so that they can be advocates for CS education in their communities.

2017 awardees in EMEA

Asociatia Techsoup Romania

Ideodromio, Cyprus

Università degli Studi di Milano, Dipartimento di Informatica, Italy

Lithuanian Computer Society

Dublin City University, Ireland

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

EduACT, Greece

Graz University of Technology, Austria

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Asociatia Tech Lounge, Romania

Association Rural Internet Access Points, Lithuania

University of Wolverhampton, UK

Universidad de Granada, Spain

University UMK Toruń, Poland

Hasselt University, Belgium

Jednota školských informatiků, Czech Republic

University of Lille - Science and Technology, France

University of Roehampton, UK

University of Urbino, Italy

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund University, Sweden

University College of Applied Sciences, Palestine

Hapa Foundation, Ghana

Let’s Get Ready, Cameroon

Swaziland Foundation for STEM Education

Laikipia University, Kenya


Peo Ya Phetogo in partnership with University of the Western Cape & Mozilla Foundation, South Africa

To discover more about CS opportunities near you, explore our educator resources, student programs and resources, and tools.

          Best Of: Posts        
As I've done with the restaurants I've visited and the recipes I've interpreted and/or created, I tried to hone down my 1,700+ posts into 10 favorites.  I failed utterly.  So below, in chronological order, are my favorite 25ish posts of this blog.  Okay, I know you're thinking "John, damnit, man, winnow this down a bit!"  To which I say, "Well, I would but this blog only has a few more days to go, so what the heck, why not do more?"  Besides, I've never been all that decisive anyway.  So here, in chronological order, are my favorite posts from The Baltimore Snacker.

"Trailer Park Cooking Special with Jolene: Pinto Bean Fudge" (published December 10, 2006) - Why the hell doesn't Jolene Sugarbaker, the Trailer Park Queen, have her own cooking show on LOGO yet?  Or at least the Country Music Channel?

A spray of hons - not in the post mentioned below.  I just liked the photo.

"Baltimore Festivals: Festival-a-Go-Go! Part III - Honfest" (published June 10, 2007) - Not my most interesting writing, but I am amused by the people I snapped shots of while there.

"Artscape - in haiku" (published July 25, 2007) - My first Artscape trip. / Felt the urge to blog about / it all in haiku.  Blogging in poem format has been one of the sillier things I've done, and I get a kick out of it.  Other silly notable examples include one memorable trip to Rehoboth Beach (in haiku), one live blog of an episode of The Next Food Network Star season 5 (also in haiku format) and 2008's Great Tastes Show (not in haiku this time, but enclosing rhyme quatrains!)

"Amsterdam Trip Part Vijf: Wagamama" (published March 28, 2008) - Ever since some friends living in London introduced me to Wagamama during a New Year's visit in 2006/07, I've been eager to try them out wherever I can find them.  I dragged my friend Jim to the one in Amsterdam when we visited a few years ago.  Since then I've been waiting for them to expand their stateside offerings to just more than the three they have in Boston.

"NFNS4 Live-Blogging: Finale!" (published July 27, 2008) - Today we have a ridiculous bevy of cooking challenge shows, from celebrity wanna-be chefs to amazing food truck races to CUPCAKE WARS!!! (the phrase "cupcake wars" should not exist).  Way back when there were really only three to speak of - Top Chef, Iron Chef and the Next Food Network Star - I enjoyed snarking over the Top Chef show in live blog format.  I enjoyed it so much in fact that I decided one day in June 2008 to do the same to season 4 of the Next Food Network Star.  Yes, the same season that gave us Aaron McCargo and his long-forgotten Big Daddy's Kitchen, silly man Adam Gertler and the incredibly perky!!!1! Kelsey Nixon (now on the Cooking Channel, still incredibly perky!!!1! too).  And runner-up Lisa Garza?  She is a restaurateur in Dallas.

"Rebuilding the Enchanted Forest" (published July 15, 2008) - When I finally got to Clark's Elioak Farm in Ellicott City, a flood of childhood memories came rushing back.  So many of the iconic monuments that had once lay decaying Life After People-style somewhere off Route 40 were now in a farm in Howard County that anyone with a few bucks could go visit and recapture some of that youthful magic that Baltimoreans of a certain age lost when the original Enchanted Forest burned down in 1990.  Plus there are baby goats, because, well, baby goats.  I kid you not.

"Cochinita Pibil" (published August 3, 2008) - Ah yes, that favorite Yucatecan cousin to pork barbecue, which I have eaten so much of in Mexico and the US.  I tried to recreate it using a Rick Bayless recipe, with satisfying results.

"Semi-Homemade Halloween Craziness 2008" (published October 27, 2008) - Watch as pseudo-chef-lebrity Sandra Lee dazzles as a bevy of various historical queens for her 2008 Halloween special.  Thrill as she gets drunk off crappy cocktail after crappy cocktail, and makes some sort of strange ham ball appetizer.  Oh yes, and somehow I interject RuPaul into all of this. She actually topped herself in 2011 with this hour-long Alice in Cray-Cray-Land Halloween special, which I gave the same treatment a year later.

"I should not be allowed into Wegman's, like, ever" (published November 25, 2008) - I got a little pissy after a pre-Thanksgiving visit to Wegman's.

"Snacking around the Beltway - Final Assessment" (published January 18, 2009) - I didn't rank any particular Beltway Snacking post as a favorite.  How could I?  Each was a piece of a larger project that just can't really be parsed apart.  The final assessment is a nice summary of the whole project and really sums up my attitude towards it.

I must have written my best stuff in 2009 from the looks of it...

"Kitchen Experiments: Popping Sorghum" (published March 19, 2009) - Easily my most popular post with those who don't follow me on a regular basis (31 comments as of this writing), it seems like my initial failed attempt to do this attracted a lot of people trying to do the same.  All because of Andrew Zimmern's Ethiopia episode of Bizarre Foods.  My recent follow up post was much more successful.

"How to Pack Beer and Wine into Your Luggage" (published June 3, 2009) - Back before New Belgium hit the Chesapeake region, I had to resort to this to get it at home.  Also works with other beers we can't get back here.

"Georgia on My GPS Part 3: Moon River Brewing Company / Savannah Candy Kitchen" (published June 27, 2009) - Dang, I did a lot of traveling that summer of 2009, didn't I?  When I was visiting my sister and her family, now firmly ensconced in Savannah, we hit up the Moon River Brewing Company for some grub.  Apparently, it's haunted.  I didn't see anything. I was too busy with my microbrew sampler to notice.

"LP Steamers... and several local food bloggers" (published July 26, 2009) - Crabs, friends, colleagues, crabs, oysters, beer, crabs...

"On 'Julie & Julia' and the act of food blogging" (published August 14, 2009) - I think Julie & Julia - the legendary American chef who made French cooking accessible and really the first true food blogger in America - affected a lot of food bloggers in different ways.  The post ended up being more about Powell's observations in an article in The Atlantic about how the movie "Julie" is not the real life Julie.  She also writes a bit about food blogging being a narcissistic venture.  That's not meant in a bad way, but I had to agree with her that it is, in part, exactly that for all of us - otherwise, why write about what you are doing?  I still haven't gotten around to making boeuf bourgignon, but that's a task for another day.

"Moon Pie vs Whoopie Pie: The Taste Test" (published October 1, 2009) - The Yankees have truly invaded, as the favorite dessert of Maine has swept across the country in spectacular fashion. I remember prior to 2008 I thought a whoopie pie was some kind of Moon Pie.  Maryland is still Moon Pie country, but I had to taste the two to find out the difference.  I must admit I have eaten a larger share of whoopie pies since, though a good Moon Pie is rarely something to pass up.

"Bacon Cook-Off: Bacon & Pancetta Wot" (published June 3, 2010) - Thanks to Dara Bunjon for this experience.  This was fun.  I was in a bacon cooking contest at the Great Grapes Wine Fest with Kathy "MinxEats" Patterson and Kit "Mango & Ginger" Pollard.  I combined two things that just don't get seen together - pork in various formats and Ethiopian food (Ethiopians for the most part do not eat pork - not Jewish, Muslim or Orthodox Christian Ethiopians).  The result was delicious. I think I came in second or something.  I won some wine from Boordy.

"Food Network vs Cooking Channel" (published July 31, 2010) - Here I lay out why I pretty much stopped watching the Food Network and made the switch to the eminently more informative Cooking Channel (both made by the same folks): one emphasizes its personalities, the other its food.  Update: I barely watch the Food Network anymore, but often cannot get away from the Cooking Channel.  Here's to Nadia, Ching-He and Chuck, and yes even the aforementioned Kelsey the Perky!1!!! and Bobby Dean trying to slim down Mama Paula's recipes.

"Food Truck Crawl on the Miracle Mile in LA!" (published May 25, 2011) Move over, Portland!  LA has some awesome food trucks, too, serving up everything from Korean-Mexican fusion tacos to samosas to hot dogs to frybread, and soooo much more.  And what better place to shill all this stuff than across the street from the gorgeous LA County Museum of Art?

"Snacking State-by-State: Illinois V - She Fed Me... with Science!" (published June 2, 2011) - I could do a list of my favorite State-by-State posts alone.  This project easily lasted about a third of the blog's entire lifespan, and most of the posts in the last year have been specifically tied to this series.  Why did I choose this post instead of the one where I bought myself a nice 12" cast iron skillet to make Chicago deep dish pizza (also Illinois), or the one where I peeled crawfish to make a buttery, silky étouffée (Louisiana), or the one where I taught myself how to make poi of all things (Hawaii)?  I chose this post because it taught me a thing or two about molecular gastronomy.  Using a free sample of tapioca maltodextrin, I turned olive oil into something almost dry and powdery.  While this experiment didn't go quite the way it should have, by the time I got to the ensuing mashup recipe I made a truly successful nutella powder.  I'm going to have to explore this stuff some more.

"Snacking State-by-State: Maryland I - Crab cakes like mah great-great-aunt used tah make, hon" (published August 28, 2011) - After digging out my Aunt Florence's hand-scrawled ledger book filled with recipes (some were probably not hers, others probably were), I had to try out one of her two crab cake recipes, which ended up tasting just like one my mother ate often as a little girl.  And I got to go back in time with food.

"Wedding in Provincetown I: Civil Marriage is a Right" (published September 20, 2011) - Sure, same-sex marriage is now legal right in my own backyard, but my friends Alan & Eric didn't have that luxury when they decided to finally tie the knot a few years ago.  They wanted to go to where it all first became legal: the Bay State, and the gayest, most lesbiany city in America, Provincetown.  It really was a beautiful wedding in a lovely gay resort I had never visited before, and hopefully can again.  But when the time comes (meaning when I land myself a man.  Still looking...) I probably won't be going all the way to New England to do it.  I won't have to.

I didn't have a lot of favorites from 2012 it seems.  A few of those are covered in the recent best of recipe post.  But a few of the posts I remember fondly from the last twelve months include:

"Snacking State-by-State: North Carolina I - East Is East, West Is West, Never the Twain Shall Meet" (published March 11, 2012) and "Snacking State-by-State: North Carolina II - It's All About the Lexingtons" (published March 14, 2012) - Out of all the barbecue recipes I've done for the State series and not, I choose these two together because with this I learned how to convert my slow cooker into a food smoker.  Honestly, it can be done.  This is best for the things that have to smoke for a very long time.  You can also transform your oven into a food smoker, as I did for these Kansas City and Memphis ribs (Missouri and Tennessee respectively).  Plus, it's pork barbecue!

"Austin City, Unlimited Part I - Of Barbecue and Barbacoa" (published June 5, 2012) - I went to Austin for a conference and came back with a few extra pounds, as would anyone.  While I didn't find the heat that bad (Palm Springs in August: now that's bad, and I lived with that sort of heat for several summers in my life), I was happy to get indoors nonetheless and experience some of the delicious Texas barbecue and Mexican / Tex-Mex barbacoa the city had to offer.  Someday I will return, Austin, oh yes.

That was difficult - as many posts as I have mentioned above, it was still pretty tough to winnow down the list to just a few of these favorites.  But this is a good representative sample of the stuff I wrote that I remember most fondly from these past 6 1/2 years, and it works for me.  Besides, this post is long enough as it is.

          Best Of: Restaurants        
I have had a lot of great experiences eating out these last few years, and it's difficult to winnow this list down as well.  What were my favorite eating out experiences during The Baltimore Snacker?  Well, I could not list all of them, but I tried to list about 20-to-30-ish in the Baltimore area (plus a handful of others elsewhere).  They're in alphabetical order by type of cuisine, and I try to do one of each type of eating establishment for variety.  Also note: yes, I am missing a lot of places, in a lot of neighborhoods.  This reflects my favorites.  That doesn't mean yours isn't any good.  Believe you me, I may not have even gotten to eat at your favorite in all the years I've been writing this blog.

Favorite African: Dukem (Ethiopian - Mount Vernon, with another location in Washington, DC; featured in the post "Dukem #2", published December 17, 2006) - Always a good place for some filling beef wot and lamb fitfit.  Get an Ethiopian lager or stout while you're at it.
  • Honorable mention: The Yabba Pot (vegan/soul food - Station North/Charles Village - apparently it's now closed); Peju's Kitchen & Lounge (Nigerian / West African / Caribbean - Woodlawn); I'm still meaning to try Tam Tam (Senegalese - Rosebank) on York Road.

Favorite African-American/Southern/Barbecue: TIE: Reginald F. Lewis Museum Café (Little Italy/Downtown - first featured in the post "Not a Festival - Reginald F. Lewis Museum", published July 10, 2007) and Miss Shirley's (various locations and food truck - first featured in the post "Food Truck Fight!!!!!", published June 26, 2012) - The café at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History is one of the best museum cafés I've ever eaten at: some of the tastiest fried catfish and macaroni and cheese in the area.  As for Miss Shirley's, they have lovely grits, especially with the unexpected addition of mascarpone.  Fascinating.
  • Honorable mention: Andy Nelson's BBQ Restaurant (Cockeysville - surprising enough, I've never blogged about this one either); Blacksauce Kitchen (food truck, often at Waverly farmer's market - not blogged about this one either.  I'm slackin'...)
Favorite American/Eclectic/"New American" (the last of which could be anything really, since nobody knows what the hell it means): The Food Market (Hampden - first featured in the post "The Food Market in Hampden") - Chef Chad Gauss used to be at the City Café, which had some wonderful food while he was there.  Sure the food there is still pretty good, but Gauss definitely took the best stuff with him to his new Hampden location.  It's pricey and super-busy, so go on a weeknight, preferably during Restaurant Week.
  • Honorable mention: City Café (Mount Vernon); Owl Bar (Mount Vernon); Mount Vernon Stable (Mount Vernon); Rocket 2 Venus (Hampden)
Favorite Baked Goods: Iced Gems Baking (cupcakes - Reisterstown & food truck; first featured in the post "Iced Gems Baking", published May 13, 2010) - Love their English rose cupcakes - with real rosewater, I might add - and their vanilla chocolate, chocolate vanilla and vanilla vanilla offerings.
Favorite Brewpub: Heavy Seas Alehouse (Little Italy - first featured in the post "Random Bites: December Edition", published December 26, 2012) - My sister and her husband just loved this place when they stopped here from Savannah over Christmas.  So many good recommendations from the waitstaff, and so many good beers, made right in Halethorpe, I might add.

Favorite Burger: Alonso's (Roland Park; first featured in the post "Exit 25: MD-139 (Charles Street, to area colleges)", published February 22, 2008) - This was a tough one to winnow down, and the ones in the "Honorable Mention" category were justthisclose to being at the top.  But I have to go with the easy choice: their one pound burger is definitely one to take home and finish later, but it's still a yummy burger.
  • Honorable mention: So, sooooo many: City Café (Mount Vernon); Gino's (Towson); Marie Louise Bistro (Mount Vernon); Owl Bar (Mount Vernon); Shake Shack (various locations, including Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York, and Downtown, Washington, DC); Sláinte (Fells Point)
Favorite Candies: Rheb's Candies (Violetville; first featured in the post "Rheb's Candies", published December 8. 2007) - Family lore has it that my grandmother worked there for a short time in the 50's.  Such wonderful candies they have there, all homemade, hon.
Favorite Central Asian/Middle Eastern: The Helmand (Mount Vernon; first featured in the post "The Helmand", published September 23, 2006) - I wasn't sure how to formulate this category.  Where to put the Helmand: South Asian?  Central Asian?  I settled on this.  Or I could just create a category just for Baltimore's favorite Afghan restaurant.  Wonderful pilau, shawerma and my favorite dish of course, the kaddo borawni.  This was the second restaurant I ever blogged about, by the way.
Favorite Chinese (Americanized or otherwise): TIE - Asian Court (Ellicott City - first featured in the post "Asian Court", October 1, 2011) and Golden Gate (Catonsville/Arbutus - first featured in the post "Exits 12B-C - MD-372 (Wilkens Ave., East and West)", published September 12, 2007) - Asian Court is one of the few (but becoming more common) places to find food that would be recognizable as "Chinese food" in China.  Wonderful dim sum.  Golden Gate is a more Americanized Chinese place, with the reliable old orange chicken (my favorite of theirs), though they, too, are starting to make more "Chinese Chinese" dishes available to the public.
Favorite Crab Cake: G & M (Linthicum; first featured in the post "G & M", published April 5, 2007) - Yes, I went there.  I chose a favorite crab cake place.  I've had other good ones in this city but there's a reason why G & M keeps making Top 5 lists all over Bawlmer: big ass crabcake with so little filler it'll amaze you how they got it so big.  Complete with cole slaw and those bright red pickled apple slices that are so ubiquitous in Charm City.
  • Honorable mention: Faidley's (Lexington Market); Lansdowne Inn (Lansdowne - No, it's not the best crab cake, but it holds a very special place for me since my father often walked there from the house to get himself and Mom crab cakes.  Again, not the best crab cake in the area, but they are a sentimental favorite of mine.  Plus we held Dad's wake there after his funeral.  We had spaghetti that time though.  Again, sentimental favorite.).  
  • Avoid: Royal Farms Crab Cake (seriously, Royal Farms?)
Favorite Deli: Attman's Delicatessen (Little Italy/Corned Beef Row - first featured in the post "Trekkin' around Little Italy and Corned Beef Row", published October 13, 2008) - A Bawlmer institution that I've been lucky to know since childhood, when my father would drag my sister and I there to get a few pounds of kosher dogs, lots of bologna and corned beef.  Oooooh, I can still taste it.
Favorite Diner: Towson Diner (Towson - first featured in the post "Exit 26A and B: MD-45 (York Road, to Lutherville and Towson)", published March 6, 2008) - Snappy, friendly service and good, filling pancakes, Reubens and the like.  Still haven't ventured to try the mile-high cakes yet.  So much cake.

Favorite Farmers' Market / Local Food (Farm-Affiliated) Store: 32nd Street Farmers' Market (Waverly; first featured in the post "Waverly Farmers' Market", published June 7, 2008) - Open every Saturday (except, maybe, in a snowpocalypse), they've got good stuff there - not just the myriad of fresh veggies and fruit but so much more!  Everything from buffalo (Gunpowder Bison) to meat pies (Curry Shack) to milk, butter and so on (South Mountain Creamery).
Favorite Gay/Lesbian Bar: The Club Hippo (bar/gay & lesbian - Mount Vernon; first featured in the post "The Hippo", published October 11, 2006) - With a wide selection of beers on tap (DeClaw, Dogfish, New Belgium, Leininkugel, Shiner, Natty Boh, all the usual suspects) plus a big dance floor (that I never use 'cuz I can't dance, and don't ask me) that doubles as the scene for many a drag or leather competition, this is my go-to place in Mount Vernon.  See it fill up Monday nights for RuPaul's Drag Race or Wednesday nights for BINGO!
  • Honorable mention: Grand Central (across the street - are we really everywhere or just at the corner of Charles and Eager?); Nellie's Sports Bar (Shaw/U Street, Washington, DC); DC Eagle (Washington, DC)
Favorite Hot Dog: Haute Dog Carte (hot dogs - Mount Washington; first featured in the post "Haute Dog Carte", published September 3, 2010) - Hands down.  Just the "regular" dog is special enough, but those special dogs?  Oh my.
  • Honorable mention: Ann's Dari-Creme (Glen Burnie); Weenie World (Dundalk - now closed) 
Favorite Indian/South Asian: Indigma (Mount Vernon; first featured in the post "Indigma", published September 2, 2007) - Oh, this was a tough one.  There are so many good Indian places in and around Baltimore these days it's difficult to choose.  But you gotta hand it to Indigma: they suffered a massive fire and bounced back bigger than ever.  Their buffet is one of the most interesting, though not terribly pricier than the others.

Favorite Irish Pub: Sláinte Pub (pub/Irish - Fells Point; first featured in the post "Sláinte Pub and the Amazing Last Minute Goal", published June 23, 2010) - Yes I go there for the soccer.  And I stay there for the food (Irish bibimbap and Friday $1 oysters, anyone?  Plus their fish and chips are definitely worth a look or two) and the Guinness.  They do have other beers, too.

Favorite Italian (non-pizza): TIE: Sotto Sopra (Italian/Sardinian - Downtown; first featured in the post "Sotto Sopra", published June 13, 2008) and Chiapparelli's (Little Italy - last featured in the post "Tidbits: Boys of Summer Edition", published August 29, 2010) - Have had very good service in both places.  At Sotto Sopra the food is real Sardinian home cookin'.  Can't afford Opera Night, but I try to eat cheap anyway.  Chiapparelli's for Restaurant Week is also a beautiful thing.
Favorite Japanese: Minato (Japanese - Mount Vernon; featured several times, including "Minato the Threequel", published September 1, 2007) - My go-to place for sushi and friendly service.  Their Maryland roll is fascinating, especially on $7 special maki roll night.  Try not to miss happy hour.

Favorite Korean: Jong Kak (Korean - Koreatown/Charles Village; first published in the post "Jong Kak", published April 20, 2008) - My friends and I don't even have to say where when one of us suggests "Korean".  The barbecue is always filling and flavorful, the pajeon never too greasy, and the panchan goes well with a nice crisp bottle of Hite beer.
Favorite Local Grocery Store, Hon, Ethnic or Otherwise: Geresbeck's (supermarket - Middle River; first featured in the post "A Dangerous Love Affair with Geresbeck's Bakery", published October 18, 2007) - Their cakes are just wonderful, and the smearcase is legendary.  And don't forget some chocolate top cookies.  Yes, I'm specifically raving about their bakery here.  Yum.

Favorite Mexican: TIE: El Nayar (Catonsville and Elkridge - first featured in the post "El Nayar", published June 16, 2009) and R&R Taquería (Jessup/Elkridge - first featured in the post "Random Bites: December Edition", published December 26, 2012) - It's tough to find authentic Mexican in this area, but thankfully it's becoming easier!  El Nayar's taco plate is some of the more authentic I've had in the area, while R&R has the best cochinita pibil in Baltimore hands down.
Favorite Pit Beef: Chaps Pit Beef (Armistead Gardens/Hopkins Bayview - I have not yet blogged about this, though watch this weekend) - Yes, we should bow to the king here - Chaps Pit Beef is a local legend, and it should be: wide selection of pit beef and BBQ, though I have to zero in on the pit beef.  Just plop some horseradish and "tiger sauce" on it and a little bit of hots.  Woh-ho-ho. Lansdowne is really getting built up these days.  But right near the new Wal-Mart and the Home Depot is a long-standing SoWeBaltCo (Did I just make up a new term?) tradition: that wonderful little pit beef truck with juicy pit beef and lots of horseradish and barbecue sauce to go with.  If only I was in the area more often when it's there.
Favorite Pizza/Pizza and Subs: Vito's Pizza (Cedarcroft/Lake Walker; first featured in the post "Vito's Pizza", published April 8, 2009) - Good pizza of all kinds, since the owner - from Naples - knows what he's doing.  Delicious.
  • Honorable mention: Pasta Mista (various locations, including Canton and Towson - New Yorkers who live down here swear by it); Iggie's (Mount Vernon)
Favorite Tapas/Small Plates: 13.5% Wine Bar (Hampden; first featured in the post "13.5% Wine Bar", published August 24, 2009) - A job hunt at the time didn't deter me from one of my favorite Hampden eateries.  Their wall o' wine is intimidating unless you just stick to cocktails or beer.  They have wonderful selections of cheese, pizzas and many different finger foods. 
  • Honorable mention: Tapas Teatro (Station North/Charles Village - this was, in fact, the very first restaurant I ever blogged about).  
  • Avoid: La Tasca (Inner Harbor- warmed-over frozen mixed veggies from a bag - yum.  Easily the most bleh, half-assed tapas I have ever had.  But that's what I get for eating at a chain restaurant in the most touristy part of the city)
Favorite Thai: Thai Restaurant (Waverly; first featured in the post "Thai Restaurant", published April 14, 2010) - the fried crab wings (yes, crab wings) alone are reason to go there.  The pad thai is good but explore their many other offerings, will ya?
Favorite Vegetarian/Vegan: Mango Grove (Columbia; first featured in the post "Mango Grove", published February 16, 2008) - It's not often I will go out of my way to eat vegetarian food, but when I do, I prefer Mango Grove.  Two words: bread pakora.  And the dosa?  Lovely.

Favorite Vietnamese: Pho Miss Saigon (Glen Burnie - first featured in the post "Exit 3B - MD 2 South (Ritchie Hwy to Glen Burnie)", published June 11, 2007) - Good filling phò and not that pricey.

Favorite Wine/Beer/Liquor Store: The Wine Source (Hampden; featured several times, including "Baltimore Beer Week Continues...", published October 14, 2009, "Get this wine - but I DARE you to close it back up!", published July 14, 2008), and "Sake, Sake Everywhere (Post #999)", April 17, 2009) - They have always been so knowledgeable about any wine that this non-wine person might ask about.  Wondrous selection of beers, too.  Also sample the cheese and charcuterie section while you're there.
Also worth noting...

Favorite Dearly Departed Restaurant: Zodiac Restaurant (American - Station North [now closed]; last featured in the post "Last Call at the Zodiac", published August 9, 2008) - For a quick bite before a show at the Charles Theatre or (now relocated) Everyman, I loved this place for its goofy decor, its line of vegan desserts and very non-vegan entrées (I so fondly remember their hamburger, and the mashed potatoes even more so), and its apparent hauntings which I had never experienced.  Since they shut down operations in 2008, apparently the Club Charles next door carries some of their same menu offerings.  The Zodiac still exists, though not as a restaurant: it's now a comedy club.  Maybe that ghost is having fun pushing patrons down the stairs again?

Favorite Coddies:  I hate coddies.  Never liked 'em.  I have no favorites.  There, I said it.

And now, just a handful of favorite eats out in other parts of the country and the world...

Aroma (Chinese/Malaysian - Soho, London, England, UK; featured in post "Aroma", published January 6, 2007)

BCD Tofu House (Korean - various locations, including Los Angeles' Koreatown; featured in the post "From Bulgogi Tacos to Avocado Salsa: A Day of Eating in LA", published May 26, 2010)

Bojo (Indonesian - Leidesplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands; featured in post "Amsterdam Trip Part Drie: Little Bites Here and There", published March 25, 2008)

Bool BBQ (Korean/Mexican - food truck, Los Angeles; featured in the post "From Bulgogi Tacos to Avocado Salsa: A Day of Eating in LA", published May 26, 2010)

Casa Maya (Mexican/Yucatecan/Maya - Mentone, California; first featured in the post "Casa Maya", April 7, 2007)

The Castaway Restaurant (American/brunch - San Bernardino, California; first featured in the post "Easter Sunday Eatin' Part 1: Castaway of San Bernardino", published April 9, 2007)

Duplex Diner (American/gay and lesbian - Adams Morgan, Washington, DC; featured in the post "Adams Morgan for Capital Pride", June 17, 2011)

Meskerem (Ethiopian - Washington, DC; first featured in the post "Day at the Smithsonian / Meskerem (or, "Hey, where did all the Ethiopian restaurants go?")", published December 31, 2008)

Moon River Brewing Company (brewpub/American/Southern - Savannah, Georgia; first featured in the post "Georgia on My GPS Part 3: Moon River Brewing Company / Savannah Candy Kitchen", published June 27, 2009)

Pig & Fish (pub/American - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; first featured in the post "Tidbits: Rehoboth in August Edition", published August 6, 2011)

Rudy's Barbecue (barbecue - Austin, Texas; first featured in the post "Austin City, Unlimited Part I - Of Barbecue and Barbacoa", published June 5, 2012)

Shake Shack (hamburgers/shakes - most locations in New York, New York, with locations in Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; first featured in the post "Weekend in New York: The Food", published July 17, 2009)

Wagamama (Japanese/ramen - various locations, mostly in the UK and continental Europe, with three stateside locations, all in Boston, Massachusetts; featured in several posts, including "Wedding in Provincetown Part II: Back to Boston", published September 23, 2011)
          Jobs in UK - USA - EU - UAE | Job Seeker | Job Provider        
Search and apply to jobs in UK, USA, Canada, GreenLand, EU. Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy on the #1 job site in the World,http://www.empme.com/
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 06-05-2015 with 99 & Barry        

Floyd Pink- Armadillos Get Prettier At Closing Time - Floyd Pink And The Ok Chorale
Papa Mali- Spike Driver - Music Is Love
The Edgar Broughton Band- Theres No Vibrations But Wait 1999 Digital Remaster - Sing Brother Sing
Invisible System- Terror System feat Zion Train - Roots N Dub Vs Beats N Trances
- voicebreak -
Gang Of Four- Ether - Entertainment Remastered
Television- Marquee Moon - Marquee Moon
Faust- The Sad Skinhead 2006 Remastered Version - Balearic Prog
Herbie Hancock- Rain Dance - Sextant
- voicebreak -
The Residents- Rot Of Ages - Coochie Brake
Roberto Musci Giovanni Venosta Massimo Mariani- Blue - Losing The Orthodox Path
Dewey Redman Joshua Redman- African Venus - African Venus
Jack Dupon- Ulysse - Tte De Chien
Yugen- SerialIst Killer feat Dave Kerman Elaine Di Falco - Iridule
- voicebreak -
Wing- We Are The Champions feat Rappy McRapperson - Television Radio Heroes
VON ZAMLA- Cancion De BiMiMela - No Make Up
So Percussion- Music For Wood And Strings Section 3 - Bryce Dessner Music For Wood And Strings
Simon Thackers SvaraKanti- Rakshasa - Rough Guide To Psychedelic India
Moondog- Snakebite Rattle - The Viking Of 6th Ave A Collection
- voicebreak -
And The Native Hipsters- I Can Change My Mind - Original Copy
Kalinga- Rice Winnowing Song - Music From The Mountain Provinces
Dubblestandart Lee Scratch Perry Ari Up- Blackboard Jungle - Return From Planet Dub
Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud- Ilana - Isswat
Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet- A Message To You Rudy - A Reed Breaks In Dumbo
LEnsemble Ray- Voyage Et Valse Des Pierres From A Dos Delephant - Thtre De La Poudrire
- voicebreak -
Steve Reich- Different Trains I AmericaBefore The War - Reich Different Trains Electric Counterpoint
Aranis- Tolles Pferd - Made In Belgium II
Maurice Louca- Tasaddu Rupture - Benhayyi AlBaghbaghan Salute The Parrot
Pocket Orchestra- Maple - Tall Tale
Aksak Maboul- Milano Per Caso - Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine
Bondage Fruit- Old Blind Cat - IV

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/65/playlistDate/2015-06-05
          Drupal Global Sprint Weekend January 28, 2017 and January 29, 2017        

Small local sprints everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during the weekend of January 28 and 29 2017. Listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality (state, province, city; where applicable).

Sprint Locations


  1. Remote sprint with an Accessibility focus - join the remotesprint Slack group for more. You need to join the Drupal Slack Group first (it's a lovely excuse to join if you never have)


  1. ?


  1. India

    1. Mohali, Chandigarh- Jan 28 - Details
    2. Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR - Jan 28 - Details
    3. Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Jan 28 - Groups.Drupal.org, Meetup
    4. Bangalore, Karnataka - Jan 28 - Groups.Drupal.org, Meetup
    5. Hyderabad, Telangana - Jan 28 - Groups.Drupal.org, Meetup


  1. Canberra, #govCMS Camp, Jan 30-31 Register & details


  1. Belgium

    1. Ghent, Jan 28th, Belgian DUG & Calibrate - details
  2. Bulgaria

    1. Sofia Jan 29 BulDUG - initLab Details
  3. Germany

    1. Berlin Jan 28-29 Drupal Berlin Details
  4. Italy

    1. Milan Jan 28 @Wellnet Details and application
  5. Russia

    1. Novosibirsk Jan 28-29 DrupalSib (Details will follow)
  6. Switzerland

    1. Zurich Jan 28 @ AmazeeLabs Meetup details
  7. United Kingdom

    1. London Jan 28 @Manifesto Digital Details
    2. Sheffield Jan 28-29 by Drupal Yorkshire, Union St & Magnetic Phield Details
  8. Netherland

    1. Amsterdam Jan 28-29 Details
  9. Hungary

    1. Budapest Jan 28 @Cheppers Details
  10. Poland

    1. Wroclaw Jan 28 @Ratio Web; details, FB
    1. Warsaw Jan 28 @New Emma Hostel; details, FB
  11. Serbia

    1. Novi Sad, Jan 28 @Develomon, details: drupal.rs
  12. Spain

    1. Cáceres, Jan 28th, details
    2. Bilbao, Jan 28th, details
    3. Sevilla, Jan 28th, details
  13. Slovenia

    1. Ljubljana, Jan 28 @ Agiledrop, details: g.d.o, Meetup

Latin America

  1. Argentina
    1. Buenos Aires, Jan 28th, @MediaMonks details
  2. Perú
    1. Lima, Jan 28th, CTIC-UNI details

Canada & US

  1. Canada
    1. Toronto, Canada - Jan 28 - Details
    2. London, Ontario, Canada - Jan 28 - Details
    3. Vancouver, BC, Canada - Jan 27 @ 5pm - Jan 28 - Details
  2. US
    1. Georgia, Atlanta - Jan 28-29 - Details
    2. Massachusetts, Boston - Jan 28-29 - Details
    3. North Carolina, Charlotte - Jan 28 - Details
    4. Texas, Austin - Jan 28-29 - Details
    5. NYC, New York - Jan 28 - Details

To contribute

This is a wiki page. Please edit.

To participate

  • use "Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017" in the description of your sprint meetup, sprint camp session, mini-sprint, wind-sprint, or all-day sprint, like: "Drupal All-day Sprint in Anywhere Town, IL, USA is part of Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017."
  • add a link to your sprint on this page. The link can be to a website, meetup, event on groups.drupal.org, blog post or whatever is appropriate for your event.
  • link back to this listing of local sprints
  • add an "event" of type "sprint" on groups.drupal.org in a group for your area, to put your sprint on drupical.com and get exposure to people in your area
  • use the #SprintWeekend hash tag on twitter
  • use the tag "SprintWeekend2017" on d.o issues (no # in this tag name!)

Suggested announcement

A blurb to add to your session/event description (edit to fit your event):

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on Drupal.org, getting some contribution tools, and developers can install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.

Resources to help plan your sprint

Resources for participating in a sprint

(needs updating for 2017, but this is a start)

Issues and Topics to Sprint On

Initiative leads and module maintainers should create and link to planning pages.

Past global sprints

The curious might want to see the locations from 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013.

          BALLS & GLORY DOODLE MURAL        
With collective Studio Entropica I made this big doodle mural at Balls & Glory restaurant in Brussels, Belgium. Great fun ! Also made some animations for the making of video.

          Can some corporations become forces for good?        

Watch Video | Listen to the Audio

By Christopher Booker and Connie Kargbo

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: A tour through the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado, passes through the bottling facility and brewhouse, before ending at the bar.

New Belgium is one the largest craft breweries in the country, distributing beer to all 50 states.

When you buy its best known brand, Fat Tire Belgian style ale, that “B” on the label doesn’t stand for beer, it’s stands for B Corp, a designation given to businesses dedicated to more than profit.

KATE WALLACE: I think when you get together with people you realize you have a lot of the same values.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Katie Wallace is New Belgium’s assistant director of sustainability.

KATIE WALLACE: If you’re running a business that’s not considering the impact that you have on the environment and society, or the impact that those things have upon your business, then you’re not operating a business that’s really going to be in existence in the future.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: New Belgium is privately owned and profitable, selling nearly a million barrels of beer a year and generating $225 million a year in revenue.

KATIE WALLACE: For a long time we felt that we kind of stumbled into this for values-based reasons but then found that economically it was a really powerful business model and has been a key ingredient of our success over time

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: New Belgium took its dedication up a notch in 2013, when it became a certified B Corp, submitting to a rigorous audit of its community impact by the Pennsylvania based B Lab.

B Lab likens the certification to “Fair Trade” for coffee and the “LEED” certification for buildings with environmental and energy-efficient design.

Beyond charitable giving, companies can score more points for making eco-friendly products, offering robust benefit packages, and being transparent in their corporate governance.

New Belgium earned its certification in large part because of its environmental practices: generating 12 percent of its electricity from solar panels and biogas, a fuel they create by the wastewater produced when they make beer. After one year on the job, employees are given bikes to commute carbon free and given shares in the company, which is now employee owned.

KATIE WALLACE: B Corp has given us a way to measure things that aren’t inherently quantitative, but we know are important to us. Like providing 100 percent of our health care premiums for our co-workers or putting solar on site or biogas. It helps us to bring that into a measurement space where we can compare ourselves against other companies and see are we really being leaders in this area or is there a way we can improve?

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Believing business can function as “a force for good,” B Lab has certified 22,000 companies worldwide since 2007. Subjecting mostly small and medium-sized, privately held companies to a 200 point assessment.

The list includes ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s, eyewear manufacturer Warby Parker, and outdoor clothing giant Patagonia.

There are 99 B Corps in Colorado. That includes businesses that don’t manufacture anything like Denver law firm moye white. Attorney Dominick Sekich oversaw its B Corps application.

DOMINICK SEKICH: There are a lot of opportunities that, say, manufacturers have that, as a service organization, we don’t have. We can’t really point to a supply chain that we’ve improved, because our supply chain is fairly short and concrete.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Moye White acheived B Corp certification after it improved a number of employee benefits, expanding paid parental and family leave, increasing flex time, and starting an employee community service group that volunteers with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

Sekich says each time an employee takes advantage of their three-month paid family leave benefit, it can cost the firm between $20,000 and $50,000. But the firm believes it’s worth it.

DOMINICK SEKICH: We’ve had some clients approach us asking us how we’ve committed to the environment, how we’ve committed to our communities, and we’re able to point to our certification as a B Corporation as part of that effort.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: When Moye White was working toward its B Corp certification, it turned to B Lab’s Kim Coupanous for assistance.

KIM COUPANOS: If you look at society in general and all of the good things that capitalism has brought to civilization and humanity over the last hundred plus years, there’s been an equal number of really negative things. Massive income divides biotoxicity, greenhouse gases, you name your kind of social or environmental ill. Capitalism has kind of created that.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Before joining B Lab, Coupanous ran an outdoor clothing company for 16 years.

KIM COUPANOUS: I agree with the profit motive and there’s no bones about that. I also know that the power of business to transform society is huge. And we are going into this new century facing some pretty challenging problems that haven’t been solved by the nonprofit sector or the government sector. And at the same time, there’s this kind of spirit of innovation and optimism, especially among Millennials who say we can do better than this.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Economically, Colorado is doing better than most states. Its 2.3 percent unemployment rate is the lowest in the country. The Denver skyline is filled with cranes constructing new apartment buildings for some of the 60,000 people who move to the state every year. Most settling in the relatively affluent greater Denver and Boulder areas.

Will this be relegated to areas that are already populated by the upper middle class, the educated, the tech sector? I can think of many corners of America that they just want jobs. They’re not even having the ability to think about how does this save water.

KIM COUPANOUS: Certainly it really can’t be relegated to the realm of upper middle class progressive city. Because if we are trying to create shared and or durable prosperity for all it means cities that are depressed. It means, you know, local businesses, nail salons, and moving companies, and the local garage.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: The B Corp movement is not without its skeptics.

KENT GREENFIELD: It is a band aid on a cancerous patient.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Boston College law professor Kent Greenfield applauds the intent of b-corps but fears the B Corps movement may mask the need for far greater changes to the way American companies conduct themselves.

KENT GREENFIELD: Let’s be honest the real bad actors in the corporate world are not those who are voluntarily opting in .

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Greenfield argues that there must be changes in corporate governance to legally support companies working to be better citizens.

KENT GREENFIELD: As long as it’s voluntary, then it’s still gonna leave bad actors aside. So if you’re a Wall Street hedge fund manager, are you going to prefer companies that are B Corps? Are you gonna prefer companies who are saying, “no, we don’t think that being a B Corp is conducive to the shareholder value?” So I think our efforts need to be aimed at a more fundamental adjustment in the way we think about corporate obligation and the way we govern corporations.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Despite the lack of federal or state regulation compelling companies to function as better actors, there is a way for companies who pursue both profit and social good to be legally protected.

With a push from B Lab, Colorado and 32 other states have passed legislation allowing companies to incorporate as a public benefit corporation, which enshrines their social mission into their articles of incorporation.

This spring, food and beverage company DanoneWave became the largest public benefit corporation in the U.S., with 6,000 employees and $6 billion in annual revenue. A subsidiary of French multinational Danone, DanoneWave makes organic products like Horizon milk, Silk almond milk, and Wallaby yogurt.

DEBRA ESCHMEYER: We encourage dietary practices that improve the health of people through food.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Deborah Eschmeyer is the vice president of communications and community affairs.

DEBRA ESCHMEYER: When folks go to the grocery store, they want to know that the products are actually doing right by the employees and by the people and the planet.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Its production process is increasingly using natural ingredients and the company has spent money to reduce its waste and promote animal welfare.

Eschmeyer says DanoneWave believes the upfront costs pay off in the long run.

DEBRA ESCHMEYER: These are things that help the bottom line. Because waste reduction, for example, is great for the bottom line. It’s also great for the planet. We have this greater goal of showing that you can meet the financial shareholders’ interests and do right by the people and the planet.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: DanoneWave is arguably providing a test case for scale.


CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: How difficult is it to go through this process with such a large company

DEBRA ESCHMEYER: Yeah, I mean, we’re definitely proving the case. We want to make sure that large companies can do this, and we can do this at scale. And DanoneWave is now one of the top 15 food and beverage companies in the United States. And so when we do this, it’s a challenge to other companies to step up as well.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Six more states are now considering benefit corporation legislation. B Lab says it will certify its 100 Colorado company as a B-Corp next week.

The post Can some corporations become forces for good? appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

          Video and Photos: Loosefest Highlights        
Don't miss this video of an absolutely mind boggling jump line from Belgium
          Changes: Volunteering Globally, Nationally and Locally        
Volunteering is a gift. For the past year, I have been part of the CrisisCommons – Global Core Team as the co-lead of the Community Working Group. We grew the community from US, Canada, UK and New Zealand to other events and volunteers in Australia, France, Thailand, Belgium and others. I volunteered on efforts for ...
          Tesla Model S reaches record 670 miles on a single charge        
The Tesla Model S has set a new record, since the Tesla Owners Italia owners club recently traveled 670 miles in a Model S 100D, on a single charge. The team of five drivers managed to drive the Model S 100D using as little energy as possible to beat a previous record that was set in Belgium in June. The team drove across southern Italy at an average speed of 25 mph without the air conditioning on. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently estimated that the Model S would be able to drive at least...
          A Lesson from Scandinavia        
  • During the years 2005 and 2006, American sociologist Phil Zuckerman spent fourteen months in Denmark and Sweden to study these two societies. In a recent book, he reports these findings: (1)
  • Denmark and Sweden have among the lowest rates of violent crime in the world. (pp. 28-29) (2)
  • Denmark and Sweden have the lowest rates of HIV and AIDS in the world. (p. 27)
  • Sweden is third and Denmark is fifth in the world in economic competitiveness. (p. 27)
  • On gender equality, Denmark is second and Sweden is third in the world. (p. 27)
  • On access to the Internet, Sweden is third and Denmark is fourth in the world. (p. 28)
  • Denmark and Sweden are tied for the lowest infant mortality rates in the world with Norway, Iceland, Japan, and Singapore. (p. 26)
  • Denmark and Sweden are tied for first place with the Netherlands in the health and safety of children. (p. 26)
  • Denmark ranks fourth and Sweden ranks eighth in the world in the standard of living. (p. 27)
  • Political corruption is virtually non-existent in Denmark and Sweden. (p. 28)
  • Denmark and Sweden are tied for first in the world in a recent international study of social justice (p. 30) (3), and
  • Denmark ranks second and Sweden ranks third in the world in financial aid to poor nations. (p. 29)

Thus, according to Zuckerman, Danes and Swedes are among the most contented and generous people on the planet. But that's not all that Zuckerman has to report about these two nations. Remarkably, he notes, two of the most prosperous societies in the world are also two of the least religious. (4) Indeed, a huge majority in both countries are atheists or agnostics. Only 24% of Danes and 16% of Swedes believe in a personal God compared to more than 90% in the United States. (p. 24) Only 18% of Danes and 33% of Swedes believe in heaven compared to 80% of Americans. Only 10% of Danes and Swedes believe in hell compared to 75% of Americans. (p. 11, pp. 24-25) This is the lowest rate of belief in hell in the entire world! (p. 25) Next, only 7% of Danes and 3% of Swedes believe that the Bible is the literal word of God compared to 33% in the United States. (p. 25) Further, Danes and Swedes have the lowest church attendance in the world with only 3% of Danes and 7% of Swedes attending regularly. (p. 25, p. 162) (5) Also, only 8% of Danes and 15% of Swedes consider it important for a politician to believe in God compared to 64% of Americans who do (p. 12), and contrary to public and private practice in America, very few Danes and Swedes pray. (p. 2) Finally, more than 80% of Danes and Swedes accept evolution while less than half our population does. (p. 10) (6)

Professor Zuckerman sees an important lesson for us in his study of Denmark and Sweden. Contrary to what we've heard from "certain outspoken conservative Christians" (7), the sociologist suggests, a secular society need not be a scene of violence and depravity. (p. 4, pp. 17-18) Denmark and Sweden, he says, are not only "impressive models of societal health" (p. 17) but living proof that humans can survive and prosper without religion. (pp. 55-56) (8)


  1. Zuckerman reports his findings in Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment, New York University Press, 2008. All references hereinafter are to page numbers of this book.
  2. For instance, in Aarhus, Denmark, a city of 250,000 residents, there was a total of one murder in 2004. (p. 6)
  3. This study was done by a German group of social scientists associated with an institute called Hans-Bocker Stiftung. (p. 30) Denmark and Sweden are not without problems, however. Taxes are high, there is social friction due to recent waves of immigration, children eat too much candy, rates of bicycle thefts are high, fertility rates are low, and alcohol consumption is high. (p. 34)
  4. Other irreligious societies are the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Estonia, France, Japan, Bulgaria, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Hungary, and Belgium. (p. 25) Zuckerman points out that in all of these relatively secular societies the citizens freely gravitated from a religious to an irreligious perspective unlike North Korea, the former Soviet Union, China, and Albania where the governments attempted to impose secularism on the citizens. Zuckerman says that forced secularism doesn't work. See pp. 20-22.
  5. Paradoxically, despite the fact that most Danes and Swedes are atheists or agnostics and don't attend church regularly, 83% of Danes and 80% of Swedes continue voluntarily to pay a tax to the National Church, which is Lutheran (p. 112), and many hold traditional events such as weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals in church. Zuckerman says that Danes and Swedes, while rejecting the supernatural dimensions of Christianity - Jesus performed miracles, Jesus was God, Jesus rose from the dead, the Bible is God's revelation, the Genesis account of creation is accurate, there is an afterlife with a heaven and a hell, etc. – maintain a "cultural religion" similar to many Jews. (pp. 153-155) Oddly, in Denmark a person may be a pastor and an atheist. (p. 154)
  6. Despite the fact that Danes and Swedes are irreligious, they are not hostile to religion, they shun serious discussions of it, they deem a person's views about religion a private matter, and many non-believers dislike being labeled an atheist because they take the term to imply hostility to religion. Further, many non-believers self-identify as "Christians." When one asks them what it means to be a Christian, they say it means being kind, helping people who need help, not hurting others, etc. As a rule they reject the supernatural components. See Chapter 8, "Cultural Religion," pp. 150-166. Also, see pp. 97-109.
  7. Zuckerman lists the following examples of Christian conservatives who claim that a society that is irreligious will fail: Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Schlesinger, William Bennett, Rush Limbaugh, and Paul Weyrich. (p. 4, pp. 17-18)
  8. American fundamentalists will no doubt object to Zuckerman's strongly favorable evaluation of Denmark and Sweden by noting that in these countries abortion has been legal for more than thirty years, prostitution is legal, and homosexuality is tolerated.

© 2008 Tom Shipka

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Belgium’s “safe country of origin” list includes just seven countries, six from the Balkans.
          Interview with ACHRAF AMIRI        

q)Walk us through an intimate day in your lif :

a)Contrary of what many people think of me as a active persons because of all the illustrations I produce in a short amend of time, I’m a very lazy person. If I’m not having a busy day with meeting, I generally wake up late in the afternoon and wonder around my flat. Depending of the energy and the mood I then start my day. Every day is a surprise: visiting creative friends, having diner in nice international restaurants and networking at the evening in various events that I’m invited too. The inspiration for starting making illustrations comes generally during the night when the streets are quite and everybody is sleeping. (this is also the reason why I wake up late) ;)

q) Where did you grow up/where do you live now and how does that contribute to your art?

a)I was born and grew up in Brussels (Belgium). After my studies I’ve spend a year living in Italy for emancipating myself. Now it’s been 3 years that I’m based in Londonwhere I totally enjoy the opportunities that the city is offering me.

q) What is your earliest memory that propelled you to create?

a)My 11-month-older brother that teaches me in being creative. We enjoyed copying personages of cartoons, especially Manga animé that we’ll be watching together during our childhood.

q) Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

a)Straight fort as a painter but logic as an architect. My illustrations are actually elaborated sketches made in less than 1 hour. 

q) How do you wish for your art to be perceived?

a)I’m happy if it can make people smile or even procure them a feeling of disgust.

q) Do you feel that there are limitations to what you want to create?

a)Yes, I always try to push the limits as far as I can and am generally very little satisfied whit what I make.

q) Do you feel art is vital to survival and if so, why?

a)It’s for me as vital as having a shower.  It personally cleans my mind and releases me from tensions.

q) Describe a world without art.


q) Tell us a secret, and obsession.

a)Can you keep a secret?

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?

a)All of my works are displayed online. Google is my PR.

          Past Event Descriptions        

We have worked with faculty, staff, and alumni from both Middlebury College and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, at Monterey to offer engaging lectures at our Middlebury in DC office. Select presentations have also brought together participants from all three locations, thanks to our state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities. Keep reading for highlights of our past events.

Frontier Market Scouts

Middlebury in DC hosted the Frontier Market Scouts training and fellowship in its offices this February. The FMS two-week Certificate Training provided participants with the knowledge and foundational network to launch a career in the field of impact investing and social enterprise management.

"J-Term" Urban Education Internship

During the month of January, Middlebury students worked as interns in a classroom or program at one of three schools in Washington, DC. Students spent four full days at the school each week and on Fridays, engaged in an extensive reflective seminar at the Middlebury in DC office with Professor Jonathan Miller-Lane and Director of Middlebury in DC Fariha Haque.

"J-Term" Early-Netherlandish Art Course

Middlebury students spent a week in Washington, DC with Director of the Arts Pieter Broucke learning about Early-Netherlandish art from Till-Holger Borchert, the German director of the Groeningen museum in Bruges, Belgium. Students met with curators and conservators at the National Gallery in Washington, DC and the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, MD, and held a seminar meeting at the Middlebury in DC office.

"J-Term" Alumni Course with Professor Murray Dry 

The Alumni community of Washington, DC had a great time taking a four-class course over two weeks about the Affordable Care Act this January with legendary Middlebury Professor Murray Dry.

DC Mentorship Program: Mock Interview Workshop

This was a great opportunity to acquire valuable interviewing skills. Middlebury Alumni Matt Groh and John Hedden generously donated their time to conduct the mock interviews and give individualized feedback to each participant.

DC Mentorship Program: Tour of the Hill

Members of the DC Mentorship Program were invited to partake in a tour of Capitol Hill, organized by Middlebury alumna Megan McNamara.

DC Mentorship Program: Field Guide to Careers in the Environment

This event was an opportunity to explore pursuing various careers in the environment.  Alums Ayesha Dinshaw, Nick Rome and Christine Chau discussed the experiences that shaped their career paths.

DC Mentorship Program: Summer Reception

The Center for Careers & Internships and the Alumni and Parent Programs Office invited Middlebury students to network with alums in the city. 

DC Mentorship Program: Resume Writing

A resume writing workshop was organized by Middlebury alums Kate Earle, Suzy Sterner and Bob Baskin. This event was an opportunity for the students to learn how to use their resume to tell a narrative that will set them apart in the job market for their target industry. This hands-on workshop provided these students with individualized feedback on their resume including relevant content, organization, and layout. 

DC Mentorship Program: Social Event on the National Mall

On July 7th the members of the DC Mentorship Program were invited to partake in a social event organized by Middlebury alumni Peter Baumann and Mahli Brister. The event took place on the National Mall, and provided the opportunity for alumni and current students to meet and interact. Activities included lawn games, football, and other sports.

Middlebury on the Hill

Fellow Middlebury alumni NJ Congressman Frank Pallone ‘73, VA Congresswoman Barbara Comstock ‘81, and NJ Congressman Albio Sires MA'85 spoke to a group of Middlebury Alumni on the Hill.

The Faithful Scribe: A Story of Islam, Pakistan, Family, and War 
Given by Shahan Mufti '03

Shahan Mufti uses the stories of his ancestors, many of whom served as judges and jurists in Muslim sharia courts of South Asia for many centuries, to reveal the deepest roots—real and imagined—of Islamic civilization in Pakistan.

More than a personal history, The Faithful Scribe captures the larger story of the world’s first Islamic democracy, and explains how the state that once promised to bridge Islam and the West is now threatening to crumble under historical and political pressure and why Pakistan’s destiny matters to us all.

Obama's Obstacles - How Will They Affect His Legacy?

Professor Jason Scorse from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, at Monterey discussed Obama's environmental accomplishments to date, along with the institutional reforms needed for the future. Dr. Scorse is the Chair of the International Environmental Policy (IEP) program and the Director of the Center for the Blue Economy.

Middlebury School of the Environment

Professor Stephen Trombulak teaches Environmental and Biosphere Studies at Middlebury College and is the founding director of the Middlebury School of the Environment. He shared the details of the new school to interested students, alumni, and friends of the college just before its Summer 2014 launch.

Field Guide to Careers in the Environment

Six Middlebury College alumni shared their professional experience and expertise with students, alumni, and friends of the college this July. In addition to the audience at our Washington, D.C. office, students from the School for the Environment participated in the panel discussion via video conference.

Inspired by the event, panelist Michael Silberman offers two tips for recent graduates and job seekers on his blog.

China's Sense of Self: Trauma and Triumph

John Berninghausen, Truscott Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies, came to Middlebury College in 1976 to establish the Chinese language program. Over the next 35 years, Professor Berninghausen and his colleagues built a department of national prominence.

Brazil on the Rise

Former New York Times reporter Larry Rohter spoke live from Middlebury College to an audience in DC. Larry Rohter served as a correspondent in Rio de Janeiro for Newsweek for fourteen years and later as The New York Times bureau chief. He is widely considered a top expert on Brazil.

Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson 

Susan Burch is an Associate Professor of American Studies at Middlebury College and co-author of the book Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson. Junius Wilson (1908-2001) spent 76 years at a state mental hospital in North Carolina. He had never been declared insane by a medical professional or found guilty of any criminal charge. Professor Burch signed copies of her book after the event.

          Interview of Eugene Cecil LaFond by Brian Shoemaker        
Interview of Eugene Cecil LaFond by Brian Shoemaker LaFond, Eugene Cecil, 1909- Eugene La Fond was born in eastern Washington of French-Canadian extraction. He was inspired by his grandfather, Godfrey La Fond, who panned for gold in Alaska under trying circumstances, and worked for many years as a fisherman on the high seas. His father continued the maritime tradition, and once sailed to Japan and China. La Fond was raised near the ocean in San Diego, and after graduation from San Diego State University pursued graduate studies at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He married his wife, Katherine, in 1935. At Scripps, La Fond was hired to perform various tasks, including drafting, photography, computing, and oceanography, while working on his PhD. He made many cruises on the Scripps, a fishing vessel converted to oceanography, and its successor, the E.W. Scripps. During WWII he worked at the Radio and Sound Laboratory at Point Loma, a division of Scripps. His main job was to collect all the bathythermograph observations in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, and to prepare charts giving the expected acoustic, or radar, range at particular locations for both summer and winter. Considerable data on temperature and depth had been collected, and after the war La Fond returned to Scripps to analyze it further. Soon he was offered and accepted a position with the Navy Electronic Laboratory. There he headed the Structures Section, an office that studied the structures of oceans. One of his first assignments at NEL was to participate in atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. The Navy wanted to learn where the radioactive water would go after the bomb tests. La Fond took Nansen casts and BT observations to get the water structure. These were used to calculate the dynamic height and flow of the water and confirmed that there is an undercurrent at the equator. La Fond was the first person to go on the still hot atoll after the blast to collect water at different areas and depths to find out where the maximum radioactivity was. This was dangerous work; one of his friends, John Lyman, an oceanographer, got too much radioactivity and died. In 1947, La Fond made his first trip to the Arctic aboard the USS Nereus, a submarine tender. The ship visited the Pribilofs, the Aleutians, Kodiak, and Kotzebue Sound. Admiral John McCain, in charge of the entire Pacific theatre, was aboard. La Fond was chief scientist; members of his research team included Walter Munk, Graham Marks, and Fred Root. They took BT Nansen casts, bottom samples, plankton net hauls, and took depth measurements across the Bering Sea. His second Arctic cruise, also to the Bering Sea, was on the USS Cedarwood, a joint effort with the Canadians. La Fond and Dr. Jack Tully were co-leaders of the research team. As before, measurements were taken of ocean currents. A specific project was to measure a big eddy in the Chukchi Sea at the point it converged with the north flowing current from the Bering Sea. Several land stops were made, including to the bay at Teller to replenish the ship’s fresh water supply. They also bought various trade items from Eskimos. His third cruise, in 1950, was aboard the icebreaker, the USS Burton Island. It did similar research but was able to penetrate further north into the ice. On a helicopter flight a polar bear was shot, brought back to ship, cooked and eaten. La Fond did not approve, but reported polar bear tasted like sweet veal. La Fond’s next trip was aboard the atomic submarine, the USS Skate, commanded by Lt. Commander John Nicholson, later an Admiral. They were joined by a second submarine, the USS Nautilus. Traveling under the ice they arrived at the North Pole, and continued on to Greenland, Spitzbergen, and Bergen, Norway, and Belgium. They recorded water depths, current speed and direction, the thickness of the ice, and the light intensity, and surfaced nine times in polynas, areas of open sea surrounded by ice. Once they surfaced only a few miles from the North Pole. This trip, his fourth, was his last visit to the Arctic. In his subsequent career he participated in expeditions to the South China Sea, and the Indian Ocean. His wife, Katherine, was an active participant on these trips, and she adds some personal comments about their life together and some of their joint travels. She kept some of the records of several expeditions. At the time of the interview they had been married 65 years. Major Topics: Oceanographic research in 4 Arctic Expeditions in the 1950’s Bikini Atoll atomic tests Sailing to the North Pole and beyond in the Skate, an atomic submarine Personal reflections from Katherine La Fond, wife of Eugene La Fond, Katherine, pp. 40-52 Lyman, John, oceanographer, died of radiation from Bikini Atoll, p. 9 Lyon, Waldo, head of the Navy Electronics Laboratory, pp. 8, 9-10, 22-23 McCain, Admiral John, pp. 12-13 Moberg, Eric, Assistant Director of Scripps, pp. 5-6 Munk, Walter, Electronic Laboratory, pp. 13-14 Nicholson, John, submarine commander, p. 27 Sverdrup, Harald, Director of Scripps, pp. 7 Vaughn, T. Wayland, Director of Scripps, pp. 6-7
          Di from Bristol says        
‘I have had several Greek teachers and Maria is by far the best. She clearly enjoys teaching Greek and her enthusiasm is infectious.  Maria explains things clearly and has seemingly infinite patience. She has taught us not only complex Greek … Continue reading
          Indian Actresses Wallpaper        
Indian Actresses Wallpaper Biography

Katrina Kaif (born Katrina Turcotte on 16 July 1984) is a British Indian actress and former model who appears in Indian films, mainly in the Hindi film industry.She has also appeared in Telugu and Malayalam films. Being a British citizen, she works in India on an employment visa.
Kaif made her acting debut in 2003 with Kaizad Gustad's box office bomb Boom. In 2007, she earned commercial success with Vipul Shah's Namastey London and later earned public recognition for playing leading roles in such male-centric films as Partner (2007), Race (2007) and Singh Is Kinng (2008). Kaif subsequently played more prominent roles in such films as New York (2009), Rajneeti (2010), Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) and Ek Tha Tiger (2012) which was a huge success and the second highest-grossing Bollywood film. Despite earning mixed reviews from critics for her acting prowess, Kaif has emerged as a commercially one of the most successful actress of Hindi cinema.

Kaif was born in Hong Kong,to a British mother, Susanna Turcotte and a Kashmiri father.Her parents divorced when she was very young. Kaif once stated, "My dad, unfortunately, and not out of choice, has had no influence on our upbringing, on our religious or social or moral bearings. When she came to India, she changed her surname to Kaif, because it was Indian in origin and easier to pronounce.Furthermore, her first film Boom's producer, Ayesha Shroff has maintained that the actress' original name is Katrina Turcotte. She also claims that they gave her the Kashmiri father and also the surname Kaif after cricketer Mohammad Kaif as he was on top at that time. She adds that they also had thought her naming Katrina Kazi.From Hong Kong, she and her family moved to China, then to Japan. From there she went to France when she was 8, and thereafter lived for a few months at a time in Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and other European countries. Then she moved with her family to Hawaii, and eventually to her mother's home country of England. Although it is often assumed that Kaif is from London, she lived there only for three years before finally moving to Mumbai.

Katrina Personal life including her relationships has been a great subject to the media. After years of speculations Katrina Kaif admitted in an 2011 interview for a magazine that she was in a serious relationship with actor Salman Khan for several years, which ended in 2010.
Religious views
Kaif has been to various religious places in India, including Hindu, Sikh and Islamic places of worship.She has been seen worshipping at Siddhivinayak temple, Hindu temples in Haridwar, Shirdi, Amritsar's Golden temple and Ajmer Sharif dargah.

Modeling and early film career (1998–2004)
Kaif began her modeling career at age fourteen; her first assignment was for a jewelry campaign. She continued modeling in London under a contract with the Models 1 Agency and did campaigns for houses such as La Senza and Arcadius, and even walked on the London Fashion Week.
Kaif's modeling work led to her discovery by London-based filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, who gave her a part in his film Boom (2003). The film, which starred Amitabh Bachchan and Gulshan Grover, failed to make an impact. She then moved to Mumbai and was offered a number of modeling assignments, but filmmakers were hesitant to cast Kaif due to her poor command of Hindi.
Breakthrough (2005–2006)
In 2005, Kaif made a cameo in Ram Gopal Verma's drama Sarkar, as Abhishek Bachchan's girlfriend. The same year, she landed her first major role in David Dhawan's adaptation of Cactus Flower, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, where she was paired opposite Salman Khan. The film also featured Sushmita Sen, Arshad Warsi, Isha Koppikar and Sohail Khan in leading roles. Upon release, the film became a moderate success with Taran Adarsh, a prominent film critic, mentioning Kaif as a "complete revelation".The following year, she was paired opposite Akshay Kumar for the first time (she subsequently appeared alongside Kumar in a number of successful films throughout her career) in Raj Kanwar's box-office flop Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. However, for her portrayal of Jia A. Yashvardhan, Adarsh wrote, "Taking giant strides as an actor, Katrina is, without doubt, the star of the show. It's her magnetic presence and dependable performance that you carry home once the show has ended." The film has often been hailed as the major turnaround for the better in her career due to her performance.

Katrina Kaif at Book launch of Raajneeti - The Film & Beyond, 2012
In 2007, Kaif appeared in four films, all of which were successful at the box office. Her first release was Vipul Shah's romantic-comedy Namastey London. Kaif portrayed the character of a British Indian girl named Jasmeet "Jazz" Malhotra, alongside Rishi Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Clive Standen. Upon its release, the film became a major hit, with Nikhat Kazmi, of the The Times Of India praising the chemistry between the leading couple. She next played a supporting role in Anil Sharma's melodrama Apne. Featuring Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Kirron Kher and Shilpa Shetty, the film was a box-office hit.Her next release was David Dhawan's unofficial remake of Hitch, Partner, where she starred alongside Salman Khan, Govinda, and Lara Dutta. Her final film of 2007, Welcome, directed by Anees Bazmee and co-starring Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Anil Kapoor, was declared a blockbuster in India,despite negative reviews from critics.
Her first release of 2008 was Abbas-Mustan's action-thriller Race; she played Saif Ali Khan's secretary, Sophia, who is secretly in love with his hostile stepbrother (played by Akshay Khanna). The film also featured Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu and Sameera Reddy in leading roles. Despite its success, Kazmi wrote, "Katrina is too pale as the blousy secretary who comes into her own only when she gets seductive with a Touch me, kiss me tenor. "
Kaif was next seen in Anees Bazmee's action comedy Singh Is Kinng, portraying Akshay Kumar's love interest and Ranvir Shorey's fiancée. After its release, the film was declared a blockbuster, making it Kaif's sixth consecutive success at the box office. The movie also emerged as the third highest grossing film of 2008.Kaif's final release of the year, Subhash Ghai's Yuvvraaj, was a commercial failure,but its script made its way into the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for artistic merit, original screenplay with a substance, and the film as a whole.
In 2009, she featured in Kabir Khan's terrorism drama New York, with John Abraham and Neil Nitin Mukesh. It was a critical and commercial success in both India and overseas.Kaif's performance was highly praised: Taran Adarsh wrote, "Katrina gives you the biggest surprise. Known for her glamour roles, Katrina proves that she can deliver if the director and writer offer her a role of substance. She's outstanding. In fact, people will see a new, different Katrina this time."For her performance, Kaif received her first Filmfare nomination in the Best Actress category.She next had a cameo in the star-studded action-thriller Blue, popularly known as India's first underwater thriller, with Akshay Kumar and Zayed Khan.However, it was declared a flop. In November 2009, she appeared along with Ranbir Kapoor, in Rajkumar Santoshi's blockbuster comedy Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, as Jennifer Pinto. Critics mostly praised her fresh chemistry with Kapoor rather than her performance as a whole. Her final release that year was Priyadarshan's star-studded De Dana Dan with Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal and Neha Dhupia. The film had a promising opening,although dropped in collections throughout the following days. Despite this, the film was a moderate commercial success, receiving an "above average" status at the domestic box office by Box Office India.
Recent work (2010-present)
Kaif's first release of 2010 was Prakash Jha's political thriller Raajneeti, where she appeared opposite Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. The film was a modern-day adaptation of The Mahabharata set against the political backdrop of Delhi. Nana Patekar, Manoj Bajpai and Shruti Seth also played starring roles. Upon release, the film performed extremely well at the box office, and earned Kaif favourable reviews for her portrayal of the dynamic Indu Sakseria.A sequel of Rajneeti is expected to show Katrina Kaif as the queen sized politician.However Ranbir Kapoor would not be a part of the sequel.
Her final release that year was Farah Khan's brainless comedy Tees Maar Khan with Akshay Kumar.Despite receiving unanimous negative reviews from critics and audiences alike, the film was a moderate success at the box office, receiving "Semi Hit" status by Box Office India.However, Kaif's item number Sheila Ki Jawani became a major chartbuster.

Kaif (second from left) promoting ZNMD in Chandigarh with the cast of the film
In 2011, she was seen alongside Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin in Zoya Akhtar's dramedy Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, which emerged as a major critical and commercial success. Kaif was praised for her portrayal of a fun-loving diving instructor Laila. Taran Adarsh wrote, "Katrina is a revelation...the actress continues tosurprise you with her performances in film after film."She next featured in Yash Raj Films' comedy Mere Brother Ki Dulhan opposite Imran Khan and Ali Zafar.The film was successful at the box office, and earned Kaif positive notice for her portrayal of vivacious punk-rock girl Dimple Dixit, with Rahul Gangwani saying "the film ultimately belongs to Katrina Kaif. She sparkles, sizzles and infuses energy into the film." Consequently, she received her second Filmfare nomination in the Best Actress category.
Kaif's first release of 2012 was Kabir Khan's spy thriller Ek Tha Tiger opposite ex-boyfriend Salman Khan. The film opened on 15 August 2012, broke many record and was a huge success commercially. As of August 2012, Kaif is set to appear in two high-profile productions under the Yash Raj Films banner such as Jab Tak Hai Jaan alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and Vijay Krishna Acharya's adventure film Dhoom 3 alongside Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Uday Chopra.
Voice dubbing
It should be noted that due to her poor knowledge of Hindi (and other Indian languages), Kaif's voice was often dubbed by dubbing artists such as Mona Ghosh Shetty. However, with the exception of De Dana Dan she has used her own voice for all of her films since New York. Earlier, she had dubbed for films like Namastey London and Singh Is Kinng.
Brand endorsements
In the year 2002, Katrina Kaif was chosen as Coca-Cola's brand ambassador in Tamil Nadu along with Tamil leading actor Vijay. The Coca-Cola advertisement was popular in Tamil Nadu, with Katrina Kaif and Vijay dancing to a Tamil song called "Gullu Gullu".She has also worked for several skin products companies, particularly Veet, as well as several multi-national brands, such as Panasonic Katrina is now the brand ambassador of the national airline of the United Arab Emirates – Etihad Airways.

Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper
Indian Actresses Wallpaper

A small innovation might have a giant impact on pollution. In Belgium, researchers have designed a tool that uses daylight to purify contaminated air and generate hydrogen gas which will be hold on and used for generating power. Researchers are … Continue reading
          'Brussels is closer to Pyongyang than New York' - Report ridiculed for saying Belgium not ready for North Korean missile attack        
          Re: Waterloo database        
Dear Mike, your Watrloo Databas sounds excellent!

Can you please tell me anything about:
18 June 1815 • Battle of Waterloo, Belgium
Thomas Williams
23rd Regiment of Foot
Captain Harrisons Company No.3
British Army Muster Books and Pay Lists, 1812-1817
Name: Wm Roberts
Start of Muster: 25 Mar 1815
End of Muster: 24 Jun 1815
Stationed or Muster Place: Flanders
Regiment or Unit: 23rd Regiment of Foot, 1st Battalion
Piece Number: 3975

Take care
          Beer Bloggers Conference 2016 - Speed Blogging        
The 3rd time is really the charm! Tasting 10 beers in an hour can be a bit  overwhelming. This year I hit my groove and managed to live tweet my tasting notes. Here they are in summary. There are some really solid brews on this list! If you can get your hands on them, check them out...

Terrapin Watermelon Gose = LIght, tart, effervescent, salty on the front end, sweet watermelon on the finish. Great Beach Beer!

Cigar City Decoherence = Boozy on the nose, toasted coconut on the front, transitions to roasted coffee flavor dry finish. Intense flavors, loved this!

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez = Earthy citrus on the front end, salty grapefruit finish.

JDUBS Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter = Strong chocolate on the nose, milk chocolate and vanilla on the front end, chocolate dries out on the back end from the lactose. Key takeaway - verrrry chocolaty.  

New Belgium Citradelic IPA = Dank citrus nose, lemon and tangerine on the front end, dry dankness on the finish, light for an IPA.

Florida Beer Co. Florida Lager = grainy on the nose, dry with apple notes on the finish. Straight up yellow beer. Great pool or beach beer! 

Lagunitas IPA = Dank citrus nose, bitter and piney on the front end, dry and dank citrus on the back.

Saltwater Brewing Screamin’ Reels = Dank onion on the nose, foamy mouthfeel, sweet onion on the finish.

St. Pete Brewing 90 Shilling Scotch Ale = Sweet caramel nose, low carbonation, light body, earthy start with a light caramel finish.

Crooked Thumb Brewing Florida Grapefruit Gose = Syrupy citrus with toasted cracker on the nose, sweet citrus on the front end, bitter grapefruit on the back. Take it to the beach!
Hope you get a chance to check some of these out! Cheers!

          Speed Blogging        
Unfortunately the wireless at JJ Taylor's was overloaded, so I couldn't post these live, but these are literally the notes I took last night for the speed blogging tasting.  We were brought 10 beers in less than an hour, so here are my rapid fire takes:

Terrapin Watermelon Gose
Aroma: Moderate watermelon and low salt.
Appearance: Straw with moderate carbonation.
Flavor: Moderate high watermelon and salt.  Very light coriander.
Mouthfeel: Light body with no astringency.

Cigar City Decoherence
Aroma: Massive cocoa, coffee, and coconut
Appearance: Black as night with light brown head
Flavor: Coffee, coconut, and cacao
Mouthfeel: Full with moderate carbonation

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez
Aroma: Agave with very light salt
Appearance: Straw with low white head
Flavor: Fruity with cactus and agave
Mouthfeel: Light mouthfeel

JDubs Bell Cow
Aroma: Cacao and lactose
Appearance: Black as night, moderate low head
Flavor: Coconut and chocolate with a light lactose bite
Mouthfeel: Moderate mouthfeel with a light bite at the finish

New Belgium Citradelic
Aroma: Mango, orange, and lemon.  Light dankness.
Appearance: Gold with white head
Flavor: Fruit (mango, orange, lemon, and dank)
Mouthfeel: Medium-light mouthfeel

FBC Florida Lager
Aroma: Light floral and spicy
Appearance: Light copper with white head
Flavor: Light corn and caramel with bready finish
Mouthfeel: Medium-light body with moderate-high carbonation

Lagunitas IPA
Aroma: Citrus and earthy with a touch of musk
Appearance: Deep gold with a white head
Flavor: Pineapple and citrus
Mouthfeel: Medium mouthfeel with acidic finish

Screamin Reels IPA
Aroma: Wheaty with medium low onion
Appearance: Deep gold with white head
Flavor: Wheat, citrus, low onion
Mouthfeel: Medium mouthfeel with moderate carbonation

St. Pete Brewing 90
Aroma: Moderate caramel with a touch of toast
Appearance: Light copper with low white head
Flavor: Caramel and toasty malt with very light earthy hop
Mouthfeel: Moderate moutfheel with carbonated finsh

Crooked Thumb FL Grapefruit Gose
Aroma: Salty with grapefruit and coriander
Appearance: Straw with low white head
Flavor: Salt and grapefruit with very light coriander
Mouthfeel: Medium low mouthfeel with dry finish
          #BBC14 Pre-Conference Pub Crawl: Independent Style…        

We already had travel arrangements to fly into San Diego when the Pre-Conference Excursion was announced.  Since another couple from NOLA, friends of ours, were in the same boat we decided to split cab fare and create our own pre-conference excursion in beautiful, temperate San Diego.

First stop?  For lunch and beverages of course at Blind Lady Ale House (BLAH).  The décor is welcoming.  The color scheme is a palette of browns but the place is well lit so it’s welcoming.  There are skateboard decks lining the walls (they could have used a Gnarly Barley deck) and nostalgic beer lighting (a turning Miller Genuine Draft Light was near our table).  The music was loud enough to hear but low enough to talk over.  These guys have a lot of things going right in this establishment.  Most tables seat six, so this is really a place to come and hang with a group of friends and share some food, drink, and fun.  Favorite beer?  The Golden Ticket, a Belgian golden strong infused with vanilla beans and oak with Dark Horse Coffee.  Think Coffee Stout has a stepchild with something gold and it ends up being blonde but having a delightful coffee kick.  BLAH also had St. Louis Geueze and Monk’s Café Flemish Sour Ale on tap, so I traded off Coffee and sour for the time we were there.  The Cheese and Charcuterie Plates were awesome!  I would definitely hang out here again if in San Diego again.  Once we were done here, it was time for an afternoon nap to cut the time zone confusion.

Then we were back out and about at Toranado.  The selection included several local beverages.  I had a New Belgium Love-Felix and a taste of Toby’s Chip Shot Coffee Porter.  The establishment was on the small side and not well lit.  Toby had the Smoked Mac and Cheese.  It was very cheesy and seasoned with smoked paprika.  It was good, but the serving size was huge.  I had a BLTA (the A is for avocado) with a cucumber salad.  It was all right, but the bacon was on the soggy side (I am a stickler for crispy bacon) and the cucumber salad was heavy on a white dressing.  We did have window side seating that allowed us to look out at what was going on outside on the street.  This is not a stop I would be inclined to repeat.

Our final stop was Waypoint Public.  I loved the campy décor, the bear logo, and the bar rail around the perimeter which allowed for rail seating facing the street to see what was going on outside.  I enjoyed a Berry Nice and Bacon & Eggs by Pizza Port and a Three Sheets by Ballast Point.  The beer was good, the lighting was good, the setting was good.  I loved that they accommodated couples with young children by providing a toddler play ground and a big screen that was playing Harry and the Henderson’s while we were there.  I wish I had waited on eating, because I think the menu would have delivered.  I would definitely make a return visit if I chance to visit San Diego again.  And then, it was time to turn in for the night to gear up for the conference day that was to come…

          Views from Dunkirk        

Nearly half a century ago, a new fashion swept the historical profession.  Rather than focus on the “great men”—or would-be great men—of history, the decision-makers who initiated, fought, won and lost wars, or passed laws, or ran for office, many historians argued for examining the experience of ordinary—or marginalized—men and women, whom they argued had been neglected in the past.  It took time for this new idea to spread outside the academy.  In the early 1990s, Ken Burns met with a group of professional historians after the screening of his first great documentary on the Civil War, and they took him to task severely for his traditional approach.  His subsequent work has increasingly reflected their criticism.  Now, however, this view of history has become mainstream in much of the press and in the media—and it is very much on display in Christopher Nolan’s new film, Dunkirk.  One way to illustrate this is to look at what Nolan left out—the political and military context of the events he shows on the screen.

When the Second World War in Europe began in September 1940, the British and French expected a long struggle, and most Americans expected the British and French to prevail.  The French invested huge sums in the Maginot Line, a system of fortifications along the Franco-German border (but not along the Franco-Belgian border), and thought themselves secure from attack.  Neither side wanted to begin a bombing campaign against the other, and for seven months, through April, both sides built up their forces without any fighting.  By May, about three million German soldiers faced two million French and about 400,000 British troops.  (Today, the entire army of the United States numbers less than half a million.)  In early April, the Germans struck north, not west, invading Denmark and Norway.  That catastrophe brought down the government of Neville Chamberlain in Britain, and Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in early May. Then, on May 10, they invaded neutral Holland and Belgium. On May 14, backed by dive bombers, the Germans crossed the Meuse River at Sedan, very near the intersection of Belgium, Germany, and France.

Having broken through, German tank forces and motorized troops advanced with unprecedented speed. They reached the English Channel at the mouth of the Somme by May 21, just one week after their breakthrough. That divided most of the French Army to the South from some French forces and the entire British Expeditionary Force to the North.  Within a few days, further German advances forced the British and French into a small pocket around Dunkirk.  Suddenly, the fate of western civilization hung in the balance.

For seven years, since 1933, Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany had established a new totalitarian form of government in the heart of Europe, based upon the idea of Aryan racial supremacy.  Hitler, Mussolini in Italy, and Franco in Spain had declared that liberal democracy was dead, and that they were leading Europe into a new future.  By the last week of May their hopes seemed on the point of realization.  Nothing, it seemed, could stand in the way of German forces.  France was collapsing, and the entire British Army was likely to be captured. The allies, meanwhile, had been unable to cope with the German air force.  Most of the world expected the British either to suffer invasion or make peace within a few weeks, and across the Atlantic, as I showed in my last book, the US government began to think seriously about how to defend the western hemisphere against the victorious Axis. The world faced one of the great turning points of modern history.

That is the background to the organization of the evacuation of British and French forces from Dunkirk of which Christopher Nolan’s film gives us a glimpse.  I use that word on purpose.  Although one character reports, correctly, that more than 300,000 men were evacuated, at no time did Nolan attempt to set up a scene on the beach or in the water that would give a true idea of the scale of the operation.  We spend a lot of time with Mark Rylance’s small boat, but it was only one of 700 that the Royal Navy requisitioned—and most of them were not manned by their owners, but by naval personnel. I thought the shots of troops on the beach gave the impression that thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of men, at most, were involved—not hundreds of thousands.  Nor was there any real sense of the battle French troops were waging just outside the city to keep the Germans out.

According to Nolan, this was not accidental, but purposeful.  “Dunkirk is not a war film,” Nolan says. “It's a survival story and first and foremost a suspense film. So while there is a high level of intensity to it, it does not necessarily concern itself with the bloody aspects of combat, which have been so well done in so many films. . . The only question I was interested in was: Will they get out of it? Will they be killed by the next bomb while trying to join the mole? Or will they be crushed by a boat while crossing?"  In another interview, Nolan says,    "I knew I didn’t want to make a film that could be dismissed as old-fashioned, something that wasn’t relevant to today’s audiences," he elaborates. "What that ruled out for me immediately was getting bogged down in the politics of the situation.”—that is, that the future of the world was at stake. “We don’t have generals in rooms pushing things around on maps. We don’t see Churchill. We barely glimpse the enemy. It’s a survival story. I wanted to go through the experience with the characters."

The evacuation succeeded largely because the Royal Air Force mostly kept the Luftwaffe out of the skies over Dunkirk.  That allowed Churchill to promise Britain and the world that Britain could fight on and survive until help came from the New World.  That is why democracy, not totalitarianism, has ruled the western world for the last 72 years.

Born in 1970, Christopher Nolan may understand that he owes his whole life and career to Churchill, and Roosevelt who rallied their peoples and to the admirals and generals who commanded the forces that defeated Hitler--but he chose not to put any such understanding into his film.  More importantly, he does not seem to understand that the allies won the war precisely because the soldiers and sailors and airmen in his film were not thinking only about whether they personally might survive.  They knew that they might not, but they believed that they were fighting for things that justified their sacrifice—and they were right.  The question now before us is whether we can preserve the civilization that we inherited without finding leaders who can rally us behind a common cause, and without reviving some spirit of sacrifice for the common good.  That is something that films could help us do.

          Border Changes: Not Just for the Balkans        
Could Western Europe see a revision of existing boundaries, depending on what happens in Belgium following the elections? The strong showing of the New Flemish Alliance raises the possibility that Belgium might, over time, break apart, particularly because there is no longer a strategic need for a neutral state to separate Germany and France.

Could we end up with a new state of Flanders? And what would happen then to Wallonia?

Found this part of the report in the Christian Science Monitor interesting:

Recent polls in France show two out of every three members of the French public would agree to absorb Wallonia as part of France. Meanwhile, a recent survey in Flanders by the Luxembourg broadcasting group RTL found that 32 percent want independence immediately, 17 percent would accept a "confederation" with Wallonia that is independence in all but name, and 25 percent want greater autonomy in Belgium.

Or would a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation work?

It's not just in eastern Europe that these questions need to be asked.

Goodbye Fukuoka

So, that's it! The time has come for me to leave Japan and with it must also end The Daily Shashin. It's been a fun little project and I'd like to thank all of you who have regularly visited this page and kept me motivated and encouraged by your comments and kind words.

I am now embarking on The Heneghan Half-World Tour which, after brief visits to Taipei and Hong Kong, will see me undertake the 14,000 km journey from Singapore to London by train and bus.

From Singapore I'll be passing through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and finally the UK, so it promises to be a fantastic adventure, especially from a photographic perspective. I will leave Singapore on August 1st and I aim to arrive back in the UK in the first or second week of September. You can keep up-to-date on my trip via my other blog and I will try to make posts there as often as possible as I make my way home.

In the meantime if you want to see more photos please feel free to check out my Flickr page.

That's all for now, I'll be embarking on a new project in the autumn once I get back to sunny England!

Take care everyone!
          Nautilus Mineral and Fossil Show, Ghent, Belgium         
Published: Sun, 19 Mar 2017, Subject: Nautilus Mineral and Fossil Show, Ghent, Belgium
          Dunkirk movie costumes on display...        
Christopher Nolan's new World War II blockbuster tells the epic true story of over 400,000 soldiers from Britain, Belgium, France and Canada who were surrounded and bombarded by German Forces at the harbour and beaches of Dunkirk in 1940 for eight days when over 338,000 were heroically rescued by a ragtag fleet made up of 800 fishing boats, merchant marine boats, pleasure crafts and lifeboats.
Dunkirk movie exhibit at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Dunkirk movie costume prop exhibit
Dunkirk movie costumes
Dunkirk aircraft cockpit fuselage
Dunkirk film costumes
Dunkirk movie exhibit ArcLight Hollywood
This cool exhibit of costumes and part of an aircraft cockpit fuselage for the WWII film was photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on July 17, 2017.

Dunkirk movie billboard
Dunkirk movie billboard
Jeffrey Kurland was Costume Designer on the movie set in the early stages of World War II, and you can also see his work with these Inception film costumes, these Tomorrowland movie costumes and these movie costumes for The Dictator.

Costume worn by Barry Keoghan
as George Mills in Dunkirk
Barry Keoghan Dunkirk George movie costume
Dunkirk George film costume
Barry Keoghan Dunkirk George costume
This costume was worn by Barry Keoghan as one of the young men that sailed to Dunkirk, France from England with other citizens to help the rescue the stranded soldiers.

British Army private costume worn by Harry Styles
as Alex in Dunkirk
Harry Styles Dunkirk Alex soldier costume
Harry Styles Dunkirk Alex private costume
Harry Styles Dunkirk Alex film costume
Harry Styles Dunkirk Alex soldier costume
This costume should please One Direction fans (a sentence I never thought I'd type on this blog), as it's the British Army private uniform worn by Harry Styles as 'Alex' in the movie. At his feet are propaganda pamphlets dropped by the Nazis to demoralise the Allied Forces at Dunkirk.

RAF pilot costume worn by Jack Lowden
as Collins in Dunkirk
Jack Lowden Dunkirk Collins RAF pilot costume
Dunkirk Collins RAF pilot costume
Dunkirk Collins RAF pilot costume
Dunkirk Collins RAF pilot boots
Jack Lowden Dunkirk RAF pilot costume
Writer and director Christopher Nolan's film shows the perspective of this conflict from land, sea and air and this Royal Air Force pilot costume was worn by Jack Lowden as 'Collins'.

Shivering Soldier costume worn by Cillian Murphy
in Dunkirk
Cillian Murphy Dunkirk Shivering Soldier costume
Dunkirk Shivering Soldier costume
Cillian Murphy Dunkirk Shivering Soldier costume
Meanwhile repeat Nolan collaborator Cillian Murphy plays a shivering soldier pulled from the freezing water with PTSD in this film.

Fans of the actor can also check out his Scarecrow costume from Batman Begins and his Free Fire movie costume.

Plus if you like these theatrical release posters for the movie, be sure to check out more Dunkirk movie billboards from around the skies of L.A.

Dunkirk movie billboard
Learn more about this true story: Dunkirk: The History Behind the Major Motion Picture

          Fődíjat hozott a Somogy Táncegyüttes Belgiumból        
A csapat a néptáncfesztiválra egyedüliként kapott meghívást egész Európából.
          Dutch arrest 2 suspects in investigation into tainted eggs        
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) " Dutch investigators on Thursday detained two men suspected of being involved in the illegal use of pesticide at poultry farms that sparked a food safety scare in several European countries.The detentions and a series of coordinated raids in the Netherlands and Belgium marked another escalation in a widening scandal that has seen eggs tainted with the pesticide Fipronil stripped from shelves in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. [...]
          charles mylle        
Name: Charles Mylle
Age: 38
Birth Date: abt 1890
Birth Place: Ykse
Marriage Date: 8 Dec 1928
Marriage County or District: Stormont
Father: Charles Mylle
Mother: Louise Colet
Spouse: Caroline Burton
Spouse's Age: 32
Spouse Birth Date: abt 1896
Spouse Birth Place: Burnley Eng
Spouse Father: Henry Burton
Spouse Mother: Deborah Broadley

Name: Charles Mylle
City: East Boston
County: Suffolk
State: Massachusetts
Birthplace: Belgium
Birth Date: 17 Jan 1889
Race: Caucasian (White)
Draft Board: 1

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
full name
Name: Karel L Mylle
Gender: Male
Spouse: Caroline Burton
Child: Margaret Mylle

he passed April 1959 ONT

Name Margaret Mylle Richardson
Age 32
Birth Date 11 Nov 1927
Birth Place Harrogate York England
Civil Date 1 Feb 1960
Court City Greensboro
Court District Middle District of North Carolina
Petition Number 2067

Name: Margaret Mylle
[Margaret Mylle Richardson]
[Margaret Richardson]
SSN: 242581943
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 11 Nov 1927
Birth Place: Harrogate Yo, United Kingdom
Death Date: 10 Jul 1999
Father: Karel L Mylle
Mother: Caroline Burton
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Notes: Feb 1956: Name listed as MARGARET MYLLE; Jun 1959: Name listed as MARGARET MYLLE RICHARDSON; 21 Jul 1999: Name listed as MARGARET M RICHARDSON
          National/International: Mexico confronts a “humanitarian crisis” amidst context of violence and impunity, denounces civil society in Brussels        
Seminar on human rights in Brussels, March 2014 (@CADHAC) On 18 March, during the seminar on human rights that was held to observe the Fourth High-Level Dialogue on Human Rights between Mexico and the European Union (EU) in Brussels, Belgium, 32 organizations denounced that in Mexico “there is experienced a context of violence and impunity that […]
          Martha Nussbaum on Alexander Hamilton        

Hercules.jpg Martha Nussbaum, Professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about Alexander Hamilton. Nussbaum talks about the tension between acquiring power and living a life of virtue. Topics discussed include Hamilton's relationship with Aaron Burr, Burr's complicated historical legacy, and the role of the humanities in our lives.

Size:28.4 MB
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Podcast Episode Highlights

Intro. [Recording date: June 20, 2017.]

Russ Roberts: Our topic for today is Alexander Hamilton--the man, and especially the musical and the ideas in that musical based on an essay that Martha Nussbaum wrote, "Hamilton's Choice," that appeared in the Boston Review.... Before we begin, I want to remind listeners that there may be some spoilers ahead about the musical, Hamilton's life. If you don't know what happens to him at the end of his life, you might want to miss this one until you've seen the show or read the Chernow biography. But, most of you probably have an idea what's happening.
[Econlib Editor's Note: Throughout these typed Highlights below, I will try to indicate references to Hamilton-the-musical, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, with italics. References to Hamilton-the-person will be in ordinary text and unitalicized. Occasional other references such as to Ron Chernow's biography, Alexander Hamilton, or writings attributed to Hamilton in The Federalist will be clarified as they arise. Feel free to email errors or suggested corrections to me at webmaster@econlib.org.]


Russ Roberts: Now, Martha, you frame your essay around what you call Hamilton's choice--tying Hamilton to a classic story that the Stoics would tell about Hercules. Explain.

Martha Nussbaum: Okay. So, in the ancient philosophical world, they had to appeal to young people and tell them why they should go in for thinking hard, studying hard, doing philosophy. And so they told this myth that the great hero, Hercules, is faced with a choice. And there are two goddesses who appear to him. And one of them is called Virtue; and she says, 'Do good deeds and pursue justice, and that will be a great life.' And the other one, in the original myth, was called Pleasure, and it just says, 'Wow, drink and have sex and be merry,' and so on. And so, that one, the Stoics rewrote a little bit, because obviously that version is and obvious loser. And so it turned into the life of fame, the life of positional pre-eminence--like, 'Try to be the person that everyone is talking about; try to be the one who is on the inside of whatever is going on.' And so, then, the young person is supposed to make a choice between those two paths. And in the end, of course, you are supposed to see that the life of virtue and creation is the better life.

Russ Roberts: I couldn't help but think of our mutual friend, Adam Smith, who, in The Theory of Moral Sentiments--and Smith, of course, was influenced by the Stoics--he says--this is a quote:

Two different roads are presented to us, equally leading to the attainment of this so much desired object [meaning to be loved and people paying attention to you--RR]; the one, by the study of wisdom and the practice of virtue; the other, by the acquisition of wealth and greatness. Two different characters are presented to our emulation; the one, of proud ambition and ostentatious avidity, the other, of humble modesty and equitable justice. Two different models, two different pictures, are held out to us, according to which we may fashion our own character and behaviour; the one more gaudy and glittering in its colouring; the other more correct and more exquisitely beautiful in its outline.
And that really is the same choice, right.

Martha Nussbaum: Yeah; I had forgotten that passage. That's wonderful. And of course when you think about Smith himself, it becomes even more interesting, because he was a very severe professor of philosophical; then he went into politics and he actually didn't have much of a capacity for politics. He worked for the customs office. But, because he was a hypochondriac and he was always sick, and he lived with his mother all his life and was kind of a weakling and mama's boy, he really didn't do very well in the life of politics. So, I think he always envied all those very dashing, strong figures. So, he really did have--he was a little bit torn himself about which life was better--the dashing life or the studious and serious life.

Russ Roberts: I think you are being a little tough on him. I think he's--in The Theory of Moral Sentiments he's extremely disdainful of the rich and powerful. And in particular, I think calling him a pol--living in the world of policy because he held a bureaucratic job, I think might be a bit of a stretch. What I do think is right and where I do agree with you is that he held himself out: He took the less-glittering path. He was quiet, and a philosopher, as you say; and an author, a teacher and a tutor. And yet he became world-famous, and his wealth in terms of fame and greatness is quite large. So, he got the best of both worlds.

Martha Nussbaum: Well--yes. I mean, but I think I'm not talking about worship of the rich, which of course he didn't have. But he does love, and really describes in loving detail, certain heroic, dashing figures, such as the Native Americans, who he forms a strange fascination with and he likes to imagine how they lived and how they died, being tortured--

Russ Roberts: Yes, that's true--

Martha Nussbaum: but nonetheless, they are very courageous--

Russ Roberts: have a stoic nature.

Martha Nussbaum: So, that was what I was thinking about. And of course he doesn't like the rich. But he does like another kind of obvious bodily kind of heroism.

Russ Roberts: That's for sure. That's his stoic side--the ability of native people, I think he uses more than one example, to endure pain and to do it with grace. But I don't think--my only point was he really did not care for the aristocracy--

Martha Nussbaum: No, certainly not--

Russ Roberts: or for powerfulness necessarily.


Russ Roberts: So, what is this choice, that we all face, between fame and money on one side, and virtue and wisdom on the other? To some extent we all face it. What does that have to do with Hamilton?

Martha Nussbaum: Okay. So, there are lots of careers that people can go into where this choice comes up, because you have to choose, as a scholar whether you just focus on doing what you think the truth is and pursuing truth, or whether you have to do politics in the scholarly world--trying to get ahead of other people or get a job when 10 people are applying for it. And, you know, even in the world of scholarship, which is relatively pure of that kind of bad competition, you've got to compete. Or else you don't get the job. And so you have to learn how to compete. I train my graduate students how to go on the job market, how to do a good job interview, and all that stuff. Now, if you are, maybe, a poet, you have to do less of that. Like, in an era where women could never compete, because no one wanted to have them around, Emily Dickenson could write the wonderful poetry she did just sitting in her room. And lots of other cases of that same thing. Once you get the paper and the pencil, then nothing stops you, so long as you have enough to eat and place to write. But there are some careers where this choice is much more complicated--and I think politics is perhaps the most complicated--where, yeah, you go into politics wanting to serve humanity, wanting to create something that's lasting, wanting to do what's right and just. But, given that it's politics--and especially democratic politics, right? Because if you are in a monarchy you might just get to do it by being born in the right family. But in democracy you have to compete. And you have to please people; and you have to seek votes; and so on. So, I think Hamilton is all about these two aspects of a political career, and how they are in a very difficult kind of tension with each other. Now, Hamilton's main interest, as the musical presents him but I think it's true in real life, is to create--he says, "I want to build something that's going to outlive me." And the musical presents that, I think, very, very well. But, in order to do that, he has to get powerful friends. So, he has to befriend George Washington, who becomes his kind of surrogate father. He has to later try to win some elections. And so, he can't avoid playing that game. And, on the other side is Aaron Burr. Who, in real life, as in the musical, didn't really stand for anything; didn't have anything that he particularly wanted to create. But, he was a consummate insider, always trying to position himself. And, the great song in the musical that defines him is "The Room Where It Happens." He just wants to be an insider, to be in the room where it happens.

Russ Roberts: to be a player--

Martha Nussbaum: To be a player. And, of course, if that's what you want, then it's better, perhaps, not to have any firm convictions. So, Burr says to Hamilton, 'Don't let them know what you are against or what you are for.' To which, Hamilton replies, 'You can't be serious!' Right. So, that's the choice. So, the difficult thing about the choice is that in this society, where American society was full of honor-culture, a lot of ranking of people as to their honor, you have to play the game of competition and honor in order to get to the position. Where you can really create. And so, here we get to the topic of dueling. Which is a motif that runs all the way through the musical, just as it ran through everyone's life. So, people fought duels to establish that they were honorable people. And there was this elaborate culture, where if you were assaulted, your honor was called into question, then you had to challenge the person to a duel. You couldn't get an apology; then you had to fight the duel. And maybe sometimes you tried not to shoot to kill, but sometimes you did. In any case, Hamilton, by the time we get to actual challenge of Burr, he does not want to fight duels. He's been convinced that, on religious grounds and on human grounds, it's immoral. His son was killed in a duel, and that's probably a main reason why he comes to that conclusion. But, he also knows that if he doesn't accept the challenge to a duel, that's an ungentlemanly thing to do. And it would force it--his public role in American politics. And so he has a very profound dilemma, in real life. That is absolutely the way he saw it. And so he thinks that Burr is actually correct. He--Burr says Hamilton has insulted him. And Hamilton sort of says, he says,

Hey, I've not been shy.
I'm just a guy in the public eye,
trying to do the best for our Republic.
I don't want to fight,
but I won't apologize for doing what's right.
[lyrics from the Broadway show Hamilton in song "Your Obedient Servant"--Econlib Ed.]
So, that's what he says to Burr. He says
Burr, your grievance is legitimate
I stand by what I said, every bit of it.
You stand only for yourself.
It's what you do.
I can't apologize because it's true.
[lyrics from the Broadway show Hamilton--Econlib Ed.]
So, then, the question is: What to do? And the effect is that Hamilton in real life wrote a very poignant letter--it was a kind of a public statement describing his reasons for accepting Burr's challenge despite the fact that he didn't agree with dueling. So, let me just read you a bit of this letter, because I think it's very moving.
... all the considerations, which constitute what men of the world denominate honor, impressed on me as I thought a peculiar necessity not to decline the call. The ability to be in future useful, whether in resisting mischief or affecting good in those crises of our public affairs which seem likely to happen, would probably be inseparable from a conformity with public prejudice in this particular.
So, that's a quote from the historical letter. It's not exactly that way in the musical, but the sentiments are the same. So, he's realized--he doesn't want to play this game of one-upsmanship and being in the room and so on. But he's got to play it, or else no one will listen to him when he tries to do something important and good. So, then he goes out to New Jersey--which was the land of lawlessness, where everyone fought the duels thinking they wouldn't be arrested. And, of course, Burr shoots to kill. And he is killed. So, that's the tragedy of Hamilton's ambitions.


Russ Roberts: There are really two moments in the musical--they mirror what happened in real life--where Hamilton has a choice to respond to a crisis: The one you just mentioned--and he clearly refuses to reduce the tension or lower the flame with Burr. He could have said, 'Yahh, I was just kidding.' That seems like a personal, a piece of personal integrity. The letter, you are writing, suggests he wanted to be a player. Like you said--he wanted to be useful; he wanted to create; he wanted to have an impact on the world. And he knew he'd reduce his ability to do that if he didn't abide by the norms, even though those norms were illegal--as you alluded to. The other moment is when he is accused of infidelity. And, it looks like his infidelity is a form of corruption. It looks like he's been funneling money off to himself--which he'd really been doing--he's paying blackmail to the woman he was unfaithful with and her husband. And, it's an interesting thing there, as well, the way it's at least portrayed in the musical: That, he's not going to lie; he's not going to spin. He comes across with a lot of dignity. He's made a terrible mistake. He's betrayed his wife--which, of course, is a huge theme of the second act of the musical. He's betrayed his wife; he's betrayed his own principles. Here, again, with the duel--he doesn't want to do it. He thinks it's wrong. But he feels he has to--he's wearing a straitjacket of honor and virtue, as you allude to. And he gets punished terribly for both of those pieces of virtue. He is, by admitting his infidelity, he really has a huge negative impact on his political career. And, of course, the duel kills him.

Martha Nussbaum: Yeah. That's very well put. And I think the motif of the sexual infidelity is also a very interesting thickening of the polarity between Hamilton and Burr. Because, Hamilton is a creep toward his wife. He was called by Martha Washington, a tomcat--or she named her favorite tomcat 'Hamilton' to indicate that he was just a very--he was a real womanizer, and after he got married, maybe for a while he settled down, but not for too long. And he had this affair. And, even though the musical does portray the relationship with his wife as quite a deep one--I don't how accurate that actually is.

Russ Roberts: Sure.

Martha Nussbaum: So, he was a creep in that realm. Whereas, Burr is pretty interesting, in that respect. He marries a woman that's 15 years older than he is, Theodosia. He does appear to love her. And indeed the musical creates a song about love:

Love doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
[lyrics, Hamilton]
is assigned to Burr in [?] Hamilton. Then, Theodosia dies very quickly. But they have a daughter, first, who is also named Theodosia. And that Theodosia was the apple of Burr's eye. He made her the hostess of all her dinner parties. He taught her Latin and Greek. He taught her how to hunt and shoot. He really was a feminist. And not just by accident. Because he kept a portrait of the feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft on the wall in the study in his room. That's not in the musical, but it was true in real life. And also, in real life, he introduced the first Bill for women to have the vote in the New York State Legislature; and it's like the first we know about anywhere. Because it wasn't until, like 150 years later, that women really started getting the vote. And we know that in England, John Stuart Mill introduced a motion for women to have the vote in 1872. But here, we're talking 1790. And Burr is already in favor of women having the vote. So, he was, in that area, he was complicated and deep and somewhat heroic. He adored Theodosia, the daughter, who unfortunately died at sea: the ship capsized at sea. And then the rest of his life was kind of aimless, with women, and so on. But he really did love that daughter. And so, the musical is great because it doesn't make the choice easy. And so, in this other area, you are quite right: that Hamilton is truthful; he has a lot of integrity; but, before that, he was a real creep. I mean, this woman--he was a player, and she was just a--lured him into a casual liaison and then blackmailed him--so it wasn't like it was a deep love of any kind. And he was just--

Russ Roberts: Flawed--

Martha Nussbaum: interested in womanizing. Yeah. So, it was very interesting. And there's also the possibility that he just liked the sound of his own voice too much. That's mentioned in the musical, as in real life: That Hamilton always said twice as much on any issue as any other person. So, like, any speech he made in the Assembly was a couple of hours long. And anything he wrote was just--he kind a kind of verbal flow that was excessive. And some people did think that that pamphlet he wrote confessing his own adultery was an example of that--that he just loved to dramatize his own life. It's almost like the days of the Internet were anticipated, where people love to sensationalize their own lives by publicizing everything they do sexually. And there was a little bit of that in Hamilton.

Russ Roberts: Yeah. Human nature hasn't changed since the 18th century. I always like to remind myself of that. It's very important.


Russ Roberts: As you point out, Burr's character is complex and rich. And he has many admirable things about him. Which makes the musical and real-life story more powerful, because he's not just a cardboard villain who kills Hamilton in a fit, or in anger. He feels his honor has been harmed. And he has many redeeming moments throughout the show. Without going to the ones that you just mentioned. Of course, what's interesting is his shot kills two people, really. It kills Hamilton, and it kills himself. And I think there's--I can't remember the line, but there's a moment of awareness there that--you know, Burr, after that, after martyring Hamilton, essentially, he becomes a cardboard character. He's irredeemable by history. And then, Miranda is really--

Martha Nussbaum: I don't really agree[?]. I mean, if you read Gore Vidal's novel, Burr, he doesn't like that one event does him in. It's rather that he goes on, for of course, another long time. He doesn't die until almost the age of 90. And he leads this strange rebellion in some of the Western Territories trying to establish a separate republic. But it's like the same thing is in his character that made him behave badly with Hamilton, make him a traitor to his country in that other incident. And so it's not so much that that incident did him in, but it was part of a--I think, a lifelong pattern: That he didn't have a sense of honor, true honor. That he didn't have a sense of integrity. And he was willing to do things that aggrandized himself. But, not totally dumb things. Like, this rebellion, if it had succeeded, then there would have been another country and Burr would have been likely King of that country. So, it was a fantasy that wasn't totally ridiculous, that he got taken in by.

Russ Roberts: I'm just suggesting it didn't turn out so well for him.

Martha Nussbaum: Well, it did not. Sure enough. I mean--but, but, in the meantime, he was received by everyone, after the brouhaha about the duel [?], he was received in American society and in European society. He met all kinds of fancy people in England. He talked to the founder of utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham, and they formed quite a friendship.

Russ Roberts: Interesting.

Martha Nussbaum: So, he had a pretty complicated and interesting life after that. And I think Gore Vidal's novel, Burr, is very good, because it's told mostly from the point of view of Burr. And so what's so interesting is to see how the personality of Burr is sort of like a yellow stain spreading over everything. This enviousness changes the way the recounts all the episodes that we know about from history. So, Washington comes off as a real dummy, and dupe of Hamilton. Of course, Hamilton comes off very badly. So, I really do think that novel is a great example of what in literary discourse is called the 'unreliable narrator'--where you [?] see how different the world looks from Burr's eyes. But he--you know, if you think about whether a Burr could ever succeed, and how far could a Burr succeed, it's an interesting question. I think, you know, when we think about people who have had spectacular falls from grace, someone like Richard Nixon, for example--I don't think that he is a Burr, actually. I think he had a lot more of Hamilton in him. And really had grand ideas about the opening to China. And, so it's not surprising that John Adam's great opera, Nixon in China shows us a Hamiltonian Nixon, if you will--like a Nixon with big ideas and true love of what he was doing. I think that part was real. And then the other part was there, too. So, Nixon is the example of where the, kind of the envy/honor part ended up doing in the good part. And maybe Burr just didn't have the honor part at all. But he certainly got pretty far.


Russ Roberts: I want to come back to the envy--and we'll go into that in some detail. But I want to digress for a second on something you said a few minutes ago that's haunting me. Listeners to this program know that I'm not a big fan--there are a lot of politicians I don't like, and my general attitude toward politics is: A pox on both their houses. But it's interesting that you made the point that, to be a player--certainly in the United States, democracy, you have to do some things: you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet, to get into power, to do things. Even if your intentions are good. Which is where you started--that the people who go into politics to try to make the world a better place--you conceded that people, of course, to get there often have to do things that are not so virtuous. And certainly Adam Smith was very aware of this and talked about it a lot. And he also saw that the case in business as well--I think that was more true in his time, perhaps than ours, but maybe not. But my point is that--I never thought about this--you said, unless you get to be a monarch, in which case you don't have to do those things to get into power because you've already got it already through heredity, or whatever. And yet, I think most monarchs are remarkably more despicable than most democratic leaders, because of that competition. So, I keep thinking back to one of my favorite EconTalk episodes of all time with Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, where he mentioned that King Leopold was revered in Belgium and despised in the Congo. In the Congo he was an absolute emperor: he could do whatever he wanted. In Belgium, he was constrained by Parliament. And, he did some progressive things in Belgium that a lot of people liked. In the Congo, he was a murderer, and a thief. And a looter. So, it's interesting. We can bemoan the half-empty glass of democracy and its political ugliness; but, compared to the alternatives it's not so bad.

Martha Nussbaum: Well, I think that's a great point. Of course, with monarchs, they also just--there's this lottery aspect that people of absolutely no ability at all end up being monarchs because they [?] were the first, the oldest son. And you see this in Shakespeare's history plays where people like Richard II and Henry VI are perfectly fine people, but they should never have been running anything. And they couldn't really run anything. And Henry VI probably should have gone and become a priest, or whatever he thinks he wants to be. So, there's that aspect. But I do think you are right, that democracy constrains people in certain ways. Absolutely right. But it also means that you've got to be willing to really play the game of getting people on your side, if you are going to do anything fine in democracy. But let's take the contrast between Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter, okay?

Russ Roberts: Ohhh, I was just thinking about Lyndon Johnson. I love Lyndon Johnson's portrait in the--

Martha Nussbaum: He was an honorable person, but he couldn't get anything done. He had no ability to play that game of compromise and putting together a group of people, etc. With Johnson--I've been through all the volumes of Robert Caro's wonderful biography--

Russ Roberts: Incredible book--

Martha Nussbaum: and he certainly in some ways a very despicable person, with very little marital honor, little personal honor. But, when he wanted to get the Civil Rights Act passed, he knew how to wheel and deal; he knew how to use whatever he had on people to get them to vote for it and to make some package that they could support. So, you know, I'm glad that we had Johnson at that time in our nation's history. I think if we had had Jimmy Carter at that time, we'd never have gotten the Civil Rights Act.

Russ Roberts: You're glad we had him because you weren't married to him. Although, you know, there were a lot of people who he crushed ruthlessly on his way, to be able to do that. And I will never forget--I encourage somebody out there listening to find the page--it's in the 2nd volume if I remember correctly of the Caro biography--where LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) needs the endorsement of a racist. I think the guy's got a music show. I can't remember the exact details. And Johnson doesn't want this guy's endorsement because--he's a wicked man. And, within the span of about 15 minutes or so in the book--it's a page--he talks himself into why it's a good thing to get it. Because, he's going to do all this good once he gets into the Senate and into power. It's a very slippery slope, and a lot of people, of course, unconstrained by democracy climb over a lot of bodies to get into that power and then just use it mainly to help themselves.

Martha Nussbaum: Yeahhh. But when I think about which big political leaders I really like and I would love to meet and be friends with, and so on, it turns out that they are usually people who didn't come up through the rough-and-tumble of democracy. I'm thinking particularly of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Now, Nehru was elevated because he was already a Kashmiri Brahmin; he was aristocratic to the core. If you listen to recordings of his speeches on Indian independence, he sounds like he's from the most upper-crust British school. I mean, he's just not an Indian democrat. Gandhi was much more a man of the people. But, Nehru was a very introspective person, of beautiful character, I think, who loved his family--his wife, his daughter--loved his friends; and was very, very honorable. But he never could have been elevated in today's India, which is a pure, much more a pure democracy. Because then he would have had to have had traits of pure competitiveness and party politics that he just didn't have. So, you know, it's very complicated, I think. Maybe what it teaches us is we might want something that combines the rough-and-tumble of democratic politics with the respect for ideas, with the respect for the leadership of--I don't know--thoughtful people. Which, right now, I think we don't have so much in our country.


Russ Roberts: Let's go back to envy. You say--this is a quote:

A society that rejects fixed orders and destinies in favor of mobility and competition opens the door wide to envy the positional achievements of others. If envy is sufficiently widespread, it can eventually threaten political order, particularly when a society has committed itself to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
How does envy play out in Hamilton, and how do you see it playing out in America today?

Martha Nussbaum: Okay. Well, let me just talk a little about the emotion itself, because there is a lot of stuff written about envy. John Rawls, the great political philosopher, devoted a long discussion to envy in The Theory of Justice. So what is it, what is it like, and how is it different from jealousy? So, envy is a painful emotion that focuses on the fact that other people are enjoying good things and you are not. So, the difference from jealousy that people usually identify is that jealousy is all about competition for a preferred rival; and it's about insecurity that the person feels he's a very particular person, or particular rival. And jealousy can be satisfied, because you might just come to the conclusion that your spouse really loves you; your spouse is not unfaithful. And unless you are a rather pathological character like Othello or like the character in Proust's novel where jealousy is never satisfied, then jealousy is not going to destroy you, in most human situations. But, thinking about envy, it's really Iago, not Othello, who is the envy person. Because, what he wants is position. He wants the good things of life. And when he sees a person enjoying it and he doesn't, there's a kind of bottomless pit that opens up, this feeling of hopelessness towards the good things in life: that you see someone else as being on top, and you're not. So, what John Rawls does is to then ask, 'Okay, clearly that could destabilize democracy. So, what can we say about under what conditions would envy not be such a destabilizing factor in democracy?' And what he says, I think, is really, really interesting. Namely, what we first of all have to do is arrange to show people that their efforts can bear fruit. There is some good thing they can achieve, just by being the people they are. They are not going to be cut out entirely. And, while we can do this by having good employment opportunities, having a good social safety net, and things of this sort, we can also do it by kind of narrowing the gap between the top and the bottom. Because, what is happening with Iago is, the general is very different from his aide-de-camp. And he just knows he's not going to get to be the general. So, if we have a society like that, where there's a few people who are on top and everyone else is kind of in the outer darkness, that's not so good. Because then there could be a real rebellion of envy. And so what we have to do is to kind of narrow the gap between the bottom and the top. And show that there are lots of things that you can do to get yourself into a good position. And then, what I would add to this--and I guess I do it in the piece by thinking about a high school, which I think is a veritable cauldron of envy--well, I think I don't do it actually in the published version of the piece--

Russ Roberts: Yeah, I don't think it's in there. But yeah. It certainly is a culture of envy. That's for sure.

Martha Nussbaum: It's a good way of thinking about it. What can a high school do, to not be a culture of envy? Well. So, one thing is to focus on lots of different things that people can do to achieve. So, if you can have sports stars, fine. And they are going to be the popular kids, fine. You could also encourage achievement in the arts. You can encourage achievement in--heaven help us--even scholarship. And, you know, my daughter went to a school where they had an Arts Olympics alongside the Sports Olympics. And that was really good for her, because she hated sports and wasn't very good in sports. So, you know, these are the things that you can do: just a number of different paths to a kind of positional achievement. And so, these are thoughts that I think we have to have in American society, be they probably--there are several paths to pre-eminence, but not enough, because there's the cult of celebrity; there's the cult of sports stars; and then there's politics. All of these revolving around fame. And all of those things create a lot of envy. But, I think it would be a good thing for our society to do much more to honor school teaching, to honor people who serve in various ways--you know, various service jobs--nursing, taking care of aging people. If the society could recognize those achievements and give them pre-eminence, that would be an extremely good thing to do. But also, I think we need to narrow the gap and have more of a social safety net, because then people, whatever their feeling they lack, at least they have basic wherewithal of security and a basically flourishing life. And I think in Europe, you often achieve that kind of sense of security.

Russ Roberts: Well, we could devote an entire show to that issue, to this issue. And I don't want to talk too long in response. I just want to say two things, trying to be brief. One is: It's such a corrosive emotion. I can think of few things I wish more for my children than to not feel envy at the success of others and to rejoice in the success of others instead. And, I wonder if our politics in catering to it is making two mistakes: First of all, for all you know, in the last 8 years, we really changed the incomes at the top. And in fact, the gap has gotten smaller. But you only know that--and you can perceive it in a high school, the gap. But you can't perceive it in a country. The only way you perceive it in a country is through data. The data are often flawed. But if the data were different, the idea that somehow that would be compensation or make you feel better or less envious, if you were told that the top CEO (Chief Executive Officer) only made x times instead of 2x times or 10x times more than the average person--it feels like a really bad political strategy to cater to that emotion, and to then allow people to market it. Which is what we have now, on both sides of the political fence. And I think it's incredibly destructive. So, I don't see that as the way to solve the problem. I do think we should create capabilities. You and I agree on that: that we can give people a chance to transform themselves personally. But to always be worrying about the gap between me and someone else--I think it is the road to unhappiness at the individual level; and it's the road to tyranny at the national level.

Martha Nussbaum: Well. I think, you know, there are a lot of things to say. I think we need ultimately to talk about the nature of media today, because, on the one hand, the Internet creates many openings. You would think it helps us get rid of envy, because now anyone can be famous. If you write your blog and put it out there, you don't have to, like, go through the usual channels of getting a publisher to publish your works. So, it's done some good things for envy. But, unfortunately, I think what's happened more often is it's ratcheted up the focus on celebrity. How many people are citing you? How many Likes does a post have? And, you know, all that stuff. Now, I'm not expert on this because I don't actually belong to Facebook and I don't actually belong to Twitter. I like the old style of just writing an email to my friends. But, in any case, I think people are preoccupied by citations, by others. So, even before that, there were citation indexes--

Russ Roberts: Yep--

Martha Nussbaum: and the whole idea that you promote somebody because their work is cited always seemed to me pretty silly, because it might be cited as bad, or as an example of some error. And no one even bothers to ask that. But, in any case, that was still not as bad as this social media thing, where it's just the--the [?] and celebrity of some brief remark that you make that gives you your title to status. And so I think: What can we do about that? Well, I guess I don't know how to use social media for those ends. So, what I personally would focus on is more like, let's reinforce in the classroom and in our local community discussion groups and in fora like our local public libraries, which are wonderful centers now of adult education and public discussion--let's reinforce this discussion. Let's re-discover the joy of coming together and actually talking together about an issue, where we are not worried about who is famous, but what we are worried about is what's true. And we can encourage that. And I do feel, people are hungry for real discussion. People flock to book stores, public libraries, and so on, whenever they can. This is more of an urban phenomenon right now because that's where it's possible. But, you know, it should, we should do much more to encourage that. To have discussions surrounding museums, galleries, musical events of all kinds. And, of course, popular media--like the musical, Hamilton. So, I guess to encourage real discussion is what I think would help counteract this cult of evanescent celebrity. What do you think about that?


Russ Roberts: Well, I think it's really a--you know, it's a part of life that we've lost a handle on, which is character development; the role that religion used to play. It still does, but it's a much smaller role. For all that public education used to play. But it's a much smaller role, trying to help us cope with our own shortcomings, our own weaknesses. You know, my kids want to spend less time on Facebook. But it's hard for them. I want to spend less time on Twitter. But it's hard for me. So, how do we control our urges, impulses, etc., and lead a dignified life, is--well, that's part of what we're doing, I hope. It's part of what you do, teaching philosophy. I want to come back to that. It's part of what I try to do a little bit of here at EconTalk. But, your point about public conversation, certainly and I [hold/hope?] at EconTalk in public--a lot of people just want to see human beings. Listening is wonderful. You can't be face-to-face with many people in your life at any one time. But now and then you want a human being. You want to interact with a human being. You want to look in their eyes. You want to smile at them. It's a human thing that we're losing a little bit of. I wonder if there would be some sort of backlash. We'll see.

Martha Nussbaum: Well, let's see. I do feel like what we do know--and I did just finish a book on aging, coming out shortly, coming out with a colleague. So, one of the things we talk about is the search for meaning, as people are aging; and the fact that increasingly people are seeking out this forum for discussion. Seeking out humanities courses in adult education. All kinds of places where you can really search for virtue, in terms of the old myth. And, you know, that's partly because they've lived a life of competitive me-first-ism. And then suddenly that doesn't seem to be about, what would you give your life its meaning. And then you start thinking more like Hamilton: What shall I create that's going to outlive me? So, the search for meaning, I think that's bringing people back, if they live long enough. And if they have some leisure--to the real discussion and real reading, real pursuit of important, good things. And I think that's great. I think it would be good if people have that started when they are undergraduates. And one reason I'm such a big defender of humanities courses for all undergraduates is that I think then, when they are much younger, they learn what it is to search for truth and to search for meaning. Of course, they should learn it also in the sciences, because science, really deep science, not just applied money-oriented science but deep, theoretical science, that's also search for truth and meaning. So, as undergraduates, they learn to search for meaning. Then they have to go out and do a job that may not seem to be very meaningful to them. But if they can keep that love going, outside their work, or come back to it after they retire, or in place of retiring have a second career or something--that, I think is very, very important. I also think--and this isn't for everyone's taste--I think religion is very important as a way of keeping the search for truth and the search for meaning going, all the way through human life. When I go to synagogue, I do feel that we are all coming together to talk about real things. And, you know, sometimes, maybe people are as envious in the synagogue--one thing to be the president of the Board or whatever, as they would be anyplace else. But, on the whole, you know, life is focused on meaning. And that's why I keep [?] come there--come there for the meaning, and the music, and so on. And so these are areas in life in America. Is it the arts, and humanities? And then religion? Which, seem to me, less prone to turn people envious and more prone to turning them kind of in the direction of virtues. So, if we can just remember that and encourage that, I think that's helpful.

Russ Roberts: I want to say something on behalf of religion which I think is often misunderstood by people who don't have a role for religion in their life. I'm religious, as my listeners know. I'm a religious Jew. So, I also sit in synagogue, as you do, and I think people who are not religious assume that religious people thereby know all the answers: everything is taken care of; there are no doubts any more and you don't have to worry about anything. And it's all taken care of. When, in fact for me, religion is really the way that I process and consume and think about the mystery of life and the puzzle of suffering and the tragedy and bittersweetness of a finite existence, in such a crazy place called 'our lives.' So, I want to echo that.

Martha Nussbaum: That's very nicely put. And I would add, the Jewish tradition anyway is all about continuing the argument and taking responsibility for your choices. And, as a Reform Jew, I think, well, the text tradition in history is something you should know about; but we should really be committed to is following the moral law and making it real in your life and in other people's lives. So, it's about that kind of search. And so, it's not that different--on a smaller and more local scale from Hamilton's search for political virtue.


Russ Roberts: A good segue. But I want to say one more thing about the Humanities; and then I want to ask you a question about philosophy in the Humanities. I've been reading Leisure, by Josef Pieper, which is a very strange and interesting book--a book of philosophy written, I think, in 1952--where he complains about our emphasis on work and that leisure is only to recharge your batteries to do more work. And he tries to make the case for a different kind of leisure. It happens to be in a religious context, but that's not necessary--I don't think. He claims it is. I don't think it is. But let's put that to the side. Certainly he makes the claim that there should be leisure that is devoid of usefulness. Not, idleness, but rather exploring philosophy, exploring the meaning of life, exploring the transcendent. And, that's a remarkably unpopular view in 2017. And it's been unpopular in America, even among young people, now, for, it seems, a while. The Humanities are taking a pounding. So, I'd like to hear you say something in defense of them. In particular, my middle son is thinking of being a philosophy major. And, I think that's a great idea. I think most people would say, 'What a waste that is!' So, I disagree. And I'd like to hear your view.

Martha Nussbaum: Well, of course, I disagree. I wanted to stop, though, for a minute, with this word 'transcendent.' Now, sometimes that means the focus should be the other world. As a Reform Jew, I--

Russ Roberts: Not what I mean--that's not what I mean--

Martha Nussbaum: --don't believe that. [?] It could just mean going further, going deeper, going better. And that's what I think it means. For me, in general transcending our laziness, our selfishness, and trying, particularly, to do something good for other people. Okay. So, the Humanities--I actually am not as much of a pessimist as you seem to be, because I've just done a new edition of my book, Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities. And, for that, I looked at a lot of data. And, in fact, in our country, where in fact crucial, that we have a liberal arts system, so people study humanities sometimes as Humanities majors, but even if not, they'll study it in their required general education courses. There's actually a pretty robust increase in Humanities enrollments: particularly in community colleges enrollments in the Humanities are way up. And, as I mentioned, in adult continuing education, huge upward surge. So, I am not such a pessimist. I think people need--they feel a thirst for meaning. And it's a very important thing that you don't have to make that your whole life. You could say, 'I'm going to major in computer science because that's where I think the jobs are.' Although, not entirely true: I think there are actually more unemployed computer science majors than unemployed English majors. But anyway, you can do what you want to do. And, still prepare yourself for the whole of life by taking Humanities courses. And we are so lucky that we have this system. Our country, Scotland, Canada, South Korea--those are the only countries that have that liberal arts system. In most countries of the world, like all of Europe, basically, except for Scotland; and in all of Asia, you have to choose, when you enter university, one subject. And then you do only that. So, it's either all Philosophy, or no philosophy; all Literature, or no literature. And so, in that context, it's not surprising that parents and kids are scared. And they think: 'Well, what am I going to do, if I do 3 years of nothing but Philosophy? What am I equipped for?' Well, I don't think they should have to make that choice. Now, there are pockets to resistance to that in the rest of the world. So, for example, all the Jesuit universities in Latin America and elsewhere are basically on the Liberal Arts model. But I really think that's the right way for all universities to be. Because, university education has a two-fold purpose. It prepares you for a career; but it also prepares you for being a good citizen and having a complete, meaningful life. And those are both important purposes. But, we are lucky, anyway, that our university system does preserve that sense. And I believe that this is something that, although there are some politicians who like to beat up on the Humanities, by and large, when I actually go to places and interact with the community, people from the community love to turn out to Humanities lectures. They support the Humanities. And often, they support it with their money as well as their presence.

Russ Roberts: Do you think majoring in Philosophy makes you a better person?

Martha Nussbaum: I think it makes you a person who is better at detecting inconsistences and flaws in your own reasoning and the reasoning of other people. And I think that is one part of being a good person, because often, there's a lot of hypocrisy in society. And so, people can kind of mask some bad program by making a specious argument for it. So, learning to detect this kind of falsity and unmask it--that's part of being a good person. But, of course, I mean, look at the Socratic Dialogues of Plato. Socrates did think that he was doing something valuable and morally good. But that assumed that people had basically good intentions. So, what they lacked was the ability to put that all together into a coherent program. And then they got led astray by people who said, 'Oh, we'll go in this direction. That direction' because they really weren't fully clear about what they were doing. But, if they didn't--if they were vicious people to begin with, then, you know, it isn't going to help them. So, you've got to hope that before people get into Philosophy, they've learned a lot of other things, first: I mean, that they've had a good upbringing in their family, and in their community. That their parents have told them about respect and love for other people. That their schools have taught them about bigotry and bullying and so on. And I think, you know, by and large we do know how to do that. We don't always do that. But, a friend of mine is an actress in a children's' theater, and she acts in front of hundreds of children every week. And the teachers bring the kids in. And right now they've got a new play about--it's based on the "Ugly Duckling," but interestingly, they don't want to make it like beauty is the be-all and end-all, so they turned it into the duckling who is different. Right? It's kind of--

Russ Roberts: Let's water it down. It's--

Martha Nussbaum: Well, I mean, it's not the original. Most fairy tales are morally bad. So, anyhow, this duckling with his blue cuffs[?] rather than green is bullied and made fun of. And then they sing a song--be an upstander, not a bystander. Which apparently is a very common slogan now in elementary schools: about, you see something bad going on, say something; don't just let it happen. So, these kids are learning, through theater and through their teachers and so on, the rudiments of being a good person. And then, at some point, when they are older and more sophisticated, they can do Philosophy over that basis. And I think that would supply something important. But it's not--of course, it's not sufficient by itself.

Russ Roberts: I'm just going to add one thing, I think I hadn't really thought of before. I'm not a big fan of majoring in Psychology. I'm biased against it. My father has a Master's in Psychology, and he told me never to study it. And so, I never studied it in college. But I've become a fan of many psychologists through this program, as listeners know. And it seems to me that there's a piece of psychology--an important piece, and it's part of philosophy as well--you can kind of stretch and say it's part of economics, certainly the moral philosophy part of economics that comes from Adam Smith. And that's self-awareness. I think--I think none of these things make you a good person. But they give you the potential to be a good person. And I would argue that without self-awareness it's going to be extremely difficult to do anything good. It also could help you be--if you want to be a wicked person, being self-aware is probably effective, too. But, for those of us who like to think of ourselves as wanting to be good, being self-aware--which is, to me, a lifetime challenge--is something we don't really teach very well. And it would be a good thing if we did. I think--we do a little bit of it here at EconTalk. We talk about confirmation bias, which is a huge thing. But I think it's a big part of life that we don't think about very systematically.

Martha Nussbaum: Yeah. I agree entirely. And I do agree that Socrates didn't get the whole thing right. I have a very strong interest in psychoanalysis. And I had a wonderful discussion recently with my colleague and friend Jonathan Lear, a propos of his new book, Wisdom Won From Illness. But we had a kind of public forum together in Hyde Park, where we talked about how philosophy needs to learn from psychoanalysis. And how psychoanalysis needs to learn from philosophy. I think they both have things to learn from each other. But certainly, philosophy that doesn't care about the unconscious, about the deep inner life of the person's emotions and so on--that's not going to be enough. And so we need[?] more than one type of understanding. And then, the question is, of course, how do you do that? And I ended up asking Jonathan--who does in fact see psychoanalytic citations[?] on a regular basis as well as writing and teaching--'You know, what else can we do if we are interested in that kind of understanding but we are not actually practicing analysts? What do we do to make it real?' And I struggle with that. And I try to do it by writing about the emotions, and writing in a way that shows that kind of understanding. But, I'm aware that the nature of the communication that I have with my own students and my own readers is in some ways only skin deep. I mean, I'm not an analyst. And so, then, that other part, that goes beneath their skin, someone like Jonathan, has to do that part.


Russ Roberts: Yeah. That's--um--a complicated thing, the human psyche, consciousness, what we really want. All those things are part of leading a good life and understanding them, and understanding yourself. I want to finish with a point that was made by one of the critics of your essay, Boston Review, for people to respond to--we'll put up links to the whole forum--had an interesting approach. She said, and I'm [not?] quoting[?] her, 'The focus on being in the room where it happens, the focus on being--' I'm now, belatedly bringing us back to Hamilton: that the focus on being an insider, to be at the levers of power, is not the only way that we can make the world a better place. And of course, we do that in many, many ways in the sm

          Comment on Home sick by Shannon        
I'm sure it will! My husband is from Belgium, moved to Canada 4 years ago. He used to get cranky sometimes missing things from home, but lately the thought of moving back seems more scary to him :P
          ÐŸÐµÑ€Ð²Ñ‹Ð¹ в Украине Jumpstyle клип!        
Украина решила не отставать от Европы в таком популярном и молодом танцевально стиле, который захлеснул своей мега популярностью такие страны как: Holland , Belgium, Dania, Germany, Poland.... Это танцевальный,...

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          Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2017        

Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2017 From 20-22 June, the SQUARE Brussels Exhibition Centre in Brussels, Belgium, was the scene of Commercial UAV Expo Europe, the trade fair and conference on the integration of drones for major industrial & commercial applications.  It counted over 500 visitors from 50 different countries and 52 exhibiting companies which presented […]

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          â€œRPAS 2016” Conference        

“RPAS 2016” Conference On 22 & 23 June 2016 the second biannual “RPAS 2016” conference organized by LARPAS cooperation organization “UVS International” took place in Brussels, Belgium. It is the one & only European Civil RPAS Operators’ Forum. A representative from our association Ilmars Ozols also went there to find out the latest tendencies. 34 […]

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          RPAS CivOps 2016        

Participation at conference “RPAS CivOps 2016” On 19 & 20 January 2016 the “RPAS CivOps 2016” conference took place in the conference centre at Royal Military Academy (RMA) in Brussels, Belgium. It is the one & only European Civil RPAS Operators’ Forum. LARPAS representative Ilmars Ozols also went there to find out the latest tendencies. […]

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          Hány ország van a földön?        
Elég gyakran felmerülő földrajzi kérdés, hogy tulajdonképpen hány ország van a földön, másként hány ország van a világon? Természetesen ezt nehéz pontosan megállapítani, hiszen ahogyan a történelmet figyelemmel kísérjük, rengeteg állam jött és jön is létre az évszázadok, olykor évtizedek alatt, éppen úgy, ahogyan egyesek megszűnnek vagy integrálódnak más országokba.

A legelfogadottabb és legmegbízhatóbb adatok szerint a világ jelenleg 196 országot különböztet meg bolygónkon.

Ezt az adatot, más megbízható adatok is alátámasztják, melyek jól feltérképezik a világ országait és ezzel együtt arra is rámutat, hogy mely országokat nem ismer el az adott szervezet, tehát kvázi mely országokat hagyja ki a számításából.

Ilyen például az Egyesült Nemzetek Szervezete (ENSZ), angol nevén United Nations, melynek 193 tagja van. Ellentétben a gyakori tévhittel, ez a szám nem reprezentálja a földön található összes országot. Nyilván való, hogy vannak az ENSZ-től elkülönülő független országok, ilyen például a Vatikán és Koszovó.

Az Egyesült Államok külügyminisztériuma 195 országot különböztet meg a világon. Ez a lista viszont politikai okokból nem ismeri el különálló országként Taiwant, mely 1971-ig az ENSZ-nek is tagja volt.

Érdemes megemlíteni a témával kapcsolatban, hogy vannak olyan tartományok, régiók, melyek bár a köztudatban gyakran országként jelennek meg, valójában nem rendelkeznek a független állam címével, illetve bizonyos irányítási szerepet más ország gyakorolja felettük. Erre kiváló példa Észak-Írország, Skócia, Wales, Anglia.

Biztosak vagyunk benne, hogy néhány olvasónkat egészen konkrétan érdekli, hogy mely országok tartoznak a nagy 196-os listába, ezért elkészítettük a listát az országokhoz tartozó fővárosokkal. Ne tévesszen meg senkit, hogy egy országhoz adott esetben több főváros is tartozik. Bizonyos országok több főváros kijelölésével oldják meg közigazgatási ügyintézésüket.

Afganisztán - Kabul
Albánia - Tirane
Algéria - Algiers
Andorra - Andorra la Vella
Angola - Luanda
Antigua és Barbuda - Saint John's
Argentína - Buenos Aires
Örményország - Yerevan
Ausztrália - Canberra
Ausztria - Vienna
Azerbajdzsán - Baku
Bahamák - Nassau
Bahrein - Manama
Banglades - Dhaka
Barbados - Bridgetown
Fehéroroszország - Minsk
Belgium - Brussels
Belize - Belmopan
Benin - Porto-Novo
Bhután - Thimphu
Bolívia - La Paz (közigazgatási); Sucre (bírói)
Bosznia és Hercegovina - Sarajevo
Botswana - Gaborone
Brazília - Brasilia
Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Bulgária - Sofia
Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou
Burundi - Bujumbura
Kambodzsa - Phnom Penh
Kamerun - Yaounde
Kanada - Ottawa
Zöld-foki-szigetek - Praia
Közép-afrikai Köztársaság - Bangui
Csád - N'Djamena
Chile - Santiago
Kína - Beijing
Kolumbia - Bogota
Comore-szigetek - Moroni
Kongói Köztársaság - Brazzaville
Kongói Demokratikus Köztársaság - Kinshasa
Costa Rica - San Jose
Cote d'Ivoire - Yamoussoukro (hivatalos); Abidjan (tényleges)
Horvátország - Zagreb
Kuba - Havana
Ciprus - Nicosia
Cseh Köztársaság - Prague
Dánia - Copenhagen
Dzsibuti - Djibouti
Dominika - Roseau
Dominikai Köztársaság - Santo Domingo
Kelet-Timor (Timor-Leste) - Dili
Ecuador - Quito
Egyiptom - Cairo
El Salvador - San Salvador
Egyenlítői Guinea - Malabo
Eritrea - Asmara
Észtország - Tallinn
Etiópia - Addis Ababa
Fidzsi - Suva
Finnország - Helsinki
Franciaország - Paris
Gabon - Libreville
Gambia - Banjul
Grúzia - Tbilisi
Németország - Berlin
Ghána - Accra
Görögország - Athens
Grenada - Saint George's
Guatemala - Guatemala City
Guinea - Conakry
Bissau-Guinea - Bissau
Guyana - Georgetown
Haiti - Port-au-Prince
Honduras - Tegucigalpa
Magyarország - Budapest
Izland - Reykjavik
India - New Delhi
Indonézia - Jakarta
Irán - Tehran
Irak - Baghdad
Írország - Dublin
Izrael - Jerusalem
Olaszország - Rome
Jamaica - Kingston
Japán - Tokyo
Jordánia - Amman
Kazahsztán - Astana
Kenya - Nairobi
Kiribati - Tarawa Atoll
Észak-Korea - Pyongyang
Dél-Korea - Seoul
Koszovó - Pristina
Kuvait - Kuwait City
Kirgizisztán - Bishkek
Laosz - Vientiane
Lettország - Riga
Libanon - Beirut
Lesotho - Maseru
Libéria - Monrovia
Líbia - Tripoli
Liechtenstein - Vaduz
Litvánia - Vilnius
Luxemburg - Luxembourg
Macedónia - Skopje
Madagaszkár - Antananarivo
Malawi - Lilongwe
Malajzia - Kuala Lumpur
Maldív-szigetek - Male
Mali - Bamako
Málta - Valletta
Marshall-szigetek - Majuro
Mauritánia - Nouakchott
Mauritius - Port Louis
Mexikó - Mexico City
Mikronéziai Szövetségi Államok - Palikir
Moldova - Chisinau
Monaco - Monaco
Mongólia - Ulaanbaatar
Montenegró - Podgorica
Marokkó - Rabat
Mozambik - Maputo
Mianmar (Burma) - Rangoon (Yangon); Naypyidaw or Nay Pyi Taw (közigazgatási)
Namíbia - Windhoek
Nauru - Nincs hivatalos főváros; A kormányzat Yaren tartományban található
Nepál - Kathmandu
Hollandia - Amsterdam; The Hague (a kormányzat helye)
Új-Zéland - Wellington
Nicaragua - Managua
Niger - Niamey
Nigéria - Abuja
Norvégia - Oslo
Omán - Muscat
Pakisztán - Islamabad
Palau - Melekeok
Panama - Panama City
Pápua Új-Guinea - Port Moresby
Paraguay - Asuncion
Peru - Lima
Fülöp-szigetek - Manila
Lengyelország - Warsaw
Portugália - Lisbon
Katar - Doha
Románia - Bucharest
Oroszország - Moscow
Ruanda - Kigali
Saint Kitts és Nevis - Basseterre
Santa Lucia - Castries
Saint Vincent és és a Grenadine-szigetek - Kingstown
Szamoa - Apia
San Marino - San Marino
São Tomé és Príncipe - Sao Tome
Szaúd-Arábia - Riyadh
Szenegál - Dakar
Szerbia - Belgrade
Seychelle-szigetek - Victoria
Sierra Leone - Freetown
Szingapúr - Singapore
Szlovákia - Bratislava
Szlovénia - Ljubljana
Salamon-szigetek - Honiara
Szomália - Mogadishu
Dél-Afrika - Pretoria (közigazgatási); Cape Town (törvényhozói); Bloemfontein (bírósági)
Dél-Szudán - Juba (Áthelyezve Ramciel-be)
Spanyolország - Madrid
Srí Lanka - Colombo; Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (törvényhozói)
Szudán - Khartoum
Suriname - Paramaribo
Szváziföld - Mbabane
Svédország - Stockholm
Svájc - Bern
Szíria - Damascus
Tajvan - Taipei
Tádzsikisztán - Dushanbe
Tanzánia - Dar es Salaam; Dodoma (törvényhozói)
Thaiföld - Bangkok
Togo - Lome
Tonga - Nuku'alofa
Trinidad és Tobago - Port-of-Spain
Tunézia - Tunis
Törökország - Ankara
Türkmenisztán - Ashgabat
Tuvalu - Vaiaku village, Funafuti province
Uganda - Kampala
Ukrajna - Kyiv
Egyesült Arab Emírségek - Abu Dhabi
Egyesült Királyság - London
Egyesült Államok - Washington D.C.
Uruguay - Montevideo
Üzbegisztán - Tashkent
Vanuatu - Port-Vila
Vatikán (Vatikánváros) (Holy See) - Vatican City
Venezuela - Caracas
Vietnam - Hanoi
Jemen - Sanaa
Zambia - Lusaka
Zimbabwe - Harare

          (DF) Eurojust's Bulgarian Bureau Has Coordinated Several Successful Investigations        
August 7 (BTA) - Eurojust's Bulgarian bureau coordinated several investigations having resulted in successful international operations in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, the Prosecution's Press Office said. This is the first such case in the organization's practice.
           Care pathways of non-western immigrant cancer patients in Belgium: having cancer in a foreign country         
Aelbrecht, Karolien and Vos, Jolien and Deveugele, Myriam (2013) Care pathways of non-western immigrant cancer patients in Belgium: having cancer in a foreign country. In: 2013 International conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH), 29 Sept - 2 Oct 2013, Montréal, QC, Canada.
          Keputusan Liga Hoki Dunia 2017 Separuh Akhir         
Jadual Dan Keputusan Liga Hoki Dunia 2017 Pusingan Separuh Akhir. Mampukah pasukan Hoki Malaysia melayakan diri ke pusingan akhir Liga Hoki Dunia? Semuanya akan terjawab apabila skuad Malaysia kendalian jurulatih Stephen Van Huizen akan beraksi pada Kejohanan Liga Hoki Dunia Pusingan separuh Akhir di London bermula dari 15 Jun sehingga 25 Jun 2017. 

Sebanyak 20 pasukan akan bersaing untuk merebut 7 slot ke Pusingan Akhir Liga Hoki Dunia. Pusingan separuh akhir juga dianggap sebagai pusingan kelayakan ke kejohanan Hoki Piala Dunia 2018 di mana pasukan tangga ke 10/11 akan layak selain tuan rumah dan pasukan dari juara benua. 

Perlawanan melibatkan Malaysia akan disiarkan secara langsung ke kaca TV anda melalui saluran Astro Arena 801/ 802 HD.

jadual dan keputusan Keputusan Liga Hoki Dunia Separuh Akhir

Jadual Dan Keputusan Liga Hoki Dunia 2017 Pusingan Separuh Akhir 

Berikut dikongsikan maklumat kejohanan Liga Hoki Dunia 2017 Pusingan Separuh Akhir melibatkan pasukan negara. Malaysia diletakkan dalam kumpulan A dan beraksi di London. Pasukan lain adalah pasukan tuan rumah, England, Argentina, Korea Selatan dan China. 4 pasukan teratas akan layak ke peringkat suku akhir. Kumpulan B pula mengandungi pasukan Belanda, India, Kanada, Scotland dan Pakistan

Satu lagi siri kejohanan separuh akhir melibatkan 10 lagi pasukan akan diadakan di Johannesburg, Afrika Selatan dari 9 hingga 23 Julai 2017. Pasukan yang bersaing adalah Australia, New Zealand, Sepanyol, Jepun dan Perancis di Kumpulan A. Jerman, Belgium, Afrika Selatan, Ireland dan Mesir melengkapkan pasukan di Kumpulan B.

Berikut adalah jadual dan keputusan perlawanan melibatkan Malaysia di Kejohanan Liga Hoki Dunia 2017 London pusingan separuh akhir. Jadual mengandungi masa dan tarikh perlawanan (waktu Malaysia) beserta keputusan penuh perlawanan.

17 Jun 2017 (300 pagi)

  • Argentina vs Malaysia : 5 - 2 (ARG : Peillat 4, 11, 40, 47 & Callioni 49 dan MAS : Shahril Saabah 7 & Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin 18)

17 Jun 2017 (1100 malam)

  • England vs Malaysia : 7 - 3
  • ENG : Middleton min 5 & 34, Griffiths min 8, Ward min 32 & 51, Gleghorne min 39 & 55. MAS : Faizal Saari min 19 & min 57, Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin min 28

20 Jun 2017 (100 pagi)

  • Korea Selatan vs Malaysia : 0 - 1 (Razie Rahim min 35)

21 Jun 2017 (100 pagi)

  • China vs Malaysia : 1 - 5 
  • MAS : Faizal Saari min 2, Najmi Jazlan min 12, Razie Rahim min 19, min 27 & Fitri Saari min 51
  • CHN : DU Talake min 43

Suku Akhir

22 Jun 2017 8:15 malam
  • Argentina vs Pakistan : 3 - 1
10:30 malam (Live Astro Arena)
  • India vs Malaysia : 2 - 3. Malaysia layak ke separuh akhir bertemu Argentina
  • IND : Ramandeep Singh min 24 & 26 dan MAS : Razie Rahim min 19 & 48, Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin min 20
23 Jun 2017 00:45 pagi
  • England vs Kanada : 4 - 2
03:00 pagi
  • Belanda vs China : 7 - 0

Klasifikasi Tempat Ke 9 dan 10

22 Jun 2017 (6:00 petang) 
Korea Selatan vs Scotland : 6 - 3

Klasifikasi Tempat Ke 5 dan 8

24 Jun 2017 (04:30 petang) : Pakistan vs India : 1 - 6
6:45 petang : Kanada vs China : 7 - 3

Klasifikasi Tempat Ke 7 dan 8

25 Jun 2017

Pakistan vs China : 3 - 1

Klasifikasi Tempat Ke 5 dan 6

25 Jun 2017
India vs Kanada : 2 - 3

Klasifikasi Tempat Ke 1 dan 4


24 June 2017 (9:00 malam)
Argentina vs Malaysia : 2 - 1

24 Jun 2017 (11:15 malam)
England vs Belanda : 0 - 2

Klasifikasi Tempat Ke 3 dan 4

25 June 2017
9:00 malam
Malaysia vs England : 1 - 4


25 June 2017
11:15 malam
Argentina vs Belanda : 1 - 6

Untuk maklumat lanjut jadual dan keputusan penuh kejohanan Liga Hoki Dunia 2017, sila klik FIH Hockey World League.
Adalah menjadi harapan agar pasukan Malaysia dapat beraksi dengan baik pada kejohanan Liga Hoki Dunia 2017 pusingan Separuh Akhir sekaligus menempah tiket ke Pusingan Akhir nanti.
          Rachel Pellett        

Emma’s Country Kitchen (Toronto, Ontario) Assistant: Heather Mee, friend and business partner Rachel has known she wanted to be a chef since she was five and has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. She fell in love with donuts while attending chef school, and has even traveled to Belgium to learn […]

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          HAPHAZARD - EXHIBITION        
Hi Guys,

It's been a while since I've last updated this place (again... Guilty as charged). However, I have tons of stuff lying around, so I'm going to try to put those illustrations online in the coming weeks, promise!

On to the next topic:

I'm having an exhibition here in Belgium at MEKANIKSTRIP displaying a bunch of illustrations (old and new). It's called HAPHAZARD and I would love to invite all of you. The opening night is 20th of June and the exhibition runs until the 22th of July. I hope to see you there!

If you're interested in more info go check out the event page:

EVENT PAGE (Facebook)

          A Musical Banquet        
Did this CD Cover a while ago for PHL Music Hasselt / Sony Music Belgium. 
Here's a little bit more info (dutch): 


UPDATE: A Musical Banquet is now available via iTunes, click here.

          New Belgium, Oskar Blues advance to Sweet 16 in Untappd Brewery Madness        
A pair of Colorado beer makers survived to the third round of Untappd's Brewery Madness. New Belgium and Oskar Blues dominated competition through the first two rounds of the tournament to advance to the Sweet 16.
           The Amsterdam Jam Global Underscore, a little experiment        

It has already been almost a month since the Global Underscore; sorry this contribution is so late. Also it is a pity we did not take pictures, but... we did turn the day into a successful little experiment in Amsterdam:

The G.U.S. worldwide timing happened to almost match our weekly Saturday Amsterdam Jam
So for this occasion we had extended the open jam time, to offer the possibility to dance a full Underscore in coexistence with this regular jam.

Everything about the Underscore was optional. It is important that one could still also just jam like any given Saturday; join and leave whenever you liked etc. ...because I believe the regularity of this jam to be the life-blood of CI in Amsterdam or even The Netherlands. Only we asked everyone who would be dancing at 19:15 to join in finding the “resolution of the whole room”, an ending of the dance, together…which worked out beautifully.

The class before the jam transistioned into the assembly. After this the talk-through was held in the hall-way, where an annotated version of the Underscore's phases/states and meetings hung on the wall, so that the regular jam could start undisturbed.
Inside the jam-space copies of the same A4's (but without the annotation) were hanging from slacked lines, like washing-lines or birthday-day decorations of the room: the Underscore's phases in red, the meetings in yellow, and the anytime all-of-the-time aspects were mixed in on blue A4's where the two lines crossed. It all in all looked joyously festive.
The centre of the room was marked with a piece of tape; from there the NESW directions were marked on the walls. (I myself really enjoyed this idea: it really gave me a feeling of global orientation in the jam, knowing / noticing when I moved North, or East ...toward Germany ...or toward the 'South-side' or the 'West-side' of the jam : )
Just off to the left of the West-A4, hung an A3 with information and pictures of the location of the Toronto GUS-site, taken from the internet ...Also thanks to this / internet I feel like Vivek Patel and I became distant friends on this day. Likewise, just to the right of the East-A4 hung information about the Leipzig site... I already knew Uli personally!

Amsterdam Jam G.U.S. dancers
In the “sharing/thanksgiving” at the end, we were still a big group: Amit Azaz, Joshua Pieter, Mischa van Dullemen, Katie-Lee Weille, Masta, Hannah Dye, Claudia Kratzheller, Alex Weinstein, Tim, Monika Forster, Diederik, Thijs Mullink, Michèle, Nora, Sebas van Wetten, Lieke van Heck, Kees Lemmens ...and many more Amsterdam Jam dancers were with us today but didn't have the time to stay for the whole Global Underscore. 
Central inside the studio hung the GUS Google-maps of the world and these 3 green A4 with the main timings of the day (which were also
hanging in the hall-way and in the "birthday-decoration" of the studio.) Everything was optional, only of those of us dancing at 19:15 in this
we did ask to all join the final resolution of the room.

Sharing ...fruits of the Harvest: In the sharing there was lots of praise for Nancy Stark Smith's Underscore. ... The dancers had enjoyed the overall focus it brought to the dancing, and that dances link together in it so that it didn’t feel like a collection of separate dances …the unity of experience and the experience of a unity.

Also the interesting interplay between an understanding at “word-level” and the physical experience of it all was mentioned explicitly as well as implicitly more than once...

Several dancers particularly recounted that powerful moment of the first ‘stand’ at 16:50, the first Small Dance of today’s Global UnderScore. ...NB Also this stand had been optional: it was certainly allowed, even welcome, to just jam on and stick with your momentary dance in the regular jam during these few minutes. Yet the stand did bring up and draw together everyone in the room and we were eventually all standing, facing generally East toward Leipzig Germany. (At the moment of the sharing, we of course hadn't yet faced Toronto too.) I really liked how one duet in front of everyone standing went on, for a long time in an extended lift. I could just imagine they would just dance on, and that would also have been beautiful, but then they found an even more beautiful way to transition: to standing, only just leaning together lightly still, and eventually each into their own individual small dance ...with the rest of the world.

If there is confluence of ideas: The Underscore and the Amsterdam Jam did confluence on the day of the GUS ! ...or maybe it was only a tangential moment: after all aren't we already, the other 51 weeks, and each year, the Saturday Amsterdam Jam. Anyway: it did feel to me like worlds were coming together, or like we came together with The World ...and some new dancers have been introduced to the idea of the Underscore.

My conclusion, based on my own experience and the sharing:

All in all it was clear that the Underscore had very much been experienced as an Underscore, and that the GUS had been experienced as a special occasion. …This had been the intention, of course, yet it still pleasantly surprised me or relieved me: I had always thought one of the decisive factors of an Underscore feeling like an Underscore is that, differently from many jams, everyone is in it for the whole duration from the start to the end. It probably indeed is. And of course this group at the sharing had been. But it was good to find out that also through the coming and going of the other Amsterdam Jam dancers, we all had experienced very clearly an Underscore. ...I personally believe the (Global) Underscore this year could flourish better than ever in Amsterdam, thanks to this coalition with the weekly Saturday Amsterdam Jam: the jam had a brought more dancers together than it, or maybe either, would have done on its own …The regular jam as such had a positive influence on the Underscore, and I think also the other way around: more than a co-existence, it has been a successful symbiosis. Of course "symbiosis" or "confluence" is relative here: because we already were and still are, all of us, the Saturday Amsterdam Jam !_________________________

It's been a joy again to occasionally do something extra with and around the Amsterdam Jam +It is inspiring me to do something such again in the future... Thank you all very much!

Kees Lemmens,  18th of July 2017

Flyer-fronts of the four "Amsterdam 4-day CI weekends", as organised around the Saturday Amsterdam Jam between 2013 and 2016. [Besides these also smaller things such as Christmas & New Year Jams were organised around this jam, and a 12:00-24:00 experimental jam-plus-workshop-Sunday for which the CI-community and some teachers from Brussels/Belgium were invited in 2014.] ... Hopefully another, similar but different, international event can be organised around the Amsterdam Saturday Jam again soon: probably in 2018

          The Last Summer        

This moving story opens in June 1914 - the beginning of the long hot Edwardian summer preceding the First World War.  Clarissa lives a life of luxury at Deyning, her family seat in Sussex: the youngest child and only daughter of wealthy parents, she spends her time playing tennis and croquet, painting, and wandering about the beautiful grounds, waiting to marry a suitable husband.  Her older brothers, up at Cambridge or Aldershot, appear occasionally at Deyning with their affluent, carefree friends; Clarissa longs to be part of their grown-up world, and is about to be sent to a Paris finishing school, when her father, hearing rumours of worrying events in Europe, decides to postpone her trip.

Tom Cuthbert is the son of the Deyning housekeeper, but is - somewhat mysteriously - a student at Oxford.  Down for the long vacation, he is immediately attracted to Clarissa and she to him, but both know that any relationship between them is impossible; Clarissa’s beautiful but remote mother is especially determined that her daughter must not become involved with someone who is ‘not one of us.‘  Clarissa and Tom meet fleetingly during the summer, but their worlds are torn apart by Britain’s declaration of war on Germany.  Tom, together with Clarissa’s brothers, enlist, and within weeks most of the young male population of the country has disappeared to France and Belgium.  Clarissa spends the rest of the war in London; her family suffers tragic losses, as do all the families she knows.  

In 1917, a wonderful and devastating event changes Clarissa’s life forever; the secret that this forces her to keep almost destroys her.   After the war, nothing is the same, and although some survive, they are irrevocably damaged; whilst some lose family fortunes, others, liberated from old social strictures, find huge success in a new world.  Will Clarissa break free from the role society has given her?  Will she ever find true happiness?  And what is the secret that her own mother is so anxious to keep?

Judith Kinghorn has written a novel that manages to tell a touching personal love story whilst also breathing life into a turbulent period of British history.  This is the story not only of two people kept apart by prejudice and snobbery, but also of the way in which the 1914-1918 war - now almost ancient history to our children - affected every man and woman, whatever their social background.  The reader is there on the terrace at Deyning, listening to the young men’s enthusiastic response to Lord Kitchener’s rallying calls, but she is also there at the London stations, when those same young men, blinded by mustard gas, hold on to one another as they stagger back to a very different world. 

As I closed this book, I felt both satisfied and exhausted - I had been on a journey with Clarissa, and she and her family and friends had become real to me: this, I think, is the mark of a good story well told.
Reviewed by Rosemary Kaye

          World Made by Nuts        
So yesterday was one of those days when you just know you're going to waste a bunch of time attending to annoying, but sort-of necessary, stuff.

The car has been giving some trouble, and nobody in town was able to pin it down. Yeah, it is an almost 20 year-old Corolla, so some repair work comes with the territory. It's still a whole lot cheaper than the repayments on a new or newer car, and I greatly doubt I'd find another car with similar longevity, resale value and overall reliability. But I digress...

To get the car diagnosed and fixed I took it to Dr Quincy the Car Wizard in George (he's brilliant!) which meant hanging around his office for a few hours while he sorted things out. While waiting I hobbled down the road to buy a snack – a bag of delicious mixed nuts. On the back of the bag was printed a message that made me feel eerily like Wonko the Sane.

"This product was packed in a factory that uses tree nuts."

Well, yes. I'd think so. It is, after all, a bag of mixed tree nuts.

What sort of insane, fucked up society have we become that somebody felt compelled to print a legalistic cop-out warning that the product might contain traces of nuts, on an actual bag of nuts? I don't doubt that there are some unfortunate individuals so violently allergic to nuts that they need such warnings about products that might possibly contain traces of nuts. They have my deepest sympathy. But if such a person should go out and buy and eat an actual bag of nuts,... well, that would look suspiciously like a suicide attempt.

A couple of weeks ago the news broke that the ungrounding of ice sheets in Western Antarctica is inevitable and unstoppable. We should expect a rise of about 1.2m in global sea-levels. In the words of the original paper, “this sector of West Antarctica is undergoing a marine ice sheet instability that will significantly contribute to sea level rise in decades to centuries to come.” In NASA's slightly easier-to-read synopsis, glaciologist and lead author of the paper, Eric Rignot: “The collapse of this sector of West Antarctica appears to be unstoppable”.

So. Flooding in many major cities. Goodbye to swathes of The Netherlands and Belgium, Bangladesh, south-eastern parts of the USA, and many, many more. Huge displacement of people and infrastructure. Loss of farmland. Loss of biodiversity. And that's probably just the beginning. Unstoppable.

Expect more.

Denialist nut-jobs notwithstanding, we've known for decades that this is coming. Yet we've done absolutely nothing to stop, or even slow, the process, despite the clear and incontrovertible evidence that it is the industrial-capitalist economy that is the primary driver of current global climate change.

You may note that, when we chose our farm, the altitude of the land above sea-level was an explicit selection criterion. We're above 200m. I've made plans for a jetty1.

We've known for decades that this is one inevitable result of unremittingly pouring millions of tonnes of Carbon into the atmosphere year after year. We've known and done nothing. We totally ignored the warnings printed on the packet. Well, that looks suspiciously like a suicide attempt.

My personal conclusion is that nothing can save the mass of us humans from a massive population reduction short of the total, immediate shutdown of industrial activity. And, even if we did manage to implement such a shutdown, we're still in for a solid smack from our mother Earth. Not going to happen, though, is it?

And even as we speak, Eskom, our state-owned electricity monopoly is forging ahead with their plans for three new nuclear power stations, even though the selected sites are likely to be inundated before construction is complete. What sort of insanity is this that ignores incontrovertible evidence before us, yet persists in selecting against survival in favour of this quarter's profits; in favour of stupendous, largely useless, personal "wealth"; in favour of some mythical "progress" chimerical "economic growth"?

Remember, too, that nature seldom works in a gradual, incremental manner. She works by catastrophe: One heavy rain and the Goukamma River changed course overnight, taking a section of the Buffalo Bay Road with it; one heavy rainfall and the slope beneath the George-Wilderness railway line slid into the sea taking the rails to Dave Jones' locker; one smallish earthquake and the town of Ceres was nearly wiped off the map. This is how natural forces normally work. So the statement that we can expect 1.2m of sea-level rise by the end of the century should not give too much comfort. No doubt politicians will read it as "plenty of time, and my term of office will be over long before anything has to be done," but I'll remind them that the major part of that sea-level rise could just as easily happen over mere days or weeks. It will still be "by the end of the century," just a lot more abrupt than any worldly-wise scientist would be willing to put their name to.

Is there anything we can say or do to wake people up from the collective insanity of sitting on our hands doing nothing? I sadly, dejectedly confess that I can't think of anything.

Written from Outside The Asylum.

[1] Joking.
          Today I Learned...        
A friend visiting from Sweden brought us a few beers to sample, chiefly a few Christmas (spiced) Ales, or Julöls, which are apparently popular there. Among them a Cacao Porter from the Malmö Brewery which he praised highly. Now both of us are very fond of Porters. I have a particular Porter recipe which is one of my house beers – usually available, but, if not, I'd better get brewing. And I'm reasonably proud of it for its soft, slightly fruity, very creamy flavour that is the product of the Maredsous yeast culture that has insinuated its way into my heart (and brewery).
We started our tasting session with a Christmas Ale of my own invention, the Ale What d'If (A Molpy's Ale), originally formulated in honour of the epic and wonderful XKCD comic, “Time” and the frankly insane cast of Timewaiters who were part of turning it into a new artform. Well, it's quite a nice little Ale. A little sweet for my own tastes, with Cherry-ish notes, and frankly just a bit cloying. We are way too far past Christmas, the window when this beer was expected to be at its prime, so the warming, spicy notes we should get from the Star Anise and Black Pepper were sadly, but not unexpectedly, long gone.

We then moved on to the Malmö Cacao Porter. It poured inky black. Not a hint of light. My own Porters usually have just a hint of Ruby colouring, but from this thing, nada. Not much head retention, and what there was disappeared pretty quickly. This may or may not be true if you drink this beer in its home environment. I have found that head formation and retention frequently suffers from travel, and this poor thing had been schlepped all the way from Malmö to Bibbey's Hoek via Cape Town, under goodness knows what travel conditions.

Aroma was soft, slightly fruity and chocolatey with hints of... Coconut? Not much to comment on, as any strong hop presence would have been out of line, anyway.
The first sip was good. Definite, but not overwhelming chocolate flavours complementing the smooth, creamy Porterishness with its slight burnt, malt bitter tones that deftly balance the crystal malt sweetness. Mouthfeel is silky and soft, and the finish clean and fairly dry. In that first taste I did pick up a very sweet note that seemed out of place. My second sip confirmed: a distinct canned sweet-corn flavour. The sweet, sweet flavour of Dimethyl Sulphide – DMS, and usually considered a distinct fault in most beer styles. Subsequent quaffing became more and more unpleasant to me as the DMS flavour dominated. I was happy that there was only one glass to finish.

A slight hint of DMS is, according to my brewing books, considered OK for North-European ales. This was a lot more than s light hint, though. This was pretty much a sledge-hammer. I found it a bit hard to believe that a well regarded brewery would produce a beer with such an obvious fault, so I surmise that, being brewed strictly as a Seasonal ale, the brewery would have expected it all to have been drunk by now, so a “hint of DMS” would still be under control if consumed around Christmas. I surmise, too, that a “hint of DMS” was intentional, since eliminating it is so very easy and so well understood by brewers: just boil the wort for longer and minimise any boil condensate falling back into the kettle (but any commercial brew kettle would be designed to do that anyway).

Basically I guess that we were quaffing this one well past its scheduled “drink by” date, so I would not hold it against the brewery – at least until I've had a chance to taste more of their beers under better circumstances. I guess I'll have to find a way to go to Sweden for some beer tasting! Oh what a burden to have to bear. I might even have to stop in Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic along the way. Nice dream.

Still, it was interesting and an education to get a full and genuine sampling of what an out-of-control, raging DMS fault tastes like. I'd never experienced the results of a DMS issue before. I was still tasting canned sweet corn for hours afterwards, even after brushing my teeth. Not something I'd want to repeat.

So, Today I Learned about Dimethyl Sulphide...

          islam di sanjung umat bertamadun        

الحَمْدُ للهِ الَّذِيْ أَرْسَلَ رَسُوْلَهُ بِالهُدَى وَدِيْنِ الحَقِّ لِيُظْهِرَهُ عَلَى الدِّيْنِ كُلِّهِ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ المُشْرِكُوْنَ أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لاإِلهَ إِلا اللهُ وَأَشْهَدُ أَنَّ سَيِّدَنَا مُحَمَّدًا عَبْدُهُ وَرَسُوْلُهُ اللّهُمَّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ وَبَارِكْ عَلىَ سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِهِ وَأَصْحَابِهِ وَمَنْ تَبِعَهُمْ بِإِحْسَانٍ إِلَى يَوْمِ الدِّيْنِ …أَمَّا بَعْدُ…..فَيَا عِبَادَ اللهِ ! اتَّقُوْا اللهَ حَقَّ تُقَاتِهِ وَلاتمَوُْتُنَّ إِلا وَأَنْتُمْ مُسْلِمُوْنَa`

Wahai hamba-hamba Allah ! Bertaqwalah sekalian kamu kepada Allah dengan sebenar-benar taqwa. Dan Janganlah kamu mati melainkan dalam keadaan Islam. Saya menyeru diri saya sendiri dan juga sidang Jumaat sekalian agar kita sama-sama meningkatkan ketaqwaan kita kepada Allah dengan melakukan segala suruhanNya dan menjauhi segala yang ditegahNya.
Sidang Jumaat yang dihormati sekalian,
Firman Allah dalam ayat 41 surah ar-Rom :

ظَهَرَ الْفَسَادُ فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ بِمَا كَسَبَتْ أَيْدِي النَّاسِ لِيُذِيقَهُمْ بَعْضَ الَّذِي عَمِلُوا لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ

Maksudnya :Telah timbul berbagai kerosakan dan bala bencana di darat dan di laut dengan sebab apa yang telah dilakukan oleh tangan manusia; (timbulnya yang demikian) kerana Allah hendak merasakan mereka sebahagian dari balasan perbuatan-perbuatan buruk yang mereka telah lakukan, supaya mereka kembali (insaf dan bertaubat).
Kita sebagai umat yang beriman wajib mengakui bahawa setiap bencana yang berlaku di atas muka bumi ini merupakan ujian Allah bagi menguji tahap keimanan umat manusia atau pun pembalasan daripada Allah bagi menimbulkan kesedaran dan pengajaran kepada umat manusia yang selama ini sering melakukan penderhakaan terhadap Allah disamping amaran bagi segelintir manusia yang merosakkan bumi Allah tanpa memikirkan keselamatan orang lain supaya segera menghentikannya. Hari ini dunia sedang bercakap tentang serangan penyakit selsema babi yang membimbangkan sehingga mengganggu industri pelancongan di mana menurut laporan, tempahan menginap di hotel telah mengalami penurunan penempahan sebanyak 10 peratus. Malah, penularan wabak ini turut menghempap kepada sektor makanan dan pengangkutan. Di seluruh dunia, jumlah kes jangkitan selsema babi sehingga kini sudah menjangkiti 53,110 orang di 99 negara dan membunuh 232 nyawa. Manakala dalam negara pula mencatat jumlah keseluruhan kes setakat ini ialah 91 kes iaitu 77 kes import dan 14 kes jangkitan tempatan dengan peningkatan mendadak 400 peratus dalam masa seminggu disamping 4 buah sekolah ditutup. Semua ini mengajar umat manusia untuk mengakui kehebatan dan kekuasaan Allah yang tidak mampu disekat oleh manusia. Malangnya walau pun kes selsema babi semakin meningkat namun industri penternakan babi terus dipertahankan seolah-olah dunia sudah dibeli oleh kapitalis penternak babi, tidak sebagaimana menangani masalah selsema burung, lembu gila, penyakit kuku dan mulut yang kebanyakannya diambil tindakan segera dengan membunuh binatang tersebut. Bila manusia lebih rela membela penyakit maka masalah makin parah dan penderitaan makin bertambah. Demi menjaga keuntungan setengah pihak maka rakyat dibiarkan menderita. Oleh itu di dalam berdepan dengan serangan penyakit yang merbahaya ini kita meminta agar kerajaan menghapuskan segala punca penyakit ini disamping kita mesti memperbanyakkan solat hajat dan berdoa agar dihindarkan daripada musibah ini
Sidang Jumaat yang dirahmati Allah,
Firman Allah dalam ayat 74 surah an-Nisa’ :

فَلْيُقَاتِلْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللهِ الَّذِينَ يَشْرُونَ الْحَيَاةَ الدُّنْيَا بِالآخِرَةِ وَمَن يُقَاتِلْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللهِ فَيُقْتَلْ أَو يَغْلِبْ فَسَوْفَ نُؤْتِيهِ أَجْرًا عَظِيمًا

Maksudnya : Oleh itu (orang beriman) yang mengutamakan kebahagiaan akhirat daripada kesenangan dunia hendaklah mereka berperang pada jalan Allah. Dan sesiapa yang berperang pada jalan Allah lalu dia gugur syahid atau beroleh kemenangan maka Kami akan menganugerahkannya ganjaran pahala yang besar
Mimbar Jumaat hari ini juga mengajak seluruh umat Islam yang bermaruah untuk sama-sama mengutuk dan mengecam laporan jahat dan biadap yang dikeluarkan oleh International Crisis Group (ICG) yang beribu pejabat di Belgium yang menuduh sekolah pondok telah dijadikan tempat melahirkan pemberontak di Selatan Thai berikutan kumpulan pemisah menggunakan pondok untuk merekrut dan melatih remaja Muslim. Ketika umat Islam dibunuh dengan kejam termasuk ditembak ketika sedang solat berjemaah di dalam masjid, masih ada lagi musuh Islam yang cuba menimbulkan sikap anti-Islam. Sempena berada pada hari Jumaat yang mulia, kita mendesak agar pemimpin negara memainkan peranan penting dalam menekan kerajaan Thailand supaya menarik balik 30 ribu tentera di Selatan Thailand disamping menamatkan perintah darurat yang memberikan kuasa kepada pihak tentera untuk menahan penduduk yang majoritinya Islam tanpa sebarang dakwaan.
Sidang Jumaat yang dikasihi Allah

قَالَ الرَّسُوْلُ :لاتَقُوْمَ السَّاعّةُ حَتَّى يَكُوْنَ الوَلَدُ غَيْظًا وَالمَطَرُ قَيْظًا وَيفِيْضَ اللِّئَامِ فَيْضًا وَيَغِيْضَ الكِرَامِ غَيْضًا وَيَجْتَرِئ َالصَّغِيْرُ عَلَى الكَبِيْرِ وَاللَّئِيْمِ عَلَى الكَرِيْمِ – رواه الطبراني فى الأوسط

Maksudnya : Tidak akan berlaku hari qiamat sehingga anak seseorang menjadi punca kemarahan (bagi ibubapanya) dan hujan akan menjadi panas (hujan akan berkurang dan cuaca akan menjadi panas) dan akan bertambah ramai orang yang tercela dan akan berkurangan orang yang baik, dan anak-anak menjadi berani melawan orang-orang tua dan orang yang jahat berani melawan orang-orang baik.
Kita telah beberapa hari berada dalam bulan Rejab yang mengingatkan kita tentang gambaran dunia dalam peristiwa Isra’ Mikraj yang berlaku pada diri nabi Muhammad s.a.w sebagai seorang yang terlalu tua iaitu dunia ini terlalu hampir dengan saat kehancurannya yang dipanggil Qiamat. Pelbagai tanda Qiamat samada kecil dan besar telah berlaku di zaman kita ini termasuk cuaca yang begitu panas dan merbahaya di samping masalah sosial dan jenayah yang begitu teruk bermula dalam keluarga, masyarakat kampung sehinggalah negara. Masalah dadah yang semakin runcing sehingga hampir setiap rumah ada yang terlibat dengan jenayah ini sehingga bukan sedikit wang rakyat dihabiskan untuk mengubati penyakit yang telah parah ini. Bila pusat serenti bukan sahaja penuh malah tidak lagi mampu menampung penagih tegar ditambah dengan beberapa rusuhan yang terbaru di mana 500 orang penghuni Pusat Serenti Kampung Selamat, Tasek Gelugor sehingga ada pelatih yang lari dan berapa banyak harta awam musnah. Ini antara gambaran bila manusia kosong hatinya daripada makanan rohani akibat negara diserang dengan hiburan melampau dan kehidupan yang jauh daripada panduan agama. Oleh itu system pendidikan agama bermula daripada keluarga, sekolah, pusat pengajian tinggi dan seterusnya apabila telah bekerja wajib diperkasakan supaya hati rohani rakyat tidak mati.
Kita begitu bimbang apabila system pendidikan negara hari ini lebih menekan kepada keduniaan dari segi teori dan praktikal dengan menjadikan pendidikan agama hanya pelengkap jadual sahaja. Akhirnya dari segi kecemerlangan akademik, universiti negara kita jatuh tercorot berbanding Universiti Chulalongkon, Thailand apatah lagi universiti Singapura dan Indonesia. Begitu juga pendidikan peringkat rendah yang turut menjunam prestasinya sehingga hanya tinggi sedikit daripada Papua New Guinea. Ke mana sebenarnya arah tuju pendidikan negara yang nampaknya gagal dari segi dunia apatah lagi agama. Jangan asyik memuja Bahasa Inggeris sehingga gejala liberalisasi beragama, sekularisme yang menimpa umat Islam adalah majoriti daripada kelompok yang pro kepada pendidikan ala Inggeris dan pendidikan berteraskan bahasa berkenaan sedangkan bahasa Melayu telah lama dipakejkan dengan nilai Islam sejajar juga dengan perkembangan tulisan jawi yang menggantikan tulisan Pallava Sanskrit. Berubahlah kepada Islam agar dunia hebat, akhirat dapat.

Miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Canada, and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26 and June 04, 1940, during Battle of France in World War II.
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          Black Albert        

My favorite stout from Belgium. Blacker than black and a 13% flavor steamroller that will as they say...tattoo you from the inside. No light can penetrate this Cthulhu like liquid, no palate can escape the oozing fog like flavors of chocolate, carmel and coffee AND no memory will forget this amazing beer. 
*Black Albert is also 1/4 part of the Voltron "Baller Stout" made for Three Floyd's 15th Anniversary. 

          Grätzer Ale        
The Grief/Dystopia split 7" record came with a razor blade and grim suggestion. This beer collab between 3 Floyd's and New Belgium looks the part, adorned with blood red ink and Zombies gaining speed to ghost ride the bicycles they've just stolen, but this dark pouring, smokey & lightly sour ale, drinks like a fresh breeze on a spring day. Light and crushable at 4.5%. Would be sick with cherries and chocolate. 

          Iconic Knives Of Europe        

In Europe, knife making and knives have a rich, deep and complex history, dating back to cavemen themselves. Therefore, the continent is home to thousands of diverse and unique knives and knife making cultures stretching from medieval Belgium to Ottoman Turkey.

The post Iconic Knives Of Europe appeared first on Blade Magazine.

          FOSDEM 2017        
Feb 4-5, 2017 – Brussels, Belgium

AdaCore is attending this event and will be giving two talks:

"Prove with SPARK: No Math, Just Code" from Yannick Moy and "64 bit Bare Metal Programming on RPI-3" from Tristan Gingold.

          Trailer Trash Tracys announce new album 'Althaea'; share video for 'Eden Machine'        


Five years after their debut album Ester, Trailer Trash Tracys are happy to announce Althaea, a new full-length record that marks their return to the spotlight. Along with the announcement, Trailer Trash Tracys have shared song 'Eden Machine', watch the video below. Althaea will be out August 11, 2017 via Domino imprint Double Six.

Over the course of their lush, strange album “Althaea”, London duo Trailer Trash Tracys condense a number of disparate styles into music that thrillingly broaches the void between figuration and abstraction. While undeniably beautiful and quite often infectious in parts, this is certainly not pop music by any traditional definition; rather, it appeals to the more intuitive of mind and wild at heart. More than simply becoming a philosophical exercise however, the result is their most ambitious and idiosyncratic body of work to date, one which operates at the very limits of what pop music can be.

Their debut, “Ester”, released in 2012, manifested the band’s approach to making music as a fine balance between chaos and order, laying out a dense and dreamlike ecosystem of Sufi poetry, Solfeggio scales and, floating above it all, Susanne Aztoria’s otherworldly yet emotionally charged vocals. Early singles such as “Strangling Good Guys” and “You Wish You Were Red” proved to be outliers – rather than simply making lo-fi dream pop, the band were instead aiming for something far more subconscious and esoteric. 

With “Althaea”, the band continue their investigations into the farther flung reaches of pop music, with stunning results. Spanning 10 deeply esoteric tracks, “Althaea” sees the band drift further afield from traditional song structures to create a new aural lexicon of their own, one as influenced by Filipino carnival music and Latin rhythms as it was by Japanese tropical music from the 80s. Even at their most outwardly pop – the pristine “Eden Machine” for instance, or the swooning “Kalesa”, there is a baroque splendour, and heightened sensuality. The interplay of light and dark, the foreign and the familiar, brings forth an album with manifold pleasures, one which rewards repeated listening and further exploration.

Watch the video for new single “Eden Machine” below aalongside the trailer for the short film of Althaea - as premiered last week at the Whirled Cinema in Brixton.

Althaea Tracklisting:

01 Smoked Silver          
02 Eden Machine          
03 Gong Gardens          
04 Siebenkäs                
05 Money For Moondogs  
06 Betty's Cavatina        
07 Casadora  
08 Singdrome                
09 Kalesa                      
10 100 Aspects Of The Moon  

Althaea Pre-order:

Althaea is available to pre-order now on limited heavyweight green vinyl, CD, and digital download.

Domino Mart pre-order: http://smarturl.it/AlthaeaDM 
Digital pre-order: http://smarturl.it/AlthaeaDL 

Trailer Trash Tracys 2017 Tour Dates:

09/11 Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
09/19 Glasgow, UK - Hug & Pint
09/20 Newcastle, UK - Think Tank
09/21 Leeds, UK - Brudenell Games Room
09/22 Birmingham, UK - Actress & Bishop
09/23 Brighton, UK - The Hope
09/24 Bristol, UK - Louisiana
09/26 Paris, France - Point Ephemere
10/01 Rotterdam, Netherlands - V11
10/02 Amsterdam, Netherlands - U/S Melkweg
10/03 Antwerp, Belgium - Trix Bar
10/04 Cologne, Germany - Blue Shell
10/05 Hamburg, Germany - Nochwache
10/06 Copenhagen, Denmark - Ideal Bar
10/07 Berlin, Germany - Auster Club
10/09 Munich, Germany - Milla
10/10 Vienna, Austria - Chelsea
10/18 London, UK - Camden Assembly
10/27 Rome, Italy - Monk
10/28 Bologna, Italy - Covo 

          The Kills announce 'Echo Home: Non-Electric EP' in celebration of 15th Anniversary        


The Kills – Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince – will release the Echo Home – Non-Electric EP digitally on June 2nd, with a limited edition 10” vinyl release available for pre-order today.

Both the physical and digital versions of the Echo Home – Non-Electric EP will feature audio from a stripped down session the band captured recently at Electric Lady Studios in New York. Alongside “Echo Home”, the EP features Ash & Ice track “That Love”, a cover of Rihanna’s “Desperado” (which the band originally played as part of a Sirius XMU session), and the song “Wait”, off the band’s first ever release, Black Rooster EP, which celebrates it’s 15 year anniversary on May 28th.

The Black Rooster EP was originally released on Dim Mak in 2002 and was the start of what’s been an incredible career for Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of The Kills.

With five full-length albums (the most recent being 2016’s Ash & Ice), four EPs, a documentary, and countless live shows under their belt, the passion and fire they continue to bring to every recording and performance is extraordinary.

In their 15th year as a band, The Kills have been looking back and celebrating with a string of anniversary shows and retrospective features, and now this re-recording of “Wait”, one of the first Kills songs ever released. Steve Aoki, owner of Dim Mak and another artist who has proven a career with similar staying power, recently had some words to share on the release of Black Rooster:

"Many moons ago, back in 2002, I had to make a decision whether to pursue a Ph.D. Program or continue with my label Dim Mak & after hearing a demo from The Kills and becoming the first American label to release their EP Black Rooster, I knew what path I was going to choose. They took me under their wing and I hit the road with them as their tour manager, merch guy, driver (we all took turns) and label. I’ll never forget that and love Jamie and Alison forever. Thank you for believing in lil me when not many people gave two shits about Dim Mak and what we were doing. Ride or Die.” – STEVE AOKI

Pre-order the Echo Home 10” HERE.

The Kills 2017 Tour Dates:

05/27 Liverpool, UK - Liverpool Sound City
05/28 Margate, UK - Margate Wonderland
05/30 London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
06/02 Saint-Brieuc, France - Art Rock Festival
06/03 Saint-Laurent-De-Cuves, France - Papillons De Nuit Festival
06/06 Prague, Czech Republic - Roxy
06/07 Liepzig, Germany - Taubchenthal
06/09 Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
06/10 Aarhus, Denmark - Northside Festival
06/13 Munich, Germany - Olympic Stadium *
06/16 London, UK - London Stadium *
06/17 London, UK - London Stadium *
06/24 Athens, Greece - Ejekt Festival
06/19 Helsinki, Finland - Rock The Beach #
06/21 Riga, Latvia - Lucavsala Island #
06/29 Gydnia, Poland - Open’er
07/02 Werchter, Belgium - Rock Werchter
07/07 Lisbon, Portugal - Nos Alive
07/10 Montreaux, Switzerland - Montreaux Jazz Festival
07/12 Dour, Belgium - Dour Festival
07/16 Berlin, Germany - Melt Festival
08/12 Bucharest, Romania - Summer Well Festival
08/15 Budapest, Hungary - Sziget Festival
08/17 Gampel, Switzerland - Open Air Gampel
08/19 Zagreb, Croatia - Tvornica Kulture
08/25 Charleville Mezières, France - Cabaret Vert
08/26 Paris, France - Rock En Seine
09/19 Porto Alegre, Brazil - Anfiteatro Parque (Outdoor) %
09/21 Rio, Brazil - Rock In Rio
09/23 Sao Paulo, Brazil - Allianz Parque %

* = with Guns ‘N’ Roses
# = with Foo Fighters
% = with Bon Jovi 

          Color your own Real Estate's "Stained Glass" music video; new US dates!        


Real Estate have shared an immersive new music video for “Stained Glass” – the second video to be released from their latest album In Mind out now. Directed by Craig Allen, the interactive experience allows fans to color and share their own animated kaleidoscope-like video, creating something unique and experimental. Watch the band’s own color creation below and create your own here: stainedglassvideo.com

In addition to the video release, Real Estate has announced a headlining tour this fall. The band’s expansive tour this spring resulted in their biggest shows to date, including sold out stops at D.C.’s 9:30 Club, The Vic Theatre in Chicago, a 2-night stand at NYC’s Brooklyn Steel + more. The fall tour will feature performances at iconic venues such as The Theatre at The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles and First Avenue in Minneapolis. Presale begins on Monday, May 22 with code “STAINEDGLASS”, with tickets officially on sale May 25. See full tour dates below.

Allen says of the video: “We were collectively excited by making a video that the band could create with their fans rather than for them. I've always been excited to find new ways of making content and this video is a fun—dare I say therapeutic—thing to play with, where you actually get to feel like you accomplish something at the end. That's what is exciting to all of us and we're extremely proud of what we've been able to create with the help of the fabulous MediaMonks team.”

A limited edition 7” for “Stained Glass” backed with an exclusive track, the instrumental "Two Part, Part Two”, is also available to purchase now from Real Estate’s store. Much like its video counterpart, each 7” is a one of kind mix of colors.

The band recently performed another In Mind's first single “Darling” on Conan, which has earned widespread praise from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, the NY Times, SPIN, Vice, Salon + more. Watch the performance and revisit the orignial music video, directed by Weird Days, below.

Real Estate 2017 Tour Dates:

Jun 13 – Roundhouse – London, UK #
Jun 14 – Le Café De La Danse – Paris, France #
Jun 15 – Orangerie – Brussels, Belgium #
Jun 16 – Best Kept Secret Festival – Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands
Jun 18 – Lido – Berlin, Germany #
Jun 19 – Molotow – Hamburg, Germany #
Jun 20 – Pumpehuset – Copenhagen West, Denmark #
Jun 21 – Debaser Strand – Stockholm, Sweden #
Jun 23 – Piknik I Parken – Oslo, Norway #
Jun 27 – Cambridge Junction – Cambridge, UK #
Jun 28 – O2 Ritz – Manchester, UK #
Jun 30 –Vida Festival – Barcelona, Spain
Jul 14 – Forecastle Festival – Louisville, KY
Jul 15-16 – Cobblestone Live – Buffalo, NY
Jul 21 – Splendour in the Grass - Byron Bay NSW, Australia
Jul 22 – The Croxton Bandroom – Thornbury, Australia
Jul 25 – The Edinburgh Castle Hotel – Adelaide, Australia
Jul 27 – The Metro Theatre – Sydney, Australia
Jul 30 – Fuji Rock Festival – Yuzawa, Japan
Aug 11-13 – Outside Lands – San Francisco, CA
Aug 12-13 – Traveler’s Rest Festival – Missoula MT
Aug 25-26 – Huichica East Festival – Pine Plains, NY
Aug 31-Sept 3 – End of the Road Festival – North Dorset District, UK
Sept 1-3 – Electric Picnic Festival – Kilmacthomas, Ireland
Sept 1-2 – Electric Fields Festival – Dumfries, UK
Oct 19 – SoHO Music Club – Santa Barbara, CA*
Oct 20 – Theatre at Ace Hotel – Los Angeles, CA*
Oct 22 – Lost Lake Festival – Phoenix, AZ
Oct 23 – Observatory – Santa Ana, CA*
Oct 24 – Music Box – San Diego, CA*
Oct 26 – Loma Vista Gardens – Big Sur, CA*
Oct 28 – Jub Jub’s – Reno, NV*
Oct 30 – Fox Theater – Boulder, CO*
Nov 1 – The Slowdown – Omaha, NE*
Nov 2 – Castle Theater – Bloomington, IL*
Nov 3 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN*
Nov 4 – Englert Theater – Iowa City, IA*
Nov 5 – Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI*

# w/ Spinning Coin
* w/ Lucy Dacus 

          5 Inspiring Manifestos for Your Business        

Some manifestos are elaborate works of art, while others are straight to the point. Either way, a manifesto is an important element for all brands. It goes beyond the product and chronological history of the company. A well-crafted manifesto portrays the fundamental essence of a company. Here are five examples to help inspire your own manifesto.   1. New Belgium: Putting Employees First New Belgium has built a brand around more than just craft beer. It’s about the story surrounding their craft beer. New Belgium shares their history, purpose and core values as a badge of honor. What makes their...

The post 5 Inspiring Manifestos for Your Business appeared first on 9 Clouds.

          Michael Dooley: "Valérian: The Rich Graphic Novels Behind the Film"        

Luc Besson's big science fiction movie Valérian opens this week. Valérian is based on a successful series of 21 graphic albums published from 1967 to 2010 that were written by Pierre Christin and drawn by Jean-Claude Mézières. It's in the top five all-time Franco-Belgium sellers by its European publisher Dargaud. Some of the stories were reprinted in America in Heavy Metal, and a couple of the books are available in English translations.

Michael Dooley, writing for Print Magazine, reminds us of the French graphic albums' rich visuals in his new article "Valérian: The Rich Graphic Novels Behind the Film."

He also touches on it many visual elements that seem to have been borrowed by the Star Wars films. A good read with plenty more visual samples. Go see.

          Bastille Day Drinks        

July 14th is a very special day if you’re French (or have a taste for things like stinky cheese and black berets). It’s Bastille Day, the day that France celebrates its independence from the tyranny of monarchy. Kind of like our 4th of July, but with guillotines.

Most importantly of all, it’s a great excuse to bust out your favorite French liqueurs and spirits. Without a tipple or two, Bastille Day wouldn’t be very fun! Here are some of our favorite French drinks to enjoy -- as they say in Paris, chin chin!

Pastis de Marseilles

Marseilles is the belle of the South. Famous for being the gateway to the lavender fields and rugged mountains of Provence, its painted yellow houses and ancient port, this city on the glamorous Cote d’Azur is home to the legendary Pastis. This is an herbal spirit primarily derived from Anise seed. It has a gorgeous brown-amber color and is served in a tall, thin glass filled with ice. Once the liqueur makes contact with the ice it turns cloudy gray, and it makes for a refreshing, liquorice-flavored libation. For maximum Frenchness, we suggest you enjoy your Pastis de Marseilles while playing petanque, the French pastime equivalent to baseball. You can find Pastis at Liquor Barn.


Surely you don’t need an introduction to the world’s most famous, most sought-after bubbly? Champagne hails from the region northeast of Paris, near the border with Belgium. The rolling chalk hills of the countryside here are perfect for growing the grapes that become the fizzy whitish-yellow wine most commonly associated with weddings, winning the World Series, and other major celebrations (like Bastille Day). You can find Champagne at Liquor Barn.

Elderflower Liqueur

If you want to make a cocktail that oozes sophistication, savoire faire, and other French terms for know-how and cool, you need Elderflower liqueur. A good one to start with is the French Blonde, a drink that is honeyed in its sweetness with just a spritz of citrus thanks to grapefruit juice and lemon bitters. Don’t forget a fancy stemmed glass to serve this one with. You can find St Germain and other Elderflower liqueur at Liquor Barn.


There’s French, and then there’s made in a single monastery in the French Alps for the last 250 years French. Chartreuse is the namesake for that distinct color of green that you see on a lot of dresses in the summer. It’s also a name for a complex liqueur derived from 130 different herbs and plants, many of them unique species that grow only in the Alpine region of eastern France. It has a strong vegetal taste, so it’s generally not recommended you drink it straight. On the other hand, it makes a great complement to cocktails. The Beauty Spot, which combines gin, red vermouth, and green chartreuse, is a classic way to experience this uniquely French alcohol. You can find Green Chartreuse at Liquor Barn.

          Discovery Finalizes Roster for 2007        
Here it is:
Ivan Basso (Italy) *
Fumiyuki Beppu (Japan)
Volodymyr Bileka (Ukraine)
Jani Brajkovic (Slovenia)
Alberto Contador (Spain) *
Tony Cruz (USA) *
Steve Cummings (Great Britain) *
Tom Danielson (USA)
John Devine (USA) *
Stijn Devolder (Belgium)
Vladimir Gusev (Russia)
George Hincapie (USA)
Fuyu Li (China) *
Levi Leipheimer (USA) *
Trent Lowe (Australia)
Egoi Martinez (Spain)
Jason McCartney (USA)
Gianni Meersman (Belgium) *
Uros Murn (Slovenia) *
Benjamin Noval (Spain)
Pavel Padrnos (Czech Republic)
Sergio Paulinho (Portugal) *
Yaroslav Popovych (Ukraine)
Chechu Rubiera (Spain)
Tomas Vaitkus (Lithuania) *
Brian Vandborg (Denmark) *
Jurgen Van Goolen (Belgium)
Matt White (Australia)

* = new to the team in 2007

          This is a short essay I wrote entitled "The Economy of Portugal", which Proffesor Paul Klugman, The 2008 Nobel Prize winner in economics, allowed me to publish in The New York Times Economical Theory blog that he writes. It is an incredibly great honour as only about 70 are allowed for each of his essays that he publishes there. His essay's called: "The European Straigtjacket."        
Why are there seemingly so many people in the world so measurelessly broken with fright and weeping anguish over a mere €4.252 billion and €4.913 billion euros of bonds that have to be purchased, by the Republic of Portugal in April, and then in June, respectively? It seems so strange that there is so much attention paid to that particular country. Perhaps the just resigned Prime Minister of Portugal, Jose Socrates was correct in saying that much of the high bond yield demands on the markets find their origin in the journalistic obsession occurring at this particular point in history. Sadly, it is only too clear, that the people typically granted the authority to write and be widely read internationally on the subject of the Portuguese nation know very little about it, and I should know as I am a Portuguese person, yet living in Canada, who has spent over a year there spread over the entirety of my 30 or so years of age. I always feel like a child who is learning to walk, when I go there, simple and goofy. I am still wise enough to know, yet, that it is indeed a great society. Maybe there are too many people involved in the media universe who do not like working too hard at penetrating into new realms of truth. Or perhaps, those who purchase against the country, or by other means, work against it's finances, with the intent to gain more money from it, should feel moreso that they are simple. And is it possible that the Portuguese trouble many an unsophisticated mind because they are a particular kind of society that others who do not understand quite alot, fear?   Here are a few random, important statistics on Portuguese finances:   It recorded the highest bank deposit month in dollars for the month of January, 2011 since records began in October, 1989.     It has the highest improval of performance in the OECD and its partners (70 countries total) for the top 15 year old students in mathematics between 2003 and 2009,and the #4 most improved of all overall students, and as ranked of all overall students, is just below Austria and the US, and before Spain and Italy.   For science performance, it is the 3rd most improved from between 2006 to 2009 and overall is ahead of Denmark, Belgium, France, and Austria.   For reading performance, the 15 year old students are the 8th most improved from the years between 2000 to 2009 of the 70 countries tested, and overall, just below the US and ahead of Belgium, UK, Germany and many others.   Productivity improvements are likewise, remarkable: R&D spending between 2001-2008 went from 0.80-1.51% of GDP,the percentage of full-time researchers went from 3.5-5.5 per 1000 employed, and tertiary graduation rates in population at graduation age went from 27.6%-42.6%, in the same time period.   Note: This financial data is sourced from the The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) ; PISA 2009 results and the OECD country statistical profile: Portugal 2010 report.   The low growth in the GDP has been sustained for about ten years now, and it wouldn't seem to not be as such now, it simply does not make much sense. Why does not the EU government simply go ahead and purchase outrightly the €4.252 billion and €4.913 billion for the April and June bonds at issue, and if that's too reasonable, maybe they could buy them, and have Portugal pay them back at the average rate of all the European Union national bonds issued at this time, the payment to be due for the end of the same time period that the bonds of the Portuguese Republic were originally issued to expire for: it would do Europe a lot of good,and would save alot of resource, never mind mention also for those outside of Europe.   This all seems like an enormous waste of time and a massive drain on productivity and hencewith, development, like one flagellating themselves in the hope of being heard by some little god that they don't know anything about.

          The race starts long before the starting line        
I remember dreaming of the Iditarod Trail Invitational in June while working on the Cosmic Apple Farm. Not shure how I got so addicted to it, but I did. A lot of people ask me why I do this race. The main reason is because I can. Other reasons include the challenge, the freedom and experiencing big, beautiful, wide open Alaska, having it all to myself at times. Gettin' ready for a race like this starts long before the start line. Purchasing plane tixs, guesstimating a return time, finding someone to watch our house and dogs, gettin all the survival gear together, scheduling all the bills to be paid while we're gone, findin' a place to stay in AK, and gettin' a ride to the airport with our 2 bike boxes and luggage. I started shopping for our drops a month before they had to be mailed, picking up different food items here and there keepin' it as cheap as possible, since everything is X's two. Our main meals consisted of ramen, which I love at the checkpts, Idahoans (instant mash potatoes) with butter, these are good when on the trail using my thermos of hot water, different styles of mac and cheese side dishes with powdered milk, butter (packaged at home) and sometimes a pouch of salmon, also good at checkpts due to it needing to be boiled a little more. I thought I would like the stuffing a lot more, but it wasn't all that and I will probably leave this out next time. These would be our main meals, with JayP varing his with meat. Then there is the trail food. This is really tricky cuz you don't kow what you'll want to eat or how warm or cold the temps will be. Warmer temps, less food, cold temps, possible storm or other variables, more food. I have kept a list of the past 3 yrs and what I put in each drop, I still don't have it dialed but believe I am gettin' better at choosing things I will eat. I love candy, shiny, bright, all the dye and sugar you you can pack in CANDY! Sour patch kids, gummy bears, mike and ikes and welches fruit snack are a few of my favorites. Chocolate bars, I learned a lot about these this yr. I was able to find smoe nice belgium chocolate bars for cheap, but once they froze they tasted like crapolah! So lesson learned the cheaper chocolate usually 2 for 1 bars such as reese PB cup, almond joy, carmello (my fav), reese crunch (2nd fav), PB snickers, take 5, whoppers, are a few I rely on. Then there are the nuts, cakes and cookies. We were fortunate to recieve lots of tasty calories from Tram Bar which was great, but I prefer them chopped in pieces. The cookie of choice is nutterbutter, followed by just about any other kind of cookie. The cakes of little debbie or hostess of any kind are always a welcome treat. I am pretty shure I ate my 1st Suzy Q this past trip, T-lecious fer shure! Fruit pies aren't so good frozen, but thanks to handwarmers, this can be quickly solved. We also carry hot coco, coffee, emergency, cough drops, lots of vitamin I and different hard candies.

Just wanted to get out a food diary and will follow with a gear list soon! Thanks for your support all! Til next time!

          Fogs of War: The Many Lives of Chemical Weapons        

Chemical weapons have played a chilling role in human history, ever since they were first used in World War I.  As reports of more recent use continue to cycle through the news, we decided to take a deeper look.  We wanted to understand why chemical weapons were created in the first place, the ethical dilemmas inherent in their use, and the complicated process of getting rid of them.

The story begins in Belgium, where reporter Helena de Groot visits a farm in Flanders Fields—the frontline during World War I—and discovers that for some people the war isn’t yet over.

Then we talk to Jeffrey Johnson, a historian of science and technology at Villanova University with a special interest in the origins of chemical warfare, and Amy E. Smithson, a senior fellow at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, who specializes in modern-day chemical and biological weapons and their proliferation. Our guests discuss the past and present of chemical weapons, and share their thoughts about the future of warfare.


00:03 Introduction

01:10 Cleaning up Flanders Fields

08:56 Interview with Amy E. Smithson and Jeffrey Johnson


Hosts: Michal Meyer and Bob Kenworthy

Guests: Amy E. Smithson and Jeffrey Johnson

Reporter: Helena de Groot

Producer & Editor: Mariel Carr

Music courtesy of the Audio Network, the Free Music Archive and Mobygratis.com.


Check out Distillations magazine at distillations.org, where you'll find articles, videos, and our podcast.

          BroadwayWorld Seeks Contributors Near Cape Playhouse & Berkshire Theater        

How can I get involved as a Contributing Editor?

All applicants should have excellent writing skills and an enthusiasm for giving local theaters and productions some prominence on BroadwayWorld.com - the largest theater site on the net!

As a Contributing Editor, you will have the opportunity to review the shows of your choice, conduct interviews with local and touring talent, design features of your own choosing for publishing, and work/network with your local theater press reps to bring exposure to the theatrical offerings in your area.

Your compensation as a featured writer with us not only includes exclusive press seats to all of the shows you cover (as is standard in your area and arranged between you and the theater) but also the opportunity to be published under your own byline and publishing profile on both the local and main pages of the site for maximum exposure to our 5M+ monthly visitors!

To apply, or for more information, send an email to writefor@bwayworld.com

Not located near Berkshire or Cape Playhouse? Check out the worldwide BroadwayWorld regions we're currently recruiting in below!

United States:

Anchorage, Arkansas, Casper, Dayton, Fargo, Hawaii, Jackson, Madison, Milwaukee, Montana, New Hampshire, Sioux Falls, Wichita, Memphis, Tulsa, Vermont, Provincetown, South Dennis (RI), and Stockbridge(MA).


Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia Cuba, Egypt, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Montreal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Ottawa, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Prague, Qatar, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Toronto, Turkey, Vancouver, and Venezuela.

          Around the World with KEY LARGO (1948)        





          Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma Reveals Its Line-Up        
Today, Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), which will take place between October 12 to 23. Here's the complete line-up of feature films according to the press release we received.

Opening and closing

The 40th edition of the FNC kicks off on Wednesday, October 12, with Declaration of War by Valérie Donzelli (France) at Cinéma Impérial (Centre Sandra & Leo Kolber, Salle Lucie & André Chagnon). This critically-acclaimed second feature by Valérie Donzelli (The Queen of Hearts) tells the love story of Roméo and Juliette who are battling to save their sick child. The director and her producer Edouard Weil will be in attendance.

Ten days later, on Saturday, October 22, Monsieur Lazhar (Quebec/Canada) by Philippe Falardeau will close the Festival. Selected to represent Canada at the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, Monsieur Lahzar shows the efforts of an Algerian schoolteacher to help his Grade 6 students come to terms with their teacher’s death. Between the opening and closing dates, the FNC will be in celebratory mode, highlighting the social relevance of featured works.

International Selection: Louve d’Or presented by Quebecor

The International Selection is an opportunity for relative unknowns to make their mark. This year, there are 19 contenders for the Louve d’Or, which includes a $15,000 prize from Quebecor. The 19 films in competition are: Behold the Lamb, by John McIlduff (United Kingdom); Black Blood, by Miaoyan Zhang (China); Blue Bird, by Gust Van Den Berghe (France/Belgium); Elena, by Andrey Zvyagintsev (Russia); The Giants, by Bouli Lanners (France/Belgium/Luxemburg); The Island, by Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria/Sweden); The Last Christeros, by Matias Meyer (Mexico/Netherlands); Nuit #1, by Anne Émond (Quebec/Canada); OK, Enough, Goodbye, by Rania Attieh & Daniel Garcia (Lebanon/United Arab Emirates); Oslo, August 31st, by Joachim Trier (Norway); Play, by Ruban Östlund (Sweden/France/Denmark); Shame, by Steve McQueen (United Kingdom); Toll Booth, by Tolga Karacelik (Turkey); Tomboy, by Céline Sciamma (France); Twilight Portrait, by Angelina Nikonova (Russia); Volcano, by Runar Runarsson (Iceland/Denmark); Wasted Youth, by Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Greece); White White World, by Oleg Novkovic (Serbia); and Without, by Mark Jackson (United States).

Special Presentation

Twenty-five films by established filmmakers will be screened in this year’s Special Presentation section, which features strong, committed works that reflect their creators’ bold vision: 30 tableaux, by Paule Baillargeon (Quebec/Canada); Les Amants, by Nicolas Klotz & Elisabeth Perceval (France); An Organisation of Dreams – Part 2 – Dangerous People, by Ken McMullen (United Kingdom); L’Apollonide (Souvenirs de la maison close), and De la guerre, Bertrand Bonello (France); Stopped on Track, Andrea Dresen (Germany); Norwegian Wood, Tran Anh Hung (Japan); Early One Morning, Jean-Marc Moutout (France/Belgium); Décharge, Benoît Pilon (Quebec/Canada); Faust, Alexander Sokurov (Russia); Almayer’s Folly, Chantal Akerman (France/Belgium); U2-From the Sky Down, Davis Guggenheim (United States); Hanezu, Naomi Kawaze (Japan); Hard Core Logo II, Bruce McDonald (Canada); Outside Satan, Bruno Dumont (France); Il se peut que la beauté ait renforcé notre résolution – Masao Adachi, Philippe Grandieux (France); Louis Martin, journaliste, Louis Bélanger (Quebec/Canada); Melancholia, Lars Von Trier (Denmark/Sweden/France/Germany); My Paris Movie, Jonas Mekas (United States); Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey); The Skin I Live In, Pedro Almodóvar (Spain); Pina, Wim Wenders (Germany/France); Take This Waltz, Sarah Polley (Canada); The Turin Horse, Béla Tarr (Hungary); and A Separation, Asghar Farhadi (Iran).

International Panorama

Festivalgoers can tour the world, exploring countless new realities through a wide array of works, including comedies, documentaries, road movies and dramas. The 27 films in this year’s International Panorama section are: Abderrahmane Sissako: Une fenêtre sur le monde, by Charles Castella (France); Absolutely Tame Is a Horse (Asb Heyvan-e Najibist), by Abdolreza Kahani (Iran); Acorazado, by Alvaro Curiel de Icaza (Mexico); Avé, by Konstantin Bojanov (Bulgaria); Chico & Rita, by Javier Mariscal & Fernando Trueba (Spain); Cultures of Resistance, by Iara Lee (United States); Do Me Love, by Jacky Katu & Lou Viger (France); End of the Night, by Daisuke Miyazaki (Japan); Flying Home, by Tobias Wyss (Switzerland); Pio’s Generation (La Generación de Pio), by Juan Rodrigo & Pedro Rodrigo (Spain); Goodnight Nobody, by Jacqueline Zünd (Switzerland/Germany); The Furious Force of Rhymes, by Joshua Atesh Litle (France); Land of Oblivion, by Michale Boganim (France/Germany/Poland/Ukraine); Last Road to the Beach (A Última estrada da praia), by Fabiano De Souza (Brazil); Melting Away, by Doron Eran (Israel/Canada); Mike, by Lars Blumers (France); Mondo Lux – The Visual Worlds of Werner Schroeter, by Elfi Mikesch (Germany); Our Ancestors The Gauls, by Christian Zerbib (France); Policeman (Hashoter), by Nadav Lapid (Israel); The First Rasta, by Hélène Lee (France); Searching for Hassan, by Edouard Beau (France); The Terrorists (Poo Kor Karn Rai), by Thunska Pansittivorakul (Thailand/Germany); Three and a Half (Seh-O-Nim), by Naghi Nemati (Iran); A Life for Ballet, by Marlène Ionesco (France); The Life and Death of Celso Junior, by Panayotis Evangelidis (Greece); Vinyl (Tales from the Vienna Underground), by Andrew C. Standen-Razlrish (Austria/United Kingdom) and Y’a pire ailleurs, by Jean-Henri Meunier (France).


Turning the spotlight on homegrown talent, the Focus section presents original, unseen Quebec and Canadian works that wow, amaze and offer food for thought. This year’s lineup includes 9 films in competition for the Grand Prix Focus/Cinémathèque québécoise with a $5,000 prize, as well as 10 non-competing films. Opening the section on October 13 is the visually ambitious documentary Surviving Progress, by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks (Canada). Also in competition: Amy George, by Yonah Lewis & Calvin Thomas (Canada); The Girl in the White Coat, by Darrell Wasyk (Canada); Fortunate Son, by Tony Asimakopoulos (Quebec/Canada); I am a good person/I am a bad person, by Ingrid Veninger (Canada); Laurentie, by Simon Lavoie & Mathieu Denis (Quebec/Canada); Marginal Road, by Yassaman Ameri (Quebec/Canada/Portugal); Peace Park, by David Bouthillier (Quebec/Canada); and Romeo Eleven, by Ivan Grbovic (Quebec/Canada). The non-competing films are: Alejandro Jodorowsky, grand rectum de l’Université de Foulosophie, by François Gourd & Matthieu Bouchard (Quebec/Canada); Another Silence, by Santiago Amigorena (Quebec/Canada/France/Argentina); National Parks Project, by Louise Archambault, Keith Behrman, Daniel Cockburn, Hubert Davis, Sturla Gunnarsson, Zacharias Kunuk, Stéphane Lafleur, Peter Lynch, Catherine Martin, Kevin McMahon, Scott Smith, Jamie Travis and John Walker (Quebec/Canada); Le Pays des âmes, by Olivier Godin (Quebec/Canada); Planet Yoga, by Carlos Ferrand (Quebec/Canada); Dust. A Sculptor’s Journey, by Jeanne Pope (Quebec/Canada); Rasta, A Soul’s Journey, by Donisha Prendergast (Canada); République: un abécédaire populaire, by Hugo Latulippe (Quebec/Canada); Les Tickets: l’arme de la répression, by Eric “Roach” Denis (Quebec/Canada); and Touch the Sky, by Adrian Wills (Quebec/Canada).

Temps Ø

The section opens with the North American premiere of Guilty of Romance by Sion Sono (Japan), a story of ordinary mental illness in the form of a psychosexual, neofeminist punk thriller, with powerful lead actress Megumi Kagurazaka in attendance. Other big names on the program: Takahi Miike with Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (a 3D remake of Kobayashi’s masterpiece); Shinya Tsukamoto, who will present the much-anticipated Kotoko, about a mother on the brink of madness, which nabbed the Orizzonti prize at the last Venice festival. Must-see new discoveries include Our Day Will Come by Romain Gavras, a Thelma and Louise for redheads and a cross between Gaspar Noé and Bertrand Blier, starring Vincent Cassel. It’s no secret that Australian film is in a state of effervescence, represented here by two major works: the mysterious Sleeping Beauty by Julia Leigh, with rising star Emily Browning, and Justin Kruzel’s monstrous Snowtown, which got a special mention at the 2011 Cannes Critics’ Week. And . . . (drum roll), don’t miss the long-awaited world premiere of Assassin’s Creed Embers, an all-new animated short by Ubisoft studios. Expect an evening of surprises, anecdotes and of course sneak previews of the new game by the Montreal mega franchise. On the US front, look for the astonishing The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a beautiful love story told through one of the most radical artistic performances the world has ever seen. Director Marie Losier, the darling of New York’s experimental new cinema scene, will be in attendance. We’ll also be showing Take Shelter, by Jeff Nichols, which won the Critics’ Week Grand Prix at Cannes and has everybody talking, as well as the documentary Last Fast Ride: The Love, Life and Death of a Punk Goddess, by Lilly Ayers, on punk icon Marian Anderson (with narration by Henry Rollins). Asia will also be in the spotlight with Gandu, by Quashiq Mukherjee, a proud representative of an all-new style of Indian films (Wong Kar-wai meets a pornographic ghetto rapper version of Gaspard Noé in Calcutta). Also showing will be Shirome, by Koji Shiraishi, a horror film that takes delight in terrifying a group of young female Japanese pop stars, offering a new twist on The Blair Witch Project. Finally, the latest wacky flick from Thailand — Saturday Killer, by Yuthlert Sippapak, about a hit man with severe erectile dysfunction — along with the superb Tatsumi, Eric Khoo’s tribute to renowned manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi. And, last but not least, the first real 3D porn flick, Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, by Christopher Sun Lap Key, which smashed this year’s box office records in Hong Kong and has become a true Chinese cultural phenomenon.

          Fantasia 2011: The Devil's Double (2011)        
Lee Tamahori's The Devil's Double is one of the most disturbing films. However, Tamahori shows with intelligence the daily horrors of Saddam Hussein's regime.

The film is based on the life of Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper), a military officer. He's forced to become the "fiday", a body double, for Uday Hussein (also played by Cooper), the eldest son of president Saddam Hussein (Phillip Quast). To prevent the assassination of Uday, Latif must learn to walk and talk like Uday. Moreover, he must forget his family. During the invasion of Kuwait in 1991, Latif must pass off as Uday to boost the Iraqi troops' morale.

As time goes by, Latif sees that Uday is a devil. The son of president Hussein has an appetite for sex, easy women, school girls, drugs and violence. Latif finds solace in the arms of Sarrab (Ludivine Sagnier), Uday's mistress. However, Latif eventually plans to flee Iraq.

Given that Latif Yahia was Uday Hussein's body double for some years, Tamahori did a nice job condensing the story within at least two hours. One can certainly forgive Tamahori for making The Devil's Double as a thriller. This is because the performance by Dominic Cooper astonishes us. He has no difficulty switching between psychopathy (as Uday) and composure (as Latif). Moreover, by using suggestion, Lee Tamahori also shows us the horrors of Saddam Hussein's regime such as the torture of athletes Iraqi athletes who underperformed in the views of the regime.

Obviously, the film takes a few liberties, but it still a smart entertainment. Besides, given that the film takes place in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, one must not see The Devil's Double as a pro-American statement.

Rating: 3.5/5

Origin:Belgium (2011)
Length:108 minutes
Screenplay:Michael Thomas and Latif Yahia
Director:Lee Tamahori
Starring:Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier and Raad Rawi

          Cardiff Airport        
First post of the new year ... and this year I'll try to post more, but for a start, this from Wales On Line (sometimes Wales' answer to the Daily Mail - at least in terms of sensationalism)...

15 safest holiday destinations for 2017 and flight prices from Cardiff

All well and good, apart from the obvious sensationalism placing Belgium, Spain in almost the same category as Iraq and Syria...and on a personal note missing the World's safest country - Finland - from the mix.

What actually struck me about this article was the HUGE price disparity between flying from Cardiff than some other regional airports. This can be attributed to a number of things, mainly classic bad management over the years (this seems to have changed a little since the Welsh Government took over), but Cardiff has suffered from a management that has been quite content not to develop the airport.

This can be seen in the prices charged and the number of airlines coming to Cardiff, for example, flights to Iceland from the above article: Flights from Cardiff start from around £223, but can be picked up for less than £70 from London or Manchester. The price differential here covers travel from South Wales to London by practically anything other than a private limousine.

How about Poland? Great country and just a mere £142 from Cardiff, but only £20 from Newcastle or Birmingham. Malta? With a change of flight at £183 from Cardiff, or, less than £30 from those international heavyweights of airprots: Bournemouth, Glasgow and Nottingham...

Shopping around of course you might get better deals and Wales On Line probably isn't the best place to get your flight information in this respect. However the situation remains that Cardiff is expensive, especially with scheduled flights more or less limited to FlyBe and KLM and no cheap operators available: Norwegian HINT!!!

For Cardiff Airport to succeed a few things need to happen. Firstly the management of the airport need to get airlines and thus people to the airport - lower fees and even make a loss in certain areas but a profit overall. Control over airport taxes by the Welsh Government is critical and then finally a little more self promotion around the World, or at least Europe - maybe even China - I'm sure that even Wales could market itself from both a tourist and business perspective to the Chinese...

The situation gets even more surreal when you consider that the Cardiff region is supposed to be one of the fastest growing in the UK, yet Wales relies upon Heathrow and Bristol instead of a perfectly functional airport right next to its own capital city. Northern Ireland manages to support two airports - one of which  actually handles a reasonable amount of intercontinental flights, Scotland has five airports (Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Prestwick) with Newcastle not too far from the border. Even some of the regional English airports such as Bournemouth and Exeter look better than Cardiff.

What Cardiff Airport needs is a management who have a vision and the confidence to attempt to make things better, get more business, get more tourists etc. In some ways Cardiff Airport still suffers from the problem that the Welsh Tourist Authority (or whatever they were called) had in that for them to do anything they had to ask the English Tourist Authority permission ... it still feels the same way.

In post-Brexit UK, the devolved countries of the UK, especially Wales, can not afford to sit back and hope for business. Cardiff Airport has a lot going for it with a major maintenance base for BA and another in St.Athan next door, GE Engines in Caerffili, a rail link (just about) and a runway that can handle 747s and A380s*, it just lacks any form of confidence.

*Not that you're going to see either regularly in passenger duty - unfortunately.

          Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship-IT4BI for EU and Non EU Students, 2015/2017        

This scholarship has been extracted from the BEST SCHOLARSHIP WEB: Scholarships 2017 - 2017 =)

Applications are invited for Erasmus Mundus masters scholarships available for European students and Non European students. Scholarship is awarded to pursue two years IT4BI masters program at Free University of Brussels (ULB) in Belgium, University of Tours (UFRT) in France, Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP) in France, Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in Spain and Technical University of Berlin (TUB) in Germany. Two types of scholarships will be awarded i.e. Category A and Category B scholarship. The Category A scholarships should be considered as “full scholarships” covering all necessary costs of the student during his/her study period in Europe while Category B scholarships have to be considered as

All the complete information in Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship-IT4BI for EU and Non EU Students, 2015/2017 !

          Brussels - something to think about        
The Independent is running a story today:

Brussels attacks: Security officials accused of missing a string of opportunities to stop suicide bombers
Accomplices still on the run after day of conflicting reports and confusion

The following paragraphs are deeply troubling given the emphasis on "banning" encryption and the need for total surveillance:
The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, who laid a wreath at the underground station close to the European Commission headquarters where more than 20 people died, said that EU nations had to invest “massively” in their security systems. 
The most direct criticism came from Turkey, which has previously criticised France for what it said was a failure to heed a prior warning about one of the suicide attackers involved in last year’s attack in Paris in which 130 people were killed. 
Turkish officials have previously said that French authorities were warned twice by Turkey about one of the assailants in the attacks on Paris in November. A senior government source told The Independent: “We had warned France before the Paris attacks, now this. It’s ridiculous.” 
The two brothers had been known to police in Belgium for years, and operated in some of the marginalised communities in the capital that had avoided close attention from the intelligence agencies despite problems of jihadist recruitment and terrorist links. 
The Belgian federal prosecutor, Frederic van Leeuw, told reporters that the two brothers, Brussels-born Belgian citizens, had “extensive” criminal records but they were not related to terrorism.
So, ultimately the failure was both of communication between intelligence and police agencies *and* a failure to listen. Worse is that the terrorists involved were already known (last paragraph above). If the signals of possible trouble were not seen in the above then the problem certainly does not lie with extensive data collection. In fact the perpetrators actually gained privacy by effectively hiding in plain sight.

The trouble is that now politicians are in the "do something" mode of operation, where doing anything, regardless of effectiveness, is far better than actually thinking and doing the right thing.

I had the pleasure of speaking with some security experts in counter-terrorism a while back. They effectively said that politicians want more security just to be seen to be doing something - this is why we've ended up with airport security that concentrates on bottles of water but not on mitigating the real risks - queues, delays, bottlenecks. The question of profiling, as seen in Israeli aviation security is too much for the politicians to risk their careers on so everyone will suffer under increasingly intrusive and increasingly ineffective security.

Finally this quote by Simon Jenkins of The Guardian:

Those who live under freedom know it demands a price, which is a degree of risk. We pay the state to protect us – but calmly, without constant boasting or fearmongering. We know that, in reality, life in Britain has never been safer. That it suits some people to pretend otherwise does not alter the fact. 
In his admiral manual, Terrorism: How to Respond, the Belfast academic Richard English defines the threat to democracy as not the “limited danger” of death and destruction. It is the danger “of provoking ill-judged, extravagant and counterproductive state responses”.

          Three Swiss Cities in One Day        
It's a new year, and we hope to share our Europe travels a little more frequently or we'll never get through our photos! After Switzerland, we still have Germany, Italy, France, and Belgium to share. 

Being hosted by our friends, Zhanna and Gary, in Switzerland was amazing because we got to do activities they normally enjoy, like climbing a via ferrata and hiking to their chalet in the mountains. It also meant we did a lot of non-touristy things around home, like go soak in the local hot springs pool at night, eat their fave Thai takeout for dinner one night, and swing by Gary's mom's house to meet some of the family members we'd been hearing so much about.

Toward the end of the week, we decided we needed to venture further away from home and packed up for a short road trip. We were headed toward Lauterbrunnen, and spent a day stopping along the way in a few beautiful cities—Neuchâtel (where I did a short portrait session for Zhanna + Gary), Bern, and Thun. 

There's something so wonderful and picturesque about layers of crammed rooftops, and the Swiss landscape has done the cities a favor with it's rolling hills. There are so many good view points in hilly cities! Bern especially, was one of those cities that seemed to fit in one postcard-perfect frame from up on the hill across the river as soon as we got out of the car. No need to trek anywhere.

On our third stop in Thun, we met up with a couple of photographers we had connected with through Instagram. Gosh, the internet is crazy cool. We instantly became friends with David and Kathrin over a pasta lunch at a lovely sidewalk cafe. After lunch, the six of us wandered around Thun, casually wandering through a castle (no big deal), and taking each other's photos, because that's what photographers do when they get together. David and Kathrin have friends who own a bed and breakfast retreat of some sort on Lake Thun, and they invited us to come see their beautiful property, have a coffee, and take a row boat out on the lake. The weather was overcast and a little hazy, and the light fading over the lake at the end of the day was absolutely beautiful. We didn't see a single other person or boat out—the lake was all ours.

As we traveled northwest from Monthey, the language changed from French to Swiss German. Our hosts speak French and our new friends speak Swiss German, so it was really interesting to see that English can still be the common language even between people from one country!  

We parted ways with our new friends, and continued on to Lauterbrunnen with Zhanna and Gary, driving in the dark—such a shame! Now that we're home, I keep seeing stunning photos of Lake Thun and it hurts to think of the beautiful views we missed while driving around that lake. Never travel through Switzerland through the night! 

We'll share photos from Lauterbrunnen, the beautiful place that inspired RR Tolkien's Rivendell, in the next post. 

- Julia + Yuriy

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

(where I did a short portrait session for our hosts, Zhanna + Gary)
Seems like we stumbled into an amazing street market in every other town we visited in Europe.

Bern, Switzerland

This was my first view of Bern. It's as if the city was laid out to give a beautiful first impression.
I couldn't get over how peaceful and sweet this couple looked sitting on a bench overlooking the city. This photo made it into our 2017 postcard calendar.

Thun, Switzerland

(with our new friends, David + Kathrin, showing us around)

Lake Thun, Switzerland
A few of the photos David and Kathrin so generously gifted to us.

          2017 Postcard Calendar         
We've continued our tradition and made a 2017 postcard calendar with photos from our travels this past year. It's always really fun to go through our photos at the end of the year and make something we can hold in our hands (and makes our holiday gifts super easy). This year's calendar has photos from our roadtrip to Switzerland, Italy, France, and Belgium (which we'll be sharing on the blog shortly!).

The back of each calendar page has a postcard back. When you're through with the month, cut off the bottom and send the postcard to a friend, or collect all 12 to display as small prints. 

You can shop the calendar here. We also sell travel prints if you need some fresh wall art. Thanks for checking it out!

- Julia + Yuriy

          Let's Roadtrip Through Europe        
Oh hey. It's been a while. Anyone still around these parts of the web??? We have some dusting to do around here. 

Updating our travel blog has been on our to-do list for about a year now. The more time that passes, the bigger of a project it's become, and we just couldn't prioritize it this past year.  If you follow us on Instagram (Yuriy / Julia), you know we're still our usual selves, still living in Seattle, still traveling when we can, just not sharing as much here. Last summer I finished design school and started doing design full time for a startup. The past year was an adjustment as Yuriy took over more of the photography business and I poured most of my time into my new work. After being in school and super busy for a while, if I had any free time this past year, I wanted to spend it with friends, not on the computer. 

I miss this. Blogging helps us to go through photos instead of letting them rot on a hard drive, forces us to reflect on a trip, and document memories more thoroughly than on Instagram. As things slow down with photography, I'm excited to spend this fall and winter going through tons of travel photos and updating the blog. 

Earlier this year we spent a month roadtripping through Europe to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary (yeah, already!). Even when we traveled for 6 months after our wedding, there was so much that we missed in Europe. This time we visited France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Belgium, and the only place we revisited was Paris. Everything else was new. And we wished we had more time. 

This post marks the beginning of our roadtrip. We flew into Paris, rented a little Fiat for the month, and drove straight to our good friends' home in Switzerland, about a five hour drive. After a red eye flight and with Yuriy behind the wheel, I fell asleep immediately, so not a single photo here is mine. Yuriy is a lover of roadtrips, and couldn't resist stopping in all the small towns along the way. Later in the trip, we wouldn't have stopped so many times, but when you first arrive in a foreign country, everything is beautiful and awe-inspiring. How could you not stop for a photo?

Yuriy woke me up with his hands full of food—perhaps the best way to wake up. He stopped by a gas station on the side of the highway, and came back with a couple of amazing sandwiches on really good bread, fresh chocolate croissants, and coffee. In the States, you want to stay far away from gas station food, so we were pleasantly surprised with the random find. From that first bite of ham and cheese sandwich, I could hardly wait for all the meals to come in the next month. 

Hope you enjoy a glimpse of French countryside on our way to Switzerland. Tomorrow I'll share some photos from our time in Switzerland with good friends.

- Julia

          Enjoy The First-rate Bars In Antwerp        
When seeking a spirited trap, Antwerp tourism opportunities are ideal. Antwerp tourism options give the traveller a form to experience fine dinner options, to look around extraordinary places of importance, and to drink in the rich history of the conurbation of Antwerp in Belgium. Fabulous, uniquely styled architecture, inviting and welcoming stores, magnificent chronicled monuments, numerous art galleries, an abundance of , and myriad cultural activities await the visitor of Antwerp. In addition, getting around the city of Antwerp and to miscellaneous destinations of activity is amazingly easy, thanks to the myriad forms of public transportation accessible to tourists and metropolis inhabitants.

As with multitudinous other locations in historically rich Belgium, Antwerp has a magnificent history. The area is a paradise for those who love literature, art, or even architecture as seen in locales like the Rubenshuis, the Plantin Moretus Museum, and the Cathedral of Our Lady, respectively. Since it is the diamond capital of the world, one might ask where one can buy some terrific diamonds. As mentioned earlier, 3/4ths of the world diamond trade happens in Antwerp, so the question is misleading, as one can buy diamonds just about anywhere in Antwerp. The first-rate would never be in question either as the pride of the province exists in the diamonds one brings home.

Take a tour of one of the ancient zoos in the entire world; the Antwerp Zoo contains sea lions, adorable King Penguins, crocodiles, dolphins, monkeys, a vast mixture of reptiles, and fish. Plus, the Zoo is perfect for and children alike! If the zoo doesn't appeal to you, perhaps the Royal Museum of Fine Arts will hold curiosity for you. Before ruined by a devastating fire, the museum has a rich history, having been built around 1884. Within the museum's walls you can be fond of the extraordinary work of artists like Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, and Floris Claesz van Deck.

Antwerp tourism options also deliver some fine diversion pursuits. The place is filled with fine public houses, cafes, nightclubs, dance halls, Internet cafes and so much more. Casinos serve up live diversion, opportunities to gamble, and food. Meanwhile, travellers seeking unique forms of distraction while staying in Antwerp could pinpoint such offers at the Bourlaschouwburg Theatre, otherwise referred to as the Bourla Theatre. The latter theatre was recently renovated in the mid 1990's and possesses a neoclassical design theme. An alternative theatre in Antwerp may also be visited: the Koningin Elisabethzaal and this location is perfect for those seeking symphonic entertainment.

Largest restaurant selections are posted in the ancient city centre. Berlin is one of the restaurants in the food strip. The brown and black decor reminds people of the business history meanwhile the early 1900's. You will likely locate a different specimen of Antwerpen crowd, as well as lively students. For classic Belgian food, you can head to one of its local cafes like the Dansing Chocola. This old fashioned cafe is manned with outstanding staff, and with talented violinists that will serenade guests midst dinners. Legions international cuisine is also lined near the town's centre.

Antwerp is a tourist spot that must not be missed by people taking a European road excursion. It is delightful to learn how Belgium and Antwerp mattered in world affairs throughout the decades. Look around Antwerp and experience Belgium's past at its most excellent.

Tamesh Macrae is a former model who has worked at companion agencies in Antwerp as a good-looking lady in Antwerp and a wondrous girl in Brussels.

dinner: diiner

dinner: diiner

Article Source: www.articlesnatch.com

          Prodigious Antwerpen Has Curious Sports        
Antwerp might not be much of a political power compared to its neighbour Brussels, but it is one of the true gems of Flanders. With a store of baroque bars and antique frameworks, Antwerp is also termed the diamond capital of the world. Almost all the diamonds imported from Africa are cut and prepared here. This celebrated charm and modest lifestyle in Antwerp make it one of Belgium's largest underrated tourist destinations. Antwerp has the right mixture of the bygone and the new, cradled in its metropolitan area drives and traces. Here, you could spot Art Nouveau mansions, Renaissance villas, and antiquated castles. These material edifices provide the backdrop for a romantic location in this diamond country.

You could start your "Antwerpen trip" by seeing the Antwerp Zoo. This zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world. Since it was founded in 1843, it continued to collect exotic animal species from Belgium's African colonies. You could still see the lion panels from the 1800's. The Grote Market in the old city centre is an icon of feudal lifestyle in Flanders. The triangular area that covers the market is lined with guild halls straight from the Renaissance, and you can also locate the Brabo fountain in the middle of the market.

Shopping is one activity that you should not miss in Antwerp. Once you leave the Antwerpen Centraal Station, head over to the diamond district just contrasting to the station. After you stroll through the diamond district, you could walk through the old town, as you are greeted by antique fabrics and lighthearted citizens. You may also drive to the Antwerp's north side to locate bygone oil refineries. Then, go back to the town centre and shop for souvenirs, as well as consume some of Antwerp's local produce.

As with all things Europe, the bars are always of note. Every country has its own drinking house ideas, and Belgium is not any different. The Pelgrom is a noteworthy underground drinking house that tourists should not forget to tour. Unlike other countries that have "locals" frequenting the bars, Antwerp bars are captivating due to the friendliness of the Antwerp populace.

There is also the high-class shopping area in Meir for travellers who desire to spend pleasant money on some novel Belgian wears and shoes. The items are certainly worth it as they act for the style of life in Antwerp.

Largest restaurant selections are stationed in the dated city centre. Berlin is one of the restaurants in the food strip. The brown and black decor reminds people of the industrialized past throughout the early 1900's. You will likely locate a different genre of Antwerpen crowd, as well as lively students. For classic Belgian food, you could head to one of its local cafes like the Dansing Chocola. This ancient fashioned cafe is manned with good staff, and with talented violinists that will serenade guests midst dinners. Numerous international food is also lined near the town's middle.

Antwerp's history as a trading hub allowed it to accumulate arts and sciences and history variant from other municipals in Belgium. Present, Antwerp is going back to top form economically. Antwerp is one of the sporadic tourist ports in Europe that is classic and lively, ready to bring its animation in the new century.

Tamesh Macrae is a former model who has worked at dinner date agencies in Antwerp as a charming dinner date in Antwerp and a superb girl in Brussels.

dinner: diiner

dinner: diiner

Article Source: www.articlesnatch.com

          Fantasy Cycling 2017 competition list        

Here's the UCI WT list for 2017: all these races should be in the 2017 game.

17-22 January Santos Tour Down Under (Australia)
29 January Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race (Australia)
6-10 February Tour of Qatar (Qatar)
23-26 February Abu Dhabi Tour (United Arab Emirates)
25 February Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)
04 March Strade Bianche (Italy)
5-12 March Paris-Nice (France)
8-14 March Tirreno-Adriatico (Italy)
18 March Milano-Sanremo (Italy)
20-26 March Volta Ciclista a Catalunya (Spain)
22 March Dwars Door Vlaanderen / A travers la Flandre (Belgium)
24 March Record Bank E3 Harelbeke (Belgium)
26 March Gent-Wevelgem in Flanders Fields (Belgium)
02 April Ronde van Vlaanderen / Tour des Flandres (Belgium)
3-8 April Vuelta al País Vasco (Spain)
09 April Paris-Roubaix (France)
16 April Amstel Gold Race (Netherlands)
18-23 April Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (Turkey)
19 April La Flèche Wallonne (Belgium)
23 April Liège-Bastogne-Liège (Belgium)
25-30 April Tour de Romandie (Switzerland)
01 May Eschborn-Frankfurt « Rund um den Finanzplatz » (Germany)
6-28 May Giro d’Italia (Italy)
14-21 May Amgen Tour of California (United States)
4-11 June Critérium du Dauphiné (France)
10-18 June Tour de Suisse (Switzerland)
1-23 July Tour de France (France)
29 July Clásica Ciclista San Sebastian (Spain)
29 July-4 August Tour de Pologne (Poland)
30 July Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic (Great Britain)
7-13 August Eneco Tour (Benelux)
19 August-10 September Vuelta a España (Spain)
20 August Cyclassics Hamburg (Germany)
27 August Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France (France)
08 September Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec (Canada)
10 September Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal (Canada)
30 September Il Lombardia (Italy)


Some of those didn't feature this year. but since one of the things I want to do is have a UCI WorldTour competition, they'll need to all be in

Others we've had in the game in the past include

  • Other Spring Classics, but for the UCI comp thing to work we would need them to be in a separate comp or run individually
  • Tour of Oman
  • Dubai Tour
  • Tour of Britain
  • Tour de Yorkshire
  • Giro del Trentino
  • Ruta del Sol
  • Volta ao Algarve
  • Criterium International
  • Tour de San Luis
  • World Champs
  • USA Pro Challenge
  • Tour of Beijing
  • Tour Mediterenéen

What should be in/out for 2017? Have your say!

          Guest post: Absorbing task or deranged quest: an attempt to track all genus names ever published        

YtNkVT2U This guest post by Tony Rees describes his quest to track all genus names ever published (plus a subset of the species…).

A “holy grail” for biodiversity informatics is a suitably quality controlled, human- and machine-queryable list of all the world’s species, preferably arranged in a suitable taxonomic hierarchy such as kingdom-phylum-class-order-family-genus or other. To make it truly comprehensive we need fossils as well as extant taxa (dinosaurs as well as dinoflagellates) and to cover all groups from viruses to vertebrates (possibly prions as well, which are, well, virus-like). Linnaeus had some pretty good attempts in his day, and in the internet age the challenge has been taken up by a succession of projects such as the “NODC Taxonomic Code” (a precursor to ITIS, the Integrated Taxonomic Information System - currently 722,000 scientific names), the Species 2000 consortium, and the combined ITIS+SP2000 product “Catalogue of Life”, now in its 16th annual edition, with current holdings of 1,635,250 living and 5,719 extinct valid (“accepted”) species, plus an additional 1,460,644 synonyms (information from http://www.catalogueoflife.org/annual-checklist/2016/info/ac). This looks pretty good until one realises that as well as the estimated “target” of 1.9 million valid extant species there are probably a further 200,000-300,000 described fossils, all with maybe as many synonyms again, making a grand total of at least 5 million published species names to acquire into a central “quality assured” system, a task which will take some time yet.

Ten years ago, in 2006, the author participated in a regular meeting of the steering committee for OBIS, the Ocean Biogeographic Information System which, like GBIF, aggregates species distribution data (for marine species in this context) from multiple providers into a single central search point. OBIS was using the Catalogue of Life (CoL) as its “taxonomic backbone” (method for organising its data holdings) and, again like GBIF, had come up against the problem of what to do with names not recognised in the then-latest edition of CoL, which was at the time less than 50% complete (information on 884,552 species). A solution occurred to me that since genus names are maybe only 10% as numerous as species names, and every species name includes its containing genus as the first portion of its binomial name (thanks, Linnaeus!), an all-genera index might be a tractable task (within a reasonable time frame) where an all-species index was not, and still be useful for allocating incoming “not previously seen” species names to an appropriate position in the taxonomic hierarchy. OBIS, in particular, also wished to know if species (or more exactly, their parent genera) were marine (to be displayed) or nonmarine (hide), similar with extant versus fossil taxa. Sensing a challenge, I offered to produce such a list, in my mind estimating that it might require 3 months full-time, or the equivalent 6 months in part time effort to complete and supply back to OBIS for their use.

To cut a long story short… the project, which I christened the Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera or IRMNG (originally at CSIRO in Australia, now hosted on its own domain “www.irmng.org” and located at VLIZ in Belgium) has successfully acquired over 480,000 published genus names, including valid names, synonyms and a subset of published misspellings, all allocated to families (most) or higher ranks (remainder) in an internally coherent taxonomic structure, most with marine/nonmarine and extant/fossil flags, all with the source from which I acquired them, sources for the flags, and more; also for perhaps 50% of genera, lists of associated species from wherever it has been convenient to acquire them (Catalogue of Life 2006 being a major source, but many others also used). My estimated 6 months has turned into 10 years and counting, but I do figure that the bulk of the basic “names acquisition” has been done for all groups (my estimate: over 95% complete) and it is rare (although not completely unknown) for me to come across genus names not yet held, at least for the period 1753-2014 which is the present coverage of IRMNG; present effort is therefore concentrated on correcting internal errors and inconsistencies, and upgrading the taxonomic placement (to family) for the around 100,000 names where this is not yet held (also establishing the valid name/synonym status of a similar number of presently “unresolved” generic names).

With the move of the system from Australia to VLIZ, completed within the last couple of months, there is the facility to utilise all of the software and features presently developed at VLIZ that currently runs WoRMS, the World Register of Marine Species and its many associated subsidiary databases, as well as (potentially) look at forming a distributed editing network for IRMNG in the future, as already is the case for WoRMS, presuming that others are see a value in maintaining IRMNG as a useful resource e.g. for taxonomic name resolution, detection of potential homonyms both within and across kingdoms, and generally acting as a hierarchical view of “all life” to at least genus level. A recently implemented addition to IRMNG is to hold ION identifiers (also used in BioNames), for the subset of names where ION holds the original publication details, enabling “deep links” to both ION and BioNames wherein the original publication can often be displayed, as previously described elsewhere in this Blog. Similar identifiers for plants are not yet held in the system but could be, (for example Index Fungorum identifiers for fungi), for cases where the potential linked system adds value in giving, for example, original publication details and onward links to the primary literature.

All in all I feel that the exercise has been of value not only to OBIS (the original “client”) but also to other informatics systems such as GBIF, Encyclopedia of Life, Atlas of Living Australia, Open Tree of Life and others who have all taken advantage of IRMNG data to add to their systems, either for the marine/nonmarine and extant/fossil flags or as an addition to their primary taxonomic backbones, or both. In addition it has allowed myself, the founding IRMNG compiler, to “scratch the taxonomic itch” and finally flesh out what is meant by statements that a certain group contains x families or y genera, and what these actually might be. Finally, many users of the system via its web interface have commented over time on how useful it is to be able to input “any” name, known or unknown, with a good chance that IRMNG can tell them something about the genus (or genus possible options, in the case of homonyms) as well as the species, in many cases, as well as discriminate extant from fossil taxon names, something not yet offered to any significant extent by the current Catalogue of Life.

Readers of iPhylo are encouraged to try IRMNG as a “taxonomic name resolution service” by visiting www.irmng.org and of course, welcome to contact me with suggestions of missed names (concentrating at genus level at the present time) or any other ideas for improvement (which I can then submit for consideration to the team at VLIZ who now provide the technical support for the system).

          2002 World Cup team ratings        

An elimination tournament does not, by its nature, produce overall standings. You can construct a table by points, of course, but it will not take into account the differences in games played and opponents' strengths. I wanted, just for fun, to devise an objective (which doesn't mean meaningful) way to rate and rank the 32 teams in the World Cup. After several iterations, here's the scheme I came up with.

For each team I calculated a raw efficiency rating based on their points per game. At 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and none for a loss, with 2 bonus points for making it to the elimination stage, I added up each team's points, divided by an expected point total of 4/3 * games-played (figuring an average result for three round-robin games would have been a win, a tie and a loss), and then added 1, anticipating later multiplication, so that the resulting ratings start at 1 instead of 0.

I then went back and used those ratings as a measure of opponent's strength, assigning each match for each team the product of the points gained (again 1-base (4/2/1) rather than 0-base (3/1/0)) and the opponent's raw rating. Add those values up and average them, and then add a 1-point bonus for making it to the elimination stage. This approach takes no account of goals for or against, and does not make any attempt at incorporating any information (like FIFA rankings) from outside the tournament. Nonetheless, it produces the following interesting set of adjusted ratings:

5South Korea7.45
19Costa Rica4.23
24South Africa3.78
31Saudi Arabia2.41

Since all that math was totally arbitrary, there is no reason to believe these numbers mean anything, but I'm surprised how well they seem to accord with my subjective intuition. And the table passes the obvious sanity checks: the top and bottom are right, South Korea is penalized a little bit for playing and losing an extra game, almost (but not quite) all the second-round teams come in ahead of the teams that were eliminated in the first, and France barely edges out the three teams that didn't gain any points.

So I'm going with it. As far as I'm concerned, the US is now temporarily the 7th best men's soccer nation on the planet.

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          John Coltrane (1926-1967)        
One of jazz’s inimitable giants, John Coltrane, passed away fifty years today. Below, film of a 1965 gig in Belgium. Filed under: File Under ? Blog, News, Video, Writing Tagged: 1965, 1967, Belgium, jazz, John Coltrane, live concert video, YouTube
          Dan DiMattia Backpiece        
Niknak recently had her already extensive work by Dan DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo in Liege, Belgium. This latest session is about ten hours of work, and you can see lots more pictures on her IAM page. See more in “Tribal … Continue reading
          Vincent Hocquet Interview Posted        
I’ve posted another interview with another Belgium neo-tribal/geometric artist (a la Dan), this time Vincent Hoquet of Beautiful Freak Tattoo (check out his BME gallery at that link) who’s been featured here a few times. Click through for the interview, … Continue reading
          Insider trading for beginners        

Agfa-Gevaert is a multinational company in Belgium. It’s mainly active in imaging technology for hospitals (wiki). After the market close, Bloomberg brought the news the CompuServe Group is preparing a take-over bid. Mergers and acquisitions are business as usual. With option positions, some traders lose and others win. While take-over bids are often accompanied with aRead more

The post Insider trading for beginners appeared first on Amsterdamtrader.

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approximately 60 inches wide 30 inches long with 8 inches fringes
Hand wash and flat dry recommended.

          India sends 31 satellites into space, some for foreign customers        
India fired a rocket carrying 31 small satellites into space on Friday, several of them for European countries looking for high resolution earth images, underlining its strength as a low-cost provider of services in space.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) launched a 712 kg Cartosat-2 satellite for earth observation and 30 other tiny satellites from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh at 9.29 a.m.

The rocket is carrying satellites from India and 14 other countries, including Austria, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia, as part of an international commercial arrangement by the state-run Indian Space Research Organisation. (ISRO)

"Congratulations to ISRO on its 40th successful Polar satellite launch ... You make us proud!" Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted.

Modi's government has been promoting the space programme as a showcase of low-cost technology. In February, the ISRO launched 104 satellites in a single mission, most of them for foreign customers.

In 2015, the global space industry was valued at $323 billion, according to a Space Foundation report, and India accounted for just 0.6 percent of that business.

Friday's lift-off comes 18 days after India put a three-tonne satellite, its heaviest, into the orbit matching the technical know-how of the United States, Russia, China, Japan and the European Space Agency.

"Our effort of continuing to provide increased earth observation, navigation as well as communication will continue," ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar said in a speech after the launch.

          Just under a month ago, 32 teams started out on a path to join the eli in Ajutor și asistență tehnică : Instalare, dezinstalare, actualizare, update. upgrade ...        
Topic: Just under a month ago, 32 teams started out on a path to join the eli Message: Just under a month ago, 32 teams started out on a path to join the elite club of World Cup Champions. Two teams remain in pursuit of that goal, but both nations – Germany and Argentina – have multiple titles to their credit. Germany reached the Final with the most unpredictable of performances, piling goal after goal on a stunned Brazilian team en route to a 7-1 thrashing. The Argentinian team, meanwhile, snuck by a powerful Dutch side by the slimmest of margins: waiting out 120 minutes of cautious, scoreless play and settling things in penalty kicks. So, with the Final looming on the horizon, which nation do you like to capture its first title in over two decades? Germany started their campaign in Brazil with authority, drubbing Portugal 4-0 in their group stage opening and providing the margin of victory that would inevitably send Cristiano Ronaldo and his compatriots home before the knockout stage. A 2-2 draw to Ghana would provide the only blemish on Germanys record thus far but the team would clinch the top of Group G by edging out former coach and World Cup hero Jurgen Klinsmann and his American side 1-0 in their opening round finale. The Algerians would give Germany a scare in the round of 16, forcing extra time before Andre Schurrle and Mesut Ozil put away what would stand as a 2-1 victory. They would then ride an early header from defender Mats Hummels past a high-scoring French side in the quarters to set up their drubbing of the host Brazilians in the semis. Along the way the Germans have seen one man write his name in the annals of World Cup history and another serve notice that he may be next in line. Miroslav Kloses mark in the semifinal thrashing put him in sole possession of the all-time World Cup goal scoring record, one ahead of Brazilian great Ronaldo with 16. Not to be outdone, however, is 24-year-old Bayern Munich striker Thomas Müller. After earning a share of the Golden Boot in South Africa with five goals, Müller has piled on another five and enters the Final one shy of an unprecedented second straight. Argentinas performance has been a study in doing just enough to win. Though they have won all six of their contests in Brazil, they have done so by just a single goal in each match. The team emerged from a group devoid of titanic opposition, edging out Bosnia and Herzegovina in part thanks to a third-minute own-goal and Iran thanks to an unforgettable Lionel Messi free kick in second half stoppage-time. With the group hanging in the balance, the Argentines went back and forth with Nigeria in the opening round finale, eventually outlasting their African op